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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Churchill Differ


On Red Motives
TUCKER'S TOWN, Bermudo Dec. 5 (UP) -
Prime Minister Winston Churchills belief that the r
be a "new look" in the KremHn underwent close le
tiny today by the Big Three foreign ministers.
Church~l, Prtident Eisanrower and French
Joseph L I j wre reported to have accepted iq,
ciple lost th-e tow,$ e bid for a Big Four foreign
i s1e. rco n6 .q
t"he .a -i winAisters U.S. Secrentoa
State Joh Feo DDite AAnthony Eden of Britoial
George B i lt France, called a meeting todew
droff a ry tMremlin's note.
They ctd to report their findings l
afterward ir,' liseirhower, Churchill and LatwD
do at t ceder table in ihe pink-wa
Q n CU 1 tegecond meeting of their historic.-

by the Brtilh,
of an a pp
sin *aster -
momen INIRAhm

4, as
I th* a

wan. I
(right) ao
wale4 witl
r and the
r took In r

3, 'AA rlu -

Yes Didauilt Ia

wmr confer.
ean leaders
'd with the

ib Telephoto)
-:f France. Is
French For-
Id the French

'eonraence at 4 p.m.. yeerday.
Thsy .amIlDned ater their flnt
me tg that U he d iy -
Vewed the general world iltua-
wta tjeoras Iw st, that
Wepem. im acimes i to
tlf*w proponid during a
hs1a-hoor tfltorimal cinveratl.rn
tbat 'llaowd the initial meet-
eth ChuuehIM and Air. is-
onhower 'toe they ehtted.
but Mtbej lupireedtl
with saft eot eam ama "
moetives. .
Church MLaM the, remnr
had undifto a "aew look"
dnlce eor-fWhbler Joser
Stalin ati be asee ue of Pro-
mier OCewo S ule
"I dopt kom* t"a I*' A
new dtem or amply Io on
Ina .r'" Mr. B.
wryly etoeL pertham p.-
fof hi wthto's atement that
ih nreferwfd the loaw hmafe

'beu thte talksbawu itu
day, mid every e "idmly
lulftM be taken to i:,-.
tr" wih the R oa- -4
.:., aenhower wal reported
_h 66a4 M.flatly that be Ques-
ti0 "Wthe sincerity of the us-
alan ftein policy."
"I don believe it has chang-
ed," the President was quoted
"She ip trying to crush the world
she calls capitalist."
Sources reporting on the In-
formal talk said Mr. lsenhowcr
made It clear to Churchill and
Laniel he did not come to Ber-
muda to negotiate on proposals
that differed from his previous
stand 'on-dealng with the Krem-
"We don't kow If the Rua-
slans- have hanged." the Preal-
dent said, urgiLn cauton.
It wa apparent that Mr.
Elseaswar Wead Lusist ao
Sl0t the of t e frelan
minte mlu to work on
MW the
I lem4dmsd d, mt lc .(mud

d"w t aw Mp a u a-
ped 1t tof, his old tdl
Churchill .
Nienhwrr said on his ar
he was glad t meet wt '
friends" and added: "ItM
I know that our Ia
here wil result in better
standing among the ne
evolved and I inre
with autufl benefit to our
spectly. countries."
Sgn!xCn ly, Lewis W. Str
chialM t the. U.8. AtW
Energy gammaasion, was ad
at the wintea.lMUe to the us
hower ettt' xa
Lail Bcrril ttth atr
pert,, dame bhere wni h
The working out
front on howto nie
sla In Berli wua the
Another b ftste
creation of an
The French Wb .
want a Britiha
the Europea
nity military
want a gua
will not pull out
troops from the
formants laid.
Churchill and
enhower at
U.N. air bae on
the President'
Some 2.500
greewd CI
and gave So
The President wo a
and broad grin. He wa
first by Lt. On.
Hood, British eVernr'lW
nuda, them shook iabmi
the governor' wife ahd 1
wives of Amersaon ard ]II
mlltary leaders on the
Then senhower strode for
o meet the advancing ChUA
verv ood to e you Ch
ir Winrtxn," he utd 1fti
ed Eden. in bk of CAMN
and then moved onto slnaI

II to rside for plotaer 3
ChaMtcl amd laueh.n A
ust -aswoa d it after

Now -,- C.

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Aafth~ic& .ibi~rj

mouo m NDEh Sf-" I Labor NNLN USs ..- a'
e- iT. STaE P 0 on0 134 PANAMA. R. I P. A
TELHpNEn PAl 4M NO 1-0740 Ie LINm1) Ad
415 MADIgON Av". NW YOMK. (I.T N. V.
LOCAL bv .a
-s. one rA*. .*u a VANO e --- ite- S By VICTOR RIU ES

THE MAIL B.QX- has bee stda u-
RRMW 1 The newest screen designed 'o
)spot the first significant infiltra.
tion of an enemy which can de-
moralize millions of Americans
1-0..... -X '- has been stretched saeroe-coun-
o try. Not by the military. By Pres-
The Mail Box is on open torum for readers .t The Penam Amer- ident Eisenhower's own economic
a. Letters re received geatefully aod are hanoed in a wholly contfi spotters. mener. Strategically placed across the
It yeo camtribufe a letter don't be Impatlent it it doesn't pperI the nation, watching for the first signs .
inI day. Lter are published in the order receive, danger of a return to the apples-
Please try keep the letters limited to one page len th. on the egg crate depresalon
Ideetiy it letter writers is held in strictest centmde days of the Thirties, are groups of
This Newspaper assumesne responsibility tor stalesnle as opinions economic spotters. They, are pri-
r )a.n u"tters tem I Vmarily businessmen, but include
r ed' iinesIletters from reders. o !, college professors and newsMpper
BOTH FEET IN THE AIR reporters. Each spotter dispatches .
Fort Kobbe, C.Z. regular reports on s.:.-t's happen.
Sing to business in his community.
I shur is rite nice to heer that their is a reel soger in the ese "aler" go tomerce Aistant S1-
.in, iLCo..i, i.; a old rime aimy sargint sea he Is. I bet hes a workio o in thmee White House.
a n .;, Ii~r. almiy since ay Dack In 1946. Im a career man Theyare twen compiled, studied t
u. i ~u:e( up in 1932 out I aint made sargint yet. But the Thend ade ilabthen comped, studied
and made available to such men
Sle .ez to mn son you jusL keep on doin a good job like you as chief economic braintruster Dr.
:in olin and l1l make you tic won oz theze days and you wont Arthur Burns v'ho has his own 49
.. no waiver neither you bin in grade 21 yr. set of "task forces" operating on
Suont no about se%%en out of ten 1st 3 gliders beln homated- the same front. Each "task force" .
is. im to busy cleanin latreens to be countin sargints. Seems is studying a series of maneuvers
e ever tinle I turn around their is sargints and they aint old to be launched at the first signs of
.es lae us neither. You no the other day .an of these sar- a recession detected by the trend
.. give me to the reer march on the wrong !.t and I had to spotters throughout the land.-. '
..i ite last to do It rite so he woodent looK bad. Apparently President Eisenhow.
\,~n.n i maKe Pic Ill be in line ior corprll In 3 or 4 more yrs her's bi anti depression push-if
.p.iully if they iun theze liomsliaders ou.. -ein a reel old there should, indeed, be a slump--
e sorer In the army today I bet'Id make a good corpril to. will be on a vast housing construc- e
I 1 Woodent give no commands wiih ooth leat in the air nei- tion, reconstruction and renovating
tner. program costing billions of dollars.
les sir I think Gen Costello shud put out a order and say There will be no return to the
they aint gona be no movie extenshuns noL even on furlows. Then WPA kind of program through
theLe hear nomLcc. e:s .ood have to ICLbC, this hear old time which most of us lved in toe carinm woou l.. nis qtrs. Id get my p.Lrnoshun and us old strange days of Federal Theatre -
timt carear sqgers wood own the posts. projects, CCC camps and mural -.
-Old (?) Timer. paintings which overshadowed the
"made work" relief, which was
BRAISE DUE basically road building.
r blsi y adPRAISE DUE Instead, now 30 years later, t ".e
Many wonderful thin.a nave beeU said of the lovely Queen White House plans to d for the
and indsoe husband the Duke ot Edhnburg thetheir re- people at large what the govern- "
ee througii here, ana many nice" .n.aga zVe been said mnent did for the returning GIs
a e way the Army and Navy and the be. after the last war-give millionsof
htt so~ little or nothing has oeo a14 piut the im- people a cha to bay new homes
PO part thin .Z.Police Force play Pay' with small payments. LAt
must All agreee that we can be ,e way each withem an Rov ui tear ee
poUceman handled his p icu lbb 'rom the mo- and clear sluhiby making money -- 0-
men h Royal Party stepped otf the in Cristobal. until easily Lvalldble. t ... -
they left the Canel at the end of the three mile limit-where For example, millions ol faml- MEMO TO TIHE Et W polit.whole groupsend out VW from behind warB
the Police launch bid them a final farewell, they were escorted lies bought new homes in the 1945- There are experts who will tell you that Hitler the Iron Curtain tat-tmey ale frr or under- aewr
and watched over by the C.Z. Police while on C.Z. Territory. 1950 period as the boys returned was defeated on Ayt 14, 1941, at sea aboard ..round activity...&As -an exaSIM -S Slt down the be
Most of the pol'ccmen worked for 10 or 20 hours and at the from the last war and married. the U.5.8. Augusta -be-ore the UJ.. fired a anotL strike Is in iprogre o dht now ln C0 th coal It wd
end of their Ion" c'" they were still as respectful and courteous Now, with growing children in t h Hitler had been boMagi .that the OermanlR were o ine and on Czedf rallroads, xft al r to tried to
to the spectator were at the beminnaig. r family, many need an addlonal a master race ancVYwMld rule the world.;.On the ones the French workers effatitw an Hltter... tat he
This medium i oiten used for grapes, that a o fd pf prnlse room or two or want to buy a big- that day Churchill and Roosevelt declared the And all this Is bettt done withoe t the slightest ardli
should be a pler charge. er place. f fundamental right ofT. ople to reedom-... si4tance l froMot tuld ,t
ow t hCrewL ; S6 the goverlaent plan emt The experts on pDybholoical warfare willtell, it .g.i"
o ine.xt yar. set Up ederi you that every m .I tn 4very country In ti Ourrlla wrfgMd s o a nilitatry1 ca d
...--- Mortgag redttm~ op worldd for whom Hlur Untended chains react" wha4 the 4% ft*alt Wl to to e pfris fit. ..n ot ,
guarantee mortgages give any for g .n the a* O-mre abh d RooI relt gave.the onol~ng-.I 'ff blance: rPe: MIlet t at
ve age ctioen a chance to borrow the ram Ae ...They became our allisr -- ot to lal Is haRyinetk...But it meas udwr theu
even for home renovations. because they loved us but because they hated ead i W tactics -rtb ~
So eager for this kind of program and feared Hitler. __negle art with i Weste p the .
Swas the CIO's rqpreselave on nee w tew e pWer... t

