The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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hry pi

or., would hPe baobm re-
i urchlh moved a "btunbe
addrms" conveyang "an iimer-
anee that aer -Maerty. wlU
leaver th the prayers f her
pmaple in tils -countr for safe
journey and a happy return."
He compared the trip of
iueen Eliabelt tnd beir ,h
wi Wth at of r Francis
lb2 1hcet*C .


Wil bap Data

On Effects. Of

WASHIN0ON, Nov. 20 (UP) The Atomic Edk
ergy Comminsio said today that this country wi llid
information with Gleat Britain and Canada on whet X
bombs and it-bonmbi a do to troops in the field oad ldi
people of tfa(et clw IL
The AEC ttatemeit was in response to questions a
bout a British Foreig .Office statement that the thrm-
nations will confer esoo on the effects of atomic aex.
plosions. .
AEC'chairimn Lewis L. Strauss had aeno iced
11 that the three countries would step uprtb "
nicalcoopoatioq"Sn tomic matters but added
the information excheuite would "not involve w pp
infonrm~iion .
It tars outAnhat t. doe. t -Iando-I d muaowr.Mdbutalt


tall. HeO kA
and has A4
lefts thma.
jai, vi.
hi jumped.A
a. rmnhkb
as* mana i

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th 7w
p*'n ggf -h w S ann


on OV. sap -U os a .
tie 28 fl~e,'teiteb to ih
days in fail. :had prtously
been arrest f. InRain on a s
hipn l area,

Not < o t"

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was ci
kent Il

+,.:. *. M, jg.^ ,."'-
My thu wore Oh wi
whss Tato extra ce
a Na-N -

Ime anI an vs
am Infprm.,l th-

itb,. have amS ol

an boy who
Srailing and
i the staIr of
home yester-
o seriously ill
from a severe
i required an

on of the
nIon, 2%,

wu on the fourth
op landing of the
pp under the
and fell to the
tince of about

Ollce report
ling the boy
the steps and
the kitchen
William, has
A the Corm-
r many years
unlnm w"an-

Use of, th w r. "nar"
n w &4a y r wyth


Stamp Buin m
i Cadts! zone
to the
states % &e thekr
own MW e*i- allMe
Itw t ea en4B l,_
A sa "eeeaqs heasur"
the Canal -a ped effles
cw ilo 1log4egBw' u lbagen

aued by Vm' t tare te
ddey f ietta I to the
Stats u alg the we*-id

S itaegulea and deomlnaam-
tins 4 UAS. potage gtaa
will be- Meetitnued. e an-
neaeimmat aid. wh the
ste snew ea hand sut.


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LWf USdmAuGAM tUti-M
sonnel ewh dinng, daaueaSt
traditional ThanIasgTlag
Enlisted men attendil tt
Fort Davis service Club's
Thanlkgiving dance neat
nesday eveningst 8:30 p. a. mwE
roll their hips to the ,mob.t
ed Latin rhythm of the at
Army Band durln te hie
sponsored mambo 0mnteMt 1
which winning' "aIa 'n ..
sters" will be swami ptld .
Thanksgiving rf i
be provided.
The Forc GulOk Service WCh
wil sponsor their 0ta--kfwl
dance next Friday at O p. ,.
Snacks will be served aud ans
will be provided tbyo CM.f
Army Band.
The Fort Amsadr wServie
wil start the T he
lebratlons on the FaSQ t
the Isthmus with a pzq4tami
giving dance at 8:U a W
nesftay evening. M Wet.i
pmvlided by the TlhtAt6 is .
and knick-knack MaNad be

Claytonites will be able to at
tend a T"anksgiving danea a
buffet at the pot's service
on Thanksgiving Day t :
p. m. The 60th Army Band w l
cross the Isthmus to play ag
the dance.
The Fort Kobbe ""T w
will also hop an the W 'W.
giving wagon by aspateribg a
dance next Friday at 30M p. aM
The decorated chub wi hav
live muale played by the 71U
Army Band and refr-bmsntu
wiU be available.

Huhf Mu

Mhu Appuix
A radio meage to the bMW
"Captain Cook" that a 15-yret
old girl on Pitea al id W-
Isuffering from a ruptured I
pendix brought the shipb nto-O
island which has nO M| -
service. Th j hie doctr a
formed the operation abat
The girl, Valt
descendant of.l.ete,
tian, re-mane. d
was seheduldde all et.Wa
Usthnmus at fpa. teMAU1 q
She wil rsupetbJr 9
the sa .

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rPea1eN sesPerAtINlVEli !OItSHA a I*oweRS INO
S41 ManlallN AV A 1wW vORe ilt? N V
Mt TM. n IN, AACI ---.--- 0 70 S .
1e0 *I1 MONTMe. IN ADVANC --- 41011 4
a9 *NO "AR. IN "nVANCe. .- ---- 'A 4

The Mail Bea n an open iteum to, .eadenr .t The PeNse AmI
iMeL. ie m w seeived glatefully end are handled in e wholly ca
If sI-A .edt a ltial den't be Inmatleht it eesa'l apeeo I
Mast day otse'publhed,) the sde Mreweves, .
Pleas to iskeep he letters Imited to eNs p-e length.
.* Idety of tlete wdlen is held in ftrictet eatHiiee.
l Th mewpaper eam a responsibility tee laemen-ts s 8 il.
b WN..
o --
Fort Amador
SI realize tiat it's a late date to be commenting on the lOtt
lrom the "Homesick American" which you rgn in your paper o
NaL Nov. 14. but he hit the nail on the head to very well that
6ast can't adt ydly by while you try to brush him off with the w0a
epy that you added below it.
will admit that "Statesman" Somoza's purchasing in th
oat exchange and commissary was a news story and will all
11v you the benefit of the doubt when you say that your re
i of It was based on fact. I do. however, take Issue wit
out when you say that The Panama American handled it In th
eiy _t journalistic tradition. 1Ether you are not familiar wit
techniques and ethics of your profession or else there was n
oihmner in which you could have handled it and still.npain
1iy5O-r paper and your jobs. I read. pewpapers to learn th
cteI the news not a' lot of fiction baed on FACTS, t a
e~letal g to the impressions conveyed by the articles In quea
and Aot the "half-hidden" facts themselves.
Another Instance in which I will take issue withyou concern
g your Journalistcl techniques, ethics and tradition, iU in you
porting of Ptes. Remons' recent visit to the U.8., some fe
weeks ago. Your method was to lead off with big black headline
the effect that "Remon gets this" and "Remon gets that" a
t which you would directly, completely and categorically den
your wrtteup immediately following those headlnes I Gentle
ena I mau congratulate you inasmuch as you furn shed me wit
e leares and most definitely shining example of "yellow Jour
alislm" which it has ever been my fortune to see, and I may ad
t I hlav read a good many newspapers.
Also back in the U.S. we have independent newspapers an
e also have newspapers which are controlled byvarious interest
individuals. I myself am very familiar with both types o
ew ers and have read so many of the latter kind that as soo
I t ick one of them up I can tell just about who control 1
view of that fact it has always been my opinion that If Th
anama American was not directly controlled by the Govt..o
anama. then its entire staff knew only too well on which aid
lIr bread and their paper's bread was buttered on.
As for ou statement that your editorial section is staff
bdmlnantlry Americap citizens well that'doesn't have th
ghtest Impression on me and r will tell you why. In the UAJ
e have thousands of newspaper men, some are lVe best. in th
world and most are very good, but we also have ,maan who ar
can~ d a unethical We have many that are as p59r an
th ,thy. an ol. a good job.anywerw in theU.
a Bui turn their attentionWd elsewhere. I am net, 1e thitk paa
ph. committing myelf as to the caliber of yqur staff. I an
1erly pointin out the worthleWnde of such a atMe1 4it. .- *,
In conclusion may I suggest that In the future yp reylse you
mate of your clientele in the "Zone" and get rld'of the dei
t we wl read and believe anything printed on a piece of pa
er to matter how "trashy" it may be. I admit that I am nJu
ignorant "White Hat" and therefore of li staUtion InLife and
ty but I do vigorously, reAset t~eing, eterred to as eilng
ble" and "stupid" as your paper ha*r so, long been infer
due to its style of makeup and by Its yellow and low stand
S of jO 4nalls .' -,*' :-* + i_ ; I:'
Yours for the thought you may give 1;
^ :. *., ,o..., ,-
Itentlon: "Homesick"
At ease. disease. I fall to see how the likes of you could be
for anything more than a sewer. I won't flatter you
Scaling you an hsAipp of any type. America in its entire.
do wellU tao B M and your kind. With your narrow
ended Ignorano you cat us ho good and'certainly ",Wshould
Ashamed In tlh knowe .ftat such as you exist in the Am
-Amer can, woarty ag so called. are of a much hiah'
t. *X. fult surprise t r lear of your ability to read am
0I"s. ess of that. 4TWty usually indicates at least a slight
etil devecipe, 0. morople writings as yours are plain
h ete l5oU1sis Wanderings of a 0dseased mind, which could onl1
It f with we destructive les of ideological and soclol.
S f m yO .Sanyou are Bo longer reading The Panama Amer
an. I cn b sosone. if he can bear to get near
*eu.'wlU caliour attention to these facts:
(1) The Psanam Ametceaa Is tot a propaganda organ of the
2) The Panama American performs a definite service for
rillh- s ,aing residents of Panama and the Canal Zone.
S(3) The Panama Amerianw in the tradition of the free press
Ssoetme,. obligated to print soame "rubbish" (such as your let-
er) along with constructive items.
(4) The Panama American, in the tradition of reputable
alism cannot print as truth any items not definitely estab-
on a foundation o ffet. Very little of the Somoza case the time of printing, been established as fact.
Tou. with your m Ac demonstration of the weakness of your
mental faculties, cannot speak of morality in indivld-
or in nations. You art tar below the fIlthiest of Panamanian
ass 'do the worId a great service by eliminating yourself
e do nt want any vultures or worms o die from feataing on
diseased cadaver.
"Net Se Homesick"
(This,. please beiAeve us, old omet have been eoncoeted
te t.e hflehs of The Pasma Ameriean and at the same time
*n the Iliht o day. As It says up a-Te The Mail BD Is
te nders' fna m Wef mu've ,t-. ustetemea,
eitan' p th~e iwe a the belt ki)

3Ben.veent and Prottive o otEiks Cris.
Lodge 1642 Twentyfifth Annual Charity Ball.-
era Club Saturday evening, November 21,
Dancing by Luis Azoarraga and his Hotel
mnA orquestra 9 paw to 2 a.m.
Saumble doer prizes including Omega wrist
donated by C. Perret, Jewe v. 400 day clock
1 Bazaar Italian Center Piece by Motta's
by Shaw, and others.


r .eem er s "+ t I. --r -r

__ PARi MsAi >MpRpAW.-.,eq sWD"P jIAItm.. "' 'I ....

Labor News

IAN-b. w. u.n th. ;'," .. .
d '-+ po by an o r

CLEVELAND Walterjleuthe
is taking the criticism er NA ..
'I.oman as a personal ns'ult ad
Sis pitching some of i '
a' th t extPresident' a said d
Ite White case noto the lk s fa. of De"
which is Reuther's k t t a.t. .
South Carolina's ObvernIor 8
., James Byrnes is a symbjtdaedNaz.

ahe, Swinging his full weiht I VeT
President, Reuther toldM t ltop
' /CIO officers here at thelro ., :,
stitutional Convention tI9L" r "b ,
i is a "symbol of the mAdt ra ce

otry, intolerance and lm W11ty4. "
This bitter anger with those who a n
have charged Harry Toumas with" A i n I
softness on Communism was re-'x
er flected in the CIO 's ehemeqt at. c ,
M tack on all the Co itena Ia.
Svestigatory commit y t sat- .l _
k tack, interwoven with a t I to
blasts against big bus IIn gen.
le eral and General 'Motw h90r.
so ticular, characterlaed t e .6 waI'.
so Carthy and Jenner r I.Mani
hi tative Velde as the me In trin m
i Washington today" for msn du .
h Attack Harry, Truman as 1A ontw
o Communism. thetw
- officially the CIO charged that "Fr
e the techniques of these co3mit tees
m may be more disastrous So thb this
a country than a nythig that the

.r vise." it 40
Be Reuther promised to ive these
11 Republican Congressmen frnt of- ., ALe
y le. This "situation can e reme .. It
-died political action," Reuther 9M F so
th warae using e the e a f ate- __ __ __ _. __ W i
rs a yet hurled at bhe he s
A don by any National ee. ye '. t
Referring to the Eiseqoer Ad.or
Sqd filtration, the redshed ritden C born
n of CIO charged that it was o"tf to
)f Ing the New Del nato the big t n e lin
n iteal" PtEdsTV'm on a h
. "'We're going to kee i sore. for
S1954, and we're go to, even the : Byr
score at thtat ime, -o ,* ., .
e', Though the dele ates ntothe WAS DG~TON (N Big White tae iI s- own de- kee out ag' ha are denied
mention cheered eudt's aunpre- g apper In nfor o far fense, Aug. 13, at e State De ia
~ cedentedly searing attacks doa the ade .blic on the A B 194 I. Four Al e died. Though A. ernmeet
SPresident and hs appointees, the r se of Investi tion ar. Whittaker not pro follo he sl Pn fc6ur
. CIO was far from unaalmos ino ry Mxter W 'sah spying duce shis fulous ipa- tesy notifying the Spanb gov taJoh
e its animus against big business activities. thI s0whmchsa memo, intent of all ericap personnel
Reuther opeAdmhistSrti f e asl7 offact that tbeen Tralneas ner, b ourl mid-No. assigned to aid misslons,'thusfars
e has 'r00m opr teDa ur. dfielalhadbusp W ader -df course evi- there have been do objections to-
Sven. on as dO P int 4 ats for sta dece.whidk the i jury did any of these appolatments and no
Sees were ua poker-felve paratus was firsias uw not, have. It waplued nine questions have been raised as tohim
haired man sittince gin -a mae moernoient ofciall at -thetAie er t lt. psble Masonic. affiliations. hi
That man was the Ow o .haobpr we11 to seeg.A ..l ._ -masionry is regazd deas a
That ma nwashepo l DO at ecetary tto Wa n rtr Wee rept Ical movemmet in most of
a Steewk o Umnest a M Adolph Bede in I.- nut it iwass Rtuv etr g he rpein d a stuq It is cde
*hisl t ltt 1941 before two F* l alled m rebast o of ti pres- ap D toF's party.
str.t a Cad eO' tra, Chambers wad, a .m So, room.t oAorey Gf enedal Her-
nformation. They e Ae amberss bert a wnostateaton-. the 80VTMA. OnA S IN L .
l McDonald and his minhidaeme they back a tw days, Ham ter White cs ;.,First it Though t et eem tuall
Steelworkers eadal esa but he says hab never s e hose was to be rea 1 en dpi so 3 II
o s e d ,0n n-y and t ._, a.. nor, infant, did he :30 pr6. A to ml .

