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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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ofntud som Sseme 8 aou th the neutral force taki
o l~ dmtio. to the ost othe prisoners said ea-ch4
W Ea109 I 'l1 8 "10M it lthe world, An Im dian spokesman said the have the opportunity to
.. Wvbrad hlgUw y itravelled first of time prisoners were ex- Iin private what he wanted to I
b free people, in order to n The Allies already were
of COA ut uumickta to YOz Uthe feelings de
l of. I to mpimswalllS ton fa people whot r V A wl LIiAoses ering the anti-Communmit NnOM
S5rojr i peple wth whole uWR wI OS Korean and Chinese priaonurs.D
b% 110 of owt r cOntfetual rela- th Uwhl am m XU the Indians. About 2,000 ha'
e iwnM i to tin r reached the neutral zone.
Sw t ion, ntWeran d operation -
-- ,which tle r o ="PW Kevs To Clh Defense Depl $al
&WIstu n n ordland t n border
r nte rpr- to unite a world. ELD, Calf., Sept. 12 U
Af t ",far Intherpave sgr R& S MCalif.. 5ept. 12 HUN
'aplion of t hose .Iihav6e ngularl honor e l The tiny unlncorporat-eM
ULn:h-oed village of Buttonwillow has
'-In bnd tohead gone "a ot" or Ita one return- IU I re ,-
i to ,-ftate oc sonofIng prisoner of ,mr. The vla.m is UlIm
Intl Sint -of negotiations elected itsfir mayor it would
INS, m dis3el5tme, wen countries, at a have an official to present the .WAO BNGTON, Wept. 12
Wrult oiie the i'IN*' when e destiny es of the keys of the city of CpL isaCae The D.cinse Daltm, t
.r s, a ndtald a I*e an the hands Orndls when he comes home to- day made puubllc te u n
4. ago- *.S another t I0General and mprrow 274 additional American beDmie
that ot dt att Mn His Excel- ed captured in Korea but ne
M 1Le y, Presrdeat-i. Eisenhower reported by the Communistst
lthe m you, Mi secretary. are .SIBO On t was the second c t
tng "as he d ut collabora- by the Pentagon. There
we always ane in the %t f building his wver Weekend 126 names on the firt Ht
make the fi o. public last night.
'o mmwieustanes T- M benefit Qtishm opened The United Nationa
successful j theBi'Mul sr den wvand in Korea has deml
4irat task of otvemver that the Bada.&COUet fto a
more the C "IW.'wga nes to- ta, of M4 Ut.ra e en. Ttb
our two ihlt I ga imeew names belrg released in lItaf
Smlutual .o fs 4th inelireb n- ments after nextof-kla he
beHalf ofs- -h e sports been nottUled.
soli darity. f thegIlilstry of Military oufiel fear many
S predict that, 3 a d3 nset weads th American may have died
tuk has been th d fr defray- Communilt hands, Although f
aty will you be a su eu of e P aun- ficilally listed a misa. ng, r
I (UP)I .ed by your partlptI men were believed to ham
ILtr thas bGeneral Amate ball being held as prisoner "at oab
got"Ce that, below eses, elnsuela, time."
your name will bs ir "There ia reason to ballet,
m1@neat |brished in the t mii the "Department said, "that tt
i to aamanns. .tlCommunists hold or hate
SSI have the knowledge of the fate of th"
o B In your hands te Imal games, diee, men, but no Information a
I i which embody ete., will be In epara- earning them has been recl .
of our people. ed."

in nnce Ciarles Is Having

SLasf ng At being Little Boy
%r ee

ot 12
I livinga
r Iit-UI

ld boy. The Que-
me him settled whea
.ca her royal tour it
md and AustralIsa
rt be cheerful and pm.
v ery tji m so
I recently, =b l
a wrhten noomm" rI

toys, a blackboard pad draw
sheets are n order nd wait
There are bookrshehc In
But It will not al be work
Prince Char. H s_

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ha, US $even NKs Who

Begin Changed Minds
) "Having recalled that this is
a yoLur .aon'a 50th annlversury e R tu
*at mby I say that we look forward
eagerly to participate In your -- o
padi celebration In Panama of that
tl anniversary We trust that the MUNSAN, Sept. 12 (UP) The Neutral Notio
he tecoW kd halr of the first century
Ita s. yor natural life will mark Repor tion Commission today announced a p
a* 0 development. and ever change expected to clear the way for the prompt rel
two yelSfrlendhip between of Americn prisoners who change their minds ab
F irnado raid: stayin witr the Communists.
1 s Iep lymsoked b th e commission ordered the immediate delivery
tnm i tac that ihey are those the Reds of nine North Koreans who had turned dft
r'o mgumishe ecr tary repatriation in the prisoner exchange but now wanted.
at- of B V W he united
h. I utt d a the occasion to go back.
dis- n0.4 of these talks whth
d it- bimft suchee tralnsce h The decimson marked a rever- pected to arrive at the Indll.
l sMir tcrathe t nde-atn i1f earlier reports that all re- camp In the neutral zone not '
Se lucent prisoners would be held Monday.
bo our tWO 4m0 for the full 90 days allotted to A spokesman for the commft.
a, nations of the Amer- "'explanations" while they are In sion said the entire body visited
times was the custody of Indian troops. the Indian camp yesterday as
Sat as led A Swedish spokesman for the talked with the nine North Ke-
that rvd led commisSion said he thought reans who changed their mlaX
".Rome t ga.v American and other Allied war "Eight of them' at once sked4
91,.1 Pr e s s -k -eb changed their to be repatriated immediate; ?
in=hrN K a 1 ot *L., be handed the spokesman said. "The other
I tod back at. -4n Le with the had a few political matters
tonat om on, the itLtle. M Wm boat the Al- patriatlon. The commiasat~i
es the lied capt2vei wbo plumpd for d to grant their demands r
Du nt tg I '. l and communism, turning down the Immediate repatriatIon"
5t51&'-fa was chance to go home in t e recent He 'said t~ie N gh
war, irspC 9 I^ ,eace and mWould be bn E.- o in

whtlL lgi
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wou.rnle 8v NELON *oUhSrrVLL IN ee2
87 HM STlrtr -' O On '34* PANAMA It P
rrLPHO* r 4N*M* NMO 2 0740 IB LIIRI
Ponrie Sqcr.rmNAlive' IOSIHUA a 1 POWERS INC
., MarOA0e. Avi New YORK iii 1 Vy
It MUi' N I*N ADasC -- -- 70 5
* n- .r. '0. .- '* i 1o rq ao 1O
OL Or .I L sinC

I- --- ------

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T r
I I.' I bcI is on ojan N.. to, ra-dcrs ul The Pcnomn Am
ken 1 aire received gral.'ul.y cnd are hand cd in a wholly con
41de 3nner.
*ou cnntribute a letter don't be impatient it it doesn't appear
11ex Leltern are published in tle order ,recea e
iC.ase *ry to keep rhe letars limited to one i.:ge length
Identity of letter wrilen Is hc'd in strnctet roraidence
This newspaper assumes no responsibilit- tor ,atements as opinii
xpressid in Ica.r Ifrom reaoner
-- 0-
Sept 8, 1933
In l refr-reic to thl aiirle in The Panama American Sept.
1953, on a S.;;y Piank b', Canal Zone Boys." I would like to sta
that 1 do int consider the urank "sillv" nor do I deem the gull
parties as "'bovs "
It takes \er' little thought for an Individual to perform su
an oui rageoni and slanderous deed to a sacred statue, symbo
of one of thl basic facts which makes our country as great as
is. I mighi add that American died for tils in a conflict as r
cent as the Korean Police Action. Are the memories of people
Ncither. as aiore .siated. would I call the offenders "boys
Judging from their ages tihich tv law are close to manhood)
would not eten oiler ihem that distinction I consider The nou
"infant" as more appniaole. due to the odius performance pe
I Pieatr do not conaideP this letter as a direct criticism of T
,Panania American! On the contrary it is more a criticism
!the "inlants' by thinking Americans.
S In conclusion. a taste of milltar.\ service might help the
ui,,ortunates ocrr wnat is termed by psychologists as the "ur
stable" period In their I es.
Yours truly,
S- Irritated.

