The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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t. h : i Decf T. ;
by appra
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On Ist hus

mber, Wobertt m IW leave
aMsna imntdeoaer to visit
They are 4c~Ahdled to return
Sthe lahmmu eS. II and sat!
for ]ew York Dee. -ir on the
Cr stbbal.
SOther codelte to ar-
rive on the, n. 7 from
Now York are Xp. JOeph L
Carrir, .(B-.) Rep. Wil-
Catuir Ida W n bor of the
#AM' AdmhnhI*atidw and In-
tMatea and Patreti Commerc
tnaittee. McVey k a member
of the Banking an d Currency
Dwornak, Carrigg and McVey
will visit the Istlhmu only dur-
ing the stop-over of the. Pana-
Rep, Daniel A. Reed. (R-N.fY.)
chairman aofte CA e
Ways and Meank aR.W ji Mowo
viato. to thp t Z w4l
arrive het I Ma he
idrLshobal lO anied br his
wUff, "be@hi'e y
durlg the t ..

b od the A MI



Canal Zeme, ,ry and diphImatic offcid
huddle tedoy iwwsort out Ite matter of .t
guan Presdent W-M.Hio" SOm 's purchase f.
$1000 worth of. nmrchReIns Stiu.rde~ in the Alkeal
Rumorsq I~ m& Ci4 report Somo,, d
buted Uis p, tiil .incli ways aid ppodl
omong m Ibas off tf Pn Poamao Ntl ao"nl
Polkce wo hM rtI im &d ring his"in tkt f
lic. Time soam rmvar credit Souoza with obherving:"
is proof tt* is unfair competition bete u m
wnA a

It ta ude t_

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dan Urt in
heuse on
odathe tat
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aone 6ftAm
the Ug-planl
uhe nsat tpun
- --,- W a. ". ,..
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- -. 7. -

Spople from Ini. I'mO as* a eabed o* Arrangemoents to 41
xdol Panad < leajP pwml S.-rate and one *1W
sabe dones get tMm," a`t w ea tat h e misery on each a twa -
fsirhe does g at mr. be oW4 Plm on Y MOray
thmese t oe mrTlB a ere tar mt w*ben Cmpleosd e ats
Mer aesdetity.2Thr were aWArrd itnts u e i gUprte ?eVIwLS
It erIt r. he oa oaMdn
te totEeLt.II eightsmJtra v

ftLady, rs. 5seatta be open on

ire to the pre o- f it a p- WedpeadSi,-tead
T. her cW betl irn Mtots or t preG" t. '-
lxion with the 1U IttL B1Ie -p. dtks rqut that oe
rat lMon. For. car I er naclsh cor- each adle of t CaMl
Remt Lady. M:;". remstigu l t aahtng i o open en M odny e
del$ped th Ito ~ nde t na- po ed at

Sor onel, Iio bMore he become lae o anas ano adr g
ilaltim the zV ,3 0 r .-- t a-nd toi get ln tody- .- '
SLatn Arica cdl wrkou whic -
.saSm i~-. fleOt her le background. their after
lWi the911SMateMtmu Mhe combines bothe, Suos thatOn .S
paron. r Crg ant. In blacket ecUsdeo ,e W
ri"A I Mrs. 7,_as ed M between gprectce ae' nHnupp"ima.
m ainder the directi- of
Aa to LuIa we a. n LudOtk -- ant opening
re lire that Ir t em l M Wer e balet. a-a who t El were M m3 ePad
..... the IN an,,,og tinloidy M M z ~x

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-; .. -- -.i

7. H H TMrTi P 0 BOX 134 PANAMA, Rf. I P.
rTEtlPHONi PANAMA NO 2 0740 45 LtNmes
COlOt OoCpg, 12 174 CrNTAr A4NurF iWarEtN 12Tm AND O13TIh TI etT
345 MAnhON Av*. NEW YORK, 447 N Y.

Labor Newd f


IRHere for the first time id Jte
t YOUR OM TH RADRS OW CLU story behind the lstof the riot
ing American soldiers whoi have
preferred to remain Colapunlat
"rHE M A 11 B 0rrsoners
sners-o-war rate r
turn to peacetime IWen ,Unit-
ed States. On this list are three
o --. GIs who were first snaied unto
The Mall Ba is an open forum for readers Pf The Ponamo Ame prb-Communist propaganda Id a
6se weelved a9teglly and 6e handled in wuhely ** pG risoner-of-war camp by kgcier.
Gi n-in I Ully and i handledin-I close to the pro-Soviet bor
dltetl mNw terbl l i leader Harry Bridges.
Se ca-ebite 4 letter dent b imtpatloent r tit doe 't The 22 brainwashed men who
ilatday. L**le re published in the der received. Chose to stay behind the Bamboo
Pists ( to keep the letters limited to one page lengtL. Curtain include:
idiMay f*t ltee writers is held in stristest confidence. Claude 4.. Batchelor Ruftus E.
Thk e*fwt nnumes no responsibility foe statements S opinions Douglas a.'d Lowell b. Skinel,
smapesMed i letters from roaeers. who worked with another prisoner
as far back as the winter of 1952-
o 53 in signing propaganda which
TURN OF THE JACKASS was released In the U. S. through
TURN OF THE JACKASS Harry Bridges' union publication.
After the recent elections in New York State, New Jersey and The prisoner who first eosnared
elsewhere, the "Jackass" is braying, Harry Truman's chuckles can them, now walking around free
be heard as far away as the Canal Zone and happy days are on and living well on the West Coast,
the way, agaii. is Paul F. Schnur, Jr. His father,
Last November, just a year ago, Democrats were as extinct Pail Schnur, was calhiraen of the
as the odors of French perfume at Mindi Dairy and the ribbing San Francisco committee to save
of my so-called Republican friends caused me to feel like an 11. the atomic spies. Schnur, Sr.,
legitimate child at a family reunion. Now, the slow-witted ele- who 18 months amfprease4 the
phant has had his day and Is trying to slip off some place, as it ro anda m s Prisoner bfia
is said old elephants do, to die. Cfamr Number m ive, has ofpl ar
Yeah, son, Ike says that the old boy Is in dire trouble, then pro-Communist rallies In sup
packs his golf equipment, goes out to try to break 90 on the golf of the Sovietized Chint Armt.L
course while the poor jerks who voted the GOP ticket try to break Schnur, St., a lo-titme eonabo
even. ratnr of Harry Bridges. is heopl
Ea s i pleading with the farmers, who are suffering from a Communist writer ieso cover
drought, low produce prices and other ills, to give him another the Korean and French Indo-Chi-
chance while his Republican "buddies" are trying to fire him. nese wars from the Communist
People who laughed at me about a year ago are beginning to side get public audiences. the
gk me in awe and profound respect, then casting their eyes Communist writer, a corresbo-.
War. as6man an expression somewhat like the one on my puppy's dent.for the baily Worker, is J-
l fr ate'r he wets the floor and I give him the old hand on the SP Starobin. Scna ch a
.haer part of his extremities. .ting for Starobif re at
1 In other words. Republicans are getting scarcer than gnow on 1I oden Gate Ave., Soan an-
.i5nk of the "Big Ditch," but, the Democratsar c sg s headquarters of
dr thankk& In California. B tidges' West Coa Lo#ngabr-e.
hman's Union.
;- The Jackr- The other 19 unrepatriated Gt -
J_ who were obviously brc in- .
by those who knew America In
PLIASE WRITE mately, are:
"LEASE WRITE m Clarence C. Adams
.Otho G. Bell
Pottstown Girl Scout Troop No. 932 William A. Cowart
c/o Mr;. Aura Townsend Andrew Fortuna
536 King St,, Pottstown, Pa. Samuel D. Hawkins
r: Scott L. Russ
In our last meeting of the Girl Scouts leaders of this area LaurAnee V. Sullivan
-jwas decided that I should writh to Panama on our Interpa- James 0. Veneris
+t1inaI Friendship day Of our Association asking for pen pds for WilllanC. White
trlrl 8coutA troops' Aaron P.Wilson r
,_ know that there are girls In the Canal Zone and the Ho*ard G. Adams i
blic of Panhama ready to exchange Ideas with our girls here.' bAlrt C. Belhoome a s
' is bor-n in Poriama gnd until a year ago resided with my Richard 0. Cordea
children at the home of my parents Mt. and Mrs. Allan Aiiole Jolf R. iDunn it
toaerly of 368 Ancon Blvd. and Tivoli Ave. lie H. Pa G
- ,W te us and let us know how Nov. 3 was celebrated' Pan- Richard R. Tenna on
ABgfi, Halloween in the JCanal Zone and etc. thtt wl? be of. R.harg .. We"' ... ,
o both of you. A -e ; Morri I. W
n there still unclassified trees in the Canal e housing It is clear from their statement
c t of the poisonous nature? .Girl Sconuwm earn that the pifl et GIs
S g them by king peril ti of the dper u- hive e
T re are over 700 girls Waltifg to itswer .any letter that l
ooakes, tngllah or Spanish. ay etrf t a
v. -- Aua A tow*"n V T't



_g &A



the rash of contlet-
r the united State
ak armed forces over-
to mean one thir01
hasn't yet rmd6d ui
o gone far enough
it n the new JCS
wa supposed to take

