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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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SI fCot er For An Ho ur
.' Pu .- '";.
;. ., _S. ..

Aies, tieu ras, TtTo Pan Each Has Three
AAWAg-NOTON, eopt. 29 (UP).- Following President
j* 1 Esnhops toet latnight to President Reamn at Pan-
S.., "Ladies and tidtlemen, if I may have yoer indulgence
e' for just a mamens.
"We are hemeto this evening by having with as the C lo AA d a
chief of tate of a eaintry whose destiny is o intertwined
y with our ma that It has no other destiny except with Amer-
"It Is a smail enoatr, but It is justifiably a prod coun- A
S-- 0try, and one with aI dei history than our own.
"I tbnk that al f us here this evening would like to
PANMUNJOM, Korea, Opt. 29 platters assigned to talk to 859 join with me In a.nAt 4o this great country, one that is
(UP) Allied objections to In- prisoners, Including 23 Amer- advancing possibly y E apidly in Its awareness in what this
dia's operations threatened to- Icans who say they do not wish modern world means, In tk effiets to raise all its people to
dyto delay indefinitely the be- to bne. a decent standard of lving,. n its certainty that only through
Mlnog o "explanations" to T' Allies also found fault peace Interastlal peace may there be happiness for
i era resisting repatriationt wit the location of the Chinese- any of us. WASHINGTON Set. 29 (UP) Th P e
Sited Nations command but hut, situated on a sle "Ladles and e men, would you rise and drink with o t U S a o P c ee h e
at Indis guards had ovelooktng the center of e me to the Repub Pam." o United State and f conferred
pl their expand last prisoner compound, beca use otherfor bout one hour t night with only f
in distirlutln Pro- demonstrations could be staged
I eiflets within sight of men listenin to nl| i rs e i advisers present.
a3.0%,N ,orthx vh on e ui e i s Pa The conference between President Eisenhwer ndt

a ad beord f i The sources said that they discussed relation i
E b t. te o t a ened 1 l' though the armistice agree- CAIRO, Sept. 29 U9 Min- PLINT, Mich.. Sept. 29 (mP)- general between their countries.
Beth a ere i de- meant does not aet a dte for the later of National Guidance Saleh Chevrolet plans to build 1.000 Rem6n was accompanied during the conference by
l reo in th start of the talks, they must end Salem said today l rue aimed 'Corvette" sport cars a month two former presidents of Panama, Drs. Harmdio
e oSnaltA'. a bbt'" the Al by Dec. 23. forces had occupied parts of the beginning In January at a new
n t ws~.a. eosor in le CSn over The United Nations was head- demiltarod area mrnd Auga plant in St. Louis, a. and Ricardo J. Alfaro, and by Henr de Obrrio,
Seiat "ez- ing for a ma or clash with the on the gyptln-Irl ron- The pac body of the comptroller general of nam. teias," Neutral Nationa Repsatriation tier. 1w sj car wei only 411 o
...J & Comn ft (be C ion oveits s o poun Over-all weSht i.s 2,85 Eisenhower was aocc.nponied by Secretary of Sta
i hatm Com i~b h prm ers and accused it Medayi The Eptlan ~ ent has peundd. Ith is powered by a -ix John Foster Dulles, assistant secretary' for intauime,.
'. n ted h tents for of distributing Communist pro- smmoned th n- cnder, valve-in-head engine.
Sn t- amo the 250 anti- er-chef t o onsuta. Body panelow e made a icon ff J l Moors Cabot, and anbssade John C.
-m tion and hen notified the Joint a plant in 4sbtabula, .l ed yti
.-t. omniuloi Is Palmthe Armnistie CommIssoln hihpped to Flint where the cars
i ?1n held b .O ther em-e andr the rEgptlan deleatlon to are saembled. Only 75 of the --rdt Reon
Sw the United No of a car e beenmad so far. tarte h
S-t I ora na Porland. sw rehlon," althe ted ald. o. i a ward H. Kelley, manufacb.- state o hofr e
an4.. f. d PU. tI nagprer, s l.d the p1In V

M oJfmd with the U.O's Lit. len. Abd'l Nkh Amer tan beat as much as steer l.a"ni
"-scenan W" .s-.. w0s Fra Enjoy Visit =a.
.na for o ,mfde by the U.N, mmed distr- an sumponeth to lak reinVIT
!I:fc--><**; (,;- *" l l buton of the prpgnda t~af- elW ril" e 1 the 'fl y 't o ___ tob St oumt Vei id .
Ba d s n maahr TMi alets W r aomator ai, t o
armistice agreement. t details ofGTON, Sept. 29 (UP) Cmete
s 1 lk' Weg cad- i ~y~)~.~3 T A spokesman for the commis- e declined ato ove, ta o a -The Washington Post blish- A motorcade of five black r-
lo- etB H thadS6 o i eve ENVER, Sept. 29 (UP) CIO ion admitted it had circ e reported rael move, or ed an editorial today wecom dans left the White oue, where
0 President Wtea P. otherr document informing o ithe visit here of President Jos the President and Mrs. Remon
au pa a ptionP < redlted eaterday a P 1uth per ao he rhts and I-- Antonio Rem6n of PanamA. stayed overnight, at 10:15 anm.
.ear rate rd the tanda p of t eand rih aned r ANSAS CITY, Mo., Sept. 29 "President Jos6 Antonio Re- 1ST for Mount Vernon, a 200-
a r cSl for each Altertan (UP) -- Police stood grimly in n16n of Panam, who with Se- acre tract on which are the
SS within the next three year if or makt either the shadows today awaiting the ,ora de Rem6n is a guest in tha mansion and other buildings
of gear our machi to pro- for or against ft move b the woman kd- hite House, is the first cf that erve at t home oen-
ricn d sate to vist ral George Was on
.t. ,flor'e neee dhi arrete.d e the lelet a "ra a d ~ a the vct Ulnalre aince the inauguration of r es- autumn un mad A wa
i je stocky, 46-year-old eu- said i was studded with Com- o rsthe dent EIsenhower." the editorial ant and President and i. r
.i n'+ ,g e r enthralled 800 mnbersa of mun t phraseology. He .aid U v The kiduper Is a stockily- asid. man seemed to admire the wiI.
a a pT e Oil Workera Iterattonal some prisoners we ilnfuriat- P built. red-haiured woman. She 'It is fitting that the victor kept lawns and gardens that
.* Ion (CIO) at their 23rd an- ed they tore It Into. -.SW W.2 whisked Bobby Orenlease. Jr.. should be w ao wel.cme surround the historical bufli-
"It shoul l .. al convention ho rs today The propaganda et.. be- Reinfored o s of policemen fm elusive Catholc school edet Bermn ,g'_'ngs. At the house of
thn he blasted bin business. leved to have been distributed patrolled this prwlinyesterday forenoon, evin his Psdent o tIn w she. re-W.hnon taePre-s-on e
to lnar dinlrtion Saturday night, came in the wa today as the deade father, obert C. Grdlese. 85 n othentd his signature in the gut book
SJ i M pha tween two "ival labor organa- bed unde a oct 's care. potanre to l country the PotomPac River to pose for
the 1a1 e u er1sa uIntkerre nV oontl*,

.re its p tf Wahington. attorney nbers in the Port of es. They re- h con ay. t
r p tio. P. Noonan arrived n Pn Nw other mem- mae round n- 12, President Rem6n was ar lary amed at oe
-a mur uAn. Bhnda for a weends vacationr be.n inoo Coast ports lro ns utr an autaoine conference known as the strong mani of capley dremoed ytte bey whe
: Ad e American r c who r ent s the port to Hampton a e mdwest t headqar na because of hs ctol j the pre ete
a 1 w trtofdepree ondohard r t a otaw on nhe Va. fro.- o celebr ationa in the fthad and white g altol a-

he P 3an war hwoided, but as-last november when a A ll detectives were "His regime haw succeeded in deInt with a smri box eameu.
'1 ,bo. r i.... rentU-nel board ction the states The e elled from the A- earne ti case and then bringing a considerable mear The principal ceremony came
a, ,t d tma t teis e ,ssotfnramto i review t anal em- is.t erttion of Labor nd wutode itheskidrITep vie- of order and etlaeoty to a conn at Arirngte sain Dan Cae"eary
le force. wa r not aiand rentals. At at rival e Ar, set up. all- fears w ei r essed fears tuou2 politics. en 11:30 ay I a)in d amea g e.

ue We wdp'eargilt our- thme the fowyer apreek' ed the ed a Pfor 12:01 a.m. WIT tor tei b09keaety. cfNo doubt one of hos main in- The drmetes) oB wooded holl*
waft H c. a tgbaktoB," he d. e mployes group for one day. Tpo tones shippers meet The ch ed makn tersts while he is here will be ing hills I. s stwuted across at e

eNoonan said his short vislt In demands. on hc the a tor several revision of the treaty between Potomac River from the capital.
ra.mM"., atw Is purely a vacation ad It e shippers until noon t request of Bobby's Pae na t aond the United tat Predent Remon. was met b
W % oreaN.wrMra u bUP- not CIbOt ou acted with business. or to comply. dect ets. e (Continued on Page Cole. 4) (C sd a Page CeL
Poole In. no fotliaddgaio lea" Walter F.seby thereVpos-iWW l Bon
IWa rnher Te s Phero-brId G Son: ifrabs Caniet Feoce dn_ Bth $50 esroftei r vw.B B emrigh.sanedration of AtiR .d ftde kdp v rr s to A i or n ig at i
e ar w. _M Mta.. Botr (Utr te %l) afte lML .ow e asked the De- Yoe alft. _o.. Nodyou... H e died to a ive u allOh had told her the da before r e
wi, threeeY empo roup fr one day. i ~nI.sshimess meet The caos.t ed maywing tered whRle ne Is here wlI nemg is I onstuaed croh e
._.t N.o-onan sa d hs short vlltt w demands. mou" t h n for severalnreviWion of the frea s betweenPotomac River from the capital.
She idwla purecorded msae Ne t shipters until noon J-1 t obby'd Then it was the mother's turn. Medal of Honor. I was ouldt
In tenthread whit u ies, moorroe to compty. o fe phl oaireh, o C on n ued on RP te bs aes. r. vemdone rele )nage 1m ed)
oHer Voice Hiltipm WirswEmotiOn,
dMother Tehels ProRTd GI Son: rI Can't Face

TheAnkig Ynred Taklic Al Chance With YourtSoul'

Ubi l 'ou' t av eet God.e POeiueyatoe ee 10-year-old twin on tIme slce'es said that.w try."
t.ePottla Howe, her voice braced cngm,. t rdvf en ,levnhis r enoAnd, oh, how many times I've b Mrs. Howe recalled the day
W awi then with uo- et u to rse1e. wanted to, Rick. I wanted to do her son was reported misls.

t e the message toi n d... aa kve and- t so much." "I turned to this to comfort 4
he ra 'P iard TInne- o to do," r n.aen. | She told him that the people me." she told him. "It has "-
ag, *, s. J-iZM. I began of Alden "have given you a 100 ed me a lot. the 27th Pah .i
S' evident trainedlper cent vote of confdence... from the Bible you were so ft-
ig _M Uted by the son you de n ase y kl"n theI and believe In you. They want to miliar with at home. Here's how
Ijm t YX wst put a Jam awayhelp you., It goes."
JIM. I to haveI Several years ago Mrs. rNv, a
Swt tp- w you 8a them. deeply religious woman, sugst Then she read It. ending with
-- 40 gR Of ,w.r 21 4 _5l, waltlan for you, ed to columnist Paul it of the familiar phrase:
Sv ...wear ye to crank. the St. P-al P IaW Pr that "Tha t I may dwell i th
Sa 'res. Ia campaigno be started to wite House of the Lord all the Mdays
,',.:to prisoners of war. It started a my life."
im bomb ... Oh. we love flood of letes. The end was s mle.
..G. loves ..and INow. Mrs Howe was..g o "o long,luck.his.
"d .f p lst Mu gon to save a "verbal letter" to he kom, who said,

,, :-::.- ....' -



'i *



.... A .


.u t TWO

-. -~ ~ .j~-4g~a.

I df

HAMNOIOS A.ias. U ao.1 "' M ee
07. H SrT r o P 0 Sox 134. PANAMA. R. 0 P. i
T1tLEPHONE PANAM NO 2-0740 45 LINes) .AB
24, MAnisoN AVE N EW YORK 417 N VCo m ent
PE MONTH. iN A DANCRE 1 70 S 2 0
*~I w, VA, nv f VANCw Nc ____t o 0By Victor Riesel