S'DE GLANCES By Colbrait
... -

T. u Ro U S Fit. Oil
-_____. _. Cp. .IJ id Su r ..... .r
"Who's Beethoven? That's who Daddy thought you woe
when Mommy told him you charged $7.50 a leson!"
"1 |






AT 9.00 P. M. And The Release Picture:
"THE BIG FRAME" with Mark Stevens

0 0


TIV OLI A G0 t'Spanish Program...!
Pedro Infante, in "PEPE EL TORO"
Plus: -
Amwlia Aguilar, in "LOS DINEROS DEL DIABLO"

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mH canuld ledlat t t- be amy.she iI Iti Nim
Where auongthes eJ..

eru TuIM 3b. pr tr. 1
the CAnmuist wamspmmu w m Idr
irte healot.sen
de"rlper l

won. We w.1 per *

eyOGBhl db

IAffi am

on BBy Victor Rlesel

This is the story of a mystery
man, unlno'\ n even in his na-
tive Germany. to whom the peo-
ple of all free nations owe a vote
of gratitude. His name is known
but to a few. His office, though
e'- just a few minutes off the teem-
ti ing Cathedral Square of Oo-
logne's bombed out depot, Is
the small and unlisted and contact-
cd only on orders of Chancellor
Konrad Adenauer, the most pow-
erful friend America has in Eu-
ens rope today.
Yet, this man of mystery, Dr.
Otto John. with fewer than 35
aides. made it possible for the
German Chancellor to roll up a
tremendous pro-American vic-
tory. In a political moment
7, when the Communists in France
re can pile up 5,000,000 antl-Amer-
Ity lean votes and their Italian
Comrades have put 9,000,000 ,,.
such tallies on the record, the
' CommunisLs received fewer votes
t in Germany than they do in the
e- U.S. "*""
-Uo Dr. John proved that you
can beat the Communists
propaganda underground, on
which our State Dept. say
,, Moscow spends over $9,W.000,-
000 a year. only with counter-
underground organization.
he It takes brains and daring-
of not millions, not heavy man-
power. Dr. John proved that by
c wiping out both the Comma-
n- nists and the Nazi under-
grounds in Germany.
Now that the crucial German
election is over, proving that any
people In Europe not subjected
to a terrific, centrally directed ,
anti-American campaign do con- __ ___
sider the U.S. their friend, I can
tell the story of Dr. Otto John
Sand his little office-"Der Bun-
This means "The Government
Bureau for the Protection of the
Constitution." Bfui. Riort
I've held his story since early By Bu
July, when r learned in Paris ._
that the legal Communist Party
chiefs of West Germany were UN Secretary General Dag Hamrmarksjold act- And since we regard
meeting quietly In Diisseldorf. ed with wise attention to the realities when he political partleanl but
They were planning the riots and refused to rehire four employee of the Seeletariat our govnermn t, We i
the strategy with which they who had been dropped on loyalty charge:' the ealstence of RfSlO
hoped to roll up a powerful anti- TheAr ,einstatmeint with back pi, had been These partllular nu
American vote In Germany. or de by adm vetrthial. This fr the U. 8. delegatig
This would have meant that b ;ted P IN f a indemnity nothing to 'do wtth Ant
nowhere on the continent was tO who refused di0 they h~i ve.accesa to
the U.S. strong. Such a vote reins Neverthelses, In wor
would have stopped the con- Tll lll ad declined to they had the cover of
structlon of "Little America." all test a act oVy eslonal cem- conv en ce oa choice
over Germany. mit imer- low a timp
It would have staged orcans i ke the Fifth A- To allow their c, S
crippled the four new airelds mendmeati to the astt 3. refusing to an- se:m only to flout nee
near the GreuMnach health re- swer quWit~on about polle Communiat al-.. ii.of Amelcan seu
sort, the Birkenfeld radar sta- filiatlons on the ground they might thus tend to noticeably .enhanecg
tion, the nearby secret wea- incriminate themselveal **h .
ons experienal rato Te .h tribune whch heard their 5v -. v4tt u*
ots experimental ? ILnrat ry ele' this re.tOIlone wa. not .t30c a -i- ^ .
And huge munltions duaop and. e otasco r unstIfactpl -0i41
thb biggest trindiln ground of- r w ant d smiasne k L
al near the village of Baum- w-rant mlt r. a t tB
holder. A Communist suco It pointed out rather that UN us ,tesrlsdWM th plc
in Germany wld hae meant tons recognize tl~llght of staff melm f ''. the git
that we were being told by al adhere to their poit cal opipnlns, whate Av6l eW r Oe ott
Europe to o it alone nature. -
I wanted to know lust what This rle is perhaps Inescapable in an inter- aendeit
the Communist chiefs national body whihe must draw its pegonle a aa
ianni In niss ldefs were from both Contmuniist and' ion-Co mnanElK na-. .rst t.l d lk
Planning in Dasseldorf that u- tions. Butt is a mistake to apply it in a nagrow, S Id tooki
ly 9. And I asked friends, who iegalistic way to0 ltizens of the Ulited States UN ert ia
tnew, Just whom I could contact r t e mI bl
in Diiseldori. Go to Cologne in- We enjoy a iunmit status as the host country. Tvund T t
stead they said. Look up Dr. of the UN. We have a natural and u pro eon-. .s harm h
Otto John. they said. He knows. cern for the securisof the nation. red
I went by that fast express -- ---
train through the Ruhr. In Co- ..
logne I learned that Dr. John
was a special Secret Service man In
responsible only to Chancellor
Konrad Adenauer. He worked '
out of the Verfassungsschutz of-te
flee located in Cologne to kieep o "
from becoming entangled in the .* .
national politics in the capital at MAN ADOUT TOWN TrgTh
Ionn. I-. hes. Puerto
His job was to direct it as an The Robert A. Vogelers. (he was JIld byr the fa s), v
anti totalitarian intelligence Hungarlan Rede) have inUlmaitsM l .I '*
headquarters in a land onlv eightThe MUekey Rooneys astoundedl -Colo- ArmLls aM .
years out from irnder Hitler and radc Springp g ingl a few a f r k ly 7 p
already besieged by the neigh- garetTruman's' lst now Indiden J 'the
borintCommunists ...Jeff Chandler is gving his h:
I th less than 35 asslatants Int... Pietes the miseries., ia i8
his task Is to prevent a nolitJeal Joan Crawfes k,.emnaor J. 'VM A
minority, be It Nazi or Commu- Iree jeape. aiem expected be b te m
n..t, from Dlottinr to seize the trothatl ube sths end of the der
government by force John hns world I 'mflh5m metly met at "
no power, but to father intelli- velt and plgd t supportt a:,
rence of such plots and report the iMayor) It E s paat5td. H
them to Adenauer. who provides ,f "asel.,, .. a new Is.
special funds out of Bundestag Wi. "--er, tl the.
budgets show... The Pla Hotels Ian s!
As soon as Dr..Tohn reported plunge there thWiether day) a
that the Neo-?azis. under Dr. big Hilton sakieuep Inldea .
Werner Naum.nn. former "See- Grainger (ease prldueer t
retarv of State- of Hitler's uron- widow Arane Allen lbefee
aeanda ministry under Goeb- Yorker editor E LRms), ukay we' ft
bels, were daetting to Useize the e ,;
government Chancellorz Ade- The Washington a- te d
nauer colantacted the British, for to stall off any high-ranking .
theer r-na were belne hatched by the Eisenaower crowd. Bd- uIn mdNr La;ir
a ,tr r 6,e Th e Nazis were terfere with the establhhed ".. pnlon att~n
arrested d exposed As soon as Robert Thompson capturedd R 36l quired bY I
JDr. .ohn told of special Corn- 3 years for bein3 collratO. I
munast intripae Chancellor Ade- lumping baUl...What are Mrs. aed
hUer exposed them as well. now that O-Mlhn nailed his
year. The Nd moerment and bills were used (raisd to n I ;,,
the Communist following were nipped. The wili r4eldS.
wiped out without wipin ot i. D.ulle h revered hinul t et
thGer parties. Not in a asigle not even the tte fet. comma-Le the' hs
German urevince have the Na- will do next. "
I or the CommunIsts In*i -
their right to partlelpate in
porltic or to name candidates The Horse Dodges (Oregg
The Nao i rumors of a Spat AnaoUMeemegst 'Pi.n'.
The Nazis and Communists way set is sl eptJI,, .Frofth
right" to conspire against the lmpeitter IS 11. e lto st.
government, against the power- rome GOP ar3stt he -t
fuI I trade unions 'd against the eapto ofite
peol t-,ee were not deprived rs) was the,
of theil civil rights, traced Stein
Thus theye erm a ot martyrized toe.. (More
--only depOprd by exm go unit i j h r
.ure o ther. Thsb i
took oealustlan.I De JohnhaQute

, h about. L It.. id. ...r -I. .
ha aout ands-i~ar l;;I;T;~ mma

ai the Trfua.

-. *Or ;. '* .,:i l.( :, ,,.
ott OB M.
ct4 1

ura mpm *-qWI 1
hpgW~ ..-irggW

0 to """

r 4C,~

;giutp I


am ,p
-.I 3'W -

Labor News



I ` '- I)

.u 6 s

.- ... n ,,

t;r~r-^ .:- ;-. 1 I'
** '*.- ^*



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koer 0 pDernt dti/-

loPts n 31 Pl
tmrtted tta to tet
mkff .^^ v41ihj-i _

' l -W -

a~f .*TW *;


-' ,



ma..*.. S m

3.,.. ., .- -,... ,
*f"^-*" .. '

, -- ,t .. .. .


