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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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PlfIT CLASS 50.40 "
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"Let the people knew the truth and the country is, soa",- Aliralisim Lincoln."


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Shake Up
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Ch ages Violation Congressmen Mother's Day 'No Changes
,ha Char 0ra ,
S Congressmen Shrines Appear

f Repatriation Terms Everywhere -At RP Homes Contemplate(
.6 Dee (tW)O gD cause It weuam Inlitt RimlN to Or wrdei the into pro ram
Sed attend the ed erence as a A Saturd wt own Brightly-lit household shrine,.
e ta7 tlta- t i whih bad no ribUhl. t nEs t aDtng IRepubcn- of Heis neo o the largest roups of
%tca1 ait- somn blois la n arwnsa aBedwHttlet o l atIbocnrlfduehe r
S t te n wa r. tervleW ad refdl go back United Stateu congressmen to each wth the Virgin Mary
s t that "On thoesd," eChou msaid, to thef iipoui w his foreeced v isit the Isthmuse in several cade o eectr ligh, wle 1ecre
ats on re- 'he Untd pthenteti e tlntervier t oe to th s- ears will be here duin this some balconies, lawns and w-
S tu o rean "n o ats reabltLn Ithe nct er te os o Sa mt whom arrived this dows last night in preparati n

a ie e o e Amerinoftrw Mont) Theyareheuledto U Other activities Include a spe- oe job
allf ed that tehHer their ateo ailry on the Panama liner for thea o servance s tomorrow of) t contd
tsa i enttoCtha es.tL,-t*l-thr rte l io a neutral the 'South Koreans at quiMetly the Feast of the Immaculate
WtjA i on nr al Asse- poStin k dU theKoreawn badrwi the5 ber oei tlr attempt he l ority of the visitors Coneption, which is also Moth- The Governor's Office today denied
and me grektcontrlbtiona to- to win.thm back to democrc member of the House In- her's Day in the Republic of Pan- ig around Balbol Heights of a drastic
'bW e addressed to Dag lam- w*rdsprqPmotinSan armistice in Only one 'prioner. caused trou- terstte, and Foreign Commerce ama. ed htthre

thy%.%tf "^^ ^e hrUp, the ? mr an- United State, representatives. enextDeanoftCathedra acols gave the blanket answer: "No changes
~ tar ,eaera of.. i JL -ble. He refused to Ieve his booth Committee.n umors wede irulti
teta r divry Mnmiatr led brel with In- They are scheduled to go by Ma e a teOther shrines, decorated witr
Se b by th Rt evR n mt plated" when asked the following ques
hi P a 4 i -a flaation o- dlan guards as they led him out. plane to Venezuela this week and n real or artificial flowers and" e
A hopes that more One prisoner who rete ex- return the The Canal Zoneinas to whether time
"iuaio0n '.ar-oea his 1thuan hlft'o the b American p n .otlon. ir the ming, ask- a on Its re- tp this afternoon wh o a b a
to criti Stage, riaers 'ill return to'their d toi eturn in the afternoon. t4rn' voyage leavip hCristal aie r honoring mothers w:llnb Eugene Lombard, being bi
0! we when op.atioms begin ut a so on as he entered he Friday. Members of get underway with a band con- 2) If it is not will the responsibility
Dec i .tae '.a speech about unitedbllesawill spend all this week fre. cert by the Polce band in an- warrant its present grade f pc
135 net eeot rote- Nomhlng~of prison ca~pS." the Pacific coast wiell i. sen. ta AnaPlaza between 5 and 3) Is Lombard leaving the service,
%1#613W North Mrtble' bombing.ot prison ca*Ps."- p.m.
amp.e0iteb N" feand Mrs. Mike Mansfield (D.- pm.l
,oddl 6- !or c:iO fSt.rLuk another job)
aft .tl #asnte rontihe .LinrS otheractivities Include a spa
,bLImm. CaRlied 6ut for onyI .4. toter. teilheh homes.. 'Ebh American offinei, who Mont.). They are scheduled to Other activities include a spea
h ivdiaysr ete r tweatn- le .i in ter t to l Friday on the Panam cA'. alprogram Ln.-tcadpeneof dances, recitA- 4) Is i t contemplated separating
.nd the rctat when Mansfield has visited .ere on tions and musical items tonight moor of the Management Dlvi
wbith o thea ntiCotheir 'preOv.u Occasions. He is a m mern- The Rev. Ma l Richard atDtheiritthonMan1ge
ore brkedbasetd ohard tt the Nheir rey Theater.
dr soIi $ !$ g, pet ber of the Foreign Relations and M& -ADnaald, at -lOrw ent lrie
wh 0, .. .. ... is!-" it otClthea nCmia- tins a rgM oflSt.senprest- Throughout the day several pro- A. DooIan Personnel Direct
,the ent, i'Er e~)- who havre es.rosa l-/an a re- .Dstrlct of Co-umbla ,Commit- ilnchare of St. Andrew'sl wiss amsno a similar nature were To all these questionsNGov. John
thapee sm tees. ca C .Curch at Co ol will- e To all these questions Gov. Jon
W, f iothti n th prIears'to s.ilri- -sald the AmXerls5 are an- United States representatives; the next Dean of the Cathedraleld in Colon and Panama Cityhe blanket answer: changes
exitt ha' 'l ~ll t- be. iM vl9w arE 13 xlougP Wltih for t.e' lna- othet than members of the In- of St. Luke in Ancon. schools.Rumors were also circulating today
Stiolat"h o to ~t sme apty wan trttee, who arrived on there 'The name of the man who will Tomorrow, which is a national tomorrow would be "D-Day" with
themI Er too h uny heht woaidDeanRaymondFerris holiday in Panama. hundreds (,f o ld b th r
Id "'-3h to t a eqsame sources sad they do Panami today were Mrs. Leonor-
dteastj,,but- le s e ur-hisdearturenerct Februbiirheavals contemplated by the administr
het n- i th Kore u m Bnt (.Marl nd FiheMr ies I was announced to commu- irst conuunion at churches a Some employes said they heard
Sthe i- Soth Koroa f.tioto dafte i.a rine and Fishies cats at the 10:45 a.m. service overthe Repubic and Panaml-
the 2*e l vi* t mmittee, and. Mrs. Vera Cuch- h eats atby the Rt. ReV. R. e nian mothers will receive glfs the changes would be distributed tomol
aover*helmla r)dyt their ft- ~*rii (D.-Pa.)-. of the Publice.nian mothers willgif
Con nl ch e trturn hoe. W s Committee. from their children confirmed officially.
dWManal chancetoreturn hone C eSaturday, BishotL ooden Many of the Wines will re-
s aMmber of the House Inter- hcd- presided over ad chapter mai n utilafler .the Christ- The question as to whether The staff
i. st .tte..te bore tL te and oren Ct held et the ras mthe responsibilities of the offie.h att hWlboa
A li .T'm hc O0 1'AMr."h
:- :, .. ,: ._ -. L. 'i ] ..:omiteewhw~l _. er th# _mia. ,l ea~n .......... :: the rsp~sllliie. ,,,tlv ,.fth w itfr .J n b t lba.



d rumors circulate
personnel shake'
changes contem.
y, at present held
es be sufficient to
or being shifted to
Forrest G. Duns-
sion, and Edward
S. Seybold today
to the effect that
lard to other up.
circular outlining
rrow. This was not

the press sect
a will be tra



1, ,o
c4 i~

t .*a 3, D^ I MIJwr tar ferred to the newly created D1- D g Leav
SAthur y r I rector of Pubic Relations. D weg Leaves
t^.tn So.f eS *Mao. -aonR ort i od, Car LI aw COUdI IIOn IS n an announcement yester- Tht Aft
T -o Ir t:yuenMer. Re tubii and later C uateh fro the
w ithaidme eeeAfain noffcerm a Tonight After
: W '*.^ -' n Mator SSfrnf, S S Jsbl : h !hfln ied and later go atWe d from the day, the Governor revealed that
thr t e "s e Mw n.Be, i dsti epube Is ac niversaityoa f then Caifor- A five-man American Feder- Will 0. Arey, currently Public
SO "f .t.6 -bl d.H is a l al with aBr' degree. action of Labor delegation on the Affairs Officer at the US em- rt V t
L. B b r eth ra i he worked tfor Isthmus to gather information bassy ia Panama, has been
Rh, o.dtrsx. epulicanthe Rsi Portland Cement vital to Canal Zone eiploae named to the new post, effective La Ven R. Dilweg. the Wash-
ri old attend as a neutral. t C when he entered the United brief ng at, the S. embyn ALstood that the ob is to be s- States Ctizens' Association who

i- lEa d oid the e sential IhWl a, lf Group N lie was relieved office s are etal Trades De- responsibility for public rela- Dilwen said today his visit
i f an r lit hat do ex ) are: Alo te~ rtwit th we wha e acted duty with the rank prtmtet present James A. tions has heretofore rested wih here wa "very gratifying" a
dp) sides agree the two Intatp an il st uteant. during the Brownlow, Wililam C. HushinR, the Executive Secretary. that he learned a gest dhMs
O Miats, dessho.ld conduct the n lo Cow tCler, D o a of Hr tider..combat conditions, he chairman of the national legls- from oerscnal contact with em-
HWWOM*41-.wtthPt .m t-K -,Irpa t9bt clerk of t h e s ac- tide tfeys He for the mini lathve committee, X. Barker
Apy 2 t Is, dompanmd byt S.internatioial' vice-president oi Fast Work ployese whom he was hired
i bat k ld les dcidd tbyer ecd tued to busfor th inesiA- tive ore, Barkerf rployesterday he wents hied m
wbyiS whe,- o W deby Ru n S n vMdnaned to thuines o escthlr oaers, r ci NEWARK, o Calif., Dec. 7 (UP) the Canal aboard the iI

~ 'f de ,iM u idtimd-i ot heaar today pLe no he y .are O the tsem Ioiy was accented ainl At D tlon of Bridge, vi the a complaint of a hole work performed iOn the alit
ie hdbe of the t by the Bhopf Structural d Ornamental Irn he pavement on Cher ushbutton" operation.
'lltlithYut dr the alth dfa Ct Losn e and watered the Workers This his ear 29," camesie im- Dilwer is an associate of the
S* Berkele-y Divinilty e S chool New mediate reply. "We have already law fi-m of Emmett O'Neal a-
lr knD f toa from Haven, Connecticut, from which Two other, George J. Rich- found the hole. Please send a tow wps hired by the VUSCA 'tP
S tr e to tdor he graduated with honors isn a ndso John Spalding ae car to get out.June of next year.
^ ^^^ 'Prortrbbeen orft # iDeacon In Db Ius todt
n ed Progressive be In orni, l- T ML
SThe Dinun Oil ed as Ouratat St. Jhn'sa s itinerary dor yE MfA IL BO X
S Vts Church. N aew- ee Cnn1 -til s e .m. Visit the U. S. Em- -
(upt) 1 UtS; AFore s A.w C pontai of- te busn- es o n. 1alboa Industrial COMMISSARY "POISON"
adt that ,ng ei oo i nt live y ars supply He w~ ordained a priest byBu. Editor
maaU lnl charges. e of Australla Bishop GoodepOn Aug. 196M 1. Ma res Loks. A recent article in Drew Pearson's column told about tb

uaqbli tei rvics 2r no lor Di di simaonr u a mlS. We m Ser thLet rbeo. h aat.on ieve th orohs
th within two rethe Clony ath tal of Se ike, thuarnful effects of a chemical called cou earn used In b
FnW Tb., P Ad A 41e, _tao nwhl'arh Anne rinynthetic vanilla flavoring. We read the label on a bA tbion
on or w b undebe Le V 2on; prt '&7in" Charptge pa..n a t ed is Stuff purchased at the commissary and, sure enmiik It Oq~tb&
o;e onl thai If oil L s Puerto h he held aturda: t rid of the harmful dru it shouldnw t toe dat,
ttirservices are no longer could be marf '-a muelle. 1$-e also served the- Leer before te d*leation leaves the as four large chemical companies in the States have decided
lot. within two7 0e". Clouy at PsMl Seeco. Isthmus. comarin is not for the good health of the people. b teino tah

