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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Mama American
"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.



II 1 I A I


nuiiyui y

I Iff
usr nove

To Keep Peace Ike

I rairlu At nnlu tr tton
1W I WUV J I l VMIJ "WW f -

nuclear weapons aside permanently ae toon as one dmig

requirement is met.
"This requirement is that we, as a nation, and all
peoples, know safety from attack."

Rut until "Drooerlv safeguarded international agree

ments can be reached," this country mutt continue to
develop "the moat advanced weapons for the sake of
our own national safety, for the sake of all tree nations,
for the sake of peace ittelf."

The President thus capsuled
H-Bomb policy late yesier yesier-ln
ln yesier-ln releasma from th White
nnsp ,wn luut? uintiai uiia.v
da detailing tne nisiory oi
. nuclear developments and
hlatory of U.8. efforts to
trol the atom for peace since
Th President's statement and
. "a full ana explicit re-
- I L. 1 1 i
and actions dealt at lengtn
T.n An SI H. HLCVCllSUil a LiU
la for banning H-uomo
The documents also disclosed
e June, 1954 and again In
recommendations that the
With Symbols
c nn itira ra mnaicn main-
ir t.Ja than lnurn
Hi: V lUUBT n w j -w
epublican ana Democratic cam-
nt"n headauarters.
They collected campaign button
t. j n i nnPA fnr nnnrn.
CI Lillys J t-
i ... Ik MimhA c rT aiTnor
At the national neaaquaners
th Volunteers for btevenson-
Ptanver. a DnoiOKiauiici mcu w
- a i l a
3eaj.::n is. TJ Ma f A
I SUAUC Hl is.v
But M. I. Rubenshtelo. .Engiisn-
npiKinv n u i a i a ii vi.whv.."-i
i. : n .. . n AinnnmiCl
I I J U ..xxnotinn CSV.
We cannei mix in me cui-
..a i.1
Earlier Rubenshtein had cut off
a J -J Hir nOrfioon
i : U., .mnalcm aiftP
at the Washington headquarters oi
Citizens tor iMsennower.
...... ...... D..k.nchtln said
miiina "up don't vote.
The Russians niKeo annum
yasningiun, iuiiuwcu uj ui
asked Questions, mosny
th-n.Kih a Stat Dpnartment mter-
preter, about party piaoorms ana
v.. V--
At the Democratic National
rnmmmee. me group mei ...
T.I 1 CrSorJrmon Tt.Aia 1 1111-
-f . I nr..iri..ii.i ranni
e in 1962. He torn taem n
n hni a erue ins one.
Explains Party system
They also heard John Sharon,
assistant to James Finnegan, Ad Ad-lai
lai Ad-lai E. Stevenson's campaign man manager.
ager. manager. Sharon talked about the
m.nartv svstem and expressed
the hope the Russians would de
rrihe it to their people when
hey returnea.
Sharon, however, got one parti-
m nitia nasi n visiuiis ur
explaining that "Joe Smith" is
symbolic of the man who couldn't
High Cost Program
Is Begun By Demos
lria namopratic National Commit-
tP Monday nieht began a series
of mlghtly five-minute, radio
broadcasts to dramatize "the high
cost of living.
The committee called upon its
listeners to save the receipts from
their grocery and other purchases
and send them to the committee
in Washington.
The program said that rent and
medical care have gone up 13 per
cent in tbe past four years, house house-keening
keening house-keening expenses 10 per cent, and
the cost of golf balls 37 per eeat.


(UP)r President Eitanhowar
H-bomb tOStS. but "tO DUt til
United states should not agree
to a "test moratorium" In the
absence of a disarmament a a-greement.
greement. a-greement. The first action followed a
test ban recommendation by
prim Minister Jawaharlal Neh Nehru
ru Nehru of India on April 2, 1954. Neh
ru's proposal was echoed by the
Coidmunlst world peace coun council.
cil. council. The second followed a Soviet
proposal for prohibition of tests,
without provision, of safe safeguards,"
guards," safeguards," and a report by presi presidential
dential presidential disarmament adviser
Harold E. Stassen.
9Levenson has said a simple
test ban agreement with the
Russians Is sufficient because if
they cheat and explode an H H-Bomb
Bomb H-Bomb "we would immediately
detect It."
For Eirer Party
get nominated at the GOP con
The Russians courteously ac
cepted Stevenson lapel buttons at
the volunteer headquarters irom
Barrv Bineham. Louisville, Ky.
publisher, who is co-chairman of
the national group. The three
visitors carefully added these to
their collection of campaign
Interviewed briefly for TV news
reels, L. N. Sovolov, Soviet trade
union leader who is neaa oi me
three-man delegation, thanked his
hosts for their "very friendly
Asked whether he thought all
t hp Parana Is n activity worm
Zr"T -.i :l ... l J U.
while, sovoiov sara h wuuiu w
"very difficult" to comment with
out more uuormauon.
Maid Fined $20
For $6 Theft
From Employer
A maid who stole a $5 bill and
a $1 bill from her employer in
1,0s Rios was sentenced in Bai
boa Magistrate Court today to
a fine of 920 plus nve aays in
The offense committed by A-
guina Teodora Best, ao, rana
manian. occurred yesterday be
tween 10:30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.
She was charged wltn petit lar
The funds were taken from
Frank Termap of house 6336-B

win Hot

Long 'n Short Of Underwear History
Is Tale Of Breech Of Saxon Promise

CHICAGO, Oct. 24 (UP) Na National
tional National Long Underwear of Nov. 12,
when the frost is on the pumpkin
and the chill is on the shanks.
The underwear industry, at
least, feels that the "week" is
urn nvprdiie about 900 years.
For "Long Johns," currently
coming out of mothballs in the
nation's homes, have more than
warmth ant) manly style to endear
them to the male, xne coty pan
taloon is threaded with proud his
The nth century French inad
vertently started the vogue when
they conquered the Saxons in
1086. The Normans wore tunics
and set out to impose them on
the vanquished Saxons.
The Saxons', whose preference
was for breeches, took to donning
the tunic over their breeches. The
result: underwear.
This wag progress, for until then
underwear if worn at all amounted
to nothing more than a lion cloth
But it took all of six centuries
(or man to rebel against the nuis
ance of underwear legs crawling
up to nts xnees. une reoemou
wearer twirled "stirrups'



Ha MKfV BMa(aW J H
H ST Hfl BaFjRlMFj ft
I pJMsk gm mm I
si ss swm mu S5?L 5 .5 !2Lj52 Ljf2

(NBA Radio-Telephoto)
HAIL GOMULKA'S PROMISES Jubilant crowds gather outside the Zera motor plant dur during
ing during a workers' meeting at Warsaw, Poland, after new Polish Communist Party chief Wladys Wladys-law
law Wladys-law Gomulka pledged a new order in Folanu and free elections on December 10.



(NEA Radlo-Telephoto)
claw Wa-claw Komar, commander ol
Polish Army's Internal Secur Security
ity Security Forces, delivers an address
at Warsaw during ceremonies
commemorating the 20th an anniversary
niversary anniversary of the. battles in
Spain of the Polish Brigade.
Gen. Komar is reportedly loyal
to Wladyslaw Gomulka, who
Is now First Secretary of tne
Polish Communist Party.
Albania For Reds
LONDON, Oct. 24 (UP)-Albania,
the smallest of the Soviet satel
lites, proclaimed its allegiance to
Moscow today in the midst of the
political upheavals in roiana ana
Hungary. i
Thp Alhanian state radio today
announced the visit of party chief
Enver Hodja to China ana refer referred
red referred to "the camp of socialism
headed by the great common
friend, the glorious Soviet Union.
Inch In Ten
Fast wet measurement by the
Balboa Heights weatherman
toted an inch of rain in the 10
minutes between 12:30 and 12:40
p.m. today.
It was the mostest rain in tne
littlest time since last November.
the instep, and style won another
victory for comfort.
The- lath Century dandies added
complete feet to their underwear
and even padded their crawny
calves with "falsies" to show a
chanalv lec during spirited
The drop seat came into its own
with the one-niece union suit of the
Victorian era. But this trap-door
monstrosity was relegated to ob oblivion
livion oblivion around 1910.
History repeats itself, and to today's
day's today's "longies" have reverted to
the two-piece style.
Some moderns may think long
underwear is just about extinct,
a : i. . .4.L.
but lMUSiry ngure, uuw
wl?e- ..
Aceortung w rt. i uouper.
ineni oi "p .., ,-
try Bold 279,000 doien pairs w
1947, and in woo expects 10 sou
750,000 doien.
Cooper sam xarmers ana spun-
men wear them, and so do a lot
of suburbanites.
The man in the grey flannel suit

is often long-flannel man, too,;
at least on weekend jaunts or
hunting trips.


WARSAW, Oct. 24 (UP). Premier Josef Cyranciewicz told
Parliament today that all Russian troops in Poland would re return
turn return to specifically-defined Warsaw Pact bases within two days.
Cyranciewiex made his announcement when he appealed
before the second session of the current meeting of the Sejm
(Parliament) to report on the "present situation" In this coun country.
try. country.
He spoke against a background of reduced tension inside
Poland, but with news of revolt in Communist Hungary rever

berating acroja tjaa Rerio.
The PpTiah corni
1 restored wiacrysiaw oomu
mower last week-end In a blood blood-fless
fless blood-fless reassertien of national
rights over Soviet control.
But in Hungary a similar move
to reindve soviet domination re resulted
sulted resulted in open civil war.
The report by Cyranaiewici
was the first formal indication
that Soviet troops actually
had moved during the week weekend
end weekend upheaval that restored
Gomulka aa premier in Po Poland's
land's Poland's move toward national
Independence within the Com Communist
munist Communist camp.
vesterdav. authoritative sourc
es said that Russia had ordered
its polish-based troops back to
their camps and Russian war warships
ships warships out of Polish waters.
Todav cvrankiewicz m a a e
these reports offiolal when he
stood before parliament and
"Within two days Soviet troops
will be back in their bases de
fined under tne Warsaw muiiary
pact." jlgg;
No Zone Employes
In RP To Pay Duly
On Personal Hems
Canal Zone employes who will
lose their free-ntry privileges at
the end of the year will not be
required to pay import duties of
automobiles and other personal
property acquired prior to Jan. l
it was decree yesterday.
According to the executive le-
cree issued by the Ministry of Fi
nance, however, stipulates that
imnort duties will be collected if
and when a Zone employe sells a a-ny
ny a-ny such property to a second par
The decree provide for the
payment of duty, at the time of
resale, en automobiles, radios,
refrigerators and other applianc appliances.
es. appliances. A spokesman for the Finance
Ministry said today it would be
fairly easy to establish controls o o-ver
ver o-ver the sale of duty-free motor ve vehicles
hicles vehicles by Zone employes, but that
the sale of other items of person personal
al personal property would be a little more
The spokesman said the Minis
try is presently drafting a plan to
exercise control over such sales.
Drunk Driving Nets
Levee Against CI
Bein(? lntoxicated laSt night
while driving a vehicle on Gail
)ard HlKhwav nette.d a $100 flnP
and a 10-day suspended 'all
term today for Thomas Day
Plerce 28, an American soldier
Jn Balboa Magistrate's Court,
tne suspension of the all term
was made on the condition that
the defendant be guilty of
breaking no laws of the Canal

Zone during the next year,
The offense occurred at 9:50
p.m. on Oaillard Highway.



e Warsaw mlliiartlfec
rrouptae of Soviet and satel
lite nations' armies into an or
gaoisetioB considered the answe
to the West's North Atlantic
Treaty Organization.
The order for the withdraw withdrawal
al withdrawal of Rusa'an forces from combat-ready
positions came from
the Kremlin after Gomulka
had telephoned direct to So Soviet
viet Soviet Communist boss Niklta
Khrushchev In Moscow, au authoritative
thoritative authoritative sources said.
Cyrankiewicz emphasized to
parliament the new regime's
continued friendship with the
Soviet union.
But he also firmly declared
that Poland would mak her
own way along the road to so socialismthe
cialismthe socialismthe same path set out
originally by Yugoslav Presi President
dent President Tito In his revolt aga'nst
the Kremlin.
The premier warned thalt the
new Polish communist leader
ship headed up by Gomulka rep represented
resented represented the Polish people, and
that anyone opposed to it was
also against socialism ana
democratization in Poland.
He warned that "we must
keep order."
Consults Stepfather,
Waives Preliminary
Robbery Hearing
Harold Henry Bowen, 18, Pan-,
amanian, for whom a prelimi preliminary
nary preliminary hearing on a robbery
charge was set for tomorrow in
Balboa Magistrate's Court, in informed
formed informed Judge John E. Deming
yesterday afternoon that he
wished to waive his right to be
The Judge warned Bowen of
his rights in the matter, but the
young man said he had consult consulted
ed consulted with his step-father and still
wished to waive the hearing.
The court accepted this and
the defendant was bound over
for trial in U.8. District Court.
Ball previously set at $2000
was continued in the same a a-mount.
mount. a-mount. Bowen was apprehended in
Panama by a member of the
Panama National Guard who
happened to drive hl patrol car
along Avenue A, at the Limits,
while two men were in the act
of forcibly taking a wallet from
a pedestrian.

Travellers: We Thought War Had Broken Out Again

NICKELSDORF. Austria, Oct.
24 (UP). Russian troops,
tanks and heavy armored cars
ranged today through Buda Budapest
pest Budapest streets echoing with ma ma-chinegtm
chinegtm ma-chinegtm and rifle fire, first
eyewitnesses to reach the West
from revolt-torn Hungary re-
Two German businessmen
who reached the Austro-Hun-garian
border here said "heavy

Hero Nagy Takes Over;
Soviet Armor In Action

VIENNA, Ocr.24 (UP).-Hungary's Communist regime
called in Soviet troops today to crush an armed revolt that
flared into open civil war.
Popular hero Imre Nagy took over thm premiership and appealed
for an end to the street fighting raging throughout the country.
Nagy, whose return to leadership was the first fruit of the rebellion,
clamped martial law on the entire country and then went before the peo people
ple people to try to testore order. i

But Budapest radio reported that street fighting still
was raging late in the day after night long battles between
anti-Stalinist and anti-Communist rebels and Hungarian
troops and police.
Budapest radio said groups of counter revolutionaries
had surrendered, but the fighting apparently still raged
throughout the beautiful Danube river city.
Broadcasts said "civilians soldiers and security po police"
lice" police" were killed in the shooting.
An Austrian just returned from Budapest said that
"at least 350 persons have been killed so far in the Buda

pest uprising
nounced that the surrender
deadline had been extended four
hours from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
It said that all "counter-revolutionaries"
who ceased
fighting by 6 p.m. would not
be courtmartfaled, a pointed
Indication that Hungarian
troops were fighting the Rus
Although the radio announc announced
ed announced that "order was being re restored"
stored" restored" in many areas through throughout
out throughout the country, it was apparent
the fighting was not over.
Reports reaching the West
said the Russians had com completely
pletely completely surrounded Budapest
and were using tanks, ma ma-chlneguns
chlneguns ma-chlneguns and heavy armored
Nagy broadcast his appeal for
a ceasefire in a voice trembling
with excitement.
He called on "all who are
fighting to put down their arms
by 2 p.m." He promised tha all
who surrenaerea oy mat ume
would not face trial.
Earlier he had ordered the
death sentence for all rebels.
Inter-party disagreements on
Communist policy and the mer merits
its merits of the hard "8tallnlst" policy
erupted into violence that ex extended
tended extended to all sides.
Anti-Communists apparently
were fighting both sides in a
bloody civil war.
Budapest radio, the only
outside world, said "Fascist" ele elements
ments elements were In revolt. One
broadcast charged that counter counterrevolutionaries
revolutionaries counterrevolutionaries had "stormed
plants and public buildings,
murdered civilians, soldiers and
security police."
The government called In So Soviet
viet Soviet troops because it was not
prepared for such "bloody at attacks
tacks attacks from ambush," Radio Bu Budapest
dapest Budapest said.
It anoeared to observers In
Vienna that the government was
no longer able to trust its own
No mention was made of
Russian engagements or ca casualties
sualties casualties and Budapest radio
said only that Soviet un'ts
had been called In to help re restore
store restore order.
Throughout the long series of
Budapest announcements first
of the fighting, then of the
spreading warfare, then of the
political developments listen listeners
ers listeners in Vienna could hear rifle
The revolt actually began
yesterday when thousands of
street fighting was going on"
when they left the Hungarian
capital this morning at 16
The two businessmen, who
asked that their names not be
used, said that "Russian tanks
and heavy armored cars had
blocked alsnoit every street in intersection
tersection intersection in downtown Buda
"Russian troops have com

. ...

deadline expired, the radio an- troops who have kevt order in then.



.; -..- .; wi.
the country since World War
The Communist leadership
met in emergency session before
dawn and restored Nagy to the
post from which he was once
banished for "rightist delation"
a policy too far from that laid
Mown by Josef stalln.
Nagy took over immediately
and residents of Budapest were
told to stand by their radios for
the next announcement In this,
the first major rebellion In a
Soviet satellite.
'People of Budapest," Nagy
said, "I am Informing you that
all who stop fighting and sur surrender
render surrender today by 2 p.m. will not
(Continued en Page 10)
Elvis Figgers Army
Near. May Sing H:
Don't Be Cruel, Sgl.
MEMPHIS, Tenn, Oct 25 (UP)
Elvis Presley's draft board con
firmed today that the rock V roll
swinging idol of teenagers has
been sent a questionnaire to
"bring his status up to date."
A draft board spokesman said
tht questionnaire was sent to Pres Presley's
ley's Presley's home here about three weeks
The singer said after finding
tht draft beard form that he fig fig-ed
ed fig-ed Army service is "real cleea."
That may be the case, er it
might be strictly routine,
"we regis terea him a long time
ago," the draft board spokesman
said. "The new papers were sign signed
ed signed to bring Presley's status up to
Lots of boys don't report;
address changes, marital status
and other facts, so we mail out a
selective service dependency ques questionnaire."
tionnaire." questionnaire." Potter Aj Camboa
Town Meet Tonight
Tonight's town meeting for
members of the United States
communities on the Canal Zone
will come to order at 7:30 in the
Gamboa Civic Center.
This is the first meeting to be
held In Gamboa since Gov. W. E.
Potter inaugurated the system
of open meetings with Civic
Council representatives.
pletely surrounded the city In
a circle with a diameter of
18' miles," they said.
"When we left the Hotel
Duna this morning we heard
machinegun fire and rifle
shots all ever the city.
"Fire has been set to several
Communist Party .hops and
official bnlldlnga," ene of the
businessmen said.

' .... ,n w-J. W? .1.

Cant Raise
US Legation
-The State Department
e contact the US
Ugatien In fcideaest ibw U.
efficiela KemrNjd de
Efforts to make telephone con con-Uct
Uct con-Uct between WasMiilDauid
dapest early today wen krZol
vail, they said.
Officials said they did not know
whether the troubli was mecham!
during disorders in the capital
The Stele Deaartment use
"Wider commercial eemmwniea!
tiont between Waahiii.
fd udapeTlTMaJrirt
wwaWy ere ceded.
Some of the last information
recdved here indicated Tve n ts
eadtag up to rioting were "sm.
ier" than admitted by 1,,
daPt Detail, were sUhyThowt
m 'it mo
ment, daee net haw. .ulu.
et Budcpest. f award T. Welles,
?V "t- keen M M-leeted
leeted M-leeted for the poet but he pres.
eetly is serving her. en a for for-ign
ign for-ign tarvice .election hurd
In the absence of a minister, the
Legation in Budapest is in charge
of N. Spencer Barnes, a career
diplomat who Joined the foreign
service in 1946. Barnes serried in
Moscow, Iran, and Berlin before
going to Budapest Jan. 1, 1955.
RP Han Steals Ton
Of Scrap, Gets
Ten Days In Jail
Theft of a ton of scrap iron
has landed culprit Roberto Pa Pablo
blo Pablo Remice, 31, Panamanian, in
the Balboa jail for the next 10
Tn Ralhna Maoi strata f!mir
this morning. Remice pleaded
guilty to making off with the
scrap from a spot on the Canal
bank between the Spinning Club
dock and the Dredging Division
dock at Diablo.
Despite the weight of the
scrap, its value was only $132.40,
hence the charge against Remi Remice
ce Remice was petit larceny.
Contractor John V. Carter Jr.,
of Panama was the complaining;
The court waa told that on
Oct. 16 Carter had hired Remice
to transport the scrap from the
Canal bank to the contractor's
yard in Panama.
The Iron was removed from ita
former location, but never
reached its destination.
"We thought war had bro broken
ken broken out again.
"At one of the street inter intersections,
sections, intersections, we passed en the way
out of town, we saw one dead
Russian soldier lying beside a
Soviet tank."
The businessmen added that
ambulances were hnshlnf
through the streets of Bnda-j
pest before they left.




Won x

aU out


7 H rmrrr M. O. Bo ISA. aaiama a
TUVNent t-0740 '8 LiNtt)

n oa cinthal Avinui rrtwmi 12th and iStw rMBi

iotai f "n





Tka Ma ioaji "J

la MI aaMtidewHai

,-,a,ut. Laftai don't bo ImDOtMRf i ft OOAM't 88818E

twf day laltai art paUahao' mi tfco owtot nimwmA
Mam try to amp Hi. MEton limit.d to on poae Uafltk.
ti u -i u k.M hi rinctact caario'aiu.

Tmm) mini mi ii onamoi no wapaaiatilary tor araNattara at





' w, T5r0clAv9

way ao you tww . t,
I notice that each time you print a story about him, it s
with a sense of ridicule; and that you, like fUteside newspa newspapers,
pers, newspapers, insist he'a a temporary freak in the entertainment iieia.
'it wasnTtrue with Frank Sinatra (still around) nor John John-ny
ny John-ny Ray (still around) nor Bing Crosby (still around).
Do you hate Elvis because:
a) He's an Innovator and as such Is to be loathed? Ad Admittedly,
mittedly, Admittedly, the style is new. And Just as admittedly, his style
Is only visual trimming for an exciting voice.
b) Because his success proves that anyone who ooesnt
surround himself wih already successful people wanting more
money can still appeal to' the mass market?
e) Because you have a desire to follow the baiters and
haters? Win friends, Stay with the cowed herd, !.? Better,
distinguish yourself. Defend Elvis. Let him know that his
modest success -is to be admired.
He'll stay on the scene, Sir, you may be sure of that. The
music he sells will stay, too; but even if rockroll type music
dies, Elvis Is versatile enough to make the switch and con continue
tinue continue tn thrill his fans.

fl1l. Aful

juvu laiu,

I v. 1 I

Bonn' Dog


SMm a

Capitulation! This is the cry of the day, and is what CFN
has done. They have capitulated to the Wane suggestions of
tome of the lower caliber thinkers (this with reservations) of
the Canal Zone.
Really, if they so not want their wonderful programs view viewed
ed viewed by the residents in the Republic, It would seem the logical
thing to do to take action to prevent this viewing, rather than
resorting to the onerous practice of sending out distorted pic pictures
tures pictures and sound to the viewers in the Republic while the view viewers
ers viewers In the Zone continue to get the fine broadcast for which
CFN is so well known.
Won't you please see that this, practice, which was so pre prevalent
valent prevalent the night of Oct. 18 is brought to the attention of the
American Embassy, the Governor, the Commanding General,
the Better Business Bureau, the Community Chest, and any
others who can exert influence on our behalf.
- Beleaguered TViewer
BA 1.50 A DAT
I am writing this in the' hope that you will change the
focus of the eyes of the authorities for a while from the Pan Panamanians
amanians Panamanians employed on the Canal Zone.
Cionr MAnlnff an T hnv mv tinner frnm mv measer earniilZS

- f. ;.. sz r m .1, ...

oi o. a day, l scan it wito uu nope oi mmg sunreuuu

said about we, tne aftinpesmos, ii we peopie m

pay the same prices for food and clothing?
Please excuse the mistakes. Maybe my vitamin content Is
low. and I cannot concentrate properly. There are many more
like myself, who are anxious to know.

