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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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rers Alli ed Observers

Shocked By POWs

nf Who Turned R

( -t4to. be'he ax- ha t. ----
Rmx as. Manges Go- ha det PANMUNJO K 0-
mhc*m ater b PANMUNJOM, Korea, Sept. 24 (UP) Tweaut.
Lronadhoutseeemed Te taH la s e le three Americans rode into neutral custody in thwee Sup
ent today following an kiler led pqUce he la sien-made trucks today chti C
roadhouse seemed The trial Ieft y us 4ileged sian-made trucks today, chciting Conwutf tosl
might search by a ppose bfheaded toward 11e. c today, ting ommut 'l"gat
mcth by f a kile r lede~l i bwa1e," he H and predicting the success of a world-wide Red eW
policemen and two trail. A later rep a gieoe the SUCCSS of world-wide Red W
ewsn.aeemn a*nth q objl l hunt tion
^ at.. tee no it mh-& oad I Telet pehoto The Americans 20 whites and three N- -v
1 onai.h deA 6 Fh eLdBALwUT reMi.aen.R W iam i De io eept an vowed they would never return to the United Stt
man ft-s r Of th-fa, an o w2 N commander Gen. Mark Clark salute the colors as a guard of the present system of go mnt exists but
r ti at lel a ftqueent daytie leMto, the honor lives Dean a farewell sualt at TokyO love for "our country and people.
n d ad &l Around tierofasd m .d w&.Wbeing A
_asdt.4 itttr od t a. l b e Allied soldiers, newsmen and observers were o b-&
"apt r n 6Dean Has Jab t ed by the behavior of the war prisoners as the Ceamg.
I'""f Dean Hast Hea .months.
Svn-h-rhpuse resident's belee chi ft months.
SOf Wr POW's miles the trucks roled down the other admInstration category. in
"dM Ju h e la 5fie dirty road from nearby Kaesong, which the men couldberiF od
ana# ofs It te, reW P W F along the 'anit route taken by except desertion.
.ira"lJaU br,-8. --0-- more th (i other Amer- The question of how tb
i l pk w Calif.,, pe of men still mis- cawhos edom over Com-M n ot de
o-t4. -u- eaot for.. new s -o"ef--"a nst ill munhs. In Op rwution Big Switch, trion has Poed a tlcKlsh Wd.
Calif_ ) --, Ma Own W. t h mthe- it ajsoners sang the Corn- tion.
a td .telll eino a -lfaced- the "heart ilrAt ary at home as pulet a th "The Interha-

SOnly once did the 54-year-old es they screed.onen r

Stin today *e- sugges.ons" made newmen fle of letters Ay when he saw one of the
^ 54 to the (manodu t by -loyd ralld that the have to answer all those let- hree pro-Communist Negroes ^VA i

bel l at American oposals for l 'ce-to' fir ilo, s was that the ter," he said. "It's a heart- climb down from a truck.
aaad face negoatlons on the Korga sf the prtilpation Ip breaking job, "Look at that colored boy" he ',
a conferen, leaving the q-aste s ee th con-yeaence of -olsaid. "Boye would I like to get
Led trff be ett the parley tel. be left to he political lies who have boys still missing. Meanwhile in Washington an
de ear krt Briti er of tate co without a county They're asking me if I had seen Army spokesman said the A-
tr the Lloy mkng the ppetoal td befhad to the"eir ne and an 't give-them merican prisoners who have re-
a4d 1teU hgi(UPe) before thB.aed Natoe Gea- a C position on s matter. any encouragement. I didn't see fused repatriation probably will
Sard har, eral tAsely, also renewed sees smble and a sithe hale other prisoner all the be classed as deserters if they
Selr the Britain's iitation to fouI a oat resolving time T was held." erslat in not wantin to return
power ,foe m m zlosta onfen the tioon.the United States.

e.e ncoo Gra0 tcee held aso suggetion was POnOma r VinC the has lzed however, that
o-,S d th aef S ea-tea'ts toiy ite. '. tative of the U.S ho h e stilludg meant" simply on the basis
o at he5. ,_' t rhe tala's atttatei wsr om. f "lt a t asking me if T had separent enthusiasm for Commun-
~spa?,t 1be woas ooaeto phe'i. bl hern tocu a ken. nd I c Steiventthesm displayed by the men when
ly beforehe aplfor the confer- an encouragement. I didn't see fusrned ov rep atriation probably will
the laon w saide ow e attitude was t eetebeclasseda deserters f they

St red by thensteedt fat a A? t t have been made to tamerican wserle it iner talknting to American
dhe. pa.asf fcoh inat.1 4xaot definition aof tht representaties tathe pris. oner
e that Ics oaa to pa -Why hee t r the word new athe s their rlne the esmph n said, they wllhat
tte a ,nect dur s ? stiona a hama Province t heA'roba be class ed as dekn r-e
or a lull -5 short- ar r id, Ot 15. t.eAr.

truce." UTia s seem t b be as Pamna 0o0i meantt regula- At the moment, the spokesman d
Reth14&nouh n B, -t welcomed." U o ne bw ne w M state- said, there appears to brhe p-no To enio na E

Sokesmen- have -I Llo aalthouighBritr #ia will mall property Pand AmericanWor ld Ap r waese
11., .&(~- Te face-to-ace m W ala that India had ewtaor St the repubnic l Pana ma i biras

oaton ot t rley's compositon, ealdnts other provinces High Low Thisen change in title
St as b Codmmonit w be nati later when to 4:50 am. ............ 11:08 a.m. custo made in order to more fll
I lar for further "fla i China earth korea. m the ppoerty statements. 517 p.m............. 11:27 p.m. ron vey th executive nature o
all 0II o in "vea" OR* n s reuse presented In th R brepatriatnthe
,Tl e 'wg r ta e f j J l t h o t te eaanamA, the airline explaIinedw
thin& oPntns S la vwevua-Ithe Cheampentaiso. en Teon.

Reel n .,-- 3- IU, I |g .officers, including discipline abd oath of loyalty riwtted at the dictator's bednde most outstanding perforuancee
t PARIaS, t n ) -Vd dl M ry Zhukov. which btndkWiery Red Army of- in his last hours, young Stalin ever accomplished PAA per-
ly a ded dicttos o f V ly was fle. As ent he was sent charged sonnel. At 9:30 p.m. on Pear
hard and t-t western diplnata to a esteetlon camp" i Koly- Poskrebyhev was the only Harbor Day December 7. 191
adt^ H isol. te a r la slave 1ft- o&aSK en he fallea to ap- ma-one of Russia's vast net of man Stalin trusted completely. US. Army authoriles notfl-
.< JMe eaIlsi In the a^- leader of Russia's slave later camps which, ironi- He handled Stalin's secret file ed the airline it m us t vacate
te Sy air parade. In call en the late dictator of compromising data on Soviet France Field, Cris6b beore
-.--. hthe sear of the oDe ftr his political oppo- prominent am the next mor f"lIi
SPkreby he disappeared on then storekeener, was orto,
t-ael i arey n Stalin, the late dic- otee drrace of Vsas'ly lift. ae the day Stalin died and has not sponsibiltv of moving
iSe "luo t'h' I"roC inb e ne sd of ft a

Ro 06n the mk dto -M relt being enacted in the the shos ande fo tmheu _rf
vSefor Wrtre'use dvexecuthe ndepergationve noft

'the Q She he hremo wheoe diee natural death an ith the ArmyI
asucea Tec o m d. O Nr nkov and M o loto v smenor repeI sthu s t od
olieliI ia uso hele yPteriy on d Am
9er. -vetlama y"s in- r M o S aln s frilt cas Toddw duan a rs ine mped 9t-
e othe-and any other contains av
PUPrt-Th n ot tet oth t eosfe r- N uui a o nothe la e able. Th e transfer wi .a .e
thtarpey tab ehLe .Sk.y ed R gOed thr me att ihe within the deadcolisne anddbt
'd ytn- V a l n y loet.a VS A bs tkhme he w sseto reo et next 10 days p myarts weret

'dlt -ndlomatls Pt a ruthleyp o mp"ne toly- from paper bars for al, 1
t- dn aild t te nl Tro sk newt an a n t nrl- serviciU at Barby oe r. Fuohoe

v p t aICe.t oro la Sr Sw a benas a- m ore, during th is itrloe I
e d*ai t jAb p re i r e.- a ihth l. i c t to f o p r:do v e r th e p a rts a ndo e
f o r f u r t h e t Mp y h s t at i e mno t po l iv i ngpten a n d s lhe e p i n t rn eh

.PNeithathied stainper.are "ltedt costly properties.
o n 0 t eC nh i nso p tn e F or th is Peo u ts ta n d bin g d d V
Seas was recommended for a
aa i -e .ln' -- representative and sth t-ME

-h A.T r y- i nhassl st o r y u go re. d ur ingt sp

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4w,,e Ao ,OAUSIS* m' PANAE4--UJU4Ab _nom, me
pOuNt5p MV NW#U H UI eIN las
a?. H STsGT *t P 0 Box 12.. PhIaMA.k OP P.
TiELPrO'41I PANAf*h NO e A-40 4 1NU< ,
COLON OPFIC0a tE 12 t CNTrqIAt AVENUE oSlt *N sasT AND N 4H fNiMnTeO
Fo*asen t 5left#tTATlve, iosMUtI 6 .OWiSx. INo.
A45 ManjaON Avo. NoW %nas. ts l N vY.
MUNTM IN *VANC f 0------ -- e
- 6 lAMrn & BOVANnt- ,o~ 4 c


Labor NeWs



I'Im'Q -C '- .. .i



0 -
The Mail Box is an open forum f60 reedear of Thei Pename" amer-
ken. Letten are received gratefully *ad are handled hia whellp bnti-
deark m ire .
I" sContratute a letter don't be impatlnt it "t d**Nn't app*et the
Meat day. LWten ore published in th oder received.
Pleas try to kidp the letters limited to one pae length.
Identity of letter writers Is hld in strictest confidence.
This mewspeor ausumes oe responsibility for tatoemens as oplnionl
itreseId in letter from readers.
Cristobal, C. Z.

