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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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IT I" ..
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muldn't doE

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a aw
id were
g froni
LiaA ...

ayf R l

the. at.

breathing ,and
ally in. an 1n-
B4 bt re 11 11
Birth Thur iday
biledgq -suffteed- a
7 In an accid t at
, C., while b-aL
trip with her h.l-
lmaate ath LaBohe,
Me.od_ with whoml

arhe wld three hours S
eoi -rcas J 'he hr W'was born. He said hi
A Xmer ahowed sign. 0or y r this wife's room Shd
ar.o "What are you dosing

t' y taa 'e h .sd him. "I'm having oar
w i~daa &- I' UY0:0 I i

,, WM,-!


Very cheap d

Mee Idteh i L
ir a few' ni.a'Ug
dabi to resi mi
pj path I..
to head fr
t time tht M
Sto ftad
in that

1;; tmo.m



- ---

To Furnish -


SEOUL, Korei, July 18 (UP) President
Rhee met with his cubirbnt toay, reportedly for
discussion on building Tm,1000,l-man- .7 lm .
eamy.. '*< *- -^'-"
IG R mn source who gave the'infon
diti.n lq not be identified said the vast Oi. ilenIw
be aimed at "restoring lost territory" and.repipei -
future invaders. ,
The source said the plan had not been comd
developed and that furtherr deliberations" were
Under the new plan the ROK Ministry, which would oM l
army which stands at ;8 diNi- five sections .-. army, na w.
donso, abut '500.000 men, would personnel and adtltE, a
be dole. ply.
Arming the new force was the T -
ajor pa0 blem. The United
mates would be expected to f- a T
nish most of the e ent. The
ROKs expect tobtn surplus u i
eqlpmenit If and when United
assons troops are pulled out of
mome quarters haw suggested ..: -'
uiltng munmilons t he anWI 4r i



rear's Work

--8 Snagged

Armed serviaw recruiters
caned up fewer than eight men
. in the alut ear, it was
Sr.. John A. Hannah, as-
t secretary o. Deteie for
el, told ~ Senate ap-
atsaunmeitte the
imavy, AI ,in lids Ma-
S had 4,38 anad men
'.reruting d ia:In the last
Srecrultar.-~s 0amen, he
adding tetal does
nlude ts of
0wao sfgi. ,iged .for
Ielt theirterm
ah said tb f Defepne De-
ent dea nOt, however,
to curtaUl ts reru~ting
es ema for the ArMhy,
is 70 per cent drafeea.
other serVces use only en-
Ssid eiHiMe are -much
nare valuabe-because the Army
gets only about 15 months ef-
feette senile out of the two-
year drafted diqounting time
Und for- training, leave and
.l signeped up vfo
Syie yeda s yeIa
a otf 1-4 a inems a udh
if 6eries, ansknsaid.

Ffeoal len rfoar Benjamin
Abr '.--TlTdUsh, who died
~yeat"y, ', will be held
tom a .thqWish Welfare
va- No definite
tim' i. 'It was an-

had n
Porcarl il^ hrfAbramovich
their, Adolfo,
wa. S immnedlate-
ly a^^ -It--It known that
alt yesterday morn-
S admitted to
June 5. He is a
,of the Panama
MFrt Co. Pur-
Was unobtain-
as said. The
knew of only
that was Adol-
fo n, ~ Valparaiso,

DOf Late

..i jMrican
sJy 18 (UP) -Miss
32-year-old daugh-
t _-ji^ Se Bir Stafford
ed at St. John's
today to Joseph
o'law student from
the, 'Comlat in Africa.
a wbo is also 32. Is the
ottrwife tftatUve in Britain
.coast Prime Minis-
t. Crippa met herm
at- l unof the West African
on of which he was kS Is the daughter of
tlt~ Ltbor Party Chancellor
9f 1 p -.

U "m ,,Amiumn1- ptnum-su
IeWr Mily Greha,
ttI nte la church hlbterl.
im ISWUUn 01 doen M uwma b6
',. ~~ ma-, a .:ght. Grah m thm4

@ .- *r m-'A.: :n
--, .. ,. .:

I, C-.


Ei .
.. .1.


A tam,-.,
wT W ^IN-E^

6Wd. c e *, a = 4
reserve annated. e J0

e plans reported-to call for
reorganstoon of .thtr. Defense

July 18 Ip)- Bix b ndits who
robbed ru ruler Aga
anS o nf., .arn worth
of J_ I a daring Rivera
hold four years. ago were
!Mtan ed today to Jai terms
up t- years wbie three other
man were acquitted.
The bitrIte case was not yee
at OnRh d h-bWever.
TAt smony during the 12-day
trial efkd&e, a uehes-Du-
Mmihoa eritia, a reaten-
ed B p o M aow police
acandL:' .*lC*m9W sew that
the form head ot France's
BUste rtiatlonad-.t1e French
FBI- bered the daring
dayli"ghtb up Ma~t also fig-
ured k ag ng golf and
oth "er, k-
Tw'tI; u ,OeI etlelals areI
-Themen 3ieneed. y all
wee admittedly seceniary fig-
,ur la the undrweoft ring that
pulled off uroej blgglst post-
war robbery. 'Infle.rn. In-
clading the -' master-
mind" of.the eta-v-were ab-
sent from the t .

-- ----- ; -- --- ;- -------- -

- -~ri. ~~; -



A bulletin Issued at
hospital where 'IftI IS
at ln from an epwa
dominal operation amd -*t -
"Sen. Taft's evdlta.IlsAvL.
Usual progress is bil w
G6h. Taft fully I pu
zt~me public dutie rt.a
iton when Co aresm
TOy Ohio RepubHOW.H
been aufering from AiW-.J
ment, but the exact m m
the trouble has never b4 i.W
nounced. An mplomatey
action was petrmd P
weeks ago. --
Yesterday, 'raft 'avth so4Im
iannoancement t hti, W 4
not return to hliConllgi
duties datti hi thle lot

Political obserers.age-I-e A
Talt's 1hablity to return I,*
session of Congrewss
chances of getting "am
islation p ssed before

Veteran Dies
From Ipnficted
Drill Punishmen.
(UP) A Canadian at
the Korean war who wui J
as punishment 1 arch'e
time In 90-degr e heat VW
pound pack died In a 'MS my
hospital here Friday. a
The body of Pvt. Jofeph )]&46
29, of Regina. Sank. wa tdke" to
an Ottawa hospital for a
mortem. Army authlrtt p om-
ised a complete VestgkUman
Burke had beM.tAn detiMon
before he wax tat~rUgh the
drill, authoritiaaltg#.

4 -

".dar 1
temi neah




5 et Age Problem

P.How To Relight

# Engines In Flight


*u 5' .LONDON, July 18.- British aero-engine designers
making good progress with one of the most difficult 4ekh
nical problems of the jet age that of relighting the
S engines again at great heights when they have stopped and
W ,fjte flame is out.
r:,;. If designers-succeed in their aim of making it poselble
Sifor aircrews to switch jet engines off in flight in the secure
n mowledge that they can be lit up again, they will be ef.
actively giving the new jets very much greater range antd
I., flexibility than ever before.

Jet bombers, for instance,
will be able to climb away
from base on four engines,
,cut down to two engines for
bruising (thus reducing fuel
consumption and nearly
,-,. doubling range) and switch
on to four jets again when
4,,,.,per the target.
Au ,Jet- transports would also be
able, to take advantage of
this technique.
Up till now a jet aircraft
-.which had an engine out
*,would always have to descend
,'.below its cruising height be-
4 .ore It was possible to re-
$tlght. but engineers believe
-- that it will be possible even-
""tually to give practical re-
.lihting at any operational
Anfl there are other cases-
-" besides the jet bomber and
transport.- when relighting is
also necessary, the most iam-
Sporant being when the en-
...lzre has been put out ac-
cicen-ally by harsh throttle
Movements during combat.
and it is necessary to relight
il 'it immediately.

.','. This development makes pos-
sible a completely new tech-
,.snique which may become
S..very widely used, since it
takes full advantage of the
w .}Jet engine's peculiar charac-
: eeause the Jet operates
most efflelently near its full
..... power, it is wasteful in fuel
t. to run alt the engine at re-
.. dnuced power and better to
I'. run onay half the engines at
full power.

Everest's I

There is the weight of the
dead engines to carry a&
round, but designers believe
this is more than offset by
the weight of the fuel saved.
It might be thought that it
should be as easy to restart
an engine high in the air
as it is on the ground.
But at the great heights
where the jet flies best,
there is so little oxygen in
the air that it is difficult
for a flame to catch.
When the engine has been
switched off it does not stop
dead, because a blast of
cold air is pouring into the
air intake and continues to
turn it over.
Indeed one of the problems
of relighting is to get the
engine to slow down suffi-
ciently to its starting revolu-
Another problem is that ice
can form inside the engine
and upset the flow of air
necessary for startinri

The pilot actually relights
an engine by pressing a 're-
light' button In the cockpit
which produces a continuous
spark in the combustion
chambers of the engine.
This sounds simple, but it
is only by using great Inge-
nuity that designers have
been able to achieve a flow
of air through the engine
which has the correct char-
acteristics at all altitudes
for certain relighting.


.34. '. 4~' 4
.. gt. *~
A -

TH lITESm CUMBERS who conquered ML Everest as a cerq-
untion gft to Queen Elizabeth flew home from Delhi to London
seeently by BOAC Argonaut airliner. Here at London airport
CoL John Hunt, leader of the expedition, holds aloft one of the
Icepicks used on the climb. Actual victors over the world's high-
t were New Zealand beekeeper Edmund HBillary, second
bif. and Sherpe Tesing, on Hunt's left. Elizabeth lat
sig hted Hillary and Runt. To Sherpa Tensing, non-Brit-
sI" b earore not eligible fer a knighthood, she awarded in-
the George Medl, ritain's highest award for non-military
After the climb some publicists tried to stir dispute
was first to the top, Hillary or Sherba Tensing. The
.. lhpbeas gave their answer: "We got there,together."


Ml Institute for esalth in Bethess.
Sconverted into a home-like sitting
there are outlets for radio
ind other conveniences to make the-.
idiaa, the last word in hospital luxury
b the U. S. gowvenmr n

m. WIs air.
I so^wlt.

stroyer of the some clano the Tweedy Osa HoMiA
heavily laden with Middis, *Jd also witI (en i
Admiral E. T. Wooldridge. commander, ..
pan; and Capt. W. K. m ,chief of to

First B atchOf 1

Altogether, It'll B

It's that time again.
In the U.S. families are es-
caping the heat once more
by taking off for the beaches
and the mountains; the
family car is loaded with
everything from the cast
iron fr n pan to the pet
parrot. seasonal migra-
tion is well underway.
On the Isthmus summere Is
typified by the ships which
have left and are leaving
weekly for the United States
and Kusope, taking with
them t-n people on leave
rnh ir "work who are on
two ad three months vaca-

But soe. U the surest signs
of sdtNmet on the Isthmus
Is tha- i of the annual
mid. f.t, training cruises
at Co ltaturing some of
the VUJ. ___s heavyweights
as t battleship Missouri,
the Mraft carrier Salpan
and the Crdets Rosnoke and
=1202"" .

'I'bes e s whih help
tfrM OI. f tbot of toedy's
"?.I, .. .. i!. A ;
*v4ar A&slub


wr', Atlantic B.
. .. ; s -* *- .- .... .

iTo tie '

-" ./ .. ".'- ." ':.,. .---- ad

----.,,,, tf-t ha

The secom
scheduled IM
Aug. 1,
the Atfmn*
Canal til
In the -M
Mt e
ver u I

au pt
* U "-* r-

. f ; :. .

