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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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jmef e An.w ekS IN counuma
'.. A G U"- ,
.A ,ifica(oi-
A An InO
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- Abruham Lieekln.





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p-tbe trhe

aeery, to

ld yesterday
was born
her parent
Eyerry. ast
on the Isthi
.on the UM'
d, Serglo B..
ewn PpnaMnt
'won *annl Sll

(atm m.
M will be hi
. at Balb 0
requested that
Sbut that & a
a so may ge-
acer Fud. -

* .I "

A-C.O. --Commander Eugene
Parka WUkinson a submarine
officer during Woild War II,
has been named Command-
ing Offiler of the atom-
powered submarine "Nautil-
us" scheduled for launching
early in 1954.

iets Giving

East nman Conlab
MO W., Aug. 22 (UP) -
Ma "Ste and.East German
06TC5 iuEvng Ehere were be-
ie workmg out decisions
tatb.l affect all of
ermanyV for tpnv years.
The talks continued to dom-
inAte front pages of Soviet
newspapers. Not since the visit
.of Chinese Communist Leader

a at the
a yesterday.

lium w~d

.8ut. politicall e~bservers also
'oedl the meetnp were at-
ended. by the Sot finance,
tr.a, rd war minister and
thieoblef oS the plfiansato
4 .co -oZm idsN"" ..
Maw lesawnOR
T~heee. ohami the Le-
he as i: have
Althou ._ n-w- have
been effTcib 4ae so far.
reports aonvU tn of the
Germans an the participation
of Soviet ed r indicate
the tb r&4the Krem-
11n a"t ei"W talks.
Within a lew hours after
his arrival in ;M3cOW East Ger-
man Pramirr Otto Orotewohl
and his top clleagies confer-
red with Malamko and all four
of .his vice premiers n the
premier's study
..m.ign. said the
atd thiD- 0 iepected .from
the w S oonsolidatlon
adI of the East
f]Ierstia "ema-Iient by the

ri Rces,

It Africa.

m met

o --

Scientist: Si

Explosion Cod

Erase Humanity

---.-- -
LONDON, Aug. 22 (UP) A British nucleo i
tist warned the world today to be on the aclet i
the C-Bomb.
He said it would be capable of sweeping atll
beings from the earth with one single explosi
The scientist explained that the bob wouldl-
refinement of the H-bomb, which the Rtusian, f
in the footsteps of the United States, hae now
to produce.

Now that the methods of
atomic destruction have evened
the scales on both sides of the
Iron Curtain, some physcists
heWt dlicretly thrown aside
wh"t they J o. about atomic
anmd mi .. bombs and in-
stead atheIM Jarted study-
Ing the C-bomb-the initial for
The sclertist who made the
information possible prefers to
renmin anonymous. He said,
however, that. as far a as known
the cobalt bomb f no more

whiUchla Ul dl-to
the Posililtyr,
The plan wd consist of mlU
Ing a bomb -nfliciently large
and powerful to'Apread a cloud
of contamiat atomic dust
over the part of the
world, the t continuing
active Toi a or more
The Acietet d that
this bomb would be at cobalt
which -coats 0: 00 a .toa d
would consit of three part
with an atomic aurrnt In Its
core. This would serve aI a
detonator for the cobalt bomb
-The whole thing would then
be covered with thlck miltum
of cobalt, which upon exploring
would be converted into fine
dust that would spread a "pen-
etrating radioactivity with a
duration of year or more."
The unldent% scipentit es-
timates that 2W0 000 tons
of cobalt would be sufficient. to
spread the radilce e dust oer
all the wO ,, ihdeors and out-
dbors, tOS l34 diew afty
power t61 4*
Buawk- -ibbt thene OF

was arraignea on qUas
as yesterday after
wife, actress ERY
pielaned he bt
own ohoe.
Neither Mir a
key witness, actress~ s
mour, was present wha!
et|. 41, was arrat
felony charge of -
Intest to opmmit l
harm. A preU tr
was set for Aug. 5.
Mbe. Wtmlllams Wm
medical treatment a at_

He Is convinced, nonetI
that the next step ln:.h
destruction will be to
According to the aM
such a weapao wilt evec
or the manner lma
would be tested and.ui
will be worked out i- c
mater of co ecture. But
convinced tMat the hle
inore inposible that tb
the atomic ad Lydr
The most dlftoanm
b te eM -at the hu
a*kw Sb.

tonis i ye-itnd it
several yeas to
amount ne- .
But the seentit
twc things: That the
once made, could sptem
fcient permanently
dust to be arrned b ey tM-
and rin to practic"lt 1
of the earth's surftee;.
it does not sem
any effective proteet.i
the dusts rdiaflon

Teenager hai~-
In Cigarette
Theft At La
n MTh em 'ofa s '"
teenager charged
sequent effenser o-"
was cotimue
tilnument e l

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c Anirn WuIxrJ
lu i _r

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'he American

e How Much

leans To Us'






a I rallway
tonal 49. ]
le locomot

waM system y s m.'
latest-and largst,-.'.
R 1eswitch to 100% 3.0 aav
PFOR l FOD PACKAGES In West rtw* 'notes the Nationi d
of the uNe of DXt Germans who defied RSociety
tion to ee he b r iand "vote with their f .
when a uth
Id obvlouly sought opBn-the same 0- *enT u
Date the "Iteh defiance of the RIno
the "beggar" the their puppet East .fr, t bozx,
spies and provoca- reglnM e t
I no ava. Lincoln Steffens, ofne uthue a
of ast Germans a- early American roman i bloneered n E S
bridge continued: mirers of Soviet Rusala, yearns ae.
uhln baby ecar- returned from Moscow
I men, Invads and said "I have e Oh Deembeor 3ill l
and girl aIn their ture..and it eora en gne., t-he is
s. It took many year FPriend of Obhre
sople have lost all that qomlnl r aInitial rum. UIt w S 5
Ii Kresman. cour- the future buVit loceSe pito
-year-old Mayor of took many years to 's w uled l w re 'i
In's BKreu*O Beo- that It waa an ecoaao meriam.e m. ,
o me. "Deprived of Itical and human fak3Bt- 65 years stenar wu i
, they are voting Now millions .p"'jo cone Ba o rnmi. ~jno a n ,-
feet." from the East with.. firnt- In INS,;5.
hand experience, wtt con- rqadee.- thuit ..
)EFIANCE munlsm. main lineW rar
They have come to democra- hlO,
with Kressman, I tic Berlin, and they fas nw V
of West Berln's say with the ring 1 I rtal "IT
Ibutln center. Ev- truth: "We have seen the
we saw the same future and It Works." New Hae. and 1%mor
-- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 2 ---_ -- K j M Au5_._ _i^ls j ~aj

0 -
U. BERLIN, Aug. 22 (NEA) The little old lady stand-
iin line at West Berlin's Kreuzberg food distribution
easner must have caught my American accent.
"'She went out of the line in which several thou-ind
i0T'6 Germans were waiting to collect their seven-pound LINED UP
S'eenhower" food package. ae som
-":'She took hold of my jacket sleeve and said, "Thank d
you, thank you very much. Tell your President and the The ReIn
Atherican people how much this means to us. chasers,"
S In a minute it was the old Only the Wiener Bruecke. a eurs. To
lady' .turn at the food table. ramshackle, badly bombed The flow
S SheMO~cVted. her pound of bridge, separated the East cross the
S lard, four cans of condensed from the West. women pi
mi-. T i ndg of befls and INTIMIDATION riages, old
Sa of flour and INTIMIDATION even boys
distributed them carefully in stern end of the early teen
e I knapsack. The western end of the early teen
rknapsacku. bridge was unguarded. On the "These
Is helped her put the knap- Russian side MVD agents and fear"
dire on her bony, withered volkspollsei wearing Soviet- agsous 46
I -S'l'ers. She said thank type olive green uniforms West Berlb
I again and started on and armed with tommy guns irk, maid t
S i" way back to the Rus questioned the pedestrians as democracy
t si an sxne of Germany. they crossed the bridge. with their
S C They did not arrest them.
SIMPLICITY They did not seize their food C
at could one do or say in They merely eyed the pe- Together
t ; f ace of such simple, ele- destrlans suspiciously and visited 25
I, rl need? c qestioned them as though food distr
years some of us who they yere crimihals. erywhere
have' been wandering around
aB ce ave written about NOW THEY'RE AR
4 ,ingratitude of the Eu-
7m-Bey, food, steel, long-
Sinvestments have pour-
l from the new world Into
old hardly anyone everWhether To F
S a sign of appreciation.
S at the words of the lit- By DOUGLAS LARSEN
f.woman -- felt- as an
S n- that possibly not (NEA i-How high do states'
M h gratltude should be rights go on getting high?
Ida.for o respected. That complex problem is
-' .... CRUELT'V raised in a formal complaint
which has been filed by Capital
She .tr d a the w Airlines with the Civil Aero-
fShe 1treed ll the way nautics Board against North-
from Magdeburg to West ,west Airlines.
SIrlln to collect her "Elsen-
hower" package. Capital charges hat North-
Sbraved the cruelty and west, by serving liquor to its
ts bf East Germany's passengers over those 10 states
puppets. which the lines both fly, is
Among the broken engaging "In unfair compet!-
of West Berlin where tion."
of food packages A Capital spokesman says
lften, a word of thanks that the airline takes no moral
1ifl embarrassing. It mad stand on high-altitude elbow-
i tuhlMe, want to disap- bending one way or' another.
m. He shys that If they find that
"Wgs the little woman's o- it's legal they will be happy to
.en defiance of the Reds' provide their passengers with
oe and military power a the chance to. purchase a Jolt or
olutionary act? What did two.
have to do with world "The trouble," he explains,
gmlltcse? "is that seven of t.tO20 states lasting ay
c have notified us will tfiht t
REDS SHAKE serve lqhor over the
vet Northwest
ii was her simple aett-he serving t
f pi s aets of millions of or- their come
.sry people behind the I- Those seven
SCurtain-that has caused Capital lists 1 Ipat Iga ver
Red empire to shake. ar. New York. i *It
Showed again that no Maryland, Virginia, Wt. Vir- ad
firpagda machinery, no ginia, Ohio and Wispeensla. s 1
ed system of terror or It says "such sales a': per '
Itarian technique, can de- mitted in Minnesota, N Jer- i b
t basic human needs say sad Michigan o W -
feelings. special licenses are obt
S e Kreuzberg Center, one and special requirements
West Berlin's 55 food dis- wet." ta
ton points, was but a Northwest's answer ls brief. It lng their
e's throw from the Rus- says simply that the charge Is over al of
sector. "unfounded," that it's not vioa. a the*y ,r