_ ,' ir'LCI L~l~hlrr- aY4 '-- q -*I -Lh. 2

diem to rejdin their families. took, it Is saa. The e i tean
They also say that they are not tinuing that process.
trlatin because of the Taft- In one respect, the new JCS
artley a Smith Ac o They de- an advanitae over its predeceseo
ent of the 5 Communist party o four members came to W ashinil
leaders the 56 unified commands overseas.
, Whei tie former commander In Arthur W: Radford had the a
Korta, Gen. Mark Clark, remind- onolulu. Army Chief at fat
ed them of their American tradi- B. Ridgway had been mupr tf
tit, and freedom, they retorted: both NATO headquarters
"Unfortunately pnder present headquarters in Tokyo.
d o a i America, the tons Ad. Robert B. Car it
Ie Mho peak out for European and Mediterran
ec ndfree are rapidly be uropean and
g silenced ... The muraltr of
lE RntPnbergm. the legal lynch- Only Air Force Chief of
ineg of Willie McGee and dozens Twfning has been on *WufthRS
ox other Negroes since we have period. He was vice chief tV
menit pi N' arethe bet comrs denberg. He is known to
make to lark yews on building up the AMr.
wa writt overseas base. d. th
:AJ Is support of the d" h

i merely bo

un does v

ah'mman M

IllT* asil bn1

..:arF ^

S@oft1t H llH lhP ."--,That's what worried Cary Pearson.
*f CdVtla ld be saying as his dad, Charles B. Pear
-*an, tieue*d A thei favorite dog. Archie was caught in
drain while thading a rabbit on a morning hunt,

- FROM 1:00 P.M. -

Claudette COLBERT -- Jack RYAN, in


- AT 9:00 P. M. -





3, a to w. ite 0
r. e k and
M te il

.9 br s the iG,1

c61i" n SoWir program in
Iea e ll Y, "We know the
America le will receive us TM
bat onil at dY with open arms." I
Obviously, the Sovietized Chinese fl
nropaanda division in Peking is a
..--"'.** to n*r-de these unfor-
t---.. --rr- Asia as aq example A.
of rbellious American proletari '
This Soviet operation can be fi
countered by the one man whpo "
new somee of them in the prisaui Ds
eam d e it thtir names on the Od
Lratarty-ue petition there he b
Is PaulIr. Selnur. Jr., the GI who
as later discharged as undesira- s.
i e spaks out apd reveals how 7n
these mebt were batiwasbedM he o fs
will seve y e living "ft
AtftriealS, Itthake olhhl bud. up
dies whodl r world ddeency tfe
under Cab fire. an
PoiHe Si t, Inc.) nam

M I.i.i.....I


WI 9

wM of thi

U m

~, -m~~hia


Defemme .:Policie

By M& lEia


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Oi tie

. ,. ,-

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p tRipabtw votW

-, %-, I. y... .
put:fM .T*f N
zr O. *

4t a4

,- r. rf ". '
S.uolivia, tdov. Ita
tl quelld an att

TBinbdS with
_n Amerioan Hqui
ki anfl d Curr

n broke out t.
. rebels sdeld i'
points near'S*
tied to BelWe
at Santa
kirport was un
keked. -

Si: -

a nwMaa nffle

Ot, a1 .. tttt-ig.d to af
i^ns~tptwhqlina the
..,0.. a

;- .-.'.
,' di "-. ,"

.;,ifal baby
4nid to
inwith the
ttammer. They
wiPth e five-
In a Tula ho-
a. Topn le Dene
daa- Rieahrd

MWe n hV 1Jth
, crid Itly for
mibut's before she
k. i
.wi*i thm rolling
eem9;m,,ibe qhtsper-
hafir to ave.hif
G aya anything."
binOd bObbd
saUged baby hitter.
l.. About able. ",
p*he toolft,4e five-
,home. beau he
htd fro te eas
ldWtr.vwhen he was

L W- U
_.fin '* eli

jowl Doughty
SW-1 n teaar.
i.. ,hi late Sun'
WS' waM found

Is t-lt-t nn

SEan pw


On Strwe

the ui
pn4i T


the trivet

T. we ** -S srMU* Jean DugnW, AMd she
S the A33 f S T W been i or de d, .tw k ad

their' b1 but p1 bu I Imot
to$-1b 41still haven't gotten over
r. ,S the death ofm bsf't the said.
won iL' ftw i I feel the me way noP* giv-
1theb *Ld -hOJE- lWK ui this t i da I did when
ID CematfAi M MC-. m. baby .lttd. "
aid since the orvmtra "The only thing that worries
retd ovpr a wide area, me now is that I had to give up
pay would amount to the baby.
90 per day for eacH "I didn't Intepd., ourt. any-
r .I 6 mad wSaU2? to. But I
Ivpe ftergy. v onals-HoWV the W boy's m fhr'eam r@9-
11 Sal sa i on pAOtt IB llze -hob lI-'elt. 1 Want iL undpi -
ptittlr-A receive 'trnvl 4Lood that no one w.l-involved
41lnt to bflq fears trom, bt r mnelL.
itt to Oak Ridge. I: thle hfabya parn i. pn(
my par"nt. caa faor the i.ll
Ip07 1 ld. tk I estA n akln|

mam -


-.S, 'S S U a.t

. : -. ..-* .. ..,.


* -. i ,
baby "like a king wbip he'was
with her,' and. a o t, she
exclalpled:. qfrgl neVr can
keep him until e1 1 upU
and then. I d bi- c
Mrs. Doughty wa charged un-
der the Lindbielgh kdlap law
which carrie a imum pun-
sbhment of mipr U t up to
life, since the wb wavs, not
harmed. rnale to post the
$20,000 bond that as et. ,he
was locked up In the. MUskogee
The dark-alred girl carried
the baby from E vunrlle to
Oklbahma City abd. t- to
poutbeasterQ Oklahoma by bus
and Iltch-hlking, lSe Mid abe
had beep. In "tind of tdame"
until FBI gents'- a reatl her
Sunday niS t the lBOie of
Mr. and Mrs Butord H. Mason.
her- parents. .
Mrs. IDughty said he had
told her. Dreati the baby ws
hers. She said e "fell in lwe"
with Richard while caring for
him. f -
Btamaner and.* Ile wi hzd.
"no comment" whe-A akad how
well they knew 's; ioughty.
B. R. Doughtt C qanaville,
Tex., Identifled hilngf as the
girls husband. N e id he mar-
ried her Oct. 231.I Inburant,
Okil., d d sult for dl-
voite last!M*E A tar as he
knew. he' id. daenever had
aay children, bWt she had been
miatried before. -
Doughty d -. we once
Wa ahrnrA AI riUo, Tex.,
on an. ldecentioagre charge.
as the res lt e. an appearance
as a parniIval "strioper." She
Oia related in her parent?
custody, be 1sid.
o r = o .
ode",tried to" eF= ,the. chld Of
a. t hei*W-U4 peomt
a Dallas, Te couple asa hr

Ways to P

f getti a the .l 1 .

TA R fl ,
T*3*d rx. &j. f etU .M

xr. ---

*~~~ S :tt .&-* "* **^


. V] .

,: ,A(|B^ IU .l.tA: ,
,1-, 4,A- ,.. ,
,, 'a
i "m

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L.7 -:
~1 *9~.v
'C j~
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on ispl ay "

T" t Crossing -- adCity..


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" ^ *''

-O..W. lm w
a" .on--so

.t.t r.y the new ,,uriou o it. u- po i-ulperformanc and mmu-a
i~ likfd cm- offer. S the elegant pw '54 Dodp today!

r ',.'".p '9,.
ma tic PowerFlPIe

*'+'. .!. m att N.- w -mW 44

Ut.j.. -T. 7 ;-,..
P 11
L ~~Ni S wE##e@ 54 3

7E T4i

.4 Iti+b

yr Nl!.e ,s4 AS

.. *- .,..,-.__.-r^ f ,: '*,, --" 4



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& 4,

%AJ7~4k~tt 17




----o-- ~

(NRA TeIeplye b)
I:ASTS FIRST SNOW This was the scene at the VuAmP
Capitol as a surprise snow storm hit the eastern part oat f
United States. The storm tied up operations at airport a
caused several traffic accidents.

S _t


- I. .. '- ,

0 -



I ..':-~

, J
, .

PAGo FoU :...
,...----.. -.-.- **--r .

