The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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Prince Charles W M lerOtevb-11
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-raw We to PARANA J111111160W6-

41 6 Labor News


Millions o. I'.ar
OltIt t I,,Comm*#-

-*O-* by dify count'er- .E
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T01i. i.0 MAI bFor afmew

try lill ife keee Afte ~ ~rgl IM IS latel owe l: ot ain o,. "

Txr hescid ii lttr asroen re gium. raen o ld have dlr
o -L ehat somei of the .rIts aa d tlrle .
ultra-sec et .wedoneI ~ bg
fifLdveEeofthe mnanpoegndotn 111 "to
m untower-i$t

November 1953 .is ,n ns scslt aptmo
TMa l Box Editor:x an open oiumtore of could have

During lhe past few isatsr the Pdaemd bhtirt fcut
ken. Le are o recelmived gratefully an o re hoandied ied I hls t*h I 1f son'@ .0r ac ie litdIlse

t-e h oem tc e si tddi 1d, -pom n fu lf moie slf e ,.lI. a.-
trall eo Editor: e Noetimiber2ndIm t fewtIA thEoM t rI

wi appropriated money was spent to landscape t lii t and. their to trl ,AW -
many of the tenants themselves have gone to great expense to s 6 e
ake the diterio of their homes a ativC oS possbl h It Is ief in he ule
olo suoset t !he "l difif1 det PanamIdtp.Ca lQ- T_.e,
tly dnesed 6Dithe ce.ti te ided 8fefi E1 so d hed* a u
r 2 9tl eiit munPst unions an r dn Lit ts and "
tovurber 2, 1953 that few th thtedodertry h

v rnid rB1dtit to fIarif hdfhd hurrotitI 6* master spele s,. FPeters, Ar-
It is strange need, therefore, that nothing has bee done
eer dstro in the night wh t God end main Bcnether sth e&tile u d cbal -l. ..
dom e pretty rcsi e itiAl re ;r tMo ehin fi l I have e int e I el ei"-'

,or mfp pis to e yate In all this world, thdfd is pro ey Jo Ni .uinmealt .,.l
many of the tenants themselves to cone o great e te hou o Their Ifnter taiil
morhliag A nd festerdiy'll autiful i an shrubs chei t Ifl afl ouit
and fhif bC 6neund recdufi~tlfi--alm h~1bnd balvage* Iiadsdtt arels sit 8 -At
I issfaced 661i9 1it.werOft
I have heard that petitions have regularly been sent to the s ain .tta IC
Governor pleading that somethei be dlone about this situation,
but with no results. Why are these particular animals so sacred? 'tis TititNifl i blkr
eri, tdo hde to knyone tut I khow They a night h tle lea in- ehti.l

ineti i. Jititlt I itly d Wilth neirl tthreV her CAt? ov1 tie lat e n deern a
batik tar thae ne of Iatheref Laboratory to v oid hiding one maslter oI Flt -s. li.
timet Bodflided Ifnt tC rh6h Al s7d *aA iinI iifit. Mutt *0 wait idia.. ii-
d: trr c hesly ario keement Ide riebititlk the nfe8 fk -- B es d a- .d. 4 'I.t-
tion? lhe crMifa *ith itt .
onur the depredations of the deer the Bureau f .
A eer a d itroy in Ot e61 fi 8tiit has mear Aritted tUeditlldren s wer in iai gdU hle ,,ado m
stories about deft, but I fidl to u erptrnd *h8 this stlltAnt ire moit detale fioils onoai
shd0r m thi to c rtte. iall this world, thftd is hprobly fol tn'6 f f i

ot fVnll -it sight fltetnto cordQdte t. oe houh i nd
hteI Thir Inter id unnif Oft pl .aoeilrule 0
c ds dt @t il111h8 wheti te Adsind8t batish is so ap lve- it jj uartine Itlink I I yet agg the
hav heard that petitions have regularly been sent to the

ndovernor ey tihat se thhI done about ths situati one
butiizrs, the paie the ar amas sacred? tO t ii iFv i gO .ifh t 1.

thl 8861 30=it iMI 6 1ut8 M)il test oilds."
I" d are i yi f .- e y ay. T e f ta r e-lh, ..l.. .-n. ,

rr;in o t ,Aiit n aild shruit. ft Ware hom els of T t 6i NaIwhhu ofn im ln b
bai Mkaelr .iar o the ltruealLC, the ones who is itn, Gone aAt ft t a
Itrlt te. ttsei e trying to lrah AL tA Eal MoSi i.n tMUe a wnalid W elt RA&iJ., *~ A ... "
A tCMily u Wiiie thliem t Bwlibrthe r k flininititsti li s# aptifft-e tlfrti1nei f -i /....

hn exitlidutf9tlfso the oBureau it i
There are dgfie6 ftJrAfulCVsfis tho t itbrit doftinully be ba- ones which a omIutecgton m t
tha s n Am WiODI d irh ,f, A t h Ine"
*storiesA aboirtdfi t 1Atmb O #ORit O flhzI44rbyiis it hatr They u nit oil lW If Mitnt i,

~o teit io tl to thme it. which toulin the ev tr ls t l itlliilillti.
= hoisentyed bet flpeful They 6 b Ithst, firI Cog. (1 ----
od exte.d po trol system (gun firing.o a thatrtsso and the letter t-ytd
oviet lt Mors n dSoI~ ltttiR tb ott'~M .
HORtS #AWTI d if A sMM qire tile It -
Dear Sir: d Atil f are pit gaa
tI m writing this letter to protest publcl1 thtie thtilft Anl iie~t n ed td ndentrol n' -
theuishtrlsnlesof Alt Ificiflit thit hAmifld oint Ct0nd it ithts to drLve d'el',it And to ,k E
SIC ~Igh t 5! &iia' a, 1. I ft iat tly hoe hoe-.thA.t te leir -ilr" ine benle a to 1h
e0ts of the hild wi6 brotisid A tfiMt dtatin 6 ted'p ist 01S use it al In way that is nees- d1 to _W
the entire back of my seh's pet t f6 Will tlE e intiffieit steBpsl ea rer cntaltatien" In fin Ig re pI
1 e6 ~IsV4t kill Othe.? ,ts of ~eih tC&ia.lbftd SAdliti. or handling guided missiles. J cost I t
The intense aeony the hose wheRn an Attehitit *is nidO At ins ag 1 .1, Jullu' Rosenilrg i
84,.6 tot.. a

would derive frofnh it. It wa o impossible to tn&k. of! more th il a gSr ilmltlna lt 'etaor, With ou the ..
small paert o tie pait add wiethet the horse will survive 'la wl' preulty fuse hines etiet The I fltdi, in
6t obil tid&lY. I-ees. LutId thi- n stier Is oAdl tion Te b tila ele
payf Ct msa tel tbad dreen*
Afdie tedt the tidgLartr value of the herse and my eo's glass, who told the Senlf n0
feti II tle frst thait hngfall iVlust bUe lacking it the mora eatord the other day tat

d 61 ya lftigfer tih e th dd lefticlive and perpetrate a deed o -ubEt'ted of ll l dLet ilt toE
bthis nstute, tinle the tifaitt mAke a determined effort to tuhe dd.
Thrdti Uiil titd6siea prlX1it it id to e feAed that the chils
v ltit will inverauep th yea r; u la %we4 isedwe
blee.vntore hieo w
S6 e4 tyngt Wi fe ht Int l& 'they get. i iWne on..

oner rad te lla a aboa of
Addeii id" th em li the fit. hiris soe atpt ita thset d le y turaII m
I* Ni ,d If O 1, 5! Ye t_.

the ne at owr he di t i .be

ohmenexp re ldajed that Mitae ik of 'KV ... .. '*.-,.
AW rste m l aflt flebn tus ed 1_ b q.f
tied,. but~thee d eeir. bhe caled om c0Ut n ~w
ork S11- bisfest e t.i. nta sImethi .

Si IWEEK-IEND iELEAfif llta s 9lne rvn rounds li ieiist a
Maryland where they picked lp "
sse(uand also t i Oak Ridge and Los a

Phally the Soviet agents be. Flank C&sdIt IA
ema snspidaus and started run- p* 1
ral tiir boys ut via M"ltoo. rtm lm All hM
In Ute Federal J2ll at L ber, a lty l, MY b W
Pa, OreenglAls told the Sena.te had l
mPl es at l0Mnbero tried t,, @200iAIr
gat bPM tWe, and when he MI weel
almutml I lus Mid. "It en be The
dlml. 05a of my boys, Joel arr, Com.
dd It." -WLAN
S Well, rkr smd his gi l friend fet
Vivian Glasmafi, worke t 1a
Karouth's secret radar l b.
low rs basdum dl pi.o
Ilag at ufs ftsp b iaandt1"m

soist 0.
tilerserWIul "rr$$lar

TIVOLI ANK bY D $100 FREPi ,h n


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~5~m~E~Sp I a~..a

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*, l

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uAfshi n to n

S. a to. p thei
, ,he late, Ir ideat

I.'.., *~A

attitude towr aaid he wsrt glnofft
to tro-, his I st
t i. mblf ~LZng estab-
tal b west peace.
Mte x p cal to pqh hard
el eemnMa Western plan
to oak the ctrnt last-Wedt
o f a. o He mit even offer tM
tinL was ad by to MosCo alne if he eou
aei bnyq Ohbteh- ^n the blamssng of lsenhowc
,. .. o, Z ,t. ,sene -,

1 enow
ha m ha ae *ar0
Sstom t tumnl am o luate hd a
tested sm-e Sare o to b device.
i'We irnhower admilstation
S-_a-r to avpr aOBe aU.
.. natr~.
Hy^L T. lfc Ilff^M f __

.att. yw

dtmrw powar
.xis"e with
-ate today of
Sag rovell 6Ij
istes on Occ.

- at.
- pad he '
rmatton e1or

of. Ceo Md leave in certain
oaiC --ae7 to a cash award,
7 =1. was commended for
her Initiative and interet she
hias ak In nher work.
M. is formerly was em-
pl U. ti. She has
peo wijth tlh Panama
Canl Company since August of
this year.

