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The Angelus
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Thl E


Ist Mth. JANUARY 1899
G .-- -i,,,,,,' -
l'ay. o(f l. nl ri n ll t.. i h wc tn
.illh. aid VICARITE CALENDAIll H .la i
WL'ck II. M1. II. M. coielta-

I Noi. New Year.-CIrrunmelilon.-Oopeil, St. liik, II, 21 The Clr- I1 32 : 3 a
rinielslon of .Jesl Christ
2 .1. Ocaie of St. Stephen.-St. Maeariu C (lermit, 2111.) 6 I 2 ;16 :2 .,
1 T. ( tlve of St. John. A i.-Mt. (itlevieve. V. (412) 6 32 l :1.'i *
4 W. Octlve of the Ioly Innocentl.--. Angelhl. W. (II.F.., li.WJ) i 324 1:1 ,l
: Th. Vigil of lthe Eplph.y.-St. Telenptlor, P.M. (19) 6 324l 5 ;1 ,.
i First Frliday.-Ep-lilh-uu of Our Lord I ;32 ** ;t A
7 S. ,Of ihe Oclavo of the Kll-lii0y.-- t. Lucian, .M. (312) 6 33 6 :Wl 44 <
8 SN. Sunday in the Octave of the atpllihany.-(;olpel.St II. U 3 : :1 :
I 42-52; *lJesul found naonlgs the I oeloriS--t S-vlrivellri.
1 .1. Of the Oclive.- S. .lullliai Ilillnllr, M..11. (311) [(4s2) t; 3:1 1 3 i. f6
2I T. Of Ith Oltavo.-. Sth. Aga U. (I(.2) U6 l & 3 ;4 p
II W. Of Ile Octavo -St. Ilyginusi, L'.. (II2) 1 ;:.I 6 37 J )
12 T l. (f the Onlave.-St. ilUnnet. All. C. ((I1I) I :j44 6 '4 I
I3 F. Oclave of the Epliiplny.-St. Kenlligern, lip. C. (i0MS) Ii t33 B i A4
II S. St. Hilalry, It. C. D.-St Felix. 1M. (2ti) t31 j 6 4 I 4
I SN. cond Sunday after the Elilplhany.-Frasl t of le lloly Nalme. U i 41 :A14 ;
ol .li-opel. St. Luke. II. 21: 'Tho naming of II Jell.-
S St. I'al. FIrst lerlllt, U. (-12). St. Mir, Ab. L
I S M. Sl. Marcellu. I.. iM. (31tU0 II 41 t
*I7 t. s. .. ilioiiny. Ahl. (3166) i1 Il i 411 e
i W. Chair of St. lPeer at Rolle. St. P'rlle, V.1l. (wt) a. 31 I 421 | ~
I ~h. St. niiiille K. M. (.10-l) sM. lMrius and Colmpllalilunld, MM. U ;1 4- 3 9c
Fa on 1; Xi4 4:11 44
2 l l. ililnn. I'. and 8cbasllan, ME. (250-2 W) l 4 li 1
1 Ht. An. An V.ML. (~j4i) 0 ;a I 44
22 Ill. Third Sundlay alter tle Eliphan l .-T'le oIIly Faliily-Oi(uH l U 3 134 7 444
i.f SHindiay S. Mtiilliew vill. 1-18; Christ hlillls Ite ( 'n-
tuirlion'Ws Servint. SS. Vlncent and Anaiasllut, 1MM. (303)
2L EKpl"loal of the ileseid Virgin Mary .. : '
24 1. St. Timothy. B.M. (B. 7) l 3A 44 I
2 W. I ('nlverlln of St. Pa Il. Ap. (11) 6 MIl2 bi i u
S'I. I St. 'Plyearp. B.M. (1671) 4 i 2 l 47
27. F St. .lohn CUlrysoutomn. B. C. P. (407l l i w 4 a 1
S. I2nd feast of 6t. Agnca. St. Julian, IIU. '120) u 324 1 4A i a
* Nl. eptplageailma inndy,--St. att i -IllI; The libiirer In 11 32 48 e
i. i tUlnis Vinerynar.--_I. Ollidas, Al. (lll6 iry)
1. i t. M rna, V. (2 ) 6 32 75 I .
1. Prayer of Our Lord tn tho Garden. St. 'Pelr Nulu cl', C.F. (156,) ll 2 4a i A
SSNow Moon, ) Firnt Quartcr, Full Moon, ( Last Quarter.
..tbrrrietlonm--Ab.Alblut.A Al.Apnotl .B. Up. ilshopC.Conifessor. ID.liiolor, Er.Kvangelirl, .K.iiiprefs,
Eilniler, K.King. M.Martyr, I'.'op, Q.-,ee, Y.Vlrlln, W.Wldow.

r OMI UR lsMW s "


Vicariate Calenlar .. age I Chronicle of 1th SacrUd Heart I'ag. II
)oellol$ l & CohO) ,NSultc "2
ohl ly o l2 general Note .
El Foiidndo l'lprcll"l *
A .Month In I'orlo Ice. '. tn S Molnthlly OheIrvatlion **

S KTrAllo.(ot.0 'AI..
Quuen Stroiut, I'nrevlo olbrviationr gvoe tie following xver;:g,,o
for.lllll ry:
From 1887 to 1894 181153 I,.'1
Fine Assortment.of ,tou.. ,,., 18.0 l,:.,
Tlheriuollieter 7i'j
I)reont Goods, Cotton Goods, Lnacoc, w" d NE E Fi-;.N
.;,l .. lfil a lio rs ll lly rdain .1I
V .,;h,,,, Itilhh, FlowersI, hicheg of rain U.053 ,. A."a

cathlicrs, I [oiory, .llIiallirtllory, lac0
Curlailii, Ihtidkcrclhieol, Ties, Collare,
Huits, lBoo0, SlI~I1 Moe's Under-
woer, Olansswro, (rockery, Toys,

And many other Articles.

Special attention given Proprietor,
to orders from the Country.----.




Fresh Biscuits always on hand.

WI' Butter a specialty.

The prevaelmit wind i* Irmu NfE, thliough ( iiftin.
srou l'lcon o htit'atilv. TisThe trliperattire Is gtnrntlly
low. giving tile ilninnllllU of ith yar. ''lic nrain
maisHon lilly coliilnue. ltit ill incertaih. The alihon.-
pherlo pres utlt Is normal.
Ba uli' o ll holiday.
4 IWl'ltdle-llal-Mnllt lly Inclting of the 'athollic
Koighlt. at 7.31).
15i Sochll In tll College grounds.
l2 Ile-openlt g of the Sbou8il.
1 New Year. Clreumiclon ol our Lord.
It Epihllany. Illgb ha3 alt11t.30.
7 Marriages may y be solemnnixed.


N Sunday, Dec. I nth thannual twclvc-
I.hours exposition and adoration of
Sthe Blessid Sacranent was Ihllt
in the Cathedral. From 8 o'cl.,k
a.m. 6ill 8 p.m., numbers of the faithful. bcsidec
the bands apipointcd for certain hours, offered
their homage to the King of Kings upon his
throne and poured forth prayers for the ubjctl
of "The Perpetual Adoration", to obtain tie
divine protection over the interests of IJsu
Christ and the establishment of His universal
Kingdom. Nearly. 2oo devout souls rcived
I lly Communion.

Grocer and General


(3 )

The Tlrhil Almu itl Closing Exercises of St. The Gold Mcdal for Higihest Average in the
julIi',s Colltge were held oii Thursday eveniii, collective hbranchlis f the clA~ i wa wovn ini id
IhrvilL'r r Ilh, it Riverside IhIll. Academic lay Il ipolito PcI'rc in .3rd
The inai spicious stnte of the weather during A~icanemi, by J,.6 "si .to lad in It I'reparatory,
Ill hile oII that dliy bade fair to keep most iYh Pedro Iioes. al in IIId Pr )liaraory, by
,,,l in their houses instead of exposig lI~ch'irWl Williamson. In le c,,.d ivisii.n of
l.chvl s I I a dreIching. -it the weather 1nid I'Plparatiory the Silver ,Medal was wa 1by
mee Ci lii to have io effect on tIhe relatives of the i.1lio Saills.
tileincsl ad on numolleroius friends of the buys The fullo'wing'itdeacl tinl t irs't liilonls
al of tihe Callege. The Uaill was filled with thie or ni average of 0p per cent or over, during the
imial large ail appr'cintive audience which yvar: W. Stephen, G. Madrid, W. Mc'iclid,
.alays girctsl te liu public alp:l) ranice of the and J. Komero.
('.llegev boys. IliHs xccllency Col. Wilson i.tid Secoul lnirs, or a average of So pe ceit
l.,\Visoi, His Ilour Soor Villiaim anl Lady > i 11
.\Ailrso alil milty olher dlitintgii lihedl friends I, W wmal 1I. GI ;a1, 1'. CaillUil lphel,
o,, the College gracedl the occasion by their (;. Ve E. RCyiauil, M. {ityi, E. llih.,
pl"uirce.' S. hll ).e, D. AmirisIMIll, W. linlul, A. (
At S o'clock sharp the exercises were hb.gutIi M., R. .Lewis, \VWoods, A. Viami,
liy an overtlre liv tle Apollu limutl, after which p. Sailnh lad 11. Vernon.
hlr' C(llrug hboy choir mnii the chores Mon)ti-
light tn Hte Lake." Munter Donald AnIlerson) After the piiies for the reguiir work
flloweil with a well delivered pr.l ,gue in had heU awa dedil, the niGaoel af tihe Ecce inl
shich Iiu informed the Iuitliencc iin I very conlvtiitani ts fotr the ulil wi liln for ELlcutiin
plias*iig way, how it cnaine about that, ii the w"er' thei mc l ae kn.wn rand ti h I) tltzc awarded.
lialgca which wsuo, to followunlv'"gren.l The melhl ini the first grade as a merited ly
alial(gue which wais oon to follow, only "greeni- *1 a." or those who hall never heeal oni the Ih'"otit Stephelacn, ill the sc.costi grade hy EI lest
stage lietore, had lIeen chosen to take part in illiuo, in the third gradi ly Donald AaaiinalaUi
the lIpilaorlanlce, ilisteald of himself llid other a"" d i the foitlllh g dle by Ai ugaihl Gulttcrun!.
much letter ,lpeiakers. Mabter Romilulo Mar- At tile clohe of the diitriblltiou of the Prizes
milir., witlh his well known readings, then siang IIis Fxcelliincy the GUovernor and Very Rev.
What is home without a Mother", at the Father IHopkins addI'resd hoth the buys and
ainlle tilli accuomplanying himself oil the guitar. the iadicrce in short but very appropriate
The principal part of the evening's enterltain- Ispeches.
nmirt win. the Dialogue, il which the Associn-
l'n of thel Midgets" held their iccound mcctiag Sunday afternooii. Dec. 1th was hlaked fair-
uith a view to the establishing of a I ewspaper ward to with eagcrness by thle childrlc n of the
,f hlcir uwn, to be carried out on their own idees. Catechism classes as onl that day the examilnatiion
The course of the Diologue was interrupted was t take place which would decide who.
b'y frequent hurts of applause from the audi- anollng the boys. should be the Ipossessmrs of the
ece,. Cuosidering that the Midgets, who took two beautiful gold medals offlrcId by the Very
paIt ill this Dianlgue, were nimking their first Jv. T. S. Fitzgerald, SJ.. Provincial of the
appilearaaice in speaking lit public, all of them Mlissouri Province of Jesuits, for regular alten-
did reamarkailly well. dance'at Mass and Catechism and for knowledge
At the close of the J)ialoKgue Masters Lucio ofchristiau doctrine. Thesu.ccessful c'uoipetitrs
Mairclhanid Ian Pedro IUtes saing a sweet duet, were, in the up per grade, Justo Castillo, if the
""il Gregorio Miadrid and Manuel Reyes exa I"wer, Arthur (Gomez.
culed a piiano duct with great credit to tlhemainvives.
After the piano duet the chief event of the The musical aund draimaltic Ceitertainmiinat by
callingg look place, viz: the Awarding of the the pupils of the Select School of St. Caulihrili e
Preiumist" for the class-work of the past year. Convent, took place at Riverside 11ill on the
'le successful students received their prizes at ind J instant, beginning at 7.30 p.m. It was
tIe hands of the Very Rev. Father Hopkins nld an event that will be loing remeilieredl wilh the
ilis Excellency Col. Wilson. .............. gratet plaure by all who were prsetilt.


1 it .a not surpriii I tli It e who illnilar entertainments, ei.en by th, SvlIe
Tht ,o fir enter a i|. limei It give.v bh te c, ol ofh St. Catherine's Convent.
nllri .Seic School to I lind ,their high expetril- 'Tie following Prizes were lien dlitrllilted:-
c npl CI ve .l ll wan a l atter I S IAL rIZS.
Aston it't i struck Ilthe In t chrd l of Gitd IDonated by Verv ltev Fathllr Flltzlr erahl. s. .I
.ave tIhe Q I en,"l to Ind thi t they hul h'u (Gold Medal for .ildy, a)ll Verolden Trirmliahrr.
S.tIe lghtfrllily cnlletIil'd ,l r i lii foor )orr (ha n For leor1lentl. Mrl limlira ItRe For lhir..-t.
t i 1ours. EKonomy. MMlS Mlaggle Iliurn.

The Fni'ry-qeelln, whli gave tile Prilogcu, lI'Itmim for Applicatlion and lteg(ilar Atenldancr.
.u1u11 have last tile pelil :If her Rhhji I wildCLA
i.,,t oi o. Jack the Ie ox, au lISK IOlt t: .,\ASS.
Solliers, tIe jumpingg Jacks lanl IPnch s anil i-i'r I'IriiO .
on all the I)olI Faitniylv, hb on the antilieince ai (,id Medal-lMs lilentrice I'efia. Mro. I. Itll.lm'
well. E ery)liilv's tteiltliol had lI ee. i coin o.rizesl-.Mlns Curitalu Vargas. ';leh Sherin.
pirtely engrossedl l hie gr.icful f tvlo
lie little o em, t b'rir ira c ntell ptt alt elc tlimn- SKCONI)' iTivaioN.
crv .lJixpl. anitl their sweet little vuice tlle.l (;,tIl Medal-Mai- OIl 01111 liallhen. rl z--Mli. sI :I .
to' line harmlliilSy, no h-ss tllha lby thll more I, rli, .fa Ilorte. (M ll in-rlln ,-,Mi|. .Nlii,
iatul;retd t io tih older pupils, vhliclh was ltllriilil llh l n l l ruol ona In s Iltilln llie.
s.liwn in tIhelir mllnic, iinsriouniltail lad vocal, Gold Medal for I)eprtliiient--.111n (laldy, IlIl*.
.i il il their l halppy relililitiol if til thle l t-act
draina, l{elecan'' Triumph." .JUNIORlt C,.LAS.
Thulre were so mlanly RgIoo thiniig, and so many rll'r siT lYvnIN.
distinguished themselves among, llie large nu1- Prize'l, NMinvm. rGertrulde i ernhalrd, Fliora Slanlar,
hcr of crerloriimrs, that it would be quite a task Anionil Koup, llad Merial Ilydi.
to single out and give due praise to all their --
indievidual merits. To mention ionml n few, Miss Sl (i'ONIl iVlYIION.
Ilkatrice Cantion's voice and whole bearing were Lrizes-Ni-M I es illlil Winzerling. linyalde I'rl'r.
admirably fitted for her role as Rebecca" tile An.l a loi,,lx. tlni'eel.'n Friedbelrg. l'lsi Wln.Irrlii.g
heroine of the drama. gzI the vagraint" lannih Witzerling. Matirs William Ilyle
a" e re lllsl ,Gltteron.
as rendered by Miss Fthel T'rumbacl. and
"Pollv, Mrs. Delaine's servant" impersonated by M I
Miss Veron ica Trumlbach, ltft little for adlver\ c(;ile llednl-It-vi Allc- Kniht. Prize-MI--
criticism. Miss lsita Salasar, ns Mrs. R lkc-. Orilrude.lrhail.O tli. >Uollena. -ggle lhurn. Maria
lmait" and AMiss Alice MfSweanv, as Mrs. i'hlm Angial (ialiorlt. Leonorat Win'xeirlil. ;:liil
Delaine" interpreted their parts remarkably well. Ilollu., Antoni Wtinerrliug. Merceder Gonzalt .
IThe other actresses did very well, tlhoulh lithe ii--
drama afforded themll too little room to dis,)ay Ain WnerlnY K.
lmuich versatile talent. Ur. Alvin Wlnzerling's prize-Mis M.
SAftcr.tle distribution of prizes. His Excellcicc,
Governor Wilson, in a few heartfelt words.
addressed the lrforlers anid the audiLiee. OllITUARY.
tlankiig tle Rcv. iMother and, the Sisters of
tilu Convelt for the truly excellent work they (n leremnilr 2nd. Died Miss KIEmma iniller, a
Were doilug in educating we li tl ,,, laellllr of Ili Itoiary S4lehtly. Shit. wai l.irldl. In
Ilius of the Colony. Naly they c,:ntOlillue a l aurday rning frol Holy Redeemer Cathsral.
io'Bir flr limany years to coglll, for." said Hlis On December 28ll. Died Mrs. llrldpgt .,"-'n.
Lxcellency, I can not conceive of any work al "I'a ieillewr of Ihe ot.ry Society. il d on old
in this wide world mIure benllicial for our youth rlesiLdent eli.. She was 'Hurled from thre l"
han prciely the work you are doig.." athedra on rday afternoon.
We hartily We xtentd to hllo illnnilHln oi tlie famlillles ill I'lll
vWe heartily agree, with His ExceCllCIcy's views. ti e deen.sed our hlirte.h lll ipntly.
tLl" litac that thi future luay bring us nlany i- r .l. rft. .it a --

Another Chrislntmas halll rom and gone. but this so very lung ag. In tltle town. wa sIppoen-d It hav-
thie the fi:'c of one revered and hbloved by nil wia Itclen itarlift by n liglhtd r;igr. Ilinde.-tdraw you
tilv Iullied. A rsolhmn 111ig Mils w ta 1s 1g byli own itconclullln. tllesilde II, may amid thllt Ilthe r-
VYrr liev. Father Hollkins at tlildnight. itl which in PiirPr rvefrred to did ni llal ke, I la-r in in aharnl' i..
Father iJnntie (JGlllchie prchedCtd H short ibut very w F thAe llre :IIuso- by i t-is l |i handle. \Anothlir n~lai
iipreirsrve and nlpproprlite Plte rno'n. A very ttentiive more ill>tr e li'nt soll'le'of i lire I s I t thi e tit c ilrtrracker
and orderly congnrgatol n tilled the Catlcdral. and other Ilreworka. Ap.inrime of tlis polnt we-prhin
Sli fthIllowingIw Ioiltlpigfriii tih llNew Oriaun.s lic'ayuu-
On lierremlbr 24, 211. and 27. lthe annual Christniits of Iembnitier il4hi.
Tree and were held. Delsite the hard tillhn I'I.EeAE IMIN'T ItIIIIT:
nnel ilrnK t le the dtrerttllned Iefforlln of KeI n ll ll
lm nutnlo. ,)lip V.''nittttra Mtoritles. ,%li p P'oltroon Mr. M tran is ilwr tlt i iil. ] 1itili a ill- heig lit.. ih-
tahiner. llild Mice Ursula Caraliijal nnd their asni. t1in wllt, llltlllltllt[lr*irt Itrev ,m asmid I r liai to oIl-
Innlr. fl llI oint hundred dollars were nltte. Wl V I ti r d It oilly irlinIe Ilti, blr It it ('il
rrnl.e.r:l for thtrir valllutble lilltance In rendering in IB' rei'iordtler' cumiilrl tie lites lllttr Cthrlillsas t=i
Ilit' llttlertlntlllairt more nattrctlve. e.Iw YIear'i.
'lih lirdtor i tlimne prmipr iti,' tio avirt ith,- Ingi -ir It t ir
throui ghi t I e lpirmimimiiisuloiis i-e mi firi-ra.l k ini atIm ii llh
T'he |Iipl.s of thei Cn.tholli Stchoniil of lIelirc te fireworks within ltil- wall -ii sny limillllng. mr In tih
rri.-lil i wIell In thelr mxalilmiilliImns hlint Noiventitbr. vtird. or ill'y lot tiuy hiuiling wilhin theu ltinil m-
lla;l nl numlllr of genti'ellln, former studcnti and line etl., andl rr;lds tillt:
frirnds ofIt the saitie schools. deltrmined to shliw lie' It ordalni o t', i Thaim on and afllr ltls 'lIlop
lhilir ppreliritlion of the elforta ill the Slterlsar nid lthe tion uf this ordinellllllr it rshll In uniali111 lr anyiou.
lo.d resuills aclieiveid, by railing a msubscrilption to to ignite or dilt-lharge IlI 'iraierkirsr fll ireorka of anll
h devioltd to p'lnrchaliang lprizee for thie bHst pliill description within the walloroum lith hbaloniry i.t anm
Twenty.-six liollinr. bteide, several books and an li]dlnhg. or in ithe syrd or all."y I :any bouilihlli
alltimi, were handed to .r. 7I. Stanlilalln for tils within tile tire lititisof ithe elis. .Anytnie so offmiind
lurpir" Iln hlall Int gnilty lft a tlni.llrle'ianr, and II *Ippre
O)n lllafternoom)n of Friday. lDecernmlier 23rd. nll tlhe h|,ndrd and eiilivlld ihaill hir mebje'r, tI t line Ji
Ileyr aild i irls. ex-epit tIotls iof the Ilnfnt drlairtlllent.l not lesL* IIthll .",i or imore' tlanll 1-, anil i l difau:ll 1
ar.e'llllltil in lIlshoip's llall. to attend tlhe nlririlbiton Ilpyme nt of nloe slill | siubjltjrt 1n hinirimll'lllolit to
Io Very Itev. Fllther llopkins firlit addnres led not le s than lie nor imore I ha1 thirty dayl."
Ihe' children onmgratlll iting theill on Ibthr anlcc ce. I

anml lhimpnslin on Iherr illndi thlll fact of their
avling Knmllh ettIrlent teachers, as tie Slerirn anre.
every uhlid nreceivii individual lntentioun roui theni.
Tliln a larKge number of beautiful IHoks and other
lirlrm werm dl.slrlthnted to thie inort deservln)g pllnlh.
'llio i it silace pirevnto it fromi publlilimlnog tle long
III of l ii'lle*.
At itle conctllhin.on Mr. Wn L'rile. In a very hIapll
v'in. amddrmpemId all tlasetinled. Kgiving lralic to IHbtl
lilnlrrls and pniliIl. Mea rum !. 1. mlu rn. lW Im*iilrrr.
*. lliimll'hill and G. (abourol were asIo prroNnt Io
enourage tlheu cblildren,
Corlzal -- 'llo pteol)le ot Prnirero were made
h1pl' Imly I havln Itr. l. C. Kieffeur with then lor the
I.lhr ltiniin celbra tluons. fnfonr the ulmidnight Manw,
Ilir 1'Prlon r were splendidly reprn-ented to a
Ia'td mi ldirncr In theo hall by allx hrpelicrd and an
imuny rselilllerdlence, tinder lhe guidance of Don
Itlabrto Santor.

In looking over the proceedings of the Dlitrict
Ioard of Treiday, Dec. 20, we noticed the discussion
cinmirnunir covered Ileght. i1 ClisiIe It.Icoiimee a law,
limllt, o lttle known abroad, will be ahead for onef.
In no rminty ofu the world in their. to our knowledge',
alIaw lorlildding naked ondles to be used in churches.
'Ilm learned gentleman. who referred to the tIro In
Parli to show that accidents emay happen even la
ihit relc., should remember that arcldenmt may hap-
Ien anywhere. One ol the ares which occurred. not

I ltm'ATl6N GRKANT iOR i1-.
Ilis Excellency the Gverlnor in tile address.
with which he otaiield the prteedtlings of th<-
Legislative Council .im DecL. 7th. said:-
"It is with great regret that I have tn proi pmi-
a reduction in the vote fur Etlucationit f $:S2 'F
Let us ac4 how this reductions ion the Educa-
tion vote will affect the I'tublic lchi.tsil genera
and the Catholic schlrils in particular. In 189i
the il" these schools was $14,0oo-
and to this was afterwards adlded $ 50, as this.
a special vote for lirizUs at the CiompI)etitive Ex-
hibitiou was not used btJcausc 1no Exhilbitiumr was
held. Even so the anluulit allotted hlan fallull
short by about $.,bo to meet the clainil of the
schools accordiili to the Code. Now, in the,
cstinlates for 1379, ully $1z.oo, ha btien
provided toiwarda thle ordinary exJel'ses of etdu-
Cationa, aid, comnseucIltly. $.1o0 will have to be
found by the lManagcrs of scil.ol, over ani
above what they already give, to isult this

( .)

deficit. 1How the other Denominations will
arrange mc know not, but it is simply impossible
for us to lneet our proportional part of the extra
expense entailed on us, unless helped by the
people. We have alrcady.a debt of $0ooo at 6
per cent interest onf the Girls' schlolroom and
premises, which wu have not tile means to pay,
and now, we must addl this a furtllir dlrlt if
$1ooo a year. WV trust to the well-known
generosity of tlle l' opleh to make up thie serious
deficit lhe schools will have to suffer, so that the
education of our schlool-childreui may not suffer.
To begin with the gloo and a meritorious work at
once, we have a special collection for the schools
on Sunday, New Year's day.

Orange Walk.-The feast of St. Cecilia, NNov.
21ill, was tittingly lelirateld by the St. Crcillh
Choir. and the new hands of this town, the
Queen' and the U(niornls, by a very siccessful
vocal and inistruitmeltal Concert Atl the rooms of
the Catholic Club. The liginiatlirs of tihe
entertainment, MeAssrs. F. E'cilanite, l{.G(ioza-
Icz tand II. D)oinuite haz, d decratled thile hall
and stage very lhaidsotiely. Refreshimetlls-
ice-cream, sweets, etc.-kindly hs)pplied by the
menllhbers of the two haIillnd-were ge!ueroisly
served to the ancliecle who tilled tile lihal to

The St. Cecilia Choir sustained its wll
known reputation, tilhe individual memiiihes pvi.
forming their parts with remarkable skill.
-Miss Nella Price's pleasing voice clhai.nir
thlie audience with her excellent renditin, of
several solos, whilst she and her shislels, ,Misses
Amantinii ian Abelhim, by their perfect hImdliig
of organ, Miilie, mnadti) ln l tid guitar Iman tlie
liime pas.s by only lto rapidly. Miss lienili
Swatin added to tie ple asuru of the evening,. Iy
her admirilIe i)urfioriniice oil the piano.
lThe piopic present showed their aippi eciatiut
oif lite e.ij)able trealt I offered tihl by frell(clnt
aippliauise ianl calling for elnclres, mlid all
exprmesse the wisvh adl tl hl th h h aoe thlt su.c
pleasnatt occa>ionis milight occur iiorte fre tntciily
thita utnce inl the year.

W\Vho ha s hot hlard of the granler with
w which Orange Wa\lk celebrates its religii.s fe-
tivais? This year's (189S) preparatory novenm
niiid celebration of the feast iof tile lmeim.iactila
Conception, the titular of the Church, dvescivtes
special mention. For nine days before the Silt
DIecember, the ringing f bells, the loosinhi ,f
gltnst id the music otf brass lihands ainnotiincel
to thle devout clients uof Ma:ry that n iis Mi iof
utiusual importalicu was in p)iep:irattuio. vetly

overflowing. illy, at al n)loiniltel hiour, n hand oif pi"1s
The occasion of tile entertaninmetl wna the workers labouredl ill cl~.iaing tie church, dIer-
debut of the two afore-illentioned bai.d, who rolling it with gay unllitng, transparencies -in.d
after only six mmoniths' practice, gave the public ;lamlps fur the grand nightly illuminationi, ai.n
a splendid exhibition of their proficiency. a.lorniing the altars with numerous candles andl
Unforttluntlely one of the dlirectors wa absent, elegant flowers. The grollmds about the clhtrch
hut, as Rev, Fiather Piemonie said in his elou, were imlia handiomnely decorated antid numels
quit apology for, or, we might say; el.hongy of,' ,f hlitips artisticiallly arritlged gave thleli the
the performers, this deliciency was scarcely: atppelrane of n faiiry-scene. No one, ,that
noticeable. Ihlth bands well merited the: could ,possilbly help) it, filed to wind hiis way
congratulltions liestowed ulpot them, considler- hither every evenlig ; old lland young, men iladl
Ing the short tite of their existence and the few woInIlln, Imothers with their Ibalcs, old'folks led
lessons they had so far received. y their grandchildren, all eagerly crowded tle
A long programme was gone through to the brilliantly lighted enclosure wherethey iwaitcdi
greatest satisfaction of all present. The Queen's until the time for the beginning of the prayers,
band vied with the Unicorns in rendering over. when. they. entered the church to :pay their
tures, polkas, watzes, mazutkas, etc ; honmge to their Imnaculate Qulerm Iligh up

( 7 ) *

on the main altar, brightly hinling in the glow
of hundreds of lights, stood the stotuc of the
Illessed Virgin, as she appeared to IBernndette.
in the grotto of Mlasnhielle, near Lourdes. All
heartily joined in that great popular devotion,
the Rosary, which always appeals so touchingly
to the hearts of Mary's faithful Iservants,
specillly when recited in the sweet, rhythmical
Spanish style. The litany of Loretto was
chanted, a sermono on the Imnmac.ilate Conception
followed aind the devotion closed with the Bene-
diction of the hipt Blessed Sacrament.
After the services, thel people were regaled
in the churchl-yard with fireworks and miIuic
Ianl ihe roaring of ship-gums.
Thus did the festivities continue during the
Ioveira, to rrcvive their culminmionti on tihe
festival day itself in still righterr splemldour bIlth
soithini and without the church. There was
High Mass in the morning, At which about two
hundied persoia received lHoly Conimmnmiion.
In the afternoon there wits a grand prucessioni
through the streets of the town, the stores being
clIsed, followed by Vespers, Sermon, Te Deutin
and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.
Some one may wonder how Orange Walk
cam afford to go to such an expense as is entailed
hy this nine or rather ten daiys festival. Tlhe
answer is very plaiii. There is no cost what-
ever to the church, The people unite in
Working together whilst different families bear
the expenses of the separate nights. This year
the generouIs Ienefactors were : Hr. H. Kevlin-
h esrs. Beytlia, Pereira and Alpuche-Mr. A.
A)uso-Mscrs. E. Abila and J. Hayluck-
eleMrs. A. lBesu and M. Dominguez-Mr. R.
Gonzalei-Mr. D. Herrera-Mesars. H. 1.
Marchand, A. Medina and B. Dominguez-
Ilesra. T. Escalante and L. Ayuso.
All the people of Orange Walk extend their
hearty thanks to these gentlemen and their
families. May our Blessed and Immauculnte
Mother reward them and may she ever reign
over this coliimunity as our Beloved Queen.


N tiiin inui rosia jliit tie ios (1lat61i-
c^ s lc Ie elilze cellrada ei el l're-
biterio el lide junior de t 192, dijire
al puehlo qmue -e stratabia lde hacer de
la woiionii de British l londmitras il Vicariato
ApoMtblico coan ini Olispoo i sI cabiczn y se le
pregunt6 si querian tener Oli.poi y ai crcian
pouler iimntenerlo ciin In digiidail convenienlte.
A blas doi pregilntiias s conliteslo unalilnimmeiele
en sentido afirmativo y eni todusa In. )eticimnes
y felicitaciiines dirijilda ial 'iihlir Santo cmi
nmotiv, dte all jilbile oi Elpitscipal S e IC uplical)a
(le se digma.e iIurle unii1 Ohiispoi p):aa iqie Ilmo
guiase. Al nmismlln lienmpto he foiti)l:armii jinlta:l
de Scfilures y Srfiorns leic tliIImarmin shuire Si la
taric de colect:ir mnil piie iaumiillnentc piar lit
conlvenieite mIolllull ncinme del Oh(i sl,.
Al primcipio li. ciut6licos Ie In ('ioliina fmecron
niuy genler'ciis en cmi lrilmiir clnii s diincioimce
para el fimilo episcopal; pero pIco Is pco
fueron diliinyiiiimydo coin l trinilsclrmo d(el
tienipo, no Iomirqie oi geineromSid.ii y buenlon
itsrcols hayaiiy disinniiiiiii, seCilln creeimm, oeln
nui miniilimno, hinll pr-(tiie Inas circimstanciius
hairidlo cimlldiiilo; lai prosipelidudl de la Colo-
inil h iado dim iniiemdl dce dit en dia y lin
pulhreza naIieintaindlluse cada vez mnias. El
etlndo siguilente qlle ainusiira Ian calltiddles
recihbldlos duralite ilos iecle anfs tie hanl pniad)R.
ldeile In ereccion del Ohispi)ndo pirueliba evilen-
temente nuestria uaerciuon
Jullo lti IT1.12 (solI)
Febrero m1t!3, M.i) "
Yetlrero 1894, 75.1 "
Contribuclon emvoluntarl i il1.t "

Sliet.l1 (nla) 1003.I0
Febrero les, asouriclon anual, t'1.ta
Mayo 189t, 12'-.UW
Mayo 189. '* g o.'
Agoto M1S, M1J.(a

( c)

D)e cte, dincr, $iaOo se einplearo n en cl qued tlodavia por paaCr, idel dincro qile e
elcio (l ,,i C.olcgiu de S'I Jit l Ju y $ i700 e llo in preslaldo para edliicar la actual csa
c ificar i'n csirh; cei Eve Streel. Niuestr., episcopal tie Hclize. LII priiceras litrl.
i .nt' l .ii. y Revditin. Sci Or Ohispo d grln." mnllori vioidl qIUe lts ciltrilhuci nmc Vicariato ; pern, la lliinn dble satifiacerre p.r
anuales dis*tisahiiu pnc ed n io pila por el la r'esidencina tie Belize. Las utran residilrciia
cual pu.lria cl fo sin qu(e ladiiti I. iieoti ic1. Iarai ell di.puo il melte pTr In de Bclize y por Io misim o ci j.ilut
que lt.los Is Ciilblicus dcvl Vicarilto pigasen que coltribuyian call una por sit part i ciilrir
ia In rea.r J ciicetliavo psra l("rmar tun (mi>nd lan expesnsis que so ban echo paia cl hieil
uite cublicst lIns gapston d'l Olinpalloh y nAyalilI.s Ie todas.
In caliu deti li Kcligiol. Si 'tle plan me sigle
comi" el' d cd sperarse ell loda la colniai e Tmlo In dichl hasta aqiui inostraria iA nlrstl-l
podri cilvclntr lllun silln hastanite para colhrir cel6licon, cnlin prquctIriis suit nlinlrSrs rIccursns
anmlilamileiln lis necesidtladen dell Vicariato. y cilai gra'.udes otuestral deuldan, y cmiin-pl l
El manllato del Ilino. Sr. Olispo l)i Pintr' o ni tailcn ii coiin imposihle s con tales mcdiici
racional y tan fkcil tie cunphr, si los c;l;ilicot edliic;ir iglesias. soclrrir i las escuclas rlue II
realizailn lu inliMortanCis y aImiI canio dbchn siL nIcesitani, ciiopretlder cllsti-is vinaje y prltwcr
religioit, bte tha rcciidu colln inuclin gllmsto 't I ls nicccsitlad;es e I, Ill lsioilncrl's cl I:il
Belize, doidso s hl a reccjiid. y. $193.01 pari parts mals pobres dcl Vicariialt. Net-eil:.a
cl fondo cpibctpnal). Espeuratmno que scri rri.c- imucho enviar unl sacerd.lte a: l Distrilu tdl (Cayn;

Ilido dl miisu mIIid en totd Ids cl distritiu dili pern ito puiede hacerse pur nit teellr el diriin
Vic:riato; porque ilc oitroi mod 'li 1et lll 'cccesalio para iio.stLiIene alli; nuccshiase anI1rir
verdaldru fiazco y tl foildo io pda lh biatar ii I" cllll is 3 escuclas llIas, pero Ino p)odlei. o
para lus gastlb del Vicarilto. Estls ll sits iilrirlas porque no podienos pagar a los
siguiicnti trus; necesitsce l dif cico special Iipr.a I.I
Funeriles yentlerrodelS. Obtlpo DIplelro, $ 4 e.t i icalai do los nil'ts y i) podem.4s edilicaril
ptr (nltn de rectlros. Micllentrs teIn lniis 1i11i
CuenntldelEacuelaPiblicadoNiflfts, tell.c 4OltX).l dIruila tall grandel cnoo la que actiuihl:.litl
Cuclta dal P'resltlkrio do ltellln, 125.00l ten'los, seIl in iilpruiilIct puins.r cl ilIuea'
IPrita. 'mpre ollc titiiucalle llillnii I | til m gIteIs. N, hay
llinnt quite llu itcll in ficil y p ltclico de res.lver
lin dilicultls qlile inon rolntleai qiue lodi,
?41'1.I Iinill.liiotr Ctallicon de cualesqcuiertl ra la 6 nl.
De results prtlidlas, cada cvilavso de Ia (1) Ih. cioiilidad que scnl, Inicstre sut re pept p.r It
telido que pagarse dle ls, f hondon del VicIrianl. inemliria dn e icsIro difunto Obispo, cuisiplicie
+La (2) reprvsenla dincro que sE ha pedido do con stll itiimo allilmnato; qu, t cnlda Inl u,
prestado para crmprar un lute contigEu al con- Carile 6 Criollo, Epnailol 6 Itlin, blanco 6 de
veto y crijir alli unla cscucla dc iinins quie se coIir pnnga las manos el sit bol sa y die coil
neccitaiha mlucho por no habcr lugar para ella gusto, como huen Catdlico lto menos 25
el cl terreno tel Preslhiterio, Catolic,. Un jcllrtavo al aiio para conservar al Vicariato
hin amiigo pag6 po dosaii os lti, intercsdes ed es tado de podor llevar i cabo much,
este pristaino; pero dedie Febrcro de iMIAS prtyectnis.ccdcsarios y sostencr aqucll Religion
Cs"' carga he I&tenido que prcar sobre el fondo Iqua Rcri or con uclo y ayuda en Ia vila y so
d'iVicaristo. La (3) partida ca Ia parteq u corona en ls muerte.

The street ar:e rather inilow. .idlc-walks verl
A MONTH IN PORTO RICO. conltfacteld houe,.. and stuces like our line. o
hops, hiUt with ov.-l-htliging ahilconiies where
lit evenillh falihille are n'en se;ittel, or walking
yl Rlier. Thlmas hermacan r..J. Ilr leanitig gracefully ll t at illiIIn the trallic ii
the streets or the passage of chance \vwaylhirers
The builings lirt pi.inild )lue, vell.ow.. hti+wr
H --r SAILED from Newport News1 on1 or green in violaltilon oif ll our idea's of taste it
the rigllhteenth of Angiust, inhl.e t-I tt such matters. There are no of, glass it
ship (mifliim, Caiptltin Airy ciiuam-II'. e windows, but huge shutters, like dioims, thl
jili under oI. ers from tle \War I)e. Ito,' 'Il .peirturis I\ting usually fluslh with il t
p.Illililt tIt report to Cieiiral Miles fIr itil illn Ili. T1ile ciliings iie high, and the house
I'uil.t ic. \We touched at CIharle.ltt. .Si.nlh for the tIist part ti.te two stlu i in heihtll. O)
C.nalini, auld there took oil board lififty lat,- the I)l:' a 'or opeI .square ill thle citre of lth
:ntI wagons which were liroughlit out It Ihe tIw'n tIiinds ii I irge chriicli, thIe nlly chuicli ii
runimiad.l, wIhere our ship lly, in large lillghter Po ice. It is 'ighlr. lly r inm t, | i milny Msi
in:ile if the hulks of olh schooners. It I]as o1. I cltl0prls 111111 iltli s, aniil is kIr iii I6% I1.:na ti.
trrtsing it wilch, :Is our vessel rolledl in ll t itlie Il iii, iiiiiie mivseif kioini I tili re
Ilt gentle Uswell of the ocean andl the lighltenr, yceici' l by thlim iilbi crdiiil hstalitil, thil
hlhheil up and diwn like corks. how the huge lgi mg e on e te f tilte best roos i' n their hliuisi I
v1n.s were grappled andl lihisted, then leiiwtred college, so I am, stitltd rild at .iiiie wilhitin i1
MI itored awiy like so maniiy huge crabs or hourof my rival. I o.ike thii college iy lih.t
stilders, on or laelne.ilh the dleck of our *stI;tnich q'u:tllers, ai" Itritleil; i, oie of the coniillnlltil;
vessl. We reached Pimlee, our port, on Thurs.- In (i till It ) i .IIf as much at homine antl at caie a
ilay inorling,, our lirst view of PIrto R ici being in" ,i "of our cioller=s, except that it,
tl'r elite lat untlile of nlllontailins loililli (Iout iln t 'IgiloiC ce of the SipallliS IanguaIige makes
griyish-green relief dIwn thle dark blue waters d illicult to hhold riciully intercourse in culSer
-f the Carilhhlini Sell. Ponce's plaza is ain open station adti il coiniuni ity recrealiun.
r'a.l'lead rather tiann a huaror, vessels lie at One t(f nmv first exptliclres illn orto Ricai
alitclhlir soi l distance from the shore, ;lld ti ugs, w tl i Waols it drive with oiln of thu Faithiers to usl
rwiv hl.ilts anili lighters coine out flrm sholre ;iti G(ttm.rali Wilsin,'s permrissioll tol let 1 priest pIas pasinctgers andi freight toI the pier, that through l ,t liinh The i(;,Invr;l's hiendlpiirtet
)o'ts out i slhrt distance from tihe plliza. leint ut ,of thile city, we tr., Ins thriiugh .n>iliitban
O( la.iiinig y-u fiid yourself ill the midst f sIt et'cl,, wlhre tle V% idtlitrc s of ianl hill
Siiu illley tlhrion of every ishale iof color, itlher were simply :tlllppllil tI tIle inewcoimier, 11111
i"ciltt)dil inl liailing or uniiiilouili c:rIg, frlIi cnie tio the ford of in s*ri.lil sitomwhalsht twYtllei
tlht lighters, :r else talindiig and lSI tilig 1lhouii hy it recent slower. In ]midltretni :i trace broke
I grulllp, wi l \, itgll for work. The imasoive lightly. Stlrlighltwily tio iur iaislanclic ciame several
co.ltteil ltuililnig just in froiut of youi is tlle Sliall. iiurcliiis whoi werv amusing tlheiisielves hiathitig
It (Clistoi I I use, 11now the aniy lieidquairlC Outn of them l. tIII)'ly fistenviled riopCe in plie
Ilhi.s nare ready asddlleld sildirers stliniig ofi the truce,lll Iy' thii l t hile le h:il litilied Illi
g uiril, and officers in faced Kharkee uiniforns, work several IlgrioW nivitl nlad waieid out, waist
l'inllg in i llll out oil vnriol, s military duties. deep, rnld were picking stionCe out of thll way i
After golilig through the formality of ia nilitiarvy ir wheels. IThcl they' all set ip such n slliu
report for duty, I runt across a friend, Captaiii together that oitr lpuor pines were tiloot frighteuet
lohliston, thei military instructor at the St. Louis to move until silence hld lbeen ilnposed. I guIv
Uiliversity, and we jump into one of the light na salll coin to tlie hiitriuess-ntieiler, who gtiilIt<
veiclaes that serve instead of street citrs, aud merrily anil thrust it ito hlls cheek. the onlyd pure
title two miles up a broad road to the city of he could conveniently carry. \We reaecha thi
iultce. The way is thronged with ox.cartl, camp without furtlier inishap, but uur inissiil
fiournmuile teams, carriages and foot passengers was unsuccessful, ni Ino pte ieinggrialntcl durinri
of various descriptions, blue and yellow nitort.I the irmistice save to tlt! widow of the Inil ol
'ar',ilg wjththe light native costunlm. The town to landi having special reasons for joining their
o0 1 once is quaint and curious to an American. husbands in San Juan..

( 10 )

t eor f ... Ir,,, l s Spent ill makitnii my. very )poor begg r, who IegaiI by sayii g: \\\.
slAfter thret al proctor a nIo otlfi, with ilmy nre brothers, I aml)1 n physicin mimp inl'iverish ,l
s dl Ia t home I''l I Nilli''ll fIrthl iltte1, %- in see utdI- .'" I" had misiaken mv vi,,.
adll "ic I I ,i n ii, Ieof niii.ont ryvisit.s (fo tli. If the ll edicial dUepartI nent." Ei.
iiIl iuae, n ,od I ,, ,it m il ,nllio ghfrile oif vwhlere you li,,il tIhem, tlhe older people wIva.- I,
,tilenfit Ilte 'IomcU' t, Si all iu i.,s pleiulid paved oni their faci that abject alnd wain lliok Ilrl
rv' "I r ooI II loilad i well iidged and c ll IIcomes il ufferiII long endured, e.spciill
i l: thi e o iu Ia pa ltssils t enlviroll- frliiom lopec le.,s huiter. The wiyfareir tiiliey,
!|itcli i I llce lTe iirl, village reached oln this how poor are tiie dwellings t f the lowly, otell
mloi tsid ie't royed by the itihls iiil their efforts illde (f the bark of trees, rudely put to,-et ltr,
tro dlstroy few Spanishl dlwellinlgs ill tIhe illilt more coImmiily iof roilugh Illlumnr witlllt paintl
of number of native huts. Somle eight iir ilile or whl tewash. They lre iiusully pretty ltill
nilte from llonce y)O recall i l'h titown of jiualiin raised friolll the groIIld, as expericiiic sv..Cins i
Dinz, e usl l purlo"il" with iopel square or have taught tle r;ilger of sleeping teir the V'illh.
plaza, on which stains the church with in- the prin Cono, t ihe el of miy first journey, is a In..l.
cipal tl" i ll anl n I'. reide es abtl i I e I iof some three tholiusailll iili litbitlnt. sii tllti till
stopped for breakfast, or lunch, as you would a liC ilttiful lstren'ii spiiiitnd ivy a ialint.siiife iUii
c ll it, and here I met fir llie iirst line i priest, hiidlge, atin lin t fur frllm tile fooit if thie Ci'nill-
ht li was openil ilntcllns ill his (pipositsitul to all Icra, th ilmil mloinltaiin riinge which tdilide
thiiiigs Amilericain, iid eagerly desirous of return- Ithe island into two almost equal parts. C-.,;i;u
ilng to his own ciuntlry. ias hailndsouely defelilled by the igllant ilt.r
Cnitiniuiln my ttl)journy in the aflltrnuioonl, ls tilnez, but fell owin& to ii flatik inovleent xu-v
role along between tl.e llourislhini plaintations culcd by the i6th Peniitsylvaiilin regiilmnt, vhi.hl
of rugar cane, interspersed with groves of lpaln after a liilg ai1d dillicult diltour mudill it.s 1appI)li-
inil plahitiltiols of lianniasalnd Inllny other tropi)i- llnce sheyonl the tlwn ianL l o colell ld tili l-i-
cal growtsll, ladliring tie huge ferns, the l inl. 'reiier of thi. retreuatitig guatrisoli. This wasiite
liianlt, flamboyant" trees nc d vried veriltiur for (if seve'Iral Illiive ciInts showing the line toclh lf
which this ge'll illong i.slaiis is justly celchliri- the master haiin inl the conllquest of this islani
tei, I was juoineld by a youi g Portlo Ricai ll.who with sinall Ioss o(f life.
kept hiS iiinutive pony well ihrest oif my strulng After repoltiiihg ait thie armv hiekndlitlarters Iab"il
horse, whatever gaitl chtse ti tike. Ourcoliver- half a mile beyond the town, I returniedl milt
nation wasi cliaracltris ic of tlhei tatli.n. What sioulht tile hosplitailily of thl pastor. Filtrlhi
is the litnie of this, that or the olhet pilln or Rodriguez, lilboriously expla iilitl to hlim i i :i
tree? lsked the chaplain. Thien a lon;g silence. mixtriIr of Lati French aild Spanish, the inlitule
After a while, "Mitjiuclo hlCeno, America il" from of illy mlislsionl. I found him ai typical Sp ni ili
nll. colipailioll. We conll to a llritlge which has priest. eairty, genialt, lbrlwsi, by expustit.,
evidentit biee n deliberately destroyed and hastily the picture of iealthliltnd quieotcoiitenltilcntl. A
repairet. With gestures of conteilpt and iver- picture of Don Carlos in the imaiii room of his
ioi, lly colipallion portrays the actition of a re- dwelling anid lthe gnealogy of the dte Roiiians
treating parlt of Sinllinards, t hen, with glectil franied above his writirl desk sunliciently pri-
expresiioni, (tli quick wok of of ur advance guard claii his political tendnll cies. Hlin house, like
Jil the work of repair. litrlho bieno"tl aind all the dwelling houses here, is void of carlpells,
aluchlw Ietlo" serve as n ltock in taide ft.r nany curtains and tapestry and upholstery of every
People of limited linguistic acquirements. For kind. The floors are of rather coarse heavy
Iitallsne, I 1w yesterday a diiiniutive urchin lumber, the wall were wooden partitionl wilh
oha cl ud in the tattetel reillnant of what was timbers plainly displayed, no plaster, stucco or
Olli upon a tiie a pir o pants, liand who, other ornaments or dressing thaiii a plain c at iof
loticilg the nliltlused smil with which lihe was r- common paint. The furniture would grace the
garked, cast a sad glance downward and re- cell of a Franciscan, to say nothing of a Jesuit.
Mrid the t a~"'Ilolc ,aesenalu.o" "Amen," This pastoral residence is of one story, but several
The feet above the ground, nlid the sheep and chick-
The poverty here is something desperate and ens roam freely under my apartment, especially
Wpalng. A was mOunltig yesterday in a at night. The good padre insists that the night
agon yard near the city I was addressed liy a. air is bad, so he bars and bolts my door and

( 1I )

ai ialows. Ail solid in structIre, nlld I sleep a if in here alnd there a pIllatllain or Suinluieir villa of
a v.nil ir prison. A few dIays pass very rapidly s ine rich Pollce mlierchant, andl here and there
in visits to the field hospital where Ilong rows of a group of hllts of thle hatives. At last you pa.s
ervvr-stricken lie suffering, ill making iacqulaiin- the limit if the hliglwvay,u and iimb il the mountain
ta:uce ,ilh ollicers ald men, and oin Sunday the on sill ,ld alni very. inferior carriage road.
liwa is edliied by the sight of quite a hdly iof When the siunlli it is reached you mlay glance
* oii at 1Hly Communion, a scene such as these back andll se urne f lIhosl ae r I) Inver
Spanish chi rches, in Porto Rico have never lie- tu be forgotten, a valley ideniiig tothuseishole,
In,.r ulltessled. The ladies say t" uLitiiuilnn.m," ; city in thle dlistalnce :ant lieyouil it the se; stretch
,achiLiimrlm," when they -mentionl the Corm- ing li tho h mizii.. In two hloirs' ihard riding
iiunl1on Mliss. nll the Catholic sohliers are )you have risen over two th1iousail feet, alwIay
pl i.ld l>dl a ildineil ld for their pracltical rcligioiis iurtoiiuldcd y ti, llpicil griwllh Ail always l refill.
c.hiiaLt.r. ing damiip tropical :iir. Nw youil p)Iause ild Ask
lin riu'lriiii from Conm, I inde a night ride for ia cup f coffee ill the firnt lacieuinl you pibS
if if to avoid tlhe hell c t of tile uMll. l i.isi tg tll I il a few nli)ilui tl'i ouI ll'. li i t ld iL' l ai o thedil*
hue A.M., I sathilleld my horse which I had turnled iiig-rolo lalnd a delicious cup of flaugrat.t ciffcle
hIose in the pIdr'e's yalrd, and passitung through black as night, sweet ;A up;r, is tlueilcreid you
the Iluiet streets of the village, rode westward ini fairly dalint y.china. If you nsk I ,l'lv.w uch
allli, the great hligihlway stretching before tile i it," s yo mountli Ilt yiour horse. i" uila" 6 i tile
Illlt ill thel moonlight. A lonely soldier on ll auwer. lhe veiy' poor people have Iuarnled,
miiilp)t duly looked sl spectral ill hii. pouiclho, however, to charge e even thll pasihi g traveller,
Ithat as I itllutel by I could not hirl)ear the re- whoi is .ill too willingI to pay, for notnllill ii bu
tialk: "Yliou do look like i ghost," to which itivigoratingli oil n ioimi joiii icy as fresh coffee.
ca;n tile Iready ael swer: i" If I look aus inuch like It is said Iltht lite coffee of Ior To Rico is eIquil I feel, it must Ile ia striking resebuliltance.''" to t lic bt ill th world. In pi)eparii, g it tlle
l'iiOr fellow, )Lperhal)s lie h11I1 jointed the throiii hberry is cited wit h sugar, Aild si wy liul blrownl
Ithat crowd our holspitalsl anid relief ships, the ed or lurnt II htasi c1 Iontiijg r glitzig thailt ru-
iirlaiincolty price lpaid for ouir aggressive spirit. laini iall thle aIroilm wilthi tlle berry. 'The lItile,
I wish I could give ti vivid deNcription 4f that like that of their tobacco, gliows oil tie pilitel,
ni.hlit ride, the tropic moon p)listg the stars aii ll and becomes very (facinatiing o the appetite.
liliiig the air with silver shien, the Inolitaillns ti O eih journey I was toppild several times.:
r bring black to the north, the panlms andl Ilami1- by ecry lleanvy .sliowrl.l which drove ilIe to seek
bulnants here anil there brushing the lines f itlhe slichir once under the calnvas of ia (giard ult the
thick Salr calle, huts neslled Anlmid Ilowerrs An entrance of one of olr IcaIp)s, r sMcoinl tillle
Ilinl trees, here An.d there a gleimn of light front biclcath tIhe IveIhllasiging h blcony oif 1 wayside
a dislnnlt cottage sparkling a fixe mar ni1t resideniice, inld it thisd ltilic illln' the rich foliage
Ille olizonIi, cart drawn by oxen slowly wenld- of n tropical tree. If you venture it word of cri-
ilti Iteir way to tei disltant IImrket town, the roll ticism of the weather, oull are told with Ia smile
winldiin il lnlld 0t111, upi down, always veiled that the rlliny season really lbgcinsi in October,
in halllowy i plundor, n lsens of peace and tercI- illnd that then you will svr it rin il n Ille tille.
lit. Illy al i t.hl I igllt ilr filling thie soul with OJf course' there is mIuch nIiloir rllin ill thue unlltll
i(liet joy aind content. I reached Ponce hefor ie imsn thanl oil the coast. while e tihe 6ti Mantin-
s'urire, toi iewhllt to the s urprise of my kind chulitta vw; ill clamlp lear Utuldo it railned *u
"i.lsts, the Vilcclltian Father&, who may not re- hard and so clnllltatly tllh tile tenslr moukled
alrd night marches as filing tlhe peaceful char- while they were ')II the march across tlhe
actrr of the chaplanin. ilounltilos. On one occasiou, afterr riliing
Mly next jaunt is to Utado, made famous by so hard during the day that they could not make
G"an. Roy Stune's rapid and dashing conquest camp, the Inell were obliged to stand through the
of "this Irtion of the island. Sallying forth from lonI hours of the night witl the rain healing
I'oce in a northerly direction, the traveller finds pitilessly upon them. Such exposure as this,
himnsel on a splendid highway with excellent nilvoidabli as it may have been, has lel to an
lridgs, fine culverta, good dilching, and all the imlnsels anount of'sickness. It is really ap-
laIrks ofskilful engineering and Iavish expense. plling to sea the numbers that lie Iprosrate,
"'his winds gently up a narrowing valley with Iut every effort is being made to relieve then.