appearances on the flood-lit AFL
lX h tonal personalities who have re- .*
Shaped world history, or are a-
bout to do so, has obscured a re-
port which may well affect the .
The Mail Box is en open torum fon readers .t The Panama Amer- power of the very men who have
ken. Letters are received tatfully and are handled in a wholly confi- flown here in special Constella- """" .-
dential manner. tons and Army planes.
If you contribute a letter don't be impatient it it doesn't appear the tions reand Aport was barely listened
meat day. L*tirn re published in the order .eceived. to by the delegates, who were el-
Pleae try to keep the lefteu limited to eoe page length. other debating among themselves
Identity d letter writers is held IJ 4steiMt of.tidenet. whether to give Secretary of
This newspeper assumes as responsibility for statemente as opinions State John Foster Dulles the icy
em.Oeed itersn h nm reers. treatment which frosted Dick W S
0 Nixon or arranging to whoop it l
Truman, whom they love so
Sir: much. '-
I havnt wrote to you fer a long time now. I been waltin fer The report, presented by the
Rita Haywood to get married to Mr. Himes because I figgered AFL's political director. James
that there warnt enough room in any newspaper fer two clowns. L. McDevitt, revealed that the
As long as Haywood and Himes was keeping the people happy and Democrats need only four more
content with there lives and keeping, up the suspense iften they seats to control the House of
were goin to get married or not; an half the people bopin they Representatives. And McDevitt
wood and other half hopin they woodent; and what was left disclosed that the AFL, as Its
r.ot givin a hoop ner holler iffen they'did er not, why I felt I leaders later told Mr. Truman;
wood be running second best to try to beat that thar kind of com- were ready with specific plans
petition. to spend money and manpower
But now that they done it and Missus Haywoods two children in specified areas to win those
by two other guys was watching there new pop marry there maw, four seats, as well as certain
I guess I can get back to my job and letter writing and eatin like Senate spots, to deprive the
I useta. But Mr. Editor, itfen you get any more news flashes Republicans of political power .
about Mr. and Mrs. Haywood-himes, you gotta promise you will next year.
print them on the sports page or you an me is gonna have words. This would mean that Presi-Y ,-.
An now I can get back to my filin. Gorsh, since I havnt dent Eisenhower would need the 9, H
been able to work lately, the number of circulars I got stacked pro-labor section of the Demo-
up Xer filin from the Accounting office and the Personal office, cratic Party for votes to put <'
has me plum wore out jist looking at em. Looks like to me, every through his program.
time Mr. Steers sends out a circular, Mr. Doolan sends one out That explains why the Pres-l
two. Or maybe Mr. Doolan gets one out first and then along dent ripped three of hil Cabinet ."
comes Mr. Steers with hisn. In case you don't know, Mr. Steers members out of their work to fly
writes his circulars fer the Accounting Manual and Mr. Doolan here to the AFL session..
writes fer the Personal Manual. I like Mr. Steers better Mr. Nixon hit town at 2:40 a.m.
Doolans because all you got to do with his Is read em an file em. Wednesday and Dulles had- -- ..L
With Mr. Doolans, they got to be assorted. It aint two hard, the Army ferry him to and from
mind. He tells you which pages to take out art which pages to the United Nations debate with
put in and which words gotta be changed. Keeps a man on his the Russians.
toes like a crosswords puzzle. Mr. Steers circulars are shorter These missions, ohis that of
but harder. I cant understand them at all but they shore sound Mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby, were C O
strong and important. Someday Im gonna ast somebody what made at the special request of .
they mean. I cant understand Mr. Doolans either but there more the President. The assignment
un to work. for Nixon, for example, was tel-
But Ibet in the long run Mr. Doolan beats Mr. Steers. Seems phoned oersonall by Mr. Els- By DOUGLAS LARSEN
like every page in the Personal Manual been changed at least ehihower last Tuesday.
four times and the Accounting circulars get changed only twict He telephoned his Vice-Presi- o -
each fiscal year. Up to now that is. dent lone distance and said:
Since I aint wrote to you'fer such a long time I sat down and "I want you to deliver this
wrote a pome. It started out like this: message in person. The AFL is WASIHlNGTuLiN- Kittenish cookies who play hard to get, tod big, too Imoortant, an organ- been put into President hAsennowera Denver Budget cellini
But dangle there bait jist to make men sweat,Ization lust to get a cold note economy message to federal agepcid. ear '54-'5. The
A r e all wet. from me on a slip of paper. You He sent the letter after Cd ed to last. appropriatiU
I was gonna make that pome longer, but after reading it over as my personal represent raise the legal debt lmitatlh a spbbllon. the budget. Tm
a couple of times, looks like that's all there is to say on the sub. tive.0 Eisenhower aoes not want to call a special sea- to get t, e opera
a coule oNixon, knowing that AFL lead- slon of Congress should spending threaten to put that level by Jul
jet" a- e m gam ers believed he had prevented the debt over ltalt figure. ,
ade.e am their getting the kind of labor The order to each agency on how this savings Therefore, for
__ laws they wanted, demurred po- is to be accomplished, which the White House be steady firing
lately. He thought he'd be badly has issued, Ia a smart adibinstrative device if'it that- level;.The
received and would do harm to works. But it's sure to set up an awful howl from firings all on o
the President's prestige. many quarters. over a lon e
thing more pals
"You go anyway," President It forces Just about every bureau and office in White House ho
Eisenhower said. "Anr don't government to start making cuts tI personnel *
CN sTRAL Jus d saIdv.e A nessae. Talk and.spending as of. the start of the second quar- It also means
just d^ f esage. Talk terof the present fiscal year. It means that the ficlals go to Con
Sor y s .elLt .i these know screams will start when aciltic services begin tons they can r
ST AYwhat you think, a-d tL theI to be reduced in Octob4W*,*' trial hundred m
gyet to know yea personally It also means the departments will not be per- billion, which ha
Nixon came, spoke and lunch- emitted to spend all of the money which Congress be turning mon
Sed with most of the AFL execu- appropriated for them. ,planned, ap aim
Presents: tive counch. Just before the par- By spreading
fait and coffee came, and after The size of these new cuts in spending, which months the Whi
considerable twitting by the the White House has ,Impoaed, Is a better-kept make them less
ebullient Jimmie Petrillo, Nixon secret than the number of atomic bombs n' the congteasional ele
.--. heard gruff old Dan Tobin, pres- stockpile. In each -department, only the secre-
ident emeritus of thd Teamsters tary and budget officer know the amount. It's The best esti
CENTRAL Last Presentation 9:00 p.m. Brotherhood, say: the same for bureaus and office down the line. from five t9_ 20
"All right, Dick, next campaign And woe be to anyone who spills this figure. priated by Cong
I won't be so tough on you." So The Whit6 House Las let it be known in no un- is socked hard
PANISH ORCHETRA later, up in his 10th floor suite certain terms that thf size of tab new cuts Is a Labor, Commerc
"CAA k1111 A OL at Jefferson Hotel Nixon sat for top actDimlilstratlve ftense'have allit
"CAPRICHO SP A UL over two hourjistening, mostly, fill .- a
to, ex-Labor Secretary Martin From January to J*rly the President was able
Si PROFESSORS AAD S3 ,INGERS! Durkin, acting Labor Secretary to lbp 88,m00 persons ro the federal 'payroll. The That's one of
Lloyd Mashburn and to the new reductions could be bigger than that. The White Hous
APL's Reoublican labor men, These are actually two goals In the White men to find. t
Maurice Hutcheson of the Cat-' Hfse economy move, a spokesman explains. The will i Ah
centers and Dick Gray of the first is obviously the saving of money. The see- the Wk
powerful Construction Trades. ond is the hope to avoid a package of drastic will be able to
Nixon told them the President firings at the start of the next fiscal year, July complaints.
4Iwants to work out the Taft- -
artley law changes with them I
and asked for suggestions right
along the line, even as to their
attitude on a successor to Dur-

I gilvana MANGANO and Vlttorl GASSMAN, In

and -


Costs Less To Sell
a House This Wav!
you itl test you get eoui
rice you cof it t less ea ct to
you when you run little Went
Ad inm 'h. PnBB-e American

wylag. selling, rntins
o swepIng. use
fm Want Ad&


kin. W I | W-iW I W W ?1MmW
. They parted friends. And Nix-
oi headed for the airport know- ,
hng he had completed a missalon
-he had drawn the lightning
publicly and had made friends THE BROADWAY LIGHTS-.
privately. .
Dulles arrived the next day Stagfe D"ee Pelaelope ME YU9g U n g9 h
and really took the convention actress (sh ,w an Award
He was warmly received by three artful Pf Moss B rt' an. e
of the AFL's most powerful men Eden")I s ls Britain owe sq s
-Matthew Woll, David Dubinsky in a I'dL i s'taurant.. No e
and George Harrison. the latter That was shew r Sheree Noh g be'
two traditionally the most a- tra B line at *0 57th Street O nut
areslve anti-Republican d Office the et mate. "a (in
Along withv Meant R hb n edrs, which she was a ;right spot) na s rl i the
|Alon with Meany. they nodded weekend before..L player If "V to
their approval as Dulles praised Eternity pa marked tisem
their anti-Communist work a- waiting for the all eu hop'm
broad. And they didn't duck be- abouL Mickey I nessy (an obseure comle)IC)
ing photographed with him. as landed rlht a e Burt Lancaster In many
they did when Nixon finished. of the eIsk' lee... Dolores Gray, star of
And the delegates believed the illdated "C s- in Flanders," reports: "I
what Dulles said and that he am hearteslk, f wi' L us werkefi ba 1
wns not just buttering them up. am afraid the .'Were J "....
The applause proved that That's week fqr the et Besides iEs GOf eW .- '
a vignette of things to come slon, pihywrigbt T. Eliot dwilare: d"T etiaes
Mr. Elsenhower's matching his are never w gl" .. "
foreign policy against a conserv- ..- ..- '
ative domestic policy in his ap- The Cliemal ft Caioosn '
proach to organized labor. of heartbea Its 'A
Does he stIll need to worry a- song-and-sigh
bout the labor chiefs? They say volves such c .
the answer is in their political time-kill .
report. which revealed: profound ag
"Evea though Eisenhower and loneliness wa ...
got the meet votes in 297 of from Left le a the Medioi.y U...
the nations 435 congressional "A Lion ls In t Strets" exhibits the o fa of I
districts, o1ly W' .Bpublican an uitmd da uo, jJ Cagag ,
congressmen were elected, Plays. YLh with bs r n
compared to 314 kmecrats, .." i s am t t I
only three more than the able. l t ..amhe
number needed to control the aims to elie rra 8 wk... Time
House. Actply, the Democra- Gentlemen, r t .pip-poop fre U1a01 !M
tic congressmen poled about More so-w. a t-ho.
200M,00 more votes than did
their Republican opponents -' a Gtnt.
"Contrasted to 1947, when t we
(AFL) had only 83 friends in the or mge
SHouse vote against TaftHartl-e eyhe ut a gla "
we can now count on more than theS r!
160 friends, even after the 1952 at the
election. I W
"In the Senate we did even w
better. A total of 38 friends of th Oner
labor were in the Senate after the n't
the 1950 election and that is ex-i eae.
actly the number whom we IlaundB..
Count as friends after this elec- thyre...
L'ou We brokl ever--."* "briht Utta. ..



I '
; 1

_% -t '


-* -

1,'* .

he way laite
Is haveb'een.
y're c ?
ona in
y 1 of i n s
the ne g
s and.

table t o
Dpe- .

ograa i
il ons,
ad been th .
ney bae. the Tri
lost U e ofr aitusit
out c ts over t
ite Hou Iso probal
of L. catmpLtign l usu

mate is that reductions r
per cent below amount
ress. The Department of Ji?
d, according to reliable rep
e, Interior, Agrictlture and
een given, substant y lo

ate -reasons for all 'the se
e I'oesn't want speelfic cong
&b"t program reductions w
Districts. It is honed thA

Zero. WtIdea of entrtainl
on the -kulls of contestar
bored with That One,.."M<
dicUes a tnlne in In onU
the x elie-worn come
iK lat-B ded Prof.. .Stud
tlzed the stark terror of <
"1984," You've met nicer fpl
..."Letter to Loretta" has
playing pott-offlce Y&fa
She soleaseg blB wi


was neps u h bier-E M
lace of tertai hostlity on XX
figure that if the new taxdo
retailer eeyt hime eMake a
withthe a DOi.W .-,.
,The Tmagury has taQienfu
which exempts foodand
all other conummer
facturer. not the. rft l6.,

!9d olw torrk soun

to put across a atin
Ing civic orgnmtions T
edieab d culUa opinion and
sales ta3

:4. a


.1. dhii0

1406W.. w

~tdlsiug nu gOln the PreMadat to' .
r, the Presldent doctors hay*- the tinald
steady uhap y about thea numbert a
sg around toe country, Thev wVat tlhnk

?*ahUI "^ifm AL'-1^ :"-




(.- -

* .'' -


If ve'ie b


_ ____ ___~ ___ ~ ~____~_ __ ~____ ___ __ _C ________r _

I a 00 M A lk I A K A A A & A Ow &a I A" A lk a




k RA3H

7 17-



m. i

I our
t war]

p -

LI M att bhe last of doxiss ol hMO eocse-
In miasn n ratttvaweU against the s Is oampletsd around
(i f t houno on ** fhta larda-it by loods of last sOrin
*. .., C... 4.i purtMa,lMe -

++, Y.++ =+: .. ... '++: I

I -.



ir then 'c 'eeaeb ite "ndeed,
up same people, the salme ff the
old isolate beme dint
S of circumstances the ew na-
Sw ," tionaUltse the nPew I rlt.
; And basially thir i at hvee
ee not changed. They are at! anti-

are clamoranl everything hat nqoa square
f l with thqei own lthej es
Mr. Truma id the our fre-
at doms 'n th M dnopt as-
a sure "the goodalfe." O the
dinner W dedication of f ie nen to these
Hotel I of freedoms coan akn*the good
honor. life com, to pa," hMaid.'
He received tt o e o t to i when
fourt nmnu award for these rigti arel'. and
ln the freedoms *'"t make ourselves ad n the
forth I he late Preat wrong Is righted,"
Roosevl- t- 14. "We ought to feel In
Mr Ttman cad on tree dignatlon over the vla of
men to S their freedom liberty, not ony wr pri-
by ow a It takes vate Interests but
to *s to It: or. to whenever the' tftamental
Stai aN Maolty rights of Iay a ofuare rstp-
wrfhgo1 fntu In- ped on.
S Mr. Truman g would b
our killing to seekoluUo of dif-
faceS erences with 0 SovIet Union
p through "t t and 'peaceful
said, C egotion."
"We have to give tbe.ord ----ld-
example, to help st the te
the community of the free a* ge
tioons uropean
in defendli the f ted o ie uroper n
Tapec an
andlear, i MiaB. an Comman 'lnf,
tked ook burners," o mm n '
who want to eut u taxes "wh WAS IGOR, aep. 2 ()
the danger Is O or ot," -The Armiy, a hift.of several
those who attack the United Na high oftieers today a ted
ttos because "it is full of top- Lt. Gen William M. o s
elgners." commander in chief of UJ. At-
In Los Ane, hse said, school my forces in Europe.
otbeta about t On. Ant y C. McAulffe,
te uel now deputy cief of staffer
S ultu Organ- operations will take command
S"betause of the 7 Ary n Germany
of mind fear t from o in d-October.
rht s them." An uropean commander, 2o
"In Ww ngt, the investi- wisucceed Gen. Charles L. Bol-
ating frean rimes to new te, who arrives here Wednesday
heights," Mr. Tman said. She to become vice chief of staff.


Swedish Crystal

'D -nis i Ster ing

Ceramics.. .Limoges China

Panamanian Handicraft

Shops at:

Hotel "El Panami" and Tivoel

Ave. No. 6


~Lr~! -~

I j ,~U ~ m *"* ** "'1,' .

ri'.. :
- ,T I'
,+.. THE A

.a.., ~,

-. -..

.~* ..



,. -.:* .'^ ^h ^. ,-
"' let "

; + t, .


r '. ,
I*., .
LJ; '. U *-
^. ig

.' ..s.q

,i,5~ S



Vasp SaupWusp

2311 2466



US- $2865

4 13. 2451


Your Community Station
Whees 100,000 Pqisel Me,

Today, Tuesday, Sept. 29
8:15-The Little Show
3:30-Music for Tuesday
400-Sunny Days
4:15-8outh or the Border
4:30-What's Your Favorite
5:35-What's Your Favorite
6:00-The Band of America
6:30-To be announced
7:15-Excursions in Science
7:30-To be announced
8:00-The Juke Box Review
8:30-Instrumental Capers
8:45-Commentary on World
News .
Tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 30
9:30-Jazz Club, U.S.A. (VOA)
10:00-Jorge Fazola and his Or-
10:15-Latin American Serenade
10:30-Variety Bandbox (BBC)
11:00-The Owl's Nest
12:00-Sign Off
9:00-To be announced
6:00-Sign On- The Alarm
Clock Club
7:05-The Alarm Clock Club
7:30-Morning Salon
8:15-Morning Varieties

19:15-Come And Get It
9:30-As I See It
10:00-News on
10:05-Off the Record
11:05--ff the Record (contd.)
11:30-Meet the Band
1,2:s05-Luncheon Music
12:30-Popular Music
1:15-Personality Parade
1:45-Lum and Abner
2:00-Three Quarter Time
2:15-It's Time to Dance
2:30-Afternoon Melodies
2:45-Battle of the Bands
3:00-All Star Concert Hall
3:15-The Little Show
3:30-Music for Tuesday
4:00-Music Without Words
4:15--Sepia Parade
4:30-What's Your Favorite
5:35-What's Your Favo r i te
8:30-To be announced
7:15-The Jo Stafford Show
.1:30-To be announced
.500-Evening Salo ..

9:0--Educating Archie (BBC)
9:30-The Haunting Hour
10O00-The Bing Crosby Show
10:30-The Reith Lectures (BBC)
11:00-The Owl's Nest
Explaation of Symbols
VOA-Voice of America
BBC-British Broadcasting
RDF-Radodiffuslon Francalse

Capom aUgsMer
hmm b Oicago

In Deporalin Case
CHICAGO, Sept. 29 (UP) -
The government today agreed to
return Capone gangster Nick
Clroella, alias Nick Dean, from
New York to Chicago for a ha-
beas corpus hearing fin its fight
to deport him to W native Sici-




and novelties from the four corners

of the world.


g, 'S


Je lix 's

for the edt t tourist busj

Sastantial SavinS On...*

Finest French Perfumes
French Costume Jewelry
"Pringle" Cashmere Sweaters, Scarves
"Dent's" English Doeskin Gloves
Rolls Razors, from England
Italian Angora Sweaters, Stoles
'Italian Ceramics
Men's Italian handmade Ties
Swiss Pure Silk Stoles
Swiss Music Boxes
Swiss linen Handkerchiefs

Spanish Leather Handbags
Spanish Mantillas and Fans
Siamese Sterling Silver Jewelry
Penam n Native Dolls.