Rba-American Slaff 'enauer Da nds Famous F

NeWers O1 UN Hil French RaIlly ,. -

By New Red Purge To Slop Russia 4 French artist
8 Venetian 4 gloflb qItenR
UNITED NATIONS NY N, -. WASHINGTON Nov 10 (UP,- tIaveler, <4Yi9tW
1 iUP. The needing ou t l'Wed, erman C lancellor Kuon- Maic clo S- wkfIS
ConmmiiTumts fruni tle Unit .l. i.d Aden.ier .ild in an hit.. 121c lotb .ay'
1.ittion, iaf, hn! been extend,,dl klw pt1L'.slhed today tlat 'd (- measure '7TL
to nun-.Aneticu.. 111 0 I tllltu I.lng tl ctic-".. blocking lFiencih 130 8a)I ~ urt
source d closedd Loda r.stlcation of tile Eropean D. 1 Eager RgI pet
lOne W A Eui'open stiff Ir-i5e C.ulnniunitr' treaty *slhodl I lSMohammed' 10 ig i
l .i n1r .dv la been dl!- not be peinlitted to go indeli. Ion-in-law i-E1 1
nui "d 0i1rr"' puiit .o': a illlfl )"u 1. 1* I lHa'ldg good 17
an AnY l|I.lln inluld in Coiu- The Ri. plans will "talk memory aqhPlaja tI
muzit ai.-lieits ie said Lu lua. bl" abuuit (.iiniany only when 18 Most ndolent Go(gdp'O f
re3guead EEuupe unite,. patlltielarl ;,20 iitary
Rusi-ia' serious w ood trouble. asslsltants 2Made 1 aZ
II ce, ne otnnel rp,,Salh tr.' grow %o that tle Fre'nch ou.a.,: i1 e alic bard oo4
appio ed by Lbe Goneial A..eai.- to tlatil\ EDC quickly after the i meas"Lre 24 6upieq6 eice
bly. it L< expected that iioe 2]i clet lit-ir president, in Deceiu- 22Crazy godSe 2liI hel
non-Anieilltai Itaff nrLLIO'-- u Adenauer said. ; 2 o Greek od4es
fruim out',de tIr Sute -.nit u. t Irtl1-ilierinore ne declared Ir OfI youth
be aninlz-.d In the h..ihtl I interview with the magazine 2Health resort
head on the bst-. of *din.jt >- U S Nmca And World Report. 30 Thoroughifare
r\ information tlhat ih., i.e-ri You canliot really put a ti i- 32TSlarger e
furninhed the urld ol.ii..i- I'.' li s .e thlls ut, Ice. And you can- 3 Different
tion Most of tithen uli i, noi n o nut put the ieellngs and eiiu- (prefx) -
said '.o conrein .Red cunllt-Liul.. Ltoni of tlh Germao people oi* 35Arcompany
thouh niol..; a 1di ti iii : iCe l- (a"T.l 'I'tt don'tt ,o dow.t 36 Timber tre "
chailte., higur.r ir ultie c.s-e. lhe i)rol-r will lose faith. 37 ISqor
Adeinaer .said the Sovi'. Sf3Building sites
Di~U.u;nre that T- L N h ll Ut In kinouu Iat uuct e EDt .. E40~andle
received advei ,e d.Lda on hm ni i ltilieO the political untod (i. 41 h~ad covring
ber of non-Amrriian. .is iaindo- I*.arupe vill oUuw vevr qe uickhl VLoUamaler'
last week b% Sct-eit.i'-( And the ibjlet Union knows too 4 Disturaaing
Dag Harnuma iluld In a pei.son 11f the polmiil union of[ ro the p e'
nel report a.suin; 1o 0 i,'.rii,- ue, onie. a iealatv it will no long- h p ac gau r
new powers of dniissa. er be nuesiule lor tie .-uVL PIL rii 1" .yr
Union to Fali control of west- $B 1egolrn
Inforimants a r.d B r it air ein Europe.. Internal
France Canada Peri and t i "'"The Soviet leaders want; (prefx)
Dominican Repliol Atnl er amini westernn Euope in order tr) 4i (Scot.)
the cotintrie., wlihe aie strengthen their war potential in SS 5 ldure
involved Irelation to the United States Ir So weed
and Soviet leaders are real'siIm S bag -
In addition to the two noni- convinced that one day there pl-ter,
American emploe.. already let will be a clash whether it be -t Williams
go on political rounds. a thi.dJ. a conference table or in andthe.-
from Western Europe has bee, iway."
dismnisqed on niorls chaites, ;t
S was reported. C

Sex ling Involving Four AhrmwtI W, -- .

12-Year-Od Qirs To Balance togt R t M
lSe.retar o; the Treasury TWEN R
Sy P k George M Uumphrey said today, BETWEEN EURO
AUSTIN, Minn.. Nov. 10 IUP the government will run be- OF SOU1
-- se ring involving three l1- teen $8.096.000,000 and $9.000.-i
year-old girls and 42 high school 000.000 ip the red In the iext TO COLOMBIA, ECUA
boys has been broken county fiscal unless spending is! TO CA,
authorities reported today. cut or tax :s are raised. I "Y.V jAB. r 4CIF"
Officers said the sex offenses He told the Detroit Economic S.S!. A ...........
occurred in cars parked along Club that his forecast o a
lonely country roads near bher whopping deficit in the 195Ts TO UNITED KIJIQ~9M VY
at night. tisi \l'yer, b ing next Jufy
- County Attorney Wallace Sieh 1. took into amount t ti fact HAVANA, NA-~SAU,
said the offenses had been going that the government inpomne SANTANI ER A1
on. r a ye ar. i be cut sharply next year by MV "REIA DEL CI .io
S Se ald action has, been the expiration of the excess A EL AC
started to bring the youngsters profits tax and a 10 Rer cent TO UNITED KI
,- lafte uvele court. drop in personal income taxes. .S "AME O"
S-. addition to he juveni es "There are only four altarna- LA" ..
SMarHele, 32. Austin, wastive." Humphrey said "We can
a k d with carnli kowledge. accept an eight or nine billion ROYAL MAIL LINES LT,,
dollar deficit in fiscal laSi. We TO NORTH
"M__ e.. c xtri expenses, We can aalse -TO NOR
t Ikl or we cad Ai S.S. "PURANGO" ..........
gU combination of the three, M.V. ......
u-I 'R The solut4op of this dilea --'-.
WPa W WIN urONA d0,6t pro # -
Sn. tie. S.S. "D"I r KPi .-......I..
Sumphrey did not predict S.S. "DARRO" .............
I whliIn course the administration
u-l.J aWII said it was a "ter- A Iine !
lh A ailis tu h problem to olv. FAf C NAft
Mros e 4A.atis Safety Boots FORD;. INC.S BA
4toveIls i HRDS roWN. W. Va.
ct aioaa itborato,. w o ) -- Mr. and Mrs. James
u -ol4,a.thu reatln il er t*h0pk two pairs of ruu-
i kso fast to you t er boot for having them from
t lp nature dissolve and re- injury O eth. Lighting struck
t bthimad1 ]u a bar i V I Miller were
Sou soon eel oi 3 cky working, k ne cow and
Seknocking the wind out-of several
S e how much better y others. The Millers. who were
I gWht ad how much b.ttr ye insutlated it their footgear, fielt
StomorrOaw nothilg.

36 Mexican 40 Ftefn' t
labQWrq i tDlantion
27 Most anobbish a2 Gracejul bjore
(coll.) 43 Simpi
28 Impudent J4 ewildered
2aWiles 41J.1
31 Muse of 41 Title
S astronomy i Griduate
32 Splendor (siMSO
U Rowiing 30Bqveiw

JLM.4 4' ii --



I -


* I.


.i~w '; -.




Tb4 Way,

** I-*cI

liTAs (K


... .. ................. ,;

qART64A 8 ii MiW
" (1 ,e .... ........I .

S............. .. .. ....
::.:? : :, :: :::: ::


I -

U si P


:- *-~
* -- *4


-* I.


4, -V/j, ,
Vi a U
T I, f Jfi^ ;

I* '. *' ,.. '- .-
S' f.- r\ *t -- '' .-'* '*:

I "*-*



4. RR WL5WN. Isateer'

Covering Up

TN .Tls! ,

= IC ON=


Wlf- r' M OM tT

n on mrAM


Home Economy


i-I I


Fa^c 0!


L 1__





, -4.

: / % .


A.. "
^ .-. -^ ^
a *Err ;' 1^'^ "

INW. da

ir i



S .W

I _




- .

'4-- ,i
- r*,' *. P 1 *. 1)

:r~t^' r-y-1 Aftt, *
Prjr-T^/' *Yr^-1 ** -* ^ ***r1,

: I .

' '.'"


p -


; -.;

- 7 'P.'
4- I'

A. ..'i

e~ -~



MRI t. i Ul .



S' -\

-. ..; h-sQ.1
*,.K if,

7K- t
;a~. t~.6


lio 4; Ii -
;'*, "rn
,; .. ":




Order her an



a mali


1 ~


a s aE-

t or o00t


not Nio






*,y' ,4, .- ,

I^ fleSnpetInq Febtfeni. I

Gandi-CaI Bishop In Cout

Per SmerTherine el's rine;

i .6_!* W._rc ot

AS ,



"it bdw



, t,


07W*4 "W~


t'*' ; '




- -i~--~~ *9*

* ~

'..r~7 t
- -. ....J..,L A...

PAWl or


You Sell' em... When You TeI hn thr P
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 *R S l-P-ae
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

- ~ ~.
A. *


rivll Ave,-Phone 1-2201. and

Vi EspaNa o.34- Pan ..
(UdImb hbmIlmve

Fourth of Julv Ave.-Phone 2-0441

o10,06 MelUndes ATe-.Pha S., COl.

Agecia ea ienacidoal de PihIcaco
No. 3 Lottery Plan -. Phone 241

MItlanss 1a~2 words.
38 .14g wrd .

