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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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-i begins ro

e-Leyte Blast



II 0 '*.'

Daily Fee T Be

$5 In War & Plus

Service Carges

a -
US-rate employes of the Ponomr Canel and Cond
Zone Government will probably bek i g about $5 a d
subsistence in a ward in Gorges Hfl', plus a pr
ae, expected to run about 40 per pt, ~t t he prri
established fees for hospital services, ccedrig to
ame";l consensus of opinion amona informed ao,'. '
The new rates, it ms believed, will go ito effQs
ht. 1 ed will be bused generally on the rates now
shkrged to dependents of Canal employes.
An official uu a e I m on the rates, bei n
Peredu t the Balboa Heights press off, wa w ot emt
Bible this afternolm.

1, oth are at preeent aeas
iKm paying hospital char
When the nAw ratesaC 1i
effect, it is believed UJ. wor
will pay about $5 a day fo.
asm. ward andl thnn AB

aI .pre K.

itour oo r a a



.men .

-- mst

may a wa'ha
the huse ca orrier &Let
service. Atrrtc were

Cds-Face-Q- -i
Cops.fce QS


,'. wum, Mp. O
-' 2he eta e.thel

te L j
' '


- : ,,
aLerr y oe of the
iijoj5f o5 wracked
of KIean war
t a which show It e


bPet fbdt 30 pe-
cent hpaerge.
Wh :'3r the new rates mean
to a ate Canal employee?
fT61 vmrline t tthe 40 per
cent "it b ab t ght, let's

Destroyer Division

To Dock Atilman

This Evening
Detroyer Dbrision 161, com-
pIst of four deroyers under
We coiqmand. O Captain E. B.
Mclmy., USt, is scheduled to
r t the A Naval Station
Red with bout 1300 crew
mmIber-eewuMn. en route to
Mor-m, Va.
.'T drtroyoe are: the Allen
i. lilmoet Mdale. Ingraham.
The destroyei ar e of the l-
len M. Sumner' class, having a
Ieth U oft feet and a beam of
41. St. tach ship has a com-
l0rsit of approximately 20 of-
lcerie-and 300 men.
e tr ilp will berth at Pier 2,
otean.and Will transit the
Oad -Taradtay.

The effleee and men will be
grant)d uboe leave and liberty
while la the Zone.

ca So tolw t*
der new lwardA s M-plah
Civilian employee of the
it was learned hav
charged $18.75 a d. at o
since July 1 when this nw r-
went Into effect for them.
Navy has no conimdeonalt ap
propriaton for medleal care, M
lon g the medical care Is a
,va.,bie In the area, a it Is
here. Before JW I 1 they p"d
$14.25 a day.
Both the Army and the A
Force get approprIatIonm of am
bout $17.50 ada for their dr9l
tan U. 8.-rate cdil s. T
workers pay a alaI-mJ for t
slstenee a day, the ervla
are charged a ba

Citizens' Group
To Discuss Rtes
Members W the U.. CV
*esM' Auoelataei wa meet
nightat7.3 at t the
Main toepe t ibe M_
are the new GeWgarms
Admlttlane to th ame
Is by mmbership eaud ra.
This may be sa d at the

G ese Loot

Xct. 19 t mo ey, wlch has been
r who r*-ever aence Hall and
d"rer tz d loe confederate, Bon-
appear Hp Ready, were arrest-

OLI, Ind., Oct. 193 brmal W the bass of tradition evoluuombYullt up over U the
Alfred C. Kluey rat ot Scial logic. 100 years.
at certain morally- examples so In- From a bolloegilad E
ts are biologoaull i not be pub- cer uln sexual prasicesrI
should be consider- sh i i rha ry persons re- an abnormalt. Tib, u
It relMte sex practices ap gu t them is the aequirdtf
Ahor of the recent imac animals to the havior and that In a L e
ivior In the eumBan ut 6s imaL. the verveion."
Ireed the Central |'t me o ton d those Y sid much Ofti
'Ai A"Mii WW tepet such ki strat wued hn
watad a contromy ra"It ad immoral" he -traint wa baed an sa
SwS ien. an compleSel I- code without
th the he be theory f o .al log e. .
E-nai lslgniflana of iseu a I
w tv vior to'dhe ot ewStad
f As Aoueon t whea mak a e q I lr
U ad ea flial a 't. 19 (UP) A oc ir rt"s

the Neala- mea- cmtemeflA Iw aM
i ihe "UI ot
-I. heBwer, that tract wit oww i
pp s, t~ B atsrYI wmt altogether hois swpbinalfhb U .
b.haiavege Brtish i se es a
tola hrm, .2 0
Jew: ab&_ han" G&W.

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Kiinsey, Of Course

d Wipe Out Certain Sex Taboos

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Htt PANi
,,L.Q -~~1
r .e k



5 7 H STrnal P 0 Box S13. PANAMA. M. OP P.
*IP 1, IN A* MN ADVANCL__ IS0 4 O0
L netw
of h
The Mail Box is an open forum or readers of The Panama AmUr- pta
icSp. Letters are received giatsfully and ore handled in a wholly confi- tar
deatial manner. Stal
It you cannribute a letter don't be Impatient it it doesn't appear the T
sax day. Letron ore published in the order received. chief
Pleaso Pry to keep the letter limited to one pag length. cha
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence. mill
This newspaper assumes no responsibility tar statement as opinions net
expressed in letters from readers even
So -cal
inspired by Accounting Circular No. 6. Supplement No. 6, Mar
from Chief. Accounting S-stem Staff, dated October 5, 1953, which Ye
reads (in its entirety, as follows: "In the 12th line of paragraph trad
7 page 3 of basic'lercular. insert semi-colon t; I after 'received.' frlg
Hear ye. Empire Builders' Heed ve. Directors. Bureau Heads cont
and Chiefs! dead
Since lo! last August. the shio of state's been heading for the over
reefs. als I

Helter skelter--dlrectionles,-just drUifting lth the tide, I
The Panama Canal has lurched along ts careless, breakneck ride In
Toward dead stop. And why? Because on August 28th. when tio
Circular No. Six Col
was Issued, the lack of punctuation left Accounting System hea
in a fix. ful
True, other men have labored long and herd and with Du
exceeding zeal who
To plug the gap. Tall Ed from Personnel has issued a great deal ous
Of circulars ithe kind that Sad-Eve Sam lust loves to play with), Pip
4nd Bow-Wow conciliated labor. favoring neither kin nor kith. con
But thru it all, the dread error still remained. A supplement thi
Steers must issue!
thoughh rude commentators said 'twas better for printing Ye
on scott tissue). East
October 5th dawned cool and bright. The day had come- blacl
the call to arms at last at le
S issued had been joined. The time for quibbling and on o
r. delay had long since passed. Ot
]avely the virgin stencil fielded innocence to sums
mimeograph machine, ter (
Snd ere the sun had set the "'affaire de semi-colon" sand
had become routine. five
(I en o
Fortunate are we to have such artistes of the circular, perse
our red tape souls to save. who
&.iat funny noise? That's Just old General Goethls--- the
w-hlrling in his grave.) earn
S Signed: FearLss Filbert. Th
S---- this
t. halls
.,x,. .r ..'.,,'w: colle

-~ 4 t. Ie

his supergeard bike, which he claims can roll st high speeds'
with a minimum effort. The multigeared bicycle will be onw
/ :, display at the autumn fair in Paris. France /

No. 7 PERU AVE. PHONE 2-0406





Shows: 1:15, 2:42, 4:44, 6-46, 8:50 p.m.

^tt^^lfflf A


U imr

S TIVOLI -- an
S Libertad Lapuarque and Pedro lafalte.n Ino
"ANSIEDAD" ,1net
"L -X-AND- t

S* It's the Wok I
Labor News

Comment j

By Victor Reise
r. LOUIS A blackmallers'
work, hiding behind' a front
hundreds of small but power-
construction trade.- uLos,
'Ing its personal trro-taz
thousands of new homns, h
As. roads and even vital mill-
y Installations and arsecll
operating across the United
hongh many of its regional
efs have been Indicted on j
rges ranging from murder to
ion-dollar shakedowns, the
work hasn't been scratched
n by a combine of many lo-
Police Departments, Treasi- kW
and FBI agents and U..
shals f
et these thugs, whose stock-in
e is the ability to withhold
ntened working mn a om
r jobs and keep laor from
tractors rushing to meet
lines, could be mashed
night by respectable'nation-
abor chiefs.
'he blackmail rings are deep
the heart of AFL Constre-
n Trades unions. The Anl
instruction Trades OConell is
ided by Dick Gray, a Ow-
political figure. Hglr-liq i h
istruction Trades is lnastl
rkin, ex-Secretary of Ladbr,
o, for example, has not yet
ted from his Plmbers add
efitters Union some 9 the
ntry's most brutal shake-
wn artists, such as these lan
s city.
t there are records in the
ern Judicial District of Mis-
I which reveal that the
kmallers' network has cost
east one contractor $075,000
ne jdb alone.
her businessmen have lost
, ranging upward of a quar-
of a million dollars. Thou-
s of working men have had A
and six dollars a week tak-
ut of their salaries for the
onal use of business agents
would not otherwise give
working guy a chance to
his daily bread.
he business agents can 'do PORT LYAUTEY, French Morocc
through control of hiring sweep, which has moved me arou
I which make the New York through Germany, England, and
erfront shape-up seem like a thing has struck me more forcibly
giate political club rehearsal er. That is race relations in the se
democracy. they are Army, Air Force or Navy
The amount of progress that hL
ie construction trades shake- In. anti-discriminption, in less th
i artists -in Missouri have almost unbelievable. The gradual i
oved on the "Illinois Plan" old prejudice and its progress into
,lackmail of businessmen. In ship and lack of distinction is aim
ols, contractors have been its suddenness and completeness.
.d to pay a fixed percentage In every little 6cf in Morococ
he dollar amount of their yu will ee the psnb flock of 0r
racts to union officials to diwerence is now there may
"h onious labor rla- and two Phaving
ob." e and two The
Which I p Ik They o i the
e Grand Jury we cing joi
Perfect case study ne of the
eof "harmony man of ei
business agents ha get cracke
a bold as the vermin 2 an l
anilent story of the and Joke togle
retb roaches don't wait best dn w
ou dit to your room. 6 1 have s ,"
a oown andread the regis In the officers' e
Sw exactly where ples, and AhM i tyr
Syt y practically no m clqac
Cordi t to the Grand Jury7~l f the separate tT cl
at recot especially on pul-. Mems ha u ntaet
works projects financed B" change. Iunk I I t great.
itate tb labor leaders he The reason I KI'M jut 5
ally attend the contract let- great many men. and whi
herglpin Jefferson City. inr bck haome rrm, the warJ aI
for wari Dt of thee dayn. and
nee the looas know which ed aboutut ual toleranoe and n
sinean ha won the big to dsoulOg o an t clvllsl pop1W
AhCo*hima inte a "pro- been l =a big thing of- "ra
toSe Mos te for rwB dreary years.
',rolet. Thbern they tell
i hR t "labor bar-
rwll ot him.
ILy is a fe percentage
the dollar value of the eon- WW
at Intt et. 4I the business-
a wants fo meet his con-
tual deadline, he pays.
ire ate cases where no "pre- THE BROADWAYI O N s
conference' was called. The FlrstN- .i sts: .
rtioniets simply plagued the arrived a t LSs'
ractots from the very be- baL s J .i.
Inr with "jurisdictional dis- .L p
s and other forms of labor
e untiL the co ntractorsa S U*
geavres in a desperate mo-,
&Iaught out the labor rep- I yL 1B
ttatlves and asked what "D.Ql.i vs^ i iU
I be done to get their JobIpS'l SSl SlS
rtg smoothly to avoid pay- iaSS ta.1
ied penalty for every day aS
una pat the agreed dead- 5ri h S
Leve" that -eovler,
Ornd Jury reports that blmk .ILa a
'oons are armed in the event s '"IB B -a3t
ver-harassed employer is few c + t- WHI. get Sia
t8e into attacking his ex- Sman br ~W nw t t wvasa
ters. "tiat he wobolt ham a hair .l
haed." he psbli~ reett
ridenee that this is black- as worty as Lu Watas'
I, sl*pe lt not ware. ws hardly news...The hinterland
d s aumeous sitiey *s hr"aa Fair,n r *"The FrogmIol 8
re a eqiitaetor r leek Helhes'" seportd the atersn
or iarnarrm," but the bus- on ther beaks.. ,ltt "CaIne IW
ag rtei for mor. ted as "ready for
to halt a mallon dllar--.
Minsher ee. tHe bioneans The OtaLemagula: Spenpcer Tr
it oerated r1 mh.3b all field another iP n acting Tip
he fere the b itted rr A ch ,r
loer to et up a dumuy Simmons is Th
pany e 4r ap the rated by 0O GIiIWjed irt

