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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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undae mwiw,
.i-wio-E ->--

d On Roa
- 0 --

_ .I

A letter ramping parents of
aUsScribe to sodAnt Insupc US AttentionUs
for their ryoaster9 was the
subject of isnalerabe contro-
ptiation vier today. -- -
Distributed IR hi.l heelo, tlhe N
S ^letter was w on P i NEW YORK, Oct. 7 (UP) Preident Jos Atni
s ide Clr C onenu nttionwry, Rem6n of Panam6 and a party of 14 left at 9:10 a.a EST
s .Yane d accord i M to hsmel Roe for Panam6 aboard a special Military Air Transp6rt' -
Jr, who ftmd It, this Is the
first time that this type of in- stellation. The plane will fly non-stop to Panam i.
Sperhae urance a ieing olited. it is expected at 6:30 p.m.
and be- "I think t is a subject which Before leaving the President said:
r* t.s been terllWalv neglected "I am delighted with my visit and very happy t ble
_Iu fryears-, and the schools ~ a-
rd y Mrs. ..Roe said today, been here. Everyone has been so kind, particutrly w.
however, other m r? on re President and I am grateful for all the att.ien t i S-
the council vr upset on re-
Pj t of the t because they ered on us.' -
siam R, ide u m t- Presidqnt Rem6n thus concluded I offki vti. f
Uup before the body. ten days which included five days in W.l arIi'
S Several tembe who called other five in New York where he attend* od il fl
viBe-prweadnt of the council,
Sufu Lovekdy~ a it wa per- the World Series between the Brmokhldn dgIe n 4
I fetly ina der. and probably New York Yankees.
de, b wr l O'ta m nsura On that the President said somewhat weefall
for cdi who a e Ljur- wm very a ood but I picked the wrong eam TL
0 dultt Vtohl -bmr, but DtVp finn
Id 4W~mfe1W' they f~t t bw mate "deflttnU
should ) ten di"umed b Te orilbatlalI putv arrived The vISbMtcb* hlR
th council abelama l ftt? usSn arae Teenrminal isndanw hi-
crioi Mtnspd wd W*At' die ca4 Qwaa escork Ihonr "o W Wai r
3IS0?~hU'P oveuldMr uMa todU he dl~S. a iws

SommW eii ui maLti0uaua a apa Au w if. letal aG v < ow
s abo ard the 4l ah unasainvited ,katt aa pj
Wtpdi= toh eou ei guest- bt w oved bty one IdeBtil aOde Lt. .
x1, S but ponted- out that ot the deiiaides. Scrnal.
jin. c. encil of the local
r*lown. s4d other U S.-rate lltY pilot- Also mIn
to6 has already distributed ed by Captain John W. Mitche the U. plane a
SCme circulars. whoWas asipted bY a crew of the U.N. Robert Ar
a st ad he tent them out "in Party members of the Pan- United Fruit CO. J. .
Sof the community. amauD n colony were present to a member Of the advise
It stressed the nt that id farewell to the President mittee on relations
n U.S. and a mp mbr of
"I iell detin council A' b P"t identbtl ,party, wil n ll
y one company." The President and his wife, on today light.
ded that the Pacific DofI Cecilia Pinel de Remon.
0 vSi(cIe Council decided to hus ended an 11-day official Tvi hu r
Sft aw the circular, asa body. sit to this country that Rave a S
7 4eek. togl4evel impetus to the nego
tiathim talrkS on the Panama Ca
Sna, thAt began in Whshington : .
arpt. SGr eet Remoft
Sr 4Yur BMirb, Fl
SL tL'__ ( IL a Thousands of prnammait
m erm Accorwere getting ready
,L7,, T P- The --Ingl President SZ er -a
t uast Grm an p ol ft S l rousing w elcom e ho me
---the red carpet .
Lg an pa- which begins at 6:3
Mst today gave rubber-staunp A caravan. of'~lca wft
toal, to another four year OAIRO, Egypt, Oct. 7 (UP)- ranking Panamaanr
w 3Mr Bast Germany's Soviet vice premier Gamal and acting PresidentRaag
m et pPreldent W helm Pleck. Abel Naser -aid today Brita iO s utado, wft
alin. n77-year-old Pleck and Ugpt have reached "lan up- the .irport.
as re eected ua Red East Ger. derstanding" on the future of the Prealdel
many OWrved Its fourth pn- theiO Cs nal Zone b he add- way Plazs whnse-.i lBsa
em rved fourth ad a'4-edon't want to be too opti- o o t the kVii
.Heathr reinforced West Ger- a w th_ e first t.m that o personaly h I~ga
n9 Patrols ,urded the Abdl Nassr or any other~Z p- CG I .e-C
24, sand PreBch sectors tiam negotiator had revealed
of divSd Berlin anst the publicly tat thefe was any un- onoro t he mSS---..
puOMaiFly of demonstrations or derstanding between Britain and hor of the Prei A*.
'"InVasit" attempts by Comn- Egypt over the therny Sue train which will le
manfat be t-heads. proiem. 5l .wilbe at th
S whteh to attend.
SDespondent Mother Believed ,A tcgh po
at the Fifth aoCLWA
Deep-Freeze-Locker Suicide .hichad
S. of the Niespaprmen' Ual
Sa who was In rg of umral
Sments. will denver a wel=m0
tXL Tex. Oct. 7 (UP) ment empty, except for a couple home speech.
A t lt woman took her of package. It was into this he This will be followed hip a aa4
W f R by herself in a deep crawled, Broadus said, though I dr- by Ma ri Araeemom re
h el fatdd 1b, poete before she did, she carefully laid ideat of the luid A
her glasnse a doorkey and a oeoaUta. ..
of lrha. Jie gtbab at one end of the com-
bnd r panat. After emon ackd w
tgaunsh E i. weloe, the asw
'SoduaS TItahfoot-long deep freeIer n singing the
a ethe the hburasatal type, with the of Panama.
iBtardam r a ton of t, and. Broadu Meanwhile Cm pLie
ut e fouad a al d a vrtatg to the officials were
f the o It eas-l close watch et
',iCa4m aral! to Me It12 door leading to
insure a elr
t- even find long caravan tark
SODOM sail od theaM'e ad
.4Ubledly and the mNtor
Tgom .. rthe estedn r a.,
agg1 It +ue ~L h
no;a note. Her Pamsu Oa v
r* ,of I

.'~ .-4

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'L c~Z


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I 'I?~''




rf PfAIAM' AMkERICA Al tIWarDnSPWbN bi.twyr wfatPhA
-: .-

't:''' -.

IT. N 1t119T P 0 SOx 134. PANAMA, R. Or P.
8481 MAnlanN Ave NIW vOrn ITI N Y
LeOAL 5$ eA
pME MO.NT. In A|VANCel S 1 70 8.O e
*0* ONC YAE. iN NA-VAN-M-s..,- '



The Moil Box as an open forum to, .. ers ut the Panameo Ama-
ker. Letters an received gIatlully and -re handled in a whll, conti-
demele menwr.
ii yu se tribute a letter don't be Impatientt it It dae't appec the
"set day. LeOters re published in the order reealved.
Pleaue ty to keep the letters limited to one page length
ideaty et letter writers s held in strictest coafidetoe.
This M nw per assumes no responsibility,. ear stleeate ea opinions
elea lsed Is letters trm reorsn.
--- o -
In my thirteen years of experience and close contact with
Americans in the Canal Zone, I met a lot of ignorance on their
part, but never anything like you showed in your "'1ve Firm
Suggestions." Lucky for everybody the treaty negotiators are far
from taking them into consideration and that you don't, have
anything with it or you would undoubtedly provoke un-
thought of problems that would take years to be ironed out.
In the first place it would be wise for you to understand
that if there are any "Aliens" in this country it is the Amerl-
cans, of which, by the contents of your article, you have showit
to be one.

SIn the second place, both Americans and Panamanians are
supposed to be treated tile same way and have the same oppor-
tunities in everything, meaning commissary privileges, hospitals,
schools, etc., as long as they work for the Canal Zone. You seem
to think that everything should be taken away from the Pana-
manians, but Americans snould be granted all the facilities and
advantages for the mere reason that they are away from their
country. Also you seem to have the idea that Americans' in the
Canal Zone are giving us everything free and doing us a favor
by just being here. Well, let me tell you some things you should
know before you start making any more of your suggestions. -
First: Your rent has not been increased "to subsidize local
rate quarters" as you stated. If you want better houses to live
In you have to pay the rent that goes with them. You can't ex-
pect to get everything for nothing. Besides, blaming the Pana-
manians for what Uncle Sam does shows a very narrow mind.
Panamanians are paying their own rent and you are not helping
Second: If there is going to be competition on your part by
buying cheaper in the Canal Zone, it is only fair that Panama-
nians working side by side with you should have the same pri-
vilege. Either we all have it or none of us has it. That's what is
meant by equal rights and opportunities.
Third: The hospital competition is not carried out by Pana-
manians going to the Gorgas Hospital. Their number is very
tall compared to. the. Americans interned there. But just look
around the Panami hospital and clinics and start counting. the
i Aerican patients. You won't go very far, I assure you.
'Fourth: I would like to know one single American that has
i: for a Panamanian's education in schools in the 0.Z. For
y statrmation, in schools where you don't pay anything, we
y 'more than you would ever dream of paying in ,the same
,iumstances. And in those where you have to pay. we Pana-
'tdantI pay sometimes as much as four and One half times
what you .pay. I should say that we are paying for your educa-1
tion. The only way you pay for our education is through scholar-
ships and that's beside the noint.
Fifth; The fact that we don't pay, income tax to either coup-
try is the only true fact in your statements. Yet to this I say the
following: That is our business and not yours, the same as it ft
rie blshess and not ours whether you keep or lose the 25%
ferential .
Si opinion that Americans like yon would feel -itc
t.l Riuthe Zone if they thought more about how hafi thIng
Setting. away from by pot living in the States by
ibt how much Panamanians are getti n,-,0Z.
vice,, you, Mr. 8i0us Thinker. Is: s s
MlM us. Liar r .e agres we learn yours
.as as we try to understand you. You will fldtha fe
rtfor everybody, not you alone. /



/ (m(RjIT


Burt LANCASTER ond Virginia MAYO, in



AT 5:00 AND 9:00 P. M.