Household Automobiles D o. aW -isu s. li. o.. s .~e nEt..., s.M"
_FOSAE_-ho4_ChvroetAe.lWl As. l D. A.. m s C .&lar, 43w l45.m, Phone
FOR SALE--Electric Sewing Mo- FOR SALE-1942 Chevrolet four 29PI _- Aes p. 2. Panam 3.1877. Crl al -1673.
chine (Desk Cobinet'; Retrger- door sedan. In exceptionally good
otor, 25 cycle 19 ft 1: Wardrobe: conation. Side and out. Must see DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. H n b mn. Ci.Als.
Mirrors; Disnwaore Ornaments, Tel- It appiec'3te. Not a war surplus Central Avelue "K" street.. In C L Cipip nemr, t i.
phone; Chicken Wire: Army Colas:' Call Fort Clayton. 2236 after 5 Corner telephone 2-3479, Panama phn ohmRA re mus. 13111
,Water Cooler; Camping Ice Bo'. ,I PM. _____- Sealed bids, *n triplicate, will be re- ost Cttae.O p I
Cabinets; Benches, Desk Char, FOR SALE OR TRADE Kaiper 1951. ceiled in the office of the En-
Household Items. Dre's Good Must sell before my new Kaise, gneering c.d Construction Director. Snto Ckl Phn Bibo 2bl -8 o
Phone: Balboa 1413 House 593 arr.%es A,chley. 2712-A. Cocol; Panama Canal Company. Bloa li n Phone lbo, 2.1866.
near Balboo Gas Siot.on. --- --rt Jeep 4 wheel Heights. Canal Zone, until 10.00 WILLIAMS' Sota Clem Bh Cl C- .
S- ------ FOR SALE--Mlitory Jeep 4 wheel m., November 24,-1953. and togesL. c ba i, cmr
FOR SALE: u sell practcoll Dre A-1 condition Excellent for then publ,,y opened, for furnish- near beboe except
new, dningrocm. hall. interior Call Cloaton 4270. ing Oal plant, tools, equipment. weekernd.
r oi camoleteas guer orfom cd.- FOi P SALE -1951 Chevrolelt 4-door labor, services, and materials, and Gmli n Cl B h tt ,
vidual easy cl-ar, lafcomcsh-'FOPSntC c
toned, beautiful rugs swedish Ch sedan. Power Glide Oringminal own- otr performing all work for con- e tric retigeratia toes
o, glassware tor and e er3.000 miles Curundu 6245. struction o" roof hooks for quarter emoderaterrergm l Phoego-.4l ,or
no, glassware. corand tat Balboa, C. Z. Forms of propos- m 4-567o
lamps. Must be seen to be appre-iFOR SALE.-'52 Ford Pick-up, like al, speclcotons, nd full parti- 4"567.
acted. Phone 2.2.798 office hours new. Tel. 2-2064 culars m ia be obtained from the CrOR R
FOR SALE:--One Secrety and one FOR SALE -1951 Ford V-8 Custom' office of the Contract and Inspec- r EI T
oak 3 corner cobnert. cheap. Cirs- two door .cdon. Fordomotic drive.I ion Division, Room 343, Balboa
tobal 3-2933, an .me Good condition. 4426-C, Carr Sr Heights Telephone 2-3739 or 2- Apl t ne
FORSALE c t. porcelain Fg Balboa. Tc:. 2-3583. 2698. Specilicatons and draw- AT NTION L t odern
overhauled, $1 ,',. CO-'-9 Willam.I Help W onted 2 e Dosit wll be- drooms.oe. c
T 4 forfeited ,f specifications$ a n d "h Pns T-ela49M.
son Place Tel. Bolb. -- WANTED Resporaible middle drawings are not returned with 0 40
FOR SALE:-Wesr.ngho..-e relr.ger-I aged woman for cooking, washing calendar days after opening of FOR RENT:--A two i *m apart
ator. 8 cu. ft. : cicle 8 and ronng. Preferably catholc. To bids. meant dnir.lvinel.t a ga-
Good condition '68-D Gamboa. ndIage. Call 3-3393.
_Good condition .- 8 Gaboo. I live at ork in Paitilla section RADIO AND AMPLIFIER REPAIR age. Call 3-339. .
FOR SALE:-Leoa-ing for the Soate. I Must references. Good salbrv ERVICE: Guaranteed Work. FOR RENT:-Vacmtiss-.qruars, New
Double bed, dressers. QM single ..Call 3-3307 from I o'clock to 3 All parts J ed treated for tropical Cristobol, 8 wekls4,-hN '-2304.
beds, child's crib. dresser, ltobox.| p m and 6 to 8 p m. climate. Tropical Electronics. Colle FOR RENT: Furitflud, modern
highchair, kitcn wn table, choirs. WANTED:-Geod cook. Briu reer- 45 E No. 2. Two blocks post Bella apartment for couple or small
refrigerator Coldspot aod Frgd- eces. Good slery. No. I Cube a vista Theatre family. Potilla Rooi No, 121. Good
aoire. washing machine. ,msttoeon Avea. "Nestle" Wilding. *p- Price. r.
ooblinds, loiicework. dishes, shelves, .Entranceon28tFOR AL FOR RENT:.-Tr bfFaiN:-
tables. House 0310, Cable Heghts e d armeneunt. B
Ancon. n D n Mitfcellaneo a Pl ease
.o oRadio Programs ,- FOR RENT:-F
FOR SALE:-Electric stove. 4 burn- FOR SALE -1950 Ford Station Wa- North Amerimn '
ers, refrigerator, mahogany gon, mahogany Rattan furniture. portalion. 5 Cts
room and bedrco. ,et. fine custom Set of Golf Clubs including rag. 00. Telephc0o 3-07T,
built furniture, oil practically new 1 Phone Home 3201'office 5150, Al- m. -",
very cheap. Arrangement con be I H brag. -"40-- br'
In ade to rent apartment al-o San FOR SALE -Deep Freeze, 25 cycle. FOR
Francisco 3rd. St 25-A. Apt. 2. Phone Balea 1718. i ,-
Tel. 2-3518, Poanaa. Your Community"Station
; FOR SALE:-Used machinery: outo- .
Two mahogany de-Ai. Grl's bicscle Were 100.000 People Meet mercil ias dryer tr. .0-0 FOR RET
Kitchen table. Book nhelves. Work gas water heater' capacity 650 Ilitiespers Kip 10
bench. Hpirt dryer, sundry house- Presents gals. per hour. commercial ir on artent "
hold items. Telephone 3-1127. resents ing boards, 1950 Chevrolet Sedn "apartment
Panoma. __ delilerv, g:od condition. El Lavao-l. .

fOR.SALE:-Toble, QM and 6 cha, Today, 80day, No. lh. StretTel. .
$35,00; Refrigeratot 25 Cycle Today, Tuesday, Nov. 10 1462. Colon._
$40.00; Beds apd mattresses, $1-7. P.M. FOR SA -E--oschurn.puppsM. Phone
50 each, \Wosh;'n machine $45- a:l--Te Little Show 3-1816 Prnamn.. -.. B -,
00. Dresser Q. M. $12.L50. Book- 3:30,--Mui lu Tuesday
case $12.50.(, Nite ntd $3 50 4:00-Sunnv Days ANTIQUE GAI
chairs $2.50 touch. 3 wick~ choirs 4:15--8outh o! the Border Earrings. bracelets,
and cusnioq $25.00. 1413-C 4:30-What's Your Favorite Hawou Jewelry Store :
Balboo, phonq Bolboa 2-4220. 5:30-News o v t- A-enue -. -
5:35---What's Your Fa vorIte .-. It. W .
(contd FOR SALE --Apex washinq mauhiirt- Prukidn B-
Position Offered 6:00-The Band of America in excellent condition, like..w. formally rej.eeted i 8. tariff
(VOA, RCA console radio with two Vic- ComniWlan
WANTED:--.Accountant, Panamon- 6:15-BLUE RIBBON SPORTS troles for 78 and 33 1-3 anb-45 higher dl
ion not over 30 years. ex-, REVIEW R.P.M Work bench Plyrnhouth pipes la
perience ;n correspondence. Write 6:30-The Record Shop De Lu.e Sedan. 1950 model. In ae rd asWl -
Apartado 1635 Panama, enclosing 7:00-Lowell Thomas ex-eilent condition New tires and station
photograph. 7:15-THE CHRISTIAN SCI- baiicry. House 8C12 behind gas The J
-- ENCE PROGRAM sioat.on in Marganioa. Phone 3- before him siI m
I 7:30-Report from the US 1?2 commendation from the
tVl, l K O V WATER COLORS Pancma and ot heaper briar pipes be
Nixon In Formosa: .- heJUKe Box Review plccea by ,"oger Mo.rrow. Morgan's He notiled col s. i Ia

ftevlews Nationaist s iwor, Frongpan S-^t.. An- erin,"l"'" y
hTlwW) Na* llllsjI News I-:5C o Wr con additional information fn= Ow
*ri .. .W*-h h 9:00-Twentieth Century Thea-'FOR SALE -Baby bed. irnerspring commission before making I -
s With (hn I ter mattress. ..ed 3 monih $28.00. nal decision.
i W 9:00-Tne Cavascade of Amer. car bed. 12 00 1940 Chearolet Today he formally notftld tft
-TMiPE3 -- Nov. r1ca IVOA C'ub Coupe. Call 93--4377 morn- chairmen o the House W-yu
.TAIPE. Formosa. Nov. 10 10:00-Jorge Fazola and his Or- inis Means Committee and the.
(CP Vice Presiaent ,Richar i, ehestra :1e--S e ate Finance Commtntee tDa a.t
M.-N ix o and Generalissmo, I0nR L ktin SL .-f-en s g-ev wool s-t. had decided to reverfse the :tl
Chiang Kai-shek today reviewed1 1015- Latin American Serenade 20 e38 .o s e com nsO
.... re... f..10 :30-VarietL Bandbox BSPa z e 'I : 8 e, e 00 commission recommendaM.-,
4U,000 Nationalist troops taking10:30V(arie.O Bn dbox -'t ze 38. -ey tweed, $10 00. Ca
Jrart in the biggest war amea 12-00- e Of Nest Balboa 3414. F.
ever staged on this island bas- FOR SALE -Vacuum cleaner, Small D I
tion. Jvngroom table. Electric clock and OngerOUS Dw
After the review they saw an other ,household items. Plants. No.
American-trained regiment take Tomorrow, Wednesday. Nov. 11 III. House I5. Pa.r.ila CICAGO. Nov. i, (M 3).
a fortified position in a aimulat- A.M. -- embers ef Chicages $ a l
ed attack exercise that drew ap- 6:00-Sign On The Alarm WA T ps title iS et afme i
proving nods from American C7:00-lock Club -WANT I the vea fr Uaht lt
military advisers. 7:00-News Aall C*l c e t "
7:05-The' Alarm Clock Club, MiBcellaneous rem"got-o a athe f MOP
Nixon braved lashing winds! tcontdJ W A DTdr y Ni.t ts
and sand and frequent drizzles '7:30-Morning Salon WANTED T) RENT.-One bedroom t me ht, the
to watch the two-hour field ex-: 8-15-Morning Varieties apartment, unfurnished B.lla Vis-. grup ail h d Its nual di .. ,
ercises with Chlang. Mrs. Nixon 8.30---Musical Reveille to or V -1t del Mar Area. Tel- nar wibe the uet of hine
shivered in a light coat as she 9.00-News phone 3-0Oi0 Exl. 27. fat bhmk tabby.
tood beside a coatless Madame 9:15-Come And Get It
bhlang while reviewing troops 9:30-As I See It
a wind whipped air field. o10:00-News *