(The Ceaminsary visionn did formerly use eeari S OR
.hE M l d *l its liataOe vWanilla flavorain, as have ether maantetalsa
en w of the flave ing far the past 1v years. Coir arin Ia s'
Scar the euaimt's proem formula for this flavering, but tA
Seventh ther are till bottles on the shelves wit the *e t~W-
e. 1 HO a ben per ap d po eorth l an ur p aJh-equator cer- ltal, heaewtres need not start uMnplag Mr teO rte A. A
asamt variety of po does eegi aGothic while -resmasMte ad "Chewieal Week" saysra of eaist: *-at,
Sathe tl ga She works an her pleasant se heated with delight. ol we faemarln will be made s on by a DrA Ait .
&.Horlm. th wbho & the role of assistant withdrew it re t hoed use after animal adi ne shMwed se
6o00M;~ n eC ar sister's ,W- a dozen "pri- evideAg of t tilesi. Irewamcologist Lloyd Rhaelto contend
~ hr e ed ta auble haring that the enpnd 'a pbelemns sa 61M
"e har waiting, Lady Alice r ce..' nrt under es"-examneatten byothe
Gothic 4l40l dyo Pamela Mount- Aa, @r a nd C hes lae Mianu sfetreOsl a e it te
e& 4 ue. tha fo lae Hffets had ever been observed in .habOUS
Swi w t e o.sQ) "wborI tets be Wsd aed the material at higher ceares-
upu'lThe -m.tat. als. t iedi wht bsa neer trartia than ae noermant encoutered: (3) be had aemayea
a07 gave..t--a se ... en~e siyphetl rathet than natural coumnarin." f aa beenP ao
m;Ma. oe la igtn the et e's d out that he of extract with ceumart wWl
has lia f duk ll-a dhee if takem at one thie. The Camuiart l hai101104
med es ched the uleswia ming powl and te ai mtha ee ntain k e aa r cnot eWamat beI
49,* .00 v alss doeters, Oft beoaposeal of his' extreet weighs fa
cha7 e racters who D i:eva o se sswer INI Of teapOWful WIEFF M.
# 1 961 6 r aon. equator-crossin g 1 U two teaealIs of extract waseused 110-
i a cab*.ssd askase were died into 1 Places. oamb d
"Flodele to.fogerticipated with gus. coke on g e inta .616 grms of coumaris.f.R
Sto the et r a -fem 3.Mpleae of coke to"ron M h
aid'. Ip her papw4scheduled to reach kl-& e Mte Se. the Mbke who wants sit d tef 1
Dec. 17 on' the 3.90 jse l-o ake at me sattins w om haes
w lith d t r A w "w e va nlla

. I

S. '

I I: i

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Ct ;t~: ,
~Ys; '.~.i- i
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T rT .__,_,_,__.,"-,,-, .1% I".

"T.-- b. e..E PANAMA AMERiCAN A ...*
,.. .^ au.* w ^. Labor N An hNothing
. "^ '"- "tt" ""- ."*" ....ha)d No"h,...nO i L, cfl" "> .,5Blt
"M rno .F14bo,, we *** see. Museq. .e
-V WaPNM PANAMA NO 7 s40 Is:Le-A -1
aIUir Mma7 hlnu ls, nw yu an t&VE .E (o o we

.. i. .'F .d. aBy VIC'OR
n uorein titles th

Maeill Bern as .on pe.n I .a.. .ders rho lea, Am kill o ur correspondent .
awe receive onleheI e alre ta..4 1o e wh.ll seet.- informed, unless weAgL

an re pubishid m the order rece b ers wre-g the So -?
try i keep the letters tnelSd oe one h r i i poc.-e execurfioner
a letar write a bs held i ractest story, however, for
g wee e essuyme no des poasbalaty t eo bh a ue to sa y that a
ut life again a few u
S an o uIme a oitol a on't btor tlde iwo u l am e a nc .o, w Well, n he wasn't sld a l. i l i *
et at eo kuep dr o G Ilo S hed t ni Ie Babo S police teligeutoners. "' B

S the i gently released tes ua
LET'S CHOOSE OUR CHAMPS loftne Commr ists
of unuon people~k ......
ack In the old days when nighthood wasJn flour, when asthe Workers Schad.o o M.
5of sus to ns orn ar0 es nad a d isagreeslent ,jley used Lilly. This toldr of-
ena chapalon and townbe side would name a clampione and ns:rads was e real
b o iwut r at it to see t wI oho, I was oi tal "
nr would say to the other sellers. now I tole yoa go and then Biion Wolff. h d
would go on abort here business makin up the re' t ineas that A ccordthoin the timoy
less1 the mes of there arumint, wL ey ded Eased by the Senate stbiCom- "'
was a better champion. tee on Internal security "Major"
i'then wncn .iey goa there next champ they would startthe Wolff was asked whbtaer head
umint again ano tne two boya would nave it out and-the win- served under Soviet oeersi.' He
would tell the looters now 1 told you so and that was the anod refused to answer. He s as ed
a. -that fr a while. Now as you can see. Iffen one side had a if he is now a member of' "an .
Scrapper they was goe to be righg t most of the time andcrspion*qe ring seeking to d -m-eg ,
1a- lost unaer this system was relatively little compared to what refused to answer. Then Ma war (-
. would havthe oeen t en bo th sides went .at t too th and nall with a sked:o.
f rey man Jack of em every time they had a disagreemlnt. An "Did yousv have lan ing to do
hes'. r. there was always a r chance that the seller that won with execution o any Ari .
th e ght was right, to begin ith. eran ciznli tls in Sltai.n? i
Now looka here shat a wonderful chan r we have right now rAeind duo r an n a t
Sto settle most of our dif ficulties with iA a lit bloodsheou ienadgonue F ntho, er -) e could worth aU ter t aOnt e a he aet we hag our m T A ae rn .a of.u..dt e.i *s
a real big guy. must weight nigh onto 185 Dounds fightin weight, Uock1n2 Subeaersiortn Gofntier :71
with- a hand like a vis. He usta play perieslional eaotball anyd Diteingencuvesi.
erap and referee fights and kames and such stuff. You know, yrtwaeiajigrp m itndte at atr
the nl g radiator type onl v hlLhe nsome hamne t ie hwoe Bfr ohe Iaed a w t ll-. b wi r h de i.' o
- hen aon the other side we got Mr. Newman th Acot c y into e oon 's ed o
*oy-w.a-ighty fine coincidence isl here at the saino tiie asnr ii. n d .tll, slightly built, ouSa ds t il him uiai .a'
ilr ht Neran i also a very big c buy.w g e t f s be a afot- an. n That manes t 1 t -
Bir ot he lthes away in wenrmt Mr. Dlt itp by beln s and coursern to daeh l
gacor, so they are both pretty eenly m atche up agalast each the GPU. Oft allme the i.By .
uner. tken, Krivitsky held i -un
Can you Imagine what a battle that would be an whpt a rank-he wiasd aeed te t-.
hquse that tould draw. Gor:h! We Ljuld fill the Balbot Stadium tary Intelligence in Wer I-
arn A out, all the sanu in room espec tfly hilen we made iL a fight rope, with the r rk oa s i. Still on my favor-e 'subjetl;fthat they trf e. .P the books
to theu finish with no holds barred n the audience to give the Before he died--at wag 'temf Il.. i relavthe e and dle as a deias n making awbpi lgal a to
thqusib up or thumbs down sienal. Tne bos wouldehave to have under strange t iren served io thtthe Sncar? priv.- .Lo an Irre-
ae wre ahw s acmok.ome gbo with. bdo h e.ih,.u rehan, f
d an I st uest we o ourld uet pleny for in Mr. Dilweg bl orner. Washingteon hotel t Iw of ileges n owners
Ent know who we could wet In Mr. Nemans NOnerecepSt Tsky wrote a boTK. oco York Ct be el
her OAO man cause I dnt think ay o the octl dml KriviTAsky wrote hr t prsed his iN ahe In t~a td
' t pushers would wanr to take chance, not even Mr.8bers.. us previously. .' ;''.. or hbust, and ...t. the Enearaac h fta he w.a ,- h oo
S Now list m iten Mr. Dillneg tore Mr. Newmans head -."Al-P the voluntp"i me as rthr e ativelt a, t la
aiPTqn his holders and heaved it dut i~nto left field an then said were taken w~up'q,. to eit~herlifatib liohk ub40" ea b them ere t,
iDw I tole you so and this Is what we will do about subsidies, anipin n dmentd inddao1th0P lltooor-ei Ia
hospital fees. an commissary prices an the differential. Then the pa.issl'o rl We develop Qpesl hr l in Ewe .
heO boys would dragt there isch t mi on the field and pack up hiosrtw. ar th e damt was adta haelt .--sl1 upud' C
an so home an dit up another champ er next years ,undit t bug at st ofh' ve- lUth It.-.
the e.Aewn loa ry ra over andbwetn e od a ot- mA har
as Then all he us u citizens asoat n would hav to do woulee Thcame e vri. asHe on, anPsy Tahat

r gkyI oirnst o e t I a t i "..of.te.igur-
hb to keep Mr. Dlease In condition Mr haeIi ie s iell *a eThIc ar treir en.i. him.reai-.t d"
o anersfked officials an bring him balck to meet othee tAO chtarraed- wfs tbhead "er't ta Elfl Onee a andthy w ll sm- ,C
hA one that u ores or roia things out in the Bldg. elachawhicheum ed .'tI .. ..*t
nsU6enl th 6s some mighty big gfuysd down here audeitfigret e r t ao 'd .srbet that w t., t
ao fr wth s breyJad o he uhlen to tive IaIe Bforehebdioh Wate. o d e-s .

