The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Kase of triand
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Raises for CZ Craft,

follow Nav, Y4r4, Trend


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Expecedd To Say

Suspect Was Bait

To Catch Others

WASHINGTON, Nov. 16 (UP) Former Presidea
Truman is expected to tell the nation tonight that hI
kept the late Harry Dexter Whitthe a high govern
job to give the FBI a chance to catck him and perha
others in the act of spying for Russia.
Mr. Truman wiAH peak from kansas City at 11
His 30-minue prepared address will be carried by 4
four major telweisien networks and by the Columbia, A.
mericon and Mitu radio twor.ks.
Broaocastiftofficial said Mr. Truman probably wil
have on:of t. ki.tgt viewing .udsiAci
in history Wfowligl aited reply to dhary" wiik At
torge OyeliW Herbert BronM Jr., m agal kid.
m a ge speech ten do i ago.
Xrownin mmet.4 that .'r Morrs also mwd Jeni m 9
Trumn promoted Wite from leave It un to a tull aubpm
usistast secretary of ta Tra- tee vote h to "ta
tro tobU.. axen~ (t or o of an to t-.fy Inftr tr
the Internalol M a o t-ory Obmet executive Qr
rPand in eu rl demote' BIt out radio t-=a n
Iwo" Pram _W ho.Ro f fiL.
I Litt* tP' Vabt~ a




of Panam r
r fbraa tree
* ftr at W
F It
(t siupwm

Pnon ", o, m, ,,W: .h,-
uruets hdep to mt. T S d s m
pedlotd t he wUi oter .hta i be "on&. theb pa
a wn uabm auu a along. these of the 1054 aeg tail
r ccameaign. He sidM the
Air Wite was not promoted but Ucaa admlnistartion "wt l "e
Actually was shifted to. leass- It that all those security rs,...
sensitive position, Mr. Ttuman who came in under the ~ aM
learned of the MI repor4i onal ministration are goin : to be
after the Senate had confirmed out." HVR also ald
White for the Monetary, FOnd "bas supporting evidence for
job. erythig he has said" about
M o. t adidM of Su- White cam..
rea 4 ttW (Sen at- 2. Sea. Albert Gore a -
toner ar ~ ,ft Clark membd of the DeMocmtei
and tbi late alrM nson atorial Camipain C w
S (thenore Ath sury) prledted that revive
on wha t t case may make nxt
InveistilsUtng wa strategy paiga the "biggest
ecuare d es- wu oallw t& take the most damaging" in the '
ona Roosevelt lob closr history.
Ltfi off the FBI Wee if It 3. Democratic dh
than on- wold to man Stephen A;
in minor an believe Bro
r and two distorted or w0rom s l

asa manid

PMM ,o
M For .

fta.of well known rl

na =lft.~fi6=
today at l


I Thev are;
iDo. ocs 8 t
Street. PequttI
col Place,
5`i~te Plae .a
hob) o anduo
n o tn aaoan us
PA.I ^heRM-


a.! Xt1~km r




L. nn- aUO i
vo damage ,
i ae is em-
r for Chain


oear aI o

i~-------- ---- --

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.*N- *M .,.I T. MA .. *.. | Labor 'N I "Ma-rshl V i i
SNAwRMtI A L RIA I" s"n 6. -
"ST 1 aam P0 lot 154. PANAMA. R. P P. A .
taLemI4ir PANAMA NO .-074o0 a LINEal
CAiN oCit e 2i 'I7* CI.NraI AviNup *Irp1IN 12. a1r r ISTMr trM
Sn 4 MaMNAaM # VE MW ViEeamr 1ag1 1A N 1
P.anNg".N'4t VA1 MI49I Oe.O
O -' :Gl 1ur ,SNs. *f Aa*ves eo I61 Al
S wONOp VRAr n eanvnce --. .. No 4 By VICTOR RIESL g
rT- IS TOUk PORUM THE EADERS OWN COLUMN Let's be calm abour jsi, r
S.D. .. uriaLe rumpus. thyl u
in .o.. ? circles. All rit be
TI B calm. I've got just t to
SI B soothe you. It's the stmsy a a
.0 X friend of spies Harry 4Ate, .
Frank Coe, Gregory Silvermater
o and William Ludwig Ullm. hey.
The Mald 1ea n oPen tgerumn o* reders l tG h Penea ... all worked for the U.S,
.,new Lefter are eived gratefully d ean re handled Iea w cIiy s De d nlduring the s
.r MIH e.m f- .. w eArthuir WNax wo b a IF
I fe aM I et Nte dean't be imp~#n0tt i e dose en ohem ca. ".'
phenomenal career hta'te ;'.-
se- ay. Lithes are published il theo rder teWivd./ iArmy. All you ex-GIs o r \e
Army. All you ex-Gla". .. e
Pnlep tr to keep the ltter. limited to m ea piage legi. will be fascinated to N S 'y
MIdaruy ** lter writern held 1i b srict eanee. Just didn't hav-the j the f a
TIhiilepper easeimes wo repeaosibliy tot leepleaet or opinion' This fellow Niees..o-driN 4 W
eae d t iletersn tm reee. Drafted in 14 he weSt Dlra
basic training. Then le just wated h
o-- up from buck private te sopl But
lieutenant in charge f our Fiann. It
THIS DON'T MAKE SENSE, NEI R e ial Intelligene mSee .od -e
DJar Sir: Branch of the Flaace ,of
I shore was happy to hear from that gal Sally, Its been a the Allied Control Co u n e-
6ing time since 1 heard irom a real southren got and the south many. That's nice. Siwh a yaouf
list stuck out of her like warts on a toad. It was a real good falk.. Just 3 at thl tta m.
letter two an interesting. The headline didrit make muhb sense Gpes right from in mktty basic
but then you cant expect two good things on the same day as tra iig into inteUllL ee-wrk. And be
rule. An that gal Sally shore could write. Maybe her spellin sits as a member of the Jolt In- N
wouldn't please Editor Jack Scatterwood down on Smackover Crik tellgence Co mJtte headd by w
but he used to criticize my spellin two until It got to the polzt nl. S Krtuger. i"n op3r a n 1s
where I tole him he would either have to stop c. angit my srelll-ia k ourHnel e .e
or I would stop written him letters and pomes. So I stopped. T talism, for you. T ls G
doesn't like us fad wh oors
I been aorta unhappy the last few days on account of the Fiet Union is ust ite So
last circular from Mr. Steers which I found kinda depresasi and record as sayui that
comfusin. It didn't have the same ryme an rithm that they of all the desire in tilr
usually have an the off beat was sorta in the wrong place. Look (U.S.) government has
to me like Mr. Steers has got his self a ghost writer to write demonstrate" Ia acoaje *
them there circulars. This circular sounded like a father tellia flon between the Ameadl Com- C .rr 0. .
his kids they better do there lessons or else they catch it. munist Party and the Communist
Isttrnatiolnul. th_ ii I_
Well Im willing to cooperate an do what Im tole iffin I can That was in answer .to ques-
understand it that is. ll I ast i.oli aij mmru i. h'..i he t; U m p Lion put to him by Isa.*Hbert
what to do to my face an 11 do it, An I will two. But look nerq Humphrey. "'he Sanlo it ked the
now. Mr. Steers tells me like thlai bright boy: "Do you dder t
Communist Parly to. part of
,"A certain amount of confusion has arisen over the fac t international etu Or dO you
that a special division code has been required on maserl coSlder It to be allin I Sn. .* ..f
orders. This code is d iferent from the organization num itiaMl ~ t*tdalaton ,
ber used in.the code of accounts. In order to aimplify the L. S.? "
'eoding of material orders the special division code s being Sr this fellow k in 1- s e L ets
ditontinued effective November 1, 1953. For the Majorityf 'ed of the W hln4 wgt fice of
of divisions the organization number which forms the tw0th United Eletri kr.
middle digits of the account number will Identify to th'th, I have differed irth tE *
Storehouse Division t.e -proper pl, ce to send chuag a. .orto wr ston #in th But
material Issued. For those divisions that have need for agree on oni WASIINGTO tNA D.A. the fact they we" of Euro- et Aaine I lief program,
their matral orders to be sent to two or more locations pro.Sc let. Its ean. bi fit al dEt o operations pean ilu, ia art to the a e Commerce
where stic locations are not separate acco&ni&ng organa- named before s n, or enAdnMuls- fct Lthcat lator power was MUL buna rejteid aI
tons, there is attached a special sulfx code to be used Id inittees as high l'a trato has t Washi on oy t days 4mk. that frm.
place of the previous used division coded" the Coimunist Prty. It ex. t from a trip to S
ilpeed from the CIO for fallowio g Wit a first-h report on theiie I O r Clar
It goes on like theft. 86 I g4ve it to my assistant an tole him "the line." economic end ol the new Spanish- ti iw r t Trel
to do it that vay an he k...aid an took two days off. Now I s Yet the chief of it Waslo laid program. The economic-aid The ppr due to ilanuel Ar
.ou man to man. Ma e ii4 bela ralisd withilour le :d -critters lei-lative- efforts is whirlwa I i ntended t4 help the a bad t surmer e as oe of the aew
lik ews and horses and jackasses that makte mae thin lik# right to the topmost ectlons a l h ad ralle their There ., water of He s la e tIs ON l
they does an contrarywise makes it harder r me to think, like our indeligence force' -o.and d to *i comry's w self-mlde i'
her folks does especially fellera what sLayed in school moen himself sittig onthe, sm Joint J IMadrid M r. erl stayed rate all s ow i.- ai.
the fourth rade. Not that Is' dlttin' that theyl hthat ink yhi any bet- lateliges mtiewih 4 nW a apr OA A ca hel hsa hotel, This r rose to me pre
'Aiwj es ittsaist that they thlito tfr@e ut. thSe;t I h a m Ii t .Ic ste W lam Wl i alead o Ext waid
., AofficrAllen Dulles, ow head f tfehing with cso E I e centrs wr W e
Frinsance. Tbere a lot of thhlns l lont know about personal Central Intelligence. oping to cut th v on care

