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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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-- Abraham Liticoin.

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Rg Beste Refuses
I 'Sunset'

og, that satheriltI
K tIM Novemb n."vite
bunh tages traia
on aad a bte eSPet
d-rm-a M u.estM" of
iuonn Ernest uBwcland,
d C. P. Smith, 4. were
d'by police andailroadA ust
Cities with asertmng a "se-
erailment" of the streum-
by flagFii dolwn the
b .j!" .. ...-

mecoeus eifpr. it woulu
n v-e switch at s0 miles




. ---

WASHINGTON, Aug. 29 (UP) The State
sent reported today that Rusia has "trpedoes'a
Lst minute a new proposal by the Western powers ,a
Big Four meeting to consider a peace tr ty with
The depart ,nt reported tt Rui
on imnitotio to a Big Four foreign m e d
conference Monday to consider tue matter.
In a note delivered today to the Uied States Eri
bossy in Moscow, the Kremlin said that deputy forei
ministers are not the persons to consider the Austrir
"This tatter should be left for a fortbcomg
ence of the ministers themselves, the Rumion note
*me Soviet g -wenmen This hacausead owm
demonstrated again that It since the Western poavtef
does not n to conclude at agreed not to t
Austrian traty at present" the ter f the ar t
Biate Department said, addt if the Rusiansin
that the rejection Is baM a from bringp Xg
"we rocedurtl U CU5 ter" at the ea
The e tate, the deatv-
ment ad, "wil persit Ine- The 8t"te
forta to Iarrive at a fn .nm, Ru ai

Pmcum wTwo pmenu owc ao
_, F .

gt eot rrt am m
.haifaiiuJUw *nl b it'- l1

g,'55y,555 if I.


sm. ~ l

fc-was he
*qw &MR A


a Jose-
wtth a-
l*t fan

w- ..iw---. -.
nor es *Fe.

*. .z'

. ^-
f Ji-

aF p P'-,

,-_ .1.

aeen wauarawn.
RuSals refusal was the reply b, e-------- -
^ "et ~to a ante which was delivered 28-0 4
by-the three Western power on pt. 28-Oct. 4
Au. 17 for foreigh minister's a
of tat club deputies to meet in London to Prodaimed rP
SIXinUm d to Proclaimed RP.
.a ttriSAl.' f50 colder the Austrian question. Otel Week'
The Western note declared
tMW t We 1rse powers prmsed me )niatr o o

with oections from Kan- Ww" lv decree issued by tMe
Sti eRu the taa would seri- Publi Relations office.
,tol d ca m ca~n nnr the utas ox
-a^ l-&SK1 lufr a-b& a treaty "which The degree said that w
that assure Austria of its politkcan owledge* to be gained by t11
.Hl'0 and economic independence." owners and representatives. a
Stake foreign hotels who will mt
we'll Despite the promise, the Rus- here during that. week "doulW.i
Sla advanced as the reason lessly be of convey nie to
--- for the rejecting the invitation economy 't the ca nte."
the fact that the three western Some'4 g are hebug
.. powers had not promised to ued to attend e inter-Amil
t)reat ft the agenda of the to'be held in Panam>a
proposed dktle' conference. fir time,

FBI Smoking Out Reds

Harbored US Fugitives

SA FRANCISCO, Aug. 29 he was to have entered fssI
(UP) The Federal Burea of prison.
nvetto ad t wa tei nbeirg x had b e
Sa the traUof "at leas one arrest ce ue 161, whaB
mae" member of the Comma- was indicted for comspLr~ p
two ball-jump- o Rd Arrested with ThOappsmli
Wia ierra hideor t SteinberR were Carl hwinf
stwo. "bi ones," Robert a. 40, a Minnesota CommnUMta
3, one of the top 11 leader: Samuel I. Oebas,. 4,
i Colunual8tsi a Bid- New York Red functionary; M
Spimd- Shirley Keith Kreame, 21 we
Sb-w, rented the cabin ad actd
pt s l u of ff "front" for the h par and
in a omntain Patricia Bla, Want aIgr
eable mfles eas of Conroy.
%W o O- BMs. eal Reost-wn Coleman cand 11 "
.e..' t'" 0 netted ta meBYCn ma ra tn eaway Wnnh w OE tl
mI ne dserbed by thi e gov- swooped down on tih plem I1
Sdent as part of the Commu- nJ. Thursday. Mis Blau
aty undennd ehai taken in Stockton, Caiw
St hlsked and nine hours later while
nbers awayS tOrm edMral the auto the FBI said
Cgody. used" by the fugitth
Loeal FBI epubmin
meanwhile, San Francisco at- they were hope=aug
tor R Odlatein dis- on several ai
d he ad been re by the ir re saaui i
to t the dfd- arrest ofr t t
'WE tthe Ital aFroeosd- peet in the MW 0M
Sto s pes Thompson was taba i
trash Island an a
2r rBureau of Prta .
wbegtin erU ,
a ~ l 1~ yerente t..s
..A -o later W1
al- court o te
Sa wntgro v Atc atf5


**1 Fr



_ .. _MINNIE"_

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nkab Isulab M it de*u
L la mwtu@e.oM fblw .

IW n# 'Mn
^B.f~ifa' ,oII

," '" '' '.- *:

To alleviate suffer~ g foamni.netrtlefim h
United States h a,. it shipped l tr tor
C30 worth of wh Pokit an's hungry
I'hese pictures, frout i- Foreign Operatilome
Ion, show shipping id processing of.
of wheat, whipped tAdrsponsorsh oI
sor, Mutual Secur -AIuinistmtion.
year drought, PakiW 'l' rave finatWil
vented her from finthging the necessoiNl
off famine, and she appealed to the
hbtp. President Ehi*lfeRr urged Congi80
prompt action and ISti y later the biq welt
thriving the wheat slpoent. Undeu tfhe
islation, up to one milfn tons of t "it")
to Pakistan from surpts stocks of the CCC.
-provides that Congreis supply hfumnds-
CCC. About 700,000 tons will he O i 6i I
Pakistan. About 300,0 4oIns of whEit wil
as a reserve supply either o a grtt or oan 'ba it
ing on the gravity of the situation :at l otint,
istan government promise to distribute the*wheei
out discrimination" to thors who cra b-.ibte. o
They also agree to give continuous publicity
jectives and aims of the program tihtM di.l r
to the people hat the program is idce t
ship of the people of the U j i. ufte fl- r

'-4tra, be m

lweldau of

mde U I
at the ma
-4" m tooi
.t'i for til

firma Iwho 1 .
e and says wt. mS a
lirl he picked it PIn.- "M

. St K E^ SS' .- .. .

nreb f e bame ew *.nerWitrn.ily. br fmrae f A I
U.s. nrta s tm rIbet<.. laoil ., ,-...a

-- ,..

"Angled Deck' Permits Hotter Jets

to Operate From N;/S t
". -" ; r r. '
LONDON, Aug. 28 "It la so new faster and bigger The r adVlttgLe f l .
aimanle why did no one think craft would have on nat r -'. a ataM'VhhA Qi MiA

f lit before?"' This remark is
often heard in modern techno-
Slogical discussions, but It, has
rarely been applied more aptly
tlan to the latest British in-
rntion for naval aviation -
tte angled deck.
"Th. birth of the angled deck
:e aa about when scientists
were discussing the effect that

I riers which, it wua s i tt .l
need to have longer .Pdf
decks, and to be fast i '
Two British aclent cae
forward with a diffetfnt "nd
simpler suggestion. Why -not r
turn the landing area of the i.
deck at an angle of a fw 'de-.
grees to the fore-and-aft lne,
of the ship? '. .




SI N T L 3-D Techncolor Release..i
relr I- : :OS 7:02 I:5 pnm.

At Regular Prices: 00 .- Eyeglasses 0.1





Donna Ree, to "LUXURY OGILS"


uflwr usnws ~V
lmoot mtralsht eo out
md go round agan.
fear of rtlning into
aircraft. Because of
"a safety factor It is
to use only half the
of arrester wires (so
F4etieal tralsenu
aritluh esmttle
1i M Ifltrious.
fall Information abeut
I Aevelopmat n wag.
8 8 wide). r~

bWith I etterent types of "
.niir iittg^tj h TE ti re
thb ciitfet Uiael h0a3o
been reraline In reduced dam- "1
are to alrsft. we
To date. I more than BOO0 We
landinrl have been made on tCel
the Antietam. saw
Of 80 v"t who landed. O5 the
had nWr-e so l et onto a H
rl *errler N bM ai0 had ne- mmr
er landedt ia' errier at l mel
eore. them were no aecl- Th
dental. thoi
DAutof O Ilandngs, 115 |hMn
ira ftM engse with Ino
H winre mainly U
IbeIAse the bee bit the deck for
tee hrwd aIfswd overthe thI
wire. Nor every oe of A
thues 12 5s It wetd have to -
ruin late tesarf. canas.
S rasome malJer mier dam-

nnH _, i$r ta irnii
'I 'a .r...T^ .3
jrr ^ *~sCItriTLw

naimfiawe nOS.u 0
S deck. nd
aluOn~gg uw

iate theiotk, wteh'
a it from the w,
forpar4 to thb pam-
sAItWSPrdeck .

irtEL canO
Mif Of


jO ma i .,
-)-ee oI
* normal ift
IJ nt State
low month
Udler in the
i Lt ore t0e

a atbck

the gunfire
ma lighting.
nA of the at-
Ua ing above
Korean Ca-.
o the--
17 but al
, thy found
i whlea


.. Da.
Use o

- 1
.r -' *j*. *.*~;j~~ *





.r S tc s -.
;Ftemh Strikes Ga ve1


' 4

_ ..______

ffWM. .1,-

1 1,

. .-

,, ,,.




"b. ..A Enthusia i Maryland Follower
OeOArGO (UP) -- -
search workers he es
Ohi mr WASHIN TO ivag 29- England. He observed that Ma-
Thel IM a (UTP-- The a nmd little ny H ligsh land trners modn
rV A Dr. A thu A.' v a1 known art has at tainted ormj gaidest is
f Bar0 t l. .etit J 0" lena t one ut tain- the lJcellent Rom lnl
i Wt ,o ied S tatp La- 6 o e nru rght .,
Sved O2 M e dew of M .'Harford of fr ameso te United tts
disease a n 'County. and soon hounds chanli
e The art of topl is the a fox bn a rivet hedge and a
.iurnD -. prp- Studies of l ar&s l of trimming of hed- stress into splendid rooter all but croW-
i _m ,. 0 chronic leukemia h 8 tylizd 1fie birds and Ing atop oa yew tree.
Salmanl e is. bleved by His interest in topiary be-
thin Is.thre e a nd first makingui uiterame tocame not only practical but
.ut the aseport t l heO- 'm bush historical. le found that the
W. A Jm lMjak Smith the -Journal #of- oi assume' tlhefi te.growtn art goes back at least as far,
Dr. aMd Vr S mith statitita do dimen sions and cmltour the thor naturalist. i
F'SB u Itg ssa Plny &the Elder, f Emmu au-'
of Oa ml a soon p lrticul pa artist wishes. Thre alace
tfor a Nwr "It felt Ladew hasa uiapnded his of V es much
Orans, viDr.n l point is % farm near BaMas th or- tba,'ad it wasd opu-
s d- ancy of le rtakem n a s, mal gardens of well-kept lar when William. f1I, Prne of
i ~ ed- oas (tat rd t tha lawns bored t DyOh The Orange, beem. ruler o-Bri-
i vingo rxLintema- ain in 16. After the.. 18th
averar ny I~~Lfferent animals. century, Intenst In topiary de-
ohe thene M th) Swans sefl sers gained rapidly.
ftenA the. top :of e Along Oblivioq to fl Adop inp
me eUlten f e 8l:he. walks sit on popularly ..01f N art," Ladew
blpo'l 'r Iuctve thstei -o er 1 tes right ofl ,An His
: ttAte of a b ruffle their t are mst recent e & sail-
t1m e.- m"Cori battlement and fish' rising from a hedg a. his
81.16. be0o-,many of the e win- Plorida- place nr Palm
La rl PR NFerFi. Fdow-like o MiA the strol- Bfllt. His '' iokernh is
-- ,o.d hO, ler can en Vw. ftz. the, b will grow so
do (UA ieo $tr. O iplorer Ladew fl interested tat that fish will, get
imne glgy -l topiary tuntin In aoa v -V*
t IedIen the ae.ter- brMrs.- Coronado;, IP. y L
ha Y. They ., a few have gone farE WATESb-

Sn near t SCL of DANIO NG
wo ...%e Vz brner,
Is re hr-. -w~~- the .-apening Sept. IstU'
hba~a 'iik smf ii Year, andvacation which i c ight IC E
e~1" 'b llc. .TOE
.' mus em tba m wrus M, TAP
O .l. k "- pot O sl it. A ET

.." ..).._ -.; 'BALBOA MALL L 'P2~8oei tr Onl".36
NgUPCMur ed Member A- Io

41 1m h ou o.te n. o&
.l. ,. oo
.nad. AC Madl
'We id lto ....""" "" n ti -'"""

07,7.6. --V1, ,, ,<"..

Announesm the closing for the rainy see
September' Ist.

Reopening around
f uruier anunMemd.

Jan-y Ist, ,Wllr


.ew "nMA..IC CYC

* .-
'~- I.





ow add.
.' .
aw ... .
S "< -- ^ t

IO;. n-C
i--- Os-r

-9.-- .-B- $. A.I
-* ;| '* -* ,, h '
.^ ," .:., :. "..: ,,; .IC. a .

