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V v:an i;:Dr:::EiiT HiV v ; wily r

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I 5


,:2nd IEAJI

"JLct lV people know the truth and the country Is eafe Abraham : Lincoln.

panama; b.p.;fridat,june 211957








THIS IS WHAT THE REPUBLIC will look like. : w low-cost pre-fabricated; house,; one of

thousands to be Tput up here by Trans-American industries both in colon and Panama. This

type of 'house jhas 48.77 square meter or .yiag area.

Low-Cost Prefab Project Moves

Toward Dei

indication Hhat

I A ,. ., i

.1) Pimmimani Will De -iigoe

t.nit frnm vnew lOW-COSt pre-

fabricated housing project now be being
ing being sponsored by -a U.S abor u-

? to .vRlchardk. : Fincke;

president of Trsnjt American In-
idustrieg, "drfinite .progress;'
been made i., -i -1:.nU
Panamanians m the .program
hi. h flHPinallir Vas started by

the American Federation of State,
County and Municipal Employes,
aficio in Washingtoa top .. its

local union, frembers,:-; i,

WAn!ntf for non-union members

will be sponsored, by the Panama
Government.. N -;' ;
vinrk exnects to lea V tonight

for Washington-where be will con

elude negouauons wim
in rder to be able tojput the new

hniicinnrosranv into .effect as

oon at .possible.

populating RP Slums

purpes Of tMir prcBr J
alv Panama's rHre lw-er

housing preblam by moving peo

ple out of tho aiumt in
vidual oniH,' makin them Ian
holder, and thereby alvmo.
thorn ineroaoo rasponaiWIiry" to otvtrnmtnt. and aroating

, bottor ciliiona with an interest
in f arvama'a Mr."

Tt hit been Estimated that a-

hnut 10.000 low-tost, prefabricated

houses a year, each worth around
$3,590 wilL roll off the- asiembly

line of Trans-American inausines

when Uey get sunea oy we ena

ml -this'-year. ..:'"? -v.-Tiv

Th Panamaniaa corporation has

leased a ten-acre tract oi iana m
the Colon Free Zone to- build its

Tinrke hsi been on the Isthmus

for the past three weeks together

with, consulting teonnicaans in

surance people -and others, Who

were rasking a survey ottne pro

ject, which already has received

anion approval.

Pincke said the oils mlilty r
Panamanian who with to bene benefit,
fit, benefit, from tho iew-ett howsinfl

will be dependent on their job
tatva, their ability to pay and
other, factors which will; be eon
ideredJ.''v'v''i .''r
. He saitf that; theyiliave made
"definite progress" towards getting
aproval from ; the.' Panama gov government
ernment government .fOr backing the program

in'4c-lU.aIUiough the actual formalizing ol

a contraccnas nornec oeen signea.
'. i'A,.;
' During his jtayhe said he wis
impressed with the rdecided- ef effect"
fect" effect" i.that ttheir program teems

to-be having on Mr,, Average Ci Citizen.
tizen. Citizen. He said local:: people have
been besieging him-with Questions

Ion, the housing program, seeking

applications both for homes and

for work from his company

Upon his return In July,- Fiacke
said today he will begin proces proces-smg
smg proces-smg apphcations,'. t ;

'0ur complete plans will be- sub-

mited to. the JPanama government

for its aproval when we return,''

he indicated-,!. -.v x.sf''t"T'; t
i V3 '''-' '. V ..J.''r.4'.

Pincke' sold that because of
the 'long-term nahrf of this
' activity, it wilt take time to pre prepare
pare prepare a solid basis for: the pro project,
ject, project, end at the same time mini'
mize the risks involved to invts
lor from ..the $tato,;'v'i!t

He explained'that -the Wusing

project has received the warm

hearted aproval of the united ins-

tions,. Organization ol .American

States, and other international or

ganizations. aS well as the support

of top busin&ss people in jrsnama.

There will be two sites cnosen

for the housing projects, one in

Colon and one in Panama. ; :

:.. : .-4:.- :
'Any land that we pick" he
stated, "will be land that Is com commensurate
mensurate commensurate with tho price of the
house, so as. to put it entirely
within the means of tho tenants

Native lumber-from Bocas del

Toro and Dariea will be used in
the project, which initially will in involve
volve involve about $330,000, but may lat

er increase to. over (35 million.

rucke said bo expects to re

turn .her in July.



Has Land sberg
Inside Track
At El Panama?
k.J ,i t j t ? I
.At a meeting ot stockholders
of Hoteles Interamericanos, S A,
held last' night at Hotel El Pan Panama
ama Panama It was .unanimously -voted
to authorize the board -of direc directors
tors directors to lease the vhotel;., to the
person or corporation making the
most advantageous offer.; V.
l. Th'o present contract ., i w.ith

Kiikeby Hotels Coroaralion. ox

piresynexi;, ijec.- 3i.$ ':, rf..-w.--

. juesiaes jtiricepy, inree otner

groups are understood to see
enough profit ia: the hotett W

make bids for itsoperation

; They xti the Hilton Hotels
Cornoration. a rrous said to be

represented by youne attorney

David Schine of New Yoric:.ano
a Florida hotel chain headed by

Morris Landsberg. i.-"'N
' Rumors In the capital city for
'several days have had It that

the Landsberg interests might

have the Inside track for tak taking
ing taking over the big hostlery which
was launched under the pon pon-orship
orship pon-orship of the Panama govern government,
ment, government, with tho aid of United

".'State financing;'' ,.

Reportedly Lahdsberg" h ft
plans for tying El Panama -In as
a unit of the Florida chain, And
f lvin jr in BDecial planeloads of

tourist 4 gamblers on package
tours. ': V. ";; .
-i It is "also rumored 4 that this

firm.. If It receives the contract,

plans to make an all-out bid to
attract tourists "from Florida- to

the tables ol the casino In the
hotel. The casino Js' owned by
the Panama government but run
bv the hotel operators. ", '.

- There is likewise talk of Add-

lnc 60 rooms to the hoteL
Landsberg Is reported be
flying In from Florida tonight to
dismiss matters.: -r-

When the casino was installed,;

the United States-loaa was re refunded
funded refunded and taken over by French

interests, "," '"V

Doctors Bill Sfuns Parents,
Of Boy Rescued From Wejf

Pants' S6at Clue

CHICAGO. June' 21 (UP) Te-

Iice hope to solve a burglary by
finding an intoxicated man with a
bi black soot on the sest of his

pants. He also may be armed."
A burglar entered a tavern
Wednesday by sliding down a coal
chute and stole two antique mus-j

kets and 35 bottles of whisky.

MANOR VILLE, N.Y.,1 June 21
(UP) The Benjamin Hooper fam
lly woke up this week to the morn morning
ing morning 'after a "miracle." In some

respects it's, been a headache.

Benny Hooper, Jr., ,7, fell into a
sanriv well hnln five weeks a so

last night. The eyes and prayers!

of the nation were focussed on the
yard behind the Hooper's neat lit little
tle little gray house as hundreds of re

scuers fought shifting sand and

exhaustion for 24 hours. Benny was
saved. i t

The parents of Benny professed

themselves stunned Thursday af

ter .receiving a $1,500 bill from

the doctor who attended the boy

at the well site and afterward, v

Dr. Joseph K. Kris, the Dhvsi-

cian who submitted the bill, said
he is willing' to confer with the

parents concerning it but could

not say presently, whether he will

reduce it. He explained his posi

tion this way: -- i

TJ had taken it up with my col

leagues: and the medical society,
and they said I'd be foolish not to

send a bill. The time I out in was

eight full days' and close to a ioo

hours. r -- y iv

"My time is worth $30 an hour.

I think the bill was a fair amount

to charge." 1 t

LTs Kris spent nearly 24 hours

at the well, supervising the ad

ministering of oxygen to Benny
through a hose dropped into the

wella step regarded as possibly
i J : i : ...

uia inajur iaciur xa Keeping 1 ine

ooy alive until rescuers could dig
htm Out.!. ;vv'". -V''"" i 'i..
The doctor1 then" kept close ItaBs
on the treatment of Benny In a

hogpiULiar.a .weclgjittiatd,. "aa "aa-til
til "aa-til a apot -of penumonia oni one

lung bad been cleared up.

contributions ; from well wishers.
However; she 'said this totaled less
than $400. if,

She t said Benny received $1,000

from each of two television "pro "programs
grams "programs on which the boy appeared,
but that $1,000 had ben turned ov

er to the Manorville fire depart department
ment department for. its hid in the rescue and
the other $1,000 had beep put in a
trust fund for Benny's eduoation.
. 'l .don't know what : to think,'
Mrs. Hooper said. ''If we had the
money, we would try t6 pay it,
but you can't get .blood from ;a
stone." - f t
Hooper, a road "worker, brings

home $62 s week. Mrs. -.Hooper
earns 'an additional v$43 working

nigms as a teiepnone operator. She
has : been unable to work since

the "miracle" there've been- too

many other things to cope with
She. expects to return next week
Ar.lA Disagrees
iVith Dr. Krisjr ;
In Charging Fee ;

The hosoital itself : fnirf

ixnarge to tne parents;

' Benny's mother said she end
her husband iust don't know he he-they
they he-they will bo able to pay tho doe

Ktor but will try to do so a lit-

;tie or a time, fi" .-',?-,-4 ,.;.
She said she feels the doctor bas based
ed based his bill on reports that tho par

ents received a large amount in

Daughter Of Major

Scheduled To Shov-

Bife Scars July 3

The teen-aw daughter ;of

Mai. Rudolf J. Glogovosan, jr..

who is suing the U.S. govern

ment for $25,000 wui be brought

into the chambers of the Dls

trict Court Judge at Ancoa on

July I to .exhibit her alleged in

jury. .- v.

The eiri, 15-year-old ; Julia

Glogovosan, claims that she was

bitten in the left calf on March

25, 1956. by ft; peccary at the
Jungle Warfare Training Center

at Fort anerman wnue an was

i visiting display there.- x

The suit charges tant tne girrs

leg was marred by -four scars

after the bite; ?

A hearing of the case has been

set for July 17, by agreement of

both the government and the
plaintiff. 13ut because tho Glogo

vosan family oxpeets to leave

the Isthmus on July 11, It was

decided that the. girl should ap

pear 1 court prior to her depar departure
ture departure to display her, claimed la-

ury. : ., r
Depositions have already been

taken in the case, and they will

be read by the attorneys during

the hearing. The government. It

was understood, is bringing down
aa Army officer from the States,
who saw the incident occur..- .

'CHICAGO. i June 21 (UPV-

The: American Medical Associa Association
tion Association said today "no one doctor In
a thousand" would have charg charged
ed charged ft fee for helping, rescue Ben Benny
ny Benny Hooper, from a well at his
Manoryille N.Y., '' Jaome-uflve
weeks' ftgo.,-Ci4
statement by Dr, 'Edwin S.
Hamilton, Kanakakee, 111 Jchalrr'

jnan of the Board of Xrustees jpf

the ama saia:.,v vV
The American MfiaicaiAsso4

clatloa feels that the physician

in the Hooper cas was render

ing- public- service' and acting
ia tho noblest tradition of med

icine when he stood lot while the

boy's lift hung 4n thef balance.

"It 1 impossible to evftiuate

such service. ..? .-. r ;y; .:

Tho American Medical Asso

afaflnn fT hnarvl that not

on doctor ft ft thousand would
have charged a fee,. We strongly
disagree with the action pf Jhe

doctor in This case.".

The AMA has 170,000 memors

la' the medical V prof ssion

throughout the nation.


. A TOTAL, of 374 business li licenses
censes licenses has been '' issued since
President Ernesto de la Guardia
Jr, took office on Oct. 1, 1950, It
was announced yesterday.
The amount of capital Involv Involved
ed Involved in the 374 firms Is $2,309,149. $2,309,149.-S3,
S3, $2,309,149.-S3, the announcement said.
. THE PANAMA Chamber of
Commerce considers any change

1 Social' Security system and

any increase of rates at this time
as ''completely Inopportune?
In a communique Issued yester

day the chamber said no thought

should be given to such meas

urea while the government con continues
tinues continues to owe the Social Security
administration millions of dol dollars
lars dollars in deductions andjntereats

on loans.. 'h.
The communique quoted a

Mexican Social Security expert

who commented after a study of
the Panama Social security sys system
tem system that Panama was singular in
that the government 1 practi practically
cally practically dependent on the social se security
curity security administration instead of

vice versa. '''."

Fenfani Ab:ndons

Al fain is f ; To Form
',.... w c :

Governmehl In

1 f.-


ROME. June 2t (UP)--Power

fui Christian Democrat party

secretary Amfntore Fanf anl ft-

bandoned his attempt vor try to
form si government today' fol

lowing- Ms iaiiure to revive

010 center-party coauwou.- -FanfanL
49. announced his de

clsion at the end of a brief meet meeting
ing meeting with President of the Repub.

lie uiovaani jruiui., -.
The rartv secretary failed; to

win promise of' support from
either the-Liberals or the Social

namncrata. Thev refused to KO

tan- with. mm., tecnnicaiiy on

two major domestic issues In his

program. -.'
. Th nniT rwvwibllltv remained

ior Fanfanl to try to win parlia

ment s approval ior an aut;nns aut;nns-tian
tian aut;nns-tian Democrat minority team,
with leftwing or rightwing sup

port.,-, r

But at ft meeting oi tne vnm.
tian Democrat Party directorate
this morning Fanfani and the
party leaders decWM it would
be better to leave aucW an at

tempt to another man.

A STRANGE epidemic has re

portedly hit several Atlantic side
towns in the vicinity of Gatun

Lake. Victims are said to break
out in sores all PverThey suf suffer
fer suffer fever, chills and loss of ap ap-netlte.
netlte. ap-netlte. Eieht cases, four of them

chUdren, have been reported la
the town of Los Uveros. There
has. been .speculations s j to
whether it may be an .outbreak
of som form or jlague.'v

tl PosM Emplpye;
Will iyc Soon
To Answer ChaVges

! A Panama 'Canal postal employe

who has been in a statesiae nospi-

tal for mental observation, is now

returninff to the Zone tto face a

charge of failing to account ior

public funds. V r,.
Word was received by Charles
Ramirez, attorney for Mark Law

rence Whit, that the ST-year-old

American is On his way back to

the Zone.: i a
The case has been set "for trial

in U. S. District Court o. July 2.
White wss charged fom, Oct. 15,
1956-of having a shortage of $169
in his funds,-He was a long-time

employe of the Postal Division,
and was reported planning to re-

tiro from service at the end of that

month. v ,
Because it wss felt that Gore is

Hospital did aot have the facili

ties for; making the' examination

to determine White's mental state

ho was sent, up to the Veterans'

Administration Hospital in Ausus-

ta, oa. la March. -.;..--He
has now been completely ex

amined : by psychiatrists there,

ana a-repon nas oeen forwarded

to the District Attorney's office.
Whit was branch uDerintend-

ent at the Balboa Heights Post Of Office
fice Office at the time of his street

Military Getting

Special Vaorfpe.
For Oriental Fto

US Jet Planes
Now Nearer 1
To Red China

PANMUNJOM, Korea, June 21 UP) Th.
United States and its U.N. allies today nullified a
key provision of the 1953 Korean armistice agree agreement
ment agreement and announced a big arms buildup to offset
that of the Communists.
The buildup immediately brings the ILS. Air
Force's jet fighters and bombers some 700 miles
Closer to Red China and Siberia, s ., -,:
. The United Nations command accused the Com Communists
munists Communists of flagrant, repeated and willful violations
of the agreement themselves in buildinsr un a mas

sive Red striking force of new jet planes and heavy


,The allied decision was read

to the Communists bv U.S. Ma

rine Maj. Gen. Homer L. Lltzen-

ourg, senior member of the U.N.

Military Armistice Commission.

He i. referred sDeclf Icaliv to

Communist violations of sub subparagraph
paragraph subparagraph I3-D of the armistice
agreement. That section -; froze
military strength at what it was


B -C t O

; ;:i




i M


rif. rt1 ef t 'ReTrit.";','tTT hm)a ahcrra to Vd-

rocjs. a i.: u.'-a izl iir.-c-jurt room acs-iian. i area.

. jhr f H ""fc

A WORf irxtTlinr;" tv?e rf houw Vlng featured by Trana-American t"(5uitrts ta r3-

el the "Caribbean." roor eUa for this tras-birocoi ttaldeneo losiuos L4MJT sc.axif


je intense uepartment today in-

srructed military personnel to be

vaccinated aa soon as possible with
a special vaccine to combat the in

fluenza virur prevalent m the Far

The department said it support

ed use or the sew vaccia in
view of the threat to the national
security through the loss of man manpower
power manpower a ad personnel which could

occur as a result of an epidemic
invohrmg the armed force.

-Dr. Frank B. seny,-assistant

defense eertary, said the vae-

-'. i. mt ' i s. ..

On Japanese Ship

when the Korean" fighting en4 -d.
- - n
Since then the Communists
have brought In an air fore of

nearly 1000 let planes and bomb- .'

ers ana Duiit up a chain of air
bases across Korea, north of tho
38th parallel., ?
- Litsenburf anneuncaS tka Unit,
ed State a the 16 U.N allin
which- foMflht with it I Korea weuli

, Btw tut gr..r a t
. to festore rhe military ttatua eua.
Great Britain Jhas formally en.
dorsed-,Amerlca's .decision t
send modern weapons to South :
Korea' to offset the military
buildup in North Korea, a
A London Foreign Office an

nouncement said a statement of
the U.N. command jtoadeit clear -that
the' action now- proposed
had been made necessary by th
continued violations on Commu Communist
nist Communist side of the armistice agres


Because the accident occurred

In Canal waters, a board of in

quiry mad aa investigation into
the accident, but their report

nas not yet teen completed.

The enure cargo of 1,200 tons

of refrigerated beef of the Syd

ney Star Is being taken off the

ship. Local agent said that they
expected to complete these off offloading
loading offloading operations tomorrow.
Some of th beef is being taken

by railroad cars to the Mi Hope

Cold Storage plant and the spoil

ed beef will be cnimpea.

' Twelve oassenir ers from the

Blue star Line ship Sydney star,
disabled when ft Liberian-flag
ship rammed her No. 2 hold, are
exoected to leav the Uthmm

tomorrow on the Satsuma Ma-P1?.? 5 Kre

ru. ?:-

.-"The passengers, -bound fcr

England, were taken off the ship

oy launch last Saturday when

the accident occurred outside
the Cristobal breakwater. They

have been given refuge at Hotel

Washington since that time.

Meanwnne.ut was learned that

the job of putting a steel natch

on tne no. 2 hold of the ship will
start Monday. It Is expected to

taxe about two weeks to com

plete repair work.

The Liberia ship. Agio! Vlc-

tores. has sailed for New Orleans

where her damaged bow will be

repaired. About 13 feet of the

bow were crushed In the collM- h ISTANBUL, Turkey' Jtano 21

"We fully aunrecfate the1 reiki.

ons for it and agre with it. th,
chief Foreign Office, spokesman

announced. -
The British announcement ra.

affirmed that there is "so inten inten-tion
tion inten-tion of abrogating the armistice
agreement as a whole' and tho

United Nations command in intends
tends intends to continue to observe all
its other provisions." i

3 Soviet Warships;

In Dardanelles -Bound
For Aegedn

(UP) Another three Soviet

warship of a Mediterranean Mediterranean-hound
hound Mediterranean-hound Red fleet flotllls passad
throagh th Bosphonis from
tho Black Sea today. -..".;
The throe Soviet motor tor tor-pedo
pedo tor-pedo boats wore expected to
pass th Dardaneilo about 1
pjn. GMT and mov oat iato
tho Aegean Sea ftnd Mediter- 1
ranoan.. t ."
A big Soviet cruiser and tw
escort shies passed from th
Black Sea through th (.traits

into tii MeOlterrftneaa


Victory Ship Says 'Grain Shipper
. ' - : i

Sent SOS, Then Said Needed No Aid

Crewmen off the S. S. Jefferson

CHy Victory said yesterdsy that
their. ship answered two emergen emergency
cy emergency calls for help from a stricken
vessel, the Grain Shipper, a a d

each time their help was refused.
The 'Greek liberty ship Grain
Shipper ia bow drifting off Blanca

cine also wiU be made avaUablell the Carta Rica coast,

to overseas eiviliaa employes and

military dependents o a volun

tary basis.
'Santa Anita' Puts
Back To Cristobal
With Fire In Hold
' Tbo Grsee Roe whip Ista
A"ita, which clearod from
rHatokoJ for Barraaaaiaa. Co Co-roonbla,
roonbla, Co-roonbla, at I p.m. yesterday,
has bee forced, to rotor so
Cl Zoo water.
The veoael osjm Sack to
Oleir.aJ this iwemtg oilA
Are ba ooo of hr holds.

aceordiaf to th lOert rewt re

ceived at Balboa Heights. The Caa
al dispatched its tug Taboga after
radioed requests for help were re received.
ceived. received.
The Tsboga expects to reach
the vessel, reportedly disabled by
a boiler fire, iron ltd S B.m. today

and will start the tow as sooa as reporting she wss o fir 480 m;l-s
posibie. It is expected that the northwest of tbo Pacific entrance

lag will retirrs to Balboa late Moa-

the Orain Shioer that fir had
broken eut in the onolne room.
Twrninff back towards the stria stria-hen
hen stria-hen ship, they said that the skip skip-er
er skip-er the told them the vessel
didn't need any assistance.

. '.."'
About a half hoar lata', ; they
claim another call for hhj was
received, this time indicating that
the Grain Shipper seeded water.
Backing up o its course, tho Vic Victory
tory Victory ship again returned and were
again told that they didnt need
Th tJtf-grOss-toB Grsia Ship

per bad radioed for help Tuesday,

da or early Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, the S. S. jeiierson
City Victory brga her Canal

transit early this morning after

hiving bee delayed is her trip

several times by raDs for

from the Grain Shipper.

Crewmen said yfr4r wet
ffcf 'C frsl 9 www
mei Inoy isoatiad sail from

of th Panama CaaaL

Dupatch of the sahaye tug was
arranged by Ue alippr's local a a-goats,
goats, a-goats, Wifcord and iicKay. A Fa Fa-nana
nana Fa-nana Canal fire ma waa ass Ti

ed to make the trip aboard L

hei! Taboga to check the possibility rf

a runner euiorvaa n rre a-- i
tho disabM freithter. Te s ? it
Vedpd with him bee. aM bm:i I :
lut Coast ports trcsa ooau-a.




FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 1957





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- I 18, it is noted that you request assistance from your fellow
geologists in the identification and cataloguing of the many
. species that inhabit this area.
? There are a. least three rather well-known and often spotte-d
1 types that you seem to have omitted. I refer, specifically, six,
to the following: .VK
. I THE RED-LIPPED NAKEDEMUS. . Perhaps one of the
f most alluring animals in the confines of this area. This cur-
vacuous creature haunts the Officers' Clubs on the Isthmus, and
no cocktail party could be complete without at least ten or

! twelve of the species, it nanaies a rawuni giM m uue

I an a ftrrorott in t:hA nrher while munchinc on sevicne. ims

mot.tna ito riiot. oimnsi; in its entirety. It is a once-domes

J ticated animal returning to the primitive, as evidenced by its

desire to return to the unciotner .state. ... i
THE KOBBETUS AMERICANUS. . This timid but interest-

t ing creature dwells across the Canal and rarely ventures from
it natural vmhitat Ttc most arresting characteristic is an in-

i n foar nf the Miraflorns Tranner. It is, however, a friendly

! animal and welcomes visitors, .but refuses all temptations to

2 mav it from its reservation. Cts average span of life being onjy

J three years, naturalists are encouraged to seek: it out in the

wild jungle fastnesses on the other side of the canal.
5 the WINDED CAGED BRASS. . This specimen comes in

I various shapes and sizes. General characteristics include pro-

f trudent bellies, a pair of eagles perched Jauntily on eacn
' t shoulder, and a roar like a lion. Its natural habitat is cen

tered at Ft. Amador, where it is found in abundance, altho altho-'
' altho-' occasional specimens are to be found in other areas through through-!
! through-! out the Isthmus. This animal sometimes loses its roar when
b nnra.oAd. ao U hst. studied in its natural confine.