~s **A

:j; .4.


gas :.:... .
-* t -* *

_ -.-I .-' ,.-
'- .* 4 .' t- -


*'* *
V* *

* ***' \'--^-


.--=- .

- A



ng the
dobridge, .
North I .c
the bones b
has threa*ene6
leaders of the
hey are nof. -
Robinon, MS
was not a &p
a successful
'atIutane. iW-i

CLuezu I

W tre
Wftft .Af

:. -... 1.95,ai'

Lr -.

S., Mrs. Wat G. am ,f dale Pena., announce

M tte terVrgna Francs, to Lt. James

imted from seovmm High parents-gefore thrr departure.
S. wt Edward, Derek and Lynn
-I nd.Ml Mrs, Wal. ..&aman,-of Sesudale, Penna., announce
le .engagemet ea daughter, Virgina Frances, to Lt. James
10swis, son'a $.n,"d Mrs. Roger A. Orvis of Cristobal, C. Z.

ted from N Mob. High parenta-efore their departure.
and plu to atend col- Mr. and Mrs. George Egger,
eJr.with Edward, Derek and Lynn
v'la,h w UAd from were also present.
% e Zont Junior -Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Baker of
reeel eommlsslon New Cristobal, with their chil-
St T, Texas. He dren Florence and Jack sailed to
AF-M 6Jat aow station- make their home In Cleveland,
-Nellts Vegas, Nev. Ohio. He was employed with the
date h.s nft set for the Marine Division on the tugboats.

Tes Club's ti Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Chappell,
it Fort Onil0 o Jr., and daughter, left the Isth-
iS- '.The Fort Oullak Ladles Club mus on the Panama to reside in
at the ~Oilla0 Officers Club the States. He has resigned his
S. T say afternoon for their position with the Industrial Bu-
Sr thIly mitlr, sad tea. Mrs. reau.
NO=sw Hobor stdent, offl- ---
sm d at h na meeting. Bon Voyage Lunheben
s a 'h y^ w t rby the host- forw Mrs. Tuthtil
SQuesad and Mrs. W. J. Holtzclaw enter-
"" eonardo il. Mrs. Hen- tained with a luncheon at her
a. Tayor prM at the tea Coco Solo residence yesterday, to
honor her sister, Mrs. James E.
'TI"&& 'uni 4 ~ of *g was ren- Tuthill, who Is leaving o; July 24
4 'MS. SolS, who to join her husband Penaco-
u a*u accoipanled by Mrs. Ho- la. Fla.
the' The other guests were their
tar -gi10lm Wtned mother, Mrs. R. W. White. Mrs.
S Hubert HBart, Mrs. Robert Doug-
lawvoolea bannon, Mrs.
to me Mrsp. t1seoldgEftch-
fgr New A surprJe gift o '
stow, Xad Mrs. o was
" Im ank. m

~2: '~-~


ina *I g vn



fo I



o.t ,


m then be to
IW Bull et d o
au. Ine of
S we thee AIledi
I-f the .&Wan

k. Parker of
a group of
a swimmining
irtuate pool
m oumpliment
ls Geraldine
r was served

"-7-71 W7 4, her father,

a Y. A at their home
&d^bftedbvPibUwh-I A wimnis roast *as enjoyed by
W. ueaw Bisa t fy gupts pnd hats and
tl n bal 1oPs 0 ,re d .ui as favors.
etie4 M "J In Mhar Robert Thomas
won th game pes.
CRY ry orman, Caro-
M. Uri. F JO M and Orin
__ *CIamet, Artbur Manlckas and
S Q GOLDEN ADMIRAL the huserses brother, Henry.
R Wyck Mabn. And Mrs. C. J. O'Sullivan
SSILVMR CHALICE" ,,p t and assisted the
.9.ouaD A. contain LAM .
'keminond Lehmann. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 0. Cus-
Nm-Fiction te. and children. Jimmy. Mildred,
Emma and Susan, were the
POWER OF POSITIVF house guests of Mr. Harold Bab-
%a fPi *ekof Cristobal. before their
-t*Mman Vincent Peale. departure for the States Friday.
Mr. Custer has resigned his posi-
AMAPURNA an1 a *plumber with the Pan-
.'mdtoe Herzog.. ama Can d and is returning to
1: IOurrB1 WORLD Chster, Penna, to reside.
S VCousteau and W tlrkMIe and Mrs. George H. Egger
-. Mma. ld Priday for a vacation to be
SOLY BIO LI p nt in New York State and
Btanda ei.. ana. where their sons Har-
ICAMPAIN I Richard are stationed at
|| V CAMPAI N~ i Polk.
.:1 C ADLAI B. i fW ad Mrs. William Egger,

e i b bee9u tf

Jr. ihe




for girls

Blouses. .... ..... $1.95
Pedal Pushers..... $2.50
Sun Dresses Shorts
Everything for Sportwearl


100 Central Avenue
M--- ~ ltklA-^IM --- -- -- -- --- ^


I,] A


(M yards from Bells fsta TIbt)

Phase 3-4515 -



1 if~.

Baleow ANeme& M. 1.
Miss Mary L. Oump, Ozam
Worthy Adviaor of the a e'
Arliona Order of
for Gork, was a the
Pacific Side Wedneay aV T
tended the meeting of Dt
Assembly, No. 2, at the ScA*i
Rite Temple.
Miss Gump and her parenfl
are vislting Mr. and Mrs. Jam*
A. Gump of Colon.
Party to Honor
Mrs. Bell and Mr. led -
Members of the I.A.W.C.. ag
reminded of the party .tOmorro
afternoon at the club building
honor Mrs. Dora Bell aid M,.
Maria losi who are letvh ast
Isthmus In the near tatare.
Reservations may be a=
calling Mrs. Ruby FO a
Mrs. Fanny rKaplan.
who come at the last minute i
be accommodated.
Geold Coast Osebid onety
The regular meeting, of Ufj
Gold Coast Orchid Bmaety *a
be held at the Trefoil Hm ai
Gatun at 7*30 pn.. MIadaf.'
The topic fourth O VBtif i
be the "Watering-Pruke.
Any newoinwn toj3 hii
are cordially atdt1o tt or
join this group.
Visiter from LoGIV ih
Mrs: J. C. Marqua!& a
rita returned at th0
of the week from WMs -
land, N.J.. and Longc Mlld,
was accompanied V.'NY t
Mrs. Anna Smith of

American .Hzw`h
Groups Intrek .
Heritage study grouws have
Irown to a total of 2aw oraed
the country.
Jack B. Spear, natml. t.
rector of the project, aaef
the report to 35 regional s#-
pervisors of the program meet-
InR here.
The study groups ar. spon-
sored by the American Ithrupy
Association and the Pord Fmun-
dation to encourage
of basic American prinel .
The Ford Foundation ai
granted $300.0U to. the proeet
for the 1953-54 seauon..
Most groups have & member-
ship of 25 persons. Spew said.
Mapy have studied tha :,Ca-
stitution and Declaratiaon f
He said that about half of
the particlpats have never
n ein i dlTcslon groups Be-
fore. About 10 per cent, he
said, had not used the phtbl
library before. ..

mute to

--' 1


, .I


- -- -r


V-r. I

I-'1~j~i~i;~ :~i;p~k.


' ^

*I .

t .-



i -: ., "- .,- : "*
-. r


6 -

I t


t li'1,,A
; 1 jaD *,*
( l).
L ""1A....

*1 4

4' -,, '

/islej, Paiuo Ulef for /P ey J2L -_

Zelginer 1/es eLace 3n Y/achmae

Tis Is the kind of dres to cheese for a very formalt evein in
autmn.. By Cell Chapman, It Is white peau doe eol trimmed at
back with broad bands of turquoise a eusade. Fabric
will not Crush easily, noods fttl. posing even after packing.

For wamse m nWo t 8 u s m
we sent a'"gl-l :heidsand--l i
by desiger JiMe leeby an re Iwh. e ettoa laWe vervh
too. If a oill wiM springs lp,.t is etit may b eqve
by skirt aaml gt (rlAbt),.elAo Iu lace ever laki.

NEW YORK -(NEA)-Irn a Ing gown is most often char- ---
r."hat", aw the Coronttion acteriId .. skirt at front By GAILM DUGAS tant itand to the ave
" t an English Queen, the very and full skfrt at back. NEA Woman's Edi or an they aren't) but
m ball gown assumes an Fabrics for the ba gown in Indication of a
Ce that It ordinarily could not be pore luxurious: NEW YORK -(NEA)- In a way of thinking I
t not have In the life of gold clotb til4ver cloth under day wheb rickrack Ja used to affect the average .w
the average woman, for there white lace, jeweled brocade, trim cashmere sweaters and, .e. pew thtking
is moret tendency to big, dres- bla k velvet, sUk faille and the tweed sheath is worn to (fawh; '(or a fatsho
sy affira. satin, white peau de sole. Ut- dinner, the uses of lace are longer rigidly llaltiqd
The lives of American worn- ter luxury a= In thi minK not in the conventional .man-tath tiMe of dy nor
*tA i tv. changed greatly in brassiere. to IU In a rieckline ner. fed to c itl
9bt WiSt decade. There- aIre or in a colla" faced It' mink, The latest is lce shots. Andlone d mer fabr (w
many more women working lace or jeweled mbroidary. then there are wispy parasols with satin or lace vrit
than, ever before. They have (the size of a large handker-' Thse days, brocad
S ny to spend, general- The short evening drq gets chief made of lace. Neither of tweed ahd tl* two
ut they are also busier. full skirts (often pleated, and these mpy seom overjy impor- pleasant together.
ese women (and many some cover for the shoulders. -r.
), the short though dres- Sparkle touches are, used for
tng gown and the eve- the bodice, sometimes sprinkled d% /) A
5ates are exactly tall- lightly over an entire skirt. I
,their needs. The wide cut tank or V neck- eard & da
mtunm, both the full, iTNe apltars most of -in
and the shorter atea-.-reuses that cai gd on .
Shown. The sweep- to eveis .R !ties P or dinner.
_m .: _. A

./f4(M ,7A%7

Face; Economi., Woes

Squarely, Is Advice

WHEN a wile who believes in a "pay ua you go" plan for oper-
aAing a family budget is married to. a man with a "buy what you
need anid worry about payments later" philosophy there's almost
sure to be a problem.
ere's one reported to me in a letter: "My husband and 1
bave'lght children. We are In debt 4nd plenty of It. My. l p-
band has his heart set on a car. Now a car would be fine, btit 1
don't se bow we can manage to pay for one right now. My' hus-
hband aitsz to borrow the down payment, wbtch is four or five
hundled dollars. That would mean he would. aye to pay on both
the car and the loan and the bills we already owe. I see no need
of maing more debts when you can't take cre of the ones you
"Because I feel as I d.about the situation. my husband says
I am trying to hold him down-and he won'te-er get.anywhere if
he listens to me. Am I wrong In feeling as I do?".
You aren't wrong in wanting to pay the debt yon already owe
before taking on any new ones. That's fust old-fashioned. In-
tegrity. '

N are you being unfair to your busban d.or keeping hhL
b 'm"etting anywhere." The only place heall gt, if he keep ai
;9ba is going, is daer and deeper In dbt.
Idea that a faml has to have a car or a television set
r whatever because "everybofy" has one hardrive s any a fam-
Ily so far In debt the wage arner'of the family often feels he
will never get out from under.
Trying to help your husband get -out pf debt Instead of get-
tiag further in is doing him a real favor.
It's not much fun being the one who says, "We Just can't af-
ford this or that," but a marriage has to have one realistic
pauter. It's better when it Is the wage earner who takes on that
rapensibility. But if he won't, the wife has to assume the un.
pleaaant job of facing financial facts.



