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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Treste Rivals

Both UnhtMer

US Gift We

GORIZIA, Ital, Oct. 21 (UP)--Itly's bef A
ican-equipped NATO divisions today turned the
frontier orme.opposite Yugoslavia 3lt a voat .m
camp. '
flpudeds of United States-built Pottaon a e*
ered with protected tarpaulins lined the side SiMteh.
this earitioned city on the Itarmin-Yg fi n bordes

6he' s ed with wt* r guns whichh
tsu o ll 3 Ua roared to wi.

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r c"r' i~

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I,.-' ..


MA aB o those
salisted pecs0-
Spwow were said
,k1 the women's
War. the vs.
- wO vwho .sup-
under treatment
Wilearned. The

e-eld unemployed Pan-
ru a eed wtth forg-
wadsinitm the Cristobal
t William
Mt' drover for trial
m.Dittrict Court at
.Md ball was set at
altedly presented a
BCnal Co. re-
o i aty check I
te at the Treas-
1ps Otbobal. The
m K.0 the salary
b llebvd he detect-
the signature and
pollee who ap-
I'thr. e is now In

clauh in the Via

rent Rm .. On ship was
deietel to prevent
der owg power.
and the .2M4-
ti n arla Maria 0. slam.
mea tte each other as they
headed tn opposite dlreetnas t1
the predawn darkness 31 mHes
west of here opposite Portaeu,
bTrie ktpers of both shit r-
diced for l"mmediate help" a
they collided at 4:42 a.m. .
Capt. U Magrlnl believed
medatel after the coU=io
the CarVa Maria 0. was
badly apd in danger of s6t
He bbedm It on th south e
of the river. At duabreak he ln-
speeted the damage, found It les
serloon 1h he bafigured, and
ba S. a m*udank
un Z If AU powe.
S A ssrvie officials report-
ed ate m tupRrd smi~Plarly wa less
'truasly damaged than the
sbVn 0B indicated and amd it
w-as hdinrr fr fMntealI With-

it v
It a


: it- 0--


3__- w u. -
- ,- '-u ", .-'aA l "
: ~~~~~~ .-. ." ,, "i ,.-',, ....-z._

ern*Af propaganda wiu'
have be arrested as aUp
of qsted Premier Moiia
Mlmdeghb. it was annoM-E
nd 0 leftist school tewa,
have been ftred.
Govrnmaent spokesman AAltI
Nour said thd'threeorflh
were arrested In connection r=
"crima" committed by the N-
sadeg'b government, which wh
Iot n a cop by the
mod erred here
with Herbert Hoover, Jr., rap
fomer-Preadent Hoover, who bI
ure as a UTbited States govern-
ment oil comalaptoner, and A*
merican Ambassador Ley. W.
A government soh aud
SpeNYr Is merely
! atuation and is not a
in- for resumption of the
of oil from the nationalind
Zahedi. In a national bread-
east, said of the Iternal utua-
mton that "the wresked shp of
state of the country h now
been taken to a sat s ...
4'" as appealed for natoal
a rt mand unity of purpose et
dee p biR projects Nd Irad-
cate poverty."
He promised pardons to
who ae prepared to srvet
country" but said obstructtoolm
will be punished severely.

US CoMarssma :
Arrives For Viit

saustSncbe. Conglessmana 1i" L.
The Norwegaln shin was son. (Rep of Callfo~h),
nd for Montreal. from where man at the 8ub-C-111
as scheduled to sail Oct. 24 Inter-American Aairs
fnl ports. The Sturard House Gurmi
( ally named the Webb rived n Panamat today
tn honor of the late Unit- Btgota, Colombia for
European news man- da? study wvi to ths am
j;*d war correspondent who the rongremmsin is an
=kVd In a London blackout week study trip of IS
aS 190. American countries, kW
Mb Cmua Maria 0 left Moo- the commonwealth oI NPa
ml sierda. co, to discuss problem a
he was no immediate report of mutual Interest witl
wuases aboard etthe shin. representatives and Goe
I- service spokesman said officials of thea countries
El at It theWSereS any, ) ae &W *au d bep
uMCU OtFW i N aereiso. R. Burrows. leter I
au------ *Stote DeButase De0
't Look Now mddw Afte t;
i nt.. Oct. e% CommIttee ammre: 0
S--tman Catholic Sehop ward W. Dur Jr.
C. Osy has sgmeted that states Marita Opa4
ats siem loks for their Jacksm wi the
stm ote to mpotect their speaer at th e w I
ei ftaf r "ibald" programs the Rot Clt b to
I~ NM o- the uitd a ates.'b thea mt P am L

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a n W R

Labor News

I.' .. .. -
. ., ( i

L .. ... The 1u
I ., 1

7 H S gr" P O BoX 134, PAnAMA, R. OF P.
ThL PANor'hI PANAMA NO 2-0740 es LINsI S)
34M MAnISON AVE. NEW YORK. 471 MA- Co me
Pi MONTH. IN ADVANCE S t 70 a 20 0
tle b hre, svcr o ,, nBy Victor mRiesel I M' i
DETROIT There are men .. .
close to Walter Retdther who now
know as much about horse as Fik ,oS tr ;" ;
they do about automobile. Theb6 -.
are the men the CO remlden- h R la .
has assigned to trackdoe d 10-. 2hnW
expose the crime gaynndtlcts ,- r the battle
chiefs, the Mafia mobs and their a r
Squads inside the huge auto and f he
aircraft plants, where the CIO'sr ar tie v toeu a at
rank and file have been losing ia r that y&e hpi toe
as much as an estimated $100,- thea tur
000,Coo00 a year in crooked gam-
f li or or Ir e"#W o .,.
Reuther's personal executive cae ftb ha s of" A r
W R ed on famous "private eyes" and 0%' el showed.w tI t

| assistant, Jack thnway, grahpe got- Ii th h seal Wt......ed ow hasu s opren ited yore aandw tt ,% -hea e 1
Brooklyn nemesis of Murder, hmi t
Inc., racket-buster and racon- t d U fe B ninar a ,ers, wbo h d
teur, to help smash the mob., for Zott Ipethodi-ith IL .
Result is that the Aulto 128111"t -'with theim; reaS M
r r bUnion's own antics-cri b- ob In cioeth Aoie
reau now has collected more 2.mmW 111W iBb no aweso
data about racing, numbers
rackets, baseball, football and. Ms rege i t
basketball pools, floating dice n the under
gamer, stuss (craps) houses, the rt
ets and even three-card monte ""
operations, than most private Th. pro iah.i,
agencies anywhere. It hed
They know that virtually every Ora& e : 1
large industrial plant in the na- ler aderi. I
tion has been infiltrated by, the
mobs-and they want to keep t ter that day 3"- M
eSCREENING-IN THE NEMY-Neinz Nacke, former officer in their union clean. They may not ate men
the German air force, demonstrates his system designed to help he able to beat the odds on pro-
improve marksmanship. A film of enemy soldiers is projected tecting thelr followers, but new
on a screen complete with sound tracks to simulate a realistic "'nti racketeering educational z u1The l e t
effect. After the enemy fires, Nacke returns the fire. When a orogam" shows that a fight can 1 l 011ir tu
bullet hits the screen the projector stops. The film is illuminated e made. t imh tMfe aa e~l d
frcm behind to show where the bullet hit. -And that's something in this am rowd to wO
day of multi-million dollar. ayne a :
e hakedowns. As Conway put It to
Burt Turkus recently:
"Our union has a reputation n
-freel conr6bute tow thhk to n ,ll
of being a clean, racketeer-big

o membership but the community L a. r. te e k v
S. as na i whole as we. do nt in-
Stend Une to Worelax our vigil ne. Any
help which you can r ender to u MAs RID-I hav e spent quite a lot of tin in nd w e td f
on this requeagotr dihorin [ l. io A a e c o or to be .e A
l c ontribute towad sucthiessful or newest allies ove-ea t-hink I can tura s Not long agoth6
fort and will benefitat s betg This notisl onlyoris otsne t r Well coet l of ty to cI
membership baut the communte their ratia a inded peote all yourd chle to.ple U arid d .wKi t urne ouV. ie
as a whole as well." p to
The United Auto Workers to 1h Wun Io 1a o

la(theny ca the bets ut ofsoe MIOfall the aro pent uite ap lot of timee oAnd w entle. tramt i* I?.t 4iy I oi
monthsagmo, afte discovering Spain lately, and it you wish an appreciation of- ieir kids, the rleh kIt o 9.Aittt o f Cours6. do t.