eAn thats morsn I can say about hallu the things them O innellers m i _. to be if ehailm a
res and Mr. DcOlw rver hoard pf notber but ththheJy dont att in E upm at Irt tAme-bt ato be ecoaoml. pas li
ad a mend ast n I 'd ar o rtn theM ciur ia ct E 4tsn td Nur reo hJ- s A4t. 001 0.
Anon: to ou-arkait iseor t
S"eul- she.or Min d Itrl .th4m.&h, ye a/ ,et a eelt ethe

i nedht he, w a sofst mnew ulars to wr myoalm lieethey 4onwas shoved i h Oe of it ;s.4
S n that moren I can sayabout halithe things them fell mI oe h a t t
S. e In the c Fr me t at I. Now e ty d 9 Cief of e he.ehr .A.W. Irem bt .1
ad at me an take Mlhdi dairy Often the cIlrclar dkbtb- t. gr mr hat oa a o oa *he a i '?fi
-- t -m s- lvrin "' ofel thevital Am pu se
I 1 need the I,.'-sb ou te cj.T t6 o wri. my to'oe. or ai .f-th ie an NYixon w as soved .. o .
to te top in thi fashiodo =e s..sftA To c

Then he became chieAf of the a kep t-e6

SA tsAT LAST JOB he v aes we n't l .. th Spain nmiat e qual y itsa 'i
SPresents: became Director of that Division. 't iem to pat what under PresIdet It
celved m ch ellk thi+enteecffort
So; subtilyptdhework that he de '
'c .eudvln the utlmrigence of. o.l
.ss tCENI' ticr Oi oL 0 !. hr 2 n th ?"is ote fah on.

3-:1l -p 3 -5:- 8:5p- 3..m. .
w d6 Si am At e c l W hief of theDo alrti a W mncheltl I T
"sh I( 'i "Cl "rep. Ie worac relase .t be_. ,e ,_^ l,.a^ I-f
Ch.,. et. Teto, U e he-kaiwv .w .. ~.

o oi t so much o1if theF l uoie T@Im mrase1

GoPV S v -lpat Ich the Ruvitalr
C5Many" o these
l- t weakArs. ss&leo' as a.tler l

yt d' l i prOds1Oa instrumla en sig 4 u c I ." i ll uI fldhi Bl
lo. a e .sal defitly onF
w Ith y theiuansthre AmericantJ haft to

Oh,. yb. Don't worry ab ut Aa ",. "A Girl Can Tell"
S:. We t bs kb b k at thb ho& .. 1 Janet Blair) had its 1
Zon iEle.trical Workers: Hel i st o efter the star
Thm'r Washington Bureau. But, e (t M ii 'tand ti teev show tday
dF h t.i to helop a unch the a l, c a aate p1iag up
TUh.e 'a *.meiney-M' urn who ea
Wfa ia edtic oesanot d

SR Dl, ANoU "E-.a.. ". Lxt.a Bulwe

C IR C U IT W .._ ... a.Of.

"FOR.IDDEN WOMAN" ^^^ .- .l '^"^"lJ"^^
NONE;hngo ueu Bt i:Y"~il ~ L :tv ao udy

spi 1

** **---... .. p rea with ~lc


~aO ue.

. .-.




hfp .b~

--* .
JJX 1.- :" -

- -- ~-l.L..


*'* ** W -r .'

m owet-t run f the a
'lb) twduluht run of the ud

'"a V

SAct- I
j.^,. ........................ The

u a....urquartet:... 0
: .. ........ .urs.

rler qua: ................. "I Had A Dr
OeaMuntty Sngbag led by pL N. W. nglmand, VU.lN.
Act U .WT

~, baw

.. i.. -F. 1 o1c
-q~*~~*..**S* ..eflv

A m- S- UR i
W1S m:, Ouimronlty ingg ed by W. England, UAN.
an.d I U-

V ai m Ji ebB u didn't siwe p....l....9 .. .*. .. ..... asA
I.a d o ...t .............. ........ ... B Dr
7Ba two waod ch CUW
S w to chew. e ty: .. ............... quarStt "Jingle
, eumb dh litUA+ JWL at ..................... ...*., to d
ii.. 6. ...... nutteandI
Veteras Admilt Lu Oruces Tralers quartet: ................."....... ".
wha here stirtled Zoe Tone quartet: .......... .. "'eIy Called It DbLi
SU4 M"WE sa n choru; .... ...... ...... ..... g Mn o
Ir'PnLw: .I .......... Old INTbe Ol
(Thbom moo*fQ OLf

Activity s
At wBnoai x 'Y'WOA
VItIIl- Thu womeB'u mo1Uslatf!Z"

vr*. .



Kippered Herrinpa
Kieler Sprotte

ikgiying. ..

3Baflto Baby Turkey.
Eviscerated Long bland Ducklings
Paul J. Kiener's Own Sugar-Cured
Mahogany Smolked HAMS
"B" Avea.e and 21st Striet
Diagonal frtm Hotel Interuatioal

fitRR Mfckefr
iCar Flway
*AWi.MwAus&aa Ar m .

Nw Treatment

i Helps Calves

KI 'Mlr~rl' To Survive

namcce Its "sTn r r thr"as to wa Calves is a
KAM nt Jewste,, p0etedo in the Jetmal of the Amer
i'iL_- aifn ote co S M5S fleno Veterinary Medeal Amsclab.
*tt-te *tdour- Z t of f W to, he daon.
faWsk. rer.ainder coanta tron t U.s.
Stresury, t wa .-MS lat The rot eU tmt a eoea
ua Rdolph G. Batabnorna ir. K and predge as hu
tional amanB of tM paved ait Israel Appeal. made Ste- "orswhclh Ilb e arWne
nouncement at mnetaw of Calve'.
S~cg. UIMA conference as r oblema and T
.ifir. 'ann.n o-. e&N"O eei
sa- He mgo oeur-flt of thsefr
bV 1,olooam$&M "mu r as, ma. sltanlul hrthe t
hred dit oneltos to t d HI.X u th
:, !in the nfild- Mtes -nd P IsA mA A
Sw- i?%from ale If Irel ba D thin "ourisohment
Sa 3 ;T tatod ar B pg a I a f roem
Si eK xP ftnts-tt Orem the
fto= U. 8U. gOVert1lft SBoImeborn
T wher a.& In addition, Miel hpis to
mNsWNmi- iRn p.Mow.oooM trom f other DICAA7
Woort ha ceountries and Oenra rpasrft- PARIS tAZAA1
kW nl1athe tl Uun paymcuts.
Emi alo Pleras
SPauai C*oiW


From Germany

Jut Received

a limited amount ef

Beautiful Toys

and pretty ornaments

for Christmas trees.

Kx.lm a it WsUday.

In Panami: No. 66 Central Ave
is CGd: Aw. dd Feas

S l^ .. .
3 > } I.'.tMl.fU *>l
*a 't ^i~r'& .^.^

iahA" T4-el pn.mAZn
mThatalg 7e :d 0 pdaI la

mani siminl' 'rh I *fatAllll

*i I !: )'.a; 19"42-r:,

u-v.% *i. V- -T-W--
turlW .. a




An A; 1"A^



a a a a S a I -



B~r*"' *
' *E **
.^ *

coWnd Prize $
-.. Oift Cr
-* i. <"

a- *-P.




w~ilsn -~~

Wrdi 100
11f Car|f loate

nerohandlse THEY want from our '
entire toksl

!- 4 lo I'

S, g



ndi THEmay wi. .
mefthaudlue THEY wiih...

r" *

tickets Iady .


* A .
' aIeAw.

* u~*uLw


w rwu


p ^ .
*'r V-"-


7a: '^r-


---- -






Ulhtm saeemunto for awt
m daii. I.w
enat the mta'tma lM A!=
t IbM ad abo I, MWM1..
2u:ly, tfbw bMinobi RoIrd I
coruek 3a7.

..I -.-

6nan h
.Lvius. .

