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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Para c And Dleheaders Ferry Ramp Red Return

Lead U..'s H iiy Program US-Raters 23 M
MCRCAGO, Sept. ( P)-.The Lwo-thirds of AatilL. Besides breadda records th. Replaced O J M ore
Labor Dayta l U off to Forecasters ad the plea heat was blamed more than
a slow start bat safety weather would t thpual the 120 deaths. -
experts warned 411Ar P ay.t Wldespread fraio nied The replacement of US-rate
die on the. ae thit ose M dwetMe a n dvhaanden cal .pt- ferry ramp operators by local
M In um" B Midwera Zu ic *|rli a a
aALBAeekB l ~ he l Mdwsl sratBr w original scheduled for
bse at eral months ago but postpon-

Son C^she o .0t1,a1 1t0S 1F oe timer bls fearede, hld ^ br. The ^ SanP s ro m ied2 Amercans bwc
Sof 440 highway, deiamb bF aldd mane of cold ai from Canada a.wU begin traininR pt. 14. oal to freedom today ad the Reds said they wils return 11e
Sw o te Iar ls Alcr een t r a ar d, will be made effective Sept.
Sco e weather and roll aro almost 20, the Panama he 18 the Companyes d announced earlier in the day
Srd 00 *e- them from v ea Bg S w e S i
SA far asaony afederal expe! t A total of nine local raters will
_tfek Wra' 4n = eem t
Smang O looked orwa to tra- r y ae ed to hohday period began tor ed PAMUN Korea Sept. 5 (UP
opf 440 o hI *u 1tdo fcol W fd ei fromCana will begin training Set. 14. to freedom today and the Reds said they will t
OsSeM wilti hea th acraetd a re eoSrd- hea t Alice. Tex., a heavy rain It was reported tbut the local
need WA es8waire o a creek to overflow its rater will receive 7 cents an more tomorrow, last day of the prison
SThe oel *1es, stae m tat a weather etire hd tn and roll across almost hour. compared to the $f.18 the Both sides had announced earlier in the d
c aorada 4ole0 000 W th ou Mcal po4s0tem-. mie pof the own Abour -ters are pair Operation Big Switch would endproed to reat
trake to the rlhw In te petur, du ols d orerat were forced to flee Oet US-rater wil be retained
Sta~s o f ndh p- er lm s maintenance" ramp ope sun bakel village where truce negotiators arhave
S .. Ot kr lwe looked ad ato t th holiday -period began tOo. eane
oth4 : latt tidn r o b af- e'l p y w sd to speatd to ioedt raters to long-aWaited exchange.
, .. -. dal Iparades out a- reach an bod 1 it- Amer cans planned to get n local rate to
ad1 etU oi fo~re t he lobn the Canal ComayIm s Tnumber of Americans repatriated todath noeaphe
h Fr I swimming. I aurt her e alr e outn rtee g largefht in r ne day since B m ef the
uson^i ( I tO aPufm ha oW Th- a hta OW council sidt it e x-dalu R of the foeneral rAcc t i t tr tu medom tA at e days ad
tI .' I u mt rcord volume of hi .lt tfiuce to utle ulfled o- With the return of110 Americans tomorrow, t4
,. l .tr II :e6emt om ,So.lthe tdi- l- e. help wherever omle. Communists will have freed 3596 captured U.S. sr
AMON aldamN76enfN btandeaed oyatto-echool.rush from Trhe C oUdaInstituted the
,. .,;..... da oledS of thea ma oa. -on Labor y. with the m reoat e- men,2 men, 283 above the 3313 they had promise to repatrio.
anatds Psothrm with the massreo ar-e
S aers said the weather meant of Urate truck driver by The Communists
T'b: r... "'-- -n be n U eraly pleasant boh raters.ed phy l re d hoe Communis t ha t
'ft Dthea. UnnfOrteweek end Th tUS-roe ferry remo oner- i. e ed.,Tent i
r --wit temperatures moderating tors have already been res-. ed. Twenty-five w
Ft emeeratuanre'r more will be released tomorrow
"s downrilht oold In some R a sof s922.
pA o sf 2rbArsh tedr by the Canan Koren Co nist The last of the South Kore

new parer 0x t"'I HIke th, one Dn pa decoron for John F. S n Sarport to weome Dean. medCommunists w ere fre y.
One Sh toI m h1whoif~: h ma rrcTwo of the finald1 e
a ouo f 11. ~ COW wearined tares.
Fore MToday oTy

c ^andd ote 'fficals tra a- t day for a thorough med- from the lead to a
NMIiPorn M4oheol todr o b train lool examination to determine core Reds who stirred
e Onb ro to M cow1 Peiping wh al three years' imprison- riots on soae l atea a r
tdVolrad i th o sor d i a id. rplen by the Communist s had However. the U.N. a red
ou e tw mineotraffica-dher eal The broadcast said the K n harmed h rugged physical sys- assre d e tommue ni the a

--'Ae o" pe w11n Wllrhie an elderly man who has walk- chaniDed to a uvecllal train put The "f htiet general ofe te
hobl hr eao a Uwea d b e de his way at their disposal by the soviet t Korean war had

n soe les thak de On tl ilybea ndiwrs ofolus IB* Dean wa es chogov rtheemo- beeni war prianner the iOnh
putting of a brush In Curundu t Central America, across .n hs wred fen e some 60 North m n
An engineer said d mn e ted States and frm Por- Forpiun Minister Namc r was emerged from Fifth Air Force refused to go home

pH and om oute s~ hii hlm)0il ha -r fi t Beorn thire oelan It bes t dleslaG. repruael
ised hs wito s L i had.a o hVatican City, ws included in the part according to an ert nal ane turned over to thea
^^^^^^i^^^^^ sn the oIfi l ound ro When "d why the Order of Plus X in ton the broadcast. de's personal plane to custodial comr
inthebC ithoe o y n.hiaamlaTe.-GB CaO t p en. Wallac H B es. The most famouspr gove et "e
'bboulght three Za of dikt ahd labor a tdoter b mor tove actlr eomtroller ad Cs- be-o rte .st eled s
some ga rden iS to g t- Iof 1r "Dy" on l l ate eight lx l r Itu Crles L. i rkpatrle mu t ieby t hef i
tedontheol tu he Zthe Cathedral. Leaving thunandlis op mcer o To.o e Ah llireaam F.s
red on the laseadlnewl -the dmot e r to oreMistero em to w otmeray
new Idarterwerat t e o r to wwe s tekeahis"o ~ thetmd second l. thnpttal hWent to Tokyo Interna mi fstlew to
One t t.a Bkm It's the laostf"O lg-bo has d Ijrlio ie d he did neo t o the Ud a
bohtrelie.' Iia .or u. ~A1d 1 goZe Of do u-otoe 1951.t kno howplonDeran would r heost r anknod pasonerw
tohe I I te n to h1 e 9 D re uS le t a load of e f mrn at the Adhosuntal.uo t hurnedt he ret C oa. a.
uiA little white agonAk d of sum a a er e u a bt Cr a Ehl Ong aouslwn Dean ehded te lost
puit wInt ca tchin u of s l hisbohnd thCal Dean. who btuo refused t ito Mwie adelan of o Va
poar theo e re. eS il p e tho o thg e fro t the privileges o his rank. nsist- Calif. and William a
his_"_We like to planour trips to ____________ some from tWe ed on having two enllted men Atlanta, Ga.
the count iy N.esout of Atlans .idpe, wereoon hand Wto- sccompanv him on the short: ror L
w u. "' doors hing tl, season d bear the Papal Nuno. at om ul to Tokyo pt. R. c e
CL i- Swhen WO won't bet mWbed out" ernieroThey were Mier Sts. Allanoe. La.. one of the officers
iAn 'l:ot .hee, f at. 1 psatio0adr Dea rns. cahe
Anothem hew a bi famiy e ctation. Arch- Cook of tonaker. Va.. and .oseobh turned to freedom on thene
opined: rv d i e ckman of Pn- Stupa of Anahola. Hawaii. who last day of h, w
tohroayistn ws cche her fth
ohTh udeoa Plwm qan drive a b the hane a Weot freed with Dean yester- lived to be the c
T Ji b cr qehe ron l. iar.gpdilhwa, is.b1 decorated ant, day.
lesUnl te thvan "lh .au a Order of Plus IX, Dean was choked with emo- been aPrisoerof
So an Uwerk W ehla This iw e tion as he stepped down from in World War f.
gwik61 end. With athrem wn oone decoration ha the plane.
bra'dnendNein we nPanami or the ,"Ihaven't awn mAmtrt- White was elected the
pia"m tm .n lbautomoble Ifs ,tl la l ;- q.f880r m ile cans for three years and I otsiana ostatre legislator I
liewti -.OWNwas-,a priz ato b i-e it at th e -away ham bwrd Arch-
ion ghea tmy. s eurn- award, Arch- IR loal Rpre-don't know what to say." Dean turning from.a uropn
Union ClubMo er or mse on cla ed t ab) said. am y alrealadly e toalotalk." compound but gave
on ay Dean already had told ne Pws- before his th exredent,
o .galaf t ae la. laymen se men at Freedom VIllage. Korea to tao to Kora.
am an the a 01 -he soplnrhheied cool s oo
wh"'ll d 3- mnandllnh iTi his l ving to pro- of hhis capture bthe North K- The Allies were wih
"A-ted.whom1 --.lofod. served here reans on Aug. .. 1960 and of the approxlmate 000 m
The Inter-Amealdomen's work and moa," It. mabe was followed le"9l 60 i life in various places of deten- munirt war prsoe t
Club oa u so that Miththeiotmb
ClubnIs dsmoFDi m4 -onLW Z ; IIIs to n e .r et t sendoff for tion. ed to deliver. Tha
frtande dM -d b mCa al L a -Ina display shortly before the plane lt below the ed a vete
Stor Papal hiervices ul. Dean made a brief speech could be dsosed of s tI
chistrrl.L .- m." Qn .ieuw h hW bleen aw .Ad ranlastion.,to his South Korean Army hon- tomorrow's deadUne
Haom. aA, s.Ito he new nd n r'ktdAbeen active here by or guard.
Car.towel IilR.t ; be homu etd ofc o Tofh the faith, The guard applauded s on- As the exchange drew to
l ,- And b here to created Organsu taneouslv when Dean ended the close. South Korea wa
Borg 1in ww oh. f10 1rm q. Lqf Day. t' -tof the Order of arrie at Toes- talk by thanking them in their to be makingovertu
n Ma. .": hands.
Wu. ii. te V a A Seoul gevernt
Jack Waf More Realism said SouthKo
tr-had been In North Ko

bard. f., K4,1. o r and tps n
..Ese master ControlsehcontactG
A4,were to be turmnd ever
crtqu,%e trainingen-dispahed by the zone eom- mulsrd some.
1ofan' from, the previous maders ,atbw than gs
loArmy, N, a an di:cn y te tU e c to -tr
gto avoi. dt so ensestlo' "ad Hot Weather Helps

