The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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" "'I .'. '
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-~" :~.'".~~;p"ti~
r ~. IY ?:
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,... .-.,.
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- Ahrdam LUahL.,

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Son: 'Canal In

Iail Business
** ; o' *' "
SN ATIONS, N.Y., Oct. reporter tt commercial com-
Jose Antonto ptoa ~dilal dflrimina-
Stoday dis- tion in t alal l Zone were
ieom it on 1 mPi. points o
t pe eat te PanamC-
am ?mol C crr ued himeui
B e.", forr the tdtuation aq
President, blh;,t1 tbut pd he "was neither
^^Br'^Qed Nlttona ; |r 1:0tg, the visiting
-to :p t=or. the enewa
AI'ng* he lauded
IUrICO.e ni .i. i

AiWs'g i& fd
lafS Af *



* up a- B
a,- hehe In

Peei Col. demons
a pla
]etoa A

7 .


-u 0 a

He Is Chairmi

Of oe Gr

On PnCaa

ep ~iN lmi JoM oJ. Allen, Jr. dhuirma
Congreslonal eib-committe on the Panomi C1
lives that Pane6 Canal employes, with a few
tions, are reascmbly cetent to be working on t
mUS. ,"
Aoli here over two Weeks td
o pre$ eoR ei in Mi Gowenor'$ office t o I
he has bs tafling with U.S. employes he ;A
the .opprrW t -to get together with, licroft~I
cuss theit a
SThe, -b an,'a Republican -freei
C ".- comply ints a he h n .

problems iOMpA
a s;

I. I ..


1ra Lakubm. Pn-

Oouk :


bea T;u1

*. c. *f, .
'. A ""

E 4e hl wife,
teel do Remos,
ay. Uan to
e to Panamw


e' here have
"0t Coel. Re-
I ave

S eon
'j*J.. -4c-. -

gt wa aiinpresed9 It
Sher we a vmI-


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l -\ill.

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*TeW^BH~r f*^-

bM TWO '

eougnmeeYN o U~en mw as*
4? M TBniT" 0 0oX 154, PANAMA. ft. 4 P.
rtLISwONt PANAMa t. 30740 4 LiNel
345 MaaisON Av. NHw YoRK. 417 N Y.
a rNTrIN IN AeVANi 1.70 ;
a ON a *r IN VAN. l o0 se


el l Boi II B n open* i uU m to readern of TIMe fPnme A
S arei received gustl fuily nd ere handled l6 a whily W
IH yeu eetribete a letter det* be k lmrtlear It deeki't apee
sma dyr. Leotan ee published in he( rlder reeved.
Plaee tyto keep the Ilettes d le one p ae leag ItM
Idetiay t le ter write s haM. I rides sdlidece.
This news wper eWHes me respoeaslbity foi r lstolese as p
qsema h Intleotn hke reen.
-- o -
Panami, R, P.

We read the column of criticism of Arthur Rublnatein's pi
cqtert and would like to lodge a protest.
Perhaps the "Dos CriUcas" who went to hear Rubinste
on Monday really did feel "out of this world." We, Iowever,
tended the concert and felt very much as if we were sitting
e Bnla Vista Theater. Perhaps that would account for soi
ht differences of opinion about what happened there.
Of course it is always the critic's right to make his own-val
Judgments about what he considers are the merits of a
en performance. However, it is detrimental, to worth au
o if he shows himself limited in the powers f J n the mi
ual objectivity. To illustrate our point we wld to que
Sat least, some of the statements made in ae tcle whi
ared in The Panama American Tuesday, h indicated
fusan between what actually happen t at th.econcert a
at Us considered the degree of artlatioW*H S .
I9 "Blt 6 enthusaast.cally ce 4
J0..". .andW evening's end (the audlce from th
ti to applaud the artist and cry for encores' ere we s>
found the applause enthusiastic in spots. dutl In othe
rthe first encore It Is true that the audience got out of the
ta to applaud, but only in preparation for leaving the that
ore the third encore a great number of people were actua
the aisles and walking out before they realized Mr. R. w
to play something else, so some of them sat down a
ted until that was over.
To say without any qualification that Mr. R. Is a good pe
cr, that his technique and expression were beyond reproa
would indicate some lack of discernment on the part of t
li" and underesth ation of their reading audience
heard R. perform other places (and even in t
States r .we heard- plahista better and worse),
under the opinion that he was not at all at his best t
er evening. Some of his selections were done very well-b
ether it was due to fatigue or other factors. we noticed a cc
Sladk of warmth in others, and also some rather ndtlceab
S. doubt be was under a strain from having to o9pe wi
r ne mnanoea of the-ushers'oa late .omersn h th
lked up and down the aisles while he played rather than wi
i finished; the ringing of the tlhe_ __i -he .'.s a
ibleisques'ing of his bench.
*AglWi, we beg to differ with.the opinion that his program
W'as A "~- aMed" e"m L lhes,". Wat,. could be mo
oft a. PW -in tl n movies as
ano; the Prokofle
title music f
looks dM
., '

:rltlcs will ddi (it we cae include,
in of thld disedts celuanikt) )Vhtn thl
do. Sl reasons ot It. Th t say "t
was i was terrible," without bto back 1
entat th the reasons t It
so sav an actor emphatsid

BthI h rblw hshead, but it
ir r~~rgb h ei ~~!~

jw11 a left wing or n heater as tn. (-ms iB
for mor respoeasble reporting and. are ntellgent t eof
Perhaps this could be Amedled by future oalumnulta juridlotion nerr beha for
proper names, rather than being coy behind colorless ablrtwalst
t of bres de pluma."

--Naney Laden. machinists bargain for electrl-
Sclans1; chemical unions and
even textile workers havE.taken
iL jewelry workers. There are
thousands of such instances.
Now Meany has appointed a
five-man committee to st In
gment.of all t1A.. They are
IRl tov niam n& I A 'ft W l



Labor Ntiw ".

SCommenut '
51 NAI
1o0 By Vetor Riesel
Neither the plush roof terrace
of St. Louis' sank Hotel Chase,
nor the parade of flaming des-
serts through a darkened night
0u1b which bad ben turnlttpI
a banquet hall for a testUoola .
e., dinner to Teamsters preidet .
l., Dave Beck by some of hs fllow- .
ets. seemed to Impress either
Dbe Beck or the other honored guqst,
AFL chief George Meay, last-
their still unreported, off-
_ the-cuff talks both men reveal-
Sed that It would tak.more than
candlelit ce .cream to make J-
bor soft. George Meany. .who
emerged from the recent ALn
convention in St. Louis. a# dy-
Samlc leader capable it ema .C6
y anger and poetic Pira^ .
urned to the many J~u s and
no city officials 09 the da with
hin and reminded them thV he
had come out of the Pumbers
sin Uhion.
at- "There wa ag time when we
in could get Into a place lUe s
me only if the'hotel sprung a leak."
he aid.
And then he spoke of things
lue to come but the pOrtentous '
ny news was In his unspoken plane,
oat Mftpy' words ead plans are
e a- thesoeof ma who revels sai ,'
ch his worki e oii an1 g sand "
a who rapidly rolling ite ne
nd husky frame the blunt pow-
er a--daring of John Lewi,
the day-to-day doevotlm of the
1- late BIU Green and the flsh
eir of Walter reuther. Histyand
at, hoadlnes wid prete that Snd
ra. enough. "
eir -
ar. How soop? Perhaps In a year. t .
ly For Meany now will attemat to -" "
as bring abi er .n theM k
nd 4fwkp4 G
cPL convention InD *
or- I"sa year hence. ARK
ch, Thi. the most DposWrl labor
he fedlttlon In the world, with --
ce. hundreds of millions "of dollars o f
he avallabl. u i face the Rem MUNICH.-There a great howl of.Sck of I was fint I
we subnlia thtt t of m t d Tw nneth:bac k Argonne, I f
he the cruE r ,~ iim fin 1I,9, t yw nhenhe al. W, g
ut campailgk U nsiuedes- licl caused l 4 under ha -
er- fu unrberlsb on, al
ble effect this; Meny. workingGuard unit Awith^ fl combat record I, .
th wl Walter Reuther. CIO presi-W r
ey dent, hAsdeveloped this over-al no Qf the m1 n uand ,ramer's oa oA
lit strategy:. wheh querieAn to IUS ic
a n- ... ,, but for d f1 d a
Meany first task is to wipe have saz i 'eiIahv.- t
out "civil warn inside and oet- than W. 1t ur"
Im side the AL," as he pu it. To denied the P o.I Th tsr isad sde- rout. was'
re do this he mnot keep h i arms at all tmes. And.f ag Om.l
a unlr*n from battling aseh oth- The ste of v.dlT4 L t I
mss er or ladletion and then He .hr never e e I
iff fighting the CIO for eetal for pulic .. 'sn.
.k* -*6 .BV W Ir =W olutdMR that do-~ t '
ror 'ptS t u eat l th de- '4 h i
tit ea-

other for membe, these AFL rtc*I ts,
ed toIk In a dat afl ly t4.- o.poiS.
b ee- n CIO. he never d Wt
up wives aldM4Alam. A
ls What's more, some of thais T..bin .-..n -
of iraldlng ad counter raiding Is
oy le b little regional la r br bar- p2a% .
Mto .(INho duty. MW
.(amCurr I~.C~ rjrLr~ r h;~

Y 3 3 Y Jr a l

' '; -' .*. <; ** -

leutenant 4& on the
01 hleb, ,t of
"WOs how to
relmrTflA he

, l i

e Im

ous d
ed ia
thil r

tee, -i

Uo ,

. ...
''*.' ";-* 19 ;i Su

,;.'' +++ J

':.'' dMaes

.f.^S ,



*- 01 W
-- *

A uam
.*%.. ,





echinicolor Rfelease: r 'De r
SHOWS: 1:U 3:458 -8:1 1 :1
HnI's the wondrmn
that Mts a new t dWandl
for Aher antertaiBent
and enjoymeati


ay vrwti awiiaiusuic acro
Whilh no" idtll + r

They will bftel# ~t r de-

to Siff ieal ~pee Sitay,
iJ tptl nweioth Ibir o I

"What you wialu M Io de,
n-oth whsbbtlAd.M Ja this
ay. tee, a mabe-enmled le*

oreM tf *ree ..wate
gal ilesa i "ak e oa

Smaipe the uelsto w-
MIGNUM fly' = vw II moI

ow r
1rt I

WNtWd by ai

m 044MQ~I
J" wlr O~~

Su~i .W

- ..

