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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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cI"' M' ^. U
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Priests And



Sof j

1d Red
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to qu


AlsO nargeo..

With spionae
-.. ., ---.-

LONDON, Sept. 15 (UP) A Roman Cath
bishop, iU, priuts. and a nun wem on trial for, tIk
ilwes today is Caimanist Poland in proceediMs tkhe
,can aq* 00mced as "legalized blmckmiL' I
T" ^ five ndohdig h Czeslow Koxmw 4
of KieIce,-were dsof Vd with '"upions, sati-state
pag.a.. end dDvers.m-r. activity" on behe.i'f N i
ad StoN md the yatican, Warsaw Radio reported.
Conisitman cowd mean the death penalty.

The other di
the Warsaw a

Ie.ria' Niklew
eullo reervd
BemBu8 attacksJ

on th rellious feelsng of tk
fithful. d he received
of AuiericatB'dB
law"' for Uthe data. Ita b
zateria lncluded oaiin
Io Pollah industry, the
forces and the political view
He legdly sought to
the nation's three-year and
.:g a -- f column oa Ame --II
Imperialism Warmw AdkS
=a of the b l
Bgdavlft MWer wwn--uFI h_-J

lpplfff .I

my aR-
will be
I tower-
I vessel
to be
roe s8a
ched In


It 'ompI
aiven ah6
e ater~hd
' of drivilt
ike nl4f. EA

',,, .. .

OF> *-*-*-'A

ita ri

y -

' Radio, In broadeats
m here, delivered a
aeatl g denunciation oi Bishop
Kac maked as as the paid or-
anluer of an American-Vatican
fifth column In -Polnd and as
a Na L mpathLser wb violated
the erets of the cadftesonal to
gather information.
It said the blheoo be-an his
"espianag'" actItiW in 194S
when he sapreU ti U. 8. Am-
bastador Arthur t lane on
orders of the
It listed eer ther emba-
sy emploves lwhMIdbia first se-
cretary George D. "Andrews as
- ".... # M

apw sp$a AmeiAcanr ageqm.
imoony. said The accusatioatiosa mol emact-
whose nu- i, paralleled chaiMge aaxlnAt
w don't re- atholics n other atelte na-
to travel tou since the war where the
muaands of communwate hawnad a deter-
er than 20 mned effort to 4tamp out the
Roman Catholic church ap dis-
two vedMa credit the Vatdaw, ad the.
k navles and United States.
y oen the
medical uses = tie broadcast said
submarines Ekcmarek converted his
g revolution eee into an espionage .M
anee in the from which hbe lcganimad.
;.wrstre campaign .andm

'ean Airfieli.

)r Mgs ToUI

he t4 ths a n.

9m :


used Amamerican
one of om was Norm; a ,
travel otef uirwater.

of PlHU Si!m,
In repone to a complaint b
a Panama hotel manager t
the Balboa YMCA pov
hotel service Illegaly tom
authorized perwsons, a "T" N
fial replied today that as
as he knew" we have lived ui'
to the treat.." -
Hewrd Demarest, aooc
eautivee director of the
was referring to utaments ma
N ajntenatlonal in au
st a meeting of the Pa7

.atny wild like t
what Informton he

as ag"a

for the pa t t
bav turned of w

She adde d
. wo ,ame rieam T 'AW
~a t *adUurIn
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r*isi TWO

7. H STUrrT P. 0. ao 134. VANAMA, R. O P.
345 MADIsON AV1. NEW YORR, (17) N. Y.

YW WWI A33JCA~;~:;*"

- -. -~

- Labor News "Th6at's Cdd t nt to S.

taon ....
a 00oo By Victor Rlesel .., : .

THIS IS YOUR FORUM THE READERS OWN COLUMN R he "little red-head, alt .
IL .... the, those muewatothreihsnfrt Reuther, is unperturbe sd b th' ,. ..
army of pallbearers lined up to l I

Te E L m few days behind closed doors in 1 .
The Ma ox is n o for r The Panama Am his modern headquarters-in Pe- *
Teo Mel h ox r on open foum fd or rende of Ta Pwonea Aomer- troit quietly planning with his "
enm. Letters are s ece.ived rtfuliy end are handled i. a wholly cCnf colleagues a new, dynamic drive -
deItyel mou c lettr.on'tbimptnt if doen'tpp I which could make him the tnet
n dIf you .etrbte a lretlter. don't be impaorer t i t doet app e influential labor leader in the
sear day. Leters are published in the order a**oved. country, industrially and politi-
Plaes try to keep the letters limited to one page length. cay, by the time the next pros-
Ideanity of letter writers is hold em strictest confideMe. i=dential campaign rolls around.
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as e plees
tmbeed in letters from eeders. But whether it makes blip or
-- o -- breaks him, the push on the
labor front will unloeese an.
SOMEHOW IT COMES OUT SAD adventure which may add as
ir:c Y exciting a 'chapter to the CIO'0
I never tole you how come I got the name of Sadeye. You turbulent 18-year-old history
want believe this when I tell you that I used to write pomes fer as were the days of sit dewne.
t h o weekly paper back in South Arkensas whar I come from. The And right in the same city,
etor, Jack Scatterwood, never paid me a dime fer:wrlt n tha too.
pomes but I wasn't mad because the pomes wasn't much good. Reuther, knowing fut well
An.that aint surprising on account of I aint a very good poet. that he's gambling his ca-
Iffen a good poet wrote pore pomes that would be disappointing reer as well as the CIO's future,
asd iffen a bad poet wrote good pomes that would be unexpected. now is making plans to tackle
Bot iffen a bad poet wrote bad ppmes that's what everybody did General Motors, Chrysler and
expect. An that's what they got. Ford some time next year. He'll
An it seems like I always wrote sad pomes. I don't know why take on this Big Three in a fin-
it is but when I set down and start writing pomes, they always ish fight for a guaranteed an-
comes out sad like, The pomes sorta carry me away into a dif- nual wage for their 500,000 em-
Serent atmosfere and since I done most of my writing in the sta- ployes by pulling a mass in-
ble: or barns, the change might had something to do with my dustry-wide strike if neceslftr*e
sad feelins. When a person gets used to a stable atmosfere and Since- this will mean that he
gets carried away by his work into a different unstable atmos- will be fighting the nation's most
fere, why sometimes it has a sort depression effect on a man. powerful industrialists for a ,y-
With me it makes me sad. Got so all the boys in the county got tern of payment in which the
to calling me Sadeye on account of that's, the way I saw things, companies will guarantee a
sometimes. Not all the times, only when I wrote pomes. They year's pay for their people
*conie ,ut sad. whether or not the work is there,
Its been aorta quite over here at Mindi whar I work lately, the doing will be rough.
Cnly excitement came when some of the GAO boys come over on Billions of dollars in payrolls
an unscheduled check to look over my petty cash fund and found are involved. The corporations
me $1.40 short. 1 tole them I used that money to buy lump sugar will stand pat for the old system ....
ter a couple of old mules we got hanging around here on a sorta of week to week-bay and layoffs. .. -. .. "" --
pension since they aint fitten even fer the glu works. They ast At the Auto Union executive
me how much them mules contributed to there pension fund and board meeting these post few
I tole them those mules sweat out here in the sun fer twelve years days, Reuther and his aides ad- I .
and iffen them fellers had sweat that much fer that long they mitted to theaelveq that this
could get retired two. Then they got mad an I got mad but not might be the. toughest target 0 n
two mad on account they outweighed me forty pounds each. Then thev have ye tried to hit.
they let tand tole me they was goin to set up some new controls Their deadlines Dec. 31 1954.
on that fund. This means tl*e miust start cam-
So then I aorta felt depressed and set down a wrote a pome. pal~ning agl itt. the Bit Three hI V N .
An here it is. I hope you aint as particular as Jack Schtterwood of the auto lpdustry ext spring.
and correck my spellin because that almost always breaks up my Which gives the union some
of beat and the lines don't come out right. JistJet it be and it eight mohthu toppjare Its mul- p.8..." *h Wlashandld. Th e
will Ireal good. Here goes ti-million dollar propaganda s- (- p *tn. I t n e hadld
SU ER, & WINTER sault pr em long as the sr0ean trt remals xact.n tb er4 Amer1can soldiers who are s rv-
Grow old gracefullythe young female said But ReutherIs ready to take inqt s Uonduct at morale o0 Jdle bIe f. tn in ua nthe-a4t 1 s Z i 'S
te roon stati *d on the-ce'lin .rhe i. ue ,od
To the little fat man with the big bald head. it on. The Ppry m"ittle redra t tet sfl, ont e l e hot a figure'out porton to thee o
The Mountains, the rivers, the stars on high head" knows ta ony arencei rilk aZteg -thIdl..,t de i a .t i'dh
The dreams of youth are fer guys with,muscles, "e!* IMte arh S d i geI
Whose arteries throb with red corpuscles. He knows, fr many' reasao~ Jut ift1 ving thb el img- tee ,
Who can do 50 push-ups and chin one-handed. that the White Hoe wants to As' a re of te .coneilo the tstu ion the-Ary to rehal -
Who can dish it an take it II must be candid. wnslrt0 icta bas aw se a ti y Proost MashmOdn. M a lthe he erM toore 1aho -
1etally it Army Provost Marshal. (dni fv- Machn W Ut *th e..24:01d
Youth for the young that's not jist whimsey. riders him a real pr the soon be making an extendW l of' tklm r the er el .
Iffer. ou don't believe ME read Doctor Kinsey. Democratic Party. The GOPers the whole ar ast. Specifall wi be The of narcotics aon stationed in
He proves beyond doubt. this is one case when talk in teems e of th WReA th er e- 1 lnit 5M |
The boys do a mans work better men. wing" of the Democratic or- itary police ti. fo -
S Yer past yore prime an yer out of date. ganization. Also, they figure rem MP's dutie cut aroes ust about all of the am I's is not a seriblp as a lo of persons
An youd never do ter a young girls ftste. Reuther as the oppossqua activitiesrally be taking a h to make it ut. But be's well aware of
So peddle yore pa rs up some other stUnreet. aan lug te B close look a r tUre ou there. t 1 obl t Xea andof how the
Yer watm ed, you old dead beat. rhe an broad. tl m.
Saht it it. n ActwalIcame V11
S adeyQ n the ad need of tigh f
_Reu dealing c em $ of
Germany recently. troops In a ofteign country. A too-toughi smi t a Iht B
Conflict Possl- Would Mart ans On the afternoon of JulV 17. tary police regime in Korea, he says, could w
Af t Pthe angling. telephone drarged just as bad on morale 1 practically no cont"
-T me off my balcony at the Godes- alU.
BeT en' T CA ck ,berger -Hof:, overlooking the vetha
le Between TheA G A `at tk P ar.. t o. et to have Munnwithout-re
Rhine. The lowered voice at the he ing th e or -knybody else." he says.
Sen other end of the wire was that Although he dI ts that's- sometimes a fine line
rth And Mars? Men? oft friend of mine in the nreas to draw, espeitay as time goes on with troops"
section of the American Ptah in endless training. L .
Command in nearby Mahlemn, is is genial man with a.n extremely. ai
in-t down the river from Bonn, 1gh to the Korean situation. He has tf
sKthe erman eanitel. leOm mil .police work since World War I h n
"Walter Reuther and hil and there's pra ically nothing about it that's ad
brother Victor. and his radio and new to him.
television aide. Guy Nunn. are His lifetime efforts to make the MI aerviLde a
in town," my friend said hur- intelligent, enlightened outfit composed of ro fth-ns
riedly. feaonally trained men, has bna mapve1
I ENRAL "Reuther will hold a press In making the MP Corps the respected org '..anceaco
C Rconference at the Drewien at 6. rti nanInintodV'.ttion
f you ome over don't say I Hew arge of organizing t he Bout e forces.
TODGAYrts on. Tt'dcomo aetelo ran police force right after World War II. As a Taking a look at the big picture, U
unofficial. T .overn met ourresult, he knows most of the Korean government mits that one of the basic problems is
e an 'ho rne havrofficialsand is .familiar with the special prob- sure that friction between A rican trodis a d
Presents: nothing to d with ito the Rhe les, the country. Koreans doesn't grow to the. point where both
t o oat with it or tleu- ,Ope of the things which Maglin. Is speelally sides tend to forget the reason why g
te sity officially. nUemaed.. l. king into hp. ,' ..are.these...
A few hour later, th phone .
rant again Thiq time it was a .
official telling me that AFL
coCnNEW SHOW AND c ing into Bonn knd thd peo-
PICTURE at 9:00 F.M. oie over at Hicog thought I'd
Presentation of like to know. And no one was a g Vf
whispering. No warnings this I -
LOLA F 0 RES aThe differenceW that Reu- Two, "C S TO BROADWAY "''' playing a a e
other had given the impression .wHe playing Inda
and Her Group of Movie Stars that he was close to the anti- "lom lday" at the Music 51 s the best Mu t h
Adenaur. forces in Germany, light 1P Wdy"e It Happened O, i' t.' As a. l b IIo new
Also: whild'e U.8. State Dept. was roa .iI kl-ln-the-d'.:..M 'ee
working closely with the German at.the 6 is better than aahe" l
"Affair With A Stranger" with Victor Mature Chanceor, eager for his victo- The. m~se features .. 1way in over 3
ry. During the press conference with a. lb hand. He 1441 a "'l es"eat
Reuthet did attack Adenauer, t exciter... "it e" b@
and De Gasperl, the Italian Pro- fIl.lgis along the tl' .p 1.), t
mrefer, as well. r e. Startross e e e ae hcstm6%- #
Bo it is in America as well. The te ehalled it as I'* se_ le ,f new
White Houeo virtually refuses to w a Lana T.rner i A Papea.a.e.
recogie that there is any e'!s J woman who 4 I57 "m-E *.
equality between the AFL and lIo to eamaaee the fellow ; Is Like Th: Jaek Webb, thi
CIO. tere..W a real love-story .

