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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Abraham Lincols.


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'Get Tough'

Laniel Wins

Cabinets OK

Ipearanoe. .. ,
o, told. polce that uth f
i&tined about $50.,
.aal hmnru efari tntL'J

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uWan e r O antl sfed to hb- I
no ne with the sttk-
eur utthey oe bck to weit.
A ommunique tsined afttO
the maeeUa, rap-ted that I-
nWel is determined to beto
In nnannoa
i :ho..ey. orden to =t_
ork. t *14 that no atrike
Sbe pa for wge lost.
no oaomuetajroyed LanIOW

hty ow mor of a
to eemipromtao.
- deai, laden appealed
eto .tae one more f
I trfldr s *irnela

u' .t". I

vw*r psyare P"
warned any
the eErnm-
WIN OW demper-
ite9to ol of the

TlHERAN, Iro,Aug., 19 (UP)--rln. ion
o p Shih eWrtnrhuw nmmr MoenhMed I
iya ind beieged him i his

dmuri4i the limk e t e.
t.o d with machir guns i
* m1 .wi a iwn tlr, at dusk.
Rt wnps flit Mo deh's firebrand r
miA Hu sein Fatea had ban cut to pieces byi 50 penon had ben killed d momr. t
Sbttl be htwaeen the ferc ofe sh
S. e i,who had fl to t a
o1 en tbortive coup, aot supporfen of t

e h ity resounded with cannon and machine T

srttacked hideouts of eluded 90 per cent of the
niRois, ar- of Iran. .
The Shah's younger
Teheran Hans broadea ct over
aPO M eA l supporters of heran and thanked the
for their loya to the
u ewpaper r


Cornmf ip Tr

In Iyt ith i
,,. ;,,. -

F maru mo
ald hea a
graM .


Iwo 6das
ined toe4
o'be m- tI- *) I
Iinent. te

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-- C

fme thea
H'tl aw

"rw "" w"
Tant-uopprorte auoue
iSo a. rundaaiwa rn
not Red plot to
oOat rebellion anat.. *e

Siren W I .l

Sound Alrt

For Exercise

aaqy -oawun". reuazes Wm
hiding and aumed control.
In Rome the hah eooflrmed
Zahed, aa head of nw "eom.,
fetudna" ;overnmen b at d sas
he wa waiting word to fly.houe
to Teheran.
Zahedi proclaimed martin
lw and Irpoewd a ;q p.M cOut%
few until further notiDe.
.He broadcast ow rdo P eho T
ran an outline of pna
social ustce, t mneat *ab el of
the lot of the wotkt. man mud
a higher stadird o g.
The BShad in Rome he will
return to it 'homeland a soon
as order te restored in the riot-
torn capital.
The Shahuad his lovely Queen

that tnht

.Ui. 3.'-w --r- uc
R i o %h tt I the Ib'hah brombsu-m-a.w. ox- lmtut-".
'Iw Froeiuk of w.t. The 3
t n laI flowh nsews of the M lA Inu Of OW thL2Hi
Swiw be his behalf first wrae Mbq -,arab a
M Shah told o rorer f _
mis a Wr a i! In Comm f u t h H DO
...rraM! faithful to him. Hs hr- of Iiami maw at

SiPsst Exchang Essentilf

Person eI, R s Crlf
..-'ie l ..aA .ak .B ou i sap Mb
~ anr-I pmand lu I ~

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to vim$^.a~

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m -UN- "Ran op aPm.- I I-
e*. uM sT a f. ,t04. ^AMgua, 1. es e.
TMWiM n A4 rANAMA Noe e-74 f*0 LINBl
CNttN Orprce. It 17 CsNTRAL AvCUrsw aWs Tar4H ae tS Ilw s9stsT
341 M4antem Ave NW Vean 11 N v
e8a egX MONtHI. IN AOVANOe c0 0
Rn oNw YVAi. IN *VAN**** -- 0 0 4 c
hL- r


The Mail eBx is en open tfrm for readers of The Poeme Amer-
imk. Letten are received greNrully and are handled In a wholly confli
dentil monna.
If you catribote a letter den't be Im paltt i1 it doesn't ppet r
next day. Loteron re published in the eder received.
SPlese try to kep the loersn Ialted to ea pege lenaft.
* Identity t letter wrers is held in l letret seCfidmee.
This newspaper assume ne responUibili t for stat ementsas e piole
S pressed in lotte m #nreeanr

bir .
I wonder if you are aware that your dlspensary is in danger
o0 being closed permanently. It seems that the present absence
.of a doctor is being used as an excuse for an experiment to see
whether or not the people of the Pacific Side will alt by quietly
enough to permit the discontinuation of the La Boca dispensary,
except. possibly, as a first aid station.
This should be of concern to US. and local raters alike, for
it is just another step toward total degeneration of our medical
service In the Canal Zone. Like the drunkard who rations his
bread budget to buy whisky, the Pan Canal, with the blessing of
Congress. seems to be slashing our medical and critical services
to rock bottom in order to support an unreasonably over-staffed
administrative set-up.
We Zonians cannot afford to relax our vigil a moment. We
must meet every ill-designed move with forceful opposition if we
are to influence the eventual outcome.
This move is going to result in a reduction of force for both
local raters and U.8. raters a reduction of force where we can
least afford it, in our already inadequate medical staffs.
Think It over!
U. S. Rater
That the Canal Zone sl not the only plaqtn which the crime
of daWlcation has been committed is shown the following ex-
carn from "Talk of the Nation," in the current number of the
Democratic Digest.
"Ha this age of new high-speed government efficiency we are
udleMMW to Walter Trohan. Chicago Tribune correspondent, for
t'he tUllts of an efficiency investigation in one of the large De-
PUtartt INot the OAO). Under questioning one employee,
89mitZItdmitted that he was not doing any work at all.
t)oiaoe Jones, who shared the same office with Smith, also
admftd he was not going anythinX either. The efficiency ex-
tprt. then held that tbhs-wa. a clear case of duplication one
ef the employes had to go."
The Digest asks: "But which one?"
Pldumably the one with the least senloAty got the aqk.
S________ .'lwm1a

'Dad, you won't tell Ann I caddy at the country club. will
you? Somehow she got the Idea big shots say hello to me
Because I'm one of tum!"





'CE NI E T2. Action And Adventure Release!


with Robert CLA
-' -

* Catherine McLEOD

'Ih dauntless -
heir of Monte Cristo
... .hin# hi s way r-
fortumc .. .I .&"
the Uip of the
temptress who
lured lat IA



Year while the system was
t~ tarted and $ bl
Bl "-pag tmreaft. Thh
Sbe per traihla the
u p gl thermfter.
I*CU~ Amad maam-...


Group Loaded

In UMT's Favor

dent Eisenhower's ortfr for a
new study of National eeriy
Training formerly known by
the ulWppular name of Unlver-
sal Mlitary Training, or UMT-
represents a somewhat changed
attitude on this question.
Before he became a candid.
Sedate for the presld~eD Mr.
Eisenhower support the old
Army policy of wanting U T
iaXuring the campaign, in a
speeh at Champaign, Il., last
Oct. 2. Mr. senhower declared
that the shadow hanging over
every home was, "When i our
son or our brother going to be
called inlo service?"
Then he voiced his oppositon
to UMT. "Let us not lofue
the Issue now," he said. "We
have Selective Service. Let us
not have anything else ied on
too of that until we solve thi
He repeated this position dur-
ing his trip through the South.
And In a speech at Baltimore,
devoted largely to military pol-"
icy. he spoke of the need to
reduce military expenditures for
a huge standing defense force.
After he -entered the White
House, in answer to a press con-
ference question, Presdent d l-
senhower declared on Feb. 25
that he wasn't sure UMT was
practical while the U.' 8. was
still drafting men.
But new the Preldent has
reconstituted the Natioal e-
ourity Training Coaaimlsn
and asked It to re to him
by Dc. 1 eo the feasulUty
and deirabllUtof emdaet-
lag UMT, or NT, aloag with
the draft.
There t little doubt about the
way this commslaion will. re-
port. It Is loaded in favor of
The new chairman is Brig.
Gen. Julius Ochs Adler. DL Karl
". aompton, president of MIT,
was chairman of the commis-
sion underA Preakieat Truman.
Warren Ataerton l' a former
Ameritan Legion national com-
mander and the Legion has al-
ways. been and sW Is hot for
UMT. The other two members
at Lt. Gen. Raymond 8. MeLain
and Adm. Thomas C. lankld,
now both retired.
pr. John A. Hannah, Assint
Secretary lesf ".for iL
power, apparently believes that
the draft and NST can't be run
at the same time. He says it's
simple arithmetic.
It I pointed out by A*er*
eo n offietals, wev

IS OI wly aboel me -
eat of every five of draft
If the draft took thi al
and granted no exelnUiu
for educational or other de-
ferments, there .uw-edd't be
any manpower shortage, It L
This emphasizes the unfair-
nese pf the present elective
Service system. The men who
.are drafted serve two years on
active duty, then go into the
reserves for six years more.
The men who don't get draft-
ed escape this reserve duty,
Under an N8T system, every-
one would serve his six months
for training, then go into the
reserve and be subject to call
in an emergency for six yern.
This would equalize the burden
of military duty.
In addition it would provide
the country with a bigger train-
reserve ard it would not
veterans of World War
the Korean war to doup
Tue. other bi arg awt In
.,, ur of an NST q.aein. k
Shat It would proba NMlt
lm an economy. T s the
.I1JoAment that wlh prepmblyi
have the greatest inflMese e
u v eonaressmen new ees-
M to any form of aempel-
Sry military service in pease-
The coat of U. 8. national
defense has to be brought down
if the budget is to be balanced
and taxes reduced. The de-
3fense budget this year is 14
I billion, plus $8 billion foreign
aid. Thia is to maintain U. 8.
armed forces of 3.4 million
men. If these forces could be
cut down, savings could be ef-
Department of Defense es-
timates that it now costs $10.-
000 to keep one man in the
armed forces a year.
The National Security Train-
ing Commission under Presiel
det. Truman reported to Con-i
I- ~ in October, 1951, that
,JOr tmen caald be given this
alx months' basic military
courm for *4 billion the first


* I


B A..-
p ;T~.

SAME 'Am- .

Brick. t m:'-i

.- ...i r s i r- r

jOmr. As a r surm iw u sI
a4,oll Wo at A wayor, T
colored lIy ro: 1
whq'hs revivedher own p
Maye o
Alderson. VAV.,
Isrlcktop I he W-.a S
dvek. mann -i has asie was

A. vng gi

.. .

soarwn ot 1 ot 0-S .
abe ;rU say. used to adk
I wd have to go over
thre a weel .to tcbh .
l oIt. op, saril s a o nd
op the @bobl
su as good as anybody ,
f r Viinia, and this include


falOtU.a ut. fashion
on a freshly
IL07 He
sw aprkly-xsuarffly
For h~O e .members of the
wrn. aL m o te weekend
strs...A l st three l
w ep$ L t all when they
hm4L's pretty
the bride'o I
a.1. aP8 aryt night is Cafe
9 ug empties by .
Cwr* do. inJaul, r
, the new generatit
the "..e

gI,,. : n:

eeerSl4UiW ohah, bah Ism
S M arty. He

Mt ah rry t

4T.'i..a... I "ay 10.00 CA-h md Frecl

M0 3ad 9:00 p.m. -ALSO: '

. l Gory Caopw, in

l g--o lg g i

C. i

T". 6g

* Vol; **

:. -
." ". ','
I. ... %'' >

.. ': -. "E


ra..- 4A

- .. 60-Ob-

-* t-

,,.-. -.-


.i I I.


5'S W


v.o yws'T"
kiln Nation;
,. drove t I
iand then io
lal to open



me The b i dit then fte the
he to drive hima from the
Bank. Oronwti. md s released a-
biot mite west of the bank.
S His car' was fund later about
Ox blolkp from where Gron-
I- all was teedm.
SPolloe first estimated the
g. man took $203,000, but the
Sank Ised a statement say-
ing he took $161,500 that was
ti to have gone to the Federal
n Reserve Bank today and $29,-
'er 780 in bags in tellers' cages.
The entire lose was fully in-
aured, the bbank said.
beat A bank statement said em-
S loyes in the building at the
me of the holdup did not
sound an alarm while the gun- -
man was there because they
feared for Gronwall's safety.
SHelp was summoned as soon
e as the bandit left.
"I was backing out of my
garage when a man came up
led o me and said he wanted to C
ae talk to me," Gronwall said.
"I asked J~mt why. He replied,
V8:45 h is the reason.' I saw he
a g a Aun in his hand, and
A. he told me to drive back into
the te garage."
Lked Ths was at about 8:15 am., '
ladd: wheb Cinwall was starting
for work. ie said his wife and -
have two cbldrep were vacationing
in NIew Hampshlre.
fPolicr said the robber ap-
I parntly had "cased" the bank
S welL ronwall said that dur-
ing .the ride' to the bank, the
S unman told' him he had serV
ed, n the Army and worked
.n. a ban for three years be-
fre' being fired as the result
S,. of' "ittloram."

my yur 1o Nie .


mthou he li bi syslhm, ,t

, lik 1"M'.ile 1-49-5

;- th her Majesty, Autia I
Jaur Orchestra
and Vergara's Carnival l d *h

Call Max 3-160
for reservations




SNor only the lime. but alo ih
date.,. t, day of the week...
1 h .mopih. .I's thq.Calendoatic- :
Saother Movde maerpsece!
You'll fled Mends rM and serviced
by leading jewaen all ovr the wIrid.

- -..--- I Ol



* j1 **.

ii s


a '44>

P. Milt. ard, paMMni t of
AN persons Interested t direc-
tion of the ply are Invited to
attend We meeting and may
bOat their app. i oenus at
that time. Further Information
i concerning direction of the play
l may aeole obtained by calng
U I lard at 85-2148.
?wl The Caribbean Players Is com-
S of members of the Armed
S orcestheir dependents and
t employs of the genunet em-
ployed In the Caas Bene. It to
a chartered organization under
direct eponuboxlp of the USAR-
SARIB special lervi, and has
ts pro at home at Fort

ters has
M.4th AAA
Mouth" for
p monthly


91.9 points
t, the close
iM over Able
IS that unit
at number of
inmth. Points
Me Battalion
t Inspections
i general et-
a and other
Sthe same
EtlUn of one
iat soldier of
a First elass
a member of
a, was given
her of the
y merits be
Sfor person-
tltry know-
e current

*ptg the best
riS had the
g buddy to
aiudr '-
Zwaoi wa
-buat nud-




4 J

~- d

m a a a a a a

Practice pro fo periori of ovd

SWaterproof WalcL tc ie ftAct th

WilamaL ddea4 jaser 2 .-/


ng operlht,,, ,o, ,,

THE- / ft

".' -

O Ftm. +._ ~leer

S6 Gia'w*.pp sshl *Action-.

S, Maytag Ra ,r latw eCoer
e G -. ,'". .



ft ursI. a1i3
. .... .. i --J -. "* -

< t y A S .i .. .t
'" 'k' c '""-'J~l i T r. '- .,- t

S:." i

.' .4 +


r: ;+a
. .. .- ,. --f
+P, 'fil


- .

' .I

;J ii
'i : ;--.
hf '

rr .
;ui ~i~



I -' ~II

5. 1.
L '.

I .. t

'''' *

r ~14~~
;.TLC a -I

m ,

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- ;,+ + .


mdm ~B'~L


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eo rous


To.. ., .
;, .,lim p '..


Shipping& Air Line News

Panama Liner Sails From *ic0( Roscoe anri Miss Sandra
NOw York With All Available ,V. Roscoe.
Space Filled M. and .Mrs. John E. Schmidt
.ll available space on the 4in son; Fred DeV Sill. Mrs.
P.nania liner Panama his been Ruth M. Sill; Malcolm Smith:
booked for Its southbound sail- M13s Sara I Sokol. Miss Edith
Ing. this week from New York H. Stroll: Mr. and Mrs. Ein:.'r
for the Canal Zone. according B. Stevens and two children-
to the advance passenger list Mr. and Mrs. Willanm J. Ste-
T.e S. S. Panama was schedul- venson and daughter: Mr. and
ed to sail yesterday afternoon Mrs. John L. Sugar and son.
wtth 201 passengers for the Ca- Mark C. Tiedge; Mr. and Mrs.
nal Zone. the longest list.of any Jol n A. raber aind four chil-
sailing in many months. dren: Mr. and Mrs. Stewart P.
Many of the passengers on Trail and son. Mr. and Mrs
the S. 8. Panama are children Subert Turbytill: Mr. and Mrs
of school age. This is thl sec- Rouert C. Walker and tIo chil-
ond southbound vovage of the dren, Mr. and Mrs. Harry F.
Panama Line on which families Willenbrock and daughter; Mrs
wilh children of schooll age are Isabel F. Wood and three chil-
given priority assignments. dren; Miss Chra Woodrlng. -
Th- complete advance pas-

,enger list follows: RUTH MILLETT Says....
Mrs Marian Armstrong and
daughter. Al.?rt A Arnold; -
Mrs. Leona V. Bandonaky and "If I were newly married I
two Children: Mr. and Mrs. Al- would do just what I did before.
fred Beau.;in: Miss Florence I would go ahead and have my
Beaulean; Mrs. Anna L Beckley family on my husband's sma!l
and son: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Income. build up friendships, see
C. Biles; Mr. and Mrs. James H. him started every morning with
Bowen- and three children: Mr a hot breakfast and do my best
and Mrs. Ronald M. Brome and, to help him achieve whatever his
son: Mr. and Mrs. Isidore ambitions might be."
Brnmfleld; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar! That-advice was given several
tO. Brown. Jr and three chil- years ago by a generals wife.
'dren: Mrs Alice Coakley and' Since then the general's wife
son; Dale Sherwood Cockle: Mr.;has become the President's lady,
on(e Mrs. Roger W. Collinge and so the advice should carry even
'two children: Mr. and Mrs more weight.
;.oh Curies and daughter: That philosophy of marriage
I Mr. and Mrs. Carlton D. Da-.may sound a litUe old-fashionei
Ineron ana daughter: Albert to some of today's modern
Da~ls; Mr and Mrs. Mahlon D. young wives, full of their ow.a
Davis and two children: Mr. ideas of what they want out of
and Mrs. Hershell W. Dempsey life.
.and three children: Mr. and But it Is all based on an Idea
-tMrs Jack DeVore and two chil- that will never Sound old-fash-
idren: Mrs. Alice Dietz and three loned to a man: the idea that a'
children: Mrs. May B. Dobson: wife's.nmain ,unction In life Istoi
LMU Anne Elwood: Charles Es- be a helpmate to her husband.
fig: Miss Ethel Fader: Mrs. Bet- She can. o .cqe. do, that.
tv Fears and two children: Mrs |best by ~mgAi t ltUve thin:
."abel S. Freeman Miss Claire his ince., not grudginlv but
Frr.-man: Dr Euclid P. Ghee: fully and happily She will never
.5r and Mrs John J. Gill and be able to do that if she is mare
daughter; John Gi:: augene T. concerned with- keeping. un with,
Grgg.: and Landen H. Gunn the Joneses or living in the fu-
'and son; ture. She.sould become a good
manager'Ithe 's a gaod life,
SMr. and Mrs. Beverly C. Hal- today on what today offers.
,id'xv and three children: Mps She don't put o il maki .
4annie H Hawthorne aqd son; friends uttil she fa bette qup-
AM and Mrs. William C. Hearbn pedTor btertaning. or-the chil-
-ad son: Miss Borghlld I. Her- dren aren't so much trouble, or
tro- Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H she has more time. From the. MLss Myrtle Hollen- start she realized the building of,
be k. Mrs. Antoinette B. Huff friendships is where the wife,
and four -huldren- Thomas B, must take the initiative and it s,
Tfr2hes: Mr. and Mrs John E. one thtnl that mustn't be put:
J.ernion and. daughter: Mr.' ff
and Mrs. John H. Johnson; Miss
Arne Kall! Miss Dorothy Kaye: WIFE CARES FOR HEALTH
James Kennedy: 'Mrs. J.:I. 'Kn- The hot breakfast. Mrs. Eisen-
ca.d and tio children;. Mrs. h stresses, is just one of their
'a wres.E. K' ng ind four chil- ways ~1 ich a wife takes care
r s" Mrs. M at G Ktenda1 of her health. It gives'
P -:on: MM.- ose -.fIt, Le- him the f t his w Uare
vine: and Mr. a"4t r. .Walter and happiness
R. Lindmsy .l d dauShler; portance. '"'
sMrs. Maiy McCarthv: Mrs. And there is the bi _gt
Einel P. M.'Dermitt; Mrs. Grace helping man achieve p me
McIVaine: Miss Patricia Maedl: his ambitions might be. The.
Mr and Mrs. Felix J. MaUlla and simplest and most rewarding
n; Mrs June C Maley and way a woman can keep In stp
th:ee- children: Miss Ellen with her husband through the
Meurer: Miss Velma Medinas; years is in knowing him well
M -and Mrs. Charles 0. Mo- enough to know what he wants
rene'yand three children: Miss out of life and helping him a-
Juana Maria "Mufkoz. and Mr. achieve it.
ar'f Mrs. Harry E. Musselman HiI success is never a threat
ar- daughter: to her then. but a success she
''. Mar: L. Nelson find two shares with him.
el -ren: Miss Ann K. New-
h?:6. Russel E. Oberholtzer: Yesterday's Beef
Mrr Elsie N. Oberholtr.-r; Mrs CHEYENNE. Wyo. FUP) -
Li'"-.' Paiham, Mr. and Mrs Note to army procurement offi-
D".- G Feteis Mr. and Mrs cers: In 1871, Fort D. A. Russell
Jo- .' J Pustis and three at Cheyenne was being supplied
c" 'rfirn: Mr. and Mis Edwin with beef by John W. lllff, king
J "oddv and two children: af western cattlemen, at $5.75
Kenreth Roscoe: Miss Jan- per 100 pounds.

