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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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1. cY.. bus Red Hungary

o WAI OTON, July 4 (UP)-
must be-siade for possible Sen. Jo'h R. McCarthy picked r o mi -
SNo s diase. Up new support today as he
Sthe No K 14ti When all thee things have fought to put down a revolt a-
nA been compiled With, the corpus gat his controversial chief in-
swhenevt ad or at delict is rMved to cold storage vestigator, J. B. Matthews.
sea..-.. -the tempatur. must be be-
t spen 2 an d 36 degrees-until The International Council of
i ppal ,The NS av by ww of ex- Mathews' charge that rotes-
S$= o toagct a plantation, hat he reolation ia tarit.elergymen form the 'largest
Srlght too thgcram- needed "because of the fact that single group" backing Commu- -
owners somtUies'* not accom- niape in this country.
Sthe ny their pete 4 they are BUDAPEST, July 4 (UP) Maryas Rakosi was m .
S I of arporte uas peribnal proper- It Iwged McCarthy's perna- cd s pr r
Sty" nent nvetgatng subcommittee aed s premier o Communist Hungary to
Jb the The owncra have a right to a not to condemn him for merely Nagy who said that th government's previous da triil
n .rt. It. agAA glvln 'the American people the
Sdes. the Na s pokema blunt cts in an article in the pOlicy, its attitude against private enterprise, r. f
at l h u the~- ed, the antihqs may have Amerian Mercury magazine. and its police methods were all wrong.
M e-rensa, s h.o tht couple d be trn ite The article kicked off demands a sensation speech to sued parli t,
Stml i pengera and crew of the ship. from liree Democratic members new premier promised revolutionary changes in his cu
to a short, th Navy ha no in- for appropriatee action" not try' domestic policy.
0eof Nnrlyd nure erlan- spelled out against the white-
St a prrrk, haired investigator. A Repbu Ngy unprecedented spc follow ho
Of. 0 can Sen harle E. t rhuffle of the Hungarian government which avis red..
t !C(Mici -aseid'nhe might vote toe
f re Matthews f the issue came ed from 26 to 19 members and its veteran leader, Rakoe
.mthe: n, .0 to a ,At. retired.
S a i TBheAntiitersy threatened to Nagy said in a one-hour sub- behavior of politbpuroate u hu
labo Ma Msubmmlitee wide open mission of his radically dif- to cease. The internment
l :'te mince McCarthy ferent program' has to be abolished at oaioem
.took If there Is a -INDUSTR : "Nothing jus- Interned people can retrBa,
.Tt pat which s rats plus tiles exaggerated industrializa- their work and choose fra
1PoattyesiJ 1 s .to Up the tlon and especially when we where to work. Deported
e aatg a H ly 4 .cat 4aate Chairman. lack the nece sary raw mater- ple ch choose freely
.I. aat tgeI sah__ _- lals. Essential Changes are need- they want to settle down '
Sealerq Apac ed he r teop ofmbebuldng

Se -to" r seven reduce. n ri Invest- u
tmOf he aynts eon the one dn '

be patient In the r
ensw (UP) religion and will tolerate
fa wealthy endiisi*a s t -uuet holiday HMELsERg .Ger
1 .^S^ *" ea wealthy DM isid ~ ~ 3-TRADE: "Cooperatives can EIDEBR. Germany,
too R lof|6Sfeed -nih e In mountains near not replace individual retail ~. -The U.S. Arm's .eS ;
100- Measaleroina- e merchants and craftsmen. Li- Dean headquarters today
usine as ruled pu unless censes h4ve to be Issued to en- ad a curtain of acre
nThe able them shops full-dress report it h
Mo s e.t pinhonorthere.In The anle them topestarihei aed to the House Armed
Ae Ithet tpir- order of the daYm sa* atsto agePOi AO" edr g
A*. r s.ect C0yl ee l tro Kf CONDITION: "There were serious nary measures against
S c, to h-ellow flow- -e mistakes iorn the pa. We have i. Gen.- G enenth0
l -ul of thut- can TWpecial lenMr oh r got In a I round to create an abundance of food er southern Oemny eo
Icate- lump-sL 'a = ill r tb the ceremony of 18 yesterday afternoon and other commodities to raise mand.
o-ernm- 0n. f aus hfrommny, at nearby Blue Ridge Summit, the standard of living of work-
AI.t. hr4. i dubfrom t playing with h era. High p rices must be d- a e HousBe G, o the c lasemtt _
st the commut.a ,. eet.t been i .lh c ttc e New Cork Herald Trlu m neC imf- IL eal Ther ovnd c smen that-I edma dh atcha
om ,th e C a la.iw ilatm di c inedN erw c o kovreld eall oveging-r e t are 0or t
accept Wth cit" nioulmd in next- &I 4 tow a te a ford Ioberts, retired New York not tolerate unjustified ovesa alleging that 16 officigs
anal or federMItd. AI t enreturn .to investment banker; a d I D. time and will guarantee free Cramer face courts masd
Shme bM1.oh _bl" 1 -h a. e-later New York business ex- e PtOLI hafC: s mane gils. orhu

Lo that of..h ad that'r"m their relgi- were Mrs. E aenhower, her moth- every citizen should live freely.
a y mt r t e re M, of r. fa ntan er Mr John 8. Doud and Mrs. The law was not always o re- ui r n

B a ot ai t abuses harmed 10:13 am.s .......
u s cred.IiVA- Lu rd0 Amllyn, aifremed OfteIany. The rode and hesartless 10:50 p.m. ........


"ame of the more He accempanled ber to Hi
S bgllsh. land for the crowning of Que
e of obligatory pub- Juliana. He was constantly wi
aes, she seldom goes her. When King George died.
stayed on, with his title chang
22. And one'alace to Equerry to the Queen Moth
bar new habits are Margaret was devoted to I
simple maturity., father and his death did mu
itily natural," he to break her away from frivolo
iceu Margaret has pastimes and companions.
wood the stage of SBe was with Townsend ev
She is a very Intel- more and Londoners say he v
od Is interested in
I thugs."
i press and t*iBrlt-
s at entirely iatis-
mIlhood alone it. re-

'..~: .~

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een Ban0ished?
o'- a good Influence on her. She Whatever t-G mines of te
en learned to appreciate the corn- mance and are
ith pannshp ofn intelligent man. there is one
he There habeen no official the new Mi *
ed statement regarding her rela- She rece 'w i e4 ao
er. tionhp to. Twend although hhr heart's mi er t
ier one Sunday nwp o ic clamored vate apart
ich for dealal that re any- Coronation proeamt l m thd
Du thing more than friendship be- Queen Mother.
tween the two. For the first time in ber Itfa
ren she is to be "mistrem In her owd
r" But the Palace was quick and home."
definite in iasulp a denial that soon work will tart to
Mpat piaimed to enter a it possible for her to *rve
r order, after a French up to her own frout daOW.
statioahad said she would, will have her own staff, er
kitchen, plan hi,. Af WD
e r gr6at interest in religion is with her own bOuNiep --
a trat abes hres with her sister. She has already mt.rted
I ing her furniture and
Both I s ereupervised In with decorators. bMe
their utidles by their give small dinner parteiil
fathel.1 .C late has been own home for her i m
taal ag* and has friends.
bes a vhorte to Lam- This doesn't sound Wt m
th te omre of the plans either a runaway
WE- ment or joining reilgoai.ou
-i,. blntepyt iion has a ,
mMfor her." People Who
m* 'l .a _L She h.
.a.n.n Wui r ,,r Rin ing Door BeHs
inld.W bt e subject -
(UP) Bak or yow.
Rr basAt that two yetun Kerst went to VWit b -
men ham e yOwe hissgedtpart 'builtouse here
| mla ltrel ous rang the door U toI
Wolua d Ihnr Therte wa a
fra g a l *toui der and wake Iu
a n. a-se lan
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' ral am Lincoln.*

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PAGm TWO ....... ------- --- -


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SWc t'c nefencs Pla

(NEA Photo by F
ancient places -
one the Arabs



-- o0

gypt points to
- including the
i hate most.




Plane Desig n

I, WASHINGTON. July 4. -
Winged seeds of a climbing
I Indonesain squash plant
helped show the way to the
supersonic airplanes of to-
day, but ironically, nature
Built, her little gilders so
well that they retarded avi-
atlon by discouraging re-
Years ago, Dr. David Fair-
I child, famous plant explor-
er, gave some two-by-six-
inch Zabonia maerearpa
seeds to his friend Dr. Alex-
ander Graham Bell, inventor
of the telephone, says the
L national Geographic Society.
I At the time Bell was en-
gaged 1 .flight research with
| Samuel P. Langley of the
Sn9tthsonlan Institution.
Bell and Langley tried the
eeals in flight and found
them exceedingly stable. The
stability -wi due to upswept
S wingsg.- they call them "dl-
1 hedra wlnM k th se sdays-so
the two men built thelt glId-
t, ers with this characteristic.
Among these early models
S w .ere, the Langley -powered
S aerodromess," now on dis-
_.lary in the Smithsonian in
Unfortunately, all these
gliders were so stable that
controls, for other than
steering purposes, were con-
sidered unnecessary. Hence
the Wright brothers, seeking
plenty of maneuverability,
turned to a flat wing, very
unstable but controllable. At
the same time, they retain-
ed the important Zanonia
principle of flexibility.
World War I
The Germans had a simil-
ar experience In the days of
World War I. They built
their first military heavier-
than-air craft, the Taube or
"Dove." with a modified Zan-
ia wing.
It had, a tail. which the
Zanona. does not. It was
s afe in ordinary flight, but
maneuvered so slowly that
S Allied Spads and Nieuports
with straight wings, danger-
os to fly, defeated it in

After the first war, noth-
ing much was heard about
the Zanonla wing until the
11's, when an- Austrian
salentist. Dr. Alexander Lip-
S smoah, decided to have an-
ter try with it. He built
tMllens glilers add all-wing
_wered ships with wingtip
antrols, the latter a work-
.ble substitute for the flex-
i0ty of the seeds.
S2Ipplsch added the Wright
'in ple of lateral controls
ti the stable Zanonia wing.
S he result was a fast
.= which could loop and






CAIRO, July 4 (NEA) It took the Russians to make
,he United States discover the Arabs.
As far as the average American goes, the Arab
were colorful characters wearing headdress like knottW
towels and dashing on camels firing barber-pole stripe
After building frantically against Russia in Europe
and the Orient, our government saw a side door open -
the Middle East.
That's why Secretary of State John Foster Dullei
visited Arab countries offering membership in the Amer-
ican financed Anti-Communist Club. That's one club you
get paid for joining.
The answer was flying tomatoes and speeches knock-
ing Harry Truman for being pro-Israel. Knocking Harry
Truman to a Republican is champagne for breakfast,
but Dulles kept a straight face.

The Arabs suspect there are
strings attached to loose wal-
lets, like on April Fool's Day,
and Dulles now agrees that
any kind of "Middle East De-
fense" must be delayed.
This Is unforutnate, for Ar-
abs make good infantrymen
If properly guided. They have
amazing physical stamina.
Their songs are not of love
and moon but of blood and
I have been touring North
Africa, Egypt and the Levant
for more than a month
speaking to Sheiks, fellahs
and bubble pipe salesmen.
They are concerned with
crushing Israel, muscling the
British out of the Sues Ca-
nal Zone and the French
from Algeria, Tunisia and
Morocco. They seem to have
no fear of attack by Russia.
The Arabs hate us and o 0
Eurepeas allies more thai
they hate Russians. They do
not know many Russians.
Well, nobody loves the tele-
phone company but every-
body does business with it.
The West must explain how
the Russian anti Christ
would be Just as anti-Mo-
Why is this Important to

Remember w
Rommel was b
Cairo and the
chopping thr
Jungles en ro
It looked like
If it had
might now be
braska with ti
Today Red C
dia and along
Iran. Malenke
might plan re
Middle East,
place four th
Adam's Apple.
Assuming Ivan
tough Turkey
feeble Iran., h
through every
down North A
gler without n
tive force strc
make him don
Of course, fi
our fly-boys w Ivan froi
American airfi
Bahrein, Saudi
dan, Cyprus,
and Libya.
But needless t

h en Marshal
freezing toward
e Japs were
ough Burmese
ute to India?
a hookup.
happened we
defending Ne-
able knives.

pilots would not be practic-
ing loops at the time. And
our desert strips are as ex-
posed as the open sands.
80,000 TOMMIES
Ivan's only ground obstacle
would be the British Sues
depot where 80,000 Tommles,
trained to ballet precision,
serve three boring years
without a date.
Minus Sues, which fed
Montgomery's 8th -Army,
Rommel would have ferried
the canal, turned left through
the Holy Land and Turkey
to join the main Wehrmacht
in Greece, making Hitler the
biggest man in the Mediter-
ranean since Alexander the
If Malenkov stops trying to
kiss and make up and tosses
his weight around Suez
could again play a life sav-
ing role.
The british uim b"r is
ht bry' Miggest mashin
shop @Iwe.mbsae. AmeN*.
Wr W 1 wOeeN eeN d fly
to Sues in their underwear
and overnight be dressed and
London has a lease though
1950. But Cairo says it was
inked under duress. Egypt
wants Tommy to scram
England, who knows that
.dtting on other people's prop-
erty without popular consent
Is currently frowned on, con-
tract or no, offers to go If
she can leave 5000 technical
houhkeepers and return in
strength if Ivan marches.
Egypt wants her own tech-
Meanwhile, peace maker
Dulles runs to both sides
pleading: "Gentlemen, gen-
The U. 8. worries: "What
IIt ftma ...* W--JL .

hina faces in- i sone o0 our North African
rlde Russia is landlords decide to burn the
ov and Mao leases?"
eunilon in the
which would SECOND ROUND
umbs on our
"We must drive the Jews
into the sea!
n would detour "Until then we will not be
and bash over able to walk proudly before
le could stroll Our Lord."
Arab country So spoke an Oxford-edueat-
,frica to Tan- ed Egyptian offleer, tapping
meeting a na- the one remaining finger of
pg enough to his right hand on the table;
i his tin hat. the others were blown off in
the war against Israel.
rom the first His massive Sudanese bat-
Yould be clop- man, wearing gold earrings,
m British and served mint tea as the of-
elds in Iraq, ficer calmly discussed the "In-
I Arabia, Jor- evitable second round," an-
Morocco, Suez other battle to break the
back of the Jewish state.
to say, Russian More,passionately, his words


UNDER TIE NORTIMBN SIADOWi Peo sed a the Arab Wel,
this newmap show hw It embraces oH.rieh lands and the vitl
Sumz. Shaded area at top Inaeades Western ally, Turkey, but is
dominated by Ruula Communis World.