Also: JOHN PAYNE, in
Plus: -
"BLACK MAGIC" with Orson Welles

~ I -- ~----~~ ~ U

I saw it in the




Labor News



By Victor Riesel
There would have been an-
Other unsolved murder of a la-
bor leader in Si. Louis last week,
but the nome-made bombdd1't
go off. Had the fuse not died
some 18 Inches from the *allon
paint can which held the 10,dy-
namite sticks under a percus-
sloh cap, the AFL conventtfnl
would have been shaken in
more ways than one. -
For big, tough, cruel IMrr
Callanan might have been bwim
right through the root of, hii
Steamfitters' Union hkeaf a
terms and the ensuing ,Obe
would have led to a natinlnet-
work, stretching throughout the '
AFL, which the convent ion
hoped would fade away, taking
the ouster of the Longahore- m
men's Union as a warning.
Callanan, now under Federal
indictment for extortlo, s.rm-
bolizes a sleazy relatiltulmp with
characters who are not atll a-
musing despite thelfi Damon
Runyonesque speech. And since
there are Callanans in mtay ci-
ties doing, favors for these un-
derworld characters,'mxing vith
them and making a buaits oat t
of their unions, let's look at him
for a minute. I

Callanan, like several hun-
dred other reglanal labor ba-
rons who care little for' the
AF, except that its label gives
them enormous power, IB tied
up with the nation's race
tracks. Because of that. he is
a power in the St. Lonio Demo-
cratte Party-and this !a no
partisan crack at the party
there, because these boy3 play
both sides of the street.
Trouble is, however. that the
country 1,eeps watch"i a sick
old waterfront "czar" like Joe
Ryan and forgets that there are
hundreds like him doing big
business and raiodly' becoming
part of what I like to call labor's
own mulctingg millionaires."
And it should be said right
here that they loathe George
Meany and the other AFL chiefs
who they believe are killing off
a good business thing with the
Federation's incipient anti-rack-
At crusade.
Like I said, Callanan is typl-
caQ in an. area where gambling
concessions on big construction
projects arb worth upward ofi
$50,000 to any syndicate* which
wants to place its bookies in the
"l'nts as shop stewards.
There are other ways to
make money. Back in 1051 -
ry Callanan, now under Iidlct-
ment on charges of seeking a
cool tM.W sh u,'ekepd'
a heating coitrsetr out' of
business for biddtin oweemrar
de ep wor WW low s
Intllton The a ear "in-
pany, in which the unin lead-
era had a financial Interest,
got the choice contracts

In this candid portrait of
r.:wrr boys Inside labor who
don't seem to care much about
what they're doing t6 their own
movement. I don't want to skip
casually over Detroit, where thie
AFL boss for generations has
been Frank Martel.
This man has been deep In
many a printing enterprise,
which now Is being looked into
by the AFL' national office. He
also found hiw way into the Ke-
fauver testimony during a look-
see into an arrogant fellow by.
name i of Santo'. Perrone, on
whom adjectives are wasted be-;
cause he can't read.. i

Perso, parto a tough M i
strike*irelrgln eaiwd, test- ,neither
fled in couit that he h 1 been -
sentenced to 'Leavenwo:tih for
six years. After being ques-
tioned on the. murder of a
woesan, peoeplon of small and
big arms, Several beatings and
the distilling of bootleg gin,
Perree wa. asked how he got
out eo paroe. Oh, he said, he
had eomnimendatlons from
many People and- Frank THE BM5
Martel was one ef those who T,,'-e
setn a letter, Perrone s' Led. the e
Now why would Mrrtel do a Hit. All
little thing like that? Pasr.D
Girl -p I
Frankle must have had his Tribrn'si
re-sons as did the impot .nt Kerrat I
midwest Con-resm '. the top eme
New York politicians, the high r.'e
AFL offlcfals (some of them rated Si
friends of Callanan and Martel) (in the I
who wrote similar letters and skill a
made long distance phone calls tipped
seeking the release of the master 'Mio. .
extortionef, Joe Fay, expelled The 'Ci,
boss of the Operating Engineers, investme
now in 8ing Sing., caals week
These vignettes must be writ- floor-shn
ten piecemeal in this columning weekly,
business. So I throw Ih for the revusitea
moment, the man now being in- audition
vestigated by the New York au-
thorities Joe Pay's own boy, Bil- The Cli
ly DeKoning, whose favorite Africa's h
phrase to those who fight him Clark Is t
is, "The hell with you, I run my the animi
own union" (The operating en- a Jolly -.
gineers).. good time
Well, by my ,count his opera- Windy...
tlon has brought in sums run- Perous C
ning mighty' coe to the mll.- WaS n,
lion-dollar mark. But the mon- d
ey came not bly from Dr eon- Mkeeps
king's control of rset track labor ,
as people now Sem to think. buit
from control of local unions W
field, theh home foo'tUla W ax wai'lBn
field, the window wshig field, w
the cement mixing field, ethe ,' Ta
lanitors and; in hsumewltanae,
the business of respect or Ig-
noring oleket tie.
This is the "Bystem" whib r -
the clean nationaloffice AM,
chef. know they fare.. A-" t*hyi
"'w kInw that only 'vith the
"in of the tllv t'+ 1 ina eh
cit. can they smash It, ..

Tat's Ripht! PeopIe Surey Are Funny .

GeneroCramer (VtII /

SSB(iJor IK .- ..

MUNICH.-You could certainly not, ot havO .ca-Cola mae~. b ue. services, PX
Gen. Kenneth-Cramer a spldier's te rivile~ i d whisk ft4d 1 d tit, them
old sense, although his combat recor,"M. el- fron ttf'ldWty burit n"
lent. At t ame Umeit .int that armilp
Cramer, a wealthy Hartford, Conn., coal-eal- should rdtn on -amOt
er, and part-time soldier in the National Guard, of con tt, since a4 e .
has served fouta terms in the Connectirut legop mew Soedf dame aM iri.i4 of-
islature. One o tihe prime mower in thtja, aS. .ioers, bbt ut in ,- econ-:
sault on his qualifUlatlos, A IMorano ..a CoIn- 'dt h v&ilors in
gressman from 6ni etictt. rur nlerthl s3tea i L a 1 llrs i
e s a "politicateneral," as chargSd. Wey w t they taWited.
":was promoted-to general-it t e field,!' h 0 ey 41ak Uci ey and every San
says, "and my promotion was appro, ty Gen- ha aAi i A tl Of
eral Walter ter. If I wa a 'poll ral' lt
Cramer's combat record is excelet. He has coIra 6s. i
won four silver stars, the LesIon o tMe1tte the NOr do I t k that -y man'ssex tile ts
Bronze Star, and the Purple Heart, as well as a co3er b ohi Ws utle mi ct him-
lot of crackerjack-box awa4r. .' Ie6 flk srae4 Ti
He worked with the National 0uard fro m 19 19 01 o ia hlai ub lIy wod
to 1940 when be went on activ, ervice.. e myh os a i
been celf .Of the Natioax1O Guaftd, In n.
Wahingta nln.e ied.the 48 .in In the stri sat s of the word. Oramet It
,the fall of '. and as an com .i at unit martinet ad ap
44 a .O: the.0 'a Aet, n t tf t prd as well he
It is said t the mi3r:was t I Fse and s
MoraB kIs-1k to 1esolure It tening-
is seldom vry linse supply troops. forcee s, b
or peacetime aervee tr wh share no cor- 'he br an rty at the
mon unit-molding d and who have. tite the. n ad e
on their hands to grumble grouse, shoot anglest q'ers ome o do. Tere6 wO -
and think np r l a o orar
Noncombat ommads are generally, ovexhatvyn Ind a o =,fl st e-.
with rulesand regulation, spit-and-oollsh, atd *hlobaat
tiny little frustra tns thatget lost .when men In O ra um'anll I irle to find were Wfttl
go unshaw ad irty int battle. -eitionaE uaU. tion to the'letter of
Such titav nvst of eiftiege.4 such as thr l0Ish in w
crtallment .of P priieg the removal gi ,oh
soft-drZnk nciS the age of bis service, he t Col ,l ,
become a big Item In their lies. M or We
A ";1 Ju.lnli iot tried h rl
So d4e the reeet curPiW n Munich-whlc 'u U&e not
vas neither ordered nor relinqulhed by CrameL. .th i. flIn. MR .V
but whieb was anathemnia to the troops under h. h&. gil ft or gaot
his hand-r thefact tha the general's first act loaded. ,
on arrlv in Muich w.waLotae.the hard Uluor I_ tI& s tq i. prl ap9och to the

"ld'h ".



r '


-. .' -

u ', umW' Mua D.


_r __~__



L4` I

'C ,

- .. ...........



Ir a~

. 9

i k, a- mw swan ..'a wem

UDefic tow UN Relieved Anti-Red POWs

mm '& 1st Won't Be Forced To Listen

uartefOf 1 ...
Mi" "h, WKd, w t. 7 (UP) -
o ,ued nations. ,oflra today
.L a knha4a Ws a m1ajoreyery Indian
aASI o cah W Oth t t,=5 a tht t prtdi troops
Ss nm2ment at a o do no torc e anoti-fcuniatst
rwheel andttoo.
Sthe fi nt i t war i captives to ed
n tein rto "peroalde them

C,%s .ean o perhaps I eds watusrn hdame.P n Ne
The statement by lpftn Lt.
~.e .Gen. 8K.S. TPlmayysar, sran
Rip'r3l00of the Neutras ationso patrla-
laon Commission, ueOas any of
out IN lam 30.the Ifdatawsich choa rotened
espeeme. ,*- to w4eck e r. 0tlce.

Sthet er as al-ganeddorhf of 6rees Vl
hilat bl l ouphillo
Sobattle ainst al e pro-Com-
foless the te a osa t ndenciso the In-
-, arlyjm t. ph atd.Iees eInd, san they would start
n hi0rmonfr afe...w hncos-sslaHyf .ImD- l tely of
nt a 4pen $er aema teceS long-ilayed a r action
the arI d offers also repea leas-
fs UN id 2r b x conferncb that In-
2 b crb u er the wo-, .,otu eitteuste op thewInsistedo

over tht e ot. estimate 1 they a ttmpta l msW m t n b
qC. on the Ohrtio. Communi#ta

. last wh h laugh onlda othcdoro pigto s from dt re n c i s aIridd iIn Jack et t ih h ri nd*,1 di' .'.''e tohl l',d ens n t the f. under con-

4. duri tnext n thvan e .ety Sl southh Korea n In- Stner.NeDpe
.gal .. -It .. r c r poF L-s area-w atte lmpt

'c for a R old ran i4m k CODUO .NLONGER a clrasd. tt's come hout of Cthe woods to ente a new fpthc
shecadeiiis eo asaid and let proon- worldnoth-On- aemnp and aw from t.nhle fall, ns used aroap amio nd ar" f

*a wial toa edt ndaygtr-lfa roadd
Slthan n t ai a esth slere caa m ll.We-show (left) a weskit 4d and k a on tw
eG.ooay efforts to halt a tern. fptie p-n wtbd corduroy. t'soworn here with a ong-sleeved white

(baiLa core sood by ari c ar r
in~lJ th re Me o udleadarto alUofldu alle atddtia iniaur adr

.....e"". e.' "- Oe O Orhee hrema aould leand to" a l The ar oa sd Jrke fo w reaerin
dll Mtau$@ the"ln 'thi olr country" would be