No. 11 Ceomral AvMiue No*. 8 pIoU Aan-
*" **
{ '

ithe in the ce of
0. will tae yo urw aidy. = ta
de- fabulously in a woman's ear. Choose from
able our election for that sureme
or anniverl ry

S aaFaTH
,DUTY / r
It Is a pleamre to pk I ta fet of Cass Fastieh new.
We wNI gtair ay7r p"ari-W W esM.

| Ntijew
P.-. _

. .. A- -.4 -
i. \ -.- ~

S /



.. 8 .


___ _~





I..- :I- ,iirf iiiiii iifw n I ----*-* -----


.": .

> _,'


,,'t .'
.., ,-.+ ..



; fjg5; v


Written for NEA Service

S A KQ .r542 There's more to making an
S7s A 3 introduction than just identify-
8 7s 2 J10 9 4 3 ing two persons bv their right
SOUTH names. To be really gracious a-
dK.n 1 9 3 bout it--you've k ot to make each
Sia l person feel ou are doing the
S. 9 8 : other one a good turn In getting
4* &Q5 them acquainted So put some
I Nir ,is %,ie otarmth and feeling into that "I
Nelhmer ade ,. h want you to meet' routine--sol
ub ;out.h Test pNorh that it DOESN'T sound routine.
Pass I A rP, ,q;
So i.d u' The idea is to sound s sound as though
Pas., FP.s ou really care about those two
Opening lead--K K persons knowing each other.
value in continuing that suit.
It is usually v ie for the de- The bidding made it clear that
fenders to hammer away at the South had nine cards in his two
unbid suits. This puts itn up to bid suits, which left room for
declare to lead h i bid suits bv only two clubs in the Southu
himself, giving the aehenders'hand There was therefore noi
their best chance to win tricks future in leading clubs.
In those bid suits. .
i By the process of elimination.
The most common exception; West came to the conclusion that
to this rule occurs when a player! there might be something in a
lelds a short suit, hoping to get i switch to diamonds. He was pret-
asuff before his trumps can be ty sure that his partner had on-
drawn. Far less common, because ly two diamonds, and the situa-
seldom recognized, is the situa- tlon was therefore promising. which the partner has to Hence at the third trick West led
lead the bid suit In order to oGl- the seven of diamonds. East
tain the ruff for the partner- promptly took the ace of dia-
ship. Before we get tangled up monds and returned the suit.
with partners and suits, let's
study the situation in an exam- This was exactly what West
ple. had been hoping for. He could
'now promptly win the first round
West began by taking two, of trumps and lead a third round
rounds of hearts and then look- of diamonds for his partner to
ed around for new worlds to con- ruff. This imaginative defense
quer. South was obviously out set an otherwise ironclad con-
of hearts so there was no great tract.







Pacifle Terminal Bldg. Masonic Temple Bldg.
Telephone 2-1258 Telephone 3-2161

~hthlb I t'lI. Plaaeter

I Comndion4mc. I

a E3L C 1I,
U 3-15;,rIk4L T

1 Comic master 1 Opin .
of ceremonies, 2 Sea eagle
--Miller 3 Military
5 He appears on. assistant
the waves 4 Cuddle
8 He has 5 High card
several 6 Electrified
motion particle
pictures 7 FJl#wrs
12 Iroquoian 8 Optical
Indian phenomenon
13 Dove's call 9 Greek god of
14 Persia war
15 Termini 10 Native of
16 Abstract being Denmark
17 City in Son of Seth
Nevada (Iib.)
19 Drunkard
1 Enounters 21 Rodent
20 Expunges 23 Anatomical
22 Land parcel tissue
24 Droop 25 Festive
25 Saluted esive
29 Doctrine
33 River in
34 Ignited l
36 Summer (Fr.)
37 Fairy fort
38 Air (comb. -
33 Indonesian of
40 Poker stakes N D '2
43 More than one
46 New Guinea /
48 Faucet -
49 Pilfers
52 Wanderer N
56 Hops' kiln
57 Scatter, as hay
60 Alms
61 Number
62 Biblical I" -
63sAges u
64 Winter vehicle
65 Operated i
66 Orientalcoins

The Pacific Steam Navigalbn Company

Royal Mail Lines Lid.

S.S. "FLAMENCO"................................Oct 4
M V. "SALAMANCA" .............. ...............Ot. 1
M.V. "SALAVERRY"........ .... ................. Oct. 7
M.V. "BANTANDER"......... ..............Oct. so
a.S. -",DA kAO"............. ;...... ................. Oct. 1
s. "C GArTH........ .................. Oct. 1

I *l j

S.S. "LOCH R3AN"... .......................t.
M.V. "DALERDYK" ........ ..................Oct.U 8
AU BallinK Subject a Without Notle e
FORD CO. INc. BANAMA--A. a *5Te, Tl. 3-1 /
S BA A- m Bldg. Te

fmewo4m du4

This Bottle Is On You

Isi-. .
; .A tI W"
-,,M ,..-, .. -**;**/ "* ''" u ";j i ^ ^'". .f '1^,',

Royalty slet


- -I


- -..

5I.-' I ~

*~ ~:


- :"~iSn u


sI AL V 1- .1


A IMV---
- I^^ OLEhb





w~,' ..

- t~i~ N

m 's i 'u I .' .fI, ) .il .I
OWN Rao 155, ---
- 'I '- "- i U a 4s& -~i "rie iifc !^*,r '.I f~o v' !rri.:


Sign of Trouble


p -


pOG pOrrItr

i^n, onSu\Km
TUB=mJ .mrsms asnC

26.Sbower 47 E4
27 Formerly eU er
28 Expires .48 Male chIid
30 Approach 8 0 Dozmi
31 Feminine SRO1tappe
appellation 1&In-
32 Kind of duck ,......."
35 Allowance for qusat Jmm a g I
waste 54 Woe un i
41 Puffed up ULayu i .,.
42 Room (Fr.) stobu (110.)1
44 Mover's truck poes lb t "
45 Lyric poems 53 Camwe i-i


A *.




u f.~7


Illl"a~~~~ s~

"RPmn.-o-Ti m" Noamwoo. give DACon new
superiority in clothing values. :Tog w. thy make a
combination that spells uslaidy ma. you've ever
before experienced.
The unparalleled merits of DuPoinr's DACI Polyester
fiber Mended with 50% vimas.r yo;.wNlft. a fa brick
that is remarkalble for it reistan and recovery from
wrinkles; shape retention (wet or dry).% quick drying;
strength and durability; meth-prof.
To this add the famein Nem eo. nase and the
exclusive "RBrm,-o.mux"-aps mussel, amrrApelem
34% -w pswusy feisl-ft'mwi, pliu NoearuL's
exvmiM pAlniple of PMNns-w ir Dega --g .
"RwmUa-ue" biafaso Dams Tuorear--'
In SOid elrs-rerse At amew phascles of tpopeny
Sf thM Ef c eud-EDmOO.


LA ?4,A*. OTA

---- -------~r nrr~LI (L.1 e e**

*KV W-%FW; ***. *

.*^ysiuM -**'*' *
^T -^ f

hi Mrs. G a~ Cam I-m-- W,.,-
h5 .r 3ort Kobbe Officers
5And Mrs. ..**el mothl
"S d,'nci ,-Mr. Shap ot tto
AIL a.,. pGarde
*w0 tailiI.,iI
otfopl U a.of Pens-
a thand diplayed weral
AIA ow. He also ned each
A to Panama=P ul and described prelar-
l do Prado ef 0 1 a so ne .,., di*L .
ft '

Leood" 'Oc-f

ait visit nh
ha mother, n teume for this month are
a Shelton of Can- Mrs.N. C. McDonald and Mrs.
o.Leo P. D'Artenay.
& A* Sd MRti U A.Lov"er'
aC uaal e B--aetSIT&n- eda"
IIaxelsco Ln Club will meet oll Wednesday,
Era." o gud Octrt e at, a-U:4 p _4 the
abyt.wwchl ] ^ Center,

i' theatre s -a
i'. AnM P. Engel of Wood-a "Rebeeas" C t
ad&1U Island and the late The Theatre Guild announces
Engel. that casing has been .com-
. .-" h pleted for "Rebecca" by Daph-
.t. and Mrs. William Car- ne du Maurler. Under the dl-
eiB ella Vista announce region 9 Gracelyh Jobaston,
of twin namm ,_Jw q .Ikacl..* J. -p td.
Cardof afl4b* frd r 17 'through: Oc-
iCardeae on September 6 tober 31 at the Theatre OuId
Fernando Clinic. Workshop, next to the Ancn
GCardose4s the .tmer f jum. .
lftlctrSku rservatlons may be
'MAl. Robert T. Lih of made by telephoning 2-341.,
The cast includes W. L...M$4
eltsI MSe r n, Arlene Lincoln, Nant-
HL Q M l6SYte Lynch, Walter Lasont,

w gar Wx aoI 11
i~kthw Inclu i.dedte

r rI


scue.n.ore b-.a. workers

by a dSae w ceb set off
explWis of .nearly sto*geg
Two Hlundrei shipyatd worg-,
erma -WmdwenM women cleaners
:were removed safey from the
tanker Amvu Bay y two tugs
No injuries were reported.

South Korean

Ambassador To US
Be0teh9 IyThugs ,
OU. Korea, Sept. We
's Yas Bouth fo-
Ihan ambassadorr to tne Utht-

goblet and three wine classes.
The gold. service Included four
forks, a soup spoon and two
nearl-handled knives. On the
back of each was the old-fash-
oned signature, "Presildent's
PfId4ent and Mrs. Elsenhow-
er teceved the guests in the
Blue Room. The men found
their dinner partner, in the East
Room before proceeding to the
dining room.
Throughout the uniformed


Your House
-rith New Styles


I weunes- OH

To s-


b.Ce, m


: (

~. I

"Wrything for mits-al moppets eute-
-can-be, comfortaMs as-can-be
iges too chooae.St caum bw s

waru.eow rom our
preat Mg, uy pria aeletidi

Y ouWith $25.00

OlOb $9.50

Yv4lp Wnkh $9500
Onb $10.00


**- *r de. ,
rs pimaste o offer
A -faenines to



4.. J
V. ~

-4 &

- t.,


.5 1 'j o -,
uwS Tr er no o


At Whiae f

Wf orNG'.o9 gpt 3 (UP) Marit
In The

Show, Corom t o old table .ch matt
JIIVW the e :ra Al
Dance At V or more tan 6 yesar the the
TMorue Tr mi m ntton. Min,

el *Ithip h r~ mon on hisal:1t
UThe istlpuower ot. at oHonn
0peal vote e.,lp t t6r "Misse r. Directly Pw. 1 L Iden o Val la
HIMw.e. MpParis vWl' be held aalcarved 4eh rs. !com-
at W la' totiay at tW Pueblo ;ealt the pcaii fplgdent Unitr
Nuev It veoa9 I with M. h r. The 48 legal
by the u ebl *y private gith est.m to$ In gilt and
School whien C, lpo0aln- a arI wlt.te a aide-
grand bol room tron ,,, h it Id
ion sly. walled w t. with Als
lo ta Ith a gold Mrx.
cal Pr1rate,, and,
iocludis-l Bd A-l'1
orama of Secr,
dya e nlsO was Geor
pI enit, chtas, alse of D)
to Jell me 1Y the wilsc
C C 1. EachMrs.
dSS ? n wed;en m ast
Tae contestants In the voting President's sepl. Each udmiris- Sum
T Elena Arond, nors Me- .tntration resents a gift to the ,rior
are ElenCa Armond, Norma Mer Wite House for use on state-0c- Secr
Kenzie, Cynthia Ellis, Maria caaions, iMrs.
Newell. Bernmioe Brown. Oladya sIofIH M
eBoyd and VItams P'rcld. A mirrored "surtout de table," fare
:' ..- also washed in cold, extended liam
ATunnese 9erly 20 feet at the hepd of the
table. 'C1td the entire length Al
S"'r "o--^, of theab .urve were Inter--,.
Fire-Tropped ittar angments of e. d Bo
.e nd ca a. eadh 11 phO Mr.
ScottishWorkers c mdle., o."0. _I o- Un r
and low rold bOWIW of yeow Bede
OLABsbiOW, S9otland, sep. raes. daeile. and snapdrarons. Chat
12 MfU _-P n Tunita today 'r- At-'each TrIce were a 'ryatal taf


Of hes Sth Cngress of L A. H. A.



ne Band played from a cor-
I the lobby.
ose invited by President
Mrs. Sladnbower to the din-
ncluded: the Ambassador of
ma and tfeors de Heurte-
e; the H ble and Seflo-
lejandro ltenmw brother of
President; Alfredo Altman,,
sister of Finance of PlMama;
arable and Sqflora HRITarlque'
)barrio. Comptr6oler Goner-,
he Honorable Joaquin Jose
arino. Member of. advisory
nittee on relatipUq with the
ed States; Dr. Isala. Pinflla,
advisor to the President::
Lt. Col. Franklin Bernal.
so the Vice-Presldent and
Nixon; Secretary of State
Mrs. John Foster Dulles;
etary of Treasuiry and Mrs.
*ge M. Humphrey: Secretary
defense and Mrs. Charles E.
on; Attorney Ogneral and
Herbert Brownl; Post-
ter OGeneral and Mrs. Arthur
merfl'eld; Seca of Inte-
and Mrs. Dodtlas McKay:
etary of Agrieulture and
Era T. Bensmon; Secretary
Health, Rducation and We]-
Oveta Culpr Hobby and WIl-
Pettus Hobby;
so Senm* Theodorp Fr;an-
3reen, Senator and Mrs.:
rke B Hlckenlpoper pf lowa,
and Mrs. Sherman. Adams.
ersecretary of State Walter
ell Smith and Mrd. aU ,I.
irnAn of the Joinb'(dhletfof
f Admiral Arthur W. Rald-
and Mrs. Radford, Assis-
Secretary of State for. In-
merican Afaln& John M. Ca-
and Mrs. Cabot;
ao .American Ambasador to
ama and MMr. John C. Wilev,
or General and Mrs. Paul J.
ller, Brigadler General and
. John B. Mhdarls, Ameri-
aide 'to President Remon:
mnel and Mrs. .G. Gordon
ire. Commander aes Mrs. ;d-
d L. Beach..








... I.. ..

'. *; t ...' < ". '.


Coa ,



$ 60.oo ,

Sood rf tray a made la
S.aa.,A j .tWfuly designed and
1. 4id o6or.4, j Vt a.ft to take


$ .,~UI!I5~IIIil
I .*
IL. ~i~iz:
J *~

- '' II

" '




if j-'f- r-- -. ,r < ** i

' p *






.,' --*'-c'" -. .,

-': .' ,

* r ,.,


-r ParnAM

You Sell'em... When You Tell'em thru P.A. dfik
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street ]Panima .
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

No. 4 rivoll Ave.-r-Phone 1-2291. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Via Espaioa No 34 ,- Panama R. P.
(Bella VbIsta Theut* @lh.)

Agencia Internacional de Publicacionem
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3190



10.059 Melendes. Ate.9pne W. Colo*

"H" Street con. ltudlanu
Phones 2-221' ,a.; M
'' 2.