Although none of us amateurs pan hope to approach the
heights of Sad-eye Sam with his mulks-eye view of the Person-
nel and Accounting Departments, I ould like to offer for con-
sideration of both Panamanians and Americans some suggestions
relative to the current treaty talks.
I have some suggestions which, I am sure, will meet with the
approval of both interests.
First, get the Panama Canal out of competition with Panama
in the matter of housing.: Close Rainbow City, La Boca and Car-
denas Red Tank and 6t0Ak City to all PanamaniUaa; retain only
such bWI citizens as Panama Canal was originally obligated to
house In the Canal zone, This would place. approximately tI5,OO
persons back in the Republic where their allegiance is and would
result in a terrific building boom to take care of them. At the
same time, it would result in lower costs for Americans who are
living in quarters in the Zone, since rents would not have to be
Joierased to subsldizd the local rate Quarters.
-.'uid, grant Commissary privilege only to 7. S7v.ate Amer-
Ian wOrkers, removing a great source of competition. 1th leit-
late Panamaplan business4ilen and creatInlg a lot of "tW
Now stores and Increased business. Closhing of Local Rate a1 es
IFuld save considerable money and perhaps allow price satfink
lot the Americans who are entitled tO buy there.
Third, fraft hospital eriviieges only to Americans and stop
S etg in Zorwe, hlital wfti the Panamanian hospitals and
1:n nereased busGnei there for the Republio'as.ledical prq.-
Ion and institutions and again, will enable the service of the
laplktals to be tiproved and oatA reduced without making the
FMerlcans subsidize the local raters.
Fourth, close local rate school facilities thereby permitting
Panama to expand her educational system without the Zone
Americans having to pay for aliens' education in the Zone,
Fifth, the above changes, particularly the residence angle,
would thbin enable the Republic of collect Income taxes from all
the-Panamanians whereas now, although they receive their money
S frdz tile United States. they are not paying income tax either to
SA thk U.A. or to the Republic.
.All of these suggestions are perfectly feasible, since nothing
In any treaty up to now has carried the obligation for the Unit-
S Id States to interfere with the affairs of the Republic to the ex-
: ent of housing, feeding, hospitalizing and educating the Pan-
tmanlan employes of the Panama Canal. I sincerely believe that
the treaty negotiators should consider these suggestions as being
S or tht best interests of both countries. u
S'- "S ous Thinker"

This is now the third year since the wooden stands In the
Mt. Hope ball park have been torn away. So far there has been
is. move to replace them. Why? "
Isn't it important that the AtlAntl Side people have a place
to lsit when they watch the games.
The fans on the Atlantic i8de are deserving of a little con-
aIderatlon. Football season is just around the corner and our
old wooden park is about to cave in. Why can't something be
dbhe. I'll bet that If this park was in Balboa we would get it
But, when Henry Donovan was In Washington. he told the
Congres aonal Committee that the Canal Zone had two concrete
stadiums. one on the Pacific Side and one on the Atlantic Side,
do what can you expect.
Weary Willie

By Victor itlesel

ST. LOfIS despite the
frightening revelat1e1ie.._ that
mobsters, using local ulnions as
operating rots, are tt
ahd steltng neatly half 1 b I
dollars a year from rank and
file members and the nation's
businessmen, the AFL's annual
convention here will not tackle
the really powerful underwarid
kingpins who have invaded ItS
This will not be for laek f
cUIga on th t. the
AFL thorddhliff-olie ASd
outspoken new president, port-
ly George Meany. lie just does
not have the power to put ew
an all-out Investigation of the
interloaklg agnetswk 0f w*A!-
thy cileti, who beeaels afu -
eat buawneUmeh an the de
diuins the drifting regime *
the late William Green.
As one Executive Council mem-
ber out it, "There has grown up
a racket "system" inside labor
which parallels exactly the sna-
tional crime syndicate operating
in the public-at-large. An the
sad fact is that in qo other I-
bor movement anywhere in the
world does such a situation ex-
ist." I

By taking on the murder-liMSp
Eastertl waterfront mobs, wDME
have terrorized even the1 U.8,
Army Means knows that he has
charged head dOwn into a crowd
which only lasi May called In
New York teamsters and water-
front union offla ls and oarn-
ed that any efOrt to dt,1odge
them would brinf death to the
Word here is that at least
three top union chiefs were so
warned by the men who control
the so-called "Pistol Local" on
New York's west aide.
The waterfront mobs, while a
beginning, are, however, only a
small part of the vast network
reaching from New York acrossr
to San Francisco, where Dave
Bek's Internattfnal Teamsters
Union headquarters now has aey-
eral investigators auletly looking
into the truck loading racket,

Typical of this network is its
Eastern end, the combine run
out of a Sing Sing cell by Joe
Fak former boe- of the Oper-
atlg oEngitneers Union, who is
doing time for extorting 756.-
000 from contractors. Fay's
boys have been ",pse4 as the
crowd which cost 1te Yonkers
raceway track $S,100.000. The
same mob controlled the hiring
at virtually all astern tracks.
Indicative of what Meanv and
i handful of hihs ice presidents
are up against here are records
ow in the hands of New York's
Oov. Dewey andt his prison aMd
parole officers.
Thev know that Fay has been
visited regularly and that his re-
lease has been sought by impor-
tant AFL officials, in the Build-
ing Service Union. the Teamsters
therhood, the Constructioh
trades Dept., the BollermatlerlB
Union, the Electrical Workers
Union in New York. the ChicAgo
BUtthers Unions the Carbentets
Brotherhood and the Hbtel
Trades Union.
Some of these men are among
the mqst powerful in the feder-
ation, and any effort to rip them
out of their posts or even in-
vestigate them would stop
Meany in his tracks in his firlt
year. This Is just a partial list.
Scores of other big-time labor
men are involved and Governbr
Dewey has all their names.
Medny is not one give to fu-
tile dramatic gestures. His teth-
nique, vitallv Imoortant to the
country because he now is the
nost dynamic force In an organ-
ization Of 10.000.000 (despite the
official count of 8.600,000). is to
operate quietly beh n d the
scenes, away from the press. un-
til he can produce a completed
Right now he Beck and at
least two Other AFL vice presl-
dents are working with the FBI,
the Treasury Department and
many local prosecutors. Meany
and Beck would prefer, of course,
that the police move in, for they
feel they have gone as far as
thby can after having been in
office some 10 months.
These men feel that any other
move now would disrupt their
organization. They point out
that they are burdened with
other major problems which re-
quire their attention.
It is apparent here, both from
the lobby talk and the Executive
Council's report, that the AFL
fears a recession in the next 18


"* "".




- -


The Ature
most reuible i
cvear 7S,OWtcol
cdst df flwt
should Ia a m1
S. homes, sold
Then f Ijt
Baker, eC U
tem CommittU
gineers from t
with a coldf
Communicate on
Even with i
the easibull.
guelson4 0 al
"And the 1
You bav

F0PtVtA Al
report thait ,
used to get'

tus "


In Srter
chanics left
dd earn ri
it21 th a
Gbad c
I t'
"Rth -
out r

Some of the AFL'q econo. I
mists a6v it has already s#t in. A
They believe that the combin- Th6
atlon of a decline in farm prie-
e, the slowlna down of resi-
dential construction, the slump p t
in textile production and our thA
tertifle eapaeltv to over pro- W
duee items such *As utos, re- pla,
riterators and TV sets, Is cer-
tain to bring on a recession
unless met with immediate
It is significant that despite
the blasts against President Els-
enhower ahd bti business the
AFL Executive Council makes a
specific bid to Industry, offering
to work with It to preserve the :.&
"enterprise system." g
That's the mood of this con- ..
vention one mob at a time,
one fteeeson at a time.
And that reflects Meany's .
mood one mob and one rerea- --
Mson Pind onp r'enpre 'ic
enough to tackle in one year.

' I

TV is IIrT lI The
estimM fo h .i t Lt new tittltt found In the Iek wQ a the
There en. C o wa rvea ts m-
n I 'l altn .I nm ander.
u '- MlarkannS was "ibhr a at t MALhudthan

* (,.

A "t. 1 i


n key InA

a1ant wa m __ .mi.-. .-


vr t ',
- A~h

E. '5*14w

,ntni qrta~a..dor

91 AS^

II -
i'htlei .
C bius m nI

. iv .- -, ,*, -r .-.










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./ --..-

IS /

,PAW s

To -

r hh IIS

LOW l oon Port of
tdII ,.1f64t out
Pwil~iH awei plipiptat p
~ te upwruMihu'- charB
:isAmwioen cousins., wlier
fufrii d tl...'Mn.f tt Arab,
Erapeun countries to g04 tnd

,A the a "e J. It was DN
= thht other tIt Amer- UV
wafnr"Ow~a SU O l w hen C

."-Af. I .. .,

- I.~~Ie8~utu1b' .
I i

; '. ,' -.

- f~.4M.'