icl euof e the Rep gam sas I r by.f .e CIO Tre a o t eH i
asll wants toped fb r b rm years. .. leas s e l-

I ptnesse th CIO Ste. eworke -sa. mI, s td c. _a, I- -t' L POW gnMo i v ,t lS
J S. Steel Corp contract .m ti pealer azt, the, Co"
to iieyetPotidpeutg Eatho Qa Now. 5, loewRluabeth Dent wa'I" 1g 44111
For example, the moreD presence ltay told her to te FB On DIN' NAIL tm e U e
McDonald at a closedUv t session o Nov. 27, a t Attorney 'me big er" ..e t T
ute 1 high command here this General Herbm t oownell, th, r d pot on hbg .AmeranDm l r St&y t=' naga!
Sat week saved President Msen. FBI copleted its big roon lab ianouncea.t to one .A. "Is perfect lye under AmerIan

Swert from Sereter ate sae by Co nies theItalls A eIAVW priAnIples fedom a the pu Se, IT.
d Wentd iawe bselen had WO h-aspt tbosolog the as the prkpa
ame a a".4 got ad be.toovewthro 60u.*.5
c TheC leaders wereadiscussingo tMntU1mt

dMoat W uIedTIPe cOB.oo .er how "h A'. ,.'. Cls tea d '-
th er f bebduledfordi.OTr e *odad fond th d eam a days'tThe RussianmmhgaizCgs ow of-

Feb.a1,guMarshalMTito.tohat o hisspat... s I ......"le,
Whe oth CI O leader, awaited b Toe t ...... r ee..f ..
oey sghad before them a conmad WhIte happned .teretwan nofhhaiatouateTrahk mard. etu
Tneiteel rrom Scrietaryf Sai tated we comld fo. 41Ad TinetpP.. intcr

Johe Foster Dues, whom they icard'thm d di te"' a. n
alh 'Iilted waI before the mse~son."- 'hre-d- t h e e

ease mt u a es o new e some t s i4lnt1 t rd Ate e r ,
body's potical white elen t i t which _aktat5 l t ad : hr piln'c i- t fr ne b .. Yet.'-''

X" n n W opM oee Du '- w a'l '.l] 'ee
E .e"R poortcy nthele.i .he .
Sthat -time Dul oes had writn to e ntl oi th a'i,, eR,, o that the Spanis ,.

sayhre Idco 'ntcone aseumb e "m"oftloe hl ant woula-_n "..La" I" inpu
aprea o Nwd .ATOI asined ss. A m u. imdw Aaiovets ,C ov-te Comm inteiao
chiefs mere inFio med b Inthat n- 1 .+ Y-"--.--- -dah ng--
speak atWens of the convene.
'tin week Whenythe outspoken W aler W. .be.l hr:New Ypr
t heard this, he urge t hen_

*pot prizes to be given out during the eve-
eta $1.~00 per person -ca be obtained
member of Lodge No. 1542, or at the door .
j eeof the Danoe.
reservations can be rnmade by phoning the


.$'"- '" s a'-.b", n--- ew'-. \

Nowr< -. A W
T I~~lk B-'l~uJjr ^.- P1 ^k k.j -. mil~ tKBM^^^^^^^!- '*H^BIII^I~~l^BII~l

1* Isfur


.-. r" "" 4M
*4 WY'W-0


a .e sm in e l
$% 'S a g

r. T plaaas h 1e aed

Iato rewi' m in the fs inu
meant fa three deaths, a

a job one year cdurr
n Foster Dulles. &' a. -
SSe as head .th Brow
B Fromt lo. "., e ,

back n -the cp3talh
Feb. ias.eI
B e -wroe a 'iema

& ,

A. .ROVIA. .,. TO ,..- C. A:.

JAYAM WpWA.y -' .

In SU -, I. .t

% -gig CfuWm 7v":f
Ray*, daUNg out cf so
stage deortb her
der while -she were
(roBdt ishb.r kws),
knee'leagze .
ead blet.
efM (the (duso t
vadin the awh s i

lugB.. V uhro

s am.a

0- fat

, A.' "
*wfa V.


-e; ....

j. ll^ .

- 1,,


mv V

rid I
was d

/ .- -,' .. .- -

.J". W O' .- '* "
* *- "* "**- ... _r_._


Sto A MR Over Prmtew
Pehud ys Toui Says 6rekw o Hippo Mom1 F euts
.u Ta f ra R tw l eraIr In New Otdms Jail To Feed Zoo Baby

s L ma n Dr t1. h Q-1' 8916nipa the Armed Fyrces ncrini an ri n es c ause "She spent allU of her time c dwfu e aid tha
ds te MOhicD.h ine ls w hich w 1 which he was the o iUt m. Iron- guardian her offirit and ne- hiit poy injured when vhe rat h
the1 inOtSnl cii n de J ac s Bo rN i ? o oheo lasm ofil aTheo two-day old h ippo died. takn ied rt h n
Sore oth r td and ue eece anted to d the -pound a cne the bb bod

araof sd bu ttook l the e a- In. t f Bluse s f ia th l' w for Co^oa l TCu ra thni o t b ecanse hde wa ba o Its mother was tobabout be raoVed. inaS
Sthe Idst e Ar Fo a rand llnr e in 'She al tpre of the ntd of her time was do ed
atd weAr eeh thO ta h .elatDr'oatheAfrmed.he eprng
which he was the victim. d he off* and ne- '
tie wlats f weanoe ei,_i, tat,7:30P.m. u h ftfree-on bond while st m ouris "verytim e we went near the pIt reed a h r
-- VAr Nc oiudn't rase his $7.00 bil. pTA, she charged a t u t." t' mntt foro a tte dats
u, iin o ed A. nThe, Cpoeloeaads harmonica duo p.In l the opfdtheT aIht and told Kig Pa Davis said that although he steel pip

.7otat .., iecoada ainlad editing him Tero G WMr s. 1nire reerted equally thow I'm te only one ml lh .Il, l .
*,*** h Ba tist Pastor y sIvo ries to the as Mrn.e e a Queen redelka of tneece wanted to fee d the -poundr a crner
-20 for MOMtonlue 'r er;ct0 p.Mter Tu r thei o wait hirdnheoneir Panos tbee

ee.a ry r land, -dn H. n 8t e Sr Ca 'r ased abwut to he Kng asd wh he w1 .t.l newns
o *r*as st-ougy b It ,ooklthey Wk Rall Blues" with Cl Mr.i a-s-".-C U vi&ted' New Orleans w. Ubsteromofe

manew 0 shah^*w be the war a the &. 1 th picalBayhumor h s a civil cae and hisa

^ l^ '^atler mfcnhe special Thafirtn service to -u al t act Flore Itamadel the unusualratuatin* which ocf attorneys are doiw everythin|
u of the ult- be held at e Headquar. pt la sin teed. a eorge Al Ban- m eldestedauhter dee eosible for him.e
S terth NaDiet. Chap n a rag-tyL' e vociSizat atarry aor theend EIward A. Hagert Jr. first

1 bo and the Nava1 Station.n Rodtoan, s on o9 he gh. M M mer ;assstn"This istrct attorney said: cu
i o1n ) Chapel ton Soday. She r mnpudo othe r 't.O. to have com h Arthur "We Iust wead aeent to t Ihe sre '
T ehed tiar-P svisharmoniecaAhe.dthath ad uh stightdpoldhh Kandt ourthee appears forp
seon.ihftlDranBumestite iSghimurrbitsa tmigliano; Pdere e isltdNewI Orionlean&whether thehddotsaotbrcond- mmoneyInea-ic

a tr Ct he$ beg t ;15 e Fores. alsh; p t To e n t o w hade hway the.m rlNet about fEnding a ca
Ba tis t Pat orp atR odan c ad theo m nt relSdper ater born repuoM for imwpero ihee would pnt .ect it onrfectly.

Ba*t warded to .oc elo B; d S.a S e s g ot T o
of.d MrsrH t. ent .v ebcredabletrsetpe-Kourtad- ducedhtheyneater-onthncPan
Preac h w)eitthehater"reeireel o"Meship eas gmoue nod mey-'m yyt r
-eachS auE for-more.": lA', ste] H ; jJaReMn n why this has h appen ey
Fort n- Jo ns r n oonmn ais ahoter Kuit oda h. r c h ; a viln a oy= u. today. n' t under- O stern
tleatmo ,F r0W u, a e *, Loulle 'lhu tyw"centers around a "As consul; I can't help him

o,...o ... "SIVERBC T" a ^. r, ,
baF1T4 k amp.tMw-
Ch urth6 o a. wih gllf.I1a ,EN ,r MM ndQen- cntUeelds t y T hdal helpater de- -bl A oe r p

d-rbetheh thpr eerachetrrfo osready the &D -
speiBa a ng eries to a lmd the unusual atuatlo which oc- attorneys are do funY everything
S.tthea Headquar- hs. .. ca when the eldest daughter do- possible for him.TRA AVNUE AA
ters, 15th Naval DistrictChapel Q l '1; r.d we110 d omarry for the second dward A.Hagteftt Jr.. first
..b'i.. V and..R ,s by an a the Nval StatiiAmsaon, i Rodmanis, trt ton of her. nnish a, )i e r S s; da r ,rt r.fid
,-.lee Chapel o Sunday., ter pdolt np laa no .ohe. .s. ; M deof the.i sArthur "We Just want to make sure
Ru- uerm t te H.aar- 2t e he a .d Wa.Canalemploye. that Kanzouriappears for
to' ter C s ". W -boegn at ;15Wa ; ".trial. Too often In these cases, Roun watches have' alway. they set about ending a c ,
S ih^ -Bleo elsh; X^. O l ;PamC l e loye, theatom plaint dis appear s after
.th.oeath complaint d ppe after borne a reputation for imper that would protect it perfect.
a tw'll. wt dart _at_ 11 am. wa rt__doY4oL, tBa d c af le. turbably weathering the most Twenty year, of laour pro .

00261161 tI, mald a- rWport NOWkers H obse Rac wktmaI
to Or Heights Fr a Church on Sunday. Real two-rail traks... A lot of credit is due, of perfectono-proof,
low cirateals-yes of the.Observance Will begn Reaibsti'choa-choo..oure, to our Oyfter Eace.In theOyePauase
_. iteDn of 332 .on .at 0,b. the 1"8- FULLYeruAwoRrANtt pec "
i*p=e r wa asewd, g, Ontaiton*.andt bise ni"of ithe
hith and sermon w t solemn Rturetlwour pro .h, tO Lrs
1 BO r Of tjXB tok man#uI- n.T eo" b d o"queen ________
al$l"010.12 of"the harvestan e ou.t "SIVER BULLET"
S. .. "" Sm- Smog blanketed at lwueec- Of wlbh $04,14'7 were 0e andp receive a al blessing complete with
""- ta~n of the. cit tytoda I nuon e dollar ach. 'hdeseon Townsend will deUv-
"tile eyesoat hUnredS of ndtns E. also noted-that fifty pero r the sermon.DUY a
%o thennat hwnr-W Ths eentthe loclitens cO'lte Church 8rheodIservice togie'syftrs of fun! iaii JEWi1LfY i',IbQUARTIR
seaplane on. the. DeSVm RI. uted to the Community CIpst. and presentation of fruits and ,. .
"A splendid binowlngg"he 0IdEdl flowers will be at 3:30vmwhn 161 CU, PAA
George. RIchards, "chief ""usthere e al a orec*a1 program will be r-', ." CM A AN
Softhe air pollution =-:,said this tb HolyF'riptism will be -bld at ."ilbert al of Science"
'r"H" w a s n o t b i nf u l hc wlltdof.'c i o.h O W l- t l e o n tMri t
~wanteuo tu. hW drve on wS close with eve~song and CANAL'AGENCIES, S.A.,m S ob 1.3m.1m free W el.lre.
di A, -i't..w n h u lsn h, --eesson at Itp.m.:at Whier .-u1 i .... Pis (an n
,hf ad 1biR li4 ro" ,th u 3 t ... .. ,

P u.. -*
,- -. .. .. .
* ,,

[I' ,I


caused 1 a, pby kMadt wan a
forming over a ?of @64
mosphere closer the-gtoinu
The seaplane, W th ree
Upaats aboard, -wa forp
down in the river water the pau
Walter O'Cannqr, 46. Agava
Mass., became 1. from thes ma
when he was two r"r-- '
his kyp afctiatlion at -l
U'oot or fifutet Ilk "'


, ... .. i. .

: :T fc. '-.- '-- : ,

po problems, no worries, I'm byjliM air my toys on Felix's
S, -easy lay-away plan. Sure hope I win o of thee Wonderful
.Chtlfnam;s prize :

C L.. ... -. "7 .



I ~1
I ** '

4 ~ U



Ii~ .. /

Gi ing Away Diamonds

For Christmas!

