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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Looks Like


(u..HP) --Thb t-
put the ln touch
27 to Ita preparaihu ogthe
sIrhl tomorrwof DMa
bMth and the Dte buh.
%t will be. the firnt t la h5i
tiy that rl British
onmh hs vt= amaiudea.
,In Mon ty, .Vberethe
rlidand I toa'ionf- the
U e routeO aRen mh the
NOi1 archesf VISOate
tWon have be mected.
6 ltutmd r liken on a
aw. fairland ap subw ith 4nUes
for of brilliant Ug uS.ficent-
E rU Jarmicas N ,Wad dresw-
.4 ="-n- w" f vifHfm for the

Ttse th'
des Invited to th
tais to be attend
wit bb wecoms'ti
y byam.r Air
iebn of M E
naTio nalt -*Aiat

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Hibiscus- Hed

Country Lanes

HAMILTON, Bermuda, Nov. 24 (UP) Q
Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived at
island colony today for a brief but busy visit start
six-month world e #r of the Britisk Comnweblth.
The British Owerseas Airw~y Strtocruiser car
the Royal couple ( .ILondio. via Gender, M
land, touched down t the Kindley United St"ig
Force base at 9:55 a.m., five minutes ahead of sti
It was the first visit ever made to these islonds,
ain's oldest elf-goverug celery, by a reigning lma
and the resents I the y, g Queen war s

The f

Americ.moilt BlAC
et of thpcw.udt ir


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<, ,'-- .+, .-.. **^ l^ *** '| S .I "' *1 -+
.^*-^ .q '""^ 7A~y4$I. .
... .a-. ,- ..... *^ ^ .,,, ,..
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o -I Al a, the
~'.oai cnr "jk- Ft-

*eal- taike


ish Leup
streets t
her way
for lunch
made p

tRD- rpiChar2bi-0 p
thiabeth departed a- cfmunrwea.
blaze of dh d forei
Slast lt. At ere to r ay
pus lifted of the Lo- At I a
port ruan y dtored viewen -
to the iod to -kirt tlhted Mewe
Lalte storm an4ln h-e
Sminute after takeoff rd
at Gander, ftNJfound- e rvIP In

ea at

to lave for five
morning greet-

ne 400 airport employee and
eal re=Menta turned out. ego
nak aal orowd was lrgerl

PrinceCharles, i, and Pri
Anne, 3, h klased their pa
goodbye In te nursery of I
ingham Palace, where a
map had been set up .o
oud follow their parents'
Along the way to Gander, .
steaame4 the destroyer
Al[=e, Coruha and
the Canadian frigate Me
k!eepMl careful watth.
-T Reoyal Air rFee Ut

,o-db. rew.

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TI. SMTRET P. 0. aox 134. PANAMA. R. P P.
S34 MAInlmN Avu. NEW YaRon 171 N Y.
O1L.0*1 mV *
005i ON2lrEAIs ,6 *i 4ANC noe 14


The Mail Box is on open forum for readers of The Poanaa Aim
ken. Letters e received gracefully and are handled in a wkely confl
dentiol meaner.
If you mutelbute a l1tte` don't be imDtaont itt t doesn't appear l
**St day. Ltners are published in the order received.
Please try l keep the letters limited lo one peag length.
r Identity f letter writers is held in strictest contidoace.
Th s oewmpoper essumes no responsibility for s tateent as opinion
expressed in letters n readers.
Santa Ana. California.
Thank you for your prompt action In getting the Informa
tion about my marriage in Panama in 1932. It was a source o
considerable satisfaction to hear from you so soon.
1 believe the information printed in your paper. was ver
helpful because the official record of the marriage was final
located and we are now waiting to receive a certified copy frone
the US Consul in Panama.
School is wonderful. I am learning how to operate lathes
drill presses and other machine tools from 8 to 11 at Santa #as
College every school day and during the week also study English
Musie Appreciation and Journalism.
While work In the machine shop seems to satisfy a deer
inner need, the journalism stimulates my mind and arouses mt
enthusiasm. The journalism students put out the bi-monthly
school paper '-El Don." The Journalism instructor tells me thai
after I have mastered more of the techniques I will do superior
Many thanks,
y; -Lorraine Elam.

A Queen, the first to visit Panama, will arrive November 29th
and we want to see her. So would it not be possible to use an
open car as used in her own country and many she has visited?
Also the speed reduced to 25 miles and the sirens lowered so that
she can hear (and also be save a splitting headaches.
Evidently the Queen is a thoughtful woman for in Canada
she requested'to again circle a certain spot slowly realizing the
waiting crowd had not had an opportunity of seeing her. All
authorities do lease grant these requests and let us really see
Queen Elizabeth.
-"Let us see her."

It seems to me, that It is like a breath of fresh air to read
the letter from the Indian Chief of the Upper Bayano. He asks
, or help in educating a few of his men so they can become school
Teachers and thus improve the level of education and ultimately
Tralae the standard of living of the entire region. This presents
)n entirely new picture of the Indian. He Is no longer the wild
,warrior with the strange headdress of story and song, but rather
$the father of.,a household trying to bring up children. We can
Steadily understand his problems.
In extensive, travels among the so-called savages, I have run
"nto very few who are really killers: most are friendly fellows
who understand a greeting and a smile: they are generally
lhospitLble and there is no trouble until the visitor, believing
himselff amorw fools, starts to act in some Indecent or unfriend-
y manner. The savage always lives on the other side of the
mountain; he is probably the enemy of the man we are talking
We must realize that the ultimate cultural and economic de-
Veloptnent of the country depends on the Indian: no immigrant
tcan ever completely take his place.
r -By Jacques.


4 Balboa
Just a brief question, please. How does .the Commissary' Di-
vision account for the "shortage of States-aide sugar?"
The better cook prefer 8tatea-side sugar (especially at,
'hanksagiving Time) because:
;( > It is bleached better than Panamanian sugar.
(21 It is more refined, which insure the cook that her cake
will not stick to the bottom of the pan.
Yours for the attention this letter mAY receive. I remain,
Yours. truly,


Needs an agent to improve sales. Must be

responsible with solid experience and write

and speak perfect Spanish and English.

Write complete details to P. 0. Box 3145,

Panami, R. P.






1kh f GARY COOPER, in



, Da Dwyo, in "TOO LATE FOR TEARS"

, ... ..- .-



Labor News

And '


CLEVELAND-.WheI the "Litti
Red-head", Walter Rteuther, r
placed the revered Philip Murra
a- head of the CIO Just a yeai
ago, there were those who pr
dieted that CIO would never agali
hold a convention. Well, CIO ha
not only been held together by th
- whirlwindish young leader but ha
i- put on almost half a million ne
members. It has just warned a
1e other powerful labor federation I
stop trying to cut It up. 'And
has hammered together the on]
political machine which can cha
m lenge the Republicans Ina seres i
states this coming year...
Behind the scenes here It is n
secret that President Eisenhowe
has been -trying to soften thft Pc
litical bloc. His Secretary of La
bor, James Mitchell, has been coe
*- suiting with CIO leaders on af
if pointments-and has been heeding
them more than he has the so
y called "Taft-wing" of the Republi
y can, Party. The flying visits of See
n retry of State John Foster Dulle
and Mitchell to this 15th donstitu
, tional convention of CIO were
a further evidence of the respect foi
, this CIO machine which is being
wooed by such Democratic Presit
p dential hopefuls as Michigan's
y Governor Mennen Williams ant
y Minnesota's Senator Hubert
,t Humphrey.
r But it is obvious from the bitter
reactions to both Dulles' and
Mitchell's speeches that nothing
can ease the CIO Political Action
Committee's hatred for the GOP
administration. And this hatred is
being turned into real political ac-
tion right now.
d The CIO has just launched a
S-ive for a dollar a man from its
S4,400,000 to 5.000,000 members -
which can give it a multi-million
dollar budget matching the actual
expenditures of-the major political
National Committees. -
The CIO political leaders report
that they have built the base for
a powerful ward-by-ward cam-
paign machine by electing over
1,000 CIO members as -ther
Mayors, in some towns, o- Ider-
men and Councilmen -- i yes,
we even got a tax collector elected
over in Pennsylvania.".
This political phenomenon has
gone unnoticed in the weeks since
election-obscured by the major
headlines on breaking racket and
spy stories, But never before has
a labor federation been able to
put over 1,000 of its own members
--in addition to those it sponsored
successfully, such as New Jersey's
Governor-elect Robert Meyner.
In reporting this, the CIO's po-
litioal director, Jack JCroll, said:
"To me the most significant
thing that has happened m these
elections has been this-in Penn-
sylvania, in the State of Ohio, in
Connecticut, and scattering all
through America, you ha veound
that the Political Ac it-
tee reyeratthg lM 1
operated before. ,., y I ou
probably daw more political action
on the part'of the CIO then aver
before and, more than that, what
you say, was this, yqu saw- ohr
people get more steadily into poli-
tics, they conducted themselves
like veterans, and they did a mig-
nficent job... .It is a good omen
TL he bbtutly warned the Re-
ptbliea Party tht CIO could- lick
EL in .' When it will not have
U Elipenhower personally at
Shed of the ticket. "I have
in the men's tailoring indus-
try a lonD tie, and I like to
pride myself sometimes that I am
a-fairly good judge of men's fash-
ons. I have been in politics a little
while, and I would like to make
political fashion observation at
this time; I would like to say to
the men in America that coat-tails
will be completely out of style in
The CIO sees the 1954 election
as the real showdown with the Re-
publican Party. If the Democrats
lose then, they expect the New
Deal and the Fair Deal will be
wiped out as a political machine.-
that's why the labor leaders want
the rough and tumble to start
now. That's why they are begin-
ning to grumble over w: at they
refer to as the gentle quiet and
"failure to show leadership" ofC
AdIai Stevenson. That's wh y
they've raced to lHarry Truman's
side. That's wvhy there are predic.
tions here that Stevenson will be
pushed aside for such men as Sen-
ator Humphrey and Governor Wil-t
That's why, for example, they
are planning a series of regional
conferences of working women and
homemakers "to integrate the
family voter into the CIO political
action program" and why they
have urged that every CIO union
council assign a staff member the
"specific responsibility" of getting
out the "family voters." Not a
vote is being overlooked.
.That's why the showdown next
year will be between the Republi-
can Party and what is really a
labor party operating within the
shell of the Northern Democratic


.:3 ...".