( 12 )

I ted ni -iht at Aidjultin, I town ne.ltled and also two servants, who went before n cllt.
aI nlOig the iti antails. where I fiood siantill ting iaway obtruding branches with tlihei in.,.
dellionlehtlei "f ,MI:.,.salhuslts men. half if whlin clhetes andill holding back tile coffee lbuslhs 1th1
Itridcl out to lie Caltholics. gladl t, see I chap. hang Ihickly laden with their precious biiidl..i
uliln At the tavern where 1 ptil up, y cha- all along the narrow ald winding path w hii
rcller CeI.IAd it lively i.llute a lloniig thie tistsh, tIhey completely obscured for ai greilt purln a(
orie tf whom had seen oe int tile Iulpi t S lce the way. We reache.l the summit onty In in
nd1 declared that I w:as i CAtthloil priest, imich it clouni-c apeld ad adreturLd toi the lhacijrinIhl
to the coInitrcttllni oif the' riet, who found it Ilrenched biy it Inavy I trati. The llopitaile scrl.i
hnrd to sulit tlh tl iI Allmericianl chiitplaiil could invited ime to. stlay te night, anld lhi I deidilr
tie i priest. Tihty ii:ive liheri tiltlght 11" think i) do, ow ng to mty il read of t long return lilde
dlowni here thait tile aIIdlvnit of Amlrica.Ii mLeant inll helavy storin. W\hetn night iell I foLal l m itl1
the dowinfill of Cathllicisil. The truth in that tmiy gRotu host was In 11 sitte of ilari(nr, iirler-.
there is so little religion aiIong o I'olto tican itng nl fever, i con ithion justille.d by thle esi.-
that it canllint sink Imluch lower thliin it Inow i. ence of ;l Intllullliiding hallid ill the eighbilil"loltill
At Utudo 1I found the 6th Maiissachuclistts. which haln dethlroyed ore or itorce planlilti.
under Colonel Rice, completely hboutsel ill large und ha:l openly threatureid his. Three of the
barracks within tlie limits of the town. Two civi grl iur rivrl d at slpper-tilie iirillild wilth
coffee factories serve as hlospitils, andl the large lRecmiilgonl rifles alid with well-lillcil caltriilge
trays or p)latforlmi, run onr railroad iron, in which pnh pouI.chIes. Lights were placed coiullllnllii lig tlle
their coffee is dried,i frrmned the extension of t e- nppronchic tit tile buildings ill till diflccli ls,
verbal wnrds of the hospilhl. I fnulid the Co.- sutriles tet, ndl we retired with our I'evolvir
lonel'i wife very husy in Itimakinag egg-Inog, wine lonlded intd at hand, I realized thell that the h1.-
jelly and other delicacies for the sick, atd I am cienidl was iln i state of siege aitn I gatheri'd th;t
sure her iuiaie will lbe in beneicltiti'tii for itainl the owner, a lientteliint-cl-)olna c Iy thie wa;y, it
a long (day inl the hoIaes of tile 6th Ma~rials- theSp)niih vo(lllllteelrs, wit especially uip|l)hprilr
chusellt. There has been lack of woman's ini the district andl tllht the vellgapniza" people.
nursing and a dearth of womnlln'i care" in our ia I choose to cull tleliol, Ihad vowed hlii- Iler
hospital this Summer.' But this want hai been destruction. Ablut midnight the d.p begal:
recently supplied and quite aiiiiIdantiv, tlt to hark furiously iand 1 single ipistoll sh"t aI;
those who came to the front, like Mrs. Rice, tdu outt oni the night air. Instlantly we wIre oII
did the work of mnny in a nmothlerly waIy, de- peerilng into the dark for allusky forms apil):illh-
serve tile lilghest praise (frin the Amterican illg. None ca;mle, lint soinew;lt later o tle
I"eople. Otn Sunday the townspeople were cdi- sky was lurid with tile flanmes OF it niighli'l'in
tied atnd u surprised to see nmre tihanl one hundred haciendaI. This wai near enough to reduilil
men approach Ihe bily tatile. Such a sight the our alarm and vigilance. Liter still camie thi
church of Utudlo hald lever eenlt, for BnIttlig n ruiniir of a party itilvinicing i p tihe ilnullnilil.
popnltliion of forty tliousand in the district or I hallooed toi them, and wais answered iln i tiIII
jurisdiction," as it it called, there ire niil, as qlite distinctly American. This was colimfilt-
tile pastor assures mte, iore than two hundred illg but might iiliean a nruse de querre, so I posted
practical. Citholics, that is two hundred who myself Ilbeside the sentinel iat th ate calnd when tile
make their Easter duties, and of these by far the ndvancilng party cnme wilhii r.iige, halted tlitnl
larger part are women. and parleyed. They proved to Ite two ol'rlicrs.
.The scenlery about Utuodo is very hanidsloml, friends ofSeftor Blanco, who had defended hil
tand imvtes one to long rides. I tried one day properly of their own accord a few iiglihts 1.-
to lium b a olly mountain named the Sierr fore and had come again to continue their wolk.
Morales, and, after a long, hard ride, found my- The poor colonel embraced them as his children
self about half way up when the hour for the nnd then went to bed tid to sleep wilh the itI-
ioon meal arrived. I stopped at the nearest haI most confidence. The rich owner of this halnd-
ciend, made Umyself known to the owner, Seiior some plantation was armed only with a luilldog
Joi a.lanco, was itnvitedl to breakfast and glad- and revolver of ancient pattern loaded will
l accepted the ivitation. After resting I made American cartridges which his son had trialiincd
old t.o ask the senior for a fresh horse sand down for the purpose. Had it gone off at all,
guide. HI was kind enough to send his son it could ouly have blown his hand to pitcc.s

( 13 )

lThat night's excitement cost the sciior's good prey for li:ndilt, Imu tle sen'sllioln iof dianlge
siln lit of serisin ill uea, for when I called to evetn Ia we drove thllrouigh dreary jinglles in the
i, sce him next day, at his home in the town of moonlight, was not in thile least comparable to
Uuiado, he was in a high fever. I was interested that night at Scfior Juls Illanco's hlicietla, a
that evening to hear Colonel lilnnco read n long ]night which I suppIose itiust stand alone in the
aid touching letter from his daughter, just ten peaceful experience of the priest. lit eiouoh
imilre awav.y, in which she praised her hrtther's of personlil experience, y)ourt r'laderr will he
coi.rage fior being willing to defend the property inure interest..lili in general rellectinin on tl l
In which the family depended for upporl) t, illdli condition of this elt Ihlitlnte toh to r itc inlierial
IIllg ert'aill Iri lec( to s O t ill hlle tate of lifflil'li nd lll ( otl illn ani atddiioti dclstiled Lsoo) l t Ii. b the u
tlirin lhggill her father to dellltIy hle letter, extreme southtelUien Slile lof tlie Uninl.
whichli he did before miy eycV I ,nw next ihdy
also a niegro wlhosie finller' hld been ct off hy l 'irst of ll. I'rto Rico it "a Cathilic colnlrv
a ,lu.,ke n uclhelet, Ha lie wat applying a withol t religion." that is t,. inv there is little
lilltral Ind a hiloliiilKg, lad glinstly as wiias the practical Catlltiliityv here, andl u it Ih.llter rleileil
Mi.oil it setelled t, lie it lit nld jlUst pInishlimentl religion whlatsi evr. Trie, there is ni E':pisco.
A\ spcier of KII Klux exlslt illn tlih countryonr, inl hil church iln I'ince, hut llie II IIcoiglition ioes
for s.nllle vrir llt comne it will he a serious pro. it exceed a c.riiorli il's giiartl, Ihiugl. a h bishop
Ilemo It keep order in tie iltoiiiitntaioun s iistlricts iln Cl tiite Vst 'i c.ii .i il alti llnI )o t vem ier.
if Po'iltl Ric. We halve let Iliuse pissui.n Atil)p- ;ibletmi.Kioiary hliinrl olliciiilr. There are fair-
Jti'i'rl I'or ges inll lthe result in hard to foresee ly goold cli s ill the I l ir ii cii l ltwnl tile
The \wrst resltms tf war ari not the woumlds re. rlrgry tire excelleni teitl'iiei, lut they dio not
rcived il hattll, hut thle uniivranti alarm ind nil- set'n to have nilY fir.l hohl l in the native people
test.lihedllsturbaiceol iiillconildence, tle violence nor have thee ati'- lively sivipathiy with 'Porto
',f tlie urii,.eg.iiio d, the wreaking of private veni- Kiclani or ior tol K ic. They aire palt oif the
geance and hlie paying off lhi scores, it a word, Spli.ih testtlhlishent, weshil tl the idea of
lih rcign itf hate insteild of love. the uniot n of Chluich unid Stlte. The Spanianlrd
Of course I expected a repri t:llllln wlheln I re. here tire Ciathollics, itnie P'irto Hlrai women
tiiirl ti to Utllnllo for dating t)o spend a night are (Catholics, tle lmen are leIlally Caltholic,
"beI' een the lines," but inilsteil of scoldiniig, which itniinn that they are liptlized, inarried tinld
('Ciocl Rice ily lnllughed lit tie atHd offered to buried ias Cathllilis. I believe that Sainisl.
gite me n it party of soldiers' with whomli to defend Amierica i priests froimi Coloraildo a.iil Suthiern
ltheinctih permilienilly. I wish I could give vour California coulhl Ie f great assiitanice here,
vunger readers a vivid imipreission of the feefingt atlil new nsiiiioiis arc iinpertilively demanded.
-It hllit night. %Vlen I tiaw the aImouldering ruins lFaith i not deod, but drnna. When (li the
"1I allc t lluirihiliing jplantatiion, where a general rullloIlr came (of tile Atimericanll ilivasion. tlllliy
ilic'tir of our army hald tideen invivtd to take liuiitreds of children were lbrouglht to the
Ielnkfast the very nornllillg, when I Raw tile sky cliurch at P'lonce to lie haptir.ed, lire people
relddened with thle flaillestof other bildlitgs Ihir-. bleitig under the imnpritlion that it wasl their
ilg in the near dlistice, when I heard the pistol last clhace, ias the Chinicih woulil oI)In lie
lhot which setUmed' to iI to be tlle siglinl for ail destroyed )b tIhe inviIderT. Who gave Ithemi
latack, when I felt the keen aliirm of Ihoise about that impressioii is iinother liuestion. The parish
ile, guard andll aervanti anld nil. thln for the pri'et here is called l Cnra Vicairio." lie in a
irst and only time it, lyit life did I realize the in pertui.tis e as ai matter of court, a little bisholp,
tlesie pleasure which there is ill exposure to idan, tr!qlienlly einjoyilng quite an xiexil.ive juil islice
l'r. ni pleasure which tile psychologist many ttiot lland having itl tiles Neveril iolirdinatels.
ainlyze as he choose, the moralist clIas ifyanihe 'T'he superior of Ileh illlaii int the itlleiegltuti
In"y, hbtl a pleasure still. anil one that Ilcals all between liish.ipa in a vicar c;iUitliilar," who
the world of mtinahiiodl to coclede that fighting l iucs docuielnits ast fiorlmiil Itild forlrlilatle s
i thle hlest fi iI in thi worlidl Yet the liravest itll) initred pIelioe, iiiillll lressell i' ta y illt,
mIln aire the first 1t admit that they aoon geut a. litle which milsit lie raither aiiiUingiI tu a
e"""nogh of it. Soulm two weeks later I had a former Je.uit. One who is trying o g'Lrow
1li"g rile in a mail coach which onlainedl several accustololod ol I tl lt of Canii, if little
thousand dollars and would have proved a dainty call lie collmpared will great, knows how to

14 )

lthze with the lhumility of the my! sore disappointed that instead of quartrring our
iipi'o." I horses il the churches, we have sent our men
pill n is a tro on of terrible extremes. The to confession. This state of affairs is utterly
charlctcristics o' f the peupie are typified iin nnintelligible to them, and suggests solnei nci.
carv;tintcs la work. Wit them honour is t'ttlios on the causes which led to the war anlt
tCe rvsiltlan ibo rin, II kind of to its sudden cessation. The SpAniards i
vatle which hardY merits digilied name that there has been no war at all, but merely
of pride is their ruling, passion, and their love a weak betrayal of Spain after an apiret
,f S"i' anll things S,,sh ,psses the boundls show of force. Perhaps in a second letter 1
of the credible. Still they put God first, ant may have more to say about this view of the
o,. they have the good .grce to liugh at their relation,.between the two nations.
own foibles, though they liave not the slightest The Mleuenger of he Sncrerl Heart
lotion of correcling then ofr evea of admitting
their existerce. Now the Porto Rican is tu the
Spaniard, what the Ameorican is to the English.- CIIRONICLE
mean, differingl ill that wlicren he reseillnkis thile
parent stcnt, anid more jealots of the difference OF THE SACRED- HEART.
than even tenaciolts of tile reselliliance, which lt
is in the marrow of his lonetic The IPorto 8L
Rican puts himself, his houae udi all at your I6 A r I .
tldiltsnl on briefest acqlaitiltince, he is open, !r ,
vilVncious, coninlunicative, syimpatilhetic to his ., "
friends and secretly bitter, revcnigeful, double- .
dealing with his etniielleo. lie Ih a 11 l touch of
the .handmlne llianner of the olil world with a '
great iadtlirltintl for the progre sive spirit of
the new. lie awaits the touch of the novelist THY KINCOMO OML'
to analyze him, and piut hiii before the Aincri-.
cln world whell the excitc.letlt of war lilies The general intention recommended to iur
is over, and in spite of the delpreciatory retnnrk p s dy
of many Americlan;. le will Ie found worth prayers dtrig Janry is
the trouble. 1l hias not yet lmadle up lihis 1in Respect for Authority.
whether or tiot to iipprovre hi.i northern political --
nmster, and if he does not, well,i we know what I[IS intention should appeal to us as
Cubia has Ibeell d ,ring the ;past few year. f ", H urgent one: for the goversing
Stlrel" we are elltriln on a ew era. We. ., powers are everywhere wieak sid lthe
have before extended our terrtrito liinits, bl t millions of most countries iecmi
little e attot, iiffering inll guaget ttnitluters, lin every decade more and more restlesl aind
traditions, hopel anld aspirations fromt our own? ungovernable. The discontented clasmse are
Nay heavenly grant wicldomi to our rulers, (or numerous and without respect for authority,
now, if ever, it is sorely needed. tind ill many countries there are secret organiza-
1'he papers here are in are moin are lions whose common aim is to destroy utterly
for 'pag sheets about teighte rc inch esqitae. thle old Christian aund civilized society. half EigIlish lttnd half Spatnish, and Its the odlern world there are two societies,
what with wretched print, worse paper and In r r thee ar two c
flaring advertisentenllt, you have left alout fivr which now stand face to face, the civil society
minutes worth of reading matter. They repre- and the Christian society of the world.
sent any aind every shade of political (pinion The civil society or civil power is a thing
hin the oud of favoring the ch. e at sacred in itself. It comes from Godt, has Hlim
keephig some show of order, for when their
views are too anarchical, mnilitsar asthotity as its author, alid shoull be treated as of
brings them speedily to their senses. O course divine origin. For it is of this civil or political
they abuse religion, church and priests, and sre order of' the orld, that St. Paul spoke when

( 15 )

lie Sidl Let every soul he subject to the, tlledl in tile ivwilll Hlis wll kiiilgdilill nild when
lli] 1.lii powU'-s for every power is of God. Ile ascended into heiaveno I left oI earth Ill
'T'lhe powers ltllt lie are ordained of God. lie Vicnr and rlerep. tl;llive -onle nhos hiould have
tlial rsitetlli the power, reCisteth God." JuKt, sprveme auithoiity over tlic (C'h'iliii sRcitly
Illll, ,i the family if kept together by the laws which lie founded ; wlio lhiou!ld lie for ever the
of aItilhrily and obedience so a by these sanime uprenle and finall interpreter of the faith nii
laws is the Static ustainled. Civil authority ii tlle lilprele maiil llnili expo)iitr of Ili law.
a, er.saitial to civil society as tIhe soul is to anlill That society, one in iit origin, one il its faith,
iIid this power of the State, the law of the oiec in its jurisdiction, one in its identity through. as we call it, has a retl claiim in the Inani out the world, uniliing ill niltionii in one blolI
If riod niiil of Cliist upon our obedience. of religiuin, is the Cathilic Church.
"'l he clliiich rightly teiaichns" write Pope Leo There will Ie these twoi great isociiet s tli he
XIII ii ile of lis enicyclicnal e letters that tile el d ,ll tile wolil-thle one iilluiil, thle tllier
piiulr of the State comne from God; n, liii'rlilili ; nlill letlll he one h lman, the othl'er dlivinie.
iiihat;lrr tlll form of govermiienit iniiy lie, it il (Jid iorldiinllll thit llc'e twlo hcieLit' shioullll lie
Illt siiim ly fronii tile people that tile light olf so iu itel ill tliir actioll as l I i, biicoile iio e.
civil rulicl ti gioverl n u nl to lbe oleyed colnes, 'Thie Chllii llt Ii Chiich c vlill'ed tihe Chrisiail
I (loil Godii." The people in anl elective world. It hli.l a d lilile ilisii.ii, lirstl It indivi-
"vermiiiiieit do not maiike the power, ;iltllhough 'l aind ilin iil -icievt--lrll to convert inild
ltry tdeigl.iate the theerso(n or persons in whom save tlle Io"Iil, oiil niivx cilonsl-clie waid elevate
llir power of (God is to1 reLs. Niw there arie ltlihe potic;l sicitly of thie woiill. As Chris-
pIle)ny .if people whllo do not tlus regard the l ianilty s'pre:: l fiiin hiouseliohld u tlou.chold,
ciil authority, andl therefore they have little echll fniloiily li rc.iiae ia gein of (Christian society.
fitpvct for it. T thllem the I;IaN of tile liinil As cities IIIIICme Cliisitin ility were coibineil
lie imply lIhe dlciioiiio (i I tile llajolily Io t llllier uiidle Cliihilni laws. As kiingidoiis
which we miist bllinhit ai l fallr Ii we Ccnno0t hellp ro (roIln ilge tl age lhey were lounld Itogelller
1 ;lmil liecllise v e cnllniit lelp it, ndii ll y ilunder tlie sipl)reie unity of jurildictlilon ld iii
1'inllkiii which wle cilloilit no sin. Whereai tlhe. light of ille oine filth. Little by little
thle tliih is, that by breiaking the law of the Christian society gai neil its liaceiidency over lie
lint, whvln it is not unjust or contrary to the inillds ali;d wills of ineii niitil the natural society
liw rl (iof od, we fail ill olbedlience to Ilim. enllreil into peace with tlle superaiitural, aInl
O()lieiice muslt always lie given to Godl, llCri t ldoin or Chuiitian Europe arose. The
iuglih i llthe State, in tliose hinigs about which spiirituil nill civil pnwers then stooll bille Iby
lit h;as given thel Statle authority, and in otllhr lsie with ililany conllictls ld contentions inlled,
llings without regard to tile State, lint n;evcrthliless willI mnullall relations mld
Anil this rings one to peak of that other luties ll anid atin in co-olpeiraioll togrllher.
amiiihlrity which lbelolngs to the Christian society 'Thien every memibel r oif tlie tiate wa s a niielier
(f thle world. The beginner of this society in uf'the Church: tl e ihe ll iar t the Sttlit were
""r I.oidl Je us Cliristl liimself, who, whell ill,' ciinforirity with tlie lawI of lite Cliurclh;
lie cain into tllh world, assiembiled disciples Ilthe th laliaw oIf Chri.liility were pliit of ile
nrllli Himil, instructed then niid igve them laws of tile laindl ; aiil i"'eln lie v' ed 11l hiunaili
hlllllirity anll Ilws. it gave them that one society hll Ilinot ilt peliIfeclion ii tle order of
fill by wliich alone cnil call hie unitedl-that nailure only, to the exclusion iof religion lad ilf
o e nuprenie jurisdiction by which His Church IGod, lut then onlly when it is fouldled oil the
was founded nild is leltl together. He consti- olI only truth revenleld ly Goi..

( 10 )

Such wi. Chriteiil l nce. Such it is no' uis i civilizailos. Nuiica intitlor(l lcl ills .
lSo r. w ls f rieldshill (iI t"li u In tural l l hlit s de Iglci., ,enusi rcii, l falln.
loisger. til lrto 4i t ellititm i c su I m cii(nltos.
stiperiatuiril icici ha tr io Elst rebt eliOin contra i lntiirilidad hiI ciiciil,
1in ll ir union A is di o'lv' d, dl IV la1 i"Ilnorancia, y ul olvilh, d lescuhlid (iu.
Tihre hundred hinld fifty years u.1 i (eriniany tild; puilt stid suiipre a vieni tic )il i Ti'|il,
SIn Englian .nd tile north of Eiirpe separated aliiun," lice Sain Palhs, e t6 >ijet;i ii lotj .
frlil tlle C :llh..lic Church, rtj.ctl its div4. tl i sup, riores, poirqiuC l hi p t0 t Dh int' ,I
rgi tl disyt an d+ id e it -%ii i. d+p+:vi ilt Ol t D i s? pu s Ins 0 i cu Sioi pi-r l)i,,s ,n
iulloritv l ie I thllcn vs ilenl llt theon ,Otd.rdd. Por l cuil, lecl que iC s l.)C iis. I
the l i.b of ,wn u.ilral autholiiy. At the pi,,tv.tud resiste a hI oiilduenciin dec I)m,,."
1,111C tlite ench miiil wIas to lie the interpreter if A lo.s tiiifis, los cilnld dalnuo, y hI1 cl'.iui,,
tIle Idihic flr ilhin ti f. Lw, k at tile cintliti'i, of tll cL'scfildo, qite dihlcl. n o lheilecr 1 I-s qI.I
Gerilllnll. It is 'l1id thlat f"'ur-lfifths f the le, ghivriian, po lrq e l derchol de hc. e l,.
Scil Viiln (IVC I m )iii. Sivilio i1illp r CZ ill iilll i
lpopile ihave ceased itl liclieve in Chrlistianity. c pri cipio, ).r ,ull, |is ti e Iviz ieiib l, D-
Look next to Englanul, ionce >itt 11 fiiiith | roipllv i |ior it iiiitrtidiiil. eta isegaiiino, v
Snow dlivileuc l i nto hailt n s io lit i f diffeli 't sei ts ts:i llli nilill ro fuI lilielllloiu h lllr lii oilai,
anil even i thi liiis e l i o+ colnitrnidictlorv dluclrinies. W hvllcie Ith 'lu, lno. Ai lii tlo e e rillC)cI n lU.LSiII) dlTI iic .,,
authority of tile Ch rc hs i. illo pIli'ii i ris il ltr cUlia l estciclianiiirlln lt
y Il h c it i ll t l i ifdll n y coli vti c ci iII..
hchlil to lie i liffrenit it> (jliiI, whether, ill Mint. Elltuolice, siien u liu ilhnin ii il lil i i t ici i up-
tIr.of religioli iiin agree or nnt, andiitll IlvIl vbl o i Ill II l lllllr i libi th.Sry I. i ll llii]|li e.
niiin hias the right tlo thiilik 1 is he likes an to excelivou y espi rci'lo, Ii t iimpolt cl.iiii .i
l)eak ias he likes. ailld toI sow errors, 's 1gr'il Coral oi |e recprinil lit violenciui ilc
cite criill+:l etOItlilr il sicicclnul Sct Illlln Il i.
hul' ierc iipitiuts and lilplivhiis an thit ro S li Uir contrii i.e socintl.l uS eje<'ltc 1-u
there is 11no :thlrity ton ierth to restraint hitl. obeudlencial cuandlo dlesccvnli6 i Nazat;illl cill
Let Iot pnry, that tlhe spirit if revolt against bits piatlres teilip)lrlls y testltill iujeiu :i rllls
(Uil, which is siliiwn n aitil ecclesiastical ;uliltority, lay lbe q9u1illedl hy I lllditil ila pu:t cull st ill a res. Qilc l.
c iclei li clu sI quclhrlm dsler+licial l circt.l
i right ullderstandinig of thI source fr(tn which cai ii EcstllSud, "y (Ute diuus il IU udlis iI. ila
all wcll-irnlrrcl autlhorirly conime, anld thut thus, C6(.sr ito que i dl esir, y a "b)in il li e tls le
respect for tIhose who rule i:i the fainmily, in the DiOi'i iiiip)inil subr los ciudianlloals que
:State andi in ithe Clhurch miny unlce iiagin beu o'blldcal""ll i us gi ernl lllores en loIlu t io iti-
et.llilihled in a Christian worli. en pelaudo, y .cmll i iu a Ininlly beseci b ii)
( Ji.s,. ,h.ti-, hearit of Mirt ullrillcl cclcilstic:l, etcargilllua JSits citrllc
Ol tl'l r ,e ll th ro er. works. v sli Ut lit (tl y cltcitrtii ttlr lirp e ltu tiijul t
IliI day. lor all n ih Inlrnllrh iil i1' V divlinellarli in ui lo'lic' s que s slillntron solire la irlltal dii
Iinlin wllih tlhr liny 1II ri clllr ul tile n., nd in MllbCIe, qie inspire V los cIritz.oisciI ctrisiiilns
plartllr for Itrpct lor Aulthorlt. Amen. uin hutlilll y reverenciailrtl rnituden estucliir
i- t-a uhltisA Iulsaestruo* religious ique lest libilalii ecl
la iltcncion Igeilrnll r l collitie llaa Inulstra siiilobre dle Dios.
Siracionll durant ete Mei t Cs Aai, el pudelr de la oraciuln inlida asisiilra cii
EstL K{SPH T t A LA AUTORIDADI). trrr a los mibillre nI recpcto por in aitltrilil.l
EP.' inlterciilt nos parcel ser tmy irllgetle. sutpremn, qucte iiutes era el loigeni de In oibelill-
PIlolci. sen title mirnillcs al circilo ile It (fani- f ill h ull ttllle crlustiiltan iA ilts g#cberilulorvl
is ia 'i u lu civi 6 i a Irrciu de n fa cin *e ( un gete criationi a it cs gobernatiours.
eictre, cn l ivil, 6 I Iil Criutinin, iOh .lelus iuloI ior medlo del tCorauon I.intcula-
mll lllll c;lu cd Ull l gr litniiciuinl n l du de MaILrio *autlisana, on ofretco las oirauones. llobr
rei'pco cleiitl i In auiitrhidi. Nunica hullt y trltiajoi del pre ente dia, pira lite so fornrui gru-
Sitdi los iiftos tlan ilndepellicienlte de Ila anillrilhdad I1o de asolhidots ulei den blten ejelisilo. y piara la
lllternall. Nullnil ,tolts anar uiitaVMiialiasti deni" Ilutenclones deo ietrlo 8Ugraldo Coursali:
lesaiafnente lati cl l y d t lo ln pr'nlalente por el rt ato Ai autoridad.
atln lrevitht eiucitte Ih eyest de totldo lol1 Aul sea.

( 17 )


r,, lR. SAIuI. SMIrrTH, t tle Noiicon-
forItiist Coii ctil, 11 short while iago,
(tr tj said : Only the other lday it caein
P..1 "to hIs knowledge that a younllg ,an
I .tldintied for the Church of FIngl;tand
;1ii l t lle s.inle ordinalioni three avowedl Riomanl
('iitltlics wVic ilsOt orltlilillid, their eXCluse leinri
'ht Ihl.lI had al (di.splenitilon from Ie P'ope toL
tllo 'i. The London Tublet challenged Mr.
Smlith o so stall iltlltllU his listatemilent or to wilth-
thliaw it. \Vhiat wsil th utllloritv given by
Mr. Siilth? A letter from i hldy w'u prudenti-
Iv dl'ciresi t remaill n anonymosliili. lThe precioull
iilt'o enltll trut tlhus: "1 'he cilrclitnil cLtes, ;il
I iritrnihiv'r their), wurt as fIIlows:' While ilmy
Ii, ther-in-l5aw was it College, he knew
trlirce Young men like himself preparing for
tlliliniiioll ill the Church of Englanild wiho wrc
R(oanii Cntil l h lics; IIIand I his xprer sileg hlil
nidinllur that their colll cinceiiC I n( i ild llal w If
Ills wasI |hi 'thlllItt il iPc wolle lll hCu IS ili '.
mid put them all right.' I *nila) sorry, it\lin
It, Mr. -- having passed lwly lhlat Yealr, I
ac;>tlliil rIfer ol tl him peiCi rs) n '( i comey. I c
in llii.: wliCll Mr. Saoliicl Smith Says l to his
kn11 ilrilget" ;i ccitain thling hilppened, hIe iwalii
lie was toli it happeLnted, Iby in hIlv who lhadl

E lllinl; iuld we ill Amrici n are I'limful of
hlope. It is nowim ln likely thl.i thl.e Pilw' if
the twentietilll c lturll will rulle tvvr ;I wiilrr
spiriilail d .mlni.n l l)in hi I ', Pope, oif tile Midldlu
;Ages ever dreli;iimil of.-I ', Maria.

Thle Slpaiti.hi people account lfor lte sickly
contlitlill 'if tleir c olilelrV iy the folilimilig
leg.ndl When' \ lith patlro; f Spalin, thle lhol
ApI ill. Jiiiils, wIho. l' t.liil It- l s hllirid'I i
Comtli>ilortellll, etileril lheiaven helie petitionlln tile
lihst thin-g for Spain. Ever -crthing ws glr:antel
In hilll. v lianint IlmIe )1111 nWli o v lilc e.l ii
hlb inli v clim ite., it fertlle il. i F'l.iall)i lie ,is dl
(or--oill l tlllt'i'tiirnl. I But ll e wasi i aiiwerItd:
, h l inlln, v l c.iiinot di il n ii illli; f..i if
S. in l; h ld it u d govul ( rii l n til t il. .. i' III lgr l.i
wilol ld Ilie h;siVt ii llanl 'drllli ill Spliiin,' Thlis
legcml hlit% ihe all oi Ilhc r l lIl. Thle noble
Spanish station i, a ilicion If IUe-cdins and
radint' ion, vlhiich UliNt: ,..viv rw il then f-r llle
L.Iit It o viir' ndiiiil wh' i c ih lelh uillingl IIIIuknc -
inn ll ai'lil sllIp| i i ln llinl lrilat'IriI.l i lliuctilioll
I tllI I nlIlillli. I tn il ('illi.illt wlas Ial, iin wll
It fir'l ipowlll if hle wIIlIl %incI it iI.has fallen
iilnt1 the linil i t AlAtheists 1111ul f tlie opplliilnitnl
if tl e Clile hlChk tIle conililT lir lil iien gotlli
.tI eilily ballck a;irdl. lSpai iin .li been brt ghtlil t
itl, %hati leby ilr'l giovrninutiil.-ColiMbia.

litaill it froum i delld gueitiinin W hy li.. it Il l-MaIn I lll F1I` Iiln ll S.
al[iliy hl appe ill the case of thee Sliiidlers llla St iilll. ll -xliiiiuis h il call lle i li iducd Ily
one witnlle won't and Ihe other can't ? "iy cs. T'ki brie t.
The Talblet, NoV. 19 & 26, ISy9. Dihs lve twInilv .>inIld of ciIIlo I n lall Inil Itn
Ilow hk.' Mr. Smith dlid "Jiack Rlliit,iinon'l" poIoiunds f I ililnullllIii; iln llity litis if wa,.ter
Miailled blettrothetid aidtl .-s himil when, after hisi nd li lli te inlixtiirT 1 i ii t ll otll ls f thin glis-.
stin-farilng expldlition, lie suiddniily appeared The exlilglli.slIrr- tlleu piLrpaitll are highly
Ifiure hier: solitaille to smotheiir miinall tirs. Tihe tsill-,
Huolll-er ody had told tIle which lho ldl h II lI rly c kll dll vk II ii ulAllCl,
How .il lmd, y lihad l n Dnprvnt tih c in Alll lllll i pipr loror other tlloni ini lIh t;l.iev uof the stlrt ng lire or its
As hiiw you were llded. imml,-dlilte vicIlllv wili ith lcoungl vrethlltnc ir
TIhe I' llnlr rrar l. i ( ) Suilnl l lith Ir te same CatIe th.. i i I break.
I y ln Imnphlet thie editor of tile 5r Weat.llel LI- Iel .
(jnrA IACurnl.refersie rceirsit uiftr truth lli for a .
I iiiwliii ,i| Catl ill doctrine. Tre le Irei tidily l A M H lOlno oiUOll. iot .
lr lil li llih piinuphlet tins hind Im no Imore a lprun> The ndd c1 iaiii i:ielah ip rlol recently
"lIt tll tInllh oi Its contlenl. than th liillln rlyr t r ll. idltdkiih cil ei 1 11 eie t (tylilla l
itr'l"'IlOllr sle of lintllrial book and lLutllreli t I l lt ia by i at Ili
I'o1 lc ilic-|r i. ,i
I luillt of glans. ,I.lck., "TI .e .rv .I window..
'ruthl is ighty, anl its triumph will be .asti.he. inl tie door., white clod, rI. nre .ir-t'l.
complete. Protestat timn is deai ailld Argnlo- The air-oup ,ly is fIl d ilnt tlu e I -o thruu rog l
ticiiml htis Ilurnrel itself out. But it in pi)in i pipet nol fillered througilth cotnlli-w ril to
thiat there is a strong reaction in finvoiur of tilhe clean. it of bi,,etri. fi cl.orC flr tl r
lin t rue CIhurch in Delnmirk, Germany !anl sterlli.atiuin the air is til enl i gilye llll'-

( 18 )

v which cip)tIIure all tilile :1 c iinmpll lll ive s.anaturiu ; the co btilall i,] ,f
colitei pli-t "he n, arl.l. The w IvW ilicrOl,' P 'rpotul S.ini|hle, warmly winlturs, comidi,le,|.
mbrolugt I" llt t i .1 It I i in t ih chli el vi*itrl elev iCiation, iard dry Iasel Itc atilllosple ll ml ill
briuhtl'l i"1a la the it ni light w ithi w which the the atathe n coiiii eIsofN ew M lxici a; fil,.
shUo '1e l. t" 1. Lr l. aiI.t Maiaine. cio hltilins morie a I voirai bl than thll Of a ;ii
huu.s ith- IhI",l.-"-l I ltlir locality.
*'Im, LATe:rT sNc; l oF WA'nl. Sir Samlll! Wilk,, in an article On tlhe iA,,.
Tile Yrk correasaplolcnl t i Il te )ll ill'l "et' I conslmpltlilon inll a: recent ullllllbel a tih
jTir Nlel Yc k cr. eoilI, f'I Te iLor* P 'tltio ler, ImphlitintO n sises tile faict (rash air
r/ail aelegaclm f,,r Icr.vcl" war.Thips. I 'l a md su shine tire Ilie chief remtidial Irequiriiirc tn,
trial .cin I t Ci llri tll'lol o cvic.s tfi o co s na ptivt Fresh nir is certaiiinlv ,.
coniists c i v I greatest importnlice, tile drier tile hltkr.
4Iicingt antd proijecti-ng into tile iir ciarrent'. of th frtiaour ch;ir.ctliastmic, wlich must pr vl inr.
electricity u I ni r iu its v,,ail s, w hidi h "will T I tfu ir chara ic leri tics w which ,n uas lpeva :.l i ll
elaclricite lly at cn..u .i v;llti s, w iih f s m i cality to c lstiute it n perfect atintle.ii -.
xtile walven tlns 1r e t fr tiarialini tI ,,hl;ce f,,r thlsa iafectedl lcl pulmi)l i-nary aliai.a s
rllimg, stw l ll dl otherl'.l r t.ich inlg ar: (A) A small range if iln itet.
dbrivies Il, olanidt atnd .. hi. II ht.'ira 1"i it p'ert urt. (.,) A manaximnma of sunishliir. (;)
hcrrling c lalititlS of Vxpl a.ives d c i, c ,a ll i, Alt liht porous, dry soil. (I) An atm ,,u,,loi
c rri);tg quanliti oat a xpfalisvto cpai te behwn free fr,, ,moiliStlrle. Suitlhern New M.. li lt ttcrli no ifarist arit po iaffords these requisite coalitiloni. t llc aillilt,
oIeclsres ll.-t .>ylc ( .ra, vcrcb I M.11iilln l .
without Mlion. but h jalipell wilh a fleet Ict little i atiatl ,50 feet, .iulicietly hilh I. I
velowlrt.q whlotse i nriveinc ls woua eal ntu conarolled brac, tam mti bi n n t .1
by the oprnoiar tl, bard lte Ilg vol, el, c.lltl til" ei 's rl' ;ctim, Or ileara; in clysilima. "l'll
etry it nys leet witunt evIa caitaa il is ally .lo l pl.rctns, amtile r:liilfall r:a hiv
with ru ange ofuany llvalwitl.uul ci conilII e-xc ls six or eight iliuhe. per anumtI1. rllh:e
Ih theuhatiy nfctate at citntyiys if tien tiase inie
wilhin r A.( e r i( ay warlikce anuiuc t,,d ia- was .uniqu" i use 1' s the 1
peniarhe w.ll ( re. It coula al a mac l via nt i .lll- ai l'durt l IIIti ll cltheu ly dha) is Cia lo ilt,,.
Iilics ,f explhisevs, intot, a hlisile hIrlaur, lhe i 'l Iar dayr cl.ulitnd ehroughlut its ethilt ih
the expllrstnui w auld li: I itaImu as dltiruclive ilh Is luricitllc y inkollvi. Thue flretilolm a.( lit
n cilerthlqai.ake. Tue i rve n is t w,>mle tilm t's"l'h1re troln moitltnrt is I)laeil>ci.llall.
T ia artupiulatim n as r iet.iln isaan itneitr T n EliCtAntiST Vr itlus ANAICIIi.
;uatirarpiteun Ihat it will 1ia thll thit lie uiaiuis. The iic itorabl letclitiitlic COtUgIresa,( M .a-i
T r ras will forevvr l h>lilId a i it nllihllk inll Th
Tile icrilll il aiailtst cnUasaiiiuilion(l is r. fen- a:lnitial u of itr hletripoiltait Clihci. All lite
tinily lt ata h hin Ih riIght aircdtli, ti.i ays liu haipply altilirils r and witilunes iof tIhe gali.1l
Jlrlicill HR"iet uflecitcte. lnll itrr cuititri rs- iue li, with Olle voil clifeal that te SItie scclic
liltataly in Aimerical, iauollce ;iil Rlma i laii- wats .uiiiquuc. mull ilmist.clli wit the Il "le
Slluaertie vrlMf f ave iCeen inilo tll tIciaulliliicalty nchlieverd hlitreh Oil Ilh tilthr haind i itl wl
conlll tile disrasen. or r MaIItU reatUima, il it f lii imsll fer h i iin r egr lt to tilltl wlia"i
tou'ilerl a .t.iilI, Great ilit iltasi li t iItI recently dtliilince tmt puverlty prveiiltcd from iattitnlii"i
ilrie l .ll t- iWaiike aity urgain isutil ailuilpt t it, Iltht lhcvy oultd oItl, ly heir ipreseticl., ladl I,
achl witl the .liject ill ta scietific wa. A the pangeat inll o ur of a ii e u hlhle stnI Mi'V
nniajiriy of tile plrufesiti lt law collid.ler crl.- tlrv lite witti their whoithe heart. lit l l1.
iultplpiu cll allrall, andilt therele ire ain.talnriti i lliiii:ha;lirtic CiiiIgress' vi ha:lve, lurilig Iati Pi"ti
Vstilltrs pi;,rl.t tiI he woirhil ill which cal illaiaplivtel few I etrt, l mnsaa.iie il llllt einse )ri)parlllaiia. iill Ihl'
Ilive A lre"t'ly h 'el, trealt'il will, tlalrkedl t cceibn. uiwhoie world. Tlhl rtat i lltii"
hit illlerical tile lIprolllcil li;a. r.eceivetl much iw talhvioui. lie itt troiunlcll tihi s. 'lie
n'tt lllll, antl 'ver sixr yI ir ni Ia "g is'Fccll al' eofl ha:trrld, actledl ipi) lty eg.ltisil,.tel iiT"i'i
taltlltllistii ll ittf ie ico-scientli-lt was beil oilt i pet.lui rilg tilhe rlirall tlny f( rtciall revlitlitll
I,)ur of tln world with thle alIjetl of d leilinlg which the tiinple.onlo y fail to see puintlii ill
tIlai "the ilallst Inourtlble j op Ilar tih treratliet the lidrk horizon, the til), of hlllaol nall tiars.
o|f Pilnluntiry tdi lels. Saoutllern New Mexico Hlut Cntholicity is the lnst ralmpart to) lri""
Wle li nlot ileclc'led y thei Jdlegatelr of tile iilll defeldl order, ntiill he whole tlrela gl t'll
boci &i X'licalaa Is tIh mount Iavourable nlot for' C'lholicity il eoldnanled in the Holy Euchari.'t.

( I1 ) .

whe'ln he tiEuchtaristic tlieritonmIetur rises," Dr. /.ahm's c.anino is of peculiar mIake, no
i.l C(,ti Ve I pet'eil it the i i Jlginilll Congr.s.. del ianidC d by tihe extrlt c i ll witness of tlhe
then S.)cialism d ecrleses; anil when Social- proiuectilies to l' IeiI d f'om it. Tlioiighi these
II a'ctiii. I the the I LLIi arista' ic tieL'ioiiiIriete plrojcct i l ~s t l iii llchesl i l 0 ia livetoi ilihy w tiohll
idrcirs's."' I only four 0I Iiv. oullccs, aiil I cquire h;.irdliy an
I'ihll e ohClirtCo lt'.l itib l hll isv i tll no tll i liolt U, c cel of skIlo'l i t. pI ) 1 lr to give theulinl
fict thlll, according to the '" Gt'in';ini," out of speed of ;(oo itlu. ;ia hour. Tlh powder i
twlr )ilonll o lllf Socilist votespolled in (ierim1iny, Ico iitl ed in .n cr tiinno sihoiitII ln tl;.l bli l Io
hl.ily .e hiiun.lced lthtousv.n were froml Cntholic which is cut dlowin to i.bout six inches in length
prvinces, a:rl less than one thoiusaiid in;in 'ate'd lid scrtwed ito the brevch oi f ;a caLT) nol tih
frin hiorn Catholic voters. Et nuinc, reges, pr'eseting the curious p-ctacle oil a cin ucmon
itellligil Ahl! 1how int ly of lihe listeners'" bird gunl in hooting it bl llet larger thain ;
s.;Ivs the Mrs.lcniger of the Sacreld el i rt, must hall. The ca;nllon i twenty fret loi. thie lirst
ithlen have lccialle to miteniorly tel I words (f six feiet front tIlie hitecth living :i coimnon
D)nito's Coites vhilen, int o(e of those intuitions smooth bore, lbut the lext foi telc feet alre full
if genius which were ftia iliar to, him, lie of big, hi rs stlild look. like ;iir elolngltlild si tiiirl
Ieclaini.ted, referring to the telrs of Jesus Christ wherl. In tihe first pai;t of tihe cIoIloiil th
li'fiore IJrr s;llen : powderl gives tle biall full sipes l, htile in the
A d whlat were they seeingI those tearful sa w isll( tUll l Iluthle gsi i tlil o l lS l i hiieilt
'ly's lefoire which till thisogs were present? thlie opeluiii :mtsh -lie diwn so completely Ihait
le)'y saw lie things piast, present al id future, tih suhlie rgll i in'rii lin i te |>l esI
Thliey sa;w jerusalemi fall upon dt o, tol i the Rom nw ihroughl p'rfc'ilyv till .Si--o still it
full upo Jti.alcn, thile BI r liair niin full ipo fiacl th;ia l i i ne i l.iaptir hl iil e at the i ui lel dotl
til lii iint P'rotestantismli fall upon ih Cil i Ch ch. not flutter percelitilIly wlihen t lle cainllii i tired.
tlIe reol.tutions iuirtl red biy Piroli'stlini.v il f all l t lit most iail r i rk bl e inistliiirin il I t the
iupiion i cietl, tIti Sociali st ufa il ulln civillizationi, wlite ;li ti us i tlile clihrtiioig ph. This lall
a.1ind God(i Iter lile i ull j ist, fall iupon ll." Ito lie so l I ig as il offer in e lto tll
Ilul, ai Chrisilyiiig upoll llt- Crosis l inlu n d l i illn l yllit-1n i i le liv e ftite ilt arriatl iit
ithl woIrld wilh edeemiig gtii ce8, thuis shall the ii v c liln s l f its pa h ith it tlie- fromli thie g iii'
Divinre Eticliarist, iln the Si he AI llr, iloiiz .lu to ullr irget. D)r. .iliiin itsrtilt tihatl lie
i rll-Aite, anid peirt|itlitt t ihe l fl is of the lr c- ihs. iivetlilte ilsh ittistirnueli thiist will oivmei.itre a
Idemiptilitii, Thiln t eviry Cn(thliic illtr i a nwI l liui i rt illlito l ith of secondil. 'The chrliloi -
CIli ary, ainil from tile heililt of thi Calvarv I grlphll i alls simple ils it is accursnte.,. To inder-
Ilie iChurch a isstu es the rilg t i o tl th nder forll tiii nl its m1ailti InaliCIes oie iltiusl p)iirc I iuIce
lt the svllia e l ieinlin.c of Cli ti .1 iti civilization, thin t strlsin of lilghlt .sll iig hi lslavly tlil
is if yiile St. LJil to Attils : liulilt's path ; one iia .ilr hl g in'tts o ii; tlie
"it thsll ll e l .lt lis li, lll, it ltt oyt-trtln .lonandi .a i llirti s i" t stlsv'lls oi f ses'verail )yit'd,. Ail er
llck. In tle s it u ofl Jetu Chrintl; cro siii tl liiillet l' pill It the peicils of light
Y'lu can but Iall the world to perditlon? strike oblique iiiinor', whiili silcl'ct Isitan ;ild
I anm Instituted to cave It; t;ke tirthem ail l 1); ilt 1 o r piniole illn cax't
Yoo'nare' thuni'ersal negation las le universal iron o, inse f iraich is l plb'grapl C
tiritlo. Yo aie s tre. I seass love. si i iits r il i ys The ii psrt l cilt ofi
Miladras (luitia) Calh.lic tihlrchusan. light, otischinig tihle s iillivc pl.lte i v harp f o ton ,
__ *i'trace three fi: lblI;ck Iit.les, es;ils of which ix
A W oNiEiR UI. CANNON : loinntailiti ilv iitrln iII)ti l w 'i ihe aii liet cllli its
tracinig usi rilraiii. tli'h l te i Ilicn developed
DoU. A. F. ZA I. INV STlsoN. iod the ilie iil.ces elixt ni tlle iltsrticipoulin lsi
Wlt%'il i probl.lily the mist curious cannon its tile trlciiigs lire si cissrld usntid r a uioruscilupe
lih world lis just lbeen cast at S Iouit llcil, lind., 'iccuralcly lt o l.s i- o of nisl ilich, .* ium tin se
"r tile uit of Dr. A. F. Zlim of the Cit liholic .neiisuirelllts hil velocity stld resisMiince of the
Ustiversity of Amiericai, at ViWashiliigtlon, D. C. liiillrt tre nsily calcuilited.
It is iiitended to shoot hollow steel bullets larger The ciastings for lis itriitrreting caill, t 'I hat
th.ini cri(oqutit hnlls and as thiin as egg helll. hbeen stnl to Wasiliigtotn, where Dr. Ziinhsi i
ThIliee are to lbe ainied at the liatiaosphelre to nrratii ing o hsime. I i lei b.i es ii il coiIpltltril
teterliille a new law in physical science. thegutln wworks oif tIhe invy yard. issseric' ll


Sn u ary of MclMeorolh)gicIl tObervatiotis during the iiiont.l (f November, I8s'.s.

irmrler nrnioO r I'Pycihnr.ctr Anetomeicter Sky

SS lx MIn. Mean Max. MIln. ll lIry Wet liii. D Directlon : In quality

S1.117 3.1.411 Of a11 75 77 71 71. Wl4.8 NW 8 11
3 ... a.4 67 ('.1 I1t 67 94 i66.2 WNW NSCL' 1i1: l.,
3 .1 s ~.83 81 wr, 75 77 ,7; 89 73.6; SK .sc i 1I.;
4I .o .93 891 4i *i, 791 82 79 4 77.0 SE CN k .4t (.l
SI .7 .8 984 75 81 83 74 76 74.7 N C i :li
a .1 K 83 74 80 1 78 Ki 7G.0 N. NC 4 4i 11
7 9 5 .3 l l 7S 4 80 a 78 t8 76.4t NNK C.N N Nl .11
I -gs l .: l 83 74 Mi 3 78 I 70 74.7 WNE C. Sk 4 o.
9 .o ." 9 .94 84 74 8 83 78 80 15.3 N NS .
Il ', .i .86 1 m I 71 8 83 79 ,-0 711.3 NE cNM 7 .ti
II .1 i .s1 .114 85 711 1H .82 70 5 77.01 NN N 1i :m.' ol r .I r 78 "7 I ~ 81 78 85 744.0 NE NC 8k 8i 1i1
13 291:4 4n .91 4 7& 8m >-4 78 72 74.11 F, 8 N
14 tl .!i 2 4l 84 741 HI 83 77 72 73 0 'SK M Sk
Ir. 10l0 .91 .117 K1 73 711 1 .74 <68 69.3 NW-8E 'N Sk N' S T
III ,ll .11 "3Ll I 73: 84 82W i 71 72J.m N (CS Sk :< .41
17 -.l, .HK .4 83I 7:1 8 1 82 711 72 (1 N-7KS0 ;.IN 3
I| 2'1 li I8 .i: mi 74 82 84 78 72 74.0 11 :F I Sk i :l
19 30l.13 ;.IH 3l.01 mI 77 79 ;7 75 l 773.41 N I NM 1n II .21
20 .1il .nIl 2'.V7 .824 74 I. HN 74 71 2 i72. NB K.SN S*
21 29.11. .l5 .S.' m. 71 841 3 7 f- 61 .7 N. S (CN 3 11
23 .17i i .., i :* 72 81 I4 711 7t11 r.7 NI schk r ,
2.4 .ll9 .91 .4.. 844 82 77 7l 73.4; 4 HN I 1:
254 ,11 t .1I.0 1I 74 m0 82 77 767 7:3.1l Nl? I t'Sk 41
25r .17 .8H 9 t ( 73 4I 8I 74 N( 48. N'S k 16 I .1
211 31.4l .19 .117 82 78 8J 84 77 m1 72.4 SK ;NS | I
27 219.119 .1I .! 7 7 77 742 7:1m1 KH N:4 M4: ''
214 .4 .M7 .92 4il 75 12 84 71i 71 7">.7 K CHU Sk 74 *
2a9 .1.I .11 .0l4 84( 78 8. 8 8 72 74.011 #SK 4I
30 .96 .l0 .4 bi 7 81 72 73.0 SK i

A 40.07 28.83 21).1t3 87 0 l 77 4.3 NE-SE I7N Ili. XI

Explanaolun for the Sky: C. C11nn1lina, Sk. Cirrns, 8. SinStals, N. Nlmbus, 0 quite clear, lOcovenm, rat.
I'revlos olenrvalim4n for November give tife lolt On thiee 1it Ihc tlhernmonlter marked 7.', and PL1l t.1
lowing tvrag8t1: 6f uon lile 2nd. ,lie t rose raplnldly to 794f oIn th ,1 41
4l8 7 tol 1i4IS liot:i, inl,47 ,1 and to n l" on then th. ronliniii4 ng bont thi41 t'I',
Rtronleter 21I.91I4 21.1S 21..I averagIh tempelratunr till nIear tlih end ofi tihe mlllll.
T*.lerlollleter 771" ," wheln there was a further rise to 830 on thie i27lt
Wind NN NNW N NE-II and Al14ll.
Itlnny dal)ys 1(4 23 21 The rain. as won tob be exIlcted, iater thle exe"*-
Inciterof rain 1.I4 17. o.81 Flve rain-fall of lie year. (which at the end of Oihl-
in' t .ave,. oc r rhd rcneiled 14).10 Inclhei), vwa lii'll4h bhhl. ''b 4'
Fnro 4tili (lfore I.I NIovey of woVroilge we r' allt average. It lell clielly onil tleo nd. 12tlh. a.d 21.d.
In h4 obe'lme.n 'ihn ,or it oveltlwr. .1s, tIIhe rainfall Tlere was rain on other days, bint it ncier exceeded
ba lbeen Omnewhat lbow tlll average. sId tile 1 tolll%,lLo r halfn an Inch In i 4024 h nbtle.
bT hIe.n ulewat lower o lan te llnnl rctnl. 'L'he degree of bulldlty wasT not hliil. the v.erlgo
eh barotneld .r on Iho lt thood ata 30.01, thenc i trying nearly tlhe normlnI record of prevolni years.
fll rapidly to 21J. on Lthe 8"rd. Fromln thls p1int i The prevalent Wind during the firt three weeks
tr lly w ith ":i' daI ltuations to thlle srUring was N, and during to last wek, w hec lla. weee-
pint n(oll.w 'Tben hre w,. afall to w2.1i on tihe pIHerature was hglh,llK.
lt followed by a n *light rlA to the end of the month. On the 23rd there was I thlnderstorn.



2nd Mth. FEBRUARY 1899

a 'l l ,tmun ri S Mo i n, m '
W ,'k i i m 1 t1. I. 11. ii. lll.

I W. i. Ignaimlli, ll .M. (107) 32 5 i
S iTh i. i',riii-.tiio 1 .'.1. I :1at 04 1
3 F. FirtL Frlidla.-. t. (Fran s ).- NI. Illlhu... 11 324 8 2i A I
4 S. I M. A.\drew Corslnl. II.C. (O.C. iI73) [ ( 14) I1 6 ll I6

8*',S t eiexaginh ia -.- t. Phllltii 4ll ,|f .IIs (h.ip.M. io>137).-- )nlhI St., i 324 ; a 2
iLuk, vill, 4-15; Tl' rat ilP l r' lof thi rI ., .d
4' 'I. I. lus. lII'C. ,l4).--m DIor h .. V.M. (MI4) II I 31 `2 ,
ST'. t,. if I th l'tslon of Our Loir.-St. 1 Hi.o. uald, .h i. C. (120ll) II 31 i 0i
W' W .o1..ohnh di M,.ilhui. C.FI. (Trinihtarhiwns. 12:1) "i 31 M 34
r Ti. S i. C'vri of .lhx n, rl:l. II..l (44l ).-S. A.4 lll OlnioI V.:l1.(249) 4 1 2 3 i 4
It I'. ; l.S. lil' til(.s V. (IO ..Ii. 1. 1) t I 'I i
II S. .ll o ll. SII U ri ..I. M. II a311 l l

12 Slt. Q ulnqliln sima.- l. llii. V..1.-S. tliilall. V.M.(; r,.- I1 311 l 4 i
II-1t S. S. l.iuk xvill, 13413: Jl i. gives Hlight U1 t he1 '
llll l .1inn
11 M,. st. ll.nrlh.r id It.lrl. V. (0.8.12 0 iS) I 24 5 a i ll .
14 T'. holy Sn.vtn l'rviti.. F i.t. CC (li23il.--.I ValentI. M. 14(:l ) I I ll is 1 I
i.' ,. As.h WeJnel i y.-il.ollh.ln M l.i0li", n i .ol. uI.pi .1. ." 1 4 :0 w'
It I h. t l1t4vI4i4o4il oi iil'eliifi r|. I'. (0(.1. 12I71) 1 24 4 m 'e
i UIly rrown of Tliorngr.-St. Finian. Al, C. (4 '0) 1. 2 tl
I S. Ss. I'niil. ..t11 Ii und .1Ian4wit, 32MM. (H.J. 9;il7) t 27I 0 r4 *1

s1. o*. Int in Lent.-St. Conrad of Ilacentla. C. (13; ).-oilpl I, St. 61 27 1, I( 1
Ma lil. lv. 1-11: .Jesi o is T'lbpulilted by theo 12v1l1
31 2 .1. n..l i l i oihi Al.imi r, l .C. O 121. A 01 1
- '1 i, II. llh nhlin t .'arvalluisI. .1, S.J. 2i 64 5 l 114 }
.2 IV. Emli.r lla.v.-- t. I'.lnr's Cbhir at Antioc'h .I 4 ''1 4 042 *a
1 b T ] St. I'.4.r Ihlinln. It C.I). i; 2A 0 1 4ti *c.
' .I 1. r lilnhrr hlyv.-Kl. Mnl4 lithh4, .1A 4I .4i *0 JI444 .kq
2' i4il uwr Day.-Ioly lance un Nalls 424 I t l tl 1 *V'

*I NO, 2nd in Lent.-St. l'orphyry. IB.C(. (42l).-oi.l-u el StI. Mattliew il 23 & .l i Ot'
S xv.ll I- l; Trransllgurlltioln of Our lord
27 St. lBrigid, V. Ii 22 5 Ot ;
2' T. i St. .lo pl ol ieonl.i a, (1612) 214 0 .

SNuw Moon, ) Firit Qiarer, i Full Moonl. 1 la.t quinrier.
t-.1"l'i 2ihm, --Ab.A.l A>.Apoll ll ll Ci;0.lh.'iirnfwor. l).I .r older, K.King, Al.Mirtyr, o'.ipl. Q.QIneen. V. Virgin, W.Widow-. ,

( 22 )


Viycriat Calendar Page 21 Reddy's Last MIal:c ':e .
Monthly t Colony Note 21' General Notes .
Chronlile of tle Sacrld lleart .1.^ Fnterltinmllent ut Orange Walk **
A Oreat Exallemlo 27 Yearly O1.' ertihons,'y. .
Iloaltllill IlHome Liln of the Mexlran 29 MS monthly OlpervallonI *
In f as' i l i t dlays, onllY onle full l klei l i il .wl l.
MONT'III NOI ITS. wlthil stull Ilol nlt he Iiken before noo.ln.
4. A collallon is allowed inl i the l vinn. Nl riil.
)idTOr >i1cAtL fl' i tI i ]the entity ofi l food p rinlitll at teIt lla'llil
S o beao bi v e g iv"e: blt the ipraTiice of ugood i'thriAt iiin i
Previous obseratllona give the lullowing averages not to exceed Ithe foIrthU, arI. ofl anl ordin
for February : Thieologians sv that aloilt elght ounces if o.dl .mu'
From 18l 7 to 1894 1891Si8, e takei; Wl-re It Is Il te cutomn ro Inkueg dinlr
ItroiitriItr 30.03 301.111 late in thti afltrnoon. thli collation imi)ay bIe l1ini in
Tlcriniiielter M7 n 771"t' t' irninilg.n i the usual hour of bleircklistl.
Wind SE Kn.eSo n. Fronmrli iflil lrit of fa ling are exaiil: All.
Italny days Ii 7 who are Ilo twelllnty-one ye ilt ifu agl. prlCallntla i
Inrlhii of rain 2.14) 124I nurlltiing "womrn, thi sick, ani llthose whluo arne cnigag
Will llthes inal watllter wer mai expct an dry elron In hir i illour.
In February. 'l'There tiimy ie a fe'w heavy ipIliall hil it. )ITy srnt-'l'l Indill11 I Is l )ili mnio ta I i th
the rain ii llt not coiniiiie. T'ihe ItlerIniincr will mrin riilg a un1ill oiiee, of bread with a eil of ofello.
probably not rise aulove am nor fall lelow 60. Tihe il. chlorlllntl) or Isolinling sim ilar.
wind in thIe early part of the lointh in Ifrom thIe N b t e tiuse lard is allowed in the Iprepartlio oll
towards th lilttelr part It settles ihtors towards ESN. fold.
-.-s, WitWrn tlin IUt of inert is sitowled, tlose wi ar I1'
*o.tA*l, exPinllt fronit filiting an luse IIt several tIll's a lday .
I. Blxretin of thlie.alnnr of 'Tho Chlloliec Knightl II case of doubt te pastor or confintlr is* I tIe
and Prov'iomttn at 41.311 p.m. consullted.
7. General Meeting of ll1 KngIts at 7 .3(1 p.m. --- ----re e-y--
2U. e lla Uulihness, .eo XIII, Ftleied toile. in IM78 COLO) NY NOTE S.
2, Candleiian. Candles blersed rlmore lsais at tl. II. Fit. Mumsri.tlla oil liii 1'1111 il
16. Alir Inlapowld before Mls at 7 and iater night a retre t i Stinl Creek iim.lealilly
Service il 7. lit Cr.liirnril un
D urin Lent every r W rdln.dn y is.nln ni7. 1. ItriM ry I l on. t l lr cl e l ror tio i
Scrlnon nd ItcI'dilclon atltO llovrv Friuy evnni 1
Via rl'let, Serniou aind Illl'tdlllldon, for Ille re-upeing of St. Juhlns Colla e u'O
Until flrtlher nolle" tite lrv>lllon l at nil on IJaniuiry 23rll.
iNatdsys 51 onr ot rt day will tIngtI a7 Im'Cluek. At the itan litlLe with Fr. Mullics, tite Ilr.

REGULATIONS FOl LENT 1899. shore o f the College tad thle 1Br1othrs of ith
m- be Presbytery imaltle their retreat inluer th dlircclion
I r.NT tglina thisyear on WYedulesday. rFbruary Ilih. of tlie Rev. Fr. Hlopkins. On JlanIaIlly 2Ii il l
he rel actions fr ets observance are as fllows:- rofesor left for Sto.t i. Creek, whlrec tihe
I. All days of I.Let, exelet Soedaya, are faCting
dayk By dispensation, ct I alod on are dasng spent nearly three weeks ecj.oyig a 1mo0l1 PIc'-
t lol y Iednesday, all Fridays, and the l lttfour snot vacalion. 1r. M. Naughtoni, S.I P|>.be"'
2. All hb faltllhl. over 2i years of age, are io)mnd a very succ"'eIsfl ex tllliln foIr i lirst cl)i
to Il They ua!!y eat IOntR in'ly at thie iprlnilpl mearal teacher's ccrtliicate, the secoild wvek inl JanlIIIIy.
he dy. e hvle a nd 0ha are Snot allwel I the lit. Daniel Reytuollls of Orange WValk paid 11"'
and Ches are allowed on aU days of lnt. a short t i lso. Blotl Brothes returtl'c to

( 22. ) ,

lthir respective homes on the ISth, in order to ile sloop Tranp" carried the mlails ti;Corml..l
Ih re'ay for the re-openiing of the P'ulic oi Tuesday morinhi, recliniig with ilictm on.
Schli Ils. Thursday night. The Egcrton=" lefI for the
Rev. Fr. H opkins welt to Corozal il ta North with p er, frighten dne.
jil Jf jiamary for his anroual retreat. lie ii-. cr d fih o Vn
teilrle ti, goi thence to Saln Pedro, Almblergri.s ay Stlh, retluring lto Ielize on Satnrdlay
Cave. Iult was disappointed as no boat was afternoon, list.
nilt for him. Ile returned to ilelize on Satnr.
dit, -lanliaty 2tit, br'ilngig with hin Mr. St. John lierchmitms College openitei its
Stimiln, S.,l l Who had gol e North for a lllort
v;cilutm, and F 'ther.* llMoliin atuil I'illetinoel I 'th sei5ioi lll N) u M iln y, i. llt .1lll ry. iinIler
hii ;li it reset wrililig nru engaged in making Ilimut (ivoulrabl aisl|ictie. Sixteel nrw Imiaties
thiC'spilitil]:l exer'cius. ihave been Citrolle l Iul, willi a very few ex-
ceptionso, nil the (frimuer stuldleitt havc. retuirnul.
OI'I'IUA RY. Regu"lr clnasies were resuiellcd illo T'Iue'l y will
Qnl the 1t4th of Jaluary, I' acy H. IIl Ylv itt ,ac, hiain eviei", less,, s wIere giv:Ie out with
palrtcd for a hitter life. Wheul just ahloul to
a.Cer hi. connection w Ih he house of Mlutrle expI tio by the Pr*fers. Oe clas or
Artlir mid Currie, will whom he h.ald licen hal I'e"Ill Itladed this s*si, illtu s gi'villg us live
uier since their est.ihlishmncnt, in order to enter regidar classes with tie sfollnwhin facullty:-
up-ln i new hbuiness career with Mlr. (Giy Ist Academic, Nllr. William ill iintt, N.J.,
I larbrck, lie was ls ticken down in the prime of.
life. (Geiial, kind anud geeronui. lit: hadw< .. id iev. Jo.elph 11. N ulllIs, S.J.,
tie estertll nd love of every one iln Ielize, rd Mr. 'hilip C. Duiinie, N.J.,
iul the l l course ol pe it his fuiclil lt l'eptrnatory, Mir. ilernard V'. A lheling, N.J.,
ltctel Ihis ,univeril >|) >ilirit>. lie tavesisB H ,
lliind himn a widow uiiil eight yiuiniig children, and I'ai. )icl E. O'Leary, S.J.
I, \lhtmil we extend our coiilhllciice in their iand Spliish will lie tuiiilght bl Mr. William II.
I lenticilnt. StliilIIt, S.J., Vocal Mu.icly MrN. II. F'. Aielinlg,
AtI I social meeting of the Cathoilic Kmiighllt S.J., aidi Pialo by I'r. -E. E. Vernoil, i .er
"l llhtisi I liiiuraak, of wIhose societVy lie was
a tlulte, ltih f nl lowing resailntitionm were t sAhoultl "auli'cie"i tillleut ie discovered iltiliii
Whereas hlt ll Ileuisd Almlglity God to uall to I the students. it in. llped a hand mal iy lie funnied
lilmlIf oeir lihloved brother P'ilvail II. I yde. and der Mr. Albling's direction.
. 'hellrnr.. whltlt Iowing with reilinatlon to tihe
lltilnr dilerrrr. we cannot lbit tebtit to the great iA new.feature has bleeic introduceil this Vyear.
Istsw wtlth nill our tcarld at thie PveratIl of It wais noticed in palst years, tht yi tai y of tile
itl.,, oIrb t Iraerniul love and ealtelu which bond
I llt tiill iiih It t therefore lttdentl had rather )poor facilities for hiomie-
'lvdrc at I lln ltie death of Brothtr Ilvide th' study ald tllat, in consequence, Iliey inii..ld
Itllhtiic Knightt ol Itrltihb londuras liave lopt a
lrllily iiieillllir who had always defended tlher Imainy of their Ic. uoii. To remedy this a lirge
tIrlm'lllhi "and promoted their extnenIon. hall hiAs lien lillcd p as it s htmly rloolm, where ithe
lrsolvted. that we extend to thle relative# of the
<'ieas.nrl our condulence in Ihe Ic they haie sui- students n attlly, ndler sipervisihon of ute i
tiiied. Ihat a cll" of' hese resoltiltons hie forwardied t le Prolresors, from 6 ito S o'clock inll te evviiing.
"hiii tf1. Ih"t Ihl6y b pllblithed In *.The Angecliua'
"t Ile dialy tranicribd on the omclety's record. every clillta day. L besides thi. a half-hour'i
On ty, dd C A study timlle hb libeei set aside in the ilmorlning,
Aikn t 191th Jlnuarr ldi te CR .Ma NCI. from 9 to 9.30 o'clock, for those who wish to
Aiy e rtold ber of the ry society review their evening ltudiels.
--y she rest ii peace. Arram'geienits have alio been minlale witl
Thle Northern Steamer, ". Egerton", was gKl I reislllpoiiill families, wlhte lstuileniil from
imlIndd near St. Gueorge's Caye onl Sutnday, places outlaide of le lize clln findl comfortable
J"". 15th. As she could not be got off ill line, board and lodging.l i

2( 3 )

In the Clarion" of Jan. 25th, t199, we reai But why is it necessary ito addl to the llible
tihe account of the Annual VWesleyan Synod. explanatory notes? Ilecause in the Bible their
'llev peech of the Revd. Walter lerl is spoken are "certain things hard to be understood,
of in, the following terms: Revd. Waller Hell which hle unilearnil and unstablle wrest, as
n;a tlie first speaker and in a very ilntereslinig they dlo also the other scriptures, to their own
address spoke of his works ill the Southern Di)- destruction." (11 Peter ili, 16.)
Irkit ian in Spanish Honduras. |Ie described The principles which guide the Catholic
ihe ,reft iqnoirce ,,reiiin anwong the peple Church in allowing and recon.mendling the
Io, whom the Bible wast prohibited by the r.eding of the Word i( odl are two:-The lirst
Pri'.uts". (Italics ours.) is that tIe faithful imut keep ever iefo re their
I Revd. W. lHell is lalourinig under a mistake lindl what is laid idown by St. ,I'ter ii, 6-2o:
whes elie states that the Bible is prohibited by the uinderstanding this itht that no propliecy
Pri eit. Fl.r either he means Priests in general, of Scripture is made by private inlterpic-
its which case his stailmenit is not true, for we tatiol."
nTllhl le only too itiih to Nee tile little ile t easim e God's Hoily
..l.pci~illV llic New Teftilielit circullilae ailnilli 'l ;***l"" 1 '" "***""",'** Ciol '* ""'y
vIle pciall, nd at the A.NGestai circulate aniy \Vord too highly to allow it I ,li the spolt and
... i1 d s at the Ami i ,us I 'ti iaii tie |jlay oif iily ioI
Ilhlirs hill in Sllllsh anld l iiglish can be ha te play i f a llin lilt lfallc). IP ivate inlicilp
it the people woiiul oiily come and ly lthe. talion o f the Scrilturces i.rily I nails to error.
oi lie tiiian% the irlests of the Southilern Dis>tric; The .alvcuitists, the .~ ipture to justif
iil if l iiurs. Iut licr i we ian kecpi'g the Sabbath i t l cd if tlI
think ie is niiiistken. If he will l aie gie unday as ia day of rust. 1The .Moritiions IhII a
thne a i f a miy t ne it t whom ple hase hive justisicatio of polygailly in the patriarrchal order
tile linil of 4 lly onie PIlist wholly li hlia hili' r i ll i JilI1
i v prihit letothe peop we w ii f marriage as practied by Abraliiam, Jacoli,
Ie ii-lch i bligeud, and will write lit once ainl nak aill other holy iiun. The 3100 Ieligious l)e
Ile Pli.est if the statemlelt is true. \e should io iiationl who have regisIered places of
iot lightly crcdil rumour, for rumoiur uften.lie worship ig Engla and l" "ales, are mainly lhe
N.w we. will tell IRevd. W. liell what the offslrings of privatIe ilnerpli et:llil. EliC one
Ct.holic Church, and therefore what the ollicial says the l"ibile"'; a""in by the Ithble hue iuia*i
Wrgans of that Church the Priesti, do prohibit-- ly itllrlpretatioi of the crilpures aiid iot
vi ,rllclis verbiuOi l f the Scrieptrue and veriiois yo tirs If ilc there ic ti lie ii iiitly if here is.
i lthe cullgar tongue I, Ile put illto everryonci.e' tu le free from error, there must li
biand withoultl note liul coiitut. icu. correct version, aud agali, sorll lie ocle, Msnc,1
is the orkt mn thioi ethi oiii jrUlstr Dboil dy, th:lt ICa give tlhe tralllitiilal eixllaautin
Stile Church it. this respectc that an erroneous ofly.* 1 *c dw ro""
S tf l, L c ripire, ev hugli I bsliu, tie lScrihilites I t lit hnded down [rolu Arpol
b') a inlit) fervent Caith',lic, is coildciilui aii tolic tines.
Wvs M. lenri Laissrre's 'reiclh Irainslatiii of Tlhis is thile scconil princiile, Iadl Ilown i by St.
lit, Gospela. And tile reasons why the Church ohnii ill Ihe fourth clhalter of llii lirlt Epiile,
lil` to stcl in lucid prohibit the circulation of in the Ililloli of ttie Apoltolic teaching Church:
sid| a book aioill g the faitliful is, lest le ) Dearly beloved, believe inot every spirit, but
nailing of Holy Scripture hhoulld be obliscred try lle spirits if they lie of GoI ...... \Ve are of
or chalgedl. andi the traditioiial explllantion Godl, lie that konoweth God, liearelhi us, lie that
c'"iiiin dowl from tile Apostolic tines be set is nut of God lheareth usi not; by this we know
sidc, ald als dilclirini take the place of the the spirit of truth iuad the- spirit of error."
teaching of Our Lord and iHis Apuotlie. li1 these two divinefly iilspired rules we have

( 23a )

On Frit Taniuary 27th, an ice Cre'amit Part and t handsome altar. On Sttunday ionli
fAOn thie l.cit of thle Cath"ltic Public Schools of the faher blessed the Clhurch stid ;I;il til tirst
Ilflize Iwas chl at the Collcegc (iroumlld, begi.l-.1 ass ever witnessed in that section .of the
Delge at" 3 .m. What Iae tihe party liiin- Colony. 'llie generous donor an11 his wife aiul
ci ly 4cc',.SfUl was chilly the zeal show,n by son William, Mrs. Williamson and Ml A.
the ladies who had kindly accepted the l.lice of Evans, II1)1. .. Ro-ado, A. E. M, Eg.
listrilbuting the tickets almling thie members of ailI several vitsit(irs to Belize fruit a;bro:l were
the parisI. presellt diuritig the ettiru ceriemontIy.
To the same Indies ansi their assistants at the Iit the :Ift*erool Mils. \Vlfifslln prepll red
varilus tables, where they kindly tnrrily ten-party for ial the children and ablint thirty
ladminibtered to the wants itaof very ine, was dule, yi)itlngsers, olins uiil girls, had it sm)tiunliis
in great measure, thle social success tof tile feast set bIefre, them which they enj)'cled to
rveniilg's entertlailnmentl. Tle tables were prc- their heart's contecnt. cBfo)re openillg pr, cedl.
sided over by liss Emma Monlsanto and .Mitss ih s however; Master Evni V: Evans srtpped
Domintga Folgarnit, who were illyy assisted forward itml read a lnat little address It Ft.
by mal)ny -ther kind ladies. Leili aid Master \illiami Il. Evanis real :as.
Shortly after 4..o p.m,, Rev. Fr. lHo)kins., other to NMr. ait Mrs. Wollffiohi. Aftir the
S.J., opened up Iprocectilns with an addresss .iler man, was gratiflid the children singl a
in which he Ihlrieflr xplaiilned the purp se of the r' ull l lr if hyI)ll'sll a tid other songs, aill Ithn,
Eliterainmennt. It was, he said, lby just such ""irshallid by their scIhoollnlMser, Mr. luelntes,
means as this that we imlst try Io imnke ultp folr marched arloundll tHe table aild out of the grouilds,
lthe great reductions itn the (iGoverliinmet Granlt wi"lilhg l lu with threlv cheers for their genierolls
for the EduIcation Fistiund, which i felt mosjt betiefactor.i Trhe grown popullitioni nliFwislihile
keilly by Iour owni Catliillic Public Schillls I. hald 'ilt lien f l rg' ttell t, tihe woicimen pl Uint
lie acconrliigly tlhliike all llresent for their e"ijo3yi their le Illa i sweels, nd itl the ,mn tlie
attlleilince, who were tlitu assis.ting tIhe cause stroiger stuff tll t wivarms the heart. Fr. L.lh
of Education for our uown, Callolic voullt of returiled toI lelize with Mr. Wolffsuhii and thie
the Colony. gertlvmen of the i):rty ol Suniday evening.
After the Rev. Father's alitlriss, the 'Al illo W thatuik Mt.r. J. E. Pluinmer for gra;iilini
alidl, which liad, it iuslatil, kindly offered iltsi i the lse otf his steam litaunlch aild lightr tur
serviceh, rvrlnrecd Ianlly Itl ver itllelretiln the locelnion,
leclt pri a which wass **" Te Fi'"lther Leill returns heartfelt thllks o Mr.
Hell of Kiilllucky" (Quick-ste)) which, bIy \Volfflolihi for the kitindllie which Iuiggesid the
request, was repealed later ion. erectii if thle Churclh ian for the 41i.tli.llii.s
At the time olf writiljg, we have ntl yet he thus h offers the families liitug on hil hai %l to
scerlitiiued tile nlet g)ii hi lui7wever, owilng to .t*ioy the liiisilStIllionls of their religion.
thi lare atteldalce, fair Mni isl ll'e bell '
realizedc for our Catholic PIuhllhl Schoipls. .. F e l
ailleer Antilclal left for Sail P'dro .i nd CaCv"l
-Icaico itn Saltiurliy niionlrit g, Juil. Sllt, to alttltnd
On .Satlrday afternoon, JI 2I tli p a s ick call In the foriler place, ai'li give religious
at tie hilvitatitl ofl Mr. S. W\olfrI,5h, wetit, servicet1~, thbe people of both Cay .
Salt Creek to hless a lew Chturch illi lllook itft r !
the spiritual tirces o the ilahulaitas i Itha -.
pllce. Tilhanks to tihe geSlerosity of Mr. Vlhff.- ly MNollildy's, Ja111. 3oth, Lsteatier, arrived
erected ,n I" o r i c, ht rek, the pert l Rev. Fr. Schiittzler 'froin' Col"sti. eia Iia Ne
art of its kind iC ch, wholonse i"or it rpases OrleaIns.' 1c will take charge iof tle Chllrch in
aty oef its kieil it tlher Cooti 133' the Iiiiuiir SaI ,xllu ..e.r.allahao.
ot Ilhe tile la ll olt l ro vvfre piw t tle
fis the propretr, with remark of the Order of the Presenltation., came by the
oilmortable be tlw, 'io il r, erxcelleit'fltor same sinmaer, oil a flying visit.-L Heo ill return
for early w persons, toNew Orleiaps riday.Februiry.3rid.

