The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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To feakl

PANMUNJOM, KoNa, N. 9 (UP)- Lt. Gm.
, thmmint, primed today from a four-hour -
wirth K q im kbl ohommand aid l.p.cul(.te -t
. f6ltf a_- formula. a to break the prisonr "i "

Thi chairman of the Neutral NationsA lftq,
tritien asi mas noncommittal whew haiiu
Sto. PobaMii from the Communist kb eall

40t -. h Uited Notionr ieqrms
lemiqaorters 1o0Wr,
*way to emd t
n'eene home" t Iu. .

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etetoty Anthony
eduled to make a
be Ho e of Corm-
mrnoon on the Tn-

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Stittlh to Si 888 feet over- reetion at t
,a bea ~ 108 feet add G t at 2000 OM
*-^T ---- '"w- --- -
.e 0rmnoan 9Odfident

WiBe Reached

o;'he an te C al tiam hpldayu are over.
S-~o~tt drive cdltudih4aE r*W check from t
gst. this P 4atikv Bureau.
of r be At ptl rnot time. solicit
S -ent..-rated m a
.tahlet "e t-'"ts employee, U
-ee'n "very emploves a
s$t fe officially ane ,the C

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a cted from
IMt aonclea.
- ted out that
rta. have been
Armed Forces
the larger Canal
Praeas reports and.
bmbutlons hkve
.I rom these UItIal-
sontAnuair among
(torm to attain t
het ever sought
P Community
n Qalnal employes
average over IS
than lat year
a dewture tha
O totsD aeets
rtwde address
,m Pan Caal em-
ee. Many of those
.beM returned to

|41 chet totals.

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con. long LW* Iw 1 o yn->mM
.m and, slee Iw.
have not sta ru.,
lw some U. n. ffSBlr
mwN. hope the weigB
to referee Watcervis tth S
er- and North dre whit
functiontab WAe
,U. g.*M i, a
ewhls de- may walk est the
h' withdarw eae auIte

Natius obser i er
iui.e The taltk t ls bnM .
tesrtrom, the (Contina ed ~h 4=6,


sadegh Says

< 'Will Submit

So.0 Any Verdict

TMA I Mran, Nov. 0 UP) Mossadeh Is cd trial tar *at.
- A ai wink looking tempting to overthrow the con-
MO -M r began Bstltulonal monarch of this count.
tbo ay -d trial for try and intl he g pe* to
tresshe would armed Intarretlw ata t the
sIt 9pro c- eM t rown.
'e -When vertbr sods -a
mgy a II n my ed by pro-imon a*s WI 4
efelle plailio t Vf a de- of the Sah last Au.
alr6 aga:emned.0 he sadeh vua accawd of -Co-
said, whaMN tev verdct mu e Ia ag c ad.
le (of the court) minstratlan s ad
S dta to It and wreckageo of th srtlom e em
agsanat any omy.
noe proneutr w)I mta
i a even accept the that "by arMlale 3t of t he b
1m i he hold tary penal code t y ( .dl.
eted@ -I am no tratt- fendants) be sentenced 0to
figer Tirsld." for attempting to overtiM s t
eahilt m T -am conMtittmtal *eMlaret tea
Teffa cowttr. left wcntry and IncdtItg Po
the to armedd insurretie a l
aMid. of this country and
to prose- people to nned 0rn-& -
Asesoo- gait the crown.
Moagdegh claisn be -& =
nm nksre the IR Pmar at of A&
-t-eeA hure he N- *s i U.N'M
bhomait Msnamob m mM

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'7. H STETm P. ox 134, PANAMA, II. P P.
CeLOr OFsrvnc 11.179 ClNmAL A Cvas eTWIraWN 12TH AND ITam HTMEST
ID. 1 MCN 'T IN ADVANCE .ao It."
C- ONI HFAW W IN -LOAN- 1.80I & 0

Labor News


ttl Am%



Tr he Mail Bon u an open forum for readers of The Paesm Anrer
n. Letters are received gratefully and are handled In a wholly confli-
niial manner.
S If you contribute a lettIe don't be Impatient it it doesn't appear te
tlt day. Letters are published in the order received.
Plase ry t o keep the letters limited to one page length
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence.
This newspaper assumes no responsibility tor statements as opinions
4pressd in letters from readers.
-- o --
Ileshal dispatch to Sadeye Sammy, personally:
This almost sounds like it's gonna be something spehzal but
Il it's gonna be: a personnel speshal honest to goodness pat on
te back for Sadeye Sammy. A pat on the back from us local
lnusewlfes who been reedin yer pomes an likin em.
Sorry to hear couple oi caows of yourn been doln porely o8
couldn't get away to see Rebecca. But what you say there
i*ht unseen, thass juss exactly what us housewlfes been saying
at*ut It after we seen it.
SUs housewives goes to the theater to forget about the cleaning
an mendin an mllkin an all that goes with keeping house an thaas
jEws exactly what Rebecca done to us. Why, all the actors done
good enough acting to suit us. Starting down the road homeward
bund we were talking: Why, pretty durn good that down here
IA the middle of the jungles we get to see a play strait from
Pia4way, or where ever it come from.
- .' .7 ..
But lessen, Sammy. what you been rltin aboutnhem cIcula',
thass real good. We been wondering what all them sellers iight
be doln day after day away from their wife an chilluid.
Yer dispatches gives us a ahdeea Some o the fellers write
trculars. others put In semi-colons, others agpIn take out
ages. change em. put new ones in an file em. (At least taOss
e order I understand it's done in I As I sat thereeedith "r
pacthes time an again I been tellin Pa' Now see here, Pa, reed
tis Sadeye Sam. Them boys up the Buildin really knows what
they are doin.
Doins big an important goin. on up there. Well, so to say.
tha.s part o what keeps the water running down the Canal. But
411 that is not what I wanted to say.
I What I wanted to sa is 'that us housewife been reedin e
tri an likn em. So keep up the goodwerU..
Ike topmas on a word to you the1e
s telllp us: Whistle while you work. Th
S, areye ally. ho

Dear Sir:



NEWARK, New Jerey bhe
man in the Big B e a Zi-o
ing was more of an M the
eplosive New Jersey emeM thaU
the man in the Wht ]bane. It
was extortionist Joe Fay, d aMt
President Eisenhower, the v
had in mind when they awag t
state from the
It was Albert (the Mir. be..
Executioner) Auataf,
(the murdered) MorIs al s
Doto, alias Adoia and Mr. LA.
bosses of the gambling nabe a
crooked labor leaden who wu
repudiated. A paitkil a-br
of this state's vital voe wh-le
some believe may be the IbrHm
ner of 1954 and 1956 rveali the
resentful reaction of the iadepea
dent voters to links btwei pb-
lic officials and undewUr mrI
in and out of labor eiMkl and ra
gardless of party label.
The point is that eda t nhe
Eastern Republican be
trayed their national by
linking themselves to Iabr mbs.
For example: Jrst a year a Gea.
Dwight D. Elsenhower tk a part
of the state, BerC n Coar. by a
118.000-vote plraty.
In last Tuesday's e.eItEthe
Republican candidate, P t ast,
who had been negotiating with nd
pleading for shakedown rdst Joe
Fay for years, took that same tra-
ditional Republican area by a
mere 5,000 tallies. That was s
of 113.000 votes in one aea
alobe. Similarly, In Esmex oem ,
Troast ran 75,000 votes behind
Eisenhower poll at U8. A year
ago Ike won Essex Ctunty by S,-
000 votes. Last Tuesday Troast.
friend of Fay, lost the dXtrit by
10,000 votes. So it wnt in other
areas until the Republim lot to
an unknown Democrat, Robert
Meyner, by some 157,000 votes.
Point is, the independent voters
who swarmed to Elsenowar, jilt.
ed Troast in an area Il Bergen
County because civic anti-crime
forces there had revealed the ex-
lent of the criminal invasion of the
county. There, gambler Adonis,
"Enforer" Anastasia and the

Money Bogs


'U the other dy. a *b$i
!tfn Me Anaesa fir fa dis


S Su rAy, 25th of October, you had in the
er probhtm on'puztle page. Tis
Bvpatr,the solutLon wa

Nor. O

Wi, the Clubhouses please i
this yiar, and not play then saet I
b ttbe right time. Tt is a 0ne t
t o ind be so tired of the Carqbs. I
t lp istmas spirit away.
SThAnk you kl

News Pauer a check-
Swao eproblen by
M WtAe can-

a buan

" ", .