are dally repeated In the
newspapers mosques and ha-
aars of all Arabia with sym-
bolically waving swords.
Dulles, who recently found
Islam for the State Depart-
ment In 30 flying days, ds-
covered in apparent amase-
ment that Arabs are more
Interested In rubbing out Zl-
onists than worrying about
It Is not merely adventur-
ous, for on the Arab. side
there I e-uaie fear that
Israel plans to dominate the
econ It Q nothing else-
of toe "dle last.
Arab. blockade committees
comb ship, planee and cam-
el caravans cutting all trade
from Israel. The blockade
hurts, despite some famey
kx-OmJan offleers, rebuild-
ing the EgyptiWa army, glad-
ly show how the desert tricks
of Marshal Rommel could be
used In "the second round."
Farmers on both. sides of
the Ieael-JoIWan. border ktude
die around stockades like our
early Western piones as-
'nightly frontie raiders loot.
burn and kill.
All concerned yawn when
the UN pleads: "Knock it
Another- whaok at Israel
illl surely be more thorough-
ly planned than last time,
when loosely knit Arab le-
gions wheeled off to war fir-
Ing "loy" hste In the air'
as if they were charging 13th
Century Crusaders.
When they smacked a mod-
em Xuropean force they col-
lapsed hke ducks udns a
Zprtl, the largest Arab
sta an all-army gov-
rnmnent sworn to make the
Nile elta a base for the
toughest troops between Tur-
head man, Mohammed,
NNub, thrite hit by Jewish
but, used public shame o-
vwr She lost war to seize
mt' aw neighbors, fy
ria andl leane, ate study-
ing an mmes talogues and.
Jordae are baprov-
ar tei I- E.trmned mua.
Thus dty to see why
Israel whn the Pen-.
tagon-ta about arming Ar-
abs a possible Rus-
slan tbtr mtr oil fields.
The mwsay: "Once the
Arabs geS shooting lrons
they'll p on us!"
Althmg g less, Israel
has well heeled
with the M model mill-
tary mn s en though

It depends on endless 8.
handouts for a sim living.
There are many e sties-tM
In Halfa anl Tel Aviv wh
eye the adJdoaig Arab
estate with ivy. Comit
UN reports show neither elm
a candidate efor the Nebf
peade prime.
An Arab can't help hating
Israel because he can't stop
seeing the 800,000 refugees
who lost their Palatine
homes during the conflict.
Israel won't let them return,
fearing a -fifth column, and
dirt-poor Arab nations can't
para e land or Wobs..
,The U. 8. f 70 per cent
their 1500 calories.. dally -
barely enou to an ae-
Wve aMa Iy a e..
Drive around Joan, Leba-
non, Syria or Pmt and you
will pass th arj Mthy teat
cities, where the dead are
burled in shallow gram
without the nal dignity of
coffin or -canvas wrapping.
,. ," +y, of
for allowipg riate t
ada purs ansot ba the
9119" a"J.e drive and
AkIppinaa O" the UK In
g .uatlng ,iru.I to state-
All A a re an pected
of I S spes. The
t-aveler wit a U.S. pasport
Must~ Wear I It a-* t e
Christian tatWh bfo aett
Into meet Arab e-,
Sibri his e 41Mt Patriic
O'Cal iln Meua hy.
won t lethe Arabia. Amer-
a 011 Co. Ae one Amer-
of Jewl% s tAMeA-n al
ortg 000 U.. emplopes
working the ptolti petrol
pumps, "
.All told Wwamnde
hwr-notert tin-s fn
the Koran ad aw finds
the five-year m Jewh
state still ringed y Bstillt
erh l not aoi ated a
"good neighbor."
Below our plaabumnig
violently In e t det
air, a *Ersifof of der-
rinke ti ny ew
on sea of san
The pilot dipped st I could
have a better vieW ad Mlid:
That. stuff could be the
prime #ack been 'us
and t l .b* h
His VS. cce simplifed.
the current Middle st eri-
ala, which has ,Democracy's
diplmUats Ina a. rightful.
ftap. *- *I
'Mlf t *wAoUwa asU*J s A

WESTEtrN WORLD'S DEFENDERS In A Grld a '*bOah d by I
one guar4ing the Sue Canalagainst po M'VV j gypSmild sersIm

,W CENTU nRTMUAN ACAP,: Ota td -aad
PeOla Quff ernost, whafe tankem defk to Iosafte4rgoesIfMjtj

9a a malarig fever patient
b= by 0 how
.-tIralMd Charlies,
HsfA.p~ W". j= nean
ae, wltd- .ttlte in
other lo m tre el e
.UN, .to.
i ."e I IWU SO .,have.
lto -ppe Aft.rp.-
oUw Is pote yet

It's the boom paa

'bottle of bo ,. '
I we ... lof tf
ro)e Wil be.. d,
and plane
shkrintk SAan U
cll=te lghtfl1

would be stunted;
run tanks on to oiw.
Excalsud *. ovse"':'rte'.
-and couledvely t"bK6
armies couldn't lick Vte^.
how could the
fluid alip froa AUled4 la
After Bn, Englihm M .d
Amerns ploneerf-ei@
war Muf elterna
ly heat as trage

or R

2. FearM reign Qiiit


good tfr ohe-teath the globe
al total, Tt try t
broke, b=Mo sdikeAs
power by ever stIrg anti-
G!relgFmR. T -
And. -W-ea 0dl fret:,
the nsetd-B, i'
Involved In- tU .1,et d.
e firdshed wittput eAring a

The whole Middle aost

bsofar theySv

bt the i have .

loan Ara UliCo

da Wd evr


't.l ~ tems at .hare

C .

planes 'f*mi

.am on -
unance a


Mer t Ztanonia charac-
Ii.--the sweptback wing
added to absorb the
w avs of the sound
. T her emerged the
Is, ,t-.,powered Ger-
SMe-1A which flew
alle an hour in 1941
the first aircraft to
r the transonic speed
o list of the fast air-
S ag the Zanonla's
i0N. today is a long I

Wdiy's. Planes
Ot m nlIes are the
P rwng-tadliess-
and PND. the
,le trato-
with wingeso
rep when the
a the field, and

qlsthe ago Is the r. MU MOM byi 3 h'e a '
more*ant. KypopePomo m. miahs ft'h

* .-.-- ...- -

I -
I. .,.~. I
*.~***~ .~. '. -
4~... .4 A..~.4Apfl~

W % b a of f 0 1 %I IW U *nunnW

Are Viewed Suspiciously

From Iran To Morocco



.: : _

j~~:~i;. :'

-. .. 7. 9.

* ..- -+ :*.',*- .

I~ I~-~~~C~~~~C~----. ~

---~- r




" J The Alrm

Olok Club

State Repair Bug
Results in Holiday
BROrr, mi,; (UP) city
eta l tazban Berkley
2u_ get an ufextzctod "holi-
been o a set of rickety
wooden sta.
Berkley advertised for bids on
replacing woolen stairs leading
to second-floor offices in the
ey hall but stpulated all work
Would have to be done ort a
week end, so as not to interfere
with routine. The stairs are the
o0 entrance- to the offices.
S bids were received. Con-
*actors ob-leed to the over-
thne that would be necessary
for week-end work.
City Manasget Donald Oakes
resubmitted the bids without
Me week-end work stipulation.

Deep Thought
DKROIT. Mich. (UP) -
To&m"-. J..Neary. andeJesae A.
N 1W l0pth 5, handed the
dept-mtyp delerkr MJrs. Havry
B. semn -a .m e license
applocatlagand mwid for a Iu-
e AppUcSation, was dated
Dec. 17. f2p
Mrs. Keidan said that al-
thetiOgh tey hMad waited more
tS '14 VyeaS, the application
wlaa kdee. te asked Neary
Vhyt_*M-qd wanted so long
'4''T.Wbed%',about it for a
Kh;fra^Mw decided to .use

AM. U.Say...

ift of Ute husband
too Mwh 1is't; al-
when the hu band
dUilakg. Here- is the
'in one marriage
hand's ddelaia
Hd1e writes:
^~ ~~ Nee^9^^ d hiisband.
S and I love him

`ipve been married near-
llMMg Ha drank quite
-n hm we were married
#A Vp -U afterward. But crew old -ed-
lIMM~lMF~iattM utas I, fnal-
a;l 1r husbl and that
Aa &41tve them the *Mt
ktH 'Khems-mless he quit
alg t a tavern every
hs -way home from
In a home where
my- ul~r'ldrinking created
of problems and un-
hane *md I couldn't bear
Ito 4.'-trW own children -go
S inthe same kind of
5 a mae.ed to
and heEAllsi. We
irh and hit been
.11 ~i. In church acltvi-
1f 616- seem .o npougb
l'..l^^ y problem d I
iidnit ham If Z did
g S husband so Mnch
tilnees In of doep

NmEW TORK (UP) Wfe in
an aut ble gete plusbhier and
plu eb-e., .
Itf you become_ bored on the
highway or vexeda t city traf-
fle, yot, can brew- a mS of
coffee on the' dashbeOard
new gtagde plugs t f a
socket about the size of that
of a cigarette Ighter. Trn it
o and in seven minute a
soft whistle signals to you that
the water is boling.
A twit of the knob'and the
water pours Into a cup, filled
with Istant coffee, which
forms the bottom part of the
machine ,
The offee-maker comes In
sizes raging frorn one to four
cups. You cma stow- it tn the
glove compaotment when not
In Ato u, Lt
Ciald Auto-MIX, WtEn. mudyu


llw n o "

.. f. -.- -

ea" -0 In

ki 200*d
$.jA~cof (coutd.)

DETRr, lch. (UP)-Fleet-
wood Durden. a bus driver, had
the remedy for four ten-age
boys who gd on hik bus and mtold
me how touch they were." When
one displayed a knfe. "I Just
rabbed th e f extinguisher and
shot M all over them. They ran," .I

mBoot A4.0

Charles Landsry, -n An rri-
clan who served In the Royal
Navy during World War II,
said no the first time his Eng-
lish friend, Sam Barclay, sug-
gested that they buy a ,tramp
sIdler to ply the island of the
Mediterranean. But he wasn't
really hard to persuade, nd a
few months later they were off
on. What surely must be one
of the strangest sea voyages.
Their boat was Bessie, a
sturdy west-of-England ketch.
Wether it was Bessie's crank-
iness or the greenness of her
owners, most of the time on
their first voyage was spent
becalmed or fighting winds
that blew in the wrong direc-
tion. The voyage from England,
to Rhodes, the island that was
to be headquarters, took an
Incredibly long time, but they
made it.
Whistling for a Wind by
Charles Landery '(Knopf) is the
story of that journey. However
great the temptation must
have been, the book is not
written for laughs. It is a
Sincere, straightforward account
of0 what was a great adventure
for two young men. The hu-
mor that cannot be excluded
creeps in quietly, along with
a warm and sympathetic ac-
count of life in the Aegean
just after the war...
Robert Musll, a relatively un-
known novelist in the United
States, has been called a writ-
er with the "greatest univer-
sality and Intelligence" since
Proust and Joyce.
The Man Without Quales
(Coward McCann) a brilliant
psychological study of imperial
Vienna In the year before
World War Two, Justifies -high
praise. Its ideas and subtle
characterizations make for dif-
ficult but rewarding reading. A
precise, patient man, MusIl la-
bored over this satire for twen-
ty years.
Ulrich, an ex-cavalry officer,
Is the "man without qualities"
who returns to Vienna and
watches the decline of an an-
cient empire with all the de-
tachment of an honest an-
thropologist. Through Ulrich,
the author records not only
historical events and social ha-
bits but examines layer after
layer of causes underlying
My Europe by R. H. Bruce
Lockhart (British Boot Centre)
Is a timely book first published
abroad last year, bringing up
to daste the reminhence of
the Ruth"or o nqd Mon:
elm -49 a BI=l A~r. Xioek-
hart here tells o = Vetu-
elon days In Russia and post-
war events In OCechoslovakia,
Germany, France, Scandinavia
and the low countries which
include many items he has
been forced to withhold until
now for the safety of persons
concerned. IHe presents fresh
glimpses of Lenin, Trotsky,
Stalin, Gorkl and inany more
Russians, giving a perceptive
peEsonal touch to the political
speculation of the moment. He
has an engrossing and eloquent
secta_ on Eduard Benes and
Jan asaryk whom he Ibved.
The sb on tInmate per-
sonal detalt known only to
Loarart and of more than
paing importance today ...
Cry tal Ck ar,. by Elizabeth
Cadell (Morrow) tells of the
eompleatlons created for a
family of the minor British
nobility, by a false engagement
The statement in the staid
columns of the Thmes that 81r
Paul Baon, Bt.,-was engaged
to marry a nonexistent Helga
do Brulals eventually produced
a real fiancee for Sir Paul,
provided a suitr forr the hand
of his widowed mother, and
laid a skeleton that had been
rattling its bones in the Saxon
family closet for So years.
' A leisurely love affairbe-
tweei. Sir Paul's sister Philippa
and a serious young scientist
provides a subplot for this
sprightly souffle of summer

Ri8ht Medleane

--- -- --I-

Thefadflc Sleasmth aba
aWcoBPORATED BI 81 9iL auR' W Ila

Royal 161 Les s .
M.V. EA DEL PACIFICO" ...-......... ..., .
M.V, ............. .. ... .....
S.S. "CUzco" ....................... ............. 347 9
M.V. "SANTANDER" .............. ......... 1 41th
S.S. "DIEMERDYKi" ............. .. ...............July 0k
S.S. "DURANGO" ...............................July 14t '
S.S "LOCH AVON" ...............................Jwly 6
M.V. "DESEADO" ................................ July 11
M .V. "TEVIOT". ............................... ..Julr 1
All Hatlinsn Subleet to Chanre Without NotUe
I BALBOA-Term. Bldg. Tel. 1-1W I




Panama to One Way SundT
MIAMI ..... $70.oo00 1.00
QUITO '. ... 8.00 154.80
GUAYAQUIL 80.00 144.00
NEW YORK : 114.00 214.00
CHICAGO ..... .. 120.30 IM.60
BAN JUAN ... 134.00 M41.0


PANAMA ~ ~ ~ % DI.TBSeIK'-
'= I I



3- .4-,O
.- *' HX B *' -,.

a on.Hts Wd

: T show

it A

Tt.f ., *.guK v ,. I ^i

(A .

1V i. T

lt0-TSwl ".s .r ,,

Af united

S on World

kn '- The ACm
ock Club
:5 e Aa Clock Club
... (co td) ,|


For more details. visit Aresa's offlee Tel. -,4M&
at 15 Pram Ave. or see any et the s m a
Amr :




10: .6

. .- .


'~C -

(OP) -

"' .


i- *;

le catch.

a. Ms 19
..I Z






4 -


Fine 014 Scotch Whisky
Jw.Fa" o&a LWiL, SoMh WhW D DU&MOKnftefM
I I----
I II I l

st Club *-

Born 1820-

still going

With a strong


L^ -


TAere is Always

n ? o"u; ,. .i
S ,-oWthn" r .lew

\ ot Your OBakyf



MAIN 0 RE N.1- 40, 44th ST. BELLA VISTA
..tN( F N6. 9 "A- AVINU

I" ~

,,"-;- -,
d.',/Aoi!/nr P i Jai


-,a- a

DEgP RED CHERRIES combined with rhubarb In pies a d jam is
an early summer flavor and color idea from the Paeific Northwest.