0 -ty,, _, .
m's texte ,' triclty. A
It Again"
,a .on, nto r uEt...

oaf. All f.1 e n m.nor..
iiiis am s, n bis ,ums
rImet hp own anrtN
ualv ef ib eas baRe obow

iv. seast
OklahgBfp j 10BM

hase n.1 0 .
i r-t o:-. .ll -

Sun' th enW 4 ""- :- 10,41W
o ..-by -ft M *, -,.r ... ..:. "
have. f
~ 'thJ~~i3S~~iSP.ii^3B ||^^^^^^^i&--



..... ..' '


go.-In this last The pressure groups : nev.'able to force
nd pretty well it. and legislation cou 4 u t. apnd qve
Morocco, one P tbQgat deee was blrto do It.
than any oth-.. BI the aien at leat, have
rvices, whether been able to do it. Tbae area .AtW~l lGot .9f
t. Southmaerners d texuns I =Ahu erte,andimet
as taken place, of them that haye sp aund. latly havw
an 19 is ea g atrer ofi sa lor
amelt=ofo of l was we worked on a segr?.
Casual friend- .atin. a. there m plenty
VostotnI 'f I 91who baoV
, for instance, eme ,Yop
rOnies. orI~ tcy o lr
be three iat-e
beer, or ai g ar't ws

mWgdemin W
tne. s ,~, d .>*. v

9! opsgtloe. o thil
and everybody .
Shan been taa, t -,1 ,b A. a
~t that. u a X.. wae
11 pr.Tratlon ou
t.e learn- of

% that m f.ew at

-i II
.T:i .-,
-% : r h


Res speaker 7boe
ae it.
On the Amerils for.
Italy and France;
Ho V ON. he aeuld have
ate a p "D0ottlel&," thus haw.

MOned to *to a

4 t~ft si BO1b
e ed the ofr fnea dwlU we
ts ere.

olre i Vicent Qwaut a
t ndeiot* wtd iwA uh tI
fOf .,a.i

on Aq isoor'1M

IMS ta
I~ng .* d





mtih a

Sen. tors adregst M
Department regards


iats *Fb moai


ll.l '
'" Pat




4 ,,,' v
;L .^~I

- '

Ll .r-- r-- -- ------




iT "'"W

. v .. r -

> ......j' < : p
;_ ..

,' *.,


~s;arr ~
r;t 1~.:: .

S', I. mok
*, J. *-

" 7

M" Mirmam
uwa ase '
%Usk:W rBe gtr

HaaJBu.Aor mheni
I s atak
a|L J- n* qf a k.- <



l.Idwiy, $et&1l
4 of '#bunl
rE open "I

wm wo ,ll
am prices be
hats' culd h:: a
9 it." He Mid the
eadrtg onlri

Am. W t t

to nen l

a elr en from that. mwMet

bhe aid.
"1 thlnk foth
ont"y of hisP
v to be on flre
tng the aniM
ways done thi.'
I that farmers an
hn they hawn

ro ox a remUaG
Rajf HUagb j
ournal*t at

AsorP ow or ou*.


uw as Iu

. .
- l Eg

a"i o


i h-
1 24 -.a
*' *- *
Il, B-;Vl

m.- &
fe QM*

oI 0 W

ReEDQM?-You may -Anot xi4
It Jaques Monard, who i ser mt
mIB'sr the murder of Leon T ero y, tte
eha ent machinist, Maoard iasta. pris-
'" L__eci bexrK" Mexice's sdeemrd-
ejUlgible to be considern for perto, bat
Shis ie s threatened by vengeance-meking
dlt, who fear he might talk ad reveal
h prutcipated In the nassa etleM .

B h Men Have Facts,

Fig s For hecklers Queres

30 (JP) in the clouds but their.feet are
y .the planted firmly on mother earth.
BDety The leaflet supposes that the
a epne lecturer lha beem'askd this
'L question: "Espedly U Iall the
are t k* *planets are so lnhospitale, why
.. do we wdfnt to cross oace?
irlt.. gL1t at- Some of .the anwCrsabout the
,f.i-aerne benefits to astronomy and
Taw physics would be und tood
a only by another scleotift. But If
the questioner is just in nquIal-
,ir- tive layman:
visitor "One can also fall back on
rlmtn b o r in the argument," ay the leaflet,"
That, after all, Columbus hardly
t epne P -why foresaw all the consequences of
Jo t 8 5 00 miles M covering Ameioca when set
awr.nAd citOul d ai et Nal."
BO WrOor to It i,. bool The leaflet gives these latest
S Aw im he'd maximum tinma for the first
*1 6 old ge Ibefre hae got Journeys in space. The mona.-
to tnl what h t50,000 miles in looour; as
t hm e the b Inter- 35,000,000 miles in 237 days;
Society, wU distri- Venus 26,000,000 miles in 146
t atts leetlr io ad- days.
on hew to handle the ques- "These could be shorter If we
tl1dters-skeptics and balevers could spate the energy." The
alike. Society apparently finds that
And the leaflet revealed the second most insistent ques-
natklngly how far spab travel tion. l: "Is there life on the
h slipped rom the hands of planets?" -
Taos ers ho pionsred It Into The approved answer to this
t more practical grasp of i:
vcl "tIft. "If intelligent life exists else-
B men who are moving to where in our own solar system
the fore in interplanetary theory it is probably very different from
now ma ialrko have their heads man but still possible."

S. 'i

For Trolsky a
MEXICO CITrY. Ot. 19 (UP)-
Mexican newspaper are de-
Sandin that Jacques Mornard,
layer o Red leader Leon Trot-
sky, "be locked up like any other
Mornard, who has full run of
Mexico City's penitentiary where
he is serving 20 years, whipped
a photographer out of the prison
radio shop Friday when news-
men tried to interview him.
Mornard, trembling with rage,
shouted: "If you ha asked me
first I would have gladly let you
take the picture."
"Why don't you Mexican dogs
leave me alone? I may be Jailed
but I still have my dignity," he
Reporters and photographers
tried to interview Mornard, who
killed Trotsky in the exiled Bol-
shevik chief's home here in 1940.
about an escaped convict's threat
he would kill Mornard and a
prison guard.
Escaper Jose Medina Chavez,
recaptured recently after brag-
gng he "killed a 'Oringo'
in Hugo. Oregon," threat en-
ed to kill the pair "because they
stole my position as chief of the
radio shop." Mornard, present
chief of the shop, and the guard
later said they "aren't worried in
the least."

:,;.. Oi


In Anu a Cdti lUadog
TWA. 1 2

CL .
l--| 'r w -

IB~tt kfe

~ti,..~ lJ.R~"
~ "I.-L

i eI



o/ I I toleos New Pattern Department


ik new department Inside Almac6n "LA POSTAL" at 68 Central Avenue, PanamA.

'It9. something new... different... unique!
Magical...that's l. e way "MODELOS" will make your dearest wishes come true
...your defi fr more personality in your dress.
With the peii f "MODELOS" you will find the smartest most correct
styles available from the latest pattern magazines of Paris, Rome and New York.


.. to ebain ny design you desire at "MODELOS" new Air-
conditioned pattern department.

--- ----

'? '.
I-* .

*-~ .4

*rl; ^*^ *i ?
r *
)' *" ** i

* |a~ .

i' .

- -.- 0

- 5E' -- r--.
`-+ '". .-
L i. ..

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...l pping &

Air Line News

'Air Link to Join
.,z .- FarEast, South America
TOKYO, Oct. 19 (UP) The
Far East and South America will
oe linked by a commercial air
service when a Canadian Pacific
Air Lines Douglas DC-6B takes
off from Hong Kong for Lima,
Peru, Saturday.
SCPAL's Orient district office here
announced the plane will fly via
Tokyo and Vancouver, making
the flight in 45 hours.
The airliner will leave Hong
Kong's Kaitak airport at 9 a.m.
Saturday and arrive in Lima at
.5:40 a.m. Monday. It will also
make a refueling stop in Mexico

Four Douglas DC-6B's will be
put on the service, the an-
nouncement said.
US Merchant Fleet Dwindling
. -: The nation's active merchant
marine fleet is dwindling and
will continue to decrease as ships
that have been carrying Korean
war cargoes are returned to the
-'mothball" reserve, the Com-
merce Department reported to-
It said there were 1,451 sea-
going vessels in service on Oct. 1,
1,253 of them privately owned
and 198 government owned
TIhe reserve fleet, ships out of
operation but kept in shape for
possiblee need, numbered 1,896
The department said 58 mer-
chant ships are now under con-
s truction in American shipyards,
21 being built for the govern-
ment, 21 tankers for American
firms, 13 tankers for foreign
owners and three ships for Great
SLakes operations.

Wife Takes Husband

Back After Talk

About Shorislop
CHICAGO, Oct. 19 (IP)-Mr.
and Mrs. Andrew C. Koby 'at-
..~tempted a reconciliation today
.-... tEr Judge Alan Ashcraft sug-
ii A-skied tiit they tar. over
Sboby's .deslrh. sor,a shortstop in
the family.
,' -.' Mrs. Koby, 39, a'secretary, ap-
peared in superior court yes-
Sterday seeking temporary sup-
port for herself and iwo daugh-
tVis, Arline, 15, and Carol, 12.
L ;'e sou;iso fsftr'ate ma'r-
n'b, ,-"nee oa p:' i th-t -er
'. :. dd .... J her, fai-
ed to support her and associat-
i.d with other women.
Plied that his wife's
td r he teo6t
' from his e l uday, that
his wife never showed hinm the
bank book, and that she had
too many visitors.

"And anotlir thing," he said.
"I wiant a ballplayer. I have two
daughters. I want nine sons."
"I hate no jurisdiction' there,"
the judge said. "I suggest you
confer with your wife. Maybe
-': you can agree, on at least one
ballplayer. Does it make any
difference what position he
"Shortston," Koby reolied.
e"e hearing ended when Mrs.
y r-rfed ,o take her hus-
bend back.

- -.n-;- p..;

UTH MILLETT Says.... Food For Thoughf

"He's always criticizing," a
woman reader says of her hus-
band. Well, what do you do a-
bout his criticisms? Lump them
all together as evidence of how
difficult he is to live with, re-
sent them all, and then discredit
Or have you really stopped to
analyze his criticisms to study'
them carefully.
You really should, you know.
A criticism doesn't have to start
a fight, be dismissed as lack of
appreciation, or be resented.
If you'll pay some real atten-
tion you may learn something
about yourself.

For instance, if your husband
says you spoil the children: You
can resent the criticism, or you
ask yourself, "Is it true? Am I
really too easy on the children?
Are they well-behaved, happy,
and self-reliant, or are they
spoiled, selfish, hard to get a-
long with?"

If you are certain the children
show no evidence of being spoil-
ed, then you may be safe in dis-
missing the criticism. But if
your honest answer is that they
are selfish and hard to live with,
then there's truth in your hus-
band's criticism.
There is reason why a hus-
band should criticize his wife. A
great many women believe, how-
ever, a good husband should act
as though his wife is perfect.
And certainly the wife who
Vstens to criticism with an open
mind isn't nearly as likely to
have a husband who criticizes

---------- E 'Sgi
1 Meat dish 5 Cured pork
5 Jugged Ekimo jacket-
9 Bread spread 7 Rake
12 Food fish 8 Follow
1Sioor caretaker
14 Stir 10 Mine rnittate
15 Unsigned 11 Burrowlangi ,+
17 Nothing mammal
:18 Attack 6 Cbhenic4I 28 plender
9 Join again powder. 3 mployei
21 Greek porch 20B ac of Ilecks 31 ber (p.
23 What we do to22 lops' kil -i 33 ente

34 Dairy food
36 Iterate ,
37 Abate
38 Fasten
39 Asterisk
41 Elders (ab.)
42 Bite
44 Famous
English school
146 Grant
;49 Comforts
'53 Wie cup
154 Forgiveness
56 Insect egg
157 Frosted a cak
'58 British -
59 French
* summer
o0 Boys
61 Misplace ..
I Pierce
2Melody ,.
3 Seth's son
(Bib.) .


.m.' Hi

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~t~*r ma m~j

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,:**:' i ^ ^ ^. ^ :l,

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Wt that famous IR Chocoedl flavor..