Junetlons, writs and court or-
ders will fly thick and fast.
A CAl spokesman raises
t. eq quUtions:
'"ow would the states,en-
foras their laws? Create a squad
TRAL of airborne liquor Investigators?
Ilach stat collects taxes on all
l quor s"d under its authority.
flT Does thi mean that whoever
LIRCUIT erves the drinisa has to keep
... .'. checking withthe navigara and
IN. Inthe books justow
: Was s mlch
And suppose they're fly-
Wn instruments? How do
decide then what state
Sappy nd who gets the
N letter to Capital Airlines
-"-' from Ohio liquor control au.
* VITTORIO- ASSMAN thoritle advises that there 1i
EO NA ARI no way to gt a permit for
EO N liquor i over that state.
stjl etit that Chlo "has
S local o provisions" which
Em I ean a plane would
SW have to e rv the special
00m the uarea or city
rtin tNlew.
TO edusi with this would
re-uitroly precise navit
The drinking problem has not
proved so meute for the rall-
roads, rich serve liquor only
etatea whiEh permit it. The
d | anr d a ltitude at which the
planes f n make it far more
fast he airlines.
.4-. C maet fsays there's
frEm the safe.
S--aLt you have

Ih Or Dry


Not the softeat voice lpeot
ed to-b h.ear4d J on I
this dv ppiAg eaOIovwey ;:
that f t.he priluobi argma
lautloa g
CAB has already heard n
morse of a drive among certal
dry o0aan2IatlIiM to prw &k
prohlbM of all iquor sti

Surni ut

i of Br i rluf
*, .DW W A. ,^ .-.

oi o i dow oft h4Dc *sh

'. iplay, scheduled ear y
neat month Awe ,ti tlo
true than er.

put Into qeitn? ,f-
jton n Britis' ftazA
ie~ for export e am wi..
or another.
Soae of the Brltlh tA
Arcrt t mdfrw.i

=bs, but mea


, ,., *i~m ii= :.1

3s4 were 4eamP

"Tn 12M t he

e. .,
me-Wi~w a

'*ll jpT'WW'



* 1.

iAM sad MARC3LO Joesla Crdere, In
S'Soy Gob oit ilQiri'
I' with IaIta )Upelqe

Iv- *v.'-S

I .. -v. I

'ly Hig


laws and that It
he matter to the end
SCivil Aeronautics
smen frankly
.'- plotty prob-
kht, I(Whe thing
.becdir the tide-
of tbailr." ad-
Soffl 41',ith that
of state' rights as
f te. wl.oha thing."
L MI 'of liquor to
singers. But when
get around to pres-
claims to authority
the air above them,
nmlet to do the in-

"WmM "- *:.
;. *** J


~ 1 I I___ __ r__ I I _I_ __ ___ 1_~ I_ I_

*? ,' .. .

-- ~---

J~C~C~I~~~~~ ~~~~

r:: ..:. ff ."..'-- ""-s?. *'.'. ,
'" ,' .* ..^;..^. ', 4", '... t


u m -
<4Acfie ev

It y .* ^

~N.R'fl .~ i A1
LF~zti. "r -
'4 0$r. r fl
- y -~A *


g L I'. 'r
II .' -. -

at iar-
a7 q theme uta4ta IYlark- games bepl
etht an l MMrs, ml th W. B wley night at 7:30 In the
M~.- a :- at the home of the former at Margarita. All playd s

Fa r ate. es GerA Isabel Servlande Duey ae a snd
'lhToddy Dignam, Maretta sad Sid; second, Sgt. -, B.
.... Taffy Cheek Elaine elvers nson and Mrs. Myra .
of. S dDonna Humphrey, Maria ad third. Mrs. H. Carey ands
WeMaritz Tagaropulo% Elia Pul- 3. B. Kennedy,.
U7 Julitrr2u untsi,

I t Allan, tter nmando n- *1 TIlpd !" flei
an All se am
who ids. Fr ed ac k J eln Dae smile on ef ll, An- In A M N _
-weligible. aso, Thomas, Mrs. Jack CSuth- dhejm VietorIldedth lub will be ins
plI eland, Mrs. Snon Thef, Mr is bert Attia, Richard Baso., An- DOUsiery

tMilton Lee N)h and d Mih Bar- drew Blgakley, Cookie Tagaron- T-I s laes wl
p ir The hostesses were a rted in cy ,.ataaro, E war Ave., fotthtet th .I
ST d Mn. b Mrs. eh E yB and lAlexin Villa and Wlliam Tuem t00
ran. There ere ose to one hun- train from Pan s.
d "Htrenut et re- dred guests invitedtoMhe affair. Dale CoMkle

J.r., and Mrs. Edith p1y Of Pe- Mrs. George D. Cookle of New BK n
dro Migel rs. Brown, Cristobal, will.arrive at Cristobal
ld% Mrs. Ralph Graham and Mr. aboard the .8. Panama follow- n L
ae Howard Munro of Ancon and ing an lnteresting vacation spent .'0' .-
a Mrs. Jack C. Sutherland of Bal- in the States. BOMBAY, (UP)-
wat boa. Mr.'toltl'rdMad on his mo- People's Republic lI -
r Mr. and Mrs. Poole will small tor bike the Estrn States west forget Stalin and -t
SE- roads. from Cristobal, September 11 fol- to Indiana and sotuth fa far Mao Tee-tung -s the
Sguw lowing his retirement from the Georgia, vmiting relatives and of Communism, w
SPanama toma Cnal to make their friends en rute, many of them Srkntan Nalrl, n anl
*tL (rl home in the 8States. They have former ana Zone resident. He of Parliament,
ua tol aji L been residents of Ostun for made th p tri "alone and made here after 'a seven-
totSl zo,000 more than thIrty years and will all repairs bvy himself. Mr. Cockle tour of China. ,
,'!;he.. '-- be greatly mlssed by their many will be a Senfor in cristobal I "we*ty
The a nd-isfrien, High School the coming term. Nlair, who went tq
i e an, '" attend the All-China
i e C kt Party Honors Colored Division of Atlantle of Labor Conference at
-t e lMrs. HC r ole B o Camera Club Meelnar told a locil newsBpar
been t Harold B. White of Bra- The colored division of the At- significant change w
S.r d 2 u Heights, and Miss Frances lantic Camera Club will hold the place In China since these
eMcgroup moaw of Margarita, entt- regular mmnthlv meeting at 1:30 of regime in the Kref.,tp
t mad ined Friday evenlna with a .sm. Monday at the Elks Club,
hfade a nd rby th seekt flarty at the home of Brazos Heights. At the Congress, he sa
Sfor AdWam Miller o of "Lone Live stalW'"
SMsloe of th PaPalfPa. a Tw.. Pbor h Soclety of practically no response.
i Hl nr Swifle*ave for the Amerl~ ftbitizlon ide sets will delegate who shouted
sNid tht 1in the month. be shown accomoianld by a Live Malenkov" was thret
S- of t not ie guests Included Mr. and commentary evaluating each by the rest of the d
,. iS i tttirfi.o at ila Mrs- berta" Morland, Mr. and slide. Btch set Is a reoresenta- who seemed greatly
D*aph n11e ,l bead pay. In other sec- MrH Foar. R. Johnston. Mr. and tive selection of running slid sed. The theme of
o o Mrs. dmund MacVlttle, Captain from various international and he said, as "L
l iona dnftlree to S Her Grant, Miss individual exhibitions. The sub- man Mao." Even Rus
S, o o~s titon to wo lina $ss Odell Wa iect for this month's competition gates rose to their sf1 S
.....M .andMr.Po a lnd H. Hes- l s "general" The club's entries mention of Maor's BABl,
-. .it wa h.tmd'that t roads, :. Sl, mthe first P.n.A. competition said.
l B.M ,eddral -nndcannot Of the new eeriB will be cnWB .ch-. '
SM een g i Partv Honors from the open competition of the
Itl l .d Sah' byIa nte' lbondaat Studensts Gol S Chefhge winning slides from the June and 'VERY PRUIDET
c fac-reenue Miss (oldie Hatgl was hostess July competition.
J .M".. general obligations bona for e a denGhtful pat and dance Guests are always welcome to ALBEMARLE, N.C. (UP)
Poaeg nttemo given at the home of her par- attend the meetings. Between them, Mb. Jane-
ree for using to1l roadS ents in Colon, Wednesday night. --- son Swaringen, '7B, and b r
F tac cint ftst to Il ro ao ta The affair honored several of Rebekah No. 3 Meetingr fath lived under
nL=..tlo qua td a 20-c Oher friends who going to the Tuesday Niht me etea prehldent. Ph
L.JvaSwTh e hon w e rejra o Ko. 2. wiliia t t,,y a f.,a,- .] ..BV
-. IT *ta..te and Isaac ain te.'.Gt Maa wtb B
.Wiar t eh who will atteH d Purdse. Temple. Mrs. lMude Lawranea her .oas 1 ym Ier ,
d? ~.~. S e t Carl Pinto, University of Penn- Acting Noble Grand will preside. her father died
__rwate_ -P bah- T o d
"a..Jn. 11rop Lmw f agaia nW'0 freim n*h