WE' '





.-I %. -

TY3btbj~ ; '~JF'T1'


u .r


" .
*^^***wniu MIbMH ln

New Machine Doesn't Cure

Postman's Fallen Arches

WASHINGTON Nov. 16 (UP,--. The second section of the
A government inventor has de-l mal-sortei is a "random axis"!
vised' niachine that may do memory device, which can store
more. to improve postal service up information for" future refer-
than anything since the inve!- ence. .
Lon of the mailman's whistle. Rabinow describes it -as "a
Whep perfected, this machine book you can, read while, tlhe
will read the address on a let- covetsb're shut.* i description
ter, figure out the zone number is as-a od as any. i.
and then drop the envelope in- The thld- find foremost girn-
to the proper bag. It is designed mickr oei the actual sorttig and'
to do just bout everything thkt ts the first sorter of Its kind. ItI
postal 'clerks do except sei! differs from other mechanical
stamps. sorters rIn that it ases .the prin-
The piachine ip the. brainchild ciple of the conveyor belt.
of Jacob Rabinow of the Army's
Eld Diamond ordnance fuse la3- A typical sorter found in a
oratories here. Rabinow has put government or business office
together workable models of th, makes no more than 20 dtstinc-
three main'parts of the mecfr- tfori. With Aablnow's method,
anized mail-sorter. They arc the number Is 1unitless. Letter.'
now being demonstrated for va- for instance, cap be sorted right
rious government agencies and down to the apartment number
private concerns that have a l'tJon the address.
of paperwork. I Rabinow concedes that tlhr
The first devlie that Rabin,', Post Office Department hp;
thought of was a reading ma- shown no enthusiasm for beinrt
chine. overrun by the machine age. It
A light in the machine picis takes the position that three-
Up letters of the alphabet, which cent first class mail is hard i1
then hunt around inside the de- beat. no matter how you sort it.
vice until they match up with Rabinow agrees that hand-op-
other letters ana flash the re- rated postal service Is effectiv-,
sults on a meter outside. but he insists this country is
--------_-- getting behind in the develop-
2 (lldren Feared ment of automatic all. Tiny
2 Children rearlld Belgium, for instance, already
SFound has a mechanical sorter in op.
I Ul ped operation. Rabinow said it "would
not even touch ours."
Irnd i Pa Pendinz the sorter's accept-
rowned Al Pance, Rabinow will add im-
S provements and refinements ;o
FRAMINCHAM. Mass., Nov. 16 his invention. But most post-
(UP) The bodies of two men, he admits, would rather he
arall children, who for a week had invented a cure for fallen
had been feared kidnapped or arches.

murdered, were dragged from
the mudd% waters of a farm
'pond here coday as their moth-
S r collapsed in hysteria.
y baby," Mrs..DorG Oilmore
Srled after two brothers, James
'ano Arthur Wallace, brought to
shore Jittle Tommy Gilmore, 8.
S Hi glasses'still, were on hisaface
as his mother tried to embrace
Then she began to cry, "Carol
where's- Carol,. where's Carol."
'as a policeman tried tO omufort
bhe, and took her home.
SAn hour later Carol's red hat
was brought to the surface by
,a police safety officer ,uasig
,grappling hook. Then the hil's
body, lull-clothed and wearing
gloves, was brought up.
SPolice said it seemed "virtual-
ly certain" that no foul play
'was invoTved. The youngsters
had gone out-to play last Bun-
.day. then disappeared. A few
ioWrs later a boat -half full of
S waer6-was found at the joad.
'They a'pemently fell in while
Divers previously had search-
Sd the pond, batt it as notantil
S0 boatO began p trolJ
'tn" grapplingtot'
mystery ja the children's dis-
appearance ended... .

The Post 40 Veterans of r-
ietn Wans will hold a mIeaeng
tonight At the Post Hom In
38: Ounat Road. The meet-
ing w begin at 7:30 p. m.
SWbeduled for discussion is fte
planning of a program for aa-
sdtlang the orphains of Panama
during this coming Yuletide
easn All members and guests
are urgently invited to attend
to aid In outlinrinde this yea
Christmas program).

CUldus WELK. Nasia'r

Andorron AApU Ii
.---* &%t4. ii 1I

ACROSS M mp I 91. 1
l Andorra is
one of the '$.sHum
's smallest Moeik.
14 a Mte Mole 2ike
countries malmll
6 raising cort2d
is its principal a Essedtial
industry behlg "
11 Princes 9 Fatl ,
13 Virtuous Eng h itol2 The dil Offer
14 Motive 10 Ct ed 22 Preposition 41 HirelMng
15 Prayer 12CUiste 24 Son of Adam 43 Pirgftga
16 Type of fur 13 Tool ft 26 Maplegenus 44~I1Pt'.(pl) -
17 Soften in cotin t 21Flower 451h iBpOm* d 'r
temper (.) 28 Formerly ChaIl ts
18 Old English .20 It tributl18 Refrained 4 Go by
law (ab.) to P iano and from foo 48Oceap
19Female sheep the$plish' 36 Laud me i ft
20 Ache Bilhep of 36 Provided with49-Night 'beta
23 Gibbon Urgal weapons 50 COmUblls
25 Challenge
29 Girl's name
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Long Journey



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hes. toast r td, crisp
, or potato 0hlpL.

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Gn son e 'Sudan
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r-n .^ .,r "n t ,r.w_'lw .d W-n35s.
.L U Tfl;'Wfl i.og state
On aV.,t people qua.
ndk petet to follow a.
symm wWucavoter places
KSMB ateela ^bfk*ot bok.
forecast that
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Way AlhueP
DETROrr, Nov. 16 (UP)
Those already measured the
black crepe tor b .iniIaW 2 M
should come to the Motor ity
where automotive ogla are
cutting their economic fore-
casts from a different bolt of
In this Lellwetber l ust y,
$.,' men who art Mld hand-
soplly to blow see ne9 year a
a good buameas year-t a good
phaps as 1963 but -f Why a-
oec. par.
The majority reapb -t i
between and 1- million
cars next year, with m t In-
oine dto the 5 1-4 m3aln fig-
ure. Ths would be. some 750,-
000 below '1953' exepp.te total
but still enough to rhk 3rd or
4th behind banner 10 In total
The automotive forecasters
don't see this drop off as a
"recession." It is more of a
"lvelling off" period which may
continue for several years be-
fpt -the economy strts rising
aSOW, they say.
.,en car makers. aren't kid-
dh themselves. Thby see a
uto competitive fight ahead.
bhs they are not inclined to
weep over cracked cylinder
They point to the jheduled
reauctiop in income .taes Jan.
-I. cotinued high defenWg apnd-
IL, bank dtepoalt at n all
tiMe high, and a ever-expand-
U! 'population for their opti-

Perhaps no other industry Is
more intimately related to the
gAth of a man's Wat. Except
or special circumstafts, auto
FLes pretty well reflect each
day, week or month other the
public has money Tis willing
o .part,with It. ,
J t. Te CQlbef mriasident of
Clrysler Corp.. Is the latest of
hilb automotive figures to take
iaue with the economic crepe
change. .
P We thikN t154 Is j to bi
an excellent businegl. r
Coloert said. "We' arq 'aiMfh
r,-a accordingly.
George W. Mason.
of Nash -Kelvlnator,
voiced the same outlook.
and General Motors o s
are equally opthnistic.
U'Onium hbMbeqn bmown ad
available in power form
for st least a qcetury,butOe o dur-
etashbyin eera sahea late t
tl thie p years has t been
Murified and pt to work, Wma,
-uvi fort

YOU AUTO SEE HIS-HOBBY--FrwEnch abbylt Plate LAmal
literally builds junk automobile&. rMblohg sajs of Iron, hair-'
pins, string and cardboardtinto models of amnent autos, he pays
painstaking attentl to detail. His models wmre iextbted at the
SParis Hobby Show.


. ; '.-
.^,'- ; "' "t-
.. 5i,. *.'

4* C'
.MIU -aiCL

Only 2 more days to Ws reservations
to be one oftile selec t t batted


(seerratsoans ri

I:.. El Panama Goui
States and cards a
'this most dtflnS
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Omw sr We t -i of the woda... wsdertl

night club... waod4mmms Coala Theatre... hbra
rain... rpmt rcm ow e or their
intermatioad ein an a fen w iw n re a t*)bC. i
of Arlag BM% M aR labs disari1s r i .l
Aiwm ,l.T nrer Amin
gor en reigia
gr~r~~i~ir~bi~L~~C~.l Ilt ck ou 'rorrML

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No. 4 Tivo

- .-~ '

ell' em... When You T1e i 1 thru P. A.
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offiale* i No. 57 "7i' St'eet -
Lev your Ad uu tr
No. 12,179 Central Ave. calon

Via Espats? No 34 fn 10.Lj* S. Pa. e Cr. ..
)i Ave.-Phone 1-4m1. and Veu, kamTo imheuse "100elbad 0'
ml Wl, to.1 M'm= &vt,- IP~= d.