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a late duI"
d as a i agn of im
wart. tOB if codr


One can't help.jhoplg that form.FePrbt flnrmston to a new government, poat-That would L 4
Truman has not madr'hIa final pres3tta"en RI hav6 given him time to tudy Jeltdure-
the record in the Harri.qter White AV ;It I ANd thoroughly. -
For one thing, In of explata MW t 4. -Vry did Mr Tramain Imply s utagy that
other night, which lfatyok of the old"'Whatt4 la JuAtile V tu e:bIa BlMM of
stop" flavor In its aE j a eh.e ent y, bat s6Id IU de n t retata Be la
said a good many tIh abo im ut his-h iaUlt.qf* i .
the case. Sine then, 40oruy General thu$ ipr
and FBI Chi e, aJ. over have'a4i 0tb. R .
ed him on najor bit- pb, qui.4t was 1a P.ri
But Brownell a tnd tRoer were a pe t -aw uuatb 2.-.,t VA
oath before a Senate oanittee and M.-n e-tor 5
was merely making a ld-TV. appe afof
Is a altiy that be.caftMo. td aoae w.. so'
his statement on the ahae plane. r
could volunteer a ,- a a -
men .- ftorua- 'Seu atsoi
least for general 1 Ob- -o--o- -.-

that 1Rt1" ed 1.* 6..

1955 HIb dOes notaah bhe 4MalId \
speech either that be did t, gr
her aythingIn t.
2. When, exactly dh h e the second .
report, denterd e tte W tuse on Feb..
1948? He nyc he -first lined" of theb ai& es S .
against White "ear y in-Ptblrant." Did he C hwe
the report p-ompt, or wait'a dy or so? "I dl He'
3. If he did read It a shortly af. recent, ". .....-beI"alft
did he not take the quia t-o a ateR t Sai of1
telUl4 Senate leaders to ho te's W t nir -

- .*

FilW W

trney al Herbert.
wam i ttet ik
Wi wt wth e- n
S. Tnzzaan ever the arsyf
White spy case, whe he
a secrad DDe.o:rftic .adedulit
La oMlt
& n (claL.' I
T- he new opponent ii i
Bersom, former
Svtelbo, witebip
%d ia Igrant
Waua ona ch:rgedflL
ithe do-osllod pB i
lea" law. ge n dh'. li
hiZ-* vu utap
U there arn at Im
in t attack th6 a
-In tInEd- up. Bli^, 4

dbor t, Bopteoa. t~di

was tom by AttorUe7
Olrk Ia 195 thm: rm
made a anistait atte2 M
al.If he tot W&*
back to asto

Hpe .Ii a.

late C.. CA

*tried I .J M

m.. ...... .. .
sl'd .
and legap it hed deyt


' ,".- -.. r ;t -
0y.4* .A




,' ".'-

* ~ .a.



~Lf ;~
':~ t.A
A~~.A-+~ *
** (



* 9-Lim-,5


..i n I J. "" ;+ +
. .. +.
"' l"

4L "

I m,

at URS.


. .


Sd lie
it bw Io
.faui 1-


lakiake 4.-
ht u I&.#q

ii.'ithin hm m han-
B ofAirto pftoe~

drawni^uas WMbudet iU

. wd2 1

M% ^$ta uPefIges Conied

w"riiWAth The West

'e '* wi hi '. b ma -
H~l~^'^^^^ite^^l^^ ailor wbkh lib met-

"ra ld sa-
rly, home repas
ibijDk. DHE4-B

A r

I U'

* s:

- ou a '' -i I



0.* ., g- ia
g idacse

nso Will 'Toach On'

ie CseI% n Georgia Speech
W +". 0-. o'
LA, ~W~) P --Ad- "I will touch on the matter"
in a my speech. he maid.
wHerei Stevenson was greeted by a
h~i crowd of 3,000 at Atlanta's Five
te Points after his drive from the
grla airport with Gov. Herman Ta!.
madge and other officials. He
h$o Sapke a few words to the crowd
l i',.r thanking Georgia for its sold
he vote for him in the presidential
ie the election.
Mralary, At his press conference later
SStevenson was asked about bis
predicted that the position on civil rights, aly' a
stats which went bristling issue in the Deep
i I 1962 will return South. He said he always has
tie fold in 1i9 felt the problem isn't in the
,an pa great believer proper perspective.
ptn of L. "The South pon yr has
Sthe W casein made more progresthan the
a leaders a c- North In raieal relations,"
J zmocratie admlnis- Stevenson said.
S otng a lOveri- He added that he would "cer-
eslpte Ia FBI re- tainly" meet with any Negro
was a spy tar the Democratio leaders from Geor-
tevnson declined la If they want to see him.
.1 "I hope the Democratic party
will continue as ths nation's
K on fferS spokesman of liberalism and the
general welfare," said the for-
.4 Hions mer vlinol governor.
Stevenson also was asked If
:i .r Il he considers Gov. James F.
Byrnes of South Carolina a
i^ wNtar-? I ) ^
ad S offered le to "Tat's for him to say," Stev-
allon.. In enson replied, adding that it is
t.a' a t .k t 4d wWill Impossible to have total con-
"the new realag officials 'nrlty of view in any party.
W ssaild. Dyrnes was a lifelong Democrat
lp M1 the. of,- now un- until he supported President
Aaon, followed he Eisenhower In the last election.
d settlementt of a lonq-
B :dpute over land pur- Stevenson will be a guest of
the immensely weal- Oov. and Mrs. Talmadge at the
Iohlem leader. mansion here tonight and wi:l
* An, Khan bought $840,000 speak to a Joint session of the
Sof land near Cairo n legislature and the public to-
but fEyptian soutces said morrow from a platform befo' e
to perform on a con- the state capitol. Police were
clause requirit hi m 10 planning for a crowd of 20,000.
ous ,nuhr Fewer than 100 abori es re-
eadlng. ,w.mmn, / main in the Andaman Islands to-
L *f ZAM &

w ruirooure HcZtor New
h "e. ooking, fIranaip,

H k ryKi, readfnl, sship,-

cIuithi ad wp In theah
rlp, world brotehood,
Ssketry, iremandilp, ish-

p ;& rhexlta and

urealey cttanshd p
w lingl, first .id.

g, =da Irema-shup,

sw n, andO weat, ther.

.asT. ',.VER OFFERED!!
-7 -a- .lsimr glstsem d one year
: "' + Only $26.30

S0 an wm .& eirinsg.



, ty

watch ever


Now on Dispklay!

Elegant ew DOGE

The Dodge w.h more t"W ever befo-e !I
'- .

More to it-More tn it-More ofit I
New "Color themy" inhlgmel
wth EnquisiN Juequoud Pables
As tasteful and colorful a your ows h -m!i
hld Pll~.Autlmmtkl PwePw M. Dlvels
Menws4 Om o wae powerful of all aomfaH u uit rnl l.
INAI ng psme-Thm Power s I
Taba. dt s obt of driving-eave a l the In!l
Mli iMW, lso-p Red Rem V.8
a e m m -ny an American ,
Newt Dodge Aorp Air f
Iab. Dreat and humidi o at os l
.44'" D DODGE V-8 t -oKim,,,W- mb
000- 196AAA Recordsl
she l .b rSdFlit.. Dea.. U SABL
Smaed me. due u m. -duA -
usbm ktha msaeki. Asel..
Cat ow AmNdm5un."

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I'k:i" I A ASI-F AfT'r t' 1W'

- 4 S

-. --A
h,.. -~: ~i
~ .~

FhGZ !~U~






, II



; i. .-. -, 4 W -Iz


. a. d,;L ..,,




S)ulh Pacific Vets: Paris Police Trap

New Zealand 5till Communist Chief

'Good Duly' Who Planned SMlkes
case you other South Pacific vet- PARIS Nov. 24 (UPI- Benol
erans are still wondering after all Frachon, 61, Communist lab"i
-these years, New Zealand is still leader who for months master
'"good c'.:ty." minded France'. strike crtse'
The, things you liked about it from an underground hideouw;
are still there-perhaps more so. Iwas arrested last night whi!v
Th, food is still good and cheap, trying to slip through a 1,250.
.the lush meadows and hills green- man police cordon.
er than ever, and the girls still Frachon secretary general et
Pretty and friendly. the powerful General Confedeg-
And t.-e New Zealanders haven't ation of Labor, was seized aftel
forgotten the "Yanks." his first public appearance since
They greeted Vice President last March when a warrant wn.s
Richard M. Nixon with all the en- issued charng him with con-
thusiasm they showered on t sprac to demoralize the ary
first Marines who landed to train -.h -o.
herc in 1942. Nixon, a Pacific vet- and the nation.
eran himself, never missed a The veteran Red was arrested
chance on his recent visit to thank without resistance in the back
the New Zealanders for their hos- of a car after he left a labor ral-
pitality to the thousands of Ameri- ly at confederation headquar-
cans who trained there or enjoyed ters in suburban Belles aux
leave from Pacific campaigns. Grange.
The land is prosperous and the Tipped he was speaking there,
cities growing. They look brighter police threw around the building,
and fresher wit- the drabness of a cordon of 1,00C uniformed oo-
wartime austerity behind them. lice and 250 detectives. It was
But the marks of the war are the biggest police action sin"e
still on the country, nationwide raids on labor head-
Huge military warehousess built quarters in 1952.
by the Americada now house man- Seeing he was trapped, Fra-
ufacturing plants around Auck- chon climbed from the car and
12 told his bodyguards, "Be calm,
A big hospital knovn to thou- comrades."
sands ..vicemen as "Mob six," Frachon. cheered wildly when
Navy Mobile Hospital No. 6, now
houses a high. school at Auckland. he appeared. made a speech,
On the g flats at Paekaka- then watched the remainder ,f
riki near Welengton, wher- thou- the session at the congress o'
sands of Marines trained for Gua- the Seine department section of
dalcanal, only the concrete founda- the confederation here.
tions of an olri mess hall and the Although he had been in hid-
remains of a concrete reservoir ing, the official Commu n is t
stand as mementos of the immense newspaper L'Humanite and oth-
military encampments of 10 years er party publications had gore
ago. Sheep graze, around them and on printing his anti-governmernt
on the steep en hills above, articles.
Farther dowAthbe road at Para- Frachon and five leading
paraumu by %e sea,, passenger Communist deputies, including
and cargo plathl drone peaceful- Jacques Duclos acting secreta-,
ly in and out oWthe once bristling ry general,' were wanted *n)
military airport, charges of demcrallzing the sr-|
But Wellington fondly remem- my and nation, and plotting a-,
bers the Marines who crowded er ainst the external security of
pubs and courted. her girls Atd the state.
often won their hearts. In t. The National Assembly V!-
John's Cathedral hangs a Marine The Natloene d assernmb l'
flag alongside the Stars and cently rejected a government
Stripes as a constant memorial to demand It lift parliamentary
the New Zealand-trained Marines immuhtit from the fivedeputies
who died in keeping the Japanese so they cculd be tried.
from threatening New Zealand
chores. ie
Hundreds of American dead once Britain Denies
*lept in a green hillside ceme- S
itery near Auckland. Their bodies She' II Put Forc s
have been removed to 9the- rest-
ig places. But over the spot, Old Under EDC Orders
TGlory flies daily to let Americans
Unow New Zeal-nd still remem- LONDON. Nov. 24 (UP) The
The sun st sparkles on the foreign office dismissed sugges-1
right blue of Auckland harbor h continent would be placed
-hich once teeraed with American under the command of the Eu-
essels. But today, only two trim ropean army in the event of
2 w 7.and cruisers across the ropean arny in the event o
rbor nd any military note. war, or under any other circum-j
lou can still get a good steak stances
ith eggs for about 80 cents A oesman sd t remains
e can iney, and drinks Britain's policy nqot to merge herl
'But t: pubs s tiU-cII e tight at forces in Eprje with the EDC,
;P. m. After that you have a hard though provisions have b e e n
'4e finding even a beer unless made for their closest possible
otu a re gistered in a first-class cooperation wit h the defense
hotel where the private lounges community.
erve until 10 or 11. A British press report claim-
I No matter how modest your ho ed earlier today that Britain s
1, you will still be awakened at ready in the event of whr to
a. sm. with the inevitable tea and elace the British Army of the
pastry. Rhine under the commander of
A--erican cigarettes are just as the EDC wo would be a French.
,ece and as appreciated as, probably Marshal Alphonse
You may nevaerget ab~k bu~tfif man, probably Mar" Alphonse
o do, you'll like it And so will ,u____
New Zeala.ders. The orime meridian at Green-
wich, England to denote zero do-
: LOUIS, Mo. (UP.)-St. TALo- grees. zero minutes, andzerv-se-
is featherweight Charley Riley has ods was agreed union as the
been supplying the answers in re- world's official marking point in
cent fights. Riley stopped Bobby 1884. The decision was made by
Why of Los Angeles. min the third representatives of-25 countries at
round and divided two detisiops the Washington Meridian Confer-
with Elis Ask of Finaland. ence.