Cal' Is WELKIN PlanetOr

Fabian Comes to Life

N~~E :'i

- ;
C;-V ***-*S


-13' ;4 -;~p~

--. *- Y.i.: 'W1I
i~~Ip~J~~rV"~ OJ5 I:In=~4li~."l

'.i .
.i :'

-,, ...- .

Great White Fleel .


S.S. "STELLA MARINA" .......................
S.S. "LEON" .. ...
S S. "MAELLA" ........................ ... .
S.S. "PLATANO" ................................;
*S.. "CHITNQI" ........ ............ .........

HafnU eflrlienld. Chifled mj .



S.S. "MUAORKA" ....... ..................... .. .
S.S. "COMAYAGUA" ............................
S.S. "MORAZAN" .... ............. ............i
S.S. "C. G. T'HUIN" ............................Se
.. --

Passenger Sailings to New Orleans
via Santa Marta, Colombia.

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S.S. CEUIiQtIQ ..............................

. Veekly salinit of twerle pasasnger sip to New York, New
Orleain.o Lo Ageles. S Frandaco and Seattles

Speieal round trip Jare f Cristobal to New York,.
.o L Agee anSag Fra peio.
To'~NC E L rk-............ .'.................
To LoA'e, sei'a m d San tadhs'..........$0'm

CRISTOBAL 2121 PANAA 2-2 4 3 014.O .
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atMended R ciE
Andy Blu, rld
John Lind Fdlcor lghI
er. The ou el preat
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Th ault. a ?
Include Mr. Mid
Cox, Mr. and'.Mn.
tqak, Dri and WS.
.42 ;S

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-our it r t -always
iyant saM= m mo a .d
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scores O1a ajb
Post Of al.
ad hby ~ rea~
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the Way You'lI

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uld thus be
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and Ski B
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Jti system itl-
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lkan republlca out
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8ath AmerleanBmt

of deveooalng and

*Aounthe o W araind
t for 'e
S in the terra and
wduld rdAt earn nacu ,y ev--
enue.. .... A" ,t _
map BiW. a total -ofI. = 2
Wae units would be .requid 4o0
scorer the route from to-
nil. erua. to Panamli'.
would nlde 33 tqrmial .
aa.. i ea.ter utnlt. It N
W gFaw timed Into trtOal
rabat'. ta. t
AMe ld4tance between UtIs
w o dIf about X mles, hiaftbI
Lab locatOd suffilentiw cloeV to
Meas towns to utilize mal
pow,. al half befln a m-
tatria, All units would be lck-
ed on all-weithr sections o t
Pai, A rlfteli VftIwaYv. .
It Is eMtilmted that the syten
woWld-coat 54s.605O.00 :pe r mll
to lhtlL ",A three-minuteVtoll
eCll wopld coest'evn-tenths of a
cont pner'lne.. experts believe
that te system would bel elf-
lqutds it and self-sustaiinig.

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for wsqlar e
-e ladmdesk

WHERE CHINESE REDS MIGHT STRIKE NEXT-Wih th Korean war bouht to haat. *
the free world turns t ae to es t Fch Iado dc which reamn e l. "bo war" aumn
weamuanim. The Fr ac, kghtin there for en years feel that su result.ef the ermean
'Mb Tsw ttng coal deploy his rops used In Kooa to the Indo-Chian battifroat. Abqve Newsma
shows Ittc Imfrtance of IndoPhi n.d wb happen if the Reds vran that country.

Fashion news!

Ladies .,

You re cordially invited to see our just arrived, exciting

collection in fabrics, elors and styles

in dresses

With every minor detail in mind, we show adorable styles

designed for dawn, to dusk, to late-dating.


67 Central Avenue Panama
I^ n I

t'33 p~lrw~muAve UA -


lot Ike
Tw ,t6b Adw.
..h was l~sg fr p1 w I

in ons ie oWr. I'ey Mwel
glowing. estyk l s hla m

And ov ye srin ad.
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Ese, e was nowsr .
S..._ iwer DRAW

too&k W a ta
mrw *ew .e driving a
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9L .. *r%4o5ILI E'
I-~. fr C'I.

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,r r
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"L. r~ ~t 1, 3

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''' ~;


P4GE six -

You Sel' em

No. 4 rivoll Ave.-Phone 1-2291. and

... When You Teirm td

-c e m r

Via Espa~a No. 34 PanamA R. P.
(ele Vbbbsa "m ar .


,.1111 .1 iii.--'' ,*' ;-.- *::?* .^ m ram ..._ i ... .-

SMORRISON'S Agencia Internacional de Publicacions
Fourth of Jmv Ave.-.Phone 2-041 No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Pg -1 -