- I -

4 p. -

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'*^v- -* -.- *




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*T N ITRIFr 0 B0o 134 PaNaLM A i r P
COLeON 0 oP.c '2 'Iw7 CINTAs| AVeNIlF l*tw(Il *2l.- *I.D ISTI. *ITRIT
34P ManlSMN v? Nrw VOnK *7 'N V
ncat iv us
,O .ix MONe Ni .OANri 0- 0 I 3
*,. *i V* ANIl.. k S ^


The Mail Box is an open forum foi recdtrs oat The Panamo Amer
Sean. Letters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly conti
dentiol manner.
nti you cntribute a letter don't be impatient it it doesn't appear th
mei t a-y. Lefters are published In the order received.
Please try to keep the letters limited to one page length.
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence.
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements os opinion
expressed in letters from reaeeare o
At last I have a gripe, and this is one for the book. We now
have a truckdriver, or gas station operator to grind our glasses.
It has been my understanding heretofore that one had to
have a special examination to be able to work in that section.
But I-ani afraid if this was investigated, you would find he is
some relative of the big boss. I am also wondering if he would
.be the big boss, had he not been a veteran? Yes the boss Is a
veteran from Westbalnk. C.Z., and doesn't know what the word
*"accommodation" means. As for me, I try to go in when I know
[the old gentleman from Cristobal will be there. He at least tries.
We oldtimers. yes we retired oldtimers, feel that we should
iat least have a section, where we could- get our specs, without
waiting weeks and weeks. Or we might have to dig deep in the
eld sock. and go elsewhere. Our old eyes are precious to us Mr
Manager, and we hope to have good service from now on, and
with a smile, "please." We need you, and you need our money,
lets be fair to each other.

Why is it the Atlantic Side people have to be deprived of
'sufficient medical and dental care?
The dental situation here Is very bad, due to the ong periods
of waiting for appointments, we are forced to go to the dentist in
:Gatun (not Panama Canal) where the prices are exorbitant.
,Not only are theyout ut o line with Pan Canal, but also with States
S Why is-this allowed?
We have no choice, so they stick us for all they think they
can get. "Oh, My AchingTooth"

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elements 11 Cape
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27 Chalcedony
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40 Volcano
41 Past "
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MjS Suppose
14 Hospital
*;1 And not
52 Fish sauce
53 Preposition
'4 Dove's cry
.45 Try
5 Profound
47 Abstract being


N lllr
idu I

tions 26 Enclosed car
prefix 27 Enunciate
ending 28 roast
29 Essential
al being
31 Bed canopy
rved 33 Ship jails
epait 38 Plunder
g 40 Upright

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: T IV OL- A Great Double Program...I



Labor News


, Comment

By Victor Riesel

But the are loath to pry n*oe ImI
opUn thel cma n Muo the,-ts ne Zeo d it..e08ite
MeWts ca tbayfmtQub- denyaU..
OSUl. 1Ietway tIsmad the
md Is to rp out the race t weld nd
track rwd, tMh bowling alley Io
= lake m an"berr- and periO wl
a hundred others. -

This is '. record year for
Inuidered iabor leao.T r
As a rule only one or two are
knocked i. This year there
have already been seven. A
griFly cr)) reaped by a cool .
ob, unwrr..d by the political ------ ... -
heat, the Department of Jus- .B. --' -
tiue deportations of millionaire
e thugs, the outcries of column-
ists or Biblical commandments.
Latest to be buried is tough
Tommy LDews, slain chief of
s New Yorks Bronx and West-V Building Service Em-
ployes Union En uplift do- 0
main whini, lumped janitors
aging cha women and racetrack
Sparimutuel gambling clerks an i
ushers into one tightly hek.
And a year ago, almost to the
s day, we buried Johnny Acro-
I poils, murdered .eader of the
teamsters Union in the same
I area. Johny was tough and
Clean and leading for the n ews-
wpaper whe..the* mob mowed ,
him down with two bullets from
D In between these two funeral
developmentss in the life of labor
four unionists were blasted to
, death in St Louis and another
was stuffed into a closed car
while a hose poured monoxide
from the exhaust into the front
seat. f. ,
These vital statistics might
harVeIeen higher !f one or. to ..... le *
hadn't decided to take a 1fg p '..n Europe or quit ;-.
together atbd live cuitlty in that
model sare. round Horlly wood,
Fla., Which the mob
ed when most of Itam lBeach
was in its preneon might, sand -
dune era. 1, tt A -
e,.terWdgtgt-n Invisible Reds

their svim-ae 'there t e
enough vn u t ma tch the By Peter Edsion
old Capone days-ritht down
to the fact that all these tsur- p -
ders and assault to date are Communit
unsolved. WA8HINlQNNEA)-Communist iniln fraternal Insurance ,orgathatioa. new
Tommy Lew A'- friends were' an Wat on well continue thelc dlt i vest nation in 3w k. The t Atit.
shodek.d. One ed that only a threuh a wlB gonlAzed undergrount r "se rf. Ref t a Com lbat da'ts Itt
week ago br had tq d him not to by Attorney General Herbert Bro o mmu e. Party'as t .
be so ambliooa hot to reach boomerang. This is an effort to forced e d e eCiviNl Rights Congfreit as a
for more jurididstion. Another Communist ftont organizations and a l- b adyvion $or arty iem s t bble. -The
said h e had refused to go into munlnd Iesoround groups to registerA- ant s. I ol r is ie to
the territory. bause "Some- i rnment under the Subversive Actl Jefferson hool of. u ri
body sure was gang tp getlil-- trol the oBoarcong "ica Yypout ient of peteaorn, l, st or-the
ed,. and look, AT os- te Whie d o been no rormalTo a r s -l _onl o eg
Wellr Tommye wIsa h b o the ioee too,.mo n e out Communrl- a tor-.f Coa mmunist..
union chief. m For y ei he gangs aons. it has come to light In U 0 n d-* has ee .little Effrt to i that
didn't circulate dt he brone i ee before the SACB. .anduothuroo N anlat l e.o
ta g had er lies in a possible fail for. oth.he e em fotyo t4 lfTI ar d i1
constitution. Hipo ne Dthe legroceedin gs.ifthe Pleg lme s eel lnd att bte ont,. r

rmeatheif c hall d LITaT 32D. TheDep mn ot i tr to hetdz'l acti ly tunctIOt
rate of des -$5 a month i the Communist groups Will be able to eii n T iporary Ing like h Unlt lay
for janitors, "sues" tmeheyr secretly with the protection of American llo Day Cmmi te g aNeO D-orw;se ,.forthe'
called them He had replaced An affidavit filed on behalf of John arsalka. annual gAlI
by the now ,-laat pan Ofuutoattb bafld
aieo Sam ( ) Abrams Slav Conres -- claimed this organ o a nd te Committee for a D
who has quite a record A ot 8 not met since October. 1950. Policy, present & diff=Jnt lbam. The
the murdered man was an f s. senal, can on" t
elevator operator. At 21. the An affidaVit from Maud Russell of Nedw York, I s be forenly
kid had come of age in the last executive director of the Co temi ttee ifor lrtmeld
Scalise-Capone era In the Democratic Far Eastern Policy. claims It has Nelson..' ted te ,ore
union and Was president of I been out of existence slice prior to. Sept. 1 1952. SACB Hei
something called Local 32-E. The Department of Justice action I a tl to t-heo is

Noer man could make his way force these two organizations to register and o things m l.
p those days without trhent to register even their former member has given claim fr di' -s
boss-man's approval. And the SACB an exceedingly ticklish legal Droblem. Tb
boss man was George Scalise, new chairman of the board is Tom HLerbert,nospe -ew f.. i

now ving'auletv somewhere I Lormed wh cvernor and o di im attorney gen- a is i na Iru S'Di-
Brooklyn after serving his time. eral of 4be State ofO.0111o. I [ .In that
Appareniev that imprimatur 8AC.n lost April found the U. S. Communist a wT~i lalB
diddn't keer Tommy Lewis out Party' wf a Soviet agency under the SubversivebyK_,
of trouble. for in 1936 he was Activities.Control Act and otdlskd it to re1ster. nay yg n't .. .urn teel
arnested b or honspirkcy. The ro The C st Pa .a l this finding.
e was s. n 1938 and the e n ore premeCourt.
vehicular homicide. Case disIt pr ly the term opening
m eatthis October. T m s kna t-be
msed. Latr that year. he was But even before this appeal is heard. Attorney, no
pulled in for assaulting a mem- IGeneral Brownell has now asked SACB to decide He wW' W Is t S
I ber. Case dismissed. In 1940, what organizations are Communist fronts and aleady.QW. b
SCriminal r sault charge--is- should therefore be controlled through registra- nuts. If thas forced to
missed by a Grand Jury when tion of their members and reports on their that asfront Ion was in
the woman invoi,,ed did not finances, the entire mau uvor to force abtiuC orat0iIl-
cign an affidavit. In 1947 --1 On the original list were such well-known or- tions to rea lmtrMlo .
ielonious assault. Case dismis- ,ganizatlons as the following: Labor Youth This would pave.the wayf oriC .4 or-
Sed. ient to we League. which is the junior division of the Corn- g atii atlOn.SOFa nderg ..'a _to- 1lt-
There Is the time, too, when munist Party: International Workers Order, a $2 tgon, s Prlelai Truman irle-
Tommy staggered into a hos-, .i -' '-"-W. ".-
plial hold'ng his stomach Ii
nadon, tbeen suashed twice --in NF eL f t gO n-i
it went Tommy was real tougher fr ve y K CONFIDE 1,.4L
and before he died he brokc
the nose of the man who mur-

Now the union is hi turmoil.B y 'sM RTc
that Tommy was bucking the ---n
mobs. Twat he had refued u dwst--er' 3 .0*
bribes, thac he was pushing his LITTLE lRD IRRINGSh TheeAe I leastit they'll I wo T Ill-t -.
way into new territory to clean 10.000 Communists or feltow-travegS, many in ou wan .--
it up. There are uron merlbers sensitive spilots, on the federal paro at this Thr
who have called with nags full moment. Ike, what are yOu gonna do about it? co e D
lof "documnots" to provev" that the thrlrIqS b d v hig
'Tommy hae expelled the.oppo- POLITICS ON TH ]OTOMAC: 0N Si t suited i e s & _
had "t.-# 1n." -the f re-hanud at thmahoanveds.o n key agent-inU
But now e r's a police case, for P~uiltnos aine d by Chedtover D re Lee Derd
Tommy is dnoad aob at e the nothlug aleih DeCa (once I s e, teee the 0-n
others, ine!udlng a cMean gu ud we for a change? nodte I
death the AFL leader s have THERE IS NO SOCIETY: The Dan Tipings be rept
Johnnys and Tommys across carrying torch for Gene Terney (hos p :a
thDa land. Dosed to be carry*i it for Aly Kha*pI Mayb.
'hey are either bucking or gat another) ...Carole Marcus gett n build
playing with the tough b o.eds up from Charles Addams. who da"tS"e"

aurance bUIeasa -- as the House John Clarke f the crthamptow n Igig. yOU l

gation. lifegardalowmythCoter, enle ham n d 866a.
There is no doubt that A hL ed him when Chateid got married?'

to rot the me. h spe)ht. Ilr -.