Household Automobiles ~*G l p l WILLIAMS' Sonit Clar iBech Cm
~- v-- r J-UA RWrMIe4A;tel Ameam e tages. Large. comfortable. mo
FOR SALE: -- Bedroom, ivingroom J AG UA R i Aea C. I near beach. Balboa 3050 m ble
and dnimo set, furniture good X K-120 hara top coupe, spotless weekends. alboa 3050
rendition 4-7th Street No. 17. condition, 7,600 Ti'es, has factory DR. WENDEIHAKE. Medical Clinic. na
phoe installed radio, heater, competition Central Avenue "K" street, corner Gmich Santao ues
R SALEi car-s' distributor, and ignition 8- telephone 2-3479, Panama. Wages. !leeric iceboxes, gae
reOre r, pornce new unit compression, general white side SPECIAL EXCURSIONS via LACSA Gmb 4.56 PMdre
rgo, Call 2-1782 or 2-wall tires, Lucas hi-intensity racing PANAMA.MEXICO oneway $105,
-$Cl 7 rA E0 Phirips,' Oceanslde vettagoe, San*
moor, $7. Call 2-1782 or I headlights, this car can be bought 25 round trip $179.25 (15 day hilips. Oceansde ttages, S I
92. fcr $1,100.CC under States price limit) $165, good one year; to Clara, Box 435, Balb oa,
FOR SALE: -- Custom-built ebony terms, and may accept small trade- LOS ANGELES one way $179.50. Panama 3-1877, CristObl 3.-.,
b!ock mohdguny sideboard, Chinese in. Car is Panama duty paid. Phone round trip $312.89 190 day limit). Houses on beach. Snta. Clare. A#
modern Chrome and yellow Albrook 6148 days, Curundu 6241 Ponama Dispatch Service. 36 Ave- In COOL Campln mount I
dinette set. and other household after_ 4 Mp.m G c nida NcNacional (Automobile Rowl Phone SHRAIPNE, Blboa 1
item. Must see to appreciate. 800 FOR SALE:-1951 M excellent el. Panama 2-655 or see caroker there.
D, Tavernillo St, Balboa phone 2- condition, bright red. Tires almost Sitter. Experienced, offers fo serv- Foster' Cottag. One mile
3220. new, four extra tires suitable for ices from 230 p. m. on. C3p her Santo Claro. Pleaebri
FOR SALE:-Frigidaire refrigerator, recapping. Wheel pants, special a note. Miss Sheila, Box 134, Pan- linens. Phone Balboa 2-1866.
S- 60 cycle, perfect mechanical con- over-all top for rainy season. Com- oma.
diton, $1 15. Real Host 4-burner portable. reliable. Over leaving -- --FOR REN
gas stove, perfect condition, $50. country. $850.00. Call Cristobol 3- FOR SALE I
Magic Chef, gas stove, satisfactory. 1984 evenings. A HoUSe
$15. RCA Monsole radio, record FOR SALE:-1949 Oldsrrobile 76 De1 MiscellaneFR -tOUS,
pqyer, $6C. Mahogany double bed. Luxe 4-door sedan, new October, FOR RENT:-Bello Visto, 2 plro
mattress. $46. Mahogany buffet. 1949, excellent condition, new FOR SALE:-Mahogany China closet. chalet, diningroom, parlor, nuA
dishes, miscellaneous. Telephone covers original owner, 1- Argus 35 m.m. slide projector, room, and gorge. $130.00. Ph
Panama 2-3067. ___ 000 miles, $1,000 Telephone 523 Loro Place, Ancon.3 3-1713, from 8 a. m. to 4 p. .
FOR SALE:-Fiigidaire, washing ma-, Panama 2-3067. C p FOR SALE:-Leico IlIc with F2 lens FOR RENT:-Modern chalet, hat wq.
chine, livan.groom set, porch fur- FOR SALE:--1948 Club Coupe. Good case accessories, perfect condi- ter installation, good view of Pgo-
niture, small tables, lamps, blinds., condition. R-17A Rousseau. 85 tion. Call Sergeant Sykes 2144. ama Golf Club, La Crrasqulllt.
loatice work. 0310 Cable Heights, 4245. Ft. Amoaor. ____$110.00 monthly. Miguel Hivi,
Ancon. I 'phone 3-4844.
A* con. **_______ __ _r Iat- FOR SALE:-Piono, perfect condition phone 3-4844.
LE--Sork gg Position Offered $125.00. Urbanizaci6n Bethania,
lilae new, $22.00. High choir $4.- No. 321, Tel. 3-3770.ALHMIRA R
50. Tables $3.00 each. Dining set Experienced Exportman handle docu-Bids will be office c' I
$15.00. Also 1951 Mercury, low ments own correspondence in Eng-e received in th
mileage, extras $1,295.00. New lish. Apply 5 p. m. Celanese, S.A., the Supply and Service Director,
Cristobal 104-B. Phone 3-1339. Calla 31 Esie No. 38.' Balboa Heights, or General *Mn- ALIAMPII "PARTMENT11I
-- ager, Commissary Division, Mount Modem 2, 4 and rooms, furnished
FOR SALE- G. E. refrigerator 8.2. APPLICANTS FOR ARMY SERVICE Hone, Canal Zone, until 3:00 pC or unfurnished. Call at AlhambrC's
sealed unit, 4 Yr. guarantee, excel- CLUB DIRECTOR DESIRED: m., Wednesday, November 18. Office 8061, 10th Street, Colon.
lent condition, $65.00. 3-1526. Preferable single: between ages 26 1953, when they will be Opened Telephone 1386.
83-A Cristobol. and 40; graduate accredited college in public, for furnishing 3,550,000 ATTINTION G. I Just built moernm
FOR SALE:-One Westinghou re- with major in recreation or related pounds of Fine Granulated Sugar. furnished aportmet. one, t w
frigerotor 25 cycle. Bolbo 2-1862.field., May substitute for college up Forms of proposal, with full part. edrom r h t. o n w Te.-
* friger 25 ce. to two years of paid experience in culars, may be obtained in the of- bephone P w T41
W'ANT ED social, recreational or similar or- fice of the Supply and Service e-41.
W A TE gonizations. Call Staff Service Clue Director, Belboo Heights, or of' the FOR RENT-Pent-*ouse, 4 bedrooms.
SiDirector, 82-4279, Special Services. General Manager, Commissary iD. living-diningroom, gorage. $150;-
Se lanOS USACARIB, Fort Amodor. vision, Mount Hope, Canal Zone. 00. Colombia No. 8. Apt. 5. 8 o
WANTED TO, BUY CASH S CARS FOR SALE: Acefytfen hose, four m. 6 p. am, 30838.
Only Plymouth, .Dodge, Chevrolet, 49 T- gauges. 1 Airco cutting torch withs R .R ENT.:-Corfortble two bed-
S to 1953. Not dty paid, 4 door De w a 2 tips. Telephone 3-2078, Pan- room l rtment irinmodern build-
Lux.. Will see tm from 4 to 7 p. amao. i ng, hi t-water, L yly Colle Ricor-
0 m Hotel Color (P cnma). Telephone bhde OR SALE:-Natio. NC d Ari j Cor Alegre) Caribe
2-0770, Mr. Fonseo. SALE:-Natol NC- buidi Apt. i 3
Non o o .'"". --*" ""---,- *,w o.m.Vmunications receiver and speak: .
for November first occupancy, two 85-4245. living-dinnroan*, 'gorage. Very
WANTED:-..--By on Awericon couple -F 't.- 25 or 60 cycle. R-1 7A Rou~seou. FOR SALP'-,-?bedrom oportmerpt,
bedroom apartment, furnished or cool. Telephone 3-3393, Panama.
unfurnisheci. Por th view Sept. FOR SALE FOR RENT
desired, Call 2-31-7i, ringg 6f- 'EL GRADE. Yugoslavia. Sept. FOR RENT
fice hors. -2 (UP) Yugosltva today for- Real Estate Ro
mally rejected Italy's proposal of Ioom_ _;
iong lady would like to work in Sept. 13 for a plebiscite to settle FOR SALE5o'Nc-, aad En Fran- Roms b
American home hours. Please write the Trieste question .co.500 meters. $7. 00. 'E F OR ET. oe- le r
to Beatrice, Box 134 Panama. question. cio. 50 meters. $700.EyF8 RENT.-To respectable mar
I o eaitereed o------ -na puvments Thomas Real Estate couple, nirty tumis' d, two lar
i am| interested in a motor-generator In a note handed to the Ital- Agencies Central Avenue 259. clean and cool rooms, pr
S 25-60 cycle converter. Townshend, ian legation. Yugoslavia said a phone 3-1069 bath, refrigerator, hot weoter
S l. 1776. plebiscite would be acceptable kitchen privilege. Good eight
only if a series o measures were FOR SALE -Furnished house in San- hood. Peru Avenue No. 65. Low
l taken beforehand to "create full ta Clara w.ih 898 meters square left.
power and equal" for t land Corner lot in Cerro Compana e.
wveni aadeCroatlan population, one hectare Call 3-2949 12 noon FOR RENT:-Nicely furnished col
--4 p m 'd rooms. Avenida Parque Ernesto
"Unfortunateh. under present -.Lefevre. house 32
conditions and in view of then FOR RENT.-Nice room cr gentle-
current attitude of the Italian man. Pretty sea view. Call up 2-
government the Yugoslav ov- 9070.
ernment the Yugoslav govern-
ment sees no possibility of the e
condi tions bein created." the gh
note said.
"Therefore it is obliged to de- Enr0an
clare that it cannot tnccept the Enrol fmenls
proposal for a plebiscite made in
.; the Italian government's note ofI
Sept. 13, 1953."
Premier Giuseppe Pella of Ita- Additional enrollments are still I
ly in proposing the plebiscite to being ac pted for six n h
settle the future of Trieste. urg- school c rm being offered e
ed the United States, Great the Can I one J nor College
Britain and France to meet with Extension Divilon in Ba
Italy and Yugoslavia to arrange this semester, according to og-
procedure for such a vote. er C. Hacktt, Dean of the Ca-
nal Zone Jnlior College.
Pella's offer coincided with a
speech by Marshal Tito attack- Four ofat the el classes ached-
Ing Italian claims to the free uled will be anpeled after the
territory and backing up his re- first meetbngI nles there Is an
quest that the port be interns- increase in We number of stu*
tionalized and the hilly inland dents. Th are intermediate
region be given to Yugoslavia shorthand. ey entary typewrlt-
= no oing, clothing aiM tion and con -1
Yugoslavia' note today re- atruction, and glish for Span-
jected the Italian proposal for a ish spealking Ui ts.
five-power conference which The two af l deftntedy
would have been restricted only I scheduled for tg semester are
to the plebiscite and added that I VINTAGE BEAUTY Diane elementary av q ting and ele-
under present conditions it is Bagshaw reigns as "Vintage mentary ahoR a .
not willing to consider any in- Queen of 1953." The title was e
international conference on the conferred on the California Classe will each Monday
subject, beauty during the Cabifornia and Thursday the following1
State Fair. schedule: 31 account-
I- ng, 7:30 pm. p.m.: elp-
resu B o pai The Mariana Tr nch in the i entem r 6:nd :
I Ift RoP w blood Pressure riwbt, Pacific aboji. 200 miles south- D.m.: elm tpewrit.
eofAPTURE C tUR 0 P E7 Yo dizsny. have painearoune Wst o f O unm is 35.640 feet be- 7:30 p.m.: scti' T n
ee- o- the Continent a ertheadhe. hort breath, lOW sea suace. The trench -I construcletUo.n,. to i
dlopisa Cianna, of Italy, Who he ankles, yOpupal gtat a wtn o r, 80 deep that Mount Eu.reat p.m.: and ? pt a~ih
been nemed "Miss Europe" in relief fromthese dangerous symp could be dumped into it and speaking g p.m. 'm
conpeattion with .beauties from orns wiuh HYxoc As ouT stlh be more than g mile below
mansy European countries, at i 1er YounlSr la a fow days. the surface All night
SItanbul, Tharkey. r tobal have bo itrlled. I II



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to pret A
S concrete boi:dI :

decorative & dwamle
waterproof tlng.
Ask for derltive
Jelder and elor shariL

w F. N!y, Inc.
Central Av. 'L. 3-41

I kr. .. Danel

| CARLO ,LttrA'
SXpert Mechanics in Ultrai
Smatic and1Jdrtali
i mone, r*
|oal services.
S. o T



sch dduled to aOl from Now Y
today aboard the Panama r
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r.ClOW item
;v. aa Mr.
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p.TAlt-TclOO ETAIlER-TSlInlg E Ir-lae in IM
rim l mntrtq~.qn their modern scootorm i at UIm
bat auto trs-. *allow the boys to s StI"O u

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1946a *rj

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we un ble to ,

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* As pleegraphis Aiblia salons end
A i s wh l W el ofnnhk mw aM
Roll. .L L ,Le ryI* o
Photog. ,l.)r._. r-iodw-l -

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^^Fadta im% fitting bra

taffea shi hUmU h-

"-t43 n1i4C, D. DD.

i .Price: 5.95

asea ^i^.*i'

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September 16, 195s

Mr. David C. l itb ..
/. o Nliatinal' Olr.
Apartad ai O,
panarn, R. do P

ae r Mr. 19 that we reluctantly placed our
th tiS r you ed spent considerable
i e a r elld inal.. ..tiresdrvrortV s of these -**e .
firt ordered lthad showing Us the .ar uhelins are P- .in
auit d ltn hanv pi ced with you for ,n t : ouced oW this
i r ve artful for havin be introd e t

sequent rlTUCKER cLURE, INC.
vth you for Michlicn dI
Si the first order WOe placedtoar Mh
Natv# &M iP a Michelin due to punfi we etikt
t rheos!e-1r-on our fleet or tiv '" Moda"yfter ad take
W k an wo here in the tropics.l ay ee tohre
t h e se s t ia n W h wo r h er e s t i l l h a v e c o n s i d e r ab l e m 0 rii _o g i yv
f takeI nff thoe s heet on hich they were 0,li-'- -
and have i"4tho reservation say that o% us thee bestf heavy
nduty ave r i Wt hOl vnt,, -,-ion work nhave Ov ive- s the b e vW
&nStie W". e 'nlru-
w hyvtrtie ev L experienced We consider thoer' aIdo" m o
We .have lie toke this opportunity to thank you fors Y re
Weavid dould like tou ..e..hiver yeLr of friendly business r-

,Very truly yours

y: J. L DVUNcA,


*k.~if AITIBT

F ~ a..,


* *********




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Of the B
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^lb 1.


.~ P~K


No. 2t Automobile Row Phone 20787

PAE ..IG...

. PANA--A AM-RICA aUa ..... ,-- .


