Sample Outline for Presentations on a Single Digital Collection ( 2013 version )

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Sample Outline for Presentations on a Single Digital Collection ( 2013 version )
Reboussin, Dan
Taylor, Laurie N.
Thorat, Dhanashree
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Gainesville, FL
George A. Smathers Libraries
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Sample presentation outline for presentations on a single digital collection. Sample outline provided as a template/model for use in easily creating presentations on specific collections, as is often needed for student project offerings and intern opportunities.
Part of the materials produced for the 2012 Smathers Libraries Mini Grant Program, for the Mini Grant: "Holistic Supports for the UF Digital Collections (UFDC) and Digital Scholarship."

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Page 1 of 3 Last updated, Jan. 17 2013 S ample Outline for Presentations on a Single Digital Collection No te on Presentation Display Screenshots and images should be used whenever possible. o For screenshots, the Awesome Screenshot browser plugin is one of the many tools that is easy to use: Text for spea king points and notes should be placed in the PPT note area, and not displayed. Outline 1. Thanks to the organizers, venue, attendees, etc. 2. Introductions by presenters; and for full project team members who may not be in attendance (use slide with names, titles, and photos of presenters if possible) 3. A genda for the presentation 4. Overview of Collection a. C urrent status and collection scope i. Size of digital collections 1. F or all collections, add /itemcount to the end of the collection URL 2. E .g., arts/itemcount/ 3. E.g., baldwin /itemcount/ ii. Scope of digital co llections, general 1. E .g., l ess than 1% of the physical collecti ons have been digi tized iii. Needs /Concerns : 1. For the Florida Digital Newspaper Library, UF alone has over 30,000 reels of Florida newspapers on microfilm and digitizati on is done as funding and resources can be located 2. For the African Studies Collection note on collecting priorities for physical collections and note that digitizati on is done as funding and resources can be located 5. Collection Contents a. Range of materials i. e.g., time span; material type; frame information and explain scope ii. Overall scope and range information may come directly from brochure text ( printed versions available from the libraries ) iii. e.g., one of the earliest items in the African Studies Digital Collection is a map from 1575 b. Provid e an example that helps to illustrate scope and contents in terms of range/diversity and richness i. This may be do ne through one or more subcollection(s) as well


Page 2 of 3 Last updated, Jan. 17 2013 c. Provide another example of complexity or possible confusion if application, or again of richness of materials i. This may be do ne through one or more subcollection(s) as well d. Subcollections, if applicable i. For the African Studies Collections, Arts of Africa subcollection 6. Significance a. Significance or larger issues of impact/importance and potential audience 7. Functionality a. Mention regular usability studies b. Standard functionality and how it works c. Enhancements : recent i. Collection level 1. Searching (mention materials crawled by Google and other commercial search engines so simple web searches will access) 2. Browsing (all, new items, map browse if applicable, and serendipity) ii. Title level 1. Review for collections with serials and sets iii. Item level 1. Page views with how to change pages 2. Zoomable image view 3. Thumbnail overview 4. Searching in the item 5. Citation view 6. Special views, as applicable d. Any pending e nhancements 8. Section varies by audience a. Scholars/researchers : Resources for research: myUFDC/myDLOC tools i. Example s of common uses (saving searches, items, making bookshelves, emailing to self) ii. Approaches and walk through several of these functions iii. Where do you go from there HELP pages, self submit materials to share research and create scholarly curated digital col lections ; mention grants collection for funding opportunities b. Undergraduates: Resources for research i. Can focus on myUFDC/myDLOC tools ii. Can focus on finding primary research materials, citation, and F air U se of images iii. Can focus on any lesson/goal, incl uding subject specific with the collection c. Librarians : R esources for assisting patrons i. Examples of common questions ii. Approach and walk through several questions iii. Where you go from there HELP pages 9. Continuing the conversation


Page 3 of 3 Last updated, Jan. 17 2013 a. (contact us link, presenter contact information) 10. Q&A Example Presentation Florida Digital Newspaper Library Webinar slides: