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The Panama American
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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J.1f I
"* ., I -

DAILY usik



Ii "0

S : .. lntry Is sale" Abrahm Lincoln.
PANAA. B.. ArV1t tAt JANUARY 24, 1951


4- I .



Mii Moves

Plai4 As Truce

Talks FilIe Out

TOKYO, Jan. 24 M) The ria hit the United Nations ground
Korean truce has be- forces.
come so dem Uted If thePanmuaam talk break
Sitatom off at m repre. down, but the 1 ItU
sentatlure 1IW are re- their fire, a military stalIm
portedly c t Wqkt miH' may 1tflw
ay BPan- i United Nations attack
mu ijomn e iWsaa k down first they would be lft open to
entlrelI. Red charges of 1a00elon."
United states anofftabjave not These charges would d sup-
abandoned a ha an ar- port in Asian countries.
mitle igMt s be n At the Panmuniwn conference
ed at Pa". they are today Red staff officers gave UN
frankly about representatives ma o which
cha "e for b W esnet were niarked the lMeatioM of all
deadly ock over e pon. but one of their 11 prisoner of
ers of war. war camps In North Korea.
theS"* r W iA The Reds said dcl to b e ele-
involves base -diuMees be. Ven L camp a riverhad recently
tween aB 2d da changed Its coree. o, the map
tie ar has to be redrawn. Ibey prom-
ly be ither ied l this ap so1n so pOanittl.
Uni-d w' The United Nations team ho
, bim? hirfncr-^wBfiW 1 been kDft Vbal^* POW camai1 North 9o0 since
Sthe Re* reported 20 pLsoners,
it Ate IMu hW Mj beleedl all SouthJ-oriC-
An i ( Nas x A wR. were ed -when a U-StA"Na-
mCgt B W.S 1i"t4' thins 4 bombed inapltal
slve. ; .. I t f a2amp :1. Ofng-


House. Committee

Condemns Move

X As Discriminatory.
WASn INGTON, Jan. 24 (UP) A Hone Forgi -
AffWrs Sukoemittee which recently visited South AM
S meice took the position today that it had been "most uh-
Swise" to licWeMs the tuition rates for Canal Zoie Schools.
In a report describing its visit to thel Istbms ISe.
Committe, observed that the proximity of he Camnl Zais 'j
to PanOam provides a unique opportuanl to inckekt
Peuiu*nb* children with American principles and
S NEA L44to-Telphoto) methods.
N DLEWORK to- A Chinese Evenw more important, the subcommittee went on W'
prisalse ngainrthis family) dis- cord to say, "It is desirable to extend. the benefits pf
pln as kinti-comunarmlal A AericaOt education to all American children in the Co -
least 3000 Red prisoners on Wel Zone and Ponamd on on equel basis."
K le Island. South Korea, have
umIar statumenta printed on The report said: Its imnpesa upon thew and
their skin. and 12,000 have "lIn vh#w of large United States redound to our advantage. '
siged petlttunr begging Allied expend ures beln made In The nbcommiltteowa b v
officials not ic "hip hem back many reign countries for the by Congressman James P. We.
to red China. ducatb of nations of those ards, 4outh Carolina Demecrt
countrlp It Is difficult to ration- in :rInM Its visit to S i
Mlize tl* apparent discrlmina- lath the repot Mid the
tion In Me matter of Canal Zone public of Panaia "presenteS '
rtlution rates." some sharp contrasts with otU
W In coiQemnlnE = a tuise the fv
ifm g~tagtul ih 81 Val "The economy of Panama k W
LIC.HfiK.AJ.Inolkl Lut is^^ ^ ^. ^ ^ ^ &.y ^

'- f^^ ^^^^ft ihee bo the mush of the wor a oneas '
Una snow- comeepts jsilt udb -fe tre rtddedd tqt Whe et
tank0 of__Canal
o Th o l e poured 34 tim i in GOen airs wple beap nd

m e thereesof0 er ara h al dut~era deals und butkr adn en Duopl1 be mla a iaial en laigi h neam thasae serie of tiwp 10
Ii sp rirer F onerte U ntere d v Pteda ato s oa h ee I b e n lit f et or t
*- o e he ga rrest i on of ar S01 ^8 0 nin inn ot S e td fn be-conci nu e sness of need la. e m.
It at kbe carrynnd U6a ehNa L- T ateanks1,60'olc peuorm

oD o! the -a-a 1mo. awias push roum a ds t(P)edbun -S ncdals Cended Jan s a thes tic too f t
*E~ i~ ".- P C W sat sA 0A b y ^"d w I" n"h p p r e Ttoob t eotthhate-r--n- 1S te O Sf S inp er t hr e eatp hed b
-ma 4"nnfrta -WCo

releadf unsfe tO *NWhas aennucled Thforarpw~ho3 seemy a nae ofsemr fleed, cusahis oa a relye. "Tho emyo havproo and
A r oe~0paar-tleret, Fpme LanhrnuutolfhdbGndm Mawil nwsor nCa-mte n.1Aeitns
sopre esldh la uiusted. toasiv ac"Nation ____________ wom honi braugh claime atd tubrof thel, nitelding~
_________ had attributed LL

beri speso a t ando Arpa nw nsa ~ r, acna ns..a.
bHedbt 'yn efista4m m ay Tien-U.--. LgSt hrlate r |. tCos bogt lea st1 ve in the freeting and it policies.
s,..ff k alight d hichane and 4a401n 1 extra-W bac bny Mevq (P as Tho 0DiGsn1v. givet aft t broma
*a m'IaS Uy II arrested mun While hthe othmoer p offade btap. dies of slh t South Darota se- path AeTrs hate oft been on bt
______ ___e deanat Mayo 10.h ai I Am e A *pievestiohebasede r ron o wm B oA lM IndG noa en In Mlonnesta and one In capitalize upon the disturbed c t .
COO 0'E^~fl~ -^S ROAS"^ 1 N^!*tc VIDA lO W ^ ^^ --------*orth Dakota. The free.. ex- vernal political sc~ne in Papase
_ caspuledoromacaTnfeOtl the tended Ifarn de th T a t erul ma. gM ae ab t t wn o the hi a on
In In Austri2U w6 a O'yhor c o f the0 Secrit A -S Naava te praue dTIhe tia d "The y have promoted and
S .- o 0 aa ofn 24 (Upnin-Blerd 5a Is listed as ac- L n ci h Al l Ou t aged bn ath cenary bomb Iforniai brought t eere atn and number of field*. rciudvoltR
r -isHtl r equps w re~d tn o e c. for the ofnal record s At fack O n Huks MondaygJr a Ligura, a small snow in the B sh Dertas. the National university' o
t*-H''--ll bitoa an d, s tbe State Navy. 4 to te ip *onghold" near storm came after a two-day dry Revolt b
action ill bSoIng.111? Ain teare dtehs g no immeit -- Field./npe Ol wh o a s o o o ich brought relels omo olh av ni
l W- Ja o mhg e h mob of e L b sa nds ofl t n e troops. ho n u last week's diastro s spnows and p Ii
the as pla ad actle the deMonPtrat)on ith O n rpth a dynamite atek on JA Omdp spearheaded by omean combat A sicjn-grrn eaid that the floods. bte n and
madeethe h dacee today to ce siT pe
i i t veterans, um of at dawn dam elated at about High winds on the ChlcaG N DLHI Jan. 24 ( -
(U? ak aedorwflipeo maCo Jeaoous ve t o-o hr SOON
ey u on e etrme H a n ctro munit Huk Wrnn t w oihrtela cnd oreed today that a n4-hour revolt
Srg arrived t fd w n. rebels five miles rthwet of there weJo gasualftes. Ranchers In South *nDakota the tiny buffer state of
St'nhe tehe ard ak .ea Deond nlIediuea th lamana in tahea United States force's Clark were snowbound tar day, and has been smashed, and allh
as.tae Itletiae to whethe ble oeld The V0,6d boYe of a fleet of got out Into the ged oda I 10 hefi ed to rebels captured.
'toe o.hers of b .s ree had ofs .oiQar 24 N p O- tines Air Force supported the catloar fms depict- ore ranchers reported heavy sandwiched between India ha r todhea.yes attck Ingfywoe o~~nlyb haid, louen Commspd o ter urnestd t i ornthed Tibet.
erahn^ Cof oo ne Atha. d ir wos APick wh o Jea aleuds Ve For M ailing

%Ie o4 bomb Too Wd Cel's F Worgotten Oda Fnlame
0 at Ins palae the U. t.a by Waayr4 a WarIuo
an) o w toe yot .vate ere afo t h ef T Midwest,
Z I Xd aa to ruhe orlgn Mnst 0ir Saroth JaneU m door, he was shot through the authorities will keep him there
Kba'ak e & alrso reprt COLN 0ie Jan knoan InMthDkoe

f d o ofa bames .hou r'. shoud ersm tha or In- Denver to e. taoo cas ofne
heae IU'^** Xafai~ i 'n-lf ad-..iS~ii Do Hautlcl.o.e wi ue- ^ -^~KS~atsiialila. In the Cry'a 'haatiid man" the past three Br6,nteyhad a The second atempt cfume on sending explosives through the
1s.n6M Tt .f nw u^ j eaj to mLainS h .S smo a battery of 4& 4y. outo hiding toi- om ance, itt taten Jan. when hea "frihtened-to- mals."
noer thn day mla benv beed pher. death" MIra seeks p ack
ucesl~on otheis Tci 1?* POB" nsll~ ^ J* S. '^E~edte call" at30. a wa vetma vio allegedly McCalrl Rankin was age, which an earlier Uteresaid "I'm certainly relaxed and re-
of~~t thei 10s `As Aa CW_ Cat Euen K oth Dakota. Theay' wife hadno om

P3ge 3i' corn- tried to kiw pth because seven total to him and would be froma as the PrL Be had' e eved." McCray said as he re-
yolieao e ag Met iey wooed only by hard" when been suspicious of t etter, turn ed to his Job tor t he rst
tre hsP- *h a gil who rried the told that.m a was thewhich was signed b"ole M. time ind several weeks. cMaybe
il wile of did he re- Hawthorne" superInten of htnow I can get a good night's
street. e lee DUaPd obrt RankLcn, 27Al of member h the FBI offie I Cheyenne, sleep without trembling. I've
USUA fo Bd., who served c.| Ct a gtan kappast Wyo. When the pekap came been scared to death of tee
M ort Uho e In- hiestrneed It over to Proet udnknownb ioe Dece 6n' andI
stand an .a4 mail d t oc recd Cra a s aller sw In te 4r wa Ter ta hed
gAg in It bitter calle for cled ofn e h ea Ntah Oo I- Coc S d na I wa s afteir
.. huge mb en th phem spellar whicat tbgthefld being Jmane a

.l ttoope s.ilst aweran wiferu hadl n cd
th.~~~~g the aaki wasmit ttrat anrug ap f fln onba Ae eventsn but Ita thfoos
outpost at XeMor fingerpnsint onwntdema0MU and aInaicatedishe'ddsstnnthbyCher
24, was foundC one4 th extrem aa "Ji d Iave11 today tol Dunar an major cobe- husand
ereo's gg iut tostake ale frnt forde sed to' Inten to satcon
nchergr at Joliflio oaos houst anu 'W'r sahsie WN moiv cold'twil ti ukn
P"lie of ?06 bodstrets
r.h rie nQABol~~.l reel fiv miles southwest bofhre so asuuae4ie Ranehers I'n soue 'D akotal Ievrcut al

.'i th are axot.d tht ?ld Th Mae*. -- ~ .A .


- K ..%'
~*. .2~



Seag m's V 0.M


si-I .N ii.. -
.. .... ....... .---.'-Z= l^ ^ll~ : ,l -l a, f

POUNDIED BY1,481.11101 14 RO ...,=.. I --.. 9Labor iNews It Can Mean Nohin
S7 M $TRKT PO BOX 34. PANAMA R. 00 P ^
345 MADISON AV NeW YORK. (171 N. Y. "U a / C *"
4 1W M6NTIt IN ADVANCE S -7 '2 50 '
FO* ONE VRAM. IN ADVANCE_________ 10 4 00 1y 'Victor RAese B

Dead men may tell n tales.
Si I I But if they are seafarers,
TP I" r I C -P I I frozen to death in ice-sheathed
e I I clothing, frozen as they aban-
S. ,. / | Idon cracked ships in 50-foot / r ~
waves or are hurled .om lie-
In New Yorkboatsfloating utlely un-
I seen and unheard because their
'emergency wireless has long
MAN ABOUT TOWN since been torn out ior econo-
my reasons their u-i'i v'ill
The President of Mexico's son, M. Aleman, Jr., rendezvousing ell these tales. And loudly '
with Elizabeth Taylor, has coasters wondering about all those right across the lan..
Merger reports with M. Wilding.. .Mrs. Clark Gable has up'd her While the world watched a
S Ottlement price to a million... The Doris Duke-Philip Reed dates heroic captain refusing u .
ave resumed-confusing the experts.. Mickey Rooney's monthly his ship die alone on the At-
6. dlimony checks to his ex-wives total $3.500.. .Mrs. Constance lantic waves, 46 sailors, six
SWinant, widow of the U. S. Ambassador, may wed a wealthy Texan thousand miles away, died alone
S.. when she returns from abroad...Former ,-crecn star Bessie Love when their ship, the a. S. Penn-
lt reported on the verge of middle-aisliig in Italy with an artist sylvania, went down in the
S..Prince All Khan was "taken" for $10,000 by card sharps en Isyat wenth ow in i
ute to Buenos Aires... Greta Garbo's escort to the Havana-Ma-les, the south ofAlaska.
SErid was a Merchant Marine skipper.. .t.ady Judith Montagu, Storms co me in and the .
r"seamen tel me, #Annd %e i
cousin of W. Churchill, and rich Raymond Murphy have the ringPennsylvania was Caught up In
ene Tierneys divorce confirmation pethe way for groom Pennsylvania was caught up in
Gegneirn d c irmatn pa ve one, atop mountainous seas.
Olg Cassni and slet Barbara Fr ng. the men took to four life-
The Overseas Press Club hasn't qu ittin for newspaper- boats in winds up to 80 miles
man Bill Oatis' release from a Red jail. !eminbers keep bombing an hour on one of the Pacific's
the White House and Dept. of State...Ham Fisher is irked over roughest spots.
published legends about town that he plans marriage with any- This captain got off with his
"one but Barbara Harbin. She's the one-when and if...Rita Hay- men, after reporting that his
worth's latest hand-patter is Cy Howaru ..Nancy Andrews. the 7,800-ton Victory ship was tak-
No. 1 Fifth Ave. headliner, and her mats hav- decided to be pals ing water through a 14-foot
instead of married. ..Peter Lawford and J,-an McDonald of Movie- crack in the hull. She was down .
town are experimenting again.. The E. Hlurvwths he's the textile by the head and out of con-
mogul, have parted...J. Paris wishes Ceieste Holm would listen trol.
I to reason...Harvey Stone is out of the LJs Angeles hosp. greatly "Leaving now," the radio
improved...The Horace Dodge-Gregg 3herw-od idyll is idle. sparked out. Then silence.
Tribal interference.. .The line will nam.3 a ship after heroic Capt. For there were no emer-
Carlsen. agency sending sets in the
lifeboats. If there had been,
The White House hopes to yank Gen. Vaughan out of the the seafarers might have* ,
campaign target area. Prob'ly with an assignment abroad in the been alive today -'g per
Spring..."Fancy Meeting You Again," which fell before the fir- haps not taki a ticker
ug squad, made 69 backers poorer... Joyce Mathews, whose tresses tape greeting, but ready to
were toned to a light brown at Madeleine's, confided to staffer ship oute g il S ber' bt r tos
there that she was going to Nassau soon "on a very important usadinou. BCIO American R-
vacation"....Madman Munt"' ex-wife Diane Garret pines for Ro- cruaading CIO American Rd-
bert Taylor...Hal Block of "What's My Line?" is giving his line dio Assn., which cleaned
to pretty Joan Hudson.. .The Byron Robyn-Elise MCuly be- all subversives ut o e
trethal was announced this week, but not the welding date, which ship radio shacks the lefties
Si April 19 at St. Ignatius... Mexico City's lsteqt feud: Dalton once infested, charges that 'r
T .iumbo and Hugo Butler, who were ejected from a cafe after the "short-sightedness .4 f
I slu going it out.. Georgia Gov. Talmadge'* outbursts were inspir- government agencies which
ed by his hopes to be the Dixiecrats' first Pres. permitted the lines to strip y R
the life boats o radioBy BOB R
Gracie Fields' wedding bells ring Ftb. 6 .Jimmy Ritz is try- transmitters" is responsible. i o
I ng hard with June Lee... Parisians are ravi:.g, over Marcel Cer- This wasn't always so.
n wn nv "During the past -:war, th e _-Yh over-3tha nI hunget t-
S dan's nephew as a future ring star.. Jock enny, who never During the past .war, the NW ... .- r ..oe n t
p.iyed the Salcon Circuit, is getting fabulous offers to try it... Navy ordered transmitters Into the ladywho looks after the larder at our hou
TheCoonyeyebrows tilted when Countes ohy d Frasso dat- all lifeboats. Hundreds of lives prepared a surprise fr th ar the other k
red cetior Ludwig Bemelmans...yThe FredvGle.mb.1lconfi.rmedour were sayvd by the- crackling confidence, the master ate some. mm. h
recent tip. Wed only years ago.they q unds fm those little elec-v u c dece, he mas ate those little mc-
,Ruth Newton, sister of the Denver ma:'or..Robert R. Young, trc gimmicks.
he same sot at N. Y. Central ...Col. R. McCormick. the news- But when peace broke out, it sells for 98 cents a pund, and the found con- ca
Spaer publisher, planning retirement ira few months? That's the Navy didn't enforce its tains no bone, no fat, no ristle.
the 4h Estatebuzz. D. arroway has a nw heart-throblem. rule. Since there are no laws The average Norwegian fin whale will relin- h
Model Nancy Berg from J his native Chi.:ago. Rosemary Clooney to compel the ue e of transmit- quish about tree tons of. tenderloin. sometutes
el cy d asi. ters, many lines just ripped as much as four.
Sllsee e them out to save the tab on This puts the whale considerably outside the b
S Veronica Lake's despondency is the reason she missed he; upkeep, replacement and test- steer class as a yielder t clear meat, but I am be
her husband. Phyil. s Vkrepcite.r ,, h"Hollyrwood .Screen When Korea put peace on the the cow unless, they str r
Test"... Karen Lewis, recently in "o Paiesic," got her meltingIn shelf, the rush to get out new lsmo into out bloodlifws. ,
Las Vegas from J. Gordonr of here. ,She is now the bride of a ships killed off the transmit-I
Robbins Mills exec... The Carmen Caval;aros (in that divorce ters' entirely. The say that whale steak -does not tested fishy. tl
pot) are not unwinding. He's starring there.. Van Lewis of There just wasn't time to To me it tastes fishy-not very fishy, but as fshy he
S exas. who sighed over Jill Warburg during the holidays, keeps equip all new 'lifeboats. The as a mallard duc that nas for tte its tab w]
long-distancing her at college, He's the chap who wears a $10.000 electrical gadgets and wiring manenr, as fishy as a fish that ha one1vably al
bill in his tie clasp-with a window so you can see it... The were needed elsewhere al- been finihed oft on wheat. i
George Brandts are imaging. She was actress Flen Fenwick... though t h e r e is a modern Served with lots of onions, 1 sppo whale's th
State Senator F. Moritt'sjnother never saw him in court until the hush-hush little transmitter be fishy taint is mild enough t0 )nuriretdr to the I
S last day of the Tallulah ease, when His Honor sted him for con. in developed now which i -stronger onion aoma d end ng .
tempt ...Lovely Bess Cushenberry. former El Morocco hatchick, actually be sufficiently buoyant Whale steak looks great though It chars on ca
S owns several slivers of Broadway shows. to hold man u in ordnar ato like a irloiv and i apn a o d a
to hold a man up in a and gristle inclusive and is Pink u faintly
STHI S YOUR FORUM THE RAERS COLUMN uch transmitters could have It is not so tender as-you W'uld iuagline, but in
summoned help for the 46 from a lot more succulent than somo of -e economy
( ? *P P A | t I a a vessel standing by Just 61 cuts We've had around here in the pst few years. fl
M IAl I L B I0 J |A| mlles away. The rescue vessel The dogs thought it was line. ta
Si veered and headed for the lo-h th
S thes Mail Bea om *n opn forum ot resas of Th Panama Amer. cation of the original 8.08. I expect that the whale, as steady pvender
len Lettoers received gratefully and are handled in a wholly gco"-u t by that time 50-foot waves might rove more acceptable as a meat course i th manner. and 50-mile winds had moved you di not move into t..e tray with forknow-
3 if you contribute leterf don't be impatient it it doesn't eppe, the the lifeboats some distance. dge of what you were about to refetvk, t
S *ex day.. Letters .re ublthed in tbe ordsr rMceivd. There's great bitterness fi I ate a dish compose' mostly of eys. Ie
S Pleese try to keep theiltters imited to one paeg length. seafarers' halls today. The one time, in Morocco, ane did not zo eotnly
Identify of letter writers is held n striCtet confidence. radio union reports t h t until later, when somebdy topped m to b
This i ewapopr ass umee respounibility forat satements or opinims messages have been pourtig nate e u o fhe e i
er..,sse.d in letters from rder. into Its headquarters like At one e o anot iover ~d
Sweater into the S. S. enn- oat ad hore, and found them 4.*wa I 41
SI ssylvania's cracked b not palate-tickling, and I have reo fto0 beiive 0
S FIGHTING MAD BACHELOR Protests from all over the
toorld demand a swift safe-
am a ow Diablo Heights, Canal Zone ty drive for there, but
Mail Box Editor for the grace of God, would
Panama American have gone Capt. Kurt Carl-
D enama, R. sen and his crew, too. w t
planning to demand that ech -
The bachelors of Diablo do not want to move or to pay new contract call for then l--
Sdouble rent. We highly resent the discriminatory and arbitrary ltion of tr.ansmitters In t WA"-INOTO ....A.. T.*. wt a t# of 0
dcieion of the Panama Canal Company Board of Directors In toins iransmllr tn tIBin Pie Min t W a S
S oving a 100% retail increase on the group of 201 buildings The CIO's American Radio audince when he spoke to Co tlL- ~
It saidthat "this plan was adopted ie of a general s will this week dispatch bl ked t him a lit ad
Sinereae for Government Elmployes other than those of the Pa- e, to evy Conre-sman .. e ca At "
te Canal ZoonenbGoy rernmeenntatla sonTste Fedenm pat Capt. w asen ha dral mCoa-/- o t thene ser toi et a 'Ti. g- a OU L

sa* other agencies represented in the Canal Zone subject to e entire question of safety at n was Churchill's wirot speechame a- b
S al approval of the Board of Directors. a. The seafarers point out an before television s v
Sntal rates of our quarters? Can't the Panama Canal Company wears as It gets oldng. ahdio audiences may have ceod bU t l p

r takone pareular group of their own employes it ? Seat a norm afarers International Union lift them out of their se a cheeronfiib
It was se saidct that t hi s 100% inc ws agrease was upon at ade consider action lost seven men on the statesmen, bt '
S I late in Novemby cer tain officials, who saidves of the y knew nothing Southern City, an L.S.T. con- Considert whation of old age among i b
r taple of the double-talk rampant since the Canal Zone subject the It split up off Hatteras as Not present in the House etM i m
Sama Canal Company t was running to the West chamber when Churchill made bu t
S Wfin e btain fromof the Bo wspapers (not through any official dies just broke in two watching thee proceedin, s the ti a
Why tifiation) the startling information gencs ave anything at we mo say apply for office wthe as President H comparisry on. th aMst
. trogl m e nts elsewhere. A call to the housing office soon after Too late the Coast Guard He will be 68 years oD T w d speech. s

i thi story in the paper gives us the information that there were ruled that the company was yeat younger than Mr. Chur.RI .. o
M 1 vacant 201 quarters m Ancon or Balboa. (The only type as- at fault for not rivetina h.1 It Mr. Truman could et re-cleMtd .PWInt ,

I gned to bachelors). ly band (metal strip) ri t net November and serve out another 1sl r II
Other Panama Canal Employes should not be lulled into a around it. That's something 1[ y1r term, he would be mly 7. Inl 1 *
Sfals sense of security, just because this latest. "rental robbery" CI0's National Maritime Wnion yearsYu n r than Chargell-.
'Aog not apply to them. Their morale will probably take an- Will investigate and beat the f Winn e can still get by at i .
ie ~ r nose-dive within six months when their rental rates are drums for In Washington. .. Trumnm ay. t rhhou it thM
also boosted. This is just the beginning of things to cornel! tend to the speech. *W tat
We like Diablo and are very indignant at this increases. All these ships are weld- dent say that a different It t l
Whi should the Army get this choice location of Panama Canal ed vessels. They fust don't sometimes been running .rW.mitt. i_
201 Rouses? This is really what is happening when bachelors have the flexibility to give The Trumans are a 10 .
i ft being forced out in order that the Panama Canal can col- a little in heavy weather B. Truman were to rs tu. trW m ..,
e ct double rent from the Army. They crack right nder he would have every epeeta f IM
Most of us have spent a considerable amount of time and sailor's feet. They're too 20 years of lUe. .
money in having our apartments painted and fixed up. Most rigid they have a si-tiff- h co nt...e. i.... ..,p o I
t* us would not want to move even if we were entitled to any ness which doesn't e."v t in I he continues I..n pu.
other type of apartments such as a one-bedroom, four apart- riveted ships, even the old SN h oues agn de sk en$ ts-
met house. It is said that bachelors M as aed rt d he n I d
mienS ts in "fmily" ty 201 building.. a been ted out emand the end ofWt- w] t that piore thet4 VU 90 .
rand was highly unsatisfactO to both. "quicke-elded" s et ted
It it can be proved that a higher rental is really necessary in Wartime. o Ctrchill a he s #.
these lovelyy" barracks, then the rent for all type 01 build- MAny brave souls a be trklw
i e on the Usthmus should be Increased. The percent eo In- i-:ep in the deep but t ek o th oui ST.
asemo would be a much smaller amount. -eafarers take a dim view of r boy -of 70.a
174b"019 Mad" be, old lyric. rieds of the Vice

,g but Good lu

^h .\

, P

Drew Pearsonm ay: LiUs *so
F. of L. holds strategy meeting to Gv r
ran for White Heo ; a Use*I Military ri
won't be passed ti year.
WASHNOTONO Gracious Secretary of Dea D t
did not have an easy time at cthe a lose da
S the Senate ArMoedlrvces COOMnlttee for the year 106%
struck a virtual bum-saw of senatorial ties
"Thi committee should find out atwe- ti
.t he. unal gvementa ransom) : our t
1 plain-t ng Wayne Morse, the Oroa |unmtbAJaB.
cal boththe Secretaries of Defeuhnj "
9"I agr,1" supported chaira1 .iu tilo fB
approd the payment of j rao ttpoh 0&, M0. Sp
wma lke to hear the reasons."
Secretary Lovett asked that' his rarks t ft
w*ftso Nowdver, he actually said nothing MM giagg
in t, noewspapra.z
t pator Motse then turned to anothr bct
wt I b e Itrt le t, it is t h said
d-4n a civkilan peor t a
!,. a per0.onelo te him: MW rseutrl-
W2,$.A Iuiled along i you would or- a pl y,

Tats .a le detect..." eplained the Ore.on. nator sa.. .
his hand on ttw taie. "and W U" re's nothlngi voluntary aout
t. that the ts, or he b eoiufpieu jke
IEO -=-*.. .-


... .----- ... --"- -*TWOS.A sOWm ,
I'When Ulse era ateun=eQCerat for Mdeat w as
B Blow sW th,"O-'ssaa^ Wb
3 did fot kay, frIsane tat w
UARK odgeofs, Ik'ampiga
ed out.
- dge had not been toldthat he as to appear
ssmap- Wayne ,S of Ohio, whoIn *
Lat an old Swhill cook once palmed off a sebra a fsT Zf Ver for Preildeh dbo- taz"W
Son m wen eatin'-meat WM low in th that onr wt.
It was pretty fat but diot bad f you wreo l I ahn have been consulted about s eona d t
un et hough. tall NOew lad tar. "I dont th ,t;Na%_.
And they said that during the war In France ncemen tdup t aetvi
fair fricassee could be tan was) composed o. Nedupowit f M "
at. The thought strikes unpreantly every time -
eat in a French restaurant, because you know
Ow the Prench can gussy up an old Done wilth -
But we must not cavil at our lot today. 'lh f
essings of government have placed red m "t '* '
beyond the reach of all pave oil millions .
nd a slab, of onhis tan.
The ski- .e 6, a
rived. on ilt or years ndseem day map
healthy. Whale outlets are ne for i a d rotO.SdS--I -
iach shobli- hake them rf ac Amin the he Dresent w fr C" 00
I wmpea- everywhere. Dams Wil atl of the rwa clerks, of the team ?rs. IiNway
cludIngSrope salad dusted with Par is fw the. machines, and Ge A. F. of L. see-r
iey suspect it will pare a pound off the Beck, the rough- d- e S Cobst teamtu bass.
I hava ime to keept cheerfully t ~ inr. oft of Cealft.r.ls1 dm.
placed before me these days. so long& tet the .. ar usanofg
n chew It and it ain't cgXrpht. .
leweepmtheansgh coanofonGenAtor f Ad to, igt.- ,- to
ares and the recurrent reducing fadsa ven,400gt
maeal Is a constant surprise. t"o a s^aamy.dl.-" wI I
o week it's nothing but pig from feet to I vt
ight deck, and the next week Iti gras& ano cot-, r aits--- -- -
g cheese, according o the Mlia In di-ttry wt n b nS yI a
-eory and store-window spe.ils. i *t. .a honwe' eY""" .'. a'
In my momentary tranquillty I now consid er .
e wae as man's bst fri o does he preference for Warren tes in with A revealing poll of
ve sperm oil, corset stas. fertilizer, pr-" 150 AFL, CIO, and ailw rothL p e ldents.
me fom ambergris,nnefin h a Bya74 per cent vote, th dhe tr of Calif t*
round te .rbBuck marked ceto tet, 9 @t. 9per eet f rCOW
rint complaint. A.'. L. ol0 ders'Whd o '--d t b Delocras ared that
I do wish that Mama would continue rto a se s ould S Mee htet s lw inU t dht o whvn
ounce dinner with "Cokme adket r it "or O 'they, a o "" 'eI *-
n" Instead of1, "mar She ,Blw l' tlnn maMw>ii1th a awrsitenh tT nmP'. nstuo lo.W t A fO IlinoiS

Edfoii -

e, has become i authOritt 6n the vae
or statesmen.
tAn cite all the facts about OA oes Cle-
Mu, who was World Wlt I l e oetOf Of
e at 77 and lived to be .8. Or of-Pt Mar-
Paul Von Hindenburg, who waS PrtdUM t
Mlany right up to r.iAs death in '114, M, t
this interest of the Vice Presldebts in
a who are not only 17 but three sNo. asd
res naturally.
there are those among the De@l
h who think that Barkley s d
to et some younger man run for his of
this idea, Mr. Barkley has shown no aim-
thus far.
Winnie can get by at 77, why can't I.*
tg Churchil in his audience Wote &nu -
- venerable Senators and Repse ~tattaW
Wy have had this same thought. Th was.

W bt thSSAtJ
A Ue tht
IvainlN owm

- It's a
Mofarv 1

stor teen was all over i JaipM t
very place he went he md a od
e attended every brief in,
al business sessions he t *, r
uM., instead of aar am nd
Junketeers do.
was indeed a credit to his 0tiit lI
i years.
S before Churchill was al L
KWar of Tennessee, who wi -
in. b though heI ktas. hib l5 .
neicla biography in the
hobbled into the esea ca Ae Ikp l

y,-we are aet eto

the fst saSh to get *frilut
.is pen to en depend
Laes. l

O sll be

... .. .WON
-<|1liW k<** .a;


or =%N L ji


I -

W -M APU&9 &AJZ-

e nd -Ships and Planes- vas and Deparures
'^ ^ li y ^ .^ '* 1 *i iiiii1111111 n | __ i im iL i'__Fresiiirr ii H > ~ r r

Great White Fleet

SOrWesa Servicm Crst6bal
Se .............. 25
m ...,...................... .........Febr. 3
e neast ..... ......... .. .............. ebr.
.*.asBi.n. ofImamto Chl m .a seam cas.


.ew York Service

8. Cap ...............................Jan.26
S..Ta a ............................Jan. 26
.8. wan ....... ......................Jan. 26
4B. e* ia ................... ............. Jan. 29
Wely IUa to New York. 'Le Aumelem, u FramesesM, seattle
0 Oceuissl saMiag to New Orle m and MNobWl.

Sails from

.*. Cbhriui.....(Passenger Service 'Only).... Jan. 29
8.5. Qurig ............. ..................Febr. 5

- PANAMA 2-234 COLON 20

q' F -

Accepting Passengers For


SAll rooms with private bath.
Apply "


Balboa, C.Z.

Wh V! IN .wew d do you want le 10

Wherever you a-to coe Innd let our expert travelk

SYt. W.1

I' ] I II l I

Y,-e p.9 a TAUeOT It,

For the .information of

Importers in-the Republic of Panami and'the

Canal Zone the expected arrival of

Carge from Paolfic Coast Ports on Board the

AT B.ALBA.JAN. 24, 1952

T Vi ve41 .wilgt acept cargo for the following ports:



"2 ...E. AO C" I I Il L I


.. "NIC1w I M KM
,' '- i A ,,fl-^
; ^ ^- *ta&J~k, ft f ,+.HW':+;f

L- -lfif ifff:l^ ~^~^~'^f*-.


(Every room with connecting bathroom)

Tel. Crist6tal 1781 Balboa: 1065

Shipping & AirLine News

"Ryndeham" Due Here
With 300 Passengers
The Holland-American Line
passenger ship yndeham is ex-
pected in. Cristobal Saturday
morning with 300 passengers
aboard. Out of Norfolk. Va, on
a 14-day Caribbegn cruise, the
ship will leave Panama the next
morning. Panama -'ours has ar-
ranged to take the passengers on
a sight-seeing trip of the Paci-
fic side all day Saturday.
Fresh Fruits, egetables
Arrive Tonight' Fea L. A.
The P. and T. Seafarer which
is due to arrive at 11 p.m. to-
night is carrying 1400 tons of
cargo from. Los Angeles, includ-
ing fresh 'fruits and vegetables
for the Canal Zone. The Pope
and Talbot Line ship is headed
for South America and will leave

Braniff Officials Return
William Taylor, manager of
Braniff Airways has returned
from Dallas, Texas where he was
attending a meeting of all the
Managers and sales managers of
the airline company. He was ac-
companied by- Pedro Diaz, the
district sales manager.
New Tanker Is Launched
And Overturns Ia NapksV
NAPLES., Jan. 24 (UP)'-A new
480-ton tanker overturned ye-
terday upat after being launched
t the'shpyard, and some 50per-
bonsa including wives and chil-
dren of the workmen were
trown into the harbor.
First reports aid all aboard
a0 wbhh just been
e with the traditional
bottle of chmpane,; were res-
cued. Two persons were reported
slightly Winued.
The vessel was chrtened
Pleri Riego Gambini. n sh-
ed up lying half submedged at a
90 degree angle at the end of the
launching ramp at nearby San
Giovanni. Firemen swarmed
aboard to search for possible vic-
tims in the hold.
U. S. Al Travelers
Offered New Low Rates
In line with its efforts to en-
courage mass air travel to South
Ameria Panagra (Pan -Amer-
ican-Grace Airways) will Intro-
duce the'lowest air trarnsorta-
tion fares ever offered United
States travelers to that contin-
The new low-cost summer ex-
cursion fares which Panagra, in
conjunction with Pan American
World Airways, expects to put
into effect this year from May
to October. will save 50 per cent.
Instead of the usual 10 per cent,
on the return portion of the pe-
set tourist fare round-trip tick-
et between New York and Buenos

This.l& equivalent to a savin
of $311 under the present round.
trip first class fare.
Offqredona 30-day ll
euraloI plan, these fares .te-
dude aW complete around
America trip originating aS
ending in New York to S 'A
round-trip between Miami and
Buenos Aires will cost as "t0e
as 4610W
A special 17-day round-trip
ticket from Miami to Lim will
be only $300, while the !0-,day
round-trip fare from Miami to
Santiago, Chile, will be only
$546. All flights will be made
with Panagra's four-e nalte
Douglas equipment.
Panagra officials reel -that
these summer excursion fares

I W-f
ms- ,

.pe M- ',.
^B '- '^ ^ ~s

will make it possible for mnThy
travelers in the modest Income,
two-week vacation brOcket-'to
take advantage of these travel
bargains and enjoy a South
American vacation next yeO!.
The Panagra route along the
west of South America coyers
Panama, Colombia. Ecuador, Pe-
ru, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile avd Ar-
Economically the tourist move-
ment will mean an Influx of
many dollars in these dollar-
scarce countries and quite nat-
urally, will have a healthy effect
on trade and commerce In this
American travelers will get
great values for their money be-
cause of the favorable exchange
rates. Anticipating the growing
trend to travel to South Amer-
ica, most of these countries have
eliminated visa requirements for
United States tourists.
Colombia, Ecuador Venezuela,
Bolivia. Chile and Argentina no
longer require visas for American
pleasure travelers.

Radio Programs
Your Community Station

Whef 100.000 Poe0t Mem
Today, Thursday, Jan. 24

3:30-Music for Thursday
4:00--anammica Story Time
4:15-Negro Ypirituals
4:30-What's Your Favorite
6:00-Happy The Humbug-Cla.
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Features (Voice of
9:00--The Country House (BBC)
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Friday. Jan. 25
6:00-Sign On and Alarm Clock
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2:30-Afternoon Melodies
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AlIaro, SA.
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7:X-Sports Review
7 4S--Here Comes Louis Jordan
1:00-News, Commentary
(Voice of America)
p.16--Opera Concert (VOA) /
**0--48hort Story Theatre

1.0'M--London Studio Concerts
1:0-Cavalcade of America1
W: M3-Adveotures of PC 49
ifW-The Owl's Nest

Sof America

L .+.+,., a;
m L 0121"


rt Given Truman

House CleaningPlanByProbers

--o -
WASHINGTON, Jan. 24.-(UP)-House in-
vestigators who dug into the Internal Revenue
Bureau scandals threw their support to President
Truman's reorganization plan in a surprise move
The group warned, however, that the shakeup
will not furnish all the "housecleaning" needed in
the tax-collecting agency. Rep. Cecil R. King (D-Cal)
chairman of the tax fraud hunters, said it was only
the "first step."

King and Rep. Carl T. Curtis
(R., Neb.). a member of his House
Ways and Means Subcommittee,
testified in favor of the plan be-
fore the House Executive Expen-
ditures Committee.
The committee will give Mr.
Trumant's program its first test.
Rep. Clare E. Hoffman (R.,
Mich.), ton Republican member,
said he would not oppose it.
Much of the opoisdtlon that
first developed In the House ao-
oeared to be melting but Senate
hostility might not soften. Sen-
ators have more to lose in the
way of patronage if tax officials
become Civil Service members
rather than political appointees.
The President wants to replace
the nation's 64 Internal Revenue
collectors with up to 25 tlstrict
collectors, all under Civil Ser-
vice. Either house could kill the
with Po unfavorable vote. Other-
wise it becomes effective auto-
matically March 14.
It was disclosed yesterday
that the government has filed
a $974.78 tax lien against for-
mer assistant attorney general
T. Lamar Caudle and his wife.
Caudle, who was fired by Pres-

Ident Truman for outside acti-
vities. headed the Justice De-
partment's tax fraud division.
He figured prominently In the
tax scandal inquiry.
Some of the congressmen who
criticized Mr. Truman's olan to
reshuffle the Revenue Bureau
also complained that the Justice
Department had been lax in pro-
secuting tax fraud cases.
It Pnpeared, however, that
many House members will be re-
luctant in an election year to vote
against any measure bearing a
"reform" label.
Curtis, who once openly on-
iosed the plan. said he has de-
cided to support it although it
is not "the ultimate basis reform
we ourht to have."
Curtis had introduced his own
bill to divorce the Revenue Bu-
reau from the Treasury Depart-
Hoffman sponsored the reso-
lntion to veto the President's
olan. Yesterday he said he in-
troduced it only because he
wanted to force hearings on its
merits. The expenditures com-
mittee will meet today to take
action on it and the House will
act next week.

Mike DiSalleAims ToBe

Senator (D.) From Ohio

ing their telephone chat
WASHINGTON, Jan. 24 (UP)- plied:
Price Stabilizer Michael V. Di- "She said about the san
Salle brushed aside the objec- the President said."
tions of his wife and President He admitted she didn
Truman, yesterday and announc- him to get in the race bu
ed he will run for the Senate to go along with what
seat held by Republican John W. decided.
Bricker of Ohio.
The colorful ex-mayor of To- DiSalle said Defense N
ledo did not make up his mind Charles E. Wilson aske4
to seek the Democratic nomina- stay on the job. But hi
tion In the May 6 Ohio pripary with a rin. "H e told 1
until after he had talked fo& 35 come out to'Olio and st
minutes with. Mr. Truman and me."
chatted y long distance tele-
phone with his wife. rmuaim P
He admitted that Mr. TrumanSymposium Pl
wanted him to stay In the Ad-
ministration and that Mrs. Di- By Pueblo Nue'
Salle wanted him to stay out of Islamic Mi
the political race. Islmi mission
But five minutes after talking
with his wife, he impishly told The Islamic Mission at
a sneclal news conference: Nuevo will stage a syn
"Well, I'm going to do it." Sunday at their new hall
DiSalle will have opposition in ning at 10 a.m.
the primary, notably from Henry
Busch of Cleveland, a, Western The symposium will
Reserve University professor. around the seven Arti(
Bricker is assured of re-nomina- Faith in Islam. (1) All
tlon by the Republicans. Angels .(3) Books from (
Bricker said he had hoped that Messengers from God.
"a Truman supporter would be Hereafter. (6) Measurer
nominated by the Democrats so Good and -Evil. (7) Resui
the Issues will be clear cut and after Death.
the results decisive." He added
that "Mr. DiSalle seems to meet
those requirements." TAGAROPUL
DiSalle made an unsuccessful
bid for the Democratic senatorial INDUSTRIES. S
nomination in 1950. He was de-
feated by Ohio state auditor Phone
Joseph Ferguson, who was
soundly beaten In the fall elec- 1002 .
tion by Sen. Robert A. Taft (R.,
O.).'Busch claims Ferguson's sup- t40f1 feo Boyd AV
port in this year's primary. Col6n R P
DiSalle said his decision was a FRESH MILK
"very tough" one to make.
But as usual he appeared at Fe B T
ease and In the sme gay. witty FREH BUTTE
mod that was characterized his RICH ICE CRE)
stay here none of the most try-
ing jobs in the capital. verythlam
Asked what the "Issues" will sInpested by the
be in the pr he replied: .eat D epartmen
"Well, I guess the biggest issue HO( K DELyIVER
win be, who can get the most
He agreed that "corruption"
will be an hl0ue, -"but I don't .0
think anyone will take the at-
firmative side.."
DiSalle said "it might be some
time" before a ntccessor is named
to his price job but that he will i
not necessarily stay until then.
DISalle said Mr. Truman ask-
ed him to stay in the govern-
ment but said he would not inter-
fere with his personal plans.
His white's attitude was some-
what like Mr. Truman's. DiSalle
Asked what she told him dur-



,, (Piatura

ABune"e their
a *lephone


Israel Adds Marble '

To Its Export List

WASHINGTON, D. C.. Jan. 24
- The young state of Israel is
taking another step in its vigor-
ous drive for self sufficiency by
exporting marble from quarries
unused for almost 2,000 years.
The first major shipment of
Israeli marble, three tons for use
in a new Brooklyn synagogue,
arrived recently in New York in
the Israeli flag freighter "Hen-
rietta BSzold."
Building stone thus is added
to the nation's already import-
ant exports, which include citrus
fruits and cut and polished dia-
monds, says the National Geo-
graphic Society. __
In addition, plans are under --
way to revive the once-flourish- Most modern authorities, be-
ing trade in potash extracted lieve, however, that the "marble*
from the waters of the Dead Sea. used in the temple was actually
Intensive oil exploration is being a glistening, soft white lime-
conducted in areas which geolo- stone, quarried near the Damac'
gists consider exceptionally pro- cus gate of Jerusalem rather
missing. Israel already has a mo- than the metamorphosed, cry$s.
dern oil refinery at Haifa. talline limestone that is marble
Marble played an Important by today's standards.
part in building construction in
Biblical times, but it is not be- ENGINES NEED FUEL
lived to have been exported in GRAND LEDGE, Mich. (UP)
any quantity. -The big Chesapeake and Ohio
Solomon's temple contained diesel train stopped suddenly.
stone described as marble. King Puzzled crew members checked
David, gathering the material for for more than an hour. Fbally
his son Solomon to use in the they discovered the trouble.
temple, said in the First Book of Someone back in the Grand Rta-
Chronicles that he had obtained pids roundhouse had forgotten to
"marble stones in abundance." fill the fuel tanks.

Vi an OV

(as the latest



Gabardine, Taffeta, Cotton


Esquisite embroidery


with semi-precious stones,
lovely embroidery too!

all colored

115 Central Avenue
115 Central Avenue


so Xovey0

so wonderful..

Wearing Dresses with the FINEST

MATERIALS from Zig-Zag.

* Printed Silk

* Pure Irish Linen

* "Dan River" Chambray
Plaid and embroidered


108 Cear Avene Tel. 2-3418
fiad~~rts of VOOUJ=E ad McCALL PATTERNS
U1 i ^ .*'.i i ^'

* ..


t dm i. .

rist6bal to New Orleans via
ril., Itoduras

C -1OBAL 2

Crstal V.8.

iuT~~-;a~~ ;x'i..ri. "'3* --; -- ---~-~`I_








' aE i

k ..-I Y *

F I,"


TBURSDAY. jA.Ab.'u 1"i


Written for NEA Service

F ; -------
SNORTH (0) 7
[ 1106
4 A Q,

AQ in
v .153
4 9 7 2
*6J 3

i 12
4 10652


A K J 3
North-South vul.
North REat South
1 Pass 2 (!)
P V Pass 3 N.T.
Pass Pass
Opening lead-V 3


: All of the best tournament
players look for chances to talk
their opponents out of what is
Rightfully theirs, and sometimes
the results are more weird than
Memory takes me back ten
years to the national tourna-
;ment that was interrupted by
S'Pearl Harbor. I remember one
,!hand in which both sides got
busy with swindling tactics.
. South decided he could play
;the hand at no-trump if he
'could stave off a heart open-
:ing lead. His bid of two hearts
iwas an attempted swindle, lead-
"gto the expected contract
of three no-trump.
West, who had a very good
"Wdse, smelt something fishy
about the bidding and there-
fore opened the three of hearts
in spite of South's heart bid.
Declarer played the ten of
hearts from dummy, and East
wo .with the king.
Plter- Leventriff, who held
E! cards, made the rather
n al return of the jack of
spo 's, and South put up the
aeao!f spades to win the trick.
WJ,-" who was Sam Rossant.
t rdj his hand at swindling by
dtp1 ng the queen of spades
o, .hts trick.
.'lis play made it appear that
had led the jack of spades
fta holding of J-10-2. De-
c4 .r therefore went over to
d ty with a club to lead a
a ond round of spades frm
dltmy. When Leventritt na-
tuiUl" played the deuce of
.es South finessed the
O'Sossant won with the ten of
padres and led another heart.
Declarer looked anxiously at
the dummy's Q-6 of hearts and
decided that his only chance
to recover was to put up the
qen of hearts and win the
t=k with it.
"This was a sad mistake, aL-
tI turned out. Leventritt won
w;th the ace of hearts and re-
turned the nine, whereupon
Rossant overtook with the lack
of hearts and cashed the eight
of hearts for the fifth defen-
sive trick


Slonecutter Carr;es




Food Fish

His Ancient Art On HORIZONTAL sing rl
NJ1,5 Depicted fish11 Ventured
NEWPORT, R. I., Jan. 24 (UP) 9 Footwear 12 It is sed TED
John Howard Benson has 10n Augmented for-
carved a reputation as one of the 120 Exhaust 14 Not (prefix)
world's foremost chiselers. 13 Old-womanishM8 Unusual
The lean bearded Yankee with. 15 Fish #18 SmallSU
the hands of a blacksmith is 17 Bone primates
considered one of the world's 18 At that place 19 Meddled
master stonecutters by people 20Sun god of 22 Evening party
wArho kitenoct his ancient craft. ol- Egypt 24 It is found in 35 Revise 44 There!
Architects typographers, col- 21 Greek mount the Mississippi 40Landed 7R'vcent
lectors, artists all who value : S 41 Permits 45 Tbickz
the art of hand-lAewn stone let- 23 State -4e--
the art of handdes ewn stonhave let- en 25Portal 31 Pass quickly 42 Preposition $5 Pronot
terin and desig- have beaten 26 Created .32 eWlate 43 Group of Sanfalw
a path to his little shop sub- 2 E 4WiWm players -
imerged just off Newport's mai 27 Exists 34 W m players .
stem. i 28 Plural (ab.)
Using the techniques and tools 29 Measure
of the ancient Egyptians who en- 30 Hebrew deity
graved their history on stone. 31 Unhampered .
Benson carries on a tradition of 33 Network
American stonecu t t i n g that 3Ogle
reached its height in Newport 37 Looked at
in pre-Revolutionary days. 38 Providing
A wooden mallet, home-forged 39 Haled
steel tools and a hand-painted 45 Mixed type
design are all he needs to turn! 46 Number
out stone inscriptions that bring 48 Victim of
as much as $7,000. All his work leprosy .
is done in the 2468-year-old shcp 40 Caress
where he learned hTs art. The: 50 Pay
shop was established in 1705. 52 Active
54 Moiqtens
55 fabulous herL
A t M harsh
Si* Western ate
I| I fgm 4 Dometic slave I "/_// l i i
gffi k 'Swiwm5 .Wind torm,
6 Notion a
1 of 8Limb "" +'




iNAN AV00009 Of 0("W,
o. mo!tAi mwtis

k soesi, an or To W 6oopf!


New York-'NEA'-Only four
athletes have won four medals
in the same Olympic Games:
America's A E. Kraenzleln and
Jesse Owens, Finland's Paavo
Nurmi and the Netherlands'
Mr. Fannie Blankers-Koen.

V.,av | ITw l elimination of institutions for
Foster nomes Urged youngsters under school age, be-1
U._ 'tr + r,_ cause it says the children "need i
F or lounger waifs mothering they can not get In a
large place."
CLEVELAND. 0., Jan. 24 (UP)
- Pre-school children are better "The mental, emotional and
off in foster homes than they are physical requirement of pre-!
in institutions if they do not school children demand mother's i
have theii own h es, accordinglove from oe person without
to the children's council of the love f o ps witho
Welfare Federatton-here. .change or interruption," It said
SThe council has urged the'In a report.

Stockholders of

Cerveceria Nacional, S.A.


We wish remind you that the regular egeral.
Assembly of Stockholders will be held in the main
office Of the Compay, North Avenue No. 77, Panama
City, on Monday, January 28th. 1952 at 7 p.m.

In accordance with the By-Laws of our Company
this meeting can not-be held unless, one-half plus
one of the total number of stockholders are present
or represented by proxy, and at least one-half of the
capital stock is represented.

Stockholders who are unable to attend this




















NOW TO Ger our


3t/.S ... with ..... IMAJOM

sala ,vr



pa* ;F fro





- I


---~~- ----~-




i rr


r-W ^ S-gG m" ----w w w
TW sas a is samK v s Tol ?o
sE To TwF.

WwiL* A-rTwo Ain us acm...
ItU Ni U&iMMANT. opica mPA w6 TN M&, OR I =OMt IN THAT Y A J


i r. r t "

Pa ct .S? &d l7 Oe C t&d y SINE CLANCES BytGalbraith o
....... f th M iso f, 34.. 21. -- s p

AB ASAO AMD M1.WLEM XGeneral Sgaibln O f
S. # A new general exhibition aof
the AmbWador of the U9ted 06WMto Panamasan oil and water color paintings
BA..John Co r W il a e Tuesday evening at by a group of artist members
Imbaisy mam .m La Caqt l dinner given-I na of the National League of Ame-
beneof Lid Oer General "m C. iel, the Commanding rican Pen Women ii now on
General Ibe Air Command, and Mrs. lel. Core display In the .Little Galeiry of
were Ila twenty. the Hotel Tivoli.
Visitors A *1 eese guests of the Chief of the Mission for ,147 Radi ng t
Mario to mn Jr.who a visitor t the Isthmus The Play-R ding roupl f
come. w hra- dai er n o eonday e w meet Monday eVenig, Jan-
1" M i ri n-o ina eo Mo nday. eve- u ry 28, at seven thirty o'clock,
LAft^ S^ ARa" s;r Mr s. r C h. Is
Sfre wteViouse-to eIat the home. Of W s. George 0.
to Pan1 m e inad jr. and Mrs Noble Holaday s eproga m
"e Wiley during were also guests on this occas- on the pogramw"Bell Book' bans,
lon- Candle" by John van Druton. (.
S* baader a Ortis de Tea ners i smtan vsito Members of the College Club
ts Aubsade rand Mrs. MOrtth d e Tea Ho Ist-m:a.- Visitors a n heir. M guests are Invited to J H 1 s -.
avahol. Entertain with Dinner Ms. ZAnora 11M and her attend their meeting v
The Ambassador of Pera i to 4 ugliter Miss Dorothy Hass who
Panama and Dean of the Diplo are returning soon to their Beta Sign Phi
mble Cor0 s and Mrs.- -inilo home in Washington, D. C. after Bet. Sigma
Ortizde Zevagll entertained a visit, with Mrs. Han' son-in orody Meeting
Monday evening at the EmbaSsy law an aught"e"M andMrs Aph orrihaptey ofet ate Sigmaor-
On La Cresta with a G0aner Ernesto Jaen Gardia, of Pan- ity h e to er so-
given in honor of the Minister ama, were honored with a tea cal evening at 7:.0 January 22.s M
of Foreign -Relations and Mrs. given Mohda. b y -Mrs. tNeholas The meeting was called to or- .
Ignaelo Mollao, Jr. Norman at the residence of her er y .an.etLte L ynch with all
The attending guests included son-in-law and daughter, Mr.esent reciting the opening
Mr. Jeronimo Almillategul, the and Mrs. Arturo Miller of Bella ir e untsn. Roll was called
Minister of Agriculture anS Va.ft ana the minuse&of the last It., S -
ComerMe: the Ambassador -of e.. Meeting were read by Louise ,-.,*,-
Argentina to Panama and Mt s. Mr, Ernesato Jaen Guardia ikUealuutsen, followed by a i m e y
Julio A. Lopez Munit; the Min- and Mrs. Camilo helouejen saor; business meeting. "TIh ReiaM mu ithave you mechanics and your rair
later of France to Panama and presided at the tea table. 'The program, "The Art of car, h ag i mind when they call Amerloa a Oapital
uy Menant; the Ambas- -" Dres" was presented by Wau- ` .' .., Itrv .
aor of Spain to Panama and M and M. Beeson Drette Lynch who started the .
the Countess de Rabago; the av Visitors from Maigroup participation discussion
Minister of Brazil to Paneama Mr.oandoMrs. a lhei L Bee- with a Informal talk on "Dress Panama, but many beautiful
and Mrs. Jogo EmilIRibero ofGol eights, have as of the Biteenth Gentury" with Cau ui orchids from other Ceptral
the Minister of ElBSalvador to their guests former residents each girl taking a duterent pe- IL .... American countries were in lud-
Panama and Mrs. Joaquin Val-.Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Vincent lod, carrying te theme through CIU s Color ed.
des: the Counselor of the UNit- who arrived Tuesday by plane bhe present day dress o
d States Embassy and Mrs. fro mMiami. Florida. Late supperware served by Slides Of Orchid Members of the Orchid Society
Murray M. Wise; the President the hosesese, Margie Rahga- I were probably convenant with
of t1le plomatle Committee of Weri Group of Pen Women ber and Pat Lenevhle. Otner Harry Dunn. Importer, grower much of the information cover- I
....M.. of De is of BoldMthlWrie a on of the am muers present .were Patty and photographer f orchids, was ed by Dunn's talk., but others
t ,id Mrs. u Mro The Writer a., Group of the Baker. Barbara Curles, Ava guest speaker bionday evening were surprised to learn that al-
a the e nach h N owell, Marian Karer, Doro- at Atlantic Camera Club. though the average laymancon-
eral 1 _the Rpublic of .Pan- tional.Lesile of American nthy Taylor, Lorraine 'Terry, slders orchids pely tropical
ma andq ro. e doObar- Women m t for their monthly Wet Bette A'armrl an A large roup m bears of flowers, they are found in every
ia -- Embass an Mrs. i ose ing in the Fetrn Roomof the -Te next ~ ei both the Atlantic Camera Club country in the world, from pole
VISe-HotelnTir.... .with Mrs. Roy K. groupiwrlltbe hex at thetn Of r aed their guests Omal the- Orchid to pole and from sea level to
Alvarado an che zthe S r aham ad Mrs Abbie de -u o .. behe M 80 r.lthera 12 t enjoyed the beautiful altitudes of ten thousand feet.
tery of the Spanish Embassy, Graam cl Mks. Aec h .e i.n- 6Iy ose on February 12, a ltion of edhrome slides
Mr. Plo de lds*' Ca -res; Mr. ar serving as-co-hostesses. ':30 p. Pro. gram for the eve exhibited by Duvn. The next regular meeting of
and Mrs. Adolfo Arias Jr., Mr. Honoredlon this occasion was ing wil n for Living" the Atltc Camera Club will be
and Mrs. Ricardo Arias B., Miss Mrs. Roy 'E. Graham. Glady wls stoup participat tion to ae special.emphsaFii was pl-id held on Feb. 4 Pt the Armed
Ramona Lefevre and Miss Go"- Graham) author of the newy led by Charotte Cagley. onorchids whichare native to Forces Y .M. C. A.. Colon.
rfela Calvo. published Panama Guide es jor the .afaair will be Do-
Book," who is the first writer- rosny Taylor" and AvA Howell.
receptionn To Be Held Friday member to have a complete
At Brazillan Legation book published since the Group March of Dimes
S.The Minister of Brazil to was organized two years ago. To i.ait From Dance
Panama and Mrs. Joao Emillonn Uni No.. 1 American Legion R
Ribeiro have issued Invitationsl Those attending the dinner AunWry wil N hold'a dance omn C.1PFRESH LETTUCE
to a eception to be given on included Miss Sue Core. Mt's Januark 25 at 8:00 pam. to raise
Friday evening, Jan. 25,. from' Lewis -B. Moore, Mrs. Francis funds for contribution to the Direct from C ERR PtTA r wn
six to eight o'clock at the Lega- Ieeney, Mrs. William. Ratley, Mareh of Dimes. Music will bePUNTA In Our Own
tion. Mrs. Ernest Relmer, Mr WIliam furnished by the 71st Arm.y Or- Refrigerated Truck.
i Taylor, Mrs. David J.1 Farkun, chestra. Ticicets may be obtain;-
Mrs. Dimer .. orabel luhaffer ad visitor d from members or bought at .,.
in ne. aff er mn vit ta.door for..0 p a RE D CABBAG E
Mrs. Stuart Vincent, jbe wife .Mrs. Frank Bruce Lamb l" d o o*r e .
Sv. r.' RHUB AR B
Sbeplayed t H Uonght U A R
7e. ... L.4'""_.R TCS
...CAR R- TS o

JL S UNPACK .. Mr. irrP who is the
S LFIrs r Cotton ressesr |Saoclate partner or the ship- FRESH FROZEN OYSTERS
CS COtton reSSe pang firm of Norton, uLy and *
-of t" year ;o*- an d .sare vsn a FILET OF HADDOCK
from $9.5 on s.,combined business arid
Sfro $9.95 rasia p. trreip eguesat IL E IOF MO W !H .
0 -t at the Hotel El Panama during :
at.. -'st -ew line of 'their StA here. ,
UHLrb ct, Mr. Buck ..hite, Mr. m. r jL LJ-
new styles Har Oreenwald pand. Mr. Jims.
.my cent, who are golf pro- .
High heels Batlerine Flattiu |e* Unialted rm vari rts -_ ._
No. 5 35th Street Vista del Mar day evening by' Pan rican ..
World Airways for a V .it to aW
S.1. sIthmu where they. -wl
mgets at-the Hotel a

Platter Fans... You'll Welcome O ..r Ws. yur,.. powder
Balboa Branch o the .

Lt ,sMerva ons flA l l e..... .
cmade 2 aay. l i cesBl l tlc.i -onp. e -
a 1.. a...s .*. *
'Cubvue Off i ons A : de l most r

ted fora 'adoptir
s cl .e pres ol e ID- 1. of the 6 pe elected' off l r..
te d for this reason. .
*o*Reserve off(cA. WHO ary on IIa v
(,(li.Cyiaol CTIhOS 61 Shop)I .s^ s~. .^I ,

KOUTSi, In. W(uP)o.-ury-,
old ElIzabeth Wemer ras i Iu.
a ed by a chain attached to a V
tor when it wranpe aroumhng
7 n rden-frand squeezed her ibot
holding the end of the Choa
Sand her JatheV. ZherWerner
Swas driving the tractor Il, U
oe the bqM.

-yD" -. --.. -

-t 7
fmo-A 1 .0I *i, A f L
* :. ..- S 4 -*V'!


u2 Just. AzonswiernAV$.
IT2L 3-10T1

S 'i


.A cheer for

ifiar Watson
winner of the SECOND VOTE COUNT
for Carnival Queen of


2nid. place

Don't miss our last festival All your friends
will be there ... backing their favorite candidate ...
SUNDAY, JANUARY 27 ... 8 P. M. i
Don't miss it And don't miss
HOG, "Your Community Station,"
will broadcast the events of this last *-
from 10 to 10:30 p.m. -
Entrance to the Last Festival $1.00 '
Those attending the SUNDAY EVENING BUFFFT
will receive a FREE TICKET to the last vote counting..*
. Every cent paid at the hotel for food or beverage
\ Z

3rd. place

A Kirkeby Hotel

~' 'b..




4. W IT1

You'll taste at once the tempting flavor of fine
chicken in every golden-gleaming spoonful,
and you'll know why Campbell's Chicken Soup
is such a universal favorite! Plump, full-
breasted chickens make a rich, glistening broth.
Fine white rice fluffy light makes every
delicious spoonful extra satisfying, extra nour-
ishing. And you're sure to enjoy the. tender
pieces of chicken so generously added! Serve it
soon for just as surely as you like chicken,
you'll like Campbell's Chicken Soup!

he.,) ~
- 1.



.1 .


-- 1 --- ----

__ __

_ ___~_ ~ ~

~-3~c ~r

, ,



.:- _- ._. o ,

SYou Sell'em... When You Tell 'em thrIr PA. Classifieds! witness Says Cali orw an La

e youd with of ou AgFormed Comumst Pat legal Ci
Leave your Ad With One of our Agents o Offices WASHINGTON, Jan. 24 (UP) the guild but ts "anti-Coimun- "il he jolned was iMow a
12word- David Aaron, a former gov- a roup tlwya voted the co- e nel club" and w
DR Mnimm sernalent employee, told House rineaiz mont d 'o a lwye
lIMinimum 0or vestigators yesterday that he and Aaronsaid: "I realize ow tht
MORR 'SSA OlAM CANO additional 32 other Southern Ca lifornia what I have done was jut ied tt
,g a SdIre e u1we, Bmisat lawyers belonged to a Commun- wrong." He said that mbv- er a m ber of The' l
"11111111 0gi- st Party "legal cell" In An ullerton n 1948 he has litz.
....geles from 1946 to 1948. married Pnd broke all connec- asked to join
CA ATO ti PNAMA Aaroti said he joined the arty tOns with the Communist Party. he 0ould not
A- ,A 4see t month stint with the National '
Labor Relations Board.
..'His contact with persons en-
RESORTSLE qsiaged In labor disputes, he said,

so A ** mu...bto be somet hin wronk wiat
911 1i"Our neweor AMW tle. truhF R Clarahe and Phne Balboa the thisereshaepening.w
S C. Z. 4" ioMINT DMPLOYEIS INANCI Miscel uu os rnge. Balto 2*050. and Garden beautiful "all members of the Communist
OR SALE:-25 cy2l 0 hing ma w et.taGramlich's Sate Cain h d Party."
chine S25, baby buggy $2 inWd r th. Teoa. FOR SALE:- Radi6 transmitter 600 Wottages. Electric Wee bo* Oeti L identified them as*
bossinete with skert 'and ad, 15 Serving SvemmJnt Emplove and watts. Phone 1000 watts CW all sovs, debate ts Pgne oo Wheelbarrws Jhn McTernan, Charles J .
phone 2-2804. 0779-J William- Service Prsonne iat +he Canol Zone bonds. VFO bond switching, corl- 441 or 4-56. Hose insecties r atos Ben Margolis, Milton Tyres ,
sn '-Place. Balboa. __ oi4 eors. With oU financing plOate ntennas 10 mtr bemt Fe g Fertiers Vtr Kaa, 1 bmA. Marberg and ton T
V55 now Insuranceautomatically adjusted mast. Phone Balboa 1234. ftillips. Ocealside Soa Fencing Fertilizers Victor Kaplan, A. Marberg and
Or sALE:-House 1545-A Mnoour inurce i mos. Clara. B n 43.. bSi Phon Sprayers Weedkillers Martha Yerkes, Albert and
chairs with cushiO onrue 2-267, 3 ARRANGB'MTS CA BE MADEFOR SALE: Piano-Accordion, 48 Panom 3 .187). Crtbtl i 1673 Sprinklers Fungicides Thelma Herzig, Frank and Jean
Schodist ic rugs THROUGH LOCAL AUTOMOBILE Bases, goo d condition, Phone 359, Enjoy a vacation at HO telM ame" PestVna. John PNorter Jack Ten-
e lesL house 2244. Calibre roSd,, Balbo ricano, El Vi l GEO. F. NOVEY, INC. lnor and Robert Katz
refrigert:, 7 cu. ft. 3 1-2 years FOR SALE:-Hudson 40, $200.00. FOR SALE: By competitive bid: 2-12 for reservations. 79 Central Ave. Tel.3.014 term Jane Grodins.8eillia
guarantee left, $15. 16-B, Co- Leaving for States. Bargain. F. Various items of fodntol a nd O RaTheeas.i, Sam Houston Aien,
guarantee leHiner, 2-042-t, E 3rd St., Cu- restaurant equipment. For further FOR RENT William M. Samuels. Esther
col. rundu. information call at Navy Exchange handler, Leon Turret, Nancyhe
O- -SALE-General Electric refriger- -- n Office, building No. 24, Naval L U X Reeves, Aubrey Finn, George Alt-
ator 8 ft. Perfect working condi- FOR SALE: -1949 Buick 4-dcor Station, Rodman. Telephone FOR RENT-Beautiful chlet, mane, Paun e Ete, Matt R
on. Geyric vit.n t working lon condition FOR man rENT uiful ca l ur- i WE man, Pauline Ejstein, Matt Rich-
tion. Give-ow pre. No.re18oer dab cement condition 3 nished, 2 bedrooms, terrace, maid's VENETIAN man, Fred M. Snider. Seymour
0thStret. Mo. I, Cistl -13 FOR SALE-1939 Oldsmoble, $200. room, residential section, Poltilla, S Mndel. Fred H. Stely a me
R SALE:--Rdi Victrola C e FR Oldsmoble. G In fair condition. Alsotwo bicycles. So enteenth St., 106 C oll Pan BLINDS chard N. Ryoff and W
RCA. Apex washing machine, ing to highest bidder by January one table model Zenith radio with ona 3-0112. G. Israel.
Sportble sewing machine, table 27th. Leaving Isthmus. Tel. Co- 45 RPM record player. Call 2.-FO, RENT o mediate Heri and his e nd Israe
orl n machine, vacuum rozal 4188. 1335 or 5177, Morrison Stl.,FOR RENT:--Comfortabtrd rgihe Delivery, and Yerkes attended the com-
model washmg mac ine, vacu well situated, completely. mish- mittee hearing and followed the
cleaner, records. Phone Colon 299FOR SALE:-1950 British Humber Diable Hgts ed. Ready for occupanc Fe ry Tel. 3-1713 testimony closely. They said
J. ------IHawk black four door sedon. First FOR SALE:-Baby carriage, straw st. Can be seen to 12 noon, Tel. #22 E. 29th St. they, too, have broken away
0OR SALE:--0" table saw Home- class conditon, new paint, battery two fiber mats, childs car seat. 2-1456 for information from the party and will appear
made), $20.00. Large baby's crib, $1,400.Als 1939 Chevroletblock Telephone 3-3575, after 6 p. m.OR RENTChl in El Vl 2rie vy witnesses "
)hrStdles ;ci ur door sedan, new dYfferentiol. W WFOR RENT:-.--Chalet in El Vall,, 2 A a7U"rientody" cittes e." t
20.00. Stroller 00; HiFs SALE:On beautiful Poller b eroms. Telephone Panama 3. The Aaro t he committee
$8.00. House 604, Cocoli. Phone battery, tires. $400. Call Panama i The m re r Xone communist objective in Lo
L 2-09. 12. wh oite l inen, embroidered sith red. 3423 or 3-1183. r
St iLbo dL. E--Or trade 91 Ford On complete montuno suit, House FOR RENT:--Cottage "Mi Petate" WE BUYgeles wa tol lyers gi. e o d

and wardrobe. Good condition n. 273-3296; 27i3-4112, eveninsin egs iinlOc ona W B ARTIER could be made the instrument Albrt l a euie Go a r te kRubber Caom
Patill, cat No. 3, acss fo SALE:-1949 Ctor o thevrt, four Cl fo the e wagon bathe kihennd an Th v b and spokesman for the Commun-s