JWB To Feature
Barber. Shop M ic
Next Sunday Night
7Te Balabosa .O-JW Armed
Porom Servie Cente will p-
ent a *of bartth gi

nwu$lg ~ s uwmVn t
The Paite side Navy and AT-
my chapter and the Air Force
Chapter of The Canal Zone De-
pariment of the Reserve Offierq
Asuocation of the United Stais
ponsaori d l an Infortia
catir nd buffet dfia
brm I u =m,. NOw. I"; a :t
Anmak ffaru Club.
'Ihe club' regnlarly-scheduled
Informaladaaoe from I p.1. tln-
tiU a.m. will follow the reserve-
sposrea 4 buffet dine,.

on n i also a wel IM
Ua and has been
court in Ite n Un
ilding the B. gI
Mrt. Oraduated f t
rdlties at Harvard, orn
Sad Brown, he has
=*n law at the latter

S." li r- V.t., 'NWl 11-
) --Wbrld markets must be
re-captured or the nation will
mW Ia t he director' of Cam-
b Iersecha D. Newsom.
m of the atlonal range
M0 I 7th annual ovwUtim
Farmers are caught it a price
squeeze similar to those follow-
ins World Wars I and II, the
Columbus, Ind.. farmer qld in
calling for a full national policy
imed at capturing and main-
taining those avenues of foreign
As a means of readfg' such
markets, Newoem suggested:
1. A two-price system for
domestic and foreign ales.
2. A lowering on tariff bar-
s.'An eating of government
", l we continued to make, it
diffllt for free mn and free
countries to market their pd
uce o reervlces. w move in
.. ..16-.mvei



1946 Bulck Stali Wage, e~eu t medIh cal
coaditioa foa Iy ... SesL.

1938 Buick 4-door, good tnsportation,
yours for ody... SISO.0

16th Street A Central Ave., Tel. 800, Col6n

M os aect i


Request To Prake
SMANCHE T J, Ra,. 11
S(UP) Dr. Hermaann Sander,
Swho three years ao was aequit-
Ited of the "mercy laying of a
woman cancer patent, han lost
his fourth bid to win reinstate-
ment in the Hilsborough County
Medical Society
Member attenung the so-
t city's dinner meeting laat ngh
voted 57 to 37 for hi re a
ment, but that wasR. al votes
short of the necessary two-thirds
majority needed for rudmUdaon.
IS Ninety-four of the Socety's 180
members were In attemCae.
Bander, a native of Schenee-
Itady, N.Y. and now a rlsdent of
Candia, was acquitted March 9,
1950 of the slaying of Mrs. Abble
C. Borroto, ,5. by injecting 10
d cubic centimeters of air into her
S veins. She died Dec. 4, 1949. while
Many a patient at Hillsborough Coun-
d, par- ty Hospital at Goffstown.
4 Latin
. ha, Camera Tour
e o1 :To Morgan Gardens
On at-Set For Sunday
. States The Fort Amadot Service Club
Seme will sponsor a camera tour of
e un- Moran Gardens o0 Sunday, of-
, Br iclal of the club announced to-
taUuht dg
istitu- ~'rl dressed in local costumes
will be on hand to add color to
pictures taken by shutterburgs.
Busses will leave from the A-
IMk mador club at 1:30 p.m. for the
gardens. However, personnel
with private vehicles are wel-
come to meet the group at the
M gardehs at 2 p.m

*6 Uv oaeLus"

Delays are costly. Our prompt delivery service and our large,

complete stock of construction materials are your guaranty of.


Your smr'ibuatin wl help to pave the Pan-American Higway.


it of ik had a ew
iptl molat duiloa aet-
Shn.fbtoeraf after a
wL b o. t waen it
t ta bb a a.L i alarm

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Aft **^r T lttfteI


ow on Display

Tivoi Crossing Panama City

The New '54 Dodge,.

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W-A *Ayw


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fmhen,_ i-.
: ish 6. asie


nb.orbm e. a d- im a'
~ b diaw fmasm

LAt go. w t m writMnS a dvanbta- th t.*me w- '5% 4odw valbuy of td oer
T~,. a "Rod T WWag j sythenw liuxuriow od. rs, pwwiN p eonaand "ua
M drivbl @ o p Dodl moa offe. see thb deqaln ahe m' Doi todawl

N ,Ig WM Fu NEW lly Au s- DIP1NDABI
momAIR =matie PowerFli NEWf'

A. ,NEW s. o NEW '54O E

ny, -':.-. ?,+.... R aVm V- --

is TrI CO NOar
r/ *isseesW

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t'- -. 1.~ V- .-- -4 1.%A

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-- -- ---- -- -------- ---------- ---- -- ---- --- -- --- ---

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iL~slik-li-t~ftM a -MjM~t
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-- aim


9 #WW "" No i'
^9W~num\\ ^ wiiiii~B~il^N^^I~y^ ^L^

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' 4" "* ",, ,
*.,;.^ *- *- ** -**^ftifiH~~i iH

Plalypuary Falls; Harvard Proxy Backs

Dronx Zoo Prepares Prof's Righ To Use

Hippo Love Nest Fifhmendenl
__ _- ifr*-Amntodment

NEW.YORK. Nov. 11 (UP' -
Tne B o n x Zoo aninuncedi CAMBRIDGE. Mass..Nov. 11
1.oidtl v tod.v., 11 has lound a ,UP, President Nathan M.
n ie for it; loveloi n hippopota- I Pusey of Harvard URIversity to-'Pere II dav was in strong dlagreement
Her name I" Phoebe. formerly with Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy
o[ E; t Alrica. She weighs 31., IR-Wis.I on whether invocation
poudiis and. has dimensions bet- of the Fifth Amendment auto-
ter left to the imaglinalin imatically implied a confession of
The announ'lenent of the new ,uilt on the part of a witness.
rconi.i ," beiueen Pete and Phoe-
b, A.i the Jlcst wor of .roologi-l The educator's opinion was
c, lovemakilne In the Bronxi onLaiied in a letter which he
since tne recent fiasco tlluolving ,nr to McCarthy in answer to
penelol'e the Platlvpus Tile zoo, th letter's second teleRram con-
hooed for more success in tle ernmg the retention of Prof.
h!poo tank than it experienced Wendell H. Furry on the Harvard
il the nlatypusary. faculty.
Penelope had led everyone to
believe she had become a moth- The exchange began last week
e-. which would have been an he McCarthy wired Pusey de-
c ent of historic importance. But manding to know wihy Furry had
zookeepers dug deep into her ,.ot been dismissed. Furry, a ph-
nudd,, burrow last week a nd allegedly had refused to
isicist, allegedly had refus
f found only Penelope, looking tell McCarthy's investigate ,
back at them with a duck-billed committee whether he was a
Mona Lisa smile. Communist or had engaged In
Communist activities, including
United Synagogu espionage and the indoctrina
tion of students with Red phll0-
Of America Opens sophy.
Conv n 15 "I cannot agree that the use
Convention Nov. 15of the constitutional safeguard

- The United Synagogue of A-
merica opens its convention
here Nov. 15 with more than 700
Jewish leaders from all parts of
the United States and Canada
Several associated organiza-
tions will conduct special events
in conjunction with the three-
day convention. Principal speak-
ers will include Charles Rosen-
garten 6f Waterbury. Conn., na-
tional first vice president of the
group, and Dr. Simon Greenberg.
executive director of ,United

provided by the Fifth Amend-
ment must be taken as a confep-
sion of guil t," the educator

Sellina UpN ghh
If you uffer from G n Up
NUiht, Bacoka LO WROPIg
oifsour, Nervouresa or rea-
nes you should help your Prostate
Gland immediately with ROGENA.
This wonder ml laaln skes I
you feel younker, stronger and
sleep without interruption. Get
ROGENA from your chemlanttpda
Satiifactlon uPmnte*4.

(A Lumlte Numar of eP epr Berths)

M.S. Wyoming .................................. November 2th
S.S. Valognes ................................ November 24th
M.S. Washington ................................. November 30th
S.S. Liberte ..................................... November 25th
S.S. Liberte .................................... December 12th

W.eeky r..t argo C Serv fre mAstbbe B a aWet Let

Crist6bal: FRENCH LIN, P.O. Box 6S15 Tel. 8-2476 18U1
PalamAi LINDO Y MADORO, S. A. Box 1388
TeL. Pamma 3 -1U3 3-11

screen to#r
I--- .11 r u

I Screen st r, I r fmt
Gregory 1 WlKI
5"Companion IP iI
8 He is a ppellatioU
cnemam- 4 ~Imp
12 Cry of I 8ft rink
bacchanals I wlwo lo
13 Palm leaf O i orrw
14 Struggle 7 Endaurs
15 Weary I Ucmt
16 Dance step Musica
17 The dill lualtv
18 Incling ita 2 Xr
20 Fixed lookers l1 ,xs
22 Eternity
24 Pronoun
25 Began 2Ti
29 Entrances 9I-Sle-
33 Folding bs4 26
34 Affliction 1 R'JV k
36 Scottish river S 7 ,*-- *
37 Most of his
flms --
3 Weight of
39 Pillar
40 Renoypi \
43 Trappers
;46 Meadow
48 Compass pe$ht
49,53 His roles
have not WOB
him on

57 H has
enacted mal
!" good -- s
58 Eyes (Scot.)
so NotUon
61 Aservate
DuBurmwee WPr
' sprite
43 Hindu qua
41 Hiny-
85 Aid
66 God of l ow

'~~c *i

k~ .~ -

nLas. .0
'I f-a

I .-.- -- ..~l


Great White Flt


'8.I. "S4NTO !ERPO" ............... ,...,.,...,.Npv. 13
8.s. "'IWBJ AS" ....................... ,...... e
S.S. "BYFJOIP" ............................. .. .S
*S.S. YAqIB .................................. t
*S.S. "SANTO pE1.q ............................ B 4
S.S. "C. G. THUiB ...............................I 6




,, a i'Jur auspla

'-r i :. V':rn,~ .j.


fl-W i-K


* maue1g aRedIale. CuIe ad em aI Cat.


S.s8. 'MARNIA" ~1............. ... i.,.,.......... V If
as9.9. "MAR W .......... o ............. ..........- ...... .
S.S. "PARiSMNA" .......... .... ... ,..... .... -

WfmmT alHa "f lotpf M pC1.1m 0Na Orleans. Los Angelna n fa o m4 oi a

i .--

To New York ....... .............. ..
To Lej Angeles a 8San prsatico .......,.W. *
TI Settle ............................. 6 ....$3LS



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'a ..' ,' ,.