-..'. 'p .Uf'
*I C,"-
~~~~~ .I'Wr A 1 'n~
- .. .;~~r &inmra~amamnuS's'an-amliCk.

P- W?


a M~hk&L k~nlY


in tUb
ser A
Ct. i

I v.. *v .

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- I.



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" V* ,;- -< _
S-,t .-. -
., lr-J.t


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sf-I.,* ..

F,- .-.. ,'? '

fa d M I ro s, e, 5

; .48a aWlbw
* V f. MHf9
fLMiRtteutttaja ar

ad a

inb'.. 4 II-



. -
6 .:..

. .

T fric. L i

(I lt" d t u1ta

aiti on r ie a ,, .luency.
. 'a+ $ itAt.on cut thi
effective Md c emrage to A-
but 140 NUles, Voice radio ex-
puts. ald,. .
Oor two el*. they aid, Ra-
dio Mosooi kept blaring out Its
amuieagee o!, effect, to hare
It pushed bftk into its own
S'Rn, wit ar.ny warning,
RalJo M Acw ted off the
f ieadous now
S4 t ?fkth choe c
.e.d Ct. in Central
Zuropean radai al to itself. The
channel Sa coveted, bheaue of it
lonl rage an lare. establlh-
edgadeu ,.,, ,

i u.s.

how many minutes one bad to ork to earn the cost of a quar
'ilfk in iegetdomstriWe *am 161 to 1952. A 3Rusidn
work 42 minutes in order .tf-pulchase a quart of .k.
U. Z worker only worked .let minuteA Data o fr .

I I r


rt Ogrtt,


X -
1.,1 '.
11 pI


,'il. .- t'

Eie aReord (contd.)
]it- a the Band

", ,- .. i ."-

br in the no
ee -

tIe a enatu-

-10 W

e'* *gat el* MSM

trofnt c rd ad W
.;, m" .5 I .' O. e

son Mode
r Must

\ .. ..... i.'..l

tlf~w~teItpnt dl
hgwmpr ui



S i .,-n. i -- IIl
aI |i bnla q- i A' -il 'ot.
Divelr' I hII7 -a.-I .i'olJ
I I I. J .... P l Ti

Dier's choice a

rip c ~eUN

":y "" I M .. '
hifililMIN i' iE .1 1' i

Eike a A
Mow a
W ;.li~l. I do"

na. i

,a y., li'
i~a-Jt -"*

'V'; ~

wit.~ ~sa

3- .

.w ..-

. I*', ..

wrist watch,


* m. nim w m
. Ldf~i f& U. S.A.
A te, ha Mkrt
d ii.,,,V TOVADO
.4ib b4lies wwiv /Kf,
MOVADO iwet -M .e v F '
bOlk wWAfei fwarie. rMtY A
or #t o 00.9u"m" 6, Ia

: Trhe m wVA O waerprS.
e .s- 'ts ua t-ofe under varyian tic
ver the worMl. Underlying I
teled MO
re hit. I ce^t9 9Ui eMIs
0 S ksdto aJ
ui abeasW
r ib pepthed

.14 r


widips ia=Md the hciwg" P atrd uo-
biutkaMe gS contribute o, M E ..
doiu rpuatiom for qM of hio.'b A
_.._. h -n t n* .

i' 1. "i. -i 'i

" .11 -. ** .,

* J..

.- I' :
1.11 1

- 1* ,. .


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s?" <]i;


PI ,1"

?t" 9:'
nw"R a:15
M~lr loiw


*d VI
, 1 'II

a se' 'Af

M0orA DO uaMrpWm jl, cl asi
V .



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E 1 k

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-~ --



.n~ ~Lt .a~:
~ixF~y~y~t~. I
~LU~L~ )



S' tnAr

;; .
o," .:L -*


'Thermomeler' Now Histoy

Det ermies Heallh ACRoss 5

Acor N a n Of Rivers, Sireams heroine, Joan 5
Written for NEA Service P- riLA L "HermomctPr" to de- 1- of
A rivi i 'Itermom ter' to de- Or
.t ,nine tle health; of rivers Orleans"
n streaniz has bcln developed 8 American
NORTH 4 ... rdentiz, of the Academy of coloiam- .
6A \i itral Sc)u ces here Wilam- 4
V A 7 4 E-r Puth Patrick. curator nf 12 Damage
7 65 4 irnology v.ho conceived the 1 Monster
K 7 iaea. said the device will save 14 oward the
wit A:ST m:rch time end work in testing shelterred de
th,. cond)lon of the river water. 1 M r
a 10 7 43 2 Q 6 It 1. expec:cd to find wide use 16 Deans'
10 5 QJ9 3 es'cclrlly amongg industries residences
@Q2 1093 r'hLh must check the streams 18Tidiest 1
SQ J 109 4 842 .1 o whicai they discharge waste 20 Heads I
SOUTHF (D) n.:':eltal. 21 Sesm 1I
.-6' j9 5 The "thermometer," believed 22 Fin"shes
S- 62 Lc e iirst of its kind, mea- 24 Amric
SAKJ8 aboLt two feet In length naval hero,
4 A 6 5 3 an i con.tscs of a series of glass John
North-SOuth vul. 1lvs or a plexiglas frame sup- 26 nes
e h WOet Nrth -s pol ted by two floats. 26ThLakebattle
Paw I1 QW 27 Self (prefix)
s.M 3S 30Herons
-..3a.T. Pass 6 Pass It is anchoed-in mid-strem 32 African fly
Pass Pass ire tiny microbiological units 34 Favorable
Sin glars slides. studyit the dia- 35 Engraved
1' tomes -tlrlf speclis and condl- 36 Egyptian
tlon- scientists can tell if the spirits
Your chkf reason.for taking water is healthy. 37Equipment
'a fnesse Is to have a chance to Dr. Patrick said the job pf 39Minus
*gain a trick. That Is. if the collecting diatomes previously 40 Possessive
linesse succeeds, you will have has been time-consuming and pronoun
one trick more than you could involved much work. Now the 41Bring forth
by any other means. If study can be done in less thin young
i l3 Idls. you reO cno two wee 42 Roman river
than if you hadIRailed "DIat e s give a reliable It- 45 Raphael's
h "tnesse. dicatlon f a river's conditlo ," donna
iay hand abows, there explained the scientist. "TI 49 Dislikes
a thipg a, a perfectly device Is lik a thermometer. if 1 Automobile
finesse. ..If the tnesse a doctor tak' your temperature club (ab.)
eeds you are no etter off and doesn't lind a fever, the 52 Earth
n if you had neglected to idea is that yoftre not sick. The 53 Woody plant
e finesse; but it the fi- same holds true for your river -.
loses you are really In thermometer." --

: u bay' hnd declare won Don't Be Ups
it t ning lead with dummy's .
S ..clubs, got to his hand Because'Of Fleas
wit e ace of diamonds, and
we to durmy with a high EAST, LNSING,Mleh. Oct. 5
hea .in order to take the a vUPl -r4 i8'siaBi Colle
tr ra finessee.. 1 entote am, fleoIn t e

SSal.": (ab)
I Theban god
2 Unusual
I Animals
SPattern 23Sadq
i Grows old 24 Dry I
SAngrier 32 Site
SLair Mphi
8 PePws 26Squa
I Pen name f et
Charles Lamb 27 A
SPoverty Gr
I Cape 2sft
SSenior 29
I aid baked .11
elay 23st"
.^ f <1

Lt arA .4
'aWv svjt

R^^ %

Some i Oe Io IaRae--In
West ,ha,'urgy:,; won with the they should dbe expected.
queen of "diamonds, and de- The experts says fleas
clearer's alani went up the chim- cumulate" in houses left e
n, a.outh coi#L not wbakehis for a, weeka or o and_4a

o hand In order to atabish about ewi e i, IElally I f
thtee eart&.s, there. are dogs or cab around.
If deelaicr attemptet t' do When- the house is left empty
this East would make a ttmfw the fleas breed and hatch faster
trick with the ten of diamonds. because there are no "disturb-
If South ddew trumps, he could Ing elelt E va suct as move- HIS directorf s o~
ruff only one heart-s-nd that ment tog tstr~tn.m ^bimd
would leave him one trick short To tar n Mc i ..
of his contract, specialists recommended DDT a-'.abe Meai twom blr
powder sprinkled on floors over- TSt m ainH aor
The diamond finesse was ab- night and then removed with a goo w- aS to p
solutely mpningleas. If it suc- vacuum cleaner. If other are cats
tseded, South cpuld still win in the house however, DDT can
only twelve tricks. If South re- not be used because It is poison-
Jeeted the finesse all b ous to the animals.
S e would U Li .

The ornct Ilie Of pfi I Office Habfs Tar
draw OoGuy two rounds of SAN FRANCISC
with toe ee and',Ing. South SCENW~ B TAID, N V .)'- M*". P". .
then cashes the top hearts and Oct. 5 Most persona who leave by
ruff a heart. ie gets to dum- their of ces for a short time are
wlth a sde and ruffs an- back n in 0 m
f. his last trump.
an be entered tane ILINGL
er pade and dumn- utes .' no ashr.
her* isr led.-East on Tel ne .atat hlalip ve a eabis 1*fh Private,
amke i remaining tramp, add ,tJt one Is mqre apt to ;
it n matter whether that a prison 3 n. olce again r J
to be the ten or the after 20 manu. thhi a ., C..HnL
Mrs. Xais' must make that minut pr half hour. '1 i
p, but South cannot be In the absentee has not >
prevrted from making his turned. In 20 minutes, he is i TE: 1781 .
slam contract. .iually gone fdr the day.


't; ,w. E "
itttoo~uiD *in
*; *- *: -
r=C-- --
\ nl *-*R~re a rii~ J

Ak .



E*~. *t*
.. ;, ..

...j, -,


I '-

