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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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*Let the people Inow te truti anld tie country is safe" Abraliam Lincoln.'

CStapa Ws V.0.








fBaku Oilfield

Within Range

bof -84s

PARIS, Oct. (BUP-Gen. Alfred M. Gruenther's head-

Russia's 1 1d rfie.P


force, third of its kind bdlt- American-buIlt i un teraeti
ed ith tAtlaUtic Po setup. hole 900 miandoper said theional
quarters adjacent to o ubd with o ews reach.
o ce command post W y o t Ln itd l O n to ts Greeound-
p in support nssin, thesuortth might
The new tacticall- r com-. beud ln.tme of war for strikes
Tland will unite frcal of two"at strategic target and to corn-
tradltional icemles wbp recent- bat the Rursian-built lets likely
ly staged joint m237 ers for t$ swhrm over Orece and Tur-
the irst time in a ~ berit En he ct other two tactical
l l t, "inaflmio the new aorqe-he a nd and the 4tht -
Supforce, third of aid .-ar w asked n cent ral irope.
ln r. .. ~ be- re ar o ste

supreme d s:eaequat O -i

- o

Oct. (UP) '- The Pn
States sent a fourth mensae
to the Far East CrommunLts
tod temllg thm there can
he n: reason ftr yoOursd -to
=Ir=n to., on with" the No-
", Ir' i < conferencee,

ed the Peiping and pyonTang
g' vrment' to yie a mocrete
r ply to the Anmerican proposal
that thie rr.ty Oct. 15 in
-.Qent*, IaoIluu or Saa ran-
The note, transmattedithrough
the Swedish gytoment, oid
"our side wlshes to comPlete
th pre imMn' ayrregements as
gn as possible ~ that the D-
Sne canB beg on that d*te
soon thereafter as ta9
itd united States also repeat-
ed offer to meet the
bted5ts face to face tO U=n 6ut
,ilelmemAnts" for the paris
al*~unoder the PSaMIUItOm
Prsta, to di-
gohU r matters bolnde
", dBlaee' at e pre-
f Sl W** .4ta
d te repeated that
theAutt f. N. decision for a
twoie eret only
e c stt-_ and ar-
OW that It was "Wl&ay rea-
Sut it was known, through
bhtij-reliable sources, that dis-
cAon of an invitation to In-
di at the preliminary face-to-
I tss was not ruled out.
While in Korea the
Uridal fcrtle~ s and the Con-
mulds. jolind forces today to
me t onth KoXrea from re-
leasin 3,I.U anUt.-Communist
"W*9n arn 1,Perhaps1 wreck
the shaky ai.m4lul.e
The ,lve-nato 'N neutral Na-
tions leptriason Commission
took etive Dnote of the ROK
threats and reminded the U.N.
Command It I.bound by terms
of the true to protect neutral
custodial troops.
I, 'a infuriated Communists
aled a meting of the Military
Armitit Commilsion yesterday
to wrn' that. the armistice
would 'olla It the U.N. per-
l~tLS r et 1i threat.
A CoM kt ,*ae m n
a s lWiuE Me id th
mammaist amn would w-
eLt wQBni t s i auiBta"i
| 3* riee B e mW 7tlad

VF ndi;ined

I... -

di~W .V -, -" ? ,
g .'Weampanled by-rS ousanda of ethudsu
tos anta whra a great public reception was
The U.N. was ,hor diplomatic
and hid its warning in a remind- -
er to Rhee that Allied troops
would protect-the Indians '100 TO.m h ^.,
per cent" against any outside i
a s s a u l t -
The action aeme after ROK r p Re tu
Provost Marshal Lt.en. Won-
Yung Duke a bounced that
Rhee was orkigt- ln plans to O W
free the captlvS, Emouraged byG Ii s GIiv
India's promise notto use arms
to halt a mass outbreak. President of Panama Jose An- President Remon said he first
The Neutrti Ra Itra t on tonio Remon was bak home to- refused to see the Department
Commission ii tMW Y I- day. agent and in the evening at a
formed the U.. of it duties to He returned in tran d los e state banquet informed Mr. Ei-
protect the neutral troops and triumph to the cheers of thou- senhower that he could not
called the South Cprena threats sands of jubilant Panamanians have a drink with him until the
"against all accepted canons of who.jammed CentrAl Avenue to question of the joint statement
international behavior." welcome him back from his his- was settled.
The AlIUed-Communat "al- toric 11-day visit to the United ol.
.aa.e a..d. Sh l tates.a Col. Remon then deserlbed
liace" applied only to efforts how Mr. Eisenhower and Mr.
to stei e Otherwise they The President as his party DdiHes got together and ap-
wer ded as ever, wi I the arrived at TocumE aboard a proved the original draft.
eds becoming ore and mol U.S. military tranrort and a The Panama President in-
la.ued over the delay In little overdone hour 5tqr at San- dlcated that Panama may tax
start of exlaattn to re- ta Ana Plaza he gav the cheer- P4namanlans working in the
luctat ing citizens of Pana*a the 'low- Canal Zone when he referred to
Th Commnoi, I s a un- down" on his trip t the U.S. an Incident in which he asked
reces0nted moveibypassed the In an ammingl blunt. ex- Under Secretary of State John
RepaS l ati ons CaozFlson and temporaneous peeft the Isth- Moors Cabot what explanation
appealed directly to te Military mian Chief executtVe expressed could be offered for the fact
Arisice Comm.ldn the w a r m praise President that the United States could
highest rankijontgroup in Dwight D. Eisenhder and Se- tax its citizens working here on
orea to ex he l length of cretary of StatJohn Foster the Zone while Panama by the
time left for ieiewing pri- Dulles but he lash outt "the old treaty was unable to tax
on er a t manifest hostility'hown by of- Panamanians working there.
The explanation were to have ficlals In the Bta Department. He said the question "con-
started nearly two weeks ago but He revealed ho he and Mr, founded" Mr. Cabot but that Mr.
one delay alter another held it Eisenhower had aeed on the Ftaenhower spoke up and said
up. wordage of a jointatement on that it was impossible for the
The armistice agreement pro- the treaty tal b that a State U.S. to prevent any such move
videos the talks must end Dec. 24 Department repress native later by Panama.
and the U.N. refuses to extend brought a com y different I all references to President
It. verason to be relei d. Eenhower and Secretary Dulles,

IS -

Tma. Oct.-8 (UP)
i s I19, was ANTI-s CHMl w IsP o
lfraudl- Chln4s Wt PanPaaio.m, an
le us a Ali s lectues

i. "' '- ."-
.. .... .

1-B An Indloanstard watches over
SrsOaldsiltv is tM see that *d and
I UN aspkenMen wtab are attempU to
rt Uk2ed and 10 w~ided dur. an

tie Panamnlana{as he marched along Central Avenue last
awaiting him In honor of his return from the United States.


* *

down' On US Trip
Col. Remon lauded both and said es were delivered by Ricardo
he' returned to Panama "proud Lince, president of the Panama
and grateful" for his overall re- newsmen's union, and Bey Ma-
ception in the United States. rio Arosemena, president of the
Near the end of his address he Industrialists' union.
called for an ovation for them
and the crowd that jammed thel
plaza responded loudly.
ha or Wovuld Aemuir

He concluded: "The Panama-
nian people havjkept their ren-
dezvous with the nation and we
have kept the rendezvous with
the people."

CZ Code To Approve
Tax Trials Here

His plane arrived at 6:30 at .
Tocumenr and the arrival was An amendment to the Judicial
marked In the cityby three siren Code of the Canal Zone to per-
blasts. The President and Mrs. mit the U.S. District Court here
Remon rode to Cinco de Mayo to accept jurisdiction in income
Plaza where they were greeted tax suits is being sought by a
by firecrackers and a bugle and Canal Zone attorney.
a drum corps and then took
their place at the head of a Donald J. McNevin. who re-
torchlight parade to Santa Ana. presents 1,400 Canal Zone em-
Mrs. Remon left the parade at ployes and members of the
J Street but the P resident armed services who are chal-
marched the length of the ave- lenging the constitutionality of
nue waving to the crowds on the the application of the income
packed sidewalks and balconies. tax law to federal employes, dis-
At one stage Id the march a closed the information today
huge bonfire was started as The present status of the
torches were thrown on the existing case is that a decision
pavement. in the Circuit Court of Appeals
As the burning kerosene in New Orleans is now pending.
spread hundreds rushed for'The case should come uo for a
safety. Later crowds jammed;-i.,r'ng the latter part of No-
back against a French BiA -. ember. In March of this yeai
window which gave way and 'v-, :. 'rilt Court Judge Guthrne F.
ing glass cut some v'f he '"'-I "--'ye ruled that the Canal Zone
tators. !rt had no jurisdiction in the
In the melees a total lf 22 ase McNevin appealed the case
were injured, most of them by e rcul Court o Appeals
trampling. Only three were hos-
oltalized, with one. Mrs Agueda McNevln contends that the
Laspriella. reported In a serious Internal Revenue Act of 1950
condition today with three provides that any suit which
cracked ribs and internal hem- tests the legality of any income
rrhaves. tai case must be tiled in the dis-
Before Col. Remon addressed trlct where the plantiff re-sides.
the populace welcoming speech- He also stated that under a
section of the 1946 ludlcial code
Benefit ombling t was provided that district
courts have jurisdiction In any
tax case, but this excludes the
Casino To Oven Panama Canal Zone court be-
cause In 1946 there was no in-
Tomorrow Night come tax.
The attorney said today he
Panama's benefit gambling hd conferred also with Judge
easine will be open again qver Edward Altman. president of
,the weekend at El Rancho the association, who haq agreed
Garden. tu accept a digest of the case for
Games this time have been consideration,
arranged to aid the Junior
Chamber of Commerce' Lnput- McNevin said today that it Is
Ulag over it annual Coffee his contention that under Sect.
Queen How. 23 of Title 7 of the Canal Zone
'The usal offerings of reu- court, the U.S. District Court
lette, dle, laekjack and here is given authority to han-
chuck-a-lek will be "open for die any case involving the inter-
b-ea* -sltatting tomorrow pretatlon of any U S. law which
fit and meaning Sunday. affects the Canal Zone..

----- 0 ---- u

Millionaire's Son

Was Shot Shortly

After Kidnaping
9 -
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 8 (UP) A nation-wide
dragnet was spread today for a tattooed man accused
as the kidnap-killer of little Bobby Greanlease, but po-
lice are "just about convinced" they already have the
murderer in the nation's most shocking abduction in a
The Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a
cross-country search for Thomas John Marsh, 37, a stocky,
blue-eyed man with his nane tattooed on his right fore-
arm and a dagger and snake on his left.
Marsh, a winoo" who has served time for molesting
children, was accused by the man who engineered the
kidnapping after two years of planning the crime as
the triggerman who put a bullet through the six-year-old
child's head.
But a high-ranking police official in St. Louis said
it was "an even bet". the Marsh's accuser, Carl Austin
Hall, 37, spendthrift son of a Kansas attorney, did the
shooting himself.