Household Automobiles Do m. ea a ieu,.it tump. Oceanside Ato
-. We" Alea s emays m. Se l Clara, Box 439._.111111M
-FsR SAL .r-. rtr'..r L C'. SALE --50 Oldsmoble 6, Hy- 20 Am C. Panao 3.8T7
C Lv r u o U1.gL 0 Jiarnatic. rid.c. custom sd tcov-
t '.- A'O J" r A. i.. on excellent buy 5.0;5.00 DR..WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. oua n'b ch .
Sd,'c. :, .,, -I-, -- Telephone 2-3479, Panama. ...
FC AL -Ke-,i-raot .:.h' ra g R SALE-1953 Pontioc 8 Cylinder or s caretaker *
Fhn .e ,, : o,.. CnCioan 4 Door. De Luxe. radio, SPECIAL FLIGHT to Kingston, leav-
I,, i Pa,:. 3 I'-ter W-S-W V res. 5 000 miles. ing every iwo weeks $60 one way. F ster's bttoom Owb :
i.... l r, New Jersey. 1r paid. 1541-A $108 round trip. Panama Dispatch Sanla Clorp.i .
FOR S i-r' e lng ,..s,' ..e fur Mang.s street, Balboa, C Z 5 to Service 36 Averida Nacional IAu- linens. Phoni
n,,., :.le bi, ae. table p m tomobile row) Tel. 2-1655, Pan- Grmlich Sat "
:iJ', Chia.r. -,ke, --mae I Eecr
E,,. 3 r FOR SALE--I d6 Oldsrrobile Tudor- armo to^ '
'- n Hidramatic. Excellent engine, body Or S A
FOR AL --L V..a F'in aparment and finish plus accessories PriceOR SALE;
1,..I. :, t ::.1 ar.eL..Ie R: 5525 $350 down and finance Williams' Sant Cla e
I, ge ,:.. '. d t d co le terms. Ccnlact H Juri. 2137-B. MiIeelllneou2 Bedroom.
,.. ec.ic" ," Hcu"- cuundu. Phone 83-52i 1. M el aneou .
S F, .c. F-OR SALE-1946Ford convertible FOR SALE--Piono "Winter Spinet," -i -
FOR SALE CL T.APDc --RCA radio- radio. leather. 2-1360. Balboa $35000. Radio-phonograph, au- *t.
picnogroh Lc.r :ce 2' C cle -, --- --c- --L--- t lomalic record changer. Phone Cu- r R A
-1.4 P re.r.gera.l: malc 2 FOR 3ALE --l949 Buick Roodmaster rundu 83-2293. House 659 "B" -
cl.. < S pr.n ,ng ore and Ipe convertible-equrpped with water Curundu Hgls. A
Ph.:r.e '-- 1 burner, 1 COO0 miles. car in ex-
Phre cellent condition and will stand FOR SALE -50 steel barrels $.50 FO RENT'R :,:-F.
FO!" SALE --Dr rgi:corm table. vi^ rgid ipeclion. array be se n by each F.O.B Balboa, The Texas one bedroom, dinigg-
Schc.. e.:elier.. ccrnd.i.Cn Call 3- appcntment. Call Bolboa 2923 Compan/ IFanamal Inc. TeL 2- rometc. R.d r. o-
-1 7-- I a r -rr.rt 9 00 a. rr. Mred 0620. IPanamao. dy f r t tis
1. : :P ---_R_ OO SALE- 1948 Pontioc Streom- FOR SALE-I.500 W Kohler auto- mon i l
,. nAL6 --Vc:ingcuE -. c cl: Iner 8. Radio, Hydramrali. Ex- matic electric generator in excel- br .
I9 .:u ret. geCoE r.i :tpaont-1 cellent co0.dtion. Very g.od tires lent condition $30000 The apartment, newar ilft le. Thoa-
ed 0,'.-:: c.:.-..:r 0 Ha.:- 1 800 Call Bblboa 2-1505. Hcusl Texas Company IPonama) Inc ter for two couplW-'C 3-159.
*'. 5. A '. E: c a c 1. .49-E. GavilaM Rd. Tel. 2-0620. FOR RENT:-F~m ap t.
FC:, SALE --Mohr qc-\ bedroom 1T A,,r 4 daor sedon. 2.600 miles FOR SALE -Complete line.of Smith Best residentil Weils or one
-1OC.O 0' f.:hor,.. dn.rngroorr cccr green o'.er crean 51.900 00 Wy Welding Electrodes- Mild or two couple. I l. .43rd St.
:ct :'C l t, r:l ge SJ00 oown payment. new car lee'. cast iron IMochinablel. RENT. l t o
1C D.,i H. u I-- Aot C. La: guarantee House 0779-J. W.I- and hard lacing. F. ICAZA Y CIA. FopRRENT: t je tf bedroom
C- I.- Eao C.l C I,:on Place. ,elephcn 2-1503. FOR SALE -Bedroom se. stove, re- Panama City.-
S '.E --D:-ubl B::. complete FOR ALE --Lavin .. 1950 onlac trlgerator, washing machine, metal FOR
.' irdrcE .- C.CC Drbs- Sedan -Jl Ibe.a ?.C lubouse. chiakenl-aoop.Las umbres, Trans- FOR REN: -m C aartment,
sr ;Cc, Eu:tc 00 rb: Barber l isthmian Highpy, nl I1. cool, comfortl 0,oarto dinang-
csBmpa te living two bed oia i !g o kift hen ,
c.^ 0 Cje De mp o FOR SALE:-Islee o; FOUR SALE.-4 -*it biilnd.proc- cn.itwo ks S % itcr
ALE 1694V 414l61etlCAM balconies. Jose dorFa ea Ave EVRY
Sqo-tess S99 00. W.'.er chao.r vermble.-acellett "ond iton, r. .ipelly new, to fit fourfanmily type No. 22, Posaderm. Tel. 3-r60.
S5.i0. Small tab:ei $3 00. GoA dro, new top, tires good. Coil Feo has in Margarita. Phdn 3-2562. FOR RENT:--Nicn fau room apart-
Stoves Guaranteed '4 bumersl la, 85-2200 or 85-2243, 5995. FOR SALE:-Europoa Cillo in per- meant, fumished or unfurnished.
9.00 Mealo de-ks $35 00, BqrE FOR SALE: 1950 Ford 6 Cyl. 2 fact condition. Coll Panama 3- Call phone 2-2037.
S .; $25 00. Dine-ic :eas $25 00. Dr. Sed1,4 Cuislom $130. 1j7., 0443. RNT- .i a-ret2 '
-n Arm ch".rs S;9 CO.0 Straigh r. D. riCutm.W 1F RENT:-Fumi.d apartmnt 2Cc a j '.. '." IJ
i. .n ard m rn other bar-. FOR SA- LE1r 9 ramolUc 4. T ii r-a-4 bathroom. near Roosevelt Theatre,
ed furn., e Der Sa e an t-Cuqn $1,300. 157 1TraN1 g 16 Street No. 6, Son Francisco.
EASY TERMS -NO INTEREST B. Gavu4lc Arie .Phone 2-2958.' FOR .RENT
AT Fl ST PAYMENT PositionOffered Pm:m ians FOR RENT
-We reuDho:lter furniture, make slip- OOMs
co, er, .etc alI us tor free ese .oe. WANTED:-Sales agents for club. A I T-.
SAuto 21 Ph- e 3-491 Apply with your identification cord, s IM FOR RENT:-frumisr cool front
.Corne ll. Good opportunity for rooms with or without meals Io
-.--- fOR SALE I rernst..Tr~eibyftl Furn,. gr to con- tentle. .o. Justo Arae e Ave.
Sure No. 168, Central Avenue. tnue speciaelaed studies In the No 57. Comer 34th St.
Real Eslale -- operaUon, maintenance and re- FOR RENT: Nice furnishd cool
Rca E ae Help Wanted pair of agricultural machinery; rocm, Congreio, Ineals avaible.
FOR SALE--Poperry, 2866 mee.,. q agricultural extension and nurs- Call 3-1789 or 2-1693 -office
of lond .Ln house. No dealers WANTED: Cook n s for ng education, have been award- hours
l hl WC ndrss for ed each to Panamanian profes- -
" No. 4120 Viaf Cirdoba. Public Americon family. SlFep oit. lefer- ed by the Panamarlan profes- RENT:--In Bela Vista, besuti-
SNuevo Enquire sa rm ei ences. Call Panama 3-341 sonals by the AgriculturSer- FOR RENT-n Bl beuti-
*. t. (JCAP) and the-InmtUute of Vfy furnisld room for couple,
B '- w Ite-rnican Affairs the re- Livchen privileges. MaKico Ave
SFOR SACt '' ocy in charge of the 9. Phone 3-0553.
FO, rv JM--. i..n"-.. Point Four Pro-ramn for Latini ---
t Molors Micellanm America, as part of the training Houe G ou
*, oa & "---- WANTED:--Vacaion Qjarters, program for Panama.
: ~aR SALE: 27' s'oc.. Excellern of Sept. thru 10 Nov. 5083-A .. (Conianued trm Page 1)
4" 'H, P Gtra Marine engine Ju.t -- .-- Max Don oso. agronomist ina aplt tble days of amee-
rhauled Priced lor quirk sole ANTED~-. Iederoom.s po ent charge of the agricultural exten- tainty. M. /
y be *cen dt P M. Boat Clu t nfurrnihed tsmil el Will sion office in the -mlnce of "The greater part of the pa-.
II P.P 1 3" alter 3 pm take goa -l re of P'r" 3- Veraguas. Jos Dom gdr Obal- trs of exchanges are young
S- 2888. dia, Jr., of the agrtcqltura ma- and inexperienced. MOst of them
a "-------- vrhinery pool of the Institute o[fare away from home for therfirsn
Continued from ,age 1) use Emply and t Elvia Gonzal ez. nr re shrewd bargi; nor nhav
fro Page lb e m Employe Irg teacher In the Santo TomAs thbe e money with which to do
fe-e: Malor Bartoleme Carron, School of Nursingit
Na! onal Police: Major Ha.sanll U, on wi t urg "arelther ought we to f
Traftl. Officer: Feinando Elet. Donoso will attend a seminar tha these trons of he
,iail Defense .Radio Coniniun m 411 aar..ulti ral extension and In- change arethe bnefOft of I eW.
defense Radio ComuI formation a ork at the Panamer-the -exchange. lltay pe n-y
cations. muu JW taps iU lean Institute of Agrcultur. l nel away from home Iare plo
S Rosecene In Hahna. Cuba, for four ta payers. What b smoe
Dr Julio Lavererle Dr A. t- Roseman Alexander M. 28- wees: he ill then pored t t a are al
tin Sosa rel'o CarbonlII Eli- year-old Panamanian charged puerto Rico to observe d tur ing : T ar e all the rica and -
rirper Cisl Defense. Jose yesterday with burglary, will al- two months the agricultural e x- te of America taxpay
P-ret. Engineer: Pablo Abad. so be charged with failure to oerimentpl stations In that I Thres-port .a
pF'retarv of the Chpnmber C account for public funds or em- land. under a scholarshiD given 'omee r Cport was lgned ub-
C"-.iierce. William Byld Oivil bezzlement. Canal Zone police by SICAP the agency working c eeChairman M .
re -e'Pe. Las Crumbres. Flmie r: said today. wih the Ministrv of Agrcuture He (R-Oho) and approved by A1 M
Tr'',lrlos. Civic ortanlz tlon'. R i the technical cooperation pro- the Chairman of the full Com-
Jo-P A Ciar. Panama Amrerl- Alexandel who is awaiting pre- grams. inttee, Representatte Dewey
can: J FscPla Information lUminary hearing in Balboa Mag- Short (R-Mo.t Other members
Chief; Civil Defense. listrate's Court tomorrow at 1:3U Obaldia 1c the chief mechanic of the Subcommittee ae are Rppim-
Ip.m.. was found in the office ofof tle recentiv estbhlihed ma- sentatives PaulCunningham (-
Others lited among the Cpral the Paraisu Clubhouse about 'hlrery pool pt 'he IFE He will wailliam H. Bates (MIeah); --A .
Zo',e observer proun are- mem- midnight Sunday attempting o travel to Washineton to receive and Charles P. Nelson (Maine)
be-9 of the Advisory ColiT-!.. open two safes with a screw one vePr course in the machin- all Republicans and F. Edward
Ro rt T. Ellis, Repre entinp. driver and a pair of pliers. pool in the Denartment of Hebert (La.). O. C. Pisher (Tex.)
It--l Rate Labor, B T Ever-, V clture. and will al9i visit and Porter Hardy. Jr. (Va.) Denm-
se" locall Rate Labor (CIOl. Police said they believed Al of the experimental ocrats
n"-- JJump. Railroards andiander was attempting to sti .an agricultural machin- In a afstement issued concur-
T-'- *'ls Bureau- Melvin B money to make ub for a short l factories. rently with the release ofth
S'- "*rd En ineering _nd Con- of about $172 at the Red T.. report, Chairman Hess '
r- -4to Burea.: Ernie L CluDhouse where he is employee Gonzle7 wIll receive that the Armed Bervlces are
p-r l' P rer'onntl B-rerLr: LCDR las cash custodian, lstrainnlnP at the Derro ment faithfully complying. with
R-~ell C PieP. Inripitrlit at-I Police would not reveal the 1-ihlic HPelth in WPash9Irton recommendations of Congreg
Tp '1.DanBel H 4ud-e 'Mari-e'name of the person who uotifle4rind then will nroceed to West- and that the Exchanges are be-
m-"u- John P. Sn'ith. Jr.. the Pedro Miguel police statlog'Irn R.eirve Universlty in Cleve- intg oPr run n thsM tM I
r f .('Bwureau: Walter Wagner, that someone was In the club- ipnd. Ohio. to follow up her ternot nly of the ServiceI
a e Labor. house office.thre hours after rng eahn train for a m woman, but of the pub.
-_ Iclosing time, period of one year. lie au otehole.... 4
.- "- ... i Two police officers from the ---------- A F r '
.^iU Pedro Mig,.el station went to t m aryFete
'" J .' the clubhouse to investigate... ""
YOUR HEARIN One of the officers entered the The el sion Wm.
bm.ding and found Alexander rt HALF g. will Women
isaino fvidel tampering with the safes, lt f
Sa your finer Axander fled from the f- of ong,
nrint differ fr om fice, jumped through a wire a he sboclty w
everyone "else. your hearing sce~en, ano ran several hundred
4 +ndidtual and personal. So Mount, apprehen ed
pl n fodr rYl~merg Mounts ha been I.. n-
le individual idWprl~m .. watch outlsd the ;ubhoue- TIN. "
toggy YOU'98I lble Police sahd
Sof nw Iam about 1 miunt
clubhouse closed. -so
until the day's ine' e
', counted and put
,lie --