2.^," ,4, bd
Coman Dwmr r'to'iO "u~s

ACROSS 5 Metil-bearing 0
I Baked Wocks
Virginia Weste
4- on the 7oBurntes
cob wood rite
8 Fertilizer I
12 Winglike part 9,a0Le M
103 Wa Ol
13 Onpratic solo ,. ..... -

." v.....- .. I lTeater box
14 Bread spread 17 EskF. o boats
15 Golf mound 19 Pretend
16 Instructing 23 Sleeveless
18 Not generous garments
20 Crude metal 24 Exclamation
21 Gender 25 Nathan's
22 Wicked nickname
24 Opposed 26 Frvr -
26 Region 27 Observant .
27 Wile
30 Bigger
.32 Glider on ice
34 Made amends I I
Vk Africn f.

Hih Blood Pressure
If Hgh Blood Preaure make
you dizzy, have palns around
heart, headacbe. ahert breath, Ina-
digestion. pa Jp lUo, and swollen
ankles, you can get almost instant
relief from these dangeroui symp-
tome with HYNOX. Ask your
chemist for HTNOX today and fe
yers younger In a fetw dar.

28 Repose 43 Mnce, as
29Very (Fr.) betas
31 Weirder 44 Where dilnme
33 Shield is biked
38 Determine 46 Honre color
40Lock of hair 47Ireland
41 Taut 48 Act
42 Mine entrance50 Sun

Help Yor, Plies

t_ *'. I

The Pacifik Seam l C

Royal Mat lines iM.


M.V. "SARMIENTO" ................. ..... beq 4
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (1aM Tn)) ...L...Pic. A
8.. "FLAMENCO" ...........................
M.V. "SALAMANCA" .............. .......De. 1
M.V. "DONGEDYK" .........................Noev. 34
.S. "DRINA"- ............... ...................... D I-
8.3. "DAROJ" ..... ........... N.
B.S. "LOCH GARTH" ......... ..............'...''.38 I

All Salilngs Subject td ChaWn e
FORD CO. INC. (lNA i. 3-3/ l
BAEo p. .

Hetng It Up

Hook, Line-and Sunk!


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- p .i* .. ..... .. "" "- "
^ _** -- '.:,. *^ t ;-y

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ad cent

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f --

T F; ffmw IM"M T' ON r"iifT~ ^. I- glad. "w I-w
. tges~rs M ap1r e^ eal canesteadri
Mr. and Brk0. John'8fl At Ctte
" .TYk a014ived oMay Marl* i
L. -i- -' '-^ ^ ..s -.- ,'1. aonL, f MA


Complete '

M1Hw'frk Fried Shimp For Anniversery be.i Al Uulom Sm i?
OSSt Social andt oepo (MCo- The annual co m u naity
SIon in preparing the propam of Thanksgiving service will be
-sp sorting event In *aMlaota- held on Thursday at 10 a.m. In
bH *. tion of Its eighth ,amuayre ., the Balboa Union .Church with
r .... ...I. A FIe" a1 M s m .the Vervy Rev. Rftyond T. Fe.--
-" The complete program is as rs delivering a message entitle
NBA) Parik Is the d shr Qur W not follows: Dec. 38: 5p.m. Volley- "Where Are The Nine?"
seem -lt to M g Gas ei ball game In the St. Jose,;h' a_
oinit ms bk to court in honor of Hraco Du- Gov. John 8. Sebold will be
Stable- for S de be M cruet-Cueipo de Bomberas de present to read "the Presdent's *
Sr bte James A. camp[dFrrl Colon va the Ouacteroas. Thanksgiving proclamation." _i _
O writ. fis O teh f poubdla Dec. 2: third annual basket. Both Rev. W. H. Beeby an
PivlAg to "Paris Cui- flour, 2 ~S Yamfi vev oil for ball classic. "Unr ty of .Pan- Rev. A. H. Shaw will have a To OUr
c Wett, who eol- frying. Se jd eiu the ares vs Ouare= of Colo'i" part in the service. The senior
i. Cn book, was with shap, dip 'them III fi r and in honor of Ooternr Jose Ma- choir and the chortisters. diret:-
SyilAt yolk and frythem r a Gonzales In the ic Joseph's ed by Mrs. George Thlbodeau.
Oua ryd .I for shrim he i olive al iely court at 5 p.m. wll sing "Give Thanks To God."
ati PS Jim told us to nw Sat and pepper to taste Mrs. A. J. O'Leary will play the
arls to Cbez Pio, and serve with eme quarters and De, 30: third annual softball organ.
u rt g eood reaea- a Sau Ite de. classic, "Tigers Club vs The
SLo t, .. Guaracheroa, in honor of W/0 The offering taken on Thanks-
SOne m et alias i to- Emillo Rodriguez, director of the Riving Day will be contributed
Iad a n 1, t garlsc 60th Army Bnd of Fort Ouick. to the work of. the Protestant
"I *i at the Nationai Pollcle field at mission in the San BIas islands
rr Elks 3re glorl- .I, p.D ta- ..bea i31, se d ann'sl under the direction of Dr. and
.7 Eke basketball classic, "St. joseph's
oa l ,; a L a o Brother's College vs The Gua- Mrs. A. L. Iglesias. ..
f Bl B ld kitn racheros at the St. Joseph's
S ont y l d all angredii together Church court In honor of the Participating in this service
atI 7:0. be served and te for seasolag. Itis much Mayor of the rity. Jose Domiaa- are the congregation of the *eeyW good hod
n9 on La S low floor of the e if mad. several hours be- dor Bazan at 5 pim. First Baptist Church, Balboa
ern.--._ for_ ,-_ Heights; the Cathedral of St.
t ith Luke, Ancon, and the Balboa
B R O W D e e m .U nion C h u rch .

w ill god limfrill
Be Ea4asw veA*
eho- nDd.CoFrennhdwasorted o much det fte d o M M

atod.So o ind t geo d aente., Lamsn Sou -.-.
Ian o theclanIs oroamabnglody!oreri-eved
TOn" 0....TnOyon"n"

TheI, Pcares only oe, kin cub,-yPizzaT rlnylI"

e"the me tere.Oted an m a u- yod
wo.oIfYufdth o tth aatdg.
p-n H.rU. & .- 1,_6._..._,..
:60 t tiThere y onl t one kindh yo fcu a.ry;e,-.,,, ,i..,ef.,,.,, yaw .va-
tke q*, topic W)IA-' member to be. That's en ent hu-y

._ __ __'_ _'t Interested in making your

pu s projects a secoges, why

-y ;~


.*.,, ~T$


All eml

s and eu&uMmaUS- -
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)~ *J

--' .;


1 AS ,V-.. 4


,.#~.. A..

t ~

a beflUed soLthe
and wMl feituie sach it
apeolalatles a pims pie,
g tt a many styles and
hame-made raviolls. He will
providl'pata tsulas pole
lasagn many other g
met klelhtE so popular on I
:la meab.

J There's hlaw that says yeou
have to stay In a elub onee you've
eIt interest la It.

In honor of
the forthcoming
Queen: Eliabeth
i Partfu!
&rme We have Imported
sI "Cremdoe'l" Gloves
Man at $4.9


Tony arrived In Panama re-
cently on the 88 Vespucci fruW
his niatve Italy and is at pres-
ent the owner and operator of
one t., Naples finest pimerlas.
His : aona look after the
bus while Tony is In Pana-
A pia oven bam been built fa
the Iarg kitchen of the Atla
Garden. All Ingredients to be
used In the Italian dishes were
brought to Panama by Tony.

"Carib MOlhves tool
at$ 1O.

* Crb Petticoats

4mtff mom Avenue
MMb Street
N. ,TheVU Avenue

Sm, lt but oes

Sismfe l ae a -i dMat ares complete
yA~et~yy~ch m
Pmfqaiv-giSTU lok *kQOR-0
'f.* misi"*^a '* "'**

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es.' rn-a



Almost a mwa

in iiself...


to prepare!

- I

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_ ,mod"

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l* AM

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\( as'tshe lwe hsW~o
M. ae- .


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fr .a



9 :w,

. O.s J...

You Sell'em... When You Tau PA Ul
Leavf your Ad with one of our Agents or our ofaN o5 No. 7S 'St PNaia

No. 12,179 Central A e. Cpl

Via TOO & N o.