power for 18 years under Roose- beth ... moment in "Fae .the 0 4 .. th'e.

bre.r Last teaLeek at her Love--Bert il e ch
IT'S A CHESTERFIELD PRESENTATION' --e l mnY ares a '+at b-o t'

T IV OL I A Great Spanish Program...! ie0 stalply I e e am.t.
Pedro Infante, in "PEPE EL TORO" More ot of the L than tDb .
Pius: r desin teilDurkln' u b th hprtr. .... .r,
Amalia Aguilar, in "LOS DINEROS DEL DIABLO" s.oaMe n .aayr t e y's c taice o t
."rl power CIO. ?he

W-O -eboed. ,-- -- -ia

mat in the smb A itv, @o
industries wilU as to foiow
He will replace John Lewi
the dynamic la minatie her
labor. If he fall. spedallly a
a long strike. 0m may uthu
AP"r. ,.


Drew P

i; Nnew o

.-The 9teM

swer must dopeoc

approving aUll.ij
Martin O urn t
that that'smo a
When Hare W
B*f^ '*iifr--- j-k

I? 'll '

hower's cl0

the 4radq i
t .

ist talk
'r *mfl a


I-'.Bltirethe _,...H n-i- d
to brin astorm f ret from bune. It rdid.
Secretary of .Sva"11 0 --
tonswvisoroauw rOVoneaSe wh
down from Caplt .-o f l lll'ite.
t the Whlte
Action on .taft-Hart7y.o 0oo after Tam's death would 6daS
affront to Taft's memn wo l wugt Ti't'. friends, and thaI
no taagea in the Taft-AHrtlwey Mbl

A.F. of L. leaders that hemig facetheubiity
booed by his wn hutotqbr u. ~aye labor e

While Democrats in hicago are o to p the
together Demooats In New York are on the verge of
P."i- .ibh+ M ..A.. "

Mayor Vincent Iml
ner, son of the late gr
pollS today in a battle
mere politleol tug-of-W
Tw Issum are imn
Wk. L. A leau'mu of th

I st mase Inaser R
senator by that ia
much more import
veen two men.
crsalc Pfty in New T
. Roosvelt. jr, for. tJW
.ds. there might latm
I si that the DeMi

se big
port tJ


Lenia r2


B 24'

Vn(in 41 aL1

Lw.. .<; .




_1 _




-:-" '

:,Pm "




.~;I., ~


<. ,
' ,*

't. ,w,------ ,

. V. I m

t6 Tivoll Avmre i
,U King.



- ..___ --- .7;Y C-- I

* /-**
-~ ~

';. ,.

- *- x .,1

Fail, o "

melitiil i:

U- W,
pAal. wh
oitl, ti li

aotLwt 6atUtie

a out =a
eAdi te.
mOw. nel

ea' .


a-pnsiw .M.- -
a quip-d t t
the Eisenhowemr au sat
as one of 'govfut=a= by vow
ponemnt "
seequ to in : A-at ma
clad tlh ais Otf
'er large. '
*Te loyalty Issue propped
unexpetedly In met
stat Deo o chu rmne
tust twh ",ug n u*.-M

Are Thm U6%


- w~em WSilm~ erne of

,---. .^

-ma q'i W IIWin -.:. wo nWa s w l -Ill -
P o WO& WASIIIOON, Sept. 15 (UP)
l polle Chairman Dewey Bort of the
Sf House Armed Services Commit-.-
tee has thrown his support be-
hind proposals to build the
Navy's third super aircraft car- -
rier on the West Coast because
I- t will not be aWle to clear the
Ste ouri Republican,t D E SIG N E
Swas learned, has talked over the
9at-versus-West Coast Issue
.* ........W11. with. Navy Becretary Robert 19.
Anderson and with Adm. Arthur
SH. Radford, chairman of the
4d "atu Joint. Chiefs of StafL
S 7 He unwa esteed to have
re4 the zi told them he the anti-
NL Y ..amnt -hJ dpa-ted extra cost of construct-
. Want? 2 l the carrier at the Bremerton,
M Ifonroud.lS wah. Navy Yard will be offset
to by the advantage of having one 0 U IN
la of the new muporcarriers baeed
the? on the Wt Coast and having
a yard equipped to keep It in
s ~None of the new carriers will
Sbe able to transit the Canal.
SA decision on whre to build
the new flattop Is expected In
the next few days. The issue has
i een hotly debated between
Coagrensmen from the East and
111t coaster.
IThe first supercarrier now Is I M TOWLE Sterling patterns are k
he ,u-i wder construction at the New-
il* News shipbuilding and Dry that's perfect for you. You'll know
aWg :inorlty lead~Ir r n Co. Newport News, Va. The our wonderful collection of sold
S the Bouth' at th avy Yard The., too; your TowLE pattern
t.ilmted cost of the third of
the "Democrats: 0 uat lh-deck ships Is a- will remain your favorite for all of
Iln a special Studa yd- It"h Howeve r, build- Sterling, for all its quality and be
k*a allmp ial convention next to at transporting mate- single teaspoon can cost as little
..ll study group all- $LOOM Aditional. The job settings begin at ,.. Let us
aieA foremphaas on re- Will take about 30 months. Upt I co now.
e tg or th 196 to S. me probably would be

Oa-t~~ D -i DUTYA i
,g. n H.Now ea We Be a.DUTY,
-"--" _" "_"""lI JEWELRY
an ul Agansl Infr- STORE 161 CENTRAL
E," -ec r ,,. Plefiiry CoMflict!



vely ... and there is one
w it the minute you see it in
silver patterns by TOWLE.
will never go out of date-
your life. And yet, TOWLE
auty, is not expensive. A
as .... six-piece place
help you begin your col.


-T" '

A.Ir. .
'-.7 ,*" w-

:.-~ ~





'.* :. .
,* *" ..,,

.- .* .
f~f-p-.. --.

I. -

store on the Isthmms, to match us

these 3 points in Shirts

(1) Variety of assrtment

(2) Styles and designs

(3) Prices


, I~L

- **1~
*p~L 'e-2 *.
A1 ~
**1~ I.



'C I

--.' S F
. -
lf .


.- .


Sanforized *

U.S. Prko :e.

F '.



a* ,~.


& do

C. .

I ~' .

.-.* '

m P., rkeOUR P

i :,.-*,.o M$2.9

S$435 Mitioro 3.9

,, .tt. -9 *
i--;'-,-,:_ r,-

MSto $15.00

MS ts 515.00

to $17.50
"*" EMaso

. ,


Damon Creations

Rich Guild

Iand of London

lhod "Pure Silk"






5..' .
5-- .555 *

1a ~
.~ 'r~.
/. .~ =



g f. ; "i :
^*. Ns^.2,
I' *I-IK I-
(, .. i' ..
'SL .- r "i *', :


-t-L an m =0 ,'e Men Ato Goo." T



Aerose from Railroad Station


. '. ." ."'. -"-' ,. ,* "
." .,.4 fs < lv- '.41 1 .. ", *-. *;..
.'. t 't.'1i< "Ti. *h aE'idfl-iR ij' '**," ," ,--.

G ,,
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* -Hl 1L
a *ibea6iM






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II __.1 II- -

r r


y Fight

rsson To Build
iper-Canal Cwarri
Rf W ra ald rMuwI

.-. fivi








lU O I L iII .


- I



by Erskine Johnson

vision's Martin Kane would find
it a knotty problem to locate Elizabeth Allen. an MGM starI
some of yesterday's great stars. in the earl.% 1930's. makes her'
Every now and then at Holly- comeback alter 10 years in the!
wood's silent movie house on British film. "The Heart of the,
Fairfax Ave., a former celluloid!Matter '... Diana Wynward and
titan will slip quietly into the Clive Brook still act in Brit-
darkened theater to see himself ish play s and movies Enid!
as he was a quarter of a cen- Markey, first of the Janes in the!
tury ago. Ta:zan films. has continued hei
But if someone recognizes him acting 'aree! on the stage and'
as he leaves the theater, he's recently appeared with Helen
likely as not to deny his iden- Ha)es in "Mrs McThing."
*. Alice Terry,. widow of Rex In-
gram. this year won a lawsuit
.e'iniaid Denny. whose racing against Producer Edward Small
films frequently play the Silent and Columbia over the charact-
Movie Theater told me recently: er played by Eleanor Parker in
"I don't have the beart to go, "valentino." She lives in North
to see my old movies. Almost Hollywood ... House Peters, a
everybody who worked with me, silent day favorite, drew a role
is now dead. It's too depressing." in a recent Gene Autry film at
Here's more on the subject of Columbia Richard Cromwell
fTirme stars and what they are retired from films to develop his
tolng today. talent as an artist in the cera-
mics filed and has made a small
Constance Binney. a great si- fortune.
lent screen beauty was recently
divorced and lives quietly In New Ashton Deerholt, a leading
York. She's the aunt of Dale man at Universal, is a movie a-
Robertson's wife, Jacqueline... gent... Louise Dresser, one of
Carmel Myers, who tried a come- the silent era's most distinguish-
back in -Whistle Stop" in 1946, ed character stars, is readying
recently married Al Schwalberg, a comeback. Deafness, from
president of Paramount Distri- which she has miraculously re-
bution Core., and appears on covered, forced Louise to retire.
live TV from New York several Gertrade Olmstead., stunning
times a year. She's still a great slim beauty of the 1920's, is the
beauty and baffles people who wife of Director Robert Z. Leon-
try to figure. out her age... ard... Betty Compson now
there's an unforgettable name
rT'TU'NS FRO.)I LONDON for you-heads a ceramics busi-
ner., in Glendale, Calif. Old-
Bes:ie Love returned to Hol- timnrs still talk about the lavish
lywood from London last year oartles tossed by Betty and
eP.d took her daughter, Pamela James Cruze. .
ho n hbri been attending school Bstelle Tivlor has. jst been
iqr of "Broadway, Melodv" an-:'!unoirterd to the Los Angeles
rears in many British plays in Animal Regulation Commission.
thVe provinces, ., Helen Gibson. .IEva Novak and Jane Novak,
-r ex-wife odf cowbovy star Hoot -two sisters who were silent era
Cibson "and' ;rial aueen ofI strs, still play modest roles in
ramiloa thllers, still pltys f ilm s.. And Clara Kimball
'imallo p rtc at U-I, Republic and Youno. with the soulful eyes. re-
other Itudles.* Sh warts to see; entlV recovered. from a serious
her lift Atory f mene and recent- illneqR that thrubb her into the:
'P- talked to Judy Canova about limelight again.
,Btr' in" l *1 I
el^c Wh;'e t1-e form" .*tiidr -- ---
.. 1. Aorv~w" -,ri. e I i,*-ac f U
Ft-..,ie i' i..: oho',.ierv n igh Blood pressure
*II' "ir n'" t o o11 "If hp.OOd Pre,,iire make,
rnn 'I.? on T" Pii.v RiII on div,. ha.e pains around
ti Iri : or' '"d h'- lart, headaches, fhort breath. In-
, l i l 1 n- neotll on., palpitation. and swollen
Iis.d Wu n can get almost Instant
C'LC e '"' '1'? e reln tm lhP e dangernum 8m -
' dLO IB f 'O dV f' 1-t C '1'a- "',,. wh -jHY 'NOX Ask 'our