1st PRIZE ................................... ONE KARAT
2nd PRIZE ...... ......................... HALF KARAT
3rd PRIZE .......................... QUARTER KARAT

" >'1


S IR MA at CASA FASTUCB. Each- cash lip has a umbet
ti"i a d~ the stme as~me s y the Panama Lottery mt",
t5e wheier of "SYM$M. OVLOVE" Diamond 4Rin. i.
,~ '""L -''" ";" I '
,-ho --
',' = : .. --: .:: ,T .. .



r -1,6500oo


4. A t .- T ,

' ***' I


a -

r' ... ... 1
1C .

Iffdreds Eva -'' t' 1 hranese

'(loud10' rsl FIscd l IA E iae-

: Ok'ahoma Town '"soners Of War
t PT, RENO, Ok'I. Nov. 20 (UP) MOSCOW. Nov. 20 (UP)1 -The
Several hundred persons were .' nese and Soviet Red Qross
.v'crated from their homes ear- ,'e-itions tcrpv ,_ned a:joint
y today when a cloudburst. droon- agreement for repatriation of 1,-
el nearly eight inches of rain "74 military and civilian pris-
r e in about four hours. cGers.
'To on" was Injured in the sud-, An eight-oaragraph joint com-
ei storm although a four-year- murique announcing the aoree-
Id drl was swept away from rent on releasing Jar-npee cap-
s'ftther and washin the: water Lives of the Soviet Union was
6 'several hours. signed by leaders of the two del-
'lice chief Lee Harvey said 7T' egations.
o 8 inches of rain fell. He said n At the conclusion of the sign-
t flooded, the. northwest and i ing ceremony, the Japanese del-
S-the"st sections of Fl Renoeeation expressed its thanks and
a.depth of nearly five feet. r.the hone herr tCep ra-
c said firemen, nation a 1tion and assistance in the re-
:gt-rdsmen, police.. highway pa- natriation of the prisoners now
;'rolmen and volunteers, workedlin the Soviet Unidn."
*t1'ourh the night in evacuating! A Japanese official said it was
pr-ons from their homes by possible the ftrst group of, repa-
\ th. triates would leave for Janan Ot
S"We would have more drmag0.Pthe end of this month, thoueph
'if whe hadn't had a lot of help."! '"beir movement might be delay-
*H' rvey said. He said the rain ed until the beginning of Decem-
:started around 9 p.m. and had ber for technical reasons.
shelted entirely by 3 a.m.
* About 25 of the flood victims
:were taken to the VFW club- ----- -- --. -
oroms, Harvey said. .and /others -
&were tiken to the City Hall, Elks I fl .... n. I
;Club ',-_d private homes. The
vJttip.' for by the Red iV V't ur
Cross ted to return home to-
dY. A. '
--dfmarzied his I fit N

X four-year-old Do- CI ijj[ Ih Tl I
Tightened and rajn
.ward d was swept away.
0 w 'E- nd several hnurs 5
IAter D de,- blocks away, fright- I
ened but unhurt except for a few
The rain storm was preceded I
..b a small twister two miles east f
)of El Reno. Frank Williams said
Sthe wind cut a 50-foot wide path
between his house and bar)-
garage. The tornado knocked
over his barn, damaged his
house slightly, flattened his
fences and let the cattle out, he

45th Inf. Div. ASTEN CARDS on mantels,.
Names Sector I mirors and Christmas trees with
Name SOctor-.raparent "Scotch" cellophane

After Dead Hero t ,4 ourt mea bright.
SEOUL Korea, NovP. 0 (UP)
A North Carolina soldier ,ho
fell on j live grenade tooa i
two buddies was honored todiy j
when the 45th Infantry Divist f
riamed its military reservation
,frtht im.
Trhe division headquarters an-
i ouneed that it has named its
sector "Came George" in honor
if pfe. Charles George, Whittier
X. C. ,HOLIDAY HELPERiMpkesquick
George was killed g, year ago I work of dealing, holding; mend-
when he performed the act for ing. Minnesota Mining & Mfg
,W hi *Vas*besen-recenrnmend- C Diion, St.
"--'-for the Con.r.sipnpal Mdal P n'
-. .. _, .,


T Geling Up Nights
It fr Oet up Laboratory of Los Ahgeles, California,
S* Af'be, stacn, g .is now helping thousands to revitalize
fmt, heu- kidney action in these 0 positive ways:
tm tJiU P W en Ankles, 1. Helps kidneys clean out poisonous
i Kw~roM~d' ,a i t nd fsel. old acids and purify the blood. 2. Combats
ore trouble y germs in the urinary systm. 3. Soothea
the cause, and calms irritated tissues.
Wron food anil rks, worry olds Cystex Is npw imported by leading
TW overwork plade. ehvy strait pn druggists, so no need of any-
Skidneys o ey function one suffering front Backache, Getting
o d often Up Nights and the other symptolns'
lypuriyyourbloo' tff mentioned above without the benefits
aad energy. of this great medicine.
V RetellbT Yowr M Fi Get Cystex from your druggist today
A ftst acting internal medincalled and see how quickly it helps put you
fx, dlt ope0d br the Knl Cantrol on the road to better health.

CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer All Ou

I,. #A # A.wm
_.-... .--- r"*r '

" ,*u --K PAA A A B SI. WE NM tfkI.

Beastly it

ACROSS 3 Exavmston
I Desert eaike
6 Andean beast Pat
11 Many --s 6S |^a
are used as : ut ey
beasts of 8 Fruitdrink
burden Some I 1 -t
13 Conductor furnish us
14 Office holding irthI I -
15 The alpaca'is 10 Scota aldr 4Pamtene
another- re 26 Tumult
beast 12 Te aM t 27S S ld bei
S16 Female saint 13 2Bagal- 2 relgianri
(ab.) (p3.), 30 Scatters
.17 Mends, as s'0 1- 3 Muatesne
19 socks (ab.) 30 Statio beasts
119 Strets (ab) 21 Looked Axedly37 Transferr
S20 Disfigures 22 Emploed title legal]
22 Superior 23 Perfan fairy 39 Routes (al
25 Some beasts
others I
290 roze
30 Courtesy title .
31 Ventilates'
32 Therefore -
33 Dance step -
34 Part in a play 17
35 Twist out of
37 Hinder
40 Interest (ab.)
43 Sip
44Seaport (ab.) -
47 Perched
49 Redactor -
51 Ungulate
beasts .
52 Unruffled
53Paces r.
54 Somerbeats -
live in l 0 .

2 The dill


ering42 Narow fUet
river 44 -.21"
45 Cooking
ed 4a Laria plant
ly 48Poiat
b.) SOFihs .

JopUBousrIr Twai sIuu AJIperincI e I a wul4 y
and speak perfect Spanish and Englih.

Write complete details to P. 0. Box 3145,

Panaml, R. P.

Platter Fans You'l Welcome Our


fo a littUe a $ o.0 o, ..-

You can be the proud Obone l the est "t"hlt....
or whatever type ol music you enjoy most!

o 1Cia:Cyrnos
(Tivol U Crossing)

it Effort




* ~ It ~

"-- *-." *s' '-* l"I lt ": :r T,. **'*i *-" w -' ?,' -t
*.. |
"--,* .. W.t ..

AN. o01 ANP we wfi
MW wM...OM U
Im i ALL 3 M" Im innmau

Ib My FBa

81 "pis
.. *

* -I
'1 'I'

LUOO .WDW -%' wS WW .A 1.*
w 4LowtbO AVuW iA6qEm.


) 5.

* .- .. It a S
U~at Msed Itt


Cymos Glrm
*e. 16 TI Av.;
(Aerom frm& ABgn Pan~i"


S. M w...
:* vicupt


4~a, ~J

Weary Warler

........ ..-.


'a'. a.


. p. -M
0 v;

5261 I

J-286 .J


AL VEllum

- /-

"I '

An313r UtohC 11 1:toll
U LI M ;I- mst .,! fh B4 IJn


lo "I T -

,.-T Blgl

.1-1 / IV

.. V ."' *' *- ', '7 t ," 'the m *. .

AgL.. .,-.,_i..

*Me -lid!

thing, In act '

aot ,
no .eha uiqu1
eae f4auihter--


I, -.*
r.-. Y'-


W booth, a
Iil booth,
m, there wH
d other attr
fiAPS*tt-tua,,1 I

idl ha I
Iat mtb~
P" be

as ZWopU So Mr ,sU
r' a little strong
some wisdom behind
if by "standing" her

Mac I
A for

will be.
0Te and

d U lUa U'EiS

1 minute one h
td States and
r for itur-
1,.0*o ond
avid donated
hama City. Any
! either evening
for tisgrand

day-nob 'tbo U|v
a lw --you lmav 'nd Mu t
he 6 f you think elicfK bt
Zj nmbpr of.-tb4.
at Ja wyou can
br--BW lanpage,.

.. Oi ln. To nBe.
leld At Club Toa'i
3r4 and Virginia I will -be
rowed &as king and queen of
m harvest of the parish of St.
Iul' Church tonight at .the
Hub Tania.
The coronatloa will include
macsn to t aia by the. Sonori
mefim orcebtra and other

A. x-P

.Net- to getting 'the names
oriett, the most' Importaut
about making an intra-
is an easy, casual man-
e If you are stiff asad awk-
wad in making an iutrodnettnn
you'll make those you introduce
tliff and awkwaft too. So
Tou'll make two pdnoes the
strungMru to eaee ether-feel
ksli- fd Menudy, te .


n "e isolem- las .-. il
r',. tiMe U- memoear of the

hher t h .
Lsett was II
IRW^ P61 ;bU~sM

gy qdn te.UA

=p ;;*O7* -,'*

p Card Orout=w tw lto
weman's 0 -




* y
* Ii

German Herrings
Gabel Fish

1 Kippered HIrrmngs
Kieler Sprotten

Fof Thanksgiving..

&Wff. ..- .ir'by Turkeys

fOland Ducklinga

Aa Own Sugar-Cured
Smoked IHAMS
'A964 mod 21st Stm

||h p~i b.HotelIoter*tio"aa
bridge .-7
S'- ...


A urge

S The finenq is a peculiar play:
you apend bhkal of your bridge
career learning Itt. 4 the oth-
er half avoi4n It.'lThe begin-
ner goeput'of iy to take
Siesases; e gO-togreat
trouble to avoid tMmM
ab t ted"-.u at sample,
the slam sengo bpe4M on
sueeessful club flease once it
has been discovered .-that the
diamonds ati noe-34. The aver-
ae players would win the first
a with the ace of hearts,
driw truipps, sdM perhaps even
run an ewtra trump or two for
good measure..,
He would, then try three
rounds of diamonds In the hope
of setting up dumwy's fourth
diamond.When 'that hope failed.
b he would try w club finesse,
I and lose his slam contract grace-
I fuy.
lTeexpert would lay the
hand quite differntly. After
I winning the first tick with thel
ace of heart ahlrws only two
rounds of trump. Then he tries
the three top diamidl.w
When West io own to-have
the fourth diamond, the slam is'
ice cold. The correct play is to
ruff dummy's Jeen, of hearts,
Sget back to immy with a
trump, and -lead the last dia-
meond from dummy.
South must not ruff dummy's
last diamond, Instead, he dls-
cards the eight of clubs, allow-
ing West to win the trick. If,
Wat retun a club South jets'
a free tse. If West returns
a heart (the only other possibil-
ity),. dummy 'ruffs while South
discards the jeen of clubs.
An. esrl, uf filnesse would be
wrong ve diamonds were
switched tht lisut rather

wn U. I
, MIch. Nov. 20
' University of Ml-:
Sey research center,
Sfor its accuracy
ams of consumer
y predicted another
WO.rltv for 1954.
46 per cent of the
oprewed in a survey
. the early weeks of
Struce believe there
kluemison 1 none de-
ien" during the next
B the survey were
y in BusinesWeek
v,grtghted "Special
fitves." I
f owed that about!
Rewho were pessimis-I
long-term business
Sore confid.;nt that!
Srosperltv ill last
year at least.

play. eight of cdt If Eait ere w
Even If ut were able to put W M 5to & h r If,
thlBfend-p ay. South' ould DotiWt to the--susemJ
'be beaten. Be wOuld ruff Ute we M. w bean wto- iS
ki[gl of hearts and get back to Son
Gu mamy. with a trump in orderly Oniy if ll se pla"s
to lead a club. wqlmd an Ir b th to
South would try to Mfum the fineme of it S 14a=-1!




JTh Besd in the JIOu3



Sotch Whiskies

se- ~ Ii




Sews with try lexibe wek
consructiosand special oa de counter podcket
heIldesign. Streq, teuy hm...
~.rt, yong wyles *

6.- 12. an-d 13- 4
widths B-C-D

from $ 7.75 uP


Sit's, r e .Bay,, Aw hve it"

No. 4, 44th St. Ufea Vista
(Open dking .naq hb r)

No. 81 "A" Ame.




1'-' -

iCtffton Dresses

The -beason's newest
in colors, styles.
Just arrived at



* ^^ ,, '.1 :^ ,',

I a

.* ^. .t '



Both sid vul. .
loah Wrt .Nwetb, EM
146 Pass 34 P
4 4 Paan 44.. '
4V P ,4 ,,.Pi
56 Ps 53* Pass
646 Pass Pass Pass
Opening Ied--9 J

.g ^
To I
10 a


I e

The me
fized in
$& J!

I ."
ii **~4
I: ~I







m ........

! I

**., -^

1 4



ft **, 'L


I I .

" ; *

- _-... r., .

o .73. N. .

* Cv?. -/ : ..,

9~4~E P~


Sell'em... When You Telrf thru -Pa* CWt

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offl .idiNo. 5t "." t Pam .

No. 12,179 Central A Colu -

No. 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 1-2291. and

Via E1pafia No 34 Pana i, P.
CBeWls VIsta TbuarB I

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

0,o.06, M qi. A.-Phono pa .