*- ** *^ H "
--*; ,. *-W^ ^ ^ < /,



Women's World



. 4eB

aalk g or SmaI ry,

//Aood / on

- --- B GAYNOI
-. ._ -NEA Food and

ver try combining plump,
Ik, sweet cherries with rha-
h? We learned about this
iqus trick In the Pacific.
west, land of fabulous
rry orchards
he deep red of the chmr'ie's
the lighter shades of rhu-
'bproduce pies and lamn

Markets Editor
c -

Sweet Cherry Rhubarb Jam
(Makes about 5 8-ounce jars)
One-and-one-quarter pounds'
dark. sweet cherries, 1 pounds
rhuoarb. 2 tablespoons lemon:
juice, 4 1 2 cups sugar. I box'
pondered fruit pectin.
Wash rhubarb. slice thin:,
cover with 12 cup sugar andI


U til#l to look at and really let stand for 15 minutes. washn. .
pderful to eat. So how about pit and grind or chop cherries
ng advantage of these early fine. Combine fruits and mea-
er" fruits while they are sure 4 cups of fruit into sauce-
lIn season? pan Add lemon juice. Measure
Cherry and Rhubarb Pie remaining 4 cups of sugar In-
SJ"'*Orne pint pitted, dark sweet to bowl, set aside to be used
e'erries. 1 cup diced rhubarb, later.
1.3 cup sugar, 2 tablespoons Add powdered .fruit pectin.
4tpoca. I tablespoon butter stir constantly until mixture
'Pastry for 2-crust 9-inch pies. comes to a boll. Add sugar:
.. Combine first 4 ingredients bring to a full rolling boil and,
'd put in pastry lined pie boll for I minute. Remove from
'" te. Dot with butter. Place heat. stir and skim by turns This npall girl Is well establru ed i habit of goo groming
a urst on top, vent and seal. for 5 minutes. Ladle into hot. though a set of her own -meetles, designed espelally r young-
'11 for H 35 minutes. nimmediaely. seers of pre-teen age. Here, she uses babble tI (eft) an her owa
ake in hot oven 1425 degrees sterilized tars and Aal or upar- stngso rteeftaener) af to sbublblet at left vaey perew.s
f or 35 minutes. aff in immediately. dusting powder (left center) alter bath. She feels very grown-up

By ACIA HART daughters to use grown -up
NRA Beauty Editer beauty preparations, you'll be
happy to know that there I
S v l te ith f you have small girls be- a complete and special line of
tween 5 and 12 in your house, toiletries Juti made for young-
the summer time will give you sters.
Keeping iUp t With Husband in.e opportunity to introduce
them to good grooming. The lifne cludes uat h im-
|**One of the best ways to start Portant items ase bubble bath,
Means Self-Development your youngsters off is to supply toilet water (delicately scented),
them with their own beauty hand lotion, dusting powder,
preparations. There is a double colorless pomade lipstick, a
o advantage to this. First, the powder mitt stick.
girls will be thrilled with the You and your little lades
-any women have been misled by the advice: "Keep up with 'idea of .. sonal pension, can have lots' of f10 togetn-
pur husband" Ita nd secondly, youth cosmetics er experinentinf with ,the cos-
A ssumin that command to mean that they have to make all will ob more belong to you metics. Show toe glrf how to
S, f their husband's ntLeresis their interests. they struggle along, 1--.exclualvelT y us their cologne sticks, for
often doing no more than faking an interest in things that don't I Since you won't want your instance. They'll love the re-
really appeal to them at all. freshing touch as the attet"
That dlapt do much for a woman but make her a pale shadow glide over their skins. At first
"her husband. qAo they may feel shy about using
SThe wife who really "keeps up" wtith her husband realizes that om A en cologne, but with guidance
pr e true meaning of "keeping up" is to develop her own person- from yog, they'll soon welcome
: olity, interests and enthusiasm just as her husband is intent '71,1 the idea enthusiastically.
S n. developing his. o o
If she develops her own particular talents, interests and skills A hiigt' of th*i introduc-
the best of her ability. she will be an interesting person in her tion ttoo retries to, your chil- I
ewn, right. By VIVIAN BANDE dren will be qt bathtime. When
they discover the delights of
`b 4- EY WILL STAY TOGETHER NEW YORK, June 27 (UP) bubble bath you pibably will
Her husband wop't leave her behind because while he has s now history but the fashion th e tub.comet
J1en busy moving ahead according to his abilities she has been world has taken ideas from the But, allow ghIs to ao
iovlig ahead according to hers. coronation to exploit in new this ar a fu lwlt. it
Each will have good reason to respect and admire the other crnstyleswil t elt sptw
%hd to get saae benefits from the other's accomplishments. Isn a preview sketch of styles to clean ad Aid whn I
So if you want to keep up with your husband take a good, come Mrs. Frances Duehre. the batl -over, sbow .M
arcehing look at yourself. speaking for the Soelety of N w how-dut p ,
Are you putting all of your talents and skills to good use? York Dress Designerb, said the d D p. ting th
Are you doing the things you want to do right now instead of coronstlon influence shows in powdEf oToif
ing yourself that you'll find time for them "some day"? the colors for fall, reflecting the will -elp keep them cool
you bringing new interests, new friends and new projects into hues of royal robes. and. r edurbg this ho,
e family crcle? Throughout the fall collections e- ., -
If 'you are doing those things you are keeping up with your this ear, regal hues lustrous
"JMband even though you don't share all of his interests and ptirpes, red& and golds out- ,'
And your marriage will probably be far more interesting and I he orntion nfluenls J A

stimulating to youbloth. Much more so than if you tried to turn. investsmore of the farlisof fall
o yourself into your husband's shadow with splendor. Gold and sliver
S s e threads transform prosaic wool
to glamorous cloth The rich em-
ELPFUL HINTS broldery of historic costume is
Translated into American style in
S-- o garnlshings of beads. stones and
towels in Irish linen or. Keep needles and thread in than lore elegantly desi.
feed sacking are pref- a spot convenient to your iron-i The nr ea' le an. n .
,- front the standpoint of Ing board. This will encourage IT used fordress wear thi. "ear
to imitation linen you to resecure bu-tons and and they too are embel ished
tor toon ones. sew dropped hems and seam -with skler. or.embroidery.
rs y dflat silver y themThe princess line in dresses.
S'- feel bal-' Skirts cut on the bias should! co nd suitsll shows nreom
: who e l d v your fin- be pressed on the wrong side. 'eordln I to Mfs. techrtons. a.
iOthekse, theyl be awk- This will keep the seams flat. 1thcording to Mrs, uehren and
to a&I t wlt. "the queenly train, for evening
V w 'wear. Is more popular. with some
scour stainless steel. Invisiole oily film on coffee 'rctical touches added. Mrs.
Shot ater. Ipots spo flavor. Brush all Duehren said many are convert-
Ihot so water. If' pots spoiLs flavor. Brush all I..ble-b. a twist of a hook or ties,
apply a solution of parts with baking soda and lthe-can be turned Into stoles, or
"vegar and 12 parts, hot water for thorough cleans- trned into stoles or
low o remain a few Ing. cares.
renmgan ar However, Mrs Duehren said
-as and dry. .I
S-- Soak casseroles and glass the designers have kept practical!
hea woodenware with baking dishes that have scorch- problems in mind for their fall
a pregerve it. If you ed-on spots in a solution of collections. b . wash it occa- baking soda and water. Let ,hFor one thmn there'h be no
e warm water only, 'stand until stains are easily rhane n hemlines this year-
wagmwar Y'wiped off. the 14 to 15-inch level remains
wiped of.popular. There's no drastic
c change in line, either, to out-
% a ain Tlb makb. glassware sparkle,I mode last year's wardrobe. Both
f a tub is g erine wash It in'a solution of three ta- fitted or boxy styles are in vogue.
a. ap-and- blespoona-of baking soda per and separates continue to be the
s Kw r s quart of waym water Get Into well-dressed woman's answer to
--- crevices of eut gias with a soft expanding her costumes by com-
Hn Ironing daees with, brush dipped ,- Mda waste of i tbination.
that-droop down to the'baking soda and water. n The outstanding fashion note i
be sure to have clean very hot water and dry thr- of tohe fall, saiddMrs. Duehren. i
Mors on the floor. ,oushly. that the one-plece dress has d
_on t for. ou_ .y.come back into its own, as an im.-
too *rts to run Never use furniture polishes Portant silhouette. However. de-
shiag ron, imme- oils or varnishes on leatLer alrners have combined them M
rthns In cold water. 'holatery. desk tops and other iwthe A& e-t Or costt w coin-
rayn. leather furnishing. When redSy zta to street dros. 0s 5
soiled, clean it with a m~ r M B W eat d of ere pre "
peg t comfort- cloth well wrung out in iaat mr of w p -pr.e T
so that soapsuds. Rinse with motM have no (one up, i
move- and rub dry with ...u i
top with cloth, Wax flat leatbes 150 eM A M self
of your arm about once a year, 1191Ut4P-
U*. b fi ,e tym m waxo ,newr M ich.WP) HoEa
and keep the I ---,-- Ins P) -Gomm"
Tbn h keeps DeodoriezandcleustI
bam welting down'friperator w1e1d4 hi, pt
-soda soluo-,...a.--.-. i.s...
.per quart o
A first taird spots, !
the suda on a
sfirsthr otsgr

This yoei|
involved I
new be
s a .task
(ont have t
ook on and
Jo1e of 1

lu on 1
You can't
lhat's my
Clas of
& my%,


(right center) with a eoloriM
cologne stlek (right) = 1r3n "i-
to establishing haboita fe ch lmm
kep Ig a small girt out oft aioSk

It it Is atal possible, aRt bu.ant
up a small dressing table hu rry lamTp, SS4S Will,- hb
your daughter in titr Ely in la r*w',ryw .
room. Keep ft '*uppliae with me how M dah
brushes and combs, cleansl g re of and
tissues, cotton uar and the beaty..
toiletries. ___ ..___

Then. whenever the
the urge to.dabbli li
they will have the*t o
ted. spot, Just as you'
will make them. Peel
fully grown-up ad
be fe pleased .tpet 4r0d
'The 3~ung h
ly pplrecate 6

,-. .. fIR,.W i' s-
i* t eI tA

! e- w aba .

-"'" :I

will be
gAnte I
.An. In

cotme; to"
ibthese young
it for' *ri

i. r^.
*4 t "ja



., .. a .
.'j."(, '. /'" '.** ,

,r '' >4 ,
#X' ,':' ''' ^ i *'' "' ^ ii

t* -*; '.* .* / *. t a '. s
.~~~~~ ~ *. *. ,7* >.t j T B

. ..-t .. .. ..

.t' .



;i~~T --~--------- ;- i-c-irr----;-~-

A p

- '. f,.' '. -,% 4f



1 a........-+ tt ('ue
----- ---li. 011* I

.01. *. ... ap : he d
(C son: he de






L4. 6

* t .'

A1-o. oaday and
Cy 9:00 to 11:00
to 11:00
% M 0mday, Wadnes-
-Wqfw ram 1:00 to

Open July 14
on Tuesday
a :00 to 11:00
0 Mrs. 0. 0. Parker,

D ocety of the
Pa a daa*ms ve a
dance on

1 of

dI Ske

1. elaqeb

.mM, tg. i.wS 14

t $a i w ers-
ed 'lith a te e tieed x d-

w^ ":, i ea-ight ed white

S Mn.: -fft choe .a peA
,SM oalfa ite white U4-

L' .

kter. :
Ir. el

s" I.les L

51t. i32 t before 13y00Tu-
y ill be cr for

eo 1f4lOoboMn bridge

wPi ,1__..*__


Wok al-.a
He worked 1

att.edr 1h

sed "to I

-F hulq Vo'

efdmundf us, who
9ab, elednatr
has a r rb _k4f.
devotion t his l tt
Nuias while aB
ghl. was mulred

eIeetsl eyen if th
were unopifed.

..tBusU trznotat
the remula. rn

Ia ofa
eb. snt S culp

tune weh never
J etfthler hasi

damIar as t
t.". tio of
Bed to court thE i s concwu-

4 ge pany1the omAp*nyfMW iOtg Ti
red to work Nato M .It has n-
nou b fr blcat inn
worked out 5 ta-l rnti el-
Stay evening tied Of p Art.
ular job I t wll t sana d
Crayton and eulptureramcs,
wnd helper. la aeuer q, textWNs. arcitecture
there all day an,.Si"
vogi l treat 7&n
d r"$ O n Mn AM14
"d d t ,h*adUu been pub-
him formally text Is lUa, -
debt was dip- torf It -

t ry. Ito col-

in study of et i A
Cral endtt k pu Andr cek
mno hItem- l of m

'Us csy.C.n

4odued. TheM 4

hrges bre d
ter tem .

1 P)-.(u25 anDtntdu mi nrity, the Iopact
wa- e wast easug
in study of t i nl and Greek
. Attached tr t rectw a wideaat-

,a5 a i-. d"A
.)t ru. ngP In ths the s, t ce r
b0 h6V that tea wre-t o

vote at every
Pced. T. Aheadeo Malu, Curatorde
iat the Cool of their Naples Museum has lt-

Ionday. ten the achio! .rttO enimagln -
en, followiQs tettha fails to convey the
be provided lod. enot4 reproduce
ed Irn td twat niat sure of ark
St *prun thin ll, t he Groek
saa s ame Site-

outwh w .

notes at every Pba t Greek c Mona nts.
[anal election,.T'he resultwas a wide-e
ouid for. this spread agnosticym, with a cor-
yas a citizen. re p t rend
,afL i b on Lin r h a e-

e cAndidates h iire$ chapter of Christian
Prof. Amadeo Malarl, Curator
at the Cocoll of the Naples Museum has rit-
Aonday. ten th Acrlarl nmag.n-
on, follownl aOtve 49t that At& to convey the
aday School drampte atmosphere of this pe-
b& provided riod. t'he 84 reproductions In full
ed children color that illustrate the book
Phrutj irpt- have the usual superstar Sk"i
..faul Moessay

a 1t. icstrue ton steel.
llth Ste- ud. .'7- AVWNo.. U1C

> mi i .



be.Da t brrmssed

y b aM coneplexlea
i Soap morafl and -

Rr eui o e ap an l.


Mdfe -:n n ton
..* ...- f ''' t I *'


MA ;.1 : .V ; ';-": i.

8.^ 19.5, .L.