,f -. ..

10,0W MSMd ATveIPbsUM 41itM,
.-,* ,

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

M* '&

AgeSL bIlatmliomli de P.hcle M
Mo. ablry Pleas Phom ne-34

ouseholq / Automobiles
FOR SALE -Misc. hou o items Mesellum quick. Mt hope. Leaving
China glassware. pictu setc. Baby Isthmus... 1951 Morris Minor 4
crib etc. Pe-sion rugs. House 1543 Door Ex. Cond. Single bed and
A-.angoStBalboa-.'I mattress, chest of drawerS. Cll
A, Mango St, Blboa. Panama 3-0262.
FOR SALE -- While olk dinnette aam-02
suite. Table. 4 choirsg China andMUFFLERS for 1941-48 Chevrolet:
linen cabinet. Good caditon, $70 1937-52 Buick; 1938-48 Dodge,
Call Albrook 86-2280. PIymout, Do Soto and Chrysler,;
o 1942-48 Fxrd and Mercury .and
FOR SALE-Dningroom set moahog-i 1939-50 Oldsmobile. Priced from
any table. 6 chairs, sideboard and' $ 57 to 9 28. FIRESTONE -
China cupboar .d, bamboo set sofo. Jose Fco de la Ossa Ave. No. 39
two arm chair$, coffee table, end i Automobile Row.
toole, foot stool, wicker choirs andi -
table, floo' lars. table and four We are unpacking several large ship-l
chairs, child's bed and mattress I ents of ,e placement parts for all
House 03C9. Cable Heights. makes of automobiles. Get yours
r while they last, Tropical Motors.
FOR SALE. Bedroom, hivingroom
dining sets. Good conritron. Ex.'FOR SALE:-1941 Plymouth sedan:
cellent price 46th Street No. 18- radio, good lires, motor, body solid.
A. Apt. No. 1. Tel 3-49 12. Call Balboa 2441 between 7 & 4
Monday-Friday. Can see at 0777-
tOR SALE:-Beautiful light mahog- D. Williamson Place, Balboa.
any diningioem table, two solid'
Rattan legs and d.nngroom chairs FOR SALE: 1952 Mercury Hard
Telephone 83-6137. Apt. 575-D. top, gray and black, very low
Curundu Hgts. mileage, automatic transmission,
Curundu Is. many extrc.s. like new. $2,200.00.
FOR SALE:-Moy*bg washer $95.00 83 7284. Curundu, after duly
electric clock, $3.00. 25 cycle hours.
Tel. 3-3000 Col. Joaqu'n Aro-
semena St. No 6. Apt 4 FOR SALE.-1950 Chevrolet De Luxe
Model, black, club coupe, low mi-
FOR SALE-6 wood n venetian blinds Ieloge 121.000 original miles) 4
S 60" x 50 $30.00. Excellent new tires, re battery. duty paid
n60" x 5". ,Lig 00. Excellent g Must sell as leaving Isthmus. Price
condition. Lght .maple I.,ingroom u
sst. 3 maple odirs. maple set- $900 00 .oh Telephone G. Spiot-
tee. 2 maple ekd tables. two other ta. Cristobal 1984
hardwood and lobles and one oc- FOR SALE -Cadillac 1951 "62" 4-
Sca- nal chair. $150, Ph:ne Navy| Door R & H 15.000 miles Excel-
3157 after 4 00 p..m. Residence lent condliin, $2,950.00. Albrook
1-ouse 247;-B,, Coli 3203.
T,1 FOR SALE--Oldsmobile Hydramatc,
dEr READY FOR X/4AS! I radio. 8.003 mdes. 2529-C. Co-
Mike lust ore skaoll down payment cqli. after 4
end we will deliver your furniture
at once FOR SALE 19' 1Pontic good con-
Le elv livingrcom As $1 59 00. dn I diion iwo lone, Curundu 83-
ingroom Sets 599,C0. double beds 5266.
IHollywood tp:i complete $66 F- OR SALE -H.llmon convertible in

Gas Sto',es $ 00. Metal Desks FOR SALE i939 GMC 2 1-2 Ton
$35 00. Modern Voniies with mir- Truck. The Texas Co. iPanomal
fOr $38 00 and'ONLY ONE E':AU- Inc. Tel. 2 .0620. Panama.
,.IVINGROOM SET v,,wih nner- fact condition. Telephone 2-2064,
spring cu *foo $250 00. anrd Panama, Judn Gabriel Ameglo.i
many other brgairns in complete A C g o
sets ar.d iitdi ducl pieces. FOR SALE Cash 1950 Pontiac
We accept vur old furniture. convertible, fine condition. 8 cylin-
HOUSEHCLD EXCHANGE der, hydromotic. Equipped. CheapI
S- -0692. 1
S FOR SALE:-5 cu It, Refrigerateg. Pat- ME
S165.00. Electric stove. 4 burners.,
$85 00. ypewriter Underwood. 08 Moo
$25 00. Tel. 2-3518. Panaoma, Boata & Motors.
E- FOR SALE: 20 Aux sloop gray
' O0R SALE: r- Sidfboard. $10500 gasoline engine. newly pointed and
Dresser, $100 00. Double bed. completely overhauled, sails and
$80.00. Night table 5 00 oil tquipmtnt. Call Navy 3544.
,Wardrobe. $125.00 Al Custom
built "-rdhogan furniture UsedI LOST & FOUND
oniy one year. Telephone Paonamu LOST-Black ,eatner wallet, ,denti-
2-3518 ficaticn papers. Keep mrrEv. send
rFOR SAl ;. lritr1use refriger. Sprague.
tSALo t ao.x 1576, Balboa. Joaephine
ator wflh freezer compartment. 2-
year guarantee,; porcelain t,,WANTED TO BUY
table, cojch aend mattress: dnlhg W ANTED TO BUY
table ana six chairs. large dresser WAN7'ED TO BUY:-I,..'-up 'Mue-
native mahogany with min'r: \ *rta Tuft6n. No. 200 Central
S lewn chairs; glassware: miscella- Avenue.
neojs household articles. Call Ca- 'WATElTED yuu- refrigero as
nal Zcne 2-1805. or opply 3282 TED Vud y refrigerator 6 a
nl Zcre 2-1803. or ap-ply 1 -trade-in ai a net Crosev Shelva-
-jc'rriscn St. Drablo. Canol ZCne der. Cyrnc. Tinvoli Crossing. 2-
PL ./ i .I _L --

FtiR SALE.--Beautiful three-cusfion
da ept."-~briad new Chines
ru,, onjp 9'x 12, one 3 x 6; ex-
quaite Chinese fiLrniture do
bed .-p#h Anrspring mnttr
ad&'s deei;-. desser w-th
large rsrirq; IL. C. Smith typewot9
fr, Spopisn keyboard; beautfl li
"day Efh chime clock. Ilkq nww;
'elecrri;cfee percolatorr. brand
new; Community Oilver set; wool
*r and comet lair ladyv' heavy cloak,
slize 36. made in England. bran'-
ters 2MD.0C. Fourth Stree;, Curun-
du. .-pW* Curund- 714.9.

Poion Offered
SIRED& Preferob:y single: be-
twen..ges 26 and 40; graduate
- "c dited; lL olie w;ith m. r i


rcrectt or related Cald. May
ubstitul. for college up to tywo
years of .p2'a experience in social,
mtcreationarl r similar organiza-
s. Ca. Starff Serv ce Club Di-
.81*4279. Speccl Services.
Fort Amador.


pa iion. Address:
468, Panama.

nt cock.
id I I th

r ".-

,' -
i- 'P



.b M fm a k

DR. WENDEHAKE Medical ClinIc
Central Avenue "K" Stfet come.
Telephone 2-3479. Panama,

SERVICE: Guarnted Work.
All parts used treated for trepicol
climate. Tropical Electronics. CalMle
45 E, No. 2. Two block past BDilo
Visto Theatre.

Plan your Christmas gift wisely.
Present your family with knowledge.
"The Home of Encyclopedias."
Terms payments accepted. Jos-
ephine M. Sprague. Telephone Pan-
ama 42-1104.
Bennett's Society
Featuring American
Latin Rhythms.
Tel. 2-128Z.
Sealed bids, In triplicate, will be
received in he office of te En-
gineering and Construction Disc-
tor, Panama *Canal Company, olr
boa Heights, CaAaL Zone, until
10:00 0. m., December 16. 1953.
and then publicly opened, for fur-
nishing oil plant, tools, equipment.
lobor, services. and materials (e-
cept cerium Panama Conal COm-
pony furn.-hed materials), and for
performing all work for Exterior
Painting of Buildings. in the Canel
Zone. Fori-s of proposal, specifi-
cations. aind full porticulars may be
obtained the office of the
Contract and Inspection blvision.
Room 343. Balboa Heights (TeIl-
ephone 2-3739 or 2-2C98). Speci-
fications and drawings will be is-
sued on a deposit of $20.00 per
set. Depo'.it will be fIrfeited if
speciflcati.ns and drawingL are not
returned within 40 colehdar days
cilter of bids.

Sponsored I'y Hotel El Ponae
3 Full days. Leave Friday. Dec.
return late Sunday afternoon
6th. Fishing I toul. Pert! Isla
visitt the pnririve Calco Ind
Spear cmapodli r M p the
bu Rivers ab Erd El namod'

Fgr reservation phone Jungle Jim of
Panama 3-1E60, or see your Travel

FOR SALE:--oxer pups. 2 months
old, AKC registered. 5007 La Clip-
lad L 00 It. pait the Old Panato
Mod ahtrne, .
EpQ SALE: -2 Sunflower seed. Kitty
Litter, Sanm-panties far .female
V.o EsparoA Tel. 3-5411.



*tbune b bm*, uei Clew. Ain

or -_BinfTek tih"et.

FIs,'. ow ..
Sana le~loebusweu
tens Pas te -lf

team LOL C ....
newr beack ftI- 100 *cep
Wektow -L

Gromlich Santa Clare Seech cottages,
electric refigerationt, s stoes,
moderate rm L. mo 6-441 o
4-567. .

I' Jmur


SOc u. Sento
Cluer KB C f fc ltee
0Pan"m K NW

FOR RENT:--Unfuhenew chpl-
et. three MOO 2 btrmoon,
borh1ad. Tel. ai 7
FOR RENT.,-3balropini
colet, hot wtw ft.klu 5everel
cottMs opW rftM ohm
Phone 3-4871.
FOR RENT-Funished two bedroom
house. At Wstwood Form. Suitabe
two couple. TeL Baleg 2756,


ATTITNT -. L awftim a
furnshed A 1"
p bedreem wNei 0 Te.