*fM. .' .,s h Korein Provat rsln*en wt ish12ea N1 "Mesl we go get o er thino and then he3 roh aeahe tdee- owr
.ceGn compni es mdsK an" D d n roffz stil i !catr ttr nar placegnorthwe st of horead aoT te Btl
during thn .r t 7 db .(tPn a g rsheIn-r towmn,' he leaid. New Yo paper.dI
SI e ntfeleebt areently to pae s i"She's about readytto tl to

..rnenwh becamsh a at lthe aveo" b edu ed h bp s oe a h s
S;t leAt tl nt an sa ohree ased me i I wanted to drive.and boss s on the we

AAT iH A WAs unei a tuof on the heade, atbl and omom u
Sa ve Inaprson camp n Murphy took the wheel andtoo."

ftoeOnWap.drifiegfeh e Co. ofd Lakey Worth Ol
functlell-l lttr r engL Gend. d r iehaps toagy W

Sc C-, Oct. 7 ( and d him, ad thear C who worean aol f e i ho M workn e
uth oren Provost Marshameswer -over the road, cas-rm was to. leave..t fo
n WonaMurp intraffing a four-ar ardent thaton
Pr rnt hou tman Rb" Is co cu, but that wag ,Only the be-hi $0 for reckless driving tt

n m fo a I'iction i s- Madnnioe of ha rsidnob
gdat cutotnluddtrntoois. h
S e ....m-it padssble 'med. satienN m ,.rad~ Int hl'ife Itdma at hingm
n m: R' a to sd *..IAA athe rt nwaslessened his bowis awve e and he hase a lot
boyt Th1m0.fe' sSs atdswlet.Heoti:smb erratring _tqueast t_.o anr-
nUN,# o., OO I (UP) leadrs i on as_ ofa-O h- mer ,o.oncerned
_rim t""o sdaw O o ds' mre- Mt at@ t. over-L ovrthoblings from Seoul. c
gOio, 0b pres oonference a few hourskissed by Goldle Haey of Okla-
we"re'Ttother 11." he received a 2.000-wordlhoma City, but he sdraid lhe,

n 1 fid6 or retiring den. Mart inn o it an wronhe Ca. Miss a
siOi Weark who repeat de.ley is a mutual ac-
Su he di that- the UN. Command quaintance--na~ his girlafriend-
wd eth would not permit the use of he insisted. forcee or coercion" against eant- "We met in a bar and I sug-
,.""2 ,".11 wdnt to i cary two Clarif had accused Yhm-
Dreha or f blue en b, h t8 tCu a.i z e-ihcommsls ion of
ft.1; Al an" the Ref by asumuung
.r,,: ..l -s d r drto re- son** I
tr to omunulm evenJial

.' "a ',---P ", mt 'or as does its rMasonaUle

worklanas inlh Nw Yomathers we the I EasIcos
,e pn vo wassen

I& trb&-1149 Amok MA to .bived -tostn re vted down am= Cars PIrn from
....1W by th m, was and aweds -iu at least two pr-
N W- In ,, .. : mMembers of. the 'N"C.
d oh b a nces stood by to carry
-1 '41an dt, 42- yeari : "ble additional injured as
,-",,d n ho rha" orwers went through the
.%Ik cmOf cas Two lay on their
S... .-l ad the other derailed cars
"" "" "" I-- T e iccldent occurred shortly
:, -' '. Dr Ifo "0. after 3 p h. so the diesel-power-

~; -"l B eac l h, its last stop en route to
Mthfl who camd e 1011.
vim.. .... eitban the U.Z. to be educated A .Is Zred were eorge F. Eu-
.. in fb f" but dldu in ja-far bsnlk o of Miami. a baglnse man
i_-rl-.a,' 016. Wil-. on a 1date" won't be do- on the head, wad Tom

91-8 ALWAYSoAinS; Co. of Lhae Worthom

TH, ll d to 9 movieOf jac sov lle. wh

3@nh iig'Ts" l .1100 Central Ave. Tel. 2-2144

V. +- 'a la e,- ,
?. .. "; :
E;--.-~4r~~F~~-1 ,-iK I ; -.- r ..,

'% +is oc.I

":" it ar p ,.

.;-,: ,,
:,.. ,,,, ., 1 .
1 ,


. <(


_ '

*'r p
4'. .'


r"nr ~~

a"r/: Clark Gives Up Last

Command, Heads For Home
-- o -
TOKYO, Oct. 7 (UP) Gen. command today and boarded a
M.; rk W. Clark, veteran of three plane for San Franceico ind
wvrs. gave up his last militray retirement from the Army.
_____ His assiginent as United Na-
tions commander in the Far
East and commander 9f Amer-
ican security forces to Japan
ended when his plan left
Tokyo International Aklport.
The dual command pamed to
Sohn E. Hull, whom ealdent
BY OWALD JACOBY Eisenhower nominated from the
WI tten for NS A Service anonymity of a Pen tao desk
Job to guWid the U.N. % mand
through the delicate Koren ar-
I.. mlstice period.
NORTR (D) s1 Clark is retiring from the Ar-
6 A my Oct. 31 at his own request
V,K 5 3 later 36 years' services.
4AQJ Clark arrived in Japan 17
WIIT EAST months ago on May 12; 1952, to
SQ 108 i J 443 relieve Gen Matthew B. Ridg-
0 9QJ 08 way who went to Paris to be-
8 7 a 4 2 come Allied commander in Eu-
4 8 *KK10 2 rope. Ridgway now 1i chief of
SouTr ataff.
VA74 Almost at once the bloody
*AQJ6 Koje prison riots broke and the
S7 5 4 veteran soldier flew to Korea to
North-South vuL restore peace In the explosive
Newt B at seat WWet prisoner compounds.
1 6 Pa 2N.T. Pan
3N.T. Pass Pa PaPass He hAd troubles almost im-
Oplang lead--& 7 mediately with President Syng-
man Rhee who a few weeks later
while battling National As-
se;nbly opposition to his re-
South deserved a better fate in election, threatened to withdraw
today's hand. He saw through a ROK forces from the Korean
Iceptive play by West and took front to restore "political peace."
the best posable measure at ev-
ry step. Unfortunately for South Clark, who persuaded French
however, West was equally alertAdm. Jean Darlan to denounce
:d the breaks were in West's the Vichy government in World
2avor. War II, convinced Rhee not to
West opened the seven of take such a rash step.
spades, and declarer allowed
gpst to hold the first trick with The four-star general sweat-
J.e jack. He won the spade re- ed out months of tense negotia-
rn in dummy with the ace, tions at Panmunlom and inal-
;aturlly enough, and tried a ly signed the Korean armistice
diamond finsse, for the U. N. He hoped to turn
West caMully played a low Over to his successor a success-
diamOud, hoping that his king ful truce, but his wish was de-
would not be forced out until he nied.
kad_ maangod to establish his
. mauts. hd Ce n t rra he For Clarl his return to the
If south had been carel.s he States closes M tary career
mould have with to clubthat saw hm wounded in ac'
a flteasa to Mo. W lon in W)rld War I, commander
"ul2 then lead h4his 1& Wde, of the 5th Artmy which captur-
W uldg out declarer d king. ed ome in World War II, and
auld gaithe Iea4 with his king head of Allied forces which
diamonds in time to sef the fought the Communists to an
cntrate with his long spades, anmitice in Korea.

W V~

Cooking Lesson riP

ACROSS 3 Fruit
SPur haser
I Kind of roast5A
5 Abeve
4 Mixing vessel AEbvh
8 Persian poet disct
12 Brazilian I Lett coin
macaw 8 M(gMrs
'13 Eye part *Cueetad
14 Festive 10 WH4sghbPed
15 Cooking vessel 113 90"
16 Day before 17 ClIeb-baptle -8 Individuals 43I smmee
183 Algeria's is P40eac ds SO #11Sted 439 peratte sos
capital 2 W$ et #at It tR swat 46 Pat used 1
20 Side glances deuah d4es 00 9pl3l1 O"hi
21 Go astray 24Vd masyn ?s M4g6 nt5 4 mC l aIV'
22 Ages 3= 440 es of peaw4Y Aetual
34 Rabbit S2 Were*s $1 0tlOd R a 46 Atitufiai
Is Way out 3 7emoe ma P "OSheited I
27 Ptopels a boat
30 Stiraightens
32 Calm
34 John L. Lewis
35 rubber
36 Female saint
37 Disorder
39 Dry north
40 Serving VsSO
41 Offer
42 Drawing rooe
45 School books .
49 Tourists
,41 Ireland
53 Revise
54 Vehicle
~S Lump.
:568Mrel .
e7 ii.ppte Iq
GOuk dos ,e

i- -- sp' -'




--... .I
mboIv us881ishous g wasvs
afimU AVuUr

pfMP~a 85 ru

Hwi.' r

man AuqiU g

/ '

Iair Geol Rap


(A Lc144 j s"OW N),.ps

TO COLOD.IA, CU DO.t, .. u .P. ..*t
S.S. DieHp ............................ Octp. rialj

ANM 0 !sksgM

What's the Tlt

-w Wyajay .,.r~'............................ ,. 00tb Aslk

S. Vt .................WO...........r L j lU A E
'.L co .......... 19r...rr~ f
ow Cb41I nasFinipie um Wr-1
w.I& frat Cuso mis $$^l a" t aviW 4 !*#A

T" V*u..6 84 14*
clr~cy niwtrs.,Tat. $1.2470 0me all
anu: maso I~uum L so ionla

I0 -I



3U0s WELWN. Plat atw

r m menua, U d e sure to k
hnolde the vltor's hosts In the
Invtion. T out-of-towner Is
their guest, not yours.
Guest "idnapinl" Is high on
te list of social "'must nets."
A Tough Spot

/ -

In 4


~4~f'~;: 4-




- i slf


; I

Nab *

a- A





' S.


LI thu Aal~ UarAIiI

N .

a~ mauum
rU I~rrr~sr*5


,,4, 11



ui -Pm. a~pq#;HP

1 N
est l^

* .. .A .. t- ,
-. *. ..- **" ; 1 *> ;i ". ,"t5

- I

la asINNx



'vat '~

_ __ __ __ ___~~~___~~~_

______I ~_

_ ___

I _

Ammu.avi m ua l am-a A.

_*^- -M- ^ li Ul.ll_ I_ ,1

' < .,

r ;


rr~Le Iusv ~


; ~1



;' I

*. ,. U I

, ..:*
r ..;sl


I /,

-J.I. '.lb" wg We .