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44t jt~
v~ --"'~;
A~ahS ',

kids Love. Itl
For dlel*lue hot cee
Instantly, gus pt pti th
aglpreii Il p Up, ap l,
hot wate. Skr and Soro,.

~7 C 4Ei-^W -r.E THEM

In a Spot

s 8 mUSS wwaiTBAMt

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45 -n
.~~I~I~i: 'd'-' t"..h ':.~;

talisCLaLA'i r m

Rl i-* NNI

Fair Compensation

BI AL VMui l "

4 i'.O


Here's what to do \

A iCIrl

, 4



* c. .


--- ------





*- a go fA'' W,)ij2i I, tiA t

---nr-^-ii '- *---- -r-- ...-^-r -..*...- -_--. -.._.........- ..u.. -- yKlw

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ages Ann Jos .
W 4f ', p

do, "-.* o 0 wil. t

.O Mrswa i e. a ons,
i nr th tree, At onrl .eld

9tng altt 7,lay
ftag lub wille meet t te Wsav oam-
SalMd, at. 7:30 p.m. -n Best."
t y r onel, their fam- meniMbers of the College
for the and republic of the Ca- ClVBp *Ad prospective membo
Sn J B Zone lan the R~epublic of WJeome.
4- &,aan '-,, P .. .. 7i e rIlub M meeting
Ne eW.1r Iisis ofr C nlub of te Ca-
r de* p Lwomen of-t Oma Luth- t wilar dinner meeting
ov # a Ch o Ro at 0:30 in B ishop
S6t 01 hvaB W b-, ano u ed s 'ns fo1 t O s d I

FIEg noon bt November Is 1t
'MAt Servdo Center. ChrdAmas
ttem...wt te' daeOe gap OmI
e Wo pronmbed attract .
a e bllm la invited to 4tt ,-
noeAt 1011F blc te

fl '^"'Slnril Besriaex and Card Gu NetS$ .. Pattlaon, a greab-grand-
d e a vrs oe e and at. tou tartd h cner unual J
der the nth 'NtOf ttll ire e othe thsorld u
0V-Ar w.d her uniooe
an"ad Or'aN Mrs. althon, a greavteind'
f ells L. and *M eOe, Itarted her unus job
.," BB U w l lhen she wa e
Nw n 17 lvn g in a f ctlkl

o~-i ho e Iw n .o o the nat le r
started with a ert e

518I watching, her

y aa1d Mrs42 Will," daMdMa Pthetli W
*rs.e .n t ether she'd acr o

.stJ i '' satreto t hhe Mbel ong
from tftaBooi5%t :rou tocd her Bn Aie AO the streneto tohuidn" .
C C 0 it SA ".Do. have some cakee, Profes
"-- -ft ( ) .. she said when she ou

i W 's ttoo ssa d the Lahr

-: thtSn i .^ No. a t/me lhe btheca Inew
d. tAe To e e yer. he If S -

IL $15 h the

'' *h BiSkough

"W a lr' a iS h a s,

r is, a ban r-y
,.8" ... ,f time Pthe be e r
Oaf ~ ii..n
th W Ms W sW)the ds
NAM; mi. t o hvJn sn f
lie .hert.h t lew
ofa on r ,
moeo H = said iId.n

Staes and fotr. the Un*h
belleve thea inct it. Raw, IM.,8"

,', I an ati ',

. .n. :**i I

., .._

jk Ogg NOa

cow, lA I.. Petersburg, Florida, after
CELE AT. iv NTH ANNIVERSARY they will drive to
The Col. ia e Dof the Inter-American Women's Club eel- heon plants to b ay
"- brated its svepain anniverary with a buffet sapper at the
.Club, Fr idayg' ng, Over 25 members and gets enjoyed Mr. and Mrs. Alen
SPetersen nIn &Anlta Neff vacation In the eastern
The program enlisted of a sell Weade, who Is leaving soon Tey pan ,tospend
variety of dn From the for a States vacation. im llc s.
Heurtematte ~ o of Ballet, Cle, l -tar -
the instructor, Mrs. Mitzla Mar- c.'AI" MIea in
tin danced a Lungarian num-Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy Mlds Mee ting
ber. Carlos Ochos was present- Visitors in Gatun Mrs. Agnes Colema Mr
I,. .' setty Allen and Ms. Ma
ilma Garcia in a alletn um- Mr. and Mrs. James Ke n- me ei ofte andCristobal
ber "Raimunda"; and Miss Myr- nedy, of Las Cumbres, spent. Club A the Cristob&
Sna Qulfiones in a mazurka bal- the weekend as the houeguests Temple. 4.i
let and a B Eac and White of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Har- e .
ballet. Miss Adriana Mendoza ris, of Gatun. Mrs. Kennedy Mrs. Aurella Hadarits, preo '
played the piano accompa n was over for the Past Matron's dent, presided, and present.
ments, meeting and luncheon. Mrs. Ouida Turner the tradi.
P. Bob Smith and his part- tonal bon voyage spoon.
ners danced the "Polyanka," a Turner Is leaving to make
Bavarian dance, and two A-'Cristobal Emblem Club home In the States.
Smerican Folk Dances. Meeting Card bingo was played
."utN m sic tW regular Mr sae Iel and Miss Mildred Neely. Mr
DM F!"ttmM Mrs. James aer and Mrs.. Cristobal Emblem Club No. 52 En lk. Mrs. IEda MrE.
aIis u1. e Sso e4atem r s Gladys Kucikas were chairmen will hold its regular meeting at l Mrs. Ia MB e a
f or the very suostneul dinner. 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Elks and Mrs.Alice Bure w
They were assisted by Mrs.eOl- Club. winneri...
iobe grown boys and girls pcddi custards, cream soups, a Ro, Mrs. Lusa Zerega,Mrs. The birthday mpriz I
: ours need larg ap0oulfta of maush o or meat loa.. Elsie M. Skiuman, Mrs Pene- This will be a social eveninguM, eVirginia Faris. nthe
W-to-digest IOt- n for buld- Here are tqo We Oays o ope Rusodlmos, .dMrs. Adela and all members are urged to ladder resent included Me
Sand tissue ipper. They need getting the ; and oalclum Meana, Mrs. Jeanne Searles, Mrs. attend. dames Jeannette Oranberry,
q' t calcium, too, for bones of nonfat, dry mik Into the diet Fanny Kaplan, Mrs. Velma Ru- rey Wary, ,Myrtle Souder,w
hd teeth. i.. of growing youngsters: Inciden- dolf, Mrs. Ligla Townsend, Mrs. Dorn. Olga Roe, Josephine
ao h D.C., nutrl-taly, nonfat dry milk lis very Amelia Goiaalte, Mrs. M ar Ie Departures. Helen 8kelly, Pat Cary, HIt
Sat apartment of economical. A one-pound pack-Henriques. Mrs. Mrtha Hamil- Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Pate Harrold, Therese Geyer,
aeturGeof Human age yields. fi quarts of nonfat ton, Miss Thel pa Godwin, and of Gatun, left Saturday for a vi Carlson, Frances Scott
i El- coBnmies i. filk for about 9 cents a quart. Mrs. Marion Taylor were i In Washington, D.C., and St. Dixon, Loella Gullickson.
: lot 0 long young g- charge of the bat. Chambers
d should be built around H Chole Drink Mrs. Juia Leignadier handled
illk, which proides these two (e 4 seeing) the raffle and Paul Leignadler x n Urges ng a St 1
Important nutrients along with drew the number- which was IDUr ges M o Natisa Sojouners Meeting
several others. For children, five onei hal cup nonfat dry milk, held by Mrs. Leonida Sanchez. tCribboan Chalter No. 21 Naim
to seen quarts a week are rel 2 ta poonscok 2 cups wa- -The prie was ba te t AlF- edthee oco solo officers l
hapeye.." te r queur donated by Henriq t o Squolo Ofers fCe r Iei
a foa My a s tt nonfat dty sprinkle nonfat ilk pow- and Co. Mrs. pllto Fernan- Tuesday, Octobwill be served at
u ally for te mother of ero r and cocoa over parface of dez, president, presented the noSS er at 7:30 pm.
child who arefusm to drink atlt k* beater prize. For Public Schools
[ puh milk as needed. It Cook
Ml regular %Xover medium heat, ,irin oc- breakfast At hotel ATLANTA, Oct. 19 (UP J- S
food value to cadionally, until t roughly Washington Methodist Bishop G. Bromley JUST IV D
S I of m k t he acted. rve hot Mrs. Paul eck and Mrs. 0. Oxnam urged today that fed- CHICKEN WIRE
drind' also may be E. Jorstad were hostesses for eral, state and local aid to edu- and
high concentration to Molasses Cookies a beautifully appointed break- cacion "be used for the support
( Makes 4 ) fast iven i tha Ballroom of of public schools and not divert- FENCING WIRE
he otat- ed to parochial schools." CINCUNTNA I
f M -nm th at dly et e f-urytT gathe- In an address to the annual Give e new appearan
c an., Oct. i f~ teis _ing pow,- ered in t en d protstant Reformation Day your house with ht
whi1mrow fled th a od taon gr, Delvalle, whic i, Is on display, ington church leader aid "pr- Use our la elect
d lumpg nt the teaspoon n, before going in to breakfast sent tension between Romn ints. We have
beaten, dumping Into ml beaten, Catholic and. Protestants ... r shipment trAo
i cr of au homep iate eortp Past Motrois' Ado : u od be removed quickly. it both the gallon.
Chdri Saunders, 80, watd cooled, u F c" Meet In ha '.s.. wculdb W razpet~ht in all matters CASA MUROZ
S e nfot together floar, nonfat e PrystHu ml nafectn i bt y Phon 5
'e ,I n Jokingly milk powder, bdng. powder, Pal Chapter, No., of do unto otek we wduld be
the wheelbarrow that p ?" mon. C MFes for the semi- anual e it-.
S aune r water, melt sh= ft ofthe"Past str As. Ozpma, m wu fended him-
basr bale mola sse: blend well. socirdaton the Clu the seLf f is l 'c ges of Con-
SIncne, dd sifted dry Inredint, to Saturday. i.U munsO -Anerdcan Ac-
and another 0 i to t he liquid mixture, blei well The'members met for brei tlvtles Committee hearing, ad-
wndow fterach iadditon. Bea until fast at the Cristobal Masoi ded' that Communism cannot
Sb," ad smooth. Allow mixture to stand Temple and- a business. mmit- survive in Le "soll of Protestaa-
tha ws quite about 10 minutes; drop by ta- Ing, at wtich Mrs. Dorothy tlis.
S.blel fw uls onto a~ ungres ed Hamlin pelded.
on irs movin be ponsheet. Bakt in imoderate- "Th ieste emphasis up
SAiU" ie d es a tir- ly hotoven--( degree '.) 10 Mrs. Iramin was electedun- on indlvidualls and upon free-
Soud to, 12i anlids, to fill the incn- dom has cretd at at mohre
pl-t ternk o Mrs. Johe as which the Commun vru
reudi an ho is now l ," s id. ho ,s

Mrs. e Tu r and MLsy ,
"u. '. ."Y $ ,

Mrs ehIA h
ALombrl e ("N -, r)
Mrs. rea ensh. le(Ndy Timpi
Imtu)be homes fddtof MN ISTiMUS 0MOF M A wMeAd AT COrN
"--r LUUSh aU rnl anD Mrs. DI NEW Y-OW- CT. 1
-N aMar3y U A b wi iad ote mother.
,. '64w ... w.....00r Mrs. w"p2, nalo "i Ile Ii; edr e abl Owen '
Ms.Aureia Had .A Alm I.; oalfn, _L_ a" .
Better Favr01.8 'e-Hd t. ander*'randellreia. i I BMW^, 'IVOR" A"

-: Mrs Minnie c a
BalboaMMrs. Gladys Icnnedy,
)A mrdr abR Havrisscehbak, Mrs.
0 L11 Dugan, Mrs. clara Neville,
N.&Mar Belle Hicks, Mrs.
"Ice Yard. and Mrs. rraoe
DorotbheaChurchill and Mrs. NORITAK
group enjoyed luncheon
Din.the fountain room of the