, a t,


* a.&)

r of-Manned top
tlZ, EAp ma41
Pau= u

no u 11 n
it ever
>3 foe

.* Masage

Bte, M


.3 ~


'a.... ;" r"

* 12 Pqid.siWM'AB laundry soap pow&M .. ,

* One upp Moarch electric traveling oIrw

' : .1; ;



.3* t


.. ..
.Ahit. OMPHOY SA .

S MIO^ ; r"" -ry- ~TEL. -1' -
M. ..
,t ". -. % i.^, -" jL: .",. 1; *. ". ^jf 'Tp

"- a s -' &feS y .... ftU! ,'- r- ,.-.*,i B-"
is'f4 ifi-Tn'~ fl ri'-f?;l'<'-i^r' '^AnB'. ^ *jjjjjAji j l



K4( ~r*~
1J 43%xh;

-,~A 4J~J4
4:~ &2m
a *

be a -

film It
hot, 1
l'o w

; ': .




I nmif-
with. I



Sm~ Srri

*I _
** -* "- 1 *.4 0 ss
..<--.,- ** < *.....* "*' "*' "" ...-.,"*.... r'( i
-.~~ ~~ ''r'---'1-'".'
.. df ... ,4*- >' -'" *'*''"
.* ., .'. ..,
...* -' -y s s, ... f" '-,- T...
>^ ..... w" -- J-j

rh ina Ginger-Ale Swrbet

Good August Cooler-Offer

* II




"' :I ,la twherMAhn .and IrvBS Iua'r dysiiBUaaI1

. -.
.I 1 Jf .

C~i2":: .i o'r
~*: Itb
Ii~c:$5_~aI 2
pq Ivu'~ l

I .. eyesrecently o t
i: :, "

.,, Two models, each with prob4.
ow' they made themsele
outiful and successful '
tng out customn ma
Vttfication programs an
Iring and perfeting the
'-0Az. #of these girls has eyes
GINGER ALE SHERBET is cooling and so&fth ,eea dlm'gir e dark and lustrous has eh
It's been perfected to help Northl Carolinas eel d hair but they're so deeply re-
ressed in "their sockets that,
By (GANOR MADDOX without benefit. of her art, the
NE. Food and Markets Editbl Jook 'very small. After sel
-- o 4* stpdy, she decided to pick
North CarolinI l.< its hot .weetened or fozen,all e down-growing hbira s
eason. too A friend of our. strawberries_ other fruit. I'~t e"e "u'"".,d t .ar
ho grew up there perfected The use of a--fat dry milIk' v -t under th eh o
rhi delicate cooler-offer. puts economy i nutritionin- r" t eyeb'-" a ,
Sin "the reewlnTand, ron -Oirnailna no eyrea,, rCn. .
She reCI Calirn Tie she did, using a src -
4: Ginger Ale Sherbet Foc. Research Ins itute thought ,ors- tans ed, blun i t- ed
Iup this subtle and certainly, be that etovs th-
Makes I quarl or 6 servings different August specialty. rI. "'r tha l ath
Two cups sugar. 14 cup lem- cl. -view of wn. t he
on Juice. 2 cups chilled ginger Avocado Ice Creanm Wi, and pult the r at t
Mle, 1 quart liquefied non-fat iMakes about 1 12 pints) ""^ma "um"- ""
dry milk, 2 egg whites pulling point. She began b
One very large avocado, r21 softening the hairs with ho
he coldest point Combine water. 14 teaspoon salt, 13 to with a light hand, sha drew
gar, lemon juice and ginger ;2 cup granulated sugar. in eyqbrow aces. high over
ale: stir gentiv. Stir in lique- the bony frpntal Bttuctures,
ied non-fAt dry milk Pour To prepare avocado cut fruit leaving wide spaces between
mixture into oa refrigerator into halves and, remove .seed hrows. a"d eyes. Thl 'arch is't
rays and 'reeze until mushy and skin. Force fruit through p ed In tlelo e' ide-of the
remove from trays and placid a sieve to make '1 ctrp pu.lp bws bit s u t:out in tht
chilled, bowl. Add nonfat, dey .ilk, watrr lasr third Io "Lerow Fo
and salt, and beat with rotaiy. natural loo b u' etor
Beat with chilled rotary 1ibeater until smooth. Stir ip' th a tiny lain"y
ter until fluffy. Beat egg sugar to taste. Turn Into re-hairs and pee. er _ake
ites until stiff but not dry. frigerator tray and place in eyebrows end in a slight up-
Carefully fold egg whites into I freezing compartment with opn- curve .
tirozen mixture. Return to re-Itrol set at lowest temperature. AS a further hep tlo eye
frigerator trays and freeze un- Freeze until firm, stirring. oc- eau she use a iner- the
1U firm. If desired, serve with easionally with a fork. same. pencil, 'inely sharpened..
Sne lines her eyelids as close
...--. -.______.. ._ to the lashes -as possible, fillUn$
i. ,i the minute white spaces ber
tween the lashes. This take
patience and some effort,
Arn eyelash .curler with cla-
S'ors handle was used by this
model to sweep up her ee -
Ilshes. She applies mascara
Choose appy Fr d vhlle the lashes are between
C se Happy Frindthe .rubber-protected clampq of
this mecharnicAll urler ,
It at oU The other model In 0
For Best Results at Work story as an entrelydifren
o ook as if they bulge out o0
their sockets,
JOHN had a good iob with a large company. ,e liked his She needs to' do 'ry little, a
work, got on well with his associates, ancL shhtualasde I a ~ruallHy -nothing' sa.rL 'as t
his opportunities for future advaneplent. --: .'. I the -rt of the flr t jde She h
Uses a pluckr 3dFyd relnov- d,
i But It didn't take John and his vyung 1wie. Mary, long to see mg strays that-g a ~arWa the ,
*that in the same company there were unhappy individuals who nose and stragglers that inter ,
:were chronically dissatisfied and aginn' everything. Ifre with the clean, wide space
S* .below her evebrowS. A redhead. I,.

Teep -
har. a
he fulJ
ead to'
on't lool

lot oha b nJiuresuiesi and taa
i are ny a ut aldd, andr
.. ais Mi e. tletiyyou e mdlae i k .dus and
They agreed they would not make personal friends among sketehed-In hairs above, not rear.
John's discontented associates. For they knew that dissatsfac- her natural brow line. I-ert le a few:.
ton is a commnrlcable disease, and that if they ot in with a tn uaher lashes, ult only tWl bea -UtW
Wioup who were always complaining about this and criticizing o the tips. She wants to re-i .
tiat, thev would soon be thinking in the same way. [Tel as little as possible of the 1. A:.
whites which already stand out tionalia
So they steered clear of the unhappy 14itle group who. oAlt t Jnjchl. th
priorr to'their jobs and their bosses. The greatest pleasure of e> same make-up found4- so. l
ee'.h she uses as a powder, halr :
S eoe seemed to be in assuring each 'olero that Lhere vw9 oveh sher lsaa pove, har
p fiturez inthe company ". goes over her lids, abo. hav-
p tr thecompany. ad below each eye, blendrig her W-ii t
Sthe lids in with her facial for
In place of choosing John's unhappy assocates for their planes. The tips only of herl o ..
tends they chose the fellow workers who shared Johns enthu- lashesmget mascara. 2. 2'A $ A l.
Iusm and ambition. Any girl can do as much a0i
for ter eye beauty. If you're she
T iD P9LOUCW TO FOLLOW tias of anything drasfc,:t In i
wer, first study yourself falmi
"THAT is a sound policy for any voung couple starting out. oWtita considerable period to the
bB ea you aren't Imagining -
It is fust as easy to associate with happy, ambitious doerk as "1 problem. .
unhappy, complaining faultfinders And'tHe choice a cou- -s
makesdeliberately will have a lot to do with their own devel- SHORTS "OL"i
ne$t. t i s
M there's a smoker in the,-I '"I
i And here is another point to remember. It is alao important ISyop're probably heir to ri
a youtw couple not to spend a lot of time with uhappUy, t: shreds ll over the with
atried o ples. -d lUfti'd ok~bMional packs' oh little
?1 WMaMny matches on the r
It is pmch easier to keep your own faith in marriage intact flooM Prde two inexpensive
Syou sDepd your time with happily married couplUs than if you ila o cearet cases, one. or 1
te vlth coues who are forever sniping at each other and .i$ J tonme orup tshe bath 4g1y
.,-r--r-t rriageI r a. up. effect. ," :,
+-- ,; t,--, y, -


h1Ue etltsm with an air ofa utuma. Tlu
r l0lhits tweed suit (elet fthat sm b
tea.-a liUttle jacket. Suit is eeomiat
I -e0lg tweed suit (center) IUs vew
jt it i cut away at fJdL 1

- ,I C..-r.,

~ ~ ~ ;-, ',: '

B;: .. -;'.*:: -.') ,.;

Unity. p

gives her A

Iaerm *u.
rMi ,,


.. A I ,

I.trJl. ..;

44 *

i '

*d o^.., .*
if-rrr > ..