91.JF4;~ aA:~~W L

mj ',. e r ,
5 "- .

: BLOA ,

131&LLLA' P.


As Per Order



O erous Babbit

. *



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r JdVre r


"I :..

? t. .- ..4 ,
S F.ra- ,n
ark nsm. 2

I ~

- "

. .i

.-!._ .- ;. :* ..*.-. s, ay
SW mb ..n 4.a...~.T.-tqP 4W
4 Wa m c v.od, &^- want *ajs_

. r
- i u

CUl8 WELLIN. P lansetm

i. .
.,.. -I';t

-. 15rl u


. U


i .n e~ *-.?'

- ~~---n


1 *'4,


S *

1. -<

9WaM ,

F i~~

~~ -~ -

Ir~rlFs '

r r Rutflyy ooqes rom :Oi'
r: O. Im. Saturday at the
0.0. Club.
b te'wasi,* Tonight.
rg ul weekly bid
t be played aL
a Hotel' 71

to aid lnre

Io V .1

a found
Svillain ushaikng within. Theru's-
a Imppy udin, oad n.otiUa to
the tory, but one can be sure
th, e %I-yr-oIa bloy u give

Clarke, Mrs. LA

ittoon t 15ha Cmel Qi
v* Club wll hold SW
at t2l U tP.eM .at
nad nMrs. LLeeoa

for Sthe eCom ltPu-
lta "5 at1000

* Mlarkun will disus te
tr a novelist Grah amo
olort Merath St .
KkfiUa tc be QalzBU&'mr

It'X Cularkun wf dllwUB
^rwf61 novetiM ot Orsi

yens' Evening Wed.
int Wo d nday
ao th Armed Pefti
water, Xa BoUs oRa
-. I

-thm at Oabe

M VfOW~JC-Pu6 hBf

DI I-k. 's te '

Army.S aid ToWant

Spread lAm All

WABRIN Oct. 5 (UP) Awaiyhas b
Airmry- r Force mab o tbra*
Ok a-id ptod l-ev andY
crr qpdulT developing 8;s0 fo
caPela may hav
b =5es ..Wh. Majnt
IA Whit
e Sto-tel
gintIN SS a a dM
sh bra r "satre
MCu ve service a .a source .1. oyer" d t e
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the nearby Beth (i (Md.) ..-t
al nedicl oanter to argue it il
th meeting produced no
4 th steat a,
(taro'B ewmen lend try
meetsnaftr4r te ws wDid

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far irAtat

By Mext ati dP s
MxIxC CItT, Ot. 6 (UP) -
Mexican army toops arrested
more than 100 aspect today in
the ehotmun i' murder of a U.S.
State Diphrtment official by
bandits in the mountainous wilds
of southern Mexico,
Dr, Ralph 8Swain, 40. of
Benton, II., an official of the
American emba at Managua,
Nicaragua. wa kLd by a shot-
gun blast in frbnt of his horrl-
fied wife and chlldre In a rob-
bery attempt Satrday after-
Mrs. Suasn Swl~ -said four
masked bandits, their faces cov-
ered by multi-colored handker-
chiefs, stopped their ear on the
Pan-Amerzan Highway and de-
manded 2,000 peeos about $250.
Swdn protptd he carried only
trivelle r checks and no cash.
When he reached for an Inside
se aa he pocket one 'of the men fired a
f t d of mik,.. shotgun Into hi c t and kll-
Pstarted tlh walk.- ed him

e fael Avila Camacho ordered ar-i
my cavalrv and Infantry detach-
. ments, police and viglantes into
D r if s the mountfln region 130 miles
Capture the killers "dead or
Services aliv."
MOS ma ie usecs er

pn required to.take
h' selective service.
Air Force enlist-
for four years. The
oh" is thrO years.
.Air Forcej secretary
ib, leading the opo-
i Armly p-
ord L u the all-
t. A tSwo-a "turn-'
Swould "w sk" the
te aatB .-
a,.,n other
emu .d let tha
&ylll coutteis to be
a two-3s tutn-
n,. the JOurdM i;
problem wold be fatJ
E,.. ,
FIeta a

More tlan 10 suspects were
seized within a few hours for
quetlonlh -
Swain, an official of the U.8.
Point Four program, was re-
turning by automobile to his
rt at Managa with his wife
ad children, aged 12 and 10.

Army Pits Soap
Against Detergents
WATN, Oct. s (UP)-
A batt0 e going on
"^fad t"ne .for
the rl mtestry-e bet-
nay bVIEW tight, test
of little In lto Whither
01 soap or th new de, gent
os a uperio abiity to cn-

.4Tbre h U eowmplalnts,
t-thee tiuldMltOl Army soap
0m loastd Its effectiveness.
parl btn hard ter. Lab-
oa i run' showed the
det1.eCM~19~aireI e


In A proramM for he-trilnlnof
tiop, o Vest Lrep a 113 for the ame
The Gir a m ts
man %aIe force .areik cl-apM.

S iw *deflsa ie : and tl Na forte fl

t erm I two y th tac Oro t

W^Sias b%-ll

S. u:
* .4:0 .











.V Vk W1NG... FAST and 4SAST .'

BACK AND FORWARD (atr& bt way)
'.,v cr ? fTa 1. ; '!

O* *O
Y(s wH.S,.oo-,io'M00 ONTILn
CLU :..; 7..s0 ".




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- (- I _- r'
ba*Wiw q q*i L ur&

i1( 4

** ,1.. '.

for lipsdiar,*
,' ., ,'*'" .1

Discover "Everything's Ros'" today
in Revlon's nne nea-samewa 'a iele-
Creme" lipstick I Seta on lnr
than any lipstick you've worn .
" it on-aUow "seeto
Itwo mbaueeld-i
M *1 oram-NT-w lj It

m-wmer liptic
Reglar Lip.tick
Imprwo'Fl w
hlad ELaml

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--^^ -^*~a *i 1'^ *--- ;
dar iened romrsrn .o Ier
altrnkidot lbt. All to tr-
Igp wilLUOR be in the ilm.

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at a Arty wM

ft eftws


i .

ell' em... When You Tell' einmru ssi
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No, $7 "SH r~eet Panama
No. 12,179 Central Ave. C
+ :-,+..m

No. 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 1-3291. and

Via EspanR No. 34 Panama R. P.
(Mell Vsba Tb hre UM

10.069 MAlUdes Ave.--Phone 26. 0Col


Agencia lnternacional de Pblcaciones

Ii Fourth of Juiv Ave -Phone 2-0441 No. I Lottery Plase Phonl 1-31

-: l household Miscelaneous f. .. a. AiSi pall~ n GramllchI- Sontf Qnsru sach-
Wel Allls a eesteaI tag ecso iges. IE~l me s Aulomobiles
'JIOR SALE.-Mahogany double bed WANTED-By young married couple 201 -Asse C. moderate rates m 0=41
excellent mattress, S35. Single I ,acat.on q.-arrers, immediately. No Gamboa; 4-567,' Miul.
rites tis, springs $22. Magic Chef children No pets. Both working by DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. aa; -
S as stove, satisfactory. $10 Ma- Otr 8th. Call Albrook 4103, any- Central Avenue "K" street. Corner Plllle. Oelanside igs Santo
: hoogany buffet, $10. Dishes. plant i tme telephone 2-341/9. Panama. Clams, Box 435. a lboa. Phone
s,+ Msc. Telephone Panema 2 .3067 Pan 3
Mtse. Telephone Panomao 23067 WANTED Big farm or 300 hec- To MIAMI & NEW YORK'via AEREA a -77. Crlstoal 3-1673.
.-SAti : Tappan four-burner tares aogeiulturat lend around Boeing 4-engine planes. One-way Houses on beach. Sane Clara. Also
gas stove, glass front oven. $35.00 David. Boquete-Panlmi. Full de- to Miami; $70.00 Round Trip in COOL Ca n mountains.
-egllaportments a ertment No. to "Rea nss" px 96 Co- $126.00. One-way to New York: Phone iSRAPNIL. bo 1389
S1, 46th Street and Justo Arose- Ion. _114.00 Round-trip $214.00. See r see cariteker 1t1,'
J* e WANTED TO LUY ICA$ I 3 CARS telephone 2-1ITH SERV5 Fntr' Ctarge. Plese bring yours
* KcJ AiE.-Settee.- choar. ottoman, Onl Plymouth, Dodge, Chevrolet 49Ephon-1s -o Ca Pa your
- i ople. Droplegf oak table. to 1953. Not duty paid, 4 door De FORT KOBBE dancing classes for linens. Phon lbo 2-.1866.
S'ugs, porch bl.nds. dishes Luxe. WIll see them from 4 to 7 p. children 4-16 years, begin Friday WILLIAMS' Santo Clam Beach Ct-
coat, size 16. Phone Balboa 1309 m. Hotel Colon IPonomai. Telephone Oct. 9. Tel. Liona Sears Ponama tages. Large, comfortable, modern,
S ..7 P. m2-0770. 6r. Fonseca. 3-1565 for information, near beech. Baoloo 8050 except
S f --Large double bed, box FOR SALE I
,9I Innerspring mattress. One. FAO SRIALT", IE
aorarobe. Reasonable. 135 Rep. Allen Miellaneou I
Odro -. SContined frozm Page 1) FOR SALE:-Portoble Singer sewing B
f OR SALE fact that.: W i't g.en any machine and table. Livingroom FOR RENT; bedrooms
W! ,advanceit .. t .e claims bedroom. 60 cycle Philo Reriger- maid's room, aiF th oom. Can
kl oreycle he found th eues space actor with 25 Ib. freezer.-2530-A be peon at "AltairQ" Old Golf
E:-Cushmon motor scooter Ind furbtul tlhan- .,has In Cocoli, C. Z. Ct.jntraRrn ~f Ione
~ C mode, duty p, excelled his own W.shington lidence. FOR SALE:-New shipment of High
deal condit on See, at Auto With regard to salaries on the Fidelity LP Records arrived to FOR RENT:-Cholet two bedrooms I