heart attacks withLn the past
~ri'n Ni-n. on n Unvnersr in few da.
biCal tar ..i-arrlen. who warector
alredmal with ala Tlma one of the
'mAnv silent it ..atiffered- twoj
heart attacks within the past n een o-
ear. but looked fit Forhen I sawudr-
him InL. where hOr ,e, Re-
'W'ri-n Ni-"n. one A? f Un1veIsal's 1 j a
btinitar Io arrived d to Directorhn t r
William Selle atir. | | -di -B
a' Dal Talvidge. one of the Srldfnse
rel* etan nee .ll of the i nof een. Iof
th l screen. recci tv built a 14- and keep S handy ala
rorni ma nsion at Fort raudeer
dFa". Fl-3 wherehp r;,dP ,HPc Re-
vlarle of Norm&p' ill health con-,
tinre to r"o'l' Hollywond thne'im
.. 0elphton Pale. A too silent
8t<' with orent comer'' fine- mp
Pip n, 1 rolee at fl- -'rtdiri- fr1 -
i.tle Deve. "'ria-Pri Robert | SporldrB.efrtescece i
I.--tnn 'Pn-'11. 'I t nr'i" | e pI Ps"sNt-lns,
with her w"owv hite hair and | and keep it handy a/iue>i.'
flawless features



, *. 1


~- -.-~' :~4


"Our new neighbor isnt very 6ordial-yeGd
ask us in to tea one f these lay summer

The Pacific Seam Navigatllon y

Royal Mal Lins Lid.o


S.S. "CUzCt"............... .... .. Sept. 22

M.V. "SALAVERRY"................................ Oct. 4
S.S. "LOd AVON".................... ... ... Sept. 15I
S.S. "DUYVENDYK"................................ Sent, {I
M.V. "DONGEDYK"......................... Seli']
S.S. "LOCH .YAN1 '........................... et;
All Sallings Subject to Clhagt With: !td

I heard "ito



1090 Kcs. 1230 Kcs.

That's a Clue






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~~* 1 ** '**' -^j'4Vr .ei
": '2 ("*', ; .... ," ; f.w^' pfm'AR
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BIfR~t6M~Jft*~fJk*J^m^.I ~. U I IIWV-bJ^.- -- -

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'.4. 4

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. I.NI ., VU


s4 0 "Rd Ye HeO ck Jap Surgeon Finds Way To
-.n ye Cra ....
S '- (" o issioner Conant

SAler Revamp Body's Plumb
Ca, l. o BERL..IN. Set. 15 (UP) Two o -
h0 of hundred tCopnmunist youths NEW )ORK, Sept. 15 (UPs for stomach cancer., inlving
0.4 4to gatheredd on the East-West city J.u A I urge told Amer--'4.599 cases. showed afl native
%3-** bHgorder todayyshouted at a U. e4. ~gp py hlast -e he had'mortAlity rate of 13.3 Ant.
N.High Commissioner J amus B. worked out a new ay of rear- Three other series o 'm or
l-e Clrue L W Conant to "gO home." ranging human "plumbing" talfty rates ranging from 1g per
ileSC will me* Co n nant watched as West Br- which has reduced sharply thecent to 2 per cent. For ulcer,
r. .n. i n'npolice at Brandenburg gte operative mortality rate for sur- other series ranged from 2.
if e Oe -iaiell" oEh kept five of the youths who were gcal removal of the stomach or cent to eight er cent.
ttU W4 m4 S c carrying Communias flags from part of the duodenum. F uthermore. Dr. Nakaysan
W: rtt d Ii a entering the West to demon Dr. Komel Nakayama, profes- said hbe method sharply in-
Sstrate." One of the vouths who sor of surgery at Chiba Univer- cresed the number o f aomh
...,r .ronet the battowas hit olihte sity achoo, of medic ine Chiba cancer victims whose lhve eCMt
u y on the buttocks by a police City, Japan. said he was using' be prolonged by surgery.
ub but %therews
Sor Boliva roer X0 :dAarE I -. Margart Aonantr n wascnt the border tol for the long pipe which ih form- his cases were operable. For the
gg^,,to- f Bor. CF e v-a a rt t. Broadcast system tlvonlub ed when the stomach Is removed old method, the highest percent
iw. o~ e, a Broadcasting System teany. le w visiono- and the esophagus, the food pipe, ages were 47.8 and 47.1.
t s. ~atetfilm on Germany. He was u otoed R* is hoked up directly with the For ulcers, his operable easq
et1 e gratedd at the ruined Reat intestinal system. I totaled 98.7 per cent. The high
ll t bome 200 outs who atteded Addressing an evening session'eat by the old method was Il
t nSome200youts who attended
of;e weW.wri' of the 181; annua cogrss of!pe e ,
Invited to aten t he V Wtc a Communist ralv bnut a mile the 18th annual congress ofper cent
house Third ree, taway n East Berlin's Karl Marxthe United States and Canadian I Surgical removal of the atom
and son, Plat, the former Lustgarten, sections of the Internationallach can be total or partial. If I
Srque, etched to the ate.College of Surgeon he said he total Dr. Nakayama said
ity plane for the ,They shouted "Amil Go Home" had performed the operation for stitched the end of the eopha-
offy, wh sl the in im wito ll sion crew. titles with only four operative and the diaphragm to the heag
S eant William cor heAr "'Aml" i sa German slang word deaths, a rate of 1.1 per cent. of the pancreas and only then
w be olenlsed on r 1E ni for American. To remove ulcers of the duo-joined the two
theguest #5, 6-denum, which is the upper part If IL is sub-tot 'l it i the rem-
.maceuMeoUa V o rs h ave0. 8. J 6J 8". of the small Intestine. hp has nant of the stomach which L
rs, Jc Mr. 0 _l A. ~J7 4 re used hs method 690 time with stitched to the pancreas. With
a -ac.w; Q -. *,#e A$e u only three operative deaths, a: duodenum ulcers, It il the rem,
4 7 82 4 l T rate of 0.4 per cent. nant of the duodenum which
s ,, F- t rr These operative mortality rateslanchored.
-oe ...o he compared with published h This method, he said, prevent
they were ue.Chnt tl El I"- Eei ones for the now conventional tension on the "anmstmomias
SvelnMargaretAy Pennsoperation for stomach cancer which cancer h the place where. th
Aa i Pnama. 7AA e and duodenum ulcers, the "Bill- pipes are hooked up together. .
tf. B were hoat #l9bw GkIsI To Hold N rsi.l. vania in the Mlaagierica zote holds her scepter, wears her TOKYO Sept 15 UP Sev- roth II operation." which pro-1 He id tse a
Shosts RaiboHedeihe"TOKYO. Sept. 15 (UPS-3ev- roth II operation." which pro-n He said its use as an anho d
for a t r vep re- nallation E e. Wedt Nt crown and ribbon to signify that she won the title of Amer entry .elght year old Knkb Yo- long pipe. tionin pancre nor
i ol their Tti Ti 10b' Assembly No. Pass ta 1 9 shizawa, Ambassador to ation- ries of this operatoniyinof ence. r n
- dw riceathecontest AlantCityNJ.alist Chna. will return shortly One ere of this operation t fluencye" liver nto.
tlon yrP P-n 4b Pas 3to Taipeh alone and with a
viW'ol l ft. tB, left p 4o pw*aa" Pan
Tax so ContinU e nOfnewsrs' on september 16 at Pal g oe s.- .'Pan '. broken heart. the newspaper Yo,
at at Barior U~niverlty. O-:p0 m. In-Ate B.oftIsO h Rite Double.P F m No Pm mlurl said today. .
Am athose present th nc., p,.M .ao .r n tpelyveddesn c t. *af "ec The newspaper said r the Am-
&-- te- res .& T me...a AI' T rn to eda W ont Crop Hair sador had 1 t anned to wed a
ABu tS oI irn .... -vearad woman educator a
taSS.n AI a. d 1 of Pedro week ago upon hlis arrival from'
tisan6 IoI arM el and' E are cor- -tockbrkers i. e. Pormosa, feeling that he needed
a tfta toput with daly- invilted ttmd*a gant b it very m .r. i a wife to manage his home life
oser w e h to lwt gant bet ver. y so :WO7om B wma so he could devote his time more 'aO UI'W La M E[am danGr fto Meeting thelr. l te ill .Yomlurl said the lady. Mrs.
S eti a smadan woteaun will 4 t= &t. M ee*hllbrne rooil--
UnitedBLOWOe,4chiefTseeatFraiartitt oi.nratt nraetyoU e-
..-- .W. O ge ar. a hogll b rduble. It lmly'warng wYO ,'8e & (nd UP),- sh ore arll imond engagement eignMinister, who has been ant-
alseaer Fo b te openents to find a co ract t haIM r ad Wtg neck- ring from her :lance. Naval H n'. as the go-between for the
er,4 a e1 t Arf 0 that -a midre to the. lUking a, are not 1 R r 4, t e uww Cat Carl Smpler22 oue, and turned down the
O iY w SPWJ3 -OhOg 1 ,_ Cl CLU ??mer.s tocay. ,H says it's all right with Ambalsadors frooosal.
a f t iml aew b es hm for us to wait a least A 33-year-old daughter of the
Pan, American World Bing At Fort Cyton a runo to four pde He fall- after winning the Miss America year to get married,'" -she said, edue r said she believed her
ta te4 St t I Bngo will be p a y ed d to take into ao ntidea o un the ttic Q W aoturday"but he *as more excited ovr i eome
to. enter theWash dt Wednesday night at the N.CO. Raibility that South Would nigo, Evelyn Martaret Ay of this contest tli I was u felt the responsibility 61 beeine
Oefi t Liberal Ats. Club t Fort ra 8 osn forthat the level of five Ephrata; P4., said "I don't feel ulywstw h every daybut flh r e was too mbh
veritsoo unseat" t sorla p oat f 800nthe previously unbld diamond comfortable- ina i neckedf last'week didn't havertime" a dlomt's wife was too much
C rn or s uNC.O. b Cb. apit. ,fteas that is just 1k A Te ourvacepus blonde sid for her.
e N Wood secure strap 4t g she really didn't have any com-
i o ol I Ntlee It wasni actually a very diffi- gown is ,all right- once .-In a plaints abQ;.t her maaburements
r. .a d Mrs. I r No. 36 of cult defltihsefr South to make: While." alltho s ahe had been quoted IS A Co lt Possi
SNational d-e will es could hardly redouble fou -e 20-year-old biaut7 ap- as zpy she bulges in some of
W. '.at mathe i a Ci l-b hearts. unless he .i re d1. re at her first pres eqn- thewron places. Between The
S l_ ,t Amador...f .. st-7 :00pi p.rente here in turquoise 'Twe never elll. bad to Me B t e T
SOtthe. pAmerloan lenaio' po 4 tted a with ihcol- Worry abhti ilatlf exce t
Teiated. "Amador.1 a e p t legth la, an~t~31-ln hair wahe I was a fres man Earth And Mars?
S ror .and ii t cl at Nrtk was y 4 j d'.-I added, I I
~M C o.ot b -A, .Obv getir' A lot ge uve epec hear-
d Mr. f Tobay.s-h. g W. said- lz-g t.l a ,4orles. a itt Vyse4f

a mnrll ,o-., -eo ntfe .draw- titlean ...I t orrw ib..ll Ser ing.
C Iedqt r o r h1ad o'Re up at'S:S0 this robe to wear in her wide travel Don't ol.r
1ofMr. and Mrs. olmbe er re ClubRoad quartero.lut on he ee u s ad take morning for a telvison appear- here and in Europe during her ra choke thaet ou can hJy
eerd the uappr Road, Ancon. the Feeof clunsheanrd dance r -h7puP usaorA1thma Withnoutlin
en unday eyng r the President Irene Donona ~ est could get his ace of di- makeupon me. I never wear 12 ,u.mtreeae..h -t .iue-ate i'nt-al
n aTt rges al hoerd emimes toIemonds and a club trick, makWup on e.e ne weaetne si1p.Ws I Granny w *ice. re aevtd by i. l a OIID- THAT LIV esuoavuo]

in Wn, ..Srdom.Ontoheber. lefOt hatd chdren W
spresehwnt.' ofallanWfC n...t her.rsn tio o t .uih01ali_- f"i r o e... ""1' ... .... u101
ike t -- ial W6she lpto aynou ncthree
210MA o i~lnt Ladly -W-e 'cited a po#recretlhW.yW. anbottirg 3-year-old wrM M. mwo s, 61=0teMde"o-
G.,to hear the, B ltessou. o, Bo.ikt9f.the0Miss t =srcf lgholesiuaibtyfuertfluFmir Fi __e d-. omp-et- aid unequivoro