L-- 7 .- --%. Ia
dw Z?~~~

!I~L~srIN Paa

--'-.'.. -,*- *51 *Z$R~tii

dfreat'WMe tplu...
Wfe u

*Te* l

, i *- .

. i





*~" .etrideof y ,- 'h-oose The ALL NEW 1
Pwer NW erNEW Performiancc,
-.".t. .:."-. ....l.. :^

.w ; Ste r NEW Nfected Powe
S".. :for mm f ry doi"ery.
A.. .u

-- JUSTO A V& 2I. th STREET -
S ,:" d "i' i. 4. l. -. .. a.. s

.. :j :;: .'....,,. -;,, .+ +., .+.- .. .... ,, ,. ..< -,. .. .. -+..


954 HUDSON with the
NEW.Ecoiomy, NEW
r, BnkIs Place your

TEL. 24810



n~e -'



*-..~ I



aI <

. .-- -, ,

-:'. I'..
.- -
'**- 'r f --' .-
A.^ea/ -.' *I;,.-C~i ^^dLi.&^.

A ,. ,
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Sb p4

. -. .



~L __ __


' -J 7-:. .

; ~n~

Foul. ,.--

,Georgians Suggest Fish Fry .

For Labor Day Celebration 1 7 ome

edrable and UearahA -

/. /. ci';.. ,r

7 a eo.' ~u .adade. o t-''To I.. ,
I AirE I,-alapwr c
wow astL.' ;. ,. .'.

.II GIDRGIA FISH FRY, prepared and served the way the To' se.ip. '.e mU"ttu --niw U 'se
.H .ams do it. is a suggestion for Labor Day get-togethers. mo0 .f a -o

NE. Food and Markets Editor t
-- 0- tO~d ~ h~l w*
Some Georga folks we know. turn in the kitchen range., Iao, 0
the Tomn Hams. who live out- These are split and buttered .M1ai E thl lMacrna l nn a I
side of Atlantra, have a won- richly and kept warm in the Wa h ta te-ll6 .0 l
dterful idea for a Labor Da.'oven of the serving cat t. t National Collegerof id wt io
get-together. They suggest a Bowls of tossed salad come my personal expert
;"Veorgia fish fry. crisp and cold from its re- -
Tom is a journalist and au- trigerator compartment at the
thor of "Give ULs This Valley "Iright moment, as do plates- em-a 8tt qi-t
!lThey lave 15 miles out of the of dessert-baker's sponge cake '. I
city in a rambling ranch house.'.hells topped with red ripe .tl4 i ds~ t:
-h ey are popular hosts, their berries and smothered in whip- *.- .
"'t~n-age daughters and six-'ped cream. .,_ ,
Sthe crowa around thebecuing, then look at this re- tFrech hai ostyl ores f I (tep row ste sa rali '
lhecue h itu and shelter built cipe. Its from Connectircut. cur and clon on the Fret"7b sle tfusb elvt srigbon a ,i Pel. h" A t s.. ,. .
.i the after s udge. Barbecue Sauce for Slteak and nowcrs. ony arthe iFrench styles 0add v i to ort rlt rbbons aPamrs o.year. i old wIll revelw i I
heirs ncms and get itmenu Two tablespoons butter o Roosevelt, American hair stylist, created eWag .raite ofupr t vey. cl s b _. ,. .. .
combines southern food tradi- margarine, I medium onion Italian boy-cut (left), toned down and soothers or te o Iee _sea r. t w-ga isuth ~ug g s w
tions and new, streamlined, isllcedt, 1 clove garlic icuti, I for the
.MWod ideas. For the traditional, cup t1 8-ounce cano tomato
,:there are hush puppies, made juice, 14 cup lemon, 2 table- By ALICIA HART '"Any new hair style, such- as .
:: from grandmother's recipe, spoons brown sugar, 2 table- NEA Beauty Editor ithe tossed salad' or 'Italtau C I .
Which has just a hint of green spoons Worcestershire sauce, I boy cut' (f this pat spring .L Ow/DJ L .JA 1w 6
liepper and onion. These areteaspoon dry mustard. 1 tea- '"I could go crazy, too!" said.and summer, appears at first SAd L "t
cooked in the deep fat along spoon salt, 14 teaspoon Tobas- Henry of the -oosevelt, New! in a rough, exaggerated, vulgar .Z-
*with bass filets, coated with co sauce. nYork hair stylist, upon belng1 way. These styles have been Wit -
egg and -corn batter. Combine allingredients Cover shown some brand-new photo' no exception. They will con- i d
Th. modern touch comes and simmer over low heat for 15 graphs of Paris hair styles or tinue but with the wildneass
from the freezer's store of minutes. Strain. Use to baste fall. A lady client o his, look-taken out of them."of
Sreay-to-serve foods. Individual steak while broiling, basting ing over our shoulders.. re-i wile. t h
brown and- serve laes of twice on each side during marked: "ho would out I I Henry's viewpoint can -J et
SFrench bread 'hre bak to a cooking time. with a thing like t? Where'a' tand as typleal, .w e eight say -
'the spinach and rrots? Re-I that American hair styusts
minds me of the ird cag' aim for simplicity, wearability 011t U -" .
,hats you see -n Easter pa- and adaptability to individual nlt. No'dout tha
rades." Mirae 4 pergality
n oneB ls hair ffflPFIt N T
styles, Io arc fa s ,Lr Ha
iicurls had len addei to make ,
W Wive up for the haii the stylist had ,
Wise Wives Analyze Their pedr te models head. Houseclean your handba oc-
inl another, a ialse chgnonIZ.,eonrlly by going through it we d for h-
Anniversaries looking like a dsentangledor old theater stubs, discarded 'Vw l
riagsOnAnl'verares skein of wool perched on top memos, scraps of paper and
of a tousled, short hair cut. uther oddment that cause con-
o Another style featured bangs fusion and want time. ...
0 resemblintg those cut 'rotpd a,
It is a wise wife who on every wedding anniversary looks back 'cereal bbwl by economilng "Dacron" man -Made fiber
over the past yeir to see what has happened to her marriage mother& False, t sausage ourls resilata wrinkles, belds creases
during the past 12 months. It won't have stood isull-so the thing i projected from the back of'even W le wet, oilers good
o determine is whether It is more, or less rewaraing thsn it was this hair style. A fourth style edraplng poulbllittes, and won't
Sa year ago. consultedd of' perfectly straight, shrink or stretch out o orig-
:short. bahged hair, like a S o- 0In dim.ensions. Little Ironing,
.'Idea of what has happened to her marriage in a year's tlme: -n fo a one s feor gi a-"
Hav e we taken steps forward alon he road to success we
meant to travel together? A "Yes" answer here doesn't neces- eI layers so that the m el'swa bl and resists moths
early mean the husband has had a promotion ur a raise. It may head looked like a shingled and mM
higj n he is handling the job he has better thrn he was a vearIroof. All styles had been dec-Irbo tl A, -
Sagmo, that he has gained in self-confidence, that he has put in time orated with elet ribbons To e egg in from
studying, or even happier in his work. land flowers. fabric, first scrape away excess
Rave we put down any new roots in or community? The As against this Parisian with doll knife; sponge in
couple taking on new responsibilities and becomlnn more active madness. Henry of the Roose- told w "FFor pereMifeat staitn ;
in their community is moving ahead., not hlloino volt predicts this fall's hair-rub in pwde aid rinse .
Have we done anything to make our honie more livable? A 11t4 trends for America: out i bour. Wash in
comfortable home Is a worth-while goal for an\ married couple,' The cap look will be thc. war %.rnH4 as i -
"and anything done to make a home more comfortable is a step. order of the day, with the i
.a forward, beauty of the head shape re- -I .....
.veslead without extravagance or stehen ron will t ccl
ACQUIRED NEW SKILLS? antastic decoration, whether i i]n : .latp _de to steam crdu. r e
curis at ~false addenda Kiss ro ys&i. and to block
Have we acquired new skills during the 'ear? When a carls, which I call Spans he- sw '
bIusband and wife both continue to learn and tackle new jobs Icuse of theIr long trtdliton e- 4,
they are growing as persons and their marriage is bound to be lia--Spain, even though most -
happier. w k perso call them Italian to-i Moll:y, i Coat 8eigner,
Havewe kept up with our old friends and made a few new day, will continue. Hats can be believes .L has become b
ones? The couple which stops making new friends Is making worn well over these short, a color as a-sr1 black, brown In ,
social life narrower. eI closely fitting, smooth caps or navy. he feels it is one s n ,y In-
Are we Wokfng toward anydpeiniteyoal' with their shadow waves." |.' the most flattering colors a rom
Those are the kind of questions that show what has happen- Continues Hen y, speaking of woman cap wear, regardless of lfltbIO ii w. r
O toa marriageduring the past year. another hair style for fall, her complexion. Te- .
e ei toIAr Tom yo Mu e
'i" Exposure of cut Ctems to air now aboU.t. .
f". X5 ,J 1, causes flowers to wilt. Give :WaltS ulM
onrthem a 10g drink of water,futunre.,im- .r
C for at leat several hours be- them poke l ,-1 : I.
S Do you want a flat um ? .fore arrsl g them. Take a the house
If yours protrudes even in >- .....a .m pail of water to the garden if write.
~ightest you may, it yoU're -, .. it's far from the house. Trim ,4- the.
flastldious about aippearan-,, j them under water.
W a' nt to do some exerei* m mtm .m --m mm...m
"tone up the abdominal muscles. j 'i.'. R emo bidew th w:of these
i .l.elaxed muscles, with conse- "oIwhth 'ow water; dry 'lwe theai
quent falling of the organs with soapy water; dry ke the
Within the abdominal cavity, the s.un ,r
eause protrusion even when I'over with salt, moisten with them w ..

*,you're slender. lemonn juice and then place n
i ,un. Try Javelle water as a V--..--
, 1f your doctor gives you the list resort.
, go-ahead signal you might I_
take those abdominal muscle- tri .
toningg exercises: '-asE.

% 1. Get into a bathing suit or
s garment. read a 3 r ,
S.-h beach tonel 'on the',/tl
flooa. (This will make a. n,. CAN FILY.OUR IND ',~
,.ex ise mat. fola it a ibtbs -.
peiratiun an& keeps -you I hn
.MUb). Le down flat on your
back. Raise yourself up to a sit- "
S$ng position without the help, f ,
* Of our hands or elbows. In-,
traom one time each ses-
810 to 10 times eaeh -session
I fl the muscular pull
le oLwer margins ol the .

lie on ybur exercise PANAM
a both legs at rightA M
t Itls together. rW -o aft Wese towel fer duemis- AEI. I
r legs down slowly s d&I l h by very ~ wlh o" th6he regs matee th k
keeping the kwea eollim k r !. r ne A. t --" .h ,
rIwi i nnl i mleiais

:~'`in 9 J2 A ,.

.In ) i *eduee 4
,.R l. ,- .

....4A "" l- "ate or

I lur, a .-a myu-. 'u- -.

, eye to thie tutn ld
Slena code. but
posal to rewrite th
an0. the r.l tl a
for anhrC .mi

aBote m -Iw UMUOJ
League or- twla

ot "am d night. ft
^c;^B^^PW- ^r< a

J* *
., .,


ears at hard
all sentences
* terfm fdr.i
der 15 w -.
reeTf to lv
Alm Is over 1I
bless ttah
1 ntercou.i
Smontbh ti'

I new
Ald fi1

* teudsn hare
"a'- drekd of veal
'7u~J Ir~~
P alut m

;' .tprda cby


ft .r. "

I K v. 'f .


r..ft. .t 4 ,'' *'
- Si-t ... ..
g -.K.-, : ... I,
J : B
-1 'I-

I. -. : -+ "
+ I," +

"- ;'
+' t "t p jl '

,,~ 9 ..' -

-t : :- ./ ,
.. ,+ .. ..


r each'
i,. down-


i n
..ks Ml

p rd -4 Ewat might
ed "career previews"
ateri pif they are
hash SWnOOl
Isdch ootfaL L ol


r study, it was
~' home
I San


a.E .

'^ *^ l



j k]





a graphd picture of the num-
erous )o available to them
I0 the local am, this growing
service proup -known as the
Industrial Informatlio Insti-
tuWe- .alo shb9w them how
trey can help Industry make
rea -contrlbutions to the com-
Thousands of high school
students are drawn to the Ins-
titute's' Umnu ezaputIon in
Tungstown to stadl, special
ob analysis charts. Required
, tludt like tamna c, eoor-
dinaton eoPt speed mad
d i an hown to stu-
Voe a, JBl8^?*L' .-"
Bteel companies, utilities,
banks, r od and the other
Interest. backing the Indttut
see it as a Workable job pat-
tern; tat otber., mJiht fol-
low. ... .
News WasaN New
NOITON Kan. (yP) The
Mme bri story tonengm
O ulas L~Wbeorgh was carnd
recently in seven straight I-a
SuM of tb Noro Dally Tele-
aE before the supup ws noe-
Sby: Tbhe read 2 The


Anniversary SALE-

1 o '5

on all beautiful FABRP




a I


4 '-af- f
*? 0'.n ;-

* One Knp Monorch electric
travelling r0n.

S12 Pock.s of FAB laundry soap

,'.e,4-' .

-11' ~-.* aftlu'4j

a A!

.W 40i1 a. "M i ;

,~.,, .. ". ". .+ -' ... :I

-r -r r*

F .

-.-*: ..

'".... .
7m aF


1. i


* I.

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... 1."