195, a5lu ., /s Ar'

"RT 5BZRMANM IA I mi Phi SrOrity hed tt t m I
HJ&Va 116 W ll7roio meeting at the Ohapter
SThe sembersl f Mr Piot Sbenma Offleers Wives Club J~dsle prsdik w
uoyed a fMrewU inubhe at thee M l W h an rbu A est for he eeva
day. (ae wmpI 4e anitc e and the leww settered Mrs. Robert Drenner, o
at different riat ism traftr *m the ltaa Uamsport. Pa., who is js '
The members present were: Jr., of Pedro Miguel, were hosts the Isthmus.
ira. A. B. Barden, Mrs. T. W. for a dinner at the Motel Wash- During the busine ss
ready, Mrs. W. E. Butcher. ington to honr Mr. and Mrs. the members were
In. Sananp, Mrs. J. W. Cher- George Poole before their de- brain clothes for the reo K
r, Mrs. H. C. Davis, Mrs. J. J. parture yesterday tp Vmake their llef the Ionian island, t
oran, Mrs. A. N. Dupuls, Mrs. home in Scbeoectab N.Y. next meet g.
. A. Everett, Mrs. D. B. Flem- The other guests were Mr. and Refreshefents were served
ing, Mrs. R. C. Hatcher, Mrs. Mrs. Fred Newhard Mrs. C. D. Mrs. Muriel Bratlett and
. J. Healey. Mrs. J. K- Han- Eppley andMiss Ann Newhard. Norma De VoUl. '9
n, Jr., Mrs. E. B. Le aster, Mrs. -- --- '
ora Maroney, Mrs. R. J. La- Lt. and M. Gemeeveld
atsch, Mrs. P. M. O'Bryan, Keeesre Orders eFl KR
rs. J. B. Owena, Mrs. D. F. Lt. and MIs. R. D. Qroeneveld,
idgeway, Mr. D. M. Shall, of the Coco Solo NWl Sfjtp, |ll c i r
ls; T. P. eechrest. Mrs, H. B. will be leaving the Isthmus ear- i
rrell, Mra. J. W. Tubenis, ly next month. With their chUl-
Ir. D. D. Vaughan, Mrs. W. dren, Gall Ann and David, theyTA a I
Wilcox, Mrs. 0. H. Sewell of will visit relatives in Illnois and V ldU V I O J S ;
prt Davis was a guest for the Wyoming.
casdon -- The first fall session of %tls
Lt. Groeneveld has been sta-iLouisiana State Univerity Ctr ,
mn Velo e Supper for tl6ned on.the Isthmus for over a Ibbean Program will ben Oti
r. a" Mn. Hardy year with Squadron VP-45, and 5. Registration is set Ito- bel
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Owens is leaving the service. the week of Sept. .' .
tertained with a buffet sup- Increased tuAtlon u-a-m '
er at their Cristobal esidepce BIaeAl Nesawanger of 75 per cent for. ei
edneaday evening to hono Mr. le for College personnel up to 7.J0 per s-.
d Mrs. Charles Hardy before tl sl Neuawanper, son of master hour and 50 pWar
eir departure yesterday. Sgt. and Mra. W. Holland of for officers up to an d noead
The other guests were Mr. and Fort Davis, left Thursday for ing 1st Lt with a midami
rs. Eugene Shipley, Mrs3.E. New York. He will enter the of $5 per smester hour
Cotton, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Taft Schol at Watertown, Con- be granted this session.
orow, Mr. D. M. Reinhold and nectlcutt. Frank Masingill, nlo ad
r. Fred Long. ministrator of the LSO p :
Mis Cspgudier gram, tis n charge of
r. and Mrs May Ea Rea te to Philadelhib tion.
ave for Texas MIs Irma Leignadler. daugh- The following peron
Mr. ana Mrs. Vitor May, Jr. ter f Mr. and Mrs. Humberto proper edmeatal b
Cristobal, sailed riday for Leeadier of Colon, sailed yes- are elgbM. to enroh:U
ew York. They are en route to terday for New York. She Is en personnel and their
puton. Texas, to make their route to Philadelohia to enter ents; U. 8. citlanti wvo 'i
ime. the University of Pennsylvania e ployes of the Armed o
Mr. Mav is a life-log resident and their dependents; U.
the Isthmus and hs resign- Informal Dinner Honoer citizens who are employee
ls position with the Ol Mr. and Mrs. Nesler the Panama Canal and theo
dg Plant. Mrs May has Mr. add Mrs. Fred Schwartz dependents: officials of the
mnt Dut of her lfe on the had an informal dinner at their Red Cross and the State D*-
Iow also and has reslned Gatun home-to bonor Mr. and apartment.
)rOlt1 with the U.S. Navy. Mrs. William Nesaler. Mr. Ness- Present Information frr4
their departure thby lar has resigned hli nobstt oh IU lndieste htnstructors have
1iMUol time with Mr. Mayps with the Panama Canal and been obtained for the follow i
SMkttrI Oamboa and wtth they will reside in Minnesota. classes: JEnglish compotd .
Ma sister and brother- -elementary Spanish h. tr c
-l, r. nd Mrs. James Mara Sorority Meeting western civilition and Latl u
Mi Batea The Beta Chapter of Beta Sif- America since. independence.

lble forts to
ems whichk.- mllht
re operUaU They
desire for more
and adequate ca-
a more reasti
the ladies recom-
smaller and more
oems, not pzppared

I lt

e openftg
ahe sae, a
.mw Uia la

ast trua
tnunp a


n,"j. WP
-- ,,. Mi



d wd the house guests ot
id Mia. Frank Bweek, of
p tl before sailing.
aT night Mr. and M .s.
iftk'tSlned Mr. and Mrs.
and Mr. and Mrs. Victor
SrlyfifB dinner at the Ho-

Infor ? naewr Honors

Cribal had M. and MrM.
Charges Hardy as their dinnW
ueftt U eentlt before their
depAftau ftr Iew York.
Tiln Hfari "a to make their
hbome In loridn.

wtth ther ch an CherX l
1amwooa'wi ehols and We
a Friday for t To; ter
Sthre-year pfty 1 New Crtst
Dr. Jackion has been popul-
Iars member of the staff of Co-
I*RlotGal. They plan e itrolt1
reativ Connectlcutt and
Miehigan before deciding where!
they w14 side.
osweltw Mane for
M and lMs. ePoIe
Mr. and Ma. T. J. Ebdon,

Pt-ll u e utsis

itiner three from
Vlbe selected during
pr1liminaries and
Sthe final of the
Iwagon" contest. The
mlkhduled tk be heMl
at the Fort Kobbe

manced last week.
inutng to $35 will- be
be three top winners
lIs. Prizes may also
18 at each pst-level
ai no Clubs hid an-
rites at preastme.
l Blackwell, Staff
Sub Director, 1AR-
l yorday thte, '%U
lte a.d tea acmts
Md the varhma iltm
Os already." *A hus-
fe dece tIam will0
a the Amador sbow
ftnins, for s X tpo
'DWU-a a iBB



(Canal Zone)
Box 5019, Margarita. C.Z.

(Miei plaice Marrita (Gym, Atlaatic Side
je *boumgs.)
The ii e"itrene with headquarters
Kansas i, M~, org.iid a church I the GCam
Zone Aiqg' ,,wit Rsev. A Jordam as and
Representaeift.' In tbheZeZ AN *
i^?w tan si 1 a re a .. 4t7'..

about -Ae eLcrd Ba 59I l. lMriAta, CA" Y".
may call PNuni Ciy 28-3082 or Coc Sdo 8344
for iafeumati.
Serwce will be: Sudmy School, 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship; 10:45-a.m.; Sunday everig
Evagelisc Service, 7:00 p.m.



M. l .elp Your M Arrfeel

wjI'be ahe Impst "rwe kW IrA w eman

of KiPLp w *ar*il dhoh C hinstM iftom PM .-

I a she world iis Mw p!lPtig aa
truck s~ i imuniIr **M p U e Unitne~dltw. j
tuak mp o wly s. move t*h sae om eupid by a di- r
eaglJi-aed more important-oaly Oee-eldfth' sh
weight! r a peep lmd .ue u ue asd a. peonibikyif
INiga e. ia" acindmu p. type a" p'al orw-A 6.
me is a MUSTI.

1wr Smautler age MraYby by At--:l Caes DMei
'PLUS eo cluiv m by em Rlemel lrM 1 h rS,
man ial mw il mm m -.da
la wlar sas actresses

S ofl d nwau p is-m
vhieis inno
~Is Ab eleaw

MMH --iiimfti I

-------HHH ^^"u; Ut J
^^_|- wn _*-**


*. r- .