Has your merciless wit aarea to siuay me grosa numocr gi
West Point graduates who are resigning their commissions after
a period of Canal Zone duty? When I think up some more
mean ideas, I'll surely let you know.
yer lovely friend,
A. Nony Mouse

. '- 'Lilt' A A -H

CONVERTIBLE From crew cut to long tresses, normally a
two-year job, can now be accomplished in a- aplit second.
Yolande Tomell, of Manhattan, N.Y, demonstrates the latest
teen-age fad pony-tair wigs, made of natural hair.. Ranging
: in length from 14 inches to 18 Jnches, the hairpiece are priced
Srora S25 to 43, and are made by attaching hairs, one or two
at a Cm, to a piece of .ilk.

i i " 1 "' "" n.
mm , VrL
, , 0 j I: r j

ITS A-MA2INO This Vvks We a pweri on papcrwfcut it
can aavt children's lives. Traffic expert Robert J. Kelly devieed
this one-way street plan for residential areas to reduce "short
cut" travel by trucks and autoists attempting to bypass traffic
llfhts. The residents soon accustom themselves to the right or
left tuns at the end of each block. But the frustrated short-cut
rusts avoid the area after one try. Kelly is traffic enflneeT a
Cleveland, Ohio. Very first city to use the "maze" was Johsn Johsn-iWburg,
iWburg, Johsn-iWburg, South Ar, the second was Grand Rapids. Mich.

Jv rtrtrro
Z U- 1

MeewheiesllTis mli snrfrt mOTO.
Expem ttm rhat dxy use speasl allof
sicrk. proper forging, anrnnfrc hrst tmr.
inf..seard designi. Drmaitd PHOTO
f wummal soot. Come mb and ere ew
complne eessctioss

Bo Panama Tt!: 3050 $-4704

Imf inmi ...... ...

aiijAJXIII. l,ll wn nana

oia aiscover whether; nsv Ttsir

LJ L- . .

uau me grace at least .o use u-

uon-maae monev bat's. This. umiiM

nave Deen an ironic touch, f n t

me union which turns out money

uaga, uiuuey Deus, Wallets, 1 U g-
gage, pocketbooks and sundry oth other
er other such items is a cruxariino- nut.

fit which suffers not one whit of
in.ann.itn AM 1 t I

xusci.uiii.jT vi uucnuriiy oecause

us national treasurv runs trt less

man a million dollars.

Much more than the sea air is
refreshing here as one mixed with
the leaders of this embattled "lit

tle ouuit, the international Leath Leather
er Leather Goods, Plastics and Novelty
Workers Union. They are gather gathered
ed gathered in their eighth convention, rue rueful
ful rueful not at their bantam size but
at the oppressing fact that some
unions oi this nation seem to be

suffering from an overdose of ele

pnantiasis, commonly known as

over-swollen treasuries.
Anger i flaring like a brush
fire among these grass rstti
leader a blase soon to tinge
the high living giants who x
plaited the labor movement
these old craftsmen built. Jt is

symboU that this convention, in
the opening section of its Health
and Welfare Fund report, says:
"Trade unionism has real and
deep meaning to us. We have al always
ways always rejected, the false concept
that modern trade unionism is big
business. We reject the concept
that unions can operate along the
lines of the morality of the mar market
ket market place. There is no room in
our concept of genuine unionism

for the businessmen, the leaders.

the borrowers or the profit seek


It takes courage for a union of

35,000 to talk thus to the leaders

of a mastodon outfit with 1.500,-

ooo members. This union, like

other small ones so often disdain'

ed by the big business type labor

tycoons, wants its heritage return


In the report to the convention

the union's general secretary-treasurer,
Norman Zukowsky, threw
these words at the Babyjonism of

a vecu;
"We can deplore the findings of

the benate committee; unfortun unfortunately
ately unfortunately we can neither ignore them
nor deny them, For the ugly' fact
is that corruption, and racketeer racketeering
ing racketeering does exist in some unions to

"It hat aleep roots. The labor
movement prior to the current
outcry did not clean Its w n
house. .There it, I believe only
one way to cope with this preb
lem. The asnwr ; it not, ef
course, to fight the committee
Because it'.hat dv UB;,faett
whietKember et. The answer
U not to ieV th-t after all int
duttry it' corrupt toe., t believe,
that to be true, but if does not
alter the. fact that section ef
labor art corrupt or crooked.
"The answer Is in an intelligent

counter-offensive by the decent

forces in labor, political and com

munity, lite. -"This
counter-offensive must be

predicated on an acceptance of

the fact that corruption inside la labor
bor labor has grown to the point where
labor alone cannot effectively root
it out."

As always when America is in
crisis, the voice of the oeoole. is

beard again this time in a de

mand for action long overdue. The
delegates to this convention heard

their leader, Norman Zukowksy,

bluntly point out:
"One fact is clear, snd it would
bo suicidal for the leaders of A A-merican
merican A-merican labor to sidestep it:
There will be laws aimed at curb curbing
ing curbing crooked unions. .1 hope that
the Meanys, Reuthers, Dubinskys,
Potofskyt and other forward think thinking
ing thinking national leaders of American
Labor will take the lead in ini initiating
tiating initiating a national conference with
imnortant legislators frem both

parties in both houses of Coav

gress honest conservatives "and
honest liberals alike for the pur purpose
pose purpose of drawing up specific rec

ommendations for the) laws that

must come.
The feadershlB af thla union,
whose member turn out-almost
very piece ef luggege and ev every
ery every handbag carried by the la ladies
dies ladies of the land, win dispatch
this tuffBOttien te the AFL-CIO't
high command within a week.
This union could do mere. It
could sent along Its an la we
Health, and Welfare financial re reports
ports reports which shew what none ef
the hundred million dollar out outfits
fits outfits reveal exactly where the
members' money ) Invested.

The breakdown of' the invest

ments discloses each type of stock
sod bond which the union holds:

dairy, metals, glass, electrie, au

tomotive paper, oil. pobue utili utilities,
ties, utilities, drugs, railroads and govern

ment. And it lists bow ma ay

shares in each company, wnat

they cost and their face value

Not Everything s Going Up

' nEA Se'rvfee, tec 'VW-. . ."

Fang-Fixing; Business

NEW YORK Ifi been a dow.

erful long time since a n y b o d j

stuck a hand in my mouth, and

mustt say. tnat r nave ap

proached the dentist with fear and

nave emerged amazed. While my
back mas turned, the boys have

invented a bunch of fresh tech

niques that have taken nearly all

the'eurse off the tooth v plumbing


I am currently on the fourth and

final leg of fang fixing and can
barely wait to cet back to what

usea to be regarded as a torture

cnamDera f-r,

The ethics departmenf prevents

mj namuiK my own ivory mecha

nic, but he is a credit to the me

Wnor7.0'.. the late Dr. Leo Bermaa,

wnououuiagea to make the inquisi inquisition,
tion, inquisition, pleasant through sheer skill

ana witnout me aid of some of the

more modern stuff. Leo would al

so pour you a drink m the parlor
when the dirty work was don.
The thing that fascinates me is

this new drilling na which re

volves its burr so fast it has to be

water cooled. They allow, the

customer to run the water-cooling

apparatus, wnicn gives you a sense
of Darticioation and aha takes

your mind off the noise the drill


Nothing hurts any more. of

course, since they shove a horse-

sized shot, of novocain into your

jaw, but they have not yet manag

ed to anesthetize the ears or rig

suencer on me rotary arm.

A thing I have noticed about

Sood dentists, like my friend, the
eparted Dr. Bennan -.who, incT-

aeniauy, oiea laugning in the mid middle
dle middle of a joke is that they have

developed a wonderful sense of

prattle while they work. They
keep you apprised of the progress,
as the airlines do it now via the
public, address system in the

planes, and It's nice to know that it
won't be long now. the uelv work

is' almost done, and if it doesn't
hurt now never will.

They have evidently been train.

ed. or have learned, to be inform

ed ea a great many subjects es

oecially in the client's field, and

before you know it you have had

a social Business chat, the aching

eel It linnm not if d... i

- muiuut wnuie lot ox mysteiT or
appearing these days, amce to in- sentimental claptrap. '

veouun. oi uie more modern ami And, of course, the areatett

w wh; IVfMli AllO VUBiLASUS
seem'to bu franker with the. vic victims,
tims, victims, and certainly the better ones

have quit playing witch doctor and
approach yor on a practical plumb plumbing
ing plumbing basis. It gives the candidate

lor the aaw and scalpel a mighty

commence wnicn, i auppoae, could

save a me rrom time to time.
J.Tha nther day i watched a heart

operation or exobration done

fwhile the patient was tally cons

cious. u cauea eiueienzvng ue
heart. You run a kind pf wire into
the arm and into the chest, and

where the orobe nrowis is both re

corded on the cardiograph and is
visible to the attending docs on a
kind of TV screen. .-

fang is fixed and away you go.
They seem to have taken a whole
lot of the tragedy out of keeping
your own teeth. 7
1 L ! i'i . ... 1.

I have noticed that a whole lot

. There is sort of a mood to this
modern stuf. -If thv vin f.

fend thee, haul 'em out. What you
cant cut, saw, and if it don't saw

ey, mi 11 nck jvith an axe. But

They were looking for a hole In

one of the arterial walls, and this
piece of pipe probed 'round until
they found it. The lady didn't seem
to mind and carried on a casual

conversation with old Dr. Arrow-

smith, all neatly got up' in his

men-in-white togs.


sick is depicted symbolically in
this new 40-cenUme (nine (nine-cent)
cent) (nine-cent) atamp to be issued by
Switzerland. The stamp, with
a blue background, is one of a
set of flyt which have a surtax
ef 8 or 10 centimes., s The sur surtax
tax surtax will he used to aid cancer
research end help the blind.

Aa for the rest of the finds.

these ara accounted for right dowa

te $20-4 for office supplies.

Virtue will never be ju own re

ward unlets we aewsmea see as

much signiQeaBCB m a senipuious-

ty honest half a million dollar 0-

Bion as there ia in a loosely han

dled forty million dollar uaion.

x sm
t 7Z

if her answer Is WlJ Hi

...Sho expects

a Diamond

Tour engagement ealla
for the flneat, and In dia dia-tnonda,
tnonda, dia-tnonda, the finest meant
Caaa rastlich. Our Dia Diamond'
mond' Diamond' SOUD VALUE
PLAN guarantees the
value of oar diamonds
for years.





miu, 01 course, ina greatest of

iu;ueru mt-aicai miracles to ma is
anestneac. Two guys-cut on me for
four hours in Houston ' rnnnia

years back, which takes a mesa of

riu&uier. wnen 1 WOKe nn I

not deathly sick like you used to

was just nungry1 ana
sent down to the hospital cafeteria

iur s namDuraer anu a nma

choclate ice croatau e ?

Welh I got to run HOW: The m

uiieuu iu seeK uranium- in 3. mv

! t lVw Wi to

uuuo vava. una ue cnau and run
Vies- lifrtlav ..A 1:

tuf uvue wipr i cooling maciunei

2 Dead, 5

As Sfeani Exhausts

Roosevell Crewmen

JACKSONVILLE, Flai," Juno 21
(UP) Live steam set loose by
an exploding high speed pump a a-board
board a-board the aircraft carried Frank-

un v. Kooseveit killed 'two sea

men and seeriouslv burned five

other, the Navy said yesterday.

me avy said za other seaman
were treated for heat prostration
or exhaustion from -being trapped
or from heroic rescue work as
the steam jetted 'through deck aft after
er after deck of the 45,000-ton carrier
yesterday.. ...

The dead men received their

mortal injuries in trying to rescue
mates, the Navy said.
Capt. T. W. Hopkins. 1 kipper of
the big flattop, told newsmen in
aa' interview after the FDR dock

ed about-S a.m. today with Ks
burden el dead and injured.'
"The casualties were due to

live steam" Hopkins said. "Both
men who were killed apparently

were on tnetr way to help the two

men on duty in the pump room
at the time of the explosion,"
'' The Terrier, about 100 wWlea off

the Florida coast at the time, wst

Brougnt to the navy earner ba basin
sin basin at Mayport, Fla., near here.

More Or Less-Nou And Th :n

canisnr or Eisenhower new Re Republicanism,"
publicanism," Republicanism," not one bit. They
are called "old line" and "Taft"
Republicans, but f actually the
late Senator Taft waa more 'lib 'liberal
eral 'liberal and modern In many way
than President Elsenhower and
the Eisenhower Republicans. The

Bricker,, Bridges and Capehart

The career men of the U.S. di diplomatic
plomatic diplomatic service in the field and
the i members of the United
States information Aeencv de

serve much sympathy. They also; type of Republicans do not like
deserve much nrals tn Hninr!T or-nr. v... ...

the best job ttiey are permitted (sheering about, the international
10 00 under heaw hanHlnsina !nlfnla. nf rt,,n. e i

ot5" "ervices la I were as sharp as those of the

iw.7hl Ti- it cornea Democrats, v All thla subtracted

Tri. ul'l- "" I aown Possible heavy; cuts .In

. rnrZJZilZ: Vs inat ,in8,the funds for .the ... Information
appropriations for both service -i,w nH v eiu n...




Uateat Types of Radio
and TV Tube.
Complete Line of:
Deleo Ante Radio Controls
Power Transformer
T.V. Trentformer
Andle Transformer
Elertrelytle Cendensers
Bpeakera ...
rheno Cartrtdgef !"""-
and 11 Volts Vlbratora

CeBtralab Controls
Fnhim Rectlflera
Hl-fl Amplifier
Sanu Phote racta.
Panama Ycntas
y Smmoi, S. A.
Comer CaJie IS ft Ave. IS
. . (Across frora t
The Panama Amerieui)

reasonaoiy, unaer the guise of
thft aAnnnmv. that lR ah. AY. 3

shibboleths of the present ad administration,?
ministration,? administration,? 'But economy has
become an excuse rather than a
reason, j

Politics" Is the real reason for

the cut; not Just partisan poli politics,
tics, politics, but inter-party politics. Cer Certainly
tainly Certainly both of these services to
the foreign relations of the

United States should be non-partisan
or at least, bi-partisan. In I

poucy ana m personnel, unfor unfortunately
tunately unfortunately that has not been the


The T7SIA has been hit hard

est, and it has the hardest lob.

It Is no easy task, even If that
were the purpose, to make an

international glamor bov and

ntue mend of an the- world of

Secretary John Foster Dullea. it

is even harder to keen the rec

ord straleht. sav on a. ouestloa

like the morality4 of neutrality,
on which at one time President

Eisenhower, Secretary Dulles

and Vice President Nixon all ex expressed
pressed expressed different points of view.
"Egghead" which Is short for
"intellectual" Is a wbrd to throw
at. Democrats. Although Presi

dent Eisenhower once said : an
intellectual Is a "man who takes

more words than necessary to

tell more than he knows," it was
not long thereafter that he was

caning, tor tne neip pr Republi Republican
can Republican intellectuals.', sv v ;

One of the outstanding Repub

lican Intellectuals la Arthur Lar Larson,
son, Larson, who qualifies with a doctor's
degree, and is now director, of
the U8IA, to which he waa ap

pointed after writing a book on
the -new Republicanism.; Unfor

tunately the new. Republicanism

gave many of the old Republi Republicans
cans Republicans acute Indigestion. That Is

where lnter-party, politics came

into the cuts in funds for USIA.

Then Larsen made ,a trio to

the Hawaiian islands on a fund-

raisin eampalgh or, the Repub Republican"
lican" Republican" party both', new aC,old.

There i no better, way 'to raise
such funds than, taking a 'crack
at the Democrats, and especially
the New and Fair Deals. Larson
did just that in several speeches
in which he charged that they

were "Inspired by alien philoso philosophies
phies philosophies imported from- Europe."
Although a doctor Of hllosophy

he did not specify the kind of

philosophies" Imported, Now

there Is one caned ."communism

that is not very popular with the

voters m tne vs. :

Well, the Democrats had al

ready bad enough of that kind

of talk from Nixon -and tney

were not very pleased at the

remarks of Larson.. Some of

them were really annoyed. Oth

ers questioned wnetner swcb
speeches and charges Were
part of the policy of the USIA,
and. If the director does not

represent the policy, well, who

does? Naturally they bad tnetr

knives sharpened for the ap appropriations
propriations appropriations Larsoi was re requesting
questing requesting for bis Information
service. ..' .--:
' The Republican were not op opposed
posed opposed to Larson's attacks on the
Democrats, but they liked Lar Larson'
son' Larson' "modern Republicanism,"
hi "new Elsenhower Republi-

Now Larson is a Grade A egg'

head, smart and ; also a bit
"aleck." He appears to have out outsmarted
smarted outsmarted himself before the Sen.

ate committee considering the

appropriations for the U.S. -In

formation Agency. Here' how

from the record,
( Sen. Mansfield Mr, Lar Lar-on,
on, Lar-on, I've been thinking about
this speech yoo made in Hon-

; olulu on April 16 which read
as foUows: "Throughout th
' New and Fair Deals this coun-
' try was In the grip of a some
what alien philosophy import
od from Europe." Wn
rx LarsonN Mr. Chairman
(Senator Johnson), does thla
come under the category of
specif le Justification for Item
under the budget? ;
.. Sen. Johnson It doe not
make any difference, to the
Committee what, it .come nn
der. Ton listen to the ques questions
tions questions and answer or you are
going to win an argument and
lose a sale. We do not want to
be lectured on v how : to. ask
questions. Xou are here tot an answer
swer answer the questions that ': the
Senator choose to ask and in
whatever : category he want
to. -
' Now Sen. Mansfield has raised

the question -of- whether,;, the

USIA should continue-as an in independent
dependent independent .. agency or be placed
in the State Department. He fa favors
vors favors the latter, but Dulles doe
not Of course, if Larson is-to
continue to make p 0.1 It leal
speeches to raise funds for. th
party, the agency might; very
well be assigned to the Republi Republican
can Republican National Committee.

tjBtasr irin'-T'irinff '-j-- ur-ifi r n 1 i it -s

skyward from what amount to
standing start, the new
French A tar P-J rises over the
heads of the cameramen in a1

t vertical take-off at Melun-S

VUlaroche, France. Th novel I
slnraft was makinr Its first

' public demonstration : flight

. Thus ond S6 v

Answer to Prevlouo Puxxl

down :

'i Poems
I Homesiekness
, 4 Log floats
aft V

U "Much 5 i0 CT
About 1,140
IJTbe -of

UAwtether and

; Almost
and betr

4TV been-,
. working ea
" th .. reed"
( CommeeJ

A!g!o Ctb' 'spe at ,

StPersia 48 -ofal 1

I Trading placet t5 withered feather
Bono MWshtof slept 4tConcenUnf -5

IS Public
1 r4
II Sharper

19 lor time

21 Balaam and


!M Creek poriiee
V Watering plac
M Foe
SI EUttted type
14 Beard of
gS Repreaentathrt
M Educational
'j Greek letters
4 Vibrant sound
41 Busy litUe

10 Sim.

IT Landed

II Employer

and Untidy

21 High cards
II Morals

M tmiasary
SI Printing

41 Sport

41 Eager


41 Location


41 Suddeej fright
43 Teaents
U SoUr eUsk
M A hard te
JS A4vaetres
54 end gone

i it ji i jt ik n j CI B k U
i r-- s r
3 r-
j- r ij
T "tT" I
3 rj 4 4 ;
i p
-z Jr i 1 r
-pL e-y.
-. li I m I t J

Un-Airicrican Probers Defying
Rayburn; Hearings Go on TV

FRIDAY, JUNE 21; 1957'

Well-Rehearsed Bandits Clean
Melchibr Of $175,000 In Gems
3 'UfUt.

C::;n Oulshys Msg
Al Dazzling Perfy
Fc r Fairbanks Deb
LONDON, June 21 (jP) Queen
Elizabeth out danced Princes
Margaret in the early morning
hours yesterday at a dazzling par party
ty party which Douglas Fairbanks cave




rtuiama JSty

1090 Kcs.. Colon

Telephones: 1-3068 Panama,
fV-r v. 106$ Colo t ,i ,i e'
. ,. ,0, jf t; w t' w
L Today," Friday June 21 '-
M ' ' V"

''UiOO Feature Review
nun urviaf' vnnr Favorite (r

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(cont'd) 1 ... ,,. rt
-fo rmeit Btaf i' .. V


(UP) Chairman Francis E.
Walter of the House Un-American
Activities subcommittee to today
day today defied House Speaker Sam
Rayburn's edict against televised
hearings. . r ... 5
1 Walter said there was no
House rule against having TV
cameras at the hearing after a
witness balked and cited the an

nouncement made 1 yesterday by
Rayburn. -1
., Rayburn said earlier in Wash

ington today that he expected
Watler to comply immediately

with his edict by halting the tel

evising of the San Francisco

hearings. r c

. Written for NEA Sarvice

t( REVIEW (paosi ueerj

9:30 Manhattan Melodies
9:45 Do It Yourself ;
T: 00 Much-Binding ; ; a a,
7:30 VO A Report from as.,
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taken by pnone snrougnr

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.vj 11 11 1 11 1 '. ), u 11 ' ';

Li!;i2 'Girl's Ilpfet i
lAccorl tfAfTi VinriAVJ

G:ls Rcnnoon Reply

4 NKW TUIUL-JDnfl 21 I Urp-A

ft-var-old s apartment-dwelling
girl who. alrmailed" a number
r. nmiiilrMwil cen-Dil letters

out a fifth-floor window haa re received
ceived received several answers one from
ltangooa, Burma; i t i

: .'-'7 --. :
Home with. a. cold last, April

24, Janet -Capitm wrote several
letters, addressed only to "Dear
Somebody," asking that the re recipients
cipients recipients answer them. She thea
tossed the tetters out the window.
f -- r ' ?

The" first replyeame trom a

soldier at Fort Sill, Okla. Be said
he knew What it was like not to
receive letters, .then gave some
friendly advice to little Miss
Cepron.. 4. -m v J ?

"At I was ctung flown nnaer a
palm tree in- front .of my home
at sundown one evening, your
letter tune blowinr Into my

Jap driven by the first mon monsoon,
soon, monsoon, winds. i :
f "Are' you pretty? How old are
you?" asked the writer, who said
he did not read English well and
that the letter was being written
Tor him by an uncle. .
i ... . :.:
It turaed out, however, that
Ihe post office had aWed Janet
and the law of gravitttloa in
the dispatch of the letters to
Tort Sill and Rangoon. Not to
mention a man named David B.
Magee.' . -- ";
' Magee, a neighbor of the Cap Cap-Tona,
Tona, Cap-Tona, found several of the letters
the ground. -To cheer the
child, be rnaUed them to a sol soldier
dier soldier brother at rort Sill and to
another brother with the US.
Information Aeency In Burma.
He salted that they reply or pass
the letter alccg to someone who

4K43 W

4J10997; A None
?32 j VKQ85

?' Q10I73

, U t AQ6S2

; . vjio4
, a Both vulnerable
South Wtt North'
1 A Psss tj n.t. i
3 4 -Pasf ; 4
P. Dbl. BedbJ.

-Opening leidjr

- V
; Pan'


' South's ; bidding was criminal
and his play, of the hand sheer

butchery. The combination add
ed-un to tragedy.