plant), cappe s they htceslly or newes n I think s overseas, I think I can furni a Not lon, exas othd uta e Mf a v y f ly h
set up drop stations (betting one. This is one iwell copnty-1uIW of tough, ioarty to cele:brateg giBo .oa thbe I. -"t e1ih w Pd
cent rap gand had planted threeir a He is practical, hard-m handed people,d t spite alld hy people a ud-pe P ie a4dlrt ct6 tn d tt4 in i E
Oon in and arounddn heard about the m t handa splrit'ad Lafn sleep ght There not bgto g te btI L ie. in
(they carry the bets out of thA Of all the Europeans, the Spoaard Is my ploa, an the old Dimple. = 16yh PlW ios i f"%'
plant), capers (they hUqteme ahd can, I think, become our ost Important It, except tti in Spib ithow-vaol a 10 161V Of I .........
WHR' ECM RM-aypoInto crap l dames) knd thre-cm t aldy. He is proud, and be is ensltive, and ho.. people; and:people admire -and'. ri
WHERE'HE COME FROM-Man people would like o One three-card monte outfit hardfor what he wants, and there is no pn- body who an wor'h
know how this grasshopper got inside the hermetically sealed actually opened up shop caose lard I ever anet who does not betheue tat God plenty to ai b do rk d
sp edometer panel of Earl Cole's 1953 Ford, but none has yet to an armored car out of which made him theta eqwal of other ien. The Spaniard pays lewsattentior.dmOeair i
Come up with an answer. Cole, who's put 53 miles on the new a check-cashing service ope- He has his own ways of doing things, of course. money's sake, than anybody I ha e nbt-Wli0e -iadpqs
ear, took it ifto a Parsons, Kan., garage and mechanics tell him ated. The union men Would Some are a lot slower than ours; more pmthodl- the French, Whose lives are s1.e 02Mab th *g sLu
L they'll have to take the case apart to remove the insect. take their pay checks to the cal, because be has never appreciated the hutttle- franc. I sme p tmess i ap -tlt 1.r ._ *.Vl.A..I..
____ ___ ___ ____ car to be cashed on o way bistle that puts Amer cena on yhiatric eauchr' te-o offe0 p A*Rila I- 2ot m AId41.2 .A 4.
Sme, adt then be l4r4 es and dPeloe a 0He aa. omne undek- money
e.eszdays.And be baa
egord. And h as rebuilt -p red'e -- wea
ACrOs 3 ea wli.e #s tWithout whinlns for alms, th res t Ot"Wi h i m the roa are ke to store hs gran.And when let
I Daughter 4 e h ukers ne .worl an Its paw outst etched and -Wits gr a wave of the hand, a soW.t 6f, 01,a
IDau ghis te's hCe vve n m uttering cu es. behind our back. an& a os ", a s lightly Isa "e st ri mid o
nickname C, res s t first ptb her was only g 8-pain ps rebuilt itself remat*kaly-rebutit its bat llf g -p, A as the ar sweeps Any
n Parent AWw~d in to publ mphlet to t ads, its ri, Olidified its dLrrncy to where female touglst.1 t aImmedlate succea w t
i PYongest 7 P tdn icw s in this to his on followers, theegal rate and the free or black market rate., roadalders.
family newspapers Then the grew so vat of the ete peseta are lose that ttbire' noi l in AS*i3660 years Q 1nsult at omonae, pni
member SvaAp tyA N that the leaders decided to 6aculton. It Isent strike-riddled, and tis U entee Wftacaf
12 Mineral rock 9 Troubles to develop al education- culation. It unr nothreat from the -rddedmmund its s inW tl ran hea
1e Footleta ess 10 b V etbi T e al camp Conimnunats are not popular is pan." et d p rm e
11 ssentia being They e for example There Is a broad good humog In Spain that Is 'NirI SQ I got
15 Negative word 17 Misical bells 24'Struck a Jolt.42 Sheshonean that the numbers rack sn al yoverthe Eiuropean today. T4 Itfor' )etr at d f .
14 Kind of $Ha ball Inians mulfted 0 om bii top on the corner in ay little I t Cataeiktl by the time re rt
triangle 23 Wooun 29Weapons 43 Ne~ star gan e. walks broaly when you pass. Ifmake gr-eat jokes about "M Ynma, Ithe
18 One who (slang) 31 Weirder 44 Obst u tI Tle"-i
18 One who (gaane) weirderr 44Obstrut a ga leads 'tlth tre Mhtly pregnant wiftof mqy frnd,- my-wok,.astWdly ea I
24 Hurts 33 Russian 46 Boyi dollar. usme- 1| the 'With thoi, hgly pregnant w fg Of wry f my welt, _ely life ,n o .
growls 2 Hurts 33 ssian Bo duse t the most the groc :,n wy whe Io to the pl1totheice. '
20 Speed 25 Head covering storehouse nickname popular., followed size by' The musialans from town stop offteualonally :-fle, the W*A smbp or the butchet's.
21 Kind of lettuce26 Malicious 38 Conquered 47 Love god horses, football and baseball at night for a song and bottle -Srses, football and baseball at ailht for a song and bottle of wiae. So do tlM kids me. I 1ie It.
22 Revise burning 40 Runs away 48 Indian peasant pools, and shylocking. guardias fviles, on their evening' roUnds,. The Sp-ialard are very well. prep ed 1to b
24 Irterjection 27 Flee hastily 41 Closed 50 Nancy Hanks' The numbers racket heads the The honest of that Catalonita town i amaz- the one Bur pean nation that do t a l eo l"
26 First husband (coll.) automobile son list in Cleveld and in Akron's ing, as is the dlemocracy. I notice that when some us overbetirlug to be Wl end sort-
27 Musical rubber plants. Buffalo follows a of the rich summer people giv4 parties for their ed, I hopq 'n apsolation We Can hee
direction similar pattern, but the football kids. all the tradespeople's kAl are invited. the:'i feellm=g th, s.Way..
30 Barrel-maker pools, the unionists discovered,
32 Moretl ,,are proportionately later there
submissive than elsewhere. The numbers rre
34 Family biggest in Pittsburgh, where a
dwellings bet can be placed almost any-
35 High regard where-in a stpelplant, a movie,
Edtors(ab.) or at a corner-newsstand. et."._,...w
37 tealors b.)Thy found Chicago a difficult
39 Augments zq I city o probe, but came up with
40 Choice the conclusion, that the horses IWAN ABOUT TOWN the Flame.
41 Health resort 30 were bigger than the numbers in date e
I 42Dad's brother the Windy City. Across country. Doretta Morrow, leading lad 4of 'Lismet," sad ry Britte s
45 Fast driver 4 in San Francisco, they found Fred Miller of U. L Airlines arealening their very shipping he ,
49 Endured less in-plant gambling than in brief marriage, a eording to intimate.. Miller, eteor) W '
51 Arid !any other major city--but be- they add, will gallantly oblige- Alabama... pres--gage.
51 Bacchanalian lieve it to be a "lottery town." Vineemt Asto settlement on bis etwife dld mt .to n t.o ..t ...
cry W When the study is finished. Inelade.' the -otel t Reis as lieved.J. J.. As- .thse W br
5CGreek letter the Abdds will be known for every tor's lt testament says it mu st stay i the hands waitre Js a- _
Cardgame racket every wn-and will "ota aalebr"...Star lark P y Lee and Jack -
SSDroapse be posted in every United Auto ("D)rlPgnet")Webba a new dt...M I I7as t Ca):b n h
7 Suffix Then in addition to pr6vin notity: l li.. .Vishinsky's dasu!A lsaid has cn .ultiig
oWW~~~N "that each player is a sucker, th resumed Le mane wth a B dplomat,.. at (of P
ess -- inbed form as well as over ra- adorn dlye Thompseab l Pa
-" dlo and ontelevision: of the OGiat are reenasmllan after a brief spit- Roxburilh e
"rWhat every union -man uaties..oirad lton's ipals jay bhe will be the does "
must reallsae Is that whenever beautifulam Cnsts Ireare De r les ~ A. She, Cushlag, eg
*he plays the horses through a wN r1eeO tl5 3ll 101 eh...Elisn 1BuaCnher agreed to ..Queep Ma
bookie, be directly contributes pay IS tweelrnY alimony for he Renotice... to the ucat LtR
financially to the entrenched Local seeleo4 p.xpets Woolworth Donahne to fol- seed h ellS
criminal syndicates, adds to low Sylvi leibby Fairbanks tohe t.... r- Mar-
their power, and contributes tha Kayeo w a W 1estport (Con. hoe-rw~r, Janet
I to the syndicates' efforts to can deny t all she likes but Iies Barnet is Il the siau
ENTRAL corrupt and demoranlie public The One...It took i husky break up' the ale o
W fA officials and sometimes even brawl (at leOnyx) between Rose lardaway and and deb
iiiPRPIK the workers' own union com- another gal. RoLas
SIR UIl ~mitteeman or other officers."
This is bound to touch off an The Watlagtoan Wire: Boeing model 707 will ..4Jla
upheaval inside labor, since be the first trans-Atlantic jet airliner. It :wll s5 ...
Presents: there are many AFL officials carry 100 fares from N. Y. to Londdp under 0 in.
who own up to ",000 shares in hours...O0 Dewey huas demailded that theJus-
eastern and midwestern race ticeand Tneasury Depts probe the New York trot. '.. the
-tracks. ting race srl to sos the OOP's future. Doean't .P ch
t .I. ,t thm n.,. h, s.. are who t klled....The doa-r cnin raet is w

P. m. I tb*of mvlctIthe wdk1pnext... Coy uqtrs instructed m otsto by
GTRAL AT :00oP.M. p I et., re*elct. their membership n thut
peoWthey'e eleted t th annaProvident, lled willbe d
GREAT STAGE SHOW SPONSORED Y te fira ttou eon i en a (h p l id
the rackets. It thus provesthat on the tfar_ -ages) Is charged as a m
tqAfaaoapuI foammmaIra* I to Asamm aen y uSS which permits itselfattedng my. The man perjured Is
Cat alto (be uhoonow does so know- when he (ne a Federal tquesonna II
7Iny and willingly. he was never party member. Two witnesit wasy
_I l_ l_ -_ they wM< -a--St 3.
TIVOLI 5 and 9 p.m. Bank! $100.00 Free! 4 4- Cards tres oWtt beay) afsttrehavingtmesm si ir
tr'lres Bety B rcSy) are having it 1m
SHARTYOMD, Conn. (UP) rght nM.. Marr ta Brown Ik al
Burt Lancaster Paul Muni Pollee ro netting a "3-D" aIfer mt mWtea tis ...Chklk
In I I n amble wo had caras marked sla s-ls_' te- that -a el".
B "RMSN PIRATE", lare Itbue tI'M. A onc G V ownedk
CRIMSO PRATE" "I'M A FUGITIVE" ? elu e n i na rar le
suni-rslases rrag to 3amd Is new a ftFrume

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s -3 i.




~ a~rIyt~

3...~k .- "3.3 r

hat .t


Se hi-

is SiiNul
lathedam oadlas

n a
ftla L

'". ,,' .

'' .~ ..~


/ 3.


Yewr caMibuR ill help to powe dk Pw-mnriam Highway.

333L .3 r
I~i H

APT.i" 14L- i P-
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".. : .. .. *'' _
3 ; .. 3 ."
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----------bUJ ^''l'^ fr^----!**., : JJkk&' .I

mat V *

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Jet S pew-Jt W

..1858 1964. 2


asp Sr2W p oret

311 2466 2769




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"i "'\ -'

ver but never!

seen sueh a fabiious collection of
ad dresses. Jlteit fasohtoformals ase Fllx

a J just received; eome and see for yourself,

'Pelix B. Maduro, S. A.
N.' *. 1Jt Amue 'm. n1 Ceatrd Avewe

-'* -. *

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PAGE 0t1a o're

Bh jlad You're Not A G-1 IM

In The French Civil Service
PAR16 IUPi American eov- of the year there are mor
ernment workers complaining thorough exams to separate th
about two-hour I Q. tests can't bright from the not-so-bright
wrino a tear today from their This determines the student:
French counterparts. branch of service.
Elite French civ:l servants
have tu go to school for 39 The third year is spent in ape
mrnths cl: lized work like a college
The i'tencip study and on- "malor--in the chosen branch
the-Job traiinnn were Instituted The three final months pass ih
in a drive to break the night- practical work to bring the stu
mn : Ish Inefficiency of the dent in contact with ordinary
French traditional bureaucracy, life. This may be in a factory
long ridiculed all over Europe. bank or newspaper.
But even now, civil service
methods appear antiquated to Salary for the whole 39-montl
a, American. Period is $1.400.
There seem to be as many T graduates. since the 194
'hiilsslers" -porters uith mnys- Too graduates, since the 1
terious functions even they can't reforms starting the program
r' government buildings, nance or Treasury departments
Lone corridors which in Wash- or th. judiciary. Second-best go
in-ton would be echoing with into regionals governors' offices
busy sounds of tvpin and bust- iprefeets). other ministries or
ness machines. a e strain elb sII nationalized industry like tobac-
lent Strangely silent. that Is. co or matches.
i:'-til It is realized that more
Thnn 7T Der cent of the work Is
still carried out with steel-nib-
bed pens. And French hand-
writ;ne Is as Individualistic as MAKE FRIENDS
the Gallic soul.
The Program
Telephones are relics. rickety
and rarely functioning. This
makes for miles of walking daily
tln conduct business.
But all of this is gradually
ehanning. Spearhead of the at-
tack is the French national
School of Administration. i
For the benefit of the more
than 2.000.000 American federal
workers, here's what Is behind You take your wife tp a large
the reform for their 936.300 patty where you know many
French opposite numbers: more of the guests than she
Youn. men and women, most- d'jes. Be sure you don't set her
ly 18 to 26, from all over the on her own until she has met-a
country are admitted after stiff number of persons and seems to
examination to the school. Prevl- be making out all right. Even
ous snobbish rules that only then. check up once in a while
Parisians rpt in are relaxed. 'to see that she is having a good
These candidates headed for ti.r:..
the "Grands CorDs." Ps the top' Looking after your wife at a
brackets are still called, start party is not above and beyond
with 12 months' job-training to the call of duty.
give them a taste of what is to
It may be in a local govern-
or's office In the provinces. 0- IR d
In some bureau in the still va
French Empire Pnom. Pen
eambo:,?: Ai'ccio Corsic'
Dakar. West Afrl:.'P Casnblanc.
Motocco. .s /, W

Small Salary
The second year Is spent in
hard study at the school on
Paris' romantic Left Bank. There
are four main areas of learning-
fe eral admlnlitrai'o r-oncn-
les and finances. .:: al affair
I-J ioneign oolic\. At the end

He who waits long enough for
something to turn up may find it's
only h;s toes. etse

Jy4~S I~~;. ,

y I~s'rat IP~ fr
4. -~. -..


0 *al-tarl

-'*INRJ -
* ; I .r-urrur
I (*- U .. 1'. m* ..ii. .

. ..

I ',,

two-stage rocket, -believed tothe. the laiget ever bul byr a non
military organization, srar n kyward over Catsl&*i'a MoPjfa
Desert. Separation of the bolster stage is c le ad In th
moke trail o the tr ile. The test was hl'Mr the mtr .
vision of. theflctten Research Sdcit. *


UUTs AND OD *allp'
:! er

a.TI tru7rmie, ca. mmcx
(A Lbmfted ntmer t Paeeimsr sris)

.s. Coutances ..................................... a a b
as. Pont Audemer ........... ........... Novflen r 5th
o AMXiA..'&VC....,-l4 I '11 s

t.BS.e IJ '"""""'"""*'S *... he "
- ..'rdS 'j*r.T ...... ...... .................. ; St .
---....... ............. .. ovmb r

S ....LI. .... ...... .... .. .. .. .
Lw..Ant lle s., .. ...... ...... e et

Crbd: "FRcnC L. PA W- mUs Is _""eL 8-S- 13u
Pausmi: UNDO r f WVS.'L -. OR
rammuu 24MO 9-102



.1r 1.i r'*;i '':

"- .a .,

- iN.