4~. ~

I ltAanlic.o ****
- o


I... ~Lww

a*. ms.,
Ir u ^L



Cbunb *iOnL


3.f '
1 .* ;"p]; r>

" u:1I,~,-;:~i~L;?
n` ~' ':
C CIC~y.l-iYI~

i : 1 i
Ir~Wk~, t :'~.1


V:' "fi: *..j^P J

LM; 1 ba- g *1




;, 3

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laeh r

.4, -


o" -
sI sie ~l


___1 C~___~____

_~_ ~ ~ __ __ ~I___ ~II_ ~_

;, r .

i^ ." : K .' _: 'J

at ForL Am 1.0 t 6
Itil oftfleals in NWMdi N
atlom for dUWZ, :~
CrolUlets qS rY
t emph b-1dD(
rales and .
hree w
o were so .
Waybright; b r Cc
the Joint Task rt f or m
ster CoutroL M
be Senior council beadd"a by M
I' H. L. )Mdbdk ',l o- A T
t, enumeraMld th~M a M
countered in tha 'etly C
Laga p
vol untr res
lack of Mton B
p the cortroLnrarecl,- M
he Council i brought e
te queste.n tt Miitary pe
Miles'iM' mndlly W
liable at th'e ', points an
Vhe event oLatf al e- th
gVncy. If nt

natleer Mo L..Jm
vKS^SasK- a


i; i; !

" "( '1,
.L.-s '




'Qr&tir~rl~i~nizti~3 1~

tw.O0 133 PAAM a 3Icrw. J.

Shipping & Air Line News

138 Passengers Sailed Redmond and daughter: Gabriel
On S..& Panama Thursday A. Riemers; John 0 Riley; Mr.
A total of 138 passengers said and Mrs. James Ross; and Mrs.
,Thursday afternoon from New Helen Rowe;
York on the Panama Liner Pan- Mrs. Helen Schuster: Mrs.
ama. according to the passenger Evelyn 8. Slowick and 2 chil-
list received at Balboa Heights. dren: Robert L. Snyder; Irving
Twenty-five of the passengers Spector and son; Miss Marie
are to disembark in Port-au- 8zabo; Mr. and Mrs. George O.
Prince. Terflinger and 2 children: Miss
Gertrude Tatro: Dr and Mrs.
The Panama Liner is sailing Sanford W. Thomoson: Mr. and
two days later than its normal Mrs. Walter M. Trassavate and
schedule this week because of daughter: Mrs. Stella Waener
the Labor Day holiday. It will and son: Miss Cecelia Wensing:
sail from Crtstobal on the re- Frank Williams: and Mrs. Lorey
turn voyage Saturday, Sept. 19, .M. Wray abd daughter.
one day later than the regular
cThe complete advance lilt of Mlol ll
the 113 passengers sailing this
week from New York for the s il
Isthmus follows: 10 ShoW riUHn S
-Mrs. Natalie C. Adams and
e.on; Mr and Mrs. William A.l R lilnlsael
Alonis and son: Mr. and Mrs. l RP Univmerity
Alvin Bletterman and grand-
Tiaughter. Mr. and Mrs. Adrieni Pvt. Malcolm fe' Vplle of the!
Bouche: Mr and Mrs. Thomas Education Center. Fort Claytoon
A. Brennan and 4 children: Miss will hold an exrilbitlon of his
ileanora Calvani; Miss Carey paintings next Thursday in'
Campbell; James F. Campbell:the library and administration
JMrs. Dorothy Chronis and 2 chil-Panama n
,drenl: Mrs. Helen J. Clanev and ama
*2 children; Mrs. R. Shirley he exhibition will open at
:Clark; Mrs. Gladys A. Conley.5 p.m Sept. 17th and -runl
and son: Mr. and Mrs. Charles'l he ndof the noth
.Connor and son: Mr. and Mrs. Ith.rou the en of te done in
Emerson W. ECottrel; Emerson The paintings were done in
'Emerson W. Cottrell; Emerson _-e olons and Portugala
France. Spain end Portugal.
.Adam Cottrell: Mr and Mrs. .DelVale was resir;en
Lewis R. Cox: Mrs. Mary V. Croft Pt Del ta ree ears ret
and son; Mr. Mae B. Cross and 'aris the three years pre-
cedinghis induction into thc
r Miss Margaret Devttt: Miss Army.
'Martha Devitt: Mr. and Mrs. Between 30 and 40 ontin
:Stewart Eaean: Mr. and Mrs Between o30 nd 40 V ll htin
,Robert H. Edwards and dap-h-will be displayIe including ils,,
'ter: Robert S. Fabbough: Mrs. water colors and gouache.
Adelaide evertso Douleo s Pvt. 'Del Valle is being aist-
Adelaldn Weverts, DourIrs.SJ .. .. h Atm OI
GiObbs: Miss Man E. Haler Mrs. ed by Juan ,Mnel
Martha ,T. Hamilton and ehll- noted P anamaln artist .and
rrev: Mr. and Mrs. James FDr. D Octavio Mendez Pereaa.
arrell: Jesee W. Hawsev: Mck Dean of the Uriversity. Th's
;S. Picks pnd son; Mrs. Henrietta exhibition wtil be DeI Vall-'s
*Kibler: Mr. and Mrs. Josd Laf-second since leaving Europe in1
;lartue: Miss Mercedes Laffar- November, 1952. Prevloualf. he
,p"..- Mrc Ann Lattin; and Mrs. has had shows at the Cantl
,P-''n T. Lees and daughter: Zone Library, the USO-JRWB in
'" -. E. F. McGlelland and 2 Balboa and the Hotel El Pan-
,chi'dren: Mrs. Amy McKinney ama.
;anri son; Mrs. Jean C. MacLean In Europe, Del Valle had two.
land son: Rev. Domlnico MASla- major shows at the Americ
mna: Mr. Humberto MWddleton maior shows at the Arneric.
sad son: Wilfral Morris. Jr.: major shows at the Amerlc
..Iiiss Mpry S. Fowell: Master Library and the Tedesco 00l-
Char'es 74. Pnwel'. ,Tr.: Miss y-- lery. both in Ppric. FIR wo"k is'
rlq A. Powell: Miss Jean 7.. also being show .t Kraushaarl
iPrmss; Mr. and Mrs. James F. Galleries In New York.

(A L illed Nmbr at o Passenr Berthas

S Port En Bsin .......... ............... Septeme.30T
tO (CflAI IAsUAJOIa Pin 4w CBIL.:
S S Dieppe .... ................................ October 14lh
M S. Winnipeg .................................... September 21th
S S. Flandre .. ................................. September 23rd
S.S. lie D France .............................. September 26th
Weealy uma Carp o Sevie Beween Crist6aL Salbo a West L Oas
ofU SA Canada.
Critnbal: PRENCH LEC, P O. Boa I15 Tel. 3-24716 IUa
Fananm : LINDO Y MADURO. S. A. Box 1038
TeL Pan -a 3.183 -- .1-1

;MtIs WELWIN. Plaamtm


Great White Fleet -:

S.S. "BYFJORD".. .................... .......
8.S. "HIBUERAS"...........................
.S. "LEMPA" .. ......... ... ...............
*S.S. "YAQUE"..... ........
S.S. "MABELLA".............................

SHandUna RalmsersM. Chilled end General Ca .



S.S. "HEREDIA".. ................... ..
S.S. "MARNA". ...................
s.S. "JUNIOR"....................... .... ... M

Weekly saillng nt twlve passenger ships to New IOkt j
Orleans. Le~ Aiieles. San Francisco and 8eXs,'

Special round trip fare from Cristobal to New t,
Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
To New York .. ........... .ll t
To Los Aneles ad San Francisco ... ....
To.Seattle........................ ...... i
.. ,.... .. .
-r- i

the Pacific Sleamiin II U 4 n

Royal Mal OLes e

tw .
"- '" ,


.4 '

.. 4

' "
1- + .''

4z C



S .:rr.- r'-/.;'-
. 4 .. .V+^ ..].;;.. s

S.S. "CUZCO".............. .. ... ....Sept. I
HAVANA, NASSAU, B*|UbAl.oRU"A. j- '.


S.S. "LOC A ............ .........
s.s. "KLUv ENDY." ........................
'I.M.V. "LDONCTEDYK .".......... ........ .....

All SamEUi tYAM" e t.. CU *

FORD CO. ...INC .. ..tT.... Ls3

I I.- c

rv ry6dy ea. a4 .asi

Hard Talk


S -'.