. 't r.- "'M-M Fr._-- --:. 4



LW elegas Robert W. Glaw,

76 Dies In US
". -- 0
Robert W<. gitti Ca- ployment by the Isthmian Canal
nal Paymaster for many years Commiason during 1904. Mem-
pt. B and one of the bet .nown a- bears of the Incas, according to
Smong the old-tm ar of the Ca- Mr. Glaw, thought that Col.
Final construction period, died oethals only submitted his ap-
Wednesday in t. Petersburg, location for membership to see
Florida. He was 76 old. I they had "backbone" enough
Mr. Otaw had in Ill to refuse the "Colonel."
S.M health for the pagt several The former Panama Canal
months. He had made his home Paymaster was employed Octo-
since his retiremet 4h Cap- ber 11. 1900, and arrived In Cris-
tain and Mrs. A. it al- tobal a few days later aboard the
Cuba and Josd ViCent so long time rellaat thd 8.8. Alliancsone of the old LI
Canal Zone. News o Mr. OGlw's Panama Railroad steamships L
o t i death was received y tlepne which served throughout tne *m
rob ips- by Mrs. p. H. I en, Uh- constructlon period. He was per- Ing
5...L ter of Capt. ad Mrs. s finally recommended for em- U
O' Mr. la came to the Canal ployment by John F. Wallace,
.S. Zone in .te r Cal Chief Engineer of the Isthmlan -
t work wai begun w.' United Canal Commissilon, under whom
si at r- tates Ooven ind wia a Be had worked when Mr. Wal-
r set on tti Oonfer- member of the Inaa oclety lace was General Manager of the
of the men ad Illinois Central Rairoad.
during the ist tha Ca- Mr. Glaw's first Job was with
AIt whagiligna, hlal construt-mtF; serv- the Labor and Quarters Dlvi-
,.endL/ela, ed as the lpg dent alon. A few month's lter he was
of the Tniaf placed in charge of a division in
meeting o fi the Canal's disbursin office lo-
the tran up cated in Panama Ci. In 1908
'u ntiMl about he was transferred to the office
Mr. olaw Of e the Examiner of Accounts at
Srsaea a tha Empire where he was in charge
i othe of auditing and checking time
a rolls and payrolls.
S~~.lW- He transferred to the Depart-
ss m am ment of Disbursements in Sep-
Y was omtember 1913 as cashier and as-
pirit of s~lstant disbursing officer. Two
rit which years later he was promoted to
Assistant Paymaster and was
nt sf-th- p promoted to Paymaster in Jan-
Siw ary 1920. He served as Paymas.
SuMe from then until his rtire-
a J r ~sr Ite ent In 1939. At the time of hi
asaretirement he had the longest
S- to hast Timers." a vividservice of any American emp
A a! S' felt that n rica deutemes .upo e .i of the early Canal days In the organatlon an was one
ls be alid be iti. h an Idd& to Iakp their and ~a one of the few who three 1904 men t in serv-
m uh Ismute tahdig h nee -arma. IC Emlhnk knee could ,unt colorful anecdotes le e, the others being C. A. el P-
t for tb oust s who by value, then Executive Secretary,
to re- ;Ifr knowoledSe and bh M4wter H. Spler, a Locks -
war to w. .. .a au lir am libe d employee.
4 .tby Sidney baileto, a Mr. Olaw was one of several
"-=tlff of the Saturday Eve- of the '4Old Timers" who returp-
trn of."right yi potlance." ning Post, for an article on the td to the Canal service brie
J. "ll_ It was felt- that the Latin Canal Zone four years a Mr. during the war period. He was-
& i rd Aallecas would haa a Shallet spent several houh with for several months
o iat" pow ,r On the matitr afd t flMr. olaw during the latter's on- dur the latter part of 19ea
.mt._.a. .ea l aftater. di R, eamitu Ml to the Isthmus in 1 40 and early 113.
taous U.N.-a. Which it colleatlm ofurnished much of the Isthmus he and 20 other men
d was as mth wto l ls h neor the n color for the article. were housed in one of the wards
t s ~ny country. Amon' the better-known sto- at Aneon (now Gorgas) Hospital
Ti.i pl, youe get vanish on your, rules We construction period on the present site of the nurs-
S" hbW .ich h related to the writer es quarters. A few mont l later
PIN iM b y: Aqowig was the refusal by the In6as oflthey were moved because of the
i aft-in.autr. o mia ln application for membership need for hospital space for yel-
)w dlgide w=1tso.Mfa.rsw and rub with in the Socl6ty submitted byCol. low fever anmd malaria patients.
mp that n the 111i1 &01 aTilO the tsbric George W. oethals. Qu a- He then became a member of
monstmted a c ld wit alcO l-or btrNtj. liMn for memberAhip was eam- (Continuei d on Page 6, CoL i.)
; .. .. ... ... .... .... ..A',

-. 14m1
cama Cda iWeasm
A.. cU.U g
PA do OO

tiero gracious loveliness in solid silver*



P T. diwilt a v yA:S
lay e a ,r15

-. 1.4

f v '+ *- |
I '4-- i .
" .,* ,.' 6 1-^ .P'. ... -i..-:'_ ;".'-- .'-
/ !' *. '*^ ..i''W '.>.,,',!^ ,s-.-.. % '*
''. ;*, "#tt <,l .. '', ..^.^..c A~l ; :*
4+; .. .. +,_+..+ ..



Nov. 1st


4 .


| "* *+ .-;
+ + ., .

-^Vh~ii^"','.- ./-:. K-.

6- ^ -' A. .I ^ ^
.; -. : '*ir --. .r i f + ..- '
A" ;' i'.
7- y," -,* '*" w -+' j *'*- **

S"; -
.- "-* < *' '. ..- i ." '. .. : f .

- r -4 ; ** -*- .. .
.., +o
-*-.( .... .. ," "-' ; '
^F -" f "r'_ "" '. "- H --:"- ... *+-+ ., '.- -.


'.. :
;<* !

... *^J,.-.! ''
* ';. :. o *-*

Pres T $340,300.00

$1 "00 Uiet Prize

304(I0 Second Prize

I10KEOD Trd Prize
* t ,. ; "'4..

1h~rJy *1


y Ithout taxes

".e ^ "* .. .,


J ., .a
** .:* -t -- i*t*'B,*'f' .
*- ..* &A *- -**3S~tc '


-~ ~'' ~'~~''r;''' '''~


*V- I -

. *" 'I '

5EWA-BOUN." Jee D.
cker, of Cincinnati, Ohio,
miles from his desk in Wash-
Iton, after being sworn in as
r. S. Ambassador to Liberia.


--,. :.,. .--.. -.. ."


. 1


I -

...m.m41 r "-" -L t &D -

Shipping & Air Line News

Ancon Left New York 1T. Melant and son; Mr. and,
With 120 Aboard Mrs. Leslie Mintkenbaugh; 1Mrs.
A total of' 12t passengers for Betty Moore;"Ernest P Muzzio;
Cristobal and 19 for Haiti sailed Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Nelson;
from New York two days ago a- Mrs. Lindsley H. Noble; Mrs.
board the Panama Liner Ancon, Delia J. Noonan; Dr. and Mrs.,
according to the passenger list. Eric R. Osterberg and 3 chil-,
Several well known Canal Zone dren; Miss Eleanor C. Peterson;
r~tbdents were to sail. Mr. and Mrs. Bronsqn B. Pow-
The complete passenger list ell; Mr. and Mrs. -Robert L.,
follows: Ranklii and son; and Mrs. Lau-
Solomon Acoca: Mrs. Louise ra E. Robinson;
Allen and child- Mrs. Mary K. t Mr. and Mrs. Jack Saltzman;
Altman- Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell 4offre R. Sauvageau; Q rard K,
Amazon; Mr. and Mrs. Rex E. Ichear; Mr. and Mrs. gorge C.
Becf and son; C. A. Behringer Schelbe and 2 children*' Mrs.
anid wife; Mr. and"Mrs. Murry Estera R. Serko: Miss Gertrude
J. Bergman; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Serko, Mrs -Margaret A. Simp-,
W. Caglev and son! Mr. and son and son; Mr. and Mrs. Har-
Mrs. Cosgrove and son: Edward I mon Smith: Miss Norris "M.
J. 'Cullen: Mrs. Naomi Curling Snodeker; Mr. and Mrs. Thorn-
and grandson: Mr. and Mrs.!as E. Spencer and 2 chi rdren
William R. Dunn: Miss Doris Courtnev G. Stempel: Df. .ing,
Marie Edelen: and Mr. and Mrs. J. Strumpi: *FrancisF. Sully,
John W Ensell and 2 children: Mrs. Virgie Sunderland: Mr.
Mrs. Martha A. Griffith; Mir and Mrs. Norman A. Terry: Mrs.
Jessier -. -rimisdn; Mr. and Anna D. Thomas: Mrs. Gladys
Mrs. Arthur C. Harragin: Her- A.-Thompson;- Mr. and Mrs.
man J. Henriquez: Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Welbron; Mrs. Ruth
Mendel HiUlman: Mr. and Mrs. P.' ,elch: Mrs. Mary K. White
Julio Hoffay; Mr. and Mrs. ar- nd children; Walter B Wol
land V. Howard. 1r. and son: berg; and Mr. and Mrs. Walter:
Dr. and Mrs. Julian R Hunt: E. Z.imerman_.a .
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Johnson
Pnd 4 children: Mr. and Mrs. For Happier Days
Simon B. Jones and 2 children: BREDDING. Calif. (UP) A
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Julian new $750,000 fish hatehery is
and daughter: Miss Mairv, E. under'-construction at Darrah
e nntlr-"Mis. Theodora Kutz; Springs near here which will add
Thomas C. Lear: and Mrs. Ruth thousands of fish annually to
C. Lord;. California stream for th-
Lew i E. MacBravne: Miss pleasure of fishermen from anll
Dors T. Mann; Mrs. Evangeline over the United States.

