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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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"i '* 'r '' "r *
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'V -.
*I > -*' ^



neU widr

e county

"m- Abraam Lincoln.

- -- w .- -

CHICAGO, ept. 16 (tUP). -
Demoorat today bro ke camp
after a rouslug t rally
with a new pit party ha.r-

hick .e.o the
d, ar entil
Candidate, uged a new try for
ward disarmament to spare the
orm of hydrogen-bomb war-

in aa -tme orne ty parola-

10 is "t his hand- ie
vote bf m.the ast reddal mit-

s alary
atvaon s~m~ h plan

moves n a speech
Krso on his p'ut-
SThe oadca t.a mtee-
paA utfh but Il offered
iiab t the admluietratlon
S 'R MO a s autea


1 --,

The enclosed let from Bill Thornton In San DIeg, Calif.,
will be of interest &i fMtends and perha O ls to othitr
Zonians, so I'm panftg it'along to you.
J. 0. aaoesa,

1 -0 --
Dear Barney & Co.:
This is written to give you the benefit of what I have learned
since penetrating tn the darkest U.SA.
First of all, it aears tht life in this country Is definitely
possible. I base this Matement on the demonstrable fact that as
of now there are lM ,O,00f people eating with passable regu-
larlty, and, with the Eaception of Teans, they are og shoes.
Two-thirds of th popuaton either. has mova,. DIn theo
prooefof moving. Calfera-MU us native WI t-Wleome
them with open M*S.
Basic -tre overpi ied, Hambprger sanM ihs are
from 18 cents to 16 ts, and. apartents are from $" to $[0
a month.
In this area lowko t housing Is presently available, and a
two-bedroom a t rents for $2. while a three-bedroom
apartment is prices are subject to some variations
depending on t of h
SThe ap lon ur M eept for refrigerator and
stove. The locett' 1W5 nice n I6 ts own shopping center
which is equal to bt 20 wemlssaries. (You'll have
to use your inagl on that one.)
WORK--Ther all the jobs anyone would want.
From New York o California. I' didn't see one town that
didn't look prosperof. Something of the big-city rush seems
to have pervaded 0#4n the small- towns, but the people dres
and Vaia eW and hMbaunple time to discuss taxes wm
WOERIG CORUP W-CoPtrauy to the RepubUkft (yoU
should pardon the iMd) propaganda, private industI doesn't
make the demands -th employee that are made by the Pan
CVWl. I am curreMB lting up frour my tour of dut in the
Zone and getting paW for it. We take a 10-minute bek twice
a day, -.a have .ssa Be In the office that accepts anything
up to a quarter, c five cent, and gives you coffee any
way you want It. A dd attraction is that It sometimes gives
you 20 cents chao a nickel.
Most lmportanta a all, It is anot the policy of the company
to under tff the If there is work for six people, they
have dix p don't promote tme people and expect
Timm PIElSBSO ere IFAoaC--Tb er sums to be m*

r ?p.


Densest Fog

In Years Here

Holds Up Ships

One of the densest fogs in
recent years blanketed the Pa-
cific side early this morning,
causing a two-hour delay in
shipping through the Canal
and a two-hour grounding of
Air Force planes at Albrook.
By 8:30 this morning the
blanket of fog was practically
Although commercial plane
traffic was not affected, Albrook
Field grounded Its planes from
six to eight this morning.
It was the first time, within
a period of two years, for planes
at Albrook to be grounded due
to fog.
The first and second ship
lockages at Miraflores Locks
were delayed one hour each
with the firSt vessel entering
the Locks at 8:10 a. m.
Dense fop are rare occur-
rences at the Pacific entrance
to the Canal and only 51 have
been reported In the past 46
years, according to W. HI. s-.
slinger, Chief Hydrographer.
The last occurred in February
A heavy fog Is distinguished
from light fogs by meteorolo-
ist whe t can be seen
itia of feet.
1)awV an ft* sth~s awI



Feared She, Kids

Are Iron Curtain

Kidnap Victims

LONDON, Sept. 16 (UP) The wife and iget
of missing British diplomat Donald D. MacLea.maw
disappeared in Switzerland, the Foreign Office am&-'c
ed today and reports from Geneva expressed fear that
they may have been kidnapped behind the Iron Curtain;
Swiss police disclosed today that the mother of the
Americaon-born Mrs. Melinda MacLean has received a*
"I'm all right" telegram similar to one signed by her
husband when he vanished.
Mrs. MacLean left Geneva last Friday with her
three small children on "a week end visit" and disappear-
ed as he had done May 25,1951.
Tod a y a messenger arrived cloak-and-dagger disappearance
with a telegram at Mrs. Mac- of the two diplomats, who left
Lean's apartment, No. 7, Rue des for a vacation in France, were
Alpes. Geneva. It was addressed seen there and then vanished.
to her mother, Mrs. Melinda 0.
Dunbar, formerly of 3 East 69th But today WIlUam Ridedale
St., New York City, who was head of the information part
staying with her. ment of the Foreign Office, red
Police intercepted the telegram a carefully prepared statement
and read it before they, gave it to a packed press conference:.
to M. Dunbar. "Wa confirm that Mrs. Meo
It simply sid that Mrs. Mae- Leaw ad her' thee cm
usehft n we"are a % -a d peMU*,oa n ...
Ws w 'm <.n*toW.f. to?**

latj ea head of the a na
Office department dealing with
American affairs, and Gu d y e s
Burges, Fareign Office expert on
Far Eastern affairs, diseppear- '
ed from Britain May 25, 1951. Ed K. Welsh, outgoing CI
There always has been speu- International representative a
lation whether they' ent behind the Canal Zone, will be guest of
the Iron Curtain. Both possess- honor tonight at a farewell par- -
ed diplomatic secrets that would ty to be held In the Elks Club m
have been of great vaI~e to So- Central Ave.
viet Russia.
First news of the disappear- Welsh* wil be succeeded' -
anee of Mrs. MacLean c am e Lloyd Vaughan, who arrived e. ,
frin Geneva. the Isthmus recently.
4er mother telephoned Gene-
va. police last night and asked The party, which begiz, 'W
their p.ld. 7:30., will be given by friends and
The Foreign Office has been officials of .Local 900, 0COC,.'
cautious in its comments on the CIO.

I -

Mase I. -ebuax r Bfo S -,e, i. W*e. rte.D


said Uniteds 8ftao would
ba Uke the Initiative In exploring
Once more the chaos of. ld
ds-sarmament. !
li e. ackowledpd 't0t,1cs
forts. foter. o: tMtuph-
ue l hve boee sW t
uoreg e onenw try S
d the ythat te~ oe"Jm
6a, spendiag and more w -
8M logs .
Stevenson also proposed
Renewed efforts to enrage
ad hasten iucmpean fedsion.
The door be kept opev the
conference route to world sace
and. that Amerca not flnto

sAlon we leaes f for

M as the ran-
8* uary was ox

itig W. ..npw
:the mi.E WOB be.
f!und RtOeATIoa tour.

R- Hirk LOW
Ie 9:07 a.m. ..n......;r -
9:56 pOat. P .HL y p-m.

tol o in o. e it. Wound' m
wa g lIfe easier, ~e~aU people "r."
leeo a rep*t- 'of l shoys ted policy hisown
- 6e In cluttered up wtIh people who have worked here since
the d~r zoe plant opened for basmem.
WA. TS-Thn tone of the low-bay areas, although I am
told that t* is more true of the tart rate than of the
second yqgf salary. I, for example, stated at $1.90 per hour.
from free movies evtry week to low-'it Insurance (I pay $214
per week for 8,000 Uie, plds hospital bHW; doctors bills and fifty
other ,kinds of coverage) that I don Inowt whbre to start.
VAATIONS?--Poor. Two weeks pr year Io standard. How-
ever, the blow Is softened by the peet climate, and the fact
that one day of driving wil get you anything you .want-and
youdf eel so damned tired to stat with.
Dbiyi IiON8?-S verythlng from. ce-skating to peep shows.:
A thoiund placesat o. Anything yta want to do.
WOEN.*-Beauul girls (despite thebr Inability to dress In
a manner that would emphasis their abtudance of good looks)
are on all sides. I wa tempted to y that they are a dime a
dozen, but actually %e going pri e somewhat higher.
TO B v UP:. nrtlUngth e new yr, I expect to save about
$15 a week- on in siy. Thi Is $1I n iore thmn I could save
In the Zone. .. i
The only valid conclusion is tht I wasted several years in
the Zone. Te US. A 1a pretty good plafe to live.
I wish to say n closing that I ha" not yet replaced the
friends I left inthe Zone. If I have eiret it i that I often
failed to make the officega tng fLfeling of respect and
friendship I had tor them. SomehoV, tie.constant tension and
petty annoyance# of the office ca*s MI to be impatient and
nervous-a tBdnIt wWblch in retrepeq seemS to have exiSted
since the v int d-l Iqnt to work. l4 damn place. My attw-
tude now Is. to e *lWth it. No Job Jirthhle that doesn't

The tim
the quests
and Briar
ad to U.
la the A%

mnnaire Time-Limit

ad, Extras Available
t for retuaaUg taQb! at Sdvidual interviews
og on working m- offteh alted Uma
amdr d,.tribu .,t- .
amS l to extend the
It tor :Wreturning the
as we u was reached at-
Wu aque-tswe reuelted
e-a 'ems f-wfor additional
ir n failed to receive
Sibe w e die- questionnaire or
k to gpoya Ui ve misplaced the
Atm S tw. a -i delved may obtain
g Bureau offices.

s isat s In Zone
To Be
fne hana at

eth onr thenwarm at-
mo np vbecans heavrUy satu-
rated with moisture during the
dayime, followed by a clear.
still night favorable for rapid
radiation of heat from the
earth's surface. When this oc-
curs the atmosphere over land
areas, particularly at higher
elevations, cools and condenses
the heavy moisture. In the' air.
Although heavy fogs are rare
at the Pacific entrance to the
Canal, they are far more fre-
quent in the Oaillard Cut area
where the land elevation is
much higher and the air cools
mere rapidly.

SE LAWN Panamanian Foreign Mialeter Jose Ramon Oulsado shakes hands
of State John FPoter Dulles on the lawn of Blair Rouse at the formal open-
Sovision talks between Panama and the U.S Pictured from left to right (front
ltator Carlos Sucre, RP Ambassador Roberto Heurtematte. Oulsado, Dulles. RP
nie. Octavia Pabrega, RP advisor Dr. Ricardo J. Alfaro and Dr. Miuel Amado. (Back
S B egotiator Raymond Leddy, Gen. Lester J. Whitlock, Under Secretary of the Aray
SUnder Secretary of te John Moors Cabot, US negotiator John J. Muelc-
Peter D y,. Charles R. Burrows, Mario de Diego and US negotiator William Bowash.


PuWma May Be Asking More Than It Expeds

pSe. P Th (Pt-Tlh e a 0O. It also seeks to fronting other Latin
j nu Bpanst Pan-- ments and will opes 4ft
sand b In ad- new charges of oonomic N
of the Canal and perialiam and emploOaUma.
101 course there ay well al
r owlag shrewdaes as justification for some aof
SPanamafans get Panaemanan demands as la
a seal Latin A- effect of Inflation on t d
W nliotsM for the r d iar.
low states will ad inb. li.
puts ttetates terms and i


tr' I^





A ;.

w. a '

Fmis"** -



I ;. ,




n m : j m
7. -. '



- .9 -.. -... -


S*N aT H mrr P. 0. a"M l-. imMA R. o r. .1.
rPO leN iwRPaMeTaTtvi-ma JOWIUA U. POIn. INM.
,g 843 MADISON ALW. NV W N ear LIT) N. Y.
P' E MONo. IN ADVANWU -. ., -,
W0 ON.VAR.. IN VA.... .. .


The Melt les is an pen forum lot readers et TMe Peemem Amer-
ken. Letters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly confi-
dential mensoe
If you cotbue a letter don't bh Impatiat If It does't appear the
next day. Letters are published in the order received.
Pleaoe try to keep the l esan limited to *e peg health.
Ideitity atf lar writers 1s held n strictest conflidee,.
This Mewppepr easumes me responsibility foi isateelt s a opinions
ex pressed I letters fiis readers.

