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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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SLONDON, Ndv.-2L:t) Tke kriti hl
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fice sid tod that will tie itself 4
reaty, to the EV cante W itimity. -[
a M lem refugee cple Ur will resist French
Iyne both d 'd Fa Te aqi tiol e Big Three con46"a Waei lsmj l t
(Naen Tele31 )e of British troops .,1 41M ""
French ForeipM l kthe r a~uMN lide 'l, w 'h .
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said he will Pra e dt Skkfor Iece
p Her fomth Britbin and o S itted ats ,
SThe French woat U. a nd hw:rms
SBr itish troo to aremIn ain u-
^ $ 1 !4 a Aticemotte c eroweas a rt ee ht w ri Bala, U a Who
s armed We taGerman won't at- tical nture
01 sig- tIs t hS e tbpt to secede ror th s rbal oa
said, 80htnhe as as pre'not In..

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D.A.A. S.ate he- epected ton.. ov2fl th e plgt
uatt o ndedtor od h alls for y'a d m aherk
chi, oh eron .w Air thn i oua othe an al k
.4j), ibtry o-inderftio n ct atrmy t
nc o .ad tecol.~d b"it et.offte pW it be ish .ot,
-h war. r.ol. ne tdnon aritoh e. th
cow- 7%1troeat vertsaid. Appro ,al d t
"has b een""taInWer o
=nd dlter course." W lsr -a iyZe go rhee" :.
w ouo v 2 ( i p ,ee b, en s ey, m aie a m. .

re Msengd wnde ,e
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High Democrets Stand In Shi4
,tle~n-'-"--' '" .'n Bnted t n

SThrown By Communist Spy "'

SWASHINGTON, Nov. 21 (NEA) Attorney Gen-
S erql Herbert BrowneWls second statement on the case of
the late Harry D.xtu. White, former. Treasury official
S accused' of W ing birn a Communist spy, seemed to
throw a shadow on thr*. other high Democrat, in addi-
tion to ex-President Harry Truman.
One is the late Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson, who
W *as Secretary of the Treasury when White was moved
from Assistant Secretary to U.S. executive director of the
International Monetary Fund.
Another is ex-Secretary of the Treasury Henry Mar-
Senthou under whom White rose to notional and inter-
S national prominence.
S The third is ex-Attorney General Tom Clark, now
an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court,
S I f.there was evidence in the Federal Bureau of In-
vqsiigetion that White was a spy, the question which
it woeld seem only Mr. Clark can answer is why was he
not brought to trial?
3 1M people are stepping' for- His childhood records are com-
.'' V i claim that they warned the pletely barren, but he served in
iiment agab* Harry Dexter World War I in France and Was
I jte the early 1940's discharged a first lieutenant. He
R EAPihWuy, Whfte's Communist held A.B. and M.A. degrees from
i sections first became known at Stanford and a Ph.D. from Har-
time Whittaker Chambers pre- vard. He taught economics at Law.
t ; a list ef alleged Commau rence College, Appleton, Wi s.,
a sts which was taken to Assistant from 1932 to 1934 and then came
Sarqtay of State Adolph Berle- in to Washington as a $5600-per-year
3. Isaac Don Levine was the economist.
?tmedinry in. this a c ti o n. He was short and balding. He
S nam' e sas ot actually on had e mustache and wore glasses.
list -but his Communist asso- lie did not smoke and he drank
s .We made known to Sec- very little.
qq" Uorgpsth Nothing nap- He had a sharp tongue, was tar-
pna ribly sarcastic and tough on peo.
.. .* pie who opposed him, He was UBn-
4HITTAKER CHAMBERS questionably brilliant in the field
of international finance, but arro-
nh 1943 the FBI visited gent in thinldng he .knew all- the
ker Chambers on his Ma answers. He used to lecture re-
d farm. Chambers called Bere porters in explaining new Treas-
md asked his permission to give ury policies and he had no pa-
ie FBI what he had. Berle ap- tience with those who could not
roved. follow him.
In November 1945 the FBI com.
leted Its big report Communist VODKA
plau nac. 'T is the uepost that
ea 'repidentT and t Former associates now s a y
being deal = to I. White aparently saw the rise of
na Vanu an. Tims wa ot communsm aa Bie.wave of the
o n W hite alone, bu k oz future and he *a an t bq a part
anl age, Brownell now re- of it. nut th most Witegt out
seals. of it was bellefed to be.gfts of
White was called before the' vodka, caviar and ;. rug from the
e a e un.American Activities Soviet embassy.
tmittee in August 19M4 and de- He covered up _hs sympathies
ind all accusations against him. for communism well. When some-
ut three months latbr Chambers one once commented that one of
ed over to the FBI an eight- his aides looked like a Bolshevik,
e memo, later declared by ex- White ordered the man to go out
to be in Mr. White's hand- and get a haircut. ,
h, mbers said White had White's staff, incidentally, eame

Most valuable bit of information
which toe late naerry-ur Widte
allegedly gave to the.J o'et gov-
eminent through th,. W hsnfiton
Communist spy ap atU may
have been a plan for the g riem
of the Soviet moneta structure
in 1937. .
There is no report an whether
the Soviet government evqr fol-
lowed any ot the recomi actions
of this plan. No copies of It are
known to be in estlence. But the
whole story of how White came
to prepare the plan Is told In Whit-
taker Chambers' book, "Witness,"
published last year.
Scattered references to White all
through this big b00k. eoaatitute
the most detauM aeeout' now
available of the former U.S. Treas-
ury monetary expert's cohnetias
with the Communists, It e rlttues
1112 best open evidence now known
in support of U.S. Attorney Gen-
t... .,eroert. Brownel's charges
tJaU White was a spy.
in general, however, Whtttaker
Chambers does not reveal 4 very
hign regard for the material which
Wnite contributed to ut Commu-
nist spy network. White was the
least productive of hi igi oinar
least productive ofa his original
sources, Chambers declaied.
Col. Boris Bykov, the Russian
agent in New York to whom
Chambers delivered his microfilms
and documents, famed at the small
amount of material which White
turned in. Bykeyv adetsed White,
through Chambers, of holding out
material. Bykov ordered Chambers
"to control" his source, Put White
was not a member of' the Commu-
nist Party, and so was above Its
Chambers does reveal that he
went to Dr. Harold Glasser, and
asked him to check up on White. DA
Glasser was one of the assistant
whom White had brought into his
monetary research division of the
Treasury. Chambers and others
have accused Glassear ot having
been a Communist Paty gembr.
But Qlasser soon eoa ee Cha-
bars that Wh --wa'turis g over
everything of val, e'and so the
matter wag dropped. :
chambers says he ard with
Bykov that the material fro
White was of little value. In h
early days a a cqurir, Chamber
saayih used to read the documents
given to him for copying.
He soon gave it up, however, atd

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mingpr- -1!
onO wooe

mis onmie .
ififg tai.'

. iti A k~c'a.~c

"TA*pleasant," the coas nAOs sof- ts am
d That, said LleunWma o' is bees .de" /M
" a hospitall' or, re' t risLmeshe bwbe .6
muniftjm- .s no.o '. .
aUAW I IrWe bamte itm was twer owm tIck, m26de of hav 1
buried in the earth." IAeltenant Wood was at 4 t eaapO at Pyorekte.

van t him for relay to Rus. to include hal a doze en w was a teal' Secr curiouslyS qough, were de-
agents, have etial wi .a o vered by miske to another
a ent alleged 'd T' was hlm berrsy White.
ALCER HISS CASE Adler, lote t man et Chambers de#bes in detail
A er Wia" a ylo y study of the newspapers and how, at first, his Russian contact
i d t ae aw nte's eiket. of .-was not interests in reports from
endoned MiEa t&'the 9I te'o "for reform of the White. Then, after Hitler began
riseie of was s.- Soviet m system. may have war Chambers arranged to ge a
'sto. aa e m n a e sae on e bri case of documents from White
one .it & VCham. through Abraham George Silver-
I"r. J_ i about manHe would have them photo-
\ cr ... ledh:p for graphed and returned to White that
the o monetary same night.
mt..a m l 2 6: ,White it as t In I when' Chambers decided
al the l she could to advance hsutn to the usans. to break with the Communists, he
gr u erlaL Chambers relayed the offer to tried to persuade White to break
true because hnrea Iot and er usbahd Colonel Bykov, who relayed it to too. They met for a cup of coffee
ccept any form of nhS e close friends of White Moscow. A request came back In- in a restaurant near the Treasury.
the impression that .was his wife, Ann Terry White, and mediately to get the plan in a hur. Chambers says he told White, "If
of such character thet 1e their three children. Mrs. White ry. The idea of having U.S. experts you do not break, I will denounce
n of the Commuet was an author of children's books. worUing for them for free made you." ,
ninth arty and not The Whites lived mpodestly in Beth- a hit. White was obviously emar".
Sd Une la that esda, Md., a Washington suburb, White was on vacation at his raised, but could only repl "TYou
i he was waliS to go One of White's first moves was sumnier home in New Hampshire don't really mean that." -. -
m tn Au 11t them." to persuade Secretary Morgenthau at the time. Chambers drove up As the two men left the re'
,ltU ol to split up the old Division of Re- there to deliver the message and, ant, a sidewalk photogr er
ho. search, for which he worked first. inoidentlly, he says that Alger aimed his camera at them. Clam-
'it da b me the Division of StatWs- Hiss and wife went with him. bers spun White around and they
h,)ivision of Tax Research and walked in tem opp0 ite direction.
iIIW n of Monetary Research. MOTIVES White was grateful but frightened
S.' hte .became head of Monetary as they parted, never to see-.each
g 1a Research. White ,eventually turned in his o'"--r aaain.
S report, .,ut Chambers says there The Treasury source of. lnart
REAL POWER was no excitement about it after m.L-,n for the Communists eay
o wards. Ths leads him to speculate have dried' up for a short ti% ,
ied as From that time on White be- 'a ttle however, on what White's says Chambers, but a few .
ke chambers. That had came a real power in Treasury. motives may have been. All he later it was going a gal _.-
him a terrix fright and he One of the things that helped him ever got out of it was a 250 rug, through courier Eiabe
away for a while from these was a 1941 order from the secre-
tary, putting White in charge of -
'"Ti he hmet the Silvermasters all problems bearing on foreign
d .brought him back into relations.
Hris, I,.was that- White was violently anti-Nazi,
am- to _yoU;. but my however, and he is today general.
t A'iaw yh ethe ly held to have been the principal.
Se didn't architect of the Morgenthau p -
o a aI k _hknew was for reducing postwar Germany to
wge .ted to pass the status of an agricultural as-
foSvernaister to me." tion by destroying its industrial TIA
is j tly was asked by Coun- potential. The plan was blocked
Robet, Morris he had re- by Secretary of State Cordell Hull
ved eonfideatl retards from and others at Quebec in 1943.
"' White's hand was next apparent ftSis:
'HARRY' in planning the Bretton Woods con.- l
ference of 1944. White headed the
"Many of them," she replied, American delegation that worked
from *arry' because this out with Britain's John May- -
t like toknow who is nard Keynes. It resulted in creat- rRAL
,X h at ..any, many tion of the International Bak for WLEEK.4 RELEASEW -'- -
S hose documents were pho. Reconstruction and the Interne-
iasthe itvermaster eel- tional Monetary Fund. It was at 1Bwwe: 1:15 :53 1 6:4 : ,--. i kgM
we there couldn't be this time, too. that President Trno-
,. man got 'his second warning on The Pcture Everyone Is
e were .ueesful in getting White and nothing was d one Talking About!
1, .the war lare- about it.
a informa- Strangely enough, White was as *
avy wadd pro-British in Bretton, Woods plan- I| l ikl
were at lMstt ning as he had been -anti-British
r a trading in- over Lend-Lease. And though So-
Me-rgen- viet Russia was urged to attend w
i; glaw tad by the Bretton Woods conference and WILLIAM HOLDEN
it uld oin both the Bank and the Fpnud, DAV I Y
MS_, Sit declined. MAGGIE /. -r
When he was haled before the E MC
House un-American Activities -
itt LrtdCommittee an 1948, Harry WbhM
[iK1 gfgTres 0Who*'d*k denied that he had ever entertahin
W1 W'Treasuryandr ed any Conununist associations or
b .a Monetary und belef,. lle declared: "My creed
to 2W is the American creed... I believe
was Iah tremendous in government of law not of men,
f r pe r. His former asa- where law is above man and w t

.,e. atin t eb.g he&
Recorded hs carrying to the secrets of e "
do T, r 1wy as r spy myB* sterys that may never b5
-as, OCt 2k UIm e amp4ete4l solved.

I 4. .i w l, I
I ;* ; .,-S ,
-... '-^.- a

LONDON. Nov, 31.- The news thagall the V somt ,
turboprop airliners delivered by the. Vick company rom
now on wll 1b faster and more eeonomicql is tya_ the -
prooru being made all along the line with the zW tlsah
turb/w talms "
It dt e is that toee operate who Itave "220-
ed. th w~anas" to the tutble .engine are in the 1M I
as a q a af f o wer pears, of putng
t much etra .. OM L
Me rogreft beo s made results from the ea I
ftork& dealers (who an,
,ab 4'de 3

I "a V erta vrvidend, foe'.
all these optor world & now 18 ot-.
them who eave, over to turbiae traveL '

m B : A -SPEEJ -..R '-"
TheIlne era so

KutW admeeoeMt t iarm 'stei l .ex a i
wit a th' ea a t ai'"-.-. .- 1

parttular bewujatb
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British Jet

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In the cab f a

mis letters. have isl prmls-
im for him to fhiw ,ek-nd
ins to th e eMfa'W lmUenger
,ad freiit trSa lof Frsco,
buthern and DBin6I Cetral Rail-
eada along with theis aginer and


.. my pae are '
sure joaflAp ge
we with .i'watr
madfi,-tim that.,
Sget at. Felix's...
sho tA,000 shot .
of wter 'ld-cost.
only $1.50.