"I. '
am MO.-.

T- N- .'-
!*. : -_.

I it


_ __ __ _

Drew NaOs H0r 1 Iy..

lo te S :..

Raybun rearding oan trof

"Thi could vef l egotaated tle same kind Qf Etuce r tbto
twel t ag the pwker ol "'r n M
Pre l hve negotiated It 18 month. ago. pUi them.
Iree .IAM ..

t yi. "YI a tM-hi, '7.;Sh.. ., -h.
Ye ,aId, "plua de.iand ti a I a. (ph

S a.4
f-img.wan' ,. T.
_ Whetn..i. d t Wto the W ite o the

the armpout4 the -er I vma ttlon .
Whead Tora o


a pintu maet the IM ,+v-t e. o..... h"e .-h m''
Th + mI R "P- .....:
lon nd wa a a

beto U to be ted l o
.h^.MS^ ram


" y I--orms- o ._ ...... a --tfor
government in Seoul ad the neighborhoods at that time.
ha4 their wives and children, plus verytainng.that makes u l
And on. June 27, when the U. ambas dor ave the order
to evacuate, he spealfie that no one should, cary more than
@0 pounds. To those with chldre, this meat that about a
tey could carry was a fo dps, etc.
a ut ot heerI thin. Practical
noething eatAOl afterum~ -h 8Ou woen lotr a"dte ot

evacuees s1'm Xorea8 r
in the Fedel Bm, Boa iIrd is acg
Atbdbor to laMb nIx"G r*



. ... ..'. y ... ."' ..
.....^ ^ -


...1J *-r Jf: :g" j W' lre spone to a Japan ese aepI t-
l ,..., ,.J i .ni-n jer'E requests for comemnt j
Pan aHanl"r U. the Japanese defense program.
.......nWs" ,Dulles emphasized t hA
was not proposing or desbrdols a
Z, army. This is not permitted un-
.^:." :.;- .tder the Japanese constitution. n
WASHINTON. Sept. j (UP) Be saul there Is a clear need e
.n FOR- ~ticlly at titl- Secretary of state John fpr a larger Japanese security That why ierm
l ( l -o wtlecdt. up Po ter DuUles suggested today foC'e to prevent possible action orIe&M ear
SCaleb .re tat J apan .tke more vigorous of a subversive character. I tdari w mee e6.
1 the N.. dan Allen, measures to provide for its own 0 a fe mow.
,pof were internal security and thus light-
Sn leuaed atg r this en the burden on the United
.r a take ls- -afternoon. States.
#ion. erELghteeen bsall
enlisted aM.1064sIN 'Ub1rl or At a news conference. Dulles
SThe poasalBLty L oaft were pick plby jiA'osl tiats. expressed the view that too
as odverloaded owad -'I bThe f Pdltel p )e ed much of the internal security
Wt ert ed by a board ofO ab- by a grnup @lid li cr load in Japan is beink thrown
..I i jcef hee rsa, lAer n du ting a formal n to under otL N edell. On the United States, and that BOr 1820
. 14 ch ur* n w ire cuMi,oeorge tragedy .', WII Arbo enginerorn82 %- silrLt.neer,f JapaZ could make greater
SIneludedd M1 w 0 inning n Jr A eno i; i tr, on cdtributio; toward it.
hou a.W.tse Jr.,a nd g o A senior of wicer In d o e of mn tovhc m n ere h
Srl "is'ion, a preimiar 'nbl'Mton mrson, ws rna d an Dle ssaid Japan, in spite of st

bhe dI .-d d=I".S5t for|tng allmay s meMT u d pre-e
Splorcng a a et pre- economic difficulties, has not
uI part l s o VIe T W. d.l .rUlon. | adopted a:y severe austerity
A ho eiel ,d ,being drlm on o ii tt Lake seem to find money for other
tA cM I u t dfrt r ateIr."rby a 22bhor p tormata a things whichperhaps are not as o ing
lWil l mday'atthe Atl aci,~r rellml ,on the P hor wE s uck a wave essential as their s curit .l t wa

be. 12t wat se .. "obi sn oe a l b ro."e.t or th e said a Cen a .r their d ecunity.
"Z"Clb an T accident, -.r-It had kielked = In IW own sUnlted States
o a .e t oIt shipe s water v ster Firculr would not carry Ja.San's se-
-I. ormlr. e 10 t r he "It shipmd sa e water over
Slu 1 bI 12a nwa the tbow," i al e curityburdendenfintel.
A lt ont r e t e S id e *j. + aoc a u s e d s om e-o f t o =ow i
AR ,- il aIsne ters 'ee sa hs. sims to hmove tIHis comments were made in with a
pLaw -O o back ppradty In panic which
erswide eora ca'IsedvidtDeopf a teat s ._ .O L TW P the Wt_____ _____ _ORM N
Tineo ste rlers tid tto Inr -
I.NA tMUroup. MzCAllen, In AnOinWAClOW released
ll'! wrld k P" through tle lqu Public Infor-
Aelh rh"~~rmati.on O .m...... foil in.d he reaes o g
-""ractionr TOn Octoe rman a-Vndt 's- oll
~ Octoe Athe boat w&In "straightT"

ah "Ind tTeWrhn s the 4r t" "m .... .

On October A ahpped t- ays ue
Pit.19dty 0 M toie.bsft h -les eon- .,oneofthe time. helpedPWL E
'p rtAfn Club,-YOUl sponor teet. which, wlbe h "T at the ls ai tob hold of e boat." Al-

TbO He sd1 co0led"'ohlt Cel house at..'ch Whisky
g tram._______ .-..;- IISIN
IL wblole1W; Irr r ,,++o..i ._%ja t-e fo .., ..tdrd e o
4in Wen.% to Wm Of MO

Thatnioup theg t nm r s o In' l- ,o M R .
"012b hed at the SKb "old ..

drer+r un cannot swim.tW AKE
ADULTS ............O7 --. CHILdEN .............. 0.40He said all e could

f-1. ; ..

" r.* l ,r *.+.-..* : t,+;+ .. ...'..i
. ... '. : ., '33.r'i,3' 1
.....\ .. .
.." .

3.4t*I. 3



, 4,.,' I '
.. ,... .V ^ .-


. '' 3 '' ,

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s -"-"-----

.3' *7*~
3~ 3. -

* U .
.' % '* ,- ; -'. *". +... ^ '
"-' L L I-' '* '

% ^' Slk
,, r'+. :- ..... .:l- ,.FI ^ ^
a t"* ?* i^ *^w'^'' *:' .: ';-'--' *

. "+-1-^. '. .-'- .^ ^ 1
-. 4 '- 79 e. '3 -+. +'.* .7. '-*7

-;-'+. % .- *'. ,' .- 1 .. ... :

,- 3 .. 3. .. .. .- ,-. 3 .
i ... ....
.''I + + .- 3 ,3 7.-

NDAY Stember 7
S'. ",c

rvi Stdtions and



76 sign

- laying

7 = o .' "; + *

++ ; +! :: + ... -._

.s 3,'.' -. 3 ..

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33 .g ..5 -. .
3t33:31+ 1::
33 *t -- r

with new
7 .. -

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-..7, 3.,

.7 ~* -3, -

J 7

17 M9--ffAf- ", -- -

. ..

-J L



1 '