. %, *l''

I 31 j .. ilf .*


s. r-

Ii" '


Y**: a 'l.1,, .
, f '. _-. .. ..- -. f -


- ..

il~ .42

I~futa eqe

Perils f Parethood

r WA" ;UCC71 W IDN
WAnTEP ,--1o YV OT


k+ 4.?;



~ s"


:.'' 'f~C:


rOkL. ~~. G'


~yBt~,Ld1.;~SiR~gS: ::: :'$; :- u,:





27.1,T I El

1 r

-J : wR

on whw

v. I
Mrs. MaW, 6o. P an Irt-a
Con March 26, died recently t
ber q n the Wg t Iala
t land of Montserrat, ac
ate to word reaching hemres
Sdhl .bad been mal for omno

OREELU, Cli. ( )-Dean
lchf BushneUL, gradual student at
lira- Colorado 8tat Coaess, is &l1-
.-it In# teaching eperuence b
part-time teaching sat Bushne,
IAr of Neb.
o --k---

A lta mr fdent of ParquefodAr L
Lee. .n .d l i ,urvTedla mn d ,

'. '

. Captain & Mrs. Webster G. Farrdt
; wish to express to their many friemdl sir
Sincere appreciation for the many ympa-
thlie and courtesies extended to them on
the passing of their mother

Mrs. Lillian R. Farrell

.k i

ek motk a
it ht a

;e. Al l
autbot .d
[on o tbe,
ice pekod

veterlnstiag H Tf Wy
Suffered a stretch -d bla
p the sidewals,

fers ^

as' ~Y, ~J~I~U

~a~W ~ir
'' ~ '

SW- :MU -. U]i



rdoeiag system
Tw~ batte
Electric ieycle

A Vi5A
S5:1, 7:., t p.m.
retiory Of the
rat e '. b.. m

Feet tritsnt

Juto Arenemam Ave., No. 55
Tel. -Jl'l
Male & Fedalae erators.


S b af.f.,le. d 6. ... h

On The Bereen: -
Stlerng Hadn. ta
See lpecia AdI In Dfferent
P ?.:-:

a"wiT m AT



The BevoStnUI


In Technicolor!
fiank Lovjoy
-in -


aow of The Ea
idmud Gr...
ilas Ceriag ,

. VJ

ter L~

N y


i s .
-.. .. .as, .


I d~ -

- 4



1 .tis

1~ 1


Witah.o AddtoMnal Ct
TOu Can.Be The Lucky

OM CaLlKweU I I- '

Sannr o ome of The
ONE CAM VamTemL r m

aCbyXTA 6 V10"

a. i ... -.
1A CAP at J |

A B aBeN tr C. O '
H teae. iem-K B
CU. MmfZ.

is am rseaaun
lera ur~ oi

x ihiRE!
~t 7 ,. -

S-.. -.
' C'l,',
'.I :

der ,s ct
a be i at
ce. QAi be!
tdls. -

-. .
A~lci2~ -~


t-'~O~ t z-

s a,

lO~ f-~d





PIrl. ~t.u




*- .^-

Ena "





** fr" -.
*; ";.



.- <


*Jif i:

W -.,I
Iule ,. K r

a" ,p


II You

iell' em... When You Tell'em thnlru R Cass
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" SGrt i -Panama "

No. 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 1-2291. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

Via Espaia No. 34 Panam. R. P.
(BDea Visa ?keLn Us)a

Agencia Interacional de Publicacioaes
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199

10.059 Me I. Phone 2~ ',A it..

"H" itvqr toudlant, I j
Phones 2-27 98
.' k".... ', J


Household Automobiles D. ~ my6 M a iik ll Houses on beach, I
Webe Aleoete Aleeplmou S in COOL Cama:son
FOR SALE'-Household goods con- FOR SALE: 1951 Mercury, low 2081 De. C. t Phone MrA' B
slsting of Bendix upright portable' mileage, extras. $1,300.00. Cris- or see
wahrer, v''etinghouse refrigerator tool 3-1339. DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
dresser, ciEt drawers, metal din- i Central -Avenue "K" St, corner. Foster's Cottoages.
tab', poceain top tAL:--1950 Ford Pick-up, Telephone 2-3479, Penal' l Santa Clara. Please
,ing tables, porcelain top table 21 cduty paic, good tires, body In Tlehon linen Phone Balboa
choirs, wicker choirs, rockers, very good condition, nd runs very A VISIT TO THE SANM LAS
electric cocks, wall cabinet, stands, good. This is hot a sunk, $900.- ISLANDS. SEPTIMIIR 11. 19, 20 WILLIAMS' Santo Clar t-
work bench, desks, tripod. Day- 00. 1947 Ford in good condition. The trip of our life. A Jungle Jim toges. Large, comfrtob
light screen, 0528-A, Guayacan. Clecn inside and out. Excellent Jaunt thru the Panama Canal to Co- war beoch. Balboao .i
.Anon 2-3Jji body and point. House 2044-B, Ion Son Bias and Porto Bello! A three weekends.
FOR SALE:--Philippine Rattan liv-1 Curundu. Tel. 83-6161. day trip aboard the Hotel El Panama's Gramlich Santo qlasi
ingroom et. Philippine dining set. R SALE- 9Pecodor. Leave Balboa Friday 6 a.e toIon Electric
Call 2-2900 after 5:30 p. m.; new top nd set m., arrive Colon 2:30 p.m., leave moderte rates. Te
House 0778-G. Williamson Place inew and brakes have been Colon 9:30 p. m. for San Bas nd Smboa; 4-567. P
ine and brees have been OvTr- Porto Belle, returning Colon Sunday
FOR SALE:--Westinghouse refriger- hauled. $2S0.00 and take up pay- afternoon. Through the Canal Maon- --li Oceanside
.a'r, 9 cu. ft. 25 cycle $60.00. ments. See Willard at Shore Petrol day 6 a. m. returning to Balboa. C ox 45I 43i,
.*Holde. St., 1479-B, phone 2-4213 Heodquarters on phone "25-2471 Meals catered by El Panama. a.Br-
*Bo.boa. Panama 2-0508. slacks, shorts* bathing Wuit, jacketFO
FOR SALE:--9 pc. mahogany dining FOR SALE: 1950 Oldsmobile 76. flippers and spears for underwater
set. Ivory color mahogany chest of' Duty po.d. Fine condition, radio. fishing, and your camera and rolls
drawers ana night table. 1Oth St. May be seen throughout day at of color film. Please make reserva- O
,Porque Lefevre No. 27. Bolboo Garden. $,,250 cash. Must tions early through your Travel FOR RENT:-Two Houe,
-FP _ALE e ---- sell soon. Ask for Johnson, Agent, or Jungle Jim Price at Pan- fished, at m, b
FOR ALE:--Love seat "hide a bed am 3-1660. Special price for groups n ise, a m, be;
Lawson tvpe, slip covers, $22.00. FOR SALE:--Oldsmobile 4-door se- of 10 to 16 people. yond 01rraiyin, Til lW, l 2756.
Tel. 2-12C5, house 285-A, corner; dan, 1949, model 76, excellent 10E -- F p l. liv
Gorgos Rood, Herrick Rd. mechanical condition, excellent American lady, speaks Spanish p*r- FOR RENT: nint liv-
F-M -SALE: -----/--de rw o tires, pa.nt in good condition, new fectly, desires room with kitchen C r idinigroop i o th i -
FOR SALE: MoM wardrobe in seat covers, original owner, 11.000 facilities, with a nice family, will "* gr-pgW, tSlhot o-
;perfect condition, 'Cowes" $50.00. miles. Telephone Panama 2-3067. pay thirty five dollars. ($35.00). te. 2 block*' Hotel El Pon-
Two children's wardrobe, $6.C00 Tel. 2-441 (am. No. 93 V r. spaia, beside
510.00. Via Esparia No. 54, Apt. FOR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet Sedan. Tl. 2-441 (Bolboo.. __-- f M_" f *
4 Good conrdton. Call Bolboa 2- AMATEURS ATTENTION: One
-C------- 3i07. Harvey-Wells V.FO. and'P FP a n
FC, SALE-Here are some bargains. Adpter various and sundry Tubes
All porceiain Frigidaire 9 cu. ftFCR SALE:-- 953 Chrysler Custom nd parts, all in perfect condition, Ait
23 cycle with unit, only one year Imperial Seoan, power brake, tor- 2610-A Coali perfect condition,
old. $83.00. Bendix automatic! que converter, aut-trons. radio, t built "Usn
w.-wher. 23 cycle with motor 1ntt tinted glass, white wall tires. Phone Cristobol-Colon Humane Society h 'O .Iust built moder
ovorhou!ed, $90.00. Two 25 cycle 3- 594. evening Coco Solo 579 dogs, cots. kittens who need homes Oa m l tdwo bT. TelS us
motors 1 IC-220 V rep.-ind. 1 H.P. FOR SALE-1950 Sport d Luxe desperately, all sizes, colors, sexes. *Panam
540 00, 2 H.P. $25.00. Kitchen Mercury, oal extras. Phone Curun- Shome spay and alters. l Gve thm vmAPA NT
cahinet $5.00. Apply before 6:00; du 5245.hey will give y ov AAiMIt I
d Inm. 867 Morgan Avenue, Bal- and companionship. Help those who Mloden 2.4, 5 rooms, f.umish
Poa. FOR SALE:-1942 Oldsmobile, duty cannot help themselves, they need or -uafmmhifli- Call at Alhambra
.b ---- -- paid. House 2047-B, 3rd St., Cu- you. Office 8 ). 10th Street, Colon.
rundu. Telephone IS38.
FCR SALE:- Seville refrigerator, 25 run[u.________6.
cy'e, good condition, cheap. No. FOR SALE FOR RENT: Two dooo part-
1059, Apt. 'B," La eao. z FOR SALE aMse .o t in a br i four Ir. .
FO R SALEE;:--2 cycle, ll cu.h-ft',ss; noc -- -- ici ia A"f- A
E SALE:-2 ccleI Icu. t gentina, El Corlg'iljd :F0 9r,
S Vestinghouse porcelo n refriger- M rcvlesa FOR SALE:-1951 Nash Rambler n a 3-
ator, defroster clock, good condi-i r Station Wagon. New tires and bat-
fico; toidspot dry closet, both FOR SALE-Indian Chief Motorcycle, tery, $1,450. 5 piece livingroom FOR REN ;--Nic ry fushed p i-
$65.00. 25 cycle washing ma- complete extras. Juan B. Soso St. set, $165. 100 New Hampshire jnent including e firof r, 2-
ch;ne, gcoS condition. $35.00. Of- No. 2. Rodio Arciniegas. Telephone Pullets, -5 months -ol. Telephone bedrooms; porch, ,dii
fice B.olboa 2-2158. Home Pedrol 2-5426. Panama 3-579.. room, kitchen, i nit4ry service o
Miguel 4-686. _FOR SALE:-1952 B.S.A. Star twin FOR SALE:--Boxer puppies, Central a ; $00.00 Suitable for tw
FCR' SALE: Modern "Maid apart- motorcycle. Full race engine. 649 Avenue No. 154, Panama, upstairs cliLo s. Apply M s ,' .Lakf5 -
trent stose. International Harvester Cascado Road, phone 2-4408. Tel. 2-5297., -
refriger:atc, 7 cu. ft., bed com-j FOR SALE: $295.00, Baldwin
Huse 14, Ith Street. San Fron- FOR SALE piano. Excellent condition. House 5r
S House, 14, 1 2tt Street,. Son F'ran- FOR SALE dwnstairs, Calls 9 d Noviembre,
plate. exPeama. n
S Real Estate' c a. FOR
-_____7FOR SALE:-Beautiful stamp, col-
FCI SALE: Servel Refrigerator, 7 FOR SALE:---Chalet in Son.Frincjs- election, Uderwood -typewriter, ex- .
:9t. Albrook, Quarters 243-B.! co, 2 bedrooms, $13,000. Agen- cellent condition, cheap. Appl
-: -e 86-7192. cias Thcmas. Central Avenue 259. Bryon, phone 2-4013, Panama.'
FC .' LE:-5 creamcolored porch Tel.3-1069 FOR SALE:-wo trunks, good co-
hl freshly painted, like new edition. Curudu. Tel. 5176. coI unmred
i- ^tL.^d^-.i^ LOST & FOUN~D FOR SALE:-El.ctric Singer portable 45tht fS^ ^