I/1/antc Socieoty 10 0 0 ee l Pianist Rubinstei DI I kh |ParraIrw

*0al Musicianship Panawi'
FASHION SHOW OF SEASONS sa de Empeft o Stansiola, Ma- 'j' 'f
A COLORFUL EVENT yor Pastor Ramos, Blanca Ri- .
poll, Muebleria Colon, Wong -- -
One of the most colorful and festive affairs to be given on Chang and Pantra, as well as
the Gold Coast. was the Grand Hall and Fshion Show of the the Merchants of Panama and By-Do le COritiles i
seasons. presented Saturday night at tue Strangers -Club for Colon who made the affair pos-
he benefit of the Colon Unit of the Muhachas Guias of Pan- sible. Arthur Rub ten rtua can
asna. lifted himself and his audiee chos Ten
t o l fths- ee Mr. and Mrs. Johnson out of their seats last night dur- to a g e
representatives of all of the chestra. Mrs. Robert Berge.,t .erg wgeh mM M 1. ",
tlntac Side towns tul ron he d s. MrsLeo Roulet eand Mrs a AAnnounce Birth of Daughter ing one bf the ipost successful we.ath ona
1t10tic Side towns turned Mrs. Leo Goulet and Mrs. Isa- Mr.h. mnd M
uti full strength to assist be Castillo. assisted with the Mr and Mrs Robert John- concerts ever pef ormed on h
e girls in their first money tableaux. Coiffures were ar- I son, of Gatun,te announce the Isthmus. te"11m o
ais4g r-"vity, and made it a ranged by Mavis; Maria's, and: birth of a daughter in Colon The world-famous pianist, wha i at ovearly : ..
alg scice s and Mta r onBeubty ps Tmit ,e Hospital on Sunday, September was enthusiastically called back -appeal qIp.. ed
27. The infant has been nam- for three encores, proved he ..,t r
The e .. mes were presented Central Florist was responsi- ed Theresa RuAnn. I could perform better with one elated aud
.. ... .rm a- Mrns. n. Mrs David E. Fogle of Fort both.. felt he bcreo a-
tween the columns of the ball- M Ors lga de Leignadier ,rs Davd y. e of F or oo r
nor. The cter frame repre- president of the local associa-' Gulick and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph To the capacity audbia t .their also aw r-
nrte Novemb. er. tion ofr i Mu chachas Gulas, oSeischman of Ravenna, Ohio. tightly packed in the big li*T- re and et teonor
-Tnhe d taea m ner. i uos- Mi Ranessa uo f remones. Wit Shn de sy ony o cell a Bt hlea ttorn le p ar i .s|m
n the following order: January Maria J Melendez served as Mrs. Leeser Complimented the concert sounded more 1I a 1 for Guateml aual Gan.r "t..a
-The ollDebutag- ridels Mi- Mriast ess of Ceremonies a ith Shnower w t symphony orchestra tha to wind up. W, .Bol 0 As t
SMueca Bieberach and ze- Thne Finance committee was Mrs. C. L. Leeser Jr., was manlaying one piano. ~ ul Latin r1 bd y than ib
;' uei a Carmes: -bande -l Rbthe rY an e (o m .. ,, k -------- .t Weid
ta-TorrHes: Fcoruarv -Car- in hare of the spectacular the guest of honor at a "pink! The 6-year-old artist Ta a-a artist Fpeo thug '.ro-M .
iva -National costumes wron affair. These ladies included and blue" shower given by Mrs. ble to capture the timber an* vi- anlel M a nl o I aer tb
ivalN national costumes w ron affair. Thesa de VladieMrs included R. F. Huldquist. Jr., at her!brant quality which Tosca~lnt l .a ccompa led bIdye ASodt
Misseino;Elisapi iu Beachand Jo- mparorS" El adedeaboVi la r .r P Moia hrgarita residence Friday eve m u st Senr m an entire ymOhhn u d bstp l ada to he., oo rmr
ma Hatgil: March -Picnic- C. de Rosania. Mrs. Cecilia de garita residence iday eve- mu est ee y r esn w.0 school newsp perils are A
t.;ort clothes displayed by Leon, Mrs. Pandula de Hatgi ning. en y orchestra. The years have n Ue society. a t
uisseso Marixenia Julia. Marce- Mrs. Isabel de Castillo, Mrs e gaitslae Mre p A e lno at i me ibin and entet ain, also a la his i
lVmal Nora Gallarido and Tit W. de Belanger, and Mrs magnificent technique and em ce- In charge of local ns of the newspaper Schl th- th'en u
peach Nino; April h Ampao Mrs. Pabon The ladies present Included: ful express. flmoth ensoncelyd ed ase
togs ere modelled by as in charge of the inorma-Mrs. C. L Lesser, Sr., Mrs. Ma- Before the performance be- er the capable.
Carmen Trre and ti printed program. re Polard, Mrs. Russel Ober- ran, the distinguished gnome- a
'11aty Jaen Mav -First Coin Visitors from the Pacific Side holtzer, Mrs. Jack King, Mrs. like pianist cast a long baleful usinee staff was conitated I over, and e litfl p u.
nunion- Miss RitalDominguez: included Mrs. Ernestine Sucre, Shirley Mac an, M rs. A. E. look at the twittering audience o the stability of business op- tll er to i
ire o-Graduaton- Misses Lei- National Commissioner, of Pan- ,Coguen, Mrs. P. A. Tortiriccl, 'whirh was Just about settling eration. The paper was rated 0.
Caries, Lita Samanieeo. and ama City, and Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Richard Brogie, Mrs. John down for the evening. It was &A 128 wints out of a possible 200
l-bita Quiroz: July -Travel P. Erdi, of Pedro Migue. FrensleY, Mrs. Flora Osmond,' ominous warning to program- Irb n afhleemen~. .. .
hinting Exposition -M i sses Mrs. Burda is the president ofMrs. George Egger, Mrs. Wil- rustlers or latecomner that lie .oesn t#l JAdges
lira FrMnco, _P.cbita Bieba- the Central Committee of Pan-am and Mrs. llardwould take no nonsePnse., It, e ake
ia e t Despite this g ture1 mugidor- n.ote .hs o t.... m uh *e .
August -Bir.hday-Mis- amra. Gulick N.C.O. Wives Invited lovers wanmed almost .ir y wlivTe and ihmpressive 2pdr.. r
Leila PLeon. and Gretchenei bnt AWI IOt s p'h
aker; September -B a c k The door prize of a trip to To Mornng eeto the great pianist early idthe nnd w n h o-en thT
..oo.l sses Prnin c e s Costa Rica. given The Fort Gulick N C 0. Wives program. and by eventinrnd wa t Ge

m -C OuD.e ce Hgia d e n through the n t Eae ,..n, ......H.w -vr. Mb ;, l 'll C

r -ChrKirmasCno a Bebira coultdev of lIc owl yasa to n a.. .... ... ... ....... *m, Bet cse ,o. g 7t.h=" Genu% d Prank IBarchen, Judy
S oKira Careo and Lira courtesy of Lcsa, was won by Club is having a morning colf- rose from their seats to apLd o sa, Ti s wl
October -Rain- Misses the holder of ticket 106. The f: at the Club at 9:00 a.m.'the artist and &r. for CWt' served the school very effective- Mas Jut *ise amCwati
th Arroyo, Luana Pero- lucky person was not present Wednesday morning Rubinstein. who avye hDWafipr n Wr,st A vd ler
Sanad Melo a Raden:m Novetn- if the holder of this tickOt will All N C O. Wives on the Post. concert recital at the a.te 'of aft M
cr -Fiftieth Anniversary contact Mrs. Leignadier, or any are cordially invited to attend. In Warsaw. seemed at times lst embe
tonalnl cotu',m- and cocktail member f the committee they Iinn the spell he was creating. HIS taf r the year 1 n52- w
Iresses were displayed against wil! receive their prize. Viitomr en route to CostaRca high taut forehead and steel- lO BA .ngham. Caroline Brewer. ''"
Lckground dicting Hotel The ladies thanked the fol- Mr...and Mrs. Gastar Ortuno ,gotrady hair heightened the thery Cro Norine l Pat
P'anama and Panama Viejo. lowing for their help: Sr. Ku-. and daughter. Miss Zaida. .ar- alqualt of his playing as did Dunni g Betty Flateu, Roe-
he yo-ing ladies particinat- cikas, Alberto Stevenson, Al- rived on a Maersk Liner from his habit of tilting his head bacl. mazy H ander-edila, Mary t.A
Sin this colorful tableau macen Tita," Sr. Jimmy But- Lo A n g e I s a n d are the I and stiine out into spae. e Hicks. A e Lowery, velyn
ree: Mi-es Ana Evelin'i Va- ler, Lacsa, Casa Central Loteria houseguests of Mr=. and Mr. The rs announced_ owD '- Molyneaus ndl' Mlia Ann.
larmo, Goldi Hatgi, Hercilla Naclonql, Profesor Suman, Pro-,W. E. OHayer of Coco So, 'encores in a carefully practiced Pace, Julere Page-astant eam-
f errera, M a r c e [a Leignadier, fesor J. Ayarza, Victor M. Dos- Mr. and Mrs. Ortuno have.-Spanish. He chose SkrJab-n'.....- p -
rrancis Geri, Emlia Garcia, man, Sdlon de Belleza Mavis been on a four months' visit Nocturne Opus 7. No. 2 for the for. Doug fU -, JM i Budd&-
a Go s M Dr to C.0alifornia. and Miss Ortuno 'Le.ft Handl. Prokofleff's Smhort IN NEW POST-e'om h A t imy
; t hbae..... Gloria Castlllo, Marina Dori&, Mr. Mark Whitb ..d Joan Wetzel and Justin
r Seteab ear in the States.hMarch (from the Love of Three Pr eolte, Commander in AWedJt
bn mebara Hickey, Mandte Mea- la Voz de I& Victor, Radio A-_. P spe.. a ry. ...ed byi"he Wonrg.
.- V'ma ,a, Jil McR..v, tlantico, Srta. Astrea Bertoncini. They are en route to their. Oranges,) and De Falls Fire of U. S. Ad in Eur. i Carole Chase wli edit the
(Ifreiees Pfeterson, Maragarita ,ta. Pdeida Lopez, Sir D home imn San Jose, Costa Rica.! Dance. r1 m-4. eit ams of t .5
:ah- rino. Yc,'n,, Penr- -rre- -Juan Villani Alandete, Circulto' His program, which began He succeeds ban. John w_ H Justin Wong asisting her.
P, Est'ilita Grhaldo. V asqu Atantico, Sr. G. Blias Tejeira... Sweet Sixteen" Birthday Dance promptly as scheduled, included who ane named head of e n. Other members of t staff
Tr-i-' l P:'no-,'Ain Cos- Sr. Rafael E. Arosemens, Pa-,_cwO and Mrs._Herman L,' Far Eastern Cmman GCeI ie: Larry 311*, Omiulln
lime -Choll Guardia; Decern- naderia del Pueblo, Fabrica Na- PoWell entertained with an auit LOo eraP'ia Boltloe, 73,, once headed the bwer, Bob Correull, All en C-.
5-r -Chrstnas--. iss.- Beb-1t. cional de Colchones, Casa Cen- Sweet Sixteen" birthday dance aon h A i.. danedo, Prank Lerhen, Judy
,8Seddlburg and Carmen Ibaiez. tral, Sers Roebuck, Baby En- at the Fort Davis Officers Club ... fr.. .g Lindsay, im.. .
for g T DaleSh m rmyo-h., (otieued o r e PMa 1uJ Andy Mlgell. Eelyn
Costume were furnished by der, Radio Center, Floristeria for ther daughter, Terry .e, .. L~. rAndy Mui M .
ssa Rhoda of Panama City, Certrl, Csa Montemayor Ca on her birthday anniversary. which wasl last altered in 1939.' e p ditor. an He T y
usic- co mn a nIm ent Vas sa Shba, Moises Att a, Edna de' Forty young people enjoyed: Ta on the treaty began emon, e
y __ .. u. .. dancing and straight dating' "American interest In n the wel-e, .
P... from 7:00 to midnight. fare'of Paftnam ams been dem- earth AdmiralTom B. Hl a theill at te a
,r I onstrated In a variety of fields, I entrance of the mel orta ola- I* 6v -=
i Mr. and Mrs. Uardoe Announce varying from the relinquishing seum-tyle building next .-t _r .
I,, Blrth of Twin' Sons of wartIme military bases to tomb of the unknown afoll d d i T e aiiM .
:S ho Mr. and Mrs. William Car- technical assistance and help on, the middle of the cemetery. ec-.- ,- t i
Idoze, of Panama City, an- the Interamerican Highway. An honor guard, formed of r
....Xw .i nounce the birth of twin sons "While any specific amend- platoons -from the Army, Navy orr M
I at the San Fernando Clinic on, ments of the treaty must be and. Air Force, jumped. to at-.
S September 26. T'e iables havelhammered out In diecuasion.--I-tention. The President and Ad',.- f The '"Or .G "-o a& SA
forbeen named George and Robert, and ratified by the (United niral Hill started Lo-dainnSitk that I atga 'cam ute
The maternal grandparents no question of the wish of the ap unexpected event hld' up the ler's ,.n H di'i P~rama of s ., "
are Mr and Mrs. Robert Leigh.' United States to cooperate par-' ceremony. d ei .. an of *e iil
iof Colon, and the paternal ticularly on such points as thel 1By coincidece, oiuly some Man-- "..
grandparents are Mr and Mrs. elimination of discrimination, vrds away a Mariti .Corps "a '
George Cardoze of Panama against Panamanian employes In band struck up, Chopip's.funerall ."Rtl -,ea" Is .eingtdirected -by. A .. '
city. the Canal Zone. march at a burial of a' MarinEe OraselyaJo 1) .
"For that matter, most of the Captain. They were shelered tion Ind sm 27 ou ra,
points in discussion probably canIfrom view by a line'. of tre,.. Th .t.
be handled by better iioplemen-P however. e toI the wc _nryn
station of the treaty Instead of A drum roll followeddIndict (next y to te relie d .
revision, Ing that the body was being 10o- le dino...galMohg i n-
:,r This country and Patame to-, ered into the tomb. Tmhen ai
gether have a paramount con-',-atiUery'carriage could beheard "u ol
o wmitsalcern with the security of the being wheeled away on the datdthis"
.canal Itself. Mew Presi. dent s.p...
.1"... is:t~u&~l~y re~cived for -WONDERFUL VACATIOS "Meanwhile, President em6n's gravesldenth. Remon of Panama it atnd e aiwtIOd" 'E.v"'-
TINY TUNER-Wrt e,.u r o watch, but AWAIT O IN visit is symbolic of the good started his first full day. a'k ia 0ee.
neighborliness which thq Elsen- state visitor here by honoring s T1oe fthin lahtt.
I shower administration is seeking two of the most. revered'a snt

! '"-the outside of the case ib used for tuning in signals While the Umit and Seniora de Reemon enjoy wreaths at the tombs of George '5 cast for "Robeoca"
__________________________________________ xIfestivities and In their Ughter'the United States and the Un-
Enjoy the hp M Irmoments at, the World Series." Iknown Soldier. Tom Or" : Beatrice"
flying PAA..... Dat. Fr-'-k

-.Ohmilt '- A

k, 1 F. oA

go hi~ldren~s Honme here 44 Time ifa~ vo~~ -A~ Ar &byi *.W& i'tr
m or amazmnly relieved luxurious consteloP. smart 'Ift n a r
atiltout tl Hr daily swim oronzniW" ; ....."' [Adl ~i ..
tly when a ef hauled a- in 3 u of 4 cam in doctors' i .i tion-type Clippers*. .dw ail ei l 00-
their plastic pool. uChances are yonrowp- ,ya h l "' 4.,",'
*Chances are you're pu up fa" 24 l boi.

caused Pains. cramips and weaki, -no
_ _ _ _.,e' t the*ad f. onal. F or res sedouse t-
good" feelings of meanstruationl see your Travel Ager nt orLAg m i
o For. in act relief by d ,Lyiff'. -
Ptnkhams CompoUnd brought i W A ,: "I
*#i Ptefe or itrikinp relief from suc-hi "
tres in 3 out of 4 of the easit I V'w ,r .W' .

4V L. da Pinkham S Is =IOdars A Ms WOIID'S MOST
so et Lydia K. Pinkbaaus Vi
amble Cmpournd to a i e ma L See- No, 5, Tel. -0670
througheh Ihe munth--4tt doesn't give Cele.ans Sles idg.,Tel.1097
relief from 'noe backaches. jitters-
heo yo, nf neter be ,a r and beri tter f
Your period'I b/"addk FIfdAAI VAWF
( -ifsh to- ur from love0 so" W" Messy. ties
onoder ,I A n .am ie g, J Air Mel eOd Ali Prtast 0s
ell =-m- -

~e alL.~L;


J "I

i I~, o~t,4~

h-*.~&-~~ ~ J

do tQ their
.Imnilm(4_ T

9 t-Xlar instruction in
he recent critical Ill.
'i I
..-0007- .

t m a new play
assamee *Ullaa!. t q

rars don t
ialyn~~, i411Ict ..mui

a Tlhard WJc is dicker-
n t la ir. cbtecteut as an
jitmept t"'t and -Gary,
.. s now touring
Italy In at vauWfsfe act with
tiUe, w l s t ar In a es of
-r oder b t made fa the
Burdeaa "mnarktf'w t theater
Ar d'xifr U. 8. audiences
STV fakre. Jo Parker, mar-
ried o TV's Mrry are, will
.,514 L.'. vffwee has just two
wordO, 'NOf Comment," on
rmnors that JamesU Maob will
be pid -,.*f ard replaced as
JUdy Oariond's codtar in the
remke of "A BStar is Born."
whpo there's smoke there's
ire, so don't be utrprlied If

d Bar-

who, ,, l '
. able rexas
,,,, > m. (Me hi

f If she was
.byer husband,
.Why I hard-


o.ft Usn

map w.
Sw~Bfo -
L.1 'P

Is., Sept. 29 --
w s attacked
'mhoster" that
crui4fled goad
rd'he sanctity
M me" at the
al ayinan's
rft here Sat-
arid .'Ellis of



.t~ '.