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S '"I


4,, ,-,
ir "

' .Itl'


I, ..i; ,
a,'- rL

_ __ ~ __ _

, .mIDIU.. .. S t

__~____ I_

' I

te New f- Ionian Ihl S'

004 B V. ao. Qi tkes Inmoer
NYW YORK, (UP)- -0 -- O
eK luSfoSr fm lathLs-en the
fi last s "f04 Islands of Greece for royal piade a
Sor dow Ilro- but tew in modern at
Sofwide aured. scree EIsIdn and A nif

^ on age eoInIS^ a& dar!ae th to aen
sound elr and aEo -.0

aIdel of. crEo fto aoIS f lh of t heA B-n arw A s$' a
raenaaed third dlmsinon patterned after ~aNte aaph tolN be H and
.tdln. the CGeao: Twentietl ,-. h "es" t i -ft oho u
A c= e Dn't r-Px FM Corp. r o hs h
shok noft he are
t he Iarle M flashed on a od. t shthae sle. N bove
ic In tworad ahbh lf times a heirshds e ui s the to- imeostallto eaven ,
wide mr es it h pg. The broed plC- n lew r utme p q at pis w, a ave i
tie mau.e T use of "N rerl eeaKt othe grek m Inlnda. t-e
llnde- siuwd.sion" d S cross the et of the narrow Across a pMt ~ he
ofr oa two SSde of the c pe it is toe Peopooune- the sou it. at
onto Ar, %c stipfln OIhe i fn,
SG sROW. Alon teU ountaou eat and b .ses tb
S on eth sio the view ner, Cofe.O _Hmsr'e U l 1ias W handr I is.
ie Theys atem will be available to -.ha ln amnd lchbsp. Ii
Sbattle f nclnt Greece. sdbln 1t ea, t
amateur -bovil-maoers m th em ie Ne t re male st vsle L l n Both ot
Snear tuwre.- dtY the ae tpaitorsl proy- tabi ft't and
Y l ou et ma openn di.. Inc- lo the eklndM, ahe- t ho
tree i. ad thl which where until disastr a.truck. l
Inel- sound"r wTbU smjh Isn eIe 1 wkyS 1
frm akte use orf e hr com- ve, wine rapes, aud eapnts 1 .Ues wita t e s.
gakssO fOl'.uw con- me and the lifs- th
r p Pitble 3-D," the ewerst third- s f i"' tU trms d.'r .olht. Its highest p
The dImeneio r devel=opaf et in the r l.aKne po re i L eneth br se ina aeV
dr' w^ orld(Einson-Pteniman Co.) 'st '^" "^^^^ r l a than e above
St work bbohlth wlth without te eat Ato 1tOS 1tollo. eAl
Sand iewina spees. Without specs, the BaSie smer time. when eu port p KefaI~. at
T adultedy image Is e n -a a normal, two the Int. bt6 lay a the the easteat i of
I l- dl- dimension picture, ry l sEiof a .anqp d f lt. narrow bay e b the
not The new process l expected to ilah ther-napid world sur- ftraom the south
croo up In wlndow anrd counter nutlmftothe Llc Oeemaow hI 1950 wam ft eikt o
displays., as in premiums and bt nlS u hae be amn archbtsia. it aI ith
various ads tfl lor of sealfr- amon he leading orte of rIg-
S .in nsatmn. istrv of Oreene. Across thi fa
Sh omnnsls hven;mentinel memories. Nest to the smallest valid. L i Both are said t
ot ~ orlds t Yrhsal < ~ if the "Seven Islands" that be destroyed.
t ki a t o 3 I "-TW tc'r' stretch from the Albanian bar-. Near Ar-ostlion are the "
wraft Co wit der tw the tip ot Greece. Ithaca Nea "Aralou"t aTreth a
*-o have tenq *ou have to act lyif owe mli*nil" OT KeTaU~nW
S toe e and imh f but the by ancient belief and archeolo- turned not y river or
it includes Uth,-i' material but by salt water flowl
lmor a trailer. lTreno a r ml- with thread, b ures a the ocean Into the landPo'

S:male. .Instead of te ordinary eye for sea current flows some 58
n Th eonuleted tPo er Is 14 the thread, there Is a threaded straight Inland, to dlstpherfIl
ee n also offers su. metal stem which is pushed nally into natural openainq,JB
u company also offers auch through cloth Into a shank on the rocks. No one know .
r te bl houthe back of the button, where the water goes. W.,
ed, sink,. stave and chairs. The secret of the button-i Zante, or Zakinthos of
!i:off dIrla s arodurcs prefabricated which looks like anv other uni- has been called the talri
ond boat. kit~ form button-lies in a special the Ionlan Isles. PUny aod
Plastic filler the shank. This bo wrote of Zante. Just s
Poluceet, hotel doormen. mil- plastic "give"' when the screwed sanr Ithaca's praises. On
Scall- ,it-ry oflters and other uni- stem is pressed nto it. but holds was born the Greek poet
-M- teen jorm wearers have u.methinlg firmly against a direct pull. eratlon. Dionyslus Polomos. al
in Cn the way of buttons. To remote the stem, you aim- thor of the national anthem of
Toius button is not sewn on ply unscrew It. Greece.. .
ara netale ..



,.-I '.


5.. -t. + w-.' l


.4 i'^.|--m


six m




S f- ..'

4man a l. ,
yisw.Wtaa5, ('0 1*6

I ,

Mitolalm for1. II
C ach camdlma*eawt

S. : ;. -".
I '
% .-,;

LU 98

Household Automobiles
FC$"ALE.-G E. "5 Csce washing FOR SALE.-I 1-2 ton 1942 Dodge
machine. S7. Relrgerolor. truck, good cond.tron Phones.
pCl. 8 1.2 Cu it. Coldpo I i Balboa 2-1541. 2-1522. E. J.
babv cr.b ,rh matllres. exceilenr Loae
cond.t.on ,i i E'rra l.irge cob,neI FOR SALE 48 Packard. series 120.
rnr,r,. ue ,l Lea. g "'imm'e-i 4 door seacn radio, heater, good
d,atel- .. 44-D, Cocol. Phone tes low mileage. Call Kugler,
i9.'1. CoLo _Na 2433 to 4 p. m. after 3792
FOR 5ALE-Cre complete Amer.on FOR SALE --1951 Ford Custom 4-
made ierti n e. g:C.J, Dr. Sedan Fordamat.c. see house
condl r.. o" C .' d'_. bC I ,159-B or call 2-29':8
seer, or. Soilrrdos and S-,nda, rrn,--
4 to 6 p m,. 50th Streer Nc. I FOR SALE ..-1947 Standard Coupe
Bella V.'ao rduty pad, reasonable. Tel. 3 i
FOR SALE. MHewood Waketield
maple hutch wth plate glass top. FOR SALE -Automobiles used. A-I
Seitceleni condition Sb0 00. New condition. Call telephone 3-1942,
( Simmons single cotton mortress. from 12 to I p. m 6 to 8 p. m
I coil spr.ngi and metal legs. $40 FOR SALE -1948 Oldmrnoble, Ny-
y. 00. One bamboo choir. $25.00 Ion seaicogers. rodio. new tires.
Call 2-1C40. House 0961, Bol- punctureproo ltubei. priced rea-
!. boo ___ scnablv Call 3-0391 or 2-3486
)OR SLE .- T-ro, semr,-auomaoc FOR SALE --1941 Buick Sedanette.
aihng ,d al,ro,. Or.e mple b-pe ab, 2 dcors ,ith radio Good condition.
,-.bed and mattress. Phone $350. Tel 3-3332. Panama.
1 fPanamo
I---- ---- FOR SALE -1950 Studebaker Ex.
FOR SALE --Contour chaor. Uphol-- cellent condition 16,000 miles.
fered in light green plomi.c, $5. Curundu 5245.
Office Balboa -'-156. Hc-me Pe- -
-ro Miguel 4-686 FOR SALE.-1952 duly paid Ford
-. Consul $95'.00. IBlue Book value
FOR SALE -b pieces, I.v.rgioom. 1.305.CC: loan ovlue $869.00'
.irlnersprr,g. bamboo. All .n g od Exjcelleni condition new broke
conditron. House 5668-B. Dab.:. Ofhce (Ialba 2-2158. Home, Pe-
dro Miguel 4-686.
FOR SALE FOR SALE-One Winchester carbine
R S L 30-30 model 94. One Remington
Boats & Motors rifle 3-06 SPRG model 721 with
g oats& Motors slng. Call Ponomo 3-4050
ALE: 14' Runabout 54" FOR SALE-Or trade: Craftsman
Bseqm. Ibminated >whte Oak from. I2" Band Saw. Crofttman 4 3-8"
Marine Plywood sides and bottom. Jo.nter. Croftsman 8' Tilling Ar-
Traoler ana co er ncluoed. Call bor Berch Sow. Delia Floor Moe:-I
Coco ..'o 759 Dril Pres- Wood Working Lathe
.- 36" Bed 12' Swing. Large toll di
cobinet-equipment complete with
25 ctcle motors Stands and acges-
save, ione sores Con be seen at Madder)
S',"im M e Dam Police Station anytime or call
P N f I m 1Pedro Miguel 333. Will trade for
-O wein e-uien c J Lapidary equipment or liaht nk


kirm inspeta q f .
An electric blb tUIit
ki i na

I* enn'

..a o. ." a dt a. :.

I W Bd

^^^^ %

aM vin in % W

b a '.. .. ..
j. ,wb a twe t..*-

PANAMA-MEXICO one way $85
round trip $135 (15 day limit)
$165. good one year; to L O S
ANGELES one way. $159.25 round
trip $268.64 190 day limits. Pan-
amo Dspa+ch Service. 36 Avenida
National (Automobile Row). Tel.
Panama 2-1655.
SPECIAL FLIGHT to Kingston, leav-
ing every two weeks 560 one way,
$108 round trip. Panama Dispatch
Service 36 Avenida Nacionol (Au-
tomobile row) Tel. 2-1655. Pan-
Boeing 4-engine planes. One-way
to Miami: $70.00 Round-Trip
$126.00. One-way to New York:
$114.00 Round-trip $214.00. See
telephone 2-1655.

Position Offered
WANTED:-Sales agents for club
Apply with your identification card
ICarnetl. Good opportunity for
interested persons. Parisien Furni-
ture No. 168. Central Avenue.

Real Estate
FOR SALE--Gorgona Beach Frontage
3.750 meters. Large house furnish-
ed. garage, good well, pump. tight
p'ont Must sell phone 2-1606.
FOR SALE--Land in "Las Cumbres"
settlement. corner ''Via Los Coo-
bos." 1006 meters, electricity,
water and telephone. For .informo-
lion telephone 3-2 1.4.

,i,- i
'I" 1 f'"

44* s'r .ir ~. 1%
; -Pis

~"bz' ja .s,;
S r'r*

f -.J d .

I .
* .Bf *

W* lira

w Seem pu r*
m- -".
2 "SAF TY tIW! I
by ---. ziqw.p*sf 7.

It yes woe pip
heiug a Mew se r.

You can select. from. ar .
large stock of excellent mSed
cars fully basked ..hb th
good repuatlion~we hav
earned andmaim to keep
I .v -
*'. V

.9n %-

'- w :

up truck -- FOR RENT.--Spacious cool furnished
'IXLLAS. Tex. (UP)- What r IAlA L apartment, $150.00. Number 27,
ry be a thing of the futureiFOR SALE:-Westinghouse 9 fr.-25 lc I 48th Street. Tel. 3-3806.
recently demonstrated by cycle refrigeraror. Periect condi-
ryoung woman In Dallas. t-on, 5 years old $125 00. House wd Iio Fn ch
er. s" ,, r.x a 'd s wd in Frenh 'FOR RENT
ckr. FOR SALE--10%0 to 20% discount Room.
$ usky, six-foot Tiny Drew in all Carrara Marble headstone. Raoml if
Wheeled her car into a 'fix-it- only this month, and special granite I al FOR- RENT: Unfurnmshed, l
*elf" garage **recently. The for Mt Hope and iprotf. cewfereoble and indmpendent
vsing mechanic tld her the MARMOLURIA MORINO PARIS, Aug. 39 '(1Vj --Sagy In Cholq No. -2024 Via 4e.
I model auto needed a new Panama -Phone 2-2656 percent of the inmates of to single persons or couple wl u
nd-. French mental hospital were children. Telephone: 3-469~. n-I *
noted, after six hours confined because of alcohol, maOr.