In reference to a letter dated Sept. 8 by a "Miss Irritated" I
;ave to make a long-w'thheld comment.
A state is not needed to tell us of our heritage as Americans.
0 But though incongi jous in Its surroundings. it is a replica of a
fire symbol As such a monument, whether necessary or not, It
would be respected as the people's. As this is the people's statue,
ie guilty .should sure have been punished.
The services of the US government, though they seem to
'iany people to be a form of punishment, are not entered by men
as such. So. Miss Irritated, we should not say to punish these
S pussiblv normal, prankish youngsters by railroading them into
the services.
Too few people think of the armed forces for what they are.
We are the protection of your lives and health. We are not a
1 penal organization, although some who are in with u4 believes o.
When you and others say: "Send our bad boys into th&serv-
ices through the "unstable periods of their lives," you caute the
A erviceman to view his military life as a prison, and as such he
will want escape.
Bad boys are bad. whether in the service or out. But, as Is
true on the outside, most servicemen are basically good. Being
good, they live normal friutful lives, with all the emotions of
those who do not wear uniforms, maybe more.
So when your boys are naughty, paddle them or put them In
pens. Don't offer to send them to the armed forces We are not
the psychological treatment centers. We are a group of men who
are trying to do your country a good job.
Thank You

Diablo. C.Z.
It might soothe the ruffled feelings of "Irritated" to read
what Jesus said to the Irate Pharlsees of His day. In John 8:7,
It says in part. "He that is without sin among you, let him first
cast a stone..."
Nr. lIoubt, if these same young men responsible for the chol-
eiic c,'..dition of the writer of The Mail Box letter about the de-
,secration of the statue were in uniform today, they would prob-
]ably be referred to as '"Our Boys" by no less than the irritated
,chauvinist. himself.
Although It is a well-known fact that amateur psychology
its more dangerous than a lethal weapon: everyone who has read
'and been impressed by a magazine article or so seems to become
a pseudo psychologist these days. and goes running around psy-
i oanalyzing everybody. Their conclusions usually contain a
c rtain amount of condemnation of the other fellow. Then
;i zhteous indignation becomes vituperation.
If "Ilritated" had bothered to check afterward, he would
I '!nd thbe ptfnhg men In a properly penitent state. The wih
r *d kindly police advised them In a thoroughly systematic zan-
i r. but without reprobation. They knew they were already re-
An American hero is apt to be tolerant. He knows that, "To
err is human. to forgive, divine." That's what makes him heroic.
Yours truly,
Donna Hughes

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I saw it in the



Warren Has Been

Healthy Influence

On US Politics

With his announcement that
he would not run next year for
a fourth term, Gov. Earl Warren
of California puts an ending
mark on one major phase of his
remarkable political career.
Np other man in California
history can match his record
being elected governor thri
times. But that bare fact hardly
measures the accomplishment.
Warren won this office in a
state that normally has 3 to I
Dimnocratic edge in registration.
Against this handicap he tri-
umphed spectacularly.
In 1946, bidding for his sec-
ond term. he captured both the
Republican and Democr a tic
nominations at prlnary time a
feat possible under Oalfenla's
unique cross-fillng-aystem.
In 1950, he smothered his
Democratic adversary, James
Roosevelt, by 1,100,000 votes.
Frem the moment lie took
the governor's chair, Warren
fought for progressive peolelee.
He battled the seekers of *n-
clal pdlvilee, and adihipad *-
Idly to his high standards of
honesty in public service.
Inevitably this course of ac-
tiqn earned him enemies.
Strong elements of his own
Darty branded him a "New
Dealer" and a "me-tooer."
He sometimes retorted by
quoting national GOP platforms
in support of his policies. But
that did not lessen the opposi-
That opposition perhaps
reached its peak in 1952. when
half a million votes were mus-
tered in the California presiden-
tial primary against a slate of
delegates pledged to support
him for President.
But it was far wide of the
mark to conclude Is some did,
that all regular Republicans
opposed Warren. On the eon-
trary, a large share were with
him. They might disagree with
some of his views. Yet they
deeply admired his integrity"
anU his quality as an adminis-
More than that, they recog-
nlzed that it probably required
a Republican of Wtrren's lean-
inge to get elected to the gov-
prnorship in. s4 6 with Call-
p control
t chly of the ve man-
sion but of the ture was
founded on Warrni broad, non-
partisan appeal,
Probably ho. politician ever
had let use for. the psyehia-
trst's. esekh. Ambition driven
him, b4 it .dees not consume
hinm He wanted the presiden-
cy, but not petting it did not
break his heart or warp him.
He would like to have served
until death as California's gov-
ernor, but he could say:
'This decision Inot to run) i
based upon my firm belief that
periodic chance of administra-
tion is essential to the continued
health of our representative sys-
tem of government,"
With this kind of character al-
ways at work. Warren has heed
a trVqmendously healthy Influ-
ence upon American politics In
recent decades.
This is so thoroughly recog.
nated in high places that he
seem certainly destined to be
called on to serve in other com-
masiding roles in the years still
head for him.


,s nt so.maek wT e M a mee!

'V .


__ El

Off the Some Block

By 808 RUARK

SRO MU-g I have stopped looking at tele. feeble-minded b wdes. We anned the stolr 'an
visloe enttal I find no reason to bIock it any our paper. The opposition referred to her as
more, tu e than I would wish to ko the "beauteous" and o bedd het "model." Actually
S3- mov l&, not see until the t.bett r. abe wAs a simpletom off a liglarnm n New Jer.
Indeed, I happy Indeed about television a e.
the final. sme of employed tranilenta who Not long ago an Impassioned press called a
do not wish1 to li "l-plotu .ir" or. "drink- lady killer "floweHke and' dOinty." painty she
cadger" as-botr vlsIble.a eans of support. It was. She used .32 to blow down her husband. If
lends so muh g115lty to'4. divU1aL. she a4 use itt more ram IUk6 a .30, they
Blerg time young. see the enaMpe r rtof a would have ktlef out' the "dlnty" bit and Ahb-
love-nest rid. it seems to ie, the farnts tlfted "sturdy.
dellatu In meta t male, A "TV producer and P
zector/or,.ritw." The female counterpart cal Another of .the things that co Rtines to en-
haelf te/or actress'" It Is handler trance me over a eri d of lh fact that
than the gimmk eo my youth, when ery ds whe a guy grease
consolite dam wa an '"interior decoNatr," sid both nls wrongM SRouse t gl
the apa. mo e equivalent before TV, was "hurro his side d o

""'y g ^SK4au"&. to i. *S I l' t
hen 9 -- p, "ol lata a HAM aI
tme sa av d"11. 'r : -. '* *. '
little watts t night or-- I se we me gbb i.nto the_
making t,. bo. els-s lives our frutated lysr b ou ft w th e 46
vision in or. .. dot k off-th* f W1 ice whoae 4W
to say that r fnf ot is naot aa rten are not ughtin a o dia
producer? He ued to be a "public rel ount- not work In e -ir b h
sl" which me s lie wase eating stead the, train to betUig um their OdeUilhts enm
either Third Av iu bar, o the trtpa u tdst be
. I have always loved our approach to the law- glawmo oron.
busters a the d staff side. I naver -oa If t have T th sptual
muMde3s who w Up't "ptite" or "dUnty," or -home, iu tf.' i -th
if she l.a rea hror, "attractive." Thr l repute, a
law against ugly women taking that old I n 1* oncer-.
hand and r -toot-tooting right thtotU,,th at. evtalot u .S
barroom door. oly ugly women it the fur- runh to t
der ttals a Even the tah-weliht slide bc ,n "
kids come i Bur i diddates for t oW I I-b f W
eOnc a n go I remember te fbsend that a "tramp Not in I hs t
s e o*& r o ..r but of theit asat Rvr. "unemlo pl.: 'a. i; the oaw
She 60looked a nilt al-cyed pike who both Ithe eeaned ,e.awl e, i o
b'd been overlong in the boat. and' she was the Jalhua ad w* hafd;. a

Walter Winchell InNwY

,- 6

STh new season h a tradn-
ally V.s sl, It wS i 11 h
eaw" (wi lba lengthy treot 6 aSa
coasts) the Century "steate l
ed m .ore a funeraL The
S were e ona w
for 0th .i1'M Grey... 5Mir r,
Brooks gallantl noted: aB ,day
somethfw hmare to be done about ellong
]ooeGray from mediocrity." The ill-fated
show ealIt bakers 5333,W...The reviewers
el's LiW at the VTandprbNtl'Th .
ty verdeit r J.' Chapman in The Noews "A fun-
ny on- alL ow," clashed waith the opinsu a
o T ,-,e only o Ra attet"-
tioiw lM H advance UeM ade an Ow
M= W OWET le Boyer y, "Klnd Si," F.
H Nh H f "A Girl Can Tel!," i J It
]Btir, ad5 sympathyh" with e s'
Is movie e this Fall...VaBt' ant
rhdbr lM~k* a Giant 8tf.i-r a t-
oerUJUV wr~tiv pee gifts aa~ of
Ing."*" ^ n~li~i- ___&

tng... ]
that ne

-in its a


2 pv od.



Drew Preenn : Ike wi &
away frogn tWaighml el.t I t
teiok await th' plidont; IutuWe iboI maC
40t U.S.ily cutfk.
radio a do mUh that l
iu awsay from Washngto betwe" b5
HW continue to huawle 'adt prol hl
able the distance of A 10, a., m1 .q
White a n con
The ent e s t
W onr ri he fto

Wit mat
well by a nates. Also his doctors have t butoi j '
Stf e as possible from the prest burdens of t
ls taH e Ike wants moretime teo coneent-aeon ]tar
lees. He I f uently cormini" to ltmates ta '
9 bto, Mit n,
t ;re n a -__naIc me elm n.t tex t aw ft
President which Wil require notonly con
6 multW of conferevceawebb others. e hav
retire X> e, W
9arw8. placed beb him Des .
Here s a uary W1
decialon-probleai which only the caan W
IM u atuur ofihe

mM io r
and thrJ
AM C- n-

Gonhole this Xe
:kion, among o

:slot .. lt '

the clot
So l

'tl0 39Io
i Oitop Di
history. A
when farr
tary mati
makes a w

a can
; buy,

in nf n at1ieb

when Q

once wit
But It 1
Vron ow
drift of
to a Al


iau B atUIW t
Lanza resj

role In aH

Rotrts," InS
ture,"* he ls

VMS "..


cooper ira ra
I newasp r ....r
lent. It co-stars af-,
0ig..'ToOeka" Is t.
m Girl Nxt oor
Ita..."i aZ .outhe' j

bf the a'ir-eodtlth
is the sort of o

." -17

4 %-

Dignity For Drabs



f t. '-

* a:


2* AMMB M o mI"-ne s &.1 i .;-- .--

S a.mmaa w SAL UU U*w

ih Hard in UN

IRFC Opens America's Biggest

S~, Going Out Business' Sale

uce CIf1re C n AHIN ,'pt. IS ( uI) Today's offerings included 200
*- -.j -linoallce separate municipal bond Issues
ii '. a'o i "bi g- from 28 states. They ranged
.JE f,. r e m's ale from a $50C Iue or an Irriga-
M; W ONS, N, Sept. 16 Wr Soviet A. .. on project in Colorado to a
ui llbedn ready today to press for reconder- suer D Te RC has lm 1 Iti Iea on si,817,00 imue for a Texas wa-
S .s t r rro i life and everyfntt d o ter power control project.
Space c nc membhip plan stock, bonds, mo es, The RPC was organized with
an. W kt to ppose It1. aCM $A00th3, fund in 1932 as:
was sh to oppose it. ld Pnan a odds Mcor n.. one of former President Herbert
Proem c ecm ehp First on the II' oe lt $o Hoovers anti deprestonea
bottle -toped up on the second day r w a&rno
o tbe Hl doti 953 session and *as axp eted to ." *' worth ot b~oad put up sures. Since then it has loaned
Sring Committee of the Asse which n about 3,000,00 at a profit of
Stl to meOt later tis ofteroon. .1a, e w, Be twen n owa n .... 3',the
L' litd States won a smashing victory in the water ,B ate.,. fid by on gres for the
AG s y.yesturday when members voted 44-10 "r ato los shoph a lend-f
' a" 6si on a6 membership to Communist uIrs o 10 .ra r 7 Fabrics .42 Hae 0, o ::
l P8amous 48prite in ors.
.C the of 1953. 16 Perfumed li h school J (b) o need r wntele
T voe de~eest~f a vigorous and refusing, In another ballot, 18 Marin s We Ier 46 iu plant? The F has It. Congress
afbvlet delegate Andrei tovote on the Soviet reaiutlon MCouant is s31Taunted e 47ansU bhas drawn up plauis for the
So irsde the to oust the Nationalists. 21Itch I 88 TAu n sai of the etie industry.
mw tonB todepel Chang The unscheduled distraction a1G rat Lke s 40 38 Alnnod 48 The o os thebig-
M atloa eleke thok e assembly from satbUa 24 Fut mo.nt 4 6Mdtates h FrA dnk n amelr n We :
tem1 ;and admit toIts regularSintr ordbr 0i bed- 26 Hebrew month2 41Meditae Fft *k .tinsmeler teand Wme Eanila
1.aes ec o a27,Cat-cry a dt-t' -- "'ee a', o'e a...
ahla~I1 elpeO, ness-election dY a prerdent-- 2t7 i factories. But mostly It
mted to until tter 4 pmm.The outgoing 30 L ric ponTs