.t.-111E c ... i '6. ar.
I =1oso
ing thesr ^ r R taii b o N
urospe dustry, d to Iathea
ti'ousandg on thousands of construe. the -wari t hat a -*
tion obs requires government t olathWest Ruusa (the Ulrane) was ready to the hill and thd ields...Thati
money an push. So the CIOpeople finht with Hiler until he sta rd h n.tng 11- meanU that, we.have paraghute d4ivinooqi
told the banking interests they year-old boyr and 7B- yar-ald women...Then the ln4edd edst of Beruin. it we have -alp"
would not turn in a minority re- M polttP1 tn (Which Widd have supported toarm them....The reaen we aPs M
ot urging, that interest on loans, -U) t-wo atts
be kept dowa. Thus 'the sa n u i
Advi Committee (to ous H .e
Administrator. Albert Colgs) I"'130Fn
", solid in its drive for this kind ofr t lila s 1' I
housing program. his and he h M MEy a
Coupled with this will be "ter. the hostile territo ,
rific" school construction to add ilan ,n Nlg oI
new youg sters; alum lea race lekov.t tl mu lautJi ll ln oe beca thatt wel
for the raising of some 25,000 headacbbaHltlqr L ttah d -I;n .:; .
fedeally euasidizestz; housing units; I Comm t for b
state 1 peed thousands o( "e ip tone .l ..Is t i y
mies of way construction- tIhe Qa Isoinr y d
even the ng of undergo for ~ bi ig "ah.,to ft 'rD l!. .
m9grat s era of man-made P h) bda
atf it ef vedaltday-probably tin om p in Jim he
he -"task forces" are lst ..eIa .n. opls rtaan- hoa t-
studyng Federal aid to new a coar. u in ll .us thathe isayta

So ploym benefits were about u- i
s'truct i Federal aid to rehabeil.n t '
t : on construction (improvf The secret CvLdpa at noA $nreat behind the th foso
ments), psonetary and fiscal Tpl._ rto beneAb yithe- t n hf ir
T4l I and, 00pube works. Ofra i'r a.4 t l heRdAmyI o An:ra
I im.ntereot to those now being llaid off lly ( in number o eerl that
eprt i ssUpposed to he fun, thenp mm ducks are havin t -ersfare laeyofs tanee y -f
a of It today--probably sitting some price in a h aMio nf den in i l le.t
warm roost!" b.... es t%"'l g Intnmehodtof ae ., f -m to m *as ..
..........- --- l ao'sATOWN Inlt es thos o It i' by- dli, the I rmmi-

E RAL WEEK-END ELESE Watr Reuher1 w move intf I SShais 'i tiesmno a
a. hin t-~,,lem ent ins3uraned. t di :at certain whm. r
oment benefits were about OB a. F.. r t ta
et40 pleace of wages paid when atth "'to
m ody it down touS e tert I t f 'om .; .
But whatW'verage ma ne es d
CENTRAL bor laid By Peer "son

has o tRCUIT o. t., oi. h th risea s h h-Ul "r
wages threfre anet wo i t talA.ucl:
the cost t living either. .--.Tjad Anale i dJ.Upreen B '
Presents: Desp-6 opt:im:sm In. he Whi lt W id @I ~
House and depite confidence in It
spotters, task forces and standby :tb .Wo rld'l
pro ams labor believes the ad* fe s uIennst Iueflatle
mlaNsAni s waiting too long to ,'. ,
____________ -- WEEK-END RELEASE' walter Reuther will move intd 1i this tiatlen, iee matubli Ytlom o
Washington to challenge the Presi. detached *awh. o a wedi-gam. fotball
HOWS! -0 2 2g.42. 4 g PM lrotbr Rethrha allied edblats nil ee
a IO Ato Union Full Emplo elti UO*. I**iL fhxi ii tha presca
meat Con(msp and will dd-ab-das th sa ema t ton.
I mand that the White House tak tot4, Com htledom
.ation now. $ .b S is a bube ._f.,. ha li
But wh. taver'ppens -- this j- tfrot t i5U i U t. But he j.oie .
oresslon is just not going to sneak _sa that, what .A i ,n to dm "
up on us as did the last one. Mea-to
wem -Tra mi ," tl- vdA IdmWt. 4i

Ima panen as
~U l~'. k I; f ig


awy -

*EVA BARTOK a mmor
i~u~ ftuIm

mar, nrstE-RuMJ :


*'. ,m nROnERTA RAYNks, in
"REV MRAISE" in Tecdlnicol6r!
'^ ^ fi i i~ f i i~T- rt r ,,


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I -

R, SJOAMU'V. .. wh CU(x Y Fra ade

m ntUa more ith e o D l

sPanama Canal hoOe tr-lana=il onat of aThe .

,- ,,"|'algumenta, rusear project prevent i 'ta te floodtilag
w. i di a da.ilon iend p mic lr floor -put '

..the wll lo u 0ded f co-fm
S'' place -atur4dayz.. an the V as"w Gintatimwok the r mMafn. a M u d- d d

.o.. ,-.-. r* '~. c t"(Bt, for I nomlneM -|musm t be tur- mf atn ot hetm .,,t a e geM &
S" .-' lnln the program. will a~ ~ign by mte es r e of the y's a br ndatst w h t ha e eell e
pend ive months, froaul bel u- buae Tue y. Interviews lug week.
t ary to June 1094, In hinsl c r,-
d desicnd d to brAden te r
petence am. oatide tse n the
i reas or eneral aomnlstratlirn.

(My. John a. ftM onc w tw mu:&
SPanama Canal busnr heWda

*nb* iss oiWbae Invt to U beT Aeae.
in&*L -' 'l ..a* th boreml te ianr iae v
"b.*edesigneda to -

__"_"____ IIUN Cilcken considered by a e or Se),bohd
c (lhi_-_ ,A orF endorsl ement, cO thee, it ias
aseoed thed rat one or two mun
bdt a a nama seleCted finally in Washing-
40- acaweano c s uleq., from other po veir mea
evidence oft n te

T be eDligible Sforomlm~ton, i
the emplope must have glvPp

S btegrt health and ste -g
to ntfai a nun tha tgO tin
httic ex cthed t s hat ghe r-o w a -

P' Wumam

With my

enaalI. II
above the

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.~~-oo plealst
mM with a i in ,

ad many more of the .WORDWB XIrE &T

S .

h' mrel Pf.e q Ter. 4 SrS., P ..n-I,.

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ft bg shwim D.l crRew. '
S1,it, t, a a rfa, ,g : 4 ti
hiMu wi& hr c o.. -

uthe h*fmu
- cU~bwo. l

nVrr hnn t

*W P o ..i .
.'nC .; taapart a1 '
., .. ... ... -'.. '. .

.^', |- ^ .. .;
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^. s,,r ** .* .riE' .i-b ',I .7

"* C + "" ....... i

a.':, .l ll + .


.0 1Li e
AUkik J- W o WSAiNh
bs tjunfyro ahgCMt fol r
latoma Iem' e irL. ,m.
pa4l MOVADO Waa ri watch
a fo."A t"ch I bought alwo tn 10 yM
ow*ar ym In dtAritM&OW mfkLoh.
dr vinI oermi a tfrloa t a timr
Iet*m ls to UPn0 utflrb4ti dsh
ginei~mdly madem thoin

i w itdtewch hasiai
see to know thPt.'~


'fO w aerp m Of/ ;jp .iN K r. Wirth.ik r k& 'k f O I O t SM 1 ,
AJw -tud j ,jia. of stime awd*' wyviry d cdmi4,. Omw rte uwrm

M*At0 Watches are sold and'Mauiced by loding jewelers all
world. ..r 4w York it's Tiffany's and in Ponom6 it' Case Fostlich.