Modern 2. 4 and 5 rM% umlPhed I
or unfurnished. AlEaesril'a flc
61, loth Street, CelW. Tel
S REH-Aoartmeat 4 Cnl
greje, 2 bdrooms, ilivinvVini
Sroom, porch, large ici
dry-room, maid's bedre
both, hot water. For furts rrefr-
ane please call Tol. 3-O49, 3.

4th. *AR RNT:--Two bedr Nor furnish"
De&. edrtment for one. jr two
hands, couples. Government Inspected,
ians,. C eraquino 642. Tel. ,-4418.
Sam- -
Pes- P R RENti-Nicely fumidrad one
bedroom apartment, residMittil tag
rtobe tfli.-" t 'wate, tlephotJe. GCll
'OUR PMe 1-235. .- a m-.

room, 2 hedrn em phone
3-06 ** -
FOR REN T-Comifrtaq b unfurni
two bedOpes. e "with hotm
watOr and dw- R i A
and 50th reet (Camp Alrie.
For infonraie apply "m #il-
ing Apt.

FOR RENT:-wApe:OOna t .fr Notf
cr clinic, Aridp .fsto Araeemem
hi 71 A. Per Pe rmetlon Ill
No. 16 o. To r--
FO$ *BNT.'<* W ished

d v*4nd durable
F .coatings
In -swn pound package
In all ,olon.

,2V3L I4.'










FOR SALE.-.12 guage em.nngton Co a PC.,n, 7- nt. t M
pump shot gun, $40.00. 5516-b. p. m' 84-7 ,
Diab'o 2-3(j26. _, DR.RENT1:-C f. I
FOR SAWE:-' wi n mrnahooanv y asrtme"t. laoe r dp '..J

WANTED: beds complete. B0. Beckwith l "w
-2 wheel pnemtic tire Spinet, Pano. $385.00" 3-wasi y
cOr trailer. Phone Cristobol 3-2361 floor lamp, $6 50. Scooter. $80.- a. ,|
IJjgjD :---- o00. Foot wing machine. $35.0(M FORaB *N f
WANTE: Quartermaster couch. mahogc ny dresser. $30 House R
Phone Balboa 3791. 5754-A. Diablo Sibert St. and .
t hrWalker Avenue. after j p .m. gr s aw ftln ,
D n us Capt. 3-5477
Of Red Chinese Ra E-lateo
fc sy br s ISANTA CLARA 0741.
a N S ONG. NV. 24 (UP)- ot- cekofoun FOR RET -Furnished",
N KOa2lotw cfr the price of one. b housesith 4
A newppe d today tht 2 bedroom, r. bath. kitchen and 2bed li n
Americains captied by the Com- parch. Completely furnished. I nd p two r b-throm., $150..
munists off the China coast 'ii. house I bedroom. large Ir, dress- 00 th St. N.-\,27. VIla i
March hal been taken to P ng room both, kitchen, breakfastPOR WRENTrt nn ea
ing for trial on charges of p, rm and cor rt, completely fur- well located. C ll -!14M. After
"n .. lhed tiled throughout. 1 doll p "
TIey are Richard ApplegtAt.] hu am. used as storeroom. F.ruitI -
National Broadcasting Co. u:- tPees, property fenced. 5/mmin. walk
respondent: Don Ulxon, Inter- to beach. F09 1n, wa
national News Service corrd- UNBELIEVABLE. Ca:h pricp $6.500
apondent: and Bean Krianer, US. 00. Box 14, Balboa, C Z. Tel. 2-
merchant marine captain. 3148. --.*. :-- -
The Chinese languaRe nes- w-ith ktdi*
paper Wah Klu ld they rr _____________ __ PRO..
taken recently from Canton o ,
Pleping, where they would fhe
tried by a joint court composeti
of the Publie security Buree:
the MWtary Court and the 8u
preme People's Court.
Applegate's yacht. in whl-hh
the th were traveling whren
they werepicked up has bee with economical
taken Whampoa, a port near
a.,- t eaad.d TRANSISTER
the men were not engaged ,i i
?plonpge and "y charges of Hearing Aid or,
that nature would be unfound- r te
ed. a.s. .._ n9WW L .. -ht -1


0e. 42 Tel. 3-2113.
2-6 P.M.

up 1u vwu nours withn
owe battery

Srmbes |
ja L S

radk ;

I95 Fnor* ,uri


(OR Plympb four jw..


1947 PerCory r."

049 Btkk Spot

*sz NAwery M.t.L

952 icu.
,l : l^ '.


,j VALEO tu

W siUnw
", r<

tefi'l 4'j


,. A t f /, ... t ,rl.

.8 hi
*. f, .r
"/.',"--. :,.<,- **', '^ix. .... '
^t t i i M M l ** *-^..,
"- --- ^^,'i

,. ., -- -' .IEIIIISnEmUIUSImlFrS't'Z4w
*, ,h'.. ,d.3"t4,.-* 4?t. '

-i -
a ,',

IL : .. : -.;
-: "|

"- A

'hs' -', -at .
_.*3. :. .,,

f"I> .-



Jun Fr.-ro 'U h.c.) t

4*.. us

No. 4 Tivoll fve.-Phone 1-2291. and

*i $ t A 4.j
I** i**. i-i '4 t i
-(rfM-l .'*

rZ" "*
1*" WbeI$.m

rAmum1 i..
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, I 0- 11



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iWK].. *
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.. '









, J .-..I


, ov 24 (UP) The
oil has been retorod
Ain of the Arytory
raff ,10"1.1

of u

audi awnzln
r#. ThomM s
Vgb, P.
tey eeta
Attlltty No

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7 es ,p
F uw4 to at-

61 U~e




7I4- Braeso 4,
attb 'Nvemper lw
nhbL din I"tT i
nor and extend l
Tnhi year te '
wMil be Mr..

by by ErU"m. -

e Wan-

on Broadway in "His sad
trouble started wha he re-

"w" D ,BvE -IN.
1m 0:10 p.m. PMIR

ufor le nI 'TO4dY ioLU t JBAY

sall~ui. IMewp

8:15 p.m.

$$125.00 IN CASH PRIZES $$
1st PU $75.00
wm be rafl with the flt iere ticket ealed a
if thm O~WN Met pmnlt lt e of the prlte Ttl be
adlud t* the u t LUCKt TUIDAY. The la wil be
twie the smeouNt.
Seowd Priz$5 35.00 Tiud Piz $15.00

The PriMee iwll'th ailed until beg are won by the pvaH.
oh tS' rein A tSm NO PICTUrEmI
--- gLL^t-* "'a 0~t I4STr*r -lj-EE-.

tabt W



Green, son of veteran comedy star
Harry Green.
Alan Ladd's broken foot has held
up filming of "The Black i niht"
tr a month now. Producer Iwln
Allen and Cubby Broycoll are gul-
ing down the headache wd .
Dorothy Dandrie has pstpned
that seou major surey until
doctors at the suo cS hand
down a verdict.
Salary note: Helen a ye was
id twice as muck or h Harriet
Beeer awe a TV's -W
minute Medallion Theter h she
received for an entire week of
Harriet on Broadway in 194.

Robert Rys had a star on
his dressing rom doo for 15
years, but after working with Os-
car winning Shi l y Booth in
"About Mrs. Leslie," he said:
"I fed elke a gu *y's beea a
general for 15b years M beg
dt back to bas ti".
For the second time within a
year, Will Price, ex-hubby of
Maureen O'Hara, Is in a Masis-
ippi sanitarium.

Constance Smith, no loamr under
contract to Fox, soon w not be
under contract to Iubby Bryan
the legal papers that wfl sta i
rrobes, ltezr. She Just signed
the legal papers that will start
the !ivorce action.
Evelyn Keyes Is waving a long-
term lease od a Malibo home to
prove she's settling down in Holly-
wood for movie making instead
of Playing the champion trayeler

W hdmmJ- 0





WED. NOV. 25

Justo Arosemens Ave. No. 73-A Pand*"A Oiy
-i e I I I .I- -" ".i

*4 mkc e .i*i\,Via.

- U

'1* tino
*'' *: .yM :.




RL*"' A" 1


5 ^' ,







Ut N


LWsL a
Alerv U. f|IU T N A.. 3 1.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. -. -. -. --. *5w'*

i .

i.a *f.

.,-.~ 'I,






* .

S i.


.- .

I.. .

. :




I ( l '
!ivllit aP

aUB.a4| COMPANY L t.. |
*e0aos e*d Ot4trfibterove rje

41~ I

* uu.w1




r .. .

B AL 8 OA i A WaIa

'"* .- "BATTLE ZONE"
": M& "SKY FU OF

"THE RAiMEW TcbniohI.

':."' S''m g ,e w-.

w "a ...

i.T :-

- I .- I

Mwpm Mwe

.. i-... .., -.F

U. .

* *

Fangio Sets New Record Fangio Hits

In Sports Car Division Pot Of Gold

JUAREZ. Mexico. Nov. 24 (UP) The bloodiest
Pan-American race in history proved once again In Road Raa
that U. S. drivers have no 'eers in stock-car driv-
in,:. -