1 ii

The go" Colon, Charles H. Whitaker
eta-ji-n y-e t=4 A g *of the Declaration
of Indepemdeese of the Uited Males.
The met o called In the of Diablo 'and Mrs. George En-
morning iuid e members elke and Mrs. uenjanun ra-
of the dylouialc Corp, of- wonte.
ficlals of the gepiblia of wfr-
A&a, and gh .% ilals f of E ousewaming
nal Zone, wit ranking Ar- U MagV a Segi ence
my and Navy Officers. the ,a aLy ta ig e4ertaineo
head of the American ooe wI a swaran As the
prominent civic or- W b, parent

MiW'l.fyli CommenUts 14W his
C406 n ors siw". .. AU
The members of the Nursing eeifro oe
StatE of the Coco Solo Na val r M ga aBui-
Bospital entertained last eveo t a ai. ias senrMed I.
ning with a buffet and cocktail o'oha. .'..
party to honor several mem-
bers of the hospital -staff, and The guests wWesi iSa11 htl
their ladles, who are being re- eF4A t
turned to the States after ,ump y l 44
pltin their ours of duty. pul ay and
h honorees were: Corn- j a h er, e
mander and Mrs. Davis Hen-a I .ervan, *ir
derson Lt. Commander and t aBhrley Petermo
Mr J. A. Peae, Lt. (Jg) and 8ah and Leolea SiS,
. Mrs obt Patterson and Mr, Mesrs. Eugene Didler, Dudley
and Mrs. onald Sabin. mid h, Roando ViUalas, LEo
The at uded:'Cap l.onstantine, Demetrio Tma.,
.Inbe B D. Y. and Mrs -LopuWos Alexis Vila. Ricbard
erand Mrs. Sasso, Tom catansaro, Carl Pin-
Srs. ad dner, Lt. and to, Charles Leasard, Kaiser Ba-
tr, sE yMcK Lt. and Mrs. an, Maurice Leon, Costaki Ru-
Lt and Mrs. Fred sodimos and George Bennett.
tL t. and Mrs.
nLt. (g) M. Carl- Speoial Girl Seeot
son, b? and Mrs. Wray, Major Board Meeting
and MnrsL. Koen. Capt. A special meeting of the Ca-
and Mrs. McMurray, Lt. and nal Zone Girl Scout Board will
Mrs. Zanella. be held Monday at 9:00 a.m.
at the J.W3B. Welfare Center.
Redrigues-Williams Engagement All members are urged to at-
Anneouned tend.
Mr. and Mrs. Gullermo Ro-
drigues, of Gatun, announce the Mr. and Mrs. Sukc
engagement of their daughter, Leave For Vacatien
Vina Made, to Corporal RIt .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Suc, of
ard L. Williams of ort iavls, Oatin, sailed Friday to spend a
son of Mr. and MM. Cyrus V. vacation 'in East Orange, N. J.
Williams of Deshler, Ohio. with their son, and in other
Miss Rodrigus .is a student at eastern States, including Vir-
Cristobal School. Corporal gsnia and Georgia.
Wf a m d the Deshler Before their departure they
H Shi 8 I.o isa'l ted aft- were the dinner guests of Mr.
erentering e U rmy. He and Mrs. Lee Nash..
has been la the A for the
Bast four years, 3 112 years turned From Vacation
have been spent an the sta- Mrs. Harold Chambers with
mus. Alice and Carla, returned from
The wedding is planned for a short vacation when they
October. attended the weddingg of her
Ote son, Richard.
Surprise RoBen Voyage Party They visited in New York,
For eemary Orr Long Island, St. Louis and
Miss Romary Orr, who sail- Maryland during the three
ed ttday-to ride In Augusta, weeks tbhe were away from the
Georgia, was complimented with Isth .u -
a surprise party and shower
o =fts Thursday- evening. The Mr RI CIW tfee for Offieers
arty was given by Jeannette wivO Club
and JaWet Swicood Terry T ort Davis Officers wives
Louis and Pat Leach, at the ClW*net at the Club Thursday
residence of Reverend and Mrs. with Mrs. B. F. Roll presiding
Philip Havener in New Cristo- at her first meeting.
bal. Hostesesm for the morning
Games and dancing were en- coffee were: Mrs. Ann abin.
joyed and a buffet ipper was Mrs. Mary Cecil and Mrs. Ar-
served. line Felated.
The youg nsl who p~rc- The president lntWrduced the
ipated werr Sa c od- folowtig new members. Mrs.
?es, sawn'Samt n~M-Do Mrs. 1Ms eth It.
er, Jean mh Oate Maa Cl Ms. JOCK Bhtolt-6F
'heekC therlne ener, Lin -nbort. jackI Albrct,
da Oeyer m oesss: Barry Davi- E Idaik.
son, Dirck. s rirau. aRymod -Visitorsfor the coffee were
Cruft, John Llndgren, Robert Miss Mainelle aley, Mrs.
Hamilton; Brian Cox. John Cof- Louis Polazl and Mrs. Jerome
fey, Philip Hadarits, Dennis Clg.Cec presided at the
Corrigen. 8adn Newhard. Roy coffee service and Mrs. Lila
Perkins and Jeff Slaughter. Douglas served the cold drinks.
Farewell Luncheon Summer Becreation Program
Itr Mrs. '%oemsona The handicraft program for
An Informal luncheon was the Atlantic Side towns is as
given for Mrs. M. B. Thomp- follows, with classes starting on
son Thursday at the Hotel July 6: Cristobal Tuesday
Washington. She sailed Friday and Thursday from 9:00 to
with her family to make her 11:09 a..; Fort Oulek -Mo-n-
home near Milford, Conn. day, Wdnesady and Friday
A boan voyage gift was pre- 9:0 to 11:00 am.: Coco l011-
d her by therinds who to lfve days a week from
aftlelpated In the luncheon. 9:0 to 4:00 p.m.; Margarita-
esy -re: Mrs. H. PIhl- Monday, Wednesday and Friday
gre, of Balboa, Mrs. Roy Rose rs 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.

Mr. and Mis
anye, of a
bla, formerly
Zone, annoe
their second child,. "
in Barranqulna .
Mr. Montanye



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Caution: use only as
on labeL

Nm 8 "" 01A' 4 i
telephMne 84MI PAimj
WA WA88 -

Bf'byL atd*
Baby Landia -
No. '40 44th St., B ll. Vista
IMEY Wasftoh new...4 m 'm


,N' ..'.,.




(*___ |-r- St O1 yees-o of ae...

- O. 'N




You Sellem... When You Tell'em thru P. A. a
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street --.Pnsmi

'Lewis Service
No. 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441


- NASH ra models


all Pritea.j /. i5'

FOR SAiE,-,. alba m p.waiH Morris,
Studebakers, Hudws Md nany
others to choomse fun .

S L *.-*



No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

Sal6n de Belleza Americano
No. 55 West 12th Street

Agencia Internacional de Publicacioe
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199

Household Automobiles eo W" b.e" 0"
FOR SALE,-- Complete household 'MLIT SELL 1949 Chevrolet. Ex- 2031 Ame-.. C. L
Furnishing. dninngroom, I..rng sri coelleni condition. Heater, radio.
c _n4 -p l r J1135-0, CJrundu Tel-I Con be I.nanced Best offer taken DR. WENDEHAKE. Medic Clnic.
Iph C-6l85. ____ Cl Balboa 4323. otter 4 30. Central Avenue "K" Street. Corner
?FOR SALE-Westinghcuse 9 cu fi FOR SALE --1948 Plymouth 4-door telephone 2-349, Panama.
a oll'jorcelain refrigerator. un'l tedon, odio. heater. seat covers. FISH FANCIERS. Glass and Kuh-
guaoraneld. Louvres for duplex Phone Albrook 3147 ICi ocatfsh. Rosbora,tes White
oI0 'Gba oo oir call 6 .:,u.4 FOR SALE -Jeep entire with marine Barbs, Tnoaeria Obliquo Serpoes,
IO or caconver on, tr.3nsmission. shaft Neon Tetras. On sale Acuoaro
,FOR SALX---25 cycle 8 ti Frig.daire prop ocn, .nsiruments. Phone Al- Tropical. 55 Via Espona. Tel. 3-
4 Vaoious- sizes of veneanr. blInd: book b2 4 54 I 1. Open Sundays .9 m. -
bro50 qk Club Coupe. Phne IFOP SALE -19', Chesrolet 4.door I p. r".
brock 224. __ Sedan, power glide. excellent con- To MIAMI & f'EW YORK via AREA
6OR SALE.:--Livingroom couch 3 dic.n cu.,l.m made .eat covers. Boeing 4-engine planes. One-way
S00,- ivingroom chair. ,5 '00 unoerccoied 5. '400 00 Also G E to Miami: $70 00 Round-Trip
Norge.gas range $70 00. Keli,n. ocrioble eielrc sewing machine 512600 One-way to New York.
atqr,-(&-cycles $80.001'. Mah.-hgar,, 3I 017'' Phone Cristobal 3.141. $11400 Ruund-tri $214 00. See
bed., innerspring moitre ': "- FOR SALE -1947 Che.rolet -4 door PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE
springs,-.$75.00. No. 1. Cea.-dc. edon. Goes to h.ghesT bidder. Con _telephone 2-1655_
Ortga St Apt. 4, Tel. -414 be en ur~ 2-.40-B. Cocol.. Afler SPECIAL EXCURSIONS via LACSA.
After4Q0 p. m. ____ 31- p n. dai PANAMA-MEXICO one way $85
FOR SAME-.Large sol-d mahogan, round trip $135 115 day limii
doaWport, $60, so id nmahcgor.v FOR SALE 1949 Ford Cu-.tom De $165. good one year; to LOS
dinner 'table $35, 25 c cle retr-ge.- Luxe i ,. -4-door. overdrive. radio ANGELES one way. $159.25 round
atOr'poerceloin inside and ouviide under,.coiaed, custom part. vEry trio $268.64 190 day limit. Pan-
nei'.urfit',$75. For irnftormar .-n 2-I clean perleci cond.i.on. one own- oma D.spotch Servce 36 Avenida
S7V-for 2-2674. ,-., .>I.j.j aclual rnm.le. excepi.on- Nocional IAutomobtle Rowl. Tel
OR S L.---4 p iece bamboo furn.-, a bu i :,VVU OU Ph,.ne A brook Panama 2-1655
turc;' lorge office desk tw.n bedi b,--1 .,J u it.1 3 u p. m. then bo- PIANOS
dreiing', table, chest drawer "-S-' Con -rnonce Fdr perfect tuning call L. F. Garcia,
(CWeasmode); mahogany EARLY BIRD SALE ths week at M. the most expert technician on the
tabli 4 chairs (Cowes made' I A. Poaell, S. A. 1952 Pontiac De Isthmus Receive orders from any part
naffny cabinet; Davenpoi I Luxe cor, rlible coupe, hydrama- of Canal Zone. Phones 3-0672 -
drapes. choirs; springs, Maitres-% I.c, rod.:,. W--Vv tires, low 3-4947.
ses .dilhes. Frigidoaire and other m.,eage. learher upholstery, spot
ort Phone 2-1681, Cocol.; light heal ouy. Phone Colon 14. FOR SAL
38 .'First St. .- SALE
FOR SALE:-Shades 12 family end, OFFERS VEHICLk FOR SALE MiCellaneous
Sop tment. Refgrigerator, We'.tng- Sealed b,di. for opening in public. FOR-SALE:dACocker Spaniel Pups, 6
ho1i'porcelain. Good w.ordtor Ivl be received until lu 30 A. M.. weeks old. Little beauties. Call 3-
i0751., Williamson Place ofter July 2'. ij3 in the office of 1 4248, after 5 30 p m..
5:"'..m. ____ 'juoeriniendenT of Storehouses, BalFOR SALE:- -- Mnature chnuzer
MR 4R.' .-8 piece Philippine Rat- boo. Iot vehicles, including p,:k.up. ALE: Miniature Schnauzer
"vi. tor( .lfaroom set, 4 green bamboo !iOe, panel, iroctor. carryall, cono- Puppy. age 5 months. AKC Regis-
s, he large, 1 med urn sze. P exw'e- and tank bodies, locold ered. Coc Solo. 450
China "closet, Singer sewing ma- n ine Ju0 Area, Balboa. Invtaoion FOR SALE -1932 V-8 coupe; 1939
ch' rai iaplewood loamp wth trand No. -I may De obtained from the V-8 coupe, point spraying outfit;
l Items cbn be seen at 1573-F above source, or from otihce of new fishing pole, radio; bookcase;
Go4ain -Road, Balboa. Monday. Super inendent of Storehouses, tel- refrigerator; 3 dining chairs; buf-
;. Friiry 4 30. 7 00 and Sot. oiall day 1 phone 2-1615 fet; 2 dressers; '2 H.P. motor;
fR '-- i ---Fond mohon fur"- wicker choirs; trumpet. 5720-B,
|. u i.if,,,Z,.i d ahon fur- f A Diablo. Telephone 2-3447.

Stabla.. end tables, bookcase. card FORUK SALE
table diningroom table. Call Pan- tr .
Sornep, 3-1660 ask for pubicity fiIolorcycleS
F .de.j:u*w rt- FOR SALE-125 CC BSA Bantam
FOR ~ALE:-Z--% roll-away-bed. coil. motorbike. Apply 8033. 2nd. St.
Sslp Wing Mattress like new, $25 00. Marqarita. Phone 3-1269.
6 t*bogdny chairs (diningioomr
II $4tor-'each, $86.95, Elecirolux, .. *
1 lirtaciments, used very litle. PERSONALS
S, $6WO $60.00 combinotidh fan & r IJ r
w' .iinpii ventilator, 60 cycle, $25. Gift that will be appreciated by adults
0Wrtobie for office or home. 2 and teenagers. Give a Hornett &
poa;W jeen venetian blinds, dark Dunn Baliroom Dance Book. Now
S tap for picture windows About available at Clubhouses, P. Xes,
8 f .';Wide, 61 in deep. Lke new Ship Services. Both sides of the
$3' 3 each. Phone Cocoli 2- Isthmus including Panama City and
192a.. Colon

ja S-1N rPosition Offered
PrivoIa#tC ing in beginning calculus
ond first year college, general, WANTED Experienced sho-than.
S chWIstry,' For further information' teacher for dictation. 2 per wedI
cal;. l -iboo 3627. Information 2-2737
**. T 't


'> '. '* ,.'. fei
,. *.'..

'JAUCtV-r-liecting the current trend toward
rftI GaW.iN three times lovelier in front of
ad nrIa ..4ie costume she'll wear as Queen 6f
%!4ent9 JA~ 's Dream Ball in New York.

-, ew. ,
*: *

For your vacation vLsit our
Show Raom at
Aiomeltnabc Ro No 28 Tel. a-Ieg
______ I

iCart idnd 5 ,..

n1 S1trad --3


Gramlich Sw*i-ClOts eadchqi
togas. Electric Iceb Ms, grs -
moderate' mtea, Telephone 6-4
Gamboa; 4-56*. Pedro Mguef.'

Williams' Sint Clarq Beach cotts .
2 bedmori f "gOr, i
ranges. _di3o, 2-3050. 11! 1
week-ends. .'
Foster's Cotta One rmie

at a aClo.*ad O e .0 l 2-i
quPhe. Oelmid-r.ot. the
CPanp mags fsy. ten taM
1t a haue..WdAfla (he

AiNb.m Iouli Witrf!

Rates 3 meals Inladeda hem
Ratees 3 meals iel e lld l $50
weekly, alse Reates wtmut mee" in
annmx from $2.50 daily.
Family-rates fe hlager stays.
-Wire rservatieu: Pe me.t. e


Boyd Avenue. 1or August I st. Oc-
cupied now Brazilian Legation.
Telephone Balboa 2870.
FOR RENT:-6-roonm chalet. Refrig-
erator and stove, 5 miles from Co.
Ion. Transisthmian Highway.