( 24 )

S-----^ i ------- -^--- --

alwaysa sore safegiarl agaiiiit the dAnrgr of are the objects of hi solicitdti sihoull Ilyi
error. w lhn the Ioly Scrilaturcs arn thus for him.
."fcg arded, lins is the way in which the Third It Is true, th;a we have not in thii C,,lon
plenary Coincil of l;ltilimire speaks of parisihes. striclly so-called, but we Ihve cvEcltai
redligt : '* It can hardly lu necessary for -s to tlwn and missionary ldi-tricts, where thire is a
remindl you, beloved brethren, that the most resident priivt .titl the faithful living llther .lie
highly--vallie treasitre of every family lihtmer, asInigied to his parlticiudr care. .Such a pirin t
and the most frequently iand lovingly nal;e uie wellss a;iongst 'hil people: .indI II while lifl i.
of, shnil b te the u oly Scriptures. An: you dedicated to thiem. For theim lie left fi;thcr alnt
have before your eyes, prelixed to the t)uauny niotlher, ald :gave up ail that he l;i.;l or niighl
veriiin of the Ho1ly Ilille, the exhortation of gain in the worll. That he might mit -c hihii.
I'ope Phius the Sixth in his letter to the Arch, flered in working for Iheir go.idl, lie vcpiaralt
bishop of Florence, that the faithful shil.ld be him self fromai secular lies, purmin'.s nil Ihlr:'tiiist.
inoved to the readini of the I oly Scriptures: His s tudlie were not solely flir hi.n.elf, hlu to
for thcu are the mios.t aililndailat >ources which III liil h the etterm St. I'.iil,
oughll to ie left open for eaery one to draw from dIlescriliiig hle ollie of tle priest, tells uvl th.t
them purity of morals anid doctrine, to eradlicate no man ikethii this hoiiior to hli .iCel" lth
the errors which are so widely dissemtht;n d "lvmery tighl-pripht taiken from uniiiimirr ii i
ins these C-rrupt limtn.' %ch la that no Ordaminedl for ttllln in Ithe thinLs thirlt upportnin It Go;l,
Sthe corrupt hp tht t t ffr p gifts :ud sarilies for i.
/fusati call be found allllolgst Ius without a correct Who can ilve comiiotp.alio on them thal i.
version ,of the Holy Scriptu'res.; ralntIndI'' llaerr: ei'e.umiie li h"iulfnlrsuo Isl-,l,'iii''l
with Inltrriilly
** tti htereoreb tie ought, ns for thelroile. ti lvi
CIIKONICILE for hliliIl. to off,'r fr sin.,."--(Ilb. v. Il-3.)
OF TP lE SACREDI IIEART. S.mimned up in 1Ilh' words of the lPoililic..l,
__ the oflic of a priest is "- lo offer. bless, inluc.
i ,Sit 'to preach all.d liaptixr.."
S First, e i. .iii poemred ito tofer that i itl'
of the, which is the centre of h.i the'
t17% Church's wvorship, beciiMe in it Chii it,tIlh gweIt
*'" high-priest, coitinttlly offerss h himself il a
"' .t',,^ li"""hblooiidless ltit manner, anil a)pli ,llat oue lntoli e'
P/,jI'l r.'" t.,consutmm.atedl for ,i1tr ,vil ltition otl lh e c, '.
THY KINODOM COML Nvext,the priest, sta;idiii between God inail hli
-fellow-mllen, ilestes the people int God's namImIr.
Thli general intetlciont for Fliriiunry, recon. It iq his tduly, if a flock is ent.rusted to hlii, I"
meledil to our ptayurs Ihy lli llslinoum l'opu rule a nd instruct it, andl to admliiiiter the .mri.-
l.o XIII, is .lmentil of hpltismi, penance, holy cginlmiiilio"
Priests In Parishes. atnud exttleme unction, Irvtesiis soleminizinlig iir-
ringes. 0 how great is the power, how exalted
NCh ich a cle tl il thile dignity of the prietll
NC there i such L cine n. il. lt 'a nln." alIs. thle great Aplo4tl. ",O liok
I linto tlclion l i i ete thie priest upon us as tha imlnit;lnrs of (lhrlls, uind the dllitnw'r
n.Il hill pmarishinners in ithe hitngl of tllm ly).sterie uol God."-lu. ior, 1.
that a ppcrtain to (God, it is hut But a. good priest is furtliermore by his
cfi "tl just, that the faithful twho have ceeo prnycers, ly his instructions, nid Iby his charity,
clllid to a priest's particular c.are ani who the greatest bentiefctor of his flock.

( 25 )

it, Ilhe cow.tle for tcriial life the Chritliaiu You, the flicck, are ever preeClt to hlias iind;
ha. ipocill f ,illllies to l cllotelldil with. lie rejoices with you ; lie blh;irre your IriL wb
*' Forr wir ertlllng In not agalnrt flesh and blood: a"" ycJur iiiscliec ; Ile wishes to gaii you all to
.ilt I pr;llnt pri itllalltles and powers. agaIlnt 1le Chlrii t, to inake l n all happy.
ri'r f linhe w'vorld of thin darkness., ag the *pirlit '
ti wickedines in the high places."''-peilis. vi. 12.) The: failllhful, then, shlioul ackioiwlvlcge the
You are weak, and who will help to mnk il'amltur anl the dignity of the priest, who has
Yoml ire sweak, and who will hclp to make let iver them; they shouli learn to
ynou .trong and give youth the victory? Every I'eell 't over them; they hould learn to
iy.v. the prayer of the priest ascends to heaven Iappretiae the igod that lie is called oni to per-
for lc tflock comllitlted to hinm, ald return) s forrm minlolig theml, anld the love which Ile hears
l,,.iel with graces for you, to infuse into y.our Iltlm. Whilli, ther, ithy r Iepect him an the
heart courage aiii energy, ,andl put to flight ail'I a.'sador of Jsu. Cllhri tt honour him as Ihe
the eneil, lics of your soul. very lday noumlier. inlnistlr of the thrice-holy (God, and love hiln
l" .sinll provoke Gold's lla er: mlld, i His an a f(rietd anld la a father, they mun1 not forget
wrihll. (Gol would pullish you fur your share in l plry all i fr h, h l y
thenm, i ift were not for the adorablle sacrifice of ilwayns a iod, wise, pruldent, alnl enliglhteneId
irropitiation, which the priest fr up to p str, to gie thiei and go with them to the
poe ills itltig ion tnl avert from your l Ieal soivreil I' itor olf soul, It thlot hap ly lalnl
ist I li. hiil lllin iur al where jqoy everli ilsti reigi eth.
O t el lleie a' gh t liIt h' intiin. ihul h liarl l oit ary, I
It is tie Iliries, who beyond all others vnll- offer''li'' all Ih i r. Layers, wi'rk. snlI uiiff'*rlng. of
,.isi s tilh e h o llpire oif error iii this world. To u e!1 dyf.wllh I h. ill l it iS.i f 'thi Illvine Ilrarl In
him J suit Chriht hlis given the ciiiiiiii.shion (to l"irtlliIlr fur l'riers In 1 'arilh'e. Altiin.

each tihe truth to iall intloions, tid filoni his lips
Yio learn thl t lill science i f sil ililon. What
Ili ini ? WIhence ldoe lie come? Whither
tIorn he go, W halil road iust lie take? What
ilitic ha ;i to fi(llil? Whll t dlcs he owe Ito
(Gll? 'To all Illhee iqtlietioil], 11mani aided liy
niatliral realolln aloi, clin give bliut a al aill n d
llcit lain in iwer. Rieligioni cones with her
dltrilne light to expel teli clouds of darkIells.
hlle priest, as ime ordained by Godl for inln,
poilits out the ronal you have to travel, fills yolur
oindlod all hearts with the knowledge anlld love
of lloth, discloses to you heavenI, aulil tells you
that your destiny hire, is to reniler yourself
wortllhy of a Iplace inl that house of your heavenly
The good plries cordially loves his flock, lie
Pleaclis to tohemi, iinstructs them, exhorts their i
it in instant iln ~Calln and uilt of seasonal he
reproUres, nlltr-ata, rebukes with all patience
anlt ductrilne it i he is sonetilnmes evere, it is
his fatherly care and love that nlnkceii him no.
I Timbothy, 1 2.

El Clero Parroquial.
Intelncion general pail Febrero tIe i&y). Rie-
cO,ntmeinliidida it initeiran oracilon para liu
saillitlad I.Ceol XIII.
El. clirol pairrloluial lu f'l)rlii n ls cerdi-iles
eLicarn~ilul dte ciini ilir eCnl l ai irle dIe gial
rcebafiR i In Iglcsia titll se Ilimnieill ,l pratroiiia,
li grainltic olril e it hnii nliicadiiion it las* ilinms,
1,Ue Ji.tucritu eU.onlli6 A t u Apl.iltle:' y ii %*i
siiccsiiri. .SatoiVnllos In obligacion tille el.eoiilniS
tic ruia;ir por tldillh niiiLetro .Suti'pelirircs y esl e-
cialitittle por lil pasitores ile nc ula iltininediata-
:llenlt ci cariil ldlos lci ciiildnilo tie nuletras mil-
as; pero no olviiallnao frectiIeintellilite ile
conpliirla y 'pr cio conlfoltlliloIullo cOn lo i
dletcoN it ilci nellllllsl dcl Soilllu. 'ullillice, Illlillo)
scra quce coiolidl illin i lo Illtivuo qule IrleitnnU
di cuiniplir cul ilichla oblliigacionll Jesucrilo lo,
Ith clei'lu comno i S. 'Pedru y i lot dtieias alixp-
tulesa I ar In lidinidad i ina alit y parai darlen los
inNa talinirahles piKlerca. El Silccrdociu c puder inel granlde, Ilia vellnrablel que el podi i
Illilil- du lus reycs dice S. Juan Cri.ltouinor
" No tine alabei ni la plurpllra ni la diatli d a.
Todo eno paba comi la somllora y ticie iilelnos
t II' or. r, 0.

rtcii s "1 .l: l,,irlvt i- n 1riiiiivi'roa. l'i(|I>ic to- iii .ii(tin tr.ilhiijo iti rehliq'e 1ii;itg illItei m cii,l1
is' florest de prinfavera. t
Preci ';ria i VOll m IrC eV, Culll Il e ul)er a;, dice se tral; del lici) d nillte r:is nllla:. CiI:l.,i
(.la I.i lna (ht, a t, cuii r l -cii i l de i rel y. i l tapint o Cintiil rt it s niI s ii m m l n 111 s iN i ,id
cl ccriltlr bii"'clI c .I n l t 'rcuc iI u.lny tIIII n'C i l llll)e Ivl. livant 'id I yi, v llil S lva si rc i 11i:i s :ii,
r Irei If, liiktrlncs
ii i t r r I" i dor, ex: miiiiiliutl 1tr- I itr pler IIoIt i i lsi ; Inoi ct Ui p rat ti o lit .i| i ii.
S.icerti 'll y 'l i ciillt, lllo I.dc llr ii vvrl .i*. po Cnitldial la ci nciis signl ils isln.m i. l ;i.
lts; i ..l p id eri t cttolncidi; i tuch' luis i lti niilis y i i ii ig lraitles, xhii s A itii I- i ,
ltifer v l ul i. iit o i si cvl trin o utrac im es- cot iviritci it l os xtravii-ti visit i i .10 e- s il lnli s
(tu a racio pi r ci oro y las pitt t li.n pIrci |i p rna co larlir] s, recoje limn'liiiis entre li i .i.s'
sr At l pi 'i r he u lj rce i, ire Ial c .t iis r i la y lli d i rilll l ye l.Ji pil iirii. M i l.ii.n ivc 11'-
'r v iii scno 'e x t ir l te q1tlli' .11. icolr. i ti. cl l i i calildad t i.U ri ltini e tie I (tICo iiI I il I nIIi
tro no Idel icerd o te tii ,. M I d e or i lt l I",t I y tl if q uI' lt ue i tec i tI n p ar| ; l i tec tmi u 0 i .is l
lcva lislit J tlli s1u.1 d rCelt u. Quiies I li lid icho? c nil. vy 1 deim lr o emplelp a In hI l .i.n1 )v liu 1.ili
: inisio K v I del cilo : l'orqupii lodlt I, pi c ohrni. ctail. nI v In.itIa de Illev.ii I I i'- a l,.
dcleihla rci ilire la tlirral ser dt s lildl ll s Ii p)iilI (t ~illtu gimei l l' 1 l-t vi;n o ll la iIn I. l.t II
cielr t." A i cl m riccrtlote s ie c c tien iitra coloitcnltdo m irte 6 coVlh itlll In l 'p) )Lfiti(i ia i v le fl *
viltr liDio y Iot ll mllbrI s, y .levalnti pl civlo peille io, cnl. uices vl Stacerdote i | it;ni '. :i sI
neiil as urll nicioIl', ya reconciliim ulo c en los is mi,. Ml i st iro le ofi i fl c p r io.i.itr i.I .iIII-
hmnli rcs ia in I)ios irritild ya e nlregnl l I- h is licii) de ,uI vida.
hllmbtl % il 1c, CSn i e su julstit cin." Aid iirm noi i l a. hl i idil e; dl s eriiltl fliot d he tr 'r:'r ii u 11'.i
ete p ioder nltl'I ltmn conc Udidurl ii ls ;ni v rd ltlv mnm rii l llt iltel'in s ben111I ilclicies l Iii ll i i hli
piar> nulucltr bini i y co iidleraiitn ( e till l echo l i lo i pue ltos y lloi t ii'r t e s ll"de g i'c:i
tICl ro (lue lievalln e vi olst fritnilvs, de i it llu ino s ie ihll (idet'i r Udl ell il L sp lcineI Ll nT rlie l'ure olill *i
r igair I lDiot pt r llnio par t (ite lepa>n gi iar tail eIn i. slhre Jos p eIill si p itm m ieslic t ie i ii' .ei. iin
dlig uin y itti l in teii I s v call ncoiitforl t e Is lsilo i t Scth r lit i Ii. ApolC tircs v i l MuCh d idce'il I :
:dl0 Diviniu .Silv dlr l hil ll l l un ll lllll I I l. y r1. rellJ d At I ll n I IIcion ll ', ,I'rd'till"'
dle In li urr. Un poidr Itn gramlc vxije* de I V, h..n id, l<. r;i cl tnimlu I isi cnniles de la, !
icriilite gra desi siacriticiS y mUc initpne i i tllc- diicil. '. dIntli-vin u. Es cl i c rll sv c it I lit dic.v .
bcrv% no nicmm, gratliev. <;iuiinl *crflicitm-: Ephren 0i qtite li h: c lae l ii-oi Ih 'vtll.8 vxijc telI r i r l o l |ic "., l tii t .'l ilo li liiiiit n .I tiiiS crint l o rni i .urt, ll, In ,lini ,II.d
lvtlr t'ngeli : Viti y vI i e tIoi lii a tl (li U .iiRniu i y ili tquildi l v e c i ti ci. I. lrvi in I ;s n l Ct lll e i' hti
dI l Ito ic ~i r y v y li g l up n la it 1',o 1iu1r h *.CI> mortalt .. Ie I l ,.-,,'i nclt.i c l e i li.i ', '
;,*Iui to i iiois e oin llilns lllo leparan i le 1is pladru.i s V familia p rii pIni r parise libertilm v untifiiIli) a 1". criiiiinica. .l .h
rii u1 relir n cl .studilo v Inl oraciIn it rTecillir lis cl quc Ol lv>la .i ln il tIrn r i, nii ima llijll j. v
l6nlil ll ordil> ru ncish ln >ipm| IIIrV todilll II llue 1ihjectl inr i Iv s in icu I nV 1l iril ict r-
lpoiallnl iyn, Ih.inar vn el\ iiulndielji l v Ji.. Ui In l I S ll r'i" >.ie or>lr l ro l riii il> d vr;oI;lh

criin. Jesucristo ,jcrciu ,u sutcerdocio lvn s l d dell hatito c, el (W, e l (|ulle iit h liI. c ll.
vill p11lliciC ofr( cie. olse It Ni Eternot ls;ilre Vn cu r i Mois, it u sllt lc i i s i lt sI Ilesin, l
Constante hacriticio, trnlajamiti sin de>caiisn en futtiris< destinadesdV qiue niestra razon caon-1-
ill lnlrl 1tticac lll e lt l"il'SI n 1 C; rl ei Ice l concr I ll des lpo rari r, preparlair in ol, .paia cl die a n IM-
al.lll'r 'lervlera oali .t h lildolvs dIe los viciose idiuoI noi'ca 1 1u lmt vida, cl d, nucAllrai l|riilnn
ri inrIaes cl nanor Ju ls virtides; en fi) coinuinion. Cnanl InvIIOn la ilracia de
I.i mi pr. vniome, fait :ig ,. .mil disii. aer, cii1nd ivir.dimo In i ,cncfia v h, 91'.r1".
li y i l en'? to si-angre I So viti a p' r il rrcihidilan, cunildo cinl o el L.ijo prolh i I",i, .,
lan *anaio d iut ilbres y pnrll R evar iuna villa alejii( >niador- n1" 1"ur, p!nr que IoS sulcel'd.ote s'ian snu ia que tronaba contira cl vicio dutde la calle-
cil v 'd acr n.elurlt, it iian mnnchas grlin- idra sisgrada, nos dvluvo vn el catiiillo &l1 1o1 y
"rac po mi. n ,trnerin s 1cbre ello li O c iuls a ft uit io. cai.n.rrltu ci el jilmo Triblh-
"Il ai cilenlutrs p!lll Ilelincia- y ules"tro ayunSul. nal y deporiitiamoi 1n11 it selo el gt-crelto dt i1l<11-
Wv. paura nossotrous y no excu*A I1`411 lliiltiCa, 61 n110 ilulbi6 Conl MIS CotsjoN, t1's

( 2.i ).

:3.i,1 Vn1'i-i S I *' xhe rxl oItacio yesy cunI]lo I a.- iml.", A GREAT EX.\\\l'II.
a. inl ta l on s o lre nuI e tra. c a ic a i p ttara betl ict.-
ii1ttion(, culilIO trenalllo. d(le C' ociai imtl )ll(ia s -Le
nI. i l l l'.r I MIeL 1 no b solviintl y p)IilAin bIIa h llti- .
i,. lt- :cc r ell ine.utrnas titiluna I I piz 'y i, 'V, "1 R ,4ch ,' thle life of tlhe
ctlr li:l ltil ai ra e ca il In grac ie: -s 141f Sit r Sti.; rt Kniil l th Wlt l. Ii have
jtahlttin Etnall l anit to canagrad: dil Sacer- adl him ;a e;xampler I' Cailtlicls in Iitniom i. adolado a:ll Dio Cle lI Ei tari i:a 'y c y iaIld .lt ia II:nII a 'nt t oII lthu
uie v ,+e .frece l 'n sacilficio p oar n ot 'n n 1 hlltrch i a"ty age. A s.lhrew.vl tatmattnf Il i.inSl/ ,
I.1 ool v tic ,is llu na Io licin l i s rciblin", hle f ilnd It c. wlile : a v,,t f.rt:m..
aa.ina" ca i.'t p.a l tile vili s ht aligat dal l ni.t f-r hi1 vima tt lI r Illo.c .l S;iciniietat. Ilh
Sillilsll I (al 1111 ina dlil 'ititio I int IC eail pin l Iret"'al ti L''ltlili)lll iiin, ii' xtra wti I I 'kl Mwt: .
Mar ailt'tr ahlimeniit y fon rt:lue.a V ( i nt nI e li ai the little 11 itic.l )If dililv HI*e. A m.all .l I
t.,il ail' .ait nnllr ia c i]s, macaion di ilnstra ret"it Ire pta ilailtics, h iVt pretl rvevl a chet,

ra nlt i. lillln .cl vistu i lait eall rcrnr le 'h rity. A mans f 1ite wo'rlil l loe titk at
i 'l.r,, pilrt ,i..rilnal i,e cl i idlU. ils l ll i- lt kl lny 1it t lle Pl inkr;" rs.i lig I a'll he r itsi
EullaeIcII sallion ,. a ly tro r te ody thhe tli Chat ch: anl. hIen
-tt hl i lo' us jj y -jugai etir la rita tU I'i h;lalJaih igr l t.t.m s. crtwd- ledi Ilct tupio litte-
iettitItltmiI. Wci citia, lattni icompt litlltni slO w"Ie le'a hI litll aise. l tot thla l'Ieigheat ; aanllicipal
iitlii, lt spiti,, j i In it i de pritia tro y .Il C.iam SatIlt l l it mtal alla t I alll. AI \i i11..- tIVt C(a:l ic C" llege ill which h waI t Icatxila l,
ltas ;.."Imtnct tichlte Iait lleu., al .r;li aal atn kta at tv tla'r to he permtaitted t t Ia1ve
pI'm a l S; .c tl.ltr i cle r t arit padtlre, i esir.> tle tolettI Nl ass, a.S ht lie hlad dulute ill hi%
a.l.rcial lici alitcha.r Yv m istro r mli ujir at ign I y. l a..
I %iaetmttiargto wa,. rviailuan se tui vvc' I lis life., te rpet lnuta hav cbec tti liaonttr
tit' hIlll i itlt.e (lite tiltntn dlt laltdiilda v .1aI ti O lt ('e C liirch itl n.Iy : eI naiul in ai ny Eoiilntrv;
-"a 111 t|ltvtdtl at comes i tt IalataiO it Cav'rr y |>IIIaILe but Ilieie tire i eaa.ti S whly Iiti vimattailal ik
I > l ..... < i vi.Ilt e il> 4 |i Ini p ui v vahlil c is th1 i Ci nnlily weld "ill t i
a1d .trl d l.a I t, pr(lta, l y le. o hs hp I.tAlcs tt,. ltinlli. Wv'len Sluiarl K itll w, a ci'r. a .'Ie
a. tin t at I.. l ts itl.K pitrsi criticarlila y s (| njitt i .Miyn r yf I.lInaia ltere wloull have lr. i 'a
'k I c l.t.lct y l t ow i nc t IardaIno tle r'g aL r ii to rI 'ale Iproach him hl htlire s(raii l ;at Pl l I'it
I- |I>r ei.n... Di tlrutlat s l Ito nl l in, prov e ti 111glisIa itel t hit n tla C llithol eighthth Ie
ll tltll c l)iO n1 pri par Itdia l.e Iie tIruhIed" wilt tile dlIatretl ila rest' iiof lt tir |w ple:
iaraldivS y lo lvidni llS i e l ite i idiich si le thiat (.'C t lict l ia n: llit pllligs or hi.I '.t al
itleivtrs |it mii nlo I St v el privadlt ss die eston ligit s: Iats n tl'll Ie rule of cial ll ictiil .illl
blnlt 11icio. L .1a quiv re pules recordlarno event religi Oi int lctaiur.e. whiich PrtetilUlt

1(1lc ) atet, P)illitlnd at Snacratliin" d t e Fira t, Call liic Li ta- l Maar incie tile Hreflo r
Jt'nS r li t- dl il oa SI cih le a)rnI l e iti iin. T e w eric iony'd ilustila i o a l't
pitattl i a tallt r at nia Is ntcie idinlit de hai circa ttaant'ca whtv ichi w ulsi jaadtify Iitis. i hite
lihrs i, y t'I lt' A)itltl A site lin dtiralc tiII .te in te wnr "ll in trai tin ta paoinlt It at oill
si's dIbvI itei dlirijir todan nuiextrin cUomnioneI woundisig tile oIicep|lil'iliirc u( goosed prepicl
lIl>'la nl nymnls y dc i nt ItucIL atI t IIbratI.. whlt, nut 1 aIldter.ltaanding tll' li; t p i ts tof
t0' t 'a t t a! dl & i.I it lltroltgv, 'r ltid imi ta I ltri livei l v-
lIa d,+ a I." lli aj t Iatla I a ll e a I t' a.t' f+tatlaC grat j d S i (lO ; i. ll tl ..erI Jtall t I altlltllletl'ltattl It itt
;lo*t ,l. i h 11.1h -. ;*. lilm ly see,^ h, 411',1. h..4 ny i .-.c ci.y.
Y iltlmll i iel i.res.o e d ist l n, I, a l t ort' ''. I S ta l ill a l et l f' w in
-i" +. .i l ;lh l Sse S lite'sul it l l o : l it l >1 ily '* ,* ,l lll c
*tlt l >QaI I ne d l ti tttt Cl I. y ro i y soII allil e .twhel it a. i u:gg-td that, I lli i tlg theI
I1l1.n1 lplt mel*,It iaor l lirot r Ilua r jia'., Adl at. exaamhi of u o tr Larai. aitltoy r, It o t lalghit+ 1t
1If"'r ll l alsltll e I-or st, lhl Alc l .ri ot l of l th C ord h ay r. lie l ; t' gt }ll tlll h

( 28 )

en the olnicial services in St. Pa.ul's (Pro- to suffer, and even to give up their Sit.tions,
attend) Cathedral. ",J he h ad teen a man rather than attend religious services in which
accustomed to i',injncitics or ready; to pay lip- they can not conscicitioutly take part. No! it
service for p ttage," sayy the Talet, "'there would never do for a Lord May.r ,f l.anl,,t ti
as a preccdciit ready to suggest that he might avail him.clf of a subtle isicwtnio. sch a, this,.
caily compromise with Iis conscience. le which wvoull lie widely mi.llunilersto.l. whlilt it
might have explained that his attendancce in a would he witlihot the poor excuse uoflavilg liher
p'r6otctant place of wIrship was purely formal; i mlop)ted under dire lecesCity."
that, while his habdy was present, his heart was The effect of his ii manly nillheion to principles
aibset. Biut that sort of poor doubleln ss was upoI the public iiiin can hardly lie magind;ial
absolutely alien to the simple straightf-rwirdl- this distance of tinie anid spacc. Gi.b3lil.,
nes that haid marked all his life. lie looked there was among many, ;IIl hard wInIl fr(n
the temptation straight in the eyes, and then, to ell narrow-nilldedil ;.but it is sMie I sn s ,i till. e
his eternal hoiouir, announced will all courteous- bhest people of Pritlcstalitl Lindon were pIlu,.l f
ness, lit unnistaknalc firmness, that he w.mild their fearless anil ciinscientious Lord Ml.iylr.
not deviate from Cathollic usage, or stoop to And when Stuart Knill went ; stelp father. nial
subterfuge to pick up the highest honour which at n public hanqict proposed us the lii'l t-i,ost
Lonl0on can Ibetow." Tle Pope and the Quecun"l-giving tI, thle llly
before his election, there had Ieen a highly Fiather the precedelnce which iif right was Ii --
howl against the candidacy of a Ciathollic for the there was none to qiuestiioM his IoiyiVaty, lthliwlh
ancient and honMourahleuposition of Lord Mayor. there were many (the bignts ag ain) I. qpstiilni
lie had been severely catechised by tie higots his taste. H is inmi nmol liad wovn. cv.i
as to the course he he should follow in matters of them ; for when his term as Mayor had cexpiiild,
religion in case he were elected. lie had not this stout Catholic was chliislt alderlini -(f a.
flinched then, hist answered that, w%'hther as important ward in Londulu; aind public riespct
mayor or merchant, he would ever remain an for hill was father demonstrated when, at tlhe
uncompromising Catholic. It swas not for him, same election, his son was chosen alderman f
who had stood with such superb constancy dur- anotherward. Certainly the Qnueen lhrsulf t',,k
.ifg the trying times of a campaign, to waver no slumrage naihis public prefercice fortlhel'. ipe
now that he actually.wore the robes of office; sh slignalized his retirement from the manrillty
and the public letter in which he announced his by coteirringon him, the honour of knilghthlilod.
decision has the ring of tile old Catholic metal A knightly soul lie was, anl a wholesome x-
that makes Sir Thomas More ain everlasting ex- ample for us who live in an atlniosphere iflloiiesy
ample. His words are precious. "It may per- and compromise. LetAmetical CnCtholicslcearn
haps he argued," he wrote, that I light be from this great man that a rigid iiterpretatioin of
present materially and passively, without taking duty is no bar to the estee.n of all whose gool
a"y part in the service. That might be so. But, opinion is worth having; that to bea trin'ilur"
without reverting to what I have said already as in matters of conscience is to lower oin'. flngi
to the insincerity o such a presence, how would and to trade in one's manhood; that P'rutestants
such fne distincticto between a material and a respect good Catholics the more because they
religious presence be received and understood have old-fashioned, ultramontane views bhout
hy the English people? It is also necessary to frequenting sectarian conventicle; and, flially,
consider tie case of multitudes in workhouses that, even in the eyes of worldly men, fidelity to
and other institutions, of governeses andt ser- to private conscience is the surest guarailtee uf
vants, and others who feel in conscience bound fidelity to public trust.-Ave Msaria.

I *tL2.! )