::. West's double of four spades
was silly from one stand point
only." North, or South could run
out to four no-trump 'and that
contract might rmake easily.
However,! west knew hi birds

ana was ;really delighted I with
North's redouble.' : -' : :
South won the opening lead

with his queen of trumps. East
discarded a low diamond. At
this point Sooth 'could '-. escape
with., a one trick loss bv leading

a heart' tov7ard'fdum,myi and ,fi-d

AessingDut Be seemed deter determined
mined determined to. pay a, large a penalty
as possible; 'friu'ri,'w"i-.-
South .played the h klng, ace
and another diamond; He trump trumped,
ed, trumped, West overruled and led the

seven of cluoe. it went ten.'jack,
ace and now ttmtb came up with
another bad play. He led a club
back.. East won the king of clubs
and laid down the queen of dla-

monds, 3 j () fi ii'wyiii.yx

West ovejTuffcd again and led

a trump.' aoftb. won: In his own
hand and malty led a heatr and

finessed. East won his third
trick and played the last club.

It did not matter what South did
now. He still had to lose another:
heart trick, and was down three

for a loss of 1600 points.

If South had raised .: North's;

two no-trump bid to three as he

should have,, North would almost
surely have i made the bid. In

any event no one ", would 1 have

doubled and-no, one would have

been hurt V

i nThe House speaker said, he had
.not known that Walter had been
violating House rulings he made
on the subject in 1952 and 1955.
Walter at first told report
ers, "I can't do anything- about
televising. We are the guests
at City Hall.",
Then a witness, Ellis Colton,
San Francisco bookstore owner,
cited Rayburn's ruling along with
Judicial and const itutional
grounds for. refusing to answer
questions. r. 1 "
- As television cameras rolled
for the third atraight day, Col

ton said the hearings were being
televised in violation of "rules of

the House of Representatives as

publicly announced by speaker
Sam Rayburn yesterday."
. Spectators laughed at Colton's
next remark that he did not

want to get Involved In a con,

SDlracy to, violate the House


, But Walter told him "there Is
no such rule." The Pennsylvania

Democrat ordered Colton to an

swer the questions, but he reius
ed on grounds of possible Belf-ln.

;' Earlier Walter told newsmen

after i being informed" of Ray

burn'. order that even If be re

ceived a direct-telegram or tele
nhnnft rail from Rayburn order.

ing him to ban televising of the
henrlnes "it would StlD i be the

same-answer." ., if. t
V "i can't do anything about tel
evlslon, radio or the- newspa
nera" he said.'. '". .)s' 'i

Colton was the second witness

today; i ?

j j, i
The first was Dorothy Jef Jef-fers,
fers, Jef-fers, about 50, whe haa been
identified as an undercover
FBI agent in the Communist

. .. ; i-i,

She testified' that she" pur-

chased Communist party ,lltera

ture at the bookstore managea

for his 17-year-old daughter, Daph

ne. ','! ) S
But it was the" Queen's i r s t
dance rather than the last one
that attracted attention. She gave
the honor to Fairbanks rather
than to Prince Philip, her ; hus husband,
band, husband, v ',
The party was the most brilliant
debutante affair of the season and

brought out an unusual number

of roval guests. Princess Alexan

dra 'was the fourth member of the

roval family present. Four dukes

in addition to Philip also attend

ed. t

' The Fairbanks long have been

close friends of the royal lamuy.

Fairbanks is the only American

beside President Eisenhower who

is an honorary knight of the Brit British
ish British pmnire i -,

The affair was held,-' at .Lord

Astor'a famous Clivendon Estate.

Fairbanks'- own town house'; in

London,-which the Queen has vis visited
ited visited several times, was much too

small. v f i

Hundreds of blazing torches

lighted the IV- mile drive- up

which guests came to the great

house,v built like an old-style Vir Vir-glnia
glnia Vir-glnia mansion.

Four bands kept the Q u ee n
dancing until 3:30 a.m., some 15
minutes ; after Princess Margaret

This was the Queen's first at

tendance at a coming out party

this year. -1

Her presencewas a sign the

social stigma attached to divorce
by older members of the British

court rapidly was breaking down.
Both Fairbanks, and his wife have

ben married before.

There wss- a storm of protest

two years ago when the Queen

and the Duke of Edinburgh 'dined

at Fairbanks home.

by Colton.:


Committee Counsel Frank Tav

enner asked Colton whether the

He'll Eat Tonight

HONOLULU,' June 21 (UP)

CnvUf rinlnn hepn A ullet ,a uiw a restaurant
?.Tued.y.and atole 15 pound, of

auia v wiwu, w..- ham 10 pounl3 Qf stew jneat.

refused to answer,

Matchtng MITEY-Matchtng poses are the. tallest

and smallest participants In the

Helldorado 'Days' Festival at

vLas Vega t, Nev.-Providing a
ipretty' picture frame for five-
. year-old Shannon Beesley is
j Vegas Vic, a mere seven-footer.
r, -f : r ; : ':; :

pounds of margarine, 5 pounds
of uncooked pork, 4 pounds of

fish, 4 dozen eggs, 100 pounds Of

rice and a case oi canned cream,

Ee 'also took a small double-

burner electric stove.

a c:ounTAin
! i.Rel Mdln(('ansiritansf a',
4 .lietous mtrttlt that kMs level Eseh
; 'atckags hst tiers 'toti value tna

a halt llttr if milk an' stains four
tertlDiM. Caa 'to anpara. loot

HOLLYWOOD. June 21 (UP)-i-

Pouce said yesterday four" polite

bandits carried out a weel-rehears

ed plot when they barged into

Waenerian tenor Lauritz Melchior's

palatial hilltop mansion and fled
. L. ... J r ma

wilu mi esumaueu i(o,uw u jew jewels.
els. jewels. '-.

The robbery occurred. Tuesday

night. Melchior, 67, his wife and

two servants were bound at gun

points .wtii neckties and. stokings

while the bandits,- two of them in

stocking masks, cleaned out the

safe and ransacked the house,

Melchior, who learned to die -re

gally1- on the stage of the Metro

politan ODera House, feigned

heart attack while he was being

bound. His act was so convinc

mg, the bandits tied him loosely

as a result,

"I, am something of an actor,"
he said,; "and, they were kind of

polite." 1
a Tha rotund, whlte-hairad aingar
strug-glad looae from 'hi bond,
grabbod a rifle and triad to
catch th man, but he wasctoo

, :'! certainly would have liked

one not shot at them." said Mel

chior, a veteran 'big game hunter

whose home is filled with his tro

No one was hurt bv the gunmen

and they left Mrs. Melchior's 75-

year-old mother, alone.

Police said the robbery was car

ried out with? such finesse that

it must have beeii "methodical and

well-rehearsed." The gunmen ev

en knew the jewelry was insured,
police said. ; :

The Melchlors had. entertained

several friends earlier in the even

ing in their: home on Mulbolland

Drive along the crest of the Holly

wood mils.' They were reading

and listening to music when the

doorbell rang at 10:45 p.m.

wiua Huber, a maid answered

the door. The four gunmen were

standing outside and forced her to
ring the doorbell again. This time.

Melchior answered the door.

One of the men pulled a gun

and forced Melchior and the maid

into the living room, where Mrs.

Melchior was reading. Melchior's

all four were bound and forced to
lie face- down on the floor.
"It was a terrible experience,"
said Mrs.' Maria Melchior, "read

ing and listening to- music when

suddenly some people come into

the room and say, 'This is a hold

up. '. i

"They made us lie on our stom

achs and tied us up. I suppose
they were courteous because they
didn't kill us, or at least we don't

have any broken bones.
The Danish-born Melchior told told-polica
polica told-polica th'. bandits wera : "raal
courteous and. gentlemanly." He
aaid thay forced him to eptn a
tttk containing tht jewels, 110
000 worth of thtm made by Rus Russian
sian Russian Cxarlst craftimen for royal
ty.wi j V .U J
, T
"I wouldn't have told them
where the big safe was," he said,
"but my wife ; was frightened, so

she told them. '- t.

SI ,1 if &.
"If I only could have gotten my

gun in time. I pretended I had a

heart attack. So they didn't tie

me up very tightly. ,

V ' t '!
I ran after them when they

were leaving in their car. but: I

was too late." t 1

i .1,

After cleaning out the safe of

iewels and $300 in cash, the band-

T. A .1. ... -.1. Al. 1.

iu went mrougn me nouse, scoop

ing up otner jewelry ana tamng
two fur coats. Then they left the

Melchiors and their servants, tied

up and left the house, locking sev several
eral several doors after them. .

By the time Melchior had worked

himself loose and unlocked the

doors, the men had fled in an au

tomobile. ; .s

The Melchiors have1 lived here

most of the time smce he left

the Metropolitan Opera a few
years ago after 25 years as a

Wagnerian star. He has- appeared

on television and in several mo motion
tion motion pictures, co starring with

valet, Charles 'Leuscher, was IKathrya Grayson, June Allyson

brought into the living room and ana Jtstner wuuams.

Sa PANAMA sakiiona Omi

: 'a


VlStop'MUghts from Panama,

A (hole of S different routot to Europe
Tly.eow pov lotar -1
0i 15-Woy fores i-'.. a :.-
. Alto flight to tha Certbbaon,

Cantral and South Amtrfca

Sit YOUR TtAVrt AOINT. KLM loyal
Dirtth AirlinM, J1A1J Tiwlf Avomto,

f t.f, Tolophono 2-II21 1

, woiid'S nm



- K.-- A-. "toh x Ia -, V'v-..-- :

fi-;i-"D..". Street ; p" ) T A'
-:. Argentina; 'Albarto' Navarro ; v.- --
' '."'street and Joil Mirtl Strot - V f
. .vrfrom 4- A.M. to 7 A.M. on Saturday,7 ;' j
i '- -.;. .
.' r -' v'- - v .-'' -, .-, ... j
1 This interruption will take place In order to make certain v
j-; repairs on our electric iyitem.. ) f-



torat bwoi Ji
( Ammts J jr..

Cin. Patmr.icm dc ?uaza ij iiz :


...longer lasting service

., Auto-lite Batteries are demgnecT and buOt to meet
strict ignition engineering standard . to pas exacting
quality teaU. ; f; .4 V; :vV.
' You can depend onAuto-IiU Battenea for power to
start and light your car ... under all weather condition.
, 'Auto-LiU Battariea bave been proven through year
of nee to give longer lasting and reliable service. That
k why Auto-Lite k the first battery choice of experienced
motorists. : ; v Vv; ...

". mmm9:
, ; Avto-Uta
, tarrrary fa
Every Use
'Co. Taucabs
Truda Ion
Trwtort Morfno
Diotoi Meon

' at
' a 1



Bex' llll ranarna Tel. J J0J -4?N

'to" de 0R0
; (GOLD) stamp plan
. .Watch for the

inauguration Date! -:


Fully Automatic
Carrie Underwriter
' Laboratory Seal.
Regularly $17.95

SPECIAL $10.50

cJht Sfurnituri and (Kbmt SfumiaAing iStott
lib of July Ave. and "H" St. TeL 2-0725

' ) '. 1 ." '.. ..,-i.
breathtaking difference


styling I

0 (Ql
U 1

there's on important difference ; Vf j
, i.1 ? : .v
see for yourself In our new collection of
elegantly simple dining room suites.,, all
of beautiful! native mahogany made by expert
, craftsmen. ;

Remember it's what you don't aee that
counts! . v
" -A
- 4th of July Ave. and "H It TLM1af



CaiV fll rofjH needs:



! I

1 1
1 1
1 J
t f


1 i



& Staffel V


3-0740 m 2-OU1 9.-00 mJ 10



' J


Brighten Family Menus

1 llf.l I f A C.I.J.

i Wiin uanu Miry uiuub

T"" f ;
- "
if fllillllllli!:-:;s: I
iiiiiiiiir' :
... .

APMCOT-LEMON salad to Uhi a airy nA hould brUrhtea 4 j
07 family roenu when wm iwi bettn to dnU appeUtet. J

NEA Food and Mtrkatt Editor


F TO A GOOD START Mrs. Gerald L. Pierce hMhernejrty Shdatojr,

her hind1 In record time, rne coupie are sauvn wic i 9 IV.
itSJiJft thS catoedral of StLuke Saturday night. The bride, the former Miss LpTtta
SffiaASf to SrSaughtfr of Mr. and M?. Ralph K. Frangionl of Curundu Helghtg,

vaiv nrvrr-vtuu nmnrjx VCTR MRS FRANK MILLER

A A JP nca oniuvii (TT r.: i ". i V :

; 1 Kobbo OffW Club 'was crowded to capacity yJ,
i fn,r. fron. th noit banded together to bid fareweU to Mr. Frank MUler, who will pe

livrtnz early next month when her husband Col. Frank Miller takes ver on new wi wi-l
l wi-l erit with HQ Caribbean Command, Quarry .Heights.- v .f .!..'

MOTue, Mrs. o. F. scniauer, mrs. - -

t sinunonsi Mrs. J. V. wuaerson, mrs. u. roo, V. .7 1,

f Mrs. R. WUson, Mrs. K. a. Evans, mrs. wcunn uu v.

Mrs. Miller was presented with

uynuua cowarey, iormer bciiuui-

mates 01 Miss jo Ann roller,
who returned with her from the
States on Monday to Spend a por portion
tion portion of the, summer as Miss Pot

ter's house guests. Approximately
sixty guests attended.

fVfc :

Warm davs' turn our thoughts

to light, and ahy chiffon,. fruit
salads. We think these two
brighten your family menus.

1 Apricot-Lemon Salad
i (8 servings)
One' cud canned apricot syrup

(or apricot syrup and water),

one 3-ounce package lemon-flavored
gelatin, 24 ups. canned
apricot halves (one 1-pound 13 13-ounce
ounce 13-ounce can, drained), cup
chopped cucumber, cup chop chopped
ped chopped pecans,' 1-3 cup mayonnaise,
2 Vi cups whipped instant nonfat
dry milk crystals.
' Heat syrup to bolline point.

Add gelatin; stir until gelatin is
dissolved. chill until thickened.
Arrange 8 apricot, halves in bot

tom of iya-quart oiow. unop re remaining;'
maining;' remaining;' '. apricot ; halves. Add
chopped apricots, cucumber; pe pecans
cans pecans and mayonnaise to gelatin
mixture. Blend. Mix with whip

ped instant crystals. Spoon into
salad mold. Chill until firm (a-

bout 3 hours), unmoid.
, Ring Cherry Salad
(8 servings) 1
' One cup canned Bing cherry
syrup -(or cherry syrup : and
water), one 3-ounce package or-ange-Havored
gelatin; 2V, cups
canned pitted Bing cherries (one
1-pound 13-ounce can, drained),

M CUP chOpped walnutt, 1-3 cupi

instant nonfat dry milk crystals.
Heat syrup to boiling point.
Add gelatin and stir until dis dissolved.
solved. dissolved. Chill until thickened.
Chonv cherries.- Add .' cherries,

walnuts and, mayonnaise to gela

tin mixture. Blend. Mix ; with
whipped instant, crystals.: Spoon
into iy2-quart mold. Chill until
firm (about 3 hours), unmoid.
Garnish with crisp salad greens,
as desired. 1 ' 1 1
To whip Instant nonfat dry
milk crystals makes about 2
1. Mix y2 cup Instant nonfat
dry milk crystals with, ya cup ice

water, :wr, it .-j-
2. Whip until soft peaks form
(3-4 minutes). Add 2 tablespoons
lemon Juice. 5?:.
3. Continue beating until, still
peaks form (3-4 minute., long longer!
er! longer! ":v!'i-"'f ;t .t:Vi'i'"M-!'!'" ;','


phtrkpn-rlce-tomato soup. cold

Krori.hnm and tonnufi. relishes,

potato salad, hot oven-ready
baking- powder ? biscuits, butter
or margarine, apricot-lemon sa

lad, iced tea or coiiee, mw-



Takes Up New Post

st cuver chafine dish and an a

musing eulogy written and illus illustrated
trated illustrated by Mrs. Don George.'
5 Mrs. Otto Fieirlin, president of
the Kobbe Officers' Wives Club
beaded the committee which or organized
ganized organized the function. She was as assisted
sisted assisted by Mesdames Raymond
Banks. Samuel Smith, James A.
Cooper, Hal Stubb, William H.
Griffin, r Thomas Henderson. M.

W.. McLaren, R. S. McClanahan,
X. Peralta and F. J. Spiegelberg.

Mrs. Herman Schull
Entertains For
Cevarnor'B HousMuests

Mrs. Herman Schull. wife of

the Lt. Governor of the Panama

Canal entertained with a party at

Albrook Officers' Club this after

noon in honor of Misses Elizabeth

j Barker and Cynthia Cowdrey, who


tritlsh Ambanador
turfiiM Ta Panama

Th Rritish Ambassador and

Mrs. Ian Leslie Henderson laili are staying with Governor

from Liverpool on Tuesday next, 1 Mrs. William Potter,

June 25, on tne a s. -iteina aei
Mar" on their return to Panama
after spending four months vaca vacation
tion vacation in the United Kingdom and
on the Continent, The "Reina del
Mar" is scheduled to arrive at

Cristobal on July 18.

Mrs. Pottr Civet
. To For Daughter's
Imw SehMlmatM

Mrs. William E- Potter, wife of

the Governor of the Canal zone,
entertained at a tea at Governor's
House on Wednesday in honor, of
the Misses Elizabeth Barker and

Indapendenco Day
Will Bo Celebrated
At Union Club Dane
The Union Club Will bold a For

mal Dance, in the evening of Ju

ly 3, at 8:00 p.m. to celebrate in independence
dependence independence Day of the United
States and has. extended a cordial
invitation to members and their
guests of the American Society of

Panama to participate.
Members are urged to join with

the Union Club membership in

making this affair a success.

Mr. nd Mrs. Jamas r

Civ Cocktail Party

For Mr. And Mr, adman

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J a m e s

gave a cocktail party at tneir

home in San Francisco last night

in honor of, Mr. and Mrs.; George

dmsn. i iki f f

Mr. Edmatt le First Secretary of
the United States- Embassy : and

Public Affairs .Officer.
Miss Dorettrr rtnkman -1 -Lavt
Fr lsral
On Partial Scholarship t 1
. Friends of Miss Dorothy Brick,

man, for several yaara. director of
social activiUes at the USO-JWB

in Balboa, will b interested to

learn that she is to leave for Is,

(rael of Julie 25,' having received

a nartial seholarsnn) witn tne a

tianal Jewish Command Confer

ence Seminar Study-Travel Group.

At the end ot tne live-week stu

dy period. Miss Brtckman will

travel through Turkey,.; Greece,

France, Denmark and Scotland,

returning? t New, York In, mid,

SeoUmbcr to enter her second

vfr of eraduate work at Cohim

bia University ; School of Social

Work., i-'-f?.' -H


W" J

dancing to
Clarence Martin's
music In the Bella
Vista Room makes
m feel gay!


" drink after work
In the Balboa Bar
la my Idea of

I like those
hamburgers beat!

meeting the gang
at the Cafe CrIIIo
la fun!.,'

rmpIiiBmUry eocktafl -Henderfat
Branch snena
Lack Ararrara's trio
aa fee gUS

. - u

THE, HAGUE Holland, June 21
(UP). The new U.S. ambasador
to the Netherlands, Philip Young,
arrived today to take up his post.
He succeeds H. Freeman Mat Matthews,
thews, Matthews, who has ben appointed
Ambasador to Austria.

mJ. 'ik y1' 1

Adm. Arleigh A. Burke, chief of
U.S. naval operations, will leave
Sunday to visit the 6th Fleet in the
Medlterarnean. He also will visit
Rome. Naoles. Athens and Turkey

returninff here by July 4 --.-., 4,



1 vv.&MM0--5Mk-bd

.. 1 fci "4m J

- Borden's,,Rich Roast" the NEW Instant Coffee
I that gfve$ you DEEPER coffes.flavor. Jry it! ;

1 sjL J'it'rw



cream J


slnco cows!

Avcsrt discovered how. to sterilize'
fresh whipping cream so that its
' sweet taste remains unchanged
for months. Avoset whips fast,
' stayv whipped, and is always
healthful and delicious. 1 ;
A marvelous whipped cream!



; Each notice for Inclusion in this
column should bo i submittod
type-written form and mallad
th box number listod dally in 'So 'Social
cial 'Social and Othrwis."r r delivered
kv hsnd t the eific. Notice f
Meetings cannot b aceoptod i by
..alophone. .n t wVi'vj
Cmrl.w at nlaKU ,V

Wmiet Gouiiis today reminded
the members of the United States

Citizens' Association of the meet-

ins Sunday evening at 7 o clock

at UiaDlo tteients service center,

Plans will be made at this meet

ing for the campaign of the next

tew months in wasmngton,' wnere

action is imminent on the treaty
legislation, ,

Prospectiv Browni ,.
Day Campara To Mot ',.

Monday Aftornoon
All those interested in the Pa

cific Side Brownie Day Camp, are

asked to attend a meeting at 3

o'clock, Monday afternoon, June
24 at the Girl Scout ofice on the

Prado Balboa.
Boy, ll:ll-Si$lcr
Und In llospifsl

After KnilcFiohl.

LAKELAND, Fla., June 21 (UP)

A 16-year-old boy and his 13-

year-old half-sister were hospitaliz hospitalized
ed hospitalized with stab wounds today follow

ing an unexplained knife fight in
their home here. '
Police, still-seeking the reason

for the Incident, said each was

stabbed several times when they
fought yesterday morning. m.,
The youngsters were listed In

fair condition at a local hospital

The girl had multiple stab wounds,
more- than six, about her body.
The boy was stabbed in the throat
and back. ; ,'. W :.. -'
Police quoted neighbors as say

ing mey neara snouts coming
from the house about mid-morning,
then saw the bo,' a towel
held at his bleeding throat and
stripped to the waist, run from
the- house. 'V''
The boy rari to a motet where

operators quoted him as saying:

aiu uio )WUu3 I JupL ITICU W (ill
my sister.".; ...
. They also quoted him ar saying,
"I'll go to the chair. I'm crazy."
. The children's mother hart left

home 45 minutes before to visit a

aoctor with her 9-year-old son
and 2 1-2 year old daughter. ;
Sinscchfrs Socked
Ithzthtj in Cctirf

ATLANTA.. June 21 fUPi A sol

der just returned from 18 months

duty in Alaska and his wife each
got smacked with $5 fines Wednes

day for smooching on the 'front

row of the spectator section of Ful Fulton
ton Fulton Supreme Court. -,

Judge E. E. Andrews, without
making their names known, cited
them for contempt of court 'for
"plain outright smooching" during
a child custody hearing. J
"I saw him smack her one time
and when I saw him smsck her
the second time I smacked them
SS apiece," Andrews said. "I think
a man ought to kiss his wife, but in

the courtroom it just wasnt dig-

nuiea." j . .-.;

Powderpuff Derby's

Andover Pair Land
First n Cut ;
21 (UP) Barbara Kiernan and
Ruth Bolton of Andover, Mas.,
landed their Beechcraft Bonanza
here yesterday to become' the first
finishers in the annual Powder
Puff Derby.
They touched the runwsy at 10:
41 a.m. after a 1,700 mile flight
from McAlles, Tex., with a stop stopover
over stopover at Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
On hand to greet them were
Virginia Schumacher, of Uhrichs-

viUe, Ohio, and Helen Whetherrill,

of Detroit, wno crashed to tneir
entry Tuesday at Crestview, Fla
en route to Fort Lauderdale.
The two women suffered minor
injuries but flew here by commer commercial
cial commercial airliner to see the end of the
race. ;

lfci.fHnotifc ttmmt.




