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lst month. ANUAR Y 1893.
[ t 6 .3. 4-- m4in, Full Moon.
.Sun 9 at 6.36 .. .. -; n. .. n t Quarter
S .t 6.37. .. Sun si w lo min. Changes b Moon. New Moon.
'ri a. 25 nt 6.36. .min. First Qntr.
It at 635 m niin. Fail Moon.
SSu. THEs CIKRCUmCIiN. 16 M S.. Marcellus I., P. .' iT
a M Oct. of S. Stephen. 7 T S. Anthony Ab.
3 T Oct. of S. lohn. W S. Peter's Chair at Rome.
4 W: Oct. of Holy Innocents. i 9 Th S. Wustan, B.
STh Oct. ofS.Thos. ofCanteibury. so F SS. Fabian and Sebastian,.M.M.
55 FP EPIPHANY. Day of Devbtlon... 2 S S. Agnes, V. M.
S 1 S. Cedd, B. U = Su. 3rd af,er Epiphany.
SMnrriages maybe sole nized. 23 M .Espousals olthe Mlesse Virgin M"y.
8 Sui Within OctavW S. Gmlude, V.i 24 T S. Timothy, B.M.
|9 M S; Brithwald, B. 15 W Conversion of S. Paul, Ap.
to T S; Agathb, P. a6 Th S. Polycarp, B. M. '
8 Hyginus, P.M. 7 P S. John Chlryitton, B.C.D. :
r Th S. Tatiuna, V.M. 28 8 S. Raymund of Pennatort, C.
t3 F Octave of the Epiphany, g Su. Septuagesima. S.Franc ofSaleaBJi
t4 86 S. Hilary, B. D., [of esus. 30 M S. Martina, V. M.,1.1 ..
Su.I 2nd aft.Epiph, MostHoly lame 31 T Prayer of OurtLord.

S ..N E '

c...: .... pphliany Hig. High M1as at. ,,,
S.--r 'Teaa fty tid ther VareLieut at the Catholic Presbytery,
*. ,, s, ]U,.--.-.-. t^ --opening of *3! '. '.'** 'hf ''
'* ; .... .... ., '. i" "

^.i ^.,. ,Ia ,d _
., h, ppy0 Ne YeartO a ot dr Readers:

V- A "IT
"-- ;i J cno pi S.

Coony.Not ..Pae ae A Christmas Story, ... Pg ti
he Cnrren cst. .. Pot u Piojo, .. .. 1
A, ,alq of the Old River *h. 6f Chroniclc of the Sacred Heart, .1. 'I
.utt Anlnc s,,t Cs, .. 7 .-St. Joseph ObcraPy6b a .: 1 ,
Anthdt' "** ** Supplement.

O" (l) 1 Y TL ,,the ycai. 'Within six months the rate of ri
S, ... change in the Colony has varied from 3ie to (ti
I- "" .'---------.- iper cent' and while theaverage rainfall forth la
There wi lbe a Te four years has been 72 inches, for t8q2 it w
ee Will be a ea-party 9 inches, 80 of which fell since the bi.benint
otf June.
AT THE CATHOLIC PRESBYTERY T rrcne f Christns-te ho
The. rccurrence of Christntas.tide howne
On Friday, Jan. 6,'93, at'4.30O i.. brings with it ,very year, certain pleasant igtho.
t -. i ings which leave beliid brighter ncllecti.n of
ad o intake the oeon moratturct the Old Year as it passes away. This season tw
PROFESSOR O'AHLEM missed indeed the usual Exhibitions .f the PRs'
PROHUESSOR O'UAHLEMr., .. and Girls' Select Schools, but they wer rcr
hpm prumleed some ofohis biatConjurtngTrio kwhilt I placed by an Exhibition of another chara tr
which we welcome as a hew aiid important addi
THE MINSTRELS WILL PERFORM tion to the education of the children of the Cle.-
.ny. The display which was shown in theCCoicil
t n U t Chamber December 22nd was very creditabi It
S. teachers and children.
S hole i lds At the Catholic Presbytery there was the unal
t~ whole will be fntorapesd with Negro Mledles Christmas Tree December 24, 26 and 27 2nd a
and LA UNION BAND will also attend. large ittcndanc of the little ones and their friekndL
I especially on Monday, made the room gay with
their br ht faces and laughter. We have 0i
HIS little periodical is now In its eight thank he Colonial Orchestra" and "LUn
year having been' commenced in June Bands for coming to play and so making the c n
1885 and whilst we take theopportti ing still more attractive, whilst O'Dahlem with
nity of the opening of the New Year his wonderful conjuring tricks astonished thi
to tank our Readers for their support in thepast who witnessed thesleight-of-hand by which bottki
we hope that the circle of sibscribers.wll still of wine and heavy wooden cones and solid blkh
further increase, so that wd can add to our miiga disappeared ot were changed into other tad
zine and more worthy of our Readers. slighter objects. We were disappointed by ad
We lttted to prestt thtm' eiv -r th *ijh w reCeh iitg a neyt and, Tari stock of Christei
.ome short orlginl story. s this seems to be the Tos direct from Paris which Rev. Fr. D.Pi .
wish of many and to continue to give in the Co- i"n hithougtfulnes directed to be sent but
ony Notes information about matters which do fiildd to arrive in time from the non..orpid
not usually appear in our local, new ence of Steamers. However Miss E. Monanto
Two cau have o .^ local newspaper with her able assistants well supplied the "at
Causes have operated to make 189 a 1some- selecting for the Christmas Tree what she kne
what disastrous oe for the Colony the rapi would attract and please the Children and "
HontDa Ittt. rapdI'le- = f tXth b)h/t ) theya
1n104d woo h hadve mife the latter ohlfofeek. -' *'"

5 -

The midnight Man wxna well sli by thnChnlr wh. ral excellence of the work ind the interest which
SAbly d Union I T rw ti e IPulic .t' owed. hb their coming, nt the adt
ta~te4fulli- coratid (andIteh oprexentatton.ofthe Cave -
nf iethlobIcm near the Chnrh entrance was miuh v tl"'a'"cectt of e'ucatio. le tlllnked the JuhItdges.,
dminlred. The hurch was crowded. Ladies and Gentlenivn. for the cnre(fl anl lhat-
-- partiall deciilln they had. iveni In thir. various
There was to have been an Exhibition given rubjects uni helped that next year the Exhibition
hy the Boys of the Catholic Select School, Belize, wuld be even a greater success.
on December 32nd but on account of the Public The Siujects in which Exhibits wrce shown
Schools breaking up earlier than was anticipated were:-l'lain Sewing, Darning, Patch-work,
and the leaving of some of the Boys the original Fancy Needlework, Hand Writing, Ornamen. i
I'rogramme could not be carried out and the il- t.l Iuanrsnhip. Manp Drawing, Freehand
tended Exhibition had to be nhandoncd. rawing, Ilnok-keeping.
There was this year therefore only a private lt coach four Prizes were offered two: for the
distribution of ~rizes when the following were Fir"t andl two for the Second Division. From
awardedl. thhe general list \e take the natnes of the scceas :'
PRzES FORt (NERAL EXCELLRNCR. t'il competitors in the Catholic Schookl. Twelve
t i si t Prize Robert ex. werei awarded to our Belize School mad one to
First ivition n Feli peBlderamnos. Ap..loniu Vasquez from the baln Pedro School.
Second t Willie Sbido in te njets given the stbjoined lt a-
cond 2nd smncl Avilez. ,7 .f
First I)ivision t st Prize Felipe ideramos
Sc .. antd Robert Jex. t.. A. Q-- 0 r .
lit s nsael Avilez. + ,
i nd Kurt Ileitler. A. +- : "
rirst Davision, equal s Deiderlo Rosado.
SFilemon Aragon.
SecondDivision.. .st Prize.... Kurtlleitler. 0* : '
'is Lederio Rorsdo. -
I.irst Division, equall Di R ert Jexo o.
ccond Diviion.. .. .t Prize....Willie Sabido.
First Division, ist Prize, Felipe Balderamos. .
Second st t WillieSabido. .
Prize for Improvement.... Celso Mendoza. .. .
The Boys who had made most progress in .
their school-work were in the First Division, .
Robert Jex and Felipe Balderamos. Salvador
Locke aso did well; but was keptback by are- ... -,, ,
cent and long-continued sickness. In the Seconl -
Division Willie Sabido has made marked im- .
provement, whilst Celso Mendoza was awarded ji*
a Prize for his steady application to his studies t '
during he year. '
A Competitive Exhibition of Schoot Work of it wall be tenembered that At at lnase-meeting
the Colony was shown in the Council Chamber, convened at the Catholic Presbytery, Belie on
Belize, December 23rd. His Excellency the June 14th last it was decided to found a Bene-
Governor opened the Exhibition at t b'clockand lice to contribute towrlds the support of a Bis-
in his address the GoVernor spok with pleasure hopric of British Honduras. To raise the neces-
of the large number of Exhibits,665i tgene-t ktry Fund a Cpmmitteewas formed and Petitinoo



wee drown uph nt0 totheCrliaPrefect in Italian of the Indian one as heii
,ee drawn up ndtoe I.i Holiness Pope Leo shorter nd to my mind more impressive,
Io Propng that the H oly Fthei would' deign He heard it with marked attention and
I-- I pra-v i he at the end said, 'Do diev. want a Bishop?'
to h'Pet I'. wre circulatendandl signed by 'Yes' 1 said' that is tleirwish and they -
irthan ooCatholicsoftheColonyandwhen are making ready for one. They haw
morwas cear.that it was their general wish and presented a Petition to Propaganda,tlhey
that the necessary funds to support the Episco- have raised funds as a monument lof yur
pal dignity would be forthcoming the Petitionm Episcopal Jubilee, Holy Father, and the
were 5ent to Rome in the nionth of September: itre answer.'
They arrived in the Eternal City too late for pre- 'I'lni I presented a purse cont:iiii l
sentation by our Very Rev; Prefect Apostolic. fri:ats tiI H) in gold. I put it into his
Fr. DiPictro returned Rome Nov. hand saying it was a very poor prcsett
stat and on the 23rd was received to a private Ittconsideriing the povertyoftheColouy
audience by the Pope of which he writes the fol- he ol-foilbrgive ns.
lowing interesting account:- "'()i the contrary" he said am quite
It i. very inosiing wlhen you appear "pleased and. give Itnny, mmny thalkti
anloi 'in the l'rtpc're lrc.~ence. I ntdethe l "o every Mton of' thewo who sent tlh
three genu11flexions and His Holitness in- moneyy and to those who signed their
mediately gave his hiand to kiss, saying: "nimes. It is very consoling to nme to
SWell, the PrClbft of Hondurns has "see the attachment of every o.n to the
come again. What is now the object of "Holv See and the rittertLst'which tlhe
his coming?' "take ii my life.. I do not know if Ai-
I had in my hands the Address, so "mnighty.God will soon. give peace to'
beautifully written by Miss C. Rosado, "His Church.. We must trust in Hili
together with the printed "Providence."
four different languages'and signed with Then I asked an especial blessing lor
S1400 names. I at once therefore intro- the C6inmittee and the Writer of the
duced the purpose of my coming, telling Address, and the Holy Father answered:
him that it was to humble myself at his '"Yes,,. bless every one of them, the
feet and to offer the congratulations of "Committee, the Writer, the signers of
the Catholics of British Honduras for his the Address, the Fathers, the Sisters
Episcopal Jubilee and though our A- "ain all .the Catholics of the Colony at'd
dress contained only 14() signatures I "vo too my dear Father" ond here he
the Catholics of the Colony joined them gave -me his hand, to kiss and put it on
in their respectful congratulations. mvyhead., "Go-to your Missioni work
He looked at the beautiful handwrit- "rntil death among theei poor people
ing of.the Address and was inuch pleas- "aid remember tlhat~ you will have, as
ed and aid: 'Very good.' I then called "your reward, the Kingdom of Heaven.
hi.le ntion t the printed paper (in gold i hope so' I interrupted. :.
letters. cotai ing the four Addtesesse ;* Ye'h said'tist is tht neriofGod
': ttnre ,him Inread t hetri anstiot i n~g forward iy wo t .
_4 .SS.. k'. t .' f i led orwrlsit ,ei acult y to. giv.e. Papal
~ ~ ~tm win .. ._' .. 2

( 5 )

"Yes" he answered. "Do no and tell .THE CURRENCY QUESTION.
them the Pope blesses them and is pleas- A petition for the use of a Gold Standard in
ed with them and asks their prayers." our Colony is given lit our Supplement and the
[ then again kissed his hand and Jhi reasons" are theretinr clearly 'iad succiitly stated
foot and with the three genuflexions, to why Britih lHonduras would e therebybenefited
which he responded with a tew Blessing, Afany of our Readers however may wonder
Withdrew, keeping in my mind a mtost how the need for .thiv hs come about.
pleasant recollection of what his Holi- From the earliest known times gold nd silver
new had said. have been used al money. Possessing great value
Then I went to see Cardinal Hmpoln inall hulk. they became the chief money of
who nt ty conting in greeted in wlI c-ili ad nations and their continued use gave
who oril my cOnting in, greeted me withI"'11 t ": .
"Well done, Fr. Diietro!" I as jst thlm a t far beyond the cost of production.
.1 doe -Fr. liPietro!" I was just.. i(; Onas being the rarer. metal has lawr s.heen
waiting for yon. Here you have what t, ou he been sking or; and he h valued enore highly than sitver. but for the last
ou hve been askn r and he hand two centuries the commercial value of gold to
ed me two Brie's of the Pope, by wbhielha ha n pti f to 15. In 183 how.'
the Holy Fther nrkns the lon: Curinos l prctcay ast O n, ow
the Holy. Father mk the n: Carlasriever began a fall in the pi ice of silver which has
lelhndo land Jose Maria Ios8ado Esq., slice continued. Thivwa, brought about by four
"Kniglhts of the Order of St.. G(regory,o as chief causes.
I hlId asked by a special petition at the (i) he denionetlzatio of silver by European
I n of September. I have ordered tho countries:
inedalx to Lbe made for then with a model (.-) their adopting a gol standanrl;
of the dress and when I return I will in- (3) their closingthe nintsto hecoinagcof silver;
vest th in the Pope' name. (4the large increase in the production of silver
vesttheminthePope'srname. herecent .vcan'.
The following day, the 24th, I went to see After the Franco-lPrnuiani war Germany
Cardinal Ledochowski, who had already receiv- adopted a Gold Standard for her monetary sys.
ed the Petition. He is immensely pleased with ten, culled in the various silver coins circulating
it and is going to send an answer to the Chair- in the various German States, had them melted
man, promising to give soon the asked-for Vicar into bars and sold as bullion such as were not
Apostolic. The question still left unsettled is used in making new subsidiary coins for the
about the time and person. As to the time the Germati Empire. Exchange dealers then found
Cardinal supposes that the matter will be brought they cld make a profit by buying silver in Ger-
before Propaganda in'the beginning of Decem- many and having it coined in States comprised
her and he is quite sure it will be approved; as in the Latin Union, that is France, Belgium,
to the person, three names will be sent in by SJ Ierland, Italy or Greece. In consequence
Very Rev. Father General.... It is not sure if th4sOStates were in r873 obliged to close their
I start soon for Belize for I may have to wait for mints to the coinage tf silver ort Individuals.
the end of this business.... The cold in Rome Norway, Sweden and Denmark followed the
is too severe for me. Just fadcy this morning we action of Germany whilst Holland, Russia and
had 34" and several time the glass has been down Austrin closed .theii hints to silver coinage. For
to 28" or 3o.... full fifteen years no silver coins of full-debt pay-
-- ,...... g power bhve been coined for Indildtuals in
*This le dOrderof nulghthoodlnastitted bPope European mints. .
OGorT XVI and Is conferredl on Cthollo Ifmen But-whilst there was a less demand for silver
tltsereft o. tholca e a. tm l irdi, C Wiibeot ied i ppy 6iSlver

( It I

-n-t-n to---ther with an artiti in ae l lt leaving to his wife the all-iflnmrtalnt l wt e
frtl the bullion con'109 fr,[' de nctization. steering. "
- ..from t Che rcbulion contg fro d ot. f The buinh was, really lovely. The featherr Iltl
From all these causes the pir'cha.ig i' creatluren that flit through the eir were lust h inasn
rilver has rapidly declined anrd if fresh ilIemon- to oln thei little eyes. and to plnme th eme'nesA
tization takes place in Europe it will fall vet then to hurst forth Into the most melodious of Sgm..
lower and then itn tra.sactions between gold- M r.B.and Mrs. B.felt qteoung again. ltwastasn
using and silver-osing countries, the latter will be a day ilne. they had telt'ao happy. and they toorihl.
still greater suffierrr. For thoe who do not use ted and laughed to their hearts content,
a godtr stand will have to p fi mo r the Owing to the excellent management of Mrs. B. th,
Sgold standanth will have to p more e old man actually succeeded in hlttingut onomnetUs h
commodities they purchase with every fall of and what i better. .ho never failed to Mil. As thfr m
silver and the violent fluctuations in the value of gradually rose up Into the blue sky a suggestion wu
silver (such as have taken plnce in tO9l,) Intake IIadei that it should not hemnlsstoiaeekout ome od
trade a speculation Tthe tllan a straightforward "shldy nook for Breakfast. There was not nluh c1dtl
sradinss tranlsatiol. Th nce y about his. and in too or three minutes they were bha
business transactions. The unccrtinty ais, crap- at woek i!pon the salt-pqrk and cakes.
ples trade. Whlst! old lady." sadB-- betikoning her lt ps
What then is the remedy for the evils which htin his gun. *There goes a tiger just a Tittle bhlind
have come from the deprtciation of silver? It is yo--
not for a small place like UritiFh Hlunduras to Thierm was an old ladt' s renam the report ofsgnm.
do otherwise than follow iit the wake of the na- and thtre la a decent 'ized tiger--qtilte ottio nls
F niton the grnuud.
tiona wherewith the Cultsny is trading. Forty "oh' dar me. )tr. B. how yu do shake ose'u
llear i ago EIntnimd an sinIotgtgotil were the oTly nerves, you and your tiger. Oht my. my--"
European countries ussinga old standards. T- Old B. could not help laughing. for at least he fle
day the position is entirely. different. that the tiger had hurt nobodv. As he did not annrlt
The above Is taken malitly from ian article In the he delayed he took a rope and tying the animal hb hil
Forum" for June 1803 entitled The fall of sliver four legs threw it into the doruy.
and Its causes" by Edward 0. Leech. When breakfast was over. and every thing had hIee
______ carefully packed away, the two B's relnmed their rer-
Simtve poste-Mr. B. In the prow and Mnr. B. in the
-A TALE OF THE )OLDRIVER. stern. tiger In midships.
S"Well. let's go. Now, Mrs. R. do me the favoIr t
OldMr. steer as well as you did this morning. You were ei-
Old Mr. B- and his worthy companion In life now dently in good form when you set o utt.
lirs. B- once Miss I)- were weary of being shut up + I'l do ty bes, you kbow well enough tlhat I'
so very long in the house b the heavy rains, and the o bet o h well eo at
muddy state of all nature around about them well ap to this sort of craftL Go, ahead. old man. and
"New, my dear" said old B- "what do you yt kill as many fish asyou possibly can-we need tm."
a little outing in the morning? I feel that a ltte ay to Away down stream went the little durev. when all
door exercise would do us good. What do you tof a stidden to Mrs. B's horror and urprile the tig
a little fishing The weather looks more settled, and opened hs e and began to move.
the water, I acy, cannot be too high." You, there, Mrs. B., yo, I say-how can I possl
"Very well, old man. Let's go. for surely It b an bly strike fish if you wriggle about like that cried
age sce I have been outside these cranky door. old B.
In very short time the ol hbh o Mrs. B. dared not reply; the tiger had extracted
tin very sort tim e the old busman had got every ione o his hind legs front hl fetters, and was sittln
thing In readiness for anmia tr depah' .
La the morning. There he had his r up catching his hend, as i ust coming to hhntat
ow th ands e had his dore" made by h after a long and refreshing. leep. Poor old lady
tht he required. nger daye d in It he saw al This ras too nmuch. Gently dropping her paddle She
I'm rea or lllpped as quietly ashe could intothe water ad let
i"'m ready for off, and away we go Betty. earl the dorey ,- ,.. w .
n he morning." old B-as he returned home." "Bu t. Zra. %i, tir. B:. if ia--s thlls not too bad Il
--a'n2t d o am L. The 'Johnnie cakes' are made run the hbot light into the bih? t" c-ced old It. at tI
he-re It YtrOnse to have one now that they're hot se tim turning round to se If. he waq attendiag
her rt kl-nw ut n a bit of slt-pork, too; for one to his rebuke.
Tever ko what may ore to PIass on these trips." The tiger was ettlulg UP washing his ft1. and ol-
t Mr wetht ,, o e se e the peered a deftly entoo lns the voyage and awaiting the sontd
away t e. 119t and to help to drive o tIe. l hbi dinner-bcl. Mrs. i. Sad dlnsppeedP. and Ol
w^ I Wnt to bd glad Ie aceedie Ori en It. took a header Into the clear +waters and away ie
Morning W s "Ptad exceedingly well.toent l and eisa
t hew went a cocks ..... t6'(-.. mae1f JS or shore siam land,
-_sias ,- k-yu.oi e p.' I I.ed, ati ,t't il wt s'-e
4~thi4 hO ~ ol D-W iSd~tl awa nbc, Pl: AMi -, v"-
fing yH ^ Alra up il 1,ntbna11

( .7 )

ANCIENT AMERICAN CUSTOMS. traveller had died suddenly there from heart
disease, the rarity of. the air on the top of Snow-
7" idon being verve bad' or .that complaint, inokle
BURIAL CUSTOMS--(Ctotd.) one took braiidy with him. Tle traveller having
S. ~ione died of the attack. liv the bye sand the
CAInt ltIaAf.:--Cnirn burial was common it guide you, havn't any with you have yMI.SNi?,
the mountainous parts of America, in the Rocky And he cast. a stone on the cairn..
Mounttains and Sierra Nevada, in Utah. Oregon, The Scotch have stinl the proverb.. "I will add(
in parts of Mexico, annd also in tile two ex. .
tremes of America, among the. l'atagolniao d a 'tone to your calrn.' They have nime the.cust
EMlniumanix. ton of erecting mark the resting police
In middle Utah amoml 'the mountiihiti are of thel iy o the wthe the cemetery. Mi'ihct'iy
fonid' quantities of loose, stories ii.the crevices. tlhe Quceli's Park, Edihilurgh, Scotland;
When the, Indians wish to bury nvopte. they i urks the place where a man mtrderrcd his wife,
go to the mountains remove some of these stones. .
lihs forming a species ot grave. This they line "
with hides &c., place the body there with its CRPlAT oN wi.s an Hnckint custoiin: aiolg the Itln
weapons, police saplings over and heal tip a dlians oi the West slope of the Rocky iuntaiins..
cairn or heap of stones, over the gravd. Tlhey TheNishinaisof'Califttni.T.olktii,'of Oregon;
ued to sacrifice horses at the tomb.. and even h
I.,v's, skeleton has been a grave there, the Bllnaki, the Se.nel of aliforia .wer.' in the
thll trnditiio, hitig that,'the litil i fdll.iw had habitof cremating. At I'Prt Discvery too. burnt.
hIbn hbried alive, i6 i'.coinpanti his p'lityriiate remains wete found, but this is probably some
(%ho had jut, died) to tle other world. What accidental case.
lEha been slid of Utah mnay' aso li.'said of the
otlier mountainous r egions tlientioned alove; Asmong the Tolketni. of Oreg.n the cruel cu.
the proceka is the sAme. torn prevailed of making the wi6tw sit of the
S6uine war that cairet hurial is to a hill country pyte with her dead husband, till the medeelne-
what hioun'd hdtilt is to the plnian-the material man told her to get off. And this was not until
handy only being different. she was well scorched. Thiie around amused
Erecting Cairns over the'dead was common ini themselves afterwards by often pushing her into
Ireland, Scotland and Wales. i AdAlmnin at. a I the fire, her friends meantime being just as active
Chllief of Skye wias buried vtnder a clirii i. II
Wples, Penmachno church has this inscription in rescuing her. Those around were all the time
Carnnisahkic jcar itnhoc conegerie. lalidw;i (sic); in a high state of glee. .. :
Carnlsatus liesliher dec this heap of iones. A I Utah they burned the dead, his household
cairh was earcted over Abonlom y the jews. r. icles and the house too aout his ears. Then
In sone of the Atlantic States the Indian have .
a custoirt of forming a cairn over one killed by they heaped I) earthoverl. '
accident. These are fund in Connecticut and NMr. A. S. Tiffat y thinks that he discovered
New York' Each passer by caiis a stone on nest .Dnvenfortml towa, a cremitm Yfurlndce
thr cilirn. naptaili (t:ouk iientioin the S'lte ctitt- (Chirred remains were found tinder iit-ed -of
tiiii iia ptevaliltg itt O iAbnalsk, (Vuye to' th
Pcifie V. ll,'p ge ):, ,h burnt eldy. le thinks that foetwas mixed itmton
'It'tiweddirthe sae euiktom-prevans. Across the skeletons which hhd to be,cremated.-firelet
is planted killed.and each ,one totlhewhb6le.whild the clay' coverhig,;was "ed
tat ,gti that way adds n styne. (S. Nilsson, as a kknd t ttoyer ovelr.alt ., .. .1i, it i .'l
", W.O so Cn"aI ,n'e 1 4ie m J, not ,o ,Dr. Quotkdabos (Hist U. S. A,, p., S) aysl
oi a a t tle.n that i cthcnnd eop .l nar.Lrc astetn. O.vnt
iAW irn it l egf iin hed Wi Suchn ;Z d a fidrace of uhbewnw stand asftclsohttiq
unusual place, said, that a ahboirttiitoisebfuorv whichlteSt .la.. gearthc vwte omtOlinkstg.t

( )

kel--e-tns -O ll, and chilireIn. Th hlicing sewn up again. Some Indians ofthe,.W.
lettom of the f bl hre n s fir, and e Coast embalmed. The old Aleutians used toe.
neath it a great quantity of charcoNl and aihos. halm. Eleven mummies were found on h .
it North Cairlina waet a curious cust.o. Clay Island Kagamalo. Tradition said it was Karklu
was pre. d n th e ,lea d ldy placed, f3C dw. AhauChak (Maya name) and his family. InKc.
wards, p hot fire was lighted nl top nld thas tucky a mummy was found in the Nitre caves,
& brick shield was inide and the Impress tf the Embalming was an Egyptian ceustm. ThitheJ
botywas found lm the under skia Some ofthese did, Anime say, because the Nile rose and sothey
clay Ahield have heea f l ound. j could not bury their dead, others say became
In Ohi,, in the mounds there, asone distcuce they believed that as long as the corpse wsti.
above the dead who were buried deep dn we corrupt, ao long the soul remained. Others gain
find slabs of day onl which they turned the sacred from a disgust of worms or the cremating fire.
fire or offered acritice. Some think it was from a motive of filial piety;
The Pitt River ,Idia.s of California ry he Others to prevent pestilence. Or again hecnamt
they believed that after a certain tinumber of cycles
ma in round deep grave stadig Ip, hi a .
shoulder n level with the xri.-td. Ili had i ll things became the same again and there mme
taken off, tshe grave is filled iup, and the head rnls hatl the same bodies. Otte writer suggest,
then Irne.d in a fire lighted on his grave I that the first idea came from their seeing h.w
the i e i n i quickly the dead wete. dried up and presenrnl
Another similar case is nenttioed as haviivg iv the hot sand in the Great Desert.
occurred on the New Jersey bank of the l)la-i -"h t d e a s
ware. The difference being that the fire was ANOTHKR -DOU!
lighted beneath his feet, instead of on top of his
shoulders. ONCE knew a Doctor and I Msste
Fires were often lighted over the graves for you, he was in every respect, what
four days, by the Algonkins tq guide the sal in f most people call, in its true sense, ,
his Journey; by the Yuroks of California to born gentleman.
guide him across the greasy polo over the Styx. e never went to Churth-never said a
The Ilidataa burn mocassins for 4 days to drive prayer-i fact he never did anything that be.
away the bad spirit. The New York Indiana takened Christian faith at all. True also, he wa
light the fireto warm him. The Messomi Indians not even indifferent to religion but like all nm
and the Esquimaux have this custom of lilgtilng or nearly all, that I have met of his class hebdt
ire for 4 days. The Trinity Itlians of the Nurth an unaccountable satisfaction in seeing anything
West Coast keep it up for 3 days only. pious or tupernatural derided i-yet he was in
Crfemation was a custom of the Iado.lEmnropenn his manners and exterior acts precise. He would
or Indo-Getmanic family and thus Greeks, Ru. publish every prevention to a miracle, only to
m"n*o, Slvt, Colts and Germans practiced it t have a chance to run it down-he would be I
some time or other of their history. perfect Magdalen over other people'sdisgrRce-
It Is still Ia tn hn India but without te b he woudM bewai Judas' and his successors' be"
ago the widow as formerly. It is found inp .* e and inhumanity, but otherwise he cosmpo"
Ea.xNo "pn eid himself in every detail of life with an 1 *
In-a o w as also cticed in America. The ness so complete, that yn could. ot and fes
nt "e complete, that yon could not aind fst
ndl .t Virginia, Carollia and Flrida e-m with him. Charity L e. itamnttanrian dtt
ed kitrn g. The skin f the back ws es, that 1Ol he would give, .ith t 'He r
pd nd a red e from the nbe and always, that a living g dgwas better, tan a
di a. Tam Wr h ite-.sand Was pou ed ibs, the aki a so. forth ,i ,: .. _,::-

. One evening after a good day's knocking about
to see his patients, he had made up his mini that
seven hours good sleep without any cocktail or
other of tie appendages of modern social life,
would hle just the thing he required to relieve him
from the dullness, which weighed upon him, s.o.
he called out to the dispenser, that he w:si "nut in."
A night-cap however he considered indispen-
Sable; rs shuItfling off his heavy garminets, he sat
dowu before. a table to the tumbler of hot bratidy
and water, which his faithful Thoinas lhad
placed there.
I wonder who invented that; sh good !"
Slide had not got half through his quantum,
when the electric hell trilled like an ilarti anid
in spite of himiinc!f he dared .not extinguish his
"Oh dear mel--another dead dog or cat-
sime other poor fool, who thinks he's going to.
heaen or hell I ah-ah-ah I 11"

your practice, I ain afraid you wont have a good
chance of ending as ivelt as they."
* Humbug girl-dont talk about what you
don't utldet.tatid."
Well never miil. hurry up-if yot don't
mindl, other pI,'opl- di." .
So they made goodI speed tothe corner of the
square near St. John of Glod and softly nscclnd-
edl tile stairone.
Two or three pious women wee saying the
r sarv hIv thie lhedile of the *ickl woman aind
when tlhe hald iliishcl, the Doctor approached
thlc iv.lAlil with an sir of stolid tnconcnern and
giving with hi inose ia. eliptical curve through
the itir walked away.minttcritig anotherr gone
to joini tl dogl "
.The Curatei who caniht the words, said
Doctor-doit speak in that way."
"Oh. Father,din(t try to convert nme-yon mind
your pious fools.-I a a n:rade higher in mental
calibre than thosw vo usually dcnl will! "

A long pause ensued. At last Thomas softl(, P'ardoi Doctor--you .ay ihat now, hut I tell
as pissy'cat, crept tip-toes up stairs:- yout you will di. like Eloeterii-au'u then you
"I beg your pardon. Doctor, but your own will know.--yes, y.u will kno w ind regret."
Sister has come to call you, and I dlil not dilare It iflicelth t, ll t;ha I':letiterla did not join
to insist thal you were out for she said she kuii the .1 t!s" Ihut was '\s ll e o..u.I h in n. ew days to
you were not, but only taking rest, shie ay.s yIu help the I.Dctor in his Inst illness aind was a di.
tlust come at once for Eleuteria is very I.Iul." rect i.eiien oif brinolinug about hi. conversion.
"Confound Eleuteria said the l)oct.r. The Doctor's weari'.ess on the above nicntion-
*'What can I do, she's a dead dog aid will join ed ni;ht,. ivas *lh presnge of coming illness,
the rest of the dogs in her own good time All which %ws an.ot s.lw in following. As he lay ou;
right, Thomas, ask Teoflla to sit down-l'li his of p:lin hle Ihad no reliet, for all was a
cllming." blank prospect ,f annihilation it the future and
Meanwhile he moliloquized on the foolishine lie lid ii t wirh to be a :ihilted-in fact low
of men in thinking to live when they've to dit, he cold lot entqrtaill such an extravagant icea,,
and in believing in anything after death but n and so lie lay, worried by a thinking brain-ro,
dreary oblivion. Then he finished the heverage rentrsef ul s ,
and went down ttair where his Sister gave him At this juncture his Christian friends hecvmine
a few words ot animated Christianity: -telling anxious i and each proploed some pious plan for
him how kind, of course, itwfs to dilly dall, the rescue ot nao immortal ,oul trom the stares of
when his own telatves were dying -how very the d ilish associations to which the iPoctor had
cbhsidirate of hint to his ptleht 'to i; waste time c.nilned himself. Elenterna gitnranti d hil
whentheiykr thinkiAi6feternity.L.Rettiembr, salvation. I have a little secret of my ow
Firminhyoo'll hAbito.' them haimwj'ybu' b) and whimpefIaldt( tEcCu 11 r' i .. I

S1(1 )
prt- .,wh ha' d .. c. .e l ti- I was clown stairstalking to Teof."
The Parit h phint few ailuive words about I dont mean that, what have you been doing
the Pwth chio t o thetr wrld- aboutthe stains to make this change in me?"
the prloned OM t ces" Ahot the end for which Why are you worse Firmin-- ?"
of an watO mde. ht the oni indication in response Yes, I am worse in body, hut better in mindinl
was to tar the heI (nirtlyv a"way i r lpec.tful I sept heutifully, and dreamt so sweet a dream!
non.accordnce-bhut not a wor. G oDear Doctor Tal give you life" wat the part- ad wearied I lay down to rest, when a Pnar,
Ing slutat!on 'lnd Father lM .went "aw")'. thin and worn, hut with an ineffable smile, came
Eleuteris, with that utindautnltedresolttihn with and gave me water to drink, then blessed me
which God has hliest so many good womien.t sait aying 'Forget the past'and walk valiantly no
down at(d Apcke endearingly to her brother- for the rest of thy journey.' When 1 woke I
then raised himgetitly to bct uup the piilles andt was filled with shame to think that-by the croa
turn them over placing hcIleath a picture of St. I was redeemed and Iv the cross so many titnme
Cavctano, patron of final reconciliation. Then relieved, and vet that I had despised it so. iGo
as she stroked his perspiring brow shesail **" .v .'ct' ndl bid the Ctrate come."
Firmin, sleep tll I comen back, no bodly shat As the shadowo the venerablelllkingPr;t
disturh you." fell ot the wall the Doctor rose to salute himn ild
The restlessness ceased andH the invalid sank said; Father. fifty year onf polite impicty have
into a gentle sleep-the breathing regular and I spent-denying God -sunl-etcruity-f-ftv
easy. years!! fifty year! and not only denying hat
"Oh I am sure," said Elenteria. that it is in hate of the God and soul and eternity which
all right now-Gold is go'al-you will se Tr'otila pretended .(ld not exist, I have never ceased to
--my pl.n will succeed." IlIaspheme them and prompt better hearts than
Then with a happy giggle atthe assurance of mine to do so likewise, showing by my own
success in what her own brother was wont to call maIlicious spleen that I believed what I denied.
superstition and tonmfoolery, and kindly merry Thanks te to God for this inspiration, and thanks
at the trick she had played upon him for h;.sgood, to the prayers of those who won for me such a
she ran to peep in at the door. lier heart was grace-tam not worthy."
praying with all its earnestness, He ws lying Deo gratias," aid te Priest, and oenage
qniet, with his eves fixed upwards and then the son-now is the day of salvation. Be not asham-
hand raised itself and touched the forehead, theti ed to confess thy sins--for thonwgh they be red as
fell slowly to the breast, then to the left hs'tldler cairet, they dhrll Ie made white as sm-b-a COO"
and right, and then lay languidly by his side. trite fnd Anmble heart Gad weeer 0ill d~nioe."
SDen gratias," said Eleiteria anti she tripped The Sisters and accompanying friends retired,.
hack again nto consult with Teofils what to do. the Sacrament of consolation was sdlainitce ed
"Oh it trucl its tue! Firinin made the i n e Sacrament oo consolation was adminirtere
"th Its ,ue Its teldo irnn made te T ign of and Doctor Firmln X- with tears of true re
Priest wl d l we send for the pentance and holy joy bade farewell to Elettteria
At t ctur the tInklin of t i and Teofilat and died not "another dog" but in
Scshortd all further tsdeb of te and mta't firm hope of secure a hbp, sternty.
a of Angel trhe two gisate with he When the body was removed from the bed on
wlne. te ng which it lay, the secret of Eleuteria was reveal;
Etelt Wat have YI been d ,* ed and hearty thanks were returned to God aid
O e ng? St..Cayetano for aid in the hour of need..

We, the Catholics of thi Apostolic Prefecture of British Honduras, al-.
though situated in y corner of Central America, fur away from the great centres
of civilization and progress, nevertheless inspired by the sublinle principles
which our Holy Religion teaches us, and enlightened by that bright light
which is diffused throughout the whole Catholic world from your seat of truth
and wisdom, present ourselves humbly before your throne, to unite our congra-
tulations and prayers to those that come from the grand centres'of the earth,
Having been informed that the 19th of next February is your Episco-
Spal Jubilee, and considering the groat work you have done in the span of 50
years, sanctifying first your Diocese, and then the entire world with the wis.
dom of your doctrine and the efficacy of your example; we do not wish to be
Found wanting in the sacred duty of presenting ourselves at the fbot of your
Throne, together with the rest of the Catholics, congratulatil.r von on having
Brought to a happy conclusion so many indrvellous works, and praying witl.
fervour the Author of life that He would deign to preserve still a life so precious
which has been a firm bulwark of our religion.
Yes, most Holy Father,.the echo of your glorious deeds in defence of
Religion has reached even to our regions, and when the cneiiies of our religion
have dared to throw discredit on It, it has been for us something very consol-
ing to have the power to point out your person, as a model of wisdom, a faith-
Sfil image of Jesus Christ, whose person you represent on earth; and following
your doctrine and example we have experienced new strength and energy to
undertake our duties as Catholics.
May you be, Holy Father, a thousand times blessed, and as we give
thanks to Jesus Christ for having prcserve:l to us for 50 years so excellent a
Pastor, we pray that your days may be prolonged yet more. Holy Father, if it
has been promised to those who fight that they shall gain the victory, to you
who have battled so much, a victory should he conceded, and 'when you re-
sume once again your throne, of which you have been despoiled by sacrilegious
hands, when you have intoned in the liasilica of the Vatican the hymn of vic-
tory, then only do we wish you to add a nunc dimittis. Whilst this day is '
delayed, the universal wish of the Church is, that you stay at the helm of the
ship that still ploughs the stormy waves.
| Deign to receive our prayers and small offerings, hunmbly begging that
you! will give us soon a Shetpherd Bishop who may guide as better in the sad
times through which we are passing and asking your Apostolic benediction
we anbsoribe btreelVes.; ":.. "

Wagiya gnrinagu lugaunti
postoli refctr lidn ufa- We the Caribs of the Apos-
ponidiran angls libdwagu wagAn- tolic Prefecture of British Hon-
bahan lnagu lidabalAdisnefu li- duras having been informed that
dan bian hiti larigi fedu bani the 19th of next February is
Jubilee Episcopal;queguati, wa- your Episcopal Jubilee, moved
ni bista; ani arihAwamuti buwA- by the sight of the great work
dagrimari bAdiga lidan dimisan you have done in 50 years, even
irumn; iteragiA woni wagia gn- for our poor nation, present our-
Sdmet, presentirtiwa humildegu selves humbly before your throne
Slubaragla bani tronu isgai wani to unite our congratulations and
cratulacion luma bendicion ha- presents to those that come from
i manh gibetiyd lamidagien luairi the grand centres of the world.
Ojalame Santu Padre mil ve- May you be, Holy Father a
ces md bAbiniru ani luni wich- thousand times blessed and as
gun gracia Inn Jesucristu aten- we give thanks to Jesus Christ
gire luaghl bien ledigabai buni for having preserved to us for 50
a gumuchagada dimisan irumn years so excellent a pastor, we
lni aba pastor aredati, fdrie- pray that your days may be pro- '
gitiwalumemehamugaguibelan longed yet more.
barihun veiyu.
Desaintioua luni r&cibi bani Deign to receive our present
wafuriedun luma wAni regain, and small offering. Humbly beg-
humildegu Amodiahan lun bis- going that you will give us soon,
hagun woun adfuda aban obispu as our Shepherd, a Bishop who
luni gawaralani Illidildniwa li- may guide us better in the sad
dagien uribani lidan gien wasa- times through which we are
garibA, Aluga wamuti bani ben- passing, as a pledge of your
dicion Apostoli. Apostolic Benediction, and we
Ani brewamouti eriguya. subscribe ourselves.
Here follows a list of 5oo ubscribers. Here follow a list of 0oo subscriber.

I -Felicitation en Maya.

SI.% ; I

Teoo Mayaoob caclabldoon tile NosOTRos loa Mayas que vivimos
le lurn Honduras Britanica chn- en cata tierra de Honduras Bri-
poon yetcl cimacholaal, cat oje- tanica nos hemos llenado de ale-
taa lay bolonlahum tile hd Feb- gria al saber que el 19 del .mes
rero le haab cutaloo, ca chucbo- de Febrero del afio que viene
cick lahuvoxhal haab ti Yum cumples cincuenta aflos de obis-
Ahaucan, Yunkul balcab ku ka- po;. Todo el mundo conoce las
holtic letie le maravillaoob A maravillas que has mostrado al
huesma tile tulacal yokolcab undo entero, para el bion de la
utial u utcil letie le cilich Kulna, Santa Iglesia en el period de
ich u period lahuyoxhal haab, cincuenta anlos, aun hasta A no-
tack ti toon Maseualoon,. behele sotros los Indios; ahora venimos
talel lolombix tu acktan a Nac- de rodillas delante de tu Trono A
oam, utial catick ti a Yumcab a pedirte, Seflorde la tierra, quo re-
kamick ti toon letieciinackholatul. cibas nuestra alegria y regocijo.
i, Santidad Ilustrisima una y
Bey Yumcab pusinil. Humpic iril veces seas bendecido; noso-
ten, techbendecidoo. Toonyetel tro, con todo n ustr, corazon
tulackai n punsikal oic yaab gra- damos gracias infinitas A Nues-
ciaa, ti Ciumil Jesucristo, tutnen tro Senor Jesuoristo por que nos
tu oatoon utial layuyoxhalh:ab ha concedido por cincuenta anos
hum pel maloob Yumcab, catick ln buen Pastor,y rogamos Dios
ti hahaal Diose cu chonackuncic Todopoderoso que to large la
a click cuxtal utial ca nilic a vida para que eas sla victoria
victoria leitie cilich Kulna, bey de la Santa glesia.
xan catick teech Yum cab ca ka-
mick toon leitie le maloob oibo- Tambien to pedimoa que nos
lasa, hebix xan katich ca tuchiton mandes un Obispo, para que noe
humpel Yam Ahaucan taial on lleve recto al bnen camlno en
biscoon tile huntax tile maloob estos anoe tan malto.q ueestamos
Bee ichil le cakas haaboob tan pasando, como tambien per Dios
tanoick, bey xan Yumcab tio- Todopoderoso te pedimod que
lal hahual Dioe batooa Bn- noe des tu bendicjon.
dioion. Quedamoe tna hijoe.


Nosotros Catolicos de la.Profectura Apostolica do British Honduras
aunque situado en on ron del America Central, lejos do loa grande cn-
tro de civilizacion y.progreso; inspirados sin embargo en los grandee princi-
pios que nos encnla nuestra Santa leigioln, y aluinbrados por aquella Inz
brillaito que se derranma sobro todo el orhe Untolico, desde esa catreda do ver-!
Sdad y sabiduria; nos presentumos humildes dplante de vuestro trono, para k
unir nnestras congratulaciones y suplicas A los (que dimaann de los grande
centros de la tierra.
S Habiendo sido enformudos que el dia 19 del proximo Febrero es vuestro
Jubileo Episcopal, y considorando el inmnenso bien quo habeis hecho cn cl
period de cincuenta afios santificando pritncro vuestra Diocesis y luengo :
orbe Catolico con:la sabiduria de vuostras doctrines y la eficacia do vuestros i
ejemplos; no queremos faltar A un deber sagrado de presentarnos A los pies de o
vuestro tronojuntamente con los demAs Catolicos, y felicitaros por habor Ileva-; "
do A cabo tantas obras moravillosas, y pedir cncarocidamento al Autor de lhog:
dins que so digne conservaros todavia una vida tan preciosa, que ha sido el :
baluarte ins fine do nuestra religion.
Si, Beatisitno Padre, el runor do vucstrns gloriosa impresas en bien de :
la religion ha llcgado hasta nuestras rogiones, y cuando los enemigos dc d
nuestras creencias han osado desacreditarTs, iha sido para nosotros muy con- ;
solador el powder mirar A vuestra persona comeo n dechado do sabiduria, uns
image field de.Jesucristo, cuya persona reprcsentais en la tierra; y siguiendo
vuostras doctrines, y vucstros ejemplos, henos csperimentado siempro nneva
fuerza y energia para desompenar nuestros deberes de Catolicos.

SBeis puce, Beatisimo Padre, nna y mil vaces bendecido y al paso quo
rondinos lans gracias A Jesucristo por halmrnos conservado por cinoaonta afios
tan excolento Pastor, hacemos vote s Dion quo vuestros dins so prolongilon to-
davia mas. Santo Padre, si esta promotido quo aquel que peloa lograri el tri-
unfo, A voe quo habois poleado con tanitos sacrificios, debe concederse la victoria
y ctando os volverels A sentar sobre vuestro trono del coal os han desposeido
con acrilega mane, cuando habreis entonado on la Basilica del Vaticano el
hino de la victoria, entonees solamente deeamoa que anadais el nunc dimittis.
ientr nolle e este dia, ee deseo universal delay Iglesia, que quedeis sen
ado at timon dce bearco que.todavia surca las olas tempestuosa. ,

Dignas retibir nuestros votoe y tenues ofrendae, y pidiendo humilde-
ate o to r Obiepo,que nejor.noa diriga en I trite epooa que.atra
Ss come prend, de vuestra Apastolica bendicion, noa su ribnimA.