L BnDre Night
At Cribbean College Club
STbmorrow night is Senior -
Ni~t for the members of the
'arEAICollege Club, which CAN
-.d its meeting at the P A ER
Srican Women's Club.
S Ouest for the evening will
..b the members of the Senior PAT ERNS
Ol afo ol the Cristobal H D, H ,TT
Sootwith their parents.
Sewill be an interesting COMPLETE SE '
E O One's Life Work." The for the evening, will"
"ot ih c... Mr. Charles WhltaTer, A- r7
.ei kn I can Consul at Colon, Dr.
L f a De Boyrie. M.D., Dr.
Harvey SmIth, Jr.. Mr. James

~~~jjj~'1wC UhiEPH tLIN Dorow and Judge Guthre THE FRENCH BAZAAR
L LE DOert Bridge Honors .
Mrs. Michael F. Greene was JUAN PALOMERAS
held at her home to honor COLON
1~ la that gives him complete nourdnelt Mrs. 3. B. Turner, and Mrs.
')len t8o ldcborcphyllin, Nature's Jewel Goodenough. who Ie, t
during the weekend to reside
0gP pfldar in North Carolina, and Mrs. nus-
UMLr FoE comLrtmn~rlr

3sp4Stki ai the famnes dog food peeked vwith
2S eet ... choice cuts of U. S. Govermnt .
,, u hor, emCt. Itmceased dqe food that
f mt-n ht WKm.XIRed(MI cmc-
TYMi thet PaOfft AGreatest TYPEWRITER EVER.
11 the weedeftl0 ras patofi Uu&m
o batt- at OT. A GENUINE
SBm'vbeen Bedni your4omtabs apa, now
kemtBevge to aPAzelvBiti to s al-

". 1 aoom wnItes4 '.D wait
: i"rdoj ea at d ei ab bbr a h1..,lti _________

-9 teAUTOS O RPOY, S.. lA.

. .k Av St Tel. -2-810

." .- _ri^ ;. .. ,. -

..., jr )
I;.:~~di~ .....:.r-F;. : ':,.-


.. ~~ i F: Lr

*ti ,i-t'

*,. ; .

u- ---- -
fe~i--------r----~-- --
~i ur '9~'se w..
I.__s uz

You Sell'em... When You Tell' em tru P. I assif
Leave your Ad wilh une of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panama ,
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

No. 4 rivoli Ave.- Phone 1-229' and

Via Espalsi No 34 Panami. R. p.
(sea Vbla Them WeUi

Fourth of Juiv Ave --Phone 2-0441

10,059 Mel6dei Ave..-Phone 255. Colo0

SAgenda lateramcional de Publcaclion
No. 3 Lottery PlMr Phone 1-3190

SHouehold Auntomobiles Do s l ove a a HL WILnIAMS' |a9 Clam Oe ch Cat-
I Househot Wr Alehlle it Wl 1Asesos togase Large, comfortable, modern, Ab** *wsc e
SSALE:-Two brand new 6 cu. FOR SALE:-Buick Supr, 47,Four l AM. C. L newr i Balboa 3050 Axcept utomobi
ft. electric Servel refrigerators, door sedan, in excellent mechanic- 1 ic-
22.0each. Works either on 25 oly condition. Duty paid. For nly HANCOCK Remteurant, Sm l t nli de C a cc
or 60 cycles. Refer to Diablo furni- $750.00. Smoot y Hunnicutt., S. A. Pizo pie, Revio, S pG. 4,. Grmlh IwoN Cloe bech-catO
ture store. Central Avenue No. 86. 6th St. Control Ave. Tel. 100. 145 Central Avenue. Tel. 2-300L. t e .rI NI h t.
Phone 2-2404.e n I Colon. DR. WENDEHAKE. -Medical Clinic. mGmbo 4.567. edr Miguel
SALE:-.-Livingroom set, I 0 piece Central Avenue "K" street..
nphillipine, rattan bamboo, iner- FOR SALE-'952 Buick Riviera two- .Corner telephone 2-3479, Panama. PhiI Oceanside Cotto Sant
phil rattan bamboo, iC Box 495, Balbxo. Phone
spring cushions. House 209-C, itone. Priced for quick sale. can be To MIAMI & NEW YORK via AEREA P 3anm -1877. Cristabal 3-1673.
Rodman, C. Z. Phone: Navy 3538 t.narced--House No. 34 12 St., Boeing 4-engine planes. One-way-
OR ; A -- cu. fan Franc.sco to Miami; $70.00 Round Trip House on beach, Santo Clara. Also
R SALE-') cu. ft. Coldspot rerig- -126.00One-way to New York: mpan mountns.
erotor, completely overhauled. FOR SALE:-'47 Buick, four door, $126.00. Oneway to New k: inon mountains.
.$7to5.00. Col Locona 3404. special. duty pid. Fr only $725.- $114.00 Round-trip $214.00. See Phone SHRAIII L. Balboa 1389
S -75.00. 340-00 A real ba in. Smoot y Hun- PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE or coreaker there.
'R SALE Refrigerator, Westing- nicutt S. A. 16th. St. Central Ave. telephone 2-1655. Fostr's Cottlges One mile post
house, 25 Cycle, 8.5 Cu. ft., with Tel. 800. Colon., F Santa Clr Pi Pho a bring- your
*large freezer, perfect condition-- AL iens. Phone boo 2-1866.
SComplete seet of Venetian Blinds
for 4 family type quarters-Phone FOR SAL-- all1 eSt Mieel e FOR RENT
,4-231. door. Excellent condition, inside & FORRENT
31. out. Phone 7187. FOR SALE:-Air conditioner brand Housl
5-SALE-Modern Wardrobes $48. ,
00, Chfforobe $25.00 M hoganyFOR SALE-949 Buick Convertible, nw RCA !2 H.P. Never used rae- u 2_____
table and 4 chairs $35.00, Kitchen fully reconditioned. Like nw. Se onable. 3-2784, Panama. FOR RENT:-Fumished 2 bedroom
Cobinet 25.00, Nght tables $4.- it and buy it. Smoot y Hunnicut FOR SALE:-M. G. Mark 1, excellent cholet. No. 4, 32nd street.
t 50, China Closets $19.00, Rock' S. A. 16th. St. Central Ave. Tel. condition. Tel. 2-4624." No. 25 FOR RENT.-Fumlshed' hamlet, two -
ing chairs $5.50, Livingroom sets __800. Colon. a outomobie row. bedrooln dirllgroom garage aned '
"$159.00, complete double beds FOR SALE -1948 Ford Convertible. FOR SALE Female Boxer Puppy gden 8l Strept, Son Francmco .
from $48.00, Bars $65.00; modern Body and motor ,n excellent con- excellent breeding, $65.00 Cl No. 15, P l
vanities with stool $35.00, Arm .Fion. Leaving for States this week 3-4021.
.-chairs $38.00, Guaranteed 4 burn- Acceptng bids o0er $600 until FI R- /
er Gas Stoves $69.00. And MANY Wednesda. Phone Musak during ne ore ddle ,
OTHER BARGAINS, which are office hours t Panama 3-0010 good condiliori. Gentle young, ex- A
YOURS for only a SMALL DOWN After 4 p. m at 3-0580 cellent for children. Call 6-149.
PAYMENT. House 128 Gamboo. A wrtllNT* I. Just built modern I
DoUSEHOLD EXCHANGE FOR SALE:-1946 Ford four door.fus rtmen one, two
lorouile Rcw No 41 Tel. 3-4911 excellent transportation for any bdro l hot, cold wer. Tel
S L __-I iservceman. Easy payments for "rai a I Pphorl Pnqrn a 3-4941
ALE.-an chair, end table an easy buy. Smeot y Hunnicutt I .
Sdressers, Quartermaster Table 5. A. 16th St. Central Ave. Tel. AL RA APARTMNTS
4 chairs, 2 hassacks, floor lamp, 800, Colon. Ml Ma f 2 4 and 5 rom. furnished O
youth bed, couch, rocking chair, ------ l f unishe. Alhomra' Office
double bed, box springs, inner- FO SALE 81937 U L061, 10th Street, Colon. Tel-
spring mattress, maternity clothes, U- ncol1386
-.Philco refrigerator, 60 cycle.. Quor-. good condition. Make offer. Crs-
pteri 323-A, Albrook Phone 86- mbal 3-2700 FOR RENT: -"Furnished modern
ter 323-A, Abrook Phone 86- portment, 2 bedrooms No. 6
7287. FOR SALE:-1951 Chevrolet 2-dor Candidates in the contest 1th street, S Francisco, nar
.iR SALE-Bland New Morris Minor Coupe. new seat covers, point like choose "Beflorits Junta Pemen- Roosevelt Theatm Teln -2628.
i4 Door Sedan. Light Gray with Red new. Sold for only $1,245.00. If na del Cincuentenari" lere After 6 p. m. 2-0411. ... .
Leather Upholtery. 1,100 Miles. you see it ou'll like it. Smo* y planning last-minute -
Duty Paid. Owner Must Scr ifice Hunnicutt S. A. 16th St. Central today in preparation for thf- FOR RENT:-Nicely furniihed apayr-
at $1,39. Swvever 10%r Pay Ave. Tel. 800, Colon. nal pollen of votes tomorrow ment with gas utov, refrgeratdr.
nly $46 Down. See at House- FOR SALE --1947 PLYMOUTH 4 night at the Elks Club on Cen- gaO included. Tel. 3-.Og4. I
old Exchange (HX) 41 Auto Row. Dcor Sedan. Sea Coers. Good tl Avenue l-- OR T F r T
SA!l1 -N ER-4911. Pa-nt. Car is in excellent cond,- La BocafHlgh chOO tet I R I F Ui I
S t I lion. Melba Chase, who again forged
SALE:-New G. E. Refrigerator, in. e hale, wo 1ag oe R
S. E ahead or her rivals last Tuesday ROOm |
O cycle. Evenings. Calle Dotien FOR SALE---1947 CHEVROLET 4 night, leads her seven rivals In FOR RENT:-Ncey furnished, tw
5, Apt. 3. Door Sedon. Radio. New Paint job the contest with 10,825 votes- large cleon and d~Coa ool' ip Privetl
SALE:- beautiful hall, dining Good Tires. Mechanically perfect. 520 votes ahead of second place both ohd refrigetrfor. HPlater -
oom furniture like new, very re- Thelma Edwar, who is a cant nd kitchen py Pru Av.
rseantotive, for half of its original OR 120 votes ahead o Lynette Tom- No. 65. Lower_-fe Ia
i. Also individually. Phone 2- UPE. Rao.Ex en t Covers. Good on, who a leading up n- FOR RENT--Fumlhed wm. inde-
798, office hours. til last Tuesday. pendent. First Stret, Perejil No.
SALE: Refrigerator, electric FOR SALE:-1948 FQRD PANEL \2 Hortenia Ottey of the Abel 10 Apt. No. 5. .
fo diningroom and bedroom set, Ton. Good Body. Excellent condi- Bravo School, olo la fourth
new. No, 25-A, 3rd St: tion .With 8256 e n e as
--td fu r POKAC 4 der IIet
Sir:-1950 POlWIAC' 4- deara Reid, 3,205 fli
SALE: Househld furniture sedan. Hydromaotic. Radio. Plastic and Elvira Ward, 1,115. TU ani A' e
sonbly priced. Apt. 4 Eusebio Upholstery. Priced for mmed at. favored to win the contest,
orales street. Tel. 3-3073. sae. ii carrie a first prize of a u red To'
SALE:--25 cyce Coldsofe-; FOR SALE:-1 947 LDSMO~ILE trp to Janmaiqa and $100 in WARROAD, apiU ,- .' ,. tire.
frigerotor for $1ZQO. WtQphil' CLUB COUPE. New Plastic Sat cash. are Melba Chase and Lyn- (UP, Two .lmall l d
chino wringer, $7, 2 44"12, Geo
chine wringer, $70. Phort 2-4472; Covers. Hydramatic. Good Tires, ee Tomlnson. However, sup- nephew andI.ftt -f.
Ssee at 1472-A, Blbo Flats. Importers of at least three other erer of mult r
Si OR SALE: 1949 BUICK CLUB leading candidates are predict- nlum depoalt, were burned to
ANTED TO BUY COUPE ISedonettel. Radio. Dyno- ing a surprise victory. Indica- death deposits. were burned to
Slow. New Seat Covers. Price $995. tons are that the contest will home yesterday. -

Cring. W-5-W Tires. This car in ex-d are e ted to atted to-
.. gcellent condition. Priced for imm e- es arl l ee tl hE d V i e seatB I
d|ate sale. morrows final polling of votes, prolecfo ..... ,e excel. -I
FOR SALE Calls Laisca No 38 (Bee Coca m ic for dancing by a local or- on .red u aitio $1249.
Mo t. rcc la Cla Plant).e 9Telephonea m2-261-. chstra. million dfUat: Of of. U --L" '
Motorcycles Ca l ponem2 The winning contest will be nlum on op
SALE-- J2ndinmotorcyCle, cam-I FR E o 4 Ln o- crowned Oct. 31 at the Rio Thea- near Hana .v i u ,l. a
SALE-I ndian motorcycle, com- FOR SALE.-Customr 49 Lncoln os- ter during a fashion show plan- year ago.
ite parts. Ca'l 2-5426. Radio mopcitan convertible, back W.S ned by the Junta Femenina de Their 80-yer.ol an
irtliegos. Colle Juan B. Sosa, W., 0. D, tonneou coer, duak. de Benelicencia as a part of Its ob- er, Mrs. f red T
2. 2 from 8 12 noos 1:30 chromed. House 121-A, Gamboa. servence of Panama's 50th an- ized withird a
o- O p. rr. 6-107.verary. her arms, bik l ae. I? ood

|.j FOR SALE WANTED ...Swft (Cmplelion 0 ol l
froats & Motors Automobiles A AT L' In US, 00.
SALE:-2 foot PB 50 Sail- WANTED TO BUY CASH 2 CARS V Appoi d Tasks
boat. Recently constructed. Excel- Only Plymouth. Dodge. Chevrolet, 49