rage and make us an Cinal Zone *ne of ti main AGENCIAS DIAZ, 37th Street No. maid's room and service. Call of-
i anama Insurance Company complaint he found. nd a. A. fice hours. Phone 2-2191 2-
3-0136. el h tg 1 de on 1095.
FOR SALE Cna saia Korean War FOR RENT:-,dl. Via, 2 bedroom
r UR AL-He said It was difficult to chlt, dining parlor, d -
Real Estate compare wor performed here Increased South's room,and ga Phone 3.1713,,
Real Estate under certain circutgstances, from 8 o. m. to p. m.
r SALE-Furnished house in San- with similar work lth Industries FOR RENT T
Sto Claor wilh 6 meters square United states. Lp)h Ine FOb
, land Corner lot Cerro Compana designations might same, FAtncFRT (. .P* A7 n l SC
one hectare. Coil -2949, 12 noon hesbaid, the actual work per- The R oan- ig.htn ht
p formed Is entirely different. 97 new defense industries th ATTNTION G.I I.,Justbuilt modern
It was unfortunate Allen investments totaling $217,85, fumished oaprtment one, t wo
.i a w os un ua"fort e o 000 to Kentucky, according to bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel-
peple I to re'm llon u n l the Agricultural and Ind trial ephpne Panama 3-4941.
s srength ofr wleh h Development Board. oFurnshed apartment for rent. Three
been pMssed si t. He wease It studs o M n lt 8071, Eight St.
ing to the threat vately flnnced industries and Pne !, Col.
lerrine to le threat t t ignored such things as the bll-
employer of losn their l lon-dolfr atot ener plants FOR RENT:.-,Ap aimn 2 bedrooms
per cent differential. In Kentucky other southern il accomodption, also garage. FrA
When questioned about a pos- states. Perei St. For lfrmation phone V
iCungressmen said be couldn't In the South, only. Louislana, O, l
vble1nture torneFOR t h2 T:-12fm am furnished, two
venture toredict wliat wquld Florida %no. aama attracted clean. oa t twrosre ptlvo te e5
W'-r-^^^^^H H^H our both. ora rofriga nlltr;thuo tlr g .6
.JH' thet reorganizaton of the Canal gle, the study said. Louis iarna n perivu N
Sw.s to determine this and pre- reported investments totaling Avenu
pare a base on which to esti- 89,175,000 In 121 new or ex-
mate whether or not the tolls panded facilities; Florida, $307,-
were too high or too low. 50.000 in 64 fachliesAlab In& ,
e dd tb. he the toll $S20,796,000 Ip 11, plants. New M ls
A_ ,' nlia i= I. _, 10 4ti ,T 9t' 11946 BUICK Iupea 2|d ,.
ISb eup,"' lad t et 11 1ha1111 .. .1,b"01 |,o,
S am of the .- Auto Runs *- -o. C, 1
=11 had probablyy gone dwm," Better .I'- .s Roc-sTKr ? P O*aa.e
Which A G bsGretter BOn atuils o nthe
L-- 0. Poson ppterjebedr lut-^rw of the*,o
S11114at 9 aber e. haitse BATIVIZ MIk-Ot. -Irl dt, 5o. MW O'"k..
olos down, but athl cats (UP) T.. WlLi g asukp- how-will 'be b0 at
h v lu. ne iup. ntendeit of the Me Is d co. t of $1,H00. "
SiGHEST. NOT TALLEST-- of" ,, S arper i L -
|i. Mexico City, T th at q ,Ia a15 theS h t b w id. the
'oI l co. Is the tallest In the the bwe yet." uil iamsM b 19w6 h g h but Will tb e .8,ri Ie 10n lOR SITiRAPEBAK

7( -. ild, ~rl they may be right, automob with el flang
Syou consider that it's built With regard to the survey be- wheels, and, with a looked steer-
100 feet above sea level. The ing conducted on the Isthmus, ing gear, eruse up' and down
S-oor project is the taiest the Congressman said the ques- the 958 miles of taok he is re-
building ing Mexico. tOlnnalie, .t reUltl ch sponsible for. '1 h et3e aYve-
MaIu .- evoki~enss es12si iles I n per on regi
people n. tween 35 and 45 per hour.
9f3 ha'eg all the facts on And Williams s quick to point
hand, he said, Congress will out be has no trouble iith blow-
have a better basis for legisla- cut or worn tires.
tlon which may be beneficial to -
employes. Po Alos3
W"h"a..ed about the Pan P. SS This A, 9
ama-U.S. treaty revision talksT a --I the
ard the recent meeting of the To Smoll ry
SF sPresidenta at the United States
and of Panama, Allen uald since ROBINSON, Il. (UP) Five-
the talks were going through year-old Greg Rich found a .45
the prelmnitary stages How, he caliber bullet, shoved It into bis
S.was not In *poalta tmi. ;He toy gun-which ordnarily shoots
Remarked that slnce he -ldled only corks-and pulled the trig-
specific problems affecting leg- ger.
Sls;atlon he coul dnot comment The bullet went off,-shattering
on the situatloni the gun, and ptecesof the shell
Allen did point up however casing hit Greg in the cheek and
h dt he naldn't,- l AM n left foot. He says le won't do it
the differed.' ten feel- gain,.
tnr, one-HBlrr svtlrtng La-
tin Amerlinr. countrlts to the Soonoe Goes Well
attitude ol- apprehensloj felt by
Am-ricans visiting European With Fried Chikern
lards. He nuas recently been In k n
The Caehforni 1 ACRAMEN*). C alf.. Oct. -
willleae Calirnia Ced a on (UPI A progressive Sacra-
ith Presidti tial Polk. O mento restaurantear. who sue-
SDuing his stay- here ht lPd cializes in such dishesi as barbe-
MUCH I VIC is:Th : iW looked st ta-herseomdnscued ribs and fried chicken.
MUCH sRs h thought he was'saki a bi
in a Berlin restaurant re country by Arln ine., was advance when he substitute
ed more svice than be .n bv the a o S tp caed ne
Signed hen p called t:'rough the Canal tslwat fet- one of led i
L "a ^ waiter. The help is in eC.l socllv by groups of en- served with a Ipon e to
C l for the annual Walters'i poyes aas we; as by U.S. Ambas- waltres:
S ad tables and chairs sador John Wiley. '"May I bv
deal eObtacle t i Allen wa acompsnied .here This dessert okbut t
i me for wat ater 'by h~p wte. sure Is tough."


Coupe. Now tires,
sert c .lrs,

to po"t'i uhtafy

i9Mer r mart.



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O9-TC Records

anp the umu hg- DIABLO INS. ami
alMae"enuesp ltrvt.61y
,D r ."aFHM 13^^.^, ty5- ^

.- .D HOLLYWOOD (NtM s-J.rl .ian hae been signed by ABC Eact ereconl-
ad) f hind Theater knd TV Screna:to co-star In a comedy series, tion but phr ps the most at- EDRO MIAGUEL
S'l- .ywoa first, and maot fa- Jaby and Me." beginning In testion o to "Afrode-
.. .. mouse, private eye. The Lone N. Neiter polly who arl." Bud Bhank's persuasive _
SWolf, la TV-bound in the most wb n the Martin and Lewis alto sa dominates the weird,
ati t lavish and costly series 6 home- co ar Jerome who reg-|un rhythm of this fine G AMO A
sht caM, Denmark, Oat. ~ne Mss er .maMt. Mtwsi lin his ntery Shorty compasitmon. If "TROUIL
q! o I rn *5, a n _e and _ob

An b S'tt o it Thrill"
aaobout 10 1 he u~ I i s tIi I and "8w4iataris*ck the imagl- 6:3s aC 1:
e undpp the A Ss ay IpNamnt at na the" other r two tunes Tda
wf s d Oc aw by Warsa W g- w 8e euehs.", but 4eertheleuS make excellent ......
S~i In movies, Th .ltening CRISTOAL "THE
eaon Wadrwave am.. 1. Lkf'rtlsiion f-lmr.s a~r.1 n Jan.
d9 te t f gla rGro. tr e. a n .unown. In. 71 ..a1. Al' (' ) Comn makes I T o
ra^ PaSra4M, ca new ond dag the. 1 in M& at mMr- with bop talk In a hep rewrite
j 911enthat t 9 it: ti ei rep- of two tales-"Jack and
WLM 11- 1 Va YIOS. MG 'he t our the and "Snow
o, I lA5 c fey-Ielead me Wite d Bte Sven Dwarfs"
.31 .- Z on g Capitol single oflmijruvg
ass Je.. i-' aId erie6dBopste rs wai ckle over Col- p ig -
#1 def "i u I, ,*. K. saI, a +--re.,S* to the bean-,th
toId with: Ia stalk as "a sy asparagus." Thur y 8th
?PjWeW'T. a2ae a nvr are nener the many vein ins Me-
th te. Ae keWhat Khits rl-Ab&ty s version of Rimaky
tlia,' a ,hsloeth h eresade." The
maneuver around he men before_,Mand vo 4 e Bndsue
ZLw3dEA Allen isa ht (Capitol .
S+ea s"nety "m!ver&iMOfiHsIwiW nfering recordings of
k il who -mate and has .m popular smooth
l l & II2?B3 weight re'M 1an Hayward n fl6 [s "gre. he nColumbia
Satd Wfe- duerl J: of their hO i- Wboas, tag the break on an
t, a g. Me ftioboe. Le arter and his Or-