fr m FOillRcaty"3wamswhFO betwhevrolet fouthevrybs Aomnl NpyiO IO 6WlW.ltaashwn ils
wheel size 16 inches, $9.00. House pletly furnished, gasa"to ir oie ro Thonedn FUNTUE Wailwch. ', t
Kodak Building.. doors, in good condition, cheap 1419-C, Balbo. tric refrigerator, indpe i d reconditioned FURNITURE. He said that Robert Silber- elee curru t hea s has. d
Sd 2-4624. quarters and batbh, thrINr I W (Household Exchange) stein, secretary of the National. of prpeIMr nd w, o bel l Lt a s
i Hetn, WaD. C. arrived thewel kel own hi e 1 "41Au1tomobile R1 Lawyers AGul, once eke to a outlact.plish is s Upart ad b dli b wt i ld. drE
WNTCemonths at $150.00 per mTusonth Tel. PanamA 3-4911 "very secret meeting" of club Boor and can be uHsd out4ooss in pre boxes, aetr e boet an
husekeeper, must Boats & Motors four months at $125.00 monthly.h leaders and discussed the group' toot ball elds bene th e player l' beaches o wherever Immo ly'
sleep in. 18 East 46th St. Apt. A. Real ate Call Panama 3-0339. tnfunction as a COmmunist orga- t to hill the to L
FOR SALE PANAMA CANL COMPANY ft. beam powered. by Vs. 60 HP FOR RENT:--Centrally located re- PANAMA. BROKER He saidhe was"certal" tllber-
FO S LOFFIRS STRUCTURNII FOR SALI engine. With troller, $450.00 siderce. Three main bedrooms, two In u ew I n+"** He stein would not have been at
S Motorhea havFor sale to the highest bidder Build- 722-B. Cocoli. main baths, hot and cold water the meeting unless the leaders
d nding No. 906. Cristobal. Sealed bids installation, kitchen, pantry large lling C ola l believed he was a Communist
FOR SALE -1951 Indian single mo- will bb received inthe office of the refrigerator and deep-freezer, liv- C a The tThecelldecided a athe should
torcycle. like new, in storage Superintendent of Storehouses at A ing and dining rooms, maid quar- Wants 0, buy: S, wara l **run for election as secretary of
Phone 3-4336. Balboa until 1030 A. M., January i a ters with both, all completely fur- NA te Lot Aneles- guld, he said.
.I ",.31 1952, iwhen, bat they bope.l- nrge ad car Ford, gar- d att e9~l -ut w ao.o0 t p 0 Uofa h eme. He aid ....... T
PO dvsed Rin public. Form proposal withf den, chairs, children playgroundfo, t h Con lt o te Co tmanr oo r l ft hm
y. Trnin vision E particulars maery be srred i Hton, d b swings, etc. For four months, $200 busy mki l to
*L aycl PreaLdge full particulars may be secured ineg National denPW Weh as rs ,ch il dren plyg, vete v ery mc time to tAheo ..." 0.O, te.a "yS,
r al id a oh offices of Superintendent. of Ar 00 monthly. 39 St. No. 2.8, call v ery much time to the We o et 4 i lre m mlve
SStorhouses iclbreusand the Hous- WBab alrd Panama 3-03o9. r eaeduwaTtParty's eob eithv eral at- ea r W s. Sa v
ing ,Manager at g pstobal. M,.'AParonty ro led that several ats.
of cora Feb. 22 o LE holt: living-dining- Red FO RA F wort made tomake. yeT JII
A picnic to Pacora will be coom. 3 bedrooms, Z bathrooms, ciples .is we mdto ak ve
*ponaored on Feb. 22 by the garage, hot water and all other tp be t n athepulmit iM ua.O
HlMyoi'Rde No. 92, 100F, it was conveyh iences. Best residential dis Canal2 e0t D 6OfG Veter- ALH1. APARTM NTS 6 ,' 0 1
nlnced today. trict of Cristobal, one block from ana of Aforeign Wars, located o Modern 1apa.0 '
Pl s have been made to pro- beach. Call Ponom 2-2642 orthe Isthmus during National nts. Md ervi optional. C
e, dancing ed opportu-tit writ Apartado 3085. Ponaml. VFW Week, January 24-31. #act, Off 8 061. 10t1 Street. New
for outdoor sports and swim-Cs
fi.Sn The services of the Tro- FOR SALE:-One house Santa Clara BraCristo4baol.. elephir_ 86_ C ol*
pica? Boys orchestra have been Bech, concrete blok construction. Department Commander gln FOR N
bt ed. furnished. Includes two ocres land to declared tod ay that the or- FOR. Tt un-Thre tmall bedrooms nIr P1AEN I
1Clfortable buses, the Lodge well, garoge. Premises fenced. To-gIzlgation oflmoreithia. 1.200,000 opartment, unfurnished, San Fran-
idwl leave rom "N" Street leph Ba nd 536 men in 10,000 local units stag- cisco de la Coleta 4th Avenue, Accordinto the last re.....
.....t....lea rmo N StreetI1Ing National VFW Week as a No. 4. ports f oIf every kind and-
.. t 11 .m. on the morningspecial public demonstration of sae ving into ou wa.
of t plmc. Conducted Tour of veterins.In Action for a, Strong- LtS terms. Be sure to CATCH THE
'.---l -- Tour.... er American Homefront." Lombert Scheets, Bs to C T
N Induslriul i4! lCZ Gardens Set wEglinton said that the special I T Bet Buys i T t COLP CAR
N idC -dilo t @RSw. O, week is designed to make clerk arsrthmi ,a complete e AT Th
For Saturday AM to everyone that "the men whoT= WEST PRICES IN Thee stiwn atL ANA
have fought overseas still are Dies In Lafayette PA.A ML ,*our
OnSATeamF conducted tour of the Canal campaigning for the Welfare of FIRIESTONE STORE
Zs A h ND o e Tperment Garden s atthis nation, their communities News of the death on Jan. 22 at *39 tonal Avenue REDUCED PRICES
VM S At 15th Nv Iummitw ll1 be held from 9 to ,and for America's disabled veter- in Lafayete, Ind.. of Lambert (AutomobileFRow)ormerly N
ld Advisory11 fr m at rday. uans and their dependents." Gregory Scheets, who was Chief Telephones: 2-03883 3-4564 NOW
e fice of Industrial Rela- Gardens will explain to visitors National VFW week Is a gra- Record Bureau at the time of his.1947 PONTIAC. .... .. $ 99.00 $ 890.00
Navy Department Wash-0 the inte, stig and u n us u a l phic illustration of what local r August 1937 has
9ft*n, D. C. arrived the 15th plants thit are growr there, members plan to accomplish ju received on ts lathh "A Pi h 4-Door Sedan
S Istrict Tuesday t r In edition to the usu't- during 1952 for movement of mus. He was 70 years old and Opportuty 1947 NASH. .. 850.00
thev may have endounter- Pat Iesh It also emphasizes the Vet- Fam 1947 BUICI............... 1075.00
Tield eam is composed of tr ~c h ...d the live fo ta shiap acpit oc and human- in afet, a yond by one slon (Standard transmission)
r.0 EMLoeser. AssO~i there, personnel at the Experi- Commander Eglinton quoted a Desaofdes left Wednesday night the at- 1941 PONTIAC.i. . 350.00 .JJ
lyment Division RaJ. A. ment Gadend sayh bd letter from the V Command- bo Lafayette. Survivors ra o t ve Commander 4-Door
.Training Division: E. Wi tours ever, other Naturday er-in-Chief, Hilton, describing the Isthus. couple on tie . .... 1100.00 9 00
division; A. Turnbull, S- public interest tive approach toward solving During his residence in the Ca- aoit e n NOW and toADo Bea0
.visions; and John S. Bur- ___ _h some of the pressing problems nal Zone. Scheets was active in our a togr 1948 CHEVROLET. ........ 1000.00 I .
and Classification Office. B boa Credit m said: "The men who htave fought thetr local Eko Lodge, havingbean r. ) stI I use our 4-Door Sedan
conference with Rear Ad-To Meet On Thursday w f oreinene o dr ac th ent Cr e w so actve In p da194.8 FORD. ... .. 990.00 )
ant ]th Naval DiUstrhct, The alboa..ederal Credit home Aan way of at tion days working for the Y. M. miss the fuO. 2-Door Sedan
ed the U. S. Naval8ta-'at the Pacific Clubhouse on t OpensBedan
m"anyestterday andcon Thursdhay at.7:30 pm n OI~ on OpYens D DRY CLEANING 1949 CHEVRbLET. ......... 1250.00
tding Officer. depart- officers will be one of the im- Today For CZJC ,UIR A A D
sads and top civilian shop portent items on the agenda. Exte. C TROPICAL CLEANERS ... ANU 1949 1MERClRY. 1450.00
filce supervisors. A Dis- ExtensIon CI:.T M" 9E-P R .140
de conference will be held: fer. Captain LsL Koepke. and 3-0871. Branch: 24th St. & "Ifl thia )........
.ma Friday. tour the Naval Station and the Registration for second sere- Central Ave. Tel. 2-1346 1e for *4D. .........e*4dan *-*
Station. Coco Solo to con- The team will depart for Pa- Extension Division classes will be 'i i.. ;aa
11th the Commanding Of-i tuxent River. Maryland Monday. held from 6:30 to 8:30 this even- *., .. ro= .....1l949 FORD. ..... ..........

ing in the Canal Zone Juniorordor Sedan A --1 4 W--ED --
building and In Cristobal The American gentleman for Custom V8 Fordor Sedan
High School. who fixed the hoofs of the WIPPDINo 1949 FORD. ... .
'High School. horse named Daiquiri owned m Fresh DelIXe Tudor 6
communicate with hr. M r6, Plai'e! 1949 PLYMOUTH. ........
which at least 10 students re- calling telephone 2-3436. dur- So le in 4-Door Sedan
B I Esy (andmk W.|nFfter a 4 nd pay tut onl thos evelse fo r1 9
you are too busv to wr!,e to oubilm prs i tyou don't ter y tuo ths n1949 OLDSMOBILEtu. ,otsen g0 hu.
0 to pay bigher-than-Eublist~e DIlC0BIt % don~t Ing. AU others will be cancelled.Do..
Saynt to both ith buvin drafts or money orders On the Pacific Side courses are -^ ., D ,lluxe 4-Door an .. :' ,
sant tOebOthe iteIh buying drafts or money orders-- offered in "secretarial subject, ;me 3 .,.... 1125.00
uao you t n heed techn Orfesnaa ard business accounting. English. pubIIc _a1949 H D1125.
speaking, dramatics, sewing. TOSuper lz Sedan T ..
S reive ou of a" the ceai upp. copies of Spanaish. French. English for '-'
""llA y. .Fg'y.....~. ;~,.spaki ng'-tu dents,. h h 1950 -FORD... .....00.0
ediltons ana O i$ all a, a sain to YOU Just Spanish-speakinNg students, hh -Door Seda
the phone Wad tell us what you want school and college mathematI Me t. S* ceatra Theatre
metalworking. woodworkiagYM
r oo .re. we'll take ouro U scrlption to engineering, 1maelins. she. AL V I N y
i t I for businae orofesosn a: 0 ume new metal, and arehlteeturul deaw- Y M P
renBa] ing for credit, while special one- STERLING
hour-per-week no-credit course.m C A :
FOR BOOKS OR I14(jAZI F. I .n art appreciation, personal fln- famous patterns
AENCIAS T4ER. part.a, On the Atlanti ide ourses in -per place setting- Y r
AGENCIAS STEER. S. A. assa. l p shorthand. typewriting, maths- I .' ..,.
matics. and Spanish are being .. .
+: / -..."


San ... A ND ENT DAILY NW......PA.

A/fantic $4

M Mr. K. B. Noeon. manage
SCritob-L and Ms. NNeoBn @n
t their rose Height reslden
of Mrt. "a Mn. B.P. Lilly of
,. L Is alon 40o6iste m
., in care of th
thb* ei out higconce
Passa They 6 htied at the Ho
Tht-slds tour of the Gold
te to asms City..

cartlonsa. and tall baskets of Bordep ts being detached from
the flowers t a ed the stations, the service and is returning to
I"taINg the ew corps of of- lais former position. He has been
fleers : The Special Deputy. stationed on the Isthmus for the
MIss Otave.N. Williams, P. N.O.; past seven months with the
the Deputy Marshal. Mrs. Doro- 536th Fire Fighters at Fort Gu-
thea Churchill; Deputy Warden. lick.
Mrg. Omstine Poole. P. N 0.: --
Deputy Secretary, Mrs. Lucille, Visitors See Fort San Lorenso
Smith, P. N. 0.6 bBalboa; Depultvi Mr. and Mrs. Horace Smith
Treasurer. Mrs. Ella Brown, P.; arranged a picnic at Fort San
N. 0'.; Deputy Chaplain. Mrs. Lorenzo, last evening, for their
Jessie Alb tht. P. N. 0.; Deputy houseguests. Mrs. Smith's pa-
Insilde.. Qurdain, Mr. Harold rents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert A.
Chambirer P. 0.; and guest or- Huffman and their friends. Mr.
ganist,alft, A. A. Albright. and Mrs. D. I. McCrate of Co-
The officers that were instal- lumbus Orove: Ohio.
led weSeL Noble Grand, Mr. The other guests were: Miss
Made O tawrance; vice-gran. a: l McLlmans. and Mr. and
Mrs. LOey Wray; secretary, Mrs. Mrs. Paul Stewart.
Ellsabeth O'Rourke; P. N.G.;
Trekuer, Mrs. Helen Stem; Reealt Visitor
Ch an, Mrs rea Nessler; Mst. Edgar T. White, nee Do-
Warl Mrt. dta urr: CQp- ris Mcgee, has been the house-.
ductor, ,rOrpig; guest of her sister. Mrs. Thomas
8. N. h.; Mrs C" ra Chambers,. Herring.. of Old Cristobal for
P. N. 0.; L. S. N. 0.. Mrs. the past two weeks. She arrived
Violet Deakins. P. N. O.: R. 8. at Tocumen in December for a
V. 0., Mrs. Betty Marshal, P. holiday visit with her pArents,
N. G.; L. S. V.-G., Mrs. Uli abeth Mr. and Mrs. W. S. McKee. of
Williams, Inside Guardian. Mrs. Pedro Miguel. She has now re-
Phyllis Turner; Outside Guird- turned to Pedro Miguel to com-
tac, Mr. Otto Simmnons. and plete her visit before leaving for
Musician, Miss GOace Wliams, her home In Louisiana early in.
P. N. G. February.

or of Norton, Lilly and Co. In
tertalped with a cocktail party
nce Tuesday evening in honor
San frasbanco.
member of the ilrm of Norton
he Pdiefle Coast operations of
beeste ping at the Hotel El
tiae dode Tueday evening.
Ptel Washingt"n and enjoyed
Coast Wednesday, before re-

their Brazos Heights Club Satur-
day evening.,,.
Durkug the evening the votes
will be punted for the young
ladles wio ane running for Elk's
Carnival Queen.
All friends are invited to at-
tend. The admission fee is fifty
cents per person.
Captain and M Borden
Retarning to New pork
Captain and Mrs. Howard Bor-
den, with their daughters. Alice;
l4nd Pamela are leaving Febru-
ary 15 6fr New York. Captain!

"We don't want to expose the
public to my uncultured voice so
I'll Just be Sn entertainer."
Dorothy Lamour, the Iron Jaw
girl of the circus in "The Great-
est Show on Earth." is blushing.

Following the installation Mrs. St.: Mary's Alumnae Her highly publicized scenes
Lawrenee presented Mrs. -'tes Assoeation Notie dangling by her teeth from the
the past noble grand jewel, and The St. Mary's Alumnae As- end of a rope were left on the
a gift of Italian pottery from soclation will hold a meeting. and cuttingroom floor.
her officers, Mrs. Lawrance was election of officers. Sunday, Jan. -
presented- a gavel by Miss Wil- 27 at4:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall Academy Awards brass hats
liams from the recipient's hus- Of the Church. reconsidered their original nix-
band. )D Ing of televising the Oscar festi-
Mrs. Dorothea Chtirchil l'Ad Br0wble- Have Invetiture vities In March but again came
the honor 9 .aceiyla her r Iup with an. "Inadvisable" reason
twenty-five year the roop 2 eld an in- for the video blackout. Several big
Special' Deputy. vestiture ceremony 'Taeday at industry leaders are howling mad
Following the' installation re- the home of their leader. Mrs. about the whole thing.
freshments were served in the arrySeaman of CristObaLrMrs. The Broadway hit, "Paint
. asiadent of Yu Wagon,". b AlsLerner
-Jamllto rei ed-Fred~qek w is headed

frinrlds at this time. ol Dis, Laur Strogian. I- Seeer Tracy. Kathryn Grayson
,ty-five members and friends da tn n Fernando Lamas.
attended the meeting. Flag frl or the ce or. m
S which ld on thetwn o .Vrilety reports from Cincinnati
E Carnival Dance the Seaith residette; were thbt if and when Sen. Robert
E e Elk's will hold another in Vickle Pettler and P a mel a Taft moves into the White House,
a gries of Carnival. dan.s at: Johnston. LoMs B. Mayer will move into
.' .f .... tthktabinet job of Secretary of


]lrk touglas steel d on
plme in New York it the arm
of Betty Threatt, who work
with him la "The Big Sky." At
a.m. yet.
Pat O'Brien's off on Anothe
supper club tour. Pat's tellin
about his- 17-year-old Mavour
neen getting ready for a blin



for every use



to all members
that sectionn for new board of Directors
will take place

Tomorrow Friday, Jan. 25th.

General meeting will be held at the

Strangers Club
1 4Me votes w41 counted.


Brush it or Spry it
on Metal, Wood or' Plaster

For your car, refrigerator,
kitchen or bath, walls, cab.
nets, kid's toys, etc.. eto.

Brilliant Gloss
Plastk Smoith Phiab
Startling New Clen
Dries In MiRutM

For Sale in Paama
' U..**.^^f..~a



,elSlIn. h




Canal C3lubthouses

-Wdte ,. gy ,s S a look aCristobal.Elks 'Hold Navy Wives Plan
m bReplied Ma tarneen: Daddy,goD
k -, C d"take a goodPare-Carnival Dance March Of Dimes
loor.... B-P ton.-." Next Saturday Night Fashion Parade
O( year pendants were given Bob Preston. mixing New York
Sharon Tuly Louise Algaler, TV work with movies. is In town An informal pre-Carnival dance The current trend In male and
andLillian Hrons. for "The Bride Comes to Yellow will be held at the Cristobal Elks female attire virl be on display
Three members of the troop Sky," About his rumored shaky Club. Brazos Heights, Saturday at a March of Dimes Fashion
celebrated their birthday an- marriage, he said: night, during which the votes Show to be sponsored by the
niversarles. The hono-ecd were: "We'$* been separated only by cast in the Elks Carnival queen Navy Officers Wives Club at the
Ursula Alexaltis. Sharon Trily 30 males while I was in New contest will be counted. Ft. Amador Army-Navy Club on
and Sol Dias. A large beautitflv Yet." A general admission fee of fifty Feb. 1.
decorated cake in the Brownie Bob says that N. Y. television cents will be collected at the The dresses and suits that will
colors of brown and gold, was erecutives are convinced now MisJoannLd Recca is leading be fuwornished by Felix Madurow will
cut for the occasion. Itwas made that TV IS moving west to Holly- ov I oe nanntelbsoa. and the American Bazaar. A
by the father of one of the girls, hwood and on filover tM other contestants by a and the American Bazaar. All
Mrs. H. Payne L wood and on film slim margin. Others in the con- proceeds will be donated to the
Mrs. J. H. Paynt. "Live shows." he told me, "are test are Elaine O'Hayer, Lor- 1952' March of Dimes drive. '
Mrs. eoama was assisted by ust too limited and the boys raine Henning. Mary Ann BrM- Women's daytime sports wear.
Mrs. 6eorve Tully and Mrs. E. know It. They all asked me to ee, Nancy Kariger, Patricia Rod-. beach togs and late afternoon
F. McClelland. the al tant mention their names In Holly- .., Carol O'Hayer and Anna towns will be featured in addi-
ston and Mrs. John Fettler the Fisher. tion to men's Haspel suits, with
co-imlttee members. MGoM vetoed a $12000 Las Cristobal Elks plan to repre- emphasis on tropical evening
Several parents and friends Vegas night-club eagpgement for wanted in Colons centenary Car- wear.
were also prent wi the girls wll tht e utWord nival celebration with a ueen Music by the ABC Trio and
of the Troop. age: "We don't want you ang- nd four maids of honor and to other entertainment also is
of the Troop. age: "We don't want.ou hang- take active part In the feati- listed.
ing around saIo 00 vities.
Stay Wray. has her eyes on a TEETH NOT' NBD HE WAS BOBBED
INmovie comeback. Her last film TEETH NOT N D LWITON, Ida. (UP)-heriff
was in '42. SPOKANE. Wash. (UP). A Clarence Kyle found his black-j
oumm- I As spot- pawn shop reported a man lhock- Jack when he sorted through a;
MoLn I 11 to r w a I s ed his teeth for the huration of pile of stolen articles cached un-
HOLLYWOOD S!2a VTl that a meat strike in Spoksat. der a haystack.
--- made M,*U Ilea P ~s,
HOLLYWOOD. (NMA). Ex- Mal Aeelns. ___ On an
clusively Yours: Lana Turner is Marl Aldon's toment on an Y
flashing the green light that will altar sprint with director Tay L I U TA Y
make her the ex-Mrs. Bob Top- Garnett:
ping. The divorce action will be "It's no comment, but with a l- Shows:
,filed in January before she leaves question mark." U 2:41 4:29 6:44 9:00
for a vacation In Europe.n e- The story of how a boy
R rubbing sapphires atd em- X b-at the acketl... And
eralds on the eyelids had the how a girl made him a
Another setael to "Father of; power of making t *h eyes bright,, man'..
the Bride" is In the works at according to an old superstltion,
MGM, with rumors that Joan
Bennett's role will be eliminated
from the seript. A line of dialog i
will explain that she's on "vaca-to *a "
It will still be titled, "The Jazz i _s *&ILI
Singer," but Danny Thomas, in T 0 DA Y
the Al Jolson role fOr the
Warners' re-make. will play an
entertainer more like himself
than a jazz singer. The original
plot was about a father wanting
his son to follow in his footsteps
as a great singer, but Danny R
told me:[1


maws mggg






-- Shows: 12;55 213 4:41 6:49 8:57 p.m.