'.~9' I-


,_ --
*. *

;., "
*, "

wa theasei A
Ldiotb IW o On
fl~WW^A A
AY biwgjpynjo
E^6&fJm&. i **uw

n. Tro

Ilat *c



.. _.w : 4 w on ry jal ga li o ea er d T iMM-
i M. S.igth. t liine. s were at the husband Ilk he was aI,
Power William F ei object of stripping him of his t
attrne for the Algam Cor. and There Aa a tle when fr
the Yonkers Trotting Assn., which the Sheate and boss t lue ss ev t ar.. ;
Sown and operate the Youkers race ried four or five timh S9 law of nM
track. That harness turf has been thode daysp er M hamp* to
the center of shocking scandals and he ildren, if 3a5 if .
Ifdr months ever since the Minx a tin .after .A r- i
St the notorious, brutal chief aRtrace elWlWhere,
Janitors and Race Track Em- ily in tarn, b'l*ca s -dI .
ployes Union, Tommy Lewis. place to g6, and divor W1.
I that weren't enough, it wsa There is the O g M r Ia, hf t
Slearned ot only that Bleakley long-standing,- whr the s so e
owned some 12,000 common shares young neu to ~ pl
in the track, but that he was also market, and Ihere Mao i a a
attorney for the murdered Tom. ly to the union. b"
my Lewis on at least one special NO matter who's Ilb wrong, she de
project. Lwis retained him be. a n
cause Bieakley had great politi rate a 1w e Utoa l .. of thea t o
cal Influence in the state. Bear in cumulated estate uafao.rP s d lSlb pr- 5
mind that Bleakley was attorney foTnrance, having en'd. It' er
for the Algam Corp. which neoo- g
stated with Tommy Lewis' union
on race track labor contracts.
All race track labor was dom-
inated by Joe Fay, who, by the
way, has never accounted for the
$700,000 he helped to extort from
New York business men. So, while
the average New Jersey veivoteri 4
didn't quite know the details of the
le-ups, he did know that Fay was BROADWAY
BRIDGING THE GAP--Loaling up with grain t.. a ffeeod ally from Jrsey and that Charls
oame Jersey labor leaders had pre. dA1 wil l6
mill. this delivery man Is preparing to%1peed much-seeded grain i ole e la eb GOP gubernatorial d o pdr q la
to hungry Texas battle. WhUile general rinsq 02! .bf ken the candidate to te to ov Dew at a
drought In Tcxa,.nterim supplies of feed,'. o e it obtained asking for Pay's freedom. TIN (i l"bb
W $ovrnOmet grain and feed allotments, Iate neededitd tide
rlimers over until new cropses I t. Furthermore, there were those his tall. rTa
.- ----- igh in Troast's labor machine star Dra
S -_....- .. .... who were part of Joe Fay's ap- pVabl =
s. TheftsUpport should not pet P s hII
a accepted. Ignorance of (Mu@C@tCW
&NR their records is no excuse. They mow' ".shj
could have been screened, just as from a a l
careful o atic l leaders sc~re tjsa edmaAn
cmm units from their ranks. It's

it Both's havb the kiss of poliUtical1 "

W .


Famous Blritone


at 9 pn.


S"SE l IL LTIa "
"AUAEl 11i "!mA'ea* Ss e

The Usslim of
New York was f"
Poll, whcb ha 1
CAN FILL YOUR NEEDS ue omeramt wo
out for the M uga
one paper was fD

be- ade. '
ha.. j ...-


I "" Ull.-.-, ,l m
4ing toi
F .
_4" A. '-


_ __I _1___

C '' ~-I---

-.. -, .. -

............... pil_-


r; r~, rr.~E;llt~r -~-~
~~ -j3]
-~ll~l~dOf~1~3t~s r a.:
L..- Ir .


tWr o .6

*WUM -,Tv

"""' ..
sm. rrli~;yjy


- *~ -~ ~~i.,7* **J
1 ,I'

jA' I-

. 1 "

,: ". .

SAdfl& AN

ihn ho

- M -

.."T .
,, 5

S -- ot P% u

*.!' v,, l:i.g .. L r Tr i es. .

.they are ofp Minroe
rWbife From f"H'owill

.orTtkmn came
".We have 0O1y Nl

ft erth.ep ane h1i p.

5 go(*or e 3g taM Then he plhoned h te u jin
vault, put t .i,' bllr%

Swal at work inpeto o
She h out to the .hAuSkI tht ll

eo "the thus phone wias to ri1g
v.o C iow they might tira W atrs who-

ti he am b .t triLdo lre M-.ISing ofi
Atg e the premise.
o 'Ma In the meapnokne the FBI
... .. T ere no An
t w ieor stigae a o ..e etortien

,A m-,attempt, 17~ d-r,.i- i
rh- *ld 1 A plalncioths officer kal0 d
Sonn phalong Geary St. with a shopping
0 tberTAM. trzd o oy a timid Mr. g oe-
se the o aow a photograph-
Inhe c e Into the hme:

mn' Inpector Bil Stan ton 1aid

,*" i~a i SSL11g ~f the houFe was not under guard.
n b "ThiM s mae have eete worti
attempt "Wes'ew1 In-
...r-old A plainciotbms oftlMsaUoeu
... along Geary St. with a bopping
7...- 5=e bake but was not-aoonated.
irns4 l"r-- Today a tnOd Mrs.X lr re-
fused to allow-any photograph-
-she eis into, the houqe.
pro- Inspector Bl# Wtanton nad
an the houpe Was not under guLrd.
e "This may have beian-the work
honed of a crank or it May not," qtan.
o~ auch ton said. "When somebody
S makes telqphoe calla like that
herhus-. we have to awsume that he
hm that a means bualnea."

to o thad Requieml Moss
Bumo f W aOup A requiem igh nlaas will bc
t ihi ; asaid Wednesday for the replye
0-A P Akr r who of the soul of the Iate Elerc a
hm s .s" wife. Monlousa at 5:4 a.m. In the St.
n bf11 id and Vincent de Paul churdh at K'
d W 7 ion it Street.
d ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 1,.. i 91 ,1,10,i,,, r


Sthpa, ,DNA*

to the test ?

t MAts

+- rti


.a IS -JlW. ,

.' *'1


.. nothing could be srtpk r :just keep it on yoor writ *l R
Sbqthian. The M OVA- Btopr of system is Esoh l, "
Swr .watertight '331' if proper. I ."
Sar periodically will emerge fro
i ecs, if down go feet up t
Mled, for every
Si i~bjecteda'o Ir'u testing under'

.II M ID gLin~B sywr Iyy advrmnage MOVADO h-.
p~lhod dhiSe wll-k~nwa k: de precision fining of &
S .isr*mu oofW. h. '. .je g ,and .e sof t .,E-l
n of Q;iide uandr wayliS ,wi ch herally becomes icor 4T
Sdt SAiC liW e aBll ovr the t *6,pid withthe case when t e
p i si A. "' is Msewed in. The special,
$ M ....dr#aW. .,d ocrkir psari kiEng,
pg l" "sst ti w i dIa is yet waower

: A | .^ i.. ,-- ,. -.o r ..
lr goaltiSe cmnr< a matI '
S H' t.- OVADO IMM odeoly: .


4 V --


,4- ,e S-r- 4..'LS
b js M77.

e, ..&i

your waterproof watch

../-. Vt L +, i+..
a ~

,., l.

;. It

';:- .Y
-. i,


~. -I





'I ~' :~

L I .........

I' -- '


S, i


~'"~r. e ~'
~. i;' r. : -~~~. d

-. .1;