condition. Fully equipped., o 1953. Not duty poad, 4 door De HOLYOKE, Mass. (UP) -Oct el i-
able for oulboard motor. SeeLuxe. Will see them from 4 to 7 p 19-Mlss Helen Doyle of Holy- MEIBOR -'t.
oportment R12A Ronesseau. 'm. Holel Colon Panamal Telephone Oke hopes Miss H. C. Bates of Vice Prei deat'
-2-0770. Mr. Fo,,eca :Chicago hadn't been holding on assured -
ition e breath. that Ysolation ith
OSition Offered -^ Ms Do-ye and Miss Baes the United itate .v
I FOR SA E re classmates at Mt. Holy- The touring Americ l
ITIONS AVAILABLE: For 50 oke College. On Aug. 8, 1906 will" ambaseador apke
_ord per minute or better typists; Real EIlale Miss Bates mailed a postcard bers of the Victoria st
oand tele:ype coerotors English- to Miss Doyle from Chica go met at a lunch
spelling a must qualification. Write WANTED -T,:, ,ent or tu, h,.u:e 2 savng. "Don't forget to write" en the Ausralian L -
qualifications and reefrences forI or more bedr-o,!. garden, garage and "Don't forget pictures." o the Austaian ie,
appointment to Monoger, -Box 673,1 desiroble lo.-ainc-r American couple. The postcard arrived here ',. .
| Ancon, C. Z. no children Call Panama 3-3620 Sept. 4, 1953. Nxons a aid ;areatm r j l
both democrats and rIpNAsileans
recognize the necesslt to e,
United States to "assume iM t l
i lton of leadership tn ter-1 ,
SV A S A onal affairs "
S* AIn Amerlc-n e e l|.ad id
"USED PONTIAC DAY" OCT. 19TH & 20TH 8tten partie s..
19;* PONTIAC 2-door. 8 cylinder, rad'. seat covers ...... ..... 495.00 "In any g"i
194"' PONTIAC 4-door 8 cylinder, seat covers, black 1,145.g0 rights of mInn(
*- 1949 PONTIAC 2-door, 8 cylinder, hydramatic, seat covers .......... 1,14.0 tected, the day.S"
19* PONTIAC 4-c oor 8 eyflnder. radio, hydramatic seat covers, black 1,I5.0 ment are nm N 1
1 M9. p!ONTIA 4-,r 6 cyl der, seat covers hvdramnati, vent shades 1,14.1M "Our systemI- s s -. sl
194i PONTIAC 2-door 6 cylinder, seat covers, radio ............. 1.141.00 our objective lik .
195' PONTIAC. 2-does Catalina. 8 cylinder, radio. seal covers ......... 1 04 believe in fr.
195, PONTIAC 4-door. 6 cylinder seat covers ............. siblty s to
r19S PONTIAC 4-door. B cylinder radio, hydramatic. seat covers .... ou to

Ali rec,


'o "19 tlru 1952 models. iua
I T 7 A r i' *A

1 V A,

Milutm o 12 words.
kc. ~B adi l0su word.

,b VeneM c
SUnot I- b'
ueodu ip p
Itafuftri 1




I -

" ,i ri .1S 4i A
AI ..
i .

he rinch Amreontr
field of i udi Araba.4
rinaleadmrof ai nzi li

menta A

G- U ---- .. r ..
'^ "' .
Sn-.iI. 'S

ii tllt force, fle
II f fieM near

iit^bdk, ,



.. .;

'c~i,uFi,14, +,%4 ; -_ +.



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u~~ ~;r




_ __ ______ __I~~__

*S. *"13T--' **<<,- .

. '-

_ i__ I____ __1 _~i_

CPO IlINAL oPr n a Ing to lad, .

c Ecrele imilNg j alrura fel
PRLG Inh ett Di fa st atamta an|
Jam f** Mor st ,and ther a, ey ams
.1*11.the 'OpHild wLr tL .o l
tthat Vta
ch&l~w in.sueencaourae d

to P ei c B A 0140tiy wh N 16 u ea n coloa n ingto
wit.ef va A Ra ,..

S lN 0 WC EM n~ *ow

wateNSof, tsinas an attude ,IIM ,
&Alk for dlI~dI U"realit& a W k "and,
ALk for esapte "rent; a,
e w aRd 4Q shute. zuela's ow

WeO fIbl IInc, ltr ae-ro o I
WRf r, nWW. ic. eOmrdwmgti,. Sf tilc. !. 'li""

I_. 'I Be
7 Ca| ATV L LaL 3-.0140 an Trde
Independent as A d


Ithe stof h.
ported JS, West Indian

n a and Hydrn ticl Trans- AO i .
llan. Offet their protea- titu

GPBAal 84o{MrT~f gas iti
"A ---,.- ..1 + -,oo oam,' ii ""
owyo^ri ain, v a8
a ss~ +--
... .. PPOE~l ima;~k~aL


W V^'T'Js ^U s^

, I viesov *TV n ,w.

S... .. .
L~am DOW and Joel, who once got
antd itaftt on their
L. u and
..3 9sheal, Lat Lae Arrowhead
for the aM at, the 1935
s1 o ecreq % ,Hudson told me:
.... ... "I wa s to b y eas l er d

t seen oua tdoer
11aisiibla OUowWnR In Robert Taylor'a
a foot s 1 later doesn't
oi ntfeao s Tlr and that
t lved d ale are dif-
i and W erent., gh thestory
vabflty and fan follow ha oria Mnovel.'
arey betting the 0w at
big tim e. .. OIkWN Q U *p
A 1rlpat TV eemert be-
gin -wirhI ud, 7 3Dowling Is through
wileti yea0 -g *t ^ornamental and
some agents go f. sh1 w-lpn movie sets.
maya hbe asert BSW Costan ar to
burS the igWMNvW age yw forget that she
and la off the Iw, the eyeful who oataorred
I .A M bter -heW ow n. Dla mny aee in -tI in
aat^WJ' s Arms" d wtl Nelson
: r^ r !Ib%^II **Kngrboloker z nut
.st't^ hand eve Italy and bbomn *
Now p a -aZ
iHE' LBARNED tic role ain B attan
Toan t hS felt. i m.SA.," she says. gave
Ja' fJ iket .me a different :flg t? .l
doing VWkckg *t reeMt years, self. It weMd akhng
but I m W Of t eli there. t of Imrc-
Another visation *AzdIt lped me find
dlm ir myselff A'aa att"
the lass who inyself 1
t WnPrner P. te fl pill over to
da a way d st or who score
S~ gang and danced inas the eil Calinl in "Th

0S o lr nttwhl bt she S ith tp p

altogether. Bays. ay, who doesn't look
bque- hin "'auht M an younger ta Ti ing irf l* PffM Op pap gdt ive s1V
SS men s t rdi tO .* e Dre d

dis appeared Pfrvototend oes
the Pe hI *To e T Children

hr nama wt a sOt The nte

h- Wind ie' Danerous Atl Night

DETROIT, Oct. 19 (17P) --A to altakwell. Ad oI h .
talltoof aon -h e t ot s It,
In vtgu"n int SeW inl
~al0t w her e,

wt"rs a;ane lof tem, you
1 away f ro m hndes
.E.. .. O A ICA ot Oawe. r d t,(UP)
Uulvunhlt of highe expelSbaa t sman.

tol" 0t athw
It6 St11AR. yv gan orts pldmanc. aut&

4hrwgh At. aq*h

rjr OcGt. 19 MfiP) A lto Bliand time. o u ta
onw Visi'ngumeofe in w.t "dyey" and'
by In owlow-b- Uaway mm vesi





,' ^:-.*

-. ...'

't r r.

.$i 'k

f .yq- -' 6


SA 6bl 8 2 A&Q$-
'119 V 107#4

OUI (3) )
is&- -1 *I
AK K74
V M() )

Eat-West vuL. '

1pwere not surpried when
l^o~t and Harold sarkavy,
ho i Sliamt $nqli, won the
pf Cf lP4aId-$ h ewd

e snot surprised heyl
a bit atr~t by
lan ,ot vc ry B
PuWmo"4ft of match ent.
Tsh weirdlt ht wuas p -
dobbdf by th f that cores

th South

.1ev. made up 19d tUo
ade in t hhe t i oafKing Io
BtoM.wn rump hhording to

#ubs was a
hiac ae no-trump.
Thu t apem hned, coho-mpl-

ospade, and ot ar wb. .o

lan .with the, .?theI

noped to W et fw.'ee min d
Rot, oa the s nnes, dem-

spadeau n tht l bad la.
~cir~d^kait iaa~h~ tlu Is far

*lJ1 dtMtt have a "book" 'bd

la ntrump with tthhei. i
oagrMe unt was n

erve madam up rAt1theo

po tt, but the Wendrou
Iftiluba wa a o m swort, nobody buta
U W ud haf haNd a a W1 t
i te no-trump. t
A lit happened, the no-trn
bid w orkxed out very ,wel.
was' aowed ay te
while at most' othf tablem'
and West wre pVb*4x. the 104d
at sladem and adlftg ton
Weat opened th deuewbo
spades. and Ioot *09,- it.r
buad, witb the .dB.
hoped to get five
acer.f hearts, and a xpadk, so
**mredlately yprt fftk the- -

he tory-the sult -kaNM^W

lead spade
of th enemy o l

tied af their tt pad6l
threw a diamond from
on the thimd H of 11
thur tim *Ht.A
now.rtenfa lc cWOid Iop him
from wlndnig -emi t-tel.
REA hoiuld Whe led B ha t
artnningz the seeond round' of
doath wouldd have



,.f h. .

f ockpik COfMoeMf
WASHINGTCO Oct. 19 (UP parable to the B-36, tbhs i no
Chairman W. Sterling Cole of try's .hief atomic carrier.
the Congressional Atomic Ener- Snuar warnings have bean
gy Committee said today any voiced by other U. 8. mlttmj
idea that atomic weapons won't and civilian affilrh ,parta
be used In the next wer pr- IT siP Ruwia's annoaun enI
bably is "'wishful thinking. that it 'now shares with tN
He 'called for creation of an United States the secret of fl
atomic stockpile big enough to dread hydrogen bomb.
destroy completely any aggres-
sor and a further buildup of Cole said atomic plants pe-
this country's continental air ibly would be useless once S'
defenses. He said four out of war started because of the lkes
five enemy bombers now wold llhood they would be among the
roach their targets, first truete of an emmy -
The Ne work Republican tack.
brushed aside suggestion by
Navy Secretary Robert Anderson "This means we would need
and others that atomic weapons on hand at the start of sao
might "cancel each other out" a war an atomic stockpile
and that neither side would use ficlent beyond question to
them for fear of retaliation. vastate finally and complete
He acknowledged this is a ly the nilltary might of amn
"possibility" but said he finds It aggressor," he said.
"very difficult to conceive" that
Russia would fail to employ ts He estimated that four out
atomic arsenal if the Soviets of five enemy bombers weulM
were being beaten in convene. Ret through present U. 8. de-
tlonal fighting. lenses, which would result te
Cole, interviewed on the Gan- "havoc mnd devastation in '.a
net t,7ews Service radio program, our maior cities or our male
"Capital Memo," also said he targets."
thinks agreement on internma-
tlonal control of the atom Is h
less likely now than when It I
was first propose four or five T
years ago.
Cole's remarks came on the
heels of an assertion by Asst. '
Air FPrce Secretary Roger Lewis ,
that the Russian air force Is
"quite capable.of lernching an
Immecdate" attack I' most of
the Industrial centers of the
United States.
Lewis disclosed in a speech at
Anchorage. Alaska, Saturday
that the Air Force has "recently
come upon evidence" that- Ru- Thnew form creedseems to b'
ssia Is "probably producing" a folth, hoapendpority. eoam
transcontinental bomber com-

PFORT--W1 NveW line of their bodies showing terrific muscular effort, this team pSt
ys leans h f u p move a 9080-pound deaFweight in a puing tIn est at the Fel
aons, Kan. Is owned by Delmar Woolefy, of Thayer, Ken.' They moved a le4
' concrete n even two feet, but their great effort went for no better than sxtV)
either team p rAt by pulling 9760 pounds the full required distance of ten fe)
.. ... .r- ,- UI --- = "---'7 7-. ...

** I

4 .?



I -

1:' "*~ :.' "

SHappy Dreas. ..

o.i as "be pulap 5e n. lo'm gI Mtaal id ba4 t, M
w omiqan"6%e learn hdh a LACUOGEm baby.
UgbtCgag prod"a k a am 1A oI =O disI ad aww"gea
p Mad 'lme-- assayi rw s die s mob di hbs gfu aown ad4 b: bede s uga -ehome;anlNWesh.. I..
"N eo "u Tev es *e ams ,, a r,,*

3....m. l r
LACTOamN b ptoo. beuh. lfc B 0 nomit *m odil fB
66 W ndb&

Ir, ims idi ui awpW -'i mu m s-.

'. .t; ,, '

LUX I --*-
'Whit Witch,Doctor"


3:80 a 4:4 5 : pamb


Wr-END RELEASE! A War Comeatr MbhId
The eight of The year "STALAG 17"
Plus: -
BrMaS Dealevy Ea Ralne
Red (amefon. in
-I -1

C I IA Program!



db Muphy, n
o ameroS In
SSssb0! ma ISrkter-

Alan Ladd, in
Robert Ryan in
"City Bmmeth he ea

silvana Campadlzd, i
*"EL. SATSO Im jPA~"

*. -: .. -- -1
* i f i O ^ "

.i *- : *J.*-i %


', ( d !.'

7 Or 4I


Most College Conferences

L vy

I ~ .1

NH 1 P- --
Ni US!l l Ir T. l-lnc^ 1 D *.,.rl-l--


