The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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,.s Ol i
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,*"" "' ^ *'._'l '

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.- UA ham Lincoln.
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Sa Victim

i aZwso Pts
ti! tu, entl

am4n da8 o., at the

Li h to-alba in a s&te
oc z faid weak
0 of blod. Aose Zu,-
B _Ooi 6 9 19 a n. Diego,
S sp to treat-
WMas reutd comfort-
ht aven; Gon-.

e Rio6Chi-

f his scm
Sf Oov the

btr oewm P the


-- o -

Newest Yi

Figure Hi(

By 75 A




A record-breaking 7,410 ocean- going ceui
ships transited the Panam6 Canal during the fih
which ended l.t night at midnight.
The fqrmer rt~ord for one year of 6,24 come
transits, er in.~ h fiscal year 1952, was eSceeded
transits or nearly 75 a montl. The old record -I
transits by ocean-going commercial ships, set it I
col year .1929, had stood unchallenged for 23 'y

No final figures on tl
amount of tolls collected (
comc tal hipptn, cagqo toi
nage, Iaffi t a'0vlessels
-^w tm 7tix t clyr Ju
ended wm fpr e
.ral dapu, Bpt.-lt- tlwB-th
a1. fonrmr record 1l b& ex
The a*xiUst eairfar4 tH

aa Cii

he ocean-goin, commercls1,
on during the month, of J
n- cord to to aaft
In Wm at BWa
st In ndiat ime.
sat h

*. I I.
,251 SS^ SSHKS

of the In'
Show to ap-'
q. ts and
lp the am.
Force crash boat wasM
pt the em Of
to rain nd. fog the
i each other until
^Mebtat iM only 1i mjIt-
SU *plb6a. An Al-
ed blood
SGyg onsaves who
Sco increasingly weak.
I. Gorgps, Hospital doctors
d for about for hours on
tau ltd treathn the Tie-
for .Bosetn Of-
r a 'a ve a tranafusilon.
.G.uaves will ot .m-
ept back to sea with
h bWst buISVtt wi sm
bIutl he' cep take h1b
to Shn Diego Doctors
W will be t able to btvel
atI twi week.

'I t Amdoiman Society of Pan-
arMtls holding a. holiday dance
to celebrate the 177th An-
oniwry ofp Independence
ofU SUl'9tat Ibe on the 4th
of July at p. m. at the Union
Cl .
Cl bough this dance is being
hel by the Americ a n
ASo4y, all Americans or other
fri*d, of the Society are
cor ladlitd to attend.
Ihe honor guests will be th,
PMd.4et of the Republic and
ReAnon. Also invited are
ablet members and their
TI*kets may be obtained from
Wti tUlowig or at the door:
Will rey, im Campbell, T. Y.
Denl$m, Sam Friedman, Fred
Gerh rdt. Louis Gomes. John
Gbrlrt, Joe Harrniton, Brack
lfttlr. Roy Mosher, Tom
Og1lesr. Dan Pagenta. Frank
Raym di. Bi11 Schititt and
Paul lebotbam.
Renv nations for tables can be
mac'.e y phoning the Union
Club any Cay after 5:00 p. m.

Probable Cause

Fouril Against

Alleged Forger
Probable cause was found
g'terday In Cristobel MaRis-
trite's Court where Luis Manuel
Romem,r 42. Panamanian, was
bound over for trial in US Dis-
tric Court on a charge of for-
lI tfor Romero wea contin-
ned at $t00. The sum had been
posted June 25%
Romero was arrested in mid-
June in Balboa on a warrant
Issued In August 194B.
He In charged with forgery
with Iftent to defraud Casa
Patlebh In Colon and the Chase
National Bank to Ctistobal of
the sum of ,37.45.