.. -- Lr____ telephone 2-4473 or Panama 2- quarters 2032-8, 3rd St. Curun- r1f
Fr SALE --F neirpoda in.25 efre- FOR SALE:--Packard Bell combina-
F -B d Ba Street.a CurunHu se dtion. 2 wave radio, record polyer,
Scycle 25.00. Dg Ixer er r ecorder and P. A. system, all the new-
F SALE:-Boy's crib. youth's bed a-- portable case fr $125, Tel. 2- FOR RWT:-Stoes pace, Ideol for
Modernistic, complete. Must sell.i 1988 oe r 3-2506. buslnes pura or to
752-D,Bboa Tel. 2-2722. e ives Th FORSALE :-Americn .bicyclesnew an7th.St.r
-eyer old $1 Hoi nd Balboa AuV.
nss condition f or $35.00 each, size 0rs.8ai 0.
telephone -2 6. Tel. 3-2506 or 2-1988. Tel. me tdir",

-. mRserve Officers W25estern Envo cy .
"r rye e W FOR SALE:--2PAKC registered Cock-
f All Services BELGRADE, Yugplavia, Sept r Spanieks, black, I male, female, ||,
I f All Ser vc B G (UP). Evoyab the pnit- 2 yr. old, excellent with children; I
RM n. Dance Tonight.ed States, Prance land Britain Zeeith cmdio-phonogrph (3
Yu goslav i s eill ed on; u U dr- speed) combination, consolyer, 25
First Lieutenant John F. Os- secret of Poreigu Affairs, ordeal radi, 25 P 6A syste, mall
tWr USAR. the Chairman of the Bebler today, presumably be seen at Quarers 30 2- FO :--Si e,
rmaderneist committee. re- to disscusYugoslavia's quarrel Clton anytime. Tel. No. C o gy to
Isthmuas Including those on ac- the dispute a Trieste Ihre bef rcl t
1t; 4odor* tbat 'they and their No details of the conference Sealed -bids, for opening in public, r 4
gxeart e re invited to attend the were disclosed. wil be received until 10:30 A. M., mo
t part and bu october 6195, in th offi988.
et di1nr that is being sponsor- The conference, arranged at. Superintendent of Storehouses, Bol- t&r.1, I
ed b theAir Force Chapter and the quest of the western en- boo, for approximately 392,300 e
tl1e lc"e Side Navy and Army voys, was, held one day aft.?r pounds of Non-Firrous Scrap Me- 0
trhan Sance ona gnd 3,ed Army ftac'llr+ _jl ;. )en :m ?dntPon h con:). .'

Ch'tern of the Canal Zone De- Bebler tol.s Parliament that als and 300 steel drums located at tl
dprtms a fhe Reserve Officers Italy is persisting n maintain- Section 50 B a sorehouse. y niht
,a.,rt tJth .d their NO dtafi8 of the coReerencs ealevd-bids, for open in 6mblyc I '" .... ": .

Aisodtaon of the United ^ states. fr troops aeong the Yugoslave r ved unl 10be obtained .
Ifrontier and warned tt Yugo from the above r source, or from office W
o affair wa wll take stepe If neces- h e of u Superintenden of Storeft por- t fro

TO, ""?."ub's regularlvy Carge DYffairee Woodruff Daphniae. Send us your'namend Si L*Didl:l ..d-fi
hei Form a e will ai ner mt with eer today ddres an we will moil yo.
at 7:00 pm..t o te In Driftwood sary. os eone 2-1815.

Ue tndve-stz~lponUed a nce w -tidl _ti n copy of "A Longife and a (dti t Of ab
T f Wed dm. in Tgerfl Wedding a 46 C

*Charge .jairet Woodruff Daphni- Send us your'n biandl
4 1 + ........ -.. ll .ay. address nd we w1Jill mail yp" f_
i C W. ,campM, A.tdo. ZZ" 1Co2


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ve only 0two

ad Cot iLohs-|

Panam* |

4re-u n C on

14 4 ,.. r 'r I

S..Cor L .r

Jut .Oc.IW444

*'rI. .-0140 .
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5 .: .

and Vft
. rggn


. .;;

r Just as your 1
printr dtler
**ryone o l*e. year t
Individual mand persi
.r plan for restores~
Is individual and uMdsr
t to tiY Ou reilt
blrrfit. qf nw lw ting


- -S


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'i's, U'e




7' '

._-' .A .

..ei jE Ma For -Ya ee Fans


battig then
bat other,
.. clee


7 ,

;'P l un
A"A.:(~_..~~-...1 ` .Y ~

a eT W'IMie return from i, re
ra Iwho lmb e won the Amer a*L
p at one tit or, another. Shown g
ns,. left, had tth title in 1947
940; and Billy oodman, 1950. ( A) .
f ., .

ariinSi8 G4 i*Chappipon Of N
[ag .k i -ib** _* _


, Iw r

. ,

Is '

5 Wsr e~~a, j;~ ~.j-



.-"rrt: I~

The Coeon Boxtig Commi sian
yesterday afternoon approved
the Federloo Plunuer versus
Corky Goables bout for Sept,
20 at the Colon Are a.
The two bay riged to make
a weight 1 p ofu 122 pounds
tior ste shedaled tea rend
An excellent supporting card
has been drawn up by promoter
Enrlque Martin. The other bouts
Indude a ten round semifinal, a
six rounder and a four round
Kid vans will continue* along
the comeback trail In the sec-
ondary attraction against Leslie
Thompson at 127 pounds. The
hard-hitting Evans could end
this bout before It reaches the
limit it he lands one of his hay-
A si-rome d "special" pits
galMl t Chh Anderse at 136
pounds anastalg SL takes
e on e Je San en the four-
a round prellanaary at a weight
I limit of 1i pmofads.
S General admission will be
$- 1.25. children and boxers Sl.
reserved ringside s5 and general
b rnagside o$.