-i". *

,as (UBV
!vw '.


Samuel GodwS. .ew musical wp ye,
Parley ralger at Jeanmaire ;most
beautiful and extraordinary balets w ifoplag -l w at
the Cenral Theatre. Adv.

NoT M os lax elpesik
This CgL? ^crow La nfpWss
ndtReffrp Uaw

AUSTIN, Tex., Sept. 20 tP Py torn-a
I'd or,
Uw) senate Democratic Lea
er Lyndon B. Johnson pr .
ed today It would take 6-. "l nL :n
Ulaltve miracle" to push a-
eral ales tax through the. ce
sesalon of Congress. '. ladthe
eb M Lrped "Pri
nctament of a sales ta state treaUr,
the nxt' Congress "will ex-
tremely difflpult -. if not nipOl. Any clt .n f allowed to. on
ble." at, leat 300 apres under Pes-
Tb 'senato pointed outT ie Ident MoqaaZ ned eNaguib's agra-
exees prefts tax will .eire rIan relf plan.
a od "Of thi year. .
l .oft wi.' reoeei s a U F1 sgg1erest
ftnut inieme tax es at O r- lggeSt
the same time. Less from these
twr ta sources will mean a Economic Problem
cut of about .1,tA0OOi In
federal revenue, Johnson sid. Says NAM Chief
However, he saldathe slack
must be taken up by reducing
e asedof gvternnt, rath- .CHICAGO. Sipt. 29 (UP) --
er Charles R. S gh Jr.,-president
.7 of tlbe National AfteoitloR-off
Sill anarAre~.~, sei d today ,the
to snato would "talk Itself into a
m I ting new anedless economic recession Und
taxes" the main economic problem now
"f ear psychology."
a, D-OJ nd SUgh, washed at a news confer
i. M (R*N aeno whethwehe thought te
Xn1ys might be a "recessif, said d'hie
n& oa#1 *1'' have thought the veraleff ay a
gppostioa to going to be "better .,"an" wnr
a federal sales L.' .. been in the past?'
"Between them, they. have ----- ---
rbabl soundede, the 'death
ll or auy 0 1pt tosput a POLICE RMSCUB
satq :tAx throU C res,
Johnben sod. AGINAW, Mich. (UP) le.
tor, ollerback and Carl Cook
GiTTIG BIR telephoned polloe to get them
ST. LOUI...L ,UP) The eat of their predicament The
hot St. Louis aumer was espe- pair.walked into a tavern wash-
olally nerve-wreLnkg thle year room shortly before closing time.
for the Rugell aully. TheWh theWhe y emerged, they found
family paiaeet l ted on war- the proprietor had closed for the
ung 4be song "lb It's Cold n.lht, leaving them locked In.
Outside."., *U silde.




Itwil live


iunatim where
* adv atuilenever
ends-the Never
Land ofCaptain
Hook's pirates,
piie aker Bell,
lovely Mennsids
and Indim Braveel
As longuas you
wve you' never
Iforet ill


.'. ,.

Han (

tPazna ma ; q4

8ALBOA 3..

VIA" His.
11PL HTS Von


A N A Nw A.ovml.s
-Mesl. Piasw

ol w r, E

an ~eVon of I P41

3~. wj~





M / -__



s46nk Rs portedly Refuse

Foreign Ministers' Meeting
1 O= Wf Sept. -20 (UP) ernment is here to stay for a
h Soviet Union replied yes- long time.
tera o nvtattoam rvitati B to i Big
Par foelgn ministers meeting A declaration by Soviet trade
*t wiai. ltisland, next unions displayed prominently In I
nt with what observers be- all Soalet newspapers Sunday
a virtual rejection, reaffirmed Malenkov's dictum
soutom aid the new thdt "the Soviet Union believes
80et 'note put faoward a coun- that there presently are not
tor pomqs for a Of Five con- any contioveralal unresolved
terence Utt would Include problems that cannot be settled
COlmunlt China. peacefully by negotiations."
Tlb Sept 3 proposal by the
United Sttes, Britain and The trade unions' statement
FraWce for a ugo meeting to was one of the first occasions in
eoaetIr only tbGennrman and many monsrAs when the phrase
A ttrian prceblea ejected the "warmongers" appeared in a
incluelo not China at the talks. Soviet atgtfment.
The text of the e Soviet
replY Was not tely pub- It denounred "warmongers at-I
Used but dipfe9 observers tempting to deceive internation-
aimd It appeared certain the al public opinion with declara-
tvybt reply would toclude the tions of a desire to conduct ne-
Luno conYerenoe. gotiations and at the same time
The SoviLt has held for the advancing in one formn or an-
last few months that a confer- oLlier preliminary conditions
ence regarding Germany with- and qualifications Intended to
out consideration of the general make the negotiations impos-
pble mof easing overall world sible or fruitless."
tensions ad w thout China's
participation w be sterile. RedsAnn unce
The Kre6ilin also has taken Re s ounce
strong excEptlon against "pre- LOwer Prices
limnary conditions" which it Low r ces
said the United States was try- For C h
ing to impose following the re- Or CzechS
cent Wuahington conference of
the Big Three Western foreign VIENNA, Sept. 29 (UP) -
ministers.& Communist Czechoslovakia to-
The con;ualon of a Soviet a- day announced a general de-
grement with the Est German crease in retail prices of food
government early this month, and consul er goods ranging
followed by CChancellor Konrad from five ,.o 45 per cent, it was
Adenauer's election victory in reported by Prague Radio.
Western Germany, had appear-
ed to make Soviet rejection of The Comn.nist broadcast said
the Lugano meeting foregone the price cuts were "a result of
conclusion, the work o! the Czech people
Before the West German elec- and the recent currency reform."
tons were leld Premier Georgi The Czechs concession fol-
Malenkov earned that the Ade- low-s similar price reductions in
nater government made un- other Red satellites, ad part of
ificatlon of Germany is Impos- an announced change in em-
alble. The Soviet then conclud- phasis from heavy production
ed its pact with East Germany to light production of consumer
In belief the East Oerman gov-' goods.


SHOWS: 3:00 5:00 7:00 7:00 P. M.

SHOWS: 7:M 9:15 P M.

with 1.5 and




Coupled for LEICA and CANON Cameras ,.
28mm F:3.5 35mm F:3.2 35mm F .
85mm F:1.5 85mm F:1.9 135mm F1';5
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States PRICES,.

85mm F:2, 135mm F:3.5, 35mm F:2.5, 50mmfri1.4

7 X 50 6 X 30 6 X 15


Ave. Central No. 100 Tel.: 2-2844 e

- jt I


*ft----M' ']
. *t' mv"

Music and Romane In e
South Pacific frnt!
Or- lmib w



At 9 p.m. Wahoo!
"The Bowery Boys
-speak igsob


Rory Calhoun, in
Olivia de
Haviland, in
'My Cesin Rachel'

Robert SOerMI


Victor iatoe, ab

-GALAMNT owas?- wm




, .:fl |

.5 f. ,,


I~. "



:00N 5:00 7:00 pa.M
7:00 9:15 p.m.






m jR




~Rlb kb~- ,.,..r


Fhc -


Righthanders To Open Oii Mo
9 0 gtnan er

I' -a-

Reynolds, Erskine Named'Browns May

For World Series Opener Yet Transfer
*a-o -

NEW YORK Sept. 29 (UP) Righthanders
will be on the mound for each team when the Yan-
kces and Dodgers square off in the World Series

To Baltimore

oe o ner tomorrow. NEW YORK, Sept. 29 tUP) -
'o Tie St. LouLs Browns at long
'Manager Casey Stengel of New'oufielder has taken batting last seemed certain today to be
Yoini hias picked Allie Reynolds practice lately using a special moved from the home they have
as the Yankee starter. Manager protective sponge around his bat, occupied for more than a half
-Cjuck Dsessen of Brooklyn ays handle. century to Baltimore, Md.
it will be Carl Erskine for the Stengel says the Yankees are President Will Harridge of the
JDoders. ,Reynolds appearing physically fit. American Lague said "the time
mostly in relief this season has come for us to make a de-
won 13 games and lost seven.' "Gene Woodling, who had a vision and we are getting closer
Ers.sine was the Dodgers only badly bruised hand, owun, easi- to a solution. I think by night-
20-garne winner, hitting that ly in batting practice yesteida.\." fall we will have a new home for
mark exactly while dropping says Casey. "And the rest of the the Browns."
only six. team looks like its hitting bet- Baltimere is the only city
The managers also named ter." that has made us a concrete
th'er second day starters... and Switching from the W o r 1 d offer." he continued. "Los An-
r'both shifted to southpaws. Sten- Series to the Hall of Fame. six- geles did not. With Los An-
gel says Ed Lopat. who won 16 all-time baseball greats have geles, it is a long-range pro-
and lost four, will go for the been named to the shrine at position but we do not want to
Yanks. Dressen has n a m e d Cooperstown, New York hang on this way for another
Pri'icher Roe, whose season rec- The six elected to the Hall two or three years."
ord was 11-and-three. of Fame by the Old-Timers The Baltimore group, headed
Beyond that, the managers Committee are Ed Barrow. Bill by Attorney Clarence Mies and
aren't sure. Dressen says he Klein, Chief Beoder, Tom nCon- backed by such civic Interests as
-has given a lot of thought to nolly. Parry Wright and Bob- Mayor Thoinas D'Allesandro and!
startingK rookie Johnny Podres bie Wallace. iLS entire council, aualn offered
In the third game when the Bfrow is credited %ith con- to purchase the Brownie stock
Series switches to Brooklyn's verting Babe Ruth from a pitch- at a price of $2.400.000.
Fbbets Held. Stengel says he er to an outfielder and later' The American League club-
may userirlht-hander Vic Ras- was general mancoer and pres-: owners., ary of their "no deci-
chi or southpaw Whitev Ford. ident of the New Yoik Yankees sion bouts" with Bill Veeck,
'1 can't make tip imv mind Klem umnired in the National uresideiit of the Browns. appear
'b&.nd tge spaond game savs League from 1905 until 1940. to be ready to do an about face
Ftensel. '"t depends on whether then was the leaoie's chipf urn- and accept Baltimore instead of
I ha"- totise one of my starters pire until his death .n lqil Los Angeles and its grouo of
4n relief ++during the first two Bender was a star pitcher IP supporters headed by Del Webb,
Sthe maior league for man' \ice president of the New York
T'. r chi won 13 and lost six this vears. At present. he a- scout Yan'kees
vs%--'n while Ford was the for the Philadelnhia A's. 'I think the major accom-
V-' -' top winner with an 18- Connolly umoired the first plishment in our meeting last
*,"-'--- r trk. Pordres. a 20-vyer- World Series 50 veers ?.o and' night was the decision that
old soitthrnw. won nine and lost is. at present, chief imnre ofl the league will not consider
tf1"- for the Dodgers+ the American Lea're. Wrioht St. Louis in 1954," Harridge
I* -'nre.-ninr the others mem- was Dlavinfl marP-er of the said. "That is the most con-
,,- t fe Dndl.ers. Dreacen svas Cincinnati Reds who went un- create development from our
1. '-Y-.'-s riirht-fi'ldp'r (ar F"- defeated in a .Reas anod one evening which was well sent.
rt', .-ill he re-dy tno t-rt. Fui'il-, half in 1869 and 1870 Wvn-cP The Los Angeles people did not
~lo -ill bh' redyv to stprt F"'-illn "ps ooe- rated hbhlnd offer us any such concrete
1--'- P fir"er in his loft hasn, oni's Taner as s hq'ortston proposal Pe did Baltimore.
let& tl h sp pcon in r fi-,t within Te ulaved 25 years in the major *-Mv feeling was that they
en' Durocher of the Giants. The leagues. merely came on in a friendship
estire to let us know that we
".4 -A cold go there in the near
i -r Tfuture" he continued.
'Charhe Mac Murray Leads Veeck had no comment to
.....l.e make other than that he felt a
solution was near.
S"Maybe I have said too much
ap pio hip Flight already." he said.

Yankees 6O-5

iprim rhnircA i

Amidor Club Tournament
-U -

TROPHY PRESENTATION The winners of the speedboat races at Taboga SUnday surround
beautiful Dorita Diaz MWrida who presented the trophies. Dorita is the Coffee Queen of Vera-
Ruas Province. Standing beside Miss Diaz Is Dr. Julio Alvarado Carbofle (in white), one of the
RP's leading boat racing enthusagts.

2 : ,. ,
S- .* .

THRILLING BATTL The speedboats La Cufa" and the "Donra" fight It out for third place.
In ode of the many races held during the runabout regatta.