Benefit Casino
Opens At t Ucho

Sat s

The nbw .r
of Waterworke
bae Collection ran nmU
difflculues a oa It 1
of operation tor
garbage collection and
cleanln servinde.
4m.neatm Guard
morning wheieh. e a
at the wrong.pAf ,
their dunles iseet
However. after .,sowe da
situation was evetuaaly
ended out.
Guardlh said the dira
the department wee--
fled either wltdE
nirht, but t j.a nise
to Iron out aUli tmto
ficient ooe bryt,
Guardia he
a Ittwe ciafOEd
beyond imronkUent
The gWveMWent ftf
officially took over ta 4
tratUon of th. wawrtin
bags collectiaand IaM
Int of the a ing 9of.
Colon fro'I'M oanc
ernment ac STta i
terdav en thed1t!
At bthe S -
the wa
cities were '
Jose A. Remon. byt'
John a. Beyo-
Guardia sf B
the tanld ovet of
the Panama I t
played some 306
were employed i t xM
tlions by the Cade i


-' "







-* -_________ d _


** ;(>*;-

- .-f-----,

l ,5 ,,,'."



- "'-" -. -



1iA NUW WACTooW PSeAnseColmon:

..-t^ ei On Foreign Aid
.T.. ..A.S.. OWN C.OLUM. .. ....

1 fi MAIL BOX a^diii ieat
San ^e aisjrem lr teeders .o The r or moderaonrend cor
e v 1e4 .pekfully sad eve handled la eal*b 8es :s. fl ao 'tm
.. .... .sV,' j frl, iudbfl't In hat wi n
Vs Y a rbitarily witd from

p Pact all ratify it. Only Western
THEY ilYA~ AVZ TO ,tAKE CARE OFl, .t S, Germany thus far Ms d' ne

r pn a ou pamphlet. ass i.e" loue has clz*K proosedn tha-
deyesndeedbu t it-ior it-else" pt Mr e
is a child's paradise w Ioe all t. e d itsr ary pw er to with-
M AIL. her" bld W siua.imt hil Ul
S p ny. -' t to erithhold theon a lr
ar, a eat printing and passing takIteme tOlis a colidW iwinor thad,"th
o abon child psychology I a r ave them par- in senat'r sa e .Wii
saopaouldn't yank little Johe a F ree tgved.t hi o ee dr iet ol
S b -te epat and imebaBe and cuff him around ep beaeS after a ry toways s ,
Snly a o or he forgot toido aei r did untilhe slnateions i a-
i that aa d idlik ri thh6 ;Op .Or perhaps iN .tory to t m tl uropean dee .
n"-pap ~ 'm s o-b ve awaran d.'m pact all ratify r t.iOnla esttern
ad, rrowmilnded and just plain stupid. Perhaps little John- ermany tu s aru to dc-

Sa bt, bt hae y e st d t th h t
ewa n er to the Ca nal Zonet. 'aOth Taft andl or
lr dtO 9lot head on children- He OT ave them par- %e oSae nat e m ,s 8 -.lO O rd-
tr e l tinlto ayour con]mVence. Give n e d t t olu.hprtapoed that -
o lo o, r o t a. Try to understand him. ; e- se ,00 ow be 00 iv
th tr o Iat t ir r n o world i. ie bill evdnt expectation Is
y enny .n wtyi ehor, Eitehower a t al da t dth;e'-9eUR t U *'
i 'rvho loves children This m olert measure il r d think we

S n u tla p t htn I fadsrd So tho s.trM along in akn In s
tabn c are .L llfldofaou 9-hldes mtio dip ic. veato .--
g O tha.roum t e SU0J00 ld Jir tl 1

m st mekoutut u mr stomach tcra.g, -
he.ap I wou in' mind getting it n yeh end wayo n .....t...pilV

b"uem wmM1stoW1 myuan *11ei-jn'ta f s 0,74+ft
,s mush 16 ~crats
voted 2Peoar the sii Ieotaqiehnckrout of thetr msaboutt
uPS O03 SATURDAY ro ardl, olass Repqblcanh adie for bars wlo
s r~"IN,0st"njuP support for couid a clip..
S the I rit.btte. by "I for program, clu.e wheial
.ggotte ir played on Satut 5 jTaf a is sort of ihing until I tecalleda
ie mlownfa .not Bhto gain aor the e I
i i e the stature It most
I go n t h bl anr to oneifh itO lIr on tit le"And
yo i say, dnhiden.Heoldon tComres that Satene=1,Xfo
Desire ha trial t .arund bn the prosfdp Gin thte atie e
I .m'Post ve achieveiI.I
clove.l t, erT t I dowe r't d' know the, a but a ~

t. e is' mn many cai aa a rlas tbill'
Calbroith rdl ean..ces- pct a .