Te Jswill Welfare BaMs
al Wboa. t 1 0 .L.,

Sllmeet t, m
It _p a. tahe t

imd tn personnel, their fam-
Sfo ll 1 m tile public to tse Ca-
to daysamp$nt I0and the R publo. -f
Ci ntentCe til o AreIdWlavted
das tndbeo' 'en .Notl es

SpBundaa ate
-de 7. a p c.. ofS: i6 4arnca startip
i under with ero1, their aa -i

itthe VbO aof the CIO!
li fis mfflcnhtiB ^d thse nepubig
International m ooal invited
I BScobts to be held Inf
icall. --

un fant oF
Sten..rt Th i'addest letters that co

dlen *Bdi ['i an old and
Meful. B Island town.n
MmtV was bom.
Bec1 .~Auipthalastl and
.oO~~ b."c her recipe for
really d inexpealsib
meat loaf.

cwaruW to me are written y unnapp (
,. < teM agMa.

y. ed n thr Phfabv (nelay ch
e:Ow ,tey area t car 1-4 t9spl
S i velir efforts a tona wund I
^C MVE N5 outs andemhAd -o Il c
i I.4 .lk their problem,
ar to- Ohef th e en-age'
S= they ly. -
'A 10#W lpriie iee, a"11-
Srl writes: "e habw o i ,
S, or any fun and
xn 4W ble. Please tell me

o Wf -wn outside achool b-
Scar~ h parents lnuet that aSB
^tondolca dt do l the. ahe

.4.0 : ia, hs-eI.
Y oJ to'.or, ap i. at
Frye5 um 0, and to
O he has ern't tried and

to."- mewhat to. d"- .,,

al ,br she, a O -.
A MR~iff At WAMO &WOM,

v. w t Loaf
to. sryl)ar)

tU-h]f tablespoons

S5! B~'on _._.__


an C
*"r _Ilu&t

S--Fo. S .
. B. y "6 AL W
f f .' ,. -. rA ,
., 1 .... .. ,....* j '

p stw ml.or you own fa-
Pt e P co-t rfcte.- .
'PMpan pie m iac-
,b0rte, to dIrectlana. R1 and
tut astFy In 4 or 6-inch squares
or oval shape. Place soae of the
oJ ab naif .of the, quare or
ovl' md' (dlo wtth a generous
S of 'butter. Fold the 6ther
I overaad press as to-
father th AL fork. Prick- top
d bake i hot oven (40 de-
rees F.) tni brown.

No Depression
Seen In U. S.
ROANOJIB Va.. Oct. () -
The p t of the Na
Asocia$ion of ManufattE~
aid 'tWay he does.not 4
%be: WS, Pt baJCM wan, wrinl
brng on a bun-s depressioO
Int_. _iti d ;ttt _.

never know it, but Herbert J.
Idle, 55, Just won $307,500 for
winning first place in the Uni-
corn Press puzzle quiz contest
in New. YToi. The Bureau of
Internal Rev aw told Idle he'll
e allowed to keepaboqt $71,-
' 0 of the total, Wilh aeeounts
for his dour look..

sumi., WMILTON ju4 JqnwIr, ai., Oct.
7 (UP) -e e. Wayne Morse (I-
Ore.) said today the Eisenhower
B administration is catering to
"big business Instead of "home
'- folks" In its publ power policy.
Morse,. main speaker at the
annual meeting of the Eastern
leowa Light and POwer Coopera-
tive, assailed the power develop-
ment policy of Interior Secreta-
ry Douglqa McMay which he
said emohasalde determination
to give local interested a major
share In power development.
"Who are the local interests to
be consulted," asted Morse.
"Are they our RA coopera-
Lives? Are they our public utill-
ty districts? 4re they the mu-
nicipal systems?
"No. The -local interests for
which the Eisenhower-McKay
administration stepped aside on!
Rev's Canyon Dam site is a
Maine corporation." '
He said the corporation was
i0 the'Idaho Power Co., and its 10
C al.. orf. o t n with IrgetM stockholders are "power-
nub1 drtp ful investment-houses and affil-
l Ingredient "These are not the 'home;
Pac into folks.' They are symbols of big'
an. e in business," said Morse.
.nioederate wea.(iedwegre F.)16
4iot, or.ii dorn. brve hot
gl. Cg Ga sh 9il prslp1 ey.
Xd: ag, 1-a eIp
A* spi1 peas on tohe meat
SeMmas iY iib
*fbr dessert, bluebey tarn-
-ov r (the seoan Is getting late
0. .,a)vwld "M U1just



$ 14.-





A ~'

.i -M.'r -I
I" -* T' d 4rpu indif

warl vOlip

Ini~PlU Yor, D-r. r -? SW st Unitedl
tauematn k. L .t. pAal :a, A f i dhigh and
wKsecvlou-ib ** Of rtatdard ort lvng is
ft_- Z_ -A Bto q -mob" m m. .* = y WOO. In. h u-
ke -SOTr-
r r~ri~ < n r >i *, ; ii ,

ANo mori
of *e 9

a Base .



* <



iMa of ye
Satst .aa


sosIa The
) ad

I l~~
.' Sws

(Yr~;.. ~




.ir.-. ... i
al.- l
Pareby 41

412M '.


W ... tremendous

hearing aid power

In the new



The new Al-Transistor Radioea is so far superior to
previous vacuum-tube models, that mse for ae, it de-
livers four times their acoustic output.
The improvement in tone quality is seething that
must be heard to be appreciated. Smooth... clear. ..1M
.,. rich a tiny treasure house ofhearig aid eionjs at.
Arrange yer dnmonstratlin rigM a~it I
Start your journey back to hearing hppiess.... ,..
with a private demonstration of the All-Tuanrsor
Radioear that uses no "B" battery at a@. Call today o
we-can schedule a convenient appointment .br-4e.



"J" Street No. 18. P.O. Panama 18I0 Tel 2-U3M A -2ML

We guarantee prompt delivery of all your

construction material requirements




-..r, ..uhe hal el.. p.m-the PlanAmerimSliMhW

fa~ 1- "-- "--" **i ^ '*: ^ __



HOPE BURNS BRIGHT-Michael Dana, left, 11-year-old
poster boy for the 1952 drive of the Muscular Dytrophy Associa-
tion, hands his successor, seven-year-old Richard Fowler, a
flaming torch, symbol of hope for some 200,000 victims of the
disease. Richard made the trip to New York from his Apollo,
Pa., home to accept his nomination as this year's poster boy,
-- ~-

K .s te t e civ-I
SRwer 3d'l0 I '
at as


d Mr
* of



I mlmmmmi

-- ----- ----




m aq

1' 0 ,..-.


~9b 'i
r ~.?r


-* .

. ,. ,. I




04L*t AMWCAlt -r A

You Sell'em... When You Tell'e thmr P. A: s
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our office ia Nt S7 --- 1"" Street Pauamia



No. 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 1-291. and

Nu. 12,179 Central Ave. Co-*

Via Espafia No 34 PanamA R. Y.
(tell Vbsta Thetrbe sm.)

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Agenda lotenmadoa

10.059 Mel6ndez, Ave--Phone 25i Colon

Il de Pubicaciones

Minimum f*1 wrds
3c. each ad wrd.

No. S Lottery Pla-l Phone 3-3199

Household Automobilp h ,.. .. d*. ?, u .S E b h Clo e. AAtomob
Writ eAlasheha Ameaaaw Bar r In COOL Campna l -ou, A tomobiles
OR SALE:-Large double bed, box FOR SALE: Hillman Minx Sedan, 201 Aisei .C. 2 Phone SHRAPNiuL, Blboo a
spring, innerspring mattress. One 1952, $1000, 8,000 miles, per- r caretaker there.
child's wardrobe. Reasonable. 135 feet condition, duty free, financing DR. WENDEHAKE Medical Clinic. -
Prado. Pedro Miuei. possible. Lt. Shore, days Navy Central Avenue K" street. Corner F0t'll CmtgL One mile past
P Pe Mig. Pacific 3212, evenings Navy Pac- telephone 2-3479. Panma. Sn Clr Ples b ve
FOP SALE:-Dining-living and bed- ific 2295. A couple to hre an apartment with hone bi2-
room set. 2 blocks from entrance Acoupleto hare an apparent with
Hotel El Ponams to El Cangrena, FOR SALI:-1949 luik 4-der e- lady. 45th Street No. 32. WILLIAMS' Sontic Clara Beach Cot-
and one block to the right. Euse- dan, good tires, radle, tip-top cen- To MIAMI & NEW YORK via AEREA t Lr bearge. Balfor e 30 modern
bio A. Morales Avenue. Gray house. edition. Excellent buy. Smoet & Boeng 4-ngine plane. One-way weakenc. Balboa 050 except
FOR SALE: -MahoganHunnlcutt S. A. 16th t. Ceal to Miam $70.00 Round Trip
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set "Blonca Sucio" finisheden, table $1 14.00 Rcund-trip $214.00. See ige. Electric icboes gas stoves
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at No. 368 Ancon Boulevard. condition, tires, seat c vers. almo'.t FOR SALE lillip. Oc de Santa
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all porcelain, 9 cu. ft. 25 Cycle, after 6 p. m. cllmeo FOR ENT3-1673.
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Pdoors, one fgeor two ouEe. l Central Avenue. Tel. 800. Colen. vicin ty of "Mercadito La Gloria". Oct r
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screens ivory celatex, green lat- WANTED TO BUY CASH 3 CAS
twice. Telephone 2-2335. House FOR SALE:-1950 Willys Jeepster. Only mouth, Dodge, Chevrolet, 49 r1 Fav
1520-B Akee St. excellent condition. Coll Mar9 Alice to 1953. Not duty paid. 4 door De k T all
y 2287, Ls Cmbr Luxe. Will see them from 4 to 7 p.T ili1 ch
p W ntdm. Hotel Colon Ponami,. Telephone .r o 0~1w'
S Help W o ted Aey 2287, Las Cumbres 27..z n FiR2
FOR SALE:-1939.roe ip ex- Iex.
V^'wflNTW: -ai ., fcoutwo & el, n oioin; &ORuIS see to op- Exchange or buy stampsnot damaged: DW
A undryjp live,1ir, 6pook some
unrh, -175e k some l lu FtE47 Per.- Ed Petoten, No,. -265 Howard 2
nyllh.-175 to ga t. nbconq,,. .* S Blvd.. Los Angel., California. WASHIOT N, Oct. 7 (UP)'-
|E C S < K J S ----. WANTED:-Young man from U. S, Sen. M OIRo R.. YounR (R-N) C9 IW .
FOJ R SAEl-1i47Dodge tonveree. will accept partner for mineralogic-. mle "Its tMing nd Iarn g" bar t il P
IENAGE ,LUB, Fort Kobbe, jut ever. le radio and good al exploration In Venezuela. 40- farm program by which, he sald d.t
cing classes every Friday fo thie, amy W pkt reaching pay- 50 basis. For information call Mt. "o ur farm depresion can be
thidr a4-16 years. Tel. Lona me'tS. Iw y nunicutt S. A. Taylor. Astor Hotel, Colon or Box halted overnight" w 24
S.ars. anoma 3-1565S 16A .St. Ctroel Ave. Tel. 800, 134. Panoma. Young:' r.qApmmendation
rs,anoma 3e. wese. ontalned hi a statement S IAPAW" "y
'- ..... ."' -- __ WANTED TO BUY Smooth tires, saving the deplne In farm I
f !f_-_ I ..--_ e for reconditioning. 'RE- prices creates abe of t mo* t ,l 't ".6
SDa 'Po tion O red CONSTRUCTORA'NACINAL S. serius problems facing C re
S "D r PositionrA No. 7 Peru Avenue. Teleph.oe next yn r.
SW -Experienced sales 20406m. He aid every major busineB m
ioRI Lamn ur Y J : perienced salesmen te .
Dipuh Vl l setl on percentage basis. Call 800 depresalon in recent A wricsa lli A
S' i aid oask for Mr. H. Pretto Colon. B k G M history eaine after a 8abr droD "o 4194
T -An -ry Housewilves ----- .
SA y Hou ies,, Look Magazine Red Re d ing Young suggested: a
DENVER, Colo, Oct. 7 (UP)--? R dU KGl lnT111-
MOtte Star Dorothy Lamour "ft T E d. 1. Congressonal apprM l of o a S Et l
today she Is buying an Aidvar- TrOVel dltor EAMh H A m a bilu h1e co-pooro with -
tl#4entV in a Parin, Im, or I l Il Rul K en. RIch4r B. RussebO f) .
ir to solve the n rit for a three-year exlth otf .
Wito ds left there by a u VISIS Pana i a LONDON, Oct '7 (UP) The orie support on te srven i
a 4nt that *ailed to take human. Col Office announced today baste .aropi at 90 p l gl o
Nature Into account. Travel Editor of Look Maga- r la edina g ena military and Pat '
"' "' .. .. e nc Ai ne. David D. Zingg, will arriveL I naval forces to British Guiana 2.- enactment of lelilsation to 4P49i
The stun. designed to plug n Panama tomorrow morning "with the utmost dispatch" be- exWen 90 er cept oUle -
t sLa mour's a pewaance ith on the United Fruit ship 8. 8. camue of Communist "intrigues" ports to o r table
riety revenue a i t r Oct. t H bueras. in that colony. ucn as ve,. oats, barley, i
o "nt te'" little The announcement said the and sy-bean.
address to every Accompanying him are Philip troo relnforcements were need- &cuo. to n mt.
dman in the area lronUa Harrlngton, a photographer, and ed Tn order "to preserve the f. o t ports
Illonis town. Mr. and Mrs. Myrlon L Atlas. Peace and.a fety o all classes. o .
'They read: "Darling; don't I A art0h. cyrlfll and a frigate id
ge our date at 8 p. m. Ot. ZingR and party wll remain le8t.. Jamages. over thel c g.
signedl i Dorothy here several days during which We b pwith 600 troops, report- *C om
M ,-am-our, who wag not time they expect to photograph 01ely destined to augment secur-
oesionsible for the notes, said points of interest in the city as apsr, in the trailed colony.
lb was genuinely sorry bt well as visit the San Blas Is- "It has become evidentth
qq ,bombshell effect ot the i trig. su.esaI.eT .I re e of Cthem ind
One woman headed straight of asoiate. soie threaten- to
Sa divorce lawyer and an- The travel editor will write a idrl ista, have threaten- of
er kicke the pen-indow series of articles covering hiLs d th. welfare and good ad-
fA her he to mithe rens in I its to Costa Rica Nicaragua, =L O the colony," the
another ealour ife f temala which he intends to visit workg con-
dgw a t rain to grie hr when he leaves here. He will be tOuI u ecked an atmpt H d t
t otive engineer hus d, a guest at Hotel El Panama. might be mo e tk s et u aCorn
was once married to a an attempt would lead to blood- 0
n named Dorothy, a denied knoring anything about shed." pt w d ld to
alashng. ,the stunt. The Communlat-domin a t e d Privatel ,
atress-singer said hee The Parb Exchange Club has People'rs Prgrsve party, which services I"
rday that she had never admitted one of its members controls the government in Brit- bers of
so upset over anything dreamed up the trick to boost Ish Gulana, is agitating for were h '
her entire career, and'ticket sales for her appearance. greater home rule, rozal MoC' ',