-.beehinesday i ll hr tsatisfactioraw ,de ui g gly the very tep grade 'Mahogany, CudIr, sad Roble.
Unon a.i....23.73' ,This rineingprouedby eperlecl cralbmeuand iadeds the fol-
bg ut*heIMASowi. ... ..a.d ll

W' mand "- .. Drawers, Your choice lf Finish. ........$ .0.
Mahogany Double Beds, Complete with Spring

-Ie c"aI'n0 Modern Sectional Upholstered Livingroom
At ot am &Attractive Mahogany Night or Bedside Tables 25.00

Di sQt= b yVMahogany Double Wardrobes with Two inside
..... g .AA B Full Length Mirrors....................99.00
nano; A. eW seto We Also n oave in Stockne...

f h CLeB... ......5@ ' 'DUNLOPILLO' Foam Rubber Mattresses, from 71.80
L i Ullll 'DUNLOPILLO' Foa Rubber Pillows.........11.95
toth, Rve. .'" ndCopltewih ulio F........17.0e

-. 'PREMIER' Innerspring Mattresses (210 coil) 75.00
. g-, t i-i ..6A Cotton 'IMPERIAL' Mattresses........from 27.50
1,"d, v e. Any article will be delivered to you with only a small
-,.-'' ,- down payment... Take upto months to pey!

'On- le will b all tpe of


. .,.'.. :-. '..--- '- *aa .

-,'"'"* -'- ,'- -, -
"a l+' .....+' : .- I + '. '- ., .-p ,i-+. .

ladies ~




SI:' + i r. :'

M1U il I IitL.. A l inEIiF lLi' .
nl Used and Reconditined Furniture We Have...
Chairs from 2.50; Dining Tables 8.00; China Closets
15.00: Wardrobes 39.00; Cribs (complete) 29.00;
Rocking Chairs 4.50;. Guaranteed Gas Stoves 69.00;
Dressers 8.00; Odd Tables 2.50, Etc.. Etc. -

Household Exchange
(We Buy ad Sell)
Opes ewy 41yt freom Sa to U:9 a a 1:3 IM60:1
a "s day Atrday, eS.49 to Si


- --,0 .. --m em m




Sell' em... When You Tell' em thru P.A,.ssifieds .
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street-'Panams ,
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon. I.'.'


No. 4 rivoll Ave.-Phone 1-2291. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Via Espaia No. 34 PanamA R. P.
(Bella Vbst Tsbeml MWi.

Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199

SALE- 7 drawer Singer ma-
chine, diningroom set. Davenport
set. Licorero. 7 ft. 25 Refriger-
ator porcelain in and out all in
perfect .ondci.c.n. Bargain price
Vanity large mirror, mahogany bed
and other household articles. No
367 Apt. B. Paraoio. Canal Zone
bR SALE:--Seville refrigerator, 25
cycle, good condition, cheap. No.
1059, Apt. "8," La Bcoa, C. Z.
bR SALE;5 piece bamboo living-
room China closet, dressers,
R SAL Ci-5 piece bamboo living-
room China closet, dressers,
Misc. sehold furniture. House
556-A, urunda Hgts.
SSALE.-Wutlitzer Spinet. Very
od condition. Colle Aquilino de
SGuardia No. 27.
SSALE: .- Household goods, din-
"tig set, livingroom set, four
'pieces bedroom set and lamps,
good condition, cheap: Panama,
Bella ,yV' 49 Street, house No.
17. pone 3-4408.
VIR SALE:-Double bed complete.
IR SALE: -- Electric range, like
new, fully automatic, 41 Inch, 4
burner, with deep well, double
oven, with glass window, 7 position
baot control. 2724-A, Cocoli. 4-
/ANTED TO BUY:-Diesel electric
plant, 5 KW. Make offers Box
17195ponoma. Telephone 2-2277.
VANT to exchange 60 cycle De
Luxwer'tldel washing machine. ex-
cellht condition, for 25 cycle ma-
ehihi. Call 2-6313.

FOR SALE: 1950 Oldsmobile 76
Duly paid. Fine condition, radio.
May be seen throughout day at
Balboa Garden. $1,250 cash. Must
sell soon. Ask for Johnson.
FOR SALE --1946 Hudson coupe.
Must sell immediately. First rea-
sonable offer accepted. Call Pan-
oma 3-0458.
FOR SALE:-1940 Fordor Ford. Duty
paid, $150.00. 2-4148 or 0586-
C, Old Corral Area. I
FOR SALE:-1951 Cushmon motor
scooter. Excellent condition. Qtrs.
142-B, Albrook. Phone 3281.
FOR SALE: Ford Victoria 1952,
only 7,800 miles, white sidewall
tires. Leaving must sell. Duty
paid. 3-0281.
FOR SALE -Letter of credit on a
new Studebaker. or Packard, worth
$1,250. Going. First caller for $1 ,-
000. Enquire at Panama 2-2856
after 5 p. m. 3-4479. Better hur-

FOR SALE:-1949 Oldsmobile 76,
4-door sedan, excellent mechanical
condition, excellent tires, paint
retouched, new seat covers, car
new in October, 1949, original
owner, no accidents, 11,000 miles,
$1,350. Telephone Panama 2-

FOR SALE.-'52 Plymouth Sttion
Wagon. ovay drive pass gear. Price
reduced. Phone Ft. Kobbe 5234.
FOR SALE:-Brand new Cushman
Scooter. Reasonable. Call Albrook

Real Estatfe
uiUD al Mfrhnir WANTED TO BUY:-Houses or lots
dip *-W.u.WM anywhere In the district. "Agen-
cia Thomas" No. 259. Central
Avenue Teleohone 3-1069, Box
finn Davi il s, 3404. Panamaw

(l Tfi ianm Dr. 0. 5. Lowsley
ketg (BD D4L Panamal
i ical mechan, died yes L llftS Tto rr#W
.:,"- aeomILecdures Tmnerrow
evening in Santo Tomas
several, bpu*, toe r
M&^ torges Hospital
He was 4 3.yan Dr. Oswald 8. Lowuley, of
ildent of Rio Abao, Mtr. New York, consulting surgeon
I started out on h way to of the Pan-mna Uf anGd one of
r.rk yesterday morning, ac- the outstanding physicians In
kanmp led by 1t) wife. Carmen, the field or urology, wil give 9a
bhen, l.a knees buckled apd he lecture tomorrow afternoon at
tel t# the ground hitting the the GorgMBa spital. conference
b4ck 4X his ead. With The help room, It was announced today.
nhbors he was rushed to Dr. Lowbly will 0ftk o' the
ital bleeding profusely subject "Some New Develop-
kl way. li He regained con- m ets in Urmngical Srgery."
Icto ess after the bleeding was The lecture wilL be illustrated
and he was placed in a with colore'W slides and moving
| blinder observation. Later pictures. It is scheduled to be
in the day he seemed to be re- presented at 3 p. m. and in
oovei whenie he ell Jateo a c- notice nw itd 9 tfW;*if,
Sand died at 6:30 p.m. physicians have been invited to
Mr. vs who worked for the attend. ..
o30. ,t almost two Dr. Loa -ua$ ,e "oC-.
deca in eftrge of Opti- ifornia, r'adupa d
a P wile spal ter Dr. jolno "H R 7 iventy j
HO brega, Is on vacaUfon. nterned aIe Hos
In oto his wife. he I Was in urology"
lurv two daughters: a 1935. He Is', maembAer t io
sin othv Bubbles), and American Medical Associat o;
sident of the Unit- the American Urological Ali
d and a brother. soclation of which be is
hter Marion t scned- past president; Internat1s
tled aye the U.S. tomor- C lee of Surgeons; itora
rgw ZarrIve here Thursday tiopal Socityt ot Uviogy: arid
me attend funeral serv- a yellow of the American Cl-'
lees uled for Thursday ;ege of Sureco .s.
inthe St. JOhn the r. l n4-iS. sleo -a
ia Sa Chuc I been vialInk on the athmu
A o. Burial 11 talte plae for the pabi few days and plan
S1- the Jardin de Paz Cemetery. to return to New York on the
,- S S. Panaan sailing Saturday.
Wprld Death Rate :,----
I 0bps; Birth Rate ranger To Serve
emoins Steody. AS CoA(n tant
ON A Switzerland, Sept. 15 To iN S
(M The 'WdrldF death Tate U N ., I


W=le Ak ela Anemaymem 1 11w
2031 Acem. C. XZ.
DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
Central Avenue "K" St., comer.
Telephone 2-3479, Panama.
The tr.p of our life. A Jungle Jim
Jaunt ihru the Panama Canal to Co-
lon Son Bias and Porto Bello! A three
day trip aboard the Hotel El Panama's
Pescodora. Leave Balboa Friday 6 a.
m.,. arrive Colon 2:30 p.m., -leave
Colon 9:30 p. m. for Sah Bias and
Porto Bello, returning Colon Sunday
afternoon. Through the Canal Mon-
day 6 a. mnY returning to Balboa
Meatl catered by El Panama. Bring
slacks, shorts, bathing suit, jacket,
flippers and spears for underwater
fishing, and your camera and rolls
of color film. Please make reserve
tions early through your Travel
Agent, or Jungle Jim Price at Pan-
arna 3-1660. Special price for groups
of 10 to 16 people.,
PANAMA-MEXICO one way $105.
25 round trip $179.25 (15 day
limit) $165, good one year; to
LOS ANGELES one way $179.50,
round trip $312.89 (90 daylimit).
Panama Dispatch Service. 36 Ave-
nida Nocionol (Automobile Row).
Tel. Panama 2-1655.

I----LL -1-el

MAN FEMALE by Dr. Alfred K.n-
sey. now available on special orders
of $8.00. 850 pages with numer-
ous charts and tables. Order now
ephone Panama 2-1219, Aparta-
do 731.