.d s 'I blown JSr Ih bestra are featured on the
but part i Allin d Capitol dsk.
e t~h ts "D SBquadron .3 I3CMOND. Vs., Oct. (UP)aptol
ulnapt: -A'S-yaold iJUa dealer to- Rosemlar Cleoney'e latest hit
2S ftdaym src our-a or In her bi for Jukebox im-
A je ft- Alourt oIeI his son mortality n5 a Jumpy number
St because "bloaiftd" the sale "Shoo, T Bhoo,e" ona
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a iPow a ner been re sn, walked Into Richmond Mid I"I Never Let Tou
i3s a traffl --stoppl w policelrstattin and told oftfiers Cross W In and 'Darllng,
Cadl lt gled a eele of tel- Darling" obioa) and San-
S No body t Stratford, Tex., -Police io I ated the ey Inme" aud "l Io
SMr6..g ylv Siadney as Mr kear mes" *g
.i. b ut e deMti ^ .- .. a ta- .. .da
s uto ot ne see, 31, were t with a Album of the week: "Me and
ed .a eM toute to Hoy- 58 caliber pistol a servcul et" and Can-Can," played The mighty combination
AMteror p, O ct. 8 w od tSeen Gems' "A taton thpeated in con by Ted 8tIa" and his Or- f etminmt wl
llf M o appe. Flame ] with.Barry Sllvan, Jt w th e tortt curt chebtra in M-G-Ms "Show o an
e m, bat 0 Tmc" D. a ...r
. tl ,1a, In reeti E ove e lofr the pptt which
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HMO t -the bl gi network to dfr CIt said an eyewitness to--* I __
". u+ w wong them a or In-person th dizble murder, Claude A. Hindu Mu ic To t
S, IMr rlesareatV in relhd Wt said Huddleton called II
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_ 1

Sankeeseees k Clincher ib l

4 ne In 'Last Ditch' Vis ts S

1 er Stand At Stadium In _g -rtch Battle-
.C .. 5=..,I;O.*
By LEO H. PETERSEN w Bte rra,0).
Wt I 'The 'it lu S b" ". 18 ....
w rk (AL) t Irish colt m go
United Press Sports Editor Bre,, her ( ) dD aD ..... a'"
NEW) YORK, Oct. 5 (UP) It was Whitey Filrt game, at Yankee Stad- tona I t oim
fwrld a,.inst Carl Erskine today as the New York um,.Spt. 30: the, a de m
ikees sought to clinch -in unprecedented fifth Br.okln (NL) S 12 2o Kst'r
SNew Yrk (AL) I s
s ;: ighl World championship and the Brooklyn rre. Hughes (2), Labine Vadley or i ver.,thd.
)odav ers tried desperately to avoid a seventh con- s6o, Wade (81 and Campanells. aldway down t te
Reynolds, gain 46i and Berm wheniAf .Wr .. w. ...... :,
fi -itive failure in World Series competition Winner--sain. Loser-Labtne. battle
Idepresri pole ts ollowing the Va.le
~ he finentimental odds-mak-' In desperate straits following Seeond gameY, at nY i ..L Fbape .-
9irs made the Yankees even- the I-i triumph that gave the dum, Oct. 1: at k .
gm ne picks to close out this aninees a 3-2 ecge in tne series Brookly (NL)I on the u A-s --
den anniver. ary and richest elteeray., Manager Charley New Yeor (AL) 4 l up e r, made i
of ~l1 World Series today and Viessen of the Dodgers came Roe and Campanella. at ftLae.selalofetdbn
o '1?elrminL 3-.3-1 choices to bo Hld With a pitcher wIo hag on-land Berra. rider sM, e aboard N.OW
1a1. t'the classic But it seemed ty two a4y ot rest since ns epic s uptll, Lthe 1
tbht the sentiment of the coun-1 4-striiieout periormnace in tnme Third gape at Ebbets Field, latter .
Trls iding with the Dodgers .n1La game on one classic. Oct. 2.oweer,
o".d the orolonzed reiln of Manager Casey Stengel of the New York (AL) 2 i to ho 2MMM
the seemingly invincible Yan- Yanieez, within one lctory of Breoklye (NL) 3 River aske Do
kees. becoming tne iirst llot to ead a Reachi and Berra. Erakine and it. Valley R river nto win. D
ties, countered with a pitcher Lottle Giorl d ork I Closing who was belted for three runs Fourth game, at Ibbeta IiWd, .am ones .1d- Do
in one inning only two days ago. Oct.3. aceBaser
f Brokln eBut Stengel obviously was in BrWklyn (N,) 7I U monuy S i: (
the driver's seat. Ford, an 18- NeW York ah (A) lthe' in'3-3adng'
,*:*9"' %inner during the reg- d,,r, loe .tei Mee
nama Club alar American League season, g .tarting- rider, Meyer 44.
woula be pitching in a park L- (O) Alfredo awaya olds OK-A
Slist for the broo the lankee Stauium which' Wl r-Los. --o aftr o wa NRI
The entry list for the brook- would give him the advantage aatcplatel
e tournament sponsored by on thne powerful right-handed t me at Ebbet Peld, Jaqu1mtlj bE a. peRet Astmea
Martin and anuel hitters in the Brooklyn bat- ride under prev .mady e (N
".a at the Panama Golf ing order t e k nder.oe Pa. EIP
.-wlclose Wdeday tN(A)ackin order. n ork (A-). md e- L
will close Wednesda Stenget, moreover, was in the arl (NL) 7A 1 7`werer, .IW aredd
Sdraw for pairing will b enviable position of holding McDonpld. Kuzava ( o.r his et I~ra,
e draw for pairings will be Dac EAd Lopat, 4-2 victor over olds (9) and Berra:; .aA IUBPus pension h stew.
d thesame i be played the Dooges in the second game Meyer (3), Wade (3S). 1BlI ( wI
e matches will be played oi the series. for the seventh and Campanlla. WWlr hr some r e
opr the weekends- game while Drersen could be horses wdatk-.&iferst
thre touran with team s ha n nurler ne is holding ouor iLxth game at Yankee t b t 'Cll.
frf 20hand tne seventh game. should he Monday, Oct. 5: Seventh abAt t. im ena
Three quarters of the differ- have to come in with a key re-if neceseary'1, at Yankee
nce In hadieaps will be allow- l pitcher against a lefthand- imu, Tuesday, Oct. 6. .. -
ed in all matches. el hitter today. a and
d I all A crowd of about 70,000 was FPINAP L FIGURKES, the lattes .te
expected at the StadIam, fth Game) knocked ~ltpe.
ltwhere the seventh game, it Mtenda .f1*1h .aiuua.ule
o Th Gnecessary. also wnl be played. its'm sr 4.3. eaort.l Al _ht
f tonUf .. Guard '. S.. ti:3 ~ pt :Da f
have assured that this will be 15. $ e u-
Ahn Pappas Dies "- io
8MIIeach leer Vickingu treteu; 6 doo,
about $6,500. AVA dance, thej 'm4%lM ONO
b uNeither manager "planned 11. t- .021th
Of. Head Injury lineup change alth edgh neceipts (iet t t,
worried overnighfl bol
condition of the spedtlilar o CommMUi era f ShaIrN'-
SYRACUSE. New York. Oct. 5 long-ball hitting centerfielder, N083ew. p Y Ot ni o eianI.
(UP,. John Pappas. 20-year-' Mkcey Mantle, who exhibited a Clu and Itue's hare
eld senior guard on the Boston purple, baseball sized bruise on ouW and L:Al 'i. I diden
versity football team. died lhis left thigh after yesterday's T. A -l,. $...h .i
erday of an "'unusual" brain game. Mantle was expected to o an .1.A
nur y suffered in Saturday play but the possibility remained fO1 Ae
e against Syracuse that the thigh would tighten up (r :m)
"' i overnluht and force him out of ll
Dr rd'8~ auth lineup. _ry Noren will re- -qeT
wook -for Syracuse U r- sof
ilty d University H ta. e D dgers,bl s I-
describqq the injury as Ia, "un- whIat no team a ,r
usual hmnorrhage In the middle had done wbaat. 4,
brain, caused by. a blow on the series after losigll thelI f two
head and resulting,i'n impair- games had e eat o pe. $ Iieme E"fj
tnmen vital bo functions." Steugel's itc 'led
e a ere w skull frac- for two ta
ture. Ford n
d P ap case also two pam e .(... ... .
Vetsay 'bcapus the type of antly tight-handed .I t. t f't-l-'.n-'g )r '. __"-_ t., ._r ... __ '" i ....
njury--'normlly knocks a plav- BrookLyn batting order has been Oep1 w &q6A-ik's K W L
er nncoespoous immediatelv.- "death' on southpaws all sea- m .l es two .
Papnas 'parentlv was hurt two son. I l 7i4
or I baysbefore term trrem- 8.tegel, ever. be) ed that, of thyarn hs
her W he w "diz Wy.' He1the Yank 22.W'.1 1
t11a l'ad to be long left 'l
r om the'eld In the prove th BaI E""
tbt er of the game. T ThThe Dodgero It on t terhr, um-d1 .
gein in a 14-14 tie. game to left-handerg at Eb- -p"ira Wboterh e .I.
Pa s died at 3:30 a.m in bets Field during the Nationall 3 lo 1 set1
n t Hostal. two hours League season but dropped nineUhluq ftwe '.