hi^ 5uper 4 Loor K viura Sedan, years of .'
law a ,
Mr. IH

V8170 HP /aiJe. i na/on. fo "oI

$,;, service o

It cera g more
to. P~fcL t :a iUlify


deeemf-t *ftr"an

At r habrt.
rrtlliT .ift

.7 ri '7

V -

I*. i ,'-

I a the' r Otift hi '*?
a was fcund .ln '-
g*s ,$hwa i _,.-__

'~T '
*, I.,'. *

4ij il .;~

i. .~






RV I pon


R.- .I -~

S.'8'9itET -*-

* -I

A swap In Jobs betWet* t
C ain of the Port t'otrltet
jig g Wl te Diretor 'el t-t
Navl Reseres in ew OQtl
hi~es effected with ti. a

otor of Training on the Staff
Sof the Com sandant of the b
Naval Ditriet, ,iew Orise.
tow .tt fAlne Phr
Sl dmo a Director of Naval
SR New .Orleans, the
S"Duriito Whitoh e ito reurn-

! During his two-year tour of

." ,.-. "f ,sm c n or, Wfmt I*F

# .- ---. -
rJ-II- po Inpo.actice

Itm dr
in tl

by Erskire John- ,.
y mUKNp- WJ ,
,- '' Od a SSIW' f'
?- i

Xl ary Coope
ito Parsdle?
his fans are sayl
hinting that
ok to character
sif laynes hB i

with. rO whn his contract ex-
kiu t~Donee on
frm Is lOntment
DIo 1 e to okay
or .n -outa. Top
i*eut a a eldur-
I-t i d [ and

taS. beforeat

ii ;~

t We
'" t~te~'f C
seioa hIa.iaa st
'' Uc


maby W athlete hot". A wath MO. Thrt V"
reaa Ia mualf to blng hb altiMii ga tb
on the uceen. Anrlow, 1 me eof n a epe.
the fa. trock p on ,
6ta n'me.e inflated that he
"b khowwhA? -it all cam* Amh e eraso aIttttitmn,
froW4j who souimed like ,they bu hb ( enough doubt t give
=t; out of Mickey Bp.- Levermnf fd for thought.
Th.e 1 took oealo~n t
EIU d aBE SIGN eritkl't ity's traffte
which let Leverson run
Raftttt M m hft Imade tu a lonj of tolatio ft
4 gI-tw-h will not rftn beg Ig~ ht W Justice.
.'. .. ,. ._ .,*

Ba .1~~WVI~~a*~l. jr i

H l40
Your Community Station


Teoar, Weaepday, Oct. 7
PAL. -
3:15-The Little uoaow
3:30-Mulc it Wi dnewday
4:6-i WithoIiut Words
4:l54t we
4:30- r' Tour Favorite
5:35.-W I rr rFavorite
6:00-To ,b paoanced
6:1 s-iKEf mO6 8PORTS
6:30--0 b announced
1:15--. SO afford Show
i 7:---'T ae anouned
8:00-Brvet Salon
8: 45-Comntarya on World
:o 00-Idugeo n Archie (BBC
9:30-TMe Maunting Hour
10:00--The Big Crosby Show
I0:O3-2tM B Lecture. (BBC)
11:00-The Owl' Nuat
12:00--8B Off

Tomerw, Thunday, Oct. I
6:00--a~8 On The Alarm
C005 Club
7:05--The AwNa clock Club
7:30-Mtrning Salon
8:15-Morning Vazrleie
8:30--MuMIb akers
8:345-Jer ean ProeaUta
9:15-8afed Heart Program
9:30-As I See It
10:06-Of the Record
11: 00-News
11:05-Off the Record (contd.)
ll:30-Meet the Band
12:05--Lunchedn Music
12:30-Popula Mlusic
1:15-PFrsonality Parade
1:45-Lum and Abner
2:00-A CU from Le Paul
2:15-A Date for Dancing
2:30-AfterAo( Melodiq
2:45-t itte of the Bahda
3:00-Ah Star Concert Hall
3:s-Th-e Little Show
3:30-,uaf tr Thursday
4:00-Prmranade Concert
4:15-Bob Eberly
I4:a.-i- i toby Favorite
5: 3-New.
5:35-Whiat' Teirt Favorite
0:00..rb ini the Air (RDF)
6:30-.Jto be announced

7T:o-T-eg _d

s:aS- fo te a edtal

MtOO-Jos ataPola and his or-
1IS:16-Tih Latin American Ser-
10:30-The HfaI of IvV (VOA)
11:00--Th Owl's Net
I2:06-414 Off

S' 3bu1ttala of Symbdl
VOA-Voi of America
C- -~Rdorefdu~atinr Car-

1949 Linoft Y4r4 n
Dark oreen tla p W v n
Upper. Radio Overdrive, White
8ide Wall TI, Spotht. This
car is poidtvely In pereet
condition. Terms trade... 1,400.
Atlantic Side Used Car Headquarters


(Panama Canaal M/ eatFers -

,cam^ iAafei "YAKLu CCANE
:15 A TsedMIoeaorl Bpy M uMt Dbo O
DIABLO HTS. "ar." ANW- UR 5em .rAVA
; A 1:a "J JEOPARDY -
Thu age n'mmeismo ag i *
g r"HORIJO Sur- CwO
GATUN mr(wl)
STeclhnicolorlt me qimm w .19 m U 1

e;i a 7.i

Frank ovmy^ STam WLO





LUX Theatre or..t i
TODAY for the Lat Time! In TMHNIOOR!I
A sweetheart of a musical

2:31, :.:4r. 7:1J, X :We .,,
The torm of two women
on a aanhunti
... .. .. m

-smem qu ..:J
TODAY Pepulr
$1.10 per CAR
On The fern: -

Fr^O~Ir --
; .'F~~~~sn~~f: "

W&XrA l 4

*I r1
5'-h ~iC-~

S. ..,.
*"*( -,;** <^


como Os The atrel: -.
Pls: Ate

in Tthifalor"
with DOb DATY



-- ----- -
"'l Comie d MinMmerltet
eortMa, In
.*. LUBWADa"

Audio Mu hlat I
-Ae O : "
"DOOM 49 Uftmarl

etty atton In

*es eR h Oe. w

_ ~- -.

n I h,_ ,fta f I
Jovic rtiath*.. f |

*ass mo w

ph 9F~-by
-rm .1
-., .-1.- -



B, >

-W7I .
II-. U

lO -r

~ er

*,) -A
~-- ...b.

c-3 rI:

yr. 7i^'






S" .. r
-^s^ -. .. -...j ,...- .,,. ._ ..i6&


> ?