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NEA Beauty Editor
If you're celebrating youi 7f
'ng anniversary soon. rI
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,inis time between a senttm-.i.
tal attitude and a practic.-
f!Oe tnu'ar.I v our weUddini drAsi

rayon, bqtbs,' orlon or any th .m .
'other syn .tlc. fiber, you can of '
dye it wik an all-fabric dye era 'dl
'hlich torks as well on .irse y 'dgugte-.t
materialsls' as on nature fiber cii ,slManO
Remove buttons and trim- squsM be 0t
.ings so that. the dye will ter. glovea- Ii

,lua **u 87 W rUeUM uresi renetraT eAUy.
Some of you may reach that
point well before your first an- If you're I doubt about the
niversary, especially If you'd depth of color, figt dye a piece
like to have a new evening of the mistrial that you've
gown. eliminated- eo tht you'll know
exactly how- f o'-ed.. You
You can have a new evening won't knoW -ft I u e until .
gown by remodel 'g and dye- lhis sample -g- dr. mAd more eil
ing your wedding gown. In dye when jd do the dpes If st l
some cases, very little will this test 2tw,-.4 a need for it
need to be-done with the greater dpn.9t color. 6
gown. If you' -6Wd I 6 M91'
If rs Ir has a train, eliml- chine to V-i ~1 It will be ow
nate It thi way; first, measure more conWvuetR Jfw %ou than
the frWt of the dress from a vessel a ae sre
the wagi S tl'down to the floor to pre- runntai
or to tOf akle, depending on through l h
the d e ,g Now, mea- water rainedd
sur Jntte all around out. unt and
the Mile. ow the marks put it in
wfth aYSehAo shears to re-1 Refill i teM wa-
mwre materiaL. Finish ter. (If the can
san be not stand mve we A
S.Ow :LIff1 theILa quart .)
4 of et-in tUale water.
or e_, Mp can have a le er the m3 .

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V omen's World



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Kej T Africn-fulture
*--'mo 4* Ttw- C* -
WAN0HONi *I0 13 -I features reta ikie In tropic

munced --11W n may be the
wt t nourished r .centuries
s Artists and anthropologists
the we ., -r hban sougt
vainly to identiy. a1
Stors of e h U
Whon workmenouse

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riods theores bo how to
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se, h -eret se d aa of
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tor tAbA m bat nee
mus b"l u his way to
Ife. ,I r .
Ife is t p i l tual beadquar-
tqfs of t"rtbp tribe, which
believes t Sall was created
in 15 Litton, now
ties lIdenti l
ble by .carlMd end
i UAre given

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fa.evr hired
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erald St Colombia, where

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And~rtia d bad a po-
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t i s e pro-
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of Chivor when W e struck him
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Before trnveigvisit your nearest Chase Bank to seture
Sthe Chase backing so neesary to a trip.
On a business trip, you'MlsarA ,hane-Lener of CrA* w lAlM
ia addition to providing fir -i4. d*tead easily uax -tly,
serves as a letter of ir "
On a vacation trip, yi M er's C
theseM CaM acit frtas t &Vthe troublesome
sad emb rxmeut. whvihi loes or theft of cak.


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and hands you a door an annual and e a
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ty 1d to '! harmonize wIthl 8. e Itales of Tristan nd Vult. I
decor, modern or tratdlt Sc 4 o5lted r-, edlvere Is M !io i
S(Yale Towne Manufacturlt of the RItiver, thrown ArthbrsSword,. r
(Yale & Towne an acturhOf
Co.). twith tra-'fs. .,bur, into DonMUy Pool bi
The knobs re installed asjl moe Irm- odmin Moor.
and do not require acrtw. sire -in UBi as
They are washable, well as Iel.Palmi No area In 1n9l4 EiMher
-. .. trees floe in a climate wam- prehistoric remala an, -
When you go away for ed by the Gulf Stream. Vl s a many traes MI
houe to hav an occupied look, have dubbed it the "Co tan era as welL
tThe narrow. 75-mle-lon d tradton
set the apparatus of ls the to in's eldest In
fr of a window and pthe New it
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takes over from there. Ith Channel washes its so da
An eletrie eye mechanism n then shores and est .
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turns on any of the house er vall*tr le inland, but the {
lights dsed, flt switches of t Is never tar awpv and Corni FLoWIrJW .
the lights *i1wa dawn comes. p~1e a seafaring lot. Oflr
A=pMtW*ly M gadget is g lto St. Ives a -
aLe a .Wat cha*l quaint north coast --
(Gone Cop.. i
Theb m eekaol also may be a and Pastow nes- t myt
used In an build- among crags. headland an4d oA, rk
Ing, Or a can rig It bochW.. At the tDo of Cornwall 41* ot
up to turn e l ow display wevW the Longshios Lighthous Th.I|
lights. It can be hooked .p il .le4. wgsslnjg liners, Land's B t uf set,
to bauszm and phiOes, as well, Mlg tfists a bleak, nranlte flat ther ti
for Va in a On-clelk store or tow0 .the let of Sclly.
In n office with o receb.. -e lbunt's Say. tucked under ftond domps
5oaL ^ C i otemn flnk. are big, so- wljie^ of mit a a
-- te Penuce and tiny arupd u
A stuffed liviag room chair Mouhole. Beyond Lsard Point. Up rt
w can ad .te your comfort su thrnmost part of Egland, conceived en
y giving h Y e rundown. the coast stre4lls past the port Ii ,.
InsideN eckltbSl pre special of Palmouth..pagtPolperro, one a ,r i
motors and mtis panels en- Dopalar with: aaugrlers, an and
ed in foam ruber (Niagara PoweY, m1 osM 4nedleval port
M anufactua & Distributing Stuatl tful estuary. to
s ; D g
p on and ad- oW1 'tdh^^^ nt a of
i-t the li to s1it your a flsbin., with smuggling as wheels in nature t
tate. The aair goes into ac- a side line In the old days. hve came to around SlML He U-
tio, as the aides aad back always been traditional Cornish his. own savings t am
gvea you a massage. ways of life. Fven in ancient lawns and the like -and
The chair itself may be ad- times. Cornwall was renowned mother, Mrs. Madge
usted to three postions-alt- for its tin. Copper mining op- also chipped in.
tng, half-relining and horlt-
Accord from the
chair plugs o wall outlet.
The three-dimensialonal rage
ts reachald into the World of
With a set of red-and-green
cellophane glasses, youngsters f s .-
soon can -O the character
Mighty Mouse in a new per-
spectfive (St. John Publishing 1 mons .i
A special prin g technique,
combined with te glasgses, pro-
huces the 2-D effect. Wt

They Like Mm
a city n ih. a (ti) .aw%
MidPiIS ,Tel. (uP)P.L. ..m .60w o .
la city k oni c fear .t 7.. Uw~n i A w.

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You Sell em .. When You TelI' L P
Leave your Ad hiao e of our Agents or our ofi'lSa. 5 r
t No. 12,179 Centrl Al -- Col6a -
SLwis Srvice "NOVEDADE3 ATHIS"' CAt, St 'I.O:"s
L 4 nervie ,aspaha No. 3r4- P a&IAM. R. P. tj|p ^ .

Morio's< Aeadia lateraeacm.lea do P '
| taut of July Av.- ..Phone 2-04I1 No I Lot ter Plaza tPbateP= h t I a2714

o ldh Automobil, e. cpd...g10 t O SALE. PrSSONAL
"' A&Autoobiles e Automobiles a.ed --- G- C
o ir duplex.type FOR SALkkE-19 uick ,A_1latr TlOI -- i eo S tAutomobies-F
1 2-dor wi Jets of OWOMail d
body. Bde N '- DR WENDENAKE.Cln OdSi
AlrlAaulights. 9met uaidt.A Avehue K- t -6sa w One mil nRow
l6.+- por! G:Gr W l th. St Control Ave. t omob eRoiw. I, 23479
E w mahiner $50.00. ; y Col_. Ask About Our Hue 6Santa Clam. I 1
Imitation bamboo livgrom set FOR SALE:-1949 Mercury, 2 door, T!Rl'STRI5S i. tu Oft Im i h .
O00. House 71, apartment radio. During office hours call CHRIISTMAS CLUBh
.00. House 771, apartment Afr there.
Pblo St. Balboa. Panama -4985. See at 5711-8, "Bzar Americonb'"
E-id mahogany d Dioblo, after 6 p. m. and Sunday. Ponma & Colon
Solid mhoanydinin $325.00 down. To MIAMI & PEW YORK vi. AAR F.
u sh suite consisting of table F and L 1o tib Boeing 4-engine plan', 3-177,Cr 1bt1
Sitsble, mirr orne and bench. 1948 16t. St Crl Ave RoD A DSPATC OR L1950 Buick s upr 4 ido. N I .
g crystal cabinet a" top., nowpoint, W-Wtnso- to ii; $70.00 pok P C14AAGE "eat oV

Ajlc Super 4 dor sand in e- Colon. telephone 2-1655. a' t 'on bi of 8t 00 feet .1aden. "2 C tlm Al. l..- 1 f
t condition, $1,000. 556-FO-- SALE:4I..IH. u1 n 4- .SPECIAL EXCURSIONS via CSA II. ehl lt 190 Studebaker Cemurtible Coupe
turundu Heights, Tel. 83-5192s e n like w. eutHdal I PANAMA-MEXICO one Wl y eI ~ 1by I~ Nash 4 door sedan.
Il ...... round trip $13E -(]5 05 u
OR SALEStuio bed, gas range, nd radio, mast be msen to epI ou t-rip $135 (15 d limOt) n
rn prete. Swoet y Hunnicut S A. $165, good one yer; to L OS ~l w, ml rie et
Ser2-4v efratr. hon m t. Central Ave. Tel. 600 AN1NELES on way. s$15R.--5ound .k Ie bW I
Colon. trip $268.64 (90,day lil li)., Pan- rt amp., N EWI-04'
."' 'SAlE:- Diningroom set, mo- -.---- ama Dispatch Service, 36. Avertida F s 'rseIeTURe
t $75 00, sitting room set. FOR SALE-Pick-up 3/ Ton capacity. Nocional (Automobile :otew. el. M AwIM lis-loUge w .. I
Sto por mahogany end New Paint. New Tires. Very good Panomoa.2-1655.
$able $15 per pair: one mohogarn condition.-'HEVaOLET
abl e$ eorn- AUTOS EISENNMAN Wl tPa $. 3ebedar CHEVRIOLET
Next to Coca Cola Plant
r "!1'"$15.00. Dresser, $1500 et ,o + i ac o ma Pn, FOR SALEa "" a pub b"a"" UtC K
then cabinet, $10.00 See Tel. 2-2616 -2-4966, Panom. OLDS OBILE
',21'l3-D, 5,th. Curundu. FOR SALE-To highest bidder, with- M elllu i l OLDSMOBILE
:SFurniture, rhetal: dres- out warranty or guarantee, 1948 A- Froz. I nt '21. a. 1'e.t I e
chifforobe, bad springs. Beau- Chevrolet four-door sedan. C be AQUARISTS: Fresh t n a
E res, Misc items 2229- seen at American Embassy. SealedoShrit Sn F1p itromA 'e. "U r goilt fti d
Curundu. Telephone Clayton bids accepted until 12'noon, July RIO TROPICAL, l55 ip Ws ral r Im