*I Place adbtinst tfr
I $2.7mo, .poma

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Ye m o's? a3 Bi-s our '-
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May Order a New '54 Depepdable Po6ge for
. Direct Shipment at thI. Following Prices;

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jaIi~ Ff113

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new yjorkh i adwa
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36 rainia

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. A1

'Prettlest producer on Br6adway in Claire Heller. 24, who has 1
4umrned the Bl Street topsy-turvy with her production of "End
As A Man." She Is shown here golog over new script.
Y QGAILE DUGAS. As a Man' and wanted me to
NEA Woman's Editor see it, I did see it three times
at the Studio and was so ex-
NEW YORK -INEA'- The cited over it, I felt I had to
ungest and prettiest' pro- do something to get it before
icer now on Broadway is a the public. So I put $6000 of
nman. At 24, Claire Heiler my own money into it and it
s the wisacre along the opened in Orpenwich Village." About this time of year II
Ain Stem doing a double take It had a successful four- tending for their aot experli

" 'saw. At the end of four weeks, imporlancef dally batr, ski
There's no doubt about it then, the play moved uptown.
th and ignorance are great "I raised the money myself BY ALICIA HART,
oets in this business of knock- C alire explained. "We need .NEA Beauty Editor
i down walls. If Clafre Hel-i about e3 ,000 and- I got' it all
'had known the odds . ghb never have stcgeded1' *ome people." some little girls will. bf enjby-
ttlig the WillinBhi l pla Just as we. were. about to in- ing their very first gale7est on
fore the footlights. And it4. quire which people and ,what what to wear to the.' big pkrty.
play that deserves to # 'phone numbers, the pootogra,
en. r er .arr et to' .' *,plturee Once yoA, have adjusted to
Sit was, her youth. 4athl thl hi botQgeio mer: your youhgster's sudden tahans-
pm and ,energy helped her*curar Missa Her. As he" set formation from moppet to par-
entendousy to take the play up his camera, she explained ty-goer, take ftll advantage
,t of the Actors'Otudio there I that there were some angels of It.
e found'iti iInto the Theater I backing the play, but thatshe
fLys in Oreenwich Vllage and Was getting the usual 50 per Your little .girl wll be eager
en to Broadway. cent of the show as producer. to look just like a prncesp, for
Her 'story starts when she How does It feel to be youngI the event, and shq will expect
Ie to New York from the successful on Bioadway and you to be" w fairy god0apther,
e Coast, where she had filled With plans for the fu- Tha Is your opportaU.n t tset
^ a student at the Univer- ture? lIfe grooming habn% 14
Any ypungaters wantdS to i"Just wonderful. I feel Us I f
t on Brp way.Se wjna d eI'd found a home in thethea- It is one of the. mavels of
SoL roudwsaof the agan- ter. I'd like to combine acting childhood that nothing ieems
and got a IfeW los in TVmnd directing later an. Right to6 much trouble.. Children al-
-btd MOW 3 nva ". ,A-, 1 now, I'm busy reading serlpta ways Iavpe "le*ty of pathus-
F, got ow Mo y., I'to try to find my next play." iae an4d enern- hor"wiMt I-
Sof enti re cast of te play t tr"s thde. TdI your ,daugb-'
S- well Jack Garfei, the'
A"... '" no" t ,andr thirty. And '
F t1as]] "U42 d )Av Mss Helsler is belie ao r E1.i HINTS
-Mgs" hen, things took, lpoe It's an all male produc;- -a-INTS
Te r the better for me. te bal. After waUing you .hair take
msat Jack Gartein at the. But she didn't plan It that a damp wash clth, rub through
n. fto was puttAg o4 '~ dwasy. It just happened. the hair, you win find that the
...... ----"' -"-"-- -- cloth will absorb the water
from the hair, repeat until no
.LJ_.. ///^^I water Wring *from the cloth
'JrT-irn irv ft 'trt I46d you Wil flMid your hair is

Be4g a 'Nice Girl' Does

Nt 4uarantee Marriage
-. .-

Tq heat' biscuits bought from
the bakery shop, heat butter
in# *#klt, break biscuits in half
plae In vmtitect butter and
turn until butter soaks into

'She's such a nice girl. And she'd make some man a good
t h It's a shame she ha never found a husband."
N WMhn that remark Is frequently made about a girl you can
S of one thing. 8he has the mistaken notion that if a girl
ice" the right man will. eventually come along and sweep
'hqr off her feet.
S.'That pretty, but unrealistic. belief has turned many a nice
Into an old maid.
Fo r just being "nice" neyer got a girl anywhere with men
want to marry nice girlq of course, but they will completely
*1elook the girl who hat't any come-on qualities to make her
Sleeness appealing.
*,.o Ito addition to being nice, a girl ought to cultivate some
w e attentlon-gtling qualities.
S* If she suspects nature short-rlianged her In the matter of
ei-appeal. she ought to get bus\ cultivating It. for it can be
.' If she'll study girls she knows nave that appeal she will dis-
ovr It Is made up partly of self-coniDdence. partly of an aware-"
of men and a desire to please hem. partlv of the ability to
We a man want to show off a little. Daily the ability to ap-
m completely feminine, and partly the knack for keeping a
s- "1 she studies popular girls she will soon see that they are
*hy or tongue-tied, but have the sbilitv to chatter along
.4 man is completely at ease Being a good listener is fine
a tman weats to confide in her but it takes a talker to put
at ease. This Is especially true when two people are just
4 ~~t'I 11tv for a nice girl to get left unile other girls are
.ual ff husbands just because she does t realize that
B oile "ionane seldom ,ets a girl a husband
f'it did we wouldn't so often hear the pitying remark. "She's
nit e IriL It-'s too bad she.has never married "


ttle girls tqmpotalily
e" with owB-upi
y aliar wig' mqerkm

~ dell- has rue
IE. You her me
Wisek garnish
11. TillS U dour mu-~me.s!~~wIwuwyuuar~

riy. Tn ,*r.uWlBeaap, w inp-ltenz m -uuws.-s sruuuwlmRsa'._
to -d ear-- Tr ittle is hIt r

ir that it Is g Qr"take lots coming t the Do
of effort for hetteoi n- more v aW femin- laa
cess-like and she w lie.t ready ne groo y. t eon-
to follow your Jead.: courage here th l
thrill she'. I m-whelr
What are prinoesseo ma de her hair, Is f wAed if .
of? .4parklinmg .t:e glorious crown. .
hair and- A" "W yl
oabmoth- dr 's. Care of -fa..llU wi seem'
Cs hcei O' he' he less arduous, too. If 4 cank
IIU not find early. a look forward to wearing nal
bore or over-indul ce n olish or the fl.
rch dcfTte an Wte et9 ow ht
temptation. e es,
As for tier ai, a 7t z o iSnIt i
tongtr,fon tff hb a fashion. ..
iabt of reilar i .. ." .
thing Comparm t" .P &qa4"D y* AW
,keeping hair brilotly t lt4t,1 *a
Good styling, mfuf- jamu
pooing and pe wafentrit will to hbya nr ly
avail little If thd hair is not stylist first I qalei n3d8
conditioned by bqushng. for you to man and the of-i ile
feet will be. m.c -;bre pleaa- t
While your d4athter is be- Ing. Toty

Poper Planning Q 13torage

Will.A/IJpJ4 aX&,

=. r

4 -w .. \..
I ....


Sb. in

('~ 1
.b4 t'~(~'~
~'r ~

(U. P.).
r ~h.~Ia In

L' ^
,i 't. *

I heard it over



.14 I0es g a


by As



qw lw ILV VW W- w

1..' *- 1 *

4 ', ,



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S. ,' .* ...



Met "'" ."too* "

1230 Kcs.

dm -. -
3. e ars r".

in i r South Pad ri

-M .Idift Ull m went bn R!i am



one in' by. tap Tlir
filmtlso re c
seirum ca otet ,t :eer '
fA"tey hid the br iI la s b
rbrmight be*4a
ky, lJI,t .k -. t

a.-t vM fo tar

-OMbat ru tathe
lift.* jiif
ilam^ ftN^**^*
Iwhgo ate the ft tcar

sB ld ^^nrJJi ,nf In- SSsM
agearPPldenti or -Bw .i>WB^

pr5 a3~M?~

~Ig~ a
L~~& I~f t~

Iat, stars of th
way- gtage, makes m .
Soebut, n the picture sO
tive PolvImeian gi who ft
love with -0ouer.
Moira MaicDonald Is a
She was found quite m
by Director Robson,
.- Ra eIn Apla. Sheito
rna ml Hodwsoaarg' yWU-IMd. breathd
urtstLy3 t36 A 0t A Haudonal, and beautiful ul, f -uua
I'wre.p is pa f e rt Scottish one-quuate
lcatioDn a z Sones. one of the'
It a crea of the I to shot ,eter actors. plays the poi
tllin "Va.el.y J A. wl T'ohnioo a.- t'e -of Cbbbett, a miam
nezr, ax tale ffe tiroty in i l.1*1 tyrannixes the
love on ot ac tumi ak an'ASei pet" aw of the do
allands shtt tot reat Prodnee si g' JoM .Iwho
iPe reacted rea ox.
ryCateenle ArAlatk l i
La t9e tori ebut screenplay, based on the Mich- to a tor 'his -a
Sof ifa ener story, was written by ptrayal of a blind vetes
S." Charles Kaufman. The mual "Bright Vict.ory
Slestu 1 B by score was composed- and con- Mark Robeom. directed "I
Roberta aynes, B ducted by D it Tiomkil. and to Paradise."



- ..

hL.. ..


Pp-a ~

".40V-. .I'M
*. -,. .. 1--.
iiA.^ .-


U M .1 ,-. ,,
S. :; 1\ff *** : -
..........., **, ./
; (* -- ii

,,? 6 .

S.Nov.2. .6
,"ORNJESTAD" *.,...........Nov, 23
' "ORESTES" ..... ........N....No 2<
"DtL ,T" ...................Nov. 2


"RODEN ......o eq.......... Nov. 29

... N E.CD2,.U4-- ,

.4. ',^ -. ""' -.. "
a. *, .. -- '

- ,-. 0 '




- l.a



B ; ..
. ct


~aT ~

to enoy our wonderful

Turkey will b oarved at 1pbleu of or more



-a~~J;-. ~

.:, 4V~ a~
7 i~

NCR,., '

Call Max,
dhetel. 3.l
IL tau. reusrvatuun

~-~: *1


-' *'

-. .- .. T-,.-- .l ,.-

,, .* .I--
f"- ?' .. -, :1- "

'if. A

______ -________-__a .

r 2 .' -:
- .rL' ,, ..T;i*^*! .i.*.- ar;e)

8 Se em


Leavro )uur A,.


No. 4 rIvoll Ave

.une 1-2291 and

When You. Tel' em thru PA.
i:f ou1r %genlm or ounr offices in No. 57 H" Street Pu

Nv. 12,179 Central Ave;,-- Colon

Via paPi ., No 34 Patrmi, 1r P.
tm w m vima ThIfti 414el~~

10,0590 Melades Ave.-Phom 5M, Colt6

Fourth of Ju v Ave riion 3441

Atewda Internaicional de Pibilcacitll
.. I IWtery Plin Phone -34M

1 1f I Iwvd .

.1 aW"

S. -....

Household Automobilels
FW -SALE:--1l cu. ft. Fr.gidoare MUFFLERS fcr 1941-48 Chevroletr
orceloin. recently overhauled 1937-52 Bjick; ?938-48 Dodge,
est offer. Balboa 2-4327. Plymout.i. De Soto and Chiysler,
I .UR Gem --- --j 1942-48 Ford and Mercury and
il I TItOROU6RIE German Shep- 1939-50 Oldsmobile. Priced from
lrd (police: puppies for Ch,tmas.i $m.57 ro $9.28. FIRESTONE -
Fl phone Balboa 1389 House Jose Fco. ce la Ossa Ave. No. 39
150 Pro-pc .t street. Balboa Hgts iAutomobile Row .
*i14hALE:-Two wicker chairs SIC ..'e are unpacking several large ship-
I dalk bnd tables $12: mahogany merits of iLelacement parts for all
.coffee tabs $8, couch frame andl makes of automobiles. Get yours
dress $1'0; piano. spinet,pr while they last, Tropical Motors.
,."ticdly new, $500, large girl s -,--------
bicycle $8.00. 2489-A, Morgan FCR SALE--'49 black Lincoln, radio
Avenue. Excellent condition. Duty paid.
eie-e t'r Reaosonably .r-iced. Phone Pedro Mi-
r's *ALE-Coldspot ,efrgeator 9; guel 4-612 or Panama 2-4152.
,4 4t. Auto-Detroi. 25 cycle. --. .. ..
S gas,$25.00 House 616-X FOR SALE 50 Ford. black. Club
01Ba at gas stolion Telephone Coupe, R. & H. Very clean. Can
S2-1147. be finance: 802-B, Far Fon. Phone
T ,"'-Nay31.- Navy 3510.""."
-Tappan gas range. 4 N 351
Sbunor even, broiler Purchased FOR SALE.-Ford 1938 radio and 4
a ne. M-orch 1952 Tel. 3-4197. good tires with spare. Call Curun-
7t SKLE.-Concert piano, upright c-u 83-417_ --
SIe-Ient %*-e $195.00 Sunbeam FOR SALE-A 1951 Ford Fordamo-
"'4 ic'vixer S120 0 Moror. 1-4 tic with I lio. heater, plastic sear
M.P, 60 cycle 10 00 112 Via covers. Tires lil-e new Price $1.-
d "tftrio rtriah. 250. Can be financed. Phone 4-
lctric ic rorner, RCA -..
ip ew, chest of drawers 42) FOR SALE.-; 941 Plymouth Con-
cto IBello St,, Ancon Phone 2- vertible. excellent tires, new bt-
tery. good transpprtotion. Call Mrs.
It, Schroder. 82. 3219 or 83, 7145
FM SALE--Rotton Li ngroom seT. ------
Snpc. buffer set, and 4 chaos to FOR SALE.-Nosh, 1950, two door,
S tlAitcn. Diningroom set bed. spring two tone sedan- rodio, new tires.,
with mattress, chest of drawers, 3 good cqndi.ion. $.1250. 425 Portv
2 yitcellaneo.s chairs, rocking chair Bella St Ancon, phone 2-4381
I' .i a table, occasional table. n FOR SALE -1950 Hudson Lorimu-
*. -cellanecus tables, ironing board dare 6 Club Coupe, $1,050. Fix-
.. 3-30869. cellent tires, undercooaled, radio,
FIFSALE.-Mahogany dining table. sunvisor, windowhoods, spotlight,
* iffet and 5 chairs $40 00; carved fo.rights, directional lights kw
.'ne.e car, phor chest. 0906 Am- mileage. H-oue 745-B, Iolboa.
f'eRood. Telephone 2-2657.
M 'SALE -.Norge Refrigeretoi with FOR SALE:--19.41 Plymouth seden;I
r'.'6*oitralic dc troser, excellent con- radio, good ties, mots,:boWdy solid.
v i-fon. Only 11 years old Very Call Balboa 1441 between 7 & 4
"*'ia^obhl price. Apply Americ. Monday-Friday. Can see at 0777-
tLa An.e 5. nille. Ricardan A.D. Wlllqfmso PlaCc. Balboa... -