The case broke Tuesday when
a cab driver tipped Lt. Joseph
Shoulders of the St. Louis police
force that Hall was spending
freely. 8~oulders went to a ho-
tel where e f found. Hall -and
2,972a l, cash.
Hall, ex-convict and master-
mind of the crime, and Mrs.
Bonnie Brown Heady, widow of
an Oklahoma gunman, were held
in St. Louis, Mo. in lieu of $100,-
000 bond on federal extortion
It was reported, however, that
a new warrant was being drawn
up In Kansas City, possibly
charging violation of the Lind-
bergh law.
Detective Chief James Chap-
man of the St. Louis police con-
firmed that no official arrest or-
der had been issued by anyone
for Marsh.
Chapman said it was the
"belief of the department"
that Hall killed the Greanlease
boy himself, either on the ride
from Kansas City to St. Joseph
after the abduction or shortly
after they arrived at Mrs.
Heady's home in St, Joseph.
Hall and his plump girl friend
faced first-degree murder charg-
es In St. Joseph, where Bobby's
brutally beaten body was found
yesterday In a lime-lined grave
behind a honeysuckle hedge at
Mrs. Headyv's home.
They were to be moved to
Kansas City. scene of the extor-
tion, as soon as papers could be
made out. The St. Joseph ar-

raignment was set tentatively
for Monday.
Also beg held as a mate-
rial witness, at the ieaest et
the FlBI in a pivate 4* i-hg
was-Sana Oy'Day, U. a
CI the Soa police Mtu r
Hall and Mrs, Heady over to
federal authorities there, they
pointed to discrepancies In Hairf
A high police official their
said it could be assumed Rall
had been In fear the boy would
be found in his hands and add-
ed: "We think it's an even bet
that he and woman carried out
the kidnapping and murder
The same official said It was
the "consensus of the depart-
ment" that Hall and Mrs. Heady
had the remainder of the money
hidden somewhere.
The hug6 kidnap sum had
been hastily gathered together
from federal reserve banks lb
Arthur B. Elsenhower, Ka=
City banker and brother of
President Eisenhower, within
two days after Bobby was sqt-
ited from an 'exclusive day
school Sept. .
At the behest of the frinfc
father, 71-year-old millioaise
Robert Oreanlease, Elsenhc kr,
vice president of the Com ae
Trust Co., one of the city's h, -
eat banks, procured 40,000 pc
of money-$200.000 in 10-dihr
bills and $40,0000 In 20's.
As the kidnapper had requaead,
they were placed in two c-M
(Continued on Page 6, Ce

$600,000 Greanlease Ransom

Largest On FBI's Records
NEW YORK. Oct. 8 I UP--Six-year-old Bobby Greanlease
was the first child slain in a malor kidnap case in 15 years
the fifth In the 21 years since 20-month-old Charles A. LJa
bergh, Jr., was murdered under remarkably similar circum-
The ransom paid for Bobby's return was the largest on
record for a child or adult.
The major child kidnapilnegince 1932 and their outcomes:
Charles A. Lindbergh. Jr.. 20 months, kidnapped March 1,
1932, from Lindberth home at Hopewell. N.J.: $50,000 ransom
paid: body found May 12, 1932; Bruno Richard Hauptmana
George Weyerhaeuser. 9. of Tacoma. Wash., kidnapped May
24. 1934, reLurned June 2. 1934,. after payment of $200,000 rant-
som: William Dainard, alias William Mahon, sentenced to
years in prison.
Charles Mattson, 10. of Tacoma. Wash. kidnapped Dec. 28,
1936: found dead Jan. 10, 1937; 528.000 ransom demanded but
not paid. case unsolved.
-Peter David Levine. 12. of New Rochelle, N.Y., kidnapped
Feb 28. 1938. found dead May 29. 1938; unsolved.
James B. Cash. Jr.. 5. of Princeton. Fla.. kidnapped Mayv ,
1538; fond dead June 8, 1938. $10 000 random paid; Franklin
Pierce McCall confessed and executed.
Marc de Tristan, 3. of Hlllsborough. Calif., kidnapped Sept.
20. 1940; found unharmed with his abductor Sept. 22. $100,000
ransom demanded but unpaid; Wilhelm J. Muhlenbrolch sen-
tenced to life Imprisonment
The S600.000 ransom demanded by and paid to the kid-
napers of Bobby OGreanlease. Is itr lilidist on record, the FBI
said today.
The FBI said that In cases in which it has investigated.
the previous high ransom pa.ment was the $200.000 paid out
to win the release of Charles F Urchel at Oklahoma City In
1933 and Edward G. Bremer of St. Paul, Minn., in 1934. Both
were freed unharmed Their abductors later were captured.
The previous record hish demand was the $250.000 ransom
asked by the abductors of John J. O'Connell of Albany. N Y. In
1933. The demand later was reduced to $42500. O'Connell wa
released unharmed after payment of $40,000.




-- c

" -`--`~I~~-' -~~ -~' ----~--`--' -------~ '

'""i ~

1 -*- *

i r







un y N.LOON UOUNUVl.L IN isle
T 7 H gOTIar 0 lo 134 PANAMA R OP P
24B MA1IuON *vE New YORKl IIT? N V
,Pe *OMT9 1 A.MANCI 1.T0 a.90"
Po 1 NoeImSW., IN *AVAMCE 0-.0O 12.00
OP ON* roAn. IN OVAMo 0 24-- 00

STheL Mail Box ia ea pen forum for' riders at The Peoma Amr-
SLetters are received gietfully and em handled l a wbeoll c oH-
d li meMaero .
If you 'slribute a letter don't be Imprtlent t t deem'I aear the
d y. Lettne are publkhed in the order received.
Plese ty to keep thi e Irter limitedJ toe o pe leth.
Idletity of lette writers is held in strict onf idemW .
This wppr sumes rM eeponsibiliy for stememts epioas
pvsemod ia slaIers hem Meern.
*- o *
Gamboa. C. Z.

This is for 'Lottery Ticket Vendor":
ou are raising Cain about the "clandestine chance vendors'
en the Canal Zone. The Lottery Office Is complaining about
d tidling sales. Everybody complains, and no one tries to find
out from the customers why is it that these "clandestine chance
*endors" have to do their trade around. It isn't done only on the
Canal Zone as Lottery Ticket Vendor would like to make it ap-
pear. Not by a long shot. This situation exists all over the Isth-
mus. L#tve seen it In places that one would think unlikely. For
the limited experience I have in such matters, this is the con-
clusion that I have arrived at.
.1Clandestine chance" vending is a necessary evil. In a very
l degree, it competes with the National Lottery, but not to
st. extent that would cause any alarm to the Government. The
ional Lottery print Just so much of each number, and when
ka bers are exhausted, naturally, the prospective customer tries
t~et his favorite number any way that he can. Now, I am not
ingto justify their actions. I am only trying to show a cause
IFtheir actions.
':Then, there are those vendors who refuse to sell certain
rtibers. to a prospective customer. For example. I was down
Vmt on Monday evening trying to get a couple of pieces of 01,
a ndn no ticket vendor's board could I find even one piece of it.
st I believe that It was already sold out so soon In the week?
oha't try to give me that! Again there is the situation of a cus-
.fmer wanting to buy a certain number on certain vendor's
-1ard. He is told plainly that unless he buys another number
he doesn't want, he cannot buy the one that he really wants.
old "casado" (pair) racket. Then there are those who would
you a number if you are willing to buy a raffle on gosh
klows what. If you don't, then you go somewhere else to try to
your number.
I saw an Armv man the other day trying to buy a few pieces
o the Cincuentenario's Drawing tickets. Just for the fun of it,
allowed that man to three different boards, and on each one,
avwas refused the tickets that he wanted, because he refused
tbuy a raffle to get his tickets. I don't blame the fellow one
11 'I would have done the same, too.
SNoW when prospective customers go to the "clandestine
iEae vfcendors" to get their numbers, these same vendors raise
ir e .elieng about unfair competition. I say stop these raffle
i cdets and the old "casado" dodge, and sales would pick up
a 'iat deal.
SThen about the money lending complaint. I don't blame
ase gripes from Lottery Vendor too much. He or she just had
have something to place the blame for their lack of sales. 8o.
rally, the great idea of suggesting that money lenders were
S supplying the cash, then taking it back for their illegal
came to his or her head, and he or she just wrote it down.
n iot saying thavis e mohey lendIta business doe not exist.
.ay or may not. But I can say this: I have never seen an?-
Hy walking.around with a "big stick" beating other people over
heads and forcing them to borrow their money. If anyone
owe from a money lender, he does It at his own free will.
t, he does with the mopey after he borrows it, Is his business.
4 wants to go on the drunk with it. buy "clandestine chanceL"
lel chance from "Lottery Vendor" or Just toss it away, i
affair. No one has a'right to tell him what to do with it, for
al he and he alone is the one who is going to worry about
ijo nn.the loan. -
Now get this straight: I am neither a money lender nor am
l atle chance vendor." I am Just stating facts the way
Sse them. Let's be honest about this all, Lottery Ticket Vendor.
blame your failures on others when actually you are the
to brush up on your technique? It Is true that we very rarely
t fingers at ourselves but you ticket vendors should start
that, and your sales would pick up Immensely.
After hiding certain numbers like 01, 35. 51. 07, etc., all week,
suddenly take them out on Sunday mornings, and try high-
rurg people to buy them off your hands through the "casa-
and raffle system. Just so that you would not be stuck with
Do this, and National Lottery sales would pick up. and
clandestine" game would go the way of all flesh.
* -"Joe Smith."
a. I forgot to say that f am not a borrower from those money
lenders mentioned by "Lottery Ticket Vendor," either.


Labor News



By Victor Rieel
Only Mr. Elsenhower's Intine-
tive respect for counter-intelli-
gence and some very swift In-
vestlgation by the FBI saved himo
from appointing a map to his
Cabinet as Secretary of Labor
who was, and is, a friend of the
nation's toughest, wealthiest and
most successful labor terrorist
and extortioner, Joe Pay.
Had not Mr. Eisenhower, as
President-elect. insisted that the
FBI check every one af his and
his party's appointment, te
Imprisoned Joe Fay. now doin
time for extorting $709,000 from
the biggest of construction con-
tractors, would have had A
friend, Richard Gray, head of
the AFL Construction Tr-Wde
Dept., in the White Houe.
Gray was reeonmmald to
Ike by Washington nd KMI"
west labor men, who t OIheo
Presdent-elect that this ifo
be a strategic move. Mn Ie-
bower, knowing Uttle &bit la
her personnel at that l ~ ae-
eepted the recoms eusaI M.
The FBI checked. I agents
discovered that Dick Sr U
not only visited the Mi o-I
terrorith, then Sn flag butt
had written a long tt t
Gov. Thomas Dewey adlag
clemency and freedom for the

Ike dropped Oray's name and
soon appointed Martin Durkin.
It should be reported here that
Gov. Deway has received Iun-
dreds of such letters inTlas be-
half, asking for s b release.
These written requests came
from the highest of labor lead-
ers, businessmen and govern-
ment officials.
Reflectlhg the enormous Influ-
ence of Pay, formerly boss and
vice-president of the Operating
Engineers Union, were moves in
his behalf by Congressmen (one
made a long distance telephone
call) and by men who may some
day be governors of New York
and New Jersey.
Dewey Is considering making
public this list and when he
does, it will be seen that not one
rank-and-file union dueopayer is
on it, just leaders.
One of those, New York' L t.
Gov. Weks, just two weeks d -
go denied flatly that he had
bee siting the Imprisoed
Joe Fay. Yet this past week.
end, he finally admitted seeg
the extrtioner and embeder,
becnae "he (a lb etia a
power nl labor eie' 'and he
neeed "Joe's" hel to eeI i
bor pesoe a pun *nsr
tiUm oe t.
Well j p who I responsible
for permitting this terrorist,
whose friends go around threat-
ening those who expose him, to
continue to be a "powet in labor
It was Pay, who, in 1940; sidled
up to Dave Dubinsky at a res-
taurant in New Orleans' Hotel
Roosevelt and picked a fight
with the bantam-sized AFL La-
dies Garmept Workers Union
leader. Dubimnky had just intro-
duced an anti-racketeering reso-
lution at the AFL convention
DuIbinsky was sitting with his
daughter and a newsman, but
the presence of the young lady
didn't keep the goon from foul-
ing up the air with his gutter
la sae. There was a scuffle.
DuMnly and his party left. but
were chased down the hall by
Fay and his goons and again
aasaulted, And when the news-
mn reported the story, some
AFL 18s tried to talk him out
of frlhflt.
That hush-hush policy has for
13 years made the rackets most
vowerfuL in the Construction
gradess omltion of the AFL. It
has result a. racket infiltration
down In the totmi construction





rom Lmitless Space... They're Reaching For You!
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Just an Oc ite Trick ;

M^^tMrrif '*LII .^A^ i

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R... o a... U.