* 17

, e bM
..ol 4~U



:l- a. iq, ....
* : ,' .I'J l ;.f f .

tt iM.


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* *t~



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-c 1%''~
'V :!

it'Uea' forev r whwt ye uvy wh

You can buy the drift in matter 0 tmhutei at ona of our eonveniptlty
.liend brauseher t k itn the maUlnd' *on' Its in thO hlnd of tfh
i y N. ihF h 4 0itunrtsy no trtAli tehptng M Chas* Sank dr;ft
Mt mih hiav .ia f lin $w n;g peronar ohiok.
Thqre'o no limit to ty nmeunt you can send by draft Pople up them
S4 t imp 1tp Iy inuns and personal olig4tiq outlide thhe country.
You should usae thw, toe.



" -'*i '


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,, ;_



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*'.r i


..* ..- .
S .->i,
.'-U ri


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.1^ r


j I P -

^.1 10 W PL.h1$ .5

t s ." ".

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_f.. ~Vt., A-" ""

i .. .

v ; .*

-Opt tb .L xp, Tludr, cylintn r .. ... ... ... ".
SI4 DfLUX FI err.L, ndr ..............-. 1 ,
t* i AP t'Siest Covrrs
S"OI Do1 Lu .tt. y, *,...... ..:.......... f11.. i.
190 POra CeLUlKs, pep COw.. 6 eylinlsr d..*. .**. 1t .

i r CU *r Fw.4, vi P................... Ia "
a *. (D yf Pq ) o "

.. Iivt g~uir ... ................ 1O .P "*
*'- WHtfwi t :

-.,. Ra 10- C"
Po~aPoCU!0'4,Trx t .................... l
.- po. 'r w C. e.-v .. .......... *

,''E FOpr b0Va~t.t. Tem d .. ...'............... 7M
WM L FO "oMttLtE tedVr i ............. 04M
,.- M, I URYv Fl..w, o Qvw I, pint Jb ..1
.'. .. ....... ..... i.
: o ...s..Ii.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ CI"~ ,, .,,, ..... ,..,._., .,

, Hy.
r' OLI

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hE B 4gggg***s.*S***.u
( -. .... ..........
., ; .- .


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-R I-'0
.** 44
.A. -








S eanl am

!> I

...*Ie .~

- 5..ew~ip; (I ~r

Sell'em... When You Telr. ru
Leave your Ad itaf on XAgents or our e4i i.?-' ..

No. 12,179 Ce~i jI- A
-r~r .1i"~r d- <'iutrEniniEpC kTMI6n DCAIL TON



S No. 4


i. .

of Julv Ave.-Phone .-OV '


10,059 U

Phonsl t

Via EmpaA No.34 P an& R. P.
(20ma Vbm 't heeb e

Ageada Interaacloaal de PublicSr aesr
No. 3 Lottery Plaa Phone 2-4199

FOR lie:-Betsy Ross Spinet Pla-
n mohoganv choia. cabinet
PrI 6.438 after 5p mp
FOR ~ L:- C nese rug. 9 x 12.
suM. Excellent condition Call 2-

FORI S LE -25 -cscle retr.gerator.
N home ccbner Tvpe se.,ng
m with Wes.inghouse motor.
Ccuch. Other misc. ilemn

FOR LE Retr.gerator Electric
r *, Iadio record player. 3
s cb;ine: type. House 795-
B fDC8 road. Telephone 787
a 4.10. Working hours 3677.

Si ~ -Refrigeroior, 25 cycles
rC nk." nirf LeavinO.




An.tomobilas ag ..suIde
FOR SALE:- 9 Butk Roadmas A nemam 3-177. Cr
convertible.: with water
burper, 13. k car in ex-DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. Ho L n beach, b
cellent condition .il wll stwerA Central Avenue 'K" treet, comer. In COO COmPse
rigid inspectioq, E.4 :_ln y Telephone 2-3479, Ponomoa Phon retakr .
appointment. Iel Ite- -'932. We repair Bendix washing machines. oree ca .
Mead or any other make. Guaranteed Foster's Cotta rp
FOR SALE 1948. t5 L work. Moderate prices, Achurra y nta Clara. Plea
liner 8 Rodo, l *iV!te.- er Becerra Shop. Telephone 3-4687: lins, Phone Balb 2-6
cellrnt cordloVon SPECIAL EXCURSIONS via LACSA Gramic Santa Cla
$800. CallP PANAMA-MEXICOL~one way $85 temg. Electric Ice
1549-E. Gav .~~~- round trip $135 11"5 day limits moderate rah. Te
FOR SALE: s165. good one year; to L 0 S Gombna; 4-567. Pedr
119481 newly I 1. pirr ANGELES one way. $159.25 round WILLIAMS' Santa Cla
fect condition. TJ- trip $268.64 190 day limit). Pan- tog. Large, comfo
vola Crossli ; ama Dispatch Service. 36 Avenida near beach. Balboa 3
R Nacional (Automobile Rowl. Tel. weekends.
FOR SALE: 15l ad 4 Panama 2-1655. .
I.,- ,g a___________n___________