1=m nnel ... .. ... -I-L J--AJ

I woan dour room Turnshed a n@
FOR SALE-Aqua-tonic. brine shrimp ufu-Sradu Iua ii
eggs. a variety of fsh foods fresh close grdens. 8061, 1 th Street,
supply. "Casa Mrke", Colon. New Cristobol. Telephone Color.
FOR SALE: 10 Vols. American 1386.
Educator Encyclopedia, 8 to 3 AtI MI 6.. I.
Monday through Friday 886 Mor- Just built, hot, cold water one two
gan Avenue, Balboa. three-bedroom furnished apartments.
FOR SALE:-Beauty Shop. Excellent Call Panama 3-4941.
business. Leaving country. Emer- FOR RENT: Only ground floor
agency. Box 1689i Balboa. apartment cottage ground floor,
FOR A I apartment suitable American
FOR SALE couple. Cool, quiet, independent
yard. See 4 to. 6, 9079 8'A St.,
Real Estate Colon
FOR SALE--El Valle, two lots, 12,- FOR RENT
000 and 15.000 square meters.
each 62-meter front en Colle Lla- RooMe
no Grande, Rio Anton forming
rear boundary Situated and priced FOR RENT:-Furnished cool rooms,
to facilitate profitable subdividing one or two gentleman. Justo Aro-
Norman Rocker, 713-A, Prodo. with meals or only breakfast, Jus-
Balboa; telephones Res. 2-2874, to Arosemeno No. 57.
Off 2-2323. FOR RENT-Furnished room or shdar
the house, kitchen privilige,
house No. 60, 43 St, Bella Vista.
private bathroom. By American
family, phone 3-5417. .
SFOR RENT:-Fumidshed' room with
private bothroam and entrance
Kitchen privilegj430rd Street No.
FOR RENT:---CANGRUJO, nicely fur-
nished room, meals available, for
one or two persons. Call 3-1789,
or 2-1693.
FOR RENT:--Nicely furnished two-
bedroom aportmepst for one or two
couples. Garage. Carrasquilla 642.
San Francisco. Tel. 3-4418.


FOR RENT:-August First, Centraloy
located site, ideal for large offt~.
Plaza dos de Enero No. 3. Tli-
ephone Pafa ma 2-1225.

3, F. Brown was summo to
Appear before a justlee -of the
Spece on the cha of "hootig
Sand killin an eM iwt n.".rln,,.

Calvet, sultry eh screen
star, thinks the-dtural beauty
of oany Ameledn girls really
handicaps them. Pictured re-
laxing at a Le Vegas resort
hotel pool, Coritne said Ameri-
Oan girls let beauty do the
work of sex appeal. "Its a lazy
way to attract a man, but it's
the moht difficult way to hold
him." French gals, hea aays,
I have les natural beauty 0Sd so
S develop other cma.;

U.B.A. x-ylofte my TaMte fo
capable agontito 11 I ejMila. hbt
mea cold -noed, i plastes, =f.ur, we-
jea, .ipas~a, trl,, .i i nall
"POUw i had. Ca r write

S4-.M W net St 27 .
New Terk I, N.YT. UA.
C d Miwes: NAMJAWU



Are available fou all
Models of Aujoopliihe

and Trucksdu, Tkel
and D ',.

-' Automobles '

Aobile Row
No. 16

L OT No. AND 2







- BUICK all models all

Mhlama for 12 word .
* ki3MMditpwul word.


TIME IS. MONEY wmat to mWaste It,
that's YOUR budanes,.
If you wat sayve It,
that's OUR badnems.

You don't have to run all over
tow0 to buy buldiagumstertlaL
!rtwaw awiadl. CMapulies.

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-table and meati r me. "

'Nph 8 Rm em of ttl-

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FOP' -LE P i d.h oil V VTC e' A 1
prinlg.. f- |l t A
-li t sipper-, Ney.fg
-- T$4562 3-$4Sl *
V.-W E


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_j__~ ~__~ ~~__1______


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*^ ^ '* ". /0k .*' ;. -.. t j "k ^,-~ T';.* *'- *' -
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" "-.--. -. i i i' "-,'"".. ..


W e. I, I Plat Major.
-- glio C* Victor,' and
dis ..en a ,new Cp-
t" d onsttate clelar-
'dlt between the
touch a- 4
guitar music will en-
F .Flameneo," featuring Clt-
.0 lWntoya and Spanish gypsy
lances, just issued by Reining-
o n.
,POP Snttla: "'Yoa" Yeo'"

thought ~4l a woman
who iends", l1. r "smother-
eby "'onwith suicide.
The .ooluy Mid the rights
were, purbaseZ for an undis-
cloeed iamouf from Mrs. Dale
Casldy, ~il-'bf JaMes B. Cu-
ldy;- to whm. .rights to all
Ilpeus woC8itar sold by
two,- .,We Oliyright's
Se Kathiarine
HeVarn ls B heated an In-
teors in thftit- rble, the film
company laid. -

IN above Is It
Ithe as eOue was p f lgBt 5

The eolor fgst r deaL ..that Miss Gam's beautykwas b
by'ially dbvi6tl talent even before Misr Gal bld bee
inher 1t film, I W t...- .
Her bruef bqteutlm&!le la that rilegitd east<
eon *adfmhus,' only auvtov edafiHr N'GlI$'u
ing a yeumng stre, theb volevedl *uld b e-4 eof4_el
ing 4eevete in rocket yean. The *tt, -A. M s Ga
title ro As the feer Arab K, n "Si ., "" 'P = owr p
tion ftimted in French Mro .
To the beauty and talent whieb auie .prit, Miss Ga
also reveaai,,leona I Maeor achieving her gal.
the appliedlie rl in ThlTef." ske was selesed 1
L large gresp of glir. the role called for. spIenu, f
i woman. Mist Gam arrived at the audiUn, eairy$t in
brllda, and dremsed quietly but aeatly. ke fagr d w -
ly that this "utnesal" appeWapce wool. t adMtWA


7-t,0- h .. 0.30
, -:Sews 7-o. .-9:30 -m.-

ir- V

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:il l iK te *m ND

'r' ~ r.S.^ N ir

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* .'. l '! .'".

- 3-.

m iBalboa Theater Audience Thril

By Suspense-Packed A adventure HI

*--I ** *9One of the most ezCS~.
Marilyn Monroe Starn In Dramati eInasen

Niagara'; Coming To Lux Thursday rCnepa
0=C- danger the Iran
"Never Let Me Go,' MkitM
.j .riin Monroe, Joseph Cot- ders with power and dangerromantic adventure drama,ia
teu and Jean Pb ers head the just as the famous fall them- being shown at the Bmlh
'star-studded cast In "Niagara," selves, which are shown both Theater. '
a suselnse drama filmed in from the Canadian and Ameri- Gone Tierney co-stars 1t.l
Technicolor at Niagara Falls can sides. new film In the role 'of
which comes to the Lux Thea- The supporting east for this the Russian ballet dancertu'
ter next Thursday. gripping drama includes Case_ Philip IOablei meets amnd
Adams, Dennis, O'Dea, Richard in love with while In
SThis 20th Century-Fox film Allan, Don Wilson, Lurene Tut- and whom he marries,
is notable for a number of tie, Russell Collins and Will to leave the country w
.reasons. It is one of the few Wright. The story, tailored es- his young bride, Philip
murder mysteries ever filmed pecially for Miss Monroe, was spires with Denny. an
'in color by Technicolor; it uses written by Charles Brackett, tank sergeant -who h 0 at
the spectacular scenic beauty Walter Reisch and Richard been ousted from Russia.
of the famous honeymooner's Breen. out his wife, to effect A'
reawrt as a locale for murder _ing rescue of the two- aM
ind tnfidelty; and it affords In. a small boat they Jomih
Holwd's famous "Blowtorch from England to a Baltieom
11oods" her most important f port, n" counterilng the dn
dramaCic role to date. UOn I The RecordS of a sorm at sea, the-Il
a '_____cepton of a Russian
"Niagara" is the story of a boat and a battle of wlt#
two-timing wife who brings her the Russian spy system WM
hlaband, a war-shocked'veter- NEW YORK (UP) Maestro they reach their destina
an, to Niagara Palls and plots Arthur Fiedler believes, mu- only to find that Marya&,
with her lover to have her sically speaking, that you can been detained to dance JR
Spouse pushed into the Cata- not make a racehorse out of special Opera House
yan9o Pall. Miss Monroe tos a mule. ar-ne for a Russian -s
the philandering wife 'and Jo- That is, Fledler figures that The ruse by which Phl a t
*sph Cotten the psychotic hus- the best band in the world guises himself as a Red
ei band. Jean Peters and Casey can't do much 'with a number flcer and carries his wife
Adams are the happy honey- that is flat and has no flavor. safety and freedom, a
S mooners who'become .Involved Perhaps Fiedler's Boston Fops entasling driving their e
when Gotten thwarts the Orchestra isn't the best in the automobile off a cliff into
schemers and does away with business but its hard 'to beat sea, makes for ene of the m1
backed 1oth his wife and her lover. when it gives the classical thrilling film adventurg"t
8 seen treatment to the music of which Gable has ever
Producer Charles Brackett Broadway musicals that already Clarence Brown prod itia
and Director 'Henry Hathaway have won favor. Delmer Daves on the
et took a company of 57 actors Fledler -and his musicians ial end, have given "Never
S n- and technicians to Niagara Falls have done a wonderful job on Me Go" added, realism .1
strik- and spent a month there. film- "Wonderful Town," a solid un- dramatic impact by fU
m the. Ing all the exterior scenes for Interrupted medley of tunes their story in England,
redBe- this unusual murder mystery, from this Leonard Berstein of It against picturesque
These scenes, beautifully show on an RCA-Victor ex- grounds of the rugged CA d
photographed by the Techni- tented pla y afer. Pleater coast. Other scenes, filmeadF
LO 1"" color cameras, show the spec. bring out all the Gallic flavor M-G-M's British studio
When tacular. scenic beauty of the of Cole Porter's "Can Can" on London, recreate the a
rom a Maid qf the Mist, the Horse- the other side fllpwise. sphrere of 1945 Moscow *1
itei shoe Bcenir Tunnels, the caves "The United Pres March" complete fidelity.
* m"- around the Falls and Chippewa Another big outfit that has Gable Is perfectly catj
riht- inlet. In addition, Century-Fox become a mainstay among mu- this two-fisted action (t4a
e. constricted two movie sets on sic makers -Paul Lavalle's Cit- in which he is given frn M
the location, one a realistic les Service Band of America- for both the hard-hittlog
motel on Queen Parkway, fac- offers a "Sunday Band Concert" acterization of a man '
lng the horseshoe falls, and the of eight marches, also for termined to rescue his wifO
other a construction shack o- RCA-Victor. You'll want to take gLinst all odds, and .he are
overlooking the falls near Burn- your hat off when this band persuasiveness which has
I ing Springs. plays "Dixie," and Its change him one of the most popul a
RE of pace on "The Old Oaken the screen's romantic hePR&
These extraordinary location Bucket" gives an old song new Gene Tlerney Is brll
scenes give a symbolic atmos- feeling, suited to the role of the
here seldom achieved in a Lavalle'g concert also Includes Russian ballerina whose now
motion picture of this type. '"The United PrMa atmSi," moon is heartbreakingly
The story of ."llegara" thun- which he wrote after a visit giving the part a 'warth.
S... to the 'U. P.'s Ntw Yor' d-' appeal which pervadea,,.
_.____ _._ flee where he captured the scene In which she
sounds of the Mbi newsroom. Her professional fineme n.l4
"TattleTale Duck"" Is Ai ballet scenes ('"The Swan i 1
amusing companion piece to and "8cherasade" are the .i
CAN FILL YOUR NEEDS "loggie in the Window" and lets) amy also come as a
apparently another hit in Bob pr:se to those who have o1h
Merrill's series of accomplish- on this star as purely a .)
ments. Sammy Kaye gives it a matic actress.
swingy tateVpre(Htfn Tor Co- Others who stand out
lumibla. Denny, the modest
fhay Torrent's "Powerhouse" driven to unsuspected com
and "Swalmpfire" on a Mercury Anna Valentina. as his wd
single is the hottest organ mu- and Marya's fellow dane = 4
si*gcs since e Ethel Smith's "Tlco- the ballet, and Bermard&.JI
Tico" ...Nat King Cole again the ballet, and Bernard MeNL
teams with Billy May's band to without whose professional a
make "Ahgel ei s" (Capitol ... perience the small escape
Another torrid twosome Is the might never have r
M--M m mpwlhig of "Twelfth goal. '
Street RXa and "In the WOsB" "Never Let Mr Go"


I ~*,. 3'

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':,i ./ -* *. ,. .
,. .
eaters OMENWWI
mgo^b SHOWW1J'4^TO!
ft2 "WPO '" ?K FliflE 1 ,
' ."D E AT- --.'.

S W Dram .ioti
AM '9
S B ICircus"
i%* ai-SA & f'

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^A TCahePi

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venezuela Handicap

Aa -M

j favorites To Capture Event 7, P Upsets Co ion Snr.G.A .w.sng for long ..
S'Bendeguz-Sanluqueflo Entry Any 'Hot Payer Ca SO Robinson For getsIn

o- :ohlUnt .. .r.. ...1,B-A,. oe.rc ... ..r^.
S The Stud Montelimar's entry of Bendeguz and B A AON
-Sahluquefio shape up as an overwhelming favorite N 0llonal Lague a---NG Mi., _L. on of the 1. .a5t n be .1 1001111 ONdebt -
Sto cop today's featured $750 "Venezuela Handicap" 4-- the p-rotional golUe a -riou ta back homn-, .. ,
for a group of the track's "B" and "C" imported TEAMS- Won Lost pc. gettPi t t o. In the Orda, .a gT F
~,thoroughbreds over a distance of seven furlongs at r l nt..... .
Juan, Franco. 30e....4 0J .55 to P th aty. ih ouldo win -
"St. Louis .. .42 31 .575 t .ud th. h the proa can "throwte ul w."
I o Philadelphia.. 3 05Ciof iney wrencb hes e Nati0na I
STetr s ood for all ex-, d p ..i im n nd gue 5n r;,.
Despite having the bunglngThe start as ood for all x- New York ......35 36 .493 t I jeweled moment ae bang
en jockey Rene Cruzat inmcept Great Game with Kingt s Cincinnati ....4520 Ul9of0 M aby .. far W the l is .ampioanp.e?
9h0ddle, the strong finishing Prize outsprinting Mirzatoats Chicago. ...... 25 45 357 who s band 4- and lucrawve. 0h me?1n
Bendeguz Is expected to come and Goyonder In an early tussle Pittsburgh.. .. .. 27 51 .34w w, th Must In

Vae w gue the up-and- Goyonde swet ast the lead- St Louis at M*lwakee (2. buteZ tal f t th lloe -" Y d.
coming Quo Vadls. Strong f in- ers in the next half furlong and -e
._______ R ibonaen hi a ti" .'"
hn Rathlin Light, with Jose opened a good lead with Mirza- YESTERDAY'S RESULTS o ld.I ro _i i _SO 11 .. Lo t i .
ersa In t addle, os p g fhi t e hladelpha10.0. ,00-o2 6 t1 tIW.
i ravo up Grsu, wiaoth Ricaurt e toats pressing him and King's New York. I000 010 021--34 8 3 TIh i w re, It t-. i l .s tO ,a,,_ Iived.i .
.. -uerra in uth e s a dl ie, l os Prizen fadsn wh e G re at C mnWil, hh emi 8 0 1 a d t a In the a
up.inonh luner wheandline Obwhlch ham made a relmarkab Ple at om W le (8 ddBN r t e Ptbr (23. k--- YOM ohm a half ,. beau* .10