... .N .. fri _. t

Shim f and"
.,44 iM arirbinlnd



f L 1

Moeccan Bases

ly 01 RUAiK

(Editor's Noter Persula his obstv their 401a a
.S. military epoeatie broad, :

Morocco, rvealn how later Lse oe -. meti k
tia resulted I baunglng, waste s" deby.) bu eckts
I.C.4r of
CASABLANCA, Frepah Morocco-It Was a d unf r
thrill, diminished by progrel to') comboe bain s ;.6
Caa after,aU them years. It wa sPtk' i1nb.'
Whe I saw If first wheo the old war was Ruth .wi au
young, it was a mntirlour s 1 eo tiH f veiled new gold e, a.-ev
Arabs and sinister qouuf4 and mells. New., lare or little, in I
everyone know. It ha tUrned into a Pittsbfh _. .
lWth paiPtrwe.
Thb Cablaned re'las u have heart tell burntt. The
is thOf h. of our i U end muca boy r
foougt-over r b caber b freidwhimluh' t. bs
we could osslby laucb an satm-bomb Wara. M .
alaunt ltumfl th smene aint idea-6f gen e w a sh w a oU bUtt
w of tie planes back. They have been to g between Air l Fe., At
a the bams-Neoasseur, Sid B8Umane, and Ben neers. Plaa ot cance
Guerir- or a couple of years now, and they drawn aaitn. Locales wi
aren't finished yet. and returned to.
There have been Congressional investigation, The jo-. l reet
and a large lambasting from a press that has pl f bi by
rarely een the bases. Vast numbers of men have under the n
been hired and fired. neers. Th6re wide A
The Air Force .hs, fought with Corps of that tl
In .and bothfy L witth e b 002 Lt4
Aw ti e wite l~arcitest- c L5
engineers, the Deartment of b f s.e. the -
reau of the Budget and the Frenc government ft was ord1d r i
all mlied up In the act. back In case welj '
Wit rurla. It V%
Cas was, and I a sl flooded with hair, hd- p W
drinking. roach-olced construction tis, ~. t'w
made .orq money than they ever uw. drove m exi;st ni kunlbeii
cars, t ca at te on real tCrpgatae in th~o now at
town., d Iha economy with loose money and can take planes A i
refe rred t~s a "ra'-heads." them.
There e place down byI the wharves where
an ex-0 mak i a handy living selling fried Theyr still
chicken, out wr e
A fonnr Marine makes a tidy living Just pub-. ue hali
ishlnf weekly paper called th Morocan Su tohe Wol t
GaMtte xpressly for the construction stiffs and flai and aov. a

EGION -(NIA)- The Air Force hba said as ard a '
rbat plans under study on tLte ma it rt 1u
U anrd conduct of its o flrn. ad
Mt takes over our new Ia S
S r wants to be able move
Ma staythere for a ta n.
inu o friction between tE. .t
gpanlsb people. I
nr officials have never beea,.h
Utt It has had with people In
odd aer places where a otof
SaMquartered. Blame l 't all
ee in these ecase.r t t
IMNi they want to have
I p h past.
e!lggs "speet of the_.!?l" plef^.*


AMAN KOIN" -'- CIopters 12 ard 13
Plus: -
w r TeimlBrom r a W r...I

-u- worur, zag ug bueans
ml crstlaee amd then mehim
laber u, a n7ki~
induetr. el eoan da
the AIL nld hel b in w ip-
ng It out. 9aLnr W Oe
Lea. Al$ = 6 ..
y. J:wm. petrie,. in ll
or ana many ethera are heman
Lad at bullet proof

I I,

,,. *jAV**
* r A.

-~ i~,

AM p-.

icd and
n .jor the.
two -- -


Ust i


L Le

- dJ.4 lCm



llQ II rtlhe

.the A
hs 2,4 1

mlximcmwN ormz
th1 k eatust ta
i n a 'DWntl1-Wt
Wle -7.

* 1

~ -r I i



i '

... 1 .


I- N

~,r C


? ,

S .

y1 ~ :~' 'i, .* *

T i.- "s
r -

t RB~B-~&^EEjl-f^ M~f

*,' *,

"-. ;rr t.". r ak n Ud w ;

m AN a a, .
.. ., B .(. do?'

n "rThen ybou fdask *
f.e Maethbore te o
,m say the btlt'.
Fagot too wives wo.
m' ".-- ritk n.d too llUtl
--r1iln abemy hu bands i

-. ,


*; .

Ir' .'.4,

t,.'4" .t.'


" *'


! : 3 'i

., .
".. tr .. '


r -

. .
., ., ',

' "

Imll .
.' om ,


Efl~ I:c~ftl~3j -L~~~dO~odE I

dsna1 ~it.&

over Bi frti n mGrooup
.. .. F .i' ? o*' "-. ".

l Qppo$ 4o's Er y To UN

.A "EL CACES By Calbaith

w What wa _the petition beorin i
r i a hm psst.d W to #ltirJed o-
Sthat's 14 ehower sdf of-d
nult amld a eay ha $*. .p Ie
you're a n U.N. pembeuru O
yourself ot houms of Coare also Demoerati r
>ure f ma went on rmord ,ar candiate ui a lneei g
Ian wrho list.h year with a similar dec- of the. fp.
lrationl.u oreq
Slnce then,- however, the o totweoauwa b on to th
rry too rean truce has been algne ind U.N. n hope flenlng opia-
e nelgh- saom U.N. members are e ertng ion therb. .
Sor D resu to admit Red t clte s why Red
" na. m.he Comnmnlst are expecht- Chl Iy b
Sed u"W t hia demand as a bIr-. .
Si polnt in further Korean I"
i. *l negotiations. a ,,,,-
"ezl d democra-
Tbe petition has b"n cy
to prgelIeWt erson i. government"
of Ire with a letter al art member ofDi
la. Hoover. Judd nd b e ex ,loo .
ponors iFaskilng that 3it'

t_. (7P -- A Jmpon wa in JLrt seeve
and returned 04 40*44t InunistChina4 has show oa
Sfoally arral here orrrpy
pr',onintg e the U.N. charter rh
r q TX rovel Itself an .
hade a dke Lu of/

STAMPA, Fla., OctS. 8 (t1) A Simpo n was in a brt sleeves,
4,0qD-mle 1ht with.t P of u m an a ar t hs nephe
Sg1i jgo0 from a Nw Mr- e a po ir. hey be
t Va., bsak nded for 3 bank foirmtly arralgnd here tomor-
tocnh ne7 toda rw a tr tinhe oh rges arrive
Mai t when1.agents se f two from Virgna.

:^r hii With S^romptl
73 W- tw. I nonland tosuitcase .84 ot cash ,BI ets sai .thy foun d ab

B i t fW .T *j .: ij nniith. aageoU WM aa a onpnk iSS-t er myr ,
Ft the lDo Rs antd Simp oW p. 5, a curre hiroabnphi. ha%
"74yd- ,,n-"144 .,, di ll
ratr 0 et Ci- sens National herse. was presumed.

7.-. i tlhsu. w- .Tsw aM an Maet motel
tast te a former. mayor of

o th m id Il is 4 O t tm h e" th
S'a eo d da n 0 to as t
8**^*~$o Jwtftyil af f i nb wooewMa.nt An--a- 3---^ ______

4d' u4 toB- k- cot tileuh.P ch*rch oMuncd theu ei Mod they
m- thear o14Detd.. (toehxs
;!.b s.A o .n11,
~.l elder te

mo- _Bnehl' e1r< o 'ahem e to matla

not Candy, with ad-
one of the de went to the hurh n- little
4Ahs ve r'PaRsarermer bi maytor of

.: ... .e. .... o ed o ..

in y O. d of fl 1
alp5.t TF "ldr in ee 8 i-
tvorm o~C nor-at..U
ond aak sif can, W lItous o*

ru"I W ban rupt

th -eea went to n.

sh~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ wd ~tPrt~n~

:); P, ,m c C J





*ru/ /"L ulK amd Mz *

&I L., 44Jr",,


Moet~ g lfimtpsf~rj c 1iv trXn.:k ,
cruoae junior ie fa ns t o ,e= t' .s ,b

No. 79 Arenlds lJut Awsts M Tt. 3423 '
(asrow the street from Maria laaaJda Irl) a )

%: 031


Tllure unImited ..

in our neweus coll on '

"fl~er-live and Swnig CZlfergv

Exolting Cotton drae-r- "
some strapless with pWrk
others with adorable low Moek
most flattering to any figure type
Junior Misse and Womnm .sil

For-4aytinme-war hw have Mr
Smot adorable ootto
s aet eraw-resirtant,'from 9$.95.


5i9 "

'.. IX S MADURO, S. A.
1No6..*Av .-





*- s!

This is the
Christmas to
give her a

a (Oaitonr t

Select It




,.-, (r .- r..-

I 1L

-w, wa hft m- qm

ir pAlLr MmWA1M

Shipping & Air Line News
o 4

Pjrdon began his new duties
for the. committee of American
Shipoing Lines Serving Essential
S4Jgreign Trade Routes Oct. 1.
Members companies of the
committee are: American Export
LiWes, Inc.. American Mail Line
Ltd., American President Lines,
Ltd., Farrell Linse Inc.. Grace
Line Inc.. Lykes Bros. Steamship
Co., Mississippi Shipping Com-
pany, Moore-McCormack Lines,
Oceanic Steamship Company,
Paclfic-Argentine-B r a z i1 Line,
Pacific Far East Line, Pacific
Transport Lipes. Seas Shipping
--Company, United States Lines
;,Company ahd New York and Cu-
=t-Mpail Steamship Company.

;l +Passengers to Sail
l. orrow on S.S. Panama
',* -'- total of 61 Dassengers are on
e advance list of passengers
Sleduled to sail tomorrow on
Panama for New York via
ti' LThere are no passengers
Sfor Port-au-Prince.
h,- e complete advance pasen-
Ser-list is as follows:
Miss Ruth Apin; Mr. and!
Mrs. Edwin T. Blanton and 21
chtldrfn; Mr: and Mrs. Carl G.
rown: Mrs. Elizabeth A. Cai'-
rintoti Mrs.' Thelma Chan; Mr.
and Mrs. Paul W. Colby; Mr.

ish miss sits in a Copenhagen
garden loaded with rich cheeses
in all shapes and colors. 'The
edible garden is one of the fea-
tures of the National Dairy
Show, held every lve years un-
der the auspices of the Federa-
tion of Danish Dairy Associa-
tions. Over 1200 samples of
butter and 1000 cheeses are on
display at the show.


1 IAMI, One Way ..... $70.00 Round trip $126.00
'WA WiLt One Way.. 80.00 Round trip 144.40
SUlTO On.e Way ...... 86.00 Round trip .154.80

S Cargo rates also reduced. Consult with our office
.)t Perd Avenue No. 15, Telephone 3-3283 or see your
travel agent.


IIii i

WELIIN. Planetese

Now What?

S Boyish Bi

Answer, toLo[

Or n

n 10 Proerty 3iPy e uff
items 37 Take turns
TI Dull finish 38 Run after
19 Feigns 40I strlls -
20 Boy'g name 43 Pen nam e
23 Heroic .. Charles ltn*
'2 Pantry .. 44 Uususl -s
S7'Seines 45 tchfne part.
26 Oriental coins 4 e _40
33 Portions ra
34 Quoters (luma
'i" :


Great White Fleet

*S.S. "mDR UERAS" ...... *................ .........Oct. 9
S.S. "BYFJORD" ........................ .........Oct. 11
S.S. "YAQUI'................. ....... ..... .Oef. 16
S.S. "MATAUIJRA"................... ........... Ot. 25
S.S. "LEMPA" .............. .......................
*Carg ReIriummdn v Gensei

RMvicW d NUJV0A 1,

Men a

8,S. "CAPE AVINOIP................... ...,.., t A
S.S. "IUMOJ ...... .................
8.8. "MAJOREA" .........., .... .... ....
8.8. "PAnISMI.A"....................
9.5 "C. G. WT I f..... ...................
Saim.a sma oneu t"e.n aweos de tde ts*e r* Nkf
lar k Num f 'Orleas, ta



Pardon Named Acting Head and Mrs. William Diez: Mr. and
Of Federation of American Mrs. Stanislaw Domin; Mrs.
Shipping Kai2e"e'ie Doudouchides; Mr.
The appointment of Alexander and I'.s Raymond M. Dudley;
Purdon, for the past three years Mrs. Elizabeth K. Duncan;
secretary-treasurer and recently
acting head of the Natlonl Fed- Mrs. Frances Ann Elmendorf;
eration of American .Shipping, Freder:ck Elmendorf; Evelyp El-
as -executive secretary of the mendorf: Miss Mae Ethier; .Al-
C almittee of American Shipping bert Fellmeth: Elmer A. Geiss;
Lines Serving Essentirl Foreign Mrs. Joyce Girard and 2 clil-'
,i.Trde Routes was announced to- dren; Mr. and Mrs. Roy T.
a'd by R S. Hecht. ch irman of High; Mr. and Mrs. John E.
the committee and chairman of Hotz: Mrs. Sophie Joostema; Mr.
-the board of Mississippi Ship- and Mrs. Cecil R. Jones;
pting Company. New Orleans.
SDr. and Mrs. Robert Lambert;
rdon will head the Washing- Mrs. Josephine Love; Mrs. Blan-
office of the committee, ca Mpors; Mrs. Mary E. Melan-
ht is made no of 15 shipping son: Mr. and Mrs. Monroe T.
t whichh own and operate Phillips and daughter: Mr. an'd
S.270 ,American-flag vessels Mrs. Louis Pierobon; Bernard F.
i21trade routes. They serve pohren; Mrs. John F. Set';
e foreign commerce of the Robert B. Seevers: Miss M.
4--.nited States in all arts of the Maxime Shetterly- Mr. and Mrs.
wbid under operating-differen- Elias Snye; Mrs Frances Swee-'
tial contracts with the Govern- nev; Alfon.o T Torrecrossa:
1esnt. .M r. and Mrs. Ernest C. Van'
Horne and son: Leo A. WoIsh:
P: Pi0r to going to Washineton Mr. and Mrs. Marvin C. Ward
as** rretary-treasurer of the Na- and 2 children.
tional Federation. Purdon serve -
ar''ecitive vice-oresident of
th~' Quincv, Massachusetts ._ -
C" Ohember of Commerce, and
executive secretary of the New l
Haven, Connecticut Manufactur-
'--,wAssociation. I

ACROSS 52 Man's.namer
I Masculine 53 Pokedrlstke
appellation 54 Essential
5 Boy named being
for a lion 55 Air (comb.
8 He was form)
named for the 56 Golf mounds
first man DOWN
12 Iroquoian ind of tree
Indian tKind o tree
13. id notices 2 Asitic nation
in newspapers 3 Competitors
14 Genus of 4By's
shrubs appellation
15 Nickname for- S Tardy
David 6 R*l1act
16 It is (contr.) 7 Larissfn
17 Formerly mtatinl
18 Striped cloth I ExLat
19 Flower part IUMS*
21 Encountered aippeliatin
22 One who
irritates i t
24 Winged
26 Tremulous
28 Waterfowl
"- (pl.)
29 Follower
30 Make a
31 Cetacean
(comb. form)
32 Nickname for
33 Looks over
35 Scoff
,38 Offspring
39 Sing in a low
41 Head covering
42 Type of cloth
46 Station (ab.)
47 Greek god of i
49 New Guinea
50 Prevaricator
51 Witltered


, ,
'" i ; -

n .