S- BBed. mattress. spring.ed. ORnea, adiLE, Pwer o, teFOR SALE: 5 retread trelb nd s
c fOR SAL:.- 9 01 C .elrolent 2-dTor 3EA5411. I2 Mrs.
1 5 %ma rnT r 37- Snuat p i'Ak, ILs ^ A t .e .Al so 1-.
draes, msc, lassware No.00. men a l eaditee mull ip d. tubs 820 x 15o Never C eolaantsd .o
San Martin. Tel. Panama 3- e Hnit HmC.. A. .16t1. St. $15.00 ach Al FordS Cy:doordo
Chntrl Ave. PlLq 00 Colem. 24"with motor I Ford 8 Cyl 4 door sedan
AT 00__hon_______ 1, SW .or FOR 0RENT PoCe.vo,,t 4 4 d o
ALE:--3 piece nverstuf fed with FOR SALE:--1949 Chevrolet 2 door, 0914, Amoe.dor. ld e
*mp, coffee taole s, $foots 1 De Lr de, W bargain at $1..i I IL
SM5 00c. Table. 4 chairs $F0 000.00. 1465-D, Balbo. Phone FOR SALE:-L Rolght Plant, 25W. '1
Squartermaster beds springs, 2-4153. 000 Watts. Almost new. Perfect FOR RENT:-.-Comptely furnmiseld | '. ,LVAIA Stve t
I mat9 chest al 49ie, e d un w h each 50 Watts Bulbs.
tresses dessert, r y $90.00. Exel e AUTOS EISENMAN i
drers. 100. Bendix $85.00. mecheleel edtk Snt Next to Coco Cola Plant 4'15.
Stable od 2 choirs, $4 00 Huiait S. A.ifth. Stt.C Ote Tel. 2-2616 2-4966, Panoam, cl303 0 A
t e ^ rocker.e, choir and Ave. Til 800 Cohl T R N 1T' '
stable ,$3 haien Av$20. t. N00 C a FOR SALE--Chrysler Industrial Weld- pFORa C-,,
SChina closet, $35-00. Phone FOR SALE:--11947 Alk 5 ing Mochineeuipped with Wet.- .Li
Iban 4496. e tho1, md. Ud t, OO.'fl, 'nghouse Generator. 400 iSu. aiLBAXTER. S
00 frieut&Nt S. A. 14t k. Coeel Av. AUTOS EISENMAN -rmn i eV V s .
SALE:-9 u. ft.t Coldeot re- Tel. 00, Cl6d Next to Coca ola Plant
S rotor In perfect conditi FOR SALE-WILLYS Jep 1945. New Tel. 2-2616 2-4966, Panami..

W Dsehie at 138A". Lig0ACaht- OR2LE-WN 19 T"2A C46 Po o .u
S aStu pha 5.4S. Rint. New Tiros. Motor in vry FOR SALE:-lr mCompreo Worth- Apirt *
1 2 -4 x 1-4 Spaed A IOS EISENMAN i In gt'$.u.. REipT--ed3 wt 1 H
5ev+, ,*sS:.H M,. A A W-C, f.HALMItfa
I1 1000 fou Nit' to "L 0 CeDo Plant S '. AUTOS m-I 'C a.,rtmndet .i ell Vista. Haul

dinlngrom sCet, 9 p. Sl~~k~tne. aIdcLrlesA pae
WTShing- mahine1. 1560-A, Cola- CHRISI CLI o, t .mpto

sEh St.. Balboa. C.sZ. p FOR qN SALE.- PI nC.weTire. Clee on 1462. FOR RE.T:n fu d FOR thl.7
muw.ulw3rot wor 9 buf f o line Do lce an. Rdit S. HRadio. F P w ndm Colonm. eitl. a d
0.- C M __sk_______peho-_____________

25: gad21 k1 7031 adoI.itudio.^ soe- Te See1 Chart Ponome.
.ht Ac. C. e. Cover. Very oodblTirk. FOR SALE:-IPointm, dark taing,
aorflf 251 cycles, venetian 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline Do Luxe 4 boards, American- SLndryM E F
blinds for duplex. Mahogany table, d..ohinery Co. I gas oprtwater, r RENT: furnished apartment
sf ne.n 2-A.trSedanradiosetoNwhoater capacity 650 gellons per from A. JSept. 5 5$140. Hot '

S6224.19 Oldsmobl "98409 after 4. hour. Large and small aund cord w ir-. n Fied ,-O. e BO "nd
C b 2 i.Ms.Largundrsupplunrys wall eo. froml P
.....p 1947 Pontiac -"B" Sodanette. Tu. nets. Misc. Laundry suple. Cal aA.Pone',-3437. ,. ,,
SALE: -- Muvingrom set, tio Tone Greqnw Paint. N ow Tires. Colon 1462. FOR REblond mpgnyrn furnished FOR'SAd* 147 *u'-i

W e-2 cyclengh ft.rfrjgidaxre. St C Seat CoorSeg. 25 Hou 7lur r2lofbufft $8. F ant gu.E pi0thStri2t
,.lattice work, bothinette. Plastic Upholstering. Radio. Heatet. FOR SALE: ---Small bar, Panama oSBrt, 0" ISfurnilhed2 Doorfa
maments and fence. Tennis 1948 Ply mouth De Lux. 4 door so- owner retiring. oApply Box 521. ffi,. -ln.' eiden Phone 4 dO
25' gden ho 0310 dan.dol 2-2616 2-4966Seat CP6. Pono Miqu. on -7St. 195 1 k i I
Heights, Ar con. C.. Color: black. FOR SALE:---Pint dark stain, orLE T. ad "--
<1949 Ford Cs tom Do Luxe. Radio. tur nmel bcown. 229.Ca Curun- uOrruisd h pv en-
cycle ft.Frlgdre. ous sat r ao. bsro' wn.l2 clea, cqour e r upthem S .- di
for quick sale. $45. PhoneseCf sNea Cvsr tonCol, w aAort0tet
o U6224. 1950 Oldsmobile "98" 4 door Sedan FOR SALE.,-RCA Rodi, and m Neord 1886. 3' wohn 4O Bond
ALE:-i-Must sell immediately. Hydromotic. Radio. New Tires. Co I player console, blond ma ny,
Westinghouse1refrigerator 25 Ior: blue#R 2 0.-i o rer bufe $. FRIOENTrtmentcup.(.
l rcrblue$s 00.u'7 Vrtm.O House 20 Pedro Migu siNEss. i i~, l9en nd FOR m l1o C .

Tel. 2-2616 2-4966, Podna. 0..D, Pedro Migu. ry but

00. Phonet Ra 3-3957L th d of C .
b y $125 Zash. I FOR RENT: Fristed dDcool Jmy De
Co rs? a ^***,. e3 67. iand "*' &M "El" % I
a fte re Croton, Bol 3067. mon, couple, s'm or young s ated In'
l. FOR $ de e 6;5. r ri que de ola
u""hIMo i e- sM"dl down t,-S. F C Ave. 31 Im
bse -K Ausk 41f2 qnud 3Z16 A e I I to suit his
akor, .V-S, d.A A0 2A ,Po. um

mrCisum fangfog by dt ta
a No- na t d ...

A ',' -' '5"' J .o .1

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I 0'11w

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n in di ~ inif H iii iii~ iri i *i i 1 -T ~ ii i ~ i ^ ^ ^ -if ^ "* *^ *t-'-*' ''''!!?*''*" ti~ ^ w *w r ''' *' T *'r '"'V ~ ys~IF. ~

1 .4~rtr.4 -: -
* J'~:'4'* ~ *44~**4~'~
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Aew manl nu.

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HOLLTWOO '1I) N the aereft: Carra- ,
K m ractor wh oAsl*ar lant

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re co-tarre a e l t densi ety
aovoic ent. v v e wteas "n-
oo r amotry, f hlar e ud-
thlume ling wwiatert t

wae The nhtounced AMATEUR S POOKULewis Dget mte Carntmen Mland -

dget would be on e creaky organ music you just Jerry Lewibu tbtlekl
;areeten OSa- kn starr in the twtin good mime ofn, MiMiraly

ret Mlandyto thn a time iC at hande. BAll o this.erally opulard
ortrn Ireland t merry-ncarey of unbridled Mn th ama delightful e uo
h povoSS"ated cOntrayer- a4 ^i'iit funny L MIT
Plans far commn tel mevin l.end

Sy' n heresat to al m ed castle a ahandre lp
expec tedn tsb reveal- ambusesdor of hilarity. Dean-age of louth

Th e oralld o vte obhe tein an e ', W the mite C Me
m p] .hated .castl e replete w8 ors with M l-

| 01_._eaye :ehKe. ndor ,ket m CAN FILL YOURiht n. -
'Idet- -s--,-im wr mones. bies,lweird, appltlous and, zightfutunenuedeIs
00k +Would be f_._ tMtrover 1 creaky organ music. you JuteJerry Lewis' r4btlc I
Sknow that a side-p o.ttnoodmime MiMiran
*agland t_ Lo nlon tim s at hand. All o this veru lly p opulr
S Whenall IIstMw-- nosene isse wtup .I n_ "Sarde a_.
v, the; L-_ ..Paramount r I a a e, lbuy u e a George
,regular. i tilf" today at the man who is aow
r a iae a Theater h leng n th a db .
wou.h ,iia beth Scott and Oar- getting the halokio
.,' s.o_" '0 a e nt.u c. ,"m "'a.ScaredStiff"' Isout of. any eomede7
the _crnation ofQueen. M _repoted to-be a riotous cav-ideft pacing of
nmoee 'fld mrhmi dara lrwninery mayhem. The fun be- screenplay, which -al baaey

... .. d -n-+- An er,. land Jerrvy Charle s Goddard witv ad
tort % mod MeIsom. L a .s ohisbmblig bus-boy 0alogue Eb*-.
Sini w ,ur t wra,-tha l RNorman -makes,-l "
'+"pp... ram l oNBIC e, ofis reported to be a film
o. e h that vtably flows wMitha

Useeightsmalen".ythem fr a gangland ride, aY Of good cheer inO
IM .. they meet Lbabo 1h Scott, the ,direction..... .
tehed eatto .a'ha le off ______e__-_ ----__ -_.
These developm-ents eventual- the n o CA1gPreferig .,
"second-strins' t 4 he .

ftedat ham is to 9g t the p, CA-N.F.LL ..UR
l'otentary service on a five ANFLL U ',I 1.:_L
hour Wanialiving viewers a that thdy ha*e .er h.d the.
eVening, wh audiences are Jerry Lqwis' fan=
I ........ .and physical Atontrtonns as_ M
he cavorti about tp"e ghost sb d

N .

'4c'rtJ7T-L1Hra-rr '*

i,., --. -_


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orPa mtefs on the
sMo hl teB;ante
W7 Slid his 'VUfa bei
*3 ast for th* 19-.
sfy ky whathf h WEu-
,ny for Sthinie f
.heb~to age I

MIner-pt reF *F *
|(S' Ner PW



- -- r ."UJ am WWUA W
plter Pan" of 5
a century I3
at her arm-
.p arJ S hy.e" Sie **
in 'iialbury o1',"l
iss Adms pda -sp
tea t of her
laSy, heaTt dIs*g. hIk
brought rosalif

dl edat 11:40 aj.