Fourth of July Ave.- Phone 2 0441

Ageea ltfmr ciaonal de Pbkecldose
Mes talttry rMi lhM $low

I ,~
'.?5 :.Lir

* r-ro '' .. ,

Household Automobilse. r e
Don't fear BURGLARS. thoroughbred FOR SALE-1941 Chevrolet Convert- e0 Ames.
GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS. Tel- ible'in A-1 condition. Duty Paid. -
ephcrc Balboa 1389. Good Top. God Tires. Must be seen We paint refrigerators. L ove it ke
--.-- -- -- -- tto be appreciated. Phone Amador new. Peru Avenue 26. Tel. .
FOR SALE:--New State St-ve. din- 2243 during duty hours. 4687.
ingroom s;t sofa bed, bedrocm set -- ----
other odd End- Api No 4 El- FCR SALE--Cadillac 1951 "62" 4- We will accept your used refrigerator,
corado. Phone Panoma 3-0763 or Dor R & H 15.000 miles. Excellent washing Indhrne and stove re lord-
2-0027._ condition, $2,950.00. Albrock less of conuilion, for purchase of
...---- -,- --- 3203. o new one. Call 2-5144.
MUST SACRIFICE new G. E refr.g-,----" 0.... ..n .
crator 60 yl 7 cu It Reason- FCR SALE---Dodge Coupe, late 1947 MUSIC
eble otffl accepted Albrook 2247 good tire.; radio, perfect condi- Try Bennet's Society SWingsterl
cr evenings Calle Darner 5, Apt. ton. $675.00. Scooter Cushman 5 iDance Combbn -
3 H. P. like new, 175.00. Call Al- for birthday parties, *edding recep-
-brook 2236. rions. dances, etc. Tel. 201282, Pan-
FOFP SALE .oldp(c refr.gerator --- -.. ..rrLa
vwih un.r 9 cu ft. 25 PANAMA CANAL COMPANY o --
cvcle. Ex:!ilenr co,.dthon Hou:e OFFERS VEHICLIS FOR SALE DR. WENDEHAKE Medisdl Clinic
2127-B. Cururndu Tel 2;3-7156 Sealed bids for opening in public Central Avenue "K" Street.cornet.
. ..A---------- .. ---- ---4 wi- wll be received until 10:30 A. M Telephone 2-3479, Panama.
.O SALE--Ele:irc troe. 4 burn- December 2, 1953. in the afface of --- R
ers. refrngerltcr. mnnogaory dining- Superintendent of Storehouses. Bal- FOR SALE
room and btdrorno set. fne custom bo, for sale of vehicles, including
built furllure. oil practically new. pick-up, stake, panel. dumps, cable MllselloMU
very cheap Arargm rt can be splicer, sedan. lineman's and canopy .--" _
made ro rent arortment also. San express bodies, located in "300" FOR SALE--Battery .hpWier Wes .
Frarr'ico 3id St 25-A, Apt. 2, Area, Balboa and Cristobal Store- inghouse Rertigon. Chfar 24 bet-
Tel. 2-3518. Panomo house. Invitaton No. 31, wth fulJI eres at same time, $70.00. Tol.
SOR SALE- -- Must sell practically particulars may be obtained from tlis 195-L. Col.n.
neww. d.nmgroom. hall, drawing- above sources, or from the office oliFOR SALE --Boxer pups AKC r-
room. comalrte guert room. indivi- Superintendent of Storehouses, tel- istered. Telephone Panama 3-531*1.
dual eac hoirs. air foam cushion- phone 2-1215.
ed. beauti'ul rug:. Swedish China. FOR SALE .-1940 Plymcuth 4-door PANAMA CANAL COMPANY
gtc.iwore. floor and table lamps Sedan $|10.00. Apt. 12 house OERS MDICAL UPPLI
Must be 'een to be appreciated. 9088, IOth. St. Co'on ed b for opln in publ,
Phone 2-2798. Office hours. c ed bA. for ninin publ ,
FOR SALE:-1949 Chevrolet 4 Door wll be received until- 1 ;30 A. Nt..,
FOR SALE De Luxe. ,aldio. tires new. $850. December 3, 1953, .it the:-office 'f
Con be financed. Phone 4-565. Superintendent of Sta Iiise, 8 i1-
Bola M lN i From 4 to 8 p. m. boa. for sale of Medicl Spplies I-
-O- FOR SALE'-- Reasinble, 1951 Chev- hs- lnvitct.n No. 33, with fsr
OR SALE : Diecel Boat Engine ** house. No. a3, with f
BudO 6 cyS ndere. 100 HP, Mod rolet el Air. Excellent cond;ton. particulars, moy be obtained frdn
Budo 6 evinder. 100 HP, Modell Phone 3-1280.
468 with 2 to I reduction gear, the above .o.-rce. or from the office
$1,500. Can be seen end run after 'rO SALE-'42 Mercury 4-door se- of Superintendeht 6f Storehouses,
4 00 p. week days. Coll Bal- dan, good candition, rrctor recently telephone 2-1815.
boa 3332 londoy through Friday. overhauled Duty p d. Phone Bal- FOR SALE:-Girl's large J.. C. Hig-
7 0 4.'5 for dtels. boa 2-2441 wedc, between ns bicycle, excelleht condition.
-7 anId 415. CQl 2-1342 aher 4:30.,
Position Offered I T A FOR SAL?:--Thoroughbred Doch.
!'HST Airs WhiY hund puppies, six weeks old. Carl
WANTED--P-r.on w.ih experience 2-2581, 1413 Las Cruces St., Apt.
in Public.rv nd Advert sing make instead of lating a flock o:0. Bolboa.
Lp Must have vocation. Must Communists run loose." FOR SALE.-kedio VicUpIe, neek
speak E,-'g'ih ard Spanish per- Suggestions that both Tru- minor repo rs. Metql Dr CCabin,.
ftcti, Wrre .onp ete details to man and Hoover be Invited to kidney table with glass top, cheL.
DEP A. r. 0 Box 134, Pan- testify were made Saturday by Call 2-35'.
am-'a. -- two Repubilcan senators, n F SALE-Cmp lv gri
a member t the maternal se- FOR SALE,-Complete valve
a member of the internal se- i ng and raf.cing equipment. GcE -
eA E T U ,benittee. line driven 'Arc Weldr. Air C
WANTED TOhad turned d n a pressor. C# 83-612& After 7
WA- 4E__ previous request that Trumtn be D, Curund;.
WAN',-D TO BUY:-Pack-up. "Mue- invited. As for Hoover, Morris
bler;i Tui~6n" No 200 Central |'a4iMwr knts toeonifelr wit FOR ALE: Smalo t pia
Avenue. B -rownell on whether H very's $250.00. Course in slnes '
WANTED your refrigerator as a appearance would destroy the ministration, $40.0 ,t. 2-12
trade-in o.- a new Crosley Shelva- sanctity of PFI files and jopa Phom a. '
oar. Cyrno', Tivoli Crossing. 2- dl the gllncy's peratfo, I SAJ: 1951 NAh a
1793. Morris aso disclosed t b Stiots".Wn. Good condit
"--- r ----~commltts ee will 5Son- 'qmm~o l:.* F -V wM Typboon.Puln i
FOR SALE two of the eliht other overit- Servel Gas'.Refrigerator, foom rub-
FOR SA E ment officials framed with bpr lvingrosm et. Call Panama 7-
Real Estate White in the first of two FBr re- 5179 from .7 a. m. until noon I
Sports o suspected e.)lonage In ofter 7 p. m.
FOR SALE:-Wooden house. Con- 1945 and 1946. "
create base. three bedrooms, par:or- The others were Hlji, uu
diningroomn maid's room. Large Harold Classer V. Frank Co,
verd. Offers accepted. Paittllo 13th Victor Perlo, Matrice qalterian, an
Street. Call Tel 2-1069 or 3-3516 Edward J. Fitzerild, Harry .
Magdoff and Irvine Kaplans U
mMorris would not say which two W
will be called. h
"We are not Interested lust n R lW
s To J|ra the White case. Torris said.
"Ti t1 JueW h "We plan to keelr on this thins BEDFORD VILAA N. ,
no matter what Trumpn says." NOT. 16 UP) Quentin RBe-
Truman has proml'ed to rivt nolds,. author and former for-
Oa Ril d Bdd "all the facts" on the White c. ij correspondent, said tofd
tonight. ho apparently was dupedo a
The former Preddent refused onadlrian into writing a book- R
DIONE, 'rance, Nov. 16 (UP) 1pst week to honor a subFe'a by bout purported undercover I:
G- aston Dominic. confessed he House Un-American Activi- venture Is Prance durian WodMd
,p eing tom" slayer of a oro- ties Committee on grounds War IL
inlnent British couple and the'r d on the dkctr t me like the pn t.
daughter. trrad to commit it- action of executive and pit hO* ever perpetrated," 41tq
dlr today on the way to the lativ e powers cutve and l oidaid.
scene of his crimes. Jenner has said White, one The Sautor sid he had
Dominlcl. 76-year-old farmer, time assistant treasury r eere- ad thisanc-lusion after comO
attempted to lean from a rail- tasy, was "aot neeessarltl the Ing poi k at Calaryl Al
roac bridge but Investigtinr most important flr ie in te a bo Ms Wrce Mn Wo
malgltrate Louis Pyries grab- allege~ espionl e ring operat- boo "T Man Who W
Bd him. ing within the government Talk."
after World War decribthe U
The suicide attempt took place Sen. A. 8. Mike Maronev (D- h describes the acti l
after Dominicl had agreed tu Okla. said Truman's decision to '.;A naBrtih v
reenact the alayings of scientist speak out on the matter on t al e s he British e
Sir Jack Drummwond Lady An- eve of Brownells aoipearam I EieDu Pr e pioed
i before the subcommittee "oMi in
bs cates Mr Truman hun aL for ted by his
I t InTl dene In his aide of the wa e." by
,[Brownl, In explodini ti* hle had to tmd
LEGUAL NOlICT. trown ll, In exploding tan 'h i.t1c treatment after
'* White case at Chi';ago Nov 6. w"tc e. treatment after tane -
UNITED STATFS OF ANRICA flatly labeled White a Russan ave bet m
Crl ZoeI3 have bet my Ilfe ou
C-ana Zone spy.. thih MM, Reynolds aQ&
allied states D ruic Curt n dr Mitchell said he fel this I 't Reynold say d mo e
ODitriL t .01 LT.C. i T 1. a wsi t true end that "'psl t mior anurrldy W e
Vinc.. W.I .h., h% tse i e B nell-tew -
w. dae= tgre op ioned ra Mtk led aIm._ of the book's la.ll
oia M.. W.!., they Intended." gasbesaid'he wasm Maig
UTh Dmocrhthey Intended. manaed to d the story of Du Pre's
NaM Dat. The Democratic chairman hOI l"tl by the Reder'
IUMONS arused prevlouslv that th9 IE t^ '^*d"'" S
c D.I,,, Wi& case war unearthed to In- i _st, i Carring a con- t
ACTION ~. DaIVOCE' fluenoge the congressional ele. Io f taU Lf the book t
h t ,e ava-..mdi da.4..te; tL in Callfornia last Theday. N.vem e. b uber e
,# Ye. e -e ere. relJ.d a, ar.- The chairman charred the s ook publhed
sds ecu rWi al su eal admnLstrtion got "rattled h t d
the *e. a .st pueaU. bout losI of prestige" and bal;y- rri hEre** E
In c *.i svur thmi e he nee hooed the White case In an ef- Sa idtop cJ E, W t9sI hne
e unm, dtlu mthe re U flort to recoup. ifd. top and 'seet and
S. =. "The people cannot eat warm- to ak DuPu e .
1Nss thk.. Mainwh c F. ed-over dead sples," Mitchell A t tiwo o a.l kd'
coven, Ja*, l..edess trled said .tl_ __adr'
,e.fl tr. ab. Dis.a o ~ Caql ., z ldke. nastlon Of the b*bk,
eb. Nember l a ,., ,q rt D. oted DUo Proe raW
c.v.. 3 A,.M ag,' his wife, and their 13 of
-L*- r -d" daughter ulizabh. -i-
.(.AL) e *eind .... th riinad D eoug .i

vp. nv. M. wael I
- *y ye byp -W
eater of the
S r lal 13, 1 -O
ta 0a less .e 1e
4is eb atlen in ea ele a lt
adM Untad Stateo Ise
leu Dwiv*. If aMs a Noembq J51
C. T, II kJr.
Ss i ,,,
rT1: lrk

ka Lab Anne
i lwwo In urBm l
fw 113M tb
~ertb h~Wqwn

tooWr Lrdr CWt
WILLIAMS' ,Sante Clewqhleeh Ca.|,

Gramlrih SAnto'Clare Beedh cottages,
electric refrigeration, gas stva. ,
moderate rates. Phae 6-441 or
r bp Oceensi nto
-orPIo. ,B. au it Ina