be arentsr. Mr and Mrs. decisions tp .tm4 o league ai Lres toat a 1

T Cpriest were at ha1 po" "Ah x 1lt,
thhi thIrd v teIarar-htmM Arh_ art InPn t.e
II. Panpas ws n- ing, Kuon
ton University's top _oA 21u7aon rmphltto the r s io'.
honors He entered thel ob wide mar'hc.. '.
veruiy after winning all- e cmb d .ror .
alntic football honors on '38nl ro
.t hot ,0 and wxt 1- ..... .i
y:fl NEW YOBK. O t. 5 UP -. season. ,
c "Tas7t; 'The Columbna University teach-, s" '..
cer college today urged the ra- heAC3t
tporas high sshoolor andmlne.tra- a.-1 .t .
lnterschood intramural i''
.... aiCetlces souLdi be a"serlous *'.
.rjm, ns not an extracurricular'
rt.mVeon eivythe college said. Other- r, i"t-
r n oe athletics can "'dominate dh'g rg
mairmo the school program and elevate ..-.
tokos la on o deliooous w !he college Issued a report' 11 4 t
i. n anw look with Ittti .ummarTzir. tme work of a hglh, Ig. A...r
1 cimnnmon trk ick school administrators confer- ,.
mo nk cumamon poars. add ence htld iVlst summer at Co-
.ad inemon candies to coa.ed lumbla Tw nty-flive principals .', S .-
gajr kice and then cook untIl l1i1o 14 states attended the .t .;
a re disoved, or cook .i.reting

two slcks of c.nnolnt I'nie report said the school -
o.or red with food colorng ulinciple.s are often bypassed"
slyp and let pear kalves in conduct of Inte~Mtholastle '.
In it until red. 'Xre s It so charged thaththn ] -p.. ,
OA serving, place cottagel 5qoo1:'- and culleges in -,.. .
dealing, with outstanding prep
.Vd a cin;namn pear holf, at.detes .I aLpparently un-
o t up, and sr e wtm soirodel beaent n- "
1d KraftMeayonnaise.
,myemiatie adds a specol
eat can't be equaled TO:
Ilier '~ manis-en
meede at home. Mimi
MaG: If fresh pears 1amli.. $ 70.-
me i simple syrup. Be ni
Ior seve wih o delicius
N v.. Noew York $114.-

J Certificaled CAA Carriers
Panami Disptch Service pmch-hitting specialty
ny Mize had plety 4
Atemibile BRw. FPhoe 2-..1655 ready to go agant he
dunng th Woreld


UoB~~'. CT~i~k 1.158.. ..


Lagde^ Star

i n



Junior b e Win Close Peeples Says

Football Ja boree Battle He's To Go

Mt. Hope aadium waf I eel devil number ""' w.u To Atlanta
the ratters ,with an oe there. ''
crowd frsm all corners of Cristeal High battled Junior
aIthmus, maay of whomivo C Oll4gethrouh the fourth quar- ED '
from the Paific Side tor to re tie and in the .(_ITOS NOTE. -at
the fourth playing of the fifth, Blboa and the Athletic niel PFeples has been a star
bail Jim oree wicha Cub epuld not break through. utelMer-catcher for the Sr
marks the;oical n ,e Movng into the sixth and final Cola teams of te Panama rM
oofball season. e quarter, Balboa and J.C. remain- Leaue for the pat three ea-
the success of this big ad all knotted up at 6 each. seas).
event was fully bai Al The sixth and final stanza ofe M P
four teams staged a sensatin play was chock full of enough egMPHIS, Tennessee, Oct. 5
tattle of wits and brain; anid excitement for two ball games. (U) Negro baseball player
when they amoke from thfray The Tigers started their drive sys he har been assigned to the
had cleared each had L re'd early .in the quarter, taking Atlanti Cracker in the Southern
one touchdown and none had A.'kic .Ad th Stan mith Assoation -- but a Cracker of-
been able to convert for the Z4r back to their tical ays he thinks it is al a
trA oint. rakr.. Car) Tuttle took mistake.
Wth ail four team tied up qaBt,* cr'se pitchut. tr center t fielder Nat Peeples, FV .
* poltSs e-ah, the. next point of a0 yarlgtam.ePpd on a quar. who hit .329 this' year for Evans- tacki
consideration was defense; andl terback ana ll Price went vile, Indiana i the Three I .
here the, reen W2aves ruled 1 ort down on the League, says hid contracts ball.
supreme lThri ihout the ni ght. 2ntan Smith a been assigned oght t
co: agist c ~ ,,p'.cked u. a. CrackerS. eeples sys he recelv-
~ r. o pe ;tan-mi ute IsII i ar theob ed the official minor league ftor
usacored-up :ci.a7, t when Price Oral days ago
r rh* T tle fortllahta, he lill be the u t i
Jof the t-rem won, 4 aVid and their t- Ne. to hep rent Washin Suter
the S'h tTu telire f lOslld tte itaijtn for pa trpurposes -e btaia:n's poin bout tha r
orn ~twr fo ourth,- |n never sd. and did not wbork out th but i n

S6nIt1 i- l-aen t to h-Cher As-sw6 ea Bpp
ca-. thi -inr* thar or o a oPeeples has been asstined to At-, i "*
yejrthh a? oser th cetst Dtisn tt* ec i d e the o ner a it wouldn't be the first btter
oft WeoplMi~ to ttn po th' e b~be '4Wl IC in O 0sacga- time a Negro has been 6n a Harrs.
sn' s m ln ha fi', NeclierA Southern Ass clat on r'cnub roAt A enor
pishi ;* rt '-l It of trble, Angel Scull, a pNegro-Cubanl .

whi ch In eth~ tethe tfo a d back to the hatta oo"a ros ter in' 19e5 by n aecnhPs the se- a

""l r ma td ue q n hlmaltd on, s t.Cr ac rgy e- Whca t i the a third/
of he tamt and their queens, Athletic tO 29 yard line the parentt Washington .enatd. re tw, o rut othoe rtter

t hethe hisr 'T hi t aI lld to ga in rany or paier -purpsses t but yths ru
thIrrr fourth' it- a Idn nase. and wd not Work Out b.t h
hookyn -'Igngod- with Chattano gk. mos
A clkNecler c nt Mator Leatue clubs ftes movi mises
Ttk uod Uth nliraenra le Up to higher leaues' i ir, hant the mAr Is,
S1rtk their farm organization to pre- r t. M* ihe hthrd
orvent them from being drafted do th other two runs couint?
doand later Bend them elsewhere. Dave Harris.
.10 8buL wa' sent toa ChaIr: ltf tW Aoi says
W~t Vitpinis -- no runs may score on itay
the- gwl.. "' Ot know atyTthui a-iIn Which the third iout on made
.e e~ r bt-ouat any Negro h ol er bei e an the batter before he s ne
ResignedtL the h d o c a n nourte. P club,"ayirt 114"
The ith~ allthe 'hiS.could.-...s- per Dolualdso, CrackC' icely re Wheft' is the lwgse
,and overtook Nker on the prOlidell, Donaldson expla: Wa record for most home runs lil
yard Hie. But his efforts 0d &e thlni the nhoI affair during r f month byr o at hm ter
fork nguht:, and off-sides is a itke.--Henry ,Watkin.
7ut the Rmas closer to Peepl~w also. siid he. thougHt
Oc.,.. A 1, and then21 it Wo- _amixkst'when'. e- 9 A. Rudy York holds the re-
Stossed one of the few ceived the letter notifhigig him =r with 1t. The most fLhb
Otle.JboreoetoAlf thetransr ever. hit in a month *6
fr at n nbcker Inthe end tcie to create ,Peples said "I play where 17.
o51 tatoa boot blocked, and added: "If I do plY, In the Q, What to the most times a
a nremain- SquthOnl hopeofans wil accept batter hit .490 or more in the
ekel could U qt my Abiity, s a&b&lL ladf- muior leaguug ? --r& 11 3i 0
torsctwe e and A. tmtO myii ,"'J~h A Thr410 m hold
and the said.

UTr or pf", WI, ifu hU W
facing Junior college, the brothsi
,:r a Ion- in the Green
tale R, and gi
Meter AGlo
After .l b- lObn w had
thrown for a 4 yard. los. Ray
ickersber ease around right
end foi a rta thatook hln mt
the 1A yard -Ulhe. mother ll
took over, and taking a shad-off
from wa .the
t, .And ~~V~-
fato on o
the j7aa lead The atte pt-
ed ik was blocked, and again

,cB season of
as Om real' ot football for all
Steams appeared egual last Fri-
Sda nalht at Mt: Iope .. Even the
iAtheIc. Club eleven, sorely in
i scoure,
Junior o wt only 9 re.
jirv- bltakro;T *e)V 0 re-
i the tb t beon.
Next wridaj nliht activltr a-
fain centers on Mt. M o Sta-,s
e dium q4 WO O b asvlsys
plon" of BalboaHigh
wl Tickets are on age for
rt iMi ame. Plwficfl Side fana
"cna =it. t tickets by cal~i
T. T ~ B .principal.

- i

Soa Polish

t\ ;


S0 6 ,UT A,
Georgia To. O C.,,

Duk1, TeWf 7, L ,
Miss. State *,a. TeI 'tale
e. i. .
Kentusky 6, fU1la 13.
Loutilana State 42, Boston
College. 4
Mliehian 2C. Tulane 7.
Marylan d Cle aon .
r uth pelrlaa 'l Virginia 0.
North e M1pe LWabsh. &
P*Utb =
Wa4 latest 1Ik Vlanova U12.