12:M., l:t3. 4*41, 6:40, 8:57 p m. OU
.. ..... OF THE
with Michele Prelle I L


How one boy
beat the rack-
et... and how
a girl made
him a manl


3:00, 4'1q, 5:55, 7:15, 9:00 p.m.
Action. roriance and adventures
In the Pirate Poet of the
China Seas!
r I- -- ---- -- -


In -
A Story Yever Told Beforel


- el[. .
al aim?

A nut-uA c mPuTAUiO
...*........... am* n ...

L N i -j- Af--f- .A -

Another adventure of Mr. Belvedere...!
Clifton Webb Jianne Dru
Also: The passions and pe,)ie of "The House"
Richard heatart Wiluam Lumadian

Steven M'NAL Y ColeeM GRAY


At 9 p.r. WAHOO!
S115."@ in Pries!
Humphrey Bogart, in
with Jhmesa Caney

At 8-30 p.m.
Presentation of
"TRIO Afs.S"

6te.00 to tht Public!
Constance Moore, in
Also: -

Douglas Fairbanks, In


J -m^in Showing Tonight! =-.-,*,
Ai-Cnditioned "LET'S DANCE" (Technicolor)
:s a- s:, "IN OLD CHICAGO" (Repeat)
Friday "AI CADET"
G A M A Doaald O'CONNOR P lpier LAURIE
,? 0 "Francis Goes To The Races"
Saturday "BR VF BULLS"
GA T UN Hine CRo.SBY av.n.e WYMAN
.15- :20 "HEAVEN CAN WAIT"
Air-coditioned Jim Thorpe All American"

I `

'" I i '" 1~;i Icommerce.~i


_ ___

. -







s Off



An international field bf 75 golfers was off and
swinging today at the beautiful Panama Golf Club
in the first round of the 72-hole Panama Open golf
They will be back in action tomorrow for the
Second 18 holes and will battle it out for the title
when the final two rounds are played Saturday and
Well over 400 (395 paid) at- stating how the average duffer
tended yesterday's Golf Clinic to looks making a 150-yard slice or
see how the real topflighters hit a 30-yard blooper.
a golf ball. Snead also went through his
famous slow-motion swing while
.- Harb.rt described the fine points
S .of it and then all the pros took
'. turns in hitting shots the way

* **

* *

* *

they should be it.----
White used the short irons,
Greenwald the middle distance
Srons and Snead blasted away
with his favorite No. 1 Iron.
*'.' *. r. Miguel Salas hit the tricky No.
'- 4 wood and Roberto de Viceno
t. '.and Harbert, himself, electri- -
fled the crowd with a booming
demonstration of long woods, Snead drives a long one with a No. 1 Iron as the crowd looks on at the Golf Clinic.
de Vicenzo using the brassie i ... .
from the practice tee and car- S late -,'
trying to the No. 3 green while d J o
Harbert, with the driver, Games Slated For Panama
smashed the ball out of sight.
Following the Clinic the spec-
I I ,I tators enjoyed a free cocktail 1 T
party at the club and by this I 1 1
morning everyone was set to en- IfOm Ll larks V e Vlle
^ I a ] []i S I ~Joy the best Open Panama has 4 .
ever staged,
At this writing, with first PANAMA PRO LEAGUE
J'MIMY VINCENT, honorary round scores not yet in, Slammin' TEAM- Won Lost Pet. ir
cIrMY N To hea Sam was still the favorite to win l Bombers.........14 8 .636 Al
chairman of the tournament Merchants Whip Brewers 4-2;
committee. A former pro at although he has had trouble with Yankees.........13 10 .565
.s no longer a the course in practice rounds. Bluebirds. ....... 12 .429
tournament competitor. He had a 74 Tuesday and a 73 Brownies....... 15 75
coming on the greenswherehet TONIGHT'S Gg] rPacific Loop Race Deadlocked
yesterdayy, most of his trouble G -Paciic L op Race Dead ked
Chick Harbert was master of was missing putts from less than Panama Stadium (First Game -
ceremonies for the Clinic and: three feet. Yesterday he three- 6:30)-Brownies (D ,e 3-5 vs.
while he explainedall of the ru utted the 16th green from ten Bluebirds (oler 0-1); econ PACIFIC TWILIGHT ASBAL of McGee's wildness.De La Pefia
diments of the game (gripfeet. Game-Bombers (Osolo 6-1)avs.
stane, swingts of the gam Snead(grip, Snead has not been playingYankees (Thomas4-0) LEAGUE opened the game with a walk.
.L AST N T (First Half StandNso) Coffey followed with a single.
Phil Greenwald, and Buck White' tournament golfbof e, ante M T^ des 2, TEA- Wt Pet. Francis laid down a nice bunt to
went through the correct motions I there are many who believe Rob- M. peStadi- Brewers owis2, 1 .750 sacrifice the runners. Rbdu e
so that everybody in the crowd erto de Vicenzo or Ral Posse, a: Yanes Gibraltar Life Ins. 1 .750 grounded out while Bill He e
could both see and hear. pair of sharp shooting Argen-w
could both see and hear tines, may upset the pre-tourna- Two games re scheduled to- Pan'mia Merchants 2 2 .500 walked to fill the bases. Henry
ment predict tions and walk ofr f night at the Panama ,Olympic Balboa High Sbch.. 0 4 .000 Phillips worked McGee for a free
Harbert then reversed the pro- epas to force in the first run of
Sedureand told how NOT to do it with the $1,000 first prize money. Stadium as local pro baseba LAST NIG ULT he game. At this lt Mueller
as, Snead, Greenwald and White Both have been playing In to the large PanamAT T t e a t ot e
as Snead, Greenwald and Whitournaments steadily, and De i- field. The games will feature the (At Balboa Stadium) took over and struck out the last
cdid a bit of clowning in demon- o israe s te as a topfli night clash between the PanamA Merchants (Old.Tlmers) man, Hearn.
mashi e swinger on any course.le ag u Bombers an the .4a Blboa Brewers The Merchants pushed across
Pmashe swinger on any course. winneagu ec placeankeers and the SUNAS DOUBLtEEADER another run in the next frame on
because of his knowledge of the The first game will be between(At alboa Stadim 1: m ) two walks and a single.
lanthe dgef ros Bownies aend Panama Merchants vs. Gibraltar
Atlanic idgt tough Panam course (he has the now angerousrowes anrsuh
played here for fiv cose consecutive he rd ace Blgebirds. Ernest Life; Balboa Brewers vs. Balboa The Brewers fought back and
years). The tricky little putts' Burke (3-5) of the Brownies is High School. scored one of their two tallies in
that the newcomers miss give slated to oppose Earl Holder the bottom half of the se d as
League To Open Posse little or no difficulty be- (0-1) of the Bluebds n the The Old Timers from the Pan- Al Neckar walked, le
osehe is familiar with the opener. amA Merchants came through and advanced tothird when Her-
grcause e s al r w esecondgame will bring ut last night at the Balboa Stadium ring funded out. Neckar sccr-
Saturday A ledin hrlrs as they handed the league lead- ed minutes later o a run-down
,e Johnny Macmiurrayo the de- -Alberto Osorlor of the Bombers ing Balboa Brewers a 4-2 set- on the base path when .tther
terda. Henry Russell, Florida's (6-1) and Dave Thomas (4-0)of back to put te race in a dead- Hearcaught him t n bi
The Midget Leaue conducted amateur champ, r d the the Yan lockfor first place the thre a lead ao to thd. Neck for the ew-
S the ysical Education and course forte first time and A Ynk victory willplace t em- standings.o trt la on. the ew
creation Section on the At- carded a 75only a halfgame out of rium Webb earn kin out s The se was ced he
Webb Hearn, strikinae out tenheagaMerwasicedinthe
lantic side will get under way place, while a Bomber triumph Brewers, turned in a e o top of the fifth whe the Old
this Saturday morning on the will give the le ague leaders a hurling ashe matched Chris e Mu.fs uhe across mark-
Margarita diamond. The Mar- Th n commanding wo an one-half eller pitch for piteh after the ers on hite and an erross r.
garita Mules and the Margarita, IompsoJUI AS game bulge. latter had rp^ aced willamm .c h ts
Mustangs will meet two teams Stadium, a the Browni haga ee in the tohalf of the first The Brewers tried in vain as
stardom thea Ctobal Playgr found I handed the Yankees heart inning when e ranw into trou- they scored their last run on atwo
St trring Partner breaking setback-this time 2-1. heehits. lTrc.akhsingled and scored
Five teams a .re entered in the Vert Clark and Edde a Neville he Old Timers were first to whenHerrng.bit a tI hree-b
Fve teams are entered n the ,, ked up In a red-hot moun score when they took advantage knock deep to right center. I
-ague-two representing Cristo- hrea ste itoolr
-sue two representing IMargarita, ic l ASO dupl with Clark emerging victo- The b natter to collect more
fnd one representing Gatun. The IClark allowed nine hits, Imwas ) rI who coll e two
Game un team wil Feb. 2.l no t play a loop ethe were well scattered d ob s In two trips to the plate.
n unt.i. Feb2. Thes^ te as Unless Louis Thompson. takes a ly in the ninth was he scored. Alw E
:---e odmt e fl of ir .. bos itht rest from the constant pounding upon and in serious AR R, MVa 2 1 AZ 1 0 0
sprinkling of eleven-yer-oldsof his hired hands, hemay have Reinaldo Greenald's two-run 1[ .' 1 1 0
-.Wo are carried as substitutes on to complete his conditioning for double gave the Brownies all 0 0 2 1
the various Little League teams. his most Important fight by road their runs. Rth .......4 1 1 0
.... a tt eu a ,working, shadow boxing, and A perfect throw to the plate by Iu ,'f 3 0 o0
'*.In addition to the five te ams1skipping. Granville Gladstone in the ninth PMarch. :. .... 2 1. 1 0 1 1
mentioned above, Cristobal and Reports from Louie's camp re- cut off the tying run and saved Flm 3b: 2 1' 1 0001 0
Xbrgarita each have a team veal that Rupert Brown, a local the game for Clark. I I;I "10 o 0 0 0
o9nmprised of the youngest and contender for welterweight hn-- Tompson, c. 3 1 10 0 0
most inexperienced players on or, has missed the last three 1 k10 0-
Srosters. These two teams wll day s training se ssions. at a" th.. ..264 .21 5 2
*10O play on Saturday mornings! Loue is little alarmed a tn- -.IItLIl.l E1-
"Wioln y ing atrdeb.or2.e perto's actions, remarking that I

Pghon Lealue
R.Recreation Section has organized' was soundly booed and ridi.
-this league for the express pur- f a ndnm l t r
nose of providing an opportunityi cuied for handing my title to'
for those boys who are notone Wilfredo Brown on a silver plat- STANDING OF TEA"MS
of the twelve boys in uniform on ter," said Thompson. "Under TEAM- Won Lost Pat
the Little League teams, to play rating my opponent, and taking Buick.. .... ... 4 9 1.0
on an organized ball club and to it too easy during my sparring C.P.O..... ......2 3 AM
learn and improve their skill in sessions," he continued. Margarita .. .. .. 2 3 .4
the' fundamentals of the nation- ."I intend to get in tip top shape Shamrocks ...... 1 3 .5
.1 sport even if I have to acquire the ser- -
*- .. ""vices of Finnegan or Plummet. Game of Jan. 22:
There are 95 boys playing on And speaking of Plummer, this MARGARITA- AB R
he seven teams in the league i reminds me that he is my March Rankin, cft ........ 2 0 0
All of the 95 boys will get a good! contender." George, cf .. .. .. 1 0
dal of experience in baseball un-1 Perez, If.. ... .... 3 0 0
dew actual game conditions. i Herbert Brown, Louie's condi-Lon .. if.. .. .. .. 0
S tioner, says he is breathing,easier Willord, ........ 2 1 1
.'Parents of the boys playing are these days, thanks to Louie's co- Hodges, rf-p ........ 4 2 0
itged to be at the Margarita die- operation. 'Gonzales........ .. 2 1 0
ibond Saturday morning to en- "You know, these promising Tobin, c...... .. .. 2 0 0
quMrage their youngsters. The younEsters have to suffer a de-' Albright, Ib.. .... 3 3 2
nperal public is also Invited to feat during their meteoric rise in, Dougan, 2b .. .. .. .. 2 0 0
ne out and watch the bovs order to set them in the right E. Smith, 3b.. .. .. .. 2 0 0
Ike their first steps in baseball, frame of mind," said Brown. I
.The P. E. & R. Branch encour- C.P.O.- AB R '
4ges your child. Maugher. If .... .. 4 1 0
Little Galileo High B. Newhard, 3b ...... 3 2 2
I ,Gibson, c ........ 1 1 0
This King of all Graduates Large Crawford, p........3 0 0
CHart, 2b .......... 2 1 0
Hamilton, lb2...... 2 0 0
ough Mixtures comes Athletic Names Rase.a. o
.. -- -. C. Rodriguez, If...... 1 1 0
Ornm Kli zSardl SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 24 Cunningham, rf.. ....2 0 0
(NEAI--Galileo High, one of SanI McJennett. rf. ...... 0 1 0
Francisco's smallest preparatory Seore By Innings
Cold Canaaa institutions. believes it has grad- Margarita 0 2 1 1 2 1-7
: uated more big-time athletes C.P.O. 0 1 0 03 4-8
The King at all cough medicines than any similar school in the Home Runs-Albright 2, New-
i.kl-y's CANADIOL Mixture country. hard. Struck out by-GonzAles 2.
i been used for years in over 70% Among Galileo's alumni are Hodges 4, Crawford 6. Winning
l;,Canodo's homes. Fa' ., orking- Hank Lulsetti: Grover Klemmer, Pitcher-Crawford. Losing Pitch.
o acting Bucklev's Conad.ol Mix. former world 880-yard record-' er-Hodges. Umpires -Waldron
Quickly oosens and raises phlegm holder: Lason Little: Joe and and Curtis.
kAWd In the tubes clears air pas- Domr DIMagglo: Rod Franz. Call-
P .- soothes rasoed row tissues fornia's All-America guard: and PLENTY OF WEATHERB
on or two sips and ,ors, cough-ng Dr. Bobby Brown of the Yankees.
spm ceases You get results fast ---- EAST HAMPTON. Conn. (UP)
S feel the effect of Buckley s ins -Mrs. Sarah O'ConnellU says New
iftry [.,TOO MITCH TO HANDLE Englanders don't have to Io to
!' Compounded from rare Canadior LOUISVILLE. Ky. (UPi.- the South Seas for 'Virrtane
SBolsam and other heal- Transportation of a 1.400-pound weather or out west for tornados.
Singredents Buckleyvs CANADIOL safe proved too much for bur- She's seen both right here. The
Iture is different from anything glars here. They got the safe out 88-year-old woman has seen
Mj ever tried do get a bottle of thi, of a window of a motor company three hurricanes, one tornado,
SCanadian cough medicine to but when they tried to make off two floods and several bisards.
s on good drug store. with it In an automobile the car Including the famous blamard of
~ bogged down on a mud road. I'.8

lie. Frank uffoni. leas
the air to nab an attempted
scoring not during a soccer
aD1 with Lazio of Rome.
Sailed football in Italy, Ume
port has no tackling or touch.
Ddowng Mlan and Laido battled
to a 1-1 tie. (NEA)



Boom 4 00 1 i 0
4S* lb. 4 0 1 8 0 0
"3 3 0 0 3 3 0
3n. .. o. o 0 20 0,
S2'e.... 2 2 6 2 1
L ta lf..S 0 1 0 0 2
l rt-2b 3 0 0 1 1 0
twtoo;b .1 0 1 0 0 0
atn .0 0 0 o o o
rt. 2 0 1 0 0 0
I p .. 0 0 0 0 1 0
3rp 3 0 0 0 3 0

Bulldogs, Tigers

In Hoop Finale

Tomorrow Night

This Friday night the Balboa
Bulldogs will invade the Cristo-
bal Gymnasium when they play
the Cristobal Tigers, staring at
This will be the last game be-
tween the two high school teams,
this season. In the two previous
meetings, the Balboa cagers
came out on the winning side so
the Blue and Gold fromt Cristob al
have' yet to beat the Bulldogs In
league play. Much depends on
the victor of this contest, since
either club can win the cham-
pionship, or a tie for the league
crown, if they win this game.
Both teams will be playing and
shooting their best. Balboa will
be on the rebound after losing a
close game to the Junior College
last week. The fact that they
have been In the top position
since the season started means
that it will take some ball play-
ing to knock the leaders out of
the select spot.
Minus the services of their star
scorer, Eugene Richter, the Bal-
boa hoopsters will have to de-
pend on their strong reserve
strength. With Herring, Ray-
bourne, and Donahue, the red
and white still has plenty of
height and scoring power under
the boards. In the'backcourt will
be the Kouranys with Maphis
and Ostrea controlling the for-
ward positions.
Cristobal, fresh from a victory
on Monday night, over Junior
College, will be out to turn the
tide. After playing a much Im-
proved brand of ball, the Tigers,
will try to keep on the. winning-
side. Leading the Cristobal drib-
blers will be Bailey and Manning,
who will be running from the
forward positions and Wilson,
Anderson, and Bryant will be
handling the center, and guard
In the preliminary game the'
Balboa and Cristobal J.V.'s will
play for the ird time, with the
Cristoba: yearlings still unde-
feated.This game will start at
0:45 p.m. So get our tickets ear-
ly for the best interscholast
game of the season. Tickets will
o sale at the door: Adultsa 0
cents and children without SA.
cards 25 cents.