wAr tade no vaed .vrie attempting to prove that the an
e mew words o admic nation drinks too much.
th* ren me dhw lrs. m I[I I -
AC said "anyone The report by Dr. Marcel
e slightest idea of i ,Llain, Socialist Deputy and
i. s should be able to psychiatrist, showed that the WASHINQTON The 8tate
S r own car. particularly nation spends twice the ai of Virginia extends farther west
it l 's someone around to i mount it gets from alcohol than does neighboring West Vir-
vice when you run into Laxes on the upkeep of asy- gRinia.
.I Iauns where monthly entrieI
; lro-pound girl was de Best-Jknon of all American
t .:li that she'd fix her top 500. steam locomotives was probably
pr:. whih she had bought i The yearly consumption of the New York Central's old "No.
f Q dolla r. She felt that ;alcohol by the average French- 999," says the National Geo-
persson gett "something man is 31 liters equivalent to graphic Iclety. It was the first
radically nothing" she 82 Liters of 90 proof whiskey,. 100-mile--hour engine ande
u_ to try and ge some- -t. i ,The Italian average is 14.4 li- held the world's speei record for
At-out of it.' That's exact v t' ers. Next comes Switzerland more tha9 12 years, after cover-
'*,< Miss D.ews did. I with 12.5, Belgium with ninp. inp a mUe in 32 seconds ll12.51
the aid of a friend Sweden and Denmark each miles er hour near Batavia,
yTaylor, blonde Miss I th five, and the U.S. with New Y'oon May 10, 1893.
Swent to work on he C fo u liters, the report said.
The garage furnisheroolsof
SItems such s T. w ert. the 5 resulto n Tb- p oa. lace te,
tools, hydraulic J -ack, Il ong Amgdy of the causes and was.a4 Lodon's Duc-
Sdau ac ects of alcoholism, will be wLoo uc
(to swin under the STUDENT PRINCE Nor- submitted to the Natonw inge
ease, and spring ay's Prince Hrald, 16, stones for possible acton a-r "'
Mi4s Drews had already to school every morning fust t the risinL rape of al- o t
ed the parts to replace like any "commoner." At Ol o al- on Mt.
Sch were worn out. Cathedral School, the Prince Kal 191. so great
A reur garage had raes his hand to let his ge- rench spend 56,000,000,- was t, or ash, that
SMiss Drews that the ography teacher know he has 00--frans a year on drinks for three nights
n her auto would p te answer to puzzhng ques- $ 4,206,000). This does not th was n al
Cost more than tion. He is the son of Nor- e the estimated yearly most n darkness. A lan-
y bng tall and e- way's Crown Prince Olav and on of 40,000,000 liters tern. hsld -rm's length, could
ntng a sth and Crown Princess Marth a. of which are produced not be sen.
IIng her own labor, the tax-fre by wine growers The mivinin rod
ifty ex-WAC did the job for I n 1900, 4,300,000 persons a Tlane WthQ rnde t rod rides
I0 prsona ~a plane. WithU-camera, magneto-
an electrical draftswoman for worked in the alcohol industry; meter or radar, eial explorers d
e job consisted in part of.the Texas Pou er and Light today the figure is almost dou- can locate 1ode round water
ling the front wheels offlcompany She served overseas le. While the treasury collect nme d tet-ll n s quarries.
putting in new spindlepiaswith the WACs during Worla between 50,000,000.000 and 60,-e cnt the traes in a forest and
bushings. War II. u000, 000 00 f ranch s 5142,c85,- acerate I, ealure the height of
After six hours beneath thel and ST71,42.000) in taxes on both mbuntain anA molehill.
P, ss Drews was still smil- IAfter the two girls had finish- alcohol production and con- -l.. .. n I
although she admitted she ed the six-hour job. the advis- sumption, it spends 130,000,000,-
glad the job was done. 'ln mechanic remarked that 000 francs ($371,410,000 a year Eighty per seat of the wooden
ae ~id the .a rageman that they had sought less advice on the upkeep of asylums. rlqor store Indian once popular
..hid better arry hom to from him than many male According to the report, 57 in this country were squaws.
te her gres0 nmered customers. percent of lawbreakers and 95 -
as her bey friend was percent of persons arrested on
oer. charges of mistreating their The Connectltct Lakes reason
saked if she thought TEXAS BOAST children are alcoholics; 57 per- at the noratibe tip of New
d tarted a trend in wom- cent of road accidents and 17 Hampshir was indepe dentj
mechanics. Miss Drews ALAMO, Tex *UP,- Alamo percent of work accidents are from 18 -to 113. Ptoneers
inly said, "Women will claims to be the only city In due to alcohollrm; 33 percent named thea the ridian
r eave the lipstick and the 3,200-population class hav- of women and .5 percent of Stream ev spurned
off." She said she be-'ing a police car with a women hosptalied for otherallegiaee to the United
e the ratioof "one thou-way radio-and t didn't cot a a acoho reasons show states or ad until New
d male mechanics to onlecent of public funds. Police strong influence of alcohol. Hampabire filiu forced them
le will remain unchanged." Chief Troy Bone uses his own The report listed the ollow- to acknowled state overelgn-
f Drews' partner, Mils automobile. He secured the Ing findings: ty.
yl., wasn'; quite as enthus- N00 for the radio by public (1) 40 percent of persons..
over the mechanical scription. -pblc.confined to mental asylums are The Unldfioh Africa has
fact, she said she was "sort alcohol cases. a sepaNrte b each of its
f iW job D. ..4. .. O ne og of three mental three bri r .m ment.
uanhad ly deanged i alngoholic. Prstar b 1111 S ttire
she'd liker to do "Le (3) The death rate for men capital nemd O of o the
exciting to which she thelrt wentles i double that Governor 0 .wura Town In
y answered "yes," after of Brlt -a. the aMt of t whle
w. she was taken to the (4) 75 percent of juvenile Bloemoten it headquarters
a delinquency ee can be ta- of the natlmitry .
Drews is employed as to aled al mr d
palee hl- A tohmil bel t aa m a Of floodI
p mde d s.o ef slog- whiah sea v wer a rk-
Or with 2 .iae WM. -1 quke
.60 down Saio shw esUd fd ahous, ear bistro mia
KUji.' 5w v. a raw to
z TRUNK& .& G-MFG. ofS "a Wd i wa" rt
CAML spasIV s re. v l, at 2 Sees t uone onessm e at a e
central a22 43@.f iPg m% fnthi-l I

No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phoue 1-2291, and

Fourth of Juiv Ave.-Phone 2-0441


C -.~r

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon .1m

Via Espafa No. 34 Panam, R. P. 10,
oea lVba T"he a te 1E0,05

Agencia laternaional de Publicaclones
No. S Lottery Plaz Phone 24199

W" bem h ai sa akbg puab ,
2091 Au.M. Z.-
DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
Central Avenue 'K" street, corner.
Telephone 2-3479, Panama.

* ii' I
' .

tages. Large, comfort
near beach. Balboo
PbHlps. Oceanside cot
Clara, Box 435,
Panama 3.1877. Cri

Houses on beach. Santo
In COOL Campona .
Phone SHRAPNL., Balba i
or see caretaker there.
Fotler's Cottages. One M Te past
Santa Clara. Please brina your
linens.. Phone Balboa .2-1 U,

IFOR ENT:-Furnished residence, in.
Bella Vista, 3 bedrooms. bitht
rooms. maid's room, garage, phone,
3-0019 3-3288, Panara, No. |
14 40th Street. .
FOR RENT: GIs wiU share lorge
house in Bella Vista, North Amer-
icans. automatic wai er, 3-0669.

Apartmr t I

nop ,~Bn.yuL~jAkM t. 1iD noon,
Idt 3-5244 i 19,09 noon to
8:00 p. m.
Modern 2. 4 and 5 rooms. finished
Or unfurnished. Call at Alhombra's i
Office 8061. 10th Street, Colon. I
Telephone 1386.
FOR RENT:-A furnished opnrtment.
Reasonable price. Telephone: 2-
3142, Panoma.

r-a .
ir-- W

You Sell'em... When You Tell'em trd
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57-."'R"I

i ': *.-~ Y' .2

m=ml. ==




~nd aara

I ~,. ~ ~
r- *;
I I~ I'
1 c r.
LY-~LY -~.~; ms



. ;- ~-''." -L
** ."-.-/ S-.I^..UiK-.


A .6^^ ^ :. o n --.
yaw H *
.. A S ^ K :


Has Great Cast

'The dlireor and oadn

a gh atPort
faturd imnd, .l ,..
.i'*I~bfaa 10M

W.OR i..f Bs i
J .w ,.

-'-- l. '.." ,- ,- L ,' : ,
Afte iH.e e. r r i .
il"W.2Mt tjlp M Ntee but

the way It go" every
fA'i .l iah e' d o e t

gatranW': *Y Mi g,
.Mer.ry' y Pam....
e san *puay" den ofW eer
rebrd pIWppeari Uasoris

me on resaul isTh a

', '** '

a' L
toe 0r
~M .;-n


m canm

- I~ iWri (taove), iretfi, tAy s yaW l.
Sfolk senso.and dances, has been aked up
Lt thbe CqBl .Theater on Sept. 10, i wa an-&
ile .will arrliv. 'ealana

w thodat haer
'bl ^iw apit aggiftiar.s


,YWO S The mn 't l paiis plttikri of one
pass the make-up kit .*0
"uprOth somee." t Ptrice i o saue of one thing.
at Prtee, wbo gave mov- "If 'Bfasd of Wax' h~d cpme
oe of te cares t the begin o my ceer,
pCe o took pictures all my life. As it I. I've
-1ablshed myself in comedy 'abd
ded lth's al that saves me' "
hot s and ecayed ET 'EM HOLLERg
b.- ~lll he Let the~Ltt ci tgdirec-


r2-u the s
idadLtmlhT l e. era ( t

5 a,.fi? 9 .4.' -. t* t



,e w ,r

. l* .----.

;7,' 4Scmea

niwm p wt. tCornell

u~ '1

Biablq Eb,


N .. ,. Jean
a to r r t i e t o
start-a career that his achiev-
ta ~l~derella ptory flavor in
The shapely, blonde singing
star- of bthe. new, Moay Am;
sterd lam. T show.c WNB.
Saturday nlghta, Ithe."MIf
Houston" .u Ine IM. Under
p.irenal -pressure ae realgned
the titWe but rpe.t any
way with a VoA matract
offret after d gency had
seen her pictugi Otthe news-
Pae dy Valee one day heard
Fhr sing during a 'round-the.
S,5no enIdlpn a party, iked
~ rr bUltry style so much he
ahedd bhear-t'APPW with hif
bland at-.t*. brIm t -lhI
CMlb in *ames ,mp.that I -um
M er. w ten proa

niht ea Uwed. then al 15
W 1 i fi "1^~-mnim rrob OtAP on NBC
.. on her om .show where sxb
S ,an the toreh_ bae tha
Sdt ruled ber dtflugm ti
.- Hll ,cltblgy .recl d appearancee at

She MAtt television oB0
m eo t the pro

vida l chain,,.


alutiy."' -
sa. me' unprintable
1 at anybody who

"I don't ive a hoot what any-
body th whether I'm right
fmh prt or Whether ISi
"I uippose people hed opinions
about 'Gone With the Wind,' too.
Ba-yosu a't hear anybody to-
day-. 'symg that MVvien Letg
iMw7 B for It. "
I -d O'Brien was all set to
I last year until tre
tI*a sold to RKO by the:
Irodcer 'ho hired him. Nbw
lie's ecldd to coast along as an
a t .* "".
S"ayJ rin try directing yet,'
She Srd, "when I find a script
thet :a'ans something. The
C 'een2 W-sthe thing. if you
a tve r npeWr mne, that's 75.per.
e o battle."
b d ft8E with Joan Fon-
S I+ptino in "The.
cbrin him-.
t deal with, theu
married to twc
Lame t tie. '

o" hve to laokt
... ja. ,ad laugh, we

Liken a bo f-
ebut eNtorm"

M anny Kaye film,
Wood.," are knowing
t l h and pine thit AV

out "The RMod t0

e ag H meel e y gi
theB w dlen i

A ,". dl. an d I

=wa ts wrrH ki
'ifeea ao ., .

who Msame_ ttd
Wemm iL s f .

me. Screens. he s
o death" and the l
4Mi-M Ad showuVMh wa

I -
%:Y a

t. beoa

For 'Dial M'

Whent he lights go up on
the Circle Theater's forthcom-
ins production, "Dial M Fo
Murder" on Sept. 9 at 1I Pan-
ama Hotel, one of the most
sought after actors on the
Isthmus, Adolfo Arias, will be
In the leading role. Arias re-
turns to the stage after a
three. year' absence from thel
burning foot lights.
When he opens in "Dial M",
he will be- supported by one
oft he finest casts that have
ever appeared here. Lolli
Dowlne, formerly of the Thea-
er Guild, will play opposite
George Reel, well known for
his work int he Cristobal lit-
tle Theater, was auditioned
and cast ut he third member
tof the "love triangle" that
prompts Tony Wendic's decision
to murder.
The last two roles, vitally
Ir.portantt o the success of
the show took longer to cast
than the first three. There is
the Inspector whose'. eeming
naivete belies his shrewd handl-
Ing of the facts. It takes a
man who looks like a detective
but acts like a man fresh from
poundlngt he streets as an
ordinary Bobby. Several people
read for the part but none
were quite suitable. Then one
evening Tom Greevey asked If
he could try for the part. To
the delight of all present Gree-
vey turned in a superb read-
inagt-at woa;hlm tl4se part.
Captkain Lesgate, a ladies'
i~an with a Christie touch,
had to be found and it wasn't
uqtil Tuesday evening that a
man was found who coulddliv-
..l Imelf from hip tare
c enough to play the
Ionable gentleman The
V? 40ded to 7ohn May-
la a gBritish chap with
a fine flair for the, drama.
"Dial .". will run through
Sept 1 In the air-conditioned
Balboa Lounge of El Panama.
The on stage call will be given
at 8:40 and the lights will dim
and rise at 8:45 sharp...