,1,------------ ---------iu~iliai

L ... t Shi pp in g & Russell Tongay Arrest ,

|iAir L in News Had Planned To Leav
S ON Helicopter Taxis Connect
BY OSWALD JACOB NY' Idrlewild Airport -t NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 5 (W) heard Tongay plantilld 0. *
Written for NEA Service With Domestic Fields -Swimming te a c h e r Rdasell can trip.. .
wth RK Dot oed re tielonlay. who faces trial- in the .
NEW YORK G tenaone are le death of his aquatic star daugh- At Miami, at
NORTH IS sewers arvn at leild er was arrested here yesterday Jepewav.n who ha
| N H A 63.erngeraronaln Aipotand bound I after he sought a permit to visit Tongay since his a 'rM
?Id A A6 3 ernatona A.',po b Mexico, but was freed a few All-State Surety .o. 1tk. a
V 8 7 6 3 for cities like Washington, or ater new $1,000 bond t v.. ,
SK 5r3 Boston or Pittsbnr1h mu-t use o l n 0.
S3 Boston or Pttsb h mut use Tongay. 39. was detained when Jefferson authoritigM
S673 a ground transnortgtlon to make his bondsman in Miami with- Tongay after they r
WEST CAST connections at la Gu.ardi or drew bail but his attorneys there wire notifying thema -
S4 4 J 1087 Newark Airports For New York secured new ball under which he been posted. *. -
I A QI104 VKJ Airways. In. now of eis a last could leave the country tempor- -
6 J 8 7 2 4Q O10 helicopter taxi service. arily .pending his manslaughter State Department siltl
SQJ 1084 49652 trial. herq.said that nonu i
SQJ ot108 4(D Scandinavian Airlines System. The Mexican consulate here, would need only a to y
S, >He ,D,-the first foreign carrier to sin however, doubted that TonRay to enter Mexico for
4K KQ9542 an interline agreement with New could obtain a !ix months tour-,and said he could a
VI95 I2 York Airways, get the service ist permit to go south of the permit at "almost any .
A 4 underway when passenger Doro-lboraer. Tongay said he and a|
4 AK thy Parra transferred from the friend had planned to study at Tongay said he still to
North-South vul. in bound S-A-S plane at Idle- the University of Mexico under go to Mexico, but he
South West North East wild to a helicopter Her destin- the 0 1. Bill. say if he planned to t a
1 I Pass 2 6 Pass action was Cincinnati. Ohio. Via "While there are no legal with him. His wife la I
4 6 Pass Pass P0s airport buses. she wduld have grounds to refuse Tongay a pass- Florida. / .
Opening lead- oQ I had to take one to mid-Manhat- port, It is not the policy of the;
Stan which would consume any- office to issue passports to per-, Another of Tongay'sa .r.
where from 45 minutes to an'sons under indictment in the John 0. D.uler. detledt:a 1,Wa
o.... t.l hour. dependir, on city traffic.t U n ite d States,' a cohaulate trying 4.) flee the coupl1l' .
Today's hand is the sort tha .Then she would have had to spokesman said. "It Is not a flight la bk eLIm.
an expert never misplays. He change to another hiq for New- With Tongay when he was ar- of the word." he said. "
makes the right play automatic- ark and count on another hour's rested was his muscular seven- know where he Is a l a -t em.
ally, even if he is half asleep at ride. 'vear-old son. "Eubba," survivinglHe is not expected to d ) 4led
the time, whereas the average I 0
the time, whereas the average member of the "Aquatots" act until November or latter,
player may sometimes make thel Gliding through the air in the in which the children of the
wrong play even ift he is wide a-helicopter Miss Parra and her husky ex-Coast Guardsman be- Tonrav was picked -m li. a
A wake at the time. (fellow passengers lpnded at New- came famous. tourist court by Depir aift
There is'nothing magic about ark Airport just 21 minutes la-' Bubba was thken to stay with Edward Dwyer.
this difference. Its just a mater ter. ]relatives of the family while
of having worked out the combi- [Tongay was held in the Jeffer- ..- ..
nation of cards once for all, aft- Currently. New York Airways son Parish jail.
er which the expert can recog- shuttles three hel'ronters- erh The other member of the act, 0 X
nize the situation without ever costing $250.00'. between Idlev Ild.r live-year-old Kathy Ton g a y,I ( .
having to think about it again. La Guardia and Newark Alr-'died of a ruptured intestine May
Maybe if we work it out now, ports Up to 40 pounds of baq-I5 after practicing dives from the
any reader who is uncertain a-ljage is carried free of charge. high board in Miami Beach
bout the correct play will be ablelThe fare between Idle'wild Pndipools.
to play this combination cor- La Guardia is 5: between Idle- Tongay was accused of respon- .
rectly for the rest of his life. wild and Newark. $10. sibility in her death by having "
West opens the queen of clubs ner mrke the-difficult dives andl I
against the sound contract of continue her training after shell
four spades. South wins with the "Novia Del Mar" had been Injured. He was In-;,
king of clubs and naturally de- Transited Yesterday dicted for manslaughter, and,1 ,
cides to draw trumps immedi- A 78 gross ton vpcht owned hv freed Li *000 bail. n- There's some qut0on as to
lately in order to safeguard his John P. Scripps whos their The arrest came after bonds- wh edfi
contract, founded the Perinos How rd withdrew his bond when he' trucitolks. e
If South begins the trumps by newspaper syndcir'te. tranlt w rew on w
leading the king or the queen, the Canal yesterday en route to _
he is a dead duck. East will even- San Diego, Califoreia.
tually get a trump trick. and Yalso
South will surely also lose three The yacht has iust ret.,rned lhe Pacific Seam Navigallon Company
heart trickasoning shoul. from a four-month trip to INCORPORATED BI ROYAL CBARTER 150
something like this: "I can as- the Dutch West Tndle. Sm na-1 a
opponent has all four of them f there d.was a four-man crewMall L
Wan nni .,o,'ur in this e aboard. 1 FAST FREIiHT AND PASSENGiFR SERVICES


we a aa on iour III L11*b .
he is sure to win a trump trick,
and there is nothing that I can the trumps. If the trumps break
do about it. Let's see what I can normally, no finesse is neces-
do if East has all four of the sary; and if the wrong defender
trumps." has all four trumps .you can du
After some thought. South nothing about it.
sees that the correct plan is tol
begin the trumps bv leading a
low trump to dummy's ace.
When West discards a club, the
situation is quite clear. Dummy T W
theretore returns a low trump. THE WHOLE
and-LEast must play the ten WOng OVel
Sotherwtwe South would success-
fully finesse the nine of spades.)
* South n ,ist wtaet- baes to
dummy with the king of dia-
monds in order to lead another of
trump through East. A finesse is
sure to succeed since East has hu
the lack-eieht of spades and
South has the king-nine. After.
taking this fine.sse. South can
draw the last trump and claim
ten tricks.
We can cover this situation
wPh a general rule. If you are
missing four trumos headed by
the lack-ten. win the first trump
trick in the hand that has a sin-
gle hiri trump This
In position to take two finesses MengStntMs vem
If it turn out that the appro- '
priate defender has all four of


M.V "SANTANDER" ........................ .....Sept. 4
S.S. "CUZCO"......................................Sept. 22

M V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 tMp) '
M.V. "SAFAANCO" ..............................Sept. 2
M.V. "SALINAS"...................................Sept. 4

S.S. "LOCH AVON"................................Sept. 12
S.S. "DUIVENDYK" ............................ Sept. 29
S S. "DRINA" .................................. Sept. 6
M.V. "DONGEDYK"............................... ept, 13
All Sailings Subject to Change Wihout Notlee
FORD CO. INC. JPANAMA-Ave. Per #55, TeL .,357/'I
S I BALBOA-Term Bldj.. Tel. 2-1IB

Not the Right Wor4


He Wtns Again



SM*.LSUlk AN ~la M

", -Unes ''-


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Nio maw, ^..


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* ~. .k '*


arialk EALAS

'*,' r 4 ., -

'ii Wun


ai T
"*- '** : ^
^ J R. .- .: .:. -^ ,; -- ::- / *!
':"~"** ."-:' :,:-:..5 -," ..*. ..- ': ,'::- .. *,:


11,1U MOUnUI

i. '


___ l t,.r '" .,, J,
VIvB OUTWI rTD mu ss B .'H
"naM a ?




PAM nO r


I ,- -J

I ..



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*'J- 1~li

I ..-^ j f '.
5 0. .

1. 'i;3 +,
'i.!W ,'l i .& ,

*flHE' ;... .

* I


7 f7 & m. PMom, a&1.. 3521

1*Ann Mwef ]O ?
TM~ilrusin c
Mifih~ru lmt&e>


w-wt-o-. YoArs wlit $2.Dow- CM$3.1

- .Take AdvanaeO o Our Club Sywem.
ig~nso ANSES mm CONDI .O


' t

-mt are only as directed

. *- o -bbe.!

I pAL'T21" w *?si .j

S z

* K : -

5. .r

Mil -. -

wS lSipT .v* .*, I

I.--.-. i'