sean, aury fIre

Fa cA FA



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- T^^fi

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* .:-* .*

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-T; *f:1 -.a ti 'r
. .r.4 -

7 5t~a Br @ley. FOR SALE-`L 4 V An 0aL liP ai
Huia272Cocor Soha Bradley. FOR SALE -- LSovtaB'lWO M:ti-ce .--- Apar:m
FCR ALE Ce oh fSedan c upe. Very good tandition
FCrF 4ALE Vv hrg nochie. Balboa Baroer Shop.ATTO N .I
W rle.. r'.: relrgercior 9 ft. oil FOR SALE Bargain. 1953 Henry FOR SALE:- Wolf pupples, 4 weeks aatmnts, one,
pclcelo,.-, crtoble electric ise-.g '" 2.000 miles. leather upholstery, old. No. 84. A Avenue Apt. No. 9 hPanod 3-4941cold ' -4; Fora erv good con. eccrnomcal, tropical model. 14th. FOR SALE:-Complete line of Smith r
.,, w.rn rad.o r..-;. ,e-rs sheet o. 117, Apt. 2. Paltllla. Way Welding Electrodes: Mild FOR RENT:-L a.l w
Telephore Balboa 4171. Son Francrscol. Anytime. steel, cast iron Machinable n elle Vista. 29.
FOR SALE:-9 cu ft. Westinghouse FOR SALE -1950 Studebaker Star- and hard facing. F. ICAZA Y CIA. O
refllGerator, all pOrceloan. House ire coupe, black with tan seat FOR SALE:-5 H P. Elgin outboard.
151>.. Govilon Area. ____ Cer. radio and almost new bat- 550 00; 1-3 H.P., 25 cycle motor. ..
terv Will bring for your inspection $15.00. 10" fan, 25 cycles. *13.
XOR SALE -Rad.o-iho.-og-oph au- Coll kobbe 3230. Cpl. White, dur- Basinette .2 00. Four green porch FO RENT: cool
tomaotc 60 cycle. $40. Crib and ing duty hours. ___shades 9' x 5', $3.00 each. Couch rain, El Congip sJetjSaailable.
09,esL. $25. Metal Credenza. frame with arm rests for Q r- ll 3
$5. 6 Ite. wooden work table, $15. FOR SALE- 1946 Ford De Luxe frame with arm rests for Quarter- Call 3-1789 'er l..1693 office
I16 Iclothes hamper, $5 Car plc- with radio and spot light $445.- master single bed, $10. Everything hours.
nic lox, $14. Sun beam tood mix- 00. House 84-A, New Cristobol. good condition. 4-529 or 177-C, R RENT:-, wit 5il
S$15. 2 large rug mats. $5. phone 3-2S70. P. M. orly, toelLilthidWnett hal
Fv man life raft with oars English FOR SALE:-Oldsmobile 1942 Sedan The Caribbean Army & Air Force water, (Ili.for n Am a
: fdtng carriage, $20. Call Ancon $2.25. Curundu Qtrs. 2211-A, Motion Picture Service, Quarry sonnme.) 4GO 0"tfi i R i
'-4.28. Telephone 83-2180. Heights. Canal Zone offers for sole rates. A .i Ho1 te t.
F ALE nncer 4 door s- o the highest bidder, used mo- Phone Pan 2-800.
SLE. nngom set kitchen FOR SAE-Buick Super 4 door s- on picture equipment nd spa
Serne t. P.:nc table Swing House dan 9.500 mies Pla.tic seat covers n pure equi t ad sNT
.-,-B. 'ango Street. Ba bo rod o Tel Navy 3679 After 3 30 parts, one amplifier for 1am
.. .oi 1 projector, stage drapes. and mrsc-
PC'." ALE Modein 46' artoom: P m. cellaneous office equipment. Itemr Ii nm"s'
Calhioned lo.e-seat tro FOR SALE -Cherolet Four Door- may be pur.hosed by lot or indi-
r jrlchina ena-fables. oertect con- Sedan 19W2 excellent condition, viduallv. Bid forms and list of FOR RENT:-Centrolly flctdbmed
dtiLn, 1No. 54, 45th street, apart- new tires. Phone 2-2298 working material for sale may be obtain- for office or depasit le both. Phee
nmnt 3. hours. 3-1294 after. ed from the seller by written re- 2-2298 working hour, J-1294,
FO~Q ALE- Comfortable Morrs FOR SALE: Chevrolet Panel 1-2 quest. address Box "R," Balboa ofter.
Tan,. 1953 almoftn at i 1r
Aihl with reversible plastic cush- Ton 1953, almost new, can be Heights, Cahotl one, or in person
ift, reasonable price. No. 54. financed. Phone 2-2298 working at buldig No. 153, Qury
Canal Zone, wheli material may
45th street. apartment 3. hours. 3-1294 after- be inspected. Dids will be opened R
JOSALE.-Modem mahogany bed- FOR SALE.-1952 Singer Roadster. at 10 00 o'clock on the 21 Sep-
m set, %iory color Itwin bedst, 16 mm sound projector. Best offer member, 1953. The CAAF Motion FOR SALE: ~iellt buy, 4,5
fishing beautiful dressing table. Call Albrook 2196. Picture Service reserves the right meters fcortift Trualsthmidn
oat new No. 54, 45th street, FOR SALE:-1949 Chevrolet Con- to reject any ard all bids. Highway. Recently cleared. F4orw'
r.ment 5. vertible. Excellent condition, rodio. FOR SALE:-Fishermen at last! A iaftron ca4 P.namM. 4W
,SALE: Oval chair. Simmons new top. tires good. Call Feo- place to get fish bait. Fresh frozen
Seoutyrest mattress. 2 beds, 3-4 Ia. 85-2200 or 85-2243. $895.- shrimps. Fresh frozen sines. FOR SALE: NY
w mattress. Bedroom set. com- 00. Acuario Lowe 9th Ave.-M de FreanWspi, 52
pit. Boaain. No. 9, 44th street. IG. St I Bldg. 8044 Colon R. P. fence Thomas I ol.
4Ap. 4, 5.CO to 9.00 p. m. WANTED Open 8:00 A. M. to 12;00 P. M Ave. No. 259; Tel. 3-
FOR SALE:-Bamboo livingroom set. 1:00 P. M. to 7:00 P. M. Suailoys
nd, brand Onew.9 pieces. CaMll m i WeIau e and Holida" 8:00 A. M. to 1:00 FOR SA L
Owdundu 2256 D .I St. el. 83- WA E EnihP.12o M.I FOR IA i.
g ratt CAR WANTED. English 1-2 Ton FOR SALE: Upright piano, good MOtO1p .
'.^SAILE: Household furniture Panel. must be in good condition condition, qood tone. small dining
dinette, piaon. chirs. tables 2298 working hours. 3-1294 alter bal 1540. 14th and Bolivar. GoPie C '.u n
6 s, electrical appliances. Albrook Goodr prira. Cal uriundu2 '
thone. 5197. Quarters 84-A. STATION WAGON WANTED: FOR SALE:-WeJI equipped LABOA- B St. 1eL 83-2813;.
-- ---- 1951 to 1953 in good condition TORY. Information 2-5 p. m. Lo- .---
agc Chef Range. Must be Rnaneo Php -2ne 2.2298 borbtorios Industriales Zoftmann ,.,
SLcund.'omct. 6 gat working hours. 3-1294 after. Ltda. Cuba Ave. & 29th. St. "Lo-
tter hter ahd 9 cu. It a dn. P. 3_9_S
.. -one ~-1768 W11 buy Codllacblak 1952 -953 redo" Budiding. Phone 3-3319, W y Sw
h.n.e -1768---- Preferably duty unpaid. Tel. 2- Panama.
s E-Wesiingh:uLe refir.ger- -458:_ FOR SALE:-7 cu. ft. Westinghouse W
Sbot. o$50.u.0. 7 taol. $15. WAN'D- Vacation Quarters. 1st porcelain refrigerator, radio, play-
badt. b: .1 Lna mnoi- of Soet thru 10 Nov. 5083-A. pen. Call .-1580_________ N, A,
S, .OU; uire.te set wiil' Dcb'o Hgts. 2.3429 FOR SALE: 4-burner gas stove. UP=, of the
j-10.0C; co.--oi o rqdo., WANTED-- Vocation quarters In Good condition. '$25 00. Phone 0 .aSe S ld the"
Sbed frames. $10.00. Panama lor month of September. Panama 3-3957. NS_ &sa T eatr
em ade bar. $20.00; 3-0281. FOR SALE-Small Philco deep freeze Cotlth
4.i headboardrd fror -double WANTED:-To buy: 2 green porch commercial flower box complete. weaw a Of .
.; child's blackboard, screens. 6 ft. by 12 ft long or one Acuaro Tropical. No. 55 Via Es- it's i e a
~oneripring sofa, $15.00; 10 ft. by 12 ft. long. Tel. 3-3430. paao. Tel: 3-5411. ~ 10 CmlIea t
blin ds. coffee -tobles', f TROPICAL FliH FANCIERS: -' New Bt
etc. Telephone Baltboa Po ton Offered stock tropicals, 33 varieties in- "bWl"
L' Generoa Eleciri -va- WANTED--Sales agents for club pumps, filters, etc. Bird Lovers: t I p a
uT 'cleaner, $25.00. 2-1771, Apply with your identl tation cord. White cuckatoos, African Greythe
S719-D. ICornet Good opportunity for parrot, budgies, canaries, sun- once
S.Interested persons. Parisien Furni- flower seed. supplies, bird toys. r ll
SE:-Five porch shades2.- ture No 168, Central Avenue. Dog and Cat Owners: Misc. sup- .
.d Lattice prch partion.plies All at Acuario Tropical. Pan-

SALE: if gloaire electric stove
o burnters o$3.p l toven, lightly HO WantedPositon ps o No. n5 Vi
ort Espoa. Tel. 3-5411. no charge
5.00 each. tinghou WANTED Positon fo r excellent to look and tlk animals.h
one year uante d.rea nd honest Call Sunday morris.

ft :-9Bookcse i fh. t. Call 2 dt- 77. 8-C Dohrman Street. f--d anN
SV 9.DQM buffet, oa.ker chair. 'bo. An,.me Sunday unl 6 -.
SSALE:--.F iglkaire electric stove H l W t p4 h
burners., ssinle bed with ightl m JOyt your finc .
,opit Clayton. Home 8-vntian print d .iffer from
"F"or n N e 8 WANTED--M&aid for care of three

o 25-cyc-l- e .drerifriner- S cap genera t hes *uvork.' yo h,;ur H.arINg .tn.
kFe Li -Bookcse at r Beer Tank Street. indl;il prnl. o In%

ref; upright piano; Singer ROCHESTER, N.Y (UP) our plan f01r restored hearing oo m2
S ;QMchibuffet. to-r.ker r. la d-steel beer storage tank "t indlvid rl d pronal...
t airs, single d with pe quipd th t as your fger
4or pillows; louvres, v eti anr rjntt dier f Pmaudl
SL 'fr i 2-famIly rtm ecial door can be opened ... .or

W '.5 piece. GuotemaKlatrhoo- Eicam the Inside and eliminates a.yo
ivin rom set, 39, M. a cccIl Al m isonment of aersonl.So
rinet with hvry very, cheunit; man cleaning the tan
-rug; upright piano; Singer ROCHESTER, N.Y. u -ur prn fr restore hearin
Smachine; Fostdore.. em :ll5 he nased-t ooee beer storage taukr l. individual gnd .prson..

Sn FOUND A University o Illlonis farm
.reonomist said that most ive YOU
0type leather h bag- mo oe cattle tha chi." t th
i b.Pecmaln door can be opened-
..S&acidental imprisonment of a

ota. ma FLOn RIDA BAeer or be-
,Ing overcome by gases.

economist sai and -most of
&lols sslost, ,n dark by the marketing of 25 per cent
ty/lpe leather hanaag, moLe cattle the fh'Rt three
asked. Mrs. IlIjl, months of this year than last
St. ColOn. year.