Don't Drcnd
All Tccn-Accrs

"I'm glad I reared my family
before the word 'teen-ager' was
ever dreamed np," says a mother
whose children are grownv Her
grandchildren are no longer lust
members of families but1 have

suddenly entered a world of their

own the world of teen-agers.
This : grandmother's Idea is
that In lumping all adolescents
together -as "teen-ares.,, we've

encouraged them, to live In this
Isolated world. r 1
' Not only, that, but we've built
up unnecessary resentment a-mong-
teen-agers against' the a a-dult
dult a-dult world by the loose way In

wmcn we use ine term. -A.
Kane of irresponsible.' de

structive hoodlums slash tires
and break windshields or beat
up some kid who doesn't belong
to their gang and, because the
members of the gang-are under
20, we don't call them law lawbreakers
breakers lawbreakers and hoodlums.. We call

them teen-agers.

A smart-aleck gets behind the
wheel of a car and endangers
lives and, because he Is 17 or 18
years old, we. don't label him a
reckless driver. Our disgust is

summed up in the words, "teen,
age driver." ,


i ?

-Instead of wondering what''
the matter with parents. who let
their adolescent .. children roam
the streets most of the night and
never both to find out where"
they are, we wonder out loud
what "teen-agers" are coming
to. .V

: That's the kind of talk our
adolescents hear day In and day,
out. So Is it surprising that they ;
feel shut off in a world of their
own and that adults have no
part in it and no understanding -of
lt? -.:
Why don't we at least drop the
word "teen-ager", when we 'are:
not talking about young people
In general, but young hoodlums?
Let's start calling -our young:
law-breakers by any name their
crimes warrant thieves, rob robbers,
bers, robbers, 1 reckle ss drivers, or what-'
ever, instead of referring to
them as teen-agers when they
defy law and order. ' f
It might help a lot to erase the
idea that we adults have a low
opinion of teen-agers In general.

Doubting Swain Slays Rival Caught
Trysting With Girl In Kudzu Vines
. TOCCOA, Ga.; June 21 (UP) I the" area. At one point, according
A .i lM u .i.uarf n tVia ininaKt'i f.ofmpnt. rknllf..

his sweetheart's fidelity secreted I flashlights were pointed almost

a snoigun ajs weir trysting piste w is wifn w u yv-

anu usea to-iu i ntu iisim,u uuu

f ntmri mhro-Jn her In th cam

- M B
. ..... ..1 J I

ieaiy niaeaway, pincers saio. w


in.. nniiiii TaTnaBlclMnlnv An' Vilffhvnv nf hia

tiftrllnp. 29. was cantured early shoes and driver's license. -The.

tnriav nftr art nil nieht man

hunt. Th fugitive had dodged

zu vines, .by stealing- a pair of

and uslne another man's driving


He finally was captured after

he supped mto nis mouiers
hnnfw and officers outsld heard

him tell her: "I killed a damn

The -victim 'of the triangle

slaying" was' Joe Brown v Martin,

supervisor of mamtenance ior
the state Wghway ; department

in thin area, brother- ot a legis

lator and a member Of m promi

nent lamury.-, v -tt m
' Identities of th woman In
the case and of anotbw wom women
en women who witnessed the shooting
were wtlhheld to protect their
reputations, officers aald. v
vmtt nrter. one of Martin's

co-workers, said he ; was 100

yards from the scene ana saw a
man ha identified v as Darling

fleeing Into the woods, i": n

Darling was brougnt w xne
stout JaU here in Stephens Coun-
rr ri1Vi adlnlns Rnk Countv

where the eUylng was commlt-

Sheriff 'Alet Banks, whose
famllv arava th CfluntV lt name.

said Darling bad made a state

ment admitting mi aaoouug
cause of lealousy. '(' y-
Darllne. formerly : a volunteer

patient m an Angus ta, menisx
hospital, said he planted the
Vintmin at th mountain lovers'

lane some time ago. Banks said.

He waa.wajung wen,
quoted, when his sweetheart
Vtmnarl tm si

BUivnvu w
terday with Martin. The spot is

100 yards from iiaruai riu0o,

named for tne vicum a immijr. :
irto. rtarllnv anatched no the

shotgun and killed Martin, Banks


temoted to wrest

from him. ..."-;

The slayer the ran xnv nr
woods and disappeared In the
kadxa, a tosh ,vin valued as a
cover crop. ) t :

After on or tne wome o

ftjii Kl n a A h minds'

brought In. Darling darted from
his hideout and robbed a drunk

bloodhounds passed him by after
be donned the strange shoes and
when one searcher spotted and

challenged him he used tha

driver's license to feign aa iden identity.
tity. identity. r ; f.',v, f '!
But before dawn the ; posse

staked ;out Darling's mothers

house and there the hunt endeo.


Tf vmt? m Utter lvlnff onea

on a table or on someone's desk,
don't feel that because lt Is open
it is all right ior you to read It.
The only time you should read
ui mM-ann'm letter la. when

winw w, v
it Is handed to you to be read.

And that goeaior letters wm wm-ten
ten wm-ten t another member of yevr
family. r"" :r"S '" ":
Red CKine$e"Admit
Last Year's Flood ;
Damage As Serious
; TOKYO. June 21 (UP) w Thf

worst floods In recent 'history
ravaged seven provinces xm tha
rVi1na malnlann last mir rami.

nnLiniTi ua Kuira iviai mu, 1 v -
said, the woman with Martin at- munlst China disclosed for tha

wMnni flnt ttma toria.V-

peipmg carnea reporu or toe
flrwv1 when ther occurred last

year but maintained they were
knt under pontroL A statement

broadcast by Radio Peiplng ad

mitted today tne 1100a were xar

fled the sheriffs office, some 50, more serious than Its previous
. U.J a.fcM4. (MHIilftfM f ...... J

officers ana vwuxiwcei Kmuim ii

w, K 1

I-,.; '. ': j ? .' ,'... ; I









' an i mom An

faodal T bw fd
fecama rra mod ky
- e t
iocx ret
' touu r-'oC-AltTT

"The Most TalkedUbout Gift Store ;
On The Isthmus"
colon ';'; COLON

! I


HUDAT, JUNE 81, 1957


So ci at ancl

'PiarcPranalani 1
At St. Luke's .
Miss Loretta Kay Frangioni,
daughter of Mr,, and Mrs. Ralph
K. Frangioni of Curundu Heights,
and Mr. Gerald M, Pierce, son
tJ Mr !) Mm flowAA T; Piprfe.
or ftodman, were marriea ai
double ring ceremony, at, six o't
clock in the evening on Saturday
June 15, at the Cathedral of JSt.
Luke; r The Reverend R o ge r H.
ureene was tne owciaung ciergy-
Given in marriage by her fath father,
er, father, the bride wore an ankle length
rinn nt whifa not nvAr white taf
feta with appliques forming a bor border:
der: border: on -the; skirt, the neck was
pallnnail tvith nlftated net tO
which pearls and appliques were
attached, with ..soalloped ; caped
tlMvea ... Hpt fincer-tiD veil. Of.. U-
lusion fell from a tiara of pearls
and her elbow-length gloves were
of net'. She carried ( an i Eastern
Sf Ttihla "with tier' nOSeEaV Of
whit rns-feuds, surrounding a!
large orchid in the center.
'Her only anenaanii aara, nw nw-ard'R.
ard'R. nw-ard'R. Garner, matron of honor.
. .' h.iinrina ip.netn aress oi
pink net over pink taffeta with 'Mat avf lam at the too
with high necK -ana naj aieevcs.
ck. Wtiir rvlnn cloves.. She
carried of nosegay of pink and
carried a : corsage of nosegay of
pink and white rose buds.
viv Z(Z:'x:;xt V:'-ff'i.
;Vnw vriia' mhthpr wore a street
length dress of irndescent organ organdy
dy organdy with a full skirt. Her corsage
-f mhito rnca hurts and 8he
wora matching accessories. The
groom's mother wore a ..sheath
j Inca nvAr VP.llOW
cotton, princess style, with a V
necklfiC .matching accessor
ries Her corsage was of yeUow
niu Kiiria.

M s, EFSlWesI Palm Beacn

Oliver, and 'Hubert Jordan. -Th
ehurch was beautifuUy dec-
oratett by Mrs. Eva Smith with
white giaaioias ana sinnum "-
( A deception was held at; thei J J-voli
voli J-voli Guest House in the Main Ball
Room ; foUowine tne. ceremuu.
The wedding cake was jn
diolas with a" candelabra on teith-
tp side. -The cake was three tier
ed on top of wmcn was piacu
. -:.: .1 KrlHa : and tfroont. MlSi
Sadie Williams was in charge of
' the fuest nook.
The bride Is a graduata of Bal Balboa
boa Balboa High School, Class of; 1355.
She' attended tha University.. of
Maryland for one .year before at-
Seeretariaafrom which she will
graduata .Jmw. 21, .She was e.
ad VMiss Washington School for
Seeretariea" una pas may
eeretariea in is pa
The Groom, is a jpraduat of
tj;u hnn1 riarti of 1953.
and The uUtadr. in CJaarteston,
S C. with a (Bachelor of Science
U a; ana -jn,uo.". f rs
sJuVVStt i Navy tlue sheath
dresi with a light blue bolero and
an orchid corsage. :
The couple wiu make their home
tn Orange. -xew. ;.-,.,, if
Mr. And MrfcCrawfctd
Announce Birth j; v
wIhlr.lM)rwllaoa tvCraw
nil HUw -
W of Las 1 Cumbrea announce
the Iblrth -c-i their third chiia, wira
i son Jenrery ruc"
JunelO at the san reraaxiuw v--
B,Tha mt;lMM5
Mr., and Mrs. J. F. McGahey of
GainesTille, Florida, formerly of
tea Canal Zone. Paternal grand grand-MrenU
MrenU grand-MrenU are Mrs. K. Fv Dagget of
Balboa and Mr. F. A. Crawford of
Miami, Florida, formerly f the
Canal Zone. .
Hanr1qwM-BlrancY ..
- The marriage of Miss 'Judith
XlCtUlQUV uauuivi v iuia I
m T UaviwImmM a a'l 4

IafUXafe 111 ai U af uciW4UCi vt
' 101 and srtnddaughter of Mn and


Li a

uu u
iVa auaajiai" H

ar natck traar and aapaaaiiy oa roaaya ana auar aw
dsya dortef the yaar, ytnr whole fsarfty win aajey
toat with Aaat Jamima paawakaa. So t&ck aad easy to
aa Mathhf mxA BmTvJMit a, it thmmi

Bay a tin of Aattt aaniiina
GOOD eatingl ;


and Donald Francey, son of Mr.
ana Mrs,, rerry francey oi Brazos
Heights, will take place on Friday
mnrmncr JlinA. ?Jt fit ; 11 nVlnnlr
" : "A :.r T r v, w
in me wuediu pi ine mmacu

i3T-SriBon dry- drollery, th. c.ptiv.t

Miss Henrique attende
ry's Academy, Cristobal
Vi.,:y','iJz.'JrVL rxz v..
iviikr nenriuuRZ aiiRnnpn nr. jyihi
. o
H-ar ink p .fl
en, MrFrancey-attended Balboa
High. School, and Southern Meth-
ndit;iJniveritv in Dallaa Tas.
He is presently employed w i t
u jb. jenion ana t.o la wisiouai.j
ii- u;' m I
Si: B.u
j . .-L
There will be a no-host dinner
i ; 1.1 ii. j t.. ii.ii
r A .u. st a
mador OffUrers' Club. r '

Mr. and Mrs. Beil win 1 e a v e a miuion, to me royai coai oi
i t.i.... m. foil t mVa thairlarms. heraldric devices, suit 01

hm. in ha state. . i
UVII1Q a, iraaaj wvawvwa
All Miii)i invltaii in attend.
s..ra,tinrii mav ha in aria
calloing Mrs. Louise Sorrell 2-4387

or Mrs. Naomi f rangioni si-wiit autnenuc in every oeiau.oi iu

vv-:,.n -a, v,, 4-;sttj
A-J Tlaraaw .!..'""' H',:";v
Have Housaguasts j" ffei, .J i-'
From Everett, Mass. ; y
Mr. Kiari fliirmnn and her
thraa hilHran Richard. ManV El
len and John arrived this week

lu spena a vacauon wim um- 0f Henri, ia, tne cuisine 4s typical
mon's brother-in-law and s i s t e r 0f region and the food is am am-r.ant
r.ant am-r.ant and Mrs. Thomas Dorsey kmi Rneoioi lichtinir tffaeti

Of Ft. Kobbe.
Tfley pian 10 siay unui 8
when they will be joined by Mr.
' r who wiU impend a couple
0f .weeks here f ore they aUM-
, nome. 'lfc
Appeals Golf Course
Inlcaralion Order
iune 21 (UP) City officials to today)
day) today) prepared ; an ,,. appeal on a
farfwai court order calUng for
integration of the : West Palm
Beacn municipal gu w j.;
nf Miami and Fort
kav. similar anoeais
pending before the VS. Court w
aT a a, AnUani
Appeals m ew v"
tir.Hna.riav at : Miami Judge
Emmett C. Choao granted
city of West paim ueaca
i nn fhair raniiest. The
"""" illava lnte-
gratlon ,ol Itha coae which tod
been oroereo 07 vuw w
sbu i ieueu --
wM, merely a e"rtiy, to
,s But tno xeaerai juukv
iopeaL He sold It to o way f-
f5.?riir.f... final .order
which ruled aeregatton,;Mtrle-
Uons lmconaurowoMi."'" r' -r
t...!! ritv attorney
in Miami, ne wbo
to stopthe integration order. ..
St. Cristopher'sv
18th Anniversary
Is On July 25
r AniMvmi-lktai aarvtpag to mark
the observance of the first Sunday
after Trinity: will be held at the
usual hours at St Christopher's
Episcopal Chcrch, Bio Anajor on
Tha Ttav tfaranpa. W. HSVel.
will officiate and preach through
out tne aay.
- Freparation is now mwerway
tir tVia nhaamranra of tha 18th an
niversary of tbe church on July
A series of special services and
miialrat annrart aril hiffhliffht
VUV W9Vsti IXIVII UUUf r Aitaoia
Vf. u..aa4- .-ua. a.Maa anJIahl.
one week' celebration.- Tickets
I it th church office.-

nnnnrnn s ..

, ? , ."' .' -t .,.1
Tm cm hovo foJdea-bro Buffy-6x1it pa,
eakaa wbaoerar ytw want than bow that Am
Jamima panealn mix is packed in t4 saw bar bar-saatkaJh
saatkaJh bar-saatkaJh aaaJai tial la tha tin, Aant faaaima
laaapa frank MbaOaia. It's ah-aya saw aai
aa a yoa aa kaep a sopply haady afl tbe taam

In aarnAC faata koBdrft.
paxteaaw aaix tndty Wpyauiaaat


In N. York
- 1 Mpertiy Dienaea irom '.sliwi
I r j m ri
- deHehtful "Pvumalion." Rex Har-
tine cnarrm ot juue Anarews
. i i... t.h
a difficult role, Stanley Holloway's
i . j 1 1
"lannonhnff vnira and rlayar rnar
the choreography and
music, oi ianya oim m a mwm
J Hart production with a Dnlliant
?i.hKWi th- am.ah nit
Ly'LmJf,.be!tmt Z J fa' ?2
With gorgeous Costuming, Crisp
h na "umnlaDi V22
-- v .jt J
The creative genius of Herb Gor
dbn has achieved perfection in
ltha latent nt hi I fltlTlnSDhpriC
French restaurants Chateau Henri
(V it W Kt Kith. From the
Ihooiitifiil histnripflllv AnlTflrt ataln
ed galss, windows, insured for half
larmor and tournament tent, this
I -- it
1 In Yiirinus renaezvous lor aisccim

hvllnntinff diner, dedicated tO the

1 "O f 7.
first gourmet, Henry of Navarre,
lavish, yet tasteiui aecor.
I 'jj-.;, V ,t. 'Jc i. 'ii- t .i.a v it.
( The menu Is: too diversified, the
Speciatties too numerous to ais-
!. hut unHsr thd rfiraotinn nf
Mistinoiiihrf rhef Hnri Dekieure.
Dorn 12 miles from the-birthplace
lend additional enchantment when
fjorDert Fanconi and his "velvet
vio deBht je Minors. with
t pianCv,
1S mmmm , f
, .pnama may well be proud of
it.' Inca Onintern whiv haa 10 briL
it. Jnan )nintro who haa so bril
liantlv directed Eugene O'Neill's
absorbing play "Tha Iceman Com
eth"-at the Circla in the Square
Theater in Greenwicn v 1 1 1 a g e,
wham tha audience is seated on
a level with and surrouding the
atnraJinman Harnlictl in a din
gy Bowery, saloon and rooming,
house, each with his dream,, all
convincingly portrayed by a gift
ed Cast -headed by Leo. Penn
and Farrell Pelly.
Real old-world atmosphere,' Eu-
faatnrinff DftrtraitS
nf vrcat romnosers. delightful in
formal entertainment, with succu
lent Viennese dishes sucn as Deei
Strogonoff ; and 1 chicken paprika,
make Cafe Grinzing on East 79th
worth a visit. r
Wen known for his popular
South American medley, John
Garson, handsome Viennese bari baritone
tone baritone of film and radio renown,
.intnnff In 12 languages, accompa-
nla h hla onitar lovelv Kathi
Krikis, brilliant young' ,. dramatic
Coloratura 'soprano, talented chan chan-teuse.
teuse. chan-teuse. Maris Bernard of Pari'
n4 tha ftarhian ataffft. known SI
the French Mariana' Dietrich, with
a deep, sexy voies, ana seiia vu
lanyt and us Trio maao up
anrrant Timer am afefred bv
hosoitable Rosens. t 1-.'
Pa raiso Episcopal
Church Exercises
To Be Held Sunday
Snarial riavntlonal Mercises wDl
feature the consecration of the
St. Alban's Episcopal Church i
Paralso, Sunday afternoon at
o'clock, with Bishon R. Hlbl
Gooden, officiating.
Tha 'ilav'a warahltt wul aaflB
with "Family Communion" for
all members of the church at T
o'clock in tha moraine with the
Rev. AQan B. WentL priest in-
charge, as celebrant As t h 1 s
service the Women's Auxiliary of
the church will present their U U-nital
nital U-nital Thank Offerins boxes. Mam-
bers and friends of the church
are cordially invited to Dotn serv-
ea. .. ... ... i ,.

,Swlm caps take on the look of
feels like velveL It's shown

silver braid trim. Adolfo of Emme designed the water velvet,
cap (right) in black with pink-and-blue or red-and-g reen trim.

mIm v.: ta an unmarried, mid-
ila-aarat nrnfessinnftl woman..
in anouier aay; ner buuccooiiu
iif wmiii nav won ner com'
mnnlt.v rasner-t. Aa tha elder siS'
ter of an invalid brother, she's
helped educate nis cniiaren. as
a lnvol Hancrhter. ahe'a made her
parents' old age comfortable. As
an understanding woman, ane s
the favored confidante of young
mlaaaa and nnnheWR. As A WOrker
for underprivileged children, she
a.i J M It Aat m
merits tne grauuiae m au 01 w.
. nut har 10S7 community re
gards her with suspicion rather
than respect. It's made, her so
ashamed of not having a. hus-
KonH that, aha'a alwaVS hurtinK
herself in empty little flirtations
with marriea men. , t ...
. imia inn rasrard for the unmar-
11 la new. Partly Iff
due, I think, to popular psycho
logy's suggestion mat owriuis:
"heterosexual", love is the only
evidence of our maturity. '. v
s It seems A pretty rigid and
limited view. ; "
unt nniv tiaa it embittered the
unmarried woman's single state
with a. wholly new Kina. 01 u u-miliatlon
miliatlon u-miliatlon and loneliness. It has
.1.. -nntT-iVnitarf in narents' forc-
akiov vvuww. vw g.
lng of premature daUng o chil
dren to leen-agera st7 i
it. It. Aia "afaadv" data
uie accuiiij r 7 r;
..4 thai mirranfc nun. Into Uie
early mrrlages whoae 'jhetero-
Inva can v TNTOVO them
weU-adJustea. A
Economical Comfortable
CUEST Tourlit fllghta. ;
X ALl4W0T02
" equipment -;
Irnmedlate connections
at Lowest Fares to
United States and Canada
Passenger e Cargo Service
- .. y

trail MOST

lr ''iififif

pretty hats in these new designs.;
here in French blue (left) with :
women's Editor. ,
' As American females outnum
hpr malaa hv mnrn than a mil
Hon,: the unmarried woman will
remain with us for some time.
Parhans. aa anthrnnnlnirlnt Mar.
garet Mead recently suggested,
we'd better reconsider the wis
dom or maKing a nusbana tne
only socially approved goal for
every girL,
She says, "Women today are
anxious to marry at any cost. The
fort. that, nna haa heen married
has become the defense against
accusations 01 aDnormaiuy, per perversity
versity perversity and nsycholOKical malad
justment." ....
Marrlntra'a "hefprnneYiml" lnva
is Indeed one evidence of our hu human
man human worth. But it Is not the on only
ly only one. By making It our exclu exclusive
sive exclusive standard for psychological
respect we are reacting, to the
extremism of the last, genera generation's
tion's generation's feminist fanatics. We be
come extremists, too,.' ;
lanlatina4 Iviarant.a' ttftTI Vapn
this In mind. And rejecting this
nam kind nf regimentation, thev
will rear girls to regard marriage
as an ennenment 01 experience,
not the sole purpose of life.


Release TomorroMr at the DRIYE-I Theater

rii- fit A-

"THE RAINMAKER," Hal Wallls filmixation of the
Broadway hit play, will open TOMORROW and SUNDAY at
the "DRIVE-IN" Theater, starring Burt LANCASTER and.
Katharine HEPBURN and co-starring Wendell COREY,'
HOMME. PRUD-HOMME. .--' . ...
: Hailed as one of the year's outstanding films, with su superb
perb superb performances and a powerful story, the Technicolor
comedy-drama concerns a traveling pitchman and the
ranch girl whose life he changes. ADVT.

11- r

cigarettes )

Pill To Prevent
Pregnancy Called
100 Effective
. STnnfWftT.M Sweden. .Tuna 21

(UP) An, American scientist
claimed today he had developed an
annual luu ,er veui eitective pul
for preventing pregnancy.
Dr. Gregory Pincus, of the Wor-
faurar .itflfts Institiila nf Flxnpri.
mental Biology, told the Stocknolm
newspaper. "Expressen"t hisv pill,
made irora a synthetic : hormone
preparation, had been used with
nearly -100 per cent effectiveness
on 100 Women,
In addition, women who suffered
for years from sterility quickly be became
came became pregnant if they took the
drug for a few months and then
gave it up suddenly, rincus saia.
He said exnerunenis now arc
being Conducted to determine ii
the pul has harmful effects. ;
Sacramento Valley
Scourged By Horde
Of ilungry -Hoppers
rmrft Tali Jiinii 21 fUPV A
horde of voracious grasshoppers in invaded
vaded invaded the fertile Sacramento Val Valley
ley Valley today, devouring fruits, vege vegetables
tables vegetables and range-grasses in -the
worst infestation in zu years.
, Butte County "Farm Ageni rreu
Piatt warned that crop damage in
Ttntto Tehama and Yuba coun
ties, could reach 10 million dol
lars if the 'hoppers are not check
Alraariv ha anid. damflEa : CX'
ceeds one million dollars from the
flying plague. CatUemen have naq
to buy feed for their animals.
The grasshoppers have been
hatching in those .three ; counties
for the past two weeks or so, wih
the menace growing worse day by
day. 1 "
A nlana .pnvarad 19.000 a-
cres with poison Wednesday, ut
tha crnashnnnara wera spreading
over a much larger area than the
plane could cover.
Yiil's Achfiig Back
Mnt.T vwnnri .tnn 21 (VP)
Bald-headed matinee idol Yul
Brvnner today was recovering
from a back injury received while
lilmlnff a mntinn nlptlire.'v
IpH Wcrinpsrtav that
Brynner suffered t fractured ver-
.K. whina lining mc.K norseDacit
tebra while doing trick horseback
"The Brothers Karamazov" last
iThurs. The actor first had been
reported as having a severe oacx
aprain. j

arrive fresh
every 15 days

pUiamona iSinaS ;vt


"- ; v- of beauty .and quality there is
" no equal to a fine diamond flawlessly.
, cut . with each facet contributing

to its blazing brilliance.