Ais lifersacisawl ds
.~1sj Plaza ftbr HIW

Pil I

I. 1.

- ..,

FOR SALE.- I I cu it. Frg.doare
porcelain. recently overhauled
Best offer. Balboa 2-4327
FOR SALE:-1952 Coldspot refriger-
ator 11 cu. ft. Large freezer unit.
Albrook 6285.F
FOR SALE':-Porch screens, venetian
blinds. Dry closet. Heating attach-
ment, 3 wooden cabinets. Phone 4-
FOR SALE:-Modern bedroom set,
single person. Telephone 3-0967.
Srta. Luzrmila Oiler.
FOR SALE:-Livingroom suite, couch,
2 chairs, coffee table. 2 end tables.
all mahogany, $100.00. House 786
Apt-C. Tovernilla St., Balboa, C.
FOR SALE-Maytag washer 25 cycle
First St., P4rejil No. 6. Apt. 4,
Tel. 3-3000.F
MUFFLERS fcr 1941-48 Chevrolet;
1937-52 Buick; 1938-48 Dodge,
.Plymouth, De Soto and Chrysler;
1942-48 For"- and Mercury and
1939-50- Oldsmobile. Priced from
$5.57 to $9.28. FIRESTONE -
.Jose Fco dde la Ossa Ave. No. 39
(Autorntbie Row).
21V. THOROUGHBRED German Shop-
erd (police) puppies for Christmas.
Telephone Balboa 1389. House
150 Prospect street, Balboa HgtiL
FOR SALE:-Beckwith piano. Metal
Dinette set. Deep Freeze, 60 Cyl.
8 pc. bamboo livingroom set. House
29, Los Cumbres, office Tel. Pan-
ama 2-2386.
FOR SALE:--25 cycle refrigerator,
7 / cubic feet, excellent condi-
tion, $100. 3 venetian blinds for
for famty I bedroom apartment
$12, 25 cvcle 3 speed phonograph,
$20. Call 2-3737. 5724-A, Dio-
ble. -______
FOR SALE: Minton's Bone China
"Princess Pattern." American Peo-
pies Encyclopedia, 20 volumes with
cose. 5282 Morrison St., Diablo
Conal Zones.
FQ.. SALE: Must sell practically
S'inew, diningroom, hall, drawing-
Sroom, compete guest room, indivi-
to dual easy chairs, air foam cushion.-.
a ed, beautiful rugs. Swedish China,
fllassware, floor and table lamps.
Must be seen to be appreciated.
Phone 2-27981 Office hours.
-FOR SA 6E:-3 pieces Lattice, 14 x 6,
7!, x 6, 3 x 6 and 1 door. Sires
can be easily changed. 1580-A,
Cacao Street, Balboa.
FOR SALE: -- 25 cycle Coldspot
refrigerator, 25 cycle and extra 60
cycle motor with Kennrore wash-
ing machine., Any reasonable offer.
S 7-H Coco Solito. C. Z.
RSALE: Bedroom, diningroom
4 .Initure, quartermaster, household
.,. utensils, etc. Cookley 1504-B, Bal-
*FOR SALE:-5 bamboo blinds, 36"
x 64"; child's wardrobe, mahogany;
bicycle basket; 2 Belgium rugs
6 1-2' x 9 1-2'. House 421, Por-
to Bello St., Ancon.
FOR SALE: -- Diningroom table, 6
chairs, cuinion seats, $120.00.
Sideboard. $105.00. House bar,
$100. Drzsser $90. Double bed,
$80. Night tabl, $15.CO. Ward-
robe, $125. All custom built ma-
hogany furniture, used only one
year. Tel. Panama 2-3518.

Fisherman Stabbed
To Death By Sailor
In 'Market' Brawl
A 40-year-old Panamanian
fisherman .was stabbed to death
yesterday during a day-time
barroom brawl in the market
,Wea of downtown Panama City.
Police said Juan Rivera, 40,
.was stabbed four times by Ri-
cardo- Osoro. 18. a seaman a-
board a small fishing boat. Ri-
Vera was taken to the hospital
I* ta radio patrol car soon after
the, stabbing. but was listed as
dfad on arrival.
Police expect to question Oso-
Salo today on what started the
Slument which led to the stab-
NV He was arrested shortly
hitter the killing.

; ISOSATE No. *165
etthes is hereby iveun, tkat all per-
bavig "any claims agalant HAR-
C. PETERSON, deceased, ae
SregUired t file said claims,
e 1-li mwaMsary tecbers. In the
olf the Clerk of the Uaited States
C unt, at Anoe, Canal Zone,
-- ibt them, with thke *essary
to the Adminostratrtl at the
of Attorney S. L Cmrlr1o,
tsl Calls Estudlante. Pname CFy,
i or bes tMhe 10th day Mel ,
or they wll be fer ever ewroed
liM r -must be swon to aJ
h e wpartod by affidavit of the
er *Iof esmse ki his behalf,
a m-e t Is justly due, that -
and, at t. o at a gotf I
to ,e-- r to teW e, I
Meyr 116 00 1A
,-,; /? t. '!l
;. ^ __ r l -.

FOR SALE -1950 Cadilloc 4 doo
sedon, perfect condition, new whit
side wall ines, r.dio, seat covers
Leaving. C.n be seen at No. 52
50th St., facing "Boturro."
FOR SALE:--1948 Ford 5 Passenge
Coupe. Radio, heater, $450. Afte
4:30 p. m. Call Balboa 2-2421.
FOR SALE: 1940 Buick Coupe
very good running condition. Can
be seen Curundu, house 2044-B
Tel. 6161.
We are unpacking several Iqrge ship
ments of replacement ports for al
makes of automobiles. Get your
while they lost, Tropical VMolors
FOR SALE:-Cadillae 1951 "62" 4
Door R & H 15.000 miles. Excel
lent condition, $2,950.00. Albrool
FOR SALE:-1952 Regal Chompioi
Studeboker, house 0922 Amado
Road, Tel. 2984.
FOR SALE-Ford block. 1949 Coupe
new tires, R. & H. with overdrive
:Con be fironced. Phone 2-3602
Can be seer 0851, Balboa Roai
EChurch of. Christ):
FOR SALE-'49 block Lincoln, radio
Excellent condition. Duty paid
.Reasonably jd. Phone Pedro Mi
guel 4-. iPonamo 2-4152.

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE : Diesel Boot Ergin
Buda 6 cylinder, 100 HP, Mode
468 with 2 to 1 reduction gear
$1,500. Can be seen and run alte
4:00 p. '.. week days. Call Bal
boo 3332 Monday through Friday
7:30 4:15 for details.
FOD SALE: -- Wizard "Super 10'
outboard motor. Ex'el!ent condi
tion, priced for quick sill. Phoni

Position Offered
WANTED:-Relioble salesmen to
operate as Club Agents. Be -v'u
own boss earning top ccmmi.sons
Caso Feoli, Central Ad Justo Aro-
semeno Avenue 6019, Colon.
WANTED:-Spray painter, welder'
helper. Tivoli USO.
Position ovoilhle with Canal Zon
cohtrtfior 7fo't, Scretory, w it
know ledj of bookkeeping. Phon
83-2210 for appointment.
WANTED.--:xperienced beauty oper
ator for Gatun Clubhouse Beaut
Shop. Phore 5-411. Ullo Hart

Wanted Position
STENOGRAPHER, mo!e, bitngiial
experienced, wishes position Ad
dress: R. F., Apartado 488, Pan

Help Wanted
WANTED-Experienced maid to slee
in. Apply tomorrow any time. No
117. 14th Street. Apartment 2
WANTED:- -Moid to coolk, and acene
ol house work. House 771-B. Sa
Pdblb St., Balboa.

1he intensive Spanish ccu-se fr
English speaking psop!e will los
January 14. Elementary ncd in'ei
mediate class on Tuisdcy, Tlursdc
and Friday from 6 to 7 and from
to 8 p. m. Registration opened on
week more.
Panoma, 18 de noviembre d' 1953

I" he" 0.. a o a Comteu. 0,1i. mit pepat
20o I- AMn-, Il lnens. Phone Belboo 2-186- .
e DR WENDEHAKE Medical Clnic WILLIAMS' Some Clqma each Cot-
Central Avenue "K" Streq corner. lagm. Laorg e .cwfrttd, modern.
Telephone 2-3479. Penama. raor beach. Wbao 3050 except
wkooen '
;r Try Berinelt's Socety wigfsters Gramllch Santa'Clar.Bleach eaottages.
IDance CombolA electric refrigeration. ga stoves.
for birthday parties, weddl recap- moderate fae. Phone 6-441 or
Slions, dances, etc. Tel. 2-182, Pn- 4-567. i

SERVICE. Guarante d Work. Pnwma 3.1 77. C I 1 73.
All parts used treated for tropical l -ed sntidrClari-. Also
Sclimote. Tsoplcal Electronric Callia n .OOL Campans mountains.
45 E, No. 2. Two block. past Bella PhoP SHRAPHIL Balboa 1389
Vista Theatre. or see cweaker there.

n FOR SALE--1948 Nash it. 35,- ...
r 000 miles, $500. C Minder, .
$5500. Kerosene ron" .1mboo. FOR RENT:--Firnlshpd hOw fib i
e. orchid, plants Venan an blinds. thri or four monthsf aterti De o-
P Tel. 2-2677. House 507,, rinj camber irst. Tt bedroma dining.
Z S Dao'. roeo'. sittlngre; molids o6m. I
S-- etc. Golf Heights, 6tA' Stret," rent .
FOR SALE-Aquarts, I ed spP- $165.00 per.month -f. (letricity I
ply of 25 cycle pnd 0'.cycle air rand water m nfudedl. Oill Panama
pumps Acuarno Tr.f0t 55 VOa 3-0499.
1. Espoia. phone 3-5411. "
FOR SALE:-Compli work- FOR RENT: -.Mode ,two *
shop: comb'nastion: saw joinfer, Booms, m 1. f I
12 baqd-st.w. floor drill press, J:g- ing Pharro Go bl rrs-
Sao'. all utlh motors apd. attach- qull8, $90 00, MIg H Phone
ments, plus, comme-ciol lype point 3-4844. F
sprayer, large tank, De'-Viliss gun.FOR RENT.-Chilst hin I 1 '
Calt 6-467. 5 and 7 p. m. 7th street No 0. : P. irtnoa-
l FOR SALE -German Shlpherd Pup- tion telephone 2- 0; do I* Osso.
pies. make excellent pets or walch-
cecg- Teleohone Panama 3-1500. FOR SALE:-Furnished cqf cha-
-CR SALE --1947 Buick Super 4 let includ;r.g refrigeetol, 2-bed-
Dcor Radio. seat covers, extra parts, rooms, diningroom. pih, parlor;.
S.lertone radio victrolao. 52 piece! kitchen. garage $110,00, also sult%
Prncess Mmnton D.shes. battery able 2 couples. 112 Via Bellsnrio
charger. clay pan. bottle sterilizer. Porras, near Roosevelt Theatre.
d teid inclernity diesies size 10-12. 1950
Girl's opiing coat and bonnet size FOR RENT I
12 month. Misc. household items FO RENf
C a ll 6 4 7 4 L u s c om____
FOR SALE -- Airplane Luscomba, Apartmennm
model 8A, Panama registry HP-44. ATTINTION IL I. Just built modern
Currently. ,.censed. 65 HP. Metol furrished apartment. oq, t w c
proeller. Owner oat, West H10a.r. bedroomt hot, cld woat. Tel-
SMorcos A. Gelabert Iftlllo Field eshone P.waOm a 4t41. '- 193
Saturday morning o f wri L ". S 12 .3 .. a --. ...9 I
S D;oblo. C. Z for appointment. FOR RENT-.-Ceol 2nd fleer apewrt
PANAMA CANAL COMPANY meant, three bedre e. #we mini
e PAINT MATIRIALS 1& ILICTRICAL. bathees. ieek i c t, p ( _, ..
h PARTS FO i SAL livia 11m 1mlgl9M, SKwe;
e Sealed bids, for openMg in public. M l m= h it ,erep. l undry--
will be receiyad until 10JO A. M. .eem. elll fleas i plesty day ele- g0do.
November 25."1953. in The office e s. khe water e Lcetel ie I L1 -
- of Superintenrident of Stopihouses, a1111 Vift. Plibmef tei 2.,W X i27
Y Balboa. for sale of Point Materials or 3-0762. "
and Electrical Prts located in th FOR RENT ..-Completefy furnished 2
S- to300 Ase. i- an N s 2obaT bedroom oportment In Bella Vrsta
full oart culs maybe ccured in 'toa rspotsffe persons willing to
- ofll:e of uJSusrintendencalo Store- buy furntue,- ideal far 2 couples. 1
I. houses. trlipnone 2-1815 or from Tel. 3-3089 949
- the o- 'e s--res. I ALHAM-RA APARTMENTS
SrOR SALE-'-, puppies co'ly. short! Modern 2, 4 cnd 5 rooms, furnmihedll
hair. large oreed. 91h street. Par- or unfurnished. Alhombra's Office
que Lefevrr. Vi!ar family. IBorrie- 8061, 10th Street, Colon. Tel-|
aa Ponami America l. ehote J 316. I
p PANAMA CANAL COMPANY OF- FOR REN .$- Furnished prient,
. FERSEMPTY SACKS FOR SALE.- $125.00. For information. 'Gel ..
Sealed bids for open ng in public bart's office, J. de la Oaa itreet,l 94.
will be rcadived until 3-00 p. m. No. 10.
D:emcrr-:r 21, 1953. ;n the office ---
of (he General Manager. ComrmiE- R RENT ur rm fuie
-Ory Divsion. Mt. Hope Canal portotln; with, private bathrom.
Zone for emptyy rice and potato 8th. Street N&. 11. Porque Lefevre. H
sacks. In.-,tation No 6 which lists Plase caH afte 6:00 p, ir. .. r
in detail the various qucrhieS orKd "I tW -Apart"enl in l is 1I 47
'izes of ;A'ks sailable may b- one bldck in..* -Pi fMow H., 1a
obtained from th. office of the Two sleeping'rooms living and dinP
Supply and Service Director, tel- ingroonl, geraE
t phone 2-2678 or 2-1825. or the *a1 S ?t rrdo '41f St. T."
Office of the General Manager, Woirmotion .arttm.nt .. -
V Commissary Division, telephone 3"- _:-


WANTED TO BUY -Pick-up. "Mup-
Jblerla Tutren." No. 200 Centrol
eertings Avenue.,
WANTED your refrigerator as 1
Unity Lodge No. 1084 IBPOEW trade-In 0- a new Crosley Shelva&
will hold a special session 1o dor. Cyrnoa. Tivoli Crossing. 2-
the initiation of candidates It ]1793.
the Paraiso Lodge Hall tomor-
row at 7:30 p.m. H rk KH

Legal Notice R du i e
Canal Zcne m ..,
HDivisionA of Balboa ,"
Betty Thomas, Mrs.,agwe]l, a for.