Foer'sa C te e mile pestl
oe P I br your
,nrs.. PI TI-


FOR RENT Twbit., o'an for
hu0 eMr. fc aS Do-
combor fir.. T n, ing-
roGm,. antt Mrolk .ttMr om.
tc. Golf Imsr rent
$165.00 .Wl etriclty
and water.irill. Cool, hmoh
FOR RENT Two-'diM Santa|
Clo $50.00 9W9 nth.
TIel. 27n .lmT f. jI o
OR R -
anp Pano.g. Ps
qAMillN. *9W.OJii fi*&6
3-4844.a i

mtuNT 2 bed c l k intdrn
furtlahed QlvitbM r n, two
bedreoms,. a Let ir. Tnl.
phontr PCarnetSOi t 1. __
OR RENT:-Av9a1bt fram Dewtni-
ber 15th. with' lar *Snrat, bau-
tiful 2 bedroom'epmrtewnt, during
and lviuigrop i,:., Q i omt Zo
kitchen, mld's rmom, 2 bath'ioor,j
garage, ful'y furn hd, twvy'xc-
clpiid. et B> G*Mjo. and 'I95 I
model Englidt i.*Pk* ice $300.
monthly. Contact Ortega. Phtine
2-0600 or 3_-95j3'. 1I

OR RENT:-Furnlrh In t
concrete chae, dU1[g-
ton. Barlorw eh amo! e ki
$1 TO ,. 1% 2,,r,

RANT Y fur.v. .
sideice: ad di
two kbdrpoiWOOM, kil %ftr.
race and dgarlohrfs mnica

I Vista.
V S ...
ft ooC pl.Kitchontllrt
Bti r Vto.-t"i. AV tUI
69. Ph6n y .,

fSl Pwi 10 Ap. .

I 1.LE

3, ,

i ,.. :.


-' 71

'C. W.
.v t
"c. w .l n ... .

klh t en I\ a .



f beaTeAONALL *

400 W C EM80
Ad aih. and durable

t mson. pound packa jspq

W- i;iC

"Il A 2L~h'; *a~*i t 4;:. I.r; '

M., O tI I
L.etdr I. a

'I~-'-'i lwi ~bt

~ Pk

W#', ~afP~

r' a




; ,.:

OW. 2i


e .. at

A. .
.7' 3

I. ~ c. -- -- --- .. ~ I


12 word.


.- ._ __ _



:: 4

.'I' FI
'.O~:.e c .r s
~~-~P~; r i


* r

'* **


. =


'' ." '- ; .4

h ,3

.~T~Y !I


II .57
Drl, irtn~dP)

II he. ~-y

.-- i

7 li. -

did not
C SholDA

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0 '0 .
s ending
i',bo Jun

lr.b ioh

VS,.-.v Kr r
iCp~aH NU

Ap a


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rI "4 .
Af />


at cdbd on to
at peat -
is vnt dis m .a
Sie .for tragilc ev
g Is Uarks, writer 6
prd 'She should have
eor a a dr autie'
r-old radio, t -i '
star appewt
Iso hIto lf
he tod her fha tu
Mverml, I functiona

Res.h On Sol
To fPi Water
~tit ontin is
SCiOL^Mlj. 0. (U.P.)-ScAeS.
ists, at Battelle Memorial ~It-'
t4e are working on j new -&
in e.r research to chuanl
water tb fresh so it is ist r
unman consumption.
nd direction of Dr. 1.
LaW-tm aen t Battae
poeible or
s by
.'hA* erays. l
by WMek salt rwter
,e tly, Tbe-'n arch he0. a
i5 to Ier .k t ories Ib
b the federal
ap fid a. better wtodNf
erg the water to so"v
pr a water sbdrtages
Ne r ehing the ciU~ta st
i rnsI a-' 'r "

ath ee

t I ButI]

ls to

.:Li -e

**^ i" Fa .iS '- "''S .^',

f il l. M

,-r '*1" ,' 1
' .. .'
*., ,"i.. .. --...,A' .- ,
.... .,,f. .'

Jo e. : **'.-,i- 3 4. 1.,
," .',, ^ :

p -t

the 1t

imi bSft w & *

,: a-.. .-

"i".TR L'A Y
AT, Wi


peatti ~

w' 0.OLLYW ..

bt I eca n t ;_ 3,JsH
arded ueeret-tmer
Sovewe scenes ad a
bi.gname vie aM tobe east
in the lettre. ,
It's an I personal "Yes,
ma'am" a "No, hS'a'm" for
Jack on TV.
But it r be a Monali
"Co i. W U tliB the
Gable rr movie.
Humphrey Beart to stand-In
Joe Connors on th' set of "Sa-
brina Fair":
"What Jre you going to do after
this ffl?" '
COMMrs: "-al bte TV at
the mere's iaL,-s kL~ n' w-
TV-Trlmig Vegeta.."
Gail Russiell a decided to sue
Esperanza Wayne for a mere
10.009 worth at slander jut to
teach the ex-Mrs. Wayne a thing

or two.
Smovie queen loks back dipt:
Ginger Rogers, lirer sI her-
self in reviva of To at":
'I was hnteM 8l the way
through it. Vbe''- i looked I
looked horrible! I dot know how
I evergt Inta l"
What's tie
Coming up w release one of
these da:'s is "Jet Plt," the How-
ard Hughes air pie that Janet
Legh and John Waye were team-
edny four ears age. To rumors
that the picture mey never hit
the screens became of changes


* "Curvcce-os ties
S"Sepia Sirrms"
"NudiN I ReCh"'
*"Battle of Burlsiese
e "Pai s Dl,"

-S-l i f

A Grand I


since that time in jet planes, Jia- m a Tea
*t lays: *t an po Ns .
"Look, I saw the jet planed IM Ca
we were Mak" fi te pim andas t
tell the le e ad I defy the Ws ad I B*do
average maviegeer to ay m d cac=
changes." by-e- aai. U._.
oa 1o e
Dorothy McGuire is .aow rad. .
for the TV plunge. Se'll alternate Jeff Dor who ce
with Angela Lansbury is Boeild GleageLagan sad Bill
Clman's leading lady in TV's. u a teleOlm aeUr titHed
coming "Somerset MaughaUmn Ins" l ilMwi. g.
Theater." T'
The casting snago ns dl W flnt up ta
not mention it, bot kwas Prl r Viewer
turned down time time After for but M f didn't w
the role of the ym pilot in '"T tump game from a
High and the ty Peraistee Pfe she 9Seer
of his agent, Bill ithrin, and crit- "lea hl0 't war
ical hurrahs for him i& "Sabre lbge, tiar," Jeff
Jet" finally turned the trick. "Nether htad t recS .
prop man Vas pretty dNI4
Chuck Connors, the baseball game."
whiz who became a movie star in
"Pat and Mike" and "South Sea The story's going
Woman," is now selling insurane wood that when Mal
t keep the bread buttered on the Ray's estranged wife, sa
family table until hi career luck Grace" In Ray's .
Improves. because Ray has been w t
And here's ullyweedt Vri
Doris Day, recovering from her of why GefBey re JIu r:
recent nervous breakdown, doesn't It wam't the heat-- W kr O
hav to report to the "Lucky Me" hi sty.
set until 10 a.m. every day and is
under doctors' orders to rest be- Clem sMe Cea eter
tween scene and na during her hour. Judy Garlnd is check NEW YORB (U. P.) A el.J
ing in at 10, too for her emoting range is a mare efficient
in "A Star LI Born." Soap and watdr, plu a mimd
Sgt C(lrge l Mind sive, are aoug to ugp _
know it, but the dusky aingin cleaner to ]eep behrom7 '
star once played Helen of roy fruit Juices or eotr
to Oroq Wlles' Paris in a play Eilg over. saturate a c
he produced in France. Orson housho am nia, plaee it
chose Eartha for the role after the sllag, and let remain
he had announced he was looking nig a4~e inimmao loo
for the world's most beauul mang it esy toh sat
blonde. with a damp oth or spatl

Pre Christmas


down papent

Yours with.. $35.00 ;Jo with.. $49.S0
Club....... 7.00 Gob........ 7.50




> lr
lra; '..

7 foot
Yours with.. 60.00
Ofth....... 8.U

6 foot
Yours with.. $49.50
Chb ...... 7.S0

4 1
;~ -

Kq1. i




Allal M


ra W' M- R-lill~u

r.-- r
L*L ~
~b~bt' .;i

. I *



~~p~ ~M
i 'I


q I

.. I

T i


:d~"~ "'

~.lur ~I rr

: I

nak y*L'
Poll te

ftO 31GW it WWM AMJA -"- A


Bowl Picture More Muddl4 y

. "..