'eii nnremmber Professor Piccrd of Delgium, who 20 years ago xpoed
ilt t' with a Mo.v d i timep ? ce?

SProfessor Piccoimt a Iwo 9,o00 ooJrt u under I level,


iT l rem. vopen
" To your shop open
,- 9 p.m.


ss -i
S I,


VE. aimeto rinms,
itfI e as chess.


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4.:~' i, rF

(LAA. d.

I have


1000 dives

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11~6 aba to

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C:7 ee
~~fl4...i~EL~ ANOe~

w wrsbmm

RH FWlor Blood ThunderJles Make A ,

Correction Shown Japan-Tha nd

On Television Show Flight Nonslop r'a
i 4 Flowing
ST. LOTIS Mo., Dec. 5 (UP)- TOKYO. Dec. 5-(UP) -The Far garment
The public was shown a true-;o- East Air Force tested its long- Worn around
life I medical dram'a--a eight to range mobility yesterday in a non- the waist
aave child's life-on-a network stop 2,500-mil flight of tour Thun- 12 Mimic
television program climax 'f derjet fighter-bombers from south- 1 13 ortent
the American Medical Assoc'a- ern Japan to Bangkok, Thailand. 14 Curved
tiod's annual clinical meeting. molding
which ended here today. The Thunderjts, workhorse' of 15 Seed vessel
the Korean war, were refueled in 16 Table silver
A pediatrician demonstrated midair over the Philippine islands, 18 Revisers
how the diseased blood in u the first such experiment ever con- 20 Beginning
newly-born infant is exchanedducted in the Far East. 21 Fish
for normal blood on the "Maich e Far East Air o 22 Sailors
of Medicine" program last nigi The Far Eat Air 24 Henry VIII's
whof Medicin wase" program last igntly the in-flight jet refueling mission 2xth wienry
hh was presented jointly "illustrated the global mobility of sixth wife.
the ^MA and Smith ^ Kline andh S Air Fore fighter airrat Catherine laboratories, a Philade- and their offensive-defensive ca --
phig pharmaceutical firm. ability agalnsf 'aggression in the 26 Norway's
FFar East capital
Fred H. Allen, Jr., clinlct.l "- 27 Scottish river
tso ate ir pediatrics at Har- The Thunderjets. disp a t c h e d 30 More level
van University, demonstrated from the 49th fighter-bomber wing, 32 Spring nwers
the process of alternate removAl Aere accompanied by a Skvmas- 34 Afternoon nai
apd infusion of blood, which ha* ter transport plane carrying main- 35 Egyptian god
Increased the survival chanrcs tenance engineers and s p a r e 36 Hypothetical
of Babies afflicted with RH fac- parts. forces
tor 'complications to "100 per 37 Shoshonean
cent for survival with no hanil- The role took the fighter-bomb- Indians
cap!' er jets over Okinawa to the Philip- 39 Immorality
pines, where they were refueled in 40 Poems
,-. mid-air rom .4spe~tort tankers, 41 Where hose
then on to Tourane, French Indo- are worn
Ur J |pos Ugianda ,china, and into Banglok. 42 Remove hair
SI The Air Force said the "train- 45 Gazing
I ing flight was made at the invi- 49 House with
RUli ili H taetion of the Royal Thailnd Ai land and
Force" in observance of the birth- buildings
day anniversary tomorrow of Tha- 51 Asyrian god
Lede' land's American-born king, Adua- 52 Above
de Phumiphon. 53 Poker stak
LODON, fie. o -(UP -Tho 54 He wore a
Kabaa of Uganda, deposed by the Uganda's Independence, who has Confederate
1Britf- government because he disappeared since last Monday. uniform
sougl independent rule for his Officials were inclined to believe 55 Confined
east iWrican kingdom, was report-. that Musaiz had gone into'hiding 56 Disorder
ed by,his associaes tsday tod. -e because he anticipated arrest in 67 Dutch town
planr og to to Tan er, Moroc- the event of disturbances in Ugan-
eo to live. da following the Kabaka's exile.
S. Some Africatl observers here.
Meitwhil interest in Uganda's however, said they believed Mu-
affairi switched from the Kabaka. sazi would make his way to Cairo
whb was ual1 to be interested where he would emerge as a
mn to viiti friends and- hebmpion of Uganda's Indepen-
shop l gie, to Ignatius dance and union with the Nile val.- U
tr ldaeter ol the Uganda Na- ley which was the underlying U
tio onfress and agitator for cause of the Kabaka's exile.
'4 '. ,

Te Pactifc Steam Naigallon Company

Royal Mail Lines Ltd.

M.V. "SALAVERI Y" ...,,. ... ... .............. Dec. 12

M.Y. "iaAN Oc ..... ..... ................... D 6

s. "LOC:B d ARTH"- .............................D. 1 .
All S~:a afet to Change Witheat Notice
N A CO NAMA-Ave. Peru #55, Tel. S-1257/18.
FOBD CO. C. (BALBOA-Term BlId.. TeL 2-19W

.mE 6

Bid Up

Ai~ '~

1 $1i eve*eue
*-r "S
3 A Iestall

5 Hebrew
S*1 imals
4 Tur g rth

7 Abtract being 26 Declaim
8 Blesings 27 Airship
9 Sqlves 28 Herice
10 Unakpifrted 29 Essential
ITty, being
17 Permeable '31 Ilhital
by liquid exercise.
10 Mountain >3 Glandular
lakes organ
23 Singing voices 38 Hebrew
24 Mexican coin aseitie
25 Eager 40 Open

41 Burdens
43 Where clothes
are bought
43 Hoisted,
44Prayer ending
L G'IfWk -0-s!
Sot rteA "

..1. *',.


Great White Fleet :i:

- .-I d l.lli

*O8. "HIBUIRA" ........................... .., 1
OB.S. "YAQUE" ............................
S.S. "LEVERS BEND ....... ......... ..........Dee.
*s.s. ** Em a .. ........ .... .. ....... .. -

|. *


weekly uaills.r twelve ifaoziff ip to

bI OS4 AMO -zrh*

-ilL w~ri


Orleans. Los Aneles. lis Iraco esd .&,,,
uvi --.* .U ..^*^ ^ B f

Special rounM trip fare troa Crtibelh i.. jewT i4i
LN ALg s*s. Sa mrarMU mad aMKe .-. .. -- .. -. ..
To New 10r. ........ .......

To Seattle ......... ...........

.,M .. y

____/*- .c ,^ Kfky l

S.aFEE C.ME N, .W ,. ., '

Lo wME T '1^ ,.


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CBRIS WWo i fbawIMeft
, ..

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A i-- ,. *t ~ ~ ~ L -~'-

C ;?- iiRs
-. .5-..
.2 i ~ ...

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Oie Up.

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_ ___ _~ _~ ___ _~_ __ ____ _F __~_ _~_ __ __1


+ A

..- -.. Apmwm l_

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_ ~ __?

I lJ ,_

8.S. "MJET' AF .... ..", ....+ ..., ., .
s.. 1m ... ...... ...... .. .
S.S. N.... ............ ,..
i -C r j ':., ,.. ., A.. .. A





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( .... ". .'v.-'"... "'
r *i -


V, ,Ss .. -0 t .. "4
,1e~e e W 4m I
'~~r s

t. ...4

f." ...r* +
.1. Mtil-a ii-..-- 2 ...L L. BB

K *. B- .



aw DIg alk.. 0 i s
5ta del C AVi -ta l
beoneg f today by ,fteI
Mde A ima at Mer bhome ln

,r S Meleow. Minh Betaty OUve,
e a errg r n,
Iuil l nb Mopbqn are reminded to bring
a etmas gift suitable for a boy
s i.bethun the u at eight


".i .' ( '. f-3u wi.