,Compo Alegre.
~~~~. E-----------

-- Wednesday, red Alligator
e, gold tr mmed. Vicinity Bal-
r0 YMCA or Curundu. Reward
. one 83-2140. Qtrs. 56-8, Cu.
du Hgts..



81'm Of81S UE;;
sreb1 i ieh the wbrk of
I Zeit, head of the
Sr Ldrment, and

FOR SALEi-1941 Packord sedon:
duty paid, leaving Isthmus. Tele-
phone Balboa 2-4144.

Position Offered
WANTED--xperienced beauty oper-
ator for Gatum Clubhouse Beauty
Shop. Phone .5.411. Ull HarJt

A Jlinbs Busy

Ebt h Pacfic

ROluiwa (UP) The U..
gate one r of the busik
ltiie Pacific.
SRyinkyus Command Fleet-
h one ifthe smallest in the!
m a big busmtnss in
clothing, gasoline
S0LS luher vital supplies to
Installations on Oldnaw
Rbar islands in the Ryukyug
L a 68 vessel Army
e Corps flotilla witr
j41t here almo includes.
*,r used for thing ships
liHarbor and white Beach,
making ocean tows and aidingl'
in distress in the,Chna ant
ppine Seas. .. "
i ships are operatedby sol,
and American and. native
ins. They rapne iA size from
SJ boats used to carry pas
Is and ht cargo to i200-
LSM's (la .dnpg ship. medi-

we a rsr pwr m) r .whicU carry tanks.and other
isaSe* t e a vehicles.
SInatruma a the "out-. The fleet is under supervision of
* Wl aisle or te Lt. Col. Edward A. Jaggie of Da-
out one-quarter ich In di m month, N.J who formedy was con-
and oae and a hai es Mneted wbh-two well-known United
States commercial steamsluhp lines.
a research his alswn .tat The fleet has repair and main-
*ature S the Cut a Wl. Pna Jnance equipment folr making a
lown fIrpm mad ii t-i- kinds of ship repairs as wel as
meh time and Ir it9es grad- annual overhauls.
.-again. Hunger contractions Assigned to the fleet also are
ki We supply of blood to Army deep seaf divers who "can
reducing The tempera-. raise to the surface any ships
W which oan down in the herh'.

stomach cpa a
|i by the rgh aus
tbIe*eher believe that
Snserve fails to filter outi I fl I
such as tension and asi- Itu l I"
0 -stomach contracts so
ittthe blood supply to the I 1
greatly reduced. When l W
n, the stomach lining can
tested by the acid and LOS ANGELES (UP) -A zoola-
- me stomach. 'gist has disclosed that Guadalupe.
what happens wh"enn sland, off the Lower California
sa. easts, once a lush paradise, has
irqette researchers havelbeen turned into an almost barren.
It6 As -th high. nor- waste by a herd oL wild goats.
ael llas rstares take e disclosur was made by Dr.
s for example-have low Thoa: a Howell, University of Cal-
ioms of aid and poepa. ronta atS Los Angeles zoologist and
to get ers member of a recent expedition to
Ss abn d 20 miles south of San
0l e times. Dr. Howell said naturalistswho
W tag el dg explored the island In the la x
tbp a 1. o explored the island in the late
fi ves'Wp i_ ii TW M'r reported a Iluuftnt vege-
04S. Ofhlwa fod A aN"on. Now the Island has oni
*I;toass e groves olcyprea tr
SSevn pes atof ds peluaf to
SsyI slab now are extinct. anA
f tles.lothgrs will gradually disappear a
& tbe veltaUon continues tobe
j^,I ttYjilstdcyed, according to ft.Howe.
university z ust believes
ts were inctro ed to the
1 i- i In the early SUIW by wha-
10U0d ,1s1 s a fresh meat supply for u
d I^ -4 I f" said the v.cio
-ill m' may eventually eat the
by&., _spientot destretion. hey art
Is v : b th e vegtation wlus
,,fterom stand lo, h,
'elamia-ata t .f ;


- L-

FOR SALE.---mall "Be"kwith" pia-
no, -very good condition. Price
$300.00, 6171-F, Rainbow City.
OR RENT--Noatonal Cash Register
in perfect condition. Cla Btech.
No. 0, 5th Street, Parque Lefe-
fOR SALE--25 cycle Apex washing
machine. House 0582, Apt, A.2-
440 -t ..,-1 I

nIP.,a.OCS 4 3HP, 63
A. ,OS C: Steel office desk, $2
.,*OChild's tricycle, $10 00. Boat
cloclcganted in ship wheel, $15.-
o00. 76.B. Tel. 2-3630

A'rSV M ,BUY:-Pick-up. "Mue-
Iirlf., a .' No. 200 Central

WANl ,qyoup r tefrigerotor as a
tr adein on a new Crosley Shelva-
r dor. Cyrnos, Tivoli Crossing. 2-

Funeral Services wll be he'd
Mt St. Paul's Church Monday at
1 p.m. for the late Mrs. Rosalind
Cragwell, who died Thursday
afternoon in Gorges Hospital.
Burial will fellow In the Cord-
ial cemetery.'
Mrs, Cragwell, 9i .a. vOf
Barbados is I a forow IF
tnd tldwife w n z a
knowa. the heg
in Purvtved 'by hr buat af. Rev.
CV. A. Cragwell and qeveul chil-
,&*n and wraadchUden.
Her children include Alfredu,
Swho is a eptv in the National
IAagasly, a "Oscar, Wash-,
Igtofl and ..

Ideal R



gireuad; end-



De W*e be. .
m 208 AsZeo .gC.
DR. WENDEHAKE Medical Clinic
Central Avenue "K" Street corner.
Telephone 2-3479, Panama.
Saws sharpened by precision saw til-
ing machine, 50 Cts. Refrigerator
and household appliances, type-
writers repc.ired. 142 Calli Estu-
dionte. phone 2-4683, Panamru,
Call Navy 3812 (new number foi
Genell Bliss' Cocoll Beauty Shop:
also for information her Santa Cla-
ra Beach Houwes. Beauty Shop
Eauipment Partitions, glass top
dressing tales, Shampoo Choirs -
Bowls, permanent wove machine.
mnr.ncure tables, dryers, utility
cab.nets. g'jss show case, etc.
Verv cheao. Call Navy 3812 busi-
ness hours: ualboA 1389 evenings.
SERVICE: Guaranteed' Work.
All parts used treated for tropical
climate Tropical Electronics. Calle
45 E. No. 2 Two blocks past Bello
Vista Theatre

Sealed bids for opening in public
v.ill be r,:.':sed until 3:00 p. m.
December 21. 1953, In the office
of the Geneial Manager. Commis-
sary Divi.on. Mt. Hope. Canal
Zone for -mply rice and potato
sacks Invitalion No. 60which lists
in-detoail the various quantities and
s-zes of sacks available may be
obtained from the office of the
Suoply and Service Director, tel-
S'phone 2-7678 or 2-1825. or the
office of the General Managef,
Commissary Division, telephone 3-
FOR SALE:.-Hollicroater S,38C re-
ceiver. New 8 x 32 binoculars.
Voigtlaonder camera. f3.5.. Phone
2-5527, 5 p. m. to 8 p. m.
FOR SALE:-COsterlzer, liqulfler and
blender. Brand new, never used.
Reasonable. Ce Navy 3662.
FOR SALE:-Male Boxer $25.00, no
papers. Phone 83-3280, Curunditr

ATTIlTION 1. I. Juit built modern
furnished oportmnto, t:rwo
bedroams. heot, idd-wte.N T4A
ephite Panomo 3-494 .

Modem 2, 4 and 5 retse, furnished
or unfurnih wd 4mlhd ma's ffia
8061, J( $ 4' r ^
am nk .,j


.I 4d i. nd durable
*., cfcoating.

I in .a"n .nd packages
M alf colors.

71. b e. Tel. 3-,11

Gramlich, Santa Clard e eh cottages.
electric refrigeration gas sto.s
moderate rates. Phone 441 or
Phillfps. Oceanside :'aBttoga Santo
Clara. Box 435, Sol Phone
Paname. 3-1877. Ctlsebpl e-1673.
Haues on beach SntoCla. Also I
inCOQL Cd dne d ntale.
Phone SHIAPNI, lb ,la.89 f
or see corm i thw t ..'
atf's Cottage. One rile but I
Santa Clara .PleOase b ur

GemtN es Santo Claro Qmut Nue.
OverIook3 ocean.,.. surroupsdd by
shade treej.. gas range ot"refrig-
erator.. Acommrodotes 7. PrivateE
steps to beach (2 min. welk)litar-
becue, prg-Rongh, nbodntin.
archery, putting green stc. Coil
Navy 381 days (Caepli Bealty
Shopi; Balboa 1389 evenings, or
see caretaker.
WILLIAMS' Santo Clare o ch t-
itages.' Large. camsrt~ qmg, woatn,
sar beach. Balboee g xoept
weeicend ,


FOk RENT:---FurnishedBeeiWance. El
Congrelo. tree b ,dtl.-patls.
sing pool etc. Caoll pho 3-4729.
F-OR RENT,--Chalet .in LiCumbres.
7th street No. 703'. 1*P r Infl'mo-
tion telephone 3-3382 ae l Ossa.3
FO.. REN1':-Small h usi orrbi
quilla: cool, comfortable. Married
j4ouple without chlldfteh Ipr'bcr-
J&*.. For ;nfqrmstion h Nt.t
'- House 15, San Francisco li I C

F01t RENT: Moe 41t0t. I
bedrooms, rnaid's. room, ovrlook-
(ng Panarra Golf Club, L Carrs-
sulie. $90 00, MigieiNlt.Phbri e

FOR RENT:-Unfurnlshai al'
at: 'three bedrooms, 2 -erdoms, |
double grage, atd, r-
borhood,. Tel. PAlah in 71

_Apanmne i

l95 Chbevrat 4.4doo

.(l;3 W -

och. I
f t -.

- No.-



' "r*. a


" -' "".? ."' .


*- S

S it -


1950 W0 m*it Sia,
4dpor Sedan,
pld uiat s covers,
w1//w tfe, mruns

-, price .vI.
like. fpAil
1949 Ford ;.oq


* .4 ,


S..i T.

. -h

. '

i -%. V





I *

. I -- -- I in


! l

q I





, I '-*


I At., .. ,
". i ifrj i..

*.6 .' -, .
.Aa* i

i J i


S' ".. -," ,. T ,..,S f
* ***

'V. A
* *~ .1

b>u juf
play d adapta-
.; .4- *

,.next dOpt
,: o i ,a.-

'S~ tbt bi?
has bXc~u9Pf.

,Ef-n. KT

The n.l ailvmery
AI1 oll .thdlani,
riu 1hfti the

. prot

are cor.*
#1t4 lot a

Arrowhead'ufers Thrill "s
aou : z leather abhort1

SGa .re.At'alboa Theater "
Gr Und br e West Germanwy

114 o5S ws- 04 m oti o hb wit &or vit and quisIe :or go*on a la o kf
SI Amfcm la &n. ier. muscle to t ednclue Md. i0 t ".
.. W .o (Uo -.- ~R come Paramlou l, '5 .a.- Heston an.l Palance are strncg way to combat the
S.'a t-own in wbicAh Alnv.ala Technicolor '.W ,nd fierce in the- central roles. imeriwcan ml c ise
I -tela obB .re as o- "rrowbd,' 1 g n t"he conf$cot the heeded ,ure. German pictukA
sa wi plape as powder blue Ca withasurging f We t and. classic InevitabdiVt.. ton optume
.0a0re Panusual 1GeCapa hthe b boo thiaxi brd who lives at the fart, pco- ArtJun betin IUL
tx that of Marold logie, raged a. the Ztt*mern lg as a laundress to get inf* 44te lnTf
e l plains between walry nmatan an the Army's ps r ~ nation for all ao
t ..Wqv stal M nd the treachero Apichea In- her Apa he cousns. The aitad A m -a 'ta.
tvAlod iththe gents. who 0 Wdlana during the 1170's. "Arrow- suptortiw cast. headed by MI.,' r1 and Auna Ladd,,
tw4 alhl o wimthegons w wtatani head" atars Churlton Helietj .9ino'alr and Brian- ealth, aIII Gerfan plotures aJo
ho construct "le nies .. Ith Jack Palince and Ksty turn in top notch pjrfomanou, Ina Iberally Inkled
Bkignh alace o6 LeU Petit urado.L11.dp-pod fachaftW;
UT-D r I L a!- Heston, In a role tbat; his W it n for tne..reen fro.,a ...
fgk.anu i -.virile talents to a ,e t a ,aeM1 novel by W. R..rrRan jd i ,kraut,..d soeims., Baiv
r.e .. arfb, hardened India sou at- reacted ity CharieMaqgle Wara- rss Ajn r. and scene
E l-i: i.... .......... tached to tle Ca tHe Wbars ren. "Arrowhead" moves elim g ri -. -.
member f the Seal an a&gnA m ss at a mle-a-minuite ".ac wit; i f
nSr-of the imuratma* t neheSS n .*omhevwas turbulenltactlon erupting ever'!Ti ty0 .mt
UM; *ti's.,ing rained an a captive kftw' The inch-of-the way Anproduced by flRomat Ulm. itADe s
Sped- super 60-tota rw" fol urde he rrof hiarM aplNat N t H ld t o tnoao thoe pGctebm
y_ d f-!n ~.~L h I. a h; advice th e r- te'e. .s oq*tInjctin the utmost ioneo-- don t Ike fore mani
be s used an. nba, pec e with_ th marauding tainmen value Into outdoOr ls-. way, rbut it alo id fair bi
..pd "roa ._or A.v 1 .. p an, .achs onto... beto. hdn,. 14 ,. otor9cal adventure, "Arrowheadi bakft many who ha~r
ian Afirlan veldt, a2*itent utya-rn apl h,,'.. a bemad _he re _,t i.s PM M 1W nmaer*.
st J-f ff Van H if w fibIU otamm Io pi g oH erges as super ior fim ifate Ot thesid mth
niaa ee' mi Hoar Duff. pln ,a n all.y e dj tare ishouldbes a i. *1 Se -e.- adter tsfti
aIh oug'y enjoys edb y..ll. =Yd,"._l.
S. Aonsk o wtap .or ,e quallvfanatic hatred of he rman t n
we %-lo6kIn, ..t .a- A men. w n itd,
-. L.,a I he excitem it-1=4ed I 1n Buckye State Has ed"n
'al-i o o9 finqfol lowsthe A 's Fr"rcew a tthese pretlt
rucoto~*VIa af" T e ,offbrts to M .fet peace.ul Fw UC'ye seeB w a cokyermn or
hae ructIon to make the faplt epRulatjon of the who .. t f, r e,
,.'aarkal pre a.. -,,. eren der .ji-f anly RENT, O. (0. 1-7" e fel wO .v W aiatos VM
S-* after the myth of ab's n- buckeye treesalbo fwhk.Topt sWW.Thaey cost
ta, K i at vi2bBtIy hfa b n shoh upt i.t i. kn o, as "the udv e M .ans an be lreas
"To4el the 6 t,-Sw Who h been i Al a brutal hand-t Pn.bat. The tree gt its a e lre umbers.
s life, 4ft forn Ct foL r ye'1 a. with Heston. fbr ts round. o .t eed
t her ttlfle h& ttP is ci (wUith a-br ths last bloody battle thich, when ppshed t This season's showinli OCW
5butW %Veroe's plumnbln in tw1 hoet1n both secret and s wal..led, strous gloss. Each bowa n The Last Walt." aiterWam
lI the Los wre early-day movie 1f-. wi es and Pa % as a pale sear. Indiasued kar Strauss operetta: -"
artmentt but sm anret. than any, oter ; i der th.e seed tn th eye o~ deerR ad ary aman" f" tO*.m
Ky a'.t akledl k atovw. .name it "hetac" at k' e composer Karl Zeller.,.