1 ^a


MIAMI, Ue Way ... 470.00 Round trip SM4
OUAVAQUiL, One Way, 80,0 Round trip 144.40'
QUITO -One Way ....... 860 Round trip 15 4.80

S.S. Port En Besin ................................ October 5th
S.S. Dieppe ................... A......... ........... October 13th
M.S. Wyowing,.'... ..... .... .. ... October 16th
SS., Llbrte ....... ;......... ..A. ....... Octobdr'2ta
S.S. Piandire ..........................,..0* ....... October 10th
S.S. He De France ........................ t....... October 14th
Wceki taiat Cargo, Srvice ett*een Crist6bal. Balboa & West Coast
U. *& Canada.
Crwet6ba:h IVI.L P.O. Box t1 Te1. ?-2476 & 1818
Panama: IO *r MADUROA. A. 4- sBo s 1038
.Tel. PaaaP i 3.153 .. ..1.
i~~~~~ ___*:* *!__^-__________

In the Union

ACIOSS 53 Goddess of
1 This 'state had it T1 at ion
its admittance54 Profound
to the Union 55 Pase
overlooked 56
5 This is part of nickflam a
the'names df 57 Wanders
foOr stafes-' DbOWVN
8 This state was 1 Papiflfalies
namedTfor an 2 Capital -of' V" e $
,Enlish ee i Sate 20 Each state has35'Le l.4R
county, New of the Union. itsow ~'
3-- Mean- problems- UfWm
12 Lease 4 Souian Indian 23 Sikh 37 Rt*Wtl
13 Before 5 Approach mendicants 38 FP01l ..'
14 Iroquoian Gaelle- 25 Btifderied' 9 9SooB
Indian 7 Direction 27" C6Sunims 44Ard
15 Singing voice 8 Still- 28 Bia'iiat state459'ljid Mt0
16 iOnier Speaker 3'--oflefd t_
17 Domesticated 10 Chinky are prevaletit 46 SWb tf-
18 Sheltered site flfOne who in the Union 49 Elit$
19 Ruggl stains 34 Take-int6 -- lan][
mountain crest19 Illiesses custody 51 ilUl 0
21 Acme .: .,
22 Tedium ,
24 Canada and *-
the U.. S. A.-
are -
26 Rider's seat
28 Unluckfer -
29 Eucharistic
wine vessel "
30 Collection of
. sayings. ,.
31 Hardeh .
32 Wand-
33 Blacklbucks
36 Indemnities-
40 Wave top
41 Standard of 4
-' perfection-
42 Sea eagle
43 Gtacial- -
* pinnacle "
47 Gompass point.. -- ..
48 Krmd-of tide
50 Pillar- .. .. .
51 Rim -
52 Royal Italian ., ...
*-;. ..*. ;.n ^ -. .jtrf~i.<(W:P 'B8S1a'


Great W4iiq ]e



*S.S YIl UE" ..........................
%.L. A"................................
*s.. H o e t ot ................. .... .
s.8: .................................
S.g. '^BI^ f'6 ...............................Oct. 1

5.*r~ .. ~ Ir.'L

.'N *qI... ~
* .-. 3.. .. -$



b". "

fp,. W....,




1-- 1



,otAN.,.'N.--Q(MC ,*
:!,'*); ..' *^ .a /...*. 4... <-. ,.,i-' -1


., Lv''~

* landing Refrigerated. Chilled and General Cargo.


S.S. "ESPARTA"............................
SiS. "MAJORKA"......................
S.S. "LIMON" ............,................. s ,

"Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New York, New
Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco am lte.

Special round trip fare from Cristobal l ew ork,
Los Angeles, San Francisco and -t&* af t

To New York .............................. 0.00 -
To Los Angeles and San Francisco ......... 0.00
To Seattle ..............................


(~~~ I

S.!;< hi,

0i1. .~: ~

, :- i --. .i :.. f i,.w d "


CHIlS W*Lmlt. Planets

Don't Be Bashful

TOAVoIP A$ .. JOls' \,
\u4PICION l..



S *. *** '

High expectation


' '" ;' .- .

Obedient Boy

IN 3ES AT 8.50.
^^^-aT 11 I AN'

wVrH 7W T'-

* '' S

*AtE rFor







* egi nl






.9 i -q


F" *"

"" ,-*,_- r I l k.

r I -


* ,3* D nDrAN rFlAFm


SKik S-iKe Man-Shi Hosplal expert Scout News
7. ", ^ S h ^- M n IVe o u 8d 1 de Quarterly w s
S O pens At l-U SO Center Aw"rOes In Pnn wl ,l e held ne t
SWednesday at he U. 8. Naval
M b Con hr'.t 0 'Harland Gibson, Hospital Ad- S tation, COCO S l Theatre with
"i'"e' miBW -"C'. / "--.--'-- 0" -- ministration technicid from the Troop 1ias host. Ta wt
-lS Si -Se.^r-HBo fA hew artist hu n .1eF.lIeneas tod knowledge of Institute of Inter-American Af-" Capt. Wm. A. Thorn, USN,
So h j ent felt in the Canal ai jectu for .airs, arrived An Panama yes- C11anding Officer of Coco
Unc E howai skoee watroter rMrs. Shinn U teraytoperate with the Solo will be the ueat speaker.
S' yar charcoal sketches at the nr leave from the Detroit M1nlstry of Labor, Social Wel- All scouts and parents are
hbor" p tot U Gallery tthhapeo a a- schools. She studledIn Wayne fare and Public Health in the especially urged to attend and a -
". p 't tisse-like quality UnIversiy,. t Undi erdit of betterment and solution of ad- welcome is extended to all others
oft althOhi ehrCol-a'ministration problems pertinent who are interested.
eartn who oSTfm a H's. oPein egIav with t.' toSanto o as Hospital.
br tShianwho fIPmajor. Shes1deArwork In Gibson will assist the techni-
We Club of 0he Chaurtthi ed by the Canal Zone interior decoration adclans of the Departgnant of Pub-
S present some e iliated with the li Health in developing a sound
lr Also cn2t pital services tin country. He
a i t. Detroit onnetdre withe thrThea- administrative o Hrah for ho-
doepisc pattern ter Guild in the Canal Aoneshe will work through the Health
the corIstel o played ti!felead In "Over'Twnty- servicio (8CISP of Point Pour.
So &R g oO" rG tone," Hos a

bi -i r iar fue eii Is 0 ThepresentO exhibit tn Wi eath of theexperiencemn Ine p r .
is .o Ir tart looser- ay.Hstos i s n pital Adminisn Ca-
.. iof the Church depicting, By BOArtLed the J eath of Puerto Rico. Gibson
.... .MCI Ibb. .tist Matsb u ned yester and. ox- has traveled extensively through-
n near tutu* Carig a Club rld I l ted Mexico, Guatemala. Brazil. ... ...
1rbbea. h3ve7:e 30tToiUruguay and Argentinaobserv-el
Mrs. to. ,V A.= J ,iew a ,f -theho.ial .a inironwu.. .
,.. By l C J Ali i Ko s0 ce T -leruhn p In each of these countries.

.Sor the Uniby Statee and t be n*nter le wnl wh stole ar $5 set by a is a sta.w pttr
"p hjrils do# Mr-ts ott aLea 'stointre joining the Instaitute ofnnasi
Aoab re& E yMrs Zo ad ~rr f lITneer-Amerlcan Affairs, Gibson You'll want otne sf tm new ian'rn

*a- r a mqd r n ror s e is, d iB
Mrs. ".pgwansdnedlor more than five whenyoum lib
urns Rea a I ToLiaIaE JuN Yyears as HospItal Executive Di-
i ,, 4 R"pq"h .. h rector In theT 'Hopital Adasinis-
;"pb at-' Du- lUg.1eu nbe Ie- yb e. tration Services of the Common-
:" r oy aOr Hwese lt te opendte. .wealth of Puerto Rico.
5.kJ,.. toUer 2.=te9 a,.ewbed FridayBy ROSAt LZ R _,

.09. atmlli oa d91, e teher role of g vn ersr to hea .i_ ele e s t e ste l lni
.~0, d tenbore desgnsinrgliobhr 2.lN4Stan
arp an- ta, cle'r bl aDish that D honest Thief

uhFo oteA naM s. d d b e ab7 1
r o. n laMOBRID. rE, S.D. (UP) Of-.
r. .f-ser=ehur' e them like tooge
,fum. l .," ies., sow% fthetr',hands oh a double-deal-
t'8Ia 0111wtheU ta.s bevery ,nUIng"thief.tThoyhareelooking for M
tM rs ters.tsb m lam w hee Luae$5sts, an .amu whotole a 65 set of is a stately pattern

W.; .an .B etr.r,In
i th.nol eadtret oItne blg .e d.arod
4'1:end .In. a e foralhemotif. ComebinansIt
.wone them tomorrow.

IMMwmo iloas

,_,-i. S

4a a l

', No. 3 held .ap Inmtl- tary pilotinr course, a an-
of new Officers recent- othefor early in 1, the lat-
the Pedro N oiguel L ter to be at Taboga Island with
transportation provided aboard
Irth ig ~Offc In membe8t b 1a.

P bunswith moe m tISOk 1If


et of the Canal Zone Jux
hte qt~ nico urs wt
M third floor oft

fnl Ja


M ie-
p trigo-

m wta

She podnU.-ot that Itndutry
commerce and to some extent
the liberal 'pro enions are clos-
ed to Italian womeh, priMa5iep
I because of unemployment


i e mattress you will

ementualy buy, .because

ig cheaper, will last

~a ftmie, is supremely

/*' Btabe and is ,o

.,4 : ~~* '

-i 4



The original Latex Foam Mattress and Pillows

On Sale at



[ 14 Central Avenue *

Tel. 2-2



Also Available at:

* Pholippine Rattan Furniture
* flMessoM Exchange
* MueMela El Diablo
* Cas A&irable
* Cam- S
, c.. sI


ALtd 1-


I.M~l 19rw

~41*rc"r `I '*

* -





: 1: .-


iell'em... When You Tellem thru P. Iassifid
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or out offices in No. S7 "IH"I Panama
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

-I 9


Via IntBedX& o. 34 PnaMl I a P.