S ---L '
b Ia. .

y ,UB* ... ^^ *.. J gi

Tartfa Especial en ajes de .IkU tdomi
pars N eva Tork. Los AngelesI, .Aston

a Yw erk .......... .. .
Par Los Angeles y San Fsnnb w ........ lW
ra s eatte .................... .........

TELS M ONQtm' ...o to

tl HO" mWtOW=

'. '' ~ ^
111111111111111111111111111111- ^^ ^ ^^^i^^^
^^^^^*^i ^Olf .,-

Ji .l* "


-I' I


)IC VI~g~, ,~

C -,

-9 ->'


Enough Is Eeagh

When Greek Meets


a p

.4 A


7. : J .: j.

" ~~ .. :-4'1 '.

"a' .4 L*

II -.



'r 9*. I<

,r .


s. "

A .w
-"i: .
f/ ..

S....._. ....... .. .. ... i

- -----


* ." ,. ,

;-\ -* ; ,- .... -



n .,

raPa rirua an rur~sl

.. I



; r~i,:!


. I



-' w .
- ju81llS

What'sW ..
H' Ey. ,.'
l-t .f r

!V aI
j. lilt .e.




L.,T I

.. .... ...( ;

. I .... 1


A MUERItI an r pMi t I..T- rmWuPAPER PAsn

*lf' iv*!b* -y .. i| -|- *^ '- -'- -v'wW ^ ^fk .' *
C. OC & &~ ~ C.

.* .

2 -~.P


By' syrvd' atU.A
.. ..1


PW "k""I

ovWe "T--F
ia was pnr

rv %wrint

Wwrso ^ w.' w-att
gB62 h.1 W A
t.. ib.

astitutu, of. lnter-Ahier
affairs (nIIAA( and the
Four Eduation Servltelo
, have moved ttleir I-
a offices to new lb=io
[ig to Int-rmutd 1

tatelphon aumters a- i
. ft4 and 3-060. Theo
*v,- bavI b
t. Panama
S'T ai. oi. tol I
= g through at -a
feot aow.
i ZOAA Is the Point Weai
p44 aeUer for LAtil uAmia-
l mrmred mthir -:

W sb w buty onB- M
bt at ty idcbsti

S ..L;.
Ats C -
B -I ^

d~f .

,,:;r *ri


irOuf 'HB.m lever
. A 0$, L

'3 -

r- .~'
44j ~

j .; t
'J .i. r



more chilMal learned bettc e
breakfast hief.,
Breakfast %iW4as of children
of dUffere '. ap groups wsrI.
Fr the c im ,r 7 to 9 yearq
eo mieuauiMudes: 4 ounces
of oriase jn,-1 ounce q .oe-
read, 1 a sugar 2lce
of butteredd i ed toast, and
8,ounces of V milk. FOr the
schoOl1 ohlld 2 years d f ag
add p eg.g and a tablespoon'of


7! l-

dr"a, to start dy with ,a

afer 10, mlrak Itomnsl trom
Mrepawed e rmat ulix; Pa-
4a. Anae, 5, cam pre eggs
pldy, and 6 5 Is an
erat dmn9re oqueemig and
toPaiop, J liO e p o.rrl
Here 'alA frei o Mrs. Har-
rington's better fIly break-
last menus:
1. Orange.f~ ljd,'ixed corn
and wheat flakes and milk, r#U-
sip toast, butter or margarine,
chocolate milk, coffee.
L. PinappIe sliceM, hot cereal
wl' milk, split and toasted left-
over mn fflu or olls, butter or
m~garm orspg marmalade,
milk( coffee.
3. Fall trult bowl (peUrs
grapes, plums), rvady-to-eat
careAl, poached Ogg on enrich-
ed toast, milk, coffee.-
4. Appleasauce, mixed bran
and rice kes with milk,
bacon, enriched toast butter or
margarine, milk, eaffee.
S. Special Sunday breakfast:
Orange Juulc. r@edt-eat cere-
al with milk, creamed chicken
on toast, corn muffins, butter or
marogrlIe; plum, jam, milk,


| I .


i*li L

.1 '


J~d~d~ Soce1~*** i 95 .

ComMnand er lder Hubgins, Commanding Offleer of
Fasron 1a lt a stae dinner give at his quarters on
the C Jr'C Statioen, Tuesday evening, to hoer a
group of efftlers of the United States, who were visiting en
the Isthmua.
The hopores included Cap- ments.
tain T. O. Dll, Weet ir Wing
Commander, with Commander Friends Share Honors At
'. F. Lloyd and Lieutenant Lieutenant and Mrs. W. L.
commanderr F. J. Pawela of Hall, who left Tuesday- or
Jacksonille, PFa., and Com- Dallas, Texas, and Lieutenant
ander F. L. De -Lorenzo of and Mrs. C. R. Mould, who
Trinidad leave Saturday for Jacksonville,
The oth, Wl ta were Cap- Fla., shared honors at a Pizza
tn W. A. t n, Coianding Party, given as a farewell geu-
officer Qa te oe olo NP- ture by, Lieutenant and Mrs.
ael StatiC. mr r T. P. B. Fitch at their OCco Solo
,er Lieuteanrt Commander quarters.
Wheeler5 and Lieutenant The other guests were: Mrs.
Commander ihard Phltpaon. A. L. Maccubbin, Lieutenant
and Mrs. J. J. Zarlella and
yver Tea To Be CHPCLK T. W. Olotzbach, who
Weekend Event was in port aboard the "North-
The silver tea to be held at hampton."
the hill-top home- of Mr. and
Mrs. WIlliam Adams, of Bra- Davis N. C.O. Wives Club
SOs HeIlbt, saturday afternoon, Elects Offleer
Is an au eMant of interest The Fort Davis N.C.O. Wives
to all AtI t ftde ladies. Club held their regular month-
The tea B rnoied by the ly business meeting at their
Women's of the A-club room at the N.C.O. Club,
merican urch of with Mrs. H. V. Fisher, retir-
Our SaiBit. l ktlAtbjc 81de president, officiating.
ladies are lo y gited to officers leted for the next'
call betweneift ofn @ 4:00 six months period wqre: prs-
to 6:00 p.m. idt Mt- Bd4Le C. Guy;,
vice-presldent- Mrs. James C.
Dinner CaemI Ments Vistors Lamtlnger; seqeta- Mrs. Rob-
Lieuternnt-mCin der and ert L. Fergl; and treasurer
Mrs. Eldride frd entertained -Mrs. Charge' C. t. John.
Tuesday evenin ,wth a dinner Al members pe present at
at their aarts on the Coco the meeting L. d among the
Solo Naval tation for two business discuss were plans
States visitors, for the seml-annual lnitalla-
Their guret were Mrs.Thorn- tion pity, to be held in the
er John Button and Lieuten- -'
ant Commlander Thomas ey. Fwrt Gulek ladis
-l" Meetng
aBn Voyae Disr Boneors T members of the Fort
Ieutenal And Mers. Mo"" d Q I a. C 0. WfV Club
Lieutenant. and- Mrs. C R. R.held their rese met g at
Mould were comapllmented the rGullk N. Club' with
with an Informal diner giv- Mrs. Merrill M nt presiding.
en by Lieutenant and Mrs I. Ms. Thomas BlMan anM Ir.M
L. Mills at their home on t 1. Oleen Robert wilre introduced
Coco Solo Naval Station. duri the meeting.
Alo nt wre Dr. Oil Plans for the October social
Webb, OfJac, and were m during theb ness
Lieutenant 4'r,. J. Z ar s don.
riello. The members prse d-
0 _ed: Medames Eunice Lee, Lloyd
"Shirt Slaeev" Dance Ire MAdl TruUillo, Rusell
Saturday Night Mann, Tooej Poole, *Philip
The Washtlgton Cotillon Apel, Maurice Towne, FrankUn
Club will hav a "shirt sleeve" Altman, Rex Edmunds, 8ue
dance in the ballroom of the Harvey, Joseph Cote, Dominic
Hotel Washington, at 8:00 p. Platt, John Franks, Ed Mann,
m., Saturday night. Edward Valor, J. W. Yarbrough
Comfort will be the order of and Robert Gough.
the evening, tO compete With
the present thermometer read-

Mrs. Shaw Vwstor At
Brazes -Hellghts .
Mrs. John SbOw, of the Pa-
cific Side, Is the houseguest of
Mr. and Ura. John Kemrick, of
Brasos lph. like

Officers At een Mflbar
The Coco Sa8o Ladies a1wl-
ing League held their regular
meeting for the wardlng of
es add election of oi-
ce at the completion of eir
raskr tournament play.
iA. iR..T. Dusinberte, ps-
Idiat, awarded trophies to Mrs.
P. toh for high average,
Mn L. C. Clasen for highset,
ad Mrs. P. D. Fitzerald for Mf
high game. The wlnning team
d Mrs. Fitch, Mrs. B. -
Sr. A. L. Ralthel, Mrs.
L. ibrich, Jr., and Mrs. C. C.
officers elected were: u
t- Mrs. J. J. Zariello;
dent--Mrs. D. R. Wood- I
Tressure-- Mrs. Thomas
i and secretary- Mrs. L.
Mrhs Idridge Nord was chair-
S for the luncheon arrange-

tVe $ a ew appearance to
ywtoueuwith bright
., or selection of
t.% bhate received a
U hitoent from *2
e t.gallon.
f. 5.. 0 Co16n

-r aa. MUM Bfake Beo
Beta Chapter of Beta
Phi Botorlty ls s
bake sale t the
Columbus Buglding in Maiagp
ta from 9:00 a.m. to namOak


You plan to invite som me to
midday dinner. and expect tn
person to spend the re~tf the
day with your family. Dqasft
hiine your mealtime t~ wI
itay for the day. Make vovu In-
tention clear In the Invltatar. "
Very few of yoear l, al
apt to be mind reader. .,.

with economiR :

Hearing Aid

up to 2000 hours W4ir
one batter~ .

Sw Pm,.s m.Up is,,. m mnpmwa

lwdly beos lr-woh am mom mampIemhn.AmL-nMalsem* JfpM Ink.T r w.ti apMn... riah..

tlehlv Datrhbutuo: Ibvin ZAp Company, I. A. T L -3N

.ANN LATTIN Brings you

S Dire from New York

For buaiase'womaes o to 6:30 pj. .

For hoe makers 9:0 to 10:00 a...

Aiador Road..


h.ser o '

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You Sellem... When You Tel' em thru P.. Ch ssifeds
Leaie your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57'- '8 S"tre Pasam
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon


No. 4 rioll Ave.--Phone 1-9l1. and

Via Ehpaei No. 34 Panam. L P.
C3m ytI nemm J

Fourth of JUoY ATL.-hftOMr 3a4

10o,0 M lta AI- A u-allB

Aguclaed ltr -ul l PilCad
No. 3 OLUtteip plarn- anM w-3


Mialen fr 12 'wies.
3c. each dai .