In the Pacific SotbaU League
yesterday Don Bowen's- Fremes
Insurance team marked up their
seventh consecutive win with no
Both teams Introduced newly
Brown started for CAA, tossing
only two innings, but was respon-1
sible for eight runs on eight its.
Ted Jordan took over the mound
duty for the Aero club in the
third andgave ,up only two ruso
on four hits and oue base n
Gangleh pitched the firt fiVe
innings for theOnauranceemen, a1i
lowing five runs on nine hits and
two walks.
In the fifth. inning CAA start-
ed what looked as if it may be a
rally by scoring tio runs on four
safe conneCtlonS ont OGngle.
Manager Dowen began to get
worried and ent his ace pitcher,
Lew ter, to the mound to
start te sx. Hiltnger, In two
innings, f seven batters and
allowed no runs and got
the third S e by four of the
seven CM oys.
Ledn ba#.ers for Fireme.'s
Insurance .* obo McArthur

1- -. 1 with three for three. Bevel and
2 2 *.621.1 22 3 Scheldegg chalked up two each.
r MY..s.? Angermuller, Dounn, Hmuon, Per-
Memants lI IWOO110 0-4 A and eange added ane eah.
S 01 ._ 000 1 0-2 IAor
ttd.,i-PhIlli-su1, Her- for CAA, Blmer go t three for
R fodr an M Male rtor 2toour
mon r- J-'e- nordan Co o c
ch g I,, Br swm 6. Three Base -
racrifie H i t~ pitcher GaT.
Bases-De la Pe- bevel and -
2 S B Carlin, Neckar ba ,af"or -the .
akut -Mueller
10. on i l off 12 hits, 1 walk, .2 f A -d i
2 mrn 1. Hits runs, 9 bits, walk or.
aI d Bw off-McOee I and 1 in *, a _
2-2 Mler 4 and 3 in aygroud pt
](F6t); .Brewers 3 Plygrou p
2(M _itr ern'). Losing GATUN
PIt 2 imres--Gae- The eight, nine and ten-year-
I' n. me of Game- old yswho could not make t
1:16. Little League wlB be given an op-
irtuny to learn sad dvel
Hick non- Is Asked baseball playing Inthe
niC .fn. l "league conduct by thePhreal
AL|VISIOR, E ducation & Dronaramn&.
Abote vision, Practice at atn w held on
ThlMonday and TFootatball Uos
will be played eac"try
|mW 0*31". Qn..Jan. 24 morning. .
-TmL an-sa y ays The Gatun Girls sr ai tam
be much about his will practice undayirkem
tel as his Yale at 3:30.YoursofWt"aOH ae
I0footb er a .r I scheduled for Feb. 1i
"A t~ we
had M a prefer it Adults Itemoed -I ie *mmng
that i nd mentor instruction to te
crbul' Pool WefdS
Offf have more

0 Wow

..1 "

Po ellss Tazke
Twi- oop Lead rty MfrIs

No hitter Over Pabst Nine

ATLANTIC TWILIGHT I&Utyt short a advanced to
'TEM Won Lot PMt out
Pabst. .. .. .... 2 3 S2t u.b

we Past. ore
C.B.S. vs. Pabst. 'a hit by a he
ball, pu the leadtv r as
Shaky defense by his infielders but 6ab;ios bet was a ball
de rived George ty of a shut- to enter to retire the ide with
out victory, but the top wells their only serious threat the
hurler nevertheless Inscribed his ame. After that trame, only one
name In the Atlantic Twilight other Pabst batter awao ble to
league Hall of Fame when he reach second baset alter
turned In a no-hitter to defeat do ingt In the f frame after
the league elading Pabst, by a- walking, then ag l 1 4up on 6
to 1 count. The win put Powells oul fly far behinfirst base.
in first lace, one-full game- a-
head of Pabst. e eabst vs. C.. Temight
Carty was practically untouch- -
able as he easily went through The Pabst nine will be out to
the Pabst lineup, in a game that regain lost ground tnght, when
took only e hour and twenty they take on the team at
minutes for seven complete In- 7 o'clock. Pabt and Powe both
nings. Carty struck out five bat- have the same amonatof losses
terms and walked five. Only five that -Important column, so
Pabast batters were able to hit the lucky wl be uing every
ball beyond the infield, all five trick the books torleavetose
flying out to the outer gardens two losse stand, and gai, a half
All scoring in thd contest was game on the Idle Powelb-agre-
unearned, with Noel bson, aton. C.H. Is stll vry much
Pabst hurler neatly scatten the battle for e t halt
four hits. striking out four bat- ttle but cabnot aford to do
tenrs, and allowing nary a walk. muh ing. .Logical starter
But he too was a victim of poorW for a llw.fl b.ably rbe rg
defensive work, with two errors Egolf, .a d ilght er, who
by third baseman Jack Pesodhas not ed the mound thus far
accounting for all the Powellsa [ season. M will be faced by
runs. des of CO ..
Powells pushed across their-a ob-
y runs in the top of the first The box'score:
ICaty led off with a ground ball
to third which Pescod bobbled POWELIU- AB R H PO& 8
and then threw wild to first. Car-arty, p. 3 -1 1 1' 4 0
ty stopped at second bas. Hay ss 1 0-1 ,9 1
Dockery followed with another Thomas, lb.. 3 0 1 8O 0
grounder down to third baseman M y, c ... 3 0 1 5 -60
Pescod. Pescod fielded the ball My, Sb 3 0 1 .1 32
cleanly but again tossed far over W rf 0 0 -0 0
Louis Hooper's head at first, and 2b3 0 00 1 -2
Carty came across with the first Qh.ppel, ... 3 0 1; 0 0
tally. h.glqb ht, ct 1 0 0 1 0 0
Dockery stopped at second and lu Ict. 2 00 1 0 o
after two were down, igley ---.--- .
drove a single into left fIeld Ttals .. .27 4 421 4
moving Dockery across the plate I -
with what proved.o be the w A*.M! I PO, A 9
nmg run or the game. After, ti' P b. 3l. 0 0 0 2
damage had been done, the P.bat Ba,. 2 0 0 1 0 0
team settled down to playing after, if .0 0 1 4 0
brilliant ballallowingon treeWelch .. 1 0 0 0
more men to reach frstbase, ol, s 0 0
Muloy doing so In the fourth er Ib 3 1. 011 0
frame with a lqMtwo-base blow .. .... 3 0 0 2 0
to left, arty th a one bae ,o rf. 2 0 .
b In the fftf, and Dora Tho- n, 07 ,
nmaswholedofft thealethwlth lu flntg, 2b.'. 2 0 0 0
single. Oe p 3 0 0 1 -0
Pabst's only serious threat
came in the lower fourth whenTotals .23 1 0 1 t
they pushed over their loefa seer By 1
earned tally. Louis oper Powells 2 0 0
given a life on an errorby Dock-Pabat 0o0o6O-0 1

No oiavoiebI 0ttSP
Shop a.i mt;)pbN oi oA Ot,

-4 i.



* .4 .

I .ll..I II..I .. .___- -

Sueee~ail Gol.fey!


; s- ". .'%;
.h" _________




-- i-- S 1 ,.

I i -. ... -. .-~ -- r-

---- -~ 'I~IC

.1- w- a W --M%" I




4 -. .


* V _.

A. To Poll Team Owners On Admission Prices Increas

I' -.-"

AmlBD the la. strike was called against
SThes wased Wedt Bank'se
"stup SAla obe hwith
.as an and ast

.o4tMoere t-)wue-m~q~n ot da to be finished at a
1og A ,, trA,..It ended with West
Lo Amm e ab trseand
.t*aak 6I rum a his errors.

amt looked on, the two teams T BTADIIM
Maruad the newly pre-
ois Ond wh was T-V A Weon Lost Pet,
dpaSughe eforta .. .. ..
opentelattached the UJs. Sears .......... 1 .667
NaIaIla Stti, Rodman. Setting LIMea Life...... 1 1 .61
of the remny n proper style, AF 14 ......I 1 50
the Air Force ond, dted. .._.... ... 1 2 .333
Chief WrtOffleeit A. D- emen.. .. .. .. .00
er ot in rendition of a
arie ilunes which kept
the wd tap ping their t TSTERDA'S ESULTS
both before the game began, and 0m.ks *lmnn O.
Sth eween-intng p- TODAYS GAMES (4:3 p.m.)
,jmng thq military 1f5 4e + oifLittle Leaguers mov-
atteudeo0e the battle W"7
Slamwt4- wh e4d Int the win column yester-
.M~iM% rn a.0 to 0win o ver the
B. !y Corrign, a sur-
toe. starter for the Lodge Bro-
.er t the St akls down with
~AS^^Bqk D ''Us N oa tWo bits, and struck out
ie t batters. LInfors, with a
tt r. o w t in the second, and Webb,
onl o in e sixth, were
6 r J Be eeld to connect
OfeM8L ,mm Of afeld.
tThe Elks Iced the game in the
olnel DCaring th ive runs on
mandor, Albrook or e ysVe hitsand added four more
1- Ie.. ruins In the fourth tofinish the
E nd p &Officer, ., orin orthe game.
Sttio, adHan; Colonel. A JImtne Leovelady led his team
D 1asa USA, Comman O. at bat sinad fleld collecting three
S33rd Infantry hitS in fou trips with two hits
and s 0omandr F- goitg for doUble and started the
%'; Za:4 4Saln 0 0.i oy dotuboPplay of the ame by
USN, Officer, i'a run hhn first
I ttlont Rbdman base and doubling a runner at
'tthena t) B isa second with g104.,throw to Ry-
e nJ ter. Twe Cogan helped his
C1p Pl h when t torea to at Little.
91 baU t$ Colonel Lit t^0l e, ,L L; 4
W W tl ire I Poe w n
rat b a d
Warm-up .nn l e s. mma e
-r m aeup a at W ee...

off for dut
Swld only made ma Bo 0 0
eptfr -b.n.a ,t -1.. -0 0 1 0 2
e.o .... 0 o o-9 0
.Wbt bank, anofter b oal...... 0 0 0 0
t te e l d .des b... 410 1 0
toule. One wI.-Bar.l nM .. .. 4 | s0 2
ndt oNava the mark, and Chase, .. .. 0 10 2
dnthe side by striking out Terry, 2b.. .. 1 0 0 2 1

nt star. Wit one o 0 0
4We an ftera Tot0als.." ...... 0 0 3 15 7

of a me a e, u. .. 4 IF 0 00 1
doe. One3g6 lb., .. 1 j 3 6 l
NatheHvalt ** ** t 0 1 0
uns down ate d. -o nn 1 9 2
Tof fithe second s ** ** 1 1 1
treand to add more 1on a r- LoSl Ph -Randl. S 0 -
Ita srt.cWithonet 0 la 0 0
,j rry Conwell _.m. -.. -'W1o0 .. .0

buTwo outs "o3owsd, aserLef
buDtro Intonew .- -t
eit neage io a B tngs a.
W &k opened u ap Its Firemen 0 0 0 -
uns during the second to Elks 0 0 5 4 0 --9 8 3t

imier runs on the woret-
ward., slammed a singleWing Pitcher. an.
n w nasw driven trm i, out -C an 8, Iandel 4.
ings hel DBWo A Of- 4. I

rI o I
STwo outsa Or I eS e p-
bau t' hard : dae of 100. d
14a long the O, f d

gle int. ,-+_r that d
With s

&15 m S

^ticB~~~fflfH8Er~l9ai~ ..^,/6

fc^^l^.Stf 'IBtlgf: t-e

..'. ,W ,

yMN T .. h GeneI
stedt, FinmA orpht N id .
year-old Pqen State fr
a major prospect for cha pion
ship hori*" "9 !-q hgh and
para&el oars. (NA)

Yanks Sign 2 Key Players;

A's Buy A.A.A. Farm Club
The PtLe. Odeat Bmebail Leanes wi ll Dl elub wnor to
sre wWha tl ladvan tae tof d'o rln y
the0*.r tiea
The 0 iPguSeW Lw Clubs permission to b
tict t ,ats ed faciic Coast Lte ap euL ut
a-som teamsma-y "feel forsee"' 1t I*kU
Saye eMh tte l ~e. didn't even come up at or
recent a the tean n to oee what t, y
Leare el d. r ti er ies are frted with esiitay-eM s.
S-0--_ ---
The IladelbM As now on otrk Yirees haTripe- atrm t
gM ~Lrt Mr Berra cand second-year Iflelb3I G
Me VOWE &th6 Moat-Valuable. ]*.A
AIn -mbr& 4 hr us have rinedht tefor what thelbkue apn
Sterns UlgW -*u aIl y W-thewnd-dllaer ha e ia t IWMLn
These -cia e ave he ntd 49v and hit 27 home rtsn
arm ab teM s the Yade ke in hiin with aoA p .
while layinf t4irM be a&nd second base. The 1951 Limrtoan
League R eeef-thY-Year signed for about 12-thouaud-doeflaa.
The Philadelphia A' noW own their first Triple-A farm club
in 25-yer The A' hase bofuht the Ottawa ubf the New n-
ternation oad s say they will operate in that Caadlan
City., Artbu Ulen, who t16 diretor of the A's fm system,
says "Wes ha, een convinced by the league this ean be a
verl ueeeu.l venture. We have needed a top Mimer League
farm eldub fr to develop young playersn.
E.le, vsy tiea -rhaes of Ottawa from the New York
Giants nlacid abohet oe down players but not all of thea will'
be kept.
"We have a number of our own Minor League pla s," ays
Ehlen, "and the Inteirtional League aso will help s."


j _________

isX< Already They hald P rime Crmeera In the Garden 51f th& other
CIsoxA lredy ighti maMnlg with the hldeou grimace In his retrd role as
2 Plytte ra nad I w dered If hllis memories canred him back to
the night of Jan. 24 In 1930 when he made his 4ebut there as
Have 27 Players I ""a"
SP And f wondered, too, It he gave any thought to the curious
1 j** bh'avlor of the Americah sports fan; how he likes to be taken
IL0fO I' patsy; how quickly he's moved to fury whrin the truth hits
UI I t ItIIract l1n In the kisser and how quickly the fury subsides; how eager-
ly he Joins reform crusades and how inconstant his support;
how really indifferent he Is to being saved.
CHICAGO Jan. 24 (UP)- The There wag sublime Irony in the return of biold Satchel Feet
Chicago Whi Box said yesterday when a new boxing commission Is applying disinfectant and a
hat shortstop Willie Miranda grind jury is taking character tests. You think the prize ring
and third baseman HcEtor Ro- Ir Immoral now? You should have been around in Camera's
riguoes were among the four who day It was unbelievable. The bootleg mob was in almost com-
sned thed- Iet contratmctl a*@e control.
which ino 1e o"nber You ci mI't oie tIn here unless you cut the mob in on
pla, ra m~toy'n ted floghter. It it mob wanted your fighter to do a Johnny
-eag only eleven to be sian-l Wg eler you agreed, or else. Camera was mob controlled
ad to he roster. d a entire career, leading ultimately to the heavyweight
The others were pitchersAl eh plnship w mob manipulate.
sad B to 01 roi. Owney Madden, then the East'U ,ubllc penmy No. 1. bank
Sl t Camera = Madden and his Vicious
E m_^^40^S_ iOD Wn fo al t-rownt- secto the night the preposterous
S breakk was unveile for Americat suakers. OCe Big Boy Peter-
sen had bee picked to go Into the tank for him: he went early,
ra Ioan eep he first round.

International League d t .302Monster in T nks
In his ear of organized A Monster inTn
bam.+,a si g0 IW l drjv-
and lein .11a Camera was 6 feit 6 and weighed 260. Ho came into the
i s1tMen, it ring. wearing a beret, a vivid green gown and bright yellow shoes
second in the voting for most ch etuated the size of his immense feet He wore a
valuablep- er and w.Welected moronic, fixed smile that revealed ven, pointed teeth, and
All-Star hd baseman. ropy varicose veins coiled about I eag. A, earmature of a
__-' ...... -_o_." mar.aster.
P C. Div. Softball y Everybody on Broadway knew It Vas to ban aquatic act,
yet the Garden was packed. Cuidoltye would ha Accounted for
I A nna Onmnar Setf much of the response, for lurid relotafof the: Gants' exploits
League Vpener Set bad preceded him. But the Incredibletfraud was extended from
F m- FI b' ro d coast to coast with one hum after another tking the plunge
Orf ebruary r d and sucker interest mounting.
Teh teams are enrolled in the This was the mob's most memoraW Vnmd flagrant operation,
Pacific pivllonal Softball Leaue as well as its most artistic. But It w only apart of an ex-
which is scheduled to glt Under tensive program. Not before or since iha the flt racket been
way Feb. 5 at the La eRa Ball l wicked and corrupt. Fixed fights a- rare today. They were
Park. c common then. The racket element yt t been completely
The final league meeting be- eradicated, probably never will be, the ring being what It is, but
fore thie opener will be held at I those days it was all racket, or mostly so.
the IA Boca Playground, M I have just finished reading Bid eder's absorbing and
day, Jan. 28. Registratiuon faMer frhtening book, "Murder, Inc.," an-d't It he touches on the
iust be paid at the t underworld activities of two sterling ptsmn who have long
t. Maatthews, secretary-teaur ea identified with the manly art self defense Champ Segal
the r lfolwing teams wt aR Frankle Carbo, both of whom hav managed world cham-
man ers. have enrol. d Aln. withI t t, ar. th nei r i ..dlet in i


relied o

r pto

l 0a bq

WHO w r, B n e nwwyx-wu were ineumej in
connecion with a mob murder In Los A W., a murder direct- Buggay Blegel. who was later ruU utlby gangster guns
U be sat on a divan in the lavish Hwe hame of the de-
man Virginia Hill of fascination E TV memory.

The D. A.' Book de Crbo
Both of these gentlemen 't&l Severl months
PrN geal had a punch absOrM lBeshore in
ifslt :80o Lous. Despite his S- egal is still
Wpqtable in prominent fight as 1923 the
ws quus-tloning him on a M Carbo, Feder's
n ie horror story reveals had W batt the L A.
M rap. Twice he was iden'the witness chair as
p ut. The jury deliberated ibut ild not reach
t. Feder asserts a retrial WM L b Mayor Bill 0'-
refusal to release a key S witness. In any
.] f. carbo owes his liberty to a hung l.
'eni that Intrusion Is unmanWne I hIestate to discuss
tbo at length Inasmuch as he apple to be the personal
Io0 alagsc property of Daniel Parker. QaiM s out of Seattle
|rau t one time controlled the milewM championship, and
Sloeent years has operated as an u manager, which
!Afu he sUlU hpa fighters but otherA m or him.
--' D. A.'s office has a book on id M as your arm
It pan more than 20 years of law lMl order is a fre-
t charges In 1928 he was sen d tl two to four years
I ba homloide ease. the courts lwme ovr him. It took
1 0,00 ball to spring him In IM, a mor Mi V whish he later
Sow a ferocious bum of thf t M Metedly thwart the
I m.r-ausfl the public. oW, im ep he can con-
Cawto do business In thepirlf t4Mg. m iy, Is beyond
S and understanding. Th PJt lbee B leirmed and
te for promoters SM ma know.

S muel Smug!