UZ, &r. In Lr, naft parn.
611eV. 'iingb A he put I: "' thademand
and birestrole so bmtb I ave otB ts they
Im "Plunder l and l tha 'm a-
an" a Is bUgif t r w ra niw. Im la
o W she's a ovetr '
huart plagued her th It.oftw I are making
ihe mov l-t ir neeii the typewriter
ene, das, 'to to ie It's be-
pefit at MOMI s- i, e BB UIMn I utting
out eval a camera. ever hbt "lt-en-do-make-
NO'_ at the 1~6Ii I1Oesi" meWe4 to dolls whose
wes eeyia f ision In't 0-30
"I like b the bad glrl( the Annm weear s e'-ld as
roles ar Ilier," she tells It. batwiat hotI she walls
"Ilt'rs J ata I get indlignal t Ia heirn tus e4w T
I dqL with the aro. fims a nan yt "I thlk thev
An 'r_;B v Utimes does the eI aean a s aa eem iteor-
d -t in We:sgIv StihU It's how wet irths--
wdi weht my cake ad I that' th tle gLt
want to eat It, too. It's trribly
fruatrattag." A
OOT'Ttw6 WoR W("I h
'For two years I got the wotsr. fI l Ya" h 'i he
Tt wa Just great. I have no beef II V
agal v ." .0
j, ne. who wal si
Vd M.rdi at MG.OM a""~ .i i
" he- Voi vou He"' r,"
talking out loud about the shuf- CHICAGO. Oct. 7 (UPI A
le of events that finds him rup- Judge deldel today that mjo-
Dortinq< uy Mid0ion in Wa t dr 1t Jrerry La 317, mat
nets' "r Owd." wtk kleat a
e, .- -.' 3 rggG Afinne wRift. may kee" him In JalU
rO.. pence r Tracv. asked 10 years for traffic violations.
for release from PMGM ear-
lier th1q year and li hl agent Leverson's lawyer sought a ha-
t pms t1aM kiB other sa- beas corps writ oh grounds the
ies to loek at him an after, fine was "Inhuma" and unco"-
aet as a str. atltutlonal. Leversa*, a Ngro
"'The star tatue Is an enhem- who says he as brohe, faces he
M1 thlno." Whibthore told Ba, prftatof?1"in",* out
"iif f b tbll' biMDif Is m ,po I tIBMr; ", F **
tant realistinlly speaking. It' m y .
an Pleamnt, like salary. But I
walt to a61. de, "t th t t at- rMaJdP-
tain ane ldl and.reflre." er r andd dow three

- wmml I




* ; '+ ,

*i C
-A Al.EICAR. Al ,.A !
_ _ 1 o.

... .... meemmmemm temana la If a afad

WIorland Tries To Place 'tenik In P

~ :";JII
:~"Si: -7

Canal Zone Officials Notre Dame

Refuse Sanction Again Voted


[ido Multifort MI

S t By Faierites

catches Are I

At Brazos Di

An effort by popular Atlantic Side sporta nan ^ 4e T m 4--- At
Gii Morland to give local baseball a "shot in the tTeamhe wdin f the 'Mido
arm" and place the Canal Zone back in Isthmian o'__s l ryn b a- The
diamond prominence apparently has fallen through. moved one ute a a over the reuoe
By UNITED PRESS j astr weekend At the # ras o
M6rland, who was invited to (Morland has been a key figure rook Tohl nbi the fa-
franchise of the Carta Vieia in Isthmian baseball, epeally The United Press board of vored teaau-*s* n barli
team of the Panama Profes- on the Canal Zone. In hisone coaches has named Notre Dame the second oi al'maa n bE
lonal League, ran into difficul- year in the Panama Loop, Oil the top football team in the land the Mid Mtd Brookline t
Ly when he sought to place a won a pennant which 4iarked for the second straight week. Tournament. rokll
team representing the Canal the first time any club had *on The 35 coaches from all- arts wf,
Zone~ t the league. six consecutive flags on the of the country give Notre .ame At the premet m3lmt, the pert
-TheAfnama American was in- Isthmus five on the C.Z. plus the 332 of a possible 350 polelts, boys In t9e-lm*446 < .i lay- Nlcke
former that Morland wrote to Panama League championship). Michigan State last year'l Na- Ing small bets tha~b ;- Bill,
Canal Zone Governor John S. tional Champion is rmunvrup look alim aket-d r ils ll
Seybold -requesting permission Five of the players from Mor- with 291 point. Then it's a ba Mer Frne nce pe brack- backfil
for this arrangement and, in the lad's Mottas went on to become drop to UCLA with 200, Ohi et and Co..o ..- B a El- stagg
abseice of Gov. Seybold, acting Major Leaguers. Three of them State with 194, and Mary1ad wood CompI the lower the opi
Gov. IL Paxson answered that were still in the Big Leagues this with 147. bracket. Thei teams have been field.
under the terms of the treaty season First Baseman Don Others members of the top 10 turning In TfMOed a around 75, The
withK $nama such a move would Bollweg of the Yankees. Second are Southern Calfbrnia, Midhi- a figure that s b etty had to rem
be a commercial venture and Baseman. Bob Young of the St. gan, Baylor, Georgia Tech and top even wlth. lhadlcp strokes. rem
therefore cannot be permitted. Louis Browns and Pitcher Fred uke. Only newcomer to the 10 mv
At 1gess time today, nothing Barzewski, who won 11 and lost leaders is Duke, jumping from RaymondU an ch romped chol
had been arranged by the Pan- four with the Cincinnati Red- 12th place to 10th to replace bhtover Paul h.. amn Jim bbit
mna League as to who will legs. Oklahoma. Every member of the Burns 6 &l4 nl er amateh and through
operate Carta Vieja entry for top 10 is unbeaten, although the Davl~,Combt cXb aton bad.
the 1953-54 season. The others who made the big Georgia Tech has played one tie. turned I am 4& 3 sche4
Oil was general manager or show were Clem Koshorek and Notre Dame was named first triumph-or pulers Verm rest p
the record-breakinr Cristobal Loii Sleater. by 27 of the 35 coaches. Michi- Pr r and f Iresh.
Mottas of the now defunct Canal; gan State received three votes The gopiatts of the
Zone I eaule and of the 1951-52 for first place. TWo cache second rosil l :, ro
Carta Vieia Yankees. chamnlnon .nn Mi picked UCLA, and Maryland, Club d
of the Panama Pro League that Southern Cal and Rice each Clausen-PAW a eStled Btroop bltion
drew one vote, and St-o-141 contse
season. Members of the second 10 are ,, Enge ddewed nicutt
.. .------ n n S Rice, Louisiana State, Misalasi- Nordstram-U 5 f 4. for Jan
n n V ppi State, Texas, Oklahoma, Ry (NBA mepl ) d h defeated do not
West Virginia, Navy, Peni, Wls- i. Rlchmond- Bl 4. sch ol
Sconsin and Holy Cross. Six Other FURILL TIES IT UP-Cr. Furillo In _t with jo by his Day-Sulivan fefted Noon-
colleges received votes Goor- Dodger atmmates as he rntuins to tUimhat ftr hittinIL an-illm.. A:In d
SRet e ntgi, A I.wa Utah, m '.b-uri ho""e "rn the ?M11 nMta tie uabWth gamesot of the
and Pitt 8Itpe 3-3. But tMe ." ,"me bt ei.r half of the Davin- dtit aited Mor- prevfM
..___ -.. Inning ti score a n amd win the l world Seriea 4-3. rls-Prie, flli, story
Lewis- a l teted Him- re
Saw~..' defeated to --
Yankees Hold Doris iiC Chadiionship k MI
Math'~o3 Bait"'
H de tedp s ip Hd mor- ch. a
Private Victory land-Bertgr 1 upl h

Celebration Fli t Leadi In Ft. Amador Army Id ts

.^ M NEW YORK. Oct. 7 (UP)-The i
New York Yanks don'tmindwies C C ey Car
of millions of people.,ToC rs"
But, when it comes to celebrat-,
ing the victory, the Yanks pie-i o--
fer privacy. With only thfinabls yet to be rint Flight
HAt least, that's what hapoen-; played Its com1Irt-ive are .W.i.r. .ze.
ed Monday nig ht. And it Miffed" read the han o* r OtheJe W +
0.4 newsmen who had covered the Wall. However no prdt.i4ni are M +
JOHNNY MIZE ser. Yanklee offiteal esrt n th oa Eve I. t
Slayers asked for a "ori vate" v an I told y o S .will ino A,"- ar lo 'il
tory oarty. Only Yankee offiqals, der. Hone of
places and their wives attend- s m 1
lNEW YORK. Oct. 7. Selug.- anke ori nls. tf Doreful this Dor Hamltn tur n=ln a L
ed this exclusive get-tOether gross 1l s, l .oelda. to take
get 30114" P04 the WMnhattan hotel. pgroIfront Tusen aeyt and ke23 InduoW
'p02 firhtig pa Yankee vie- potsrom .ne m.llen Kt+ -
e ea-4 Montreal Need is gan-
'ta h nd %w a'bm6r1 a ye Wrs.Other

hh l ol ie does' ur sng out of RAIo
expet t 0,. ,ar+ of m_ a.Ie
played 0 n the eba ttea nms tib fOrthe wt reorl ter t .
ltheat ls rel o win ipang whotravl e ath em a vtee. ll v Jea mty ye.. Bt Ulm".lo hd R 1
the last fv~td. Series, But ae oicls. careful thih lAcog... r e d -l r
mri saym: 'ht- Irr~lltel other ne wm en Th c l
1 ,' After thq Series I hee ed adine te ro Adi te or r C a nSt
televiMon or uress would help i u l Do s I. L l ad't o fil ind o I :
AN IT WORK-Randy Tur-/ 1952,. they 'eut my pay $4,00. toast the world champs. Puline k mi ffe...
pni rlke a fighting .: so you an imagine what Ellen Kena p A .4.. a ,
4 4a GIrosiger, N. they'd pf me fdr ext year.t tu roh."Aoitwwa greatthing forA
Sf his-roud of is ram t es in the ontra l lteHaue.u
Pa135 8 but faied- t hitm in thhi o
+. +Bo.., .relMa ltr ea Nee s A1 booftuti ewem e
elattreGhrden, Oct. 21. (No t e antom this time. N e d bs t, a l assthel ,i -t- Cvel tle +
nn I"thre pinh hittn ~appear- jfabi rthl arorl S tlat irb t o~._tos
+ he sl Wt eith a We"
________EthIs__ -13 noaAtlanti @* Wl. d h" ag1csed to. Hewn
get eldderwobud uwa nb o r~ towa sam after'see or-
_. :a; a.-
IHand- 1WinTo Clinchu USO-sB Fcing "". it -'s
.Fe ,,ing ,Ident, LeliIe ) &. -" fro. ,
I ATO ,Uog witb a nw lfl1.