fi. li for 5I-year-old sister of nwian Pre- fo rc r ight reject any ufers it
soeences mier Jawbarlal Nua widow 37 Corded e onsidrs unastis actor
Ssonsiaarandmother rlA 30e G ood(prex )Anything still in R hands
wro aIdnd aaia. by the 40 GAscend nine months f rom now will go
e may be adopt- th yeas diaen. 41F tot U.S. Teas ry.
regard to the denmce.aeoiv7 f orthe 42 A-ry This means the Treoasury
a. If It l sa pmt. rinse 0an aakn len brit a $94,000,000 loan to
... .it s a po. PrH vs ..ix
ttle wa T and, the only o 4 Atheni infimh the Ban Manuel copper
... le Wa. o Caoret, smit l developments 0ieo n Ariz rona. Or..' iti
,tenderreceived 22sdR-e
S debte on the fro* India symbolizedn the fo e C. S "" iO bc t iter the hs f la
.up upd r-Ke an. .th at the n-week lesson now I tR gaot, 0s nest cmiateon o r-i
,the gwer w lon te p tn s0ll pen hearings about Nov
.mbe Od a..... .*trm y .wo lde _on. t. Desti "y toau.i.g, m o.Iin a n .-- o
?n ah a earned plnarby mwiM an 5 o that Will be the u t penetration of l Iabor un- I
la pip blle remb veoA ed disposal problem. PROThottewllek
....a vol ttnoa tte s, o the eaes ~r tngra sTan
)ft U i t .-thade a r wlo.thesuitae caused. A dI C mr r determine ether there is any
t o thated a n etaleo f.d. .t..anC omot- D 1 .o n"R.Cravens. has 'f M. f r legislation to
aeaion was by Gotncek- --%WinI Mo
ii^aPM -u wmn VIM in I oppo4n the Soviet move to--"+.. .
z 0Ca R mt adwitmq a= tuseRe..VDaleeI
told teas -am
..ia. l es ,kono~w a tmoy,. ago Cabinet Offie Decl a oame Ch n
sov uIn out YOM, VHIMB- 77o- J/L 1f1 *
o ia-the mad V ^ S Set To End Foreign Ad
k i a ied notr ag tethe Koean truce e
aU ene of Peiping rep- was nowhere welcomed nore 0
i~sl taolu-t thearmty tan in the it "Ctew4H TOXps hat ) ""
and nther States, DuoedAdedeI: -m cabinet ca deLe ( UP) tr
:.-.-aema.. "But we haes not-osol dU yesterday-the adntllot BhnUI smns I ,, .
OftaStateproblems raWed by fu about ready to shut off the fowGmebr ad y-groupu
--in .. of drecereitgnsconomla id. on Internao ttrade.
tS .:a battle at i oeo nthe eb "eta o Are in- tha whe e
Di es -*M R; .s-- a -r-onra
all^ f oo u u thee *@*,W tks .aa btt and 5r ttMge thum rAdM nit cande
lf-, Q ant the Fen la. atll to bp reoon alt to d *r
Men on IS tin 4K'.ouul

so withthe new qu!& s e anp Tnl jwinepehone
Plans aH4Iwen. vbuo.f bu-m m ..
The aned o. S"L". 8 p2--00

hepThemm frPa"mwan .tofoarnt .ee
L oracerod tipLik.yh' a p" I II t oat e(

a --- .. Iic naoos!erfrrmam gn mamabut IIL I

I.. o Pb luwa nhngher weoe I----l.- as i-'s neer bous

ad t oll to**of
"i andhouceto fortlips and Mfoe.r2.20s8

e-ay.a ,or.andoa n e"a t olbWMau-
ti,-afo thsuII
omInthlet cUnwited qL p 'o
o s I. Wo_,, .It. Evrt ing's y "

ItM usicuLovers -blot .hoing as a t'sndverbl.

M eetin ,2oUigtrd 2 ip" w e
G roup-wM Ue'

bOWr ori typr/

'.Ca, t /,i ch
i pleasure to park in front of Casa Fastlich now.
We will gladly pay your Parking Expenses.

Fine Bone China. -
Compares with the Best
European China.


s Rosy

u ~"pin"l5~..aj.Ldl*.. ...L a~l .kbb b~=clUm 3 nsmh

.- ..- -- m.a .'
- >. '". '.^ ^ ;-.'' .-7- :..+;, ..,'
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4 ~ *'q~
PAGE POUN ~ __________

SNiAMA AM 0 .0ii1, 1 VAay WWAMi

_' -


Great White Fleet i


_----l --_ ---

Popoo ltoacoN
MmtrioN Pih PIeS p03 1



Shipping & Air Line News
-0-- *-
'tristobal Sailed Yesterday ter; Mrs. Ida M. Kane; Miss
-With 98 CZ-B0und Passengers Stella C. Kazanowski; Mr. and
United States Ambassador to Mrs. Herbert 0. Kelly and 51
Haiti and Mrs. Roy T. Davis are children; Miss Laverne Koehler;j
among the passengers who sail- Sister Loretta Martin Kruegler;
ed yesterday afternoon from Mr. and Mrs. Milton M. LaCroix
New York aboard the Panama and 2 children; and Miss Mae,
Itiner Cristobal, according to the Leass;
passenger list received at Balboa Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Mc-d
SHeights. Conaughey and 2 children; Miss
t Ambassador Davis will debark Annie F. McDade; Mr. and Mrs.
In Port-au-Prince to assume his Salvatore Mauro; Larry John
:pew duties as Ambassador to Miller; Mrs. Teresa O'Donnell;
Haiti. He served as U.S. Minis- Mrs. Josephine D. Olsen: Mr.
ter to Panama for several years and Mrs. Richard P(t#her; Mr.
and he and Mrs. Davls have a and Mrs. Thomas C. Petrie;
wide circle iof friends on the Miss Mary J. Phipps; and Mr.
Isthmus. and Mrs. Louis 3. Poletti;
For the first time in several Aloys C. Sandusky: Miss M.
weeks the Panama liner sailed Maxime Shetterly; Mtr- Marian
this week with less than 100 pas- Simpson: Miss Marian Simpson:
sengers for the Canal Zone. On- Miss Mardian Smith- Mr. and
ly 98 passengers were listed for Mrs. William H. Steohens, Jr.
the Canal Zone and 27 were to and daughter; Daniel J. Sulli-
sail for Haiti. The heavy travel van; Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Tem-
of recent weeks on southbound ple; Miss Nancy Tucker; Mr.
trips was caused by the return and Mrs. Francis W. Werlein
3f many Canal employes and and 2 children; Mr. and Mrs.
their families from summer va- Arthur T. Wilder and 2 children:;
,atlons in the United States. Mr. and Mrs. Nell H. Wilson
The complete passenger list of and son; and Mrs. William L.
the Cristobal for the Canal Zone ziadie.
Mrs. Mabel D. Andrews; Mr.
and Mrs. Dixie P. 'Bender and
two children: Frank B.erry; Mr.
and Mrs. Robert L. Boyer; Mr.
,And Mrs. Garrell J. Boyle; Mrs.
ttella Bradney; Sister Mary Hy-
acinth Chu; Miss Pauline Copp; '
4r. and Mrs., Jatob C. Fisher; em
: r. and Mrs. Paul R. Furr; and .JA J --------
Mrs. Marian A Fynan; I wA jA
MrrsM na HaasT s. Mary W OSWALD JACOBY
nMrs. Lna HaasMrs. ar rysWritten for NEA Service
M. Hare and 3 children; Col.
and Mrs. William H. Harris: Mr.

* HiadUng Rt 6tsattd. ChUled and 0Geeal Carl .

pggggggg *g g*


S.S. "MARNA"...............................
S.S. "JUNIOR"................................
S.S. "ESPARTA"...............................
S.S. "MAJOIKA"................................ t 4

Weekly saUlint of twelve passenger ships to New. Ypoi'~ew
Orleans. Los Angeles, San Prancisco and Seattle.

Special ruund trip fare from Cristobal to New T twk,
Los Angeles, atn Praneiseo and Seattl.
To New York ................ .........
To Los Angeles and San Francisco ........
To Seattle ...............................
moo "I&. oktif...

TfOLErHOal s:


- #ANAMA 2-14 4 (. 0

* .


And Mrs. Charles J. Haugh; '
Mrs. Anne Hearn; Miss Clarice NOSRT 17
Hensler: Mr. and Mrs. Walter .610
Hochult; Mrs. Margaret W. A S3S9
Hope and son; Mr. and Mrs. A 109 33%WAf,
Joseph N. HUnt and 4 children; 4982 l
Mrs. Louise Jones and daugh- I At -
6Q632 *X954
Ten Contestants J972 Kv84
In King, Queen Qt 103 *J4
Ragce At St. Paul's ,AJ87 PAST,131s ,
Ten junior members of St. Bh 1 0 rOCER ANE NOr T
Paul's Sunday School will vie forA Q K(A 1 3W
top honors in a king and queen ._
contest. The candidates are be- North-South vul. 'y -
ing sporsoaed by, the parish or- ain We t Nairth s.s. Por Zn emin ........................b.......... Octohn eM t
g la, #izatio .. 1 Pans I Pas,
Candidates for queen are: P 2 TO COLOMIA, ECUADOR, FER 4Co0Zs na doD M
Vi rginla M,.osley, sheilas borne, 2 N.T. Pan 3 N.T. Pas ...... .... o.. .ober14
Marcela BQowen, Priscilla Lash- Pa Pa5ks TO CENTRAL AMERICA & W36T CbAY T .3.AV t
ley and Cynthia Tomlinson. Opening lead-9V2 2M.S. Wi m"1peg ..... .............Septembar ZSt
Candidates for king are: Basi- V -
Ito Fe-gus, Lincoln Hammond. ASSEN7 sR SERVICE PROM NOW R oU10 .TO PLUa iA"iU &*l RAYvR
Poro.,o Dottin. Frie Hurley andi Probably every reader of this 1 lie France ......., ................= Z g
Alfiedo MacDonald. i column will see the right way to s.S. Liberte ................................ October d
make three no-trump in today's
Sodoe Meetina. hand, Nevertheless, when the INlECEMAI c LI E
..odae MeetiSna. S w hwsY t"cargo sen t .'Vasl-& w e ast
i:hand was played in a recent weoki- Fast 'Car&o Serviae fem fcue., -a. Wbm C,.
i' T.O ~ No 1084. T PPOEW, tournament two very experienc- ot U.s, & cuaaa.
will hold a special busine s ses. ed players went astray. crabtl. e- rNc LNE, r *o. bre-s e5 '- a a&ii
sion at the Paraiso Lodge Hall That's why I decided that the Tl6: L 1Nko IA341o,1S. A --
on Saturday, beginning at 7:30 hand must be more difficult Tel. Pai 3-S .-t s
Sp.m. than It seem4 to be. The righVt'
Matters pertinent to the iic- play which seems so obvious,
cess of the lodge will be dis may stump some of mi readersa and let it ride for a finesse. their carelessness wh n East r -
cussed. West opened the deuce of At some tables Esast took the used thaf wit-lk n 4.
-- .. .. hearti. dummy played low, and first diamond with the king these degarers were limited to
a6wo nwmth the king. EUt and the rest w4 easy for de- three diamond tricks--which
-d iId c p.rvousny at the sdum- clarer. t wa mt cinch torun theiVI notaow to In
S 4 e 1 ldttk dn oi and w daon- diamonds, making five difmonud o3.. dltetn d M under ed
4et 4wh her he ought to shift tricks, two clubs, two hearts, aid_ aro un L .mropg _e st of the r
desperayto spades or clubs In a spade. hand..finally dh*ing uip with
the hope of. produce the set- At i few tables, East made the oaly eI ht tricks
diamonds was knocked MoA'- diamond trick. S iuth ten con- to overtake the Jack Of diamonds
He correctly decided thit .thnied with the Jack of di- with duMmy's ace. The ten Ot
their shift *as unlikely to s- i and West had to discard. diamonds L then led. asd las
ceKA a t *, t rally made it clear has to take his king then or at
the eight of hearts. -i2 d Eat had all of the missing the nextotriek. Declarer canaget
with the queen of hearts in or- ;Incredible as it may seem, two hftrtR to .eah the rest of the
The old-time whittlers are rap-tider to keep dummy's ace as an declitrers allowed the jack of diamonds for a total of five dia-
Idly beimg replacedtby chiseters.,l entry to the long diamonds. He ditmonds to ride for a second nilftd trieRl fd five tricks in
:then led the queen of diamonds finesse. They were punished or the remaining suits.
y ^ .a.. .v "

TWmjia IcN MML
o .f*T5.C5 iALL
PsmT^fi TDABA5
K~f~tJ~r iR'li'|

* i
oaw ap wor "Otmowm Dfl
H~~wiuv~u gumy Alepf

Big OB0


Thee We 4ft B3y4


*E !e?.3*






" \ Mi MI

The Stall Works..


insatip&*+ GR



No Out?



uts IJARDING moons

O o olf .,q

4 ~ q-

r .