'1': d

- When the fireworks had clear- Sgt, Workman turned in his sec- V % *
-d away over at the Fort Ama- ond straight.-71 and now leads -
det course on Sunday each of the flight with a -10-2 plug 8 .. -
1 thfire flights in the Club score. Col Doeanwith 8'i-3!.2 plus NEW YORK Sept. 29 (Oi )
Championship Tournamertt had 5 and senior Jim Hinkle with 8-4: Here are the latest World *,
SCome UD with a definite leader. plus 4 score are closed behind Semies odds:
Series favorites Yankees
-.-W1i another week coming up in and should young Workman slow Series favorites Yankees,
f lhich all 40 contestants play 2 down,,this flight could go all the 6'-' to 5.
:Siaonents of his flight and the way to the finals before the: Ist game Yankees, 61ij to ,',.-.q
i.als Sunday, October 11 when chips are cashed. 5. (Reynolds vs Erskinei. .'
tl opponent is played there Lt Jim Curtis. current Ft Kob- 2nd game Yankees 6 j to
* lI remains 'plenty of golf to be and 33d Inf Regt Chamnion 5. (Lopal vs Roe).
le produced before flight chainm- has a 11-1 plus 10 score to lead 3rd game Yankees 61. to
plons are declared, the Second Flight but will find 5. (Raschi vs Podres. ,
plenty of competition in this, 4th game No line but if
Charlie MacMurray stroked weeks matches when he plays Ford of Yankees and Loes of .*
his way to a I over par 69 which Luther Fleming, 9-3 plus 6 and Dodgers are opposing pitchers, H Bdi
was good enough for 3 points Capt Cottrell, 6-6 even. C-nt 6' 2 to 5.
each from Perc Graham and Cottrell won 6 points during the Series sweep: Yankees 8 to W .,.,
Do Mitten. Charlie leads the first weeks matches but was ; I.Dodgers 18 to 1. .
Championship Flight with a 10-2 forced to forfeit all 6 last w-ek I-.._____
plus 8 score. Young Sandy Hinkle due to military business in the
Aihth a 9-3 plus 6 scqre is right States. Col Cousin, now all even. Eleven Bouis On Tap KIDDIE CHAMPION Litle Luis Vallarino is shown smiling victoriopa
:behind and his match with is still a contender. special race for youngsters 12 years old and un der. Accompanying Luis
Charlie this week may tell the TheT Third Fllht, leader Is Air r ril. .-lo member.
story. Doc Mitten with 7i _-, Fore. Lt Willie May with 10- For ClayIon Smoker ...... ..
402 plus 3 could be in there Dl nlus C "core with T A. Jack is..
should be come up with 6 points Rner Williams and Jack Smith i U 1
this week so the Club Cham-1 still clbse enough to make it l rd Ee L nllg A I
.plmo still remains the $64 ques- interesting., test Is te U olvlLUvUn h encai Dula p n Al L
tin. I_. e ..The closest contest of all Is theI Eleven boxing bouts are on tap a n ,d, p o N "
In the First Flight Air Force bAttle 'goin. on in the Fourth in the smoker scheduled for 2 iP- U -- L n t_ I l_ e L_ a V'
-----... .. :Flight. J. Braid 9.-21, plus 7 1s Saturday, Oct. 3, at the.FoILt Olnn Nlntimt--rI2t r24 -I8 th reurmothe 'current top man h1 o ever R. Cl.ton3 nasIU gytnaiium. forim vTrh thtI u o t 1e 1 itui I,
nla ottn s lu wCollins. Col. 1Pres "Taylor and the initial battle is 7.30m -- b -- l
Se atoonUUII lay Col Smyser could come in with In the opener for the even t ing ,
SIenou.h points this week to mike Pvt. Nemesio Fig ueioaa-Fuentes. I (BY Aside from the fight, the re .T
PnuIlar With r markS this one an extra inning affair.122 of the 3rd Inf. ac Pvt Pro football owned Its 19 season opened on afam ar
I oI Juan Gonzales-Correa, 15, of season on a rout aote-a tfree- pattern... victories by the de-
The complete standings: the 504th F. A. The second bout for-all Involving layers on the fendine champlpn Detroit I4ons NW '
'.XNOXVILLE, Sept. ZJ. (NEA' has A/lc Richard Blackburn, 125, San Francia p la iio and the and the perennial conference pe,* I
Bri.-Gn. Bob Nyland is CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT doLin battle with Fred Sells 127 Philadelphia wnlners the Cleyeland- Browu.
positive tOhit the return to one- lst MacMurray 10 2 +8 O Other contests which fol- The fight-lout three The LkI domed Pittaburg. _
ph4,an football is just what thee 2nd S. Hinkle 9 3 +1 lo, are Pvt Domingo Morales-3 minutes and l ;-S(some fans U-21 and Wre lwt. shutout
+ roa lare Pvt. Domingo Morales-oJnImnutes and 1.nVbl some fans ii-ziagad 'the Siowis, sh t
tans ordered 3rd Mitten 7i" 2 4 +1 Coto. 139. 33rd Inf. vs Pvt. Albert'as well as playI'Curred t Oren Bay, -." ... ... '"
4n D dnth Hochstedl3er 51 62 -- Virgil 139. of the 903rd AAA-Ithe last periotof.l.,gatme a The ro 'ar rai a U
sor.-er Tennessee loot 51 6an 5o-. ', "
The Iorur Tenesse oS W T. Houston, 139. Navy, vs!San Francisco U e9, chance of repeating in the h5- ciMEnti
ba! coach 'as on the committee 6th Alexander 4712 7 2 --3 Po Julio Centreraln 139 of the'31-21 .'aer reeti ea fi
ht abolisie t he two-platoon, 7th Graham 3i2 8 2 930rd AAA: and Gealoc- But Coh Jm bIsays oyr. u ,
a tertn. .'8th Lombroia 3 9" -- emoah132 oftept'ol nl his pye Coach hampton Poolof Lo 'An- W u"a
"On the ayv before we went' -.--... I l.cI Rudrlguez, 1:1'. ,( tle "Just wait untgll res ofape. Pool picks' w themNa wry.
It pIwicl RodYorkezGka12tsf ehven"JustthoIfh
In t ur n,.-etin, tile waitress FIRST FLIGHT" u3i E AAA 'Eame are shown." a 'rrsium.lwork, ,- ,-
at -eakia. knowing we were2n e 1st Wor kman 10 t, ixb bout. R.Anon Pa-.I t vil.becharleart thatlt2- aIntsh eopen er a year. ,
onthteie, committee said sl.e 2nd Doan 8'1 31, 5' 1 118. of the 504th F A faces! we did not atarti. l e2t-Tiern,- e nr, .o ah y.
hoped we did somieth abont3c J. Hink)e 4 Pt Daiel Hernande,. 119.1 would have been" _-t trouble "thu s-ts Po a etheaioui, a.-
,t1e, t-pit.toon" system," thte 4th Baber 6 AIo u AAA. Follow.inp taiy l one, except for a 40-.r We'. comin otfitr vsPool'", "'they X d a
eneral sato. "' was riding in a ..t.. Larson 52 '2 -' lChaile,; Cahill. 14!., from the1from the bench 11. king a o co-lge otb.l
t.a an a, n t. Irivet remnark-,,6th Goodine 5 7 --. 7461nt Signal. takes on Pvt Wil-IsoCk at Bobby W L"Tn t ceaW
M t. t hnc hoped we would a- '7th Hamilton ,3 9 --6 lam Meehan. 160. of the 903rdl Coach Buck s# W of the 49-0Coach s ud Wilkinson of Okia-
botlsh the t.o-platoon. The host 8th Lally lo '. -9 AA: and Ed Brineas. 165. 33rd' ers declines caiONt on. t.f saturday's islu. os to Mno- l,
ie .t th e hoi .A said .-ne h oped I..... -- -+ .. .. lnf. fN ces Q M 3 V ictor Saraflan.: fracas. S how says 1! Via onic. fo r S t a's .. ..No-
wz did something about the SECOND FLIGHTof Navy. Inr th ote way w|en tMI tindameail and h Dav
b 1 is 1 0The semi-final finds A-ieJo-fightstarted dt s t
S nie coaches mFav have ob- Flemin g 9 3 6 seph Gaul 150. from Albrook I Referee Barry tii".iker B bathtie t-mese o. 5y f-
.e.tnd, but 1 know ho 4 the ans 3 Cott'ell 6 6 eten and SN B. L Thozbpson. 150. of'-prohibited by lague,."Nete Dame 1just for 4
fel ,. 3rd C ousin 6 6 e .en N a v. in the ring. T he finale pitsco m m enting on fl. the tter.Jr ir g .ood. ro h ot to uigh te .. W e
..... ........ Be uAllTrtho Perez 135. reresent-'Brubaker pla to a re .- -
-. 't .l.ile+the lsae 57 :, -2mw the 45th Recon. En., a eahn to League Presi en idBell. t ere .d t re -
7,t .... ..811 ,.- "J J.,. ... A Jmlson. 141, Navy. W&!, .", .,
:,8th Herrmiann2........ "- The Fort Clayton gym Is cap- l Bothi m we d swtosu ,
---- ,TIRb FLIGHT 'le or taking care of tile an. 5 P 1 1 /i 5Willin "Well *69n
Ps"'Cioent WalttrI'UiMlallt of the',n, Jak,8 ne'i." the slugeing matches, as An at e --. J6
n rr d w- the lar-e;t boxing card of the llt n l-f t -_Is. ,-
_.' ue own- 4th J Smith-7 5 +2 day evening. "
'%wheld a secret meeting toda r
Y.1IK i.ew York., lth Askew 5 7 ?I'" --eIt .hoke b d1l Ilne Iudb*

A ..; -II here willi8th Mahone i H11.,
ncial nictMuti as far as' ___
Wtd e -.c :t meeting 1st Bi'ald 9U'2 2'1
to talk r Er the pas-I2nd Collins 9 3
If exianei-',; the Na- 3rd L. B. Tayor 8 4
10w to tena eams. Lpos4th Smyser 86V 512
mad 6Isn .-a n c isco 5th Sewill 5 5 7
tS 3p*1 tranchises.i 5th Thompson 5 7"
8 that .Ltory "ridi-i7th Welchman 4 8
.th Elicl 1 11i

ly after winning the"
I an unidentified crew

opez Signs

ar Contract

- j

veland a nup)
Ion totght by -1-
N A p.L. ta new t& o he we re,.ort
'ould take over t C, -
to replace R toga Horm-
1 late ia tnf aeum.
Se.terUd1enled the

k .,f

*m R

?~? ..: A .


n.. -:. ...l i'. .
WJA -Wl A6

,--, =,=U uw "-*. + > .
n short, he waste of
culated to bedevil and befidd an O '
a sulger and hste rategy was
Maclano might have had, though te
beyond an overwhelming am Irnuy to trt
front of him with one puntlch..
The fight hadn't gone ver fr when It wea
champion was be g erM elalyd anyed byul3
was fighting undrthi r!er- stes a Oe fazn3af
seemed to hve forgotten l he had Ieaned during
scholarsbhp undW ttle Chuley Goldman, who mstM
ed in the corer as he saw hie mllon-douDar
fuable his chance away. .

CANk Rmom U"Uwe
Manriano Wa grl5" LAStama a ro"tt 14" a
and.a lqllyq&=bhb bd baewnhim the = 16
LanR* Waft writ wmh ohad anelItSW
'y" comment M ',-
rM'now than he-did then. .
o t first sl to .qnds orso any
for the t must have wdered hw
b h "*nt c am-of -*world and

He d tak ha Z btnih O

sucn u-

boss of
.tty to
Starna & e
-but of the.k.T
which the ta
ring, p inned
point of no oet a
Impatience o pe
But soon it had
o's t treat artmh, n
stamina were weakenigtU
witch the clock.. h
whnm. the inevitabl. h
Like a aseri of, Wtti
tiae'thrown w th lrl6
rte aul went dfsown,

At five he wasA n.j
hidgient that w LT
to i[ech he had beeM&
o Ton L
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411=0 tiaH

i.,' RetentleeWly,
a hitting powi
-ltlfer and
Itrbl~dW ntlu
\,wtu w*.'
crackers theu

-11- ROONVILLE. Ind. 'UP)-War-
'"Ick County Recorder Deloris
* Day, irritated by hot weather
4+, and longtime overcrowded
+4 courthouse conditions, pushed
+ out desks and typewriter of
+1: local abstractors who ve the
-2 ears edged into her office, lear.
-21 ing the surprised lawyers to set
- p operations in the =arUMM



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S!ic~s Y ges Out W+.t Indians Knew A-ll Ao
qV 1 0",JP t I'n s Kfio

r e's Nothing But

roL er Being Out Of It

S. I

,. NBA Stafft CO-

,knw .ow -

. By

Reddell; 20, Rejected CatcheW.

Bounces Back To Win 29 Games

As Record With Indians' Farm,#
NEA Special Correspondent 'o
-- -- t
PHOENIX, Sept. 29 Leroy ____

R eddell s back at suburban
r1fe Scottsdale, Ariz., laughing at
pad he.1 the Phoenix Baseball Club.
'-M...- 4> sr A year ago last spring, Corky
.- -- Reauell tood he 10-mile bus .
Sther e ride to the Phoenix Municipal
a y nbig ooeM s 111 Stadium, tried out as a catch-
Slwin, Th F l i h r er. He lasted exactly two days
Des. y 9 5 a R was gently but firmly advised .
: as kedo n to take up some other busl-

S:l Ik t thean h t The next time the Phoenix
eo was only one backfield spot By STEVE SNIDER club saw young Reddell he
raw 0ooil *I poaitl e D UAw Pres Sports Writer was pitching for arch rival
Sas to ead you got a tcoah- Tucson in the same Class
S.. I ,g to Ing iliB r aolhe re ootbA in Arizona-Texas League.
W i l la i World INotloern Clifolrnia. 'o o o ah- NEW YORK, Sept.-'l (UP) IBrooklyn's roly-poly Negro
"YaINS lla h r-feld, ofl".,in orl le-i Bia if Serin. starting lied three years. It wasa Ie's Anything cn the bal- catcher, tops on defense and When Reddell, a 20-year-old -
'p Inflldopiy... i o ereo a..morhne t n100 "'ea ov ntion. still is. looting for basoeb 's valua- In handling pitchers, slimmed right-hander, won his first
ble Y. a iaive it edis-.. dim, t.s 30. hard 54 ble ple. arIhl stand- down last spring after a poor seven starts, everybody believed
1b3lrr a11 4r. out Kamd l age to be year in. 1952 and promptly em- he would fold "when the vet-
on g y. sodl lmp o."fte -for- 1i road like bot 'water- oaR ers barked on a Iret season. He erans get their eye on the ball
.... front sailoot ?Nt a. lw claim Vai stay In.Bguc and *f consistently led the. league in and the cut-downs through
f mCar Bratking ban m aza the d i- badk of your mind toiere'o that C y an run production and ran a the majors and higher Minors
tterence'. gpa. ng desre lto prove to you even hrtr season year strong race for the homer load up the other clubs." m
This the hione Er- se at you play pro .than he did then and ratA' b w crown.
akine's thir a t he Ye Also, to 1rQve it to some cyn bow fIlhiaa b work obe- Mathews of course, was the Reddell went on to win 29'' .
Hi Ca ct two te hnW Intaerymento. your homedtoha. h eith a yt ear's home run sensation and games while losing only 5 lnl.
a shelve ame cut a alltte hatyou ould have madel handiL f- his team value the rise of the h recruit professional year,
as ut gae ae.Romalne* rd Braves can't be de- and you don't have to be a
7- .but bounce 6bk tocop "I 'rot to fet It outof my esyi- ball ut9h hf is IiWr nlled. His presence -the lineup baseball man to know that
thb lilthln 11 bmianP 6-5. tem," ydu say. drew prae forele meant Mi waukee r and he'll this is .a phenomenal perform-
o b th t ankeae. asserts -Yoo t-0 and Ilpired play ham ro e never hurt you in the mflld. ance. The Tucson Cowboys won,
Erkine, .yout mtst, atop their So after three verA of Inctly ~ ~ sCse ys Roberts ran a strong rae in the pe Phoenix finishing
S h n they ou d uc hw. ofthe MVP. poll last year but dead last as Reddell beat them
Fgat .'1tti. They, let coach of the San Frnclioo t'feller plZat ball," couldn't win despite 28 victories, eight times. Making his record
the double pluy wpA they d 'r e. to wet you from the sa-id Casey. "Y ..It as He fell off this year and doesn't all the more remarkable, Red- ROUTER-Corky Red ell
."itThe QoIit. 1 What's in it f iin *bl' t, --er." h figure to run ahead of either dell finished 31 of the 32 games ised 31 of the 32 games
.od ones right -t-&b. S niw-eld ookle 7-the Nal s atio 'nal wh61'l CimpV or Mathews in the vot- he started. started. (NE
e Yalkete hit 1u0 god eni#ja1re glm m. vpea- t- 11We.
Oneoaway-m ,from r" ~, lurT ain ilka a -ofe thE An outsider is Brooklyn's Duke going to be next spri
If.k tni er, a whi all year with Nobody knows quite what1but has his sights set on
to'& tel et o seRselar drtches and high happened b e t e en Reddel Cleveland Municipal Stadium.
6& 1 A.W&I'll"Hd B and RBIs. Phoenix tryout in the spring "That Big hree isn't getti
Rosen ran away with the runs of 1952 and his brilliant 1953any younger," says Corky Re
gb*: lb "tted-in title In his league, led campaign,
t hepifin homers most of the way andc ,
d. "Th eei.' osNIS tentlv t f a a job In Colorgdo and s arted
wit ha shitLcomstentlv bit for 9 high aver- pitching for semi-professionals' "If I don'
-. scripted Buht a pitcher V must havb t a her' salary. Bob field of the Sen-tors. age. He rate our vote over Riz-p unidy s semi-professionals eId ea rta oin t m ne
IL l --'i al, t W i frula. are l. .astlyt patftep., te., who Isn't exactly a tene- on Sundays. season, I'd eraiyk t
Duella 100M LOPAT- Wlay3oolk p 7 Red Ralph, ia Cleveland scout, t the year after."
citc-f hL e has e OA aOur defense will play Gil i, Thsref one catch. You report w k uepr of the bYuster bulr Is a steadvin in- sRited ahim, so he s the prop-us but s a stedvn In-
,catcher a l yhis.'rak, keela t *Douald as a pull hitter. I will in late July. You train with the CuI*l an d' ob Shants of the flience on defense whose true Srt he Idihar
ei BPlaR..t fk e "J:i a all i I ndins m-
of j unk.i. .letde. '4il.%rough the itjoqA'sdl players on non-valu mrht not be reco ery of
aei nofo top canot onfuiuntil he's no longer a- ed him to Tucson, where they
,.a ,at.. ... -: i" f. Kn lo tollesf Rlazu, b at@ m -n.buo di on' t go t nucher em emc ari
shI oR don't-inst'thes fom oting wFl I o nthe. MVPwrde-World saround.H lp train.V

hd eo nnan bde o8,d. .1 s ds sn l lE
nativeoNew ... 'arWn~ee o Came caW telsh ow orIs n' ee so the lothrouk torit no t P r i
flitter..I d""t "ip1h.relprotatedl
-Reddelis not sure where d o e Nervou nes. 16 1 2I

bt theotirrept oa lr riate ml sthietray night
mcarthrom the 15 172 15 485
bou.-.i ., o e t o gt."er. r IA y, dn m th a Waml d tUei round, t871. .2 _MIS I
head ofFW him Ut ia5 1)1

t Dangerous *t i b 'a the secod quarters and otl .. the. Nhu8W35 936 l44 2(- D hme
..:.'cause he can p ll t .he pte rog defendYio' r he lefS. and lu ttall usarll c
.he shorter right field aitnds. lide. man to man. Lo 'a your nfine ofaht with VSfrnd a
'- -. om n Zt 'close ." .* fk aoont time t'ut 169o u1451 1 479 l .s ..,gn It .tetr oO h ..