'"" Antoi uilb I s b. 0 6,ift areWa it --
,' Houseola *o* I .."-. a ^^ *.. I..1ri. ni one w I
a_ .... 1CI ,AI, a =
FOr SALE -Di -l. .rg'" Car"'- SA E: H.uman Mar Sdr r S .e C".".
i -om set. 2 blocks rorr. "enc l00. 8.000 pr- WND E M -d.ic. .t -
Mote! E. Ponarr El a..grr. Kconiton, ddty f.. W, having DR. N HA .M nL o ...
And ore olocc 'a the E posabr. LI. Sho. days Navy Cenh'al AmnuL ".K" 'Srord .ari' WI.C5etlA Sneo GVm Cat
nd ore, lock r ,r the- -Grm E *e as n g Ny Pac- te' lho 2-34"79. PWnomO. n -e rair Cle l r-- k.. l
b10 A Morales 5A.ere Grcv poc .r3212, ."'o5P g Poe- tI'ephc 2b-t33=90 =0
t 29 ------- --- -r- v-- Ii e _l f- L mw. In
FOR SALE:- ,'C ur.i. Ho F ._ E, AIe t St. M-1949I m 4- a S : S it o
pao': sprver, compressw., nt' FOR SALE : mj 4madaoI. m- he -Su" em m od-l"
oBalboo 41a : d isa. 41ea3n ht. iSm 0. prices I. Cmwie andedqiK. Ne.4 toga ElT91r
FOR SALE.-6C c,:le c. Ho' -Ia. Sa CseAa.l a o5eim 2- 40 64l
*' re?g'ctGT. '300 cuCe! o Al TaL. MM, 62.r2m 4-5M,. CA* "imw-2
`:doors. one for deep freeze tExc'- -a OPumb O .S
*r Lt cE tTe^NS FOR SALE. 1952 Merwary. Lo SFO SALEs.O s m
'43 Par. E e io MegeO ct co.m3-1877-dC0.1 ,Many111 11 1_ 67.
& ----- --- e-m Ca.l 3A309 after I p. rr1 3n l j a I I
SLESS ON S -FOR SA.i4. -~ o s i- c ntinumA C.....L .... al
eAr.. gJo- codanW rt FOR SALE: P ft S gOW139
D c,.g C oses a r Koooe. -.rAge s-e.. ccr.t H Jur. '3--B lr. Und.erwod Chani od. i 'I
Club fc- cru-crer '-*f Cbeudu. weeltdoss. after 430 p B"rgo Pric- AplPy e it- -
: ridav 9 Ccr Tel L'c, Sears, Pc-- r,. phon 83.521. S. A. Jose Foncisco de l O s 4 1.
a MR SAUL-9w Ceve. 4-a LEAVING -Small By 6 4iOn- FOR RENT
Seeks. @Md 1163 no in perfect condition. Tephon *
WANTED TO BUY _" ,' 34 .ndT-ap 12. ooa nFOR R 2C
-- ---- ------ -- -~S ar t im s L I e. P a Home m
WE BUY vour Ueo egeratr ar- Ctel Ave Te. m00. Caem. FOR SALE: Zenith Trons-&Ornic .
ate you a CROSLEY CI i C _%CL _ala o $65. eseenTueda R
'*ACYRNC. Tleohone 3-;9;5 FCR SALE: 1949 Caodloc Coan- After 6spm Tor 16. FOR RENT:---Furied hous two
*9A ido Macanal." near Tiiv. 'eatile. iry extra. Phone 83-a ThUi^ys After 6 ," r 168 brdn. 6 p. 3m.d h>. 6
.t o* SI.'2 see cor am 2230. North Al va Apt. No bedroom. No. 4. 32nd .*--I.
....-_-_._ ., __._ St. CuF Sou.A._ FOR RENT.--MoSAde d aletr two
S... FOR SALE F SA-1948 Forod con.tbl.. 140 S400. t e""vf "eed td itia. Lo CaSoD
S" ,pried for quicl sale. Good molorr. u on. IW nw. reI 00 montnl. Migue. Hiw. Phone
SReal Esiate S7 :cC. Phn. 3-0399 ; e'. porceila oin FIRSTONE 3-4844.
Reel E e- .---P-e" Autonmabdle Row." Ave. Jm o. Fco
LE: Beoutiful res.denc FOR SA :-1947 S3atr 4- de la OsIa No. 39. Tel. 3-4561 FOR RENT.-In Bella Via: two
I.ocsRd at Gott Height.. .lln iad. eay SA&EdaI = 121111 bedroom chalet. phone 3-1713.
'-. e ell arranged garden. I, ine- .@d Y e i
and exterior porchs. lC fer euuly 7#5.00. liek ew n. e opw coat si. rversod s FOR RENT: Cam n 6t* lurited
si meters terrace Land rm- y H--if.ett A. I1 si th No. 7 cormwer ULgu. %ho room chalet in midJential -
smi2115 sqwre meters fence Cemteal A*. Tel. 00 Cel. FOR SALE. For two weeks pa"'2 r-34 ae all P. a
2115 square.-p S502. A04o raPaII n, a34. ater e-a p. C it.
". Y cone wire Call telephone FOR SALE:-194I. 1-2 ton Inte e- Mountain Roller" cries
*________ t_____P____.___l pc_-Ue.p, runs goo. _,_ S5'0aoIh. Aar_ Tr__i_ _55__
WANTED ood. 25000 Cn. obT 3-3193. Vo V EPo. Tel. -5411. ENT
WAN 5TED I o, 3o -00 p.m FOR SAE:-L n l V' g "--'
..i.. 11anMI *FCn'F SALE P, '53 Util, L(- yt. 2 oniple t sroe A. Apaurt-... I
Slr.i.a ln WUgon Lik c new. 5.0 ccesoes.o 25 cycde traomeii we
E%#L tnrm vr~la* rvIfnk In

KaEfxonge or buy stamps not damaged .le? Di.ut ,d Perfect t freL cL .A II .
:Ed Peterson. No. 1265 Howo ia' Socrrfice. Phone 3-1697 between lL over S25000. Winselt fo
.Blvd., Los Angeles. Colifornia 9 K M to 4. P. M 3-2097 be-, hel Oflfr O wil wildl sw o
. ANTED:-Young man rom U. I-en 6 P. M to 8 P. M f o rfdlie. gurn, tro-por-tatn.
WANTED:-Young man from U. S. -camero or what hav you. Clayto
will accept partner for mm nerlogic- FOR SALi:--1950 F ti we-! 3101 after 1800 or Q 2620-A,
Sa. explorbtion in Venezuela. 40- C m,. m. t & bed. w 30 m-, Cotol
S50boios. For information coill Mr. Cc eolWe lboeetboe 911 e Or
Taylor, Astor Hotel, Colon or Box m hnt 1. f -toS p.... ALE: Household fnmi r.
' T34;,Panomai "Me y .uike A IA 1' as. o ~ r and o dh
.-- Cetr- Ave-- e. Tel. 100. Cl.. ites. House 327-0, Coco Solo,
,WANTED TO BUY Smooth tires,. phone 583 Coco Solo.

Suitable for 'reconditioning, 'RE-
SA." No. 7 Peru Avenue. Telephone

iMWOiMa'shere oatn.pbrtment with
, Iqdy. 45th Stret No. 32.
W mld' Nko to plae bllingual Nunm-
Smeld whvlM s dbe aikle 0 ht
Otelbie 10th 1953. Phkon 2-

:N Three Propose

'Frelgn Counclors

Me With Russia
LONDON, Obct. 8 (UP) Rep-
reentatives of the Western Big
Tl7i pet in the Foreign Office
todaf to draft a "short police
nte 40 Russia" suggesting an-
S*b erate for a Council of For-
oi, nksters.
'Th;note will acknowledge th
bvoy te of Sept. 29 propo
a, f power conference icludd-
China and a four pow-
ce of Britain, the
'tates, Rusia and
rvers said the Western
S e would not contain any dra-
Iatc new ideas for a top-level
.cen1erence with Russian Pre-
A1rf Georgi Malenkov au desired

FOR SALE.-1939 Chevrolet in ex-
cellent condition. Must see to ap- FOR SALE: Rnrinoln Paribl
preciate value. Mr. Fishel 247 Por- Typewntrw.SW30.00. Sae w
" to BWlol St. Ancon. C, Z. fo irn. 25 00; Kenmre waih-
FOR SAL--1547 edge CMp veA ing machine. S70.00; Swi mw-
ijut evew led. radie ad ped ch'ne, pedl. 520.00; kitchen id
tir, eo' poet rhin pay mixer with iet gnnde. $20.00.
meiL. Smoo v HtIIyH ee S. A. PMow 6-241.

16th. t. Centrel Ave. TeL I00,1
Position Offered
WANTED -Experienced salesmen tc.
sell on percentage basis. Call 8900
ane ask fai Mr H. Pretto Colon I

FOR SALE Poted p .
household articles. Phne PrummP
FOR SALE.--Portable SiWgr si
machine and table. Lwiragmom
bedroom. 60 cycle rfrg wit
25 Ib. freeze. 2530-A, Ccoli, C.

New Books Panama Line'
a -- ,-- -f .. "
"Lady with a Spear," a fas- Many well known sIthbman Lo i
cinatng glimpse into the sea residents wip saal tomorrow Mr.
and Its strange and colorful un-',roim New York aboard the Pan- I1;
derwater creatures, was among ama lner Ct'ltob4l, according to 9.
the new books placed in circula- the advance passenger bt re- rust
tion during the ast week by ceived at Balboa Behts.
the Canal Zone Library.
Written by youthful scientist The Panama lIner Ist allnt
Eugenie Clark, the book s an1three days later th week be-
Informal report of her career in ease of the tie-up In the New [iU!
the marine world a career York part by the stf~ke which ]W
that took her to the tropical has new been ended. The Crgo-
waters of the Pacific and Atlan- bal will arrive here ext 'llurn- e
tic Oceans and the Red Sea in day and will sad on the return
search of rare and bizarre fish. voyage Saturday, October 17, two *l
days later than the sual sched-
The complete list of new books ule. t
and their authors follows-

me Minister Winston Among the 114 paenrm f
ItI. Science: The Desert Year booked to sal Fra are P zret
rank Roberts. under see- Krutch; Lady with a Spear, 0. Drumoor. Adminisr~ e
;.retary of, state for German af- Clark Aissatant to the Governor and
Stairs. ed the British delegation: Harold eeney, Chef of the
SCount de Crouy-Canel, minister; Fine Arts How to play your Contract and Inspecton Div-
, at tlt French Embassy. led the best solf all the time. Armour; sion. Mr. Dunmoor will be ac- M
'Prench delegation and the Unit- and Horn of the Hunter. Ruark. companled by Mrs. Dunsmoor.
at States was represented byl TraveJ. Biograohv & Historv: The complete advance paiin- WNa
pmaes Penfield, counsellor of Oirr Vlrin Island. White- Dumb- ger lt follows: Mr. 4
U.S. Embassy. i bells and carrot strloa: the story w1wr
There were hints from the of Bernarr Maefadden. Marfad- MIss Bharon Atendale. Mr R.
reign Office and both embas-'ren* and This was my world. St. and Mr. Charge P. hartona ter.
rls that it was not Intended to John. Rev. and Mrs. Herbert T. Beal-.
a long time over drafting thal ;Mrs. L llian Blydenbrg-; Mn.A
SWeat's request for a fqur' Fiction Hotel Tallevrand. Mrs. Nell B. ueehbele; gs M. Ow .'
wer foreign ministers meeting Ronner Murder on the Matter- L NBurghardt; M. Lecor W ar a
lt would be a prelude to a top- horn. Carr: Poisons unknown, Bnt and 3 children MLr ad.and
,e The Pinter not the sn". Mo:. s a Mra -sdn3
meeting. T Crede CaMoun: Mrs. La-; i-,
.Whe Foreign Office would not ndo T aw Jameson Martenf r Casement; Mr and Mrs. 3-
eit on reports Churchill et: The sleeptne beauty. Taylor; jamin Chen Mr. and Mrs._Ar- M
be the guiding hand in, any and Riot at Gravesend Woods. th C. Cherry; Mr. and Mou. IA m
major approach to Russia Jose -. e Mr-aNd Mrs. 20
at the high-level talks. 'are blg problems which need Wgunel Coec.Jr.: MI. anid 1 L. J i
and attendant sugges- consideration before proceed- Forrest J. Crawford: and Mr. L,
for assurances to Rubsla ing," a spokesman said. and Mrs. Austin J. Cunen; ..
'.:. ',.t; .I1

i, A1,.p, / BUICK

AIM=N cL I. Just'built modern
opalomat. o em two
bdoomsn. hot. md water. Tel
phone Panamaj-441.
FOR RENT:-New a prbaMt.
Two bedroom, El Conoe. To p
interested in buying I modem
furnimure fr'$950.00. Cdlle Jai
Marti, Apes. Lumta. Phone 3-2097
between 5 p. mk.o 7 p. m.