.;;> .... ;f.f.
-u ~ *Rii *tf l

7Cana Zone Alpha Chapter of WIhM the completion of
Bet Sigma Phi ill hold Its bl- PZY and platoon level o
i i i oarenthly meeting Tuesday at at Fort Kobbe, Fort Cla
7:30 p.m. at the Curundu Chap- Post of Corosal early
teri House Members unable to over 100 officers and
attend are requested to contact men in thba emmand have c11W
4a0 : nTe Yulne any evening fromf leted training- Inmta
9 .. pi 4:00 to7,:00 at -4439. lIce matters seeV a ls.
S cordin to an announcement ,
W 'i|B.* Dalbea Wemen'sa lub Colone A. M. Haynes. tNo
U. of f To .aatertaa Judge AdVoaftte, maRCAReB .4
...... .... heBalboaWoman's Club wil Three-hour courses were g i
... i lI ive a Ltea at the Army-Navy to other enlisted men in
.-.-.-.i I i Club. Fort Amnador, as their first command. These classes aWl
,-, ". -' .- .. .de .i..I 3 smeetin of the club ear. The ended last Monday.
i teaw be held oil .nesday 7%The peredic program is
.' ........ from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. easary to insure va&la W i
SProspete members are in- military permaane qumalifle t
.O jVA n vited. serve as medibers of courts-mar.
a. tiale as invetigatp o fflcersO W a7r.
VO- ...... .. -,Ladies Axillary Meeti g as trial counsel and de ..
ins, mwos ......... iB 1 *fBThe Ladles Auxiliary of the counsel of special courts-miM
a MT A MA ,* ceIMs B Fleet Reserve Branch No. 77, will tial.
-:..:........ hold Its monthly meeti min the
Me' ,M ....... Com J c munity House, feenwth --
,. ..I Naval District, on Wednesday at
8:00 p.m.
/unds ...A Qarry Heights M
Woman's Club Notice
,-Or .-aw A The Quarry Heights Worn-
-Da Me._ ., -l~~ ,, *an's Club will meet at 1300 on
.. Wednesday, Sept. 9, for a lunch-
amS .' -s-. .A Z eon at the Quarry Heights Offl-
USHA N cars Club Reservations and
-" ................ L -- -cancellations must be made with
the committee in charge.
J M-a.Resary Altar Society
m Seturday ......* & ......... 3 .. o ec ve Co -,,mon-
*-hs... m VRThe Rosary Altar Society of St.
isonswa F A.A* .Mary 's will receive Communlon .1
f-t.e ^ N NAM;+'Imn a body at the 8:00 a.m. ..wd
Fix^E* W undy.We want cur children to Sl | friends when wo are sea
s. D Ie Ai.e tr.I' We, Club te.taining or .just chattm A
'....- .,.............. L l~~II Mt the living room w ith -nL
a aMembersiOf the Doctors've Wives acquaintance. Well., It is W
"-........ Club will meet Wednesday for ortant that we aw 8 .
oan A l .A. "t their regular monthly luncheon a word of reetin forte
XO WfA L niJth Naval District Chapel at Fort meeting. dren our children bring into ml
Tf a0** anre twonBcowes who were married in double homes.
'.e, cerem y CD David A. Sharp, a Navy G arde Club Children learn by our eampl -
............. In the f isathe formerMiss .Ramonas JoAnne To Meet Tuesday more than by our words.
,..t, ,dau 'ghter of and M,. Les. e W. Larn of ofor The regular meeting of the
~L. her hus band.e rgen hAIn Ne.lson, airman, US., son of Cardenas River Garden Club reception given from 6:00 to .
S Tr. ,iMI" Mrs. Arthur NIe of Evil e, i C. i will be held Tuesday at the MI- last evening by the Ambv
M n I the former I B ever _Wi daughter of Mr. aw raflores residence of Mr. and of Ecuador to Panama, Enrlu '
a a, h Stevens of Tyler, .Win,. and her husband, Robert Mrs. Charles P. Morgan. Castro Gomez and Mrs. It,(
--u,.A....i A i rman., U son of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Anderson es at the Embassy relde 4
lai*of Wii. The two rdegrom are assigned tothe Fleet Abrook N.C.. Wves on La Cresta.
Weaks Central unit at ta DistrictD headquarters. Both cqup Club Notee
.... "wille' de at Loe a. The members of the Albrook Miss Beauchamp and Mim
-.Be 1M. ."-.-- p ... 1, .e. ej g..D -- wwill meet on Saturdayv Septern- Miss Edith Beauchamp, daugh-
e u T. COUNTANDCOU S D be 13 for a offee to be held ter of Mr. and Mrs. L. A.
wig.I -N R F AORA frdm 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. at the Beauchamp of Balboa, aconm-
S'N.C.O. Club. panned by her house guest and
aT-'. "m..a sadr .psom t. e namas and the Counte.s do roommate at college, Miss Mar.
Xil 04vaa Xisbace w eas.A.gts f* a dinner ilvel at the Besidenee in Minister Elee Entertains gle Ellenberg, plan to leave
Shower of the Counselor of* the O.ap WM len in El alvadr. The Minister of Germany to Ithmus by plane on Sept. 13.
out Weleseek and CoAtessM Weleeek, who afived from MRa- Panama. Eueene Klee wa.& host return to their studies at the
.-e ~fra~1mhfor a short vista an the Isthmus on route for a reception riven on Thumr- University of Miami, where Edith
-IRON d -day evening in the Salon de las Is a sophomore and Margle &
.I. Americas of the Hotel El Pana- junior.
-OWN=.. fThe Canal Zone Recreation ma.lemn
Slrgia laid Mrs. Board ssud anm certiicateofMrrlage To Be Solemalred
,.fl. Board mged a certificate of Rcen~ton Honors- This Evenin
at ldtlaf- oanto the club for their President and Mrs. Rem onThe wed ng of Miss Mary
A. E6 toIt1~i bo r e eeof 'as His oExcellency. the President Louise Emmons to Mr. Henr
Igaino ,ast ip and service in the g1953 of the Retublile of Panama, Jose MceUinley Stafford, Jr., will be
M A ltb.e' of appreciation from Werethe.of a at the,Fort VadojChapeL
.7......tW. C. Romig,of.
SOffiCe of the Asistant Ad-
.... LaoToA gave special praise to the dcub
inaGeoria members for painting and deo- The University of Panami Is offering an Inten-
k -1 setayid of at- rating the Comm ni Meeting
YFTadaoigNeg w k o n1- Room; for furnimbig volunteer sive Span i h Course (twelve weeks) for NON SPAN-
.0 .. a-! on route to Geortias rvisors for the daily swim- ISUl 5PEAgIN 'llipi, from September 15th to Do-
SutINua W A o m na she will attend Georgia program fo Crundu h- h ncwlbr 1th.
in*w..w for Women In dren: and for the Instrucotion,
Georgia. She will asslatance and participation in Classe Wis U met os Tuesdays, Wednesdays and
."Child Psychology and the.Disaster Control Program. Thursday acwrding to this schedule:
YL Mai 00 has been employed as a ]MdgeToeralmenitMonday BEGINNERS ............... 6 to 6
one of the executit tourmam will be played Mon-
to of international day at 7:0oo 0p.m. In the Card ADVANCED.............7 to 8
hetr Compranydua Rooti of on otel Tivoll. Credits will be given to students having High
.ft year. he will re- Schoof or College transcript credits and after passing
S. t*e ;m..'eea examination at the end of the course.
SW NWa, I_ I s the daughter of Registration already opened at the Secretary's
-Mr. .~.r. D. I.. Ladd of Office from 9 to 12 and from 3 to 6 p.m. Two small required.

B-ou- .t... "AiN NEW YORKER

t humR, hiag! That sews by itself

Donot worry aout rhat

regular business "..d""" a
.i, the group ad o uhnSewingg a hout oine
MitobforNe outw hailt atoral.
.-ooki-jl- aw hairolor! &So

i,.es anT t let Roue take
..- t! r Ibo. Oil Sham. -

.blat l n sad lbre. adds
smilrll aeal.,oohiug trlor

Sell' em... When You Tell'em thru P.

:. PAGZ -


No. 4 T7



Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "I -- Pamany j

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

Via Espaha No. 34 Panam 10.06. .0
4i Ave,--Phone 1-2291. and Wela viYtua The s. 10. e.-Phone 2U,



of July Ave,-Phone 2-0441



Household___ I "Automobiles
FOR SALE:-Used furniture at all !FOR SALE: 1948 Pontiac 2 Dr.
kinds. Bargains. Via Espana corner, Hydromatic, $600.00. 138-L, Pe-
,a Argentina. at the gas station dro Miguel. Between 3 ond 5:30. I
Phone 3--19. __ FOR SALE:-1951 Ford. Excellent
FOR SALE:-25 cycle Westinghouse condition. 5286 Morrison St., Dia-
refrigerotor, porcelain in and Out. bio, C. Z.
Reasonable. Coal Iliboa 1580.- FOR SALE:-1952 Pontiac 8 cylin-
FOR SALE:-Upholstered. livingroom der Catoana, Hydromatic, radio,
set and mahogany bedroom set, undersealea, iew battery, tinted
selling cheap. Phone Panama 2- glass, fog lights, spotlight heater,
0027 or 3-0763. cost new $3,500 29,000 miles, 1
--- $1,950. House 139 Gamboa 6-
FOR SALE:-2 dining sets in very 103.
good condition. For information ..... -
coil Panama 3-2410. FOR SALE:-1952 Morris car, can
-R-SALE----Hc-- .0 be seen after 5:30. House 0433-B,
FOR SALE: --- High chair $2.50 Ancon.
Tricycle $-.50 Studio Piano. $200 .. -
00. Telephone Balboa 3443. FOR SALE: 1931 Model A Ford T
R AL -9 t. Kvat pick-up, fine running condition, 6
erar. Arieft.god condotionr eto wheels and tires, lots of spare
Sercor vv gpaod condon t rts. F. G. Gute co Cosino Santo -
highest oidder. No. 134. 12th Clara. N
St Scr Fronc-sco de la Coleta.
F- A -l a- FOR SALE: 1953 Hillman Minx
FOR SALE -Srrmall table, wail table convertible. Only 2,000 miles.
-ter hose, hamper, waste basket, white wais. Call Albrook 86-3197
oi'hes. o-:cosal con; baby scale. iquire at Quarters 146-A, Al -
rugs. 25 cycle train transformer, brock.
ircning bocard. and s eeve ironing -
board. 25-4-A. Coaoli C Z. FOR SALE:-Studebaker '47, very
good condition. Good tires. Over-
FO SALE -Mahcgany bedroom and haul, new battery. Very moderate
c.n:"gr.=m sets in good condition price. Con be seen at First Peteil
P;d o-Phcnograph, standing model No 30. Apt. 3, come before 10 Ft
F'-ne -23S or 6i5-4. Curundu. o'clock on Saturday and Sunday.
FC- SALE.--Bedroom set, twin beds FCR SALE: 1940 Buick 2 door. '
c-= a re rh Beautyiest inner- new paint, good condition, 0429-K -
s-" -g ra!irc'-e-. chest of drc%- Ancon. Phone 2-3656. f F
e'- cn a -,ght roble, all in becut.'u -.
itcry co,; cod ,n perfect ccnai- FOR SALE--Oldsmobile 1948 Hydrao-
t:n, S? CC A' o extra chest ci matic straight 8. Good condition.
a-awa'.r', S- CC0. Sc-n Fco. 9th. St.. Clean. with extras. $725.00. Phone
-. 2 Tel 3-- 18 6-196.
FO'- SALE GE Cc-sole one year FOR SALE:-1950 Mercury 4-Door
c'd, perfect Conroiton, S150.CC0 Sport .De Luxe. All extras. 1950
R'; g'rc..or S'75 CO. Venetion Studebaker, excellent condition, 16,
b' nd oaI.;rble. exce'lEnt condi.on 000 miles. Phone Curundu 5245
$ CO eoch Misc. hcuseho;d +ur- cfter 4:00 p. m.
nrh -g Tel. 3-1823 Cristobal FOR SALE: 1948 Dodge 4 door V
ah-'e 122-ID. sedon. $800 .00. Good condition.
Ho sehold effects. House 8049-
FOR SALE: Leav:ng. Apartment E, 3rd. St. Margarita.
f;,rn.ture. Juan B. Soaa street No .. .
'. Act.. facing Bcbro Gordn. FOR SALE:--951 Tudor Ford Sedan
with overcive, radio, $1,150.00. F(
FC", SALc:-Eercacmr air ccncit:on- HoIuse 4;,. Gotun 5-364.
ing un't. mchcgcny desk, buk- TRD 4
c:e, dre '-er, chairs, etc. Irqu r F R SALE OR TRADE:1951 4-door
Ct 24 )o1 ,ino de la Guardia St De Luxe Chevrolet Sedan. Excel-
P ,|la \'.,. lent condition. Radio, seat covers.

Agencia latermacional de PublicacIku
No. 3 Lottery Plan Phone 2-3190

Do pm bm AMLee Ck p m Id
W e Aleshe am-pesees. eso
2M ae C

DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
Central Avenue "K" St., corner.
Telephone 2-3479, Panama.
Collection of coins of oil countries,
mostly of the post century. Also an
interesting collection of tomps.
Telephone 3-0859. "Apartado"
Boeing 4-engine planes. One-way
to Miami; $70.00 Round Trip
$126.00. One-way to New York:
$114.00 Round-trip $214.00. See
telephone 2-1655.
Jewely puuwulel., ar pletes.
150t *ed "G" St. We* No. 93.