.S DT ,,,.,

s ccktail paty. d aOi l i
S itte -

o bmadritt r s'a
'P3Ais to ldl a


Idog I .A- rk-Ie
MW;T .al. t stewl"g with a
yar: gaBr for -;ikh husbands

nae rdlSk 4b. denz ad:&tibe. who
S, h .-. 4 the past six
se^ -oe .a1rta nt table was dee-
the Lo rated i .the& am season

Ldl from Fort
I i.61jakefro mni-
are also fur-
sty fiVhe Or-
be entertain"t
Gifts will be
~tak sE Caldwell, Di.
rp gbbe Serivee
-un preawt

r- 1
.P YI~


.; I.*
9 <-

at the Morgan Reaidce Mira-

"(Ipc Flamingo' Toelid
Te Albrook ffieeWr' W ves
Club-is spoaoring a "Club Fla-
mimw" night' thla evl is the
a Loungm e of the Albraok Offi-
ers' Club. This b~ ofIt. ial is
being conducted in conjunction
with the Operation Christmas
Drive currently in process at A]-
brook Air Force Base.
The Benefit will feature, dinner,
dancing, a floor show at 9:0 p.m.
games of chase 'and'the. raffing

i I 'I

Oppwite Panam
R. I Stateon
*** *Jt


Have you always wanted to dance, either ballet or tap, .but
never had the chance as a child? It Isn't too late. Here I,
your opportunity to realize that desire. ADULT Classes I,
ITap nd Ballet will start January 4th. You have all th~I
month of December to register and order the few easentlai
you will need. Register ahd order early so you will be pwa-'
pared to enjoy a new thrill in your life.
Limited openinin n present children's classes for Non-
Beginners. Regiatratiqns being taken for pre-achool begin-
nerg, new groups aaq start January 4th.
.-Fr o.saete Inersmatm esan DOROTRY CHAE 3.1751

/ '- *a



C(ruo I~

.Tho e unable to attend h meiuet
iMg are requested to assist at thi
Christmas party.
Farewell Pafty. Be
Afmiral Ad Mn. M -lad
I ear .d al Albert M,. Bled-
sod, US.SN, Coimandant of the
Ft h Naval dtI"and ln.
e were th Sgat. of hboo
ta breweU cocktail buet siven
Friay eveag at, 6,M at te Ar
-Navy Club, Fort Aipador by
the Oficers of the Pacific Side o
t Fitednth Nval District and

XaJr Ad Mrs. Drake
veMr. F m. L C' a
SMajor scar a: and :.
Drake of Fort ab- W1dye
terdsy aboard ti U Gotals
far -the United States en route to
his ow station.
Coakeys Xa e
Mr. and Mrs .' Ptrick' Coaley
q Balboa we Casn gpa angers
iing Friday abbardlte .3. .An-
cef tar the United States en route
to their home ia Grand Rapids,

Nlel 3-Ryau Wediag
Itab u And Dinner
h rehearsal of the wedding of
WNs Normi' Magda MeBBown
to Mr. William artwe yan, was
held Friday eviing at.6:00. Fol
lowig th rehearsal, Iebers of
mr wmddi pry ateIneul a din-
mar at the Amerita ELogins Club,
Fart madr. A :
The attending included IMrs.
Midal J. Ryan, M Me eiown
d 'Mr. Ryan, Mr sai-rl. Alex-
aader McKeown, Miss Jeaane
Dorgan, Mrs. Emily R e, iss
eaat MeKeown, Ms Adela
Zinmerma .apd dou Alita
Ie merman, m Jdnice
p vis and son Rpnald Fd Jones,
Mrs. Hector rt aa d ghr,
Mirei, Leart.ner 't~btrrfd, Je
Owens, Mr. Walter Qtnck sad Mr.
Duane Rasmussi-. -

MsW. Margaret Sd fpln o Lg
Aramnh, New Je wo bee
visiting o9 te lIshmUa for the past
week as itb o ust ol Masater
Serieait Maben Dav of Fort
Clayton and is family, leWt the
lsthmus -F 3day Abbard the S. S.
Ahcoa for N o Ydi.

OaI. to U, M.Gtge waKy sVl-

1 ..-
at your favorite Pharmasy or Beasty .Satle
It's reoea menablefor t a type u~arlld,

SLOUIAX ......

, M Vi I aNr ..- :.


Pre. ^

'ristmas ,


m ecn ; ****

be glad

- i

k! .. Waowk*s t


~J- Sh~

~ t*4

Il Service
Iw In Scout
. araiso
jiAN ..r aces wil
at 10
S. A. Osborne
l- rv' Communlon.

Club $14.50


AV Ea .ai E:T.. ,ON L3
?. a.B3-

I A .o'-o _ette for Xmos!

j ArrIN'S

I ''^ '^1&fc! aases
.. ... NhinY i
IBucmamusiib. to 6:30 p.m. ', -
~Mito 1000 a.m. T(sa u


Oetbead for more
beat in your Hair '

Tas 'tmee t.Co geA
S wTAT c a lag ,

theM he ir
rLand ttr a wtve'

...keeps the har r
av -ma amf

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* ..

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r.~-. *jC .1 ^^- ---r--. -- ^s
i*'' *f. *.; C4~ dU.:~. ~..~. .. *
f o: ,. ,, .,


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'" '' :

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P;ti~~-l diT.+4~i~r i


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rdlnJ ~
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*12: words