A C( RIS'TMAS .STORY. of Ia trigasid'a purvleyo4w rr iri:ndit's jackal cent-
Siiig its prey.
Wake 'lip Mr. Hornerl a telegram from the v Yes Sir" he continued call le of any ser.
Wake up Mr. Horner telegm o vice to you? ,Are. you' lIking. f,( r nome lost
I,,ltue. guess you are to be on the move a frictnd? or," he was just going to add are you
without delay. That Signor Ladronle has given mad" when the stranger advanced and extend-,
as the slip must scotch him before he ing a bhge huch of fibers, lke a bundle of
gets among the mountains of the Abruzzi." cots, eci
carrots, exclaimcd;-
?Mr. Horner opened the telegram and read:- 7 I am, not mistake, you are an old Rock.
" lie i Office ty 9i ready for fifteen days sb.- I,.i wod.ln. N,,w Sir spell .(Gliff. asid .ay with
scnce-B. & C." .which hald 0( lff used to settle business."
Mr. H1orner prepared the hold-tll aind within Spell G luff and say with which'hand he used
twventy-four hours of despatch he was far beyond to settle Iusness. .Lt me tr.-yes. Oh yes
the atmosphere of Christmas pies and puddinigs, G.I-o-u-g-h I have solved.your c igmai."
the genial fireside of his home and the land if f.Wl
the .Yule log. I, a, ha,l-right y are. Well weren't
Syou one of those three that -ra, off to Hawley
Horner had hurried through France-dashed anl got three days'.aolitary cctinenient tor your
through the great tunnels that pierce the. hases sport ?"
.ufthe Alpin peaks--believed he saw.something Well I did run off to Ilwley and I d(id get
of Milan, Florence and Rome, but knew just as three days repentance and sechishiti but1 whi
much ahout them as his dear little daughter at the l)irikeni are you.?"
liune.1 lHa., ha, ha,-well noisw vto are jtst tire fel-
"Well here is a got Two days from Christ- low. Cane lt aus drik t ih sds tire fle
mas and pressure of time necessitates prompt dc- low. Come let i1s dnkh tome. the le.rnd ean
nure inl the moving."' place and to old 'PlInkhonime. the le.irt'd dean
parture in the morning."' that t ht ,s"
that taught us."
lie sat down to the little round table to take
a goiid square meal, for who' could tell whether Horner was not quite as.nred of his, elf-nitde
he could have another chance, after he had friend but he quietly qulffed his chin, chin to
,frinlds at home" aiMl stood up to join his
quitted the beaten tracks of civilization. I was friends t home id sto in hi
just raising his wine glass to friends at home" pretended schoolmate in tos ting Mr. Plank.
homme, who had been Iis tutor too.
when over the rim he saw approaching him as tr to.
heavy, thick-set looking Individual with scraggy '- Now where rey ar ) bound toi: friend"' said
beard, and moustache, which cosmetics had beaen the yet pIreplexing visitor us he triunmmed his
unavailing to often down htto their shimld-be glias's to get a clear lok.
place. Well" replhed Ilhrier with a decided cm-
Through a big pair of goggles he looked pliasi I am Iisanid on m,"' own business and
Horner straight in the face, as if he discerned should in return for that information lhe glad to
soeithing in the Britisher's countenance that know 'where you are bound and when."
interested him. Ha, ha, ha, h, ha was the response given
"Well Sir" said Horner coolly whatt may out with a high note and settling down into a
be your pleasure Sir?" hoke and a cough. lla, ha, hat why al sure
"Ahl-ha, ha, ha," wan the unly response i as I know Ilarry the Keeper and.John the Rut-
but the big mouth and the bigteeth exhibited by cher asli Dick the Duatman, I know y.oa. Why
the emission east a sort of dnubtful thrill thrnighgh whatoht you Into these qtrterv of the glohe
Hornet' breast ad ifloiaded his ntildwith vistlont f lo'ier Surely Clhristmais It England has ,not

*_= : ) -;' .- 1 .-,

;e'--l t ,r-- that y.'i seek warmth I Si, Signor. Ilim'speaks Inglis--hin dnmo.
bcome too cold or y rdva in Inglis-land."
...... mcntuail's !'f (Italy? I
ongust the to"" ntinsir of lth tvl e .( beat- Very good and what is his name? E cosm
Hoirer wsas the I tid of thie xact ~ se chimando?' 'lcrsisted the. Briton.
tg about the ,uh ..df i t t iti. I Gilusppc lndrone."
of the incatndo" eti l ") .1 "Come I at getting on thescentli aftelrthe
figure before hint. ot re hare has gone. Well never mind I could not d)
.. I jam sorry Sir that emy memory does Inot anything; for at my destination only can I get
me better as this would e to.our mutual sa tis tle papers to secure his arrest; so be awake;
faction so I itnst lg to u tCi' me cutting I Horner, and don't swerve nor be swerved from
short the conversation for I require rest. With your lie of duty."
your permission" att Horner retired. There is no occasion to detail the journey; but
An revotir" aitid the mysterious individual ats.un-down .f the Z4th of December the party
with another broad laugh, A, you are in for arrived pt t Redondetta and were acconlwd;ted at
travelling, so anm I too and shall leave Iy Ilttaart- the little tavern, till llorner could manage toget
ern hy 4 a. ... for the Village of KRet which lies nestled in the wild half of the Alruzzi. Agnt of he House of B. & C.
Good bye but an revoir." and with a profound After a g( wash-down Horner proceeddl ti
how std accompanied ly another l;ugh-the nun- occupy a corner in front of which was placed a
ipreposse ing visitor withdrew. little round table, overcrowded with phite :t.d
I.feel like swearing in Italan" taild Horner I bottles and glasses for the's stipper. \V ith
" but I cant. First I dont like the habit' ind ;, hearty thank God"' corner went to work.
secondly I doet know how, hut it is provoking "' B none notteSignorlnglese, Signor Iloner!
that a fellow should have such an itdvantaouig vr Yo .remember:-
oie, particularly ill lmy position." Die alht. Mtus. dolum quo caute parvaIMl Ho r
As Horner was engaged in re-packing his Decepta raperet dulcla. inatre sna &o.. te.
travelling things it occurred to him that perhaps or, as we used to say at Rockwood
he had been bullied by the-very pcrmsn he .ws hi Little .Tak iHorner sat In a corner
pursuit of and that now on the alert the shrewd I Eatling his Chrismaiti-pic."
fellow would abscond to the hills sad even so! Confound your ugly mug" muttered llornr
play his mansauvree as to take hit and get a to himself "here again and then he added
ransom, aloud:-
Before day tight Ilorner amut guides were "In the name of fortune who are you? tahd
jauntily making their way and flontmtime to time I what do you waitt'"
interchanged a few words of gihbcrisi. which "I abeg ymor pardon, my dqar old friend, but
each pretended to believe was his com.anihn't it i such a pleasure to meet an old-time comrade.
satave tongue.' Do you not remember me "
Patite Ingles old fellow" says Horietl.r : Well I honestly confess that I do not and it
SI, Signor, ho trrvato tmote parole ingklse seems to me a Rockwood bo6 woMld have exhi-
tn poco fa, che le Is perdite de las tcsta bited a more unessumed style of acquaintatne
Give it up," ejaculated HI, tI than you have shewn."
*ti"St.Signite athp"jacd H er .'Ican make "Well you are right, Hormer, and I feel soty
"StSgnu at' tihat "tfoke. is an. parole." f I have hurt you. I cannot tell ou more no
'w tht iem", who tned Hoenr y Do. you but after to-morrow }oo shall have al the iftfor-
"me tth.h1l,.me ei l P~drlado with motion you want.u t ppers you have business
ma ;"c tor j.; t .trnsact nt.d,4 hate Irbutfromtnliow tillthe

"- .

,( 13 -)

Church-services and the festive rounds aremon-. of the flickering lights towards the.illuminated
eluded no one will touch a quill." old church, whose portals opened wide at the
Now you speak like a man and understand last sound of.the midnight hell. .
you, but don't you think I could see somebody The Pifferari led the procession through the
so as to announce myself?" nave and continued those soothingly sweet
"Well there's the Padre and the Commends- strains, full of sentiment and expressions in front
tore. But I recommend you just drop a line and of the Crib of Bethlehem. The design was :uri-
excuse yourself till the fun is over." ous enough but in perfect harmony with the sim-
"Well perhaps so." pie souls that were gathered round to venerate
"Now, Horner, come along and we will re- the New-Born. Horner oould not help observ-
peat together the old Rockwood.Christmas Eve" ing the curious extravagances of proportion, the
and taking ;he decanter he helped Homer and loud speaking colours, the childish naivetS, which
then himself and drank in the insular style A had hung dolls and sheep aln donkey against
merry Christmas and God bless the old folks at the paper grotto as presents to the Banmbino.
home." "You see, Horner, those three Musicians;
corner softened at the fond allusion and said they are really typical forms of the Abruzzi
" Amen say I." people and the, only additions to the ordinary
"Now come along with me-here take these dress of the men are a few ribbons. They cling
Cheroaits-leave all else behind." to that red waistcoat over a doubtfully clean
The two went out into the chilly air and saun- shirt, the big round capes, that serve for many
terd leisurely along the Streets, where here and ends, theshort knee-breeches with the hide-bound
there the paper lamps showed fancy lights, the leggings and the conical-shaped hat with its fray-
prevailing design being a star, and finally arriv- ed feathers and plaited ribbon-hand." '
ed at an old-fashioned country church. And is that the dress of the woment'
All mundaboutsatwomenwithenticingthing Yes many people write of that as being a
for the children-bambinos of sugar-the ox and peculiarity of the Campagna, hut it is native of
the ass-the star and the camels all baked into this district as much as the heavy blue skirt and
sweet-bread, carpet-patterned apron, which they wear above
Chatting and laughing and merry-making was it. You observe the anow-white head-dress haes
universal but to Homer, It was an unintelligihle flat on the head trimmed to a square front and
Babel. They had not stood long when the big padded inside, just as they say the Egyptian wo.
bells and the little bells all began to ring out and men do to this day."
the cakes and good things disappeared. The very fantastic features In their style of
Ecco, ecco, here they come" was passed dress are artistic," said Horner, and I am su.
around; and presently a strangely sbothing music priced we don't see more paintings taken from
was heard approaching. "Dont move Humer them." .. '
we are well placed and you will see all to ad- "Oh dear me" replied his. guide-"go to
vantage" said the Ogre. Rome and Naples or Florence and you will see
A motley throng of people in their picture- the features of these men and women copied by
que native costumes advanced before and behind the best ArtistsorMoses, the Apostles and Saint;
SHtth trio'of musicians, sote bearing lamp4, and in fact where natural grace and character
ome candlesi other. little trifhqg objects for the require a nodel, the briginal Is fo6thd anlon*st
Bfmbla& t 'ito;. '" these people." '' '" ".. "'
Joy wla rftlectledfr6it evetr ttntenance is Bat listen. The-Maas ha begun fnd sbt'
the ti'ringlalhtf6t kiypd ainig ertadertflare lowrng cungregatios i* thte msth jttuh otiie

( 14 )

a bent n hilo the iu bern, .o{ 'But bhsioness is business" said the Agenb
tOr waI ben ith binpadra hlterd'nl c ,t, d "I and it is hard to say how youth can be blamed
tOrches and twith bnieag- by ,te ot ,,ce uni- or hqld rqponsiblefor,hisdisgrace, becauseyos
tringte pd accoIpa, knew hin. sing. that yo u would not have had
Sof the pnopic lia tnt I ond any scruple itt arresting perhaps ,better man if
T nd the s iobt lriht vou had not known him.' "The Agent had in.
.Wh -ricne..ra.e ont'IorlgDwv" "'y "n '
SOn( ahrI$t night; : tercepte te fugt means of a. re g
.' r en U1lirf lt ur Lord wd blrn till the toficial document wan signed; and whikt
On Chrcitman night. Ladrone was dritkirtg a gobletof witic hewas
prBut howchied rins! Thec.lll nplil manacled and brought to justice. .
pro pcl Bentre however, Hornerh ad left a te.
become it wa.s nt merely in the ir they %lyed ., the ... .., s; pe: a.... .;
hut in the intcllicigent moditttion thit a.l true rt, r e.. c the escape ad Ifi ; pf h
m atic relies on for its eff ct :--..- Id sill th t w as ..c r isito t d no m. re-. h nq., h.c,;. hi .
here. A o, an the MsI wasover.thetilluc, .s OlR Jii Io '"
of the eight resumed its way and;Hrnutrmland his
utintelligihle asoci. te had cl parted with a d ,.. !,, ,i,,ii., !,,J ,i 7 1 .. i, ,.,, ( :. :
grc- more of kindlilness thi. their earlier inter, (coNTlNUACtON.)-.1 .p. -:::,
views would have warrantetd.uas to utxppct., uBth .. A.; : .,, ;iV,; i ',i :.i,.- ,/
had.hecn.tane.d by.what they .had.>vi.tnicsed, IEN'TRAS" amta',lt I,l vtii': Tei T i (dI
Next mornings bro!kc ,freshi.,and.,chilly. nd c lunter at: xntil, ,resapmcd his, lbusiesals r prc- prt. qu6 dar&:Jioi tlanUt razon s
occupations. ,, ,1 i quiai t l ,, di r l yde s,
lie was punittal to. the appoitilninent nIq Iy, 1ritit t .i pul .ina it I)rT iJty de coufiarla re-
the Agent,. whbo havint g hliel.apprisedl I; tile. surrcccihl,i)qi iti dF,s, Iiluf lita,; sqligil. a Cmon
graph.of Ilorlnr'.s. co.nitng:.d hejjyg wc.l ac- dcsitqdipopuot ,,,, oPtr:c, .le inhip sibleHlalcanzLr
quainted with the party .wanted had facilittttud parn .sp prtptcgida Int.medijcipn dS .Plpita,,y Autt
thl. expediting of. oCrtaiu routtine foriiu hby en, la n inp .,onfia, pggstilsno peatraiia i pigar
auticipation.,, ,, ..,, ... ,. ,,. grandes espcranzas. Participaha.
.:When. Horner.wastseated, a Jetter. W.'a put madre, ilpo m6nos po el ponto,.de l.s peceda-
ilita hiHhands, which.caused a ni ieutare, n des.y rbietas de tia hija, pe perisho era.que la n-
barrs nsmn nt,l ,- ",, .; ., ., .',,. ,,, .ii, .', gativa,deF Tyresa a co uturrieral bie'ilt, compe-
It resd:--" I told you theday after Christpias drys, que tnnto flabia ncolriapdo iT Ia i Mna, ha7
Yotwould know.ll,'lhout me,. butt .even have biese tantbivp, osendido & la ptra, a legar ,ati*
ocerrled rapidly that I can't allow myself the npticia. ,No era, pues, ocaPion .niy pportuna
plelure .of seating you agin., Y qur Aent will de pedir fyoures ni i a,n?adr ni l.hbija4 y Wit
hiae to put on lenTue boots and ginit gaft. to crlo.n, tr4ptn4se de Ia iase.R K 41ta yet
atl.,Oaipl Lllrpi'le, Antl hildNWl"rijtii his apuesto Cond.oicn, e -aiCoel poP '~citle
p,,'*,Well lwo, .t k uliiuk el' *," .,,,,. astl una y otro, de los do. pqlv,l,,que.,gir~t.
*he iltl_{be hl nd, ga(El L e1.9 i, .(,, ,o .i .,,i ,, i l,i, 1.
..t.: A t. ,* ""o '"WhmIyh ?fyv.iWgi' I,,TCrt.apo.le ,4 ,gxa?. Cn .eto" hllllS.,,l
',pp h4 iren"2lr as ..,wl-s asia~, ,,,priP
walt's o another W -reh r tio" .r n"T atraids, po'r.os" TiaWeel ,,lp,,: t.dtSir
S -R4nhe 9W i' resered~..Utgrr., el i Mackenzie, hablban alborotadamente qn ltph
I... "i, I lt r,,,i iPlPui tWtd&'iu4|d ldq,gig .fi.11k8tWtolkrit, t

( 15 )

hecho Ritita traicbin haos Conflanzas y la 1 iiia
dirigiai su maidre miradas y iun palabraa furil
bundas, por haherse dejado attancar sti secret,
i trueque de librar de las garras del diablo, at
honorable Sir Mackenzie. Cllar9n todas, alen-
trar Teresa, con manifiesta groeria, recihiendola
con frialdad, que dejo Ielada a la pobre mucha-
cha: pt sse Pepita itcuchichear por lo bajo con
-na de sus .nmigas, y la mismq dofna Angustias
contest secamente ai dos 4 tries preguntas que se
avenitilr i dirigirle Teresa Retirise ista rver-
gonzada y ofendidla,.y piLrsosao donia Angustioa
at verla sali', Ie fec6mehdd 'eficazmente que se
iumdase atl' pl to de celzado: habia .ovilo, y
estaha htumedd el piso.
Tel csa entrb casi Ilorosa en si cuarto, cl nais.
noiesto de lit ca-a : 'entia ea opretion de cura- piropia dt los caractires enstibles y expansi-
voA coitundo tropiezan cot lah dtrcza b el desden
de lns persolasb'cvuo calor huscan, y considera-
ha, p.r otra patte, lst Fatales colisecnencina qne
iptdii tenter el z priclbo dcd aia nifia terca ytnal
editcada, tin na aoerte de ana criretra tAii exec-
letite enmo- Rosita 'ifitA, y nna infeliz tan it.egra-
ciada cnuta Dolires la lavandera. Duj6se caer
en >no illoi,hahatida pro complete, y cominzb
i tlotur amiarigametite...
Iios vino al puito e an ayuda, por eiso ex-
traiio. caminos por dole dirige los bechls, parn
el triunf., de .sps designios. Oy6 i el
corredor de fuera on gran portazo, un furioso.y
recacado-i Carumba 1-unas patadas impacien-
tes, y una vuz aguda y colerica, que medio de-
claniaba, i~eda cantida con 'rabios. irdonfa
S" i ; e rti do b4ad o, a o '
Tanto volante... '
Yel pihr ItI la luibre ,

*iNtrittjidl4'lMij *b:ttii6 M pnerdi (l AIi t -i
to, yrtif ivrclifoldol del puaillo-i Marica, 1'a
fnitca y. stfi canmariri dol laecata qoue crispaba
lutracrvaosederPtpita ciraitB n~rdlnariecek pe-
teasndo tinrksa into a:poaea de lobdoo,comn
.t ella.ettaieleerpcpeiad:levamtiilnd6ni 'iina
mtanoppira.p n.j p ar1,lrP ~ni.ati;ga (alda de
gasiu y ctt~ponts blanccia y rosa, y saotepado

con In ot in ancho cinturon de eitef ttimio co
lor, dispuesto ya artisticamente ci 'fornma d'e
enorine lazo. El vianto habia cerrado violent.
mente na puerta pr doande Marian ealia. cogiin-
dola presa por lin tanlas counra cr quicio, con
amnbas manos tcupidau:. Teresa, no pudo mb.
tibo de reirse de Ia extra fiagra de latrica, a n
inando centre gasas y cresmoievs, y coiria i sucaria'
de aquclli critical posicion, dicicndo:
S- Espera... cspera... tn te iinpacientex I
-Diots- In page A V.,.serloria,-dijo fMai-
rica i; vcr.4e libre. Dc Iuena me he' escpado...
Si It pcrtta Ilcga i ctrger a In f 'atda V e sgarra,-
me saca la sefiritr.los ojo s c t.e (getilto que
ti lco, : .
-4Va a poierste ese traje citl i rhch?-pre-
gint6 Teresa. '
-Si a 6iltimn: hrna no sc le ocurre ,ta coir,
porqdle tiene mati parrccrt que un absogao, ret .
pondiS6 de maoy tral humor Marica... P'riin'tro!
dijo que el hlanco, luieg que el ccleste,despurc
sc ic anto6 el rosa... y i todo utio, me iOeluti '
i( ya los pIion de t hluj.:
E gairdaropi 'de Pepita cra de iA miais surti-'
dos que hatia en Z'*, y no pudiendo Ins inmdles'
tas-rentas de la vinda cubrir tanto gusts, resil-
tahia forzadas economlas interltres, que inspi-:
raban i la impaciente Marnca, copleas cInu la
que poco iates entonaba. "' '
I-'Y ttdavla,'-prosigui6 Marica, we ha dtivodi'
ver ntri site veces: porqoe Ita sefora qnerto'
que le pidie.m i teted emnprwet.A o s 'qt eCto;A
y la scloritit detia t.-- Ptrflere ono .It. ni el'
santolio le pido yo & Terenal.... '
Marica coital* todon ett irritedea nertdatedo It!
voz algo thillona de Pipitu y concluv6 dliend It
-No Ic emprtest V Vi ni, eiforit., IAnide
que e ponga cl niurrion tde un ci abincr6 lIL.-.
,-- Pero-quaiqarila que.yo l :prestaset?-pre-
guint6 Tftrsa. i r i. : !' t .i '
-, -Piesruo lor,.n,6. Crto q*e era:uan pti6ci:
de i.1:,'i t jl, h .Iri'*. l i -*b
,--f Ah),.yBl--itxclam 6n.Tcri sali i ndi rn"!a
i i;,cotno.latln ddunateidcatepentitadisedlike
4iit5rivamtma'te & cunrtt iMtibhtenatrhs Ma*.

I f "

,'-- l-, n -- 1 c.n.hezn, Ac| en una sillita baja, casi & los pies de su tia, y i
rics nuy "efadda, Y ci O ldijo suavemente:
Alej6 refunfufiano : md -Me ha dicho Marica, que Pepita v a poner
Tontn 1Is b*is* c'tta noche su traje ross...
Tots tl lnta
que laI iIhlja!... -. Y qu6?--contestb dona Angustias con pa-
Ahora va la pajuota eats, y le da o q" jostodava deinexorable.
qoeria... ICnm "o Ic dieran li ctn"azo e init -Pues dada,-replic6 Teresa humildemente
de In frentel. laI cabeza. S me ha ocurrido que con ese traj,
M-intras tanto hahina hierto Tereisa e cajon vendria muy bietr mi aderezo de corales.
altodenac oda tic cacili. Y t1culo tin grinI
etoc de e de Raia, envuscto cutdajlosa-] Y at decir esto Teresa, destdpaba con mano
mente en papeles de seda. SAbre u, foid!!, .le temblorosa la caja de carton, dejando ai descm.
terciopelo lanco, dtetac~lhs deultru utn 1ng- blerto las preciosas joys. Dofia Angustias be
nifico aderezo de crnales ran, de gran valor ar- qued6 con la boca abierta y el zapato en la ma.
t(stico por estar raramente trahajado cot cl pri- no, mirando alternativamente, ors a Teresa, ora
mor y la paciencia que parn labrar el mkrfiliem caja que le presentaba.
plan los chinos. Teresa coloc6 el estuche shier- -Yo habia gensado,-prosiguib Teresa cia
to sobre nl c6moda y estlvo coItemplAnidi.1 laIr- la voz ligeramente alterada, regalArselo para el
go rato, con la caleza anoyadta en amhtniu mants ; dia de so santo... Pero se quiere V. dirseledes-
poco poco hinchundlo so pecho, nn sollozo do ahora, podr' lucirlo esta noche...
se escape de sob lhios, y unns tras de otras vi- Dofia Angustias se ouitbo ls gafas, agitb per
nieron muchae Ingrimaas humtdceer el terciope- tres veces el zapato en que tenia metida la mano
lo del estuche... Aquel aderezo liabia sido e snt guisa de guante, y repitib it compas y en trees
madre; lera el dnico recurdo quc de ella le tonos distintos que expresahan el pasmo, la
quedabal satisfaccion y el enternecimiento, so muletilli
Parecid al fin la muhachaa tomar on purtido, acostumbrada:
y encoglindose de hombros, dijo entire dientes: Mujerl... iMujerl... iMujer...
-Tambien el erstche era soyo. Y no ocurriendole lue-g otra cosa qune decir,
Colocb despues en una gran caja de carton Is Y non zapatazc en e hombro ot Teresa, ye
numerosaa piezas del aderezo, descansando pri- echd6 n zlorar enternecida. Eata Ilorab y Tera y
morosamente sabre algodones de pella y vo0vi6 mismo tlemo presentcidole IEa caja.
A guardar el estuche vacio, besindolo intes enpo pa nI
ana rozadura que sobre la taps tenia, yen el ho- -1 Cbmo eres tan terca --dijo al fin la Iudt.
tonclto de metal, un poco torcido, que empuja- Y quB quiereV?--contestbTerea congran
be el resorte... La pobre nira creia bear aill la mansedumbre. Harto slento luigo causerle V.
huellas de las manos de an madre. estos disgustos...
FuPte leago en busca de dona Anguntias, lie- -Disgustos td?... I(T i ml, hija miat-es
ando I& caja de carton consigo, y I1 encontri6 clm6 doiia Angustlas abrazidola tiernamert.
sla en sn aposento, cosaendo apresuradamente Y queriendo enjugarle lai ligrimns eon la ms'
nos laos de tereopelo Msa en los zapatos de no en que tenia el zapatd, t poco maslesaltarni
de pobtea o d todgdimintos, que habia ojo. Teresa quiso al fnponer tariaiito i qaqeltl
p Pont a de la oche Pepita. Mirla Is liuda escena, y dejando aI caja sobre is mean de co*
Plto hacer dotan a gal sn decir palahr y ture ee dof Angustisa, dijo marchindose I
qeltso hee* Alto que able A meals de s16 1 -Con queaV.' e th dari Pepitt...; (N e
aftdad-. Anlmada n esto Teresa,. enibe uxldad- tid.;, '- i.. ..

( 17 *.

-1No, hbl-grit6 con vivezadofia Angsintas. lying down the principles from which should .
Yolho ptedo permitir eso... Prestado" para ests spring peace and union in families t whilst in his
noche, bueno; pnrque ast como asi, rabiaba la Encyclicals on tlse Clm? 1'o~ r, (th Christalo
nifia por pedirtelo y no queria... IC6mo ha de constitution of 8Sttea, and Hummo, Liberty he in-
ser! tambien tiene ella su geniecito... Pero para structs rulers on the course they nmust follow if
regalo es much, hija mia, y no quiero... they would avoid wrecking the'Ship, which God
(SE CONTINUARA.) has entrusted to them.
CHRONICLE OF THE SACRED HEAlT.e Il other Encyclicals,-the 'Pope laid hare the
SR evils which accompany socialism, communism,
Ofi; II nihilism and freemasonry and this so clearly, that'
." (.aI thlllough his Letters produced a profound effect
hardly aiy answer was ever attempted.
,In Ills notable Encyclical on the' ,ndition of
*r .,labour he speaks of poor and rich "like, explains
., .. their mutual rights and duties alnd shows them
.'" I 1 how they niay live together in pe;,c* and concord.
TIHYKINCOOMCOM. Our learned P'ontiff hai also taught in hi'
as'terrui Patria from what deep sonrces truck
r HIE Intention for which our Associates philosophy must draw its principles, compared
Swcr asked to pray last September with which modern systems are hut as the hab-
'-'l< [ ,'was tile preparation of the Episcopal
SJuhilee of Lo XIII and that the life bls of Children: whilst to stay the stream of
of our veierable Pontiff might be prolonged to sensualism le recommended the Third Order of
celebrate that event on the I9th of February St. Francis and the Holy Rosary and to keep up
1I93. In that number we gave a short account Christian family life he proposed the Pi'us As-
of our Holy Father's life up to the time of his sociation of Families consecrates to the Holy
election as Pope, February zoth 1878. Now we Family of Nazareth.
have again to recommended our Associates of the In Europe he has interceded with mure or less
Aposticship of Prayer success in favour of his children with the French '
THE EPISCOPAL JUtLL.L Op LEO XIII Republic and the powerful Emperors of Ger-'
but under a different aspect. We want themto many and Russia at the same time that he has
pray that Jesus Christ would deign to honour the aided the late Cardinal Lavigerie in putting a
Jubilee of His Vicar by granting some great stop to the slave-trade in Africa asd assisted the ,
triumph to His Church over Iis enemy, the work of ruscuing little children i Asia by pro-
world. A moral victory has been prepared for, by mot~ig tRe lolg Infany.
those wonderful Encyclicals and other Papal Meianwhile he has been extending the Church :
Documents in which Leo XIII has given the so- both by word and deed promoting Catholic Mil-
lution of the chief social difficulties which con- sious among infidels and heretics creating ot
front our age.. restoring the Episcopal hierarchy i various lands
In his first Encyclical Inscrutbi7 he offered in and exercising his beneficial influence through-,
the bosoin of the Church the only salvation fiom out the world.
the dangers, which helet Christian faith tnmid It hI tltting therefore that sit wpo make up the
the boundless difference of relisiou,,oplnlons; great Catholce family 4hotild join together In,
in the Encyclical 'Arc n m "s he launched forth hi prayfig for the:heippy:aucit of the Jubilet of :
the detfesd 6i th rights oflhtstai htirrMige, the aged Pontiff *ho with'io aiuh 'wiodaom and

------*---=;= ;'

0 jesa'. throu ,r h th s f .I
f offer Th t ti n fThy divrle llenrt. i
thi" 1" 1ail offer theil pl icti .
o Jesus, that Thou uia'est deigil to honour the
Jubis of Th' Vicar. y a great victory ad
triumph ~of. u ~the Churchl c~vct T'lline vtit hc
world. Amen. u
Se ILc suplica i l.o Socias dcl Aposto!' tl c 1 de .!
Oracioi qCe rucgen" Iar el bucn exi "
en cl mes proxino. Todo clase de la Sociedad ha
sid beneficiada pr las admirables lecciones de I
sabidurla ensefiadas por el Santo Padre por medio
de Ilo Enciclicos que ha scguido publicando des-.
de el principio de su Pontificado. I
De siguiente, todos deben convenirse en cele-
brar esta fiesta del Pastor del rebaflo de Christo,
con oracion-s v conlunioues fervientes, y tambicn
con limosnas abundantes.
Quandoseaposible.seharn peregrinaciones i Comerciante en Joyeria, Rol -
Roma, con el objeto deofrecer en propria persona
las felicitacione de las varias naciones, y sin duda, le a, Plateria y n tda cla-
serA esta una de las pruebas mas aceptables i Su j P a y e
Santidad del amor de su hijos. so de instruments MusiCOS
Si dice que 2ooo peregrines, bajo la direction
del Duque de Norfolk, saldran de Inglaterra pars y Opticos.
Roma en la occasion del Jubileo, y en las peregri-
naciones que continuarkn hasta elfin deAbril 1893
todas las naciones enviarin sus representantes. Importador de PIANOS Y ORGA'
Aquellos que, como los Catolicos de esta Colo- NOS, prbpios pars estos climaa, de
nia, no pueden rendir esta homenaje filial ai Papa Fabricantes mas acreditadoi.
en su Jubileo Episcopal, manifestaran su devocion -
y fdidelidad a Santa Silla con una generosa union
entire st, rogando por el Papa come 1 mismo les Se hace cargo de today clause de repara-
ha pedido especialmente y realizando en sus vidas cones en dichos ramos v ofrece al
las enscianasy consejos del Santo Padre. phblico ls mejores MAQUI-
Oh Jesus mio I por medio del Corazon nms- NA8 de coaer, tales come
culado de Maria Santisims os ofrezco Ias oracio- ld V I T 0 R I A
sea, obras y trabjos del present dia4 para repa-. VICTORIA,
rar Is ofenmas que se os hacen, y pars Ias demi s AMERICAN Y 8TALIDAR),
Inteniones de vuestro Sagdo Cor n.NDARD,
En este me de nuevo s los ofrezco 0 Jlea Y para mas detalles dirigirse t
que e digae hoor elubileo de Vuestro Vicaro, E. MORLAN
p Soa gran victoria ytri.nfo de la Iglesa sbre .
S estr temigo .o, ndo Ast sm a*: ORTHFRONT ST., BEo ZE..0

Sttary of JtMrilogical Olse'vatios du! c tit, tll f r e.ml9r 1~1.

Suminitry of Meteoorlogical Observations d(iristu tht! itoitith sofki'tK-ntwhr 18922.


. ., Max. rn.

29.86 30.ot 83 670
29.8629.97 849 720
29-94 29-99 855 74
29.90 30.o 83 61"

39.86 30.o1 '8.5"t 6t-'

P YvcinoMsssERc I 7 AxFuair a!. V. RAIN,

.- --7 .
.." it-.

76 74 891 72.6 N.E. N.C. 6 6 .5

u 1 S. 240
7 S 7. iN.. 2.40

I4 I 1 .*
76 74 89 171-6 CN.E4 'l" G.N j526.2

Explanation for the Sky, C. Cumulus, Sk. Cirrms. S. Stratus, N. Nimbus.
o. quite clear, io. quite covered.

The Barometer fell from 30.07-ton ."'0 ogra--Throu9gnmt th tnrmtI heI totyof.the wind
duallyy from tst to 7th inst. It then rosein alike has been like last month very low. On three
manner to lo.or on I th. There wasa fall on the occasions nily was there a-clondless sky and not
12th followed by a rise reaching on the t4th 30-02. infrequently the heavens wsere wholly covered by
Again another fall to .29.95 was succeeded by a Cumulus and Nimbus clouds.
slight and gradual rise to 29.99 pa the .oth and .,Mst of thjrRlay fel )he 6h6 in., the tith
2 st. Thence it ruse rapidly in 36 3 l 2i and and id:t l. Itn. adi r2lM !dA't 4th 2.4oIl.
23rd. After this there was a somewhat rapid fall The degree of Humidity was high as the ground
to 29.92 followed by an equally rapid riseto 3.14 has been so saturated by previous rains that the
and3o.1t8 on thq 28th and 29th. few Io.iiinn...u- li without rain.iavr not dried
The month began'with the o the idriotne t"t, d i- te .' i '
70o but on the 4th it rose to 760.and to 7< on We have received a record of observations on
the 5th and. thence onwards until the 231rd it tenpersaurcatthlesayo.(6ot)lilesInlandandabIout
ranged between 77 and 80o exception the roth. Ijo feet above the letcl of the sea) and compare.
when the mean daily temperature was 75. From ing them with those of .eliz we ?ie that whilst
the. 23rd to 27th inclusive it was 76, after which at 6a''a.. the avdratce Tdimper ac was 6' lower
it took a lower lever 72-69o. .Thej minimum tho'dailyaverage wai only 2). Iower than Belize
reading was 61" at 6 a.m, on the 3oth. % for the first three.weeks of December. The mid-
The Wind has been chliefy iroiheih Y aving day temperatures'cere higher than in lize reach.
usually an E. or W. inclination'. in"the th, ing on thc 12th, 26th it blew from theiS.E.t ad on these -. anyda~ ,.s v ,TJ'- 4.
days there was mark fl i te ro Ovr.. nutal "nmma t blati will be
I,'l ii't v I/ '"4 U |ti n 'T 'ii i ")l ii r a. ~ 'i f )il a t l i ll ^ l l j tlll >a' |
with muc rain on the stli. -. geivn itxt month. '.

BARt. Inl inches





In the

n i

-" '' "

," ----;------ --
'-8. r yo -~nr petitio iners, as business men and as a community, are subjected
to A1 tie osses, 'lars"' 'ts and anxieties which a silver currency entails.
0. The terrible fdll in the gold value, of silver in recent years, and,-what is even
wore-the sudden and violent fluctuations in the price of that metal, completely pre.
vntws prudent Ibusiness calculations being founded on the value of silver and reidua
the ordinary and sober conduct of trade to little better than speculative gambling.
10.. Your.petitioners, desire respectfully to point out that the position of this Colony
in this matter is a peculiarly painful one.
11. It is said that in India the Rupee has not lost its purchasing power in propor-
tion to the lall in the price of-silver: but India with its teeming populations raises its
own food stuffs and. has its local manufactures. This Colony on the other hand is bt .
partially developed, has no manufactures, and almost all food stufs and coinmmditie'
are imported,and imported from gold-using countries, viz. Europe and the UnitedStates.
12. The exchange ratio between silver and gold is thus with your petitioners, a
constant and urgent question and the violent fluctuations of that ratio in recent years
have been and still are the source of incessant loss, harassment and anxiety andstrike
at the very root of the business existence of your petitioners.
13. Within the space of six months the rate of exchange in the Colony has varied
from 35 per cent to over 60 per cent. The ditterence in these figures will convey some
idea of the losses aud uncertainties at present involved in the use of silver as a stand-
ard of values..
14. It is true that the importing merchant protects himself as far as he can by ad-
ding these increasing exchange rates as a charge on goods subsequently imported but
this only inadequate protects him in regard to goods in stock and marked at lower
exchange rates and does not protect him at all on large outstanding credits charged at
ay 35 per cent for exchange and the proceeds of which have to be reconverted into
gold at GO per cent or over.

a. All outstanding mortgages and other loans and all the savings of the poor in the
avng ik an or on deposit with mercantile houses are rapidly shrinking in value in
the degree, and the enormous rate of interest (10, 12a and even 15 per cent) which
lo sen tate of the currency entails has ceased to be a sufficient equivalent for the
losses W h an investor may anticipate,.. .. ; ,

e Alto gh the .'importing merchant suffer grievously through the incessant o-

ofte ,eA l o stern, f the dol m t 'e upon the poor consumer .tat the greater part
ang b tim ately fallo. p iThw masn p thq people, re, feling,td hiqte opti aluB.


acutely, and although the feeling of loyalty and regard for the mother country is unabat-
ed it is certain that the ruinous condition of the currency of tlhe Colony is producing
deep dissatisfaction in tle community.
17. 11 order to obtain, as iar as p .sgible, the consensus of opinion of the people on
this subject a public meeting was held in Belize on the 23rd4 day of November 1892.
All classes were represented at this meeting which your petitioners believe to have
been the largest ever known in the Colony and thle followingg resolution was carried
iwmine controdicente. .
Resolved, that this meeting realizing the disastrous results to the Colony of the depre-
"ciation of silver prays the Government to take immediate stcps towards placing the currency
"of the Colony on a sound basis by the adoption of a Gold Standard."
18. Your petitioners earnestly req'nest that steps may be taken to give effect to the
prayer of the people in a matter that so much concerns their vital welfare and which is
so earnestly and generally desired.

19. Your petitioners do this with the greatest confidence ts they believe a Gold
Standard can not only be easily established but easily maintained in the Colony. Al-
though feelings of loyalty to the mother country naturally prompt your petitiotlers to
desire the English sovereign as the standard of values, they are of opinion that the
gold dollar of the United States would be more suitable for currency purposes.
20. All accounts in the Colony are already kept in dollars and cents lnd the close
proximity of the Colony to the United States renders it easy to import or remit the
coins of that. country for the purposes of trade. The Gold Certificntes and fractional
currency of the United States could also be made current here to a limited amount.

21. Once established in the Colony these coins should be-the sole legal tender with
the exception that the English sovereign could he rated to pass concurrently. The pro-
sent currency viz: the silver dollars of Onatemait, Chile and Perie-with their component
parts, should be demonetised.

22. Your petitioners believe that it is in accordance with the opinion of the Lords
of the Treasury that the Colony should employ as its standard dollar tlhe dollar of the;
country with which it has the most business relations. "As already stated the business
of the Colony with Guatemala is almost nil and with Chile and 'ern the Colony has Ino
business whatever while with the United States business is very large and greatly

23. But while the Guatemalan dollar and its equivalents would not be legal tender
they would still be received by the mercantile community at their gold value just as
they are in New Orleans or in your Majesty's West Indian possession where gold. is


the ndd They will bo received here at their market rice and there will be no
hdifeuty for the merchant in arranging with buyers outside the Colony on these tern.

24. These coins being received here at New Orleans,(i. e. American Gold) price
they will alwys be eligible as mercantile remittance thereto and therefore your peti-
tioners assert that a gold currency once established can be maintained:
First, because the nimrchant must retain gold-to meet his legal obligations.
Second, because there will be no necessity to remit gold when he can remit
silver taken at its gold value.
25. Your petitioners believe that the expense of establishing o gold standard and
a corresponding currency would be inconsiderable provided that care be taken thnt tili
redemption of the existing silver coins be effected at a ratio based upon the minlrlt
quotations of these coins in the American market and not at any fixed arbitrary ratio
based upon the average value of silver.
26. From the foregoing statements the present deplorable condition of the Colony
with regard to this matter and the causes which have led to it will be clear.
SYour petitioners desire no other favor and nothingg .better than, their fellow
coloniste in your Majesty's West Indian possessions enjdy, vis. 'a old standard which
was also originally the standard in this Colony and with which the Colony made solid
and stable progress.. ,

Your petitioners therefore humbly pray that your Majesty in your Privy Council
may be pleased to order that such stepsmay be- taken as to tdrnr jleetyg ay seem
et toward pacing the currency of this (Colony on a sondbasis by the adoption of
S g od p1tan4t e a b eoti on.. o
: .,And Ymr iti0toers asi duty; tmntdti0 ey pray. &c ;:i ,,v; r" ,
.-, !..i ,, ..,i,, l ", !

.. .; ia
L ,/,: y

S(.o )

Convent oOur Lady of Mry, Belize.
-. -;. .....----:0:

elect School for young ladles,s Boarders and .

lBs 4es what is comprised in the usual course of. first-class Engligh eddca
ton, French is taught if required. Also elenieitaiy Drawing and the
simpler kinds of fancy work.
Extras, Music, Piano or Guitar.
ST E.R MS ..
,Boarders,. 50. oo half a year: '
'" Day-scholrs, $ 5. oo a month.
F;. parlestlars pl t the Rev, rest r etlsr at the 4aven .

S ,Convento de Ntra. Sra.. de las Mercedes,: Belize.,
SEscuea select para Senoritas,.Penslonistas y.Exterlas,,
'.. Adets de to que so com prende en el curso utual do Edtckdofl In es~ de'
i s- d, se ense-a el Francs k uando se desew, Dibao eleimethtal y
'' 'b,,, .bajos Mas sencilUos Obras de fanttasi:. ,. I *i

'-"..*'l ",.. ,r ; .* be.., *Ii $ .'o. .o o 'p .. ... .. : .t ';'i .. i ;!l ,* .... *I':

'tl*'"';" ""'''III.' .' blilAnw;HCK! *, I ii !!1?L '"*'
.tusa", ,$ oo a ,s ,, .

.s. &r" l CeDves





2nd month.


1u 5 at 0.33- *. 40t .min InAt tuartel
Sun i .. ..
. i -:t6 at 6.28. .. Sun slow .4j I min. Changes of Moon. New Moon. i
rises. at 6... First Qurte
23 at 6.24. .. it,.g min.. .. First Quarter.

S. Ignatius, B.M.
dlemas Day. Dev.
S. Lawrence B.
S. Andiew Corsini, B.
Sexagesima. S. Agatha, V.M.
S. Titus, H.
Passion of Our Lord.
S. John of Matha.
S. Cyril of Alexandria, B.D.
S. Scholastica, V.
B. John de Brit&o, S.J.
S. Catherine de Riecils, V..
S. Gilbert, C. Marriages nol
solemnised until April loth.

w Ash Wednesday.
Th S. Bennet Blacop, Ab.
F Crown of Thorns.
S Japanese Martyrs, S.J.
Su. 1st of Lent.
M S. Francis de 8ales, B.
Leo XIII, elected 1878.
T B. Didacus Carvalho, S.J., M.
W S. Peter's Chair at Antioch.
Th S. Peter Damian, B.D.
F S. Matthias, Ap. Dev.
S The Spear and Nails.
Su. 2nd of Lent.
M S. Ethelbert, K.
T S. Oswald, B.


.. .


Caridles blesAed before Mass at 7. All the days of Lent except the Sundays are
days of fasting. The Fridays of Lent, Ash
1 5. Abhes imposed before Mass at 7. Wednesday and the last four days of Holyi
; '. T L. b n o. A Week are also days of abstinence. .,
, S The Lenten Fast begins on Ash Wed Dtring Lent there will be every Wednes-
" erday. February s5th. During the whole of day at 7 p.m. Rosary, Sermon and Benedic-
Lent butil Low Sunday incluively Marriages tion and every Friday at.the,same hut Via
will not be solemnized. Crucis, Sermon and Benediction.

: 19.-Episcopal Jubilee of Pope Leo XIII, consecrated Bishop at R6me.
: i .: '-. ,; ... February 19th 1843. .
't i eato thil k tii otthis ayr will bemae I y od VirApbstoldai isl ud
...., i .. n, bem*announad fpoM ble, in asupplemeatto thilambr. :



.3 F

j S
, S Su
., 5 IM

9 Th
,, to F

13 M
t,: 4 T

I. .j

;: ~ -t-?-
: .' .i


o Ptr ost (SIarious lajetstfi, idan t, or GRsAT BRITAIN AND IRtLAND
The Humble Petition of the undersigned inhablitants of the Colony of British
Honduras slheweth as follows:-
1. Your petitioners desire respectfully to call your Majesty's attention to the pro-
sent condition of the currency systein ofthe Colo;iv.
2. The unit of account in this Colony is the Dollar; and the standard of values, the
silver dollar of Guatemala of 385.8 grains troy weight and of the millesimal fineness of
900.0. The silver dollars of Chile and Peru of like weight and fineness with the Gua-
temalian dollar are legalized to pass concurrently with it.
3. The standard of the Colony was formerly Gold viz: the English sovereign with
the Mexican silver dollar and the Spanish and Columbian silver dollars concurrent at
bour shillings sterling,
4. In 1887 a purely silver standard was fixed on the grounds that the Colony had
already drifted into a silver currency and that such currency was employed by the ad-
joining Republics with which the Colony was in business relations.
5. That prior to 1887 the Colony should have drifted into a silvercurrency was
inevitable, for, although gold was nominally the standard, Mexican and Central Ame-
rican silver dollars were received by the community and by the Government at four
shillings sterling long after the silver contents of theso dollars had fallen below that value.
6. After the serious fall in the price of silver, had the Mexican and other silver
dollars beeh demonetised in this Colony as in vyor Majesty's West Indian possessions
the Colony would'never have drifted into a silver currency but English Gold would
still have reoihatied as the standard and currency of the Colony .
7. That in 1887 the silver Guatemalan dollar should have been selected as the stand-
ard for this colony with the object of promoting trade with the adjoining Republics wan
doubtless wisely intended ty adtt rMajesty's Uovernment, but as a matter of fact that
object has obt' bed'itattaitbd. 'Thede Republic now import directly from Europe and
the UnitedStttihs'"And thdtiidtrd of'this Colony 'with them is steadily diminishing.
Indied thell oa1' ithFuttmkfhi"otr dollar has belbh kdlitod f istd' tie till..