-0 -

Only One Team Clinches

New Year's Day Berth
NEW YORK, Nov. 16 (UP) The bowl pic-
ture expected to be clear by now is only more

Bulldogs Elect


Team For 1953

ituddled after Saturday's upsets.
Oklahoma has clinched an teams to the Cotton, Sugar and Balboa High Buldogs closed
Orange Bowl berth-but so far Alligator Bowls-has a five team out another highly successful
the Sooners are the only team to race underway. Alabara-which football campaign in a brief
wind up with a big New Year'slcan boast of three conference meeting at which tiqle they
Day appointment. The Sooners ties--is in tifst spot after its 13- elected their honorary ctain
walloped Iowa State 47-0 Satur- 6 upset of Georgia Tech. Mis- for the 1953 season and also Se-
day to win their eighth straight sissippi, Auburn and Kentucky elected their All Opponent team
Big Seven title. Oklahoma ha, are other teams in contentlnn for 1953.
lost only to Notre Dame. for the conference title. Jimmy May, senior halfback,
The Atlantic Coast Confer- Undefeated and untied Notre was honored by his mates when t
ence has two teams in mind as Dame-the team which doesn't they voted him as captain. May, c
possible opponents for the Soon- worry about post season games- who has been a standout toot-
ers in Miami New Year's Da r.kent on rlp'ing along. Th6 Irish ball player for the Balboa team
Maryland and Duke are both -Number One in the country-- for years, came into the high-,
tied for the conference lead with crushed North Carolina 34-14. light of his young football ca-
three victories each. Maryland--' reer this year, as he led the
ranked Number Two in the na- AI n Th F irw Bulldogs td a season record of
tion-is undefeated and untied. -n u wI *i four wins, one tie. and a lone de-
Hewever, Duke-with one out: feat. The defeat was adminkater-
side defeat and one tie-still can ed in resounding fashion by the
top the conference standing by;: Amador Ladles' Club Gossp. Junior College team 14-0, team
beating North Carolina Nov. 28 Twent-six ladies played their which was fortunate to gai a
Maryland has no conference est o t Amador lastThur' scoreless tie with the Bu ldog
aTes left. davwith the hope of winning the first time they tangled tb's
Reresentat t -a turey. The first flight was a year.
Representatives of the At- close contest Pauline gKci n ar -"
lantle Coast and Bi Seveln winnling c one st P i hean That the Bulldogs thought
Conferences met in Washing- a nice round -w- 41-39-80 to lp hly of the J.C. teap iKcer-
ton yesterday about Orange anet 6r. Doris Hamilton also had tai y as they selected 7ot then
Bowl plans. They agreed-a- a good: game, 40-41-81 to let on their all opponent teamt. CrI
among other things-to make 67 tobal and the Athletic Club each
official the new plan where Second flight: first low net. had two boys on the. ter,.
both conferences send their Barba Clark 62; second was a tie Balboa High School's 19t3 All
championship teams to Miami. between Marge Cromer and Opponent Team:
Elsewhere in the nation, tV1 Maree Beldon with a net 68. Ends: Frantis Boyd (JC) and
Rose Bowl honors still are wide The current-runnin Ringer Al Neckar (AC). '
open on the Pacific Coast. Mien- tournament was completed last .Tackles: Jerry Fox (JC). and
igan State-with a five and one Thursday. Prize will beaward Benny Favorite (CHSL
record-tons the Big 10. Wis- ed as follows: first loi gross Guards: Joe Oliver (JC) and
consin mored up to second and Lou Gorhs; second low pgrot, Dick Dllman (JC).
drowned Illinois down from first Ellen Kenna 65; first law net Center: John Splotta (UCalS.
by walloping the Illlni 34-7. was a tie between BarbaW Backs: Ray Nickidher (JC),
"[Uwever Illinois can tie Mien- Cark and Beulal Moelly,. Bill Nickisher (JCI. Bob Morris
If ga State for first by beftin each with a 48: most improve- (JC) and Bernice Herring (ACG.
Northwestern this coming Satur- ment, Jeanne Ware, 35 atrokes.
day. And if the Illini do tie, Biz! This Thursday a full sChed- '
10 sentiment is said to favor ule of fun is being planned t6r I0 \ ro
them over Mihi an State fr, alll the members of the AW.OA.G V IU Us
the P"-e Bowl bid. Wisconsin 1 First of all a nine-hole tourA 3
ire!W6pe sinre the Radgers ment starting at 9 a.m. onti eR1l
played in Pasadena last New No. 10 tee will test everyone', 10 Einth
Yen-'s. courage and Derseverance. Don't -
TIe mix-un in the Pacific miss this "Crazy" tournament
Cost Conference is 'jst about Iause it promises to be barred ra' h Victory
the same Stan'ord. 0nd U-C-I- .!!) of fun. and there will be 1JIII111 ,
A are lock-ed In a tie for ftrst prizes galone.
place. NP-t Fat"rdav. U-r-t.-A! NEW NO 8 (f i
takes on Southern ql anrl After the morning's fin th The cIevItA nhnJ :'
atanfcrdr meetQ ra l f orni.1 ladies will be entertained with have clinched their eig
Bomethnri should glve a FREE luncheon at the Army- straight pro division title and
ar and av Club. For reservations.all the, Detroit Lions ha a half-
The suar and Cotton Bowl Doris Hamilton 4-5115, Hele
races are even more scram- Miller 82-5118 a.osi on. lea4 I cir bi1 n
bled than the fights for the e fied sheet
other bnwls. Th- SoiuthweT Q t the Anml r-
Conferen e -- whir provre Tieday hoon.. e re-
the host team in the DqllsI~ *, to eight games and kept its
clarsic-ha four te-ms h-t. i e luncheon the amee lead over the runner-
tlinr for the r-nnio1whin I. w%.,. I e Philadelphia Eagles tn the
Tex'--wif a fo.,r n-d nn, Ladles t C dstte Eastern Conference yesterday o i
renord-now is in the firt F esentatteot awards for last defeating the San Francisco
p-re, week's Turkey Shoot, Ringer Forty-Niners 2-211. If Cleveland
P:lnor R'r" and q-1M-TT are ih, tournament and thI "Crazy" should lose thrE of Its last four
4 three-.-v tio for se-on1 o'- tournament, games, Phlladehopb still would
ly "oie-hr"f P;' -n eIendd tihave to wri. its last four to win
lediy Iono-or Howe- r Rmemmber also. our standing the division ero*n.
Bevnlor B r o h -., lo- Invittion to enter and play thel Detroit, defending League and
soveor' thBeir n, avfte r Ho.s tournrainent set up by the Pan-I Western Division champion,
somes of their h"e after Houstoi .,ma ladies on their home course broke a three-way first-place tie twrn 37-7. tomorrow. Starting time a Psn- with the Los Angeles Rams and
We'utteri r Conla feenhad I eadrr imas is 8:30. Entry fee 35 cent. Forty-Nlners by beating the
Bowl chance soured byolOreen Bav Pcacer. 14-7, while
Bowl chance sour a Soun GRANGE A MAGNET teeavly-favred Rams were
knocked the Mont i-eors nof campaign Tl-NEA- held to a 24-24 deadlock by the
tChampaign TII--NEAI--IllI- jjcago Cardinals.
the nations indlrf-ted-unttip? .*1 Memorial Stadium has had jht.cago Cain lad. L*
list by =0-14 V'rst 'irlInia petals eplnrutq sinre it was erected 'etro. t (.-21 leads Los Ange- i
has been nfioned for a Cot in 1923. But the only year the le (5-2-1) by a half-game with
ton Bowl prth g-se s-dim wasfill San Francisco (5-3 a full game
T'e Southe.qtern Conrerenf. ,lce came in 19 5. when Rdbehind.
--h'ch may wind up sendit g Grange was a senior. Philadelphia (5-2-11 was goad- i
-- -ed into a 45-14 triumph over the ]
Colts when Baltimore halfback '
Buddv-Young returned the open- J
ing kickoff 104 yards for a l
In the other games. Jim Pinksi]
threw a 38iqard scoring pass to I
end Jack Butler with 41 seconds I
remaining tpglve the Pittsburgh
Steelers a 1410 victory over theJ
N.'q,. Xork and the Chi-
cago Bearsi't ed to he-t the
Wastiigton Redskins, 27-24.

nreft'r4 eW.drety as a picture,
.SO .,~gh to be moin
M"inUtfIfUmbb juiPcy shrimp
n ari pe, r ldmeo ltoped with
Moni.u4i ftMayommise.
POWl m OWs end cuteach
Iot W-e i f lmoupa ttye,
aW wwee dd*^y p'^^F" -'

kJkis-AJ dwimp
Uan .0mL Ila
r**^^'KB'^' Okn ^WY

cli~hed at his hin. Bloker Dick WUll was on hs knl. (NEA) .
=-l .