*. ..
; : .-..,,-, ;.., ::
;Bf :~f^ii~^^kB


'"Rms WEL.EIN Plnetee

Toe Late


..- '" ^' :.'

_ *,, ....
t.?' -7.-

6x AI Yams

.. -,I .-
;." 1 .!


.4 -




~irf~~F: ;~r K


Rew jr


ff1 :";
U' i

N' ~

i .. o .... =" .' '
Not *"" ... *
:N .' .


I. '





1 .4~ aa



,t I

'.53 1fl4 ~j -- .- -
9~s--~~ r f



-- I

* ,-
* .*** > .


. *

wryb1dy Fad JC

i r- -- F '
: r3r~
~uu ~t~D1Tq YIOI/

i acl~ru

'f. f

4', r~

~' P
* ,. ...

$ aiML."'''

**U-^l---- ~ ~ ~ j-||- _

ImBatr t l :tabit*

Ko~ew* f~l.tL -~k


Sthe regular
our.m.ent played Man-
atngi the Card Room
ig hotel Tivoll includdd:
LiOtenaMt Colonel and
A W. Belden; 2nd; Mrs.
SBoWa6-e .ni Mrs. Ann E.
.-'.d,-Mr. and Mrs. K. E.
mh '7al4th; Mr. and Mr.
bt ady; d 5th Mrs. A.
.l a 4. D F. oldren.
I hi_-. -- _

wore a .wnme anhrn-
, .' aat. .vll.l veled
carried a white Bible
rith a white orchid.
rangt 8oteW maid -of
Eo ryetoW it 'tad
> lrarimrv ~nf ;lCar

'=B a if .a,

M~ed la; Rosan lion B.
stay on the Isthmus, during
which time he l, a guest at
the.Hotel M Panama.
Mr. Loew, Pirsdent ofiloew's
InternationPi,.plaap. to return
to --bi h- Aoe. L angels.

YCaltoBW ..k #OY

r acent yaea1tntd8Cata
fora s Wacat,..n :tae-
Tj.*t.... .o >* A-._ ,.i. *

erved art 3:30
Sp t bq. review will
q# 4 p.m. the
o! "Too Late The
re" byAlan Paton; the
UMtht.-,. "Cry The Beloved
Country" relating to 8outh
Afrlc ,

Someone Miseloary 8-
-.e Balboa Heigls
0lpsat Church will mOe
day at 9 a.m. at .he
. Ladies of all Circl-s

ty. sm.II P *au remauuimg n-
g 1tsa ireq4 on cake. roil
,5 ; ~t o from source of
heat.unt golden. brown.
..* o quarter
T pi one quarter ecu

Bnt m.-uar and

dUtki with about
half i u nd roll Into
A r Cut in 8 equal

Plaoe remaining mixture by
speonfulls m- bottons of 8 gres-
ed muffin cups. Plase Bess of
dough in prepared cups. Bake
at NI degree P. (moderately hot
Op 15 to 20 minutes. Let cool
1 Bf 3 minutes, loosen and
r Serve hot.

Retiring Gen. Aark Clark

.Gets Broadway Greeting

r.jw YORK, ct. 21 (UP) .ark aid it Is with "some
Ta. 'Mark W. Cark received a i si at I came back
hlg'S greeting yesterday In the -a my Crd wr. I am the
tw glt of his Army career dur*- .Ameldean comaaN er who
Ub e fought on three his afioatur to a paper
c6tm D sa a war wedid not win."
i fo'rma.Tnited Na- headed "There eed
Iitrs-" eminnaldes*.n orea, -ap 94e attr t aml-
spL.e from the steps of city hell e in my career. .dedd to
teo at parade down lower s ."
jiiRay,, "Hero's Canyon," -

'iWA a the
~kr mlot

dinn ~ S 6e cheeri l peris mer secretary of State
ti a Mof te Fortiethi ir i tl*cer tape Byrnes. under whom
of. Mry' orOdad e servmd usdeputy
t p Kvalt hof Amerlcn nWA V Qtngui a
Vincentan priests an the Isth- The 0.foot-. Clark who will on the refnewlat stand
ne retire *xt week alter serving Mt~ ahr spoke.
his edcntrv in three wars, watn-
Everyone is welcome to at- ed the free world to keep uD its fhe general rele he deal-
te Tckets foir tbhs elal guard against bommunalt plans s wfh Cinmmu .t d comn-
oceadl atb. et. Mars on for iostain der of -ceU p tmops 1
mw be iW byco ctjg the sI n then a Byrne' deputy
ML e ~ah t c ofi Am ri- and as singner of the Korean ar
,a. Dig ,1 AmerI- foe the same ta iA leroat, ejice.
S. foe whether in L UdaoM.'
M Moerb WMtw torhe "MM am Riding with Clark wras New
The Pedro Mte titsl world mlaat ." TYork police Patrolman Dan Sex-
lla at There Is no deeney, ton, who, eWs Clark's jeep driver
in ll U honesty. in his makeup. and bodyguard during the North
~ s a so Aerican d Italian campaign.
a~ Also aceamanm yinr him was
id an big son, Ma William Claf.

ICi". -tou*htlr during World
l ar 1L an the eommnMder of the
U4s eso lon sAi rAn forces that conquered
beatenal oapa contiwlu .11 t Ply.
hoAtesit s ad Group there," he added. "In the mean-
Aurd t a noonn R'sCd ttae, we must keqn up our' mid It was. disclosed in Charleston
t _Lnn n a ie byb tlS be strong. be courkigeous d C'.. that he. has been offered
Irmlub .* nu -w.that strtengtL. aggression the e of The Citadel,
Ad -8 O B i, i de Octobre ia 15 X!u mUlitary 'tdie he will vslt
e P coUear way," later today.
The Oflamee. lve CIO .
Charity Bamr Dace and
let on .-loviber 14 frotlq,
O 12:30 .m at the-
: -QMD flO a' Club. A NNW ,
Pes n e.s of .a
.. mki.4e*@p

In our l I 3
S .

be, .
.r- -~


'C i~LI

so grey
,. ing tip

C*~.I- I~'~
*r --~r

JW in this Sli

new MirrorCase


A: l ?S& 19.5, ftfl -.-,L C. l 378






of et. dren, said she start-'
4tlrat the Orville Wright
MALO' Mobay so she woud be
t r sand her sister would
be. Maw:
Ih saMi she hid in a corn-
E. l.-lkl as the fire des-
.WW Ul0 bales of hay, 13'
dieei. *f farm. machinery and
some grain.
Th7b s a went to the Green-
wood police station and admit-
ted .jrtig the fire.
MlI 1ewitt did not say whv
ah developed the urge to kill'
ber dater.
S Egg Winner
-BTORR8. Conn. (UP) J. 3
arrnen of North Brookfield.
hs., doesn't go to the grocery
=r his egg Mli pen of .3 Rhode
Wad edbhes v wen the 42nd
Mnual contest at the
v yrlt a by laying 3,742 in one
ar. Four year. ago. hsl hens
it a world 4eord with 3,968.

lMIt suffer need-
There's a
choll Ap-
l Arch Sup-
o Remedy
S most every
t- mmon fbet

uble .

~ 7tup save

. I
14 9 IO


%r., JLj-t, l iJ .
muAw.g Ai-Ims4 IVIp/U
Y. f w Jud ALtP./I

ffA- J,/ i p.nftI -Jr f

6, one equisik .erst-. if

Cochlal Oressm. a6a5
Evening COMsO" 49-95
Avidd ft u Astreeat d o. W 9 Tl 3-1
*v d <*-k the stret kreat Mart an ashoof
*"?~ .raT~ .a 2_ ____~

. ., I.

._ -


"' -.a-lfr' -qI.`

at 't



Ur.M M

tiu St =ns


Jim -

L :I *

We need late model used Chevrolet ad
Plymouths for tradeWns on new Cherelits,
Buicks, and Oldsmobiles.



C 0 L 0 NR.P.
_^- ,"

I., *.


-Z= -




- **- .-.Ii'

,P jmft-l~wf.

r -.. ".