JUAREZ. Mex., Nov. 24 (UP)
When the five-day. 1.934-mile lives in the race. while six spec- An Arentine driver has hit
rpe concluded here yesterday at ; ator were run down and killed the pot of gold in the Pan-Amer-
tnr Texas border. Chuck Steven- while investigating an accident ican road race.
son of Lvnwood. Calif. was de-lon the opening day of the race Juan Manuel Fanklo won the
clared the winner of the un- last Thursday. unlimited sports car division of
limited stock car class and C the 1.900 mile race and asme
D Evans of El Paso. Tex.. was a- Sports Shorties S17.000 in prize money. Fan so
warned first place in the small noralso won a $10.000 aide bet with
stock car division. an Italian millionaire. All told,
It didn't matter that the I It figures Fangio earned $14 a
glamour event of the race i MONTREAL The Hamilton mile.
the unlimited sports car class Tiger-Cats have won Canada's Fanglo had a total elapsed
was won by Argentina's Big Four football championship time of 18 hours and 11 minutes ... .
Juan Manuel Fanglo in record .. despite the efforts of Red O'- He drove a Lancla car. Nine cars
time. Or that Jose Herrarte of Quinn of Montreal. in the class finished, but only
Guatemala captured the small Bernie Custis of Hamilton wa one American placed. Akton Mil- n T RIDE Thi
sports car championship. In the open running for a touch- ler of Whiter, California, fiish- ENDt crowds a Thla o, I
What the Yanks really were down in the dying minutes. O'- ed eighth to win only 581 dol-ilent crowds tilled. t was heo, in
after were the top prizes In both Quinn-a former Wake Forest lars and 50 cents.oneo was killed. I w the
stock car events, and they won star-was standing near the Umberto Maglioll, of Italy, who Roat Race as Bonetto came thr
them in a breeze In fact. they Montreal bench with other sub- wound up fifth, was the- first a lami
took the first seven places in the statutes. When Red saw Custis driver to cross the finish lne
unlimited class. with Wa t break away, he followed natural Just across the border from El
Faulkner nf Long Beach. Cali ., instincts ran onto the field and Paso, Texas.
Jack McGrath of Los Angeles tackled Custis six yards from the The race which twists and y O
and Johnny Mant of Los An- turns through the m contains of
gele finishing back of Steven- goal line,
son n order Hamilton was penalized hf Mexiofro Guatemala toTex-B ow l B ert]
as resulted in nine deaths. Three
Miami. Fla., Tommy Drisdale putting the ball on the three. were killed when they ? B w lJ rtl
of El Paso. Tex.. and Royal Lou Kusserow-former Colur- around a wrecked car and an
Russell of Lubbock, Tex. Oscar bla fullback drove for the other race slammed into the
Galvez of Argentina interrupt- Hamilton touchdown and for re- crowd. ntiW YORK, Nov. 24 (tP
ed the U. S. string bv finish i venge on 'Qulnn. After that some 18,000 Mexican Oly three of the eight major
eighth,"while 3W Sterling of Hamilton won the game, 2211. soldiers lined the route to keep' football bowl berths have been
and Ernest Hall of Farming- The nomination of U-C-L-A to way of the speedsters. The ao- ' State'. .i iD co-
ton. N. X. helped bring up the the Rose Bowl became offictAJ dlers had "shoot to kill'" orders. champions wlfacpUA 'A Pa-
rear of the field. today following the formal vte One-hundred and 67 cars cific Coa t Conference kin, ins
Three Italian drivers lost their by the nine schools. Even before started at dawn last Thursday. in the-RoseBowl at e na.
Sthe announcement was made, I but only 64 roared into the final California, on Ja35W first.
mhe celebration started on the lap. The first thing winner Fan- Oklahoma, champloi of the Big
Along he Fairways U-C-L-A campus coach Red 8au- glo asked for after he whizzed Seven; will thle Orange
ders told the crowd., Iacross the finish was a drink. Bowl at M iami, lorida.
"This isn't a team that gives Said he: **I want a drink. I drove Michigan State and Illinois
GAMBOA GOLF CLUB up. We're going to play the bes, very. very hard. No, no, I'm not finished in a tie for, the big 10
TURKEY TOURNAMENT kind of football we can and see tired." honors but the Sporonsw. won
A Turkey Tournament will be what happens The American drivers fared out in a close vote by athletic
held onii Thahksgiving D'ay, Sanders admits Mlchiq.a better in the other classes. directors. UCLA clinched the
Thursday, Nov 26. at the Ganm- State will be tough. Sanders says Chuck Stevenson of Lynwood, West Coast title byM beating
boa Golf and Country Club. The -"We haven't played anyone California topped the stock par Southern C ifonnia, .3-0, on
tourney will be 18-hole medal With an offense like theirs." division. C. D. Evans of El Paso Saturday. Okahouat wr iup
play with full handicap. Then he adds--"But because of took first in limited stock cars. the Big een crown tu
There will be a $1 lone dollar) their great record over the last In the junior sports car, Jose days ago. ...
entry fee .and a turkey will be few years they have a lot of Herrarte of Guatemala finished Oklahoms p "a saet
awarded to one of every eight prestige and it will be a feather first. Msryla nd the
players. Winners will be deter- In our cap if we can knock th em ,... an, --
mined by low net scores. over." I e a


: Silow wMie, .i.nry usedri Tooeth Pm ....
bn e rmeed in authoritaive eal tets to be move effee.
*m]isViA" chlorophyll in topping bad breath of mouth origin.
.' eetive in moat came not only for minutes, but for hour.
.t' fe hmm, ve ou, and n l Mom eecive in
WUs to=n a lding chloropbyi tooth pOase, chlorophyU mouth-
** N O hyl to So. for longer latminc amurance,
tlBaiay proven c asain- t ed breath, tbt
Tf Palst. And look a the money this uper-efficient
.'Z .. Ttm... large in 461

Two Allandc Side

Sports Organizaflons

May Merge Dec. 11
By Herbert Molse
Two of the most dynamic
sports organizations on the At-
lantic side may be combined in
the very neat future. The At-
lantic Amateur Athletic Associa-
tion has Invited the Board of
Directors of the Rainbow City
Malor Softball League to Its
nexz meeting Dec. 11.
The 4-A outfit has already
sponsored a successful event.
The mammoth Memorial Day
Track and Field Meet held ut
the Mount Hope Stadium was-
directly the fruit of AAAA cf-
forts. This association Is coin-
prid of well known communi-
ty workers on this side of the
Canal. Headed by such welt-
known gentlemen as Nathan
Bryan. William Jump and WI-
liam Arthurs. the 4-A has ten-
tative plans to sponsor yesi-
round sporting activities on tae
Somewhere along the line. the
Rainbow City Major Softball
League Board seems to fit into
the plans of the 4-A-being in-
vited to the Dec. 11 meeting of
the Association. The RBCMSLB
has Just closed books on their
recently ended successful soft-
ball league. The members of the
RBC Board will call a meeting
to discuss the invitation tended
by the AAAA.
The amalgamation of these
units of sports-sponsors on tha
Atlantic side will definitely
mean more and better organized
athletic events.

Washington Redskin

Coach Suspends

Player Without Pay
WASHINGTON. Nov. 24 The head coach of the Wash-
in~gon Redskins has suspended
fumbfok Chuck Drazenovich.
Redskin Coach Curly Lambeau
suspended Drazenovich without
pay for what he calls "improper
attitude apd insubordination."
Lambeau also has threatened to
lower the bopm on several other
phrers he says "are letting other
Ua carry th load."
Drasennovigh Is a former Penn
State star In his fourth year
with W to He was in-
Jured las season and saw
ttactl tttul IIs suspension

samed." a
.. .id pTh.

n w
third d4y o
ough the tow
p post. -

Inc American
I crashed into

hs Fied

ny." A fItlBtwun said:
"Near t w1g h u Notre
Deame a Iish pay-
e were sog an over the
place "

The V ,rlredlt No
Dasme With '"mart ft-
batur" -p '--m rbenotn Bay
"An gOd lteam would haft
done the sami thing ff 4t need-
ed ti.",l ib the Iowo
team made le e1 t s--"Noi
tre DIme tied& u--we didn't tie
Notre Dame.'"
Th ~lnuai daitI between
Aritcoia bp th
hlo WlUnl to hel. the Id-

Navy' mA tt iru 1he, .t i-




L -.

d to




'Se... '
.1 dl


". ,'*3'^ ^ 1'

- a-


A. ~

-- I



f.. .~, ~..

Red no
a0e saw
w arl
on. ,


-. I


_ I I I

't .

- fi

. .


* ..i .-., -
,,,u ." .

ow l .

-. l ..*


. .
.~~ ~ ~ ~ ." .

ouOWU B*JD L Hqma Co.
STMPELE S IN tMAJO. Klumpp ..... 170 187 131
en ath BOWLING LEAGUK RAC Rogers ......197 182 174
S Popular George Cowes, sub- Hudak ....... 189184 151
stituting Tuesday n I ht for Riley ........ 173 223 180
George Van Wie, knocked out in- Filebark .....201 200 174
dividual games of 215, 222 and -
a --" 0 ".. r234 fora total of 71 to aid the 930 976 8 10
p 8 Max R. Stempel & Son quintet Snowerop Frosen Fcods
1 to in holding its slim margin of lead Presh0 .......154 202 161
in the Major Bowling League. Wheeler .....222 179 153
Local 595, NxE, won the first Lane ........176 157 161
'.game of the series with a fine Zemer .......211 150 148
S,84 when Billineyer rolled a fine Melanson .... 172 218 159
232 and Frangioni followed with -
a 218. The Stempel team came 935 906 782
back with a 910 and a strong L R. 8emmers Contractors
l "umu~ 1019 however, to take the next Reinhard .. .170 150 137
s tw ames and pinall for three Jleds........162 139 180
.in In the final game, Cowels' Theis........186 18 167
Atthebsi 8134 was coupled with a 112 by Humphrey ...178 234 202
At the business meeting hek zeletes a 202 b Pepe Damian Stametz ......199 179 168
Isiedbi y ndl aeel hlowl1hi el adp a 91 by Da ey.
.,. p-e. .bo luaueothe P ape Damian followed Cowes 895 891 855
.' "' '. 't '.-. aship oted to m-wd in series total for Stempel with Local 595, NFFE
.6 1 sl, Zeletes havlnla IS. For the Gleichman ..186 161 197
it Plftt. :146, oach lk ,."otock, turn.tbls.fine back, so Attays will be ti a rI _no whyet Local 595 team. rangloni was Frangloni ....218 188 212
l, b s ttion of-offieri for the nnew ye
high with 618 with games of 218, Dowen......171 143 164
.ndeart.ortede,snash In n t1,nthickof things Athe mon r 1 andt 212. wltowedbyBill BBillmeyer .. .2321202164
n"smnk. a t Theebacks,.reo e t1 1ie c ePrs ris f0 owe l
Sis aie w n tOWhe -ddHlmmeyer with 232, 202 ad 164 foe tEady .......1.77 184 164
SIn- the 446 osxlliy lim. ernfoted r "-..Soo.r d ha- d wie .i.Bum
wd y r barTeeerUnst d handvaee dt hen M erDeVl b~ ls team, led b 984 878 901S

trha= Soumembrf ,offollwe by71 gahmesre ..o.23 2198;
SooW1 Bud Balcer wthogaesof ih DeVilbisn
Pe ee.e 237 an d194 for a fhne series OfIDe Ia Guardia 161 158 158
d .a. -. er~buSatilfers "the ul~ followed by Jandwkl with Burrel ....... 182 134 189
thE t 'hown eledlehd ifd t oeae aec ree f and 200 for a Schultz.