.qut the six-horse field. longside the leaders on the in- gest. HR-Thompson. WP-at- a fellow named awtSiml'g thte cro *e. palS of t
degu n easy wnner sde. me (-4. LP-mmos -5). aB"e, RESULTS Mnl p r .. Ma e -
Sat week over Grisu and Postl- Turning for home, Ooyonder (Second Game) on-,4) a----'tanced-7 l -e'
Rathlin Ligt, with Jat opened ta goo tele what was 4190 238.
vich and he has shown such drew out agan. Amoro, final New York 030 000 100- 4 11 1 .u T o e. W o
.,rs" pred;ictthat hewitllmake zatoatsand Goonder and wis HearN, Jansen (41r w ohl 18 TatPitts-live-..the
tPpr ement that s he, a en stride gained railedly o Mir Phila e 210a 401 000x-2 6 0e to, hn l' a m
two in a row. still coming fast midway down (4>, Koslo (6', Kennedy 4() and lgbs t. her a nnin a t 'him a and I
... tathlin Lght also scotrd the homestretch when Puldo Westrum; Drews, Kipper (2) and Boneleft on ^AM day. Oda't o
last week. However, Hugo de la pulled up and shifted to the in- Lopata. HR-HaRmner, Loa ta. ,Old Eddi h me "a r wh ohueo e bu
8Pen"r's consistent racer barely side of Mirzatoats and Goyonder. WP-Kipper (241. LP- earn f .s m le. er f.
made it in a thriller over Be- At the finish it was as we men- (6-5). c at brotb.r med .l,,.. ado ,waas
duino and Welsh Fox which are toned before. Mr. Loly de Laz- York ME -latn as low. r.
tsidered inferior to the horses zarins classy brown American- Pittsburgh 004 001 000-5 7 1 a Cadillac y n -e proce from te chmp .
Thwel meet this time. bred son of Goya -Hope Eter- Brooklyn 024 000 00x-6-- 8 0 --- a hppy ho l member. .,. ft tto
The llghtweighted Grisu and nal turned the distance in 1:47 Hall, Schult6 (3), Face (318 T of the "names," thato f, get a good sa.
,..tlnovich, both under 103 and returned $5.40. $3, 2.60. Hetki (8) and Atwell; Meyer, Rt ae. "g Native 7 n. ead nd ug.,
ounds, are the upset p possibll- The biggest story at the track Black (3I, Hughes 14). Wade (9) .PrS Z. Pae: ee: lin.n'r 9y1 '_to ._ w as j
es. They have been performing yesterday, however, was the first and Camsph-lla. HR--Campa- .FIe _t the Dble t. the 1 T But" -
Well enough to be in the thick double which produced the big- nella. WP-Hughes (2-1). 1.- 1.,oa Linda fa a. 10 a _ear earlier an l &look-
o-. to I in this race r of-est paoff aththe local track in Hall (3-5o. J.h R o 1 t Ase e
1'-ls stationed here will be the both the raniest outsiders in Pittsburgh 000 002 030--5 2 1-D qu C Rl the o p. t course,
rWs guests or tht e race. wl beir respective races, combined Brooklyn 100 001 000-2 7 2 5-Riomar p. Our -_l did, bt It proves a point. t I
-Te lute r trophy will bo e in r th e first two races to for Friead (3-8 and Sandlock; 6-Dailel CTf he a.," Fthat
botwinh nei1 horse double combination that return- Hiken, ()nd Atwe Wade SI, RafI R. a Gil 1 Aong due airways
. :-winng horse. I............ 1 ........... Pore (9 d wler, am,- ---Vd$5l 24. ,Got. Ille --| i, ld$3,-.4.,..-uckyholder.-de(9IandWakerCa m a VR.0.1
. ... Other interesting races on to- the only ticket sold. nella ('). HR-RHce, Reesa. 1 .- D .a t e---- "ate,."- e
tday's card are the six-and-one- ou e onr wn and Er- Los (109-5) .ad Be PD" Natve o ) of tB
. If furlong sprint for Class "D" Souvenir $40 to wen and enrl- Pr e: a.el eloe.,: 1:1- JUly 12 a th espot u4c0 eralenWba
S~ortsana seven furlong dahhwvr was $2.20a Cincmnna 110020010--513 1 Seea Babe of the Demble dateforn -to Moa of. (he U e
*e l. Class "E" imports. Both o uf FI R...eTr40 wah Milwaukee 000 000 100-1 7 1 1-Annie N R. VaS 11'0 I the EaVI Annu,. .. lo ..- 't. .W ,t ;i ootk fn'
; :,, .:9 races shape up as hum---louvenr 'n40. 8.60. Perkowski (5-6) and Laa- 2--Golde P. B. Pulid 110 Toularnant. Player .have wit-.- hdo hitt h I p got r t lt00 -sr ...
.-.-. M ec. o--,SECO RACE drth; Johnson, Jolly (5), B- B -Ros B L Jara 110 ad until tht. at antwto. quaU- centrate por on I a.i meeting. t
"" -'Mutuels choice Goyonder, un-J -ErN,,,,-et 60 1n40 r m 0deott (7), Cole (90 and Cran- 4-Petite J. Ph.ilip 166 ,2 ho lon, of course, for a gbod ball and t ani y uli a ev.c e .
,a a perfect ride by jockey Jose 3-n .4. 2.20, 10.40 ... dall LP-J.otoion (1-2). 5-Tapon o C. Gon. 102x Sor-e ia edwgd hoo. r he"",';- '..
saup, lived up to expectations 2-Proton $3.40, 2 (SonGam) R. Crt 15 With th a e f Joh u he
-*. racaod to an impressive one- 3-Dez de Mao $3.60. Cincnnat 1000 000011-3 7. 0 F 1 C MacMurray In the ort fligh th d. c e -
gth victory over a much im- Fir st Double: (Sove r-En- Milwaukee 000 010 00--1 6 0 re are for 2m ro one In I t
te*vd Mirzatoats yesterday in rlqueta) 3.52.40 Rafenberger (4-) and Be'r8 "" ? the bur t It pv a pn S
S.e *2,00 added Fourth of July 0THIRD rAcE t r; Laddle, B1-11 hl (9a-) and Pare- : r ~ .." t rt: .l wata4 ; .a-
^ '4JI asie over a distance of one-Buddy Ber 8.40. 3., Cooper. LP-ddle (3-3). l OP. TWO Peel m 1 e,
S r *t.40. 3.80. P a Ls-Lodhe(--h.l e~.. C,d,, 1 -I, i
second choice Amerlo the 3- at.20. a St. Louis 001 0070 006- 12 1 2-l- RMae C.L G 1
champ, wound up third one One-Two: (Buddy B r Chica1o 810 100 01-3 10 1 *. ..lo. U. .
Further back under a poor Spear) 553.- Maell, White (8) and RiceBh;dR D. M.rin I"r -tar.
by the slumping Belludin FOURTH RACE Minner, Klippstein (9) and Mc- 5-oMarlo V. e T
King's Prize was fourth, 1 o-Y.osikito 3. 2.20.o 2.20. Cullough. H.-Lowrey. Repulaki, 5-Corst R. LO 1 -. .
at Game fifth and the con- 2 -Avivato o 2.20e ( bndy. WP-Wh.te (2-2. LP-
Sy outclassed Vlajero a bad 3-Camaron $2.20. a ( 4-9). ase tv % s
fwornin.Tel Jo Cahco- ivn telsae end Game) sp'rin for1 Cla I' : Hit Ia 'Sth, a,- a. )
e57.60$.e .t. Lou5 000 020 011-4 1 s te .,
FFs ACE Chicago 000200021-5 5 1 10 V. Castil. 115 pefo mt.
Clas "E impo r.80., .s. Bh koo FraIR S8 White (the-M6 C. Gof... sk .
M, IECN RACE d J (W Beie ord 13 L. R.. Jam I Is ad unti ,hu IA to 1
s1 thomar 1Dotterso n .0 10.40, Leonr (7), ole (0)- a Chrch 4- L "iips I ", : 'ioati
'-ad,.-i "Jul r. L nd sGehn 1 e C--r L 1100 ft. IC M 1.

S uepo t ex caios r n .6 -2) to Ida m h o 101.. *Pri.e$ .". '
SiBB* Dr1 plgina se Jack Tho-mas -Duque Vilarre ray; McDonad G3ai ntan R0.5. R. Inmrra 5Pa t -" 115 Wit -a" Be- /

pae r ttahe Pa na Sw ep (M n Eto ile a o 1 1 O I u '
l FttD e toprblsx menre on t .e--2 Cn cun0 Cleveland..... 43 2 n7 I= ,
unaue, Gl4 o e2 A0 5 f0 n' o i e .

nr, hea Aaname toeomros --orden n De ad pe of onn -Png I A. 1-

udey morning 1 toate P2.20. Loptu. toms n (P) )I-ade Bra. 2 R...a.L R. 6 Vu. 1 2b
Purte.n olvf ers.iedt3 h 72--orn. T3-2-dC a ree:n (3-3). O -: T that 1
furthen and Thomas 2V1 Philadelphia 000003000-3 1 2-R r 110 Ufld ann es

na 298, Glel-n By L5OC6ER New York 30000020x-S 6 0 -olde--A." 115 .it P b
l Goldent 302. Ji olrs W B..Nerd. (i 1-8) and Atr-i t--h 1' I$o D M -
Sudley Sn 31,De -mn1D V0. L opat. M onran (-) and Berra. -5- Rae. p. I 1cge rNa.I Ift
yAon art 317 John -Gl... u ra n 013 1-.- P"7urs 5V s t 1 .-. $220
330andl Twrr&Mooe 351 Ju rCan Cheer hicago 000 000 000-0 1 1 2--oasris CUMf. 110
I A he Fot'mador-Don BTyn CLOCKE Nw York 000 002 021-5 4 3 I e.Ro, 0 lb l (W. 115
wil Tcmons sit o 7 ho i ollps Byrd.. rimo- and Mureer, PUl-
play byll thme sx-ma I-Dunuo V.aRoeal ray; McAonald 640. and0 Berra Sop t"he 110
itln wQh CatiFort Daves 3-ConsVer Samber r 7-duac Pn A. M. 110
WChicago 0( 1 6. 0 000-13 13 0 -a .
OY w cooe tET 7-Pnh R Ra0e. a d a
TeaRI TMm is I-BedOMPo NYot. Mossii. H-. use: 3

St.Louiso 010 1 an- 7ack T- to I

ottMi TAD" ..............eJuly Washingtn o0 lea 13 01

"AMZONAS" ......................July 13 XBoston 3- a00100030-4nd r Mc- 1
Dixon (3-51 and Grasso: MC-
"BENNEiKOM" ......................July 13 Dermott. Flowers (5j, Hudson
S, o(8) and Niarhos, Wilber (8,. HR -
-Yost. Vernon. Wilber. LP- 3-n
..... "McDermott (8-6.
Mirt Game)
Detroit 000 000 100-1 31 3 i
.." ........................... July 13 Cleveland 012 010 o O 6
............................ J l Is G r (-81 and .U ,; Fel-idi
lr(-)and Ginsberg. jilt,.
ARW ....................... August Booe
(1160"d Game)
Detrut 11 260 020" g
.U. VCB 5 CZTOAL 3-1210 Cleve,-rd 1 000 0 O_- 1i
BA t.OA 8-7719 1a (-6 and
-?r. '_ ad' -2" .outten-
----- .- Omsbrt '



"a swim*


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am tn',eendheavewul, ew'as

thoob.a fit- sTgHa

bsw d. ts t

Me .sY .

NEW tmoiIK11umy _m -Wttat s the emes o ntng.blen, who Lu5
JeM .e;r he'* a g

sos it's ahoelyp-y
isIle- k1 a Iifau o wt ed

gua -,1t de.a r -;) *:Y
ye ar ,,. tate

-t z* ... a .. h.
,"7 !,: ,- 1, ,allr'
to sVON. sty.8

*-~ -- ***** *h '*Dc* PBA el Spr s Edtea s.
we, nt .,
-Wa qY s n

1ffl. Aft u7

pala o., e ish h -a. 4 I..ot 1 w tho te Bb
a:ensA ta dray o y
the atieq a Was tp a..afihu ad -

in.Dd thwerre aodd Half
to b" 0110. .at
p t I" tr pl Jr.s.I'sa ol4 W
7 t at. OffeDA. -'she mou|tlld'TerQas
i.10 US Byr 14 r Z wn ithoeche lai8

on 0
NZW .. te to te opintanibls0. l
t. lou~~s ous Meta IL "Me0rft the.
a Um opeXtmnky
It' 4d f with out Bbe
W.od A y treP e
4, hot: le be ame the ke?
dt 4 W CV eAOuer*a t'is were onal guy,
47. Be"wIan hutwas
'he by aond en tou
N-0 ire kee
**5bat ag rens. h I
tura0. tpin'0

p.' cern
. .... .C '. o ..w. .: I. .

,........ ..... I .. .. 1 t
-, .....-. u..S.w g..-&. 17.In7.

a. : w: .-.: b ... P .'. a

.x ... A
- *........... *.,S ..... C,.: .v 4

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gui c,.i^eby "wet lvAqo
hal sal think

il- A Natiomal Leage
t oa tfr NRA Bervice
!.: !A baserunner is
to second when the
to the center field-
is t thrown to first
WOOf it strikes the frt
6mi glove before the
WU~a back to the bam
fist baseman juggleM
Is arm and ,.
I ralnr out? -Joe Ob*.

fat: se Is not eat undem
B secuwan
.f" bemaB .
A_ against the i em d

tb Is the major-league
Most games won in
b a teaMz? wr tan Jack-
he .ants wd 4 straight

g at rar owwere hit n a T he A-
. n League .p-t .sson?-

, o. e TpV
.. .all Monaoge

it o Teax-7. eI- otorng"
gel1 DsapDea

r J t. ll~lI ~ -.'~~ S-

Win U"tish Open--Deml)

Has uerW W slin's Case StengelI

Headaches And Fun Than Yanks' Ma
. .*A & =-T, d oanoe pn yer of the Hauser took It
N I fb'good field, no h' variety who He passed his bar
,. was first-id addet," recalls this spring. Anotrri
NEW YQRD tw 4 e Iuu ofte helped me in.ngieering, ete
Bauser has w e may n- when I ored br s.
nantfq In the:wLeo in ate "'Hey, Jimmy,' I told himhn Meanwhile, Unger Choe
League --the last two hd four finally, 'why are you wasting ser Is closer to bamebal l
Inthe last six years- that he time in this racket when you he -was au u
Is called W4consin's Casey could bbe a ooM medic?'" years, Ittlag It
*t8eM. Jimmy is aw in his second sters and th be gh
Witi Unaser Choe has to run year of medical school and That was the
as prta shop to supplement near the top of his clan. An- Doubleday meant
IS NI 1L year salary n Class other embryo dodger was such be when he laid out
he he wouldn't trade a good public speaker that diamond.
P6 with tengel. Hauser evi- e t i--
I Stly mean what he says. a
"nteadoanst Millionaire Owners Ask Quest
aa tont which huas owned
h Dia" "" As Bel Makes Rickey Look