MR.1 aexa. under ad Elizabeth Pail
BY PUBLIC wo fIDOTES land violin and violin celT
Mr. W. L t f is leaving soon to make his home acnom ansed by Professor thr
In California., td with a stag party given at the need no introduction to restl
Cristobal Yaeh t b his fellow employes in the Public dents of he Isthmus. Pro
Worb ne~ut~islr~ii>-ii tMM FAKAil N*-1 tat~ion. '~deti of the Isthmus. PreiIe
Works Departl 'l e Coee Solo Naval Station. sor Janowits has served as,
The group eanSb iteak'ment Mrs. E. B. Turner and professor at the National flta-
dinner, after w= th they pre- her mother, Mrs. Jewel Good- titute of Music in Panama lel
sented the honote a bon voy- enough, before their departure 1989.
age gift of a gold cigarette for the States. The Feinjands have had mlao
lighter a Parker "01" pen and: Over twenty friends called ny successful concerts In E f
pencil set, .and a hand-mhade during the morning to say rope and the East Indies. They.
Panama "tapir," the sWrk of "goodbye" to these long-time have been invited to play lat
Mr. s ulius KovaAc.X M.0.eorge residents of the Isthmus. iEngland and Holland, Mrs
Carlson made the ptsenWtations Mrs. Ooodenough, Mrs. Turner Feinland's native country, nex
for the group, and her daughter, Karalee, left year.
Those who parett e ted in the by plane Sunday to make Tickets are a dollar and may
party and agfats were: Messrs: their home In Newton, North be purchased from members of
Charles W. B1rke, Oewp Carl- Carolina. the choir or the pastor.
snt, Charles E g01fl ,- Joseph
A. 4nderson, Frank Mc- Mr. And Mrs. Clement u'
Laughl, HanA J. Christian- Announce Birth of Son A
sen, James vSwans, Adam Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Caleb C. Clem-
XJuis Kovach,. K. E. Kimler, ent, of Gatun, announce the A g P Ik '
Vernon Shoemake, Larry Cel- birth of their second son in o s S
lucci, Alfred Marsh, E. 0. An- Colon Hospital, last Saturday.
derson, Alvin J. Davis E. A. The baby will be a "Junior,'" ;Fc1 A-lMUea
Blasett, R. Bazan, Henry Lutz, named for his father. I mSWn
Leopold Cimino, Josef Ourada He is the grandson of Mr.
and Lieutenant Commander W. and Mrs. Leon Egolf, of Gam- The Woman's Auxiliary of St.
E. Thompson. boa, and Mrs. Alice Clement of Peter's Church, La Boca, cele-
Gatun. brated another anniversary with
Farewell Coffee Compliments special services at the church
Mother And Daughter World Affairs Group Meeting last Sunday.
rs. Ear Orr was hostess for The World Affairs Group of Father Malcolm R. McDonald
a beautif ly appointed morn- the Caribbean College Club will of St. Andrew's Church, Cocol,l
lag coffee given, at her New hold its regular meeting, was guest preacher at Evensc \f.
,Cristobal residence to compll- Thursday, at 7:15 p.m. at House In commending the work of tae.
8545, Mararita, the residence Woman's Auxiliary of the dis
of Mrs. 'Gady Hardison. trict Father McDonald said "theO
-Ar l are the backbone of the church. 1
u L H Birth Ansnsueeatent The celebration continued with'
SMr. and Mrs. Wayne H. (Gus) a social evening at the Parish
1 ANellis, of .SBata Monica, Call- Hall on Monday, at which time
fornia, announce the birth of Mrs. Raymoild T. Ferris, district
their first child, a boy, on chairman of Christian Beia
Insufule ou lg September 26 in that city. Relations spoke to the gathering
Mr. and Mrs. Nellis were on this phase of the church's
WASHNM beW it reared in Gatun, shw was the work.
WASHIN rN, cat. it (P) former Miss Marjorie Styles. Vivian M. Witter. district pros
- The cornestone Wa laid to Mr. Nellis i an engineerident of the Woman's Aurary
day in one of the nations first with the Southern California and Mrs. Roger Greene, dlstriGt
buildings designed to withstand Edison o, chairman of Christian Eduetieo .
an atomic attack without mak- attended both of these elebra-:
ln~ its day-to-day inhabitants Change of Address tions apd exhorted the Wroup to
feel like prisoners. Lieutenant and Mrs. W. F. continue to give their full sup-
The structure, due to hO'fin- McInaney have moved frbm port towards spreading this hm-
ished next spring, is the Armed Fort Kobbe to Fort Davis. They portant work.
Forces Institute of Pthooy arrived on the Isthmus during The second Pacific Side ren
on the gr da of the -Waltr the summer months. gional meeting for 1953 of th
Reed Army Medfal Center. Woman's Auxiliary to the na-
Three-quarters fl d, the WIZO T a lhe rt SWcl; tonal council of the mlssionay
hoge 6 million dollar hunk f -The Wden' Internatinal diocese of Panama-Canal Zone
remnfroced cpcerete neow m- lonist Organlzatlon, will hold will be held at the Cathedral oi
ble damp, draft mauoleum. its first re-activation meeting St. Luke on Friday at 7:30 p.m..
The building hpa three orp October 29 at 2 p.p. at the The special speaker on tbl/
~dler ground and ive floors A- Aguda Ahln Temple on h s occasion will be Archdeacon ."
ve ground. Except for the ad- Street, Colon. B. Shirley His topic will be T2
inlstrative officials In a small All eligible ladles are invited Christian Approach to Commou
slae wing, the 500 rooms are to attend. For further informa- nism." Reports will be submit-
wl4dowless and generally low- tion contact Mrs. Leah Attia, ted by all Pacific Side groups.
ceilinged. 924-B Colon or Mrs. Fanny The second Atlantic 8ide re-
But the designers believe they Kaplan telephone 340-CocoSo- glonal meeting will be held at
can solve the problem of pos- lo. Christ Church. Academy, Colon
sible attack of claustrophobia next Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.
from within as well as of atomic Mrs. Belser and Infant Archdeao e Shirley wil
bombs from without. Return To Home peat his talk at this meetin '
To offset "physiological and Mrs. 0. R. Belser, wore of Miss Wittr. district president
psychological" reaction to Lth Ieute ant Beispr of Fort Da- will prelde and all groups on the
leaI llaP k p fwin* 4 v%1 k rltift5 to iwwbmsb Aowftl Vift -VWeM e peOW
with -her-*SWfl w ni% l ho
dolar schemes wil ud. b In theCow 1 o
There will be A "hlji lnten. capital on O ber 10. We e anil meeting Meld Mi
alty" lightin system which is A. has q names Oeoftrey the month of May.
combination of fluorescent anc Wliam.
kncandescent lghtine and a The pa al grandparents are
range of light wall colors that Mr. and Mn. Oar Beiser aad 'mST oi3IED1
wl 'practically cover the spec- the matenal granarentsr ra' arel
trum." Mr. and MS.. William Hill of
The cornerstone was laid by OreenwriehE Con. iAd
Assistant Seoaetary of Defense Lieutenant Belser'is station- FMECIN W BIE
nMelvin A. Caberg, a physlclan: ed with the 3rd BattalUon of
the 33rd Infantry. nE
latfOAnnual I iaarrr AUin d tFstXv e a new appearance to
y At Oan Thursday your house with bright
The annual bazaar of the colors.
S GOatua Unior Church will be Use our lKe selection at
np *Vhe ld tomorrow night at the tn We have an1r1d ,
ro Cl.Ser Blow*tIl WV-a P r s"Ut.
ro U M W Sisler a an I1attra tidm. th S
The hot dinner ill be serv- CASA MUfOZ'
FRARLIN, Ind., Oct. 21 (UP) ed continuously from 5 p. m. pPhm e y W C Ma
An IS-year-old girl who said at a dqilar per adult.
he had- an "urge to kill" her This 2 a family affair and
Ittle lsier admitted today she there will be attractions for
a1= 4f1425,000 barn fire do she all ages.
arrested before tragedy Fela e T Playt l
t Robert Young fied At Margarita Union Churh VhlELAh
arson charges a The Margarita Union Church
a a Hewitt, 18, Green- s sponsoring a concert of COC A '
=d, 4. who said she had an chamber music Sunday, at 4
W tW. ash her 12-year-old P.m. Whe k O W .
t at of an automobile. The trio Is composed of Al- wegr ar I f
Ia'UwA tt. one of a family.


f i

.. I


" *d~n ;:

I )~

* "-.,
-' It "

,NiA aiiiiiiiiii wusaa

You Sell em...

No. 4 rivoa

When You Tellremr u P.2

Leave your Ad %il: one of our Agents or our offices in Nq.'57'- "'H" i&'
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

Via Espafia No 34 Panam i R. IP, F. ..
li Ave.- Phone 1-2291 and (dellva Theatre A 10 .09 .
Minimma for 12 word.
MORRISON'S Agenda bltetacienal de Pu,.,lcigi '. ads on l wordl
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-041 No. 3I LAtry PIlM Phone c.
x..r 1Sit.---.,



-0 a-1.

Household Automobiles a. eh s pmsf FORRENT-Gr chs Santa Cla
Write A alee sm S Bee ech cottages, electric boxes, gao A
FOR SALE:-Two brand new 6 cu. FOR SALE-Brand New Morris Minor W20l Aeae C. stove moderate rate. Call 6441 I
ft. electric Seryel refrigerators. 4 Door Sedan. Light Gray with Red ou_ __ _...._ fr 4-567.__I
$225.00' ach. Works either on 25 Leather Upholstery. 1,100 Miles. HANCOCK Restaurant..., hMed r 5
or 60 cycles. Refer to Diablo furni- Duty Paid. Owner Must Sacrifice Pizza pie, Ravioli, Spll No. ses an bch. Snta Cf Al
ture store, Central Avenue N. 86. at $1,395. Save over 10%. Poy. 145 Central Avenue. Tel. 1-3002 in COOL Cmpon moua in.
rurne store. eOnly $465 Down. Se at -- Phone!SWIA94 04aiboa.
Phone 2-2104. A No Only $465 Down. See at House- PLEASE, don't wait *til the last day. ore Sd ker tr, W
OR SALE-New G. E. Refrigerator, hold Exchange (HX 41 Auto Row. ve your fet fixed up now. We .
le.E-e G. alleDarien Call 3-4911. remove corns, calluses, ingrown Foter's Cottag s. One mile po t
0 cye. E C D FOR SALE: Plymouth'3 utility toe nails. Call 3-2217 (Schols Santo Claro, Pleas bring your
No.. -5, Ap 3 Station Wagon. 500 miles. Perfect Services) Justo Arosemena No. 58. Irnens. Phone alboo 2-166.
FOR SALE: Household furniture, Tires. Duty Paid. Like New. Phone INVESTMENTS:-Have you five to WILIAM Santao fo b h Cat#
reasonably priced. Apt. 4, Eusebio 3-1697. 9 a. m. 5 p. m. 3-2097/ ten thousand dollars to invest in toge r .ri, l lirtb modern,
Morales street. Tel. 3-3073. 5 p. m. 8 p. m. a company, of ood business with near bh albo 3050
FOR SALE: Furniture, mahogany fOR SALE:-1937 U-12 Lincoln, security to earn three times your weekend.
dining set, "Blanco Sucio" finish. good condition. Mikeriim, Cris- investment in a period if one to pUI OeMur i cot Santo
S 6 chairs upholstered in green, table, tobol 3-2700. five years maximum? Ifinterested Clar, Box 4359, Salbo. P
China closet and buffet. Excellent write for personal interview to Box Panama 3-1 ?, Cristobol 1673.
condition. Call Balboa 3336. FOR SALE:-1939 Chevoete -door 473, Panama. V
Sedan excellent condition, 4 w mFOT
FOR SALE:-Westinghcuse refriger- tires nd tubes. $175.00. Call FOR SALE R
otor 60 cycle, $100.00. Detroit Gulick $8-763. FO SALE'
Jewel Gas Stove $400. Bcth VM_ __ _O_ "
excellent condition. Double bed, FOR SALE:-1947 Ford Tudor Se- Mi;_ella ou S Houses
complete, $25.00. 2 dressers $4.- don. Very clean. Mechanically FOR RENT: Furnished two bed-
00 and $3.00. Elida Apts. House good. Will sell equity. Phone 84- FOR SALE Female Boxer Puppy room house. Barriads de Miraflo-
23 Peru Avenue, Apt. 19. After 2176 Ft. Kobbe. excellent breeding, $65.00. Call res. Phone 2408$.
3:30 p. m. FOR SALE: 1946 Buick Station FOR-402
FOR SALE-1953 Norge refrigerator, Wgon, run.s ood. As i far oly FOR SALE:-hKodot 35, with fil FOR RENT
4 years guarantee, 8 cu. ft. $299.00. Smoot y Hunnicutt S. A. flash attachment, field case, $75.
Paio $403.00, sacrifice $275.00. 16th St. Central Ave. Telephone 00 double wardrobe '$25.00. two Aprueu
Magic Chef stove, $55.00. Maid'sj 800, Colon. bicycles in need of repair $5.00
SMagic Chef stove, $5500. Moid's each. See them at 5854, Walker ATTINTION L Just built modern
bed, $10. Kitchen cabinet, $10.- FOR SALE: 1950, Nash Tudor Avenue, Diablo. Telephone 2-4321. furnished apartn nt, one, two
00. House 24, 48th street. Sedan, new tires, ardio with two bedrooms, hot. cold water. Tel-
FOR SALE: New Home cabinet speakers, front and back. Excel- FOR SALE *phon Panama 4M1. -
model electric sewing machine, lent condition. Call Balboa 3336. AL- AMO-A APARTMEN
$80.00. Pan Canal metal dresser. FOR SALE:-Brond new, 1953 Chev- Real Estate Modern 2, 4 and 5 roomt furnished
S $10.00. Two 3 beds with mat- rolet De Luxe, 4 Door, duty not or unfurnished. Alhombra'o Office
tress and springs $12.00 each.! paid, 5,000 miles. Used 4 months, FOR SALE:-3 bedroom furnished 8061, Ith Striet, Colen. Tel-
S Bendix, economical washer 60 references. No. 8 East, 34th St., livingroom, diningroom, 2 bath- phone 1386.
cycle, $80.00. Call Curundu 7294, upstairs, room, maid's room garage, large
house 702-B. garden. Just constructed. Los FOR RENT: Furnished modern
S.WANTED TO BUY CASH ZCARS r. C... i Los A.des Sr A.k fM anntmnt 72 bdoom. 6 o .

*OR SALE:-Diningroom set, cornm- Only Plymouth, Dodge, Cl- vroet, 496 Borrancos. 16th Street. Son Francisco,ner I
- plete. Justo Arosemena Avenue to 1953. Not duty paid. 4 door De Roosevelt Theatre Tel. 2628.
a. .N, .75, upstairs. Luxe. Will see them from 4,to 7 p. WANTED TO BUY OR RENT-Hous After 6 m 2-647. -2628
;. IRSLE:Rott set.6stnd m. Hotel Colon (Panama). Telphonei two or more bedrooms, garden. -I
LE:Rott set6 2-60770.Mr. F'onsca. garage, desirable location. Amer- FOR RENT:-Ne .furrnlw a.pot-.
Sofo, 2 chcirs, table, like new. N. 2-0770. Mr. Fonsec r RENTd-Nicelybe
leet n ------ ------_-__ "- ican couple, no children. Call Pon- ment with gas stove, .- lrl rotor,
S30, 33rd Street. FOR SALE:--1951 Buick.Super Ri- omd 3-3620. gas included. Tel. 3-5024.
Ssee this wek. Livingroom suite, viera Club Coupe. 2230.C., Curun- FR RENT:-Unfurnithed .-
4 .English Chino dishes, metal toble, I ou. --. :-_P OSt n Offered room apartment ih Golf Heights.
.'Misc. items. Qtrs. 678-B, Curun- FOR SALE.:--Buick Spe' l l 95%1, J CI C A 2-L 1. G. I. family prefernd. Call Bolboo
4, .. h-l; 8-3-4T96 Dq PO[ r a. 6 U-- WITInON AVAILABrLE, Fa C 501 f r .r---


.m b. P O .| #.! AL "

to pgrgbj 4 bagstify
"oete Waeffsugs


fmlaPIe D ta v i_ __l__-
d l ,shu4t, --- i ..

aFF.g Y,Inc. an .emai ....
tm Aft -Tel. 3-41
A ibti ofl pa 8GaenurI On rn
l@ admce BHt of pu o
scheduled d.'nn on the
J ?5IJ Haff. .- ,.
Ao f h bookh ed -fat
*m tic Suatig tra edneity
C j- I "M '" 'u "J 'B '? *v" i'
'os = mi. si- am t .Pi

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S IIAL! ,.,el` ;-,.,
at i m l Bat 's tawr .r.
TOBER cRasrE. iTab
v 4ert Iffchinju In MR- d6 r*
Now matic and Hydfanatle RTrans- Jobs f. Flelds
mUro offe tbeir prfe-.