ed States "is proud to have as its 11:CO-News
friend and ally the government 11:05-Off the Record of the Republic of China." 11:30-Meet the Band
Chl in replied that Nixon is a 12:00-News Rusell L. Klotz, chief of the and Mrs. John A. Greene;
r I en d of China and a P.M. Housing Division, and Mrs. Elizabeth L. Gunby: Mr.
'iend we need." 12:05-Luncheon Music Klotz, and B. A. Darden. corn- Mis. Oeorge E. Oustaflon;
S 12:30-Popular Music mand.?r of the Balboa district of Dorothy E. Hamlin- Mrs.
High Nationalist o1 i c i aIs 100-News th.. Canal Zone Police, with L. HIacock; Mr. i Mr.'
meanwhile did not hide their 1:15-Personality Parade Mrs. Darden, are among the ert : an
feelings of alarm over at state-; 1:45-.Lum and Abner palsengers sailing from New Iag
me t by Secretary of State John 2:00-Three Quarter Time Yoik today abord the Panama Hatlaoer; )41 -1 1
ter Dules that the United 2:15-It'sTime to Dance of the PantLma Line. The ship Jago and Mr. and
ite r does not necessarily for-o 2:30-Aftemo h Melodies is uue in Crijtbbal next Man- Jenkinr and 3 ehldre .l
Oppose" recognition o'f Com-, 2:45--Battle of the Bands da .,
iwst Chinina. 3:00-All Star Concert Hall The Panama has 109 pas- Mrs. Helen W.
Only yesterday Nixon told the, 3'15-The Little Show sengers for Cristobal and 33 en I. Kellehert MI. VT
Raltonaliats that Chiang s gov-I for Wednesday roLte to PBitau Prince, Haiti. Mr and MlA .
O'poent Is the only government' 4:00-Musie Without Words The complete advance pas- Mr.
China the United States rec- 4:15--Sepia Parade senger list iows: and
e e and predicted the Na- 4:30-What's Your Favorite Mias Cadlyn Allen; Miss A n Mr. .
imlst cause "will n the end 15:30--News re L About; Mr. and Mrs. wa
ie nctoraous." 5:35-What's Yur Favorite Aaron ADNu;Ag Miss Bsta Al
(coutd. I, 0;8abcock^M ga. 5.
Neither Nixon nor Nationalist 6--OC-Animal I "l VOA1 'Mrs. C*.,
1kias commented publicly on 6:15-BLUE R N 8POITB. lass: .Mr W
RVIW .-va;
6:30-The Record Shop
7:00-Lowell Thomas
Flash Cash :15.-The Jo saWord show
BTAMM'RD. Conn Nov 1$ 7:036-Report From the. U 8.
MP- Th*e government has de. '(VOAI
dito sell another Connecut c _Tea,
llghhouse fk one a conel r'-'sbrn
as maM1111 e 111M8 ure known (TOA)
As 111tainford of S1tr
Persons w ahing t= on the I1 -The O s it .
Stone stricture m y I. Inter- 'm i..
ated to know that Bur-j .vo4.!a
roughs was ftlufabid BOAs ll
der ftI' the aldn.., A
ltthom. He Q SEUiRADP

VQ' 'S "AL E


NEW' 53

,ea l _
r '- *

VIAL'3 8

t work

ions r.


L O 'l

A '-i

P ch m .".
WU .i5UO I*! U W-, -,-..:

o.. e. ... .bad ,m ..a
. t .b ,' gi : .lod '.-,ti O y ,uz_'ni,


- .~i:.I.



No. 4

- -. .," i


I ---- ------------

, ,


7 .". 1

. .... .. ... ..





'. .
0j" / "

,~ij "TuBMAOU'" FOB H WORi DOCTOR Dr. lix J.
U o uWick) M 4 r 868Lasker Av
foi r rublc health ac emnent, is .6 I'ean bCaryIl i,
. WhiAock, o Nttleti.o, Mis.. u6 der ieTi-pe-r-lo of min.:
p lyra earuth. plMioalhppi's tate g Uh o tcer 10 ars. Dr. I
llnderwboo4 receivW'thfe aWgaY "fdr demons& ng ow i loAl-
uswimnid-oun nud piaigrdli patterfdt-pi l health service
beneatsa S toe." e iS-wad-Is mpade anfir li routh ti
*. a*.- SI .g t hn:,
Y (r 7P .. *- -

9c** Wf Y' hSl. *9


. e1


. o ar. ea 4 .*



tA the

PO. P ,-(,
9 ...," *; ,, .+.
;'i.; ?,, ;', .".


" DE~S

'eIw w
E mit

Ni '-- 0*-- m-... m. .'- .. .. m-- '... .iI. M... .. ..m,-,

wrtli CASERiZJE8!

Clifton Webb Barbara


reuPii L

assu .


rg latest!* -


- s11.w

: Mr. Malone"



eotaA .LIII,.I .

S. ~As ~

p.f../~T~\ ~

. .- .,J

W7W~ 'r-


6N 1

* I. *U.""
5J* S *
I ,

.5. 1

lf 13


. 5 :. *


5.5.:. *L

- ** -=-/.

9 9- 5*~*






, '. ... > -. 71

N.L-A -i.-



. y-^;
'-*l .t -*


, I rwIS



Sae 4a d n.

Daonv tH In


* **, ^

- 1

!( ~I

v\ .4

3 Va 3r



4 *5.;

John Crocker, Jim Riley

Runnersup 2 Strokes Off


Marion Seems

}n Way Out

Don Hause, the long hitting golfing star from I lh Orilesi
Fort Davis'Golf Club, took medalist honors in the VW ith OI oUIt
Chrysleir-Plymouth Tournament qualifying round
over the past weekend at the Brazes Brook BALTIMORE, Md. .
(UP) Baltimore WOrWof.-
Country Ciub turning in a sparkling 73.. John fici promised to t At
Crocker and Jim Riley, both of Brazos Brook, were rion know wheth iet "oIe
their manager either 00Y9or
each two strokes behind with 75's. tomorrow but fmrom. AS
tions, it looked Mas it "r. -
A total of 57 golfers managed SECOND FLIGHT stop" was oit. .. -. .
to complete qualifying scores Vestal Morris vs Jim Raymond Marion and Ort0le .
despite the L inclement weather F. Humphreys vs J. E. Armstrong Art Bhler conferred. ,hw
than prevailed over the past A. F. Wilder vs S. Walker hours yesterday ana.a
Saturday 'add Sunday. This will J. Hoverson vs A. Anderson both' ared they h s .
give three complete flights and W. H. Staats vs Elwood Compton amiable dimuAmle ss
one abbreviated flight for the Tom Drohan vs H. B. Parks would reveal any deelhlt-bi
men's part of the tournament. J. J. Davis vs Lyle Clausen been reached.
First round matches must be Gil Morland vs Pete Duncan. A major part of their *djofg
completed by next Sunday eve- TIIRD FLIGHT sion centered upon tht'.i 0,0 0
ning. 3. Davis, Jr. vs Carl Serger alary Marion drew as manager
Hiuse's medalist card follows: M. J. Sullivan vs Dick Sullivan of the St. Louis t ar, it was
Par 444 354 345-36 J. A. Gump vs Donald Kurs learned. Later, the 4t a its
Hause 445 454 344-37 Dick Brown vs W. French learned. Later. the e.$it.e ouil

Don Hause vs Joe T Noonan Al Nordstrom vsT A. J. cLean sibillty of Mat
Frank ay Vs Don Francey Bob Leigh vs Bye another joba a. in the
John Crocker vs Sam Puller Ray LarDabee vs Bye event he was not rftaioed by
M. Chadwick vs P. Richmond A. L. Hogan vs Bye Baitimore.
Jim Riley vs Vern Prier James Hemman vs Bye
Anibal Galindo vs B. B. Johnson G. G. Zorn vs Bye -
M. Kulikowski vs 0. Engelke R. T. Carter vs Bye

Don Mathieson vs Jack Hardy.