1TIll Ii AUTl' ,U ill l 0'~1 LIFE


'jr',w". !11. 1'I : iE 6 a trditi.mi llhiil 111 A miriica.
p | .'iaclivr iuice thirt.'* for amin Icj
* ~~~i( o rnv rl tihe liy 'iillier fr.o i tlif,
l.-J emirnif lii. wvys, 'nil r.eturird frmin
i1, lEern.ail City a sii hciil C iatho.lic. Making
due .llow.ance for tihe strelnllh if iilirihed prfe-
juldi3ces, we (I, iniit hICsitlt thatll if tile ecliriiilll
miii*iicarii that s:eti ut nt ",evuigelixz" Nlexico
*I, inl have the single experience, itis lliiinly
I',eallMil they have ntll the siincrity of the honCest
li),t ithat uidlcrtooik to deliver tie I'ope from
lie evils of pilpely. One reads the letters which
a IP'rtletillt. corrc.podlcl t ha s bIen .eding
Icv.'larily fo; years Ip the loslon Herald; one
leiliclilllrrs thai his o(servatiion Wui noIt callull
"'I local ltit sylsteillatic aild Keneriil; cie reflects
thIi thlli keen jourllrllist fromon lo nltonll ls stren
A\muriclin ,iNciely lt its fairest, an111 that this 'ill
0I Ilec t'olrita., can have noi possilble liill. toward
Cllthilics; nid tlihel-ole wInllrs whlt the
InH';,lirrs have ti give the Mexicains inl place ol
tIIr *ilngulirlrv Ienutifill lhoite life they iow enjo.y.
I he illliilleu'. rlll ill spirt over wiat they ciin-
OiVI*i tlle heniilitvl coltlitillll I f our Siuthllrni
'i1lilirs; tllhey believe they lned col version to
g w"lr Al.pel aml t higher c ilizntion. WhaI
l;m'.Anmericnil Protelstati.m to offer ia argim i'lntt
iild ildullcllulllt?

It Irikr.- thiel unprejudliced ol ervvr ikiit e:
caln mane % nmid ;mral% arc sinwilly nd ill th04
li IIprllllt'c il H ti llit l if civililti:ll .h ill which
ail polililct. 'IO e nli d nit lie liln to the lgri
i lils. if the Allm ricaln chailicter-if, liticl
lthiu ptst yre.r hlaw Itilt 3%alni ditinctivlyv Anii
il, cliharcl t r-h o til ecii ii.e ti. iillil ". h. it l I-

II lllti~h ilrlllf-l 31311 1 y uii .lt r Ihi -. 1 (i h. lla 3IilI-
fi. Ihllinlg to glivw hId in Mcicu!" ya) .N
(ililvnllu,. Ilillt'er i il it.ll ie rih e l rl IJ iiC' iik
I ll It l thlit ll h.-y rile limirl if lly ptiiil lirl In li
w lliltlh'ii lilhih il. 'iTh l tillh i l hf 11 ie aIh C i
if. ;ill'iirilt iLt ii, i u chiltlre miianl Lrliinhltihd
d ,light ill rep-eI 1 in it. Thl' e I best O c.i ills ; i.
fii Ilhem ; il yotiii po plc rill 'iici n elic y en
iuhv riil l ; ehic tl l vecriT ;it ile tailea ;ire Ihiil
lith chihicirn, ehi i or little, i ivl thelln wiiti
alffLeclioniiltc ki-s iilu ii lie hanil; theiclr right
irill i is l itiV r (uii'sticill li, Y s to cli h i e:1 Ii hlln .
iri whein ljii y r ili they ;alir, 'e telely iiii
It is good, t'au, t. be young in Mcxico. Chi
iiill'rdr is practicllvy ilunknuown. They liav.
eilivrbl ihlwn lrither r "eveIry cliMldl% cil-e
tI tL'le wmi111 nilal at baSke of breul withl il
(.Chilh e rlltire% welcied "il u il i0,any iiiiu lIri," i
iher libket I( bread seems 'illnt til lail. lhelll I
chillir n (lgrw into their niddl l 'eeIni they I
rveilaii) children. Ilisihllrs re p3lc iily rfniil
tliir hi-l Iid, ii ll l ittle boys ire proiil l.o e Ai
in pil lic wil li.iihy sister ." .S rvaliriiir ltrlral
like human l iiigs. You ilet nil gel hcrill
iourninlig a ii finil that lihe Itas l1-11 h i l l ?.-
1llt,-" IIA ligood li ouii l. landl li hias lilen w
uIr (ifailly f.rty-lwo yirsi." Thelir little w
tire rsoinlly indilligedi, ianild whlin they hbicl
uipeLliii lilted they airie cili lfyirllly p*d lioiii
And there luar'h ni "ltEiv w50 inl" in lvx,.it
Mr. ollsl)on's imo-1 niiiiiniig parifoniiiice is
lotiger tile sinkiing of a coil-hulk in lthei hairh
of Santifijg-. The hunslrctl it lysl>iical a
menll in Chic>.go and Kalnsab City wili .hiin
Aniviicaii wouiikiaiiilld Ily p' llIcty kniYi" g 1li
aftl r li t .speechies, halive ucc '41cd In nl killng h
iwho was liacrf.i) ute'ilday ilia ioljuei .f Olcon mll
tol-lday. Such it sceill coulil nevr ile fililt

( 3 )

"nl"" lI f Otexico, so "ftie descriled as IR EDY'S LAST IA CK.
anlol* g c1 l i l Tle. v lle. .11" publicity
stilll C l t I. h c h. atsillcy.
m wtiild shmllcr ,lt tuch lIh.hilel s. IThey Il 1'. .1. (,.,,..

Sind -.i t h I l* h in l| o l their oi, est.icity" says
Mr. Gucrl ): there :ire 1 ) t ilx pollems :,.1""I ,. ,1.1,. ll I IIi' w:, t las ,hll. i .11.
the lThey ha c their privite, es, and siti n d ti u I Iti i t" hI Irh 'n.ils. a h h,
ihci. cy i The ir I iall Ior i i t the 'nlll W ir.l. 1III. .i
not wviorry ahul' their riht." r l h irt ** Ii 'h .1ltv." I. it, ,I'lbtl I..
i, wirhuibanIll cxzitcs tle unhoulll t d .1l n oll'"' rllls>! tof Ow 1a 11ole that untir, :aiI
lion oith e Al l ictin ihserver. Altn Ilheir devo- ot- bl I'C iile u lle't. tI h:tll Iiyl h i i.
1 Vf1 she IrII III mlt I"I I .,m u t11" I it. u -I ,ll-k knmwI I he-I.
oirn is ; lTlolI lliil i lil p tit I I I I I ll-lut
too h sy Inor indifferent to N W Uffectoli l .re Thelivre hi-face %%'lilt its vlu .r ,, s,\ t. l
ill)too ully r l ft frilink a, d Iay. his willlv .illtl !.rWll r i, i %ilh,
for wiv:e in 1 I" shire in their livers. W e shill Ih rr -lik hI Ilit vri.V'lill r. i l li vivii.l i:. ..I
let M .' l .cr.l e iy *lk Iti re: IrI .i Iv kll1tit i-ir l haiIr vi lr lits faill:r ll s i hr I 1i.l,- .
let M r. l l :rl als y sl ii" ,l i li l ,,( i ,f l. .i .1111' 11 1Nrl',6II
In an:sum r.1w I .' !la itthwi ly (-;i!sy. tmlr*i- 'r l
Your lawyer r wIhll Ils l ( st i)l ortanlllt h1usi- itol iidl llol itll nLl, tll l-il tI;lt Ih, wf:l. b;l ,tlr'ni/iii :
i. vlite rs ill u i' hi l, i who) hl his 1 itl. Ihial In (:,'l ll.h w"ili h I va I:.I l nizl t..'1 II r i,..,,.
') l s (,!tell with clicnls 'viry dialy, whl is as 1 I i ls l i L 1
lisy as a cabinet mi niiister. Will lis ar|)) r't :i p nilai. w. i I'e:lly mv :1 ( i I' lllll lr:l l i l v o "n, ..
crlilical 1mon ut and he lgo e i l ny. Y :I siiik rnlerit lti t dll I II'I' at| I ,i tll iutc l c titit t'al IIf
where hi is, and hiiy cl rks rne ly: \\V I v it i I ti' [ it lll nlt illt ia 1.itirt iii'o l it uiiiitt i l r1 '1.
hlir wifu's aint'l' l;ly, anld lie is celebrati'lc it '1 or'' i"s 11 'h ji'tl IHl o11 I .lt r".t
with his famlnill. i p, fospectivc ..e n'e may "! .hi .
ie $10,00ux). but ihe idoes not care t n fi, i lil. i,, pla nfi l :nl reeiilei :Ine fIr'." Thii. r. nI. I I-IIl
wife's y fi'f is more t. him hlll all tl he on il t' l,*dd 1iit.yn lOi.1111nin11d:i 11',.\ firn.
dollars pIil-ed lp iin tihe ll Natilll l hlank o lf ltl i'' i rl nh:iui l.: I ollel i h ur;.ln l I.IIlr.1
A .xico,.... nA lol. Mexic n, meo I( I ny ,, lc- I1 ofte m.i 111. I I I I, I W. I11 ,li tI .,
( worship of theIltir wiv is a Iliatiter II lie nIhr- length i threw n in lils t\ay. andl tiher'l;)y hai l l tity
elledl nt. Thely literally live for their wives Inl1l.
lnd child ren. *It wats Chri 'l t'l att n IV I s wit rull'l IisIn il'liiity.
nIiomt nli-nighll, fr(n om ir local roms, .1" %Nal *
piriovl ll t >1 I i t il- -go I l -i se IItIr t I ll iixll I lP111 1
Now, if t|h{e miissioinary socict'ls o f It ist cotntri y Ntition Ui lllle1f. IIn Ino wr IIIt' I a Ii' lr1ndllrl l t llhi. -"IlI il
w nt it Ie hollnest ivith theow lvs cs, let th tem ask (" | elllyI th u1fa u ]it 1I tr llml' .'(11I m n .litrl .1.l
whatl Americian Proiteiist tiuI lin to offer tu liedl. Thein.ll lik I 1n i.lslliiiro (nt. I (founl I hi i
M exico in place o tlhis w ell t uil .l l ifi l VIii Il' I i I I e .I itl y e 1 i"; it il inI tintlt tllllI
ii i aliad .At'i 11" Ih t e evile ii II e 1. iltl(, ilt I ttt ii 4
life. C n it teach Mexican chlildrnlu reverence tih lutoiiii-lligh, Inril wrlulh lie seintii II -I.ltl i
for nlthlority nml respect for a. e? Will it e- g illyia1 I ', itn't'II tle i ll -n.iil wit ,li it I11"it .l'
asi hmti a i llliw. whvll l. luis i'i.q nie mannr riiill 1l 1
trancgeinci ot rich n11S1 pilor, c:ll it llt ill improve Ie lilt kindly vInart,
the i'ti|iiii hp e hw eiu Ni evic n iiI ti I d thl, say. Ct p."' li h ple leh ltr cognizing In ;
tile elat io k Iip bclw Nex al Il and prhgingl forward 1t)4 the harl, wi. th tIM 14 In Ill. ov,,

a llolinil u. for regulating the s el, of fa,,.!- and. ( t, l tit l t v I I' (todi titill, fini' i
l a n as ctl i s ni w t l 'r t. .t '.. .. .I i ,i h,' it hitd r'll r l i i 'l l Yvl ta l
lies, cal it impairt a higher iildenl o iitrria g ami wihl n Itiaillllanlt wink. '" In 1il wtay ol ILps. I :al
its re poinslibilitici? Let the miisionaries inmport .. d' itt yleol 'u s i 't i N- yo0ur hilew1'sail"r 11
their plows uan Wagionts anlt leccping-.ars iltld I rlirt lomiortlii tli lhiu liI wl vt lhlihilg iIIn Il
machinery into hMxico, it they will ; bilin the ltrelltiyst Iaii ealed nfl lilY I li i. 'si I-'a lii'
IIln e of Ch- i Ir ti u nilt ir, one lrt, i l; it I 41i.i r iii1 i I, ii. Wt
n fle ul llristianity, Iet there he ino tlltIlllpt to *II noillt In It widl ic ha If ill, v t inillubtl n A~ n
mlplort the mannlers or the morals of Protestant whikt'll MnO 1.i0r 0ll gra'un'imalni ili, t It if gits i,"t" il
Amtrica -.e .3fri "ipalrs? Olt, I'll .s IIsgirail fI..rever, andt sl h II.
mcric-~i s gMerd a utld woniati ievr hruoke lrail. 'Thill

-iraikhllt I; %ap. T'I'o Il nk t. ilJl11111y i' 1n 111i rin' In h' nil llt lt' t II I. nl' II ,A hli' b1 111 it lt 1 e 1 ilt n.
l i't, lr a gauinii el v In einrnest n iA l init lilt !l, lr!]up..-re hr*i l W ui-nIlr n' > a W rlaiinti l and
i ll nl '11 I:tl It' lIri .ta' ll ri.. 1 1 l1111 y1rl' ln lrlll l h: ll (Ii- I.t M1r llil ritii '1 11 p otI l's l,
' 'h:'l iii.' :1t t lu llllinl. t ,rl Islrnsi .,l n' hI'lti Issis l lt llllI.. --I!ti li lls r Is In l 1 Il illl'- l'l l s l n'.'1 I'1,ns (1111' ,11 :11111
lv.IIs m II oI I.t tiC. I' p, :111 i y -i lll, 1 :ill ,it el sOlw l in rl. lln' ",s.s Irl It i'lj lti y' y Il
.'l lis ll 11 n I jtl y. I) f evr al c ll i t hlim ll g i li 1 I 1 1 ai i :i Ii I 11111 L, nt i iI I l. Il kn tl I lll l
1T I. l l I' lilnl l ll IsI Il hlrall t.l" II 1 I 'ill w 'II .lvan l l III l h tI llll- l tl
Is'.ilt 'i I iiln n1it d pit i g hl I t i t igur. 11: pas'l l i* er. \ilh hl t r wi'r'.ys haiil-lnt! \\'-ll. l*ve
i- Ill l ta I lll"i ll t 'yo lllh '?" snlt Ihr sly Iir' thwln .I'si drop I i litl'nl l lf i ilv 'r
lit'' d II1me ll I\tw.'l pI llf o. -" \V ll. i ItI l 111 t l h I t s' illlt-pl: ll m ill t.IlIl etti po.i1.r ' Ielllle
si.htli .-. Idiff--I tiik 41:1'" deI riigh woird. -ill ri't! i lt pr llllld at Il ien. Tha'l Itht kind iof I Ilow
I~ll IIs IIIl and Jlack iPa11tterso 1 Youi ki now Jack.'i liitltdy' Is. sit' It" ,Igs1it v l l a it'I Iiirtl 'm
lr dIi k ik'-.' t:k 1i key. d .Vt 's calls hitt We Il.l l 11 lit0ltl 14itt )' iii' al it s-l t 5.s i4 u t'.hlyi'
:lnfl tilt hangllls> o t tl r ll wn's--rll chal p d t spor t. I i' re mli f. mltl .. l ''rk'tit. iotr lt.'rry ledilr. s w:ai h Iterll
r<.)l 'IN and| IIe1 ,))llin !v.'pot, aid nll 1 1 l li rtl. y Stal*: I 1 plo te, Its Irf l. i ng :;ld nld :
.rti llrh-li hl Ill tilt 'I lls t-roill? Y la l ls t' r i I1 .1 'II 111 ii. wI Iloni
p|ruit i s. ti s I itl. tlll .h I t| tlltllt toiIt I l-halln'ied In 0' L t'l l: '
,sIy p lln,, i i wi n i l ck tr l to pl he1r .I1 llt liti ll dl KsIndI l'l'l.arl 's e more t ilan .i*II1111 al
'lllijI. 1 .4 lli'r aidl w .rsh llpin' s.tati.i and .i i The' raI 1s1s''.' w -t siI ll ,, I n 11s II I sl I ul tj tI li-
ti1n I 1.1II [ l l; o, l "lIo wI n11 1 m Il rl lh o spali e,. |I r hi t. l haiuni .-ikiii aid thatl
gt- lp i, l I ls n.t l i't with ule ll i Ii ,l iit l.-, m I nil | ;.n, liau ( n,.i s inLls I fir set'r l al' l lilt .hi. h wai s
s|ilet ltt iii lit'ihh tisi- i lt 0i n1i ri ilh .ye. An i d'I'n tl|g r i l is l.r Mir M is lt h n- -iii. ii M ijir.11 it' usa '
Ir"lll h 't i and h.ii e i 'l I 11n l1. Sei'? ''' r k .11ll" ). a |ii'. .- f tm*'w "l IsIt' Ilt isllly
I t ..twi IllI. 1 if'll ',l 'l)lillrlll :lla l it ll.-t l-slsl' ir w Ith lti .1t imld'i hl Iit '. l's li'llat: '."f1111 1 tlt, l.l" an Ifl .'lv5r'
Isil.i-ll'lli llt. a llll l h l'd h I ll gkl t s n pilr.losI ti s lll ii stlll I t I, sU sh ..,s [ II ,ihl ,| mi' l lli' istt.1 It I s t' '1 lt -
'. ilt In ." 11i tis ll a, s i -h t col p led li lt II( iit 1"i ill. i l:Al t11'i ,l i v. mg rl d iItI
idl li..) jils l l;st i ll t lof inl T.. I d'li klm "lw I. .tI'' I r ,, ,si I. .sv sln' .
IIa.1. .l :IIgt' ir io r .11r-~-iry. or AinIII I ,chtl~l I ii l.Is.i ver Ill 1 ir l;rain'llll1m ." lIhe explaiiti l.
A1 :siy rat e he was :| daliy :. :inl iit i airre.'tel, I it|t I il V .'s -l Ih r s 1i4Prl sill hanil S tihe wis
1,i-. Ilr plHl:nI i n lit rre l-'irt Il n i l ii ine. s an' gill I 1 nl, v i n i n ,i1.. r 'l' l Ill s I r.'it1 1 ;.1 l1 Iit lit .
IInlIv r'llsli' ip f all li'f k lInm e ." nli I.l't ,lilrll sr .ki ,l la i t H lal It111 ii llt Is 'lek t1 '..
" l', li:Ill" I LLkeil Illllllng llit li r lllii tlh ll.lllvn. a ,d h. N llm"di ,, > ild ii wo a ni- k ag i I' ll.i. "
.All! Iht. I 1 w. Lo 'I'p!" li ,slid. I1 if tI I right I| ay. I Itll I-lil. l.'ap." li" wP 1I II dIlrlmp-
I.n' :ing 1 n i- ,. -" ll l, llraigiill. don't ver knol. ll' I I| n | lll 'of il lr,,l 11 Illl I did I. I'l -plri
"'II. a lll In,11 I., 1 w ln Irr l tr' It.l i ). Ihly I 111t1r1 I, i n l! l Ill Ir1Vll:l i ll ,. I 1g;11 1 '. l Illit m ak :;i I-ler
.'i> nl I lr i i 111111d 11 Ill sI l:l|l|| in-h lllll' u i r, hI o yli II'. II kl idl'mr l Iii .,,111,1 ..iilll w lll lir I" an hlr 11 l"lll.
nlalell .ll d -i r 1 1 i -wl .. rler, /--, I. r -a k" ',- w | i l r 1. ,1 ir n <]l{lil :.l-n .- irnlw r l"lll i11'., I,
,' l/,, .' W\ ||. |I tI'll j l like dal 'i.n ., I i|,,mo d n ,, 1, .. ,l lr. i |I0 l ,' wr? nir "i hlil- I
d ,Ib lll 1 )gr' l .Sv i ll wl io'd ev rIn1' I l11k l l L i' 1i a 1 I l" 1 i l, l 'h.1 ". I' 1 inll' I p alit l 'IlarII1 I1rlil hI
l' llI ll l ; d g ll i; p ,ll ,r l i ga. ir lk l lik e o ll ,i i d l I jl il- 1 .ll t hinll' i l lr lwr, winlld
'` ','' hl'll nhled grap I igx iil y h 11 11,1 1 -lvely. elivyl -: I mler+ h'I n oks i'* ln. II i ng.- i i
"'i' l'al,", l l- I l; Itn1 l. (h ilpl nal l l' Ill ln Illlllrl.. |\.|"I1 II) (Irl'l"l I l,, llll 'r J 1'r ll[ I rljlll All.1 l' 11.1 IIllK
a il I lr i | I nw tIIn h l ll ,,|i. T- |[ er vim w nllll h I lir 11ar1-11r i:n' eve'lr rll nli Il iillllr' l i "IIs I ilr
tri-li j I. lt hk I i .Oll(n r .y lll Y :lln. iSe ?" e mi11)r' nrm ry. dit|tI wi m 't r' hl irr h .r. Illt.
N"w 1 1< I ....k it al In l .e imr -rar, I 4n id r r l *in w 11 r 1, I..... I:I;' .-r- .iiJ. I. dr. I
I.: i r l,, t -I e orner. .lll I ill lllling- .li lla) y I "I "l1 il uIIIII' I'iIti : h. l 'r Ihr v I i 11i4:n II.
RIPa S '"l I' l-t I +. Sllil Llt.i ill IIIIIr" I. iira rrl ";lll.ll:ll. l 1 iio I .I "i-
Lalwr ,11. h r1,.inlj( (Ill,, he inim ent lo a grlulp whlen I w 11L k ll d i l a4 I e. Alld .r1ll I .: "
**il, II lll r. (' l I lir l.llt jl)'k ;, 111 + '!- ol". i,.lr .t 'aI ..l +,w : .,o .*' (/l#," .;' I"/,/ ,';I"/ I" i* *. II ":"
I.n.:fit I"s,'\::: I, i I't... mill:,: .1eikk::" l,:, u' g i nk W r lil t- 1,lr i o andlot" b Ile 'wed III
{+ I;1 --,I I elll IW, I' m w of sta It' me: lllll iit i\ 1:,1,- "tiiI:i iiii tlll ll i .. 1,11 :
itIl,' lt Iw l n i 1. elever.le.t jockl-. on llhe Ir'ak. N 1 T* ll `r 0' I* l I l hIu .. I '" i,', ll". I ii ii 'l
S%..r l. il... w ily, ..vr l. kn wi lt. 'l.l fro-i w Alive. I ,,rlI .. ,il ... I i .;e if % I.ItY
i'mvi- l w l Io |ito,,rder. Slirulgltt ir l a li In i lllilthr tr r. l ll tn i' r lw s Willi. lt, I'r,. all alon I "" I It'll
1.I,A I ll r e 'pull i> lou "No. 1 Ir; yon lon' t Wl v, h."l l l.. lit,, > v 'v. >< "" 1

;" r.II. hll; i l- I'll lo wi. kI. Ik 1> 11 t ,V e II ir l lUn,.lllhlll l l ll I I I 1.11.1 ) r llr .1l l el 1 ,1 + ,1 ;lld
"11r the |iorse h|,1 l sni) for al|eI ptIin ,i l o billw d11- le < er .nd n. lflke 1a. ,,> l ll ill. ti nl- IfI dle
11i. n14rivali n a...nt. Ami.Wht'l mor e Ii r 'r m. n *l mn-likr,,.wer i. 1 ia ..

' yl t l 0-k 1I. Illt s 1nis to 1.) l rlr. A r uilnr l r n yr "e 11l K in rr iall p "f 'h it'll

hil'l m l l Wlhi t st1, o. i c' ,,,k ,| t of a rhap. A." eo 1, kr ir r r ].rlir il 11 1 ;ll" L ki I tih' l l." '1I "
ll" k l ly: yeS.. ainil y fur It ten l e r over, Ino l illo rl Illy 41rm to lnk il llih l lli COP,

( 32 )

1 i 1" 1 ht.i ],h.,,ll i i go |imld t.>ll r elr l 'gn ai" live wi 'll Ir llic. O iltsi.lh mn III, ,irl a
nthi. II 'd, L I drAW III .Ti II l t i. il li in; l t 'o i girl. hi .r pihJi h d lillu [ace.. lh,,,.,,l i ..i
'r ulll'l 'us to elild I, r ; ,l *' .- ""' l'*i ." : y .:. I 'th t."*' r ll'"K W an'l -, l .. ...
I it .lI"'I cll t i I l I" vI e I i un'"' like It ride 'ild ', IY oll Wiet- r' Imht not a ol eIrsI 1im *l 1..I ".
11 v rni l" e.i n' Ill "''i i k I '.it "r.* ". ni II. t l I m ei l li' I h '. ght tihe h rill p:h '.. 1'i.i

Il, g,',,Iii .l'to ci l. o 1 ii | l ~ii. 't u I n. ; p.l aI.l I, li:e i liii l'll ji' l i' l u rc. i n ilii. .,.n rpl tii" m,' I"'i .st io llu" II'l m"i Id!" hit l hi vi't l '" s *" l

^II I h iled lgt III "m iI;rlr ttIII I I I i ml i li i' t til IIi .1 mmi. mou -i N 1rIII. I.. II.
iof .inI I 're t n 1 ii ian1 k. w hwh t llfIriking m l. m l, k ..i ti he i 11.iri.l : i t ht "'i I' il "i 1 I 11' i
thu wl m t heor lu I iimt mu tte uj14Aar iltut uanu In iioiii''uimine Io i ind %I Iitlei thhl lik" 1I soI
aIIntit si woi M v el ea s m itioition s no, neck,i n d s- I e od !" hirokeioff w ith tiriiibl ai lI.i'

lIl i 'ir d l. Ilniu h nus t l oi croi i I mir to g his i irat i ite 41'itu1' m'rs h a I I
nITll ie i ii1nt i l rt g n wt e Cir ,i mt s I II I tli' It i i Itit reet i nt. wihgil 'l. P 1 ul1
r.. Lin... I.; ,' nlll. l, l, .1 .I A lit ill ..o.. i n-... runaw,,:y lotrtwery 1 t.. pair lo rp.l.rh gi il,-l
A u i t i 'g (i lt' now ind iin ii l Iliat im s a e learning hito'i i Iit, l r I lred cro ng. illlll, w'l,
leiii 1 f rlii n a ial I l ll, III I i ,, it l ln oinI i nl ti l Ii' i.ntirtl m<:me .l. r lig. AA il dm in I ,li hi

iiis. I-t i I. r m-ng i 1 %r "' i' .l I t ,Ih lih'l iiide. i' i l
poetlo r Olut- of ( IJm Ie(IP rs i ll ina ll" I t l ...... I Wl l' I mplicit of 111' l w 1
It N eI*le-Nr it' t'l l ie.i' So tiling All'oft and sad l i hran bc k wi i i imi'l ilh | Iik I ll' iith m. i n o Ii i1mrrr
ain't Z ,- "lke- you know hv it I en.llen ln 4 np lting Ie, .A s. l. k vI ol a lH1 l ,.yi 1 ,|rlyzed ll,, .r .....
it remind you 1 i dei an tgis. t-or d,;e t' utiful vii ran' t lo ick him I *vl. h ig ri serv' i m I I i' m
IIyou e mintil, lhl I' urt I l I ,i' i ,l,, tin l. r chtrc I ii m l lil, oir l l ii lits llk i) til I n i' ll) .l .I nli .
t l ll i. ind Oll'r l u i- lite in d porrln ,it If i a irl. ) IIIg IenI II h oti. l kl ire hi 'l t'l' wa E; l)h en ar"h "1l iiI, I 'b
iand l nr i a It" lIr I, wl t.-lii lial il.krn Wl rlll y frail I trerll, i n lu I l of lt -. i ,,rf. ,
1a iir l-iine. ** Ye-. Ai r, il(u u nii A-oii r x, y wat. ** A d I Ad l "liie! sati **fld .irk sIi Itt 1w:
You dorl n't l l i n Illf r ,wv ry ,llitL. i l u iii l' i Iwuor, whii- tiill' i. ii lilt lha u ll lin i llt 'rillr 1i1i I .
4id wiirI I lll'm l in't ellrle d* i le I ha tt ine InI m i r 0h l If ih 't ll t. | ow Iu l. r I l,' n ium itn hli ll, h. :i t
carried dal II'I' i arati ers-de dr'nkl I llurlr- lh in ii ri. t 'ill 11i ld l Miaj r .h11l.i illlia I ll i.Aw i 'l. No l]in ill l.rIii i'a"
dl broke her heai tii. -iis it lilll iii iarrel dal a'i iti I n h tulili 'c nm g Mottfi'ii tlly etweenll r 1,lA. 'You wt:,h h h; l lll withw.att,' l tell you y h 'luh s ll |ther i I.i",'1.f g'
atii l rAx or seven vi rs p ago. i n' 11 h wai |nit1 an.* I k Ik1.i'l hitl."
wi prouiii l. an' u iti lln er WI IIt ilII llf II-Aiiy' Il akln it r t lll up n rig in. I link miliI"rali ndal n vtii ertidi i- wi l hIlrl ; 1 l .tr r
phue jusii married h ti ll r lit e, lieni wl ('rll t tiI an' y iiuit e. i inire the !aixl.illo mlinli 'iir i ii I
Anyway, '4wal (Iinf r -*ll-n linrkv unstrrihage. ils friends. lie h er ivred. nllilll hav herl n mairrlie Iny at pr iti lbl i nlh ** Mnore frightened thai n hIrot. I gues. .al'l h li.
lradl of I hinit AlI j I, l iih o It'I a wlty l f S llnkinm i romit r wle l iha le Ivr d frl his hugl lll l l i i, Il Ii'
m t went ivr the river toll at nr in Itu y Jove, he had li closw ehieve.
.'iladrl (l raml 'm ]|al f y rnill h 1 .lli i 1,11 il. ievr eii lt iihe ou t warels n l di edd ywasi lll liorlilh'1il
I'oli ver of sich marrliaes. A irt it Iri, 1i 1 t a nu il11 e. n. i Ir li wn and therr e hav irIIalu d lhel n -il,. ti "
,11n1 for her. Alwayxdrinkhl'i nsi ll iht1' an' 911 it i tIh ov oic on demsandelal It. If lie mn a hurt. lI... erwr,
irlnw iIl o it viwork aId nl. Irlnllhr An i r iI hI| nll e li nt gay Io, be t, n I.somewhali pI er tI an -~:*aI l
.Neli l J rlu l "Iih l fIl Ielt III' l ,l te flower le wllas. p,1Ill)r that Imoi all I" d mlllir ll)llo .lP I:ix l ,thII'l.
ien out diy 111 ill wall brn ilght l .i. 'lh to htier froim h lie Iiosein hr l arhlw ta Il w ir j-u l Ill 11 I'il I
norgiih-, pl lkeil up iiIn l river, dh y Kay. suihieftl |ur '' il t lr Won i r 1 r. headi rauntered out I si"*
(aYl' A" nd lll nextL ing I heard wa' i da Nellie.. IIte, ii .
hI ri ell w a h dcad. I I L l lIII l l h I.a Ih i te le o reI llr,, i lt,, r > i.
Flor l a uioi lu there wB ill rn lh, Ii nll 'ly o1re *lr kin, larr on, Pri wI u.l' ll sf inii l i l : I
wl<. sintl than word. eIt wit e lnr los r t ei h er of onl. Anr d cnl al l. t iu Initl 1111.,
whran w chli 1Vuln and i|uplu llumorth dniwned, a It tilt ol r nd thul, nelm tlul there's kIlo .
wer the grdeae. n l t "l or flin, the. deptlis of what siuch nea i>lw; o tflen result in. Poor i lly' '
rIng1 ri n.llion. ii t thle ghost o hillf i<(a lvc- ay ie mr li l rt thlan' liee ml kn t r u s l I nre st toh' I aill-w.
"hi m mr' d isn"tifyi"ng i-memory- lIht, rising front led o1r lprol]ably ifel ju-lt nw.
ithe to b of hi heart. had 114411 Reddy's In Uh me a ntim,! thlen clil. .tle In. ino "ent Pla'inn'. pm e fare,' with Unta em 44l14t, Qvilnesent l lieddy's deadly peril, had .go>n o in lnwkl 11'r
beauty Ulat I had s often seen on it? phem>era" l W are. She did inot knowi why nor, 11 1h1
wo were landing in Ifrontl of lite winlging doors on passer-hy topi1 il to lpoiunl Iher out And t ar" atl
veil KiV- upon Vhel Inutl ilr.t wllb ith it drkeni her, nnd wan' lbecoming frightened when Itedhly ac-
* l'ipisetive, bijewelled with clelrire lights, a U coltedl her kindly, 8ihe wa not u. .l to klindt'e .
wlh l'oft, limGnh t pearls. Th hie l Mores were either of word or deled, andl lt her imall h1nnd,
dischirging their employees lor the lhut, and the cold and thiln, nciotle tlihldly in his.

( .t )

Wlatnl' avar nill 'e, IIe lllle gilrlr?" lle nasl d. pil-
ing 'lr oin 1 In 11 1 d.
.**. llie. sir!" '' i' (ailllterd. Irrnlhtlin;IyT llfling
hirr i.-.s ll -I' wl h i ll g lla llith Ia e rinrg t Ir t I l i'ol n.
Nell. w ali t? nIl'l e you' 1 no iidll r lnaii "'
.** Yl .. ilnlll ri, I 'l ? Na'llli l .' irnlle lr-."
**I llin 'narail a. i t llihaly gal ipeiil. ii ItI I l. la
I.'ro-ta .li .. 'lThi rei'vari'. ing ialw. lf. .* wh t ii
piirl nai;n .llll And IwhIlr I d%'l yoIIvI NI'llhr"
**.1 l;ti .lra t, xsir. wilil m1 1'r 11 n'l'll'pi .
Ili.idl whal-lld i soil yl I Ill hill 'lf. .Anlkls Sltr'r1
S-:i' ii.ii.lo)rn s I l il the pubiIlliuc ii)n irllis, 1ly i'irumnsa oai
ii- .lii la. ait ainiI nl lln n II lcrlilminal unil a.
a W" lt. Nl lli.r aliirlilag," lie silil, aitih i ll inlh olt
:aia'li.. n i llani inarll(Ie tile Ji ild. It's limte Iyou wlrl
linia linl anow. is lt it?' 'oi eII. Imy I( 'i, I'll >'.
Pnia, ai ly, to .\ItIaknl In Ir',et."
-I n iilln. sir." shell ntll, were In nliilr ** I dilin'
.i my vi:l rs yl 'l. nina gran'pp'ii 'Id ,lhip lam if I
di l ls bringll hliin In l Io i ll h liain y.
a. \ f ilar. N llile. if I knowl it. (' in 1111 o llln'l lit
i i.iil." niiln talkinM tlih t i- lonnll.ll' t ino In l itl. uirios.
Inn' lan brikly l off, alppaing when llry rea'ln-l ;I
'ntatlio.nay aitoni t. iirpri' Nellie with 11
i' llhnl 'lnlnna atl.als.. a I alaa'i l..s Ih wi ile aiI
li;an il hlolanlla. Nai llhlnl ; win' Ihe h .e rtll o chIlil-
ihl;i likr kaliilhn.. r lndll will.l I vely l' it lillh;' lt If
IIll itlh..I al l wasll slln in ilieddy' >' ilrl)on narill 114
hli.l illrn n hi r lhani l lo l i, alionllt l er, I ar IIll th llg l
n.s- inwlap. Nor wn II,' lsorry when iifllir ii law
I n I'.l n, Il s n l ail nar hillllllll llir gavsr liarr-
a.11 Iala aia'IIrvadit'y I. t lli unail lal pilr .Ill' o
Catll ang llalh l lla'i.I
I ar tIl tll' li le auntll her nlliltlhnr'.n al'l s!" li.l
lllrrl. ll ||| i" hlll | ,| .|||h. ,l<|l liit lil, i:l.. Trhnir i
laianid. nill a i. l hila N lll a lin uillld t la lii ll wl'rl
a n' h a 'as slinll l, afor the tides of clulalon were
Ih lilnig all hI li iirl.
ll'l nllil, hlinl .?' |)rl'ri inily'hiiiiil lia In rly

l" a la' ina. ani a pll i pointed olt lthe itsileralibl'
vlrn Il INrl aelllu ivrall, l
"Jeli. a inbirnin' lbaninle; 'radl '*lis llnh. dial sihl
"h iuild livt ll v l' whll ill ilirt ll delt 'ir Ira C lllh r WishI
l;nai n ni il r hirl'. ii n |lia lir t4 it) krltip hlr r r isU
luanfr ( a grandfi illaher In rIanl! li e wulilel't he Ilr
graail.alllinr laong. No iwsal! I ano t.|ll| youl. ; 'diril
ilrtnla-I;,lhi ng froltl her ...lisnd I e wialll ete. lian I of l
la''il ll, fr i ni ga t a. ')l 's l iaal thll i tta i'a i aaf(I.
Ilr teethi, sie loaiok>ed atn If words wlthl her aiinilt
a'tlion. dr.iasilic nd determined.
Th' tarineid Int lilt narrow and ntl'ue st.reetn''l in
Il' lhelart ofl tle lie'1li.'" tliat far y'arsll inal bilele
Inn a.ial'ia r ill sw aiailal iisnatl e liinaliilst. tll salirlel
Ilta lliolany ]> aIt ltile lu older I'lhillhaiaialai anp.lim l-
Ilil- "ile i.rsipective of little rdl lirick liaias i's allll
"lhte i do linr all i.iltteirs anil hit'e Ilanarii ll 1li,4i .
i' ppiilnilltion, lna Ivu aid alien, were chlllly of tihe
Carll1il nal lnsirP, aind the |Herennial object of 1it'
illiian lla ouIn MNliss onianry society' lp(rnall diu hili-
ilalitciapy. It Ihal It llege tItleilienti. too, whr ir
inilrily nidelrgraiidilllats aid charitable wonlwin ofi
Ilt' "lw" n uscllOl,. lsaftal-valvi's ar their allclu-
il>laai ti aaa,. delivered imnrioalltcal lectures on tlilngs
Ilaliru., in h<4l>uI of tco'ahing the1 rl I "r lohlii i"
l"'A I abtolal trstllng thla, an ille pihrinlnpi' hai. t the
childd a fatll'r to ti e ti1,nu to reoli.e i thick nelilouii
tliinre tie iillileniluln of relorni, inoral aud niatelrial,

ill .\Ahlrkn Sa lr. E:vl-n N Al nn, bllnak anilwhite.,
lii 'd on., namlhler hin n'u;aran, n'a t( (fall-n h I ai ll
r'Tmlsilva' wo, (11an Ilrahld rnalmlly anst( ieta'hy tandi
I.'red vi' In i11as hi .lla.d Iv r all lav lit,
pi an.lI'! l nllighnll lk Ii.' vi.ibl., l ll:ia ni>:>|Illlll I .I
lii l' i gria 'c l-lll, a i:ing andl t h In ll g into IrailsinLt
blilIy ti" th le oll n ll fhllrll'sl. of tIh, phine..
ia'lli*i v l l'a v w niiiaia lhl I'.aI ll.lrr 1111' a1i'1'
.Ap li3 aIipaaprnchl'd ti I 'narahar, hime. thea
hall'rd v'lil,., onulll ill vil. lpi 'r illlv i lll:ohg '. i(illenaaw
Ipr- ntlly, ta li r llII I l 1 ibf gl.a.. 'T liIIlh. Neli.e IIhIy
ner. evide, nily fitlll:r. I ut l oI l m ln ,l.
ltor sli,: A indl r.-id liit ri, a ly l Iniit ,ildy' a ria,..
IiF kll'ck a lnas ainwred I, vI a nrlY grow'l fron,
wiltinl. Iaini ll ia'o tihn-' *) r w.ia thrown Iopll'n. Alnd
llirn-' tl.od i W illia;tn tiL' tii ii '.". r,., blalr-.i,'y l aiail
IhnllI'nl iIonfroI .lilng, lt I lll wI ll i reli alll' l 11 .l, llis
HrInaiiI eni a:l ag tIhl fIit hl oniT i n f whti-IIy. A aslnxl,
glance aIt thi' wrtchl rioonlm I vlii Jni mIdll ItIhily Itha
lil Irnl di y atf all ananiL I'' I, is'ri'A'. litre IIaoirW .
rlllitk'In fl rnrliinr' tirllesA ltave. Hnlit in n I aori r. Iter
In'ol 'ii lia p a l illhei r l il n iiiaIalal'I farlaa- lalI lnllwl.
twhlln hm Ihi lw r nt aliar i inlli.. IIIIa I 'arllutitro.w
Sr., iil wnarna to laov nl a ii a'li ;ltth. ahr ily aIrlckii
oin n I1y Il'e driai nkinar i'nillaa Anll 1 l itn r wall.
aihlr a rniia l wnl t o hi r |ti, la as if In gliln stJ i t al i kei'rr
I'IlroIlderi in a t rsll ,'r. tha e l ia' o al**l ; It eiln our
%'lil, oaang ni.o! What do yul want?" roara'il
tii' Ihrl lnIr In j~l ii',,o at l n lr.
i If ioll' var iall?' ar il t'iate y.
'a Ina! li, ltWila l Na'iir .aaHlia' Nla, lar''!

al' iI?1 Wer ll I sw noit." Aind .I It'nalal convI rillr'
"I st i lll l. l III A1113'- m nllIy. onilin, ml y owt tIII ll wllh
-t i lll'ir inatagiaona' a t e n i, la. n avei ml.aan
anill all Jli taay hia ll'aly. I,'lcl il l a l(nl al al. a 4 1 l.i
gIl" nieni lr whl a toairail rnl/ lia'. IItph lldy i-y.
ia 'ratio r ,l. i' N t- ( 1 .t will nr ti"
'yoii fr do littlelu iri nirl illl lperriull wliu drunkelt
IM**llln' Il In !"
t iaallal villi. a1mlall anni Il rn L i i l a lna ialotla aa l'r
alap lIr ia' 'ala. aIIl aI ha II. I W l. I" rI.s ra, i llii n Irulk l
graealafaitalb>r with lll'rtlrr'll l aa l ltl 'lli'iii. ,

i Nu, toI!mr.l yon yo'rallfly canai l,'" Ire'orted
a (iI r 'I' a utll l rlt, ta'n a lall )11( 1 111015 (Lt ati llt I

ddy, iI butI:rr i hild of .l--l wgoill intlure a girl no
yever IAlvedo e lltlunder whoIr'i e lae.L w l' re Iou drlns.

Sale? No' yon r needn't Illinl." rlie a. Carothers,
l hillr far lathe fuure-l'r S1r. wi l tIu lli 'r itetll her.
vr aill )n wlalllsll allal Iil'hlWln'. aaa I ll) 'I I ll* s hI
alaac'i~rn nllaallllal watnna 't iaaas.a' 1 i sir' a i'll lir Ia

klenw, IIIa la. irk'e r la'Ik lea ving lll 'arui, rl l to llhl l '
thinal y. butli la ailil; l til a alalg girl | rby ti erl asd
'vc'r iiyla'l-aaaOl uiala'r lia'"a' fa'a' y tl ware 'alllt airt.

andl'e r yinw tllae lt alni ight, llt under a 'tld'rs
i ai|lll lilaialat 1'a i ll iza ha,' a'illai. *' I'll tail ,' as'sI
alia 'r l(ar las (taatara'-ltar iaa sl L' a ai ialar ilainlal IaaaatlIaar.
blilB|ah elnl. Ji! n ik l llaa i rraaalali"ia girl by (ia hia.11d
aonl ed bnilr 1 i'lo lli, *swet ,uiicla, uiit itall'r Uu 's

,An hionr winter. lie surlprnl' M r.. ltra'llnn. his* hlal-
nldy, by te-arlay iit uI t hr ldor itn a cali, and lbringing
In a trail lluowerala girl, with: "** lr, M.rm. rIilrenuall

( 31 )

al |ltl I u h i rlree."- !:. Mrs. Ilerblv. cllnk glas.. with dlikes and rarl: n:
i, ,n da rmtbirler Naleli l.avallt? lhhnlio with royalty's S ,l. and. rieturnin ti, it,
.l`lnnan h""i. e -"' i er. Nerll i llt 'A'rhers, "I'd I Statelis. fore l his way. 1dii 4" tite l egiA of -II ,*h ei.,,ll
,ll iis i hes iir dtilr to hellr. nd you. ia regi la latroll;lg ill the exIIsive ties'Iv o "
wianl I o le Jo i "in ,her. an I'll i et t) de fal ring.- hal'i Ie so tlong, d tes .itu hi ;wea lth. 1 : "a i,'d s ,
nni-iP. A-"" anot ,llle'der!" .!waid the nm-hearted charred ow. bievatuF4 I forsooth he was n -- it ,-%
(Ir ,S lhlw "" ," itis r Il .ir i s w ll iil otb r.v |llil now with Iteddy icrk ill is ni dr.v a l .i .... ,,I,
kr|l| I. m na l ak I a ing heIl r ll ,i heltr li rt'll -6 A 1i!idenlYl r to dissolve I11n llr. Ill whli Iriv:il ,tlhi,,.
kinto. ani he l ai. Mt" [aI' lany Inlidad. hen. I will. do our graitesi lt ehieiio oilen lilnge' tl, l .. 1wr
Ialote r"d. tllhe IseI ar rllin ItIle oiirrltai Itll. llthe the lrpreir tt Iedldy raII ti d l linl IJv ltall re liI.,,r
rol.e ("lirt. 0ll 1aoI, itl s! What al ls Ni u at i a ll i?" lit' MInj" in piu lic li>l i('tr. Ills illn ... I,. .
lra'. h sId t lit i l i'd nud marklitg his niallor llth'ie < llusslon nlii d pivot f opiniii ] in !, l I t
ahdntile t, rn it I lI els .n-od pirttlii krs atid houll loilrlv fro. tl ll.n t ,, N -.
o. I l!rl"""l i- I In lll( l ri oll.| l ral ,lllh!" I Osd th llaiaag his aalon, uatarlt.t. No l'tced. trlaas. T.' ctock t hkers were witc'lair mr oth
r. It' only a y taeratch, on d ead si right! day foi r f hti t t 1 t a l ll-t l io ls oilt hIl' g al ri,,
Mr t. lr i n .a l:rinamll.t1hiat by t u i la ** r." n. Jlnkhit, it. 1i s uil II. In Itllold slot ling i ,,

All twat ni git lie lay a in a .i itnla Irtlhiil hrlit'i. 1u IIlll. and r a, .
a hll. h visions of Li two NelitA. itiother tion in tlihl It IIli i i woirldl,
od llll. in uis of gold. In is waking Io ent ti wi h.n. ll, th i' r is l his illness liteli lpall. llhl
hI, likened tll en, o tlhe "i a .M d:00. nn1a ,.nil Chlilll" h t111 c i augi holil Ilo t-sei r' lin.l r. hli.e i lionr, .1 t.
h In ln a. rr. lltn lia's pirlar. Nrx.t ray. IiMipilt ll.nii>t l >livy > king lrilllthruilgN ia td.l I i .l .
lMr. llnai'nn. a irntrealtie, it- started flr hi i stai lesl he won il lilritively l a ppelll ar II lile I. rel < a illiirlwi.
bill was lack again llbeflre I1the nd lIf tlirh wOk. ilthi1 You lan plul II. hel rter lr da :lll ilisied Ih, p*1
time a silk ilin, linudied. Anl wlilat lbelrwen lieii fI.llio Infrol i hi pilll.ow a t1i-ii i 1f lli ,I i lll i
a mllotheCr to Neilie and it plrsori, Ipen Idr rnod fiti I lighting "tp Iis eiis. But oil o111ight i.n Il" 4
ially little woil anlll syi.lpanell;le t1o lWiddy. |l1ra aills i-iiai nie Mr. lyan hlas win Maiij sr Mrhlli:.'
llrennan wad keptl liii. hellotrope viltoriously for four years In-' Inri- I'
-"T'lhr plloor hliI's prlk. an' very sick. (-d ill11es l l iir ditl att ale l i4irat Sliliiirhain."
li ilm l' h said. illlen I called next dlay', In nk slillut And aril r It hl, tlli. for on lie gnri al l I' llt'lv
lilln. "''Tlle doctor was lhere tlo-dia and lhe a'., f,. ri to til I ns i the stlk thatlli l iil
ihe. Mr. l Iliv nnan. l Ie iinusht t- ie Ijulit.rd i lil ernally. it.i'rl wliti l, or. Twl o wei'lks before ti rall i- It
Ilitl ke ll li very quilel, i inl with iarfil nurslln" l it a llllleft h liiil. iir aflllv talendlll, irlllliiIg in "h
oiin lit to l Ie nll rillt soon.' Anil naly (t;ind grant II. inirunltiLlliron io Miajl r Mi;D)liio aghl Iletwlen w1II' ii nll
asit I llsni- ii' tid t Ia 11 liltw' sed Moith r-ifor IIs lilt! il in r I l:ll (a(ildlh'll' t I' ti llar l IntuIa iini'l*. "1
dillcilll Iltn Ife i. anlld ever hlasi Ibleen. I.inhl night hel \ wa ipliii 'nlltv a'ill, buti ll. w al. nlit llla d It *.('.,I
wia, ravin' l itn ht i rla p, s a nd i very Nrotid wiiAil.wni hlis i t'ngtlh i I rniliting Molly II ttfoair, tth gll r,; l lt.
Nellie ln' Milll II.' nantd i Mi llo I ( n' NIllli.' PI 'i h I tinL r. lit hli it i ,ae liner. lad il n in li'1i
lll whi-| M ll y Is. I't ( Ir the lif t. i it IIr o(lut. l 1nds. and i ih Mii tjr was radintll t wIlti il'l .'irI'
An'ila l tiaitl l imkin' L t11 li- it li, r, nii il riitllnlil hr Irll ll lliil|lll in lliil lirr idh i l i i i I h Il '
An' ill hiI mlkin' l ill h lt ir, nit r rlllln r llrintlii ton now iliat l r liiI. asteIIr wais lIt til .
Moalily.v nti saat Its Nelle he aies. or c You'II INtIa good anre M Nellie. wou'l -%t It. -.
Many I Winll o ac 'ltreniant" hIt' acked. Ptltriltarasly. ont the 1a:1 1i,
iTh n I s1tiil II r of 'r ile l ldnt anlIl ilXlllltie lI f h (or ia l heart wias lI nii l11i l II litie cll n.It
nllslt Mlily I0, whlereprtiln site l, like lin: "T h lli~r about lii gIir is li fe fo(r her welfare. *I'
poaor lllowl i' have. llir-i r1 hoy Save known wihaIt it I t ill e all o an llttrtsl f." I li1.
lih'rhlil dy il ita hien Ill. would. .And ll's not tlhe d rlun ir. lirllira.k. drhoe lonrl.rls of i. I"t
iatl inthe,. alhtir. Miat on, d,,,. when lI tooik its for she shan't have 14 go tinagh (t If tGod slp>ar.s in."
Hirlbi dvown lwerivrrIver t ino (*,ilel 1a, tars, Ilisgrand- a a at
oihrol l. aT i relilit er sotwl-diln't li l'hi" It o : ive- aer
twitard after a NaO*y and bring her utlI. its n*Ie a ever A trnj.iest of applatw sltooak tlihe grand slant. '
y ioui rlen to her ioor, dlsthrartell iothsller' AlolIv ll canteredl a ot llI lhlr paddock tlr l. ntia
llrl'dy' ilhlnar waa sa, n attilered nainmad. wllh eveni that for iItIinti aitl lbeniii s Ir toplfii it'
retliorlal paragnipllin In Il ws nwspaipernr. rInodatoil-r of town, Kings und Quitens of snorlely wre h'r, It,
lil lierolm an. nd ar|eldnatll wai rala r nI a inI Ir ihn-lla force. tita- yioutli nad iehutlv of Itlf ielrohIol tl111
blal effect on tl (Grial Hstiuurlban. It all s generally frnlil lll cniK li an. go, m ill.i-; 'lcor.illt Imx. llnr si tIll'
nconri de tiat uanl itpln i mald .pill|it l ollit ( to etinmr look Ilko llower-frlngeld Illsl t i rliil)l :ral"'-
h 'llry." ail Itenkllttsll 1 It In our paper. An;I wannl Flualtatls In irrei and l detll or;tsil. lIonilllilireil' it
a Purse was ait stake! Never before in lti' hl(isiry of hasl, MItnjor iMAloagh anti Iild his pl til y Il lil t"ril'
lllrriel.n rcln in lhad Slic a plrire lIhon offered. o a Imx anlinu willt iln.llltia, .. IT llt a tlia'rt ''
ir l nl Malolr olllintli t wats rich annd i 'l.,i(ll more tllir fIlll oln lMlly O nere! gKl"on,- lid ware h',lilt-
ur ien Iall te no diffLerene" 1. t111. thll slirwd iiilanl. trl fa(tiiir it bIreast nnd ittilltolin-kll. 'Th' iill
ipulnitr of e w York pollll' lil to lir king s tlln II In lp illl ink of condllltin'. andl, In I trial rUilln ir
t allr Ino be! polnpd olll 1in Ithe lha and lllaklae n sltf at Ii' t lrot nli hil'e lll Ilil tIt lt tlllst'r Hinldr
Whlle owner f itlIlly 0,. 'inner il ithe (Iret l aulnill rI B I thlit lll al r, l ihr. IIai anld oiver i irri h.rl'lifct 'rl
S'thil atpfoslllItl f fl lal trllluplh illght not han allnd the Itheme o nall Ingullles. Ill. rlmln ni"
o this ntilngelncy! lie llght even win the Englili that Ieddy was plile hut ill ll lthreksa weair kilh.ll

] ,H bright Iptl. I n might linv h Nrnexc hrit. ul h d hI d [h.- and 1 .1 llr i ml l li'mmlt
i il I ri hi l[, i II lll dillt se? IiI oli th l.' 4 rl a ik? a fl. al lI .] I li Ii ti% I iIsi* h ll-llng
Ilt:llra. I llt': ('ni ip rl I ld ianI 1111111 ulid p t, ilinatal undir tlii I of ;ai II liiliwn lihtll. lav
.lkii rln t li pITI. .- t nd. aitnll ll ril' I r i11'1)il p,,a.r i tla y. while aiil ill, l ith l l l-l.irlgragg.lrh
: .l l il hi. Ithi ,n Il lln hugle liew fl r flit- ilk. hit whalip a lllrhtli(l rih.c Iin hi I .anil. ua salatl t l+
.ill,. hi r exlly ia'tni t. gtw inel'lll'lti in tllh belliln i. li. l nl yl- inAllgll from II lrilp ..
:.ii.i ranll l f' ri w. ri rh klh ly i M .-rll ri ll' h l 11 li -l111 lIl l l l ri hIIII l il r Ir ll:i.I ill anil i rl.
.ll: ii. l ll "aisl lla favour.llen l lir. ll l I I mll IlII Ierllon lill a n llhl lr lil lll .4.s ,I f h l.piir ille
.llln .:I ri llnl ll 11, lI of I ll the tll. Th n wortl I .i1 lh.had Ilh il h.ldr lllY u: rk.
l|lislla anl d ix n. l lts lt.e l lrt 1atr. tSalI nlll T lrlll ll tll hiy lilldil hl ilm 1 l lllr .lii. virtiis i..
ar Nl tIalil I'prd! t lit!i ItII ro p va 'l'll llhll ll all i ia tll i. III' r, 11 tl lt. 1 ri i ll II' IId W hutall i .Illel
l!In, iiIi thir til hl 'an'd I st Itie'ild iinf ed I undl r nll rr ii ir to beari lit I' i a I n riinii lil iii r lli'il l- l oIi lr.l
'i ui-r '. eaI te li' izz of l exr' I lr'h llltl Ia'. t n Inil. n tillll lit tell iir f track. a ll)nd nil l .i M d nily
hll.r 'lrh l ilaUl I'v "ry lirtk was tln'ltI forwall'i, r l 1 |il vi' Iok il in n i 'llngt l mllp I's hi- tll'r i.
i.tI li h arit shl tilit ras. n thai'tl vli' iin mir Ntr w ihl Ii. tnh t night. lril.I- iilali| latch uih lii
li r wriv n1 roupll i of fiflo hIrenkK. 'I'livn, No tr n n1 u l-liv wl.s of ths .. w llnit lilnmwd hi. ..%-
ilin i.l.i, fll l iand t 11 llhid 1111 1111 t( ii ls In .is uniii hiii rri 4d h1 l fl l g t. logi'y :iil liilltInlv in IIII.
iIilliI n 1whilrl of dl tl proi') ,l111i ed the sl rl. thli n'11 lln l t int iirnil f lit' hi ," iit llP r II lit li'. ll I.. inl
]hu].:i l lt ir il- r mar dil -" htiy'r'v ff!" hI lil' .ln k I'tllrll i 'n hlis-k., III frirII bIn whirk-
i li, ir k I l th rl t 'ltr litiria s ep l t h dfi l l ik i i' t ti1glll5 klaii l li. t illll I ali. ithom iii
,'I.,lI. lrlk n are l tn ll ItrI h tile hallt f vii ilvi I I aItalll ar tli ld l: IIilIIMtI ly o lil l iibL k.
.,l-.-...i.gly or inll drillched kniPolp l l(, l h tl l .l il wil i **I I. llhl l hllIrr th:IIII n diI llmll hIv.', l-l t llllll
)pr'i-lll:l lit. t iri of colti :- ldl. blur iink. grtn'l. sirrilli i llr ll i r fril- ." -;lhil I:,ji.r M lilmaghtll
l '.ili .,r:lir li',|ri. | >',v iull- tlh: psII : d t:i ni k alitir l. hl trl he y li. iili II Ibl .' e i h -plmlit i.' onl ii
I :f, j.,rkr,' F itr hile If was a, an iri n. ....I 1 ;rl ;'kin ll; I n,.- ahlilflr h I lad li- Iihilili
iilhrli'it f vllt rini tlir I v;Ir wills Itiiin sler si -r|-v ntlll ( bornw.
r;,;idii! I)lillll i llnd rt( irnil nll k l hi.low.r it'iir Ay! li', a pilt ," Ic lni,!y iid tihe i r. hiili
gi(li tin i. l;I rL.omb1i)inilg l aIl duis olviniig wills i I n ll'l w Iil rivi' In A sl iln L I hu l;llltraltgi on1 wh' lil
'iiih lii. Lrlh i i i, l p al I. ll t llI .l nt l .la il a i l iry ll 'rhly li ;v 't '.i 'ng i; !I .y.
I'i'-.i ,t tri'.l. tlihr, l i a:r l raw ii erdi it Iast Whi v ,lhl vI m ride I my l i' Ih n v tII kIrtn Vit'
'taf. wai, rawt, i di. ni i her sti ii" t I llt i f I t' i ll's I lw a wlli llll "i I'm ir11 111 Iuhi v s h ulll l.
'li li:ha l pi il iI n proi'lchiin lle h'llly. nsiI iii, .tll M.lajo" >:lil lllw |ior flinw m ly. I
l.n l l h e hl.ip a l p:l.ait ll> l llh ir a k lri :Il I ri ,. r I t.ia0l llir '. l.'il'l r inr II li llhl i
"Wihi .. Vix.n Itral N rll Y l it li. ll Y ll q I rs iA l vr I'e 'i".l chiil-
'lhi.i k iial 'INla. h for Molawk!" nil or|phln. il o'hit-ii]con itall i' -lrld! I w kniell IW
Ili'. le 'ii gi. Moliv Ni r Y.aS, .Ilov. i ni kl In i t v" I ( lier. I lkimow hlll It IN I 1- al
I, lh, i' li Iliw i l hi| It :r How plenmidl% If.. 111111he .. (iles te orl-an-and de i sril ,flld 4e 'ih'race of de LeT s
V' lm ii' l intr |l, Vixrn anild ll vaiolvl" (r ii hla Ilkr ,l-r. .hi'i 1,-10 g....'1, ft li lt 'nri'it ,r
It"' .M1 i Nl k'- r le! Out l)t iw 'glii Wh 'i.ii ell ;i kdio s l l l ii I a'sh t' l .i in u n 'l l t I oilli
S r iia" (,,a r hI er.No faI(i l -ihe'd l n 111 (Iti r' i li ai i t llkr
'li t lr again! M iI Ir Mollh l, rv r." n o itir linl ii h l. 're jIt i l II s lilh. ri i-- dl
't'l w a l liIr tt r ciaprl.t ilis I ,iii l 1isH li'' ll i '. ( r iirnin' ,lotl Indi lir, I 11 i i' I tnsi l
"' I I n I k, III I "nin t thl rl UIs'rI lL ery Nillie in i i r ll r i iiin' lli .'. a ,'I lli 1IIaI. iiI' d.
i eIll. IeIr wlll II, llv.rlvin* rexerlton, rill I n I' IMajI r -n+ rlilI of N rIh I.-hav lll'. h r .l 'll Ir 0
I' Ii l-ll.lw. ills l. r l ll- l t l:lrtd Iorl llr. (i lllll, ll in .l Ynl rs ilarn li-hlr Ir o t r(l l.lll i.i r I In,
'lin l:lllnk Its ( inl.k indi r godil l of whlip and ip r. VtI';iIIdrfv ini! i alIi-UI layi-i' "
tll lr I e1.1 c ,|||| w llt d In t Ihilinro l i Mn iu1 i ;y frir.nd hlAl. lih M1 hjr. -I ". 11.Hll ( .1 lly (; !" d.|w n II. tlrt,. k. .." F rlll. I wufs juitl a lllkin' it miglhtl I 9mkl I -
i h"l'r ihe mr, llig -. n Id flc e h.r b,.anllllfiil inllzzle 4lr.1d 1.1-1 11-"
rl,r ]|iilg li.,eml .4 vIxon. llh ilel hi llll. lare. *. W h' 11.1ipcr.d II. Maj.r.
k I,'ld williI ii p,. lile pallter I demlt In Itifae T, T Ilik vcr 1 I k ii i ltr. r 1 i l l fr Nelll .i
te,;' lir tl ill slpu. i] v.o1, Y"l t ll lnl, ,r Ia n I' iIi f.' w 1il -r I4r. 1ll. lln- An.l
" til' g rl lat'si me l liuve )' olly. (On i t it .1 r-' ildl i 1-1a h~ pp. ,.' "
n.\lI in. li w, Aint plat l)t, d jidgt .' in l, winnd, r l, r |r llVw' hnllld in, *All 'nr .. Tiil. v'i*llhi lls l grar.*" w"
h11.,1 i I h i o the g, rat ,,i ilb rlm IIl'rdy's n.i- uiin ihim. For Ile fr I lle II In ,I nIytr- oIf l-i.illli n'
S.*. -., ii. l i l lhdl 1 ul(sol. in Irn ( ntrIld ii llfrel v, I f. "i. e ll I .Iri l i.ih Ivdrl bal t (h r
i 1 I .1 1n.,,|1| < l llv W: |rmnn ln i l rn ( llir peidIIt.r..-. niil ofpllil uoo df ls.- o.rld, 1.>.d If.,w
IlI.. ,mI||.k,. II w e fia. hnll l l hts brok. ln Ilo i.. W' llemi n In wlle w f ll i ii .l l. -li-hill ,. ...Il. V.., .v.erol
'li' d hlllir gl'l.ive, hands fInd w .ved lth ir lhand- Ivltherr e I lliI iIIttllihy% III.nuln', hItl*"Iry!".h1rtly
Re 'rlirh n i ras, w|||i 1111, Illlie dillr4% r s of i l lv tillin. rl ll .1'I'illl Illlr 'lt ollin pre-
d-lighlll (l rt w,.n ,ll nfltlirm forg t llhirlr Il v Rnlll *I l lt I tlli ll il n Il l, b hi earsl. "t. IIIIMIII
""l rnisi ihllY I llI, illd e brneluing u nlr Itullh,'r w hill 1lill i ll'f, II d' -1i 6 I wIL 1 .' ti'i. + rIo 1
', in ll rhw,,ivi ,. *, f lhl i llit -reail trillll. vlsh w l.P' lrililix" I" lindl
%Ih"t"r ,rll1iu i m h iprangt frou li I lowy aindl rnt Its hitll rl' 1* i1t li lte liomling of his,1 1iclorlu. lx't. Iut lhA wom f,rld; if Ao I.-,<* .Ms h ri 1 ,10

(. 3(

Sy ,nl'!" lie Ianihidl. on hll kners. t, ll hold-
l tr g,-dl h* liund. forgive lil lit, iAuIslt iAdsi lfixlil
I An d I In rrel lirn lilhrniilslo "lli0ii 1o mly
.hil i's hollme. thll"s Iisit of Thy little ones, In
.hild ,
T '.I atiel lli? lh ir l n iipt her? l faintly n mlll i ilr
rr IHe Iv, as IIl Irvidulhll o f IIh vow it hlad jlnt l.
Ceard regstered before Mid<,l a Ainlle of h1ff'1)le
S tisnrllsturinn |I| lilte Iilf tLllt glad tldinR of
lt- jonv. for liits IIll Nellie.
' i.hi'r" Ill whlalperrrf. prjsitlnsg hi hland. You're
re'.'lar brick y h ldanrlln will Ixn a r.ial ,il-nn-
OPit dy now. I mit so lg A' I rodo-lMelly 0- "
Thea, very softly. "I think-I li'ar-i-mi-mollier
,lingl i -LL r'rti-llomei. Pleape-let dre-prliet
colc|-ln-noW "-.Verarnyrr ,of the $,ecr, llrert.


lnot iqIile collie ti to lth high of ithoi
Spanishl coirl'iltrli'e." (Ilrllthl r IIkrs M1aill tih,
very cnitrnry.) llowvard WV. Brayi), isu.kiillt ul
tihe i'lhilippines for manit years, say. th11 \\t
friairts IIhere have ile nol work" (fr rdiic,..
tion. Gc Nural Merritt Aisserts ut tile I ui.
Ihave beeli giviat blVilnlactots" i5l1 lit i)ii
of Maiiil;l. lIon. JI. lirrett, Ui.iloed Slant. Min.
ister to Siam, Ilears .his testiInui ii,' the lllen-
ticiont iilililence exeruted Iby tIhe clel y uo tile
I' Nulmbrinh 'eaiiily ,.ixx>i ilhv-
ilicluhte lunIIy IImen'l of great ainlity, lwhi. ctli..
aIcter, naul wi I knowledge. The ma:ij.iilv A;
faithful Io their vowI.. .iiil the few who.
slide are tlf limixeld hhlo.Id r iativ'." i'if ih' ,Ith.
olic clergy iln tlse ;fr E1'st trick l to k,,eep !ili
people ill ig nira;iice, as IBrthelr*' IVl..
we s.hiil like to ark Ihim how it happei,i ithi,

II re w'I eV U lle ll 'g ollI. rV";ILIIU1s, 1 iAllt Ic illl.
II was Presidlnt Clecvlanld who aild, in re- cIl hchIoils ill Mianili hef.ore I IBliubl S'icily
ply o nll atlnck mtllLe l him by a Mcleth,.distl Swai ever I l.S.Ind of illywher. 1" Min.I
,aiistcr, that the rlclciils ur factors of the credit," wrllte Sir lliry Ellis, la d(lu It lli-
molt approved outlet for placing a falsc atNld SpaIliiards flir tle esIta lisshmIent of chliool
larcficed accuisntion before tlhe public appear throughout the colony, anill their unri/'5ciliig
to lie: First, 5oime one with laslJssllwch A 11nd miio- Cxcrti Ili preservC.e andl prlopagante C liiitiilillt
lives aulliciillt ti intent ilt serrml, a nlinis.r I'y tlis lest of ill polsile iiieaii-tledillumI
with gullililiiy nil live of snotriley, gretrdily "is oducatiii." Cliri.stihity lhasl rarely riven
willing to listen tIo it ind gatnlhbl it; noi third, ior111 advtiiivallgeous to it followers llha htre
a ncwxspapr anxiously wtlliig io plllish it." *n.lirl the Ph'lihpllpinle Islailtler," saty \V. I(.
Nolle o(f these factors. it will le Isioticed, are Il'lgrave illi lle ScriCit ic ilAmericnn.
laickiilg ill the outfit for spr:edlii c;lumnicu We might qi oot other ,uthiritirs. Aind .al tilt Spanish in tihe Philip- these at pg.eatuer leigih, in rlefuhliii ol of llilhr
pih>es. There ari the llilncrplllllhls IVL-litors, I S.ks' serrioI; hsut en.i:h I"
the j cuadl -luvo iitg Tmtiisters, 1(nd tlhe yclif tl e present. We shCll revert to tllihe -jct
jourlnls talore. Tlhe ilfamilllO IcCl i lol. f agil Let uls :say OW thlsI we, rCgarl tI l- I(Cv.
the Icv. Jolln It. 11)kc. 1,wo l.ipcnl ii,,g l Mr. Johnli. 1(I ,y s a.l tle rtrestC .slCci. n .. 1
ItewIspa"ra 1l over tile Uliteld Sl>iS il.elelrvc ,lilluteril Illel,,llCiliy thlalt h .s ever .co>C" l,,.cI
lpictl l>attelllsioll,l. beahI5sC he wb1 iscllot to M.Snila o blr --,i.- lI. ri.
liy tlie Anmricai Iliblel Sciety lto ascclrtlili
whether our new Inassc sions in tlhe far East are
. lh.d fo h)lrBible i hik. rlliotlyr lykcl' report A corr.pon.letit f tile New Yi.rk S,s" l.he

port wi to reI.l Si the s.t*ives t n l le "fll, K trth orr, y do ti Clt1 rrole.itl;ll' i
doing all ill tlteir polwer tu illpures asnd 5 iClO we r htio ICbee giei -NV oy do0 piouI Prites Isis4
iie them. We iave' recad tIle 41jillibler', ulig rc.wllmil e aly Oil hexiclli ni16ioi I l
Part with great *tsItollo. Ile &asked, furtheriaore, Why do11 lroltt'Salli i'"15
m. ion.ill es persist ill inisrepresenlttii the Catis.lic'
ill contradiction of thii unlqu.lilfitl cens re of Mexicon? A reveurcllnd prevaricator ilnlamI
we might quote tlli overnlent Cuonsular Re- lrown (Hubert W.) lately usisrted ill i lIeter
ports. In tie volume for lJly nmay Lbe foulcl to tihe Independentl that in many parts of Mexico
this statlmeint Thie patniish priests, with only fear of the strong irlm of the civil g-vern-
ncarcely an exception, do their duties faithfully menti restrrill pritsls and people Iruii killing.
and devotedly. ristit of native extraction deo Prutstant nlisiioniaies. It was Ihis latest fiction

( 3i

ultilh rolli.'d< ltle righlll, oul i g aligtililn of tl l i nuIlill colou itihn of thir Prl'ilotral: t wm, lld in l i ti
,,,,'s 1 I1lt1 rl l. 'll l Shite write' : r.lpid sirevild of c illlilliv,' ligalinsll (ie relixiIIIL
tl ii. a mystery whiy Priotet .iit eilrpIti.e tleirs. iiI the Philppinms. The s r ular and
I,leC I1t lllll ,illll i I., llI' XL deli hfJIII ul t1 live. ill,
itit, ias i bl ten r or im re it i ho .vst gov it. "'**"'r. They are give a 1 plict I pfromini ce
in'mt. xle'xical laiwlm aro jiut int l Ihu. a iin, ali reiterated t il y ;iftvr daiy. i lliitol .lntl
.i. ciiscientiijusly iv adhliisteredl, wi'llit the ibwli've tlle titles munl lh.k fr temtin. hut whale
snu e l.iis'lallml fol Ilhu lili.a ii s for (lithe while c : ti,,tle expect t w hll we ItlcCit th t Ilot'iustilt-
11uitl. I e miaj.iritv of tile Il icln wp l e mn na l i lf.ta visi iicu tiot mavm ii the n tion,
.1, il li tlh ent, ki i-he+ t-l.l t' l, e I 'r ll I" 1 h" sll I v llllu l t ll: .l.u
hili.ntiil.ihed lb uvt ry (CIri.lltin virtue. lTheyv thl' tihe ('lhur, h is i;, m l I' the icill al nd
Iuc Illh ii illcie i it f0ill, till Cathl llic ChurII ch, inlitillitotlls ilstitltin which its liious ilul grLls
Stluhl ble dillicult II itingi i. thlle MNexicaIns 'iainul]n pictuirr.-7ie Church I'ruro-m.
n111L, vw Ii| a; sIhow \ If illll'te st ill tile rlhvlirn s
-f the 111-1 cl 'whn 1 i ic trl, ponh tihe national, St.ale CATI IC l lK IX 6x IhIHIANV.
,r city iMlitics, or give utterimce ti it hliitnily
dlitcltii iiiI list lte Street Ceiilitca n )Lg Dep rt- I thl coniltrovrI'y itn tihe iiInll Ice of( religin
l*r..nt. Flrimll this it ili evide t that ti e Mexi- il 1 o1a l tl) )ospl'ity, We have 'evl II. n 1111tio1 r Iliu-i l ,, ill.y Ia religii Tlh y llMlIl of the ,il iii;il;, ic: :ul pIrpuiiilratintgh
l' for pnvnic devotion, With i lnullu : of like Cav If Germanly in til *e
litvior anll r ',ul ity to asltotisih 1d elify tll i e l i pri s t ipriopetrity nI ll Ip.iwer oif ltihe G
ti'-l pins ChinmIIIIn Elmhtitu\ irur." it' lpii', nmw oni e .Iof tle fiiorI.j t ntatioilb of the
Whiy l icl, it imay be askd, dil iotiilestnlt wii rlI. Til Cti(thllic poipultio ti of UGermaiiny
ii 1,1, ini. p .lit il the .ir itte um.ii )t w illi a iil c 11 ,, 11.. I5 t Ii f li l..ltlill' tCi)ir. T hli.
|I|'>Il .c > liirili.Ill lly plvil-tclll Il thleti O.n ,i iR .1 n i ,
+.. | i .llh' "+,slim i,, tllc | ..,. M r. rvll ,,il Cll- l; 1 Cl i "ll )' is he h11.ll' l llh' ,l IcHl "(
inlt', ct1111r cniltlllhil ;lery creeiut ie Sol rc iIpug. u i-lt miifi iilii ny the llir by two i tIo .n lanld
11i l it tio l e iuph.le of exicOi-- idI(.. emillillnt in ll ti n' tion'si p )litic. I J ccon lic
-- liand social problems theI (6jiman Cath(.'.lolic: are
'l, ilntl.,ts, iWilli cultlin rare iutl praise- in .aidvitnce of anly peoi)pl in lhei woril. Their
""ui xc" ttilts, aire really it believe siny- *iifederatious niitd ltad igie iare tlue moitl powerful
tnig tiley Vihez to tfie 'ietritnait of iests c nitd ji influence in citnlatiii it uin g wi a Socialimiin.
il.. Ih reas. o llt or this is mtl fur tI uek. The ithe grellat mtniac of Glrniinly. In tlel past
I'iltstatll itllagioJ tionI hLa biiecuIt alturaiteld t wentIy-llve ytai Catlhlic (Grnrln iy Iha clcu tel
,il tihlitn nii tagaisnt the Chulrchl. The a great iit imble literaturtc ; i llititry, philiiuo.
I'tfllinli. th al \ titri ll t il cailuin y and tsiu- phly, i chi icii. itiiid Inl tilther brauclt est. of icarning
MKI, til Ilte scelt have iiLver cruised to ptiur they iiare leaderr, And it shoull init, Ihe firguit
"thII 1 oull title of baicklilting aui f'liti e .iiti te ll ilt th 'y tire I1 people icI wh) hliav l lc4 i (rnul
tvil sinite. The result is that the Protlttlinll the crttliing ltuln of it dita rdly pert ieOtclliil
"Igillsia tio niv iin euic iilvidual.l intaniices within ia i'ihurlr of a century. Surely here is
I iniltilUUin hileslty and caudii olr, in denuininiuted Striking, incouiitrovertible anil coniltemiiiirietuiiti
h lice bl.ailbiti phauittiilta. tll i prepared aimnd esliidee that Cilthlicily fn-r (IulTwi awliiig
**i i*r t accelptt ;iitlhiig ailleti.gedt altainsit thle and eneiirvatitng ai people. aupplie tileim will a
-luiich la iand out of acuatolli with evidence or hoital of unity ndl itlr iiugi, if they lie hut iruv
without it. So deeply hat1 it belil corrupted in to the principles of their fnilt" to miaike thlleat
thi iiimtiner that it lia becolent chiliishl.y crellu- vig.>rouius, lowli (uill .ill1 iihlumilt.llcyriel ilhainlst
6hN. We have ample evidence uf this puerile tremvie ilous IKIhi.-1iid.

( 38 )

.- -- I PROGRA MMl E.

1L I n initr oi on- allnzii qliirii'll l;:ilt.
AT oRIANGEI \'WALK n. 2 1I'n3ihr, n ,a,.

.I n \ ** 1 I'i- ll .,
[ IlMUNICATHE:D.] ( I'..' .
\ 4 ln tlr*i, n U1t f1% 1- die l.ol
MO.T delightful l rtlinnrlil w Ih haullT i r II. miw.lil,.,.
ivrn i ll le Ca;tl olic.Clnil. r.,oom3 w m. Iri.
I;. 3ih 1 33f 113i 2 3 w li "3."ii 1' I" 'lIiin l l'1 s o33 I 'l-i, ,
H '' "'11 1 the L''I :.'i ,, ,kl l ,,"
vhl lwnv aiss oi f til e few fir' Ihl' in r'ry C llhlic 5 "--. P lan
Thbrsday, tII IIi3an ry. Mr. :Mar. U1 Aln rt :in y faster A. .3I,
". s .3 t lin e itn e ver C :" 7 A u r, 3rn 5',l k x 13ui333 23 Itaim .
ow'rk in this iti.3.i<>n, m defl olhin l o einh at n I l dlia b3,. 5 1Il n Q '33 l3 Illiln3 I.
ilakingi it a co3i pll2'lte su.ceess ill c'ly plaint o I t 1 pi3arhtu' Ill tilh il t1l:iliors '3l;tr I.. MIr, ila-l.
view. T'lhe prolgrll uni which ft>llo>\s was o a ( lir '. Il ...
3'33 3.'3l'l3 N il 3:ici> .5,.n i I-u3 ly 3y3 ..... W r1l3c31 ,. 1,;-1 ,
iapi lli d l 3ld n l A 3lmai a. t, .\rlla a1il Abiclni "I IA... lrler-
PricC v. r W thte fr ) in I l i3all. g3iI 'a ... I k-, gaveI
, us unal their rti tic andl highly Illpreci;atdl i WIh|I I'I -) I :
nusicaiIl iind v4iclil coiltribln ionl. \lMilste I lc ..lii
MlnircIhail l lcand lrl V I lr. s. we very pro.. >.3 ..n A". 3 n 1-,
Inintcifly with dtcir master picccs of chculitimln o un.nciii"
an rec nes, whatl wilth l1ne yar ir .in.i.m 2.Y1 c > l.-Sn h y .(41 N1t li
St3.J- iii's Cullie ca. n I ake .out i tl 14 3 rl t l -s, u l cl l UCimal-lrn nm liil.l
Ii,11n "i .5 l1h Mec. Quere.- -Sl. ; l "lll Illiv-m-"i I '
elrvicc ,l it hi.ul "ifaiii ht i i lli tianudiciuc 1 t Ma1l0il-4it \ A. Prii-.
of our l..c.i schlol %wi xli ilbilbC l ,lv3 in l h)l ''' lA l.
Slllrlwive |illi| ll ". t'll'l'll all i lll" t t i ill. l,.
nglie.h ani d i> nii b tll hi lcllilioii ii.i 1 B7itrdahin iner. ri Citlation.1bl V. Ag1illar.
ilu.c inl a. ve'ry gracelfl wvav. Splci;ll INIIc ll ri ll1. i'a-1,
3tiusl he mlr lde Iof l' o tu Cl t illo S:a i g" Cnlll. 18 I',l liir, ,
tillo<, \ iAugustii.l (i3liz;illcs 3i3nl Antonia A3 iln. | i'
At tihe clolv i.r il ( Fr. l 'i. l1'r, iiII ., in few it M x'iiin ityllni--Ml arell i n ri l. Van lillO
w'lil pokell \vlrildl Ihalnklil all the ll c-o(>c i s1 2i Sn $nfio-1lzulrl.ak (Qlln 'll ai d.
anl tilhe 3li'dit!inc 1an1d oIl Iervvtd r lhai a5 s our W i li,-I. l a-il .
fertlelirl rich .lainls. in ll CIIolliy '.lvl3 l ollfh 1. So1ig-Wlhn 1 ihall w. go ** 36.. I'm :"
1ruitful for want uf gtoI, fllm,,.rs,'3,3 sp 3 i'3 y1 ,t g. 1 H i *a, 33e3.
Ilis2 fiorl waint of ia olli)d t1n1 I3 1 ln| pri3rl air V lin i 'li4 2 A. I' riv .
Ieaceils2 3 ltvir liu 3i3nnoio llnitllf s ar h 1lt.1. 1 ilut1 .1)i nl3t n \I O eraI ()t|r lli 'ri",'
w3 s liat the pla. d s1 ls3 ). I lle inl hi-. Organr G5 U od ** A.llh. ulii.
.anls of this t.'wni >1cl, not ignore tihe fl(t3 113 l'l. 'h".
Sillce t2ell yvars lhey hlave beten 3r32l to make M2 I h3 l I..tP llda r. I
1l, r 33nr3lit.. ,lffort. h a haav a settchi l i .' n, iid .ld, ** ,. .,
l l3ave their ciillrln proplly tlilld; tlne Iew 24 SIlo0 Day Dr3aml .ll63s Nell I'li.
vtvcKl.c conve3t3, cumpl3t3 vl e funi hcd3 3sant 3 l2 t 1 3,3,llin an 5 el-r Xb 3'" ,
as at pro tf' nl l ,.xln A r ** .i Ai. I'l .,.
W \\I e lere t ak e t l lorllnity to give mir bsct "Ut lar ) r All I ri"."
A el na sto Mr. M" l a i a.h, N hilalu It .un le h ls.,.
tAbl l, I'rice ani1 Ca.11dalara lur 23ll nIg J 1. t 3"le I ** L ",.M r t.'
uleclr w32ll-co mll tl.33 X ,lla.>-lrcve which, in t uiwo u i Wtic I ,. 31 1nI
i rIth cleafrel Onse i unidredl1 *13i1 'Li att13r. I". '' A ql.ierns land,
l"Ii'l d n i oitl i c cu 2n1t (itl3 2 s Gild Sii (AJ Q'uIT ll Dn I 5 3'31.
111C Convenl f lr ruv~,t filudi,. 2b Cold 6ilv Ie tie nvn newl 11i

( 39 )


M3I.ths Iaromeiter Therm PIsychlroetr li Airin. I Sky R in

-- ,K
: NIx. I Mill. Mean. Ma,. M ji11 Dry. Wet. Hu., 1D-, 1 Dirtd l I Quality inches.

I.i;arv.. 30.36 29.S~ 1 30.03 5 59 7 7 5 70'-.6 1. CSN1-1 13' 7-7
"Firuary. 3 .mlard ... 30.1o 29.73 ;9.96 S 6 I6 7 .0 S C I .
7 67 S 8,- 76 0 I 7 6 -6
.\pl .... '30 1 29-75 28.96 90 70 8 S8 7 171.0S EE SI S !
M Var..... 30.05 29-73 :9.89 91 70 84 86 i 76 77.; ENE CS-6 ;t -.x
Iln..... 30.o03 29.63 29.83 91 71A SI 91 So I77-4:: E- CL'NS7 18! 6.
lly ..... 0.o 29.2 ;29.93 o71 s S So1 76 76.7 IE 'S !9 .
Au,,g,.t .. 29.99 .t 2989 9 5 SI 7 76. i C.t ('.S\ 21 s. 1.2
Sept .... 29.9 29-6. 29;83 y;A .i S 76 7. Sl S -,s 17. 6.1
(krr.. 30. 29.71 29.89 91 67A o 78 So 75.3 NN\V 'CNS' 8 19 .I.
Nv .... 30.07[ 29.X 29.93 87 65 So S 77 .s,,'74.3 iNEI -S~CSN'~ 6.
,.c..... .30.27: 29.S3 30.02 1,7 63 7, 79I; 75 ; S 72. '1 s:-N.W- ; C.'\ ll'II 3.3
., -,. .6 -- l). 6-.SL CNN 51. tx'.:-
Yrar is 30.36 29.6 2993 9. 9 2 "A 7 .74-7 S Si
9)7 30.2'9 29.6' I 9."9 '95 : "6 9 SN2 6 7.7 I C'.N 5 I.8187.2
.V> 30.29i 29.60o 22.9' 913 9 5 1 I 78 74-7 "'F CNs 5 t 77.'S
Ist) 30.32 29.59 29.95 7 77 26 73.6 I ICSN. 166 x9.
1S9t 1;o.l 29.70o 29.95 e691 So; so 76 8o 73-3 '-W CN 6 l.;S 6.;
l'his year, as. inll tie last three venrs, we have average wias 76', the samlle asr that of 1S97. '1
lakn Il'i. .liservatiol.a;t 10 n. inl., and .4 Ill., wai nulled last year, this low record of the huna
l pnlce f tlhe three readings., at 6 a. m>., 1 loomn ilty ilstIIi Ile owing to tlhe altered hours. f hal
:;laI 6 p. iit. w s ws dlol is the years precede. ing tihe rendillgs, as th11 dry an,.d wet It11b1 telr
ing IS95. to app)roxinlate in tlle early mloroillg, estpecial
lhe average Atmospheric pressure during when there is a West wind.
Ithe ear was 29.93. As usual, the readings of The most previllet wind was. ESE, shiftis
the Itirhmmtlctr were higher ill jinuairy anid during the last three ,mont's oIf he ear toI
lfIcensher. and lowest in June sltid September. IIut in the earlier imo.ntha more frel.uintly
Thel Temtperattlre averaged the same asitn the SL. During lthe oight and. cal ly il.lllil-" thil
Ilctligvcar I,Lr It degree lbhore tIh average i* t ge'rall y a fair Wels, hilt oilllg t, t11
,, 9 aI nd .l twj agrees al .. ve that.. change' of sr tinc o(I Iakitng tile ra i.lgs.. i,
Sthe" prcelil;g se year l. The highest W .."I '.,n t elni.atlcsl ftou, tiw ll111o .11h
W1.X111151t11 wias 92", whereas in 1897 it reached avcragea.
95Y al in previous .years 03. The lulIUs eshl ini- The usual iinilsr of Raivny daysv inl li,
minsI was.1 h ad ill Jaulllary, whli lltie I IlthrmnonIm- averages.a ItHolt I;c. ainull llll; ltisi yerar ,ur r