*. .* V .L.. *


* *'* .vi .
..** -y


j* *'


S.S. "I-BUERAS .... .............................. I t
S.S. "LEMBA ....................................8 1 I
.. "MAB LLA ... .... ...................... .
*S.S. "SANTO CE O .......................... t. 2




. .A a-S. unr to o aa
1'.. v &7, 3521 C
New. 7 d Thisee ,, c :

a Mrs, g at e fuss in all about' will hold
to oeayo thoe P The tallIa le der n
ward ti s ansaid she's T'at tMe Diet *a a

y B.. ". : ..... .... hoo 1 I neN e w
t'hu' new showing wha n ced! th oidd V
A weero"the women od ths

wl Pllr .-lstia. f no. 'Alwa ysll i not knee t Ine Pyo. Ahe saidi
The dF,,m b. hmi. ..

3 O- us -. Sdcwar e b one is pleased toistdp
.l .- ._ aJ.e rMrs. Leo- She sai d ithe Ier
t b. do __ n,, r.L- .T en .ea r- bough t 'u g e floor..
V of CarrolltonMrs.Thma F. Tobin, o th week' a atoning in Denver bt -
n go easy on thM e "theiwomAasw1.t
A skkirt: 0 and. most wea most l -t o l Tol., If .f,

I St^S* nn at hr~. 2dlthb lple, Mrs. 1t Mr.v- Mrs. LHD. Hone d t* L. 8 'At 5IE SNORER'S AID I(ou'ret
'tipt M. Ann Da brd e ar mity able slee needing because
a ar. d Mrs is arinM ae C. a R owley. r IB3Me .b-,bo BuOOgIh ?pt. 16 of r woB, "o o .:.a
l r iem I th'11r r ie Ira c Vng a Bone .. ; 4th and a atied Butmor (tP e WAde who of Hemdngen, Germanymod. k
T~aN5 aBB K niThe- BaIbos fol Wqaihb i5 r m \ an C domunist durin osu. All their 3a. to do Is
, .E ifdrt Cl t s h i. A ... ..i.. wrobe. ..h l ao e tre. rd n to i,
N.wi a os th0mMp r Ie l tLeo e a had lead oler st nra buho
At mA" Drnbeneulvrou at b m atthhnigt h id b rte pay te wen tasues
.denM itt s n. a Mie d A ta e an rm health, woashe hurd t bt thapoe Then obect asstou (NATION
0 h Of Soc iety of eRepubli Pa- sw dsto hied .t om ore e te rer to find an:O r pl
A. o f Mee.ttgGof lbA a h
eA eaqejut pert fhcsaers' Wlre her M serve5t i, o p erhatve r I e or it al i
n n Ms tr ee .dr buyid te for M.Sgt. Kemtrehr$ __stand aere]ntuve'rsnoring. ?0 &
Mu r"0. ovlnitthe n had been t ,, ,,ruto

Ubs A w T Fous t ^*s" omewuat wefrl5g "I havet .Sidy ".
wh awouldli ha3e hphwd rogthei r oi a our contribution costly. Ou pro
dtr A fl, h a r sMR y ral.or e frseor Mrg. at -sgO, ,ot honor at the town ast on structi

4t aahr da dat0 hors hrva A I 1. oefmn, De is n of Breo annual tobacco tetvalc. k md
'M'K w e b to tee 0 nglsted -s hun, t a t e w

on Sint. on- andtamea be hr aaf hieT.an8. drf then h.ih' | .
h V, oans wi ht o .. and aMt- s. wlltath nor h t

k b h p ee doura- tact goe Ann Karet at s-3 o tt it g-
e -had eInA .s.he ane ns whO ira dered a., who do
anatlveJsaryUh flhida would4n6ke d.othe ala bothw h

Se a. hefto at snd th tsdi n not did a eptth. a. Thetoa

he get aiy bouyd Reopuolicoft a ig i toon to rn drg ter 3a-
ea, in- A" I Itaother
.w~as held.on e,..y at.. th nm e sine fom 1 leni Owas ho diay lea id, moorethsr-and

attend, But wsey
Pa slpIwsneth
ofMeting q lemoa7:01tte n in n their honor

WivescuGll Gaf. MrsFb bwo. -

swCubltakehlaeine wupet

hilledednabhersDafetroee ,"- -..

'I --ol" 5-.-ap pro
'"1 b .w--" Florida GaMme a thr "U W
, re ., k P

-'no. I ofthe,*.isa:%e;.-m r.'.n


,_ .

-' .':- .* '

the* W4' V*uWl
Loek '"& SOI61
' S,+' YS
,+K ,,+ S .

the muta of youear
mails, invites tthe wees at,

S, ----
fry! OwAiie, Ow* eem,1
. ,.. ,. Ma,

-ea a4-m meJI uThe

am bmij616And awoo
0 l "^ "

.tt.l/Jwl' 5 S f^ -. -
'*4. ^A^

'9)1 B^ '^m



w, .k;j ~

i, Cristobol
Wd Rally
ratun and Cristobal
Local 900-OCEOC-CIO,
a joint mass meeting
ght at 7:30 in the Mt.
aughan, the new In-



trnlatlonal r p.ieM-ah
national CTIO who sumcedegl
K. Welsh, will be oflhcia -
The elected officers, from balk
the Gatun and the Cristbtia
chapters, will also be instaRed
In office. -

Brings meat flavor

r Spot reducing
Famous McLevy
reducing system "
Turkish baths
Electric Bicycle

Foot treatments

semea Ave., No. 58
Feaa rtor.. Highest qualy- coi

apt delivery service a
on materials are youi

Save the Pan-Americ

ind our large,

r guaranty of

an Highewaey.


love its W 'IW 1 c WV dIm..
appeal is OudmeIu CoMe is
andigive Oldsmobi awal going-
ovw frbo a man's angle, fro a
woman's angle-from every
an&gl. m eGr? Odsmobile has
it in the dahbing, disimetive
*seep of Power Styling! LiauryP,
Here's the deep-down coomort of
curious fabric and whole
spectrum of color ombinatioM.
H-aang mWe? This big, power-
ful ear obeyede tiw.ady'. ligit
ouida a .eumily as m n'. .,
with thIe brawWy npkt A PowW
Steering* for tming aMdi peh-.
iNg, the swift actio n A wr
Brakes* for quicker, ar steps
And puwfnmam. c e.A, Olds-
molbilel--uiims twit.. with
the"h eiepwoftkeYRocfte
EXg0826 1riMt Super Ws er
aae4kft*et^^ight... Aey'W
both 4'p d for ".i of y'. S.
eome viw.4"n for a, deoow-
tiu drivl Make a mbs-
0 401tth a "R*ck, t a"I
a. O^IM .^
m. ~ a -tC-w

7,,"t 4-O ladm

* '

gyfiek.S. a

. W 4. i < o k., (CtW ).
",* ? .-._ .



lM .

Ic FAG -

_ 1




CL- YI I -ii-l~ I

- -. Vp- J\e

'* ". '="-

PAos Wn

, L


- I--;,


*_u M au I

.. ..... -\ --

.i .

Mininum forlit ivris, ,
3c. each additi<"fwed,

r lnlII n ,l 1 Im I l_

I, -- "C

----- ---~. ;--; ; -~~- '111


Just Itetlv


F ", i
279 ContrakAV .

bl i

Hoilsehold Auomobile. sl. smbo om g 0 o 1--'Philloips. Oceainside lta|
AseballssA1eallous o Clara, Box 435E', a%
-OR -S LE --v.-i-tzer SD.-,.,4 '... S iALE: 1950 Old 1 rmcbilt 201 A S. Panama 3-1877, Criohe r 73.1
g '0cid condIO,; C ,olle AQuIT'u ,I" Duf, pcid. Fine condition. .,di,o ---- -- -
a od coud""" Co^ bAeu seene 'chroughounclay da DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Cnc Houses on beach, Sant'o
.la.Guar-B.1 ..... I B1.ooa I.2,0 cash. Mu.l Cerrrol Ai rnue K" street, corner In COOL Ca ei 2.1
cOR SALE: -- Household good.. ,.n o. 0 A,, k lor Johnion ieleph. ne 2-3479, fanamp. Phone SHRAPNEL-. B ,l. 9
.ng set ,..r,.grom se ....-. -. -- --- --- or tsee crftaker thy,
pieces bedc-C n et and -nr Ok SALE Ford ,torn 192 O5R SALE .2- Cotto.. am "He post
od e n ~ t e n Ch ew ', P +, ,r ,,a "7,8 C 0 reiles w i ',nte sid m vo ll F O R S AL LE l lo s to
good conditon. :S;onp Pi... cr d ,, O m.Ies. v,,-,u ite ,.d ,,ll M sWo so, Clara. Plase ,b your
Bel'a Vs 1.o 9 ee .t-e r. la eng ,_ .uI sell. D. ,. j. l8 .I hnn, Phone Blb oo 1 .
F"-Ok-S-A-LE- -Do, be bed +or,,nte eFOR SALE--Le,,er of cied, (on t" 21 2ALE,...,- Phone --341 4 new+S5udebQker or Ppckardl -cr.t. AN FfMALE by Dr. Alfred Kin- toges. Large. comforratl-, mode.J,
-_.... --. "e- _o,, g colle, 'r SI ,e,,. now , on speiolorders r.'ar bach. B .n 305a0 except
:OR SALE- Ele+rr.c .ee t4.00. at Pncriama 2-2 e56 or $S 00, 850 pages with numrter- weekends. "", t
ne, full auto.rdac, *il I,.nh. 4 c.lter 5 p. mn. 3-4479. Bller hur- ous charts and tobies Order now Grnmlich & Sont ife pIfWh-cot;-
bure i. deep "l doubl r. from AGENCIAS STEER. S. A. Tel- tog s. ElectricIce _.g-. ovesII
oven, .ith gla' *,.nd.ay. 7 po .OOI..n -- ephone Pprnama 2-1219, Aparta- modern rate ra16 6-441 1
hent -'A;4 A Coc'l,, I4. FOR ALE -1949 Oldsmobile 16 do 731. Grnboa; 4-5 7, Miguel.
..... -<-door sedar.. excellent mechanics -- ----- ------ -
AL E c C- FOn u O tIcor, *sceilent iarc. p.aOint 1OR 1AE-Record albums, closical.
R S -feel bu'i- l. L ,reh',j.:he0 r.e% seat coert.. car opera., el.: 50 per cent discount FO A T I
Bola.elie c.nerl.ble I )00: 4 new in C lober, 194<.9 orig,.,ol Phone Painama 2-1807. Afternoon < ;. *i
rmO ',g r.. Choar, i 'C"". Tel. B l. .rner. r? ciecideni, I i 000 rm les,,., g. I. H e
-6 0. P Ponani 2- FOR SALE Scott Ihlharmonic .CR PENT: F house, h-
'OR SALE- kation -rte e i%.: .h.. Radio Recener. 30 tubes. 40 ing-diningioam, 2 b rllOoms, kitch-
poor c-,njiic, n ih ne, ..p ,. O11. SALE -'52 Plymouth Stat.on W."T, oiput. 60 cycle. good cri- en, garage, mrid., Mpomn, hot wa-
er, S. 0 ).J House 1' I8-A AI ,oc .r,a oe, drue pass gear. Pr,:ce .(1- ..n Phone Panama 2-1807 ter. 2 blocks f r .Hotel El Pan-
Streer "-+ -- 1 J ced Phone FI K.bbe 5234 citl .... or evening. &mo. No. 93, Espara, beside|
^-WANTED .o .. .ALE.-1952 Morrs car, co. .30! SALE -Venetian bl.nd.-. 5 wdth adoMrr. t be een frome
W A N T E D '7.-1 w.rrs ar c ,. 8. 00 o. m to, !l )noon.
be ee,, a.fler 5 30 House 0433-B 3.9. le,.g:h 6-1, 3 widlh -41 7. length __ .
SI /c n 5 272 iA. Cocol., -4-14-4 FOR RENT: Coml tely turnishld e o ...........-res dence in .rel for four
%eFO i.le, wt aL.--1 Exc- el~lent-con- ldbd., rplct.,, er- monthsm. Three Wdrooms, tIwyo
U-SED POSTA-G-E STA-PTS- WANTED r 1E.- ro .o xcellent co ed bin the office of the En-
Prom t ,-.os., paid fn u ed :.o,'. dr .7n ,'.e new, l1 O .00. 2,.dco gineg eng anC Can=.truction D. recor, bathroo.S n or, d. nnroom,
ff -o.7 v.... e'ch,.,d, e *., I14" Foro Sedon v,,h radio. Go, Panama Cc p Com lnv. Balbo r ha o nd sn Te. .qTar ,e s $27 3 I
four,,,n er,. carro.era.. ;i.'h.rng >. ,:cr,,1 on Tel 2 4624 1"eights. Canal Zone. untI 10 20 9 m nd n o 3 .
%;lI be ient ,o SerdOc b 7.1953. ad them I -- .a. 9:3Q h .m -end 12 noon to 3 V.
or 1mor tsor',p- FOR SA E publicly optrned, for turr".,h,.rnioll .l -
STAVPS OF THE WORLD 232 A. pln., tols, equipment, labo- I1OJR RENT:-rlurnished 3 bedroom|
South /,^e., Milwouklee W.'- lorpv. ps .er,,cE: and materials, (excwli'! penthouse irt Bella Vista, with two
cc ..n. US A. ... .. _. cer-a., Panatma Canal Co-rripc.r baths, dining, llvingrooms, don,
WATJD-cD BU",-- --o-.l Doul-r- *'OR SALE --19S1 Cushmun motore turn.,ed .ited in the enclosed porch, maid's room, Samr
H-u hnu rr Coorking" : '. ,. i '- ellnt condili O r- peeitical.ion l, g9nd- for perform floor, with separate service. Colt
.cp..Pii l.roe W P hEf,. 14 -B. Albrec'. 3281. .ng ,ll wor lfor construction of Wnright 7:30 a. n. to 1:30 p. m.I
Va 3se3 35 pave.o e.., 3 B r,;r. -- ....-- i pov ments, ull,.ti :. hou+.e, od T,.-2 1 + .
.... .................. .... Pa R SA LE app ter";,oT- t..,, o ,+ C ....^ --e at, Gat
FOR SALEF o s of pCio d rl, .pecifccto.
A11. I --jjA IH~li]C~ 1 re'W l nl o,. I ,'1- lull portic'lars may be o E- .r ..
O I IO L I U U ) S.ea k s" n c s ,e f t e m ,Wh e o .fc e o f t e A p l t
NVAN 1ED f' BUY.--Houses or loi. of the Ctvicaer and Inspect
1- r -,. rIln, k ar'*'here Ir, the d-slrct. "Allen. D,,.,icn. Roam 343 Balbpo Hgts. ATT ION L, Just built lcd
10 llll|lO UUW j ca Thairas' NG. 259; Central (Tolepl-,cie 2-3739 or 2-26981. d1irtments, me, two bedroml,
.. IAvenue. Tel-ohone 3-1069, Bo> Spec-if.cao.ns and drawings will hot and eold water. Tflephons
nl yl al UAC '3-J04i. be is.,ie' on a deposit of $4000 Poarnmae 3-494).. "
On Paperl lgaiv per ser Cepftit will be forfeited ,f i HAM A APARTMNTS
S Jspecificalions and drawings ore AlM,,r" 2 4 AR TMN ,S ,>. l|I
n. ngreCMtx not4randre5 rethmr f40ncalenea
-toLindo of Panam aCit na r- "' a" in 40 alena or ufn'ished Coil at Alhamba
hF" .'m s Pa n d I %s after of bids Office 8Q61. IDth Street, Colo. |
3^ feiu sgm', r 'ndy ENF-i w^ f. -,4 fOR SALE: -.Beautiful collit o :4l sbftsha -ft-.^.