Haus points out that he .
has many more hesdacha than n tl t,
Btsnl. eha. 0en when the NA t oPEdi KItor .
Whit Ea B mad It sine, straight --- b -- =*4'
at Tank fitad um. He also NEW YORK, July 3. Rare- Returned to the Plra ..
fhas muchmne fu.. ly, if ever, has Branch Rickey no more than 17
,fau I. P u ^ ,rs or failed to get all the beat of a coast Bell cont gonu
the Atuca the 120's, man- baseball deal. somethQn of a problem.
ufactared hoe'runs, the And the Mahatma has en- because his young wite
aM-time seaona4 rec- ineered some pippin down upon following her
ord.n sne A,.but ates through the years. B. R. sent around with a o
thahe ha never felt as many Dimy Dean and his bursitis to This createdI
little chWa running up and the Cuba n April of 138, for dfflulties.
down hli.sack a he did dur- example, in exchange for Curt Anyway, Rickey, the m
ing a triller last year 'with Davis, Clyde Shoun, Tuck Stain- psychologist, f ta 1 ",I
Pond du Lac when Sheboygm back an d 185,000. He cleaned strange of Ous 4ell, AI4
clinched the pennant, or dur-up In delivering a washed-up tober the Mahatma
Jag a 16-inning. 2-1 halr-rls- ack Wilson to the Dodgers, along to the Reds for..
*t with Oshkosh. and so on down the line. brams, Jose Rosai sna
But the good citltna of Pitte- Henley, the latter two
As Haunr stresses, only the burgh are beginning .to suspect the minors. I...1
D pilot can look at the play-that Rickey has lot his touch. -..
are whooping out of the dug- What is worab for Rickey Is "From the ChlnnaU
long to me. I' r starting them that the multimillionaire own- point," says Rogers
out, and say: "These bays be- era of the Pirates are beginning happy to see the
oy. Wherever they go there'll to adk uotions of the venera- swindled for a c
alwy be a little of me In most ble. S ,000-a-year executive one of the greatest
everything they do. vice-president and general man- made." ,
"Can you think of anything ager who was supposed to jut In place of shipping, It'
more exiting and pleasing M t Buccaneere back on the home I In nearby
than that?" he asks in a n-- high seas. across the continent t l
tonal magazine, Perhaps the worst rap against wood, Increasing the laed
Neasly 500 kids, trying hard Rickey Is that he has been bad- den, Gabe Paut of the.:
to look like professlonae.o have ly shortchanged in a trade for leased an apartment fgg
shuttled in and outh of Hauser's the first time in his life. family in Cincinnati $ .t
life in Sheboyg,. in the past David Russell Bell has bounc- him an off-season job,'
six years, and they've been ed back to haunt him like a season boxes.
coming and going since 19M. creeping terror. Gus Bell, only -- *'
Out of 100 D players start- 24. batted .AS0 for the Reds as Paul agreed with thm
Ini etch year, only 15 reach they took nine straight from said Bell should be
as high p Aft or AAA, only one the Corsalrn, fv games In three player as Stan Miaf l g
the mjodr leagues. Hauser lists days in thet more recent set. he could do just aw*
Ktne plppin, who started in Young .Bell closed out .this t~ing the Donora Dai
.-Ms Tla, Mantle, Slaughter, series beating the Bucs two do and hit with more .
Hank Bauer, Pako, Purilo and games in an afternoon by driv- and throw better. :
the pitchers, Maglte, Bpahn. Ing in seven runs with his 18th All Bell needed, i tIs
Oarsi and Shant- and 19 home runs and a pair of parent, was a bit of et
The must have liked the doubles., being out in te
game from the obtset, for D of is family. ,
salary is only tS a month Bell la among the leaders In The Pittburgh ownfegt
ann the athlete hea to pay batting, homte runs, rus-bat- wondering. why Ritkey
for hs room .and board ted-in, hits and runs. He center think of that.
home. A 3.Q-.-Say food al- fields, runs and to They wonder about
iewanceMPUSAU as4M dL" Hehi#*x am
road asaalu tS e p fa feet 6ne-and-one-h .. b Aesbaa
money atheb ers e and195 pundo. yuth. f t a
S:bilaerThis Is th ate. Deli that wiss who should bg i
It Is, to a sense, a personal Rickey on Apr. 19 of last year eOi for at least two
tragedy to Hauser and his wife, sent to the Hollywood Coptera. wonder about ether
Irene, that so many of their B. R, believed this drastic de- paid a lot of money
boys must ae their dreams of cislon would Jolt a promising who have been close to
stardom knocked into a cocked prospect. He didn't like it when total flop in low
hat. ll cakly accepted the ver- bonus limjt h
Their next step is to get dict. 4000. a W e
them off on the right foot in "This boy must change his at- ly developed before
another fleld,, titude," said Rickey. Army. service.

Take me to

Ba byLlan dia
No. 40 44th St., Bella Vista

*1.' -.


*14 -.
.j', q0j~

.j, ~4,4'~

II-- .'~P






ladf alf bh i. one othise
to ksp on he Ithem oMI oW Ashe
hn4dsoe trophies to be mr=d
vhkem thetournasmet endal
yos may get a winner
in your first hours out.

es yoest am& y friends!
star at a fty, eo wr s a a ey n-MW

TeouraMt Ope to men and wenM

:Otl p. s.*iVles e to enter the tournament



."; --
......1 -

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.1 = "
i ~~..

id i.

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ee -n Jlewmm' auMd

a p

A then?

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* .,...,,-~.-.



.Do u. b *r o. A--.
-. ,* ... ; .. ,-* .. ** -
.... ~ ? *.....

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F .. I-1. I -

. .. -


ON.. L-.
*1. tiepepw

- I


iroI J

ry offlCer should confl .
6w t1. ;Wl Dtuu

106ro3 rtton.

t tow won
l beau wilnted yEl Panamar
or tlse bnefit onf the Panamr-

op bred by Braniff Inte -
tuonal Arwayand the u at
ifptl Council of the Und
the gr n-eyed 19-year- ,
beafaty will nPa t a i
her last stop on h a Amer- 1
(man tour, arrivt n era ty r a I
e6 Brantft' V El I

the tour.
Each year a Uaid tof Cotton Ia
sailMtted iin t waaftindtal n. tI








*I uurcrmy aU
i~rft h jnathel
nce her ele
a mnlaetm *a

DESIGNED by the noted marine architect John' Alet; a lineal descendant of the manw won Pell
ketch Chiriqul was built behind the George Novey woodworking plant in Panama City. .Her keel, stem aIkr
tive guayacan, ribs and framing of native amarllo, planking of West Coast fir. Ier supefstructurewas added
and most of her fittings were made locally. Shown here sailing under working sails only, the Chlrialaiha rem
added to the top of her mainmast and extra canvas to her sails.

Isthmian Yacht

T'o Race

,loss Pacific
the burgee of the Bal-
'YTacht Club, Tucker Mc-
fast 61-foot ketch ChIri-
3, 9 scheduled as a high-
:nBlap entry when the noon
gun was fired yesterday
'aLos Angeles to Honolulu
fng again with his Panama-
boat was the genial, well-
ntractor who is soon clos-
his Canal Zone office
having operated here since
a point for the race run
..two ears alternating
dge's Bench

. -. : ...
!* '- *:
", '..-,,; ." .*

rto Rican Salvador Ramos., I
T. Army, was fined $15 in
liMagistrate's court on Fri-
[disturbing the peace ear- '-
I4 day morning. Police of-
IL N. Little filed a charge
t Ramos when thp. soldier
I an aggressive attitude CONTRACTOR TUCKER McCL'
panled with strong name- rIqul when she dropped anchor
toward the officer who geles to.Honolulu race. Mrs. M
[pped the taxicab Ramos sons aboard as the race ended.
in to npct the driv- with the Bermuda yacht race-
poe and Vehicle Iipec- a point near Buoy No. 2 in the
$1fate. outer harbor of Los Angeles. The
mw Z. Jones, 24, American finish l1ne-2.225 nautical miles
aid a 6$M fine Friday for away_- is a designated spot off
driving on Balboa Rd. iamond Head, Honolulu.
$wa driving a jeep on of-
i as and rammed into The 1951 race took 11 days,
[front of him. Jones said more or less, but the posltin of
ving at a low speed but the boats after We first six hours,
ed his head to the left and the skill and luck of their
loticed a car pull up crews in rounding Catalina I-
of the vehicle he was land, showed up in the final ta -
I the time he turned ly.
ck again, Jones said,
'umd of him had stop- As the race is a test of saillng
said he was too close ability rather than money to buy
to prevent smashing the best boat or nerve to crowd
bumper. An approx- on an extra yard of canvas, all
uirth of damage was boats are divided into three clau-
(aof thi car in sea, A. B, and C, and each has a
-i were no In- handicap itn reference to the
"- "scratch" boat.

UiE (center) wa given
'r inHonolulu as a classwinner
CcClure, who had flown oUt .to'
5 Last year, the MeCdoe. t
was in Clas B, where -she to
firat place. On correote d tjeI
all entries Ahe was tFtrn,
This year, Chiriau- has hi
five feet added o he maa
and aome extra m v IIII
her sails. And she has
8ipnnaker. Th.aae *s
sh.Oold give er a &W .126'1
wm also gfr* her a how
leap. They might eveaTf -o
up Into a A.
Unwtlb. eitrie. inwgl
measured cnd classaL
could predict with
where some -of the -.
b played. -
Advance reg ""t .
ed at lea#-4 I rfM


- I

,~..' -*.

v'ow. '4

r Al



uama, ma-
the Maid
0-mile tourni



' "";'i' ~ "'""

-. T

Ifi~i~POIILg Xbll~


i i


.I' '

. "'" ;*-" r
;, .. -. ', ... -"

'g ,' '.. "., ,. '. -l-a d

LitBat46-, U& t .,

S L ":.i .-1, ". pn

r .,As abaso. aLra
*I&--d ;Amf-NI s no"w'w

L -.o.t1 @oili1 a b W =. te n

-. i. n. t-t-et.U,.-,...n the Iguaw, t uf.h M

.... .. $t t
top 1. a
.,o-ww- ,to mi sfu ruk2


Air, ,

f.10....S .-.N.I
e. L

are; Sour*I"pa
s ',7-j "e D hIrt,,i
'-, .. M .g.. .

a. ttm

to "GI o mg emnly 10
a1 .ro ,l. but baw .
tnUPhd aw .qu.rt*an wtwhwch tadolL
grit.. e.. 'No 0

,SIR? :ney
CI W. .!.u1Jtm7-It A.'I." w4.
I t b aw 'ma .w rratT : '.r ./
-..-. Mi4 flft n;nlvG S H IPSHA
.' sm" , w.F :e" ,--. '..
w ....'''''' ., ., o .,: ,, ". ,. .'g ,. ..I, P, I. .

dsaqai a wv nmqu,.
14. ". 41 8.1J -1, 1. 84.
X.Jl,. B i~- JtO., o4, H. .
i aAP4- M0.1%0&'.04

-o. MU IM i wo
t.e ,cany -.-.d
,mf lf leps a |

B dmwl *a
ane- m. dot, to
dSt a to ail


W~lUt 53F~~

il AM ts
tM.taeb I e, -.u l f. SMn.- ar'e. .l.4.- ".
,o IP'"
S imou tp a af sS2 gte r" altowth
*- *-."p. i : u.. w- I, wl t e s ,. .
It.. SG ojtj as p i t
0i~Si t 5'n li mpet wrle s al 5 W .
-q*.s t .a iinlsglofa g t ^flW..% 9 -

e'-.i: a*rtd the f --. e e
-~-. *...-.' ---e hoi S fatalb bss W !- ,.t
,..,: .. .. -. .e. .4 'm. .2
.'. -- a : .. .-'-.

r a a a* '' ..

.Ai "r h. d l*. .Us'
mM f basaam lfmv

mw w

4 al.,

i -'. .;a ..- ,
I; tj'4 -y ''-^ c '*~
rli." 0. *.. ^ -. ., ,
". ..-- 1' .

PS -".' V ^ < '' .W5 !'R*



A? 7 'P by EWf. th ptstoa t two

Think Fat Waton
! r1M SONel eCOma o rees (m sears, alert
jma47ry m*a edidimal d i "N&dse to f l on v
A woman enter a tadloah
Catr strt *1.
woaan beta to tat
Driver bates taUlkative panenger.
Womsae onatia tbe talk: aG s a qu ln.
Driver tMaks tr polats to numoth, shakes head
ias I to gml can't reply; points to ar sM gal-
ing hbe ast hear.
Woman a4"p talklbg.
Arriving 0t her astUtn, Uhe woan realize
What aloe mh aware ?
J% nw= "WWI M AOn.Mo *q-D o.
I s t ap a pea ag l a w"aM"
A mwr. in jujt One Minau

6coMUTOu 00 Se without metOiDUsIM Wedn-
da. Thaaday or rMay.
map ~ wqpq as sap saqsqtp a 's



ra D. L Woodm a
YOtUR bdlatom -t would aw
SnPi=em without at el U
on of what I So m eass ta th
doo# To lbd the man ohb-
Jst, draw a entlaUmius w Ume thatS
cramn -- ama Ml the Mne
la tnm e egu M
Ay raotuglasi em WITSu
tha e)- to the use limae!
A eIUU. appear eMewh |
toeflt0 O

It M A Ti n-PV IT* A ?AlkTt% T'T" rrTw TA lA5T

3lll OI i"" 'M *

d.u.g. ~dug e. ~o
mea et am 0

0 as5 z@ ta 0
-e a ant a
- .r.mi r w*0-l

i bm

.I-*I .~
~fl .~ a ___ A A

. .
n- Ti


many -

-as Qrd
- the igR

,r ,c -.** ^.. .

-~ A&~-




4 '



* ~4.4

.& p..,

* :. :

II "* US,

t -- ,.r :,'_.. +. ,t..- -'. -.s." ..
,- ,r -" s .,-:-
I ,. '. -' ^ ^ -ieA'2 "e! .., .*.
Et c......* :' b .r ^ s ^ ,.
--. = '. '. --:" "

.. --,:-i ..--:, ... '.], ,. ..,At...

1 ..-L

*: :. -...., ,

I *~A ",
-- ~ j.*.. p
1~'. t.
1~~ 4
14~.Y*t'U lAy *

aU a gu0 s ted I
tally p"e5dB|

bega ito work. t
a squid tapa
"at so 0 a amuw t wed a
ln M-eth-w i What wa the
lesat tia"e to e could am-
pactatbe job uf lotat Ue alm
sagmentnto atf

h a a *
Oslo""Im" 44 avo

. Y Ih


It's Your MoM


U r .b ru S
^por i b s V o
miS.rli ie i
Is-Miu r R,.

, **^ *." *. -;"
.* .. .' ..". -"2.-t'-fc_ *rt.-B

W "lB umovta up the Me,1
S Moves laAt san, wins I sAe
moi s. Can you plot hi
A Solution by Mllard Hopper,
world-Iuum check authority,
appears below, but try the pero
te a aonyou ltok
.'W p ZIlsWOSO*M fn

cosbel I

p. I..



" ilu nA o Wn,



* -



"t .





- L

.P- TV"

1' -- 2 "..'_ .-

i-yr ~ -~

S.. -
.~- ~
.~I ~



65 MILES in four days over the sand from Abqalq to Ain Dar, Arabia, for reloca.
W-ton spheroid oil storage tank is hauled on multi-wheeled'dollies by a bulldozer.

eenrtaWve cos talOhchtildren wi te caped with
to from countries behind the Iron Curtain attend
S t noe-w center for escapees in Wes, Autria.

WIN"U over 20 other girls,
Laurie tawn is named M- r.
feet SWinMilhoette of 1953"
in a Nevele Fbifa. N. Y., coP.
,test Sponsrebtsuitjipakera*

a filtg station manager at Columbia, Mo., has discovered BUt corn cobsa-
anlng, unahed bugs from windshields. They do not scratch glass when Wet,
-: .V,'-

owts a gr oud view f the French LeDue
"yiag funet," the LeAic ia-France'. laeti


*'~ !.lf8 '~,~i.