G. J. Howard vs Bye,

defeated, Unscored Upon

Bk'S., JC To Clash Friday

Team Opens Series

Here In December

0 O
A star-studded Jam 1l e a n .
CANAL ZONE INTER-SCHOLASTIC cricket team is set for an inva-
FOOTBALL CONFERENCE STANDINGS sion of the Isthmus on Dpeem-
Teams Won Lost Tied Pet. ber 23rd for four matches a-
Canal Zone Junior College.......... ? 1 1.000 gainat local all star 4qutds at
Balboa High School................. 2 0 1 1.000 Mount Hope and Balboa 8ta-
Cristobal High School............... 0 4 0 .000 dlum.
The team proposed by Errol
GAME FRIDAY: Alberga, skipper of the Jamat-
.," C. Z. J. C. vs. B. H. S. at Balboa cans, consists of eight players
Two undefeated, unscored upon teams will face each other with seplor league cricket ex-
this coming Friday evening at the Balboa Stadium with the Ca- perience and five br illi an t
nal Zone Interscholastic Football Conference title going to' the youngsters.
winner. Both Balboa High School and the Canal Zone Junior The star of the Invaders is J.
College ,etov, ir'o 1VI. th- final gamsoe Ep l Iocal _oobhll eon-I.^.Fi -2.. amous international aon, .ith unoenizhed d. -o" time is s- a Idier many timesented the
OficiAls for hi try i.mporti ntr ,il RIea.frre lar- nowndproaional player In

ry Gr(ance. Headlinesman Dal Thornton, Umpu'e Jack Lail, and A classy batsman is Colin Ben-
the Field Judge will be Lou Hlzinger. nitoA aone of Jamaica's stalwaRtn-
A review of the conference alongside Morris will be such with the willow. Bonnito chalked
records of Friday evening's op- standouts as Sal Aleguas. Ray up a brilliant century against
ponents 'reveal that Balboa de- Nickisher and the latter's broth- visiting English team in 1948 and
fea&lW Crtistobal by score of er, thePM0ly underrated Bil. 3"r a me.E Ae
-O and 8-0, with the College Bll, playing his second year at A-ama
racked up 7-0 and 14-0 triumphs JC has been 'overlooked by the British Gulanp.
agai]L the Gold Coasters. local fans, but these same fans tFrank Lewis. consider-
Si are urged to keep their eye the mosttpromising a
In A e t peeled on .Billy Nickisher this n the sland, h b
son,' S,, d- i"me ,t by tht the Jamaic n hrd o
ege Ft leivlng tise backs n e Wtini.
youn rivai, t aln saying mpotant game will be Bo9 'te M.C.C-
Blbrq to a silp.atles t the 'ow Iy, with combination .-tec- 'I
GCreebWave has lost its center at .ftIlback Jerry Fox se ton
Jim eret n pd t lnemrnan John atime duty. Fox was Installe playiO-; .
pyaBw Thia .aduies. the the fullback slot when the playing e men
rc3tea Atb thbittei val t g attk was stalled r m In high
playarA compared to BHS's j (thst C lstl last week aId o
odd pan squad. Can t e ball aeross the goal line oTe r players ofthe pro-
-* a T'p. Reports have It that posed Nqt&dare Hemerde Young,
The Red and white lads of For has been working in thelefthandqd goole bowler. Leo
E-,.lba will be depending a great Coege backfield the past two McDq n, member of the ta-
deal on ~heir fabulous back, Jim- days and Sal Aleguas will be mom Lucas C. C. that won the
rmy MNft.t carry the brmi t, of shifted into to line. Information seiorup five yearsin ucces-
thel aifack. Although 1 htas ha also leaked out that Coach se. d B e ere Hen-
been outstanding in every, game Wolf has been experimental dds Claude Priestly, Alvin
Balbd. has played sophpbwore with a T-formation with Bil Harvey, AldntonFoote Edward
backs, Larry Keene and Bruie lNckilh r working in his old slot Oomile, and Hal Glave, manager.
Orvis are nbt to be overlooked under the center. A spedal meeting of league
as well as their sleight of hand representatives and officers of
To-auarterback Jackle Corrkgan. Fans who mLss this game Fri- theprepaation committees will
Both Corrlgan and May will be day evening will be on the out- be held dIt the La Boca Play-
playing their final game tfor side of one of the most hardly ground today, at 7 p.m-
Brlbol High School Friday eve- fought contests ever played on
ing the local gridiron i f *
Jach John Fawcett has a pair --- l i IVISIOnal
of scat-backs, Joe Cicero and 'aLiL D i
Jackie lammond. sitting on' thp
bench 'just itching to play and .
either one of these boys are cap-
r'lIe of going all the way if i .
shaken loose in the opposition s t W
s.'ondarv. Along with these Tqam representatives of the
boys Favcett can also .call orn i Pacific Divisional 8 o ft ba II
,Heib Raybourne. Caesar Von Ledaue will meet at the La Boc a
Chong and Bill Martin to carry Playground, at 5 p. m., Friday,
the attack to the enemy. to make plans for the 1954 sea-
Turning around and looking son of the popular working
to the other side of the field we ^men's loop.
see brne of the finest backfields, Last year Army Ordnance, Ar
ever put on the local gridiron! my Quarteimaster, Army Laun-
representing the Green Wave of dry. Army Signal Army Trans-
C.Z.J.S The Collegian wilt be led porlatlon, Navy Ordnance, Naval
by their captain-fullback Bob Ii .Stition. Commissary, P. 0.
H)or-is This lad played some Transorta'mmison saryo P. Sales
,-good football while at Balboa Transporta'ion Coroal ales
hign Shool. and has well ad- Stt Electrical Division. and
jutted himself from Balboa's T- c, central Labor Office hooked uo
formation to coach Jim Wolf's in brilliant, play which resulted
singlewing attack. Running a- 'S victory for Central Labor Of-
ainglwingattak. Rnnin a- Re.p

Bobby Shantz Plans

To Strengthen Arm

Playing Basketball
- LINCOLN. Neb Nov. in '1UPs
- Pitcher Bobby Shantz. the A-
trerican Leagne's most valuable
player in 1952. has turned Ilo
bas etball to strengthen hli i154
ba.seall fortuncs. but he doesn't,
think he II set any cage records
Shantz. ifTi-iander for thi-.
Philadelphia. Athletics. has ioin-'
ed an amateur basketball teem
vhl'-h will plav others in thp
Mild" est thli ,inter during hli
baseball layoff.
I m "orkin1 out Shant;'
s'd utu I don't lthii I II play!
miubh I haven't nicked up a bas-

Harold Strange
Harold Strange

S k'-.II in 10 )ears." TO) WHIZ -- Harolrt Sanj e iI
n .thiii but stjnnoe to enem,
e le hurler, a star or end oies. The Camden, S. C
i _n. Neb.. W-estern Academy ri ht halfback srore
L. : clue before Joinlng Phil- 21 truchdo-ns In his first I" I
a I; pl?"ilng basketball to gamez-, is '* -"' for Clem.
iOnn hen h4a throwing arm. son. iNEA,

- .-'. 'I.YII~~

SIinagers of new teams. are
also invited to the meeting.

200M 0004"rem-
M ,w wh T~l..
Si@T ft m W Tl Yoievii


S .' W a:

Martinez-T sis Champi ship FbOtDykes

Bout Gets Comini'ssio O.K.4s

The Colon Boxing Commission

last night approved- tOe ached-
uled Pedro Tusl versus Iqidrp
Martinez 5-VtMd bout for the
Isthmian 126-pu.d champlop-
ship. The flgw Wmil take place
ee. 13 at thb OoZ Arena. ite
program is a b60 f tor the con-
Struction of a lbmln .Colon.
Martimne i Mmea J, ,

eilast In LBam -
eently drop .,a i
ae to Ceoky 5 sales of the
The rest of the Dec. 13 pro-
gram includes two other pro
bout*--and two amateur bout*.
The aelfinal will be a aix-
roumder between Chocolate 11
and Lupe Pancho at 188 pounds
while the othqr' pro preliminary
will be- between 16' pounders
Battling Sli. and Baby Austin
over four 3ouMl*.
The two *utasur bout _.will
b Awy nd Navy
flRf wh wb pve glanteored
heir serve" fy-w AIsb efit
eai -Tr ,e.wl,,lmttl- .ep
romd o ,f thpa i.t a
Ad:s;lt ,M aled
from $* re5rwu ff v seats
fo $1 general 2=mi01F7 ;

AhnisticF Pv

'Cap FeaMes

A e eiIl nra will
be held tomorz-,t-aino at
the Juan FraameelB Track
featuring the A 0e Dqy
At press time tdiay,,th offl-
Ial3 program for tarow's
races had not y been re-


da7 that th/

And one member of baselil's
executive council said moderlt-
sation could Include a"terito-
rha. e.a nben," which oeMli
men the addition of such AoM
astheWest a tthehe. major
leagu. -

The Court, In an historic
2 ruling, decided that pro
noIIal bmball tis a sport .
uh- 't business subject to
Saptan .Act aid other at
ktust Jawu.




Mhrguta. wmu League WRIGHT
NAth Wee= sauler
Th Wright Bros Pim. teanm L .ffihad
reclaled fiWt .plae by taking tBrael
t-o gaMes and to lL p ina from t,prrsb.e
Powr a1. T irsbf' led the attack '
with 435.wilth Sanker clo.e be-
'hind -tht S41. Powells couldtft, vs r



andleep 83 3
6 -6 3,06
t 1 3 302123 M!
Uan 7156 Il8e "11,
.8n" 1 7I 15
naen 174 184 .1 $OST
trV'B1, 173 143' 10- M11

1e l 150 W
ler 160 .1 95
land St 11I 5M0

dap 65 4 19,

r: Am in M 4

oga 1- 17 19 497
a er=o M' 1M 184 4 3
ideraba i hfl iM-.