Fee Inou e Call
".., : .Pi...-. 2-..KU and 3-2255 ,.r.

"'. ..6
*,*_. ,., *t'_.,


..". i. A .r-r-'c. ..

riVoll Ave.-Phone




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-i' n. )M!. i i.',..s i.. .;" '+ >' --. .
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bA.- Inches
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three wrestle
i Los Damon
attn NiMr-,

awe .0lher aSe t.

Ave tbryn Gragan
mong othersx' e afr ,
hmea, lFast r i and
and -Martlage- of flgaro.
r'new album, l an~ t
ran' Relts," the gite4
will play Olan Caril
l's, R ercare. and. eca
MenotU dedfcated to 1t
he wrote it. It's an RCA-

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left open
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'+ p iv. a ovis .T
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*..- r o *. :
Rwcthmk .,

'""-- *-Hl
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E r

POP sNGOLE: "C. 0. -'.
and "Walt to the Blues1
(Mxzaret Wlgtng. CappItol.
Trxropl ana'ont : elly, -
ex); "Drf t" (Ray -.An-
thSon, Cpil), "The Hard
61my Be 7u a Iab ?*"
"Illumbe;re 'rw "'i *_. ("Bil
aley, Esex); "No Stone Un- 4
tu ed" (June Hutton, Capl-

POP ALDM .: cutting Mermiaid .Esther
Porter's melbtdlia and Anda .1
stealta intw.pefttion to-iB th F et
the I a tra, and thTn pB-Both'Feet
*MutIsa beautiful ColumbIa. ,' -o
iham. There are eight of
top show tn'ea, J lLYWOOD, Aug.. 22 It
H!) ~letables like '"Bin WUllamsf has made a EsBcei
S Beguine" and "NMht career of b ltg *et, but she has of tb
a'." Jana'hr success and ppwine~i and
ro T.eep..g .her h ead aoe iand
L:Llsteners w .- ao
SMeorton Goli iht 't oi tis world, TrailA
Qoncerto .have :feet- aon the short f BOf iblneS fwitly, re-op
".htish mtialt" amoouthly, ad I
.m. wiuc ha. t her sbecess and called
.E hony o Coi s-em from less= A ak
h~hnSJ 's 8 Bg* t hert. during her child- back
talia)hI*ploy- "'?T mother, Mrs. Bai be ca
P-7 2 Tbo it" 3"dum B. 6L -rstWling phycho- M ss
In bl1 aPhilharmonl-e lqqtt' b~fl. -the. InatiWte of and i
P_________ .in FLnts salad
Ss. Mta Ution a
4A S wr she ca She

* A.'
I- *I. 'C


9JI Ca
a explj
Oin her
,amy cc


M I I OIr..

i a -


.. .

. .. t.


r and 4i

b the

Sbyonder Seeks
Jr .

:i 's Prize, Mirzatoats,

A iorio Stout Coditenders
0 -
Mrs. Loly de Lazzarin's classy American-bred
flu ar-old brown horse Goyonder today seeks
en straight victory in the featured $1,000
j uarmlong dash far Class 'A' imported through-
b at the Juad France National Race Track.

f son of oya TI-ope
Ia will again have the ben-
of Chilean ace Jose (Pa-
t) Bravo's expert handling and
l tgo In an entry with stout-
"erted Covnes Edgar
ITlis timb Goyonder is sure to
sBleq murh stiffer competl-
Sf; than he did last Sunday
sped to a post-to-post
over six-and-one-half
ai .
-w that occasion. Main Road
the top contender. Main
will be absent from the
today but his place wil be
a by rlassy Mirzatoats, a
speedier horse than Main
Colombian jockey Oscar
ra will guide Mirzatoats.
S des this, the added dis-
.a and increase In weights
enhance track champion
rio's chances. Bias Agulrre.
te track's leading rider, will
be aboard Amorio today.
t, but no least, is King's
which will be piloted by
W id-oming Fortunato HI-
3J. The Prize turned in
rrible race following his
t victory two weeks
ton the $5.000 added
g Board Classic. He
spring a big upset by
some of the form flash-
athe *!assle.
has all the nmakings
ar and should have the
Standing and shouting
tlves hoarse from start to

'n the nightcap, a one mile
V -Mlass "D" imports. the re-
ly expensive New Look
w met a chance to make un
bi,. disappointing loss lst
SNew Look's contenders
r,'paper, at least) are My
and- Follow Me IL
y's card also has a total
eleven races with manMv of-
a jucyr longshot possibil-

1-Fru Fru $8.80, $3.80, $3.40.
2-Souvenir $5.20, $3.20.
3--Avlvato $4.20.
One-Two: (Fru Fru Sou-
venir) $64.40.
1-Valaria $4.60, $2.80.
2-Marilu $2.80.
Quialela: (Valaria Marlu)

1-Dalida P $3.60, $4.40.
2-Golden Fan $3.80.
1-The Dauber $10, $5.20, $4.
2-Golden Tap $3.20, $3.60.
3-Vain Darling $3.
L-Granero $5.80. 2.80. 2.60.
--Regal Chum $2.80, 2.40.
3-8alustio $2.80.
Second Double:
(The Bauber-Granero) $25.
1-Black Bull $18.80. 6. 2.20.
2-Eaean4alo $6,60, 2.20.
S--English Mary $2.20.
(Black BuH-Eseandalo) $48.60.
1-Pancho Falcato $14.60. 4.20,
2-Mr. Foot $5.20. 3.40.
3-Legal Frolic $3.40.
(Pancho Faiato-Mr. Foot) $75.
1-C'oo Au Vin (e) $8.60. 6, 3.40.
2-Bendeguz (e).
3-Postinovich $2.60.
1-Tanger (e $4, 3.
2-Agate $4.60.

Arcaro Guides

Native Dancer,

at the track yesterday, the T 1 / l
'Au yin-Bendetuz entry
lv came back to life and 18h V
ed one-two in the featured
atl-and-one-half furlong CICAO, _1% 2 ).-
,, .The xrest Mativi sfaner seor-
( aliche) Vasc oe ed rCe Bf MMt tbody.
ao .o m.- st Arliten Ram Brkhm e Amer.
cese fast an Derby eomidng *om be-
the eettng Hom hind lh final moment to
for half the distance, ds- beat ir who had held
of Homeland then drew th e ad l3Snt ta .
t In the run own the stretch m a was
uere by one-and-oune-hsf of which Native
'n grtan r. It was the
fro t udk With e
b Z'on b to outlast and
t ,o=th F lc one- ~Mn a
Swhl, surint- Ml the
o dia and R Ill Alli- mr d thi
^ ttJr bela i prohinntht train I .
ouarte U*' With W$S80 added to his
All.opaBr. the o cr- winnings Native Dancer rais-
misibttls cholee. turned ed s -total to $74340 to take
Ppolsting performance. a fther haol on fourth pl1e0
a gi entry paid 0t60. $6 amogu the big mmey winners
sross the board, of A Rme.
spri tnted a piat-to- .Nalvpv DaDler was a barAy
vicry hbthe second- favorite and' was hard driven
ohe mile r'l- by Eddle Are&ro. who tee him
"C' imoorts which Je-t h~e first time because his
puse of $650. Tanner wnt0l Jockey, Erie Guerin, is
twowinners ridden h. supaded. .
un Hidalgo Jr.. '-.' ____ ___
to, aaddle honors uan Franc' ips
Ruben Vassuez. Juan a
day's best win dividend
gBlack Bull's $18.80 In the By THE EXPERT
"The dividends: .1-Mochito Proton
S rFIlT RACE 2-Mibranda White Fleet
kS 8.60 .e e* 1, Opez
Sa--oadamsh ( Terre
7 ---. "n M Maid
s8CaON RACE -Plncelaso ampres
$l-Interlude 7. $3.10. -In Time .. BRa Rol
1-Cotillon $3. f-Teletaso e() Turf Iode
S First Pace: (Toslkto-Iate- l--GoyondeC King's Prise
me) 21. 11-New Look My Dear
i1 N


You Can Depend On It!