Atencia lInternacional de Pilbicadciones
No. S Lottery PltM PaM" "M*

10,059 Mi6 lndii .Aphoi sW., o096n
,,lya,,a littf
p.o= l Ai -^ ^

Household J Alto lasn. ~ 'as Autor obes
General Electric refrigerator $250.- w.A# .. o, bW"
FOR SALE: 0 cycle 9.2 cu. ft. B ML: *** *49 Cavrr weekndar I __,
00, Magic Chef gas stove, Z2 glass mernael -N, ter Iee ew See DR. WENDEMAKE. Medical Clin __ -_____..._-
dear o ve ns $250.00, aZenith -t .. Cn Central Avenue "W street, corner tuJ E rct C 1
oceanic radio $80.00, Web'or s6- tre Ave. Tel. 300, Cdh.. telephone 2-3479, Panama.m oder adteate Toit,
tomatic record player $35.00, FOR SALE: 1949 Oldsmobile 76 To MIAMI & NEW YORK via AEREA Gambod; 4-567, P,
floor fan $30.00, wrought iron De Luxe 4-door sedon, new Oc- Boeing 4-enoine planes. One-way .. --
table wit' gloss toa end matching tober, 1 49, excellent mechanical to Miami; 70.0 Roud Trip Plomrw 3 i
chairs $75.00. All Inly used j condition, excellent tires, point re- $126.00. One-way to New York: Clord, Bx 435-1 .
months, p.1on. 3-0176, Ponomr. touched, new seat covers, original $1 14.00 Rcundl-trip $214.0.. Pa 3-1e 77 Cr 0
FOR SALE:-Kenmoirevocuum ce owner, no accidents, $1,200. Tel- PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE Houset on beach, ts A N. W C
er with all otto(mbnts, $45.Q phonee Panama 2-3067. telephone 2-1655. in C c l Cl- daI ns
street 2 J02-A, Curu Fd. R SALE:-1952 Chevrolet Beloir nFOR SALE Phne SHRAi 1 ,81 0
oel or 672. CFOR SALE o1see coretakr .
Telephone 83-6172 ... .. j. 2-door m6del 7,000 miles, perfect ect
FOR SALE:-- m cu.-ft frior, condition, price $2,000.00 cash. lonFoer' oCaeme 1- 110
washing.machine, 2 dO ;r ogony ,Call 3-0 174. .... .. .. S anta aCtwai low
gun cost, 6 haodes setbeildsde pOR SALl_-p,47 bede Cv. with FOR SALE :-Stetio eillst'Comera, -. o. .
tables, Quartermasr table and me adil -ew fire, meter uer- flash, viewer, many extrds. Pro- F R' ,
chairs, single eds, Quartermpster heeled. Sewe" y Hunalett A. cti' n screen, 70 x 70. Take rbB O
touch. 212-, Pdr6 Miguel. Phone 1th. St. Ceatme AveAme. Tel. 800 Cu00.00. Loss. E. Duke, DidbloOI- :u -
4-506. Cei Clubhouse. '10, .
FOR SALE: Diningroom set, me- FOR SALE:-1-1946 Ford 4 Door Se- FOR SALE--Typewriter, semps t;of- FOR RENT:-Com l o ftmedrni
hdbany. Justo Arosemend Avenue dan, 2944-B, Curundu, Tel. 83- leotian, gas Stowe, very cheap, liov- modern very .o.. ni
No. 75, upstairs. 16 _____Ing___ Panama. Apply ione 2-4013 Vista. 46th StI n 22. Prc,
FOR SALE-3 piece meple livingroom #OR SAL# Ponomo. livingroom, dtanilg "I...
suite. Mahogany vanity dresser, e dn, duty ij,' new ,ties, very FO SALE:-2 puppies, part bexer, rooms, hot water,. the' .ktche
Mahogany China closet. 8131-B, "ew mIleage, idel fe lge family. $.O.0 Air compressor, $95.Q0O. 2- 0ariel and patle. riffeth $2M~
4h00. Tel. 3-0434 Md*n eus ;i
Margarita 4th. St..h Aply S1het y N tlckeft y. A. 4492. 5824, Rousseau, Dioblo. And 2:30 o. m.
FOR SALE:--G. E. refrigerator dl l t. St. Cnral Avense, Tel. 00, FOR SALE:-Singet electric s wingFOR REN-
poftelain 25 cycle, 4 yrs. guaran- Colon.. machine, new noder, 206. Te petely furhtt chlet
tee on unit. 83-A. New Cristobol FOR SALE:-1947 Ford 4 door se- Balboa 2494. arle, mo d' .
or call 3.1526. don. Good condition. 2044-B, Cu- FQR SALE:-Sl1vertOne ebonite clar- water. Voaedt fId lt. Col h m
FOR SALE:-Philippine Ratton, two rundu. Tel. 83-6161. inet (new). 25 cycle record chang- 10th. Street 10918. Phwee"
choirs, chair lounge, end table 'FOR^ SAL 1948 d -4- or, i ladies wool coat, beige, size 128-J _r t1 C8. 'A .
$50.00. Piano Beckwith Spinet "W bhsamn1 1 18. 2-4137, Blb-o.
$290.00. Cablneft and Sh lv sIVd et. e,
good for two at hobby rooms and IFh016110-- Ai Tel. FORn'SAloE:--al furniture, nearlyhoanc
______n_ ___FRO-Ine yF FOR NASN
odds ends tables choirs, juicers, Cle.sistin of Exetive dsk, ecreto -
Diablo. FOR-SALE-1942 Plymouth, recently rol desk, two swivel chairs, four li Y E A
FOR SALE: 1 toverhouled, $175.00. Vista Hermo- riOulat chairs, .[ bokeose and four Modern 4 frlh
Zenith rdiophonor 195 table modelr- so, No. 8, Francisco Fils St. tables. Also staf file cabirtbt with or unfur',. Cl IthAIzmbr's
Znith rediophonogrph, Baller- saf and store c apartment, ln
-na dishes. Phoni Abr'ook /711. IPeI SALES- Must be seih. 1950 floor type air circulator and miscel, ice 0 r., Ceh,
LFE: drOdm, livifgrorn'Cleweet, bleak, 4-dor, rea.- lonew e effiee lsuppllies. Very re-a h." l954'
SAL: furniture goo diti e t gh. y H- sonblfor immediate sale. Call 2- ATTENTION 6. I. Just built r mdeM
and dining set furniture o el A 14th e Av 5444 betWn a 9 and 5 ar cornme f furnished 6iortment, One, twoe '"S r"ur
condition. 44th Street No. 1 Tel. 0 CEtln. fice No. 12, Polacio Arzobi pol. bedraordi, hot, coMld atet i. i-
rphone 3-440 FOR SALE:-Pontiac 1952 Hydiamao- p.sf phonee Pana a 3-4941. r''
FCR SALE:-Double s tie beds completee ti d or 5,000 POSit n ., i iM A
$48.00, Single $31.50, Dressers nilles Ma[,wdr's private car, per-e 0Ji rdidu FOR ASNT-O(e bedroom artmtrM
$8.00, Rockers $3.50, Buffets $18. fact ondition, $2I00 can be fi- WANTED: Capable lened ra kuiw, r jnfunished, s .$. 2,
00. Wardrobes $49.00, Chine nncd, Pnm 2-020. sales mUruguan or wyon il ,
Closets $15.00, Guarenteed a burn- nmo.dd, Ponqma 2-0 '20. sales man or Ir e'ol .. N i
er Gas Stove $69.00. Metal tablt FOR SALE:-952 Hillma n, business. Must have neat appear- FOR RfIT ;-Lrgl. ae
er Gas Stove $69.00, M $t0l tobiFOR SALE.-1952 ilm Sdon, oance and speak fluent English ana remodeled. N. 8, ColdMbls street.
$14.00, Straight chairs $2.50, duty paid. Call Peama 3-3748. Spanish. Must be A wolfing worker ton be en Iqily.. TelT. 33. tit, T.T.
Kitchen Cabinets $25.00, Arm p F SALi:--It94 luik, Dy elew, oand able accept responsibility. Send R ED tT
choirs $29.00, Softs $59.00, Van-" ,7,i .19 d s ,1 *i e'" _fd photo, qualificatiotis. references "FOR ENT "e
ties with stool $39.00, Springs, c aditien, like oew. Smieet y mnm- and salary desired to Box 1399 .
$A42.50; new mlAttreis AY$16.50, ny0,;;. cCr $vs __ _' E 4_ __ _l__ p 1
$12.50. new mattresses $16.50, A. 1t1h. St. Coetrol Ave. Ancon, Canal Zone.
Cribs (complete) $39.00 and many "i.. *"
Smother gai in" othnew and SALE:-902 'Mercury Monte- PERSONALS Or t with
N I TST C AYMErG Srr VeWh i SA kiris.n gtsticos
N ITEST HARGfS s cve.Hedr. Call Cuqrndu Would like to contact Mr. H I7, r
*o ^TN Tel. 3-4911 7 2 LE: inx 195, t x
I t i e, F ASALE:- Mnx 1952 or write Box 1879 Panama.j 'O O
n P t $1,100, 8,000 miles, perfect con- A I
Wanted Posito.n tion. Duty free, financing pos- MiCel. .u.
I equall Secrutary Seeks Positidh.. Lt. Poaific. 3212 l W TOW BUY--~n r ti h e. '
conVersont al2 Mat"Ntil. work an% NaNio .7Paw
office routine. Highly rect6mmne4 ffer. C -4 Z Avhue0 2 06,
ed b present mpl6yer.h Phone 2- .-r.61 d it 2 LOL.6l
, FOR SALE j 8 ^ "1, od II LOST--. on" _b`t h L!: 'i "