MONTREAL, Oct. 7 (UP -NCaass1 row *we
Montreal and Kansas Ciy The snci P 4 ,: .
take the day off to travel y.- will r ThurIyt"o eore' et i
terday before renewing their ning C Oh'. tor I. 'A
battle for the Little Wnrld pmld a. U "A d
Sethree. PForces SKfeii CMIter. La a 10MAm
hontreal ha te Road. aken e e
straight games on Its home iM foaues e s
erunds and needs only one the A__ew.
Svictory to wrap it up. The
Series resumes tonight at Ran- for th' :f "d We n"f
ma s City.
national League champion. the K 'IOK "'.
heat the American Assoela- lie of
tion representatives for the vuted to
third time. 5 toS. SouthawA
Tom n Laorda stopped the Bluei r-
Rocky Nelson the Royal'sih
JEAIDING FOR A FALL--.lly Martin. the ball still In his lt baa who wl e -fht tnd anyaone
otitatretchedl hand, falls to the ground alter tagging Pee Wee by the ballad lhnd a last hL' "
Reese in the first inning of the sixth game of the World Seres week, Cleeld two hit lto tO
Vartin fielded Robinson's bounder but was unable to throw to raise his ori aveeradto t tp o Mat
first when Reese knocked him down. even .A : .
r 50 Sign Uo For CZ "" "+l ,

Pleasure-Boat .-" "s:3
Handling Course -. o.,
Approximately 50 Zontans reg- :l
istered last night for the free
enVfl,, In -mll|l.hmt hamdlln, Ill ud .i.

pr d baeman JInior GOilam fouls
1 pttcb off the bClk.tdp and out of play
tDO U 1m ori aL Ysakee

offered at the Canal Zone Junior
College, Balboa, under the on-
sorshlo.of the locdl unit of the
United states Power Snuadrons.
Late registrations will be pos-
sible next Tueday evening.
when the grouo meets for It
first lesson at 7 pm. In Room
104 of the Junior Collee bufM-
Ing, it was announced b Wl-
liam H. Clark, Jr.. instructor.
The course will seet each
Tuesday evening for ten weeks.
Subjects will Inelte Rules of
the Nautlcal otad, bafty at la.
Leal Equtiment, the Mariners
rommna. Tides-d Currents.
Nautical Itiauette, id other.
Previous boaf eA smmb-net Is
not neearmuy, I Al mithm
l16 yeano o r f a lr -- smm
omen.. ,- M M ;lf.i
.*.. ll = '.=




-I .'I




*;*' *3.

L IH-.,
h,'P" -, '

"4. ...



-- a

- _, ...

r tOF

0.0 ,4 -.

l W l .

oarry 1" "

rubisUt thm

b' g iff nS 2L i i

.. f w. ';. -

.-: 'B ', w .
I k'& -J *I;uftw :1 ''ijSC E t* '"^*Vk.
H^JC""'*""^* nif'ulpn-ftt
B SJJ'^il~f Ta~s fe' Bidror '1?"-

4 .
'q. ; ,- ^- .*':; ..rt lr

% *-- *! =,-

,. ? *

I- ~ -

- A InD

MisW a& uaWWAv .P. Mg

f # ork Ydnkees 'Need fe'
I l P I I


.kp 184 14 to
W114. 1X4 9
k Ip 17 137 1i
-I "Ml -o J

41 81'' 116 15

1 138 110
a# lu I#


1U 13
., mf Oh 4W 130 .3 -
la x 14

1" 154
..l T G .. SM

S 141. k 4 A47


1) 1 II

'i in 4 .. ....41 11 1 1

11 iL i -l *T 1T 11T V *I_ i2 ^

Ie ap

S. ; "

A** 9A ^


I-".7 +"'1

" r

Hoople Gives Youth Fling With

Gonzalez Gemetlick Theory


h- .

S.- 1. -no
r Plldn "nStalg e

4 wh"al more, he
S ,2 a ~trIight fa t .

S trouble because df t .
She o i his- ptoi

"Ia a T6 too -,'
I oI u Bt in t u h.d
as of*l 7ogt

0** 'm*es13 help. to V .. -
hhw Ion LaA A e t
ao Y4M=.l

l e .
SS nKe' e It aYf 81w

2.0 o ft* he ill k. t
g w hat bUoDo nwhL k A n It's AShe
w APthirb into a
we need help," Oba.r

bt cleaned out hie ?4 jokay rem.Sned out s1 in
d441 g mula. But you cht aS o w ade started o
-nlb ly of '-M to help u,too but h
eaone of wem Will be

.1m4 nhamre he t get uu o top o a" o t
1 4 0iSa I wat aLeu3e a ckan Io A Shamdon
I oniues o Sa until 5-

.;lqwtt, tim atl-d' Tae previous
or ckeyear as To ep Again At 55c
th Yow Oct. 7 (NdeS A- to net backto bunlack. don't tre d at ,11" he
o cleaned ot i k.y remned out so la u iAstee wo e- nlts. "It's 4 kL thle rhYthm.
424ftatY nkeestadtasnIa aIdopted a comeback =y arae cwessand I'm than sut In lhavt.',
..Inh such i was. OILal r dwM. to s wn every Sand taruey d or t sptaae He
441 & l. a ; ko l lugo ndl bete*--atAbd -p: @Mth* I as a trailer, too but has,
P Ia4e share to get upnOtopar dead broke-And notM .ttlet ad twel

FMdIt =And lch aiatwhat the so Many are on top. Sward's Blagehtand broke down
soeo&a'1- 4 of b !ho him to be. Riders "Vi well g the to In the Widener
-1 hq did Va. ,oud cide until t-mt 1ina usat Mdicap ao 139, The previous
suea- aoulde e remaie jl ea 8emal n4 Joe 42in't 9 thowmhand bestcae the
Intdr fu a snAe1:10 The lezendar afhough I Te' r only -re-year-old to wll bot
7S to I hihome in Q41,lel ri of Sance last had a mount the finst vole of my life." the San Diego Drby' and Handi-
j# or21yeaande, Gow to 117.pound. dlckey 8ande *on the Be-
4"s toa Pas a 16 1i stl1 feels A6d to beon an t Strakt $lie Uimes, the
Q pl YOM Md it h orseHe works hlr'dwiis every 9Vy Earl th ke. He *A

-- o
Chalk Champion
Lgad, raudersl All my life
I'v. been one to give youth an
opportunity whenever keen am-
bition manllested ItAelf.
Thereiora this week, I am dl-
grcsslng from Dr. Ziobotny's im- I
pecable system, and giving you
jh selection of my nephew Le-
ander. Please understand this Is;
all in the spirit of good clean'
The other day that I.lschiev-
ous jackraipes Leander ap-
proached sme with this sort oil
'I've go'. the best sy.t.'m vet
for picking football games,
Uncle Bulgy (Hak-kaffl I loathe
that name) l
"It's the Gonzalez Gemetlck
theory of Kenesmetics, based on
rhrmbolds, thyroids und blue-
Heh-hehi Rath.r challenging
Isn't It?
Well. I belive In giving every
duffer his chance, so this week's
predictions ate tiued on Le-
ander's stiange-soundlng sys-
tem. Pleas' note that this meth-
od is not without its unsets also
Army 21. Darmouth 7
Corner 14. Navy 7
Celgate SO Harvard 7
Columbla 14. Yale I
Purdue 14., Duke 4
Ohio State 14. UII nolq 9.
Mleb. State 14, Teax. Christan
Northwestern 1.- MI neuost
Pitt 21. NebwSkf 14
Baylre ArkUam I1
Maryland 14. Georrit 6
Talane 14 GO. Teeh 13
LSU ln. entuckvy 1
Viney Ia MIissiippi 14

accout~ed or the Triple Crown
in 199 t
~SanT, of of racing's finest
character, most cartiealy was a

'I---; J
~R.,- '



N- up

AVE. CblBAL No..45

OF sTa g 1t
o or TEN r4r'" kiw

ir. Q *3
chances of Ba sue-
ae drlEJ' n supple-
cbardmatQi.b U be
asklg a lot of a maln

gand Isnat bhur phystcally.

-ig DOhrLSwbmo

AVE. CeITmAL 160



** .. '* -

CALL r Ta. No. 1I


CALL "B" No. U


AVX. o1 r ZCO. O LA O,5A No. a


AYE. 4 b. ash



.4-.,l ~ 5. *


'S... ;-- : :

*7 14 '.

ATv. C&MAtL 1o

4~. pa LOTWar Me. a


1 r .
1- M A


So. Metbodist 14, Missrt 7
Oklabhma 21, Texas 4
Callforla 21. Penn 14
Oregon 7, Washington St. I
So. California 21, Washligton
UCLA 14, Wisconsin 7

Manager Wasn't

Hired To Belt Ba l
- Harvey Storey finished Uc-
ona in a class A Western ftter-
hati'onal League batting r*c
this year.
Yet the Vancouver dlreeA
fired him as. manager. 36w
"Sure he can hit," It wa ex-
olalned. "but he wasn't i
to hit."

handy tuy. bat his old friends,
now wSl hoVe was in the judgls
stand Instead of on a horan
The dice' is that much a-
kgalnt Sarl Sande getting any-
where, a a Jockey t akn after
betnt o the gruFnd or 21


.r/ pI


-- -~LU

,,T -: -




ql rrrqrq 4bqnI rr_



- --



- I.



r T'- .-

Grid Coaches Again fut

I7 I I -0f"t- -

.____ _^^"^fc. NIWA?



"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.