FOR SALE:-Lionel trains, complete,
e otra, large set. Cost $485.00
Price $300.00. Phone 3-2934

Bpaak's report was forwarded
to the program makers for the
council's consultative assembly-
Surope' advisoryv parliament.
Its inclon on the agenda was
regard. as certain.
Spaak pleaded with statesmen
on both sides of the Iron Curtain
to drop their suspicions and
work out a new formula for end-
ing fear. according to sources
familiar with the rennrt nnt vet

ihile tli birth rate has remain- WASHINGTON, Sept. 15 (UPi bc.
S fairly steady, the United Na- .-Lester R Granger. executive e said the only issue the. ,
t Wold Health, Organation director of the National Urban t should not e r ed to
TiM iO r npart:i special consultant to Navy See-mpromiose n wcreatea united Eur-
Sevidence.Wesucc ary Robst. .Anderso nrope. create a unte Eu
of tonulng efforts towards segregation problems, a Navy ope
the (improvement their peo- spokesman said today. Ile argued the Kremlin could
ple'A welfare is proded* by-sttll Granger served in a klmilar and should e made to see that
lowqr average death rates in l capacity under the late James such a Europe, including Germa-
for a number of countries w V. Forrestal, then Navy secre- ny, would be a b 6tter guarantee
had, already reached exception- tary, and was instrumental in ny would be a better guarantee
ally. low figures in $51." drawing up the Navy's postwar .i. e ecrty wth an y.po-
i ntegration- pegram. ble peace treaty with an inde-
DOUBLE PLAT Anderson asked Granger in pendent and sovereign Reich.
August -toresume the job, but
TUMR ULL, Conn. (UP -. Defense Department orees said paak proposed that Russia be
ThiBx Oascone of Hartford Granget pressed reservations a edt.o a peace treaty
ehbbed that, Nicholas Arifella in view of Anderson's written anun s Europe. Including
of- wrence. Mass., had passed statement In May that the Na- t any, instead of Germany
M on the right side while vy "oan take the Initiative" ...e.
ddn on the Merrtt Park in eliminmag egreg on. that should end So-
ellArife was fined $15. Orangerflaly agreed to take "e said that ahoul end f o-
%also was *ftnrd 15 the Jo batter a nh wtth An- of agession from a
Judge *ruledt-bat he person Sep.t-adoolaN which th* resurgent Reich, and c a I m
T yield the left lone Navy secretary said heindtended Trehch fears of Germany, while
continued horn blow- to press for complete Integra- providing a base for a general
'y Arifella. tion In the Npvy. these sources relaxation that could be followed
_ ___ said. by menule peace.


4" w I= iw bmi b aueMbi
SAr WAir MalN
.be"s Cu C011 .71 W I mV UtL.
v ufa 3. : K-t

' l -

Slim PFt Away
I5U fatrS or bet and relanger
yar heath, ya will and easy
te los hlt pound a a with the

ceemit eor ,oDR3aoD. Si
e*h, mlt ro MaRarraDL lind* wf

lbnr HMiBe-

w-s Lbeb Os

ocr 0"

A n
,, 4

Panama 3.187".
Houses on each, Santa CImo
in COOL Cam dmmmt
Phone SHRAPHW alabo .
or sea caretaker there;
Foster's Cottages. Oe riMRt' T
Santa Clara. Please bring yourIl
lie.ns. Phone Balboa 2-1

WILLIAMS% Santo Clara Wech. -
togs Large, comfortable, modem,
near beach. Balboa 3050 &mcept
weekends .' ; '

Houses |
FOR RENT: -.Furmicdih ifv
ing-diningroom, 2 bedmoa,. kitch-
en, garage, mdid's room, hi[twa-
ter. 2 blocks from Ho l Pan-
ama. No. 93, Via 'EaIfo, beside
Radio Miramar. Con be seen from
8:00 a. m. to 12:00 rnon.
FOR RENT: Complofl/ furnished
residence in La Crat for four
months. Three bedrooms. t w o
bathrooms, iivingrdom, dlningroom.1
porch and servants quarters. $27"5.
00 a pconth. Tel. 3-0779, 7:30
to 9:30 a. m. and 12 noon to 3 p.
m. -. I

FOR RENT:-Furnlshed 3 bedroom
penthouse in Bella Vista, with two
baths, dining, livingrooms, den,
enclosed porth, maid's room, same
floor, with separate service. Call
WriIht 7:30 a. m. to 1:30 p. m
Tel. 2-2153.
Apartpents I
ATTENTION G. L Just built modern
apartments, one, two bedrooms,
hot and cold water. Telephone I
Panama 3-4941. I

IWEU, warned taat laeor umoa|l
as In danger lecause of th ,
own "political pathy and self
satlsfactle." I
Steve Latham, president of,
the Alabam. State federationn ofi
Labor ed uckley In a blast
at unlolt comp acency. I
Latham said labor can blame
itself for the recent passage of
the "rioft-to-*ork" bill by theI
Alabamg Legislature. The act,
outlaws tmnIon shop contracts. I
Lpthaji said blame for the bill'
lies witli union members for notI
going Inia polities.
"We ~-n2Oly hope and work
for a LegUItOG that will re-1
Deal the vio us, anti-labor
'right-to-work. law .t. the next
legislative senlon," ie said.
Buekley awd "' wave of anti-
labor legslaton is bein3 passed
across the, .o-t_1, wd Is not I
beinr, pamed t by Rlepuill-,.
cans. I
"Politlelbn ride the winds
and the winds are against us to-
day," he saK.
Backlawr K_%a,-wave of antiU-
labor ledrlatlo Is being passed i
across the country and is not]
being palN Jst by Republ,,I
cana.w ..
polttiak ride the wids andgI
the wlNU ra IMa qs today."
he Wid. '

The only two

Used Car Lots

In Panama

Where You Can

Buy A

Safety Tested

Used Car

Safety- Tested


By CanalI

-Z Oe Mo0tor




279 Central Ave.
Tel. 3-0140

A"tw Saim" DimoKJr
Ivy Hanett of Rariett &,
n dance studiw iu tak-
z**faabke bcroure la
tt Laesu m and pione
number at; & or Odes.

ra i

a -A





*,,fteker. aaipXCT N "

CARL6O -t .

-' n

|",et. I.

a f
WHc vaD& ii"

JAA tic ir
|T^MlIC, ||y

b4*--h ?o ff'5fi iii
*a~h< a r.'. ^ 7

P^^ME^I Bt~
l1" ^ "linao ~ sfli^SK


'Sm 1 10%0,0 P kM"

|: -.,.sunfta.u .

6:SA eh .
5:f.W ba*' Tr Fa.oaoite
(coatd.) I l

-1:m 6 Sa w, 9t "A" ,
(".OAl t ," ...

7:1Bp.s- L B tel lK bh

:0--As VM --t -" '
M .Oi YAbw f

?,-00-- rwa t'

Rews--^. .. .. ,

2C-r: aaj MW doc G
*:, 80 (-ei a ,1 -.


tme to afti
r be.

I 'A

liM t
i -'*;-d M ~ ~ 'r-^p*T'


: -
-* .

.Lloyd O e of Albuqu
iW M., full a a
,made whale a 'a N
prnsOn cmpA On* .la the
'things he did fte his repi
atlon w*a t go but and
hAimUself a od America d

.A~, ~


"* ~t A I- -, --. ';- ". ? *

10.05 1

p-h. ..

.- ,


- wm







0 1


i rh





$1 4

wa a"

Imuleal ba i m
rJetdale Ade.
at Friday IMth. Adv.


'r. in d
,hC -i, wMl,

*' ,'',ii^. .W

4 ', 0 ."

A- A.

Mr : a ur m. U

E3mem Cl SaUS Mthf
Tile Crristebl ub
No. 52 will heAM 6Meting to-
anigt at the Lr.-i.i All
menbe are remdnM 'to come
and naly at 6fpal gv Ie,




'dfes Higher- ost

wer In TVA Area

0 D eo 00 Mro
( )today ered the
House Public Wof mittee
to hold hearing. ext year
on hIs bill to halt creeping
soellIlsaM of the sees Val-
ley Authority.
a. notnU d officials and resi-
dents of the Tennessee Valley
and adjacent areas that his
moMur would olear the way for,
priyte enterprise to -meet someI
of their increased W needs.
Dondefb aid the private power
raftq woud be some O higher
tha those now chared' t TVA.
Te bill would strip TVA of Its
au rty .to set rzesae rates on
a p o er eu p p ml c at e w h o ll -
As lo wuld p t VA dis-
tdi private sources. At present,
didbutoft of TVA power can
bu -only from the authority. .
Sondero also criticized Gov.
k 0. COlemept of Tebnessee
fo ppealln "almost oan beaded
kn for federal funds to btild
a w TVA. plant tod IaL.the
's expanding pIurer uedda.
'.ald Tenneapeeans should
re the ev already are the
b eflearies of a domestic
'P t Four' program."
he gmresmnan iade the
satment in let ~bIty offf-


&&^lIBGni. OI. n~flemn aseetd
- j g b di z a, -ia *. M. -. I

^b brSY& "^f'Rrf Ear-
S '. r sailed frtdr for 'Taca-
".-W 41 I.' tl th in. t e. t L., DI
Kiottrp roes the, comtmnent to
*3^~fe-^ivk j B.=. W lSWDrmfku S-' '' =-,
S~ff'^htt S.c~onacmosted far |TR


4~s '- -

-Al vt.

~v: 2'

Atet *ff..f*

'sg 1 i ',"I '
iA* --k1

shortage and that Congress has
refed to provide money for a
new steam. generating plant at
Fulton, Tenn.
,,a*dd Congress' denial of the
fu constituted a rejestlon of
thehery that the federal gov-
erafnent is responsible for per-
maeatly "endowing you folls
with part-free electricity."
Cosoedint that the TVA area
must bs 9ipore power, he said
the qWebIbus" solution is for
TVA' j' ferred customer-coop-
gratv-iO municipal-to build
ion P generating facilities of
thr on and to buy power from
"adjacent private generating
ourc Dondero said his bill Is
aln' fl t permitting that proce-

Buchanon Sworn In
As New Minister
To Luxembourg
-Wiley 'T. Buchanan Jr. was
sworn in today as U.S. minister
to Luxetbourg, succeeding Mrs.
Perleo Wta
Buchanan will leave. New York
tomnQfrow nnlt with Asst. Sec-
retary of State lUvlngston T.
Merchant fir a conference in

for b thise^l lM, ,1!

' "g There Anoti
mnron,..J sew I World Apart

Requiem Mass rom l E Crth?
stlemn. requiem lUgh masw
be sunf on Saturdy mou
a6 ;:30 in the St. John the
S4 do la Salle Church, Rio ""|
&&^WLW EhhlBffiik

M-- OAY AT 9:00 P. M-

A_ N mn eGROUP0 or AMfst.


*ImBAY 18

S en.ynea in love
yoftf nine feet tall...

u'll feel
yourself glow,
t tll
fet tall



F a
* w~--~-.~wrnm U


.~A ,4~q.,

a .(


Vlngfr"iday. m eAgas

ter lRed lerMlas

HONG KONG, Sept. 15 (UP)
-MaJcom MacDonald. British
high commissioner for South-
east Asia, said today that the
fight against Malaya's Com-
munist terrorists is being won
and that Hong Kdng can and
'will be defended successfully a-
galnst outside attack.
"Here in Southeast Asia we
are eener.aly optimistic." he
said. "Under Gen. Sir Gerald
Templer's eladershlp w. are
progressing. Communist ter-
rorists are fading out more and
On the specific question of
Hong Koi.g, le backed up a
statement' made last night in
Stgapor. by Gen. Charles
Kelgngley' hat this Crown Col-
on', will be defended "to the
"If the situation arose," Mac-
Donald said, "Hong Kong would
.be defended and would be de-
fended successfully. We have
made plans, but I don't expect
the situation to arise."
He said casualties and civilian
murders and sabotage were de-
creasing throughout Southlist
Asia, wnile Communist guerrilla
losses were increasing in
quantityy and quality."
"More and more top grade
leaders are being eliminated,"
lie said. "Tbe rout has begun."
MacDorn!d said he believed
the present policies being lol-
lowed against the Vietminh
ultimately will bring success.
"But- it certainly isn't going to
be easy," he said.
MacDonald declined to com-
ment on the recent shelling of
a Royal Navy launch by a Red
Chinese warship and ducked a
question about the progress of
British-Communist China diplo-
matic relations.

They Mode It

. ( >.

Has Just received doors., windows. estnmetlen steel
12th Street and Central Avenue No. I.11
Phone: 527. CoMa.