TJn Campeslno

mm. n i

a i

tad harder for bandits to make off with autos is a tell-tale
license plate device, invented by a Frankfurt, Germany, driver.
The metal device locks over the auto tag and is not easily
removed without the key. To pry it off, a would-be thief
would need sufficient tools and would attract the attention of
MAiersby it he attempted it. To drive the auto away with the
device covering the license plate would be a sure signal to
peltee and other motorists that the vehicle was stolen.

English Lesson

Answer to Previous Puzzle

t Scott's"
I Boy
4 Punctuation
j mark
8 Lewis
i Timberlake"
13 Maugham's
A "Cakes and
IS Bread spread
14 Askew
City in
18 Convents
18 Drums
20 Hints

88 French
57 Legal matters
3 Medley
3 Soiled
4 Giver
5 Astringent
6 One who
7 Term of
8 Worries

10 Observed

Sill lilB

19 Fairy
23 Tumults
34 Maple genus
25 Counsel
26 Wing-shaped
27 Rhymester
28 Grade

30 Paradise

40 Ancient Greek

41 Church parts
42 Go away, catl
43 Cavity
44 Portent
48 Ancient


or?irlW 11 Soap-making 31 Make certain 47 Painful

33 Work unite

34 Russian lake
38 Operatic solo
37 Before

10 Breakfast

S3 Eight

34 Site of modern

35 Cylindrical
38 "The
Badge of
37 Female saints

38 Solar disk

40 Contest of two

41 lucharittiC
wine cup

42 Blacksmith
48 Deadlock
49 Begins

51 Plaything.

'82 Toward the

sheltered side
it Military
55 Decades


17 Hire

33 Stage play

38 Draw forth

48 Looks at
50 No (Scot.)

i r -pr
5 f-Tf
rTf"""w nr
r- n
B ST-" W
S T 5T
'''M I I I I J lilt)

Peter Edson

lal Ad-lal Stevenson msy be telling his
crowds that he acquired his tan
campaigning and not on a golf
course. But the truth is that
Stevenson used to be something

of a goffer ninueu.
His sons let this cat out of the

bag in their current interview in
Pnllir' mAMztne.

The boys relate that hunting

and fishing are now Mevenson s
favorite sports, and that he taught
hl. sons how to shoot duck and

pheasant and to trap muskrat.

Tennis is his real deugnt. ue

plays an aggresive game and he
ran still beat his sons. Then Adlsl

Jr., cuts in with this quote:

"Yes, Dad even used to piay
ponH came of eolf. He shot in

tho Inw sn's. He's still sot a silver

cup around the house he won in

1941 to prove it. uut ever since

he's heart in nolitieS. Dad lUSt

hasn't had time to play golf any

Tn Phnenir recently. Sen. Barrv

Goldwater (R-Ariz) told a school
far Hennhiiran orecinct commit

teemen that, "the great issue of

the presidential campaign mis
year is that we are free oecause
we are the children of God" and

"the Democrats have left that out

of their piaUorm."
Senator Goldwater waved a
copy of the Democratic platform
as he spoke. He charged that,
"you have to read the last para paragraph
graph paragraph of this tripe before you find
a reference to God. There the
Democrats ask His help but I

don't think they'll get it.
"The Republican platform re refers
fers refers to God in the first paragraph
and continually throughout the


The five-minute radio and tele tele-vicinn
vicinn tele-vicinn nnlitleal broadcasts which

both Republicans and Democrats

are using extensively mis year
have turned into something of a
Tha shnrts take five minutes

off the end ot some of the most

popular half-hour entertainment
programs on the network night
nroeramsi Cutting these star at

tractions to' 25 minutes makes

regulsr listeners mad, and tney
frequently turn off the politics!

i he main obiection. however, is

that these programs are bard to
find for anyone who might yant
tn tit tin nrl listen. The five-min

ute spots can't be listed in the

ususl newspaper programs, auu
there's only one such spot on a
neturArlr AAch evening. i t

' In sftort, you nave to nave sar
set on all night, and tuned to tie

station, to stumore on one oi wese


One of the big Republicsn hopes

to take Michigan in we coming
i ; it- kacAil nn the fact, that

1957 model automobile production
is now in high gear. The state

snouiu oe enjuyuia cvi
perity and high employment in

the weeks just oeiore wovemow o.

T the 1QKS sales slump last

summer, unemployment m the
suto industry was high. There
ananv riimnrs that manufac

turers would be urged to bring

out their n:w models earner, w

give the national economy a snoi
in the arm. Now the models are

coming out, but industry spokes-
. U'm m -nmnotitlue IflAVe

men omj Vw.r-"---
within the industry, and that

politics has nothing to do with it

Democrats have been daring
. f ,1 T7 -

cntirv nt Affncmiure c.iia

Taft Benson to come into Iowa

and face the termers mere, ana
k.. A.Vina the Hare He'lT be

there October 11, drivuig through

the state aner nis visw io rumaas
City and Kansas farms.
The secretary will dedicate a
et Harrier! flrnve Ta..

I iu in ' . l
. . v ma hie sranrifather was born.

'men he'll go to Spencer, la., to
talk to farmers at an evening

meeting in tne nign scnooi aum
torium. ...
Next day he'll tour the Texas
nt,t.hnmA.rVlnrarin rlroueht area

where he'll also face considerable

farm opposition.

Benson's appearance in Iowa

inst after it has been an

nounced in Washington that the

farmers of that state win receive

rwer si .100.000 in Sou Bank acre

op reserve payments. This is

more than double what the next

highest states will get. Missouri
farmers will receive $440,000 this
nir anrl Oklahoma farmers will

get $374,000. Smallest of the 29
state payments this year will be
$468 going- to Maryland and $1,800
going to Kentucky.
Republican charges that there
were "130 millionaires" attending
the nemncratic national conven

tion in Chicago as delegates or
alternates bring this reply from
Democratic headquarters in
"We can't find them. We wish
the Republicans would furnish us
urith a list, so we could ask them

for contributions."
The only lists so far have been
compiled by newspapers. They
contain a total of only 30 names,
and most of them have proved
conclusively to Democratic fund
raisers that they aren't million millionaires,
aires, millionaires, and that they have already
contributed to their limit.

Sweet Mu$ic Fills the Air

vfrakir? all jftfc lla L

Walter Winchell In New Yorn

A tantrumental young man era, drunks and bigots than any

named A. Lincoln (of the Florida

peculiar set) was so drunk (ac (according
cording (according to the bartender of the
Old Knick at 54th and 3rd) that

he was refused service . The

Big, Bold Broot then kicked in

two large windows. That info came
from the 17th Pet. station house

We were driving alone when

we saw a group of question marks

staring at Our Hero as he lsy
bleeding from the head ; . We
got out of the car and asked:

What hit this man? . rney

recognized us and fled . Run

ning with their hands on weir

mps! ... a aeiuva tncai

We phoned for a police car .
Show off Lincoln used lusty lan

guage at the cops (and a woman

doctor) who tried to help mm .

The ambulance came from Metro Metropolitan
politan Metropolitan Hospital at 97th and 2nd

Avenue over two miles away .
Making a round trip of five miles

to waste time on this character

from Whoopsville, Florida ,
The ambulance might have been

needed for a cardiac emergency

(or fire rescue) but it had to com
down for U. Hoo Lincoln ... No

king to the Civil War Lincolsn, of


other plaee in town .. We have
a beautiful dew picture . Show Showing
ing Showing some of the 51st St. Ham-and-

Eggery staff standing outside-

watching our colleagues almost
get killed . None bothered to

phone for a cop!

day night show as he was at his
.uC press conference. Due for

imitation are WW's interesting an

ecdotal introductions.'

Love Letter: "Dear Sir: I was

influenced against you by the se series
ries series in the New York Post and
wrote a verse which forwarded

to Ed Sullivan. It follows:

The bigger they are
The harder they fall
Now doesn't the great man
Look rather small
M the. King's horses
And all the King's men
Couldn't put WW. together
8 ; i

"Ed's reply: 'You said it all in
the wisest possible rhyme.' ... I
wss unduly influenced against
you and I am humbly sorry. I
know now in the light of your
actions in the Winberger kidnap
case, your selflessness in regard
to the Runyon Fund, your devo devotion,
tion, devotion, thoughtfulness and help for
the little guv (the bootblack who
wrote 'Hatful of Rain') that I was
very wrong in sending that epistle
to Ed Sullivan. Ed's actions of late
(the Bergman fiasco, the name

sake radio man in Buffalo, the

piracy claim of Steve Allen's

ileas). have soured me against
him and I must say that beside
you, he looks small indeed. Good
luck in your new venture and
again my humble apology! Tony

Mmeie, Brooklyn, n.y.

"Dear W.W.: Please keep after

those bums who a ttacked the

newspaper people. Also, please
protect Lt. Brendan O'Sullivan,
who eliminated one of those two two-legged
legged two-legged pests. It looks like he miht
be in danger of a bum rap from

commies, do-gooders and politi politicians,
cians, politicians, Know you are busy with
your new show, but thank the
Lord, you are endowed with extra
energy. Finis Farr, Rldgewood,

Later, Mr. Veree Drunkee came

to Broadway looking for us

To shwiek. scweam and try to

scwatch out what little hair we

have left ... He did this mental

case bit in front of a cop. near

where Victor Riesel lost his sight
. . And where newspaper photogs

were recently beaten up . ate

U. Hoo then dashed off in his

thwanky car. scweaming thwests

. . And so they chased and
caught her a block awaywhere
the cops didn't want to be both bothered
ered bothered with him . Until a reporter
suggested that he keys of his-her
car be taken away for a few
hours . Until he-she slept it
Sister brother Lincoln, still
shrieking, scweamed: "Mr. Po Policeman,
liceman, Policeman, has he a right to lean
on the door of my car?" .
Then glaring at me, she-he said:
"I hste you! You cruthified my
brother!" He thawt I was John
Wilkes Booth!
Thanks to the lth:Pct. for put putting
ting putting more than once cop in t h a t
area . How about closing up
all the night joynts on those cor corners,?
ners,? corners,? . Where True Love (choc (choc-niate
niate (choc-niate soHss and vanilla ice cream)

starts more 'fights wit Southern- to be as entertaining on his Fri-!',

From a San Francisco critic:
"His first was s crummy show.
His competitors have notihng to
worry about. He gave viewers
part of. a Broadway nit two years
old, 'Hatful of Rain' "... Note
by WW: It was a three minute
bit from an unfinished play, "All

inat jazz, oy tne autnor of "Hat

Memos of a Dead Duck;
(Quack! Quack!): Variety and the
Herald Trib tv pages reported:
"CBS veep H. Robinson took an
official stand on the claim by
W.W." that the network's star Ani Animal
mal Animal Act threw a tantrum when

CBS discussed a urcoming to that

chain . (The source tor tne
tantrum bit was One Guess!) ...

Miss Torre's postscript: "What

disturbs Winchell a lot more is
that nobody took an ad in the

papers last Friday morning or
afternoon for his new Friday night
program." After, La Torre firgot

to report, one sponsor 'assl

us: "We both spending $500,000 in

newspapers to help get your show
started!" . Does the Police

Commissioner know that the 11th
Precinct Captain yellow cabs
to park aU night in the mid

dle of the street and o nboth side
walks of West 81st from 11th c

12h Avenues? What happens if
fire wagons have to enter that

sreet? Or some citizen's life is
in danger or there Is an "Assist

a Patrolman! signal???

Now that our recent tip has been

confirmed that one of the 4 teen
age bums (who slugged a -Jour
nal-American newsman into a hos

pital with an injury ta a heart

artery) got all 4 heels' bail re

duced from $25,000. each to $1,000

(via political influence) how
about Gov. Harrimah ordering a
probe on this suspected influence?
... My Fair Lisa Kirk, who got
$2,000 a week at the Persian Room
a few weeks ago (now double at
the Waldorf where she is packing
them in at both shows) can get
$7,500 per at El "ancho. Vegas .
Roberta Sherwood's best new tor

chant is on the other side of her
new Deccs click 'Msriloq" ... It
is "Sould I Try Again." the first
son hit by Steve Sabatino (45)
an Elizabeth, N.J. sign painter-, ..
"Miss Vermont" (Sandi Simpson
of Barre, Vt.) is only 19. She ma
iored in designing. Her first lob:
Designing Mrs. Steve Allen's
(Jayne Meadows) maternity an-

pnrel . Toni my Fridav nl"'

ce Washington


Len Hall got a hot letter the other

day from a lady. She is rather

an important lady, Katharine Ken

nedy Brown of Deytos, one of
Senator Taft's closest friends and
a top Republican in Ohio.

Mrs. Brown protested to Hall,

who Was trained under Tom

Dewey, that he wss ignoring the

Taft wmg of the party. Her letter
is not .supposed to be published,

but here it is anyway:
"My Dear Len:
"You have just sent me the list

of your sppointments to the execu executive
tive executive committee and I am shocked
by your utter unwillingness to try
to unify the party. You have per

sistently ignored practically every

friend of the late Senator Taft in

all of your appointments, and you

even continue to appoint people

who I have reason to know are
harming instead of helping the

Republican party.

you named only one man to

the executive committee who was

a supporter of Senator Taft, and
you named 14 who Were not. I am
glad that you did name Ray Bliss.

for .he is doing s grand job for
our party. I suppose you are utter

ly indifferent to the fact that
you are ignoring the bulk of real
Republicans in this country by
failing to appoint people who rep

resent them.

"It is s poor return for the self-

sacrifice which Bob '"aft made

and. were he alive today, I am

confident that he would say to
you just what I am saying, for I

worked so closely with him, served
as the only woman on his national

strategy committee, and our re reactions
actions reactions to things political were al

most always in complete accord.

I am sorry that you have

made it necessary for me to write
you in this vein, but unlike some

of your friends, I am unwilling

to let silence give consent to
things which I consider absolutely

narmtui to our party. You know

better than to do such things. Who
it back of it?

"Sincerely yours,
"Katherine Kennedy Brown"
Tern Corcoran Still Potent
Believe it or not. the present

Republican White House has been
using one of the famous brain

trusters of the White House in
Roosevelt's day to squelch criti

cism of the Eisenhower adminis


He is "Tommy the Cork" Cor

coran, one of the most astute
brain trusters ever to help pilot

the destinies of presidents, and he
has now managed to sidetrack

some scathing criticism of three

top men in the Ike administration

their eggs on unrefrigerated dead
meat . Federal inspection ot
chickens and turkeys is not re required
quired required today, though it's provided
by the Department of Agriculture
if processors want it. Senator

Murray is determined in make it
mandatory . Both Senator Mc McCarthy
Carthy McCarthy and racketeer Frankie

Cos telle hsve complained to their

mutual lawyer, coward Bennett

Williams. McCarthy is embar

rassed because Williams repre represents
sents represents McCarthy . President
Eisenhower's doctors haven't con convinced
vinced convinced one lady they have cured
Ike's ileitis. She is Mrs. Reva
Anderson of Pocateho. Idaho, who

has been operated on twice for

ileitis and still gets frequent re-

rcurrences of the disease ... She

she has continued to suffer ileitis

attacks, the latest only a few
months ago. The disease has made
it impossible for her to do ardu

ous work.

Teacher Is Retained

Who Discussed Issue

Of Races In Classes


The Gwinnett County Board of

Eaucaaon announced today that
it refused to fire a teacher who
created a storm of controversy by
her discussion of the racial seg segregation
regation segregation issue in her classroom.
The State Board of Education
previously ordered the state por portion
tion portion of Mrs. Colleen Wiggins' sal salary
ary salary cut off because of the re remarks
marks remarks attributed to her. The state

finances aU but a small portion
of Gwinnett teachers' pay.
Mrs. Wiggins denied in several
hearings that she had advocated
racial integration in the class classrooms
rooms classrooms and said she merely was
drawn into a discussion of the
subject by her pupil's.
A group of parents at the Be Be-thesda
thesda Be-thesda school where Mrs. Wiggins

teaches contended she had "poi

soned the minds of pupils by say

ing she would not object to her
daughter marrying a Negro and

that she would 'not mind teaching

at an integrated school.

U.r Wmrtlnc f.M mhfl ,h. tn

tne Class snout marriage was
that "I want my little girl to

marry whomever she chooses and
his race does not matter to me so

much as the type of person he Is
snd whether she loves him truly."

1 1IC tliaw.uuNU VI HUUVBUyil.
although it slashed Mrs. Wiggins'
nay by about 90 per cent, left it

" r v" " --"

to tire or keep ner

The board ruled that In its opin-

iup men in uie me aaminuuauon ; The hoard ruien mat in us opin opin-which
which opin-which the Democrats were about ton "the evidence submitted by

alternate sponsor on NBC-TV (8:30

to 9 p.m.) started with 128 sta
tions. The total is now 158

The Copa has another song click

xrom it last show, it is "Petti

coats of Portugal." a eatchy thin?

nroadwav confuctu Sav; Be

ful of Rain, son From Snorr, Vice to v0ur Enemies You Never

aor mag (page ivr, ne turnea out. Know When Your Friends Will

"i im you. i


( aj. -ortel" firrhu nrl. r, 1
Whits Dot A of alittoctloM V 1
! A MS
V Available at all leading atom. f MM
f IcBtaaaatatlTalt CIA. ATLAS, t. A. Panarai. B P TaarMaw n BmaiSot Cae

n a n Accu rrnc mwr


to release. Here is the inside


The House Small Business

Committee has prepared a highly

critical report on the operations

oi three powerful Ike commission
era: Jerome Kuykendall, chair
man of the Federal Power Cora

mission; Sinclair Armstrong,
chairman of the Securities and

Exchange Commission; and Ed Edward
ward Edward Howrey, ex-chairman of the

Federal Trade Commission
However, after the Small busi

ness Committee prepared in ad

vance copy of the report, lt was
sent as a courtesy to Congress

man McCulloch of Ohio, Republi

can, wno promptly slipped it to
the White House. Then the wire

pulling began.

The contents were circulated to

tne three commissioners, who to

gether with the. White House, be began
gan began to pull wires. Ex-FTC Chair

man Howrey telephoned John
Wheelock, assistant director of in

vestigation for the Trade Commis
sion, and told him he was consid

ering a libel suit against Congress

man Joe Evins of Tennessee.

chairman of the Small Business


Howrey knew that Wheelock was
from Tennessee and would imme

diately leak to Cong. Evins.
He did. Evins hesitated.
The Final Blow
Simultaneously, another mem

ber of the committee in Chicago

got even more worried. He was
Sidney Yates, Democrat. He got
on the telephone to Congressman


However, the final damner on

the scorching report on Ike's three

commissioners was applied by
"Tommy the Cork." Tommv

knows the way. to get things done

in Washington. He's been around

a long. time; He went straight to

tne boss of Coneressmen Evins

and Yates to Cong. Wright Pat-

man oi rexarkana, Texas. Tommy
IS working for the Texas Gss

Iransmission PiDeline fnraniinv

which does a lot of business in

lexas. He is also a friend of

-ong. Patman. The Small Busi

ness Committee report was buried

-at jeast until after November 6

. . Thouih because of the leak

to' the White House. Conn. Evins

insisted on giving copies to Demo Democrats
crats Democrats who had testified before bis


Note The idea that a conaress

man can be sued for lihel ntt the

basis of a congressional report is
fantastic Ever since the Rritish

Parliament laid down the law that
no member could be thrown In

jail, prosecuted, or sued for criti

cmng the crown, members of

every Anglo Saxon Parliament
have had complete immunity to
say anything they please, libelous
or otherwise, about anyone, as

long as it's sand officially.
Washing tan Pipeline

Sen. James Murray (D-Mont)
reached the laar straw in hie rni.

sade to protect consumers against

pouiiry-rjorne diseases . His
daughter-in-law, Mrs. Charles
Murray, bought a chicken In a
Washington grocery store and
found two dead insects inside.
Thev wpr UrsA "hlnui fliaa

dismissal" of Mrs. Wiggins.

In m a K l n g us decision, me

, 1 1. : 1 l 1

Mk.. JalAa tn atata that thev

are definitely opposed to Integra

tion or mixing of the races in ti
mihlic schools in any manner."

, m .m

"hn fertarif a en c n in nr ins r i-

;. -i s ai

pruUBUlj II issue: uuwisw suu

creet expressions aooui uus ver,
controversial question."
Inquest is Ordered
Into Double Deaths
Oi Finding Farmers

n' i a u irir ma i hv i .u m

fmmtv TiiiitfA Trnv Ha .ir rane

nn mm i AC t inn D 17 Tl lnuPSI I DP. in

iir-Mi.ii (ii lwie iruuuic uua a a a iiiva


li'iii tnnu a pnrnnpr c inrv

. 1 T .1. A- A. J TAA

ItVJ uuwv vs. unv vvuiivr m"

It out to tin death alongside the
m Tt t Hi.... tMkaa .Vn.n'e

hi. .roiiii s ixiver near va u w


Lowe was killed by a .22 caliber
U,.ll liran iittn hia ho.lrt.