I M,- ,-,stt. s "M -

K>" ^ ..5^ __ ^




Reduction In Distant Recruiting Will

Check Criticism, Bryant's Sane View"

NA Special Corre*
If the men who run colle
are eager to cut down o:
Ing, they received a str
off In Paul Bryant's a
The Kentucky coach:
ed he would recruit
players from out of his
At first glance this
drastic cut which ma
Kentucky to a second-ri
er. The last figures of
tional High School F
show Kentueky has fi
schools playing ll-1ma
than any of its adjoining
, In 1946 Kentucky had
school teams. Indiana
Tennessee 187, West Virl
Illinois 316, Ohio 370,
vania 405.
Bear Bryant said
would have the same n
football scholarships asI
but would limit out
grants to five boys a yei
If freshmen continue
gible, Kentucky could
out-of-state players on
and meet this rule. The
be five seniors, five jur
sophs, etc.
"Any out of state
wishing a football schlh
Kentucky must apply
Bryant said.
S I hear any of our i
friends are recruiting ai
state man, I'll refuse
If Kentucky is able t
out-of -state students of
ber of Vito Parilli, Roche
Bob Fry, Cincinnati; Ge
aldson, East Chicago, In
Meilinger,, Bethlehem,
Doug Moseley, Luverne,
members of the 1951 t
Wildcats will be potent.
Bryant said any comic
the school has made a&
future students will be
"But there are no loo1
the decision," he said.
Bryant said he had b
sidering the move a' long
"You can't pick up

Do lil .-- *M -- I "In the past we have sl t
Poo +i1 lot of time trying to r4r 1
A-This marks a great 1e
ege sports ed on his first head-coachilg job
n re ruit,- at Maryland in 1946.
ong send-
nnounce- U |'"| Hs far-flung search for tent
nnon ewon him the title of "DxWIPSe.
amoun- I1 Gridnapper" In One slick iaS-
state. Bryant, it seems, had
appear a a number of players atb
redu Flight School who still t
rt pwI ability and had drilled
the sonaiy before moving to
federation Babe pU p Bryant Maryland.
wer high IThat was nothing unu
Football without reading where some- 1946, when nearly every a
ng states thing's wrong with football., was bidding recklessly
S77 high- "I think a reduction in distant ball talent.
had 113, recruiting will stop a lot of this. But it will be rememe
g1lna 218, "It wll give our staff more in 1952, Bear Bryant set 1w
Pennsyl- time to coach the boys we get. record for reversing theI
Kentucky '
llynhq*^ rtfI sB a

to be eli-
have 20
its squad
ere would
aiors, five
arship at
for it,"
alumni or
n out-of-
to play
to obtain
the cali-
ester, Pa.;
ene Don-
id.; Steve
Pa., and
Ala., all
eamr, the
Ready to
holes in
)een con-
s time.
a paper

SNver Ciy Sports

The Giants nosed the Cleve-
land Indians at a score of 7-6 to
move Into second place. After
scoring six runs in the first half
dale the cfidc 'neC on
the mound, the Indians chalked
up three in the second stanza
and three In the fourth to even
the score.
The White Box swamped the
Yankees tO the tune of 12 to 3. X.
Haynes tripled, A. Ashby homer-
ed and captain Ricardo doubled.
Junior 0igh Girls' Softball
The Los Santos combined Ele-
mentary team met Bocas in the
scheduled Junior High Girls'
softball game and scored their
second win to retain the lead In
the Intramural League. Cynthia
Turner hit twQ homers, one in
the third and one In the sixth
stansas to give Los Santos the
Bocas met David and edged
them at the score of 14 to 13. It
was a thriller all the way until
Caroline Cox made a triple to
cinch the game.
Senior High Girls' Softball
Cuba trounced Venezuela ten
o tfour Ina scheduled Senior
High Ws' softball game. Cuba:
drew first blood, chalkIng one in
the initial frame. Venezuela re-,
taliated wth one In he second.
Both tetnms rallied in the third;
and fourth Innings, but CubaI
tallied six more In the fifth and
three in the alxth to make the
score 10-4.
Honduras beat Nicaragua 5 to
0. HoildurM sored three in the
first framp aI lcagua fought
deapera w *o e score. 3.
Franklin ld them hitless to
finish the game 540.
Junor Nigh hey' Baseball
The Tsgers met the Bombers
and whitewashed them 10 to 0.
Irving De Houa started and the
first ptched bll was a homer.
Cristo Robson also hit a
triple. wo alks and another
triple caused hiJ removal for E.
Montes who fished the Inning
In fin fne style A w-run lead for
the Tlme g a the Bombers the
Jitter-sL d-MBM held them
for a no-hit ao-run win.
On the dader path, coach Har-
old Scott Is busy looking for a
new find for te coming Track
and leld Meet (Intetehool)
which 1i lato* for March 7, at
the t. Nope stadium .
In the Ih schooy boys de-
,artment.De ummi. Panton
Egllve Iwot andPth Oil1'
McLe-o .o.Uat fever pace.
In the JuM 5Uh_ uad, Ha-
nm6n AlstoM % Vernon.
"Cane Dumop" wtlon anad
rlash" OraaUsI a burning up
the cindet.
In the rls department Sylvia,
Webster, D @ and Ole-
ia Greene ar deteim d to give
Ssoods accoMmotheplolves.

ZOWAGIAC.Moh. (UP)-..hjlt
L. coates advrtui h a the loase
paper for a $ h= U he'd l -
SThrman, refa r-


NOW you can



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($150.75 Round Trip).-

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4:30 r SUNDAY Jan. 27


Farewell Pertermsi
of the distinguidld

Monolo Ortega:

de Colombia".




will he fought

We are passed to aumm that we have lbtab d
the bl em El Rm aRWobaduc la Adad,
heam for its Iflutim bas.

* 4


~-- ~---;~T--- -e--~:--. -- -1



.. -, r








Shannon, Smith or n '

m irng as the early starters In
the field of 75 got thc Panama
Otiep Golf Tournament under
way t the Panama Golf Club.
while most of the topflighters "Let the people know the tr and c nty Abrhm Lincoln.
wf'elnot scheduled to tee off un-
til the afternoon the ever-pres-
ent hopefuls of the also-ran tWENTY-SEVENTH YEAR PANAMA, R. P, THURSDAY, JANUARY I3,% 13 FIVE CENTS
class went out to do their best. A,,
As the scores were turned in, t
became increasingly apparentI
thaWt their best, at least today,
wam none too good. K e auver of
Venrable Matt Shannon, best
of the morning field before het
went out, proved his standing as i
hw. came in with a nine-hole I r n I "
round: of 37. This score was0
equalled by Jack Smith but bet-
M cutRing For Presidential Choice
tered by no one as most of the
entries went way over par. C i
The scores:
FIRST EIGHTEEN By JOHN L. CUTTER will run a g ai nd believes entitled to the "widet hoie ted, his administration would
G. Galiftdo, 83; C. de la Guar- "the call of duty" will influence possible.' gve "close attention and much
dia, 82; Erasmo de la Guardia,, WASHiNGTON, Jan. 24 (UP) his decision. He said tlierp is at n forlemphasis to the battle against
83; Nene Arias, 84; Ernesto de la Sen. Estes Kefauver formally Price Stablizrer Michael V. Di- "new blood" In both the em corrupt!.m." He said the Federal
Guardia, Jr, 85; G. Engelke, 83. announce 4d his candidacy, for the Salle anroun;e,.e he will be a can- cratic and Republion att e Government must provide lead-
Democratic Presidential nomina- didate tfr the Democratic U. 8. expressed confidence atu he erlip for states and commun-
FIRST NINE tion today and said he is in the Senate n,.minat on in Ohio, seek- wins the nomination he ca beat ltes in eliminating criminal In-
F.-,iorrice, 41; R. Estripeaut, race "to the finish" regardless of ing the seat now held by Repub- any candidate the R lieo. 1l nce
46; JKienway, 45; B. Hurdle, 48; whether President Truman runs lican Sen. John W Bricker. have to offer On che politically explosive
j. Saughter, 50; H. Beall, 40; E. again. It also was disclosed today that Kefauver said he told M. Tru. iseue of civil rights, Kefauver
Gerirais, 43; R. Dehlinger, 40; R.I He sai he wants only the top Mr. Truman had a private poll- man in advance he waf h to said that as a southerner he feels
M. ATas, 40; R. Glickenhaus, 40. spot and will not settle for the tical talk at his Blair House re- get into the race. He de to great progress has been made in
C. iamorati, 50; M. Shannon, ice presidential nomination or sidence last night with Gov.asay how the President reacted. recent vers and much more can
37; Arias, 47; W. Schmitt, 40; any other office. Adlai E. Stevenson of Illinois. Kefauver suid that If Mr. Tru- be done on a voluntary, educ-
N. Lewter, 42; A. Saarinen, 40; M. The Tennesee Democrat, for- Stevenson has been mentioned man does decide to run. gain tonal tasis
MuUl,, 38; P. Trim, Jr., 42; P mer chairman of the S e nateas Mr. Trumpn s likely choice as and wins the nominatnlon I will
Trim,, Sr., 42; G. Riley, 39; J. Crime Committee said world successor if the President doesn't support him and urge my friends He said he opposes a compul-
Smh, 37. peace is the "paramount issue",run again. to do so.' sorry Fair Employment Practices
wV son, 43; Lee Hamilton, but that e also is concerned over It is "eneraly anomer that CopmiLson.
43; e rge Fears, 45; S. Beaudry, the political influence of organ- The tennessee Senator said Mr. Truman cea get the no -
45; Hutchins, 51; B. Boxwell, ized crime and corruption. he decided to get into the race, mination at the Denmratle
45; K Harley, 44; M. Mahoney, Keafauver made his long-ex- without waiting to learn Presl- National Convention at Chia.. *
M.44 In 4; H ected announcement to a jam-i dent Truman's intentions, be- f n July If he wants ft. Drunk rvin
Ofobinson, 47; G Hoct packed news conference which cause he feels the voters are Kefauvr promised that, if delee-
ler A. Ganon, 52; J. Hof-capped a rash of political pro- e Held Over

e5mR o.en Oe nn Ms, r Army Must ell Why Crosses e. Held Over
rahlam, 39; W. Gordon. 43.- Democatic national commit-t
t T -- -- leman JohnN.ngleof Missou Army iM us T l W hy Cb Mrhowas tbookedonau dr
TusIwr said aftur a talk with Mr. Tru- de rwwinr bhare In h nth
NO Tuesday Is man he has "no doubt" the Pre- ** Madstrate's Court. d
sident v.'il svek re-election. Ma gs U*ate's Cort.
elTu edAaPan E.t za dio ue orkReplaced At Hawaii Cemetery The 43-year-old American post-
vn Day For State em ti Chairman, ed the 100 ball and asked that
said aib'r a law with the Pre- the case be continued to 1:30
Dlsident he 19hopep" Mr. Truman p.m. nert Monday In order to
P fIC CivIC Council sdent he "h Mr Truman WASHINGTON. Jan. 24 (UP) as well as about the rowse give her tim e to secure cose
Tuesday will be election Evicted Panamanlan -Military officials were order- themselves. Mrs. Krnether was charged with
davr the Parific Civic Council. ed today to explain to Congress President Truman has said he drunk Jrtvin, on Bruja Road be- I
That 'ay iJl eligible voters Ra 2 1 next Wednesday why white approves the way the Army is tween Cncoll and the MIrflorf P
from Balboa. Ancon, and Diablo Reports crosses were removed from the handling the controversy about Bridge on Jan. 18.
districts ma' vote at the three graves of 13,000 war dead In the crosses. He said the service
commissaries in those towns. An Misin T nk Hawaii's National Memorial Ce- is treating all war dead exactly
eligible voter is any resident over Mis jsn Frm T metery. alike and voiced confidence "
21 vears of a4ce in the three dis- The summons was issued by that the controversy will be
tracts. wThe loss of $725 he had trid-n a House Public Lands Commit- resolved to the satisfaction of
.'he ballotmi will take place den in the bottom of a trunk tee which is considering a bill all concerned.
feur.In th'. usual commissary was reported today by John tee which is considering a bill all concerned.
hours between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 MCGovern de Freits. a Panama by Rep. Edth Nourse Rogers But Mrs. owners andue
.m. ty refrigeration mechanic. tR-Mass.) to force the Army members of Congress refused to
Every eligible voter of these De Freitas said the money to restore the crosses on gravesbe pacified. She said rently
three towns is expected to cast he had been saving for five on the "Hill of Sacrifice" at that she will give the Army
his ballot for ilhe representatives years to get married on was Punchbowl Crater overlooking one more chance to restore the
of hi town. When voting, he left in the locked trunk when Honolulu. crosses and then demand that
should r.'ques' the teller to give'he was put out of his home in Congress take direct actldla, a
him a .allot for the town of San Francisco following a fore- The crosses were removed last Chairman John E. Rankin
which h-r Is a resident. r closure on a mortgage. September, evoking a storm of (D-Miss.), of the House Veter- b
By casing nis ballot the resi- When his personal belongings criticism from Congressmen, re- ana Committee has promised to n
dent will shuw the administra- were returned to him, de Frel- ligious leaders and veterans back her in the effort. He said w
tion that he is behind his Paci- tas said the trunk was unlocked groups. The Army said they he will fight to the "last ditch" ti
flc Civic Council in Its endeavors and the money was missing, would be replaced by flat stone to keep the Army from "oblit-
to make 'ne ('ana) Zone a better De Freitas has filed charges markers which are cheaper and rating the crosses over the
place in whl-h to live. In the First Circuit Court. easier to maintain. graves of those dead."
A list -,f the present nominees When one veterans' group Mrs. Rogers, Rankin and Rep.
rill be ubl'shed in the very protested that the arkers Oeorge H. Fallon (D-Md.) in-
near iu.tre Time' gazine s would make the rock-rlmmed produced resolutions last year
Welsh l cemetery "look like a vacant to force the Army to restore b
Gaskin, Welsh John Boylelot," the Army noted that flat the crosses but Congress ad- s
Address Women Vi r markers are used in national Joqrned while the resolutions t .
Address Women Isthmian Visitor cemeteries in this country, in-were in committee. s
John Boyle of the foreign cluding Arlington Memorial Ce- Re., John R. Murdock (D- 'i
Ed Welsh, international re- news staff of "Time" Magazine metery. Ari., chairman of the Interior
presentative of the CIO. and is making a brief visit to the The Public Lands Subcom- Committee, said he does not W A Radio-Telephoto)
Ed GOskin, president of CIO Isthmus during a tour of South mittee is an arm of the House know enough about the Issue ..Fs
Local 900, last night addressed and Central America. Interior Committee which has to predict what the group will IN GYT B lter c
ting of the Local 900 wo- He arrived at Tocumen yes- lurisdictlon over national ceme- do. But Rankin said he will Ath hyBridget Ann si
imes auxiliary in the La Boca terday from Bogota. and will teries. lead an effort to force the mea- i e fCroton-n- AmeHudson, gi
Ibouse. leave tomorrow morning for The committee said it still sure to the House floor if the e.f ir t current Amrican w
meeting elected Mrs. Le- Costa Rica. He pla s to stop in has not received a report on committee doesn't act. IE t the current An ule r a
*lMSu Shirley chairman of the Guatemala and Mexico before the issue which it requested Mrs. Rogers said she is sure l struggle0er Anthonywashe sa
rv. Mrs. Euland Harris returning to New York from the Defense Department. Congress will approve her re-sa I;thi s e Anthony was sa
^ resident, and Miss Lurline Boyle is a guest at Hotel El The military witnesses presum- solution if it reaches the House S f the Convent of the wr
| iismon secretary. Panama. ably will be asked about this and Benate floors. lsetn'oey nf illa. te
Of,-b~rt7,in X13& Lter

..~ I *~
-. h

'Miss CZ Of


U. :." f/-,.a

,ase this morning to entertain tpop
-OAlrC D/CS Persopnel; Togmmy Tm
nard W. Halley, project officer; Paal
thy Wenzel, mistress of ceremonies; (
Lt. CoL J. M. Martin, Albrook bMg a
strumentalist. This afternoon the,,trt
'Tonight they will play two shows at

Officials Seek

Removal Of

Newark Airport

ELIZABETII, NJ., Jan. 24 -
UP) Angry city and state of-
'IcaIa demanded today that
Newark arpurt be moved or shut
own as the result of Tuesday's
elamin0 Irhner crash in the
leart of Elizabeth.
Twent -eslgit persons were
killed, live of them residents,
aking total of 84 person who
save died in two airliner crashes
n this cety in the last five weeks.
lanes tokin off or landing at
rearbr Newark airport fly over
fiteabeto. r
Sab joined Ameriesn Ae.
1euu veoi in an lWa10aton of
d at boat WM 48 p l The
mashed 8 a bri a&
building, splintered a frVame du.
Olex and set the wreckage afire.
Three of the dead reasdensi
ere small children. *
Among the 23 dead paueg
nd crewmen aboard the pla.
as former Secretay of WaO
ert P. Patterson. It was O.
oineed !In Washingtohn.4 h
ll be buried In Arlington N!
ional Cemetery, probably Fidadp
Police and tir prb th
lass of boards, band
Airplane parts for other p
Bible victims cf the diastor.
The charred. b'dles of 28 ps
ons had been taken to the U
eth morgue. Twenty-three had
een Ido.ntifled, including 19 per.
n who died on the plane, the
dree children and a woman re-
dent. Five b',dies were not Iden.
fied immediately.
Air anJ electronics experts be.
an an investigation of the
'ash, which came with explo-
ve suddenness as the twin-en-
ne plane was being guided to-
ard a landing through fog and
ain by the conventional tistru-
Lent landing system at the
ame time oethg monitored by
round control radar. The plane
as trying to land at Newarat-
r a flight hromrn tfal.


Yes. theft are three pilots board y Warfn*hW 006
brajas s guide gif sky.-
t .thcawI He ham.I mF.s il.
S Second, tke ct-pilot, first office of the airplane. He
to4w :h thomUsgds of hours of ying werience.
Third, the fliht engineer. His fob is to keep con.
"nt chck Qiwaflsjxuenta an ea !ow He's
t ,.n._ rhe too is a icetued ne pilot.
-. ,, you this. em auratce of a
wy Iflpt-.notber reuo w h* pe.
XiCienW4|kItte^1A Jmiraniff for dee
F 't. J"
4 '4u

. Ta .-


4 < ] ,

.5 Ann Gorman, right, last night was chosen Miss Canal Zone of 1952 in a bathing beauty contest held
it the Central Theater in Panam6 City. Miss Gorman was presented with a beautiful trophy after winning
i: t over a bevy of beauties, the lineup of which is shown above. The photographer forgot to take down
names (and telephone numbers) but we thought you'd like to take 4 look anyhow. Nice job these
d fl" "have, eh?



'.4 .''.
c~, ,,' ;* .




< 1 --...v .
+* -.? ,.: *-,. :,+. 3,

1 _





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