Sl ." His lecturewas supple- ., ransformes.t tacmets Ph on R RENT :-Sll furnished part- J
yed by examples pl the va- WASHINOITON, Bypt. 16 ,UP) BalboM3339, house 1525-A, Gay- ment, refrigeraotr, electric burn r,
ais steps Itnvolved and he es- e- Secrea Of the Treasury .anod. pvt hqp.48th St. N
-.nd the i metr.od ,t fogelni"' e e M. umprey sad toda FOR SALE -rOne c omplte set Golf '. g '
:n to recde, the presence, tra esOuore. pro_,as has been Clbs new NIylon Bg, House 511 FOR RENT ;
of p ,r te.XtLre in the paper .ndeto% a Id the Ancon.Telephone 2-1361. ..
n budget to let persoftW Income
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t. ..r. ThePnam- ait tal riti ta dle Jan. 1 as scheduled. a new. 1.9 Standard Lens. 2 T[- O ,T .-'E4 t Congrelo nicely |
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Fin 0. 1-11 k-o romnmented lT.m, ada aNtoa r tln.bt5650 o 29 furnished rdom with meats avaolid
MAnis err ..e 1 h Mt.,P ,les Club luncheon thatIln the 00 nle:,,oncl JIewelry store. able, Call 3-1789 or 2-1693 of.
.ei L d;,, h i I nieir'me the Treasure Is "worl- Chose n. Bulr. Ponama. f h, .
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T e : hep" n l ... o .... t "ol Wlih. the President Willi" lln- tl o 3 pridvaeote Ip td
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ftel Home .rao e...t.. ,adining1,federa in p ner ce Jan n ........ i 'i e e e e r
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p..n.. fr .ti ,rPhoto ,,aph [ ile gese ra ]atodl ,l 0. Mexico Avenue 69. Phone
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the Clueo Print, Por tf h oith ., t, ,'un tahe and new Ibachelor or married couple. First
commentaries. -i., Co s io rt deut .ation Street, Perejd No. 44, Apt. S12.
The next meeth:O of the t- .,,, r e-tinment. Telephon,3-0397. I
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Division night. aSed. 28 i t the oni f income tand will '. SOR RENT
Elks Home. Bra,-o< Heights. 1-,1 ar, mnind I er cent Jan. I I "" -
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SJACKSON M.'. UP' -- The B i instill of asking q &. pre space, Idea for
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Mel. o Makor ered ,,Il1,ht he calledthe i ,,d- Evey Na y, 20, of prl 1 (UP)
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with foods av Be An InaTurnedItn, APPIthATONo te n 4t
a two-letter gurname halt on
)n Treasury Notes bn ente ed., the cont.e L ...Ioroservabliur
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iTh+ Treasury De~artnment 1br raredb~lI~ans as pag-
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skVest Vev'S enar e'aglf ew wierM or 2-%',~ Treasury Notes. I, FO sTAT S onsTic'r CouR'no ,
of mea anskig whia l s eno hing Announcement to this effect FOR THE" DISTRICT OF THE, Wq 'W -
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.w i gq rad isalhs. -- A NOTIC EP la glw + netm h a,! I pe- I R I ML +. d








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Lease your AU; ,, I'our agents or our offices ip No. 57 '-H" Street Panama
No. 12,179 Cenlral Ave. Colon

I" I ,,'1.y

No. 4 Tivoli Ave P ,,

10.050 Meltnda Avp.-Ptone 25, Col6n
"H" Streat aer btudianto Bt.
Phonu 2-2 4and 3-27I8

Via Espafia No 34 Pana_, .
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Sl It professors wo epet us to de-Ithe hap idea of assembling few years ago. Gloria Swason,Iroducer Hal Walis....
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S.w ..r .y ,'. Mi:it-- I- ,STA TS, 45,5.h 2I p.m. Ida

' ( "TTTT .. -.'-- "" ""'m a I 1rrI uA: -1 UDLEslT
I?.'- o'i POPULAR "DAY!m.'
': F 7 :'tIE ,.e cam A i.-~..M W
$1.10 per CAR! *
As .~- On The Screen:-
name Clark, In
+ ...... AT- .. ....
i i .'" "~ "GUNMAN IN THE .L .: ae, n, Und,,,
.. "T'EE""., "THE SYSTEM"
sod : 'STREET" ., ma*a ovuo .

"' wlls'hre r Tyrone Power, In "ONOR TO Gilbert Roland,
..,., a I Rtando -"'
VArIi l aasi THE RACE" "ARRows I
ll ..RA Plus: FR"
and pa DMar, in "DEATH 5rla, I

21111ru a wcmmcvs" sm

IDEAL4 pt enetsoa:




* *', 'W-JY: '^W*U.V- t:,
- 's^ ,- "/a .' '
qf^, r -^ i^ ,
o ~ .i"o .'r *--- ,

* x '", ..,' .*** : 'jt:- "