OTICEI The 6et ebohemse bea-
ty shep will be Ieet I1 SeItem-
be 1953 end be re-epend e 1
N-em--bee 1953 f. elpp meeI
eaiy. Mrs. Ulle HMe, Pop.

OR SALE:-"Carrier" air condition-
ing unit, 3, used. Perfect condi-
tion. Tel. 2-0870, Civa S. A.
OR SALE: Lionel electric train,
25-cycle transformer, mounted on
table; electric jig saw; picnic table
with benches. 1536-A Mango St.
Balboa. Phone 3727.
OR SALE:-'41 Buick, good trans-
portation, Westinghouse refriger-
ator, porcelain, 25 cycle. Baby
crib and mattress, boys bike..Ieawvb
ing Isthmus. Call 4-646 before
OR SALE: Lionel electric trains,
transformers, attachments. Phone
Balboa 3339, house 1525-A, Gav-
ilan Road.

OR SALE:---One Stallion, excellent
saddle horse for adults or experi-
enced Teen Agers. One three year
old Gelding, excellent saddle horse
for young children or Teen Agers.
CAA0 -4 ..= ..- S.

"H" 8ti

Gramlich Santa C
' toges. Electric kisd
moderate rates. T
Gamboa; 4.567. Pt
PbHlips. Oceanside a
Clara, Box 435, I
Panama 3-1877., C.
Houses on beach, Sol
in COOL Campa
or see caretaker ti
Foster's Cottages. 4I
Santa Clara. Plea
linens. Phone Balbe

tages. Large, comfort
near beach. Balbae


unfurnished housl
maid's quarters.
16. Phone 3-51',I1
room chalet wi'
meant in 50tiM
Rental $S2

letudlante Sb


j Amo~mobM '" PROF,
Automobiles 8 J
;l ;l Jl J.t -ie I


! I WHI.

I .

FOR RENT:- i lkdential sector, 2
bedroom 4. bethrooms, liv-
ing-dinin klhen, maid's
room wi bthrim, basement.
Semi-fum Monthly. Un-
furnished $175. TelephoneA2-091
from 7:00-a. mw. 4:00 .
and 3-1$96 from 4 p.m. to p.m.
FOR RENT: Completely furnished
residence in La Crist for fout
months., Three hedroms, tvwe
bathrod6mas, tilMngroom dringroom,
porch dnd ervante quirtte. $273.S
00 .a mewt. TaeL 3.0m9, 7:301
to 9:30' oa. n, nd .-eIZ to 3 p,

cna i

S-- WiI accept 4U "4Z trade and aoddles an oriodes go with each ` ,v
FC:< SALE.-Bcr-boo set of 4 pieces.' balance to $1,500.00. Duty'paid. horse. For further details or a- e lunf
we are iecving. Phone 3-5099. ; Pcnama 2-3879 after 4:00 p. m. pointments call Sheila Curling Tel. nmai
2-1597. Port
FOR SALE:-1952 lymouth Station 2 -157-to l
S O SALE Wagon, metallic blue, overdrive, FOR SALE:-1952 Chevrolet 4-door
t passing 'gear, 'U. S. Duty Paid. white sidewall tires, radio, duta
P.:.1 F-tatp Phone Ft. Kobbe 5234', paid, 7,000 miles. Phone Panama
FOR SAL : Furnished house irn W ANTED FOR SALE:-35 MM Argus C-3 co-
Sonic C'ra,, ch-ap, oaner leaving. WANTEDmer with flashgun, carrying case ATT
CPll 3-249. cfcrr.oons. I filters and sunshade, in new con- aPw
NC'.V OR NEV;R:-Fo.r apartme-n' Miseellaneom edition. New Craig 16mm movie ht
hose, cen-rnt and wood. Calle Ri Embassy Secreary desires furnished citing machine with 2000est automre-atic film
carrio Mr6 61, Vi ta Hsrmoso chalet. Tel. 3-0388, Panama. winds and the latest automatic film A
rents, $1-;5.00 monthly. $2,500. -splicer. Two good buys. Phone: Moder
00 ;o.h and $;5 .00 monthly WANTED:-Bamboo sectional couch! Balboa 2-3069. or ul
inute ) ieta lf. Tclal $12.500.- or settee. Call Cristobal 3-1795. FOR SALE: Kittens, 4 months. Off i
CO. PATTLRSON. 2-1346. WANTED TO BUY: Little girls q house trained, playful. 615-B, An- Tel*
FC r^.l-Gorac o Be-ch Frontagce winter coat, size 6. Call Gamboo con Boulevord, Tel. 2-1890. FOR I
3, ._0 meters, large hcuLe, coca 520. ------- with
vY -l, pump, liaht plant. Phone 2- ISlaun
or 4-5, 9 AL L E S S O N .
FC`, SAL'E-: -Lot in Rio Abojo for FOR SALE P FRA MA --
S.C.50, $1.00, $1.50 meters. Only, PROF. FRANZ MANFREDI:-Mem-
1.0 0, 1.50 down payment. 4 yrs. to Boats & Motorg ber American Guild of Organists."
.0v PATTERSON 2-234C ar. 4 to Member "Italian Philharmoriic r",
rv PATTEON 2-2346. FOR SALE:-Cushman scooter, mod- Academy." Organ, Piano, Voice, for
FCP SALE -L :. 1 -'4I' -. .4i' el 64, good condition, $75.00 Accordion. New American method Ecui
i,,:t sold .epar,.r'.' ,n Loas Box 1014, Balbooa. with Electro-mognetic control dur- FOR
Cur.-bre. cr, H^hbo. 2 6 me- FOR SALE:-Cushman Eagle, motor ing the lesson. Organ practice fa- oR
te h'.or,,e PE 'boa '. Hou"c bike, like new, with windshield. cd ties available. Private lessons in hot '
I 1.25-A Glan Pc,1 __84-5291 or see at 607-A Ft. my Studi9 or at pupil's home. No. lelh
FCR SALE. Compleie.v lurni.he, Kobbe 44 46th Street (ellla Vistal. FOR '
home on rood :.- beo:h .n Son,- Apartment No. 5. Corner Urroca fer
Clara W.l be I Park. Telephone 3-4253, Panama Jbce
inspec.rcn Aug 22 thru SepI Reserve Officers' city. FOR i
N. Haaniale cppo,le William-' I n
_cottages. Cocktail Buffetw n

FOR SALE -Beoui.ful 2000 meter Set For Saturday MiW l W d rali F
lot. c If He-gh ,. exc.eptionol FOR
price NO middle man. Tel. Pan- The Pacific Side Navy and FOR
arma 2.:;2 ___ Army Chapters and the Air a_ r
RoR RENT --OR LEASE 7 200nForce Chapter of the Canald P~TH, Australia, 'Sept. 5 g
meter of land near tr. new Roce Zone Department of the Reserve (UP) ^A spectacular strike at a FOR I
Track -n Juan Doz., suitable fo 'Officers' Association of the mfe 0 air miles northeast of to,
chicken form. ha. i.ghi w'ter and United States are sponsoring a Perth has West Australians hop- 4*s
house Tel :..4- 3. Combination cocktail party and 'ng for another gold boom. FOR R
buffet dinner at 7:00 next Sat- sing
lurday in the airconditioned 4T Hull 50 mine of the only roo
LOST & FOUND Driftwood Room of the Albrook c6M' h y operating at the once- fom
S- Officers' Club. tht town of Mt. Magnet re- FOR
LOST -One whie hound w.h I,ve, The club's regularly-scheduled 00 -announced that values lp 2
colored spots. name Rocky.' Call informal dance will follow the o.O1, fnestothe ton hadbeen N
2-4473 or 6-236. Reward. Lost reserve-sponsored buffet dinner. 5tUChkeWhen a drill went through
S en in Diabla Hgrs The chairman of the arrange- the 10' "ot leel, several hun-
ment committee, 1st Lt. John r. dred < Aelow the mine's prea-
Oster,' 8ARU. has announced o it
!* .that i l reserve officers, includ-' '
-t r those on active duty and M t Uivened up .with
It heir gtiests are invited to join flnumber of other
YOUR HEARINGo f,$. T 0 pbM

Just as your finer.-
prints differ freio m
Sois ele., your
Ivdua and p e ui

RENT: Ulfurnished4 tivej
inbedrnp hpugw two bethe
A. g sst*, Frvi'ldalrg w'ter
er, maid'S 0awrCrs and double
ge. ll-AV poAa in mtont
Hotel El nibel. For details
Zubito -2- 30 or 3_4_102. ,
RENTc-Nk" thier bedroom
nished hetqi, 3'ho le
d' quarters bk of Wforio
Bt1 10th ondIIth St. free 12
.4,4< mj,, ... r '

and cc

rn 2, 4a,4 5 moms., furnished
rnished. Coal at Alhombra's
ce 8061, 10th Street, Colon.
! "ne 1386.
RENT:-Fumrshrd apartment
r frloerator, water heater,
i nstallotion, hot water
ere, double services, gor-
terrace in front of British
i i, bolcny, in the rr,
old.~ the seeo.
-espt visible adults only chd
M lesa than a year. Avenido
odor,'30. '
RENT:-2 bedroom apartment,
water. No. 81, Cuba Avenue,
* isto. Enquire, 2 to 5 p. m.
-- Furnished oportment.
one or two couples. Splendid
tion. No. 13, 43rd St.
91eT -Mdem 'large apart-
it, furnished. "El Cangrojo."l
r Hot E Pnarna. $125. Seut.
to t 15. Telephone P
LENT": Unfurnished u'ptJ
dem 64' bedroom sparth*
1e0. Lfli Via Belisatio Pope
tENT--Furnished opdrt
one two couples. N. 2
h Sirwt. Tel. 3-3806.
IENTP-TO American couple'
le O sm ll opartm
inudi 1e225.
= 5+9.^* ,- Po,


, .r.

~4 I


I t S tra

iist iA r l a





_ 111__

~ __





. -- '-

KaLe -~
u~5(tY~ m
10-ruW M Sa

B lOu.galppen1na 'u
18. '* *1

UuEpr um uMfw'zor
in MwakeeM ft; si
a UBrd honwr of thip
o frte aboard WiC
& F mks ftw-mlc



'A" e tt5r o i-`'a ...-

- Indian. ao*

V ~
- winad fn, thin

,1 l ,

rjht Birn.

art pt.