,se huliea.
elienh oowe la c ha o edat aV

Th~s in.dt on ra ur~ br
0ld 01C Me C 8& from. (p g _

dumb go1' I-Q
be WN er b to& "qt th

these two kersena tor sare a
*sreW -eand L the p 0r des_
e m ."of'" our g- A, wet h er' p.

sa npsta be outte but rh mary .
woudn o g.ew It i .I ow t ,
._ %otnd .e u :

,ot I w tte tk-n'topogamaPd

,~~c 2 U,2.,_.../,

. I' "- .

SA i


"' P : Isei -e

4? 1 r
~. f,


* y4'w-
p 3e

gon sa
at su.


riawnet eeumd Sr
NI. -' ---

Af oew weSe -h bad eon-
jh absgs

TOsT TOV tALEST-ms the -Tgs.
ptobt Mal flsMuSeir*S wua.

Tert ". W"n>&.titLwa, dl W



,'nr a- a-- 'A
-- -S M.i~ -.

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.. .. .. ..,... ,. ,,
.,,, -T ,,-,,c 3** ii n '

^ .'4- -A fl: n U -ij' -.**
'.. .f Qt) JS$ *'j 1. 3 'j- ~- 3 $' *S *.. ; 'f .> i

:4.'^^~r -:-.**-

4i .Cl

!Lt3 iu*OJI

't di

, i tta r qrSi SSt
utr owy low. -btat
er.t aon -

* ''A.

- *&* ,W4

Ipii -p i6iwy of A yoM

*u u t Siv sv vs
i mfime riquiiiyb


S',. I
t *

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-, +'+ 4-, U
- --" A -. :
.1- "- it

l. i A ...' .I -
'-"" .: ui .'. i "-

-f. yJ

* S Sa C S* u '?
two 4 r

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* 14

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A C' '*'

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.4- ~!
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'" .. .- .4.- .,d
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Ts Matry it

. : .. c., -r'.r,

"' affl,*l '. 1 "."-.f r "-, ::^ ; ".',' --, ,; ."J-.** 'tf-'..' i'.:: y.-t-, ."' --- :,. ; -, !"; *'r-*
.. .. ..i .... '' J .'*E ,..^^" r-fl Mk j-'J ',. .* .l ,, f ^/"MN rr.fc -A *T,>l l"ll ^.- -.!~
..- M' *.-.
'.',l,"'1L .".-,. ',t' ",, .. ...7.W." w1 '-". ., .-:." ." .,' .,.

(A' t FM" wa's
'u'i."-.."AWA a A A*"7

*,O ,. ,

P4 'WWow

HOLLYWOOD INEA, Exclu- tract with MOM changes drasti-;

Suming her career s an actress }wl IS^ w terms... I
,now that her mother. Rita. ha b, ho .tLojng,. Long;
SBob Calhoun is carrying a,l- wi ehS ri_ e t
high torch for Ginny 8HAt and gurI3S| Deal guies
selling the mansion he bS kals l a "con at a fut cip
Their love nest to ban.ih ., 'ny OT I f at- 4.
". t- from h s d s e aed '. a
mind.... Betty Lana now has to, NWoyI IOUvS
co-sign the checks that Mario T
write or the bans won't cash J the song sen-
themr e rOB, 5 a t anything Ie-
thel ___ I'rous In with Danny
Donald O'Connor will eeMmrd Arnold, tes for Dean
a new song he just wrote w #h a IL Lewis. Despi
Snl Miller. The title s--o n'ds ar e y oanne says she,
t.. .,,t lit [h the "come-;

eaulll't e nere pmore iP 2
the face of Gwen O r'ss di- uP
4 "*n-s' "TBings Ea angaed d
a Let." .. Richared bZ was W
teld a TV starlet was M
Setross "I knew they WW A
ight," says Diok, "when I begaT
i t pick up spliters la the inMeb'--
Sir Laurence Olvier Ia
t over critical barbs hurledl.
In England for daring 's
the movie version of T'^.s S
1ar's Opera." 'Amateii."
!"Larrytone" were .. _
words used In the mace
. ... British beauty,'. Cra.w- w-
ford has beenA bo
of MGM's x
STable." She's Mto U..
Stbves stens tch .
rtvaish fnicke a P-ltr, A ..
in now 21, but bi
on her ha v
Son dates wlt .
V, b