The Pop Epicopal Juhilee, Page 21 Por u" Piojo, Page S
Chon Po 2. i A Sad Story.but true, .
C o lo n y N O t e s F '"
Chronicle of the Sacried Heart, 26 Monthly Obsetvations, .' *
Cedclia.'Roary, I7 Yearly Observations.. 39

184(i. There he continued to crry on
the "good work" of a bishop according
to the model laid down by St. Paul in his
epistles to 8.S. Timothy and Titus,until
lie was summoned to Rome in September
1877 by Pius IX and made Catnerlengo
of the lioly Roman Church. It was in
S. this office of High Chamberlain that he
l HE month has at last arrived in presided over the Conclave of Cardinals,
II which we tre to celebrate the which met in the Vatican February 18th,
Episcopal, Jubilee of our vene- 1878 to choose a successor to Pius IX.
ruble and beloved Pope Leo XIII. It is He issued from it as Pope and the choice
an event lhnost unique in Church His- of the Cardinals was proclaimed by the
tory and with reason. One who is raised senior Cardinal Deacon from the balcony.
to the episcopal dignity usually has had of St. Peter's at 2 p. m. February 20th,
already long years of sacerdotal expe- 1878 in these words:-
rience before being set over the Church "I announce to vou tidings of great
of God to rule it (Acts xx, 28.) To add "joy. We have for'Pope His Eminence
to these years, 60more before the olden "the Most ReverendLord Joachin Pecci,
Jubilee comes round must be rare indeed. "who has taken to himself the name of
Our Holy Father, Vincent Joachim "Leo XIII."
Pecci was born on the 2nd of March, 1810 From this day he became Bisho of the
at Carpineto in the Papal States and on Apostolic Chair-Prelate of the Apsito
February. 19th 1843 he was raised to the See-Head of all the most Holy Prests of
archiepiscopal See of Damietta, in Egypt God-Head of all the Churches-the Bis-
and consecrated by Cardinal Lambrus hop of the Catholic Church--the Chief of
chini in the Church of St. Lawrence, the Universal Church--the'dHeadand Chief
Rome. For three years Archbishop Pecci of the E pate hefPontifand Bis Papal N noio at the court of ip oflp-the Ruler of te Church.
Leopold I, King of the Belgians Aiad on Such ar some of the titles the
his return to Rome he was transferred early Councils of the Church and eccle-
pthie request of the people to the See siastical writers, before the sixth century
SPergia, which city he entered in July to the office of hint who has been chosen

( 23

Pope-the 263rd of his line. He took up
lie dignity confeired on him with all the
wisdom and with little of the feebleness
of age. Fifteen years have gone by since.
then and Leo XlII has surpassed all the
high expectations that were entertained
More than 200 millions call him
Father" and the respect and veneration
of his children have grown with the years.
of his Pontificate. Five years ago. when
Leo XIll kept'his sacerdotal jubilee the
occasion was one in which Catholics
throughout the world showed their deep
affection by their numerous and costly
offerings' to the Holy Father. On that
occasion these are rumoured to have
exceeded a million pounds sterling in
.money whilst about 100,000,000 objects
for presents were sent. His EpiNcopal
Jubilee will call forth the same senti-
ments again; but the prayers of all-the
prayers of the Catholics of our Colony-
are what he especially asks for.
Whatever arrangements may be made
for the due celebration of the day we are
sure that all hearts will unite together
in thanking God for having given us a
Pontiff, who has deserved so well of the
Church and to beg that He would deign
to preserve the life of him who long years
ago was foretold would be a Light of
his age.
The Society of Jesus has also to thank
his Holiness;' for amongst the solemn
beatifications, which will take place on
occasion of his Jubilee, will be that of
Father Antonio, Baldinucbi, 8. J4, who
was attached to the' Peedi family at Car-
pineto. He died in 1717 and was declar-
ed by Pins IX to have been manofheroic
sanctity. Th6 fact bf ;the'two miracles,
(reqired in every batifiatiAha) wrought
by the -htitrtiegsionloaf 'ithdeV6erable

Servant of God having been clearly es-
tablished the Holy Father decreed in an i'
allocation delivered, on September 8th"
last that they safely proceed "
to the solemn beatification-Tuto procedi
pose ad solemnem Ven. &rvi Dei Antonit'
Baldinucci Beatifrationenm. '
.Catholics of Belize ought to be espe-
cirlly gratefull to the Holy Father at this'
time for having given them a lBishop and '
the otne too of their choice Very Rev.
Father PDi'ietro, S. J.

(: i0 1 O Y OTE 8.N:.

H IS has been the event f Imnportance
Sto most of our Readers which has
occurred dunnr the last month, the
A nominmation of Very Reverend Father/
DiPietro to he the fira Vicar Apostolic of the -
Catholic Church in British Honduras. Thetime,
and place of his Consecration we shall learn onI.
the arrival of the Birbop. ;
Other items however of some domestic lntet:
rest have taken place.
At. me-eting of the Cathoic Assoclatiod,"
January ind, the officers for the comningyear Were"
chosen. 'the members re-elected those of the"
past r. Hon. C. Melh4iao, President.:
S: J. M. Rosado, Vice-Presidenta.
'A. A. Richiritd, Trtastirer.!' "
:''"~'W. B. Gutteron, Secretal;y.'l '
S* J.D. Burns, Librarianui "'
; ,, '"LJ Boulny,' *""' n Cod llk'l"''

C. Gibbons, "

Od Tuesday; Janbaty 3td the annual 14Newi
Year's Diner w,* given at the Poor House,toi

.( 24 ):

wn a motle gthering of some o50 C, ilege, near Winmsor. On the re-opening of
which a dones of the Poor House, the Lunatic Schools January t6th he took charge of the C1.
Asylumand Ithe Ho1pital. All seemed to enjoy tholic Select School, Belize, a great change from
them andalt good fare provided for them by the a. hig College of more than 0oo to the dozen or
hldies and gentlemen of the Congregation. so little fellows who form all that we gather to
Dinner oer somefewhegan to doce tothemusic gether to make up a High School.
st them by the. Lunatics' Baund. Unwittingly i The same Mail brought a telegram from New
however we had chosen the day fixed for Athle- York--"Arrived safe. Leaving for Belize. Frid.
tic the Hospital, so that after an hour 13th. If consecration in Belize, notify by tele-
and a half the merry meeting brhke up. gram through Puerto Cortes to New Orleans.
-- DiPietro."
A Tea party had heen arranged for the 6th This was communicated to the Committee of
and though the afternom o was very wet it seem- the Bishopric Fund and all the Members were
ed as if the attendance was not much below unanimously of opinion that it was the wish of
the average. The Tables were presided over by the People that the Consecration should take
Mrs. Lind and'Mrs. St. Martin, Mrs. Canton, place in Belize and accordingly a telegram in
Miss Emma Monsanto, Miss Fuller, Miss Carrol, that sense was at once'sent off to Puerto Cortes
Miss Martint Garcia and Miss M. T. Wardlaw. by Hon. Carlos Melhado, Chairman of the CGm .
We lave to thank these good ladies for all the mittee. On January i8th there was a meeting 44
care and trouble they took on the day and in the the same gentlemen to make all the arrangements
preparation of their Tables. After tea was over for receiving the newly appointed Blihop. He
we were treated to a short farce called the Mu- had been delayed however in his jourony from
sical Bore and then a coupleof the" Kickapoo" New York by the extreme cold. loc to 5'h below
SMinstrels amused the Children by their spirited zero, and so could not come on till the 29th or
dialogues and funny songs. Afurtherentertain- 3oth when we hope to welcome back our bhe
went was in store for them. Professor O'Dahlem loved Bishop.
had kindly offered to astonished them by some He brings with him a Fr.Edmund Legr n SJ.
of his clever trucks of sleght-of-hand and formore who has been several years residentin England.
than half an hour he interested children and
grown up persons. There was much amusement
when from His Excellency's hat he brought out Fourteen Cardinal were created by the Pope
a live guinea-pig, a couple of large cannon balls at a Consistory held on January t6th, 6 Italian,
a big doll and various articles too numerous to 2 French, Prussian, I English, t Irish, t Hun-
count. Sir Alfred Moloney accompanied by his garian and t Spanish Cardinal. Pope Leo XIII
SPvate Secretary and Aid-de-camp came with in his allocution thanked God for having presr'
his usual punctuality and kindly stayed till the ed him to celebrate his episcopal jubile andbe-
end. In spite of the rain those who came enjoyed sides the Cardinals aiamed two others rescr
Themselves and pecuriarly it was a success as in peto, who are said to be:Father Heinhuber,
"terpaying expenses $S6owere handed over to S.J. and either Mgr. Perrand, bishop of Autos
the Biopric Fand as th proceed of the day. or Mgr. Fav, bishop of Grenoblo...

The English Cadinal is ArchbishopVaugs".
By the "Breakwt of Westminster who lat. ye atsucCeded Canr
,.r: ohn B.-m-dert"o ",nuy o 8th IT Id nal Manning a, Archbishop of W t irnstlta"- '
Pttb l wnd Baldrin ,. ;J He comes from hd Itrish, thtMbat Rist P gue, Arct hlop
d last yras teaching inBeaaumont ofArinagh BnladrimAte,6t;ll gead. iil '

( 26 )
# -;-

Corozal.-The usual festivities of Pascua
passed off without any rotable difference.
The net receipts coming from Bazaar, Tams-
suca and Concerts amounted to $ 87,-which were
handed over to the Treasurer towards the Church
debt fund.
The annual elections of the directive officers
of the Catholic Association were held on January
8th and resulted in the almost unanimous re- p-
pointment of the same gentlemen, who cheerful.
ly resumed their labour of charity.
Honorary President, J. M. Rosado.
President, Francisco Reyes,
Vice-President, Olgario Romero.
Treasurer, '. Mariano Valencia.
Secretary,.. ..... Nolasco Riverol.
At the same time the Treasurer made his re-
port for the year 1892 of which we give the f.l-
-lowing resum....
Hearse, .- 10.00
Monthly donation, .5.25
Balance lR92 56.0o
Assisted funerals, .oo
Medical Assistance, 7.5
Church service aid,. 36.7o
Hearse,. .. 36.75
Aid to the needy, 59.g65
In hand, ., 67. 37
El 8 de Enero se celebrkron las eleccionei pars
la Junta directive de la Sociedad Catolica de exte
Ciudad, con un admirable result. Los mismos
eaballeros que habian servido en el aio 1892 ac-
ceptaran de nue'o sus, encargos por unanini.
vot de los socios.,, .., .
President Honoario;,, SEr. J. M. Rosaido.
Presidente, .-. I Francisco Reyes.
Vice-Presidente. : Oliario Rmnero.
Tesorcro, ..,;,,.' .., Mariano Valencia.
Secretario, N.. ..i," .olasco Riverol.
He aqui tn resume do Is cents por 892s.
EsTKAVAs. n)1,1 I',;, vi $ ctas.
Balaizav, 4 : '6.o0
Entradau, -' fi l :".:I'.'*-'; *54.25

Balanu ,'s t *i '' s o e.' l iA..3., .
GattoS y astentia d los pbbres, 2' % 5J90
-, *. l .

Punta Gorda.-Our Readers may remem-
her that the late Fr. Robertson investigated the
Mafia and'the result of his inquiries Was to con-
vince him that it was a mixture of imposture and -
devil-worship, andihat the incentives to the Buyee
to continue the practice was chiefly lust and
A gentleman visiting Redcliff saw the practice
there.and came to the same conclusions. Having
ben .told that the Mafia was.taking place in a
certain house in Redcliff, he went thither with the
Magistrate haont tr p.m. The'house appeared
from the outside to be brilliantly lighted up and
various incantations were continued for half an
hmir; then a violent noise an the floor announced
the coming of first Mafia or Devil. The lights
were extinguished and an indescribable voice
went on in conversation with the Buyee. After
this the Buc ee asked one of the parties what her
ailment was and then, speaking iu his natural
voice to the Mafia, he asked what would be
charged for the cure. The hideous voice then,
went on for a long time and the same routine,
was repeated with the other patients.
So the imposture went on for an houraud a half,,
until utterly disgusted with the diabolical deceit i
practised, the gentlemen demanded admittance
on authority. After a few minutes the door was
opened and lighting a candle they went in. The
house had two rooms. The first was full of ham-,
mocks,, the second had an altar with about 30,
candles and some images and other items. On,
asking what it all meant, the Buyee begged for-
giveness of the Magistrate, but could give no,
explanation. He said (on being asked)there was:
ho one in the house, hut they discovered six,
women from Punta Gorda who had been under,
treatment varying from two weeks to three dayq.
Many of the Native Caribs arevery frightened i
at the Buyee, as le tells them, the Mafia makes:
them sick and only the Mafia can core them. ,I
.This particular impostt has about eight chil-
dren by different women and leads nmoat de-:
motalized life' How long Is tbe practicebfthis
lcvilry to cuitltiMe um our. Coloyt ,''

( 26'

C H THE SACRED HEART. Let Catholics help bytheir praer where ti,
HONICE F are not called to do sa by their deeds. Holy
Church in this herwarfare against this Antichrist
*i w Pe b O Jesus. through the most pure Heart of Msry,
Sf I offer Thee the prayers, works. and sufferinpsd
this day, for all the intention of Thy divihe Heant.
I offer them in particular that Thy Sacred
Heart may inflame us all. with love" for Th,
Church: with joy in her triumphs, sympathy i
her sufferings, self-sacrificing zeal for her cause.
Ame. .
T WKIIODOOMos00 l La Intelleito general para el meade
"Febriro es a). g.ranide
The intention for Februory Is LOVE FOR HOLY CHURCH. Amnor lca la Santa Madre Iglesia.
Qu. mejor dun podemos pedir del Coraz!m
HE Cath ilicChurch is passing through de Jesus que un fire amor para su Esposa s;n
a time oft trial which we on this side mancha,la antpa Madre Iglesia semceantealqne
of the Attlantic do not feel antl .carce-
lv understand. It is not open perse- tiene El mismo. Cristo am6 i la Iglesia y se
caution by the swordl hut it is the more insidious entreg6 a sa mismo por ella para santifictar &c.
and more terrible cirdlea of delpri% ig her chil- Efesios v. 25. 26.
dren of the teaching and guidance of the Church. Mas I ay La esposa e Cristo esth roleada de
The enemy of the (Church, as so gotten pointed enemigos poderosisimos y astutisimos, tudis
out by the Holy Fathier, is Naturalism-that spirit cuantos se vanaglorian en una civilizacion atea-.
which would exclude from. the State and from 6 mas bion, segun dice El sumo Pontifice Leone
the Family and the Indivldual the idea of the XIII, en espiritu de Naturalismo, el cual escofn
supernatural. To tteach this the people are to trario al espiritu de la Iglesia. Ademas sehan
be gradually accustomed to civil marriage, civil de contar los hijos rebbldes que aumeitan In
funerals and even civil baptisms, and the rising huestas hostiles de multiples herejias y por s
generation are to have an education, from which obstinacion equivoca pugnan contra su madre.
all dogmatic christianity is to be carefully ex- Pues bien para triunfar dehen los aminterdd
cluded. Such s'the spirit which is ruling in Italy Sagrado Corazon y de su Castisima'Espos,
and France and trying to gain rule in Spain and echar sus fervientes aiplicas delante del tronode
Portugal, Austria anid Hungary. From thidspirit misericordia pars desconcertar las falsas ideas
however has sprung up a crop of divorces, juve. traer en uniot estrecha con su madre A los hijos de
nile crimes, suicides,, uaadness and insubordina- la Iglesia, y enlazarles con mutuo aftur entire sL'
ton, which, they that run may read. All these rOh Jesus miol por medio del Corazon inmr.
evil effects are laid by the Pope at the door of culado de Maria Santisima osofrezco las oracio
Freemasonry. Surelya Pope who is so phio tes, obras v trabajos del resente dia, para rep-
sophic, so calm andh lber t W. M p rar lat ofensas que se os hncen, y parala dess-
hi view m and lihel a hutnanitarian In Intenciones de vuestro Sagrado Coraton.
his views would ntt withlt reason actuse a Les ofresco en particular pars que tu Sagrad:
Society of being "the enemy of God."' The Corazon nos enciendes.todos de un vivo asnt-
*ope wellnowmed and knows his bw bt- de la Santa.Iglesin, regocijandonos en su trnim-
nes and denounce I ntalian Frm is own bu."- fos, compadeciendonos en sus aflicciones, y
a Itkked cattW k F lm onry as b.. ei crificandons con zelo por sus Intereses. Am.
g5l ..c.. 1'a, dQ Of:f t E r BACAJA~UL -Acabambnos e reoetbr Mna naraolo
..- t = I th (it fl( ",bok tortie de esta cludad en tie m o a la-sublenbt
r' by vkIr< W t,,s' "" *"" ")in- Iletoresmusg pronto poslble. ,: !

( 27 )

for my o!d nurse seemed to inspire me to ask for
....- --- --- the rosary now. .
S On the morrow I was to start for San Francis-
co, where I was. going on business that might
probably detain me there for some years.
I had nearly reached my destination, and was
CECILIA'S ROSARY. steaming from Sacramento to the Queen City
of the Pacific," San Francisco, when a stranger,
-whom I had not noticed before, asked me which
Hotel would he the hent to go to.. "You seem,"
" TAKE it, Willie," said my mother,in reply he said, "acquainted with this part of the New
to my request that she would give me a World."
curious old rosary that had once belonged to an "Nay," I replied, "I know nothing of San
Indian nurse, much attached to us all, who had Francisco. I spent three years in my childhood
lived with us some years previously, when we at Sacramento."
were residing in California The sun was just sinking on the boom of the
This kind of rosary was commonly used by vast ocean as we looked through the portals of
the coloured, Catholic population there. It is the Golden Gate. Soon, bells were ringing,
worn round the neck. One hundred and fifty carrages rattling lights gleaming and the anxioss
small beads, divided into fifteen decades by faces of porters were regarding their prey, ready
fifteen larger heads, are strung on a fine silk cord, to seize each tired traveller, and take him and his
long enough to pass over the head, to form the luggage to their dentmation. The steamer was
rosary. the small cross being threaded on fine wire. soon boarded by these cormorant,, and I felt that
Cecilia's rosary was made with white beads, the only thing I could do was to resign myself to
the larger ones being black. The Indians say my fate, and let one of them bear me away out
the Rosary at intervals between their work, pass- of the din and confusion that was perfectly be-
ing eleven beads over the right shoulder when wildering. I saw my new acquaintance just ahead
said; if called away to serve, the number is thus of me. Presently, I saw him drop a small book.
indicated, and when again at leisure they con- I picked it up, and tried to overtake the owner;
tinue the devotion, the crowd, however, rendered it impossible; so
My mother, then a Protestant, used to tease I put it carefully in my pocket. When I found
poor Cecilia good naturedly about her beads." myself comfortably established for the night at
When the feast of the Assumption came round, the Cosmopoltnn,I examined the book in the hope
she would say, Ahl Cecilia, these festivities that the name of the owner might he written on
are in my honour, for this is my birthday." Cecilia the fly-leaf, and that it might aid me to restore
would shake her head mournfully, saying "Ah I it. There it was--Franci St. John. The book
seiiora, Cecilia love sefiora very much, hut she was new to me. It was a "Garden of the Soul."
must mnt talk so. Cecilia will say Rosary for Wht a strange title 1" I thought. Turning
sefiorn every day till she love our Lady much." over the leaves, I came to Morningand Night
When, on coming to England, my mother prayers," "The Angelus" &c. I started at last,
parted from Cecilia, the faithful creature kept as Rosary .f the Blessed Virgin" met. my as-
bittetly, giving her as a bouvefr her old rosary tonished gate, I traced the devotion all through
newly strong. Something thore than affection with Cecilia's rosary, which I got out of my port.
on -to ue o hamatteau, and put round my neck, supposing that
b Mlles otl I:' to. be the right way of ting It. Mort tbhai one,

-- a er- POR UN PIOJO...
Prse.d the last MIentence in the ast.prayer--
robtain of Him that we may so seek Elihn antd
fnd Him ir the Holly Catholic Church, as never
more to he aparatcJdl from Ilimn." was lawn (cN Vaco N.)
when I thrbe mvsejlf on my bed and fell asleep, V
when I the ile cs attached to the rosary in my -Buenol ihuennol... IYa hablaremos de
with the little ""s eso !-exclam6 Teresa echandoi correr, conten-
fer breakfast, I[ found my way to the Cntho- ta v satisfecha desi misma, al ver realizado s0
k Cathedral. A flew worshippers were there, proyccto de captarse la voluntad de doefa Angus-
but I heeded them not. Neither didI look at tins, para hacerle mhs tarde la petition que de-
sitar or picture. I felt I could pray there, Ih' w seaba. Y in acordlndose siquiera, con ese nohle
long I had remaitedl there I cannot tell, when I tdeintersi de las almas generosas, del cstosm
felt a light touch oln .ity shoulder, and lotlking sacrificio.que para imponia, deciarelena
up,I saw the owner ,f the prayer-hook standing de gozo:
hv me, and holding the hook in his hand. I had -iGraciasa Diost... QuI contents se pondri
laid it beside nme, aind he had taken it up,,and mainana la pobre Rosita PifIa
was, by his look, irequiriug a solution of the Dona Angustias se apresur6 i entrar en el ts.
mystery. I rose from my knees, and wehoth left c;dor de Pepita con la caja abierta en la mano,
the church together. I then I hnd y liena de satisfaccion y enternecida todavia, dijs
become possessed of the book, and asked himn 8su hija:
bow I could get one like it. : : -Mira ... IMira to que te regale Teresl
"Favourme byacceptingit,"saidMr. t John. Pepita disimul6 el vivo mdviniiento de vani-
I was glad enouglti to do so. This' began. an dosa alegrin que el regalo le causabn, y mW6
acquaintance with a faithful friend, who, during de(dcVt,j smento Is cajs '
my stay In San Furmlcibco, became my in.truchtr -Qut nina esas -exclumdab dona Angastis
in the Catholic Faith. Before mysreturn to EnU enitusiainnada. 'Qu6 Cornzol el suyol... I i
land, I had the pleasure of seeing my faithful hum,ild,. quc In tietral ...;
nurse, whose delight when she saw me one day -1i Vuva una hazafia l-replic6 Pepita cun I
in the cathedral, with her old rotary in my hand; desprec!ativa con quetrataba sien.
was demonstrated by clasping her hands and pre a su madre. Bien podia haber hecho el re-
prostrating herself on the ground. I told her how, galo de ntanern mAs decente...
her prayers had been answered, and she said, -i Pero mujer ... -
"Ab I Cecilia say Rosary every day for Selor Pues* no, es que le faltael estche ?... Sine
and Senora." P o q l e .
d S r. que ere capirote.,i'
Cecilia was going to England with Mr. St.- ohn -I Mujer ...
and his family; and this was how she came to he Y no yes mai all de tus nrices... PuesnO
t an Francisco and see me in the cathedral.: cohoces que a Teresa le banenttadoahoral a"
On reaching England, Cecilha, with great dif- de ir al baile y quiere congaciarse conmigo?...
Oculty, sought and found my mother. apd, Peso y0o le asguro qe no Ita... l'PeaP soy de5
uget, ventured to broach the news of my con- qularme s6lo. porque ella no ays, y darle firne
rntloa to her, Instead of an outburst of grief, en hI cabezl, I. '
my. mother fell on hr faitbfl rant'sl shouldl A es s reduj. tod, .l ,gra.dmeno de
sd Wept fo joY for Ih herselfl, w to.b Pepita,.la hor,dp comry,dignse dirlWlrA
..Ceoi the .t a few days,, prima ans media srsa y se levant de Ine
RC a ryvertday,Mw Bnotsiddhvrtian', ntes do terniidIa i iwa R4 pwoqu In pet*'
4 \ *

dora llegaba presurana, y era precise no perder Y preciosa realmnnte estaba la nifia... Nadie ,
tiempo. Teresa aprovech6 tan buena c.yuntura huhiera creido que aquellifigura tan;l&nguida,.
para hacer su retomendatlon A Ia bicnnventura- tan ideal, tan vaporosa,ae habiazampado
da dofia Angustias, y Asta se prest6 i ello gus- mainans tres chuletas de carnerp y dos pares de
tpsisima, pidiindole apuntados en on papelito, htevos fritos.
todos los datos que para la resurreccion de Ro- Faltaba, sm embargo, todavia el remnate del
sits Piiia eran necesarios. La amistad delaCon- artistico peinado; velanse hun sobre la frente de
desa y donia Angttstias era intima y antigni, y Pepita las dno erguidos papillotes, y era necesa-
todo hacia esperar it Teresa un pronto y feliz rio oltarlos it altima hora, despucs de amoldar.
desentlce. los a can Ins tenacillas, pars former los dos gra.
Comenzaron las idas y venidas que la toilette cion.,s ricitos que constituian la.imprescindible
de Pepita requeria. y por dos horns largas anid- .mnda te ent6nces. Lienn de satisfaccion Teresa
vo revuelia t.da la cans. Desprendii6e P'epita v rlhosando buen desco, ofreci6se espontnnea-
al caho deellas, como la mariposa del c,,ullo, nmente A des.empeilar tnn irduG cometido; mans
de: lus mil cachivaches de tocador que In rodea- in diosa, rcchazando con severe dignidad sus
ban y apareci6 A los fascinados ojox de Mrica y carifiosas ofertas, contest que con Marica le
difia Angustiaa, en todo el esplendwr de su toca- hastaba.
do. Era so traje un vaporosq conjunto de gasas Retir6se, ques, Teries, viendo desalrados uss
y crespones blanca y rosa, hitbllmente dispues- buelos oficiot, y doina Angustia se march tanm-
tos, que presentaban los saves matices rsados hien i inile'te, sicntpre abreviada,
de una nubh de la tardes de ella arrancaba el purque era nl viuda de tes mamaisquenhorrattn
busto de Pepita, que no era ciertamente unn do en sos perimain to que derrachan en n0as hijas,
helleza, pero aparecia realzado ent6nccs por Ita c presentan siempre junto at lujo de Itas, altn n .
double aureola d la frescura de Is juventud y lIs tiito piing ljientas tipo nlstnlte comun entire las'
recursoa Destackbase con gusto exqui- eleganntc de inedio t pelo.
sito, entire us hucles, de n rublo ceniciento, unn Rctal;leci6so al fin In calnma portatotliempo'
delicadlisna peineta de coral rosa, y el rest del interrfmipid y oyui dlitinltaimente A nl camps.'
aderezo aparecia esparcido acA y alnI, cotno to- nada de lisa ntieve. detenefse It l puerta el simonh
. ques mi uoscuros de aquel color rosado que tan- que haliia de llevar I ta nirdre y i la hija i case
.to encanto prestaba A tan vaporoso traje...Doia de la Cn.desa. A pcco, an espantoso nlarido,
Angustias habia dado dos pasos atrts, contem- adt min terrible ch el silertcio, resond por todos
plindola extasiada, y corri6 en busca de Teresa los iAmlitmu de la casa... Teresa se Itvant6 des-
pars que pudiera tambien admirarla. : pavorids y cnrrim a cuarto de su pritnaIalt mis-
Aplacada ladeidad con el inciensoque ante ella mo tiempli dntraha doan Angustias it medio ves-
quemaban, dejse-admirar pot,suprimna con una tir por: la otni puerta... El cuadro era terrible;
sonrisita bondadosaa evaporacion sin duda de so Pepita, sentada ante el toaedor, medio caida con-
vanidad que rebbsaba...C ogi6 ea an obacqulo tra Ia pared, Innmabi agudt s chil'idist de pid i
un abanicu,, petteneclent:o tamblen:. alderco, si lIdo, Marica,' pilkla de espanto miraba est6.
con varillas de coral-y palsde plumes blancas, pidimente las caldendla tenasillasade risrt quo
y abanicitdose asdvemectoon'l ngulda potura, tenia 6t Is mano,; en cuys punts sediceubria on
pregunt su priisat l,.r,.:::i .. ] ;.,,,i,. ,,,,c.:,, rubIoricito.,Ut uerte color pelo chamuscado,
-*-Qu'teopatescoh.on ,:.. ,. i hwadi6 todo el sposento.:, i;. :-il;, ,.. ..:.;!
Teresa I contempt6 tn nomento con admir, iDoClAngustlss yTeresn se lanron kPepoia,
clon:sinctera,;i xclamb-on entUillamo|nr i. rynl'd lut gravementl brda l|,nl I mecqr.rq.,
W Mdy blen,p~ q Ipltal i plcilul..4 .J lI;,,ri sadur* StalSp Ifunte I DlDtstnrid jrtic?,nk

( 30 )

ndos n eineta d crale; habla bpretado -Mire V. senor, In verdi en nu lugar... Sin
umro I ppilloteentre las tenazas caldeadas, qe querer lo hice; pero no me pess... Lo que sieto
etanto el ed6 chalmuscado y rrancado por es que no le cogl tambien las narices con tas te.
complcto. Las consecuencids i"ran fatales, y nacillasy se las dejo rizah pk today la vida..,
harto proato las comprendi6 P'epita. VI
h Ayyrto po g glay! syl chillaba comosi No anduvo tacafno.Morfeu con l seiioritade
-Ayl I I Ordaftez, y detpues que hubo sdta llorado, ra
I& matsen. ",
-iN teo apures. hija l-gritaba dflla Angus- bhado y pateado su desgracia hasta moy entrad.
tims; que todo podri arreglarse ... Ia unoche, dejhla dormir tranquil y en on sol
Y. en vano procuraban arreglarlo: Ia frente sueno, haste las diez de la matians. Pdle en.
aparecia calva par un ldo, y colgada por el tnces en l joti un reflejo del sol que esplin
an largo mechon, pIecnpado del papillote que ha- didamente biillaha, y abrib Pepita el derecho:
blr sobrevivido al dexastre. quiao nhrir tiumbien el izqutierdo, y una ligers
SI mleatia ie Impidi6 abrirlo del todo; -Acudi6
-Iimposible I... IImposiblet--gritsba Pep t
.-Si tm horiblel. .. ISi estoy hecha P npb asust da al espejo, y la hinchazon de so ro-ado
ta i estay hrpado vino a.nunciarle, que an gordo y from
adeio n... mjerl-le i orzuelo se le entrba por Ir. puerta, esdecir,por
-l Trnquiliutc, mujerl-le decia Terrsma. e i l
En ves de dos rizos te pones uno,.y queda todo el sin pedile notes pe o: los or
-arreglado... y restregones de'la noche anterior, comenzalan
Pepits scog peranzada esta idea, que sob producer sus resultados.
ser an recurso era una originalidad, y en on se. Terrible era aquel despertar, y muy acertada-
gundo enrosc6 Teresa en so dedo el nechon so- mente pensb Pepita, qu machos se huhieran
brante, y form i Pepita un riat solo en mitad shorcado con minos causa no queriendo, sin
de la frente. Contempl6 an inomento su ohra embargo, desollar ti blanco cello de cisne, li-
en el espejo, y casi estuvoipiquede reirse... El "nittbe i darse & todos los dinblos, decidieldo
rizo se destacaha redondo, hiberto coma e ojo de panerse gravemente enferms, durante los perio-
an dcllope, espantado como debid de estar el del dos de desarrollo, apogeo y descenso del impor-
gigante Polytemo, al ver que le amenazaba In tun divieso. Temerario era entrar en batalls
aguda estaca de Ulises. con Pepits, Ilevando los dardos de sus ojos enn-
-1Qul irrisionI...iQu6 di(sfrxl!-chillnPepi t botados, y no era tampoco decoroso presentase
ta arailndose la cars. en pdblico, con an Incero en un ojo y an candil
Y icon pantalla en el otro.
Y perdid yatda deperanzs, tn staqu repen. La toilette de Pepita no fu6 aquells maian"
tno de nervios no i dehacert i nabe de gass, como la vispera, cuidadosa ni prolija: isti6se
no en Ilmie, mi no en firones, dando & Teres el un. bats de tartan nueva, pero sucia; prendide.
endati Js de wr rodar por el suelo las sacrifi con on aidler en el pecho an pafiolillo escoc.s,
y odas, ys de npoquo dre. Le rona & ia cams hrto estropedo; meti6 con horrible cinilmo
Y pidio n poquear to e eo de Is once entdn- loe plea en enaspanaudes babuchasde orillo Co
se psd6 eca mildnmamnthe t madre que plan pieces de colnejo y dejbse con descaro insadito
tasea oelluntaria nohe en a calle & Maric,' el mofo sin peinir en to alto de la cabea, y el
Paeu iaoliontrida d a espantos atis.trofe. mechou sobrante colgando lecio sobre la frente,
' pMedi a l ads ucho, i.. .. junto al sitiodevastado de du malogrado camp*-
* topt detbato deluoT, Mnr eonte' lio fiero;l'' Pepits not perabae queldis kr.adte,y e
*"acpcobdebs del ubs, nw 0sin tehtrAntes era tampocodes"smajmervs,qlue elinAtdOdeok
dededr &dolr Anguealt l .. ,i, bello y lo:legant* rac lempte y Itodal ;o

.I (

( 31 )

primorosas y aseadas: era s6o vanidosa y pre- bea Palencia, y alll debe de andar todavia, pues
sumida, y cuando no contaba con despertar I xegun el autor, an amigo desconocldo lo coloc6
envidia 6 exciter la admlracion, Ilevibtal Ias ido- de serene.
lencia hasta el deseseo: fenbmeno mia frecuente Teresa habia leido el titulo de la novel, visto
de lo quese cree, en muchas de ea seEaoritasque Ia limina de la portnda y dedo de la obra este
sparecen en teatros y saraos vestidas cono por juicio critic:
mano de hadas. .--Me parece que eita O-impla, debld de IIe-
Teresa hahia ido muy de mnafina h la Comu- marse O-auela.
ntlon d e la Hijae de Maria, con Rosita Piiin que ?epita, sin embargo, gemia con Ia heroin
vino A buicarian dofin Angustiis andaha muy y Ilorahn con el hirne. to cuat le era entbnces
afanada por la cana, empefiada en cvilizar unni ficil, porque el orzaelo Ie escocin bastante
ferozrotee e que llamada it today priah.ahia ve- eran ye las trees, y tun no .habia levantado
nido A sustituir A Marica, y Pepita, para dewcan- ciahcza del lihto. Absurta en so lecture no vi6
sar sin duda de haber dormido hats la die:, cruitar por Ia ventana del gabinete que dabai l
tendibseen on sofA (el gabinete balo, y pioose i calle, un precious berlin tirade por corpulent*
devorar un novelon romaintico en cinco tomais de yegIu anglo-normanda. que vino a detenerme a
ceas que se vetden A cuatro cuartos as eiatrega. Il p:erta milma de la case. Era el gabinete en
Gustaba much Pepita dte ete ginero de lite- que me hialtaha Pepits una pieza silads, sin mis
Sratur, y suacah de ella,--como utram tantas lec-e niild que la puerta que dabs al patio, y en tl
toras-fantisticos suefios ciempre, y priucipios iolie recibir In viuds sus viaites de cnnfianza.
pricticus i veces. Son6 ls campanille del portal al mimno tiempo
Llambbase sl novels La tumba de OWmpla, y que aterrada Olimpia, vein aparecer por la g6tica,
Pepita seguia con. videz, siempre creciente, las puerta de su estancia una mnno disforme sete-,
aventuras del h6roe Arturo, mancebo hubrfano, niendo una cabezae ensnngrenteda... IDe quien
poets silvestre, especie de Ossian con zamarra, era aquella manot.. j De quien era aquella cabe-
de tan ratr abstinencia, que superaba la de sequel za?... Y como si un I:rodigin e encargasde dar
de quien se escribi6 este distico: respuesta i ctas preguntas que ansicas se haci,
e eu anlmuerzo may senollo: Pepita, vi6 iat etitreabrirse A deshors Is puerta
Doe hIgoa y n pansectllo. del gabinete para dar peso iotra negra mano que
Aa ha de I ostenia an estropajoy & otra cabeze desgreftnds
haian paternal, rompiendo intes an hueso, con que It mirabs sonriendo, como quien encuentre
provision prudentisima, at padre tirano que no o bu. ri6 cahn todn l puertr
tuvo & tempo it de quebrar i su sensible hijea spoue6 Isc. Abriho atcabtsord e M rta ,
aquella pierna de la mujer honrada que indica cl padcie6 n zai a otui ie, eucn elt de Mb ica,
proverbio. Conduclala luago kun castillo feudal dicen t lgien comue entb dentro ... S toit:
que eincontriab an peso detras de une mata, y all mai La e V. cota tumhb en el eno pt. S priende
resultaba que Olimpis no era hija de au padre, ane priende.
ni Arturo nieto de so abuelo; que otro padre y O6u entilces an crugir de sedan y-aluerte
otro abuelo caian,.como quien dice, del techo fatal I-Pepita buhiere querid desmay-rs comq
que el otro pidre de Otimpie spared de repented Olimptl, pars vlver en at despots de mutrte..4
con el hues ptraclorado ya colmpuetto qce Ar- Detlnte tenia i Mercedes Pined., so, delegate
t'aye bui pqr el ba lon v qu Olimpit eaa i duere. mg, y dictrua de ella A Pepito, .el Condeaito
miyeda.yued con todo rlviAtt cestab march. diplomAtlco, con el. mmbrero de cope pi la en,
NDettengaado con todo sdte Arteonote s archa- guant4de mno, tildado, elegant,
Sittuado eotre ntraur la w liMrtOie F eals Ma main lord en, Wtndur. Ptalcmt .petra, ft e!tju

( 3- .)

com M)br del 'c)imdiro, napirecia la roteiia con qce thiraban siempre entire perspicaces y buro.
Scestpa en l maino y In bocaabierta. mitan- neI; hrillaba en todo st! persona ese empaque na.
el estrpaJme te & I, aristocritica pareja. (turahlnente aristocritico, tan dif(cil de imitar, q.e
Hoy situaciones q'e! no pueden describirfe, y nada tiene de altivo y al k veces de impertinent,
la situscion dC Pepita en aquel momento eta una propio de la mayor parte de los jbvenes nacid.e
de estas. Pepit y Mercedes lacomprendieron, y yeducadosen altartesferns. Su hablareralento,
des i le era diecreta, spresri6se i sLcar h Pepita algo meloso y no poco cxtranjerizado. Era, pr
del apuro,abrazsndoli carifosamente diciendo: otit paite, mozo de talent, de gran porrenir.
'-pero'mujet,-- qtI6 es esto?... QB cha1do asnuha con passion sua madre y i su herniana.
nos has dado anocher-. harto ya, con ser tan j6ven, de la ruidosa vida de
--tUn constipado iatrozl... hija, Iatroz!..'. Ins grades capitals, preferiay buscnbalos train.
itirozl...-exclamfiha Pepita llevkndose la manitii qtlila'gi ces de la familin: era hombre miLaco
I la garganta realmnierte seca y prociranido Kacar nocedor tle. munda de lu que de su edad pudiers
de las profundidades ite su' pech unai tho esperarse, yposeia el minpreciuble.d6n, tan rare
cavernopa. : entire los j6venes, de saber distinguir to que ale
-Por eso me encuetntran ustedes as(... hechd de to que reluce.'
ona facha... Creo que entoy niuy mani... Me Comenzaron los dos hermanos h ponder i
caho de levantar... Y por aiiadiddra un irzuelo. Pepita el grande sentimiento que a susencia del
Hija, despensa... Esa uiajer ho tiene sentido co- hiile les habia causado, y sdta 'contestaba i un
ntun... podia haber aviis-ad'o. coniplidos con forzadas risitas, que no eran esta
Y viendo i Ia rotefial que egilia ahrait sta te vez evaporaciones de la vanidad halagada, sitn
las galas de Mercedes, come lot indios de'M I mnecasdelavamvrdadherida:preocuphbala much
jico ante los arreMs de Hernan Cdnets, le gritb usn descomunal devcosido que tenia en el codode
sin poder dinimular au ira: uto: ihn u anga y procuraba oc'ltar cuidadosamente
SPero qun hace V.' al parade como tnmposte:. bajb el pafolon, y con igualempeiio escondihajo
Avise Ia setiora que tstnii aqui l senior Cond etl vcstido las horripilantes pantuflas de pellejo de
de Pineda y su hermassa. .... conejo, capaces por at tholas de apagar today Ilam
La rotefia se did unal palmAda en el mainsl ce de amor en tl corazon mis inflamable. Baj6al
pastoril'sencillez, y exclamb con la ingenuidad cab, dloia Angustias, repiiti.ronse lo cnmpthdl
itflica de I1s calabazas de Rbta: i. y, as excuses, y'despues de media hora de est
(Lo ve .o V. o ve L ... En tintit, o1s tv chartainaustancial, propia de las visitasociosss,
to dije... Condeses 6 Marquesei ii c6sa' slat lih dij de repente Pepita, fingiendo recorder on
"... a"quel moment to que bacii nte y cuatro hours
-I Jesus, mufer; vkyase V..L:: .tijadlispotl eptnhapensando: .... ':i me a
s l--excamiab Pepitl aboghLtdse'de bochorno ., A todo esto, chquin me
yie 'otaje... Eio es "in cdfrt..'. Estaimot'st tocado toi compadre... '
criados... Todos ae hal ido... Y yo tan minlAd.j L dos hernanos craronentre unarpi
Pero, Pepii, siintese V.. suclte V. el sombredl... mird*;; Mercedes dejo escaar as tosecilla prb
teh'l... r etiet ..... .' .i...'tritni '? en logo, oblig de to' aql'ilen embaraza
Sas res uestaP ,peit6ae puao, a, gopear cn I
"Setioolt''-!'4 e'u 'e pbwrfiobli-. conter',dei ba'dit teftd,'qle prettbdia hteir morth ctie ,a Iao. |e nz an
P L6'inbidhitdl~lt'lF te verd'd un "iii ;:rapiti6;t :, 11, ."
l : .. a I _r;l :
"*""^^ .^ otojil~ttltt "^l^ ^i~ookqui; Hjt~f.p wtii-^ *""

--Ay no. ho ... Dinielo tf,: tbtnb b decir where about the Presbytery-for he Was not a
Pepit.. ; I domestic, but the charming son of a'resp:ctablo
-A ver si lo aciertas...' : neighlhour,-he loved the Father and'the Father
;-Dame alguha aefia... loved him.-
k-Un que te quiere much. : In due course the boy came running into the
-IJesusl--dijo Pepita: y flech6 at Condesito Priest's room, puffing and blowing as if he had
las miradas de so ojo y medio. had stole .srious fun.
Y suspira siempre por tL.. "Well Tranquillno, did you not hear me call
-[Ay qu emipalagl.'..' No me gustnn mbi you?"
suspiros que 'ls de canela... Yes Father, but you see we caught the thief
:-Ni con an candil huhieras etlcotitrado com of a cat lit last. For such a long time the cook
padre tan i gusto, hija... did not know, where the things kept going to, so
--A gusto mio?... we agreed to hide some meat, but in such a'man-
-No dird yo tanto... Suyo al minos... tier, as to let the rogues smell'a little,-ha, ha,
-gPrt'qunin es?... ah-then we put a broken chair for the cat to
Mercedes volvi6 i toser,'el Condesito se echb climb nearer and close by we hunga noonse-ha,
i rtir, y-la pterta se abri6 etn a[tiel moment ha, ha. When 0ou called the cat.was just pnw-
pata dar'pasti In irteiin. q ue asomh Ia caeza ing the lose tag of meat and we pulled thestriig;
diciendo: : and-hn..ha, hi. ha, hn--the cat was strung np
-Aqul etit otto... like fish on a lieu."
S--Pero quieties?-pregditb impiciente dia Well-I dare say you call that fun, but nc-
Angattins. -: : ver mind: just like a good little fellow,'hurry
- Don Recaredo Conejo.: n.. off with this inte to the Hishop's Secretary..'
-iTu conpadtel--dijo Mercedes sin powder The boy laughedd agnin in glee at the feline
contender la risa. : nmisadvevture. but trotted away.
SA PepitH lIe pareci6 quese coia de una torre In an h,'ut or so lie was back, repi.rting that
abajo col todas sue iltsiones, y slotnvo fuerzan the Secretary says he cant trust a boy like me
para -mtl trairr-(l qu horrorl-al hiismo tienm- with a big parcel of money,. cren if f were an'
po que satisfecho, sonriente, erguida id pelada angel, but promises to bend it to-mnic;row in safe
cabeta.; :eirhba en el gablriete D. Rtcaredo. charge.
'' "i s CONTIUnA.) "Thank you my boy-now it is time to go
h T,.. l "...... u ,;, Man. 'o, m ,l .nin .

ome. v yo rt at, g
". "'.'.- .'-"- '"Ta-t aTnd God bless you."
'* Tranquilino scampered off and in two minutes
A SAD BTORY: UT. TRUE. was sitting at home telling the story 6i the cat,
S; """.','' while tlie bld Franciscan sat not Ilmooting over
"Tranqnitinn I Trattldlinol" called the od' the cathatit of the possible tenmiatt,n' the boyhad'
Priest 's he' lt ad his 'able writing' lhiti te. beei unwillingly exposed to; howeveritt last he
"Tranquilinol"' : : p'hptipdhet the notion of way thing erlotis,hi
*' Patlence'l-boys 1 Auppoke will ilwyyi i1 lieviig, i he 4id believe, that' the y6uth' Wa
LJb yit'rl twl thsrtddin~g. lnyoAif)italrtifl m iioct .li.;; .' .... t '" '" i
growing dayilthitrikthey, holdl' beimotae do.j As tlhe bell rang about 8 the next'tirtihIi'
cildes ',and:hxcnttinedt writing. .... *!' ITranquilino uas playing In the street and saw a
,'Trattquliino, i. *,petaolthelPbaltrc, al.itsed party wit. a'subhetantisl parcel istihglnn hiMilsn
t.ptlsd,the biggbtthalfltdfuhtiauttimtsekroh. adBigit tlhti.ra t' dsulauw'nd beotati hetlit

( 34 )