You ~*a i




7 Suteet No. 13
usto Arosemena Ave and 33 SL
"'- Strwa- No 6

1. 14
r Plua

^' Jrt^ I fLeea t
I^suo~ msrf&

SHousehold A p TRY our delic ious
Pizza Pie, Rev i ru1lr
l kI Livin room set consisting FORSA'E .man prepared by a n m O
chairs, sofa, with spring 8o5. 1ur potless kitchlt Y* V r
ns and plastic covers. Center el "K" ? o yes. The price fr r at
ISb $95 00. 11th street San Davidi A- 75 Cts. HANCOCK AR,
Fiancisco No. 29. Tel. 3-5565. 1 shape 6 v. -nagked Avenue No. 145, Tel. 2.0 ,n12 t o a
Ifaldos. Kells, Curuh 16n, to Central Theatre, sam p ide of
-d-OR SAE:--Native mahogany din- FOR SAi.:1919. Ford I Custom street, private entrance far 'r-
in; table with extension, s;x dining Club Coup Good condition. Duly itaurant. -
ch ts, porcelain top kitchen table. paid. Best offer.'.Tel 86-3272. Do yoeu be in M
three seat bamboo divon and choar Fi 4 SALE.1-949 Codilme 4.der Write Alee"llWa Sl '
t rmatch, beautiful native mhog- nodl 62. Fully equipped PIledd 2031 Am e
any end tables with coffee table to rel. Qtrs. 55-1,.Albrook,dA DR. WENDEHAKE.- n
I to.motch, new tank tpe sweeper Tel. 86-2200. Central Avitnd e
S withball attachments, four extra er Tleon 2- Gr
Long traverse rods for draw drapes. FO -SAL:-40 Ford $195, re r nr. Tl tric refrlgertn. gas v,
venetian blinds for two bedroom olat $30, bad, eon, febl, e'2 Make your.w(fe or mdrate ra. FP 441 or
moasnry type cottage. Canal Zone 4418, Diablo, 5719-A. 'nt of Swiss "i l 4-5
"'2-1805 or apply house 5262 Mor- PRIIE REDUCED, 1941 Lncoln machine, welg' on ls. CQ a ... -
S risn Street. Canal Zone. tinental Convertible, 00. Crnos Telephon
FOR SALE:-Solid mahogany dining- 242B; Rodman Navy 3590. ... O SAL
room suite, in excellent condition, FOR SALE:-1951 Cushman rotjr F .
consisting of extension table, six scooter model 64, '10O.00. C III
chairs, sideboard and China closet 3-2913 or see at 1 14.. Ma uw FO "NT:I--By 1-t, r'A rlm un-
A large round table 4 chairs., gFOtNT :!$ V modem. unO
Isrg round table 4 chairs. n FOR SALE; Sprif coat. Winter frnishd two rl.le
a rocking chairs, $6 earch SALE -llmja vetable ex- oe novy blre. u h. i ponable. Phone.uiP .
aaWI-- dresser wbaden dresser, FR SALE --YImo or ik c t, 3 ry 16-.
*Sm,,cns beds ath springs nd c a eenrt i toion. C rn i fp oan- Phone -23,, C F .R i .
on mot-92 $25eachnan -...A
Sinorn monsbeds t25 esp h and ced. PibnePanmn3a FOR SALE:--Upright- 4 -In nod rpsmntebMl prie4, far
articles. 0309 Cable Heights. FQ RSALE- -1952 QChvrolet, 2dor condition. Apply Vi4 t rtl ir foriott '
*An A De, ;LAze'WtlT Power Glide. In goad house 7- Apt, 4. ,
cOR SALE-Studio couch, easy chair. condition, Can be f.norced. Quor- FOR SALE:.-F.emale.Cckirp iL FOR RENT
livingroam cnair and radio, 2 floor; tars 2387-0b Cocoh C Blonde pedigree, t mnts lId., k
1amos. 1 coffee table. Curundu'FoR SALE:-1947 4 Dr. Pontiac se- Call Albrook -.719. A ,
D. Skeat St. Phone 83-2224 da, rods o d ean ovei .ood FOR SALE:- er AKC rg-
I E:- BerGa.n price. Leaving co nation. Duty paid. .Pl ane. Al- istered, 11 weeks 4i; EElloent FOR RENT: fbar
mus. Livingroom set. Gas stove.. brook f. 21. with children. see th em *i L .ha ChneC rtly tf turni SLnt, 2
burners. Everything brand new zOR S .Studabair Ch n 5007 Via- Arip fa0 feet bsarooms. livlnrogr& ,l trO m, I
t nh 3.1969 No. 3, Apt. 41 e Lue Sedan, 1950, B uiful past rad to PoanumiiVle tel- l; porch Ventlan bIns, gar-
:i 47th Street. green, overdrive white sldw.ll *phonetc anme f1 or ,al,. hs atv 1 edc 1a- i.
l' W -SALE:--ahoony wardrobe. I tire.. hli!-holder. radio, sat. cay- Vis ta, 175.00. Tm .p thl e- baebi
dA e b ad conch and mattress, er.. perfect condition 90.000 FOR SALE:--Bodn Phone Amplifier 14 T' 48.
.. :-wof drawers, everything cheap haop 34773 "s or, ell 174-B. 25 cycle. General Electric pre-
aiigl .f July Avenue No. 21, Api Roosevelt Avenue. New .Criisobal amplier, 12 inch coaxial speaker. A INTION =.Just. rOrdenm
L N 3. Roosevelt Hotel between 4 and 6 week days, oih Phone 2-3233. Ho4se 1425-A, rfyrllhed g u. ; ,- U.lwo
-- y Sunay Carr street Balboa. bbdrIon hr "tW. Tel-
FQR. SALE.--EaV ah;rg mchhnr CR SALE: -- "Moris Minor.".4w FOR SALE. DQLLS: r- Just received t
5123. Smell eectri; .3ier heater I rnilage. Telephone Balboa 3569. from Germany a beautiful aoort-. ALA lAAP A i
540. Tel. 3-2506 afler 530 OR'SA LE.-Gpod cond tifn. ..bfv ment of Dolls, very few pries. Modern 2 4 and 5 l l Orhfhe
SFR ,.LE;--Beiful Iht rchog- Pnd ur y Fre Truck. '51, '52 Also an assortment of small sew- unIurmike iluii Office
FOR p LE,-Beaouiful light nichoo- GCn e k Tu .ng machines. See themt a Mbd6 4001,1 I M rpa ett T$I
any and Rattan dn.ngicom suilte- GMC Chesrhte1' Pickup Tpuks, i ng machineSs. See theA m 61' Mdex 0toj t T136
and #ichatr'. V,70000 Phon: JWvM*1-,lCr D kL*d. a, G.f I nStae, Central AvwensenIt to ep.n
216-6237 575-D, CurUnd Trckr t nor truck the Cathedral, ort N 3 See- p Idng
lightsht. C t. Auto. Cr Tank Traiuk. Conac: end Street. Panma City. i ri A atel. Superitendent. Mecca- OR .SALE-Bey's RoopdniM r bicycle, *- W b ic Iii
F; O : ra Pampacific Inc., Chlvb Chiv,,Rd.. lounge choirs, kicker chair, Lioner rrm, g / i g -I
FOR SALE:--ThIe' Con-I Canal Zone. trhniformqei, P-ruvian ta 4es Phone pd t'iat St.
i olums Inewr a 1-8 xxl 0 2 6-202.'
-6x 9. Cod tables and ca I't .FO E:-1952' PicwP Rrfi t -.202. .
rs in table, walnut. 4 Rrch leone 2 .206. FOR 6AAi.e-6'*Iyv' biatetll, r-
iiri i ia d. '7.--s7r 5nua. -s--r s6MB
dKs. ~h 3- P.e0.4 e ode. $ PoiAii -565. FOR SALEu'- Mid'
*1rv new: Leaving s.criice SI1SO FOR SALE :-,.utonobie, excellent 1IOa 16 tubi idwt r m bi stret Far
' -- CO. Calle Jer6n-rro de Io Oso conditinri 1951 Buick Super Se $90 a new bicycle $25. T tJ. enquprJr6em II 1 n a" t
SHousl 10 Apt. 6. Tel 2.4374. an. Dynaflow with radio, I.- i2506 after 5:30. No. 10 Rqslobir lffical.
600. Duty paid. Must see and drive FOR SALE.-Camp in Adirondacks PR RINT:-, bflnm i Mrtmnt
S FOR SALE--Deep Freeze 2 yrs. old to appreciate. Reosori for seillg on Eagle Crag Lake, Mt. Arab b lle Vist, Fe 4tllis call .35
G. Youth bed, youths table and leaving country. 44th reqt 4o. Forest Preserve N. Y. State. For 4;30 t I e
S chs screened crib. See Sunday1 30. 3-0925. details Crilstobol'3-2747 rs. ,
9 29. L umbres M.l Po r g- Miller. FO )bE '.- '" a rtm
duty paid Must sell far $200-or P C.ANAk PAN fwd bedroom.)A n S *
FOR SALE -Maple livingroom su.te best offer. Telephone Blboa 2- OF.ERS VARIOUS' TIMS FOR SALI 4P1 for keyi..
three pieces. Bargain Also electric 4144 Seled ids, or opening In. public, FR .R T-5mell. tuenshe4d p~m-
traii. 3f5 Empire St. Balbo. -- --- r will be received until 10.30 A. M., ARt'on Vista M'rmesa, ;Wdbe
,- SA LEo-New poker rcble. $22.- ALE:-947 Buick S per 4 Dcrber 1 1953, In tI offce ..Coll 9.P 3 from 4 to.6 p.
N 1':.- th SHreM.414. 4th Sret. as Door, radio. rct covers. Good of Suparintendent of Storeousu. .* 1
Cumbres sore $750. Battery chase r, ma- bolboo; for sale of. gasoline engine
...--..termnly dresses size I0-1i S.Sb ony d spare parts, welding machines F .l: -.Cpily
SFOR SA5 asket complete, bottle steriizer and d xyl tents located in the htw-bed room a ntfor. nt e
FOR SALE 9 c. t ,5 cyce Pla en QuarrermasCer dining "300" Areal Babae: air ceirotra- 'r tWocouple. .rr
Westinhu refrigerator 21 tibl.'drsser night tables. alorl ar dveler welding ach im
Cocoll. Tpl N ,"y 3113 '- rirboa 6-74 1 coi.rta mler .. ...ram- -ps
concrete ml er 4aphrolam, s
-- and r rooi rller locate$' at the 'A-
FR ALE:-0 cycle Slver tone on- WAN.TE TOa Ui Y and Ir ce t he ft
aq natEdO c o,~e thlertnee TrO BUY f tabel Storelioutes, telephone 3;1 61;Ai
F sl 0 hi resp Pe1 "e-.,--. .ind tWg stel tanks lacted a' ithe
1 .00. Phielo tableM t WANTED you, refrgratoro a Dredging DivIsion, Gamboa, tel. -.
til onal model..l fI trade-in -, a new Croslay Shelva- ephona 6-187. Invitation No, .34 1_
one PAD 3211,r. Q der. Cymos Toli CrMoing. R- mAy be obtained at the above sourt-
2 r- Curundu Heights. 1793. l, O n) .office of Sperintendent
FOR AE:-Decoration:. utenslls 6 of Storhouses, telephone 2-1815.
f~ .Sncludingb crib. ca. Help Woarted FOR SA.LE-Se me's right hand
3Sici. 'oEe518-. golf clubs and beg. kt men's left
P e Street. Diablo. Experileced maid to cook and wash; i lu b ag eb L'onl
S". ,I ferences. Peru Avenue NoI. train Ad accessorIes. 059 -, An-
lit. "i' LetrI CIlni. cio__ n 371 ___1 V_ -grln-

?t ~3E FOR SAL.: Now e.ndix ,.lecti
Sdrer. clothes. 115 and 125 V. 60
D Unfurnited house. cycles. -Cell Alreok' 2280

M s Grlf Hellhts. Rtliab'c
Willing to pay iLPle rent
'C 2 -1794 during offli'a urs.
Ai4TEbo-Se-TeonB deniirjTyo &
l l rron" I.-rlt'en. BeIn-k ashle
playful. Teteehore ulbovW 578 .|

"' f* IP- ionB
E$ ratnd co- rt r-- ter io liaobl
Prt t me. 'M' dred F. Jones, Box
139. Io-t Kobbe.
----*- -- -- -
J1minm er or advincd., for dancing
ry' eInnmt's Society Swingsiqu
Sh-gh grade dance qomrro. BenneWt
Piano Studio. Tel. 2-1282, Juan
3. Si.s Street No, 9._

Wf. Of Finance
i n ster Is No
FRnnciol Genius
PARIS, Dec. 5 -(UP)- Police
-o: tiody oi a ondce mmn rob-
SLs wrife o Finance
k'.ter All l Irma
- mam ey aJi jewels wdr pretese
f, Itbuylq-p apa refpt t,
JP.Ar& mLgp.*alsoh r nfs5

I .. i:' .
', '. -: --.
tk+ .-I ,t-. .
t-ff' .-

FOR SALh: Lionel "0" gauge
trains- accessories nventoiy ev
$500.00. Will sell $350.00, .
cycle. Meke an eff*e Phone PP
211, Quarters 510-A, Curun
,Hoioht. ,

Position Offered
WANTEDb: xpieriehead beauty ep;;
rator for tofur Clubhouau Be uf'y
Shop. PhoMn 5-411 or 5-24k ,
Mr. Ulle Hort. Manager.
WANTED: American Cm
needs experienced English- -
ish Stenographer end file i
Write to AErtado 155, Nindman,
ending small phetegaph eeig i
age end-experiene..

rAft qlUmiain to mo-
bp e 5ve safely. CarvSa
eew tren which'
Sn to amliddle of a street
and off which molorlstir .
bAwd il h regularity, .
maII-I b pieced weU
boar Uth cb. wa




mn wt nE

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t.le' as oi t.e II
Po lf l (udOe. lW(t

Oyfsbfvy Li"it ** -
Swstr s;l"p, wr T


__an t,- .M ~ .

950 BuiCk Sup. Rh
CornW DymIs
rtadbo, plstki
coyva, nw W
tirmb M ack
WiHh Ip topt

950 Nash "(0"

intfrier. -i o



4 I J. 1" "

4 :
.',K... 4.
i. '*-^ K -s '

*' '*
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., : -.... .... ,-

. I 'I

1It iel Ae. TeL .-410
, i1: 3%, 7 .! ..
. ll 4 .. fA ,.