Faltering Philip!
PhL'pa Iofe s t fluo witb krla.
*-werm steu m rawr fea waes
aIt wM Wiae his hom e bIe aew.
F A. ammea. otl mthe vsh t eltar

Io awe to use

msy "w buj. I
PPWrbt gkw
Wa lMaw me

m ieam ies If

trim -
lr|(Mo ih |


Don Jullo Mercado's classy lit- Fwitt l ats: ( lhSe9 1
tle three-year-old Chilean-bred vent)
chestnut filly yesterday after-
Aion made five In a rowdy nd 1-Alonito-
sleven for the year as he gallp- 2-Vllarl ha
ed to another easy post-to-post 3-Mt I .40. Sa
victory over two of the Juan One- (ila- do
Franco track's Class "A" horses el) R
in the feature
S1-aen Wonder 2.20
Florera broke on top and 2-Don Grau $2.20, 1
quickly raced into a five-length 3--Tlln. $.
lead which she easily maintain- QutAI30d (GdiW r-.
ed although she stumbled re- Dot uOt -l, ,
peatedly In the sloppy and bad fl
golng. Ooyonder, second -Rela I cn
throughout, made repeated but 2-Ark be eci
fuhtle attempts to gain on te .-
flying leader but adnd only 1- foor
pliitly in the homerewtch hen 2-C. Ofo
Jookey Alfredo Vasquh eased up 3-Goldea n
qtter the victory was virtually S
assured. 1-Florera ,
The only other start in the Second # (Newbrigh-
race. Great Game, was appa- ton-Florera .
rently not In his best form and rVIol I B ACII
was completely outrun. Royal Al- 1--Granero*I, 02, 2.j0
lgator was scratched from the 2-Choice Brand 1lO. 2.60
race. .3-The Dauber *3.60.
Quinlela: (Granero-hol c e
Formful racing featured yes- Brand) $13. t
terday's program and oply a few NINT WACS turt
mild longhots re tered. Jock- .1-Cha rn r -$330,UO, 4.20 a
Mys Alfredo Vasqu, fu ie yVas- Vert,' .e,
quez and Orlando Castlio shar- One-ce- g
ed saddle honors with two vic- Vc mortal) A-
tories each. T BAC c
The results: 1-Portobelo $3,60, 2.23
iFIRST Mc. 2-Intbrlude al40 D
l-Daniel $Ik60, a, a-
S-Dlea de Mayo $7J 2&O In lumber arce tslt galat
t-Duque $3.40. only the ellnt t n s an a
SECOND Ab are made of U mudp
1-Souvenir $10.80. 69.88.40 roofs, the woo t not
-o-Piroo $.40, 3 .f collapse dudai g and re
3-Tap Lady $2.J0, occasional mild

itila 44




Oabs o

* ,wwruu .i rr-,' u.pvim u~i5~ r X W rm -.
- Notmss omab ., i U
p I, l ," t
la laoa ums

Ft. IMesde 1; ms-IU Wf t
Ia. Wes. 33, WaTt1arg 14
Quincy (II.) 3aLvy Pier 13
Hfdale C. 13, =aMnUaMoo
N. Mibh. 26. Ms'on Bouse I'
Lenotr Rhyne 27, lion 13
N. Dak. 8, e8. Dak. 14
Yankton 34., loux Falls 12
Win-Salem 12. l1,. City 6
Tampa 26. Ark. Tech 20
Carson-Newman 20, Howd 14
Heidelberg 26, Akron 0
Buffalo 20, OhIo Northern 0
Catawba 18. Gullford 0
Wichita 9, 84 State 13
Ali 33, Hope 1 -
John-Carr'l. 36, Toledo 7
Southeast'n 20, McNeese St. 0 *
Mt. Ambrose 19. Bradley 12
TenO Wea'yan 20. Mar. Br. 7
Matown 38. Liv'ston 18 ,
ahprb sr, Ill. 1, Cea. $
S37, ,
4. Tezxas 7
S13, TCU.J -- ,-.
1l6 K4ns state V
KoaeousaA&M4anes 14
Tech 49, TU I
13, Arkansas -
VN. West'n 42A--, t. k 1

N. ea, St ae T State $
Conaerdia (Neb Tarkld 7
I. Cen. (Okla.) 7, B'es'rr St. 0
Opl. Ozarks 14, Ark. Tchrs. 13
Ark. A-M 8, 8. E. Mp. 0
Dela St 42., outhn St. 0
eBriept. 25. Wilkes 14
na r.-Sima 39, N. Me%. A-M 0
Texas A-I 19, Austin -. 18
Texas C. I BF ho .
Col. of Pae. 33. Idaho I
Oregon 0, allfornia 0
ol,. St. 14, Haut. Neb.
UCLA 22, Wash. 6
Utah State XB10eVr

Whitman' le U.a
lWWtworth 43 4 cl t
a1. 8. Ramn*.
Wa W. Wash.:t 1
auto 33 Nevda .1
T 7, L t 0

4k '.

... -,. --r

." *, .* ., ., '
*,' ': : ':-.^,,. v ."'. ; -".i-:" *' E
,- ,.I ,.. '. ,
.. .... -,
". ** ,'- :.'." s- "**


. .-


Tom -- -

- ~--- --- 1

. T',



;,. ." -',

'~Cll~'parla~s Imr~irr~ ur '



T i:-.%

.- '

S -. I.

IP A. 1 -
l^*BFi !^y --ise jNli~e
** *A '*<

-**- I"

' m *u.
h-nark W*


I ar


T lr, asd, ithe

wab t kLm Tws as
010.dealded th t
t Sat have control,
questioned by
tera Iprt the ot

b hat Tn iHklr f,. n&fl.

gat tvlt rntu
t iitrufi
^ W.

,- ..w -9W ~P .rnP~u
- *C~IWI 3-

..-, gt.. Ar~' 'Nt i .-_-- >.
0 Vww*l1 grabb*4d *holder Roky C ls
aHM &t 5wntrthe third Urne Is the 19th roun4 and and med
.to"- lnwaJo make Up his mind whether or not to get u for
moit-hile thf Chicago .welterweiht hovered over him. CaslHo
Wems: .t a TKO 'victory ati erw York's Eastern Palrk.,Y
-, .. Arena. (Nq ,, .'

tn O
the l


to eeat
tO Wt

he's safe. would he be
to all extra b as he
ak9? Al tnygog. *
ebthe a bu ttriafe and
Is death

Pagna Goes Two Ways For Mi 0Ohi

HaHback Serious And Funny At N Ra&i

OXFORD, O., Va*.'. i U ) when he started, but he didn't
- Tom Pagna objects t go- play any musical instrument
ing two ways at fotb# pep with the band. Sam v-rkead
rallies, and thi in I im into the act, doing Imita-
tp do with tae- d- qi tlonM.
one-platoon rule.
As capta.l r md Ml for Sam would play a record
the Miami, o. uA it.foot- backstage of Al Jolson singing
ball team, Paqga s a ured "Mammy" and out' would come
speaer .at t lMrS -ag C 16-year-old Tom. blackface and
campus uontfres., a a se.r- white gloves, to pantomime on
lous role to h& e lUke bended knee.
Io leave It at .tk :-
asBut. Mknw Tim_ 4lw Pretty noon Tom's voice got know Th1 e' a
comedian. iT tr ad husky enough that Sam could
scomedil. ..... .a.., throw awy the record and let
tory theller.~O .rlri a the kid go by himself.
it the pep ra#. am 5 5-
ond show, and M s lppWd to The Sam Pagna Quinter is
be at's had to still touring, coast to coast, and
That's s harudto Ido, "fan recently received an Invitation
ys. "Be serious one time and from Arthur Godfrey. But Tom
make a joke the JNext dropped out and went back to
aps a, ()JoIt~ O O high school.
Pagna l 96-p"" Waor, oar- us
ries the load o two terrific There was a period when
reputation. His publei ts Tom's father was ill, and the
a lot of h lims q rtal a Pagns far ly moved to Color-
As a football D his 195 ado,
performancesM t all-time
Miami record M '7ag10 aind '
by rushing l4qt a' ni. e
games. As an eatertagner, he
draws upon a yeast' ex erience
traveling with a professional ti/
quintet. .. L d
When he wwas n hIln h school i Iw
at Springield T wSp, on the
outskirts of Akrof O, Pagna V
was injured and dropped out of wi 9i
school. He wu a of his ot
class, to for a .Tom went
on the road wl"d. brothers, Bast
8ram and Joe. e haid the Buer
Sam Pagna Qntet, saying
Latin ma ic d poveltf .
The San Pagn Qltet toured
the MCA cirduit Atlantic
City to Omaha. Tom was 16


rB4i(- 9AM9'
/ ff~a

"rftats whenn really
he recalls "I dd ranch
I went out thefr we !
and 1 a d ear I was

* Pagoa's father had a
rIashk shor" In'Akron and
like his brothers, learned
icabbI They also shined
adoeptg A cro-bhanded
motea tat usqd to daa.
"My brother, Joe,." he redlatW M'
"took that cross-handed hefr
shinemotion n ito the
Pa, QWhret. He's a dnimraap I
It's not a hard thing to
but It ealy looks sliek to ti# .
On the football field TorI
Pagna ie not trying for an4w;
thing M ik.
He doesn't have to try. f' ",
has the strength and powers f
run over the opposition.
T 5,


aftr: Cn^^X

*, .

a' -
..I I..
.. p
"5 p.


S-- V44

.* T'.

- *.11 *r'**


* I.

,.n- .- ...


'1 ..




J: i

will bring the Americas closer


i. .'7-s

For a "msarWr d.1 ila re Aian Grme tr
tas Nid1pr al se widh she, leinmr
equipsenat ailelke. Now, int wIihi lplo
| proud ndicolEintd toe e
ia new I lgl 7C-s pow*m nd
Turbo ewng wickb wiit
Kfl pi(awss doser so h.ey en .
Is Sedsh .Auida thms er 6beoyr
Turbo Compouad E9i4s s1fried to ly progeives
faster, fisa., asn acoemically aAd wiAh
proved depeadabiliqr-a& d uae of 22 leading wow
aiu to power ~th sir uaw of today and nomorow


coEI.4ATIOI w t...tF, J. .
(V J


siwAu, AND PCmirPC, PoUOrs oB ACTIVl rl

pr ,* pnOprcR BlTHBON
SCaldwea. M ,....