. a i or J nt. diamond. .give ner a
v j fine small stone now. .'.Trade it In


later as circumstances permit it

Diamond Engagement
Rings from

18-47 Central Ave. 137'

3 The store where you



Saturday June

1 (Panama Swimming ffook



always fresh-
always mild,


double your money free
22 al 7:30 p.m.
75 cents

Jf t


CaDe V D CaafrcJ
Tela, s-itn s-im

always rich

Wckson, Musi a I Turn Back Clock

I oLead G avdmals-Bme

.Aajor League
M embers, of Last St ; Louis 1

l 1 , V 1 .- j ' Si fit f

; National League

W L Pet.

Si. i-ouis
New Vork





12 Vi

,i Today s bimit
i h Philadelphia at Milwaukee (N)
' brooKiyu ai St. Louis (in)
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (N)
Mew YorK at Chicago
" Yesterday's Results
New York Oil 001 000 001 4 12 2

.Milwaukee 200 001 000 000 3 15 0

hAiTiav. S. Miller. Grissom. An

tonelli (4-6), Worthington and Katt


.Pixarru,' Jolly, Phillips (2-2) and


New York
Detroit v


Kansas City


Amorlcan Loaguo
W L Pet.









001 204 0007 11 1

100 001 0002 7 2


tfteddix (5-4) and Lopata.

Kaiser (2-5 j, iittlefieldBrosnaa
and Neman. '-.

J Night Game)
St. Louis

000 001 0124 9
003 022 OOx 7 9

JT Arroyo (2-7), Face, King and
Rand. a ww
: Dickson (4-2), Meritt and H.

(Night Game)
L Cincinnati

rCraig (2-5), Roebuck,

tnd Campanela.
' '. Lawrence (6-4) and Bailey.

100 000 0001 8 0
000 501 OOx 6 9 0


Today's Games
Chicago at New York (N)
Detroit at Baltimore (N)

Kansas City at Boston
Cleveland at Washington (N)
Yesterday's Results
Baltimore 220 000 OOx 4 8 1
Chicago 000 010 0001 7 0
Fischer (3-4), Staley, Derrington,
LaPalme and Lollar.


(7-3) and Ginsberg, Irian-

New York

000 000 0101 6 1
000 011 10X 3 9 0

Lary (4-8), Aber, Lee and House.
Turley (3-2) and Berra.



100 010 023 T 13 2
411 000 12x 9 14 0

Wvnn'(8-8), Tomanek, Daley and


Sisier (5-3),

and White.

Kansas City

Delock, Minarcin

001 002 1004 7 1
010 020 51x 9 12 2

Urban, McDermott (1-3), Trucks,

Host and Smith.



(5-6), Clevenger and




(Based an 150 official at bats)


P. and C. ; i

Musiai; at. L-;

nouses, jr n
Dionuy, lHtJ.
a 0, jrnu. ;
vimoii, UK'n
rtoomsou, unci.

inomas, ruts.

uur. ac, L.

Mays, JMVY,

,G AB R HPct

.58 234 37 86 .308
; &2 iU 2 7i .JoJ
'v Nl MM yJ alw.

50 206 38 69 .330

60 236 22 74 .314

. 5a 2 40 74 .d!4

09 MX A V .Hi

ti. onutn, ft.t. L." 44 164 16 or .311

'American League

SWIMMING INSTRUCTION Bob Connor, teaches a group .of Gamboa Juniors the mechanics

of the butterfly breastroKe in preparation tor the eiks fourth oi July swimming Champion
ships which will be held' at the Gamboa pool.

Majors Produce $3 Million

Profits In Past Five Years


The 16 major league baseball

teams produced $2,867,803 in

net profits ror taeir owners in the

past five years.
An analysis of the financial
statements of the baseball clubs

showed today that the American

Midnight to 4:30 a.m. Friday and Saturday
Join our Informal CLUB 4:30 forthe late crowd
in the air-conditioned comfort of our Balboa Bar

Nfjhtcap oo'the-hous at 4:30 i.m..

CAROL also plays the plane fa the Balboa Bar
II p.m. to a.m. 8unn Tnea., Wed. ft Thnra.

League 'took the lion's -share of
the profits $2,683,192. T hje

eicht National League teams show

ed a profit for the five-year period

of only (184,611.
Some of the teams, like the
Brooklyn Dodgers, the New. York

Yankes, the Washington Senators

and the Chicago White. Sox, have

turned in profits in every one of

the five years from 1952 through
Others,- like the Philadelphia
Phillies and the Pittsburgh Pirates,

have lost money in every one of

the five years.. --.-The
financial statements were
made public yesterday by a House
Judiciary Subcommittee that has

been investigating anti-trust fea features
tures features of organized baseball, foot football,
ball, football, basketball and -hockey.

it was the first time that flnin.

cial reports ef the major league

inmi nave oeen aiseiosea.

hi figures


One of the surprising disclosures
was that the Brooklyn : Dodgers
have consistently been turning in
healthy profits to their owners for
the -past five years. So have the

New York Giants for the past three

Both teams have been complain
ing about their finances and threa

tetiing to move to Los Angeles and

san Francisco, to-get a better fin

anciai. break. ;

I ICHH'ltllti
: i -ptzxnAX-- " 1
;:; v heavy" J v
t- ffVw, i wttot "J J ftSO 1

ir 1

hwitolteaiiW 1 w M wb lik th : ParaMawtoKkatlweMl V:


Wthttmr ywsr type f bead, there's a RB thef )att
rift for you...a Raw iMtsat Utber that can ghre yoo
the amnnrheat. rlrintit ahrra yoo'rt crer had in
(Ae fim And a Km there a 34-hour thmw with
bdt-i after-share comfort to keep yow face feeling
smooth, soft asd eomfcrtaUa mil tlmj kng!




uhe Dodgers earned .profits of

?446,10Z in 1952, J290.006-in 1953

209,979 in 1954, $427,195 in 1955
and $487,462 In 1956. The Giants
earned profits of $395,725 in 1954,

loi.ijj in istto ana jhi,415 in 1956

out lost money in 1952. and 1953,

The bigest monev. maker of all.

however, has been the Milwaukee

Braves. Their,-profit totaled $2.-

oio, (ui m me past lour years. In

1952. as tha Boston Rrav tVi.w

were given te the lost' $459,099. ,

by baseball eiar Few ef the teams said divldeiiils

I tdl their stockholders.

Marlboro Outlasts Gallitb'
In Fast Basketball Game

Using their usual weapon ef
speed and good ballhandling, Fifi
Tom's Marlboro Colonites outlast outlasted
ed outlasted a hard-playing Ray Kam Galli-

to team Wednesday night 76 to 58

at the National Gym in Panama

City. This win places the Marlbo Marlbo-ros
ros Marlbo-ros in a second place tie with Galli-

to with two wins and one defeat

on the record of each team.
Both teams started playing fast
and set the torrid pace that was
expected of them, maintaining it

right down to the final whistle

In the first eight minutes it
looked like an easy Galllta victory

as the much taller and bigger or

ange ana wmte Chicks outolaved

the Colonites, on the boards, get getting
ting getting the rebounds and scoring to

good advantage while piling up an

eight-point lead. Alfonso Fraier

and cednc Bailey led the Gallito

attack but both cooled of after

the first .ten minutes.

In the 'meantime. Carlos Pont.

res and Rogelio Aikman fought to

keep the 'Marlboros in contention

wnn supern support from Roberto
(Papa) Smith. It was not until the
10-minute time period that the Co-

ion tita and Whites finally gnaw

ea ueir way into a one-mint ua

on a field goal by the veteran Nan Nando
do Nando Tom.' From here on tha Colo.

nites pulled away widening, the


7:00 TODAY! 9.-00
: rorutAB nighti
. Ut per CABl
CorHtance SmitK in


and William Lundigan In.
"CtWO TtKltOt."




m mam mm mm mm i5

. Ml t

tmuu auerance 10 as mucB as
nineten at one time. The first

nail enoea with the. winners ahead

oy iu04 to 24. ., .,-The
The .,-The hot pace was picked up and

Kam. maintained in tha u..j

naif the action being forced bv

tne colonites much to their arfvmt.

J" wyw we uuer but slower Gal Gal-litos.
litos. Gal-litos. In this blf

rti ' I

vuaiftxa pracucauy controlled the
game as th in..-.

n?.f flboro to control rf .the
ball that several

dehberately fouled th.i, i iJZ ei!

t ..."

Ph. X. '.W""91 25 Me bU after

mrgws. r ernando
scored seven shot in .i-i,

. mm VJkU L



Ton ."SS

u -, uio winners were with 1. Tom with

r. u w "ua yor with ff
M'St Btilejr i
.fo' next outing will be

tomn- "'7, eet

.14. Jack Smith irf n,.V ,'

tm..Uni bVrti; sg

0.15 J
- -Alai: :




BANK $115 00
I" Also: s j

A Incredible Picture
Hush Marlowe In
rro :
Neville Brand Buster
Crabbe In



OUD PtIZI $500.00
j with Brian Dontcvy
VfhS Robert Mitchurn'



- AlSOt m

I ,--:

I! I

i '

L j
l -I,, - - T ifi sjiisM J

gw4 er S a4y wjlk lbovs aa
ta 44-m a Wor- saw
L IMH- i ipe BinaaSt A-
j BXX BrTBBslk. TIBS a-t-pCBaaPtBaft

Mantle, N. Y;

Williams, Bos. 1
anowroii, iMi t. t.-Boyo,
Boyo, t.-Boyo, Ualt. -'
Mauone, Bos;
neiu,, cltive. a
Lemoii, Wasn.
oievtis,. wasn. 1
f ower, K.. C, 4

38 193 57 73 .378
"94 189 41 68 J60

Stf It) 3d 7 .44
57 184 3s 6J
ad ar o .aaa
' 59 241 23 .76 ,4JU

a iyi i bt
61 29 ti
45 154 18 46




Aaron, Braves
MusialK Cards
Moon, Cards v
Banks, Cubs 1
Mays, Giants'
Snider, Dodgers



' J3


, 12

American League
Mantle -Yanks -v., ; 19
Williams Red Sox 17.
Sievers, Senators : 15
Zermal, Athletics 13
. Maxwell,. Tigers "' 12
I H.v Smith, Athletics- 12
'Musiai, Cards . 53
Aaron; Braves 52
, Hoak,; Redlegs w 44
Emus, Cards 39
Bell, Redlegs A : 38

- American 'Laague
Sievers, Senators . 50
Skowron, Yanks 45
Mantle, Yanks 44
Wertz, Indians 4 43
Minoso, White Sox w ,-41:


Shantz, Yanks
SanfordV Phils

Bunnuif, Tigers

scnmwt. "Cards''

Trucks, Athletica

W', 'J

W L, et.




4 In The
Letter Box


rin representation of tha aarnert

01 me race. horse "Chlroke -.!

would like the public to know the

reason why our horse has not run

amice the General Remon Classic

on vune-i- ..- ,-,::.

In' accordance with the hanitt.

capping rules in Panama, Chiroke

is sun ennuea to one more -race

tne Second Series. ITnnn

entering our horse for the race

01 June a, we were told that the
other owners refused to e n t e r
their horses If Chiroke i.

lowed to run. The Handicaooer

then reclassified the toraea. m.p.

ing Chiroke and Gonetino in the

First Classification with weichte of

126 lbs. and 110 lbs. respectively.
All Other horses were droooed tn

the Second Series.'

We were considerine Ihe

chase of a verr fine horse in Pe.

ru, but under the present ruling.

prejudicing an owner for having
an outstanding horse, we would

oe loousn to bring another horse

here. It will be difficult for Chiro

ke to maintain good form if ha is

only allowed to run la classics.

sue aner mat 01 July 4. there
is no classic until September 15.
We ahalL therefore, be forced to

send him te another country.

Pennant Winder: Spearhead
750-Ctip to Nk lst Placcl
NEW YORK, June 21 (UP) Murry Dickson
and Stan Musiai, the only members of the last St.
Louis Cardinals pennant winner still with the team,C
have turned back the clock 11 years to pjay a vital
part in a .750-drive that's carried the current Red!
birds into a half-game lead in the National League'
scramble. C . . ,, .

Dickson. whe didn't win a game

for uie ui st sue .weens w toe e e-son,
son, e-son, turued. w hif,iourul .victory
oi ine uouin as tne larauiais, peai
the i'ittsDurgn t irates, i-4, lasi

mumg stress: to M games. lue

caruiuaut nave roateu aioug at a
15-a pace wis niuuia uiusiai
uttui: at a .uu-tW iiu urivutk

in 1 tuns in tne 2U kames. ;

i ue waiuuiaitf js"1uu tiieir half-

game margin wiui ine aia of tne
eW'-k!i tiiaui,- wub UMMett
tne Muwauk;e, juraves out ot tirst
pmce wiui a t-a uecisiou'tu iA tu tunings..
nings.. tunings.. Tne Cincinnati n c d 1 e M

vaulted mini iittti. lo .tniru .Wtti
wnen they wmouea tiie uroukiyn

liougers,' -l,' aim tne jiiiadeuima

f mines peat tne vmcaKO cuds.

in ine otner tmim'W&

The JNew xorK ianitees ran their

longest Winning Stream oi ine cam

paign to seveu- games witn a a-l

iu: over iner iHtuwu-xtkm .'ao'

moved to ..witnin one ana. a -hau

games of Uie nmencan League
ieaa wheo. tne -Baltimore Orioles

oeai tne iirsi-place unicago wflite
box, 4-1. The Boston ttea box down

ed toe Cleveland inaiaus, k-7, and

the Washington Senators deteated
ue Kansas city.' auucucs: in

otner. Ai 1 activity. Tbe Yaniiees

ana wmte box open a four-game
battle for the lead at .Yankee Sta Sta-dium
dium Sta-dium tonight. V -rt

'ine 41-year old, Dickson limited

me rirates to two runs and ei

en hiU beiore retiring "with a: stfil

arm alter eignt innings, and Lloyd

Merntt pitched the ninth. Musiai,
who doubled in the first inning to
keep his streak inatact, drove in
one run with a sacrifice fly in the
sixth.- Dickson had -a 15-8 record
and beat the Dodgers in ihe nn.

nant-clinchlng playoff game while

musiaj bii a mere .au back in 1646
when -the Cardinals- last on a


Bvuten homered fof the
who ere 1M for the'

Tha Claiws kaaf ttiaTAtI.

far the sixth time In rdne meeN meeN-mgs
mgs meeN-mgs when- Gail Marrls trlslea- in

the 12th end scared en Johnny
AntemllN sacrifice fir- It was
only the fourth victory "ef the
seiaen far Antenelli but markxi

the third straight tima ha beat

his ex-faromatas. Ed Mathewr third defeat

and Bill


Wally Post blasted a 1 grand
slam homer in the' fourth inning
ana BrooKs Lawrence pitched an
eieht-hiiier tn losH ik. n.xu. i.

uieir secona su-aignt. win over the i-
Dodgers: Gus Bell also hnmerori?

for Cincinnati while nnWo- nMoe V

hit lSio. U tor Brooklyn in theiirst ". ".-mning.
mning. ".-mning. yost s grand slam came off
reliever-Ed Boebuck's second del-
lvery. -: ..v'-- af
Harvey Haddix pitched a seven.

hiuer aud coilecteu tnree aincieB

as the Phillies held fourth place i
with their victory -over the cubs.
Granny Hamner delivered a three. i

ruri triple in the sixtn ot the rhil--''
lies while Ernie Banks fait his 13th
nomer tor tne Ouos. 'f Don Kaiser

suttered Jua n'"J0MP;;'fe'-
i Bob! Turley pitcaed a six-nitter
and struck out eight for the Van-
kees;r wnb swept weir three-game
series with the Tigers. -The loaa
went to irahk Lary. wno beat the
Yankees five times last vear. Mir. i'

key. Mantle went l-for-a and lilted
his league-leading batting average

' Brooklyn cast of Billy teas wen
his seventh game for Baltimore
with a seven-hitter that handed T
the W.iira Sox tneirxeighth defeat
, In 14 games. Bob Boyd deliver deliver-ed
ed deliver-ed key Singles as tne Oriole 3
scored two- runs hi hath the first
tnd second innjngs te chase rea- 4
ie Bill Fischer. ; t ?
' Billy 'KlaUS "and Jackie' iTenien

had three 'hits cach'to pace a 14-

uii neu oiu iiu m earned
Dave; Sisler to his fifth victory
Rocky Colavito homered and Vie -Werts
hit three doubles for the In.

diahs, who rallied from a 7-2 defi-

cit with two runs in the eisrhth and

three in the ninths The loss went
to Early; Wynn .and squared hia
record fat i

. Pinch hitter Art fchult's 'two. :

run double and Pete Runnels two- -run
single were the bi blows of a

five-run seventh' inning rally that

enabled the Senators to snap t
four-game losing, streak. Pedro Ra -mos
gained his fifth win while
Mickey McDermott suffered i.nis "i

Colombus Accelerating

Drive Towa rd tTbp Oi: I L

Very truly yours,
Clifford B. Madura

son. carrtrhed a ptxttung etwa
club's' sno-nd staff merfrj h'P-

Showing et Year Service
Center Theaters Tonight

BALBOA 4:Se :!$

ILate show 10:30 p.m.
rmTTLE niters"

Tin, enh, nu-rnoyr


MARGARITA 1:11 115


late show 16 39 t m.
-ITT I, ani mr.TT WATTH

"Dnt Knwir The

TQKFvr rm.rvo

Temada I The FadtUa

"Trl ef T WIM

CAMP BirFD 1:1$ H


NEW YORK. June 21 fTTPi

The Columbus Jets, unveiling s
new hero each day. are accelerat

ing their drive toward the top of

the International League stand
ings. f:- 'i i '-'-.t t

Cellar-dwellers most of the sea

son, the Jets have parlayed play player
er player reinforcements from the parent I
Pittsburgh. Pirates and indefatiea-

Die hustle to move within seven
games of league-leading R i c h-
mond. '' ., -,.-

Since June 2 the Jets have won

14 of 21 games.

Stout relief pitching by George;

Donnell. a recent FCL acquisi

tion, gave the onrushing Jets an
8-7 victory over the Rochester
Red Wings last night The hard-

foueht contest decided in the bot

torn of the. ninth inning, shot f Co Columbus
lumbus Columbus seven percentage points

past Rochester and into the first

division. --

Other Thursday night action saw

Toronto trip HtamL f-l; 1 Havana
beat Montreal," and Buffalo

outclass Kicnmond. -The
standings and Bnescores:
' Internatienal Loagva





Buffalo :

i Columbus
! Rochester


fYestardar's Raavtts

Toronto 110-102-000 1 12

Miami 000-000-001 1 52
Pearce and Roeelli: Bunker,
Hdnslnger (2), Lipetri (), Ander Anderson
son Anderson ( and McCuilough.

, W L Pet. 6B
M 25 Ma .,
' St. X Ml M
'I S3 2S .541 4
32 33 .492 7
S2 34-. 485 '7V4
, 31 35 .470 834
27 M .435 U
25 27 .403 11

- -j .re-'

iBuffalo v 003-001400 1 11

Richmond 010-000-100 t 84 i
: Cox and Noble Kutyna, Post
(8) and Chiti. LP Hutyna. HRs
Schell, Cox, Chiti.; v
Montreal v DOO-OOO-OOO A 5

Havana - TOO-500-lOx Bll-a

Valdes, Barker f4), Paige (4),
Cristante (5) and Pignatano; A
mor and Sierra. LP; Valdes.
Rochester ' 011-000-320' 7V 7

Columbus : 022-100-102 8 132

Browning, Russell (4), Msckin- f

son 7). R. Blaylock (7). 'Wright

(8) and Shantz; Naranjo, O'Don O'Don-nell
nell O'Don-nell (8) and Kravhi. WP O'Don O'Don-neiL
neiL O'Don-neiL LP Wright HRs G oss, Ver- ?'
dL'-' ' :


Today Encanto 5
'' x 'At f
"LOS MONA8CAS tfl Altr
:rAMitn sicmt-

Today-IDEAL-J20 -'.10
. CAINIVAL-. (Chapter! I ft I)
"J.W.H. T. 180$.-

Sports Driefs V
OETRDrJ. (UP) James P.

Riugh Jr., -foot-1 University of
North Carolina pitcher, has been

signed by the Detroit Tigers or-,
gsnization. and assignee! te Bir-;
mingham of the Southern Associa-.
atioa. Gary Lyon- ea infielder --

from Miami University Ohio, has
ben signed for the Augusta club -in
the Sally League, r ., ?

LONT)OV fTPV-Derek Thhrrfioa.

Britain's double four minute milk

er, scored an easy victory in the
Invitation two mile event stared
in connection with the Air .Min .Ministry's
istry's .Ministry's sports meeting Wednesday.
Ibbotson. who rsn the mile in 2:5a.

4 last Saturday, beat Gordon Pride

oy u feet in tne two-mile ran..
WcAGO,(UP) Don Paul a
linebacker with the Los Angeles
Rams, and Don Doll, a 4iva-yeaf
veteran with the Detroit Lien.. :

have been named assistant coach coaches
es coaches for the 1958 ; College AB-Star r
team which plays the champion
New York Giants in the anneal
pro-college football game-in Sol-;
diers field, Aug. I. --

(UP) Hesvyweight chsmpion
Floyd Patterson enjoys n dsy off -today
from his trsining grind for
a title defense against Tommy
"Hurru-sne" Jarkson en July 2. ;
Patterson worked four rounds sad'
rsn three miles Wednesday da

'tMtj aizalma twitirilwi



FRIDAT. JUNE 21. 1957
QwAmem- kIi:in 6 Fmrloii
ecoiKDl -Series

GaYilan, Blakemere, King

Enibrujada,; Embassy Meet
In S750 Saturday Feature:

. Cavah cernn1 KPTHPS
rii fi-iioe in the
sorint tomorrow afternoon
racetrack.' .'
rrk mr;ii Ko thA

. bVlan'ced card and has the earmarks of a rare thrill thriller,
er, thriller, v V 'w H W' i ?3'' Itr 51-

and Blakemere are expected to
be mpre-or'-less evenly backed in
the mufuels with King Coma Comatose
tose Comatose and Michlripa sharing long-

I saps fowaifri fyrw: ttrl Z--

to Kadlr la?t Sunday with Em-I
bassy, Vthe mutuels lavorra,
.nriin un a rilsaDDOlntinB tlllrO,
However, Embassy ,had a: good
: : L..,,u nn nf r Vl1 : IP.S
bandages slipped aad his train trainer,
er, trainer, was fined. "- f f V;
winner Scintillation last Batur
day Both Kaair sna.ouuuu.-,
tlon turted the seven furtongs in
'vmtnniidi twhich scored by
a eyeiasn owr mut w
? Written, fcr, NBA Servle ;
QUE5T1UJN:. A man on IlJrs do
'ttmot to. steal .second. T o
I catchers throw hits tbef second
base umpire., .What nves7-iacK

I I I,WW P"W w w
! slav. Sa is the ball. The .runner

f gets secend bete If he makes it
den'U c ; !.? i,
O With two strikes- on- him. the
fcattpr rtplihpratelv winei at a
nifi.h urhtrh hnunret hpfnre rcschr
it and tne Datter runs to iirsi De De-f
f De-f or the throw gets there. "Is be
lafo oi was Ihere s omethins
wrona with "his swinsing at the
pitch?'itoy Harris. .
A. No, he's safe at first bat..