: A30 4 Door SEDAN

A40 4 Door SEDAN


A40 2 Door SPORTS
.,!' i"

i RTS M. .: SRow E

S" Atuloaibile Row

ifl1*- -1

Brav sEdge` "

_- ...;. ^

Juan Franc Graded
'- Hm Jonkey W,.Ci-a.NT
1t Raee 'Z" MUe rtm uMU 0 Pool eurd

1-Prot6n J. :tin .-16 t pealua on
--Manolete ,A. 1Meq 118 lass na-
3-Cosa inda ,R. Viasua 11Ii 't ck specliaw-4t0
4-aia di Mayo P. 1 ittioy o y
5-M-aaya .lal 1 I- eutd win *li.part'
6-Mochito M. -Ar I:; -mNo good sata4

a2d Race "W'DN*tie' : P:Mf0.00 Pool
8efau ., yo.uble AM
-White Flett J. vto best tforim'
2-Tulra R. q1 recently
3-Yoslpongo B. l --n l Jerp .
4-Fil6n r. l lgoSo' I outside cli
5-Miranda Ia R. 0GL i MBr coant

3Sd. Race 'No-Winners" 4 ~ 5 0.00 Pe2 .
S ".2. "' '. *.",;"

1-Merza at B.
2-oly E.
3-Babg Babas R.
4-fDo& Chilo R.
5-Ot Ri
6-La Hora R. 4ls

.4th *aee "t o atslv

1-Don Joaquin A, 1
2-Camar6n R.!
3--Opx CL0.
4-Rloma.: V..Q
5-(Duque J,
7-Colrio A-M

Id score h d
lance At all

: ,

Rals. 115

5th BRace I". lopIreFir. b :-
1-Ventre.a q~leV.ortea 118 .tiet r tt a
2-Apretor A. Mmna R. 100x- e i d
3-Henry Po .. J. Reye.l 115 -" I1I,
4-RonadmBia 0. Masuera 106 -lor' to e
5--Forzado R. Ycaa 105x- eeds sa s tr

6th Ran 01 P, t rkgbt"IF
.4 .- ,

Rnr3- i. '.er S
4-Florersa 0ida o 0l ot
5-Alabarda V, Ortat Il
6-Mimo B. Pullt4a -t4
7-Gonzagra Alfaro I
8-Veranda' 0. Cantlloa X ,
9-Slsmo B. Aturre u d to

7th kai '" *'I' _W_1"'

1-Pis R te--M
2-Bedlam 4 .
3-.frattrifo. C. T1oA-..l vomi

en I.tsa

fal i
i fl&Uw

Tarpon CMu
four elubs m
Canal Zone,
,'una Club an

;fi*lm.a -~~PL

-Placelazo C. OoMis Ix
-Vaimplfea ". Jimanaa .4

Sth Race "4" Imported TF

1-Paque a
3-In Time
4-.-Rlna Rol
7-Cradle ong

H. ReOyM
R. Ycaaa.
0. CastwUo
J. o


fth Race "E" Imported 7 Fgl, Pw

1-Turt Lodge B. Morefto lit
2- r F. ptose, IIs
ted R. Oe& 1,
4--Ar Bos F. Halo '
5-Weblt Fox B .iu. i12
-trknmasu C. tila8
,f e C aa 0 ,4110
Jta J. Bravo 11
:.,-1ewb.ide L. R. Jar lit

1th "A", Imported 7 ,a$
1 1~..' eidalgq I lk
O. Malerm.s 1
S B .Aguire ITS
edgar E. Dario S-W
--Ot ~J. Bravo 01s

ll !'lg W Imported 7 Ps M
r R. Vilques -
U fht E. Orte
.l F. Hldalgo I -.
4if W. B. AgrreI T.
B. Moreno 1 q
Ck anccesAllal..
i- m vg1i -


~t~t .I, o
uao :aaahnsaa~

r .


It'l .

"' ,

'.- ..
I .8.0 -, .


-.. -'

.L. ~

" ,. .

^.A '- .w....l, -,

2 B.:> ,. ,: ..,l .

-;. `


r I





.. r. .- .. .
.'' -. -" ",..-

-A. *a


a .


A-A. .-i .

ji t..* '* -. ? '"l i, .-^'r ".- .* ..

0ftsthe baR
ffSB i0
*.t I.W.- *


(Jq .L !


"' ~
I: : .
~I~L.,u~+t*v~.~"rr. ~ n*uW~4

SNutr4 Zone JR Wrestling;

4. -i -
I- 4 ----


i this k
winner is *m-
e because eS
EMt the ball

te firstnal
in the N1f.
.-ken Usual.
,in 1931.
QOrlsom eour
giants befow
nd ctte. _s
ack Stis. -

4gy" City,

rt rePresetttlmI.
Ues. f.lom neadna

the moaN
Mear eaRM

S hat th addict
S .tl wad teer vi

ou should real out
4OuipSned .tb< btab-

MO Saritrf the perftorm
h that there was s
Sb e l the ac-
Sf pTp bone
to l une contest
0exl. for Guage=$
aibpcrlption ana wqs get-
i< with his con-
)4lj artre you trFying to do,"
wrote emaer cu there, Upt
morals allOr'children?"
.:AU '-"e 'it sMd hurrah. WaM'the thing and
the act t- b with the
bhley u l ng for the
ed us fo'
as t that the
qu trust-
ai.- John Mc-
a e a the baranseac

Sat rtel that the
Ia. rSing's higher
Wa wmhat tc
.Ytln is the

t- of Galesburg, II
tdrus slugging
t;:M are very
youth of Amer-
will be one of
in killing th
fod fm wrestling.
iltular is a Ger- of Hans
a publicly admit
to win the chama-
ft atke it back to
ilw wouldn't theft
tlo what what did
nmany, especially
n and British see-
deserve that? "If
-are ne. ex-
K I 4*A n,
to be Seri-
l Obbly cpl0 ed

"the stad, don't

serousrtl, tad
ta nkas by the

a fan s smuoh
-7 ieMlmo| 9m than

F`8%i.,.~... U~~Y

l. fastest flights to

* N"

9 hours 25
." ''

i 14 hrun 46 mhK8if


I' 9 hour aSminutes

1 OFdy PAA eem "Constell



SEnjoy exdFOn
* fort and. save tir
* time, flying abs
* the clouds on PA4
Modern Consteii
Stion-type Clippers

tion" sevi rs l**


armlae -!
li 'hi A

*; /


4L -i

-k"4h woem.s Wei
e., L at.. d M. L 4, U.Sw
Csm*diUdV' aftl



i -- loop


MWe 'TKr Ta l

T "

-... The Player;.

A At Out!IfkeWs

u but he' casings him off

SN- M SIM S mt plaI .
t rinwaR S "t hto aet
S ly Webte.l;"and he didn't
e sy:witme getting the ball

SIou 'watch the guy day In
day but rd t4M. wonder
owhe does t," pays Geroge
: el"e's the finest I've ever
's the greatest says La
r 'Dby. "e a be crasp but
h04 q the outfield.'
Doby's latter remark refers
to Plersal's penchant for
S"Plersa .must play by In-
stinct," say e Bill MBKehnie
"You say to yourself, 'Now I'vP
i seen everything,' but the next
H day he shows $ou something
r;g te"r." ___
After a 'eoupl of swings a
% unA the American L&aMur
MAt a n, Peral wa sent
to' Birmingham and forced to
the sidelines by a nerVous
bIreakdown. Remaining out of
baseball for the second, half ot
S i' s season and a good rest
S lnang the winter made hni
S, oodas new.
PeLaeaU, the cown, gave wy
P 4 PWeMl, the ball player,
M otW 6 looked on
Secoi a Y fre akoW know he wa
P aI i abin of ad unfortnaOt
ittant eabdltion.
.A Jla Plerall proba n*w-
a .wl. c be mentioned n the

Wythe WI w carwith Trer -
t the Red Box
o as tf 80s, ba si -V

Dwroher Didn't Kw w

HHIMis Kind Of Bal
y anRI GRATour
NEA Sports EdMe

i YW YORK, Aug. 22 -ri'
thes-prlng, there was every
evil4e*a that Lgo Durochen
had his tind of a Giant club.
There was reeaom to suspect
that Manager Durocher would-
take it soewhmr even without
Willie MAys,. tie Irdplrational
center fielder.
Indeed,, the New York Na-
tionals were within strlkinr.
distance when they left on
their lat d disastrous west-
rm trip. n he oo rounded
ere ridi t hth. iThey were D
ahead of the Dpdgers on the jL Dreeker'
season's ries, had been at
their best on the road. first base and left and,
It Is t!^ that Larry Janaen
nd bal MailI are through a& Henry Thmpegn
name pitchers. It ha also been third be and l
made plain that Jim Hearn It was. eot
cannot tad. But tb staff wam that aIt
reinforced by Ruben Oomez. mitted to
Allan W Iton and Maryr tchin
Orime, M ,id r a prac- league
tM y. Invincble relief worker B bby
in Hoyt Wilhbelm. likes n nlflader
n switched back to
There was power and *peWd. from third base..
Int the erdI, 1t was the defense --
:that aoolaUd,. and all games Sure, ball inm
are won on dihfna. switched about
Paul Richards of the White that a good one 13 ah
0=x stresse that a side cannut to play any
hope to be sucoeiful without Prank Frisch, the a
f Olade A shortstop and a ham Flash ,who was
pitching specallde who can be National Meague Inf
aied On the th aeenth, eighth 0 years. "But they
and ninth Inning and put out to do It. N
the fire.
Sfir. It takes a ball payer ai
WeD, th e Glants had the or two or longer to
S lWilhlm until the himself to a new pot-
Suas overworked, The ideal clb W'
S D setcAri the slickest seven p) s pl
sirotfp in the mlnors, in at the same polUoi .
1962, re irtedIn Poenix lc out 1M games.
spring after lour years of
Schooing. "A stickout shortstop
The biggest poff to the wonders for the third an I
Giants' uttei state of confusion oed basemen."
Is that- In maid-August there is
so afiua sbestttot .. It's Al- The. consensus la that
vYin u d, young 8pen- of Durhchr headAhMK
have been avoided h .'fc
a a y acmpllshed Duyl Spener In .tV ;l
bal plWer shortatoppod that he wa the
the Wias a lath to pen- given Alvin Dark the
nants, ha asm played third season to get used to
and second base and left and bas. Dark was-and
Srigb o hld.ld h ed as a shortst bW M
pcer, who should have an a p muh mae sulteO
S" artfully nursed and en- m~ eo bal g.
'aour"d' In bi first yr in nw"
th majors, has also been sta- There have been
tone t A third and second Sin tha$- Leoa Dumcer
;bas.i wtti e LoclA M an art not know how to a
i..4. ,b I .t. kind at a bal clBb.1.1L
I ... .. ...