A 111.. UUAA1 V... ...... 1..U

buckshot fired into his chest. Hall
.a a a 1 I I. at..aJ

SOaU l UC iwv; iiii-ii uau l wi

ing for months over nog grazing

riKiits cat-1 1 i nciu u uic ucuw

wooded area.

rru 4..aIm Una k mm tvt nnri

ii VaT 3 T.1.m1

m insjaM va. vt caa uvvn, aim
Lowe, brother of the other desd

ii j i iL. a.: iU nhnnt.



uupuiy oiicrui iuuKias www

nUI V aa ii J

BnUOUUK ell iwuiidy, wuu

.aaail thn riArllAO in TT1P ITI

something to do with the double

AnmA tn n n ii 1 nir innnrs a ii

and together hauled the two uou-

les to a ueiana



to grow healthy, vigorous,
and beautiful lawns,
flowers and gardens.
$7.50 100 lbs.
Does not barn plants.
Needs no special care
"""" to apply:

279 Central Ave. TeL S-01M

known by deer hunters to lsy





by Erskine Johnson


lywood on TV: Noah was quite a
boy to set those animals aboard

his famous Ark, but there's no

record of bira trying to top him himself,
self, himself, and winnine an Emmy, by

turning his four-footed pals into

Had he tried, old Noah may
have wound up with an ulcer.
Jack Webb was danolino a car car-rat
rat car-rat en 'the end of a piece of string
trying to capture the right expres expression
sion expression in the eyes of a six-month -old
Jack had a wild look in his
eyes, but he said he didn't have
an ulcer yet. He may have one,
though, before he retires "as skip skipper
per skipper of "Noah's Ark," the new
Mark VII color telefilm series
just launched on the stormy NBC NBC-TV
TV NBC-TV waves. But at least Jack has

a brave leading lady wno omni

mind emoting with a Hon.

ing: "You just caat judge a fight
watching a TV screen. These
camera angles fool you. Yew can't
detect a guy rolling with a punch
or see what's happening when a
back ie to the camera."
Since Milton Berlt parted with
his long-time manager, he's say saying
ing saying "My wife is my boss." She's
said to be working at it, too, mak making
ing making all kinds of decisions for him.
Ed Murrow's calmness in meet meeting
ing meeting all those celebrities on "Per "Person
son "Person to Person," he says, dates
back to a friend telling him:
"Just imagine that the person
you're speaking to is standing

there in his underwear." An ex

planation, maybe, for that certain

gleam in Ed's eyes when he in

terviewed Marilyn Monroe.

There's eae of those "Select-

1 Your-Favorite" cigaret vending

"Honest." eoreeous May Wynn machines on the set of a telefilm

told me, "the lion didn't worry me feries sponsored by a tobacco

at all. I was more afraid of his


la Case You Missed the first
"Noah's Ark." it's what Jack calls

"romance, suspense, human in

terest, laughs, tears and neari
with animals as suDoorling play

ers." A young veterinarian (Paul

burke) and an arthritis-ridden oia
vet rvic Rodman) team up for a

combination Zoo Parade, Medic

and Youne Dr. Kildare.

May, as the office receptionist,

is the love interest lor aurse.
Webb, as nroducer. director,

writer, is behind the camera this

time instead of behind the badge.

The animals, as the supporting

players, are the new challenge for
chaJlenge-loving Webb.
To date he's waited 40 minutes

far a caw to lift its head; sprm

kled moat tidbits along a sidewalk
to improve a dog's acting; found
a ix-week-old Irish setter via a
radio SOS and talked the Griffith

Park Zoo into lending him a young
deer when Hollywood animal rent rental
al rental agencies failed to find one.
I Jack may play a bit role or
two later on In the series No
cops, though" but right now he
aays:' "I don't want to interfere
with these kids-they're great."
Besides, there's little time for
Jack to act, what with dangling
carrots on the end of a string nd
pleading with a cow. "All I want
fs a close-up, ma'am."
The Rocky Marelano-Cauliflow-.
r McPugg (Red Skelton) "cham "championship
pionship "championship fight" on Red's first
CBS-TV show of the season -arlier
this month may result
in a rematch in a Las Vegas
. . r .aWah M AOtt.

wiitiht ruin in uece uuci.

while. gooMMtob BfPky tells

ma hp i a i it i UK ttmru m-

biography with fiua aim

....iKiiitv he'll olav himself af-

tr netting some, acting ex

perience in small role.
Rocky on prise-fight telecast.

company. But mere's only one
brand you guessed it in every

Gordon MacRae, the new

Lux Video Theater host, has tune

smiths working on a TV musical

version of Jimmy Cagney's old

movie, "City for Conquest," in
which Cagney portrayed a violin-

playing prize tighter who goes
blind. Predicts Gordon: "It could

be another 'Carousel.'

X2aaaaaaagafJRgaaaaaarV aflJaak

FOR MAI I -PI AMP Pll I'.TC') ffRAF &irt sW Paaar 1ft atW auk 1

ww iva. a la-vtw 0 v au vsww w t, vault nuUlUU iW HI Ilia KC 3
tight-fitting recruiting team as they tour Cleveland, Ohio, streets with this miniature, mobile
recruiting station. Powered by an old motorcycle engine, the auto-trailer combination was made
by mechanics at a local gas station.


JONES: Danny Thomas shed the

cast from his broken leg but he s

still wearing a fake one in front of

the TV cameras. He recuperated
faster than he was supposed to,

according to the script ot nis

Written for NIA Service

AJ106S A AQ74
10962 YQ
95 e Q J 108 4 3
AJ10 95
4v None
Neither aide vul.

North East South West

14 2 4 2Y Pass
JN.T. Past S Pass
3 Double 4 Pass
4 Y Pass Pass Pass
Opening lead 9

Christian Service
Group To Meet

Tomorrow in Balboa

The INSIDE-The 85th semi Annual meeting

of the Panama Federation for
Christian Service, will be held to

morrow in Balboa Union Church.

The very Rev. Mainert Peterson,
Dean of the Cathedral of St Luke,
will be guest speaker of the day.

His message will be the theme of

of the day "Love Your Enemies"

and Pray For Those Who Perse

cute You."
The soloist will be Paul Helton,
singing "If With All Our Heart"

by Meiidelsen, Yfiff "Holy City" by

vaur; accompanied py Mrs. Arthur
O'Leary. organist.

Coffee will be served by the
ladies of the Balboa Union Church
and the meeting will open at 8:
45 a. m. lunch will be served at
11:30 a. m.

yM...Jbudto u having
gBJgSJM v 4 v ... ,y v'i,. ... ..JShk PvSB

Thrill yourself for fhe last time




PIZZA by Renato

Cristobal McSween
Dies; Mother
To Arrive Friday
Cristobal McSween, brother of
Panamanian athlete Cirilo Mc McSween,
Sween, McSween, died Monday at Santo Te Teas
as Teas Hospital after a brief illness.
Th VI uair nA D.nmini.i

- J viu A lilflUIIUIIU
had been suffering from ah in

testinal ailment.
Funeral services hav Wn tn

tatively set for Friday, pending

hi arrival ot his mother, Mrs.
Veronica McSween, from the
Mr. McSween is also survived
by a sister, Mrs. Annie McSween
Phillips, a resident of Washing Washington.
ton. Washington. D.C.
His brother, Cirilo, i s also e x x-pected
pected x-pected to arrive for the funeral.

LEXINGTON. Ky. -(UP) -Recently
wrecked to make way
for a filling station was the home
of Daniel Bradford, built some
time before 1812. Bradford, in 1819

u e 5 i g n e o and first used in his
newspaper, the Lexington Public
Advertiser, the crowing rooster
that is the national symbol of the
Democratic Party.

Accepting passengers for

by the maiden voyage of



(All cabins with private bath FARE $150.00)
C. 6. Fenton & Co., Inc. I C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc.
Fenton Building, Cristobal I Terminal Building. Balboa
Tel. Cristobal 1781 Tel. Balboa IMS

I ilf mMwmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnT


19" Table Model
Slashed NOW
21" Table Models
Tan 259.25 149.50
Mahogany ... 289.75 154.50
Blonde 291.75 159.59
Console 24"
Mahogany ... 411.50 249.95
Blonde ...... 427.75 259.95

from NOW
142.50 ....... 8949
24" Table Models
Tan S1S.25
Mahogany ... 352.25
Blonde 36140
Console 27"
Mahogany ... 501.25
Blonde 517.25



(Formarly Philippine Rattan FurnltUra)
4th of July .Av. At the aign of the clock Tel. 2-2181

Pick the sterling pattern you adore

Get valuable Wallace gifts wort



It is usualy advantageous to
ruff a losing card with dummy's
worthless trump. Today's hand
chows an exception to this rule.
West opened the nine of dia diamonds,
monds, diamonds, and declarer won in dum dummy
my dummy with the king. He next led a
low club, losing the king to West's
ace. West returned the jack of
spades, and Sotuh rufled.
Declarer cautiously led a club
to dummy's queen, discovering
that the suit was divided 3-2. Only
the jack of clubs was still out,
and perhaps he could ruff that
with dummy's low trump.
First, however, Sou,th took the
precaution of leading the king of
hearts from dummy. East
dropped the queen of hearts, and
the whole picture changed.
South could now afford to lead
two more rounds of trumps, win winning
ning winning with the ace and jack, fall fallowed
owed fallowed by a low club lead. West
took the jack of clnbs' and led
another spade to force out South's
next-to-last trump. South then pro proceeded
ceeded proceeded to lead out his good,
allowing West to use his good
trump whenever he pleased. South
lost only one trump and two Clubs,
making his game contract.

South could rutted out tne
Jack of clubs, but he would have
1 XL I .X

iosi me game Dy aoing so. ftt uns
point he had four trumps, and
West held three. South would have
used up a trump to enter his hand
and he would -have used up an another
other another to get back aftef rufnng a
club in the dummy. This would
lesve him one trump shorter than
-West, and he would never recover
Irom this handicap.








Solid Mahogany Drawer Chest,
, Retail Value, $30.00

Yes, you will receive Four Starling Serving Pieces plus a
Solid Mahogany Drawer Chest beautiful gifts worth up
to $75 when you purchase a 40 Piece Service for 8 in
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Sterling pattern. SILVER SWIRL pattern illustrated.

J "1 '-


Vou receive gifts worth
up to $79 in Value!

Gfond Colonial Wiihino S(a
168.21 133.22

aaeeW m sW
HkaMaaw aaW

Wh N. Jim

A A A 11 I

aW BB ill 1

rrrr m


a Cham Serving Knift
b Sugar Spoon
c Butter Serving Knift
d Cake Breaker


Sir Chrittophtr Silv.r Swirl
198.33 145.35

Wall; of Snrinq StrorJivari
173.62 156.62

Orchid El.gonc.


Romanco of tfio Soa Sou Point
218.82 168.21

Grand Soroqu

aci mi


Social and


Bi Staff.

fhi J (Cyapminti, flJarrifU,
Jt miff i, McUd If
the popular cookbook which
T The book Is now, In Its third
S Ford and Robert Valliant.

' aaaaaaaaf -B
'V iiiiwimr" m 1 A
jHBSSBSSf ggsjawmiMi
I aMaaaat' i0B,l,,,ll,lll A HHP M
;" '"''' JNflfl aaaaaaaaaaaataafll

The Inter-American Women's Club will give a tea in
honor of Mrs. Ernesto de la Guardia, wife of the President
, of Panama, tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 in the Bella Vista
Room of the Hotel El Panama.
J Members are invited to bring guests who would like to
be presented to Mrs. de la Guardia. Reservations may be
I made by calling the Club, Panama 2-0518 or Balboa 2-3465,
Dona Elisa de Heurtematte, Panama 3-0566 or Mrs. Harold
Peeney Balboa 2-1642.

Peter Adams
Makes Master Sergeant
At Valley Port Academy
Cadet Peter J. Adams, son of
Col. and Mrs. John C. L. Adams,
Ancon. Canal Zone, has been
lised to the rank of master ser
vant in the MO-member corps of
Eadets at Valley Forge Military
cedemy, Waym, Pa.
Cadet Adams who' last year
irved as a color sergeant, is a
rst classman, apd a member of
Anthony WSYne Uegton uuard,
honor military unit of tne
Mils Louis Tat.
f ledges Sorority
At Stephens' College
! Miss Louise Tate, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse DeWitt Tate of
World's largest
j Selling Aspirin
Jbr Children
Approved by more
doctors, liked by
mora mothers and
children than any
ether brand. Each
: it 1' (raint.
eta oref erred stand-
ard of accurate
dotage measure.
Orange flavored.
We don't "Make" them.
Western $0.60
Hot Turkey... 1.76





EVERY WEDNESDAY from 7:30 p.m.
LUCHO and hi ORCHESTRA will play
bis special brand of music that's become
top with all Isthmians!
Air-conditioned Bella Vista Room
CaU Maitre D' 3 1680
for reservations



BirlL, PAirt and Omil Juufd L maiLd ftmpth U LummLfi tktum.
Lm 2-0740 m 2-074I Um 9.00 and 10 am. ml).

Fort Kobbc teenagers help assemble "Recetas del Caribe,"
the Officers Wires' Club at Kobbe compiled several months ago.
printing. Picured above, left to right, are Sherry Oodsey, Betty
(U.S. Army Photo

Gamboa, has pledged Kaooa Al
pha Phi social sorority at Ste Stephens'
phens' Stephens' College in Columbia. Mo.,
where she is a junior.
Formal pledging for approxi approximately
mately approximately 300 new members of eight
social sororities was held Oct. 9 in
the sorority chapter rooms as the
climax of rushing activities. I n i i-tiation
tiation i-tiation of pledges will take place
f 1-- r: i
in earyr r coruary.
Retirement Party For
Mr. And Mr. Schecker
Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland A.
Schecker ware entertained by a
group of friends at the Army and
Navy Club, Fort Amador, with a
retirement party on Friday, Oct.
19. Mr. Schecker is retiring as
Secretary of the Disability Relief
Board after many years of service
with the Panama Canal Cpmpany,
Mr. Schecker was presented with
a gift and also a resolution from
the Disability Relief Board a c c-knowledging
knowledging c-knowledging his many years of
service with that Board.
Mr. and Mrs. Schecker are sail sailing
ing sailing for the United States on the
S. S. Cristobal Saturday, and will
make their home for the present
in Pittsburgh, Kansas, where their
son is teaching,
Halloween Dane
Will Be Held Friday
At Hotel Washington i
Abou Saad Shrine Temple an announces
nounces announces its annua! Hallowe'en
Dance will be held Friday evening
in the Ballroom of the Hotel Wash Washington
ington Washington in Colon. This Atlantic side

On your next drive to Tocame try our

Wa CREATE them 1
Club ....$1.00
Tocumen Special 1.50

Box I34, P

Box 5037, lA
event to which all Shriners and
their ladies are invited will start
with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres
from 7 to 8:30 and dancing from
8:30 to 12:30. Lucho Azacarraga
and his organ will furnish music
for the dancing.
Tickets for uie event are being
handled by Earl Engel. Director
of the Temple and members of his
staff, and are 81.50 per person
.Tickets may also be pflrchased at
the door, f or racitic side 5rmn
I ers who would rather not drive
their own cars, special busses are
being provided. These busses will
leave the Civil Affairs Building,
Ancon at 6 p.m., and return after
the dance. Bus fare will be $1.50
per person round trip. In order to
determine tne number of busses
needed reservations will be re
quired and may be made by call
lng Balboa 3272.
Egghead And I?
Unpublished Now
CHICAGO. Oct. 24 CUP)- This
former wife of Democratic presi
dential candidate Adiai rc. ste-ven-son
said today she had "decided
to cancel" publication of her
pamphlet, "The Egghead and I."
Mrs. Ellen Borden Stevenson,
who took a stand against Steven
son in the 1952 presidential cam campaign,
paign, campaign, said that circumstances be beyond
yond beyond her control had prevented
the pamphlet "from reaching the
printers in time for publication
and timely distribution" before
the forthcoming election.
The pamphlet, she said, "did not
concern or discuss the personal
life of candidate Stevenson."
"The' pamphlet consisted of es
says, satirical verse and excerpts
from my diaries concerning "ine
Egghead' in national affairs, a
problem we all face," she ex ex-Mined.
Mined. ex-Mined. Enjoyable
or the usua

roui J

mm Ws
n W ; ,.
WT .. . so light n delicious for I

lach notice for incluiien in I hie
eetM the Id be .ubmirred in
type -written toon and mailed to one
of the boi numbers lifted daily to
"Social and Otherwise." or deliver delivered
ed delivered by hand to the oHica. Notices of
meetings can t be accepted by
Panama Marlin Club
Moots Tomorrow
The Panama Marlin Club will
hold open meeting on Thursday
evening at Pedro Miguel Boat
Club. All Tournament contestants
are urged to attend for final in instructions.
structions. instructions. Dinner will be served
at 7 p.m. Reservations are" neces necessary
sary necessary and may be made by calling
2-3227, 2-2428, and 3-2170. Boat
captains may pay entry lees xor
their crews and receive necessary
Forms and Rules.
Stewards Council
Chairman Nesbit P. Alexis of
the Atlantic region, Local 900, AF-SCME-AFL-CIO,
announced that
the regular Stewards Council
Meeting will be convened at the
Local's Office in Cristobal, tomor tomorrow
row tomorrow night starting at 7:30, o'clock.
Snpc a reDorts on me receni,

W.T4TProbablv Saved Fliers Life

Rally new in ranamn vuj wm w
All Stewards are hereoy urgea
to attend.
Travel Group
Meets Tomorrow
The Travel Group of the Carib Caribbean
bean Caribbean College Club will hold their
first meeting tomorrow at 7:30
p.m. in the Red cross auuaing in
Mr nri Mr. Leo Kriziza of the
Pacific Side will show their color colored
ed colored slides of their trip around the
All members and friends of the
Club are invited to attend.
Economy Is Strong,
Buying And Selling
Continues Al Peaks
The nation's ecomony entered
the fall season in "continued
strone" shape as a result of heavy
consumer buying and business
spendprevius charter. As it was,
they bounded back quickly.
As reported previously, the sur
vey showed personal income rose
to an annual rate of 328 billion
dollars in August. Reflecting this
trend, total sales by retail stores
tooned 1955 levels by three per
cent in tne first nine momns oi
this yearn
The department said the econ
omy has continued to move up upward,
ward, upward, although more slowly than
in 1955, despite cutbacks in new
automobile sales and a reduced
home building pace.
Privately-financed construction
of housing, factories, office build buildings
ings buildings and warehouses was stable
in the tnira quarter, nut auio
sales dropped as dealers cleared
their showrooms for new 1957
Manufacturing activity con
tinued-to climb during the sum
mer and tne flow oi new oraers
in August 'rose suDsianuauy,
the survey said. Manufacturers al
so continued to receive new orders
faster than they could fill old
ones. Their backlog of orders was
10 billion dollars higher at the
end of August than in mid-1955.
Some of the largest new orders
were placed with machinery pro
ducers by businesses which are
expanding their operations. Air
craft and railroad car makers
have also received "heavy" vol volumes
umes volumes of new orders in recent
months, the survey said.
Dwight Nystorm spotted some carp
trying to swim upstream in a road roadside
side roadside Jitch near Lake Madison. He
got out of his car and clubbed
eiaht of them to death with a
number nine golf iron.

lic Puo-lic Relations Director of the Hotel El Panama, accepts the
Soroptimlst Emblem from Miss Rosita Palacio, president of the
recently chartered Panama chapter of this International serv service
ice service dub. The plaque was placed in the lobby of the hotel.

'Bootleg Direction Finder


RALEIGH, N.C. (UP)-Control
tower operators at Raleigh -Dur
ham Airport believe that a "boot-
leg" direction finder that "has
never failed" may have saved the
life of a New Jersey flier Sunday
Bennett O'Neill Peckenpough of
Paterson. N.J.. was guided to
safetv throuah 50 miles of rain
and mists after he became lost
while traveling alone.
His voice came in faintly on the
control tower radio and when the
homemade direction finder was
plugged in and the antenna turned
to the north a humming noise
rose and fell In the tower.
It took just 45 minutes for con controllers
trollers controllers to guide the four-place
Stinson to a landing on the rain rain-slick
slick rain-slick runway. Peckenpough left
for Atlanta by commercial air airliner
liner airliner but said he would return to today
day today to get his plane.
Controller Rebecca Earnest said
"nobody can say that we saved
the guv's life with this thing, but
I would."
Safely Regulations
On Insecticides
The government today imposed
stiffer safety requirements on
some insecticides because of new
evidence they may be more pois poisonous
onous poisonous to humans than suspected.
George P. Larrick, food and
drug commissioner, said his scien
tists have discovered that organic
phosphates used to protect food
crops mav be more dangerous
when used together than singly.
For example it takes 50 parts
per million of the phosphate EPN
to produce a poisonous effect and
250 Darts of malathion. Rut food
and drug experts found in tests!
on dogs that it took only 20 parts
of EPN and 100 parts of malath malathion
ion malathion when used together.
Larrick said there is no Indica
tion that safety levels now in ef
feet for organic phosphates "con
st it ute any hazard to public;
"But to be sure that we continue
to safeguard the consumer ade adequately,
quately, adequately, we are going to reouirc
more pvinence of safety in deal
ing with this type of compound in
the future," he said.
Slim Fat Away
if fl ruloa your flgur. or makta
job ahort of breath and endaaccra
jour health, you will find It easy
to lose a half pound, a day with tha
5,u,SfJ.l?w.?od "thod called
pK"DE. No draatle diet Ins; or
..v n.uiUlCiy naie. ask your
iw BjnBnJum and
wniming tomorrow.


Controller J. Paul Scott of Dur

ham jigged the direction finder
with surplus military parts and
some he "bought myself."
"I made some of them," Be
said. "I paid $1.75 for a piece of
steel and 72 cents for a cake pan
the largest cake pan I could
find. That's the azimuth mdica-
Scott, who thumps bass fiddle
,in a band and tinkers with sports
i cars in his spare time, said me
direction finder works on the prin
ciple of a television set with a di directional
rectional directional antenna.
"There's not much to it," he
said. "We keep the cord behind
the water cooler."
By using the directional anten antenna,
na, antenna, controllers are able to deter determine
mine determine the plane's direction from
the airport. They then radio
course directions to the pilot.
The finder is supposed to be
used for practice only. Because
pf a lack of funds, the Civil Aero Aeronautics
nautics Aeronautics Authority hasever flight flight-checked
checked flight-checked it and, in fact, had or ordered
dered ordered it removed.
"We didn't take it oirt though."
Miss Earnest said. "We couldn't.
It would have left a hole in the
She said that In an emergency
"we explain to a pilot that it
been flight-checked, nor approved,
anrl ask them if thev want us to
use it. They usually do and U has I
never failed.
"When they get in, they're usu usually
ally usually amazed," she added.
Woman Prevents
Would Be Robber
By Car Crashing
RICHMOND, Va., Oct. 24 (UP)
A nervy doctor's wife ended
what apparently was a hold up
ride Monday night by ramming
her car into a store front
Mrs. Charlotte Easterung, za,
jumped from tne car oeiore
hH She suffered a cut knee.
The man in the car, 28-year-oll
Anthony Francis MOrrell of Ft.
Lee, was not jnjured.
Police arrested Morrell and
Merged him with attempted rob-j
herv ',
Mrs. Easterline told police the.
man asked her for a lift as she
was driving away from Hopewell
Hospital about 8:30 Monday night.
She said the man told her to
keep driving. She said the rider
reached unler his sweater and
she heard something click oni oni-mously.
mously. oni-mously. After ramming the car into the
store front, Mrs. Easterling ran
inside the store and called police.
Police said Morrell was still stand standing
ing standing at the scene when they ar arrived.
rived. arrived. They quoted him as saying
he had intended to rob Mrs.
Easterling, and they found a black
toy pistol near the scene.
Reaches you Surgically
Sterile I
Made to stay Actively
Antiseptic for up to 4
month in use
Inhibits or destroys
ALL type of germs that
fall on or hold to it!