She is eyW t look at, but her
charm iS hPW She should
know that everyone, with no
exceptions, ei to some
de=ee. f evaporates
quickly *o most of the body,
but sm e p uiader the arm.
So it m sie. It soils and
spoils pa doethes. It leaves
an uaphesaas, sell-sale odour
she ay m notice, but others
crtftey will A daily bieh
iaont enough. Takum powder
Isn't emeqb. Perfume isa't
@eaoSg..3 rt women now use
ono4S4bI the safe deodorant
ad e'aiperspirsat that mi-
po hm underarm
;I;;-jt. fall24hour. = in
O- ]MA yFour nice dail*
Um -W %MW j

I -e seaL
blvluMbp -|led

L :0 p m
Great German Post-War
Drama... I


Songs mad


ifop Cks"t la

Joan. canl.. In
2'aU -m

^*r"THE Aw

1hL.: RevamuW Uniaw.Il
OT .. ....I
wbh ma15 Lmoge

Paul Muni, in
' An A Fugive"
rro Flynn in

Ak A

Rkamdo M atalb6%.
-in n n
"The Bagl hAnd
The Seroe=t
.kb WUUii. l
"_UbDHM S '
.wmin .1r

S" -. "'
_:. .; :,, :.

Wy A*1Kh

Of Fmer Employes
WASHINGTON, Sept. 15 (UP).
The Justice Department soon
may ask for grand jury indict-
ments against "several" former
government employes believed to
have violated the "conflict of in-
terest" law, it was disclosed to-
Department sources said evi-
dence is about ready for submis-
sion to the grand Juries.
The conflict of interest law
makes it a criminal offense for
any former federal employee, for
two years after leaving govern-
ment if the case involves affairs
with which he was connected of-
ficially during his federal ser-
The maximum penalty is one
year in prison and a $10,000 fine.
The law never has been en-
forced and no prosecutions have
been instituted under it. But
AttLLy. Gen. Herbert Brownell Jr.
has said the law frequently has
been breached., and the depart-
ment Is investigating several
specific cases.
Brownell hinted the cases
might include former govern-
ment, attorneys. He declined to
Identify the employes or to say
exactly what agencies were in-
Brownell kaid It "is no secret"
why some former federal em-
ployes switch sides and help
clients prosecute claims against
the government.
"Knowledge of the govern-
'ment's evidence and files can be
of tremendous advantage to
parties litigating with the gov-
ernment and It is information
for which they are willing to pay
well,." he said.

Weosh yew seamy go fr tMe
b weii that eom ton every
paamp of Fnreh's Bir SeedI
reach's gives hin a VITA-RICK
diet... keeps l healthy, IM
him siga g!

iwoo ul BIRD SEED

- I

-b _

PoWles Ord

Under 50. To Toa

Physical Exams
VIENNA, Austria. Sept. 15 (UP)
-The Polish Communist gove
ernment has ordered all mes
under 50 years of age whom ol-
gibility for military erloe h
not been established to rep
for examination, Polish newsp-
pers reaching here disclosed t4.
day. '
The significance of the order
was not ;parent. It was pub-
lished alem& with a call tf
youths of 20 years to report f/'',
their term of military mtmk ..
and for these of 21, 62 a nW
years who had stained d
ments to report likewise.


mi~ i




Anibal Galindo Cops CaadiathN dM

S- -O -- -0

Brazos Club Champ Beats

Chadwick By Four Strokes 1

The playoff of the tie finish in the Canadian
Club Goif Tournament at Brazos Brook Country
Club between Anibal Galindo and Marvin Chadwick
yesterday ended with victory for Galindo with a two
over par 74 as compared with Chadwick's 78.

The two players had finished three holes and thereaft
tied at the end of the regular 72 never headed.
holes with 302 strokes. The triumph gave Gali:
second big prize within a
On the first hole yesterday,' having won the Brazos
Galindo jumped off to a three- club championship only r
stroke lead when Chadwick and now won the beautiful
hooked his drive into the jungle tail shaker presented by
and took a six to Galindo's birdie: riquez & Co. in the n
three. Hiram Walker, sponsor
i tournament in the name
Anibal held on to his three- famous Canadian Club W
stroke martin throughout the
first nine holes. However, bv the The cards were as folli
time they had played eleven Par out 444 354 345
holes, Chadwick drew even when Galindo 354 454 354
he gained one stroke on No. 10 Chadwick 644 454 355
and two on 11. But Galindo Par In 443 544 534
onickly came back to regain his Galindo 452 544 544
three stroke lead on the next Chadwick 333 654 636

A, new delivery of


S No. 7110 Bolivar Avenue Phone 40 Col6n

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every drop of French's
Vanilla- because French's
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depend-on French's
Vanilla-on bll French's
Extracts-for full%
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Ibakingl Mople, Orange, Almond and Rein.
FREE RECIPE BOOKLET Send today for "MeeMme M
W e. to R. T. Fm.e Co,, Rocheser 9, N.Y.

ter wasl
ndo his

; 1''

Jack Co Work A

Pleasant -S irp se

One o( the mosteant Ma d
ve h te '
k alboa eiI
Jack ran tb:
t tA .e nterr. I M
a tI opment ti the in- It
trm f T tormamqf- rliga
op t Itb.gI

SBrook' MP.
ul cock- ,111 .10 14..All
Hen- I It PH
ame ofr s a .W.l. ]su.a
of their st the art 4of th ,ims.-
hisky. iI portent to bthe '

at tel P o b-As em noothco bask Ymttahbu u me m ah G a ed

'fows: ea c i we h dssan
a-37.g t N-oarG e nl ot aft
i-40 bym 1t.r. sm J t

toa CBriS pauth pe ovr te a
24pni Conal uboe Opnions Divided On Outnc o dd e ed
e fr NA S H o a I the calltto

S Woodmont Country.Club course Opinions y were dvate start. In ite
I tat Rockville, Md. (NEA) -s 7l NOV i Atone thCe arobWble outcome of thete '.
__. ......_-.... lM r1 ]--S 0 liRg sc-he duled Federico Plamem- tie
Q-A C sl W F round bout at the C 0olo ren t em.
|l ifllAnnual Clvll Wl ar Frldav "
evines D iv ded ., n ly 4, these lm to

"thrdS wJes. e Stoot e ontraquar te Nl -no 0. ell, AL.Le Sa 'to% I
a a fl h wigh's football squad Oct 2-Jamb refe at i t
Snewill stage tits annual civil awar OctO 9-Cr stobal at Cristobal "b I sea- h
hitthis coming Friday night at Oc, 16-.Open date teer Tedd (Red TWp) Dap

24 Years in National League and the Whites will battle each boal lI fRtonlerwe, _.-t ha.,. Per-
oWritten for NEA Service n other in the nmyearly Intrasquad Octp. 30- rltobal at Balboa. -~ e hi plka the le'- t n
Sale football gerame. Game time is 7 NOV -Athletic Club at B al .1.

The batter hits a pop fly be- This will be the first gamhe boa man e
tween the plate and first base conditiOsns for the Bulldogs, a

i What f ar teioly efsoet ca will pbe nabo te Bba a ri v inro t c a he 8
hichfllT fouleand bouncendhaduared of Fedthrs a thlev agomlb

it aaraterrtory boe ore rospcof the ts will be en uay, vMrth e andO "r R:e w "' "IM'r "
touchino aunneound ath the atn lie pThe Hsy o neto te to sa A t

on third base comes home. season's oener A against the fede L ..s f,., 0 ., t.U3,
A. s n't t isn a fo ul b a fo ul d nc T s tr o n g5t hl e t C lubo e leven o n f la a i i .t r
third base? -Jess e Shelton These Intra d battleshave na
fair ground. The run counts always atr'-w u s coil of l arol licteenhaust, o1rthe st ue''
Q. What exactly i s a foul good prospesta that hsr been da of ua t lay by for the PWI r
tip? -Earl Hawks. overlooked on practigte field. 1th n1 amateur, now beln )
A. A foul tip Is a foul which Thle-wll bes wifurth uai! playedint the Statniit Golf Cliph
____n bee and fro th erin.t High footbaWesewithbn 8
the, bat oo the catcher's hands v. three-way HtCe between, Ellen
and is caught by him. A base- Back in 1950 the Reds upset KHenna, Ruth Linco, and Mar-
runner can advance on a foul the Whites 24 to 18, in a game garet Leighvi l with a. c l" 1
tip but not on a foul ball which gaw tinhePaul Jam eson mas. Padfie for the 1st round
til after the latter islau a standout. In 1911 the Whites matched are a, follows:
Q. Would it be. possible Vened the series at one all with shour a
a pitcher to retire the side b well earnedh12 to 0 victory. C ulalnshipp Fligir lhe
throwing only one or teo This was the game that showed Carol tke aus fm u. Trim N
pitches?-Tom Duncan. the Dptential greatness of Jim- G. Dehlinger vs J. Huldqut Calif.
A. Yes, but it's highly im- my Ma snd the fine all around Elle Ai t Knnla s Connie B hp
pro Tbae.Tr ee straight BSatters ea ClIn Andy and Sam Paeull le vs By ....
need only to switch sides ifn Mapre. ls yc r amaganh Rdr t Lincoln vs 8. C pteB Bo
the batter's box while the May who showed the way for the Doris Hamilton vs aye COREY GO.. '. ,tAg I
S pitcher is on the robber. In eams th swept to a lo L ,,et te
this situation, the ,batter iS in' .. Other0p'win. ro"
automatically out. The actual dividLng of t.he rd light les is having pro
Q. What was Rolly Hemsley's quad will be done about the Barbara Clark v N Wh i tney year of pro ring ,
lifetime major league batting middle of the week, and the Wilma Riley vs Eva Wright ing victories over e mth -
p average?-Rodney Simmons. rosters of the two teams will be B. Colemal vs Martha Payne and Ch11le. Riley Ite lo gig
A. .263. announced at that time. The Helen MUer Vs Bye only to No. featherat .con-
public is invited to come out and PFitst rouzid matches f the tender Lulu feue. o,
see the Buladohs for 1953 i. ac- C pionship Flight m be dropped a silit ded viat -l
S m rdse tlon, and get their own imores- ayed by .6:00 p.m. '8 but that wa two yeubt- .t
Io tision on tgh. e big question of ptiber 20th, while t Only last week
whether this year's edition will ro ld matches for the' punched out a un
be' able to successfully defend PlJghJ muet be played 'by alon over No.. 2 ran -
In the heavyweight ranks, their league title and undefeated psu Sunday Sept. 27. I case o weight ade Araaur.
former Champion Joe Louis is record. lWnAlidual arrangements are ult h, itself into
holding off his prediction on the Followtin is the 1953 schedule made for peayi matches, the l ghtwe iht p gc tu-e,
pt. 24 title fight until after he for Belbot High: official starting time 9:00 a.m. e New Enad
has seen challenger 'Roland La- Sept. 18.-Intrasquad Game at Suday. the last day of p y for championship In t :
StarY a in training. Balboa. each round. Any matchesnt fnt Here ine Panamn .
Louis visited Champion Rocky Sept. 25-Athletic Club at Ba- the end of 18 holes lB play- connues to
Marciano's camp at Grossinger, boa. e .off by sudden death. his snap w.r k
New York yesterday. Louis said y arto. ette the i wip g 6 L l
LaStarza will have a good chance gsit
against Marciano, but he held fon shape than aa *k*,I
off a prediction until he sees '.- Lnbl locl.d W

this Marine In Nursery fo O rpseroime fare!
atailyu.h at-iinotnYelag ever 4o-
STORRS, Conn. (UP) '- A .tts. *lNergo'p =s dw l
former combat Marine, Paul S. ae r mmommm sineada'-rlW
Riley, has another rugged das-Sme-drn hiat
signment, He's been appointed I ini P tcoou tn'omces 'thtenderLuluaPeresaI ft
to the University of Connecti- 8dopdaslt def .
I cut's home economics staIff as o opteface sandwoioh.. 0ohr yat f.
head of the nursery school. The 'y 6 to Thothoter ut y
university explained a man wasmanwer 2a
iven the Jab tio show that child e ttl d efeate iS pt2
work. 3 two oft
fTo make this eight supporime treetutas a reer d t eof bred 3eui felfIt
hidn f i reito nt er.imml d) en one side. Top each de wil t a ene trae ColBo s ]i.t ., D .
Is There Another aseIl. ci*alvoetra and a pealed t Odyf amplow ,V%,
World Apart *a*e h d(3- -, ,-p*- g-P.,t*_ --- -b... t e 8o ..
T e of roses, and ripe otes inIe p~ le.