.aI n

Police Seek Sllr,

5-Monlh-Od Baby
MCOY ON SRID 'UUP -- A baby wzs mLsasing I.
Sday and police sought an unmiir
BY OSWALD JACOBY ruled baby sitter with whom th
Written for NEA Service child was left. ,,
Mrs. Shirley Stammer. 18. to".i
authorities she left her balb
five-month-old Richard Let
NORTH 1 with Wanda White 26.
SThe young mother said sh
S1084 i left the child with Miss White a
V 86 'she could report for work on the
*a"'104 first day of hzr new job as a
*QJB3 drive-in waitress.
WEST EAST When the drive-in closed as'
A768 AQ0932 midnlhlt Mrs. Stammer sa.c
i K J 10 9732 she called for her child at Mist
*75 75 QJ82 White's h(.me and found thePr
41087 2 A ne.
SOUTH (D) The mother, whose husband ls
SKJ i sailor. told notlee th0t Mis'
VA Q54 White seemed related at the
SK 9 6 3 respect of slttintg with the ba-
46K54 by.
North-South vul The search was concentraterl
South West North Est ',on a bridee over the Wabash
1N.T. Pass 2N T. Pass Rnier at New Harmony. Ind. Pc-
3 N. T. Pass Pass Pass 'ire said Miss White often vlasi-
Opening lead- 'd vat East St Louis. IU.. and
hav have hitched a ride there.
Several persons reported ae,.-
,inq a woman carrying a bao'
"Don't rcast ime over the co::i' and thumbing rides west o!
for the bidding.' my Inend Ar-JEvansville last night.
.;thur Goldsmitn pleaded when
he gave me the hand shown t?- erry Christmas
day."I stretched a bit. nly pa: jerry hritma
her stretched a bit mo e. and
.then we both stretched togeth.. r US TO Germany:
Anyway, we got a bit too hieh 000 Lb
I gave my word so natural! 12. 0K 00 Lbs
Can't say anything about 'thl
very skimpy hand for the opeL!- BREMEN. Germany, Nov. 9
ing bid of one no-trump If 1 iUUP The US. zrelght-r,
hadn't promised I'd sav that a "American Scout" arrived herel
skimpy hand liKe that sho'l; i:today ailli the first shipment ol
pass the merely invitation4l- bid:more than 12.6&.000 pounds of
of two no-trump food packages to be distributed
But I won't savy it. largely b:- free to Germans this Christmas
cause Arthur is one ol the besp The food was allocated frcl .
bridge players in the count-y. U.S. government surphxlu"f
and if he feels like stretching n stocks and will be handed 6t'f'
hend he can usually find some'private Ge-man cheritle to
WPv to make his contract needy West Geimans and We'
Arthur got his first brp:ik Berliners- It is pn outright ga.
when West opened the deuce n! from the Americ n people &
cldbs. Nobody had bid the su-.t 'the German people.
and it seemed qdnte sale it Jus'
shows how deceptive apearara.-thought^ he parted wit
es c n be. If Wet had opened "t'ond heart And after still muie
spade. there wouldn't have bee'i thought, he parted with a 'ow
a 'rooy ending to this story spade
.. Rst won the first trick wil: Goldsmith saw the signs m '
the ace of clubs and returned trouble and could tei l exac..t
the three of spades Goldsm:t what .as goln. on. E7ldenai
wen with the iack of soades anti had nothing worth svin
~~r :-'red h .i sources II"'in hearts. but wes worried abe ;.
co--'- take ore soade one eiplt. lpades ar.d dlanmonds. -n h
6- 'i-a"monds. Prd fIbur "lub',. threw a couple o hear"c.
tricks available. with on0 1 the ace o( beart(
tr- o go. king of spade s
Fo',th ouite IePIV decidedly kir of sptados
ru" +be clubs. TI- oooonp'itsi East could take t 4f trwe
.wr"n1 haye to d's-a.rd prd thtb spades that he had managed to
n'1'ht hpve. trn.,hle or rive vs- 'save. but then hep rd to get out
r''" tnforvrnatirn .ith a diamond It did East IE)
p'-e,, did hotb East had to good to lead the jack of dia--
fir-1 four d'-"'rrd on the lor,- "monds. for he hPd already givn'l
errh-l and the effort strained hi hand away. Goldsmith wor.
"inth his haer erd his disposi- In dummy with the ace of dir.-
,,"iUn. e oilid lffo'nd one On-lmonds and confldently
'js prl e one heart Thed a'hepthrXaqj ae queen of diamonds
mofiT got, tough After a me to n=i contract .~
r **


100% Pore Instant Coffee

Better Flavor
:Cup after Cupl

1 -
Answer to PrF ,myeub
Albaniaon Visit

ACROSS 52 Charlers
I Albania's 53 Swords
capital as 00WN
7 This notion I Carpet pils
has important 2Body of land
resources 3 Disorderly
13 Stage wh~ipers aroi
14 Form a 4 Pald.notices
notion in newspapers
15 huts 5Grn S19 Lieutenant s U -A h
16 Girls Molstp (ab.) 35in ve
17 Arablan T Permeatas s Type of duck NuW eutit
narcotic 8 Room in a '(pl.) 3ST7 V d e
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20 Make a lace 94Legl point 20 Learning 40 I
edging 10 Church .27 Rail bird 45 CrULa..
21 To Cut feauvl 9Pilchards 46 61Ud
23 Possessive 11Pl fers Shoe agspn 46I Palm Iree
pronoun 12 Trials 33Rehuctant 49 Smnll flap
24 Units of
25 Bares
27 Weights of "
29 Female deer
29 Distress signl
30 Make a ,7
31 There --
four seaports
in Albania
32 Uncommon
34 Cedes
37 Reverends
35 Sorrowful
39 Weight of
41 Lincoln's
42 Bondary W
(comb. form)
43c amp
41 pmrator




Gleat White Fleet

'S.S. SANTO CEROO ..........................Nov. 13
5. I U ............................ Nov.
S.S. "BFJGIO ..............................N. 2
'S.S. YAQJ -J .,........... ............... ...NOv. N 7
'.S "sAi ..1r u ..;...... ................ .... e. 4
s.8 ". g. 6 WIM: ..... .................
woo f a s tao. -.

^^aiii =1s ,

.S. ...z,., .
... ,. .*t-... .. .... .
s.s. SS4^5Q5 ,bW '.-..i'o...
S.S. a 'y usd41.14 **
S." "a... '-"'...r. ...s. b


* ., ,. '
T t. ; wK ...... ...
T. l f iesa a 8m
To as ......... A. #'4ai ,* *

To!'I I -

CIWrTO&n 2121 vAMda .iS4

14100 4.


; I .. '

*', M

,I t ., -a'_l ,

~oa~i,, Ic


On the Loee

5! R 4r so~a
.. YL-3-r~L 1L~~Y .~~~~I


APP?904H A1 4AP EM15e

Seat of Her Tre ble


Correct Time .

iv .4~4)

.'. 1
~' __r(

K 4. Go t..
2*** .


* "
r -^
, 'w.

, : .* ,,. .
- ~


** TO^
.-- -r "

-,. > 4^ ., 4 ..

,i~dj~n I ; *: O *WN
JB~utifln ^^P'7' 6'.^

-*y ~

- .1


!~r~ cc~

' i w ssalit


_ ___ __~~_


7' *fr?""

,P7i I i
*~ .1

-I--~....~- ---

q. Irirwl


CL ~r ~ ,




--~~i----.- *LI~W


.: zqu ,.B

s r'~r

* ;- .; :'I:*i,'*1.'.. .. I r' 7flF* W"* '* *
-* I,- '* .* s
j" -'

,, ,. '" ; "' : "* "'.' .
W *W i S- 'M ,-. ,.. *' ** ,
pgr ,.:r .-'-nri -9 r -

FIll At aatrtoi"
yv,' AS A
tim_ e ti 7: 30
for "
rtoo to be

T m
. Chabeam I
ah~~~ ?l d and l
YZar hadm

Wru *and nm.

Fr~i --

Mnc~u. -r'-

.of m-

- I-


~alo, as it
San Mend
hMJ*Pal. ant

4' 3-W

,~ C.,;

4' *7~


-m al



type of
easy on

- I .




WW~j ,V~,:,

'.t, :



,SR /tll
^'" f- '


S* t

_-r-" -
. a

.w."' ,


:am M;

i. aT

LAlantt ody *M RapM

wmi ws war ciS__y __
Mr. amK Mrs. Fmir L Sot, of Ciles. tertaled with a heM t regular
smorgasbord at tMh eSmenoe Satrday semi to hon er the Mastnle Temple wi
their houseguets, Mr. ad Mrs. Matbew C. O'Bwrs e Wash- Helen Stern pre din,
ington, D. C. troduked te oAmlow
Mars. Lilhan Olal o
Mr. and Mrs. for- deron, Lieutemnt and Mrs. P. ,Ars Ml
ner residents of r have B. Fitch. Lieutenant and Mrs. Gaes wereplayed
Lreen renewing their *riepdshpl J. J. Zarridio, Lieutenant and rris wewe won by Mss
(,p the i .thus,. Mr. O'ear Mrs. Rsbert Kingberry, Ens.ign W ;luMs, Mrs. axine
Lr an oe of the United and Mrs. L. W.ilwins, ieu- and Mrs. OlallanSo.
irit Company. ad served In ti ants J. L Horton, P. The Odd Fellows oin
witL the oampi r, leo vin the Werner A. L. Blk. RW. Mer- roup for refrshment
position ot Ocneal of Central r4' D. R Meredith, Jr., Ensign by Mrs. Edna Fu" l
und! south Amesra Whan he W. H. Burartl CH Bon and JI. Starje and M
was transfered to the Mew Mis. D. .Broteron, and Mr. rowi
York Office. He wa s attoed P. JbIanmPaL Mrs. Doyfle 8yder w
in Criastobal aM ft 19 to -- dark how. -
1938 before gog to W lni- von Voyag Party The other members
tLn. For Litea And were Mrs. Maude Lao
.They sailed today on the Mrs. arf lMrs. Betty O'Rourke, M
Jimon' for Ba re. aw. ra- Uirs lan r n