It's the
Dr. West



Plane-dynamiter Graham
To Die Week Of Jan. 12

DENVER. Colo., Oct. 24 (UP) (UP)-The
The (UP)-The execution of the saboteur who
blew up an airliner lulling 44
persons, including his mother, was
ordered today In a State Supreme
court decision denying mm an
In ordering the poison gas
chamber death of John Gilbert
Graham, 24, the Supreme Court
said it had been unable to find
a counterpart to his case, either
in fact or ta fiction.
The execution was Set for the
week ending Jan. 12, 1957.
Graham, married and the father
of two small children, was con convicted
victed convicted of planting a dynamite time
uumo on a united Air Lines utbB
that exploded and crashed in
sugar beet field near Longmont,
Colo., 35 miles north of Denver,
on the niaht of Nov 1 19SS
He was arrested by FBI agents
less than two weeks after the
disaster and confessed he planted
dynamite sticks in the lussac of
his mother, Mrs. Daisie King, 54,
in an effort to collect on her flight
insurance policies.
Graham later retracted his con
fession but titer bis trial and
conviction, he admitted his guilt
and opposed all efforts to save
him by his two court-appointed

'New Negro' Not Afraid Of KKK,
White Citizens Councils, etc

WINSTON. Salem. Oct. 24 (UP)
Delegates to the convention ofthe
North Carolina chapter of the Na
tional Association for the Advance Advancement
ment Advancement of Colored People returned
home today with a ringing state
ment that a "new Negro" is not
The challenge was sounded by
Mrs. Ruby Hurley, regional direc director
tor director of the NAACP in the Southeast
with offices in Atlanta. Mrs. Hur Hurley
ley Hurley spoke on the theme: "What are
we going to do in a spiritual sense
in the fight for freedom?"'
"The number of Negroes in the
South, the bestial treatment,
makes us know that we've got to
stand fast,' she said, "and that
we must pray if we're to be free.'
"Those who want to intimidate
us are so silly that they don't re
alize that Negroes art not scared
of them anymore.
She said "white citizens eoun
oils, patriots and the Ku Klux
Kian can do as they please, but
they can't keep us from moving
to our goal.
Mrs. Hurley called on the
JNAALP workers to love their ene enemies
mies enemies and to pray for (Sen. James)
Eastland, for (Herman) Talmadge
ana tor otners Uke them."
She s1d the Negro organization
should not be classed as "extre
mists along with the white citizens
"It tries my Christianity." she
said, "when they class us with
white citizens councils ... we never
advocate violence ... they say the
NAACP in Alabama paid people
to let Negroes in the University
of Alabama. ..They say the NAACP
is organizing boycotts in Alabama
...I say Father forgive them for
they know not what they do.
Talks On Prophets
Continue Tomorrow
At Balboa YMCA
-Or. Wnlker M. Alderton will
present the third in the series
of talks about "Eighth Century
Prophets" at the Balboa Y.M.C.
A. tomorrow ft 7:30 p.m.
The subject of his talk will be
"Hosea and The Everlasting
The public is invited.
Mrs. America '56
To Visit Russia
NEW YORK, Oct. 24 (UP) -Mrs.
America of 1956, Mrs. Cleo
Maletis, of Portland, Ore., will
visit the Soviet Union m Novem November,
ber, November, it was announced today. She
and her husband, Chris, will leave
New York Nov. 5 and be in Mos Moscow
cow Moscow from Nov. 13 to 19.


any other motor

Competing against some of the toughest motor oila
as.-. 1 asaawLttfiuaJl LI t 1 A A m ft C t ttA Itl VKf atlllaw

riority. llavoline lubrtcated engine's showed mort
power, greater pickup, added gasoline mileage. Inde Independent
pendent Independent road tests proved it. You can prove it your yourself
self yourself Come in and change to the best motor oil youf
money can buy -Advanctd Custom-Mad Haroline,

attorneys. The rppeal to the State
Supreme Court was made against
ibis wishes.
More than 70 witnesses testified
I at Graham's trial and he, himself
I wrote a letter to the State Su Su-jpreme
jpreme Su-jpreme Court asking it to reject

ue appeal ruea py ms attorneys.
"Nowhere in the reports of
criminal courts have we found a
counterpart to this ease, and we
doubt if anything approaching it
can be found in fiction," Chief
Justice Wilbur M. Alter said in
delivering the. Supreme Court'
"We have painstakingly exam examined
ined examined and studied the entire record
in this case and from it we tttf
impelled to the conclusion that flh)
verdict of the jury was based.
upon uncontradicted, competent
"No other verdict than, guilty
of murder in the first degree could
have been returned with due
regard to the evidence before the
jury, and the defendant must
suffer the penalty provided op
law. .
"Finding no error in the record.
the judgment is affirmed, and it
is ordered that the sentence be
Jan. 12, 1957."
The address ended a three-dsv
convention during which delegate
drew up resolutions calling en
North Carolina to desegregate its
public schools in compliance with
the U.S. Supreme Court ruling,'
Bulldog News
By Mary Smith
On Oct 19 we hsd one of the
11 .
oesi pep ranys we nave ever nan.
The school has never shown s
much spirti. For every football
game a different cheerleader i a
chosen- as captain. She is the one
who thinks up the theme for the
rally. The cheerleader this 2eek
was Julia May. Her theme was the
hit parade. There were groups of
students singing the "Great
Pretender," "Red Suede Shoes."
Sam Maphis and Coila Goo'din,
his wife, were onr honored frnaata
During the four years that Sam
ana Loua were m high chool
lhev iiist atuuit Mir ail
the honors. Sam was the battalion
commander of the ROTC. He waa
vice president of his class four
years. He went Out for four yews
of football, three years of basket,
ball, three years of track and
was president of the LettermaJ's
Club. He won the honor as Mr.
All Around in the Zonian.
His wife, Coila, was also very
outstanding. She was Zonian
editor, a cheerleader, batalloa
sponsor in the ROTC sh m
SA representative for three eyars.
cam nave a snort talk; on school
Spirit Which Waa wait noorforf until
Next Wednesday, Oct. 24, a
croun of siip rw ninr tsi S 1 I
, "VHV Will
take merit scholarship tests. The
National Merit Scholarship Pro Program'
gram' Program' is a nationwide search for
high school seniors who have de
monstrated ability and promise
to benefit from a college educa education.
tion. education. The principal of th hi oh tiaui
selects the most promising five
per cent of his senior class. It is
a two hour test on general
scholastic aptitude prepared espe especially
cially especially for the merit program.
On Dec. 1. the student, will h.
notified that they are semifinalists
On Jan. 12, they will take a test
tO complete to rut Malif
Scholars will ho Unf. a..-. ul
group of finalists and mil be
notified bv March is of thir .n.
pointment. j
Fridav ended the first srrariinsr
period of this year. Some students
are awaiting it with anticipation
others with fear. Which ever you
are let's hope that during the
next weeks you'll keep up the
good work or try and do better.
oil... regardless
t l!
w price i


You'll be mighty glad you did.
Distributors in the Republic
Jerei Destiers
Miracle-Tuft W
You are welcome at
ypur TEXACO Dealer Jf


mmm HI




.Social and Otherwise


Book Roviaw firoun

or coiiwm ciub

Mrs. Jean Bailey will review oer

Mi book. "Panama FatUe" at

the October meeting of the Book

Review Grouo of the Canal Zone

College Club. This meeting will be

eld at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow, at tne
home of Mrs. William R Tucker,
M0Q NAD, Rodman. Mrs. Edward

A. Doolan will assist Mrs. Tucker.

Santa Will Appear

At Legion Auxiliary
Christmas Bazaar
n. 1711 1 M nt.M ,,!. T

int tiotn.a. waia


Farmers Doing OK.
Figures Show Rise
Income And Output


The Agriculture Department re reported
ported reported today that overall farm
income topped 1955 levels by
nearly two per cent in the first
nine months of this year despite
generally lower farm prices.

It said a prospective "record

huh" farm vield this vear en

abled farmers to step up sales
four per cent in the period ended
September 30. This more than
offset a two per cent decline in
agricultural prices.
The department reported in Its
monthly "demand and price" re report
port report that farmers made about
20.2 billion dollars in sales in the
January September period, in including
cluding including 11.8 billion dollars worth
1 f- T.V 1 1 ,! 1

qi uvesiocK ana uvesiocK proaucis
and 8.4 billion dollars worth of

The report indicated that this

situation is expected- to continue
for the rest of the year.

"Total output of farm products

tills year may weft be a record
high," the department said. "Crop
output, according to Oct. 1 esti

mates, is close to the 1955 record

despite drought in the great
plains. Production of meat ani animals,
mals, animals, milk, poultry, and eggs
continues to exceed year ago


. Receipts from livestock and

products in the first nine months
of 1956 ran slightly ahead of last
war Hiuhpr svprapp milk and

gg prices in the first half of 1956
more than offset lower hog prices.

Income from crops was three

1955 period. This was due mostly
to larger receipts from vegetables
and fruits, which offset 1 smaller

tobacco and soy bean receipts.

The department attributed the

increase in farm ittJffKetings to a

gentral expansion m economic
activity. It said consumers so far

this year have spent five per cent
more on food than in the corre corresponding
sponding corresponding period of 1955.
Machine Age s
,, DAYTON, 0.s (UP) Eugene
Wooley when he paid a parking
fine, stapled his $3 check, to the
ticket with 94 staples, .all in
groups of three in the shape of
stars. The court mailed it back
to Wooley because: "If we left
the check on the ticket the bank
might not recognize it." Anyway,
tne way the ticket is now, it now,
it couldn't be used in the IBM

American Legion Auxialiary will

hold their Christmas bazaar Sat
urday from 2 to 7 p.m. in the A
merican Legion Home in Old Cris
tobal across from the Clubhouse
The big event will be the arriv

al of Santa Claus who will make

his first appearance on the Allan

tic Side at this affair. There will
be a variety of' gifts to select

from and especially dolls and

stuffed toys. Christmas iewelrv

Christmas decorations, handicraft

work, a white elephant booth. Dot

ted plants and a fish pond for the

youngsters. Cake, coffee, hot dogs

and soft drinks will oe available
for everyone. There will be many
prizes including those donated by

Maduros, Mottas and others.

Mrs. Olga Roe, Chairman of this

bazaar stated that "the proceeds
will be used to support the various
projects of the American Legion

Auxiliary and their Christmas cha

Deep Freeze Method
Could Save Mother,

Unborn Child, Too

NEWCASTLE, England, Oct. 24
(UP)-Doctors here said today they

saved the life of a young expect

ant mother suffering from a brain

injury by "deep freezing" her
during the most difficult phase of

her recovery.
Mrs. Kenneth Moore was un unconscious
conscious unconscious for nearly six months
after she was hit by a tree trunk

that fell off a truck. She came
to Friday, after 169 days in a

The 22-year-old woman still is
somewhat dazed, but her doctors
believe she will recover complete completely
ly completely and that her baby will be nor normal.
mal. normal. For a full week, Mrs. Moore
was kept in a "virtual state of
hibernation" by ice packs which
brought her temperature as low

as 86 degrees more than 12 de degrees
grees degrees below normal.
"This method tided her over

the most dangerous phase of her
illness and probably saved her
life, because her temperature at

the time was rising to a danger dangerous
ous dangerous level." a hospital bulletin said.

Mrs. Moore's 28-year-old hus

band, who spent hours at her bed

side every day during the long
ordeal, said she still does not

realize exactly what is going on
"She mentions my name some

times, but she has no idea where
she is or what has happened to
her," Moore said. "She talks
sometimes, but it doesn't make
much sense. It's like someone

tallng in his sleep."

Enjoy Spanish Style Lamb
For Memorable Delicacy

alk asBk xMr i f
m HPHSf i.JiflHLa m
flu&jj fik Jr is9RiHssH
SHP S&WfSMt ssssK wJH sssV'
'H sWBP Mf' 'VHsttHhsV VI sssV
1? WvMMWssssssV
tfl B!bmw MsW

TANGY TARTNESS of wine vinegar given character to lamb,
cooked Spanish style. Cabbage balls are crowning touch.
NEA Feed and Markets Editor

Art Show At YMCA

Until Next Sunday

An art exhibit by students of

Mrs. Betty Bentz at the B a 1 b o a

YMCA-USO will be continued
through Sunday it was announced


It will be open on the following
Thursday, 6 to 9 p.m. Mrs. M.
Kilson, hotstess; Friday, 6 to 9 p.m
Mrs. E. Howerth, hostess; Satur Saturday,
day, Saturday, 4 to 6 p.m. Mrs. J. Manusori,

hostess; Saturday, : 7 to 9 p.m.
P. Markum, hotestess; Sunday ,4
to 6 p.m. Mrs. J. Brake, hostess;
Sunday,; 6 to 9 p.m. B. Ben I.

Spain has many sheep. Also, its

cooks use native oil in most

dishes. Thev produce flavor com

binatlons. such as lamb m tne

Gincian way.

How dose this strike your

fahcy? The combination of oijve
oil, tomatoes, spicy sausages,
thyme, bay leaf, red wine and
lamb nlus little cabbage balls?

Lamb in Galician Style
(Makes 6-8 servings)
One-quarter cup Spanish olive
oil, 1 (about 6 pounds) lamb
shoulder, cut in cubes, 1 pound
ripe, tomatoes, peeled and sliced,
Mi pound spicy sausage, V tea teaspoon
spoon teaspoon thyme, 1 bay leaf, 1 tea teaspoon
spoon teaspoon salt, 1 cup red wine or clear
consomme,' 1 cup water, 1 table

spoon wine vinegar, 4 cups imeiy
chopped cabbage, 1 cup boding
salted water, Vt cup flour, 1 cup
Spanish olive oil.
Heat Vt cup olive oil ui large

WH. Rnmnve as much tat as

IVCLtlC. .

possible from me
brown in hot olive oil. Drain off
fat. Add tomatoes, sausage cut in

V4-lnch slices, thyme, bay leaf,
salt, wine or consomme, 1 cup

water and wine vintgar. Cover

tightly, and simmer IV hours or
until tender.

While the lamb is cooking, make

tne cabbage balls. Add cabbage
to boiling salted water and sim simmer
mer simmer 2 minutes. Drain well. Cool.
Squeeze a handful of cabbage at a
time, removing all the water pos possible,
sible, possible, then shape into 1-inch balls.
Roll in flour and fry in 1 cup hot
olive oil until golden brown. Drain
on paper towels. (This makes 16
to 18 balls). Add cabbage balls to

iamb mixture during the last 10

minutes of cooking.

Father Surrenders
On Statutory Rape
In Pa. 'Vice Ring'

NEW YOK, Oct. 24. (UP)

Industrialist Louis Car gill, 49,

father of four, surrendered today

on a charge of statutory rape of

a 17-year-old girl, one of several
teenagers involved in a Philadel

phia vice ring.

In a warrant signed here last

Wednesday by Chief Magistrate

John Murtagh, Car gill was ac

cused of bringing the girl from

Philadelphia to New York by car
last Aug. 7 and registering with

her in the Barbizon Plaza Hotel.

Police said Carglll. of Riverside,

N. J., operates a plastic container
firm in Devon, Pa. He was ar arrested
rested arrested earlier in Philadelphia on

another vice count and released

on $1,500 bond.

Police said the girl was one of

several teenagers lured into pro

stitution through a Philadelphia
model agency. The vice scandal

was uncovered recently.
Carglll, who wore dark glasses,
was accompanied by attorney Ar Arnold
nold Arnold Sayer when he surrendered.
Police said he was living In Devon

when he allegedly brought the girl

to Mew York.

tU With

Debbie Reynolds
Has Baby Girl
HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 24 (UP) Ac Actress
tress Actress Debbie Reynolds was "doing
just fine" in St. Joseph's Hospital
in nearby Burbank today after giv giv-iqg
iqg giv-iqg birth to a 6 pound, 12-ounce
daughter two weeki early.

Miss Reynolds' husband, singer

Eddie Fisher, ana ner pnysician
Dr. Charles Levy, rushed the ac
tress to the hospital from the des

ert resott of Palm Springs Sun

day after she complained of pains.
The baby, still unnamed, was
born shortly before noon. The

Fishers were married Sept. 26,

1955, in Grossinger, N.Y.


ROCK FALLS, Wis. (UP -When
Mrs. Walter Norrish opened
her mail recently she unwrapped

a handbag that had been missing

for 12 years. In the bag were all

the things that were in it 12 years
a ffo I personal naners. wart imp

food rationing stamps, 130 in cur currency
rency currency ami $5 worth ff swift obltte?

now tarnisnea.

wipes out perspiration
odor instantly!


r a

winning round



Make yours a winning round by '.

callingforBlack& White". Distilled
and bottled in Scotland; it is Scotch
at its very best

Distilled and Bottled in Scotland




v Appointment t

Stfte let Kinf George vi


Seated Whi.k, Distiller
lami Buchanan 6 Co. U4.

Iambs Buchanan a co. ltd.. Glasgow. Scotland

Abfcfttt&S W. H. D OEL, S. A.


TEL 2-2771

Only new Instant Odorono Swiv-
el Stick wipes out perspiration
odor instantly with this miracle
combination of three tested
I ZIRCONIUM actually helps
' "sponge-up" perspiration
strays odor-causing skin
germs on contact.
O ALLANTOIC provides new
v5, skin safety, soothes skin,
keeps it soft and smooth.



Relief for your feet. Be Because
cause Because It is medicated. Mex Mex-Mrw
Mrw Mex-Mrw Powder soothes and

neips neallng In esse
of "Athlete's foot,"

oricitiy neat and



So many women today when they
hit the fifties are trying so des desperately
perately desperately to be young and gay we

mignt call the age between the

forties and sixties the Frantic


You see them everywhere, these

fifty-ish women who can't sit

quietly for five minutes. Their
voices are shrill. Their eves are

desperately bright. They seem to
feel that if they can't have the

center of the stage all the time
they are in danger of being shoved

abruptly into has-beens.
They are frantically busy, fran

tically trying to hang onto a youth

that is already gone.

In the faces of such women

there is no tranquility, no calm,
no real interest in other people.

Their bright smiles proclaim

their attention when others talk
but their eyes wander.

In their endless fight against an-

until their figures fit into a size
12, obviously unaware that they
have also starved hard lines into
their facea.
Clothes aren't just an Interest
with these women frantically fight fighting
ing fighting to keep from looking like what
they are. They're a fetish with
these middle-aged women who
should have kissed youth goodby
. Al 'J.

a long time ago.
tlih T Mull fW.r

In an article called ''Bottled

Lightning" in the July Harpers

Bazaar there is a line tnat miaaie miaaie-aged
aged miaaie-aged women might well give a

little thought to.

Tn fh vmtno- and beautiful

vivacity is delightful, but add a
few years to vivacity and you

have tne jitters; give wua en enthusiasm
thusiasm enthusiasm a tired voice and it

begins to pant."

whon aoronitv U so anopaline

. HvM j
...hir ahniiM anv woman make the

V. Ill auvuiu
fifties frantic by trying des

perately to hold onto tne vivacity

of youth? It can never ne aupu-

cated by anyone no longer yuuu
All right reserved
NEA Service, Inc.


840 kcs., Panama Gty
1090 Kcs., Colon

Telephones: S-SMS Panama
INS colon

Today, Wednesday, Oct. M
4-0nireature Review

4:30 Whit's Your Favorite (re-

quests taken by pnone

till 3:00)
5:30 New
5:35 what's Your Favor It

6:00 Allen Jaxkoan Commen

tary fwnnLt


REVIEW (Pabat Boer)
6:30 Hawaii Calls (WRUL)
7:00-Halls Of Ivy
7:30 VOA Report from U.S.
8:00 Music By Roth
8:30 Musical Theater

9:00 You Asked For It (re (requests
quests (requests taken by phone

till 7:30)
10:30 Cavalcade Of America

ll:00-Ja Till Midnight

12:00-Sign OH.

Sec the new
See tha
"ALL NEW" Ford '57
See them at COLPAN Friday

Tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. if




Will say hello
' X Hr: ' W'-. '"'"S
to you


Until Wednesday
Of course . it's
Lucho Munoz

6:00-Sign On Alarm Clock
Club (requests taken

by phone tin 7:w
7:30 Morning- Salon Concert

8:15 Church In The Wildwood

8:30 Musical Reveille
9:00 News
9:15 Sacred Heart
9:30 Paris Star Time
10:00 News

10:0' Spina and Needles (re

quests taken by phone

, till 8:30)
11:00 News

U:05-Spina And Needles

11:30 Meet The Entertainer

12:00 News


12:05 Lunch time Melodies
12:30-Sweet And Hot

1:00 News,
1:15 Music Of Manhattan
1:30 Sons Of The Pioneers
1:45-Spirit Of The Vikings
2:00 Tex Beneke Show
2:15 Freddy Martin Show

2:30 Much-B 1 n d 1 n g-In-The-

3:00 Hank snow And Hit
Rainbow Ranch Boys
3:1$ Sammy Kaye Show
3:30 Music For Thursday
4:00 Feature Review
4:30 What's Your Favorite (re.
quests taken by phone
till 3:00)
slStS, Your rVvterit

0:00 Allen Jackosn Commen Commentary
tary Commentary (WRUL)


REVIEW (Pabst Beer)
6:30 Telephone Hour (WRUL)
7:00 Goon Show
7:30 VOA Report from C.S.,
8:00 Elizabethan Theater
8:30 Take It From Here
9:00 You Asked For It (re-
quests taken by phone
till 7:30)
10:30 Music From Hotel El Pan Panama
ama Panama 10:45 Temple Of Dreams
11:00 Concert Under The Stars
12:00 Sign Off.


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PRESIDENT'S WIFE CHATS Mrs- Truman H- Landon, Mrs. Ernesto de la Cuardia and Mrs. Julian F, Har Har-uTi
uTi Har-uTi rilCCTC AT TEA rington are shown at a tea given Monday evening at the Presidential Palace
fflin uUtjl J Al 1 1 A for ja(jjM 0f tne Diplomatic Corpa and wives of Panama Government official.



Mrs. William E. Potter, wifs
of the Governor of ilPCanal
Zone greets Mrs. German
Aramburu, wife of the Am-
koiiaHnr nf Parll uuhila Mr

Ernesto de la Guardia, wife
of Panama's President and
Mrs. William K. Harrison,
wife of the Commander of
USARCARIB stand by, at a
tea party at the Presidential
Palace Monday.

B. V I

pv 1 sarr

k Ik '
BsasPy' cTjkB i

PHH HHaasasWli
t.H!' m HaasHiS
mWMmmMMHmy uM
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m m LI sHk v If J
Am S Brr HCsbSsI K
ABk Bj jl I I W s S
mm HI'Tf L Hf
Pi M 1 til J
Pi fcn tlssl I

ART LEAGUE MEMBERS Mrs- Betty Bentz center and Mr and Mrs Walter Reeves look over the Studio Ex Ex-CTIinY
CTIinY Ex-CTIinY CUHW hibition currently showing at the Y.M.C.A. Both Mrs. Bentz and Mrs. Reeves'
jIULI jnUW are Art League members and their work will hang at the Community Art Ex- i
rribit, which will open Nov. 4 at the Hotel Tivofi. -Mrs. Bentz wtH receive entries for the coming show Friday and.
Saturday of this week in the lobby of the Hotel Tivoji.






t m



'Important turn of fashion Stents!
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No. 22-06 Central Ave.
Phone 2-1773

No. 18-0 Tivoli Ave.
Phone 2-2128

. ... I-J: .4 tU- 4 DaW. linn l&ft in viflrht

AT BATTALION BRUNCH MissGill, sister of the guest speaker; Mrs. C. R. Underdahl, wife of the Command Commanding
ing Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion; guest speaker Young Gill; and Mrs. Frank D. Miller, wife of the 20th Infantry
Regiment's Commanding Officer. (U. S. Army Photo).