Fete w th 567, while the rom
Yvlld,-' ltli~ "'. flullbftkand Halfbacks P -09Mustwas elected President. games of 19, ...... 162 193 171
UWd yMke a.acotrmve ieZteer, AWpAlcseries of 6K8 was A1hie to win Janowski ... 196 212 200
illeOn- frmbid hee astworkedmout, of yolowth
l from hali'muIh and worked out. ri 1131dt of youngstet IMen wad Helentolf ie llee- only one game from H. L. Honia Balcer .......195 237 194
a lvaens.Frrand Helenir, ir= Company keglers, aut the games -
w Whe o aft football playerPi' _Treasurer.F were so close that the ngame8 924 912
wenlw at Army, and you can stand up rtsl iebacker, m friends. may you have the blue.anwso e team the tz, laer- F9e92yL12

Malso pneteampenll. nn-FuayLu
I "Aemr MUD and the field, thewn you sbacl lkea an ele~fon most successful "golfing year on alslmetea t s e- uea u
mitig_ as plito th four in ts.oT en....160 154 1881
s- y s ,a inst Navy. Army canmibe r 0111. record. hih."ho '"1517 4
-- e membership oted For Homa, Riley w&hgh with Thomas ..... 175 170145

Them-mberhipalso ite 5 t ,followed by Flebar withLaBreeWo...233 204 181
baye another "Wht .3-h adRogaWith 553. For Kaelin 1fl1653

tobfnaent nexemout which DeVl car'si 66 wa high. Best. .......211 220 12
en ac pawwisto ae t 3 0 n 81.Bts. .0 9 7

'UhtLocal .19tba ll 51
JntUFb Or,~ eachthe third maerh of the ve-
g a $i1.00Chistoed ,, nigthe FUersa y LMN&gaShOurg 950 91 8
1( cahriltms Tee. Thood knocked over the aSn a w c r o p Seymour Agesc y
rd .pFod r eafor with rL eea0,9 ..1 15 18

i.edue y 2Colbert...118
and-- 8l or 1w85.

-. .-.3 184,- 68
ow N o# r, n--Weerasd 19 fur Isig With IA5 DamanfAo..-.190019e1881a
Gof lebb M .3 wivth 543-fin 9a e

of Decem d ofr....3318317 ae ... 0 9 7
win thegamesomatc3.30 4 e-

's8 turd L pr y olad Wlowdbyr ... ... 1 214.18 0 Cler5...117818
'' ng. Seymour AF. took

ma .,.;rsTh...ere team, tak. g two 22mes 34 d -
tmour with h. followed by wag.111w5m -
gWheer waith 56 while forgh ,901182
rterd, Hompbr,.ahad 178, 234
t loed by )1bW24 with 54 nd

the Phill~pinO thesfinial match of0 1the9e282
.....ame-w 546.
mers tmaf thetwo m af
plfl. 8te~s was hig ,tw'o,
with 567, while for,. o"-

z ... : 22 .,.
L.N.Hump O ..21 78 ,23'
Local 19 25 .4
BimqcZmp F'r~wfn
The 11@ihl.averages n5the

KU 'aefollows: AE
laerYL....... 33 01-11
Coffey....... 12 190-0
I'sl~ .. .20 187-1

3 4184-2
.30 183.16
ral"20 ....... 2O 182-18
,., .' le in Licolu Wilber ....... 161 180 5114
"u.. ..., ..~~. .' I re. COwu ....S 1 222 234 671
SOEt.,1 AII* suthawas'Daley. 1161...176 19152-6
Gnhlaaa, tehedBesti-......n,..... 33 183202 56
Briysterrd.for 33 193-17n

oie thpaw hOiles. (N a) i ley41 91 0 176 191 2823 *~

r: 24

.' 34.
tly onft

Panama National Track

for And Field Champnships
Or, M "-0I

S vean all-pround woman 1o metaefs Ash (Men)
a Mir was a- I--.S-ut Lashely. T: 10.4"
I, M3PIa*n- as Martin. T: 10.9"
SRad ileld JavieR. 'MeaB)
-" a held 1-WAc Knlght, 44 Mts. 67
a ias w ii Of the s2-TalmO Delser, 43 Mts. 80
4 two io whiahvOina raiCI- CM.
di-sand -Rum L'ry, 39 Mts. 59 cm.
9Aarned mmAj (Diem)
S tl stars were 1 aber S19' 7"
O !'ba"l.* i oex AkawSe. ?
b wag- the H' 1.i'
AmorftS'10 mesr. I Ir17"
or women:. ey- 14411 x (Girls)
Irhe Lsdd a -. WOTrrI(C) T: 12
j-wdo n T: 12 1,
Siiehe-a *way from his i ooden. T: 12.1'
S iS tos the 1,0 and 800 iW whrdtes (Men)
mi runs, and Fuif o- 1--Vitor owauile T: 1' 1"
r e winner of the 6,000 me- 3-AftPeArinT. T; 1' 12"
a ;S.oCplete results: S.32 Mts.
swu6 mtae (mm) 3-Wi r, 30.35 Mts.
--Fustinlo opez, 16,2.5" Ia, 27.40 M34s.
$ bCaosaate.i3 1C. I,3' -a 3 .)
SJaWatSt ce, T: 1' 58"
S1-4vadlth ( 36WMt 1 4r -'o, T: 2' 1"
Gm f lU ) 4 3
f .-Crbapm Pefla, 24 Uka. 2 0 meshe, 36' 8"
Cftwrdla, 34' 3"
"M .Alberta 3 3 M.ta. U 28-' 3"
.or, 41 5'
.411 3-

- ~ -

0) -
T& .***

AL ^



looked more like a delicate
combination of ballet and hal-
ancing, but Oregon defended
Johnny Reed. foreground. Only,
leaped- to intercept a pass W-
tended for Don Whyte. who ap*
pears to be clutching him Mi l
legitimate attempt to prevent
im from catching the ball. Tha
game played jn rain and mufA
Sat California Memorial Stadiun
ended scoreless. (NEA)

BOSTON (NBA) Ernle Bar-
rett of Kansas Slate is tie only
new face in the Boston CejtiX
basketball lineup.


1W fl'/IItJ 111 TM

to the most demanding taste.

PALL MALL's greater length filters-the
smoke on the way to the throat, leaving on*
the tasty, satisfying flavor of its perfect
blend of fine tobaccos.

From the veryfirst pffyo,'ll
enjoy a milder, freshermoke.
Andthe eijoyment ilast.:;fter
S P& ... or 10... or 17 ,yo
wit. be convineed that be.
_Vi.PALL MALL'sgreater
r trati, te smokebfr.
Atho, y get its ,a Maxie .

JI f t Wikta

'* ^ .__ *,*_ J e

N. A

*I "T

* .C4


* .w;~

Is Is Story OfM N




is. **>

%'I .- -wr

. r

alf-. -
i -1 .-.. .
" ;' ,,-- :-*.:"




a .

Former Player .