New Teaehers eaertd --
With Dinner Party
A dinner for gro f the
new Atlahtli Sle te ers was
given Friday by Mt. and Mrs.
L. B. Hunalcut. at their reL-
dence in New Cristhbal.
The h Woorse Mis Anne
Dowd, Misslu Hr Gwath-
my, Miss Marjore Biender Miss
Mary Jane Bugby, Ml Wl-
fred Miller Miss Mary AVbdit
with Miss Thelma Godwin. Mrs.
Rosemary Reartln, Mr. and
afts. Carl' berge and Mr. and
Mrs. Parker Hanna.
Cocktail Paty O- sBy
Captain And is Bead
The Commandag Officer of
the US8 '"TIiballe;," Captain
. M. Head and Ms. Head en-
ItLtained with a cocktail par-
ty at their quarters on the Co-
ce Solo Naval Station Stur-
day evening.
Their guest 1t included:
Captaln and Mrs. W. A. Thorn,
Captain and Mrs. R, K. Y. Due-
Inberre, Oomma r and Mrs.
v. W. Adler, Commander and
MM. Houlder ludgins, Com-
mander and Mrs. Thomas R.
Per, Commander and Mrs.
W. Thompso Commaader
and Mrs. LE. P Gardner, Co*-
mander and Mr. A. L. Mccub-
bin, Lieutenant Commander aad
Mrs. H. E. Wheeler. Lt. Com-
mander and Mrs. Eldrlige Hod,
l.t. commander san Mrs. M. J.
Rallivan, 4t. Cumxnander and
Mr. M B JInp Lt. Com-
mander and Mn. B.O. Gray,
Lt. Commander C. M. Lemas-
te:; and Mrs. t EmaZ e, Jr.,
Lieutenant. and Mrs. J. W. An.

RUTH M lT s*...
I r s b, | d
How lentgfion beq n sine
you've taken 1' lng look
at your huind, n not
,cshe used to er as he exists
in your mhtad but as he actua-
ly ? ... -
Try It W you r*tt
acos trra him in tohel o
aP VtanhelhBt mid' sa f
-orr )wa.)BWt e abow t
Maybe oull notice that hs
9tyl i0fctln an tba6 he has
sumped.tto hi ey chair
though h b physically xhu
ed. Maryb he is crying a
heavier jid than you have r-
ausnd. P n you aren't do-
ng al that you could to encour-
age him to get the rest Sd
relaxation he needs.
Or youmay notice that he
Bseen WM Are there prob-

IN -.W may need you to be
a more responsible partner.
r .. come to you as a
Iba has put on too
A to look his best.
need to start plasn-
SMal with that In
S may discover the
F mnade that man of
mre attractive than
you married blu.
I y r e d, better
I *uld he say the
k'aybe you can
P py a ut-

the peon at all.
a to d look at your
1HPWf1 7h like to think he
tt iyou wish he were
ilMR : UL" with a person
ddaout. It' easy
t titV i as bit of not re-
aIYf m~~taj person at all.
do Mpb good look at your
nuiba^ athogh he were a
ma be surpsd
Y" see.~ rd

I t"-ti


V .


Lieutenant and Mrs. Ian
Johnson ave a bon voyage
party at their elsdence on the
Cceo solo Naval Station, Bat-
'rday evening, to honor Lieu-
tenant and rs. Gordon' Bar-
r.ett, who are leaving this week
for duty at Pensacola.
Thb other gets were Lieu-
tenant and Mrs. 0. K. Merri-
weather, Mr. R. A. Miller and
Mrs. A. M. Johnrud.
rs. Hall To
Entertain Circle
Mrs. J. V. B. Hall will be
'lie hostess for the meeting of
the W A .( at her
'omze 8522 2irgAt qnThurs-
|dav at 11:30 am. All members
are Invited to attend and bring
their friend. Each member Is
t bring a covered dish of a
P. ad or vegetable.
A prie be awarded for
the funniest hat.
Creative Wrktin
Group Meeting
The Creative Writing Group
of the Caribbean College Club
will meet this evening at the
Red Cros Building In Cristo-
hal at ":3 p.m. Nba-Felion
articles will be the topic for
discuslson. Members are invited
to bring any artle for diseus-
s4on and critianm.
Gatun Civie Ceuoll Meetitn
The Oatun Civic Conm l will
meet Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at
the Oatun Clubhouse.

fin. Femrarlge, adixed green sasa,
r oveDn, *ian toat pudding, offee, m

bI1oUa Ire's Widow Waits

,For O in Move
*. "" .',: Ai '
IN. h9 hee s ,he sie nthe truth
S --- ,Attr v ae W lls wihh sh- testi!fiher husband)
a f a d to deny was murdered by two men whor
I Sbeen IntIr- bfok into their apartment 'e-
Sih Ney Armer ten 2 and 4 asp."ad best he:
up. She sa la she wa locked
dtslp unooncious when one of the in-

tbh~is more than I w&uld," in the
S eyed Monde told Utel Ipatm whT at a r )c-
f Mr. Warn as rred, sd she didn't -kow
stOteent= and they're ua whether her husband wa shot
"am out. bbnore she was hit. over tne
S an comment I didt hear the shot," she
SMrs. Wells, I-year-o moth- said.
er, and Warren, who wasa Asked about tetmonmy of one
t u and vocalist pa Fa ir ot.Well' four former wives that
Sal"kb, ta.rtet caed he bad a nasty taeper and oft'
F!edeml Orand Jur of th en was belligerent Mrs. Wells
reemurder 61 f. i? said she didn't thtbk that "Is
SAla civic and bust- relative to this case."
ne ledpr w utola in his Asked if Wells had eyer belt
,. 3 or struck her, she repltd. "'He
p -.. certainly didn't beat me that
a report sk1p night (the nigtr df the zufr-
~ fec2,,, der.)., ,I
ad Mrs: Wlls said news reports
ad ad hadt tI wrongly gave the impression
f B a that aer one-bedroom Fairbanks
awake or so apartaenUlt we "plush" and
't know what "sa, tha she inherited a
S4Lbed of money, and that her son
e n w fbar years old.
.a0 ho=1
were to : bld-it wwa a very modest,
S now/; as thogiNasdrtable apartment

dV Tour pOuas @4-that would make
Asked who she did mean, sht him illegitimate."
ou draw your own co-
w yor w **c'^- WankEoitkn, attorney for
M she the Well estate at Seattle, sad
lt towre doirn he Mrs. W:land her o were left
6,orth^ ~about a sixth of the estate, es-
.' Wells, cha an o t All-
Wamwen'K adminulon to Alaska Chamber of Commerce.
COHand. Olif., where was found dead with the sl'ag
S talt be was in from a .380 calibre pistol lyIna
thth IW l apart-. under his heap on the pillow c
onot o er Vf hls bed."
em Wells oid, Mrs. Wells said when she was
$he beard t ih.g n tewd first Intertiewed after being
." beaten and, taken to the hospi-
tne jwhere Wwn e tal. her memory was very haiy.
i r nqte t~ cif "I am now able again to r--
be e-.'erta n that member mh'own telephone num-
In We. -'.,. er." she said.

vod wHMa dmad i



.* a-


Tabitha outzMrs.
'ofor, Mrs. Marguerite
Mrs. Maxine Lucky. y, M
la ulllckson, Mrn. Vt.'
Mrs. Aargaet Shuber.
Roberta Crandal, ad
Magaret scholefleld.
Remes ( ,,
Heroneof '7
B r a e : .!
An encampment of Th
R'-sevelt Camp Her 'os
's scheduled to be held at
Gatun Diving School. Th

raQobly at the Diving
at 9:46 em.

AtlIatle Cara Club To 'l
nrar InterestUig Spea '
The Atlantic Camera C
will meet this evening at ?
p.m. at the Elks Club. Thq
will have the honor of heap.
'n Miss Sone Ieverd
Tht, and Mtr. H. T. e
the YMCA Photo Sbop '
Members are rem b,.
bring guests.
CaIse Far Alar
HOUSTON, Tex. (7P) -
men said they were lucky
were no calls for the Bat
ton fire station during o 6I
When Chief George W
looked at the fire engine, t s 4
tomnary morning praetiel, ,
found the battery for sais
bad been stolen. Bo was te "



< .ki




Only 10%/o


An eduMive style ha

fnibre for each ct.aeS

EaN -

Plymaimi 46,

___rrrt miii u..issu... 1


.his n t I P P asty

il pa o F as o to I minutes,
SEe thisnew or I f sut an-

B. W'uak ye .i baA
tia-deMAfle pr saBd capas
Sh, .. tea- with ri ovr them
anm ,amd gi-a sid. t bwm. With

but I


1 '1

,: : I


3 .5l

- I1

-, .
' 'r
.;. ','



25.: *

1""~E"t~~""*"." '"
MNtii ~.

I, I i 'm t

4,,~ .'

!oI ,


* -,

- .0.'