M ft




we mr a



tj J f"; j 1 p SI V I


l.-. 11 t- 1 -- 1 ""IB



uAt-M-ere iuk iisMirtnrn -nrfTf Hostesses and honored guests at a recent brunch sponsored by
HOSTESSES AND HONORED GUESTS ladies of the 1st Battalion at the Fort Kobbe Officers Club. Left
to right: Mrs. Barbara Thompson, Mrs. Helen Coniski, Mrs. C. R. Underdahl, Miss Gill, Young Gill, Mrs. Joan
Lascola, Mrs. Miriam' Mears, Mrs. Nan Dreher. (U. S. Army Photo).

UmiMCDC AC CCCAV fMITCCT IAvVC Srants awrds for Christopher Columbus essay contest.
WINNERS Of ESSAY wNlcSl Shown here are, Mrs. Herminia de Gabaldon, wife of the Spanish
, Ambasi. Jor; Mrs. Julian F. Harrington, wife of the Ambassador of the United States; Mrs. Matilde de la Guardia,

president of the Inter-American Women s Club; Mrs. Adela Mellander, Chairman of the Cultural Committee of the

Club. The two young winners of the Content are, Paula Badonsky of Ancon School, and Eduardo Luquo, of Escue-

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Mantle Unanimous Choice On UP A.L. All-Stars


Bqrra, Ford Other Yankees
To Make 956 Dream Team

NEW YORK, Oct. 24 (UP) Mickey Mantle
wa a unanimous choice among the sports writers
and Yogi Berra missed by only one ballot today on
"the annual United Press American League All-Star
team which contained three world champion New
Yoric Yankees, three Detroit Tigers, and two each
from the Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox.

Mantle was the choice of all
writers irom uie om
cities who selected the
Berra bad 57 votes and
Williams of Boston 52. Al
xaline of Detroit and Nellie Pox
W Chicago naa su vones eacu.
The third Yankee to make the
team was lefty pitcher Whitey
TOd. who bad 25 votes. The
Stber pitcher. BiUy Pierce of the
white Sox with 38 votes, also la
si southpaw.
The other players on the team
with the votes they received
were Harvey Kuenn of Detroit,
48- Ray Boone of Detroit, 44 and
Mickey Vernon of Boston, 16.
The closest race was a first
base and it was the only real
contest. Vernon nosed out Vie
yer of Kansas City, u
B II Skowron oi new iui,
, a close third with It votes.
all, seven players mm
n.H for that snot.
Wit. n outstanding array
ef hitters who made the honor
land, center neiuer
bat champ at .aw, wb
an the triple crown wiun a
mers and 130 runs omwu
krM fimres were tops for
-.oinrn n simDie expia"
t of why Mantle was the
Unanimous choice.
Mil jieiuw Tfuuwiw
UsMt pursuer ior ine ua"'x
tie at .340 ana ne uiuvc
s. Right fiercer Kaune di di-.314
.314 di-.314 and batted in 128 runs.
Itcher Berra was the tnira
on the squad to top iw
t He had 105 to go with his
average and 30 homers. He
second baseman fox, w o
1 .296, were tne oniy nu nu-below
below nu-below .300.
ortstop Kuenn had a .332
ze ana 88 runs anven i,
is running mate at third
Detroit, Boone, had a .308
;e and sent 81 runs across
it Vernon, who stood out
ie way after being traaea
Washington to Boston, had
JaiO average and batted In 84
Collectively, the mythical
f Mwad batted in 750 runs and
! delivered a total of 189 homers.
The- National League United
Press All-Stars, announced
! earlier in the week, had a to total
tal total of 751 runs batted in and
'189 homers, but there was an
xtra utll'ty player on that
The two southpaw pitchers,
Pierce and Pord, both had bril
liant records to top an outstand outstanding
ing outstanding group of hurlers. Pierce had
a 20-9 mark with the third place
Chicagoans and Ford was 19-6
with the Yankees. Two Cleveland
ces, lefty strikeout star Herb
Eire and veteran right-hander
rly Wynn ranked next in the
Voting for the hurlers with 15
ballots each.
Showing At Your Some
BALBOA 6:15- 7:55
Thursday "Gilda"





Jk ...ll'ORlX

CRISTOBAL ,vJ2!!?T -iph cotten
Air-conditioned "BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE"
TM Also showing Thursday!

PARAISO 6:15 7:35
Ujfc. 20c.

25c. 15c.
- and -JOAN

- and

A major oddity of the team
was that except for one player
it was exactly the same as the

1955 UP American League Ail
Star group. The only change was
Pierce as a Ditcher msteaa oi
Wynn this year.
Thp 1956 United Press Ameri
can League All-Star team with
number of votes and batting or
pitching records.
of Mickey Mantle, New York
(58). .353.
of Ted Williams, Boston (52),
of Al Kaline, Detroit (50),
lb Mickey Vernon, Boston
(16), .310.
2b Nellie Fox, Chicago (50),
3b Ray Boone, Detroit (44),
ss Harvey Kuenn, Detroit
(48) 332
c Yogi Berra, New York '(57),
p Billy Pierce, Chicago (38),
p Whitey Ford, New York
(25), (19-6).
Others to receive votes were:
of Jim Piersall, Red Sox 6;
Hank Bauer, Yankees 3; Minnie
Miftoso, White Sox 2: Jim Lem Lemon,
on, Lemon, Senators; Bob Nieman, Ori Orioles:
oles: Orioles: and Charley Maxwell, De Detroit
troit Detroit 1 each.
lb Vic Power, Athletics 14;
Bill Skowron. Yankees 12; Vic
Wertz, Indians and P. Runnels,
Senators 7 each; Jack Jensen,
Red Sox and Dick Gernert, Red
Sox, 1 each.
2b Billy Martin, Yankees 7;
Runnels l.
3b Gil McDougald, Yankees
and Hector Lopez, Athletics 4
each; George Kell. Orioles 3; Ed
Yost, Senators 2, Andy Carey,
Yankees 1.
ss McDougald 6; Luis Aparl-
cio, White Sox 4.
c Sherman Loliar, whit
BOX 1.
p-JCarly wynn. Indians, and
Herb Score, Indians. 15 each:
Frank Lafy, Tigers 10; Bob Lem
on, maians 7; Tom Brewer, ftea
Sox 6.
LaStarza To Return
To Ring; Still Hopes
NEW YORK (UP) Roland La
Starza, former heavyweight chal
lenger, announced his return to
the ring today and said he still
hopes to be the first colregeedu
cated boxer t o win the golden
The broad-shouldered, black black-haired
haired black-haired New Yorker, who twice lost
to Rocky Marciano, said, "I'm at attempting
tempting attempting a comeback at 29 for two
reasons. Operations to remove
chips from both elbows have been
successful, and I'm just reaching
my pnysicai maturity now."
Roland, who went two years to
City College of New York, hasn't
fought in 20 months not since
his upset fifth-round knockout by
March 2, 1955.
Center Thoatm Tonight
Shelley Winters
Thursday 'Titanic'''
Lana Turner
Frl. "Cartoon Festival"
MARGARITA 6:15 7:50
Tony Martin
"Quincannon, Frontier Scout"
Thursday "Heat Wave"
LA BOCA 7:09
CAMP BIERD 6:15-7:40

To Cop Heavv C


Showdown At Abilene
with Jack Mahoney
- 4 .., .,. ...
with Merle Oberon

Joey Giardello

Back In Top 10
NEW YORK, Oct. 24 (UP)
Joey (Bad Boy) Giardello of
Philadelphia was boosted back
into the top-io middleweight
rankings, at number six, today
in the Ring magazine's latest
ratings because of his "figbter-of-the-month"
kayo victory over
Bobby Boyd.
Firebrand Joey, one-time top
contender who was dropped from
the upper 10 last year after his
losing encounter with cops and
courts, knocked out Boyd of
Chicago in tre fifth round at
Cleveland, Sept. 28.
That was only two days aft after
er after the last previous ratings
had been announced. It was
his fifth straight comeback
v ctory. Boyd's upset defeat
dropped him from second to
Other changes- in the active
160-pound division included:
Charles Humez of France rose
from fourth to second because
of victories over peter Mueller
and Franco Festucci. Spider
Webb of Chicago, advanced from
seventh to fourth. Rory Calhoun
of White Plains, N.Y., edged up
irom sixth to fifth, and Eduar Eduar-do
do Eduar-do Lausse of Argentina, knocked
out and retired, was dropped
from the ratings.
In the heavyweight class, in in-gemar
gemar in-gemar Johansson of Sweden
crashed into the ratings for the
first time at number 10 be because
cause because he won the European
championship on a knockout
over Franco Cavicchi of italv.
Johnny Summerlln of Detroit.
formerly iotht was dropped out.
Art Aragon of Los Angeles
rose one notch from fourth to
tlt'rd among the welter welterweights,
weights, welterweights, and Rudy Garcia of
Los Angeles replaced Fred Ga Ga-llana
llana Ga-llana of Spain at number 10
among the featherweights.
Tony Anthony of New York
climbed from seventh to fifth
among light heavyweight con contenders,
tenders, contenders, which include four Ger Germans.
mans. Germans. Fill Nava of Mexico crack cracked
ed cracked the bantam list at number 10
and gave Mexico five contenders
in the 118-pound class.
'The Hill' Classes
Yogi Berra With
Columbus, Marconi
ST. LOUIS (UP) New York
Yankees catcher Yoei Berra.
World Series hero, returned to his
home on "The Hill" here Thurs
aay ciasesed with "three great
Italians Columbus, Marconi and
The Professional and Business
men's Club of the Hill, represent
ing the locale from whence the
stubby catcher came, oresented
Berra with a scroll and only its
secona nonprary membership.
xoai accented tne honors era-
ciously and answered Questions
about his and other Yankees hero
ics m the Series.
He is the same natural, una
suming Yogi Berra who knows the
meaning or numuity and has the
respect and admiration of all St.
Louis," Club Vice President Fred
iiiacoma said.
Berra said he hit the two two.
run homers which clinched the fi final
nal final game for his mother, who was
hospitalized then but is home now
Yankee Manager Casev Stentrel.
relaxing at his Glendale, Calif.,
home, is still being congratulated
on how he "stood by" unpredict-
aoie won Larsen all season long.
"Yeah, I'm a genius." anins
Casey. "Know that perfect game
he pitched? Well, I didn't think
about taking him out even once!"
tm Jt mm a a, a w I
$1.10 per Car!
Barbara Rush in
Yvonne de Carlo Howard
Duff Zacharv Scott in I
Kl A Kin" I

Gold Prise $500.00
with Robert Ryan


High Riding BHS

BHS GRID STARS Numbers 41 and 43 have become well
known to followers of local football this season. Forty-one
Is left halfback Danny Winklosky and 43 is right half Owen
Sutherland. Both boys are playing their final season for tne
Balboa Bulldogs and undoubtedly will be counted on heavily
in the offensive plans of the high school in their game with
Athletic Club tomorrow night at Balboa Stadium. Owen is a
two year letterman in the grid sport while Danny will be
working on his second letter this year.

John Ng Upsets
Luis Moreno In
Tourney to Gain
John Ng. representing the
Green White table tennis club
of Panama, last night whipped
one of the top-ranked table ten tennis
nis tennis players around, Luis Moreno,
in the Fifth Annual USO-JWB
The score was 21-10, 13-21, 22-
Quarter-final eames are sched
uled for tonight at 1 o'clock in
singles matches, play will also
continue in civilian and military
doubles, and mixed doubles.
There were also eight double double-winners
winners double-winners last night including
Patrick Felix (winner over Theo
Nightingale, 18-21, 22-20, 22-20;
and Alvin Barnett, 21-5, 21-8)
and Stanley Hall (winner over
George Cumberbatch, 21-18, 20-
22, 21-18; and Alfonso Small, 21-
17, 14-21, 21-19),
Others were: Lt. and Mrs. Paul
Cromwell, jeannette McFarland
and George Grannum. Cromwell
and Lt. John Stafford, Allen
Chiu and Thomas Chu. Juan de
la Guardia and Hall, and Hiram
Johnson and Alson Gillette.
Results: (singles) Barnett
over Humberto McKail, by for forfeit;
feit; forfeit; Walter chandler over Reg Reginald
inald Reginald Seales, 21-14, 21-15: and
Small over Robert Hule.
(mixed doubles) Lt. and Mrs.
Cromwell over Geneve McClure
and H. Clark, 23-25, 21-17, 21-17;
Lt. and Mrs. Cromwell over Ti Ti-ta
ta Ti-ta Chen and Allen chiu, 21-18,
21-10; Tony Yau and Luisa de
Chial over Carmen Fiblulel and
G. Goode, 24-22, 21-14; Olive
Hall, and Kenneth Blanchett
over 'Alma Stewart and R. Kir Kir-ten
ten Kir-ten by forfeit; Veronica Walker
and H. Daniels over Ethney
Cumberbatch and R. Seales, 18-
21, 23-21, 21-11; Joyce Holmes
and Gillette over Wilma Allen
and Johnson, 21-16, 17-21, 21-16;
McFarland and Grannum over
Leona Lyder and Robert pate by
forfeit; McFarland and Gran
num over Holmes and Gillette,
21-18, 21-10; Carol Proverbs and
Antonio Howell over Haze! Jo Joseph
seph Joseph and Albert Gibson, 21-18,
(military doubles) Cromwell
and Stafford over crimmins and
Sherwood, 21-11, 21-18; and
Cromwell and Stafford over Al
Schroff and Earl Grubb, 21-14,
(civilian doubles) V. Sampson
(UP Ray (Sugar) Robinson
may engage in a tune-up bout with
Bob Prdvizzi at Providence, R.I.,
next month before he defenls his
middleweight title against Gere
Fullmer at Madison Square Gar
den, Dec. 12. "I'd like to get one
fight under my belt before I meet
rullmer." Robinson said todav at
ms trainmg camp.
15c. L
- and -PASSION

Seeking AC Tackles

Highly Rated
Table Tennis
and Alfredo Clarke over Jose
Perurena and Joaquin Perurena
by forfeit; Chiu and Chu over
Gibson and Carlos Hayet, 21-12,
21-1 1; Chiu and Chu over Geo.
Maduro and Salomon pereira
21-6, 12-21, 21-13; de la Guardia
and Hall over Francisco Caran Caran-dy
dy Caran-dy and Joe Hoyte by forfeit; de
la Guardia and Hall over Fede-
rico Bryan and R. Ramirez, 21
19, 21-13; Maduro and S. Perei
ra over Tony Lopez and A. trie
slas, by forfeit; Ng and Yau ovef
Alberto Calve and Elias Salerno,
21-8, 21-6; omette and Johnson
over Best and Goode, 21-12, 23 23-21;
21; 23-21; and Gillette and Johnson
over W. Stephenson and Arthur
Joseph, 21-18, 11-21, 21-16.
Evinrude Captures
Volleyball Series
Evinrude earlier this volleyball
season won the Panama cham championship.
pionship. championship. Last night, they added
the canal zone unofficial title
with a convincing 18-16, 15-13
win over a select squad of Latin
American students from Albrook
Air Force Base's Latin American
A second match between Pa Pa-raiso's
raiso's Pa-raiso's all-stars and the Borgos
Club was cancelled and will be
played later.
The Evinrude win was their
second straight in a three three-match
match three-match sett against the Cadets. In
the Paraiso-Borgos series, Bor Borgos
gos Borgos has a 1-0 lead.
The Santo Domingo snorts
club has announced another
match for Nov. 3 with another
Canal Zone team facing a Pan
ama, eniry.
terrific features!... at
0.60 & 0.30
Gang-Rule Stalks Even
Prisoner's Step in
Perry Lopez Beverly
Garland Walter Abel
A Warner Bros, picture!

"A SfU-IMM "T 1
-suma, aan Vriisl



A revenge bound Athletic Club
football team will get their final
chance to even the count with
th high riding BHS Bulldogs
tomorrow night at Balboa sta stadium.
dium. stadium. The Rams will be out in
force to avenge the 19-6 licking
they sustained in their game
wfUi the Bulldogs earlier In the
season, it is anticipated that
the game will produce some out outstanding
standing outstanding thrills for the specta spectators
tors spectators from the opening kickoff at
7 p.m. until the final gun some somewhere
where somewhere around 9 that evening.
Arnold Manning and cari Tut Tut-tle
tle Tut-tle should be the big guns for
the Rams offensively. Manning
a very versatile performer. He
is equally dangerous as a passer
or as a runner. Tuttl nmhshh,
the fastest back In local irrid
competition this year, is always
a threat when he gets the ball.
uJrf '""is the corner and
Ch ftp nA U i .
"""" gn gear n is no
easy wsa io bring him to earth.
If either of these get stop stopped
ped stopped there is Jerry Dare to take
up the slack. Dare has been
one of the brighter lights for
the Rams this season, but
there has been little said about
Win with Manning and Tuttle
in the same backfield.
nf8.10,08 has its share of the
offensive threats. Owen Sufther Sufther-and,
and, Sufther-and, Dan Winklosky, and char char-He
He char-He French provide a trio of hard
running, sneedv hacks mho
capable of going all the way
once they get into the open.
Bruce Bateman, 232 pounder,
provides the drive in the back backfield
field backfield from his fullback position.
Ritchie More is th
perienced and larger of the two
quarterbacks that coach Ross
Anderson can toss into the fray
but Larry Eastman has done
some brilliant work for th red
and white team, it was Eastman
who quarterbacked the 19-6 win
ior we Buimogs in their first
encounter with the Rams.
The BuUdogs won't enjoy the
weight advantage they did
"r the CHS team last week.
The Rams line is heavy enough
tirmake the high school for forwards
wards forwards really work for their
night on the field. The Bull Bulldogs
dogs Bulldogs do have greater team
eed anfflthf Sutherland.
W nklosky, Jrench and end
Larry Siegel they have a sure
edge In pass receivers.
They have none, however, whn
can match Manning as a com combined
bined combined pass or run threat. More
did an extremely fine job with
J? x fis'ng against Cristobal,
but this was his first game and
it isn't known whether h can
come uD with another game like
that or not. If h ran it
jane some or the pressure
me running game and make it
W 1 y- VI
a bit easier for the backs to get
unaer way.
In their eames t,hn ta tv,
Rams haven't shown sufficient
offensive polish to score consis consistently
tently consistently but there is no reason to
Unllft.. J. l i ii
ircucve mat mev won't spot
some with Manning, Tuttle, and
Dare operating at full efficien efficiency.
cy. efficiency. It is doubtful if the Rams
can contain the striking power
of the Bulldogs for a full four
quarters, and the hiarh schooler
should be able to keep their
tainted but untarnished string
ouvc ay auuut two touchdowns
T S 5t S 9
3:01, 4:31,6:01,7:81, 9:01 pm.
0.60 0.30
wm.- iwn mkuxe Jonathan m
iww iwwn hi wmiO fMIUMt

B Ml 1 t-fj flBT k Ss


If it is true that "everv cloud
must have a silver lining," then
we must surmise that the good
from Cristobal's 13-0
at the bands of Balboa
last Friday night is the sudden
realization by the Tigers that a
tough schedule lay ahead of
them and that this coming Fri Friday
day Friday night's encounter at Balboa
with Junior College as their op opponent
ponent opponent is no pushover.
ine Tigers must now know
that their 14-0 win over JC in
the first game of the season can
no longer be used as a yardstick
and they must recall that the
same Junior College eleven were
the Bulldog's victims by only a
7-6 count in a game which could
and should have gone the other
From the Tiger training camp
comes the report that Lamoin
Werlein, who was rushed into
the line last Friday to replace
the irijured Grovet at tackle, has
returned to full time duty in the
backfield and will again be deal dealing
ing dealing his crushing blows as a pow powerful
erful powerful running back. With the re return
turn return to normal action in the
backfield, the rest df the boys
oacK mere nave been working
harder than ever in DreDaration
i' ..7
iui rnuojj enuuuuier against,
the College eleven.
Billy Gibson is lookine better
with each passing practice ses-

Orange Bowl Pact With Big 1,
Atlantic Coast Conferences
To Be Dropped After 1958

MIAMI (UP) The Orange'. An official confirmed to United
Bowl's pact with the Big Seveni Press that such action was "a

ana ine Aiianuc coast conierences
will be dropped when it expires
atter tne 1958 football extravagan
za, lt was predicted today.
The prediction was made by
Sports Editor Jimmy Burns of the
Miami Herald, who talked with
several Orange Bowl committee
officials. None would permit use
oi ms name.
One official told him. the writer
said, that "90 per cent of the OBC
is opposed to continuing the pre
sent pact beyond the 1958 game.'
But a top bowl official told Uni
ted Press "The question won't
even be brought up for another
year yet and we'll have to wait
anH coo whnt fho fn.(hjll cittiaflnn
"- ....... ..... IWIU.U Q..UH..VI1
and the status of our radio-televi
sion contracts are at that time."
General Opinion Not Stated
He and other officials refused to
speculate on the current feelings
of tne orange Bowl Committee,
which numbers more than 200
But Burns reported that most
committee members want to tie
up the Southeastern Conference
champion if possible and deal In
the open market for an opponent
each year. Failing this, they
would probably renew the ACC
contract and deal for an indepen independent
dent independent each year.