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No Connectil~p


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Time Limit


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A .. T ,. .i t L 0U ; I ; of twF wor" I tt
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'uya gpsbge ch.q" their "pert" or it's crummyy a.
or tbheir Ja cl vln
+--H-e la Ireo.gtd o, iprls, sad '
be'll save his aolwance $r
t oeekhW d t a girl te blgglr
,I -- :8 .^ .fancietS ban of eady in the cr.
i ......L ZHe'd rather be dead than bonp
thI Pwt "- "to wear slacks if the other bWu
il r are wearing blue Jeans.
M "rs .- He laugA ra cously, t
a t r of Mr. wtches Intntly, when toets a
X utly of ll- bender JOve scene on ethe T
Cue hlr not only discovers
ar lotion. e Is as dependent
Glab as a woma U t on helptipY.
o;? a Mstra. HIM idea of getting alscked up
cIs to S -sB t hree minutes gnder
given for em e oerT and 1 min t d
of b combing his hair a gisf. then few s
*i el lty ulh'L menh and them
SCOL. CA ILES L BAf RSTM present Ivan W. Herbert with a are always se same glteb Who
,* JMr.ose commendation certliuate for "a Job well done." Hetbert Jeo- te wit the rest of his gr.
Chratin I~ pardized his safety to save the life of a man and home from fire Re Is awe 'ie begins te day
Ms., Slast year. (U8 Amy photo by Sgt. Harold Sellers, you get your dr3er's lieene.
M~rs.~ Thirty m iputes after a hflt
SH. B. meal he is 6iklng around the

Local Rater Gets Pay Raise and h nd fbis
Mrs. pants s each other an-
I n. C. 2For Firefighting Explof d t right a,, bat Ias.'t yetT01
&a -0-
-l, ..'p _...b ., ..... +... A ceremony was held at the On the morning of Dec. 6 last thibbs a ehae are they
r f Armry Engineers Offic e, Fort year a cabinet top was being in.' are wrdan.
," "- lM i t aer, lia., you1 replgtomatoe .amlt (f ftaut), 1 Clayton, recently honorig Ivan stalled in i Curundu home"bbji idea of smtmnhip. really
Wives Club flad sal. vani ut. whole basil e ,las, 4 W. Nerbert, a local-rate Army Dale and another employee of 'neat"oshieroom s amounted
SOffeors' Wives ,weue there re Wu. n pgrilnd tltk Ipp~, 1 Engineer employee, for heroism Transportes Baxter. deer's held.
htekling oUar .Lp0h water ., displayed In saving the life of quart container of lgly No matter when you pop lto
Sat h ..e h W. R. Dale, an e p ye of volai cmentwas inavertent- his room to k him toput down
b at wh PCut beans lntel--Ip pleae., Trgnapories Baxter, Ieam. fire ly bjfgt near a store and be- his book tha tur out his ht
wee algs" F bacon until crisp. ainta sd in a Curundu home. rale Ignited by the pilot light. e is just "at the mst.e smnti
we"M rse. dcW.u, .ilde. Base nls in bacon Col. Charles R. Bathust., En- Dale's .assistant Imm4dlatel prt."
.a 9 bet, bflwbr. ger, UBARCAN~p preesited nicked u the flaming contaliqe
t r sV1a A reMrlaA I Hferbert with .a ndatton in an eort to. goe) t out of the Whe op start looking or
oever fo.r e certificate on l Ma. Ge. buWlding, but the. cement gen- him yelook first to see if tih
is zm.a aa ) Or unil beslo are ve~ L J. Whitlock, rated se much h i a t that tle btle is toueJ t will be f he is.
Of t e l M I ptS with" thd General, UA Ian dropped 1 hi container In the liv- more than three houses sway
f" te bacon. with the certfloat e t will ing m foor from home
T"r .. -also receive L Intacrease. rIe Jr0 he a
._ als reev inrese Hcrbert was In the next apart- B t.ust y
mrnent. On hearing the comutor. Wt to eep his
ilIans of the -. A tion be rushed in. you to
"lf at l eh Uin Ing thing of.f.ales sy d n't kndow, bt it -
..e:...Me s wa ter .Ip' l:sLqI i .
a ,_ _a _-r~~ st '"W16004 Win &M --"rd t--r, .o.t -'.- e-+llrye p -y.
IIYlivgac' l vin room and pu out tI u to be a man.
A LONDON, Nov. 11 (UP) A without regard fot liaa o amh-
GrM 3 4 Queen Elizabeth p out Nt oly did i t p ot
10 .ftOUoa..o..jw ultal"i Pl Mace liquor' her golden coach, on corona SPrING MaM.
tuftsTo~laU~i~: :IA. by tr i pante AS d day woan a special Award today 1is own saet to xtlnulb the08 Robert Ve iletoiI S -CO
TEy p U0be 8 it frtttle eater for the in the 6th annual coMO tit apart "t kr beirt saved the of 10000 potoaSl. Aad he rim
bWri atab O Rt'vit'- 1 1 to select British press picture government frm a great loss in ar some made ires w bt-
l.,24"'s4 .-. e B.ho. of the year. property domnae, er and pleayrhWnd
Sad d A to-~mrl The picture, taken by U. P.
E.IW. Of W J Mt 3 taliloonilot staff photographer H. P. An-
6, mih 0ir hav bee 2 onadrews, won first prize In the
bya1ietfor visit Tic have b-*een on 4 special coronation photo cate-
7"M -us*r .i ad wrll. O~r to .- gory that was added this year
aa M t th year to the annual contest sp-
n 4 ti l te. tol Me, scored Jointly by the Egeycboe6
Whti a yoeg man asks you 1ia Brtianic asad the flt
716larr east *os p hotogrph of yuriej anO of British Photograyhers. AEROVIAS ECUATORIANAS, C. A.
n'': .i~re _vye one, lgve
S i au mn. -But U. P. staff photographer
nj b. kVM-OSSCharles Dawson won first p1s 0.. Way ... .SO KatS trip SINS
F W. M l e0e. ne- in the spot ne'steory e thd trip $12
"m 0Jtrnb pfrt contest last year with, his cele-
s ;a f MNe pnml- bltted pbaot trph of the rra- GUAYAQUiL, OWn Way.. 80.NM'tmud trip 144.40
w e lsde. yMan queen."
v Jpr n QUITO, O. e Way........ 86 8 trip t 1p .8

Sto yr with s of famous t y o ar Cargo rates also reduced. Consult with our offlo
sw o 2 out Capt. t Carln linng at Per& vavnue No, 15, Telephone 33283 por se yer
S m aii t m the Ler L rj'Jr F travel liat.
*M211 f 'lmps m R.10rQ Itsa nk.

C-', 4~" ~" "~ .i a 'raanda achievement ..,
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end setW cimW.

i e fiw houn flying
Sime. tioal atos PAAs
nprious CoIGNse*
Sleotype Cllppes.

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k mark of the. well-dressed man'!

1tn-yh. sdeei their clodt
- birite an impression of
iawt dietiti have really
*WB a arkxed prdue r
bitb GillM Arrew "Regi"
These perb shirts are
lrke ,f top-qality fabric,
wiOkL. :-d wederful eha
t w tht LhaTe made tke

rw alsuP doam tua.
i.=* -

And, o/f co they bar. d
Sanferise label, so tbey'1 .&
mys fi! Stop at yewr Alm
dMsler'soday! Ask f~OCvrt
Arrow "Rseis" -irtls
feetly tailored proof t ti
aiest sirts an nar me.
trarapMt I.

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You SeNlem...

When You Tell' e

Leave )our Ac ... u e uur ',.ntI ul our offi"ie lu Nu. 57 -
uo. 12 179 Cenlral Ate. Co'un

4" Street Piiua
p .t:,

* -*' '

"o i 'i ,L
:. '

No. 4 irvoll Ave r1,one 1-2291 aud

Fourth ol Jmv A:' r"Lne 0111

Household Anmtouoblle
FOR SALE- Elc:trc S-wing Mo- FOR SALE -1942 Chevroct four
chine IDe'k Cabminet: Refriger- door sedan. In exceptionally good
atr. 25 lclie i9 ft I; Wardrobe; condition. ,side and out. Must see
Mirrors, Disnware, Ornaments. Tel- to appre-.qle. Not a war surplus
phone; Chicken Wire. Folding cot. Call Fort loayton, 22N6 after 5
Water Cou;er: Camping Ice Box. p m.
Cabinets; Benches, Dc.k Cha r, FOR SALE Military Jeep 4 wheel
Household Items. Dre's God' Drve A-I condition. Excellent to
Phone. Ba'boa 1413. House 595 interior. Cal; Clcyton 4270.
near Balbou Gas Stalton.
FOP SALE --1951 Chevrolet 4-door
FOR SALE-I cu. ft. porcelain Frig- sedan Power Glide. Original own-
idaire 25 cycle, quiet. recently er. 13.000 miles CurLindu 6245.
overhauled. lI10. 0-779 William- -- --
son Place rel. Balboa 2457. FOR SALE --'52 Ford Pick-up, lke
Ses ---- new. Tel. 2-2064.
FOR SALE -Westinghoue rofriger- -
ator, 8 cu ft. 25 clcle. $300 FOR SALE.-1951 ord V- Custom
Good conjilion. 268-D Gamboo. two door srdon. Fordcmotlc drive.
Good condition. 1426-C, Co'r St
FOR SALE for the Stltes. Balboo. Te. 2-1583.
Double bedl dr.'.crc. OM single
beds, child's cib dre;.er, toybox. WANTID:--ood cook. Erinl refer-
highchair. ilt.htn table, chairs, o4ee. God slry. No. I Cuba
refrigerator Cold.pot and Frgid- Avenue. "Nestla" KDlidin., up-
aire, washirg machine, immitoaion stairs. Entlance o 28th sreet.
bamboo l,..ngrconi 'et. :ouvres. FOR SALE.-1950 Custom DeSoto
blinds, lail.cewo.k. dishes. shelves, 4-door sedan, Fluid-Matic, leather
tables. House 0310,C Cable Heights. upholstery, radio, milecge 21.000
Ancon. Mallory ignition, Thompson Vita-
FOR SALE---Electric tcve, 4 burn- meteri ch osil undercoated and
ers, refrgeralor, mahogany dining- rustprocfed, new batt ey. good
room and bedroom set, fine custom tires. $1,700. See at 1517 Akee
built furniture, all practically new. Street, Balboo, Or telephone 2-
very cheao. Arrangement con be 4284 alier 5:00 P. n.
made to rent apartment alse. San F-OR SALE:-1949 Ford Tudor. Good
Francisco 3id St. 25-A Apt. 2. tires. Goo.l oad.d.taon Duly Pad,
Tel. 2-3518, Panoma. $75000. Tel. 86-322. Alb ook.
FOR SALE-- -ColdspOt refrigerator 9' Off e
cu ft. 25 cycle. Good condition. Position Off red
$35. 86-6296.
FOR SALE: Wardrobes $19.00. WANTID:l r Pana mnlia irl cir
Metal desks $25.00, Complete secretarial n or in meant rr dng.
double bea. $48.00, Metal Tbles. pony in oleosont surotrllng.
$1b 00, straight chairs $2 50. Good Eng,.,h. experience in fyp ng
Modern Va;,-ties w;th stool $39 00. and shorriei.d obso'utely necessary
Sofas 59 00, Complete livingroom 5om1letv b ked on ex lneormalce.en
sets $159.0G. Guaranteed 4 burner complete bckgroud Information
Gas Stove 5$69.00. Buffets $18.- Including rdleren-es and picture if
00. New moatrerses $16 50, China possible Io Apatodo 705 Patrima
ClOets $1500. Foldng beds WANrTEb
newlyl $2700. Dinrlle ct Ime-
We deliver at h.rst SMALL DOWN WANTED T ) RENT .-One bedrool
PAYMENT apartment, una a Mar Area. Tel-a V
.Autom.b,.le Row No 41 elroe 3.o10 Ext 27 Tel-
Phone 3-4911 -phon3--0 EX 27
FOR SALE: 60 cycle automatic FOR SALE
wc'her. Bendix Economat, 3 years
old. for sale or trade for 25 cycle Boats & Motors
washer in excellent condition. 0779 ---
I. Willomiron Place. FOR SALE:-12 ft rlfht fishing boat
e and 6 HP motor, excellent gondi-
FOR SALE: Fibef rugs. couches. tir. ReaPmable. Abernthy, N-
various household articles. 609, 99, Peru Avenue
Aneon Blvd. I ,u