'"S*I' C6 iniws whata wer ru OW
-hEY DID NOT h'E US T Eal T The oaoer wod hatvin u por e Meowln a ee tranen ~ atJ
Shd aor al oIgu wite youl andcet ouaorn sal ary thegs awrt. wosuldington o .h M d"011
who complained about the buses t Foreign eoivii o0f lthe Oeer al lts a
Bsyta cie boout 1e0 uira. wb .w 4 h. .dntmnV1
O reusl about the six buses threat wlrotbd arlriv$ed.R ofr themh wha e je s rtllor '
t e t''br- o an.. cIhank e, onotni day. can. The had belonged to deaonod -n. OaAL H.t .wt
Nor.w %a th or or e rid ouae the y orave us In wour buses. sold "all. Thet wasn e _gret rauI6 ?lka w me o, 'bum uOmA ir moby
so u W thev did oot give us the basis to n tae cause fo o t tor. Aet sol.T a goo&is recentwho 6had Ig J"
he o thlorem as there alws water l ol eanu deaf ns of ah 4an th v. ee, ie .& U .
o ta"n hi holderinand rh ea ehi inmorm atio n re i veAd on th enams _14 u *-e, t e
or:-3 One wil gxcuze because I can'see yqkt dio ~t- waone I ae ly laid am
tCerNt grade in school. hiL WEEK-ENDtREL orES!imAS own time' verm-116 itur; luttbuer is eaWStOtt tra
ea. ftheresa cost the US government $2 en,000. and .Then b tha t i .edl 4, t t .th.
,,R,, aa to us but was not taken home cost your government i wo a m awny e hears by --
os w you need a f accurate e astim te o a a thse flare so h tos l '

t these bses run ro about $6.000 to 000 eachL wh t h ha d. e 6- to $ 0 i tead of the $70,000 lost in your "
ove s about the tdlsa it I-had the Opport unity V- hea ltnue tiO U amns.". t al
-or alone with iours and get Your salary then I would ain .-
t to pay double mgthe ta you are payr t C. thA mf ts
watone h.IGAsmanwas oft a at

all.. A sX swo k.
g art .k.ueH-f th#
a oremand w m e t ba m be useda,.,e ofAthe .' |te
O : '. u. -wv Ho hn ln day arri ved, he m lt tth ;t
., .' -bs oot give t d .o e ea hek rel matw

w a. .. "hl~tr '." -. ," -- '"" } .- -
:, ~eton I ~ nedan ccrae simteofte lrn woe~k dp~ '. ''" : "",
.+. n.~~~Qk .e.""~~~~~~;Ii;?BL~I: nleas II~ wlhm loa ae epri yu fie.: .l ,.
,. '-k cose o yor taxS~~rtaiov ffiers nd tey wll ell. Ubl;hal li

"lo ft.M ; -- 4",

g a4


'At --Ein o.


l^, l^ ... I i ,,-.

ir ~ w.!

* 1 ..l."!r r..
.. .'. .
'. .. i 'l *<* !l.-t --< I'Y .I.


ab bl
mini V6
he, wm

&l ar -tMd *U b a-

-4 Jo.eph McCrthy, at WAaWliM
teumnt made about him by Bmdlmut
fid that he is I "uW aco4 with
rS ler Pnu'azaewer to rthy'
to oregn pIoIcy. *0sv;: add,
ars later np the debate, .


$3'39.50 .

a. a s.

For ywr shoppjg savcnience, we ha remain spaW
m.y rig .m.-,. a 9 p. -i..


. ...-

-. 2
is one of the munioi-
yees n Amer
Lp. The winnerof the
Iing rWt wh will be
Either L4t.-Amertcan
has not bpen aPnouPC

a of QRQ ylt Ig

er wars chown fraom. a

iia. munlColadl aDr. fobtk
Avery .tuJlatam- ort the w
r i P4A, jmnluM*

r 'tn

quaq~ 4Cw-r

* -.T

.1 1 ,, -,

- f


i in

f NEW 1. BBrAII G Cbha. (U.P.)-
c- A lrHoyariaWJr. .2 42, built a
native ng ~sar" that nmasures, 18
r-o i s: ,i'diaawst .and doesn't
:5: 15ta.flo nrturn it to the
Iln- ilot'se It s.engine causes t
local to iircl Ilk p ~ bpmerams.


u~rT A-


and the

,, .,: .*.* ... '.- 4 .
-.. -

% .. '- .. .._
"' ,,

,. .., .
L~ ~~ ~~ i.o:: '-" '.i

,tkr7 IJ

n a .'." '

, .. '*' -
" I .
-, ".M '

Li StA .. T .f.ATRE
:. ., :i' INC. -l.... M *

'' F' THE T .

, ., V,

,- : ......--
E ......... .....sV K ..... ..... ...5

, *,', ;,, '-- ,* .. .. -.-, ..
>*--*(*a iw *- --* ~. *-s-~ <*-*- -.' -*
t. .. .. ..- .;: ..-.t"'A '.,
'- *.
.. I ,,, % '' r '
''"z. -'-i'- -"."' .. .. ^y^M i 1 '.

-.,. ,4..- : .,,-. .o.,:-.," B _,d r' :HI'- t-
S l;
) l I I

I -*A -A
*PA .'r

OH f J





/ *., ,

1'HE ;

4 1




I .

., ....?-,.j

n' *'--: .I

'4i ~ I:1



4. .I. "... ; ,'.

r ,q *
, *

W ':.

I. *A
h. WR

. r;.


i the bigg s tribute of the motio' pictures

in ",bor to all mothers in thewourd.

Tomorrow Previw in honor of Pantsamd


!' *

*1~r 'X
k '.1



- -

.. -' ,i









her's Wife 2

re With Escaped Convidf

SO -0-- .
V1 N.M Dec. 7 iUPI Officers said outlaw Nor*n;
eat autnoritles t'od v Davenpo:t had warned -lie
a dangerous esca.; d farme. 7omna Croaawhite, .Ie
t and the 19-year-old fa-'m would tOot it out" If po 7e
the took from her husband'a. caught p with, him after,'hc
after hiding out on there fled fronm the furm with Cros--
t for six weeks. white's wife and their two chi!-
--- dren. aged two years and se-;eni
o- n months old.

"Wean for NEA Service


VKIT2 943
4109768 Q543
47 4986522
4 AA 763
North-South vul.
S.ot WOet Nerth Eut
1 Pam 2V Pas
3'4 Pass 3V Pass
3N.T. Pass 4 Pan
56 Pass 66 Pan
Pass Double Pass Pass
8 N.T. Pass Pass Pa
Opening lead-# 10

Crosswhite went to nearly
Wichita Falls. Tea.. from l'i-
farm near here Saturday J.n
reported that' Davenport, who
escaoedi OCt 3;from the Oran-,
ite. Oklp.. pefiptatory, hadbpuL' '
hidln- out on his farm al'I
weeks. He told police DaAo.-L
tied four days ago. takli.M'
Crosswhite and the two b I dre
and usino Crosswhite's r fo:
his getaw y. .
Sheriff Wedan Balleft ic' -
ita Falls said CroI ws
being quqgtion d o JY;
because officer wert' N -aati3s-
fled with hi-a story. For one
thing. Bailey said, be wanted to
know why the 26-year-old'hut-
band waited four days belfre r,-
norting tbpt his wife hld been
taken from his side.
Bailey said there was mame in-
dication Mrs. Crosswhite had
'gone with the 26-year-old Da\-
enport willingly.

"I think she's sweet on him."
the sheriff added. He would not
elaborate, but said he was not
worried about the 'young farm
wife's safety or that of her two
Sheriff's deputies here said
Davenport apparently had bern
hiding out on the Crosswhite
farm almost continuously since
his escape 'from th-.reformato-
ir *w he was serving a 25-

Today's hand, taken from last yr ten or kid"nan and
year's Men's Team event, proba- ryer tL f m or kidnapping mad
bly proves that )ou don't .win a frobbicr a bihrayow rte toldm
team championship. Your Opp- cer bad Crosswite toldave
nentL loje. We didn't do anytmng them tbA.n one point e Dave-
brilliant in this hand; we just port and krs. Crosawhite eve
avoided the mistake made by our had driven to towd to visit rela-
opposts. ( tives of hers here.
At my table Sam Stayman and
I inched our way into six spades. Deputies said Cr qsaw hite,
West liked this contract so much whose remote farm does. not
that he couldn't resist a penalty have a telephone, told them
double. Stayman correctly decided Davenport had kept a peitol in
that something Was sour with the his -hand most o the time"
spade suit, and he scrambled out while he hid out at the farm.
to six no-trump. Crosswhite told the officers he
West couldn't beat six no-trump. had been afraid to try to report
Stayman won the opening lead Davenport's presence ao long a
with the kng of diamonds. over- he was there.
took the ten of hearts with the
jack, cashed the ace of hearts, and Bailey said Davenport?' broth-
led the queen of hearts to force er 29, who was convicted wl.n
out West's kmg. He was' then sure Norman of the kidnap-robbery
to make a total of five heart hd escaped from the refom-
tricks. on.' ', two diamb.ds hid escaped from the refoxrmn-
trid our clbs ambods tory last July, Both escaped in
In pir of the fact that 1951 fom a Pryor. Okla.. Jad1
spades was a poor contract wh where they were held for he
ax no-trump n r) ice cold, our kidnap-robbery and were recap
North-South.elbets tqlot S tured later lItWliclta Falls.
table like id, tlUsx e.. ..
to this table our teammate, Sid Munching Is OK
Bey Silodor. held the West cards, r,. ...
and he liked the contract of six ring oncertS
spades. But his fondness for the "
contract didn't lead him tnto any KITCHENER, Ont., Dec. 7
excessive ediaoy. He just passed (Up, The Kitcbener Audlto-
quietly and waited for South to rlum commission hau ruled that
groan when be discovered the bad concert 5oers may conttiue to
trump break. munch hot dogs durtig Inter-
There are sevwal morals to this missions at symphony concerts.
little tale. One is that even mx sio t phony concerts.
perts can get themselves into the A mus lover had Complained
wrong contract. Another is that an about the sale of hot dogs md.-
expert will scramble to safety if way in a recent concert by the
warned of his danger. Bat the Toronto Symphony,
most important moral is that it's
very foolih to warn an opponent Auditorium manager H. M.
that he's in the wrong contract Crosby replled-that many per-
when you can just sit back qutly sorn drive long distances to at-
and collect a sure profit. tend the concerts and need the
Q-The bidding has been: nourishment of a hot dog.

57 Hate
I Holding

I. ~-J*

I ** -

- log

i-. i. s die
capital of
71 t is a nation 1
in 11
13 Mean
14 Looked '
15 Packed
1 Legislative'
17 Eternity
18 Before
20 B.ythonic fll
of the sea
21 Confuse
25 Princes -
28 Expunges
i 32 Seraglio -7
33 Tremulouq '
34 Trumpeter
35 Unfresh
36 Taciturn
38 African ly '
39 Bet in roUtM
41 Biblical high


Great White Fleet



)j'Y d't 'c-,%L i


,i. ,- -.- -i,- ---,,.' "*

r4McE SuRe fr
Co CNALAl~ .

!-~r~c:: Pi

i *:
.na \ ~
'.4 Lm :i


r r

3p35 'AhWr 11MM BIWIM*5

"S.S. "HIBUiPAS" ............. ...... ..... Dec. II
*S.S. "YAQUT" 18
S.S. "LVERS BEND" ...........................Dee. 20
'S.S. "CHMIIQUr ............................... Dec. 27

mmlb a aieamIea ChmI e s mad O al de6


Jul.' lalkW
iIK- '-


S.S. "METAPAN ................. ........ .... ..D 7
S.S. "MA LLLA" I ... .. ........De 11

S.S. "ESPARTA.." .........l

wOOW arintsn.of.twelve ailoUr Now New
.. "JtNIO" ...........................
S.To "IMORAngs ad Sn ..... ............... eLe.
S.. "ESPARTA" ...................,... ..' .. ,,,l .i ,

Wekly uallng of twelve prsuMg dbdp t NMew Tos, NmW
Orlm. Lo Aaaguts. Sa Fneatoc u' ta .. "

spell round trip Wr froh r, obaJ to New iet.
Le Anele. Sei hIraeaiso nad battle.