I- M,-I.*. .W

ithat I

S' u c, a t
'The decisIjon, similu to a prm-a* .hotnI
vious declson by the q pftI th mp =8OkS
Court In 1922 under Jum
ODiver Wenael l dImes, fi w ee
the game from ot ot progsee Nr WAlon andI
ton as a non, c and also la pntl".;
eftact, maintau the oni :''
'. W reservee cfl 4 iin in .Tb. 'was
er cOqtr Thehdaun w .SLof
b]d8 a player to the mama tem u l .I
tromp the end of agoe eason to lC -.
the beginning of the-neux t a ttributo
bars mni from seillln his "urtC I ii ib
Ices to all homers, r&WI


S*4 F. f9 1

-.' ', -

for the


~ ;J.. .~-


I -

"~: i~~ ;]







*** .23K

, ., p .


, *. ... ... ,

:,.'* *i'-. '- *: -* **. _- *--, :.'? "' : -. -_.. .* ,- .."'/ ,.*- ,- -1 "" : :"" '," "'' "-" "* y .
, '- .. .,* .. .. .. *- **, '*, ." ,i. l.. *.'** o : ... '. .. *, **" .' ... -. .
.p* i-, 0..'. ,--7 ..
.". 7 .; 2. .. ,.2,.-,... -2 ... .....
*"-" .'_ .. .. ,.', s' .' i? .-. ... ,, '*"' ^ 1- ., -..i

*~ I... -~


* 1I,

* C -


'3 Vote


oK ft

P '~~&:d I

so fo


~.1: ,..~
..':' .CJ

x* iti

tr l:I2i^

~i. I -.


a' PtuvI

* **'~~ :.
i'...- U


StkAlcio LWtIS
AV. T No. 4

rWiA~ t Ik. We as

c tuma. CAI& uw w ut


I ,CAM aI w O. II

J"e td.r.o Ai ft. 2

U.rtO CSCE votUR

i .. ,..d .. : .;
1": :- .: :.A




S I. '





I. *~*
a. -


.. ,t .

". -

L Business

. .. ,t (- .,i .

Unite, Still Takes Baylor Has Remarkable B is,.

iG(rdmen dong 'And Sauer Calls Jim Snith

B America's Best College. Tadde
WACO, Tex. Nov. 10 (NEA) -
When Bayl(r crawled out of bi-
rnarion n September, took a
Ser to Brkeley and blanked
California, 5-0, there wasn't
much of 4 chance for a mere
tackle to come up with any re -
All of thm attention was fo-
c ied on Lne Bearse backfield-
otacher, Jerry Coodv L. G. DU-
-ro Allan Jones and Cotton Da-
S In the tlifornia geame, the
west coast bide got the ball on
Baylor's nOpiE-yard line with first
down. The ears made the mis-
take of running two plays at
left tackle whlih netted exactly
nothing. They lost the bell h
sImack dab where they started- 1:
on the nine.
Plugging that left tackle slot
was James lay ffnith. When the 4
game was finished and the 222-
ound blond from West 6olum-
la. Tex., had logged 52 min-
utes throwing key blocks, ex-
perts agreed he was terrific.
As the weeks passed and Bay-
lor smashed its way to vitories
over Miami of Coral Gables, At-
kansas, Vanderbil.4-tld 'tfxas .
ana M., the publicity drums
t' b J a et grew louder and loudtr.
t, Jarrin' Jim Smith mad.
h th1 eN A p-e George Sauer look .-ie a g -
a. (NA) ....... nMine expert.
"He's the best all-saround col- ,JTla' Jm II
oeto- foreigner gets of Ainerleib foot- lege tackle- in the otbthwet.
Ab 11trd ball. perhaps in the nattop." assrted TARANTg _arrli'tWo
ehes a Ir Pudge Heffelfttner'A time, the Baylor coach it weks be- Sdsth makkes. a"l e
Oa a re- all they tdd was let their hatr fore the season tattted. ood. (NEA).
msoftly- grow and pull on a. t trtlenecic Plugging hole In the left aide
-85 and awe ter. Lou Little testifies they of the line ln't the only chore tackle as a so aosex
couLdn't get away with it tod&y. at which Smith excels. His offensive ooo l WtO
-' rln A "The modern game," says the kIlt:offs boom intd the enemy substitution returned, ab
n 1 Col bla cah, "Is much mome end zone. made the hange-es
Sof duh d rona St y nbses, blhak -moOo---t-
at of tm- eyresgAndbroaet th were com- Smith kIcirs points after ",Jh Smith .*ha" i
mon in the old days, but knae, touchdowns. besplte Inexperal- look od,' bebas Saue.."
Eznglish- ankle and shoulder injuries are eace, he clcked .n his first five remind you t 3d W1,t,.w I
d WtP dp far greater now." attempts thls fall three-aga in ,Was an All-Amkle mara a
Sp' ztther %M iml and two against Arkan- tackle at 1ebraaka in i
lal hiad- Opening upi th pame has add- a. He's like a big cat-_at
about zns ed to its hazsardq. Players collde Coaches say he Is caPab1l of alert.
at high speed. The shock Impact pl"a8ig an poitmoD. He stuck 7 "H never has to be g"
D" 9a ila terrific. op I4t tUlback- irn high ,chehIt, .
...A the. Englishi. said, thea p" d end 'or the Baylor fresh- 'Tf he were to 1 It Ut,
13 400 thoNse podeaid creash hel- men. have to X ray him to tispal
Sauer sh(Kto ti big be1 4 Abdut I.L

AV b y ...-. ... ','" "
A W .q ,, -

- --..w'~.,---- -.---'-w --'.---


-~ ,.



MV." r m' .-- ,

S .. ',,

. A g- '".. '4 ,.''' +

* ~ ~ ~ .'.:. q

Big Three Meet

President EisenhowerBritish "Let the people know truth and e country Is safe Abraham a .
Prime Minister Winston Chur-
chill, and French Premier Joseph'
Laniel will meet in Bermuda Dec. TWENTY-NINTH YEAR PANAMA, B. P., TUESDAY NOV1MB l I
4to map western plans to ope.."c na
wcf Soviet opposition to the Eu-
ropean Defense Community and
the Russian position on Comm u-