trr fell tl, g" which Vwas Inwer by ~"' hasn the ordwls sihw b7.. "The annttill of 1ai t. wa 111
.ltrfage 5IsIIIllsin Ill o the lIsst nine years. ;,,a,.,v e a average, amnd 13.54 iiaiche al-,v II1
As f rr the hinmidlty of the Atmosphere, the lailfall i l 1Si7.

( 40

S'. J i l'OSE'11'S OBlSELV.ATOH Y.

Sunill4nury of Metoorological Observations di.ring thle IlDlitil f lDecmber, I1.S,


? lMax.Minn, Mean

1 20.98 D 29SSJ.011
2 s!5 .9o .o1
3 .02 .87 .0W
4 80.06 .; 3.1-01
5 .17 30a.o40 .12
*. .40
6 .14 .01 .t1

.l0l .06
J .0)i .09 .9
14 3 .1 .144 .AW
II .13 1 .< *1 .

12 .t13 .10 .0

13 .07 .85l .i0
14 .11 1 .84 .103
151 ."1, .Gi .80

1s .Iu 1 .02 .14
17 .07 29.9 .03
18 .0) .9I 20.1 1

21 .1 .3i .ti
IM .::1"3 .65i! .81.1
23 30.01 .S !
24 .A51 .J17 30.0i 1
2h .W 0. .313
28 .1: .08 .113
*i1 .10 .OS .13
28 .17 I.0L8 .13
S444 .Ila .4il .0xI
31 .1 .~0 .01 O

A1 30.271 2.il3 30.02

Thermometer Psychromcter Aniometr I Sky

M iax. Min M n n. l eDrlly Wet H i. Dow Dircullon In I ualityI 1I
j_ _' ulle -___ I
87 78 83 84 78. 72 74.0 S C' Sk
87 78 4s 83 78 70 74.7 SE NSU
8 75 81 K4 78 72 74.0 SK I .' k I (
83 73 7 7878 75 ,-4 72.9 N
77 I 6 71 72 (M15 645 59.7 NNW Ns I,
74 i ( 70 73 ll 79 ) i6. W NS III
73, 6li 74 77 72 75l (l485 N W N .4 i:
70 it' 74 78 75 84 72.01 NNE NN 1 'S
82 72 77 78 70 8 [ 74.0 NN C SSk :;
80 73 .76 78 74 '79 71.2 N NIS II
80so 701 T7 78 73 75 419.t N N IV S Sk N l
81 77 70 74 71 84 6118.8 EN SN I' ;
83 78 80 7, 72 7 ;1 i7.S NI 'Sk '4. 111
82 73 78 78 I 4 711 71.2 M III. I.:;,
82 70 7t 78 75 84 72.11 NNW, IV N'Ai : 171
82 71 77 80 75 73 71.1i N Sk 2 .1
81 71 761 711 76 88 7311 W-K N' o .,
83a 1 77 82 7 72 72.0 SS I I .s !4
84 72 78 83 77 72 73.0 -i; I t Sk 14
84 78 81 83 i 78 761 74.7 EISE 4kC tA
85i 75 8C 3 7m 7 747 sl';K i.NS 24
S i 72 79 81 76 810 '73.3 KSE 1 N hk ,4 *
82 74 78 s2 77 7i 73.11 4 8Skt
8 72 79 83 77 72 73.:10 S4 Sk N :14
84 72 78 81 i 74 741 72.i4 SIK-NW I.'X s 4
i3 i 71i 77 713 7? ii8. NN I SX Sk 4 *
77 113 70 74 1 14 723 N NS' I"
77 117 72 7t 119 70 1 114.7 N N k.
O 118 74 77 7i 75 ls, l NN7W NoHk i "4
14 72 78 3 77 70 711.11 sil cI 'S Sk 24,
83 7 80 183 77 7 78.0 IN S C Sk 8 lI4

87 13 70 7 7 so 8 72.3 I'S-NNW SN 4

Explanation for the Sky: C. Cunlus, bk. C.rrus, S. Stratis. N. Nh Ni.bus, 0 quite cleitr, 10covered, rill

AverNag monthly reading; for Ilecember 4har been;

1887 to 1814

18i4 to s1i7

1 1511

lermomeeter 4'l 1.0 80.01 30.02
74" ll744tt" 74 o 70"'
Wind 79"4' a -, w
lidany days N-NW N .N W tn
Inchesor nr l 17 1
.fl44 n 8 1.15 18.0445
T'heo Paslt Mn4lh 1rtpe'nted three great hb4a4nge" In
t ile ri and jall of the Il llla ler. oil lt lB i daty it
stood at 29.190and the,,, lrom enter, On t4he llr it y it
S rid0ni t1n 4' ofli I n-te At ol. -rplily tilcl xi t 'rat,
its lllll."w WlltIt 4llo4d on thit ) lt. on
t ,-1 Ct, to 6,8 9 Whic r It t ijld 4 tIlo hSiIt.

Thence It riise n: lit iiditel' to n3.13 o1i tell 271 l, tfr'm1
which date till thIr ;bt II fell It 30.01.
Nearly correspondilg with tlhe' thrill wv4"'a, .4
at mospheerio pren'ure there were itirre dl4ll
changes n the average ltemperal'.llllr' The ll4gl"I''
reading was Ihad on thoe rst and 2nId ul thI Il'll
On te t lllth tIhi thermomeiKter fell ip low ts 74r'".tll'"''
with Iilny vnrittin4 s rilrti to Its hIIIghl t |1ill4 *4'
fr444l1l this datl Io ilth 274t 1i fell 4gjlhn "one I4 i"',
7Ut andl by the endo lit Ihe montlih was baLk to Sr .
T'he lain fill during I)eoembr wais l.inw lWi'
average, tlhouljh Ithe numbeII r t rainy days 1. wiS 1.1
tl smanl P r li hl |re, rrllnK.velir. Th wici111PIll"r'.""
Of ral l (tll o tlile 141t. 1 i, I n t4l4n Is lh4i'lel 'Oli'
a Small portolin over nfl nclh,

, I I



3rd Mth. MARCH 1899

\)li of Sun rises Sun lt~l Mtoon's
llli. and # V10UIIATE CALENDAll pine In
Wrrk II. M. II. conilela-

I W.
2 'Th..
3 F.
4 S.

5 Su.

7 T.
8 IV.
a Th.
Io F.

1' Nuu.
13 M1.

411 MV.

2 Th,.

21 T.

i27 i.

I1ll. illlchel, S.J. and Uomlp. MA[. (1624)
Feria or Ollico of the Blessed Sacrament
First Fri.lay.-Our Lord's Holy Winding-Sheet AIbst.
St. Casimir, K.O.

8rd In Lent.--IB. Paul Navarro and Com. S.J., 1M.-Gospel,
St. Luke, xl. 14-28; Jesus casts out a Devil
Feria or Ollice of the Holy Angels
S. Thomas Aquinas n,.C. (O.P., 1274)-SS.PerpetIua& Comp.M U
St. John of God. C.I., (Ilospltallcrs, li5o)
St. Frances of Home, W. (1440)
Thl'oe red Five Wounds-The 4O lartyrA oftebaste,(2' ) Ablt.
Feria or Olllic of the Immnaculato Conceptlon

L4t In Lent.-Gospel, St. Luke, vi, 1-15; The Miracle of the
Loaves and Fishes
St. Gregory I.. the Great, P.D.C. (48(4)
IIll. Leonard Chinorn,. H.J., and Comnp., MM. (1819)
Ferin or Olllce of MtL .1.onoll1
Ferlli or Ofllco of the Bllessed Sacramllnt
Preclous Blood of Our Lord.-8. Patrick, Bp. C. (Ap. of Ireland,
8t. Gabriel, Archangel (4114) Abst.

Passion Snuday.-Gospel, St. John, vill, 40-i9; The Jews try
to ton JCean1
ST..l os'lrl, Spouse of B. V. AM.
St. Bonedlct,. V.F., (O.S.B., 543)
Nt. Cyril of Jerusaleum, Bp. 1D.. ;I38).-St Liberatus, M. (484)
Seven Dolours B. V.M. Abst.

Palm Nundan.--Epltle, Phil. ii, 4-11; Gospel, Matt. Xil, 1-0:
P'aslon, Matt. xxvi and xxvii
m'rla .-8t, John Capiltrnia, 0. (Minorlte, 1540)
rrrr Abet,
Maunind Thurndayr AWt
(load krldaiy Abet.

6 20 II it
6 11 6 0a
6 1,8 I6 uW
6 174 6 04il

6 17 6 04wi
6 104 I 07
6 1i 0 07
6 15 6 071
6 14 6 071
6 11 6 0 u

a II1 II Oil
6 1) 0a 001
II W U 0 mi
16 07 Io

6 00 6 10

6 Oat 6 1041
0 03 0 104
a oj lu1
4 04 44 1141
6 07 U 10
6 01 0 11
a 01 6 Ill

a on 0I 1'
A 591 6 12
I 17 111
a bill 6 Is



L .



0 Now Moon, ) First Quarter, W, Full Moon, ([ Last Quarter.
bP.F lbr sitrln,.'4-Ab.Abbot. A.Alostle. Bp.,Bishop, C.Confemsor. D.Dootor, gTv.gvanglliot. IK. pePr
SuInder, I.Klng, M.Martyr, '.Popl, Q.Queen, V. Virgin, W.Wldow.

( 42 )


l'go 41 The Patron Saint of Lucca 'acngrMl
Viarlit Gnlodr 42 Lenten thoughts front St. lilrnard :I
olonlhly Notes I Chronlleu of te Saucred ilenrt ;
Colony Notes h l>ann"cr of the Gen ral Notes ..
Blesasin ll Knights 18 The WaYy of the Croes ** "i
To the Porto licanis 6 0 l Monthly Observatlons .. "

prevlons obseratloins give the following averages
or From 1887 to 1804 1895 o 1898 well-nttended meeting of genileic'n
hlarometer 2.89 20.0; was helId at the Cathalic I'lsl.v-
Therlnolneter 79| 8111
Wind et SE E-E 1S tery on tile Ist of Fe(hruIry, it
Italny daysr ( 4 consult on the ways nnod nIInL' cll
The prevalent wind is ESH. The teniperature
inchle of rain 1.7' 2.27 |id our Caithulic schools during t(lie p|)i'rl
avnee s". Tale rainy dais fo'r the pat 4 years year. As is well known, the governlllnut h..
were from 4 to i, whilst tlen rali-faIll ling only .0S reduced the amount to lbe paid for educ;itiilh in
In 1895, and .t65 in 1818. was 4.77 In 181)3 nmd 3. 60 ou
ininhes n 1897. Mare n belongs pre-ennently to th 1899 by a very considernble amount.
dry serton. Catholic schools of the Colony will receive ails, i
"2 I'sLeCoXIllbo lAO, 181 roNwned Mrclh 1878. $1ooo.oo less than list year. To inict this d-
3 Thursday-eleellng of thie luthonlic Kniglls, licit in the grants for Belize lnld to nassit inl pi"iY
6 Supreme Couirt, Belize. Civil Sessionlu. inl the interest on $.(ooo.oo due on tile gilr'
20 St. Joseph,. 11 ILh Mass. school, V. Rev. Fr. Hopkins invited tlheC.ill.-
24 Our Lady of Sorrows. General Ctomu.innnlon of lic men of the Congregatioll to numet hilln, is
thie children. stated above.
25 Annnaclation of B. V. Mary. lligh Mass. st abe
2t1 StNI8Ar. Blessing of 'ahIi nt i9 'lock. After the meeting had been called to order,
I'rocesliolanround tine Clnnreh. Solenlnn lli1g
MnIas. In the even t bginn t 7, innit of iTle on motion of Mr. M. Canton seconded I'b Mr.
Tridnllnn In preparation for tie genel i ster L. E.Cuevas, the IIon.J.M. Rosado aSn chosen
Counnion: ltosary, Seruin and Benedlllio''n.
30 HUovTnUInsniAYonlMAOilNY TIIUti)A. Holenin chnirmn. At his request Rev. Fr. 1lopki1 n
I ISh Mass it 7. General Coinninilon for tihe addressed the gentlemen, setting forth tIle I"l-
iate lAter Irocer s on to le altar pose of the nieeting and the reason for doing
Rep)ose, The Adoration of tile Blessed Saera-
Iecont will e oit nned throi hont Ihe day, something at once to meet the finacinl difnicll.
lihe chnrch door. At 7 p.m. e1 t ebrip nea r ies under which our schools are laboring. Their
li bi Sermon and the Miscrer1 H efforts, he said, were to be directed to relieve
oo 'louk SAT 1I)Ins of the P'resanctitled nt 8 the Belize schools only. He iinpresed i iP""
e'loel. At I lnmn. berinnon in Eniglish. (itn tile
even l Words. At pnl. Via Criels, Fo lish them the importance of their co-olper-tioln by
.Senniont oatile orrows of our Bllesmed lAdy considering not only the temporal point of view
Aprl Hi SR n y In the mornln t 7. 30 of the matter, but also the spiritual advantages
water and po ne lire, Easter Cann le. holy of a good Christian education.
III h a ehit"Al lont, followed by Solcnla
April 2. TR 8SUNiT. Coint nlon for. h .e Two things 'are to be done, first we tumst
st oelockl hass. Soltmni Ilgh UIss at .30. meet the current expenses and then reduce tle

( 43 )

pr'csct dclt, but above all we must avoid add-
illa to our school debt.
lel then asked for suggestions from those
ireset t. A collection in the Cathedral on the
It i(JfI.uaary brought il $30.oo; the Ice-Creatia
Social of the previous week would add some-
thiii g iuore. But, we cannot stop here. Tile
ilurls of the schools must be kept before our
r)rs couitfnlually blind every molth somethillg
shull!d be done towards relieving those needs.
The chairman then, as a suggestion, proposed
that a subslcription list be formed without delay.
lit Ibhlught that ladies would be better collectors
lithan ten. Messrs. L. E. Cuevas, J. D. Burn,
M. Sutherland, Ir. Heusner,.E. A. Trumbach
ad W. M. Price spoke in favor of the propo-
sitilli ad miore I er added that it would be well
to dlivile the city into four districts, which
sloalahl hr the satine as the fire districts. A
lSaggestioai, that 50 cents be added to the tax for
the si ats ill the church, wits, after some dliscils-
sion, laidl aide for the present.
The following gentlemen were appointed 1ai
special committees for the different districts:
Ilt district: Sonth-side, from King Street to
Yarburuiugh-Dr. Karl Ileusaeraand PedroStolf.
21d district: King Street West to River-
Marianlo Sutherland, Henry Melhado and J.
B. Rosadn.
3rd lldistrict North-side, West to Ft. George-
,1. Cailiton, H. hranel and L..E. Cuevas.

immediately after Easter, atnd urged all to
assist ill making it ait success.
The following is the heading of the P'ublic
Schools' Subscription List, to which we hope
all our friends will lliappendl their signaiilres:
Oni account of the reduction this year of tihe
Grant-in-aid of Education, ant extri expense lih;a
heen added to our Catholic .'chooltl. We have
allretily ia lebt of $.i(x>o il I6 per centi inltrest
oil the Giris' schoolroom and plreulises, which
we have Inot the lieaus to pay. Under tIlis
consideration and accepting the suggestion of a
Committee of gentlemen, who, et at the
Ca tholic lreshlytery at the beginning of the
month, V. liev. Fr. Hlopkins makes an appeal
to the well-known generosity of the people of
Belize, auld openi a subsllcriptioan list, trusting
that those whi are interested iit the education
Ila the children will help llihm to meet tIli hLelavy
expellsre of the Public Schools this year.
lelize, February, 1899.

On Monday, February 6, the Catholic Asrm-
clation hehl their annual imeetintg for the election
of otlicers for tlie year, which hail been post
joined ,owingr to the absence tfc the Director.

They choose as
Vice I'rPsident

. r. ]lull, .1. IlNsl
, M r, F i inm cls It ,v" e

4th district: from Canal to lBrracks-- V. M. Secretary Mrr. I. II. Gitcron
E* tatad *Treamaarer t r,. it. Itomiulo
Price, E. A. Trumubach lnd John Smith. Librarlar Mr. .. Illhtld
These gentlemen met on the following Councillor I31r. a. sturl
evening at the Presbytery to arrange the details (Ir. L. E. Cnevas.
for the subscriptions. The ladies to whom lists
for isutcriptions were to be given are Miss
*I. T. Wardlaw, Miss E. Monsanto, Miss U. A man named Laurence died at Corozal on
Caraiajall, Miss D. Folgarait, Miss Josephine February a3rd tof snake bite. He haid been
Foilgarait, Mrs. Cortlelia Jonch and Miss Mur- bitten by a moccasin snake onl the previous
tila Garcia, Monday, but trusting to bush-retlediles, either
Before adjourning Rev. Fr. Hopkins made re- priest nor doctor were called to assist hitn, until
ereace to the dramatic performance to he given Wedtesday, when he had become unconscious.

( 44 )

Sloi.Y -\'eEK. cril ti mid sensible manner, so, is to pi ic it In,.
Th is il w.ek tof Lent is ctlleld I lolyWeck,bc- fore or very eyes ; and Ih:t, not ioil io fir ilth
ciuse of tile ,oly events which it cuollnlclloriates, sxA of imp'llutiing :I knowledge .f tle gin,
lus tile h yoly dlis'itions witlh which we ouglht to filets of the (osipel history' in tile uill is "I lie
clcliilme it. It is also calle the Great Week, ig.liorant .lid uilleiCntd, but nllch more (fir tl
cc, LlU.t l otO i, tiut lccii-setl etuiiler siy s tld lo ous is greater tian thoe of i ely other (ctions of every oin of us, of every iCinIher
week, bit bi)cuse of the great and un.spekable the household of faith whether high oir lI,w, rich
Iligs that wcre done in it; for iii this week or poor, learned or r hlcllvarcd.
tile tyranliy of lthe devil was destroyed denth The Church knws inolling ol that ftl.s Iiil.
wlls overcomel the curse w ais taken lliwy, Goid osiphIy thlt would leivlv tlle nioblest :aId q.ick.
was reconciled to IIIIII, iiiilld hleiivel wits opelled est of l"our senses. t le ece, to Ibe eulglKc.I d ily
to nil helievers. This week is called the Grent u"poI such subjects is tile world, thle tiesh, ir
Week, therefore, because of the lgrelit gifts ite devil Imay cihuse t. set before it. )On tie
which G ctl Iustowed in it." colltrary, site feels issiutied' that thelc ;are i,
Thereul c vu hlv e l two great weeks sincu tile liea" s Il which impressionis arue so iuicklwy Iind
wulhl bclc; lll tile wcck of creation, in which so deep' y eigra;vel upIon thl minid il s i,' t1ih
" the heameri alld tilhe earth were 'liished, llnd si ght, i 11d she wouIdild avlil herself ofI lt il\ p 'i
atll the furniture uf thelin," nild the week otf fill einlfgie fll' tlhe iiiiprovtl iiinlt aiil sa:ilvaliIi "i
redemptionl, this Itist week is inlcuimpinrnhly Lhristiin souls.; siuce, as she too well kints,
greater llid moire wonulerful thinmi tile former. thl devil is uncein.ig ly uinig it for thvir ciiiupl-
Of the fu'lulir there is ito specitil coliiniCieimor.- iolt Illid destructionl. Sliei so orders evety tiliin,
tilln nlidti hy tle Chrislian Churclh i but the therefore, in luriC iore olueI n Srvices, aI.l,,,i
letter is every wliere kept ii the milost solvI II tL force her clhildreui (if I may say som) tio" le pi.
mInnIcIrilc throughout the whole Citholic world. at the scele oi whici shie dcsires to fils'u.
illdeed, it is not too mlluch to s'cy all thil tlhe their nltteltion ; she mllliges thilell, as it vWlc, ti
other weeks ill the year ire hut so 11iiiny sillidows, tike lk pr l)lt in ill was then ldonIi, :itnl s
as it.were, of tilis. great week, depullitlilg poll cl lls pll i ll their milllld, Ilmiost ill spite clt tlliei-
it lic.l receivillc thllir chllrclitcr Ilroin it. selves, aill tilhos feelints .f gldiiness or fi .trr.,w
lTus we see tllit this week .Is inildeel, s it which they would itnaturailly hve Iv li, liIn they)
wiIbcailled, the Gret W\eek ; so great s to illm. r lla ll eevl iresenit at tile iu iii wilcl tlhu 's evis
p.irt soimllthhigi of its sacred clharl.icter even to it:st iappeuted. W\e ainul t pulely
lie olher weeks of the year. We u itl Ice sure lK.'ifins,-we hilvc lodies is well .is ..u ld:
lthrefore, that the Church would nIot let it pass hence Holv Church sio rraniges the forms
i y as lllny otlhr w k, w k, ith iothin I pairticiilr tlidt circulntlll nce.s of hwr worship, t I1: t thy
to miuirk it, hut thlt ilhe would take cure ti dis- sh'1ll contiinully rccal the wciiidcrinig tholltuiit,
tinguish it ill soc)u very special Imanier, so c to Ilnd fix llell on their proper oL.:jclt. E vii
cllla.ti its lessulls to pceietratl e deep into every lvy "1"llei of those very senses which si, "iti'
Christi;an hertl. For this purpose sihe hias rchscnl disturb rInd hinder us.
ict ellorcly to recite to is the history of our During these hlolv dtlivs, then, the ClIIII1icI
lesser Lord's als'csin i it hals bhcl recorded "makes use of tile nmIst toucthiIllg anid cxli'ilisc i
by the Evangelists, 1111d as shie might recite to rcirlmonllis lto present to tie inilids of lo C flitlh
it" tiy' o ither history writtl n inll Ia o k, but rather ful, ill such a w;ly t lhat tIlle)- ciati lriI cll, e ftclii
Ssts it Iefore us a liviigl picture. I theml, till the circuili.lllces lof tile silrrlwf
wise I'nother, she dles lint attelciIlt to tech tile and Uispentil;hu mystery of our reldwptiic-.
"llids of her chiltirclnj nnd I,) touch their lIu, lr l
nerelyl by chidsll re n, tl ItIch their hearts, Library of C/hrisliian DJeition.
their tyndu, w o it unl l d crgm8ll'c uts lacidressesd to
bteir t uelfrst ntlinl s knluwilg that i struction ST. JolN' Cou.LW B.
easier to a iull, cold tiin nmid that it is far ,Th number of students' ill dlily. attleillince
thansier co a man by ieans of what lie sees at the College is at present 86. .,..
tlherefory men ,. Wu at he liars. Each event, The introduction of evening studies at the
Lord, i the (h life alnd 1ilc11th of our 13llscd College has proved a great mucceies, letT'""
allar, ith farc on y commemolrates, hut 65 nnd 70 boys Piut their heads dluwn to serious
P-iblt, reprrelants in son e mall t work for: rone aid a lhalfor two houlirs daily.

( 4 )

The siudliits are working hard in preparation We believe that the faithful members of the
fur tle .lMarrlch uCopeitions, the first of the-four Church have marveliously increnaed during tile
C(.ipetllitiis held during the year. iineteenth century, and that they are-more
Voctial jd instrumental music are receiving closely united to their invisible head, Jesus
dgue attcitioll. Clrist, and to lis visilile viceregeC t tIan they
The faculty are making efforts to procure a were before the stress of the past century was
;yna nsisn for the boys. Some kind friends felt. Bnt at the samie time we must own that
Iavle aided them a little, but many niore articles the evnncies of Christ's Kingdom iave gained
cre required to make even a proper beginning. somlle I"dvIatagesI: s. N:evrtheless i his t here il
\Vhu will help the project forward? iio cause for fear. W\e are children of the
Church Militant and imust.look to be assaulted
Slday unl night.
At lle ii tnntnl meeting of the Catholic Asso-
ciation hcd Ferlrvy 6th, the Secretary, i his Whetlher we irle true or not Christ must of the past year's work, said, that thle triumph. Of lis Kingdom there shall le uno eld.
chiif work il which the Association had come Ill IhImer .shall Iwave fur all eternity. Catholics
trwvanl promilnently in r i, was the inaugura- individually may lie overcome. Their children
ti.s of the pIilgrinmage to Stann Creek, as ii inny fall away but Christ's victory is drawing
itivueas llprilparing for the solcmnl homnge to nearer ad l learr. Maiy Goil gratt us to fight
le paid lt Our Lord Jesus Christ at the close unto ldeiat tile good fight of faith, 'and to win
oll th pIresent century. This year a similar the unifadi g crown of life. Masy he preserve
pilgrimage will be organized, but the place will us from the snares laid for'us by his enemies,
hie ldlize, antl the feast celebrated will lie that sndl give ut grace lto hIid ourselves more closely
"lll t Molt Holy Rtedeemer, (October 23rd), to hi" service.
tlle titular of the Cathedral. Whilst, however, As ans essent I p:ir of tIhe preparation for
tile prnscipil celebration will not be kept till the solennii hsumage it. lie paid to Our Re-deemer
the flll of the year, throughout its course we is an. increasing knowledge and love of Christ,
sholiid le plrei ring our souls to keep the nine- liean s are lo lie taken to bring it about ; and
teIcllh cecnteciary of the coming of our Saviour, tile iitcerntiaioiiil Commnitlee suggests that this
so si Is t dlraw dowini oil Otursel vea God's choicest shriild lie dine by specid prei:hling albouit Our
gifrs sodl blessingg. It is not out of place then Lord, prayer amd pilgrimage. All these huig-
It reminiil omr readers of the importance of this gestions will be aeled upon during the year.
work. The Holy Father, Leo XIII, has aipl
Iirvedil this project, and appointed Cardinal
.lacO.hili. of the Ititernutional Coin- By the mail of February oatll we received
"ittee, which has been organized to bring about the news of the appoillntmentl of a new Fatlher
tlit Solehnt Conlsecration of the coming century Provincial for tlhe Missouri Plovince of Jesuits.
t" Jesus Christ by the whole Catholic world. The new incumbent is Very Rev. Josephl
.I is clear that great profit to religion must Grimmelamai, S.J: On llthe t8th iof August,
result from sucl a universal expression of 1898 he finished a long term of nearly seven
r"ligiuii feeling. Whilat thus we thank God and a half years as l'resideit of the St. Louis
will, fllI hearts for the great benefits received Unl:ersity. We wish him every success il his
"' the past we are hopeful of yet higher graces new office and hope we shall sool enjoy the
in the future. But if they are to come to us plemaure of a visit from him. Rev. Those. S.
we iuist prepare ourselves.. Fitzgerald, the retiring Proviicial, had been in


oice bice t H ;23rd of Septeml>er, '894. WL
hav!e iot Yel lraid to what I)positio he has beeln
assi;gid" Very Rev. Fr. Grilnlllelsaihii was
ap"'itedl Provincial ii Rl.mIei oi the 19h. of
auar :yand installed it office the 14th of
February. Ad multo o!

The Rev. Fr. Schnitzler, whom we mention.l
ei in our last atnnber as the ifulre pastor of
San E.heli:ot h:as, we are told, accepted II simi-
far psitinii in S11an Pedro Sula, I hn.duras. We
conaratullat tihe Catholics of that tfowIs in se-
curing fur llhemnselves a young and fervent priest
%shoas energetic ef.rls will nou loiblt succeed il
aruusing the spirit of faith tht hat s heen dormant
in Imany of them for a long time. San'b
lobs is San Pedro's gain.'

Mr. G. A. Ilackwell, 11. L., whrlm we hald
welcmnied as a valuable acquisition In c I e legal
fraternity of Belize, has been, we are sorry to
say, comIlplled by circumstances to rut)rn), to
EnglIan. lie left by the S.S. Breakwater"
o Ihue 3rd of February.

In January 1892 THE ANGE.LUS. gav a dr.
scription of the Carib Marfia. We ;had hopill
that tlhe abuminali. practices Iof thi .ipe)e. olilli
had disappeared by this time fromii the
Hut recent occurrences prove that it hI11ls il,
sway still among the more ignorant C:nils.
We have received the following coinumil]c;ati.Ii
from Stan' Creek.
During the last days of J:nuary the ct-c.
bratted iand scandalilus 3awlitA dance took place
in Puehlo Nuevo, near Stall Creek. It is s:id
to li;he lasted thlee days andl( great 1niIber
of Stann Creek people were present to vrlnj. it.
Several clildlren were offered to the evil spirit
nad then were made so drunk that Illrv fIll
to the ground iii a stlupor amidslt dnci';w,
shiutilg and singing g. It was a fearful scan.d;l.
The immense majority of Carils are asi.allwl
of the affair and eirnlemtly beg the piowelrs lth;
le to apply some rienlley, evel to (Ipih.
if necessary, the few, very few ilileed, wli slill
preserve their savage anid Ipg;ianl instililc'.
The leaders adl instigators of tile dance :lt
some imposters called bi/lea (pir. hy- ue').
Tlere aire some menil and womIenl expellled
llonl tile ago from tie conllgreations il t1l'
Iolv lotiarv. of the Sacred Heai-rt alnd f tlie

i e .... Children of Mary, who had better call thema'ltrl
On the 211n February, after a long illness, cl children of tile devil, since they adore and wir 11
died the lun J. I. 'll..llas, c.. t.o. hill). I believe there is a law proi hibtiting .lchI
LEarly inl life he entered the iloue ,f'it Assem-. hirbilrisn andt imnoiality. If miach a law 11dos
bly, 'next occupied a seat in the Legislative not exist, the Caril Ipoptlulation of Stan llll (Clt
Council, becille a Inealcler of .the People'ls is prepared to forward a pettio tlo tile (v,,rn.-
Coamamittee, itn establishiig which lie was a anelot to eCact o;le as sool ais I)ll'siblel. I',
PrOlinelit figure, asld was finally a ppli.atcd your next nimher 1 sl.dil probably I)e able I"
ia eller, of the Executive Co' niltte, which give "ore pnlticularr."
frsitiol h hel)d tatil his demlisu. He had been
fur yearN na .stice of the Peace, and served, S' hI' clebrd eI Pueblo Nuieo cerc: .ic
fromi time to time on ma y Do;r, s and Ctm-ti Stann Crtrk i ullims,,s de Enero el m.als celtCe,
te, freel y Orid ant y escalnalln., hlale tit Maia. Dcen.ll(l.e Itllln
service of e Cli' vng hil tie tIleints to thte 3 dlias v luna hutena parlte de Stann Creek fur
Orvicr Oii, C Cl uy. I 192 he was created lla, I giastarlu. Se ofrecieron varills ii"s il
CoMpaslin i f St. Michaiel and St. George. manliigo espiritu y luega los emtallrrchan;tr
o i. 1hlllip left a lr fai, l lio h llt carr en el suclu dtormilus en imedio t<
loss We unite withge family to mor)ln hi danzas, griterias v cantos El escaldaili hia ill"
e'"nding to ith his 1ny friends, in St n our heartfelt sympiaty. Morenos c averruezan de ello y par artli'-
,-. ^ temente A quien puede qie se puolga ritmetlio Y,

(47 )

si i rccesirio, que be castiguen los pocos, muy Catholic Schools in Orange Walk. One of
P qos, que aun conservan instirtos salvajes y these, Mother Apoline, has come ini!y to e-
pagan.a. Los principles y causantes de esto tablihl the convert ani for n visit of inspection,
soi unos farsantes y enlgafiadores llamados but Sr. M. Amlrose, Sr. M. Virginia, and
lhyes y maestros de la fiesta y todo el mundo Sr. MN. Scraphine with a young lady, Miss M.
co,,oce. Hay hombres y mujeres echadoA hace Rooney, will reiinin as teachers. A suitable
ticnipo de la Congregacion del Rosario, del Sdo. aid well furnished house has been erected'as a
Corazoni el ijas de Maria, que mejor se podrian convent for the asters. They will enter upon
lliIaer hijas del diablo supuesto que o bl aduran their work furthwth.
y sirven. Creo que hay ley que prohibe tanto Father Piemonte and the sisters, accompanied
harbarisnio d inmoralidad. Si esta ley no existo, by V. Rev. Fr. fIqlkins, Hun. J. M. Rosado and
el pueblo meoreno de Stann Creek esta pronto it several ladies left tie same day on the Egerton"
hacer itiu petition al Gobierno paraque se pase for the north.. Gi their way up, the Sisters,
dicha ley. Eu el proximo numero quizas podr6 took note of the various Cays admiring the
Jar luas particulars. verdure coming cbwn to the water's edge and
Trying to learn thenunmes of Coffee Cay, Kick's
We rejoice exceedingly that the wishes and Cay, Bulk liead, Blackadore, &c., &c., until
,Ioes of our late lamented Bishop Di Pietro are they found ll them it be so numerous ind so like
graduallly ie.uri:lg their realization. For years he one to anthellr, that they' aiid it would be
had been anxious to introduce in all of the impossible to rem:,mler them.
tvwns u[ the Colony nuns to take charge of the Reaching Coridl it o1030o11.m1., the "Egertoln"
education of our children. No one can fail to anchored for lbout three hours, thus giving the
te the great advantage of having trained Mother Soperiori.s an opportunity of visiting
teachers for all the children instead of one the tlown where ihe hopes later on to have a
principal aided by a few pupil teachers or some branch house of Ier Order. In their journey
of the larger pupils. Every child under the up the New Rivel, the Sisters found imuich to
charge of the sisters receives individual attention interest them in tie dense tropical vegetation,
troum a preceptor who is litted for the position the oltnuierous nrclids ilad the various kinds of
by years of preparation atnd active work in the caclus. Still after thirty mile of never-ending
lini of teaching. mangrove bush, hley began to filtn the New
-- River monotoino() ui, and were inot sorry on
On Monday, February 13th, three sisters of reaching Trial Firm to find messengers from
thle ll1ly Family from New Orleans passed Orange Walk enquiring if Ilie lon-expected
thrllioh Belize on their way to Stainn Creek. Sisters wore ol loanr. As the Egerton"
There h.ive been four sisters teaching the schools neared the landing wharf at Orange Walk the
f"r early a year, but the increase in the number Band struck up a ively inarch, and the crowd,
tf the school-children necessitated further help. who had beet waiting patiently for two hours,
Sr. Febroiia will remain with .Miss E. Baptiste opened their ranks o allow them to pass through.
to assist ill tile schools, whilst Mother Ursula Then, the dense clowd, preceded by the Band
a""I Sr. Francis will, after a rest, return to New of music end the Children of Mary with their
Orrleas. banner, dressed in white and carrying bouquets
Onl tle following Monday, Rev. Fr. Piemonte, of flowers, followed the Sisters to the Church.
who had gone to New Orleans on the 3rd of The sacred building was filled with the ethlu-
February, arrived with four sisters of the Car. siastic crowd, to vhom Father Piemuite first
itelite Order who are to take charge of the addressed a few Jurvent words, in which he

( 48 )

''T i dOur Illed I
bd them thak God, Our Blesse
the Angels and S ints because at len
the Angeltsd. They oug
prayer had been granted They ougl
be grateful to Captain Leitch, Messrs.
and the Hon. J. M. RosildO for all
done in helping him to bring the Sis
New Orlcans. Solemn Benedictiol
Blesed Sacramlent was then given by
Fr. Hopkiln, aid after that the 0popl
assist at the short ceremony of blessing
Convent. The Sisters expressed it
agreeably surpriseil with the Church
vent, antd love nil, with the hearty
given them by tlhe people. They
everything was much better than they
led to expect. On Tuesday, lit 7 n.-
Mass was celebrated by V. Rev. Fr.
ataisted by Frs. Baldwin and Molina, a
and Sulldcacuoi. Tie music was
Mass which was sung with great taste
by the Misses Price assisted by Mrs. P
Mr. Perera, who was the organist.
Mass of Thanksgiving, Benedictio
Blcssrd Sacrament was given, duri
the Te Deum was sung. In spite of
Mail-day a large concourse of pet
present at the Mass to join in thankiti
Oni Monday, Feb. 27, Sister Anml
has had it very long, experience in ti
the Schools of the United States
charge of the Public School. The S
also open a private school and will ta
era as far as their accommodations w
We wish them all the success that
despair in their new sphere of labour
glory and the good of others.
Thus we have three of our town
Stann Creek and Orange Walk,
plied with a good. staff of teachers.
cannot long remain behind hand.
that the settlement of the sisters I
Walk will stir tp the people of the fo
to take active efforts to provide a
another body of nulls who will ta
of their schools. !

.ady andl
tith their


it also to
Macheca UNDAY, February 5th, wIas a irc.l
the hadl letter day in the Ainnal, if the
they had at' Catholic 'Knights of Hrilitlh II ...
terms froil) duras. All, Belize seeded to he utl
n of the to do them hioour. Around the Cathedral if
V. Rev. the Holy Redeemer leaIt lat twn-thmiusand peollyi
e went to good naturedly jostled one another almul ill tlhir
g the new efforts to get a nearer view of the whitc-piluaicil
icemselves Knights. The occasion was tile blessing "I
and Coll- their beautilf l new banner.
welcome Dressed hi nent tiew uniiforms the Knighil
said that formed ranks it the glrouitdls of the C:lth.lli
had been Public School on Gabouriel Lane. Frim thllac,
in., Hligh marslhalled hly Mr. J. Wright and lic;.ild Iy
lHopkins, the Colonial Orchestral 1:nd, they carriild llthir
as Deucon amner aloft through the admiring crowd; nol
CiincoiIe's stopping until they planted it before the !Ih
and effect Altar in the Cathedral there to obtain the lilv-
'rern and iug of the Lord of I. stf u>pon it and thecmisrv
After tile and their new Society inatigurated uidler tich
I of the happy auspices.
ng wl.ich The entire centre row of pews was rewtrvel
its being for the Kniglhts. After they were seated aid
ille were Messrs. WV:,. P ice and Bilber had retaldred a:
g God. l fne Ave Maria, Rev.J.H.Muiltes, S.J., dclivr-
rose who ed an inspiring address which we suijhiil ietiiiltr.
caching ill Ilis Reverence spoke as follows
will take Cathollo Knlhts, In thie niino of your Ca Unplil allai
sisters will t-lild the Lord'thrist Jesus, I extend to youi: a iI"-
ike board- luo l elcotie ai t tills s ill holy te mple. Will jit
ke boa pride, yot, have tlri,.ied voaur ImlItIr ill triillllllll
nill allow. throttug the streets of our beloved vity. and like tIlh
knights of olt wlto hiinig up llIllr banners ait tt' iitr
they can gof (ud, you lhav e otI to prn'ent yollr to tlle tt ;
for God's of hosts.
Ilku the brave triu ehrlistin sold irrr. wt, I"
honour thlir hIuavenily ivMter ald to IU)IH Itlighl
is, Belize, tilusling on the tlag of their country, plln' outll h t
lmag lus the pa th of tile K Lvn of wlw. It'
each sup. sole itnlty of Corpus Ctirlstrile was borne in inrwv-
Corozal slon through the streets of their idties, sit yonuil it
We 'ope reverently placed your glorious standard iere in Il
sapered presence. And soon on beaded kiee you ill
at Orange join your prayers to those of the Uhlirceh bt"eset'IltIi
rtler plce ,that samu sweet King of Love here Pnt porll l"
houer f altar to bestow a miglhty blessing upon tile inll
housee.for banner which ought to be. your glory your joy anit
ie charge your pride
ke charge yOtaolla o Knights this Is no empty show. Thit lr
'grand oceslodi. 'This a ceremony lull of illportas"w

( 49 )

d i].cignir'aniue. Hence the throng of people who l[i into our faces. It will not hurt us. for we bunt re
Il.r-l locked ltoigthr within tl eu hallowed walls. pnt wihat ('hris .hleus th. Kt.rnia Trute i Itelf It
li'" IIe Invisible presence of tohe heavenly spirlit said to Ili ('lh irh: I Ihli e i wit y tll t i i Lite ell
slon lIlia winged their lli hit to this sacred erdliee lo of Ilin,. lad tiat gates of hell. IIt' gates of error slIn;
jlin their elerial siongs of praiirs to your iost IL- not prevail against you.'" I)0 lanoir. Ihotw noble tioi
,'|ltuble prayer'. art! hIO'w jlltl y Iproud w rferlt he! Iet gladly tur
I.ltiolle KnightslI! today. yen have beconiol to thIe, agaiiln. And wlhal is it lbeliolld .\ I iiert-
i.l. ltrll.l I .liiig. l1 and to men. to lllieve1n id to 'lnlleI)I1i of love, elnotilll t i ll IlovI of tlhe IS:Inrofi
eiill. Yes, Hieaven Itself is looking on with joy. the Illart of Jli si for mien-of thlil lov vast as Il
F:illtrr, tlieSoin and tlie Holy Ghlost. Mirlly l oe Mother ) I i l i' elv nii. nnfll; lululihiilu l I a hs llI iltlls ofI tin let'all
i.;ind and r)our own Virgin Queen, he Brightli l ali nd seltcered lavishly hrulirii:.t S h ali air we breati'll,
I;IlrioilusPlriiNces if.fll' teIJllvenly 1Co rt. thel ChI trlllll A t he IIg tl l ll iltha flloo ilh lver.e; l er'I ii eiil of th
san Sel'pil lliiln. 'lironit's ind Dolinllation I'rinclii-. love of Jesus! iprovn lt y ievry l" eali lh drw, iN ;
liii i ld Iiwevrs. Virtues. Angels lind Arclthanels. ievry step lie took. by vI;ry Iwor d Ihat elil fr ll 111
lI, roinllnesl iarny of the Slaints, Plitriaruch ant d sllretl d hiL s; Cie illei oif ile love io .I-esis-llto--I niii
I'nilrlhet, the Iloly Conlfeo ors. tihe while rolled d(ownn uIll n i n i lt tI rl'lents Iin II,, even Sac:rnintitl
Virgins riling a new moton for nll tlints and follow.- 1 ltltitlisill, wliher wei r airl' chliielnd froti origin
lig t llh aillilt will reoevt r Ito loeth. the Miarlyrswlith ill sin, ado.plced il o II t filiIlly io( Ih d. whlere w1
iruniti oglorily ilupon their heads and ipahlllof victory lbecomlle child rn of i, IIe I lavenl'y Fiallr. lirolltllhr Ie
ie their hiids, llalll l are looking on with ompllllal. -JI''s nd teilrs of thei Kingdom uf i v Illia ln Ihl,
rency andl lovely, i. eu ailment oif pI'ieiIeI whliere our d rk lgtilrlk l rnl iil
for Ilrethren, .what lI a banner Trll, toI Il i d faitti nesshinll l 1 ii ititi l a Kgiin la Ili Vill I st i'l ,I
w aitIn bio utitin fir rti o t o i' as lith' le If fte i iehas t. 'It
thiilgliltles onloioker it is but n piicco of clolth of itri hor th Ifollrtitll 11ti 'tIttitl. itt l te/ S "at'r l oi'tlli t o 1li
or lesl ortl)" iinito'itI l litltenel to at polo or otiff. iorl Eii'elti'i ,litret. In f I i'luiine il. iltI
Itl Ilr.lrenre, to those who know Its neianitg it It IIuly t I tl itsor lfr Ie i,' hatl t ,is itiare
a Itiff that Fipelkoa nnd at pileun of loth that Ives. l n lt ll Il I
tlihy do .oldii,.rs on the battle field gathe; l i r, l nd Itd tlit Wet' t l It' ts witl i tt r vt l.' i li'
tlteir lalinlr. and there by ill that is Illost stred d in(d stowing 111)t11 No t ii g ift greater thanl w tlll ltl viil
rdar. Ioin dll i thdt, e l asw >r tht, tn ey htiv ""in Ihe Is n' is ale tti) te r. 0: lileart i:Inlhl',i
.n arm andIa word for the strife, ls lonl as. of tile love of iJesis, shining ifort, strong. t' It
lnive a land iand ia weapon to wield, ni lng l a tlhe vivid like the Ig IltniI ilaiilll\t te llhiuk I
;i.L drlnl of tlhir hleCrt's blood Is tinahedl on tile lel d, I lN" nl lrt l,Pliln lrill lilrlild. vivid fln l lll tn lit,
'Jo I onn in blhe 1 nr tlln. Ih do 'Orl' t in ,ni ,ng. II Ilni, i l
Ihal liaiierr shall wtnve--lhlt Hlag allll 1neiver no l wiL""iIi nll !rhl n.itI'lr l'oiuig lif:. i ilifllf litll
nlvrr yilId. Why? Because tht l lti Inl to iltii rowning wihtlli horl I rlrlie. lnille f lo ie tr n life nizlrv iu 'lia& a fn lriirfthu, ii nnd inohe lir.:
l.r breliy hnir lentr theltr wthe. and Intl lltanner. li itnerl banni.r Oif Ihe .'illutll.e Knightl.
Iteir brotliers ftid sisters. thtlr wives tind tlhtlr os
lrillren. Why did Count de Clhlunbordl bt ail hw our hearts go out ii1 theIi now w undtl'r-att
IvM' rn ya ig. rfii to asceud thYu ftiel.t tltriuet tt.othy ,Cni ,lg.
f irolpe. rathller r hittl exchilnge hlis wllieb tnner rurnO(lilltwi. il .tniik ii Inti Isitt
with Its Flitr d, Lfi, for thtt of tie Trlrilrel netlelif tltl "lltl i? Embuilehi if whtuit? Vtlli,41
Wiy'? hiea lttiie I.Flour do Ll wn to llm hh n r1er of valor alnd (of '.rage. 'Emblem ilof l valor a'it
is tle li!"est (dlligluttr of the ehirttoith F arne courage i tllh whllh lt ii. iwhlo hiavi, likien fitl litL
s [Ile otldes. dantltre or tliu fe ri, Franc. pro.- standartltd arit exI' itI'e' to ditefend 11, glorious faith I;
roll. Fnt to gtld ltolortis. r sll toe o luolo, 'rinci e nhichll II i rlI'th elbleIi. ti livinllg tII i to ilts te'lle l a.
obdrt li () t (;,( a d to Ilalirch. Itleed tletner oits rite kilihtsl mntit, loim t fo tiiv it wlreve'i
lit something glrealt--n etublelt of mighty truths an ttod ll le iftt, cll it is it itiIuIItIInl'd Ity
of vast rel I te observance (bof ItI-e ili n.
And h i ur banne C K dihlllils-In ltih fr giv\lli! of Injiuris--lne resisting
Int1 ht i'."ir banner L'.itotlle Knlghto,? Look of 'r vitl Inclinat-on- li' geerotits obilirvante ul
h' w1i1. neld t6hel ultifil red back ground 1 i0eliuti e law of God ann of 1 iiit rrich-illn i word, iol
li illl t El lbleii of oJ'l r glorious0 f1t1 l l. croilmsiinid forlIemost in t ile b ,ati t the wiorlt, Itli lli.h anlt n
I" cee se 1ilred lood of o"ur lelsn d it lelinelr, dyied l hi det. vil. ianl eis.Iciallll itn tlie itrallh i of Ilie virtoe
niclilln ind i Iln In tho blood of innrtyr8; tlluoe of llrollthrly love so deir to lit Scred Il iarl if
iit ildeIt ilh 0f Chll it who IHollowed llI iY eve il i ntidn so liuiliully iiorltrayed Ilnyo nir glori lot illotio:
ilti--ell bll l of l he Faith lll cole dlown to It, not A li lir ixllte liiil Ii iipr. el t.l wlhl 'i, fIr'l ly tran-l
Illii,'nd. not euitailed. not distorted ind adapted In liled, mans; "Lnovoe ntl thir, as lt on<1tanothlir."
it.loiitln and thle piel'ions of the people by tio'anrly TI il, and thIi oily, will you bie worthy of tie
notillrre, ltt of tile faith colne down to us poiru and noble na ell 0you l 'her.
letirll; Iure and entire as it welled tup fromi lil O Knights! wllo rtn deny tnat I liavle very' reason
i I'lts of Ile soitred licl rt of Jesue; pure and entire to congratulate you on h avitng enlisted under this
"t ita dl fronl his sacred lips; puiro and entire as It banner. Therefore, love it. lhonour It, lie true IN lt.
Slann d downy b the AI)oslUtc; pure and entire Let It be your joy. yeour glorIy and your rirlde. IThalt
Inll IS,'.,t ur'ienIe(l find jellou ly glurded by the banner. Ir tlle etble l tll of l tlintll i grend amd nelile
Chulrch of L'hrlt. and alured-the ettiIlttlin oi our gtITrlioli faitllh-Il
0 drelllded unfortunate reformlerrs-self conttituted I eniblont of the boundless love of .i.'loet for lmen-tlo
n'il'etm of but a few centuries ago and long buried elbleni of the valor and courage will which tll
.n da'"'ce-rho P ot of yourll If gr vn t y can. Knltb par-rezx llnre Clrlit .lestui. eItlCil yol to
and other. be In error here, trianpbantly flng tile e tan by ihbt banner and nobly defend it.

( 50 )

this s your banner--nnd even mlre. It is
yes all th r slllVion i not Christ said: TO THE PORTO RICANS.
W a1' 'lg' o~ i onfss te bIore IIe, hIt, I also
w.lei wlo e baf Fathr In 1eavcn.' And
will confeIs bfo e nt itundr thin banner i lt Tlitely advice to tle Unfortuna.te Catllhli
wlhaticsrO O of ur faith! Ye, every march of tle Island.
.ublic l "rof'"b r n tiroI1h thie streets of lielie. is
b thlit "ll of the rcr f o otli Ano.tles, not in word
th ie but In act and dacd, and therefore all tlhe An Apostle In their mildt who will sh l,
ir itruni ."nd rs nll' int. the error ol their ways and lead Ilitnt in'l.,
r S of n. Captain ill chief of ail darkness into light.
tho i .ri of rood will nod therefore it n a slecinl
tho,,cr of nil true Catholic Knighitt. Let thlil Some of the argulmntsr I might use in
Siev Inc.a-t'-l it lropeiwr-let it flourlsh till converting them.
tile sanll t be Ino .or.
ll owner In tll nee ion tils banner the choclet -
blesing.ll llilts e b"Ier-ive thei on l Irnreae The Rev. Mr. McKlin hlas one.n toorto Iim,
ol faitlh-n increase of love and unilln-bless thelni '"
at hiome and abroad, at their coming In and lgoin ls tryig to Inject some germs of lrotestInti-t mi
out. morning. non and night-Ileto In i their the Catholc nhabiants of the country. A rrrls.n-
ver' undcrtekingi-ald wlien at last Tholl slialt. cull I
hlilen to stand before tit, judgllent senat. faithull to dentof the Baltimore" Uatholice Mlrror"hasIt'Ipian .l
hy ,olli': lie who sIall cofe I bforo en a sermon for tie missionary. Tic, arguments olh
imI A y lso"* will cnnens before ly Falher iI leaven', I
be thou merciful unto these thy Iretlrcn. A to prove very convincing to the benighted ilanlhlril.
IBlessing I wish you all. and we therefore give it almost at length:
The llddress concluledl,.V.Rev.F.C.Hiopkins,
S. J., Pro. Vicar Aposolic, il the short anmd t" lihold, I brii mg you tidigns of great j.i. I
simple yet beautiful formula set ilpnrt hy the lindl myself in your iidst oicce more is lie iv.
I'l ativ ti o f l,13 liffei-'eu tlo rit f l f(..4i t lia iiilv,
church for such occasions, blessed d tile ltanier. pre etative of 13 s .Iiffc.t fI.sofCt 1 :,, ,.
which were Ilot yet ill ev\idlence when your mlmlt"
Messrs. Abeling S.J., Price, antd lllber then tors first settled on llhese shores. I canlllol :ide-
sang a Ave Verurn. Beiediction of the Most quatlly do justice to the primitiveness a;ml gel:tl
Blessed Sacrainenlt followed after which the si!tplicity of our creed. Int fuct, it is snupliciti
Knights again formed ranks ,ndt marched itself; Itsveryesseilceconsists inyolracertllylcm
through several of the principal streets of the yof a blok foioi tha i nLay lsullg t bthemsel0 't
City, returning to the Iishop's Hall at tle conformity with the presellt Ibet of your nlilnsi
Cathedral where they disbanded, justly proud of Yet I feel it ily duty, before your perusal "I I
this their first formal public appearance. to ndli""ish you that two coiilillons are nIces-
snry. First, the absolute liaibdoin liint on )'I
Ss l part of Rollillismn; nttd, second, the retentlli
The society of the Catholic Knights of British of the book which we have translated into S)Nil'"
Holduras is established under tie patronage of ish for your becnfit.
the Sacred Hllert ouJesus. It is in a very pros- Now, as to the book itself, I will have to II-
perous condition both in respect to the mneniher, vise you beforehand that its authorshill is serioub-
Ship ald finances. At present the roll clll nlun- ly questioned. The greater part of the
hers over eighty. The officers for the present 143 SECTS OF EVANGELISM
year are as follow .
Prresdent firmly maintain that God is its author, while
VicPresldent r Jas. D. Burn quite a respectable minority hold it to be a mere
Secretary r. Y. as humana production; and they, being far lior.
T .'res I "ir. F. leye E..
Custody Mr. P. ltoil learned then the majority, defy their to prtov
S Mr. J. A. Smith their claim to its divine atuthorship. This they
0uncilllon Mr. J. E. Aguet have never been able to do. Divine or huoltal,
marshall Mr. J. A. Stit ri itis good book, anld o are invited to selec
SBentlal M r. J. Wlghit from it whatever may happen to coincide il
MLr.8. Gomes I oueortother of th 143 religious s ctis that gro

( 51 )

lheir belief in it. liut I must warn you naginist
ilhvtliiig on i1any passages or texts that seem to
Ieachl ally i o the doictriiies that ire taught by tihe
KRmilt Church. Let them ailss ulnnloticed, as
ilire is ii strong .suspicion abroad that Rome1
iljectrld her ioctriinc.s into the book during the
iak .geis. Shoillt you ble attracted to the idea
ilh the grand central ligure, Jeslus Christ, is God
lliimself, yet y)uii loise nithlinig in coticlidini that
lie is n mere mlin. sueiii' that liarg'e iiumbllll rsof
Oir Levaiitlicil patrons, called Uilitriuiits, feel
thatil le is ot (ilo, and therefore, by implications,
the ilea of a Triity in Go d it is permissille for
pill to reject. I you happen to run across nlly
paisage tIIat would appieir to favour your old
doclrirlie of eternal torment after this life, and if
rnou have lilny fear of having to undergo aly Isucl
pnlititllleilt I woulhl sil'gge~itl to yotu siect Io
Evangelical Christiains who will, through their
iil.lilster, satisfy you tIhit your views ire theirs,
aliil y)i ca;ll i zol'ort with the Uiiiversailists, who
f"i Iiquit ii ulitlIero llu.s alld of respecta:hlc Chris-
lii. \sA ill, you will soon lnern to napprciite
ira coiui1g 1111,ilai y)-ou by the good tidings we
niln that ino miiiiriedi couple, need continue to
ltilrrgoi the tormninti of a forced c.inptiii ion-
llil), ais s.oIn ils iiur civil courts con)Iimience to

tile English church ihadi only two salcraitnents.
Ills answer was, WVe have only two sacra:l ilells
beciise tlhe Papists have seven.' Thus, too, it
will lie always safe to (iformulate ai doctrine con-
tradictory to any.Catholic doctrine land your
Christiinity is sound. For example, site preach-
cs that thle lgattei of hell cicannoti prevail against
the church. Contradlict this and you halve
Doi't we till know thalllt the gails lof h.'ll have
Iprciviled over her? Slie cites St.l'Pul illlarii
lher to be tlle pillar anl tlhe ground of the truth.'
The contradiction of that assertion iialde by St.
Paul is made effective by the fact that lie was
speaking of the church of tlie Living lIod il his
day-not ours. I will have to acknowledge that
inll our teachitiig of Christiaiitythliat i tile atllnits
of onl exception, viz., the Ltord's delay. Godl hlits
hIlundredll of tlil ts betwcnIl tile covers of tllhit
hook cominuiia ded thI Satlurdylll, loit Sulldily,
should hli kept holy alnd tile Sivioulr land His
ap)ostls never onVce kept any other dily. lRoml
changed the day to Siundiuy, ndll our reformers,
tlill flltuiintelv, Illl the day as they found it, in
direct opposition tti ttle Iciihiling of the book,
It is too late now to lmaike ai chlainge; helilec
Rome laugihs at our apostasiy from lie teaching
ot tile BJille, to follow her practice, aiid what

This may appear ttio you nlow something novel, iikes" the milatter worse is that ws e are clllstlantly
itll when you see your neighbour ipplyin'. to ringing the changes ion keeping thile Sbbith-
the diivorce qiill you v will notle long in fa Iiiig etch of the 143 cv"lll glic l dtei.lntiniiis-thi
iito lille. 'rlie religion that you were horn anld l1Romanll Saillilllt no th i Saliilh of Ithe lile.
Irised in never tolerated a single case of divorce 6" Anyhow, our mortifying dileinlin iineed not
lfr iltore than eighteiten and a I:alf centuries. affect you, as you Ilive always kept Rome's
hli tlie relfriners of the sixteenth century hlid Sabbath. Moreover, there ire many passagess
loolilli"ilty in scuri nlg a divorce for Henry V1ll, of a prominent li Iud stalinlg chlillace r in the
in EL' taitd. T'Ilis was the first English divorce. book which need nlot ciiibarrass you. FIor
After tliis G.eriiaiiy's leading reformers, head- in stance, Chr ist, thie evening of Ilis restrrectioii,
ed" hI Luther, Melanchthon alnd others, granted said to the apostles, \Whose bil s !you shall
0 tlhe Liandgrave of Hlesse the privilege of keep- forgive they are forgiven then, and whose sins
'i" two wives at a time. Thus polygamy, suc- you shall retail) they are retained': ind previous
Cussive' and simultaneous, has been the order of to His deatll He said, lWhatsoever you lshill
the delay, more or less, ever since, my own bind oni earth shall lie hound in Heaven, and
couStry being far ill advance of all others. It is whatsoever you shall loose oil earth shalll le
trie at the Relleemer hits warned inaukind loosed in Hleaven.' We evangelicalsi in a body,
iot tlo dare 'put asunder what God has joined with the exception of a hlladful of half Romiiish
tlgetller,' ansl the old church has strenuously Episcopallians, have concluded that Christ is
ntaitiiiied monogallllly ; but it will alwnya ,be not to be understood as conferring His power
iale for you in the future to hold to the contra- to forgive sins, 'if He were God; but (ils so
dictory If whatever doctrine ,she propounds, many amongst us believe) if He were a mere
CeVl ifChlrist seems to be with her. an, then lie did not have the power Iimself
"An Irish parson well impregnated with a to forgive men's iiun, an.d, for a better reason,
holealethaltred of Poperywas once aked why could not delegate such power. Again .11

( 52 )

ays,' T "his y oy, this is my blood.' and le attempts to prove this from the look I
say~, *Thsity of blieving He meant thi inl a present you.
literal selse cannot be listened to without a NOW, CITIZKN Or I'Oiro IICO,
slile of pity and incrclllity. We have cor
ovtely dismisbcd this dleirisioll from orr creed )you will seek in valn for any doctrille, ordinance
rly digo. Ronme teaches the real presence; or deliverance ellmntting Ifromii Chlrist aild lI
we teach the contrary. Rome teaches the Apostles which is not emphatically igiiore'l ,
lurgive leS of sins by man; we absolutely deny directly denied by one or other tof tlhee v'a-
the power has been given to i anh. gelical schools. Take, for example, lithe Aps-.
hetie's creed, and, bs th ttge exception i ( the
DAPTISM NOT ESSiNTIAl.. initial phrase, I beI e uve I (od,' there is 1it
"Rome has always taught thlllt halisin is an article that is not ihalluenged, beginiiig vwill
essential to salvation, and that Christ comn- the word Father,' wlhse paternity Is (deiiid
mantled it, using the words to Nicodemius: by the Unitarian.; n11o trinity, no Sui1, 11 I lolly
*Verily, verily, I say to thee. unless a mina he Ghost, us frtnimig the triple God will thIe
born again of water aind the Holy Ghost he Father; no Catholic Church, no couin iuilnt1i of
cannot enter into the kingdom of God.' The saints; in a word, the only expression that
great majority of our evangelicals believe ithe rins the gauntlet of one or other of these 143
contrary, and while they use water in baptism, sects is the word God,' which can be mau.i-
there are some who interpret the words of tainted by reason without revelation.
Christ as indicating a spiritual iaptismi, hence Porto icans, take this book, whether it I.e
they dispense with the use of water altogether. of hni ian or dvin e origin ; to youth it llilCe
These are called Quakers. not. There is no obligation on your pant ,t
"Among the 143 sects of evangelicals who niahent to any doctrine therein. Mllilliiis of
constitute the great body of reformers, there is evangelicals. are with you, however great or
one sect that has always asIsuned a prominiient little he the intent of your faith. I belr'v in
position anlong our members, whose leader, God' is nil sufficient to rank you aumIonIg tihe
Calvin, had very peculiar views of Gid and immortal chnrus of evaigulicals. Canu altl ullg
man, and whose tenets have heen upheld. for he more simple than one profesiion of faiill?
over three centuries. The views of Calvin are We dissent from every doctrine propoilldeal
very decided, and they are to-day mnaintai nedl by the founder of Christianity, but thlier is
in his institutes nid in the Westminster con- perfect accord in believing in one God, lhichl
session of the faith. It is claimed that the right reason would have helped us to, hail
book I bring you teaches explicitly these doe- Christianity never existed. Our faith is >"1
tries peculiar to Calvinism plicity itself. It involves
mThe first of these refers to the condition of NO BlLIR SAVE TI E Inlt.E,
man after the fall, claiming that man since then
has not left to him a shred of liberty; that he is compromise, no burden to carry sive lthe
a mere puppet, aplaything, an aH'.tinat, s avoirduipois of this book, sixteen onlces I tihe
the hands of Gol, and which, stripped pound. St. Pall says somewhere in this book,
verbiage, means that God after the fall created o Know ye not that )you are purchased at a great
mail without that freedom necessary to ebe price?" He spokethe truth. Your convention
him to be Iaster of his own acts, God xr- i"as cost the American Bible Society a pile of
cirg over him such influence that he iwit" t mo"e for each convert, aind you should ,e
Ivwer to direct and control his own sctns ut grate '. I have whittled down the terms of
ps fate in the hands of God may be sumned your conversion to the little enl of nothing fo
UP Is the following piece of doggerel: your accommodation. We are all agreed that
SYou n, but you en't .your belief in God is all stuficient. Surely tlhe
You will, but yu won'; human heing would be unreasonable to usk inc
You'll be d--do" Io to unload further. There is nothing to be
YY'll be d-- u do; believed on our platform. Take the book nid
S"Such was the condi ou don't a you will be happy, and I shall be hbppy t",
laIms that God adi tioa in which Calvin to be able to record your conversion from Rom"e
in ta d ade man after the fall', to 'primitive and vital Christianity.'"

( 3 )

TIE.IPATRION SAINT OF LUCCA. lher good mother tll home. The palace of the
IFatinelli was very near the Church of St.
IY FIATHER CIIUtERIEAIIT. Fredaina, andl Zita always g.t up early to attend
Sthe first Mass and conitciiipte the divine
T is colsoling to think that the re argoo is." cGo was plsd wit her piety
S.few, if any, professions, trades, or "'ll her charity tlhat le often a:issited her in a
Scallings in life that have not, at some .m"ircuious manucr.
periorll or other of the world's him- One day, as she was descending the outer
story, been ennoblled by the holiness of one or staircase with her apron full of breudi that lhe
imore of God's saintit. And the humhler occu- had collected aiter dinner, and was carrying to
pations are by no means the most scantily the poor, she met her master. WVhat have
iwcreil ill this respect. St. Joseph was a you there?" asked Fatinelli. She opened the
ca;irpenlr; St. Ieter, a fisherman; St. Isidore, Iipron for his inspectiulo, but it revealed a fine
i plouIllghmalll ; S 1t. Theodotus, nit innkeeper; cullectiu' of hiouitiqts anid gairlnds. Zil pro-
mld St. Zila, the patroness of the city of Lucca, cceded on her way, anl by the tilne sie reached
wa.s a cook. her pensioners the Hflowers had become bread
Zitn was bItrn in 1218, in the Italian province Iigain. Our Lord had wrought for a poor girl
ol1 l.cci. Her father, John Lombard, was a tilhe ine miracle th.t lie worked about the
poor farin.r, whlo had considerable diificulty il ss me period for Qiieen Elizanbth of Hungary.
sillporting isi fuainily. Accordingly, when Zlta On another occasion a wearied pilgrim asked
was tuwlve years old, she asked her parents to Zits for a little wiln. I have Inote," site
allow her to hire herself out as a servant, and replied but I'll give youi a drink of water
thls relieve therlm of the task of feeding andl with all iny heart." Slie did so, and the pil-
cloliilng her. llHer request was granted, anti grim foctm Id hat tlhe cup contaiied the best
Ishe obhtilincd a place inl the household of the wine he had ever tasted. Once, durilig a
Itoble family of Fatinelli. Her industry, gell familne, Zita gave away a considerable quantity
lcteslhs, and IIViIvirying piety soon endleared her of Ieilans, of which her minister had a large
It her employers: and in a few years she sll)pplyi; aid the hin frIom which .she took them
hecaie alln important personage in the house- always rellainled full.
1holdi, posRsessing tile fullest confidence of her Tie occurrence, however, that resulted in St.
ia:,ster and mistress. The poet, (;aspar Casen- Zita's being chosen patroness of cooks was the
titi, who has written a rhymed life of our aaint, following:
says: Nuthing was ever locked away from Zita; One day Signora Fatintella wis to have a great
ill hadl full liberty to dispose of everything." dinner for a number of invited guests. Site
And it was a good thing she had such liberty; gave multiplied instructions to Zita as to the
lor ihrr charity to the poor was simply boundless. various dishes, and particularly recommended
Illr mistress fuinltished her with ani excellent her to have them don e il helr best style, alld ll
wrardrlbe, hut Zita gave all, her best dresses ready for the appointed hoir--ix o'clock in the
away,' Mohre than that s.he often deprived evening. Zita rose libeforcl light, hurried to
rielrf of a lportieul of her own food to give it the market, made the neceissary purchases,
tl ivge;irs. For that matter, she herself some- brought them home to her kitchen, atd then at
times heggedi in order to relieve tie necessities usual went to Mass at St. Fredian's.
of the poor. This was all well enough ; but just at the
In the mneantiliue she never neglected aluy of Elevation'she fell into an ecstasy which lasted
tllt pious practice's which she had learned from all day. People coUing itito t0lu church at

( 54 )

dieret thought that e was merely banquet has endured nearly seven hltdred
pdyi ent urst to the Blessedt Sacrianent, and so years; for to this day, when any one in Lucca
paying aiub ht When she caml e to herself wishes to praise at repast to the skies, he s;ly:
did not disturb her. W' she wit terrified to 'Twas a dinner like that of St. Zita."