R' sftr. 1. '.tb, of em. ... .o

a e.1 /. ___ Uoor, insured 1954 vcT._m tires. :b I A iLU or 2iv ottT 3 0 m I. *I Stova lIt IMara. J
SALE:-General Electric wash- Intereted. Call 83-41 word per m nrite or better typists F Or E F i "
"ig machine mqtor, used 5 months. --+ and teletype operators. English FOR RENT:-Furnished apartment,WO
15-C Calabso h Street, I spelling a must qualification. Write $125.00. No. 5, Colombia street.
5'. elp W n l qualifications and references for For information Gelabert' office.
1' 1 eoHboo. whelnphog 212358. H o l 1 .* appointment to Manager Box 693 Tel. 2-0364. I e |C VAIJ.D
Slimmediate sole THOR: washing Ancon. C. Z. American couple, no children, desire. J IS IS Y .w
noachine, wringer type, leb pump, WANTED:_-Maid to cook ;nd tdn- .' voaation quarters o small oaport-
stow aruf 'enamel., Pc010 ark, Mo6tb 771B, IoRnT FD(f0 ment. Telephone 8 1;43.
tion. $75.00 No. 21 M. j. )Xfurtd- for full
S o Avenud (La Cresta); apartrrent ' rm7d for full R
4 r_____I___ I time work 'with Americon family.
FOR SALE: Bendix washing ma- Fre rl Excellent took, laundress and BOIO m.
chine, in perfect condition. Very I us housekeeper. Btest references. Call .
'ood price. Jose Marti Street No P u Curundu 7294," FOR RENT:-Nicely fumished reoam Al
6, downstairs, El Cangrejo. ae m near Hotel El Panama. Maes aval H i
able. Call 3-1789 or 2-1693,
FOR SALE:-Diningroom and bed- able. Call -178 or 2-1
room sets, practically new, origin- Frederick P. Kgesa, well kno Pr
al price $1,000. Will sacrifice for former resident of Gatun whol s b U. .
$600. No. 25-A, 3rd street, San retired from'the Panama Casas w *ee
-Francisco. Tel. 2-3518. in 150, died Oct. 14 in a hospital TT
OR SALE:---Easy Spind Dryer wash n r St. Petersburg, Plorida, ac.
ing machine, 60 cycle. Very ood cording to news received her4 s o'
coridtion. Call ellboa 1891, a recently. He was 65 yards ofaa W 12 (UP) A
m. 4:30 p. m. Accompanied b his wife les WB CCT. I
Klaes went to the S-eisi followL: Adh r srt e
- FR 5AEi Refrigerator Coldtpot ing his retirement ani ade i r a. Ue s e Prof. -aA Cardona, e :
.25 cycle Excellent condition. All home in Tampa; Fl Thef tjr P roedfa.d wiL "eardonao31e111111K
porcelain, 760-D. Barneby St. moved to St. Petersburg her on ubJt. Chair- the OW3 Armed. a t
Phone 2-4456. year. a 0everett4 8altistohtI aid Benlce Center La Boc~ cd, Ww a a C
R SALE:-Metal double bed, with Service Cent r, La 8 .S r
mattress. Large bicycle three whe.l. A native of Poughkeepile. N.Y., iasahusetta Republcan MC on, Oct. i :1i nerOt"
742-C. Enterprise Place. Phone 2- (1,gs first came tote Isthmus a ttr to Bn atm 8pea, rated frm (Avemge Wear & T ) O t .
2480. in 1019 to work With the Elec- -t DTannJ that New rr prvatory of Msto1 of a
tricsil Division a' a cqble solicer, 1. u Ilkliet ]Robert C. 1 low1.1g
FOR rSALE:--Almost new. 60 cycle, e teworn e 'lnic tK :

'< 'A _________ sion i w Gatun. wa t ,oou eoDaac .. h..1. 31 t UK--im
Su lter worked on the A tl

od W BUY your used refrigetor 1414 and the local nea srbcope ad- 1f*aatt '1u o- .' A ely, i |
+ give you a CROSLEY. Cl ant chapter of' the I B.E.W. com1itte t momber. bad urged U1irMpreaentle of
"AVmida Natonalo ephnear Tivo2 He is survived by his wie Mrs. de- a
S ACrdosing. n Tvo'Aary Klaes; his brother. Georfr. @altalbatala better said it nt ,t
.' Quarters 16-AK ofFreeoortFor LonIsl]nd IAmador, inortant thab t thie ---" 'a .

Sice was with the* ad Leks grd orchera which t
S rm the doent" heard o te l OM

sionn time as adsolo. 1e
o'h.prague "The Prelude and

N m. Whet w avee that report In half years, C Lardon.t compoae I
Sband we wl be la better pos- te u laa acore for uite' ogp
WE, BUY our used refrigiotor and a the Ministryiof Educatiadon of e hl"'

CA.on to mak et t hat the Smov n, a them I erra
Kefneafa on Oct. 9 qalle7 fi tat (uin adpI
"A^F75irido Nional,1 nor fitoli ; nrahr Klaes; his brothpr. epr e,,a bta r m keo f&r heI tna rude" ]B m Utmo AB u't,
he i d,.n.rbeindthe Jopnnti Greee,

X model 1950 up, e:-BoromicWa Pav eeor hte Warmuth: Mrs. Josi ,fth e Diffecthairmve an ld aeuro

will be cash. C ll 3-2943 after 5 ullianer Co I Mrs. William ob-
So. Ier, all of PougI eepsMe.ate
I' 'd!1i grand orchestra h v
beo.mid. na period of two an& a
when r-*,tbt report in I"" years, ardoni i. ompo. e.
band we w1. be 'n b.eer Pod- th u sc ore for nix e

1 ~r ~t~jF~ j~3h~i~ ~~:: Imeata~ ~rruaup.rr

,' iiB 'at

brish company that besrs has name. p-.d :ri. cmo
; waspper chl;ffied uant ads during ere ..
st&'.lc copy of his fir.t want ad "as placed in, hr
hbll. The otar-l. ue ad in .a S. iS ,se n,' v
,.' I crtdi;-d i. the I.! ponit :,i ,t bro, ,
a 3ar to its 5-0.)0.0(.u now. 'r F,':, 1,-. I.
; A a panr want ads e\er rincr Ihe first one. t n
e armd eall be holds abos c.

oundei of l1
npliments t,
I:en a pho'.
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Mo"re grift noitr #lg
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For unk. wop

In Eastern Rats
fly: JaCE rcOavPP WASHINGTON. Oct. 2? 7UP-
U pm = o The AFL Teamsters Union to-
day began a arive to win union
NEW YOR.O0. 21I Norris contracts for Inter city trek
H ughton aMd T. dward WHam- drivers along thecEastern sea-
blcton, two nuw SDi t opertors board.
In'he feasso proeoal The newly formed Eastern
.100 loTo Wkansefat, 0us r. thea avr, have on and off- Conference of Teamsters said Its
Broadway experiment in an ef- "number one objective' is to win
t ort to escape the financial and contracts covering the same
other pressures around Times wages, hours and working condi-
X* 88qzare, tions for truck drivers from
They have taken over a Maine to South Carolina. The
Am= bt aisa on the lower East We etion was taken at a second-
SS^ ll -c wp bpallt In I1M2 as a day meeting of the conference
your vWotu t home for Viddlat produbtions set up to work out the oAnt
and more recently a bbeen a union program in 15 EaZtern
vlv I .m-t 3 o hiKe MI SS of thb named the PlowftL An AFL teamsters spokesman
UAW.rm (VOA) F s- R tItxe The first poductipe, planned said the union had already
Jte~lot~r **J .l I) 'r I t hrb c -_ .. to o 11 wAn bNte last worked out master contracts for
J00 p1@itfMjlay complutil by tho late Bid- drivers in the Midwest and
a mymlfs # Chr' 10 r tl rl Dlp erev tHoward 'anex, Will South. Edward Crumbock of
N C". Yeu Walk?" ola % was tried out Philadelphia, chairman of those
11 Od gF Ptlafheir Shew for roadway man thab a de- Eastern Conference, said the
M~aloade ago, with the late George union will try to eliminate "in-
07 Jo afford Sliw mM. Cohan as the star, but due equitable differentials" In con-
)i A) to various difficulties it never tracts now covering drivers in
from the UI N reached New York. the 15-state area.
Salmon 4 Five Shows

tg Archie (nDo f thi i fdF productions, each to play
aar H t Ion Dhour lM the help theda employed by psycholo- foar weeks. Budgets, of course,
IL ?u9O4 32i4 1Qb UIl i3i U heme.of to atreathen a mentally will be much.lower than those
d did the 14b"I e f t r1tl Mthere occiAtlonal Ason's contact with for Broadway plays, but milny
red ."-10;044R y oh8traWe purposes are useko sM1problem of ife. top profmtion are expected
WT')nwvoins and mIs t ty d w _patients with Pto pa bticipate
es TrATElS SONME GINPO Nwst a work i e and andPa
Dw e n rdthber Agency, igdivldual atUtes auc as oIn bringing the Phoenix
4ESbVm M Mt 1a14 U $an 2,42 rth o X em", sewing and mbrtery Tnatr nt being" the two
batar 10 Sinto am "laC dkmy takCon dances and movies, the men announced, "we seek to re- OCT. %I
pro-l e that t'o s mental staff at Cerost Has- leare actors, directors, play-
'-seriesl ab hai M bno GeM as i a g.Vre, TlReday, OCE. rhas discovered hat the wrights and dedigners from the
U121814'. 4W Pit Ad&"., d.nt-nuBr whos forced nothem by the with
at BU the f ...-;; .-4rc menaly 11f(eeA Ja JI4 o 7pU flo n pattern of Bra dwy with Roy Glickenhaus, Ade
muinom, tha A3 imsa isen ivv I:6W To A htA pattern that too often has BY YOR TICKET
SftS On- The Alarm staple m=- Mental readjustment ca be lt3d their freedom to create.I
kor a g.=0 i a g. i F He's dwu to Club F te Unts suacas t alltfted by the fall coopera- '.We seek also to provide or Dagmar or at El Pa
rw TV:hA creL"g eACTo, eokhia 'i n of the patient: with eir t the public a Playhouse within agIla or at E -
rf irmapS, p "aBs aA ilar Cloc1k Clb doetods, Colonel Malk1ila0 d ex- l th means of everyone wherein
ea anm :l.) pin OccupStioal therapy New Yorkers may see such new
Sthealn e lcit this copt by the and old plays not likely to be
W andsla H endrlx q deny gXe- o ar i dtttl i paetints' partlatlon which produced because of the same
o will wed s r Trnbse d C pplu era o tine work as ri occupy their minds constructive- pressure."
t u i rols a :PthW 'w and ter chores. The per an thus opera the door to re-
told he, "ban tdgl ablet* hhatl"de be Ins r: 1 these daties he Iabiitaton. Katherinj Cornell's leading
w NoviatlaR lie rm Qna-dman in "The Prescott Proposa
,.C to zaISn dil~ d"gla 1rrr Va 9 on The goal of this year's Canal als," the new Howard Lidsay-
dauI. of I@ Zon :n theer ties l0one Cormmuelty Cheant .cam- Rause Crouse pby will be a
ALnthe record ty, te zu nt paign is $6,W. Th fund drive Canadian named Lorne Greene
testI r p enOct. 24 n continues who Is famous north of the bor-
pae at mIthe Rec' (gofta U01adgh Nov. der as a new commentator on
%- : Moi r"s et the __an_ radio. He has never appeared on
post 4w ., -._Atetuily. thi y type-castng
S4h;.Vbecause the role will have in the
hubsand, Richard Greene, director e4 P tryk an O Mus play is that of a radio news
It0 u cean Music& V C commentator. Oreene was cho-
hj.UI *ljo __ both here end .in ollywood, ;I

w ~it & LP *fmCH LICE ond., C.t. 21 liniting in New York.
. N clio TV: A crewver aWe w e .BERWI Oct 21 (UP) Tihe -(UP) The discoverer of gamn-
SA : Wan dla a m a galobulin a a potlo teat- The mu al revenue that has

be Of the band, t tod twTA
'hepolice 0 o now ne O application IWA "-JohR MurrayR
h W Sad V M Indated. jT i mst d" In mass iur-

sodAon to commit 1 Ibe given to prevent
Teedwarned Oiat "r- H =1 admntatio

haa because d too nd. t-
nounement carried by the often other family members
S wow u *"- dHae bIee ieted befor the pIn le
A mn Oct T rrorta Salka vaccine, Hammon siEATHdR RIVER"d,
oviet e to commit;p of 'tfer-tia Dot been shown to prent El
ign ogeenta ndomurder theple said. one q u diroe yars f
1!' ht Date warne___st ____HW S O N -