Mido Multifort Tournamnieni -t For o

Twelfth Annual Renewal isa#j go. Gonzalei, Plummer Bout ToBe #0

To Get Underway Soon Real Triller We It ass
-0-- __e lTh__e_ _he__tLastsV
One of the most popular affairs on the tourna- NATIONAL LEAGUE "'--
merit schedule of the Brazos Brook Country Club, TEAMS W L Pt. The Fderico Plumer v Oky
9 Club BrooklynThe edercoued vsCorky
the annual Mido Multifort Brookline Tournament Milwaukee so de du ldCo ant Races Not O ver
sponsored by Casullo's Jewelry Store of Colon, is St. Louis"'8 M e Sunday night, Sept.20 shajiup .
listed to begin this month. New York a 79 & raoR oo. et For several C lubs
For the winners, each will a- gic drive for play to the cup. Chincnnati 0 .410 real test agarmi C a Yet era
playtChwnners, .430 weather t agampion ..t
dorn their wrists with a Mido Players then take turns hitting Pittsburgh 47 322 atherweight- o ---champio
Mrl-'!fort wrist watch and the alternate shots until the ball is These two seem to be a os e ,n
The Brazos membership has play, as amended by local rules, New York at Cincinnati m eIrng ino1947 andCor w~n over? Don't to h tell tha te *ot rally as ,Clgcincl to o
Tfeig htzofs ibfeorewew oro o kl a t ingSn nat.woisIA j2) "hond a selteth a t o ru.raRe d l ly,- i d m ov e d w tM
/ un'il next Sunday evening, Sept. will obtain. Any disputes under Philadelphia at Chicago fights before e flosingwlo a Bix. Or the Indi Braves, Cardinalso ort g am oed mfi
20. to pick a partner and post the rules will be referred to the Pittsburgh at Milwaukee. rdoured efiraoxOh e ae soroames of the tkwds fifth
their entries. The match play Chairman of the Rules Com- "foul," during hs firs con- Pilies. he od nd e Giait. Lefty Pird ac- nod
rorn-ds will start the following mittee, Mr. Joseph E. Noonan, YESTEDAY'S RESULTS tests. Besides the nodgersi and Yan- ewsk 0 pitched and eight hitter and0
weik. whose decision will be final. Phila. 020 100 010-4 10 0 Gonzles appears, to a light kees the only tesma Which ha"e for-his 10th win. with
he detailed announcement of Players, in selecting their part- Chicago 010 000100-2 8 2 e d oe e due toa his cl einched e their spot from team The Pittsburh Pirates rallied ou
lo3 rele that thsir combine hand- Mier (10-15), and Churchand only 9 for Federe o I e Phllies iwho are S of at least ng to beat Milwaukee, 7-5, and
Storeofrule that heir combieuthey have both met o'- fourth pAce and. the Cubs, who f.and 14game winner Low Bur- e
Jwer takesleaicans must not be less than 16 Garagiola. the best men In te1 %- I have cln seventh from the Anetto his fifth ossHoersLbymur t
a 's el nor more than 32. Players withtnat eon lh
Fr-'t Street, Colon, takes plea- a combined handicap. of more Night Game dIvIsIoP* And more ta heAd Pirates In N nal, an4 PrankIthomas.Homerestn
su'ae in presenting the 12th An- than 32 will be permitted to en- New York 020 001 000-3 8 0 their own. Washing rich math- Ward led the Pmates P es
nuvl Mido Multifort Selective ter; however, they may play on- Cincinnati 040 000 00x-490 maticaly beyond reach ofthe lf -fl. .
Drive Brookline Tournament for ly to a handicap of 32. Match Gomez (13-10) and Kraft. Bac- wa ea place l
tho men of the Brazos Brook play will be to 3/8 of the dif- zewski (10-3) and Seminlck. Afcan. play
Ccnmtry Club. Prizes for the ference in team handicaps. Frac- : The hottest battle a1UI reaiiad TeSTnDATkS .TAR plyt
winning team will be two Mido tons f one-half or more will be Night Game between the Indian and White lo
MMrltifort automatic shockproof considered full strokes. Frac- Brookly 010 001 002-4 8 0 between the India Clevnd White on f the Ind o
waterproof non-magnetic wrist tionsf less than one-half will St Louis 010 001 010-3 8 1 4 1'- stayed a game ahead of Chickgo whose 1.0 shatet over the 4
watches and the runners-up wil be disregarded Milliken. Labine (10-6) and W :.ea yesterday beating the yan- iees gave h.m hi. th holdd
each receive a beautiful piece o Players should select ti Campanella. Miller (7-7) and k 10 e as Bob Lemon won his vitery.,the fiffh year In six be open a
berlin silver, partners at once and post other Rice20th ,me with a seven-hitter h. bi. that earik. round
i initiated, in this type of tour vided on the bulletin board. The Niht Game / ; i Itwas thefIfthyearvin the Ilat N t"v T^ G rahams
Snament each partner drives off deadline for entries is 6 p.m., Pittsburgh 100 003 030-7 12 2 six h hit th e i gaine mark. SY 0
each tee and then mutually Sunday, September 20th. Pair-Milwaukee 200002001-5 10 0 The white Box im Oed their T
select the best or most strate- ings will be made immediately Friend (7-10), Hall and Naton. T p h r the fourth place Wi
Sthereafter and first round Atwell Burdette (14-5), Liddle, Re te4h "btop them 8-on
pLUB matches must be c rRl tebh Johnson and Crandall. p Bob.KeeganU threttmr. That o PI U 16 (NBA) .
GUN LU p.m., Sunday, September 27th, -l ton 5 g e behind Fred Haney thathree-hittr.t ITtt P1
and succeeding rounds on suc- IM f40 ASI0on 5% games behind -led Hrney addit that it
NOTES excessive Sundays. In the event a With only eight to play so thle I 't easy keepth players hus-
NOTEutually agreeable daty e fray AMERICAN LEAG s for the Red Box are tnll on luat-olace team.
Mutually agreeable date or pay the 'MS L Pet. pretty slim. "After all." the Pirates' man-
-cannot be determined upon, New York 95 44 .876 ager said, ou've got to have
AL JOICE IS WINNER official time for all matches will Cleveland 85 60 "586 Y he Phil mo"ed to within someth O reach for when
WITH BIG BORE RIFLE be 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings Chicao 4 61 .579 t l gam eoe of the thilld nce o t t fe every dayand
WITHostponement of matches be- Boston 19 67 ,41 Ci rdinals by edging Cha we d nt'e.* et e d
Al Joyce. the Balboa Gun yond deadlines is a oid Wasbtngton 7. 71 .7 RO AMP A l ntti theC b w i
Club's fine veteran rifleman, ly in the event of ties and sucn h eri 57Wa s.n0 IgtonUi nkfffeet th7eksU hwb wn
fir.: l 431 over a difficult 100 matches must be completed tsoPit 57 3'9 ".9 + W n s k off atl 10rame. Haney. thinks, however, his
iyard 431ove at r diffica Sunday anot to interfere wit the or- Phildelphia 54 9 Corky haaR ob-e more "class" Roi berths not only won his hired hand have done re-
d course iat plar Sunday as gress w he toua St. Los 51 94 .352 fighters s th d'nmmer, Gonsa- _2ub but hit his first marl*able job of toiLlt about
o take fir place over a cap-d. ls shooting recent-ment Ties willbesettled by lea has turned batk wuch top- hn ye WAr. k Sank er their business despite the lack,
ly has been such that he would ,drop dead" play in the event of TODAY'S GAMES ranking battles as Gne Smith, 1 l tagged Rob- of any objective save making
be a definite threat for the evenandicap a by nine holes of Chicao at Washington Charley Riley, q Fl aan
195a club rifle championship if play if the difference in hand- Detroitat Boston and others.P nWlr has never ,S
he, had fired In all the neces- icaps is an even num ber ofI Cleveland at Philadelphia (N) beaten lter mlea d in th Dke dt s tw-ru hmer Even the umpires don't take
eadr i nth~ strokes and by eighteen holes If St. Louis at New York (I T-N) "top ten" .Athough he came er a..o l 4 td3mrl h laslt-plee teams seriously
aary trlitches. the difference is an odd num beraoee2Ao 4-3oni fthhe e hSlo y
S As it is, Bill Jaffray's 425 see- the differenceTERDAS RESULTS Percyan o nume close to dosa thri g drap 1. .ouis aft n p finhll et so y don
ond place score advanced hisofstrokes. Y.I !STERDAY'S RESULTS Percy Bass tt to othrill drW
1 l&d for place score advson by anothced r If for an unavoidable reason Cleveland 100 000 000-1 4 0 at the Colon ArtAB In Augustd St LenisA t S O fal either any moedn
led for the season by anotheran individual player Is unable to lew York 000 000 000-0 7 2 last year. A nJ w t 1 Bald red gHl. ,
14 points over Dick Dillman, play a particular match, sub- Lemon (20-14) and Hegan. Plummr to ...
with whom he has been bat- stitutions will be permitted. The Kraly (0-2), Gorman and Berra. harder M wo
tling neck and neck since the substituted player must have -- tbe "eal atM asu .-
competrton started. Dick, in handicap of not less than the Chicago 020 020 002-6 12 0 a better win .. .
turn. fired a t hired place score player for whom he is substit r l ton 000 000 000-0 3 1 a K. 0
of 411 to conderably widen his nd play will be on the bt Keegan (5-5) and Lollar. M- visitor. h" more -
second place season lead over of the original team's handicap. Dermott (17-91 and White. 20 knoc ie t wlhilne
"Dude" Lu.zas. and Archie "The The usual Club tournament
eGeam" Turner, who dropped fee of $1.00 a man will be as- No other games scheduled. foes. ...
Sb-. s on the basis of Sunday's seused to enable the Tournament Both itJ eioo'ee gf e
I ge Rsc. e Committee to build up a fund ,. great gus iting tirelwf wo -
Hank Ross was the only other for future Club tournament. Pam Aruba liays A- thi*
alooter to top 400 in this match, m_____ ring in A- ondston. This. e,
and he gained considerably on i i I fight is a "mast" bn the slst-of
Lucas and Turner In theSanta Cruz Sports To Deadlock l aibox fan.
championship battle as he tookTo The semi2in also shapes up
1orrth place individual. Actual L-- IIP a bout -that cold steal the
scores and standings in the club BASKETBALL baseball Sesri "show" because It brigs to-|
ch. mplonship competition were gether two clay little ghters
not avialaule to this reporter Ray-o-Vac Clinches Butcher P who are aimiig a title match
at the tin.e of writing this Trophy CARACAS. Sept. 16 (UP) with the r'eset 118-pound
sto:y. The Santa Cruz Basketball Panama's amateur baseball tea camp. Coo d Apu-
It is a shame tlitt more shoot- League finally resumed play aft- battled from behindtohu dia tacl Panama's fast l
ers are not taking advantage of er a long l-off and all games over one run in the last haf f g ftll
the very fine program of rlfle were carried through by Satur- the seventh inning to grin a 2-2I rounder
shooting that has been sched- day night. tie with Arubat yestado Univerat Ca- Another x-round bout be-
uled by Rl:ie Manager Ross for Thursday, Clayton Hospital racas' vast Estado Univeri- tween Chico Anderson and Pa.h-
this year. lie has been doing a defeated league-leader Nocona dad. Aruoan pitcher H arm a Ray obitaon kt 126 pounds
wande-ful job. but has recent- 67-60. Owing to the defeat of The Aruban pitcher" Ha rms a &our-roui prelmlnary
ly been gting very little ap- Nocona and the forfeited game lythe hi between 129-9gu~ders Battling
precaution ,o the iorm of good to Ray-o-Vac by Medart the l heel n8? de round outwi t e re i S a r
tuins outs. If the shooters league's first place was again amanlan hurlers catteres x the card.
themselves .all to support their tied-up. This was the second anaa won their opening feties.
own program. it ls obvious that time that Ray-o-Vac got a Panama won their opening .o-
there will .oon be no program chance to cop the second half Rame 6-0 Against El Salvador on I T
to support. and clinch the title. AYsterday's line score: U D Pe e ve weapons conceived by
The. nex rifle match sched However, the following night, Yesterday's linescore:2 are poerle Peple what Live.
ult4 will be the last Dewar of Friday, Nocona took the second aruba 100 00 -2 36 2 On Th Other see in this ese
the season to be held at the half to try for the beautiful Panams a 0 1000eh-2 32 l ane et tinsuse'- W
Far Fan range on Sunday, beautiful trophy. Both teams FH Bs and J Pderei 'z dr guez. 0 IF aes WOnRLDS. The invad
September 27th. This will be fought like mad till the last Frnkyn, Chamorro and Ramos. men from Mars who e
this ear's last match for Na- gong. Nocona. more offensive.r m. That is the question whqh on conuerings the wo"d.
tiona1 Classification. and It will than Ray-o-Vac, was the winner fTavelan has puzlt 'bumanltt most, Thin terrifying tale ba
noL count ior the Balboa Gun of the second half with a score lw andU r and tlWl ro Tl er frth- which a strange object,
SClb Rifle Championship. It of 52-48. -.ja cOn.t at first is thought to j
will be an any sight smalibore The real tussle came on Sat-7iy v erc ngfiaen ,1.. meteor, lands near to a t
match, ant, should give all lo- urday night when both teams Jaye VTr mi eI *. h hise n California. to
cal shooters new Clestifications. met again In the olay-off for the e The St. Browns were wle
This will get Joyce Jaffray, Elvn Butcher Trophy. Ray-o-l r dle ye ut their front vr h given hm 'e seen" eo.
Lucas, Tirner. Staples and Vac, winners of the first half, office was bfpIplan w y ato see it more w .g.malsm and
others utp among the Masters met Nocona, victors of the sec- Ua c Chic. Pra m a 0or211 t, you4 Al
and Experts where they really ond. This game was the fastest By U. P. dent BC V gico before a oeror r. Alllbo t
beong, an( give the rest of the played In the league. The lead BoCing promoter Larry A tkns ommittee League a Tr our? 4re tere Ab ten through
shootr .metitlon in their swung from one side to the of Cleveland admits Rocky Mar- owners to.d iMBrfpr mov- u i ves tor he effemoe- w .
on clatsso n the other. The score by quarters: ciano lha plenty of punching ing the ity. thos who bt the earth? never been ud I
Sunday's scores over the 100 (Ray-o-Vac mentioned first) 17- power. But Atkins thinks over- veebk i htpresnt liction 'writer 'have made missi t tomorrow ( t sy)
low: Going out of the game on five heavy nolght title. committee. ~onvinced the basedono f lntific r t oW a h rlh .
Gom RStor foulss were Dryden and Daniels Marano defends against Browns it dan c$1 but nop.a le H. O,,Wee..w
of Ray-o-Vac, and P. Grant and Roland LaStarsa at New York a full te e to t woHi el Ta
Al JTotal Rapid Slow Rogers of Nocona. Unfortunate September 24th and Atkins says apparoe w1 'lp and fantatiyin Imp
263-x 43oy2e for Capt. Weekes at the time, "LaStarza will win because Veeak is to move-t over was writ- Supenseful Drama. "
263-x 188 431-2x because he only had aix players Rocky and his handlers are tin- to Bal won't mention J ov d 'he Tat'sp
,3- r 162 425-J and two were out. Matters wer erelstimating Roland complete- o
c" l 62 was behind by six points. Weeks Atkins iad this predlction Kar as' or w have a cno "The War Of Wor" TO
2512a 1602x 411-4x played like mad to make 57 after watehn the champion and to eaoR e this battle
Ha24n-2k 154 402 2x points, the most in any game train at Osoler. New York. Baltimore Clarence which en brought to the Ie armed forces.. a
2I4- M 5 0ard- played for the season. With ap- I've been around every major Miles alp *,,ito c hcras all-te halr-clsi ,...atmie bombs...or i
Me Mirard p'roximately three minutes of fight camp slpce the first Tun- talk withcan t hih hony "top them. Terrifying s
225-1ix 164 389-1x play left Ray-o-Vac came from ney-Dempsey fight," says At- more thna of be -t d with the help o from an unknown
Dude Lucax 7B2 behind to edge Nocona 88-8 kns, and I've never seen such Brownie h d a, warld-af tahnlcia aId world. Anothat leaves attack on
29-2x 150 379-2x with one player short, a case of overconfidence." Baltimore tylu to t of Hollywood. world that leaves a tacu.
Afchie Turier 2x High-pointers in the chainm- Atklna says LaStarza has im- raise l Sthti, mUn 'm1v et in... ThatsuSe se
S0-2x 151 354-2x (2x plonship game: Ray-o-Vac proved more than Marclano there a.:Sl, .yo wd'a moving. WuAens -A
Jack Kennedy Weewes 57, Warren i1. Dryden since the champion won a split Wo llnw, r waa... TH r WAR Or.
| .. 11; Nocona-P. Grant 36, Rogers decision three year ago. "La ,. t-a ne... In color by Th Among t
-158 97-Ix 250-1 18, Blake 14, Ouillette 11. Starza was a better all around r B or. stranget
.' fighter than Rocky in that 3ao.vreu rae .orresteu
bout," says AtklE,' "and he's ofhe. ... O rous urietore ung ec
improved a lot more rtnhe then of theuieie nea]
Twist It... Twirl it... Bn f/t..; than Rocky. Uke Mar- earth with tr uren
elano never Improve Bke boxer. l !force... *nore young a
Bu the colle on she Van H1vun* Century Rocky tIs a great puncher, but I "l .. ~_gny other .for te .. acher

You can bnd it or twist it-give it the a great boxer-Itoeher like a a The f
roughest treatment., but the revolutionary Elswhere In boxing, elter- to got i
new collar on the Van Hesu= Century weight Chuck Dr e b is caier- if a Whit
shirts won't wrinkle... everl Neither heat* Ing his fuu after losing a 10-
nor humidity can makeiit wit. Also sk round dechisreon to gn I 1 "':r .."
for Van H sa sport shirts, psij as ring part=a li
colsm, neckwear, underwear, beehwear day night at l h gan.
and handkershies. Dave who was liests" cmpin aim" ah"
- VAN NIUS G~IFS February, says e e' So11e
. VA wheth r to c -'lnu h ii to
.. --.- after resting a few aiRm,
f 4 ~ ~ ~ ~ L...- ... ,-h"d,.