Sopnl to the mesoger, Tranquilino was received, not for his own benefit, but to be hana.
wad top n into the house in his own way. ed over to a neighboring school, but being a little
readyou bring the money from Minsefir ? Oh curious to know how it was that Tranquilino hal
what a lotu Then he ran down to the cook to not shown himself,, he from the dining room as..
wat ablot te c. ed the cook "if the cat had choked the boy."-
By one of those arrangements which seem mn- "No Rev. Father" was the reply. "Tranquilino

comprehensive to ordinary people, but are far was here, but he said he did not go upstairsto
from infrequent where governmental confisca- see you, because you were busy."
tions, for so called economic and liberal reasons, Indeed-it is very considerate of the young
are far from uncommon, the gaol adjoined the gentleman-very considerate indeed-hut I
premises of the Franciscan Presbytery and should have preferred his visit to his extraonli.
Church nnd the good Father of Tranquiino was nary politeness."
in charge of it. "Shall I call him Father?" at once suggested
Being only a boy, full liberty was permitted the cook.
to the youngster to chat with the prisoners after "No, thanks, I suppose he has some reason,
the evening meals, as they sat in the court-yard we shall know to-morrow "
taking the air. It was a pleasure to the unfortu- Vespers and night prayers were over, and the
nates and it was taught to the boy to be done as members of the small household were all stretch-
an act of charity. ed in the death like semblance of sleep, except
What transpired during this day's talk the se- the old Franciscan. He repented of having eve
quel. will reveal. Chit chat about the Father's mentioned the word money to the boy and ac-
money seemed to possess the prisoners. But how caused himself of possibly leading the boy int'
could they manage? The Warder's son was also temptation and resolved on rectifying his anin-.
present and when Trahquilino withdrew they tentional error on the following day and with
proposed to him that some night when his Father such desires he lay down to rest.
left him the keys, he should give them freedom It is needless to say that long before the hour
for some hours and all promised faithfully to be we speak of, the cells of .the poor sentenced
in their cells at the hour of revete. By chance prisoners were barred and locked, and the weari-
a certain butcher of the town got scent of the ed watchman had sought life's restorer as well.
prospective gain and he also spoke to the boy One-only one within those closed precincts,
assurng him that no one should ever know. A was awake:-nay I am wrong, five were wide
day or so after the Warder got fever and he told awake-four men and a boy I.
hs son to receive the keys from o. and return Stealthily as if animated by a demon, Rulino
them in the morning. On learning this the butcher slipped from his chamber, down to the door way,
Insisted on prompt tulfilment of the agreement carrying with him in tight clutch the Warder's
and in the end so warped the boy's mind that be keys, and softly released the companions of the
Uconsented that very night to freethe men. previous days conversation.
Uoraomena of his son's unfaithfulness and not "Hush not a word, or Father will hear as."
r moment suspecting what had occurred the Rufino led the party of desperadoes to a corner
Skey away eded him to be careful to put of the yard and showed them a rope hanging
t to sleep. eI he ppointed place nd down which had been placed firmly to a bar bythe
butcher who.was waiting on the flat roof above.
teood old Father G "Climb up at once," continued the debased
ood a nadharr t, with the all youth, "and mike hbste,,for I cant go till you
hid signl ed the receipt pt thepircl ar bacagsl dont the icrt.flat nd ftd

( 36 )

there you can easily enter the Guardian's room, key was secreted on the moulding that ran round.
hyi dropping this other rope which I have brought the cornice, but was soon touched and tried. The
with me." door came open, and to the packages nf money
"Good-Rufino-g. ood we understand,-let were lying in a row, ready for dispatch to their
us go," and the conspirators one hvynecdimhed owners. Niw however the thrives hld another
up the hanging hope and helped on by the destination for it, and regaining the roof made
butcher. in breathless silence reached the flat roof. their way, under guidance of the butcher to a
Now arose doubts and fears of possible mis- house in the neighborhood.
take, or the alarm cries.of some affrighted sleep- "Quick back I" cried Rnfluo, ".for time isn,
less inmnite, orwakefulness ofthe Gunrdinn but going fait."
all were rejected as groundless difliculties. Shivering in the chilly breeze and more chilled
After a short debate they approached the hy fpr of discoverv, the wicked youth awaited
Guardtin's window-made fast the end ft the themen's return. At last all except the butcher
rpe and the one lot slid down to the drlnpped down the rope and were once more in-
sill and waited for a second, and without even a tried and the silence of a dungeon prevailed.
rustle of his' gariments gained a footing. hut in Three o'clock struck and people were begin-
the darkness, stumbled 'against a chair. ning to move alhut. The Church was opened
Thevenetahle Priest. tiv'erdreaming of hanm, aiid devout worshippers awaited the coilmence-
sai.l quietly:-" Ilush Puss, keep) quiet-pussy, nent.of the first Mass. But no Iather Guardian
poor pusv! 'ypeatred The absence of one so regular in his
"I say." said the man who held the rope put- hrlsnts, hs punctual in the time of duty gave caube
ting his head outside the window-frame- he is of apprehension that some sudden sickness had,
awake what shall I do?"--" Kill hitA" was the overtaken him and the Sacristan hurried to thp
curt reply. and the robber approached the bed Superior's rooin and knocked. No uaswerl-.
and dealt a fearful blow where he thought his The other Priests were in the Church hearing con-
victim lay. The instinct of self preservation gave fessions, so the perplexed Satcristian ran
lion's force t)othe aged man, and In despair he report his useless call; then the Vicar knocked
sprang to where the attack seemed to come from, aud tried the door and begged an answer, none
and clutched in death's agony the heartless of- was forthcomiingl
fender against whom he had done no wrong. After a short deliberation it was determined to
Go down Zack," said one of the party on the force the door and find out this unusual silence.,
roof, he says nothing a*nd we hear nothing- It was dutoel but what a ghastly sight! The poor
perhaps he has betrayed us." ., *' harmless Franciscan lay.outstretched on the floor
"Our own safety as well as hns are at risk!- with a fearful gash running diagonally from the
go on Zack." He slid down the rope followed right eye across the nose and down the left cheek,
by the third and fourth and in less time than it and the face all caked with dried blood; and be-
takes to recouht the deed the butcher's knife was low, the slash of tho butcher's knife had all but
switched sccross the old Ftanciscan's throat, in- severed the head from the trunk.
order to extricate their companion from his death- Hrorot stricken they rushed from the awful,
embrace, And prteludeall -chance of shouting diatnil spot and at once the authorities of the
for help. i. i town ere brought to verify the facts and take'
The money!tvhete is the money?" such steis a they should decm competent in sdch
Ittstindt tided theit' ~trined'"yes thro' the a'dreadful case. ; .
gloom of that chamberof botorrorho the chffonier The money of couree was gonrie d insvestlga-
which 4tood'ld 4 thedf-tieMdhDik'ts ta.Te:Te Tiott ihWd thlt hit hhad beek done,' had beto

( 36 )

the 5,11 were the blood of inql~iry-conjecture-or possibility of the dia.
ains iot by a for and the ledge above. also over were the themes of conversation.
bonsd lBO m*rks such as person climbing The Magistrate at once arrested the man for in.
bould gv made ad hat excluded all doubt was q~iry; and search was made for the accusing voice,
the rope by which he murderers had descended. as witness, but in vain.
Sterangey enough one of the police desired to go The Toreador was placed in the gaol for betta
to the prison but the roll tallied with the men who security, but placed apart from other prisoners, so
t in their cells and apparently every thing was that no communication could be effected through
ere in routine order In fact there was nothing that them with the outer world, and that he might
could be used to base a charge upon. make his own affidavits without othersuggestion.
A thrill of intense pain was felt in every por- As soon as the cells were opened on the morn.
tion of the community as soon as the news was Ing, following this episode, one of the men beg.
bruited about but no clue could be gathered out of ged the Gaoler to call the Judge,.as he had some.
the multitudeof conjectures. The once gay but thing very tell him.
now orrow-stricken Tranquilino told all he knew, In response to the message the Judge arrived
but against his deposition there stood the insur- and the prisoner E-s began:-" Sir-I am very
mountable fact,that at the time, the prisonerswere miserable-very miserable" and he hung down
under bolt and bar, lock and key, and all further his head.
reference to that quarter was discarded almost "Whyl do you think the penalty imposed was
from memory, over great or that you are not treated well?"
But time is longer than rope, says the proverb "My punishment is just, but not enough for
and so it turned out. another crime, which I, with others have done.
*During the course of the year the Spanish bull Oh my God-I see that Poor holy Father Guar.
fight was introduced into the programme of great dian every night-he does not upbraid me, but
festivities and thousands flocked to the arena. All my own bad heart does."
the civic functionaries were in their places of Startled at this revelation, where least itwasto
honour andmuch attention was centered on the have been expected the Judge elicited from the
agiityo of theToradores. Round of ap. penitent man the reason, the manner, his ac.
plauie burst from the excited spectators, as the complices, and other details, which would be d
young man foiled every attempt Of themaddened advantage In the prosecution of the case. Order
beast to end the combat by a savage gore. Jubilant were given for his separation also, and when that
with his success the picador wishing to crown him. were given or his separation also, and when tha
elf with glory, whilst the sun of favour shion was done the official visitor withdrew, only how.
upon him, approached the bull and delivered a ever to return tn a brief time, with new Gaoler
couPiP with such precision that the anim and new Turnkeys who were temporarily to keep
sank down In the dust In an instant. the place. The bewildered Warder could not com-
Before the shouts of the pretend and was labouring under the impression
Bdo whst the ptdor pplecould be heard, that E-- had accused him of some crime butoon
a whis the piador t ood bowing to the pre th case wa cleared up.
rough Ithe his circle, a voice rang "Warder where s your son Rurio?"
avatugthae tp wth n intense oreA you "He is within, Sir."
al~0 ,w et way you killed i the Priestl" "Call him please," and in a few moments the
b lad I eI th face o i who stood Boy came and the new Warder was told to finds
kctid o ftih Ot hole.to0wn but with secure place for him and on no account topermt
her to Bril erd, muttering. interoutte with hisPathworotlher, person.,

( 37 )

"And now Warder, grieved though I am at
what my duty has compelled me to do, I proceed
to relieve you of your office, that you mpay b':
spared the pain which the custody of your own
son would entail."
The information advanced by E--s was full and
convicting and besides had been confirmed by an-
other who on being charged with participation
likewise added a few more particulars and declare.
.ed himself guilty. It remained simply to pass
through the formal course of a trial and inflict
the vtng.:ance of the law.
-Reliable officials furnished with the necessary
warrants, proceeded to the house whi'h-r the
robbers had gone after the murder, found the
money, the small axe, the knife and the g iry ap.
parel of the men. exactly where their informant
had described.
There was no need for further delay, the
prisoners were all arraigned for murder, found
guilty, and shot. Of the prisoners, E-s who had
confessed and informed and who had not entered
the Padre's room, but had remained without on
the roof, was respited and his'place on the con-
demned list was taken by the butcher, on whom
the burden of the crime was universally believed
to rest. The boy Rufino too could not escape,
even on the plea of youth.
Such is the terrible story which occurred not
long ago and to the truth of which many can


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jeria, Plateria y entoda cla-
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y Optics, '

tesrity. ftxoor ranquinno wnose innocent anu -
thoughtless prattle had caused his best friend's
death never recovered from the shock. Inillrtaor de PIANOS Y Oi(GA-'
-NOS, propilos purta estom clihnm, de lI"
We read with great pleasure in Trufth annmry5, F'slticuites tcnlu acreditaidtn.
1893 of the honour conferred on our late .
Colonial Secretary. Se, bace cargo. do todu clu My prediction of a fortnght ago. that Mr. ubert cioes en dichos ras v olrece a
Jerningham, C.M. G., Lieutenant-Governor of Mati- e.
rltlu. wonld be prototod d the NewYear'allonours piblioo las inejsores MAQUL-:,'_ w,:
list to the K. C. M. O.. has been fulfilled. As I have NAS do. eoL r, tIles Ol 0 ,o :
frequently observed before, no one should ever pre-
diet-,nless he knows. I take this opportunity of lI V I C T 0 A ,. !
warmly congratulating ir Hubert Jernlagham upon
his newly-acquired and well-deserved honour. en AMERICA Y 'STAND )
ests' further good work should bring him baekagan .In. ,
to Parliament-aud t hen a P erage. By 'the wa pa dird lles diriire i :'i
Hubert was offered the later, I belleve,In 1880, but 'Y par* inas dotalles Airginre
for various reasons the offer was then declined. His 1A i"
Father thelateMr.CharleJernlgham,olPatnswlik A. eI. MiRLANi,;'
h.a, looestrre,M oeredthe OemoruhIp s N()RTH FRONT ST., BELIZE..
o Newfoundland, but thbL appolhntment e reT FRONT ST., ed.BELIZE..1


of Meteorological Olmervations during the 'inouth of January 1891.
Summary 0

nBA i, ncheslr THa oM. PsYCHHtOMTcBR. -ANI MOM.' SKY. RAN.
0 ; ;
Max. Mi Dew. Quality.

,81 9.9 0.04 si 61 7 73 7 g 6.5 N.W. S.C.N. 4 2 0.o7
8- 4 30-23 21 8 6'" 69 84 66.7 N.W. S.C.N. 4 o15
S,-4a 30.3 29.94 I30.07 80O 63 73 7t9 69.5 w.N.W. S.N. o
2-30 30o.129.93 330. .o83 6 5 75 73 89 7 E. S.N. 7 0.75

^nt 130.23 299330.04 830 60 73 71 89 69.5 N.W. S.N.C. 6 15 237
Explanatition for the Sky, C. Cumulus, Sk. Cirrus, S. Stratus, N. Nimbus.
o. quite clear, to. quite covered.
.Five waves of AAtmospheric Pressure were On half the days of the month at 6 a.m. the
noted during the month, not however very pro- Psychrometer showed ioo" of Humidity hut the
nounced except in a their rising on the and and Northerly Winds which usually prevailed during
13th. At the beginnining of the month the Baro- part of the day brought down the average for the
meter stood at 29.9 7 and ran up to 30o.1! on the month to 89.
ad; thence a gradulual fall to 29.98 on the 5th During the first three weeks of January the
another rise toto 30.o6 on the 8th and 9th; Wind was almost persistently throughout the day
apidher fll to 29.9.94 on the I th and again a W. or N.W. During the last week the East has
ad rdyfall to 30o.99; from this point began a prevailed accompanied by warmer weather.
steady fall to 9.96 0 on the i8th and 19th followed panid by r er weather.
by s to 30 oon the t; a gradual fall to Rain fell chiefly on the 6th, .sth, t7th, with.
95 on te 24th with a less rise to 30.05 on the 23th, 24th and 26th and on the other days was
the. 8th wst anotother gradual fall to 29.97 o inconsiderble in amount. The lumber of days
month. endidency to rise at the end of the and the quiitityv of the rainfallhas bele nierly,
The Th e t he same as last January. .
of the Ba ^ err htas followed the movements .The Anemometer got out o 'order and so its
excona dI d b6t nversely almost,without teturns wire nttunitotthy,;: '. .'. : '.. ,
sadnd t t s rnged between 69 on the ,The- monthly average velocity ,will not, we
., ath, 7880 Mean temperature on the think havi etceede mile a bo-T d'

!" -

Ci *I:M *, '

iMonths. Barometer. TIr't I.| Ps ychrometer.Ancmomcter Sy. Rai.
Mix. s.Mini M u, Rangm MI. t DOry. tDow. Dircti. i In Quflty. l Ins
I il 88 'mile,. c
January. .3o.2 29.83 30.04 0.39 4 6o 2 4 73 4 723 N.W. 3jm Str. 6 12 5-13
February.... 3o.1 29.6 .98 0.25 88 62 z677 75 7.7 E. ( mC.Str.4 4 2.10
March....... 18 29.67 9.97 .51 87 64 23 84 4 84 71.9 E.N.E. mC.Str. 13 1.87
April......... 3o.o 5 2 29.96 87 3 8 9 77"7 E. 6jmC.Str.13 i o.1 a
May...... .. 30.05 29.81 29.9 .23 73 1t 82 7 9 E.N.E. 4jm C.Str. 6 1 3.28
une......... 29 7729.8o.2 90 74 26 82 8o 78.7 E. 6 m N.Str.7 2421.06
ly...... 30. 29.89 30.00 .19 27 82 9 77.0 E.N.E. 6 m C.N. 6 2 5. 0
August..... .30.529.91 29.97 0.14 8 74 1483 o 8 78.0 E. MmC.N. 5 i 9.o
September ... 3o.0 9.789.5. 9 0 17 8 798 77.0 E.N.E. m tr.n.c 6 24 6.87
October.. 30. 3. : 29.48 29. 0.6 622 80 77 8 7.o 7 W.N.W 4m Str.N 7 l 22.85
November.... 30.1329.8830.01 .2 86 63 23 76 74 89 72.6 N.W. 3 miC.Str7 .I 7.80
December.... 30.929.863o.o 2 io.33 8 6 24 76 74 89172.6 N.E. 2 mCN. lj 2 6..2
89 3u.22 29.48 29.96o0.74l90O 60o 3618 771 8 75-41 E.N.E. m C-Str.l t69.83
..22 29.59 29.93 .63 92 63 29 So 77 85 75.4 E. 4m C.Str. 117.9
Years. .29.7 29.95.5791 6 3579 796 85 70.9 E.S.E. j4m .Str. 5 571 75.oo
9.77 29. .2 92 2 30 7 7.5 E. mC.Str. 7.
.912 9.6029.95.699 10 7417417.3 E. 5 a172.
Looking at the annual record of the Metenro- were however somewhat of an exception
logical Ohaervations taken in 1892 and compar- this year.
ing them with those of 1891 we find the returns The mean Temperature 80o is the same as in
for the two years nearly alike with two marked 1891 but the maximum is less by 2 and the mi-
exceptions-(t) the minimum of the Barometer ninum lower by 3".
in 1892 was 29.48 and in 1891, 29.59;-(Z) there The mean Humidity is high, 85 and would
were 30 more days of rain and o2 more inches have been, still higher, if we had had hotter
of rainfall in 1892 than in 189t. weather accompanying the abundant rains.
The first exception is due entirely to the very The prevalent Wind has been E.N.E. but dnr-
stormy weather experienced all along the coast ing the last 3 months there have been frequently
on October tath. The Barometer fell within a land winds W., and calms.
few hours from 29.66 to 29.48. The Wind which Cumulus and Stratus clouds have usually more
was blowing from the W. shifted to the S. and than half covered the sky and a cloudless sky has
hack again to the' W. and gave( for the 24 hours, been very seldom seerit During the last 7 months
an average velocity of i8 miles an hour. Nimbus clouds have been frequent, covering a
As to the 'rainitfl It was chiefly during the last great part of the sky.
7 mouths of' the year, during which time So The Rain has usually come with the Wind
inches fell. The mean Barometrical pressure of from W., N.W. or N.E. and with a rising Ba-
1892 was 39.96 and, is usually obtains, it was rometer, following a depreasiun.'" -
above that point from October to April and dur-: In Belize the year has been a healthy one en-
ing the other months telow. July and August tirely free from any epidemic fever. *

S ., .! -i ,ii .'; .- r I '

+ ,1 t"r *i-,n ;:'.i n tl s 1 '+.lni. ;': l a Li :.r. ;,t ". ;i-it + P : + in t r.;" -' .
:..r" ,.il"t fPri na'.I"ahl'tinn'T tltn rl,fffnV ;>+',q );|"- ( f tt ">i ti 'i||P+'J1 iii~ '+tiq"uiw ,+ 'ritvd m' l

40 )

.".. Convent of Our Lady of Mercy, Belize,

Select School for young ladles, Boarders and

besidess what is comprised in the usual course of a first-class English educa.
ion, French is taught if required. Also elementary Drawing and the"
simpler kinds of fancy work. i
: Extrad, Music, Piano or Guitar.
"':. TE R M S -.
'. Boarders, $ 50. 00 half a year.
S. Day-scholars, $ 5. oo a month.
*; ,. (' ,"
1: ": For partieulars apply to the Reverend Mother at the Convent.

. ,^ r; *. .: ". '

Convento de Ntra. Sra. de las Mercedes, Belize.

tis. Escuela select para Senoritas, Penslonistas y Externas.

S Ademis de to que se comprende en el curso usual de EducacSon Ihgles de .
.i I /.: as. clase, se enseiia el Frncs cuando'se delsa, Dibnjo elemental y lot
.trabajos mas encillot en Obras de fantaa.
Etr"as, Mliica, Piano, Guitarra.

0 -. CONfl CtON 0 g
Pensionistas, $ 150. oo por emestre
S'"".'. Externas, $ 5. oo mensaales.
a *t- ermeren, lrigine a Tevereada aWdre 8uperleri del Corvte.a


S,: WELCOME HOME Tater In the day Mgr. DIPletro visited the fubllo
schooll and received the following addresf:--
S* VICAR APOSTOLIC ELECT We have all assembled here this morning to;
offer to you our congratulations and .a most,
o :' P hearty welcome back to Belize,. not only as our
'"BRkTISH HONIDUTjE S. Father, hut as ourlirst beloved Bishop.
We will try and profit every day mure and'
more by your instructions:so as to grow up and

l the "City of Dallas" was seen carry- in this Colony. .
ing the answering pennant, which told May our dear Lord bless and spare yp, to u
S that Very Rev. Mgr. DiPietro, Vicar for a long. tius to come is the praycr of your,
Apostolic, was on hoard. At 6.30 the Church children forever *" 'i
hells rang out a joyful welcome and the Corn- THE CHILDEN,.. ......
nittee of gentlemen, who have so kindly taken TH
upon themselves the organizing and carrying out CATHoL. c SCHOOP.-
of the Programnme.for the due reception of the : ..
Bishop Elect. met at the Customs.House wharf. Theeveuing nfthismemorahledayJanuary3o,
Mr. S. Cuthhert was so good as to place st their 1893 was no Iess interesting than was the morn-'
disposal the Mermaid," but from some little ing. Iy 7 o'clock the precincts of the Presbytery)
hitch in the machinery it was found that steam were occupied by every class of the Catholic
could not he got up in time, and so in the Go- community anxious to learn from Moisfior S,
vernor's Barge, kindly lent for the purpose, at DiPietro himself the particulars of hisvisit to.
7.30 the various members of the Bishopric Com- Rome. :
mittee started for the Mail Steamer. Monsignor After the Bishop Elect had taken his seat. the.
DiPietro received them in his. usual happy way Honourable Carlos Melhado, atChairman of the
and after a passing showed had blown over, the Bishopric Fund Committee arose and after few
Barge returned with two additional passengers, pointed words read the reply of .the Prefect ofi
the Vicar Apostolic and histravellhngcompanion the Sacred Congregation of Propaganda to him;
Father Edclmnd Legros, who has come to labour and to all the melporiailate as follows:-
in the British Honduras Mission. At the Court- THE 8ACRED CONOlEUA TIO or01T PKOPAOANIDAp,
house a great'crowd had gathered to meet the Oa0i r, Erection of Prefecture Apostolto '
Bishop Elect and it was a pleasant sight to see o Brlttbh Honduras Into Vitcarte.Apoithlioo,
the evident enthusiasm with which they welcomed
himnhome. A carriage had been sent by Mr. J. MosTExcELLNT $Sil.
Mulio: for his service and the Band in waiting ,, The. petition, forwalrde4 by. you:
struck up the hymn of St Igliatias as bot as he Honoured Sir and a large number of Catholics1'
entered it, Thefirst place visited was the Church, applying or the erection of the said Mission inI
which was.packed by -an Immense crowd who ing for the erection of the sa i ion hear what.theirbeloved Pastor had to to a Vicariate ApostoliC, hasbein under the due
say. After addressing a few words of exhorta- considFration qf.the Sacred Congregatjon, -,
tion Monsignor piPictro told them that if they And now, it rejoices my heart, tob.nabl ti
would meet him in the evening a; thePesby7ry, nnownee -that thp desire of the,
he| would. t tiehce .kow ;lW he had thare mr- itioners have been fully acceded to by thi eCrt'
ing his asene TWatnelize and when t he iga ion. othe Pfecksd Into a VItrgLat't
evk''b tthe a cn rtitil;f''a tb. i ..; I ion i .of 1t fCtf int o 1t riht,'dA,',r,,
Mr3."H,, isadkto,"e,,.. n ,t.s. .+ I,' dud tIesp;osttie~io ti d ld-v"Pi, ,
oth!; to l Js


rcoamunie.te this inform" ationl to the Bishop: should there be however such delay as
--infly comm ate to necessitate postponement of Consecration till
gt. e of the petition. w h i April then very probably the Most Reverend Dr.
gato ie know the lively satsfacton which I Corrigan Archbishop of New York who court.
teel in vin a roval, seeing their interest teously offered his services to our Bishop Elect,
Sin ghe greater del.pmentofthe Mission. which atd alo the Bishop of Brooklyn, would bebegged
trstill not cease for the future, to grace our infant Mission with their presence.
I trust will ot devoted Srvant, To e brief-if circumstances favour, the Con.
Your devoted SLnrvnt, secration will take place on or about March
M. CARD. LDOCROWSKI 12th. if otherwise it is futile to conjecture.
German Consul. On the arrival of the Bishop Elect the young men
Belize. Brit. Honduras. of Belize who have been ever forward In their rewog-
Monsnor DiPietro then entered upon a familiar nitlon of Monsefior's zeal for their good, again begged
description of his journey to Europe, relating in for a reception which was gratefully acqulesed to.
his ecnial style, the ups and down, successes and According at 6.30 p.m. on Tuesday'the subscribers
contretemps which he experienced in doing what fthe annexed address gathered together in the Cs-
e considered the prime duty of his trip, namely, The Very Reverend Monseflor was punctual to the
securing a Bishop. more men and more money. call and Mr. John D. Jex stood forward to read their
Rev. Edmund Legros, who had been his corn- expressions of fidelity and present the future Bishop
panion de voyage on his return, and Messrs. W. with a purse containing $225.
Gutteron and E. Trumhnch gave the Monsefior To THR VERY REV. SALVADOR DIPIETHO,
time for reflection hv saving a few words of con-
gratulations and puttingqueries on the important FItT BSHOP'LE" OF
object of the meeting. B lnBaTiSH HONulua.
Whrecupon the Very Rev. Father gave isl a VERY REV. AND DEAt FATHER,
little practical instruction on the kingly position One and all, we heartily welcome
of the Pope and the essentially exact mode of you hack to your adopted home, and the scene
procedure in applying for an audience and the Im. of your assiduous labours.
henes nfedte visit when such permitsion We congratulate you likewise on the honour
At a the privileged person enter so fittingly conferred on you by our Most Holy
At sRgnal the privileged person enters the Father.
inlth and d oe genuects on one knee, again 'We could hardly have expected such an honour
of throne where bendin d own the issue o to your Lordshtp and to ourselves, as we this
on the foot of his Holiness and remains kneeli ay enjoy.
to make his petition or other communication It is your merits, Dear Father in God, and
which he may have to present. What occurred your unceasing labours for our good, and the ad-
Sthe present instance marked exceeding condes va cement of the cause of Holy Mother Church,
an n the art ofhisHoliness and t earnest of which we are declared Children, that have earn-
anner in Which he blessed the Medals and ed this noble distinction of being the first Bishop
Crucifixeawa s niftation ofpleasur to hear in the Colony of British Honduras.
rady aparf cild ren. The particulars have We prayj therefore, that God would bless
The mopttd inthe Angelus December' a your Lordship, with Patience, Fortitude, and that
ad Mr. IT-mbac g point was now arrivedjt discteet zeal, which Indicates the true Patorand-
"n Mo.meEor ati 'fied expectant ears b Shepherd of the One Flock,
'n' on tto, 'atter of the ro. b ind e dathe to Permit'ui then, your truCe heep, thtogh ,en
oecratioo., t Probable date of w6tthy pethaps we may be, tdopireait this little
-The reply my be s ct .. toke of our ttitfactloh on our appolntnitat.
:thr. ere definite be 1 Very Be.Fr.DIPletro t.haied them for thl their
e or' .rpatiasnt batated4 that, that toirth presentatlon and assured them he was reay
h-a t oKi e t wisho tar' b this or nt t etob mnnptheyoiag mae andbi .vy i]lfod-
had ~e -' P Janse t Orleans em thats libe.w,.asthe arohlteet they Wre to
Sto obe a b onstruetors of the newhrh epo ,
6 0o-operitoe. He rolled *i tbon


T 'H E

3rd mofth" ,"' "H 1893.
r Sun 2at 6.9g. `>'1 1, '. Full Moon. V
Un. w ^.^ Sun low In^: Lat Quarter
J o at 6.3. Sun slow -fin. Changes of Moon Last onarter
Sat6. S m~n. in N
it., I ", .... ,' +, tiff
"mi- Qua fi t', rter. I

t i s i:lchc.l&C 6 .'s):,' .F .:rhe lost Prccioua Blood ,
j h S:had.p l, t i' 'IS '.8 Gabricl, Archangel. .
' F 3 F., .Holy Windinig Slebu t Cr, ,g Su. Passion Sunday.' (-.
4 S S., K. '[lUeXlI,'78..'20 M S. JosietH, PATRON OF THE CNuRCH.
:"' -. Su. 3rd of Lent. '.. '"' l 2C: ,/ T" 'S. Behedict, Ab.: '
5 't .M' S" tired ,"a ~''" S. Cyrifof Jerisalem, B.. -.
''',- 'I S ThS""i"(. It, "'.( Ti Sl^, ,n:k, '
,S 8 'W S.,,elix,.i:.., .,, ,,',. 4 F The Seven.Dolourt of B.V.M. ,
'. 9 f'bh S. F niicec ofR.oattM,w. 1,1 3,. S '- 'AMNUNvtAT^oeN I Lady Dry. .
'to ~l" Five WVtiilis dft Odtr Lrtl I 6 SU.d Palm Sunday. "
t S i S. John of God, c. ,' $' John Di iltce, "d '"
t, Su.i 4 'ot f Let, 28 s.,i ; t ..', ,., .i' ..
13 AM S. Gregory tlhe GOiieat if.. 29' S. Cyril', M i.1, 'i..s :h- I.,.i, .,,,
14 T B. Leolti'f t'ffWdk :;'oi .L .M. 30' Th' TMAoNov TKunlsbt A r. !'' ..1
S1 1 3. 1 1.'G4 6d 7.14 '.94 19
5 I ,S. Longinus, H. q ''' .
I, il,. W6,) W i .,Sg J ulin ul ('ilen, M. .,.. ,.1 ,
.- 99 A'44h* .l ., ,. ..4 .,4 .,, .W ,i ,, ,bC. i, i I, 4 ..-_9'a

n'I}12 ; h-,, et I ed: -# tl rEill t im d fo r d I r n i /* "'
sIte l. r inr u Vni(l t hio ,1; ihilddhe I -' :n l |
7 i t .- I "1ll ; 1 <'' 19 1l '9i4 .1'44 9; '9* w, *
.l if' t 41 w 'i'9.t9. f r 999, 4 4' '+ ,u 9 '
S",*,,'.IThoe'Trk nsmt .'lr, thl9 Childdren's+ Ister ommuiion uh m eginBs at 2 pm. '.
9 l4 5i' '/.'.",''. i i'ate'.e l jirittnio t Ibi' th hildidio 'et 7 f'bteukk. n'49
' l ''l,.,l .', 4.i4 I.'Jn;) 4f441,, n' .,,i 4 i/ l.";9ig6 icgrh M il .B t 6. 0 O IO(,lo k.ii,. 999 ; '< *' ; 1.1' :, .' 9
.-rla nn )n +-"IC;i Plm.8u ItdU e,,B lefed uig rlullklBt ttrf(.f U, ^ ,,i,,,.,!;>
.4 '. ,.....4 4i9.1 g f .. ..... 9h. ",I44. ,
.,'l,'li .. I ire ioaratton fort Eoater ;Uominution at p.m. ...
f I d Jt 34444999449 A .3-9d i i, Is .,a U,9s44d It i ,
-,,.iiiri i f T T .44.;I" .i'to ,rv ni f flerVc ati?7 pinhi 4 ,n5.99 ,n4 11,, IIi a'4, .,
-'9 9 for.. +894jl! '1 4- l*9 ,. i l "l bf jk I ,c1 *l Srn i .,J f l of the 8ev E
*Vd" "a r t6 "" ,
,,,+ :,.+,+,. ,+ .V q, ., ?l++,,., P,+t, .P=,, ,,, .... ,,+, ,.. ,+,.

( 42 )


.Page 42 Por un Piojo, .Page
Coln "Y 4 .. '4t5 Look before you leap, *
range Walk, Chronicle of the S. Heart, "
Foreign News, 4 The Gospel and Apocalypse
pacainr, ";" 50 of Peter,. 56
WhatMr. B--. says to Mr. o o Pter5
SLONY N l' OTE S. ties were accompanied by religious rites This par-
ticular distinction about to be conferred on two
(.f their citizens, by which they would be made
r N February tgth last the Catholics of Knights of the Order of St. Gregory was inti.'
C Belize kept the religious celebration touted by Pope Gregory XVI, doubtless as a way
1 of the Golden Episcopal Jubilee of of rewarding the noble gentlemen who freely
SPope Leo IllI. As this event fell on came forward to defend the Holy See against the
a Sunday in Lent, the secular celebration had to forces of Revolution.
be postponed till after Easter and meanwhile its When theSernnon was fi nished the new knights
spiritual aspect was observed, as it should have knelt before the Altar, the Papal Briefs appoitil.
Ieen, by a fervent and numerous reception of the ing them were read, their swords were hlesx l
Scanaments. More than 2oo persons approached by Monsignor DiPietro, who girded them sad
theCmcminiuanion-rail atthe7o'dlockMa&u.. Thete gave them the accolade. He then affixed th
was lligh Mass with Deacon and Subdeacon at medal and ribbon characteristic of this order of
9.30, during which the Altar was bare of deco- Knighthood. The Brief of appointeiuts read
ration. as befitted the penitential season of Lent, na follows:--
hut when the Holy Sacrifice was finished it was LO P.P. XIII.
prepared with numerous candles and flowers for
the great solemnity of the evening. A handsome. To my BtELOED SON
brss Throne for the Tabernacle, which had ar. CARLOS MiLHA.oO.
rived only a few days before from Paris, shone DtAt BSa,
out conspicuous from the sombre-coloured altar. Health and Apostolkl Benedlttion: Wlirr1.a
In the evening at 6.3o, there was first Solemn on the solemn testimony of the Prefect Apostoli Of
an d the en a rit i i therw preer Honduras It has oome to Our knowledge that, ca-
Vespers and then Sermon in which the preacher dowed with sterll virtue and animated by sl or
briefy touched upon the chief events in the 50 the Catholic Rellgon, you have done very gre.t tse
years Episcopate of Leo XlI--his 3 years as vice to the Church, and continually do so, We bsn
Apostolic Nuncio at the Court of Brussiels his esteemed this so highly that We houour you with a
33 years as isho tof pe n d lt l h 1 l' particular token of our pleasure. Wherefore in 00-
3 years as Bishop of Perugla and lately the 15 aeration of this. after aolvin you and declarln
years as Pope. After bringing before his hearers to be absolved from every sentence of exoommaolu
the character of this Epscopate so glorious to tion or Interdict orany other eclesiarsticl seatene.
him who bore h and so useful to the Church the censure and penalty, in whatever manneror b wat
preacher then passed on to another thee-th ever cause Incurred, 1 by chance you should ht
ceremony they Were aboutto wit eme-tha eve Incurred any, by these letters We make, appoett sd
inK, the confe rrin nihtholo witness that evena declare you a Klniht of the Order of ht. Grego t7e
Me badorig k ngh thood on M srs. Carlos great, on the Civil list, and enroll you in the sald -
mislhado nd Jrv Mi. Rusado for their distin. tlnutshed body and number of Knights.
hed ervic to the Catholic Church In Bri To yu then loved Son We grant that yel
Hoidunra t He ointo and can freely hnd righttuely put on the roper
men was fotuhing nited t to them that of the Knight, of thii Order, and wearlbe t
it ceremronlal in the Curch; fo t a re Sf 1rte r e
j C *flret i n ln the emussOS
"rur. Wai UIted. I the ptofes, on rgru nd, w ch s oI n the leftbreft,
kinks ~'I tindi d faith Is tt ithe ellobnooif other R thee" naeSL
end .e ,ilig, crossth oworde; Tha onm.,
,OP ""d "" qu~m/'ad the jl~tlvl i'. W" at d. fgti. d41 mhoi either w to Zad-re 1,ethe ero- or In

( 4. )

those who use them, We have ordered a drawing to Ro e. Under these circumstances the C tetle.
bGllo ~ ll 'l tcr'., ine r nndei l Fiserlani,'s-' 1i"e "f the Ilishopric Comminttee fearing tlnt the
ring on the flrst day of October .1CCL' XCII in te l ul Is might not arrive int time to have the Con-
lifteenlih yeCr of Our 'oulltlicatt. citationin hefire the usual time for Quarauttine
(J,.8.) signed ) S. Card. Vannutelll. i htweeln lelite ilad New Orleans begins, sent toI
the Cardilll P'refct of Propgantdn the follow.
S.i. XIII. ing letter with na.tlegranm, nlking that the ne-
I, o I P.. *xi.I ccssary I)pper u light be forwarded us soon as
To oUr BEi.o.KI SON .FOS.E MARIA ltOSAIo. pusill:--
The bright example of virtue by which you Bi ti.xZE, FERIRUARYT IOTr1 1983.
arn so strougly recommended to Us by the Irefect MY I.oui t'AiXINAl..
Alpotollc ofHondurn land bsove all that real for then In the ItnInI of the hlitnilre petitioners of British
Catholet Religlon. nnder whose influence you devote Honduras. I Iln grlaefully to acknowledge the lIi-
yourself with .all your power and constaucy to thle: nlensr I:ivour whclih your Ellnnence has been pleased
serviceoftheChurch. exceedingly lielleiUstobe.tow to obtain for our Infant 1Miion: and 1 trust that by
in you a distinguished title of honour to testify clear- Go.d's Granc. Ae i may shinw ourselves worthy of the
Ir our kind feelings towards you. Wherefore In coil- confidence whblh OllurIoly .ntiler andyour Einlnence
;lderatlon of this, after altolving you and declaring have displayed towards ios.
you to be absolved fronl every sentence of ex tonl- I onm more ventulre to trespis on your kindness,
iiuinleltion or Interdict or any other ecclesiastic:i l (not In lIreniiiptlon but In t lil eu rofdence) and to
sentence. cennsure and penalty. In whatsoever mannellnr another filltr. namely: tlint it would iphIse
or by whatsoever cause incurred. If by ehlnnr yon ivoutr EiniuInetl' to ifltru td l:er i:illi as soon as munIy
should lhave incurred illny. ly these letters We i sH In .iio-r't: Inu. wIll tlI rules (t yolr acred iflolt.
appoint and declre youll Knight of thlt Order of Silint The reasne t for til ti lare.nt.ult llt real p'res IIr ip-
lirt.goy ti Ore at. on thi' Civil list. and enroll youi In ion.' I that I:less tlih (;onst rallon if our Hishlop Is
the sald destinguilshed body and number of Knights. ,effected lftore thel end of A.rll. It will he i veryn grve,
To you then beloved Son, Wegrannt that you llav and even anlltst an Iunsurlliountnlle dlurnlltiy lintit No-
.cn freely unlt rH htfully put on the i)roilr dri..s tof (vetir of t il present cur: as our C oloony Is Iplluted
tllh- Kniglhlts titohi orderand wearlikewletmlhelriplr ruInder qiirnanlin ntlll rtilonl I'iuiween llte lsnre
lnadge, IInInely an ociagmnal gold cross. xhiblting a nanrnod a lmulltls. so that nn Illshop. If -holtr li. eCan ni-
ligure of Slint l;regory tile Ureat In thecuntroon red turn in New o)rlianr: nor san our Illlholp-elect hrve
gitoundi. lhilch shail Iihang on the left hlicus,. as Is the aIt aill. unlilis hlitulrl he were to iunderlake a viu ovlIg ti
custiil of olthi'r Knlglil~. (omi a red silk rihbon with Lloun dunthion vIi New York. I Irult your Knilnenw"
v' roiw luorders. Tiiat Ithre rmay not arins any dif- will pardon lle necissrv hIiortunit ml ofi the a'ule-
fIrence eltlr In the dross or In tlne rossin those who Igrain whhtlh I tranmfilt toi-dny via New Orlean sirid of
wear thelim we have ordered a drawing to be put be- which I lbg to enclose a e lly.
lore you. I hve th honoHtr to be.
(liven it talent l'eter's, tomneunder thelFishlerlnin's ae t h r
ring on the llrrt'diy of October MI.UtUJXII In tl y Lord Cardinal. Your Eminence's.
ftefenth year of Our Pontifcate. His 1KINiv. (1.8.) (Signed) 8. Card. Vannutelli. CAKDINAL I.EtIc(nowsK. C. MELHAIsi.
After this ceremony Monsignor.DiPietro hadl Prefect of Propaganda.
thile ricf read empowering him to give the 'llu- &C.. 0.
pal eleedictioln alid all knecliug received frutnI T't.FiAill.--ILCedchowskL l'riupagolda. Roltte.
hia hands the Pope's Blessiig. Petitiouera return thanks and ask feol the Butlls
The service concluded with Benediction ofthe to conserate Bishop in April lest prchance
llessed Sacrament and Te Deum in thanksigiv- 1 the mu".mler qaramti ie it must be differed
iug to God for the: Episcopal Jubilee of his tiil Novmnhber.--
lHolincs., The front of the Church was illumi- -
nated with Chinese lntenia as well ott Saturday As Ilelize I. to have a Iliahnli It must have a
as on Sunday evening. cathtdrar Smill indeed it will be to suit this
S, r young and struggling hMimsihm vhle It not yet io
Since the arrival of Very Rev, Fr. DiPietro at years old, but we are 'ttfe that it Will'be as well
the end of Jaluary, inquiries have been very fre- lpp|lntedl s'the means of the Catholics of Belize
quentit ato when is the pnsecratlon ot the Bishop afford. They he lredy hown their ge-
to taki plate. 'To this Bl6istiof ipp couldn ul i affor. They have already hw their ge-
niniVte that Cbtitctastidt'doud 'tbke platce neroitty by collecting amsntMat themselves more
uutiL the arrival of the Bulls of appolutment from than $~oo in ".ix:tnnthi tdr thd Bishoptif udd

( 4-1

--d'-Y nt akrunk fr,.nm the further
nd tihe) n O" ,no sk
n of another $zoo', required for theextell-
xpins of nctuar. This work was hbgu:: by
on f te ln Feruary 3th "nd consists of a
nircirc. K-l" a IU to be added o to the Sancta-

ryseild of the Church. It back some tS
feet and when the internal arragemlents are com-
ilcted it will give an addlitiolnl spice of I feet
in frout of the Altar-stcps. It is to be filishedl
abut the midlc .of Aplritanld the lirst itipocrtnnt
ceremony. it s to be hoped, that will take place
in it will be the Consecration of Very Rev. S.
DiPictro, at present Bishop Flect.

ridor narrower and so depressed as to nctessihatr
stooping. The venturesome youths were rewarni
ed by still another room which wis alnnuol l
by a loud cry "Otro aposento"-thenc annlthr
and another. In the last chamber they came ntqmn
soime letters written upon the wall liut tht- kit
without being aile to decipher.thein.
A Inter vialt was paid by Rov. Father Suitlih It lhi.,
blilterranen rooms last week. of which hI witen
the following account:
"Wa visited a Cave of the ancient Indians uo
Sunday last(February 19th,)with Doiu Priniitiie.
The outside view shows nothing but a hok in
the ground-the whole being a level piece do

Sarteneja.- lIuntsamen, on their way to the ground-not rising nor sinking. We descerikil
chase from the village of Sarteneja, all knew of by means of a native ladder and found ourwseIl
a small cavern-like opening hi the ground, a few in a large vaulted cave more or less round, with .
squares distance from the village, but it had ne- a diameter of iS yards. The height of the cave
ver.occurred to any of them to inspect it till the would be some 7 feet The whole has been cut
other day when curiosity impelled SeHor N.... out of the solid limestone rock. Theexactlhcight
to light a fewl thlilcli lnh u and I descend. To his cannot atpresent betaken as theground iscovered
ainiaeul. ent le Ietndul himself in a circular cham- with a.verv fine red mould. This cave has four
her of sufficieint right to move in easily and of .mnall don;es in it. Two atre clorie t.gelllr dte
capacity for alout .30 persons. The discovery others at some little distance.
was ianounced to Don Primitivo, who at once Almost in front of the entrllnce to the &athl
intprovied a pic-nic had whole families went to of the central cave is a series of cave--uce
the subterranean habitation with the usual ac- following the other-four in All. The first i
companimnentA of a party -sweet-cakes and yds. hy 6 yds. The others 4 yds. x 4 ds. anl "
"amhrosia" &c. "
ara &yds. x 8 yds.' and 7 yds. x 7 yards repectivdel.
By the light of pine wood and the more modern To the East and West of the central care are
lucifer good kerosine lamps, they'observed that two others.' The one on the cast bring Syds.
the whole ceiling was artistically carved out, the in diameter. The cave on the west being 2yds.
-walls sculptured into coluuns and in two places x 6 yds. The last seems to he the first of tnother
oval headed doorways showed the way to further series of caves. The outlet however of the first
recesses Afterthecoftisi,, ,,f lihtan dark had is so blocked up with the red earth that it I w
into ishd Ifn their eyes, tw f the party groped Iimpossible to:explore it. All the cavet with the
into the denser glon at lie bnck of the portal, Ixceptidn ifthel large central ono hate smaller
Stredlo anotchamber with stone table in the cavations 'ill rbond themri And eve those ein sller
Scentre. This was approprinted by the womet ones seei to have sItll'sialler o h .
1 d children to place their good things on,and What could have been the object of these cai'
*'.pread them out for repast, but before they, had is diflfelt to gAnes. THey were evidently made
*.d thexr table r another passage was reportedlbj y ith te Vf'Indlantherewt o carved trt he
'Cerios, .tie .i, .. ciular stone t~lls (Sardenejfa) WhiMc are fould
i,'areehoa t, fear way t; .c ob htre; a. both' how the MaRc design ida certain
E"lt (, lveltya l ... .' i '

( 4, )

It would not surprise me if it were found outt O.RANGE WALK.
that these caves were burial places, the many --
nichesscemingtopoiit thatout. Sofarnon, relics VISIT op Ills ExcKI.KSCY, THE Gov.tNon.
have been found hut of course there are many
hidden beneath the immense layer of could C N the 6th of February, Sir Alfred C.
which in some way or other has gradually fond Mloloncy started from i(elize to visit
its way into the caves. the Northern District. lIe was ac-
Don Primitivo Aragon proposes to open a companied .hy his Private Secretary,
or trench through the whole seric o r.A.J.K.'Young. Asthe"FreddieMl."cnrry-
path or trench through the whole series in ino the Governor's ensign neared the Corozal
to render access the more easy and also to see if Wharf the C. istaulary force who were waiting
there are any signs of relics so as to guide uns a the arrival on the shore fired a salute. They
to the probable use to which the caves were put were down up on onoe side of the Wharf anm the
by their former owners. The age of the caves School-children with Rey. Fr. Molina and Rev.
must he very great as there is such a depth of Fr. Smith on the other side. The Magistrate
mould there, some feet thick in places and this of the District and the Officer in command
could not have been accumulated, if indeed it of the Fore came on hardtop receive Hi
of the Force came on hoard -to receive His
filtered through the single opening which has Excellency and the bugles of the Constabulary
heen discovered, except in the lapse of a very gave the ilitarv salute as the Govern6r stepped
long time. ashore. Half an hour later Ilis Excellency re-

We are pleased to hear that the sawing and turned on board accompanied by his Secretary
planing machine of Seilor Don Horatio Romii is and Inspector tiommanldait. Captain Kaye.
now at work at his plantation on the Stann Creek On arriving at Orange Walk Tuesday evening
River. From the specimens we have seen of abount7 o'clock the same ceremonies took place
woosd sawed and dressed by this machine it it as at Corozail and the drawii up
clear that it works neatly an efficiently. it willRev. Father C. Gillet
e o additional attraction to the risigan d pro-Gillt
;:ressingi town of Stann Creek which now has its and Mr. Petrie sang the National Anthem. The
Railway, Iron-bridge, Saw-mill and is soon to Visitors waited uncovered till the end and then
have its Pier. Inounting the horses prepared for them started
for the liarracks along the Main Street, which hand
Mullins River.--The fervent community of ben decorated with arches of palm-branches.
this little fruit centre, having missed their cele- A
raton of N. Seiior de Esquipulas January eetig ofhe people called to behe
succeeded in their pious intent on Sunday Feb. 5. in the C.ourt-house on Thursday at 1o.3o a. m.
What was more surprising to all the visitors It was fairly well attended. His Excellency ad-
than the procession, the arches, and the fervid Ser- dressed the meeting and after referring briefly
monwas the juvenile choirwhich elmaestro Ceno to his former visit said the Small-pox which had
had trained for the occasion. The little things
not only sang hymns, but chanted Mass and done so much havock .in the District was kept
Vespers to the amazement and delight of the at hby for the present hut although scotched it
Congregation. was not killed. The. high rate mortality in the
District called tor special at:eitktin. The Board
LATENT NE'WS.-His Holnless Leo XIII h a been of Health pointed to the sltnation and state of
pleased by the Bulls, slgand on the 3rd, 4th and 14th
of January 1888, to raise the Prefecture Apostolic of the Burial Ground ain the use of unhealthy
British Honduras into a Vicartate, and to appoint the water from the badly kept water-tanks and well
Right Re. 8. DIPietro, 8J., Vlcar Apostol o of the ,w
Ral Vleaate-- Bitshop of Ere In Eptrus nader sunk in the mart or in the vicinity ,of c~apool
the Avrebop o Ntoopoht. The rgInal test Wl as the sousre aof most of ihe cses. of sickness
be published afterthe Conseratiotl, o hloh ryk and deth.i
may take pJace In Bellie on Aprll Srd. ltld death.