., Women'Outd9 Men "lysettle"aand"A Night In Ve'o nO,
%- ." job likew this o be donewend widely ~for o the Jon hann ntiou as p
,hs oophicaUoy. -o ,Ai Road Speeders yaceordin.toi e y,J :erman women 4
0la era spotU the b tree expert who ep"ft.Va e pres-raving about the dark-
pLhs wrI :. o DETROIT, mich (U.P.),-.Woin. en ot scarcity of the ape e. l giant who plays theo ge ae'ii
Fogle's complex .,,m. f en are oq the Patl op's male Cana alerimsfn." 'H.
i., and valw weh eontol drivers in Ilug up the high-
iand fawbacklot wateyfaac.riato wsu ao Strap m.y Gerhardn tledm.
. WT bf e- a Dla: ER.on a b i.NEW LOMlt'I't. (U.P. mUC e W.
C& Pic i oe e g,.' John Luzzi, father _914 1, ,R
s on full for" d Ernest. P. is, the club's w"to rias tginsag bisamgh; Uk ibd Id r d
0 e cascadlg -e tyand ktra' M said AW=arching for scrahW t par n legs
bdrt n from' n I-o state sr hzedWobverinhmk edt a bWit 4er1" bucf te hu &
'Od. toA 6 i!-o fbt fl of summer *-inigI t hetContaining$2 ,M-. .
Skeelde golf coPse which ob male ide othat women gonerlly "w
'- death a, are slow and cautious driven.

w eW &C.It"A'Or kaaw ob i AJ IW..


r 'p.W I.N ruGAr'i w .:.-

r, M 2.<'N! .Wi
2. ,4: Ii: d,, t:3 j'

miin mmhd,


Sw l Bob Hope
="afuE Ju =

4I~ phdny you *dIMt*J~

S.. .. ...... 1
.... ; '. .. ... .

*..v *,4kA

~loe tor or the
W e a dueenl
ODEc t

Apichl d '4

is Is the tW of two mm ome^
r. *ed, oe white, on who"
am: M aM.en Mfight hung 4.
hAl .e- au nis fraui ,.

At Reslur
Vr Miners!
d- Reveauin

a ir:' *-mtm.
-B f,.. '. ,:



Eee'. in

ion, In
wt wouNsa

t1C F

oh k*baMi MrW 1iweln dab
*. ".hl.41lEMAQOUSWAEt .-
Podb.",It&s Wilao u Kell '

*'^^i~ST B~y- E'
*?A I M> .OTV=K~di~* ".*


ua1 ;'.



I -

,--.*.- .
S F. *.

* -jig
9 *2 ~

~,'. ~

SM-,e .,
,R ,

A" '' ".

, ..
*3S. &t.


oil le t

k *

.,. ..... ..;-. ,,



fily tsi'

if' '~"~~'
~. *'. *'1~


'. '- l

IlMpago II, Great Game

Y Battle For $750 Purse

i.Speedy Great Game and the vastly improved
"!lampago II are the probable mufuels choices in
tay's featured $750 one mile gallop for Class 'B'
imported thoroughbreds at the Juan Franco race
Despite a poor performance by charming Prince, which alter-
o at Game last week when hei nced in second and third
f Lhed a poor third in a three- places whLe chaslinbg the flying
Hfleld behind Ooyonder and leader. but the early effort was
le wlla, the wise boys opine thai, too much ,or KMIos and he had
be will be the horse to beat lu nothing left whan Noveno came
day. f duo for his homestretch bid.
kerJk jockey Bias Agul.. NQven. which naid $.40 win
l oIs In the throes, of 'wmu Victor Ordofic' first winner
.lum l, will agal n bo. rd [siTce returning from Chile
the Aoraasm Malca speedster., Ruben Vasquez was the day's
dreat Game has shown Improve winlngest joI*ev with two
Sbnftt.during his workouts this triumphs. The best win dividend
week. f. ed was Souvenir's 42.80 In the
i Relampago II. however, may first race.
ove, too bi a pill for Grealt The d ivends:
ime, to swallow. This steadily
Ua rovlng Argentine bred gal- FITRAE
0ped away from a Class "C ouven FIRST RACE428040
d to score by eight lengths I-Souvenr 4280 1140 9.40
,' a'peven furlong race on the 3--Rdgla $2.6%
iame. day that Florera trounced SECOND RACE
W t Game. 1-1Sixaole 38.20, 2.20
,4 ellAmpago's time was only 2-Marflu $3. o
o-flfths of a second slower First Doub le: (Souvenir-Six-
t lorera's. This son of Con- aola) $122.20o
=da s-Media Rienda looks bet- THIRD RACE
Wr each time out and will be I-Winsaba $24.20. 38.80, 9.80
lard to beat. As usual, Orlando 2-Me Matru $3.60. '2.40
Castillo will ride. 3...--.Arranqun $4.20.
Anglia (Fortunato Hidalgo Jr. One-Two:(Winaba-Mera-
Wil have to Improve a great deal Mains)36t
o., beat this field. Her most re- FOUrRTH RAC6,
ept races have been very poor. i-Collrio $8.60, 4.60. 220
gWever, the distance is to her ukeMalone 4 220
fpq and she could spring an Dukeamaron 2.20
dt.d-loving CVOg Au.Vin (Luls Quinlea: (Collrio-Duke Ma-
O rldol and Newminster iOscar lone' F.IFTH RACE,
Mazuerai round out the five- -Petite 4.80
horse field. Both of these hard- 2-Amazt $4.40.
lining horses are' rated fair --Am Si RACE
Sn,!.1--Cambis $13, 5.80, 4.80
0n,- "-r interesting race on 2,i-M ,$7, 4.40
sy's c rd will be the fifth. In 7 .40
Ms, event, unbeaten native geld- -8- Doug R.40.
tg Rliqul will seek his 12th "nn- SEV, NTH RACE 5 n
Wiutlve victory. Riqul's stiffest --Lujoso $11.40, 5.40. 3.80
B it tion is expected from the 2-G3oldena 8 e $1 40, 7.40
ra Baby Rol and Rina Roli. 3-Black Samb3.80. ..
S ..... Lujoso) $97.0.
tha race. 'RImTiW RACK
e Stud Buena Fe's expen- -Jepperin 80 22
itAe newcomer Noveno yester. -Ai.2nl0.r,: .s 2 rin-. n-
dly afternoon streaked down tes) $7.49. ".'""
stretch while the pacettin NINTR RACK
eco weakened and stumbled -C. GreenS4,'2.60, 2.20
aep put to th. final drive with 2Heny Lee 3.20. 2.20
aveno scoring by three-quar- --Golden Tap $2.60.
Ups of a Aength going away in One-two: (C. Green-Hen-
tli featured $600 seven furlong ry Lee) U118ll
inJloaco lnmped thto the lead 1-Novene .40B5.20,4
itmnediately after the break and .-Kloske 4.0. 3
saheeafully staved repeated 3--Rathlin-Light $3.20.
ranges by State Barge sd

Mi Jan Franco Tips

DE --La Chula
td Alonsit

NEWWants His

tis. ^ Mainy's Worth
neti Catellottt,. i (14EA) A sportsman In West
Virginia must know more than
L do ainil j 'l JuIst how to shoot deer or lure
B-8 U, 5trout-if he wants to leave the
L. Lots Resier, 1'r4s. 0 woods with enough money to
Fra"ot, ;--30. make it home.
*4. rain Ruiz chevy Durinh October. the Copservp -
o,. Ferrari, 14-30.-1. tion Commissilon handed out 249
t. Jean Behra, Francs, u dr- violations to 201 persons, col-
14-34-51. elected $7039.70. Fines are given
a.. Jean Trevoux, Francia, to the school system. This
ard, 14-M8-27. prompted one fine-payer to
.Jean Lucas, Francia, Gordi- write a letter to the Department
1,M-41-M4. of Education.
l M.ario Riccl, Italia, Ferrari, He wants a course on fish and
-f?"13 .1 u. Ao ir h i C-game laws introduced into the
1. Akton Miller, Whitler, Cal- school curriculum, "as long as
Special, 15-25-12. I'm helping pay the freight."

jeboat Races tlincoln Life

row P.M. Lile Leaguers
Panama Bay Practice Tomorrow
The Lincoln Life entry i' the
ltai of 15 outboard motor- Pacific Litt'e League will hoati
are entered it the two thelr initial workout of the 1M54
sp eedboat races ached- *eason Monday afternon at ftom
330p.m. in the Pan- o'clock on the Ancon Launrlr
W ader the sponsorship diamond.
Damlzgo Club. Manager Howard Engelke and
B 1,Mat races are the Car- Coach Alfred Lombana will j
d ine vlnrue Clas- on hand to put the plaverg
-M the peedboat races through thel batting and flel4-
1M( Nother evnts start- ing drills. Joe Tuminelll. wuI
1B I p.gSLt lacludi$g comic known professional ball player.
B lKlashlnigrlAl row boat will give the "Little Leagueris"

g .t ,i h some instructions on the flne
foSthe points of the same.
t r re- Veterans returning for th
lhardo 1954 season are Charles Bra4-
aftOui-' s"haw Bobby Canwell. RobMe,
;3 .i"u Bflu Sander. Douw Crook, Vic Dubl"
LS B3l R1Nv Envelke. Ralph Parker. AS*'
bert White and Ralph EdmoMen

WNW m aJ .2

Tseo T

,~.r. -

I* i4j4~

'Underdog Iowa U N
9.* ^i .* ::* .- .'

Organization And Promotiq Wd Wbif

International Soer,M
NEW YORK. Nov. 21 (NWA tour Canada next sring, with
An Am.erica soccer, tt a closing g=ae Iagi" ii
flying to Mexico City sh01 English ream at Yank Bta- ver 0i
after New Year's Day to ca- dium Iri June, l ..
pete In World Cup mtodpeititon, Bome day-and 'it may not. YO* '3ph L. .
Jan. 10-14 far off-a wm felqw is wb-n IhW-.: i
In SwirEerland next summer, going to come alomg and put P 12
this hquac' hopes to further high-clas orgpnu nation aan d m_ |? r1..
demonstrate Just how far the promotion into soer, a sleep- ilk" .i
game that is called football ng1 lt ian t the tht t"e. .Tli Hil i0ll
elsewhere has come along inWmn .;'.ka i lAii iaWM ._g li ,e H l ,
this country. ma or igiu p-bap .
An American side tuuid in j
an upset heard around the loccer is one',a the more- FIi e
world, wnen in Rio do, Janeiro antiquated games, but except 0u- .
in 1950. it shaded an 'Al-Bng. on rare occalions, lit'iscoun- orq
land combination 1-0. try it la just another minor e l
"That," said Erno Schwarcz sport played on a agedlot or si0 ft P
at the time, "is like a sandlot an obscure field every Sundayy bri .
baseball team be*atlug the afternoon and frequently. at iu.
Yankees.' Schwarcz for years night. The athletes are work- I'
has managed the Ner. York ing stiffs. you see, but the n
American, of the American only thing that itojp the typeI
Soccer League. schedule is hot. weather. low .
The famous Glasgow Rangers, A heavy injection. of, old- even
bagpipes and kilts and all, fashioned tub thiMf ,Ind and ed., .

Juan Franco Graded tries '
S-- o In n tl lNort Carolinat
1st Race "H" NatT 4 Fgs.Purse: 375.U0 Pu9 .
First ie of the Double ,. -f w bli
P.P, Horse Jockys Wat.oC.OMM.NT o whie s ,- ..
1-Sirena V. Ordo. a11 -Rates p6or c ,.'i
2-Cosa Linda A. Gonsa 100x -Needs lots of 'diu0-/ ao te l i
3-Brisa II A. Un. 110 -Not much che <-l1 t S S
4-Domino R. Vas. U11 -'Depends on mo8-1 vid i
5---D. de Mayo V. Orte. 10uh -Porm indicates 3-2 tiEon. *Itl Ego
6---omantico V. Putt. 113i--Neds more d1ita o Ino hSi
--(Coran E. Aaro a115-Neodai better 'J .. 3-2 bump
8-(Dugue C. Ruk 118. -lpngerous conthdat' 2.2 11o
n -led -a
2nd Race "G" Native6. 4 Fgs.Piure: 5$7&.0 FPt6l El : 1:15th a
Second Race of .the Double all. '
1-Riomar Meana RI. 112 -RId repeca hen kl34 a*. An&,
2-Taponaaso A. Mena 109X -Roundi.n te i&a1 r 20 00 ,Mn i t
3-Marfi V. Brown 10l -Don't pil A 4-1 7l
4-Daniel H. Rubs 110 -Can .c e442 5A-1 ,ala
5--Piola 0. Moran 100x-l ero much. 10-1 In
6-Piropo A. Yeaa li -10-eLAnshot' etH .." 10- .
7-Tap Lady F. Rose 1ll -Dangerous at-i-, ,,

3rd Race "Non-Winners" 4% uuPmrs: $$5M 'P odelems: I4

1-Carmen 0. PremAkIC 134 -l It 3-.1
S. Is here i..'
2-. Velluda F. aHi 1' -Rate e hr '-1
3-Bondadosa A Gass. 10 -1`0r64-1
4--4. Nelente M. YIsa 1t( i 1 "
5-Don Wete R. Va,. 11` --ar 4-. ,
6-Melevina 0. Ban. 110. S i a *
7-La Chula A. VsU. 1214 ; sprud -1

6th Race Na-ive S ea IV d : 3:3 :0 .

I-Tuira E. OrtAgarl ,e.- I ptco.
2 -Ti1n Tilin F. HidaL 110 -t, mu 3-i.. .
3-Alcniato 0. Cast 212I -e* out .4- b1Wi....
4-Pregonero 0. Grall 110
--oti M~ena Ru. 107 u,
6-Di.,X A.n.1U 107zlaw wRe1Wft 11 9,-1
Grog B. Atrre i18 --1wii .up.A_
-unolet J. Bas 108 a a 1

Sith 3.a "A" Native 61 V0 .I Uat ,lgig: ,u"
q-. B. Aguirre 1I -- L.S ..
S Fan 1 Rulza 106x-.-l ow t"
II L. Giral. 210
4--oddi ta o 0. Masze. 108 's a -- .
i5-rabyl Ro F. Rose 124 6

7th Race "C" Imported 4 Ps~.q EiO-AI:

Vadi..7 A. raro' 115 h.. to"
2-FolCIw Me A l.Moa .01 l.udui" -..
'k .Aa.-110-1

T-,...m -hJ. ija* .dA.t .
G-Th e ,0,e.

.-P Fl v. Ordo.n 112 .awmWSW z
iB iaP 1.=. 11 D
7-(AtIth RR. L GV 112 -at der 2"

I th e "I Impets T Fs. PB3W : 531500- l e iO
,. ,. ,, ,~L ... ..., .-

4 'I'

il -. f ""-.-.w ^

,! .....ii, ..

'-. -
.:, -. -.. ^ .]
<^:^',,,-I "', ---


yA--^rfa B. AKire 1l1#fW
r. ii 1i l.xI
*~~~ ~ *. _... h J* *
*tU l ." porte, -4 ,b
' C


I gI!'i WO -itI.".R' -M P& mlllllai

-=., SL .

,r .?-, .-


. -'4

IF -'




. .. .... .. 2 -

.- .
ii -: ; -.^*.i-.'













*1 3 *
* .. -

0 Road
8 08 -.


~A~ S

ey Pay 'hi-far Way'..
CO.LUMBU., (B) Mr. "When the tean come on the eain hblp but have an effSt
l .cil Wallace, I. ,p%. field they stand Jfoore the the players and peetatoe
of bands while the alma mater of otb ouM-fseMl
r2n ^ lei- each school las played. Thgl a .4htht kind of aide
07 Y Yerr to pipes people WL ^,wap minister gives short p' yer. eiall it that-u
0t enn .over A J, I 'The 8tar.Spapgled Banner' fol- upltoN, kramia,-
Sr e p box .., Iowa. andtheover-Cosa b
It was dark a l o c. "It provides a combination of rooting 't ia te eate-
a i mid ?,No* and then an r01- school spirit, religion and pa- much of the present-day
Pn bidding cloud t a triotism that Is Inspiring. It es and strains.

y?1'.. 6 It seenied to be- Mhloawkana,
dMr.Wallace hag writ