SSoorts Shorties

* kept
Former baseball and race track
ae owner Larry MacPhall has sued
I ask the Bowie Track In Maryland for
loner $257,000 on charges of breach of
ee contract.
MaPhald--a former president
SLa- o the e York Yankees was
er at president of Bowie until last A-
Sept. pril when he was ousted after
being arrested on drunk and
disorderly c.hge In his suit,
s- MacPha u cares the Southern
t Maryland Agicultural Assoca-
:i t tlon owne fr Bowie with
faallne to i him for race track
Layne mahier. MaPhall saybe
mined rented the machinery to the
tiecs" track of a monthly basis. The
where fieryifportsa n also seeks rein-
hrely bursement for travel and secre-
tarial expenses.
rring -oOo-6
A new record will be set every
#ae a Natinlal Leaguer hait. a
ome run tor the rest of the
11 13se-n.
e senir circuit topped the
majr league mark for homers
by oe league in a sason when
four players connected Thurs-
daL. Wayne Belardi of Brooklyn
hit homter w umber
1,101 for the season to too the
mark of 1,100 ot in 1950. Belr-
dil's hit arainst Cincinnati -
came after Jim Greengrals and
Gus Bell of the Redlesw homer-
ed to tie the old mark. Enos
Slaughter of t. Louis blasted
oIl after Belardi to raise the
total to 1.102.
,The Ametrcan League record
for home runs In one season Is
973, also set lit 1950.

Sports Briefs
(By V. P.)

Defending chaBlzOm Maureen



Carl Furillo of the Brooklya is n record that Wbes gmag
take a belt at Leo Durocher of the Giadts firs ebhte et ..
"op the street, in the field, anywhere I find him." To w t
Giants' manager fearlessly retled: "ine. Il be eady for him."
At first the Idea occurred it mgl& be an erXelm idM e tor
Jim Norris, IBC monopolist, to match thm in an tal on the
Marclano-La8tarza card to be held in the Polo foa k Jter tMs-
month. On second thought. the idea wu ahan aM Tn
wouldn't appeal to the red-blooded fight crowd.
When a little flger, or pinky, is the only eaualtty a a fld
bothrods melee which involved some 50 grs n men Jn variou
roles, as was the case the other afternoon beor S was re-
stored and the two principals ordered from the ild, the light
fan Isn't likely to be excited over the promise of a reti. Le
them play post office.
As you've undoubtedly noted most tights be
rM to a pattern. It Is rare when anyone gets h mt
happen it the two benches remained passively d t a
guess. Possibly there'd be fewer militant gesturel for as -wl
As it is, a belligerent can always count on mae prpotecMve t er-
No sooner does a player charge another, threa. t ing phyl ala
obliteration, than he is restrained by a teammate or al uelb
the while smilira pacification s being applied to hs lntnded-
xictim. Thus all Is sound ad fury. There is a sapgtlon sora
buch guaranty is written into the players's contract.

S' Weak Sisters Safe
Practically the only time a player gets banged up or his utd
la when he injudiciously carries his bellcosity beyond th ld
where he is unable to depend on the customary proe-ules,
to the conclusion that a ballplayer's growl is much more meue*
Ing than his bite.
Earlier in the season Ferris Fain came out of a night-claI
brawl with a busted duke. This implies that the White lan find
baseman, later suspended, at least threw one punch. fMe the
details were sketchily reported, what, if anythinL happened It
the other fellow Is not known.
Only thing unusual about the Furlilo-Durocher flareup wi
that the Brooklyn Mtflelder, a It developed, had ber watMi
since 1940 to give eprealon to the low esteem in which he haold
the Giants' manager, to whom he Imputes responsibility for a
beanball pitch delivered by Sheldon Jones.
As a demonstrating of restraint this was admirable, but as
any Frcudian could hle told Furllo such self imposed diUsiplin
is a tMreat to normalcy, Inviting neurosis, nervous disorders ad
eventual sentpl erackup. Hence, the sooner he seeks out Dmeo*
cher and belt him the better for his general health, as well, it
you listen to some, a large segment of the ablic.
Whether on this occasion the Giants' rookie pitcher, Ruben
Gooms, deliberately tried to hit Furllo is a question oaly the tr-
mer canaswer. eould have been pure aoident or mental
deluloy ga4 byv Nir=1.o's continuing .prosso.
UaUr It As no caedemt when a close Idtch drives a lodhlit
ter back a the plat or hits him, and at the to e,ia wis
leading the NL in hitting. This is standard procedure and D
cher's pitchers are neither the worst nor least offenders.

And Beanballs
That the better pitchers can generally put the ball whae
they want to is attested by the fact they seldom conk a poor hit
ter. When that happens you can be positive it la accidental. I
wouldn't be hard to show that Durocher abuses the practice be-
cause he's been involved in so many. yet he could argue with Jus.
tification he's fighting fire with fire.
Fo W4 ils retolember the beanball has been a p
lem. u b e oflooming up the hitter so he can't d a
and get a fothold at tb.e Is as old as the game itself. Ze-
member Ioward Ehike tl me Ty Cobb, as manager of De- '
troit, had a system of fines for pitchers who failed to knock down
a hitter Wen so ntroted, the trainer keeping tab in a book,
the collecton.
Recently Walter O'Maller president of the Brooklyns, zpp@-
ed the umpire be given total authority to detmin hen .
pitcher was throWl at a hitter's head, and that the penalty b-
Immediate ejection from the game. Well ienentoned but of d M-
ous feasibility.
Except when fm intent Is obvious and the action repetittoa
(and the ruln allr cover this) how is the umpire to knw for
sure when a P obr ts deliberately throwing at the hitter's head,
without begin a d rea der?
No umpire bab d beM sbect to ugly insinuations, nescaple
if. so empowered, he rmi e team A's star poher in a
situation therebrajamkg t much ease for team B to win. a
malt be a bette way, oe that s less tempting to human f .

-- '- ; '
: .... ..'_,_ .- .\ "
^ ._ 1> 1 7 tt'X wa

Lh^ W *^ ;6 ^'

! w -: "- '.'7 '
S .. .. -


We nk lIan with guaranW p -rst mortgages
e their e,.,- 1

.. .^ r

.,,-- .
.. .

. '.p f t 1

Born 182-

with a


a period

eMlry and


f 4
.. '


'. '







4. TO"

- .r *



J I'

:I. ~"-, :55~s~91
eu,.l~ ~sr ~

Colon Boxing Commission OK's

Plummer-Gonzalez Fight Card.

I r



-' ',-
*. I '' t

General Hull

Will Atiempt


Gene. John Edwin Hull, one. l ethe pr'spl know th truth and the country is se" Abraham inecoln.
of the Army's top strategic plan-
ners and atomic warfare ex-
perts; has been given the most 1'ENTY-EIGHI II YEAR PANAMA, R. P.. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER P. : CoZx"
difficult job of his military care-
er attempting to negotiate
a Korean peace with the Com-

)9 ,-I-ArmySays Mcharthy Gaveou, tJt
President Eisenhower bypassed r ysM c agencvey.
big name r generals yesterday to
pick the virtually unknown Hull
to succeed Gen. Mark W. Clark as
Supreme Allied Commander in
the Far East. Hvll, now Army
vice Chief of Staff; will report
Restricted Booklet on USSR
in Tokyo about Oct. 1 for a pe-RestI cV Booklet n USSR
riod of briefing in his new job ..
before Clark retires Oct. 31. WASHINGTON Sept. 12 (UP) is the same" although the Pen- celved "less cooperation from Th A report oalh w nri-
A'h Supreme Commander also -The Army said today Sen. Jo- tagon's attitude is "much better the military than from any oth- parBy the IPsm iSce aimo
of United Nations forces in Ko- seph R. McCarthy showed re- since Eisenhower. took over." er agency." O tE Puart Hom 1 B M a16 a
rea, it will be the 58-yea--old porters a military pamphlet on He said the document In The Army's carefully-worded lJas;u 1igW2.
general's task to mastermind the Soviet Siberia while it still car- question was "only a small answer to McCarthy was Issued t tM o aI bl
ne-otiations with thn Commun- ried a "restricted' label and was part of the Communist propa- after day-long discuason s that u -A '-t -dhl f o{ tile i.Wt p0-S
Lists at the forthcoming Korean subject to espionage laws. ganda used over the past five- reached al the way up to BOere- pIV which wl he militarily use-
political conference. The Army also denied McCar- ten-fifteen years to educate tary Robert T..Bte S.I case ofwWar."
,e of l thy's charge that the document, the military in the idea that Earlier this week ievena had doarthy photosta- ..
The soft-'soken general told which now has been declassified, communism really is a pretty agreed, after a oonferenee with te pli Meday
a reporter he "apprecis the was "clear-cut Communist prop-, good system." Mlarthy,. to whether the iA rt
resnnsibilte nd difficult 3ganda He accused "political people" Arr* should hand the senator talAall ll th of aotmu- aoe 51 I t.
problems ahead." In the Pentagon of trying to names qf perpsoa who gave se- n34m, with an odaaonal sap on PrO I
B t a d. with a cl It said any such conclusion -s 'cover up past mistakes" and purity clearct to two civilian te ,wrist."
But he dedn witr a tv-1 refuted" in a section of the study said his Senate permanent nves- workers adsd4 of being -
.P-estre of firmness. Iwil'.i. that the Wisconsin Republicsan tigating subcommittee has re-nmunista He demand4kb a aw who
.vie it all I've Pot to give." '. did not make public.tgai uomitena re-munistHe s eand b kno w wo-.