'.liMBEr Yo'v gid ot"- pi tch h Youim n Coutpni Ovl bW Iyou ewithugh a2 ga2 60 ice fte er.e in ,t rad rbraLth ofUrIeII reIth o ig ea
youse wthe horns Yor.r illy forte.Aenter hegt hM w 70 59e Thma. 200 194 208 613 ostuu t
44 i' oid',a. p-aet ic., .. ool. ... .. ages-, but h,.. op bms a lo ezoIy- and galor Iond hA y earhoe 145e! M ti
With pdth egueO thg aahh-pth87

d s u n fd D
It -d .,. aSoolkis rote- M? thr. Howel sems8tl173tell l 21110 6 72Bte.a

pw er .ours 4hav, teldmetnd j, Bae I96 and 'offey with Bat.l 170 203 186 5682
away v hw imore, wo'tissues.lastDToea-sam ,A 180209 17016 535

.do is't k5 hos frtf So h armetace. e'VQ e put on '.liS St'atpel tnsurocekment Waggoner 160 149 204 513hree
...g~$Intou W al in At y elegtn Ness tow -t points from the Colbert eA 190 1593 544 2
'.. sotrrgt. sands. rk id oundto U. u ndme toae'n Foods fivet "" "nlv

finDal mgi bn g of the "d No. 6
Joe, C ne Is aplfiL te r.lonoimetA, a Con-lS DeliGuardia 143189 171 503.

You'vegt-Wptc oiout .bun.t with the .IyDits 125 153 171 449
yo. u.tbw w w h mei Bith3e former taking Schult 187 176 160 5238'

', .. To .., ot to. -" y B-RNS -N p ih io. B-ith -as Ban e 17 -1 213--212 596
10-r MIX tI, WrOf alln lhgofrhiorerome-team npayBeed1 97 11 565 353

Player, ThWere's aone hl abcut naWe.ltteb hor- i aloCo-nd '=-r-Itort eed .9 4 "
"i tlo5' !., e p tha ts inh" onnmersP bowlh 56 apnthed -5 6
a retnner n Theu leainwer onsthoef Max nv Stempel & Son 55128

~flie YaiiMep4ian 4mu't asy OIbthus, far :t tv da We 171 188 193 552OW WhitS, e, oi i nSte.-Tt PuI ,...
her n .ba- 19Dt ley 405 1a62 461 or Da has been proved in authoritative cIuical tests to be more el -
a 193 Damia, J. 200 192 221 613 More effective in most case not only for minutes, but fo hoe
Y eot.opt o o four hours, five hours, and more! More effective in thees -'-
SS187 wao t Wand chlorophyll tablet. Soti fIn for longer lasting a.uance,
MI'.18yw for this clinically proven protection against bad beath81 tr3u
s ewerop rose 91Foods Listerine Tooth Paste. And look at the money this super-ecient 4
theomeoneeretfundon170 182 515 toothba,!...nlargerie4

X7. 126 18 18w5 tubes only 59.
e i .1 folio4 by C7 3 632

Ube? moms 6tor S yR.ASommencs
S' by ff -uopllay mea-y mCO. iDaman,A.3170 170 186 535.

S i the majocagues?190166167523
Calild pt o -. I'tf saa ht .Bk *. romamlso. n

Tom110. Sc idt 7 178 164 56820 5
.... out-.T t BenO W ie. .. t wa the onts from the Colbertapp 612 190 147 53844
g.m- ............a.d. the a.. .n $r ryeors f v135 167 484 _

;k*ht add w.n ..'Se'Ian thone ueDMk 1577 150 162 490
".+.* ..., wib him a.- oeidbarTt 152 8 00 168 520
'.~" "..e. acs Wheat 1 1432 anda. is. 7 3
:, ,, _= !,.-__186

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? y*. 't4. .

4 Series Preview

S-71 .)



.,.Baltimore Bes BI.I To B A;
,. S ".' .":,1.'NW

,, R -o. ; .. ..

+'~ I

S, ... A .. :.. ,.
Navy Secretary 20 Puerto ica

Drives To End ,Soldiers Killed
Plane Crash
Segregation P
~ ^e o l vs *i r ha ^l ij l lt w ^ef o 1 J ^ -^tT e Army announced ay
SNvy Secretary oerB. "Let the people know the thetrthe country L a oln. ,.t vt e t o dts anI I-6s
ed a move to integrate the large- NA 1LL' btI .'
Sall-Negro stewards' branch o WENTEIGHT EAR. PANAMA, R P.. TUESDAY, SEPTEMB 2 f6W eVt m ao m

R /\ussion H-Bomb Dev iment
Navy as part of a drive to rday wO oerto n IOpit -M
Nqavy segregation.flTot. Wher teonuI =X llir, Rr_'
Anderson said in an interviews Ih -pilot, John 0 A61t allt ,
j e h a s a s k e d V i c e A d m J a m e s :: W ~ lh o f k il l e d w hrl
X. Holloway Jr.. chief of navalktkilled Whm theYe
personnel to "develop plans by ford Pleld" L.
Which m that area (stewards) :. Tet l: L n ,
A may bring about an integrat- Igt. Juh Rlve. listet
id type of service." St Jt ld Rivewife,
Anderson, a Texan, who al- ASI S1JuanIa Fal de lwife,
ready has ordered Navy bases Has adm lnlS Tratj IonIL.U1 Worr
In the South to do away with orquillo-Cayey. r
segregated facilities for civil-I WASHINGTON..- Sept 29 1UPI. Mr. Eisenhower only last week this country has a long at lc| The JWint chiefs of staff, head- 8gt. Ismael Bantlgo-Bonllla
tn workers, said he feels seg- Defense Secretary Charles E. held a top level meeting with lead over Russia. ed by Adm. Arthur W. Radford, M &s iantoa BoullhBontleota, "S _I e a t
Sedation "must have our con- Wilson said yesterday that Rus- Wilson. defense and civil defense But they also point 11 are reviewing the nation's basic mother 43 Ruro a e' BRE ajU.a.1
tinning attention. sia is making -lots of progress" officials and top continental de- the United States Is a military strategy, including new st Hector "Let.iRBOertran 1o phea4.a131 afs ai
Sin both A-bomb and H-bomb de- fi ns& chiefs on the problem of A-bomb target than l problem raised by Malenkov's IM Isabel .Tself dr

tar get-by St.,ko a Mri ,.
-"I am setting up as an oblec- development and soon '-can make how best to guard against pos- because of itq big eitles H-bomb claim. Leandry w e zast t do
tive the elimination of segrega- bombs of any size." sible Russian atomic attack. heavy inistrial co If they should decide th e an, we, D.
ion in all areas where the gov- Wilson's b I u n t statement. Atomic experts are confident Lions. situation calls for stronger air a
fitment owns the facilities made after a conference with defend uorlar ger strategy k colas 1
Sunone civilians as well as uni- President Elsenhower, under- ... ..,. I mbng forces capable of retal- Prospro Qunoumes. brotWf' 19. W.
trmed personnel," he said. scored administration concern eating Li case of Soviet atomic
."I want to do it in a way that over how to meet the threat attackg It might upset admicUl- Bg. JlUaW St Re, Ca .
'an not disrupt those involved. of Russia's rising atomic might ttack. It eaipanit mpeteimly. S -nk .brotherJullafs S r
.u can't eliminate the customs and still balance the budget. t, : Defense Department of flcials ... b ,
sad habits of people by execu- He, said the grim facts of the. now estimatethat i Iit a r y A red fll
tire order." atomic arms race confront the' ..V for the current fiscal Ma f-ath -
United States wilh an overrid-' yt ning about 3,500M0,-0ce belm e-Ae
Anderson mihasied strong- ing question of how American 400 Wner frmr Predent Tr- .t. L antT eorea,
Iv his belief that "forcing" Ie- money and manpower can be 'B S e ate of M500,000,000 M- ;"f1laesl, mothe,
tetration will not get result used. best to guarantee national *Ians h d hopi e or till far- lf0S ." ,M

u eh hoped orsilf.Gr
and that "removal of barriers secur1v. thes lesnx ear to hell
.o segregation is the surest, "We must face the reality that 'h Irlance the budget i June lm as' hthl 1
safest and quickest way. if not at the moment, very short- -1K5. S ar, however,
iTe added: lti they thythe Russiansn can make ehtt have not reported. th Rrda, s.
"I'd consider It one of the re- rep-rters after his regular week- M h. .t 111 _131"___.a. 1,- SaRn 1.r tiOer"~-, 81'"
warding accomplishments of my ly meeting with the President. A l t
administration if I could elimi- "We have to deal with reall- pl o "'r" """
nate ell barrierss to complete in- nation that Russia ton has at- .stPetraC or Mle.a V.t
terration without reflection On omie bombs and the probable Petia Gon alfess g'Oaot.,
hieof any race in the Navy." ability to make so-called by- tb ele.
:.The breakdown of racial see- drogen bsi ombs." fain ti p Cfrlta LOpe- e Ml-r le .o 1a WS0 =

ppoation snt thal B I O e : &l
nation in the Navy, wh l The question arose when a re- dwguel L ,Lopes father, 0 s r. -N

And leave 14000 IE-^a^amld .^^.^^^aI^^
'ihlied launch similar moves in porter asked the defense secre- \* i miS o aSttnodJl tw,.u 5d t lvthll m e L. S I, l S e

t we eewlines' thand wat wtas ite"u settlement withe theuarng the North Atlantici tBriti s irtc l. u sam-Ptid. irt in v, Mr
.ees in moves to end segrega- eral European situation. partl- have tled their lanal tide ia'e *aic lics asa.. year5.

*a o cularln the tension between Est i lng dtai n rel t. lg to a i aM ,
S rohief areas for criticism hae d Theand West Germany. u a. sa ws, = 7i
en the stewards' branch, acol- He ther n said he belieed one The sources i te a t nir Irepe the d ra, mother
oset largely of Negrors with of the basic problems facing this ta enm t BrtWain w wwith- antPeias St., Rarmigneroe,-Par- 7iv5 a t o a

ministration W h wgt
ame Fpinos and a few white l country is "the ealiation that i e troop from the Stne, e ag es re
eal related civilian fa- the Russians too, are making (NA A) B rlseah l e 4000 tltOen. Cpl. agoi F Meiego dlsg ,a -l
ites in Southern bases. lots of process t with their at- ATOMIC ARTILLERY LEAVES Troops of America's hthd fo s years to a Mr Ir Mar Ti

About half i of al the Navy't s mic and thermonr lear heydro- tomi artiy baon bard a ship at Wilmington, .C bpad main tain the oea m taet le .
aoximatel 25000 Negroes are gen developments." for Europe. The soldiers will man atmic an fr The W ar Offce a ani.

III the steward branch. wa itin "Our overall problem is h or se. e-a
ht table nd caring for rooms of we can develop the strorbsCeLt ga g N tnc An toS e m lerteMaf Cp. R aut'eru-Pre, SMattU
a r officers. sition for our country wit vanWehin the thermn y. a in civilian c e ithe S mtures
Oene is to merge the stewards saiHd. n II si hIJ the aoups asd.doir mte We.nh
w it h the N a V y commissary Asked whether he thinks the C
tbanch, composed of cooks and cold war hes sharened or ea'ed i In Caro the Anpglo- gyp an AAl, th
bakers. recently. Wilson said hi' off-the- i 1. negotiatlOn team met agau.;& Do-CaiCai, Pa ththeaA
ncuff feeling was that i .t hasw ike T~arget Da e td. ah.e, roft.fl..St.... -r
eht ll men be enlisted as Administration r les havean ob Ber
ana Rdsergaedc Beflanre a- t meRsi akig. V c iabelaa
eamen and classified for jbs made no secret of their on- the n th
ern" base.N -:." Gl SH N N aRTEmR nLEAVE a fbe samd aohindebeoraignMahedWriterd0
ither as seamen or stewa rs. M Malenkoe that Russia has its target date for installation of The Nike is a 20-fooufr mis- The BriAh foreign Oice -cn of the
teNegroes the eret of the dread ydr- Nke" ant-arcraft guided e which can d ore thnid today that "no agre
to ste war duty antd keep gen bomb. missile units but hopes to n 1,000 miles o ur n i r aa che," but i m st6 bals A
ires out ihave them in operation soon, it arget 30 fr Its launch- ed qarces m id the net eator. clra tio n RP Intea a
FAnderson said If he finds in- Dm. ..i o D J:1 was disclosed today, lng point, have reached agreement "n Scouts of the C .
raftirLoni prohress too slow, he n .a llt fIlus On the basis of tests against prlinaiple ." e IsAtemnta fotre. one ....... .... ...
i act to soe edv t u. a a Army S cretary Robert T. Ste- remote contMroled Flig For- Te soure ad the a ln o state ow n Girl Sots of Am r-
His goal, he emhzed is to vens announced in March that tress bombers, the Army said i nts that l.........,.....
M te racial barriers witht e 9 O S PoliCe Nike, which hermer e th K hudanee ssou acee at least 65 kills ropl w. leave their CMawl the S o0.f Aspr b19.0
lident in a "practical, realistic r anti-aircraft weapon now avaU- out of 100 trIes. zone garrisons within 18 mths. l Council (. u t
uff fee l ps th a I t has ,n o .. .. daupartcularly In tafe ye Cls a p. S=' .. da .-a
ittecmigamerid" of til missiskelt. the"-e 'D"" 'a... Rat .'o :,

rma Mourns WHITE PLAINS. N Y.. Sept. 29 As of today, however, an Army strd t Wes o
at rtier' i of .e (UP) --- c A nine-year-old "'gen- to meet a surprise Russian air Ctrane at id toe we .e bun ol, .--b 2, ft
fath o1f litl lus," charged with leading a Tspokesman said no unit is readyompest pld at Sd t d i
4I-1thle n aV rs Wea men band of boy burglars on 21 thefts, attack. And Army officials now N.C.' ,wlnh N i froduclng Ule i -to ,- T1B l. S-n e
S obevesfela a e startled police today by opening confess they were overlv optuied..,h a pe mo- emle aE.Am huth t.a ru
a n L tV he station house sae with amistilc i ettin last- summer a se--i---,s __a, ub r

) The death of c popular Thn e police had finished ques- said Indian summer," one offi- Laeou 0mles m f lauetbe large ssi
Iunq -ov. Dan- McCarty of a tlioning t he boy. whose identity cer said. hiou fal of ter gE
1rt alment and strain of a- they withheld, and he was replay- whic fall O'1 -, the tai ,[S lB
enmonla attack nliuned thou-ing around' the station house I But officials feel certain that wl drop in lied i
d of Florida citizens Into a when he found the big combina- Nike will go into. operation this In addition, at4t l WB
personal grief today. tion safe falll. In fact, so hopefully ex- have 4 O
cCarty, 41. scholarly looking Delicately. he spun the dial: pectant is the Army that it has sheds and ad o r T.
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