According to inform n whem he knocked out in the
According to information re- second round of a scheduled
Gently from Blue Earth, Minne- e sten-round main bout at the
*ota, where Tqmmy Hughes. "Ohna-aoe Escolar" in David
played baseball during the sum-1 before a capacity crowd.
ner months this year, the young Plumme was in control
Canal Zone combination pitch- freaimthe opening agong. He was
er-outfielder-slugger can st ftr too good for his virtually
about complete plans for a !ar too opponent ly
colorful baseball career when hisi unLnown opaoeent.
Hugh school f days are oerdn ad Norway played a
Now in his senior year at Cris- I Sports Shorties
tobal High School. young Hughes'
started his meteoric climb to
Irthhian iasenall tame at an STOCKHOLM, Oct. 19 (UP)-
.early age. The son of Bill Sweden and Norway played a
Hughes. who for many years did; 1.b ,-less tie In yesterday's inter-
some pretty fair pitching in the g al tie finotball eame at Ra-
Canal Zone and Atlantic Twi- sonda Stadium football ground
light Baseball Leagues, Tom re-I hate. 27,50.1 fans witnessed the
ceited his first training atghome game which was played on a
when he was just old enough to wet and slippery ground.
hold a baseball. 'Wheq only 15,'
Hughes was on the pitching: BABANA. Oct. 19 (UP) -
staff 6f the Powells team in the Cuban welter Chieo Varona
Atlantic Twilights League along Saturday night scored a sixth
with his dad who was then one 'oa tuchrnca l k nokou t over
of the outstanding hurlers n r an Pek of Taho
the loop. lasn Peek of Tampa whoi
For the three years that fol- Cubat tight ten rltonder Chagainst
lowed. Tom toiled on the hill for Cuba KiWorld Welter Champa
Cristobal High School. When he
wasn't pitching his big bat was outstanding was his '53 perform- threee months ago.
still oundIng loud and true aslance that sportswriters from
he did more than a creditableBlue Earth went overboard in ZAGREB, Yugoslavia. Oct. 19
hob on the outfield In 1952 preditableay-their praise not only of his Yugoslavia beat France
n for n th e outeld In 1 t52. play- ntching. but also of feats with three to one In their 10th inter-
g fr CS n. he Aled th lo n ine willow Tom won 6 of 8 national football match here
light Leapue. he led the loop In'
hitting. pitching and RBI's. His me pitched, and allowed only yesterday.
hitting, pitching and R 5. T'sHis39 hits and 18 runs. Halftime a- was zero-one.
competition during that year[ and 18 runs me oe was zero-one.
consisted of many tried and In one 13-5 victory scored by
true veterans, among which was Blife Earth, Tommy hit two TO:
Noel Olbson who, like Hughes. home runs and a pair of singles
split his duties between the'while playing centerfleld And
mound, fielding and hitting. another then again opposing l= t TA.
Drrint the summr months, time on the mound, he struck asa ** $ v0.-
while on vacation from High out 18 of the 36 batters that
School. Tom was Sways sent to faced him. His personal strike w
a baseball school in the United out record went sky-rocketing to Now YO ia
States. There he was taught the amazing average of 16 per game.
finer points of the ,game by out-1 With Tommy now completing
standing authorities whih n- his final year of High School at Certficate CAA Carrie
clouded many former major! Cristobal. at least two major
league ball plata i league teams are reported Inter- e
In the summer o this year. ested in getting his name on the
pl l ao'- th edotted line. A professional con- PassiN Dipatch Service
Earth team in m IEaRth, Min-, tract will most likely' be Lwalt-
nesota. while at thqe same time, ting Tommy the day he getp hdis h ii. a 1
holding down a day Lime job. So diploma. _1 ..11. 1







Brown Joins Peeples As First

Two Negroes i S.A. Roster
,-'. ." .

i le l dll [ J- < oIt;ttbi- ;jI LUIIylOlt:

2 Show First-Place Ties Football Teams

NEW YORK Oct. 19 (ITP) Most of the col- i
lege conferences show clear-cut leaders after the Still Perfect
fifth big football weekend.
Nine of :he major conference. have only one NEW YORK t. 19 (UP) -
pacesetter. Two others show first-place ties. A United Press survey shows
S57 collegiate football teams
The ties are In the Southwest no losses and one tie while Ca-; still are unbeaten and untled.
Conference where four schools lifornia has won its only league Only seven major teams St
are deadlocked-and the newlv-I ame Stanford nlays Washing- show perfect records. They are
formed Atlantic Coast Looplton S-turdav while Southern Cal Notre Dame. Michigan Stite,
where Duke and Maryland are and California play their tradi- Michigan, Maryland, Bayler,
even. tional game. West Vi-glnla and Utah. Ca-
Maryland earned a share of First place Wyoming and see- sualties this weekend include
the lead with a 26-0 uin oeer ond place Utah tangle next UCLA. Duke. Rice, North Care-
North Carolian Duke-playingJveek in a game that may deter- lina, Wyoming, Yale, Harvard
out of the conterence-uas up- mine the Skyline Conference and Princeton.
set by Army 14-13 Next week-(winner Wyoming has won all Only three colleges have
end, the Blue Detils can move three league games. Utah Is un- perfect slates all the way...
out front The% plaN North Caro- defeated in two. unbeaten, untied and unscor-
lina State w\hlle Maryland goes) ed upon. They are Florida A&
out of the league to meet Mia- Yale has two victories and M. Pomona-Clarement of Ca-
mi. Florida. on Friday nielit one tie in the Ivy League. The lifornia and Elizabeth State of
The Southwest Conference tie came Saturday.. a score- North Carolina.
race shoe's Southern Methodist. less deadlock with Cornell. Almost half the teams on
Baylor. Texas and the Texas Ag-! Princeton has won its only the honor list 26 of 57 -
Fies all even with one win, no league start and tries to make come from the Midwest. The
losses and no ties it two in a row next week over South has 10 representatives,
Sout n M t gt Cornell. followed by the East with nine,
Southern Methodist got in- Cornel the Pacific Coast with six, the
to the four-way scramble with Montana State and Idaho Southwest with five, had the
a 12-7 win over favored Rice. State are the powers in the Rockies with only one Utah,
Texas beat Arkansas. 16-7, for Rocky Mountain Conference.
its first league win and the Montana State made Colorado
Aggies dumped Texas Chris- College its fourth straight league
tian. 20-7. Ne.t week. Batlor victim. 20-0. Idaho State beat .l m6 Ju lil _
plays the Agies and Texast Colorado State. 10-7, for lis third vv v Uk
meets Rice. Soutthern Metho- league win Idaho State can tie
dist goes out of the league to for the lead next week by beat-
plav Kansas. ing College of Idaho Montana P I |
Kansaslost.45-0 toOklahoma State plays North Dakota in a RUtc IlJ/
to drop into third place in the non-league game.
Big Seven Conference. Kansas -
State lends vith three league The Oklahoma Aggles beat Class ni
wins and no losses after beating runner-up Houston. 14-7 to take |l y tlI
Colorado 28-14. Next week. K- the lead in the Missouri Valley
State goes outside the Bie Seven Loop. The Aggies attempt to
to play Wichita. Oklahoma-the make Detroit their third league ..
defending champion-takes on victhn next week A total of 12 horses were en-
Colorado tered today for the richest horse
Michigan State Michigan and ever to be run locally the $20,-
Illinois are staging a close race .. 000 added Golden Jubilee Olao-
in the Big 10 Michigan State Panfl a If V sic for Nov. 3.
leads with three wins and no IUIIUIIIU JV When the entry box was closed
losses after making Indiana its a 11 am. the list included eight
28th strauiht victim. 47-18. The' Cla "A" horses, three Class
Spartans play Purdue next week- "B" imports and one native
end. Michlpan and Illinois arer througbbred little Golden Tap
tied for second place with two which Is classified in Clap "G"
wins each. The Wolverines beat among the imported thorough-
Northwestern. 20-12. and Illinois I M xico Ci breds.
topped Minnesota. 20-7. Next
weekend. Michigan takes onII l i y The complete list:
Minnesota. Illinois plays Syra- Mirzatoats, owned by Rafaelr
cuse in a non-conference game. Belludin Fulido, a product of MarenIo.
Georgia Tech took the lead the Juan France race track, King's Prize, owned by Carloa t
in the Southeastern Confer- Friday was the riding star A. Duque.
ence bv beating Auburn, 36-6. at the "Hipodromo de las A- Great Game, owned by Abra-t
The Engineers now are unde- mericas" in Mexico City when ham Males.
feated in their last 31 games. be rode three winners. d. aorio, owned by Stud Santa
They'll try to extend that The Panamanian rider left Cebila.
streak next week against No- these shores early this month Main Road, owned by Toflo
lJ me the tteam ranked to try his fortune abroad and AnguIBOl .
,hd tton bthe Unit- until yesterdayha'th C'oq Au, Vin, owned by Stud
fldriN1f2 P- until yesterday hato't bad
ki F che The much luck. However. Puldo Mon, ellmar.
SSatu- finaly 41t ,the winning touch Royal Alligator, owned by Stud I
i ad e o alh the wintish o Los Lagarto. .
Stthe Southern Conerence, Tietorias onalsse r wonder, owned by Loly de I
nt#leads with t wot P bad .@" L d ^ o l
SSM ias hi b a moCnee L In a',* 4*ned by Pio las
TV_ amad.Mary.IseC-hi first 29 moauats on wui. ,a
beating Virginia Tech. terday's winners give hi 'm er, owned by
16 its first league game score of three successes It, 34 Cl coostrollas.
day West Virgiia stopped tries. aqCico~traswned by s ;d
e Washinsto, 27-6 Friday 4al owned by tud.
S and meets VaM-I satur- B dase1 Toro. e i
y. Wiliam and Mlry takes on ONE-MAN TEAM La a owned by ran
Oeorie Wasnington. La Herradura._
Stanford upset U-C-L-A, 21- Detroit (NEA) Recruit
30, to take over the lead in the Lew Carpenter of the Detroit Plummer Scores.
aciflic Coast Loop. The Indiana Lions played fullback, quarter- R
now have thee league wins. &M, end, guard and linebak- Second Round KO
Southern California and Waah- r the 1952 Arkansas foo- n R un KO
ington each have two victories, b.l team. Over Costa Rican

Panama FPeather w e I g h t
,Tommy Hughes Has Ros,, 1ims 1-easarowll-ledlg
BTanea Hughes Has R Uthtweight, last night gave a-
Way teq pounds but made
B s b l FIn ; 0- short work of completely out-
Baseball wFtire In Jui Cesa Aret
claseed Cost BRican welter-
o -- weight Jalio Cesar Arrieta

New York for the World's Series
conflirdi7 that Pesple, as welf
as Brown, Sbd been signed to
Atlanta ot 116. 4.
"plowver, plaa for the two
players a ret qdl.te' Mann
announced. V"Wht Vs do with
them d Aepend do develop-
ments in the Mihea te Braves'
chain. Atlanta an& Toledo will
train together, and players from
both iquda will be shifted be-
fore the final roters are pick-
Figured "It Was Mlstake"
Peoples, 2-year-old native