Strange Case Of Newcombe
Is Baffler Even To Dodgers

NEW YORK. Oct. 23 (UP)
The strange case of Don New
combe is a baffler even to folks
who know him best the Dodg Dodgers.
ers. Dodgers. He led the Brooks to the Na
tional League pennant with 27
victories but Is becoming so un unpopular
popular unpopular in Dodgertown he even eventually
tually eventually may have to quit.
Despite ms World series fail
ures. Newcombe drew a round of
high praise from club president
waiter U Mauey on nis supem
record during the regular sea season.
son. season. The fans, however, appar apparently
ently apparently aren't so forgiving.
Newcombe was booed plenty
when the Yankees shelled him
to cover for thP second and last
time during the World Series and
local comment has become even
more bitter now that Newk has
been flattered twice by Oriental
teams he should have had eat eating
ing eating out of his hand.
A segment of Brooklyn ran
dom has big Newk pegged as a
"choke up" pitcher and he knows
it, poo.
Newcombe's World Series
flops aren't hard to explain,
however, and his fortitude on
the mound doesn't necessarily
enter the picture. He's a fast
ball pitcher and the Yankees
dote on fast balls. It's that
Pitchers on a similar trln to
fhe Orient last year, bd little
trouble winning in Japan.
mat brings up the possibility
Newcombe has lost his confi


sion and has nearly established
himsjalf Be f ho Ticyar'e AH
r desnlte an immrien.J
three weeks in the backfield it
has been encouraging too to 'see
Billy Rankin, one of the small
est members of the Tiger squad
and still one of their best ball
carriers, working as hard as any
rookie seeking a position despite
the fad; that he. has one of the
halfback slots already firmly
sewn up.
Sammy Newhard's amazing
ability to "rock" the opposition,
both in practice and at game
time, is rapidly earning for him
the title of Cristobal's best tack
ler and Russ Favorite has "ar "arrived"
rived" "arrived" and should be an impor important
tant important cog in the wheels of Cris Cristobal's
tobal's Cristobal's drive to recover from
their past loss to Balboa High.
Mike Brians, small jip stature,
but a big man in heart and drive
has all but earned his chance
for plenty uf action on the Ti Tiger
ger Tiger line and Kenny Stone, who
hung around for three years as
a second stringer,, has finally
reaped the rewards of his per perseverance.
severance. perseverance. Barry Davison rates top bill billing
ing billing as a leader on the Tiger
squad, is without peer as an of offensive
fensive offensive center among the three
kehonls ann l an wnnmii
w. :
line backer. Three ends. John
Forres, John Coffey and Harry
Keepers gives the Tigers plenty
of coverage in that position.
The Orange Bowl favors a pact
with the SEC because it would
make available the Florida Gators
and possibly the Miami Hurri Hurricanes,
canes, Hurricanes, who are expected to be ad admitted
mitted admitted to the SEC after the
NCAA lifts its current prohation
on the home-towners, the reports
Seme Unhappinew
Both the Orange Bowl Commit Committee
tee Committee and the ACC, Burns said, are
disgruntled with the Big Seven for
insisting that none of its teams
can appear in the bowl in suc successive
cessive successive years.
Oklahoma, perennial Big Seven
champion and consistently one of
the nation's top teams, is permit permitted
ted permitted to make the Miami trip only
every other year.
Because of Louisiana's ban
against Negroes appearing in the
Sugar Bowl, the Miami committee
now feels it has the upper hand
in dealing in the open market for
bowl teams, the writer said.
The Orange Bowl also is eyeing
Eastern teams which seem to be
making a football comeback and
looks with favor on Army and
Navy dropping their objections to
bowl bids. South Florida's big
tourist migration and Orange
Bowl customers come mostly
from the East.
charged about Al Rosen at Cleve
There's nothing physically
wrong with the big guy for he's
a fanatic about conditioning.
Like Hurricane Jackson, the ec eccentric
centric eccentric prize fighter, Newcomba
seems to revel in long, demand demanding
ing demanding training methods.
Between starts during the reg regular
ular regular season he'll pitch battir.g
practice and run in the outfield
twice as long as the other pitch pitchers.
ers. pitchers. That keeps his weight down
and his control sharp.
But Newk Is a brooder, too,
and he knows he has a reputa reputation
tion reputation for failing in the big game.
During the Series he said, "I'vi
got to beat the Yankees just to
prove they're wrong about1 me."
In the spring of '55, he was
suspended without pay for re-
fua'ng to pitch batting prac-
tice. instead of sulking, he i
roared back to a 20-5 season :
aofter the bah was lifted. The
Yankees belted him out in his
only. World Series start that
fall but that didn't seem to
i bother him, either.
This season he rebounded bet better
ter better than ever. He wound up with
a Z7-7 marie, worked 13 com-,
plete games and racked up five
shutouts only one less than the
total for all the other Dodeer
"A lot of those must have been
big games," he mused when it
was all over.
But the word has eone out
that Newcombe was a 'choke uo"
pitcher, a guy who couldn't be
trusted in the clutch, if Newk'
believes thai himself, he'll be in

dence completely, as has keen

plenty of trouble.

Bold Ruler Starts After Nashua In Garden State



i.rr4 mdtnmv LBBBBBBBBBs!
AMStrtQN to nu. jttgjfiS mm

Victory Would Make Colt
All-Time Juvenile Champ


From tho Herald-Tribune: "Bob Cm went to the A's in
a straight cash deal, the Yank. said, and not as part of the
August transaction in which Enos Slaughter returned to New
Since Slaughter came back to the Stadium on waivers,
and It 1 not customary for the claiming club to make com commitments
mitments commitments beyond the standard fee, way would the Yanks wish
to stress these particulars? .
Had anyone accused them of hanky panky in what, on
the face of it, appeared to be a routine waiver claim by,
fortuitously, they acquired the services of an experienced ou ou-fielder
fielder ou-fielder at t't thr needed him tbe most?,
l?elCaCW but there had beett-certain sugges

tive incidents that tended to create an awnoeynwc v m v-
lty' Arnold Johnson, the Kansas City president, had assured
Slaughter on his leaving "There will always be a place As for
yU0M as he is. Slaughter was still tb most popular player
on the sun, so by way of appeasing the fans, it was disclosed
that this mad been something more than an ordinary waiver
deal; the Yanks had promised to sweeten the ante with a ball
player. Colncldentally, Cerve was the one player most proml-
""Vtvrenimee hadn't regained its flexibility and all
through July Casey Stengel deplored the thinness of his out outfield
field outfield material. Now if he could only Ret Slaughter back, hed
be just the ticket; and old hand for the stretch run, also an
extra lefty bat to face right-hand pitching in the World Series.
Perfect if the Brooks made it. they had nothing but rangh rangh-hand
hand rangh-hand pitchers. ......
Only way the Yanks, or an other AL club, could ge:
aughter at the time was on waivers, the deadline for mi. :
Sght deals and sales having long since passed. How did
ippen that his name popped up on the waiver list at such a
remarkably opportune moment?
Could it be that the KC prexy was helping out his old
buddy-buddies in the Stadium? After all, Johnson and the New
York co-owners, Del Webb and Dan Topping, shop in the same
banking circles. In fact, Webb and Topping sold Johnson the
Stadium, and the latter in order to add the crumbling Connie
Mack franchise to his holdings, turned round and resold it tq
one John W. Cox. . who turns out to be one of his old Chicago
chums. And when Johnson switched the A's from Philadelphia
to Kansas City, whom did he call In to rebuild toe local bah
park, a Job involving $3,500,000? His old buddy buddy, Webb.
CFrom these circumstances a number of disagreeable Infer Inferences
ences Inferences were drawn, the most repugnant of which was that the
... . . i I U-4. L.J agnail MJttl

Idea or putting siaugnier on me waiver nsi
Inspired by someone in the Yankee organisation.
'The Yankee brass, as you can well imagine, hit the celling
with their corporate noggin, and on the way down promptly
issued a mile-long statement in whicn the ignorant were en en-gilhtened,
gilhtened, en-gilhtened, the cynical rebuked. . "To answer certain deliber deliberately
ately deliberately misleading and untrue articles, all clubs in the American
League had prior opportunity to claim Slaughter, and no one
aver does anything to assist the Yankees. (Sob.)"
The priority right was never questioned, but it should be
noted that on toe first and second time round, the club ask asking
ing asking waivers, has toe right of withdrawal, and this was toe iirs
request on Slaughter.
What do you think would have happened If the Indians or
the White Sox, still in contending positions, had attempted to
claim Slaughter? i
Pleasel Not everybody at once. Walt, heres a little 4-
year-old child who thinks she has toe answer. Remarkable,
isn't it? Right on toe nose.
There certainly was nothing illegal about the Slaughter af affair.
fair. affair. And If the Yanks had suggested that the KC club out
him on the waiver list, with the promise of help later. . It
wouldn't have been the first time that was done, either.
The fact is. the waiver rule, as it is presently applied. Is
an open invitation to conspiracy. Few fans understand how
it operates, and most of them look upon it with suspicion. It
should be stripped of all limitations, and once a club puts j
Cyer on the waiver list, that should be it. Let's leave the
my business in baseball to Al Schacht and his fellow grease
And keep In mind Cerv went to the A's on a straight cash
deal Santa Claus came to the Stadium early this year, that's


CAMDEN, N. J. (NEA) With
the purses around today, it is ri

dicuious to say taat ivasaua's m.-

time money winning record, $1,"
&ttf,565, wiu stand for any great
length of um.
Ad the Wbeatley Stable's Bold
Ruier has to oo to earn more u

even less time than it took Nas

hua is to remain sound. Bold Rul

er picked up 1,145 bagging ine

Belmont ruairny very impressive

ly by two-and-a-quaiter lengths.
The dark bay son of Nasruiiah

Miss Disco can take another step
toward Nashua's total by bouncing
down in front in The Garden State,
the world's richest race, at Oar
dea State Park, across the river

from Philadelphia, four miles

from Camden, Oct. 27. The mile

and-a -sixteenth heat for the two-year-old
championship carries a

purse of $301,210. and the winner's

share, $170,665, would make Bold

Ruler the top juvenile money-winner
in history with more than

hands that guided Nashua, Train Trainer
er Trainer Sunny Jim Fitszimmons and
Jockey Eddie Arcaro, has a wid wider
er wider spread on his two-year-old op opposition
position opposition than had his illustrious
predecessoer, but, then, it is not
yet known whether he has been
dueling with such as Swaps, Sai Sailor,
lor, Sailor, Summer Tan and Royal Coin


As things developed, Nashua

stood out m excellent competition.

This edition of two-year-old colts

isn t half bad, however, and Bold

Ruler has run like an older horse.
Physically, there is little resem-

blance between Nashua and Bold

Ruler. Mr. Millionaire's "succes
sor" is not as heavily built, al

inougn mce-sizea. in some re

spects, he has a better tempera
ment. He's easy to handle. Nat

hua was a rough guy.

disappointing fifth, are dangerous
threats at the longer distance. The
chart maker pointed out that Ama
rullah found his best stride too
late. Iron Liege, which ran fourth,
will be coupled in the Big Gold
Rush with Barbison. which well

could be Caiumet Farm's new big
Bold Ruler will go against seven
of America's finest youngsters
which were not eligible for the
Belmont Futurity. Barbizon is one
The others are Mister Jive, Feder Federal
al Federal Hill, Our Joy, California Kid,
Prince Khaled and Ambehavtne.

The Canadian owned and raced
Mister Jive was a good winner of
the Cowdin in New York, has a
record of six victories and three
placings in nine starts.
sion of the Youthful at Cleveland's
Randall, but it wasn't until the
Hawthorne Futurity that Clifford
Lusskey of Louisville decided he
was wi th the $10,000 late entry
Our Joy, South Carolina bred,
whipped California Kid and other
strong ones in the World's P 1 a y y-ground
ground y-ground at Atlantic City.
When it came time for the final
payment, July IS, Barbizon, one
of the original Calumet eligibles,
was on the farm at Lexington with

enlarged ankles and apparently no

hope of racing this year. Barbizon
was dropped from the list.

Barbizoi, has now fou straight

very creditably, including a victo victory
ry victory over Prince Khaled, supposedly
California's best, in an allowance
race at Garden State Park.
"The way he came around is
one of those miracles," says
Trainer Jimmy Jones.

swsmsmsHBjsjssisjsjsBSBassBl 1
RIV aWtan ati

BBBSW jbr, BaSM'
BBT bbbbbm bbbi
b : wu iiir 1Iubb?3E9
BsWel af bbI bH
HBf m Br A

""a"jB paTaTa-a""--- 1 'wai


J 1

Pugilistic Throne Room
Now Old Men s Horns'

of the blue that is The Garden

State, which warmed up with The

uardema, for two-year-old fillies,
worth $133,775 and $90,550 to the

NEW CHAMPION A new face and champion crashed the
iHZr T." 5? voun In8emar Johansson of S?J!
nn i .Ita Cavicchi m the 13th round in
Bologna to win the European title.

Baseball Hits And Bits


go in The Garden State.

Fred Hooper decided to let un

on Greek Game, which ran second

to Bold Ruler in the Belmont Fu

turity, but the next two in t h a tl How can a youngster go wronc
par, a nlna M. ah. .ill. ...ul.u .1 .," . I .

wuw.ii was a running ior mat aina or dough?

With Gene Mori, who barged in

to racing on far-flung fronts with
the outbreak of World War II, run running
ning running the works, there aren't going
to be any equine juvenile delin


NEW YORK. (UP) Warming
up. the "hot stove":
Jack Tighe, Detroit's new man manager
ager manager who insisted "we're in the

The Tigers also have sounded out
the Tribe as to whether Vic Wertz
can be had.

Ail clubs steered clear of south

market for deals" upon taking o- paw Chuck Stobbs, Washington's
ver the job, will prove it within jl5-game winner, in the past be

Another Tough Weekend
Ahead For Top-Ranked
College Football Teams

the next few days when he obtains

a second baseman. Second base
has been the Tigers' No. l trouble
spot ever since Charlie Gehringer
hung up his spikes.
Baseball's Hall of Fame at
Cooperstown, N.Y., already has
put in a request for the ball Don
Larsen used in striking out Dale
Mitchell far the final out in bis

csuse he was a known suffer of
asthma. Now that the condition no

him oiiorunnaV in 1

----0- 11.111. VTCljrVUC O III'

teresiea again, stobbs and second
baseman Pete Runnels are the
most sought after Senators at the
Here's an early tip on a strong
candidate for National League

rookie, oi the year" honors in
K7. Th l.J'. tj I


Another tough weekend

Rear Doors with Automatic
Opening and Closing features!
The UAL NEW" '57 Ford

See it at COLPAN Friday

ahead today for most of college

football s top-ranked teams some

of whom already are quaking in

tneir neats after the rude treat

ment handed Ohio State, Texas

Christian and Mississippi.

Top-ranked Oklahoma and sec

ond-ranked Michigan State, who

escaped the season's first "lost

weekend" with their winning rec

ords intact, look safe for another
week. The Sooners face Notre
Dame, still bloody from its 47-14

defeat at the hands of Michigan

State, while the Spartans resume

their Big Ten conference schedule

agalnsi Illinois.

Now look at the tough hurdles

facing oth highly-rated teams

this week:

Third-ranked Georgia Tech runs

into a Tuiane team that earned

its spurs last Saturday by dump

ing eight ranked Mississippi, 10-3;

fourth-ranked Ohio State, nursing

7-6 upset by Penn State, must

face always dangerous Wisconsin:

while fifth-ranked Texas Christian
will attempt to rebound from its
7-6 defeat by Texas A&M against
And the "toughies" don't end
Lien Upset Most Important
Mississippi has an important in-

tersectional date with Arkansas,
ninth-ranked Southern California

must entertain Stanford and 10th

ranked Baylor, idle last weekend,

bumps into Texas A&M,
Of the three major upsets re recorded
corded recorded last weekend, Peon State's
victory over Ohio State stood out
ss the most important. The Nit-

tany Lions, providing added proof
that Eastern football definitely is
on the upgrade, broke a scoreless
tie with less than four minutes to
play when halfback Bruce Gilmore
S lunged over from the one-foot
ne. Quarterback Milt Plum then

added the decisive extra point.

Southern California warmed un

for its meeting with Stanford by

clobbering Washington, 35-7, while
Georgia Tech crushed Auburn,
28-7, Johnny Majors led Tennes

see to i 24-0 victory over Ala

bama, and fullback John Hernn Hernn-stein's
stein's Hernn-stein's three touchdowns helped
Michigan down Northwestern,


Syracuse In Running
Syracuse remained in the run running
ning running for the mythical Eastern
championship by edging Army,
7-0; Pittsburgh tallied three times
within five minutes during the sec second
ond second quarter to down Duke, 27-14,
and North Carolina nresented

Coach Jim Tatum with a 34-6 vic

tory over bis former Maryland

Yale took over undisputed pos

session of first place in the Ivy
League with a 36-7 triumph over
Cornell, but Princeton looked

equally as strong in outlasting Col Col-e,
e, Col-e, 28-20, in a non-league struff-


leaders: Southeastern, Georgia
Tech (3-0); Big Seven, Colorado

lay (3-0); Atlantic Coast, South Caro

llna (3-0); Pacific Coast, UCLA
(3-0); Skyline, Wyoming (4-0);
Rocky Mountain, Montana State
(4-0); Southern, Virginia Tech,
West Virginia and George Wash Washington
ington Washington (each 2-0); Big Ten, Mich Michigan
igan Michigan State and Iowa (each 2-0);
Southwest, Baylor, Texas A&M
and Southern Methodist (each 1-0).

Betty Dodd Cops
Lawton Ladies, PGA
LAWTotf, Okla (UP) Betty
Dodd, the red-haired veteran from
San Antonio, Tex., closed out the
women's summer golf schedule by
setting a new course record here

Monday and beating the field by
five, strokes in the $5,000 Lawton
Ladies' PGA Open.
Miss Dodd fired a 67, five under

men s par, in her final round on

the Lawton course. Her 54-hole
card in the weather-delayed tour-.

ney showed 74-73-67214.
Patty Berg of St. Andrew, 111.,

finished second with 76-75-68219.
Marlene Bauer Hagge of Sara
sota, Fie., won $528 for third nlace

and thereby set an all-time monev

winning record among the women

pros. Her season total was 120.


perfect game masterpiece. Larseni 1957: The lads name is Ed

has seen movies of the gam e' die Kasko, and those who saw him

three times now and each time ht

did, he says, 'I got more and

more nervous."
The Kansas City Athletics have
made a bid for both Al Rosen
and Mike Garcia but so far the
Cleveland Indians have said no

with Rochester of the Internation International
al International League this year, insist he will

prove the St. Louis Cardinals' fin finest
est finest shortstop since Marty Marion.
Ernie Banks of the Cubs and
Dick Groat of the Pirates both
may be moved over to third base

NEW YORK (UP)- The pugil pugilistic
istic pugilistic throne room has become the

old men's home.
Carmen Basilio, 29-year old Wel Welterweight
terweight Welterweight boss, is the youngest of
seven current world champions.
Archie Moore, light heavyweight
ruler and top contender for the
vacant heavyweight title, ii the
oldest. Archie admits he'll be 40
in December.
The Ring record book, boxing's
"bible," says Moore is doing a
Jack Benny with a trio of years
and that he'll be 43 in December.
It also says Sugar Ray Robinsor,
middleweight king, was 36 las.
May, instead of the 35 he claims.
Each of those two patriarchs,
Archie and Ray, is now preparing
for a title fight with a much
younger man. Nevertheless, each
is now favored at about 7-5 to win.

Moore vs Patterson
Qn Nov. 30. Moore will fight 21-
Vear Old Flovd Patterson if

Brooklyn at Chicago Stadium for

me ncavyweignt crown, which was
left vacant when Roekv Marciaro
retired at the age of 31 in April.
Arehie's light-heavy bonnet will
not be at stake.
On Dec. 12. Rnhinvnn will A.

fend his 190-pound diadem again: t
24-year old Gene Fullmer of Wei t

Jordan, Utah, at Madison Squaie
Each of the nthpr four phntr.

pions are 30 lightweight Joev
Bqown of New Orleans, feahei" feahei"-weight
weight feahei"-weight Sandy Saddler of New
York, bantamwsieht Mario D'Aea.

ta of Italy and flyweight Pascurl
' j
next vear. I

Look for Bob Scbefjing, the
Cubs' new manaser in hrina k

couple of Los Angeles' players to
Chicago with him. Scheffing pilot piloted
ed piloted Los Angeles to a Pacific Coast

league pennant this year and when
he bring some of his ex em employes
ployes employes Easl, he will be following
a pattern set by Pittsburgh skip skipper
per skipper Bobby Bragan when he came
to Forbes KIpM frnm iiii,.,.,.j

nuiy YT VWVJ
Cincinnati MannaA ti;n;. t:l

.......,,,., ajuuie t itr-
"Cits savs Smnliv Rliraaaa k.. J.

y eloped into the "best pinch hitter
m the business" since big Johnny
Mize And speaking of the Red-
egs if they trade Ted Kluszewski
this winter, Prank Robinson, the
rookie sensation of the past sea season,
son, season, will get first crack at first

Perez of Argentina (D'Agita s
generabr rccoenized a- bantam
champ a'though the NBA claims
younger Ka on Mac a of Mexico,
is ?1S pound ruler. Thry my
figlv, .it Los Anjeles in January
of February to decide the issue.)
I!rs this accent on a?e amhh
current champions airy sigmfi sigmfi-etneee
etneee sigmfi-etneee Manager Al Weil) who guided
Rocky Marciano, Marty Servo,
Lou Ambers and Joey Archibald
to titles bcl'eves that tc'evi?'oa
is indirectly resnonnblc for the
orevalence of whiskers in the),
throne room now.
Few Torn Pro
He said today, "because televi television
sion television has killed off mot of the
smsll clubs in the United StateJt
t least, there are very few plrei
for young professionals to fighjf.
and earn a chance to develop.
So only a few turn pro every'
year now, and those that do f"-Bj
hive to work on jobs in the day daytime
time daytime to eat and they have to train'

at night to develop. It takes them
'onger to more up because they'ra'
handicapped in training and hand handicapped
icapped handicapped in netting small-club rihjf
WeU admitted that Marranor
was "a standout exception." wM'
turned pro "when he Wns Su Sutured"
tured" Sutured" at ,23, "and was lucky
enough to be handled by peopfie
who. could get him small-club ex experience
perience experience and move pm alon nutf
right. (Weill claims Roekv actual actual-ly
ly actual-ly Was 25 instead of 23 when h
turned.) ..4..
"Without me and Cliarlev (MM
man (trainer) to handle nbH
Marciano never in this warjfl
would have become champion."
Al declared bitterly.
If the International Boxing Chili'
would open some fiiall arenas,'
without' benefit of TV. in New New-York.
York. New-York. Chicago and California ..o9
would help develop young talemV
he concluded.

Today incanto .35 .20
AT 9:00 P.M.
Chapuseatrx ft Damiro
On The Screen:
A Great Double Program!