On Russian H






WASHINGTON Oct. 7 (UP> -- Wilson's point was that while the President's address was the "I'd prefer that you do your
Chairman W. Sterling Cole iR- Russia has the H-bomb the "opening gun" in a campaign to own guessing on some of this,"
N.Y.) of the Congressional Atom- Kremlin L not expected to spell out the dangers and re- he replied.
Ic Energy committee said today launch an attack until it had a sponslbllitles of the hydrogen He then was asked how he
be is "standing firm" on his as- stockpile of at least some size bomb era. They said it would be reconciled his view on Russian
section that the threat of a Rus- and enough planes to continue followed by others giving the developments with warnings
sian H-bomb attack is "real and an assault, people the "atomic facts of life" from former Atomic Energy
imminent." Warning Americans about get- Wilson was asked specifically Commission Chairman Gordon
His appraisal of Soviet capa- ting 'panicky," Wilson said they whether his statement about Dean that this nation has only
bilitles was directly at odds 'should feel much better if they Russia lagging behind the Unit- about a year to counter Russia's
with that of Defense Secreta- would think about the situation ed States in atomic develop- growing nuclear weapons.
ry Charles E. Wilson, who told that would exist if we were in ments meant that this country
a news conference yesterday it the position of tne Russians and now has "deliverable" hydrogen "Perhaps Im a bit more HE WX O HESITA S LOST-
will be "perhaps three years" the Russians were in the posi- bombs. tecnhalel sad factual," he re- plats in the second Inning of t
before Russia is equipped to tion we're in." Plied. He explained that he starts to slide nto him and ui
launch an H-bomb attack a- He referred to U.S. superiori- feels he reeeles better Intelli- tagged out. Cam
against American cities, ty in atomic facilities and devel- cChicag rportohBon D1n who
Wilson said he thinks it will opment. Informed sources said tago-BorW has been out of office for some
take that long for Russia to pro- recently the United States is time. Flr c Fi
duce "a reasonable number" of nearing the point where it can Bla ed For Troube Wilson said this nation has a rc
H-bombs and "airplanes that turn out hydrogen bombs on a onsrable continental de-
could deliver them." mass production basis. ft 5ll de-srable ontinental de-h
He acknowledged that "the Wilson also said last fall'se now" and will "push a-
butenthy no"y "certain wyareno vie-rt I Guiana h Both
Russians do have the H-bomb" explosion of a hydrogen de- to Imtrove our secything dy." He re-
but st. they "certainly are not vice was not the first by the GEORGETOWN, British Gla- feared to radar detection devic-
going to deliver one bomb with United States. He did not ela- na, Oct. 7 (UP, The Amerl- a, et interceptor fighters and
one plane and having nothing borate, but presumably refer- can-born wie of Prime Mini- other continental defense meas-
to back it up." red to the 1951 test which the ter Cheddl Jagan is believed ures. W-
In this connection, he hinted Atomic Energy Commission responsible for his pro-Corn- But he added that there Is no
broadly that the United States said contributed to thermonu- munlst leanings that have caus- plan to build a "20 billion dollar
already is prepared to deliver clear developments. ed the British concern in this Maginot line" of radar faces as
a deadly H-bomb counter- Asked whether he thought 8outh American colony. some scientists have urged. I TABUL, Turke Oct. 7
puneh if war should come. He Russia could wage war success-Tuky Oc.
sold there Is "no reason to Air power advocates have op- (IM FlorMoa.I-haR kzbroke
id there is "no reason to fully today, Wilson replied firm- Mrs. Janet Rosenberg Jagan, posed the MaS not line policy another swimming record today
think the Russians want to ly: "I do not.' He added that an attractive blue-eye blonde and demanded a great Air Force by churning across the Bospho-
precipitate a war at this time" the "biggest deterrent" to war who was born In Chicago. Ill., to retaliate aimSt Russia in u.and backin one hour, 14
because "they ultimately could would be the realization on the 33 years ago, is secretary-gener- event of attack, mlnutS and w'ens hurd
net win." part of Russia that it could not al of her husband's People's uts and een aond
Cole. who had previously cred- win a worldwide conflict. Progressive Party, which won T orro ll a *
ited the Russians with "H-bombs Wilson's statement came is of the 24 seats in the coun-
.;plural," told a reporter he did shortly after President Eisen- try's legislature last April. A fre V. danelies," the 2-sfvu9r
lAt wish to engage In a public shower said In an Atlantic City SAa Diego
dipute with the Defense Secre- speech that the American (The British Colonial Office after
tary and therefore' would not people can prevent a new war in London says Mr. Jagan wasl
comment on Wilson's remarks as only by outracing the Russians a member of the Young Com- Ca D l
such. in ithe production of atomic munist League In the United
But he said he had no inten- and hydrogen bombs States and both she and her
tion of modifying or retracting Administration sources said husband have made visits be- M.-KmhC h tE. .
his own warning, because he be- hind. the Iron Curtain in re- I mVI
jeves thoonly realistic assump- cent years.), ..
tion" onh which' U.S. defense Sherman Ferry Dr denies e ow
plans can be based is that Rus- Dr. Jagan denies he owe al- C
ala now has, or soon will have, S hed.e Revised legiance to the Communist Party Ah Force ec her
a formidable H-bomb arsenal. but oalls.himself a sodiallst and Talbott hsadu'z' wi, fa l Oftpers
Cole also repeated his belief a great admirer of the Chinese airmen cat Cb n f
that the Eseabower adminis- A revised ferry schedule for Peoples Republic "and other Ilve 1-Y
tration s sbol give up trying the General Charles F. Hum- Peoples Rpublic "and other eringth
to balance the budget, if nee- hrey, operating from Cristobal democracies." bo th RUIans. a.bI R the
The couple met in the United Asked to IAsa sidea
essay, to undertake an imme- Fort hermn has been put States while Jagan. 35, an East reports ta. =
date multi-billion dollar pro- in effect. Service will not be Indian born on a sugar estate hydrogen nomita tj .
ram.of stepping up U.S. air provided on Sundays or holidayI in British Guiana, was a stu- this country, 'Then t& theutrned rouild t
and elvil defenses. The schedule: dent. nn: swam buk Eropin te v-
Wilson told his news confer- Depart Arrive "We couk .,-more. thp the a aety of th Kirecburnu PSrma-
ence the Russians "do have the Cristobal Sherman He returned home 10 years Russian can. W6 could aMn r school In 32 minutes and 3t
I-bomb" but there is no reason 6:40 a.m. ........... 7:10 a.m. ago from the U. 8. and quall- target lb RAih with t poaP second. -
to think they want to start a 8:00 ..... ......... 8:30 fled as a dental surgeon. But sibie exceptlon of a few laterior Miss Chadwick's recdt, then
war "at this time." If they should 9;30 ............... 10 00 he also became active in politics cities was declared oftcal.
start a war "through miscalcu- 11:45 ............... 12:15p.m. and as a labor agitator in the they figure on one
lation," he said. they might have 3:30 p.m. ............ 3:50 sugar industry. He is president way flights, we cab plan on two- ISh previously had battered
a few "initial victories" but 5:00 .............. 5:30 of the Sawmill Workers Union. way anS with safe return the speed -r rd on the. ng -
eventually would lose. Depart Arive When Mrs. Jagan first arrived of our fers." Plo-cane ehann4V- u swi
Asserting that Russia lags Sherman Cristobal 10 years ago she started writ- Tbhe Air Or"e secretary came si a new mark in eruing
"three to four years" behind the 7:15 a.m. ........ 7:45 a.m ing articles for the press. In hert deMs te uerviso the tpror iti f of Oi alt t fromi
United States in nuclear devel- 8:45 ................ 9.15 1947, she ran for tJfe House of and lineers Assn. 'of the padln to AfriUa.
opments, Wilson said: 10:15 ................ 10:45 Assembly but was defeated. Generic *ectrli plant tonight.
"It would be perhaps three 1:30 p m.......... 2:00 p.m. She formed the Peoples Pro- '- B bt) cureamt
years before they had a reason- 4:10 .............. 4.40 aressive Party and Is editor of very *n t H water was
able number of such bombs and 5:50 ................ 6.20 the pPrty's official weekly na- Ar y W, Air Force warmer I e nf
any airplanes that could deliver (J-Boat Passengers Only) per. Thunder, as well as PPP .Ch i Pa sidad
them. I don't happen to think Depart Arrive secretary-peneral. She won a Filwr'C rcui
myself that this time factor is Cristobal Sherman seat on the Georgetown town for ve
oo important, whether it's two :45 ................ :15 council in 1960. RP Fir 24723 A"1s n
years or five." 8:30................9.00 'u.. g w&Trfol
Wilson said his statement 10:00 ............ 1030 When the party won its ma- The, t I
was intended to clear up con- Depart Arrive joritv In the House in general M t tn th a
sion caused by recent re- ShermanCristobal election held under the new thef
marks by several high officials 7:30 ............... 8.00 constitution six months aeo. nubl SS 6na r os amnof
an the state of Russia's H- 9:15 ................ 9:45 Mrs. Jagan became deputy -5 i "s
bomb stockpile. 10.45 ...... ......... 11:15 speaker. Year a T
Mrs. Jagan received her edu- InctAe nlg ,41 -a .
nationn in the United States at ya CM ~ Ill~ k coi a~. stL.L
the University of Detroit. Wayne Cwolm fW.ofa. 10-11
Universltv and Michigan State lbbea ..... 10:0. a.m,
Secreory Found Rolle. he also attended the Pie a l:......
Cook County school of nursing 10"p.'
Complex TrumanUninhibited US Out In Cwhil
The U. 8. government has re-.
fused to tiermit her to re-enter
-0- th- country.
PHILADELPHIA. Oct. 7 IUP) trail of the prairie schooner..." In 1g48 and 1952 she was alsp.. .
VWilliam D. Hassett. Secretary "Mr. Truman once told me nrohlbitpd from enterln the
residents Franklin D. Roose- there had never been a divorce British West Indian islands of
and Harry S. Truman said in his family," Hassett wrote. St. Vincent, Trinidad and Ore-
y it would be difficult to Hassett reported a marked dif- nada. .'* -
e two men who were less ference in the two first ladles as L 0 )- In- af te
e. well. While Mrs. Roosevelt was' oth t
g- asett, in the first of a series active in public life. Mrs. Tru- The unt
sight articles published in man had "no taste for the MaiDn "
Saturday Evening Post, de- White House" and managed to would In
Mr. Roosevelt as "com- preserve a quiet family life. Ju s B ch
many-sided man. who Hassett said the former Em-
n tmef
radiated a great warmth press Zita of Austria once re- gorgi_
who sometimes was strange- marked to President Roosevelt A Puerto Rican soldier was The 7-'
Truman the that his wife would be very tired Ifined a total of $50 yesterday in been
ST'ruman, on the other when she returned home from a the Balboa Magistrate's Court on days
was "a direct and unn- long plane tour of the South three different charges b
President not merely Pacific.. "
the earth but at times mun- "No," he quoted Mr. Roosevelt. Pvt. I/cl Manuel Camacho. 25, 8
m in the extreme," he said. "but everybody else will be. was found guilty of rec less told
wtt rote that both Pres- Mr. Truman regarded his wife driving after hs car ran off t lhe
were alke in that they as the "one critic whose good road on Gafllard Highway, caus-
be "stubborn. Implacable. opinion he craved," according Ing considerable damage to the
prmblai" and both took to Hassett. vehicle. He was fined $25 on this
in their ancestry. He pointed out the occasion charge. For failing to report the IIeh.
poMeylt were"uen- when Mr. Truman made a accident another $15 fine was
rHudron Vall3 7 r- speech, attacking a Washington impntoed, and for driving with-
Inid ne, e, Inewspaper columnist in sudden out a license he was fined $10.
te" ep burst of anger and lapsed into Camacho is with the 903rd AAated
had the "depest Ithe vulgar. After the speech, Bn. at Ft. Davis.
ieWergwce for the Hassett said. Mrs. Truman was fa'ers
nves him a revere dsin dow of way at an intersection a
l g hiso resort to strong Ian- vear-old Amerlean. Edda Garcia
i u~. gallgs. rs o Mulero us ined li5

-WB^ljt : t 'u helA,. na
he M Snal m of the i',orld
mpbte 9 =flnta.teirey to
panell.!i -..) giord aUdi
,;i.,f'. -" ...'," *i "

I .



Officials Still

,:q" nim
3sgr. gCNaeh
Slant. The Yanks 't1

U : .



?*'* **'j;'f '-
J.... .


::. .:i y- }

. I

''z ,

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