.4- -," :

T' ."4-4'," '
Ilt 'C1 ..




ii'rt 'Z.

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j -



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4.- -W
, .


~C~~'rIu(rr I., ~
;~k:~c- 1~ 'r

--* "; ... '- --

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I' ?:

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Okb. ulro

show:r 1:34. |:k 16:M Il.

(I'A1 -.1 pweta-

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P. Mal as

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Cut sr .

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jjjiiey --* -
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^^ .'^-^a iF .' *.

laoK~IPS A
Ft i,

-- s~
.. 03: la'~-~i -

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eek follows:

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Aery: .The atet
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IM: The Rod to
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al That Grows .



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;V[ fi119

O No 'Big Trades' De"iie Armed Forces Board Overrule Ste.

Turnout Of About l1200 Boxing Finals Upholds eys'S asion

ATLANTA, Ga., Dec. 5 (UP) --:Th, five-day in Tn -
.Minor League baseball meetings end! t. day in u "t G ambtli con-
Atianta on a optimistic note. K draf ordered
Minor league president George! given a light I qoh .f. d;decl- Today is the day boxers of the alleged
Trautman says: "It was a pro- sion was reached Ur f1etoni Panama Area Armed l ceft have w Ju
g)essive meeting. Legislation es- and most prop rfe4 o were been pointing for all season. and *1 K Uft 2d tCio
sentil for minor league exist- turned dow, 1Sto l.dpo now 20 fighters will have Ht op- r a W t Oliraldo.m
a ce ras passed' on to next '!big trades' 1300 portunlty to try for the.,ham- -;s1 tae te
eel+ major league meetings in baseball ml'Jor ponships at Fort Kobbe at : ., te thr
Sfork. I'm sureit will be well the 52nd 6 .-., In the Number 1 Hanr Y a.n fwhdhnthdP.
ekLed." The rei i d I All ten titles-from flYight pYORK t D a g and P.
Despite Trautman's announce- one last ..1 T all the way up the scale tohbe tle Adelphia O i p i new invea-
ent, those on the scene feel agreed to at i" ate" yweight--wil be at stake i to- land anappd' ,b-ei.eJ Beuo, ts in which the
e meeting fell short of expec- effort to get C o. tore- night's fights. Plenty of sactn ate b ball w t i Castillo up

I IP itr 1 Western League h3 aBked the Crowds estimated at 400 for to. 32p1l06 a 0 Mad, lillati ,64 -"W11..4 ... W beenfixed.
fights. Plnt of O th

tioI Basketball r majors to stop.muresrle s aratado the first night of semi l i t an Olden'- us ht. g. :. eea t.
and television invasion 143nor 4300 for the second. W Ve- erN Aq too bI
S,- league territory. The rlutLon mifinal bouts we re jgilgt e K1
Coaches Pick i mouyytefcsnhOag6 t of
byen ttheir gamxsinio e t ', sey On S-,
tnanimoune ly by the m 4omutlarger than either of thesUe oax- en hon tal of Flal*
is expected to be turned down pected to witness the finas on th9 r oapeslasttCo Te 1h W te. a NI-Cs
InIjiat as unanimously by the ma-Saturday and be given more 19, opener alinat e td a s hecond- o k bothe alhorA
jors. thrills and excitement since the t unday. a. han, tCIl h d their
Tndiana Again rautan said five cities have which the bo grs are seekine ix- ot int t1' oe d t e.wsb a "Iph
put lh.a bid for the 1954 conven- Among the boxem to see ac- Ht the six-fooor, .an- oy ....ok
-tion. He says they are Seattle.f ion in tonight's bouts at 7 30 c18, who cracked" oingl only mixa mid half. .
D Miami Pla. Houston TeX.. Rocb- will be two defending USARCA- record In the nfatio year atncs r team-ather le Y -
R D P-The ester. Y. and Quebec. Calad. RIB champions festherweight with a total of-5 pot, mates as oftin a M passed to that
UntePress bood 'of basketLballHouston J believed to hkve the: Cpl. Esteban Meldez of the him and d iie50ty of
co pickIndidIan to repeat inside traik. A decision will be 504th F.A. and Pvt Ricardo Riv- Tralln,- f team afi.-
at ^ hamie f s. announced.April era, lightweight, also from the he id arter run beuse ha
Cna waste winner of 504th F.A by asix-foot, ar nerup .In I National to e that
thi tional college basketball In Cielnatl. the Redleg Ten championship bouts, plen- MeDoneuagh r Invitation otent, turned het ihrot e Io a lbe-
championship last year. announce former major league ty of action that's thero-e ally and tkeat KD haosko be-
after a flehl I .lKu a- defeated L Collee, o-
All nine of the Indiana players, shortstop Dick Bartell. han a- gram for tonight at Fort o to had lel .' I ,de Lollg61 i 6h- dmW lt ie.n ood
who won the NCAA tournament, greed to serve at each Bext bes Hangar Number 1 be innnl outh hd a dll' 61, In war. e gh wth. II
are back. Amonr them is six- season. The 4-year-ld Bartell at 7:30. ea witht k to ...1.*- by the
foot nine-inch center Don was out of baseball last sea- hot from the ri, taawk' e, ra" the day
Bchlundt. the Big 10s most val- son. The crowd of ,piUlately 9HS S r that i ar t
unable player last season In New York, the attorney rep- 12,000, lured mainly byt mag- O TH Dec' 5 t t a
Indiana polled 337 points out renting ar league players Atl t Lite of Bevo's name Bhd the (UP)--Notrar stated J d.. 0
ofB ,sibcle 350 in the coaches' had some iing to say about the angular, 21-year-old Itr center ist In the NB tour.bll t ws
appraisal of this year's pensionplan. J. Norman, .ewfs lay with four men uang nament 2it o.n, ad It.A tce -
t s. Kentucky-which returns assured Playfs theit -pension m for a tA atet. new' hardwog uray I affect- t
to tion after a one-year sus-plan would nt popped. Time after time the ed nighBt with bree se over ad
1 -is second in the rat- The statement Vas In-reply-to the Ohioans to 'n'Ud he Ball Rtao.
SDuquesne is rated third. Commissioner Ford Fric's warn- ball but Rio Orande nt built Wi senir forward Joe Ber- .1rdetailed-
K sas fourth. and Oklahoma A ing that major league owners trand settihgth,' -1 rnlt pace M ta -... 1.
S fifth. La Salle. Louisiana have plans to drop the pension. Atlantic ULttle League Hld with 24 po .No t psote me fi- tl con- a-
t e North Carolina State. Says Lewis: "That's all so Auction Frilay Night i; et A Ied rolnin ^ Itr-tart and tf, n -
M esota and California round much poppy cock. The owners With Leslie B. Clarke, pres-l C ik IetWS finished ith ri tt carrying ree ..
ou the first 10. haven't spent a dime of their dent of the Atlantic ittle the actioB. Ltr S un- 11S
i ae balance of basketball ow- own money In the pension fund." League presiding, the annual #o*r
er pears to Ieoter ini the Mid- __________. .....
'rP ...o the itop 20 teas t "_- Player Selection system was held Preparations are IAae final ot, 6 dh
aa tthat area. fio ". at the Margarita clubhouse Fri- tagres for the itPnrat)tal
ller e basketball tonight, DBelgium clSegelabeeps dty evening e. S ,tcet_ h n I i
i I.naesi of the East br Inlv.,& Imnns sThe representatives of each The powerful J t, which the Red ,Rd-s .e.ore&32-
meetij~ng Providncne College In t eEVE V 'l mb team were as follows: Police has cabled the oit tht ha nt gave Tem Ta e t-
P FalS, manager eorge TuUy and It is ready to f to on
Rsto Grande will be trying to Mm|imhae IsIA.. hl- Iri coach H. Perry; Margaiita oil- Dec. 23 for the anou await-th Thne= so Vols 'ihtd.
r. rebound against, Providence lal hebllV o 0111 UmlU era, manager ROs CupIpamr ed series.. night. ,
I hursday night in New York, and coach Charlie Bath: Little .
delphia beat Rio Grande.3-76. PERTH Western A!stralia. Mottas. manager George Malloy President Norman C. Brown of T hre H !S
snap a 40-game winning; Dec 5 IUb '-Belgian morale for and coach Max Welch: Powell, the Canal Zone Cricket Board
.ak. Bevo Francis was held to their Davis Cuo inter-zone final manager Worden French and Control has announced that
SBints. That may seem like a'agalnst the United States got a coach Bob Parker: Coco Solito outstanding one-dollar Mea. 1 6 A +,.
tfor most players. but it's good boost today when the Bel- Cube, general manager L. D. ll- tickets mould be returned t
Se 'he six-foot, nine-inch star av-isingles to score a five-zero win coach Sgt. Garcia: Coco Solo er than Dec. 11. HALLANQAI, U., 4 n i l
aed 50 points a game last sea- over India Braves, manager Johnny John- After the deadlne, diatribu- (NA)-Jon Z..o i the
fged 50 pou nts ao gaped rancts na a1torg who have falled -t, unake & en viable distinc tim of b@ a 194-
Adelphia stopped Francis by Philippe Washer beatrReona- son and coach Earl Scott. full ao untirrf who a aled ke enable distinta of bl ig
S uttin four men on him. nathan Krishnan 6-1, 6-1. 6-1, full accountin. w i th the first man ever to iWi.', at -1.. ,.
The ry still is out on Francis. and Jacques Brichant sered a The following named boya embarrsamen of having thl stable m to Miamif ta t
S ew n at Thursday night's -64, 4- 7-5, 6- u t- were selectd by theie Manas:.N. l p ind in the pr to u
agreed. One says Fran- eran Sfnant l '.the unber
od make anyteam In theI The Bfchant was POWELS: Don tarbagL e for tickets. ed tJ
unt4 but that he is hindered the bestpf the ser Malay- Stan Watts, Marvin Me ne *--- IS
Coaching. The coniplaint ed his best tennis but he came Bob Rankin. Carl Pernandez. Deputy Aifredo Alema Jr., 'reses 2rri- rt no
coach Newt Oliver refused to up against a dramatically im- Charles. Arrington. Jack Taber, has given financial aid the "~I0 bre'da whar ved L
o b his other players away proved Brichant. The Belgian Lewis French. tour through the Tran[ms-t-l ethg lL fIr'3.3l,
m rancil even though the used speed to counter Misra's mlan Express Bus Setvice. Thb Hller Zhii de a.tdehed:
g boywas guarded by four strong baseline play and was MARGARITA OILERS: Ralph popular deputy has lauded the er ta1 tI n 'U
S n.Obihers say Frarinc moves able to dictate the way the game Perkins, Wm. Trotter. Maurice ef of the oal9laketers ad ers --
oo slowly and thinks slowly went by rushing-to the net. Belanger. Gerald Hilty. Robert will be, In attendance at many ed tbhe.war to aleah. r .
oh Oliver admits he has ne- It took Washer only forty-fiveOeddes, and Rusty field. of the ame with high offi stream Park where he
elected teaching Francis offense minutes to dispose of the youhgI of the Paml lans government, hea, was wldern .
; concentrate on his scoring. Indian. Krishnan. who failed tol POLICEPALS: Al Ooguen. Ra- .
S liver adds. "Bevo had a bad reproduce his earlier form. matn- fael Arosemena, Wm. Rigby, Sam Oil Garrido, director of Pant
i t, a nd I never saw the rest ly because Washer gave him no Cramer, Bob Chandler, Joe Cof- amA's Department of P GOOD m M ' play as poorly be- chance to settle down and use fin, Richard Carpenter, Jack Educatiop, has missed an offl
Se his strong ground strokes. Brayton and Ken Smith. endorsement of the Hanover, N. 8 (14 a) ,
e.M7n Ocricket tour at d has proms Dartmouth arsityI Q -ey.
IT TI MOTTAS: Walter Pe- ll cooperation durinIg the la tem will skate this ymm ear
terson, Lonidas Sanchez, James ternational aeries. $110,000 arti ioal lc e.'
SMetcalf, land Blehm, Thomas
Drohan, Io.Ame Pate, James Ho-
verson and Douglas Alberga.
Players who have been select-
.d by the manager will have an-I" -- .
+'I~ eqi c~~ual opportunity of becoming :- '
Ittl League regulars providing DiO"
they attend all practice sessions
.. but it must be understood by the
boys and girent% that each team
is allowed. Lut eighteen players,
fifteen players will be fully unl-
:- formede. ,
The Coco Bolito Cubs and the :- -;..
Atl. L. L. champions, the Coco -
Solo Braves, will each enter .-
"i~~ teams into the league as unite, ," -
i that it, boys-from those two lo- '.
cavities will play with their
township teams.
A sixty-game schedule was ap-
proved by the managing person-
nel. The opening Rame is sched-
uled to be Jan. 18 with the league
,champlo, Coco Solo Braves vs. .
f the runnerup Little Mottas and
,. ..... -. + ; the Margarlta Oilers vs. the Pow- "
KO Vetin a e his. re Z-und CTnadin Aulhton I O neys. .do._