Tody MEAL ; .20
LJHa Prado in
Angel Garasa in
"11 Cocinero de Ml Mnjerlf;

Danielle Darrieux

mm mm.''Jm m

Plays the role of the stormy
and nassionat mother of

Alexander, Queen Olympias,

win 01 Philip of Macedor.iH.

produced, directed and writ written
ten written hv Rnhvrf Bnn nn.nt

TRAL CENTRAL thru United Artists re release.
lease. release. The picture was filmed
in Spain th Cinemascope and

' ' ' I
c L: K IJ a I

U4JI iiui la... a. m ft i.i j ww t 11 it ii 11 1 mm i.sjjnjTsj

HP ".l..S.lfl
ra S S -""
1 1 I
IIbbbbbbbM .il H 'M3mmmW Mr M Ml
wMm aB J9 M M M

nnm m Mm

I aVSkw Ii JL! MMwMMwmmSr m ai I

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Bo Elik Takes Over
American Hockey
Loop Scoring Lead
NEW YORK (UP)-Boris (Bo)
Elik, the Cleveland Barons' 27 27-year
year 27-year old rookie, replaced Provi
dence's Bruce Cline today as the
American Hockey League's lead leading
ing leading scorer.
Elik, one of the oldest rookits
in AHL history, is credted with
five goals and four assists for nine
points. Fred Glover of the Barons
and Cline are tied for second
place with seven points each
Johnny Bower of Providence,
Uie league's most valuable player
last season, leads the goalies with
a 2.17 average, yield, while Al
Dewsbury of Buffalo leads in pen
nit m w th 90 m mitoc
w "-


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Along The Fairways
Rodman-summit interclub
matches set for weekend
Arrangements were completed
yesterday afternoon for the
home and home Rodman-Sum-
mt Interclub matches which
will be Played this weekend.
Each team will consist of 20 men
and 10 women but additional
players cart compete for the va various
rious various individual prizes of which
there will be at least eight.
The first round of the tour
nament will be played at Rod
man Saturday mornine and the
second round at Summit on
Sunday, Play will be In four ball
matches, each foursome to be
made up of two players from
each club. Nassua system of
scoring will be used with the
Soints to be determined by low
all and aggregate.
' The teams will be playing for
two trophies, one for the men
and one for the women. The
team of course will be out to win
the trophies but the primary
purpose of the get together is
to promote more golf for more
Courses Open This Week
The Rodman course will be
open to all Summit Players who
wish to play practice rounds this
week. The same will be true at
Summit for Rodman players. All
visitors are requested to register
before starting to play no green
iees win De cnargeo.
Pairings for the matches on
Saturday will be announced
through the press on Thursday
and players are urged to be on
hand at 'their appointed starting
time. There will be score keepers
and starters at both clubs dur during
ing during the matches.
AH players are reauested to
feport to the scorer on a
'VT jre hJTh J2SK
f "e.r 'the matches
T:r":' .u ". V
I tmj'- wiuuiu reuun w
the starter who will get them a a-way
way a-way as soon as possible, it is
planned that the ten matches
for the men will start first first
match at 8:30 a.m. and that
the women will follow at about
Although the types of prizes
have not all been determined,
the following Is a tentative list
of the way the prizes will be
1. Team Trophy Men.
2. Team Trophy Women.
3. Individual prize best 36 hole
gross score men.
4. Individual prize best 38 hole
gross score women
5. individual prize best 38
hole net score men.
6. Individual prize best 38 hole
net score women.
7. Individual prize best 18 hole
net score at Rodman, men.
8. individual prize best 18 hole
ntft score at Summit, men.
9. Individual prize best 18 hole
net scire at Rodman, women.
10. Individual prize best 18
hole net score at Summit, wom women.
en. women. Handicaps assigned by the
tournament committee of ht
players club will be used In this
tournament. Watch for the pair pairings
ings pairings on Thursday.

1 'HI Hiltf I


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cellent excellent condition, good tires,
$575 Phone 2-1235. Quartan
5524, Diabla.
FOR SALE: 1949 Super Six
Hudson Business Coupe, new
tires, pew battery $295. L. Jack Jack-ion,
ion, Jack-ion, No. 1510 Calabash Street,
Balboa, C.Z.
FOR SALE: 1954 Mercury
Hardtop, 2 -tone blue, Mereuma Mereuma-tic,
tic, Mereuma-tic, radie, like new. Call Getun
FOR SALE: 1956 Plymonth-6
Savoy 4-door, 2-tone, push-button
shift, tum light., stainless
hubcap, oil filter, airfeam seats,
3000 mile. $1995. Ouffie,
2524-A, Ceceli, after 4:00.
Sports Briefs
NEW YORK (UP)- With the
uege football season half over.
e University of Wyoming, sport-
I six straight victories, today
topped a group of 10 major schools
among the nation's 48 perfect rec
ord teams.
Wyoming, pushing towards the
Skyline Conference title and a pos possible
sible possible New Year's Day bowl berth,
has only four games left to play.
Among the major powers with

four straight victories each are.viouaiv

UKianuuia, micnigan omie, ucui-
gla Tech, Baylor, Iowa, Tennes Tennessee,
see, Tennessee, Southern California, Prince Princeton
ton Princeton and Yale.
However, little Missouri Valley
College of Marshall, Mo., boasts
the nation's best mark seven
wins without a loss or tie.
Tommy Morris
Named Top Man
On DP Back! ield
Morris of Princeton, a rangy tn-ple-threater
out of Columbus,
Ohio, was named today as top
man in the United Press backv
field-of-the-week for one of those
dazzling performances most col
lege football stars only dream
In the best tradition of his 1m
mediate predecessors, Dick Kaz Kaz-maier
maier Kaz-maier and Royce Flippin, Morris
had a hami in every point as
Princeton three times roared from
behind to top Colgate last Satur Saturday,
day, Saturday, 28-20. He scored three times.
passed to one touchdown, held the
ball on all conversions, made a
game-saving pass interception and
set up the final score with a nifty
punt that dropped near Colgate's
For that, Morris was first choice
amongt he week's big four in col
lege football followed by Gene
Newton of Tulane, Don Watson of
Texas AaM and Bobby Cox of
rreaii.t lid to learning ...ever
But . don't risk eye strain
Let Trepeleo Service Experts
assure you the met perfect
strain free fixture.
We use CBS mhes
Eepafia It 'Sib.
Bella Vista.

r i eW


HOME WANTED: Four kitten,
tlx week, old Free. Heuee 0932
Amador Road. Phone 2-2964.
WORK WANTED: Ironing and
cleaning. Two day. a week Ex Excellent
cellent Excellent maid. Highly recom recommended.
mended. recommended. Call present employer,
Balboa 3477. j
FOR SALE: Motor bike B.S.A.
125-c.c. Call Balboa 2474.
Boat & Motors
ON DISPLAY: 17-ft. Thunder Thunder-bird
bird Thunder-bird fiber glass beat. ABERNA ABERNA-THY,
THY, ABERNA-THY, S.A., acre., side street El
Panama Hotel. Phone 3-0264.
(Continued from Page 1
be affected by martial law de
clared this morning."
His voice shook with emotion.
"I shall develop my program
on the basis of my 1953 gov government
ernment government declaration before
parliament soon."
Nagy, ousted as premier last
summer, promised in 1953 a
then sensat'onal liberalisation
He announced then the aban abandonment
donment abandonment of enforced collectivi collectivization,
zation, collectivization, an amnesty for political
offenders, abolition of intern internment
ment internment camps, a cessation of de deportations
portations deportations and other conces concessions.
sions. concessions. His program came "too soon"
and it took what Budapest radio
flatly described as "civil war"
today to get him back to power.
It was Poland all over again
but with f ightine and bloodshed.
"If we. want to carry out our
program with joined forces, pub public
lic public order must first be restored,"
Peaceful tfcnwnstrstlne tu
dents have been joined by hos hostile
tile hostile elements, who have mis misguided
guided misguided many well bet'eving
workers and directed them in into
to into actions against our people's
democracy," Nagy said.
He did not elaborate on the
'hostile elements" but they ob
viouslv included anbl-Commu
"The gist of my program Is' i
broad democratization of Hun
gary's public life, the construc construction
tion construction of socialism according to
our specific Hungarian charac
terlstlcs, and a basic improve
ment of the Hungarian people's
standard of living," Nagy said.
"I am calling on all Hungar Hungarians,
ians, Hungarians, men, women, workers,
farmers, the youth and the in intellectuals:
tellectuals: intellectuals: be firm against
these nrovacatuers. Keen or
der. We must join forces to a a-void
void a-void any further bloodshed."
Then, in a sudden sweep of
emdtion, he shouted Into the
' We cannot permit that our
holy national program be soiled
by blood. The government is
ready for the task or peaceful
Nagy said thatt "many mis misguided
guided misguided workers" had turned a a-gainst
gainst a-gainst the state.
"Our first task now must be
to consolidate the situation as
soon as possible," Nagy said.
"I know we understand each
other, because the government
and the majority of the people
want the same."
Then he ordered: "Return to
your homes."
Budapest radio began broad
casting tape recordings of the
new premier's speech at five
minute intervals.
During one interval, an an announcer
nouncer announcer interrupted to say
that "more and more eounter eounter-revolutlonarlefl
revolutlonarlefl eounter-revolutlonarlefl are surrender
The announcer said that a a-mong
mong a-mong those who surrendered
was one group which had been
fighting In Baross Square near
the city's eastern ra'lroad sta station.
tion. station. Sounds of gunfire still could
be heard in the background over
Budapest radio, Hungary's only
contact with the outside world
during this night of bloodshed
and terror.
Telephone and tele graph
communications were cut off
last night. Train and plane trav travel
el travel ceased.
In accounting his plans to
the Hungarian people, Nagy
"The government is determin determined
ed determined not to leave the path of re reforms
forms reforms being discussed by the
masses of the people. Our pro
gram IS aimea at Dringine sat
isfaction to tne people, but not
"We want to continue our pol
icy. Heretofore the government
has decided max an who surren
der their arms and stop fighting
will not be affected by martial
law, like the groups which have
already hoisted the white flags."
Than, the mustachioed, mild-
looking Nagy made this appeal:
wornern, pruicct your ibxuj-
rtes, protect your machines. Iv-

57 "H" STREET,

PHILLIPS Ocean.ide Cottages,
Santa Cbra. tax 435. Balboa.
Phone Panama 3-1877. Cristo Cristobal
bal Cristobal 3-1673.
beach houae. One mile part Ce Celine.
line. Celine. Phone Balboa 1866.
Baldwin's furnished apartment,
at Santa Clara Beach Telephone
Smith. Balboa 3681.
.Vli ;lLVL
TAURANT RESTAURANT offer, invitation to
bid an contract to operate a
Curundu, C.Z. Prospective bid bidder,
der, bidder, are invited to visit the op operation..
eration.. operation.. Bid. should be submit submitted
ted submitted in duplicate, in tea led enve envelopes
lopes envelopes properly identified on the
out.ide, and enclosed in another
envelope addressed to the In Installation
stallation Installation Officer for the atten attention
tion attention of the Poet Restaurant Of Officer.
ficer. Officer. Bid. will be opened at
1400 hours on 25 November
1956 in the Poet Restaurant
Building. For further Information
call Curundu 6205 ar 4268
TAURANT RESTAURANT offers invitation fa
bid en contract to operate a
DRESSMAKING SHOP in Curun Curundu,
du, Curundu, C.Z. Prospective bidder, are
invited to visit the operation..
Bid. should be submitted in du duplicate,
plicate, duplicate, insealed envelopes prop properly
erly properly identified an the outside,
and enclosed in another envelope
addressed to the Installation Of Officer
ficer Officer for the attention of the Port
Restaurant Officer. Bid. will be
opened at 1400 hour, on 25 No November
vember November 1956 in the Port Res Restaurant
taurant Restaurant Building. Far further in information
formation information call Curundu 6205 or
TAURANT RESTAURANT offers invitation to
bid on contract to operate a
Prospective bidders are invited
to the operation. Bid.
should be submitted in dupli duplicate,
cate, duplicate, insealed envelopes properly
identified on the outside, and
enclosed in another envelope ad addressed
dressed addressed to the Installation Offi Officer
cer Officer for the attention of the Port
Restaurant Officer. Bids wiH be
opened at 1400 hour, on 25 No November
vember November 1956 in the' Port Res Restaurant
taurant Restaurant Building. For further in information
formation information cell Curundu 6205 or
Illiterate Youngster
Who Slew Grandma
Is Termed Pitiful
ATLANTA, Oct. 24 (UP)
thorities today pondered what pun
year-old boy who confessed baet
ing a frail. 76-year-old woman to
death in a S3 robbery and throw
ing her bod- in a well.
Juvenile authorities said tne t ui
ton County Superior Court will
handle the case although they have
held the boy since he sobbed out
his confession Monday. They said
his case was "pitiful."
Juvenile Judge w. w. woouoik,
using a discretion allowed by the
law usually prohibiting the identi
fication of juvenile suspects, per
mitted publication of his name
shown by court records as James
The boy, unable to read or write,
signed with an "X" a typed record
of his story of waylaying elderly
Miss Willie Mae Milam Sunday
when looking for some money,
and beating her death with a
walking stick.
He found only $3 in the farm
house, about 300 yards from his
own, in which the woman had lived
alone since the death of a brother
three years ago.
Sol. Gen. Paul Webb said he
would confer with Woolfolk
study "the full background"
for deciding what form of prosecu
tion should be made.
Show To Be Held
'Rain Or Shine'
At Elks Club
"Csbsret Night" at the Panama
City Elks Club Friday night will
feature a rock n' roll contest o o-pen
pen o-pen to dancers of all ages, it was
announced today by Walter (Fa (Fa-tin)
tin) (Fa-tin) Chandler, the club's manager.
Chandler said the show, which
was postponed last Friday niaht
because of rain, will be held this
week regardless of the weather,
Emceed by George Bryan, the
show win feature a "new, exotic
find by the name of Yolanda,"
Chandler said.
The Carol Greaves trio, aug
mented, will play for the show
and dance.
eryone who destroys or creates
disorder Is bringing tremendous
harm to the nattion."
His speech was followed by
the Hungarian national anthem
and the French national hymn
the Marseillaise.


FOR SALE.- Venetian blind..
House 0932 Amador Road. Tel Telephone
ephone Telephone 2-2964
FOR SALE: Necchi sewing ma machine
chine machine portable) Bu Mira, new.
Tucker, Navy 3661.
Good condition. Reasonably pric priced.
ed. priced. Suitable for students. CASA
ADMIRABLE, the Steinway pla plana
na plana establishment, neat to the
Lottery Building.
FOR RENT: Air-conditioned
locale, completely equipped.
Suitable far office, beauty parlor
or barber shop. Phone 3-4614,
from 9 to 1 and 3 to 6 p.m.

Who Will Stop Unbeaten

Football Cardinals, Lions?

Who will stoo the all-victorious
Detroit Lions and Chicago Cardi
nals, and can Coach Paul Brown
halt the plunge of his champion
Cleveland Browns?
Those were the big Questions in
the National Football League, to today
day today as it finished the first third
of its season with fans crowding
the stadiums to get the answers.
Sunday's six games drew 236,211
The "old pros" probably will an
swer the questions. They took
charge Sunday as the pro circuit
ditched its electronic devices and
returned the signal calling chores
to the quarterbacks and defensive
Kicks Winning Goal
Bobby Layne, playing his ninth
NFL season, kicked a 17-yard
field goal with 17 seconds remain
ing to keep the Lions first in the
Western Division with a 4-0 rec
ord. His kick gave the Lions a
20-17 triumph over the San Fran
cisco Forty-Nlners before a capac
lty crowd of 55,662 at Detroit.
Lamar McHan, former Arkan Arkansas
sas Arkansas tailback who is coming Into
his own in his third campaign
with the Cardinals, fired a 23-yard
scoring pass to Gern Nagler to
touch off a 17 point final quarter
for a 20-6 victory over the Eagles
at' Philadelphia. The Cardinals
lead the Eastern Division with the
league's only other perfect, 4-0
At Washington, the Redskins
won their first 1956 game by
downing the Browns, 20-9. Brown
and his Brownies have made sev
eral notable comebacks In sweep
ing six straight Eastern Division
titles but new are in the toughest
spot of their fabulous history.
Sharing the cellar with Washing
ton on a 1-3 record.
Blanda Whips Colts
George Blanda, a 29-year old
quarterback, did everything but
collect tickets at Chicago while
helping the Bears (3-1) hold sec
ond place in tne western race wnn
a 58-27 victory over the Baltimore
Colts. He threw three touchdown
passes and kicked seven extra
points and 30-yard field goal.
Charley Conerly, wno is a,
threw touchdown passes to Ken
MacAfee and Alex Webster and
Clayton NCO Club
To Hold Hallowe'en
Show, Hop Saturday
A Hallowe'en dance, featuring
Wally Chilott and bis Rythm-
aires, will be held Saturday night
at the Fort Clayton NCO Club.
The dance will be highlighted
by a show, featuring a troupe led
by disc jokey Dave Constable, who
was booked for a return engage
mrnt t the club following a
crowd pleasing pefermance last
- 'Saturday night.
Starring on the show will be the
internationally famous Sparky
and Pluggy, who wiH add a female
member to their dance team for
Saturday night's performance.
Sax and clarinet stylist "Polly"'
Drakes and Panamanian pop vo vocalist
calist vocalist David Watts will solo with
the Chilcott combo.
The Clayton Club's Hallowe' en
show will also include a number
of other singing and novelty act.
Dancing is scheduled to begin at
8 p.m. Saturday.

Only 4Vi Feet High!
The "ALL NEW" Ford '57
See it at COLPAN r- Friday


FOR RENT: Furniihed chalet:
2 bedrooms, living-dining room,
kitchen, bathroom. Apply 45th
East Street 2-241, 8 a.m. to 9
FOR RENT: Beautiful chalet
en Via Espana No. 1 12. Spacious
garden, terrace, 3 bedroom., 2
bathrooms, hot water, double
garage maid's room with bath.
Unfur...ihed. Dr. Burgos, Phona
Slipcover., re-upholstering. Bert
price, in Panama. For estimate,
call 3-4628, Here. Co. Free
pick-up and delivery. f
set up Ben Agajanian's 14-yard
field goal within three minutes
and 29 seconds during the second
period at New York to spark the
Giants to a 38-10 victory over the
Pittsburgh SteelerS. The Giants
(3-1) took undisputed second place
in the Eastern race, breaking a
tie with the Eaglesi
It was the same story in the
other game as the Green Bay
Packers posted their biggest point point-total
total point-total since 1952 while whipping th
Los Angeles Rams at Milwaukee,
42-17. Tobm Rote, playing his sev seventh
enth seventh season as Packer quarter quarterback,
back, quarterback, threw three touchdown
passes and scored himself on a
two-yard plunge.
Dedication Service
Sunday Afternoon
At Saint Paul's
A special service of dedication is
scheduled for St Paul's Church,
Panama City, Sunday afternoon
at 3 o'clock
After many months of repair to
the church building, there are
new additons and renovated por portions
tions portions to be blessed
The Beshop R Heber Gooden,
will preside, read the didicatory
prayers and preach the sermon
The Lessons will be read by Iran
Henderson, H B Majesty's Am Ambassador
bassador Ambassador to Panama, and Dr LS
Carrington chancellor of the
The Community in general is in invited
vited invited to attend
Hodge Hotel Unsold
No One Meets Price
CHICAGO, Oct. 24 (UP)The suc suction
tion suction of imprisoned former State
Auditor Orville E. Hodge's lavish
Esquire Hotel, in Ft. Lauderdale.
Fla., has been postponed for lack
of a $550,000 caliber bidder, while
authorities pondered the possibili possibility
ty possibility that Hodge hid some of his
Special Assistant Atty. Gen. Al Albert
bert Albert E. Jenner said Monday, dur during
ing during a dramatic circuit court set setting
ting setting of the auction, that experts
have been unable to trace some
of the money Hodge stole from
the state of Illinois to its "ulti "ultimate
mate "ultimate resting place."
"It's entirely possible," said
Jenner, "that Hodge has hidden
it some place or that it has wound
up in someone's grimy paws."
Jenner said the untraceablt
amount could not now be estimat estimat-but
but estimat-but that it could be a "sizeable"
The Esquire Hotel, which has
been offered for sale by the stats
as partial restitution for the
more than 10 million dollars em embezzled
bezzled embezzled by Hodge, was valued by
appraisers at $660,000. What ap apparently
parently apparently scared bidders away,
however, was a $200,000 mortgage
aainst the building, officials said.
Two bidders did qualify to pur purchase
chase purchase the hotel which was among
the assets Hodge turned over to
the sta'j, by putting up a $10,000
"good faith" deposit with the
Northern Trust Co.
When professional auctioneer
Jack Gordon called for further
bids, no one spoke up. But Hodge's
wife, Margaret, broke into tears,
explaining, 'It was my' home."


m HreT or mactu WI1 BimkiBf4ht New wilson rauooa jTwr wn twit rn
rl WBWTrst5 Jj if OdriOT If "ffl1 "NsH H Will 1 Fi wave no siwwncs on mow many ahwkan K-J!itw fe
AISCILLAI rot That Our Pop 6 At ftKMOB
eC WE SOT MORE. THAN WE THE MAN I WNTj ( V IlhcF JUI p I t wr- aosu.u
'rsrr2 Lwbw what to do witw r to see.' r v. wans kitchen j--' i t : To be totauv honest, pot i pott sec any hakm l. -j
i PEDDLER! I'LL) Tl J- IPaik VTT.r ZJh VOU SAY Bazoo 8CVT5 and our their Wowino PK KwmT AVAILABLE' c -7wurj
voaatmn The on ww-rp inot mS 1
! lTUfe Adventures i BWn why i m I

To team your "Fortune" for today from tho stars, writ in the letter
ef the alphabet corresponding to the numeral ea the lino of the atro.
tog ieal period in which you were born. You will And it fun.

I 2 3 4 9 4 7 8 ? It I! 11 13 WIS M 17 II 1 30 21 MM 34 28 36

a c o t r a h i jKtMNoro iiiivwnr

IAN. 71-


MAI 21 21-i
i 21-i A- 20
i mavm

MAY 21




OCT. a
NOV. 31

NOV. 22

8 1 21 20 9 15 21 19 16 18 16 18 19 S 19

16 6 18 9 5 16 20 9 22 6181618 5 14 20

3 6 14 4 18 18 5 21 14 9 15 14 14 15 23

23 16 18 11 9 19 16 18 1 9 19 5 4 14 15 23

18 1 18 6 18 16 16 19 19 6 19 19 9 15 14 19

19 20 15 18 6 4 21 16 20 18 6 1 19 21 18 8

26 16 21 1 18 5. 19 21 18 8 28 9 14 14 5 18
7 9 6 20 19 19 5 14 26 1 19 8 21 20 9 14

18 1 4 9 3 1 12
23 16 18 11 1 14 4

4 8 16 1 18 20 21 18 8

23 15 18 18 25 7 15 14 5

16 12 5 1 19 21 18 6 2 8 19 20 15 23 5 4

4 9 19 1 7 18 5 5 1 2 12 5 10 15 3 19

e ukmin

Powerful Thunderbird Engines
Put FORD 'S7 Out Front!
See them at COLPAN Friday

TV with



WEDNESDAY, Oct. 24, 1956
3:08 Armed Force Hour
440 Penny To A Million
4 JO Circus Theatre
5:00 Talent Scout
J:30 Cavalcade of America
640 Panorama
7:00 Disneyland
8:00 This la Your Life
8:30 Pontlac Hour
0:30 Big Picture
10:00 Wed. Nite Fights
11:00 News
11:08 Encore, Goodyear TV.

THURSDAY, Oct. 25, 1956
340 Armed forces Hour
4:00 Godfrey Time
4:15 Eddie Fisher
4:30 Christophers
5:00 Kid Klub
5:30 Capt. Gallant
6:00 Panorama
7:00 Meet Millie
7:30 Truth of Consequence
8:00 Clime
9 00 Johnny Canon
9:30 Two For The Money
10:00 U S Steel Hour
1140 News
11:05 Encore: Milton Berl.

J" St. No. 13-A-30 Tela. 2-2386 2-2142 2.3265
TWoU Ave. 18-20.