To N ttle.k .................. ............3oS.


SaluOBsAL 2131 rAuAMA 3-ut COLON i

*1-..- *t.*
'. *iq~ ~.

'Wirtop -B


L yUfnoMiaeld /


SSwan SomT


.... ... .

OM j'mv


F, I

OCld Faeto

'4 .I


rra-m nosTI -
Sarmm nr

ft* ^-L-l b.h

'.- .'


*: L

F A1


I fi

1 *,

( -,..

* 'w

* s'.- ,

u -'
mcn u~l*.~ r~-

t "





'.' .A


,.0 .


. .S;

S *T ^

! ,1.9 ': ":. t.- -, ^ .
'V -. 4
.4I3r*'-r **.*' **--.*..k. .1

K. r~

-'.., ,". -. *, S-"'' "i ",- '--
':./7, *- .

1 4n

0 BIG"

is real... is ham ... m reveig... prob-

able winer of the "Oscar" Pize.

Tomorrow Pretsew at the


I -9bll e Ow
-beas.t a a11
alter qIkI

MI .r ent wM' H I .. : ",.." '*....

_ a$a, aple! at FIN OS..
MeAza nr Wts wosem unerun a* of tz a-

ione thiiirCanal controit period. *
e flr B ta. Canal MZion AJunae
-- .;- '5- '_fwv f~

tunent and ob I0 b ntRta40ndrfl Bpr ,
left theft Canal a n aob asa t A t

SsrVca ed worked In'the old Metro-
drove ~i City,
beemxlav ,n 11940 and workedaas;a& e /
StIUuntil leaving the service
(Movember. Want to help that teen-age
daughter who feel left out 4o
the crowd? See to It that1ah2
learns to dance well. That she
Develops the poise that come
from knowing how t gbdle the
'-" .- t lo altuatlons ah Ulikely Ut
Stuff~t Will meet. That she cullt... th
SU knack of being able to make
P ,small talk.

Perk Up Aijites

ABy oAT AD to
NKA Fed aWlMaket$ Editor

omyl No. S,

I are
* .asi,
ha .e.

at i 'ig QL 9 add
jr hoistrY
rS t .7;k -blb
* '4." Bej <2

61t, peper, if' dsd, 1 table.
floot or 2 slices dry bread,
I1 r tablopon ~r or mar
Cook tomatoes -andal onions with
' silt and dpe slowly untill'the
nations a tde.
Mix flour and a little of the hot
njto Jtle, then pour the mix-
Stil into the tomatoes and cook
j l th ie. Or add bread cubes .
the tomato mixture and heat.
Add butter or margarine.
-I I

You can't make a daughter
popular, but you an h her
acquire the soelal -= that
make it easier far her to t a-
long with bre own age group.

Olive Branch
SACRAMEBT, Calf., Dec. 7
(UPi A bandit lost I when
he, triaIt hold- Ub a grocery.
The would-be holdup man put
$5 on; thr eamat and ;-o dred
a cab of' olves. 5. tbe naled
a gun and a anlouhel a tcku
But when lerk -WSeve Arerg
moved merAcakle toward ht
the bandit, autni hd is.

S i

A mow lwh l eSlih selod In
o- p~a (Imod of lds)
d M mI aft MayMoywai.
Cut itm ids rom 4 large
tneeo.W reml iove al lseds.
Thdipkeh.i psagoe of lmon.
;U taup. beiimg water.
, Wki bI ali e nd partly
ScheMOiRd dwo nedientr,
ldd pl-,I- IC iUPd raiwe
I p emy. I up red
ucrhjfltd'I cop drained




., .r

with amazing nw CHLOROPHTLLIU
that Os 0 BIRS!
Tow--sd ~wr dos Ken.L-Rtio.n the d
tht gi his waomple e ouriruhmst,
plui the upaiaih benefit of chlrophglin. Nature's
own pui a .
Kea-L-Ration is the famas dog food pchid wtd
lean red meat.... hicun W tutof U. S. Gvnat
InIpcted har met It' the tcen d Wd St
ends dogt odo-ft-nio tat uMm -ia a .40b .
.Sta eitabopplt hbu aw4 .A ot
hthat Ken-Irttado tit
Istn hemS at O W tA COI.
If you'vewbeC feedia ywr dg tIble aNr a ,
Is the time to bange to appetal nmutritios Ed A*
L-Ration. It's theims, oa.mmaics way to iwyurew
t healthy saurlhme antd at t he SMe ti rid
his of doag bqWth and body oder Isn mV
Buy K n-Ltatiom with chblrphyll today.
Start ywou do on it and make him a bealrietr,
better Caaoasa than ee --in every way

Deoderfues as it Neurishei

f r :t~

_ a a

ptbuyTe ADrb PwuM
flt^4fsiuuuuf Du~iI.

I saw it in he




. .

-. ..-

s2 4 ys only

... .t b .



-t l" i t r BALBOA ROOM

fl- 450i



LBJIOD 1'1]1


& "S

1 prb
n Winm

tsli lb

ar uu.

,f DuSeat

Pat Mraae'r

. [ .. ,u .,; ,

* t -a ; e-.
6 ""
S-'SSS y & 'w^1^1^*




- ifl

J" -

j It;

,in :anaa.


. "

' s "

do .V
. ** -' i .






S" ;Minimulm
:, t r 12 words


7 Street No. 13
-.----- FOTO DOMY
Justo Arosemena Ave and 33 St
,il '- IB Street No 26



,.CJ. ;i ~rele

Central Ave. 1



0O Avala h -e ,d Pubo l gelea M

oAve ,W46 wokAve._ _
ATURRO ler, I LUa""
o I .O A DB

Household AWtomt n oo. a .ti A g ;.-. sn mil, ast' Atte
Write Aieeelfes Amemaso' Skmla .
2 chairs. I sofo. .,.h spring Sedan. Colle Blb 4 78 DR. WENDEHAKE. dicl nk nn P lhon s r --
2enhrisDR. WENDEHAKE. Madloel
shiws and plastic covers Center $500 FORCED SALE, 9 In Central Avenue "K" Stret, t r WIUIA Snte Clter bach Cot
l. 95CO. lth street S an Continental Convertible. Qtr242- ner. Telephone 2-3479, Panoma. g ati rtoble, modem
ppco No. 29. Tel 3-5565 B. Rodman, Navy 3596. nr iuke your wie to l bo 0 900 0 p.
T5lo a------- -------- Muke your wife or daughter a pre- Wekerod. I-
R 9-. .- )OR SALE -1948 Chevrolet Club ent of Swiss Eno" eletric sewig
EOR SALE:-Stove "Norge" practic- oupe. De Luxe Radio. 5 good machine, weighs only f Ils. Ci. S o
a ll.Artw, Leaving, sacrifice, 180 fires. Vehicle in good mechanical Cyrnos. Telephone 2-1793.. *
S'00. Calls Jer6nimo de lo Oss. condition. Tel. Fort Kobbe 84- 3.' *77. Cr
House 1.0 Apt. 6. Tel. 2-4374. 2188. Hou bed. Clear. Also
2FR S :-Deep Freeze 2 yrs. old FOR SALE Ho n c mSunm .l.. l
G. E. Youth bed, youths table and FOR SALE -1952 Plymou'h Cran. Phon Sb 139
chairs, screened crib. See Sunday brook 4-door sedan. Sterling Ore. Ifljl.figeO i | see moa taker i.
s s29, Las Cumbres. In good condition;. mIl, iles l- R R
S-Pe asonable prci Fort Tel FOR SALE.-Just Ricived: Gal- FOR RENT
FOR-SALE--Venetion blinds, traverse 87-567. ize Roofing 2'x8' 2.)0 she.
toins bamboo match stick Goalvanize Rooting 2'x6' $1.60 lfI
'. o s, slipcovers end bedspreads. FOR SALE-1953 Chevrolet De Luxe sheet. Barb Wire -6.00 reel. Nqils
iel. 3-4904 until 9 p m. 4 door sedan. Light green 3.500 9.50 Keg. Geneva Contru- FOR RENT:-By 15th, modem up I
FR 'SALE:-7 ft. 2 cycle Frigidaire miles. Ancon 2-21I 1. room 356 ipn. oalle M" Final. Tel. 2-1267. furnished two bdroam chalet. Re-
refrigerator, very good condition. 2 6 p.. FOR SALE -Lovely whit nylon nabl. Phone 3-5293.
Call 2-2682. 0434, apartment FOR SALE -1952 Ford V8 Tudor strapless formal, site 10-12. FOR RENT: Furilred residence.
"E," Anccn. Sedan. Custom, radio. excellent Ielephone Balboa 4211 '-270. reasonable price, lla Visto, for
LE:-Youths Bed; round co- conion 0429B end FOR SALE: Beoutif d d. -, information Tel. -0957.
__ :"A con.. FOR SAL: -
S'fe rlable with b16ss top. Telephone inner ring. Call Balbob 3021', FOR RE) T:-Charet 3 bOdrooms 2
-2815. 0420 A Venado Street. -- -.-- with separated stwing room.
RSALE:-25 cycle Frigidaire 1 WANTED TO 8UY PAAMA CANAL o ce
327. 1 ,FLs --, 111- CANAML fAIY youths room or office q bath.F2r
E c ft. Make offer. Balboa $25. WA-N-TE- ..' PANAA N.p. key ,YctM m. 2 :c-
Buffets, $25. Coffee Tobes, $19.WANTED v:-Md efr'gertl house- cne, wer n.olor register, wood- d Iol^ d d,,. .
READY F AL r used tb ca oef children,
JMake ust eeied gadownt apartment wtr de-n o a new Crosev Sheav o Scled b hines, n rill, fpipe u td f

many other bargains in complete Calle Ricrdo As No. 40. dwn- py express venle, hoist, nd nd I
and we will deliver your n furniture dor. Cyrnc T ou i Crossing. 2- be received until u30 A. M., o Pane ma
"' *ie gas stoves, $59. type acamsets, 1793. bids. o9r o1n 13,ithe1 oh Cur-
S Oct once. Lovely livinGroom sel 193. c' t9,overh th i crane a n 29 Tird od

--------- -- -- ---- FOR SALE .o-.j ) t Ciredobal 5torehouse, el. ALHAMBRAAPART TS
$195. DSenroom ets r $125 uer render n.,oti anNo. M or 2 4 and 5 rooms S Yisd