I *I I

All th" s hich1 been a lmurnting one for
le ccmetery, W der the conisideratii of the
Ihe tl< y ,oernlttt, ,lad would, it was hoped
Cenitrl o,.ettl, The Governor counsdlled

the peopleto ild at public stone tank, instead
of using cllhs ind old wooden tanks: l e offered
fhtf, ilhc people of Orallng Walk wtnld supply
the ato;nte. he wsuld supply the cement and pipes.
lIe alo asked them to remedy the lald t;td most
obljectinntahlle syste~ r o'f cesspIl.p'i
His Excellency umoiiouncec that the what, for
bhe landlig-pl'ace oft thve steamer had been grannt-
ed atid would le soon built; that the hospital,
which was now finished, would be opened by
himself on the Saturday following, and he hoped
.to see all the inh;ibitants present. lie had made
arrangcments to widen the New River at the
place known a: thle Narrows, which was en-
croached on by the mangroves ever pushing for-
ward in the River. .
When His Excelleiicy had finished, those pre-
seit were allowed to speak, utid the question of
the Cemetery wits discussed, as llso the necessity
of having a road opened letn.een Orange Walk
and San Esteban.
On Friday niornin at lo.3o Ils 1ixcellency
came to visit the Catholic Schiils, in company
with Mr. A. J. K. I'Young, isllector Command-
ant Kaye and Major Bailey. The Rev. Fr. C.
Gillet and Rev. Fr. E. Legros (who arrived in
Orailge Walk hy the same Steamer with the
Governor,) were in the Schoolroom to receive
.the rs. ls Exceliency having heard the
SGh Sd vethe ueen" ung. ild having received
andress of welcome read by onte of the Teach-
rdt,coindeicended to examine the different stand-
a rda, which'he did with the Utmost tact, patience
'r d .elicay'' after which ) e addressed the
,Chrle .ndrTeacher', tleRe v e. F ,LegrI in.
i'tg t hi gran t hair biay
i'hi hie' n, and thent iito ihe i'rebyter
. etdUej 2,, t fOr kflew m minutes oore *I
,. .' i,.

Fr. Gillet had made arrangements t,, give
Tea-party to the Children of his School, towhich
all their parents and the. whole Catholic Co:.
unity were invited. It took place on thels;mr
day at 6.30 in the evening. His Excellency iin
readily promised Fr. Gllet to lie present at the
party: and so lie arrived at 6.45, accompanist
by his staff. The Schoolroom had been tnaste
fully decorated by the Rev. Fr. Legros.
The rsom was well lighted; there was a Bra,
Bland and various other' instruments of mauici
Mr. Miller the comic singer and iMr. Morrison
the guitar player of the Constahulary force gave
their help and did much to enliven the gather-
ing: the little School girls danced before Hi
Excellency and he showed himself nrist nffahte.
His Excellency made himself one with the propl:
he went in among them, and they were so well
pleased that when he left the company, they
raised three English cheers.
He left the Schoolroom to honour by his pre-
sence, a Concert'which .Major Bailey gave in
the Barracks, and to which all the lAidlis aati
Gentlemen who had been present at the Tr'-
party were iivited. The land vwas there, Mr.,
Miller and Mr. Morris6n cannm forward ail1
pleased his Excellency .exceedingly; hbt tie
crown of the evening wn tile to Mrs. lHarrisn.
an Exhibitioner of the London i A. of M~lIir.
who was kind enough to'sit at the Piano, dl to
give the hearers a treat, rarely enjoyed in this
p li ce .. '' '
Next day, Saturday, tok !okplace, the sinlmlr.
yet ,imposing, ceremony of the opening of the
Hospital. This woodeii building waserected hb
Mr. Kevlit of Belite: the main room is raised
bit pillais, has' one ward f6t' men, and one for
women; the centre as occupied by a oom fonrthe
Medical Attendant, Dr. Harrison, and t%"
roomtnfqr;the nurses, Iti situated on high
j*ibatd;:'tlnd being built kts it is'brl high pillar',
'lit' w Ii t i we ,'s cool, can be expected in this
instry .',DK. Haitriohn,'whte kind he~f is il-
ways 4-.ioaig im o'l;'A 'do ..i6e asked the
Odvernorttod'inakeIt npeil r~n'for the ireap-
!- il' ;V ,. P! P ,1 1

S.17 )

*tion of the poor, where they will receive medical dinals. after which .Mar. DiPietro ninde'a short
attetidance for nothing. This will ,son hbe built. and graceful spcech addressed to her Majesty.
it: I I I h k t 11 1

Before the Ceremnim oft thle opening ot the g 1 l- 5 lCt itllo sng, olUOWcu lo y soleUil
Hospital Hil Excellency made a speech to.the Te DekI.-mt Yet another prominent l'reemason,
assemhled people, which wns, interpreted hv the Fre-thinker Don Marano Acocery Martinez.
Rev. Fr. L.eron. H.- thanked those present for ihas tntmae an ahiuration of his errors before the
their appreciation of the gift which they received Iishop of Orene, Spain. Don Mariano at the
in the Hospital: told them that the Medical same time delivered up his Masonichadges, books
Officer in charge would open a school to give and papers, asking tohli received once more into
some primary lessons in taking care of wounds comuniiion with theCatholicChurch.from which
and bruises; he next thanked Don Francis Es. it all evil hour he had separated himself. A short
calante for the gift of a piece of land for a public time ngo Don Marianomadesa violent attack upon
market atnd Dofn Etugetia Gonzales for a simi- a worthy priest in the" columns of E t.Progreamo,
Lhr gift to extend the Cemetery. a perioiical of Vigo.-7Te Toblet.
The Governor then declared the I hospital open Cotsideratle micoception seems to prevail

id, then presented the silver key on a cushion of Co.s derahle orcone l ion seems to rCtheli

Hlospitaland give health to all who might enter in. Cathlic. wh ver cTsi io ,iralrule rigid en-
Thus endd this nice little ceremony and the marriage ceremony m ui t not rinc aFy event of

Governor and his staff left for the arrack amid celebrated ted in a rotetant church. The treaty
the enthulis7tic cheers of the bystanders, soon *htwn (reat Britain ansd Koumaniia sxays no:
Ilwever to return to receive in Steet where the thing whatever as o the religion of the children
Comuestits were having their dance of the o- n, arriagl, thouh it does record tathcy

ntanyifiga Catholic the.l rincess Mirie forfeits
any claim, which circutmsitanccanmmght give her,
F 0 11 EIG N N E W S. to the throne tif Eiglaunt. ftlutthepoiiit to which:
pota. ur correi poiidet draw attea hion and the ir
old, then presented the silver key nit a cohbion~nf Church one law fot the rich and another for the

d v t w h te por. nt point E sla. the t titiud o the H ol icy
ae on Thers wi ay news wast o eceie t hat M. After makobt inag inquiry in Rome, we a Protestant
terdin ss ithe Lessepa is condemned tofive years' assure otur cresponitent that their ears and, in
imprisonment, anp fined 3,olo francs; M.thn given cases, inthe children arll be broundlesp a

die tLesseps to five years' imprisonment, and a The Holy See has given no permission for this
ine of 3.a ort formancla M. Fntaned God to blesyears' rothe Cthal marriage which would not be ruleaccorigidly en- to
isprisnmet nd health to ll who 3 might enter i.n frivced at whatolir cost of y therefore A confi-n the
Cottu to d this nice little cremont, ad fine i dently ca moy uthattl t children will evenbght
3,o francs M. Eistaff o two year' imprion- up in the a ee red gion of tetirt church. A t any rate,
he entand a fie e of ooo heo ranc.-ader, oon h'twec are in a p ritiu to tate that if they are not

.- it will not be by any liceuce or connivance on the
OnStnday last the imposing ceremony of con. part of the Holy See. It would seem that the
ferring the Cardinal's hat on the Papal Nuncio wedding nt Sigmatingen was first solemnized
accredited to the Court ot Spain, andtct where the thaig whatever as to the tliatho c the hurchilren

bisop of Seville, took place in the Palace Chapel afterwards by a 1'rotestant niitister. Whether
etizn ds wer e having the presence e o Royal Faty, this second marriage, f itd too place, was dueto
arMinisters o State. th Crt o*atiw, aid ay inad (erteholi rie gnorace, or laxity, we rte
FOREIGN N EWS. totlhrnillreofEhilghand. Ilat tile point to which:
"our crrcrespotldCeni draw attention asld tht ihii-I trt pilt is the attitude of the 1lol)- yt..
Late on T'hursday news was received that M. A\ftcr mntgkln inc uiry i. Rm,,e, we are able iot
lPerdinond de ,esseps ii condemned to five years' assure our correslpntludent that their fears and, in'
imprisnonment, anti fined 3,0oo francs; M. Chase. iolne cases, indignation are alike kroundless.

several Spshish Genearas. ThemQueen-Regent not in ohe itionr t ay. No cuntenrmnce or this
placed he red ha3 fns he M. Fonh f tht new Car. tii r or it a give hiby Rwoulme. o e Tabccoed to
imprianinnent, und a fine of 3,000 francs -. private Catholics, and we iay therefore confi-
Colin to two vocars' imprisonment, and a fine of dlenlly- assume that all the children will be brought.
3,oo0 francs M. Eiffiel to two years' imprison- up i. the religion of their father. At any rate,
"leat slid ta fine of 2o ooo fraiicl--T1e TaWd. we are its a position to state that If they are not
it will tot be by auyy lice ce or connivance onl the
On Sunld last the imposing ceremony of con- part 0fthe Hloly See. It \vould seen% that the
ferring the Cardinal's halt on the Papal Nuncio we-ddingf it Sigmating, en was first soletnenld
accredited to the Court of Spain, and the Arch- aIcurding to the fites of the Catholic Church and
hiscPp f Seville. took place in the Palace Charpl| fterwl r by a Prctestant ramSitar. Whether
it Milrid, Ih the presence of the Royal FanldlyI this second marriage, if it took place, was due to-
Ministets of Stlte. tht CV" D(Rlokotapte, tlld oily. i'"adyertene oir ignorance, or laxity, we ate
several Spfllhsh Oenerals. The Queen-Regent notS, Itliltion w say. No .0unnt.cnance or un;e-
placed thKI rred, hat, fs the heads of tlh new Co tioli fur it wara give by Roilre.--TR e TAee.. :t.l,{

S18 )


St' d 1 iieallli.o r nlih Villa de'A aln. illlll
1e, re i Iit -F "cle h dd Iilel orl dcde 't noule l
"- i d"ae i8 e u il doe 1858.
*** *"' ^ t't.!*'-n" *WM

STA p rtan te y co .lt" .cin
Slc a ,loil tiempode aldomina
ciol esp;, Villa de Salninlnlcade
San Felipe tie leacallri ft fu flndada
pr on Melchor Pacheco, it fines del niio de
1545 con el nonihre de Salamiancli die Blacalr.
en memorial de Ia patrin del Aeclantaldo Mon.tjo.
(anies de Is conqulista Io.s indios la Ilalmnian
nakhalal). Fol destruida por In pirates conl
fretqilntep rirrupcllnes dte lii que son mais ,ntn-
bles, las dte Dieg, e"l Imllato, en Noviemnbre tie
,6-(l y Ias tie Ahrahain en 1648 yv 16- y >les.-
pues que fuie recoinstrnida por el gobierno espa-
iol, exiuti6 haIst principios dcl aifo iciago de
148b (*aio de calarkidalds para tod.a Is I'enin-
sali de Yucatan).
.Est cults y populosiu Villa; segutn lo dates
entadisticil de aquelln epoca encerraba 5055 ha.
bitcntes, cifra qute ascendi6 a 7064 aniadiendole
Ia qne correspoihda i s1t comprensiotd political.
Era residencia de atnGefe politicos baltte'rnoy un
Ayuntaniento, y gastaba cl ent6nce.i inusitado
lujo de ioteer una regular escticla primaria, do-
tdas por el Tesoro Pilblico; 1n su recinto secele-
vhban 40 casas de 'namiposteria y azoteas, varips
de ellas de don pisus, on Templo, dos Capillasi,
is Adunna, Maritina, un hermoio muelle, un es-
pacino" Ctartel, on Almacen de P61vora, Plaza
del mercado, y on hennoso Cnstillo, con foa, y
Puoeto Le'vdito, fundid.) por el malogrado
A prinelp d ste f -l
1 lo o .an IBo~ n.. do y Adouro. sefnur de
'I I'r"To Ia"dt. -rndau.rdo t, im Il 1 dol Citata,,s
Sol"ndor dh i i Ordatn do UItrlu.4 III y la'llininbm
"'iiviirita. du,?,, < 111 nib

" + ------- -- T .... .-
Capitan Genacral de Ia' Penirnsula de Yucatan
Don Antoniio de Tigueroa y Silva (Moriscalde
Espafia) el Ciio de 1777 que doinnabasuexten.
za y pintirez~ca Laaguna. So comercio y agric .l
tila guardabani tin sfitisfactorio estado de cr-
cicnte prosperidad. (l'ero desgraciadaniente s
fin se acercaha)! Esta, Villa con honored dce
pliza inilitar, irgui6ldose altiva en elpuntumas
avanizado xl 'Sddeste de las regions habitadasiy
civilizait.s de Ila I'enlinsala, y frente In Colonia
Ilritaiica de Belize, parecia uni centiiiela, ap.
tido liti para velarsolIre la ls gtridad del Estad,.
Este cenitinlia sc Ilamiioh Bacalar. Su existen-
cia rvshallahn tranqcliln vy vntnrosa sus hahbitaies
(lelicilios il trialtnjl, entrr tllis i)i se conocia li
discorldi ini el dli<,; nl pl)i reiinahb. Pto li
horn fatal de su ruiia hahia t.sndiio y debia si.
cumlibir con,, los ntros pueblo dtcl Esta!lo. A
medinados del intms de Abril de 1848 cuailili m
hahittaites tie la Villa se prcparahan para cel-
brar los de la 'Iagrado P'asionidcl Re-
tentor el Domingo de Rnamos, Ilegan niiis sir-
viectiec del Rancho, Sanitn Ann;, aitinuciailltd qiu
los indios hisroaros habian entrado en vn de
guerrn; Lit Villa e iilarnia, todos se pollen e
movimiento l iinmiiciiatamente el gef te de I'lal
za, demp.clia don canoas, Ilamnadas cl Cristel"
y el Trror," il maIdo de los inteliigetces gefe
Don Santiago Perdonto y Don Manuel Antonio,
con rumho al Nortoste tie la poblacion, parac*"
plorat la orilla de In Lagtuin, y at eiitrentar ctl
un desembarcadero dr6nde se dejnbah la mniderade
caola que ie acarretcaba de Ia niontafia, se e
colitraron que lin indios en gran numero ellltaban
nali aennapadoi. Eatot dispiraron suli krnnoi a
ire 1ls caionsa, y los tluetlus les Fontestasront
tirnidAoke un.pp6C6 tushaisuea. Al notaresto,ls
indios despaclhan cco cnniua cargednade ge~t
sobre lan emrtibrcdclones do guerra, y knoo e
puortn tro de piez d'u dl i 'de Ids canoes inU
trhas 'ue h;th6 Abltquie 'ine'd e llt tita h"
bicbni vaniiado.' At ve ato l'ds oitrs s reg*
Pruto a lilerrn...\ gef'a entoinc e dlspones t
remtr:i Biacar,' pero. el vientO do It permit
raMllAl~ JCpu1 (iId'calni tl4aI ai ql'lhis bbblgab 1

( *i~i

liatirse con-los indios que veniaii a ilnaalar ori-
Ilando la Laguna. Los vientos cel Noronstc 6
sus ventoliina hicieron IIcgar i la pohlaciin ru-
nitres espanlosos, rumors de mnirte v dcso!a-
cion. 6cos fatidicos del terriilc cataclisino que
hace desapnrecer A niedia Pcninsula. Inacalar .w
alarntia, Ievanta inmediatanmentc "u liinc; dl dc.
fe'izaI, monit si abaridonada yoxitl:l:d artillcria.
conccntra su poca gunrnicionl, y es]jera cl choqutic
fa(al de la raza indligfin que ticn tardo nimchlo c
preselntarse en c us itrrcdedorc* rcii inisas ilnflr-
meic y aicaudilladali por los c6lclIhre.sVcanci, I'cc
juma I'iblo Cocom, Tcoloro V'illaituiiva otr o..
I'Eto fui el cnilrtcs into, los valientos lihiclare-
fios nainue nnliic sc h:i)ian Iiloidl., l)n sc arrIe-
drani, y los reciben con tiu futego ,rancnad.. ElI
sitlo de 1:1 I'laza durii cuatro dli;s, cl uilinI dlia
la artillcrin estiuv, dispiralndo si.n tirou shi ces'r,
de results de csteo, tuni de In.s picz rcvieti: y
ca.isa hla nticerte i cuatro valientes y hire ai scrs.
El ienueigo, vieidol quc el Castillo tno s rendia,
tremola en todla su line handeritas hlaincas, en
sciial de parlimenito, y ni ami pur c.ltc la guar-
nicion queria ceder. La fortalnza citaa l elnia
de fanilias y cscasa de viveres, y ni de donde
Its vinlice, estaban conpllctancnte nislanls; Co-
iMociendc el gcfc In triste situacill. lcu que sc en-
contralia, sc vio 6hligado & cntrar en rclacion enemigo. El Comiandante de In Plaza
iDoni Irineo 'Peern de Loris, conocicndho la
sitllncion en que se encontrahb, sin ningufin is-
ceranza dc ser auxiliado, hace cesnr el fiuegi, y
en el inonlerlto ut grupo tic iilions e rtccrcn
frente il Citlillo, diciendo' "i non dun airmin
plnmo y polvorn, dcjmnnot atllr lihrr it tidlo sin
cr niolmctatdno no tenemos quejn de I~ hncihd-
reiio." Auni no se hahinn rentlitdo los irmana,
culndo de improViso me abrt In puertn dcl rs-
trillo de In fortalesi y algunos faniltas y Molda-
dos alen con sou irmsil fuera, towando In nri-
Ila de la Laguna. Los hidios at notar ato, se
arrojatr sobre la puerta y etnpiezat rcfilr IH tro-
pa, spritlonando, unosi dejatdio i otros. t paso
libre, ilas fanmllas Ise despojaban de sut alha-
jaMi y las dejnban;. Todo lo r Indlivhluos,lcun

Ir.i luiclns conscrrval a ii n renlcor Screto, no
pldicron escacpare de la furia de cllos'y fueron
sacrilic:adons i rjoniazos. Estos infcliccs fueron
Sectndino Rey y P'hilo Caitillo, i .ls otros pri.
sioncros dlc.pucs de cortarles cl pelo y otros in-
justos tratramnintos Ios consigluaroin i difercntces
rccluisioncs, de donde la mayor parte pudo esca-
parse aprovechaido In sc orgia qie por In noche .
lcvanto. Cutal. andada de pcregrinos.,l.itcaron
tod'is estos fugitives li orilla del Rio Ilondo
para trlisladorse ii li veciatn Coloina. Al Ilegiir
:a lado, intlc. variias.sucumbierorn inh In murte
govinados de duros padtcimnicutos, y los que
qutitlaron vivoi cunpeiparon i huseitr trlatujo pnra
lc susAteito drI sius fainilian. y h i ctablcccerse e
Ioni tlnlt 'palria. Elltouces f6 coltalolse |)o-
hiaron Corrozan, lo'unta Cotnsjo, Oriagc Walk,
San Estchan, cl Rio Norte y otrns Itgarcs, y so
inpecz6 t desa:rrillar cl cultivo de I cnala dulce.
En ice ticillpo cl nizicar se iniportaha tle la lIa-
bnna. Los iidios iquedairni duclicins tc In tids-
graciada Villa, tan rica cn sIu mnontaflas; aill s
ciieuentral lo s hchillos(i.y rIobustos allholes (de
Canoha, Cedro, Ciricote, Guayacaln, Roblc, *n-
bin, Mora. Ilrazilctc, 'alo de Tinte. y inIa infi.
nidad de niodetrans llna y. slidas, t'ol clase tie
aves, y cundrupcInos; en sus latglinas ablunda el
pcij tic today clusc. La Villa tilcc unn vistit nmuy
pintoresci, esAl situnlda sore unit colina y Ast
licrmnioa Lagniiiu al pie, en el dii firan un ti de
laIs iprinuicrs Ciiludaes de In Pcnisdila i adils din
scu ila ctendienldo, pero eltabla dtcrciadlo que
quc(dase arritinada, hastn sus eilnlinlon. Quixna
it gcnernlciiinl veilidcra In reconstlruilrA.
A lirlicillits ilul afi tdi 1849 coilocictlti ci
gobicilerno tel IEstd, qtle Ic era inecnrcc io rucn-
perar Il Villa t tlda costa, ,no oistantel que eCs
tahbn ttendlieldo lan olran poblCaiones dll Elta
do, ri ol inc. de Alirl or'ganliz unit fuerzn tic
70o hiombrIe, A himo akjar Ia Coronel Don jo*6
Dolores Zcttii, qu e k In anton estaha presentn.-
do o tis irvcihs eon Is Sierra, y le toliid el tuah"
do de la Division que deblt piat via' marititlil
it h rocuperacion de Blcalnr. Pars esto, let6
Ul Vapor esliafiol:"'Cetro'," parn cuenducitrll ty

( .50 ) -

d mrtes zo dcl ni mo Abril urp6 este dc In
rads dle Sisal, con r nbo i h.rllc"vent, el micr-
SColes S, arriv6 i Cayo Cocitn, (St. George's
c Ce) lugar destinfio para trasbordar Ins fuer-
s ecn cinbarctci.tes aieores hechas venir ie
Sisal anticipadlnmet't y per unn coincidence i4tue
no es del caso refcrl, en la tarde dcl inismo dia
sdirigi6 6 Cao Hisaco. (hoy Cayo Asunciou)
*en dollud se trasboraron convenient~lnillteu.
S- *(st cJNTitr'uA.)


Mr. 1.-well, friend, how are you? Just ydu

....... L

look at these people see how they are celebhrt- you, my dear R.-shut up your runmishopi aim
ing their fiesta of :ltCristo de Esquipulas. You open your Churcher and out of senii-ciilized
see them drinking, aid fighting, and dancing- nations you may come some of these fine dlysto
and all, because of te fiesta of Esquipulas. It's make something.
Sthe same with all thdr fiestas. B.-Well, defender of the faith-you have me
C.-Yes, I saw oe of the police takingto his there, I see. The Padres get nothing or aixt to
heels to avoid the sage attack of a pious drunk- nothing, and the Sols and the M3exica dollars all
ard. But, yet, we must be fair. Some men go rolling into the grog-shop and the store.
there are who condenn these people, when they C.-Yes, that is exactly what it is. .An it is
are just as had theimelves at a marriage, a bapt- well for you shop-keepers' pockets that thee arc
ism or a funeral. Otters there are, too, who very solemn feasts of Holy Church.
unfairly put all this owdy devotion down to the One thing more, I wish to say, and the I'm
S off to my breakfast. Whenever you want b see
B.-Wetl. 0 it is lite true, the Padres put afiesta celebrated by the Padres, and asit tught
Them ip to this sort uf thing to get something to be, go to the Church, and not to the horse of
.t of thenm. Don Pedro this, or Don Pablo that. Fir in
SC.-Nay, man-al*e, do not say that. What stance, see Belize Church when the new Bshop
in the name of fortune can the poor Padre get comes or see it on Xmas Day or any of the gute
out of a set of drunken devotees? Their money feasts of the year. .
goes in powder to a tret extent, in calnles to a Andi just one word more. Many of you purple
do .ra, and in ruN to thd GREATEST, and in this Colony cannot read i you think youtCIa
Std no t hat th Preneitherscllpl b but you can't; aso would ask yout wheCever
S you have any difficulties, to.askfor infornation
itit .ht'rs ust the way with jyotu alwaytid-o from one of these same Re. -Padres. yao *
mtl for ev defendthl Padte. ', i fully abuse-God byel .:

*- --* ** -

C.-llut we must be just. You fellons that
never read a hbook of religion and that ne'er go
to Church, what can you say about these things
Now, I do go to Church, and thattoo regilarly,
adu last tile I was there the Padre gave those
people "fits," as they say. He tookuptlubook
used for the prayers of the fiesta, and he: alk
their attention to the very first words (wort thev
had not seen) which invited them to a ver)goaod
and pious duty-not drinking, but Confesion,
Iloly Conununion and penance. He ht the
people see that the piety of the bottle iustial ,,
bringing them to God was carrying them In dt
Now. Sr. 13. will you ldare to tell me thit tie
Rev. padres priests of the COtIol.o Cliunih tn,
courage sin and "hlackgtardism" aion their
people ? No, Sir. It's the same old soug.-lit
down all that is hat to the Padres! lBt, I t.I

( 5l )

POR UN PIOJO... Hlialde hecho de cste modo ccans dtclaCon.
cs__desa die 'ineda. y la sirrte fatal burl6se de Pc-
pita, dcpardpa raorl p compare, en ves del Con-
(CONTINUACION.) desito, nl insigne vate D. Rccaredo Concju.
VII Niestros lectures habituaeslec han coniocidiaya el
r AK. la mejor intelligence de las cenns que siguen en usta tal sctcilla die citbnces ach e nada hahia variado. A pesar de
r cuorn verdadera historic, itrecenios halher cumplido los citcuenta y cinco nfies.
Sirtuno dar at lectr at lc una ligera idea Ostentaba sicinprr ll inisma cars placcetera, Ias
del mode de echar las c6dllas dc comnpadres, tal nimsman patillitas crises, los mismos junnetes en
colno habia tenido efecto la noche anterior en Ilow pies, los mnismos sahafiones cu lIas manos.
cass de Is Condesat de Pincda. E'tai cJtunll're. Siempre lat mnismtia icuidad maravillola en los
tan general en Andalucia cl peuitltin.. juvit. c culclos de In juventul aristocritica, title le fran-
hintes de Carnaval, no es i nmuetro juicio sint, uitn queahatn II protection v la conlfianza id la ilustre
aiieja reitiniscencia de los untigols 8 ,t"e;h'sw-. Santt Maria. Siempre lin nixiinn plumn. quce si
ionlohre colnservado aunl el nl gunas pron incias- a ntotaha partilda dte sat v taehaco en la modest
qule se celebrahnn ltutes lI dia de Reyes. 1"i la ltficina, cotno escribia idillios y elegias, madrign-
c6rte de lMartin. reydte Arag'n. sencicucintra es y sonetoi a CCutenares de Fili y mnillares dc
ya esta usaiiza, tluce estvtw miuy ein lg os l Zaida,. Siemnpri el ilismno liuj.ertluito, cl mis-
reinados de los Felipes 11i y IV, en que Lope dte ,m deshordlamiento dce Di)iionarin de a coverwa.
Vega, Moreto, Cervintes, Calderon, G6ngura. y cion, mine die su saber, arsenal tie su Musa, jardin
sobre todo et mordaz Quevedo, compusieroit de sus deleites y panacea d sIusdolonrc Siem-
graciosos motes de estreihos, de loscualessecon- pre la mlismn sumni corteina olicinesca, a ni isma
scrvan nigunus en la Bibliotect Nacional. galanteria comedida y honesta de los heroes de
Dos mitodos suelen usarse para acar los Cs- Calderon y Moreto, para quietie la cualidad de
trechos: t6manse unaporcion de cintas del mis- sefnora era sin6i)tuta de la dignidad (ie reins.
no colior,iguales en nnlmeroal de parejasde comn- Siempre, en fin, las nminmas casts y platbnicas
padres. Atanseestas cintas pot lt nutad con un ansias tie ofrecer su corazon i tons Ias bellas,
pailnelo y se reparten los cabos de un lado entire buscnillo una Laura conuo Petrarca. nma Beatrice
:as seiioraa y entire los caballeros los del otro. conio Dante, una Eleonorn comno Tasso, sin ha-
Desatado el painuclo A una serial convenida, que- ier ecointrado inn al cnho de cincuenta y cin co
da cad cinta uniendo bun cabollero y iuna sefio- anios, no ya una Iladda pars lo que tenia de Re-
ra, y establece entro ellos el vinculo del compa- cared, pero .n siquicra lina Coneja part to que
drazgo, siendo obligation del conmpdre regular tenia d: Concjo ...
i la comadre el object indicado en un mote 6 :Los diose sin embargo, comenzahan A eerie
versillo, sacado tambien k lI aserte. propicion: Cupid y el Destinn, el ciego Fatum,
Mhslento, y Apesarde tod' mis general, isel que dijeron los antltuoes, hij; delc Cao1 y de Is
mitodo del Ias c6dulas; escttbense los nombres Noche, habianse aliado la anterior en casa de la
de lot caballeros y sefioras en pequefas cedulitat Condea de I'ineda. park hacerle salir de compa-
arrolladas, y vanse sacando alternativamente de dre cot Pepita Ordofiez, hcldad por quien nliu
los.cestito en que se col6can. Pasan luego las de Utia is s se habit perfumado las patillas y tn-
parei s rgeogiends las edulitas que indica el re-. gido Is extensa calviclecon relimbratte tclra, de
galo, y bhilase luego el rgodon de comnedres, en htivo.. dorri, sinembargo, e rumor d6 que no
q qui'ada uno de Ctob,-tine po"ptreja ilt Coma- 1 f6rwn.ej too. qa fleinn en oti novola dcl
dre que deuerte I be ha detig alo. er nmteso todo. ran on or a novels de
dre q6tehta suerte It ha designado. ater, titzn ad Gortion. "

er i"'i c ,' m tebccvoiciicia de. aqiuellas deida:- !cso se ha eclipsado uno... Que si de tuertot h.
era I cleSl"r S ,os, malevlOuc de alguno bhamos-prosigui6 despenandose en elabisnmo&
e os, Isn que habi proporcionado i D. Re- Isu erudicion,-tucrto era el insigne cuadillo An
hcarno qu" eli satsfa~~t ioln trueque de jugar a nihal y tuerta tambien la princess de Eboli, h
cpitar aqelia m.a tnsia. Era sin embargo damna ois hermosa de sutiempo... Por cierto que
iertoa qU i traimpaliubo en la.extraccion de Ins to d(isiniulaiba con uni bucle de sus cabellos, qe e

c du I'habiaida ignorado hastit despues de he- dejaba caer wsbre el ojo averindo...
cha Merccdes y so herknano, y apresuraronse lue- -Dispense V., D. Recaredo,-le interrummpi
ito visi:tr a l'ePila Dart paliar en 1o posihle cl eli Condesito. Mil veces he visto enllhM rid,ec
herrenchin que so conpadrazgo co ccl rate hahia csa dte Pastraina, cl retrato de ls Princess, a
de causarle. Eittri, pucs, D. Recaredo en alas antecesora, y no hay alli rizo iinguso... Lo rini
de sus esperanzas, vestidl. c(ll particular esnero, que hay es, un parchletatnario como en plato,que
pnitalon y guantes claros, eitailada levitu negra, le tapa el ojo derecho.
con un botoncito azul y blanco en el ojal, simbolo -Me permit dudarlo, quendisnio Conde.-
Sie la cruz de Crlos IIIll con que la Restauracion replica D. Recaredo que tenia mAs fe en el Dic
habia premiado dias kites sus veintitres ailos de cioftmio de la convernacion, donde habia encn-
servicios en las oficinas de Rentas Estancadas. trado este dato, que e a intalibilildad nismade
Traia en nI mano uina magnifica camella roja, en la Iglesia... dPo, pesar de todo; vayn quicea...
cuIo cCniro ha:bia culsRiiite ie Tuerto era timli cl intailte D. J111an1 tucnt1cl
dos cdulasdel colnpadlrazg.:; Sulud revetrentte Imor Mza...
donis AItastias, placetcero a Mercedes, anlistoso -D. Recaredo, por Dios l-exclamib Mcrclc.
at Condesito, y ciadrtidose ante Pepits col un a Acahe V. ya con el caDtlogo de los t.uctos, si ti
mano sore el pecho, present6le con la otra la icrka aie "er it coolpat ar i. tepita con el mdro Altiza.
hermoa flor, dicieno: --l'ermitame V. qte mencione i Canimns..
-Pernmitame V., bella Pepita, que con permiso Nada Inua que al dulcisinmo Canmoens, aquel qie
de su seiiorn madre, mi venerada dofn Angusstius, cant6:
le ofezca en esta floor el destino de los hados... Aquella captive
Mercedes y Pepito rein a cnrcajadas sin nin- QIte me teo captivo...
gun disimulo, y Pepita, furiosa con los hados que Y al decir esto, D. Recaredo repartia los pail-
tan mala partida la jugaban, la pegz con ellos les de calpivo yide captia,'indicando altcnatihi-
diciendo: mIenle k Pepita 6 indicAndose i da misnio.
-Mire V., D. Recaredo... Deje & los hado -i Oiali y fuer.t cierto --cxclamb la eop'li"
quietos en su casa, que ya podian hnber vido con. cada vez mhs irritada. Si yo le tuviera a V. co0
mig"i tni belnigno. tivo, ya le encerrcri donde no le diera el aire
S -Connligo ni, Pepita.bella, y por eo les doy -Encibrreme V. en so corazon, Pepita bell,
gr.uias reverse .. .. y yo !e pronmetu no echar de m6ints ni el oxigeiw
etiPues yI... las recenl... lUn comadr i el tr6geno.
Stuertal... Pepita iba a protestar contra aquel amor01o
aTuertr-rpitib.D). Recaredo. anlisle qulnico del aire, mas la paerta se abri
SY reparaldo en el ojo hinichado de Pepita, que en aquel mnomento para dar paso ia roteiia, (ie
diaparaba contra. k un rayo de mal disimulada mirando k D. Recaredo con cierto ire conspi-"
ra -in''tdid cu;ndidamcnte: dor querevelabam6itaus inteligenciaspregint6:
I"W Caia..**. iPues es veortdnl;.. Es rtecir, -e --Lo ntro ya ?o.. 1. 1 ; : !
Sb terrdod u descots frnqueda .Turbb tn: tnto D.- Recardy cont
"* ,qd u d braha Uln oi en ese tCio y por perplejo: o .i Rca e, ',! .- 1

S L( *,*3 '
.... ......... -" .. ... .. -....-- ---- --- .--- "--- --
-Si... no... cpertc... Bicn; 6ntralo... sc acercaron i Ia rotefitS parn examiner de cerca
Y coma vicc que .Mercedes y Pepito tI mirn- squclln obra Inaestra que habia el anmor inspirado
ban alonitos, dofia A,ugus.tis pasmada y Pepita i la confititnr. Pepita, crey6ndose en ridicule a
con ganas de sacarle los bjos,-taiadii dirigi6n- los ojoi dcl Condcsito, sentin vehemcetisimos im-
dose ln vindn: pulsos de ecasqtuetr oi In plotdn caeza de
-Mi seiora dolia .ngustins... Digno I V. lo ide D. Recarcdo, hi guisa de casco de- Alcibiades,
Tcni..toclcs a turibiiades inteiit tc Il hatll'ia dc al|uella piraimide de pintonatcs y de increnguics.
Salamina.-i;Pega, .pero escuha.'...-Confirco Doiia Angustias, pasmada siempre, mirnba A
qul e heexcedido, dando ordenes t st leal do- unos y miraba A otros, sin aiber si reirse con los
mbstica; pero no ine condene V. tdavla... E:.- dost hermaibs, n iudignarse con su hija. Mien-
*pcrc un momentto... (ras (anto, D). Rvcaredo coria presurosM a la teal
No fuo necesario esperar nimchu: tornt6c id iomiatiira. y in ayudaba it colocar cl dice pres-
ahrir la puertade un vigoroso puntapi6, y.aparc- cute subre un velador pequefio. A un gesto fu-'
cid dc nuevo ia roteffi sofocadisiia, sosteniendilo ritso de Pl'cito retir6se ln totenia, chupAnduselos
con ambas inanos utn enornme ramiillcte de dtutlccs, cdos, prihiga;ulo, tI'ols conl ci grand cerco de me-
qie trrniinaa hen noina tierna aluegor lie d.c atiar, rengucs que gnarnecia los hordes del plato.
colorcada.. Uann bhancae palonua.del tlamilo i '-lMingnllicol... IDclicios,D.Recaredol ei-'
,n gormion granlc, lhallhase posadn sluhre IunI cliintaba Mercedes tirndctll o una local. Sies-
roca de piionitte: all pi 'yiacia subre tin imonton to rrcuerda aicilo de Fermnan Caballero... et re-
tdi hacvo hilado, uandiminuto czadour die irbia galo de D. Jidas Tade, Ilarho, &i u adorads
c;tbcllc'r, trispasadlo de'tparte par te pdr n'in csta... No le aldta nihs quie el lererito:
cnorme fleclia del propio carcaj qtiin la c'spilda ..lon que Fte A (asta.
traia. En una' uano levantasa el .nuir.ihido a st. : '
Netrod de azdcar ell arco todavla antmimlo y ss- -" Ticnei razon !-exclImb I'epita sin podier
tellia con laotra unra banderiti en qut con carac- dlisimular por mnis tiempo ni la irsa i cl hochornuo.
tereu douados se lialllaban imprecos estos versob .lis pars quc el caso sea igual, faltl uin cosa...
que firmaiba D. Rccatedo: .Pes qi. l n1 ta?...
.1 mEi llla comandte Pep ita Orri c -Qic aligt i caritalivo Pe'dro de Torres. suti-
tya erte Ictrero, con nquel otto de que habli
-- ambici Fran: : .ll:
VIte lrunando n rit.ado r. No nm cItas. Tudeo.
S. Con pino. lento y ountante. .. i Pana eamplsr i Olt
Higne la aiuza adelante Tanto disle... portuiII eren
Con alan y con ardor?... Q tle oon irti p eienla aitslt... .. ;
t xe em ei elanipo ioi a or F't t ontzanlte lI deaden y tan marcado el
,C e eaaMor vo le shuo.
Y'"'' no encontiando nlittdo encono con que trcalct Pjpita el iltimo verso,
l.: I' ca lne yj tlr. qu el sensible don Recartdo pens6 dcmlyacrs,
Valet in t ,rraq, m ... .
S Que yo solo ors el herido!!, y austado 'Pepito de la torments qute amenanha,
Era aquellatorreimonumentalelregalodeco-m. quiso conjurtrla distrayendo al ate. .
padre que hacia i Ptepita D. Recaredo: sla uerte u-Petm bt. Iccatedo, I dijo ;--4sit artist no
habin tambicn dec;dido quh faere esteregalo una hI tchido et cdienta la (i dfi icfhtne... LA paloms
prioona, y el galante rate encontr6 medto de cqu- es un ,acstruz junto aNl cazador : si' te quisiers
fititr t.pasion al. miais tiempo empque stu liv, montarla podria corner en ella como los negros
cbmo medio de haceria dulce ya qu no atl orn. somaalib eC lo avstrucs.J.., Justammette at psar
i Ail: In4~6t iAl ptladartdela4deiet'lit Pepita. ahtra:por .ajonhl ,i.ite Drtd'luna de- etas
Mer;eas y' a'bHItd iIii'si'd'fWmi~t'rfuAddiSisK'y carreras divetidhirai.a. '' *' ... '

( )

uC oqc es al retratarlo .a V., ha estaldo that nm youthful hushand--ah! mt ay God forgive
_Pauc; lo quces i Mer ceds col la nisma him-prepared for his task in the hush. li1
ginimmo,- ( nd.,sit,, .dicando #1 mi- would have me accompany hin, as a little
i"ean iitencio deli COIdKsit., ild nd al l change would do me good alnd hitm ,o harm:; K
" cancer, morilltundo t O s "Icho tde huevo we prepared our little luncheon and away uc
eiro aV ... lee ha puestu unn cahellcra do- went, hle c.4rring with him his machIte, a gMd
rsda, qe ni'la del rrey Absalon. strong cord.tliud other little things he might pI-
ray que qnire 1 V.. h.ella Merccdes ?-replicd sibly have use for. What did I know about the
Y qu q.cre \h ll ush? What did I-a girl of fifteen-know of
iastinlerane'teD.l Recaredo. .No.'y yoningnl the virgin forest? It was there he made hiswar,
Alcjandro parm naidi(larqiie no me retrate entabla chatting in his usual pleasant manner, when sul.
nis que Aticlek;, i en broince mins que Lisipo, denly, as we were now far away from the sight
Segun asegura Plinijo... Si el confitero me ha re- of man, he threw down his bundle, nd--O Sir,
trtado en nzuicar, diiiuidome iun caellera que no it makes the tears leap to my eye, as I picture
ttengo, Dio pre buen ora... iy I en that scene again-he laid hold of me anll tied
tengo, Dio I preii la u ome hand( and foot to a great torest tree. Like h
veo'qic no8 esn amlnor, hinlO ~la occasion, a la queI Cri to nailed to a cross for sacrifice, there was I!
pintail calva I... All power of speech had gone with the shock
Y apoyinidose en i rl hra.o de Pepito, con el his strange and unexpected conduct gave me.
sire dc un Ahelardl desauciado, andi6 muy Through the tears that blinded my e es. I saw
i. N i him take a knife, and it was fint long before the
quedo, indica nlo i ia esquiva belad, que llama- cold blade was laid upon my throat. "**01
ba siempre sui duke ftirna: Sefior de Esquipulas" was the prayer that iy
iY Is cruel, A inmf i alinr. mnA grata ...(1) I beating heart sent forth repeatedly.
(SB CCONTINUARA.) Of a sudden, as if moved by some new resu-
lution, he looked around him, hurled away fronm
him into the forest leaves the death-dealing wca-
LOOK BEFCORE YOU LEAP. pon, and then sat himself down a little distance
from ne, took out a cigarette and in a imeditatiw
y mt p r t mood began to smoke. Meantime my player to
s my mother, eor thing, for some reasous God for help were redoubled: I dared not, I
of aer oaw wonud neever conse nt to marry, I was could not speak.-He laid his hand upon his
taket away fr"on heer. and placed under the care machete.-Good God! what is this maln l.,it
of a very good and ppions lady, my own grand- to ilo? I saw his colour change. ald change
mother. t t bhe carty atge If n d to lkdo? I saw his coleute r change % and.cpllr
mothers. At the earlJv age of cars ih m again, when at last he rose still with his cigarette
I han d'the w Isafortuntt bera hand- in whismtha
admirers frl *e had I comptulletedmb y l z in his mouth, and gradually, and in silence, set
soge6 arl. No sooner ha i completed my t3th me free. Yet, I was not to g away aluie.
year than my handsI was asked in marriage by a .' Walk you on in front," he said. My fears werc
rng and hnomn e youth of or own village. renewed again. It ws not far that we hael
ust confess now that I am old and fast ap walked in silence when he proposed our takigl
preaching the tomb, that I did not then under- breakfast. We tat down, and lie opened the
stand what t was I as hout to undrtake, and clean white handkerchief in which I had prepar-
I"n ad I ee when I witness the mat- ed the food. He offered me something, bat tO
nige 6f a young girlH, such as I was then: for it eat wits out of the question- Every little morsd

ly a-nh tooheam to bee careful-they had evident- 1ow. wte Violag ve togedht .(ter'that foT
lns ton y minod the fts of the sad and stuck in iyti at, hilst he eat hieatiy. Thi or
dreadful story, [am I now about to relate.
,I ha ne g ery unpleasanto meal ws r.stoot onera lil logai
Shlhd es usual vwill be boyish and foolish, re T m to mc y aehad ithe y .a
camet to 'visit Us, atnd fifrcisIn what followed-though reached the Village .
lIy kvarn j to h to bee cari ful-they had evideu t- .
tany time Ut all is a rnaytery to tnei We haot four
!6one iesutdifful fnruh4 clear morning, all ch ldren. Then came the day we bad to part I
*.... 5me fe i^Reedhigp9ls madelm! way to securerspot qinder english
G ta-E ,-T rule leaving himto 0 egreatftercyh at God., A-


CHRONICLE OF THE SACRED HEART. Aid l'ope Leo XIll writing.when Ilishop of
"- l't'er'uia :-
S 0 :t, r" e(Od a I(; 1 Iilrnelf deterlitild and tainde L known it,
,V.p its itl winia. ittiar.nir wel are It honour and nsrve I llm.
Nor is it lclf to ith fret will of (man to ri'fise It. or to
fashion for lilniml.f a fonn of worship and servio stluhB
*" tis lie oplenst to render. That worship. that religion
I n -P i-- ilon r i trite. l good. whli'h (I d Hl I tllIse h;a ntitIl-
Sfstly will.'d us to pritire. After thntit would be not
.only Ilim lois blit ml onstrouls il, illitilll n otvry Ifortu of
/ worship is ateplntble and Indniffernt. lhitt lie htlian
onsienr e is firee tIo adopt v.tihlrliever forml It piletit.
'THY KINCOOMt COML. Iand to fashion un ntt rliglon to ull -Itill.
-- What! are tliy tlhen things Indlfferent. dependent.
ST]e I itewntiotl for MI'rcll ir to ask. for onour, erlolc ianal gond to lraitr.u. these ninoluraUwllit
a ;il.l~ Irahicl I'. Iwe all truth fand error, the divine glory, and God's
SWhat! ecn It ti i nplatlr oft Indifference to uian to
i-ri-I I' priceless treasure of a frank pro- know Od or to ignore Ilitn. to revere lil Iorto wor.
Sship Ills 6rtrt a ptnrt. to serve Illin. a lie bids fig, or to
feIsion of the Catholic faith is a thing reri,,o e lls ervlen b o
i m'och to he tguarded jealouslVE against Yet this spirit of Inlifferecititnm which is thus
h plots that r e to steal t ro denounced b great religious thinkers of our age
I.. I lure is no need of many words to prove is increasing evcry daty.
the magnitudee of the dangers that beset Chrit- Need then is their to ,prO. it t he Sacred leart
i.n faitlh ii these davs. Men go about writing (if Jesus to p our iinto the minds raml heartsof all
.and proclanin i alotud:- IIChristians a great appreciation aind love of llis
Man is free in his own conscience he C cla ein- teaching. WIt., is the Way, tle Tuth ll anl the Life.
race iny religion he likes. Natural religion, pe I tf
that which reason dictates to Its, is all that we I "ff"r lThee he prayer- t wtorkl ,td st fferint s ofr
want -. we dio oit need either revelatillon or iy)s-.
terie... ( )e religion is quite good u a atlu Ir." this dtLv for all the intet,lios .f 1 lTy divine Ieart.
S' ch are the pestilential theories which are I Tffer then in particular for a lively faith. 0
rife in the world and which even Catholics are lieurt of .jints, Thou art the Living T'ruth; ly
fouinl to chime in with, satcrilicing their most faith imay vwe truly live. Let us not degenerate
sacred convictions to erroneous ideas of. polite- from the high thoughts of the sons of God. Amen.
ness or. wa ved hv the lowest ind most. despic- : --
"hle form of human respect. The/ Catholic la I iteciont ge nerial pl tra cl li Clhrch can never sanction that subtle, popular .1r I e iZa l '
antl daingelous heresy of the present day--that A>1" l. 01a lnfiizr wi Jft if
broad and wide Christantity-which teaches that '/e odira ins paurn Iodos Ils (Cristilunos.
i11 religions find equal. favour in the eyes of God. ,mur general cl principle adoplado en este
Meen msaycall the Church uncharitable hut she -iglo qns', sliitdo totlas Ins IeliRiones buenas,
can never teach the falsehood that one creed is c psa col pui de escoger equella que mejor le
as-otI ts nisuther. n.dan coil pitede esg caner aqul que "nejor Ic
as good s .another. ,, convenhgi Contra ese principto, fatal a la Re-
Liberalihm in religion thought by very many ligion, tenemosis In autoridad infalible de nucatro
to be such a good thing it pronounced hy Car- notdio 'ontilice Lrn XIIIl el cual siendo to-
dinna Newman to, he so extravagant anild til- davii 011spo ic erugia, rr. ilia loidguiente:-
tealonahlle that lie declares : los i ilrno nos ha beebut euncer y ha deterlnl-
her -cannot bnter Into the ltate of mind of a person tflha el mnodo tome delRnimo lihdnrarle y selrle. No
Snmlantanlng It"--4hat he "eoneelves-m nh a thory to estA dejada al hioibre lit faiultrd do resstlrtne at for-
hI .t of questlon with every serloue mnlnd'-t.4hat. he marsg per l munliso t ernllo et er rvlelo quo delln
eanti6t undenltuand **,hor aku trlon man, who really praitar i DIlo. Solalnrnll terdattlderoy buenoi atill
Inol* what heb is p~onklt bot oitn bu coniiitanit ulto j Itellglon queilllrkhmtito now unandadeseguir.
LiAtlttldlnarian. ,.l; ., :, -' "-i : P' I'or ento' rla no sulimenente Inpleo plo monstruqao
"In private lfe' rav tatdLhil Mtatlaing t *e onait ci oatehst ti ede forming dre ulllto s aradable 4 in-
4to b kindly. and tsn6btrlushie, bat tmoomnprooilsIng In dftetrhto 1 Dlop,' etlinttlA tvee Io I noeltolt Ilbir de
oeil 'th" ,, -jb ., oltadno pdoptan ui ns fligtn pitle n ir le a osngls.