GaE e Washington 0,'N. C.
Itate 1. .
Mi. Industrial, 14, Lane 0.
Maryland State 7, Morris
Br wn *
Xavier La. 13, Alabama State
0. -
Fort Valley State 14, Knox-.
Alabama AA.M 3A, Morehouse
St. Angesudm : Shaw .
Fort Lee 1S, Cam Leune I.
S. C. StWte H.Ain 14.
Flak 13, S akeges It.
Appalachib a 1, Iln 1.
Fayetteville State 1, Winston-
Saleam 1. .
llampdoe-Sldney 3, Emroy &
Henry 13.
Peasaeola NAS 37, Englin AFB
7. 4 .
Florida A* 41, Bnedict 0.
Tens. TeeM 27, lWlehead.O.
N. Carlnal AT 3~ Virginal
est Carolina 13, Catawba
Ichmuaq 13, Virglna Military
Newberry 1), tLkoir-Rhyne .
Mary~ask. Central .
East Toea. 3), Westeir Car-
o lna 1. I'
Middle Tenn. 33, Stewart
AFB L .,
Woffo Pr la~Ilan4 .
Mis s era ISU aupa L
Delta State 10, Iward i.

ale 13 as, a..
WRI. .CaMeU 7:
Harvard 1iOhbl U. e.
rineet- Wl-iusblia I..
P M 13, Pln State 7.
Holy Cres 1t, Colgate .
namllte 2. ;, braJ n *.


Iiois 333, Stanf l U.
O.lahoma 7. Pit .barh 7. -
N otre Dale 3a. rhr7, 7ta :7
Michigan 'State 3I, M.liWotP
Dakota State 13, North-
Daketa 13.
S. Dakota U. 33, Augstana C.
Indiana State 31, BvanMville

Belroi Neihe ToIse 7.
Ioirsa 54, WashingUi State 1i.
Wiseoans 13, Marusette 11.
Kasas Suate # Nebraska 0.
Slorrri 7. Qelorado 1C.
athert 1; a = w.
MtA 13.
* I 4an* Iowai State L
rash St. IL. 4* Stwanee Xt.
nuna Slate. 27, a8thern II-

uwIda.-WUae 3*, eMOrrris
W arv y 14.,
.fit=4 State 30, Arkansas
Stek- 7.
TP+ianea 2S, St. Francis 12.
xagetmOn X2, St rranels 13.
A*a ms State Tehra. 6, Ark.
Ao chrs'tan 13. Midaws.-
t*- 7.
SItla 18, Western, Keataky
,Te~ as B tten 7.
leas Tch T27, Oklahoma
A lM 11.
-Trity Ter. Ua, Eard m lm-
Sathen IU. 33, Ale ra AtM
A ,ta State 7, Texas Li-

f AS. ft iS T
0o State 3, Cali.rnlal 1
Ore.. state

Lopsided Financial Stateitff

Shows Why Yankees Dom iiat
NEW YORK, Oct. 5 (NEA)--Waite Hoyt, the pitcher, years
ago cracked: "It's great to be young and a Yankee and hell to be
old and a Brave.."
It's still grbat to be young and a Yankee.
A decidedly lopsided financial statement best shows why'thet
New York Americans keep winning. They have all the bg 9 it
at the bucks office and In the way of by Oroducts all ;di
along the -route.
This was the Bombers' 20th World Series in 33 camwinghig,
which is considerably better than prevailing every otles /*dL
Increased prices and a pre-game television show were to
swell the winning players' team share to well above $200,000, or
about, $7000 .each.
That would increase the Bronx athletes' return from Word
Series play alone to $3,725,809.82 since 1921.
who try to cr ver guard and Going into this autumn's set, the Yankees had drawn down
.1talwprts give the Saginaw Valley the long end of the swag 15 times. Nineteen championship li4tyt.
forward wall n ')igh school foot- were paid $38266599.10,
I&slkowski, 247, tackle Jim Howse, The Yankees have been in the money 32 times since they
lMa, 234, guard. (NEA) started down the high road. Only the 1925 array finished the ,
'-'*'----season unrewarded by the Series, or below fourth place.
r. '' "
i __THIS TAHIS T LE, COVERING World Series returns froA.i M
through '52, makes' It quite clear why youngsters blell
exceptional baseball talent prefer the Yankees:

iOPRTION FURILLO Trainer Harold Wendler put a
spong rubber end on Carl Furillo's bat and bandaged the
]o04rs' Natienal IMAguVh't tting champion's injured gloved
b i and fr the World Sties, (NEA

'~~ ~ 'JpiA 4 -. 4.1,.i

Yankees ........ 19
Cagtloajs ..... 9
Giants ......... 8
Dodgrs ........ 4
Tigers .......... 4
Cubs ......... .5
Indians ......... 1
Pirates ......... 2
Athletics. .,...,.. 3
Senators........ 3
Red. .......... 2
Red Sox ........ 1
Phillies ........ 1
Braves ........... 1
Browns ......... I
White 8ox ....... -0



The Yankees play to the most people, have more
spend, therefore pay the highest salaries.





THIRTEEN TIMES SINCE the erection and opening of the
Stadium, In 1923 the season attendance topped 1,000,000. Ini9,l4m
wit4 thhe ~stAUatJ of the lights and the playing ofrIj 1
gaes. haionA. AUtendaace rocketed to 2,309,029, then an
high. The Yankees had another 2,000,000-fan year in '47, and the
next year set a new Stadium high of 2,412,206. There were three
more 2,000,000-fan seasons at home and in '49 they established
an all-time road record, 1,880,444.
Home turnouts "dropped" this season to 1,538,000. That',-
what you get for winning the pennant as early as Sept.. St
thqt total hardly Idicates that the paying guests finely wel l
suturated.~with.4atalined success.
Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of the money-bag
Yankees is that they won an unprecedented five consecutive pen-
nants without becoming complacent.

'4,J.,t rnY t ,.-..

''. *,;, f"
,.' 1H

* ,'.


wA' A


*t E ^( u m i' '
S qt E.NDrI. 4






CALLE 7 No. 13

4' ,

II' -


CALLE "B" No. 2




* -. k


^ ;


CALL 50 No. 53




m.a e e' *.. ; .- ;. 0 > -


iY-lts i *n*'


-t-'~-7T' --j----~-~ ~I~T Ilr co n.r u --

~G ~ iFlt~i~

_ __

T%.'-- t'

, r

; I. adiats -
----iL Ly l Yd

S123 456 8 89-R H
R i II I' B BROOKLY. ~.00 0 1 002-3 83

II NEW Y0 R4ORK.. 210 0 00 B 01-W 1300

r h a l_ t AI__

W nrl rl ( m ni An h
SI Id I I I p ".'Le, t h people knovW, e truth and the country .eu- Abraham Lincoln.

R.. 17-year-old Holvoke.
f_ t baseman snorts a
9 after signiru a con-
the New York Yan-
a reported $100.000. MOUND MASTERPIEC.-Carl Erskine. the Brooklyn '
Strt bonus player the the New York YankeeTs at bbers ineld he Anderson, l' rit e
vr Ed. e I Joe Collins lourti umes each-to set an aU-timl World Serlie rbceMpu ~ 1

. X "" *" '
: i i. -,+ ~ -"" ] : ',P -" "''r *

SIt W I PI L .. -., -. ... < ..,.y. .5,
_ .. ."- -. .. ..--v :-..v .. <

The New York Yankees made it five consecutive world championships today by edging the hard-fighting Brook-
(y1 Dodgers, 4-3, in a real thriller at Yankee Stadium before approximately 70,000 rabid fans; i,
Starting pitcher Ed (Whitey) Ford hurled brilliitball -for seven innings as.nbe-held the Dodgers to. oe run on six gr
-its. Manager Casey Stengel took out Ford and brought in the veteran Allie Reynolds in the eighth iaicg as r-a.iniltti
surance move.
Carl Furillo, however, almost spoiled Stengel's plans by blasting a two run homer in the top of the nith inning :
which tied up the ball game at 3-all. Dodger ians! hoites were shortlived, however. The Yankees pushed over the
winning run off reliever Clem Labine on a walk and two successive singles to end the thriller. Xpee y This Af eIoon
The triumph gave the New Yorkers the necessary four victories against two for Brooklyn in the Series.
Billy Martin, the hitting star of the Series, drove in the winning tally.
NEW YORK, Oct. 5 (UP) ing the Injunction from a fed- Five tugs docked the (1 00- special flights of Trans-Cane.
te play by play: No runs, one hit, no errors, two No runs, one hit, no errors, one President shower's water- eral judge, a back-to-work or- ton Cunard liner at piers 21 and da Airlines and Maritime Cen
left. left. front fact-finding board flew to der could be expected late to- 22 and a apela tral Airways were standis. by
FIRST INNING YANKEES: MeDougald struck Washington today with a report day or early tomarow. gration officers boa d to take her 1134 pasea to
SJunior Gilli hit- out. Rizzutogot- an infield hit. expected to lead to a speedy end The liner Queen.Mary docked shortly after Qu destinatons in Canad* and
DODg against Yankee starting SEVENTH INNING Reynolds signed off Qlliam's -- by function of the-five- at Halifax today for the first Mary was dl bec the United States..
pitcher Ed tWhit ey Ford, flied DODGERS: Snider struck out. glove to right, Rizzuto moving to day-old lonshoremen's strike. time since she ,operated as a of the us do ~-. The Queen Mary will mal