. D -r To IW
e.I + llt sw La

'.7 p*

slTHIea .


Gonzales, Tesis Complete Canadian Club Tourney

Training In Perfect Shape Attracts 35 Entries
World featherweight Wtt ilih- July 11-Pete Sbner, houx May 28-Red Grant, Omaha,l -
tender Corky Gnaales the ty, W 4. W .
USA. .t uly 24-upider W*"~ Denver, June 3-Quintero Hoaza, Min-| The 72-hole, medal play 'Ca- M. A. Everett 7I
pleted a 1. neapolls KO 2. nadlan Club" Tournament spon- Dick Sullivan 79
Arena in eel t 7 Aug. 26--Johlnny Maritl eu, June 17-Mickey Harris, Min- scored by the Henriquez Company George Eigeike l
his scheduled tenorafd b et Denver, W e. neapolls KO 4. of colon and now is progreErsat Clyde Stroop as
with unb_ n Peo Tlo& of Sept. 22--Pal Martines. O- July 12-Val Valentine, Den- the Brazos Brook Country Club Virgil Reed 81
Colon who also ended'hts prep- maha. KO 4. 'ver. W 8. drew a totaLof thirty-five en- H. B. Parka 81
aration ih top L ,m_ Oct. 6--Dave Peal Omaha, Au.. 13-Louis Langley, Den- tries for the first -round of medal J. J. Davis 81
The great l t being d KO 2. Ver, W8. play last week. Play over this1 Vestal Morris' 8
onstrated in this, rhtlakes. Oct. 20-Mel Hammond, Oma- Aug. 27-Paulle Cook. Denver, weekend which includes Laborl Oil Morland 23
it safe to predlot a rB;6.for ha, W 4. W 8. Day will cover the second and Carl Serger 83
tickets. Fre w n tt Nov. 10-Joe Romano, Omahai, Sept. 29-Eddle Marotta, Den- third rounds of the tournament. Joe Harrmgton 83
tickets are 'a i e W 4. ver, L 8. Anibal Galindo. the new Bra- Bob Hurdle 85
Manhattan. Bar and t.e Arena's Dec. 15-Bud Loe, Omaha, Oct. 2--Eddie Marotta. Den-izos club champion, is leading inI J. R. Larrabee 85
gates will beo early in or- W 4. ver. W 8. the race for low gross honors J. Burns 88
der to a;com=t J J "-. Dec. 29-Chief Jacson, Oma- Dec. 10-o-nny Gomes, Den- and a beautiful silver cocktail F. Pavreau 89
The fllht s W- wl w gt ha, W 6. ,I ver. W 8. shaker with an initial medal Pete Duncan N0
funderwy at 8L E p to l- I 4 8 Jan. 14-Bobby Bell, Denver round of 74. In the running for-
sure Pacifict e of catching Jan. 7-Frankle Rivers, Oma- W 8_ the prizes In "Canadian Club" n I Ir r
the night t*M*.tch will be Ia., W 6. Feb. 4-Ron Cannon, Chicago whisky, Jim "Smiley" Hoverson. I-rk 7tl rIf r
held uptil 11 Feb. 17-Howrvrptwon, Den- W 56 ith a net score of 70, is out in "1c "He'1gFr"me
SThe fDa'the complete ver, W 8. Feb. 11-Proctor Heinold, Den- front, but closely followed by H a F *
profesloal, of the 25- Mar. 15-Pat Mitphy, Omaha, ver W 8. A Patterson and Elwood Comp- WI.b 600 trm
year-old 01. W 6. May 13-Chico Morales, Holly- ton with net 71's. v L- IDv I
Mar. 31-RusawO#re, Wichita, wood W 10. L a bcI
COiRLKXQ4 ZALEZ W 6. May 27-Pat Lacobucci, Den- Here is a rundown on the net | i uercli-
Apr. 8-Joe RoauiA,, Mnnea- ver, W 10. scores turned in for the first
Denver, ( MC rthuewSt polls KO 3. June 17-Lee Bohles, Denver, round:
Bot h 128 Apr. 19-Jorge Orfl,. Omaha, W 10, Jim Hoverson 70 BALTIMORE Sept. (UP) -
KO 1. July 21-Harold Dade, Denver H. A. Patterson 71 Charles L. "Buck" E iOg, a
June 23-Jilp Bly, Sioux City, May 3-Joe Amaya, Omaha, W 10. Elwood Compton 71 fiery, aggressive major league
W 4. 10. Auq. 1-Edde Silva, Cheyenne, C. W. Lewis 72 baseball player and mafer 40
S-- --- O 2. Vern Prier 73 years ago, died last n t of
Aug. 5-Art Irlando, Denver, Don Mathleson 74 tuberculosis. He was 67.
S" l W 10. Fred Huldquist 74 Herzog had been in City Hoo-
pM lttiSept. 1-Eddie Mkrotta, Den- Anibal Galindo 74 pital since January. Attending
FI Vore-IA i lllUCh Ti ^ S et 9 ver. W 10. Lyle Clausen 75 physicians said that during his
F Nov. 22-Harold Dade, St. Paul, Paul Richmond 7 confinement he often was derl
W 10. Herbert Toledano 76 ous, "living in the past and talk-
Dec. 14-Miguel Acevedo, St. Don Francey 77 ing about batting averages."
ReCOrdS or Ml lnI Atl Paul L 10. Frank Williams 77 His baseball career was spent
4 0 .e b.23 b1 9 5 1 Fritz Humphreys 77 with the New York Giants, Chl-
-- -- Feb. 23-Bobby Carew, Min- A. N. Dupuis 77 cago Cubas. Boston Braves, and
My 10 8MU1 1 the mtaglh Channel today and eapos, W Marvin Chadwick 78 the Cincinnati Reds. He
S MStan f wrtepeden t w h l ft the waterI li d Mar.7-Hector Martlnez, Al- Mer French 78 manager ot the Reds and play
I he #al markk that Ili will biirque, W 10. Bob Chandler 78 in tour World Series.
u % "j5 (UP) il %tqite' a while. or 2--Art Irland, Cheyenne,
Floreaee two new 1. into a sch of big W 0.
world channl t lW re4rds t 08m ale.y, fish whi badly 0 'l nny, AIvarez, New
tormenPo e seal mnyaAmu," he added "I THE SAVING BANK
bt old that the i'ngs KO I-Lu Oalvani, Denver,
try for a ww oi when w ened me too much to go 14-Leo Le Brun, Denver,
se ru to at oahool of big, on." ,- nKOIenver
The U-year-old California
e feBt r ape.r from 41 u eamd into the water .. ve nHarry La Sane, Den- Institution Guaranteed by the State
4 l^ lnS m Dee. 28--unny Berrigan, Min-
Sw twarnngs of channel old- neapo e195I Pays 2% Interest Annually on Savings Accounts
wanings of channel old- 1951
a? by Jan. 9-Packy McFarlan, Oma-
it suddenly had covered har. trdo CstanonEl INITIAL DEPOSIT $5.00
,ia ai i w w O e ld i' b arted t Janre Jan.I ackle McCoy, Dsen-
nm .c Iv uiWtt to t 1 le cy, D We make loans with guarantees on first mortgages
wd water uryo a Sr Veather. l 12- dle Lcy, Duluth, or other securities.
hand theto er .AtW em0k.
ut bm a o td hae ne ,e-Oliver Breton, Min- 25c. 50c. $1.00 and $5.00
had also chaelswimming eapol W
cracked -anrecord.pkfa _eJui[W 2 u Grn, Mi-
She had 1on the neapos W 8.
return t any- She made shore near Wissant July 30--Eddle Burgin, Den-
I Aug. -Charley Riley, Den- CHRISTMAS SAVINGS
brie r han Sept. 4-Wille Pep, New Or-
boam nte r Das ianb h 2 ed Top Davis, N Y. deposits ore accepted thru a period
p i l bodtherttohimke Nov. 23-Jackle Blair, Pueblo of 48 weeks.
aduBz aiB~e; offtheirh1oe.1 W& W 10. 1 of weeks
Sagm aep n h Dec. 10-Carmen Sacobuccl,
ser'e 0t hboenr$ 1= lnin. "Ihe 1rench people on the Milwaukee, KO 6. Individual safety deposit boxes, for jewelry and
utes, Vet l18. beach thought I was nuts when 1 9 5 2 documents, in 4 different sizes.
"I ka]t, l promise today," tha. m v me turn around and Jan. 23-Gene Smith, Washing-
Mig Chadwl k'sald amshe camesenilr t& water aguin," Miss t bD.C. K--oby 3. OFFICE IN PANAMA: COLON BRANCH:
back to erone' welcome Feb. BobbyWhy Pueblo, OFFICE IN PANAMA: COLON BRANCH:
Dover.. wi. s he gP-stop ner," W 10. 119 Central Ave. at Front St. at corner
"I 4tod meufo I would tho re shoutn but when April 25-Charlie Riley, Den- corner of "r' Street. of 7th St.
give th amething hOt at .w vs starting ay I len Flanagan, Eliza-
S ba to cheer be 1th, W 0. Flanagan Eliza. A. De ROUX, CARLOS MOUVNES V,
SJule 18-Jackle Graves, Aus- Manager. Sub-Mansaer.

S' i Jackle Grac m KO s
SA T En Flagan. W 10. rrom 8: a.m. to 12:3 p.m.
harley Riley W 10. SATURDAYS: from 8:00 a m. to 12:0 pm.

r *C N TR A L o. -- Per10

" .1 13 t I .