t -.... .- -- -
FOR SALE:--Bendix automatic wash-
S'er $175.0C. Call Amodor 82-
K FOR SALE--One 9 cu ft. Westing-
house refrigerator. Good condition.
Porcelain in and out, 165 00
House 0834 Amador Rood or call

SRadio Programs

Your Community Station

WhLm I100.000 Peple Meae


Today, Wedaesday. Nov

I L.

3* -=1f-The Little Show
$ :*-Music f woxedniw

S 0-Wbat' T ur FItorl
S s:m-u^ews .
I; -What's Your Pa v
:0IM-Animal Farm (VOA
6:30-The Christan 8
t6 --oUll ywooi News
"7*-Lowel Thomas
7- 7:t-The Jo Stafford
'7:3-Report from the
.8:00--venlng Ialon
S 4It-Commeltaro on
I i :00-Edueatin Archie (a
9:.0-The Hanting Hour
3 :00-Hollywood Open Hc
S :30--Old Time Ballroom
il:t--The Owl'b Nest
12:0-Sign Off
lnw, harhday, Ne
On The
AaIrm Clock
S (inteReor
Sam" Prueta
Heart Prjgr
I See It

the ec rco


Via i., Io 34 P; >i R RP.
kHMlb Vbta lTm&%t JI.)

WASHIB GTCN N'ov 11 (UPi t
S--The State [ )artment ap i
Inearedl-headd for tr'nohla today

. 1 FIROM STAGE Ti, PLANE- a a eult of a hint that It fi ~ o'W. (Dad) Montle, 91o o might. rather recognition f a
Los Angeles, rides with the Red Chdia if the Commun. h
times. The one-time Kansas behave tAemnelves.
stagecoach driver, a ho is now a Vice resident Richard M. Nix-. rthli d ibtlathe
licensed pilot, recently flew this on. a. atmanh suipnorter of the ,lad IS frbNd," 0
U. S. Air Force P33 jet trainer Chines NtlionaUlt government, dbst.
L at a galloping 500 m.p.h. was rerd angry over the im- I U m I6ld to
Ite .. plicatl.OOther pro-Chiang Kar- Monday that tht .
orite 12:30-Popular Music shek lators are expected tJ never had
r 1:00--News found thir opposition. be fqwe~t
1) l:---Perwsonllty Parade Some experts believed Chiang tin of U
ORTS 1:45-Lum anc Abner hmnelf ait stir up trouble. ke But he Idd
O 2:00-A Call from Lea Paul has steadatly maintained tLl the ChinM g
dence 2:15-A Date fur Dancing Nationalist administration Ia the preualt the I
2:30-Afternour Melodles only true government of China. not-likely to cM
2:45-Rattle of the Banda s tpfiMUtlon that the tlUnt- tlan.
3:00-Al Star Concert Hall ed States might conpiddr tecog- Nixon maid 1
Show 3:15-The Little Show nising Comwmaust China came with Chen 1And .t
ow 3:3-Music for 'thursday from Secret".y of State John envoys on ForaM
4:00-Promenade Concert Foster DUll at a news eonfer- meeting on ..n
SUS 4:15-Bob Eberlv ?nce lnuday. ment.
4:30-What's Your Favorite' He saH l the administration Nixon ad
5:20-News has never said it id forever op- 5,000Na
World 5:35-What's Your Favorite oas0M to the romgltUiiL of a part in thre
icontd.) R ed es for China. But aver-hale
BIM O :00"-iretah tu the Air (BDFP) hb a1- f ogittt ould t i
S :U 15-ML RIBBON SPORT ot tIM as lnm tb e and
Ouse Tw in ommtd or to watch t
6:Q--Tle Telephone Hour erdels with
7:20Lowell Tboma Formoaas on a Mr. NfxoaKt
7:15-The St&ip Club fVOAI Par wiwBodwD Mali. coat alr
7:30-Report from the US made a copmeont on lessu a
v. 12 (YOA) Dn1' 1 t But ofterjk vier
t00O-The Platter Parade l t1tL prOidbt aid f.ld
lam a: :30-Adventures in History wat *
S:45-CamXuentary on World 1
o.s-mm na n s aggollk
Club no tAhT-

9:0--Over to You .
10:-rJere PIola "nd his Or- to h'
a r .e. J
S10: I-The Latl r American 8er- 1at CU-
am enade a "ohfemnt
10:3 --The ai of (V KOA Wthe
ix:O-.%iw' g j'a Nag .t l M WiK

atd.) -wal'rle

Ag ain4 r
it iiww I^
BI-a I **.-.',B

. 10,059 Melendes A. P use 2lb, Golo

A"'.I*If l f.r ,ci de Palicadiones
No I Lattert Plua Oftae -8I1M

__ C

1rU 3Art:-iiV- y-r smom vl
door sedan, radio. $850; 4
bedroom set $100; gas range
deep freeze $350 Quarters 41 Al- two
brook. Phone 6185 or 3105.
"'R SALE --- Small upright pii;no
S 250.00. Course In business d-
I mrnitroaton, $40.00 Tel. 2-1262, the
) .aPanorne.
IFOR SALE:- Two male police pups; ey. -
Via Slisal-o Porros No. 19. First h e
--&-r. n l h
FOR SALE:--Lgdies wool camels hair
coat, size 16. Tel. Balboa 2189. o '

State Department in


__ ~ ____~~ _

.mmM t
w .*dd



t .' I-,
Mimiw M ;or 12 oArdL.



.litrr& 'thdt grows
f.Lr bhN with

- iLanrl':f~Wd that works
r4 wlfth your lawnl,
.r is .andd plantations of
il-l~khr .. ..

, Novey; Inc.
$b Centk a Av,-TeL 1-0146
riiSfS^ T ^'- 11111111k,"

A.. ,I
ft well*to" a 11 1*** 4 Hou rt t Uento cr_ A66
W,.te Asea, n, AtSO. 9 In Cn~I lI
205 ~Ms v e I- Ph re 1_8 i sI
DR. WENOEHAK. MIdeol e lc. m
Corner telephone 2-3479, Panbto hI" rt y3l
Sealed b~d .--n trbjlicate, w:II be re-
ceived in he office of the En
gneer.n rnd Conatuction Director,, tWogL. L M0a
Ponar o Canal Com;any, Balbod Uor IM ,1 I
Hc'ght-. .;-nal Zone, until 10 wekr hnd.
a. m. Nov~enr.ber 24, 1953. and Gramllch Santo lta b oh tRtoages,
then p.bli-ly\opened, for furnish- 61ectric refrigeration, a stores,
rig lil plant, tools, equipment. moderate tt rl, Ie *1441 or
labor, .ervire., and materials, and 4-567&
for pei.orming all work for con- -... l I, .
struction ,' roof hooks for quarters C111a, 41C,1 iiSI Ml
at Balboa, C. Z. Forms of propos- ClPro, a t. 4 Phe --a.
als. speciliotions, and full parti- P..ame ,-177, Clebol .167.
culars mrrov be obtained from the l R T
office of the Contract and Inspec- FOR R IT
lion Dvi,,on, Room 343, Balboa
Hceghts I Telephone 2-3739 ot 2- fluid
26981. Specificatlons and draw- roR RENT: Chalet 4 bedrooms.
Ings will oe issued on a deposit of Lefevre Pork, 9th Stretf No. 39.
$20 00 per set. Deposit will be For information B Avenue No. 7.
forfe ted if specifications dnd Lot floor. Gonl Alll .
drawings are not returned with 40 Last floor. Goge famiy.
ca'endor dys after opening of
bids. FOR RENT
N. F. P. 1.
Annual meeiin ef Ithe IeatMl Fed- AB
aretin atf ederet mplees, L cl Al O lt mode
Election of Offlee furnished aartlient eie, t w
AH members are reaqmted to el bedrooms, hot, ild wotur. Tel-
this meeting and help set (the P les ephone Panomao -4941.
of your local and the entional ergapl- FOR RENT:-B-lputiUt1 cool fur-
ce;an for the ceamntI yel. r ished ouattrtthh bedroom.
N. F. f. EC. h Chive No. 2021. Via 90.00.
SClubkeuse. 7I0 P. M. Phane 1-0141.
Thunrda, November I R I -ltm li
FOR UN!: baof beduiie
FOR SALE apartment. bedroi a nd both.
FOR SALC 44th Strtet $4S.00. Tehlohone 3-
Mistcellanvous 1648.
ie -- F FOR RENT: Nie unfunilhed
FCR SALF --Deqp Freete, 25 cycle. apartment. Cr illa 642 San
Phone Balbca7 18. Froncisco. T7no 3.44418.
FOR SALE -Used machinery: outo-
mol.c washers. extractors, om- lLt
mer:iol gas dryer. 110-220 volts. FOR N
gas water heater capacity 650
gil!. per hour, commercial iron-
ing boards. 1950 Chevrolet
delivery, Cod condition. El
mitco 054, Ith. Street 804
1-462. Col-n. n
Earring,, bracelets, pins and 0ENT--Spe ally 'ce
Hawai Jeweliy Store No. 56, Ci S.l vl
Avenue. ,ot F i "
FOR SALE:-Boby bed, inne
mattress, used 3 months,2
Club Coupe. Call 83-4377 Shg Bag
caO crE, i.L n.i 11 eii a

i5'5.tR aunoW
summon the ftwff
no other oont
irn the HoUSe cam


-n'~.. *... I

- rT --m



t & II



S. .. -I.. a a T .I

With Chiang's US Frh
.- .. i. .,





_ __I_~_L L_

- II._ --.-~1.~~._ I -n -~`-"I-~I*I-~-

__ __ -w __


N9W '53 31
mae I

rm. bwpurws. Moer
v.a. m.ainsBuIM
Taller traiY *ft itm
MiC sefihmtj oi tntra-1
Lo I aie-e.
i. ibaijudn of lu
ssr VniatkS. te.