S I ,_ -- -T -" .. .

command With which imost
movie fns are familiar, today
many of the cinema city'f top
directors vary their orders to
cast and crew.
While fiming "Knock OH
Wood," for Instance, Norman
Kao and other actors to
start aetn wa merely aloud
Amap of the er. A similar
anap was their cue to stop e-
motng at the end of the take,
SWilliam Dtere, the old
master, is. perhaps Hollywood's
most cot y garbed director.
He alw- Y wears a battered
felt. hati shirt with. the
atkls .h~L out, and white
qloves Bu.eterle.i. extreme-
y polite. P ting Elizabeth
Taylor andl. &aa Andrews in
"Elephant Walk," Dieterle start-
d each with a simple
p oee," a-de it with
"thank yo,"'
When Joha Farrow makes a
p a people stay at least five:
or slx feet away from him on'
the seL Fareow carries a cane
Hl. -order to' start a shot is
a sharp tap of* the cane on the
floor. Two tapa In' quick suc-
cession signal his cameramen
to cut at the scene's comple-
tion. But if an actor blows his
lines Farrow swings his cane
wIdly, and the farther away
the player .iM b the safer
he. s
CM i DeMfile s the only
director who alwas uses a
mtnicopb eI.D,.hMle's sets are
seUa tIg e4Peu affairs with
hundreds 4 eat a, as in "The
O1t tShqw. On Earth," and
biy wUh '.loudspeaker can
a M1hk ,orders are heard
a tb he et reaches of the
setwd tage. He gives direc-
tlon in, great detail, and when
cat. and rew r thr the "off
ek of tihe microphone they
knaw gt's tee to start actln..
l Cj., dOea 't, like the shot
hot eUllsthe In no uncertain
.s if, approves, he re-
ton, a quiet,
La who wrote and
Crosby's latest
tt LStter Lost," Is most
on the set. Alter re.
Sseene thoroughly
the cameramen to
tart roig and then order
bOrptS o "get hot." If their
isn't up to par he
i-bthey're cold. If it
aproive" on a second shot he'll
,= ."Well, you're

-- '. r f y
Robert Strauss. W Uam Hoedn and Harvey J~mbck w I
fully ort at the -BaRnt women's barmes in Ml
scene from PAamount's "Stala 17." the comedy
showing today at the Balboa Theater. Produced and
Billy Wilder, "Stalag Tf" relates the robust and often
ventures of American prionenrs-o-war in Germrny drnlag.
War IL. Don Taylor is co-starred..
U' U' .

Top Cast, Ace Direction.

Sparks 'Stalag 17'T it

At Balboa Theater Tod& -

"Stalag 17," the powerful
comedy melodrama concerning
American prisoners-of war in
Germany during World War
II, and honored as a Broadway
stage play for threes olid sea-
Now Billy Wilder, one of
Hollywood's most able and ver-
satile film craftsmen, has made
this wonderful hit into a mo-
tion picture.
Retaining Its original title
and starring William Holden,
Don Taylor and Otto Premin-
ger with a featured cast that
contains many of the stage ac-
tors who contributed so greatly
tot he play startling access,
"Stalag 17" will be on view
today at the Balboa Theater.
As released through Para-
mount Pictures, with Billy
Wilder handling both the pro-
duction and directorial reins as
well as collaborating with Ed-
win Blum on the screen play,
"Stalag 17" is the tensely dra-
mattc, yet hilarious story of a
group of airmen Interned in
a German prison camp. It con-
cerns the men of "barracks
four" and their efforts to
learn the identity of the In-
former amongst them who

they know is reporting a
their plans to Premninger,
notorious camp
Prime suspect s Ho
cynical sharp-tongued-
who spends most of t
bargaining and barterig-w
the Krauts.
Surrounding this basicple t
the hilarious antics bf the ne .
as they improvise simnla.
sures to wile away their
less -hours. The
methods they tse to bre'
monotony of the days
as the excitement en ge
in their.. attempts to'har
their caltor sepoedly' mi
for a boisterous, roisteroaw sak
suspensemf two boors- a*
entertainment: All of the'lj
cus doings of the ca.
however, are underlined
tenseness of the situatCoa
evolving the identity of the -
torous informer who is .
as one of them.
Advarhc:"i nm i,4 4
nothing but the most eef
praise for 'a. n ~ol
film *i *_
edy with drama, vividly a
with heart and bowl. ISC
its rush of exciting events. ..,..



ihe-,.L-^s -A _



1:3 I a 3 S:M


In Technleolol'
au I


"The Glass

t Glrk
Affhur wMi .

I. g

Leslie Caron. in
L I L I"
Donald O'connor
In .
'1 Lov Milvia"

~`rl ii


in -

Show: 7:- -:.UvI
Spectacular Advtue ,i

SA l v0b


-h *BoWs Ia

S' .ai


SI head it m ,

.. .- ,,+i
P .i..;


I~-:-j;~i Lt.


mpgAMUR, thi


ell-Matched Class 'B

r 1~..'
* .4..

4. 4



Tianger, Bendeguz, Anglia

Set For Three-Way Battle

"4 *


.4 4;*- ..4
-2'; r

Bob Lemon "m ..

..... ..... _I

A well-matched Class "B" field is slated to dis- .' .
-:putc a purse of $750 in today's featured tenth race F IS i-n g -- .. : .
:.ver seven furlongs at the Juan Franco National ..
SRace Track. F ish 1." F.r. me er W oo er ". ,: jIa

f ire,,thriller because ion paper, Chilean jockey Orlando Casti- T hereIs F s h o a l
'._t least) every scheduled start-I 0 was the day's star with three ----n =s4g fI tog:.
*: t, tes a good chance t w n..l wins. awa h --aVst ar witU ,th' 0digto. .-
I Im p r e s s iv e n e w c o m e r T a n g e r T h e d i v i d e n d s : B y F L A C O a-" o lr o r iI -0-----.dto d.,
roabe .7 f-Monteres'.d.
( s Aguirre) is th ep FIRST RACE By FLACO ..3- 1n $e0
m-utuels choice but the Stud: l--Bljagual $14.60, $15.60, $3.80. You have all heard about the man he rn --
u Huincho $6.40, $5.20. You have all heard about the man who ran a .r oy h e win l ia
-.Montelimar's entry ofl C'oa Au I 2-J uan co $6.40, $5.20. store in the middle West. Every nice day duri thE -c --C~ a O i-L r
,'gun (JRuen Vasquz and Ben- would hang a sign on the door saying "Gone l -: bt 1
yieeuz (Jose Bravo, and Anelal SECOND RACE gone "
;egu (Jose Bravo i a lnd Anela -Yoslklto .20 $420, $3.60. lust didn't get any groceries until he came home.. I -m A e 1'
torqtunato Hidalgo, will also be 1-Yosikito $6.20, $4.20, 53.80. c sJKC *an
unato Hidalgo wil 2-Malayl also $460, $3.20. how to hang a sign on this column saying "Obnle A ote: s
Postinoviche. car Mazuerai-M. ou come looking for me this week. I have 8
-and Homeland Catalino Igle- First Double: (BiJagual-Yo- Thursday afternoon the following had been raised aslMibt ,
slas) will be the otuslders but sikito) $86. d hur the rn b ornament. ,.i
are also certain to be well back- L THI D RAC Marlin raised 52 rlin Caugtt lhd oaa t* t.
1-Lan.arlin rai ed 24 M marlin Caug ', 1114.R a ce. o "F..
ed in the mutucls. I ora Sailfish raised 234 SalLish caug : .
The former has been close up 2-Recodo $4.40. None of the boats seem to be away out in front f8 T V e L
In this same group his last three One-Two: (La ora-Reeodo) bodys tournament, or should we say it was when l-- -r '
$l.mes out under inferior jockev- 577.60. h seem lentful but no large ou ae been fp
Ths tme Colo n joklet $ and even Wahoo have been reported in larger num th A.FS m1 o a
he Stud Tena' curageous12-Elect on 55.80, 53.40. usual. i -M0ochto M. 115 uems sure hn 4
'PPuvlan-bred chesnut horse 3-Sineerildad I8.20.t -Ele- Jack Mahoney. the president of the Internaa mI 4ght'
C.oq Au Vin emerged the win-: Quniela: (Little Lulu-Elec- Tackle Sailflsh Assn.. Is fishing In the Marlip Club T ourm ent.
ner in this class last Sundayi tro FIFTH RACE Jack is an old friend of Panama'and has promised t- I~implg 3rd Bmap VNim-'Wlm444 piM i : Ng.*WE
wth stablemateBendeu hat- Biscaya $10.20 $4.40 $2.0. the tournament to Panama In 1954. .
n aneim homelae the asonpofe -L Loba $2.20. Our thanks to Jean Spencer who has relayed. .tt non I-O V. ...Mutualr e 1
Medlls-Aclarada In the tracks saIXTH RACE on the Marlin Club Tournament every day since, -ean J' u l
too class. A muddv track is C'oq a lrea5.80 5, $3 hasdone a goodobfortwo ar an we hope .year she -o. E~- t .
AuVin's preference pao 5 will get the breaks and be able to get out there .a: Cohana el& '.-w.5rt 14
-Anlla is another mudlark nof 2-Clpayo 57.60, 55.40. there" ..i8dt l 3. r .t. 1
: t'e first order and her vIctory 'EVENTH RACE ee you all next week when we should haAlau i 'rat hand -MeAn Matru B. AW. 1 & frmi sttg A
eof two weeks age over Tan-er, Gr.neo.$8..40$3 0 information. Until thin-w will leave it up to W editor to 7-OOaybt .8 10 --Improving stadly 4-1
after a prolonged layoff in2-Vain Daero $28. 60. t 2.20. either fill out the column or maybe he can puttin BaD Ity plc- NotJ Maom Ma*trU Tr oat of
* dicates that she is ready to climb 3-Portobelo$2.20 ure. .
*; bak amone the track's best Second Double: (Vampire-
Besides this potential thriller. sa-Granero) 52.20.-
; there are several other wide l
* open races which should produce EIGHTB RACEU W as, c"
Ssoe uicdivend. se -Ni'insky $64.60, $16, $13.80
dafly double 'sixth and seventh 2- r Time $3. $2.80.
races iLs execlally tough to pick. 3-Jepperin 53.80 j"o0 -t00
S Yesterday terernoon former Qulnela: (Nijinsky-ln Time) i. i 1 e
track champion Royal Alli a- 108.80."1 F. 0 S' 1.
Store served notice that he will NINTH RACE ..- R. 'If.-
Ssoon be back among the "hig I-Plropo II $17.20, $10, $5.20. -Tm 0. 112 -
Shoys" b rain to a wo- e '- --Valley River $13.40. $6.40. AMERICAN LEAGUE NATIONAI ______
Sleirth victor in the feaf--el 3-Numbers $8. Teams W L Pet. GB Teams W al. OB*
; 65 Clas1 "C" seven fiurong One-Two: (Piropo ll-Valley New York 85 42 .669 Brooklyn 88a h M n .
t snrint at the local track. River) $3340. Chicago 77 51 .602 8s'. Milwaukee .tl 10 .
C Roal Allilator. the mutual TENTH RACE Cleveland 74 53 .583 11 St. Lous .56 6 17 1-sxola .
cho in a heavily bet race. pai I-Royal Alligator $6, $3.80, $2.20. Boston 71 58 .550 15 Philadelphia 7t 57 .555 U -17 dta 0
Sthe unusually rood win price of 2-Pin Pon 55.20, $2.40. Washington 64 66 .492 22 Npw ork 60 67 .472 27% 3-T
S6. He returned $3.80 to place -Agate 2.40. Philadelphia 51 76 .402 34 Cincinnat 56 71 .441 31 Ld
Sar-' Q2.20 for show. ELEVENTH RACE Detroit 45 82 .351 40 Chicago 49 78 .386
-.u key Blas Ant l rre. who _Delhia $4. 2.60. St. Louis 45 84 .349. 41 Pittsburgh 41 .306 50 B-0.F
A l F t o r. L o t th e f iv e -y e p r -o ld ,- -'$ 0 T O D A Y '--. .. D'
b r irets the moo sta t oHl hei T Boston at Cleveland. .t* New ib. ae UB" Im a r
bon t a gond start and held New York at Chicago t P a.2, -'S -
d 8anluoueo cut out a Washington at Louis (2)

down e backstretch Bosto 000 000-1 4 w
Stsecot clPinPo. mad Washington 00I00 0 220 o10 1 52
ie seco l oe, made Chicago a 200 21x-5 7 0 New York 021
and Royal Alligator set Parnell, Kinder I8) and Niar- Burdette, Llddle .