*s i higRedkents cayed for pi propeimhe.a t1 tfCace sandonies.
Sandwiches mad with Veeoole o.1 8 rich, s lmappy aiymr est
Vhcpol l is creamler... mell beo ff by s Iueim u his

lh w.U

.1 ..

rAGE vimFT


*dU 0o



0(l^ *'X II
t^ ^*^




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_ ... I_

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R. rB



king 5tht-. i* ght *

a 6
A -. M .t.. & -m&

'4 mw iaa-?uand deal-
3*,tU R U was stiffened that


^ .. "t m.- ,.- o, *' r o

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to w eat h he-

New York

Favorite t

For Seorn

WM toIn 4d SBe-
S rce

BDoklyn easier tStOi m Thaln
iR 1962.
ut hardly unimprsed by the
fact Vhat a b~m e am first
mapnaler n hiptomy to-wi4 five
st r tg thd
la eg'XMnas
dist ly to

*a", Sitegel sighqd.e.nfesB
tal WaMGem, .wMhU.2 ball
eltb-and i we keep going
the =ae way as we Isae been
w oud beat Brooklyn in
tbe series." *
Like .tengel, tho Yankee
players took yesterday's pen-
nant c ncluiW ore or leas in
-hAs onc^4si't: aaf nilkhb b
a thrill, as atst year's," said
Mickey Mantle. "WO were ek-
pecting it s after last month."
.Outside t yesterday' Yan-
kee-Indlkan gaine; to other
contests were played in each
league. In ,:ay ammes, the White
Box rallied lr eight rubs in the
sixth to beat the d B Sox 10-6,
aM Ted Williams hit a pinch
three- r* homer for 'BoSton,
while Jmily UlIpptein of the
CuI* held a Dodger team com-r
.=d la 'ofy of susttuftes to
biets tfor a- -. triumph.
Raph. Kiner clouted his 33rd
061 6h w*1il"i,.yne
hit h a l1th lor Brook-
lyn. the iht -mM ckev

. 0 t Pi '

3 't .
ast i UMn of yuth by tim
d* W. I- YO by.-*-.x' ^-:?^,. ,--- -i',.'*-^ .,

* "~r~f

'I. 't




,, ;

Piatth aAau 1&
Cincinnati -I t. .438
Pittsburgh .4 3 .17
Pittsburgh at M alWauke (N)
Brooklyn at St. Louat (N)
New York at Cincinnati (N)
Philadelphia at Chicago
Brooklyn 000 100 M-13 3
Chicago 000 001 llx-3 6 1
Moore (0-1) aW d W.a lker.
Klippin (-11) and MQCul-
lough, oGarliola. .
Night Game
SPhil. 02 000 0 o10
St. Louis 00 60
Lindell (6-41) a Burgess,
Lopata. MJAI (1 3), Brale,
White And Rice.
No other games scheduled.
TiRAMs "- L Pet.
New York M
W hIcas .r-.5

Philadelphia 41P M .375
S t. jSl .n l 9 .353

New TOa
) i M.- '-
W! 11 &1,

d 0


BiHL Prie Working Hard

"For CHS Qu terback Slot

pre-season ootj problems eleven
may be where. near Ant W position that seems
solved, but. one tig doeta ap to l covered t. A
pear certain; anthat is the ortat center spot. At first
fact tl"t Luke Plumbo's grid- 04 MeGaughey.seemed to;-
gn charges ar ightng hv the berth ewn tight, but
har t arn p. I1t, bn the a ,nwCaer, to the Qt Zhin,
first cleven.r John 8&1k, after less than a
Early in 1952 season wo Crin- week.on tlie Isthmus bps been
toba! High Scho-# coachdl Pa- buthe,.ads with Gene for
lumbo and Moser yMeel one- f.rett center.
tange conttruetollplin, started ,letit workouts from the
t0roo a yo ter or the btel t looks like Ma-
quarterback ,ot When t ,lga wfllbestarti at a
year's play was hn#UWln cl. &uagle "oI1 while S otta Is
and 4he Gold, Cpoer& knew d o ith tne1rIng, giving Cri,.
that they could etertai a toe pUn fro both
thohtof- p6n, the Ters

thj 1t5. N do neoutrlaye

hat 'ar l ro 11to
'b h .4k
ts to aup- tobsN Hgha he, set middle.
Swth.los f oth Rdlulebo and Moser have
12%6e;*abo rtl at work trying

al t dWR toiSfteetol ro
crack at occupikg- ffcul ,toperue a o n f f-
uarterbace t '0red., .IH -lle JS tQ-

heas t;o ptl ohi a an toY Ip s ooivdth eireld i0se.

Shi s .i t~T easa eeshPrie id 'b .".t, 1 e a t
ve W 'bt wwigh6 in to coi, Oelrtn' b plenty o
Iy ngeorw e eu e geenirs Ne
han a pispkin llfU1nR. m I teoldoast

Se.el And Yakees Write

Newage I ball Book,
By FMe
alltted ProFw t a

NXW YQV Bept 1is (UP) Although Berra's blast proved '
anage Casey engel's Nw the 4 V blow, the stocky I
Y-work asrt a new eagehdato*" forced to share the r
In baseb4g history. ysterda yheroUh with: scrappy second I
when Athe ve e v-rup Blly Martin, who ham-t
heandlcap L3 dfteaft the Cleve- mered wdo ubles and a single 1
land Ir i.eS t and clinch an st tb- four runs as the
mericanLa nnnt u.
.with a h',.the Yn-
kegWith sur us Npt to be overlooked were re-
time reor I 't.secutive Uef pitehl Tom German, Bob
pennant se b. ~oI McGraw's KuUav* aMd Johnny Sain, who
New Yort? -.l.l1921-22-23- combined to hold the Indians
34. lNew 18MCCarthy' hi the third inning.
=Va tge -hand hrv-
great of 19-37-38-39,S 3 l t'handed
and' 8te kim of 1 90-50- beller, hi"edthe last three in-
51n2. ni only nine men, to
51-. ..rct for the victory. It
The I' ediate was h of the season a-
o w to tet eBrook- gal2st liNoe. Bill Wight. who
k la he World Be- relieve .hI, was the losing
rdes and set pt~ another pitcher.
: d ht world

Par Bkege *1sehled 63-year-
old master manipulator who *' News
came to the Tankees by way of $ w
the Diants, and a host
of 'second V ond division
teams, rth i marked the
peak oa career begun by "TexWal-
with Kanf Ill., in the old a smashing
Northern L1910. drl "Morgan XI"
Blaed b" t kees after thete weekly All-Star
them1 iLStengel pre- to condition
viously.n. r come close to S for the forth-
leading tIIA la pennant and anal series with
imes ed as some- &J
ta 5 ofMi baseball cir-
eles, tabon a well pro-
Bt edws' I establshed a Fthe losers ob.
record dure as lnela form -
Isl played.,i om-
ait se4 ;o isfl nrts of their. p-
s one ah skliral man- men wereun
j h tor be P, beasinder,

as o a two-rear 32 runs of
00, Roy WstermanK

fl..a 4 ~ Stat


At' the Annual Fish Fry held
at the Cristobal Gun Club, La-
bor Day, thb following persons
w6n door prizes: No. 407 P. V.
qribb, Silver Tea Service; No.
785 L. L. Largent, general Elec-
C lo N 8-M. T. Web-
er; No. 955 Culp,
Bray; No e o. Wu64 take, Blue
tesP Mold1era; No. 134 D -ian-
roi, No. Set; No. 272 R.
Brigt, Ta .', enter Piece; No.
129 .iBU uan, WHors D'Oeuvre
SEt O. 40Kltchell, Tie Clasp
and Buckle Set; No. 249 Nelson,
Man's Shirt; No. 188 WjInio,
Whiskey and Glass Set; No. 410
Triud0tu, Guatemalan Cloth; No.
.546 lnder, PJaama Set; No. 040
Brown, BOttle of Canadian Whie -
key; No, 150 Vaucher, Redi-KUt
DME0; No. 114 Burza, Canadian
whiskey; No. 481 OGeis, Rye
Whiskey; No. 783 Infuse. Wood-
en Cigarette, and Ash Set; No. 50
lrn,: Photo Album; No.. 228
Olare, Table Lighte No. 005
Springer, Japanee Scene'; No.
635 Amos, TWO Figurines.

Slumpers Hope For '53

Baseball Season To Eh&
United Press Sports Writer

NEW YOTRK, Sept 14 (UP) Larry Jansen, Jim RHae ani
The baseball season can't end Hoyt Wilhelm -head th44-ft
too soon for some pf the slump- Wilhelm, the knuklebslire-
ers who'll have to/chalk up 1953 lever who led the leg 'UI t
as a bad year. perecentages and earned rMus a
The World Series may present year ago, lost eight of his fltf
the same old foes in the Yar- 15 decisions this year.
kees and Dodgers but the in- had an 8-9 record in the
dividual titles are a cinch to weekend averages, Janmen 10-I1
wind up with new winners in and Hearn i-10.
the batting races, home run Al Worthington, the 0"u:
derbies, and most valuable rookie who won his fitir.t
player votirg with many of last starts, now has dropped elt in
year's championships way down *atowalance then but Leo IWL -
among the also-rans,. the big right hander will ear
Stan Mus!al of the Cards may rect that situation next yr. I
be the only who'd like to see Several of the PhillUel -I.
the season last little longer ed disappointments, repi-
Off to a bad start, the peren- wise, and among them k C04
nial batting champ is closing Simmons, a pitcher tabkMs -",
fast but he still is 20 percentage some experts as "better Sia
points off ihe pace and time is Robin Roberts." Curt,.W
running out. by a lawnmower, ws lU-1t 1a
Ferris Fain of the White Sox, the weekend averages *Wile
two-time American League Roberts had 21 vietorie a4 4
batting champ, Is far out of 13 defeats.
the running at .268. He never Among the hitters, Wi~e
was a contender. Jones of the Phillies is aroM
Jank Sauer of the Oubs, who .225. Preston Ward of the
won the Nrational League's MVP rates .215 aP4 Rocky BridgesM
award and tied with Ralph the Redleg; ` 5 .
Kiner for most homers, is out Nelson Fox lf the White ,
of both races an4 Kinqr is sunk is having an unexpectedly
in. the hone deArby,. So is last gedy.ea' after pa couple of
year's Aerttian League homer soai in which he was an all-saf
champ, Larry Dobv of Cleveland second baseman and
who is hitting around .225. merited the award. Little Nelie
Bobby Shantz of the A's, the recently was 'benched for the
MVP winner in the American first-time for reasons other trpa
League, has a 5-8 record and illness, injury or a rest.
.nty of miseries to show for Eddio R.oinson of the A
'53. letics, Jim Hegan of the IndI..A
It's "wait till next, ear" for a Jim Dyek of the Browns
flock of other performers, too, Walt Dropo of the Tigers
who failed to live up to their all under .250 and won't exactly
records or expectations. .. e proud of '53.
Leo Durocher's ,,New York aey'll have a long winter l
Giant pitchers -. Sal Maglie, thk It over.

with a
lUtm In

-.-- .'" ILI~LI~" ---~--~ICCL

KNOCKED Si FF--Dltke Savage appears knocked stiff but he actually is nearly knocking out fis
second with aw punch4as he slumps against (he ring post in an amateur welterweight bout with
Kewrmt Smith in Cincinnati.. Latter wonb, TKO in second round. (NEA) __






eS r/iP

CLERGYMEN NAMED AS REDS According to testimony by
former FBI undercover agent in the Communist Party. Herbert
Philbrick. these clergymen in the Boston area have been mem-
bers of a supersecret Communist cell: Rev. Kenneth Depew
Huges upper left of St. Bartholomew's Church in Cambridge,
Mass.: Rev. Donald Lothrop (upper right) of the Community
Church of Boaton; Rev. Joseph Fletcher (lower left) of the Epis-
copal Theologic3l Seminary in Cambridge; and Mrs. Martha
Fletcher. one-time head of the Unitarian Youth movement in
the United States.