T Adafns w#h&
S .one of A
pmned a in
wB binausa


;0i -iw O wawwBe

obs s wold. 1e thouh co-ntue At u te n

S 49141,1. s 0i4d, the" k o intenIsen 6f '
"I l.."e i ra has
IV dum 'be.tin luted .at "go ne
'a lpo d'rl at mero
,4 d d i, meats. Wen a onns are featun-
would contlmus t .
ow % current prbdie- reucing radio services.
Ihtf t 7,000,000 sets The 0oat of the entire devel-
a1t l-yehr program .is optne ; ~ placed in the
eted. Depste this expected no l aa li TV popular l, he pomti (M, IW. ..

namttan (a n a lcl Qfpaters SHOWING TODAY!

.ADLO HTS. 2:30, 6:i, 158,. P pO0 MIGUEL 7.00
4.pfe DUNNZ 0 Dow JAGOM Miek"y ROONMM Y Anne JAMbS
m.inr "quNMAM uN EE >* color i Tuadey "c ATAIN cALE.Ir"

rAI=Ad":A A f.: CARTOON I0
WAt BOA 1:r $,. :49, 8:%1:15 I AGOWDI NONDATI


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D. -

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~ ~ ~~k

xensive Chilean Kiosco Fain Hits 5-Fo To p

Scheduled To Make Debut,___

,i, Mrs. Carmen Navarro de Arosemena's speedy
Boss and the Stud Chitre's distance loving Grisu
hh' a formidable entry which will undoubtedly go
kthe starting post the mutuels choice in today's
tared $650 seven furlong class "C" eleventh race
the Juan Franco Race Track.
s entry wound up noses My Dear took command mid-
last week; beaten one- way down the homestretch and
e-half lengths by the im- held on gamely in the drive to
oyed Postinoich. Tiis week wire although Pincelaso and
.[e will be faced by the same Coragglo, which had come up
maendlers ir.nus Postinovich from the ruck, were gaining
irtwlih the rejuvenated Scotch fast at the finished.
llingdded tj the field. The winner returned $9.20,
Seet h Chum, now performing $5.20 and $5. Pincelazo paid
*wel s he ever did, galloped $14.80 and $8.60 and Coraggio
jtr idiulously easy victory in $4.
8 "D" last Sunday. If he Longshot victories were scor-
I's. that performance he ed by Pebetero ($13.40), Golden
a tough contender today. Time ($10.60) and Filon (13).
r1d0 Lopez Gil will again FIRST RACE
a,"hema" Quintero's pride. 1-Malaya $5.40, 3.40, 2.40
aurte Guerra, who was re- 2--Duque $3.40, 2.40
Iced on Grisu by Catalino Igle- 3-Juan Hulncho $2.40
i.vt week, will be back up SECOND RACE
the son of Trafalgar-Chifla- 1-La Enea Excluded from bet-
A.,,Starring jockey Ruben ting).
ruez will guide Sir Boss. 2-Filon $13, 7.40, 3.80
fIlUQo, with Vicente Ortega 3-Rosa B $5.40, 2.80
as usual, could be a first line 4-Annie N $3.20
er If the track comes up First Double:
Otherwise, the Antonio (Malaya-Filon) $39.
UBola chestnut horse ap- THIRD RACE
Bro be out of it. 1-Regla $3.40, 2.60
Bejidegus quit badly last week 2-Avivato $3.80
1l Jose Rodriguez in the sad- One-Two:
i after displaying good early (Rela-AvIvato) 5$8.0.
0d. This time the old master FOURTH RACE
ie Bravo will ride the confirm- --Resorte $7.40, 4.40, 4.20
In-and-outer. 2-Con Valor II $4.80, 6.60
Rhthlin Light, with Hector 3-Escalerilla $4
tz scheduled to ride him, has Quinlela:
in doing nothing in this (Resorte-Con Valor II) $35.20.
Pup and seems to be outclass- FIFTH RACE
1-Redondita $3.60, 2.40
other point of interest in 2--xaola $2.600
's program is the scheduled SIXTH RACE
t of two South American 1-Golden Time $10.60, 7.40, 4.80
comers. These horses are 2-Tilama $4.20, 3.40
ted to compete in the sec- 3-Florera $10.20.
lry attraction a one mile SEVENTH RACE
lit. for the track's Class "D" --Lacey $3.80, 3.60, 3
orts which carries a purse of 2-Golden Tap $4.80, 3.40
3-Chucunaque $3.60
be more ballyhooed of the second Double:
. is the reportedly expensive (Lacey-Golden Tap) 5$3.
IUean horse Klosko which will EIGHTH RACK
,a five-year-old chestnut son 2-Jepperin $14.20, 4
[Oregano-Klska, is owned by 3-Veranda $2.20.
SHaras Ouarare and trained Qiniela:
' eraclio Barletta. (Pebetero-Jepperin) 574.2.
Vernal, a Peruvian-bred six- NINTH RACE
pr'old brown son of Insulto- 1-Charming Prince $3, 3.20
cona, la owned and trained by 2-Toletaso (e)
idro J. Crisopulos. 3-Mon Btolle (no show betting)
yesterday at the local track One-'wo:
ear scored by a nose In a (Charmning Prinee-Mon Etoile)
blanket nslan in the uggg.
S $00 Class "F" lst TENTH RACE
ie over six-and-one-half fur- I-My Dear $9.20, 5.20, 5
s. 2-Pincelazo $14.80, 8.60
incelazo wound up second, 3-Coraggio $4.
a head in front of the fast
ng Coraggio while Rose Another Traffie Haard
p was fourth a neck further SENECA, Neb. (UP) Buck
ik. The rest of the field was Beyer of Mullen, driving in a
a bunched not too far behind, lonely section of western Nebras-
I o Hip set the early pace, ka, was surprised when his auto
followed by first In- wasbumped from behind. The
r then Bedlam. After surprise turned to amazement
e of these initial threats, when Boyer discovered an air-
le Hip settled down to an plane had collided with his au-
16 pace and loomed a win- to. The pilot. Charle Swanson of
turning for home but at this Kentucky, explained he was try-
t My Dear came up rapidly ing to take off along the high-
t rushed up alongside Rose way after a forced landing for
% gasoline.

Panamanian Jockey Trejos

Stars At Hollywood Park

lowing is an excerpt and won the race. York was In
Los Angeles news- the middle of same and lost the
'bis article is about race.,
mco product Rogello It is quite a difference, after
ho won the 533,100 all, because Larks Music was
takes for two-year- an odds-on choice and James
olywood Park aboard. Session. running for Mr. and
bible's bay colt James Mrs. Harry IBetty Grable)
'he bay son of Kinl's James, was at almost 20 to 1.
ght Special turned
furlongs in 58 flat BIGGEST "BONUS"
41.90., $15.70 and 'Another thing, no matter how
we the board, big the Trejos stake from Train-
--Oo-- er Willie Dennis-the colt's ca-
IT BCHNSIDER pable conditioner-Trejos got
Rogelio '1rejos, the the biggest "bonus" of all when
the-hour late yester- he was graciously smacked by
allywood Park, seems the delighted Miss- rable dur-
have hit his stride in ing the trophy presentation cer-
'odle land in the mat- emonies.
ng proficiency. P. 8.-Hanover rushes In with
ars back, he was the the flash that "James Session,"
satlon of his home- besides being a James band, rec-
n Panama way. As ord also is a race horse... And
goes, he won so many both go round-and-round.
a tad-lad that none What the first five-to-finish
leave the printed re- jockeys had to say of the run-
Is, all but one South- ning o{ the .aggin Stakes.
man refused then to I() Rgello Trejos (James
printed Word as fact. esmonm)-"He broke pretty good
acd-a gentleman who bi then he tried to duck in so
ved to the Panama- I had to hit him lefthanded to
dinner was Squire tiraighton him out. He's a colt
ch. you cabt rush too much and
'ok the lad under his you have to let him run his way.
s him work and, be- When -he straightened out to-
ch could speak Tre- day I J-dt took a hold of him
ge like a native, the and be. jst ran away and won
mag swimmingly for a easily."
(2) Joe Phillippi (Don Mc-
3LL Coy) "He ran a good raoe and
ante, Trejos began had no excuses, but he was Just
be skill that made no match for the winner."
lmg rage of Panama. (3) Ralph Neve (Major
slw wound up doMng Speed) "We were jostled be-
for Wlle Mol- tween horses a good part of the
rapidly. Finally war and I had no omanee to
"North Ameri- get him settled where iq
Iad .I no time at all d run as I know he c" .
SMle a fsint rate .(4) clId Le iane (la
Tally) "He had good sped
Is Just about a out of the lataand hung on-
ahelmout mve- pI game but he couldn't Otn
whim the with We to s."
aboard James (5) Ray YrtM (Larks mIule)
ft t wll agree. "I don't know what Uwas
erTk, whohed a bit Iwrong with him today but ih,
V wAth te f -ored didn't have 1 nusil s-eedI
S doubt wwi tes- rorr'"- cit of t flt A .he
's ouil s a whi be- wotlir -"b1ff ,Af y
I avoided the Jam part of .the ce."



lit Race "F" Native 61 FPs.
Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 12:45
First Race of the Double
1-Cosa Linda R. Vas. ,10
2-(Volador F. Hidal. lOOx
3-(White Fleet F. Rose 114
4--Proton J. Reyes 115
5-Domino A. Vas. 118
6-Risita R. Guerra 117x
7-Mufieco B. Aguirre 110
8--Romar E. Dario 112
9--Opex B. Pulldo 110
2nd Race "0" Native 7 Fgs.
Purse, $275.00 Pool else: 1:15
Second Race of the Double
1-VUilarreal R. Gopn 110
2-Bijagual J. Bravo 110
3-Campeafno M. Gut. 105
4-Yosikito B. Agulftl 110
5-Souvenir H. Ruls 100x
6-Coran F. HMIa. 102x
3rd Race "E" Native I FVa.
Purse: $275.00 Pool cleo. .1:45
1-Biscaya K. Fpla*I 120
2-Diana R. Tg. 115
3-Dob Pitin J. Reo '110
4-E ri0queta B. L. U 112
5--loina J. Pilp 108
4th Race 'Non-Winnerf Pgs.
Purse: $250.00 Pool cis.d: 20
1-Sandra Jose lit 108J
2-Glovani A. Me a1l2
3-Alonsito R. L. 0 112
4--La Chula ,H. Rul lI7x
5--La Mona L. Tuon 97
6-Spear R. Goaffn 112
7-Lady Moon K. Ploriq 110
8-Metto B. Pulldoe 110
9-Simple W. B. Aguirro 110
5th Race ".C" .Native 7 Pffs.
Purse: $325.-0 Pool closes: St55
1-Winsaba B. Aguirre 110
2-Golden Fan A. Vas. 118
3-Marilu F. lose 110
4-Golden Pick H. Rul 109x
5-Panclfta A. Yeasa 1121
6th Race "G' Imuprto" I ile
Purse: $4511. Pool eOees: $:35
First Race of the Douible
I-R. Gambler B. Pulido 115
2-Alabarda R. Domes 112
3-Paragen J. Reyes 114
4-R. Claim R. L. QU115
5--Plta A. Vas. 112
6---Apretador A, Mena 110
7-Regal C. B. Aguirre 112
7th Raee "H" Imported 4% F .
Purse: 5$40.00 Pool eleess: 4:05
eond Base of the Bouble
I-In Time H. Ruin 107x
2-Stmo R. Vas. 110
3--Pla Jose Rodrt. 112
4-P0@1 A. Vas.,118
5-Goyito A. Mena R. l03x
6-American M. K. Flores 112
7-Mlmo B. Pulldo 118
8-Rina Rol V. Castle. 115
8th Race-"!" Imported 6% F93.
Purse: $375.-0 Pool closes: 4:40
1-Delhia I. Guerra 109x
2-Granero F. Hida 10O0x
3--(True Blue V. Orte. 114
4-(The Dauer C. Ile. 110
5-Interlude R. Vas. 112
6-Mallfn A. Valdivia 110
7-Wild J. B. Aguirre 115
--Agua de Oro B. Pulido 116
9th Race "R" Imported 7 Fp.
Purse: 5M0.00 Pool closes: 5:15
1-Bold Joan E. Dario 106
2-Nu pbn R. Vas. 116
3-Valey. R. B. Aguirre 110
4-Hleeano R. Gonme 108
lo B.,Pulido 118
6-(Vetre a T. C. Igle. 106
7-(Agat6 R. L. Gil 110
1th Bafe "D" Imported 1 Mile
Purse;. $M148 oo closes: 5:40
I-Coq Anu V J. Bravo 114
2-Wlsh Foax A. Vas. 112
3-NewQnster K. nores 112
4--Porters kar H. Rutz 100x
5-Bedutno A. Mena 112
6-Invernal C. Lino 115
7-Kiosco B. Aguirre 115
11th Race C" Imported 7 Ff.
Purse: $65O.- Peel deses: xxx
1-(Grisu R. Guerra lllx
2-(Sir Boss R. Vas. 118
3-Viajero V. Ortega 112
4-Scotch C. R. L. Gil 112
5-Bendeguz J. Bravo 112
6-Rathlin L. H. Ruiz 97x

Juan Franco. Tips

3-DIa a
4-Simple Wl
5-GeMd* Fas
7-- l


wp," thee
served. "The
i-kes off in i
q~b ter he
""*-tnre get


volader (a)
Campeso e
Lady MOeO
Reyal Claim
In Time
Wid Justlee
t- Bose (e)

~7i?~Y~~ D

~ ~

1' ..