~a*r UiIS inswee4s f Ap es a

rera ai_ Industaga a ma.
i ._ b* Nuheuln ,
='4 '' m~L ,. .-

enIdow^ L

3 Rucmomlti -Dm



;"' )t;





,- s




.' -

- Is It 4 I _4 -

-- ---- --- -- ----- --- --

MMiC ^^ pj

t-, rd



=ti' rr
,.1 r 4d'EYI :'--L~1



. ".

, 1





l iLt'11[

.. .. .. is-

Gri Bro wns Virfua lt a- ..
4, A-

Fire Damage -

Over Weekend an I T F .. w:
.. .....'...

Totals Millions

NEW YORK, Nov. 16 (UP) -k
Weekend fires caused damaRe in
the millions of dollars and took old- A .
at least four lives n the United "Let the people know the tr* country s safe" AbrahW U
States and Canada. -
An early Sunday morning TWENTY-NINTH YEAR P4d NOVEMBER 1r, 10 53_ :
blaze raged throughtheSt. PA MA MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16
Thomas. Ontario, YMCA, kiil-
ing at least one person. Fire-
men who got the blaze un-
de control after four hours, '
still searched for seven men 1
unaccounted for. s K, Idn ap -.S .
The fire apparently broke out
In a gymnasium on the main f
flor and then spread to the top-
two floors. -
A brother and sister and their J',
half-brother burned to death |."&SVc \ eTI M-4
SBnday morning when a fire ____
swept through an eight room Say
farm house near Martinsville, KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 16 anything, including rtIL. Heady.,
V.., in a matter of minutes. (UP) Carl Austin Hall and la As of t&ida, n*et0r'the mani
iThe victims were identified as alcoholic mistress, Mrs. Bonnie nor the woman hWA4 Byed ation d to
Charles C. Lawrence, 19, Thomas Brown Heady, come to trial in any remorse. Mr attend court
R. Thacker, 4, and Donna G. federal court today for kidnap- infuriated Wesl l. U ns elf tt e
Mhacker, 6. The mother of tha Ing six-year-old Bobby reen- the day of. ier '. W nment. imeeikly ha
Thacker children, Mrs. Lucille lease and murdering him even when She wi. p graphed mornit to
Lawrence, was admitted to the before they demanded and gOt a smiling. She w-atoeed only lash l1
Artinsville hospital for treat- $60.000 ransom. In Hall. trial as a Who-
ment of burns. They wil be breaght down Bobby GreenleaLs, son of ml- armed against.
Cause of the fire had not been I n shackles from the JaAkson lionaire Robert C. Oreenleasp, crown.
gltermined, but police said they County puisoa, where they are was kidnapped Sept. 38 from his Pro.eutor AMeiNeh said be
believe it started on the second guarded day and alg, to U.S. school, shot and killed just had received ulrtdi of let
floor. district judgeAlbertL Reeves' hours later, and h rlid in the from all eornea of ran dem -
'Three persons were burned fourth floor soubroom, lime-lined grave behind Mrs. Inq the death sentence for M*-
en a fire flashed through the It will be nek' to impossible Heady's house In St. ,jodeph. Mu. sadeah.
~ rwell and corridors of an Ior Hall and Mrs. Heady to es- But Hll, woho once raa "I trust this aurst court will
teetioch, Calif., hotel and six ape execution, through a $00,000 inheritance fulfill its obligations," Asemetq-
S6oke. Danag e waos estimated i H^ l- The body of Bobby Was ex- and the woman partner he ple deh said, the w.
e was estimated at humed from a arou of ulct- ed up in a tk Joseph bar, fell Let not the walls and th i

-millon-dollars Judg Reeves, bor payment T next time he saw saBf id
nChicao, a three-alaim tire they pleaded, insMisted upon her, ti h h- Tre in hAums. I u m beL h-
nvaged a eock square area of. ad. byr Mtrial, beoansf ulder th Hall ibcnfe sle ant bof hspalb l
overvieww Park. amusement cen- Lindbergh kidnapAg lawB they freediitO yea.h sol
p aR. .can be executed only upon thm 2-year a St. sly tx fled
ag the blaze and col inrs ng it Judge Reeves won et themn John ext drive r hea oibr d.
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Broon at the Panama Hospi- K m v I .ut agI **** -
Swillebuld end In two das. Rt Wdnesday t

lirlnrd at 3:30in the Masoniia
tisSudny Charles, son of Queen Elizabeth II and tye Duke of Edinburgh. i .T

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This picture was made by Marcus AdaCm for th yong e sxeubed or Christmi but said

P Un eral services for Fred ,I fifth birthday, Novt. I --be i Wb the Loe.
m Dma Canal employee who o the m eaM tilU'at t

S of a b et attack Saturday R v6 (d .t d oh
ernoon at the Panama Hosp- remove o U.. tariffs e- be t he ado of
0j. will be held Wednesday aft-
rnod at 3:30 in the Mson cept where they are needed to "protecHets the merican stand- doub tat l' and oh alcht.- ey .f e4
e Ancon. Follows o th e m- appeal. nhe o b in t pr bly woud to comie
native of Newton, N.Y., Mr.r '.- ,et to"Bt. A LouW .. ...

~hed Panama h C erlecptInea soeeh to the Natonl higher rates o.iproductty p si ll s ed to A 19-year-old Panat
teel order to ftll'out to the J-v,

9mtwo years between 192t h a Foreign Trade Convention her-, worker in thR country, do Nov. "dle ith.Cl in the b w-h no preUitused ptce an other Cot pesent- in r o
8wh Weeks said he was speaking In the CroceSs oftaetermininr gas sincblrai hte cal orderhLo egt eu
pa, Florida. At the ti Weeks today proposed the ra- th e said cohe saideration should a ed he o e wh t by the Balboa Matrate t
S retirement Philip ama1952 a u removal of U. But he directed te should b e given to legislation which and rd hav marjua eon hs shadow of
oervidor of heetmetal hp his cept where they are needed to protectss the American stand- dobr atataand o n Th defendant

uActr his retirement. Mr. and CY whoch has the job of recom- mosle foreign labor costs" state of sibra.te
Baumansferred to there homprotect U.S. wage ratesign tradus lard of living b taking account liaram not latest h redo Roales P m-
eI eclnf Quartermaster as a tries importantn t heo a substantial of wae dferentals. n th sub ix-yeoan, wa fichldned unharmed.10 for

heet metal worker. segment of the American ecoi- conne tion he said, "due allow- .
Wekshad continuous service tht ane" should alo be given to Ma the road th Th

It a n ne I a seech to the Nationi higher rates of. productivity ghway.
Stw o years between 1926 d Trade Convention here, worker in this country do s with In the b with no previous pi a
when he took his family tond Weeks said he was speaking In the process of determlni g gas eha*eo." She haM ord was fined $25thisat
pamo Florida. At the time of untr myself." not for the tariffs, he said, the United maoroed hi lovr e and by the Balboa Magitt r
retirement in 1952. he wA administration. But he directed states should be "guided" by year-old Wt ad having marijuana in hs S- 'h
Se o n his suggestion to the Commis- wage dlffewatlals "where there her j r m losstan. h sion. The defendant,
d and Fre. Bumn theion Foreign Economic a Pol-e- exi ~fferences In do- qu Coaan d aCastulovich wasmanfou-
111bi the Maintenance'Div l n. do 11110111 hk a -1y -Con
After his retirement. Mr. and cy which has the job of recon- melktM glgn labor comts" state l of ld. r in-
4M. Bauman made their homn mending future foreign trade nd "wh Ie outpt of this Hall ha shown no intrest n ,Alfredo Rotales, 29, Pastm- me.
ean ta Clara. lent. air om tio--ha of the Amei-Oid driving a a result ofn n
Scompetition. a "maror of Orl tatinnin off the road o

wilHe said such comit i o Million; M M These vtatons were er
uman i survved by tree follow his suggestion because e f '
nodai s between this country n Nov. 24
0. D iD M oflOIW ed in working forut wage differ--c-_ i
i d, New Ykindustry to face the competontict for the truton
Iams o Wellesley, Nov. 1 P) ,Id of anyi industry anywhe re with
Ssos president of tha e P ovit Red respect to all sae the labor ld n-
s an, who i s s tationed aterda thattor,' he said. The United mp tacs

q "gg annn'.nced yesterday that1 tor," he said. The United Stays

13T Japanese prisoners includ- "cannot afford to sacrifice" Iti
E 420 war prisoners, will be re- "high wage policy" in order to
ptriated to Japan before the compete with foreign goods,
it of the year. Weeks said.
4Iassili Knoradoakov -made the He suggested that .the Com-
unouncement as he mdt fur the mission "consider whether our
WIrd time with a Japanese t ed tariff legislation should noV be
Dross mission which eame to gradually replaced by a policy
for discussits ao the which would bring about fair
pgrioners. competition in respect to this
A spokesman for the Japanese labor factor as between the
i legaton said the date for the
firt repatriation will Ie t t
following signature of a joint Detective Story'
oimunglnue draft handed the
S ptoi ay. wall bew Roles Still Open
Japaneesa t e Tryouts for "Detective Btory"
-:-jhe Japanese sd t1$e lVIOt will be continued tobightstart-
Cros had probtede to al- Ing at 730 in the Theater Guild
I" the mission to -wTU the Workshop next to the Ancon
eD ps where the prison now Laundry.
.being held after tbaem- o Although many of the char rL
os i signed aeW have been cast, there are ; .; .
soov sa' the il rL areral roles left for. both .. -,
e 0ia1 aon of the 810 women. '
l 1ve 1,511 apat ee Kngsley'e famo.
U n_. 44 Ill l l be presented by ..
--t m ~ ', i'-* a-"1
"- .--
E~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ : 5, .. ;"- '. : .. :

.:.-..;.:-, : ..- -'


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