"rr Rrpmm for M wards
.... c. each addidiaOl word.
'; .'.;; :-'

" -


A a..


"T "


Ibl. Z

" d, .M

ii; *- *- tbw I

F.' Iil
um PrI

o dl ast


Anoth er mgr Newl

Champ linsd th
A- 1_.. 2 ,_ ,LL

- --- r,-- ,ivw4- 0
GEO.Twlk. NM~pi

; ,r
-..i- + ..."

I.1 -!f' ,


a ..

',' I zk- :* '. ,+-: -

1.' -. ..

-w v .. .
nm rl.L Iw lm I '-i .'r, + .;.-';- *+,, ..- +..

-'- -,, 3 L d-

I--P^W (4. u ritt '6 *-Ir
*m.. I- .... .
a + ;,-. '.-. .... ... '.. t" a ...

- i n Ii4~ k;I~.

i, -:i

a -- ~ -- -

9a r is' '.:~. 4''~ ''3 eiflf
~-'~.4.. ~uc~~Bje.

tr .

when we s -awtf.ur~
WIR **, .l. R^T-.:

4 ~,i~
? .,f:i
';~itr Irs~L~SFa~'~'~i~-;'~~31Y~

* ---5 -,-C- l.T

cw wlth am-f3
*USM t.t.


. .. .
i::..- .. _

Leave your Ad withoie of our Agents or our offices in No. 57
S No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

I ~


4Viia II-

.-.- .- o .

- ;S


f P,' v'


"~r~irbEii~ ~ -


1 :t

-^ a, L- IU -. -t c. ar .,-I

.W"ithe country the longest susll
Sk'JSWX.L30i tiW (3W111t17 the longest sus-
.. talked jet flight ever made in
"umb S. m the Untld states na tune-
,u uno for an overseas dash later
i o ,,I ar4 this month, It was disclosed to-
rll .rdpj day.
gwn 4iz*.9Wiaebj The Jets flew a planned route ate from Turner Field b ee to In-
0 -. Od f ou Wdiana and back1 refueling in
:te ~t The pilots carried :s-ivial
c- equipment and subsisted on
w inr a small cans of chocolate milk
: nes*. &and other items of nourishing
s:es fro tA, aOr The planes making up the
.,dol.&off a- ll to p t. tthe flight were from the 508th
ol o v U_ W .tS the strategic Fighter Wing under
S -. r a te Col. Cy Wilson.
sG reresI Some of the points over which
aIS a/ ''. 9 they flew were Charlotte, W. C.;
so'. Richmond, Va., and Mitchel Air
Force Base, N. Y., Boston, Phil-
o .lisbrgl pa., It. Wayne, Ind.,
S. ~ .. Columbus, 0., New York City,
savurA"mio. a NOWh Philhdephia, Knioxvlle, Tenm,
.. March: ide, Califona Cincinnati, Washingto o ea n d
-- 'lfet On sitsr their recent mfl Spaitanburg, 8. C.
....pi4 .. .. .. .. Wilson's group is one of three
S ud group -. .. which will partiacpate in the
Sa historic flights to England and
C agg North Africa soon.
ARM"I i .. The others will'be led by
Co. T hayer 8. comma nder
of the 40th Air Division and
RU .^ ^! | VoL David Schilling, command-
,in- "-er of the 1st Strategic Fighter
S'All three commanders are de-
Jh. I.e 0 n coratr flying heroes of World
... ,.. W ar I .
-n completion of the trial
Bal etfor -I .B B "Joan of Are" to take direction lht, ground crews and pilots
S5:. t ay orite --_0- parations for the flights over
.* -4 r 8*' sAign ature a btan hat Jack Palance and l31n Fa. the Atlantic.
T d', _.., T ideas about sture. tak, it now An bW. ld, d a_'tl
.'W b e1 .W.4 -.,W ORTS fPlying It.. Mark .In '"ne jet along as costa In "Flight
fla*SSrday t. au cdlabj e&t jCaine Mtutmy,," Van told us: to Tangier." No clasbas or arga-
=A "I, ca."I ~ cn't make up my stupiments--just bristling.
.0pponle p: ,, mind. One ot my ig f*lts i. --oOo-
AeA~7 Alcua gl- ofl flhow Ind.e-islo f, I dd't realise'i here's eyebrow-liftlng irony
nd*ecisio n '".- .Id an 'ty ae ~I gn In three Signs I've w~hteed
g*ftuc UIn? Wfl wa up on a Crenshsbow l.B mol e
.8ates" .theater in 1os Angeles. The first
or a long time, ays Van, hoe one pUt up a year ago, read:
L. ] Ca&. ar l0 _. o -ld did pictures MOM gave him "We're Tired of TV, too. No
r art4 .r without much hope of moving CthOter ed andHere
Inow : at1 or...B.) rol .I n the theater closed and
r "But s, i't was the marquee was changed to:
........10:0-hho Ict o screor e 'Closedo RRepairs."
fight when othr actou .turned Now a new sign says: "Will
(B down ar and the boys wpld Remdel to Euitu Tenant."
IIW .-h11: Owl' eat say, 'Give It to Johnson' imok .
IsMe ofpn ** ed 4rft to be FPORTI F1lto HOLLYWOOD
Sto a o liabl ./ Hollywood Is talking about
a Thb rsaI Au. ball to give Joan Crawford's telefilm debut
tao Reanm so Den A him Van's in Sept 10 on the new Mirre
dathe doll rlgan. I The. latlm l n should be Theater series. She made the 30-
x rw. LucIl ile l pTd with different feminine minute home-screen flicker sb F5W f WM
=i0-r UHL, Chrs i". r. ia a InA I the future. He groans: months a Teast theater
-. t-e d* C*.es" a.... Ctadb i LA l. |owners yelling for a per cent th IsDuzw l PwdorI
S,. ,a.,, rnd hike in admission to compensate
hnR e: t the for the 20 per cent federal taxI N, pd. ee ur. ba
W,' t athngs, loss. Hollywood was on Ike's Ia. hmfnag fus Asma es r ded
Un .We'4 all kaew *4 what we bad wagon before the election For I=mI arbaalemlassmilciS
S:ry BSear Pflenta word guaig to do. The was as but now--oh boy .. ay Bol- inased 041.0 mf- i ale som,
S ., -- I. neT la a's t le .m series already sold m I d.. M-is.ed
*-""C1 0/;"lE~ "i.stetem. .'- r i.0~ t
.e 4. ttho weekly budget ..i e T Ronald I sm-P Mu Pa bem
U '. E J Do u .Colnans selling their Qyood kWude &dos. -Abl d .emi, .dOu-
I-@O, home. MID commUte_ to ma N
---,ot S1. I ibetty ru is describing ta Barbaran Calif. .. oGal Rus- ry.No ur
-F rug- elI ready for a new career try
,--- :*tth the after a thel,, low1 se'slons "with
4WI iac eon"ll-- a y chistlatr .. iltE .Gaynor
ceh We both and ,.yertling a. Jac Rean
w''D.S W"rFt w t.n I hope things will work out, deci.dg to take the big step.
M 'I- Th-.ey will b-tched around
4aoresuiaWed.uDO ON A. m Xmas time. AM N
2 -I ~ Bouncingletytutto'n Is ad hb John Kerr who will be
--a i :~ _-m nutting her Las Vegas night- Deborah Kerr's leading man In
I .PtTO St .US. lub triumph bounced her off "Tea and Sympathy" on Broad-
T-S X MR1 the career spring atd .tito a wav. is the sa of June Walker,
31~ swinarlding poc ol leawkoffers p Smous zalpt aseen. stor.
3 'ht Bas n dee on. tat- MU.--
Sing a vacation before I make up lls logan, rbmAt divoring
*--. 9. -- 4:1-Da my mind about anytblnv." FIrel nInklnf e .: Evere ry
WS'here they were lukewarm .Ofwon't my Ym going to heeadmires
About the idea a r ao. every h -apier. RpWt made upo my
IC5--'loft.'tfiotlte studio in t wn t wants her a d."
i"S;35.-W. t'g .,*a name on the dotted line for the -Oio
AC T., (cnw ... .. Sophie Tuker film biography. /'Mt.,john Marrymore. Jr. o
I00A1.... ...h a dThere s indecision, too a- id M
-, ,--.--- .." .. :-. f, m0lw Oa abe' oh TVt.oi b, noa w itatd.n.g w .lVie Dam oae's
betl awnn oshtiuefr atihe same studio
"Heny, It Thiey're is for 1 mIsts only.
Ipy.:0- waving money at Indy e H r

I ,EjUI OO .i83 -- king and sy..q:t 'a wl bopam sad applaud.
3:4 &W4ewO C Cornn (UP) -
t a- u ) 3.:00-The P etor er L ne.willtu cr oobalot br--t,,t hieJoel c biraIed

15S .nan~)ai .Sa a kLi. l tOo busy0 pIsytny 'a nonL-siOngigIwl and nrecked

, '^/1-^' ",- |-'V -'
.^^|NN^oaIN t UN^l^My^. |
?'/. g .
:. "' .HI :. .
i !] i'' i i. n. r ,, ,.-^ "

i^^ ^l^ .

i -.