Georle R. Thomas,
SUMMONS Deendant
Case No. T"27
Civil Docket is
To the above-luamed deienOant;
You are hereby requi.rd I appear and
answer the complaint fied in te above.
entitldA action within ninty das iateir
the first date of publication
In case of )our failure to so appear
and answer, judgment will be taken
2 Linstjrou by default tor the relief
d*em"dd in the complaint.
WITNESS the Hono, aule Guthrie F
Crew, Judge, United states ljtrit
Court for the District of The Canal Zone,
this November 1], 19sj
C. T. McCormick. Jr.
la..... Clwk

SBy Loas E Harrisan
D t...-, ---L

To Genore R. Thomas: p
The foregoing ummons is served ups.,
you by publication pursuant to the order
of the Honoable Cutbrie F. Crowe,
Judgee, Uisted States District Court far
the DOitrict of the Canal Zem., dated
Nov"Obr 195 I3, and entered and
in 1lis a Action in the office of the
ad said United States District
sfow'he PDivision of Balboa on
1. I, s3.
C. T. McCormick. Jr.
By Loil E. Harrisen

mer ae
died y
gas Ho
A Il
ralW. M
by hwa
well o
a DOW*

of tbel
A ga




a U

I 375.00 .
-a W r =, I'. .

Ford "8" 4-door
seda, pastic
set covers, ew
tires, $975.00.

upholsty, $SISS1.00.

Buik Cduv., radio,
good tires, a Al
bargIsor I

Kais Sedan.
runs good,. $<
full pMc.

S369.00 fn prie.

Morris Cov., et
to, iod t. ,

41 F6rd CpqvO 8 cyt*
.god, cleam car hti
only SS25.00.

exceleat .cUdi
ftT Sa. ?

Y i purchase

*"tVand durable

i4ft*4 ptfrd packages

Tel. 3-0146


.. -. -. -,

'V 4

'1~b~. ..d


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," Or

'-,: ~


up t


Tel. 3470.

. 1
m .l

.',, -

eLI i-? "' '.

St *3f
it, p- ..

4r ^,?




cuI9 Board

Local 900MOO
ots Tomorrow

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. -r. gotagfttoqg m
dmw fmti

.. .. i n


. ',_. ,;

I- I -


Tow.- -


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' *:

W,, LL ,
ELfT*B1 ,* -


Invited to Discover

New Driving




A- F

20, at 5 P. M.

.,A. IlL

I .. A. r .."^ r
I, u *' *I J / l iA t-- <
* Ii "i a ** ''

I ~* ~ .L,.


nd6r De Lixe. NeW Yorker i


235 H.P. V8 ENGINE




~1 ~-*

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,;- ,



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* Savoy



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S (~A41~41..L,~ ~- *,( *,4A.~B
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d~' .A~*A.

.I .- lb
!,' .i .-. ..Trm a


* V' 133 H.P. OR

'- 1 2 ,

_ ,i .'Niel


2 a

* I '-I- *:.
*-^ LA#A -' *.AA
A 4J1 *:.* -

* *
,..* <,


. Ij

f r

1954 models...


IA 4 .

111 Io



S i ,' ..
.i~ ***U-


* Belvedere

'A. 'A*



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PAGg rI9gT




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KLIM ,dds u.,rbb., .t *oko dlih* i U,-
KLIM is rec.m..eled fr Infent feeding
KLIM is ,fe, i s% peclnlly.peckomd in ms _J
KLIM is prmdued maedr strctiest cetrol

Ecoamy a u ty
0 *' *" R va"* < *;


* ~..
* J&.r4,4}2




Nothing brings out the flavor of
a cup of offfeolike Avoseu... the
pure, delicious table cream that is
rich in nourishment. Adds good.
ness and zest to your fruit and
cereals too! Avoset is sterilized
and safe. needs no refrigera.
wion before opening. It will keep
fir months ... always fresh, taut
and J coOvenient.


j ^Jwwlt M VIM~ Kli inr'l <,OTHS o Ir

-~ 4b~a '2tI~' 'S

- i"..

A ,anti c ocie ty .*. m0U.s- Wh... ks -
sE lC tl cawCouln
-OCKAIL PARTY HONORS -' Fleet Reserve A 1. or
i11EPARTING ARMY COUrLES Dance ronlt tAt oo rmfoapr
Captain and Mrs. Andre% Serio and Lieuteammat and M1. Auxiliary. Branch h HEPHZIDW OGa, Nov. 20 a1 0 o lO i Te
James Slade were the honored guests at a bon etoyge coktail ng a Adance this g at (UP A plalo1 from a Ie were for
Party given by W.O. and Mrs. Uiilli-m A. Hawking at their Gu- the Hotel Washin which leaky he'li pt a hig'l o Pati i ukno
lick residence Wednesday teveni. the public is invite school rymam, daring a l
TSint. friends spent an en- leaving in the nr The oee physical efyam olau r todl Ryn
jbyable evening with their de- presented a V1 vowilloutsa d e a s by -fadg llinrlra a ,'inb. 1 ,m ti
S Captirn and Mrs. Ser sail Elizey. She Is leaving th lath- ,Mrs. Newhard o w .
York. He has served as entis Birthday gft were presented Gat ta b nur of tIhe i t wee Cly

iat ortuanck ad i return- ls. Geoe Carlson, Mrs. Luis The M rs. Arthur Albrighb met inside The gs leak has bwre injure.ort a as toy .
SRef eng to operate pre acticservede a Hoopethe absence of and Mrs. James Evans Tuesday gt, o als Pack, Trop, or Po a tan.
pof Mrs. Fred Newllard in Ga- toll was mixaculfully, low onlv t.e Iuell,-eu
SSorority Plans froa de table centered with MI.George Fogolf and because tsib elnlosai blew ttheV A t u Db ceo: .r 4l
Lieuture Eenants an ]Iaon vawe f aed with meeting cards we played held I owed by the evening .
The Bleavg in the near future hav. a donner at the Hlotel r hostesses .t e as lndi Marin.o a t' 'he 0' 'it
He is also returniy to m l- Wasnisnton for the December ta and one of brdge, ceiling did n40-foot cosection of wn

He is n -.44 ..S. f ve la e n d t)i
final plans ere made. in s wre rv H ARRISBURG Palbed The gas leak s. been reFort ee 4a lr P third week
e o. o e fnorennt wer es erved soin the absence of Miurtd s ed last Tuesdaihe ht, officials Pack. Tro p, or Pos ma a 8tan
SSorority Plans front a table centered with George Following the buses said. ard Unit A PaPtdo would be
Future Events r ai tiin v1e filed with meeting cards wers played heldEf.loAwed by evening
The Beta Chapter of Beta gladioli Miss Esther Reynold There were six tables o can.- Glenda Martin. 6, was crushed Rally.
o Sigma Pm. Sotort met arnds assimed T(r mother. ta and one of bridge, by a 40-foot secton d of wnol "
day evenIng in then FoLb GloO-M mhlas nt Into theb schoo thers In twil e
hlicK Clubrooilliawt hMr ft ucA t C The other members present e t blown ha t thred sc l y 1r e'nTe
SGibson piesidiig in stie absenct', Were Mrt. Bernard Lg ine.Mrw. whe re she wA pla.Ing. one o efC ub a"Te
t 'the' ore ida entitle nd The Dine- Aubyh Ledier;n. Mrs. David Ken- extcated a Fis h bass.tory her playmates, apendr Lant Are- Ser m N r
d iden Gibo ned al- and Mrs. Luls Egea. ceived a broken leg from the e d day ad
Stalk on Prose Ann Gley. dHARRISBURG. PaAbout (U.P.)-2The0 flying debris. wer in fhe ni h f ha b rp. nd -
a nthed ina:lato Mrs. Junior-Auxilary nstlls State Fish Cmmissn here aedds Twon o theatre o heh A t o ot ,a ot
nd oxiI-I L'cn iethoi.d of an ment RdioCh man coac this one to itsfo steady be- olo.on. School of.ctheh id one N ai
Evening a, the Hotel Wailg- The J iiors Of the E. SWad stories: gym.i-sene Cadle and Clar-
the hotee, Mr. Mary Da nit 2 American Legion Aux- ence ilett, b0t were d -

teison And Miss woowell. he' eon a o .NoA 4.
rafle other members present ad liary nii. Tuesday at the I.e- A fisherman anf his son were thir de.-ree bur To others i i
Sweare: Mrs. azaar to ly Berger, Hall in Old Crstobal. Mr amazed when they heard a splash- r e r ed. T
Pat tBr enner, Mrs. Jean Cofey, Bush, Mrs.raedod Deptm t ing sound in the hollow portion of t eir hair sined.
SHawth 7 p.m. wers. Norma De- Junior Activities Chairman in- a log for Tevehse. fr of INTER NA
Voll, Mrs. Dathleen Huffm stalled the following officth ers: wood.. -e o te n d' sea .I ""
: Clstinas pari y was president. at e l dr n er to e ec certain repairs, the electc ent i : a
S rs. Mariones pGreent weresthe girls who-Judy are paGriffon;g 1 Reaching it the e school bu i .50 away bt e

and Mrs. Virginia Pillot. Washington Cotillion
W nesr a Cl ue ld blaenbass..HeTIhinnagtin students were.,onfi de at helo'-luwith
Ti r e ta wa nailed DnahLelaidier; sergeant at and extricated a 10- cerrerbass. Botht h side s), Bolivor Arwest sides) nd U, O
-The arms- -D40m.ainathe ballroom ofkhe Ho-
Spoen Wrd Mrs ibtleon ai- arms- na fre; Olln fish were in a semi-dormant con-.
' so ga'e a talk, on"Prose. Ann Alley. do uerrero t 20 bys n the n ii
* Duriss ,lrgaret Howell pass meeting Elksd Anniversary / .
SMrsox Davdcany, the traition- Mrs. HDanc en Hatten, Depart- "Apparently the bass were a on t th o th ent
set for a sound 'winter's e l'on choo oflcl one

M su eMora, of san' chmenyt neto beien by COMRANIA PANAMEbA DE FUFR7A Y Lo to PM on;111e4*
al sorority ethod o ans s the BP E. Lodge 1542 willcoachedfore their hiding place'' ii re-of the bow atp rMtlyH lit wdin..'
guestcg an e Clubgage. Sent ands vitheld group for the radio pro- e "
S approaching marriages. Alf ra than t s Cluto, Tbehepre will bted -. ovfromth-"- match touching 6# tli leaking wek of
Refresanments were served by in the near future,' msson 'om e4 ,ga. -.
the hostesses, Mrs. Mary ClDan-Icefrg wh d ,r to""p-p
Sleison and Mss. KHoweth Kimler.ate tis chrty affaiiary alie n-
.Lie 'other members presentikat r.W.e lso pient. Mrs..r 7-, ,
IPat Bresner, Mrs.Jean Coffey, who Bush cordially ritces Gilley, Mrs. i E U U .
Miss LeIeve Dough, Moss Joyce.,Dinah Defres. T C T. 4
i Hawthorne, M is. Norma De-i -
Vo To Mrs. Datnleen develop Hufman Ther bone d be noheA W' .
; Miss Nancy Ramsey, Mrs. Harive atty twen11 and In order to effect certain re oirs- the elec nt
iet Seger, Mrs. Arden Weich.ool or py,12 a.m. ato the Legion Hall for'
i l-rounde p oodges present were: is nothe girls who are participating rup Sund oy ex : '
Mrs. Eva Harte, Mrs. Eisie Ho- iin the radio show. t c C l w t d x
tberg, Mtr:. Anitia Oberh oltzert n *" o
sand Mrs. Virginia Pillot. Washington Cotillion
Club Danee November 22,from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. in the f l n- -"
Wednesday Club Honors The 'AVaihington Cotillion Clu h e ollwing
Mrs. Cook will ho'o its regular formal U" ,wed 'both
The'W'idnesday Clhb tor~orrow night at 8 p. avenues Herrera (bth sides, Bolivar west sI and
with M rs.. James Evans ,f Co-'m. in the ballroom of the Ho- .,.
lon for their regular evening tel Washington. A ue
During the business meeting Elks' Anniversary G".
Mrs. David, Kaplan was elect- Dance at Strangers Club
ed vice-president. The tweity-fifth anniversary, o AA D. _
Jos-. Cos,.n Riqa, 'as spcithe BP.OE. Lodge 1542 wi~lbe, uEAuur"E u 1Y 4"
guest oftlhe Club. She Is visit-1held tomoiroW dvenlng .at'the li t 1k.1' i'"
ing her :.daughter, Mrs. Alfred iStrangers Club. There will be -
Sinionsson of Margarita. Other door prizes and spot prizes. All!,.__________.__.,
guests were: Mrs. Larry Celuc, friends who desire to particip- A
ci and Mrs. Kenneth Kimler. 'ate irr this chprlty affair are "...,,.
Mrs.,Cleveland Cook, who Is cordially Invited to attend. 'f ,'

KLIM Is pure Se. hmilk ..
KLIM heops without rIfrigeratlmI4
KLIM quality is always uillerm

To help children develop strong bones &ad STATION ,.WAGON .
teeth and good muscles, to five them energy
II1-round good health-there is no finer milk "
elements found in fresh cow'smilk. i-., .w
of.the e'sen-' l hod7;buldN T R C
____. .... ..___. ,___,_.___ .. aJ. ,S:'~. 4a .

uEcinat ,L iet

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--lisimliam. kA"



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, n %- .. ,, .".M *

'i At ,ew
o e i- ,- .n .. .. .. "o -
S ed"~ le i20 atUP M e-mg Poul nd
T re ,r n hie n th e r th reain
w r W it the fi rt reya t vo i it
Aoh P o4f b f or1 Qi ol.
M.all.t,Tte Ifniu mita d sid "it', a booi.ul
t A dm _.28-a i me in Hostoar Tax, i
-: to reia.;It rain in AtKPtooal ad
The a t xi later dined at world-famou Art-'
nM The'Te oyal pair wva officially

A A extraordinary \ aeasn ra
d a a tia thi comnlMton council wats con-
tiitminnii A en ed to mae them
qd L HlaterU dinew aworanX. MousA-
in thenpredetee them key Itc

e-.rr ut w ro er. otir.
to i nat. toQk
atd e *f'or wu-r eesm and,
ugbt op to tie best of
tm -ltmugql we bad i-

vPb o a unrsts used to

I -'p s .w ec
' "si-sns S


10te Oiy. I
The King tod Queen will tur
the city tomorrow mornaini and
be guests at a luncheon thvo
New Orleans Coantry Club. To-
morrow afternoon they .will
greet Amerifanm 6f Greek, deq-
cent at the te HelMlen Ortho-
dox Churehe the Holy Trilgity
where a brief special mass will
be held. After a brief Informnl
dinner Umporrow night,they
will dep or RIchmon, Vt.