_Oct:_ _Ia _vaccine Hs latest in bata on
TIM- S- we res autumn o DRIVhE- Is.not been sNown to pr

L- nA bland .
A-L -i Tud with ruby



e .ANO It IS
,ad' ssnauak Wart *a olTOO

-.. .

,. .



Smart Comedy
by Moss Hart


la Bettis, Douglas Maduro




SM ti= 9:45 a-VO.
A Marvelous Techneoilr
MuIcale... I
Gesne KELt.r Lesif CAMON
Osar LEVANTE, ia

*| Opens FRIDAY!

Europe's Most Beautiful
Woman in
Dialogue In
Italian with
Spanish tUtles.


On The Screen: 1 00 IN CAS
"DUDE GOES WES" O The Bea: -



Uw ea adL C'

ow MmNC A a l 1 n L l J L S A f

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1.^Ai N 0B

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with )



. AAMA AMUAl- ..

Olson Heavy



lo r~

Both Fighters Confident; BWLNG 0 *

SNeither Predicts Knockout The Balboa Bowling Centen 4 /
October 15th. The league, Con-
sisting o six teams started th
averages of 766 per team but
S NEW YORK, Oct. 21 (UP) Odds-makers are when the smoke cleared 'tter
Sticking by their guns for tonight's middleweight the first night's activities, .the
Title fight averages were somewhat Iopaid-
ed. Several teams were handO -
They favored Carl (Boho) Olson when he sign- capped by blinds which accounts
for some of the difference but
Sed to meet Randy Turpin in New York. And the team number 1 broke eall prce-
Hawaiian born fighter working out of San Francisco dent by running an average or
the tyree games of 849,.the neit
remains a heavy (1-2) choice to beat Turpin, the step is trying to keep it,
former champion from England. Major S. M. Olsen of team 5
li. broke into the spotlight b1y Vol-
Turpin, who won the title The others were Stan Ketchel, ling three tames of -55 eaoh,
from Ray Robinson in 1951 and Billy Papke, Tony Zale and Rob- the MaJbr would have beel hap-
'V lost it back two months later, inson. pier if the triplicate had been
arrived In New York last night.i on a higher average which he
Olson remained at his Asbury Olson ended training yester- is well capable of bowling. A
Park, New Jersey training camp day by stepping on and off the shoulder patch is being ordered
hefor the lucky winner and 'will be
until this morning, scales. Manager Sid Flaherty re- presented to him by the League's
S Both fighters are confident fuses to say what Olson weighed President, Mr. John Barbour.
but neither predicts a knockout, but one report said 161 pounds:
Turpin says: Flaherty says: "Olson is in Teams 1 and 2 started the sea-
"I'm going to regain my crown, perfect condition. His weight is so oalle 7
I didn't cross an ocean just for just right at this time. He will team one, to be sponsored by A-
the exercise." dry out until tomorrow morning gencia Sears, took the number
The 25-year-old Turpin has an and, when he gets on the scales 2 team or fur ponts. sponsor.
answer for critics of his training in Madison Square Garden forfor team for four points. sponsor 4V-1
porgram. He says: the noon weigh-in, I expect hebefor the various teams have not A ...
"Who is to be the judge of will be about 159 pounds." been announced as yet for which ...16 i
how hard I work? I boxed 58. reason Sears opponents are Visa ON ",'rtlRPIN
ro unds before la i England. known by number only. The mall Heigh 5 W \ .
rounds before leaving England. I order gang racked up an impres- Rach ... -
haven't bad too many public
workouts: but I never have liked lUrpin sive 2502 series with Novey and ChtWCo" ..q
working in public." nvd ra eSchecker rolling high at 548 and CC P. g
lisofre 530 respectively. Only Glud bowl- Ck ..
Olson, who has plenty of re- Divorce ed under 500 on the team m-'
spect for Turpin, says: Anyed under 500 on the team.'Num-'
pchte for urpin, says: ny i Uber two, carrying a blind, man- W.....
I fighter would could lick Robin- D i. aged to knock down the second Bie .... .13
son must be good. I haven't been
ooled by the stories ot of his highest number of pins for the Pie+........ 1 Z
fooled by the stories o tof h is niht but ri wasn't ng enough
night but it wasn't good enough T.. '
camp. They've made he work CHORLEY, England, Oct. 21 to register in the win column. W 4 7;
twice as hard." (UPI Randolph Turpin, who Teams 3 and 4, bowling on al- i ..
Each fighter has met Robin- will get into the ring tonight lys 0 spli th 2 point a a o
son twice. Turpin won a decision, with Carl "Bobo" Olson to fight piece. For team 3 Albrltton tar
then was stopped In a return go. for the world middleweight red with 546 while the blind they
It's the opposite for Olson. Bobo championship, was named today were. carrying accounted for 516
was stopped by Robinson in 1950. In a divorce suit filed by a hus- pins. For team 4, Tankelsey -and
TWo years later Sugar Ray had band against his wife. Winquist starred with 580 and
to rally in the late rounds to Morland Cu, General Mi
win a close decision. Robinson Policeman Frank Valentihe Is aepet e Th team mean-t hh s f e
gave uP the title last December seeaged to get high single for the
gave up the title last December seeking a divorce from his pre night with 870 in the first game.
to entertain in night clubs. ty wife, Pamela, and in the Teams 5 and 6 battled ft out e
Olson's manager Sid Fla- names Turpin as responsible for on alleys 11 and 12 and here 01- or 4 a n am a
hearty denies reports he will the break in their marital rela- sen managed to roll his ttipli- *-
ask the New York Commission to tons. ate game. The tam took only
caution Turpin about butting. one point, losing the second The Panama Professlonal CHESTERZILSW
"Bobo is a big boy and well Valentine once worked as a red a blind but was materially greed at a special meeting : Pablo A A C
able to take care of himself. He's secretary at Turpin's training helped by Hone who rolled 546 to operate a four-team league dur.- la or Fr Autn,
never been cut in 58 fights. I'm camp. keep his team in the swim. Ing the 1953-54 season Which will 1tii li, 1 wld Oordsil,
suWb a capable referee will stop extend from Dec. 5 to Fb. 15. Blnvenido
Turpin if he tries any butting." Both she and Turpin have de"- The Carta Viea Yankees, Byr
S A win for Turplin would make nied the charge. She in turnnow The evening's results: The Carta Viola Yankees, B.ib
him the fifth middleweight to accuses valentine of cruelty and owned by Alberto A. "Negro" A- OualerOp.orto
re-ecpture the 160-pound crown.Insists upon obtaining a divorce. Alleys 7&8 Teams 1 vs 2 rias, will be run In a joint part- by Pott, Br te
re-ctpture the 10-pound cros un o g a rc hecker 158 172 200 530 nership by Angel Orlbma of VI- and David Roberts. knd, To
Klumpp 161 174 179 514 nicola Licorera, 8. A., Gil Mor- Catchers: Marc, Co8bos and Angeleb,
S* I Earle 170 161 174 505 land of C. B. Featon F Co. and Calvin Byron. action
Ste Novey 191 187 170 548 Clay Randall of Beymour Agen- 1
n lud 126 153 126 405 ces. Arias lead the clpb to ~lher: Albet Qoorlo, Rlon in i
C II u l te-a i T these three gentlemen thie year gler, .- l ..brto I~blolen. 16t0a
1t 86 7 849 25102 with a probable option to buy Thf.le afmt OHpah" with atal'
SAm Blind 141 141 141 423the ub ye. and
uann e A PAa nadmla I Barbour 145 137 158 440 Morland as sound a baseball GOENERAf6W UWIU
;, w Alvarado 125 141 137 403 man as eano be famd. lofy, Jockey 1
Luttenberger 186 177 151 514 will be eneral emafer of te Infteldersn COirenm Moore, beei
i o Bates 193 180 204 587 Carta Vieja club and has beef Bertie Willuiam, Clyde P0rj the. ti
given complete control n the and Alonso Brthwlite. meetn
One of the biggest fields in th tfor local golf tournaments 790 786 791 2367 operation of the e'lb. Ht
history of Isthmian golf .is ex- were made possible by the partners an giving hbk a free Outtelder Mddle io Cecil tr t
pected to turn out Oct. 31-Nov. J unta del Cincuentenario, Alleys 9&10 Teams 3 vs 4 hand. Miller, Fita Robert, TheB us rc dt
1 for the "Torneo del Cincuente- through the invaluable cooper- Blind 172 172 172 516 The C. Vieja team will be at Petrw n and P7t pe, sU
narlo" slated at the Panama atlon of an ex-golfer: by Thompson 137 179 170 486 toned on the Atlantic Side. T .
Goe Club. name, Jose Antonio Remon DeMena 137 125 82 344 players will stay at the lote a. others: Htb Boetto and
It win be the Panamanian Cantera, now President of the Blind 143 143 143 429 Carlton during the season. Jrtalalten-
,olfers' way of celebrating the Republic. Albritton 188 183 175 5461 Catcher Ray Dabelk 1 the first Outtlelde
th anniversary of the founding The secretary of the Summit IYankee player to arrive on the l6t4fi s: And'es Aloiu, Cook- lnibleM ir D
of the Republic of Panama but'Hills Golf Club has already sent 777 802 742 2321 Isthmus. Dabek has been here e Steampel, Jose Romario and ed yesterday
all amateur golfers are invited. in the list of its members (with since early last week. Ray play- Ray Retneller. York 1G1an
'Y Invitations have been sent to handicaps) who will take part in Blind 147 147 147 441 ed this season with St. Paul, a I
all Canal Zone clubs and to the gala tourney and the lists Winquist 200 160 141 501 Dodger farm club of the "AAA" 81PU COLA: W
clubs in Central and South A- are awaited from Fort Amador, Marichal 141 131 136 408 American Asociation. In June
merica for the 36-hole medal Gamboa, Brazos Brook, Davis, Boue 172 119 135 426 this year th York Yankes herald Thorne,
Splay, full handicap affair. etc. Tankelsey 210 191 179 580 offered [(.for Dabek bt the ctConrado O u-
Prizes are already on exhibl- Participants from the Canal D e down the oafer o.u and Olir Har- in
tion at 'the Panama club and Zone will be permitted to prac- 870 743 738 2356 DabeSk b tan touted by for- 1. d
olal Mike Moreno, who Is run- twice Friday, Oct. 30, at the Pan- mer ace Yankee pitcher Spud ranile Glad-
g the tournament, reports ama Club while out of town Alleys 11&12 Teams 5 vs 8 Chandler.Arthuts, i .
t everybody is agog over the visitors may play at Panama Barraza 133 166 158 457 Ray wound up the esnaen and Herma k
el Electric Wonder Bars that any Wednesday, Thursday or Icaza 190 154 138 482 with Jll batting averalle, .
sl1 go to the lucky winners In Friday prior to the date of the Typaldos 132 148 97 377 hit .= rtuh -
e three fights, tournament. Schlrmer 170 165 190 525 Soeb ~ K lll nd d
CA record players go to run- Registrations of local contes- Olsen 155 155 155 465 The 5P25es mta
: -up and RCA ra. lo clocks tants, both Panama and Canal h
,1 go to the third place finish- Zone, will close Oct.29. Closing 780 788 738.2306 6 a rs Pas r Vl-
e:date for players from other;V -
ac ad pr s- nsual counties will be Oct. 31. Blnd 165 165 185 495 Stan
Ponce 100 134 131 365
.<: Calvo 157 180 150. 487 TA VIIA
Hone 180 184 182 540
'Banks 151 126 150 427 o yn 1for1 Al ubn Mak n to ,
U-,-3 89 7"78 2320 other th tams follow: players n U Lted.ltates.
,, P '

i WFik~i

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Pr tce For Notre Dame

By United Pree I Tennesee expet i a b weath
^-_A Ler" in it smeA thiswg.t k e ti

eorgia TOh hAc ns bgun its
first all-out practice week of the
season In ruparation for Sattw-
day's tulss with Notre Dame.
Linemen and linebakers pen-
ed the drills with wor gal st
Notre Dame Ipllt-T p Y. And
in nlace of the t adltkml Mon-

the Au
gle Inj
top ph
the na'