Alumni Duplicates Opening t

Flight Score To
,, y -.; 'a..' f ' '-'.r1 ..-A' v

In Atlantic Basketball Loop

I- Standlnn
Atint Hasketoau Laaua
... W T nm Pof
Ulumni -8 0 1.000
. n uu -. UWB.
Pnwalla 1 V.,,. 1 JOU
Cristobal 1 .! v J00
. Working Bova C 0 2 .000
-Warinaaday'a Results
Powells u 5X -Working Boys 41
Alumni 49' Cristobal 38
Monday- Nghfa ,Games (7 p.m.)
Alumni -v vs.-woraing oys
- Cristobal vs roweus
. f 1KSVVK limunj
.TKa Alnmnl aiiintet of the Atlan-
'tic Basketball League dupbeated
their scoring ef Monday nights
nnanln ffa'ma cf the seaaonr They
scored 49 points in the nightcap of
. .... I J .a.
Wednesday nignt s oouDieneucr
! gsinst Cristobal, wmie umiung im
ittar tn nnl 3S nointa and SWeDt
I to the lesd of the young Gold Coast
- Powells started off the activi-
U (nr ha nicrht with S3 tO) 41
win over the Working Boys paced
Dyr young umy viosop s i-pouii
, effort that led the scoring for the
game. Tne Qaragemen com' row
alia -hrninari Intn an arl lead

' : right at the sun and psced the

game tnrougneut- aseaing i 10 v
at the first half and maintaining
that advantage' at half-time when
.the scoreboard-read--17- -10--ia.
Though the Working Boys manag managed
ed managed to to bold Powells back from
miklnr a ruaaaiav.. M jia venL
' the winner still coasted in to their
53 to 41 win. Gil Smitn scorea u
points for the Working Boys Jos-
,wg enon.
: John Hstgi'and Eddie Smith
leach posted 12 Doint efforts ia the
BiEnicaD ana lea ine AJuram 10
i their aecand win of the season.
pueiag them in first pisce, one
f vamat ah1 rj tha HaaHlrw-karf Pa
t wells and Cristobal. Cristobal blew
.lotit chance right at toe start
wbea they could only hit for to
poinu ia ue 11m quarter "wnue
tha Alumni wara mttJ..;9 12. From
that point onward the battle was
tcoIt frwirht Kirt tha dimici hid
.already beea done and Cristobal
could not recover from the early

setback. .Mike Rock's 15 poiBU.iHumphrey

fcizh for tse aichL did little to-
ardi overcoming the early A
junvu wad.
-Atlantic Ctfr Play Manday
Activity ceates in the Atlantic

n-t if

imoorted thoroughbreds
wideonen six f urlonir $750
at, the.Presidcnt Remon
ninth and last on a well
bassy a fortnight,; returns after
a one week rest. .-nnmatAM
nnmatAM .-nnmatAM and Michlrroa are
apparently, "off form", and 'pot
performing to their best.1'
s Accortung to wie cxycn
the thick of the fight in the
homestretch with .the ;,TWar
th decldlnor lacior. .:.--. .: 1
Gavilan's top weight of ? : 120
pounds, and his No. 1 post posi position
tion position may prove a bit too much
for him. He's as game s they
come, however, -and is expected
to cive aood account of him
self, r fl .... ;, ...
, f r -j ) -J r
Annt.har race that -could leave
the f ana hoarse Is the sixth race
in which lmDresslve ? newcomer
Chulpa goes against promising
Ttequest and; speedy f Celestial
Fire.- .--f
Seven other races are Included
oa the program. '" '
js ; .1 ii i- ) i i )
Sports Briefs :.i
NEW HAVEN. Conn, -w Thomas
A. .D. (Tax) Jones, 70, aa .AU-
America quarterback at Yale and
later head football coach in 1916
and ; from 1920 to 1927, died
Wednesday;; j1
BERKELEY. Calif. AdolonTW.
Sommerheld, w, a former .Cincin
nati apparel -? manuiaciurer ana
one of the founders of the National
Association of Manufacturers, died
Tuesday. x' ' '.'
Taylor, 400, who served as chief
medical vomcer at tne jonnstown,
Pa., flood ia. 1889, died Tuesday. rnnti tX. Tnnti jrn.
kiov M, -former .world's wrestling
ih,mninil .anil InrmW' Hnvifltf ann
wrestling instructor at West Point,
aiea weonesaay oi injuries re received
ceived received in a fau.' ....
Capture Lead
; ;- -'.- ,. ;
Rialcathall Tiffii now until Mon
day night when all four teams will
rafurn tn artinn. Th Workina Bovs
with plenty of talent but out of
... a ii a a tl.
conaiuon, nave eauea lor aaiiy
work-outs to meet the league lead leaders
ers leaders in the first game Monday night
Powells and Cristobal, tied up for
tne runner-up spot, wui meet in ue
nigbl csp. -; : s
- -
The box scores: -"
1st game
. rs rs
Gibson, Bill
una v
Paboa ''
Saso '1
HaU -Lorenia
Gibson, Koel
18 14 53
Working, Boys
jesries ;
Manning ,
" 4 4
Smith, GU';'
Rankin : ;
Kaufer u
Orvis -Smith,
IS I 20 41
2nd. game
Pammbo (Jr.)
Robin ette
Mercier J
Smith, Ed -Hatgi
i 2
Tagareputos,. n.
. 2
w' y
- Rock
t-aiumDo tr
15 f 10 38

of the American League; Warren Giles, presld ent of the National League s, ana Rep. amanuw
t (left right) 'ara shown .w& .w&-ary
ary .w&-ary subcommlUee opened hearings on whether professional : spprts should be subject to Fed-
aril anti-trust laws. lV, t

Rate Track i
f,P, t Horse, t Jeakey. It. J
1st Race 6th Series Imp. 7 Fga.
1 Bradomln A. Vasques 113
2 persiflage :.. J. Avlla 118
3 Melrose GSanch6 118 j

4 (inmuaa u. tawuxv imxnoi against tnese
H Rival '.." 1P.. Alvarez. 110 Rattw rhanea nnw :

6 Mezereum : B. Aguirre 11&

. 7 Display SongJ. RodrL 'J18 Sems best liere :;. f :f u M EVEN
2nd Baca 6th Series Imp. 7 Fgi. Purse 1400 'tf i
, ,,x,.v -2ND. RACE OF'THI ;POUBLE v
Wtoyrf Stream 'CaattDd 115 ReturnV from layof U fil
2-Bacana A. Credidio 103 -Weak effort In last ,. 10-1
socorrlta : E. Ortega 104 .-Not against these v x

4 banielQ s F, Alvare"105
. 1 W ..11 .,K
enianaliela U. kf. Bravo 110
k Mtvaan wmnuir j. avu 110
7-Oro .Purjto vJuL Hurley 418
' Jrd 'Raea 'GT Natives t Tz-.
' 1-iCertamen J. 'Hodrlgruez 113
? 2-iCbrriU iaVA Credidio 110
i SBugaba irg. Ortega 100
4 Regia A. OOMales 103
,ie.nm4tem si rarva1al 110
' r.ita jr; 111
il-Henco F.' Alvares 113
4th Race LTHla.; Natives. Fgs.
t-Bagdad ;'
1 2 Ebony ; ;
"3 Pichoto
4 Ouarare
8 -Presldente
8 Yoylta
7- Wayrlta;i:v
8 Frijolio
A.' Gonzales 115
F. Hidalgo 113
: A. Vasque 115
J. Cadogan 110
E. Ortega 105
rt nnrtv 10S
O. Sanches 110
. 1 na
A. Credidio 105

JthRace--A'and B""Natives 7 .Fr7.';;Fwte; .WW

1 Radical I'M.' Arosemena 105
''" .A
2 Aitrvia it. uriawa ivo

3- Lady Edna R. Vasquez 110 -Will fignt it out ...T .. x,
4- DoBrBrigido O. Duarta 1 17r -Could surprise
t35cS?WJ. M. Bravo 108 -Last doesn't count- t
r. V: :':,::,'.

gtb Race th Series .Imp. 1 m
l-Manandoagua JX Corbea 108
a-Xelestlal Fire J. JtodrL 112
3-Chulpa ; R Vasques 113
a EmDlre Cross B. Aguirre ,108
e-Tieques v, ,.. V. Castillo .118
7th Race 4th 8erie Imp. TJs.
Lihdescenca Va. Carvajal lOf
2-Joe'a FiddUng 8anches 113
8 Jaquimasa
main f B. Been 103
4 After Ma-.
8 Little Fool
8 FlflW 1
T rebrero II
8 Remozada
' V. Castillo 113
A. Credidio 113
B. Aaulrra 110
F. Alvares 108
3. M- Bravo 103
8th a-gptW- to
1 Cerveeero B. Baeza 103
2- Cvpress Bull JM- Bravo 108
jSDver Blue R- Cristian 110
4 (The Oipsy. F. Alvares 108
8 (Prlacesa Vaa. F.Oatica 100
a-Mar Bravo) R. Vaaque 118
7Julio Verne) A. Vaaquea 115
fth Race 2nd Series Imp 8 Fr
L-GaYflaa : V. Castillo 120
2 Michliipi .A. Credidio 105
3 comatose B. Baeza 108
4 Kmbruiada; 3. RodrtHS
5 Blakemere H. Ruiz 105
8 Kin-.. : ? tL-Ortega, 100
7 Embassy F.-Alvarea 115



Graded .tntnes
. Caaimaat
5 I-' yK
Purse S4M '
Jockey. may help i
-Rates good chance
Would. pay long odds ;
r,or.i v.i, 30-1
Returns from Uyot,t
Poor recent races : 4-1
' .1 ill A WmUI 1
M.nDuunE idtgcuiujucuu .v-t-.
Form indicates v fJi! S-Jl
Raq weU in lasfc M
-Should be runnerup -;
Was never better
Usually .disappoints f t
Ran well In return
Ratter thii week' '-?'f -HA 8-S
WirrTard in last "TT" TSl
Excluded from betting :; ; xxxx
v : t vl Pursa $27
-f-.; r.
Returns from layoff
-UsuaUy close up
noinmg in
Hasn't shown much -v?0-1
Pnnr offnrt In last
Showing Improvement y
n 1at '
Would, pay Juicy odds
.... -rt-?";
rJtance hsndicsps
' D.. akara farm
" 20 20-EVEN
EVEN 20-EVEN 3-2
. T1
.-Way above head .;
-Danger eardj : ,
f 2-1
-impressiv. wu. -.
--Not good enough
, -In fight to.nmsn .
mmt. 60
.False is vorite to. last
Z. 8-1
wiegaimng oest iorm
ui 1 .-'
returns rrom ayw
Last was revealing
y Seek second straight
: Should be close up ,y.
Ran well in last
Puree S0
Improving elowly
-Has strongest finish
Reportedly, improved
Vastly Improved
Nothine: o Indicate
Form indicates
Could Uke it au too ;
, '.. S-2
. ; -5
'' 2-t
'Parse 9758
. .
TTsually close uo .-,
Not In best, form
Doesn't seem likely
Will fi?ht it out'
Kxcellent efort Tsst ''
Ran weU last time
Distance U liking

Mays Sure Bet

To Get All-Star
Starting. Berth
KWW VrtSlf : .Tiin 21 fTJPV
Wfjiie Mays, who batted .500, as a
part-lime perrormer in iui tif tif-viouS.
viouS. tif-viouS. AllrStar games, apparently
win ha voted into the National
League's starting lineup for, the
a. a iL 2
ursi ume wis yar :
Tha Naw Ynrir tiiants' oriuiani
center fielder is one of five Na National
tional National Leaguers who have opened
up huge leads in the voting for the
starters in the annual miu-sum
mu olasin at St. LnuiB. Julv. 8.:'
Tha lotaot flanrna rnlpBRHri DV
Commissioner Ford Frick's office
total- revest tnst mays nss receiv
aH 97 nu vntaa for renter ueia
rnmnirwl tA Rrnoklvn Doric er cen
terf ielder puke Snider's second
place total of 10,276. Snider start
ed for the National League in
and ta.tK uihila Rut the Cin,
cinnati RtHlpff iitarted last' year
the three previous -times that
Mays was on the squad. j ?
" Pint- hiwmin Stan Mugial ? of
the St J Louis Cardinals has : at attracted
tracted attracted 32,768 votes for a 28,000-
lead over' Gil Hodges of tne uoa-
seri. white left-fielder Franx KOD-
inson.of the Redlegs, right-fielder
uanx Aaron or tne o Muwauaee
Braves and catcher Ed Bailey of
the Redlegs also hsve leads of a-
bout 20,000 : for their positions.
Red Schoendlenst of the Braves
leads Johnny Temple of the Red-
legs In the second-base oauotmg;
Tinv' McMillan nf tha Redleira leada
LAI Dark of the cardinals ror- tne

Fi u aiA vi vMuiuHW ....wif.a ---
sborstop berth, and Ed Mathews Ltions throughout the country. ..

: It's time the two of "you got

you and

' . fou and this masterpiece of real bourbon are
; sure to be the best of friends for many years
. to come. Today's a fine time to make the ac ac-.
. ac-. quaintance of richer, smoother, finer Four
- Roses Bourbon. j .;;

...'". S. 1 I
" I ) "t e-aWl.a.MH.

: .. When it's time for the finest -;. ; ; v
Four Roses Bourbon
- ""s '. '; .


By Conrodo
A wave of' protests by horse
owners, jockeys ana oiner mier mier-ested
ested mier-ested parties against the proposed
cutting, down on the ? amount of knlH annh meot at the Pres
ident Remon racetrack may cause
the Panama tiamnung control
Board to abandon the idea.
thai laat meetine the Board
'ruled to postpone the discusion of
the proposal.
nut Anllaacriia Armiimede 'Fats'
Fernandez of El. Dia, insists that
it 8 high time fanama s nanmcap nanmcap-ping
ping nanmcap-ping system is changed. Fernan
dez writes that our modern, resi resident
dent resident Remon racetrack has all the
improvements of the best racing
plants sucn as an eieciro-magne-tic
starting gate, photo-finish cam camera,
era, camera, automatic i nar.i-mutuels ma
chine, etc., yet we are saddled
with an outmoded, antiquated nan
Hipartnins- avatem. c ': '
Wa a crren with Fernandez '100
per cent that at times our nancu-
cappuig borders on tne ridiculous.
, OUO r
- A lua-vaarlfl lillw hv Caunt
Curlay-Anglia will arrive at tha
racetrack from the Haras San ;
Jose in Chiriqul some time next
week. Anyone Interested in pur
chasing the filly should contact
Ibere Fernandez at Panama 3 3-7200.
7200. 3-7200. r
- , oOo-' '.
Tha Panama flnmhlinc flnntrnl
Board this week approved the pro proposal
posal proposal to buy 40 race horses in the
United States.; Panam's Consul to
New York Roberto "Lelo" de la
Guardia will be in charge of pur purchasing
chasing purchasing the animals.
Tulelva nt tha hent hnrnea I in
training have been entered for the
$3,000 added one mile and a quart quarter
er quarter Pnnrth nf Julv niasin. Tha en
tries are Chiroke, Melendez, Suru-
meno, Kadir, Emoassy, uermanio,
Bacancito, Rosier, Eitbrujada. Po Po-siblemente,
siblemente, Po-siblemente, hSanturron and Hosti-
oiHnr FmhminHa will farrv 18.
Posiblemente, Santurron and Hos-
tigador 115 each and au tne om
en l2l.:-; ih"'-Hi--4M
. .vs.-;f oOo i :
Tpiiarlnna Bill, a chestnut son
of Tamesis that was injured at
Juan Franco, will soon be put
hank- Into training The colt baa
been under treatment at the farm
of Felix Espinosa in concepcion,
CWriqui and has ; reportedly, re-
cn vrl comDlPtelv. ?
- ,.3
Four reportedly expensive and
classy Argentine colts are' schedul
ed tn break into local racing in
SnnHav'a aixth race. Thev are El
Aaheila. Hostigador.-Colifato and
The' handlers of Hottigader and
Santurron think se hlgjy ef them
of the Braves' tops Don Hoak of
the Redlegs in the voting for third
base. .- v
The fan poll closes 'on June 27.
Tt fa beine conducted1 bv newsDS.
ni .nil rarfii anfl television sta
1 :

in' j
u. tr f


that both have been entered for
the National Red Cress Clasic,
which will be run en .June 30, ;
and the Fourth of July Clasic.
. Fl Achnila la a hlaek fnur-vear-:
old son of British Empire-Soleada.
ne ia uuijr uio ,ctuuu uuoyiiujt
the great Argentine sire to ever
race in Panama... The only other
was the classy Palmer. Agheila is
ownea ana tramea ny tne veteran
Isaac "Maestro uusunes.
Hnatle-aHnr ia a thraa.vaar nlH
black colt by Birikil-Honey Chile.
He is owned by Antonio Anguizola
Jr. and trained by Ernesto Paris.
Colifato is the property of the
Stud Poker. Noel Mason is his
trainer. This black colt is by Eno Eno-jo
jo Eno-jo out of Kukorica. Colifato's bad
legged stablemate Lucho is also a
son of Enojo. Colifato is, a four- M ".
. Santurron, a three-year-old bay,,
ia a ann Af RafiiplTn Santa snfia
He is owned by Mrs. Loly de Las
zarin ana. iramea oy Henry wnite.
Plataarln and .. Rnoiar will nra
iinrlor new Aumar.hia thia oiaak
nateaao was oougnt Dy Mrs. vio-
leta roung. tyru -larrert wiu ao
the training, f 1 ''
Rosier was reportedly sold for
a nigh price to the Stud Quite Quite-no.
no. Quite-no. Ramon Navarre, wh has ;
enoyed such "great success with
Chiroke, will .train the classy
Argentine herse.
. Presldente will race for the Stnri
Cascade in the. future. James Sil Silvers
vers Silvers is bis new trainer.
Silver Blue and Radical will
race without bunkers in the 'future.-''
-r --.V.'V. i .',.' t ,...'- -.
v Written for NEA Servlca
t ..... ii... ''
"I'm, doing something wrong,"
golfer after aolfer will say.
"What is it?"
Then .everybody will begin
picking on his grip. left arm,
backswinsr and : Divot. among
other things, n. .,. v ; -'
Often, nobody looks at the feet.
The -arms make the bio- motion
when you swing, but : the' feet
generate tha newer.
- Too many times, si player does'
not keep ooth ieet on tne grouna
during the backswlng. He winds
up with his weight on the right
means he has put his entire
foot after .the swing. That
swing in the shoulders.
An arm swing is no good ia any
game, jn golf It's even more im important
portant important to have the feet correct
Flex the knees, but keep the
feet- firm dnrlnc the backswinff.
Release-your right heel on the
follow uirougn. r
One rule you should remember
your feet you any
good unless they're planted on
tne grouna.

Pro Shop



1 Display Song Mezereum
2 Dlanalicia
3 Certamen'
4 Mayrita
5 Lady Edna
6 Tlequest '
v 5 Oro Purito
it i
Montero (e)
r Little Fool Joe's Fiddling
8 Mar Bravo (e) Cypress Bull
9 Embrujada -' r Gavflan
J 1 1 -!. .t t
4,1f 1
' : A;i.'.- ''";:
GUARANTEE,' X-GUARANTEE,' ': ; vwrni!;.i-f?
Taking chances 1
. Remember your car
a only as aaf as
I your tire. .
V s W V
TransisthtnUa l! jhT
TtL- 3-13C1


at , t y-


' :mV .vi.lirbj?-Jr(Tw..t:wu7 1 1 T..--'k? r "T" I P T"S C J -s space is for sale'
' In" ',' ' ' f ) """"" 4 - '
i-T"""1",,"l""i7 ... j. .. :-t :, - - ..,-;. i'v't'Kireiiitvi .I . " .aaaaaaaaaaaaeai WawaWMMMHMa
. ; w ' . P re ZT - ': Miscellaneous : Real Estate



' . ii i ' t

r FOR R(NT-ComlortM mill
furnished eiialet $75. Good lor
married couple. 48th Street No.
i5-B, Boll Vista. Phone J J-7251.
7251. J-7251. FOR RENT Brni now chalet,
"lorno AWare." 2 bedrooms, liv-V
Ijig-dinine room, porcn, nor wi-
for Inrtillition.
tM 2-2648i
FOR RENTt w WH w without
furniture, 4-bdroom Nlidonco, ;
with Urt llrinf room, oto.
' Beautiful yard in Golf ; Hoifhtt.
Call Panama 3-0899. :
: FOR RENT Fumithad chalet,."
2 bedroome. Cist Straot No. 4,
' Campo Alajra, $65, Phono I I-y
y I-y 2795.
FOR RINTs J-bedroom halo.
Can bo toon Saturday aftornoon
i all
. 24,
v PHILLIPS Ocoansldo Cottages
Santa CJara. Box -1890 Pn Pn-i
i Pn-i ma, R. de P, Phono Panama
' 3-1877, Cristobal 3-U73. .
beach house. One mile past Ca Casino.
sino. Casino. Phono Balboa 1866.
i Reserve NOW. Inexpensive
atisffing vacation, ".Santa
? Clara teach. Shrapnel's fur fur-;
; fur-; nished houses. Phono Balboa
1772. .,'f'v.
IBS Lacai Council
Mooting Hald
In Rainbow City A.
Anx interesting meeting of the
Local Council, International Boy
Scouts, of the! Canal 'Zone, was
held at the Scout shack at Bain1
bow City, recent wita Presv Ellis
S. Fawcett presiding,. A consider considerable
able considerable amount of business pn the
agenda waa taken- care of to
tne satisfaction of -U"membert of of-the
the of-the council in attendance, Prima Primary
ry Primary among the topics -discussed and
cealt with were:
. ..'- .
Request for charter for Troop
i araiso. Invitations to the pres president
ident president and Scout executive respec respectively
tively respectively from the National Council,
Boy Scouta of America, New
Brunswick,! N.J., to- attend toe
National Jamboree slated W : oe
t,.M at Vniiev Foree in August;
reports from, tha vice president,
Pacific and Atlantic district com commissioners,
missioners, commissioners, Seout Commuuoner
nH rmmittee on Boy Scout
iu.ov- ativiti't including the ded
ication, of the new cout n e k
Building 6071. Kambow pity, and
tins rview held in honor of the late
wiicnn 11: Crook, staunch friend
nd benefactor; of -the organiza
tion. The auditor'a report coveruig
the period ending December 1956,
ro-a.Mrtan1 and a committee ap
pointed Jto make further study of
the recommendations made by
the auditor t,
Discontinustkm if the "Communi-
ty Chest, which wui oe suduh?
jed by the) inauguration of the Ca Ca-al
al Ca-al Zone United Fund; .was dis
cussed At lengin smco uio in international
ternational international Boy Scouts- existence
w.nmrii an the funds derived from
the former Community Chest. The
. President, briefed the meeting as
to the proposed changes and the
necessity for greater effort bn the
part of every members of the
council to keep the organuation
aOoat, The meeting concluded with
' devotional exercises offered by
the Rev. .Fr. John Spalding.
Afghanistan Cop
Counsels American
Keep Women Home
i; rtTtriitT rifiin, Jan 21 fUP)
L. ia afffhanUtan eolice official
m.iA tnriav that American cities
ran cut their crime rates if they
v th women home.
! nim Mnhammed Hoor. director
f statistics for the cHy of Kan-
i :j it ata home1
and Uke care of the cwldren
there wiD be no juvenile lenn lenn-uency
uency lenn-uency and no sex crimes.
' la his country, where men are
"il lowed four wives, Hoor said sex
'flOenders are 'dealt with mm
more severely. V
Adultery" s a apiUl ofense In
Af phanisun and firing q a a t
back up gogvernment disapprovaL
Afghanistan is not troubied by
mariv drunks, Hoor said, because
drinking of alcoholic beverages is
m violation of one of the tenants
cf Islam. The country has no nar nar-cotics
cotics nar-cotics problem for the same reas-
. on.
Mnar arlmila Afehaaistan does
Vs'e morderers, burglars
'.rnfi Yaerr. try

NEW $?