Oreqan Shackles
Its Replica
Of Liberty Bell
'SAEM. Ore. (U.P.) Oregon
has shackled Its muted Uhrtv bU.
A replica of the famed beU that
rang out ibertv from Inde
ene Hal-n. Philadelphia rec
was put on a pedestal on the
house grounds Just west o
gon's cptaL A zeimatel.'
of 1o visito woeeI w
vigorously .to see if t wo


a P. S

n4 .< S wr s L.5

guas &$m:* c-uI %-- -MI M
(. R.'$itatk of


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-5- ~' ~ ~nnr-,s.wn. ~( ~p~'3Z~. 4'~'J7
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a ~ .q~a.Y4,St'W~i p *.s;-* ~ ~ *

A ~ '~ AIIE3WAN 43 I par ~uMrwu

, A

'- t '% W tsROMN Nov2I0 I- Bir
*0|N f n ains Maklis, liritloawbAa- Hlsa
Sdorto the United States. said to-
S, cday that "Stalin's ghost once
more seems to hold sway in the

Cl l Ijmemb"toBELLA A
XB AEN omn ed a a withoutthr o r *.. M rA
hole poll-t nd ouo nw Ieve D A. -
system into the d lsard," he said I TW m R
1b. an address at the 29th an-
Snl conference of the New,
lad Council.
7 Making hailed the "degree of
frankness, cordiality ant mutual
t which has been attained
b6teen Britain and the United
States" as begint virtually un-
pralleled in history. -
B thianye a oO"The co-ordination between E R .Y t
i r" .''s of the highest order, 1 .
,desite the "evidence of .
SimisunSderstandin and disaTee-
mait en the level of popular TRPICAL

He admitted that the two gov- WB-D
ent"donot always see eve TODAY E
on matters of approach.IlRZI TIASEI
of timing, or of tactical method. The suspense novel that
startled ths world... now
"Each of us knows that the in -
other will be on the right side 3 DIMENSION!
of the barricades if it comes to
0plach," he said. "But the tosk Richard OCaron Verenica
of statesmanship is to avoid the Hurst, in
pinch." "THE MAZE"
Abel Bravo Glee Plus: SEVEM 87AL1 O .
Club To Sinq
Suwiday In Colon DR IVE- 'IN
hyeveningat":3 Shows. 6:3. 8:.10, 10:10 p.m.
DuLI RAVEN. thk -husband hiall smiles a'he gets a 9M, t
ciuls4oe home' r i-r hn-c t sister Diana Lord In 'th e A Dravo Glee Club will LAST DAY!
Afwsilm -Mm. e from Carlbbean Players stage version of the present a program of coral RTu-
-act ommed T IladelhiaS tory," which opens at the sic at the 5th of November Park RITA HAYWORTH
IN- theater t t at 7:10 DiZ tor is .played by I 1n, 9gbservance of St. Cecilia's1 STEWAR, TGRANGES
eitnakerafUd Dby May. Kaie Myers. The show, to .CHARLES LAVGHTON"
iA'dllsson is fte; will also be presented, withthe same It will include the works in -
time, In post motle houses at Coco Solo tomorrow, Coro- Gounod, Bizet. Morart. Bach,
P" Friday. Albrqo Monjy and IPt. Kobbe. Tuesday. Ma oplt Handel, Mndelasohn "SALO M E"

-0A" ATo __ ONIG H T
Robert Mitchum, in

' Ricoird GREENE'
_** ^- *'<

." M


- 'ii 'if^

I W- t *i

1I v ,TORiA


a __tMH 3
Nb hN" -UN Ua*
em- ft a U U bw farM %#

>* *' i 1





The glorious love story of the
girl who became a queen!

I .san 8O w,.,. |
Iasmons n eIII


sEx nIQ

cited For I
ous and Re




Chapters 7-$-9

Chapters 8-9
'"WROKfl Flash" "




p "


. i .',

*.%'j~ ***'-'-J-c=r ~ ~t4~
rMLI .-*jeAA,1

~.J2~' :413



W .. r

r'[" c..
,. ".'- ;
,"i r -.

* i- Ut

tg mj//l t/f '

;dda ds'"" JL
J4ii' Cus' fiu

IThe moe con


, AT

'I ^l-




' .*^ *-t

J. ;;~'



, ;et


,z ..-

AN EXCflrm



picture of the yw.

. .










-' -..1,.-.I.~.,


2W ..A-AMA w.-- AM B OW *M Y..
- P NAA...l4 -" N. 1.,.... t .* E.P. r. .'-.."

ME Tax


Kiosco, Char

Also In Wide
Two horses which rac
last weekend at the Juan
.:gain clash head on the fei
program at the local ova
two. Chilean-breds, will be
in the seven furlong $600
Noveno, a recent arrival from
"Chile, races under the colors of
"Luis Farrugla's Stud Buena Fe
while Discovery, which was also
$ imported here by Farrugia, now
races for the Endara brothers'
3_$tud Miura.
These two animals finished so
"closely locked in a Class "E" six-
and-one-half furlong sprint last
week that not even a photo
could separate them. They have
i both been moved up one class
'and this time the "experts" are
Vi of the opinion that Noveno has
S the edge over Discovery.
Victor Ordofiez. the competent
"Chilean rider whose return to
Juan Franco has been thus far
'fTruitless, 'should be a big im-I
provement over E. Corbho who
Ust week had the leg up on the;
expensive Farrugia throrough-I
'bred. Alfredo Gonzalez will a-4
Seven other thoroughbreds -I


(Home team


ming Prince Roy Campsnela

Open ContestVoted N.L.s

ed to a dead heat decision Most Valuable
Franco race track will a-
ature event on tomorrow's
..Na I NEW YORK. Nov. 20 (UP) -
l. Noveno and Discovery,Roy-pol Roy m nnas
among the seven hopefuls selection as the Na onal
__ _. ,. League's most valuable player
Class "D" nightcap. for the second time In three
years seems to prove today that
any of which could emerge the' he deserves ranking among the
winner round out this field all-time big three of catching a-
Klosco seems the best bet among long with Bill Dickey ard Mickey
these to take the top prize. He Cochrane.
will be- ridden by Bias Aguirre
and returns from a rest follow- ThLs may bring screams from
ing a sudden slump just when he those who rememor Jdhtifty
appeared on his way to become Kling and Roger Bresnaban. Yet,
a bonafide top class horse here. had Campanella not been cheat-
Speedy State Barge (Ruben ed out of 10 years's
Vasquez), sprinting Charminp now-erased color fl', pos-
Prince (Orlando Castillo). Rath- sible that today"r-e might be
lin Light (Luis Giraldo) and rated as the best of-all time be-
Tanger (Adolfo Icaza) are the hind the mask and mitt.
other horses in the group. All of Certainly ther* as. be no
them rate good chances of win- argument with tbia iew hen-
ning. or, which he alsowll aIn 1951.
In the secondary attraction, a The burly Roy, Whate -weight
six-and-one half furlong dash varies between 200 and 225, had
tor Class "F" imported thorough- his greatest season in 1953. The
breds. hative stars Golden Tap durable Dodger backstop, who
and Sun's Moon go against such played In 144 games, set two
promising racers as Cardington major league records for catch-
Green and Henry Lee. The arch- ers with 42 homers and 142 runs
rivals are not rated much chance batted in. Gabby Harnett held
because if the short distance, the first with 37 and Dickey the
-- ---- second with 133.
Yet Campanella's value ,o the
Dodgers goes beyond the figures
ched u le printed in black and white.
Flawless behind and with the
-bat. Roy Is the goading good
D PRESS humor man who keeps the
listed first) Binoks on their toes by wielding
i h. wit a a w hin

FRIDAY, NOV. 20 Hofstra vs Scranton
x-L. A. State vs Pepperdine i Howard Payne vs A b il e n e
x-College of Pacific vs Fresno Christian t i
State Lincoln, Pa. vs Howard U. 4(0 que
x-Savannah State vs Claflin Middle Tennessee vs Tennessee! "Yo
SATURDAY, NOV. 21 Tech you'
Akron vs Ohio Wteleyan Morgan Sttae vs Virginia State guy-
Alabama A 4 M V6 Knoxville Morris Brown vs Clark mTh
x-Arizona vs Kansas State Newberry vs Presbyterian day,
Ark. va Louislana State (1) N. Carolina College Vs N. Caro- valua
Baylor vs Southern Methodist lina A&T day
Bethune-Cookman vs Allen College of Pacific vs Utah For C
Bloomsburg State vs Lock Ha- State (5' Negr
yen State Paine vs Savannah State ers,
Bucknell vs Delaware Penn vs Cornell his I
x-sCalit. Poly vs Williamette Tenn. State vs Kentucky State him
Clemson vs Auburn Texas A&M vs Texas that
Colorado A & M vs New Mex. x-Texas Southern .vs Arkansas basel
Columbia vs Rutgers AM&N adeli
Davidson.vs Citadel Utah vs Brigham Young the f
Delaware St. vs St. Augustine VMI vs Virginia Tech 16) was
Eastern Ill. vs Northern Ill. Virginia Union vs Hampton
Evansville vs Wash. U., Mo. Institute
Fisk ,vs Morehouse Wake Forest vs South Caro-
Fla. A & M vs Southern U. lina (7)
Florida State vs Stetson Wichita vs Detroit
Qeo. Washington vs Richmond Wiley vs Texas College
Georgiar Tech vs Duke Xavier, La. vs Dillard
Gettyaburg vs Franklin------
Marshall (1) Little Rock. Arkansas
t-Grambling vs Ark. AM&N (2) Boise, Idaho V
Hardin-Simmons vs North (3) Jackson, Miss.
Texas State (4) Philadelphia
Holy Cross Va Fordham (5) Lodi, Calif.
Houston vs Texas Tech (6) Roanoke, Va.
Idaho vs Uth .State (2) (7.) Charlotte. N. C.
Ilinois lNormal vs Ill. Wesleyan x-night game.
Indiana va Purdue T
John Hopkins vs Western AsT
Mlaryland A
J. C. smith vs Shaw Along The Fairways will
Kahnsas vs Missouri Club
Kentucky vs Tennessee any
Kings Point. vs Adelphis, a. Several close matches and one nam
n Point vs Adelp upset featured the first round Marl
hig vs L afayette play of the annual Chrysler- the
Lewis & Clar vs Ce n t r a 1 Plymouth women's division tour- wings
Washington nament at Brazos Brook Country
Marshall vs Ohio U. Club. Sixteen golfers remain in
Maryland vs Alabama the tournament and eight in-
a-McMurray vs Texas A & I teresting matches will be play-
Michigan State vs Marquette ed this weekend.
Michigan vs Ohio State Thelma Godwin. a first-grade
Miles vs Phil Smith teacher at Cristobal. pulled an
Minnesotahen vs Wisceorga (3sin upset when she taught Margaret
Miss.southern vis Georgia Leigh, sophomore at Cristobal
Nebraska vs WiOklahoma hi h, a lesson in competitive
Nebraska vs Oklahoma West golf. Miss Godwin, whose steady
New Mexico A&M vs West game triumphed over the young
Norh Carols Sta State vs West Atlantic side star, won by a 4
Noh arolina State vs West and 3 score.
Virginia All matches are being played
Northwestern vs Illinois according to three-quarter.% dif-
Notre Dame vs Iowa ference in handicap.
Olivet vs Alma Another interesting match
Orego n vs Oreon State saw Harriet Serger, now playing
Pitsbul unn vs Penn State the best golf of her career, bare-
Poiona vs Occidental, ly edge Jean Phillippi, 2 up.
Prairie View vs Iangston Harriet had 6 ears and a birdie,
Princeton vs Dartmouth on hole number one, and 85
U-Wan Diego State vs Santa Bar- 3ross score.
bara I Marian Taylor kept up her
Scranton vs Albright ine scoring with a victory over
Sewnee vs Trinity. Conn. Bonnie Pool, Marie Parks con-
South Carolina vs Wofford tinued her jn over Dorothy
-Southeast Louisiana v Mem- 'LaCroix. Joyce Kulig barely de-
phis StLate feated Nellie Humphreys. Edith
thern CalIf. v UCLA Mathieson won by default from
Southwernst L. t vs McNeee Jane Hu ldtqutst. and Emily1
ilnwst La. Int vs McNeese,.f __ o n
State O "rant dre-v a bye in other first E
Stn1ford vs California fllpht contemi.
Sul Ross State vs East Texas Ruby Krnieer won from M.
state I Holland by default. Tattle Ker.
Swarthmore vs IInverford nick defeated Marge Pender, T.
-Tempe B tate vs Miwestern Favrean best Ann Dowd and M.
T'nple va Btston U 'Stockton. B McCracken. Doris ,
S-Tcu*essee Tech vs Northeast Clausen, Rosemory Reardon and
I oulsano I Edna Calnubell drew byes in the
YIU vs Rice second flight.
TexasButern vs Bishop Second round matches, to be
Yv.Detrol I played before Monday, Novem-
Vanderbilt vs Middle Tennes- r 23, follow:
g vs North Carolina Marie Parks vs. Joyce Kullg
aVla Unon vs Tennessee Marian Taylor vs. L. Reynolds
W Wte nH. Serger vs. Thelma Godwin
wate .orest v Furman Edith Mathieson vs Fmilv Grant.
W eForest vs FurmanSECOND FLIGHT
Wahipton vs Washington St SECOND FLIGHT -
W md enttiky State vs Mur. Ruby Krueger vs M. Stockton
Stt ky State atte Kernick vs. B. McCracke
.m vs Navy Pie T. Favrean vs. Doris Clausen
-_f l s Redlands R Re rdon vs. Edna Campbell.
W 1 sti ft Mary vs Washing- -- -
.tb" -Loe
Vt stdn-Balem vsa St. Pauls, i
wn v ,s-obtrPin ;Juan Franco Tips 0
sten is KXavier, O.
Now. OV 3 1-SHERRY TIME Regia (e)
v1 vs Ft. Valley at. T-M aeAOLAa (e) aru
Va Tl, o g--MEREA MATRU-Armrnali
i"e T~o. Western Is- 4-CO.LIXIO Camaron
s.- TITE' -Golden Wonder
vs 1". Southern 6-CAM.BIST SneetWindsor
Miam O. 7-MOUNTAIN P Interlade
AtNi $--ROYAL C Lady Martha i
||lpg u- *-HiENRY LEE-Cardingaon 0