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A S S7

M, Y Two Trophies At Stake
To Be In Sunday's"Big Rifle

worker' Match At Empire RaniyPi6

That big event of the shoot- The s reporter would be bhu
Seth r's year, the trophy n'iatch with put t it to name a a butW
the 0-06 rLfle, looms ahead for dividual winner to th0a%1
^ .8the this coming Sunday at the tournament It woald bqe
4i Army's Empire Rifle Range. The to expect that one of the
0 p.m. or in addition to the Cerveger iaPe ay mght be tq mma .
.Ah 4 drte has ban Nacional Trophy traditionally hude Jim Balle,
M nalf hour in up for competition at the short. Byrd and Jay Burch, a. f
o .,the ComrnWty er ranges, the Balboa Gun Club shot. Th range wise older ,
Io their 19 c ha: provided a one time trophy flers um am Hant Ra Z
ps atrlliant pro amb for the aggregate winner over Favreau. Dan Still and the

thft before the gama be The Cervecerla Trophy must Other military compsto
at officials of be won three times to be retir- like Hugh Stripling of the 4t
Canal and locdl mlltara ed. It was first won by the old aPe among the top competkS
Soies .a look oa es ponent do fain le ft to Fra. Albrok Curundu Gun Club Manyo: te names of fine
of 's DI c and tate'. Jim Reaebach. tad team. The oloing year,. after tar shooters have notleenS.
1" tW 7riban-6Jo e te n- an Pi |Ml- oif %lanc d ,State's. Ji Relchenbach.
Tie 'bsJ oter this ardiron hgigan- the 400eof ton he Albrook- e ici hnereas yet, buy't ,br
Ula aiQon -lae at the B j- .t -- -- --. Curundu aggregation. it ws won better known by 'a wem
i aRHIOgl School o eflL o by the Balbo OGun Club, and is mon the local civilIans steS
ti;; ABf ay afternoon .1 now In their possession. Since ans 11ke Al Joyce anSid
hsaWe at the i- ooar (ans Albrook-Curundt is no longer in Tddd are alWay datngtsire
d Commiakry. existence, Balboa has the .only JaffrM is a past winner
Si o e to sonere n leg on this trohy, has bmen In and out with the
t w. tahirto-. / wtr Ex ce t In malbore rifle rifle this year. Dick
cpmet 0e of stands Iboaf. shooting, where Balboas mar must l w. wisidered on his ,
do se. In addition o the FlrteVmj roost locally, the depth of the BunI9y before last.
So Ind alubouse sales, th e ai Gun Club's team power has de-
ta nd olubpe at the taes um, i -- d clined as more and more m e. 80 this tournament has. all
at the St v diu wl bars leaven the Isthmus. The Bal-requtirementgsfor exclteansLt
be t 4 on Friday lst nfootbaansfthnight are-the hDavidson at end Jim Fulton t boa team can't be counted out ae k who the winners
beten itobBd4:m.wlll on n otlYn "'" e h2"avid^on at ni tn hers leade the Iathmus. The Baalc nuDme r ew thalm dy -
hbriat and will remain open for a real treat this Friday nlt and unored on 4 nter tackle, B b Glud t:guard, and of the Double Trophy Match yet, int to be or even whot
ulWli after the big event Is un- at alibo Stadlum. Not only- witvge Orlen Devti Dan Gressang at center. but their cancer of winning re ely .Tere
der4*4r.... t". undeieste po testis \7et n ws qt anlkeyt be.
dr~tB l ti .- ttw h de rat m ea ftr ant op I th ea must at best be considered dubi- entr- list of about 60
bUel ,i. Walne fo ths hrhlig or l -t o;l dte Thet Faia 1t ous. There are many strong mrl- anad possibly 12 teams.
rhe ditiontcthe apbara e eto IV cAlong TheFirwaySots end ery fees
K-flIft I gb er ernlleosna, th one e tt i t O CPt tetuh ii- iding vl awin adon o- ou Itary teaD taEking prt aYre O 00 N S
h194 o te, b .a to aetudvit ees y t they al be Cevery Intention of meteh h ino5.000 and i

Kft c complete b. 6dands e tol A wll ooehee Ima. 1la da .. x hnow froronm co he .T atth snam | d -*tant.
le0 ie for the tns throu ing h ha' taking that big silver cup -away, ent a 7fees r 3d0. M80tootI
t6 bal ,bi Joined by the a rTher n ng .nd andPteoP Sq wtpenty. oEr -l AWu Your reporter has not been Oct.2. The cs i
se. 11 the Aibrotah blo og penr able to pet any stegr firovm tesoa mu th at =3
S it band from Alrook ~e p-meti to the righttobon "Pi n p" managers to niate who might allowed, to be us
l B for this highlght of t C OUY Chest oft he leag r w tourney soheuld the AW be the Wionnee The Marine Baor any rane desired by the

B al ne show s staged by the The two undefeated te t stein of 1 d raIt hop. fo She e A ee for an be elled upon to have bd sots sit
.. 16d and ep qs tht itll proe the big atti dating a the finall handicap froem 10 d thdn t reted a to a e tee aotsT willcmu
ves qtst ho ng4-using t otthopelh- T net tn .nte-lne ondr at the same oteo
1 iTs theiBoo.ti o onl eted a U ta8. Th winner will b the teteam that has ebts rapid (60 ond
Ise leo. e6g'elflitheeow snf ," ,, is A m ,, only t^olert 4mQ *ra kaln, the depth. ith five consits at 3s o.arcl wll.
-h e e fo tN i~anleret fsttnA 3t, withyboth wiltel.cmatr this
t fTb r. amit .lbohe h n w In o theo ri*Astf 4 dtmatch wi l be five marn- 'ams Trophy, but the match Wilwlt"
teY. t sswlira d tn T. ,h -olver ti with urnhlas and I ilbI wml be tazqd prior to the start tlnue with twenty shot -
Sp ll aa the in the h m ier tha tre of i d an liv e ores rone ,lt 500 r tar .tot..l
16 ~t mPowerful teams ever to be O t fte and r will coit. b tdtil entries posble 20 for th
prode cally aand to'mae Grat e f om and c Mona I winner, will also- be accepted. and in- awards and the BailboarqM
is all he -more effi- tam 6- dt best hunch d dualsa till copeteithteam Tem Trophy.
fe -te, n'hr e t have on an equal basp.s for In Jm-i o the laed fr bern bas for reporters o m
t, "- w e 4. .their.- gw lu ha go of indivdual awrd. w inrdividualscore
Zone. A netted-ilt 68.. EIt] From the saectator point of somewhere around 24 -'
rV ge4she o helpmul *1an nde fn 'orit na d
-rantie sl l. o p. lnna r, had' ns t vitew. :this Is the best matc o o the w.w,4gaA Au.
The ildota ua6the Third low wasa ttriple ts e the year to see. Tarets A *re bout 11 I ma 40
7an- be tohay to0..aN, n u u l arr n ilhandled by ti erys, b magic number for thtdyon
teae to beat-ir te' Can l Zone, enpl o n henber that
are just that a iA year. lt Abaftet 70 slid y&sall shots'are mktedg sot hAt Ibty0eI
With a remark ant-e wn- -t lnt id of Carpenter 70. NomI can be seen from the firing C JS
u froegs 1 d Vti team. and from a -t draw and was tenee spectator, can easily 1 Shootant and pectators sal,
--begt-.ICn g hireaty ttb ecauts t rhelr hrW b e It was her low the program of the amps- brIn their own lunch a It i

dfe Ce.f wr at. IW lr win., bt them O at Amador .w a .,~. .4 -o : n, ,,t
bo* d W;= fl and.' i' A w a MOr. Vi# ie btkadLaHea thon. There Isa mounting tem. dtowlb
--a-a- s helX C Abitn oppo & 8100 Ltar IhiPU

t ea te Y? athis tento o oro- of this gef me rotla. RECONSTRUCTORA oN I A S. A.
k2rA. TbO la"s f Porn .IJr RECAP
odbatto ItY erly to 6d'bhep Balboa wlm e A C VR OL ONES. .
Ovearth at4opa their sense- ar sa. 7 wAear. *1*05 2-l6
that ui IJimvay9Mal. s idthem to J.oin. C e at Amador u
me tw:i Wisr a l bouf Thursdy ..iety In rol_ ..

Spr* i .see the entire -atherel -I ,- ,t
9.."ll Mot1 B te e n"b can corr yon:

I s-.9t ;itt'14S -:

I -. ,
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it 5

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- 4_rif_&
- II
4 '-4-,


touriS flights

serving the t 'a. -Cuba, Pana ta,
Peru, BoiVi,'wragay and ArgentinW
Seve up to .5% 4 tWhXt triq. Yet enjoy presuur i ed cat perfect lr conditioning,
flying hunv thfls ar theJ smnopsher al.itudes-MInd sfs" peHilly designed.
fobr Brenff,-wit Th, theirs 300 MP spid to hisk you through ,atim
America end .ml. Uihti Avery flight tis srume kill and sperwlenc
tf t' built a Mn pasbf s mile flown*Al complee fmy. And the rse
e iendy sltl that's famous on two continntts. Abobd tkhee t. new DC.6 flights
there's *lilb 4. I l nont of deluxe space end srIwr ccommodtions in a separate
Sabin ast ulr fiarS. Why not make your next trip-. Braniffl
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-.^ 4

.5 9
- ~dA~

--. *i cn T I 0 1 A I A: I R RiW A Y U 2

.. -. -fr ns tll yowurevel agent or rniff t Avenue Tivedl 18, telephone 2-0975,
t.&.b.p p 9 S Et c3-1 rt. 1,--r fatne. 47a6, Colon Ticket Offta 779.

:r'' .-" Z ." .. -,I. ^,/ '"', ,. 5 .-.
t?.J'3S^ '1 p.. .; S ."
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- Lrl~-~r l~ 1-


i "Let the eopre k now t& truth aNtl l fte country Is st e" An m Lincolb.