F S 1952 Morris Minor ept. 2P A to the name "P n If
E9 ori Mio Cntionwid strike paralyzed Italy's please telephonen Paiama 3 V04)
SConM tILod cmilee Perfect ind ritd&,' disru)vo.o.t* l*o N
FOR SALE:-Corner 1 f, n hctere, cqndtie Can .be financed. and suburban transpor on and
i Cerro Cod na cel 3 4. es l Curundu, 3115 evenings or o tsome of the nation's b-tal-
N FOR SALE, Orchard 6 hact4res S turdoy an : Sunday. ness activity. WANTED
Arraijan with tvio1flear chalet, well f-foro fio oie lr I -
S"'river.. of^,A.nto *". RP Schoolteuacher, out in for6e to drds h any Vlo- iA
Ip dd' I III lence. but no disturbances were
ranreh hd Tn* IWWken suddenly II, reported In the first hours of the U
,i K H IY~ E W Flw r strike which is running officially
bI 1s i ".F OWn 0To Gorgas from midnight last night until
midnight tonight.
I h Wr e MUis Mary Elizabeth Pitney a It was still too early to esti- IB
O Io F hia schoolteacher at the PanamA mate the effectiveness of the
fi Di o iar Ia University. was taken suddenly strike but reports from the tdp
wu y ill this morning at Santa Clara to the bottom of Italy and the
anfl dru.h6d to the CiM1 Zone by offshore Mediterranean Islands [ig
PARIS, Sept. 24 (UP)-rareheh an BA-16 of the Albrook rescue 91 y and Sardinia -Indleated () -
amhioi designer Chrlati l w r Aquadr6n. that thaor industry was at a h a fle
*kas more concerned with evidh stindttilL. 4Gk Hi ohnA
led tape today than with the Miss Pitney. who had been vis- tinu
health of hem lines. Ifing friends at Santa Clara. was Three ma jo r unions the
Wo were his nimble-fingered believed to have suffered a cere- Christian Democratic Confedera- i e olo
teenmstrdsses. bral hemorrhage but at Gorgas tlon ef Italian Free Trade Unons ...
Hospital she was reported as not (CISL). the Soclallst-Republiran rfiateau-of.
Dior was forced to lay off 150 In a serious condition. Italian Workers Union (UIL) ded Barnn -A f.l i
Workers .because the ministry ot An Air Force doctor who went and the Communist-run Itplian
Work charged there wan bi long on the rescue mlslon at- OCneral L&bor Confederktlan -soutilwatd a..
though space and air for them tended Miss Piltnev in the 8A-16. fCIOLl teamed uo In a ra*l r BSt. M -
In bolr's crammed establishment. display of unity which forced ,antlnued I
Dior pointed out that h, owns C ne dA most of the nation's factories to F
the entire building but has been CSnned kill their fires and shut their 1 Ia e Its ree ,- ,
tinable to force the ministry of gates for the day. dote .
economics to vacate the half of PHILADELPHIA. Miss.. Sept. There was as yet no official -wh hurrefn .
his building it occupies. 124 UPi A grand jury took alestimate of the number of work- the t
l00k at the local tall today and ers off the job. Unofficial esti- to W
Today the seamstresses barri-decided persons Jailed for dcrudk-I malte, ran to 6.000.000. g d6 '
ea.ed the entrance to his fashion eness should be allowed to stay This included textile and steel tion s 1
tenter and put up sins vowing drunink while serving time. mills mines and chemical olants.N B re d
"we will not be moved out." The grand jury. urging that a But work continued on the InI
They hooe to force the govern- ne* Jail be built. said a drunk 'arms, in government offices and dent l ir >
tMient workers to move and make should be allowed to "remain in the essential services exemot- m mwar d '
available the soace the Ronrdi- rtoxicated until released so his ed from the walkout graS. .
tent says the needle Wtl ers wersea mieht be dulled to his u ter. electrl-itv. be' inf milk
Must have to continue working. surroundings." delivery. telephone and radio. '

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Fourth of Julv Av6.-bhu 24- 41

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Sa tli at liad the Thetr dA Home Orego ryeck tn "Night People."
"' M I Wi ]lSS'- t %s" --MS 'tS in Rob- ncb1 lresiaS Lhe Althoat Ah n y Quinn'a
InSon, of Fort G enter- Moon Is Blue," is wide-eed with Hollywoo press asgtnt pooh-
t' ined with party at their amazement over prt. ai she pooh reports of a feud between
t e honor antlywood and t he e Osca winner and Kirk

E moting In "We Ilev In First Brie h ., will be
9"1 i~'^y^Ig~g" .- ",7A .Love" at Fox, UM.IJe aLauty|'MUllon-.oL/1,' co- t B I

rentr-Mo InBlue ,"| dgis .Ho llywloo bourg. dn Mrs. Perle
Spr a th thisme irt r e i04l6hte I psooh I' oo llfol-& ten
B. Ieen It's u1se^ ^ip- 'Mm' Eg ," -,
So theoxior ps .a a se has rwrHotw awinner andtX ip

Acl "-' W I I andV oy e moud1 ll ''"d iitEby sog- tryllf to talk lyB le. Gear
bu U '' V writer D^lt t anred d enoyiun ad
_'_A. T'-- Sd se^r Cld la l rt ter -MSdSds.. the stowr rumors.... There's a 'ou Ihs ster-in-llaw*, Into 0
* like l end ,m n 'Met Unfoettfablg Character" appearing with Loretta In one o!
8At e inSiS? S anglee toihe fsieicab driver e *"Le Et to Loretta tele-

oin me" I 'tIt has insolred by 1 ,Ie aHon-
r Nt oleulu who d~ ri Infer-Di
iiter oi *_---ys rector nid h rl*S hotel adds wonderful
Sr JM a nd her r- Thirty -fiVyeio he went to
Sth ol ny Honolulu twek vaca-
lB t. i t th & a e r tlon--ald she's ttilt thee.
-a M'"-- f alowat 9:30 vay o oarter lotn onle the eDOLLYWOOrD ONdC ,"
ar at W:n0 "I ?.arr Uj n" telefilms t

Mg) for 1b @Bber atSieintl. Aiti .Bob Crosby's d.ughtr, Kathy,
Mr.s the "BRING Cit y0"* O I a a oCal Tb gw Hm-
imeeuiS ^ sa~rt wre who ha d e to

80 t3i........PI aees Wt' "..n L I
Mgstjkmhw & AK Eus.x" A 77 I& this r11111 lato
a. WN Jan itoen-aeIr it'A aIn e 'aoberto ogn's eon- talent act by ein t
Sa to at N tract tht when he he to e Bob' attend n.
Sa horse i tarie he'll proiitt -
l for his own enag.f e aob showl- eod is sektit for
by eW S ttn w htE t uM S pam I t 9dn:00 st k ftjjYtu nin re n be

1-fi S to atte ad. an f a hte e fire if t ttt a -
r ..-- od te rode hm y The aa Jones in B wtr
A thea ohit la to get him fl? as to leks of the spIaHp teig Mg "m Ifyt
started. be Wino and had f p
At O.8.,. In i yo Bet that iag?' even went before the eameras. n f
'the'ont oe~soin noln'w. Kathy Philips the pretty lass city
lb hi HHrifrohfl 1tv bh otw, tlibw ilavted by D5l. DAy asd PURE YEIBLLW MUSTA'RD blt
r iras, trsrW wsith hellsap Ont his f iat 5as55 TV n iA hgt lliia pep.wit i
wvr ComIMly t~rtit terilmerleh Tt. In 'T, hhas joined the Merry Macb mu- .____. -
0&0" i an e la$rThl We 40 shnwIenrold t to
sls 100,000 m l MH 't tal. abut wbetler
sh e'l1 "ei retfttno Iretrnalit. .T

,j ..t2. aftor refusing to n turV h Bto

an aehs 4Wa .
fori:se-. ic" bfor / n t t -raInq: d- \IN "TP IN

aI "An Ameih ha Paris'*oI Ido

"0 -T N Pr'"- ." SPE(IAL hotsnfro m 'a '

7:l--The 8$ Club (VO shoso
7:30-rRe port from the tS. ..
ere el e MaIe- g :00L-Mualc oa Donal Vorhetas V0
8:--Mem for Danng -e unt
8:45--Commentary pn +Wqrld Spds Ita,

co -9:30-Oveor BBcC) a
asbl. Or- LI 101at aO

Aditfm*me, FLb,, Ibpt, U-
Nn ..'t ond r.-. Alanrm Esf. rIe .. Ala rm
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8*II.- MELODY gives you
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6- I* V ifMN.

I2S, B:250, :, 7:11, 9 p. m
0-G-M's Savage Thrillert



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S-i.. -------.Yp,'J,,---

Marciano 4:-To-m

-- o---------------------_ f-

Challenger LaStarza Hasn't Jan. Yankees' Pitehing In Sizzling IV Cntl f

Been Stopped In 56 Bouts Shape For 1st 2 Series Games ar me4
..Oi-:. .kuted
NEW YORK. Sept. 24 (UP) The most su- NATIONAL LEAGUE.
uprising feature of tonight's heavyweight title de-TEAMS W L orep. ew t
fense by Rocky Marciano against Roland LaStarza, Mlwaukee 9,- 1. 31 W o rid $ TZeo l s le tu5?r 2S pitching wu In s"
4ape today i. t thew
aside-from the 4 to 1 odds against a man who never st. Louis h2 69 : ames of the World eris I
S Philadelphia 2 09 .543 togames ofi the World TSeries, A
has been knocked out, is the tale of the tape revela- New York 68 81 .450 bt Manager Cey Stengel )Th. o Oklahom T
tion that the challenger is a bigger man all around. Cincinnat 85 41 th o s be tob other y n e As
d, Chicago 63 88 .417 1ou9ht to be dyes 'betlr." eenn vore
The price is. of course, predi- Pitt surh 49 02 .315 yes wined and twnler d of the Noti DtrhOlho ga s
cated on the explosive i punching -Y GE w ir oer the o asa t wth .a
power which has allowed M r- atIrl.boud t ged iAaIs e
ciano to flatten 39 of his 44 op- Open date. a out h o s -eat o e e g
kayoed in 56 fights. Chicago 000 002 100-3 9 i e l trdn to NC0 AAa .d Str _.