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inhhoe $ ool

,I r

.tlii .. -~



The dauntless '9
heir of Monte Cristo
... slashing his way to
fortune ... and
the lips of the
temptress who
lured him!



RKO Presents



- .-.*-.---~ -II


1. .'

- -

(mm Iime)
I* *IC .

un(ch laotm ec)

In Technicolor


- with

Mark Sutv, In
m d *



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sEa T m .
WANER BROS '& udcal- Sp
In Parne



$1.10 PER CAR.
taL 5Sallo

.- '. ^ ^ ^^.... F;,.

.1 .. ... .
., .
,. .

-*-Ro w ra -a

X& rAf0


-' *'~st,5 kti

.. ,I. 4


;.. C


- Labine's

t --0--

Dodgers Stretch Winning

Streak To Eleven In Row


NEW YORK. Aug. 19 (UP) Clem Labine's
double i hammy today was making him the hottest
relief pitcher in baseball and a worthy successor to
Jet Black. Brooklyn's bullpen star of 1952. His vic-
tory brt'ught Brooklyn's winning streak last night
to 11 games, their longest since 1947 and the long-
est in the National League this year. It kept them 8
1-2 games in front of the Milwaukee Braves who
topped Cincinnati 8-2.

New York .......
Chicago ..........
Cleveland ........
Boston ...........
Washington ......
Philadelphia .....
Detroit ..........
St. Louis .........


- ,.^ *>

79 38
72 46
64 51
66 55
48 70
43 73
41 79


Cleevland at Detroit -

Manager Charlev Dressen said'Wertz homered for the only St Pnhiaaelphna at Boston
Labine' pitching %,as me .bit Louis tally. St.Louis at YChicago
lilt in the streak and that last Washington at New York
nights victory w as "by all odu, Ex-Cleveland hurler St-e, -
the toughest of the year for us. Gromek of Detroit pitched a six-
Milwaukees six-hit victory )ylhilter to edge the sKidding In-1 YESTERDAY'S RESULTS
Johnny Antonelli %as notab;e'dians. 3-2. in a duel with Mikel AMERICAN LEAGUE
mainly because Ed MatfEws hit Garcia. The Red Sox moved t (NIGHT GAME)
Is 38th homer. equalling the within a game of Cleveland by Phila. 000 100 000-1 7 0
highest total ever hit by a defeating the Athletics. 2-1. on BostOn 002 000 O Ox--2 7 1
maeves' player, the 38 by Wallyseven- hit pitching by Mickey. Byrd (10- i and Murray.
Bbrger of the 1930. clul Jact' McDermott, who won his 13th. McDermott (13-8 and White.
Dlttmer started Antoneill off'
right aith a three-run t e cond Steve Rldzik got high cliss (NIGHT GAME)
inin homer, relief help from Robin RobierslWath. 000 100 027-30 14 3
ein g norhi .as the Phils topped the Pirates New York 240 020 000 -8 11 0
In the American League. the i-0 with a four-hit job of collab- Schmitz. Dixon Marrero. Lane
Senators cut the Yankees' lead oration Ridzlk had to leave with T1-3k and FitzGerald. I
to 7-1, games by put.inlg over a three-hitter when he twlqtpd Miller. Reynolds. Gorman (4-,
seven runs in the ninth inning his ankle in the sevetnh. Stan 5), Sain and Berra.
to win, 10-8, as Mickey Vernon Lopata doubled home the only
a three-run triple and Jim irun of the game. St. Louis 000000 twilight)
Busby got a triple to score twoI St. Louis 000 000 020-2 7 1
ipore. Vernon also hit a homer Gerry Staley won his 15th Chicago 000 200 10X-3 8 0
earlier while Clyde Vollmer got ame, 5-1 for the Cardinals over Kretlow (1-3), Larsen, Stuart
tio homers for the Nats. the Cubs with a six-hitter as and Courtney.
e" Wte o took a a rookie Harry Elliott drove in two Trucks (16-6) and Lollar.
'The White Sox took a poir runs with .a double to put St.
from the Brons 3-2 and 2-1 to Louis in front for good. Ed Mik- SECOND GAME (Night)
close il on the pace-settinmg sis homered for Chicago. St. Louis 00b 000 001-1 9 1
Y nkees. Virgil Trucks pitched h. Chicago 000 020 0x-2 5 1
soen-hit ball and struck out 12 Yesterday's Star Clem La- Paige (2-9), Turley and Court-
to Iwin his 16th game in the blne, ilrooklyn's new relief nev
o ner as Bob Boyd hit a two- ace, who pitched five hitless Consuegra (6-3) and Lollar.
run homer and had four hits. innings to defeat the Giants.
Sandy Consuegra, with relief 4-3, in 13 innings as he won (Night Gamb)
h op frbm Harry Dorish gained his fourth game in the last Cleveland 002 000 000--_2 6 1
tb. second victory. Chicago seven the Dodgers have played. Detroit 000 016 20x-3 6 1
bunched three of its five hits in ____ ___ Garcia (14-7), Hooper and
the fifth to score both runs. Vic Ginsberg.
.rcaro lO Ile Gromek (4-6),a4d Batts.

Pnsma Whins Native Dancer In NATIONAL LEAGE

A _I.1 0.3 American Derby

Al00IOK 0-3

To Even Series

The Papama All-Star -
Stear baseball team lst'ilbt
evened tWeir series with the
Albrook Flyers at one-all 9
taking the second. game 8-3 at
the Panama Olympic Stadium
before a scant crowd.
Granville Franklin, with re-
lief help from Randolph King
In-the ninth inning, turned in
a fine five-hit performance to
offset five errors committed by
the AU-Stars.
The Panama lads slugged
out eleven hits including a
homer by Conrado Griffith and
Doubles by Bailey, Ramos and
Dood. Bartholomew was the
losing pitcher. Paul Embree
also saw mound action for the
The third game of the se-
ries will take place Friday
night at the Olympic Stadium.

Panama All-Stars ...... 8 11 5
Albrook Flyers .........3 5 1

CHICAG69' Ag. 10 tn, --
Eddie Arcaro, theleading stakes
winning jockey of the United
States, today was contracted to
ride three-year-old champion
Native Dancer in thi. $100,0010
American Derby th BSaturday
at Washington Park. a .
Arcaro' will replace Eric Gue-
In, VWo bas ridden the Daneer
to 17' a in 18 start i.'betaui
Guerin has been suspended for
ten days starting today for foul
riding on Porterhouse in last
Saturday's Saratoga Special.


There will be a meeting of
the Diablo Classic Bowling
League at the Diablo Club-
house on Friday h1; August
1953, at 7:30 p.uL" "
It is important thit all
members attend this meeting
in order to form a strong an'I
evenly balanced Classic

Wolverines, Wildcats Play

For Elks Cage Title Tonight
The league leading Wolverines HAWKEYES
meet the last place Wilcats to FG FT TP
determine the play off cham- Petantle ...... 2 4 8
pisn at 7:30 p. m. tonight at Cazorla ..2 2 6
the Balboa Gymnasium. Winklosky. J. .. .. 5 0 10
iKlrchmier ...... 3 1 7
Last Friday, the Wildcats de- Seiby .. .. .. ... 10 2
heated the Hawkeyes 42 to 37 Joes ............ 2 0 4
to earn the right to meet the
Wolverines. The Cats led mostI Totals .. .... 15 7 37
Of the Way with Raybourne
.hitting lerjl4 and Annkstadt for Wildcats 42
10 point. Lanny Winkloskv led HawKeyes 39
the Hawks with 10 points. WoLVBRINES
In t*- peepnd game of the FG FT TP
evtning,,the Champion Wolver- Rigbv ...... ..5 4 14
ee continued to dominant. the Malee ..2 0 4
ate by walloping the Bodg- Robnett .. .. 3 0 6
Orm 47 to 34. For the Wolves Glud .... .44 12
.Hctz .........5 1 11
Rigby had 14, Glud 12. and Morris .. ....5 1 11
sots 11 points. Lombano had Ryter .... 0 0 0
10 land Southerland 8 for the .. ....
Hawks. Totals .. ..... 19 9 47

Tonight the Hawkeyes meet
the -Badgers at 6:80 to deter-
=sne third place and at 7:30
the Wolverines will meet the
Wildcats in the championship
pmediatelv after tUhe- e.
officers of Elks LOdp 14uviii
pinlt the Play Off C-
n Troohv., Mt V beg
layer Trophy. aI6- In"M al
awards to players 'imt t .e-
The hbo scores -m

aybourne ..... .6 2 14
W= Jy.1 ... ...4 1 7
Ve .. .. .. 1 5
..... .. ..0 10
S. .. 0 4 I
S tals .. .....9 4 38

Strickland ......0
Reece .. .2
Sutherland .. .. 3
Lombano ........4
Fulton ...... ....
Duran .... .......2
Cooy .... .. .. .. .. I


Totals .. ......12 10 34


or Vrou, Avoumsano or weak-
Thin woIradr mlednle makes
you feel *ayo r, tronpgr una
lIop lit ost ILerrUpt ao. Get

Brook'n ......../ 19 -37 .601
Milwaukee ....... 72 7 .05
St. Louis.......... 3 52 .546
Philadelphia .. 3 '
New York ....... 58 .4
Cincinnati ....... 53 66 .445
Chicago .......... 44 71 .?,83
Pittsburgh .g..... 38 86 .3S9

1"M iwauiee at Cincinnati
New York at Brooklyn
Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (N)

(Night Game)'
ittsburgh 000 000 000-0 4 0
hila. 000 100 00x-1 7 0
LaPalme (6-141, Dickson and
Ridzik (8-51. Roberts.and Lo-
(Night Game 13 innings)
NX. 003 000 000 000 0-3 7 1
Bkl. 030 000 000 000 1-4 9 2
orthlington. Jansen, Hearn
(7-8) and Westrum.
Loes. Huehes, Labine (7-3) and
(Night Game)
Milwaukee 030 302 000-8 12 2
Cincinnati 000 101 000-2 6 0
Antonelll (10-8 1 and Crandall
Bac ewski (7-31. Kelly, Weh-
melot ,d Seminick.
(Nigh Game)
Chcago 000 010 000-1 6 1
St. Louis 000 031 Olx-5 8 1
Pollet (4-6). Lown and Gara-
italey (15-0) and Rice.