think w the dinner that wias not even began att To one of the greatest of English writers,
the hour whetl she was supposed to serve it. John Ruskin, we are indebted for many exquisite
She hurried h ome ill great distress. What pages about St. Zita; and Miss Francesca

grievel her nmost, however, was the thought of Alexander, another non-Catholic and an Anleri-
her kind mistress' humliliation when she dis- can, has translated in rhythmic lines, ndl wol.
covered that her guests were to be deprived of drously illustrated t.oI, a beaintiful ballad which,
their repast. On reaching the kitchen door, but for her pity for it, would have buen lIot to
she scentled odors that vouched for some excel- us. Here is one stanza, which Mr. Riukin
lent viands being prepared within. Ahl praises very highly. It recounts the miracle
she thought, my mistress, noting iay absence, of the wine:
has engaged another cook. I shall he dis- A pllgrim poor to Zitti iamli one day,
charged, of course: hut at least tile family will All lfotr mn IIe with tlle snlll ert heilat.
not be shlamed.t' "'Twas close leide the1 well they inlllntcedi I IIIeI.
Entering, shel heard the slight rustling of h81e feared to glve It, vet whaint could shle Saiy?
She answered hiiiiiliV. and wllth words, diwret:
wings, which she naturally niitook for the *I wish. miy brother. l.could give thlee wiei;
r:'*liing of the new cook's dress-siuplposing But If the water please, thee. that s11 thine."
she had just left the kitchen for tie diing-roon. Thlts said. she drew soile writer froIm tile well,
And with a ero.-s tie Piltehor did she srgn.
Everything was in the best of order in the '"OLord." shesaid while low her sweet vldfnll.
kitchen: fires going, pots, kettles, roasts, and Let not this water hurt hin: hie Is Thin!"
a 'rhu polgrii, as he sltoopred to drink, eonld tell
stews in excellent condition. And ai..iflr a It erte tholgitberil reals he oked -to wlshitwlere wI '
fashion of cooks, she lifted the covers and le tasted; then. uatonlsled. rnlised lill held,
tasted the different dishes, she said : Well, But truly, this Is precious wincl" he said.
my mistress has found a treasure to replace itie. Are r.____ _
lHer new cook is at far, far better one thanT
SAnxious to se her successor, she vwent. into ST. UBRNARD.
Sthe dining-room ; but although the tables were _
laid with perfect neatness aad completeniess, N this holy fast of Lent we are iniled
there was nobody to be seen. Moreover, look with the 'universal Church, and wh;t
where she would, she could. ind no trce o the he hers with us we should 1ot fliid
mysterious new cook. t d burldensome. Let no one, th ",
sand more un .She wai growing more hroh ear or trouble of miln, Ibe deterred from,
sud more astounded every inomeit, when engaging g with all p.issiblu devotion ill tile exer-
s uddeily her mistress entered the kitchen and cises of this holy season. For the enemy of our
asked: Well, Zita dear, is everything ready?", ouls now especially strives to make the sacri-
C" Yes, Madam;, but the erb-" and Z ice of our devotion imperfect that it may be less
stopped. a tnd Za acceptable in the sight of Godl, and seeks to
Signora Faticll bro i deprive us of that spiritual joy which the soul
Sinora Fatinelli brought i her guests, who experiences in the performance ,.f good works.
had been seated out on the terrace, sad the' We, therefore, knowing his malice, must be
ditn'r was served. Never had the company watchful over ourselves, and be on our guard
eate o exquisite a Ica it rol y against the machinations of the Evil One.
ablutely perfuect.e a m was pronounced God loves the cheerful giver, and when we
S I ct, the memory of tht enter into, the spirit of the Church, and, in

tniii. will all f:iithfull .ouils uponi earth, prac- lihe found ; call upon Ilim while he is near'."
lic lhir ti.rtification.s urged upon us by this The timone will clone when God will be near to
hilr lime, our soul arre borile towards Him nil no one-wlwhtn e will le posess.ed by the
tI wings of colfide:lIce and love, and the blessed, hut far removed l ;ild separated from
:ira:lsie of inercy and pardon are opened for the condemtned ; then it will le Ito hlttp to call
iar relief. upon l im. J3ut now, ina .l nchi a.s lie is near,
IlHe is not as yet possessed by thlle ,1oil, )but IIt:
W\iit an incentive iis given ius to engage in tmay Ihe easily foun'ld ;il[ poi)bs.Ited. Whoi
wnirk of pen)rIclle andl mortification, and cspe. waIs Ineair to hlill thlit fell amliigl the rllobbers?
ciall ill the llty of fastting, which is particularly Ccrtainli he whoi lihath shIUown c)llipsi"ion.
tllie d(lil f thle :acccpt::Ible time of Lent, when, while the Lord is near to uis' dulil:
we think of those whou lire our guides and our thli whole time of mercy, it is for us to seek
nidels in this holy practice, alnd who. have [ ion while lie 1llly be found, al d Cill upl)1o
c',stwcra:tcd it by their example Witlh what lliin while He is near.
Iivltioinishotild we nolt perform n duty handed
l,,nii- to is, we may siily, by the hleesed Moses. While it is trile that we should itliijig our
OIi was privilegetldl bey'oti!d all the other proplhets whole life bring forth fruits worthy of pLe'itlce,
to speak face to face with God( With what it bIcouies I (llt) :oilnsecrateld il n .i special
f'rrvir sioll we enllage in a practice comn- mannller by thl' preseI t lime of Lent. And if
INII1 dd to u. ly lith h'loly P'rophet Elias, whli, hlitherto we have dnlle but little il this regard.
M'is t:lltil up to I;:lelvcnl in a fierv chariot! if our izea li,'ls IbCco illliiinih.sher, noi1 is the
Tli'llsaiils iIupoi thi u nisol s since those J.uys tilue to renew :and to rtellil)itite tile .pirit iof
ilav re ierod the iiuivetrsil law of death, frill fervor and devotion within our .souls. .et tIle
which Elis lilas still been preserved through wurk of mortificltion lie extended to all wherein
tlle power of the Most High.. we ihawve sinll ul Mortify the eyes, the 'iars, the
list if the present dlity of fastillg is slronglv trnlgLe.---dll the senses of the lI;olv, iand tile
l'reld upon us by the examples of Moses an llI sold it.self. Restrict the freedoni o(f tiie eyes,
Elias, who, although great indeed, are our tl1,t1, Isllniled 1a11d dow.ncIat in p)enllaiiSe'thIley
i.l!<',i.cicatillres, how illliucll more is its inmp _'y erit grI;ces I 11and ssi n)'iigs for till el bOul.
tlltcr and necessity implurehsed uiporn uis by the Restl'rill the ears tlht lthuy may nI) long.i r latendl
('x.illle of Jesus, our .Lord and our God,, who to idile nlld foolish -. onds(. or niint .S"" n"t
Ilinlielf fasted so imnloy days!l Where is the colduce Io salvation. Resti i. the Itollnie fron
Irue 11ho cali refuse to practice thaI1 detriaclioi, lll'iilurini IIIIcha:lilit le ciiIiver l-
wilieh Christ Iliimselfl l tas t% ilght? A d ills ths tio iand 1ill vain i ti l uinprfihilihie l,ilk; at
eXa.;IC lileI our Iord should lbe followed I tii'lef let l linee reign', thIll tlle sotill Iliy
"i all thle liorellervurr .ad dlervotiin, illllsnucll c.nillhiine wilth (;.od il il thilllk of Iholi* thillig
a; we klow that lie fasted not for Ilimself, IneceMssry to iltts Sivltilin. I1.1 tie S t11, tiol,
huI for our sake,. mortify itself lad rel'rainr from all vice and
C- Lekiing its own will. In tllhn, way, through
Let us thlerefore, during the holy time of Iena"ce, our works are made accel ti ible' to
'lt, eigige in this dulty of fasting wRil aill the God ; for it is written: '" fi the lday tuf yclur
' ell ic.l I e cl i i i Il l re lizi t ths ulity' O t Wfill is fili all.l t
0' 1.If which we alru capable; realizing at fast your own will is foumd."f

'"" "'mie tlle that our Lent is not to't of
f.r' 11l1i ,,d'y. 11' r u05 slitners otur Lent ilslt U acting ilmplart,% devotion and s.trenjIgth in,
C*llillue during all thee clays (f this miiserablec )P.riYer. .See hoiw prayer atd failnli.g sll. l.. -
life, while weneed tthe assistance. of divine cited togetlhcr. |rlaer oibtiliis strllitl o
;aLce I. keep the Coiiumandmellnts anill (id the fast, and fatlin" meiits tlle grace of Ipraiyer
(will ,, (Gid. It is inlldeed a great miistake to Fasting strengthens prayer. taod prayer n Slt .-
thiillk that te few shortt daysll of this season will fies the fa.t and makes it pla nlg, to thi A Lre d(
"silice i to oill peinl.ce, wlheln it is certain that the Let our fiast, then, ascend will the tIciCeL'e Ir
ihle eriel if life ahooynul be entirely deved y p ra lhe Script tell ts, lle
t"411k1llg satisf:lctioi tip God'a offetdecd justice. ourf the jlsI man penetrates the teaveits. lat
'ek ye the Lord," 1 says the prfpheet, o netrat the' e
i Iltritg furry ... bIs while lie .Iiay t Is. lvii, (i.

( 56 )

Lord has vlled before us. It is the way of of Mercy, let it ascend on the wings of prayer
the cross, of sacrifice, of penance, of suffering. and justice. Justice is that virtue hy which we
tef ncy mo n will coine after me" says Jesus give to each other what is his. Do not, is
Christ, let him deny himself take up his cross fast, act as if it were your own solitary aul
an follow ime. '-Mltt. xvi. 24. And again private work. God tells us through the Imnoilu
whosoeverdoes iotcarry hiscrossand come af- of the prophet: Sanctify a fast, call toIgether
ter ecannotbe y dsciple".-St. Luke xiv, 27. a solemn assembly." What is it to call an
"He that taketh not up his cross and followeth assembly? It is to preserve unity, to love
me is not worthy of me."-St. Matt. x, S3. peace, to practise fraternal chlirity. Therefow.,
These are the words of our Lord, and they tell "sanctify a fast" hy a pulre intention andlby
us plainly that there is no other way for a fervent prayer, and call a soleimn asseinlily";
Christian to save his soul except by the way of that is to say, let all lie united in the hunds of
the cross. If men realized this, they would fraternal love, that by our coimuniiiin suld
surely Ibe prepared to suffer something for the fellowship with one another we may make he
kingdom of heaven. They are, however, dis- influence of our penitential acts anld our crirs
cour'nged, because tihe way to heaven is hard or for mercy ascend more effectually tI lHeavel,
difficult; as if there were'any way in life w which and bring down more copiously Iupon is Ithi
was free from troubles and miseries. Ask the pardon and blessing of God.--Ave Maria.
Father or the mother, the single or the married -
man, the rich and poor, the old and young, CHRONICLE
the active business man, and the idle slothful OF THE SACRED HEART.
tramp. All have the same answer that life is a
hard road, any way you take it. Suffering, oTbTE,84g
then, is put before- the Christian as the way of at"'
the Lord, to cure this wolhi-wide complaint, .1
in order that Catholics may not think if they ". .:"
serve God faithfully that they are to .expect .1
prosperity. God never promised it. On the '
contrary le has declared, that through many // :'
tihulations we Ilust enter into the kingdom THYKINCODOM COML
of heaven.
There was, indeed, one who promised to give The General Intention for Mhnchl is
the kingdoms of this earth nud the gl,,ry thereof Christian Suffering.
for faithful ,i Christian Suffering.
Sfor faithful service, but it was the devil who
made this compact. And yet there are Chries-
tians who point to the prosperity and riches of UCeII is tlme general ineeiitioli rcciIn-
* peoplee its a proof of the alproval of God. nlel u te, tal it scms ti h vr If '
It isthought one.ot olot ot God. cites, and it seve.s to l.ave IbVII
Sis t gt one of the most effective H arguments i chosen for this month, because at
againstt our religion that some Catholic nations this time we are especially invited to cunsilcr
hrie not so progressive .as their neighbours. the sufferings and death of Jesus Christ. A
bChrist an s Apostles seem to promise all the Christian should be i follower and nil imlitiat-r
blessing of heaven to the poor, the persecuted of Christ. "Christ came," says St. Peter,
and the amdlicted. Still m'any, who have little "leaving us an exanlple that we should walk
fitoh e little liht, think that the saints ought it his footsteps." The one and only way for a
i teir recompense in this life, though Chsistian to get to leaven is the way that our

( 57 )

(;od han reserved it for them in the oilier. pilgrims here, teacli us t, fix our hopes on
We ought t) IguardI ourselves against this error iheavenl alone anid lI;loul Io 1liill up) our fortuniliO
ir it would fill us with distrust of Go(d nnl so there. Pray, then, that we a :d our associates
firing is iinto in and to our ruin. niy reimembelur this often fiirgttle truth, that
Still, wv must he convinced of this, that (o(d a;1il that lpass for llndvrsity. may ) turneil to
nrver or permits any real evil to those good account. who have to suffer will
tlih live lliln, hut that on the contrary all take intice that good Christli.,ns f all times coriiiute to thel welfare of the just. IhI; be n subject to disaster and, ias
lEvrything in this world is either gooad, had, or th!v ire now. Their time of trial is ver iand
iiiliffereit. Now, nothing is really lad except now they are happy. No diulbt, they lIok
limit whichh separatesi us from God, as sinl, back with pleasure upon those very sufferings,
lhillt niothii deglserves the nilame of good except Ias bielonliini to i the sweet st aiili holiest dliys) of
lhat which leads to God, virtue. All other their pilgrimage upon earth-diays when they
lhinss, auch as riches, honours, beauty, health, I sorrowed much but prayed :il the more--days'
ileathll sickness, poverty are indifferent, iaml when the current If Vearthlil joy was at its lowest
Income good or Ihal according to the dtispositioni ebb, lbut lte waters of hea\venlvy .race at their
of him thal uses then. fullest tile aII llilihrulre days of greatest ,i.gii.
Now ,othling that God ever permits to happen Let it le so with Clhristlians in our days. \Vli:it
Ii a just mii i ca.i make himl sin. The devil would we have? Of old tie followers'nf Christ
i'n;lioyed every pussiile artifice against Joi to journeyed on ti heaven learing their cross.
mi:lae lhim mnurnmur against God, stripping him Would we ride thiilher at our ease? Wouhl we
if his we.ilh, covering his loudly with hlorribele be ravil hy) the .suffrin,'s of Christ a:l lot take
io.s aiund afflicting himi in drivers ways; hut the our share il his uifferiniig? Woi\Vul we wear our
pIltillnce iand the virtue of the holy lman changed crowns wvithoui winning them ? No, let uis meet
tlh evil designed aga;in'ist him by Satan iitlo adveisity piatientl' y, inminfillv, cheerfull), as
lhlrsni.,ng ulm a crown. good (Cili hIrtilis dld of ohli, alI then whell the
\Ve any, that there are smlle mcien horni to good time of i imal is over, our sorrows shal! he turned
luck aind that all they put their hands to turns imto jioy. V'ray, especially, thit those who lire
""I well. We deceive ourselves when we speak devout lovers of the suffering lieart of Jesus
Sn: it is only true of the Saints aind in :a spirit- may learn and practise this truh.
al s ise. WeV kiow"' says ,St. Pauil th:it all 0 J.wim, lthrtl ilil lit iillt l:all:le :11rt of M>ary. I
tlinigs wri k together for goIod to them that love ofmer' hee allll e lpr.ayer~ wark-. ainid AUiifn,'11 of
(';I." Now, when the Apostle says, that rill this dl. for all li. lintiilionilif Tl'IY divine lileart, in
th'in:lu' rkltiet,,lvr for yoorl totlthet thut lohe God, ,11Ioii with it h t Inly Satrlim.. of hIet Ma", Iiad. dil
hli ilnis not only prosperity but also what we particular for Chrlitialn tiuffili.i A.I!Il.
'all aidvrsity. Auntd why? because they who La intencilo general propuesta pIr cl Santo
Inel) I. e (jod remain unchangeil in the vicis- P~adilre ih los Socis. dle la Ssaramda Alianiza para
ilitules of life. They have lnte endl in view- el rines le Mimrzo es
elernal life, and one means to gailn it, doing SuaIRHIMIISN'IO CIlsrTIAXNO.
""''* will. This tley can do in poverty or in ;oh j.,ul inioi! lmir u)iidlio il Cminzon Ini.imiaieili-
w"'alth, in holour or in dishonour, in sickness do do M.rla Snutliaill. onrI Iml A'Iu racilones, ibrs
', in health. For what reflecting Christian do es tralajoa del prenmil din, Pa"r Iis hin frrorien gr -
""I~kixnv "rb ll*t ChOtl"in dd o s o..1l~os ue den [l>.ln j p.orn. y |.rn Ills
'lot klv the sweet uses of adversity, which, by denPus intention e de v.uetro Siigrd- C ior1ulton; y
severing he hopes that bind us to this earth nall i printlpale nto para (|iu e s reanlinn lot ileal- O1
'ClpmiiI5 nor eyes to time fict that we are but autrilmknto Crlistiano. Aml Sen.

( 58 )

GENERAL NOTES. lBrooklyn. This is the very stamp of na,,, i,,t
needed; and if all our colleges were whal they
y-- ought to he, there would be Xavier nmeI hailing
r N n sernmon preached last year at the
N s retn prea hed ;led year t th from every city in the Union.
a>nnual retreatt of tile stud i Mary's College, Kansas, the speaker- --
pointrd out the duty devolvilg upo"1 The above remarks of The Ave Mu ri, apply
our yoig 'men to take an active part ill all that equally well to the C.tholics i our small Col.ony
concerns the interests of religioll and the wel- as to those in tile United States for whou, thlle
fare of society and their country. It was insisted were primarily intemiild. We are happy to sy
fare ol that the perforalice of this luty shoul tha ere are a few, at least, amonilulg our youn
that the perform c of this duty shul men who, by judici.,us, solid reading, have fitted
lrgin in the little wurld of the college; aldl that themselves to ilmeet opposition to our holy
those student s who, through human respect, religion and who will not walk arounIl tlhe
allow evil influences to prevail, who never block" to avoid defending it or repelling isinair
combat a wrong opinliO or oppose a rpreihen- attacks upon their belief. Would that all ,,I
ih act, ar dger of be orl our men devoted Illoe of their leisure little to
uihle act, are i.> danger of becormnig morall .^ "^ ^ ^ ^^
coward, in after-life.. The world is full- of Controversy had also some larger Mal aoIIIs
afraid-of-their-slladow men, and there are any Catholic Instruction! They would then le alle
nunmer of Catholics among them. These lire to answer objections, remove prejudices anIl
often the best of men otherwise-pious, cilarit- in"flueice ilmany1 tio e.nlrace ,or lhly faili,
uhie, faithful to the obligations of their religion; Being relay," in tile words of St. I'vll,
'always to satisfy everyone that asketi vyii a
though at all times disposed to walk around reason of that hope wlhic i is it you."
the block in order to avoid self-assertimn of any
kind." In a country like ours it is useless to
try to avoid religious opposition. One ought A B VE ARCDUCHESS.
to expect it anti he prepared for it,-first by a A BRAVE AR
good life and a firm hold on correct principles; An Archduchess with scorched hair aid
and then. meet it with all the energy anl influ- injured hands caused by fighting fire is a sin Ui-
einc one can exert. It isn't enough for a lar sight; yet the Archduchess Maria 'Terecl of
Catholic young anll to be good ; he ought also Austria, stepmother of the heir of the Aultrian
to do good, and there is aniy amount of it throne, has just been made honorary leader Io
to be done. the Central Association of Fire Itrig;il'e in
This excessive timidity or supineless on the Austria, on account of her bravery whle, i. n
part of Catholics accounts, to a great extent, recent ocaiiion, a child, living in the unighnul, -
for the frequency of attacks on tile Church, the hood of her coultrv house, was it daiiger of
widespread ignorance of her teaching, tile low being hurt to dtieill.
sta.danrd of politics, asld llunlerous other evils. Uplt1 being told that the hl;use was in fllnltms,
Ally ign aof a decrease in culpilble inactivity the Archduchess ordered her carriage and wis
and we like to citinzu is especially gratifying, driven to the scene. The peasants stood abouIt,
md we have to therr that the discourse to which aumn were almost stupefied from fear aml excitl-
we hare reiferrd has already borne fruit. We meant. "A child is upstairs it the huuf'l"
were remide of int the their day when11 turnlig one uf them managed to say.
been discuss in fluestiat newspaperr which has The Archduchess left her carriage and rushed
wbe di scustate t the quesio of immortality, we up the burning stairclse before any .one hid"
sa, igned a ta t of the Catholic argument upon time to prevent her; and came out safe in a few
t, signed A Xavier an." hails from minutes, with the little one in her arms. --Jid.

( 59 )

Tll Czat's ,REDUKE.

The Czar of Russia recently took a strange
way to rebuke some of his officers. Among
Ihe higher grades in the Russian army there is
a great deal of extravagance; and a certain
.oing officer, who had had the boldness to ride
in a slreet-car instead of a carriage, was notified
hiy lis brother officers that they required him to
hland in lis resignation. The Czar heard of
this, and saw the tyranny and injustice of it;
's lie himself took a street-car, rode down to the
barracks, land startled the officers there by
:.'king them if they desired him also to resign.
It is said that the rebuke had the desired effect.
The Czar is still a young ruler, but it seems
lie has already learned that it is not the officers
who wear most gold lace on their uniforms anid
have the greatest number of trunks in their
imjiediiwturti that make the best fighters. Per-
hap, hlie has been reading some sarcastic remarks
haout one of our gallant generals in the
American papers.-Ibid.

A Berlin inventor, Louis Hoffmlann, has suc-
ccedeid, according to the Volk.zeitung of Cologne,
in perfecting a Milk-automaton" which will
prove most bcenefcial in those schools where the
pupils are accustomed, during the time of
recess, to take a glass of milk for refreshment.
Th'Ie Ilstrumenn ts is quit complicated, aa it not
i"ly must receive the "penny in the slot" and
lUiili-h the desired article, but must take good
care to prevent the milk froin souring antd setting,
which it does by a process of stirring and cool-
il1g. Besides the drilkintg vessels must be clean-
ed, and when the automaton has "sold out,"
this must he indicated to the thirsty visitor, and
the receptacle for the penny" must be closed
uP. All this has been successfully accomplish-
" h"y the machine lately xhibited at a meeting
ol tih dairymen of Germany in Hamburg.



H AlK to til; M~;rler'- vlire so sweetly .lllillg.
Cuomei'. follow tiln'.
O'er the dhll 1110)orlanld whliere lt dwiss art, tallinlg.
O'er h1ll lind I:a.
ForrsNik for Me tlir' dnr, faillt r Il: s,
'Iliy father's hopsi'. thy chel'sh'd. iellter'it plaula;
Out in the tnoriiiy night.
lir front lit wiarntih and lghtl.
I hIVe i -'ros for thee,.
Arise, for in the east the dawn iIs Inakling.
A conle' i aay;
Miy burden oni Ihy sliioulderlts meekly taking;
Nor even sitay
To kis onu e iitlllor. tiln' bllnding tears, thy dearest;
To cIasp, with leeding. lireaking heart thy nearest.
Jil1114, llil lt Ifnio,.. their hold.
Eart li' joys grow fa nt and Iiild-
I ll li' N atll Ito 11wn.
lHavi I not ll'oil life's hiltler roadl t.forre lliec,
hWih hi-l.ding f'l.h
llvaringi alone the l'cr-si thit shineitl o'er lice,
Will 11isange! s*mi'dety?
For tliy siake Ih(ve I wiandlerd faint and weary
Tllhr' nirowid'd eiy wsayvs anid iIesertL. drntry!
l1igh Oil 1(lhe niolllinf IA'ltoe.
'IT'iro' long nights lii prayer.
Have I not houighl of Ilhee?
Whien tlllglt Is d:larket anld Itie wlay s i'.nsI li.Ig)lt.
l'rl-es owared Mill;
81rlving. In tlirkiel ilghit wlilher freis ar striiiiggt,
'I'o d31) My will.
Li[ook not lihlili thin o thlly minl's iildohing:
Urgl on hly looltsPpC-" fil*l yiel stlIll purrllslg.
Thollul wnves nlliaiv ill e rl~ue.
Whlisper tio Me Illy wus,-
A n 1 ollt near Io thi'rY
'is but a '* little while," and lhen thl dawnling.
When I will come.
In the bright sunrlso of eternal morning,
To cill theeu hoo e.
Do tbou but follow Mtle tllr' glooml and *1nii4,t.
And I will comfort tlheo withll joy aind glIlnie.
When life's dark days are o'er,
Thleru oll thle shilinlg shore,
Awaits My crown for thee. Awe .Vtara.

S 60 ).

-,-====------1- ----- 8*l'' oyfc'-i-=l'y- lyl V TOK-Y
Sof [otoorologpical Obstrviations during thlo tointh of JItumiry, lIs,l
Th "eruniooter Psychronmitr Anemototor An r ky I
-rolltor el'y
a. Min.lOnl Min. Mean Dry Wet Ium. Dow Directlo n Quality

30.11 0.o 30.07 83 73 80 111 70 70 72.0 N Sk S l
I 80.11 0 14 804 71 77 79 75 80 72.3 N Sk C "4 19
2 .12 .4 82 71 78 79 76 7. 7.11 E NC Sk i 9,l
3 1I .00 0 ,0 3 81 70 71u 81 70 b0 73.3 UNS 74 o.j;
4 094 00 l83 70 80 81 70' 76 72. CSN 11.34
5 0 .9.4 .00 84 76 70 82 70 72 72.0 F.I SN }
7 .07 38.0 .07 s0 774 71 T71 75 80 72.3 )N Il 'SN 44 042
S .17 2:1. t l .03 79 71 7 772.9 NNW CSN 7i l :,;
S 4 'o30.l 03 80 70I 1 7 71 80 72.8 NN, Su 0.1 2
S .03 29.9 0 o 5 85 736 81 82 76 72 72.0 E C'S Sk 1(| O.l
1 .02 .08 .k1 8 84 734 8, 82 7 72 72.0 E CS Sk ;*
12 29.97 .93 29..'J 82 72 79 81' 74 08 I0.31 FNE SC *14
1 30.01 .97 .l,! 831 77 81 l2 76 72 72.0 1 UN Sk 4[
14 .05 3.0ll 30.13 841 701 81 81 77 1O 74.3 NE UNS 7 .1:
t1 012 .IU .01 83 74 80 81 75 72 70.0 1 NSC
I 20.171 .111 29.114 85 70 72 1la 77 72 73.0 ESlIC C( Sk 4k !
17 .93 .81) .91 F14 78 Hi 6b 77 14 71.8 s8i C Sk 44
18 30.1) .04 ..17 881 77 1 2 hb 7 114 00.7 E]KNE ('NS i; *-
19 .03 30.02 8'.011 791 71 76 77 71 71 11i;. N SUN 0.42
20 .10 29.08 .04 77 08 74 70 0U 70 14.7 NNE NSC 10
21 .01 .02 761 734 5 J 74 72 80 70.5 N N II. 1 .-
23 .07 .04 .01 75 03 71 73 711 84 67.8 NNW NC5 8 ,11C
23 2!1.* .861 219.9 8141 09 77 79 76 80 72.8 W-SEH S k ii 1.13
24 80.02 .12 .17 84 70 78 76 7 70 611-5 NIS Ek l
25 .10 .08 80.04 831 U 74 74 67 0o 11.9 N W SN l1i 1
21 209.11 .00 20.113 81 07 74 71 71 71) 618.1 NW C'NS 4 .1
27 .01 .1 81 .s8 82 11 78 0o 71 t40 78.3 S1E C 8k I 41'
28 0.0 ., 80.02 82 111 77 78 72 71 07.8 HE1-NW ct .14
2 .07 .17 .02 8 (17 70 78 73 75 00.5 NNW CNS 7 1
1* .0o 4 209.8 80 (18 ( 11 7b 75 84 72.0 N W-SN EcN SUN 8 0.2
81 20.0 .8 80.00 85 7r6 bIl 8 78 70 74.7 1E O Sk l*
A -son- 2----. 83 -
Al 380.17 2.8] 30.00 85 8l 77 71 74 75 70.6 ENE CSN "s

kxiluination for thu Sky: O. Caiuluina., k. Cirrus, 8. Stratus, N. N lnbis, 0 qlute clolr, 10covered, rai.
I110 nlllerAt 1olllthly oblservattlolls forJanulry give The l ronmeter reiliced Its hlilghlt ilinni' ,1th'
a, lollowlng: rPecond dila, when It mtood ait 3,. 14. Fronl I lltl d""1
1888 to 1814 18I)0 to 18i 8 181 1 till the onl of Ilh month, thlor were live ItilV Wtl '
1I'roniler 10 waver of rime and l ill). On tinhe Ath tih mrllertury ir"-
I'llirmiolutr 0*.03 B0*.0 wi,00 crnded to 30.11); tlienco rlIng to10110,0i on tHl illl, It
Wnld 7t"" 77i0 77 fell to 211.UA on the 12th. On the 17th It 1t4id llt 21,91.,
Itainy dlays N14 'N EXN as It did a second thnm on tle 23rd later rlsingl I
lunches of hrdlna 12 22 80.00 on the 10thl. The 2I1thi brouiyli. tle. t iliercry toI
G.W 4.01 0.87 80.04, whence it descended rapidly to 20).80 on the
rom the above 'n 27th, Its lowest imean during the miontl; ion lie 291t
Phrie pare durl W.e.. larn that the atmon- It was back to 80.02, llnlhln on tie 31st at 31.00.
Sralthr below u rng toie mothl of J.anuary, 189, The Temperature during the reater part of the
ienlned to exiet h 0ab ao. aenc one b would bo month, fluctuated between 76i an(i 81s Jut utfroil till
niuanl*Ined tbeo thne a* alsr teLperture, to 17th to the 22nd there was a fall from 8i' to 71', (le
Svi r whenr th re otthe a g ofm the er o- former being the highest, the later the lowest me"a
lye The ae *, o eowvhe baroeter Iad low, and temperature of the month.
meon tpraturte- during g that we had a faIr- The number of Rainy Days was inleh shove lie
W Unt, the avr ago ina ater art of the average. and iacordingly the rainfall was far labl"
sl 0ald ray Iowre n for the whole month that of the three years prcedlin, 1898, In which cr'".
,d1 -4I ther-.o On a0c0c of short cold the average rainfall was only 2I.? Inches with only )i
a SH. Ofles r suddenly 12 rainy days. Last year, however, I3 Ich
raia 1ell in Jannury.



4th Mth. APRIL. 1899

D of Siin rhl,, Sun *eta )i1 '
Mlli'.,' ul VICAHlATE CAI,END.I t a"* In
Week 11 11. cVn*i'lhI-

I S. Holy Saturdily a5 1i 14 :1
2 SI. Eaiter Sundny.-Gospcl, St. Mark xvl. 1-7; The Itemrrecllon 5 5t 1 4
of mir Lord
3 I1. E;wl'r A Monday it 5 :1 I 11 j,
4 T,. Eoaslir 'Tii'nliy.--St. Theodnllsn nltd (Comp.. "1l. (lV C(.ollry) Ci 2 1I II J-
., W. Of lie Oitave.-lS. Vincent Ferrer. C. (l.1'.,.1.lll) 1I "Il IN i u4
Bl Th. (Of the O l)iavo.--l. fJulIani. V. (Corpus (hlirlll, I12i) I14 II 15 I
7 F. Firnt Frllay.-Ol the WOcltvo i 4Al i 1 I ,
8 8. 01 Ike Ocltvuo 1 II lil A
1 S. It afterEaster.-Low Sunday.--Goslel, St. John xx, 19-31; I 419 4 11
J sh*l' 11)1ppears to his lldi 1iles
III 31. St. Jolhn D])Iaiiene. C.D. (780) .5 4. ( 10 W Z
11 T. St. leo 1, P'.C..D S. (4 1).--S t tl|is. li. (<2) 5 47 6I 111
N' W. St. Wldm, 1ilp., C.D. (3il).-8t. Znno, iI)., M. (480) B5 14 tI 1"4 re
1.1 Th.. St. hlimrinentilli, IK.M (rMil) 411 i 17 C-
II F. St..JItli.l, 1. (107) ii 4. 6 17 -
1. S. lt. Pe'tr Gonzalez, C. O0.P., 1240) i 444 I 176 I
l ou. 2Ind after Easter.-St. Iloendict ,Ihm 4I.I h lbre. C. (1785).- 6 44 :0 18
( (1Iosel, St..I ohn x, 11-1U; The (Good Slthephlerd
I. 1Oll1c of St. Jl tnln lis 1:14 :l 18 4
I '. 0U111ie of St. I rancul Xuvler.-B. Mary of the Inutrnatlon, V. A 43 :1 1U .
I1 W. 0111c of St. AIov'ish it 42 I11 11 .c
2" TI, Ollio of Ilt Illefoed Macraunent A 414 t 114 ?;*
"1 F. St. A IWnI l ., .I). ( .8.11. 11(4) i 41 I0 1!4 s;
S8S. S,. Suolr anld uiu CaI, PP., MM. (17(, 209) 6 401 t 2 .
S11. gr nlafter Ensler.-Platronnge of St..lo1l49h. shillou of II.V.M.- 5 4(0 I 21 4
St. O(orgo, M.. (Patron of Elglandi, ldi3).--uspel, Mt.
St. .ohn xvl, 10-21; Joy after Surrow
21 ). Mt. ldell( of l SI arlint geln. M. (102)I
2t Mt. )alrk, v. (5l)-Groat Litanlo 11 1 1
Sur. 4 ,Irlady of GooclUoitna [(orl. Icoui0) i5 a II 22
27 I'l. II. Pelter Cianiluis, C. (H. J., 1i5l7).--t. Tiurbllsl. lip., C. 8171 II 2"21 I
' F. 'it. I aul of the Cro,. s C (Paslonl t, 1775) 11 ft ? 6 Z % .
2:1 8. Peter Martyr (O.P., 12l52) 5 ;I a 231 '
30 KI. 4I1 after Eioter.-Octavo of Patronnge of St. Joseph.-St. 5 116 .8 4 Fr
C;therlne of Sienna, V. (O..D).. 1 s0).-0Gospel, St. John
xvl, 5-14; C'hrist prollisO the Comforter
SNew Moon, ) Firot Quarter, Full Moon, j Last Quarter,
Slfbrefnltoo.-AI.s A.Abbot, Ap.Apo.tlo. nB)p.Bhlp. C.Confrssor; D.)oc'lor. 1v.Fva.igel lt. 1.Ei, .I,
rVIl4Ilhder, K lt.lnrgr, P Q.QuueWn. V. V IrgIn, W.VI(duw, (.S.It. Ileut.illullav, 0.1'. or O.S.10.
l-luea, O.l.F.Franclscan, O.iO.Cpuchiln, 8.J.Jedlt.

#- oi I.l""'-


Vicarlto Calendard ]Pag'ig ,i
Montlily. and Colny Nuto's .(2
better of Pru Ieo XI to Card.
Olllh)Ini on Americanismlla (;3
IExmlnalhlt.s of IPu'blle Slchols 69
Ia, Sltit taalabrsl do .1sueirlsto 71t)


The averages for thue tonth of April have been as

Rainy days
Inches of rain






The Temnperatiire of this month sernls to have In-
creased someiwliat during the past four years. Front
1888 In 18I94 thh ragetthest ragefr year was nl',
whilt It was 83' In 1817 and 82L lor t e other years
since 18115.
The Rain-fall for April lias also Increased con-
siderably. In 1888 the large est anionut for seven
years. 2.65 Inches. fell, whilst In 18113 there wits no
ain st all. In 10.5 we had 4.15 Ishles. and In 1897
as mnuh as 10.13. It Is diflieult to say what our
prospects are for this year.
The u Wnd Is generally Kart, during this month,
but It veers somneUties to N and SE.
I. Thursday. Meeting of tile Catholle Knights.
1 Toesday. Ice Cream sinlci 8 an III Il hnry MIn-
strels In thbe College GrIulds, In aid of their
Cathollo Pulbllu Schooul. 8Adilmilson 215 cents.
i. o tL lrd t80 AMl., leasing of tlhe New
F r EalorCandle lholy Water and liaptlsmaml
ot, allowed bIy ilolemnn illigh Mahls.
I. ls loetr nd General Co imaslon of men at
o s elk Mi ,trk .At 11, Solemtn High Mass,.
Stthe rk, s wi,,tr 1i 4 LIatnle. The LlttnleL of
oo be olted boilor the l6,110
O'clocak,,. rthe 0LS,3


The Seven Words of f(Jesus C(hrlt I't P ;it
An Enmtr Gift ;2
LTno XIII and te h lile *;l:,
(ii;General oe N" ;t
CJllroniloe of the Hiaredl liart a 7
Monthly ObservitlotS *


I- pnllish in full tih i3llniral'l c Ictllr
of His Holine-s, Popt.f L.. Xill. to
tl His Emilnence C':rlinail (;,ll..n.,
W.~9cJ Archbishop of iallininc, U.S.A.,
on "Americanism." The IHoly Falllcr hI...
tliguil hes clearly between Alneri'rntism as
signifying -certin ein lldow niit.'ns iof 1 iiid w hli
belong to the Aniericani people" and "' Ite li'i-.
tical condition ,and the laws iandl ci illnmi I
which Americans ire governed'" and allnitlller
Americaitisl as signifying certain libherail view
concerning the dlctrines and practices of ltyl
Church. lHe aplproves tIe former but sionig-
ly disapproves the miller iind says that lhe
Bishops of America would lie the fitist to rc-
pudlinte and codllllln it is Inm'bt injuriitis to
themselves and their country. Two American
Archbishops who were stronlgly sutipectle in11
by some even Iccused of favoring these new
doctrines, were the first to write to His hlolilnes
and give their unhesitating submission to the
wishes of the Pope. ", Roma lucutt, res fililt."
What a contrast here to the incessant jarrilgs
going on nmoing our separated brethren I Whlt
a llessing Io have an illfallible authority whose
decision secures pence itad quiet to all!

We were absent from Ik-lie when oli oild
friend Dr. Evies returned to the Colony, lmid
hence the ANOL.US failed to congrlIttittlle lill
on his return. We make up for our olmiii""
and extend to him a hearty welcome.

( 3 )

On Mir'cil 7ll1, Fr. Avu'heck, who hadl come
I. I|ilizc froi IloIt.I Gord oni the 3rd, went to
visi 'lPedro, Ambergris Cny, and Ciay
('iker. lretiulin on tile 16th, lie left again
. illhei 1i fur .Mullin. River, whencl e e wvs
I,. Iu, I, .Slli CileLk for a few Idays. O(n his
;ay Io i'ula (io.da be will visit Regiilia, Suine
Iiftl. hmil M.mkey River.
'r. Leuib Ipid a visit to Northern Rivur oil
Mlalnih JOtu ail l leturIled home oil the 13t1h.

iev. Mother Apoline, the CSuperior General
f thle Order of Momuit Carmel in Louisiami, pus.-
std thron gh llclize on March 1711th, oni her return
It Nw Oricauns. Sih hiad been severni weeks
il Oranlle \Walk where sie aw ai l colnvet of her
nilcr es.alislhed. She exlprrsed hersell f is
mire thIl Ipleased ait the hearty receltlion gliven
Ivlthe li)rple anl d ait the excellent acc'milllloiod-
I im, p>ividcld for the Sisters. Everithinm sur.
Pal*svl hlr rxpectatiotis. The select school wit.l

A Song for Paschal Time.
11Y M. i. M.
R I';.OIL'.: rijoli.- 'IThe ltrav liro Ilinlm
.'T all llli;iallhl I li 'ktl a.
Ami l ang.ile mHllll iliem ring
rI'rin l iarllh Ito I'riln llI'.
Itej.Iolr! rejolee IIr li ves. Ille livs!
'hI| Lord iii) lI rvn agiiln:
li tl til I n g lorill-v. all lrfor la d.
Wlt li il llr l.'l- W;I hlhi.
Olle IlIrt IIln illl iar t- l gailrldnii Ilih,

And Iliough I ll.ender, loving Fame
This illorn I nii. not Iee.
Nor tolutlh lis wIillnitld nor hear Ill1 voke',
It l1atllerlr not to li I',
if In IIl tcrutil. lilttlr delilth
31y v ill hill Itoln Ifti p;irt'l.
Soll that ills {ruce for 'rmliloret
Shliill dwell willIln inIv hliiearl.t -rr .Vir'l.

llhrpuIblfliceIIHo ol srl ,ih i upl lndiil cnIdili-on. o^ V .Kr in a
e lirI lr iiilulmllerih. g thirtv-,six pupi ills d II tlI Pope Leo XIIi
lleter having iinety-nine children in altitelanci. i T
S-!1c hopliO soon to selld another sister Inand a o
.'i9lg lady assistant to help on the good work Cardinal Gibbons
lI Orange Walk. ON
Th e tillallita iits of Saii Estehan hav e, for a. or J E. C I Ii.
l",, lhillie bIlck bele ikh.i., for I I I ,ient, l ,rieit,. .. Or I0l# r i ,Vel ,0. .. J mes. VarqUnn i 41,ill t h nck', h ski ig for llesidnt priest a ,'ordiltl lrist of the Tille 8,'ialr .o.ri. il, oild the
\"C conlgriitillte thlei on (heir success in olbtilil- Tihbr, Arrhbish,,p of InrUi.l.ri: LEUO XI. 1'jme.
ill; their desire, ias Rev. Fr. ilahlwin is nIIow
l'aiillncd in l that to(wn. It will lepel clhiclly oil I"l.uvlEU SN :
Ilitnlsclves whllther the father will reside with HIIA.TII AND AirosroS.;c hIl.~ssOu.
tIlhei perIl, liently or not. M I iid ti 3,1 by this lettr a re-
T l fe dl llwf l rx)lt'phIil of that loill
hTi.ough we miis.ed our liollveil Ilishioi) ill wlicil h we ,lhave1 not failed
lliiro ill tile a.lenill services of 'Paulii Stidlayll d inl'g the cIrse o f iuir pontili-
yrl Ihe ClerlIionlies were all carriell out in cute to niliiifues fre(liuentlv to you anil to your
11"nellir lllost gratifying to. the coingregaltion. collelligu in the epi.sclpate aiidl to the whiIle
TI '%urpliclled clloir of boys lent itucl to the Aimriclll Ipopiil, iavtilii;ll ourselves f every
illriatli', lhll in tlhe church il1ll inl I the pce opt- I)Illln oli iffl'erl us bly Ithe I mrgres.. of )yo"r
iLi. llvly iloiId nlios careful ltraiinlilg ad church, or whaltevr )yo,)il u ll.e for
r'tllil ".:re':t cre('it onll their iiiusicail director. .gullli l nd promotilg Caltholic interests.
Thc rr'ulor choir ails clntrihuted l o les II to the Tlor.eovr, we havr often considlerer d aun ai.l-
ohilles oef Ih cevlhrationi imlired (ite Ilolihe gifts of your nation which
---l chile the Amllericaln pIlopll to l ie live to every
V e lVer llit ,It l. S. "l Olytiini" oI f tlle S. g. iol work which lprointIlles Itle l'ood of huluiln-
'ri Line, which wall due here onl Saturdlay, ity "inll the i plenlllor of civilizatilih.
Mar 25th, ha.l somie. of her machinery injured "Allhoghl this Ilte'r hi not iltIiled, a
'ar Ilhe lMexicI. coast. Her arrivll wil he precedling eisc, lt relcptl the wordl of priaiew
lltla)u several ldays by the Alccideint. so often Sllpoken, but ralher to call atenltIol to

( 64

to be voidelCd and corrected : still or neglect of some of the principles of C'liisiiiib
,ome things to lvc in that same spirit of doctrine, for all the principles come fii.n lih
because 'it col which has inspired alll otr same Author mud IMster, t* the nlly lt.,
aposlolic i i o will ta it crs Son wlh is in the bosom if the Father.' ( ,
ilteors, we of xLour ve;. the more .so because i, IS1.) They are adapted to all lione, a. il
It ier proitid rio spss, certain contentions nations, as is clearly seeu fromi the ,I
it is intdave aro s ltely amon' g You to the our Lord to His apostles:
dtritch hae af I "ace oI f Inlly souls. Going therefore, leach all uatioms,: lachnI
It.rimento t ,i tI eloved sin, that the them to observe all thihnus what.. evr I hn
"Life of Isaac Thi'tas Ilecker,' especially as commanded you: and, behold, I am wl li
interpreted anl tranIslatle'in a foreign language, all days, even to tie end of the world. (MlII.
heis excitle not a little controversy, because xxviii, 19, 2s.)
llcreill have been voiced certainly pinionlUs co No CllANGEi O DoCTRINE.
cerniiig the way of leading a Christian life. Concernig this point tle Vlaican C.II.
We, therefore, lon aiccounti If oulr ilpostolic All t his a t e V believe Coill
oflice,.having to guard the illeglrily of the faith saylis: Allend Catlic faitlgl ich a re cli li ev ill
and the security of the faithful, are desirous of iville l tholic f lih which are calii v.,
writing to you more at lenI6lh concerning this In th t. e CIcI of i vheI il or han lelmn I.-
aht m e which ilhe Clihic ci thur 1i it soleiti i jiidg-
Twhole matter. m tlelmt or iy huer olrinarv anlid luni versal Ili;Ilil
Ttm NEW DuucrtrIS. rium, proposes for belief, as havitig I, ec
"The lunderlyinlg principle of these new dlvirely revealed.'-Const.I d Fide, clapi l iii.
opiiolns is that, ill order more easily to attract Let it lie fr friin any one's mindiil, to si'"
those who differ from her, the church should press for aly reason liy doctrine that has Iten her teachings more in accord with the handed dowi. Such a ) policy woulil 'til
spirit of the age and relix some of her .mcient rather to separate Catholics from the Church
severity and make some concessions to new llhln to bring in those who differ. There is
opiniouls. Many thilk that these concessionsl nothing closer to our heart that to have li.I"I
should be mnale not only ill regard to ways of who are separated from thle fold of Christ reil.r
living, but even in regard to doctrines which to it, but il n, other way than the way poiltdil
heloig to the deposit of laith. They contend out by Christ.
that it would ie opportune, in order to gain Tile rnui of life laid down for Cathtlics is
those who differ from us, to omit certain piiintis (not f sbluch a n.ltre that it Ciinnolot accoiniilatl
of her teaching which are of lesser illp)orta:nce, itself to the exigelncies if various tilmet ;illI
and to tone down the meaning which the church places. The church has, uided I)y her ihvinl
has always attached to them. It des not need MaNster, a kindt ad merciful spirit, for whlich
manhy words, belove' d nsn, to prove the falsily reason from the very begituIIIg, she has Ibe'.
idcthese i les if the nature iand origi of the what St. l'aul said of hiielf: l icca llc ;ell
ouctrine whilcl tile church proposes are recalled things to all m1ien that I might slave all.
t uiuind. The Vattican Council says concerning Hitoruy proves that thie Apstoulic See, IW
For the doi which has been inlrusted the ilis.sion iiot .'ly
"For the doctrine of faith which God has of teachiii, but of goverlning the whole Churcl.
pevical ihas nnt een irolosc like philosu- bhas continued im one and the samll doli,,v',
Ihgeluity, lutis tb le Perfected y htlmatlnb o allnd tile llr e selse, anld ole ands the s lle
lilgetosity, Isut Ith s been cIelivered its a divine j ent. (Const. de File, chapter iv.)
'"eit and i.nfll S e i llfrist, to be f itifully But ill regard tio way of living shle hI:s liv b
klelning oi tieiby t led. I ece tlhat Hccustomed to so yield that tihe divine pIriicilpl
"toabe.h rtaind! he ,lcred ogtuns is 'rpctually of murals hleing kept intact, she luas vi.t'
Church, ha. ounce' dec or oly h other, thle neglected to accommodate herself to the cllari
Chur h, t beOle decl ird, ir s that neanlig acter and genius of the nations which slle
orpretextof a deate fro under the pretence emtbraces.
(Cotituio de Ptle n ha, cptr i. TH QUKSTION o LIBtTY.
thei sence whico hi deh a ltogetlr brltlele^ss "Who can doubt that she will act il tlis
Spurposel leads to the omission sael spirit again if the salvation of souls re-

( 65 1)

uire it? In, this matter the church must lie the greater security from private c rur would Il~
illjdge, not private men, who are oftin deceived enjoyed by ill.
1iv tle appearance Of right. In this aill wlIn ". Anid firlther, thiss: wlh, avail themselves o
:ih toI escape tile blame of our predecessor, such n way of ra;sol ing seem to depart seriously
I' is VI. miust concur. lHe condemned as inju- froni the overruling wisdom of the Hligh
I iui to tie Church and the spirit of God, who which wisdom, since it was pleased to set forth li
isle'. her. the doctrine contained in pr|)posit illn mIlost solemn decision the authority and suple:m,
r\\nVii of the Synod of Pistiiia, that the disci- teachiiig rights of this Apostolic See, willec
I'line made ianld approved by the Cliurch should that decision precisely in order to safeguard (In
Ii. sl.biiltclli to examination, as if the Church minds of the Church's children fromi the danger
c al framu :a co le of laws useless or heavier of these p)remenlt ties. hiu liii lilbrlty caln lear.' LICENSE AND LI.iiEn'rv.
Ilut. lilovied son, in this preset t matter Iof These dangers, viz., tile confouniiing o
which we arre speaking, there is even a greniter license with liberty, the passion for discu.s.ini
il:ihnrl Ua il I mire lmanifet oppiioitiol to ilnd pouring cotliltleit upoi anly possibile subI
t';thllic doctrine mind discipline in that oinion ject, the assioletiil right to hoi l whatever opilnii
,f the lovii's of Invelty, according to which one placmses. upon any .sIl iject and It se.ilnd thei
tIlhy lihl such liberty shouhl be allowed in the forth in print to, the world, have so. wraippem
CIhucli. thLllt lhr supervision na l watchful lnss, ailmns in darki ss thit there is now I i greater
leill., insiin.l sciIse lesse.lne, iilloia)mince le grant- neuidl of the Church's teachlling Ollice thIan eve
ill llefailthful. 'each ouInto follow out more fre lyv befoi e, lest peple lbeconme iunn dliul, both 11
tile leading of his own mind and thle trend o;f conhiciencc an i of duty. We\\', indeed, have ui
Inis iwn proper activity. They of the thought of rejecting ceverytlinig that miodlr
lop)in llil tt such libirtv h as its coinluirpairtl in industry aud study hli s pt)ducl d; so fa fr fror
llte newly given civil freedom which is now it thalt e welcome to thle p Inimiiiiy of trult
tlhe right am tile founldailion of almost every and tu an evrr wildelni scope of public wel;
smcul:ir state. heing whliatsocver helps tlwarid the pIrogress c
In tihe apoistlolic letters concerning the cini- Ieirnihg and viltue. Yet nil thisi, to be of an
Stlil i if. Stalesladdresised hlv iust, to the Ilislihos s(li(d bndilil, nIav, til have a rieil existence :1a
'If lire whole Church, we discussed this point growth, can onlyv be on ilie comditioun uf recoi.
;t Ie'lgtli a;ndl there set forlIh fIlt difference nizinig tle wisdoiml aind authority of the Clhucl
rxitlitimg between tihe Church, which is mt divine Cuminiig now to speak of the coimcltuion
'""*'itv, and all other social huliiin organizations, which hlave been dduced Ifroiml tle eib ov
wvlhiirl dCepmil simply on the free will Mlnd opiniionis, .and mor thimii we really lbelievc lt:i
clhice of inlc. there w Ias io thioighl of wiring or guill, yet th
Ti'l P'OE INFALLIBLE. tliimigs tliCeii.bslves Cetlliitly Imeriit somle degree
iof suispicion. First, all external gcuidlance is .
II is well, lthen, piricilairly ltoli dir.c attel- aside for those souls who Ile striving aol'
lIii tl ihe olinionl which serves us the arguiim llnt Chliitiani pIerfectlion uis bICing superlluoun, or
jin bIralf of this re:ater liberty si ught for anil indeed, not useful in any sen*sc-thell couiteiilio
iioimlmiendued to Catholicr. beimg that the luoly spirit pours richer ain.
SIt is alleged that now, thle Valican decree more alhutiiiant graces thian fortem ly upon tIl
o'"icemre "g the infallible teIching autlhoritybf tlie souls of thlle faithIul, so that without liiuin
IomnImr ,,lintliff having hibeen proclaimed, notlhiii intervention lie teriches and guldres liueim Ii
fihlher on tha|t ,scre can l .ive anv solicitude, somne hidden instrict of Hlis own. Yet it i.s'th
a"", accordingly,i since that hals beenIsa:fegardl- si. of no sbllllll ovelcoullidllece to dllsilr'
li it t anl put l.y)'.1m question, a wid t r anl I reer imnuiure andi dlctrmini : tlie mnode of time divine
lidcl hOlth for thought and action, lies open to commuiiuilicatloun to imankind, simple it wholly
ch ile. I,t suIch rensolling is evidently dlpends upon His .wn goodl pilesubi, alld II
fauml, since, if we e lo com,,e to iiny cclii- is n m'ost generous dispenser of Ili.s wni gilft
il ironi, the infallible teachinR of the Church, '* 'ie Spirit lreathes whereuwh litelcth. (Jul
it should rather be that Ino .ime should wish to iii, 8.) And t) caclh one of up grace is give
llepart from it, dnml moreover, that the minds according Ii lhe ml) easutu f 1the gll ulg
fI Ulf being leavciteld and directed therehly, Christ.' (Eph. iv, 7.)

( 66 )

INsPIRATION Is SeURET. since by that fact they walk in no healcen ,r
e who r s th hist f vell-known path, are the mlost liable 1t stray
And shaa w lls e faith f the lascnt curcy, lnd hence have greater iied than outhil ,f ;
tIle ;Aostles, thse fai the asnrtyrs- and, cover teacher and gulide. Such guidance has ever
the trials aio l dethes lof the' in a obtahtined in the church: it has breen thle uiver
llre to selcaden our age with these, or arlir teaching of those who throughout the agie h,.ve
reto measure o bIeen eminent for wisdom al salnctity-and
that they received less of the divine outpouring ence to slight it would ,e to commit one'S well
from the Spirit of Holiness? Not to dwll io helief at once rash alnd lIcldangerous
this poiat, there is io one who calls ill question to
the truth that the Holy Spirit does work hy a A thorough considerali.n of tils pI.hi, in
secret descent into the souls of tile just and that tie supposition that no exterior guide is ~iuiitl
lie stirs them alike by warnings aud impulses. such sulk) will nlatke us see the difniclY 11 .
rince, uless this were thre, ll outwtrd locating or determining tile direction ad appli.
defense anid iauthlority wouhl lie urnavailiig. catiol of t ht more alunlait influx tihe HIlly
* For if any persuades himself that hle can give Spirit so greatly exlolledl y inhrovators. T'il
ssnt to t .l ying, that is, tu gospel truth when practice viltue there s a!ohlute need ot tlhe
proclnlimed, without lany illminaton of the assistance of the Holy Spirit, yet we filll thli.
Holy Spirit, who gives tnto ill swretlress, both who are lood of Ioveltv is ingi an unwilraintle
to asseCn anId t hold, such all irie is deceived impotacc to the nat;lral vitues, as though
hy a heretical spirit.' (From the Second Council 1tey better re.spodird to the custon)s all n cmEg
of Orai'ge, Calnon 7.) sitieh e f the ties, and that I;ving tthes a.s lIsi
Moreover, is experience shows these nmonli- oiitfit, malil Iecumes bothi nlore ready to act ital
lions and impulses of the IHoly Spirit are for more strenuous ill action. It is not easy tI
the most part felt through thie inedium of the understand how prisons )posschsedl of Cli.istha
Hid aind light of an external teaching i authority. wisdolnl Cii either prefer natural to *supernrlatuial
To quote St. Augustine : He (the Holy Spirit) virtues or attriliute to them a greater llicacy a;lIl
co-ouerates to the fruit gathered froll tile good ruiitfulness. Can it Ibe that nature coijiiinlr
'trees, since Hle exterlnall waters aoId cultivates with grace is weaker than when left to herself
them by the outward ministry of men, and Can it be that those milen illustri-us fIl
yet of himself bestows the inward increase.' sanctity, whom tile Clhurch dliltinguisihes a;u
(De Gratin Christi, chapter vi.) openly pays hoinage to, were deficient, liecaii
"This, indeed, belongs to the ordinary law 'hlort il thle order of nature llnd its enilowncul
of God's loving Providence that as lie ,a because they excelil in Christirni stirilghI
decreed that irlen for tie nost part shall be An'i although it lie allow d at times to \ondll
s"ved by the ministry also of llien, so hits lie '"t acts vwortl"' of ad(lilrationll which arte ite nll
wished that tllhse whom lle calIs to tile higher come of niatrllri viirtue, is there alnyoile aIt ;
Ilanes of holiness should be led thereto h men snilply with an u tlitof natural viitlue
ernce St. Chrysostoml declares we are tght l there ailyone nlit tried y lentil ali r xity
f God through the instrumentality u un. an d this ill no light degree ? Yet ever to in.ast
(Ilonily It, hiscrib. Altar.) Of this s itri kin s.c, as also to preserve in its entirety the la
tlexarle i gKiven us in the very first iki of fthe natural order re'Cuires all assistance Ifro
"eChurch. Fru though 81u1, intent u, o bo high. l These single notable acts to whic
sand nlauglter, had heard the voice of our we have alluded wil frequently, upon a
himself, and hal asked, Wht dolt tho t i investigation, be found to exhibit the appeariac
me to do' yet was he hln Wat t entr Dmis rather than the reality of virtue. Grant that
eat auid search for Ananiits. Aceter Ds m is virtue, unless we would rul n in vain" a
the city and it shall be there utld to i: 'Enter e unmindul of that eternal bliss which a gP.o
thou must do. to the wat God in His mercy has destined for us, of wlh
N avail are natural virtues unless seconded by th
'N, e 'O A TEACHER. gift of divine grace?
truth o that wae e out of conRideration the Hence, St. Augustine well says: t Wonde
are'striving after perfection, ful is the strength, and swift the.course, bi








( Ct )

oiiutidc the true path.' For, as the nature of
man. owing to the primal fault, is inclinel to
evil alilddishono.r, yet by the help of grace is
raiscl up, is burln along with a new greatness
andI strength, so too, virtue, which is not the
product of nature alone, but of grace also, is
ilmal fruitful unto everlasting life and takes oil
a inure strong and abiding character."
"This over-esteeiii of natural virtue lindll ii
imetCliil of expression in iisulinilgi ti divide all
villlrs ill active ilndl massive, iand it is illegeil
list whereas Ipassive virtues fbounl better police
past il tiles, our ag ise to le clharicterizcId hv
the aclive. That such n division anil distiiictiiin
canlllt lie iiin;,iltained is pantnt-for there is inot
inlr canll hriTr lie iIerely piksive virtue. I Virtlue,'
sai)- SI. Thomlini s Aquinas, i desiglnates the pcir-
fctinii of omliie faculty, but the end of such
faculty is ain act, ildl all act of virtue is naught
else llhin the good use of free will,' actilln, that
i!s i sac, iiulcr (he grace of nGol if the act lie
line of s'upelCratural virtue. He allone c.ildt wish
Ih;at illoe Cliristiain irtues be; aillpted to ccrtaiii
liillns ainl different ones forr other times who is
iuminiidlful of the Apostlhf's word: 'That those
whom lie forckliew, lie prleestilned to lie nliide
c.ilifriatillle tii thel image if His still. (Romaniiis
Viii, 9.) Christ is the ltecher aniid the exeli)plar
I f all ainclity, ilid toi Ilis stlilindarl mliut all
hlose coniiforii, wltho wish for eternal life. Nor
IesL Clirist ktiiiw.iiIy change as tle agen pIIs,
' l lr Ie is vc.terrl;ay lll to-di:ly a iil tile s llile
lirrver.' (lillireiw xiii. 8.) T tlhe iiin C t all
Ailes was Ithv Ipr cet give i, LUiri1 of ite,
h'i"ms 1iiini meek iI und humblell of heart.'
(hIi1. xi, :9'.)
i every ngL loi e lie liei mnde ii aliifest
i' us ila obldiient, even unto death ; in every
A'e the Alposllc 'diictliiiiil b its force: lThlose
who are Christ's have crucilied their flesh with
ilt Vices alnd concipisceiicus.' Would to G od
thatlillre Inowadtliyl prlcticedl these virtues in
the degree of the saints of past times, who, in
t"iailhI, olhdielnce, and self-restraint, were
P"werll iin word and in ded'--to tlhe great
allvlan lte not only of religion, but of the state
"allI public welfare.
"From this ldiregard of the evangelical vir-
tiUs, errolieoiisly styled 6 passive,' the step was
Ssholrt onle to a contempt of the religious life,
Which has in some degree taken hold of minds.

That such a value is genierilly lihl ly the ulp.
holders of the new views, we infer from eertlili,
tatlementls concerliiingl Ilhe vows which reltlgi.usij
orders like. They say vows lare iilien tio tllh
spirit of our times, in thIat they limit the liotniltl.
of human liberty; that thly lare Imorle sIl ilithJ
to weak than to hltroli iiiillst; tilhat s ar ill. fiii
illmking for lhumnliil peirfectI n i anld the gUood of
humnn organization, they are hurtful to lboth ;
huit that this is as false as possible from th e
liractice ait(l the doctrine of the CliIurcli is cl'er.
since she has alwliys given the very highest ip-
prloval to the rclhigous nmethod of life; or willh-
iut good ci use, for those whlu, Intler the divlit
cutll, have freely emiirlactsl tlhit tate of life, did
ino content tlieniselves with the (observiince ol
precepts, but, goiing forward to the v:iiigelica:
cuilliselS, showed themselves ready ailid valisillll
soldiers of Christ. Shall we juilge this to lie
characteristic of weak miindsl or shill we saiy thai
it is m celess or hurtful to aI mIore perfect state il
STlhose whl o h( indll themselves by the vow=
of religion, far froini living buffered a loss o
liberty, enjoy ltiit fuller ainld frer kind, tlia
liberty, iiaielylv, lby which Chliist haith iimade 1=
free. Anll ithis further view of theirs, uiinlmly
that the religious life is either entirely useless Ii
of little service tio the Chlurch, hlicies leiing ini
juriolus to the religiomis orders, caIiiot lie tlhe
opinimn of aliy one whio has ler i the alnnlls o
lhe church. Did not yiir coiinry, the Uniite
States, (deilive the ilegintiIing., bItlh of faillh illu
of culture, the cliildren of these religiolu-
fnniliie? toI one of whoiii bit siy. nlatly, c
thing greatly to your praise, you have decricc
that ia satile lie publicly erectlcl. .\nl eveni a
the present time. wherever thle religion tus finilic-
are founll, how sspeedy iinil yet how fruiltful a
inirvest of guod works io the hv inot briiig fitlih
Ilow very nInny leave home anid seekk strallng
hlinds to import the truth of tIhe Goslel, a1ni ii
widen the liliunlll of civiliz:atitn, aild this tlieI .
do with the rialtest cheerfulness amidl lani.iifoh
dilllgers. Out of their inlliuimer, not less ildlcel
tIian from the reMt of tli clergy, lihe Clristia
world flilts the iprrI.clries of Uoil's word, 1th
directors of colnsciences, the teachers If yloutli
ani the Church itself the examples of all salltity
0" Nor should iiny difference of praise he ilulala
between those who follow the active sale of lif
from those who, charmed with nolitudet givs
thmncelves to prayer and bodily mortificalion
And how iitch, indeed, of good report thcllc

( 8 )

h.e ierited, and do merit. is known surely to; AIIRICANISM" DIS.I'I'tOVtKD.
' wol drio not forget that the cniitnual prayer From the forgoiig it is manoifest. hulvrl
of the ju-t In"11' avails to placate and to Ibril.'Z son, that we are not able to give appr-ral i,,
Slowa the hlessinlgs "o heaven wheI to such those views which, in their collective saen., are
prayers bodily mortification is aliledl. called by some 'Americanisml.' lhut if bv thi.
ORDDRKS WVITHOUT Vows. name are to be understood certain en.linvnlr t
B" ut if there he those who prefer to form one of mind which belong to the nAmerican ti o.,,l
body without hlle ioligatioof the Ivows. let then Just as other characteristics belon, 1, vanio,.
p'Uee such a course. It is not new in the Church olher nations, and if, iloreover, by it is h i a.
wlr iil alvwise censurahle. Let them Ie care- ted your political cOnditin and the lawis a;r,
ful, however, not to set forth such a state above customs by which you are governed. thlcrc i i
Ithat of rcllgiolus orders. Ulit rather, since Ill;l- reason to take xceeptimi to the Iname. llt i!' tii,
kind are nmure ilisphsed at the pre. cnt ti to is ti be so understood d that th.. doctrine ts wiidl
illdulge themselves ill pleasures. let those he have been adverted to above are not only ili.
hrld in greater esteem 'who, having left ill cated, hut exalted, there call e nI 11m1 -in. .1
thina. have followed Christ.' doubt that our venerable rethrell, the ISrl |l
Finally, not to dilInv II, hong, it is stated of America, would be IthI first to repHdTliat anil
that the way and itllietholl hitlherito in lus. nll, ong condellll it as being nlmst injIuiousto l t Ii'iMs
Caithlics for lin gii.g hIak those who lhavu fIll. and too heir country; for it w:,uhl give ri ,: It, hll
en iiwny fromi the Church should be left sidle suspicion that there are anr aiontg vo'u 'in %\h"l
and another one coll)sci, in which, aillter it will conceive and would have the Church il .\Al:iika
suffice to note that it is not tihe Jpart of prudencu to be different from what it is in tile rest of the
to.neglect that which nitiqility it its long ex. world.
perience has llappriveld an1l c which is also taught But the true Church is oin:, as ,by initv l