scheduled for early July, but had
to be put off because of the 11r-ll- irf N t
oesfeencd whe vas Foreign Minister e Ie By U S eo f ke r s
press of Churchill. s
Secretary of State John Foster 1 I I V I WW ^ n I
Dulles. French Foreign Micnister s BU S O fes
Georges Bidault, and B r I t I a b"
Foreign Minister Anthony Eden PANMUNJOM, Nov. 10 (UP) tions... there would be some of white s ted to correet" the In- assstante after of fruit-
oll accompany the three prin- The chairman of the Neutral them come back." ferlority feeling, but add4r that lew attempt .. to. arang the
cipals to the meeting. Nations Repatriation Commis- Dicklnson was one of a group "It seemed like the other a en confetee. .
"It is hoped," the White House slon said today that a Red re- of 23 American POW opposing tried t6 be fresniy w oI them." Te l opoee' id a
said "to meet from Dec. 4 to fusal to break a deadlock in the repatriation who have been MMeanwhile oa hiui7 a Ihe of~ ne- wsg i w et
Dec. 8 and the various matters prisoner Interview rog ram turned over to the Neutral Na- ti l d today u t ui news not ha to i wut
of common concern to the three would not prevent American of- tlon's Commission in Koreg would be om week
powers will be discussed." ficers from trying to win back. Dickenson, 23, from Cracker's while stafel id onie "iedat was
Authoritativt sources here re- the allegiance of 22 American Neck, Va., changed-hls mind and plans for a Koeea plow aon- tihe' f l- .o hise the
pdoted that the primary reason prisoners of war. returned to the American aide ferene. d elwtiLmmk~t aTl-
or the meeting was that Russiai The neutral commission also before the scheduled explana- The official y mr
had virtually "s I am m today notified thed the today notified the United a- tlos by American officials. would be mataid' long as Thatloa
door" oh four-power conferences tions Command that there Wom ld Diekenson maid he knew of the negotlatifrlUw wre oig La- they wrz1e tI t T h u
on the foreign minister level, be no explanation session tomor- one prisoner deflately who tsftatry. But If I tre subco itta. 'of
Leaders of th western Big row for anti-Communist prison- has been held from retum iade toward tl H j of the suggetlo or bar
Three want to explore possible ers. Tomorrow Is the 48th day of by "fear of what he had dl d week. he hadde, tltaff dead k,
moves to meet this Russian at- the 90-day "come home" Inter- for the Ceimmud ts" In the officers will say i Dean M tho CommunWls
tude view program, way of broadcasts and other 1 Secrecy Inl 11, olnln botha 20 Cn pr ot to hr
Reports from Lon d on said The neutral commission's activities, should increase home r work- fir
Churchill would use the Bermu-, Indian chairman Lt. tin. K. S. He said the "ones that are Ing out arrapgem ta for the coaia -ida S' W. antterhektrais
da meeting to renew his recom- Thimayya said the Commun- likely to come back are the ones conference, an lo to at the M XO t Sle. The
mendation for a Big-Four meet- ists are to blame for the cur- that don't understand very much Arthur H. Dean, chief Ute Nw York -
ing to include the Soviet Pre- rent stalemate in Interviews and the ones that are more or delegate, said as ini A ready h oN tt e.
mier. Georri Mslenkov. with the anti-Communist pits- less out for the promises... the Staff officers met todW for the So De e u taff tof-
The White House. however owners ones that are scared." third time. ndtac-
took an unenthusiastic view of There have been no explana- Asked what the "proper" ex- Dean and the p'1wel Coln- kle the mobIm of Hue, place
such a prospect. official quar- tons to balky prisoners for five p1anations to these men would munlst diplomats turned over end meptberhip all at the same
ters said there was nothing on days because that Communists be,he said: "I'd tell them... a- the negotiations to their staff time.
te h or i z on to indicate any demanded that 201 Chinese pris- bout their rights, and the right -
changeInMr. ienhower's op- owners who were not interviewed of an American citizen, and that | | |
poitloo to a meetJng with Ma- last week because of IBed stalling, they are still a citizen of Amer-a d hT mri
Diiuved beyond reasonable doubt ficers., fear of the U. S. government a
that they are in good faith and The Chinese prisoners have re- when they come back."
of honest purpose In seeking fused. Dickenson said the Reds rom-
world pence. Meanwhile in Washington Cpl. Ised Americans who stayed with i lls His Own Counsel Traitor
world peace.P Edward 8. Dickenson, the 0I them "women, a good home
who chose freedom. expressed whatever they do it won't cos
confidence some of the 22 other them anything." '" --
Da r o American prisoners In Korea re- He described one Amersican TEtat, Ir Nv. (tb) nth Be M An did
Nol an eto r e fusingrepbatrion wa e sn ther"mnen s of theod2U.0 1.M _b
he proper eeplna- resisting a re-- Si sa0Z jrff. iy no0
to ed In fuss Over tions" te m comeu.i t hn o e he as Te rms I
ooe d on U hnHe salc the Cmnist leader was about 2L yearn s Ioar c h ourtn h o be.. -
S n promised the American free elalhpedt a AIVeruItye d000lhtla ., a t La.r
a ir w eKendly keedhnmI free holee eo th f ad 'd a lont ta bfonleem ho s iownc0 eW ae1iifnm-
homes 'anid a chance too b over the guys hlLs o ig.. tra-. N1r
"mastertf the United Statea Dlckenson said the Commufl- t .o Bile '
Sw l move. 1 o0 (UP)- .A when the amerilean tove- aIt premed the Ameritcal n dThea .e amo td o
Ete awpIdeartified himself as ioent ls of today was over if they went to China ad osQsaidp lg aowe tor i Th
MeKNiftiltWectorPietroMe- thrown." studied Marxism, they could h- f'? S 0" an S ?neS
S mwplaineted by police .early The Reds, he added. "said the come generals or hold any poal- fne t .o
amda-o ater officers said 3 n Communlat party In the United tion they studied ftar.onami stdto wee iibaro
o mht.with t o a thteY a- tes would plan out when the "Once you returned to the "b f faedcta..
Worked him frOth th# Park Aw.- revolution would start. We'd be United Statesa nd the Ameri c n and IF,1 le
Inue Apthekbbt officer debid shipMed bacde to the United government hasof today ws t pinotiers1. a ll
t rpeda w rasihtoofers ae d Smmunitat s w hen t ie comer." overthroWflh you'd be the minl- The Pr .eadtoh is sceno agaft
One pO^ cean rhuncan Chris- weekly newsmakasine, Dickinson Dickenfon maid some of the this Is a ge:" C
ti T was treatd a hos said soerme of the 2"have studi- 22 Amereaus told of "pretty Nasarollah resh s.w'llbe
tia. W tad ealtedakced him i ed quite a lot and their ideo- bad" family lives before con- look am if you re *im judge&
t1.e s M kl logical level Is very high on poll- In Into the Army. me." e. to to h
he r s m ed to Mr; tics." Te men were told Conmmun- "May I crife o d mW
Poee wee summonerdbtoMr & "But there are some In the ism offered "a better world," In dear lifeS oh Ju a r -
ellys apartment by neighborslower cla, their ideological which all would be equal and Mossadegh pleaded 'n-4ot er! m
eomplaInlng about noise. The level is not very high." he said. there would be no race discriml- and turning to AS L IS nt
officers said Mrs. Kelly asked -rhey do not understand very nation, Dickenson said. "In my fra condi t 4 not h
teem to remove Mele, 30. from much and mostly what they are In reply to question he said afraid to weep in 0axI al d",
Ie premises. going on is the promises that the two Negroes among the A- offend certain genti? Wr t thePWame .
In the cbby, police said, Met. have been made to them by the mericanm gave him the lmpres- burst Into tears. I l I t i Ir S
grappled with te officers and Communists and fear of the U. slon that "they feel inf erior Moar egth is accused Of S
Christie was injured. Mele then government. sonetlmea to the other men In refusing to reslin aIswmno weU
nt peacefully to a nearby po- "And I am pretty sure if these the white men." on the hah's order I If 0
100 staton. men had the proper expiana- He couldn't sey whether the aid of Inciting aose -n o l tlSlM l 1...i S

100 Wives, $165,000,000 Yearly,

20 Cadillacs, A Desert Palace

To Rom, a
:; .. :.* ^ ; ..,. ." --,o,, sot .... a.a
In through do
IngABS Srtain and the 8 ag
: .

I, .

S. r -


t. a .d. .

I -.

All This Belonged To'Greafest Arab Since hammed'
s eon e reae ra nee ammelop
*-- 7:-

CAIRO, Nov. 10 (UP) King,Al Saud, King of Hedjgz, Sul President Roosevelt whom he
S )b Baud .'1 Saudi Arabia. hail-, ar, oi Nea, and King of Saudi met during the war in the Suez
l y his followers as the great. Arabia. Qanal. The King traveled to the
1- I Arab an c Mohammed, and; He lived by the Koran and, meeting aboard an American
R of the d eLlthiest men in although ne was reputed to have destroyer suitably outfitted lor
world, died yesterday in his had more than 100 wives, he the occasion.
oert palace at Tait near the never had more than four at thick rugs covered the steel
em shrine of Mecca. onz time as provided by Mos- deck of the destroyer and the
S Crown Prince Emir Saud Ibn lem teaching. KIipg's gldcd chairs stood a-
ill Azlz. 48, pro-Western He was known to have had at against the gray gun mounts. A
e Minister and comman- least 36 legitimate sons, and he en shielded the King from the
lS -in-chi'. of Saudi's Arabia's named his successor the prince sun while 48 retainers busied
- n[ed forces immediately was who toured the United States in themselves on deck with such
aimedd the new King as el- 194- and receivedd for the King problems as sheep bleating In
son o the 73-year-old de- the American Legion of Merit an improvised pen.
nionarch. in recognition' of his wartime It was an impressive gesture
$he new King's first official ser ices,. but one that woft for the West
=ree4 was the naming of the The number of Ibn Saud's the friendship of the Arab lead-
%i. nond eldest son, Emir Felsal daughters was not known, but er who had been wooed by the
crown Jrlnce. th" Cairo newspaperr Al Akhbar Axis for Uis oil but who re-
Sau'i. whose personal in- In reporting the birth of a son mained neutral until the last
from oil was reported to last year, said It was the 64th davys of ths war when he declar-
more man 100 million dol- time he h'.a become a father. ed war on Germany and Japan.
a yea' had been ailing for' Im Saud. after 20 years of
tra. He fell seriously ill only trloal warlare, featured the The King, who trst married
summic of what European kingdom L., an area of 700,000 at the age of 15, took care of
'teOr diagnosed as angina square miles. his wives, both pat and pre-
I le "o He began building his king- sent. Last year he bought for
Julast month, in reply to dom with such modern devices them 20 flew Cadillacs With
'well message from Bri- as the telephone, condemned by custom built bodies.
Que'n Elizabeth II, the 6 nis advisers as an instrument of or hinAltf the Kn bought
S 4 KinJ declared his health th. devil out accepted by them a moho panled I
"vastyiv improved' But hts when he proved the words of with a ga room although
,dea-th was announced today by Kran wou;d travel along its he liked simpler things-mad of-
tbe Saudi Arabian embassy wizes, ten slept %in the desert Fan&.
here. I Fhe once poverty stricken Iba Saud, whose royal famne
*The embassy said prayers we-e kingdoia uogan Its rise in the dates back to 1700 was a
fd over Ine King's body at 1930s. In '938 its Income from princeling of a depod
Ilyya Falace at Taift and oil sas aoout 9 million dollars. when he started his conq
St "io ass flown by special Last year It was nearer 165 isp l- In at of
me to Divadh. his birthplace lr,,. dollar,. 1ld of desrti z15]m .
Isal accom.pared tWe budy. TTh'. Km lone had been con- With f lowe ib
413full umweas Abdel-Aziz ln-d to a ,i-In ized v heel chsIr hlmelp~ '. l1ia .
e--Falsaligpresented to him by the late Man .a.b*r jAg
|- I am.,I 4

of Roweit on the Persian
where he had been a reft
se and five desperate eqaM
captured the walled tow
The mad escapade lave
a capitaL- where he An
ed to be burled- end av
the nucleus of a eoqat.y.
in asubsequeneat sw p
a series oftWPl I
1924 he wasw
conquest of Hea
Islam, when he u t i
Hussaln, father i., law
ALdullah of Uodaa. -.-
in l18 Ie was W
King and Lo 9rd
Ir. those ds at
income was ftrmam
who oayverged on
of Mecan. _.
first ,, I'
of Call

CGalfl fEs. n 'an sl. 'u



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I ama 0-K Aidr


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