:-- 9:."
. .9 I' v


You Sell'em... When You Tell'em thru P. A. Cl


No. 4 Tiiol

i"m. l m mm m m

.'Ni .
../ ...',.. 9 .'

Leave your Ad nith one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "IHI Street Panqnlt

l Ave.-Phone i-22P! and

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

Via IEpaa No 34 PanamA R. P.
la Vbbum TIatr meJ

10.059 Mel6ndes Ave.-Phone 3., CluMa

Fourth of Juiv Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Agedca aternacional de PubUcaciones
Ne. 3 Lotter Plan Phone 31W99


-Household Automobiles i
FO. ,SALE: Must sl pria:.i tOR ~ALE --19.2 Cheerolet 4 Door
new, diningroom, hail. dc. eo, De LuDe model for $1550
rtom, lofiplete guest r. be I. .&E1 if you have one.D
',1idu eo dsi choi ,.,,ac. lm r.h- Ird can Phorne Gamboo 274.
toned,.beoutiful rugs, *id."h ,'h, FOR SALE 1941 Chevrolet Club
h', glassware, toor an n i:.-t'e it.C-e. 20--B. R.o Grande. Phone
ttptr M~:t be seen to b' adi Fpd. M.guiei. 4-355
iti ed. P~ oie -.2- 98 't....- I..... .. .
E Poe 2-2798 FC SALE ._.h.Mary Jeep 4 wheel
FQO SALE:---General Ele i.ic '."'g- D ,.. A-I ..:.r.d.ior Excellent for -
tgto .purchased new Mr i .'. 'I enor .,.l Clavion 4268.
LariC4cfilng t $220. Fhc...e A'b.._,:e ,
irngpect n220. Ft aile AD -e. FOR A LE -- 42 Chevrolet four
N 5. ct. 3, Ponrra 2i,,:r i. l l In exceptionally good
A t. Panama I rn .. .... .-. de and oul Must see
FOR SALE: Electric Sev.rng Ma-, to .1S Cn(-.r I Not a wao surplus -
chhiee .Desk Cabinet', Retr.geri,' ,.iL F,:., Cl.,iton, 2236 after 5 F
-49 ft.4; Single Bed; Secit.'alD m.
S bdk Case and Love Seat v.rd- -- ----
eblT;' 'Mirrors; Dishe:; F
fodder; Telephone: H.:h ho.1 Position Offered
+jt*ns: 'Phone: Balboa 14 13. House _
595, near Balboa Gai Stlol-.r. r'ANTED -P, ,in expert in color-
FO'-P SA tE''JR TRADE: -Al.-.i ne, ,ng Good solaro AplpD
'6Q cy'e Kinnmore culon'.l' ., 1 ~cr cnall., '.lo Sosa, 4th of Jul)
6 c le Kenmore auiomn. r *.. 1' r,
er $20.0.0. New C ,-balo t.-B
pho 3-3186. .',ANTED --,cc'.unaort: Panaman-
FQR:SA E:-Cne Secreorl, a.. o,- 3n not, ai, 30 years with ex-
op' g corner cabinet, cheap. Cris- oerEnce corenpoandence. Write F
tObfl ..,933, anytime Aporlairidc 5 Ponama, enclosing
FOk *'ALE:--- Used machr.,e, ato -
mrtic washers, exi.aciorsi, .: n
'irrcial gas dryer, 1 ll20 .ci' Help Wanted
gos water heater roaci'., c:''- F
g'd~ : per hour, COiT.rr'ec''l '' .- 'VANTED -- Responsible middle
'3 if1 6rds, 1930 Ch-.rolei Sedajn ,|....m,-i, for cooking, washing _
eliv Lry, 'g od condition El Lova ,,,1 .,; Preterably catholic, To
rratico 8054, l th. Sireer Tel I, .: .. in n Paitilla section. P
lt14'T, :Co': ,. r t' .n reitences. Good salary
S -Electric stove. 4 bu n-. 3 orm I o'clock to 3 S
.,ers, refrigEralor, mahogany d.n.r.g- P r l '. o 8 p. m I
room and bedroom set, line cu':o,..
builr furniture, all raccaiIy r' g m
.very checlo. Arrongemerd can b, r
'fr.ade. to rcnl oportment al..o 5.-.n "
'Fra i~c.'sco d. St. 2'-A. Api. 2
HOt. G, Pan8e .40 f
F6''5ALE--I i cu. ft. poirelo.n H O G -840
Aidtia25 cycle, q i.rt. recent. .
V t4rauled, $110. 0-7;9 WlIIham-
cn Flace. Tel. Bolbca 2-.'' Your Community Station
FFR SALE:-Westinghcu e"- Where 100.000 People Mee
"itor. 8. cu. ft. 25 c-cl. $S000 10
7:.ood condition. 26-D C -mbo Pesent

ob n In Hong Kong: Today. Monday, Nov. 9
iai 3 l- The Little Show
Iali U slnd l3:30-MusiC lor Monday
Wla Est 4:0U-Music Without Words
Sradea W h East 4.15--ingerb Parade
4:30--Wnat's Your Favorite
tL 5:30-News
G KON Nov. 9 i UP 5:35-- Wlats Your Favorite I
president R1iwirrd : N ': Cont'd
aT today the dys of pw. 6:00--9ongs from the English
politics' nd dol'p. dliplo..,ev .- ir Side
. X e fore,:i' bee. ne the .11'. 6:15- PAB8T BLUE RIBBON
free pcopes ifor world pea,' &PORTS REVIEW
SWbigo foir that. 6-30-rhe S hop (WRUL)
n' n tre bero, e 7:00-Lo,.W M '*
4tt O C':vb7r of .Cor.-.-1 7:15-TIF jY ft Show
n' tid n-Ve.ill to v'hn: IVOA;
dier -vdlr -1i .:led 7:30--Repot From The United'
edi t bf tUr:'"d FI-P et i States IVOAt
SS'editoiel5 and el.' 8:00--'the Platter Parade
w herfdurlhg his visit. 8:30--Hih'ights Of Last Week's
He said the United Stptes ls 8:45-American Legion Auxilla
skeAtiral of Soviet Peare or"'v- ry
tures Aecause "We tried n pulih 9:00---'ake It From Here (BBCI
tf nr.t nir skeptical dlringe .h 9:30--The Wind Circle
ldst tv' y.ros Wo World War II 10:00-The World At )eur Win-
$ Ad r'-ort 1Q4 to l 51 h Com- I' do*' "
n .lqs ialne'l 600 0000(l0 one.- 11:00-The Owl's Reat
withoutit losing a single R is-'12:00-81gn Off.
.'1i1 soldier.
",Yot cannot eet peace simp!:, Tomorrow.Tbesday, Nov. 10
wlshln,! for it he said. *'Thil' A.M.
a mistake in dealing wlh 6:00-Sign On The Alarm
r. but an even greater mi,- Clock Club
in dealing with Malenk.nv 7:00-NEWS '
Mao T7e-tung. We wo'i!d. 7:05-Alarm Clock Club Cont'd.
tet peace at)d would Insurei 7:30--MornttU Salon
destrg tlon of the ideals of 8: 15--Motnivt Varieties
pODlle forever and ever." 8:30-Music Makers
S8.45-Hawailan Harmonies
note. of. the dissatli- 99:--NEWS
SHong Kong and othr 9. 5-Sacred Heart Program
eas about the U.S. re- 9:30-As I See It
iBtlotmon trade. He made no I l000--)ff The Record
j ltmltUnts but said In A:. l:00--NEWS
ala ntNew Zealand th"t tn, 11:05-- ff The Record Cont d
gtfral oolirv of the 7Firqhowr. 11:30-Meet The Band
ilntLtration Was for mo.'e 12:00-NEW8
Ude among the allies. i PM.
12'05-Luncneon Music
ilxon said the Hont Kong n- 1205-oLunnlar Music
bordered bV Chinese Con- 0-Pooul Music
st terrllnrv was one nf n, 1:0-EW
examples of the "dlffr- :15-Personality Parade.
betwe mother freorh dir-l an 1:45--,Lum And Abner
between t ree world and :00-A Call From Les Paul
thlave world. 2:15--A Date For Dancing
1 22:30-9pirit Of The Vikings
i 2.45-Battle Of The Bands
5rf 1 \a IflM n3:00-All Star Concert Hall
d S in l Wi l3:15-The Little Show
A*ll iprr V 4:00-Sunny Days
.lne .llfer Parole 3:30--.:unny For Tuesday
I4:15--&outh Of the Border
S4:30-What s Your Favorite
i.RRR BAET,. Tnd. Nov I 5"30L-NEWS
ftJpi Fred Sate!' former ov "- 5:35-What's Your Fa 5 orit e
If of the St. Loult Carcrln Cant d.
headed home in a hiht'rrv *',- 600---Bend of America IVOAl
Sgav after oaylin his ebht to o,- 6:I15-PABS' BLUE RIBBON
g ety for income tar violation SPORTS. REVIEW
.-" tron term in federal nenlte,-: 7:00--Lowell Thomas
.ttar. iere efter serving b!' 7:15-Christian Sclence
;l.nuth" arnd three dav. 7:3.0-Report From The Unit-
Th" door of Warden Bemarr ed States (VOAI
L' .office was opened fr.r' 8:00-The Platter Parade
htiP shortly after hi'ealrfqst anri 8:30-Instrumental Caper.
;*Ph soed toward St. LoJa 8:45--Medlical Commentarv
with n ildentifien man sad .9:00-Cavalrade of America
lamn. '9:30-Jazz Club. USA iVOAI
Clv .tW. photoeraphr~ wre 10:0--Mulsc From El Panama
etP o st e him ye, and 1015-Latin Amern can Serenad
"s car sped past t.bem. 10:30-Varletv Bandbox fBBC,
'11:00--The Owl's Nest
S nto hlers Pnb ews anr 12:'00-- mgn Off.
Effi said tbey chps. _
r (ot miles Om!tites pat' 9 planatien Of Symbols
oer horr. honln" to wet 9 VOA-Volce Of America
,r 8algpn. They sald 'h- B~C-Biltish Broadcastin
id q sun visor down oer Corporation
.- Ttu-3elodllnffualu rancalie