~____ ___

nano 1l1



" -. "" 0 A.

* \

`i YIRCIIC ~ r

/.Z 7

VS C-"' *''' A4 ~~ *. -l

wpsw',U. i


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.4 ^ 1 ck A.
Aldtheir y ro

..... -1
^Pg ^i^

~csf!SK r. XW*Sr uffy Ir ma
-A 1-4&_1 '



Bammanal _In f
ty MI,

22.ifqr ukodo
In 0a9u ejb ml

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J~,IWl lh IU aa eh

be a vey e
-Bae l (uld jus _
owi "rule."
with a j ry wou

It to k the rnle, In ir
ra So Jtis to

foad i
fthan ttht %I
awf5 wi e withe the Bin

S. Ia- soi


' 4" A

'.. ,

Vr k

I mtt

|J M afad. I =. tAmnp!). f
0 2du l dff If role r ,

w trump = ut. Sas ok' .I rtfo; n 4
rd to loe one club, onsae ui-: drnft CMltllptt t
onp,. ild 6ne trump--pron qeld ca aild diseard
iat he doesn't loe a 1e s e dWuiyt'
I' Te to a o I o ond

r wtw47


Bi e s ponttmwoman

ff here today- aORil more
s ka-t aitw mo Adr

u IWo bny, T.. ..
-by B r. son mr auigents
~wh k- t o4Pte a -l r-y

Ir eSn A dl o-f-
4iS o f-
flewheiver adl

htrtp e etodaMy told her to
too -lsteter'. ab mreved

he atIodt" J to

t.a a
I cr*ontl l l

thi titq ft- for

siB-ii re-
ie* of h e dai, abI w rnt-
led feimer enmmigrt T via




meraohindle to the United ttas tax free,
providing r value dom net rentd $4iW O.
Weo tiSE that you' buy at Mottis, and
have as gifttwspa andend ymsr ierl off"
for you. No worry and no work for you...



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liflM I- 15
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*JL 5*u.|m^-r--

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rggawouts al
mum l~lt

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.T. A Y R LT

1:15I 8:I 8 l:35

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'I &^VS *- ki.
$110 per CAR!
-. las '.
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, .-l ii

C'-' -r. : ~i

HOLLYWOOD (NIA) Be- Blue dropped $13,000 in the Las NethUing' bein g sad al
hind Movie and 'TV Seaa; Vegas gambling denim during bhi but Mart nasu Lynn, &li-
ryebresor arm at li ted ever the recent atnt with a TV rvue a s Stl Io I in the M
appearance of Dean Martin and il Rancho Vegap. vear te h au~ty
Jerry Lewis on th Ablot&ad Fireworwr a be ngH iJn Dd'
CoatelUo TV 0 1~ w iGt igte the te h LaA- Weg- SI
kept L In e. 4 h 0 inore flari tine. 'i been a ltD eft or mI& L
Dean or p er i c t I daf mn- Conferring wtth Aorey Jerry
Ings on an oldtafiat contract Guliler, *am "M n'.i iu-
and there ha. e bad b1.04 An ina de"Rn& rebaat &m :a i_ Lkf ;
between the two gbh teas flew to filon. Nevada, to buy among the first tas to r
ever sance, the film rlght to the life storyT taeome from all tov
Sof Oareth ausrhes, But the d- at as' m a
tte qvIN.J ea ri l olt miOk tS, 5ow a niltea- r named Lm Mb i |
eht via ed i i it ry to the Plute ladinUs refUsed m 1 tei -w
lr Of- SM; to discuss a deS.e
11 S sl wrt^ta ti
say es" ur starring Pr ams for the Paul Oseq- dieies. Ifs
I- .q n .Sr oM- .1 1L~t pfodie- 1, ld L t ,,
W r M a& tieO of "'The ClMat y Coutt SU m 'O. .
man who *ih her ap- Martial" now read:
preval dleai U"Directed by Diek Powell, u_ Th"e mim. aefibW a
/. .. der ere perwal supervlaot of reda Va bov ttm 'AAM
uelle au's wris wil ChO N aisLaughtfon.* fergpt, % r at ii tu
ste tasi ts W as There's a siAing tfeud story O 1 3.
rrle," th*apema teleflmsm- behind those 11 words. M ., O .
rie eMtarrl Wit -t ~dtor I JMVid.
ing and her Ad atr, 9BabarAr. Homespun humorist Al Pearce, 1zh 0e e a lwt I
-- b a les a tadi gpeat, 1 Iste hni to aio fL fe t I*dg fhd
James la Maon' aitng was vo an offer to sar on asqu wr An ualo c 4l r areit eb
palnhl tothr eai 7 Po-- In the GrousWeo Ua- rb hrn 'r s d '. Mr. ea,1
seemed" that the ft wa ent ner manner. b ewe out of an Pamdl.
bhek to tIMe suqd a&ai for a early-mornin ueM8 variety show
voice dub ut he's ti deter- becausee it was killing me." Claire Soth Lace, ouar tm .
mlned to make reeby-Co- -- sador to Ital, may not
mo gradE ad iLa t g voice O Seeeae stwy: A he eldel but her seeenplay o f
with too l1vw meM Reynolds who has made a Salt WIM" f.r Mt ha be -e
TgAl MIG I0g i pred ~eblO W4telgrf laItriveo wa* peetey MWri0M biy Robi
The boas wili figure out such a $1M-a-week mere w0rie four dr. WIo wil are reo erai w
things have it doped that Ben year tage. witht Ir.