Mem Wn, starreu I football at
Le n Colle he and broke
Into O.,B. wlkthILn (Eastern)
in 1951. He adtted his first
thought oh ealMto notice of
his transfer to Aat was that
"it was a mlatke," hut found
that Lynn Stqon, Evansville
business manager, had signed
the papers a sent them by
registered msaU

Brown, 18-year-old Panama.
nian. made his 0. B. bow this
saeUaon witth' lanta's farm at
F'rt Lauderdae (P1lorlda Inter-
national), posting a brilliant
18-8 record.
. While Negroes have never
played in the Southern Associa-
ton, they completed in the Dixie
I48es for the first time this fall
when altls ued Willie Browf
ad ~&in Clarkson against
One Southern city, Birming-
ham, has asegregatlon law pro-
hibiting Nagroea and whites
frm compeng against eac)
other. When the Barons reached
thi yaes' playoff finals and ap-
peared Ille to qualify for the
Di6 Serie, Birmlngham city
offrelal anoupced they would
attempt to rescind the ordl-
nante. But when the Barons
were eliminated, the law was
left unIned.

Don Carlos Guillermo Muller's was outelamsed and never p
ove of thorougbred ad horse lhent.
racing again pO- dff eAte rday *roldef Tap'. eto was
afternoon at the Juan Franco very popular One and virt A
track when his sterling little classified the daughter of Ioi
Golden Tap raced to an easy raW-Wonder ap the beot nat
three-length victory over Bun's In training at present.
Moon in the one-mile Arturo
Delvalle Classic for native three The form players were hap
ear-dids which carlW purase ,Yterday s only three
of $2,000 added. l ets wree P tev T
wesreRoantico (t$11J0), F4
The usually slow-starting Ta sado ($10.20Y and Tima ($1
ras off fast on this ocsioU, o
and kept within striking dias-
ance of the pacesetting Golden Great Game wpa the cc
Fan and Biscaya which alter dary attraction for CfIa
nated In the lead. horses to aaure himself a ber
Joe 4lredo yque, who In the big I0.000 Golden Jul
ld bilbMln time, made lee Classiwe .wbii will be r
it m d S .t tth9 r end of thi on Nov 3. MUller. afttr Gqld
Ckstd h an w swept to the Tap's victory, announced t
ront. there on to the he will enter his little star
nlish was a virtual cake- the year's biggest race also.
Runnel Bun's Moon was her The dividends:
visual d -tartin self and
closed gIIlp to finish an FIRST RACE
asy a far ahead of third 1-Romatnico $12.80. 8.40, 3.80
place Pe an. but was no 2-Piropo $18.80, 5.80
natch, fr ta e winner. Marllu 3-Tap Lady $5.0.





Georgia Tech's Unbeaten

Engineers Take SEC Lead;

Meet Notre DIme Saturday
S United MFr..-pwt Writer

ATLANTA. Oct. 19 (UP) Georgia Roes after North Car-
idortga Tech's unbeaten lngi- dlns and ah Atlantic Coast
tras, who Saturday stepped out. Coi erence calp while Ken-
f uncertamty Into the South- tuc meets 1VUlanbio and MIS-
jteorn Conference top spot, isalp1 plavs Arkpm. Var-:7-
tis week will carry Dixie's pw< Sbi looking for a flrstIt
Age against the nation bert R pla ) Virginia, and Tenn
ctre Dame. iaes a breather against
The ngRineera put 1her ot -
ensfve power on the liUe for Tah htlt itse trie
hA first tins this season over In i pl ver Ahurn. Six
Ie weekend a they Auurn a f -
own prvloouly unbeaten e" d the bat ampy
uMn 36-6 to extend their uw Br at Le:Bd
e.aten streak to 31 ganie. wftl a two wa-m am r
Tiow Tech stands in a poMl- ; and quailtrbek Bl l gI
,n to strike a huge blow for sma eo ttaed h b easly
oLthern football. Notre Dame Mlal work.
I rated as the best team in thb A powerftu running attack
atio. And if the Enginers can and a tublern def o gave
pset the IriWa or give them a Keentuc ky a urpi easy
mn for their money then the wiu over U s uit Pull-.
est of the nation wili be forced bpek Raph Paldti .wked a
o take a longer look at football Wideat ground game tha drove
I the South. 225 yard by personnaly ae.
Tech's imprestvo wla ever counting for T7 vards and two
abunbr vtalted the Englh eers thuchdownq. The RKetucky 'de
who are lbeebot ftor t i ftbne completely throttled
srtalgbt eoateBoe nena. In- State's high-seoring Jackle Par-
to the 8W t~ spt. Tees has ker
two e*fereMe wias and mae Jimmy Patton. a second-strln
tie. halfback, scored four topoha
However, other hints of pqoer dwns and added two edta
ere flaashu ilse-were around points as AlMBtalpp outelaed
he Soutleat. The une an Injury-rldden Tulane team
ble Ketucky Wildcats vele AJabama made three
favored M pIlg A tate 32-13, our scbrting t reat., bea
nd ii-ppti tromAeed Tulansenesnee' "ft e to the
6-14. ouM#ms 0d e drive
TeauseM held favored Als- manage s s itt *
ima to a eorelem deadlock favored Crimson Tide.
nd 'A AMZ ate followed -aovtlle tate bottled
o ftrt et to ecUVp o Zeke B0rt or m wtd it ees
4-4. Fra -Woeaed by *bed alnd wu d oe li power
ade a Baylor mana lft ack to mrch thane th

- -,. .. I.

1-it"U KD2 2.30

2-Don Orau $.o,
Ga u .2 0, .

--eoldn Tp- .

1--Pale at e $6, .860, 2 !
2.-Mimq .35. 10
3-Dalida $3.
1-Foiow Me n .69, 4.6, a-The Dauber Sj,0 4303


1 ~

(Reprinted from "The Sporting
MEMPHIS, Tennessee, Oct. 19.
- For the first time in the
history of the circuit, a South-
ern Association club has Negro
players on Its official roster. The
disclosure first was made by Nat
Peeples, husky Memphis Negro
outfielder, who revealed thathe
had received notice of transfer
of his contract to the Atlanta
Crackers. Subsequently It de-
veloped that Winston Brown, a
Negro pitcher, also had been ad-
ded to the Atlanta roster.
Peeples, who batted .329 for
Evansville (Three-I) this year,
showed the writer his official
notice of contract transfer. A
phone call to Atlanta brought a
negative response concerning
the player from Jasper Donald-
son, vice-president, but a day
later President Earl Mann, In

Wtt Reserve sa Bs, Bufalo .


7 ,nd
Clark 20. South Carolina state 9
M olee frt 4 kson 30

Tuftkem 7, Ka *
NWl, Collece 14. Bewanae 2

^ ^8Sai T


7 5ll r

shtat 13 &~i




, ''

1* :

*e .tU.I, t iJus

. "


Golden Tap Beats Sun's Moon

In 'Arturo eavalle, Classic'
I .. ). .. .:

CLASSIC WINNqlp-Clasy three-year-old native ftborohbred d Ow n o raet to'an easy
three-length victoy In the featured $2.000 added Onee -UlsCI t't Juan
Franco race track witkwec onlaty flval,,.u m .11~ t. : .


ChIPub 0ac o Peru

.. wRt 3ary- BL .T

.~e4Dy lo4,0

I a otmb

q 'aisa mrte

r. 1 3 Mora ta tate
Wo Cr 1 Byn I

Ua I I
A ftd.f t M

h p d T Mot- W
V.) tt0 Tu Cl 4,i
WA Oee Cityt eoytta 19
tot ~ n Jraw U Tam O
ywr t4,

STa, Ti., .
Abienee t
tA3r r" T. W
13 W

13 Mh t.C
X13a Mravan 7 T 8 u1 A
9Vd ge H ft 7^bJC4i
(W. Vi.) 2 rqdm

fMtnt- Te -aw

J. .. -Tula. 14, 3

f sr ) 38om 32 7"UM
(0.). 48, Manshalk 0 Okbla
ia, TMAlit r- .
W e ? A b e *
ar~p~0 1~~.1 WIbC -Baf~



.-h !l & 1 1 .- ..

, I

~f~ 3. i Y
.. ,1.



St. t. RB *

. m ,,.
Tol a -


c .*k t

i. .
~nrir~i~liiSti ,
.)~~ 1 .


ST alWime I o"
'PAK dg

A ei




r .-. ....
.** -- 7 -
ny ef

i nct

,, .

.Prc ,iA, .f.ti ..


* ..,,-

likes lS ..
ISe* 70lte heallW"
-f lmki 9 las t
~S~~'= an ,B%~t wspB~1.~D


ie Grahan

Lou Grozci

ruek Driver's Vli i Bids High For

Blue Ribbon At National Horse Show

Anel CiomL outo
barn to crh hlm
I The stof of Sk. and Mrs.

e Angel missed wlm1ng the
ormatin hunter cbM e-
last year's National orse
lit only' a whisker. W
CaroI Kelleryp, he will bid
for tie blue ribbon t 4he
editlom, .at Mdilson Sqpar
In -o its traditional dght
;B Alghts. Nov. ..1-
* Angel was found 0 rmilkO
a~ rtVe on a sid4.flad I
wr Mw York state. In a dark
, the driver almost miased
g a small yearling Its qat-
pat. stretched over Q le-
ae, in a bgrx SpHL that
d as though It bad never
vlpoed that the youngster
Only fresh jr and fod
atin t the wner's elam
he was going ind, the
I drver paid $10 and took
ftte fellow away.
e trucker discovered that
S reof a horse and,
44e th .t;wMht --'s
4 a house and yard.
SMrs. R. B. Taylor heard
the-.olt in 19t hear-

m or hear stabtll we,
fr-hUb grew "nd prospered
. SLLMr. Tifaylot namedthe,
)0 Ae, Angel. ,

w A'was'sU
Ih? nele',4. Y., fhea
forae flrrsirs .'MA s

*'..'m "'\ave Kebg" up.L--- --

NSTBXIBE-CansLtadWl takes The Angel over Jamp. (NA)
by U Taylor to tbhe ffymonds Stut.i- aide in this falls Nation-
Ma.S 'O. al. Thirty-two members of the
.-, --n- Ro;al Canad-can Mounted Police
second place in a fm every Canadian province
eI thINational Is and territory give the some
Seine maneuvers they did for
Qacen Elizabeth during the
atoay retaged $10,- Corotation.
Ti w very rood Several nundrkd avid contes-
world. tants from all over this country
ataP g such as MMrs. Col Kew rXig
ae be The Angel, filt it out fr
Irelbfd honors in hat Is the c hnat
e United horse show ofr '3.

Jq.ywsni)U __-----
iIaM .Bradell Shows That Limited Substitution

DInn FWl Did Not Kn6ck itte Man Out Of Footbal
uitbm af oa1 ui .wwr .wtM balL I thought I wa dreaming. Carl Brazell runs laterally in-
aentsl A w l iGu- u. *.se CrVandent ImagLle, me plau college atead of backward when trgp-
tedala,,rim eClombbla, Ve- all ped.
nemela a p qth oun- cOWUMIA. C,
1 iutponi ro i ri trip tj eqr-V a I 1 ho51-
'ha'i be s ci .by'. ,,W ,e ,,,U,,hW
bacilli.. ,.1 S -.'
,tot pnoutasan off
m ,oC^ *SK qe,-m..l, him ,..
NobC ohe;ale geo llmlt~dubh-
Cper of U- itoflon-appcrently ehaed the
Fos; ch abed'se ha down to nothing
am 'iw ~ut brasell "ems at r
a, U.. wt of 'YIe' Alb Boot si otLer
bli litHle football l jaeUAXwy
,Top event tour win be he has demonstrated that re- -
.eirde.rusational stricted replacements have not
U one ent Il kno k d th. smaller.fellows out.
lm l of the golsame. 'He blos-
.n(.m. a t!he s t, t oot-
bald sT in ntow t Atlastitc
a to fo-wt Coast Conference, maybe in the t
Ckb. :-nAtry, s *

the V D "

o er- f~t.. e *,. .

bu t lted ~'-

Plate, A en-14
L .VMBat

8r Wttes
m ,writLa
ice laamal rin

tg. "-
&DA t.

as ce

I LMt,1

-.. 1



SCALLs -"b .







AVM. C UtAL 14




p -

4rf~ (*'~FI


i ..a--

M t. t"
hdb kl do-
Ay .to

g) a ebol-

:, ~ 7ot f

r 'mft



iA: c'~ r;
; q


* '.,
t+ '-



. ;..*


- I w---------------- ,w ..? v q *g r. ----r i

Maybe Durocbe WiU Find lH

Kind Of Giants Tbi4 In Jap
-- o ---,1 ,
NEW YORK, Oct. 19 (NF ) thw t er of the Pacific Leam t
-After a closer inspection of flag
the Giants, f whom he as- Oiants became the
sumed command in mid-season J ne eam to train m
of *1948, Leo lrnest Durocher Unt, StatM coming to the "
demanded his kind of club, and ecl u oasa s spring, wig
got it. they beat the New York Gla*
When the New York -Natio- In an exhibition.
nals came from behind for the The ti.o squads of 01 l
Little Miracle of 1951, It look- play a dozen times thronm
ed like Lippy Leo Duroc her JapeJ six games In
knew wht to do with his type "Seed and daring on
of outfit. bases, the squeeze and pIkylP
f for one run are not lost gi