omen tsc Bo s ns Bu t oaa Kwtt W estro. tTete (23 r15) th f O ES IT AS ULhatel 'ht wod t ,.
But maybe it will surprise you c nc nnati 100 200 001-4 182 oe su the a

a berserls concrete mixer. Possi-noNdlht Gameed cee nh-'| plans Qr3 .the Sl x ff
as it di this corner, to learns Poia 0 llet, Lown (7-8) and 4 ht before te m. the ag: I
that LaStra act nually is alaer Cullough. Raffensberger, Smith, Ihey looked iprt, o lt
didn't they?" he ..Id. f 12 --
physicallyrzaa. .toe' Nuxhall (9-111 and SeRminick. M 9 Ith et y s a te.1A -Pt ( A
ia n s eO-g1s cesilhd his root didn't b p r bhr wbs 9 1V oe
eNot gthatw E Mrcanos ever thasa N Ga Sa G d his co control wasI G e the 0 ,
tie since Bob Ftsimmons. But .l Grissom (4-2), Wilhelm andS.t Swgel. wn h hlets th .- e ..n.l
whet you see him in action he S andKatt. Westrum. Roberts (23a1) ord on his urler from pitch ra
eeesinceyouintheimanner hBevD Ceovland Burgoessr.Pl323Ing coach Jimp Turnwr ho i b
when you se hst n t a waFs says "You'll have to t
n berserlk concrete mixer. Possi- adBg -k Cse," finally lined U the t .
N: Game^IS ^ xYamire hurla p lans Or Isf
blv be cause of his shortness., he iy iag 00000 Yankee hurln la for the ,
Ssto be of unusual brdthrc L0 02 00-2 rpenAl der ao the seaon. do
and to have tremeeus ams. iSt.s aLo is 100 000 000-1 D10 1 O a o relief Arfi st who will O i te l
sndtohoule trsandles. mrs h Spahn (22-7) and Crandall. m N e early iattion TgaIn t .BoolDW wn
s shoulders and lehs.e hMizell (13-10) and Rand, Rice. JACKIROBINSOE-m -M ky-h t t tru l,
SLaStald aon the other hand, t ike t o y er owful nWitc ir t elf 1 1 go rit ot lnt the Rd T A oeis;w t
Ien mind's eye Seems almost Only games scheduled. LetfyBohe key ttro ob I=rarm Tpoeu wr A ---
great base-runner, but deft- baseball s ftory...h it .nger ny Bo~a da pr the cho.
roundever' tobe much of a nte .hand- ball right- fded .h adid rWhhs mansReynolds id s L h- er. f ganmem O.-, .'
heavyweit. AMERICAN LEGrE Icapped by bad knee...L fne capp d leg"inJl, had' Lov 1 n ct c
TEAMS W L Pet. competitor and team man, somewhat disappointing Mlk- i it Is brltf l~ berlin"p, n lal' bttl
e New York 99 49 .66 made switch to left field this Bon.. .improving Yankm con- Unwe ase t a inn
s. Cle 61 .59 year.als played t see- ter fielder builtt like 1 g l e S ,
Boston --69 .- ed to pop off.. ;rLrwboat... In ba sebll...phlegmat ic.1 oe iz d fl lot
WaBloloshintond 7non 4 .540 plgeontoed walk. CleveLWdcl0HM01 1c3.4 folks IARflockfto
pWth Lfhnf lace lnlzy tt bWhiteC 'l 1a
Detroit 59r q2 .391 8-3heaBb "e We M
Philadelphia 57 94 .377 gam b or_ v ..o.
SI St. Louis 54 97 .353 geamoWn ameoW hIs .21 t-.ev42 4i
In the N-hiOd8 Itth-_ y -l. for Jim t.

@ hit 21rd win with alsx-hit houd ~ o- i
5olan victory over the Gantt, and
-on LaSm () N ot 9 1 N Warren. Spalin of tbe ]Fa
clM ba Io makg mo_ exPhilo. 000 001 000-8 e f .1Vb1*-0.4wnt 1
oHrt py edrsandcoet MNeweYork 010 010 Olx1 09 1 tp Wt1 1 r win hovert
Both played sandlot football Shantzr 5-91, M. Martin andIe -- mO c o e s

ceh et eranTeam e8eCadodsadpp o1d thrP ae t k N*'"
And each of them is an Ahmy Astroth. Lopat 06-41, Sain and CLASSIC EAGUE 'eam stanWing.a .0' Tollow: fortheCrds and .
W'veterae and aSano having served Berra T eam W Low- lers Tre r
ien Marlesand LaStarza having: B Team 1 and Nas in 3 poInt TTeam No.n 1 W "e 8 A... T ho''qo e fori kts P W.
N mu eree th the Blue Devil Divi--Cleveland 000 -8 14 0 victorliese over Panama El Pana1ma 9 st o eain eoat
STih wincItal fty.Cer ehicago 003 000 000-3 i7 3 ad Snar lNash3 n
The principal difference be- Lemon 121-15, and Heganl Ro-e -Sews. 6 89ao0 d 2er o u .
tweet them is that Marciano goovin 17-121. Dorish, Hudson and Ted Wllber'sinte-04 aerit-ledV 1i
hasdhVeloped into a-man who Wilson. Lollar. aTeam No. 1 to a three poln o ri g w e~ ..4 wh oIbtl "
loves to fight, tory over the atrg haei a42thne wL-a- T- i
It required quite a metamor- Only games scheduled, five. The victory moved mst .
ciano, like LaStarza, fought on- .85 League. I= losing the f~. t h Ci- gto
-ly when he had to fight. Buat -Mngame by 82 pinsTTeamI bounced C offY8 TA""niDe
*k e .lerT A
onakwtan8pnce embarked on a fighting IUnIII back wth' 87 pn v te V*l.W O "
career, the almost gentle Mar- next game, Wilor's 1,: e M:M 132e
i ana discovered that once in-~ was the blg blow Victoy 'M132 esor12 .
i side the ropes "it's fun to bust IdIthird game-gave ambitalkl 18310I rwT
b l u Q'""a1843/4 gamagae18 rSotAreaL6 'the
loose."- .and the third pol. ftrlean 3" 181 N 'Jighs 011 q
To Rocky, _iVf trni Is a, aput together a Lstro .64 0 II! A. D ilan 14 14S.l,'ISl 512 .1.185 W ht 'I 1k:
Ihppy game.i,() As he ottpa0.pl10ns ita
the conditioning which is such NEW YORK, Sept. 24 (UP) effort to stop Te4 an' Diea lO.. IN. 1 0l0 (10 3 I.' (a]assa)' In. '
a chore to mostlighters "makes -Rocky Marciano sealed 135 teama.ate M eele h 1 i' e oA I.. chat d a
me feel god alive all ver." i pounds and5 Roland LaStaa 37 but It wasn't enough. le Ro 10 144 473 .. as a a
trinsheelgoodealivuedappvroach-toda heirntitley ightIn at Teem Bst IN2do Lai ses IB
With LaStarza it is different. 184 when they weighed in
a nson tbu m today for their title fiht at Eari Bates,o f; o ,!,..i
et sins ath tapthe Polo Grounds ponght, another good night with 542-. as V&
Roeky Maclnb es the business atr haMd with andh The champion's one-quarter did George CowenWhis5..VS 1h.1
.almost casual air. That, and hispound advantage over the Strong BillC offey, Who Stopped ..rlEA Me. I 1gm. 'w i
usuahetedsadf erentha h t battle of"echallenger was uuiexeted. a bowling ball~wltl his finger Wilber" 11 222 223 34 14%b b i81C 1s a..State?.
t the t ePte llsl afferent has N e n Lh i dm odsti of "R e- C al atr zca of Newa York, had th no ot hert. a nco es -176 119 I1 5 7 % 1w. w wrist ......ington .t.t..
challenger- is larrgel than' Mar- business, a wgy of making man- M rin weight was exactly senceper frk til e line-upere aillys Wa-g' e r- I ....1 4 7 5N ,1 Freara 12i n, ,'lsswhwe. In footbW fed
ciano. He is a quarter-inch tall-' ey. Marciano. of course, fights areiano'we a what he had planned. whurt ethe 1i -Panama t he r1lb 111 Sl elad fbB-2'1Tr
er. three pounds heavier has a for money too. But he 'glories in tara waslighter than over onealys deVan he
singinch longer reach and is the method, the 137 he registered for their Nash-Willy .gtpupp hloricket tew..,.
one inch on the biceps and LaStarza's thioughts of theR first fight on March 24, 1950. are going to be theIs 'rto beat ...News. ee,.r
waist, a quarter-inch in the future 13 he sealed at thatlmethey took i'.hrJBDollitoy 'Knot
and fist and one-half inch in the -ready ha. 'a contriercial pilot's from Sears. Harry C lWt a" Jl RoaL r. 1o 1 a rt bowlers ar
forearm, license. Marceano's.plans cen- WILD BILL led he teawitte Jenne'k14 17 ,Illsremi ofhre o a :"1'h
Not, much bigger, it" is true, tere around being, the. heavy- followed by 'AJnO~all Jeler Flst 173 5 result of the rainy mason. Last
anywhere except in reach.- weight champion of the world. Lewibu.: Pa 'N_ Bill and yElebarl who had 852. 48. dw.ard's Z-l.l'"
Pointing up once again the great, That. in the long.rUn, is the Cody, Buckn.ll rigthal', and 537 reaiective. 4j~or Sear"s, r01 Moehan ad ticunsfrakl
similarity betweentHe two men. -real difference and The Rock is a aire'l .--rendent a the Zeletes di4 th hVe work with sniw -a- over P110's City Stars w~o
Both areof Italian descent. :,sllould only need about 10 rounds ftimed In(lian lighter, Buffalo his 583,-Tho fks,-flUeyer I3d
Rack is a quietman in -private.,toprove it. :ill Cody. "J Damr Ianb I32, and 11ru
... that orde.yud'Balcer te1t a rs
In the line-up! ning. had Norrim du1 482 when Leonard Roberta, 223 2A
hetbeen thn fhavefooLake2 nd f
a decent 14. starred at bat. Dowling t y 't ot
..rner.,w ,t.,,.r_._
Hoopl arns.Dr. .o4. ana"H.Kerr

+.. /B MAJOR AIIM & '3. DOOPItS .for '12. a Alfonso Luke, A
locCI ofOypt pin- ,oPa crumSlngaticket,

....6',o I wewr,-:-ipkel eztvrSta-a 1"d .

o+ --- -- --- I is o.e.
= ,featCo11 O{m.',

S is hMinnese %igty i
MI NI ,ut rn l,
College, fit 0
Duke, r;.-o -,+- '
Tech by car i -s'd-
Villanovst W
Critics of '..
UniversalQ .

-' ~ ~~~Zlolbotn ..=.. -..

S .


c~a~ut K1cU


'.....,- .