I oe ScoresI


"ly fo

UUOU UmUii zOaUUur wia igu.w.
the usual IrM iq"ild


e hereby advise all interested liatles tm '
vered his connection with th1 orgiumu'
n on September 10th, 1958. "

" I 1. "1 T i -" l ... ..
+:- '.' .* 'h, i -. '.*' .+ '. A K-_

I ~

, A &..EAlm I
. .,. .... .. .'.

__ L __ *_~ ~ __ __

~i rtl

_ .Av^.< r .k~


-, *d!" -
44*1^^^ '



ir abd broken eaat
eajsu batt er f d abu
'k Gmant manager Leo Du
keep him out of tetlon uhtlI

S i. '
fL _

The 195354 CaC Leagitue
Soff to g ood stnat far as
SCofsy was. concerned, his
a No. 4 took 4 points fromI
Se T d up in

MlF6bark hit hli aver-
541 but the rest of the
I to.,lar. i

WtSer, r 192
Bate, 183
Flbark 183
Mejanson 182
Team scores for th night:
TAM No. 1
liber 13 91 334 577
ta 170u 2 377 5
we' 15lf 1 193 543
Ga WIe 193 14 196 81c
a1muorn 10 .W-ji 547
*Us rg -w uas
hrneyer ^W I' 15 508
iomas 00 180 142 521
M0S.I. 1 88 Imt I5

875 *R 3M SoW

Battles Now

Open Seaon

NIA Sports Editor
M~SWUFOR, Sept.- ,-- Col-
leg football gets off to a run-
in start, Sept. 13P without a
War=- t. ,
wth t fhat the power r
opened with bather, but the
smaller schools grew tired of
taklg their lumps. Ad the big
fellows found thi lta tough
quick paid richddd
so the wsonA 'tart at a cy-
loknie pawl with n interse-
toal isams of major Impor-
ae. There are more,'Spt. 20,
otre Dame' trMeli to Okla-
homa for these glantblbiptlsmal
fire giving you a rougi idea of
how the schedule maklrs work.
There ti more eaTilfnterest
than in any campaign in a lon
while. There are two prinelal
reuons for this. The malor
league baseball tces are deader
than the lantt. Unlimited sub-
stftutlon and Its m6b cen& are
ont. Player will be 'i tte thick
of thins lonng enough to estab-
Itsh their identity and become
Florida travels td W ie. Beet,
19, for an Intrigtin anooint-
ment bringPin out a SoVtheast-
Orn Confence cont r and a
asoed aide putted t be boss
of tlie .uthwest. Th. Owls
bshoud pr*l the1 'Gator sef-
ferinr from toackfleld trouble
with Fullback Rick Casards side-
lined byental sho;k, the reult
of a. ta automoble eeldet.
What flfres to be a high.
rolln Dayfor backfield should
roma at lIUornia., where Pap-
py Waldf is -rebudin~
The dope ltothat Quart ack
Iernle Fa Sy will a MarY-
land rooters forget Jack Sear-
bath. The Terps also remember
t Ia, i th obe e a-
"nt a strong line at Colum-
.* ,

uc ucha's uged Mu1tc

Ior thi one for usi a giv-


Yankees Even Tougher-Richadis

NEA bport"a editor
NEW YORK, Sept. 16 The
Yankees may be without a Ruth
or a Joe DIMagpio, but the
SWorld Chalmpions again showed
Faul" Richardts that they're still
quite a till club.
Yogi Berra's handling of a
% game mak( the New York
Americans even tougher, ac-
c cording to the manager of the
White Sox.
"That's something for which
Berra hasn't been given full
credit," says Richards, who as ,a
S' (NA Telphoto) catcher was noted for the way
AMERICA RULES i3 COURTS AGAIN -At Weft. Tony Trabert of Cincinnati gts a he ran the works.
kiss from his fiances, aka Wood, as he holds the trophy he won at the U. S. Amateur T"ennis "In my book, Berra's the t.Bst
Championship. at Forest Hills, N. Y. Trabert defeated Vie 8eixas, 6-3, 6-2, 6-3, to take the title. and I say his with due respect
At right, Maureen "Little Lo" Connolly holds the women's division U. S. Amateur National for Roy Campanella. His speed
Championship Cup. Miss Connolly, of San DieSt, defeated Doris Hart (left), 6-2, 6-4, in their gives him a bulge on Campr-
finals match. It was the thig straight women& :tor Miss Connolly. nela. Hseo among the fastest
and one of the finest baswrun-
jlal4 er; bearts you the way, too.
SWaldorf Sees UCLA And matches Campanella
S UCLA t A ndoc bat, but at' lhis alertness and te
oUtstanding. He has baseball
Striastinct, senses plays. When an
oppoSinT manager putn on the
Sc.A in--1 tiCoas t htand run. squeeze or any-
L aB Sthing else, he's thinking right d
Washington wt k ne ca Walcng with him. When a pitch
abeJWasohnl a Ceon, with a new coach e alla for a little judgement, he
to absle John Cerbeg, faces the lets the pitcher know about it e
'rows lask of replacing quarterback In advance so there will be no
Don Heinrich. I understand agonBad anl d Mhi.ll nip.
sophomore from ana Monies, i.
SBandy Lederman, gbows great .No other catcher handles a e
me.y e ie at endr swinging bunt as willfully or is JUGGLER- Ben'
with George Black and D his superior on a tag play a- ed i pop foul, but a
Asked to name the Yankees' Imted of a m
PROBABLE ALL-COAST advantages Richards at a rs
with the double play. of the Red Goa, but I'll taM
f--A ogem N.1ack WaAhington "They make the big one and Bauer as my right fielder,"s
K-T Neaoleff. USC you don't," he explains, "s aerts Richards. "He has me2
-kT-C b Deead, UCLA. you're givng then four outs power, is a little faster and has
uar46 fNW A 7 -NorI Oregon Stanr and making your pitcher work Just .as good an arm."
ATON l--no i, sa0u1 harder. Richards doubts that ebey
,UCLA "-I heard people sky that Phil Mantle Is destined to be a hbih-
.C---a SW no, CaliU ia Rizzuto had lostaS little some- average hitter.
Cron.UC thing, but I couldn't ee it. He's
R 5 I.en.m EC i one of the best who ever played. IBut he's doing consiuderdab
O,*P-Deb 1atl' art,, Wa h. tas "In addition to his playing of better than all right toa'
.*Nemaly quarterback. the hitters and everything else, third-year kid," he poilate a
*w Nurethe greatest thing about him I and at you with l
ab!lfty to charge prcatlcally an from ether &Me of the plte.1
rCaliftmra is short on experi- kind of a ground ball and setMantle and two or thee ,
en0e, pi.leularly in the. back- up the double play. He givues his Yankees chewed bubeA
field. miUek al Leon an second ba-cman two or three during the White caI' finalsp*
elusive runner, may have to help steps on the t"arunner, time pearance in the Bronx.
at quarterback. The nddle of to pivot and throw before the
our. line U fairly stable wth runner lowers, the boom. Oter "Don't let that ft you," m
Matt Naeltine at center and shorttos lay bac; an the same eludes Pau Richa ds.
Torn Dutton and Hall Norris ataruno I ball and fail to get the "Tote my word far t.w.,,*..
the guards. pitcher out of trouble.' they're big leaguers."
"ilasuto makes the second
Stadrtd Wi helpe .di 's job a little softer, mnd, '
after a e o rtact I .di J mrk of a good
injury. G arotxiUslyn b31
perienced quarterback and B- -Oo
Scurate paser, with capable re- Richais calls Hank Dauer
ceives Sam Morley and John the tunmlu Yankee. FlaSy sans a
-iOgi biven the oppertuflty totwo OTI' s. wonder ,
"0Sow kth kinds ef pitching, theo an- you 0ee4 9 eu ru
.ccfrom cts relatlyey diap- sas city steam-fitter has kept I!tE
poin e The. Cou h a above .0. .uiZ..... -
gari ha AI MNowe a
ahi..* I n.U. &.s.. ,. In ,n .,.

un nRd SaNders' lOngle wing ndinuaHoe
(NEd !tfIormr h. on! r Iot o ready to
JyhreaU onI the fruits of a three
Atrewthei I. co Ct7i y Debay, a gu&d lost year
Cthisyp a fine blag qUIr- Cauanova. ae freshmen reg-
A aCrNir. Chuck Dead and Jack lar1 of 195 are now experienced
-o UCIA and southern California 1ea Mrepresent the maximum luniors wit] a brilliant leader
Soe e.sto lnapi e aaflre a eminent npre.sot in effectlvenes as a tackle team. In quarterback Oeorge haw.
c oimefl soI s = RauIn lculatlohl U ans t e capani ,,
t the CitlMa A. cthat towe overi ~ SllSorn. BouStherte Califeornia our Rose qregon State Is depending on
ets the a A. cm n teeednl native, has depth strength. where LaVerne
hd td we11 andM Toit NickoloffIs a so a cautalns the team
ind I Thee The T d w& w r-e .Inda George Bosanic a uard. peed will feature
S. clearly t t coA. iMa derrated quarterback. s a lt-T and an abun-
Sl fesrene e year ,b7 their Araml Di ldoy. Jim Decker and e of t 1earried by half-
S Color I s d losses were fewer a ony ofD re talented tallbacks. eet Jay Buhier
After tyin 0 io yeVar, their rivals. Je m .main concern is the he too Independents In our
iley sxcte bsepd- .fia t w onord a Mbackers Ce ctor promise to be San JIne
Swavds b Untortuu l-wAn the word aIV Fen Mar, Go *o wantdCoa flux
he Wa tI aprpopO-Uit dtre tIt to tt ff guard, a problema and JBe 'm f th e anllfl.
attlem".- lAte -Octobe4r. "n er- in r S make other teams ~lnor college talent. represent
vuluini UCLA has m1"e6_a, Challenre to the three PCC
I ulsine cS of v.l a UCLA has far &and Wkw.the best "I &M bunched category teams on its schedule, California
top independent. UCA and back on the Pacific coast, if not behind 'tboee teams come Wash- among them
Southern California- their the natlop. He's Ideally suited to Ingto4 California and Stanford. Parific bs a high wowerbd
own asn State _________ he. rterbao
Snd t i Roy Ottaso a Jacobs.
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Cristobal s

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S'Ti .,.