~n'4~5'''` r X
;C~~~ '

;t -."


s .. --..

;. '.,

r -~-- ---


, erseas

Aug. 22 (UP) "Let te pe
;1 ident Elsenhower today corn-
Shis appointments to a TWENTI-EIGHTH YEAR.
cial commission assigned to!
proving American Interna-
Snal trade and finance and
patched ne of his chief eco-
advisers to Paris for a 11t' / c ar
brief study of the European eco- n I V s I
SThe summer White House an-
nouiced that Mr. Eisenhower
was sending Dr. Gabriel Hauge
to Paris next month for c9nfer-
blCS with the economic com-O f
ittee of the Organization for
VItrpean Economic Cooperation.
The President today also LOS ANGELES, Aug: 22 (U
.,iraped the six remaining mem- Sen. Joseph R. McCart
iers'.of the Commission on For- he expects "t obe tremendous
tgn Economic Policy, telling the opened hearings aere yesterd
apDpdntees that their mission in an investigation he said
was4 one of the most vital before exDects "to be tremendous
our country." more important than the H
The President recently ap- case. ..
pointed Clarence B. Randall, McCarthv hinted the ec
chairman of the board of Inland would involve Soviet hydrog
e&ee Corp.. as chairman of the bomb espionage.
Gftan mission. Today's appointees The Wisconsin Republic
m po told a pre=s 'conference tl
-hearings would deal with a

Saise W. Tapp, a Deniocrat,
exeentive vice-president of the
Bak of America at San Fran-
cic. John Jay Whitney, a Re-
i an, senior partner of J. H.
ney and Co., New York; Da-
S. McDonald, a Democrat,
pmudent of the United Steel
Wr!ers of America CIO), Mt.
e on, Pa.; Cola J. Parker. a
t-bhlican, chairman of the
bard of the Kimberley-Clark
esp., Neenah, Wis.; Prof. John
IVWlliams. Republican, Profes-
so. of Political Economics at
2arvard University; and Lamar
aminge, Jr.. Democrat, President
Anderson. Clayton and Co.,
Iouston, Tex.
-auge, who conferred here
early yesterday with the Presl-
dent, will leave Washington for
Paris Sept. 1. His mission result-
ed from an invitation from offi-
cials of the organization.
Press Secretary James Q Hag-
erty said the purpose of Hauge's
alsdon in Paris would be to as-
Sist the economic committee In
the development of "basic
themes" for its forthcoming'
1fth annual report.

Faclory Workers

n US H WNew

Salary Hihs
-- Hourly earnings of the na-
tibn's factory workers hit an
all-time high average of $1.77
In mid-July the Labor Depart-
ment reported today.
The Department said this re-
Presented a gross Increase of 21
per cent during the three years
f the Korean war, with every
Industry at least some gain.
Week. earnings last month
avcragef' $71.51, slightly lower
lthanin .June but $6.07 higher
Sa year ago and $12.30
re than at the start of the
ren war.
ernimng averages include
Oe.nd other premium
e btigst gains during the
ee ydalt of confit natural-
Sam in such defense In-
ess% ordnance, primary
tal and electrical ilstrt-
t, *ere increases ranged
S 23 to 26 per cent. Employ-
ntalso increased raly
these industries during' the
I, I

'* A U^t*-' :
rop* kno tit a, .coun1l ry wI




fiet H.Bomb.


leged Commnimst infiltration of
the Goverpment Printing Of-
fice and stockpiling of strategic
metals I Western states.
"The Government
Office printed secret
for the Atm y. "-
sion, Nad tate
Departm t a Commun-
Ist agent *b have access to
all that matia," he said.
The senator said he Imagin-
ed the material would include
information' on the hydrogen
The inves taton Is "con-
cerned T
bers of
not e
"as party
ted to
j' .
TV Stais To.

McCarthy did notelaborate
on his relcience to -- .i,
former 8State Departgent -
flc!al, who was e eo
lying when he dend p ing
government secrete to Com-
munist courier Whttaker
Pour witnesses appeared to
testify before his Senate n-
vestigatin subcommittee, Inelud-
ing William C. Taylor, 43er-
old Negro who. described 1m-
self as a "Communist party
functionary in Washington."
Taylor said be had never work-
ed for the government.
Taylor said McCarthy "in-
timated that I might be held
for contempt" for refusing to
say If he knew Edward Roths-
child, a Washlao employee of
the GovernmentPintItt Of-
fice. lothschild relied 0Ia.-
aswer questions before Me.
Carthy's sulcommittee earlier
In Washington.
. Taylor likes refused to
answer a question., whet r e
knae If An-h l.llm ... ...--r,

"They are trying
peole with s r
ote about the
AMU of go
Md by spy o
"Perhaps they.
to railroad a few
people to their "
to Itmdate Wo- m

A anecond a0 ^

'* *


ry Inrhorvinag

0 a..e
NEW YORBK Aug. 22 (UP) will be another train along In
Movie and television stars are a matter of minutes." an
going to try to improve the "Ladles, high heels are
manners -acd diaposltions of but on the subways .ar i"i
New Yolrk uLbWa W nS WS wJY careful whea Lay
The W Yr City Ta t stairs."
Authorif;' disclosed a plan for
using the stars to mak to 10 "Attention, all h
to 30-seeond "apo tF akmein itdqnt. I tnqW oux
ment to be lAos
major st"3a0l^;,S att
urge the rider nms t r io rs It
shove, to be ptoIt6 on w r with u are peD o
other, to be re;gefilt to their yo ownm ath and
elders, and to use the subway Be respectfu to them.,
for travel because "It's quicker, shove or horseplay in
cheaper and safer.' coaches "
The Wn was reported with "In just a moment, yorto
some derision by the city's g to get on the subo -
newapaider The tran't an- oUr rd.rg .-
thority recently Increased Ia r _t rlroad in th _
from i6 cuts to 65 cent ai
and news stories about the new ,.. o
device made reference to the S
The idea to install address Tauaam c1
systems at 60 of the buiasa WW
stations on the rapid tram"t M,
system was advanced i L
Abraham A. Bchechter a pub l
relations man hired by ~
authority to promote the. AbS; Chil2e Ae r.g e-
ways who offered a "guaran- At leat 28 perNOa Web h
teed" audience of about 20,000,- iL 4,000 omelefs in
000 a week. a nd floods weeping lg
Sample announcements in- aras of central ani
elude: Chile.'
'Folks, please don't crowd, W Isolated from
shove or push. After all, there ontry as overisw-
an d landslide a g
cad and commuae
.K .teamulies were eva-
Ihecapital as ilo
e24ke even high sec.
reports put the
outhe contr i
TOO .000ootwod.

ny Start
i. .


Aug 21(P)
cr Impal
Lto lfiW4

SMOTBUATO R TUCKB MCCLURE wears a Panama montuPo
b. sthes* pup to receive an award for the navigator of his blee
uama-bullt ketch Chirigtl whieh won first plane in Class 3
r rsct Los Angeleste B olau all-sail yacht race. A few
latter he accepted anQher award for the yacht, which
pLa6 fourth among ents of all clasu in order of eor-
S u time. Chirioul was beaten on corrected time by Stag-
Med. Chubasco and Goodwill. Presenttlon of awards was
at a ormal fancy dfi b al ii Honoplu whee m r iMe
SweOre an elaborate poRbml sa a 1 fa.or.her husband's
Sa. sanai bmntam

- -.

'. ''
S'J," "!

* ..- .. 'f ,: ,- .

^ ., -,. ..
-kSS&-kL *. .


~ ~~~~ ---. ';..
J. .


Manners Of NY Subway Fores

* .., .;T.,
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have a sU at what tihs Cue-
Doudt is asuuy aa.
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dnaw may take 'ay shape o
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and must p as Wrughb the Uidm
line ot Iamr ltha m ust more
tha. one Tou may begin ay-
whboe on U t diarumn.
A sldtioa liven k ea where.
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Word Pyramrid
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thuse see Weach. MMW
CIrIuMp. IS with a word adoed WOW.-Be
a 1 I UI up aod work yUur way
e6 r.t downward adding one letter and
rrr Igu~ the remaining ieters
_*,, OV2s! ,. to to lte next word.

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a mortingr ride across Arizona's Vl f Uo the Sunt a Ravebite-l kotSo r atcstion-'
rns turns into the corral at a dude rmp before headlef for ~he cho wago..
w.;.A^ s!a;s).sa'& r _;a**iaa.~ ~rr -*."-*wwH"-.'iti>i~i'--'





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