AteI-biles 2PROEIeONAL

I t c nt M *
I to protect *httMy

dioo-ma a I...d

ask ft 'la" s
waterp-- u --
Art'i .li-lm
ewu u^J Otar eaart



r ..I l -

FOR RENT.--FwnrMmd ed *ptwA.
See it 300 b OD... j0
FOR RENT-.Two bedrmiu
met In at Via. Cl3l MS.

a'+,, .

* $1000. Le in
No .iTlgduurle Z l-2.




yew cg~i,,
~ew S*MW Pbsp

Aow AN

* r
*1 t-d'


*e-- Ji
116^ 0}

supr 4 door Kiu aa.S oaN

V8 170 HP

dlu.rd in

Canai IZo n r 0,4 o

$ 290a00 .. /O. j,,,, .


ia $ -.t '-



1.I m mlii -


.l 1 "|a,



-I'. *" ,' -

orp 2r6rt of Ul E
use law.

64, tmi


om' ;

-w uop
mr~J w

,I. a



Sl;.g .

i. im

*p? i


t Imld



: II

Ii n i



'If AB ]HE an- I

mo a rana .*

Ipir^ ** -


.V.. .. I -W. ..-- '%,- .
S(el Lo el te ro n
will ma and colon taking part In
ORnd W'4*h1 e. V, the cv.n A Iso Iwlove-

vear and a sheu

.the Queof off
*B ,'B Ltmtr 1 spao- son ove. 1n win-erw.le

-ad sh M 0D d mo .

n- already m" d ,* w. N give he a, h oa on

.relief. a two- m -
vfom and teoau. SSh lui
s .. rein over e rao In onr
'w i of 't vlalUs- ni elueen dIuing the
.. vab l It ebk tlne o ith Pan-
s a O Juona Jub lee o .
Sc". thi Quoin of
, !, ..* -_ "_;' ^ .. t, ) i f u. ribOtvd ,a flo m con,-
fr rlife to- POiMae Mo 31id to
.d.etM toer .. d. y Mx.14kit ca a eaoW
ars4& 13 4rougb&r, i th e l tie-
addpbM 10&%L aoda ed In a film contract pex
*rPn already a"*e .a- wt live 110?IbrrMM oInbnm
Sfor relief. A. two-wak VW to hil4ix6e.ter-

w.dl,= UMsA sdim Antlrt.
itar d s.,M Od- riae f iw

f.-BlMB*>.^ndln- uiy~ii~ desriged, far h4r BtY Ctes-
arvTAW, %Nowm. P tnes Panama, adh a trophy
.,r P. Im the Junta.c loPao" del,
*lat^'i~ 1l.Jel Culsitienkrip.
-1 L*~lnta~aJ -the 1

:.'J" "_1, r


sm* Qeota

faWen manj
t 'iWek 'tof
S '.-

.,.;, Ipt ^S<: -
fRhWAY 10:30. PA.M.

A, ,^
I .o :" .

i 'Sti,' '" .'

it anne monPth
totaled, a record S

II fM-L V W /.

B after allwanes Wih Zoians
the volumeI of set e. -
wQ"rk sowed a "meotera" m e
o~ur ~at yar, the
ODpartment -a the w\\
i prtw i it MaM in a a*.' *I i

W Mu7t s hihlr tt t b to
m en n uI ld a-"._as
m t od B. Y OGI ago-. ^i wi

IMa u -o thel thy ree w Is'-"
,,r cen,, incre,, aow- ,,t-;- -
The Inrese In Clubate wad-

l dis ain l id enhte
bout 20 cm I her

ii Pml honor
Tha c. m th04efor V
O, U." orof WtIvi-

Pble the ht .~trif I19Wr V aMn. I, Wisl ceremony.
This unori to =ooen t m ta br was
t the esao ,4 ,qurtaot r twa onde d : WPOK for1eingI
pent l s & t0ir g uartaqeuaTridne

VVOtreen Club am
Piu0. St le ShoW At -F-or p :uhk..u.i.ito th e

o, .t.rb 'ii .it t thk ede itl e
r, uwhen ,bs nbrte a n t jMo Hla
tUwR I p rend fe ath. Tll Hn li.i Leo Z.

ar sd fit for
Fwrse ts ft quarter of @1, i cremony-

In 0. d qu*tWt rau Iw4 td 3 t6:5. for el
a -to Bheat i ii qu&rth afS be e TralMt
t;vergren Club for I aMLo.

PaQ e tyle Sw f1 for t Ino a
"i.... ', ,, n. Ccnki Zone

tndhair eel t- o at 4 w

,ttlmnu&L L.'wl the

.ta e a wnda :^ te
-TrOthm ttle 0~tir fa f

..- 3131u iT1 .41 r

- f c

OZ q



locktall lounges of the luxury
"'her k me," he explalis,
iesae I iBve p the place
lad I never get eut t f lae."
Oler s a character--nd
e beUmev eshe'b other Al
rolson and his "Bonn Boy" and
S'Apl showers mall the
oon ltumes, Alke the l1lau-
mrs oa the ban ad get him
more applause thia me 4ft the
own's top entertailur.
OmeeUahell more.piws than
my mskde in VesM, but he

1mm oThpere&Io al tom
ma p. the

The o bt u int' ne" arnte

vla ow TOM bit wh wo
t $ Ni. Wit IReedwon'
u. ine di t tJd raict ky
JStI. VaAS S ad bett ret

S Cooper too old to make
red-hot love to young things on
e ieocreen? .
r tumret' U goingaQ on
z the dabut-of "Return to
Mdftr and no* It% aop
ll-B gettu" in_ LWOei i
Te lean ex-cowpoie, Wh0o w
On" t nupb d to Osla Beow and
LUPO Vels told Lwonwo report-
'When it comes to ifreen love,
m a 52-Tear-old who'# kinda"g. olksa won't
To, up ther roman* Tole till
t'm sure reAdy to crawl into a
Zotl and die. And I a't ready

I raSA D 012O UT a
.tberes a ign on one of the
10,icent slo. machine in the
ot of a Las Vegas hotel that
US1nO .expPlan&fML It reads:
"Jack Benny Fainted Here:.
'of OrA 'o w A"' "s of

ut he, wM a dram re-

DTODAY Technicolor
WA .. Release!

1- :1.. : T .:07 7:03 9:0 p.m. -


Si rt Reacirng Fr Youi
I -* .* *

-v' yyfg


-F ,

4. l

f .

-I ."




union In San Francisco between |lY
Italian moile'doll, LdIsa Cera- u
soil, touring the U. I. to publl-
cize "Threa Oirls From. Rome,"
and a busliessmmn named OGU- |m. ous.a0,,....
do Cerasol!|
He's her father gd' hadn't VEY b
seen Lulsa since he lft Rome
and his family tie 15 years a- HE DEFIE DEAT
French cutle Corine Calvert
was paged the other re-
Splice Zsa Zsa Oabor in a local
V panel show,- "Bachelor's
Haven." But i e turned the of-
fer down with the raor-sharp
"I can't attack men like Zsa
ZIa dose. I don't .hate men. I
love 'm." '
Vine: johnny Johnston and ex-
wife, Katuyn Orayson, team
up for a 'Kiss Me Kate" album
right after he closes t Charley
Foy'-BSupper. Club.
Marilyn Monroe and Tommy
Noonan,. the "Sgar daddy" of
"Oentleme Prefe' sBlondes.,"
will be re-tqmed-Qi "Pink Stag Show 8
lIshts." But Mlarilysf4 black
tght4--tight black pedal pash-
aef with sweter to match--
didn't Impress the Banff Springs
Hotel during filtmg there of
"River of No eturn" | I T7
she u asLed to leave the
hete's dining room-and It was MUSICA
Marilyn of no retmn.
Maureen O'Haaim i auctioning
off pal household belongings
that remind her of ex-hubby
Will Price.. Maline Andrews
of the warbling trio and bshow
gir Bettye Lym, e will open a
dress shop i Ho!yweod.
Gladys Glad, widow of Mark
HeMnger and now GladyS Gard-
ner has become a auceesstul
Holywood Interior decorator...
rnends of Jennifer Jones are
worried bout her shattered
:nrves and believe it's more than
a servant problem.
HI Movie -pe"'iti Sangler, was wJeoBi i Pa1 b
man when he ae lkl ly
uri Usuay r Om agentaI re a
invited for other rea nae 1n LV, X
; 1 *^ '>

35 p.hM. SAT. SUN.

E and FRED
I. ,, ...




3; ": :5. 9:4' pa. 7: r :15 pm.l

wIill live In your

iere's eGeu' ,reat
I** **rm .
Adftuv z'ei d tin e
It wuas yeu t b the Nerv .
tnd of etewl youth m d

A now d A ti n I.. -.


CICIeIA lae!
The Jlugad their way from
Alameln to Tbrui ,


with -
eiert Newte Jam= Mason



"I "SF'SS" 1
-MnY -'wt noUGHT
Sw, O0


AT 8:30 P. M..
On The Screen: 1-

Al: --.
Audie Murphy. ia


A" T
wd~2' 1111 E *~

1 "* ;. I' -

(a l

al abl
1, 0 .
IN "k


_ ~__ __

*7, fi 1 ''

" he tre..lieh dery
ofIe i m er dredevfll


"! ..T
.', w. ": .. ."T IL
W9,... 'J

ia-; ~
; ~



7' -

*1 r~ ;"'!"
a I.,~~





"W "r

-.-. -,I
4''' ,. .

Au Mentor Gets Hor Y B

Auburn Mentor Gets Honor Yanks, Bums

For Upsetting Mississippi

- -

In Record

a ..: r...

NEW YORK, Oct. 8 (UP) As a youngster of 3eriS rdyOl!
12 iq Alabama, he was nicknamed "Shug" because
of his fondness for sugar cane. NEw YORK, Oct. 8 (UP) -
Wheh his Auburn Tigers upset games and wound up with a The champion New York TTnk-
Mlsis.ippi, 13-0, last Saturday lack-lustre 2-8 record, ees and the Brooklyn Dodgers
for their first Southeastern Con- "It was the most gratifying have picked the biggest finan-
ferenos victory in nearly two victory since I've been here," the cial plums in World Series his-
yeag,he called it the sweetest 43-year-old Jordan said after tory.
-riumph of his young coaching the game. "We knew we were Commissioner Ford Prick says
career. going to win this one." each Yankee voted a full share
ca Jordan, a native' of Selma,' received 88.280.86. A full Brook-
He's James Ralph (Shug) Jor- Ala., is a graduate of Auburn, lyn player share will amount to
dan. ie United Press coach of where he was voted the school's $6.187.42. The players' pool for
the -ek. who hopes this sea- outstanding athletes after the the first four games was another
son t& bring the Tigers out oft 31 and 192 seasons. record--$691,341.62.
the ZAtball doldrums that have Weighing only 165 pounds at
dogged them for about a decade. the time, Jordan played football, Each team voted 29 full shares.
In recent years, Auburn has basketball, and baseball, and a- And both clubs remembered
bee"-e pri~ pushover of the abandoned track only after the players who did not stay with
SEC t has not won a confer- coach told him, "It's just plain the team a full season. The
enc tIee since the league was confusing teaching a left-hand- Yanks .voted a half share tO
org ed 20 years ago. Its only ed man to throw the discuss." pitcher Ewell Blackwell who was
malor0bowl appearance was in placed on the voluntary retlre4
193grsg hen It beat Michigan Jordan returned to Auburn list in July. The Dodgers allote4
Statemn the Orange Bowl. after the war but soon left to a one-quarter share to pitcher
Wh0g husky, black-haired Jor- coach the Miami Seahawks pro- Ralph Branca who was traded
danAtok over as head coach in fessional team 'and later was to Detroit.
1951ithe team broke even in a line coach at Georgia. Auburn The Yankees gave one third
10-gtae schedule. Last year, it had little difficulty In coaxing shares to Gerry Coleman who
lost ll seven of its conference him back as head coath in 1951. returned from service and to
-- two other players Art Schult
and Jim Brideweser who were
with the team only part of the
Gun Club Notes season.