Five Kentucky

Football Stars

Rules Ineligible

LEXINGTON. Ky.. Aug. 19 --
(UPl .R Football prospects at:
the University of Kentucky tum
bl'd today when five lettermen.
including three starting linemen
and an ace place-kicker, were
ruled ineligible for the coming
All five had at least two more
seasons of eligibility left. They
were lost after failing to make
up scholastic credits in summer
Head Coach Paul Bryant said
he had counted heavily on using
all five this fall. He said a few
more players on the varsity ros-
ter are in a doubtful cateogry and'
may be lost to the team unless
they make up credits by the start
of the aDl semester. -
Those ruled ineligible today
are Bob Bassitt, whose place-
kieking won last year's Texas
A M game and enabled Ke.,
tucky to tie mighty 'unnessee
Rtajng offensive ard J:h'
Balev; starting defensve left
tackle Jerry Minis: starting de-
'ensive center B1 B imlkins: and
Donr JIrschele. a relief halfback.
Bryat said Minrets enecily
will be hard to solace. He was
the Dnly exoerei ed tackled left
afm the ltai rmasMA4W wIeM
ZiTe, leat SAul and was tied tlca.



26th A.RA...... Jr., a
Sp. Troops 60 ......* l
Sunday night ga'_e.:
the last glimpse of
Basketball League.
summer. -.,A
The season came-to .
with Maduro and
battling It out for
the tournament while
and Jr. College fought. f
In the first game Jr.
played 26th A.R.B. in wha mpm
ed to be a nip and tudk flfa
The score ended at irS
Jr. College on the ahoMw.t,
the score. The high seftes we
F. Cotton 17, F. Alejta I
Turner 10 and A. m d
nine. For 26th A.R.B. Hhnmu
scored 13. Moore and Thompa
had 14 apiece and Roal 10 marJ
In the nightcap Special Troo
romped over the slow scorli
Maduro to become champs f
the tournament. Uhlers scored
markers followed by team ma
Murphy with 11 and Willian
with 9 points. For Maduro, Bri
dy and E. Kourany scored 11 a
piece while N. Gibson scored
And so ended the Pacific Ba
ketball League until next sun
The box scores:
f ft
F. Cotton ............ 1, S
F. Aleguas .......... 5 -1
A. Turner ........... 4 2
J. Tinnin ........... 1 0
D.-Dllman .....,.,. 2 5
A. McKeown ........ 0 1
B. Dolan ....0...... 0 9
B.'qmlth ............ 0


Flyweight boxer Isidro Mar-
tinez was barred from taking
part in any professional box-
ing event Monday at a meeting
held by the Colbd Boxing.Com-
The; decision was based on
a report from the commission's
doctor that Martipezs was
"physically unfit" to take part
in a bout with Melvin* Bourne
which bad been tentatively
scheduled for last Sunday.
Martinez' suspension will be
in effect until he is found to
be again In good health by
the commission's doctor.
Meanwhile Teals' appeal of
a three-month suspension im-
posed pn him on July 20, was
granted by the boxing commis-
sion on the grounds that the
suspension was unfounded be-
cause the promoter did not
suffer any Inconvenience when
Tesis refused to appear for
a fight which had not been
approved by the commission.
THe commission also approved
a program presented by En-
rique Martin which will feature
Telst against ranking feather-
weight Corky Gonzalez at the
Colon Arena on Sept. 6.
At the request of fight pro-
Inotor Loubi Craig. the com-
mission reported that the pe-
tition of six promoters to have
the percentage earned by
main event fighters comput-
ed on the basis of the net
Instead of the gross proceeds
of a fight was still being
studied by Municipal attorney

Hitless 'Reli'e

--0 .
a 3- A A
tlauth *

I ...

W- Rivers ............. 0
r.l BRatlo ............ 0

ithl tlers ..............10
Hey ................ 2
. McCarthy .......... 0
V- Rivera .............. 0
r. Rossel .te...........0
on Callers .............10
i liams .......... 4-
SMLackneurphy .............
th Linsemever ......... 0.
th Verstrate ........... *
on Carratini ........... 1
k* Lackner ............ 1
AAndrade .......... 3
ps Totals ............. 26
or Madure .
20 J. Brady .......... 4
te B. Gibson ......... 4
m De LaGuardia ...... 0
Ar J. Ruof ............ 1
a- 0. Kourany ......... 2
11 E. Kourany ......... 4
P. Coycayle ......... 0
I- B. MeArthur ........ 1
l- N. Gibson .......... 3
Totals .............. 1

p, Along The Fair
11 Last aturd y proved
10 for the PWGA golfers
9 in than at',ns other tt


ft p1
0 0
1 5
1 1
0 0
0 9
0 30
0 4
1 9

1 3
0 2
2 8
8 60
ft P
3 11
2 4
0 0
1 3
1 5
3 11
0 0
0 2



k .
?g "- .

,We witnous a ouuu
by far superior to
that his defeat in
meeting was due ex
fact that he was ni

all ali

a show

that Brown will ftfbr ar
night by ren=dngj., MytN
"bore de combat" With a
left hoOk to the Jaw that p
up the "Hawk's" rtbt
face to such an tet v#
could not mat Lsi
last Sunday's smi ic-
Melvin Boureld 'hocol
ca d i 06 0 h
to be his ll. t butgW
cular self. Is
fofin and IRa "-i
that he Wl illn
negn a bftaVu g 1 *Q1L.
Victor Arme and ih*4
tIB, Steven -min r.t'd

$3 for reserved rrigai
.. .. ^ **&k. ,

I, .


~m' ~'
Ct1 ~ '4

J ,1 ", *
AN, A RMll ,*
(UP) Ao ,

!befl ol prim- for the lout
nspit. "0 &.

She o hher wipers of prices
am their net scores were- "

Jim-, moe 6M7
you 1

o fo er wanCeru of palsee

Lee GlIb

mogmn we want to tham* f uk
Sobr.Aor dont a bottle 4of
Kjig Ransom bck as uMI ofI
the pries to be won by We

NOXt.momt the euPlar W

ee~ waillu as ]A8
Mondtin. lf
tml.Otd seeold-.mIt
vb the
Aisu e* me
WI,, ^T" ?>~t-r W M

SRlI BImsi"n .. 4
qualified for
Pauil Crowupwwg. .
honors when i* in I
one-undpepar '-U11
him a total of7A i6
of qualicto. ...

Orownover abbed ue B
honors away rom "I
Comilla, Ga.. an uar b
who looked UMe a
win the medal,
152. Another late
my Rainee, AugWtb,
cama in with a tot
te Dunn..
Pre-tourname nt. f.
Baxter of
in ath wit a S
156 Another a
. uer of Panama. C

orga on theA m,-
-rated Texar
1:far down the lst
J _one ahead of the
J -_ .*i .r a- f k

F. -

more needed
nedal Jplayt
e.. real te dt
9 was actually Jitt
e .youths set out
-yard course for
das of 18 holes
s champ
ed Saturday.
nest fourd~ri



to Central Amr


.. ro

If^H'- >, 4 J
C., ***

-.. .



is Capti
n T "',"^?

~y *-" -



- 1 .

*cf.- '..
~: ~{


0 ko
stest. *,
The two we
thef end al~

A et
"rWH! St


8 .

M, _

. L*



I i

W. u4u4. 1o
tht baal&



,' ..-

MA- W- m;""i.''W n_
*w r <" 'm I

- -(. -4-
_. __ <.. i r : .. -. t," -,. i, <.. "
,limo) .' ., ", J. ;I "


SNegro Player Voted MV

SiSoufth's Sally Leagut
yn Faa- -
SAirin w)6e everkr r O e
V United Fre Sperg WAter youaNf bo plyer,"

U'm la I

SR~ght FMd Is
-ybe St Dff

I By I Says Furillo

TWi out of the way. W .Ut
wllfDU btc4k in the trnt.
That wil help Leo Ducher
mau. up his mind.
jihte .JrUUt of shake-well
0=t so se WilUlie
Mai outa of onttr amndl t mid-
dol o-tle -batstag order. "

W for. the Tige.. faft
$bua l at Wsconds.,- i

.31* YORK, Aug. 19 (NfA) -
Carl Furillo ayu flatly that
right field Is thb hardest podl-
jUon In the outfield to play.
The Arm broke in with Brook-
lyn aU a center flelder- was mov-
'd td left wound up in right. -

"ThM ball comes pretty much
btralht at you in center awl
left," Furillo explains. "Thia
Make it easy to handle. But
-o hits to right field It has a
caxlW pit .on it and does tricks.
Yfu'ye.plso got that long throw
to third a."