There were legitimate excuses ovek here," advises Sergeas
in 1952, but last season there Hlckey. "Perhaps not so mUat
w% e unmistakable signs of out of choice as out of neai
S of proper leadership. Per- atty.
haps all the hired hands didn't "uting is almost a rela
meet The Lip's qualifications. Some we have seen would pt
Anyway, there are to be Phil Rizzuto to a real test.
changes made, and maybe
Manager Durocher will find his *fe r reports the pitchlti
kind 'of athletes In Japan, good, Just as in the States
where the Polo Grounders are there, re fast and curve-ball
flying for a series of exhibi- pitchers, control men and litch-
tion games. era who throw nothing but
American clubs stress power,
go for the big inning. This ap- "There are a lot of poten-
parently is altogether too crude trial burlers," adds Hickey. "A.
to suit the dpndy little leader, mong the baseball-happ small
especially when blokes manu- ry, one of the biggest aal-*
facturing a record 221 home tlUO is to become another Tq
runs run too long in one keio Beho, a Giant regular
place., a leading pitcherlast
That's about all. the superior Y a of them make the
Nipponese lack-power. The av- grad. Those who do must
erage Japanese isnt large, acks produce. It they slip there mtr
the weight to swat the l6ng t1O9 wlJitng to Jump in." "--
ball consistently. aergeant Hickey calls 8
"Japanese parks are somewhat Hlr-al-2, five feet five, l
smaller than those, in the A- the slickest shortstop in U
rierican major leagues reports central League, If not in a ,
Sgt. Mike Hickey, Pacific tars pa '
& Stripes sports editor. "Any- "His gloe work Is almost up ,
one who socks from,10 to 20 believable," he writes. "Be If9 .
round-trippers in Japan lscon- solid ight-hand batter al
sidered an authentic long-ball ball man, a terror on the ba .
man." on) of the top figures in
*nese baseball. An All-Star
SerrMget Ilckey ,s er you, at MeWi University before
however, that when it comes tq i the Giants In 1961, he
sharp Inside baseball, the Jap- ted .304"
anese take a back seat to no Deo, Durocher might as wl
one. look around.
Owned by w newspaper, the He might find some or
Yomlurl Shimbut, .the Tok kl if ball players.
Olants are the most cesfu
agggtion In Japanese profes-
son a. ke organized In MXGTI -M=.
1934, the Giants have won nine w6-
championshlps, seveLn of thel AtUnta, (NEA) a,- .'
when Japan had only one lege. Bbb of Georgia
With two loops, the Olahts of y 83 pounds wvqr k
1951-52 had to win their own he p aeack for 1Km1 "
i Central league race, then bea enn, high school.
**._ ---i- .. I.i- 1.l

+.m^"1' '. 3"1,41


Army Catches U.

With Allotment

Frauds, Class Q

-The Army disclosed today that
illegal dependency allotment
claims by GI's are costing the
government an estimated $18,-
0,000 a year.
. It said an Army-wide crack-
down is planned. Soldiers who
Biled false claims and dependents
who received them illegally will
be prosecuted by proper military
and civil courts.
A preliminary six m o n t h
investigation, among U. $.
troops in Puerto Rico and in
l-Umited portions of the conti-
nental United States, already
has exposed frauds "in excess
of $1,00,0000" a year, the Army
said. Principally, the frauds
have been in "class Q" allot-
"Even greater sums are ex-
pected to be saved as indications
of non-entitlement are studied
further," the Army asserted.
The class Q allotment is basi-
eally for an enlisted man't de-
pendents for whom the govern-
ment is unable to provide ade-
quate living quarters. But it also
hay be Issued to secondary de-
rendents, such as parents, rath-
er than direct dependents -
wives and children.
The Army said most fraud
bases found thus far have been
in the secondary class s. To
qualify, a secondary dependent
must be reliant upon the sol-
dier for at least one-half of
his support.
The government pays out a-
bout $732,000,000 a year In 517,000
class Q allotments. Some' $72,
000,000 of this goes to secondary
A "sampling" of 308 class Q
allotments in the United States
showed 70 cases, or 22 per cent,
were fraudulent.
If that percentage exist
throughout the Army --and of-
*fials expect it will be the
Manual illegal claims would total
about $18,000,000 a year.
The fraud ratio was' even
bhgher in Puerto Rico. The
Army studied 7,407 allotment
claims there and disapproved
V.18, or 39 per cent.
J announcementt said court
Aaa trial, of G6 s making
B. ^ -- "lame* 1hak4 nHM ft1*adv~




Countrymen Praised As Ike

Ruiz Cortines nsuguate m
FALCON DAM, Tex., Oct 19- should live: in peace. in mutual "Be Is partcuiari y lait to opleratdon ADbd ncere friend-
(UP) President Eisenhower respect, In common pr gwrity." that kind of % algesslve.itltal- slp." -
stood today on an invisible line This nation is increasingly a- ralisml todi: i it the__ .
dividing the United States and ware "of the vital problems and deadliest i la a- Both Presidents oke briefly
Mexico and praised the citizens the exciting opportunities here against class, t ation against na- and, terms at the cer-
of both nations for despising in the lands of the Amercas," he ton, people against people. hel onl iat
sad hthe masve
Communistic division of "class said. he e the massive
against class. nation against na- meatepd to. man
aPainst class, nation against na- He praised "the men who truly Cortines. met to be hesphere,
tlon, people against people." created this work: The citizen of uIted t in ant teta-
Mr. Eisnhor jine Me Mexico and the citizen of the "The occasion which I br~ s to- it2 i :W
Mr. Eisenhower joined Mexican United States." ,g t h e r the Presidents of the .
President Adolfo Ruit Cortines United States and Mexico." Cor- oy Ct U makar
in dedicating the giant new Fal- He Is a citizen who is a "lover tines said, "suggests more. clear- his e ratmainal
con Dam across the Rio Grande. of freedom," Mr. Eisenhower Iv than any expression of t ten- a'i- i- a now of
Th America Pridet hall said. "He is profoundly aware of tions that the two nations have .OlIb le'l k
The Americanresin the ugly menace of totalt4tlan- become associated in the per- ia stle
ed the dam as "a lesson in the ism, its gaudy promise and grim sons of their chlies of state to ad
way neighboring nations can and practice, enhance further a work of co- He e for
He eaed for qlu avnt.
b -aea.9-r 1, j

~" ~

For4... "
I ;

-For *_^


* 11 '
' ', .. .

: .' ; .. ... r..
.-*"*^ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ '' .'. 1***..

I- ovr.w

I*- .;-- i'j


0on- Dan

~te l "on evidence that they features. President Elsenhowe and Mex President Adolfo alu' M i to
n In some C0es, principally
Sa Rico.e ome, soldiers in

tohe ntIinental n iteadS ates t
tt similar prosecution soon, t
a Idcvi cote wila n llCaandlethe es
ursv"Bpende np-e p7y.

Sattemptedu tdf the nthe D dte the newy -constru cted -project.nw l darm is ab out halwayute to Prto
' venamentby w lals = *'InrI ot nsville. In August an unexpected thie in the water trapped u- d deaan p rthe

I atfte ma ted t er off,, e or d e a e ts ee nae y 'e A s
de enteed by d tate ompa- tor, was severely ne and r h 1 Hs
*soatba Imprl8soramit -

ilChe scrap was ered s rfor I e with preounsly-exo- a ho er tellation Crash es S
~okrpWs~p E~encyMeelOa On Takeoff F;rom IY,

ale ain 2 dif t lots a one preed Arab displsue that h l to d
a the bidders enter offers for theOc western, Oct 19 (UP) r a- i n r ute to therto et o Iser
S T h e sa le o f n rD N A T I N N,1 9 (U P ) T A c o m m e rc ia l a ir Tn e r c a u g htAv atlo n O n ly l st w e e k h enrO

uTed sa of te mal. Er Ing the eine issue had beentwhie taking o orrlnes con was ad pesie ofuh the hbl
e l bacoucd n enera term wt s tellatlon wwere bng Into marshya rod psure tie Agents. T el
e totawill sbes drice on al of I sout r e to re- rinear he runway at Intebrnea-. Five o f~ our th e fr crash l ep
h ompaesc it wover f. A ion buth her A rab neighbor thionere n portl al condition. t mir- national o1
minced today at the office of on Two pe gs d. Oe Onadi Onl ote ar the olfrae
The supply and Service director. The Big Three western powerb wraped onwere the sagsere ap o ptes unh ut a w
aufrom the burning fuselage and wag &,P. Wayne, 59, a federal to re

ifte was firms entered oftfrs for discuss "the tension between Is- elapsed under e tail aasem thetur tohl hernoe tSh
l various lots o scrapper w n he i ra ci and thenich b ed ori he tbe a shenaers e ick ebne toa ine 'pfrto ld tome. dome

o. 1 heavy cooper enertd by west and brought for Israel t)e through a/rear door after tte ,fal tInPtewao dedicated by PrOs.
the Bay Stat number of bids ever., shares ncth particularly reer- crisp. it, w an n July, 1948. over
Thr toe. All but one of the bids lence." The other, a Puerto Rican doFe- O.n C Y treasten-t gat t a-th i
were entered by states' compa- tar, was several burned' and iil for shock, d hs
eale in 23 different lotfasd none pressed Arab displeasure that hotly at ett ri n theg dcy door blocked y d*de
f the bidders entered offers for the western demand for reopen.M ien of theo 7 persons a- fir ran to the rt o the lge
*11 of the metal. ing the Ptlestlne Issue had been boArd the Eastern Airlines conl plane and escaped through the "
couched to general terms, wit stellatlon were being threated Pilnots terompartXlment. The
The total sales rice on all ofrout reference to a specific in- Ind hospitals for burns. Five of 1 It "the first fatal crash at "'7
the scrap is over 00,00Al but dent, Charles A. Malik Arab thesefwere In critical con.ndition. mhe ew u Yorku International
three small lots wil be sold., spokesman asked the council e0 A Ju*n B d th of ertiously the field n Jamaica

,SOD8 and Casw a spoe 1 man12 asked-... 7:40 a. A business asociate art i Quem borough which eS
The highest unit J rlce receyi- atly what was intended to be bored wer heWe purser spdf t a -all tie ctyih which i tB S
ad was .2441 cents a pound for debated. stewardess, who helped mst of onaL fhhts and some domestic I
3,.00 ounds of copper we ani The incident which stirred ththe passenger td quick escape tiol.htwas dedicated by Pros- Hicki
th. I heavy cooper entered by west and brought for Israel itshthiigh arear door after the dignt Trumwa dedicated by PreI9
the Bay State Smelting Co In., sharpest ncidea-t which stirred Croeo1 the eas"ener were m. over
:its $ est rebuke hroh hurledet apeck e fler of the u sae.I
Other high bidders and the ap- l at s o -t te scrambled out and oll r I
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LITTLE MOE:His Life Behind the Iron Curtain mt
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*dLet the people know the truth mnd lhe country saft" Abraham Lincoln.

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