A tllator quicckl asserted him--
.N Yfrk he0lader0athe3ameSo., ht (. Jnso. Tus. an r a .s -3 ), 10 2
w:: and drew away at the mile New York -00 000-0 ( IBt. 0 th t 1- 2. 1
i lpel Cleveland 000 310 11x-6 9 0 ORP4ttMh 0 00 g01 10
F Pval Alligator Increased his Kral Gorman (6), 8challock Mi White (91, ,llraee (1) 7th 3ae ~14.t64S P:l gea r ;.1i fl i .
m Ir-wtn in the run up to mid- (dP, M lr (8.a nd'Bfrra. Lemon and I rs. ace, Dlckso (7), iad11 i l e ... le ,
Satrouh the stretch bl t Pin t18-13 -and Hegan. HR Rosen Waugh (9) a d Janowlico L .- .
3th). which came rthe- Kraly (0-1). Bilko (.Irth), RIpulsku (14%7). eha oi al. 1er
gsr''.i-wPs plrlnn teadiln at the 'LWP C.ell (12-8). LP Dik- 2-P; 16o ll11, ; .
flih..Despite Pin Pon' late IWashington 003 220 000-7 14 1 son (0- 116. .
StleWt, the Alligator crossed the Detrolt 000 011 000-2 7 1 C. 114 s
,lpritth a clear mrgin. Porterfleld 17-10) and Gras- Ctnein~tl 001 .10 016 3SA 8 0 .
'P !-no I n copned the seconda- so. Hoeft. Marlowe 15,. Scar- Brooklyn 005 000 rS01-i0 14 0 R ,
try ptDrection in an upset re- borough i,6. Hutchinson (9) and Keily- Smith (3),. Pblelan yij I Tlaa Mt:
er-J of form. He returned $17 Batts. HR Jensen (9th), (4, r s 8l e
-q,* 'rwin. However, his dividend Boone (21st). LP Hoeft (8-12). and .fek. Podres, .ck (4) ,
I.i brr less thAn the $64 60 paid and R Bell
Ni lnakv in winning theOnly gam- eduled. (8th, lloo(21st). WP
eigrth race The Piropo 11 -Black (6-3). LP Kely (1-).
V9;a1 River one-two was tops -. 0Sth b~ Meir 1 t.. ed hII so' .
Phil&. 000 000 000-06 0 V ~i

lan Franc Tps Tournament Resulfs ougP rts (21-11) and Bur-C.
B, "r,,E EXPERT The "Sea Horse" returned to 5-olo Joan 11
Balboa today from the Tourna- 6--Rthlln L. M ui
1-Riomar Camaron ment and the total for this boat '--Juibilee Ldy Or
2--Mlranda aWhite Fleeti ls 10-Saltlh boated. 1 Marlin L-Coragglo J. -a
3-Oti Bondadosas- boated. 9-M-r os 0. 3 i-t".a,
4--Espartano Cotillon Col. Hugh Sherer of Colum- 10-2scoery
5--edndita al RIDE'IM, ROLAND-Roland bus. Ohio, fishing from the
-smo Royal Claihn oes western at "Sea Horse" boated 5 Sallfish
7-Dalida P Eseandalo Greenwood Lake. N. Y. The: each one weighing over 100 lb. M 1B5e 'I"' ImiPutd
1 -Charming Prir e Coraggio challen er hopes to prove howI Felix Abadla, fishing from the
.--The Dauber (e) L Frolic tough he really is when he. "Twin Stars" ran Into some bad "PPj)a j
, 19-C'eq Au Vip (e) Anglia tackles Rocky Marciano for the. luck this morning. He hooked a ti Regal Chum heavyweight title at the Polo; Marlin on light tackle and, .j-Porte's .Hr
Grounds, Sept. 24. (NEA) fought it for 5 hrs. 15 min., only .-(Mn I J.
S- to have the rod break. As they 5.-T. D0ur. o.Lee
were hand lining it into the boat --M0..o,
Nthe line went under the boat 1pit) M
INCREDIBLY LOW RATES! and was cut by the propeller.
Sam Moody, boated a Marlin .i-Legall
whIle fishing off the '"Pescado-
Between i ra" this morning It is estimated
to be about 250 lbs.
MIAMI- PANAMA- ECUADOR! Mrs. Reggle Schmldt, fIlshlng 1-1fhnqe Iad I .. .Me
from the 'Calman" has boated 4 I 1 .
\:.|A i~Sallfllsh and a 50 lb. Amberjack,' -- t,:
to date.
The boats are on.. heir way 6*
up to the Perlas Islands from
(AEROVIAS ECUATORIANAS, C. A.) Pias Bayv today, and will ren- I
dezvous at Cocos Point anchor- .
age this evening. .
anama te ,One Way go riB The Tournament ends tomor- .
row (Sunday) and all boats will
MIAMI ........ $70.00 125 00 be back to Balboa, late Sunday.
QUITO ......... .8.00 154.80 Friday's results: l
GUAYAQUIL ..... 80.00 144.00 Marlin raised 3, Sailfish 68 c r".
Marlin boated 0, Sailfish boat- m' t
NEW YORK ........ ..114.00 214.00 ed 28. fer i ,-:
CHICAGO ... .... 120.30 22 60 Raised Boed
SAN tUAN........ 134.00 241 20 Cplman 10 Sailfish 1 Satliflsh
.8erl 4 Sailfish I SallfLsh,
Viking Sallfish 1 Ballfish
For more details vslt Area's offlee Tel 3-3283. Nautilus 4 Sailfish 1 Bailfish
at U hru Ave. s m aes.v o1 these ,ravel Hula 3 Salish 1 iSilfish .r -
I Marltn 0 Marlin '
AaeMts: Twtn 8thra I Marlln 0 Marlin

uBnstar 4 ilffifsh 4 Ballflsh .:,-
BOlD FBO. ALO R tWho Cares 7 Sailfish 2 Salfish '.- f
BOYD 0. BALBOA R -oltur 3 Sailfish 1 Sailflsh
AGEN('IA TIVOLI ." A &GCIA OII~IrIh Carotisa 6 sailfish 4 sailfish
PERSON's PANAMA rsURS Carolina 8 Sallfish 4 Bai fish
OId Man Sailfish S Sailfish !-
4l. .m'-" Di. I c: L ~ OL(N dPescdza I Frllfish I 3 ailfish '
rAN?4MA DigPATCH ERVICZ 1 Merlii 0 Marin
Husky 0 sHilfish BSailfish
Gloria 0 sailfih S Illflah
._..r, m .

.. !.

8 4- 01W




.. .- .
i .., i'' :s

S, .-. -, ',' ," ..l "NO,'
k i -. :a ,,
^ ^*.,t^iir^^
;'WIfit-yilLc :igH^^^^


= .
r'" *''


W 47... 'I- .- 'T 'f---: I

A L -. -:-, ^



'' wvlsLi



La *
* *

* 4,


4%ly~.;.i~. --


,4.K .

"I '.. .-
/ ( ,. .?r3;. 7j

'b I j .'.."I


ft' k

Fes Biest Chisox Playoff C(i

t TTake Interest From World Seu
Sball, and what can you do a- to detract in any way fromnmore than ever, need .
Sbot it? e inte est n th* World .Be- body to get off hi1
ri tu lMaprtance" saa eks and do some
t Wel* in Chiesgo and Mil- the e lnmilsponer. .line promoting.
oi alai watdee, where they have seen The In-ald-aot bonurg
We,. -a departure from the old days That rstatment aoald gu in again handicapping
to be t bring btn barrel of fun and down in the annals of the game sters and clubs.
nothing money, a couple of the news- as one of the most short-uight- Bill Veec still runs
T'he maam d paper guys got together and ed opinions ever liven. the country tanperinft,
SW eme up with the idea of a It makes about as much franchises while further
t series between the blazing sense as the Yankees and the his own in St. Louis.
Sof Braves and the White Box. Brooks playig three ames at Baseball is badly I a
aIt uld a a i Ebbeta field, whih aceommo- balance. Paul Richard
It would be 36st. a little dates 32,111, when there are White Box and others
-r h name set, and f It went 70,000 seats at Yankee Stadium. unreetleted draft. A
t far it would only mean a- prick is against the entire show be found to aid the
SThe bott 00M-00 M padlt al being run off in the Bronx, who are seven years
eni in admnl lons go a. aa too. By now it is plrtn
erie rom any tandpolat, spela- source never willU
excitement a t warmly these days when the clubs Frlik would permit a city the Dresent c
milk. are so severely suffering from series In Chicago sure he flee.
i. t'. tia shorts, it id the soundest would. He'd let the White Box
SThrougout league kd of a sdilg~tion. and Cubs play seven games that Nething Bat Beat *.
eirultu. ev- ord Flck lis no doubt but would attract the "overflow"
ethIn the that the Braves aId W te Sa from the International Boxing JACKSONVILLE. Pla. -
itks g the wotid pack 'em mn, but adds Club's Wednesday night fight. A young bandit, apparent
hunting tle that this Is not a strong ar-- With, tlevimoan running a customer tr high
ture, .ent Insofar as he is con- benefit off sports and more a loan emnosen here
It's a Iuat corned. people sit m easy chairs or escaped in a flashy con
but a th o- "I don't want games between un pub stood than grandstand in which two doP and a 1t
fe peems ato'- bse- a couple of second place clubs and bleacher seats, baseball, I were waitln.

"0$400 oOF THEM REDUCEai?


Sj~ R $ 25 to $21 COATS to CLEAR s15 75


""'"" '.. ,-- q F

S .. ..


"or .
A V 4 -.- .. -. k.. ..--.
J, .- i, ..y..fc S-. I2.......,..9

A ,
la i the
v wAiwb

Spc. Peach Ensemble
Matchiag Swiu
Trmaks & Pckets

SsBrown $

THE SET $s 5 r

-~-- U'

4 Pockets Bttc Wa '
s7vy, S '
two iq r '

s7so $7 995

'_ ..u~_.Wu .ram

d---, t

:J" 5 i ''
. .' '.

4;' 4,

" 4,
.K w ,

I S ,

S ,wlttiwt coatrI


$ 350
, .- ,.., ,. '_







4 Pockets Elastic
6 colors
Seoe Matchiln
Sleeve Spert Sh



SUITS s37so to s45 "r s55 t.s7






; -'"T


5 *4 .-'~


Ime p W







It .

- ~-- -------- ------ --- ----- ------- ---


S .. I




l' ".

., -,+ '-,.. ; ,


* *.1,, 4

Democrats In Hassle

Over Adlai's Dinner
SHICAGO, Aug. 29 (UP) A In ls statement that his ,"id
faAlGy squabble today upset conflicted with those" of Mitch
plane for a Democratic dinner ell.
hoorifng Adlal E. Stevenson Mitchell commented only that
when the dinner chairman quit Kelly is "a fine citizen and
after a run-in with national Democrat, and I am sorry he
pat chairman Stephen A. Mit- feels that he cannot continue as
chel, chairman of the dinner." g ig
either John J. Kelly Sr., The dinner Is scheduled Sept. i_
General chairman of the $100- 14 as part of a two-day Demo-
a-plate fund-raising dinner, nor cratic rally planned as a-"wel- TW3IWZo1GRt~! ,
Michell would discuss the spe- come home" to Stevenson, who
ciflc reason for the resignation recently completed a world tour.
But a high party source said Stevenson is scheduled, to
Kelly was displeased with the speak only briefly and informal-
selection by Mitchell of Sen. Guy ly at the Democratic dinner, re-
M. Gillette (D-Ia.) as toats- serving his main address for aI o r i
master. non-partisan gathering
Some party sources said the night.
Kelly-Mitchell dispute also in-
volved the prominence to beac-Telephone Service
corded Old Guard Democrats at e
the rally, Versus the 'neophytes.'
Stevenson was backed for the r Ls Cu r
presidential nomination largely r 8a LU lRgvS
by newer members of the party. WILLIAMTON, North uCar.
Mitchell, a lawyer without pre- .. f a I na, Aug. 29 (UP) A No lr
vious political experience when ju I A u ill arrested 21-year-ld
Stevenson hand-picked him as na ton of tele- ticklad of Orlando.
national chairman, qualified as The in rain Las Cumbres ont chklais of Orl a.
a neophyte himself, phone service in La Cumbres o some o ,f rb lh
Kelly was said to feel that has been set for about the mid- here o some $1
Gillette was an "outsider," while dle of next month, it was an- hteray r Bu a
Mitchell believed the dinner nounced yesterday by F. L. Dan- haven't
needed a figure of national hels a Fuera Lustio okesmanown ad udes "* rotil h
prominence such as Gillette for The operation now includes I "" In
toastmaster. the answering of requests for e
Kelly, a Chicago lawyer, said telephones from Las Cumbr1e b9O^
residents and testing of trunk rom i
lines, he added. "I'NobL t' -
FIiawer Clacss The Las Cumbres Develop- w 8 r en,
lomWer ss ent Company headed by Loui wearings.l wed d ;
At Balbo 'Y' Martinz started circulattir un r i thi cns
nbunoementU of the torth om'Bank 0s 4 tus Garner,
Ing service about 10 days Rago.1e T rs
Another popular Flower Ar- Applicants in answer to te lei ok r.
rangement Class, conducted by circulars are now being on- ftelr w" I
Mrs. Pat Morgan, will begin to- sidered. o' *' r o lH
morrow at 3 a. m. and 7 p. m. Daniels said that there is wehobs ias S ra
A great deal more than the enough equipment to handle rs '
selection and artistic arrange- telephone installations for the, oe"
ment of flowers results from next 10 years. A the a
these classes. A whole new A flat monthly rate of $3 will ~ e k wa
vista of beauty and nature ap- be charged each phone unar shirtles and only a
~wiation is revealed by Pat, plus an additional $10 tor i- ofd was ap
her gentle, kindly way so that stallation, Daniels stated.Ho Il l d; wes
te least artistic is given to ever, he added, all Capls R tur- In a wirgeds wth
fI that she has the spark of Panama City, Coles,. talid hlere ni a k rged withr .
creative endeavor within her Canal Zone. will be omslderd ~ '
only waiting for an awakening long distance and charged a sme lamity 9 jr a sf
with this new approach to art cordingly. od actua a*81 a
Pat's contribution to the bond It was announced In April atl biM;im atheM
i goodwill between the women that preliminary steps were be- -6 i
o. the Canal Zone and Panam n Ing taken to set up a system ofnt
t",-r,.h this medium Is out- four truck lines to Las Cumbres bSnS '*
"- "he Martinz company was re- The yuth, who s
.nsible for initiating action meekly Ith the woods near here,
: phone installations in that was identified by bank officials
Sa, it was reported at the as one of the holdup men. He
e. gaTe his name first as Dan,
Green" of Mystle, Ga.. and Ater
Need Lawn Cp said he was Dan trickland of
'f "DIA L MEMPHIS, Tenn,, ( Orlando, Fla. ,
ID L 'ary Green rushed outrae her Police identfie the other
iouse to see a wreck when she youth questioned as in accom-
S4'c heard a crash. Two women plce as James 8ttrikland.
Drivers were involved- one had Later the PBI mid, th hel.'
4;riven her gas-powered lawn up man admitted s nbl m
l ower into a power mower was Qudtman Strikl+and,
_, ________ __ operated by anohter woman, or Orlando, a Marain AWW

'(f J:L % I ,II I II II

XIUj 2l)



wntry. I


* a


'; 'V /'. + *" '7.
','+' p i' +

outside the O.ali
and waited a
an expected
bacco sules
ed to telltra
Atr 2

he _*
t he IY gW1
Yw hei

y Pen-
,was'in Ofin W A

srmana,, :* .
> tSld {L*hfftnmVt

- ~~-. a~

Reserved Space
--- i-^


for youl

Air Shipments

ce for your merchandise is now reserved, just as for pa~ on Mights
ghout Latin America. Shipments may be carried on ibeduled
passenger fights or on all-cargo Clippers. In either case yyou h UM~idtive con-
.irmation in advance of the arrival time of your shipments a8hdlies. So,
always specify "Clipper Cargo" and give your business a lift.. .ovnight.