-. :i~'~

p1WA rIrsday to enter liilUsho w.
here. Adams and Reinhart
man QUrts of the worlds. T e botbi
u Frd catches in the t he
were accompanied Panama by' Bk
afn an who will make a-l16 # If ute col
ti L efi.' lm will be 9. :raitto
trAivelt 1 iahnma. Shown4n I pto, left ti,
Capt. T~ul.mThomas, Cla'A s ee
airline, and John.Relnbart. Admsft and BeadS
Pauna. to enter the 8 an a

. .iJa -

-* h.1' e '"s



' I W L Pdo
S4 31 .631
Sl 34 .601


eat.ew Yo (2)

2O& 0000000- 6 14 1
200 D 30K-14 1 1

(64). LP-.aeb e'.

M 20 14-U i
?* 0 Aole 1<), Tt


mLvaI a

.herIn B-v

nme to

t1 :

QUa 9

ia t1li


by pu


onam <

ship -
a io

ad twomrIn ... -^.,

*kan boyt

4 n an o ,J' '.

r 3u *a take
Msarr n ..

ou R
A h1um

lwA7. M
you lIon
first am
not hav
sna, ta
It take


W wi
ymo I
*y nf '

ay attend
at least,
Suwfe te
ks Aata I

Noatop at Clevela nd .
-t1UdelhI at D -lr ()
WaahinpO at st. Louti ,

hlla. 300 000 01 -9
Oleveland. 120 000 000-1
yrd (10-10) and Murray, ;
tr, Hoskius ) ana Hgu -
.~a,. (8, ,B Rebin~on (lIt,
o Btric -(
S(5 <-).

am 000 000d.
Slewera (2) i
der (9 and .(
t bet (9) and

ft.36 030 1031f

@. P- v~rn !(2-8)
"k oil1 000 400- 6 .9-

u iiAw VHornet


,J*lL.. 4,.
~ ~mb~


-' ...

K *~~'~-



g he fol

p at HR
.7 sacrer

tat HO
'af rldi



_ _~




- j" ',



wri, I
a vu

IB-- ot,
197^^ --

need I lot

binl w

Sselectine." A

ates Bkwn me
0 capstuffeda

munh h;ope."
.anUm lmla -

dA4. ., .
I 3

aI mlu as wueeCUl*. 4

- f.

hem Sand-
B K: the re-

I this proposal
Sh,e still
t muoO-
relief for
be nuable
0In malti-

lnzmpetua on
e. Of course,

. W EBB.
e American
U tot. Del

|r?^ pa

of the St. aLoui club cannot con-
h.e ,Wld fd 4, mark tik.e,

a:i*a to be
M at ka axpesndd

*w ----*----T. .
omW ow .'f DBp t O W COAST CItIW S'W DOWLAu

Ut ftn ei
"la y y r w u y y o~ i w e 64 foc'"a 0 S E A ? S E ? -


f an.
Yor fa

assmAg..e r assum-v -

O~oley fies R ls:Caim

Sr Is Drwi..-y Pay

-eW v,,v .iel ta-AL.. .I- *SO tN id uNs that he

Wrong in havingg
ee, ghost written, bqt
a. mething controver-
Ite bi flop In 1951,

Average fan wouM like
ush what RobtWam Is
e his salary .ft 14o.
S all t .P,.rs

W. d

up at thu

r- m5
. & 1

5tar ST 4

up like a
ihumb elulb

By AB GAKUIONm brush up his game In the Strface, Los Aneles'
NIA Sperts dlter .evening: McCormick and Wilfred
The Public Links has been ley, the Harvard Ilnmg
O e a water, stenog- Boston, the -latte
SdBtateIs L Li Ua rap er, riveter, WPA worker, wliner.
Ambtear Cham pkfnUh started steel worker, bartender, truck After inning In
with a slude to 1922, but er, olleg men and what Angeles
Ce, lo ge men and What Anel e S ,
It has been a live one ever .o. Itsa the people's par- profeslnal, came
ta, truly an All-America pro- double, or Small
A pectator-who t dacthe went to the
eA ,t, ator.he st wh toura- lrtoe champions shooting te b. A mate
ment at ledo's Ottawa Park agoi this trip are Pittaburgh's bwing to Ted B 1a
Course Qbvloualy was disinter- Aadti# Suwedko, Stanley Bie- Clark, current sar
eted, but the working men'sa lt of YopXers. N.Y., and Los,touring pros,
entbhu asa grew until there Angeles' De Stanley. Links of 141. t
ere Arants at Denver's zweda c down In front ner in '36, did well
Welhir Course' In 1940. the as a 32-year-ld steel worker amateur and pro.
largest ever received for any in 1939: ielat won four extra-
ted tates Golf Association hole matches to reach the '50 Th L !w
event. final as a 37-year-old truck are nvited to the U
driver. Falling to get anywhere ateur, a bid th
1i the'National Collegiate Ath- rv. That I
letic Asoclation Tournament of hold be, for they
'51, Stanley, a year-old U-real amateurs.
university at Calilorna at Los
Angeles student, dropped in on Detroit had a -gand
Milwaukee's Brown Deer Park years ageo.wben he
Course to win the Public Links the U.S. Golf A
in a closing match that wenteutIve committee toe
to the 38th hole, the Public Links and
perpetual troph.
The lPfis Lnks is the only The Public
tournament, outside of Walker ChampIeOh"pgave t. -
and Curtis Cup international who tolls with lha
competition, where participants the white collar wargw
In amateur golf are permitted thing at which to_
expenses. Muanipalitles may
pay the east of their repre. How Abot W0M14ta1 46a..
sentatives' transportation and ALLIANCE, Neb. (W'-
give them a living allowance. Alliance family was
A corking, amateur won the when' the quarantine
r.ltial Publie Links Champion- their front door
ship -Eddie Held of St. Louis. down. One of the thau
Other splendid amateurs who contracted measlea gaB
first attracted attention in the later the other two had
Public Links Include Seattle's' disease. Then all threb
18cotty Campbell, medalist In ill with chickenpox-
1934, and Brooklyn's Frank mumps. r

L re Began -a -
and the Standish trophy.
The number of eutranta de-
pends oMn the site. There were
188 for tha. year's show over.
the lush Weit Seattle, Wash.,'
Municipal Course. The winner
will be decided after six days
of match lay in a 3-hole
tiral. July .
The champounamp field con-
slsted of 191 who qualified In
sctional rounds and the de.-
mltlueolder, Omer L.
Pel 6-ar o;d
ruidenfT South Gate, Calif.,
o p a at the Mami,
L., O try Club a year ago.
Par for the 6400-yeard West
ttle layout is 71.
- Thrtthree-mnan combina-
tIP"- am as many sections
for te Warren 0. Jard-
tagc tre blematic bf the
imavlnBil p.
i1h Ib-m ka'le Champion-
sdh Iw for the fellow who
aant d to Join a private
club. Ua-la the true amateur
and enth as who gets up
k oattl the morning
Sget. It a Pound on a muni-
o mipal ,se before going to
we&k.0r > rushed from it to


nothing like






o y.Tf.0

GUAYAQUIL .00 144.00 ..
NEW YORK ...... 114.00 214.0
CHICAGO ........ 130.30 23 .0M
BAN JUAN 134.00 M41.3
V.R mere Setail, yTlt Ara, elffles il. 14-26 .'-
sW AvN M se. apr 1 t? M*of



a trig by

and Braniff serves the heart of tih hemisphere.
From the great cities of South America to 64 key
U. S. cities. En route, you may have stop-over
privileges at famous resorts. Meanwhile, enjoy luxury
accommodations aboard El Conquistador,
superb DC-6 sleeper. Or fine low-cost service on
El Intercontinental, DC-4 tourist flights. For
4Information and reservations, call your travel agent
lraniff International Airway, Avenimd Tivoli 18,
Telephone 2-0975. Hotel El Panama, Telephon
Panami 3-1660 Ext. 130, or Panamnd3-4726.
Col6n Ticket Office, Telephone 779.

ted, Robinson a
mak a few

- wua sp. a- japa

\,1 ,

ry a'


or ,..'
U,o <.

Vo i.

er l -' ,


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a. )



5 ,~


L; 3

wr:* .r '

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b" that
noed *4

pItes, .alo tion.. r ut af 1
-fS ^ iti carter ema dp la M a s te

1|Brle eB p*o, doNJMyr:ta~h
,rulebo A"e'

laee k

' ,. ..,,. ,f :. ^^,.- t or..
j. .. .sa .^I --

.A .

; .. : .


~*-' :

- C'




*QF.- -

-' i'

MW -z


.- 1 -


.A .

~'iA4g* ,'d
4 I>- -

, ,.,"

% I di-el the people know the i
t4LANTA, July 18 IUP) & lepote
SCivl Defense Dii.ctor Val Pe-
I teron said L,:,,a, a House cut TWENTY-EIGHTH TEAR. PA
S Of '88,000.000 in his agen.'s
budget will severelyy handicap"
the stockpiling o0 medical and
e vt of0 an atomic attack.
SPeterson said he %ill ask the Rpb i
Senate Appropriations Commit-
tee to restore his budget to
, $125,000,000. The House had
"I am sympathetic with el-
faort to reduce ? government
spending, but the amount ofM any
amney asked bv Civil Deiense
was modest compared with the WASHINGTON, July 18 (UP) ously missing fr
lee'd," he said. Acting Senate Republican legislative progr
leader William F. Knowland all by Knowlend aft
'"Peterson was hler.' to con- but abandoned hope today for the Senate Rep
S fler ith regioniil Cill Defense passage this year of the ad- Committee. GOO
officials He sada hii agency had ministration's $240,000.000 pos- leaders earlier
been sto:xpiLng medical sup- tal rate increase bill. pressed belief It
fl 4t i ,.ment for restor- R. Ib.. ahlirP

p e s a n u q i m 11,11 U.. .
Ing ilecLIicl i communications
an, water seivic alter a pos-
&D~ie atomic attacicK for three

Peterion also said"
That RutZ-,ia has the capabi-
lities of making an atomic at-
tack on toe United States and
causing millions of casualties."
Tnrat probably seven out of
10 enemy planes could break
through coastal defenses to
launch an atciiic attack. He
aaid at preTent, probably only 15
minutes v.hrning could be given
.-n many major citis before lan
attack but '.,? hopes scientists
can developer lihiening devices
to extend the ,-arnmng period
from one to three hours.
That Civil Defense authori-
ties are moving away from the
concept that mass bomb shel-
ters offer the best protection in
Sn atomic attack. The best de-
fense, he said, is to "duck and
get under something."