~: ~~rraF~Y"~I~~-"

-*' i -2


C' f -

K _, ,
-'''r '*' ** '--''



'p p~-~


it I

i"Iitv pii

t. an
trailnwa vY

'km had.


o -"tW Im-u" .T. -w? t.

fl .
-,~ ~ ~ r *, .* ;*,**-* f '"* **'



AI'i "IMude Art! -- Enjoyleot!
i ml, 114

nm, ek, Southern Cal Head Top 12

o. /. ,* .-.: r "" .

frj -i Fo Schdue Mareiano Upset Going Into LaStarze4
Fr ( 1v Fight As Weill Feuds With Goldmand
S. Friday, S X-Ft. Valley StA40 v8 gy AA*RY GRAYSON might be superior to the on4 Is
| | x-Auburn )- v r h NA S~Mrt EdMor the ring.

x-Denve; 'tO3 1e to f j a wa put o the ger might upset the ope.'
-Detrot i x- rt float o f a quare olr
x-lfl h 1 s VIvII nd .-.- Grb-nds, ...
SII x-Miam -t" t it IbIabal 1he tlt e round !
16 ro djd wonders for 1t
X-0envfila f tyoltmwi ldinguupefore.
Howtea .. -.W fl-o iMi another et ageme
e teland tr at the Polo ol a i
Sr L. Tech r pounds, ton iht, I p long e-ran .l
e.F. let "lone a no. e.whepondlnt at a Mastcbpaget do track.
: -l.. .nowi n a llnd, he might take a look a Igo Gold4an ol t ph ne -n
x-r (t. i x-J ac b his corner to see if Manager he said tRocky wa 't re for "

-1[,i +n scrap. Rwis fighting Louis. and what I
x-Seriously, Marclano goes futo tell Rocky goes. ,
0S .ta Ii ttd e ma=eh upset about a feud
Lhnlne l. ad f between Weil and Goldman. "I gave Goldma n every dollar
K-A I t Allie Gt needles Gold- he hUB. Uut I'll keep hini." con-
r .. 4- b th the titleholder --000----
,'n ~ uUo ahoo l Broakton boost- This otate ,T affair rei and-
e I i r ar deeply concerned about 1l of the .Jd a t eott
| Ah x fig8t In F t*he rift. fab, where
.Wu.ln, no I) Wul nola.IWteilm-
an e aA ful 10 to we., but hi become .I at k 1 .otrac l.
,ti Ia(0 ) wtag tha very clo to and fond of the mgnaogag pa*s OdrZ
PCTroJ.11`8,6126d Weveloped bTraimnerh rleyGt whol hi, Cerler ou* I told him e. tOpuat 4 '

X VA Tiioor putti .ngoaette ronrtherpherr.t old e
"1I""n s; maa "wave to fiout hing foo lnd anveru whatlehea Te
at man has Wyll openly mant ol clano' ey1 ed or s.e ae~I Ce mWIIW i
:ee toriesulpsi e y COd nig thutfupl
-Mt hve been wrltte 1 tPo i I e d Get a Job...Mew beI 1Mbil
the first place. for ill lIe veteran oldae the ropl'.
1:l a a C s be out of the moun- It fnow ipaII that Ie'l se,
cottage near thts re- the same e lary situa11op ____________________-____
2- 95on this rut. ln hetmlbanu arua out I.__
Ab1n'a"efe'Otr- yAu write to when Only the d in the corer .-,ma-n_ .nim us

l, 01 sway iMo ar wto to

tAlkin for and a- Don't git and wait
anhais.brycan Ioter- I B thoe ca tnt f s nl s tr for "Lady Luck" ...
-., 1.ana... tQp ..h' (, 0 Oo ,ad met hee....
04 tne and eeiplo n-me pal bre not
'i x.v st's the md ofaeu- thru PANAM. AMtAi
e a .Well. no ., CLASSIFIEf a

WI f-noto o I rglt cte-linr DOW I t's a "" I rt
L sa mule- elfetive sitgg .

,.. Lu .- him, Goldman was with Rocky

and vs tiSma eaon'.
T eo bantawight whoh(:*a W l Grandpais

as May We *tQp icho EsphNAME
1i 't idnI geIterbyVIE OY, ltheGold-fnslqret
.ttt fteat.eIthet
Vil Jlm opely an claMA i. WNWh-

Sinar vs CentalWv.H

rnicieond ul
stola 1 Irmla sot-

r tare1. vsf t&o rMta h
plearpa In 0W Sppn

hva M19Urto

4f ,1110,nthisot I nhed by eRo the d finest arrette

ItJ at the

Wet *.s. 1t p.A.

th Lucf. On the Sern .--*
aw od 0,taking for nd a- .N' Sit-And IN



Gi.n fs

-*. *,.!. .*,
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"Let the people know


tfe-rtir(t,dmc twe-country Is

safe" Abratham Lincoln.

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John Foster ullesRen, ws

Call For World ..Disrmame

ST. LOUIS. Mo Sept. 24 (UP)
-Secretary of State John Fos-,
ter Dulles today renewed a call
for world disarmament efforts
and warned that the Commu-I
nists may possess new weapons1
ihich "'threaten the survival of!
.civilization as we know it."
In an address prepared for de-
livery before the 72nd annually
convention of the American]
Federation of Labor. Dulles said!
the United States is "gravely'
preoccupied with the problem of'
new weapons."

Elsenhower and his wife, Ma-
mie, arrive back in Washington
after a six-wqek Colorado va-
cation of golf and fishing. The
homeward voyage was broken
by Ike's surprise visit to the
Republican rally at Chicago.

His remarks were along the;
theme he developed a week ago!
before the United Nations Gen-!
eral Assembly.
"The forces of destructoin.
largely in terms of atom and,
hydrogen bombs, are being de-'
veloped on a scale which threat-i
ens the survival of civilization|

LIGITS, CAMiRA, ACTION Wormer President Harry S. Tru-
man (right) and Kansas University Chancellor Franklin Murphy.
rehearse before TV camera at Kansas City. This was Mr. Tru-
man'i first commercial, non-political appearance on television.
The program was the Ford Foundation's "Excursion" for young-
sters sixteen and under.

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Deliaous, tender Haddock, Cod, and Perch;
Cleaned, filleted, quick-frozen immediately after
the catch. There's absolutely NO WASTEI Every
ounce is super fish-eating... you'll love BIRDS
- EYE FISH! Baked, fried or broiled-any of those.
S11ts is a wonderful supper dish!
SFeatred In your commissary



armistie Into permanent
Dulle.i said.
"Trhe Chinese Como u
seem -j e he pg1mfIgt
of 4Ay, but o ,pelT&
steadfIA on our i.
blinr thqe .etfitee into
Istea't aa tht'pea u
cont et, of It, We shall O
all within our powet toaftalre
Vic President Richardi M.
Nixon delivered Mr. ZEsenhow-
or's meMag.
AF. officials were prepared .to
back Up DtUlles with, recbnhiama-
datios to ,the oonventitm up-
portiag the admintlMtAtio'a
"flr atsani" with the lvtet
Unioa. But the battle oveg do-
Smeatitc lsueme wua-ot forttb
AFI. leaders vtwd Pred4
lTseahower's. me-sae ok. the

AFL MEETS-Martin P. Durkin (lek), former Secretary of La .
under the Eisenhower administration, goes over program mnA*
vlith his assistant. Peter Shoeman, as the national convennn.
of the AFL gets under way at St. Louis, Mo. IQtrkin is gmnezil
president of the AFL Plunmbing and Pipe Trades Unlion,

as we know It," Dulles said
"Furthermore, the possibfli-
ty of setting these destruc-
tion forces into motion may
be possessed by Communisti
rulers who openly repudiate
the restraints of moral law.
"That I an ultimate imperil
which ma kind has never had
to face before."

The AFL called a brief respite
in its quarrel with the Elsen-
hower administration over the
Taft-Hartley act to hear Dulles
on foreign policy.
Dulles said the free world
must not "cringe or become
panickv" in the face of the
atomlo peril. He said the situa-
tion calls for a hardening of re-
solve to dispose "of the present
wars and present causes of war
and to inaugurate an effective
control of armaments."

Dulles pointed out that at the
U.N. General Assembly we had
appealed to the Soviet govern-
ment to meet the United States
in an effort to control arms and
to reduce tension.
Dulles recalled that four
days later Soviet U.N. delegate
Andrel Vishinsky gave a re-
ply consisting "merely of a re-
petitr o of their old refrains."
But Dulles said this govern-
meat would not grow weary
or discouraged in its quest for
Dulles said the United States
and tid Korean war allies are
"now united" In their determi-
nation to overcome Chinese Red
delaying tactics and to bring
about the proposed Korean peace
While the future following the
armistice is "still obscure," Dul-
les said that aggression had been
ended and that most Americans

I The I

Judge's Bench

Turning his bus from a straight
line without using caution re-
sulted in a fine of $10 in Balboa
Magistrate's Court this morning
for Alejandro Cummings, 38-
year-old Panamanian.
Guillermina P 6 r e z. 27. and
Diana Elena de Icaza. 20. both
Panamanians, were fined $10
each for trespassing in Canal
Zone Commissaries.

had been .re
total of U8. ]I
is now aWdut
"we shall df W
er to Insure t
"A political


Ho Hum,
LAS VEGASM. N"p; sft -
(UP--Rita Hyworth1b& Iai
Hfaymes, tneryb'us a.1egiulera,
make it faur sinleWs today wbh
they exchange wedlng to.wt
amid the clicktlg of dlIe sahd
whir of roulette Wheel. in a
gamblig hotej.
While a gae mob of tutiltst
Dlay their cht in 1 a- o

movie Ibeauty d tUe d
will say their I -do I' th te
conference room of the
Sands Hotel.
Rita, 34. acting like an



' I

A Joint alr-se..'scue search, 1
which got under way t 0in
eight minutes alto CPt. H ld
A. Phifer dlia elattf
terday off Ft, c
failed to flad either e
or his body UD to l1 p.
Helicopter, light panes and
surface cram1 wre continuing
the search.
ThLe 3"-ear-oid eommanhing
officer of 4UmpOiy 0, 33rd .In-
fantry, was fishing with BW
Colon Lk Cowar' 41, also of('te '
33rd Infantry, WAi fhe was-
pireatlyt= pt otltb sea 3 41e0
trying to evfllhinXa.

mouth of
the beauk
strong 0 t
net from,
net wasu
both- meR

shore: .. .
At fl 4
Phifer tWlo
floats of Cthcr

Marcos Enrique Villarreal. 23. the .Im
and Luls Alfredo Luciardo. both job
Panamanians, were given 10-day night (
sentences suspended for a year This
on charges of loitering in the La and on
Boca Ball Park. arch

UTTLE MOE: His Life hi

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