IF, -V ".-

sIb as a wrup.
You can't be dead pants out
ere, he says In that
eaky, smile-provoking voice.
su gotta liven m because
'II get more work out of the
s when they're having fun."'
at Roy was only 32 yesteT-
when he received the most
able award as a prized birth-
present, seems Impossible.
Campy was a veteran in the
o leagues when the Dodg-
almost frightened away by
ong service, finally signed
in 1946. The answer was
he began playing semi-pro
ball as a 13-year-old Phil-
phia school boy and entered
fast Negro League when he
only 15.

VGA Monthly

urney To Be

ld Tomorrow

he Panama Women's Golf
location monthly tournament
be held at the Panama Golf
b tomorrow. At the same time
members who have not
filed for the Handicap Tour-
ent may still enter. Mrs.
guerite MacMurray will be
scorer, tee-off time and pair-
are as follows.
Number 1 Tee
Marie Parks
Lou Grobs
C. GUkenhaus
Beverly Dllfer.
Irene Robinson
Margaret Leigh
Joyce Kullg
Louise Reynolds.
Wilma Riley
Ruth Daniels
Dottle LaCroix
Wilma Banks.
Connie Gerrans
Roslta Martinz
Barbara Clark
Molly Vandergrift.
Number 10 Tee
Grace Dehlinger
Alyce French
Doris Hamilton
8ylvg Carpenter.
Thelma Godwin
Eva Jones
Helen Miller
Helen Miller
Edith Mathi"son.
Betty Coleman
Frances Twomey
C. Heffelfinger
Jeanne Ware.
Jane- Simpson
Betty Fitch
Doris Clauseft
Nelva Spagna.

Com6leto Amrtitment of

- j. .. !

Clash Agai "dn

*: -: ,.: .

-*. ., o

Juan Franco Graded Entries Con A

P.P. Hore Jockey Wit.COMtNT ODDS F or F ree
lst Race "F" NatiVe 44 Fgs.Pure: 1?LSM Pool closes: 12,-4
First Race of the Double MJ inA, the No. I r-
1-8. Time V. Ordo. 110 -Shotuld score at will even ais f.a'4 mus, ha1s a
2-Souventr V. Brown o109x-Rataes fair chance 5-1 e4 Xm to the list of r
--Proton J. Chuna 105x -Could score at price 15-1 -Ul elcontrlb
4-Vularehd A. Ycaza 106x -Good recent races 5-1 nef
5-Bllafual G. San. 110 -Nothing, to indicate 25-1 i ht Jan
6-White Fleet C. Ruiz 120 -Distance too short 25-1 Thold ,Ts r w ,
7-Lady Moon J. Bravo 112 -Improving steadily 5-1 turnd forr ..
8-Malaya F. Hidal. 106 -Nothing recently 25-1 ft;B', t 'orMer.wor "
9-(Regia R. Vas. 112 -Blazing early eed 5-1 m4pion Pa -*
10--(Miranda B. Aguirre 112 -Should be up cloe 5.1 .' the Isthmua. -.. .,.
1. .dywasbu-
2nd Race "B" Native 7 Fs.Purse: UM0.M Pool closes: 1:13 tI, k City ceme-
Second Race of the Double ears E ago fol.-

-Yolkito A. YLs. 110 -S-light chance ta mud 5-1 1atd. two ell-matched tn
3-Don Jalnie J. Gongo. 107x-Chance In mud only 5-1 routilOttOr and two f ai
5-Oklnagua 0. Mazue. 106 -Il big disaMpointment 5-1 round sa Is t taIha p the! ..-.-

3rd Race "C" Natve 1 MileP rse: $25=0 Peel clones: 1:451 -. t e
1-M. Matru B. Aguirre 11h -Returns In fin term even o P anama mnd
2-Golden Pick A. Vas. 113 -Racing e tenty well 5-1 ofrPam ,a
4--Arriaquln 0. Mazue. 105 -Dlstance tosl 5-1 i51'kA nds in one'
5-Winsaba R. Vas, 112 -Lonuahot poig t' 10-1 A S L, .tackle

ith Race "H" Native 0j s.Purse: M.1' Peel elopes: 2:30
,QU,., A o. te tii' .re
1-Colirlo R.. Guerra 103xO-Has shpwn nothing 10-1 o ag azg
2-Chmaron B. gulrre 110 -Must improve ut red 45-1 tr papt
3-Holy A. qnza. 105X -Not good -enough 10-1 IL 'm
4-Consentida J. za 118 -Returns in goqd shape 3-1 rioq*
5-OtWonder 0. a. 115 -Mutuelp favorite even .-
6-Sandra A. Yca&h 103x-Early speed only 10-1
7-D. Malone M una R. 104x -Rates good chance 4-1 re hor ai

ith Race "D" Native 7 Fgs.Prsec $W.0W Peoelcleses: 2:ee06e. Z

I-Petite r Rose 108 -Disregard l soot dtowl_ m M an .

5-(Atiazan Q PrEFrcott 115 -Longshot possibility 4-1 by deci sf 40nl^d. ove gHat1gwaasu *to
I'M"h1 I5 p at. t t"
ith Race "7" Imped V Fgs.Purse: $40.6 Poel closes: 3:25 A doth r thds. g .
ra-turm..bout with'
Pi Race of the Double cha"p IIM-la .


~&' a~


IW*' -.

- ..".y

1~ -


~ A.~

'T- *" -

*-L .-~r'~-
,4. -



- -
- ..p .

, .-.' ,-


1-Sir Boss L. Giral. 118 -Sizzmling workouts 2-1
2-Toletazo O. Castle. 11f -Can wini f in mood. 3-1
3-Cambist Mena I. 110 -Rider handicaps 3-1
4-8. Wihdsor V. Cast. 115 --Recent rage Indicate 2-1
5-Alabarda 3. essza 118 -Has most early foot 30-X
6-Pitta R. Guerra 109x-Unsally oov' late 15-1
7-Pla ReLYes lx .-Peforming poorly 3041
8-Minlo H. Rui U -LO hot spela 16-1

7th Race "H" Impla ort 1 FPgn.P Se:. W.6 PWe usts: 4:
oeeoed Race of the 0eble .1
I-Interlude .L GW. 112 -In excellept condimon
2-G. Time A. nr.amue 108 -Muddy track wilhelp
3-Lujoso 0. I2Ow. 110 -Could scored at
4-Jlg'l Up P. Ordo. 110 -Unknown &am I~r 1
5-La Chata A. Vas. 110 -Rates fair chase I.1
6-Darlene F. HIdsk 110 -Unknown- quantity 304
7-M. Princess M. Ouerre. 142 -Wll .win soon 185l
8-Firenze G. a e. 110 -Hasn't ahown much 1 o(
9-. Balbo V. Ordo. 111 -Returns n good shape. 3

8th Race "I" Intperted 7 rgs.Puse: $375.00 Pool elgs: 4:U0
1-Jepperin F. Hidal. 108 -Coul4 upset dope 1
2-Apronktes B. Aguirre 118 i-ReWporel improtved t1
3-Pepsi Cola H. Rltil 105x-Noting lately 15-1
4-R. Claim L. OraL 118 -Should win at last even
5-Paris Midi P. Ordo. 106 -Rates fair chance 5-1
6-L. Martha Julio RddrL .118 -Coulds wore at price 5.1

9th Race "F" Imported 64 Fgs.Purse: 5M.6 Peel else: 5:15

H. RpM 104x -Distance handicap. 8-1
F. Hidal. 116 -AIlo likes lonIer route 101
L. Oiral. 110 -Wax never better 61
A. Va. 118 -Doesn't see polble 10-1
V. Ordo. IMi -Dangerous cOntender 3-1
M. Ycaa 107l -Nothing to Indicate MI
R. Vas. 116 -Form indicates ey

Imported 7 VIsP.Pwrez SUM.N 1oel diaMt I40
B. Agultrre 11l -R4turns in top form 2.1
V. Ordo. 11I -COuld score agals
R. Vas. iS1 -P1efers muddy going
0. CaUtl. 110 -Looked god lt.- time i1
L. Giral. 115 -Has ouatide c ance
A. Gonra. 103x--Iougher field now 10-1
A. YeaEa Ilix -Returns f!om laybOf S

1-Golden Tap
2--un's Moon
&-In Tfime
5-Henry Lee
6-S. Chum
7-C. Green

1oth Race "B"I
3-8. Barge
4-C. Prince
5-R. Light

Gun Club Notes

DCM RIFLE MATCH ar, Mid the Ball
ST POR SUNDAY has mada this mi
AT FARB PAN RANGE any Interested sho
The last DC-M quaifiation retettltions aI to
match of the waning yir set UtiesMs that every
for Sunday, Nov. 22-atte Bal- the pot
boa Gun Club's Fir Faa range. th
Firing will start as iden af Testls for th. 1
8:30 am. as possible, an- .O =r' I'
weapon Is, of course, the 'O-6'e AIJ' .IoI
rifle with metalfle ,g& S A-
Rifle Manag Hank g M
announced that this i wfl c to both t and t eJta u
teams. The ent -- --
shooters will be f %
range costs. Team ea P.isA
add another dollar.per mA to y
cover the cost of t ra
have two.uour l
f.ri Uftne, end as T I
ions for rvege yB

Theb sne ae$g (i

, '.
i '



-- r

. "' /* "*;; a


,* '* .q .
"1 1 .in ."W
o .

.,. .1, .k .

,1 -.,1"-

, -. :,..ft

* ~

. I.





*~;j7* ~'

**- "" *mp il

o 'i. ai- -- ..

f r o
IHo" W-9 VI.

'r, mus~w ,- loouua. wwpT
S, .._v i*^ i- "' "" '* i *

; '** '" -S^ I '*


we. ss'.'