New markets-brought within reach
by a huge Clipper fleet... depend-
able, on-time deliveries to 83 coun-
tries and colonies on all six continents.
Scheduled all-crge Clippers be-
tween Latin America and the U.S.
and on to Europe. Cargo space on
every passenger light
Lower wes by lighter packing,
lower insurance rates, less handling,
less pilferage.
Spece may be reserved-so you can
plan deliveries more accurately.

Swift deliveries,
service, less cap
inventories, less

Sm -

Cal reo whl MM m
aeiest MUI Mbe -mwsI opud

- *-. _
t o-."

+. .I -
+ ..
"-* *<* -i ,
C' **tj li .i ..,.^

-.: .

1 7
op f 0 :

.7"'. 'r'

! ., .



. .; 'I -- I .'-


Lr^ f" -

~ 4
") 17:'

~ ~ ~- r ~ ~ ~ ~ rr -

1 "V ^


- *--

- -1

~~B ~ --; IicI -.;~...=: i~
-- Is
: ,itl?

..-".. .- '.. .:.. .; .
r ." -:., ., "_ V. ..

I- :. .;..-r... ,-_ .
i... .. -.. ... :. V-
'- *. .t'' .' ,-.-+- '.i r-'
, ?, ". *i ; .... -,..* ._.-. i a


(We te I
: whakf .1
|" t I N OWnl r -


""As *.

bea on/ twr'w

meAto with -
ookor Woagd**W
w -

Iolt. IAma I
uaL jo IAN tk
otn p~W e6.

Nse deem is
er ras mere
so ulir *alSo e

On ye hMelp r
ob ty puttfg
beuloIgT Il yu
do Mt an eeol
ted ipnas or
oraesu naval l-
ablo, yle at Jle
work thle pleu
out by aag
sha4* or to
A ~oluMUa a
aO the pge If
you ned IL Pt
art try tb work
oat yoea Iwn
oar aurn.

poseereU a

*Wlrffr W 11w^^^i` ~-~-"-y';urle
1 plee lp AteAtk J^- ^~

al' were; earw1 aQ^ S^C t ^w*

cice; loeare
r. e, ps, Wfgs. v~^r^f|^^l~
'' ^^^ ^ ^2~tei
eat one t*, n. i
'* th plac s '


liy...~ J f1

b ,. ~~.:
I ; ; P
.. r
.'. !;-!


oM tmI r tiea
i ',o tyo. Ht a Ia
S' 'J
B~y'M^ W~ffS^? ^'" ill

a -
A i ..-f

*rft- MtltrAfegl-
S '"3




SSpop; <

. *- *a 1 i "

S,. e. i .0
i *S e .. *

.. .. S.* .-. .

s-iss 'jS '-a A- '-.

** r*$'. *
* *' *
* 0 3 S *

** 6 *
4 i i > i 1,

lr*- ut '

: ot, write
WIh teo fewto

mpt st so.

*~~ ~ l ^ *

* * S C e .*
S e e** S 0

* C C

p. 4'.A

~. .R1

*~ q. C

9-.* S
*: ri


Balu that rlpe
goplg meow

- 'Pu~


to 1o to llf0
rID 10O r
8 100

t 'Co1


k -


0 L*. *
';- .. '. .. ..

W AY. ', U
- v1 *I-", #. *a ..*

, *
C 4 .**, \1

lii .**
* *. ** .
* e 0 B e 0 *: '
*" 6 *' S

*. ., *',* .

* S *

lt .- a' .' .* L
24b 181

I rI "4w at.:'l- .
t*W l S M
uiPL3rjrtw .n--K~i g



t OOOAL. odUow bI mot
Simporant a to tnmua" of
Noun oifts," Wm anduaoli.
ge.aO Pr mlnOr IarntA, ,.
ties Ut im ton -se ftooluh.
M t em ear may b obvious

i~tisem i& a the u lomlrIs 0t
but I sb ove Oloh
timtt on to dotse a

,AB f tl lowim1 itn wton

for. am w"eai

"Noetle the mlsleeisetia Ap.
usr a tie SoIe. OIe sould i
0gg btaIr a P rWnbeam

but tel, lamt sa a a. n e
ofthe *-i o f t?
an a-w the PL ote
1 6 no". a.

"dlo thO U ate ul
mg f UM Oon. oIs91W fm

ownI=tl Is me sIaw e

Crjaorit bmati*
P930%m rI" maul"e ftul-
_- SUI ladm ;

Heres Anoter Fun-Block
BamWe U.

Ucop 1o the ha
*meOtm wm0i nl 0*
I so a me-
Vletr Iwhsten
qot lp btlow
GI g for a Party
th5r (Ilep ag d igum aw. reuivpatl, amma
thlr a'e lette). Now, wlheevr poUilts. folm new
ao wr on t ial oand ero unto yu ve ln
veined aM LOthe mi ad Mt of the key wod. Ui
weorde aIn everyday ungs. LNp proper name are
ae luded. Bem a clue: ILther wilmhs he adW
manay of tma nU March 1.,
e L. Awee )nq tqlsmd oa
aeoim 1330 ,ag idl,- al poa iro SO lasloeul

Gadget for a Party

wp samnS -of
7 S1010 01ti#8 erptagr- bowuld provide you
a*WOa ehe, reiawwluy if you am famlUr
wHth 'mIMD who oontmnually ofersn unoallted
4 ,, It' a .'Mamker.barrel deflition eo an

A SAmRaUxI oetrtn= MnIM VAsQ

eibUe a yptngrat.muw rmalr ord
aft* WMMt A e 1. t1uMny tables shbow that"
%it, IL r n. L an the nrst tea oet-
f4I Is. taIpo p gem. I I tohe mant aunmo
S*if *i ar NI mhmoau oomnust.

IE~sin rI Avg

GADGr aen ways ursm-
G r eanm t. Hmer I oeG
you can mlan or your next
Cut a circle about three ncbhe
in dianmter from a pleo of he vy
cardboard. l reo the center of
this circle ut out a rellOtIlU
Ie tl Make the ahoat arm
about an tUl long: the loag am
bme I liW long.
*tnly a aeom puW 0
of vdboard out four kay, amo
about 4 ne o laang. Th -rm ic
paM Ihould bo thi enou to
MII t and rfta. the hort ~ u a
of th aI he e two end ab u
l aoam .on.
SWham the parts aes oompied.
tmeP th im uthr ub the o
Mld mI i w up as shown. Tt
tokt Cto remove tiem.
A way ta arrm e them ma s th
tmy -W m M sadly removed I,
rbtrCravr~r orPage


*'.., cS ii' *4"4


*- -


*I c

Jr C





. "w
'3m^f .
<1 t4 .SS

j ,lt MWi, ,t .,
'et ,

A -: .


I. .

L, .

t. 4 i.

41 o"o:o.o a IP~.Y Ii;'% )~ r )-

;~"''' ''
F ~


i. .I

; '" ;



L~ TI 1: b

Iwo ,



I~ *I j- *.



I ~--- --- *UI~Fllr~-ICr'~~~""
~v X~q

J. y n


y r
t ~

,T' 9 '? 1
pt ..

t 8'"
d~~q~. PI,
; ~t~dS~~f~

.. ,. .__.__ _____ _____ ____ _i. -
OF two-month-old raccoons, named Dug (left) and Ringtail, don't have to scratch
living any more, now that they're the pets of members of a yacht club in Waretown,
Beverly Horner, whose father found the animals, gives them their noontime meal.



. .. ..

LEAVING THE RUNWAY at Renton, Wash., airport, one of tl latest model
,Stratobeighters, the KC-97G, is- headed for delivery to, their jited States

Air For~k
amsa cargo

if :! i:<^
++ ". '
*/**: ;. ;I~'. *

OADWAY atets MT Jo
Tarla siodews *e
iped cotton galt *W- J
\u gtg catrCT Hrflih

.7-dl~ rrui



, -

for a
N. J.

* j*



.4?' ;i ;-'';'


~-*wc'~ ~ --'?l~r~rTm~

'' 'I

* ** *-. l T

* --. A .
ii';*' T -"* >'I j
. 6; ** IJ-^t^

;_ .-

qi V- cl.' ,' ,-

1 0, 6

i p 4- 1.
L; A *-*-- '-

7" it
.". 1

A~' .*) ..*.

?-.'/,* .

.t ,o-



-i'*. ^ ?

k~~~73 Ir~ I~

.;~~ce r
-4r .

* IB




.'.*r *,' A
I, ;".* I
c-. e; ,

f -, ,

-- Revia ue:

r --
SWHILE TENS OF thousands 6f cltiazes of Pans. 4P WAVEH YOUi 5tr.
ma staged their demonstration for the treaty nego- for Bast Oes these ..
tiators, the Canal Zone went on its quiet way of ner- the BoletcSupod ..
mality last week. as to conm.ale .p ca
There were no Newmans or Congressional argu- oodjaroels being dlstrlhute
ments to interrupt the average Zonlan preparing to was not the belt that-woul
send his children back to school. Yes; the time for book 'householder.
larnin' is just 'round the corner in fact, It sl oaly
a matter of days. More specifically, te official
It was announced that Canal Zone schools will re- iEast Berlin said yesterday
sume classes on 8 pt. 3. Commissaries have already known to have accepted the oo
sBocked their shelves with the packaged school sup- ed out by Americansa croai
plies. be tossed-out of their ap
houslp project, aowplece t4th
Both old and new teachers were reported on their in nWerfn. s.ei-- -
way to the Isthmus. The Panama Canal has hirhd 31 This sweet sentiment wsallOw
new faculty members to replace those who resigned, saln effort to woo th
retired, or left on leaves of absence after the last iderable political C I
term. Moscow by East Ger
-- o whole. : i
Before U.S. District Court Judge Guthrie F. Crowe -.
lett for a brief visit to the States, he ruled that Wil- The Russians mads .
bert J. Sinclair must pay. Tropical Motors the sum of %a abatement of w y pV
5798.50 on a damage suit filed in June. calculatd to
Since the judge's departure last week, two addi- red AdenaturW't wa t
tlonal civil suits were filed. Mr. and Mrs. James J. coming West OeCi n i o
Belcourt of Balboa are claiming $7,777.95 from a con chief strenlt.h hlai. l
tracting firm. Compafiia Limitada. for damages re- Red re e asKc6
celved when Mrs. Belcourt fell over a wooden scaffold if thisoc to
which was erected by the contractors outside the Bel- more kfdliWy
tourt's quarters. woiud be tain out o
So the Kredmlin la '1h
And It seems that the M/V Pacific Reefer will re- eulted to cause e ai
main attached in the Balboa Harbor for another 19 ra
'couple weeks, or at least until the fourth admiralty whichever wa Vwi 8ylt
suit against the vessel is settled., kely to jwt e- .
Charles E. Miller, Jr., claiming to be the- president .l8ts Of GOgainst
af the corporation which owns the Reefer, is suing the West urpean army. .
very same corporation for $9,592.45. He claims he has '
paid maintenance and repair expenses and PanamA Therefore. by undercutting Adenier
Canal tolls for the vessel Miller states that the cor- are ji a fair way toe i
poratlon. Gulf International Co, Inc., refuses to live tity and quality of o
up to an agreement whereby it would reimburse MU- or other gae e "t
le; for these expenses. aven od pt t
appringy at th. ,
Ordinarily Zonlans would not resign from their speially In faVo "^i
lobs after being fined for a misdemeanor. However, -umbers, he felt is bumst I
the case of Canal motorcycle policeman C. Goeiwite bows, i possi anif tMhe
bAnargDtolP .itbf taP ..fl-i F0
was different. Wont.opean%
After paying a $20 line In Balboa Magistrate's Court -
on a charge of reckless driving, Geliwite. turned in
es resignation early last week. bavinw erluaed a ll fllg
Seven American contracting firms were granted an b *1r matt'a"r .fy _lu_
extenalon of one month to clear their material yards CO~8WP Cc u
and housing areas In the Canal Zons. They were noti- affections the ast e tha
fied In May that they would have to have everything. best o hu else and. tat there kids
cleared out by Aug. 81. Now the deadline is 8ept. 30. U ngry Comu1unIat bmage t
A good part of the Magistrate Court eases that hit .t.. -. .r .
the news columns last week involved teenalers. Chl- sure, thO. ep the hok
nese teenager, Chenge Peng, was set free of a frand ljeeJf Lood. u mM t 1
- larceny charge. The government dismissed the case beOt be arletcltura or ad t e o r m
when the boy's father refused to testify against his o bo, there 4L hot enough .t right
son... A Panamanian teenager. Leonand Macindo. Oenrmay.
was ordered bound over for District Court o a ch l 1
of petit larceny. The 16-year-old boy. was previously U8L
convicted of the petit larceny last year. UA .sJ
Two Panamanian teenagers, Winstan Worraham tel^tTtW
and Clifton H. Bonnet, were sentenced to 39 dijysn e--
jail on a substituted charge of petit la ceny; The boes aL
were first charged with burglary. "
-- o --- ,-
A pair of tolls analysts arrived to mike tudies leads : ieab The '
inr. toward a determination of the value f the Canal'a "
locks and operating plant and how loig they are apt alrsml int' la th T
to last. all, it Ws" the nearest t1 aFe' i _
o -- to a Commaunlt country. : -
Panamanians turned out in large numbers Thurs- But the German Commn thi
dry to keep their "date with th naomeland." y to be hunier. ItSi to ni a rF fi
the "oate" wAs a sendoff for Dr. Octasfo FAbrega wil ofitet wr ver .'..
en... nb F na. Flar In. Mir- hL lU,.nn ~is fn*w *S -a ta a.nllr e Lnak

UAUa rkJ e ri ucre, wuo J irMIdy for eW to
York on route to Washington where they .will disues
treaty revisions and Interpretations with US. State b
Department officials.
-- The .delmontratlon, regarded as the largest ever D
held in the. Republic, jammed the Clneo de Mayo f
Plaza, .pverfloVyng into the6 ad"olnlh-aaimas while-
S theu d pe6= rsons crowded ea&-ther on sur-1

SAccompanied by eight former PredMat tb a h-
bbqo of s cabinet and tla etw
fc from fanta An. sla to. the che er d
arid pOlltlcl oypeoeuhunse of nho& .

in a orer n rdo A. Pa"i". *
writer and feorle, o judge who ; o at
of the mae on the oup h
the United *.... .
welfare in d b eight er
-b's, -la, hia c ml


human hen
In count]
or tbe ha
trarmalar V

'y -4
[,.*i.mT-r .

bow qthe

5 -*

5 -yd
' we

I>. >I:: -.