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MM bT__ .U____ -




Bout Is Montreals First Satchel Paige Gavilan Says Has Surprise

Championship In 22 YearsMay Retire In Store For Bratton Friday

NEW YORK, Nov. 11 (UP) Champions and r D kll -- -, I
former champions are in the late boxing news., IED0m A854' F da s C BHS Game
Lightweight king Jimmy Carter is a solid (5-13) __. d1 J C., am e
favorite over Armand Savoie tonight in Montral. Ye R i No 1 ) h iChampu Kid Gavlr i0 eOY
The Cartei,-Savoie meeting will be the first title Ageless Satchel Paige says he oveal ie bt r e e-
probably nas pitched a t aienset0a
bout in Montreal in 22 years. probably as pitcel h lt ends his 'Wbtle ag tb a ie 'i
l -m.iaor league baseball game. eterAn ch er ohnny
Carter Is known as a "chips New York Commission. Chair- 'O ld Satch" b requcl h e tlyh It be boat time fpr the lads Robert'Moi will be favored
down" champion. The 29-year-;man Bob Christenberry says changes his mind-but, as of o- "I-m not gollg to-Uy what it of Balboa High eol.nd thelwith the tt of corraling the
old Champ has lost three non-iTurpin was suspended when they ge says he doesnlan l -Gavllan hld. but I ave a Junior College. again test one J. C. boys -4d leading them to
title bouts this year but won Commission learned.a New York o join the Baltimore Ores bi surprise reai for the Whole another's footba gear. Ia mid- thelV b hlma chores.
both championship fights by a woman had brought assault next Spring. There are several world. And It win be a surprise October, the football lovers frol- Morr is 'reu ir kes to play'
knockout. One loss was to Savoie charges against the fighter. reasons Prige is leaving the to Bratton too. Afd 111 show It kicked In the mud, .acrmbled the d Vsit alde s of the game.
which is why he got the title Christenberry says the suspen- majors. Satchel hts heard dg, b him." wildly for ball carriers, returned Frolm h Lnd position, he has
bout with Carter. sion will be lifted when "the out talk that his fi ball as h e two soranara meet In to the locker rooms and the his own abWhuues .of looking for
In Chicago, challenger Johnny police and correctional authori- gojie. His sponsor, B111veck. al- the Chieago Stad um at 9 p.m. showers, sent their uniforms to back-fld mes coming his way,
Braton promises he won't "eat ties give Turpin complete clear-iso isn't round .any longer (CbT) with thber battle, over the planners and one crossedlsympathiuing with their Inten-
care'ess" against Champion Kid ance." IVeck has lost his job as press 5I madi, slated fora natin- the large white stripe into theltion, a d men prescribng his
Gavilan as he did in two other Says Turpin: "Rest assured. I Ident of the St. Louil ownss al television network with the end enG. e. own .aed them back!
bouts. shall, if I can. appeal and fightlwhen the club moved to Balti- Ohleago area bIaee eat:. Coach John Faweett. has been from w a they came. posses-
Bratton says: the suspension In every possible more. A third reason Paige. is The Chicago blackout made hard at t with hia Balboa Bull- sing s.ul.-eIer. for fingers he
"Ypu can't fight the same guy way." quitting is his age. Satchel ad- the gate sale, at a $15,000 top dogs, brew ag wdma hot "T" wraps them adroitly about the
twice and not learn something There are conflicting stories asl mts 46- and probably is* old- price, boom and a crowd leaves to cooj oft the Junior Col- heads of oppoang back, casual
about him. I'm not as fancy as to Turpin's future. Randy, who er. haps 15,000 was expected. lege castle o f nams. From like.
I used to be. And my hands are lo. to Bobo Olson in a bout! Paig.e isn't too keen about. Gaviln anticipated little trou- these torso-busting saermmagesi For-y O residents In the moun-1
In good shape." whih filled the vacant middle-iplaying in Baltimore. He re- be in making the weight for will no doubt come new patterns tainas tt haven't yet witnessed
Bratton has been troubled weight title, says: "As I said.lin cently said --'Never got treated the scrap, but he had plenty of and skta to co.luse the Green tthe artm of fhottll as played
Vith fragile hands throughout New York. before meeting Olson, too good n that town, even respect for Bratton, whom he Wave. Re'Ull Srpe up h sre- in t # Cal Zone now Is the
his career. I intended that to be my last. when I played a couple of ex has beaten once abl' Wom he serves to wear t the togged Um a look-see. Youdn
Heavyweight Chamnion Rocky I'm ready to retire." Turpin's hibltions there." If Paie sticks believed he had besdI twice. College aetfdaer.. And In on men "bLsh. gall away at
Mprciano probably will defend in manager George Middleton his a the mes May he has a big chunkle ach ot sbra-shirted men, ill,-l
Miami next February. Manager says: "What Turpin meansis e to his guns,the majors will hae The discrepancy resulted from ot stalwart laddte who i capable gallop ._iSt, .rvta red hand-i 'rDo ando
Al Weill says he wi'l take the doesn't intend fighting until his pst one o lder- 'the last scrap between the two, of sweetening the ma I potons. kerchlet art ts eand o~ "-jaotheir fvoriteI
ehrmn on a tour of the Pacific domestic troubles are over." fo"ers. As Fpige himself aid in the Stad um Nov. 28, 1951. Last time th 40 od man Bal- young ot mI i all the boys ,.
and make plans for a title de- Finally, another setback for one I day-'Take a good luck. when the dispute ended in a 10 boa High mcthol team met the sneaekoI.. fwl for- a pow-- ...
fense when he returns. Weilllveteran Ike Williams. Jed Black guy like me don't come around round draw. The ouftome was15 man Junior olesquad the wow. ntautes later they
says: "I want Rocky to fight the of Michigan State University evey day. assailed by many newspapdrmen, C"ollege, raw 7 ts favor- rem T tle sporting i.'
guy who would draw the most' decisioned the former light- a a "hometown" decision. ed not only aper for the gam.
money in Miami." weil'bt. champ Monday ni ht in AFAr.a "I beat him that t4ne," Oavl- game but to w l t Being as, Grls, drop the bingo cards
Fort Wayne, Indiana. Wiams A VUll p n' U ielaIan smiled. "No mater what how an exlanattmes isin ordeFroda.j 1., lay aside.. w
Former middleweight' Chain- says his future is "undecided." hey say, I win'tl$ tli." here it be. Uenat. falboa High d;C's latest and get
ipon Turnin arrived in South-'Tke says he will return to his MamL In I "But Bratton, g od Scbool ouf *s ta e teamI to th Stadium to ogle
ampton. England, yesterdv and 1b;.' in Trenton, New Jersey l Ill fighter. He's fast and e man that game, .aid was the under- at.these- or. Husbands, staff
learned of his suspension by the <"" "- 1, loaf." _" hit. He's probably bittlog bet- dog. the Junmlr College Is nowithe- rtds into the other-in-
_..- __- .....-- II u f in ter now than be ned to, hen the host team and retains the law's lap and Con on out.
By unIll OOV I fought hi before." favorite role. Logical, that. So
S rlG 1- a avilan In his -stoutlng, a- with a 15 man squad (minus one Folks or the urroundin hills. ,
lv i rV DETROI, Nov 11 (P) -The Ia t Oarmen Bajlto, lccess- gone. fiatway, North) the hoQoout' of those ham iioe. get f
t uProfessional Gollers Association IlOy., defended.h, tlvo0t0ealgebraic orcoames into astride the burro and t on ifn
entsionky Cleroa< n rAan e.-ryant E.Oi( st! r. 4Tt is Fc" as y n o -ws__Inuh, er-m ne.Tie"We criter eo '
has opened a five-day meeting -sixth time, but it as hard plsy one simply changes thehere. Te the crttr the.tgoal
-eeds p e Thn 40-14 in Detroit by cutting up $8.00 struggle and he trl .e.1 only sign of the subtrahend a pro- ost and Msnat whilee In te v.
eI e e TThean 4 14 money was raised during ba spllt'decslo'. ut Ga. .ee as In ad Oa"ce a Iadition; eresur t, ahi e a'Sadlum t' this Pecta-
Needs Petter Than 40-14 1nb U p $68u 0bad 10 ft d Isb a I
the National Golf Day tourne- planned that the nplen ws orlte. Fried, it'll be rghtnng
creiment sponsored by a aazi weak because he had too much
Score To Im press Him iSom S 09.00 t ble making th 147 po und'

By U'NITED PRESS loractire. Str halfback Leon tonal Open Chamolon. T (1he eS t.e week."- *T "
SinnnwereInjuredaganst tee hey Now Hw
arden'en an0 bal I po back tCharl np8reent chamon-B o- en0 Media asad .en _
It' Imn to ot an ranron ee a Injurd adai nsath will take on the field next year. ad thah was too hard. He .egree .o & ,"
K-'.rkir C-, Cq "' "'i v "n uee.~s battle .lth Alahamnl. '25.o00-went to 1 schola.I- ... t .ul'.s
tht 'lpl- s '. p idnfiea Tnne.'fe rlns nmim y ts for t addles. Thm itone wn th e' hoe o bd shape nhowiA ddedi t
MVempbis St te. W'de. Je r d Hyde and Ted' 000 f or a-n P-G-A auca a hhas to take off eonly two
ry ntsn v of ofrI'pla .n-d o rt er est al fund. 10.00 for turf resear ch and one half poundrin the last '... s
S"Sr''' u .~~.... ",' ,d lt, 'i;ke ,all rn a lIght defensive.- .ananother $10000 for the eight days.".
une. 'r ." i n I a. l, d a ght defe National Junior Golf Cham- Oavn l ncon irmed that he had U )R,. Nov. adds "We l
w wPVr4 'Jp s. o meno weight worries.,Ii.beb
V.14! -TSUe %elcor-,-d back outstand- plonshep.'IIIr e .! so ss"a
s. ne lt S 'd. Th Wild- t' end Joe Tmineso. benched The -ATournament Co- I feel strong." he said, "and b n
r C', mPnnlr ent b, 1 r fOr the past two weeks with mittee is planning a new tour- I know Il et down without weak- I ie
t r a n.o'L'.i r ian rta.- Ipr i jneyv for next September with one ending this tie. 00
i. of ,ivn), '"-e ltem the usuaf l' ,.' k Pi Pill Dearing 41s1,-of the biggest purses in the na- o RC
onav off dvo .fo',a-d oun for the rest of th ;ion. All pros taking part will not "We oa ta
Fe'T In ?Ivthe Florida Gators.bale had to play in a certain a mt deal-credt Iw
t ',ntckr'ykv 14Q't' thp l," '" C-' r 'n, lost end Oene'number of summer tournament Act, hia loiit arm, o eure f d
r. 4--F '-'",e. C",'.'P," '-. ,""c"o"l '.9,,,.or:.rilv, probably for The idea is to get ton pros te :t '.I w tW we w*ill" 'o
4'."n.- a rnol-h "'-nrr-'' w,. t'-" A I'rn tam'e this week. play the summer circuit. i s s -ofor
tIr Voft't. tblt! hese i- oa- I, u of meetlr the Trauth
8Fr ar w'in*. venf ty,'--"- q .,r,.leg of changing ededitlons. chialleg
'S P-I;- n e "s-in. a"en' ,. 41 t". f step tg from past lte at ond re ..
Gr af told 1"' r'-e' t-I 0 th'fe 't"/ the banging present." felt wg r mu
w have to hit h1'-'1r I, th1 e law."""."
to compete in the Confer- F' ick emphaIe the Cort' Rr Tra ai.
er. # ingl .4oesna' give baseball a l 'eagu .
"si ol dri"r l '" lon- "n ie"s to do aq it pleases, season btit
I- in hon i of "!",I nI,.ott '- he "We must consider e have asked
uhr t of m'ihv M'v ri' l'd thi. 'bst I ltelrst of fans, plaer a op
'e *'. Spouts told ithpe Phe41 '.'t and others who makeba Lsi says .
b iIi er' 'irvie d Ie m Fi i our national aOne.' And Brek .a this ye
better tin tlthe one Xll.Asflsippl l-Wn Presidel Walter CO'MaIpy r r says:"B
up et a year aa'n I
Auburn Ltr.I r lionieli p sr-
10r' tacklln- drill p.- the FP'ln-. o iid r a
"'M sought to Let ready for'.W ]OA
'tssi&slool S;te wr'%-ed film t X R W
its victory oler Tuilqne last
'dav y and herd thpt tackle '"
Morris may miss the LSU ''
e this week Morris hurt his s 'Bal
against Tulane.
o eoriia Tech Wlavers are -A.
died with injuries. but an- .
r one is off the hospital llst.. Pri x
&b tr Orville Vereen. qut .torl
I~Ct two weeks. returned tol

Sports Shorties ; ... ..

of r i --- Aruald't hhumbx ol his chiase aa
tUCH CHUNK. Penn. Nov. the tluib bslou to Il lW"
.) .~ ---e htle town of i.-... ...... m-. .... I... .I .. a would-be tackler fromE ll_ T

'uuah Chunk. Pennsylvania
Change Its name to Jim
TopIe in honor of the late
'*srts star.
Si widow has approved
Sof naming the town
husband and will visit
Chunk later this week.
now i in Tulsa. Oklahoma.
the plan. the name will be
ed to "Jim Thorpe" if the
Permits her husband's bo-
Sbe buried there.
source says If the plan
through a hospital will,
t there at an initial cost

baseman Al Rosen of
has taken an off-
lob With a Cleveland in-
banking firm. Rosen ih
for a business career
playing days are over...
Ted AthUnia the
star of the day, winnIng
races at Jamaica. iCie-
include a front-runinag
"Thi Bide" l'the Ma-

OFFr AD avmW
,Ia. i. -(NW h-The
i totahllatr, general
as the greatest si;
toward he pubtehi
ae of har seIaa wa
W is tte UMSSS L
*. "I*

tthe #
It H I

,High school of Miami. Gamn
was played at Jacksonvill.
_ -.Fla.i ('EBA)

New Trk Youkee geanea
uer srtl i on the edrtie
-rrowass been tn tlA b
murcnthe with whUtd
allu a "malignancy.'".