Israel Ignores US Aid Cut,

W il/ Continue Jordan Canal
io State John Foster Dulles, TEL AVIV. Oct. 21 (UP) -The Gen. Vagn Bennike of Den- shooter, has been sent to the aently Is the one being
accompamed by his wife. steps Isrueli Caninet, knowing the mirk, head of the U. N. team nl Middle East to seek laaerli-Arab hmte tdted States
from a plane at Washington. step meant withholding of the area, said some time ago cooperation in promoting a wold the nitedhe United se it
Dulles returned from Big Three American aid, has voted 8 to 3 Isrnel should stop the practice. TVA-type development of the told the United Nations Seurt
Foreign Ministers' meeting at, with one .ibsention to support Recently Israeli forces attack- Jordan Valley. Council i t e ready to take
London and expressed confl- Premier Da'ld Ben-Gurion's re- ed three Jordpin villages, killing congress this year aprpopria- qalek ctlon to halt the "spread
dence that the meetings will fusal to halt work on the Jordan ;4 Arabs and wounding 16, ac- ted $224,900.00 for the Near of violence' oi the Middle East
provide "some results" of in- Canal, informed sources said to- cording to U.N. reDorts. The East and African area includ- f reports of arnistice volations
terest toward peace and se- dav. Ar b bloc at the U.N. General ini $33,800,000 for technical as- aro officially ooifrmed.
curity in the future. Disclosure of the vote, made As.embly in New York has been distance, $44,100,000 for aid to Brilan war .the "daier"
by sources close to the govern- trvlng to have Israel formally Palestine refugees and 147 ml- oritain waxpisses "a i' P tle
k r ment con "!rmed reports that censured for the attack. lion dollars for special economlQ Of mn' exprodes n IPalestine.
opinions were divided. tndustraist Eric A. Johnston, assistance, twas inu3ei r Istatei ad-
But the majority vote ap- veteran presidential trouble- The 147 million dollars fund tma maeti~ S as t thdel-
i Senate Leader "- '"' "thmem: I:r
S proved a sPcurity report by Ben maft af ft ml l by n tde y-
Senate Leader urion and endorsed the Pre- t we $t biMkax he tim n River.
mler's stand on frontier inci- The s tb a6nent were made asi
i-dents and against yieldingtoathe coull t a on a cod -
Unit.?d Nations order to cease promth e -ouni tle agenda
wurk on the canal project to topic wmdor a t4 a geonda
SWile A channel off waters of the River lanon d and that
Jordan for irrigation. Syria has debate be pi nted on last
S our M e strenuously object to the pro- w.r: .r a w Ri ttaM on Ktya
vect. took c WO 41 us1cftelo gn er al
Big Four Meet he sources did not explain and the Weste power proposal
whether the voting took vkce stt 4tke M dfthegenoleralns.
Se at the beginning or the end of The council speed to ps.
DE aMOINES, Iowa, Oct. 21 thd three-day Cabinet session in The ounci asr d to post.'
tUP) Chairman Alexander Jerusalem this week. V t llmds ae .k ther
Sof the Senate Foreign Re- But they said the minis terms ervisor,10 b icrrives to
Iattn committee said today the voted with full prior knowl- su 'jpervsor. 1on. p the wir ddls to
te has come for a new "c ede that the step meant ps- t t The dd
to-face" attempt to reach an sible withholding of U.S. aid. r to? by. pl Te l ,t
Secretary State ohn Fos-ew blueprint fr
ter Dulles disclosed in Wash- t' area.n
Wiley said events of the past Inoton yesterday the United Aer an de Lt Ca.
at have given renewed hope States is withholding foreign e Brioan dela 5 SfY ca-
athe West may b e able toai funds from Israel because bth United e' Stold the 1n-
reach a "'modus operandi" with or its defiance of the United Nra- tha d Undistlrbed over report or
the Soviet Union. The United tions in the Jordan River dis- itrud 4 distrolrbaiver r
States and the free world also pute.tru violt
are in a much stronger position Dulles told a news conference f ths re
to negotiate then a short time it is questionable whether au- d by t of lr
ago, he said. tharitles will release the funds tire of the coueit l
The Wisconsin Republican as long as Israel continues its c n de ftl the w
I .a t o a eI s hsIproposalI isipeen a 8 ck dr a iak
de his proposal n a speech attitude toward U.N. plans for be nh, pbAtbh"
S epared for the Iowa Bankers maintaining peace in the Near tqh'J
Association. East.
S appeared te veer away trhe Untd states has sharp- .ae t he sa M.
t ea the Adm nistration'y v rebuked Israel for the "shock- tlh d-a-e- l
ad against any to-level ng" attack by its troops on Prts ^eqtef
tin with Rssia until its thee Joran villages. Dulles BOARD OF INQUI-A three-man board ofl ndr t leby bbe W otr k
od faith is test a in lower- said, however the decision to Rear Admiral Delbert 8. Cornwall (right) stand board theLe i M ai"et ,- MII
ee onerenceson such s withhold the aid funds was not U.S. Leyte as they open their investigation nt 1 the caeStl a r e to vMa 'l
ef as nGermany an Austria. direct outgrowth of that t- of the explosion which killed 36 men and injured 40 othea p tp are P e-tosi
S r n n Adent. o h o t With the admiral are Capt. Leonard C. ox (let) p ther-naldet an M c e
Wiley said the Soviet explo- He said it stemmed from Frank N Turner. i Ch 11
sion of a hydrogen device had Israel's refusal to cooperate in a)l h M a
brought renewed interest in an U.N. plan for developing re-- s to elf r A
attempt "to have a meeting of sources of the Jordan River ConMressman 5 dg
t; e minds with the Russians.' for the joint benefit o alsrael wIy tot
I must confess that I do not and the Arab countries. C L tt To Rhee W to a
know whether we could make Dulles ai so said the United
' SprBgress now in meeting again StI.tes is continuing its technical Indin O r Vn
around a conference table," he cooperation program in Israel j b i2
said. "But I do Inow that if we ThL malniv Involves demon-_ n s e o O V l i .
don't try, we are not exercising stating and teaching modern e I
S the kind of leadership I have ag 'cultural or industrial tech- 0 -
been talking abut..e sit down Little financial a id is in- WASHINGTON, Oct. 21 (UP) tion by the Seeretary of State,
I, face to face, to try our The Jordan dia -Official sources said today the event reprimand, would ta to
face to face, tra try our The Jordan dLspute resulted Administration has no present enlage the Incident and aggra-
mit reach firm, reliable a- from Syria Drotest that Israel intention of charging Rep. Al- Vate Is diplomatic effect, t t U
cement that whe may live and was diverting water from the vin E. O'onskE (R-Wls.) with Justice Department sources Co
violating the Logan Act. said prosecutions under the Lo- r 11
"I do not suggest a confer- They said this decision was ga Act traditionally are snevgr s ste e
ee with th e Rulsians h d reached after careful study of a instituted except on the r om- r t -
the thought the Russians with o Sailorletter which O'Konsk wrote to mendatlon a the tate a
n bnded knee to pleadFour Fromfor South Korean President yng- met. Witot$w -
toupwmlse," he added. "We man Rhee, urging Rhee to re-OU
g to the ference table lscuesease anti-ommunist prisoners The Act, which has been ,1t1 mI 'i.e
S I t h confidence in., our aq Plane Crah held by the United Nations. the atafute books for wmr te3 i
strength of muscle and mind. Nsayv l8 tate Department officiealsdand a half but rarely 2k6bt r1. 7.
"Te opportunity is here, I Plane rash .e shocked by the letter, which provide a penalty
believe, for us to indicate again, HAMILTON, Bermuda. Oct. 21 they regarded as an open invita- or three years in prison, or at4 robbing w
strongly and affirmatively, our UP) A Canadian sailor today tion to Rhee to violate the Ko-
desire to live at peace with the was credited with rescuing four rean Armistice terms and direct- evemss "
World and to do our utmost to ofthe six survivors of the crash in conflict with U.S. diploma- f anT.
promote conditions Inwhich 0 a US. Navy- patrol plane in tc policy. It was called to the Canada Set To'us and nsld were
man can determine his own St. George's Harbor Monday. attention of Secretary of State C letdltnight
stin in an atmosphere of Th neplane, with a crew of 0 John Foster Dulles after his re- It Alone On mnto with
dl i noep" oucers eand enlisted men, was turn from London Monday. ln wpon hitq was Indictd
SWile did not spell out his en route from Quonset Field. R.I. Dulles was asked at his news St. L wrence Plan o
ir but he seemed to be closer to Puerto Rico. Scheduled to conference yesterday if there o a e :t three ere eld
.tlija the Administration to Brt- make an overnight stop at the was a possibility that O'onski w
Ih Prime Minister Sir Winston Klndlev Air Force base, it crash- might be prosecuted under the WAHsIdPI'O. Oat. 21 (UP) Count jal, under
Churchill's proposal for a meet- ed and sank in the bay. Logan Act, which forbids Amer- -o Canadli U'oreigu liiise h on Becount
of the Big Four heads fCapt Allien Smith. Commander I can c ito from carrying onPt e lste an'5 sad td e s for
t to try to settle all out- of the U.8. rnaval station in Ber- private correspondence with anb Canada, ist plan to go F"ields a $1,000 fo
stnding East-West problems. mhda. paid high tributDeto sea- lorelgn government "with intent alone on ta e ast .lefa repe5 -
ue Ta o Ru. r man Bruce MicDonald wRo dived to influence the measures or gatibn n oeaot-i- Limestone,
h mao rmom hei otl~ e Canadian de- conduct ern mentin -
Rude To Rul y stroaer Prestonian to puli the co- relation to any disputes or con- Psrson said hi. goreruwent iiTm k
Sr o uilot from the sinking plane and troversAes with the U nit e d is aetin h con tbe.iuanmtl it M yn
0RL~D rahs uto bIleP rescue three other crew mem- States." wam be am neaowa y
ORTIAIND. Me.. Oct. 1 (UP) bers. Dulles replied that he had ask- Canada hua _'pot e
Itr was Rudy Valle D'y here The Navy released the names of ed his aides to provide him with t8faes doop l nSm ..
,uterday in the crooner's native Ithe Six survivors yesterday. They a copy of the letter, and that he ecE, but 7slh said hE
W ] Mane, and Goy. Burton M were identified as Lt. Robert E. wanted to read the full text be- no reusoa wh i rphch ger
Crass issued a proclamation Mortimer. Lt. Raymond C. Con- fore considering any action re- has rep edeleaf 1ed "U.S. -
Late." VRounds: AD3 Gerald D. Flanna- Quplifled informants reported self now.
Later, wnen Valley emerged gan: AE3 Edward J. Hambore todaf that Dulles is expected to
#r8~t- ticket on his automobile Names of the missing were with- the matter drp quietly. 0ome of after aingr kstr"tlEaz
= lqeal parking. held, his advisers believe that any ae- wt",'

posal of any uqal OCeUiC M
consto.o -tefe .I,
cpL -

WitL Jycott


sedy C afeteria

-eta rt llh
nTeik .m s at or

apAbt .4t of t the cae wtes
wo d tbe bats were
B r e.udr segroes t-
aner b tetr fse-ow
broug! t1 g =i u rWuiches.

in rt aetl Monday.
h La trade orf
:at the cafete-

o"d fla I dfobnerly rese-
1Mwe under segrega-
1oday tja vte workers
Bad W 163M entered the sec-
Emd SVoCeftt ~ktq formerly re-
sw fr'v U a tVe ta for the 12
o'elclatWo. ..
At t 9 the-lunch hour for
bh& t@i staff 30 whites and
ini .~Iepoa 4t down at the
Sli1feteria did
itS umae4 bufts of about 200
Cjp T. T. n com-
ianof bte way yard. had
no, ocmmgp 'd situation, but
It NO. tha t.t casters of
aill Vha had warned
S against create
,in ap suardi.on motokT
fyCIes. patrol the cafeteria
arfa durMths luorning and the
lunch hbuw :-.
At 04h Pd=n4la, Fla Naval

bt W .

A. mp .pOan at the 4 ,,
Itaton iMd the te busbeen .ep
vielROw r trour.fltrdIn
worker, ,
I -Aill-2 -- i4. d
-As.-, ,,. i-^ |

"-' ins- w..

46w-7 .


qo .'J ....-
- ,- ... ,

. -.. t

fow wreu u mu

ITTLE MOE: His Life Behind the Iron Curtain

_ ------ ---- -- --. ---- --~-_-- ------- --


. ..,

~. :ly* -;~


-!'* *: /. "'* "
I .. ..t ." % '. r '-. ,
" .'

", .." .

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