( .A }

e- i, ln di ndlnte uni- men su nombre, quebraintan s ley, viven la vids
1(H.! jIl, r"'" (<(ld(n l gie"ta *lr trr I ver- de( simple paginos? Aman.Jesu Cristo los que
ra nt fit rr eh i nri io lDlios? po quieren cumplir con sus mni;ndi(lniciton,cuan.
dlod. I0 *e i on0id0ra 1t conoa Inif" 1 to dr El dijo terminantcmente si me amas, g..r.
I d,. I l "Iii M ,1.d' rnsid
Ierrlls n0 ignore i, nd r 6 n!saIle le arvio da umis m1nldamiCnto s"
errlrlesta n it y enltcl IltrtI y alsi qle" Por esos infelices que se consideran en cl ca.
Etlsal ah in l aUY a rcutes.tion roll in. que mino derecho.cuando andan enteramentedesear.
nucietlt: p"" lesva lecer Is ridic.dls irgunmen- riados; se nos propane rogar caldamenteal Cora.
souicicle Pa'1r" l| iberilca e inuiestro siglo zo. de Jesus en este Mes, para que alumhrandA
e prcuid ern licmOlhberalismo cl dcjur libre Ir s cntendimientos les haga conocer las equirie
quce oInsidan coir I Religion que be le altoje. cadas sendas por donde se encaminan.
La cuestil st: reduce it los tIlunIlo bigi""entes Ln oracion pues por este Mes seri la siguiente:
La Religion no C otra col| tIlue nn culuo especial Oh Jesus mion por medio del Corazon inmn.
con Cl lcitil manifiesta cl lilhmbre si respeto, ohe- cnlado de Maria Santisima os ofrezco las oracio.
diencid v dcevocion it Dios. Este culti fu6 eitu- nes, obras y trahajos del present dis, pars reps.
hlecido'delle un principiO por el nilno Di)us rr las ofensas que se os hacen, y para las denm
*cunlo inuo absolute que tiene dcreclh de maI intenciones de vuestro Sagrado Corazon.
dar i sus criaturnasc cserviciUl qUC le dclen pres-
tar. Cuantas veces los hbomnres se deabvlron del Los ofrecemos en modo particular para alan-
camino trazado por li siaiduril infinita envi6 zar unI f6 viva y practice. O divine Corazon!
Dios Molses y los profetas, pura que restahle- vas.sois la fe viva de los Cristianos; haced qne
clean cl culto ianlldladlo pur El Inisiio, y cuati- todos vivamos de esta f6, y no.permitnis quece-
do Il prevaricacion general coloc6 cl genero hu- generemos de ella durante el camino dec nuestrA
nanobaja de unn Religion elnteranlenlte contra- vida. As) sea.
ri it ls que El t1os 0 llin Imacluandald, cl miinmu
Iijo de Dios vini etn la tirtra pura enseflarnos THE GOSPEL AND APOCALYPSE OF PETER
It verdtladern tCuig-n. nedliuite iln cual. sola.
meute, cl lKinllll pudicri a1niitatleil y tugrasur lB DK. J. K. AS(IT.
aI C:tllito dI la vida.
Esa RCidgiolti que vii, 6 JCei Critu 6 predicar OCUMENTS belonging t the'
Sinulldo oltqle vupirdautus qcue o -reguir, nd- ages of Christianity continue to bedi&
Sicnntin ,e cuplirculto gut: ir. covered in such abundance as to sug-
trdello pries al, lesto t n l)ioa e ha. mos- gest a providential design in their
tr adHomre, qu ti l cla e I serviclu que pide being withheld until our own day. The apF-
nl Hombre, que nio tuvo diticoltla de vulir per. logy of Aristides was almost immediately follow-
volmalenlte eu a tierra pars retahcer ese ser- ed by a very early aocryphal correspondence
vmcio dque e t olna Religiun, s' puede par un between St. Paul and the Corinthians, found both
.ql Diosquetdlntidechue tcl ieri c at Milan ahd Laon; and this in turn has bedl
ks ptstamos yd quau delant de El Citlir ctu qe succeeded by a much more important discover,
I tes,.Judiy, Mahqonmetaos Gentilesvales made in thefollowing circumstances. TheFrench
la mtano y tods dar, so retrit ucione vn Government, as is well known, maintains at Cairo
SA h bua ob p a "Mission Archbologique" to examine the anti-
ianif dbcton.t u rva el lPapa esa e Religiones quities that abound in Egypt. In thecourseofha
ea o cal thas s orale ctri dictnriaspa- investigations, the Director, M. Bouriant,opened
sanlta y conoB verdaderas utras falsastu ". the tomb of a medieval monk at Akhmim, and
,im"p e e de Ii perfeci.ll humtnan otrat found in it two Greek manuscripts. Oneofthee
'mp.t tae degnado Is humanidad. Diremos was a ready-reckoner for the use of tradesmen,
-tuludo? ti -mo y qule ")i te cuplace but the other-a small parchment volume--C~
..e direo d ..... ..... ed of greater interest Two-thirds of it consistc
practiCar ningena teli auello, ue o qleren of extracts from the apocryphal Book of Enoch,
SDi,? y Jean CrirS iton? ti echis L.n creer which for the first time supplied a considerable
e em*s qe riaeo Acas r crte.n en Jests part of the original text, hitherto only known 1o
S.luteren eguir 's doctrinasy an EIthiopic translation .The:remahing eight
SJ n Crito lis que blasfeu. pages were found to contain fitrgineit of a Gs-

pel and of an apocalyptic vision; and it is tosh-~ elders watched the grave with the soldiers; and
that the attention ot students has been thielly the mnorningof the Lord's day they saw the h-
directed. .vens open. ald two men descend. The stone rol
.Several monographs have appearedl on the sub- away from the door, and the two tln enter
ject during the last few nmnths in this country\ presently issuing forth with a third whom t-
and on the continent; among which Father .ucas's supported. "A cross followed them, and the he
vervableand scholarly article in The.Muntl should of the two reached unto heaven, but the head
be particularly mentioned here. Within the la't him whom they led overtopped the heavens. A.
few weeks. Professor Harnack has publishoel an they heard a voice from' the heavens sayil
edition of these fragments,.illustrated from hib 'Hast thou preached obedience unto then ti
great knowledge of early Christian literature, and sleep?' And from the cross was heard: 'Yea
containing many suggestions from other scholars, Soon the heavrns were seen to openl again, an
as well as a popular account in the Preuaims le i maan dcdedd and entered the grave. Mary M;
.ihrbniieer. The time seems therefore to have dalen came with her friends early on the sa
arrived for bringing the chief'results niuch morning to tie grave; hut beingtold by than
research before the general reader. that the I.ord had. risen. tIlhe were frighted a
t. The Gospel fragment professes to be writ- fled. No manifestation of our l.ord is'record
ten by"Simon Peter,"anditthereforeat oce stg- but the Apostles are said t, have returned in s%
gets that it is a portion of that alpcryphal "'Gos. ness each to his otwn hotli, iil the'!' last day oft
pel. of S. Peter," which has long been lost, but of leavened bread"-a week after the Crucifixi
which there are a few scanty notices in Ori en The manuscript ends ill the niddleof a sentett
aind Euscbius. The former writer quotes it as "Then I, Sinion Peter, and Andrew, my brotl-
stating that the brethren of our Lord were the took our nets. and went awaytothe sea; antlth
sons of St. Joseph bya previous marriage; while was with us.Levi, the son of Alphacus, whom
thle latter in:!udes it among the spurious works Lord ... "
which weru the phllerouctilin if heretils. lih' has With these rxte ptiHlis the naIratil' before tI
also prc-.rved a letter ol Serapioin, Bishop ol A.\ evidently drawn ifri tlhe evangitlits. Thl
tia I. at the beginning of the third century; frin tracts are quite reogniabh'llthoughthey areci
which it seencs that the book was used by tle binedvery rnintelli .iltly; llierier issumemrti
Catholios if a town in Cilicia. Serapion at fist inverted, and details are added t: strenghtetl
1ernmitted it, but on closer examination fiunti it adiount, ofti n with a total absetnceof pri'Oabil
to ctntin much that, favoured those herttics The work vwa vvidntll v intended forreaders
whoul "we tall Decetae" Arid condemned it, were unacquainted with Jcwlh customs, tllhc
Tlie fragment is only a mmall part of the G-s. ing explained, Stnmetimesc incorrectly. All ctr
Il. in length equal to about sixty of our verses. appear tobe agreed that thisGospcl is not to bt; I
It begins abruptly withPil~tc's washing his hands, on a level with the four Evangelists; and it is
and ends eight days after the Resurrection at the testimony to theirantiquitywhich gives it its cl
sea of Galilee. The narrative which it contains value. Harnack's conclusion is thatthe clot
differs considerably from the Canonical Gospels; relationship of the fragmentC is to St. Market
the chief points of divergence being the following: most remote, to St. Matthew. Its'testinony'to acquitted of all complicity in our Id's John is, of course, the most intWresting poiht;
death, the whole responsibility beftig throwinup. he fully brirtig ott the numerotts points-co ln
on tlhe Jews and 'on Herod, who appears a His to both. In order to estape'frohi thelesult t
judge. He is represented assilent on the Crss- the fragmentmust hav e been'mtclilted by st
"as one suffering nadght'"-untilthle last moment. bo"e Who lassed'the 'wfut- rEvngclistwith
His bones are ordered not tobebroken,- in order other three; he- ha* rtourst't6 the "iV'fiM
that He might die ill torment..". 'At the last mo- hypothesis that both asitderivei froi* smbtm'
ment the Lord is said to have cried aloud: "' My mton source; of whith tithifN i ko10*1.: 1,,i)
strength, my strength, hast th6h forsaken me?' not dwell in a tfall cy which lld4"ben'softti
And having said this he was taken up." When apologists. ,.,i l i,:,: ., it .4
He.wa taken douwl from theross theearjh k- Grantedihowevei tliatbthblifragInentlbufon
Vd -His body i:4l Ali- dbyhtheJiwjt J's b t, uses St. John s ,okntmitat, -theTioorit (r o
and after burial they asked Pilatefor a guard. The to be attached tp hits yldendsLwill depend m s
c4OtltiltiI t* t h(i dtadlij&t~iPeiri(ig The datec Thisi Htrtladwi l inisitll~tbthecrit'Ok

( 58 )

Early aaoutA.I. 12o0; believ- Clement of Alexuadria. The" Revelatio,,n' j,
disposd to put as early as about A.D. t2O; bteliei
dist to he ben used by St. Justin as one of held in much hiijgher esteem in the prinitie
ing it to he Life of our Lord. Father Lucas' Church than theso-called Gospel ,f PIc'r.thiist~
the uc0s O to me, however, to have made this it was finally excluded from the CaLon oflth
article s "ul. He shows with great learning that New Testament. Its contts l s justih this prc.
vety dou f heresy favoured by this pseudo-l'eter ference, is far as can be judged irnm the pi.rtin
thare Styp half a century later; moveover it is ex. preserved-34 verrscs, nearly one-half of iht
rose sdin i obable that St. Justin would have whole book. It consists almost entirely of viisIj
reliedingly a rk that is so much opposed to the "on the mountain," in which our LoIrd shmt
spirit and letter of the four Gospels. On the other the twelve disciples the glory and hnppincg d'.
hand, the points of contact betwtxn his works and the just and the ]punishments inRicted o tlh
the psudo-Peter are so numerous and remarkable wicked. The latterr, in particular, are described,
that they cannot be explained away. It seems to with much of the minuteness and power of Darne.
e most likely-and this is borne out by a close as varying for different classes of sinners. Tht
examination of the parallel passages-that St. most Interesting'p)oint in the whole fragmentis
Justin quoted an earlier and simpler edition of this the name given to the just in heaven, as "Y mr
Gospel than the fragment just discovered belongs high-priests," evidlently, as Harnack renarks,to
to. The history of the Clementines, and of the teach the intercession of the saints before God.
suriousGospels and Acts. proves abundantly that The whole has.a nnuch more simple and archai
the text of all such extra-canonical works waspe- character than there Gospel, with which it ncr
culiarly liable to corruption by heretics, who in- favourably contrasts.
produced such alterations and additions as favour-
ed their own dogmas. On this view ot the case -- -
there would remain a sufficient number of pas-
sages, in which St. Justin quotes the fragmentt,
and the fragment quotes St. John, to make it A E E : (1 I0 R
highly probable this is the earliest witness to tlhe
canonicity of the fourth Gospel.
It is not possible in the space at my disposal to
dwell on the many points of interest which the
Gospel of Peter raises. I will only mention one
because we are likely to have it brought forward
more prominently by Rationalists. Harnack urges
that the account given of the Resurrection, of
which I have given a suntlary, shows that there
was an early history of that period, without any
mention of our Lord's appearing, at least during
the first week, and that the Evangelist's narratives .
f His apparitions are therefore leuenua.y addi-
tions It is obvious to reply that no weight can 4
be attached to the account given hya writer who
ba. thoroughly suppressed and altered nis nutho.-
ites at his pleasure. In this particular case, only
one of the appearances of the risen Christ-that
to St Thotmas-seemss to be excluded by the
, pseudo-Peter; there is merely a gap it the ar-
rative between the flight of the wdudmu from the
Sepulchre and the last da of unleavened bred,
d which the others fook place.
1 Thesecondfra m"ent discovered isnony.
"'mP ; Aa .Pla ri y In 0oda ,,a o
b ePat of the P tIm rciante enrJtierihi Relo-
'a part ofnthe longs Apocalypse ofI r~frs i.
P~O *N i- guu -. i t~ .i )Jera,,,Platernay y n today cla

( 59 )

se de Instrumentos Musicosi80 hace cargo de today clase die repara-
'.ciousen dichos.ramoe v olrece al
y Opticos. publito tnas mjorires IAQUI.
NAS de coser, tales coin,
S la VI.c'TO H A,
Importador de PIANOS Y ORGA- Y pa s detlle dirigirs
Yi para man detaileR dirigirseo A
NOS, prbpios paru estos climus, de los A; E. MORLAN,
Fabricantes nuts acreditados. '( NORTH FRONT ST., BELIZE..-
Sunmmnary of Meteorological Observations during the monthly of February 1893,

I I -
DAYS. iBARol. In inche[T,-" :nto. l'ivi:M11>M1;TKR. ANKIOM. SK. RAIN.

__ ^ '_d I ; ~ a
ANRIo2I Si R.w ..

1- 7 130.10o9.993o.o0i S't 66"' 76 74 72.6 N.E. 2 C.N. 5 6 S
S-,4 30o.,i299730o.08 83 7o" 76 7 "- 4 ..,3
1- 3o.09l9.13o. 8 7.6 E.S.E. C.N.
S-28 3o.o6,29.419.95 85 7 so 7S 76.6 E.S.E. 44 C. I o o

In the
Month 3' 3.o 86 66 78 76 89 74.6 .S.E. 31 CN. 1 3,3
Explanation for thA Sky, C. Cumulus, Sk. Cirrus, S. Stratus, N. Nimbus.
o. quite clear, to. quite covered.
Three atmospherical waves were passing over, The Temperature has been very pleasant: th4
our Observatory in this month of February. ruage of the whole month, calculating the mean
The first lasted for twelve days, starting from wasonly 70, from 740 to 8'"; although the maxi
30.o0, rising to 30. 2, and descending again to mum of the month wa860 and the minimum 669
29.98. The second lasted nine days, ranging 'thepredominantWindhasbeenN.E.orS.E.
from 30.01 to 30.07, suddenly falling on the a lt with few exceptions of W. o, N. W. winds blow
to 29.97. The third began on the sand, slowly ing principally in the night. The velocity wa
going from 30.04 to 29.87 until the end of the' moderate, not exceeding miles an hour.
mouth. The rapid movements of the loth and Rain, in proportion, was rare and not abund
lst are very remarkable, running from 3o.06 ant. The mainbody o it came down in the fir
suddenly to 29.97 and nextdayup again at 30.4. two. weeks; from the !jth, with the exception
Some storm, passing cloi tb ti, though unnoticed of a 0r light sqiall on the t8th, lt.ha been dry-
by us, hatd t raicbunt f6,0rtch~ vrilatioin..l the beginning of our drysieason.'

( '60 )

...Cbnvent 01 Our ladflufs ,'B,.Itk ,,. .
f/ 1' / .- ---- -

SSelct. S ChOo .fOr young ladies, Boarders and
/ ;i/"- ,Selec hA, ,,, Day-schbii ls ,/ I ,
"i pncl in te usual course of a first-class English educa
1.- 1 cl. F4~n i' q~ f i utihq d. Also eleneltffiDt' ADfiwin~g :t 'U tdhe t

Extras, Music, Piano or Guitar.

,- boarders, ,50o o o fal aI year.
., i Day-scholars, ::/ $ 5. 6o a'munth. ,,
S "For particulars apply to the Reverend Mother at the Convent.

I,-.' I' '

S" Cohvento de'Ntra. Sra, de las Mercedes, Belize,, i

, t,1,, ,l'-.,sCUei 81ele8a 1 ard Senoritas; Pensionistas y Externasl:'
* i,, .,' l:,,iAdmib s de lto qlose tomprende en el cursolsual .de Educaoion. Ingle sldet, .
.L8. Oe. ,ase, setnsc i e eal eFrancis cuando se desea,, P)ujp elemenr alj.lop, .;,,.
I .i.. ^ ,,, trbA, io. I, cis, eni bras d a i,,,, ,I h i: r .f .
*ll,2PinrIoH "*" il ,', "' '' *' ^ "f .G t r, l 1; i. l... .. t i 11. bLs. i li,,'. ",A IT "*.,! *" 1,
,,'-I'l *'"1 ." -.1 h.]. I *ll .; fr ,' lll wl T ;'*T '. ""

"^ "l 'l ll".'t ,' ..... ". ^.*. '" ^"" "Penson s'.ta:s $h i>$. .talr. xi r bin- etrehn hi'le. I,- ".""'""
*i r $5. Btoio euit le.,-Ir ,, V n it -.

S*h*"teHnrwlmjerestl) ssLl*teres raeatie rOaiftie ;"



,. i;CAr.iNDAR AND MONiTHI. NOT,6.:- i i" .

4th month, ,A P I ,, 189I
'" I .... 1 1'** *" ^ 1 r1 ,!-1!' 1'- I,- ---- ,. ..... t -
IU at. 5.54. .. .,' 3 miln. Full Moon.
9un ^ at ".4 ... !, I-r t .. L ,.,,; Lat Quarte
'. ; 6 'ff t9.Q ;l.- li '. .,It 1 1(i.lmni Changes.4f Moon. New Moon.
+se,.l.' l-i3.. t 5.3-8'" ,.. ,Sullfaatl ll lt i hin. Firu t Quartn
- i t t)5-31j t l'n i t 3 'Full Moon.
.... ]li i,.. 11 .. *,i '-,,,- 'C ) *il l +'t ... .. ': l
S, ,, .HotLI : I, 1',l 6 Si.' 2nd after Easter.'
Su Easter Sunday, .i.n '.7 M, S. Stephapn nIrding, Ab.'
h'. M S.,R.ichardn... ) ,, iiS T S. Apollonius, M.
,,T ,1.)' osimus,,.,,.,', .... ,| .,, 19 :W S. Elpbege.. I
S!iS, .,s. y'incnt Feri er 1 ,, ;o, Th 'SS. Sulpicius and Servilian, *i.'
i Th S. Cel 'estine. 1 21i F, S. A.inel' .o.
l t e".desai, 2"*2 j ,SS. Soter and Cains, pp.,,t M.
It I ,, ouCori l u. 3rdafter Easter. S.Georgce ., P:tr
7 u owSuday. "': "' i4 S.M FidclisofSignmaringasm.[oEngli.r
l'I"," S, John O .cn 3 j T i S. ,Mark, Evangelist.
; i t ,'c laei',n+ily Atj't iized6' 266 W Our Lady of Good Counsel., ,
'1ITTll :S.rtebithe Greatk,'..oD i LiT!' j 7. Th r. Peter Canisius, c.
,it l W I1S idora "D i 1 ', S.' F 'S.,Pauli f the Cro !,sS. ,Vitli;. ,,
)193 'ChiSiHermnegild, l .j;29 ; S S. Peter, .
i144. jF. S,SJus"tim a lis !'-i;'. 30 ,Su.' 46 after Easter. 'truonge o
n 8, ;SS.,Baili, B Ahat ias .. '., Joseph. *."-, ". ,,;,,|,, ,,.
![ l r | i l I i n r i ; i i ; o lL r..,., ,, .',, i i i oinl; i
f '~" l) ] n b u 'iii *r d I9i ; .. ili .1 *).i l'';l l ih
S iti ll T Es ,
)i!i f i | li -lfi"l l r >i i i;i. ( ir l li; +d ml
W i. j~ ,, If't- ..,, + i rit.. l + /. 't I>. ln iI
i,.I ,... ,.,ii ,,il'461,, ,>Consecrattii ,flh t, ,i .,,

R i everend Sal, dit : ,
h 11 J 1111 4l1114i11.1111r 99h 0 g l amo r Il/ i 'Ji9 1
:i ni, I lioi'n.)lu .,d di Ii i!)ij t.' 1191 t, Q -1 ..I ,1 I l'lu"t l, a i, I Ill' 99 9< li) It, : .
ri'l ff l 'rd. d ii)trq ; m ii hi ),) ir')irv iri 1+;')'- i'"" w+,'? ,1" 'lli'" iioil-' ,',, ,'t"' .*' *

( ,(1 )Z


..age 62 2 Anacient American Customs, .Page 7
hColone P l ubilee, 63 Porr'un Piojo,. 7
Tho6e PRPl Jbc, |Thee Last shall be First,. 4
Home Rule &c.,
Chronie f theSacred Heart,. 66 Easster Wings, 9
Choalr 68 St, Joseph's Observatory, 79

C 0 L 0 N Y NOTES. given on Sunday morning of the fial
_arraingenitents made for their reception
N the afternoon o' the Jth inot. Tihe Conisecration cannot take place
will arrive (D.V.) three Bishops till the 16tith instant and on that occasion
St United States to co. to preveuntt the crowding and contuision
0 fr1om twle Unid woi tld otherwise ensue, adllissionl
secrete our esteemed and beloved Pastor, to the Comsecration service will Ise onrl
the Right Reverend S. DiPietro, S.J. as by ticket. The earlier celebrations will
Bishop of Eurea and Vicar Apostolic of be numerous, so that those who are ,n-
British Honduras. able to be present at the Consecration
The arrangements for their leaving willhave abundant opportunities of hear-
New Orleans on the 6th by the 8tllwater ing their Suniday Mass as usual.
have been made through.Father Henry Although Belize is but a small place
Gillet, who lett by the Mail Steamer o01 no efforts will be spared to carry out fully .
the 25th of March, to ensure the Conse- as far as circumstances will allow the
creation not being deferred till the inevi- beautiful aund impressive ceremony of
table quarantine should be i1. Next the Coiseecirati(i of a Bishop.
Sunday afternoon, then, we ope to re- t
ceive in Belize their lordshps, Bishop TheChrc the Holy Redeemer ha
O'Sullivan of Mobile, Bishop Healin of lbee ag!aim further enlarged and the ad-
Natchez and a third whose coming was ditional space in the Sanctuary there-
announced by telegram, but whose name by gained will permit the service to le
is yet unknown to us. Such a sight may ygone through in a more efficient manner.
never again be witnessed by any of us; it has beem the wish of the people to halv
for though Belize will now have its Ca- the ceremtoniinl here and we hope that
tholic Blhop he *ill probably come in whilst they will be fully gratified they
future already consecrated. will reeeiwe their Lordships the Bishop
SRememberinr the enthusiasm ,with with such hearty hospitality as to make
irchle inha itat, received heie them le e our'rown with very pleasant
rcnbishop Leray of New Orleans when remembratnces of the Colony.,
h e e'tOBelize i 1887 'e trist that I: bi 1 1' /J .J V I
npirortadsh ip will be weicomed,9, this Books containing the ceremonial ofthe
S"Prrtart occasion with an es6n yt& onsecratiion of a bishop are beingrilf
- rater ovation, Full notice will be ed for the occasion at the Angela $s

( (2> )

The Holy Week services in BUlize and was everywrlicretriulmphant. The nex
were carried out according to the full contradicted ali this. The revolt was cc
Ritual and were attesided by sH u to one small portion of the South and "
crowded Church on the Pain Smnidil, insignificant affair: the insurgents wer
Ghid Friday and Easter Sundav us to rounded at Tettumh laand theirdefeat inev
show the need of a still larger I uildig The last account which comes from Pr
.to receive the Congregition. Trle nillln- Colombia, Marrch z9th again changes all t
her of Cotiniunicalnts wire ;ialntit 50 chiil- speaks of the uttter rout of Government
dren oni Holy Wednesdny, 120 chiefly It seems that thhe hattle so disastrous to t"
ladies oil Mautindy Thursday nlld L1.) in vernment was brought about in this way.
Faster Slllldnv of whlicln werSoe 70 wre General Villdel had been sent with a I
inett. There are still any hloweveritroops to intercept the insurgents, wha
whom we should like to see apiproitchigiil marching on thhe capital, Tegucigalpa. I
lhe Holy Table and these we hole will preach was in Ithe nature of a surprise a
lfllfil this duty before tlhe Pascli easo l rsvn evolutionary forces after n desperate fig
is over. driven back upon Tetumnbla. Firingwas sL
ed on account I of the darkness. Reinforce
Orange Walk.-At a meeting of the Ctho- lhad meanwhile come up and the insurg.
lic Association held on the first Sunday in March nerals cided I upon a flank movement i
its officers were chosen. Donl. Bel Aguilar, who Government troops and 50o men under C
had so long held the honoured post of President, Reyna were. sent to occupy a height u
wished that others should.take on them what had left of their position. At day-break the
s, long been to him a pleasant duty. The fol was renewed asid when the fighting in fr
olong een t h a pe d become generaTl all along the line, the
lowing were elected :- uncr (-enurall I Reynt opened fire upon U
'President, .Don L. Ieitia. forces in the reanr. The unexpected attan
Vice-President, ** A. Medina. pletely demoralized the Government tro-
Treasurer, J. Perera. General Villdla was obliged to order ai
Secretary, M. Domi gues. and fled it Muontanita, only 'o of his foil
The Balance-sheet up to date was presented is said accomppjanying him. More than
by the Treasurer. vernment solkliers fell in the battle andt
Balance of Funds up to Dec: iSth, i892, $3. j count adds that all the prisoners taken H-
Collect;ons, ... .. ed. We hope: for the honour of hunanl
For Hearse-llirlug .. s. I uch buarityy is not true and that the a
is alsa falie that women and children for
$59.871 thising with the revolution have been imnE
and tortured ast Tegucigalpa. Since him
The War in H0iduras,-That unfortunate country it Tetumiba General Sierra is advan-
Spanish Honduras is still thetheatre ofcivil.war Tegucigalpa I havig with him Dr. Bor-
and the accounts of the progress of the strife are aspirant to thee Prexklency.
as various and changeful as the views presented As i well known President Lelvo han
by a kaleidescope. First tb revolntionists were ed and the Miinister d6 War, General Va
having it all their owti ay kd the Governiment practically th b rule of the Governme
support~t could. only find safety ,i,flght ; the though Genierral 1Agu rr' is called the
ismrrec.tibb.had spread throughout the cuitry President. ..':

( 63

I. n the samte tone of disappoited fail.
S' / .... re'speaks the Nazione commenting on
.., this article:-
S"Our Milanese contemporary is perfectly
right. The reflections arising from the con-
Strast to be drawn between the homage offcrel
Sto Leo XIII, and the feeling of regretfulcornm
passion evoked by Italy, convulsed by part
passions ald by financial and economic
THE' p'i'A, JitL1E. troubles. amid which it struggles after3oyen
since its constitution as a free and independent
N nation, are painful but suggested by undeniable .
^ N our last issue we could only truths."
if tell our Readers what little had But still more clearly is the greatness
been done in Belize in com- of the Pontiff shown in an article it the.
ilemoration of the Episcopal Jubilee ol Afattino of Naples, Feb. 24th by Signnr
Leo XIII. Since that timewe have read Artiro Colautti:-
of the wonderful demonstration of Cutho- "The victories of this priestly diplnmatist
li unity and loyalty to the Holy See can no longer be counted. The arbiter d
h called fth European peace, hepacifies with a gentle wndl
which e event has called forth. The the conflict for the Carolines: the moderator
most striking testimony to this spirit has of parties, he closes advantageously for the
been the celebration in Rome, Emperor and himself the religious struggle in
Even the Liberal Italian Press, though Germany: the ally of governments, he astltely.
opposed to he police of the Pope with reconqer democratic France hy overture'
opposed to the policy of the Pope made and accepted the spiritual father of
regard to Italy, reluctantly admits in peoples, he presides from afar over the recon-
some of its more respectable organs the ciliation between devout Ireland and sr.hism
eignal'triumph of the Holy See. Thus tic England. By every means he everywhere
in a Milau paper the Correre della Sera seeks for frie',ds, sows t e seed of. attachment
in; an tAe b J w ti and reaps a harvest of promises. The ma-
ignor Aril a Jewi writer sys:-y hificieltt cerenmoia;l of last Sunday, of which
"What figure doed Italy make in compari- the greatest temple it Christendom was the
sin with this grandiose celebration at the Va- theatre, marks the definitive triumph of this
tlcan?... This noble old man who can by i poicy io less mild and astute, than gradual
Swd, or on anyjoyf ul occasnof hissacerd- and sure. Sixty thousand pilgridils of all ages
tal life, summon around him tens of thoumands and nations gathered together in the marvel l
Sof men), who succeeds in setting them i 'no ous basilica, loudly acclaimed the Pope-Kig.
rn even in the remotest countries, and who And Rome. the capital of United Italy, wore
reeives of d blesses them In the greatest ten. a crown of fire at night, as th-cugh in somel his'
pe of Crsteidom, undoubtedly inspires the toric aputheosis. Let the Freenmasis smile
Sgreatet respecta. This world-wide maufres. as they sit at their not merely symbolical tble
ion in favour of thelntiff, this concourse intoxicated with stale rhetoric. Let superficial
him topl of every race and nation to salu .scribes yawn as they turn'aside from the squan
Shimr this lowly and public homage of the most ble over the banking scandal.' There is A gr
powerful mondareh and Republican chiefs, 'Meaning In this a tof' the Curia In the
nstl tute I ndou tedly ,' political event .of isastrou* moment before us. Free Italy hat no
et, whr en sor e especially in historic too- fiercer enemy than thib venerableoctogenarias'
S,,cn il dream that only by violence ,our country is confronted y no greater menace
Can indubitably beattained. 4 theVati- than this renascent glory. zEc smcerdos. m3
-n it the attntlod n gt'atnes, and* d i 's Firodm the derby t d fetid a tr~ a oa t
Portion of l ..ob .ld .mp 'O-6 Ilkt glo~ arliami dllt 6 thleo hibe ie.Ad
!"h.' t,,' A ngeo k stpf+it bthistu4 shla eAnd

( (i3

neighboring peoples, hostile oi Jealous, out tie Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti
of all the crowd of our mannikins, stooping to cendat super vos et nalleat setnpel
pick tip handfuls of dirt, dliscern solitary and at uPe v et nesinp
on high, the white figure of an aged man thrice- After this another enthusiastic or
crowned, the interpreter of-the Infinite, the was given to the Holy Father as 1
master of the ideal, who gives his blessing to turited to the Chapel of the Pieti.
the earth." Hundreds of' telegrams of congrr
Comment is needless im these enlogies tioins poured in during the day, lm-
of the Pope and the effect produced by which -was one from Queen Vi-
his Episcopal Jubilee except to a sy tinht saving:-
their sincerity is proved by their appear- "I congratulate you upon having an
ing in papers opposed to the Holy See. the 5oth year of your episcopal consec
They.enable us however to realize the andI wish you sincerely every happi
Signed, Victoria R. I.V'
grandeur of and the .importance of the All the crowned heads and repul
ceremonial observed inSt.Peter'son Feb. chiefs of Enrope with the except.
19th last. That immense Church was believe of the kings of Italy and G
packed it is calculated by some sixty to joined in these congratulations, ma
eighty thousand people.of different races them sending magnificent presents
ulnd nations whilst an equally large Holiness. It has been computed, (tI
crowd filled the piazza of St. Peter's un- it ca. be but a guess,) that these-
able to gain admittance into the Church. amounted to 250,000 poun4ssterlir
It was about 9.30 that the Holy Father an equal value of rich presents.
entered St. Peter's and, after being robed Duke of Norfolk gave 50,000
in a white and gold chasuble with the sterling and the Empress of
tiara on his head, he was borne in the 200,000 frauns.
seaiayestatoria ip the grand nave of the Preceding :ind tfllowing the J
church h giving his benediction to this day the Holy Father is constau
great gathering of his flock who revered ctiving various deputations of lhis-
him as their chiefPastor. The Pontifical frl children, who come to ofler hit=
choir led the way singing Tu es P'etru expressions ol' ilial esteem and de-
but their voices were drowned in the ness, and with them are not a 'e-
deafening cries of Viva if Pa'pa I tVin though alien to his faith honor the -
il Vicario de Cristo which arose from tie stand learning of the man. No Polp
vast congregation and did not cease till the hrpecator Iies been so pop ula
Leo Xlll stood before the altar of the lthe Reformition ias leoXlI. 'he
Confession to begin the Holy Sacrifice. Correspondent in Paris, consider
The Pope said Low Mass and was as- had met two men in his life who I two Archbishops of St. Peter's disappointed him, Pope Leo XI
Chapter. The Mass ended and the pray- Bismark. The high opinion of hi=
era ofthanksgiving finished,the'Te Deutm ness held by the Emperor Williaml
was intoned and the Holy. Father was us think it not unlikely that in himi
again borne before the Altar of the Com from Naples he will visit the POFp
session where he blessed all, the people lI is pleasing to hear that in spit:
making three times the sign of the Cross labours the Pope is in good healtE
and saying:'' BeediotioDeiominipotet he be long spared to rule the Chl

__ s- i-) TAiIH- both countries. Eighty Irish members are to
099UI kl ':S A'N'T) LOCAL OP1TIO remain in the Imperial Parliament to vote how.
FMOT reiUEAT BKAI'IN ever nply on Imperial measures, thus giving the
trec od ae the present Premier present Government a majority on sech ques.
Mr. Gladstone has brought .forward tions whilst leaving them in a hopeless minority
three important measures and to cary in all purely English legislation. The minority
thenn through would seem to require hi Ireland are to be protected by the creation of
pi vgur. an the energy of a youg main i a second Chamber and a veto which the Lord.
me of life. Hlis great populaityslh lieutenant acting on the. advice of British
ea influence willpeed the lBlls alou t Members rmay exercise but such restrictions
way through the House of Commons but i willwould he fond practically powerless against the
require all the tact.of his experienced htd so to wishes of. the majority; and that majority would,
guide then almg their troubled cours that they we think, he hostile to Great Britain. The Bill
Tay firt ireck his Government e was to be read a second time before Easter and
The irn thse assures Hoe 'Rule alts will pass the Lower House, but unless hlv i aul,-
,nw, for ninny years beei before Mr. Gladstones will
niw, a req aiyreiin order doastice Ir.lan, stantial majority it will probably he thrown unt
l in" i 6 he brought in a Bill to give Ireliand in the House of Lords. The second re:ldingil

1a diiestic parliament. The measure was de- the 3li has now been postponed till after Eastir,
heated ndl now a somewhat similar scheme again and the defeat of a voteof censure on the ih
is brought hl'-fre the present Parliament. It is policy oi the Govrnment by i majority of 47
a tardy attempt to make reparation for.a great indicates that the Home'Rule Bill will certaiul
wrong doine nearly' oo .years ago when by pass. Whilst we h)pe this neaniure will promote
treachery and shaneless bribery Ireland was de- sitliy between England lnd Ireland we think it.
prived of her Independent Parliament. A ll- will not'have that effect. '
tional parltinient it could hardly be called since The second measure introduced by Mr.
Catholicswho formed two-thirds of the popula- Asquith, the lHoime Secretaty, is a Bill to pre-
tion 'ere'bt allowed to be members iand until vent the creation of new interests in Church Of
t782 were not evei allowedl'to vote for members. Engla ind dil;ities and henefices on Wales.
Still it wau so far national il spirit that it was It is practically another step taken hy Mr.
onlyb largetexpenditureof nmoey,by alietal Gladstone towards the Disestablishmcn. of the
bestowal of* oisours and by n!aking promlisa Church of Englatid. In 'IS6 he brought in a
that weld net 'afterw"ar's I:ept thit a rnjorit L Bill by VWhich the ITish Chuich was disestahlihb.
Could le secured for the Act of Union. Lord ed and this present measure Is warning to four
Cornwallis percriing.the Obstinacy of the king, dioceses of the I'rovinceof:Caiterburythitafte
George lo, in refusing to fulfil the pledges bf it becomes law no conipeisatidn is to e expect-
a"'entdofIflt which he, the thent Lord-lieuteh. ed by net Incumbetits, bust that they will hold the
ant Ot Irel and ha een induced to make, fnoetold emolulni-nts 6i their bffid tb object to the pleasure
'that t of Britanod millstone dbodt the of Pariahnieut; Later 'n tdoitbt Will:cdne a Bill
S'84n Co fot disitahlishin( .thli 'part bf'th6 Chutch'd
l 8ga" Which ieath. d y.the "n inster reet Englind,' fr ttiere is'ino Welth state-endowed
brin about 1 re ,.i.ted together ih Irelmand td Chn rch reuil dmitiket fti-n the tEiglish Churt!h
l reponea't l thiUn: l ; : It h It, hebro .ght fort.rdc itle s;atte ground
lre.thin k.i to le tit.'epealof then 'ion ~i helimi Ritle Bili .IA theemajority of the
dtllllyu re d to nd lhelt while itish i'anU tlHtiRallte Iattld nbij6rityJof the
V la!iwp:o tirdublb td Weikh tIsb iir/ Distblishttiicit ot d3

( 65

Welsh members boeing in favour of having nol Fadne that the most remarkable effects)f the
State-religion. At't present almost all European moment were seen. The hero of the Cusade
countries have one e or more recognized forms of agmst drinking intoxicants was Father lthew
religion which theyey subsidize, and theoretically of (oak. Within those years he gave theiledge.
there is liberty for r all. There is one marked ex- to millions of men and women in Irelad and
ception Russia; wlwhere the Greek Church is the croiing over to England he gained over o,ooo
State Religion and id all dissent from it is severely members to the total abstinence society,io,ooo
persecuted. The dedemocratic tendency of the age in ondon alone. The British Parliarnt in
tends to separate Clhurch and State, which should recognition of his services bestowed ouhim a
be regarded as a mmisfortune'and likely to lead to pesion of 30o a year.
.the spread of Atheaeism. luring late years the majority of Cristian
Churches have takeir more or less parties the
The third measusure introduced by Sir William Tciperance Movement. AmongCathicsthe
Ilarcourt is not a li licensing but a prohibition bill. League of the Cross has been the chief nans of
It is now 6o yearars since Societies for the sup- prnloting total abstinence, whilst the Clrch of
pression of spirit-d-drinking have been formed in Eiland, the Wesleyan body and otherCurchea
Great Britain, the ]e British-American and Austra- ha: had their various Temperance Soches.
lian Colonies, Indadia and West Indies and the ,he movement has been largely increed by
Temperance movevement has been yearly gaining thdormatgon of the Band of Hope in i8q which
strength and consisistence until it is now an ele- enms Juveniles as members.
n ment with which a all the Governments of these n c w ti pn cto
countries have in th their legislation to reckon. The athoTempertnce Societies have sought leis.ative
movement began a on the anti-spirit basis but i(andd not in vain.
when it was founded that this principle alone was
insufficient for thehe suppression of drunkenness i t853 the United Kingdom Alliancfor the
the total ahstinencoce pledge was introduced. In L.islative Supprebsio uofthe LiquorTric was
England seven ,i men of Preston," at the head of foned and the object of the Sciety wi to get
whom was a Mr. 1. Livesey, weie the first to formn m""brs elected to Pniliament pledged sup-
a Society for total al abstinence. The expression pt a Ba l giving the local electors pow to de-
teetotalism seems Is to have originated in a speech cie whether the Liquor Traffic should:xist in
made by one of these members named DickTurner. th*r district or not. Such a Bill w*a psud il
He was advocatining the advantages o1 total ab- t'o and now n 9. a further.extensi of the
stinence over the e moderation principle then in, Lcal Option Resolutions has been. rtoght
vogue and wishingng to express himself forcibly he favard.
exclaimed 1 I'll b be reet down out and out tet- he proposed pnvisions of the new 1hI enact
tee-total for ever at and ever." The audience cheer- tht if a majority of two-thirds of the ektors of
ed and Mr. Livesesy said "that shall be our new a parish are in favour of total prohibitic it will
pledge." So the t movement went on in England hbenforced and no claim will be bear of dis-
and North Ameri:rlca checked for a time by dis- pasessed publicans. Some indirect compensa-
sensiona which at arose amongst the members of tin however would he made by the Act t com--
the different the course of time in into operation for three years. Sunday clo-
ever making prog.gresa. In Scotland in z844 the t9 however is to come into force at uncwhero.
Scottish Temperarance League was formed and etr a bare majority should so decide. : .
did good work Inin spreading temperance; .but it i.ere it the Colony of British Honmnar we
was in Ireland froomu838tilltheyearof theGreat sleady have Local Option provided fe, in the