- ,



t__ __ A2-N ''"'*IIBBa
^ /*-* *. a. .

' ', :" *.'- *" ... PI

L.- V- ,
+ ;~ *1.)., ..

.N ;- ..,,, <.. : ..... :" ) :,,

V.~~: I]~L


, 1 ,.. -. **


-. .- -.

. '


23i ?



a.** ~ -. *7
~FA~ ~v -

-o -
* THE PANAMA CANAL closed its most prosperous
fiscal year at midnight Tuesday after a record break-
Ing 7,410 ocean going commercial ships transited the
waterway. Tolls collected for FY 1953 would s iop
the previous record set in FY 1929 by some $4,05, .
This was good news for everybody including Under
Secretary of Army Earl D. Johnso1, new chairman of
the board of the Panam& Canal Company who Is
spending 10 days on the Isthmus looking at the phy-
jical plant and listening to the woes of employee and
the problems of officials. Johnkon made a good Ima-.
pression on labor leaders, and on new, men who hope
lor another chance to talk with him before he goes

*-. ;'1

.' -0--
all orts of non-U.A. cl ens t
week, and how this squares wl
mrastion Act sl not yet nowi
Ben. McCarran la somewh|
strangers' rights to enjoy the
ship, and who knows baut.
week's manifesftt of
of breach of "
Anyhow, thtr, -A 4'
expressions of xin.d
. ) East
Russian ruleS a

o ment dida na an
IK *the :Ptr
In the final week before Congress recessed for the the
Independence Day week end, Isthmlans heard that Out neok
the measure to eliminate the 25% foreign differential are prom
from the salaries of those Americans who arm not eaftr
workingg outside their own place of residence would .'h
probably not be applied in the Canal Zone. cond
It was emphasized once again in a Committee -Re..
port on the Defense Appropriations Act, that o r .
gress seeks to have US agencies utUie more Ind A,
eou workers at overseas Installations. At the sa W *
time, the report criticized the high costs of trali. -
personnel, especially by the Air Force.
-- o -- : nat Ar
Fast boats and good medical care won a race with
death for a 21-year-old American fisherman and Tad lle osd b
operator after a shark bit off his hand at the wrist. a en
Weak- from shock and loss of blood, Jose Z
Gonsaves, still had the composure to send out his .
S"May Day" (emergency) from his father's boat
Which he had been fishing off the jnouth of Rio Or- .b
mam. Blood plasma administered by an Air Fore atithcorite
physician, whole blood given by a shipolng agnt and what he dld
an operation at Gorgas Hospital pulled him through.d t
From now on any ship which trades with Fr. ..r-a-no# i -, .
Eastern Communisals and anv e me flying t
flag or owned by the Soviet Utilen or her Odted- .WoleU i lh
litef, will not be bunkered with peroleuma a haVie
in Canal Zone ports unless the vewselrI a -pe- feglWpi
eial license from the US Departudent of Celnmeree. who l wllwf. t
SHap 0 so
Canal Zone cop H. H. Summerford had a busy week. what todo ao
After being stabbed six times with a screwdriver while Washlngtola .I t
wresUrtg with an ex-convict he found tampering with service, as poutaen
his cai. the patrolman caught another old time of- AAnhow, at it
fender in the act of taking, a raincoat from under an celebrating the
Ancon residence. mig t
o -- r e
Dogs were having their last days to roam at lar.e pnd Day.
the Canal Zone. Registration and vaccination will
begin soon, must be completed by Aug. 1. 3) gRIsa, not
o Cie q$
The American fishing boat Slarcrest, which had a govme
been anchored in Panamai Bay under a *PaW1Ai Port
Captain seize order, hoisted aneh"r Friday after 45, I 1 a1
days and went around the Balboa docks. es
Custom Administrator Otat6n COarrdo. in rullingon h .
svpeal made by the owners of the vessel, rescinded
the& seize order although he said there was no douta
that the Starerest had been anchored Inside tauiaM
lurlsdlrtlonal waters when It was boarded Pana-
mA policemen on May 19.
-w eevr. Oarrido upheld the .$3,000 fine. knDosed been on
on I-, Stpr and Crescent Boat bo. of Ban Olego. CaL .
and the 02.500 in .fines imposed On the Starerest's No q S*A
captain, Charles Lyalk. IWre ago wh.t
Lftinq of the seize order followed cloedly on the Huw has t h
heels of President Jos6 A. Rem6n's announcement mastk to .i
theft the government would give Just and fateful con- mmsit obl4
alteration to the case of the fishing vessel. -
"he Panama government took over "te ".tr& lat
t'' i of the waterworks. s tert.elea w e
,ollection in the cities of PwilmA-and Oo rom he
P-nami Canal ReverMment on. &Jub L T0 hisnlte
nI.'or diffi ulties on the first d*v't opIsI :..
-neate faIn uardia. who be.wl the. .dert- A
,.ent which Jonk over these "6 M e e. sa nid 5=
tion was a little confused and asmwhat l ri.m-Wl. 5m...
t t' but steps were being taken to cor-ect all anvaa-
alles .
Civil av aton aith'rlties flnalsy gotarouao to ik-
ng outo w for the ektraditoqn .of Thtpon O er,
24-year-old AmerleIn fler whe.lpf dedrt h Mt -'
cos Gelabert airport here on May 16 without peria .
Cooper, who flew in from '"wloa.. '-a. '
SIs wated there on charge of steal 14
S' I an effort to avld trafCle ran-m rt. -
solv the arhe tg mBtes m *r ya.*, -n .
doe 0l1t 3m(%tse 44ia lea o i^4 e tsp
lee ehief AV MuL WMI eWWWtrO l eS-0 r "S
way trAffle br'InBwu MpnadP for d th*V ft '
along the i n "-turavers" -ewe. .-
.Th.. e eon ly '- b "are In i owip
4-& **i"oft "-" a#A-th*1e V"vkRP44
to t4P4% T $94 1'alw

Wal glq


S*_ ',



.................. ... .................

I U-

-* gr -^ rn-r irp~ rvirrriB
f- ~~ ^ -- ~- -i---
a s -
T. t

r--^^--^ .
"y "a a a a"""^

I en 5
0~~ W -
a --
TI -
5~~ a a
S S -
0k Ii 6V
a ~. a a
~----- U 4

I g qZ- PF1r1- -K- m

40 ErI I IV1-UMOW,~


S-06-Merriment -Plob o0 U6-Aet 49 89---Drop
lo-' 1 tory repair bmathng bait
-Barit 40-Of ti gently
--.. I I .L--"-
o, S ---Thes or ilothi 41-GodSa mo f-Ideally
,-.... .- 1d "-W e dseord rural I
p la pof l t 44-Headle -Place of
r ledoo-unve rn *-du Lt ofo Napoleon'
con--a art exd
46unh t ality 95-Oblgatioa
2.s1 5r" e*m b '8-49W 96--Without
law l0ebt 9-Nething
I U--k' 8-Waindlout 51-BawUke more
it t.e 9-A Mooce prt than
f"0 tg6e 5 -SaddiaSt 100S-o-Delicate
$ -a$6-?-akg 19 1-B-ewilderd
inmaeri",e .
N--ft'&S S6--tIsuu --su1k- rt
a..;,,.7 ,A1 h p .wau Bt '
1'.h r4 s- .. '- S- rt? aly .Requt .e

e- .... .....__. ._. aa -.Y.oung 10r -4,It O,

.,' ,YN'J M 'VGO Jr* ." A.p D T. H KM

.. ... .i- .
,rJ r .

4 ** .. I re-..", "








JB *

,. ^;s. l


* I,





* S


, -..-:

PFOUaOS my y IUtlsUinvl Mom
7. H n PO. i t4. NMiA. R. i i.
CM.ON OrieIb 12t.179 CaINtA AVENu UEIarwwIrn lw a m lAM ITH a
345 MAIElON Av8. New *ML. 117) N. V.
Poe MONTH. IN ADVAN I 1.70 1 0
pen *IX aoNTuN, IN AovANG- 3.30 1200
POX *sV YEAR. IN AOVANC 18.50 34 00



What flower blooms now in the Est;
The same old passion bual-fhate?
Do carrion birds await their Teast
On death beside an old world gate?

That dreadful garden, bathed in blood,
Is sown with wiars as if by fate.
The question asked there since the flood:
'What time is it? How late? Too late!"

The time s shoM weed *e.path
To peace, for while the nations wait,
Men eat the loco seeds f wrath,
And plan ew wars o mild the stame.


-" s --



, 7 iV.:

w~w -'w --

- ..~ '1.

The man who builds a me.nion,
And boarows die eas way,
Must pay jo his expansion,
And pay, and pay, sin pay.


ike ice e a .m *ih fever,
raith to de ae belief, "" .- o
GoWld M she A i ltr, e
'-lome i de d main's heav -. -
7 Aa

*." d t 1' .d
s rain so rim fidBMow=m, -

4. 4 A) ilwi*

-m. o 2e

- -- -

- hap ~


I ~JZ~

- ..?' _


I- ; .. $7 .
S*.^ ^ f". '^ ^ ,, '* -.'.,:

as at e
blank Walat t
: .BH&i

;- i.,.

-too w mea uummmweuo.


Samuel Smug

SSame ee sa a ma mrt li rWe

bm t a 4r7s7

U ~
'I- *
~ -~j. -y.

* .4, -



^-- r

.-** #

:~ri di


c '


' ..- .-,- "- s. "-". 4,, ".. "
.. .*'t. ; ,". a'ql N ..,.....

* .-.

r,. > .. 's gs "
rTna the ward 2 -4an Hs*
*ad akit dtOW hoswOir6 *as Wiet in 4 8States wate fs urging thau
H.i j iifac. _.(,w,,, B u Beinator) nw... Ask hto help
p tB ateS of Haecan".. .Maua this colyum
SMt.i. o.r B- to year i-at ,Washington. He mar
5* not haave hear or sd about barrister Bloch's
Sart lawUsith MaMson. bnrL
Wr ipf BtidaOtepnd a o The
S...I1 to re- Ao ok PubsIhwU MQuncU laid today in
Snoat Jai tange. coinorablp movements that If Ameri-
s ...And Ou a are "a weak.:ihat we ant tolerate hostile
SIdeas,,. Iimit that is Is S t' e ideas but our
Sr own waknosM whs I Wita a our downfall.
W 5r oolou .ur enMicratle Iot, let be hi free-
.. M. d.. wenoward reatlctM,' Douglas W.
tataet told t Americaan brary As-
p wadoe jr abeaoond anmal lo conference on,
frWdoBL saM* ato president of
t an i that free-

o9ditar' and to wit: Black.

aW"Is abroomrf1119ela.te Black, ex-
^^A.^.. .s. .a r. em documenztatiems a.

r '." ,41


S ,-

Ma *- .

H A f the' vess that
ist oel Waxhtnton to
IfimHei',v would be
r work aome day


SCatifrnia. the new
- Eauritn Pen.
i feaJt drive to
full peed
a Ntr'ren-
W. Mundt of
.MI.., t -'r *Plowrt
(hie *rc t Know-


Plt of

an, i




la *. .'






.... *-*

... "

A Ciping .

Camp El ,Volcan, the Canal
Zone Boys Scouts summer -amp,
will open on July 13 under the
leadership of Russell M.-Jones,
Camp Director. Thil will be the
ninth year. that this camp has
been operated.
The camp is located in theb
Province of Chiriqui, on the
outskirts of the towh of El Hato.
It is approximately 4500 feet
above sea level.
Th.b*re are eight 10-boy cabins,
1 counselor's lodge, 1, mess wall,
Y health lodge and-ather mis-
cellaneous buildings scattered
over the 80 acres of land camp-;
rising the camp.
: Activities at the camp we
varied and range from. moun-
tain climbing, to txit fishing,
to horseback ridbna, to handi-
craft. One f the highlightsof
the year Is .the annu r to. I
the summit 6f Vol0I l .ar, nt
and the descent,to quiet .
Adviancement pbbl t1e4 at
Camp El Volcan,4:
limited. The only mer
that a camper cannot earns
the one for Skiingl Every'Scout
who attends the camp should
advance at least a year.
Good food and plenty of it is
the fnotto at Campl El VolQan.
Fdod served in Johnson Hall tIs
prepared by Mateo CublIlo, ,r
Dwedglng Divisioi cooki under
the expert supervlsion-' of Mrs.
Russell Jones;
Thd camp is operated for tw
two week:periods. CanZp. fees
are $23.00 a wee* wh,4lIn-
cludes the camper's liMn U.
Johgdon HIll, the ma din& -
ing bhall, was named-gfter .the
late Dr. Lawrence Johnmon, wIo.
was President of the Canal
Zone Council when the cimp
was.purchosed. i .
The health' lodge 18 'a d
'Eugene, Lodge" In Memory ot'
the late Dr. George t6rie ho g'- i.d, '.
wh the first Camp r at organized S
Cam E Volcan. .
awn Lodge, whi. iB e
aunjeilors Lodge wa i nu~*64 :
- atr thp Rev, Wi Bia lwi. *
w dido td. muh.of r .
getting the camp :nto coihdd
when it was first bought.,

.I.^l II..

* -. '.-

*I .~.
~ -7-~~
$ ;..

. ... "kets
m ug.; ,

Dn's Dilwm
*an' .. ,p Ly .

then a P.

-,..* .. ,-* ^ ',NI

** : ... .--.' .- : '-' f" ,
-. '* '*'* '*** ,'.*f *" s *' -: ^
** *




... ...
* ." ". -, -t.' ,' ... ^....


. i

, ..Odor

-~- _.. Y.L- 1J~i;

r perwmtig. The mee abea e ibs oe of the
aiarly vitMtr'aBi1ght at Camp l V.lcan

Sbrss atten e a.-
ibrie fews to ati Nw eAa -.


" r

*~~~~ V-,"^*'I I

- '*^ S^-i ^*r--
:143, -^* T*



~ *l 4.-~*

4;. 4 S.- -

>~imr It.

a a.' II

S.. l ; .- '
- r .,. ,: -;^. 6: -^

t$I -t 4
S-A.. S



.-. ,

TOfc- ^^?
' ^':^
.-r i,'?.tTi.i

* *p~' --:''~r T3

A.f- .- 4 .



IMP", g. sif






* ~ 4
'.;* t





~I V

^. ;


- '..~ 2., .

* p.,-

. : -
fe "

W t .
?7-<- ;'

0-A *W U T CATTLE 'f

aN64ER TIN MY idii A,.
AO, LEAVmNr A V?0t0H- .*,

CAN 00 E A. W

fei i



* -.J

- .._ -.' .,,+ .- .- .. .

S iCjtfK L -'








, r


- *- A"



." JL



0T AuWA 1M

>,*;:?'** *. '- -**
'-.i ,;.a.. -* -.. -*;^. "*f
.*:'~:. **d E 1 "k/ .*r..,

* 3. -
a -

* -.-





A A MI, uA-
.#cm 1 OFfSt, erSL9 K AS IT.FA'g'.H
r #AMIE.SWrt M TL,. .I


- '- a


. '; .*

,.. ". .. *- ,- *
~ *-***"*,.. r .*-

_^^|I jllljlllflAll



*N, t
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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID EYE243590_UWOX2X INGEST_TIME 2012-10-02T13:42:33Z PACKAGE AA00010883_01645