, ,r bands of fierce tribesmen Engineering and Construction tU tU-.
. tU-. outdated. rector. .-. ..


modom furniihod apartmanta, I,
2 badroomt, hot, cold
Phono Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT A throe-bedroom
apartment, with two bithi, liv-
ing-dininf room, kitchen, maid'a
room with own bath, wathtuba,
garage, and hot water facilities.
For further detail call Panama
FOR RENT t-Spacioui two-bedroom
unfurnished apartment In In-fine
fine In-fine residential dietrict,: Riviera
Buildina. Calf Panama 2-1661 v5-
during office hours.
FOR RENT: Cool, furnished:
apartment en Via Porras No,
120, beside Roosevelt Theater,
overlooking SAS Commissary, For
information phono 3-5024,
FOR RENT Furnished and un unfurnished
furnished unfurnished apartments. Telephone..;
1386. New Alhambra Apart-,
ments. 16th Street, Colon.'
FOR RENT: r Completely fur furnished
nished furnished efficiency apartment, air-',
conditioned, elevator service,
utilities and: linen iurnished. Call
FOR SALE2-bedroom apart
rnenf, living-dining room, $60..
Screened. 56 Belisario Porras. In Information
formation Information phono 2-23 1 6, 3 3-0234.
0234. 3-0234. FOR RENT: 2-bodroom apart'
ment, House No. 45, Avenida
Jose Fee. do la Ossa, above "Pa "Panama
nama "Panama Auto." Also one large de deposit.
posit. deposit. For. details see Oe Castro,
No. 24, Ave. "B."
FOR RENT- Furnished apart-,
ment, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,
hot water. Phono 2-2504.
FOR RENTt -bedroom apart apartment,
ment, apartment, living room, dining room.
AH conveniences. 84th Street
No. : 96, Belisario Porras, Sin
Francisco Phono 3-213S.
Gfrl Staters Hold
July 4lh Cake Salr
In Balboa Tomorrow
'V'. rt :,!', ,f st-i
A soeclal eake-Uckef kale will
be--conducted ifbv members "' of
Girls' State tomorrow in an effort
to- raise funds for the Pacific side
Independence Day celebration; ;
Girl Staters Ian to sell home
made cakes and cookies at the
Balboa Post Ofice : starting at
8:3d in the morning. They also
will sell tickets to the June 29
fund-raising dance which: will be
held at the Fort Amador Ameri American
can American Legion Club June 29.
Miss Francis Paige, chairman of
the cake committee, said: "We
are bakinz the cakes ourselves
and we are sure everybody will
find them delicious."
She and Miss Sue Mabel, secre secretary
tary secretary of state for Girls' States, are
spearheading the cake-ticket sale.
It will continue until -the Girl j
Staters have, sold their allotment I
of tickets for the dance. v I
The Fourt of July Committee
has obligated itself to rasing. $3,000
for the celebration on Independ Independence
ence Independence Day. Its major expenses in include
clude include $1,200 fireworks andv. $900
for: favors for children;
Holed Dutch Expert
Here To Observe
Lock Chain Fenders
. -; -; "' Y'-;1
i i: F.' Josephus-JitU, chief jm jm-gmeer
gmeer jm-gmeer and manageriOf the office
of the Director of Public Works for
The Netherlands, is spending three
days in the Canal Zone this week
to observe the operation of the
Panama Canal locks and speci specifically
fically specifically the operation of chain fend fenders
ers fenders in the lock chambers. 1
His interest in the chain fend fenders
ers fenders ia the result of recent plans
made by hia government to install
similar chains in the lock cham chambers
bers chambers of tha Amsterdam Canal
which runs from Amsterdam to
the Rhine River. Provisions for the
chian fenders were made when the
locks were built but they were nev never
er never installed, according to Josephus
The Amsterdam Canal has four
locks, Jeeephu Jitta oxplein oxplein-od.
od. oxplein-od. The two located in Amster Amsterdam
dam Amsterdam wore constructed in 1878
end another in tH. The lock
located in Ijmwiden we built in
1930 and is the largest in the
world 15$ toot wide, 1,308 foot
rang and 58 foot doep.
The noted Dutch engineer also
designs special hydraulic works
and undertook the project of build building
ing building a lock in Spain which was com
pleted in 1949.
He u making his first inp M
tropical countries and plans to-'
leave for Maracaibo, Venezuela,
shortly where he will observe the
flexible protection of a wharf as asms,
ms, asms, rubber shock absorbers behind
the fenders.
- During his visit to the Isthmus

arid he made a tour of Canal installa--k.t-c
a and coemd briefly with

Col. H. w. &cnuu, jr.. acting oov-


t.T.Avr. vntnt Alt WITH

RnnN m R Htmt a. MORRISON 4th bt Julv Ave. A J St

FARMAC1A LUX 164 Central Avenue

VAN-DER-J1S 64 Street No. ti t ARMAC1A EL BATUERO Faroue

too Bella Vbta TbeaUa.
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door 4-door 6-cyl., radio, heater, plastic
seat ; covers, extras, excellent
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dio, excellent condition, duty-;,
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Price: $675. 4ust selL v
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iL" Melendex. Garage John-
aton 1 guaranteed auto repairs.
Phono 456-A, Colon.
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I door, radio, excellent condition,
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4443. :.:'rfli-;i .-;.',: V.fe
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Plymouth sedan, excellent ondi
tion,' duty paid .Bargain priced.
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dition. 2-1872. .,
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Oldsmobile, good condition. A
merican owner. Phono 3-7387.
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V8 with wsw tiros, radio, back,
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FOR SALE: 1954 Plymouth
Station Wagon, excellent condim
tion, $900 or best offer. Phone
Panama 3-4736. t
door SALE:-door sedan.
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' Mi.,
Packers Shippers Mover
Phonos, 2. 245t 2 2562
toani Riding-at
Riding V dumping Classes daily
3 to 5 p.m. -Phone 2-2451
, or by appointment.
-4? call
4 RiDOE ;;
" Gexiera! Aeent ".
Gibraltar Mfe Ins. Co.
for rates and Information
Tel. Panama 1-0551'
TeL Pan. 2-1661
"Slim foai flrnre down"
McLevy Machines, Maaiai
team Bath mala ana fcauit
Medical helta, arth braces.
SS Av. 'Joste Araeamena S-Z71)
Of. SCROLL trainee Cfaitopedlal
It.osk for Bill
I. L Moduro jr.
Amm tl Banco Kaclanel
Concert Pianist
Daniel Ericourt
Will Play Monday
: Concert pianist Daniel Ericourt,
who will be featured soloist with
the Symphony Orchestra on Mon
day night at the National Theater,
arrived on the Isthmus yesterday.
Under the directao f Prof. Her Herbert
bert Herbert de Castro, the orchestra will
offer varied program highlight highlighted
ed highlighted by Ericourt a rendition of Ser Sergei
gei Sergei Rachmaninoff's Concerto No.
ln c. Minor. This is the second
the 1957 series of dneerxo.
SubscnpUoo for the five com coming
ing coming concerts a're. available at spe special
cial special prices at the Department of
Fine Arts, telephone Panama t-
0258. Reservations for Monday s
concert already are om sake.
The Rachmaninoff cxmcerta is
made up of three movements, mo mo-derato.
derato. mo-derato. adag'.o softeouto and al allegro
legro allegro achenando. Many critics con con-tiArr
tiArr con-tiArr this to b m ff the finest
works of the Russian comcoser,


J.fuy wsa -ALUiJV-1-en.rai
TIFFEN FILTER, 50 off list,
'International Jewelry, 155 Con- .'
tral Ave. ''--
i FOR SAtE: 30O pro-Colombian
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' 1440. '
FOR SALE: Piano $175. radio
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refrigerator $140, gas stove $70,;
washer $55, water heater- $20, j.
i 8mm, movie: camera $35. Owner
leeving Panama. Phono Panama
3-4680, v
Be Owner ef Your Own Home
with only $I2.4-Ono 3 -bedroom
home, completely furnished with
a ; 1 957 Chevrolet automobile;.'
one 2-bedroorH home completely ''
furnished and one 4 957 .Opel
.' Rekord Olympia automobile are
.the three, prizes of the Grand'
' Raffle to raise fundi for the Na National
tional National 'Sanctuary of the Immaeu
'late. Heart of Mary to play in ac accordance
cordance accordance with the drawing of the
National Lottery on Sunday, July
7. Ask tor Marina 2-0740 from
' 8 'to 9 a.m.' and from 1:30 to
4:30 p.m.,' and 3-2823 after
, S:3ft p.m. for any of these'num these'num-ben:.
ben:. these'num-ben:. 4661, 4665, 4669, 0900,
0904; 0905, 0907. 0908. 0909.
FOR SALE:- Save money. Buy
Clayco blocks. A' a 12'' a 12;".
They are : economical, light and
' do not crack, $123.20 per thou thou-"
" thou-" sand. Clayco Alfareria, S.A.,
Via E.pifta No. 37-48. .Phono
3-oi 60. '";'V:.
Panama Lino
The Panaml liner Ancon which
is due in Cristobal Monday from
New York will sail Wednesday,
June 26 northbound with 158 pas passengers
sengers passengers for New York and -five
booked for Port-au-Prince; Haiti.
- Passengers for Haiti include Mr.
and Mrs. V Leander P. Bonnell
John Darranjas; Mrs H. West-,
cott Roach;, and Mrs. H. J. Sulli
van, j. v i - v . j
TlTie 'eomlile'ta'-' advance tias.entf-
er,li4 'for; New: York follows?,. -s
Mr., and Mrs., Walter M.. Alves,
Jr., and fdur children; Dorothy
Alvord; Miss Eleanors Anderson;
Mr. and Mrs Roy F. Armistead,
and: son Mr.' and Mrs. Clifford
Asbury; and three daughters; Mrs.
Stella Bradney; Mrs. Santa Brown
Mr. and Mrs. ,Hehry P.' Butcher,
Jr., and two children; Mr. and
Mrs. Hugo V. Chirielson, and three
children; Dr. and Mrs. Gerald E.
Gosgrove, and four children; Mr.
and Mrs. Emerson W. Cottrell:
Mrs. G.i Davison; Miss Adelaide
De Loca; Mr. and Mrs. Antonio de
Rour; Mr. James C, Drawbaugh
Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Duswalt; Mr.
and Mrs. Gerard Duval; Mr. S.
Duval; 'Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L.
Ferrv : Mr. and Mrs. cawara r
Filo. and three 'children; Mr. and
Mrs. Norman uiavaui; ana kit.
and Mrs. Peter Greig.
Mrs. Flora Hack, and daughter;
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Hanna,
and four sons: Mr. and Mrs, Wil
liam C. Hearon, and son; Miss
Mildred Hennefeld: Mrs; Hope H
Hirons, and three children; Mrs.
Miriam s. mrscni. ana iwo crui-
Ull, u i.uiu, -wr;.
os; Mrs. Agnes jonnson; mr. ana
Mrs. Murray Klipper, and two chil children:
dren: children: Mrs. Anona H. Kirkland, and
twr rhlldrpn: Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Kershaw; Mrs. Margaret garrison
and son Lamar M. Lavender, ana
two children; Milton K. Leidig;
Mr. and Mrs. wuuam a. Manory,
Sr. and 'two children; Miss Kita
Marcotte; Miss Zobeida Meama;
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Middleton;
Maximilian Miletsny; Miss Frances
Morris; Mr. and Mrs. Heroerc uni;
and Rev. and Mrs. Paul H. W.
nianHsf. and ton.
Mr. and Mrs. jonn anuuu,
Jr Dr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Payne,
and dauehter: Mr. and Mrs. F.
fecnette: miss raincia imjj
Miss aara Percy; Dr. Everett R.
Rhnadrt: Dr. and Mrs. Charles
A. Rockwood, and son; Mrs. Ce
cilia A. S.- Roxiriguei, ana son;
Mr. Samuel Roe. Jr., ana son; ir.
and Mrs. Rushing; Dr. John' K.
Sass; Mr. and Mrs. ueorge v.
scneiDe, ana uiicc
Haxel Soderberg; Miss EtherSUiT
Mrs. Maria A. Meers, ana iwo
rhiMran- Mr. and' Mrs. Herman
iTmrtia- Mr. and Mrs. Octavio A
v.iiariiMi- Mr. and Mrs: Francis
w u.rUin and son: Mrs. Ana
Rebecca P. Wiimns? air. ana mr.
u.- v wi raorocs. ana eun
Dr. and Mrs. jonn c muu
iaar childrea: and Mrs. Ruthelma
ZemeT and two children.
Pact Of Armless,
Blind Girls Ends
With Craduatiort
PATER SON, N.J,'" June 11
(UP A mutiral assists nee pact
tkat spanned three years ended
here Wednesday Birrn.
Bettv Arm Vennard.-lT. who nasi
pen arm in since oinn, r.r.Qi-
Ud from Central High SchooL
Prtl had 6rotri Cuv on 15
year eld lo orraia im openi
school eoors for i'. Attn ixw,;
now a junior, r1 1 oa" Btty to1
lead her tn cho. )
Xoia is t

""f '"r'tTiV

I Fa da la Oana Ave No. 41 0) FOTO DOMY Justo Arosemciu Ave. end 3J Si. t ABMACiA
Letev? 't UiUSt wAUaC "" pam-W NQVEDADES ATH1S Bld.

Home Articles
FOR SALIr Hot water heater.
brand new Westinghouso Vacuum
; cleaner, slightly used vacuum
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hogany mahogany imitation bamboo living :
room set, like, now $75. Avenida -';
Ernesto Lofovro' No.. 40, Parqua
FOR. SALE: Ono washing ma.
cfcjne Bendia automatic, 25-cy-c)o
-i first reasonable offer ac accepted.
cepted. accepted. House 0315 Cable Hts.,
. Ancon. '; '.;
FOR SALEt- Chinese hook rug,;
. 9x12, maroon color with floral
' design $40. Phono 2-325-i Bal-
boa. '.t i' w
Baby crib wmatrets, good con.
dition, quick tale $12. 83-7102,
trs. NO. 090 Cur. tits
FOR SALE:-W,estinghouse elec- -J
trie Ice boa in perfect condition.
Price $35. Can be soon-' under
. house 0772-K, Williamson Placo,1
Bialboa. ..
FOR SALE: Gas stove, beds,
; chairs, bookcase, chest ef draw-,
era, tables,, record-player at bar-,
.gain prices. Phono 3-7043.

Bauer Asks Grand Jury Hearing
In Night Club Slugging Charge

NEW YORK.- June 51 .fTrP
.Outfielder llank Bauer of the
New York Yankees waived -r ex
amination in Magistrate's Court
toaay: on charges he slugged a
fellow customer ln a New. York
night club last month. Bauer
asked for a Vfull hearins',, by a
grand jury. :v !.. v.-i:.
As he left, the, court after the
brief proceedings, ; ,th Jiusky
baseball star Was handed a sum
mons in a $250,000. damaae suit
brought against him. and the
night club by the victim-of the
alleged attack. ; r f-
Edwin Jones, a New York deli
catessen proprietor, claims Bauer
struck him during a dispute in
tne copacabana Night Club on
May 16. Bauer and other Yankee
players and their, wives wore cel celebrating
ebrating celebrating the birthday of -. ex-
teammate Billy Martin in a par party
ty party at the restaurant. -;.
Bauer, who was charged with
felonious assault, was taken into
custody the day after the inci
dent on : a "civilian arrest by
Jones himself, :s -,
Bauer's attorney, Sidney O..
Friedman, said the other Yan
kee players and "certain" other
persons" 'would be called to tes testify
tify testify in the grand Jury hearing,
The attorney said he was f'con f'con-fident"
fident" f'con-fident" that a grand jury inqui inquiry
ry inquiry "will result in complete exon exoneration"
eration" exoneration" for Bauer.-' :
Today's hearings was held be

2 Guardsmen Dead 47 Injured
"As Bolts" Strike Bivouac Area
FT. BRAGG N C, June 21 A second lightning bolt struck
(UP) Lightning bolts, flashing! about 10 minutes aiter the first

from an electrical storm struck in
the center of bivOuacing National
Guardsmen Wednesday, killing two
men and injuring some 47 others.
The victims, identified aa PFC
Arthur Belton Norria Jr., 19, and
PFC Walter Le joiian. zi, coin
I of Kannapolis, were among 8,060
membera.of tne lamea win inian-i
trr (Old Hickory) Division of the
North Carolina National uuard in
summer training at this military
post. : .." ': ; ;"' :.
The storm struck as the men
prepared for supper, many stand standing
ing standing in chow lines.
"The ground aaook soinelhng
terrible and my feet felt aa if the
ground were airzling just burn-
ing up," Capt. Joseph E, Orlan of
Kannapolis said.
The most severe area of the
storm seemed to center in the bi bivouac
vouac bivouac area of headquarters com-;
pany from Kannapolis and Com Company
pany Company "G" of the lOUi Regiment
from Newton.
In addition to the two men killed,
19 of the injured were from the
Kannpolis outfit and eleven from,
Newton unit,
Orlan, a company commander,;
was standing in a kitchen area
wlfcn the lightning bolts struck.
making a noise hxe "a btg explo-

Ore of the cooks waa knocka les j
ejrjt by the first of several boits.) "Fine said Mrs. Betty Stev Stev-Orlan
Orlan Stev-Orlan said. Other cooks, rushing ens. "Shall we schedule it for
to his aid with artificial respira jtbeir summer vacations?"
tion. revived him ia a matter of j So the Stevena wade plaiss to
minutes. (giv their nine etuldrwi four boys
"The men ia front of the cfcow'aod five girls the German mea-

line feu like bowung pins, said
PFC. Gary D. Troeadale, If, of
Itrknry. , )

-My mess gear was wrenched daughters to have German wa-(
from my hand and bent all out of sles while they're your?," r
thane. I heard nermU callma for'SJeveni said. "Tbrv wont ca'ch

K. trtiri hut 'thn hail bB 1
knocked out toV be said.

Cotnl Ave.

' PANAMA 2r4616 IS THE
, ICE, Call before 1 p.m. for sdmo
;' dey service. Local calls $2.50.
' Also radio,- hi f and general
electronic repairs. 1 '
Tho host dlnnors and drinks
aro served in our modern air air-conditioned
conditioned air-conditioned cafeteria, grill and
- bar. Hotel Intornacional "Pla "Pla-1"
1" "Pla-1" xa S do Mayo.' -'
LOST: Hound pup,' 2. months,
black 'and white,' brown head."
0821 Plank Street, Balboa. Tel Telephone
ephone Telephone 2-3539.
Boats b Motors
.FOR SALE: Outboard motors'
12-hp. ,. Elto, 25-hp.v; Johnson,,;,
' Both -excellent condition, Tele-.
v phono office 82-3167, homo
. FOR SALE. 40-ft. former Army
J Boat, fully equipped,- (diosef
power). Call 2-3578.
i 1,
fore Magistrate Frederick Strong
There was no indication how
soon the matter: would be taken
up by the grand Jury. ; w
Bauer, a ruggedly-built ex ex-marlne,
marlne, ex-marlne, was mobbed by young youngsters
sters youngsters when he appeared outside
the courtroom after the hear,
lug. He posed cheerfully ,fdr pie
tures and spent some ; time ln
signing autographs on pieces' of
paper, thrust at hlm-i;.'" Kf
t Other players present at the
party- la the, night -club -' were
Martin, Yogi Berra, Mickey Man Mantle,
tle, Mantle, Whitey Ford, and : Johnny
K.UCKB. xne wives 01 au tne pray prayers,
ers, prayers, except the unmarried Mar Martin;
tin; Martin; were preaentv. ,.;.(;
Jones was present at the club
In a large group for the annual
celebration of a bowling team.
In some way A discussion sprang
up between the Jones group and
the Yankee group and Jones con.
tends that as the climax of a
dispute at about 2:30 a.m. Bauer
struck him "with a clenched
fist," causing him certain facial
injuries.' r r,.:,;:-.., : .V
J' ;'';'.'.''.,yJ-':-.r: X,. :(t: ':'
The incident resulted in fines
of $1,000 each being levied a-
gainst the' Yankee players by
the team for their night-time
partying, it also was reportedly
a factor in .Yankee dissatisfac dissatisfaction
tion dissatisfaction with Martin that resulted in
his being traded last week to the
Kansas City AX r
boU.r v
Orland said, Just put my bare
foot on tne wet ground wnen it
came just like the first one. It
siung my legs ana my hip and
knocked me down. I don't remem remember
ber remember what happened after that." t
None of the injured are in ser serious
ious serious condition, Army officiasl re reported.
ported. reported. Only four were. actually
admitted t hospitals where they
are being treated. The others were
kept overnight for observation.,' .
Miles away from the acene, Lt.
Col. Alvin .Hillebrand of -Durham
suffered an eye injury when the
shock hurled a telephone be was
using into his face. - ',
A Jolt Of 'electn'cty traveling
more than three miles along tele telephone
phone telephone lines threw Capt. David L.
Bntt of Raleigh across a- targe
tent. .
9 Kids To Get
German Measles
For Vacation v
I. June I
id Dr.1!
e. "hoi
21 (UP- 'DarliiDf." said
Charles Stevens to his wife.
nve the children German tneas-
slea this summer a tney wouiai
not have worre atuclts later.
"It s much better for our five
it whrm thrv are rrrET,ant which
icouid bo 4ar,grous.


GIVEAWAYS: More kittens
with personality. Mother a Siarn Siarn-ea,
ea, Siarn-ea, fathers mystery: Call Balboa'
2302. if. V ir
You need not buy TV.SETI
; RENT' IT at', reasonable price I
Call 2-2374. ,,
Domestic Employment
WANTED: Housekeeper, good
eook. Sleep in. ; References.' No.
1 1. Cello Jose Gabriel Duquo, L
i vretta.
WANTED: Maid, must apeak
some English. Apply House 35,,
Apt. 6. Ij2nd Street, Carraiquilla.
WANTED:- Responsible maid'
, tor flenaral housework. Must un-
derstand little of cooking. No
.laundry. Live In. Apply: Houre
No. 0257, Apt, B, Gamboa, C.Z.
Vhilo Farmer Slays
flcgro Airman Who
Visited His Sister
YAZOO CITY; Miss.. June 21 ,-
(UP) A 50-year-old white farm
er with a prison record for man
slaughter today was charged with
murdering a young Negro airman
who, was visiting the farmer's sis sisters
ters sisters V i i.
County Atty. Griffin Norquist
said -Raiford Walton admitted
shooting Ariman 3C Charles Brown
in the heart Tuesday night,, Both
lived!' in ,a farm area near' this
t 1 allK ,1
.ail umnv mni HT-trtrs
'Sin '5. 4 A f-

y t

I i : 5 v I
I t ', ' '-i,,.'Vi.-;':. V' .f ;'.1J-"'

I ... -, .- .... --'.' -.-.ii1'-;'".;', -I

. 1950

FORD, 4-door, ConvM radio ... . 925.00
PLYMOUTH, 4-door i a.--e 900.00
, PLYMOUTH, 4-door . i ". .-. . 800.00
MERCURY. Hard .top, 2 tone ;'.k. V. : ;275.00
PLYMOUTH. Convertible .... .4 -1 50.00

FORD, 4-door:S
BUICK, 4-door .
. BUICK, 2-door

FORD, 2door, 6 Cyl.' ........... .1,175.00
CHEVROLET, 4-door, radio',- PClide 2,150.00
! 1 v x'i--


PANAMA 3-7010

FOR SALE: '3 -aero farm with
500 Hybrid chickena. Furniihod
: modern house and out; buildings,
:, maintenance ,' equipment indud-
,t id Loeatian Arraiian. anay.Mfla

from Canal Zone boundary. Tel Telephone
ephone Telephone Panama 2-4920, 4 p.m.
to 7 p.m.- i t 1
WANTED TO BUY) Incyclo Incyclo-.
. Incyclo-. pedia Britannica, used. Write
Stewart Efan, CI Vailed ,' ,"
Adults Teenagers P ret eons
; Balboa 2-4239, Harnett a n 4
' Dunn. 1 i
Cream Skating
CHICAGO. June 21 fUP -Twei
17 year old girls working in a
local ice cream parlor think their
boss is-a good skate.
The girls, Buthr Toorner and
Sharon Anderson, wear r o liar
skates on the job because "it
makes it easier to get from the
chocolate to the vanilla." The boat
never has complained.
4 l-J" Jit H lt 1 f t
town on 'the edge of the Mississip Mississippi
pi Mississippi Delta,'
Walton, who 'served time for kill killing
ing killing a white man 20 years, ago, had
someone call officers and tell them
to come after him '.'because I've -just
killed a Negro."-- ;",' "-'''.'.
f Norquist said the Shotgun killing'
took place as the 20-year-old Ne-,
gro sat at a dining room table in
the farm home of. Walton's sister.
Mrs. Hilda Robinson, about SO.