( 6 )

1 -S -f 98 of the Consolidated Amoing the former class ig spreading an ever
,ith S"ct l~ "f "i,'luras, wherein it is stated:- increasing desire of ecclesiastical union. AJ fnt.
i,.sof Brilsh 1" -. tqch lcenaug maglstratea merly all Christian nations were hound together
s.adn. t11 i aInabitnt In the ne lbor- itl one world-wide religion.,so there is a longing
of aiu 'e.'h Alcation. l h licensing. m- for a restoration of that unity:of Christendom
th ^ f l to grant ui1 su ppllciitlun. in one fold and under one shepherd."
g.-ir shall th, illo Ah0ob'"its have
aTo gn iwhn they id their i ;t a in A Ilefore Christ's comii.ltheV6 Were noncother
only to bring frat actorr being than Naitional aild State Churcheo. Eachpeople
y..sld (6 t. houre .lse objections being 81181
way and t ,nsue, mse had their in ditinities ndil their'own forms of
a, th e law et 'C ) Ise s '"t d
a the law teo ures. Home Rke, cal worship. -_he ClristiIdi religion k As the first to
pion an the Supe,,sorv Bill for the Establish- appear anolilgst mankind with claim toCatho.
ed Church i \ s, whilst'poptdlar with'x6i e licity. '"Go and teach all nations," Matt. xxviii.
ill hedisliked intensely hy'ctftain Ctieion bof It did :it invy'ute' peolile siice it s
te Public ad :mnly cause the Gov\rlInelt to to Live lavs t6 all races Aiul fund a khtlinm;,f
.Ino many' Bye-elections in England'. Mt. Go Gladstoie thud manages to plealte thtretWectioi, tidns and ipeples.andl tongues. ::So came frth
of his party, the Irish Nationalists, t(h N oitnon- from ,the bosom nfthe Jewiish Church tc Chro..
florists. and, the advocates of Tempe'raucq but tian religion and within 30oyeasi i had nabsorlbdl
arn.y against himself powerful .iqtereqts-the into its life all civilized nations which owned the
Unionists, the Established Church Qf.,Englald away, of the Rimnian Empire.; nN.ikyit continued
and the Publicans-all of which ,rhardn l hit to extend itself ferther.iud further and as the
.hy the Goverppment Bills. ,, ,ad ,T ,, r hharrii naitioin bof the North of Europe weun
brought *ithii.ita influenene one bv lile theyvsub-
CHRONICLE OF THE SAORED h .EA rT. mitted to the world-wide.rbligion; This Churcdi
i, ,' ..r va; was not ,German, nor Italiai, nor French, nor
.. Spanish, or English,butit ivaICat:olicand Ikept
-' together lby, 'superhuhluii principle.
.... I. rf f +1 : 'Thfd hdi ,;it ''.iritiofteitine, revolted diil
S.. ; ut'""m ttemli' u wre' intlid to set tip particular
Churches. Tlhus'the Donatists in Africa lhtke
'a"'- Jn u I iw 'ifr m t i nllit) Vtiidtutaitl isHted fqrta tiie an
I MDOM ,. M O African, Church';.-Jatb the! iMhophysites inlr--
Tbe InntiUon for April s nrmnes our traut in duced illto 'Egypt tit -fitiotal Clthirth; in the
Aut the hiflwind i twclfth century the Bc htiile Enlpiri fell away
and infidelity ... tc"ii ii fiffeir nc irntb:sehisMt hilst thd sikteentti d i tily witnesetl.
sd elityriy iiht, i .....n oveG the World thlirise riflarior'Statt a* 'h -''NAin.e ila-iit-4 helherd e t eit' ing tht. p lincillck dif Ltiher otealvi 6rtartionus
'ty." thr' t f 'no'diL ,tinhm b theie -tlitchi ngiv ee unit tl ih
this'l ith' ah t t.. I l otitg rh al. ,tainT~O.hthllColIChuaih.' 'this
ine h i mn t Ht tel, h ifilldk spirit of antag6nri~,tmlipaintg ak3-knd ChH i
time Which Hit, tn ( ,lh i er 4, tillsttre l lng1i~i ntl"briyln'ig of'that ilblh
- ik.hd eMhi alut t.ii'd dhhd tidthtlthiough-
a .' ,l i).r k 1 butt ml btWetl1.Cith li~ daBdl PPratistintia* thitai l-
v. -4r>.(-,,al lngndth6kagitiitlatitlfiM*itth

6( 7 )

of. indifferentism to any positive form pf Chris- de tres siglos de luchn la vieron salir de snu ca-
tianity, still God, who can bTing good out of evil, tactIsnhas parascenarsecmajestuosa sobre los tro-
has through this very spirit made the minds of nos de In tierra; y que cuando los herejcs de los
many more open to see the truth and so formed primeros siglosse figuraron de haher convertido;
among sincere and earnest Christians that long- todo el mando coa sus falsas doctrmns, salid la
ing for unity which was the prayer of our Lord's ReligiomCHatolica mas brillante de las luchns dog--
Sacred Heart:-" I have prayed Father that they maticas. Acuerdense n la vezquc cuando Mnho-
may he one as Thou and I are onle." ma y sol secuaces can el hierro y la lascivia ha-
O Jesus, through the most pure Heart of Mary, hian corrumpido gran part del viejoContinente;
I offer Thee the prayers,.works, and sufferiigs of la-i Cruzadas vinieron a destruir su dominion y
this day, for all the intentions otfThy divine Heart. devolver it Cristo cl .imperio s bre las almas:
I offer.them in particular, that the hearts cast que la Iglesiasoistenida pars In process infalible
down by the apparent triumph of evil in the de Jesucristo sali6 vencecdra de los Alhigenses,
world may lie lifted up to Thee with new n usitas y detdsls Her as que nfstaron
hlrning hope. No one, Lord, ever trusted i ar que nfasaron.
Thee, and was confounded. Amen. la Europa en el nmedio evo: y que no obstante
-- lo comihiiiados esfuerzosde Alemania, Inglater-
La iltencion general para cl Men de ra FranciaySuiza, el Protestantismo no ha podi-
Abril Rer IA' r fime esxpranza en tls pro- do prevalecer comn se figuraha, y cabo
1iesas ile Dios. de tres siglos de luIha se encuentra en completes
Sm el triunfo de los malos sobre lus huenos fue derrota. Ponderen finalmente que Ai el Indiferen-I
siempre de tentacion contra la P'ovidencia Divi- tismo 6 impiedad se esfuerzan desde an siglo t
on. la vista de las periecuciones Actuales de In destruir esn Iglesia apoyados par los poderososs
Iglesia y del pcdei ilimitsad que:ejercitan Ins auxilios de las sectas y potentados, los ultimoa1
Sociedades Secretas contra el altar y el trono ha acontecitmsentos que estamos, presenciando del
desammado a muchos de los Catolicos que qui- m)vjmiento universal hicia el Vatican, y el ahor-
s;eran venir i tna transicioni amigahle con las recimnlento'& las Sc ta y Go.lhernos tileralen ha-
ncmigos de la Iglesia, puestt que creeli, atendi- cn vidsl"mbrar. cll medio de la tormenta una luz
d:a las circnmstantcias delsiglis imnposihle el su- bem";"na que lcobe cuaito ites d jeturlos. Para estas almas cohardes nue trnsan ,eren." ,... ..
encandalo en las ignotninias de la:Cruz quiere el Que se amttne pues nustra esperanza fundadas
'apa que roguinmos en este Mis parrque se rea- en la historic de Io pasado, y lejos de retrocedcr,
nitie uo esperanza. ,11 ,: :.:: :: en frente dcl entcmigo, acordemonos que es pro,
Solanente Ibs qua no hman lido .I Historia ide prio del Cristiano el sufrir mocho combaticndo
la Iglesia Catolica 6 qnd leyendola no hani medi- pIr si (f y religion. Inspirndos pues en ese, Divi-,
tado, serlnamite sdbre de:etla Poudetn sospechar no Corazti, qrue,vencid el mundo enter despues,
por tn memento que el:hdnimehtaieoa triunfo de de unit encarniiada lucha digamosle diarianmette,
Ias Sctas tenga que .er duraderol ifEmpeznad0o gOh Jesuts mio! por medlio del Cotrnont inma-
del divine Redentor tendrianqtue-recordidr que cnilndo le Maria Santisim aos ofrezco la oracio-,
cuando los Escriba y Fasiieos; IWe Aier.n enters ne, obras y trabnjos del presence dia, pars repa-
rdlo y quisieron sellar b: sepuliro, dupoulindo rai l ofenaa qua cos acen, y ar las dens
da hbe h c con s o ~ intencionhe de 'vuestro Sagrado Corazon..
de haber ksracabado conawuritlamortal, sa glo '. ;.. 7 .: : oi-, ; .! ..
rioa Resurrecfoan ineodelrepaene b deconcertar s loN t.frtcctns tamhien ,por eos corazones
c qulela e dij dandt) e sarmnim pir cl apariete triulifo
todoasusplininstaecdtiidl ClncaR.tsRii anoa de luiil 6tii-'l (iens. Rddiiiatdlos b DiVind6
peali'an ahoreaehlataagnilae milohesde mar- e~rakon pirAi'qtd fottaittkdou can ruestri graci;
tires it nacietitel' ligiod deihaarieneta;des pbe iepaucolnbatit lacau tdd la Rtllgion.u,!Asi sea.

:^ ,* ^

( 68 )

e hnblali atrincherado en la ribera, hicieron su
Sdcescarglas A quemi rapa: La canon "Gregoria,"
fue in que sftrib man, quedamando clarenda y
Sit fucr.'n que hihn ahordo se tendid sohre cuie\r
ta, y eI gefe Gonzails mand6 que formasen har.
ricadhs con lon utensilios de quc se podia dispo.
:er. nmas comio el fuego se multiplicaba nadie
S..... B A A L A aR' "di i snmnr la caheza sin grave riesgodeh
B A C A L vida. El gete Gonzales particip6 pot su corme
ti at Comandante en gefe, quickc apercibido del
(coNaIstIACION.), nmand iinmediatamente que una fuerza de
L CORONEla ZETINA disptiSi q(le s Ia re iguardia, al nialdo de Don Manuel Anto-
~diese tant a i los gefes com.i oala clase
de tropa rmcioiioncIuficietes pari sc nio P'erdtoino, dcsemibarcase y atacase ior e I.
dma mnis de naivegacikon, y en In tarde dp derecho de Taasjo, y al inism tiempo la vai-
iee msiolno din se bicieron a I vein las embar- guardian por lanotilla del Rio, y ai fue que lus
aiciones con direcioni Rio 1lindo. con Ia corres- desalojarnn de sus atricheramientos, nunque e
pondiente hnmeracioln de guerrillas y con nl de- tuv, que lanmenar la perdida de alguniot nmuerts
nohminacion devaiguardia, cemitro y retaguardia, y heridos, entire estos el valiente capital ameri,
It primer at mimdo del Teniente Cnronel Don canm Beresford. Despues de &te enicuttro,, wi
Isidro Gonzales, segnndo gefe'de la Division, Ic organize la fuerza, y sigui6 so march p:ra cl
centro Ia primer ayudanite Don Eustaquio Casti- destacamento de Chac, cuyo.punto se avist6 flr-
11o, y nl retagriardia al Teniente Coronel Don' tificado con dos piezas de artilleria dv gruco
Diego Ongay, la resrva pernmanecid abordodel cAlibre pero todo fu6 para llamar la aticion,
psilebote de guerra "Titan" a las 6rdenes del pues los Indios hablan huido deapavorados de-
Comandante en gefe i~ompahado del Mayor Ge- jandio los sombreros sobre estacas para sparen-
nersl Don Angel Remigio Rosado y Is flotilla tar cubiertas las trinichernas .Ocupando el lugar
estaba al mando del intrepido marine Don Jan sin un solo tiro. El Coronel Zetina dcj6 alio 5
Pablo Celarain. Al iN siguiente Viernes 29, hi- hombres y cl pailebote de guerra "Titan."
cieron s entrada-en el Hoiido. Alii fuA doude Despunes to Ingresiarn los Bacalarefio en nl Divisioni. Al nas pequeBas para subir los Asteros, unat legsp
Ilegar i Santa Elenados leguns de la nmhoca. de itancia, tuvo que hechar sel at napars
dur del lHondo, dip6io ael Comandante en gf(e. enmpujarlas pot estar la marca muy baja hasts
qe dehmbarcse el Teniente Coronel Ongay Ilegar i la boca del Carfo. AIIl volvieron i co-
con 5oo hombres y nalrchase cal direct", i los harcarie para cruzar isn Laguna del Mariscal, y
dodero c, objeto de stacar & ICacalar par el l- entre'l 4 y 5 tarde entraton & Ia de Bacalar don
o'd Sur, mieu as con 'el resta de'l DWIi- de anclaron. Entrada ia noche,ae not6 que s
Oagula ubiendo l Rio con direction A Chac, fuerza, que lhabsl marchado por tierra desd
cA*bo El. d los sat6ros que condlcltle Ba- Santa Elenas manteniAtn continusdottroteocou
., Elgefe dela Itthguardia kI fui siemnpre elenemigo. At 6tro diaHsui temprado, empe"PC
ey Tealentb CpOe GonktIry 1 c ts l rtt. ratn los Indios qiO csatibad 6n ls plans A dirijir
rrden l r ante Dun. ..i h tis *u i ustiro s k.laembarcacionea,'masvlyidoqole
P" t de ge y qu4 hhiab 'nuarchdo palanquetasino aklcahaban rompleton uso fuego
Sporel i.o .. i rtrt VerI'. "u I d artilleria deadeel CAstillo bajol aCrtesPa"
S t o*nT at ta lcan teria dd ,n fnces.Mr, Lanablt, antlgoo rtillero
,asa I ,-, joi tUdlyu 1 a ai*eNapoleonh CbWb ts-inddtel du s.noJtl

por cl lado del Sitr In Aeccioi que hahil nmarchn- I ocirkndo que los recirss sM coittuminn y que lm
I, pdr tierrnre eithhd haticndo,' pues oian can hcridor se sunmectnhia, y que el tiempn #c per.
icnridmlel f'e o itipida que tunta y otrns se di- dia, ordeni nla gefc Goxnics que recurring, to.
digian, hahlaondo'ictAdo it Il: t3 in quc se Altn dels is ~n lirctciimne pora ver con cannto gene
pie el resulaiitd etiltonces el CoTrnet Zetina dilponahle cepodlin coatar. Setrutlln tiyadedal
despachb6 it Iefc Gainzales ell.uad Itatcha con 8 el golpe deti|lvo, el gefe Gonzilles. le infortmid
hombres it situarse en:loa Calderitous (pohlacioan despues de haber cumplido, que podin.ftrmnri
antigua) conel *ohjeto.deu oaunciar con un cor- uni fucrzrt de 140 liomnbrer pnfn opurar, dejnitdo
nta debe gefc Ongayi.parn que waste eI hien culhictr informase dc lv q!le tcurrim. .-AMa, lo.verific6 ci ordcnb que se trasbordlae en cuatro canr ons pe-
gefe Gonzales mis habiendo dado repctidos tao (luicfliC cI n fla Ucrza., fUcsu A sorprender ct
(qu:s orilla de In lagonaeildiitcatocegtuir que .ra.nchl'Oxulahkin, ,dede done podia dirijirac
le contjcs)traitt %romolvio.regrestr al punto de re- i Ilncailnr por el laido dlti Stir, deiembarc6 ell
1uli1n, i donide hahieranjeRacldo,:ctin. cl dcscoan- dicho raincho hizo Ilns prisioneros, y permaneciti
mielo, de no powder dar at ComaiHdante en gefe Il rreto de la.a tnche aUt Al rayar el albs te di-
iinguiniiifourme ataino ifibiera advertido un. pocow rijio ai Bacalar no por el camino por estar atrin.
da.spn.sti de haherse retirado, ula,baldcrita:cn- charado .iot por vercdas extraviadas por done
carn;ad a a nmidae le ilt in.gmiF tonces cpntra- uno de lIo prisnriineros lo I lev6. Setlan Ins 9 do
maIlitchb y;,Ne encptro ,cttib l,,l fi oficia;.Santiago la mainnna cuanthdi sc present cti elt cabo dce
l'clqdunn litid o. i:tilg. haikgunalI oq el, aguat hlaslta puchlo. In que sorprendio i los lodita, y ii un to-
;i gargntat; .co!c(lobjetiodc dc haccr.sefias ;j lat qaie convenidio tp tres gefca de mar y ticrra se
e'aharcacimun;ls.;. nfo pr oii.quei endoid arrjaron sohre la poblacimn que fu6 ocupada i
r'l gefc.OUlgay sus tpqtCes, Al,,cofreta, to lhailii" Inat to del dia l3 de Mvyo, (dia de lan Invencion de
1ma1111lad prictic<,.deinlicho l augr paryi In Santa Cruz); I)cslde Atc nmo to Bacalar
dclrcirieltritpJii ,<\i); .,y ,habian, etadq obh- quced6 en pitdet de In 7aDivisiou.uombre quc so
liendoq,, quAichuJgefepO. gayeqtabp gravearente Itedi6 decide la valila de Sisl. EIleeltaigohuy6
'i clar .ed I'.rppa, y qup fupes yelevfi dcsu .pu es; Iis lo edificspdiblicos fueron cicontradoa graun
to que no le.eroa ya possible desempelfar. El grfe des calderos de'ftijol ycartiees.bundnnte pan do
(uonalee.le poutct6ct qae, nimediatamepte se re- main. y otras viandas que sirvierou' de rancho h
grcMsare conja 6r(epdc quebajaHue a.lpIlaysco laI divisioti; Bacalar se concervaba intact. ,Ye
Ins hcrid y,ypqt iniyrnn con pat bue;a escotta, rectnpverda, el Comandante eon gefe cmpe4T6 i
A. lis, h!p g-rt6 ,e;Iuficial Ptrdomo.coirhI n pouerla e.e stado de deftenz. : El, 5 de Maay
heiiosI ,y, prqp,. 'Fn,aucidos a la.canoa hospi- deapachloal Capitan Don Lorenzt (anco.con.unq
tal.;Fudepomhtr(|q plazo, cl gg' ,Qsgny,,todo, e,restQ,dl dia, con- bravura. mns luegotuvo qut, regrea tpor baberse
tin'uapor tirr9tclfpFugo de (fuliledriaunaque pain- encoitrado con una fucrzanuy, uperipg qu, ,
sado% ni6Htras loa Indios que defendian a Baca- vino,alencuentroi hats otis~ luorspaoif4 rA 'I
lar sla inu'dgtado li(i nci.' tia entrad la Jacinto Pat habba.teapiegado ,to ,Bq,,AaM~,i4
noc n en' ueieron troslnu trash ea- reutetndo para r tacnAMpatlq pqolPflp, ItifAl
barcucione'cn fp ade riral Cal del:Cichlnhk quo. enfabcxls,J9 s r11 TLU.,
o y luero correspondtdo rroa an i.tln. .lora p ,, dc t
da.s cuya detotiaciO6h 'rm na '.aiir y ex-amra quda M allbM ) carcd aenl do
clamaban (h en tl te yuitumkako,) seran l Ii Bgcaltr,,d p,o, imalItinl ',.L ..
de a nIoche c(~aidon lda onomaudnte en get co- m reptiiwIjii gtijlatt* t ,t,,liiq eg.q g rllt.T

(70 )

a cl foitale'* t s hra del fortificaciones y pewsegido hasta el bosque 4
qate II ol l ch r lo acciones de guerra jando muchos muertos. (Habiamos omitidoi6.
li ydei la rla fu""an el de Mayo, y el I4.. former que al otto di de recuperada Is pla
Si e t inJullo. El 28 de Mayo cargaron at- fnlleci6 el Teniente Coronel Don Toms Roaudo
cyis ti9 n dlc Sur, incend1ilron nuestras harra- padre del que esta reefia publica.
b ren I medio de los colunmilln de humo que se El dlina o se .erifica otra lucha sangrienta: In
levantaba ,.s peleb per un" y otri parte con hArhanrs s~rprenden los reductos s y 2.arr -
ectmismento. Ese.mi.smo dlia I rayar el lhba jiodo de Clloa i nuestros-soldados: hos de lo
Sstacsdo Chec sosteniCndo un fuego vivO .tros reductos Inmediatos se hechan sore lo
entre el encmlgo y "lo nuestras Pir el espacio de flancot i derecha 6 izqiuerda para apoyarse a
dos hors, protejid-o eston per los pailebotee fortinae ligaton que improvisinyen talestadoa
"Titan" 6 Iris," clita que hostigad"~ per la eniperm un coinbate desesperado que durb mn
metralla los Indion se retiraron en confusion al de dos horse. El Mayor General Don An-d
hosque, dejando milglunto llnuertos y nII herido Remigio Rosado siempre uno de los primmer
quain dclarb que li expedicionlestaba en cbeza- en el peligro, recorre los puestos que aun nob
da porel frances Lanahit, y un inoreno Ilamado hlin sido ahandonadon, los tefuerza y anims
Llnch (George Fantasey) In guarnicion de Chac toldado con so presencia.
tuoe cincos heridos y ademns de haber sufrido El Coronel Zetina que con una picza deartil
los pailehotes averias en el ca0os y aparejor. lets se habin dirigldo k los puestos te Its it,
En cambio, los Indios fueron perseguido bastt ligro athcvicta Ia plaza doe l Iglsia y doe sLto
ma rd hahiendc selho inicedi qo lpar shuven- be encuentra envuelto por los Indios teniendoque
guarida hnbehndoselna incendiado parc ahuyen- empetiar'una I cuerpo, an peigro JuA emi-
tarlos. Interponi(ndose despues en los Astertos emptipr un a luch cuerpo, pligro a a Tm
.pare impedir Ia comunicacion entire Chac y Ba. nente, pero unia guerrilla que par asualidad
calar, y fu necesario arojarlos de alli baciendo presentb despues de largo y desigual coinbateb t
salir del 6ltimo pnnto una fuerza I lIas ddenes niando del Capitan Pelnomo, lo pso en sitki*
dl gefe Gonsale quien los desaloj en- cion nias favorable hachindo retruceder i lodIrn
condites y lon persequi6 harta.mas al l de los dios basta hechbrlos fuer de la lines dejandod
tertots de Patifl y leo incendi6 las poiesiones campo cubierto de cadiveres, los nuestros pit
que tenian allt. s part sufrietori la plrdida de seis muertosa
El 4 de Junto 6ais g1errillis qu ali tre los que se contaba el intripido Capitan Don
l .Laguna pr sgerr que si cron de Francisco Pbrera, y doce heridos uno fut elpi.
it Ltrgun preedidttener un fuest vivo de artil- mer nyudante Don Julian Bautitist quien i lo
lerns pars entrotener t In sitladotes de ia plaza, pocoteiat murddesut beridat. Eldialqolnm
SIenquearon se Ins plapza,' pocos dies muri6desus heridas. Eldias5elene-
fil .atquetron su poseciones de la parte del migose arrojo sobre la tica con fuerzna ole
r", Y 6l toque --nvenido, todf la fuei'a dio-
.ptible lnob o cbrm el O ene a dln. roes deade el ndmero o hasta el 8, y deede el It
do dshai Peptadamentey nenl a t4, pel t fua rechazado con bnravura sqb d
h'ta ao legut de distancid Leatr perseuidos ,' ot ijde habian reacido in fiurte refulerm
t" os de pared y albarradas loa ede pija, :' t18 retib un profundo ilencid en el cal po
~idedo rec eomhiroI y enih, fin de e"nenlRo ireci quei todo estabs abandonildo
Idi l s ebt mpl5fB Yet turieehl lort Indids no toaban ns ct ais coraets ni, d
S E eb lpudies~e favowt er s ro i' pash todo el dig y today las no:he to que pos
oa g id O tu didet lb f aoiursednd tttenn- dofer 41
ddo ptBij0 d osal^jndu aIle sta -' ,^ ,,,. II. Ji.( cowtkuA,

( 71 )

ANCIENT AMERICAN CUSTOMS. De Sato describes the charnel-lhouse he met
S. with among the different tries of the Mitissisi.
Buri Cu stome-(Cotude. d.) ppl. The method seems to have been a modifl
cation of the scaffold-hurial; the only difference
ABOVE-GROUND BURIAL. Taking the word to being that the wholewas enclosed within a house.
mean any way of disposing of the dead, we may This custom seems to have been in use among
use it for above-ground, as well as for below- the ancient Tartars. The Scythians aso are sni
ground funerals. to have had the same custom. The.lnnuit lash
the heels to the back, force the head into the
SCAFFOLD BURIAL. Any one,. who has passed chest, putting the body on its side in a box 4 ft.
through a village of Indians in the Colony, hna long, painted with figure. of birds, fish and ani-
not failed to notice a construction which appear mals. This box is then raised on four small posts.
to be in much favour with the Mayas. Four The Kalosh Alask burn their dead and put the
stoutish poles, forked at the end are driven into ashes in a painted box raised on four small poles.
the ground, thus forming the four corners. Cross The Clear Lake Indians, Califo nia, place the
pieces are placed from pole to pole sustained by hody own scaffold over a pit-a fire is lighted in
the forked end and then a quasi-roof is made by the pit and tho ashea drop down unto it.
either pieces of long thin poles being placed side TRKE-aIALr.. The Western tribes used to
by side till the whole is roofed in. Thisisused wrap their dead blanket and skina as before
for trailing gourds or such like plants plants; it described, and place them up among the trees.
is a handy place on which to dry anything or It i a noticeable fact thatwhere trees abound they
sometimes is converted into a small garden, earth buried on scaffolds; but, where trees were scarce.
being heaped up on top and seedlings. planted. they. used them in preference to the scaffolds.
This familiar object explains the sort of scaf- LDoot-svautAL. Someof the Sioux, Black Feet
fold used for the dead by the Sioux, Blackfeet, and Cheyenne, as also the Crows and Navajos
Gros Ventres and Mandans, WAhpeton and Sis- buried in lodges: those of Bellingham Bay in a
seton, the Cheyennes of Kansas, the Dakotas &c. square tent of white material, the body being in
The dead were wrapped in blankets and skins a carved wooden box. It Costa Rica they buried
of animals, and placed on this primitive scaffold. in small hutsof plaited palm, sometimes raised up
Sometimes they were laid in a box and the box CAN O-BUvIAL. The Chinooks, Twanas anl
was placed on the scaffold. Their instruments Clalanl on the Pacific aide burled in canoes,
seem sometimes to have been wrapped up with hoisted up on short poles. They took the pre-
them, at other times to have been suspended from caution to punch holes in the canoe, some say
the poles of this structure-curious burial-place. lest enterprising w'lite men should steal them.
When asked why they did not bury at once, a The Indians north of Lake Ontario buried in ca-
Chippaway said that they did not like to low noes in the ground, as also did the Indians of the
sight of them. Plants and trailing vines were Mosquito Coast. The Aboriginies of Australia
trained over all. 7.. ,, ..' are said to bury in a canoe and to.hang it up In
The Choctaws ol Carolina left th dead there, a tree or Scaffold. ,-. :
till It was a skeleton then put the bones In a box OTrsiHt -mooaa... ,The Seminoles .gf. Florida
and-buried it in a.mound. The Natches used to buried upright in a hollow tree,. lling in with
enclose the body in wicker-work, leaving only the leaves or rubbish. ; Sometimes they ,crammed
face exposed, so that he might take the food them nlto a hollow log on the ground., Thu
Sbrought-him. iWbhedi.skeletoo his bones were Obongos of Afri. seem ,to hare had.thli filpt
placed In atempld. ri,t s 1. i u' ) ,i .. custom b.~a I .placng their deo la prlght t wl)lw,

-rir ~ sf tr. Sol,,, EAbticrgR
i tof tre nt thtit tiAl Al ii % with t es.
dItouat 1 ", COhH** I"iIy in hA -'
In West RIserve, (cNTIrNUACIO.
,,,ocks hatnig UP" I e.''S1 I V I Iup.
The ItAcs ftn h(;ificd ic 1 hi th6 II c gsiicVl
Sthe tri aroul the Snlt Lakes did tlfsie. lIt elpe"ia rnti ibdavia i pe-.
T he lk o de P ldad bahic I A cradleA tor; rE bt Inba h vaiidoePlPi1,ha, en aqehlla
Ther. The Aibintalts hiiiied'i the | ni anaa tan fccunda lrai.eclinendes.
ter. Thet Tdian of Clhani Valley. N..1 MxicI .iusion y ,crrinclies. A laanterior
Sriver. y ithe beI of Th ri. r'. his ic- nalgaz!ra jiaits sucedidol np l de .eso silenicieg
I sd to Rat Al ric's grave enihiraropsos que tienFii lnucho fcm'liiicos v tan
These are sllm o' the ;nlany 'dlfIerch l at i pcligrunos somn par lapper o ppris prrp i I i
which the lndian- uls lsposedri f their de'ad. Thi6 ri ,,.1Meredes,q"e.lo 'ucho, y. Ipitoqn e
is hv no nmeansn meant to be 1in cxhaiistive list ti us l, Fr, pr ppco, hahiani tiuth y,tal p 8 iPhi'iit pro-
Central and South Ameria havii scarcely hel;i curatldc ai dnr s petips ionlt-ruese ceriso. lolr-
menitioned. Neither hae chaout tifica D. Recaredo, bhahlse eiltado e nI til I
the diverse customs tihey hadlat th fflifi etrralself deu Silla.y,limpihtiq lo. cristallc de stls latrs.
the article would havc eeln too loi' cn auipaRietculcper.umbioptois Piag'ia dc lnoi.,
The sacrifice of the vaitrios wives of (lit'dhif repiip.1 io en, la memorial, parity consolir.-. la
who died, was common tindl snats to lidvetec'i; disirtaciqq qejh:!liia,itrepayady solhre 1irns etre-
voluitary as they wished'o accnaniilny thiid&tit! ihos, ) Iin dii 'acn iii de l.i .':.'"'
We see that, wheti the Inca of Peri' ditd, all his padrr.1 Pepta,,vtieltaeltcasila .esnqpldaal desaira
wives wished to follow the sdnolf th ii' uiito'thd do vate, procuraba interesar at Coidcito deisgar-
other world. Amoig thf; e Nicthez tilAisb of N!' rndo sa. pecho, con unit sa onius i nejiici n 'a
America when a Sun died;' (thie chief thler td6i qu6 nala 6iio W Iltiiiafi don, qe 1c
was called i Sun), all had to follow, Willy'jiilly. tro zo'i ttroe Z* iA qeroso plipe(
If a Sun's daughter de t the' ido'weer uustrol- Vfolct1 Valery. uor s par't dcr.a Angitu(! l,
Belod Oe -in this prel i'stiin l; ei a'ct A i l''t'lA"i ill6 itiilIn 'dl .
fled to aNew Orlcanis ti ecape tils fat.' Retnrdi Rdic. l d','ridabj ll 'lIsiletaiil it(iltde
Ing some tithe after, 'iHet is he thitught all had Mii( s.ip rtuildad lie sMt nbl- ihal anhiittl
blown over, he 'na captbired; tMtd told that hi d aiya clIn- ofi-Cn1i la' 6tiYas dbihiiVle: i I
must inow -ncrificA himself rfr'the denth' of i '-Noii jrii d ie -qilitfhifl's;'eftfW t'ias ,-'
Sun, who had justthi6h died: he showed a na-. idi6y'ivate 'iV *6lal 'jpoi6 edi 'ldii6A
tua"l riuganet ani' the 'fatouritee ofe th tiho."" '-**u'"' """
dead iint rho *W tI bth td jificeedhjecied tbi 1M e(-' laaiipamiada doAn'AhgttlA
oldlo ol' tad y 6fstit er chArd, and .o three I'* 'n ldtr,6t8ld,. *R aredo th etiukth'il
oll din"hi ed, to dmpanytt i vbitHtewit. tU' ilt 'yt'UpisJddl6b db lan esttliA,'cticiA'
th h ce, td the relmsof the Su: d t o portun" para lucir so discursoemidilg6^ dbfli
the dtad is common lmost thrtughothbeA m. *Athitiad Aifasltd deobtroduditoricatoih Id'lue
la sai I -i rP'* e The MkyfN Inditlh hAstli'eldo a tqutiliimafthtiacrii eltDiocionla a'*
'it No eitnB asdn to the Sda'l' till iexihto, 1-U bdltddetisk ijrcar'deI.origen if yluM'dd lo1
thigaiN MOW & the'fd'd wa-spuatfnh 0"tte 0 Id'llesdc .eltres deNod hibtislafio'ca
' y'wu fIt % aorthatothortwk herite Itle fnledlotalitis tin l;dil .Iwl* :1"0t
buy 4lo t hei.w'ltth'4t 411atl dr ad k -'Mijiwtar6itirih 1ptiabrab'Pbiitorirtitrcoh
vilk' t* Ch*rttdriaCrbertai otro de los fines de s visit Allpide(stirkas*

( 73 )

D. Recaredo, preguntAndole sencillaniente por -1iPcro qu6 ocurrencia. Dios min i-dccin
.s primn Teresa. I Cumpadre de Teresa ... PueC's eticaester quo
-aTeresa?-cxclam6 I'epitatanextraiiadaco- se present V. i ella can retain y oin r oqiet..., '
mo si le preguntase por Ia cocinera. j Pero acsou -Pl'ro miiiur,-excianm Mercedct sturprein
V. la conoce?... dida.
-No la conozco, replica Pepto; pero anioche j Que tiene.s con Teresa?... Puc s. 'una mu.
justamente he salido con ella de compadre... chncha guapisnin y ituyv grrtahlec..
El golpe 'ud cruel, y Pepita no pudo distimu- -4Agradahlbi'eresa?-grit6 Pepitanechauindo
larno... Horrible suerta era para ella salir lde co- rays par cl ojo sanuo y ccntellhs pr el lisiad,l,
'madre con D. Recaredo; pero queTeresa saliesv Ya quibicr yo qne La hluhicscs 1,oid explicarse
con el Coidesito, cracosa que no podia sopoltar aqul mlsino, ay r p Inla mi:tlkia... No le tocaub,
Mu susceptihilidad femenina, y si imaginacion a ti chica partV...,
comenz6 a correr coma de costumnbre en alas de --. A ni?....
la en.vidia, viendo ya a Teresa, a la hcata Teresa, --Lf que oyes,-replii6 Pepita. (lxq "olWa hitle
it la Intinia de Rosita Pifia, i la amiga de today dondu apuntaila. Decia que era qt esc .indlo
la cursileria santurrona, subientdocomo pars bi ciue las ilijasde Maria, ftiramosAti cas, habieil,
inisma hahia sonado ella, de comadre de P'epito do conuni.on a la otramiiana;is; quc todls estibn-
iiCondesa de Pineda ;.de embajadora en Berlin, ms oen pecado mortal...
en L6ndre, eiin Paris, en Viena, luciendo por la -Pues pars que vens--a interrniipi)b may
cbrtes de Europa su, it (de ella, de Pepita) coron i sentida Mercedes, ni una otla de is Hijas tie
tie nueve perlas. mi6ntras la reina de salon, la Maria que convid4, ha fltaido anoche en casa...
linda, la cilebre Pepita Ordoiez, se quedaba en -Lo cuat indica, swguei Teretii, que nhiguna
Z."*dc en leaada ein Rentas Estancadas, con scis tiene juicio; que todas estAi exconmulgadita...
uil reales du sulIdo, siendo la Laura de aqucl Peto, hija!-cxclamnl.a nptrada dolia'Au-
l'etrarca sin un pelo que tenia delante, siendo gatias. Si Teresa no ha dicho litdst de eao;..
para todo et muiido ua ,Senora de Conejolll... -1Calla. mam! .
INi at imisimo diablo se le podia ocurrir burla -;.C6mno he de caltdn, si no asies to quit estI'
misasangrienta f... IE ignoraba Ia pohrecilla que, diciendo?... Lao dnicn qulc decia Tefr.a era.' que'
eran encubridores de la cruel buri., el mlsnia na Ie parecia hien estar liaista Ina nadrugada do
Condeditoobjeto de tus hitsias, y la ninma Mer- hale, pars it luego &' coinulgar por' maifina.i'
cedes, su amiga del almna I IFfese ated de las Qtie era precian opiar par una cosa 6 par otta.y.
doaas de este hundo!.." i que ain precindiieilo ide Io quetninhaihsonln si.
Pepita sintib realmente que de nuevo le area- era mis ohligatoriocn I Hija i deAlirla.cuiu-o
gabn cl ataque de nervi6a. Plsola rimnero p-. plir si reginimcnto, quc epi;trai.,, tuia tie
lidala ira, luego verde la envidia, y filgiendo ii 1ompa dres... / ,,,,. ,i ,' ,,"j
carcajada que :queria ier. espontnea y era holo -- i Pues ilIinlc:V. e,..,.i, ,Vm, ', ,,, ,
nerviosa, exclam6 atropellando basta por el re .-ucs I, llamIo err., qu s y .uSy,:di ti
pare natural que debia hifundirle s presepcia ta,-reiplic4 dtlia A1ng stii.,84- i,,FFrdni4 Pi
del h:idftsivo D. 'Raredd. Recaredo?... .i. ,..l., -.11
IU.ted'conpardre de Tetisitr.. lje se l.. Vi eel y t ,cqlnprmetld,. ;|q quieneiid.
I a me.o'i'elot...,d acdiae. Dio, 'que uno ,y ail.giata i 4 ia r ni, Ia,,ija,, i niphir.t\,
yo la 6tiCa 4due queda to ridicuatl..i...i ,i ..i caino. c c u' erudicin qi lidcipdlo., ,,
Y de tal manera estorzabaPepits sus carcajia -Siempr hai, sido lo mia,o 1 .lij dais, qo haft!e lvid6ddniantenetocultst bajo Mari.. ,,FEdad It .
l' et 'd, l fe -'bi' yA li 'a~d tljd'dl e -f I 1 .. m .( a -teii I* rn, e ,d,
quaO 1 RecaiJo... I

( 74 .)

.ucl por Ceo digo' h V. Io que cierto Obispo -Ptues ahl la tiene V.,-replic6 vivanmente
i ue re s A la Ats trial, maidre de Luis Pepita senalando a la puerta.
SiV, re"'lic6d ecrudito hallando al fin'una res- Y arrojando al retirarbe el traidor. dardo del
XuV, nt agi a d( lo que il'tminlo pensaba. Parto, nfiadi col rahiosa hurln, peru may hajo,
opueslt illh reina sa ea licito naistir Aciertas parii que no to oyera doin Angustias.
Comd liaIds delsales no pcrdin ella una, por ser --Pues much cuidado, Pepito... que ands de
muyaficionads,yelOhispolecontest6:--Senera, por medio cierto caballero que Ilaman Mminuto,
bay grades razoic en.contra, y ttn alto efemptl sacristan de la Pirtroquia de San Marcrc...
e p... Pepito colmenzi6 a sospechnr Ia razon de'Ins
cf -Pes vi creu,-dijo pausadamente el Con- mal6volasin sinuuaciones dte nl Ordofics, y mirin.
lesito, quc habia seguido con suma atencion Ia dolo un momnento con ese just desden que in.
scalorada poldmici, que su primita de V. Teresa. spirn a los homlires superiors, la mujer que ba-
hsblab como tn libro; y cierto estoy de que si ja del alto pedestal del decoro, para. como vdl-
mi nadre hubiera sahido el compromise en que garment se dice, meierse por los ojos, vtlri6as
ponin su conrite e todas esas seflorit-as, hubiese bruscanente hicia Ia puerta. En ella hahia
dejado su fiesta para otto dia .aparecido Teresa, y all( se detvo nil moment:it
--IOh,loqueesesodeseguro --excl.amn Mer- su alta estatura y In airosa mantilla que cuhrie i
cedes. La suerte fuk que la papeleta de la co- dole parte del rostra, caia en anchos plieguc por
muaion lleg6 tarde i casa, y mamh no la vi6 si- delante, le dlab cierta semejnnza con In flamo,
quiera; quesino, nosquedamossincompadres... esthta del Pudor (I'udiitia) que se admire en
--jPero por qu6, por quV?-chillb Pepits mis Roma, como an ile loans ohras mis acahadas del
rabiosa cuarito mis contrariada. arte antiguo. Detris de ella asoinaba In exigas
-Por la misma .razon,-replic6 Pepito con fisgra de Rosita Piiia, y amhbas volvian de sl
igualpausa quesi maiana hubiera un besamanos furcion de las Ilijas de Maria, despues de ter-
en Palacio, seria una falta de respeto al Rey, dar minado el almuerto de las viejas, y el reparto de
una fiesta 6 la misma hora, que quitase la con- lotes de ropa.
currencia i la que 61 dabs. (SE CONTINiARA.)
Pasmih.ase Pepita de oir hahlar asi at Conde-
sito, y con una de esas risitas de dientes i fuern THE LAST SHALL BE FIIST.
que lisman ddlconejo, le dijo at cabo.
-IVamos, vamosl... Ya es conoce que ha By FRAXCIa J. FAI S.J.
etudiado used con los Jesuitas. -
-Y no me pesa que asl sea,'-plic6 my se.i NE quiet evening many years vgo,
rY Pepoto Peros taene V e p c nly se. three Portuguese youths were walking
Srio P epito. P nga V. cuenta que "at in the garen o a Jrsuit no"itiate.
sihr ablk, qdigo, hablo s6o de tejas abajo, qne They formed an intterestig group,for
tencia tejas rribn--dclar mi incoitpe- they represented quite fairly the three great Ta- crto qde pudiera decirse much riethes of wvice-life.:.The leader of the band,
m tod 5 u p d Augustine Vasquez, was nearing Me end of his
' s y qu puritan two years' probation. Hi .handsome features
yelal q Ya veo it-h vuelto V. de Bru- were cluthed in a serene modesty, and lofty Wi-
m yoc reia e to mea tan dispatatado cu- rituality hhone frort his i yes. He *as one of
-tt. c rpadrazgo de V. con Teres.: those persons that a timid stranger would acco
qcid e que o- l camo, penstha a me without hesitation. ...!: : .*, ;
t e to mt soo .--" pendb etlsme pr' .The second novice, .seph de Motta had b t
quo' teno a^ ganade c' tentl~ ,nishedhjfi6t 3earoftrial; Inhis d,
.. y ~,~trl jl portiment he wascorrect to a fault:-a brother wg


had said of him thathe counted his steps. There
was a smile upon his thce,' little short of being
perennial. and apt at any moment to develop in--
to a giggle. And yet there was some|thillg uts-
tere inl his expression, tn austerity which would
lunt down. He was earnest and pious, but could
c :t understand why every one in the world shouhl
Iot see the' spiritual side of lilil in' exactly the
same .way he saw it./ That very'day, h he had
Iboken three plates while servitig his hrethren at
ditlner,, had burst into', tunco|trollhdble giggling
during spiritual reading, atd. just at present wam
highly shocked. In short hie realized the defi-
ttioni.of a nlovice- animal rhliileil, amiaiitiilizibile
el. maoia ruiimtpns, laughter-loving, easily scanda-
lized, and breaker.of everything .
And indeed he hald some reason for being
scandalized r for.the third novite was carrying on
in a way that would. have caused even. wvungu
'eter Ribiadeneira to catch his bhteath. I Victor
'ereira. had just klonned thevasxiock;, lie wrs
harillv. more than cchild-andi such a .pretty
child. : lis face was lighted .Up .by,eyes that
danced. and flashed in an exuberance of vitality
from beneath brows pencilled into araredelicacy.
There was a bloom upon his cheek which came
a;d w'wi t and changed place, as though these
tiinl roses wv re playing at peek-a-ioo with each
other. \V hat would most strike an observer was
his iir of in ocece. caindior, inand extreine outhi-
fiilnes. Llis words tin ph.aiztd the uiile 'iits.
"I ilon't se ai.nything i;hrd adiout a Jesuit'.
life," e wnas saying. "Now, for instance, there
are Jour vows. 'hre? What art threL?: I'l a ,
lief take six. Leti's se-2there'i ji,, .ij. i'llin't
perceive anything hard about. 'p;eri'l, 'i they
give tinet:lothes:alnd' ehuugh to eaLt.'r' '"*i1 .
S" Yhii mnrst not he attached to anything,caris-
ht*le Victor,'' put in Joseplh.', ,.! -' '
'" Well,, I suppose; 'I' 'noi t')theiwisr, -I
wouldn't he'hre; ort r. t least I'll have irdiight
it along with me. But I didn't. I left i home-oh I it was a rattler, .Aid ~l hu. ouhid'lhav\
Seen my sword-- ilver hilt iplaid with.goldt-aud
I Ieftt il. Igesil I's al 'rghtitln po'overty.; Has
sIott u or os
either of eou t an tple you, i, .onte-
While Augustine was still laughing,'~Jistj h
srai td'hist gglih =UflaciedtlldyI0' eAltitihat
nitIltes-..iw'nilt Mlldved t >It b* t lE. -, mdAH.
"IIl thiatvw'. 1r6tiv 'i l+H". ,,' 1a. .
tiLeCul. Well..ifW 'dt'filll6 ct '~la'd: l a can