Richard Carlson's driecton Of
"Riders to the Starl" hasis PSO
fdueer Ivan Tors dredictin,: lm
"Hollywood's going to lose a good I
actor after this film." ... Thecan
goings on between a married moreQ
Hollywood siren and an English A af't th
'proi man on a recent African who a4 u04p
film location were eye-popping.
Billy Rose's secret Droject is1
grand ooera ain English. First
Iprod .:tiQn:' -"O rpheu." with .
book by Ben Hecht and new lv-
rlcs h' Yip Irarburg.... irth
5rm-rp7ue and director HuglO|A H a
rI-o-"n"ie are selllnr thel- Bev-:I IJ
,erl, HlIl. mansion and will live'
*In Fexico TOKYO. Jul
I --- .130 mile a&V
Greer QGaron can do televi- churned a
Wton. radio, stare plays, even cir- toward J
euras. next wJun when her con-Bing the

t a's Back-

ound, That Is.

4 (UP It was fJst like old
:today on the 2,800-ton Pe -
nio n freightef andra. I
The Sandra ran agroudnd on Sltate'
Itd Beach In a dense fog Bun- pot, n I
Sday. It was the second time In damage
Itwo months th- *hin has run there were
I 'nd on the Atlantic coast men's families
S The seagolnr tue A. J. McAl- uated from the
fllster failed to budre it at noon
yesterday. but McAllster Marine The sun br
Towitg Co. oflcial said they rlouda oyer Ky]
.wo"ld try iPlsi. the first timn
The Sandra grounded off Deal. Jauanese aqtj
'NJ.. last month. Tie vessel, own U.S. service
'ed by Chester. Blackburn and the da m
;Rbder, Inc., deep not carry radar. against th


-etchings" boys
as. New York and.
dub appearances. |
S something,"

y yearn for
W n has.
ler. de Havil-

..ue Again."
46.. ...

I ;

S r e.. ..
' -l F ':.
*.qo'.k ,, ., ,,' V .

n twbw



v -A


been ev ,,-" ,-

through the
Yesterday for A ST LL, UGH TOWN Following a morngenterOu
five days and in Seoul. Korea, top-level dphomafs of the mRe O reo"
ites helped by Korea and the U.8. take time out for a stroll
cleared a*ay Palace. Left to right are: ROE PrimE'lnt Too
battened down President Eisenhower's special envoy. Walter Robertso; n
it of new storms. U.S. Secretary. soL8tate fpr,Public AffaiM, Carl C. MCCardl

II sUon

4MAN, CpWAfa.,.

HEP .. 7'i4y goY



Fair Compensatio

^ .^ ^ md1. 16 cam ... :

H M -.5I-.-
- A>- 5- la lIs w J____________ 1-

A,. mm
-.5 5

* 4.,,

.fta -

I -
>: ,.: -:.**'.. *A,..- ff k



"i 69

_ ___LIl__


OMld Caution

r it~;ir.
.1-iL 9 p
4-C C ~.

Jr ~ Ar' -

:ptI 4?1V AW2

L .,I;



., I;. l. s--t



the.mnmberos f
c-h of Pod
-9 Hfst a bake

to th
ew- been *d04 to
am. n nakk for thm


J ZHec, rwecet
i for duty w"th
mpea at rrt

estered t*e
381' I


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rd Al b^Ks .

S Am a --

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, ,t. .* .'-
*...- ,:, ,' 1

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Mae er. aww ib.
-mw white ete



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Le-' A^TF tr

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s y g~ it

in s omu 4res o I O

ti -4~

.4 .b

.40 '
..' ;A

our figure. .

L,al are. *

and 10 to 20

F S .

1. 2 W 4 1
% ^~~ ^ i / > -' .- ... r ".s ^7" ^ .t- ; I "i ^ ___ > ,_T_____ :- -* --

* I

-It *~ .1 4-
.tj __________________________________


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4c31 I

ags" .