: Lesson;

FIFfTPfllllf fnlllTMIK


CALU 2-23U : t


ItLt-KAD 1
1 .
. i. ........
1 50.00 1

a) i V r t- j


t 1

ffl-1'2 .rH,sTOBt,oF.aiAJRTi
' TERRTANPTinirilM ;., ' r- rTT aostlvwusntorw A IWmowsnwaskeometocd-S I : f ltMS J I 2
J V r I BJlVw--0 O -L buy our own tinchcos- A ( kj-v- havewnTV TtmwwT T- -V" . 1 .'-;,"SS1
: tf.V I MSm i JMiV MLIMIAJ.
p-"-- y llp jp ilj V
vf- ' v" ; .-, j r ni: ;f i
' WliMiI WARM7 NONS THAT I I V""- 1 1 I ALLEY OC?P, TH' MIGHTY, 'Ji&1 V; I Tf W jTT : ''VW vWWfC f
JnVp COULP 5EE-.HE PUT l SORRY t Vfv th' SLV. WITH TH" AX.- A GOSH, FOCZY, 4fifctt ?- iy KrrnOS ZsJ i W I V iteC-2S!r
s-'i. yJ (3ETHEH AT TH' i AN1 StJFP. J BOYS AFFAJR. Jt, 6AURS, HIGH ON s' rX HEARD OP 7i.J JiSESC JEfLVfT S n I 71 "JZ-X f it ikS 'III
irm?sii,wrEVERiw I friend, was who l x V, n'ys XmW xr VW llEKSfi jQirjLuei Z -"vv vsSoA. I

j V BOOTS AND mm BOTDB3 ; Saw Everythtaf By BDGAS MARTIN
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to gtoi? -True Life Adventures


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By Calbraith

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Faltering Philip

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GUARD DOWN Other mrBb ot BriUini Grenadlar
Guard, riinta their pl after ff.
fulWdres rehearsal tar Um Trooping of U Color! ceremony.
Many guardsmen pasted out 4urlpf tha -dry run," which mm
'- held durinf London belt wavo. A-. ,.! j ,


-"' PANAMA-MIAMI $55.00


-' Todty'ft JY Program

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. PANAMA: 3-1057 3-1633 3-1 77

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" '-!' 1 :," " ": 1 -' Read. st6ryA6nT page 6

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1 1
United Press Marks Half Century
With Imp re ssive S c ore 6 fiFi rsts


"Let the people know the truth and the country is $afe Abraham Lincoln.




High Court

Decision On



H WASHINGTON,1 Junis 21 (UP)-
Th government rushed an ap appeal
peal appeal directly to the Supreme Court
' yesterday to overturn a court ord order
er order barring the surrender of Wil William
liam William S. Glrard, 21, to the Japa Japanese'
nese' Japanese' for trial on ; manslaughter

In a netition filed with the high

4 ourt. Attorney General Herbert

' nrnwnell Jr. denounced as "clear

, ly wrong" the ruling of Federal
I District Judge Joseph C. McGar-

iraphv that a Japanese trial would

violate the constitutional rights of

' t8e Army specialist.
( Brewnell urged the court to
Teverse McGarraghy's decision
promptly. He said that the pub pub-fie
fie pub-fie interest of the United State
demands "an early disposition
jtf this- case."

Brownell's petition included a
Itatement by Defense Secretary
: Charles E. Wilson that failure to

settle the case Quickly "may dis

rnpt discipline" among U. S. ser-

' vicemen overseas ana jeoparmze
llhe "Status of Forces" agree

ment! on G.I. trials in other for foreign
eign foreign nations.
1 '.Wilson also hinted that fiirard
might escape prosecution altogeth altogether
er altogether if the case drags out. He noted
that the GI's current three-year
enlistment expires Oct. 27 and
said new legal complications "may
well arise" unless the case is set settled
tled settled by then.

"BrowneM said that any turtner
delay "will seriously aggravate an
already unfortunate strain" on U.
S.-Jpanese relations.

( Weather Or Not
"this weather report for the
24 "hours ending a.m. today,
ttTptepored by the Meteorolo Meteorological
gical Meteorological and Hydrographlc Branch
el the Panam Canal Cempanyt
Balboa Cristobal




." Low

(max. mph) NW-16
RAIN (inchea .04
(Inper harbors) U





10:47 a Jn.
11:24 pjn.

4:37 a.m

It was considered likely thai the
high court would consider Brown Brownell's
ell's Brownell's petition this afternoon "when
it meets for a routine considera consideration
tion consideration of pending cases. An an announcement
nouncement announcement of its decision may be
forthcoming soon after the confer conference
ence conference of the justices.

Girard, from Ottawa. Ill, is ac accused
cused accused of shooting and killing a
Japanese woman cavenging for
scrap metal on a U.S.-Japanese
firing range. The incident set off
a wave of anti-American feeling

In Japan.

But the administration's decision

to turn over Girard to the Japa

nese for trial provoked an equally
vehement outourst of protests in

this country from persons who de demanded
manded demanded that Girard be tried by

an American army court martial,

not bv the Japanese courts.

When tie case was orougnt De-

fore McSaraghy, he issued an

order forbidding the government

to carry out its decision. He a a-greed
greed a-greed that an Army court mar

tial would be the most appropria appropria-ate
ate appropria-ate way of disposing of the charge

against ulrard.

The administration's decision to

appeal McGaraghy's decision di

rectly to the Supreme Court, 1y

passing the U.S. court ot Appeals,

underscored official U.S. concern

about the case.

The high court originaiy plan

ned to recess for the summer next

Monday. It can extend its session,

for any length of time it chooses
However, one justice, William O
Douelas. already has left for 'i

lecture series in Korea followed

by an auto tour of the Mideast
- i, 7
lit urging the court to make
quick review of the case,' Brown Brown-ell
ell Brown-ell proposed that it schedule oral
arguments "if doomed necessa necessary,
ry, necessary, at an early date convenient
with the court." Ho said Girard'
attorneys also should bo able to
prepare arguments and brief


5:29 p.m. work).

Browneli suggested that the de
fense lawyers be required to an an-wcr
wcr an-wcr his Detition within two days.

Besides aggravating U.S.-Japan

ese relations, Browneu sam, any
riolav also will have "an

imnrt on our relations with oth'

er nations which have comparable
arrangements with this country

for the trial of American service

men siauonea in mcir kiiiui.
Wilson said in his statement

that "an early resolution of tne
legal issues raised is essential to
the carrying out of the Status of
Forces agreements throughout the


v -pz

p 0 o (today) mmmi

- I


1:02. 4:40. :42, 1:44
. ; 1 g.75


jo V
Da I
111 I 1


1.-05. 2:41. 4:41. 4:51. 9:00

- 4




The picture that'

tiring fit tj. leven
Varieties of Laughs,
Chuckles and Grins!





COL. NOEL M. COX, G-l, U.S. Army Caribbean, will be honor honored
ed honored with a farewell review next Monday at 10:30 a.m at Fort
Amador, participating1 will be a battalion of troops from,
Amador, one from the technical services, one" from' the 65th
AAA Group and one from the 20th Infantry Regiment. In
case of inclement weather, the review wlil be held at
Cox will leave the command early next month ,fbr reasign7
ment to Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Denver,-Col prior to
his retirement from active service around July 31. He arrived
In the Zone In August of 1955 and served In the G-3 section
before being assigned to G-l.

Veteran Army Singer Brings

Guitar y C6mecly Tot Isthmus


The 518th Combat Engineers,

stationed at Fort Kobbe. for almost
a year now, boast a man who has

probably performed on more ra
dio stations in the States than any

one on the Isthmus.

Sp-3 Richard Massie. vocalist,

guitarist and comedian, started his

career in 1950 after serving in the

Navy. In 1952, and for two tubse

quent years, ;. Massie performed

with the Barnyard Frolics in Lit

tle Rock, Arkv During those years

he appeared regularly on station
KRLA in Little Rock,

After Little Rock came' '' Pine

Bluff, also in Arkansas, and a

stint witii radio station KCLA. By

thia time Massie was becoming a

veteran radio performer. .

The next year he took to the

road, playing in many of the
states in the West, the -Southwest
and the Midwest. ' 1

The lure of the radio, however.

drew- him back. At the close of the
tour he was back on the-airways

again. This time be was part of a
regular, folk music show on WCKY
m CincinatU.' ..

And U the meantime he's added
ooe-more radio station to his long
list of credits the Caribbean
Forces Network.

West Coast

In Hot Grip;


NEW 'YORK, June 21 (UP)

One of the world s giant gather

ers of the news is 50 years old

today. It is the United P r e s s

it brings you this story. !.

On its birthday today t- is on

every w e e k d a Jy will speed

through u.r channels almost 4,

000,000 words of news gathered by

more than lO.OOO men and worn

en covering beats from the )Vhite
House to- the Kemlitt.',f:tf-ivi-;B:;;.'::

Their stories and pictures will

appear in this newspaper and in
1559 others in this country. They

wui oe beard on radio, seen on

television,- beamed to ships at sea
. Translated into 45 languages

iney will now to 71 foreign na

uons.-. '. i -

United Press -today look back

on covering a turbulent half cen

tury that started with the e r v

"get a .horse," and looks forward

to a tomorrow where the world

seeks in London an answer to

cnauung tne hydrogen : bomb. :

the world has become so much

smaller in those 50 years.'

am mo united Press and its
follow hews ; organisations have
played a part in shrinking it.

At the same time, it has trrowh

immeasurably complex and de-

manumg oi mose wno cover its


President Eisenhower remarked

congratulations to United Press on

congratulations. United Pres on
its anniversary. He hailed a free

press as one. of the strongest as

sets pi our way of life and said

joy ; senuinK ana receiving

sieaay stream of factual n p w

from around the world, it per)

lorms me valuable service of nar.

ticipating in the general w o r I d
knowledee of the truth and hv n

domg strengthens the free world

ana its. peoples." ; v

&uch recognition is a cause for

pride, among Unipress4ers. They
work in a vast cloud of anonymi

ty for the most part and one of
the crosses they must bear is the

layman's too frequent .; question.

Yes, but what newspaper do you

work for?.

ine iaci is mat no newsDaDer

can gainer au tne world's news.

That can be approached only

through the intricate web of news

men' the press association snins.

the network of communications

100,000 miles of U.P, leased lines
in this' country alone.;" fci ; ;

United Press ever the veara

has come to be known, as the
most personalized of tho news

agencies and usually the most

hotly competitive. J

The nervous systems of 4,000

staffers are so enmeshed that

bulletin from Hong Kong makes

men jump from Miami to Seat Seattle.
tle. Seattle. '

The spirit is unique. It is fas

cinating to watch a former U.P.

man join a gab session 'With Uni

pressers. Within minutes you? will

una mm using tne-pronoun "we

as if he had never left and, in

a way. he never does.

VOn its anniversary, United Press

received congratulations and greet'

ings bom, around the globe. Pope
Pius XII -sent his felicitations as
did leaders of nations v of Europe
and Asia.
The magazine Newsweek had

this to say:

'This week, as U.P. celebrates

its 50th anniversary, the second

service (Hearst's featurish Inter

national ; News Service is' : two

years younger) was still running

hard to become the. first. Many

newsmen thought -it was giving

the Associated Press a, suffer race

than its 109-year-old rival, had

ever experienced"

.Said Time: -; - -",
"The first major U. S. news
service to prosper as a ctmmir.
cial undertaking, the U.P. today'
is the world's most enterprising
wire news merchant.
The U.P. went into its- second

50 .years with clients,; revenue,
personnel and rate of growth all
at an aU-time high. ;

president of United Press fodav

in Frank H. Bartholomew. Li k e

au u.r. cniei. executives, he- Is

basically a newsman with vvnri,

ence ranging from the great Cal-

norma earthquake ot. 1 9 2 5 to
World War II coresoondent in

the Pacific and reporter at the

A-bomb drop at Bikini.

Bartnoiomew, in an anniversa

ry statement,' pledged the U, P.

to experiment with new mechani-

cal and electronic systems and an

proaches which, will help solve the

increasing problems and com nip.

mes or newspaper publishing, r

uut the principal functiori 1

unchanged to provide the momV

with the best possible coverage

oi me, wona m wnicn we live,
he- said. ,: ?'.;, !:'
"The news will have to bo
gathered andp uf in shape, by
: trained men and women w h o
x comprise our staf."
The. magazine'.Editoif'Aand Pub

lisherM trade journal of the indus-

try,vin a review .of ; the U, P.'s
first half-ceritiiry: noted this-week
the many "firsts" among them
using bylines on stories, transmit.

ting features1 on the leased wire.

creation of a fast mail service for

background dispatches.
Kent Cooper, Indianapolis bu

reau manager of U.P. later.' to

be general manager; now execu

tive director of Associated Press,
mtroduced the "pbny" service
reading news by telephone to sev several
eral several newspapers simultaneously o-

ver a. joint circuit. t
- ; a 'v ;.-.'t'"- r-
Bartholonnew is the eigth U.P

president, His predecesars in

cluded Hugh Uaillie! whose tenure
was longest 1935-55, K a r 1 t A.

Bickel,,- W. W. Hawkins and. Roy


Howard 4$ the man( who- played

... ney '. note m eieciruyuig i n e
young outfit into full-scale compe competition
tition competition with-A.P, i;
When the late,E. W.- Scrinds

founded United Press In-1907, his

motives were to establish a Sep Separate
arate Separate news organization for his

papers, some of which- the A. P.
would not serve, and to prevent
A.P. .from becoming a monopoly;
He achieved both.

The. U,P. took in 'J.912 probably

its; most important decision. .. At
that. time, it was the practice of

the press, associations of the big
nations to exchange each other's
hews product. Many : of the for-1

eign agencies were governm ent ent-controlled;
controlled; ent-controlled; ; 1 J
United Press refused to Join
such a cartel, instead it built its
own bureaus rin South America.

Europe ana Asia with men1- in instructed
structed instructed to ,report the news ob-
lecttvely and without govern.,
ment bias. "t .
' "i "V.
j. It was' an -approach other agen agencies
cies agencies were forced to follow. v.-"
v U.P,- .steadily built its i-. foreign
coverage -and distribution, Today
it has the most extensive news
network in the Far. East with its
own; radio- transmitter in- Manila.
In, 1935 the U.P.-- became the
first" major agency" to provide a
news, service to : radio -stations
written for the ear, not the eye.
In 1951 it began supplying mo-
tion pictures and script to TV
stations and,- in the,, same year,
. began a teletype setter opera-:
tion.. V, , v .
.In195Z U.P.: began its own in

dependent newspicture operation
and was the first to deliver news-

pictures 'ready: for' engraving to
newspapers by fully automatic
fascimile leased wire. .

In 1954 it set up a special de

partment to concentrate on back--groupding
the news, to give depth

reporting to the big stories.

News For The Man Who Uses An

Electric Razor .

East Cooler:




Susan Kirk fil

Red Foley, one of, the forf-name

m the business, was playing with
the Ozark Jubilee at the time.
Ma&sie's next move was to Join
this outfit. Touring for the Army,

they served as a unique branch of

the recruiting service. r u-f

The .Houston Jamboree in 1955

brought Massie to Texas From
(here to the Panama Canal Zone
is a long io.ran.. But Massie has

kept on with his entertaining. Per

forming first with Wilber Hand as

half of the "Combread Twins," he

has since Joined a -larger outfit
playing such spots as VFW-posts.

Sendee Clubs, and the like.

Gen. Ogden Going
To Army Talks;
On Atomic Warfare

A cool air inm'hn rnrM'ii,.

eastern heat wave wkk .t.-H.oi

K1ill,?e..bu,tnere ll "lief
in,sight for the sizzUng West Coast.
1 fr 'T "de into the East
on tne heels of widnnrui

front ;that claimed at least five

lives including: two National

hi"ra!.n "1 V' fSMnin on

In the Far West, firemen and

Twiumcers 'named -liundreds of
brush fuee in the mountains sur surrounding
rounding surrounding Los Angeles. Wednesday

. X.' """W M 93.
In -the, plain atates, flood wa
. receding alowiy, Jeav Jeav-lag
lag Jeav-lag behind a sofev trail f

age estimamted at 17, million dol-

m aouuiwescera .Minnesota a
Jone. : . .
The cooler air "in ill' v-

gered flooding rains, violent winds

w eiecxnoai storms.'
r Wind guits tip .to M m.p.h.
pounded Charlotte, N.C, causing
damages estimated at 150,000 to
buildinss and nlanei at nni.

' Municipal Airport, ,-'
' Tbe United Prvtt v.'i-.'

least ISA weather deaths since last

wera ena. mere were 117, hot
weather drownings, 32 4 e a t a s

cinieu OT UOoas. 7 by heat tu-na.

uaviwn auu it oy iignunng.
Winds UD to 7f bi n h nil tvw.

, - - I.

uons oi Aew eagiaod during the
form, causing local damage at
Portland, Maine, Kewington, N.H.,

in uw tUDUTDr E SOSlOn, Jdtll.,
Concord, N.IL. reported Dearly an

inch of ram ; during a ; thunder

storm. .

Swedish Beauiy, Page Boy

G a u g h t Speeding Home i





5 1 T jbs

Brig. Gn. Milton L. OedesL new

ly appointed deputy commanding

general, U. S. Army Caribbean, Streets at Westboro, Mass., were
will depart the Canal Zone tomor-; awash with 11 inches of water aft aft-row,
row, aft-row, to attend tbe annual Army er a stxidea downpour, and many

cwacKt um iwmw waiaxe M ,fw CD4uaDa ZOWns lost UtuitT

do neia at ion Lreayeawortn, Kan-j services Umpotaruy because of

sas, front June Z4 tnrougn Jane 2.downd fines.

Acconpanyisg vrcnrrii vgaea ooi in me west, weauterman pre-

m mp wui d wmw a. jtaei uKia acanerM -nowers irom ue
Jr., G-J. plains states to the Pacific Coast,
General Ogdea and CoL Jooei! except for California where con-

are expected to mora to toe Can-junoed fair and not weather -is ex-

pected. -.
The mercury hit 102 at Bakere Bakere-flel,
flel, Bakere-flel, CakL, and 1U at Thermal.
De pile receding flood waters la
tbe plains, the situation ia some
areas remained critical.

The Big Simiz River climbed to

ia aistory
the bum-

al Zone on Jane 90,

Cannot Tell Lie


Sen. Frank Church (D-Idaho) ask asked
ed asked his sew Wednesday if be would

come to bear bin read a 2s-page,its greatest flood stage

speech ae fesa prrptrea oa the I Wednesday, tntmnung

Hells Canyon Dam. t&ess section of Ssctrs Fals, S.D.
"It's too much," said -year-ed: Serious flx?1rg cotrtinoed, etorg

rank JC i m tx.t swiaauag. ue nver ucay. eyenag

WILLI AMSPORT. pa.. June 21

(UP)--Tbe 16-year-old daughter

of a Swedish diplomat and her

Senate page boy sweetheart,

missing since June 2, were ar arrested
rested arrested on a speeding charge

here today as they returned from

a two-week trip to Canada,

Christiana wennerstrom and

Huw Williams, 18, said they were
on their, way to Washington.

They "were stopped by. State

troopers -at nearby Aiianwooa.

Williams was driving his moth mother's
er's mother's car. .
The three-weeks' mystery sur surrounding
rounding surrounding the couple was swept
away with the arrest Williams
lacked money to pay the fine. He
was assessed $10, plus $5 costs.
The boy had only $5 and police
notified his and the girls's par parents.
ents. parents. ...
The pretty blonde girl at first

insisted tnat sne and WHllams
had been married In Charles
Town, w. Va. But when Mrs. Stk
Wennerstrom arrived, she told
her mother there had been no
marriage.. ,'
- A eoanty clerk In Charles
.Town said tbe couple bad ap applied
plied applied for a license en May II,
but ft was net fawned bee ansa
of are requirement. p
Williams, whose mother works

la the Senate typewriter room.

and Christina were wearlnc wed

ding rings when stopped by po police.
lice. police. r I

Mrs, .Wennerstrom, whose has-1

hand was: military attache tnl

Washington until he recently re-1
turned to Sweden on a new as-!
altmment, appeared composed
when she arrived at the police!
station after a flight from'
Washington. She was reported
to have been opposed to any;
marrlate between her daughter;
and Williams. She paid the fine
for Williams. .
A Swedish Embassy spokesman
said last Tuesday the Wenner Wenner-stroms
stroms Wenner-stroms would not welcome a
marriare between the vounrts
antil they c o m p leted their
schooling. J
Williams mother, however,
has indicated she waa sympa sympa-thetle
thetle sympa-thetle wttb tbe yonng couple :
and was willing te forrlve and i
forget If they retimed home.

An embassy spokesman said

the Wetmerstroma were aware
of their daughter's affection for
Williams but did aot regard the
romance as anything more seri serious
ous serious than the typical high school

"glBg 8 arraigement.

They said tftry thought Wil-

LkOM ru A "Ale bar' but f

it would be dlfficult'Xor him to
take on the burden of a marriage
while he was so far -irom com completing
pleting completing his educaUon. 1' : vv
The spokesman' said marriage
between persons o young would
require special government per permission
mission permission in Sweden.

I I'-
W i-l

fPA-O Everyone agrees .that

an. electric v razor saves a tot

of trouble that it's quicker,
easier to use than ; soap aand
waterr but men differ, in "their
opinion as '. to whether It gives

cleaner, closer snava to the

more stubborn typed growths

The House of Yardley, famdus
for 'its, range of : toiletries for
meni has made a study of this
question and las now' placed
on. the market a? special Pre-
Shaving Lotion for use fwith
electric razors. This is applied
sparingly, just before shaving,
rubbed:, well in arid allowed ;to



dry, Alter the -heard nas been
pre-conditioned with this new
formula, the electric razor hums

smoothlyr comfortably, closely

uver ii, icaruiir. v;uvi, ciewi

Pre-Shavlng Lotion has an
ttmAll.M , ..KIaI. L.I......

the; skin smooth and comfort comfortable
able comfortable and Is Invaluable for those

who need to shava more than
rrY' jt.11 : Tf. -iQr th HfA -:-

grance men appreciate in Yard-"
ley products, and seta the user

off t tor the. day feeling; alert,
well-gtrnnmed and brisk. J.


PRICES: .75 -7
SHOWS: l:o; 2:50,
4:55, 7:05, 9:20 P.M.





VJul f tkt Mentions ixrittmtpi
that it Greece. ..comes th ; f
,' i'bnlous remanee of the wild '','

, tsutnd ftri end the dertng r y
fearehinf for y

; ireosnre wwneu twee

- t tkuni yeent





iLOCMimu juwlc 1 lti n .m rrn r t

; At :20 P.M. John H. Hejmann present "NATIONAL KEVSSkEEL". h'Cj!cr!