I', uowaay'r

'he a eed .o :

'in" ". -o "." "" -
Rmo ti -

My ^w

-~ *';-J .~9Ze- -a
\,9F C'F


Tmenni a

S." ...
eCrW .. .'*T i <',
---: ', .
-L -*** --

-i .. ..

~*~=~~ ..-- -L I-L_-LIYr

^*njiiinff>jn irfi*


zr. -;
'' '

, .

1 W u

. ..,
,"* ,

l;r* ~
Ir' F'
I ~.P


isa 1A

w~ WmL

F. jX-TF

~-I' ;J--.

riRe i tre Name '. I






bi .a. iR Panama Marli hab
X T e SMonfthly Metin,
/':imet Tmlorrow

Msisgi 310 O0A
*. ,.. .. ..

,j|. ; ,-,-Q .-_t
I& JSm O~

N. .


S Pf. iat apm

v,- *-.( u -il0


diBignd by the pioneers

i u kbber development

* I, '
'a.. SI I r

, '-, .

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i' s


f"Z ; %

' e,

*xrm w pe rte ire
of U. S. rubbtr. iTh AIL r E = soa up
iriq 6a bap ad bouW c .. im aimer-
swak uAIl aMd im l r y d y-jrFd-
ItfoteLd th e tighteR IRra g thetost in

iSX ,f n y rith U* 5- S.
15A t L L dmm,
'" Am


44 I* '-
- m.

. ---- -

ct-1- r-lC.
--.- U'WI-c ________ a



4r Z



--* Wf_ ,F, "-l

-- ---- ~ ''

r Y..-~ ~i;

, .In

yl -- -



i~ "' *:'


0 .4,

d .-

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o w,
'i ."

. n, -. a e.l
'*~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i '"'^ EE ^ ^l*t..f '^* ^


The Republican Party cam1 vLet 'th@ people know t&. truth and the country is mae" Abraeiam Lincoln.
back to win the last skirmish of:
the 1953 Congressional by-elec-, -- --- -
tions with a sparkling California TWENTY-NINTH YEAR PANAMA, R. P., WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1953 FIVE CENT
victory achieved before a sen-
sational spies-in-gover n m e n tI
Glenard L. Lipscomb. Repub-
lican, is the newest member of
in January the party standing
wilbeiMossadegh Climaxes Trial
will be-
Senate: Republicans 47; De-
mocrats 48, Independent 1.
House: Republicans 219; De-
mocrats 215: Independent 1. '

congressional district gave: B
Lipscomb, Republican, 42,800 rEHRAN. Iran, Nov. 11 (UP) laughed, wept and yawned by low this man to talk for me give me choice to defend my-
votes Arno e rat, 34 Ousted Lx-premier Moham- turns, declared he resisted the He's not appointed by me. He's self."
Lipscomb and Arnold were theiheart seizure during a recess of premier last August because he "His father has burned. (the were tossed back and forth and
hioces of their party organiza-his treason trial today after he thought it was a hoax. Persian equivalent of a vile, Morsadegh again jumped to his
tions. Independent Republican told the military judges to "get "1 thought it was a coup cunning and dishonest person-). feet.
John L. E. Collier got 3,616 votes up and go home" because they d'etat," he cried. "Could a pre- You've no right to force him He headed for the exit door
and Independent Democrat Ir-ihad no legal right to try him. mier be so unimportant that on me." but apparently changed his
ving Markheim 1,152 The 73-year-old Mossadegh even such a royal order had to The judge rapped for order mind halfway and, grumbling
President Eisenhower said to- went pale. clutched his heart be brought to him by an army and told Mossadegh: "If you aloud, returned to his seat. He
day he is pleased that the Re- and called for coramine officer?" continue this fracas I'll hlve to told reporters later "I love it
publian Party won the Califor- (heart stimulant) drops as he Mossadegh shrieked that his order a closed hearing. Keep here--ily ccll is cold;
nia House seat. stood in a corridor, defense counsel was "traitor," quiet."
The President volunteered the Ushers brought him the drops then chuckled as the proracutor But the 73-year-old Mos- Ws i ar f-,u
statement at his news confer-- and a glass of water, Mossadegh Brig. Hossein Azemoudeh. ask-- sadegh, who *as deposed last wd o v
ence. He did not amplify upon took a few faltering sips and ed in acid tones whether Mos- August after an il4-fted at-
the remark, then, his energy apparently sadegh realized the meaning of tempt to oust the Shah, cried: Far l C r
He observed that at last restored, strode back into court court procedure and the law. I'l leave the court if don't
week's news conference he and resumed his emotional ap- When thi presiding judge. eo on h
was forced to say he was not peal for freedom. Gen. Nazroilah Moghbeli, asked
wholly pleased with election He burst into tears and said, the defense counsel, Col. Jalil I h
results in New York, where a "all I've struggled for is for my Rozorgmehr, if he accepted the In ol oni
Democrat was elected mayor, country ana my nation." court's jurisdiction, Mossadegh William Warfield who captl-
and in New Jersey, where the The balding former premier, leased to his feet. vated a Panami City audience
Republicans lost the governor- who has kept the court in an "I must myself defend my on Monday night with an obl-
ship and a House seat to thecourt in an .ms m f d
ship and a House seat to the uproar with his tears, laughter case," he -houted. "I won't al- ng display of musicianship sel-
Democrats. name-calling and threatened dom seen locally, makes nis
Mr. Eisenhower said he is glad, walkouts since the trial began farewell appearance on the Isth-
w to say that he is leased Sunday, cried: bmus tonenht
ithls inCalifornia hv o t no rench Paper Prints mus tonight.
yesth terdayesults in have committed no crime Warfield performs at the Abel
eNationalGOP leaders playedex:ept to protect my court a- L Bravo College auditorium in the
down the effect of the sensa- against foreign exploitation and city of Colon with an entirely
tional spies-in-government case in'',gues so my nation could be alM a ylc ew program featuring elec-
which burst into headlines last try Independent." i T l i tions from Handbl,. Brahms,
.week and this week. He sat down and renewed his \ .Gounod and Verdi Also fie e
But Indiana National Repub- attacks on his attorney, the OTTAWA.. 11 (UP) .. chantles and a group of Negro
Ucan committeeman Ralph M. competency of the court and OTTAWA. Nov. 11 (U ) he spirituals, including arrange-
Gates said in Indianapolis that Great Britain which he accused ro en e nguage sne .P a Le 4 ments of Hall Johnsoh, -Harry
the Harry Dexter White case o buying off Iranian officials Drit yesterday is Burlgh nd John Wr.
Jives the GOP "the issue"and "if while he was expropriating the it said was bell ved to trl Not even after the
Scan be exploited... "We'll win" Anglo-Iranian Oil Co.'s billion Ifinal testament" of Premier Jo- Not erpreted "OrMan h er a
the eight Indiana house seats in' dollar holdings. sef Stalin, smuggled out hf Rus- terprete of insitent clamor Mon-
next year's elections. Mossadegh, again i a an eploe da night was the audience sat-
Republican national commit- through the whole gamut of renti Beria .Iled after being treated to
tee chairman Leonard W. Hall his emotional fireworks, sob- T a htrenti tBerf e half dozen encores tncludin
said that the GOP victory in bed that the Shah of Iran copy o the document, in Rusa I s frm eshoor
California was "an endorsement was a decent youth but .ur- COPY f the document, n it .tas from Geshw.s Po
of the Eisenhowr administra ru Sian, had been turned over to it and Bere.'. He wonod .up Z0,
Shrouded b traitors bought of by a former diplomat who quit' the piano In his own. accoman-
als called it a "tribute t o y B his post when his country went i Iment of an. english folk-aorig
He lso c thu astriute o The moody Mossadegh, who Communist. The paper said the which rung down the curttii on
the power of enthusiastic orga-/ e d ipmh w n
nization" and "a good omen" for exiled diplomat, who was not a program rendered In honor of
the forthcoming 1954 Congress- T .. named believed the document to ROYAL TOUCH King PWi police chief and Mrs. Bolivar E.
lonal elections. ren be authentic, of Greece, visiting the farni of Vallarlno.
The document said Commun- George mlith near OswegOo, Pianist Otto lern, whose ac-
g F r Lo Ch hld n 1ist leaders should remember that Ill., stop#'to pet a farm-yard CoMpaniment was most sensitive,
"no sincere alliance between the kitten. His Queen, Frederita, added lustre to Warfield's lth-
capitalist world and Commun- had been confined to bed in mla debtt. Hers is the associ-
1h Numbers ,T-,rrr, au pism is possible." Nevertheless it chic-gn with a cold. ate director of the New York
License Numbers Thursday, Friday proposed thatRussa ease some College of Music and has ee
of the tensions of the cold war accompanying distinguished ar-
iNoviemberpl in hopes of splitting the Brit- EX-GM w s n ac omey te igld. He -
Principals and teachers of the ish-U.S alliance and weakening sts all over the world. He him
November 18 various Canal Zone schools are th North Atlgatic Trea Tells ke O vel, appearing in or
preparing to receive several ization. 3,0 exte velyngaee
Automobile owners applying for thousand parents and other in- It called Chinese Red leader d efense i ,000 engagement s. eing
new Canal Zone license plates terested adults who have been Mao Tse Tung "one of the great- fn Tonht' concert Is beingded-
are required to submit the last invitedd to visit the schools to- est marxists of our time" and icated by Westerman Concelts to
license receipt issue with their morrow and Friday of this week urged Russian leaders to accept WASIIG TOI o- 11 (P) Colon Gov. Jose Maria onza-
applications and the proper fee, in celebration of American Edu- Mao's advice in Asian policy Pormmn General otors-PrCal- lez. Mayor Jose D. bazar anid
it was announced yesterday at cation Week. matters and to maintain close det Charils B. Wilso told a] nrique Dosman, director of the
the Civil Affairs Bureau. Tomorrow has been set aside alliance with Red China. Joke today at te expense of Abel Bravo College and their
Several applications have al- as Visitors Day in the secondary "One error in judgement in Defense serbtrtm, Charls E. wiVes.
ready been received unaccom- schools and Friday will be Visit- our diplomatic relations with Wilson. Warfield's farewell program is
panied by the last licence receipt ors Da y in the elementary China could result in a serious The jocetM told Wflont the scheduled to begin at 8:30.
issued. schools. menace to the victory of world coursof a Natloual PreaBlb
Although Canal Zone traffic A variety of schedules are be- socialism," the document said. speech. went this way:
regulations require license re- ing arranged by the various The newspaper said it would A senator wanted to get-new Utilities Magnate
ceipts be kept by the owner or principals of the schools in hon- "leave It to experts" to pass on carol nd asked "one ofmy S O ral .
operator of a car while it is in or of the occasion th authenticity of the document, Oa friend. whh of GMf Orri n Williwams
operation, a special clause Last year more than 6,400 peo- But It added that its informant dot would be the be trro I m
waives this requirement during pie took advantage of the yearly was "justified in considering it a '7My Geeral MbUtobs friendald Dfie At Age Of 80
the time between applying for a i occasion to see the workings of document of prime importance, they iBl eere good d gga ted s w
new license plate and receipt of the schools as they go about o even from Stalin hm- tha he ty ~ With an ato- BYVILL, N. Y. Nov. 1 -
the new registration, their daily busi ness. Some sibl even from Stalin him ti train a The senaor (UPy -- Harrison Willams, utl-
Applications for the 1954 Ca- schools had brief programs or self" ___ad, *ell, maybe that would be Iltoes financierri ho once count-
nal Zone license plates will be s pe c i a l decorations but most all right, but when there is no ed his personal fortune at $680,
received all this month but the showed the visitors only the u I clutch edl, where do I put my 0.00 died at his home her
plates will not be issued until average school activities as lived 22 Hurt In Pennsy le r te rday at the age f 80.
December 1. A public drawing is by the students daily. "My General Motors friend Wlliams had been confined t
to be held next Wednesday at 8 The central theme of Ameri- RR Derailment Over s 'Put t in your mouth like Rheelchair for nearly a month
o'clock in the morning for plates can Education Week this year is y corner boss does.'" after breaking both legal in i
1os. 21 to 999. This is the second; ,Good Schools Are Your Respon- Sch ylkill River fall on hisestate. His death Wa
year when a public drawing for sibility. vEasy Way Out said to have been caused by
the lower-numbered plates has -- PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 11 -- -MPPHIS, Tenn. (UP)-Birth- coronary thrombosis.
keen conducted with the cooper- (UP) The first two cars of a days are no problem for Mrs, With him was his wife, Mrs
action and supervision of the Pa- ;WhitA UA.||A HRi Pennsylvania Railroad com- Byrle Kynerd. Her husband and Mona Strader Bush Williams
cific Side Civic Councils. WIIlt HIIUUs e IUld muter train were derailed at her two sons have, the scme long noted as one of the world'
Perso s applying for licenses the height of the morning rush birthday best dressed women.
plates Mhee br.n requ,-Ited ti,, DnilAoma i Di a ngal hour todav lust outside the 30th
use money orders or cli-ek. t, uiui alioa t ir ig anll Street Station.
cover the recistration fr -i rt la st I2 person were In
Application form ifor .nAtur s 22 sn ere
Apes platransor rtatinev-' 'ike Befor e WW 3* 11 t; -ur d.
license plates are avaiable 3 al;pl P I The eghth car trnin hadas
Canal Zone covline otat' fr r-ie
al through the station and wq
License nn I the C I Ati WASHINGT, N ,n 11 TP) sling a br d1e ode. The .
fairs bu i tandi. h D rr V* S T 'I N in Ur ih 1r ,sing a bridge Over the,
hires Builone an nhe DrP r l- w'rn Pr- i ,-nr abed lMr- Schuylkill River when the de.
n1029, Cr's Otale Buildin ,n n ir-:r r r retfi. 1nr I r, nieht rallment occurred.
iila- 10rIr o i I ,rl,',I th i, I- The firs, car was hurled ur
d i i ,r It, F, T Rr,,-r flr the ?ag:,lnst a nine foot high steel
Cr Kir. d nd o, t-s .. ,re mlnein wall at the east end I
CoOTza Kie .dl ,Gne f r in the of the bride. The car crime to
Srre C ansl Z oe Dvion orrr, 1, re.,t in a leaning position a-
Bus Transportation nr ~lr I ini,. ..n: i painst the wall with the tom
rI, a r nm, r, n, r,_-tr' par t iangli. over the side. The
School bus trarsporiation fr n,,r, Ir, t' ngl ,rI, op,,I nd car buckl.'d and crashed
ehlldren uhowe pa:~rnL are a- to ,-, ,,r War into a concrete abutment.
among those moving into tnp ne I I Most of the injured were in
civliln commlinit' at Coro.?lI it F Prid' rn n, Mrl th} first car.
will be made available this week El.(I).."r., .. i,'" 'I'l, ,1 it Police. firemen. rescue squavds
by the Canal Zone Division of l "r ,,. I" 'i:"ni,-' ,,:.,r, and railroad emergency crews
Bchools, it was announced Tues-_ I' ." t" i r...,n iid r,, wer. at tne scene within min-
say. nit hi: :. : '. bei mi.itf ot tr-. They took the injured to
Starting Thursday morning, a th, amOli,.ri:'ierm and Jpi'.'rson. Presbvterian. Univer-
School bus will be sent to Coro-icon. lt1, I 'E eItatie. trn. llsity and Philadelphia General
sal at 7.30 o'clock and will make ed ,"o n 1m I ie' : dl,- mattl, no-plitals.
the big circle through the main umntr'm r, ,, r,.,nt. Hnil H D. Kruggel. superintendent
streets of the town to pick uplorai sl- rI: na le.'l.ed Ce of the 3'tl 8traet Station ter-
those children attending Diablo coriat-,ns
Rights and Balboa Schools. Tnere a~. r certrCerI.-hed Charles Bo wker Jr., of Phila-
The bus will run at noon for sarLs. turnr :r, 'c.': Di-, deipnia escaped inlurv but was
tose children wlshing tn returnlmonds i 'a m. ri from in too daze'n a condition to des. u
some to Corozal for lunch the noses 'i ..,,' ; ,i' rr, a- ;'rin th.o ccident. The conduc- O order In T
Bus tllcets may ne purchased On. Eu,'r,',a-, '.;r1rem',1 rl.'e tre William Tripplt e of lou- e. atO Ru O
parents from the school prin- patent Io ci, a oces Witit etro,, N. J., also scared un- treq gU wo-t 3. t,
Shinng Ii CX spurs. hu~t. .