The L"Migh Mikes" of Com-
ay "M" 3 rd Inf. continued
Vthir dominance of sports at Ft. "
DaA recently by racking up .
T eOrr tL e 1cat with capturing tb -d he --
rmE APrT gort DaviaL meh football erown, -
S.the '*Mihe t h ke" edged Codm.-
'L "... _~L~kr krflhubowil pyof_ at the Pot ._.

+WOm Nm be.p woe a la w.
,1! .1 -~in behind after lo-.
d Mpul rs I d sim th Lme by 4( pins,
Spai. We o m ia. m. 3o 1 bowler l- c it
-dow" su. .M h glrecnd Hlme
-Vahd Cem--
JS -- l.,, -= .- 4...... pb,,
obe. Do.ill ee
j4 ows ants w at owe. %or

. .--. ..R. ;
.. .-"
-- t- + ,,- "' .. ..-

' -l '*-, :.*
i.-*** ds-,*.

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'I -



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lournet ant.

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'" ; : :A- "" "i
10 jo be IT



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%. 3 J

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Clo4i4L ;Sores

-. '.;, .

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,n .. .r. e, r n .
pbl s. t g. eo 'f N
ala t" 'flI A"''; umm'SF 17a`
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Nawis88 ow wka Us

.S ^n?*WkfAM ILf Jacw"*Nr "'''

S8nA3lh Ps)-- al

Site m ,*4. .
4. ;S .- i. ,w' .

.''i; ;
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"t It :** -
* i rq

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13* I.. '
') n-~rr9

The perfect telephobe. trse
cmWaioil. The best Christ-
Gi ft, upbostered in dif-

'a;E s St. &itkdvrr Avaue
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-- It Pasy to


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* .'-" ".-"-..... E' ..- *^R

T Tmt U .LIC

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',( > .;. S ..
f r "-*, .?
MA sl< an4d delivery

,,"DRY pro
t .. .C
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I. ,.. .,r: w J

S ,. .. .
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order o.-
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"- 5. i '-h -". ".' ", u* r-.A ';.". ,.q "

r -:"C .BE OPW ( a;

. .. .. ,. ,' ...'. -
F? .., o_., ,,_.. ....;__ ,'f z


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"17-I ..-
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Le agud