4 dryer. clothe;. 115 and 125 V. 60 nel Emia C I be ob~ned et the abovesous or unfurnished. Alha rae' Oftic 19.4
Double beds, (Hollywoodk 22 tpc Hep anted boa-, tor generator., ent ritugal and 8061 th Sreet .
compRlete, $E6. China closets, $25fo. cIPALry pu pkL ey e lephon2-15. m e-
Buffetr, $25. Coffee tables, $19 OWANTED:R-Mad foS gereralhouse-cine, water n.olor regi-ters, wood POR RENT: E
Just received guaranteed apartment work and care of baby Work sharo- oiiiig machines, hand drills, pipe o l98
S on Tize gas stoves, $59. Modern ed with another maid. Must live oria bosathreading machines, onotor PUl I
S FOanities with mirrors, $38 and iin. Good salary. Bring references iwcrenor set, gasoline engine, conr- ATTMIrON GQ1. ulit Ilh modern
. wman other bargains in complete Calle Ricardo Ariocs No. 40. down- bpy express venicle, hoist, saan, fuish d- 0rfm o. q, t we
' "aparet and individual pieces. Wn the Hdu I spreder and X-royfilms lo- br FO om hoRE 2 bedrwatroo Tmen.
accept your old furniurs oe. L .,.t, n the '3Uu' Arao Balboao S -Panama 34941. -ui
HOUSEHOLD EXCHANGE SIAno e overhead traveling Crane
to 200 .- mon. toR A tele t .2- W tE oba Storehouse, tel- A LHAM RAAPAIrM.IITS

4 ORS ALE-iTwoHaywood-akefield 1815.FORS E rator f att FOR RE e drim pat
; FOR SALE: New Bendix electric Onte OSI n w .-126 Intatih-E n n. ModernF 2. nd 5 rl.uelmy rnihed

7R SALEr-Mlhogany wardrobe, 1 seeks 5 days a wee! work Recent iory. Cole 31 No 38." "1"- l-" a it J ip
dryer. clothes. 115 and r125 V. 6 re Renalcs Ph e -C. yD otcned ct the above 'L or uhfurni red. Alhabr's- Ofice y- 1949
*ccles. Call Albrsook 2280eveyt., o oi of Superintendnt 8061, 1c Street, ln. Tel-
FOR SALE: E11ctrc sLuxove' four seeks CANAL CO!p .mNY .tipiouses telephone 2-1815 Fephoner 3E.o Ie
S -Vurner, large size $85.00; side- OFFERS STRUCTURES FOR WtSALE J 146 FiEnd o* Dec r l Mt
+ board $105.CO; wardrobe $130 00 Sealed biso. f9r Aoprrrenrn fn rublicto rent 2 or
$1 00 for all, RCA table es mil be rod- inil loo M IF dr SALE.- rin-hes er Pun p.t... o l ~ma el furnished o aatment, 2i
ea. ustom buit mo- December 22f in the o'lice' gouge, l erngs. brtom. livingrooL., diniro
i nly-. Tel. 2-3518, Por, cj. Balboa, for aore lo: of II bui'dng i ou; B .. Iye:h hot wate lin naEx
S -- -- located in Balboa HDclhr, and cne t n r olon bella C
FOR SALE: Simmons po t ouch botof 3 building I- atrad in ba -o.. Tel'. l ahor eMbooi t

00 P -olaoi Ld C 1mero Mod CE 8I-0at e- 4dlll e 1
with three chairs House No. 12, nvitotion No. 39 mc s .be :cured. P
9 apartment No. 2, 44th St. Can be from the H6uswng Manager. Bclboo FOR RENT -2 bedroom nient
S seen between hours of 1:00 .m. Heights or from office of Supen n- o rdsHo d Exchng. b
q to 2:00 only tendmnt of Sirehouse- telephone 2- WANTEPrrdJouhnD_.. ia 11111.4.18 V

30- n Norge -Mo gays hot water today he 5 as an wee ork Rec:nl a to lb

Fidoirebec lchtcnd matress references who nethw the .Pn.p, 2 I P. M_ P1 ioria .'3 SPW
i hor ste of drawers, eve ing cmp. a e eiered on JonF SAL:-Triuph NSpTMP! l iERi

albachine; Whirlpool completely auto r., last July 26 smiled at t rbik. Excel i
Finish a faoling screened for typei r eliable firm e:hr ,uci. wrob**defi J -R Afi-y d is tore 2 pi ,asi
with Southern b lCrosm myttre son- tely" want another child orniean b.n ^t- N- i Ied

1tact Will Aremy Panama 2-07120 each or W. Box 2-7 Ctvir IwOr ie w t 1 --
FOR SALE: Bedroom set, dining unt days hathed ." he said. MUSal Pr31 N. 38 8 to 12
Sor blebed couch end moi tel. revere ni hone : o (room f d apar Bc o
0 *ut r,.'.wst of drawers, evmarreind chewp.1 o"o. 3

chimFR S AL:-Grl's mahopt.y desk. A ver he i st oer n D F sd

radios, hair dryer, doll's-cradle.Hullnger had a daughter, now pogr of drait '
complete. rPant o 3127te our by a ou aag l
FOR SALE:-Holie woodBle Mewital sneksg r n. 7-.1 a nt/ a 3 St., So ,stWmie3d.. hone

springs, innerspring mattress and Camera Mod le P i-- .-i theiLa Boca in bra n Of aT -:-,a.1 .-l
each. 1 Bosswood Porcur family $10 eh W.Blinds, 6 7. CVENETIAN I Occupational High 9
ian Blind.0, 3RC5, $.00 e ach.g Eouire a in t Household Echange- i w*
Phone Blboa 143. Phon. 3 O adc 7 P e, Ride r to te ," panto-
FOR SALE:-TOne rsotable 4 cs wing fe bore a cheld lout ontS C

tyle 2 rocking attchmenirs, $ Sim- WEast 29 St cal-rate l Councl oras 00
00. PolaroidLatdCabimr ns d La Exposicion ngc e n a d
opposite: Four-burner Topp grange; go~ madonhrp9rd OiO Nrrf.
30-gfilters and case, fl gas hot water today he ants another child
heater; 60-cycle eight cubic foot r"o.r6b iingonAutmw.
Frigidaire electric refrigerota; Hulluhger. who thw the aeFih
chine Whi50.00.ool completely autO- JrC., last July 26 miled at theiot rbike. Ecellet
FOR SALE:-To b est reasonable h yutf e bore a c hindhiln hu i Fi old. Cot 25-3
Finish folding screen T a cribng 83-year-d wife Luci]le. "de lia. FOR 4.10-.; 6. S. I c.
30-with Southern CNorge gos mattress. Co- todtey" whe ant another child PoE

tact Will Arey Panama 2-GI12 or
Balboa 1248, Ext. 45. '"But we won't count chickens Po
until they're hatched." he sai,.IMusical Program good I
table, venetian blInds and miscel- The elderly doctor. wholitT..
laneous. 1544-A, Mango St., Tel- delivered more to han o 3000n-Set At La B c-. 1, T.0.
2-1658.delivered more than ,000 -
bies, married his ,resent wile
FOR SALE:--Girl's mahogany desk. May 28, 1952. after the firstM `` edr-, "ed r '
panted desk, work bench. two small Hullinger died. The second For Wda _41. -
radios, hair dryer, doll's-cradle, Hullinger had a daughter now .A program ofa drampnic Wa4I
complete. Panama 3-1127. four, by a previous marrIage. elocutiongr Items will be m-'-
FOR SALE:--Hollywood Bed with Box sent.d Wdnsa nht t
springs, innerspring mattress andth by the L uWni brnh f 1. ".W
chenille bedspread. $30.00. two' Canal Zon Junior flese mown"
Bosswood Porch Blinds, 8 ft. $3.00 L U X In the study hail of the.t
each. 1 Basswood Porch Blinds, 6 VENETI.AN occup i onml High ahop..
S ft. $2..00 each. 3 Bamboo Porch nLINDS p am h --ll
.linds. 3 ft. $1.00 each. 2 Vene- BLINDS The preiftaift whI& al c dila
tian Blinds, 3 x 5, $4.00 each. edude a reading of Styne's dra-
hone Bialboa 1743. xel. 3-1713 ma, "Riders to the Sea," pmnto-
Phone Balboa 17/43. rmi 4md other l hes J. ell
FrR SALE:-One table 4 chairs QM No. 22 Jbeen UlT eged tO mst tL
style 2 rocking chairs, one Sim- East 29tb St I cal-rate Civic CounCil orgulmu- n
manrs bed, complete, ping pang Ing committee and the Parent-
table. House 0309 Cable Heights, LT EXPOSiC~nllTeqehel r o tAaacatlon In therlr i :
opposite Hotel Roosevelt. membershp drve..

r. 5

e.$ -* Tel.I

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A. TERt S.A.

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I, $1,075.00.

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tatao :to.

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mu Legsio

OWl' Nest
, Off.

.w, Tuoy, of. I

SOn -The
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Alarm r

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1 7rugwum

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H btreet NO. of



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Olve a nmew .sm to
your hboaiwL bristb
Use our Jarne Iactlon of
pamsu We bAvolftoI.Nc a

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i "Magnffica" ......

Ofrce la mmjor actuaci6n de
"i* I &de Ir inoAble "Belinda".

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Vear Mink
NEW YO ,U. P.) -
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So aru riy and black Persti
mmb, Alaskan sal and leopard.
Me man's n of a fur rdpi*
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Sa young Mew Yorer Dnamd
Lratede Day, who makes fur into
lip-on bow ties. He reeomcmada
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Spectacular iblcal Dramal



On* of the Best Itllan Plcurm
the Yar...


"The Love of Caroline"



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Shows: 4:3. 8:M, 1: :N.
B3lj per CA1R!
(B 0.60 1 person.
B 1.20 -- 2 person)
Roberts Haynem, i
PARA Dllf"
-*- *

Jean Simmons, in
Cary Grant. in

Brodetek Crawford
and -
"Tmj WH ;itrKi

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mdLat in: in

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ULbertd Laarque,
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and *
Joaquin Cordter.:
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Save up to 25%

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N w- .-" -

seving lt SA., Cuba, Panama, EWador,

PWr, Bosv arraguay and Aqntlir.