Prom manv mi est? arouwp, ARCTIC FOXES
vkmvbv rem twsm -a cat-up M.rwf
rue civc: ciB

er-" 'rfMOSi3APSiTP
liafi sH' ' lifciVJ paHltfE! Hall

50 WT'S W OWftT SVAt

MtsU? OftKlTED LSi

L I Wf.
w L.l i --.

:anp a pew POLAR



C3MJa i

ir.aa r im if

o E



Time Passes By



liT T

UPi WAC...




. POWn!


By Calbraith


Qn rl -nwrm iriiiaeneairm i ii -it mis i i 1!!!!
I ml I r I
o t

Thai ktna anel rfrinka nre almost eone. to we'd better

mako up our minds quick which presidential candidate
we like beet!"

Faltering Philip
fhiHp's life Is filled mb brnlsr
ppeil-woTTj steps and rag be uses
Repair weald leave tats home like aew.
. A Clsuwifieds feat the rlrht elaeV

43! X rnur-nuiio N

Ojfl am. rl it -a i irMr

awweami "fc v m

tHBOn I tttiiv rue uu I

aWyw I uii i run ruoael

V0U BOY 60T Heat! TH8-J





) tAie Li A n rn te tuat gBaitiariaiijBIMi nc crrw enru u -w

biortt unm

Harsh Words


(W(m$p Mu CfTrCf3LBJCCTr A.r 0C ettCPlNfl 7tcai;
PLAININd, Kftb lLifiK V- FIT0NLY 10 7t VV W flfcyS' A ( ON TMC JOCj f V

r j a i i i i 1 u -..hThi t n i i use









IX i. a VViX4ikt


DDI Vt TUU Ht h.M 1

ilAr aii Oivr tf Aibt,if 1 1 efs

n5 nLu put unmncL Twvx



Vnlb CM lOKCr- IHC








M1& rAM'T


n ', -iff -r.

, j - r-l
)KifORT iMr VJE II. U1 jJH J'






Durocher Confirms He II Boss Indians


TESTIFIES Capt. Ounnar
Nordenson of the liner Stock Stockholm
holm Stockholm Is shown in New York
where he defended the course
of his ship on the night it col collided
lided collided with the Andrea Doria.
Capt. Nordenson told a pre pretrial
trial pretrial hearing that he sailed
(the course regularly in his 36
years at sea and knows no law,
agreement, or r e c ommenda ommenda-tlon
tlon ommenda-tlon against it.
Stockholm Chief
Has 'Confidence'
In His 3d Mate
NEW YORK (UP)-Capt. Gun Gun-Bar
Bar Gun-Bar Nordenson of the Swedish
liner Stockholm testified today
that he still has "full confidence"
in his third mate despite the col collision
lision collision with the Andrea Doria
which occurred while the mate
Was in command on the bridge.
The 63 -year -old captain re recounted
counted recounted at a pre-trial hearing the
report that third mate Ernst Cars-tens-Johannsen
gave him concern concerning
ing concerning events leading up to the col collision
lision collision last July 25. The report was
substantially the same as that
given on the witness stand by the
mate himself earlier in the hear hearing.
ing. hearing. Nordenson pointed out under ex examination
amination examination by Swedish American
Line attorney Charles S. Haight
that he permitted Carstens-Jo-hannsen
to stand his regular
wateh when the Stockholm re returned
turned returned to New York with the sur
vivors of the sunken Doria as a
sign of his confidence in him.
' Later, under cross-examination,
Norsenson admitted he asked
Carstens-Johannsen why he had
not called the captain from his
cabin when he realized they were
approaching another ship. Norden
son said the 26-year-old mate told
him "there had been no reason
in the world to call me because
he had good visibility before the
Nordenson faced the second day
w direct testimony in the nre
trill hearing of the collision in
the Atlantic which claimed 50
Judge's Bench
Failure to dim the lights of
his automobile resulted in a $5
fine in Balboa Magistrate's
Court today for Abraham Cas Castro,
tro, Castro, 28, Panamanian. Imposition
of sentence was suspended for
Castro on another charge, that
of failure to answer a citation.
Barthey Emmanuel Hylton, 30.
Panamanian, forfeited $M) ball
he had posted after receiving a
summons for driving wlthput an
operator's license.
Eric Adolphus Samuels, 18,
Panamanian, was fined $20 for
commissary trespass.
The following were each fined
5 10 for the same offense: Juana
Garcto, 21, Panamanian; Elida
Otero, 27, Panamanian; Lorena
Maria Rueda, 25. Panamanian,
and Rlcardo Harding, 17. Panamanian.


1:09, 2:47, 4:51, 6:55, 8:59
0.75 0.40



J anama American
Let the people know the truth and the country U $afe' Abraham Lincoln.

ttad YEAR

Citizen Assn. Needs More Volunteers

To Contact Potential Members: Board

un vnlnntppr ir needed for
the work of contacting potential
members for the United States Ci
tizens Association.
The nrvanizatinn made an an
nouncement to this effect follow following
ing following last Sunday's meeting of the
Atlantic seetor oi me Doara oi ai-
The group met at Margama
Service Center.
in .HHitinn n other business.
the board voted to amend articles
II and IV of the by-laws, uoin
articles relate to the purpose and
membership of the Association.
Annual monitjorsnipo are com coming
ing coming in slowly, the meeting was
told. Plans to intensify solicita solicitation
tion solicitation for memberships were for formulated.
mulated. formulated. a fh. camp time, an appeal
w.. Kaon maHp til United States ci
tizens of the Canal organization to
Getting Certificate
Hard; Baby, Simple;
Says Doctor-Mother
tuACUTltfftTflN Oct 24 (UP)
he Public Health Service report
ed today that aDoui a muuim -mericans
are now drinking flouri flouri-dated
dated flouri-dated water. And it said at least
four million are being added to
the list every year.
ev. iui than 10 vears. sei-
X Jl mx.v ..... J
entists have held that addition of
flouride to drinking waier nep
prevent tooth decay. But local
controversies aal other problems
have prevented us use m
in itc nrnorcu rpnort. tne neaun
All l.o nw.iw.. T 1 l
service said some 45 per cent of
cities of more man wu,uw pupuM pupuM-iifiint?
iifiint? pupuM-iifiint? flonririated
HUII UVI" ----o
water. Only 10 which it did not
identify do not nave nounaauon
On the other hand, the service
said "only six percent" of the
towns and villages under 10,000
have fluoridation. This means
some 16,000 smaller communities
do not use the treated water.
The health service recently re
ported that a detailed 10 year
ft ; i j.1 i .:!:
Siuay oi nuormauun la jmcnigau
had confirmed its value in pre
venting the development of cav cavities,
ities, cavities, especially in children.
Life's Art Awful,
So It Gets A Ban
FALL RIVER. Mass. Oct. 24
(UP) Mrs. David W. Boland.
of the head of the Fall River
New Co., said today she banned
Life magazine from the conpany's
newsstands here because of com complaints
plaints complaints about pictures of nudes.
Mrs. Boland. In charge of the
business while her husband is out
of town, said she was "frankly
snocked when she saw the mag
azine's current issue containing
eight pages of some of the world's
most famous nude paintings, in
eluding one on the cover.
The magazine was brought to
her attention Monday, she said,
by Lieut Rudolphe St. Pierre,
head oi the city s vice squad. St
Pierre told her the police depart
ment had received several com
"I thought the pictures were
awful, Mrs. Boland said, refer
ring to reproductions of paintings
by world famous artists, lnclud
ing Ingres, Botticelli, Renoir and







take the initiative themselves and
send in their memberships.
These should be directed to the
financial secretary, Box 295, Bal
USCA's Washington atternty
and representative, La Vern R.
Dilwag, has reminded members
of the association and other who
joined tha income tax case, that
a request for an extension of
time ia new pending.
The reauest before the Direc
tor of Internal Revenue at Jack
sonville. Florida, under Sec. 6532a
(2) of the Internal Revenue Code
of 1954, for an extension of time
for ail other proposed party plain plaintiffs
tiffs plaintiffs in the suit.
Fluoridated Water
Making Huge Gains
Into Drink Habits
DETROIT. Oct. 24 (UP) A De
troit suburban mother, denied $a
birth certificate for her week old
baby because there were no wit
nesses, revealed she deuvera in
child herself while nome aione.
"Having the baby was easy
she said today. "The hard part
is getting a birth certificate."
Mrs. Marie Hayes, 30, a legis-
tered nurse in her native Ger Germany
many Germany before coming here, said
her husband, Luther, a television
technician, was at wonk last week
when the baby was born.
"It ill haoDened in about a half
hour and I didn't hav time to
call anyone." she said.
She said that she could not get
a birth certificate from either the
Oakland County Health Depart
ment or the local city clerk be
cause there were no witnesses.
The mother said she was told
if she filed a sworn statement
that' the child was hers, a certifi
cate could be obtained.
The baby girl Rosemary, weigh'
ed seven pounds, two ounces when
born at 1 p.m. last Monday.
Another child, Heidi, 2 was
home when her sister was born.
"I told her to take a nap," Mrs.
Hayes said.
Managua Has Quake
But No One Is Dead,
Espadillo Is Active
MANAGUA, Oct 24 (UP)- A
heavy earthquake rocked this
Nicaraguan capital today and
spread terror among its residents.
The quake struck at 8:45
a.m. sending most of the city's
115,000 inhabitants rushing into
the open.
First reports disclosed no casual
With in the past 48 hours
earth tremors have felt in the
vicinity Espadillo Hillock, 10
miles west of the city, began
erupting heavv clouds nf hnmina
sulphurous ashes. Thf Hillrnrlr
had never previously shown vol volcanic
canic volcanic activity
Several cottages in the village
of Mateare were set afire and

- w i. i -rmmmwmm MWWW mm mm
Ha. at H Has ..Xm H
kV aV M WW
WW eseJeL.
WW jmmW WWiM

CONGRATULATIONS John A Voir (left), Winchester,
Mass., contractor, is congratulated by President Eisenhower in
Washington after he was sworn In as temporary Federal High Highway
way Highway Administrator. Volpe will serve until Congress returns in
January. At that time the President will name Bertram D.
Tallamy as permanent chairman.

Should this request not be grant granted,
ed, granted, ail parties will be made plain plaintiffs
tiffs plaintiffs within the two year period of

limitations. Additional information
relative to this request "is expect expected
ed expected momentarily and a printed co
py of the filed petition will be a a-vailable
vailable a-vailable soon.
All delegates have been asked
to attend the meeting of the Paci Pacific
fic Pacific sector of the board of directors
on Sunday, at 3 p.m., at Diablo
Service Center. Each delegate
should be prepared to discuss and
take action on the proposed
change in the by-laws.
A quorum is essential and every
member of USCA is invited to at
tend this board meeting in order
to view the actions of their direc
Admission to the meeting will be
by membership card.
Mrs. Pearce. Financial Secreta
ry, has stated that memberships
will be available at the door l o r
eligible persons who have not yet
paid their dues.
Former members of the Asso
ciation have been asked to attend
and avail themselves of this op
portunity to join.
It was alto learned today that.
the Association'! president J.
Winter Davis Collins, who hat
Navy To Attempt
New Height Mark
By Raising Balloon
Two Navy men next week will
try to go higher in a balloon than
man has ever gone before.
l The Navy said the balloon is
expected to reach an altitude of
about 75,000 feet more than 14
The present world altitude ree
ord for manned balloons is 72,395
feet, set by Army Captain Orvil
A. Anderson and Albert W. Stev
ens on Nov. 11, 1935 near Rapid
City, S. O.
The highest altitude ever reach
ed by man is 126,000 feet. Capt
Iven Kincheloe set it in September
in the Air Force X2 rocket plane.
The Navy, in an announcement
Monday, said the possibly record-
breaking balloon ascension is
scheduled for 8 a.m. N o v. 1
near Minneapolis, Minn. The as ascension
cension ascension will be made by Balcolm
I). Ross, 36, and Lt. CMdr M. L.
Lewis, 43,.
Ross fs a civilian employe in
charge of the strato-lab project in
the Office of Naval Research.
Lewis is an officer in the Bureau
of Aeronautics.
The two will ride in a pressur pressurized
ized pressurized aluminum gondola suspended
beneath a Skyhook plastic balloon
65 feet in diameter.
The Navy referred to the
project as a "manned space lab laboratory"
oratory" laboratory" flight. It said the "pro
ject strato-lab" operation is an ef
fort to gather scientific data in
the stratosphere. It made no di direct
rect direct mention of, an altitude record
Disney Thataway
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (UP) -Walt
Disney says he has succeed succeeded
ed succeeded in producing a Western movie
without using such characters as
sheriffs, rustlers or cavalry. And
without the cavalry, Disney said,
"t hi r era nn rpinfnrrrmpnU
which arrive in the nick of time
and sAve the settlers.


moved hie residence to Pana Panama,
ma, Panama, has resigned from his USCA
office. However, since he is still
eligible for membership in the
organization h has been asked
to serve out hie term until the
election in January, and has -greed
to do to.
Muscovites Rush
To Newslands For
New US Magazine
MOSCOW, Oct. 2 4-(UP)-Mus
covites besieged newstands yester
day for the first issue of the new
United States-sponsored magazine
All copies were sold within
hours after they were put on sale.
Those able to buy the slick slick-paper
paper slick-paper publication at five rubles
($1.25) a copy, appeared most
interested in a three-page color
layout of 1956 American automo
biles and their prices.
Only 50,000 copies of the mage
line were printed for distribution
throughout the Soviet Union.
One Russian was heard to
remark "You could sell a million
and a half."
Disappointed Muscovites who
reached the stands too late
stopped a western correspondent
when he produced a single copy
They offered to bry it, but settled
tor a quick look through the
Nine young men were seen
hunched over one copy in the
lobby of the Hotel Metropole.
The magazine, to be Dublished
monthly by the United States InJ
lormauon service in Washington,
ucmg sum m nussia on a reck
procai basis. A Russian-sponsored
magazine "U.S.S.R." is being sold
in the United States.
Unconscious Woman
Put In Deep Freeze
To Keep Her Alive
HoSbltal anthnritiflc mwmIaJ
. 'vigaicu w
J v y P"1 an exPe?tant mother
iaui unconscious for five
months in a seven-day deep freeze
state to keep her alive.
The woman, attractive 22-year-oFd
Mrs. Ellen Moore, was struck
on the head and knocked uncon unconscious
scious unconscious last May 4 by a 38-foot long
tree trunk that fell off a passint?
"She was found In hau.
severe injury of her brain," a
statement released hv thak Maui
castle General Hospital reported.
n aiu me statement was being
icicaaeu Because oi tne wide widespread
spread widespread interest" in Mrs. Moore's
Mrs. Moore, dubbed the "tun.
mg beuty" by sympathetic Rrit Rrit-ons,
ons, Rrit-ons, regained consciousness last
Fridav for the first tl me in IRQ
days. She is expected to live, and
tne oaoy is expected to have a
normal oirin.
In an attempt to save her life
doctors at one point used cooling
aneatnesia (lowering tne tempera temperature
ture temperature of the body) because her
temperature was "rising to a dan dangerous
gerous dangerous level." She was put into a
"virtual state of hibernation" for
seven days, they said.
During the seven days, her tem temperature
perature temperature was as low as 86 degrees
Fahrenheit. The normal body heat
is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
"This method tided her over the
most dangerous phases of her ill illness
ness illness and probably saved her life,"
the statement said.
Weather Or Not
This weather report, for the 24
hours ending 8 a.m., today, is pre prepared
pared prepared by the Meteorological and
Hydrographic Iranch of the Pan Panama
ama Panama Canal Company:

High 84 82
Lew 7J 75
High- 96 93
Low 75 74
(max. mph) .NW10 1)3
RAIN (Inches) 0 .24
(inner harbors) 82 83
'mill jii 0 ii ii
7:10 a.m. 1:10 a.m.
l:J7 p.m.

Greenberg, Lip'
To Discuss Terms
Within Few Days

CLEVELAND, O., Oct. 24
(UP) Sportswrlter Frank
Gibbons of the Cleveland
Press reported today that Leo
Durocher has confirmed a re report
port report that he will become the
new manager of the Cleveland
Gibbons said Durocher indi indicated
cated indicated he would sign with the
Indians by revealing that the
Tribe' general manager, Hank
Greenberg, would visit him at
his Beverly H'lls, Calif., home
within a few days for a final
discussion of terms.
According to Gibbons, Duro Durocher
cher Durocher said be expects no trou trouble
ble trouble in reaching an agreement
with Greenberg. Gibbons quot quoted
ed quoted the colorful and controver controversial
sial controversial "Lip" as sarng "Hank
and I have been friends for a
long time."
Gibbons said that when
asked if price or length of
contract might snarl the deal,
Durocher said: "I don't expect
any trouble on that score."
Labor Party Unified
For Eden Attacking
fOn Foreign Policies
LONDON, Oct. 24 (UP)- The
British Labor Party was reported
united today on plans to jettison
the bipartisan foreign approach to
foreign policy because of oissatts
faction with the government's nan
dune of the Suez dispute.
Parliament reconvenes today
after its summer recess to clean
up a number of legislative mat matters
ters matters before the fall session begins
Nov. 6.
The Socialists were reported
ready to tear iato Prime Minister
Anthony Eden. But the Conserve
lives also were in a fighting
The Laborites solidified their op
position' during the recent party
congress with the leftwingers led
by Aneurin Bevan apparently win
ning out over the more moderate
approach of party leader Hugh
Gaitskell spoke in support of
Eden when the Suez crisis fir?t
erupted. Later he criticized Eden's
handling of the entire matter.
Political observers said the
forthcoming sessions may produce
some of the biggest fireworks
since me conservative rarty re
turned to power in 1951.
Ted Weems Plays
Elvis Presley Disc
At Wrong Speed
MEMPHIS. Tenn fTTPl?.-.
. ........ V V J U11I1CI
orchestra leader Ted Weems got
nuwi irorn aivis Presley fans on
his new disc inrlrev nn
his turntable version of the rock
n roller sounded like a growl.
After the "switrhtwiart lit nn
like a pinball machine" with tele telephoned
phoned telephoned Protest.!! Weems AinnnveroA
he had pitched the Presley voice
several octaves too low by playing
a record at the wrong speed.
Shows: 1:00, 2:55,

;;- HH WWW
WWW if mrfl
From Uu
H manae
I ISffiB KMatpir j
I SHI ttorytaol
H rtlM
nP nullum

Joint VFW, Legion Observance

Of Veterans Day Being Planned

A community-wide observance
of the 38th anniversary of the
cessation of hostilities of the
first World War on Nov. 11,
1918, later proclaimed Veterans'
Day, is being planned jointly by
the American Legion and the
Veterans of Foreign Wars.
Formerly observed as Armi Armistice
stice Armistice Day, aa recur ring wars ob
scured the significance of the
day that marked victory in a
war to end all wars, Congress of
the United States in 1954 voted
"to designate Nov. 11 as Veter
ans' Day. in doing this, Congress
urged that this day be set aside
for honoriner the veterans of all
wars, president Eisenhower, In
signing this bill, urged all citi
zens to join each year in mak making
ing making the observance of Veterans'
Day a mernprable occasion.
Highlighting the community-
wide observance of Veterans'
Day will be two large parades,
one on each side of the isthmus.
The parade on the Atlantic side
is scheduled for Nov. 11, while
the parade on the pacific side
will be held on Monday, Nov. 11
ncluded in the line of march
will be troops from the United
States Army, Navy, Marines and
Air Force along with contingents
from the Panama National
Guard and Fire Department,
Soldados de la Independencia of
the republic of Panama, R O T.
C. units and bands from the Ca-
She-Sheriff Sets
Salary Showdown;
Shell SetHe Sin
24, (UP) A pistol carrying
housewife meyor planned to call
a shownown meeting today with
an all male City Council to vote
on a salary for her appointed
feminine town marshal.
Mrs. Roy Simpson, who has
been trying, to "alow down the
town, appointed Mrs. Harold Bry Bry-son
son Bry-son a town marshal, the first
peace officer in this town of 368 in
22 years.
Although Mrs. Simpson can ap
point, the City Council controls the
community's pocketbook, and has
refused to pay Mrs. B r y s o n.
Enough money for the marshal's
bond, which expired Sept. l, had
to be solicited by Mrs. Simpson
since the council refused to under underwrite
write underwrite the bond.
Mrs. Bryson, with some help
from Mrs. Simpson, has been
campaigning to stop "reckless
driving by young kids" and the
"shooting of fire crackers" in the
town. They handed out 60 tickets
for traffic violations and disturb disturbing
ing disturbing the peace during one month.
Hit-Run Driver
Operated 38 Years
Without License
JERSEYXITY, N. J, Oct. 24 24-(UP)
(UP) 24-(UP) Thomas Simon, 57, ar arrested
rested arrested on hit-run charges, told
ponce he'd been driving without
a license for 38 years and never
had an accident until today.


4:55, 7:05, 9:15 p.m. Ml
M G M presents a most
soffltMHiy a
The New
Paul IB


Newman IlAn&li

nal Zone High Schools, Spanish
American War Veterans, disa

bled American Veterans, the
Veterans of Foreign wars, the
American Lesion Bov fiemtta nf
America, Girl Scouts of America
ana Oliver civic groups.
In addition to the parades,
dedication of a fla and fWnni.
by post 3840 of the Veterans of
Foreign Wars will be made; a
patriotic observance will be held
at the Balboa Stadium immedi immediately
ately immediately following the parade; At-
lBiiuc siue veterans will pay
homage to their fallen comrades
by placing a wreath m thm
memorial plaque, at the Mount
nope cemetery and will also
hold a fish-fry in the afternoon.
God Ordered Nan
To Shoot Healer;
He Did And Glad
MEMPHIS, Tenn.-(UP)-A 21-year-old
Negro, obeying a hea heavenly
venly heavenly order to kill, told police he
shot down the Negro faith healer
who cast a voodoo spell on his
Johnny Lee Tolliver, 26 of Co
water, Miss., was charged with
murder after faith healer George
Webster, known as "Ebony Da.
vid," was killed at his divine
temple of healing htre Monday.
Mississippi highway patrolmen
said Tolliver and his sister, Gra Gra-cie
cie Gra-cie Lee Tolliver, 26, who was
charged as an accessory after the
fact, embraced joyfully and shout,
ed praises to God when told Web
ster was dead.
Police quoted Tolliver as say.
ing the 46-year-oM Webster "cast
a spell" on his mother "to make
her joints ache" when she went
to him to be healed. He said his
mother was in a Jackson, Miss.,
mental hospital.
Tolliver said the faith healer
was weaving a charm to force
his sister into marriage so Web Webster
ster Webster could have her himself.
"The Lord toft us to kiI him,"
the sister was quoted by police.
Spanish Buy Food
MADRID, Oct. 24 (UP)-Spain
today signed an agreement to hiiv
50 million dollars worth of Ameri American
can American farm products. Payments
would be in Spanish currency and
tne money used for Spanish eco economic
nomic economic development, expansion of
American markets in Snain and
"other purposes beneficial to both
.75 & .40
important motion picture
there Qkes me