hy a1postolic inlthrity. The Scriptures teach ius doctrine, so ly unity of government, aitl .lIr i.
Ltat It is the duty of ;ll to le solicitous for the Catholic, also. Since God has placed itllh, c:.'tr
"alvatioln ofi one's neighbor, according. to t h ile and loundationl of unity in the chair if 'ileval
power and position of each. The faith fil I (t Peter, she is rightly called the lRoman Ctlnl ,h.
this ly religiously dischargiiig the duties ,of their for I where Peter is. there is the Church.' Whi.'-
stale of life, lv the nuprighllless of their conldutcl, fore, if anybody wishes to le csidler'i a Ir.l
by their wurks of Chrisitiani charity, and Ily Catholic, he ought to bLable to say from hli hIlart
earnest and conltinuous prayer to Goi. the selfsame words which Jerome addrcsseld Il
On the other hand, those who belong to the Pope Damasus: 'I, acknowledging no other
clergy should do this by an enclightened fiulfill- leader that Christ, aml boutid in fellowship wilh
Slneilt of their preaclhilg ministry, by the pomp your Holihess: that is, with thechlair of l'cttr.
atdap"n'ellour' cerenoniesaeseciallvhvsetiin know that the Church was builtupoil hii as
forth that sound form of doctrine which St. P1tiil its rock, and that whosouver gathereth not witill
i ncucated upon Titus and"l Timothy. But if, you scattercth.'
tog the different ways of preaching the word We have thought it fitting, beloved sol, it
lof G, that ui-e some timeC seems to be prefer. view of your high office, that this letter should lhe
c which is directed to on-Catholics, not in addressed especially to you. It will also be our care
cuwis tha, but n som e suitable place, in such to see that copies are sent to the Bishops of theI
"cnfren thnt troversy is ot sought, but friendly United States, testifying again that love by which
fault. cBut sle a method is certainly without we embrace your whole country-a country
be set ut r thuse who undertake such ministry which in past times has done so much for tile
elt themn be the t authority of the Bidlops, and cause of religion and which will by the divine
ben previo whsu e lin e and virtue have assistance continue to do still greater things. To
be. are man u ascertaied. For we think that you and to all the faithful of America we grant
rated from 'your country who are sep- most lovingly, as a pledge of divine assitance,
than by ill-will .c troth more by ignorance our apostolic benediction.
easi be drawn to- h mi perchance more "Given at Rome, from:St.Peter's, the a2nd day
till b s. fn to t old of Christ this of January, t899, and the twenty.lrst of our
lr wIy W. in friendly and fa.- ontificate. .. .a a
*" : i" .: :- LEO XIII."

( (i )



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N, Mrs. Cato, Private

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44 a 6

( 70)


Coi.pulesta en Limn en el Peru
por el P. AlfonSo Mlesias *, J.

O Oll pI tpeblo femiaentidfo,
.Yia clavudu eln uinamdero,
Vn .Jle*io, nianio C albrle el Gdlgota i ecpirar.
ii iilll ruon A .liels i fioler
Nio IInalollrn loo nliO1 lentog,
y Plio lilllnmio neenton
V\'egan pronlu~ A vrauchr.

8Wiro lit Pri tord 11lahbrt1
qyn dljo I N4eflor on la crum:
JpufnjrMnliirrd.nlot j]fr*Hf io flielffl I I V140 haeft.
i'n, lrdonl |IaPlrilu, elllbm u uln
Yi di rull iulpiii re..,
.1lmn )ll ) s, li en li Vou,
No irdroil .itnan l rlaro0
11im di .frnfdi nli rreI go
18.rdo tallilhon Per i's
SIl'odrlP, rnHlur. piodr6lr
lrjr de purdonnr?

8.ubro lia oguilllit l'llt l,]n
QuIIo ,ilj l tlt'tor tI lilih I lndronm l
liy elanac nllalllmren l J'liirai.o,
ullalndo uiiiirli I ol|ll elil < nl ali ncI
Y oi ll illllibrlnl envlit lv flIl vIIi,
..Ali efAor, no to olvldei i d Iill
TIl In IluIno on \l artrlido trIn or,
YI Ilc l iii c ililt n I a ii I lu aoIu ,ialdm,
A oxr vnayia ilo)ltro do ti. g

Siobroe lt 'orcorn lrtlilabru
Qu dlJo il Beomr A an Mad aro, atluslt
mwtler, he OAtl u A(kr
T'Ya dislpulo jJunll
Its aAhl toi tIartr.
A Itll ell', Is lvlun oro
ahdre pl.o l ite oult hio
I lh do lhun, 1lh. d0 mlrar.
Ohl do hon11or lalto dlgnoo l uoral
ih, do h"alllor iano I oanrdral
1oarit dejo do iinglr.

Rev. Alfortso Mesla,. S1...
(Translated from the SKpanwl).
T IS done! Lo! aIntecned to the rlugfil wald.,
'filJ Lord imiist die for le ii mn the lo lul:
For 1me ine shnnit. .\h! I ee'c Tli. ni t ,r,
ilee Thy limanl('id body, .1hlisu deair,
Iliuglngl f;ir II in ngony.
Upon tlie helighliti of Ct'nvllry.
o0! fillthful prlophl., voriln lt(l:,Vy.
VYoi wh\l0 pn lihl, ,liv dlraw ilr.,
Ill dying word In hear;
OUlithr on Uulgltllh wlthoilt delay.
Firt Word onl lthl Criaow
" Fither,jfrUtfe tler,fnr tlah. karae whll hil lvI I."
Olu'llrl. nii! Illld w 111 y thll
'v Iliitlllll l l y l1t h l 1 h i erll rh '
NSir glaoc llor 111 Ilicry unll I laillin.
MY Irulap r imlia'l In vllU nlld .hi111lai',
ilslh tl J'llg Ji,.a m'i wl1 I I hlvr 'Tli 'liry.,
i 'ltller, forgive,' I dalr to hope toli. ,

S ocolid Word oil I iu CrI'1 :
'**Amlel, I Ini t. the, athil dilt Ihr6 lhNii the* 'i
wti i, Pi radlliii' .
W hill hoI lr grllil d tllh i shill vitl".
At Thl'y ',oilandllll .
1i 11 i'lall l Ill IaIai .I
'Il s I t lll h*lll ui i hllll:.
01 >I<'KIII, tl 1ii1 ralmninerlb' illu
I in l y liint hIour of iagoi ly.
And will In itnllh imn iliirlnl WIi'll lhtI.
Bid mly Ipor soul to 'lI'ou In Plra~oill'.
Third Word on tio Croni:
#4 WomuaW, bWhoill Ithy nnI blhoill th liiMtAer."
l othlir of dlurrowa, landiahllng by
The Urom Cr lf 1r,1111, tIlrn ll0lle "y"
And look onl Ilto
VWilth olellluncy.
Heonrkton Io thy olt's hole'IItI-
Iu'lin lla lit nil undri llell,
ClIl ip tho iilnler to livy brin"t,
$alffur mIu to be Th'y ehlihl.
S loly Mary. lo)uk and i(n'
All iliy tounldlei' illblry,
bIlilklo tio Ir o love dlivin .
IIIIIdll ti NilN ol heart of 1111nt.
Tlint 1(1ll Itllth I rtill "lly ltu
Truo to *JuaI,II trill to thlle

( 71 )

Sol0be lai Ciu'rtitl Palabrat
Qul dlijo el Hofior on Ia cruIz:
Dios mi,. o 'l.Po*qe flle habelis d abndnladtu
;a\ hnto, por til blen,
.Ies is. to mlier liegli!
DI e Il Piadri taliibleni
A nulldonlido esthosi
1,'Y pir t1 iIida yo,
Nada tIuIirri, silfrir?
Tl'e iodnr i abandoisnar?
j .i's ls! ant lH nmiortr.
K1 o intni. no nIut psunr;
No IIni1 peliar. no maii.

Iuo dljo oI Sellur on la crui:
aeid ri;ll',
1'llOmin In cvilllln i li'll iiullucmll
I illhin vii fi'tllnlL vIItl hllulor.i
Mn rhlilllhn lll.l. A 'll y ir n pl1 111n pI nf
1I liirclli ), Itl ild l ll rll'u r illurO
lMust Arolh-illli#inti I nl lluliti,
Y el>, lN i il'JrAjt neil Ilodidentror.
i(juliu',N 01o I hll' rbian 'I t i l t ofirec
K vrfrligr'li do pnn. ildgrinman
I'ur lanto aIoi'ry

SollJl'0 it Hixtli I'llllit l'
4un dljo Ill II.niir oil In onil
T'rtl, tf t l t riollehlttdo
4. 1 all ln iiti-o is ep lts nunllada,
Y i ifi c iln 'lr o fi l'ny.t rinl
lIrl hl ll y iI n lit Irll( ol
Coin oil in-rtrl %' IrhllnilTl.
I 'ln 111-l1n0 litin A laso 4II NII| I ,
1lr lI IIIit1io r no oi lA nitll
(lit I1 4 f'0I r,11 111 :hudlr4lt
A Iln hliirrlrlh i adlllli'lln
lt iliIu (cl'olll Iv lltr .

Soli'0 lit 'Seijyilin Puullabii
~11ui dljo l HMufllor on lit ru: l
J'adlr, Ca csrml'sil mains U e Irotlltead it U ep11lritd.
M iluI ld :r tu; IIIinAtil lI
1'll nI'egro Ilnnlto el uleluo
lai (dli'ir jitll'dran rin)llllln ne,
Ml Ilrngi itl ilirc l volu,

151oi'in n jIInifini AI
Vill-ll t 111pIi l ll iIIIIU11 ii uibl'Oi

I'11 1',1 t1i1 I 1Un 1 1 iu l (1diur 1
ufi dol s0111nun dolurl

Fiorth \Wiirdl on tile Cr>ost:
*i Aly ( Ud, My (G(o, why t hu.t Thr; forkvI .l'"
My God, My God. hast Thou forsaken Mi?
i. T is \. i.1'r Lord. T h'I'l y Irl l' f aguny.
SArt Thot forsakenl. Irl'?,i-llow Ili;ln Alall I
,Ive oI. (orgelltig ThIl in hluxlry! kl.n-Ilnt fr 1it II .I(.llI. y.' I p lr.y Thee,
Molst I lolrakl T111' t1o? .I tii tI bi Iraiy 'Thee?
All. rather umile ine with Thy helnvy rod,
Andil give. Olh. giv e' I Ibttrl' dl;atll
Thlanll iff{ r tiil! to dirnw line bre:illi
At rnllliy wlit' Tillr,. lly l.uil, lly God.

Filt .'li W tl rI til lie (Jl'OHH:
I Thirst.'"
Wlhiter1ld 1 illtld prIirted hnenih fil-t gilowhi g sky,
T l 'lie droo illin lity fl ings I l r1o u hli-lf;
lll hti il l it n I lo 1triin iiarlrlli' rl ill ,
311 111i lll. t IIItIu It ItII, nIelil I tro ,

III. dW i II 1 1 1 tli ,''l is111 I 111 1 0141ll.I
hl dllillnl d Ii ll i i llll i 'l i 'i l Ilo llo'.
O lf 111l I lls o itilr ir'o, lll oie Il.r Wor I,
Thllr fii rli lli, i en olll ff unsulia llA d thirst.
WlI here Ih tih Alan wiomi lliart. 0o iWlrlihd

A lw rlefr iing l ro I froll m lll lll ll l111I'
To 'hi11 ll o II Iriu i' ling InlrI o iil( r I rI oi llei r

Sll *ill Wi l l\ Ih'h11' 1!1 IS lL4

oAlw l o (i 1' l ll l "'i lle 'i l hur d,

i' i rlli'ilr l I l i, l i'r iiI' l l' hlli l llll i w ll "
r T'll his Ahhlll h owIl' II. P,0I hii I111H 1 I l H ll, A1nd fill
Inow Illr n. lil rioi 0i r llllr li'lhllil 1111111 It ell
IAns l hiIr t II l I K miI ilill I 's will,
l, 11v i nlh o 01 14. 1111 ln ll 1111111T i h'"r h i l'ti
Wihlin thiy i{r1ih rover Wii( ihli'iil IN rIini
pu plIilo,, l t1 Ills i s-rn il leml wIr ll n '

rod illi \hh l h"I1 ill ia (Yr'ON4:
o iasher. I I I'sn h b'01l1 I rl' dnoid MY Npiril."
1,1y 'a'llier. I obey T It' fi (" Ill 1 to
Into) Thli h111114 ly M ais l I ""* rv-,Aiirei- .
T 1n wllh I lul vol tI l vi n Ill it l 11l trlv

A nd I i' l i rj ild' Tiil lli l t-ill ,
1,lll darknileJs hl'11's 1114) he I*)u 1

Ill'nillnt Ihlit Lirl.l I llilill'id--
ll Ir l1 nll niln 1 1ihl! idr d,
llV ,l Ilmw 11 ilil ""'I illu'',n

( 72 )

SPANISH LEGENDS. conquerorr. It was shame to have lcci, ,vor.
whelmed by the first fury of the torIciLt t'li;,;,
yI' THE REV. 0. BAMPFI'ELD. burst over themn-it was greater sh:imlle w Ii,
-dread sleeping waters which hadl clhllci'il n11l
AN EASTER u'lIF. a torrent to a standllig pool. 'hc I ,tl r
castle not f;r from Ovicto \w;Is ln otf i;u.
-'~-'OUL feel certinl that she will recover stirring spirits of the day, who ftuille til tIII
< i tl-d av?" utmost of his power the fire of co.i':il e in IhLe
i' I W1 l! said mv friend, a lady Christian hearts, and he had by his si.v a sp1lir:l
nj > of Spnlish descent, certain' is a more powerful, more dailltless, thanli i Min.
l.' word. i Ihve a hope that borders on in the Lady Isabella of the royal lomi ,.f
rtanllly ll l with reason, as you would say too Castile-" We mIllt not Iest till we hiav driven
if k lkllw our family traditions." the infidel into the sea." They tik lhi>ier ti
1 love traditions,' I ventured to say, as she drive thlln site thought, hut Inearr aind :aler
pled. the sea they were driven by spirits sllthll lir
S"Al buIt iyou English believe nothing: the owin. Jolll of. Arc, now the V\cl-lnciil, In.
natural is true; what is beyond nature is false." taught us how strong is the. power .i it.lne
"Nay! navy I answered; "y)ou are hard. woman who lives for God.
What is not of faith is not of faith: but we do She was a thorough Catholic, was ltle
not d(cny that all may havel een so done as Isabcl, who did as well as talked, anid lir ipa:L
Legends say, andl certainly we d(t not refuse the in the sacred war was a life of stern sell-letli..
truths buried beneath those stories, even if the All the yenr through she cared for I1o silill':
stories be beautiful poems." up from a hard couch hetinis to Mtilitiin
"W Velll" slie said, a little doubt you; alnd Mass altnd Office, she gave hersrll I, Illh
but however- '" and having the room for aI humble and diligent cares of a good wife :Li!! a;
niomenlt she returned with some papers in her watchful ruler of her household. ler liuxsi
hand. "N No ancient parchments," lshe said, was to wait upon the poolr; hier j.urVeIi rsrilc-
" half destroyed by time and insects; those lie incit to send forth her lord wtill II 1' -.dil
inl our old castle at home ; but 1 got leave to following of soldiers to set free lher Lcn.iilll.
nake a copy, as I did to bring away that Statue I Would that I were a ttmar, that I ill; ii ii I
of Our Lady.'" life and shed blood for a l.ind whicli hLi. I'L .
To which you are so very devout." made holy by Milass and Sacrament :tiil lit
'.The original of course is at home, where it dwelling o f Our Lord!'
bus a little chapel of its own; you will see as I But if the whole year through her life Ia:l
goon why love it so much, and why 1 feel so stern, doubly stern was it in time of LeI.r
certain tiat. our good Sister Teresa will get Humble child of the Church as slie tw:'. ihe
right again to-diay fasted because she was told to fast, hiul bicidll
W Collme, I must take you il fancy to my dear that she had it singular devotion to the t:istl If
old country-noblest. country yet in the world Easter. You are smiling; all Cathlliic, y'0I
alid truest to the Faith-over the L'yrenees to mean, have a love for Easter; bht hers w;bas
their southern foot ald aloilg the ln y of Iliscay wonderful devotion beyond what is seeln l
to that scorer between the liountains and thie most, even of the good; and as plart of tle
seas, which is still holy with the Body of our devotion i loving trust she held that, s aser
prrio-Audly' le, S. Jmes--spot," shu added after Easter came, it was not only it triumllhil.g
pioidel A"never trodden yet by the foot of in the Resurrection of Our Lord, but a Ilpre1-et
writlin tel. e lt at the time of which this re-awakening of new life iin nulmblerlss hearts
moui ting s of all the country between the and a fresh up-springing of many of OClrs
was ouin the hAsterias and the Mediterratsiun interests on earth. Each Easter Day \a :
of dein the hands of the infidel invaders. The resurrection of the sleeping Christ, not ill Iht
e nfrt deliveralnce wals drawing near: Jayme, own Person, but of Christ in His members, il
Juse t m greatest, warrior of lion heart, had Christ in His Church. Seel" she would ssy
sprite of the throne of Aragon, and the l i it is Spring, and the flowers and trees i"lil ..ot l ristiSans rose as they sal the fruits of the earth are rising again ; it is Eistrlu
Ileu of luxury which had come upon their and souls are rising from death, Imany ill tle

( 73 )

Font, many in the Confessional; and so it will ties at my prayers; you have wondered why
I, with my country; it is deal, but it will rise the Altar I loved best was the Altar of Our
aain ;-for Good Friday and Easter Sunday- Mother of Sorrows; you know now why I
dilcll and resurrection-must go cn till the end wtpt. And yet I always prayed with a hope.
,f tintu." It was the talk of enthusiastic love; I felt sure that Easter would come; there was
lut there was tIruth in it, and she was confirmed no sign of his bodily death so that he could not
in her hot Faith by more than simple prayers. come; and I kept telling Our Lady'-the poor
Here is one instance which I will read you, mother speaks simply, does she not, like one
written by her own hand in the ruder Spanish who lived amongst the Saints-' that she had
,f those days; it is part, as it would seem, of a seen a Resurrection, why not I ? Year after
litter to a friend. year passed on, and yet my hope did not die;
'I have hal for imany years one great grief, suppose a mother's hope is hard to kill; and
kow, Easter followed Easter and no resurrection of
.Is vIyo Ipartly know, it teluible grief such as Ilot
I alidanttoingstf mothers have felt in thi-s country' my "boy Still I prayed on.
of many sorrows, which has lain in the tomb It has come ait hist. The early Mass was
Wl,.il-staiined old disfigured so long. It was a over on Easter Sunday, and I had come back
lief willitht comfort or hopl;t and yet I must from my Communion and was still urging my
iit say this-for it was Our Lady's own griet, old cry to our blessed Mother, congratulating
the l.*- of an only son. The lost not by death her upon her Easter joy, and asking if she had
I loull scarce have counted that to be loss-but none to spare for me, when Elizaelth-you
it was in this way. Not here-infidel feet have know my little handmaid, Elizabeth-came in
i.ever trIdden here-but miles away towards with a half-frightened look, a soldier, my lady,
Ihe cast where the great river'-she mIealns the craves' A soldier I a Christian? lie
D)our, I tliink-' first burst from the mountains, must be, my lady. I found him in the hall
I was at the work I love, visiting in ny cousin's with his head upon the ground before Our
0.ltle to ariraiing with him for imy husband part Lady's Statue. I was startled at first, and
"of ,ir early plans for setting the country free. thought that he was one of those who love the
I',.r Rafacl-he was tlhenl a fie lad of fourteen, wine-jar too much, but when he rose lie spoke
fll of delight at the new country, the gushing so gently andl looked so humble that lie soon
liver and the wild hills-waulering out with put away my fear. May I see the lady of this
"ily a coinpaionl or two, not fearing danger, dear castle? he said.' A strange fear-joy came
lIe never returned to us. Search was made in into my heart as she ended. Was my Easter
every direction, but the only news was sad news; come indeed ? The fear was lest the hope wits
that a party of infidels, suspicious-I do not false, and the sorrow might fall hack doubly-
Ila.le thetmi-of our designs, had been roaming weighted. Aye alnd it was so; false-false-
a.but, and that in all likelihood he had been that could not he he; not that sad face, haggard
caliied iff by them. A great grief, as you will and danger-worn, sunken cheeks and starting
think; he was but fourteen, poor lad; the eyes-it might be irom hardship, it might be
slarvry of the Moor, stern to the roughest from revel and loose life-not that my boy
-Iasanit and the hardiest mountaineer, would Rafael. But the grief lied to me: it was the
ie "iany tlimes sterner to him, though our palace joy which was true. Motherl'-and it was
is "o place of luxury, nor we the proudest my boy's voice, if years had deepened it-
a"""ngst our country's nobles. What I have 'your blessing and your pardon.' Blessing,'
headedd was that he still lived, had become a I sobbed, Rafael, blessing always, whatever
.faiourite-an his dear handsome face and his you have done; but pardon-1 must know
anaiing manners would make him anywhere- first what wrong has been done which needs it.
ald ihad perhaps-the Saints forbid itl-made But come, you are travel-stained and weary-
his yoke easier by being false to the Faith: you must have watched and journeyed all night.
lead with a three-fold death; dead to us his Let s visit our dear Lord for a moment and
friends; dead to his country; dead to the thank Him and His Mother, and then your
Church and God. Had it not been so, I mother shall do for her risen son what she used
argued, they would have soughttus fora ransom; to do twenty years ago-wait upon hin a he
r they love monsy at heart much better than sat at table.' Tears cane into his eyes nd I
"od*. You have caught me weeping some- knew he was my true old boy still. No,'

(74 )

tm' L w"cItill you are less weary you my good Patron, S. Rafael, must be ns ledkcr
Isa id, 'et. y our tale by and by.' WellI to me, as you, my own mother: he kepl)t m
hall tell "e 'o g letter of it; but it is a great ind guided me ill the woods and thf e mI.itai;i
I am Mnaking ct o tell you it itn a nlment. passes.' And why did you not de.rvc Il1c
great yY; undst c nd how I dreaded to know strong Angel's help?' Because I iill keli
Cahentri I ws not sorry that his weariness up my pretence of being nl ilfidel, lest tlih
fhe tru th, I le nedcl of goiln to High Mass, should stop my flight. My master was very
iurst the tellne at last it was by slow food of me, and indeed I liked bi;, fIr an
;grut ff th cme Yes! I had been carried infidel lie was kind and just a11 geiero..n. ai
f as they cad ri,,ioured, and at first treated trusted ine in all matters ,of tusinless, for 1 .I.n
f with ey nny blows ad much hardship-they to work for hiu and I,rought many ai : faih tI
wated min to tell them all I knew, They a good ending. IHe .lorght me ip, fII,m
thought I knew abhot the plots of our people Cordova and put il e iii comllanld of :I ;lry
to win hack the land. I was glad that I really of his which was to carry goods fi'r him I t
knew nothing, but they would! not believe me, Nl1ajorca. Well I mother, you kiw, wht a
sd at last I told them all sorts of out-landish swimmer I was ;s aa boy, land how frightscal
fables. They were shrewd enough to see this; you used to le when I went off a long w>vayin
and little by little they left off teasing lme, and the rougll waters of uilr nrtlIrii ily. ()
I became a favourite ill liy master's hou.elhold.' course swilllnnin off thle east coat is like smII- -
Didl they imke you work?' 'Oh1 didn't ming in a pool in compnarisoI: the watir.s shep
they: of course I had to work, and I thought there like the luxurious iditels Ilircllsver.
it was the chest way tci put'a smiling face upon I tired our fellows with tile rowill, for licy are
it all.' 'Did you ever try to rull away?' not the hands at the ors which thle Christlil,
lie shook his head: 'No. use; they kept so are, aind then at night I quietly took llIte ,al lry
strict a watch upon mile, and the l'I had no out of its way, nearer the shore, where I klcw
notion of which way to run. It was as far as the Christian troops were gathered to e lllt
Corlova, a trifle beyond, that they took Ine. Valencia. I had n good swim--of soin ili1
I spoke of rausom, but they didn't seem to it seenmd--and I was glad eoiuigh whlle my
care about that; in fact they hal taken a Itking feet touched ground. I woIder what bec:lla
to me, and so half-alave, half ill the family, of the galley, poor fellows, they were all aslecI
there I had to stop. I didn't forget you, when I slipped away.'
mother, nor the old castle at home; and many Younr trohibles were all over tlihn?' I as'ld.
has been the day in early times that I cried Anytlhing iut over, mIthler. I had oily A
myself to sleep thlikinil I should never see yon general notiu that I shou l find the Ch.litall
more. Then I got used to it and I didn't fret troops northwaryds; and where lay the nolth. I
qulte so much.' And the old Chapel, and judged bv the stars. But I was driven inl" the
Ihe Altar, and the Statue that you andl I used forest, for I soon found there .was dtllanig I)
a1 visit together?'-I took his hand as I asked the coant; (and I knew that a runaway Christiall
not questioll I dreaded to put-' My boy did slave would find small mercy if hit wis ftilk'"
d oret his faith and turn infidel?'" He hung in his flight, So into the wood I wenl, "1,"V
down his heh ida was lent. Pretended to, myself to S. Rafacl, and after walllnk(rI
to foriv e said a t lt 'this is what you have amidst the mountains fur two whole l;ays I
to Idid: no I didn't forget the old Faith, came in the early morning upon a sminll elca1,mi-
ol andid oar believe in their lying Prophet; meant of Christian soldiers.. I went lholh.Iv l
and eato nd thoot I s, I did for comfort their sentinel, gave myself ilu and askte to Ie
ali good Muslnd .ti pretend to pray taken to their Captain. And who ldo youl think
feast with then- n, and kept their fast anti it was, mother, of all men in.the world? 11
really--God forgniever really, mother, never didn't know me; not a bit, and ho .was cro. Il
der friend thatrgve, e.'1 hei I knew, my ile at first and stlspicions that I was a ltoorish
Sy atL r a Easter indeed, and spy, playing tricks upon him; but I fell oil ")1
dfea h mht to get wa il' I asked, much I was changed, and said, '* their, you.
.re it sorrow, .. I not hlessng I am your boy, Rai(nel T'ei me ,s
Stdd n0ot deserve it; kut my mother,', I said, and of all in the dear oll

I ( 7 )

Ic.ille.' I never knew till then, mother, that
Inr father coal cry. I had remembered him
teirn,.' I think my fried, that Rafael had
icrimeiliered right. The sorrows of our coun-
trY, the stern resolves that wele in the minds
nif or leaders, were written on their looks and
in their ways.
BuIt he wept now, Rafael ?
'Yes, mother; before his officers and Ils
.slliers le broke down, and I do olt kliow hio
long lhe painful scene might have blated, blnt
scoiits came running in telling us that ii few
troop, of the Moors were abroad, nld before I
inew where I was I hail iotleinn the clothes
you see mein annd was in a haind-to.-haill strug-
gle with tlhe infidels. I scarcely knew how I
hIre myself-it was my Iirst light, and lmy
masters had not traillcd tle inIucl to the iue of
arms, aild the sword of Castile was not the
scimitar I had handled. hut my father, when
all was over, anld we had chased thile ilfidells
down Ihe monutlitaiin side, told me I lhad horne
uiyself bravely, aild that thle Moors' indolence
itl not eiitenl out the old Spantish vigour, and
he made ile rest a day or two to nurse a little
scratch, and then sectt ine on to you.'
And here will you stop, my ioni' I said,
till yit have seen tile good Chapl)iin ani minnde
y).r full peace with God arnd the Church, atnld
then hack to your lathlr, to atone for your
preteided treason to the 'Faith, aind to help in
winilli back our land.'
'Solie is gone, as I write, a soldier of the
Cr,,s. And now will you hlaine nie if I look
fr otller gifts on other Easiters?-for ny sont is
"tice risen, front the captivity y even the
presence of apostacy, worse than the captivity
t" he Moor, worse than death from the death
of the soul, to the hl Moor.'


My friend folded up her pAper. And the
tatue?' I asked. Oh!', she laughed. 'there
"ar plenty of legends left to tell you-hut one
at tlitte is enough for your English Faith '


C OPE LEO XIII has granted special
Indulgence s as an encouragement to
read the Blible. To a req(Iest of
SCardinal Gotti about the sattcr tile
following brief was sent out:
His Holiness, Leo XIII, atil audience on
Dec. 13, 1898, with the uLidersigned prefect of
the congregation of indulgences and relics, minde
known that le grants to all the faithful, iwho
shall have devoutly read the Scriptures for at
least a quarter of an hour, an indulgence ot
three hundred days, to be gained loce a llay,
provided that the edition of the Bible halos been
al)proved by legitimate authority. Furthermore,
the Sovereign lPontiff grants ininthlly a plenary
indulgence to all those who shall have read in
this way every day of the month. It can be
gained on the day of the month when, alter
confession and commutnion, those who have
fulfilled the conditions slall have offered up
the customary prayers for the intentions of
the holy see.
Given at Rome on the tlth December, I89S.
CARDINAL Gorrin, I'refect.
Seen and certified,
Ar:hbibhop of Paris.


-IIE fearful storms in the beginning
v o. uf February have caused iillenetlse
S damaige to shipping .aund even to
lf^ life. Manly were the ntalruw es-
capes from inlinhell n dlager as related by
captains of various vessels. The i"Mackinuaw"
experienced a terrible time, as she came very
near foundering in mid-Atlantic. Tremendous
seas broke aboard, smashing everything to
splinters and flooding almost every part of the
ship. The captain of the Cnnarder Etruria"
relates the following thrilling experience ot
his last trip to New York:
"It was the worst voyage I have seen for
forty years, and yet I came iii with ino ice on.

( 76 )

t^ continue" d succssion of head gales the psalmns, the inmarriage service, Inatis ;ril
i wat We c egan with frozen fog, like evenson g, had all been duly dig,te, ,,,d,
Sn eis. e t hngi." ickly i" l 611 s :al were parlt aid parcCl if the ostrichI's -Vl .
fin" mist, Ch A
fve ne i"tl c al n uctured like needles. but the two or three leaves which contaiieI' lilt
sleet, tat rIacku distance at all. At 1 Thlirty-iiine Articles and the,n We could not see Clief Ollicer liarr iad remained inlact. The )pensie lunl ( III
s.1. on M ge, the lok-out haliid led U desert lid swallowedvl the, but Ilie l'sk I1
1 were onl the prt w. A white ppalri- i.sil tionii proved o ilid t iicult, nal t
with i vessel lo so n i" l tt ai collisti01 seemed tun ate ostrich laid Ihimself dawn .ntd dil |
tion vilbl. TI'e other vessel, whatever she was ecclesiastical indigestionl. His fate ai.v Iv
,rIeit i 't know at that in ilute-was sta id- tlsefl to those who iatempt to tackle sibljct.
-fo r I di sta din in. I signailledl tor Ille they inperfectly iiudersthnd."
clgils to reverse at full speed. The helm
was thrown hard to starboard and the Etruria" A new cosillmgolly, inlvolvill radical chill, cr-
wlug round. We scraped tlhe stern of the in existing ideas on the I crt of ih li .i.
while ship. W\hen clear. I discovered that the other bodies, hali been formilnilald I' ln
ipariion was the Unlited Stales cruiser "L Mar- Amiericaln, Dr. See, in ai iIcnt
bicliead,'"boundl probably for Uoston. This article in the Alstranoamwihe Yncrchri tern. lr
was fifty-bix miles front Samldy Hook. She will enilunciates the theory thit tIe heat evilrcl I'y i
never have a closer, call tha that. Had we contracting mass, isuch ais tie sun,II l ina:lr
struck her we should undoubtedly hive gone rapidly as its vonlline diminishes, the tcilini.,-
clenn through her, and in the sea then runiniig tlre tllus rising inversely as the railiai slil.O
there would have beeni no chance of saviingi life. The origilnall nclula in its vastly ldifflIl"
During the voyage the passengers spent only condition, is supposed t to be at that lIe pIls ,i,
six hours on deck." iof frigidityv the absolute zero of space, aidl I,

The London Dail Telegruphl gives an account
of the fatal experiment of an ecclusiastliclly-
ninded" ostrich and sets it forth as a warning
to certain militant Protestants:
When Sir William nHrcourt, Mr. John
Kensit, and Mr. Samuel 1Smith braced them-
selves to the task of digesting tile Thirty-nile
Articles themselves, ndl compelling all clergy-
men of the Church of Englaind to do the snlme,
they were probably unaware iof the exiltence ill
the Zoological Gatrdeln of a humble but consci.
entious ally, whoI became ia lrtyr in a cause
which they only argue haout. In that institultin
there lived, about the time this important
dicusaion began to agitate men's minds, nl
rcclesiatically-,i nded ostrich, who was always
regaeied hy the attendants as at remarkably
pIivce ano al of a literary tlurn of mitid, Imuch
given to picking tp odd scraps of paper and
di d, awnll wi. l them. The otllr day it
thie, wa. Iht its remains were invesirated
cellaneo s lfoln, "nn1og -a great many ala.
peltac rtcl es-flronl tlhim ibl to a pair of
'Pectacles-- portion of what had once heun
had elegapntly .d Prayer Book. The ostrich
what effect thswallwd it whole to ascertain
0what effct this sasa of theology might have
n its consttio : he binding, tlhe clasps;

develop heiit ill an increasing ratio as it c'lnlir '.
until its cotndenlationi reaches the stage whtil it
ceases to he a gais, and becomes a hlllqiil.
After liqtlefaction1 has set in, Iree culitllctinl 1r
obstructed anlld finally ceases, the tIlmpe le irri
falls, and the body becomes invisiblee" ' .
it ceases tI give tout light, and remani is 1 Ik
i mss. The earth wias flormned when the ti-
perature of the parent Ieulila wa:s lnl .o" '..
bllt li its ownllI firlltler contradiction rI e t ii
temperature o accolunt for all geological phlenolntei;la. flar
sun is still illcrensing ill tlemipertilire, as ire .lSt,
Jupiter lnd( Saturn, which are still in the gnasCius
slate, and which, thoull h i not Inow self.Iniluin".
itmay become so. In cioclusionl, lie sliilgg'
that manlly of the nebulae may he il.ik, illl
comeqnueiltly invisible, which would lrl. iI1
their itinmerical infeiiority to St rlrl, ii)te;la''
being equal to them ii in number. 1 s, cli CClrdirdi
to the ilnebular hypothes is, they lhoitld he.
Many of. thelm, tllmugh inlvisille in thlie il1(
powerful telescopes, have been plotolgralllwi
hy the ultra violet rany emitted by ithire, t'1
which the photogriiphic pliate i s sensitive, n"il
the eye inscelnible. Dr. Scc's theory is w'""i'
out by mathematical calculations, anm will l
doubt he a subject of conlsiderablc controversy
in the scientific world.--Tie Tablet.


77( )

W\\it stlange ideas of Christianity soIme the pcoplis of heathemldoiI. Here is Dr. De
i ons iv! Ilrf is onie Ih whil)m "it was Cofstan' imlnictiment:
a iith tihe recent wal'' ill the SondIi and The 'and liled I ll l ly mar;rl' In lllllnredi Illlllllm
4th lliipe nu-AIieirirca war hall resulted in a tic, gell|intllins. nialling. dolilingl ,cts. lit 4I4are jui t
vicl.Iy fir the lieu yre(tu Chrition iatiins of the beiinning ti become eonli.< lo I. If Ihit f! act thait tlley
111(1" 14, iii f 1%%a cha el rgehd so4 illdpoitl Ini faincilmm I nliirllidi
mn rally a success ior the CGhrhitinlity oif tw1hid hehl Ih thiry ,years iag Iln New York. T'ihe illultio
hii,. e re ltheler tlil ijre resreitltlilo." (ltalilcsuuls.) Il-day Il vansivy worse 1111111 tllihe, llnl U llit Irs-oll n l
\V Ill that is d',lrawing a strollgi hlo indeed! tlllt ulvenll l Ill, wII l llr. IHllll lll1iunll'ed 11Tla illlI
(Ilei Irrelllo n of New Klgningld.' whIle Dr. I I)ltrYel
l'n-land and tile Unllitd lalu t(lie le'diniU ,,de.t wlth lunevangelized New York. walsredll i vtin.
relepflitatl4 s of Christi rliy Wlhrc t tlhe As nil isiilsnce of he ciristiaii.iing' effect
aII;11In ciloverte(d to Christiillity by either the i, the victDry overVc Spain ll Culnii we Lquo.le the
or the Mther? Onue great but isd result II f flloNhing fron'm tie Hllo. II. C. C. \Aswo.d,
Engllilh (Prllotestallnt) missionaries inl the ELaster formerly .I. S. Colsul in "San D.miiigo ;l4l4
cmniies {imA been to returd llld oftle to l aul o lW missin1rll v o thle A. Metsllodisf Episcopll
lihe g..d wIork that was being or had beenlI Cihurch to C411.1 lie collllliCti'sic lt tihe
.-iiiplidh..iud by Calliolic missionaries. Various Ne York Stt Ii thel folvwing: travellers and residents in tle ty
co iltic rfurred lo e r is iurl in urli yss rtiIi r civil til'rlln i s l t;ir e tiln K in ll: Tvil
{oiiil icsJ% refe~rr~d It4 hor' tIS (141k Ill 4)ill" 415ert44141. 5MiIMwII iur 'ivilmitimi ik I1,ahing li1 Oi4 toi. 'Tisn1
To show, moreover, how ljitll Christiaiity Ioour tllll C'lnhaln lhoys 1nd girls are 'cntaunil.
rlitered il1to the calculations of the conqulcllorb nlrsled by tilln fearful coductii uo 0)llln III onr Inlrn.
1~:,.f;l1n, we ued liut refer to the crucllicsI ''ieelln UCniis alre Ilorrileltd and live Imprlsonlle
IaActlibed 1on the wou (lell and the li;arl;arity j ldicd bheir lle raeblr ltllili thir h illl yur l ilc.
wllh which the Ibodily oIf tile Milhdi was; trcatlud, (;Inerals Il 1wlton 1nil W1ood aiirl glood uc nIunanldiviers,
aind call attlentiul to tile fact that tile Sirda.r bult 114v re iin igll nor;llt lof t1h, srrilounlllingis. Th'i
h0, Inllblisled all order pirolhiiting ilny Ilissiion. l e rep'Irl ceiling I tli tllhm roln thei (ir sti ll lurs IrI'
;nllcs flon, entering lh ccon-lUrud territory. collhfetlleg llltld he' IIlvy 'thIiiii tIoivlv g lpn
Andlen dic tilell Sike it inmpoosilleh: fr Ilhvm two evilllolen
anII thlen the Ulnited States' viclliory over men to Ibe iuvlie'dl ui tlle real couniilillnl of affairs.
sliill \VWhy, blarrillg tile Cll tolis of l.t Nol comment ip riuiiiiu d from is to bhow
S l.ts, there is ilore gtl4inel Chrliitialitiy il that Chrisktianiy played no part ill thl two
a.y 1he snlall corner of Spain thall in the IIo.1)t recelit wars.
ph]il.iiscity of thI land of tile llIllighty DolIlr. _
W\ihat ail illult lhsides oI uvCie y Spalniaril, t'o 15' 1O IPOISONx AN E .Kl'IIANr.--Not )llg
pt hliim1 on a level withl tlie savailge of Central s.e1111 l it wais fllblud 1nCcesasy t kill ia celtaini
Africa I None 1 ,1 int 1s e thalt will not vicious ulephant, .ild Il w phl)ysciiIls were ap
We." Tilme andl libour would lie lost lon such ,oinltd ltxeculioinrs. They fcl, thile la'If. on
lqu.lce history asto ti Le real chlrislialliizing work laconite conLcealdc in cillrotl and nli.-.nic splinl-
rllTffeu l by Spain for huoildreds of years past.. lled o Imlls, wl}ichl it swall}l wcl pleasantly ain
The United States have failed it christianim.c asked flr 11moIre. Then olie.11:'dlical genltlIlnan
hIle Initlial. 'They do ot evUn 1 IIa4II ) to chris- cocrived Iloe }rilllit idea of hIlil4lg a sril rieg
lianiti.e their own people. Witlless the Ipublic w ilh prusaic Icid, inluciing tlhe unimnal to open
s"hls f, lthe Uitui Staltes ill wh'icil tihe 11l11e its month, anld sillrtiingi thll aciid down its thrill.
"fI (Jgi, aud h11 nce1 tile naIu of Chritl, is for'- The elephalnit considered this great sport, but
ii, en It 'laughtl. Rightly did the great tie doctor who was walking the syrigiie took so
'P, f I'is L, i cll t heinl godless scl hols. imuch InIterest in the experiment that he no-
Dr. I)e Costa,, nn eminent Protestant clergy. mentarily forgot the deadly properties of prubsic
"1"'1f New York, surlv (does not look upon Acid, inlld the fum lle, 111ani ll unlconllcu.
IIllN Conlrt n lael il, Th. eli culndlilion he pictures, jays tlfe wih grett (lillicuty, the eleplhlt looking tll
Church P'ngress Is a serilIlos one; it is nilthing sympathetically. l|owever, after it hall t llk
mire nor less t11,,l tle (Icclirultion that the couun- enough lpiuon to kill 2,000 men, accor rdg tO
try is passing O4ut of tlh rllulg of Clriste.- Ithe tductors, anll tlrze hiourls had pas1e since
n1 an1d living )fr the Catholic Church, may the first ldoe, it udllcenly toppled over and ex
n"'W, or lit Ikct iion will, be counted nnmongst pired quIirtly.

( 78 )

'l'itL li|,$I5 tn0I Tli 'I it dN4 iiM AI."I

'I sr ill, l ene ICIu nhImi at I

u tnl A illlhY, hritl, thlIIs y)'imn h llCet all.Y
ofiii t i,. nIA y 1I It ,

,l was.n solemn an. a l1eart.tonching cVr-
mlllUy, atlId lie very ulilhlls ll i neellied IIldutlI
Io he li of the 1 celi',o. Therl're ,aroiie i
cYcry h1U11a10 hCeart i relying of klltlshi) 1) t he
helugig whii, etutllY with uIrsevlvu* Ah*re i i
lthe great neltel:cev of lhitt lllle Ia11'll on thl whole
alimate creriioli. Illw statel'y llad inl)ressive
wcre the high (lowrs i.( the nmcieilt. rhrch,.
anil how the imimemloritl mlanntins, looking
dalwn I)upn uS, contribuiltld I Itlhe simple pathou.
of the scene I The Iute afternuimn breeze seemed
to haVe conme, a miesseiier of the stored-tip
winds, to witness the ciiiiicnilttry uIioln of tile
hmann and hrute creations. Slowly tile light
faded from the skies;. the mounItins grew
mistily purple anid a band of crimson stretched
across the horizon, while tha snows eternal on
the tops of the great southern, volcnnoe shlione
with rosy hue. The dusk .ppronclhed, and tile
night announced her tranlquilizing presence as
the last of the animnis blessed by priestly hands
were led or carried out of the ancient and
sculptured gate. Here, on the spot where the
gods of Panganimi haa been propitiated wilt
human sacrifices, the priests of the Christia,
faith had called down the favor of heavn on
the dunml, companions of mann."

The pigs' fIHil wa h licket'lir with inil l,,,l
litiiv g thrown hill tlhe ll'tiin l l%, 11ul sp ,liles
tilth sticky fluild shA t .ill liver hlien, l h i(tof i v
pig! l unit illill ilpim lheir .tlsk, whlt ere il
:ent1ld not Ihe evily ructlilh' off. The rn.h li>.
coiverrle l lhis i e of le driedi proiiviiilr, ,ii -'.1
ilevellIopedl thu l lnbl t if cllh hii g ilti lle p|p'
iacks to secut it. Finding it hitulifuhlly uits,
for theil tliv they ,conciludl I linuler ; 1l lhv
narmi hlind IIl charge of thue hiiblhlitg,'ni tiiitt
in the morning, (freiteilly fuindl tl'l'e. ir
twenty rats snugly curled up in thu backs o tilhe
slceping) pigs. The rats no idtiilt regnlded tlit
pigs as 111tinaloth hot-watr bags, s pit>lil
foot-warillnr, while their scurrying ail wri,-
glilng about prodticeid that genlle scratchi.i, .'o.
station so dear to t(he porcine lteart.


4 .r. f ,', 7-


The Intention recommended to the meibenhci of
lh* An.otlicshll. .f Pr.r .l.. ring. is

iA QuaS TiINO Anour RA^Ts.-A curious the Poverty of the Convents in Italy.
instance of aliial friendship was related to a
writer in the Outlook" by the sup5eiintendent
of a large insane asylum. The asylum was situ.- ifMONG the cruel anxieties if his 1I"
te upon its own farm. and, sitamong i- sifion none, perhaps, is .rtwe p1 "'"-
nge, had a large pr, among other build- ful to our holy Father, Pl'pe lco
iorty, bd a lge ger, wer sn le thirty or XIII, than to seete the late poorly
The plc e,.r fed upon the kitchen waste. to which the numerous conveilts in Italy are re-
bnan picking wared with rats, attracted by the duced. The property of manyi religious Ordner
endthip prang, t.u be ad, and an amusing has been confiscated and homne of pecnfl, '
p p between them anld thepigs. pig ety, prayer and labour so straightened "a to

L _~_ _~ _L~

Irjeve toil h'nIr ilitnati hiirdly it lllenIiit lo uiitpportl Niderud, No carefully iniide, 0n lith dtiiplitionl of
|lf', Thlie ilnilUlt of thiheu conveUlt, in ulloOi.- thllir Inleilla fir charitable piuripou by lhu
ing ii) tltlur religiotli Ilfo lii thuir youth, devotlud dyingI iulad, In llth nliumeruit lici)luuJ f tf hin
lihir enlire, exiltuncu lo the coinnllull}y of which nature, we IIave huliundiilnt pro.ofg o(f :h high
Ilih'y lllOeic I:ilvilh.ers. Maniy elf thluim roughlit ctii hnl ion In which rellugioul uilnntiuits wur.
a oini l fly Anre Iof Ihlr w.orly ullbtnl to held lthruirghout lhu llt.iu'puihlllhi.
Ihwri new IhomIo. Whitll they brought was their Tlhe Ho ly neither ln doing what c can to
omn inl h1 ty lhad i pirftec right to diiplh e of rulievu t ini '1y of theiu iliny relitsi, Wvllh
it, jl1t n llhey had aln iiniie|l tliiolletl riglt to tre nlio w |ictd>hi in ii pnitki llnf il).piedellonce on
clh.a ..w llth 'ir oiwn wvily 9I living, lth- charily ff thle failhl'iil, In i ci.n ry, lti>,
.\ I IlI coiinnillililn of women, i ll broluight which miucV tihe lAdvVltl of ith 10w I'rlul il ill A
lhir ilowtr.' Theu ir il parent gave i ll thuin, ot "'Iilly mll, plvVri'hllud coldilitlin; blutl I nlueall
wckIing it life of celibacy sid retlrheuient, whatl ire Inaldcqilile to le Lt thle nvvid bohfi 1 my
llv ivoill huve bestowued oil theii inl worldly half itlarving religious, Nunlilcri, Ine left tie
bl.idln. Thicie transactions. were Naicltioned country 1and1 given their irviceu to vrlous oh.
alik by the li lIws of tll.he Church inl, the civil ject of Christian chalrily in other indls which
l.1vs It wais natural justice ts well us relitgi,1 they have found i.ore ho lpitahl: titl their
ul1ch lprisiidd over tilu etablisihmnct tof l.i nat"live Italy. lut of thllose that rcmlinl aiany
o.iIvInt lull over the contract fornid il wih il "re co1ipelled 1to appellilAl t ill iigerl Icci ai a
IVy ,ivaltA, anil chihlireil. Stu:h hol)ole ;Iul( theil l filthihs., government i.lctrferes withlheir :x-
lpIl)crtycould nlo more belong to the state, nor cruising those works of charity whih would
I subject to sequlstration, than the home, the enable their to lto ilda incals of Isupprt in the
IlrIKprty ndl the revenues of ally private citizen. leaching lf the poor, thie taki0eg care ( the sick
Yet, y thie brutal right of superior force, the Iad miiiistering in other ways to thenceds of
prewnAtl Italianl governmllet has dared io turn their tneighbours. 'ray that Gud ila raise upl
llthl and wouellci, living in accordanlce will the for theint huncftctori aioilIg tihcniu ees, lmay
".llot ancient se1nd revered laws of the lail, out g'ive thll"> i")ore Inllightelled rulerti ao eable
ton the street pellilessa, homeless ied illcalpaci- all lvelrs of llly to see tt) what i asilly.s of
tated fromt following ally lucrative callgig. misery the policy of hostility to religious orders
i leading their country.
It was Iniontlrous justice, calling down re- O Jlu, tlrolugh thle n|,act,|itt heart Mary', I
plrobalionl uon a guveriment which styles itsell offer'Tlhee all the pnryerr, work. tiand (irligs of
Chritialn but is doing the work of Antichrist. thi s iday, for all theittih tt '' ll4y d1ivi lleart, In
HtI Union wtlli tlie Uioly SaitvitIce of Ithe l4s. unt In
"l tllte1e' Illen anid women spent their substance particular for the poor Convents of l taly. Aimen.
in living live" of distsipation no one would have
IvreVntvild then), but, l4tcause they ch,cse to d-
",I their wvvillh to the worship of God and the La iLetiicon general IproPutit* pr el Sanito
ce o1,1. tt Itatre a lhs Soclis tie Ia S.igrldala Pli,4 liara.
n ulvicu (If 1 ch leg lihur in i ruligioue cuoinou- el it ist A 'bril up
""il, tlit Stalte lt)ps in and taken wholly or in
part from) them what wats theirs before cnterilng Los POilES CONVKENTOS DE .LA IALIA.
religSin, or loas been bhquenthed for hote pur- O .sup ni I per ne14o dill Urazn1?ii nin ulala-
Sby the piety of their ancestors. The l iast lrinl i onilla. olnso, iffr(u 4) I| Iorain, obri
i of itelart ill all civilized countries regard- 3"w de triton te l den bnn Ierini|llo, pnra lax
ed s sacred truts. Now there is idenv i Inent n lonesn de vl04t rto S1grull drazon; y
'h the wealth of this world, so thoroughly con- ItIll. Ali swae.

S( 80 )

l h1 touorolotial Observations during the month of Ferturiiry, I sl .
Thermometer P1syehromoter Anemeometor Sky 1
S.UVroct r- .... .
g.- i Ml tMax. Min. Mean Dry Wet Hum. Dew Direction In (ially
-x. Min. ____ ilc:
S83 754 81 82 75 68 711.3 ES I Sk
I (.01 34 85i 71Rs5 852 5a3 75 (14 .7 s CS Sk 1,.
S .*i *9 84 774 82 8:3 75 (14 60.7 S 8Sk I 34a1
4 .i .1 5 77 82 83 75 64 (69.7 SE l8k 4i
4 1-g1 t 86 77 82' 83 77 72 73.0 N-ESE CI IN ;
6 .03 .' 81 78 82 8:3 7u 68 71.3 K SkC .'
"7 8 8 85 77 78 84 75 6(0 60, S 1k
8 0.14 i 80.14 7 64 7 74 04 55 51.7 N N
S3 .14 .17 78. i 70 71 63 61 5j.9 Nx S k
1 l .1 .ol 77 t61 72 76 60 67 64.0 N Nh i
I .13 li 9 .' .O11 82 15 76 78 72 71 67.Y NE CNN
12 .3 30.23 30.30 80 54 68 67' a 60 12.6 NW CN .
13 .3s .14 .21 791 i 2 71. 72 7 74 163.2. NW SU.N :
14 .22 .n0 .12 81 I71 70 71 63 61 86.1 N-EME 8 Sk 4 1l
15 .c2 29.04 29.08 81 70 78 8o 74 71 6i9. SEi Sk 2 1!
1l .0 0.m00 30.0 80 (irll 75 76 71 75 67.4 NNW NSC 1i 1
17 .03 29.04 29.11 831 70 790 1 7 2 70.0 K Sk '1 24 0.1
18 .I3 .14 .P8 85 i71 83 83 77 72 78.0 S Sk U ik
l9 .05 .07 83.11il 3 76 O1 hb2 78' (18 70.8 E UN Sk .
) .00 .8!l 20.05 3 i91 77. 78 74 79 71.2 ESE NSC ili!
21 20.0 .82 .87 85 71 81 83 78 76 7.1.7 ES1 CS I4, I.It
1 .1i) .7a .85, 8r 78 1-3 84 78 72 74.0 SEK CSNk S '
1 .1* .*90 .1 83 77 82 83 77 72 73.0 ENEK .'NMS !
24 3a.02 .04 8 r 77 83 83 75 U4 ( 1.7 Nl C Sk :14
m 19. 8 .88 .88 1 8S5 72 81 83 70 (is 71.3 E1S1 Sk 11
2 .0 .87 .1(2 84 78 82 83 70 (18 71.3 SK 8k .
27 30.84 80.11 83 774 82. 84 77 68 72.4 N Sk I
.1 *.0o.8 o .0 81 7 l 80 82 77 70 73.6 WNW SkC i

A,1 30.37 .70R 7 80 73 7 07 O8.2 iE 4 k8 4 I.
ExplanUon for Um -*
lCThlanaUonm r ro Sky: C ullus, Sk. Cirrus, S. Stratus, N. Nililpts, 0 iquit clear, *IOcoered, *n.
The laL to 3.03 on the r,,, 20,08 were it stnod on rose to 30.17. the tlhermnoleter fell to an nvemr "I
b 7th w1hen the readn ;,' tl'ee It fell rtf:ullv till 706. On the 11th the atmospheric presurc< breI""I'
to Uo 16Uh, we had asM r gave 298 .81. Fromn the7th the mercury down to 30.0U1, and the teinllrallil' rn-
thPe'lOt as w"a had, perh L change of attinospherio to 70'. On the 12tlh. when the linerclry of tlie Ilar,-
to 0l0 rcry ihad ap8 for Iany a year. On meter rose to its highest Ilein, 30.30. the tIllerl""
taking, on te 10th, wlhore d 30.17 then..e it fell meter fell to( 8Q, Its lowest average; and filly i II'
huw a 1.were, a br80 at "hittalrlc til the next day. IB5t, the laronmeter having flletn blck to .!l.s. Ill
to a ave .3eon-. ti pll, beeore the nitt average temperatroe Increased to IS'. A&l< ,"o"
day boeinga o .30. tle *na I t e 12th It ros during the rest of the mIonth, evory lligt viltili "
the lnli".a _0d h lgl rt1TnoI height of that of the barometr being acompanied by a rilniilr
n.-0, when to. had ~ re tIu for itnont, and change of the thlaeruniaut r. ,
It till the an d lot on tte~nWs back gain to 'Tbm Northt Winds that blew Irom thoe gith tile ii.I
es steady 5 .ost, ad nth the n lfrom the I lve, and gain on the Iath, 9I o 6it. A It
"and3 0. -a"d 1.It Viary ,'. R oro tile bitlng cold tlihat ws rnglng In tile Stilte$-g I1"u
So, a om etri lg etwee o 2.81 lth them ternmoeter ave a nillnilm lof ,81"; o
ta iatton .i io wa ar which i2 591(; and oi tie 14th we experienced the oII
than ever the "'hOine. o t ermhrapially de.- day that has been felt here for many a year. lthe l""t1.
lae r l.o l g gnndeonel T 0', showl better reading of that date being 57i'. Tlhe larll $i
Son thte Ih Whet ba ronleter and winds that succeeded brought warmer and pleasinte
I "the barometer days during the rest of the month.


5th Mth.

1 M..

I Th.
3 Wii.
2 F.
I iiS.
; Sn.

:i T.
II Thl.
12 F.
I.1 1.
14 s.
14 Ku.
1.1 31.
1ii T.
22 Th.
Il t'.

I2 F.
27 S.

al T.
* r.
SF. .

MAV 1899

ilm rl. un St l o A lllL

SS. Philip and .l:nliir Apoptlrs
St. AthInmili lipi D).U. (373;)
/ Yl'sdin f lhM IeII'/ C(ross.-St. .In vinni. lp'. (3763)
SI. 3Ilniti. W. (:187)-II. do iI Sall'. C.F. (l:lirlsllin llros. 1719)
First Friday.-St. I'lus. V.. P.C. (0.1'. 1)7)
St. Juoh bnefi'or4 lth Latin Guite (lolme. 91)
5th after Easter.--t. Stannl.aui llp. 3M. (l0li7l :2.- np..s. J I
xsv. 2il-3lll .\Ak In the",ns iid It s1lill In lg'.:ii'lll
.A|pnrrll'lnn of S.t. i3chll tel. Ar'chalng ] l ll'iillm Ii 'i
St. 1(r1sgorv Na;ilnnzen. lIli. D.C. (3 ;I) Iitlluihdon Illy
IS. Antoillinis, lip. C(. (1459l) tlnigallin li la
SS. N rius and Aclilllous, MM. (os)
88. Cltln aind Miiroclllinlu. PI. M.11.
Within Octnvo of Ancensloni-St. IltnlIhne 31. (21i))-Goop. St.
.oluln xv. 21-27; xvl. 1-;'4 Th'le3l thrniiosi l liot Holy UlIost
St. Francis di Geronillno, C. (.J.., 17111)
SI. .loln Nepoinml en, 31. (1833)
St. P'imcluiil Illnion. C. (Mllinorite. 1542)
Ortlia of tie Ar\censlon
St. I'uetr Ceolnllno
Vigil-St. IBernardine of Sionnm, C. (lMinorite, 1444) Flit & AbAt,
Whit.-Sndan.-Penteemin.--St. Fi.lix. C. (Cnpmiihlin. 1W87)
(iosp. St. Johin xiv. 2N-I.z Drescent of ti! IJily (Illost
W'h/-Mi,)idlahdi.-St. Venanthilus. M. (150i) '
Il'it-Thrruls .-B. Andrew Boboln. M. (8..1., llt7)
0( the Octaveo KEnlhr r)uiy.--'ntL
*w b St.GregoryVII, 1.(O.S. .11.1'--.i.Urlin..l'1.
tI. Philip Neri. F'.. (Orantoriln. 1liir.)-.
El.llterlils, P.M. silr tInv--ail
Of tihe Octave- St.M.Mlagdalen de P'uzIl. V. Elmber Day--Fa4t

Trliill m1adiay.-St. Augustine. lip. U. (. p. of England, (1101)
Tril'. St. lMatlhie. xxvill, I.-)20; 'TIlle Islrclples arei ctm-
InlIlioned to prreich
St. Uliildlp. p111. C. (11Ii) [(2T4)--H. Ferdinand. K.(;.
Our Ladly. 11lpio Cihrmliion (froumt le.lit -St. FIII'x. I.. I..
St. Angela deo Morlcl, V.F. (Urmulinle, 1ll.41)-Ht. l',tironlll, V.

. :;ili

I 3ill
5 314
Sii li

5 263
i li
it "28
A 274
5 27

A 27 l
S 2411

5 2>14
5 2i4l
4 2141

a 201
33 2744
33 274

II 21 .

II 34
6 313

0 i34,
4 33





.4 )

ONew Moon, First Quarter, .I Full Moon. I Last Quarter.
SIrI~rlb, b.Abhot.S. Apl.Apan, O. Bp.Blhp. C.onflt.', o hrl V' gelti. ,'D
.0..r.1 .lnp M.7ilarr, p'.Pope. Q.QOen. V, Virgin. W.Wldow. .0.3i.ll81 e.ln. 0.1'. or ...
-,in O,.1.F.ranulaoan, O.C.Cspuchin~ t...JJumit.

.. I. .

( 82 )


Vicarist Calenda-
Monthly Notes
Colony Notes
General Note

. Page 81.
'" 82

A Double Rolese .
Chronicle of the Sacredl leart
Additlonli Colony Notes
Monthly Observations .


The following have been the average s for the
month of May:

IRainy day
Inches of rain





During May the wind is mostly from the East.
The amount of rain cmny vary front 8 to 6 inches,
falling principally during the second half of the
month. The Thermometer will touch the nineties
on some days, but the sea-breezes will considerably
moderate the heat.
1 Iolidays for Public and Private schools begin..
4 Thursday. Meeting of theCthlllic Kniglits, 7.0.
14 Queen Vitorla's blithday. Public holiday.
9 ReI-openlng of Public and Private schools.
ay evotlons every evening during the month
at? p.m.
1, 9, 10, Rogation Days. Litaniel of the Sauint
before 6.80 o'clock Mass.
11 AzoUonsn Day. HIgh Mass.
s, ~t 27 Summuer Ember Days.
As hiunday falls thisear the month of
May, Tacaton, the Sacrament of Co mt will
not be admlnstred ontht'" Codfbnation will
Jan 18th. otht day, but on Sundy,


II L divine services if ll-ly \,. *
were carried out this year it.
libu nl ic lprnessive imallnn r in tllle I11
Re1 d cdeeier Ctlihedral, th(nugh: 'I
presence of one with whomi, for over n ]itlllr
of a century, every religious celebration ,1,
intimately connected, andi the grand and ilp..
ing Pontificil ceremintnies which, for live y'l,.
hna acddedso much to the sublime functions, W v.
wanting. A new feature, a surpliced iboys' Ctlir.
was added to the usual attracticllso[ the crlcli:
tions on Palm Sunday. Holy Thursday nod ti(;1
Friday. The clear treble voices of the ,u'lk :
silngrs appeared to good advatailge iln tl
Procession and in the turba (rabble) ol tll
As a slight counpcnsation for their wv,'
during Holy Week, the boys and ienloiiligr,
were invited to join the Acolythes in l I'"*
nic on Easter Monday. At 8.10o ia.m., N.
Plummer's steanm Inuichl left Cuevan' iwa"'
towing a lighter tilled with happy yoincii"'g'
up the river to Price's Iank. Song San lhigl10l l
echoed through the bush nil along tile WMi)
Arrived at the Bank, the boys scattered I'
various directions, some, in charge of a college'
professor with a shot-gun, looking for gamei"
the bush, others engaged in the more pecf
sport of Isaac Walton mid others again joili",
in that unceasing source of joy to our yuthl.
cricket. The older members of the party "t


( 83 1

I,, ork It unilack and Iprepare a hounteous free | The following is 11 list of the subscribers for
lincih, which was, about noon time. attacked tl'e Knight's nlienori;.l windows:
Iillt a vigour that only hungry school-bovs can Clhro Cru'. $ I.oo 'P.S-ilf $ i.oo
Ilingj tu play on such an occlasiol. before I.'llnnett I.oo A.It.Usher 2.oo0
retlrnlilg, two photographs were talkeni of tile ... Price I .oc l. i oo
l,;lsurcie-se-rkers. At 5.15 p.m., the.hoieward J.\Vit 1.l A.II.F. 3.00
t;art wai mile, and the morning's, exercises of ') A.Smilith 00 F. Fol;grait 1.00
mung iand slhout lnd laughter were repeated. T.Aglnt I.oo A.M.Glozales 1.00
e... abourel 2. o II .... :,
l the party neared Belize, no ine.ssencer was U.A.K. 3.00 II. ..00k .
Needed to assure iXilous pairel.ts of the Safety C.Cs.i\ll, oo V.A.lii s k .00oo
of their charges. Loud alln prolonged cheers, Sa;lloiite Gini.z 1 .00 VE. R ilionl
ril l"Jhiia lrowln' nBuldy" )11 G Il nive X.X. I 00 A.1 lcrks i.A
hll Queeil," gave ailplu ivi'llence 'thc t ." aills1' .l).lor lu .i .oo. A.S(olf i.x0
ve'll." At 715i a happy tired lot of hills witli ., 0oo0 0 IIAh.... 10ht .00
,,ivi c r coil, pa o1 18, 11..S. l.oo 1\ H -.liclhot 2.00
Illhir hler conipi anionls, dispersed to their I.M. R iosado 5.00 I..,Chles i I 1.XO
ii lll ll agire'eing that they hid had ;i miist II. Kolp 2.00 W.ll.Ullutterili 2.0u
lnu'ly ul enjoyalle outing. -
The 1liqua 'rleily itrill lii ) n i nl lilil .ciri- l iof
St. Joihi's C(ollege took place on Tiuesil'a,
\April .111h. Thlioui h few lmole of the students
The lioly Redeemer Ciathedral is being '1ni- 'cirri'l off s.evera;l prii.e, Ilitce were mlore
dually decorated with beautiful stainedl-glhlss i idely diistriliutlel thou on foltl))ir occalioiln and
wildoliws. Four were put lup already last hI iI- l l. "1 1 arger IIIlum r than iusull were ilistili-
llrr, before our lamellliltd Ilihop' s departure g"iislihd bIy high illerit-lmarks. 'his result is,
from our midst. After his daith the Catholilc "" i dllbt, owing in great measure to tie tw.o-
Knlights of British Illooduras decided to have a h"'ur' evening studies intlroiducedl this year in
Ile liorili window in honour of their beloved thel College and of which a great majority take
'Parron, set in the front of the Church. TheSisters iilvantage.
lf the 11oly,1Rosary, onil Intcg approached, were As the month lif May iaprllches the clas
only too willing to do their part also, and have rool 1lld study-hall aPPear to loits their at-
Scompanion window ut up. The windows tractivene" to the yoi)lg stililnts. The pro-
arrived bfore Easter aN put e ental portions of fessors Ilso feel the effects of three Ionio months
a*iteil hfire Easter alml the central portieis ofli clarges
lath, containing the lrins of the Bishop, were ea lung -exer ici, and like their charges,
put inl positionn. Unfortunately, three lights are longing for ,a break i their r Uin
".t so hardly injured in transportation that thework. Whilst many of h students will hie
co.ld noit be us'ed We hlope'howeverI 'soon,) I tlhemslves to different Cyw, tIhe professors
o lInv tilthem rlelicedl. o Besides tlese two will take i well-earued rcst, eiioying the xlhii
willldos, the Catholic Knighti nurtishod also a lilli ting sL'-breeze und the hioslitality of Father
rose winliw. over the organ. It has a rpri- \illh SLta Cru.k.
hetatiolon of theSacred iHert,,to myinholize the O1trtJVAI(Y.
devotionn 1ost dear tp te heart h the dlecea.scl We ask the prayers of our Catholic readers
Bishop. i. ij i-- for the repose of the soul of John Alpha, who
, i.:. i<:. l, ,,iH died in Orange Walk on Easter Sundiay. For
We.have learned,that sub scriplipona are l)illg years ho was a well-known figure about the
taken for memorial tablet nobq.,plael oer altar of the Cathedral of which he llI beIen
the grave tathe 13isop. Illthe trusty sacristall. May lie rest it peace.
Iuv tuIh ihp


i- Aprl Si r Ane, of of heat which would ensure if the 1lll erh. .
M,,ndny April 41th, Sister ArN',iv. nf obr I
tOn lOilr f Mt. Carmel, arrived fromi New exposed, its indications are front i, 1i' ,
the Ordeu e left the alle lilay for orange higher than when placed sidu bIy idue ii ;
Orcak 'ito a ill tbe work of taCucllii il thle similar iinstruilment with the hull .'xpoI ,l to th
Catholic Sel hil .. passing air.
Cathulic Sch,,ols. We shall give its reiadigsl iii ail extra cilinil,
i the 18th i f March a well-atliilddl Ice- added to our schedule of daily ()Ol rvatioiu,
Crea Social ws heldl inl St. John's CoIllege beginning with the month of iMa, ,is 1
ground for the hellefit io tlhe Cathlil Schioula instrument arrived too late for the month
For tables under the man1ig:emIeiCI It of Mrs. of April.
Cantoil, Mrs. A. and Mrs. (. Winzerliig, -
Mrs. Iliares aided by Mrs. Knop. and Mis.. C. Orange Walk.-It is needless It s. Iay lh
A. Carroll Invishly dispeioeild refreshiig couinless our Church, (which was thought toI be lii, hibi
mnl inourishitig sweetness to oUr (e o eager for the place) was full to overflowing it all ie
chillren aintd grwntl up friends of ,uir schools. hrvinc'i of Holy Week, especially on l'ali
luch as all enjoiyeil this part of the prograimnl e, Sunlday, Hloly Thursday and the following dl,.
they appeared no Iless satilited with the stirring From Pafil Suinlav to Easter Sulnday we h:ul
nielotlis sent d(owni toi tlhe froi t the College the Clco ilation to see over oo people recriviin
veriamdah by the Apollo uiandl aid by tlhethe 'schal commlll unioi. The three llouia Scr-
excellent solln., comic said serlouts, Ind the mn11O was attended by a great concourse of pco.
conundrunia of the IIi lenry Minttrels. The ple, who behaved with great devotion. The
net result of the party will le an addition of imposing procession could not have been hbeter
over one hundred dollars to the deficit fund of attended and more orderly-mi one word we
our public schools, could not pass a better and more solemn week-
Rev. Fr. Ilopkins and the other fathers and after which all went back to their usual woik
brollhrs of the Catholic Presbytery return sin- well pleased and contented.
cere thanks to the lady manager of the tables The nlly sad event which was felt by all here,