46 ..-.s om liethinx to the elftedt I VMb V t M3I
T didltion to death and-taxm,
nothin was more satrd th jA
louy football weather Ip Novem- ir Ar -TiJ e t
ber. sa ." .
marked, "that the idiots are be --
ginning to gather in reat num- NEW YQRK1 No 21 (NEA)- touchdowns Ith only fltyl
bars." Veteran sphoole'd ob srveryeT tereeptions. -A
They came with blatnketa make Stanford's Bob Oarrent oe Is fortunate to hamsve
D a great coat scrves and galb- their all-time T quarterback.. of 'the lvereat receivers in'
IM&&a_-7u l ein es. They came to alt f o "He Is the finest collegiate college K.gae- n -S jam
Hours or better and U vo1y passer I ever saw. gays Maxwell and Jobh y
:hock a chip of the c Stile, Cal1fornia's foOtball chro- back na Cook
DR T Ier "Garrett can't be left ft. M ng, but Is a m
y had even a -or-the All-American team," Insists Bud feme," reports S r t
U who .ep Pevilege-so e. ofIWA salp- Spencer, sports edlto'r of the Ban "Steinberg is better te
M teaera' prices. Francisco News. "I've never seen and anerly VA good M
a better college passer. The pro- ourre, let-footed
at L. We talked about. It and decid- feasionals will grab him one, place-klcal H kicked -tie
ed that the real naung heroes two, three." intg extr t pant agatat
4 f ltba.0 "Johnny Lujack and Frankie Stressg JSe two-v
ade f Albert were not in & ceaM w .%1 leads the league in pow
Sthe made for our conort. John Garrett for lethal deyastating ceptions with seven.
ker, whoran Customer, he could take it via the air," report *Author .
o h nd t was or leave it and here he tile. **Sammy Baugh was the TO P W 8in ONE l.kal
r ~At" w more than WM of him, only man in collep I ever maw nesota& Paul Olel, Stf aii
IeW't t=fir It. Mr. Wallace and I who could match him, and the all the way back to M
Iluded that in this day of cowpoke left Texas Chriltian ry, the .4te Howard .
ivilon by the fireside and for the Washington Redfkuhl 11 Jones' magnificent *"o
near the refrigerator, the whole years ago. California tailback of ttht
tBhnB warather ineible. low1s0.. at.eW nominal i48
i was rather l "He's a whiz on defwle oo." aeine's Johnny Lattarl
tMk -de A deplate from atns Garrett is the gatlor who peter who does ryt
S.tell3 a boeut a day la AyI .war- pitched for 324 yardf agatlht the Illinois opbhmate, '
Sor a few vears ago when a ui Southern Callforni a8m ptog Caroline, as the other All-
l M rain suddenly c ed t the Pacific Coat ConfeTence lea backs. Caroline broke'
freezing sleet- that el the record of 308 set by the. aonwn- Orange's 30--year-dld. 9id
r bhe'f thousands throughout the aft- ed Bob Waterfleld of ,tcLA a- ground-gaining record
la to ernoon. against Idaho in yards. *
WereUtb "There were thousands of ,fir That kind of air travel in R "UCLA's Paul Canieoaj
te. oats in the stands," he recall- big game agaiZbt the. Trojala, traordcharv." commeat ,
ere F A Beven ed, "and when their owner. got noted for their defense, must be "but. Caroline seems to
railte" Ia did home many, many of them we-e listed among the mere remarka- other Grange, which ...
n. 'ut on radiatois or hung In ble football accomilpshmentA. is not. Besides, Camera
,, ois- l ,nt of ftm to dry. T'hey ac- on pass defenae. .Cal's ,l
ed a d wr ruined. A frrier Wr EN GARRET un xz- son is the top
im tbid me that a count* e pectedly upset UOLA, ofter or run quarterback
u *s9-" u; ie ss would be at least $10.G00 Stanfordtrailed by two tolch- at this fall. The M
SBe er- worth of edgetwere ruined." downs Chuck Taylor said hix ble runner on the Paelt
put, hes added, Michigan won signal-caller was unaonsclous. .ls the 1-0-pow
the game, so he supposed no- meaning he was out of this California, a
9OVIDENCE, R. I. body cared much. world. He has remained that Aranns Dadot,"
SLiry way.n all- e T
TV ha W r. Wallae lately returned With two games and a- tertatk ag a d, d who ft
* eflnt. A si' ftrom a Texas junket. One aspect against sewven .0ar- .ken, a j
bIDowe t-;. s u Conference games rett had cem f! L'- a dA
, "mightily ., passes for 1 yad. ,t_ A 13 ti

5 'F

, i HI "S


C C' S

5,, ""-""
- -.......





The mat you will
eventually bu, because

it's cheap i give

y. youan long
tr6uble.froi w is

wapreey portablee
andis Com

The oi' Latex Foam Mattress and Pllozws

;l --
r^ m. -^


14 Centnrl Avn Tel. 2-277I

Aso AvBAle at:




V',,.4 '
'u-, ~
a. ~K
~4 ~- ~ sal

S..A..- CA ,

v qka.w- w c ,i.

Theo i.i

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/ "m
]" -2

than alas t:

,: Ip

r -I.- % .-


,-,: ..,*. -. -'...t.,

,;* I"-

Notre Dame ..14 Mich. State... 21 Michigan..... 20 Maryland.... 21 Georgla-Tech. 13 Kentucky.... 27 Purde Okah

Iowa ....... 14 Marquette... 15 Ohio State.. 0 Alabama..... 0E Dke....... 10 Tenessee.... 21 Indana ....m. 0 Nel .

> ~ ~~ ~ ~ ,.'- -.- i.

"iLt th pe ople know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.


Improve Commercial Policy

(NEA Tel photo)

-- Milton Eisenhower

Italian Premier

Won't Indslst On

Triesle Plebiscite

ROME, Italy, Nov. 21 (UP) .
Allied authorities said today
that Premitr Giuseppe Pella h1
given a 'constructive and en
couraging'" reply to proposal
for an international conference
on Trieste.
These sources said Pella's Dc
sition, outlined today in con
feiences with the United State
British and French ambas
sador, Increased hopes for
ritisfactory solution -to Italy,
dispute with Yugoslavia ove
control of the disputed ter
rPel called In the three am
bassadors a separately to out
line Italy'3 views of their in
formal proposals for a five
power meeting of the wester
Big Three, Italy and Yugosla
Allied quarters said Pella'
reply has set the stage for fur
er .steps to rling about a di
plomatic conereuce- on thl
The Informal western allied
)roos were handed to Italy
m N ov. 13 wwhile-lla was visit.
ng Turkey.
Authoritative sources said
'elJ0a elaborated on the state.
ments he made In a speech
winding ur the 4ebat eon Tri-
ate In the Italn clamber of
)eputies on Wed'esday.
In thi, speech. Pella laid
down no specft aonditiona for
oining in the proposed, diplo-
matic talks, but warned that
uch a conference could not
huceed unless it dealt with
he entire Trieste problem and
lot merely with the Anglo-
kmerican decision of Oct. 8 to
and the Anglo-American "A"
one overt to Italy.
He said he still considers a
Plbiscite the best solution -to
he problem, but that he no
longer Is insisting on it.
,&n today's series of confer-
nces, he was said to have out-
ned a similar position.

Monroe Doctrine
BERLIN, Nov. 21 (UP) The
ast German Communists said
today that film star Marilyn
onroe is an agent of Sen. Jo-
'ph McCarthy.
The Soviet zone's "Berliner I1-
striete" said she is "a super-
onde offensive against ceul-
ae," whose charms are used to
ake Americans forget rising
prices and other "evils" of Amer-
an life.







*BEHAVE' Former Premier WASHINGTON, Nov. 21 (UP) "The possible conquest of a lions of dollars under the Euro-
Mossacicgh aboveO waves his Dr. Milton Eisenhower urged Latin American nation in our pean Rehabilitation Act and the
arm and shouts that he will the United States today to follow time, will not be carried out... Mutual Security Law.
fast unto death during his 'a stable commercial policy in by a direct attack. It will be "Worried over not having, a
treason trial at Tehern.n, Iran. Latin America and to cut to the carried out instead by the insi- bigger direct participation in the
The prosecutor ordered him to minimum all tarrifs or quotas dious method of infiltration, rehabilitation programs after
behave or face further con- affecting products from the conspiracy, lies and the under- the war, Latin Americans have
finement in a common jail cell. south of the Western Hemis- mining of free institutions one a tendency to forget the un-,
here. by one. precendented prosperity they
In this report to his brother, enjoyed during the War and aft-
ir Dousing mas President Eisenhower, on his 'One American nation has suc- er.
is special mission to Latin Amer- cumbed, a victim of Communist heir annoyance is greater be-
Slea, Dr. Eisenhower made nine infiltration. However, the othcr cause what they want Is not do-
0rnmensP Fmoundn To recommendations for the im- American Republics share our nations but loans loahs that
iOrnaments Found I iprovement of the conduct of desire for peace, freedom and they want to satisfy the urgent
1 1lain ds commercial relations between independence and continue t, need of fomenting their economy
the U.S. and Latin America. gi ective cooperation in the ona large scale, and Immediate-
Cona DeadlyHe also suggested ten fields of giveeffI n a large-scale and
operation which, in his opinion, political councils of the world. y.
CHICAGO, Nov. 21 (UP) could contribute to the strength- Reporting on what he and his
Christmas three ornam e n t s ening of the bonds of compre- Repmission saw in Latin Amerlean ls O im a
which supposedly will act as, hension and mutual respect be- Dr. Eisenhower said merica -i ..
fire extinguishers were ordered tween the U.S. and her neigh- Dr. Eisenhower said n I *-
off the market today because, bors to the south. "We found that in Sot W
officials said, they may set off The report was made public America the United States was
phosgene, a deadly war gas. today by President Eisenhower. not well understood. Our eiTn- |
Dr. Herman N. BundensenAt the same time he announced omic ability is not fully taken Il f d in am n
president of the Chicago Board that he has asked his brother to into account and the sacrifices Of RedV III Com paE n r
of Health, issued the order aft-Icontinue serving the govern- made by the people of the Unit-
er his office conducted labora- ment as an advisor on Inter- ed States since 1941 are not fully WASHINGTON, NOv. 21 (UP)
tory tests of the "fire extin- American relations appreciated. -Sen. John M. Butler (R-Md.)
guishers."American relations.believes that Cominunim in
guishers." In his report on the political believes that Communism in
The extinguishers, designed to aspects of Latin America, Dr. "A great deal of the misun- government will be an issue in P
look like Yule tree trinkets, are Eisenower said: derstanding has its origin in the next year's Congressional elec-
made to hang from the tree "The United States and the rehabilitation undertaken by the tion.
trunk, near to hang from the other American republics have U.S. in the near and Far East. Noting that President Elaen-
tree trunk, near the top. If a maintained close relations from Their leaders and the people of hower has said he hopes the sL-
flash fire develops, they sup- the first years of its indepen- Latin America have seen how sue will be history by then. But-
posedly burst and emit an ex- dence our government has spent bil- ler said'
tinguishing material. "I don't think it can be done i
Bundesen warned persons who: in that short time-..e very,
have bought them to refrain reluctant to dTiCa e with le0
from usina them. Thev should be President, but I'm a tle er,
destroyed, h said, by sm-shln maybe, to this problem than ,ne l
ttml-m in the open air. President is..."
Laboratoi-y tests, he said, |resi|
shnwved they contained eight Tax N oI t So i I Butler, a member of the Sen- r
ounces of carbon tetrachloride a e N ot Social Tool ate Internal Security Subcom-t
which "if spilled in the average o -- mittee now investigating Com- e
sle living room would produce munist infiltration, made his I
a dangerous concentration of MACON, Ga., Nov. 21 (UP) -' status in a manner to protect comments in a radio interview
vapors." Elbert P. Tuttle, general counsel the revenue at all costs. (CBS "Capitol Cloakroom") last d
In contact with flame or: of the Treasury Department. "The third is that new effi- night a
.smouldering fire, he said, the said today an "overall" tax re- ciency and objectivity in the ad, n
compound is known to produce vision program is being studied ministration of the internal re- "I think there is certainly n
phosgene gas, used in the first with an eye to providing direct venue service will be a major some Communist Infiltration at s