The U Callrorniua uepuucan
also indicated there was lit*
tie chance the Senate would
act this year on the St. Law-
rence Seaway bill or the cons-
titutional amendment, pro-
posed by Sen. John W. Bricker
i(-O). to curb the President's
treaty-making power.
The postal bill was consplcu-

Point 3 Plan

- U.S. District Judge John D.
Martin holds there are three
degrees of drunkeness.
The jurist, in discussing a
charge yesterday, explained:
"Pie-eyed is when your eyes
begin to rolL
"Rorey-eyed is when you can
not see.
"But you're plfleated when
they carry you oat."
Martin, og.hemph a Tenn., is
sitting here[ a vTl nlrg judge.

Ar! 4 '

The aipst inmp
of the .bill is a
crease In the ce
out-of-town lett
Knowland sai
lleve4 Congress.
adjournment "tai
31. But he fsid t

truth wd the comunryto safe" -.-7

MAMA, A. P UND A, S 19, 53

Leader Lc


oom the,"must" ehace-of passage In tk
am announced tyo weeks are "highly dt
er a meeting of anowland named four
ublican Policy wfa "must" action.
P congmeBlonal Snte:
this Week tex- 1) A apsure to dilpge' pas- ~Oe a"rf t-owned ujY
IV Plato. A-De
ortba featre fi eloping. on
one atS a- .) AB 1 1 to create
Mst f Bu B .Adinintration .
ers iJ^Xte'.huge mu 'attw
d he till be- rto run the
vWill not its forcefi4 Defeswme J
get'h4d-e-July maot next 1
he posWll, U's fl 6 abthr


construction program at
and abrotd.
i addition to these Congrels
:bave to vote on the ad.
IptraUon's .>Tquest for for.
Said iun& 'and other ap-
platiaon r to operate
;I. .ras"mulm n the current
House. 4 inltte cut
0& 000.00 fot-
!aid4 full HoU
pp mmittee is
ct~et to Aiprt the eubct m
"e's cuts0

dal nbpr.
) earlUer thx6
4, hil estsabbh-
ista I dP to sub-

*nciid-i r *i ,

Spublican da W

Owd -the multi
SV=t erM AdminDla


NO MO4 ES BARRED Survlvow4
bach, which ank in early mohll
Bay. look; down at a hole made In.
the tWO shil~ collided 17 miles -I
A passengers and efzi

- Ra.tWEM SUNNY SIDE UP-h ed T1de ow s n old
Ihad at rfing eggs in his Houston, Tex., caf, when a cua
t@uer be lim it wasn't hot enough to tfry an egg ona automobile
ood, Fref took him up and won the bet It wacqi cnch sinee t
sun turned the car hood into a hot j1Mdle. r
----- .


* I
4. '*4' .

wuomeg Fideryl
in ubrgettable experience,
yor wa thrilling esed-
plaod back with superb
ado studio" fidelity made
ibi y the miracle of
D-TONE" ControL

s S. A.
Amm A 26th 8L

map shows whre the U. S= and
SFramnc have agreed to construct
SS pipeline from Donge s to
I Mets. The 400-mile line, cost-
I Ja 8 million, will be oper-
i atd by "Trapil," a commercial
S0 company controlled by th
reneh government T.hejfuel-
t~k-taportan16 loL sound
and a&rfe unft'ijn. opeas
weu as a
taglellaptit~ane o gon



*mn-I u0.m en
the Italian 4w

~l'i. 4

^**. .tel coo S.4

0 9he te tlh

be. teelimmnation' g
W'; an welistate
;+:! ftpporhmilki,
Iwth any other foew

w- ,- :.

es who go in for tads.-
inrties. These two studes
ieted between the SUrsi'
ilt result not only in I
atur, bgt also art b

vil Defense

ad Wants

it Restored



10 p p1

40e.- Al

- --F -- --~-._n--

-- -

-` ---



* f- 1 I I .

- y, a


~ -

4 X

- I




MS, '
0. 1
dld des widee.

kr .'- '. "I.

I'' *
? :*
fcl ...-.- *

* .-- -, -; i .

$' ,-;,3 ,' : -S

b m'ughedIn

is L .,., ,, ,

.. '.'... iy. s *
4 t he m me._ ln 13. "o

ts ittd tdi' 1 C I point ir me
u,,..O. no.AU-- the numbe a -
W" do0 d ts e 0 "fobton o. S

.& M-nf, U h VD .- eA e

fttad .pul,..t. r t i L tag- e i
^ JtiMp R:rI. IIt 1ar the w ohe

.... th d ,t "
=0 4 11k .W.."di. o. .l,.,-01 O ld


A. Mes p ,t Mees,,.

"Igu. / he

,~- ~ l'J.e. ..,,.* n
mom the +V4.

...5 v .9 K E t

**.'. ..VOW o hetO .tt < # Iear to 5 amInIV f b .no V It ,oo w I

1t n O cs B's t eawia iw *Isu "*- -
"-n ea4 ,sLI wasg ou0-1 2I lutWa on a lsgiven
'we*i 19Mi 'Sti *lt&M :q geg t left.
A sA w Way of Furi*g 0O
A ROCKR tod to ditrmuw o twanty-ypere bam now
of t sar at two-pwad paOl"" to U a ce
of me customers wo couldn't wait unatml a nge Too
atma oo ale woere xad, so be hbad to fo the ue tm
WIghlUg with O a olaneahoord p ir of 1u o ne o
MUles movered from the baek of the r All To
- the iAv pound and nine pound wOhtt for you-
Utse had been lost. Bow then did he weh out word
the 10 two-pound packages of sugar with a main- warr*
UI ad anipton? A
.. V 306at a nso d o es ar00 31 12" on thf

"X*MU-oIn O

e a a e a--aou r ypib
SltAAse f tede

ag ar vK i ais Bi.

B I r q ti lo-W P! D IA
Wll Mrf lObtl

aD a Io', a cIloe a mM r
MImatfr M u elet 4iga

&Otis mil"IL M t-jwypla
jor roll as tamsm

the wtt lag at
right) has bt
* 6en what

PaOts to be a
at to" (soome.
ao's In for a
*urprliel) 4I
he'd like to #et
there by the
hortest polbme
oute. Can you
trace out the
rout' be uat
follow to rIeb
his goal at lower
left corner?
people over

lp ON Ianlr "
It) Your



By D. E. Woodmwi
IC umd in battle, then In
raldry, these objects an
tound meetly In museums,
eky gaVe us a handy word
I we use often.
Rfnd one. draw a conunuous
hat rosses oec all except
f the lines In the Ggure.
help you further, we'll ten
The Greeks not only Bad a
for these, but most of their
or carried one.
solution to given elsewhere


I ,A I --- I I I I I
tS folks become vexed at
M"the .Obe-kerboard w hen
they and their opponent has
maneuvered them Into unten-
able or losleg positions, but
her I Ia heckerboar eb which
Is vexlag to the player even before the game start.I
What ha happened Is that the 64 squares have been
paOiSedlIn an unorthodox shape, and until they
are aml ed a game is impossible.
Eow4r, the *9tuatibn is not nearly so black am
It Maay Ma. By usmg your scissors (or a pencl,
If you are good at vtluallslng thing), It's possible
to make One continuous cut that will divide the
above board into two sectons which can be pieced
together to form a perfect board (eight squares by
eight). If you fail, an answer is given elsewhere
on the page.


Solw an Anagram

A SINGLE picturesque word
may be anagraummed from
the foUowin phrase that -ug-
geM ts word: 80UL LIT IN
AT. Wat tl the word ?
"UOlJIsnill : JsiH*

04 (I1oL 44
bther (1 EL 4A8

WO 2- '
AN bI,: '


BoMb. to

iRAeWO rms So SOl.wT-u


-, I
* ,,

* *.-.


Turn to Win
usIed la this et.
I O up, providing he
makuO th rioht
Smoves. Tat *
S-king an9;
In 'Cn C ou puW
ft7? oe is to
win II four
S toove. White
moves uhaurd.

W wIoo
, ira

. .

-^ ** .


. ,-


1*, .. A .::



. '

* F~J


* h.4~I.




1Wrth lt




*. '~


I ,:+


Armyn1 x s uput 1flRpraeO
three-deonal traflfc signal
~t~,Both ras are members of

:$[itING IN THE THIIOES of Australa's currentiwn*r, a pessum peeks from hit luutit .
;Jcoollow log in the zoo at Melbourne. Only the]polar bears are enjoying the cold weather.
,; 7 1j+i1'*~A -""4

P"NM IlNO TO SET SAIL. O the sea of matrimony Sept. 12, Senator John F. Kennedy, (D), .g
Mauschusetts, and flan ee, Jacqueline Souvier of Newport. go fozr l off Hyanhisport, Mass. ml
. .............A D D1 ,

are concerned
show,. (1) Herea-
under a black Ve)
blouse.and three-'
Lurrie .Pizer featk
bright shirt matd
a-detachable bird'
winter cotton, finq
-'Now take another


ste a

I WBol gJggWg
ed -Airt'

cueis. .tlMR1
a full dw r

'. *";"** .'. s'-.

tice by Cpi Irvi.
as they erect the i
Ight on the o)n
the 45th hntaati


_ _


. .I



)-t~ s-

* N

4in-2- p j



, ."