Methodist Bishop Denies

Boslon Ministers Are Reds

BOSTON. Sept. 15 (UP) does not make him a Commu-
Bishop John Wesley Lord, head nist; it may mark him as a cour-
of the Methodist church in the ageous Christian."
Boston area. today denied "with- "Irresponsible u t t e r ances,"
out mental reservation or equl- Bishop Lord added, harm the
vocation" charges that there persona accused and "serve to
were Communists in the Metho- spread hysteria."
dist church ministry.
The high-ranking clergyman He said: "I doubt, however,
said taht of three Methodist that the church is seriously
ministers named as "Communist damaged if at all."
conspirators" in secret testimo-
ny released by the House Un-
American Activities Committee,
two had made public denials and 20 A swers
the third was a "Christian min-
ister with a passion for social
Justlee." SNDONSept.- 15 (UP)
When Jan Czajkowski. 34, ap-
The three were Rev. Harr B. feared in court on a charge of
Ward. Rev. Jack R. McMihael being drunk, assaulting a pollce-
and Rev. Lee H. Bai.l man and damaging police prop-
"The charge of Communist erty today his wife stepped for-
"The charge of Communist ward and told the court:
affiliation is made by men who ward and told the court:
may be sincere in their motives "I'd like to explain the reason
but who are ignorant 'of the my husband was so drunk last
claims of Christian gospel," night. You see, -my mother has
Bishop Lord said. just had her 20th baby and we
He said that if a minister in- thought it was an occasion to
terprets the gospel to support celebrate."
housing projects, fight for civil
rights, oppose racial segregation Czajkowski got two months in
and believe in world peace-"this jail plus a fine of $5.60.

"Whether I serve ita as soup, as a
sauce, or use it in cooking-I can
always count on building a grand meal
with Campbell's Tomato Soup I It's a
favorite in our family ... wins so much
praise at the dinner table, saves so
much time and work in the kitchen"

It's both tasty and nOurishing. For an extra
'hdelis, extra nutritious treat, add milk
to alke a tempting cream of tomato

it's ideal I So rich .. so full-bodied. It
adds color and flavor to so manny kinds of
dishes. Comes from the can in just the
right consistency I

it's perfect I A wonderful blend of red-ripe
tomatoes, rich creamery butter, and deli-
cate seasonings ... just what you need to
dress up everyday meals, and thee special
dinners too l






"Let the people know tre trun ma the country Is a0e" Abraham Lincoln.

Hurricane Edna, Now 115 mrnph,

Was Deceptive Girl At First

MIAMI, Sept. 15 (UP) Hur- placed the center of the year's
ricane Edna, which began de- fifth tropical storm about 170
ceptlvely like a girl keeping her miles northwest of Puerto Rico
intentions to herself, suddenly and said that no land ftass was
generated a blast of 115 miles an in immediate deager,
hour today in the Atlantic 1000 Edna started off an "eas-
miles east-southeast of Miami. terly wave" (a hurricane-pro-
The Miami Weather Bureau during atmo condition)
yesterday, slowly ~st up steam
to 70 miles an hor by early
morningand then whistled into
pIcaios Being a full-blown tempMt by the time
S of a special 9:0 aJm. advisory.
Accepted Now For he was headed in a west-
northwesterly direction with
some tendenr toward the
Seno-Typist Exams northwest.
Application are being accept-
ed for admission to U.S. Civil r l F M
Service examination for stenog- r
rapher and typist positions in S B e
the Canal Zone under a new an- LJ w II.
nouncement issued by the Board
of U.S. Civil Service Examiners In Mis MI Ipl
at Balboa Heights. I II
Applications for examination L. 8. Brown, an American
under this announcement will employee of the Tropical Paint
not be accepted after Septem- Company, died suddenly of a
ber 30, 1953. It is planned that heart attack while he was in
the examination will be held Oc- New Orleans for medical treat-
tober 3, 1953 in Balboa. An ex- meant, it was learned today.
amination will also be held in Mr. Brown, who resided at Cu-
Cristobal on that date if suffi- rundu had been ill for about a
dent applications are received week prior to his death. HE was
to require two examinations. The L foreman for the paisco-
exact location of examination pany for the past two years. He
centers as well as time of exam- came tothe I4thm ln 1 I. and
nation will be announced later. had worked for the Pama
Applicants who have not re- Canal, the Navy and i1 his own
ceived admission cards by Octo- business.
ber first should contact the Mr. Brown was buried ept. 5
Board of U.S. Civil Service Ex- In his honaetbwn of Baselurst,
miners at Room 10io Adminis- MiUpP.
traction Building. Balboa Heights, w p Clare, wa in the
or By telephone on 2-3057. 8tt thim_ at the tme of
of his death. She has just, re-
The positions to be killed as a turabd to the Isthmus.
result of the examination are Besides his widow, Mr. Brown
primarily typist and stenograph- is survived 1* daughter Flor-
er in grade 08-2. However, ap- ence.
pointments to stenographer po-
sitions in grades 08-3 and 0S-4 r, A EW
may also be made from the ell- w wO
gible lists established as a result
of the examination. All appoint-
ments will be to positions in the
Canal Zone only.
Applications forms are avail-US
able at the office of the Board Lap
of U.S. Civil Service ExamJners, ot Set. 15 (UP)
Robm 102, Administration Build- "
ing Balboa Heights; at the .council of iurope was
ina Balboa Heoghts; at o urged todsy to build a fire un-
atam windows of the post offi- ropen nationswhihI
ces at Balboa. Ancon, and Cris- r Er pean nations which
tobal: and from n ande Regional have been dragging their feet on
tobalth and from the proposed European Army
Director, Fourth U.S. Civil Serv- o European Army
Ice Region. 4th Street and Jet-P political commit-
ferson Drive, 8. W., Washington tee told the Consultative As-
25.D.C. sembly to~ue Its Influence to get
Apnnliants must b- ci s. of the big defense scheme ratified
Applicants must be citizens of ,without delay." j
the United States or the Repub- ."wt o tof the Netherlands
lie of Panama and be between prnt ote progress reportlon
the ages of 17 and 45. The age European de e se o n behalf of
limitation will be waived in, the eths"e coon bal. of
case of persons entitled to vet- "T.-remnt be no slackening.
ernan prerence.. of defoei efforts of the Euro-
Persons who have attained ell- pean members of NATO," Fens
gible ratings in Civil Service ex- also warned.
aminationa for typist aqd_ ten- Ie oalned for closer collabora-
oa fpher positions since March tion between the North Atlantic
1946 need not take the present Treamt Aliance powers and the
examination. consultative assembly, Europe's
shadow advisory parliament.
Ia4hbri ",:.w The consultative assembly has
placed at the top of its fall a-
Wednesday, Sept. 18 genda the problem of dealing
High Low with the Communist "peace of-
8:14 a.m. ............ 2:23 a.m. since the Korean truck was
8:46 p.m ............ 2:59 p.m. fensive."
--- ---~--- --


FULLER E32FtA ONQ TV star Luclle Ball (cents
with newswfi at Chatsworth, Cal.. after the House uM
lean Activities Committee had cleared Miss Ball of any
connection with the Commntlst Party. The actress i
husband, Det Aias, are feared la tb teleyigon I
." aa-uy"

Meanwhile, the New Orleans
Weather Bureau sent out a
plane to investigate a squally a-
rea in the gulf that could be still
another hurricane In. the mak-
Winds of up to 25 miles an
hour were blowing In a suspi-
cilous area about 200 miles south-
southeast of New Orleans.
A hurricane hunter plane
from the Jacksonville Naval air
station flew into the storm off
Puerto Rico this morning and
found the winds of up to 115
miles per hour.
"There were only 60 knot winds
on the south side but the plane
lipped into the north side by
mistake and ran Into 100 knot
winds," the Navy said.
The reconnaissance plane, pi-
loted by Lt, Wade K. Smith
found the eye of the big storm
about 170 miles off Puerto Rico
at 8 a.m. and was elockinr the

winds when "it just slid out into
the north side of the hurricane."
The Navy said another plane
would go out this afternoon and
there would be a high altitude
radar reconnaissance flight to-
night to keep an eye -on the
Edna was about 100 miles to
the east northeast of the year's
fourth hurricane--Dolly-when
she got to the danger stage.
The Weather Bureau earlier
had predicted the winds would
reach only 90mph by this after-

ULPA Asks Benson,
Ike To Support

Beef Prices

DALHART, Tex., Sept. 15 (UP)
President Elsenhower and the
Idenl fsOf Ms tleSecretary o f Agriculture were
today by the United Live-
stock proucers Assoation to
SuIpport beet price@ at the pro-
NO Saw TW ,Irks ducerlevel andUtofe vestigate
the drought area.
London Pub Ow r The aoat ch re
LONDON, Sept. 15 (UP) A e-proue loed a
London pub owner by the name amd s 'note gt r. -
Of Tom stokes is a careful bui- hwer o Agri
nesaman who minds his own af- t -of re
fairs, obeys the law and loves The asked that the
his wife.ted
So, it would seem, he's not the gTit
type to mak up the tory of the and
apparition t begun to do- ad
mnate hisa Stokes says he's ,& t
seen the omt twice both -
times after permitted drinking D dl-
FiAt time, his back was turn-
ed to the bar. He heard som- S ve
one iig JJle his money to
get 'b- tlon. He was about .
o k what the man was do
In the pub 'after hours bu f f
the words stuck in his throat ie Y
ak Probatl cT:
w7o4B "ft,, add get-up me-
what startled me." Ye rs a
S maa'~n dressed in I ~"
bli^ t, atu tahree-i Srner A e0,-yW.4M R ai
rThe b e-keeper says he who violtedbe t s
don't see 'the stranger's face probation must ttwo-
becase he had his cloak pulled year u Nt i eatS3e
up over it. "I moved toward him Judge Gut f Crowe 0ered
say Stokes, "and pop Just this morning the Cntobal
like that was gone." Division of the U. L. attWct
The apparition showed up a- Court.
gait.., as Stokes puts it: "I Faustino Herrera was found
west to pick up a glass... and guilty of viola# the tWrMs of
It moved out of my resah... Ihi probatite camIM& Y
doalt know how it did but that's 11 he was convicted of U In
what it did." Panama 0Cty and santgond to
Stokes would like to know three mo in aln ai- -
whose. ghost the ghost is. He has Originally the defendant was
no theory himself. But hbs inn convicted of burglary last Au-
li 40P years old. And It was in gust, and was givemt a mear
the pub that a notorious high- sentence, maspende fW feW
w an -- Dick Turpin #- took years on the .ondittoM ti, he
refte while on the run from au- does not violate OW f
t.r~t iN the 18th century. either the Canal Zoeo 6r Pani
Turpin later was hanged, ama.

Stock Market Has Lost

$13 Billion This Year

BEW YORK, Sept. 15 (UP) dowward trend. A of
Wall Stre.L financial experts 7,000,000,000 of .t
reported Inday that the stock leie has ooenwsd. 6
Inrket lias lost $13,000,000,000 when the traue Mu s
n, valuation since the first of The heaviest 4w
teear, more than half of it thA yea eg to p
h., Korean truce was Wekb wn
si E s weeks ago. on te
'M ar market" selling p1ue 4 'a11s iu a
raised ncw proportions yes- Whe .
tel when the market lost yWlstea lln as
thati $1,000,9000 000 and Ite tnie 4y..
I 4t lowest level since before the market
t amount lost in M19 tpe w
ne-fourth of the $53.- tb a '1 4 eL
gained during the SBmae eptn
swing that lasted a stems

he exzpes rb*ad
its horn In an
But they gMl 19a
tcdo notawr n ai

Period weMvia"

SENATOR KNO"DY WD.S ..- Sen. ohn nnedy right )
smes at his new bride outside of b. Mary's Churc in ewpi
R.I., fo lnt4 their uarrilge. Nearly a Uwaoand pmrms1110.
ed o utl -e the Senator ad-the fimer JaoaueeaLs'
atuvler, Newport heiress. Kennedy, woro.T&o et.

Railrooded -

Sept. 1







- ', .. .. .
'. .v.-a''

Ai w l

'4 ~ -

:; -

. I .-

.. A4 -,
1/ A.". .'- 5;

I.. ~

A: ~td

.1' ./,-

/~-' ~u i

- ~-~~-~~ ~F~pas


.. I = Do ,-



L "

. r J t.., .

._ "'" -" 7 .^
i- ", jj .. .. "* J -<* .. -. 'gi-^ '


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