ID* -* be" e.lhak iu.ff Gremnch Santa Clara Beach cottages, I
Weif AleIesm AMi Bi elecktn reigeratiorn, gas stoves.,
U011 Aae C C. I modeite rates. Phone 6-441 orl
IR. WENOEHAKE. Medical Clinic. -- Sno
Central Avenue "K" strt.. PeB Ociwrse A ,ot S Snt
Corner telephone 2-3479. P .inom CkI W .a 43 Balbo a Phoi
Panama 3-16877. Cristabl 3-1673.
FOR SALE H on each. Saanta cor A. o
in COOL Camparn mountains
Miscellaneous Phao Sr IAPN" Blboe 1389
at See rcitoker thue.
OR SALE -1950 Ford Station Wa- enr th
gon. mahogany Rattan furnalure. Foster' Cotal One mile pst
Set of G,' Clubs including rag Santa Clara. Please bring your
Phone Home 3201 office 5150. Al- linens. Phone Balboa 2.1866.
brone HorK 20 ca 5150, __ WILLIAMS Sonte Clara Beach Cot-
OR SALE--Piano. Bamboo furniture toges Large. comfortable, modem.
Lamps. Fors. Various. Phone 91, near beach. Bolboo 3050 excep.I
Colc n. weekends.
OR SALE Assortment of good FOR RENT
used office furniture consisting of
3 metal .ecretarial desks, 3 wood- HoUBs .
en desks, metal wall cabinet, tables __
and choirs Room 109 and 110, FOR RENT:--Furnrihed 3 bedroom
Bldg. 514 1. D.ablo Heights. Tel- chalet, correr of Ilth Street and
phone Zone Agency Bal- 7th Avenue, San Francisco lone
boo 3489 or L.ncoln Life Balboa block 50th street). Con be seen
1480. from 9 to 12 noon & 2 t1 7 p
OR SALE ---Lolest model RCA Con- m. Teleph-ne 3-2958.
sole radio and three speed record FT I
plover ,alu $600 00. will sell for FOR RENT
$300 00. Can be seen at Halman
S A. Via spaona No. i. Aparments

OR SALE.--Snger sewing machine
in good candit on. $70 00. Tel-
ephone 2-3518. Panama
;ealed bids. for opening in public.
November 2-. 1953. in the office
.ill be rece..ed unitl 10.30 A. M.
f SuperinicndEnt of Storehouses.
IBjboo. .for sJle of Paint Materials
nd Electrca Parts located' in the
'30C" Area. Balboa. and Cristobal
storehouse I.oitation No. 29, with
ull particular: may be secured in the
ftfice of Suoerentendent of Store- teleplhone 2-1815 or from
he above sources.
FOR SALE -Deep Freeze, 25 cycle.
Phone Balbtoa 1718

[onservualion League

kceplical 01 Benson

$CS Reorganization
CHICAGO. Nov. 9 (UP)-- Thi
[zaak Walton League said today
it Is adopting a "wait and see'
attitude toward Secretary of
Agriculture Ezra Benson's -con-
troversial reorganization of th~
soil conservation service.
The League was severely criti-
eal of Benson's original reor-
ganization plan disclosed Oct 1"
But it said that Benson greatly
Iodified his original position' in
a apeech Oct. 27.
Under the modification the

ATTENTION G. I. Just built modern
furnished oportment. on%. two)
bedrooms. hot, cold water. Tel-
ephone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT: Two room furnished
apartment ,.th private kitchn- for
a couple. 4th. St., 7040, BlIod-
woy-Melendez. Colon.
FOR RENIT- A two bedroom apart-
ment, din.rg-livingroOm and gar- *
age. Call 3-3393. .
FOR RENT:-Vacation quarters. New
Cristobal, P weeks. Phone 3-2304
FOR RENT: Furnished modems
apartment for couple or small
family. Pa.llla Road No. 121..GoodI
Price. I

FOR RENT:-Fumished one Idreoom
apartment with efrioea for, suft-I
able for couple. North American
neighbor. Easy transportation, $60.

FOR RENT: Furnished ro fr
single person or mQard couple.
New construction. Sn Francisc
Call 3-2147.

FOR RENT-Furnihed room maniw
couple. responsible gentleman. W.
46. 45th Street, ulptoirs, Bbllo
Vista. '

WANTED T. RENT:--On bedroom
apartment, unfurnished. Bello Vis-
ta or Vista del Mar Area. Tel-
ephone 3-0010 Ext. 27.


I 1

League said. certain re uionat
conservation offices still arpe n- Ik Pro
ing abolished. but various teci- Imke ProcIoi S
nical personnel are being re-Thanksgiving
tainted. Thanksgiving Day
"Unfortunately. the modiflac- present E senhower today of.
tions look like they were impro. ficially proclaimed, Thunaday
vised. In an effort to meet our Nov. 26, as Thanksgiving Day
legitimate protests without rP- and urgea all American toe 4
cedine from a determlnati3n tend church that day "In mc
that the face of the SCS shill cordance with our ha llo d c-
be changed," the conservation torg." -.
League said. The President's proclamation
urged all the nation to ttga it '
"The result has a patchwork in place of worshie nation t
appearance-cartographic offices God f "the miofo.lri l3
scattered here and there. water- he ha bestowed upo .
shed flood prevention staffs .
hither and yonder, certain tech- ion Benevi
nical specialists 'distributed a-Colon BeneV t
mong land grant colleges, and
all the 8CS offices In the states Society Meeit
and' territories augmented by a
variety of staff additions ThursdayAt '. ,
The league said It s difficultt Thursday At 8
to see" how these changes i! .
Improve soil conservation. andi The Colon Love -10
that the "burden of proof" lies evolent Society will
with Benson." ular m AettWhat W1 4
But it said the League s ,Society B ding *
willingg to be sho.n ." lon on Thursday. C
8 p.m. Importa hi
discussed. ; iI

French Schools Close pow 'Ex ri

As Teachers Protest 'ci
Thouahl Control S i :

PARIS, Nov. 9 (UP) Schools
all over France were closed to-
day as some 200.000 teachers
were on a 24 hour strike to press
vwa-,e demands and protest a-
Sa n st alleged government
'tnught control."
The powerful Soclalist-con-
trolled Fedcration of Teachers
union Issucd the strike order
ear'v in October after its fail-
ur" to badger the government
into wage hikes.


.'r. -

LE a~L ~ '7

.~ L- 1 r -I
S. .
,i .. "'
: ,.: m -, ""


*.. '=, ,, ..;'.

" '.' *?, ^ '>

a .
'. r ,j.





tt~b. .*

ow UA
6-: '. '" a
r 'Lii

ISED. iC f

1,-i" 0-~

"i 'ir I* *', ,.
S.. -

' i. .
1Y'i -

.l. ., .;. .* .:

?**rl ^" ^ ^*^wf~aB' -

7-i, '.





(01 IIU


' '- t '
* *

tend r :

urday Cft
cheigq tbheiR '
calt reitertii
and said tuure
greas to
up of til
up Of th e
sube ec

Main reason, however, for the genda
strike which wllU affect to dIM
schools fro mthe kindergartens the I
to universties-- is the teachers' QLM
wrath over what they term week W
"'lndamiulble iDtirference" with the tI
their political thinking and ac- of the
ti ltv. sectreW
target id a government decree level 1
issued last Sept. 26 by premier agree
Joseph Laniel's Cabinet ordering 2W4
provincial eGthritie (prefects) dar
to teep a 'atehful eye on edu- l
ca~ors' oItlcal acttv IM e andi
report on tb o Rem t p.

rlOE Sa




R9 .