" ".. .. .... R e. .' _. ,' ,, .

a..ance DXyision ot i. Ath eir aqptlon, a g-en WHAT-
eral "handyman" cinteance crew.' ,wasI
,,= *I Union o6 charged officials with "double talk" O. ,t@1e4
when the plumbers were assure otuance of thela oItclled n
work in accordance with union .-ulattos addl. wheth. the c o rh.s
tlon tp maintaining te te acrk.Vf -t-d fsro. ma d onu
officials claim thatsucha crew would ave the al dancec, whether h.'".
money. Union president .. arrjel said t eo.* the conference table in
em is a poor substitute for health. If the 04o the elparty unlnterheS 4
tasks are put in the hands of the Jackf-ot-a r. e,-- .---
the already waning sanitary conditions and, been a.sso aith*
public health in the Zone would be endangered, he planners in the.
charged. From each of ii
Canal authorities stated that the new plan to adopt word deeiVd a e
the general maintenance crew is experimental in de. be quite different _
termining whether maintenance costa f quarters can In fact,. the f ,t l
be lowered. If the work of these "handymen" involves word.proboI3iWd*t
any, repairs on plumbing, Oarrlel said, it would be a carrying whe story'
direct violation of the local plumbing code. d n h*e la
CIO Local 900 joined with. the plumbers in this me- .......,.
week's blasting of Panamij Canal Co. They charged The whole a .wra. .
the Administration of "robbing the local rate em- aah. Western tpr e3
ployes of vitally needed services and sorely needed mn to au .worl4, .
finance." The union protested that in spite. of tlhe or mof-S ,ceora l to ra,
authoritte' probable removal of the La Boae dl pen O Pne such belief Is th~ .ept
sary, indefinite suspension of the housing pr0Ientat in pneral l wo .th. of ,wervaru ,
CArdenas and Charges,' and other needed faclbti- ,
there has en no wage Increase grantethee hhe asa nvo-,-nraee, w, a,
raters in or n er that they might combat the prevatl ei'ge of be"i ngl
ng difficulties. the war? Wlt
o 0tno
The United States Citisens' Assoelation was able to W t n.n
look forward to' a good- reception in its prestet *memi ke ut' 50S146d t Jat
bership drive, after the first few days of the campaign
were reported to be encouraging. less,
however in order to Iniestgate the probability Of trace. WU
granting membership to US. emp es'in government- th y have
at agencies aside trod the Pana Camnal d Ianal thn l .st week's .
Zone Government, Mrs. Franeds LoA more, prealdent., Ing 1 the etrzal ifrow
selected a six-mat committee to study the by-laws oWer le e w
ef the-constitution and make its report In August. The .V.o
committee will also study the -problem of community the Were
delegates who move from one townsite to another. and tol ndn m
0o RONs .c.e
Although it was announced that -U.S. civilian ,er.< pudlatel a Pamun lon
sonnel with the Armed Services would receive their ne tS ete were
per cent differential through July 31, Canal employes_- tas awe M id m .
still faced the problem of budgeting their pavche-ks < oth Ou.reow
minus 10 per cent pedidig flaal Coleelontl tio the scene
on the Civil Functions Bill for the Fscal VW 1.954. *:- 8.111 a
-n addition to losing a portion of their salary, Ca. Sort of a f sad
S nal employee were being billed for various medical. n enld 'with the n
compliance with the Comptroller General's ruling. The a nosltten to c.i tv-f
bills will not have to be paid unless the.measure be. How one local adivau~e
comes law. .' 'at .t "_ wWW
bi sn o inot have

Oldest C.Z. resident Fred Huggins, died th isweek rinmistp.t&d%,
;just short of reaching his 103rd birthday. Other th r-- d .
deaths reported during the week were: Frank W. lHa W ver a t
son., former structural engineer in the BnglneeringR D. W t hAI
'vision; Henry T. Pfeod, former manager of the-Cr.t.- A yway.JtW a it
t6bal office of All-Anmeripc Cables: Robrt T. Fields, Ctinese D .'verw r *
employed by the Panama Canal letrical V Division: against the .0o
and two-year-old Romelia Inniss, daughter of Mr.. I at unix "
and Mrs. Cecil R. Imnrlss of Paraiso .
"cl:wing a released report that a rodents have been, taher then t,
on a down-grade for the past fiscal yas In the Canal sh .
Zon police handled four traffic kecidents and three t i
ac centi resulting from el s in the past w*k. So i came
ilans will urobabl' Able to file chane-of- a I& uts
*ourvter applications a little more easily aeccordjig to When S th
a plan to post cuarteri va ancie every week that was .%te affected
approvedd byAFGE LOdC9 14. The plan will be put rpiseebmentsf
into effect through the busi, ng Die'rtment upon ap. re"ohed "the "n
*ptprc" by the CLU. u o. on a,
"he Canal Zone reported tboi week its first case ot .Acually, a se
po..o since January. A three-year-old boy was trans- in Ko loa together
:ferred -to Gorgas Honltal from Col6n Hospital to Gor- combination p.nches _]
-tra* Hospital where his case was reported to be a mild' loft followed by an
or r '' ''er not at eear as t
"-Ih officials released a. statement that thev" -
peltcd a supplyy of-o l .uamune globulin All-thatcan lbe aidemmunef
SnMa -mlobulin) buttiat sic a sauoly woaid be 11the. Ithps i
limited. In.order toQ -revyevt further outbreaks of the lKOM n -i
paralysis, health authorities ~aptioned .Z. parents to from cen
eareflly -follo the set precktilonity e.res. ". ...
SU.S. Armvy thorities flatly denied staitepntts.made
'Thursda" by. Mrlio R.amoioa .In testlmw -before theg.
SPAtty. % etBect tht tha'Armyt had
Sibe bed, of a t. S Pranfito Raions threats to- 0-
wards "'14u(nIR'and r elles. -
The Pvrto Rican ,ol4er. sftbbed the twq ils, R
nos's .'-.*aughters.., a wed ae r ci
day and then. co, lttmu iede s
polee e-'-s~~" Armand a.Moreno. the taxi driver
from Wim"" th 4C... ea'thad big1htthe kiife m 'Wt
used to stab the .two gri*g tp death. PftU-
Sweapon v-'- new .O??mmi"ndo knife used by
'- nlia Rem6n, Pan a's irst Lady, catrie l
"' *"hot ded a!s!ne o .ri ,fin. "the preolrnDe' ei
DarI6n Irst week. Leaded down with druns, health sdd
and see<" nOi acomuon'ed by newsjein and clert-'al
workers. Mrs. Rewm n .d her. asels nts were ep eet-.
-, ed to m: e several ston* in the uansl.are.dltrlbptlng .0T.
tbe- eurw...ap-p ,ivip* f*et fit a .t dieal .td tohe- "

Traff/l.- J.- l.e uit n Rio. saied-a 600 f ne n

i. J#. .i,
etl b E~iB





I -, *

- a

., ~ it-
4. '-


"T -1

1' m9 l


*:r '--H --"'K -
.. -w -

4 '. 1

MK6 "- "-" -iAA a""9 B"
.4-ps; 4t
n -" -F n

. .1 .

rl- t \rrn r -iii

be *
r r


I- T


AluS8 e-Oriental 1-The color 35-ftras. 74-Put folrtI
.coin beige gron as effort
85-FUtifue 2-Vsernl, 87-Ttnfter 75-Fruit
MSiow ?-Gd S--.Without 38-Pertain- peels
at talel t9-tiUtudi abmrt ing to 7T-Unit of
-T.-llSote of alse ostmal' the moon power
*h the eles 90-.Grourof 4-Method 39-Section- T77-One who
a .-4BItellspt animals ofrepro- ofa take
ti. i-wMeasUes 91-Fuamo duclg hospital charge
rt of ra 5-Deserve 41-Maot 7S-Llat of
fMsft weight ,3- i-R'alaa recent actors
ili -4fr "n-- O-Ch-irr "a 43-Drives 82-Surroun
to -uirbo* 7-eUA 41low 9s-Wtl of measure ope bustible
sut respect --Prepar- 44--ontam mineral
t I--HtUndles. -Pertain, lag for lnate S4-Love
a si t et og ,toat l. -cade.r song
.me 4et 47-Paddle- 86-Rapture
S theot f. that I ike 8W-Sense
Sproeeses organ
0 -0 .-ln"t ar' -.a-4Kna 80-Rustic
-rig hO eo. 90-Illtted
Mt4 vb ow 9-Affects
(sA0 02e 1w 4 ith
UMo liSquo-qr n4 the
..-Pp pliM of O-D.anc
114-4ecla INS-swamps ,. a woad wwine S tep-
et a 134-An&al., I It--laute B5-MBliAeg f 7-Place
l patte a
S7-B-alink l12-Mah 1-Miute 55-Mtronfg 9-Anf\p
78- et' d bird Ue ta-e 100-Reju-.
.pImpor- 113-fessla* .15-A5led S-rlaeant ate
tat tuin of f Mouth 61-4lly 101-W
t7 depir .Giaths creatures ofaiia
-M ase114-Avoid AMAU n s-3Bsetoi -Persta .
l! -91 o f _C ,
tar tib" amberr Z16-Gmswlfg fl-.Fqmag. *7-Umt*A 17-atess

bleS lad 25-Mkslg U-- ber 10-Star it
., : ne 7-a 70 t -Source

voice 81-Ai-e a 1-Oact Ul-Sor
8 T3--al puif

4 t0cv *t< 4.y' TPTECR TTMUV ZKVI.
V#4'vzt'k'*o 9gxotWir*29111a NB 3CT HTLCRKQS
VtE C T? A V. -._. s e'
S L.'as ... sn to> "o macas a-flea






F. j








Z1 a~-.%. -.

j,'*~~ ~ ~ U''*-r^S*-twj**- "^t.
*jat., ..;' -- .' < ...' .*^ y ,B
.,: ?. 4 '-' .-
. .'. u' **." rJ.
'\ { } ".- I'.._ .' .- .' '' .. -< .... "'

e iueres

t- .

S .II /

.B .B-








.- PT1




# "r


Sm a TRsWm>CKSN s vu Mw I Wv 4 mam
WO OV imO I1. *w l-
M ON IN ni us t *a um a m *a e. U .

- elk MflAm. it MAv.ui -4 il

r 9 .' .

The ops of water make the ocean,
The grains of sand reveal the beach,
The dreams of wonder show dla heaven
For which the straining fingers reach.
And tear dops sell more about hell
Than men or books can ever teach.


To one who loved and lost
A cfeasuse chest of-Siadaequ*
Anf found when counting cost
'The gold in f'myes sadness.

To one who fotnd a light
To *amh ibe depah taadaess,
And "0 others 44
To pr" mew coins of adnss.


'7Peirwns s:
q" "
: p" ,'.**

I I'
f .i
I .


ltrewith find solution to Stnday CrpAfrd Pu-
po.. fo. 489, published today.
Anmwer for.Sunay, f umie 7, Cryptq1Idpl MIS-




333.-Wr ri


-'i "-; F *' "
-- :I


- ----- --- ---



* .- '**



. .

~i -.

. .


a: "Au S6I~O7
MI., ~sr
T~ pgdh

a lovely VIOw


..-1 now




7%' ~;



rme. b4fene, was

v= pl for

-i teI abcter ISn his

tu1Eit a postcarpt


DIUa nw
Oy.w W.
win the
eamb In

, ," ".

- .




now York b eft''

bbt.' ;MS: .

This yer.
Panama, bt'..
first glance o
For the on tin ttc
ry, Panama' vigl I
rice this year.
ered opinion th
who are charged ,
apountb ity ofapiel

grown eand consul
ama this year. T
harvest wfl of
the continuance
because Panama a
rigation to any eo
Now, of this gbl
cent comes from
ducers, each' of w
more than 2,000 q

Panaae tAnim A
for efficient
Where doer
per cent ot


Therefore It Vi
S Vidual farmer, th

Add many of the
(little farmers) ar
ods of farmih A
pre-Columblan #r4
After all, whe
visited ianams-h
disns. He may .ha
plan* *eorns, an
today 4sely-loek
that reportedly
early ldanis In
The erdk Ista t
agriculture niz
crude in 1 A08 rI
Let us see Jut.
the campestk
plant rie, .

' seoiitfjhft ht, du

i'f aouz t a


...- ME, -
1 w. i'...,'i 1. ,.

O ew T A -,,'
^1 %roi; 3

4wod 02ti0
hom- et ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

qiin lee.^^^

a cl^^^^^^^^e-
^^^ i~f^^BHIII^H~f90^' *

ger '111 ~fl ^m''

I .

, -.. .,


A ,


s~~~~i ~ t .hl I -




~C ;L

!! ,o


*%.- -.
:-,,.:..o,,, .


~ *~

C. .

.*, *
~ ~ ... ~
~ 't.



- -~ .


I -

I- -

*IC ~'2'

-l ,ui

* ~


4 -
,^., > *J^ ^ ,^ -- .
. l .F' *.


ry T. '
'$ 1 .

to 4-

~Pw':~uitr~ ~iL:i~P~t 'ju i-L~~ I ;I-.;t.~.~t~


t^..- -

U- ~ -~ -

~ -

- :*. *- ts

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