Successful In

Minor Leagues

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Nov. 24 -
(UP) Walt Alston, who play-
d only one day of major league
baseball, today was named to
manage the Brooklyn Dodgers in "*Let the pop now ti e UIt a i Country i# S "--" Alrah0 *O i. fM
He succeeds Chuck Dressen, -
who after leading the Dodgers to TWENTY-NINTH TEAR PANAMA, P, P, TUESDAY, NOVMBE:, k
two successive National League 1.V CN S
pennants, was let out when he
demanded a three year contract.
Alston, who will be 42 next
Tuesday, played his oly gameUphos Amcan
In the majors as a first base-
man for the Cardinals in 1936.
Johnny Mize was the Cards' cc s raee
regular first baseman at the
time and was too firmly en-
trenched in the job for Alston
to supplant him.
However, he was a successful
16anager for the Dodgers' minor M fI 6
league farm teams at St. Paul in
the American Association and WASHINGTON, Nov. 24 (UP) reason to get excited"' about the ports on Olassr was not made a tin wh~ ft espionage
Montreal in the International President Eisenhower today possibility raised by Morris. public. The one.published la t controtera jitMnl an up-*
League. contributed to the Investigation They noted that Miss Bentley week in connection with the roar not unlke ne his own
Alston, a native of Hamilton, climate of Washington his firm was unable to give any details White case said he was under case caused fl a ago.
D., who attended Miami Univer- belief that no American should of the other two rings. "direct control of Soviet repre- The fv1* board ra-
utty of Ohio, is a six-foot-two, be accused without the right of It also was pointed out that sentatives." ejected the fdid last No- q
tthletically-bullt 220-pounder. meeting his accuser "face to the FBI had exposed two Corn- The subcommittee questioned member w first became ed
Walter O'Malley, president of face." The Chief Executive our- munist espionage, operations in Gla4aer last April. He refused at eliglBle f-i from a five- tt
the Dodgers, made this simple lined an informal creed of clil addition to those on which Miss that time on grounds-of possi- year term f4 4y. e
announcement to a huge gather- liberty in a speech last night ac- Bentley gave details. One Itvolv- ble self-incriminatlon to say is
Ing of newsmenhotographers cepting America's Democratic ed Judith Coplon, former Justice whether he had engaged In es- Dr A chairm n My
lubofficamerame a Legacy award from the anti- Department clerk, and Valentin plonage. anoWued d's action in
ntlubs offies: new manaerdefamation league of B'nai B'- Oubitchev, former Sovi t at- Glasser resigned from the a oumf Ot whbch .
WaGe ntlemen, our new manager, rith, 110-year-old Jewish serv- tache at the United Nations. Treasury on Dec. 23, 194, more Sad neTmi parole todty w
Last season Alston led the ice organization. The other involved Kurt Pon-than two years aftr the first au ti dred the
Montreal Royals to victory in "If we are going to continue, ger and Otto Werber Austriain- report mention him was sent parole' of Aler H1 le
the International League play- to be proud that we are Amer born exGI's convicteA last July to the White House. and agreed oulbe no t
offs. The Royals then went on leans," he said. "there must be of aiding a spy ring that Includ- According to subcommittee change in a='l Wos order of
to beat the Kansas City Blues no weakening of the code by ed Yuri Novikov, former second records, Snyder recommended denial of
of the American Association, which we have lived; the right secretary of theSoviet'emlay. him for a private. Job at the As 0 rd WZ, the board
Sour games to one, In the "Lit- to meet your accuser face to informants strongly Inplied time and later, after the accu- ,ave no S for- iW d el- e-
tle World Series." face, if you have one; your that these must have been the station against hint had been slon. atto .f*ftiii b had s
Alston, donning a Dodger uni- right to go to the church or two additional rings .o which made public, reaffirmed the en- preel$s 'Wlt*, *wlai to the
form shirt (No. 20) and cap, the synagogue or even the Miss Bentley spoke. dorsment. board b I aIaiW ot made ..
iosed with O'Malley for the pho- mosque of your own choosing; After receiving the statement Government ofneb Iste public. fp.
fographers. The new manager your right to speak your mind from the Justice Departient on as receiving FBI V#ptb on The "4 a .e-diplomat
elda statuette of the Brooyn and be protected in it" the FBI reports nientioning Glasser were Bi, ar- was sent L" ewsbug, Pa to.
um," emblem of the Dodgers, Meanwhile Robert Morris, Glasser, the subcommittee re- ry IL Vaughan, mUlta9 aide prison i M 195 alter bemg
in his hand. counsel of the Senate Internal ceased until Dec. 2. to Truman wheph*a convicted hen h do- off
In his four seasons as manager Security subcommittee,, said. ~- Morris said It hopes to learn idet; Supreme cl Ie nled he ever v mewt novern- him
t in 1951 and 1952, and fin- day the subcommittee Is trying later when and to whom FBI Tom C. Clark, thoe attoraey met oou.a t .a prewar
second 1950and 1953. to find out what advice accused reports were elrculated on general; the late Cu W Mstice 0 un l reep n.
His first job as manager was spy Harold Glasser gave to for- Vietdr Perlo, Virgning Frank Fred M. Vinsona ty 'Parole i are kept in U
th Portsmouth, ., n 1940, mer secretary of state eorge C. Coe and Solomon Adler, other of treasury; Ad. W D. eAdin us and can be re- t
Sen at S ringfield in the Middle Marshall at the Moscow Big Fur ex-employe of the gev Leahy, then to t a ed at anm c r de
'tlantic League for two years conference in 1941. ment dentif led by Miss Pant- Truman; Geor*' .Aen, v timo. ,
and at Trenton, NJ., in 1944 and Glasser, a fornier Treasuryof- ley As members of an eaplon- friend of aw a Even wht a parole, Hiss ad
ficlal, has been identified in FBI age ring. director of the e wil be relesd et Nov. 16, ap"
Alston first came in contact reports as a member of the The subcommittee Also w il Painheea Coe r months ahe of mebible., -
with some of his new Dodger same Communist spy ring as the learn before it meets again Meanwhile Algmer f er ese o time e f eow be-
players in 1946 at Nashua, N.H., late Harry Dexter White. He .st- whether it ,will be able to ques- high, State n eoffielal havie. H, e l ,N ied
where he won the New England tended the Moscow meeting as tion Igor Gousenko, fornter 8i- and eentr figures as a W r work-
League playoffs. His star battery an adviser to Marshall on Tries.- viet cliher clerk who expect a "umn a in as a eerk.
st Nashua was Don Newcombe te problems. Commnhnist spy ring tn Canad, refs a n
iASd Roy Campanella. Morris did not say how the rime Minister Lotis 4t. Lait- yedterdy, Like the late NAy Mleatt
When asked about his coach- subcommittee proposes to get. rent said In Ottawa today,. Can- ss' Vas ck White, central figre | th,
es, Alston replied: information about Glasser's rule ada .will reply "toumorW or the before tPWr at "Splesi-n-govr a
"I didn't know anything a- at the conference, next day" to the subcommittee' "'. H M aed
bout this 3ob until last night. He said, however, that any second request for permetain to cIi s ned in .
'I BM to rush qid pa9c and move to seek testimony frcm Interview Gousenko Ae
pteh a pl.e arjer Bun Ba- Marshall undoubtedly "would be Canada refused the first re- 'W i
vassi taed to me, so I can't carefully considered by the full qoest on grounds all the If ora when
say sning about coahes subcommittee before any action motion supplied by Oouenkto at-
et. vI en't thought about was taken." ready had been madeavailabe
** SubcomnMttee chairman Wil- to the U.S. government, .
He added, In answer t& a liam E. Jenner (R-Ind.) once de- Morris said the subomit-d O Z
eaton, there 'as a chance" bounced Marshall as a "front tee has only "fragments" of ao mpun oak
e might retain Dressen's man for traitors." G usenko's material. He 4id of a a d-up forte Some of th
achea-Cooktie Lavagetto, Bil- The Justice Department told one of the fragments is a re- ohe ar of his were in tif
ly Herman and Jake Pitler. the subcommittee yesterday port that GoUdnko identified f, War a neer lke this. White, expert White o
"Are you satisfied with a one- that at least seven and .per- a secretary of the late Se er. Mr. ohowud oes a Treasury 'even higher
year contract?" a reporter pop- haps eight FBI reports con- tar of State EdwardP. Ste8 toW B Three temud con- than Hises- tjo. te.State 3l,
ped taint g information on Glass- tinlus as a Red agent The a- will devote the apartment.
Alston replied, "Yes." er were sent to top, officials of retary was not identified. o December the
At this point, OMalley broke the Truman administration The substame of the FBI re- --,t.eonaf Ii,' 5
t.o Ad said: "To your informs- before Glasser was sent to the Mnc E
this is Walter's 10th year Moscow conference In March, Trs o lL U- 1 W" He
ha one-year contract, and 1947. R amini
hI hasn't Leen hurt yet." The Justice Department did oS n TI
not make public the contents ofo Of d s e Ibaad" ties

Wenest Leads Rest st to a tot ffial of 13 %- End Fore AId On iS ar ps
SSome of the reports mention- withew E DtI Ia s d
ISn grwt gGlasser were compiled be- W.W1W 13 bA*V~U1'o NM y MOYf,,terUP
Of US In Growith aN J 'to (N Wos Tl2A
fore former Treasury Secretary lOe m O l-P
John W. Snyder promoted him WASHINGTON, Nov. 24 (UP)- t Jhe )ob throws ..en .
Po ulation on Aug. 22, 1946, to be director Rep. Alvin M. Bentley (R-Mich.) e[ th n amsIc
of monetary research. amid today foreign aid c h i f TrI tndy prom n
WASHINGTON Nov. 24 (UP) Meanwhile, other government Harold E. Stassen has formed a asny to rve
*-the west leads the rest of the security officials expressed skep- him that economic aid e vl tl T. eve
uatfn In population growth but ticism over subcommittee coun- few exceptions" will be end g there Is no ev
total nose count still Is only sel Robert Morris' statement next ar munIt na I saY t AI
that of any other region, that two Red r py rings still may Bentley, member of the HOe t, t he
Census Bureau reported to- be operation in federal agencies. Fortn Affairs Committee by. Chairman at
In a tele von interview Suu- said tapeon expects "a Ci Wte aFeanent Inyt
said the western states reg- day, Morris noted that Elizabeth able reduction in U.S. milllta m ttee bpena a
stered a population gain of 1,- Bentley former Red spy cour- id is a list of a
40,000 persons, or 7.f per cent, ter, had testified that our es- Bentley said Stassen told ha of thed
from tV time of the April 1, pionage networks were active int economic aid could be enct can, at a at the eral t
census to July 1. 1952. This Washington in 1945 He added ec for all countries, except for aquesIOn He-
JmSht the reEion's total pop- that "so far as we know only two Greece, Turkey and possibly
to 21,061,000. have been exposed." rance aC m jusee ae o
ed ,48,000persons, or3.1 Other sources said there is "no s by tsen's attitude w er, and pUbb
e ont, tor a new total of 48,- a Mentle said "confirms my owb" whe n a p I 1 p v &ta |St inod n ter h ea ring s
0. The north central states i Impressions of western Europe u he tod In fit in
119,000 or 3 per cent senhow r which were gathered on the oc- beI .s
1,319000a n ,w total of 45.780.000 c ncaslon of my visit there last i hee t
the northeast gained o770.- -. p aFo Y month." ra o
or 3 per cent, for a total of f "With few exceptions, I was .. e
convinced that these countries S i pag t
Ce census Bureau said that have become self-sufficient from i as a
tea and the District of Col- K the economic point of view and R tf e W bat
B r red a population very nearly so from the military XS14 Senator has wena
St "M post mgrond NEW YORK, NOV. 24 (UP) a well" h sad
510 states lost The 1954 edition of the New York ..
s social register came out today R. HM uke Killed .
oon Police minus the names of President V '
2i.L b Cr.isto ol and Mrs. Elsenhower. In N M eic ,
b ristobol The EIsenhowers were listed .W MXICO ....
'' muD ^sialU3IUU i when he was President of Co- Aje,.Jm,.4 WsRT
u bailbird On Beach ,m" Une s.e were (ffic r Accident (
f lOII O n Beach dropped when they moved to the .*d oay's Aeadssf fflI llltS
White House. although they still Robert Shike,. the 22-year-old the l e I 3 y*. were St eB
*A escaped Crtstobal jailbird, maintain their voting address son of Mr. Mrs. Eil Hauke Oo were e "
m A. Thuaensn, who here. of Colo iled in a traffic at t e
pHtenout of a work gang tuck The social register contains t In Sunday. A aos maco
week in Colon was ap- the names of other non-resl- Wr t dea was re-
early this morning dents, some of them with for- bos
n bthe beach and Front Fign addresses. shut-
S, There wa considerable shuf-
eolon Mjaona IfOlice fling around of names in the
t86 A~h *Bluea Book' whi.uv hri Afn.* .U

me fugitive from UA cDU XPK J cKCame
WhbIh t Cristobal out In a red and black cover. Ao
hRockefeller was added, a Roose-
sthe trecaped velt was subtracted and thd
e thtr back Marquess and Marchioness of ta
W' Milford-Haven were dropped S 4
the result of their marital bat-
a UM -0tle In the courts. !
M *, bO The register is published bY
ar sthe Social Register Assolation IB
which refuasd to explain how o h th
. :1 wila25- why persons were chesn orsen
. ~ fo Itsel. i
,.: ** .+++, dropped from the Whos Who of VrC 4W
la a sns e eMi. They let the book spea*Mll. 1
q=1' no
&~f Ald.~"

.r~. ~f 'a

de two
K o0t of
as aA pr
by the ci
is ra"
*)i, ~ii. ,I

a."& former Premier,
Lverawl w anger, Interrupt-
to shabout; "This man is lnlU.
iug s people against my
; I am Godless
le to kill mni.
Is isId d r and the
S responsible for my sa
r n 4esoudeh again retzr.
Ito Masaftg as "thisa *
afelow" the former Premtier
n! b feet and banged on
k before him.
top him f om attempting t
I; I can't remain here an.
S to all this," Mossrdegb
uWd as he made a dash for
ushers Intercepted hbi
n made him sit down.
gh made another at-
a time later aWd,
S e uE warQ.d
tosto leai
4back tface this
Ss citing

the i
vkn b nltlnddMa
Vfh elufn~ B~- t sf
--*a a1 ^ '* *,



-h,' ~

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