world war as a lethal weapon. A revenue without "working out Treasury goal." the praetat.time," Butler said,
very small amount of phosgene, some social or economic aim.' For some time in the past, "I have reason to believe that 1
Bundesen said, damages the Tuttle, Georgia Republican Tutle added, "there has been a there my be considerable I .
lungs nd liver, who played a prominent role, in tendency in the Treasury De- don't see how we can forget it." h
President Eisenhower's nomina- apartment to recommend tax leg- h
tion in 1952, said Undersecretary islation that was designed as an
Hairc cia!lisl of the Treasury Marion B. Fol- aid in working out some social
Haircut SDecialist som has charge of the tax revi- or economic aim of the time... Pall ss I
sion project which may be ready It seems to me such matters t
Abandon Shear yeto submit to Congress early next should stand or fallshon their f
Abadon Shea'rS year. own worth, and they should not WPal Buslness;01
Tuttle, speaking during Law be carried into effect by so- C
CLEVELAND, 0. (U P -After Day exercises at Mercer Univer- called tax laws." CLEVELAND, 0. (U.P.) If e
two decades as an ordinary clip sity here, said that in taxation, Tuttle said the administra- you've got an old pail or bucket, l:
pers-and-shears barber. Sam Sa ''"the main objective should be to tion's legacy of a huge public Ben PAi a can use it.
polsky has revamped his approach devise a system that wil encour- debt forced it to seek an increase In fact, his business is the reno-
to the fine art of cutting hair age. rather than retard, indivi- of the debt limit from 272 billion ovation of used metal containers,
He announced that he had drop- dual initiative and encourage, dollars to 275 billion dollars. whether they held tar, chocolate
ped the use of scissors because rather than retard, the flow of But although the government sy ip, ink, soap, paint, or what
with them: private capital into useful and is still spending money faster have you. Ei
constructive channels." under appropriations of last year toc
"One place is high one is low "This new tax policy has sev- than can be collected, he said, The 36-year-old former motion M
One spot is thick and another spot eral points," he said. "The first the outlays for 1954 are running Picture film booker, found shortly se
is thin 'For the last 20 years I've is that the Treasury believes about 10 billion dollars less than after World War II ended that doz-
b"en thinking ;and thinking, 'down taxes should be levied for reve-recommend in former President ens f firms using pails of all
with shears" For five months I nue only, and not to work out Truman's last budget message. sorts toss them out when the con-
ha' en't held a pair of scissors in social reforms or to redistribute The prospective deficit for this tanners are empty, largely because blI
my hand." the wealth. year, he said, has been cut from it's too expensive to clean them +t
"The second is that in the in- 110 billion dollars to about without special equipment. m
He concentrates solely on clip- terpretation of the laws passed billion dollars and "for the fir .
pers and the razor now. by Congress to the American time since 1948 we have total ap- Also, he learned that dozens of r
"The haircuts are good and citizen the true intent of Con- propriations which are less than companies: and individuals ma- lea
quick," he reported. "My custom- gress will be sought and there the estimated receipts for the chine shops, foundries, greenhous-
ers like them." will be no disposition to construe year." es and riveteers,, to name a few-
---- -- -_- -----_- -- needed pails of all sorts which are I

expensive if bought new.
So, Padwa got the equipment
needed to clean and straighten
pails and started out about three
years, ago.
Now he has six employes, oeecu-
pies 18,000 square feet of space
and expects to renovate 150,000
pails of all sorts this year.

Another Irish

Castle Will

Bite The Dust
--One of Ireland's most modern
castles is to be deoshed be-
cause no one wants it. 3
Dermore Castle, IBilt in IAmer-
ick County some 80 years ago by
the third Earl of Lmeridk, is just
the a -series of doomed
CLAUDE OKAMOTO AT WORK: He loves the Louvre, but dislikes Renor's nudes. Irish castles.
Morgan. MeMahon's sa wm Ill
PARIS, Nov. 21 (UP) The The child prodigy is neverthe-' "Claude is naturally attracted company bought DromorE and Its
third "one boy" exhibition o -e.a normal heaihv youngster by the coloristss," particularly .100 acres of surrounding tmb
hwra oraeri is attraitn e -old u o un and high spirits. HeVan Gogh and Matisse," says and in P9 Meeahhived in the
alon te is attacthe public and cri- os to the nearby public school. his father. "But he definitely Chilly gray stone f to sI
Sti .om the -conscious cPari Bu ever say, as soon as he has dislikes Renor's nudes." l-- tee e 4os o -_
is in art-consciousrPanero iniho" w,'h his homework, he! ell l or x ba I
a f at her for his paint box and Claude and his p parents take pMro-' nd ii .'fe r 5S
,The son of a Japaneshe- in pathr U', she- f ........... tr eehe ctrcs.
hd sorn mof aad JaanC :at' rus ^ ^ ^his painting las something quite ^ that
ad aFrenchs mother, t1 ji' Cl audc saints from memory' natural. When you question him C the Stle, a job that wl
QOi'e nto was a mere dt l(s i 'in- i,, .h ,-, .the sunn. Each abut it, his eyes sparkle and bhet m tti xaa s.l -
wlen he painted his fio -St. t pi- e p nt a vacation, or says: "It's such fun."
tdes-Ternes, whh e c ohur ld al. I decamtle which he School is fun too, for Claude Irish caitl owners have hiE
ndes-Teres widows of the uldnsa inc w Liv deams. He has an Of all the classes, he prefers keep their castles from
l from th e windows of the irc- On Suncve sense of perspective ar4hmetic. er wreckers' sledg bt
loodt family andepartment perch- On Sunwi 4-ys when he does not Right now he Is wildly excited had little scess. e owDer
thlur uaer father have great delight is to so diers. his because his parents have prom- summer owE for e~
es ed in Paris father r to he M taken by his t IsI to take, him to the circus. ejetury castle near _
So in Paris father to h, e um of Mod-, Ne to being a inthr. hs Wpn ($.M a 3er
V00 Ift is 114 A- .... PIS & ,= = =-

Yukon Cave

May Hold

Rich history

United Pre taYff Cdrrespondent
FAIRBA ,S Alaska (U.P.)-A
rich record-'cd prehistoric life in
Arctic North America may be un-'
covered i* a remote cavern in the
Yukon neZt summer.
The huge cave, something of a
,rarity I# e Arctic 'Northwest, was
i ths year by Prof. Otto W.
Geist of the University of Alaska.
He hopes to find in it the remains
of Alaskan and Yukon residents of
as on ago as 48,000 B. C. These
prehistory c occupants of the far
north included the mastodon, the
huge giant beaver, the Arctothe-
rium (cave bear) and the mon-
strous Fairbanks lion.
Geist even voices a wistful hope
that he may find the remains of a
ma,. who -ived among the ancient
wild animals when he goes back
next summer. So far the oldest
Alaskan to leave his bones where
they. cod be found was a mere
2,000-yea -old modern man.
Geist himself discovered these
bones, but he's sure the Arctic
Northwest attracted prehis-
toric man. T6 him, his cave seems
the best place to look for more-
ancient human traces.

On Porcupine River
The professor found his cave aft
er investigating rumors of its ex
istence. He was led to the mouti
of the cavern by a 70-year-old In
4ti _, John Nukon, who helped kfll
Stwo grizzly bears inside the cavern
In 1900.
-The cave is in the headwaters
country of the Porcupine River
about 100 miles north of the village
of Old Crow in the Yukon. Geisi
says the cave has three chambers
extending 600 feet into a mountain.
Geist is no'newcomer to the Por-
cupine River country. He worked
his way up the Old Crow River last
year and this summer, finding pre-
historic traces all the way.
"Mammoth material is strewn
all over. the area," he says. "Ev-
ery bar ;oe the river furnished
When old Nfukes led the scientist
to the cW.# A tfli ast summer,
Geist found -i -t J-layer of e16
covering the cavern oor. Ice sta-
lagmites reach as high as six feet
toward the ceiling.
The piofeunr could see saplings
resting/tl t cave floor beneath
the clqar Ice, and Nukon identified
them as stilshe ued by his hunting
arty to ..retrieve their grizzlies
Brom the cave,

G Blds er Nseee Boar=,' which was created lat
Geist .reas that an e quake January by an executive ordere 1 0Pe the fact that they all
since 1 Med pase s of former Presidet Truman. with the same little rubbax
thruge cave = z ettic di Wl am. Henry Taylor, ahn of- as the resultant dollar all een
th cavern. 'T ice isso cryst a el bthe Intda yfal. Mon-.' dIrent. Some of the girlssa tl
clear he could read his watch etar nd and oe-te Treas- them-a little fuller than, other
merals through a three-foot thick. Hry Dete rtnwnt aits o of rodklc fat dolls.tachesn ad
ness. Harry Iexter Whit a of irklea or mustache and sonic
The explorer figures there's a those being 'nvestiated, the change the original blue of the
fourth cavern extending back into spokesman id. He pointed t yes to brown.
the mountain, its tntranhe backed that the cur trent review covers
by a large stone shaken down by eve i ne. And the costumesare'all var-
the same earthquake that admitted The Board has power only to 'led, ana allf show hours of loving
the ice. advise international organize labor. The organ grinder had
"I took along a shovel on my tons 'of its findings. The pr- cordtoy pants. Queen Elizal et
trip," he says. "I should have had ganizationa themselves decle II Con't tell anyb ) wore a
a bulldozer." what course to follow thereafter. irdle. Some have earns. Bome
Geist already has some clues to nave homemade leather ahoe.,
what bones he might find in the They wear ginghani, denim, allk,
depths of his cave. He ha then Ki ing l elt ame, tulle, ribbon,
skull of the cave bear, a tremen- Only ilu chiffon.
dous animal twice as large as the
Alaskan brown bear or Kodiak CAMDEIN, NJ,. NOv.21 (UP) .- After the contest all the dolls
bear which is today's largest car- Sixty-nine-year-ld Sab* o Scwla w h sent to.little irls who
nivorous animaL' had a go when iked rre dol Most
Geist 'and Dr. 0aus J. Muries, at* ca&n-eare r dl-
president of t- Wldecess S .e why+ he:rrTeal 46 oft, will go to France, Italy, Oreeea,
ty, haveo idented the tooth of s become a aAh e n c ln. *04#0d, Lebanon, Western O(r-
giant beaver. The ancient beaver, "I've bn too busy rsi a l ty, Austria and Korea and
as large as today's bti e of t of rural U.S. Th I all get
built dams which Oet atys would r, a native of Ztly. lr th r o by ch*it-
rival the engineering works of e what you mean, they're goig by
modern man. federal judge Thona Mad. As.


Socks' Dolls For le
prSO S- o f h U.S a vere"as.
--0--- ,
aEt Nov 21 (N A)
Twenty t tsand pairs of plain
whlt men's socks are going to
be among the most welcome
Christmas gifts thi year, They
are going to needl cldren iny
parts of the U.S. a odoversens..
tdIfePu can't quite figure how
'n child will welcome a
man's socks, you haven't seen
what American Mangsters can do
with a. man' sock. They littfsa-
ydoll th m up--a few cuts," a'
little cotton stuffing, some clev-
ewaeedle work, S rubber fcI on
top: and, suddenly, a ldolUlzed
io I s the thdr yeYr that the
d a ei t Chldren -ondeUton
and & magaMe (Seveahee)
have sponsored thetr Cristmas
Dolt contet. oAnd s yna,
American teen-agera will
duce 40,000 d0llS-for nody ki
Wnlng dullChristma in
doll Chistmae o
. Through the copemA6n 6k
47 department StorN..through-
Out the US., teeitipra buy a
doll kit for 25 cents. Cnude .s a'
man's sock,-a ltlbbrfacace, a
qGheet or:dlrectiona and aij.ntry
,g. The top Of the -soc-the
ribbed part--is cut off to bpame
the arms, the toe of the 6_011,be-
comes the head and the doll sits
down on what .wai once the
sock's heel. Confusing, but It

The dol-maker then tries to
devise an ingenious costume, to
fit one of three categories for
pries--4ther a bWby doll, a
fashion doll or a character doll.
Regional oetests are held, and
the 150 mregioal winners are sent