* '

NO WAY OUT-Even though a broken 'leg keeps her in traction harws at Omhab (rf, '
dren's Memorial H6spitl, Donna Faye, -ound no scap fufia.her s0c0owork. 'ThdO
pital'smploys a zegalar icboolta W Jo't. s young won't .ta b.b ltMldi t eisr stuadleca
pona- 'wotks out'1 mathediatical problem
-.-- -'




Score Victory

In California





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Ba s ba
S.e a v I
Z eo r

S:eadR story on page 8

Magsaysay Has 3-to-1 Led

Over Qu

MANILA, Nov. 11 (UP) -
Husky Ramon Magsaysay, 48,
popular former Defense Minister,
held a three to one margin over
President Elpidlo Quirino today
and appeared certain to become
the third president of the Phi-
lippine republic.
Counting of ballots from yes-
terday's voting proceeded In
calm orderly fashion despite of-
ficial fears of new violence after
nine persons were killed In elec-
tion day terrorism.
An unofficial tabulation made
by a Manila radio station at 3
p m. gave Magsayshy. the Naclo-
nalista Party candidate, 1,010,-
310 votes to 310,348 for the 62-
year-old Qdirino. standard bear-
er for the Liberal Party. Com-
plete returns were not expected
until Friday.
In the vice presidential race
early incotnplete figures from all
but one of the Philippines 52
provinces gave Magsaysay's run-|
ning mate, Carlos P. Oarcla.|
551.265 votes to 266,474 for the
Liberal Patry's Jose Yulo.
The vice presidential race is
important because Quirino, if

irio; Sure To Win

setl tdm iut Tesgn InI956 and by Mags ysay.. tp. to .
turn Ever ithe government to fringes of the 'iands
Yulo, a millimnaire sugar plant- Quirino. Pelping Radio o
S The .T tiituton provides a cused the Uniteqd- attat k
man ray 51rve'a president for ~ng Ma ray arItlE t
only eight yP.trs and Quirino be- In tbe eaecuons by seni-g m a-
oare president in u948 when ships into Manla Bay,
President .tahel Roxas died. In addition to. ltal
Mag aUy a. flrend of the and vice presidential al.f
Unl tatwo toured almost pinos also went to tin
,evry ip province by record numbers to .~lct. ght
eep a t buffalo during men to the 24-man L
the. bit6* oQatt campaign, controlled -.b the Nat ,
had been a e k Sbig lad In and the entie House
Manila. setattives, 10 "aeat2 -0 ne-
MailUa trmdttimb y votes a-trolled bthe Liberal.s. -.
ganst the party in power and The Nationallata .er, il-
the returns came as no-amrprlse. listed with the Detlocr ,ad-
SMagsaysay Imue a statement 'ed by Carloc P. ROmtel forer
Interpreting early rorta as PIle delegttote
foretefln a "aweo ictory" Natlion s h threwi
for him,' but Quri claimed to M&says7. -,
"ultimate victory'" uiid ae lhis. Ths Ntio al Eleetli.
The campaign issues ere alm- mission said election Al
pie. Magsa say ace t" Qulrlino was only 'aparalic" W 1. i-
Swholleae ecorru ~ 0 on ith te
ernment. Quirino asked fr re- presidebtlal election
election to carry out his suceess- when 12 persons were dll, tit
ful economic policies and'a cu- reports from the 9$
ed Magaysay ,of working for told tf "open t r m' and
United States interests, predicted more vi ence to come
The Communist Huks. driven when the votes are counted.

m uwhAc JoeynOt

+' .- : ; .. ... _:., ".* *v ., ;. :,-r--.,, .- -":-,'. .-f : :- --
,. *..-. ..7 .^- :.''. ..-. :
; "'
"~~~~~ ,"w s ; ".' g~
.. .. .... ,:. ... ,. /. ,- ,.- >


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