- -

The Balboa Gun Club an-
nounces a return to the DCM
type qualification shooting for
ni t. Sunday at Far. Fan range.
This match will be over the reg-
ular DMC course, but will be
fired on the NRA 200 yard small-
bore decimal targets. This means
the possible score will be 390,
but italso means that It will be
practically impossible, the ten
being a more 4 inches in
d meter.
The smallbore target Is bein
uved mainly because Its dlM-
fulty will sharpen the eyes o
c pettors who have had all
ts little big bore shooting
p ,to the Annual Ccrvyeeria
ro1phy match to be held it Bm-
pie on Sunday, it. 25th The
military shooters and teman In
this match will many of them
haveha4 considerable, practice,
w Aaariflemen have been
c M iN larftai sma ~ g
he more ;il5 on

r, covtiWthi ee will 3-t.
take advantage of t h
hity at 200 yards. And in
a, SundaY's erers Wil
owards the BlboF .tw
9S. Rile champloiW. '
lalle, ond John. : e
s oft their season's per
ses to date must ei -
a win this one. W w
Of Jim Balley's e
lest week end. a t -r
baoko sar. Ballboi':Al
Dick DiWman "af"a
41l have th besh
I, any kni-tt t of
Ims money.
fit will start it A
sooner i there a retWY
bers remdA to 6. Andr two
w-- t4"i't forept. that
I at Empire once more.

*pi or Myron PrewAr. USAR-
CAPIB Provost Marshl. isel
team mate Mpurice Pellsle to
*-"' fi-rt n l-"' e n"140 Inr
last undva's 92 nistlt mat0'h at
Far Fan. Pe fired a --ore of 573
tnit of p nossible ao0 oer the
ovllhb' Cpe n eTrrv' course. -(ad'
$m-ked the Army team to the
gelislp's r7i t+nov %econrl dnqr
xtthov-h Irv K-apfl of the Bal-
"ha-n 1" rihh enmilled him
wore. 'elllet t'nk the lTac from
Kre"fl on a two noint hl her
rnmd fire .core. TVit'e Wolehile
of Ft. Clavton and Po.*rick o1
rw-tohal also tied at sw. with
-ie takir- fourth by three,ra-
p1 fi''re noints.
The Ar mv team's winn,,in
E nre for four shooters wa~ 2994
There was a close prarnhil tfor
* SePCOnd ndarl'. altbhnwih Tr
S ranfl of the Ralbop f"un filu
nu' lled hi scrre,. ,ellsle tnok
ilare from Kranfl on a two
*' elnt bhcber Taotd fire score
i. ire Wolehbck of r.. Claytnn
', T Poder'Lk rf Critobatn *1o
lied at 5q, with jWire tein*
4 :0o'th-bv three r rot fire nnrir
S The Army team's win'""-
S. ore for four SThere was close scramble for
Oaged as Ft. Clavtrm Annr and
-the Cristobl Mrn Cluh tied for
eond with 2210. rr'atobpel's
t edge In rold fire. hnw-
related the Ft. Clavtor
Feet to third in the final
r bet Pealbos could do. in
of Ire srapfl's fine ahnot-
j v. waq fiuth ulsee. B lboa
S d shooters re in a msluma
far fwgm W mptlq the wn-.
E we0re rarkins
amIwa adteem
ug y uago Thi tl

captain instead of as acompeti-
tor. However, according to all
reports he did a bang up job in
handling arrangements for the
USARC A R I B handgunners at
Camp Perry National Champion-
ship matches.
details on Sunday's scores fol-
Brewer 190 193 190 573
Bellsle 192 189 189 570
Capps 188 188 178 554
Sullivan 175 173 179 527
Team Total 2224


195 187
189 184
189 183
182 177

Team Total

187 569
184 557
181 553
182 541
734 2210

Wolchilk 188 191 190 569
8miley 182 188 181 551
ute 196 178 176 550
adrpHk 187 175 178 540
STem tal

pfl 194 189 187 570
484a 175 185 544
g 185 t17 169 639
MH vaine 175 183 170 528
Team Totals t172
Mller 191 188 182 559
185 170 185 549
hmad 185 172 174 591
; gtt 172 176 167 525
Team Total 2164

WLuas 175 161
tffray 179 178
u er 185 169
Iwcomer 173 156
'Teoam Total


183 523
163 520
184 518
151 '480

189 170
174 186
176 169
141 164

Team Total


8 T
181 149
a3 119

Baltimore May Get

Frank Lane As New

General Manager

Brooklyn gave pitcher Erv Pa-
lica who returned from service,
a one-quarter share. The Dodg-
ers voted a special I500 award
to Don Newcombe who was In
the Army all season.
Dodger Clubhouse Manager
John Griffin and batboy Char-
ley Diglovanna each received
half shares of some $8,000. The
Yankees gave their house man-
ager-Peter Sheehy-a three-
quarter share and voted $400
each to two batboys.

Grace Dehlinger,

Lou Grohs In PWGA

Finals At Summit
Grace Dehlinger and Lou
Grohs pulled minor upsets Sat-
urday In the semi-final matches
of the PWGA Championship be-
ing held at Summit by defeating
favorites Ellen Kenna and Doris
Defending champion; Grace
Dehlinger, is in excellent posi-
tion to become the first two-
time champion In several years
by defebig Ellen Kenna 4 and
3 r.oB, the beginning Grace
uiplayeI uncanny success on
the gr as and broke El
back several long pu
B gtr played excellent gq_
tq 1e aen and one on
green Oiace *as unbeatable.
SIn the other semi-final match
Lou Grohs played excellent golf
to beat Doris Hamilton 2 and 1.
All even going into the 16th
hole, Doris unleashed a wild
hook that went out of bounds
and cost her the hole. Slightly
demoralized, she played the 17th
hole very well, but a nice ap-
proach and putt gave Lou the
hole and the match.
'Lou will be against a tough
customer in the final match. but
stands a good chance to upset
the favorite. Grade Dehlinger, if
she continues her excellent golf.
In the First Flliht Helen Mil-
ler won the first extra-hole
match by coming from behrid
toeven up the match on the
17th hole and going on to win
on the 19th hole from Martha
Payne. Helen will be playing the
finals against Barbara Clarke.
who took care of Eve Wright 3
and 2 Eve. a romnarative new-
comer to the PWGA. played good
golf all the way through the
tournament. but. as in all sports,
there can only be one winner.
Due to conflicting events else-
where throughout the Isthmus.
the presentation of prizes will be
nostnoned until the next month-
Iv PWOA tournament at Brazos
Brook Oct. 17 The nrlzes are
currently on display at Summit.

Sports Shorties

S CHICAGO, Oct. 8 (UP) The
f Chicago White Box are debating
a possible front office shift NEW YORK. Oct. 8 UP) -
which might send General Man- There was some good-natured
eager Frank Lane to the Balti- l n the Gene Wooding
*more Orioles. household during the World Se-
SWhite Sox Secretary Charles ries.
SComikey says the club will con- The New York Yankee out-
Ssider whether to let the Baltl- elder's 10-year-old daughter,
more group approach Lane on Pam. was rooting for the Dodg-
Sthe subject. But Comiskey says ers to win the Series But Wood-
Sno decision has been reached ling finally changed her mind.
yet. "I explained she would have to
SReports this week said the go barefoot all winter if we did
SBaltimore rroup headed by not win." says Woodling." "That
Attorney Clarence Miles -- converted her."
wanted Lane as general man-
aeer. Lane denied any contact I NEW YORn Manager
with the new club. Charlie Dressen of Brooklyn
S "Al I can say." says Lane. "Is1 and New York Yankees out-
I I haven't talked with the Balti- fielder Irv Noren were slapped
more neonle except concerning with $10 fines during the
Sour Comitkey Park operation. World Series.
Franklv. I'm not seeking a job Commissoner Ford Frisk
But if It was something I says the fines were for separ-
I couldn't afford to turn down, I'di ate outbursts by the two men.
be interested Dresen was fined for arguing
S Miles talked with Lane and with plate umpire Art Gore in
SComlsPyv in Chicago yesterday the fourth game. Gore ruled
a about the operation of the White Yankee shortstop PhHl Rlhnit
SSox. Later, according to Comiq- foul tipped a pitch and Drem
Skey. he requested permission to' en disareed.
Sne"otiate with Lane. Noren's fine was for diplay-
The 57-vear-old Lane was with Inl his temper when efrai
Sthe Cincinnati Redlegs and Niw mrers gm Ded4r sig
York Yankees before moving to baseman Junior OimLamn e'
the White ox In 1949. He also ror in the ixth game, IBqM. '
served as president of the Amer- felt Billy Martin ebuld hae
en Asoiation. i een given a sigio. ,

Interscholastic Grid Season

Opens Tomorrow At Mt. 0ope



-*- *- "
There Is nothing about Billy Ml hS *t lab td of
Yankee hero- of the past. Gehrig have pt hima .hs hip
pocket. Ruth would have mistaken I th b ot oy. igo,
a whimsy uemood, milfl have let 1 that
a6 It may, no Yankee goUath of tbe. si t jf con-d
tribute me to a World Serit th-old
dead-end 'iiw of the slums of C .
A year ago It was the Portuguese-Italian's frantic catch of a
twisting, treacherous, wind-blown inkleld fly, the bales loaded
and all runners running, in the @venth. gms that -saved the
Series for the Bombers, and Monday it wa iblasing single to
center in the ninth Inning that be a 3-S44e and;pave Caety
Stengel and the perennial American Leue e tnpltoqU a hitory-
making fifth straight victory in the fall fr y.
And no one was more delighted to see Bly the Bra t, whis
square monicker ii Alfred N. PaRoo. llmax a 4 OD-hltting 6re
made up of seven singles, a double.. two (rlipes wo h oe
runs, a record harvest for six games, than the ~ 'e l ',fU
old manager; for 8tengel can truthfully and p v IuI y ,m a
baseball sense, .
..~ ~p .4 ,
"Yes, Sir, that's my boy."
They came up together to the Yanlkesses e Oakiald. 8te-
gel was managing out there whva the ttnr O
kid collared hmn in the locLpwark and halM ia
big leaguer who couldn't possibly mis.
They call him "Stengel's p," apd there can be no dout
that .dle old gaffer ha an admnatUon for the little
cDamartal affection. Possibly Saengel res
gin xo the-au y tr'eIa 6 dia
Si of h" wf he was young.
baseball, the t and nwq ever pushed him

.." Little Guy, Big Bat.
Inthe Serst be ween the Yankee astdt.
Bndl sla. Ve ~et to w ontf of tbeSe an-ot
in Ma rt. Bi bat. a modest .257 ce. uu-
M lightly and opportunely In of t
triplaet wp the Yankee victory in the
Semi Trui *d the second game; his. two-run h
proyd insurance the Yankees needed In the free-se6r.
n a e and It was hla clutch nipth-Inlalg single, after a
to rut Furillo blast into the stands bhd tied the seem,
that! the deciding game out of the fire.
a-t'the worst thing that could opened to art
!li' grmbled good humoinelt ,aMter it a over.
g m to live with the tt so-a mad zt sar."
Ss 5.10 and weighs about U adauL t1hi &
a Yankee uniform b rlt oj db0 f
got 15 home runs nd b la 4W Imam
re- ..himas.
Leaguee" a tibe ki
i can't anybody In thbe a too martin to a
as bs believes his rights hve been Ia
to, t. mmUte. And. e mast i
help when he starts .
in lMatt Batte, the paet"#tgs, t ourO
tnl antcdher and Jim Pearsad the ',ueler.
ar husky rouhoui prec 4i fr-f
In St-V t1i year when he-em
glay at second bos, 'sd
sanae, went savaglX aftel
mpime Bill Summes ga
on and respect for ie dudE
Now fond you must be of 'iUgto" tJliW
"u ~. are bad for the game." .
V thIiklng of my htare ofhe Wi
I c anything happen to Rl a. We
out a.1 .

the' I
he ha
out I


Soothing b
Iankee sCout, Instrutor and farmn d

I couldnKt get
to the in toMers- I

f him was I thvu sBir

.aK a .~LMhBp l .r
--^^.w^B af 'lrrI -"^-^ -^^^^^K ^^^^
wi& ^- *' Ii^ r




. I 0

end, Ma bt
a ,t the OPtet half. MS
aN's lst mmru s5 bao
Sanska this J aT he
If-t ake p'auud
rtner stovs Tr4
ioan' d qartis aJoq
with a
11 T I- s




The bi night Is only 4n houfs
away_' Troorrow ight at Mt.
Hop. u mthe Itw rival i
choo from each 'tnd 6r
Canl, Balboa and otal
resume an age an r r batle fo
Ithimlan Splrtslaf- uprenasr
Since the Intd on of
football to the CIal zone t
sport has rftn by lets and
bounds Until naow '.hom thi
main. sotllght in. nter.-shoq
comptit on.
With the night so near the
CraishalHigh School tigerhave
ags i n found it neesary Wt
weather the. stormy wa. If n.
Juries.. The Tiers are being
"1kn&needledV to coin a corny
word This tima I's their top in-
jury during tiphlast ftie athe
season and had to h content
with sitting out theKey. West
fray that followed
With the e apparently
completely l Benny. went
to WorkaR and up
to Mlj
a key bo tques
for a e the
kneq sll l' 4Sd Ben Fa-
vorite fllb Ib long list
of 'probela .l utud _among
their atg s t.atti i ,permers.
ea i tth the fact ta
Jady bker asheduled for
only .., S* "I n all yea e-
caullse oa e tfoeture In the
knee., a Y the reason
why -Luke Palum-
bo and arem.l ra having
More tof.worrle~
O 'ew ond the gold
out'os of the ledgr
is the fact Smith came
out 't 1 looking
better a e new role
as rinbk, fe e re-
place Bob Hodre,
a 132 o n< action. tackle

Hode t. well In

SmIth's pot t.1 be' de
filled. fohn H s a I
senior l Aa to ,rst46.
varstt*k1. i
From the a -Pade imde
Isthmus comes good- teem

Jim Mar"
Ine-np %rtw
epspctl lat:

=.cch a3
rumor, "Jim..