tq New York for final Judging.
rhT year, the Uhlged Nations
International Children's Emer-
ncy FundJis cooperating In
e contest, and the jitdglnj will
be done at UNICEF headquar"
iers. a. -
Dorree Greene. WhA looks bare -

Doree' Qreene~wha.loo~sbsre~



WASz f1tiNO l, Nov. 21 (UP)
In -i
-A special loyalty board s in-
vestigating all AmeriCan citizens'
who work for international or-
ganisatona supported by this
country, an official spokesman
SThe. inyesUgtilon is beng con-
ute by the Intermaol Or-
sa' Emnoei tlnv mfoy io

DOM= 1J: What the
M int amases her.
i 8 p. 'teens hers"If rurS
and 4 py unPailu

whent d with aa tle .cot*
ton~ad a '1t of lmagiation.'

t e,' one self wa
d 'with "oharacter dolls.
f'Wroe1rm left: t-right, a
mad, Pan, Uncle Sam
No'0 4(dll dolled up like a
e)*, an organ grind.
r. o e with organ ari
key, A ceman with he .
eiAt, queeit lIabeth H in hex
Inauura gown, a cowboy wit'
a w -pIsto in in holster, a
4un. and'e 1r wiAth kls and
og underwear.
-automatically re,
tj*,,V. that 1.obitons tre
bouhtO thebe are home..
e te t.I rjj
yarn, but her- were tflaow1
real hair and otra with fthk
Or and thread and furand ay
thing else that loOks h ir-ei

i's Letter Inspires Worldwide ib Reading
^ 7. \ -- ? *; .',** "/ '* **i *- .*" '' :' "

t '" + +: : .. ,- + .' .-, --mm~m m+, ,1]ml t --- .J- i. &*--- ". z -,lI-

NEW YORK, Nov. 21 (NEA) -4
Millions of Americans will read
their often-neglected -family ]W-
bles during the month beginning
Thanksgiving Day, thanks to mu,
inspired idea suggested tby a
lonely serviceman 10 years agO
Back in 1943, the mother of a
G01 phoned the Philadelphia of-
fice of the American Bible ftu-
ciety. :
"My boy is stationed on Guad-
alcanal," she said. "I just re-
ceived a letter .from Mn.. aji
thought you would- litk t know
what he has to say. He A
that we at home read the
with him every day and thwt'
Just what we're going do.
"But how are you oag
thatV asked the Bb ao
aecietary didn'tt yoa My
he is n to e PaciFc :

*My ber1 bplained
er, "has agent ua a I
aages he plans to
of the come l
intend to read i
tmas of the
afte dtys he
way, at leat. wt'-
IOU% r

sh vear to

- *' *. -
.. .

''I- t~-.

With LA

At 7, He's Genius With a Brush




6. i .- ,.-
: i..a "' ..**
.!-. .'*- .- .' ,o -.''.h


. Cr- .t a -'W-
Iaes m.M.i a
tn- annesw satb





IU 2/664


1 1


. -


* ''...,


* -i

on This

L Time to retire.
S& During vacation the kids
fbrego the "r's" and go for

a. Aaaijer 'way of expressing
Sthe md,-12:50.
I7. A"srm on an octopus.
A Ta Book of Genets begins
on thio page of your Bible.
9. OW a5n1 nmber words
:' uiWUf*Me "r w Ie %tersi a
S the ord "often" f
.10. Thic is the number of legs
a grasshopper has, as well as the
number of senses a clairvoyant
claims to have.
1L An Englishman born In
1820 could have seen bow many
coronations in England?

I ,Absurd- -

GRANDMA and Grandpa of the
tslw' didn't lve se ave
TV 4v the movies to nav a TA,
and some of their favorite as-
times still provide grand enter-
StatineMt without cot mr w .
ThAeir equfteet of TV was the
shadow box, a modern verhtos of
which tos ehown at Ieft. You-can
makee one. Beres' how:
Save a large cardboard box
next time you bring home' the
With a sharp scissors oreazor
blade, cut off the fiaps at the
top. At one end make an opep-
ing, the si e of which will afford
a good-aiXed stage. /
Acrpas this opening, on the In-
side of the box, glue or tape a
piece of white cloth or trans-
-parent tracing paper. At the up-
posite end of the box cut an
opening to permit the Insertion
of a small electric gat Wblb.
Fasten this to the cardboard with
tape. (Caution: bulb hot.)

for Confusion
12. How many eggs can-you
buy for 16 cents if eggs are $1.20
for two dozen?
13. A Centaur has head (a),
- leg s)., arm (s).. -tail (a).
16. Frick: Add I to the Roman
Numeral IX.
18. Distance in millions of
miles to the sun.

,1. Every minute that you are
angry you lose how many sec-
onds of happiness?
2, Napoleou's age at death.
S, A trio..
4: If there are less 7's n t20
-than there are 5's in 450 write
38271; U not, write 26311.
5 Write down the numbers
that are suggested by the follow-
ing: unicycle, unkssed, Muske-
teers, marriage Ucense.
6. Number of birthdays that.
you have had In your life.
13. Difference between a win-
ning and a losing free throw In
14. Next state.
15. The temperature half way
between 15 degrees below zero
and 61 degrees above.
17. Not a ghost of a chance.

*I,- C T-n4 'L-ti '9-01 *g- 1 -

But It Figures
0 /re

i o h. s one's for Rplpo iLhe pilp you're the cat's meaw if you can.
S-le T No-g.t a *seven cats ,
to stay a s tiW m t shown anum .o0 5 3 na *j, *iia
above. Bu t pua tes wit- be pus*.. ~8 01 4 V n,Rol" qp
'-Sle. of ourse sadI. _d W"U etx- y 5U WIA s ia I W Aq t **,
samite tre o*aes, it 1, Vident P" CRw0ONst
h at four Oats ad throw taiq A tiv S -
Iwel 87 po37pd, w le te o eaMOa e e t
..and feur kittens wb 88 pound.L. a wsm *qIr ff wsm 0 M lM
irrb-,the two plietur it can .. ., o
de usmgreinmd Wa S smitherqa"t iA m o 3nq
we ight.Or of- a No s ise Mai WT0A .4"S" I

I-m. I

I 1






7 --


5 -i

3 I. .559 75

43 1T I


A IL th t the dia I sA I A, e sa ete.)
g^-e -' a o Gem. T- *f _. ..wra ways o
4QH|ete gls).0art resaag Sp raqinWed otal iA as
:A N vi ttfmhe tow as I sIMoesm Can youe do It
Sa, LW e a? in that TT A rel test is to
nea M. lan traoe tm e -s i toes
AO-if. Am sa M il

.onE^" *,- ,t ;," : .e .. ,
*' u-'._.

Inside the box place potIr or fve small
plastic or metal figures whish can be pur-
chased at (hie dime store lo. if you prefer,
made. from odds and ends).
Tie a funnel to a. stiattt
Now .-turn ot the rooM lights. Have
your gusts engage Id islompetition to
see whotwan capturee" the Met shadows
by "dWomOlng he wth the funneL
a. e ,. -
Anothr shadow gami that's P for. a
group I this one:
Divide3 A oaV with a large aihee 'As
far as'-osible' from- the seet o-n. nhe
side. plae light. The oter side of die
room toIs to be kept dark.
Divide your guests Into two groups. One
SA Spot Check

GLANCING at the figure above,
it's easy to see there are
more white dots below the line
of black dots than above. But
how many more? rake a guess;
then lt. several others guess and
see who comes closest to giving



By D. K.
THIS Clue-
Doodle has a
new angle. In
fact, it has six!
The trick is to
draw a six-siaed
figure or hexagon
with each angle
ot the figure In-
side one of six of
'"e circles above.
The 'extra" cir-
cle must not be
crossed or en-
tered at any

draw must be continuous.
Hovwulckly can you solve it?
One possible solution is given

ram; the line you

elsewhere In the

S'IERI'8S a party perker that
should leave your guests
hanging In the balance. Object
of the stunt Is this: Placing one
side of his or her whole body
.. (foot and head Included) against
S a wall. ask the person involved
to- lift the free leg but and away
from the wall. It's not as easy
'.j as it sounds. Just don't send one
person to the wall too often or
aB aense of equilibrium will be
lost. This could prove more in-
taresting after spinning the per-
son a few times.
group w'll perform" ; the other "guesses."
The "e *ers now pass between the
light al.the asaeet and the guasera must
guess orotwtly who they are. Of biout e,

the tSadoW-takers disguise tmnelv
iA evevy poussble way; raising.thdlr'arm
covering their baes, using ropssuch
pafwa, newspapers, tableclothsm, .te.
Animals are good disguises and u
usual heads may be easily improvise
Some, such as the face.and rabbit show
above, can be made by band shadows-
favorite old-tints pastime in Itself.

the correct number. While you
are at It, see If you can guess
how many blad dots there are
in the Magie Iae; also, how many
black and MWhts dots there are
L-eh-o* ap-puqa slop npiS
wUM q"9 &Uqj tio-

H R'S A T. ...Y I A


N Nbout thing
turkey. if you,
put him in the *
oven and eat him.
he'll taste just 0
lke a potato. Ob.
viously be' a
potato to begin
with. and It you'd C
like to add him j
to your Thanks- %
giving decora-.
tions, here's how
he's made: P
Selpot a m-
ltum-sil zed DO.
tato. Scrub it
clean. With a
paring knife, lice
a hole at one end
for insertion ot
the tail (C). At
the other end
make a V-shaped C
'Indent for the _
neck (B).
Cut out head and tall tilustrated at right and
paste .to thin cardboard. Color appropriately with
crayons or colored pencils.
Fold head along dotted line.
Insert head and tall an indicated.
Insert three used matchaticka for legs.
Larger potatoes require proportionately larger
heads and tails. These can be patterned after those

Solve a Quipto-Gram
A QUIPTO-GRAd is a funny story with the punch
line in cryptographic form. Object of solving
it, of course, is to restore the original letters of the
missing line. See If you can solve this one: (The
solution is given below, but don't look until you've
tried the problem.)
lamate No. 1. holdlag a ashUight: "If I turn this
beeam straight up to the air, i'U bet you a trillion
dollars you can't climb It."
Inmate No. 2:
NXX." \
..*no 1 Jn) p.noA pUa dn at so\v iA P.1 A
)u4 s 1003 6S too) .uU lO&_1. iptMV.Uiah *3i -mil8

Splice the Ice

GIVE each guest a glass ot
waist containing an Ice cube
and .a piece of string. Point out
that the first to lasso his cube and
raise it from the glass wins the
race. Actually, no one will win.
When all have given up. how-
ever, announce that you will now
demonstrate how It's done.
Laying the string over the
piece of Ice, shake a goodly
amount of salt on both string
and tee. In a few moments, the
salt will freeze the string to the
ice and the cube can be lifted.


T 8 A N K 8
u spired our artist
to draw this
i* double-puzzle' for
d. j unior readers.
vn After discovering
- the hidden bird
In the dote in the
lower right hand
corner of the dia-
am, start at
the. bottom and
nhd a way to
take It home
without getting
Slot n the maze.
To trm to U- t aot
cros lAW or re-
traoe steps,' of
Finally, fill i
the drawing ap.
propriately with
erayons oa col-
ored pencils.

W h ed, .1 a
trunk emotional?

i Why is a thea-
ter a plade ot
sadness? s.a-1
:Wbat the
Sdifferenaee be-
twe" a boo and
a tiresome, per-
son? .oq
ald n WIS UOA

p t U Un pg a a :a e

S By Spguoe Sheffer
I-One of the VitiSe built by King
Asa IKi 15:22
5-Term of contempt (Matb:22)
--This ehiet ot the priests bad
seven son@s Acts 19:14)
14-Measure of oaner.
15-In what olace did David put
garrisons? 42Sam 8:14)
IB -Seamentsl
17-He was a great man among
the Amakims tJosh 14:15)
20- cnap.
24-j to zoology.

33- amotled perMo.

39-zxeuted wth Interest.
41-What we are asked to do with.
out eastiag lTbes :17)
42-F 'ted vase.
43-Mohammedma Scriptures.
44-- FIs' aloft
4-- Enduren
47-He thrut out Gas and his
brethren 'Juds 9:41)
41- Nelantes
51- rou what iahme did the Is-
rehul msve a to Succothf
INum 1s55
5-anasl 'Pellsl
- Mohammedan mrifce.
681-With tat dli Reskab cover
herself? 'cGee 241
13- fsh

I "

~ L~,' =

64-Auricle of the ear.
865-0n of the last words spoken
by Jesua on the Cross (Mark
60-A Biblfcal tribe (Rev. 7:6)
l-Upoq what did Jesus comn-
naod the multitude to sit?
(MaL 14:10)
4- Accumulating.
-C.itru drtifL
7-ror what did the countries
come to gyot to buy? (Gen
8-The hsrean of whom made
war on the Israelites? (Judg.

11-Great Lake.
I -Zami device.

= oa-in-l-law (Ex. 18:1)

30- e N l chse (Ruth I' 0)

[at Is rael lISam.


Nele iea re biy n ba, rice
noodi. wingpg shop signs
sione ia n tWe "In$ saun.

41-Attracting principle.
43-Abrahams wife (Gen. 25:1)
46-.Marked ability.
48-King of the Ammonites (Jer.
50-How many sons did Job have?
(Job 1:2)

53-Sea eagles.
55- Headwear.
56-Masculine name.
67-Cotton cloth.
62-Ancient name for Nios.

ILL. in the missing letters at
Ijeft indicated oy the dots, s-
cording to the definitions at right
All are seven-tetter words. For
example, "retract" ts RESCIND.
You are given RES as a clue no
each word and if you get the :
idea. you should be able to solve

the rest.
* R E .
. RE8 .
. R S
. R BS .
. R B8 .
RE B .


All ten are words Ln common
use. Don't peek at the answers
until you've given yourself a tair
"DA|I|J fiieJ4 *I!wj6