SArrlly rwnerketl ars*, you can enjoy.the "plus" fetures ebrled In lrnational
Msrvil. litinprw i cabins and perfect air conditioning. FI at higher smoother
aItitude. Spe kiy *d meats for msy chair qprfr. 39 0. PH speed to whisk yel
.throulhJ-lAAmjA nd a to the Uniled la.- a-hW dmr-lI ght s the same
skill idiC.pp lh built a record of vr 2% billion passnger miles flown In aemple
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D*SltSI~- C.!h~l~


I a i,Aq-* END..

ien Hause ins Chrysler-
*~ H W C. r., I *. /-

Four Of Six Matches End

With One-Up Final Result
Loen driving Don Hause of the Ft. Davis Goft
Club wou the championship flight of the CJ'tysler-
Plymouth Invitational Tournament when i- de 'f t-
ed Anib-d Galindo one-up yesterday at the Brazow
Briok Country Club.
Hause shot a blistering 35 on;the match. No. 18 was halved
the out-nine to make the turn pres anit tino an exttr hole of
4-up over Galindo whose play oniplnv w1bih HoversoD Won.
the first nine holes was noti Other results were as follows:
sharp. However. Galindo came' Second Flight
back strong starting at No. 12 Hogan oner Kurz, 4 and 2.
tee from which point he won Third Flight
four holes in succession to even Larrabee over Carter. one-up.
At No. 17 fortune smiled on First Flight
Hause when he sank a chip shot! Harriet Serger over Joyce Ku-
ob about 30 yards for a birdie lie. one-up.
two when it looked as if he was; Rosemary Reardon over Ruby
going to vo one down with a boe- Kruger, two-up.
ev. No. 18 was halved in regi a-
tion fours, leaving Hause theAlong The F ir ys
victor one-up. Along The Fairways
In the final of the first flight !
Smiling Jim Haverson defeated!
Gil Morland one-up at the 19th TASCO BATERY GOLF TOUR-
hole. This rame was close all the NAMENT STARTS DEC. 14 AT
way and after Hoverson won No. AMADOR GOLF COURSE WITH
3 hole to to one-un they h Ived $960 IN PRIZES
the next eipht holes before Rov-i
er.nn won No. 12 to go two-un.' The Tournament Committee
Two down with three to play, of the Fort Amador Golf Club
Morland won 16 and 17 to tie has announced to club members
the details of a golf event that
will ring down the curtain on a
RT8 successful 1953 season of club
omrnorrolU s tournaments and also set the
stage for bigger and better
events for 1954.
The Amador Club male and
.aces I fairer set members have until f
p m. Sunday, 13 December to
shall be known as "THE TASCO
1st, Race "G" Natives-6'2 Fgr. PATTFRY TOURNAMENT." Un-
Purse JtI7.00-Pool Closes 12:45 ,er the generous sponsorship of
,Firet Race of the Double Ancuis O. Matheney and the An-
1-Villarreal A. Ycaza 109x to perveie Co.. Inc:, of Panama I
2--Onex J. Bravo 110 City. distribhitors of Goodyear
3--M'a.laya R. Guerra Ilx products and Tasco Batteries, i
4-liiaeual G. Sanchepz ? 1E cIuub eml'ers will be matching
5-Volador 0. Rui, 117 strn'oe for p-,'es that have a F
6--Rosa B. A. Vasnuex 118 retail valu-e of o30.00. The Ato t
7--Con Valor II G. Cruz 1 Pervice Co. has donated 10 F
_9aune zo na zoiJ uO Good IIear
8-Muf"eco V. Ordofiez 1- Goodyear white sidewall nylon t
--Taponazo J. Ca doan 101 tires. 10 Goodvear tubes, 8 Tas- r
10-Diana A. Mena 11 co Batteries and 4 Goodyear air-
ind Race "F" Natives 6.:, Frs. foab- m.ttrsses
NiPu s $75.00 Pool Closes 1:15] When all entries have been
Second Race of the Double re"eivyd the Tournament Corn- 0
1-.Fueso R. L. Oil 10 mittee will split the field into 2 l
2- Proton A. Vasnur z li? equal pro:,ps in accordance with t
3-Don Pitin J. Ctdooan '11. handicans. The winners in each (
4-Souvenir V. Brown 1A7- roup will re-eive identical priz- r
5-i nrioueta G. Preceott 11 ;es as follows: .
"-Annie N. A. Mena l1n 1st Tow Net Prize 5 Godd- I
l-;C along G. Alfaro 120 'ear ftires Ped 5 Goodyear tubes. t
o 2rd rT Net Prize 2 Good-
eace "I" Imnorted-4'1 Fr' "e'r .irfoa-i mattresses. 5
$375.00 Pool Closes 1:4. ?'d I owv.Net Basle --1 TasU)
S One.Two q 'tter". a
1-*Publico A. Enriaue 10.5 th T on Net Prize 1 Tasco r
2-;Black Bull R. Vasniez 118 P ,Pr\v t
3-+.Moequpton A. GOnn~'le n?- 51h T o:, Net Prize 1 Taicot
4-4rafionB.o .. P'inug 11 9:nr. a
afer ?Ka s V. ordof"e% 1'; U
S 'erardI V. OrdoiPz 12. 'st I nw Grogs Prize I Tas-
-;'Lady Martha Jullo Rod. 114 -r erls
aev "F" v 6 The tournam-nt will call Icr
$275.iito-- Pooi Closes 2:2?7 ,l lea. mqde! play, with a
Quineiea m I.- ium of 30 handicap fjr
1 oirono J. Grcnror0 '0, hoth "ap, rand female player Ili
2-4Mano'ete A Vpsnue- 11R P-n"..iTnnt. will he reqirea to o
3_'Dreov rero G. G'-aell 1 ''IP' I to,,rnsniPnt round of R1 c
4 -Danlel TP 17. n 4' 'ol -" 'h npok for 4 consecu- w
~SRiomeB A. M.'eVa R. 'n"- ,v'' ep'k with the first round L
q-_!adv Moon .. B'"!o 1 to he n'll-d hPiween Dec. 14-20 c
?-4Golden Bound J. phim. 1nt Club r'rrhmerc have been mailed n
l8-White Fleet C. Ruiz 115 ,"nr"n'-,t tnurnrrment rules and P
,: -tiortl l cnnlps are now avail- w
5th:'ace "." Na'ves i. ire p~ Pt the Clthhouse le
Iee 13715.100 Pn'l Close 2:s!I Club 'neml-ers are remind'. fi
1_-WinbP bp .OrteI ]05V' thev ii.t .sion in for this toin.- U
2-;Dalidp P. V. r3c+illo 116 "-""pt ,ilor ton 6 Dm SundavTj
3-M.olden Fan t p~', 1isT' 1 Dcm P,' br T under no lrru-. T
4--ixaolR G. P-.enctt 1168 nc "i'I T tries be accepted
5-fRina Rot V. SBown oro '~ter t'l tim.
6--(tBaby Roi A. Vasquez 122 ta

6th Race "C" Imnorted--6 F-
fPtr 4545.00 Pont Closes 3:S
t irt Race of the Doehlr
1-Proud Pearl G. Prescott 11I
2-Toletazo 0. Mpauerm 11"
3-Bedlam J. Bravo 1R
4--lbelit J. Goneora I0'
5-Sir Boss R. Vasones 110
8-LuAloo V. Ordofien 10
7-Tilama R L. Gil 10A
--Sismo J. Phillips tOI
7th Race "I" Imnorted-41 J FFs
ptre $S3..*10 Pool Ctowse 4:05
Second Race of the Do"nub
-. 1-Rlntv v. coastllo 113
2-Foadmaster R. Vasoues iR
3-tfncel 0. Memiera 104,
,iCradle Song A. Mena 11f
B.-Firenze G. Pancher. 11
g-fWild Justice R. L. Gil t10
-..Iosario J. Bravo 112
M acae "-R" Imrort'P4'-41' Fr.
J S4.0 Pool Closes 4:404
oer (,rsrd C. Kam 11'X-
Midi R. L. Oil 106
rda A. Vasouer. 110
ltlo 3. Gongora 97x
IRmena A. "Nena R. iRFA'
protein H. Vpsauez 111
l Claim J. Bravo 115
so ID" worted--7 Fre.
Sg e Pool Closes 5:15
laludresa J. Chuna 105x.
Green R. Vasonei 118
4th.Light V., CA tillo I1
&-tate Barge F. Hldairo 1lps
S4Tanger J. Bravo 112
&+C b.Prince V. Ordofz 110
it. e i*.verlA .mi td-75 F4
^.4 fOt V. OrdVfes 115
t...j~a, fRiier R. vae. 110 I



Dehlinger (right). shakes hands
(lent Jose Antonio fem6n as the
out the first stroke In the "O0
Is scheduled to be held at the Pa
ing on is Fred Gerhardt, chain

504th Boxer

Of Ten Chai

Five thousand fight fans jam-
med their way into Hangar No.
I at Fort Kobbe to watch the
championship bouts of the Pan-
amir Area Armed Forces Boing
Tournament, as the 504th F.A.
Battalion took team honors by
winning five of the 10 champion-
In the flyweight division, Pvt.
Ramon Parilla of the 504th FA.
;ook a unanimous decision form
Pvt. Francisco Fuentes. 33rd Int.,
to gain the flyweight crown. Pa-
rilla's right staggered Fuentes
several times but he was unable
to put Fuentes down and had to
be content with the decision
The 504th F.A. gained its ee-
ond title when Pfc. Juan Gonz0-
ez took the measure of Pv,
easio Figueroa of the 33rd .
n a unanimous defsion
oa was caught ilte frti uehtl
by rights thrown by Oonzales a
he was forced to hold on several
Cpl. Esteban Melendea of the
i04th PFA. sUccessfully defended
isa J father Iatighnft '" -
a elushing comb Aulon tt-.
ight'to kayoPvt. LRWBurgos of
he 504th F.A. after Mseconds of
he second round.' Mapnde
;alned the distinction of r
erine the only knockout of .ue
V.-I"lK IJ6.1 Ea th 1W" Mo1*.5h1

veningnlla a, It t same 'Ui.e,
ave the 504th F.A. Its third vie-
ory. t
Another defending champion.
ightwetaht Pvt. Ricardo Rivera
f the 504th FA.. was also sue-
essful in holding his title as he
vas awarded a TKO over Pvt.
orenso Rosario of the 45th Re-
on. Bn, at 2:30 of the final
found. Roari had put up a apr-
rtiingly gol battle urtil he
as caugi by southpaw Rivera's
eft and sent to the canvas for a
rve-count in the third round.
pon getting up, Rosario was
ummelled b rights and lefts.
he referee aepped between the
ingg River and the helpless
osa tAnd ivecra had again
Lken tI *_weght croa._

Juan Franco Ut rPc. a;
ionnMhi tom the 504th ._A
ptogn th 50 '

Mutual Dividends .-
ive In the g
wel t gim.
FIRST RACE TbIv lot Into the act
1-Coran $21. 5760. $2.80. In the ,bFlu ght division,
?-Sin Fin $3. $2.40. when 6 l Jamtersn w0 a
3-Marfll $760. unanimouW k over Si. Lee
Wilson 7f e Inf. A .e-
SECOND RACE me6dm..rw1 courage
l--BLscava S.20. $2.60, $2.20. di who took
2--Marilu $3. $2.20. 'ei could throw,
3-Okinigua $2.20 but reuSd go-down. In fact,
Firti Double: (Coran-Bilaya) Wilson. dased ad ashlnt help-
559.20. less, fOibt ck by Instinct to
m=Is 's .. back seve.-
THIRD RACE Ial tU"Ni.-" -
1-Pale Face $2 60. $2.20. SN B Thompson, U. 8.
2-Miss Fairfax $260. No L wt i n the liht
One Two: (Pale Face-Miss mlddlewon whe the
Fairfax5 $7. referee d l e Se. Frank
McCoy f h AAA for un-
FOURTH RACE nc rous tess in the third
1-.Con Valor II $540. 3 30. rounm "
2-Diez de Mavo $280. An uo t w recorded In the
Ouiniela: do Mayo> $8. Ray St t th t.AAA gain-
ed aa Msirz TKO ver
FFTH RACE M VMUdn .fiaflan U..
1-Riqul 52 20.20. avy. b SlT in -u ow.
2-La Enea $2 20 sent furmn I the
cans ftr t. of gve. No
SIXTH RACE sooner a s gtm I up than
l-Vuleanlzado S4 60. $3.20. $2.20. Shaw s r
2-Compo 37 60 33 40. rage p.of li g-It. i os i
3-Cambtist S2.20. hit D Mtl o i
SEVENTH RACE stohpeu l
1-Chlnerl $3.60. $240 s rwe8 nd
2-Scythla $2 40 as iro-
Second Double: (Vicaniade- tect
Chlngri) 513.20.1

... R. T. I 105 I-- "enUU Time z2.6o. I10.S0. I
IF.Elo 1b2-Invernal 319.00. $7.20. M4.O0.
ViKiiPrize F. Bravo ln12 S -Double In $4. I"
Vem A. Vasquez 110 I NINTH RACE ws1
1 2 ?1t T--Vamplresa $15 60. $7.20. $5.
Fae q' Iatei"- .2Mr Foot 87740. $6.60.
um 3rii 13--Pptrlotica $5. hao
t..rine J. Bravo One -Two: (Vmpresa Mr.
hSlee Lady A Mna 1M Poe 5$ 1.80. p M.
Mriene F Hidalqo 112 *hea
IAnne J. Gongora X97 I-Dendgu7 $11380. $19. $12.80. m
R. ane A. aV4Msue 112 --Jaqwriniao 7.80 7.4. m
Fancy 0. armas 9 --N e*wiidge $7.60.