Ex-OSS Official

Indicted; Denied

He Was Red

WASHINGTON. Dec. 5 1UPI "'Let thA pe op liRnoiw t6e &uOlN na (& 7 COe c tr ml e a" m- 'Af 'm tmal 5
A former State Department t.'-
clal who once worked for the TWENTY-NINTA YEAR PANAMA, R. P., SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5, 198 V CP T
Ishush-hush war- PANAMA, t P.,-SATURDAY, ECEMD ii, 19U- -MECENTS I
agpeCy was indicted bi
-and jury yesteldly.
if falsely denying he i I
a Communist.
Si-official, 48-year-old.
aLorwn. was Sentor Urges UN Invest !ote
lying under oath during loyalty
hearings in December 1950.
Lorwin swore he never was a
Communist party me mber.
never carried a party card and
g d ssRed s' Korean War Atrocit1es
never held a party meeting in -.
his home.
I convicted, he faces a maxi- WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 (UP)- Han!ey gave a grisly account Other witnesses told of flhd- Capt. .aO.G fi W ou-
mm enalt of 15 ears in prls- Sen. Charles E. Potter said to- of the organized slaughter of Ing bodes of five American o*ls f of Ljti. M2t ed
n and a $30 000 fine day he will ask congressional "tens of thousands" of South who apparently were shot, tor- at of 37 who par-
At the time of the loyalty leaders to speed action on a pro- Korean civilians by Communiat tured with hot bamboo pears ticipaed. 1. i '.idIth march"
airing. Lorwin was chief of the posal urging a full-scale United invaders and finally stabbed to death. from Seoul to FPyoif ang in the
uropean section of the State Nations investigation of Corn- He said this government had Hanley said the R.d threw late summer of 950 only 33 are
apartmentt international labor, munist atrocities in Korea. pictures showing Bouth Korean some victims down amnehafts now alive.
cal and health affairs divi- The Michigan Republican de- civilians "lying on the hillid s alive; buried sanme jw, barn- Many of the r became
sn. denounced as "Inadequate" a U.N. In windows ... by the hundreds, ed others alive i iled jail victims of the wi con tunnel
He transferred to the State General Assembly resolution this tied together, men, women and cells and shot .tso. 'tthem in massacre, he aUkL
,Department from the Office of week which expressed "grave children." jail cells with."baW 5n. It. Col. Jamas T.Rogers s
Strategic services, a wartime concern" at the mass Red bru- o medical officer tfom Gree -
spy agency under Army juris- tallties, wood, 8.C.. t.W i d he examisn
diction, with which he served Potter is chairman of a Ben- the bodies of five Americans
in 194-45. ate Irivestigations subcommittee captured and totured to dea t
The State Department said task-force which yesterday cor- by North oarea gt rillas.
Lorwin was suspended Feb. 5. pleted three days of hearings "The Insti of torture
1951. and reinstated on March that included testimony of some had been heats. iIor to the su-
25. 1952. He resigned on June 17. 20 atrocity victims. They painted perficial Wq Inthe fate,
1952. a shockinL picture of organized chest and b*ii he said.
The department was studying brutality by Chinese and North hen they eted 4Wt
ts records to throw some light Korean Communists. the eame yand es
,i why Lorwln was suspended fellows waeI'to bleed t0
d laer resigned "It would be a stn against death."
Available records showed he every code of civilized human- Capt, ~ltp J.. Sutteri of
Iws drawing about 8,000 a ity and a dereliction of our re- Nashville, T'PR., ho te
tear when he resigned. sponsibilities as free people if Thursday b# t | maaenal,
The three count Indictment we were to ignore these ani- added tLay t t a la~ptai ad'
Charged Lorwin was a member mal-like atrocities as though minister ritesawsalshrotd
of the Communist party in Sep- they did not happen," Potter the bacll the ~* m aist
lumber 1935 and "at other times" said. captured .tetr at klation
prior to the loyalty hearings. Col. James M. Hanley, who
The Justice Department said first aired Communist atrocitiesnley, who
trwin, a native of New York in Korea, said yesterday the tor-
entered the federal service n Kore and yestmurderda o the tor-
an saocate economist In the ture and murder of thousands-oe
Sassocate econovery Administra in thes was the result of direct jr-
onal Recovery Administra- ders or else all Reds "think ex-
x., in 1935. atly alike "
-,.11 worked for the Agriculture actly like ,m
DoHanley made the statement
Department from 1937 to 1939, before Potter's Senate invest!-
the Labor Department from 1949 gating subcommittee.
until 1951. and the Office One of the mot chilling c- I O,
Production Maagemet ad counts was given by Frederick Longahoromep tier,
War Production Board from C. Herrman, a former Army cor- (Nm .') already invo
1941 to 1943. poral from Evansville, Ind., who ANY NEWS IS GOOD NEWSI- News-bungry New Yorkerscrowd oisco waterfront st were
fingered a blood-splashed Com- around the Out-to-4Town-Newspapeas stand li Titnes SpaAre try- cadled today as the tfi41-. wit
1 lees No SentS munist propaganda poster as hl mng to get *ews ~t'&rid." A 4reke*of photo-engravem hl~~s ed naLmesL i4'the MN
testified. dowl devel of the Mdjori newspapers in the city 1 .. I1a eran Activities
Reciting the macabre mas- wek and no relief is in sight, stormy seessone here. '
acre of one group of United
bling Nations war prisoners, Herr- Among the
ll gman said he would like to al Enters Second Week --
Soviet diplomat Andrei Vi- s-cre tarT-trNWe sthre -o
shinsky "a liar directly to his Hay B fidgea' IntersatO 1

.W YORK, Dec. 5 (UP) -
ier President Harry 8. Tru-
said today he could not un-
Istatad why the Elsenhower
liCnistration decided to put
e former presidential yacht
lillamsburg Into the mothball
' ecst just as much to do
tat it does to operate it. I
see how they're saving any
ey," Mr. Truman observed
his customary pre-break-
fie former President talked
t the Williamsburg after he
ced a truck passing by with
'launch in back.
e said the Williamsburg serv-
"very useful purpose' while
eaident. Most impor-
Swas that it was a
talk "with no
an recalled he had
fences aboard the
British Prime Min-
n Churchill, former
ter Clement Attlee.
a de Gaulle of France
S world leaders.
not saving one cent
An mothballs," he de-
S EHlllman, a biographer
man who accompanied
Mfe walk. said the former
and his daughter Mar-
ld leave by train to-
y fSt. Louis, Mo.
Balboa Tides
11h Sunday, Dec. 6
'tag Low
.M a .m ......... 9:51 a.m.
p.m. ......... 10:05 p.ia.

nmoe Style
L avio?

Pasts FaMla


tl 0 i
Ib" in "

face" for denouncing u. a.
charges of Red atrocities In
"I have a partially paralyzed
leg from a Russian bullet" to
prove the atrocity charges, he
said grimly.
Potter asked Hanley whether
he believes the Communist high
command laid down the atrocity
Hanley said no 'written evi-
dence" of such a policy has yet
fallen into U.S. hands but that
American authorities have be:n
driven to a single conclusion:
"Either orders had been issued
or they (the Communists) all
think exactly alike."
Herrman. formerly with the
1st Cavalry Division. said a doz-
en Americans were captured
near Kumchon, Korea, when
their trucks were ambushed.
They were held in a house where
they sat in a half circle on the
"This little guy came in." Herr-
man said.. "I saw him pull back
the bolt on his rifle.
"He shot, and the guy in front
of me fell forward. I spun a-
round and stuck my head un-
der a desk. Then I heard all
kinds of shooting."
Herrman said he was shot In
the leg but played dead and
"prayed to God they'd go away."
Five men survived, he said, and
managed to get back to the U.N.
Herrman identified a large
North Korean propaganda poster
taken from the room where
Communists opened fire on him
and other American prisoner'.
potter said it was splashed with
blood from the massacre.

Canal Changes
Traffic Route
At Tivoli Commy
The increasing number of ac-
cldents Involvine automobiles
leading the Tivo'l Commissary
znIm entering Oallard Highway
against traffic has made neces-
sary a change In the direction
of traffic in that area, it has
been announced.
Traffic in front of the Tivolt
Comml&marv will now move east
to west and the 100-foot wide
exit nearest to Frangipani
Street will be converted into a
20-loot entrance. Reduction In
the size of the entrance will be
made by the construction of
tralfic barriers.
Cars lea~lng the Tivoli Com-
nalsary area in the future will
enter Gaillard highway in a
emt to west direction in the
same direction of traffic.
A traffic sign advising a a0-
mq speed limit 100 feet west of
the Tvoli Crossing, one of th
bleslt in the Canal Done, alo
m M be enrted next wek.

wirnour NleW

NEW YORK, Dee. 5 (TP)
The Long Island Star-Journal,
latest victim of a photo-en-
gravers strike that has closed
New York City's seven major
newspapers, was prevented from
publishing today for the second
day inr a row.
Stephen Rogers editor of the
Star-JOurnl, Wtid the news-
paper's sterotypers refused to
report to work on the morning
shift despite plans made by the
rest of the staff to resume pub-
The Star-Journal was forced
to suspend publication yesterday
when sik tereotypers refused'to
handle- advertisements contain-
ing comics, features and col-
umns from the major news-
papers origlailly closed by -
phnt-dngravers strike. The
newspapers planned to use
similar advertising in today's is
The newspaper, which die.
trlLutes raom 90,000 papers dai-
ly mostly In the borough of.
Quwens, worked under normal
conditions with a full staff
through the night.
Negotiations in the photo-en-
gravers strike were scheduled to
resume today. Under direction
of a three-member panel of tihe
Federal Mediation and Concilia-
tion Service.
The strike of some 400 photo-
engravers began a week ago to-
day against the afternoon
Woild-Telegram and Sun, Jour-
nal-American, and Post and the
Inoining Times, News and Mir-


s-eh" side :had agred on
appqintmet of a Srbcomitteo
to b6 aewIlable "aubit to our
elf." He sad the. r tbniooat-
t.wu .have p-lower to
ft *Tor. e min.- t!g t
oqin~EJfCtttee, but r-tof~~t-M


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S" Negro a
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Maelcedt i
and a
t e fist pa
piin coqida.4aOj -


to honest

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Il'as Ilttiness aItt, Piul N
Both mn e b
TwolTt. (MM Jt
-s were called to appr
terday, among them+
Walker Benet'
Benet, nephew of, th
famed author, Stephen
Beiet, refused to say w
he wi a former a oms m
He readily denied p t a

meant when asked If he il h e *
longed In rhe past.
The 39-year-old an
co newspaperman wa4s
he had suggtlons fto
r8sl leg62tlon i
with Communisn.
'7 have," Bnest said. l
btis committee Injreis
citizen. As ex-Preident
[Am it is a caner. Ay
tiWons I might mak6 l
walld be leg tiro d
.Ortall the actvities of
oolamittee." .. .

They were forced to suspend Pt
publicatlol when 20,000 editorial m
and mechanical employes refus- "ar
ed to ero's picket lines. The the
Mornrin Hbrald Tribune halted Ti
pubicatlon voluntarily Monday mes
night. sUmei
The seven newspapers nor- r
mally elreulate more than 5,-
500.000 colies daily.
Represent" .e",of the New-
York Publhp V association and
Local I of th~ AFL Photo-en. ndu
pgrarerr UrIaiW ld another "no
.prrregs- "- n arm+ ,
pher tngthis InE0n yesterday.
--. hem, e

Choin -Reaction
S. C.. Dec. 1
(UP) -WI._ Henry Jaekso
aM2W"d..8 M in j^ lafe.

.q, J.'

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