and their willhig assistants, to the nIenmbers of and no doubt will he felt by many of liclize,
the Apollo Band and last, not least, to the Hi was the almost sudden death of Mr. John Alplha.
Henry Minstrel Troupe for their efficient aid the well knlowtn sacri.itan. He Wila working at
inu itkilg the party a success. Mr. ,archand'w..,,. I.s t Mull P c',ih Shoals,

A very valuable instrument, known as the
Vacuno Solar Radiation Thermomneter, (Queen
& Co., Phila.) has lately been donated to our
Observatory by Dr. Karl Heustler.
e obj.ct of this instrunrent, as its Ilamn
luggels, is to record the intensity of the sun-i
Lhine, indcpendeitly of the temperature of the
air. It cotlsists of a blackened bulb therltlo-.
meter, enclosed ill a glass tube a'ltd globe, fromil
whlch illn ir has beeu exhausted. The lilmp.
black on the bulb blsorb$ the bsutshile, and the
R ie of air around the bulb prevents cooling
by aductiu ...Thuts protected frontl the los

Since Holy Thurbday ie felt had and lonil
lldy he expressed his desire to come idown lt
perform his Easter duties; hbut his wish couilll I'e
only satisfied, when he arrived in Orange W';lk
at 6 a.m. on Sunday morning. Tihe lirst thi
asked was that the Father and Doctor he
for. The undersigned went himself and called
the Father from the confessional. After hih
confession he said he was quite satisfied andd ready
to die-poor nia he sawthatthathour wasnear-
during the High Mass he gave his soul into the
hands of his Creator. We hope that his friends
will remember him in their charitable prayers.

( 85 1

Stann Creek.-E.ster Monday arrived \wiit
imiversal joy for the Catholic children of Staiitn
They lIld fior some dany looked forward w llh
grcat ioatiicipation to the coming of the festival
of Our Liortl's glorious' Resurrection l a ild :i to1
lthe 'ay oi vlwhich they couil offer their lirm.l
EI.terr greetings to their beloved l'latmr, rev.
;tliher Atiillach, who hias, for years, ben' tlhe
hfithful guide of both old and young in tillh
At in Fa1rly ihor the children thronged( rondl
tle schools, whicl Ilie good Sisters of tile li lv
F:';imily lal Iniatefullv decoriaed, to wiiil tihe
cmniiig of the luev. Falthr, %lwho was taken I y
surprise at indling that their festival gathlriucg
w;V, a cInnpliimenlt to him.
]laiiing taken the chair of honour, ian overture
of wricoile was played on the flurmonioun Iby
Miss l. Ilattiste, a Ildly assistant at the ComI I'il.
The Programme of the celebration was the : i
Opening Addreuss, Mtr. A. Mrin.
Cho.rue .. I. '1 1..
Cane Drill Ifant lhyvs.
S lng anil Chorus Four Ilys..
W\Val Drill Primary (ilrs.
Song-' Dear llome of my Childhood," Ioys.
Recitation .V. Flowers.
Mlotioni Sungs, Little Girls.
Dialogue-" The Orphan Boy,"{ MItr. Pilill.
Sonc!,-" We're !list us hippy," Infant Girls.
SRccititlion-" What I live for," Matr. A. Marini.
Closing Chorus Pupils.
The Rev. Father Antillach in a few words,
pictured their future, and told them how they
were progressing, both spiritually and teim-
Porally; giving them loving counsels to bring
forth hy their constant attention and respect to
the advice of the Sisters, fruits worthy of the
training they were receiving. He gave thaiiks
to the good Sisters and teachers for their great
efforts to plant in their young hearts seeds iof
love, respect and honour to their God and

All knelt reverently to receive the iles sing of
thelr lieloved guide anid Father, after which ihe
children did justice to the daiintie. which had
heei prepared for tlihc hby the good Sisters.
A. SAI'vO.U.

(iN I,; AL NO()''N(S.

SlIHE Roli e corl ,i) of the
.l .lemnrinre ,.i/i.ay (Munichi) writer
1 graphic descri timil of thie TO ell'at
TU1 in St. L'ter's for hllr lhelllli of lib
lloliinic. Iletwceenu (o.(i o andi 6,l000 peol)le
were present in the great ena lihelral. So gueit
\vcis the croiw that imay lilies hal to be
carried. out in a fainling condition. All nations
;nid all cl;assscs were 'repreiceited, ani ll Ille
liguiil"cs ol f tll'' wo'irl were heard in
thlie .street. Cirri; imies of every firilm. fIrol tIhe
opulent blrolugli'a to the 1ieCismaclt's cailt, were
ill tie tvnt iprices.sin that exteiiled ll r into the
sulbulis of the Eternal City. Royal parades
(tle wiiter says) we can see iinywhere; change
tle uiifoiirm of the )persioi, and they are all
the saie. But there is only one l'Ppe; one
St. Peter's."

AN eminent authority has it that tle death
rate of the world is callchulatcd to Ile 67 per
minute, 4,020 per hour, 96.720 per day, while
the rate of births, slightly exceeding tIle death
rate, is calculated toi he 70 per minuiile, 4,jo0
per hour, too,8oo per day, 36,7,ooo00 a year.
The estimated increase per annumi i therefore
a little over i,400,000.

Coul.t we with ink the oce:a fill,
Were the whole, earth a parchment made,
Were every single stick a quill,
And every inaul a scrile by trade;
To write the love of God to man,
Would drain that oceaul dry,
Nor would the scroll contain the whole,
Though stretched from sky to sky. X.

_ ~I ~

( 80 )

T IoS rUITo-MAI.AluA-Tux.ovl i

in the Celtrai.l [ M lzie of Blic'rcioloy!l there
isan' i. lr.tini cIIpiariso( n 'I f lith mIotives which
argue for a coli.ection between the bitl of the
iO ,it, aitd thie sickntcss of the dreaded Ma la-
na. rorf. K ich wll the first who, itn 883, ex-
pr essed the iturltlise th1it Mo'sitsqitocs \were the
illtcrnmeiliarids of italariar bit it is -Ily ill the
hust few years that it lhs hiel icuC -rtailedl tllat
thil ,ickness c;ll scrcely affect the iitl limtl sys.
teln Iy ally other Illealis.
Thle ost (lhilgerouI s senisnIII for mailtirit; cor.
rcs l Ittds ll the ti e ill '1 which Ii |>NIl,,es le '
'velo]p imst abuilndaltly, that i, Ilhe warul r andI
cl;anmp sitIeanSi. The regiili.s where malairia
albotiiil(s are rich iln nliosqlitos ; ;aid these also
are warnt anid dilillp lIeailities. 'There is in fact
1io known district where aia liri; is pi-e.vleit

as the forests were cleared ; but as soii a, ith1,
hai d grown tp again, tmalairia also dlis:iplA..iltrc
.T'he weirinig of masks anidl gIl'ives ivs-, alii-
certtiin protection ilgiiinst ainy iiifetiinu. lliwV
liill this hplieniiiloen il le explainel vescIeptI
the fact that personal aire t11h prolvctl ;ikai:i
the bites of moisquitiioes? M.l.aria caiiini la,
over lmodeiatelly broad stretches of wat-r;
iulosq(liiitos callntlt tly more Ilithlln 3o-li
niletres without resting. Were the cotagi.ii
miiitter in tie air, as has been hitherto silppol .sl,
this plhenoimnenoii ctuld not lie exll:inind.
hlily other exaiiples coui lihe atihlicaidl.
Let those iellntined sillice to prove tlhe iCI.
quito-mill:iriinthiory. To this must lie i.ild
that the mailalriil genris wrle foun (liii th lh i ih
nild ill the liuiiluirs of the I)ody of tliue iltiis'-ili,
all thuI they could lie introihicIl inlto thll
lianiiil ir imiii.iili with the iislivu of the iniimal

where the inhabitants io not suffer from the when it bites.
plague of mosquitoes. The uatives of malaria- This method of tritisferriing the poison cani
intfeted citontries protect tllhemlslves in various be explainit'( liy representling these iiI.ccit ail
ways agaiSist this sickness lanld ihese protective intermediaries for certain stages inl the levclrii-
nulisures are all such as a fford protection also mlent of the tinlilaria germs, just asl thle tiinllillO
against niostuiiti bites. A irle in invested tlis- whose flesh we cat, lire th>e iitiein:tiliiiv i of
tricts is not to sleeput light iil the pe lltir: the ceitiin plrasites its trici rich.ine, te.or, clc.
sleeper is more easily bittelln ly thie illosquitoes These discoverieVs tire mad tlle mlire ilel-
which lirefr to leave their aullts in the bush estinlg ias they prove that the firinly-irollcil
especially in the evieninlg. Another rule is tnot popular belief ill the cited means of plrlectlit.
to sllee inl the house with the witndlows open ; is lot sulpestiltius, but justified by scientific
the illncts take tldelight ill enlteril u hlumnt illvestigatiotils.-l'athl. Volkezeituny.
dwiellingsh after dark. If however it perso n liI connictioC with the abovc we lmly i"tit
willhes l t slee with the windows open, it fire the followiiit incihdeit: Last year nille imenl
nes, le rlo ll will offer i tnlitIy against the sick. entered n locality in New Jersey where ili'.i
""oke 'osqluitus are kept awy by tie quitoes alboulnded. Eight of then took ilo
s l 1oke or rish hietlleesll into the fire. plrecautioii to protect themselves ailiiist hll
It yiy llce olrd p tila belief that protectil nine's insects, but tlhe ninh ma l cireflly gitirdet

garlic, will bey trg odors, ns for inltalice himself against their bites. As a., cotseutlietl
Sfct, many lapreventtive of llte sickness. For the former were till soon prostrated with malaria
Surroullindy t are repellrd by such odors. whilst the lust one escaped the infection.
Surrn lagiti find rts ifier protvctiioll iilso,. as the
hsquitoel find It them golod hidinlt places PICTURS are a relief t tthe Iaded iilitul
re o not like to forsake. Sever a they are wintlow to the imprisoned tihoiught;
cvare record where ithrto h e cses they are books; they are histories aniu seeilti"t
d wih her hitherto healthy localities which we can rend without the trouble of lir.-
cuvrd with forests, b ec.ltm infected as soon ing over the leaves.

( 87 )

IllITS 01 Ti Ilol( SE.-Another animaitl whlic,
whe in a st;Itte of nature, lives in droves is tllh
liorse. It is almost as defenceless as the sherp,
,sil wlhen i herd of wild horses is atltcked by
wlves there is no escape but in flight. In its
sili state the horse's natural habitat is on the
Iptnl plaills, lot in mountainouiis regions but on
thle steppe)) of Asia, and lwhenl attacked bIv
w\.lves its only safety lies in its superir speed.
If tlie yumiIng fou;l were not as swift as its parents
it would faillan easy prey to the pursuer, aid
sI, within a few generations, the wild lh(rse
mighlit be utterly destroyed by its enemies. 'Tlie
curious thing is that the foal is quite as swift ia
its piarets. When one looks at it, even in its
lidoiesticated condition, it seems to hie ;ill hleg.
ani ol isn surprised to see how easily tile slight
b)lly is liornle long on those onug legs hbesidle

involunllnary shy, such as the poor brute would
ii-ltinctivrly make if lie were still wild upon the
plaiins-. Illow unjust it is, andl hiw utterly
stupid. to justify his terror by whipping him fur
such a fault To d % so is tI make hlim ,iolv si
much the readier to shy again, remebneriiig-
and lie is sure to rrieionlher-that, even if there
is 1l1t reason for his involuntary shying, there is
somniethiiig to dread immediately afterwards.
The only sensiblle way to deal will this remnant
of w illness in tile domesticated horse is to stop
and let him feel that there is nothing to fear,
.tid so break down the remnant of his old and
perfectly natural habit of fright Iromn possible
daniger.-Catholic T'ihms.
AN EI.,ICTIIC 'TitlE.-A German authority has
recently aiiinouinced the discovery of a tree in tile
2 I i..:. u.:,.. i....,

time iiiit r, even whet she is rnn,1 iig at r I ,1, :1, 8
Ile mother, cven when she is running it h.r characeristics. he leaves of the tree are of a
swiftest rate. In that fact lies the safety f the ihly sensitive atilullr, Isad so full of electricity
wild horse from destruction, alnd the tho usaindil hal, Ih r tuiies oe reUiv IIi
eeof gtloneticins, which bat b seougtl nihal li l vetiic shock. It has a very singular effect
lei dopmetictilrc d, ollnllmtion tbhe fou l'h lian i, uponl a magnetic ineele lll ii will illnuevilce it at
the peculit is lon for torn nedhe for its orlimbs nI distailc of evel 7o feet. The ci crical
lrh h it is no longer needed for its ornal strength of the tree varies according to the time
purpose. Another curiot thing is that one of f lay, it being strongest at li y. In wet
thie faults of the horses of which we tire apt to ellther its powers disappear altogether. Birds
col"Plall-we 'least the liabit of shying -is ii
scirvivn-we al oinlh the habit of shwa lg -is a lever approach the tree, lor have iiisccts ever
survival of an old hablit which was useful and .
Sibeer) seen upon it.
iecessiary whmi its itancestors were still rouming -
wild uipl(n the plains. Then every horse was In our last number we pw listed ith lHoly
c"liitantily on the outlook for ani enemy, and it Father's letter to the Americani Bishops about
dill not look only with one eye. It habitually certain doctrines which, it was feared, were
kept turning its car in all directions, si na to about to infect the purity of the Ctilholic faith.
catch the slightest sound which should indicate Though a few editors of Catholic papers lenutia-
the presence of danger. Not only when in wulf voured to minimize thie importance of the piapal
i seenil did the herd take flight. Any iouind, document, )et a vast majority, as well as the
as of the wolf breaking through the long gritis, Biahops of the United States, recogniized the
caused an instantaiineous .stampede, and sunli- oipporlune nsi of the Pope's brief, calling llotn-
thing of that habit still survives. The horse tiono o the errors wlich would have had it
elloml fears the objects which it sees uidlrels banefnl iflnuience tile unity iand rlirimlluy of
they appear suddenly, but the siddlen appIer- belief. Tlie troubled witers were cailiild.
"ice of some light thing driven by the wind, or In France iand Germaniy where, it seemed,
O'"ie slight sound that perhlap may not le those err error re insinuating themselves,
l atIrl by his maitler, lmaly cause an !istnilt andl principal adv ucates i.igeul.u.uly avowed their

( 88 ) :

is t---ll' sbIuittC.d h bly to the declarn- cealed no leas thln, six bristle-like lirin,.
ist k~ I a ovcuig Ptiff. What a ldiffcren implementt, two of which ire somivlwhi:It lbrl.
picn ftur e v Ir"'e "'i" us. at the present time, iened ,od sharpened at the tip to form a p:Iirof
picture ih I'hb of Engin d. where it is nlImost small lancets. and other two hbabed or slra:l t,
iy leib C for the cofnlli(] p)CopIIp to know so as to form most effective saws. When llt
it to heblive Eve the highest authority in insect begins its work it fastens the enl itf thb
Egllh. li Chrch mattturs, the Jidiciail Cominittee trough firmly down against the flesh if its
Eof Ie Privy Council, Cnnot settle their doubts. victim. Then it places the bristles close Ing.
witness the fnollwing Extract (frmln The their so as to form a solid Ioiring instruiiil,
cUi rs) of Mr. lagg's eplitonme lIf tile varii)tus which it plunges into the flesh nod then sicks
decisiuol .If the Judlicial Committee of the Privy upl the blood through the tube which is fiIned
Council, which he set before the Ilouse of ly the union of the bristles with the trolih,
Laymcii for the province of Ca.terbury: The ltinme mosquito' has from tilme to time
I. "T' e ornmenltlt of .i159 llmay he usel," been applied to almost any small iinsects which
a d'lciaiin twice given. 2. '- The ornaments suck blood, hbt properly spiekilng, it mnly
of 1519 "'my lot he uIsel' ," also give twice. refers to inmelmers of one group or family 4I
3. StaIniling before the talle applies to what two-wiiged flics-that which contains the Ir ue
f.,llows,," decided twice that it does nol. 4- g'K ts.' In this country we have about twenty
A cross placed over the table is lawful," it in species of gniat, inl Europe there nrc about tllyft
alsm) ol lawful. 5. "The minister may stalrnl ndll in the world generally, over onle ahuidlll
in front oif the table," yet lie imust not. 6. If and fifty. While some, however, are guilty ,f
it be lawful to.hurn lights," it is also unlawfnl. inoculating their victims with disease, most if
7. "The Tudor decrees of the held of Angli- them tire innocent enough. The guilty olis
canismi were issued int 156.," but not till 1566. are Anopheles claviger,' Culex penicillaris,'
S. "1A man can prostrate himself while standt- ian Culex malariae.' Anopheles may he dis-
ilg," &c. Mr. Blagg, who represents the itiguished from its relatives by having its wings
Lichfield diocese, is clearly full of humour, spotted, with the spots arranged so as to form
molin of which has spread to the editor of a capital letter T. Grassi calls it a Ispy' o
Church Bels, who dryly remarks, "No wonder malaria, und says that the relations
the Queen, has found herself unable to comply and the disease have been confirmed in Li)n-
'with the request of the Albert Hall petitioners, hardy, Tuscany, the Roman Campagna, alld
that Her Majesty would compel the Bishops to in many other places .
eifi rcc obedience to the above contradictory It must always be borne in mind that in orler
Sto produce fever in a healthy person by its while
MoQuITos AND the mosquito must itself have previously billttr
GMosri row s F .ES ALAR.t.-Mr. Percy H. someone already stricken with illness, ,l"
Gr archaw, uF.nd., writing I Knowledge" therefore only a small proportion of the insects
for March, under the title Mosquitoes and can be dangerous, even in a badly-infeatred
theM ourse odvafnce so ne striking facts as to locality. The greater number of thne bite
the wore f black-water fever, which is one of domestic animals such as oxen, horses, pig,,
his remtarks on m ri 'ver. He bases dogs, pigeons, fowls, etc., as well as maln. Onl
hi re.ari nd Bn.the reanrches of Professors might, therefore, be bitten. thousands of tiles
(mosuiatond Bigna? "The proboscis of the without being inoculated with the bacillus,
'tube, r rat r rG, w.i consists of a ,while, on the other hand, a single bite might
S within which are col. be sufficient." ..

-A UOUILE RELEASE. Below in the valley, from the lace-draped
%iindlow of a cottlige, set somewhat black flimin
tile street almoIgI aveliilich of Icalles, s shiulili'ry,
1yi T. 11. Jce lle Mrs. Carroll looked ,1out of le:rful eves upin lhe
-- dliiimmed t 'niut of lthe evening. (lilmiiiring
-PON the summit of a hill, high over through the depths of and lbrow
a1 beautiful valley and against a ,lches oif pinle, lights of gIold .an, the pale.t
background of vivid green pines, a f blue Ibloke forth from the ilhllinied back-
Gothic cathedral reared its brown "groidl, lt ihe twilight, slivlvdeepeli."' ,sool
ilrd turrets in solitary stale. So strongly were left o the landscape only a dense lrknes of
tll rav ,f the s.clting si un ascending from be- wo os, with here and there a bit iof l liglhie.s.s
I6m i;. western edge of a shininlg like, directed sh"iimog for a mmlenmit iand lheim fading away,
i,,ii> the Ibase of tile glistening cross that, like leaving the space it had lighted milore glotmy
a1 ll. 'inig heliatdlictiol, it seemlttl Il hovvlr ill thia ever.
miil-ir .,r tli re.tlcts w tll I It is like imy own life," 'thought she sadl
Ohlitqcelv gleaming Il.rogh the stlaiacd-glaos "the hope c.mll the sweetnless goinie o t." 'The, the soft tilli illumilned the angels words of the l.emor.ire were np)i, her lips lit
cared over tlie arch t tIll. entrance until they her heart's deltion was plnimly lepit. ilp-
firight oil h er white fce.
id res y for upward lght on wings if a tte tin wc s sdely divestl Ien a
\\'iilh the sacredl edifice, althoIugh many of five equipage, drawn lby : pair of horse with
the faithful kept vigil illn ailoration ofT the blessed lvr trappings ou the r harness, caie to a full
,;S.r:,,, .luriig thieFiory I hours' Devotio, ,,; p) lit her gaiai, .A vague !hope within
SwIt uiil s,,|liiii sti]|, reigned. her, lts she recgiized hIlel aits hbelhomig Is
O lhtile lowest step of the sanlctualry, wilh hii Jud"'ge Mliv, w', io the lmiorrow, mtiglit Ill-
e;arlaest eves raised ill pleading eloquence to "ounce the sentence, fatal, perhaps, to hurl .is-
where the exquisitely carved tabernacle with its huad; words more cruel than death to her!
ira.sure of (dvine Love nestled among the But it was May who stood un tihe
fl.wcrs anid ferns, Willie Carroll knelt and threshold.
proved as hle never had prayed in his life. My dear Mrs. Carroll," said sihe, I have
The softly lighted air was flooded with the come to offer you my sympathy, lai d to help
delicate perfume of powers. The flames ris- y"u to dry those tears if cal. Although there
ig out of the hearts of the gold rose petals in is little comfort derived from word., when one
tie tcll candlelbris, quivering and Hickering in is unable to remncve the root of tie evil, still
silent service before the throne of the High, there is consolation ini knowing there re hearts
shed a sweet radiance over the kneeling form of grieved for is."
the hoy. You aire very kindd" faltered the grief.
A wonderful love entered and suffused itself stricken wmlltn, as she motioned her visitor to
willti himi, taking possession of his inmost soul. a seat, "t t ake this interest, consiulering we are
unknowni to y)lou.
Sweet JImnm, low before Thee, Nt entirely," observed the .stlrlage lady
We bend In fear and love aiietly, your'little "on oil tie aitir each Stil-
i children's voices floating up throumghl the dim ay lIaI .ulinost s.ulg limiself into Iny heartt"
'ailted roof, fell upon his ear, and a new con.- Sh Iniledl cheerfully is she said thbi, Iit wIhe
fildenlc, Ibrn of tenderness, vibrated through she aded" slsly, hie is like the tlnly child 1
his frame so thoroughly that, when half al hour ever had," the steady voice quivered for a
later he arose from the step, his young face moument.
lowilig with hope and victory, this boy of "er listener detected this, aod iI great wave
twelve had offered himself, his whole life, to his of pity swept through her heart for the lonely
dear lMaster, the Saviour, whose grace had mother, whose soi she concluded hail died.
stirred the depths of his soul, that his father However, I was going to say, my' huilband
eightt lie exonerated from the almost inevitable returns from the city to-imorrow anl I mueai to
fate which awaited him on the morrow, prison tell him all the good I know of Mr. Carroll, so
a"d the stamp of guilt" : .I. I have cume to hear it till from you."

( 00 )

S wn arose a ild adivalced to her cepted, says he used them for a *lin-sh,,i,,
SThe poor w etched haindi, "You have little contrivaince used for shootilg iiiril.,
visitor C th iii 1' t,. my pvrs," she exclaiined Then it seems il fact tlihait elltriaic hab
comae i al'hler lift Illi her face so that her eyes breei effected duriliIn the night."
teareul a level with tllhose ofI the Saviour in aii 0, Mrs. May,it is all a plt to ruling iav i
wereaol o Tile \Ago iii th intlh Garden," she handl and I believed we hadil no cielil
nillervil gr"aefl toil, *Oh, my God, I thank Stopping suddenly, the whole expressing ,flll h
aed i g coulntenace Lchn;llcd, Iaiii with while let lil",
SThee!" v dear," reionlded the other quick- she iildedl If I thought it were i.l1 siiinfl
'ly ri n'lg it c aly) claspilg her "rlll, I would l would ira)y G(od to, shower dhinIi li. l.avi, I
lyt criilciu iie yo with fIale hopes. I a1l curse upon tile lic;t of.i hiln whli prl
ower'c.i, as ny hubllnd will Ile. It is not trated-- "
C who d(eclles the-inoiicence of persons il No, ino I inlerrupted the other, walrtninll'!,
casci like this. lHowever, I aiml1 stlle he will heapil no curses upon tiny one. O tllrc'i,
bl"ak iln isi f;avilr." suicientt misery iii the world! Our livs ;,r
'The alllicledl womllanl snllk dlespaiirinlly upon often filled to overflowing; ilesiides, yIi li
a colch, aiind covered her face .with her hallds. in ich. in your sorrow. Yllui hli.
Thlei there is i.n hope left," ste siol)bed, lblind has wronged nol law of God. \\' i
"mllie whlilteer, not aiiything in the world cll the law of iiiii conidemni him it suffer Ia
save himl, the evidence is so stroIni; -although though he were guilty? My tlder Mrs. Ca.rnll,
lie is iioceit, God kinowa lie is imiiocelit I" entreated her visitor. soothillgly, "-iii :ilJ
There, there, my dear, Mrs. Ciroll," said priest who hais guidtled ine safely over the isn.l
the oler sothliingly, why, yolu Ililst lpray.". diinerous perils of liy life, often repenis in:
raty I repeated she hopelessly, "I have Learn of Him, to whom Was donIe hlil mst
prayed; ihut what prayers could stand against cruel wrli(Mi that ever stained the face ol thl
such proofs, such false proofs; the night watch earth, tit pray for your teinmies.' "
ilai, the patrolman,. and the roundsimani, all of Mrs. Carrull looked lup wearily.
their statelientls are precisely the samee" Then "i You cannot understand the lceplh of my
drying her eyes at her visitoi's biddinig, she be- sorrow," sie sighed. Mly boy's I'ath:r
gail: My husband has held the position of branded us a thief; besides his cruel suf(crinll the wholesale (lepa rtlllelit of Richie's and lour poverty. 0, Mrs. May, I all, dilolal
clothing house for.four years. While in their ini my misery, so desolate tiat you couldl invie
employ his silairy hits been raised frequently, know, you who have known no want lih1.
so well have they appreciated his service. lie wealth could not remove."
was trustworthy always. I believe they are The visitor bent ler beautiful face, with iti
sincere in their effort to avert this misfortune crown of white waving hair, toward the buwed
froln us. Aili yet not anything that they call liead of the heart-hroken wifef.
o, cail )erv te t finger of lame froin point- Listeni to mile, Mrs. Carroll," said she, in a
l"ig teadli at my htshalld. Tile money, five stenlly voice, I tell you I have a grief so nalch
Mth usllbd ll ari, was Inisaill' on thlat morning. greater thal yours that all the wealth of the
oMy hu~ald lonie understood the comlbiation world could not remove it." Her large, calnii
f tihe lel ati alter slipper peo the previous eyes were slowly kindling, anld her li sti r
worrighhed urld to the ltice, heilig sanewhat gazed in natonistlment. The wealth If .vilch
other rafe. hut theirr lie hadl properly locked you spoke lhas done but little for me. While
h usual we he ieolteyf wa, there lld everything surrounds me with luxury, jewels and cotl!
tion with the igfht waie had some cdut lverse gatownis, llld serving people who wait tlup)1l liy
with the two olcern ion dutty there, and lightest word, I wear tno stronger shield u l",
In the two oie ote. my heart to guard it from the lmellmores llnil tlc
Thatisall Th ornln lg the y wast missing. words that would, or the sorrow which lha
red rubber bad as no clue except" tat sole fild my life. l
'rd rubber bands were found iii our orchard, My silent house is lonely and oftel" 1""
tihei' httle te Ibuleo ehe that bound unbearable; yet, wherever I go, my C."'al
ieghbour'lt child, Whu.. th'mia tllot A aching heart ia with ime; his vacant chair, hi
,uS.le ,h would not be ao uiutouched books, his rooms still umaditr"l'a"

( 91 )

a when he left them ; for, dear Mrs. Carroll, As no heed was paid to this tincly adlnonition,
I btoLu beidle my husband when he sent our the little fellow coiiluclud til e mania was deaf,
Only child, my son, a1 outcast into the world; anl gravely riuini iatl upoll tile possibility of
1 itoIod beside him when he said the words putting him onl his knees b y force.
that broke my heart, tlill I was powerless tII Meanwhile, sweet rose-crowncd little girls
cIunterniand them. were nearing the ring in advance of the pro.
Iler face was aflame with wounded lovI, cession, and scattering Ilowers in His pathway
adl her form quivered with emotion, as she who trod on earth a thorny one; still clouds of
tonltilned in a l..w tremulous tone, I saw his incense arose thicker iaunl inewirer. Clear iinIl
Ii,,yish headl Ibwetd low tupoi his breast when sweet son:led the notes if the little hell carried
Ie passed down the stail'rcie, and when he ly Willie Carroll. That bell hal a holy
tluitll Ihi while wani face to me, his mother, mission in the worll, tnd Willie loved to hear
llt face that was engraved iponll my Ihlrt. I ,ts high quivering resonance. The little chil.l-
hearld ily husband's vice in harsh dicordn.r ren's voices sang out sweetly and plaintively
t-l"e., to the one wlhoi loved them.
\hen I awoke from the iwoon, that smll 0 ,,rd. I in not woriy,
i);le lace cai e bhacik ti ll e, and i ithas never Thlat T'liii shoItinlil i e t in.
left me. Thle memory of those sorrowing eyes Itut. Mlnk Ihose wordt o(f cointfrt
is ever before I me, and Il liy heart is achiig for My spirlt tilted blall Ibr.
him every moment. While my life is passed Suddenly, to the intecne astonishienlt of the
in plenty, I know not where he is, or whether boys in the ring, the man \viho hal. remained
lie is suffering, while 1, his mother, dwell amid seated until that nulnent, wilh 1an awIfulI sol,
lite.ful riches. My son alone, homeless, dil- prnstrated himself in the aisle before the king
inherited amogli strangers." of heaven inail carth, and remained in that
It was now M~rs. Carroll's time to offer con. position unlil the procession hald IsceCnled the
sililn words, aind while the cadence of their altar. Thic Brother in charge of the boys sent
voices rose nnd fell a sweet peace seemed to it message through the ring to the effect that a
ilescend upon ) them, and whell Mrs. May took NJleoratre was to be said by each of theml for
her departure they had both resolved to pray the man who seemed to he a penitent sinner.
for tlle one who committed the theft, that his In a few moments the aisles were lilling
heart might be softened, as well ts for the Innil rapidly and the people were leaving the church.
whi had been accused. Mrs. Carroll shuddered The man had arisen and joined the moving
as hle thought how nearly she had been to throng. Seized with a suiiddic weciknless, he
cursiig him. looked about for a place of letting. He was
S* on the side of the aisle next the will. Tlere
Slowly down the cathedral aisle the proces- were no pews at his right, but a confessional
sinon moved in solemn grandeur. Beneath the hung with dark green curtains stood before
tremllilng canopy of gem-hespaongled snowy him. Somebody almost pushed him into it.
silk. bordered within hand of lihevy gold from ie looked behind to see whill it was wilho was
whicl depended waves of glistening fringe, the elbowing his wmy so roughly, lnd only the
!liishp bore with steady grace, in the shining Brother with a face of humility anid ineekiiess,
oInlotrance, the Holy Sacrament. moved slowly heidtl of tile boys, a faintness
The soft lights of the tapers shed a radiance again stealing over him, and the boys crowding
uplon the assembllage, and waves of incense upon Iis heels, lie stepped into the only refuge
scerlding, fooded the air with fragrance. A and mechanically knlllt on the bench. The
Itll well-dressed man hurriedly entered thi slide was drawn back and l1 voice at once
church and seated himself with the boys il gentile aind soothing said How long since
the wing. 'your last confession?"
His cheeks were thin and flushed, and his "How long I"
eyes had a brightness in them strange to see. It was the good Bishop himself who had
AUcrly"hesaded yuoth at his side ihiparted Ihe respondled to the humiler request of the
whispered information tot him that everybody Brother, and who awaited the signer whom lie
inthe church khelt in adoration of the Blessed had promised to end to him in the confessional.
Sacrament and that he should do likewise,

)6 --~------

( 92 )

-lIed ,h side the prisoner A cough, which nearly choked his uiileracc,
-I ,1 v s sii ll)tne hanlnd clhsped his leiz'd hill), but, resistinii it, he adied, "th,
\illic ncot,'-'rtnr Oil since ithe cnmil ncire- notes I have with me." Then, il loud i.lintl..
i. ll't coh tle other, s thrust into his coat ria;l tolne, the judge exclaimed uthillritativrly,
fall't r ""lie trial wis n at his,, mother, always I will take charge of the prisiiler."
k lit e I loked loftellll her crying alid wishing I* .*
'Nk 'he w T hin vl sc hc Mi rrs. Mahv whispered The servants in the spaciu, oiil ulsholld 4I
.nere .not so1 p'le. 't ill her u;tr, but she Juilge ; y mIove .he l cI eiicOur.lgC''Ien' hy will Ihe dle.' lpuke inl suiilbqed voices. A huish \wav or
"'Try to s y)' hr leicrnI e ii, whose evVrythini. A lth.lugh it wa:s h.usk, a
The hlwyer anid the ver3l irei.tihlc la cn soft rose-coloiired light hImrniud t n in the wild
elIU' cIt pIen"ling Ipr"'tc' ces, wouilI scrcely 'ihll, Ilidl tinted will hlog shadows the suuw
sglag in manl y fiamio' cin lni ittlte hIiv withll te ol the l awn.
crlit the fact that the Ct l eiliig" his fallier'l At the til' of ite stiircalse the ldor of a rinnl
rrave, earlest face', t" ;i tl hei ir it Ie told the "optned, and Mrs. May passed quietly uit lhet.
cA u il a higher c,,urt tha.l ing two lighted cnidles. A maid comnI, ilio
Itle.Is i s ket. l to I11 ec (, and tile view will I triy, stirrtled suddnlvly aick, ail
Alt illresh' l it ii "" "L ong nd eI arnestly excliiieled: "0, Mil-:iin-is it?--s lie?"
ji,,e l hi reil e the i jll. c :t r l careful ti the W hat is tih iimatter, child? Come up
le aidlljurc, l teim to rell< ech triil circ m with tlhe toist."
italice, il, el" l j, t i. their decii. o, Notlhin has, happened, thaiink tGod. It is
t t I I ,1 reti.,r i t few a n e ts, Christ ts eve, I.Id I lear to lc e tle caisl
\Vlr l I lLhe)" had ( itt.. lII f V IrlOeIiU "1 1 Cfll'i nlllel v L. | lll| II) lII, IhL' CIIlld tC I
Willie begi s the laut ldhcdehlC li dtclid ll Illight. It is an uhl cistoll, IInl
'rhe jil ge movedl ml.nsilily ill his chitir. Ilu l, ever hard .,f it "
felt lie knew whll the v'erlict wIulO hlc, Oi ,i "il yx talll e efure i blcllutiful crib, she
There was no other way. lie woiil like lo du lsilted uie. 'Thillh Mi ino to e wlhre, -ilt th
believe thie m1 in iinlocel t ffor hiia wifu'n isake, Ilppl)'"ittu VlIOl of the rooll liver the 1ii114IIl1 ,
but there lnw Wis lllllill n ll)hin 'igl, ityi l .lin i, a lnd hiu lg i pitre of tlhe ly Il dtv hlwr at tlle fut
would take it coure. of tihle Cross, shI plicedl the eth er. 1in'i i0l
WVilli, told his theirr to clir tu ctclrlir tiip, I Ie lld all)pI.Illlingly silu lakudl iCilo thlI fi.ce of Ilte snr.
hut two tinr Uni alAlns lto y. rtowful Mlulthr, until iup ibl) shook her fraiiii
'T'lh j.ryu'lr. I entered nid I hi.nttld thumniulves. "0 11Uell l Mitlwhr, protect hilmI" h li
"Uuiltyl" n ild. Tiiho wil dtdlt witisN Koch a
The word burned like llre u .it hiu hetd, lie Night, pity my mn l and lnul hIlly Mlthler
heard tlhe nols; i ft tilhe cmiii.r.roo~o, hlila u tothr's giv t lt' lre th.'l I "
luw tllinii. und felt 11 fiililol r'Ns celiiIp ighlietI A s Iep lit her uilde starilutl her, inlld hl tIrltil
ni lil l.ud. tuo cou Villiue ~Citrll,
P rny for itt idlerb How i 11111t ill thu hour iof Al, nit duur, detir holi," iIld she liyitill
our deat.l l, A,]n." 1 ,,' h nd if fetitl eill oil a l ti d liil, yt hltlV
I lu Inlulhud with te liHu w Ip n goitld mother. Tell' her oy sbl in nilt Iwtt'er,
A vile ihu ,iver it|li irint,,riig thrIlti. it is G.d's will --- Th'1 Ih fullowhlg her
ieh ttiit guilty" p own trllll of thought, she llnked dreilill.y
c'hrchl 'l xhlai) wu wt it1 klleel it the Whut will hu elmine Iofyo wlheil yo grow tll p
IC hur compile ed, titill i n I.lll,"t ,the gi lery A priuat, ti'ntlil if (God w tlls," c al e It i
A cry frotin Ith. A t *l 1 titt I n.i tw r uIirnivalltly. l
heart rutt the ir f r ingihier' and< An hitutr hitter tli mtti ed hell at tl, 1i
hanodtls in uppicllihlott thli*., i.y r'altd her uoor w1as ruing vehluutetly, 'The 1111111 who
lThe udge', -fne h l P1tn, and flainalvd, respondlud rerltelvd theu order which Ihll hIe"
he at*tiii|ted to rise (fro"nulivivid Thiree tiil giv'ul hillt, tIhit h wis lu to Iidillt iu ore0,
Will allk nk, i IIIua io fe chair hnto which Nutwithatltmdinh this, hotuwever, three tlilhcrtr
,, l* l C.rrul's itendltI i tIt'l1 ifor' i l n l i n tul d ilntrlcltid tile aCirVAill
Frum the rut i" thit g" 'itii wo that they ,wilhct to hu cuntulted to the hlit(1"
at~i~u.ed thte man, 1 deha ilurt l 'Ild jnlljg," pInco of thie Intm who hull cutifocsel himself it
Sida d th il1ght." l. .gKuilty z of,. the, theft, t Ih tilh. courlthiou.


i'tinlicr. Ili'h informed him that he would slv Jeanie I'A or n c, Jo o Ar by which
himself tri.ile hy oheying them withoutt delay. i:,ne she is more commnlnoly known in,,
Il n ( ,1n.z f In 11nncr, the Iman pointed up the .
s a a manler,nthesnain poiteil "is ooh e of the most striking figures that has ever
Ilrmd l: irc ase to an entrance oil the left. i 1" ""1 "f tl1e !lot xt;kil, fisurey hlt holr ever
SrdiIl the hdoor opened and the mother stood crossed tihe path of history. Born of poor
f .ciiig tle It (l\vitncini i men. Proud land bealiti- I paret-lt inl the village of Doinremy oin the
Sil. she lookeil, her white hnir shining aii.idnt hIrders of Lorra ine iul Chllmplnagne on the 6th
Iw p xurpl velvet curtain.tlcr JaInury, 1412, at 17 years of age she led to
Mal;laiiin," exclaiinmed the lending officer, ies of Frace, ifter tht country
we have a warrant for the arrest of Gerald victory the armies of Frnce, nfter that country
Mar." had heen prostrated by Engz llnd, and at 19 she
Mitli slihllt wave of her hand she motioned was judici:dally iiurdered, being burnt to dleathi as
hliinjI foIllow her within tile room. The lilen ai soreerus and In liti lic in the li..11ih-rket of
is.tIl through the eltrlllce it the spatcious Rlouen. Never wals rollmance more wonderful,
*tdli.iler. I Two, tlpers were Ilbrillig o a ilhlu
:i the hirlisil.. No other lights were there. than the two yt'ar of the public career o( the
"'Niw, God forgive mte,'" ':gspeld llhe fore. M~ 'i (.f Orle.ins. Even tllhose whole refiu to
inil.t Illieri, droppiil in Ilhis knees whln he ackaiowledige tie S.iupi miiurail character of her
ci. ghi tighi of the form nto the led, for del lli IiS.kinll, caiilnit iut aildmire the chat.i Incld
lAd jusl prelcedd him withlini that ulliet chain- vli irl wh, u I
Irr. Gerald MiJvsy was dleadll 1 1 w1, jotirired at iicteen, left a
The good lislhop returned, haviiig left thie record uoiilue i mosiideri times.
id(-ltrickeii fiilivr in his room A peiiiint girl, like the thlier manidens of her
I'l IaoIthelr, whose white head walt liiwednl rink, shhe ws liiii,4hl to eOw inld pii l1iil not
il; il grie it fw lliniils since i" ew "1t0" l ll Is r'ea and write, i id se grew uip sweet au
Plarprlunls trihe sle visilher mded Rll, witt a gle i i wlinnly in natu re, unlike the other girl touilld
"li hlI ilid hi, reckoning In n h igher court ti'r ily by her greater imoelty, iiluiisiryl)' ande-
iyoul', the Lidlihp siltd, volion. Joyou"tindtalcotipaiilon11(IIIe,shlle YlIwIgive
CI I- ON IC LE tmiuch Ito prayer iillIn would ktel diwn liy hliu
OF ''llE SACRIED IlEAIlT. l, to, cul.rni with (iod fur slnin
-- intents iiiil nd wouhl thuen join her plnymates,
IO tltl 4o thie imrriest mnong them all. Sliue lhowued her
0,4, t ldevotion to the Illes ed Virgin b1y ialorniiig ier
-, 'I ullintll with flowers nlld cnildlet, wia nfsiidlioUts
iat Church aoId II fiequentllng the sacruilmeits.
...' ^At 13 years of age, l he noon of a i-snummellr's
"/ ijl' day, it gloriou' light liosnie ocn her and out of
KI O iC O tilthe light ciiiu u fIirllh m voice "JeunIta lie gIIod
THYVKINODOM COl MIn s, u to C ihrch." Affrighted, the
ThIe gelneril intntiton, for which the Asi-. girl knuw not wit, spoke. Slu heard tlie voice
ciltes oif the Apostleshllipf Iorayer lbut saw no formt. Litter sIil e imne to kiow
T lire t,(ked to lpay, Is tIIIst he who thu111 addlresriedl hr wai the
h BOatlflcatlon Of Jeanne D'Arc. Arclliangel lichnel, and fruin hlni shle Icarnt
S, c thamt she had i missllioni to lave down-trodtl i
Sorlurr In Intclls tured itt h ith ln t n Fialnce, to rout the victorlouti arllien of Eiglaiold
t Hi wl Jtue o DArc, ai d how .t h1i aid, to crown a, disheartunedtl king. Duritig
.i l h COe in) to p)as,' that, afler n.nrly 500 three years slhe listelicd, wondered, tremblutld,
.yti Ilnvo elsl)tId sincee her death, we are now feared. To icluourage her, two holy wonien,
"kdl tu pray fur her beatifcation.' St. Catherine anl St. Mairgaret, visited her.

(94 )

Fil-ly the "voice ordered her: Yiou must or their allies, the Hllgunliians, the traicll
ecFk out Robert de Beniudricourt andl lhalve himll by light nol hy uifre(luelterl rnd. ;Ir,,.m
geek out Ra arml escort it bring yolu to the Viucouurs to Chinoll is a dli.lanice If ,,
ivpille n i im s, shall crown king llt Rheilim 151 miles. Tihe soldiers foiVd th ji.ise-
lld forive the foreigner from the kiingldom." hard, but the girl ldid Hnt coilpillin. 11e,.1 .
To her heavenly viit"or JeIlllle 1ut tile InBelty was every lday to helr N~Isn n I td l .
qlestionl "liut how shall I, who mi hut a so, she nmre thai once was in dIlg.r i, lei,
poor peniiilnt-girl, give orders to nmie at Irarm?" taken prisoner.
\Whreupll they replied "Child of God, Arrived at Chin.n, sie wiuhl liove swin
grnat-heartcd chihl, you Incodi imui't go: God Charle.s lit oIIce, Ibut was kept waitill. f,. a
will aill yo ." .fortnight, hilst :i comiinittee was a;ppilit l:'.
Accipanlied by a ialel relatives, Ducanlt examine into the object of her cnoiing. At
Lax;irt by llname, lshe went to ViIauc'leours land leli th they' lavised the king to grant lhr an
obtained nil interview with Laptalii Robert de nudieiice, and on the toth of Marclh, 11.9, the
licudriecurt. ToI hini shie Mld: Send word pensiait girl was led into the grand hall fi the
to the dauphin to have courage. He shall be castle where Charles was standing aiimong hi,
a king in spite of his enimcies. I will lead hill courtiers, purposely without any mark of really.
to Rheiins anl there he shall le crowned." The Maid, who now saw hii for the first time
Take this girl home to her parents," cx- picked him out at once, saluting him will' he
claimed.the Captain, she is raving." words: "God give you good life, gentle priic'."
Dismissed -by de Beaudricourt as mad, she What in your nlame?" Charles asked.
returned home. But her voices were not silent. Gentle dauphin, my namei is JcanIni the
Again they bade her go forth and free Orleains. Maid, and by me the King of lHeavie serll
A second time then she went to Vaucoulneurs, word that you shall hle anointed nlld crowiied at
hut found de Ieaudriciurt as obstinate as ever. Rheimm, andI that you.shall lie lieutenant if the
"No one in the world," she said, neither Kilg of .IHeveln, who is King of Faince.
king nor duke, nor the daughter of the king of I say to you on the part of my Lord tha. t you re
Scotland, can recover the kingdom lof Fr.ance; the true heir of France, and tle So of the Kin1."
from me alone shall it have aid, although I had l v these l;st words she declared Iher know
rather spin alonlgsidcl of my poor neither; for ledge 4if a tormenting doubt, which the dai;.phin
such i Iliot m>y condition in life. Hut I milst hall disclosed to God alone. L.alcr in the
go lnd do that; for so my Lord wishes" presence of Charles and four of his conlfidaitS,
They nsked her: Who is your Lord?" whom she swore to secrecy, Jeanne relalnc,
She amnwered: He is God." how on the ast of November, 1423, the Dauphi
The people of Vaucaulcurs heard Jeanne had begged God his sul of the ldoul
onfidthey believed her, and the soldiers had of his legitimacy. Thus the Maid gave Chirls
colufihtene in her mission. Among them they a sign that her mission was a heavenly one.
bought her a horse and provided her with arms Still the royal council doubted, aid sent
and armour, and as Jeanne was called upon to another commission to her native village, to
k the work of ldier sh terlminled to dress make inquiries about her family and reputititon'
ik to mtn. At length de Beandricourt allowed Meanwhile Jeanne, for a month or more, was
her to The party chinon Where Charles then questioned and cross.questioned, sounded &Nl,
wae The pa ir con sister of six armed men curiously inspected. Theologians and cnionist
led hy girl de l .-horse. -bck. As the lcties and lawyers and professors argued with her s"1
ald bridges Wer, Is the hands o.tlhe English catechized her as though she was qualifying.

( 9

(fr ai University degree, yet even without aiv
clIc;ilioln shie showed herWI elf quick and reiadyl
i .i.,ch. She could scarcely help riesiti:in
i...iIIId which seemed tol her so alimurd.
OwIi Master l''er asked her, Doyo'u lelie ve
i (,iml?" letter than ylu," l'he iiiia*weredl
A,\i.athr learned ecclesiilntic slid to helr:
**\ s'iv tllhat yiou have hid a rralevelltini tlhit
in;d il-esire's It deliver the p)euple of Fraiinc
Irlni their p)i.eent evils. If God so desires,
bling ill-powerful, lie ihas no need of the
a:idl of Unli-at-arins." '" Ill God's in:ni'",
a:imVercd the Maid, the will
light, andGo (d will give the victory." \VW ary

5,; )

mul the sohileirs were galitered rounil it to
siig hyiinns lilan join in prayers. To each oiin
thei Maid put the i lri'sel?" If tile a sIwer \v as t negative, the
11i l w\ii ai ordlredil I vit)':w iilr ( llorhwilh go
tl, com, ias lr n ,ine ,l' thI prii t l il l liiiin \W ihii
:; fIw lly JelaIIIInneII hall 1 v new airlly of ildeccnt
mcii, tll ill devte I llr lil- hecaIse Ily hier exaliple
hlie hadil helped it m e thlin Irue Ch(.risltinas.
Ilhfoire lea ving Illiii' she sent word to the
EnIglish to give up to tlie Maiid sent liv God
the ki of all lthe goodl citlici taken in lFr:ance.
I iiin s'el liv the Ki'l oIf Ilea.vei to cast yoU
out of the whol<*e of FViiace. Ani if. yoiu ti

If lheir pr.lsy inquiries she exclaimed: *" I limit anot believe tile ne\s which (God seldl you Iby
Lkl.nw frA om II, hut I aiin sent from God tl the Maid, whelrevCci wC .shall fitd you, we shall
Iaimn the siege of Orleans aild to conduct the lilt .you'" On receiving such in meII oage lthe
kin, It Rlheims, il order that theie he imay ie Eiaglih leader. lauhigheid ill her ;inl retiled her.
inlliind anId cro ned."' When all wais rea l Jean l ii miichtd to
"\Why dti you call the king dauphii (1ly Ork.ili.s, il,,.l on tihe '91th of A\plil euteCrd tlle
whli iich ime she almost always spoke of hii) city with a god .spliy l f pruot ir ion iiiiad arien.
iand lot kin.'" they a.sked. Niosti of her s.lhliers lthen returned to Illui. ;and
I doi not call him kilui," she replied, until it v.was not till may 4th, when they returned, that
arier he Ihas been ioiitld l d crowediil c at .lhe wias enabled to eiigag; the bscieigers.
lheilas, whither I have it mission tIo) :iIductL Against the wishes of lthi couinil of ViWar, hle
hin." Il tacked anId captured day after day tlhe Euilihli
At length the roynl council recommended forts til,il on tlhe th of M aMy, tih E english aiiny
ltha Jeaiiiie the Maid should he put in clnhrge deserted ill their posts a.d retre.tedl. Two days
Sif an army corps and sent to Orlenls. On later d reurnd titu To''iurl to ind uce
ler military sl;ff she appointed her two younger Charles to set out Ilt lonce fur lRheiui. Tlhe
lrotherls, Jean anrd Pierre D'Arc, who had royal council hesilinted to ;advise the Kn16g to
I'lllwed her, and clh',e as her chaplain an venture on the journey. So six weeks pilassed
Auuiistiniani monk. Her sword was found, away in useless delay. Let tile go uagaiist the
according to her directions, buried behind the Eianlish," said the Mlaid when she found slie
a!lar of ith little church of Sainte Catherine could move neither King nor Countcil. Wilh a
lec Fierbois. new force she returned to Orle;ans and sallying
Tile battles she was to fight in the name of forth took town after town anld defeated the
Ithe Lord, the Maid determined should lie English in numerous engagemcnrets. On these
"aged by Christian soldiers. Her standard occasions the girl of seventeen, to the uatoiisth-
h are a white ground strewed with lilies, and on menlt of gray-iheatled warriorB, displayed a
the ground1 a painted image of God holding in knowledge of the art of war, which none of her
Ilis hand the globe. Inscribed on the banner contemporaries liad equalled. She knew how to
Were the words Jesus, Mary." She had also Ihadle a battery of artillery, though artillery
a banner representing -Christ on the Cross, was yet a novelty, ,he rallied her troops ,more
This banner was set up morning and evening lthn onte when panic meant i ruin, lhe carried

( 96 )

her hanlcr to the enemy's wall, 'lllatedl the publicly and privately, Jeanne was q(lS,.tioin,
sCar l.ligderh a1nd when pierced with :,a arrow, ad cross-questioned on matters oincrniitln i
thnlgh she shed tears as she saw her blood flow, faith of i Cathr.lic. If her anliwers h;la hItl,
she returned to lead her men as though she felt set down truthfully it is probable that iio il,
1n Ip*iln. Every where she forced the Iighting fiaw coidl have been detected in theil, I'l
and at her words Forward, countrymenl, and what was written was proved to il' alhot hit,
fear nothing; God hias given them into our The long confilleent, the strain uip.i hr
hanil," the soldiers. vould charge into the ranks mind and the cruelty of her jailers ltll spi
of their enmllicir and wherever the Mnid-of- Jeanne's hardy frame, iand she fell ill of friv.
Orleans' banner was seen to float, victory was The wonder is how bie bore her allicliiitoi i
sure to follow. In all France there was no long. Five coarsel soldiers gutrdedl lir ci.
braver soldier, lno more intelligent skilful, llah- stnlntly. At night she was chained ialed, snr
inl leader of enll thilln Jeine ie Ie Maid. could she rise until the guIards tiutnlckd tli
Where did she learn her scielcie of war, if God irons. Site was denied tile Salcrallienllt. Ilhgli
did lnot lidl her? she begged to he allowed to confess iil coil.
Again, the Maid urged Charles to set out for municate. They would not even permit her in
iiheiims without delyiy, and after much, arguing eilter tile castle chapel to pray. fi ll. flicil
the council duly lonsentedil to her wishes. They wais sent to invite her confidlenele alll gutl lierI
halted within a daiy's journey of Riheillns an11l convict herself. Day after day a hil't f
that city, illnilng that lno help fronl outside was learned doctors tortured her simplll heart %iilt
chilling, at length agreed to surrender to Charles. their insidious questions, until at last tlhey gt
Towards evening they entered the city aild on the bewildered girl to put her mark it a va;l g
the following morning, July 17th, the Arch- document il which she submitted herselflo lte
bishop soleinilly anointed the D)naplhin, land Isl judgment of the church. She was thell cntt.
the crown was pilt upon his headl Jelinne the demned to perpeettll inmprisonmnllt allnd oilcrll
Maid stood beside him upholding the hlitlter of to put onl a womanli's clothes to which lhe
the God of Majesty. At the close of the cere- coillseltd. Oni the mornnll g of May ?thli,
molly Jeanne declared her mission fulfilled and desiring to get out of bed the base jailers Iltng
entreated to return to her folrner obscurity. at her the dress of a mlll andl not having oller
This Iowever was not allowed and, t clothes, for decency she was obliged to Iuit il"
quest of the King, she collsenteud to remain with the male apparel. Promptly the news Iw;r
the army. But her good fortune seemiled Inow to carried to Call.llon, who with his consiulllhii
have forsaken her, a8nd early in the next year she went to the jail. Asked why she had rcassilliill
was taken prisoner by the BHurgundians at a man's costunie, Jennlle answered that "so
CllrPi6g e, and solld to the Eliglish for 1 o,ooo she had to live inl company with Imen it Iw"
francs. She was carried to Rounen there to be more declt for her to wear menl's ldres."
cundennled, not to be tried by any competent Asked if she had again heard her voices ;ial ii
tribunal Pierre Canchon, Bishop of Beauvais, she believed in them, she replied that they hail
though Possessing no jurisdiction in the diocese sxoken to her sld she had faith in them,. "II
to president, raR Ppoi.t by royal letters Iellnt I said that God has not sent incl I should dlilal"
bto pr t r trial. evidence could be myself; for in truth it is God who sent ie.
brought against Jeanne by which she could be It I revoked anything, I acted through felr o"
"ecessaryd f y ecclesiastical crime. It was the fire. I intended to revuke nothing." This
eer c ct hetSfore to make evidence on which was all that Canchon wanted. A meeting of
to Covlct her. So oi fifteen different occatious, the court was called aid the Maid was judglg'd

( 97 )

toI ia rel;pse d into heresy. we Iare ruined I" exclaimed Jeain Thiai art,
They pirmiitted i priest to visit her to whom secretary ,if the Kinl ,of Engla.ii, is Ih hurried
ihe cmiffalitsed twice said it length she was out of tile matrket-place.
aIllwcd to rIeceive Holy Comnmunl.iion. After Twenty-five years after Jeanne's death, l'Pp
tIis, shli was placed oil it car alnd tblrriel to tlhe C.alixtus 111 accded to tlhe prayer of her
1l;alkle-pliace, where was a rilsed scaiffuhil, ion mother ,.Iml her hrirl l's lheilt tile ipricess liy
mhlich Ihe faggots' where piled aid over themlii which she hi;ldl lihrci cllondemn.ild sh:iuli hie
Stake. re-exainilmmed. The A\tlcbiu.holi ) of Rheim ;iimil
Wlieil sie halid moulil ted the s )iffoid ma paper tile Bisihops of Paris aiid CitolluiiI.ce were
mitic; ivas put moni her heid oni which wasm in- Iiilmlilmimite cimmiinlissim)i'mrs ilnl Uiiiipowereidi tIs
cribiel: llcrelic, Relhpsled, Apostate, Idol;i- review tile casei. It was iolid mo Nivvieler
lir." For noI hour ii cleric was appuimntild tl, 17 I45, I iI clio'd emill)' Oil July 7, 1456.
iMrtir hcer. l lie lndel l bIy xcolmmlniuicatliigi Cirefillly anid I eui ilillly thle I'Pail)al ideleg'll.'e
lier, alld hllu Wsill hmiii vd over to1 the secCular Cxiinliil aL' ;ll Il (ti mietimlio~, Ioni stwoli evideltce,
puoer. Ilekfiore the crowd of tell tlhunlisa:ill i which tile filct tif E JeliiiVnlc's Caillrer aild tI I
|ricclliturl, Jcu m e fell upol herl klers and iti iregull irilililes of, her ti'iil were. set lfolrth. 'I'li
prmyed ilouid: lHily Trinity have pit)' nil mmm, I defeinders of the MMaid ibcfore the Cmrilt chliatrgied
I in you! Je'Isul live pity on nmeII (ll chlllI ni iii lls colleaiigumC with mii IrcsS liil
0i Mry pray (fr ime!l St. Michaiel, St. Gulirit-l II1l violhlimis of liw iid leiquity. After ;i iim st
t. Caitherine, St. Margiret, aid mcl All VCe irceiil itiniquiy tihe linlidl. lig Ihnl Ihlie tieIlve
who ii re here, pardon tile ts I p ardniml yinl ialrticles ion wliihli lher selimtimnc wil based wveis:
Do you, priests, each one saiy a Mass for the falls. iaid the whole ,priccidiiin of tie Illisilimop
l'ipose of iiy soul. 0 J.estsl 0 Marvy! 1All if Beilaai. nullml nl void. lilu tile evidence
ye blils ed suilits ill paradlime, plro'tmt nIr, of the 11i4 witnllssesi ex:lalilhed hais donie moIre
sMicc ir miel" Those twho heard her prayers than clear the cha;rcter of tlhe \lalid lcoild niot restraliln theiir tears. It has furmisl ed a record onl whlicli haii been
"Lift uip a crucifix," said the Maid, "sio fouliidce aiiother process by which Jeailuie has
I iimia have it coitlinually before my eyes until been already declared "1 Venlmaiiile E~rvaiit of
i"'y death." They tied her to the stake, andll God" lind which we are asked to pray will lead
Iglightld tie piledt-up fagots. The smoke rises; to her being leaitified.
lihe greedy flimles emllbrilce her, and ias the 0, tlroiimgi tlhe liimmiiinilatlo rt of .MLrl ry. I
llmiill, rise higiler an!dl higher the pitcousi cry is offerThiee all tite riayrns, works. itnil sifflriigsrli i,
i head ti diay. for aill Ihlle ntilltions ilt'l'hy divine lli, ir rt, in
ir, Jesus IJesusl" Againl, however, ilnion with the Ilol v Smarli'tlli lit tim. Mu.,. land im
fruill lit tIhe lire comes forth a voice victorioluis lTarticular ufr thle IUtcuelli-tion ul Jemanlln L'Aru.
il the grasp of death "No, my voices did Amien.
nlot deceive nme, lily mission was from God."
The endtl is near. "Waterl blessed water" La inte"icimi geluerilml ui'cotiillndli m la s orn-
lho ibg and thus, choking and dying, with hler ciol"es tie los Socis lie fIll Silili i Ailiizai
Ilut breath she invokes her Saviour, "Jessuls lramlte l mcl d ie Mamlyo, i
J.esul" la beatifcicc, de< JCunne d' Arc.
When all was over, the executioner gtithulrs UNA apelacion a Roimiim, piar adjudiicar sll bnill-
up the remnlilli and amidst the charred bones ti iidd, y evitlvr i lius honored del Altar, la allde
slid ashes he finds, to his terror, the heart, aial desgraciadla, quiell, cll 3odel lMaymi, 1131,
which should have been burnlt to a crisp, fresh fild reduced 6A cellnizas ci la piecaderia die
and untouched. We have burned a saint; Rouenl, ful inicidii tll e l dc Mlayo, t869,

*.- ( 9 )

pbcr il y ftl u Irmrse Il comision dle a introduccion dIc i l
lr el r orai doce MSr 1 br n ie Id l Ge ,' r(rtlit causi ? Cont6oc nmucho co lit tespui.pist a: r,,,
tFra,.C peio Nootr de fcliz mlemloria, rccili6 pregnunta. Un afirmamiClnto,, con lal qu1c el
F Iticin PieglontOt", y a0,triz6 i M Sr. Santo P .ldre Ie confirmiuse pir so firm, a c.
Iptw.ilocl quni hrig s tell"n "rac jL uicall Sc- aqlurlrin il inuo i) qiue lai fama tie l. st:.lilit
Dgupll I rrleas .t" icnP !c gl iesia. En coul- lde Jeiille (d'Arc hahia sido aprobhda, y (qe 1e
.egun Clc rei in guerr Fraico-Priasia"', el adelante (db)ieran snX altrdiid coio Ven Irail.,
.eci rciJ cl 1Orliatri" n"' s, c )ilpc6 hastal El senitido deuSa ; Sltidld, LeoXlII fi6 rvelail,,
1r74. Dos iltas despulS los registrols e csta por so accioi Convlociiando n Co(Igrcigiiocii itc
4veriglleci, prellii.ariai fuern llevadlon a los Rilus enl unl11. ssioi extramorinairia ei. cld
Holni pr el Oihispo; de Orleans. y alli enlre-ga- dle Enero, 1894, alltr de in expiracion dil I,,
d *u j In Con iregiaciiol tic los Ritls. U)'-prlIe cI uara.lnt dilins costinomrindlo. Lit relaci dti
de In mucerle icel eiincllte DIip.iiloiup, sit slcer- IN causa hahlledllo side preiscntdicla por Carliinl
Wr, M. Sr. Coullij. iiitittuy otnro .eguldu Io rocchi, l Prucrs del Ordiinrio" cn el I'bjeto t e tie est- la cuislction propiuest se decidiben el ifirnaltivi.
blccr firnlamiclte el heroismno tie Ins virtudcs Inieldiatai.lnte un diccreto flu hcc i p|,r rl
practicadas pur Jeaniiie. Las minulas oliciales Prefecto de li Ci.iigregaciomi Cardlinil AIoiim
de In sI gmli ilavuri'guacion nl .liegaron) ai Roa tMascelll, y firmln a|- por el 'ap:;.
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uni olra averigtacion fi6 prescrita plr .e Ohi.,- conferild sobre la Doncclla plr aclo dlc 1h
pot, un prlccso culnplillienter descubrir -i los milagros se hui.aln hecho pur nl ficn l dEcreto dt E iero iS94. E st mva
intcrcesion dIe In DUonccla, v, daido qeat si, para l el i- E I 11 1I
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religinosa ista oracioll tiendu lis preliminaries en hi c ausa c I I
El lProce Il de la DIncclla habiln II t adaell"heatificllcio dIcli Doncella ell l 5 de Myo,
Eil l Prlpuo enl el DIc Il Conrgacir llegadea e 1896, dcespu ls dIe halicr escuchado i la relaci:nl
Ril t pudieranc colnr lI cuestio.;.Es li n causln prselintda por el Cardinall Pnrocchi, il Coi-
det Jennne la'Arc, conimo pr.sentaida, i Ctl .11 zreg'acion tle los Ritls lctermino que ing1lu
couldicill que in permit scr illitrloducil ia culto den 11 trizado y p lico de JCanii i"spi-
"orte de Roini? Tdos loa docunto, f l clitb 11 Saita Silla considerar la causa por -si
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uendo el modn o teprano en Enero s194. S.- y trabajo del presept. dia, para que n forlnone grl-
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s"do bre la clestion Dnbi a princlpali~ento para la beatlflcin on de Janne 'Ar'
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