"You should say caris'simc'when you speak
o ally of your brothers, carissimn Victor," an.
swered Joseph. You were. talking bout the
vows heing so easy." '.
StOh, yes: now there's obedience. Why, whet
mamln k tid aInytvllig, I jtit went and 'did It.
iShe generally used to ask me what I wantiltd;
hut that did not matter-- always iobeved hlir;
and I guisa' I cua. obey the youiiitg inlt-*i '
" "Oh miercy'!" gasped Josciph, yloyun ean
thle n l -vicc tr '
That's just vwhit I Wit going to sayy, wheai
vyn were pleased to interrupt'me There'4 no
trouble in olhyiig till you've got t6'db isto do
what you're td." '
That's n itc, a t- etd Attgustuc. .
SAlld then as for chastity, why*I male avow
of chastity thee. years nigo when 1,was elevent."
. tiere. Augustine failed to contains, himself.
* W hat!" ,'' .. .
Yt', I did;, iud I'm remdy to make another
anytime. I'd just as soon have twoof 'em on me
as one." 11. : 1 .
"B lt, carissime,;' cointinited Augustine, "you
must have had an ilpitratitin." "'
Victor pickedup 'hu st6iie, thi'ed it at a bird on
a tree near.rhy. nd .would..have been called to
order by .foseph bl.l' not Aungatiine plucked his
Slee ve. .. / I .. : ; -
Ispirati.,in? Not at all." Auilm he looked
Augustiiie i the eve disdaiiinfllyr ,.' YUI see I
wan reading the life. if St. .\inv-ius. und read
that he lhad nolade a vow s. I Iollweid suit. lie's
.ivn patri'ii-exkcl t wthceu it cheiiles tlineidi(imcx.
I tried his ilict, illd uiot 'anl ful 'rick. I'4ke' ly hill
.icli 'tv ie il ni life 'ld; aitl hiin miiililima A)lllp
,.ucih anI awfull fuss, vo'It think I was dedi. She
h(ais nl\vi(sia iniuig iarl d me." "' '.'
i. hit i, 0 Ali l 0.' agc' i go tI i. b ol' ,lK-
a ,'t i i' s M ; ^' ',' ,;I | t:,, 1 ;+;; ; ,t

and (hat h ncrelt orator .whiiuas;MRto rliite,ib it

ed '* ektl thu'I tlhe m ..s'kHu lMedtugt i iup
pl tod, ,' 1 1 S ,'il I 0'lu o t n t't v iK'IcP .,
," 5V5WJ Blil'utture, .It ,privq AtutIor,

( 76 )-

And, yo knowI have five '" Whlo k.ows, carissime Vicfor,Iut that yonr
SNo, the The oldt ran away from cross may go into a far land," said Augustine
brother h was tixteel, because mamma gently. Whent lii, h a soldier That'six years "t'hen I go too," came the light answer.
wold t let dont know what's become of him. "The novice-master," continued Augustine
tago, -h other four nre homse, and they all nct*, asked me to tell you before the end of thistr
Well, the" d to have the servants out to fill il. creation that the soldiers are coming to-day."
TAndo kno the parts I used to take?" Poohl I don't mind that. I'm not afraide
We couldn't even guess," said Augustine. soldiers. Miy brother Angelo wanted to ht
I used. to prav the ton tee parts," exclaimed l oldere. I haven't seen him foreverso long. lut
Victor his c fashilng and his face colorigR just wait till I get plous: I'll write Angrhl
with enthsilm.. .And I was highly admired. letter that will convert him. lHe went wmnr
look at this." when nlannina wouldn't let him follow out his
He walked about nlincingly, and at the samne vocation. Ahl! didn't she cry when t told ber
time, changed the expression of his face with a wanted to come here. Why. the soldier ham
stctling feminine effect. Joseph gave a growl, been here, already, and taken away all the id
asd was thinking seriously of departing. Angu-s men-I nien, ail the professed Fathers." he
tine was shaking with laughter. added, checking himself when he saw the I4li,,f
,, My'lord, the morning sun awaits thl' pre- horror that had cume upon Joseph's face. '*And
sence ere he rise,'" lisped the artless youth in so when I heard that you novices and scholatic'
perfect a falsetto that it would have deceived an got together and put a young Father of the fourth
expert. "Listen, my lord, to our greeting: year of theology in as novice-nmster, and then
went on with your perling of potatoes andl swn.-
*In dress of buckrain ing of corridors just the same as if nothing had
And belt of blue, happened, I just thought it was fine."
With flowers on hIs busoun
With blowes fon hs boso And here Victor's honest eyes blhzed,andth
Thst bosom for you-- ,oes on his cheeks spread into the purple flet
While the young novice was trilling forth these of dawn, while he tossed his head proudly.
liner in a clear alto, Joseph had been quietly re- "But, carissim e," resumed Auguhtine, "I fsr'
monstrating with his senior. Augustine seemed you don't quite understand. The soldiers are t
to be convinced, i he re in earnest this evening; they're going.
"Holid tn there, Victor; that's about as far take us away."
as we call go." The flush of dawn upon Victor's face fadld
"Well, cari imne, .yo know we novices don't inth tile pallor of 41 cloudlcss twilight.
sing secular songs. We can stand hynin or -t You'r"'te asing tile."
two, of course. Suppose you tell us about your lIlndeed. I asi not. Ontheloth.fSeptealtls
"Ther. the officer Castro tried to winl us over, 11i1 t11
wThey're good boys, all exept the outlet, us thut in four days the soldiers would he he
who ran swaf; he was different. Assotl as I'm to couducit us all into exile, unless we Cittied
al pious I'll write hill a letter lld convert to throw of our'cassucks and returned to le
hinm,'thast is, if 1 find out where he is When he worsl."
be age he was plous lke me and wanted to "l.Do yo. think he meant itr
hbe' Jsuit, d matnnla wouldn't let him. Now h o su I m e you
e's very sorry, and wishes she ad. I guess There' no dout bou It, my dear
mammat wiTwmre's ,n do ubt s h' ;'t, "ny dear youn
'on s wcs-will mis me how. She let me go ell ,"Th.'.. me. n, the soldier. t -
'll count f my brother. Maybe she's frid Thyre mean e soldier But-
t'k fron o. You see this ross?" Victor not afraid."
d besuto his asock pocket a small silver cr- And then Victor gave a .cream and a it
emy brother worked. This belonged to i ump, as the porter's bell pealed ang rily,
o often, and b mma sa y he used to kiss it ever loud clear voice rangoout upon the a r:
e it to n when left to be Jeuit e "Ope--in the klng's name"
bout m, tod me to be sur to have It I "Oh" lmost obd Victor, ,"Hi the so
S,,,'; "Prayi, pray, e risalte cto,"' idAg--


tine. "The great trial of our lives is at hand. faces were pale. Many a lip was moving in
I have smother, too, and 1-1 love her." pjriyer. Forty novices 'That means forty hearts
And the brave Augustinestifled a sob: saintly animated with the highest and holiest of purpose;
people have tender hearts. ". fort hearts Imrning to give themselves entirely
SA moment later; the community hell rung ut to Christ, forty souls 11 t beautiful with glsry, f r
Ael raiog outtthey are a chaate generation.-
solemnly, while the steady tramp, tramp of h
marching men, with the clanking of arms, inldica- I". the ntlddle of the nscctory stood anl officer
ted that the soldiers were entering the court-yard. with ils hack turned towards the door-way
"That hell meatis that all should go t, thle through which \ ictor was gazing. Stanling di-
ascetory," said Joseph. rectly in front of the novices were a young Father
and three ~Ccolastics. In tile exile of tile pro-
".Ye ; you go ahead, canrisimeut Josph I will fcssed Fathers these brave young ien had ldis
come presently with carissimtus Victor. I wish charged tile oilices of the sent superiors.
to tell him something first." We who have taken our vows in the Comn-
When Joseph had gond soite distance Aguis- ,lpauv of Jesus," the novice-master was saying in
tine turned to Victor. answer tio omne interrogntion of the officer. "took
"My deil little brother," hesaid, his' eves soft them' for ever. We lchve-no desire to look back.
with tenderness, "you have just left your main- As for the novices, each one may answer for
mia, and you're not used to our life. "Aren'tyou himself."
a hit afraid ?" Then eisueinl a scene at once solemn and touch.l
lit answer to which Vlct'r placed his head con(- intg. Victor listened eagerly. The soldiers were
fidingly upon Atlgustlhe's lhsoln and broke in- so stationed at the doortlhat he could just su ccted
to sohb. seeing the fnaces of his hrother-novices. Thd
Well, now, I'll tell yot what to do. Yon officer and the young scholastic were screened
need not go up' t the ascetory. Stay here. Yo from his viw. But how' he listened Thces
see that summier-house there? Go fIl there, and were the words:
stav quietly. If (he soldiers cone this way you'll "Young gentlemn, I cnave your attention ir
find a smnll opening below the bench.. Crawl a few momentss" .
through that, and you're out on the public road Not al eye.was raised; save for the lils ihlt
With t kindly snlite and soft w",rd, the elder "nied i prayer tile e e of novices might hayt
novice turned away to meet with equall hea rt ex- heer a hle oif sta tneuts.
lie, ilhprisonnient, or denth: tnd as he walk:edI Why don't you look at tume ?" ,: i .
htavely one he prayed fervently that, the little One of the 'novicee--n oie other thutl AugolcU
Victor might yet mtake a goio Jesuit.' i ii-nm.walked quietly over to tile novice-ilnasteri
Now, no soniter had Auguistinei disappeared and whispered i .his ear. .'. -:. i
than Victor began to take ta new view iof the si- The Father nodded assent. i .'
tuition. The clank of swords and the groultdiin There is permission for sill to look tp,"s
of artis agtan rang int his ears. Ah how gor. Aunustiti.
geous they nitist look, those soldiers. And li

oldeer er tandin out talking excitedlvv isn very axiouns that you who are novices should
ed on opene-motheyn Igonthegrowd tati nie or young thih t Feey m c hr ece. y er nt. anw i
Police o ff jhe unfrcsedsc i he Hastenined g nto the alyltesite a yoh wantio th'Jeoutitr
the hoinhe c : ehditd he'taira to wtheakctoyT.dfitlsl": v .Pwral nl,' bv"it l
tquiad of TIoldienr, goarledi the door, which, I to e'"t r Y .ca :.b ",'o'," .
h onowever m te, I ot *. t dnespoke; no? I o -

The scene within Wl trilking l Stidlingeisch ,J' ,ii i"." ton^utthndi,tht ,liJir",, how,,li*ny
one at iidesk were haheovtces,,with. y mov 9o y fiw tioi en;*iq':.t l : ,i ... .; n.'
destly cstedowtit, n m t ,Strngetqpy.utt ewof thcir 'c O nd sP( La .no!om'moredd.:i :th.; h i: or
on~t4sda eethntiioith.yp.I .;i,0" 'i: p ,

( 78 )

ththe ery soldiers at
The silence l t eirlrclith.
the o0or hd his brow. P'ity and grief
The oficcr w"Pe ,tas he looked upon these
were fin his mfa them s he knew, the very
ou g .men ... M s ( vo nthe
Zuwer of PornllglI-s yOlith
Di or of plorl intec then, to go into exile?"
lie looked atll Au" tin AugAustine bowed
his hed The ofcer used for a monlent, then
dhis hed. the e look of inquiry towards the
dected the same ai was repeated. From one
nt sn other he trnttferrcd his gaze, till forty
heads hail bowed;
Suddenly there arose a yell of triumph, shrill
and clear. Victor had forgotten himself in his
eothusins, But into that yell he had put all his
courage fnd before the officer could turn, our
novice hal clattered down the stairs for dear life,
and found himself in the garden alone and
Yet frightened as he was, he still had sufficient
presence of mind to find his way to the summer-
house, where he hid himself beneath a rustic seat,
and lay trembling like an aspen. Poor Victor
it must be confessed he was an egregious coward.
The poor little fellow had all his life been aware
of this failing; but, strange to say, he had gloried
in it. Now, however, as he lay there in an agony
of terror, he saw this trait in a new light, and he
begas to despise himself. His past life took on
a new aspect; a thousand incidents that had
caused him to flush with p.ide now hore down
upon him in an overwhelming cataract of shame.

"I must pray," he muttered to himself. He
issued forth from his hiding-place and gazed
about. A thousand stars looked down upon hli
s they had looked for centuries upon imian a
bruie' heart. The night was well ad|vancld
for his reflections had consumed several hours.
He looked towards the house; it was hured in
darkness nd silence. Even the breeze so blithe
at sunset had become hushed.
lie Was alone with God.
Slowly he walked down the "arden.path and
ascended the at... th arden-path, ando
klft for he wosyh. vokin neither to right nor
e Procereoud have trembled at every.shadow
he predced to the chapel; and as le entered
Sb e, rtg cincts his heartave a great bound
3.T". ar, though al ad eft, the Master was

his Master to remain, and had placed thechapel
il care of a devout priest who lived hard by.
Victor knelt by the door, and, bowing hished,
told his tale of sorrow and weakness and niscry
to Him Who is the best of all consolers. If em
a novice made a perfect act of humility it wu
this poor weakling.. Long was the prayer thit
-he poured forth, a prayer that was" none the les
fervent for the sobs and sighs that broke from
his heavy heart.
. But for all his praying Victor could not fee
that he was iany the braver: and he repeated,
again atnd again. the self-same words: "'Oder
Lord, 1 ilm a coward and I can't, I ran'lhe
Gradually his sighs died away, and, exshitl-
ed hv the conflict of emotions, the poor biy fill
asleep. '

Was this a vision ? Was it a drean or a reality?
Victor was standing half-way up a steep, rout
hill. He was gazing down upon one who was
climbing it, slowly, laboriously. No need t. in-
quire who it was. There was a crown ofthorns
upon his heod, drops of blood stood upon the
calm brow, while intense suffering had marked
without contorting the sublimely gentle couunlt-
ance. His feet were bare, and as he dragged
his heavy cross up the steep ascent, each fiOt-
print left a bloody trace.
Victor fell upon his knees. Then that mill
face, ineffably n weet for all the pail, and agoy
and t diiness that marked it, was turned iplI
Victor, and tho.'e sweet eyes that shone with
love which cainnit be iniagined rested in gracious
pity upon the keeling boy. Victor sprangthbis
feet, and rushing to the burdened Master, tonk
the cross anll played it upon his own should.
Ah i such a weight. He staggered, and an is-
tense pain penetrated his whole being. His fe
gave way. he fell upon his knees, while that crss
hure hin down, down, down, as though theweight
of all the universe were crushing him. Then
Victor reached forth a hand of agon, and the
Master caught it in A gentle clasp; anri torthwith
Sthe cross felt less heavy. Victor tightened bi
grasp upon the sacred hand, and while the cro
grew lighter each moment, his own forces gre
I stronger. Presently, he was tpon his feet
staggering feebly but with determination tp tih
Steep ascent,. What though hbi feet bled; wha
' though a crown of thorns forced abdit his bed,
A' nd pressed It till the blood 'tmet dripping dow

( 7

his facc; what though pain possessed his very Before he could finish his prayer, he was down,
.heing;-was he not holding the hand of Jemus? and twelve or thirteen men were heating hil
His eyes were growing dim; his heart was madly and trampling with spurred boots upon
heating furiously; his ears were losing theirkeen. his prostrate form. ,.
ness in a whirl of ringing noises: but he held the It was a horrible sight, those flushed, brutalized
hand of Jesus. -One step more, and the summit faces, so devilish in their savage anger, ,,
would le gained! one step-he took it, and the "1Look out!" cried a soldier standing ,on the
dear hand wasgonel Darkness.had set in, and outskirts.. "Lookoutl here comes the Captainl".
Victor lost consciousness. But no attention was paid him, till a man ciad
When he came to, he was clasping the talcrna- iti, uniform, hatless, and out of breath, crime
cle. It -was dawn, and the thirds without were l carolling in the ecstatic joy of early morn. Rev- the earth with either arm. It was the officer who
crently Victor released his hild, moved to a re- had interrogated the novice-master the night
tired corner of the chapel, and prayed with 1ll before.
the fervor of a changed heart. o"You cowafhll' ite tuined. -4Go to your
Ahl happyboy hehadmadea longnovitiate, quarters. Why) it's a mere boy. Oh!"-he
for he had seen Jesus. The Spiritual Exercises ground his teeth--"some one shall pay forthis."
which novices spend thirty one days in making upon one knee beside the ho
are all directed to their seeing dhrist--videre Kneeling upon one knee beside the oy, who
Clristunt. The Saviour in His ineffable love lAy upowhis back, he turned the bleedinreg romi
had brought our little Victor by the shortest of face pard. The such a groan as broke from
ways to the sight of that most blessed 9f visions. M God! my G y t'e- rthe
., My God o my ol Ml ',little brother
The sun had not yet risen when the little novice Victr l"
.set forth down the street of the town, robed in his '
cassock and with hiscrucifixin hishand. Itwas Victor opened his eyes. ,
not'vet toolate. IHewouldjoin his bravebreth- "I'm so glad you came back; kiss me, my
ren in exile, in pain, in poverty,'in privationi, in Angelo." ;,
death. He had seen Jesus. : : He closed his eyes again, while Angelo bent
A kind lady called to hin as he: passed her down and covered thecalm,.sweet face with kisses
house; she begg:d him to stny ; 4he told him that Angelo this is vour crucifix." -Victor, amidst
many of the soldiers had been drinking all that all the ltows. hatl held .it'tight to hii :liart.
night, and that were he to co nc 11pNo b me of "Take it, dear Angelo;, I have no further.need
them he would he murdered, He sAid a few of it."
gentle words of thanks and moved on. He hadl The officer could not speak.
seen Jesus. "**Angelo, give, my dearest love top numna.'
Profane songs and profaner words hroke upon Angelo bowed assent. .. ..
his ear as'he passed anlin;n he took no heed. .
aBt a few moments afterwards a crowd of ol- And, Anigelo listen: tell what I now say to
diers flushed with driiik came staggeriiig forth, the noviccv-.mster i-Oh my G6d I Vow poverty.
some singing. home swearing, south: houig chastity andu obedience.ipthe Society of Jesus."
out "Down with tie Jesuits I" Then the eves closed : al, they never opened
One of them chanced to see the novice., arain. ie, had seaen Jsuir-'erd the Amrericas
'Lookl.lookl"' hecriedd ,Me igo te Sacred ,eal,Febna 1892.
There was a yell, a roar, a chorus of execra-
tions, and tthe trampimg of turned feet. "
"Hold aoi'you brat,"' shouted thei.foremost as
he came within ena-shot of Victor.
Victor turhid, ind gaied u~nlitieidr 'ith an-
quailingeye.1 "- i
"Say 'Down with the Jsuits'l" continued the .
same man, cAtchid-ng rirc bfythe'~eck.
: G'Oo. tdid ithe.J-4"/.0)lq 11'l'il')"i


( 7 )

S' ,'orw cLri'Jus poem is in instance of
What was much in favour among the poetasters
of the age of the Stuarts-a fanciful arrange.
omet of words to represent the subject.describ-
ed by the poet-until it perished of the rdicile
brought upon it by Dryden, the Poet-laurente
of James Ii.

Faster WSings.

LORD, who crcatedst man in wealth and store,
-Though foolishly he lost the same, "
Decaying more and more,
Till he became
Most poor
With Thee "
0 let me rise
As larks, harmoniously,
SAnd sing this day Thy victories:
Then shall the fail further the flight in me.

My tender age in borrow did begih:
, nd still with sicknesses and shame "
Thou didst so punish sin,., ,;,
That I became ... I.;..
SMost thin.
WithThee ""
Let me combine,
And feel this day Thy victory,
i lin p my wing on Thinkb,
teo abit Adya.ce. the flight In me '


Comerciante en Joyeria, Relo-
jeria, Plateria y en toda cla-
se de Instrumentos Musicos
y Opticos.

il portador de PIANOS Y OGAl(
NOS, prbpios part estoa climas, de lit
Falricantes ilas acreditados.

So hua cargo do today cluso do rcpirn-
ciloes en dichos ranios y ofrece at
pihblico las mejores MAQUI-
NAS de coser, tales como
Y para mas detalles dirigirse i
SA. i,.O MORLAN ....

( 7.1 )


Summiiary fo' Meteorological )Observationis during thin humnth fli i urchi .1 :3.


,ew. Quality.

I- 7 30.1029.8730.o0 .850 7tO So 76 o80 3.3 E. 4 C. 3 2 0.50
8-14 30.04 9.92 30-00 8' 720 So 76 0o 133 E.S.E. C. 4 1 0.05
15-i2 30o. 29. 130.03 870 y' So 75 75 7.6 E.S.E. 3! C. 3 t o.o,
22-31 30. 279.3129.o 882 66 So 75 75 7.6 E.N.E. 5 C.S. 5

In the
Ionth 3o.-7 29.83 30oi 88 660 So 75 75 i.6 E.S.E. 4 C. 4 6 o.80

Explanation for the Sky, C. Cumulu,- SL. Cirrus, S. Stratus, N. Nimbus.
o. quite clear, to. qtite covered.

The Barometer speaking generally hasheen in of the Barometer but more steady. From It to
constant movement during March. No lessthan 4th, 9th to th. oi I3th and i4th, from t9th to
six wavesof Pressure have been recorded, though z st and on 26th SoO from l3rd to 25th Sa ; on
not accompanied by any marked atmospheric theother days it was 79" oro80 except on the 5th,
changes along our coast except during the last 6th, tth 2Sth when it \wa 78 and on the 29th
wave. On the tat the Barometer stood at 29.9o: .3th and 3 tt when the nman temperatures were
the next day it rose to 29.99: then there was a rerpectivcly 77, 73' and 71'.
fall to 29.91 whence it continued rising to 30. 1 There hasheen hut little Rain during the month
on the 6th. After this there was a steady fall except on the night of the 5th and 6th when more
till it sank to 29.95 oi the toth. On the I th it thin half an inch fell and consequently the hu.
stood at 30.03 and after a slight fall it rose on the mitlity, for our climate has been low,
5sth to 30o.o. Another fall down to 29.96 on, rheprevailingWinds havebeenE.S.Ethough
the 7?th was again followed by a rise reaching unthe i7th and 2Sth we had westerly winds and
3o.o5 on the 19th. From this date begalt a fall thtfice till the end of the monthN.E. The Velu-
which continued till the 7th the lowest mean city of the wind, which was E.S.E., from 23rd
being 29.86 on the 23rd whilst for the next three till 26th inclusively averaged 9 miles an hour.
days It was zg.88. On the a8th there'was a rklid Tlis iis the-pera~o of great depression of the
rise to 30.08 and a further n trr he 9gth to 3o0 t7 Birometer. During the next three days there
and on the oth to 3os4. The readings of the was an overcast sky some thunder aml lightning
Thermometers were generally iiversely as those ani a little rain.

,.. itn:)rio') PA. ihtt K uha-' tiH 1 'wiiil. ,-'< "- l, .- '(

( 80 )

Convent Ou Ldy of Meicy Belize.
I / ". .. Io
._..,.,....-. ..._.... -- -- --?-~' -
,Select School for young ladies,, Boardersi And,-. .,,;
e Day-scholars,

'3esidcs what is'comprised in the usiat courte'of afir t-class English educa-
1 .,t i ,'rench is taught Ift 4rcd. Also elaeuta'ry' Drawing aPd the
S: simpler kinds of fancy work.
Extras, Music, Piano or Guitar.
,. r Li.:r.d .;'1 +' $-b5d.ioo h 'lf 1 ear. '
.; l
*Daynohrl %* 00 a month. .
F or particulars apply to.the Itpverndl Moethee at the VConaiet.p't .

the t~ no1.r:e n r ItA

i"" Convento de Ntra. Sra. de las Mercedes, Belize.:

. .I ,LEscueia select paraSenoritai Pensionistasy Extemas'.^ .. 'I"

'"~I',I.' A'dem.s de lo que com rendeoen el curso, usu.* delEducacidn.,Ing ,letia, lI
"' ', "., l clase, ""se e as ei I Francts canodo se deacu, Dibujo, eli!ental y!9 J9 ll; ,'
''i T .1 ..' j, Mas aencillos ed Ob de.fantasia. i i .n *,+.'1 *dl n, ;.
rI t t ii Pia G al( ta t rnt:"n '"."" '* I ,',, I ',d! ,ily dlb 111t r'-it"lr ',lab,
1 " I '" ''" i I,)-t '.n. 1 ,11 t M s %."p o in.fCI's > tlt i s )- ll ii' .l ii 7 .io ''
Exe t.vI $it.iboo dninlstnda6k0 .1,t.0; 0. IfI(l<.,'fjs Ito I'll,
.-1 1l. Il til bil; .l.l ,11 '- l'- -r'li *t/ll 'i i'r, w'' t It
pPamerew, dirigire a ln likeretda Nadre apedrlra del CoetsO.




5th month. M A Y 1893.
Su 1 8 at 5.28. min. Last Quartet.
Su 15 at5.5. Sun slow 3 mi' NChange fM
. 2 atS. 5323 Mil. h s First carter.
S30s at 5.22. 2 min. Full oon.

Mt M SS. Philip and James, App. 17 W S. Paschal Haylon.
S2.T S. Athanasius, a.n. 8 Th Oct. of Ascension.' '' .
';l3' W Finding of the Holy Cross. 19 FI. S. Dunstan, a.
;'4 Th The English Martyrs. 2 o S, S. IBernardine of Siena i,. g.:!: Vei.
5 F, S. Cntherine of Siena. Su. Whit Sunday.
' 5'. S S. John at the Latin Gate.. ia M S. Ubaldus, a .
i! 7 Su. 5th after Easter,. 23 T, S. John Baptist de Rossi.-: .,i .
! ;S8 M Apparition of S. Michael. 24, W Our Lady Help of Christlanu ,.,;,
. 9. T S. Gregory Nazisanen, aB,. D 25 Th S. Aldehn,. .
o. W S: Antoninus, a.. ( 26 'F O the Oct.. ; ',,
,,s,. Th Ascension Day. 27 S S. Philip Neri. ,,
ta F SS. Nereus, Achilleu, etc, 28 Su. Trinity Sunday. ,,, ,
13 ]S S. Pius V, P.c. Pascal Time ends. .Il
,41, ;tSu Within Oct S. .Walburga, V. 29 M S. Venantius, ,' ;
,. : M: S,, ghbrt, C; 30 T S. SimonStock,c.:, ,;,,, i;/
,S. Johu Npouucenei.M. 31 W ',. Angefa Merici, v.

.*lll ,. l *

~e '.otons begin every eveilig durig th i
., I "t ,, .! 1 ,", I
SII B.1 t 0itl,8, 9, 10.. Litanies before Mads at 6.80.
') 01". 9*,. ": l "!,, I.
1il9 i9, !20i Tridhu m of inatruction in preparation for Uonfirntiatiot at 6 pm.
i." l[ l elr-sll ^fa ni bnss '", ;t..iil Bi"hop a e'
ing.ibl d i l ***v l -t ,w hu a. aI' i t *l

( 82 )


o of the Right Rev, durna and Bishop of Eurea, Page 91
eCon egtiof heThe lArmns, .
S. DiP'icro, S. J., .P 82 Chronicle of the Sacred Henrt, 93
Prparaption, t*4 BacaSlar.
The Ceremn Ilf pDiP etrolife. Porun Piojo,
Skh f of Britih Ho- St. Joseph's Observatory, "
Vic-r Apostulacof -rith Ho-,-

j n ARIOUS numbers of the Angelus
have described month by month
Sthe succession of events which
beginning with the first meeting of the
Bishopric Committee in June 1892 were
successfitlv closed by the Consecration
of the first Vicar Apostolic on April 16th,
1893. Taking'up therefore the course of
events from the last number of the
Anjelus it will be we think gratifying to
our Readers to give them step by step
what has been done since.
Fr. Henry Gillet had been sent, it will
be remembered, to the United States
with the view of finding if possible three
Bishops, who would be both willing and
could spare the time to honour our Colo-
ny ith a visit and consecrate our first
ne succeeded in the object ofhi jour-
n p anwd ent us word that their Lord-
the f ere cmng b the Mail-Steamer,
th'pill ater" leaving New Orleans on
April 6th. vea
lade by thr "ry arrangement had been
Oure to these d pro Committee to se-
afe d sd igntaries of the Church a
-e--er. passage to outr chores.
lem hoad been written .i

the subject and the Captain in his pre-
vious trip had been asked to try to begin
Belize in good time on Sunday afternoon.
The "StilTwater" as we afterwards learnt
left New Orleans on April 6th at 10:30
punctually having on board says the
"Morning Star" of April 8th a precious
freight in the persons of the liglit Rev.
SBishop Becker of Savannah, Rt. Rev.T.
"Heslin Bishop of Natchez, Rt. Rev. J.
"O'Sullivan Bishop of Mobile and Rev.
"Father Gillet, S. J. On the wharf....
Quite a number of friends of the distin-
"guished party were there to bid them
"God-speed and safe return.... The
Party are under many obligations to the
'Messrs. Macheen for their uniform cour-
"tesy and favours extended."
We in Belize also acknowledge with
gratitude ni:ny obligations received from
these gentlemen and we have also to
thank Captain Leitch for doing much to
facilitate the coming of the Bishops and
to make their stay a pleasant one.
All then having been apparently ar-
ranged for an early coming of the Bis-
hops to Belize, those present at Mass on
Sunday, April 9th, were told to be ready
as soon as they heard the repique of the
bells, to welcome their Lordships at the
wharf and to receive their blessing in the
Church. Father Legros then read the
Latin text of the Brief, with an English
tt&nslation, raising the Prefecture Apo6-

( 83

tolic'of British Honduras to a Vicariate.
He afterwards explained the same in
Spanish. The Brief ruis as a'llows:-

Blessed Peter, which we occupy through no merits
of ours. but through the act of Divine Providence.
we watch with careful eye, as it were front a high
watchtower. over all the parts of the Lord's flock. and
It is to us a pleasure to undertake the careful labourof
providing all that tends towards their certain advan-
tage. Animated with this spirit we erected the Prefec-
ture apostolic of British Honduras in the year 1888:
this step-brought forth mostimportantresults. so that
the number of Catholics rose to almost 220(0. becom-
ingly adorned churches were multiplied, and.the
youth of both sexes were brought up to the practice
of christian virtues and In useful knowledge by the
dsclples of the Society of Jesus and the Slaters of
The Catholics of that country desiring to have the
consolation of the more solemn ceremonies of the
Catholic Religion, and to see their own mission raised
to greater dignity:have earnestly asked us to deign to
raise the Prefecture of Honduras into an Apostolic
Vicarlate. It is well known how much we have ever
desired, that those countries which are far distant
. front us by land or by sea, should be provided with
the easiest possible ecclesiastical administration. and
thus we have readily assented to those wishes of
theirs which were in keeping with our !ntentlons.
Wherefore, having duly asked the opinions of the ac-
tual Prefect Apostolic and of the Vicar Apostolic of
Jamaica we found them agreeing with the petition of
the Catholics of British Honduras: and having then
weighed and with care and attention discussed all
that was of any moment, with OurVenerable rethren
and Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church, who are
at the head of the affairs of the Propagation of the
Faith; from our own free choice, and from our own
certain knowledge. as well a after mature dellbera-
tion and with the fulneas of our Apostolic Authority.
by the force of these presents, having read for the
state of the Misslon of Honduras, as well as for the
greater good of the said Mission, We erect the Prefec-
tre Apostolic of BritishHonduras Into aVicariate, and
We Institute It as qsch, and we confer upon It all and
every one of the privileges and aculties, which are
wont to be granted to such Vicariates. We decree
that this Brief of our Is and shall be firm. valid and
effectual; shall gain and have Its full and complete
effects and that all Whom It on6erns shall in the pre-
s eat and In the future, give It their lull support In all
its details and In every olroumstanoe: we further de-
cree that any Odlnary or delegated odgea must make
their Judgments.and definitions about this matter, Bc-
cordlng to these premlssesi Finally, whatever may
happen to be attempted against' this present Brie,
Knowingly or through Igorance; by .any authority
whatsoever we declare ulland void. ;
**Ouro" Law andi hatb o to ianceidt
:4, U;n b knot. :eiblroAPftftolt

constitutions and ordinations, and al' things ejie
the contrary notwithstanding. .
Given in Rome'at St. Peter's under the Frihermar
ring, the 8rd of January 1898, the fifteenth year
our Pontificate. i .
Everything was now ready; evel
body was prepared; all hoped to se:tl
"Stillwater" arriving in Belize'in 't
evening of April 9th. The excitemnei
ran high when once and again the flu
signalling "Steiamer il sight" went up
the Court-House flagstaff. But the checl
ered flag did not appear to satisfy ol
expectations. Neither vessel was tl
"Stillwater." The Colnmittee,'the'ere
of the Belize Estate Company's yacl
which had been kindly placed at'our di
poeal, and the people, 1xth'th Cathli at
Protestints waited till tell 'clock
night, but in vain. '
Natturailly en6utgh ilext morniillg eVoe
thought,"every eye was turned toward
the harbour anid daylight rbvbled to tl
relief of all the "Stillwater" anchor
safely before ihe town of Belize.- !
When the'.Bells of the Cathedral rar
out their 6nga expected 'summnns 'tl
whole town became astir. The Coinmi
too anid Fr. Hopkins stepped into the' t
launches tind were quickly rowed alon
side the Mail-Steamer; whilst the .Bil
and a large crowd gathered on the Coua
house whiaf,'where three carriages we
waiting, Ito give: the illustrious visit
a hearty welcotie.',:.: 1 i :', "
About 7 o'elodk their Lordships lan
ed. The Procession to the Church was
once foitned. .The Band lead the we
the three oatkiages followed, etchicarr
ing a Bishop,' a Ftherland a Memtber
the Committee. After them came the hr
of theiComniittee, ndi large orbwd'z
icoinpaied, them. 'TheyL ere revived
thbdorbfi the Cathedrl Iby ,the,'lig

( 84 )

to the Form kneeling before the Book of the Gos-l-
R.evS. 8._iPie o Btsiop, and Bis- he made. his Profession of Faith.
for the Recept~on ti
Bfo kr the ^ senior Bishop then gave This finished, the procession wasopen.
his blecei to the people who filled the ed by the Cross-bearer with two candle.
e his blessmg .bearers; then came the acolytes the
Church.eek passed quietly but for the mitre and crozier bearers, the chaplain
The weraton ade by all concern- in cottas, then the two Assistant Bishop,
.ed .ctve i onsecration to take place the with their pages robed in purple andu-.
.nexi, der the canopy, which was carried by 6
SMr. Kevhne and his men worked their members of the, Catholic Association
, very best to finish the enlargement of walked the Rt. Rev. Bishop Becker
the Sanctuary for that day and they with the Bishop Elect. The office of.
Succeeded. Consecration devolved on the Bishop o
His Excellency the Governor gave Savannah as this Prelate 'is the oldest
i an "At Home" on Monday April 10th, in office, He was consecrated withCar-
at.which their Lordships were.present dinal Gibbons in the Cathedral of 11l-
and on April 11th the Bishops were pre- timore on August 16th 1868 Bishop of
ent at a gathering of friends at Marble Wilmington and transferred to Sarvn
SHall, the residence of Hton. C. Melhado nah in 1886 and so in August of this
and Mrs. Melhado where they spent a year he will have completed his 25 yeat
pleasant evening. During their stay in of Episcopate and will celebrate his silver
SBelize the Rt. Rev. Bishop Becker stayed wedding as Bishop. The Hon. Cars~
.at the Bishop's House, whilst the Rt.Rev. Melhado and Mr. J. M. Rosado, wearing
,.J. O'Sullivan lodged at the house of J. the Cross of the Order of St. Gregory t
M. Rosado Esq., the Rt. Rev. T. Heslin Great to which they had been lately,
a. t the house of the Hon. Carlos Melhado. raised thro' the intermediary of the lht-
,i Each Bishop had a chaplain with.him; hop Elect by Leo XIII, (see An~du
.; for all.the Missionaries of our Colony March 183) closed the Procession.
Except Father Silvin Gillet, who was The Ceremonial was under the charge
sick, had been notified of the coming of of the Rev. C. Gillet who was first MaW
Sthe Bishops and had come. to Belize to of Ceremonies and of Rev. J. Baldwi,
I!e part in the second Master of Ceremonies.
I ; THE CEREMOlIAL., .....,, As soon as the Procession started o
da The lon looked for day.had at last its way the Bells began to ring, andte
dawned. The morning was fresher and Organ accompanied by the Orchest
"-l ooler than we could have hoped'for at began to play a march composedforth
, trhseason of the year.-* I .:, occasion n honour of Bishop DiPietr
.I:' r Rosado .~Ahd Mr.Melhadoeach The Chnrch was densely packed U
brought the Rt.: Rev Bishopstaying thanks tothe Hei.C. Mlhadd and the""
-'*,w s ng thflks to the Hoh"C MOhid t
ith tan e in full drds with purple sout- ious members ofthe Committee themoas
S-'tae, rihe4 mantelletta b nmotetta to perfect ordei and reiftine previled.
SIR. .Rev is H us' Belie.' Thbra'the Arrived at the altarr:the Cneeor
Jr a iPiet, W athreoeived by the Bishoa BeDc, afe r 0. iho'rto pa s5"
Ba ^;hos lojthe i wt;;i~oBetod j iagh etdel iooIaBllst t16 .. ; M

---------.-- +- ----

Bishop-elect and the assistant i lslilos il' ti iharasel-ri~ girtsA isoidi aind tnilid wlleh
Beloved -,fo. poIse ; bill alsoe fi enlle nerly tw
pult on the Ioecetsary vostimncnti ill theinlr :which tni hae Flnt In tha t sae t1s.e
iwni chapel. The Bishop-elect. ws tLhl workln cheerrfull. and willh nalundant Iharve.
sou lat. Wi lf' ttilve ttnlng olt yonto bie file fittest Ite
led between the assistant Bishops to t o be lehted ,t the Vicar Alposolie of thli
seat facing the Conscurltor :nrdl il Vicariate.. W Vlw.refon.r .as like Brief lssued In
S- lls very day i Il have declredl vn ill lishop of tlt.
setllor assistant, Bishop O'bullivani, t.irit- tlirti Clinrchr of! Irc. ao lvinng you land holdinM
ed to the Consecrator, said: at.solved for tii: very canei alone front every Ea
Sslitlicl IIentiIcI or penIlly lwhetber of excUonIm
Most Reverend Father, our Holy 1Mother the cniion. tisileniioil or Inlierict. or iny other b w-
Catholic Church, asks that you proit te this I ever wa:y or for wthlltever cause Iinplosed, if proch
priest here present to tie hlln ohe e "" t '"" ic"'' ureld a. We nowr by the"e ,rrw-en
virtue of itir .illloritt. irlois. tonstitt aid de-
episcopate. iou the Vicar .\ttolieli of the flew Viaeriateof nl-
TriLe C(.oUlsel'tor' Baid: i llondurnti. wh all tir irle we,,ryv and suitable fi
tirs. We leildie, c.mtlllindiil to all and to eve3n-
Have you tile Apostolic Mandate? wisn It ',iicefIsn. Int conshir and ever to tream
The senior assist lit uiswcerv-d :, th, Vicar A:liorhof lI s heil dl VlIarlalU of ti
Sllonmhl n i loriding to lthe tlnoulr io thelllse prea-
We have., and e nnd le tand heit to liie land obey vol. to
S. your tul k tiad iralll. to revcre-ic. to rtce(ivu and
Tile C(Olteerator Ht:id: t. to coli iily wlith Iyior Iprltllul iadiionlltions and -
Let it be readI. i; mnds; otherwise we shall a-c that such ston
:t v ou p ss against till olthalnete hall be
'helttl ev. F. [opk is read lth Aji.- con;itlied with and itcondlin s tisai-ttou be i
Any c"ist"tlltltllt an or A liostlic ordinail ois. or
t.,ii Mandate viz: one Brief lppointiig; thI en lse notwllhstand og.
tle Very Hov. Fr. Diil'ietro, S..i PI'rlif.t iven at. itoie. ti St. ieter's the l-iit day of
Apltotolic,to lie Vicar A postolic ol' ritish ry la the yarof o n,. ., _tiLate
llondlirusr andu Ilislhop of IEurel andIl a L. '.
second lnthoirisilig hsiti to bIe coltkec:ratc d )l'E I.EU XIl.
iy any three law lil lv coniitituteild Iliishiop
tinder bertaiu conditions laid dowit in the Tor tl RvELti'itsl iN. ltrtAl.Tt .tlliNEDICTI-
S. ivine Providence having Indeed for no inerU
rietf. We giVe -for our Readers' illfor- our Klgven ts the ha:rge of ruling all the chur-
Illtiot u translation of the Bries. read. we ""an ost dslrous. wtll tih help of God to
thli nilslion to tle- advnutage of en bh and w-
1 .1 *. .' 1 thersforel mlost anxlolls wih-never thert Is a qlle
S' giving P rl itr to thle different chllreh es. io oV
ast' P:lytors its will not only know'hiow to itn
X Iby word of otitilll hut al]o liy the, examtllle if
ri I works: niay si-li n with God';I"r nu'e. are
t n nd know lilhow to prwMnere till niMlck titus
*'l ^f LW \ n mndcd it, tlll i. In n tatut I.a.fIll li nd lead-l
t..o gtlide thlin by sound doutrint alid SllLueevsfu
For a long tiltue WVehavr' kl-it In our own han-
IIowerP of llhll g seli lCrdnl In tilrow ln etlec all
P 1'OP LEO XIf. Ses which are no.w vranttor which in Ithe future
; l "ibecotl vacant, dcreing lnto Ibe niill nnd void.
Il tiTc.-A tlln"ig thing t nny one Inty hi a:ilen to stltettitto do l.
BIELOVEIs"'ONi, lfEALTH ANID I1EtEOTIOX. l -Aa i .lnl. or isknowInigly.unlatter I otwhtsoor a
care of all the chutrches has devolved iupon'o n wh rit. against thll Our decision.
the Apostdllo office which we fulfil. we do our best .'ow the titular u llnh of Eure'. sitatntd Im
to keep them in a happy condition and to administer Epirus, under llth jurlsdictlon of the Archbimi-
them, according to c rcumstances. In a way which INcopolls, wias governed hy,Uabrlcl Grlogilo. of
may answer allexpectatlon. This moued Is teecnt- memory. ts its last hishop. and It now depril
ly o ralis thb Pi-etectre Apostolto of British Hotdn- such consolatltm, hy tle death of the said GO
nra Ihto at-Apostollt Vlcarlatel and how with the which happened out of the ltoman Curia.
adrlce of otr:Venerable -Brethren,- thi Uirdilitlai of To provide then for the nar of thil Ctlith.'. In -
the Holy Roman Church, who look after, theo.ffairs no .ne uiny iteiddl with this our duty In contr-
of the. rropga6pon fthfe Flth oeoniddering not only tion to the hbove nrentioned renrval on and ,d


eith .bourvencrsble Jtrethren
af tI counsel1 tomi Church, who are at
We the aUro o ,heo ropagation of the Faith.
th thf you beloved on, born from
th aed our eyeOf Yo bl-i nge.and at. the same
l -edlock. being' Oif, 'fulllf zeal for the ex-

nts s nst n o
ot o f^ e lpre by our own postolial

"'so and advaed dbyour ave-m enioned reth-
tmera the ar lshr eof yu learnIlng and.prudence,

n of Ithe saidtlar urch ofEureaappoint
Seternal welfare Souls, wlecomit to on the
and re r in nd lin loth nae lal favour ancd abso
However, we nt you that while this churcthis ac-

oreover wthe allow ou by our own apostolic poweal

tho e onserated ytua Cathurch orela, appoint
own choice pop nided pr and fully hoping that you
will uni.1i1 your dutiesfor God's greater glory and
Ae lrnal welfare of souls, we commit to you the
lln temporal and splrltutl matter.

ant convenpenlty.e done, in their stead two Prieats
oweeir, ce rante you that while this church e
reckoned merely among titular churches, freedom
gram vislting or staying in its diocese.
Maoreoer we allow yor by our postolic power
to be consecrated by ansy Catholo Prelate, of your
own choice provided he enjoy the friendship and
omnmunion of the ApoeStoll See, two s esistant bishops
being calle ad him In this atter or i this cn-
not conveniently be done, In their stead two Priests
constltoted In Ecclesiastical dignity and "We freely
me lull powers to the sid Prelate to consecrate ou i
ter havn"" received from you the tarofession of the, and
C thellc ath according to the articles already pro-
In o a name and n that of the Roman Church
It however our will, th e consecrat o pre-
mre to conaecrate yon or I you presume to churchvo
old e by this very d l act suspended In his Pontlfl-
al r, wndhe gand yournelf should be suspended
iremoe terullngandmdongistration o your churches.
Other Constutons orOrdnanes of thepostolic
Bee orof the sid Rurea, eVen though confirmed by
mnth or by apostolic or any other A olricpowe
orany (hntr else to Ch"et t ority orcustonl
Fi'ean, the I4t S t Peter's under the seal of the
or" Pontfhcrte. n a Jnuy, 1893, the 16th year
Amter the reading of the Apostolic
Mafo e the iso P-elact kneeling b-
dilorte t sector e took the oath oob e-
dien e tote uI t Roman Church and
ts henoex upn the Gopels He
toatn serate You accorIo to the an-
tef c ru bnefore g y hi fki thi othe
fche adtes Of Chrietiantv I

Mass nowv began and was celebrated
by Consecraator and Bishop-elect each at
Iis own altiair Is far ias the Gospel.
The Elcctt was again lead before the
Consecratorr who explained to him the
office and duties of a Bishop. After which
all knelt, thee Bishop-elect lying pros-
trate betfre i the altar, whilst theLitanies
of the Saintts were chanted over him.
Then followed the "imposition of hands
by the Bishoops with prayer that the Elect
might receive the Holy Ghost for the
work of the ministry and then his head
was liloinleed with holy chrism during
the sgingin: of the Hymn "Come Holy
Ghost Creattor come." The Consecrator
then anointed the hands of the Bishop-
elect, handed him the pastoral staff, put
on the ring and gave him the book oflthe
Gospels accompanying all these cere-
monies with the beautiful prayers if the
Roman Ponitifical which were rendered
most strikinPg by the musicaland impres-
sive delivery of Bishop Becker.
And nowr after they had seen the es-
sential part t of the Consecration the Rt.
Rev. the Bigishop of Mobile ascended the
Pulpit and eexpfained to the people in an:
interesting t and soul-stirring sermnn the
meaning of' the rite just witnessed.
This will be aa memorable day in the religious
history of this Colony, for this morning, by the
solemn layiuing on of hands, the fullness of
sacerdotal sand apostolic power has been' con
ferred on thhe first Catholic bishop of British
Honduras. We hope and pray be may be the
first of a Idong and glonous line of devoted
chief pastors who will rule this portion of the
one fold under the one shepherd.
The outward I rite of the leavingg on of hands" new to yoou; it is not new in the Church lo
God. It wsas appointed by our divine Re*
deemer Jesuus Christ; sanctioned by apostolic
Suse: performed in the Church of Christ, from
th. day of PPentecost to the present time.
In the thirteennth chapter of the inspired book of
Sthe Acts of E the Aposties--dde o the booksto

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