,? A y'.. -' a .'

'TRRae jFeat.

King's Prize, Florera

In Long Awai Clash
-* 0 *- a '
The "Mother's Day Handi i (Handicap Dia
de 1& Mfdre) for the Class "D' a prt thorough-
breds and a lont awaited clashb bet n King's Prize
and the starring Florera in a a "A" race share
fp iL ng *1 Z--I a

I op billing on tomorrow's s*Wqe tKe program at b"'
the Juan Franeo tace track. .:
This special pr Is being I20.000 Cincuentenarlo
held because fc. e lebrated -Clse |Prize has been tO
pama Golf Club president Dick as Mother's Da 'l Ial Latin- dle- been as Impres- thi'
American countries. TD. 8 Is al-sivs as his workouts and bIa
with Republic of Panama Presl- so a special day fi Roman Ca- hased better.
tholics-the Feast of te Imma- U t t the field -are two
SChief Executive agrees to drive culate Conception. Val and Amorio, second in tfe
Getting back to the co-tea-a actively in the big hip at
pen del Cincuentenario;" which tures, both event ae hduled improved Chn- r
mato berun over a L41stice of sev- rg r. muntl
ma court next month.en furlongs. T ip ydguz suddenly will
rman of the Open tournament shapes up as& wi.'iP 00 affairr eilng form and rac- ple seo
with Tanger Cg gto reen, ed to- tag upset triumph Coat
nittee. Charming Prinet" d State one-half furlong
Barge rating a t i. .Vampi- ia "O horses. Ben-
resa and Ratlhln p4t wull be h with one of b
si the outsider. -.., his e tc rushes
s Cop Five ade a anad
S p i e This race shouldta nrio and alhas racedhU
tuck battle from a -toI h. of breath and re-
Tanger. Cardinom State se with odds
Barge and Ch mlie-in Mn- M
mpionships ddT i 0.low me
upionship sshed closely loaltd'" Ver- Fellow Met-
ticordia Saturd Vanwl- 11, 41 l after get-
resa was an longshot tin while the
*- winner yesterd Lht .de a Chum,
is the only 4 1 n P from the
took countless rights in his the bunch that 1been per- VadisV 7.
rushing attack, being stunned forming uo to Yes.rda
several times by Byrd's powerful In the Clas. :0 dash, w t -veral
smashes. the unusually 'auoIl Floreraq 3.hl4 1.20
Brig. General N. A. Cstello, seeks her sftiz ci c vie- Foot
Chief of Staff, USARCARIB, pre- tory and 12th rtn. She whc: 52.80. 1-
sented the team trophy to the will be meeting hif comr- to win
504th F.A., which was received petition thus itr re are a Coran's canoe
by the Battalion Commander. Lt. many who think D.,Julio Mer- $21 the frst an Ink- length:
Col. Frederick V. Warren. Gen. cado's little smpeediar1s.capable lin;g f the, later Nacloni
Costello also made the Individual of beating the Clau a 's Prize happy old na
awards in ceremonies Immedi- In a sprint. 'o'a lr iay ed the Enes w
ately following the bouts. Since his eltsy g p in the featue o P'gnl- tr a ]

"' f'^.
. -

, 4 .

- tjp. ,,

I'~ ~ ~ '5W'A '




.. ***,.
r ,,i-,.

T At
,f .,.;_. IfeS; f -[ f
.5. Ur

*et.Wil h~ng'

nm to

' a Ii



'-V.'I S


u is


~L4A. r A

Mus .,

e. '.



'''-" .



* U .,.-

,.: ".' ':,I .
5- i
kS ^
'* "i *'a'-; '
.. '* A' .-~s .

I' '



a, : I

. 4 -i f ,.

4.. ".," w l ,
.-* .."r I*W


.1~_. .

~ ~-'~.. ~'-F~"i~s-n
;I' j* iu~~bh

__ 1 __

. ... ,. ,' v t L r.'K' .' ". "-

r~~ __ 1_I_ 1

. s N

r -

~. 4a



^'-L ,.,



* *1.*.i 1

,.4~~ ;*.':i~? -.-~C~


Team To Throw

"u tff s i e irt B A"

fi m thw first man

iUe Pe Season PkAsrTop College CigeT4

if variety Of Ways He Sc

I Supp.,.a.1

routes q pi

. and let-

mu Uy AwaYa
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I le also ap *
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Moore, a..
Arthurs, 1t.
dpeS, b ....
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Oanuld, r ..
McDonald, ..
Clark, p (L)..


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I Austin, s ...
uminelli, 3b ..
Bernard2b ....
S Cobs. c., ...
ito OGeor p (R) o

-p I u 1

S ever p.iyed. a 17-IIts-old baseball team and won 11 and "I practice all shdts all
strips i frea sm tqta ,e a lost 1 as a pitcher. time," adds Dick, "but the oe.i
a li.' scodta were and t are after the most for me-right
.. 39 a ao.. : un ral WA. hiv.Tmhe NOrS& lae chos, _llke most. s the one. W na ae o
.. -, derm th e itura, lead- him. The Negro ace chose col- the hook shot."
I.. .11 er o; team varloly m -lege. His parents are college The biggest mpression be 1
ctic d to be th Ie's in the graduate. His father la the re- gotten in two years of
...100 cemunty. creation director for the City of big-time college basketball
With him are Mix-ntne Jim Pottstown. that "lt's a tough life behaf
Tucker, who set the. school sea- inside man."
son scorlng record two years ao His younger brother Dave en- Which would bring us baek W
only to have it broken by Rick- rolled at Duquesne this year, Dudey Moore's backcourt rpve-a
19~-U letts o st y tea; Lea IL DIn's fresh with a 30-point prep aver- les. except that this la a yo1&
Ave. high ol t Potte- age. ter who thrives on tougo;,
.21. town, Pa.: and fleH T rk Moore considers the older of
..243 sooamor o Ofn d the Rickett bos the best all- OLYMPIC PLANS -. "
.3. Mi/ kfW_.uroad:.-wR n,1 par-Irnound player be ,.ha ever W-'--'G "
.. 0S a wll utd plre o hp h~-~~eo WA HINGTOevN, NE... e
a. 20 pn hs "S e doe aen' at s ay weak- bers of the -omnittae fiFv
.. .2 out o nesses" ays Du ey. "The United States track and f
.. .2 a Alt g of all his points squtd a in g Win s
0 h itw,' llm .1 w'arletr ofm w, e can13 andplanning5 f te 6 1





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Killed In Iran v tlll
TEHERAN, Iran, Dec. 7--lP '"Let tI" p p e know
- Two Communist students tAerc
killed today when troops fired on
demonstrators protesting resump TWENTY-NINT TYEAR
tion of diplomatic relations with'
Britain and shouting support (l'
former Premier Mohammed M"11 1
sadegh now on trial as a traitor. I
The military government im-

al troublemakers and threaten-
ed banishment to the isle of Bad
Aria as violence flared or the
second day over re-establish-
meat of relations severed by
Mossadegh in the bitter Anglo-
Iranian dispute over oil. Tow n D ec
The government communique VICKSBURG, Miss., Dec. 7 ple affect
said yesterday's and today's dem. IUPI Workmen recovered the tornado."
anstrations were caused by trai- bodies of two more victims last Harrima
tors and promised severe pun. night from the wreckage of this had set ul
ishment. tornado-battered city. boosting quarters i
Two other students were report- the storm death toll to 28. staff of 1
ed seriously injured in today's Searchers feared others were asassting t
clash at Teheran uruversity which buried in the debris left by the llef activity
is a stronghold of the outlawed howling twister that raked the been set u
Communist Tudeh party, business district of this historic Ten of
Iranian troops smashed an anti- city, injuring more than 230 per- dren.
British demonstration in the teem- sons and causing more than $25,- One of
ing marketplace of here yesterday 000.000 worth of damage. last night
less than 24 hours after Britain In Washington, the White ermo, 16,
and Iran announced reseumption House announced that President wreckage
of diplomatic relations. Elsenhower had declared Vicks- His grief-
Eigh truckloads of troops burg a major disaster area, pav- watched a
.Swarmed into the bazaar and ing the way for federal aid to lief that so
seized 10 of 50 persons chanting help rehabilitate the stricken have span
'*Down with Britain." The rest city. At least
fled. All wore black armbands The National Red Cross also pprted m
as a sign 'of national mourning pledged its "full support" to vic- Warren, 1
over the new entente with Bri. times of the tornado, including a store in
4asi. "trained personnel and such from whi
-T3he wearing of the black was funds as may be needed" to sup- Leonard 1
ordered by Ayatollah Kashan, plement local efforts. but iajwu
powerful religious leader firmly Red Cross President E. toland The ton
opposed to the renewal of diplo- Harriman made the offer In a swath thr
natic ties with London. telegram to Mississippi Governor homes in
The military government of Teb- Hugh White n which he sent his burg.
iran moved swiftly to put down sympathy "to you and the peo- Workers
the demonstration, dispatching the
troops and posting them in the
bazaar to prevent further disturb-
ances. In addition, two truckloads
were sent to guarantee the safety
of the British embassy.
,lBt. the demonstration was on a
nisall scale, and observers said
Premier Fazollah Zahedi's gov-
ernment was in complete control.
SAnother outcropping of opposi-
tion came from Hussein Makki
former chief of the nationalized oil
administration and deputy premier
pder Mohammed Moasadegh. for-
mer Premier now on trial for trea-
S 'Makki announced he had warn-
-ed Zabedl that the Premier
lnid face trial by the nation in
age course for resuming rela-
MsL with Britain without con-
'rlting Parliament.
S.Joth Makki and Kashani an-
pounced their opposition last week
wben Zahedi met with government
traders in a round of conferences
to draft the announcement of re-
ewal of diplomatic relations.