,,. ,.
*,,',' *:



I |


. I



* w tr.a %=


r 4
'. '
I ".%"



'r ~n~d

i:.,. ,~oa


T -,a-- -.w


9H- W0 r.* B o or la
retch .reak To 7 Straight1

Fi o oreTa Clptnres Juan Franco J.C eoas th I4 To Ta.
~ B& 8elaetve inn Post-Toi-Post in Balboa For Inter*hoastic

SFriday At Balboa Stadium d8 eor e eat al re
'"JG, tS' w Tangle Aga sin then

Zsol o e. scoo. ote baut il wo esh.. lltuo n the r sesas the manh
to- vic toriesinodnontinug- d ia br

mefbtf: t a) eld. football ia n d a herl All thi nS at1 oft U e a

m... 9,,z: h 5 6e b0 uiLJe
.. h'mf- tia4to beatis F-oae those Iesneteda school t '009d t!mo e m vin atoeem m a a b
agge C' a w. of two tta bolM two the P-two ple are aware oflthe 11- -a ihe wh onelot team

Sp Hgal the r: tas h s she olrd' rp o r wec
oA P o bt teamre undua tMer oca m idaywat s m A a
.. d. ga Ctteat atadThey dere boot-
so .e roba thm looms as the goose at the you abaft"atson' t i

thWAsrsh Hope Boo or 1 &M tegmtha teag wiltle toe no ALe

*2m~i#1U i *) t ac klab ti enof eb chail e kick.l W w.ata kes hlthod meiI ti o sM
dn tS *M W a p m ., Nov. 13, and reL in e s kin lg I"

for frsdown s I

.' .0 826 el, S 1m C. t wo r tet. nehe of the tw opening
'Iaen L C.S9i0dh an ot with e 3! d ls dp t 4

"Wla wo SU a .- M g i mayS qut a d anth r t y i bo et etomy t t ,antog, z
u a a me to h the e of tuhieo H Both t cont Inun Isa.ttn n of resere -
..,aeiA= mt oubuL" a V fsiat C.hol et
le m e, offer lUttle ards eaU ll n c s to u eve
to b i a a e erg a a sl gt edge ha.i te- pay IOs?
UTf^ Ll am" 1W' a ~r scenr f Iocras Ino at the 2M these Ia thas&e
116 R LooIp ho iis Aet mio e two quaastek uim ni( yer o f the e wore n.
to sieve fa th m0Rr5 lUWi The nr f tbo 'ulia ON S -AGM166 it VW
a^KSS^W~s ^mr^^' ^M,"^'^^1

..3theeear toiS p n the
-a- ip Wa Sr to fieG9iS fl57W b0313 WI7g, uhet3:3S Y
Ona mss udl a llt aum- WsL bw Uo n
bb -9 n Win n remahL TW boys who maydquit, and an gm 11 the falm bwfors the storm. Do- the m.
901 A." ve fore ofas; e. tar er c hortarh of re In teherv ewethe
tosos do wo nenouh not to oL eugf
us yes Thn Low" an fbi loop subo u ~e Is the tgtt
.2bakk. = U= In theb0 1 M_ 1 d t

San urn fl vmi toom huinoaa to=01

II xgmicaro,. ufuov tards auV Nmuh I

rr~~na ~ ,r91 URM raw j
1, 40 Q1 ftp
23L Cr- C C.
r L nr. -i-A.-"1ff

1.J.oI 'CC

Why'not join the Iowd*s*W bve made the 10-da INI S,
tial tost with VICROY -tigarettes? You. too, will vicar
Sb digover P that tbe" .CfoOYfLtter with its 20.000 filter:
laCg tIamio ats p pitqe from entering Yort7I
w l. Anad .smtf U.VCb: YS domWe irritate
sensorest radone~_lW.i aC o te OtAin your uses,
410d- tbi's whwg a a P.1gheferY.ICEROY, to

heater** .dw:ar.
8N6P I* b3A ft n4 u

L.,,,- .* ".s

1' ~ P1



S. .


(NEA Telephoto)
cuadruple amputee of the Korean War, and Mrs. Smith admire
their newborn son, Don Eugene, at their home- in Takoma Park,
a si ; r,' of V'.a-hingt I.C.

Troops To Be Taught

Meaning Of 'American'
o -

-7 V-" X?.
V. *2~ '
,I'.;* '



"Let the people kwes tAi& truth Jd th .upnry f Ar m




Attorney General He be rt
Grownell, Jr., promised to docu-
ment today his politicallyex-
plosive charge that former Pred-
ident Truman ignored two FBI
warnings and promoted a known
Russian spy to high government
office in 1946.
Brownell said he would either
hold a news conference or issue
a statement to back up the al-
legation which Mr. Truman and
Democratic National Chairman
Stenhen A Mitchell denounced

.WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 (UP,- the will of the majority 'rather as a "political maneuver" to off-
Assistant Defense Secretary John than an et(ct of Ut. few-, set recent OOP defeats at the
A. Hannah said today he is re- 4) "SpitiUsl valiUes",'l tW to polls.
Tamptng the military education the development of a Democratic The Attorney General Indica-
program to make sure that fight- "philosophy, ted he might make public mcuc-
bg men are taught simply "Unless the 'mkfority of our marines of FBI reports oh the
tnd directly what it means to military personnel have fitmly ae Harry Dexter White to show
e ap American. held convictions of what this "White's spying activities.
TheD eTn s e Department's country means, there is to as- thtes s ng at e
manpower expert, former presi- surance that we will come out for the Soviet government were
dent of ichigan State Univer- right, in the end," Hannah-sa4d. reported in detail to the WhteI
st. said. in an Interview that Government leaders haaVe been House" before Mr. Trunmin ad.i
i~treietInforma~Lon anl edu- increasingly .concerned a b o ut vanced White from A sstwitt
i ''irogran for the armed whether U.S. fighting men in Secretary of the Treatury to U.S.
I "has deteriorated" to a an dra of :pscholgicd skirmish executive director of the Inter-i
e.rc it, needs' a complete and ideoogical L. battle hslve national Monetary Fundl
_sps ment earned the meaning of Ameri- Mr. Truman may be eaumoi--
nh sld the Department can citizenship. President ilen- ed before Senate
as decided to go back to funda- hower expressed that concern at testify on the adminiatr tion's
ifeitgas to "improve" the educa- a recent news conference when charge.
tion program. He listed four car- he said it was a iouree oft Wonder Robert Mtorrls hieA c
dinal points and said they will to him that more i stressed in simple terms, owners, in Korea did not fall for Subcommittee which is p
*Ied1ly understandable by each Communist propaganda in view hearings on the case, siid there
soldier, sailor and airman: of the meager education they re- are no present plans to quil Mr.4
1). "The dignity of the indivi- ceive in Americanism. Truman but '1of course, there is
'u'al '- a basic concept of Dem- Hannah said the revision of a pasibility he Maght b ca d."
cracy.v" the military education program Some Dmocra Conhnb
S"Resect for the truth a endorsed In advance by r esi-luding assttRo
basic diflrence* between Corn- dent Eisenhower Was one' of mlead, Ilui hn W. MCormack, u
Witr st"n a dd Democracy." the principal reason he left his rushed to Mt, S TrWm o' define
..1 erelgnty V the people" 'post as president of Miohigan b the
:-gbvernment in Democracy by Sntte.e college to j oin the De- in the furor touched off by the
fense Department. The J oI In t Attorney General.
Chiefs of Staff are "very much Sen. Joseph RA McCarthy (R- 1
aii' lLI ,I interested", in the revision, he Wis.) charged meanwhile, that al
said. "protege" of White's i1 still em-
SH nnai etittclded the program played by the International
under which, the armed services. Monetary Fund despite FBI re-
Ssince early to World War II, have ports to Mr. Truman's adminis-
been trying tp teach the mean- tration that he, too. was a Coin-
J Ln i noDemo Hl.ave not been doing "enough" in McCarthy refused to Identify :
'h eci n" prinograms. deanied evrbe
'P the so-called 'infOrmation and the "protege,." but said the man
iPH, Nov. 9 (UP) The- education" programs. denied ever being a Communist -
g rt aroup of .nationalist Ch- or, spy in testimony before h!s
nelt guerrillas to be evacuated Senate Investigating Subcommit-
Irom Burma arrived in Talpeh -1mo i tee at a closed meeting last
today amid a hero's welcome! month.
1EHigh NationaliT government | b l A high source in the Eisen-
and military officials welcomed tarkson, 6el Push hower administration predicted
e'fjitfrst 152 irregulars to be new Communism corruption I
Ijfved out of the Bur m'e e *a|mM VbmrA charges against Mr. Trunan'sP
l and flown to Formosa. regime comparable to Brownell's
'rae oNationalist government WASHINGTON. Nov. 9 (UP) blast, which kicked up a violent r
kstcs fromnsed to evacuate 2thejThanks in large part to a bun'h political storm and a running
United Nations Main potlcal of "Damn Yanlees," Confeder- battle between Mr. Truman anad
l .m.te .l u debate on a ate Gen.. Robert E. Lee and the White House over who is
i tee holin aint for- Stonewall Jaekoa wil be memo- telling the truth. I
S rooms inside its bordiars realized s 4 lsnd glass at Mr. Truman made it clear In
A rond groun oft 14 Washington Cathedral next Kansas City, Mo., that he is
rr shave laid down their week. ready for whatever the Republ-
d crossed the border into The story of the Yankees' part cans produce:
eThllnd. according to re- in the tribu* #o:Lee'and Jack- "'The more lies they tell," lie
S from Rangoon. son was tda here by Mrs. Ernest said, "the more trouble they're
eNationalist government Howard oft$he United Daughters going to Ret into." I
itns to airlift about 150 guer- of the Confederacy, which wll Mr. Truman stuck by his flat
flas a day from Thailand to bold its 60th annual convention denial of Brownell's charge,
='T1neh. in Washington next week. made In a Chicago speech
'oie irregulars, who operated Some two years aeo t e that he knowingly promoted
ji.utrmna since the fall of the Daughters started collecting White to a high post on the,
ineS' mainland to the Com- funds from members for the Internationas Monetary Fund -
Itunists three years ago, receiv- Memorial which consists of four despite two FBI warnings that t
hero's welcome at Talpeh's chapel windows or bays depict- White was a Russian spy. s
airfield. ing episodes fromthe Southern Mr. Truman insisted White
Cheered when they Generals' careers. was "fired" as soon as he was
om the three transport Mrs. Leqg~dO Bashinsky cf found to be disloyal and accused
Ich brought them from Troy. Ala. .Wa in charge of thr the Republicans of trying to ce t
Wearing new Nation-Ia cmpotn. One day she recelvtd "a- headline to offset" their re-
niforms, each guerrilla the following telegram from N dw cent election defeats. i
n a ouick physical lx- York: The Whfte House challenged
S0 Taiwan dollars
Uf.S and to iet arU-1 The UD.C decision for Robertl hm on that. Presidential Press (
E. Lee Men ormil ppe:ils to up1 secretary James E. Haeerty said
asstatesman'ike, froterinal, lhgh- the records showed White re-|t
ly desirPble Therefore a grvlip 'ilned and Mr. Truman accepted b
S! of Damn Yankees has put ,tnto the resignation "with consider- I
the hands of a local member able reluctance."
from New York a contribution of dvieed of this Mr Truman i
$250 to start our ball rolling in -- 1
a challenge to the sons of Dixie
l k.Iim rIt was signed "Anoinvmous.' 1 r P ue i
.y i Thereafter. Mrs. Howard said.
the "Damn Yankees" continuedj T
f you ever wited to play to send in anonymous contrib'-
4(1eeetve shopliter thief Jtlons until they reached "a total
ittf man? of thousands." T TXS sp
I 'your chance. .Mrs. Howard said the f.,t that TO Trn b ll
ry-outs for the Theater both the North and mouth con-
Ofild's ne::est production, "De- tribute to the memori l proves LOUI8VILLf Ky., Nov. 9 (UP)
tc:rve Story" will be held that "this is a great, unite Eleven Lolt patients. eight of
Tttrsday ior women, and Friday country." them in Iron lungs, today be-I
rVr men aspirants, beginning at' gan the biggest mass movement
:30 earth night in the Guild's ;_ of polio respiratory patients in t
'erkshop to the Ancon Laundry i medical es*y,
-Theft rae 34 characters -al! #I The Patatent along with seven f
es- needed for kidney i AG nursery, I tariliyean, and two
.iglsey'a thrilling play which IT representatives, of the National
ks place In a New York police Foundation for Infantile Paia-
;tlvsys, were scahdutld to leave
e of help, cstae union station in two special
epdd by the Guild. I cars at 10:4 m. today.
f nt est'ted in carpentry OtU I moved to the
k, Ots. make-up. etc. are al- B outhwgt caWe toe
rg to come to try-outs. atho u t e lae p the
'P BSLor will be di .po te e st r I ll pital
kid tGordon Wflls. an Al- Se.e folks talk wh;le they i a -
I lk man who has had a to sleep i ltt
I.t deal theatrles epesrlmu~ 'eLng-e1 Il ,m +k c Pp f a
i,, .. 9 m
P ,-

~iARAMA, a, r.,~os tIONWAZ ll~i N6 MR Z

"'WWi ia

/I To Bak Up ges
H.T'. '- ,-,": h. ,

SST On h WieIssue
gI d."S W
responded: "I arlppose it is per- prrupteio to come ha e .out thbaizi-
tectly all right for one man as aid. e0uoil I t and os ue 0ea by tbtt-
another to cal a man a liar, but agaoee.iri their file wdtfUently
it Is not possible to depend on qr. mor mae il that thei.
what they (the.Republicans) are Browpellt ir was no i.Ei a pfii to
saying." Indicatton be pro- Kaa t
Mr. Truma uaid Wht. was dicedoQ of P M~~ t e fhL
"fired by resiion prac- The t the Re- wNirtf I"stilJ t
tie that is 4l g an der pian i n. has OraW, :'
the new admiration Wash- a rd Y em- Wie a
tugton. He wanted to. P' plyes. on for IS year, h
he said, that "he *0i; itod ground tfrl ris. tacs in 1
White from the ad- iThISld con-
ministration and M as ,r- a I ai OOl to tar-, as O1i
know, I near et White per- exrpost o In a of
sonally or talked t bo b itsg.
The Senates.)re w Jesas t
Subcommittee, hbieadd hen. to
Wllianm Ei. J4a, ot- t- the wea
dared ads' talvifa
tlon, following D ll
and summoned Ma. aytb
H. Vausnan, MIr. Tr Mttags or- ale to g" 1t
im6rt nlitary alde,. toa .Ai Butg tol W lt Notie not
Thursday. VaUghli aILe reporters
"&,lot of. Mal M"UrbOneU% all his doftlal A '06ds-teret ....
charge that he. reel the to files with l-WhvauIhs e l ved

bMra moat a dde' t'. t it
wear buta aOfFwa -
: dcCormarckthe stl.B.rst u i
ocratic. Hona leader, a4 I
Allen Z. ZleAdit (La.) -R-O, CA
among Denocrts whe o-
daIBI bTt 1aWhP -
1I~Caaa~d~~id "~u

,I miaa b h4 e.

Greece, TutPY, Italy, ance
and all of Wftes a urope. Un-
der his leadership ais the Com-
munitts were not permitted to
get away with their ait of ag-
gression in Korea.''
Ellendersaid Brownell's charge
was a "smoke fcreen" r4i
after the election defeats t w
York and *Iaw Jefev -to hi Mthe

re lookldn for action."
The adminstration source r-
porting that more CommIunld.

Ex-YAonkee Mnto
critical itN I ,

In Port Chester
Su r, former
yra Wanagr of New
ankees, is bin "csritl conditlo
nd we are afraid that he wor
ally"- his personal physlcl
daid ( dt.

Federal Oran Jur. u
tnvestlatlon today o
rermment offielal*
volatmn tbe 110009

--K: ,~ N

ThweeWas no'
moul o
k iral
?It I known

Baw, 3s, is in Port Chester
ispltl where he has t
inee 7Jly 7. His pbylcian U a der one
tbat he as "i ellaeof
n the last few dcl."
Barrow was-ger.eral man
of the Yankees from to
and was generally c
)eing the guidl
>uiftthae Yne
most powerful b iim ,.
entre. uthAe, To*% *o* imm f
merican ag ho pmat
11 world rhjtmplonp. -.

Wilsvn ,,.

defensee eoretty,
W hon tpday ua 'ib,,
here I -o mm A
WV1k't4 t

SIV. SAoft
atttt af Itno
*at -n **-*

i ." .^ q t
,.P ..i

4- I .

_ I

. i -I I I I

-----I.I.~----. rr. ----i ; r -u. --;ri-r- --.. --. r-------i.:~ --:~-`~.

--..Nm=mbmmb i


- ------- -"NOR"-

-I': 't-.~"rifC':-tt i* ,."^ f*i b
''~~ 'Vao re F;.,0~ ~

s-'r ^ i. r .- .py p *K."
.. .*. .'(; .' ,'-
1 t _:_, ,* ." .. -.* -. .. ..


* I *! .

+ .+ t" ,

r.~ .Er~


.& .

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