i-j ',paMnd pa"aj rs sile
gHgoW *V_.vjd_

.aumnp *'. i f II *l sf %


ft .9

bvesrnii SB Lase Satmst., .nverIte. I-.

***'- "". t


OF. -.?n

:- ;J


~, ..

*4 ~ 24

C '.;.*

SNature's i 7
ATUtRE LOVER Alfred Rexrotk; Qatp
d n't have to leave his home to~pthe
outdoors-he has a Douglas pine r i rough-1 i 5s'.
meant (bottom) and right on out the root, (top.). ') j.fWi
planted the tree where nlexroth Wanted to build h e
home, Not wanting to chop down the tree, he )lst cotrd t d
the home around it. The tree now Is a memorial to hl .Si.

A -A
7 .?



W- -s -
"CtK WATCHER Doirs Dean puzzles over the. oldest time-
,-Leee in America. The 15th century clock is part of a collec-
oft1 of ancient clocks in New York City. It operates by'
g".thg weights and ii nevei rbore than three hours off.

o "." "',

MORE THAN 400 YEARS AGO, the Centro Bolivar in Caracas. Venezuela, was just a bare plot of, land. but today the
super eight-lane boulevard, one of the ,most modern in the world, represents a gigantic $300 million project that includes
24 new buildings, among them two 28-itory steel towers that will provide badly needed space for some 4,000 office workers.

*4" *~

I 4





'- I'

4 ,~*. C. -'
-~ 4 1
- '4' 4D* 44 4 '-I

- 4-s

,1. ,, ,,

4. "."1'['"T ; i
:. ., : s ;." :.:

t^ r ^'1: "'-./ -' '- ,-. .' .Mi
2 $: '' ,
. ,"a


................. ..,...........,...".-.. .:.::

.- '. .

"."y, -. ; 4 ,. ,, ,. "- .' ..
S ........'......... .......

.. o .t; .,

'^ ^ ^ '"'"" 2-'.'- ,,;
4 4.

* '4',

w-.1 ~
...-.'~ '~

L i~4

Wr a xaclgrountd Fgrntroidered lace; J-eaie Cariten
aiy a group of manufacturers in NortifB ergen,..X J..
Ier as "Embroidery Queen." The top of her bathing
madl of a fabric of black silk thiead on white ylon.

oft an

'SLt LRJada hoteL ope im amoed

^ ... ^ s-Al.

L one of His a
atkMo to Pue

li .

r', 1 '
.* .;

*t : -' / -, ,'
O ." v; i. r

. *. ..* 4'*.. 1 4.E... -.

*,- ~-. -
,. -.





4., .~ I



Thanksgiving Eve Dedication Scheduled

For Baptist Church Home At Balboa Hgts.

k. -

Am can


I &ztA; *'fr'
L a y .; ( '

v.a.. 4


,. ?

i -- ...ufl


rWANAUA.-& aUSAT.MOVarlB as, tt ax

**n- :

** '
* ..12' *

sor there rYoud
timood, decided dt
uler demand) and .wh J
in any way. by "-aie
somewhere roandkd tt
backstairs conat 1 ,
retivesoWeusep dqan. .
and to protect our soaumM Is 8
didn't noise It round too know
about 1951. P
Thus It was that In WaIlIlton n -t .lg pirit yo. It
HDW Week, they tb:htjdo lt e1 tert T.vil
haunt the departed W. 11 tM 00 ..
been do. in.
Whe' her the shade In .Mib* o.1
Seouh goe ting aibrmattio
alone from be te
to convince our
rently cafe one tiny bit
h'. usefulness having eei
Srior mortls. "' ..... .:
In fact. we are o m
on at allm eltbW Wg
a lot aboat thM t
Slyor a few uhe(etif pt ra
have rat the price .... ...

andfi n of
much con etfa

e-: thq pa bil. -
Do ye" Impw w ata :tia1A
.You' n.. e. .-. s.
Sbte a...taoamut'atm.

dot,' In rofe.
.bus W.talking rignt ahe. as

reaon rk th" W ^ Why wl.A l' *i .
&Inotot at 8 l

SM Ltor int garters have

Thev and alk and argue and b~etS fori
days M ,wiiout gettng anywbheaw m MQ
I mant Ut s olong as the
S6 stay aake. .

i Whaft t t thought that maybe tH m
and Sl t worel around are botb." a-

.. Da tuzrt*- b,&a edrder.ol torde^ r.
Sam m ont ot the doorm and .

F re' fi..t to I*real exactly ~y It t. al-at., i y
e A oil frf choking to d lth to PIn-
"- vent a it.e

*" ,. i ,'" *". 2-:

on t. .wa t te

1L"- 'a"
n -P .,
"-,. :.-: .. .



, ,if, .+

*P -

. ,I". te ..
I o1'* "'
U-En odw;*

S et'_ .

- .. i


S -* 4 ,V


~., 'S..


le -
It ,'

+ ., w "

._, ,f...',,."

'.^ t .--..' -



r !" ." 't : n r

O TS', to N -. '. *
00ld qlV IAJk? Neo IO a Jh


1~ ~ I

He needs po sympathy who walks alone,.
Unshifted by the tides of human speech;
For there are quiet depths that he may.reach
That those who are perpetually blown,
By varying winds of thought Have never lcnd*n.
No tongue is eloquent enough to preach- .
To humankind what solitude can teaoh,
From things as silent ,as a mossy-stone.

Though man may miss the touch of tender hands,
The ministry that love "so freely giv s
Without a single thought of what It oweat.

Some joys are multitplied to him who imaw .
Remote upon the plane on which he lives-- .
More gold the sunset and more red the rose.
S_-Aaa M. Priestleyr
She was not one for greatness, unless It.could b.nh -.
A small thing as flowers. growing, as If they lf.,lMl
t-uch, '
The way her curtainss blew, crisptarched, upon a summna
breIeo ; .. -
Her tolerant smile when children came and climnbed h-l
apple treis:
The way the'l stop her daily chores, and prop a ladder Up,
To p:aoe a bird back in itN nest; her way with each trJ
pup; .:. i
The way she'd be the first to come, when tragedy 9tr, 4
deep, ; ,
And bring a spicy appll ple, and yet would silecftoelp.
She li ,d-her years asquietly, nor reached an inch 1' i.
put nevr a day gies past but what we do not 0p",- Wi
name. -
-..eulah _bMefgr .,*, ,s.

1- 0irsbaBu leans toward a ossi- kn o ,
IF .I h.' at opef ead andqlesed the door;
S obtain thrives along the path
c ( o e .lldrfn. troop, no Nte.

*:t,. I w 1ro* I saggig roof,
s thO Uih.t. rotted. ae ; i
l, r hoe*ts it~Of 1e.worne t aisles
To heed teacher's calls.

Thundier bpam bon -the ounwtadn-sdle,
Rivult* fllow- the way
Fergpei piits'ecampereddown .
The tWile-frot yesterday.

SNlent now 4e the schoolhou*e bell.
S t they .who,.heard it rm .
When shc hAtneU Wf t
S Ha've e "ri ate el
- Of a never, vanishbdf
* .. '


Slk ...
, ,' ..
' :

, .. ,- ,- ,

-a '

. ,

a'-. I**

* VA


* 4hJ


~. ,....*





DI .

-^i~fi^'.. 1'k.

AWL 4WL so
'Jil fcM _vtf^ ji'. "* *


S.. -
I, n


pad as 15's sd" tetsa7

, f *.- Everyt I weut to o-ea- of
a e o am l thaa tnn edNew Y k.

]la k'sartcle'A6s go:" ldstan b s -
...a n. towI "-'L- ?, frn "" y. ".-- .',w .I

-@.kla r in b '. .1.. -b
.. ...+, ,w .:. .,h .,.._m C ,,. i a .. .


M *i; "--.'"

I-s^, .,.

4s* uI* 'lt seem to

-. 'mt.

of dy.
'I ,aVin

~ag. Ii


*..t ;
it .

r o' d Ol. in.

Coming down is the old parsonage, brought from Empire I h M.

...- .- .. .- :

dedicde n SThankqglvihg' ae top floor; Uidte Willitan H
(W edCz hy) with a special Beb'y b tvesa th e family.
servi at :0 and. open house
at 8:- *The *e'I te, xWteusue Sun-
day :JbooS fdaffi&Idm 4 e
Many passerby will remen- in tihe oot tMttdanoe of
ber the ramq hoiae that served more than SW children at one
as a paronage it cent ye"ta seton!
and actualyfor a *eriod t was
the complete hirch building. This chu j af grown rapid*
That va back _1915 when tb ly, and its t Ope I e Is thWee
Empire BapisChurch was de- the fgue. The 1952
polished idthe lumber brought budget wB8<-a j-OO of whlI
to Baliob qHethts and assem- $10,000 -1., $1 .W wnt for nUluh-
bled., alons at home and abroad. The
Rev .Mr. Beeby states that when
At that time. the minister oc- the present buildMBg program is
cupled the top floor with wife cleared, from th bobks; the
and .nitu children, the church church bhopa to devote half of
services were on 'the ground its budget to Inissions.
floor and the Sunday School in
the basement. Loca ,nidon funds are used
to help some of the 10 different
In 191 6 the present perma- Protstant iastlonary groups
hent concrete church edifice now operating in Panama.
waM: 'etcted by ythe Southein
Baptist Home UWsipn Board. Radio Staio-n. AoXO broad-
Then, in 1948, a $4,000 addition casts the ervJces of the Balba
In the form of a 'Slnday School igts flrstapt1at Church.a
Sunday ir4oell o. sages.' .
Now 1953 ftnds a $60.0 It is a coincidence that today,
church ho me completed, malk- "Pastor alBey'. a he i. widely
ing a fh' acst of -church build- known, complete -seven yea6 in
Ings ofrwchi tho community the pulpit of this church. Dur-
may Well be proud. Both of the Ing this period It has recordr-,
aditlqdal buildings are the fl- great growth.
nanclal responsibility of the lo-
cal congregations In the building of the churhll
-. hhome, one member, Dalle D.
,The' new church home wslC Kelgley, tooi weekly pictures of
built with sev e! Wings In mino. the progress, antM as presented
As a resultitM e Is a complete- the church with 'a .photo albu_.
ly equipped kitchen ia the base- of these pictu re. With elgley s
ment with space to serve about pletres, bnO offil vil .. and
160 people. 'The basement also cover by Skin er, we share ,with
Is the Beginner's Department of the readers the itorial- prog
the Sunday dhool for thlrdren1 rsa of th4 new Chnieih ome or
4 to 6 years. Balboa 4 Hights Pitst Bapti,
On the first floor are found Church.,

? --

Going up is the new Church Home along side Balboa Heights A rst Baptist Church.


* Ati vity is seea *yriherea.
Acv~-b mmova
th llha


.' .~ *~ ...'




S -. auo ti'm- J m4 s *b*se d

. ? .z *

'~: I

it ^ ,

gagggaggagan m- -

* ^*.;

T7 The Market

(Text by Diase simmer, Many -people believe one see
Pcb r lPhbip MUe) tion of the market to be a,
-"thieves market-" The isf be-
Almost every person who has cause stolen goods, .ually,
lived in the Canal Zone or Pan- clothes. from both the Canul
ama wrently, ha seen the rubis Zone and Panama are said to be
of Qld Panama and the Hotel resold here. How true this Is, we'
Panama. How many of teae don't know.
same people have spent a a .. a\ .
urday morning at Panama's e the tidt i high, Lne
main market and on SalsiDoe- fishtg fleet and ether vemse's
des Street. also known as Thir- come In to the mJrket to un-
te"-' .freet or Market Strest load. It itimperative that :he
tide be high because oterwise
," i stret wat named Salatl- there, would be nothing lint
puedes (Get-out-lf-you-cpn) be- sandy beach below the ,eawpil
cause of the bad reputation it there, thus preventing theiboam s
bad In* earlier yeprs. It- was said from entering. The cargoes o'
to '' a h*'ngout for robbers f '"-e .bnoats re fruits vegta-'

*'th Street slopes down Chifekns, iguanas and turkeys
f1rom Ce-trl Avenue to the wa- are all sold at the market ad I
thr front When standing at the certain seasons. During various
toli of this street on a busy 8a- parts of -the year, one can al3s
wuday morning, all one can 8.0 buy marmosets parakeets and
below .s people ind more neoole. puppies nere. Sometimes there
It if, nt .to almost impossible are even macaws available. Be*
to drive a e"ar thrdih tu e sides lending an odor to t. h
crows IOt bhobpera. This In e6- market, these cackling a
cause the ooole have to walk in chattering animals and fowl dd!
the streets. sinee the sidewalk greatly to the general noise ance
P.nlrow t''-u g np most of t e conuftil orithte werket.,
i.- ... Such traits as miagoes, pap..
va, .oranges, lelonsg limes, ba-I
or's of wearing aooarel nanas, are spread aboit In -dis-1-
an oe seen along this street., plays. For vegetables, their are
Dre!sse, blousse, g u yaberas. rice, yucca, yam, cort,. read-
tra ee, pes, purses and fruit, beans. peas and cbayeoty s
belts are islayedon tables in for sale during their seasons, i *
the middle of the sidewalk orlxa
doorways. larrinS. braceleta T'he market it -the perete
Sand aU ty e" of costume jewe".y place fo- the average Puanama*
from the taMed states .nd oth- an housewife to for0'
or M~utr1s iia' g by the thoa- here, wRthin a eompaMably iYmI all:,
seun6 front .eardbdd posters. area, she can buy sO t aty-
"*tons, zippers, y ad ag Wing that she Ight It i
eombs, oelils, rubber bands, certainly easy for heto choose
plasMle toys. artificial flowers -as the meat, vegetables or fruit fr,
well as reL~ alreled on tables the day's mena. If the broom M
loeaed on thealdewaiks. needs replacing, she can buy on
I here. All the charcoal she migh
a pe- hardware need fore. cooking or Ironing an
that eW ou W ead be bought here also.
.hrm living on the
E Pha-ing. i .ake It a point |



Coatwi~b sbe s appeh the mark, et ad tie k .when the tide Is hlg.

.,, .. ., .,


:.,@ = ;,"VT ,

iF f A & FMea.rens

Sutdayd AmeriWcai

I 6'.

ZM J~M!~

*- -. ,

I '

1..'~' ~.4

~A~Jcft-~i -.,. --


~ ~ 4u1


..2.. I ... '


a 9..



;~~* *4
* ~

*.'. k'l.

AGE ( S)




IN 2/66d


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