-- "
- r.-


..-...:r~w, .*t -


--- ,
; --

-4-4 q t. ..* IT i


r ]v --

' I 1

_ *,^ -_ ,.-.7R. I

YT-7 ',j a'


. .. .... .. -1 1 b -. ; 1 ,

'.4.1 A&. rs -4I -I'-- &,, Idia bI -t nr I'Y

-..I. .

,-i .- *j b j. r --- :_. .-..

2 a- I .-.. -A #. .. .
-Y -- -* -


r -. n .... ,

*0, t'

":. 'sway
... -.-^rfg .... U .
^^Sfe'-?i .&%^ i^'S4

'r '

.. A,.4JC,".Q -..W ^.W^'. .
:,,-.- P ". ;;
,- '--2 .' : ci -*, -, "
.... "bJh~ .: ..;"..
r." 1,. m.;. .'-: --;

' r' A .- S
h@aS 'E

*2;. '?-t
..4-t if..




.l,- .' '. ..,.': c n nh
3s .. .

M ;.:.- ; v r-

'.4 *~R IF i' "' "
Is i'u tt
;I~** :

4' --'. -- S4 J I 1 1. S. O

2-c0w; W-Harh 71W--ea. '
Into cries toned
bs ---rlives 72--Prayer
!.-.i olaody ---* Ltn. ending
3-- ulster. p9rarily 73-Oreelk
agq, 43-.Trans- letter
woMAM parent T-Draw
4-Wori -' ub.- out
5-MAittrk A4tBc 76-Inventorl
"---Aa-.. 44-Oreheu TT--Roman
-cendid.'" tr stael
;T7--4ound*r 46--a "eGMs n.
S- lbhahiy 4t-COfdbtrk 7T6-Ache
R. ". und 46-' f- a
buftr 4Gohl '4Vo |
>. BeSeb M- sr. watch
atleie .o-ter e $1-Money
10-eweler'l s1--Cupola 832-Crysatl
we.ghts 2-Has. line
.-ebrew tnc amino.
weikb M ---Alowr, acid
.:.anider r- u r
on was -., utensil-
.s .~.~~.ed

I-.-WtUci-t .S-rml- devertor-
H-- ld. '
-7. l--and o.

S-.,_ R -,I.

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.. .. i. A t e

'* bV9 SA *

... -.. --J. -- l.
.. .. .... ..

...y. r ; ,..

it ar : .

._ .^.: .<^^V^t
.; yi>>iN~t~y~~i.>^>


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P5.0 ..., .
,* -.'. ..' .. .-: ... -
;, C- 1 .- ...- '


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m fin


.-ii m e -~ .._" -m .
nouwNU a Nm u ftu m ais
57. H mw ar P *... Ml. P.
TmLPNem PANAMA NO 8-0746 4ifm a
CAu = =IL PBIaIm .WL .UA 1
OD.LI oriea1 2.i Cnua79 AvIOua wrwaM l5am Pt T IMII.
PomaIeW Rmp mamaTnv. Jos HUA. U. 9 AV INC.
4W Ma %ia &N AVw. N -*. ,m l1 61 LV.


For simple men a simple song,
A life of good and joy for long.
The theme is old but full of cheer;
The words are trite but true and clear:
The love your neighbor fills the law.
A simple creed that need not draw
Upon confusing indirection
To point the way Vo love's perfection.


Two things a man will hate
And ever seek to flee:
A woman's tongue, soon and late
A lash, and bigotry.
Two things a man will love
And ever seek to hold:
All beauty under stars above,
And youth when growing old.


Who builds a house for beauty
Most hold his plumb line traighr,
Neglecting not his duty
Until it is too late.

Who fills a house with love
Must drive a steady nail
And use a softer glove
Than other men who fail.
From the

andal:C-ossword Puale No. 415-tRelea July 1
Herewith And. wlution to Sunday Crosword Pus
Ie, No, 44,-pubeahed today.
Ajawer for Smsy. u ly 19, Crqteqalp NiW
. ?......- ... .. '.

I. --
DRew VEARDMN 8AES: 0c1s, al
VFtWs OR=e; ebfbs aKa a*l'
i co Iar2 C"Ie dogas

wArSnHsO N.-H-er Dinmrn'tg
the ofester cantla uit.g at
teller huas Dem dromlel in at
during t spring ad 4. a
crystal W&.- .-
Vlvadus F.tnnae Dtzos who foret
place Ia. but not vwa U.K d
for tniwears. hi aa b
Mamne miceaO br. .e be
o nu Numb iover In

.lsine tIt the a mAe I

baind n "' ,o

DIhxoa abrand-new,
.t1" o h be-l Oa ho
l tptouch the csblaWb)t'eo(ti
tMsply D eer over her
Aksd what she saw ia
replied that the Imagesn
bals. sometlmerrs ptow < .
In the case of Nat r tr e
saw a clear picture on ^Be. Qfacr r
hind an "unkncfown
Owce al evtn sa ia
sized crystal. She d i h
meant, but as
InD it To abow hbl e t
DixoR a brand-new.

Thpugh she abaeh stf
Mra. DItan n o li t*
Souz~e^^r ae fdti; eaii

rsay that all even
u3 tht mea" of 0

:.Ibihl~d tit~rl~~r

I.- -- :. -
P .s


' U

*? :- .

d- ~A

e- 1a:L



`~s~i L

A-^J Impe



.'- -.

"-."ir .I

,- .'

one vbo iiar her
Pll t toroceo.

I r


wey *ore& apB the
.A ,m ,NlbrAwin

*^ 1, *. 'e.' almoi eoeaeter's

"'"';"T. :: i._gig.'... ...

C wp. -
'aA *y, -aa-a

--W aleira under arftheir aresman enough
ovvaamu ao. b itmk of beadiful wanan.
tWlw.i-WW*aY al the guys with Ioney are
Od 1WiJ wa n wo *esameo: te *rgs-
p. ~lm k w rthe isa wtih taa at aB e
mtoai. corme w p.4ps absit herw pWs" Me. N6t
.see S vhs hared be tagung wree
I "Ahoeame to wk waring a love.
In Blver fx In the day. when such
-h A i -a .It eost somnepe plenty.
,id T OTBU GASFi and abbed and aww-

Sgo her MSe em l:t

kntW-teta p-err-ow Ir f-f-flfd a m-n.
S4SS ""tio -s m s -r.e-ear.-

t' Tl TEAA r anmd se but up
ho~and S IhbarShe tried
Msbsais warto anfice~e, otO i.arried, went bacl to
STe&ur;=e o live, and then her budmnd died.
Iaule and Dave Marx the toy kinB. gve-hez
d le lth a "Doig moriarial work sw drove me
i Rnl aewrot me tt other day. had to go
li i abnt.-rftound ten what really wanted
= to d r worit, Wel, IAmu and Dave give mp
ite out th "days a week to go to my head
il d al. m I bet.a we t I ktry to create
SJ a.I ed out the acript and Gloria
"5w.isto Franklin Heller, and it
M a iat $ -VA .rweBL Hey, she's g-a-got
nat7ioWar t-Vm d-d-d"cU ItI

e tha.k to- C. alus tOMa.W they wast me- nparft of the trip,
t O wnM' t .~ a amacel- oat.

tap worn by
E^BiB ia sai iadrDSnt for the
gaIaa to Gt. Loglse Godeon of

ea Wrly day of Wor' War 1i. she
to two artlets who nb.itted sev-
La k oSm these. ol. Oveta Culp Hobby
'of the WAC and now Becre-
m.anMn and Wbltae In the
one. With the ap-
S.a.,,..Catholb.ic vicar of
m w ha8 struck.
14 04 saved the city of
AIM the ia.. Thu story
V!Remu I .1st wa also
btt Thot which

;Cu. : ''
I' i -I' "
I :

Z .i
1 r
Irrn ~~"-J

w '.





",- ~. .



El Panama

(Text and pietures by Bolph
K Skinsnr)
Last yea4 the S1unday Amteri
ican presa ted a graphic ac-
count of the traditional Carna-
valito at the' Onion Chlb. This
Week it presents.shots of the
first Catnavalfto staged by the'
SHotel El Panama, a successaft
social even'm .of last weet
Thise who expected litt
Cafrnival, rsplendent wiIth p-
lerta and montunos, Were l'
appointed. Only two couples
wore montunas and we didn't
see. a, atag' guest with a po-
llera: And outside of the. Queen'
court, there. ere ew costumes;
Despite this seeing setback.
the C;faafalsto was a whoP ,,p
ping success .beemase, t, fea
turned merriment, pia ihitel
music and an atmosphere tha
S kept the crowd from going.
Highlight of the evening was
a hilariou skit featuring the
Queen, Aurita, and her court as
flames and the young'men of -
the court as B~mberds. Plars '
were used to achieve a reallie tle
effect and a burlesque- ,style
fire tirck brought plenty of
Later.theie was another pres- .
entatlon called the. "awakeni ,
o- tho. td.l". which was eU-
plenebd b'F not well-.eeo.
S Ihe,. bohiero namler war s -.
enough to ..atisfy ~bhe ctustmer
anyway, so they were happy.
Presented primarily for col-
leg~anq at home on VacAtlod
Ifrom waho0l4 abroad thy Cart-
va4to of~e'ed ent;rtanent to
many too oung and too old to
be termail' iolleglans." Fluin
was the keynote oi the occasion.
and pteryone that we saw had
an enjlaanxi time.
certainly there will be .more
CarnavAlitcs at the Hotel El
. ,PanAnial

^'+ -. ;_' + + .
--* .----- ... .. .: .

; 3 4+ -- ..: 'e -. AV,5 *b A +

*" + t
.. -.. '.
+; "' I, + "+ ":-'"+"+:'" : '";" ; i '"

.. ; -ris

,, ri'
Y; i-i
15 ~f ~

-L ~~?L(
; +~~~ul

. & -

i,, -

i < .4

Y 'a
r ~


T+ :: r

- p'-m
ir s"


*.rL frja~

' -.r. .

-LC .~ CI Lr




m4e dawee spiritedly with hAf

S ,

+ + + .+

P'+:: :. .

+.'++::" :

ili ".

+., ." +


S. *





V -,


*-' F

kl~ll -


:~)~ i, ,i ~
I I -: I .;. J n
-.u :-
~ -~
--?e~~a;e~~ *r
.. -,:.,,,

:. fT

,. ... .,,

* p~j



:;bs! v
'' I a.. i-I

II ,- a;R~l

''^s ^ -a^,.-^ ,:.-wr *' ** *-- --.;* -- ^
~r4-O Ip. *~;) f "c'" '~.
*qrq q mr i~ ii~ ~ .i ~ ...* ** .~ .. *' ... *
s l i II i m i *** *'' ** ^-- -.. ..---- ---- iq
q~~~ b D


- ---r *

~e 61-

m m


'^.* ~^ TeB^^ ^

'- .^^.h^^
r. iRM






as 1 T


| .



. ,

* .r.
* I.


' .. E

-:, -~'

--- :r. i' '"
~ 1
r ..
; r

9 ,.,

~-~I ;';
- I


"r ~ :? g~*
h il_
~ tl

1. .

V?:~' I



-.T J



9.- .

+ ;i~gp

I ;

** t-. :i

:' 'H IBI =HH" :"l^B
'^^S*p^'g^^a8H^^^^^^!^^g^^^^^^^^^^^^^K^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^F* ;

r.. .. r a
jUklljIl&~-..~1-k-- 'W'. ; Q-CL J-~~wj


i ^ ^j &

At# O S "WAY1U "ilogoMO M .
rt ur TALKeD HRM1 1W 'OU
E-ML6 -r JPAI ^ sM t5.eR

- :-W., f ,,v^S. -^.^ ysli ~a'S t. --^-'' r
i aa ". .- ," *.. ,. -" ... .... _- a

~P- '.~;"

Is A


I -l








* 1

v 1

4" ".

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