out to Collins at first. Peewee Furillo flied out to Mantle. Cox third. Woodling hit to Reese and The three-member board was troopship during World War II. n port until Thursday w e
eese rapped a solid single to singled thr h e ho into to ws ot at the lte, expected to present ts report at A fog.and e re ht
left. Jackie Robinson forced left. Bobby Morgan, phiWtos Johnny Mie,0 tpinchhitth .for the Whgte House. b Urr
pese at second. Roy Campanella G for Milliken;, line out to auer Collins, bounced- out to -Hodges. Mr lsenloer, was-ready to uFrtnchh' li r rl e ur t
2rHled to center. oil Hedges 4gai dt the right field wall. No runs,. two, hits, no errors, act qukly to obtain a achaft Five spe delere eo
ped out to Rizzuto. No runs, nonet, no es, one twoeft. wHartirchnglaw !njen tlon which Ple l W rk tonal RallWs s pd day ano passengers tWre taken
left. woulsend 6eh5,00ostalk.dock aard p lns and ilanea
-o, runs, two hits, no errors, workers back to, work for an
e YAN*KEE8' BNerra dr a NINTH NINNG. 380-day "eoolng off" period nd l
single to right, mtle' to DODQERn: pPpi 'O re n ste dailke sealed Atia
YANKEES: Gene Woodling, Robinson. Martin ht ldiIdou- toMante. niderM * o la0I prts. 1 a.Oh
facing Dodger starter Carl Er- bleplay. Labine' to Oifilam to homered Into the left field seats. The President appointed the PARIS, Ot. 4 () A group
4hioe, walked. Collins struck out. Hodges. Cox struck out. Labine struck board last Thursday in .move of French bishop today con-. NEW YORI, Oct. 5 (U ) -
HI Bauer singled through theNoruns,.nethe strike under.aTatt- sldered goin the Vatcan to t Pars dresake Jqu t
5-u left, WordllnR holdin g at none left. Two runs, one hit, no errors, Har the strike allowing hi a d the w amng the t
botto-left, Woodling holding at' ef. wotn err, rviinpla hecseo he"fra41e
second. Yogi Berra got a ground n a, le p ieas e of take factory w a
le double into left, scoring O i;.-... ar to seea o e derail court order pro- priests," who take' fctor obs had
Sflied out t Bar i deep riht tin singled to center to dr was reone on n worker-prt fallen pre t hard lar th' were
Woen illoo ed singled to left. Campnella went athe Yankees their th ty stest or i t to combat Communist ht r
,u ractuoaneo let Into elud a sattock a M r-,eyWa. e "an dt rOneldy hlroidoremn.
into left, sctrung EIGHT noNgii errors, 5IDTH NNING. b ina d e n 9a'
national. artinDODGte sn S: Gilliam fai ae Ir woheon po- f ~o t ee t. Iws omarshadla e L
N :ulnes. Martin got an aubomatle two- lef t.1 r.. lice arrested tWimd &ker-poes The ear.xun sll ne e d .
it. ar snede to lliM obinto safety" of the nation. Tn Cmmut that some man om dmontra-
r gorNod Ir MoGlia dboucad gRou n ut oelie Reinolds who rep om d Forde hot to handle for a single. Mar-tther Is for ha l Itte
tt was bobbled, Bauer scoring flieduout Baerin deep right, tin singled to center to drive It w foregone n sioorker-prits hae fallen prey hs bee ae t en
S urn reachillo sing first safe- o eese flied to Bauer. Robinson home Batthew B. Ridgwa he era re o ar t w rem-
y. cDougald hit into a d ou- the mound, hit, no singled to left. Capanella went gavethe Yankees their fI futoran J c-Out to combat Conunist a spoken ma i

walkeo aiet cut down at second try- left. rusterieleThe woerprestswho in- atter- A Vo9 nanergald dsO lonenta .
for a double, Bauer to Riz-a Mantle ar Lia n awa in In
.oy BstrCox to Gilliam to .am. Mantlteler dowenrarsdswinging.a oledav wntheio in mrkae ri eeheachdpist, n ronma.o felare One ., he aid I ne

Ses. Martin S: Reesegot an automflic deaep exsteed oeyrn when n made under hui o Weedels
t. ir le tgo le r iicentder. Rblnson doubled to left. er. n their t of, the car- ret iS i lt i f r
. eontd tinrpled.y ao n lhied. R eobinson stole third. Cfimpanell ry o re nal dteder on ~ in a n The soeasatn said= ne es as.
Tre ort, R eeto tagione u lamn d bounced out to Rizzuto, Robin- halctdinvitrooms. a hd aput .b ide Paulus s lt rSeported toed i
da n t he roled out to Collins, unassisted when they say mass and hse r wasblrh .Ri 4the.I m t
S SECOND INNINMGR eindgon otatniop izebe rio rnRmaae
OD .ERS ErDke nder Aed cComm an derbiuropegeyealsrou ofnWa ct

uta Furillo singled to righe Matthew B. Rdgway. Ie four oers there 5 inaie hedn e0ste alt
to the plate after the latter de-ider Ford grounded out to t crsi. V to t homes in Br-r
Iehas ordered a reexaminat otin and the. iet one.
YANEES Rie z toind DReese. Woodlig singled off del-e -
Two runs, three hits, one er lirm's glove Collins walked. Bau- Ftr activities and hs .forbidden 'Pulus wu laSt reported to been c ld UthtW w er
ro, two left center. Robinson doubled to left.eese tu r. In t h eir timrelng off, they car- ed.tu e il

left.prieets. their morinemgt, leflt Ri-lohoc Camren hu alesiu- o o stlctr.Caraeda Wan
t t tird. Woodlied fle Rot u.ereout terptal training of sedl-uai d to bT e retl "gbdean a nd r1. ... t
tdeleft. Rizzuto tagging up and scoring. Bteithekclplay.casehHodgestlant

l on the playR. Collins gotison nrans i the speckled work.lberauon arm" In Rtuia.
outout to Collins, unassisted. when they say mass and hear Germa. maneuver b ht f w to
OI negsinglloadtther oseOneror00or men Ugs
to let. eese fliederr out to Man- d more thn 1,00 rcraf forgenerals
at the platemaftercthe oatnb in whch "atMna
To runs.rehlnsed t ams glove. Collins walked. Bau-o it activities and has forbidden P'ns a rpte t a
ror. two left. er popped out to Reese. tourret hodrecrugingofyoung- bewokgti

nopriests for the movementorrun hit, no errors, omplised a t
evlien temporary training of semi- said to be Qtblflg a 'G riiZAfand11.

TH INNING narnsflied ton the specialized work. liberation army" first thl game at E Field, hi orantu e A
-DM ERS-SnidErskine groundedtnhbEOc P

out deep left. McDougald.-GilliamkskiedUWORLODSe..atlr emaneer U5 t-
i doto left. Reese flied out ito e Man- lm o, b A r es a
t--e o.nde Mock "corinick ad today.
No runs, no hits, no errors one, TO 1 per cent more read
pnou left. Dsea te-d t ta "

ttin" fOURTH INNING wld rd, io 'b the atoem in 'Or.letrat,
-J tu ouRS: Robtins flied to nRob- atemptsHE deal second base i"n the first ring he 6frthed]erntfr A game it Ebbets Field, i this organ
,o utone Cox' error., izzuto Lynda Me( osd NBrooklyn.d u e th as e atrcomdnAd

oi-eaHdges oouncea ouot t o Hodges. "I lst -- and easrred wotit
o 0.runs, no hits, no errors oone! 'tOot 0 r the Nr mr. Artead
tie, North Sen ed scaciu d

the t t OURTH INNINGIel.

" ,tridEuSr Ford skied to Sni- alrs;
Roblin singled throundedgh .Iere a
a middle. Collins fliced out to FordIr r d

rrapht. Bauer forced Woodlinmx at
sa a

.. EE FIFTHord skied to Sni- KEY BUI
Sdduble eft. C ons flied ball twen the to lar
hittnue forced Woodlinked rat
Nio runs, one hit, no errors, two IdneAirp hron at Ebbet Field. Broon. to Y third bel Dougald. oy ampanella Is
Snideran struck out monkeys knew what the base- Ithe oeo hir ho hit the game inning homer, nd Chuck reen, Dodger
minr emitting for Erskine, walked World SOrWew.eDukeoof a.sub- d ttt
struck out. urbanmewYrkio, pasted up the sm ns. ....

loft. trailing the Yankees two games to none, won the third same, 3-2. manager, 3-2tC.rI xrskin; who set a new aU-time World Series The spokesman also chaTrd
OpN.o.;I s.Itrtlk~fl out 14 Yankee' tte. Io that Egyd.Platn
tarizmed un ar sr th a
mistice negotiated between d
and the Arab states ter the

it both ass Eyp8 lw-C
with vloiatunk e ar
provisions the s sl mm sad.
and ~ehas*d to th
Iae-gyptian mxed arusstias
ne ld Israel fws te al-
1ed Intldeutu as partlculrl.
ye because of Egypt's "nfe
~ ,m'.~ accusations that Is-
idls lrolie
I I tr1 p ~r4 .1:.

C3i~ ~-7~Js~ ....

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