^*mI" ,

Egypt Accuses Reds Lauki Fall

Foreign Power Against toi Pe

Of Plotting UiiUiuiUnW U
(UP) The com have
CAIRO, Sept. 1 (UP) -Thelauncheda the ir tal offn lve a
government proaimd a state t the op know t (truth a tAhe country is sae" raam Lncoln. adFrthenh ta
of emergency throughout Cairo forces are striking back both
night after announcing ENT-EIG B AR PANAMA, P., WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 1,9U. here and in Red-ilvWded Lios,
had uncovered a plot by an un-TWENT the French High Command atha
named foreign power to over- nounced today.
throw the regime of President A communique dlod or
Mohammed Naguib. the first time that the Com-
The foreign power, accused ofte munists tive been stath o-
was no named. Atom ic Artillery To Bolster hit-run raisalMth
plotting with Egyptian traitors, erful hit-run rads ag the
was no t named, concrete-and-steel biestions of
Ar m recar ta in, the Hanoi defense line for the
armored cars were stationed The Red, attacked 15 strong
near the British and American points and captured 15our, therong
embassies last night when the fl communique d captured four,nly to with-e
state of emergency was pro- draw after destroying captured
claimed. weapons and eqOpea nt.
The announcement of the plot PARIS, Sept. 16 (UP) Theatom secrets with her N.A.T.O. hydrogen" blast was confirmed on grounds that its minion of 'n ers a no M at s-
was made by Salah Salem, min.- Allied military in Europe said allies, and "had nothing to d4 with any destroying enemy concentrations ualties in thea U. 6L
ster of national guidance, at a today the atomic guns earmark- The actual atom shells are recent developments behind the could be carried out better by The .fortmst r "ly ca
"liberation rally" of some 60,000 ed for the continent will be as- hanilied by a carefully scren- Iron Curtain." atomic bombers. t reds, the h si commld am,
Egyptians in Republican Square signed to U.S. forces stationed ed group of American artillery He said atomic arery rein- The Army Insi, however, was at Tunyen, 35 sth-
herep on N.A.T.O.'S "frdnt line' in specialists. Otherwise the sen- forcement for the Ald armies that "tan deliver atomic east of here.
Salem said a special court Germany. for officers said, the big can- on the continent was "merely a shells o target Ian H kinds of
composed of officers of the Na- A supreme headquarters non are about the same as any perfectly normal Improvement weather, day or night, unlike The Reds etetdnamt the out-
gulb junta would be formed "to spokesman said the U.S. bat- other large-callibre artillery n Eurone's defenses under the an air-delivered atoamiedbonb. post after dynaoting, two cap nd
bring to immediate trial those talion scheduled to leave Ameri- piece, quality rather than quantity The Army also says the gun uan American-built herman
accused of engaging in activities ca shortly was the first of sev- The officers said Allied troops policy." provides "accurate and devas- fn Americanl I Bt Sherman
against the national interests eral which will support Allied trained on convention large-cal- We must rem er that this ting close support to ground tank.
and the existing revolutionary divisions which have been lbre artillery should have little move does not gie us any rea- troops never before available to c h and Indoehl nese
setup." training for their arrival. difficulty switching over to the son to relax and Is no attempt them in the history of warfare." counter-therust south of anl
Senior officers said they had atom gun if the United States to substitute aMiethl new for Stevens said shipment of the and in the remote j ungle state
He said the indictments would "no doubt" that both atomic should decide to introduce them what we had." he said, "It is a bi ns to urope "s part of Laos cost the Communists nd
be drawn up by the 12-man re- and conventional shells would as part of the .present Allied reinforcement."- eaalis hed United States policy 73 men killed and 40 wounded
evolutionary council, and judg- accompany the 180-milliaeter atomic defense forces in Germa- Each of th atomic artillery to make available for the sup- or tAken prie the co-
ts name. The battalion to leave Allied artillery men thus could si 280 m the type hly-trane andwell-equip- and sup les w apture
Nowhere in his long speech did United States soon was the first practice handling the big guns tested last iay at the Atom di balanced .1orms.a a ew i
Salem name an accused person. of between now and next spring, while the real secrets of the Energy Commjislon's Nevada The Army secret .caution-nw
Saelm said the target date France's Marshal Alphonse atomic shell would remain in proving rounds ed, however that while the can- E
for the plot was July, 1954. He Juin, Allied commander in cen- their present lassification, "for The relatively small projectile nons will strengthen European .d S iW
said agents of the hostile for- tral Europe, had earlier been American eyes only." -11Incher.a.diameter and a defenses, they cannot be regard- iv _r
n r planned to act only informed of the decision approv- Military sources speculated the bout three feet long, packs a ed as a substitute for other L
as adv s, without implicat- ed by President Eisenhower to first cannon to arrive could el- wallop equivalent to that of the weapons and forces required to uL l A --'
Ing themselves directly. bolster Allied defenses with the their be disembarked directly at A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima guard against Communist at-
The plans called for organiz- American tactical A-guns. the German port of Bremerhav- from a superfortre on August k
Ing a "front," which would be The Allied spokesman said the en or perhaps landed on the 6, 1945. That bomb had an ex- S o0me, Eurom statement IBge f. 0-mile
directed from abroad, Salem shipment represented no chaing- French west coast and taken to plosive power equivalent to 20,- have expressed rervations a- w Snoi
said. oa es in US policies of sharing position in a fanfare of publci- 000 ton of TNT. bout eandin .au.e ari ry Traffic througthe Canal a wno A.
Instructions were to be trans oce th aAe Am e ,. wetll -. rI3bo iteT acal atro oas'e tmightcu", a ath awu t dur- Is W. i ths.u Atla*o X0 t
mitted to frontists inside Egypt A well-publielsed arrival, Stevens amnouneed last night "provoke" the Ruulans. Ingthe ft "dth 60.
through foreign embassy otheD these sources said, might coun- that the first batta llU oe the U.S. officials contend, how-r I g atrto0 ltsa .ptsHE
er than that of the organizing WE aenio n water considerably the ,effect in 2S me guns, the Field Aril- ever, that the guns would offer ercia esselsnd for
country,.he added. Eep eof t ssio's d coNf n l ry battallop, Fort ragg, N. no more rov ocatito than Thun- da S e rn t
Nagu b himself gave a 'Merson- yde -b r b ex ient. C., will "shn th o E a. der et fighters capable of carry- to &m meSa
al pledge from the flo l a est ro o The SHAPE spokesman said. The a louricioit alp etly ng an A-bomb. tOnML w3 ,
trum that "liars and hypocrites" however, the transfer was d- followed long e debate e the a The lgures on both or-
wor against his military n Sa n Days cided long before theRussian, government the advisability E al d O a er nmf t hng m
government would be dealt with offending atomic.artilleryto WIFec t. oss.oWepreviouF
ljt soustly. Pa wc hd eeln a urope.. Yof= i wc a ae
plans which I b n Defense. officials would not say
Salem told the thrown that the nounced to change th ven whether ctual atom shasthe th
government hade dou-for extension court will be stsed s rope but
ment showing a close alance Balboa bach of the Canal was indicated theg unscould be met .IL Po m a tfor-W 3 i11, M n t
between theforeign imperialist Zone Junito College to Mondays ai rog intorpde.almost gmme- = a i hj,4.8 o w .
country and "traitorous, reac- and Wednesdays year havt im ou of Colon, dately i event f wa r. Thlatt w he e0 iar nm o tran
t1woa7" elements in Epst. been altere nd cla s will be resident of the Isthm us for the suggesd that eallbut the most Her husband wasb e oy by n l*b I
an__held as in the past on Mondays past 40 years died yesterday crl A empeents will accom-on Mechancal Dv tsio fo ZM* tegoIt there
and Thursdahi evenings Dean afternoon at Gors Hospital pany the battallos and that t owed. The w
Boston- Ch ago Roger aceans announced to- He was 74 years old. aircraft or ship at sea could survi rng Mrs. Patterson be- -cmon tA_0 6: a were
day Mr. Young had been a patient rapidly bring in the critical parts sides her husband are two sons, gove ,=
SNight classes at the La ,Boca ~t the hospital since last May. if needed. Oliver, resident of the AtlanU o C mercial onhn tlr ..
Plane Crashes branch, however, will continue He was a native of Baltimore, The battalious will be assigned Side, and IJa a former Isthij the Canal fore 'e8
as scheduled, on Monday and Maryland, and came to the to U.S. Army units now In Eu- mlan who now lves in Schene months of tht calendar year wIs
At Albany, N.Y. Wednesday evenings. sthmus in 1912. He had been rope, mstlikey the 7th and 5th tady, New York. far heavier than that of the r. .
At AlbanyN.Y. Reistraton for extension of em loyed by the Canal organ- corps which have headquarters cmVArable perid In 19. .- _mI r
cases at the Balboa branch ization for almost 25 years at in Germany. There have a-n 5,0- -I U
ALBANY, N.Y., Sept. 1 (UP) will be held at the Junior Col- the time of his retirement in The gans mew have a rang AFGE Will Meet ri transitha trom J o
-An American Airlines Convair lege building the evening of October 1940. Most of his serv- of miles. asd efforts are be- Tro uh August of thi yhr,0 8 A
plane en route from Boston to Sept. 24; the first classes will ice was a riveter in the Me- a a mde to best this to T6 O i t, comparedwith4,521inthe i
Chica d a r d be heldthe night Oct. 1. one chaneical Division. He was also mdkles They e a fire enven- o last year. The f
State police said all 28 passen- Registration for extension by private contractors. amls hel. enent Em yes, will meet at trant for this same period of n
gers and crew members were asses at he La Boca branch He is survived by a daugh- The Army said that even 7:30 toniht at Balboa Club- this year exceeded last y 's e
killed. of the Jurior College will take ter, Miss Sylvia Young, of Co- without the. atomic shell the house, wit the crrnt em e total by almost 300 ships.
place the evening 9f Sept. 23; Ion, with whom he resided; a 280 mm. gun "has a relatively questionnaire s ated as top- Tolls collected on commrcWalea t
Airline officials said the plane the first classes will be held on son, Joseph H. Young, of Pedro higher deie of mobility, 1ng et on the enda shipping in August amounted to
had been scheduled to land at Monday, Oct. 5. Miguel: and four grandchildren. range a high order ofgen-" Officials le ort8on, e ,8,044.98, of which' $b.M 4
Albany airport at 8:45 a.m. Hackett stressed the fact ttat Memorial services will be held crab effeoteness with conven- icil tnrZMember was paid by small craft. Tols
Police sald the plane struck a there will be only the single at 3 p. m. tomorrow at Gorgas tin. high explosive ammuni- of the survey team creme it for the month m all repolls
~6-foot- high center tower of registration for each of the Moruary Chapel. tio." A similar m .etin g of the At edt f t $640,071.24. The a
an array of three radio towers branches; classes will be or- familyy has requested no The wei s r et 85 tons como thel t. s aBt $40 f4. The 5tnc of. .--h.e. t o. '.o lsattf rt
fo radio station WPTR. The sta- ganized on the basis of registra- flowers, but those who wish plete w transportation cabs. morrow night at the ilks Club e ht months of this efar t at
tion remained on the a fir. tions on these nights. Tuitlon may send a contribution to the The atomlei artillery piece has In Cristobal. The hour Is 7:30 year is over $5,000000 aboW a
The plIaine crashed near a for the courses is payable at the Cancer Fund). been critichid in some quarters p.m. for the same period in 19"... .".
tranleor 411 time of registration.

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Are Scare
SNEW YORK, Sept. 16 (UP) the
Cotintess Alexandra Tolstoy, the -
Russian-born' woman who has death of
spent most of her adult ye revolt
lighting Communism, has re- tri
turned from a two-months to ret
of Europe with three op
1) Communism is on its death W
2) The Russians are scared to
death of war.
3) There Is a revolution eoa-
ing up behind the Iron Curtain
and it will start at the top.
The predictions of the -
year-old countess, daughter of
the famous author Leo Tolstoy.
were made in an exclusive In-
terview after her visit@ to
France. Swfta&end, Italy and
"No one can say when the re-
volt will start," .id the head of
the Tolstoy Foundation. Inc. "We
may wake up to I tomorrow, or
it may be theep or four years a-
Countess Toltoy did not try
to go behind the Iron Curtain on
her tour.
"I never woT metatn," dswe
said bluntlW. Ciosmanls s
have M ASe. I woAuld e ,
The ua We ea- to A-
meria, to 1ad ,ep't a

Tolstoy: Russians

d To Death Of War
a point up the ward," he adld. "When the next rope. e said,'t only=o.e la.
unism -the step com we do not know." the Red way of life hea
East, German "West and East Germany are had it. The other is in Commnu-
W purge of Laven- united more strongly than the 1 Itself.
boss of the se. West thinks," the counted a Iti followers no loner have
.p4 minister of in- "I its slow to shake of CO an g to follow," she-
t oo 10810"oy ooot re had a years of th
moved the tlhig are our faVr ent... Itfaled
stepsfor. Thec o10WeewIskiSm with no purpose to
**a, doubt If there's sh
The fight now Is Is Vl"
believe the revolt wll
itae top," she said. .No
s be popular at the
iI Lenin ws,
at least other
strength. HiEs very
n acknowledge.
the Russian



- -lll.U~EIS5I~os,~ ~

* 0

0 0

- ~- II


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