Screaming Reds

Destroy French
; V.*************************

Hanoi Outpost

.HANOI Indochina, Dec. 7
) More than 2.000 scream-
itg Communist rebels. attacking
itlnat machine gun fire In
"suicide" waves, destroyed the
French Red River delta outpost
of GOla Loc and almost wiped out.
the loyalist garrison with bay-
onets and flashing knives, au-
th0rlties disclosed today.
* Only arrival of an armored
Sief column crashing through
gle thickets and a Red am-
ush saved the handful of Gla
Loe's loyal survivors when tne
Communists struck In a doub,"
attack Saturdav night.

Di th&,"ad the country Ls a/fe" Abrabdw LUei.a
II t *i r Jl .. .i 1111


,..A CaN

Cyclone Toll A 28;

id by yesterday's tragi
in said the Red Croa
p disaster rellef bead
n Vlcksbnr wheree
5 national workers
he local chapte r re
ies. Two ahettrsrhav
Sto care o r victims
e victims were chil
the bodlar reedvere
was that of ja* Pal
who was fouad In.the
of his fathers store
stricken parents had
nd wrkt'ina the be
me trick of lat-ndgh
ed him.
t one pse was le-

9, befe gl tsMp ia
the uhp bt et
ehnk her e, *Mn.
Warren,-e 4 pei asye
nado cut a ni-bloc
wough balfdIba an .
the heart df Vikcs-
who had searched

--- 1
CATCHING UP ON THE NEWS Poioier President Harry S.
Truman starts his day by reading a newslraber he was lucky to
get. as seven of the major newspapers In.New York City have
been closed for nearly a week. Later he took a walk and talked
about his daughter. Margaret. saying "hl*f the battle in life. Is
selecting a good mother-and Margaret did that."

Mediation Reaches Sister

Unions In Newspaper Strike
-U -

Bayonets flashed as the Reds NEW YORK, Dec. 7 (UPi no advertisements A similar e-
armed against chattering Chief federal mediator Walter ditlon with a progress run of
ichine guns and streamed over Maggiolo :alled tne lull nego- more than 2,000,000 copies ap-
$ defense of the outpost 37 tiating committees of the strik- peared on newstands today.
les southeast of Hanoi and Ing AFL Photo-Engravers Union
ar nmles south of Hal Duong anc the New York newspapers The Herald Tribune had sus-
Colonia: Route No. five. publishers to a 10 30 a. m. meet- peaded pdblcaton voluntarily
rhe fanatic rebels were iden- ing today as the shutdown of six lastTueav with announce-
ed as elements of the Con- m- .or New York dailies entered menthat ct "it hd dbcome clear
iss crack 43 Division sa- Its 10th day. that continued publication was
with support of jungle The mr.ctmg was scheduled being used a an Instrument to
Ilas. A second attack hit afir Maggiolo held two unusual obstruct normal collective bar-
thor outpost three miles a- conferences with representatives gaining.
., authorities said. of the other unions whose mem- In resuming publication yes-
bers have refused to cross picket terday the Herald Tribune told
Of ines et up Nov. 8 by the photo- readers: "'Now we are convinced
enaengravers. It was the first time that r eumpton of publication
rk Of ati e since the strike began that me- wlU not prejudice further nego-
sn dialion efforts have been ex- atlions." -
p lalon terded to th. other unions in- -
volhed. The Long Island Star-Journal.
Here The stri!:e b' 400 photo-en- which suspended publication
H grAvers co,.tinu.,d to idle 20.000 last Friday did not know early
ttother new .paper employes and today whether it would publish
I .th JS Dousquet. Clerk of cu publication of newspapers today's editions. Steroetypers
ft3edStates Senate Ap-lwith a dai.v circulation of more refund ort to work Fry

l hon. American and Post. and the ~opolytan wUP#pee.
ii on an official vislt Morning News, Times and Mlr-
purpose of ror i
1omP Y- v-TouNew Yorgers
mpnyu ov- New Yorkers went without Tough aging
with relation their Sunday colored comics
a budget for the coming yes-terday for thi first time since NW MART NSVILLE, W. Va
s hs a trike oi delivervmen cut off Dec. (UP)'- 8xLteen-year-o'd
.ouquet hab been a staff newspaper distribution in 1945. Jerry Morris of Jacobsburg. W. I
rm f W the Aenate Appr,- Although the photo-engravers' IV., had a tough time bagging d
itmo ComMNte. for ,o0t strikLe was underway Wast Sun- his deer on the final day of tle
years. Prior to that time he day. comic sections had been season yesterday.
I been employed t the Of- printed earlier and were distri- The youth spotting a 150- F
I of the Obi, of Angtheris, buted. pound doe, fed once and mb-
i. Army. This Ihisit vis- rne New York Herald Tribune'ed. HiS decod shot noundmdi
o the Isthmus, which has its enarzavin done by ,the deer and tleenraged animal
a to. turn to rWash- an outside concern and was not charged at hig.
Vzerntwo woJ &a W if l *olved in the strike, resumed, Morris slomt yed, awu*,,to
,*rfl18k 31 b o r 4 ie pillication yesterday with an~ the do ,s', s C killed It, w
m..pag- e editon containing--his huntnt. Ig
i n g W' -'"

SDisaster rec
ic throughout two nights continued downtown area that was ha
to claw through t. brick and eat hit.
as Umber rubble that only Saturday Three tehi t, houses ov
- was the heart of the shopping looking the f RI
a district were smashed b te bck ft
a Anguished families of the miss- nel and a floor asct
- ing had kept a constant vigil at of one of the. b was b
e the downtown ruins, but hopes anced on top. of a ttenedI
L waned late yesterday when vol- tomobile.
- unteers dug up the bodies of Maj. Oea 'W'. Wilsn on. M
three smalI chIldren from a slsslppi's adjutux iaral,
d wrecked theater lUuldlng. dame woul d 25
- The crushed litle bodies of lion dollars ..or do
SBrenda Thorpell, seveP, her five- town bu destro
. year-old sister, Lorrabna, and and nearly in a fol
i Joyce Barfield, seven, were pull- block area v damage
- ed from under splintered theater MisWhI
t seats after workers dng through who flew e W sy, wil
the debris of a collapsed roof. President IM askJ
The savage twisted eauht this that dafunds
Mississippi River town at its made av 'ths area.
rush hour at 5:45 pJn. (CST White olM idered I
Saturday and smashed stores property the sto
crowded with Chrlstmlas shop- even woraOf the iI
pers and the theater, which was twister M
showing a children's -mtinee. and klled -7a'
Of the I2 persos nIled, five The tarnmd,4 a mi
were unidentified l ky overeat Q i;.nr foma tm
Other twisters Ba y hit southwest t eut i swath
farming areas in Louiliana Ar- damage two*lc wide to t
kansra and Mlnortheast.
Yesterday a tism #:wop- _
ed Oa a small ee.mrspa n Tl~e yt -m wpI Into
southeast Alabamn, h- were p e *q.t the
no deaths reported a*ugh 15 rBSih .Iy i eof fin
persons were hurt Ih Loausi- thLt hkr!*-et qwdewva
ama. Latea. e -
Rescue workers tryig to get The that sot'.Uk yeste
through the collapsed wall un- day tn .A.a* da d eats
der which the Warmn girl was vocat .I ,ar
feared buried said they heard ly no one tL. b
sounds from the rubble at 3 am. er hit a esal u amm g
Sunday but have heard nothing Dotbam a lE .i 01, -
since. da e was ta .000.1
While the wekers dug ran- ,5,o,.
tally, Natimal Gudne, .
armed with rifles, patr the uYk 3| R
hopping area to prevent Inet- W WU D
Gay, colored Chrldnistmas gt- 'i -
and ornaments th t were NW -a
stretched along the i ts for
Me holiday were mix with the A
debris that littered W M A S
Street, the taa's .mal ,t -
enghare, and the fot-block M .
known lTabrIsbun
Yv ts thtSf.Si s -we
I cook.I ..waitnes a"eeaest wh at hp
S-Power o erenced by no. -e h
who was iM tN i r.

On Triesle Prolei y
7'(1 RAD. Yugoslavia, D"c. v~I-gm tO. uw, -
-The envoys of the (UP)-mf m an hown n
anite antates, OremW abou to start and it bn"e=e
and France met today with For- The ght started oinfimn i
eign Secretary Koae PopoV to sad then things artit fa
discuss the posslbllty of a five- in.
power conference to settle the After the roof fell In, I h
years-long Yugoslav-Itallan db- screams. I fust ltaed Ia nmy ma
pute over Trieste. and put my hand .0 0 af
The o9-minmu eonference at and started hoUteln
the foreign seretaiat wpt astryig to tp Mto
at the request of the Wetetn b ver would answer.
representative here. Avin Harvood, 9, on of fli
The meeting came even as the ehUilren known, Md'. 1p t
Yugolav army was re wreled theate,.was sedte h
prea to pull back V a t@ leor..
the Italian tronur in M r .heardsome boys dt
wh the eagrem t s rea d cryi and hovering
Saturday In Rome. Official ItAl- at )an" on j
Ian sources wem quoted l-ta my. sr on ,
Ing tin troops a redyW ciam .toMgt,
begun withdrawing. riL CJ
details of today taiks enliw
dya te&Al t lmy t led around and sw-..
aisrinffd, A _pros releae UM It was A* I Tin. ,
after the meng said ftg .0w t Q but Ir,
the Wes sav evos" cl ed
Popovie fa "t a ilcussofn e uf
of 1W. 13 an& a g tow"
Yugooa redpyt to those or '
ings of T.10.
On tl, he thM W r
powers, d a tenttie

Amec en Ot. 8 deIsin to
over Zpe A A9 the tree
tomta A p. a ',

discloe No ME
S then theam
cpbt-- hav & ve, i
I Tofoal si d M t

PI t
has i
the C



AM nmS p


day for tat
samd the J
talk at ltid
Job. ..

f1r. Iis

e f Mr ', 'l
st reneasi go of ti w -.

_ I S a W i g b p n. Jr .

3u~wus- '~:

^kaWill Pra(i
~. For-A.
,.. z, .,LI I .

w ..' ,, .s- & ^^ia

i ., .-

14 L

p 71

,.5 'i C

'56 -r
t .:
t. ~~
,'k ;"~-~':*~~ I ;p




_ ~


F n I = =



hII a 4 Promir n
York to irs address
to fe Natons.
Mr. V V.decison to

a gl $ dli .
*cuss-a *bfre'- v e*Ersh- l
owed Three power's a-
- 9Ir erfBt tLUId,their foreign U
min h tzE1 IBp i next mouthb
- for a 1mio with the Rqa-"
The abfJect of Mrt. lWenhow- feto
er'l addrea wil be "the perils i
thinat alMt.the worai hIn thJis
La 110 0e dref m e~ -a
[ eate rt. at

Iend t..
Jame tgerty. White Hous.
press seorthl, said dv Pfesi-
dent's speech ~ol0d not -e -:rs .
pet m thas i aBi ad'
wpit C- f tg Imnta' It&
but the l ctlH ab i'i ds
wiLanl sat d
a. 1 would bre;

wo s meTrer F pre'
ih min' Wii Bidalt
n ait tint for St S
fr Prawenit.- r

Twhen; bo ino

.w' pa o wi. .-e 1 .
tt. l

sa Uw

wu t be ; -
pert m th.; j

~krsr~ cr





M ,- *:"


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