~he Ubu~
~ ?~t*fl



4 F

atPanaa ,anal Aeaters- SHOWING TONIGHT!
DIAlW.HTS. 6:15 -8:10 u S MIGUEL.E SM'
I Fernando L "m T_
mnbr *Co0 BACK. LITTLE A ____ M____E_____. _TD_0
bAL hI A Air-Conditionmed AS eM CarOON N WS IM
BALBOA 4:30 6:30 8:30 I AL "OwG 'UNDA" y --ONDaTI
A&IL AuLbm

I s T h "W
*. dt e t.s tu



moo-I an 14 1 -a


!eIm CRUSTOB -.-
Muum ma M W U mTAILOW
^^^.if S- .- -_-, 3 17" --







" e a--. ,"

* '

.-.! ~-.


it' '




TEHERAN, Iran. Sept iUP',- .
Premier Mohammed Moisauegns Let lti p repl
fever was reported rising tooav
and the government assigned an
Army doctor to restore his health INTYEIGH! i YEAR.
suiiclently for his treason trial
to roceed.D ulles
Tli1 Army doctor. Brigadier 'ue
Huo- .in Moghadam. recommend-I
ed t'.lit a special nurse const~ni-
IV r(tend the deposed leader.-
who has been under arrest since
P.ciicr Fazlollah Zahedi over-
th:-'- him in a royalist coup last
T"' ,nature of Mossadeeh's all-
i..- was unypecified. But In- W e s l
f-r- ., officials said the fever
th ilicted him yesterday ws O Germany Sept. 5 (UP)
g V] r1ing and that his health I BONN Germany. Sept. 5 (UP"
se' id to be deteriorptine. .-The est German election
Desnite nMosaderh'q profes- campaign wound up today with
sio teM of failing heith. Armv the Socialists concentr a t ng
inte gator f visited him and their fire on charges of "mali-
n'-i onreliminarv nre-trial clous United States interfer-
o,e- oning. pressing bim for ence."
W:- rr'-en in refusin- to obey The endorsement of Chancel-
(b. c'iah'. orders to resign lor Konrad Adenauer's pro-West-
', i- >,"e rIer tried to dismiss ern government by U.S. Secre-
1i'- '2u-. 13. ,tary of State John Foster Dulles
-. -ii't that time refns- overshadowed all other cam-
-e -rovin In favor of 7a- Ifalgn issues as 33,000,000 West
1--" crushed Zphedi's plot Germans prepared to iote in the
1 -o'v him. forcing the important parliamentary elec-
s '* flee. Lions tomorrow.
Shah wqs back the
. '-fter Zahedi toonned Dulles said in Washington
1' -h in a counter-con. Wednesday the defeat of the
former oremler'" illness Adenauer government would en-
Ir -'arting date of his trial danger chances of German uni-
Ir fiction.
.- -. 1in tbh Zahedl govern- The Socialists, main opposl-
,.. ..- "--nr. mor-p ,rrestc "f tion to Adenauer's Christian
o....-- 'rTideh (Communist'
pr r-'ers P rIl confiscations'
of t'- rm.s cches. $Stralojels Shuffle

lumN !n Nl nO Across Atlantic

P'nert In New v .rk, As Units Transfer

es BA Head London, Sept. 5(U -The
WASHINGTON. Sept 5 (UP' Ail- Force stn,'tcjet bombers
WASHINGTON. Sept 5 (UP; cEuedtof tA -
-A Br-ltih expert says that by scheduled to cr1ss-crosa the At-
1900 rI travelers may be ablelantie this weekend landed at
to e- neh in London and sr'. an air bas. nar Oxford today
over to "ew York for dinner the after spamling the ocean in a
a -... I ,. bit over five hours.
F ir, M.,,s Thomas head of Forty-fivr planes from the
the Er ~sh Overseas Airways 30oth Bomb Wing In Britain
Co -or2tion -made the state- are being placede. by 45 from
In- t in a copywrited Interview the 305th stationed at MacDill
wi: tl e rhagazine "U.S. News& Field. Tampa. Fla.
W-ld Renort." The transfer touched off the
-.e said his airline may be'mnss flights of the jet armada.
ak'e to provide such service in 'Ihe firs. flights of 15 planes
10'-r-ssenrer Jet airliners as from each wing passed each
er -s 19860. otier high over the Atlantic
% \C now has eight Comet early today.
jet- "l-iners in operation. Thom- The firs plane :rom the U.B.
ae f.-ured that Britain is about touched down at Brize Norton
five years ahead of the rest of ficid near Oxford after five
thp world in development of hours ana three minutes of
commercial jets and he said flight. Thf. rest of the group
"We're going to do our best to followed in quick succession.
keep it that way." The Air Force said the re-
Smaining 30 bombers of each
1 SabresR D a :n o in wing will cross the Atlantic
Sores Racin, during thr next two dciys.
yl 1- Th.? platits leaving Britain
Fo'r Bendix Trophy wila fly the 4,500-mile route to
Mv-cDill lted non-stop, refuel-
ED)WARDS AFB. Muroc. Calif., lng in the air at a rendezvous
Peit. 5 (UP) Ten Air Force with a big tanker ailrcraft.
Sp.brns been taking off in stag- The first, U. S.-bouRd plane
Vere tllthts today for a 1900- left Fairford base in England at
mi'e Pendix trophy race to Day- about 9 a. m. but officials said
ton. Ohio. thfy could not say when It will
The planes, flown by top jet set down in Florida.
pilots from five competing Air Th.? fli-ht from Maine to
,Force commands, began roaring England covered d 2,925 miles
Irom this desert runway at 10 non-sto.~ and without refueling
minute Intervals at 6 a.m. In the air.


e know the, truth and the country is safe" Abrahdm lJinoln.

Accused Of Interfering

t Germany's Elections

(NEA Newsmap)
POINTS OF TROUBLE As the German elections near, 1500
Communists are reported to have crossed into West Germany to
engage in street brawls with anti-Communists In an effort to
disrupt tomorrow's voting. At least 5000 East Germans gathered
~ Marienborn to invade West Germany. At Coburg, angry West
Germans surrounded police wagons to fight with Communists
who were under police custody. The West German government-
alerted its entire police force and members of autl-06mmeimnlt
youth groups to protect poUl1n places against any election day

Demonaotn, qnpIdy elsd 0a Most political observers in
the stoteilto eUW tch their Weit Germany felt the Dules
generally defedV6 eam O jn statement eame too late to make
into a last-minate offensive. much difference In the outcome
They unleashed a torrent of of the votine tomorrow In the
abuse against "American inter- federal republile's second post-
ventionist policy" and Dulles in war parliamentary election.
particular They labeled Aden-
auer "an American tool." I BtBAdenaaet himself said last

L.A. Postmaster

Being 'Ralroaded'

By GOP-Pearson
WASHINGTON. Sept. 5-Post-
master General Arthur Summer-
field, one of the less conspicuous
General Motors members of the
cabinet, has suspended Mike
Fanning. postmaster of Los-An-
geles on a charge of driving
while drunk. Fanning comes up
for a hearing In a Los Angeles
court today.
The case is being watched in
political circles because of the
fact that Fanning, a top Demo-
crat, also happens to operate
one of the most efficient post
offices in the nation. For some
time the new Republican chiefs
running the Post Office Depart-
ment have been looking for a
way to get Fanning out. But
they couldn't find a legitimate
excuse. His office was just too

French Govt.

Starts Slashing

Meat Prices

PARIS, Sept. 5 (UP) The
government officially Inaugurat-
ed "Operation Beefsteak" today
ained at cutting most meat prie-
es by five to 10 per cent and
readied another decree to pull
down eight essential grocery
Items as much as 15 per cent in
hopes of gaining public favor
and staving off a new wave of
The meat decree which frank-
ly qUestions the honesty of Paris
butchers wasu issued in the Gov-
ernment's Official Journal today
aid will take effect for practi-
cal purposes when meat goes on
sale at retail butchers on Tues-
day. Most butchers are closed
on Monday.

Airborne Trailers

When he was arrested in LA. For Ph t Labs
on a charge of liquor on his Fl Soto L s
breath ithe other nhWht. Sum-
merfielu immedi- ',, saw the CINCINNATI. 0. (UPI A
opportunity he haa been look- trailer company here will seen
ing for. Fanning was suspend- produce a light-weight air-borne
ed. model.
Post office officials in Wash-
lunton, when queried about the The Trailmobile companyftoti
matter, were most unenthusias- in Air Porce contract to prodaes
tic about discussing it. They trailers which will opuse con-
maintained there were prece- plete photographic IZboratorlg.
dents for the suspension, but The trailers will be designed to
were unable to name any. back up the clam-shell doors 4f
They claimed that Fanning the Air Foroe's C-119 cargo
was not actually being ousted, planes, slide off its chassis and
nor was Summerfield prejudg- be pulled into the plane with itg
Ing the case. The suspension, entire cargo and equipment. The.
they said, was ordered by Sum- trailer chassis will be loaded In-
merfield, "pending an investi- to the plane with trailer. and the
gatibn by the Post Office De- process reversed when the plane
apartment unloads.

FATHERS OF FLIGHT-The Wright Brothers-(12)

By Wade Jot

night in a speech at s, ".
windln up his campaign "ouch
declarit6la can cau enlo AS THE
foreign political damage.' Be iea1".A1
added the Socialists ought Mot to .1 teIn I
talk about the foreign
of friendly state the way, -A
dorrinn, minister preSIdent -
of Bn and one of the m in. A
fluentad West German oMial,
lats, charged "This is the same
American Interventionist policy
which since 194I forced our peo-
pie Intf unhappiness.-"
At stake in tomorrow's elec-
tion are 484 seats in the West
German Bundestag, the lower obit
hou e.which will make the new at
cha be open fra. 8 ajm eda
to .
Wtiaol beWrvers belave Thig %T
the vote will adone the, 77- un-er
year-old chabellat an hi. e
pro-Westera poUe,. d d
Set w e f of
etd as viletoerr B weleiuf
a death 1l5 to for t"
arm a Unm nd haltI
was t1c
tomt ^ Or o m
Adenapte o thed at t

au broad roew
If the an of the

[t tos m

la o t e-
lonte R Sa

by the u tatkono, coulkn- rW
ter tte t lation igO -a-
regional Vln of the B*trf "The
and 1W to col ar
-Mud. %M- ilectedO

ventlev. Soviet Amba4r .W
ran. Is reported to h t.a i
himself rather than r'w.
Moscow in diagrce
the Iranlan uprisgtix |
Posed of Premier Mos =.
Soviet sources have enial

nesand Ralph Loane

It's been a long way "
from Kitty Hqwk to
Korea. As the Wrh "
brothers, at the tim e f" e
the first successful
fight, could not ee m "f
envision flyiyngt r g r i !
so nw is it hard t .
almgine ght fhbo m. "
or mestors. BS at a

the reacahI"f ..h -
aaaafe g~g2.

^ 1

Iran Readying

Mossadegh For

Treason Trial



S -- A ... -

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I ~.

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all be

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Man of.
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