S I *


r ..

N' .




,. .'.

x-Arkanuu State Iloo.
r Dartmat

aSB~rv, DInI
itaneCO lian v Marri


C^V^ ^ W^~ rc~rk~


Ts ~fgkat





'F- ~ ~ ~, -,

". r 7 ~ a '.,- b"" -"-

,Jtm W* .._a- JAl u 0S9t .0 W L~r Wamu,

eRMas trading As Sp.t
-. a .



* W I'.. /," '

rm y Lm
w-rbB ,-

Magner of .....
S- m.4 the tt anesio, w% i W-
metsa uas 0 a.kl tcM

lNker. i i WW nb i-
1,,, -.., o o of
Isrm ejbK Il la te uS

sncT abascw aM

!loi w5 ppe SfA
k^tiB "jqS^^
**" K-c iBMttfTS M -g'*"* ^


rWI of -oso m a


r I
I- E-3

AY. CTRAL N.. a4



AVt. TIVOU No. 4


CALL Ia, mao 13


CALLt "B" *N.


AV. M Mco. LA =A N 41 .



- ~biT

, ..


."J -

+r.~ N
A' -t' '*


AEt CTrArL 10



.1 t'k, .. .-, "
?. : ;. ;_ ,,- ,,'' -

. I

9q} .1


S. .'

i *


,. -.

,'rpm'., P.wa



_L___ __ 1________ __Y ~_I____ -;----L YU- ---- ~--~--~ I


~~-*I~T~Y 1~1- m Ily~~--

coiamissiow "Footla Fr uessionalb Don't Wait Around;

Ules Um" Fine Crop Qf 1953 Stars Drafted

od Prayers

oIOE, Oct. -,

imsa mbeolent
onct e ubrcwi "ma4V

world IV trsCta:i-

a"gv M kS4""i, t

he wo eaes It th hao .
Ghead "&I .*S Iake.
those who%~ve, IN

hey do-la sknow, Top right Minnesota' Jim Sou didnt have che

n itDick Petty non Frank lton of Southern California.
at t hOe pp

,"Johnny Ryan g ot behind Nebraska'.s Rex Fischer and Jo
-m.alni anageiak Ma Iordogna, but the ball was o.u of reach. (NDA) -

S .It Pays to
I (Nn).- teklq with M vf Mary- Single choices were fullback ft/
., .. d I ke team Vih land d Doud .ck' a leU s Paul C1r oA,~ pueton by the
." s, I- .acke Par- t oUCL. The hBl6. Bears Ban Franco'er and r- A
. J. GeneP W lskLaurea w Joes o and, terback 'oay Rados of Pnn
47,.,o per fd b ,- e d-onc;, Carl- halZtwk rarland Carl of Wis- Stpte by' the taburgh uteel-.
Ston and ~ICars=;, Ga and V tflbact luckyw-M-meI the he-

.P.UMW' b ..g. d., T Washington Redakina ed G.Qrgads Zeke Bratkowk. -A
,.01 51 IIP otu j of .. ... ,,. ..Southern.
swe'is0'ai, n ,.,.fSoutherni the itadingpaePN A1
.2bu 1 afwr Ao d uc- nowembarking on hh -ar
a :1 bPIZ a anc1 Bob buckle. of college.

g .. .. doing .-
Smqtes W416I., dosend

.. .a Io lleo e c. a rIa -,
b : a,,o,,. .o oW

,,. n.. "-_- A'

UK Il. H go.ui s .g

.; ,t.,

.~r~T i LJ It~;l~:~_~ -- 1 --- 1111


- -1 .:
yaE 1

r~r~C~ nZ'.ll t


r ,



Is I,

K ihisox




. e.' L. ,
/+r --
;"" ^ ; .""

-.r~ .1*

4.- -
... --

._.- -- I.'

18 New Employes Ike Z T

Join PanCanal 1 His

In Past 2 Wees unde
heay the
nation of
Elt teen new employes joined t to
the Canal organization during end' by
t two weeks, according to" e pe w t ri eI n y n A n n d -
-lilaation-from the Personnel ,
831iu. Five of the new person- L )
Ut*re employed in the United TWENTY-INTH TEAB PANAMA. B. T., 'TUTIRSDA?, OCTOBI s 5t, 1
PANAMA.. f 6-dia
".ong the employes from the
United States is Robert H. Stew- I*" 11c.
art of Jamestown, N. Y., who iscome
a former employee of the Panima o y a Ilcon-
Canal. He is now an engineer
with the meteorological and by- ON
drographic branch of the En- l d not
ggieiting and Construction Bu- he ready

To Quell British Guiana Reds ^ve
"eii ,position and birthplaces O e d ser
Jease W. Hawsey, optical tech- T tar-
'Noun, Commissary Division, of IOU.__
ina, ommAlabama, Delaon, of GEORGETOWN, British Gula. troops ashore in Oeorgetown's N.Y.)
ao i, shipwrights Industial na, Oct. 8 (UP, British. war- shalor w harbor. i- 1-.. 4
B' **s' le, N., C.; ships and troops arrived A'-- -'-'njl E|
Bureau, of WintervilleN. ships and troops arrived here In London, the War Office a-
Francis F. Sulley, attorney, Of- yesterday to stifle what the Brit- lerted the famed lit Battaslon said Nh .E..
fice of General Counsel, of West sh loernmenth called a threat- of the Argylll and Sutherland -
New ork, N. J; Harry .8 John- en omamunlat coup In this Highlanders in their Edinbrmh I ma
soslowboat master, DBedgiJng S40tb Amerlean colony, barracks to sail Saturday for But IaggIgI
Dorchtester Co., Mary-, mer crack troops.- including British Ouiana aboard the fast* .
S Mary n war veterans and mem- carrier Implacable. hl att
newersonnel emloyd bers of Queen Elizabeth's royal More than one third 9f toae ,. .ea eajd
o guard Li Scotland, were alerted battalion are veterans of olean 1e MJo water" tcA the aln to .Ich
loetracare Division-Geraeldie in Britain for fast shipment here' flhting. water ng- an a Mon
W. a ine y and Marerite abardl an aircraft carrier.. Five officers and 126 men of a 300 yard wl arm of t
eand Betsy Thie British Colonial Ministry the battalion have ben actln Lake-which was.ll, a0had to- Atde.' tl
RU oeLk. clerk-typist; enoBeph changed in L o n d o n Tuesday as the royal guard at Balmorda da part of .tile Intelligece qIn p, i ol-a bI
n6aht that Communists and their Castle in Scotland Where Queen and Reconn lateP of t tol-
er. b< f followers in British Oulana's Elizabeth 11 has been vacation-th,'. 3d Infnt t n the curit
i ,tlreau. Mary E. left-wing government are threat- in. w. k- unl tkar=Lun .ln- h himself I
pd ct.Otyp neralise. Rso e- ending the colony's welfare. It he atmosphere was quiet but rOf 1A lhow
a Iler 0e aOffice -as Roia d ntbsy
1enalt'clrk is. r aid troopstoand ships are being tense today in this colony where h a l r 4re i th ll
rud tand Harriet restall a otlbe. Prlmeiiter Chedd a enied theyi J
lary assistant at,- Am bloody wM sent to hamealp ferry the are Comsi unl,~.. tmoai.- at ab- ae..."Bs .
Zwtedr, loc Bureau., mcina up C mmunist-dominted ha beer agitate hrino 4g for ; i

. -IDonnell, guard. -o -- fa, of tIm 6d@ L. is l-- S li
Mwrem:an- ir .D- lu- The -first:. t1h u troops were A Br itish Colonial f0fnIa oetI or i1Il -'
dsbr .' Jt., general +st tbi"por; dispatchedb here aboard the 8,- spokesman said in London that @ he uj-HM r-
misary Divisin. Myr- 5teddi Jagy. and s Bl other Chca"obrDay.derdhtis o banl ta
r o ,ia ims- S.he I s 1776. P- trit

Eft commissary i The' V, WThe platdf, g e Fana
t i; iarrkr, commory as h yc id i m e 600 Royal wife, Janet Rosed by Lt. Andenwould
tl'nt Cristobal; Jacob C. ak- Welch Fusillers hastily embak had exnsveo Commt C d sfin l I e tlmB

ft' i^ ey assdistant, t a 4 t ific .r at *d. has s ll ft
o m isa r "rn u a ft .r co n n ecti o lo o ft r d 4 0 m .' 'J .. U N Ae ,
Oaa. and Harriet .. Bates. The frite Burheard Bay The Jarns have Ld they I N,. QS. tnU.-Breiln = w
eriasssry assistantat Ancon.also wa sent to help ferry the are Communalts. d

t Wta ore C than was cause she h been fTnngor I* P
Industrial' Bureau. Bernard buanthado harohem h -'
So.onnell, guard.aid "he la she couldero be nt the nurain f

i o tlo su Mrs t of hea ddi Jagas thorn BoWorld War I S a

ever. export adde chemt rm the former Cbed hi-s palled 1 te Opreaalon of t
Swatll tter a five-oot two- lench a setiar wori and t up a a is

S* at P or them .tt t strawbiy blonde. She met an dl thCa to help tn heim .. ier ;
Geoairg She o derog She1776 Patriot -n u

Se t married Ceddi Jagn we he helped o mn e to Cli-

l 0* *- .. sh T waTh btudyhne nursinbeg a t a labor movement and finarlsg eMa nA A .
e OTON. Oe 8.).o-- .... Chog. p.....i
or infaaryto ad, saai 8d "she is a s (UP) oe indI the n rsins gd
F I t i sui e pa roof thee orme stripe as the orps e In World War I"t
Mbr, h1-11a4,ln etac Amsrlct n revolutionilss ot 17d6."

O eq e trosu, pabehn an eolgie'er for a He. sasvv id t h is sster wa 1as R
tobacco orot. thiel Pr, onz by hid w10e I
eiert te cribed hin palled- by ci opsiion of tie and it hrg .
eth 'C tmlthan~o wasoaseshehasbeenld e IXe 1 fihtnmo 7

Sth r londe. h met aldental io t. help them. ter
ta in st a a matrn whleshe helped organic them Into
eahsinnceh19eoat46 lfaer hse aad tuibnle as at a labo menafay
S4 sepunt Hspita i Chcagd. political mwsment, heosid y..

betwenrl -J y, O. Jg93 n,1oa l atve of Indiae was rbosenb w msid the geand fan
e.':b1o the dofita student at North- .trln a he sugar industropic A -"
o'n Amorpan revolutionists of 1776." T

,d -re ra-nh osehberlna n After fr, thei eer m ir-d He said hmi sister wa a tdar BOSI, t.
e s:u .llnt aPr. mt sllr movedoot to Britih saw orher and skater in high ototorntb-p7osa .i.,e : pa a

mietrt Jadan held ti-sehool Detroit wher the .e
-ssid Nixam on il s rmer. lyom lived th 'Doll
umwmee h onde. She met an' dental e linla te ela th.em. mer 'a6.C
..-tpbacc prcs wht le Part., ota nized by his wie, peogaizethmn
5~~ sag fuhrniture. m a. orroice
ew. the normal eaasna was' stumyn eno at a labor movement and finally = I.
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