JACKSONVILLE, la., Aug. 10
(UP) -pw ofa highest holn-
ors ever a Nero ath-
late in ou l en terdoy
tio 1 dwho
to lqarfoldo
wa vOted th Valmisble
Ulay in the South Atlantic
a .388-hlttlpg Second
baseman who may swagth to the
o$tflild, belongs to the Mvuan-
kW Braves and la ensto dto
report to the major a club
in mid-Septembr when t Bal-
ly League season ends.
Bally Laue l'readeat Wek
Butlet at Colunmbla, i.. ball
ed Asim's selection as "Weet
valuable" as mealate tih a t
"the eloer barrier hai hee
brakes. ,Wlen' s douo abt et
thft" (liImather 1basbal
Five Negroes have played in
the Clap A Bally League this
vear, the first titn maemtrs of
that remhave ben admi d to
the tld deatlue that Includea

ville Braves, a B
Aaron himself
first bat thev chi


mid. -
Team mates, white and Ie :
said they never doubt id
would be named the
"most valuable."
Aaron Is only In lltai"'
year of organised ball.
3 last year uas a shae .f..l
Bau Claire In the Nortw
League. ,'
Aaon himself was 9 4
able for comment on
tim. Re was stayta
gro family in Macon, y|luq .
team playId tonight, ind d "
report to th baU llpark la ,
Butler said Aaren
serve the 'moeet vluabl
or." "He Is a major leave .
*et and a credit to b -
The sport writa e um
Judgment in seliectin W "-_.,
He added that a t i
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0 M




WASHINGTON, Aug. 19 (UP) |
Four present or former Gov- |.
ernment Printing Office work-
ers have been named before
Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy's per-
manent investigating subcom-
mittee this week as having Red "L .es ie eh
connections.. A
Bookbinder Edward M. Roths- ENTI-G B A.

SRhee Talks "o
of refusing Lo tell Ine Wiscon- 7
sin Republican senator whether -. .
he Is a Communist or had stolen ..
secret documenLs irom the GPO. ..
The others so far named are r
Isadore Kornfield, a proofreader,
and former employes Frederick .
Sellers Jr., and Irving Studen-
Sellers. who now lives at Rolla, f I
Mo., refused to say, on grounds (NA Telephoto)
of possible self-incrimmation. AGENT Mrs. Mary S. Mark-
whether he is a Communist. ward. a former F.B.I. under- SEOUL, Korea, Aug. 19 There wasno lmm 1--
Roothschild also invoked cons- cover agent, testifies before (UP--Presldent Syngman Rhce tion from the
titutional protection. Sen. McCarthy's Investigating in a message to returned Command or t"I o:
So did Mrs. Gertrude EVans. Subcommittee at Washington. South Korean war prisoners, on Rhee's maisn n
retired Veterans A.minimstration She said that she knew the sa'd today he waq confident of Bhee has saidn he iU
clerk, who, McCarthy said, had wife of a Government Printing their support when "we march does meOt bel .r
testified at a 1949 Loyalty Board Office bookbinder as an active north." s le pol.ib
hearing which cleared Roths- Communist worker. Mrs. Mark- Rhee's message blamed the aehleve .
child., ward Identified the wpman as Communists and the Soviet U- of Korea.
After quizzing Rothschild and Mrs. Esther Rothschild. nlon for the misery and hard- He also has tri to
Mrs. Evans, the subcommittee ships endured by the South "go it alone" t a
heatl two other unidentified which handles thousands of se- Korean people. march i the
witnesses, in secret session. cret documents. "I am confident that, when to produce evd at- l
McCarthy saki one, a former Rothschild refused to talk a- we march north to save our tempting to p t
Agriculture Department em- bout that and also about wheth- compatriots In the north we after having
ploye, also invoked the Fifih er he had sollcltcd Phillips to will share your unfaWlUn loy- The Comm to
Amendment. Join the party, as Phillips tes- alty and intense patriotism," sign the armw i Gen.
The other, McCarthy said, de- tified. Rhee said. Mark W. ClIurt te U.N. Oma-
Died membership in the Com- The bookbinder, a printing of- "North Korean Comnunists mander In thUe M r nt had -.
munist party. He said this wit- flee employee since 1930, had de- instigated and armed by the assured them the Ai w a
ness had worked for the Atomic nied at the Loyalty Board hear- Soviet Union, have launched a use every means to Aeep hbee
3nrgyc Commission until about ing that he was a party mem- wanton attack on this republic from breaking the -e. t
18 months ago and had handled ber or had associated with per- in a vain attempt to make this -
secret materials having to do sons affiliated with Communist free nation a Red Satellite. Meanwhile RA g
with the Eniwetok atomic tests, organizations. "The entire people heartily the Com aninst i a
Rothschild had been billed as welcome your return to free- the United Natl-i* a
the key figure in the printing When called before the sub- dom, particularly because we record numbac s f pt
i ee inquiry. John Phillips, a committee, McCartya gain con- know too well to what kind of but the Amslea~ s a
Stlthing machine operator, tes- fronted Rothschild with those torture and insults you have meeotn*rmIth f .de- a
Mfied Monday Rothschild and and other charges which he said been subjected while being held mand -be4rat1e t WI aqp
Sellers attended a meeting to were among the most serious by the Communists. tive.. ,
organize a Red cell at the plant, "that have ever been made a- "The scrifesaid by the Trbeks laded wif 4 4
against a government official." free people of Korea have soner, Including A7
Asked if he cared "to com-greatly served to strengthen rolled-~Itn the a it a p t
SEntrance Exams ment on them." Rothschild sat Koea's military power, which as OpnewtM Bi mwi"tch
silently at the witness table. In will be an important factor hi Into It third week,
For CZJC Set the direct questioning that fol- carrytn out the unfinished A light ran fell but it faed
lowed. Rothschild refused to say task of unifying the nation, to dampen the spit of ,th
n Sat y even if he was employed by the north and.south, as soop as men rtaitn t fredm.rol n
On Saturuay printing office. eircumstancei --Waint." Conmumnt .. *
... -The exchange lifted tha.
The Canal Zone Junior College number of AFmetisans rlesi,
will give an entrance examina- in Big Bwitch to 1J _'b
a iicdnt:: nwhoareOld !idge Road, ats Houses
tion an Saturday morning, to all O Rid e RoadhavF.prolat to le
applicants for admission who are ate 0m M m.
graduates of high schools other at more Ame
tan ones in the Canal Zone or row.
the United States. including its Rai DavaoI. Ml Aa U*m F ..R 'a Three hours after

territories .. UCIIIJ IO Rd CU;, ICVr I1 III) V
The examination will begin at '
4o.m. and will last about two -he ter o Gui iS
-ours. Theater u 'El
The purpose of the examina- Residents of Ridge RoadBal- delfiolition this year have tl-
tionis to test the ability of stu- boa Heights, and 20 additional ready been vacated and three of
dents whose native language is tour-amily houses in Balboa the buildings have already been Just LiKe Arim 1
not English to understand and Flats have, been notified that sold.
write that language, and to test those areas are to cleared for
their ability to do college work. new quarters construction un- -
pichologlcal examination fre- der the fiscal year's building ell then, there wa the c
M'ently given to entering college program. ol vvp ell then, as dull there was tha lead q0r
freshmen n the United States Several of the houses on on ats dull as d tlerfa wq
will be used for the second pur- Ridge Road have already been IUMl i li tha colonel'slady g and there a
pose. vacated and two are now being e' out let, or hindrance, and
offered for sale. Those til. l Of Puero Ricans t ho e rnto ai
holding assignments there have tknw how he got into uniform dly
been requested to vacate their nor what to do with himself ow
OAI Vquarters by the end of this year. The Panama Canal's Marine ona there, and there wa the ..
ON YThe Ridge Road residents had Bureau cooperated yesterday to o er cadet, gamely trying, a
!een advised last April that enable the people of Puerto Rico gt all the urgings ot hai
0 00 this are might be cleared for to have fitting ceremonies for coiiderable civilian ability, to
new construction this fiscal two of their war heroes.
year. Aboard the 8.S. John B. Water- crubit the army with knowing a7
MASSU The additional houses In man. which arrived In Balboa for w eIt was going, and in what
Balboa Flats which are to be Canal transit were the bodies of lailuage.
AVOR razed this fiscal year for new two Puerto Rican soldiers, Pfc Now could the papers come to
construction are south of the Sabeno Mellan-Rosarlo and Pvt. rite of my officers with such
area originally planned lor Luis M. Ouslan Crespon, who had sght, many a o0 on many a
clearance. died in Korea. Each of the dead Sal Zone post may be thinkf- ",
Residents of 38 of the four- soldiers was accompanied by hisi a
.% family buildings in the Flats soldier brother, as guard of hon- e on those Gls. The -.
Were notified several months or. rolleill above takes place at the
ago to vacate their quarters by When Captain C. W. Butt '6ter Oulld's workshop, by
the end of this fiscal year. Oc- brought his ship into the Canal t.e Aaeon laundry, where
cupants of the additional 20entrance he learned that she was flie-nligt season of Rdth OM-.
houses to be demolished wil scheduled for a late transit; this don's L. tLme Broadway hI
have until next February 1 towould mean that the John B. 'er opened last t.
hvacateruary 1 Waterman would not arrive in a on woman ha
SvBalboa Flats will be one of Perto Rico until the night a' writing a wartime
theBalboa Flats will bte e one of hours.ate Always a w
the prinlpal sites oar new Certain that ceremonies had g e O atamewere a war
ned will Indlude all but 16 of and that a niEht docking would a 1. s Cadet
b|1AUst If1 Is the old four-family frame quar- disrupt these plans. captain butt dt sid aadel
tears which were erected in that a k e d for preferential Canal l m dan Madelyn
1(0%. PUREC0FFt a area soon after the Canal was transit.
opened in 1914. It was granted when port au- ho Me, pred l (been
Many of the 1952 apartments thoritles learned Captain Butt's hozw( oub
ilrEfI it Cbr50-i In the Flats, first planned for reasons for the request. Igd b fl ou t '
-aH _,- ---- SW 1s-i alW hours, it's a
M_ imnmwiU ^whll Uastilhn


con i: AND retu Is
a a oMsa ork b*arTe w es!

- .. j

: =~5,

Fr. PC

roup had been l eI b EI st
aed and andt L a
r *wd % .Ta




C. a
de Nto

... ...
* *^5 -.- "

Printing Office Workers

Clam Up Before McCarthy

m : : ,
'' *r~ iBBB

' a

. = wow



" '

uma. ..



'-v; *
"".' t. .

-- ,

Boljnzy y Xi 1
T'l, AIUQI I h

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