~ -vi

.^ -'- to. -. ;,

I- -* ..;..,..-"

i s :.1 '1 .,:\-- ^: "

Mexican Road Race Has Tragic Star#

Sewen Killed land a Team Terrapis Believed They Had Last Season
'h .Y -land's bread-and-butter man. Mississippi edged the I
SGhet Hanulak is a safety man their semi.-final last trip,
T ~ ig dsa J ctozOi 1AUdo. who as averaged B.3 Yards on Alabama really lowered
.I N K A I -_ U l i~ i t > U rS O W i t h t h a w o unn emn a h um h a sI Y Y 7 I n- n_ I I
(NSA) YGM61 2


O AAA. Mex., Nov. 20
,b AM! m .atao muasg ar
er crashed at miless aR

S'thie accident occurred in
(Irs lap of the .Pan-Amar4
rae over 1,912 miles of t
n mumpy road fromt TW
QOl Bini Sa southern Me~cc
-> gf *a ,,. .
SM- of the We fad"

ofS broke through the
ordon ind poured onto
to try to help Christie
1 moment, M 1 k e y
t-.f El Miast Calf..
* car into the tum at
r kneBeked thebp ser

As an old grad edraIteM. "Jim
Tatum Ha"s the tem he beieved
he had last falL"
"This was a. better lsssspp
team than the one that s d
us at Oxford hst year," eains
Untie Jbmn Ttn.
^o"aw do you

-the sore?

shut out five opponents, the
safety man Is entitled to. a lot
of credit. Jones obviously Is the
more formidable of three stand-
out takes, the others being
Blubber Morgan and Tom Breu-
nich. -

Tatum calls sIx-foot, 185-
pound Bernie Faloney the slick-
uest back he has ever seen, splipUt-
T quarterback or otherwise.
"Faloney Is the co-captain, a
fine student, a smart field gen-
eral, an extraordinary runner
and passer and as a sophomore
he outkicked Tennessee's Hank
Lauricella In the Sugar Bowl."
stresses the Terrapins top man.
"BHe Is a deadly tackler, having
been our first string defensive
right halfback the past two
campaigns. He intercepted two
pass against Missssppi. Three
limes when an offensive play
was messed up, he broke loose
by himself -. for a touchdown,
20 and 10 yards."
Tatum refuses to compare
Faloney with Jack Scarbath, now

YeWs F0ootl Piture-At A
n -I.. *. Su. dsae l a6
St aS1*0L&TA M%-*Ch. q1 M 4 4OTES A
in .... 11..h13 .2, at 7 1 ,m,

MINSo 142113RAWmf 1
g 14 4T 1
4 W im s 1434'ts14 6 A.K I

1 75.I60 p .31-"At4IElcN h. -n"1-Al" s

Js FLOM& A*M&S 1 -7 11 r I lli. 9 gg

It A C of. 21 1102186 =MAm
.M p : 4 ., ,_!.e ..3 ,, 3 Will

24- n 3 l 2-- 1 '- sr 147 -

at m a'~l a. "'. .. R !1 In a 1. e** u s xas W~l A 11"*

A Ert
"1W WLO D N1 13 O2.GOA 1 1 12

1: NA MNbrsa IS Vft o *
i-im 1 'e n 1. e

-- 33tm F e
..94a2 C la
.1 .ine.ahuN.. soaWsash.
.AmKA N.21-At KPchinGooh
D -e e e 34 2 S OL A91UA9 7 3 *

-a r a rasses 41, Iff,

iS 1331 2 .. 14 Itebmeas 6 2 Ntagrdia-Sim 5 VaIa 6
I IS a .131 40
T 14 13 Os 6 lAsa a g alig. 15

S a Apl ,' p 1 iu-- wde ,

l l il e an- gI -i I i heha M
pm sm"1li'I2 u.ea," I U wWmig
18 DoWm 4'1 4.Ae .a1 I NX Ca luma
is l l t aa.i a 1-- Ni-At -- al A2 .1 Kma .
-- I%=M "@H t SCAR OIdSA h fa ..
All t PhW O KLAHOMA Ilooksa
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Maryland graduated co-e"
talns Scarbath and Lloyd Cdl
teryahn, the latter one of ft
remarkable ends, the other.*;
Ing Johnny Alderton, L6u
densaul and Paul Nestor.
departing were Halfback 3iM
lerton, Tackle Little Mo M
lewaki and Center Tom C f
the latter pair All-America 4
Not a few suspected
Maryland was through inse -
as running the works was We
But Tatum is resourceful i1
has millions of 'em. He philul
the ends with Marty Crytru .
senior who had two years a&
fensive end Pad linebacker,
Bill Walker, an outstanding sim
sophomore switched from
back. He found his centOr.t
Junior Johnny Irvine, who f
lleved Tom Cosgrove.
Maryland quickly climbed bac
after going off the bridge Ip th
deep south,
As Mississippi found out, I
doesn't pay to take liberties wit
Big Jim Tatum.


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Puerto Rican

Nationalists a I M..

Threaten Death

NEW YORK. Nov. 20 (UPI -
Fanatical Puerto Rican Nation-
Salsts have threatened tUSo a Pkillpe now the th country l- A h Lincoln.
Henry Cabot Lodge. Jr.. U.S am ,.k h ibrshdm
bassador to the United Nation
and a 24-hour police guard hI TWENTY-NINTH TEAR PANAMA. S. M4IDAY. NOVEMBER SO, 1M MVl
was learned today. ., ,
The threats were said to have
come from the same element i..
President' Truman.
The threats on the life of
Lodge were revealed along with
information that persons high- 0 c
er in the United States govern-
ment also had been threaten- ions erri ory
ed. They were not identified.
The State Department in
Washington said it had asked for PANMUNJOM. Korea, Nov. 20 and thus subject to bew04eIn the repatriation shall have been de- and It s special ambassador, Ar-
the guar to protect Lodge UP- Three 1igitives from the North Korean army 0a l. b or termined." thur H. ean.
"As far as we're concerned." a North Korean army and a "life camps. Meanwhile COp. Edward Dick- They invited that Russia and .
okesman said. "It's a normal Wo slavery" said today they were The United Natiooa cMm d enon, thelreanCwlE prioner dour AlDilThytlode b al Invited to
thing to put special protection captured South Koreans who had questioned the men, W outran who refused rpatriation and take part in thq long-delayed
on some man in public life at been denied repatriation. Communist pursuer sd dashed then changed dind, sped conference a inentrals, even
various times. thThe fugitives charged that the across the demamtton line here today for a medical check. though the t ha"* aId& the S- .
He was asked if therewas a Communists first had promised Thursday night ad juposed up and a reunion with his par- iet Union wm ad be required to
special reason in Lodpe's case them repatriation but later rul- turning them over to the Neu- ents. slt with r entatit s of bel-
and replied: I'm not allowed to ed they were not war prisoners tral Nations Repatriatio r nCo n- Mr. and Mrs. Van Suren Dick- llgerent $ofb IKBpfi and Ch-
Newo that far."ook over mission. enson were en rgpte here from nese.
thew ob poflguardine okgeavttheir home in little Cracker's Dean W11 0 o'te latest co. In
the job of guardian Lo a r R W ar w In a letter to the cmin ison Neck, Virginia. But they won't ference with bo that the two
week o. A uniformed trBarstow chairman, Ma J. .. ey, see their son right oL ides wolfurtherprog-
I.. stationed near the chief of the U.N. rmistike corn- Dickenson's Air Force plane ress, g ethee ommunlsts had
Lodge suite In the WaldorfAs-i mission command,p ro ied that was due at Andr Field this ude and of-
torla hotel. Others are station- Unionthe three men s the p bs l ere o e
edTwo t dethe ctpoivesn weret s ai tog "L- -~ 11rtun or' expected to make it Until this Jor votlag Bi "3e
have accompanied Lode and his According to the armistice evening. But Defttoo newsmen fol-A
wife to the opening of the Me- terms, Lacey's letter said, the But when the meetlng comes, lowing the argument over RUS-
tropolitan O p e r a earlier this Dr Robbn W Barstow, a New utral on was e est t will be haprs one. t will a that they could write this
One source said the element York represents ti Ve of the prisoners until their desire for three years ine Oung Eddy -
respoUnion Church of the Canal Zune left.for Korea tht they have
resnsible for telephone and and an internationally known been together.
but is incensed because of the day from Costa Rica for ten- dul Stakes tirade against tMhe Ik Na- cd
United States position In a re- day visit. During his stay on the tlona for qe Russia's
cent debate In the U.N. Ge- Isthmus he will speak several "heutralty" inht
eral Assembly coneernino self times and will hold conferen' esP i lfed progress of lk opening
government for Puerto Rico. with leaders of the asix Unn Plthe peace confere .t
ition that Puerto Rico has been Dr. Barstow, who has been In Plea For Eteat today's two.andone- gig For Peace
Oven Cogimonwealth status and president of Hartford Seminary half-hour confene.- e deliver WAB IN t O, N' o20 (UP)
the United States in not respon- Foundation for fifteen years, is PARIS, Nov. 20 UP) Foreign a bitter "harangue" #t the U.N. _I, is resident Emlnhower.
sible for forwarding information a personality widely known In Minister Georges Bidault today "unshakable co nliest" that '
about political progress there to Europe and the United States threw all his weight behind the L the O t o l
the U.N. For the first five post-war years c6t.troverslal European Anym T e01r iLetS rmen the a
The secret service was under- he directed the work of Church plan in a three-hour appeal for the worMld is "a gret t
stood to consider the Puerto Rt- World Service, a cooperative a unified continent that could DiG Unaided amog Us .
can Nationalist movement a con- Protestant service of war relief negotiate with Russia 'frln a Wa h wy du l their lead-.
tinuing threat, in which most of the major position of strength. CHICAGO, Nov.' 0 (UP) A et bSae 1conitantly t u
Investigation of the Blai r Protestant groups' of America In a speech prepared for de- temperamental tenor stopped In on them th a .'th
House ir.cident in which a White participated. Dr Barstow holds livery to the National Assembly mid-aria during a periora ance know to be. fat, s
House g u a r d and one of the honorary degrees from several the Foreign Minister amid it is of "Carmen," stalked off the arldd want ar7nt "lt t
would-be assassins were killed. universities and is an honorary the duty of every lrenhmaann to stage and left te startled.hero- taked. -.
provided information on persons member of the Unlversitatabun- support the nations' position as ine with no on? to stab her. Mr. m nhower-
still under suspicion, der of Marburg University in a world power through the ix- feelina ni r asit i6.. t
Germany. nation European Defense Cob- It w erh thel ti temat M aS
R R At the present time Dr. Bar- munity plan in the hist ryofaPM W0thArt C ler Mo I!at a
Red Robin stow is engaged in a Retreat of Bidault, In mkaing his appeal men ever died of 411sr 1 0 .rp
the Union Church ministers. On turned his back on the job of ^a" yfath o f StnlArBaduest
Sunday he will speak .at the president for which he was i n t of ..mvtd master .tV hemn "
CHICAGO, Nov. 19 (UP) A morning worship service of the once a prime contender. He of the -mw ty Mr. 5i~h0Wer ald lt
member of the Indiana textbooK Gatun Union Church. He will staked his political life on an Opera Company vtp nedsinging d*0econ 0 t -ad
ommissionsays she apparently speak at the morning worship) all-out fIghtto get a vote of and shouted the, operas pmt8 ~
Sdrwinblood with her care service of the Gatun Union support for the EDC from the yourself." ag leeted. But e
that the story of Robin Hood fol- Church. He will speak to the divided Assembly which has that the most aIm
ws the Communist Party line. Men's Fellowship of the Marsa- stalled on the issue for 19 The stunned audience was i- is' to achieve a wiitf or
Otherwise, says Mrs. Thomas rita Union Church on Monday months. lent as Poeri, who was appear- los and e fir4
White her c h arge o uldn e evening, when he will offer his The crucial vote probably will in in the role of Don Jos6 those who k alike sa
Mrs. White's accusation di impressions of the Near East ns come late tonight. talked off the stage. among those who diffl.
get a lot of attention the gained from his most recent trip- ---
present Sheriff of Nottingham to that troubled area of the
even went to the length of deny- world. P .
tlig it all. On the Pacific ride Dr. Bsr-
Indiana superintendent ofpub- stow will speak publicly three N oted Engineer ee Dig
lic instruction Wilbur You ng times He may be heard on
I'pent the day re-reading Robin ThankFgivinr morning at the
Hood to see whether it could be Pedro Miguel Union Church;
called Communist propaganda. Sunday morniner Nov 29, at the
He said there's no doubt the Gamboa Union Church; Sunday |
Beds have gone to work to twist evening Nov 29, at the Balboa .N e e F -o,-.F eI'
2e old story to fit their line. But Union ChurchO N- Ti h ai I "f, I
e aso said the Communist also NEW YORK, Nov. 20 (UP) This problem, bw r e hi, "If, a In
probably could get a Red slant In a seven-week tour of Cen- As if there weren't enough findings wheh were i0 Was er g
oa Mother Goose. trial America and the Caribbean thorny problems in the world, a today In book form, "A hoodof an ecolmy, h
As for Mrs. White, she says: islands, Dr. Barstow will visit noted engineer came up in elab- the Future," is aboutt be- n I e of 'low c i
_"Because I'm trying to get Corn- church groups in twelve coun- orate detaill today with another, ~o6opein g and ir n to carry oe of
taunist writers out of tezbooks, tdies. Prior to his stop in the half-hidden dilemma-a forth- a crisis staei to oroAooner.
2my name is mud." Canal Zone he has visited Mrn-. coming shortage of low-cost en- e m
terrey. Mexico: Mexico City; ergy, thow ma must Td*t ikf Idgo W
Guatemala City: Tegucigalpa It is a problem which prob- l16-co1t enery o 4 as t helt
C 1mbo nS Made and La Lima. Honduras; 8.t' bly is as vital as any other to i lowc ft r t.
Slight rrrJose. Costa Rica. After leavin the future of man as a race. qot Cur w pike up os of
SlightErrorCanal Zone. he will v he'robem ars. from t. he found that S.
"ledellin. Bogota and Barranqut- increasii pressure of man's r--at least on the ie d rom tSb fosil-
Yesterday the Gamboa Golf Ila Colombia: Caracas and da-a high reproductive rate and his u e kno mwledge-stce of "eol a
Club announced it would have rome in Venezuela; Aruba. ever-expanding economy upols i amal part of the aWSlir. ene '
a busy Thanksgiving Day pro- N W.I.: Curacao; San. Puerto his decreasing ability to produce The elements of the Wbhe t B
=nm Including a turkey shoot, Rico; Clidad Trujillo, Dommini- low-cost energy. Palmer Coslett t t mtheseg lpa ,
bece, dance and presenta- can Republic: Havana, Cuba; Putnam, consulting engineer tO I ot only world poI)t ao tonon.'
t0en of trophies, and the Isle of Pines. the Atomic Energy CommistlMo. IoreUI_,I but s-ter 'swldd tol p-
T busy day part was e.k. The public is cordially invltd described it in an exhaustive ~eSmBce armta a t I
Bt it won't be Thanksgiving, to be present at any of the study of world' fuel and power gre ai tao ter
it will be temorrnyt. churches here Dr. Barstow r resoo, epeclaly those of ate wsuaa S ep. a


.I ,U. .V.,..

) : np. n
S ,~ ~ 8g'wp

ave submitted their resignations 1
mid er George Yen Ilefti and Pte
I e'td to have accepted the
hi-,ln (right), who had with

4 5 .


4;' '4.4

a .. Ca l


- *<;i^ ,*

I. T .


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