es hreteeScentCunt' aWould Have Split GOP
of behin.-te-sceneAs fobs. said the Army of trying to "whte- Elsenhower accepted t r b
fr the w Pents n honored" to be wash and cover past mistake" e m e t .
oder",teWd Far F"ern Co- s of Democratic administrations. tthI elor e r r
m-"is r and '"to follow in the He said the document is "95 perte 'rh nth
fro*ttens of siloh great le-lers cent Communist propaganda," El3T
as Chperl hMacArthur. Clark but "'whenever they're called to
per1r.ellv. the hurlv. bald-headcd part''hnich' go whl condemn "
Pamel k one of the most loved and Communism." .h i L
reetedi eMcCarthy said that was the a.
It was "E" Hll who handled practice "under the old T
the Army's far-flunq ooerationq administration" and "the pattern WASHINGTON, Sept. 12 (UPI
-h --' frPresident Eisenhower accepted Ali
from the Pentqon command Martin P. Durkin's resilatognt'Tnh
post durl World War 1 as as- GovernorLaw after the ex-labor secretary pro- Of'
sistant Chief of Staff of Opera- NJpvrnorosed Taft-Hartley amendments 'to
tLons. that would have rocked the Re-s : Is
After World War 11. Hull he S ool n Vie publican p log-t oll-
Atert on neWeapons.u eal straIlteykl, t f Mtht -- .1. '
perts on new weapons. eXnr %Wd.Akn' ink .... a
Tar nnkinlt in

In the spring of 1948 he com
handed the ioint task force con
ductin" atomic tests at Entwe
tok. He then served for tw
years as director of the weapnr
systems evaluation Proup in th
office of the Secretary of De
Hull's last bie field command
was from 1946 to 1947 when h
served as commander" pRenper
of Armed Forces in the YMiddl
Pacilfc and commander of th
Hiwalian' Department wit
headovarters at Fort Shafte
While his letter years hav
boen devoted to strategic olan
nine. Hull started his rollitar
career as a fightthg infantry
man. Following? his eradvatio
from Miami University at Ox
ford. Ohio, where he starred
football player. Hull was con
missioned a second lieutenant I
the Infantry.
He fought In several of th
big offensives during World Wi
I. and was awarded a silver std
for his gallantry In capturing
vital bridge during the Aisne
Marne offensive.

I .

^ *' -s .

_is~~,.' ...U6

IVi U lRIm I JV tion of Durlf 'q sden bu ad --5 -
- ture as union aders d
I- WASHINGTON, Bept. 12 (UP) open warfare on the Elaenhower
e- White House officials are administration over revision of
Vo considering Gov. Alfred E. Dris- the labor-management law. One
ns coll of New Jersey and Dean labor official snapped that Dor-
he Clarence Mannion of the Notre kin's successor will be known as
- Dame Law School as possible "the secretary of Taft-Harule6 .
successors to Martin P. Durkin In Detroit. the UAW-CIO execr
id as Secretary of Labor. informed utive board adopted a resolution
l sources reported today. commending Durkin for his
le "courageous action in pointing
e The sources emphasized how- out to the people of this nation
h ever. that many other persons that there is no place in the big
h would be considered before a business-dominated Washington
r, final decision is made. scene today for the voice of the
Driscoll is not seeking re- working man and the policies of GN. Scretar -f
se election this year and Mannion organized labor." Martin Durkin hb s *l
is a well-known expert in labor Administration sources said it s a fi.otae ainet, and
- law was almost a foregone conclu- the sgnWto ha been s-
S M whil Durkn'sion that Eisenhower will go out- ceP~ti by Rdert Z gea-
S Meanwhile. Durkln's sudden side the ranks of labor to fill h Dulgt aoppnt
s resignation left bitter feelings the post left vacant by Durkin's hI en U.caue ats m~
Though Durkn himself seemed gnaton Thursday. Durkin
n to take it calmly accused White House aides, and Demaetat and avowed Ste Pn-
The 59-year-old mild-manner- indirectly the President. of re- r ppor.
e ed Irishman was due in Chicagoneglng on promises to back his
ar today to discuss union business Taft-Hartley changes. Hall, who Slew west with them,
r as head of the AFL plumbers But the President was said to also. as oomulted.
Sa job he returned to promptly feel that acceptance of Durkin's Varin was the lone te"en-
e at 9 a.m. yesterday. Durkin, in poposals would have endanger- Boo r en 'and the on "
talking with a reporter, appear- "e OOP's plans to shift more I ti Bienhower
ed unperturbed at quitting the power to the states and to do its pacce r is not
cabinet post. beat to build up Republican ad i 'Democrat, but O
strength in the normally-Demo- po m tegihtste probal
But the CIO Auto Workers cratic South. p, Sjttore going
Union executive board passed a While Durkin proposed 19 the bQtlic faith or aueg
resolution charging that Dur- Taft-Hartley amendments, the sor
kin's resignation showed "the center of dispute appeared to.e etiteUe the Labor lDiAt
nation that there is no place in a proviso aimed at barring the t w beingdirected ~V
the big business-dominati states from passing anti-union Lloyd A. Mahurn
Washington scene today for the shop laws. The Taft-Hartley law who al e would remain 1
voice of the working man and dQes.not ban the union shop but acting ardtar ntil E b
the policies of organized labor."it does permit individual states tr n
tto bar It. a ne w aho
t Of Living Observers said that any change the 10 Tt-Hartley cha i,
Cost Of Living.the present federal statute expe to.rein after a..
would be sure to arouse the ireessor named
Rises For Three o uthern states. a at congressional
Qnly a few weeks ago, Alaba- Dermadeear that th oinat
ma became the 12th state to out- to use'the Durkin inidenst
Straight Months law the union shop. Union offi- political ri
rials have become increasingly poie. urSndet R. Maybf" -
alarmed at the trend. Be. BBEne Myb
8.C.) said mor of the 00
NEW YORK, Sept. 12 TP) Durkin, who returned to his er cas mn would fol w '
Living costs rose .6 per cent $20,00-a-year job as head of the e said that since takin
from mid-June to mid-July, ac- AFL Plumbers Union, refused to le Republicans have *
cording to the consumers' price identify the White House aides n for culture o
index of the National Industrial with whom he said he had his for labor, nothing forum
Conference Board. chief quarrel. But it was learned ness p
that he referred principally to nes and noth o the
It was the third straight Bernard M. Shanley, White t*
month in which an increase was House counsel who Is playing a -._
shown. The index showed a .1 leading role in shaping the ad- 1 500 Snriners
per cent increase from July, ministration's Taft-Hartley poll-
1952. The new figure was .2 per cy. M t I' i
cent below the all-time high Eisenhower and his aMides M et frid
recorder in August. 1952. wanted Durkin to read a letter TALLAHASE, Sept. 11 ~ P)
The 'ndex showed the pur- to the AFL cotiventibn in St. Some 1,500 North
chasing power of the dollar at Louis Sept. 21, outlining the ad- Shriners, repreatng
54.9 cents, as it was a year ago, ministration's stand on Taft- from ensAcola to j
compared with 100 cents In the Hartley. The letter was in three gathered bae today for
base year 193. sections-one on changes the nual cemon to be
The index is compiled from a adnsupported, one Mcrocco Tar of
monthly survey in 20 cities. on asmnw t A utwas consider- A hlit q tite
ingv' end e third on proposals will be a colrful
Wti Il It thad rnketed. morrow hen Gov.
SDurkin t to have the Carthy will make his
SPresidest more of his ie appram since he
W akc h Th e W h e els ,*a vea d ding? W" t jb. .J'7,l1
Rufni othersL tr- sipdent Claudett Colb ri
9I I Mchurd Wi Atty. Gen. i. .j t-nf^ 't
Herbert Jr.; preidn- ju
M NDON, Sept. 12 (UP) trial auda=t erman Adams,
Pl dDavis, A was fined lnky, a a Ids eral In Car cde
_0 for driving h motorimd maIr
Wr whils under the in. slMenhower .al ant confer- .c ,
fl ff O ., red e M WU Pl denfs -'
1311 told 0 he-and a 71- Denver retiet O a born moaio
year-old pnd who was found po ble i W
rId t' Is rof attached to Th eweeoI
s pree.
l .k ,-% .- 2-'
., ., P i,"
-.-... .- f \. d,-.:-'- :-* ^ .-,.'... .. ,- .. *w .: .+ Ji

SIM" :.
I ~Ii

,4 :-..,
':. q .. .-...

Gcarthyi p-
. AH-dnrii futii~~~~iiii~~~ .*.1

Swa set ort# M
ble to

. '

' .

4 r':
i r

:4;. -Y
'' 'Ur

.. .
..i. .. -'

Knroa Pparc 4' 1Y



--r--------- 1-

K. ot


-'' ~'

- -'-;

; ,. .,
a [

~. '7
CI. ~W