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It). '1


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11 I


Ion % ..
-r. 1* .. .,. .,
t.' ',t

- P g '
Is I

JbT~ ~


Lewis So
oM 4 Troa'


ell'em... When You Telem t6u P. A Cssie,
Leave your Ad with one oL opr Agents or our offices in No. 7 Street. Iaa
No, 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

vice Salon de Belleza Americapo Cariton mU J
i Ave,..-Phofn 2-2l3 IeSO no. 551 Westl 1.i Streo iggi 1 Phe 3

A PIN. I i o:al' DI n n P p B S. A.


Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0t41

gesIn ail. rau 11bi I,1 ue u-aw~.rvu -
No 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199

6u, Street b
ph=@& 34-14 as tvNN7tU*-


*, ..' \, .. ,. I, "'i^
.1.- .. i'

i *M 42: wrd...
i' -". -
.. ** l I m-

I ---- S---- I S MU
_Household Weil@ Alehom M @Msse Santa Clara.'Phone.3, 04k o2
LE:-9 foot porcelain Weist- FOR SALE -1953 Chrysler Cu.tcrm ,i20 An C C -ndSM.lOx Santo Clr Bh
so refrigerator, $100.00, 3 Imperial. 4-.3oor sedan, wh.te wall'a -- -d. ...Santo l B mqh
ad, 10 in:h. 25 cy:I nfan, $10.- tires, ralo, ow'.mileage, car on DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical CIr c0. SHRAPNELS furnished house.
tcrmaster furniture. Hou-e- excellent condition. Tlephone Coco Central A.enue "K- Street Corner 'Phone lbsm 1389. --
goods. House 1573-J. Govilan Solo 79. L_______ telephone 2-3479. Panamm FOR RENT.-Houe in Santa Cla,
SP_____ .. FOR SALE:-1951 Plymouth sedan. 9URUNDU NURSEP.Y SCHOOL open for we9;tnds, eek or rrigpth. Call
$ALE:-Refri erator, 7 cu. ft. radio, leather t.r. tery. Coll all surrmer. Call Balboa 1214, P. ---949 -
porcelain, 2 cycle and Ap x Anason, Balboa 23. 3. M or 80-ZI68. A. M. i Oceanside cottags .Sant
r,. 25 cycle....llO2- 2796,F1111 c11 11%rtLE. FOcR S A LEside .co A Eant
r, 25 cycle. Call 2-2796, FOR SALE: F9y 1 -Ford Cs FOR SALE Paam3-1877. Cristobal .1671.
F E:-2.-sktlea bed springs 390. Can be finci:-ed. Will accpt M;.elluneoM Gramlich Santa Clar usech.\
innerspring mattresses, I lnn 1940 or 1941 as trade ,n tage E bctric tceboxes, ls stoves m
.I bed sprig with Innerspring Pedfr g Miguel 4- 4 j FCR 5 LE 1939 Ford Coupe. a nao*a rates. Telephone 6-441
tress, condition fair. I single FOR S, tI.. Ch4vfo'et 4-door portia ly restored. 5"'40.00; 1932 iath*e; 4-567. Pedro MIpil.
-spring, condition good. Reo- sedan. fu'nning crd F.--- r eu;e, $125.00; Refr g'rotor W.ltegis' Santa Clara Besh co
le. 754-C, Balboa Road. $125.00 21726 otter 5 p 30 00: cmpn'ete pa.nt spray;r .2 droms. refrierotor, Reca.
F LER.efrigrotor6 0ft. 205 m.S c t.,t $.2 .00. 5720-,. Diabld: sibo a -305 e
ve ry go o00n MUST.t'" Che xl-. E-!!LL -SA;2: .- _h
'.2-6439. 0588-C, Anccn. Jl Heater, J.o.j Runabout with
FSALE-Pr Ir Rug. Baby Grandt t1fI II r offer Stic-C ott' coocl-ipe w n'in n n-.RENT
1 Stick Furpt ture, Holy-e Cter 4...i 4 33, on n 'n

LEy ama. Inc. e*Tu-. 2-06L0 asi a 3-3574. -_ LOTUO .
SFOR SALE: 947 Linosln, ren PANAMA CANAL COMPANY. electric or. Stable for .

e loqntu be'1.ta Colian-nd-I will be rect ved until 10-30 A. M.
LE:-Coldspot Refrigorator, r t iortc ',- 8.250 00.1Jly 21. 1953. in the office of room, d kitchen, mat
yces, $3.00, one porf. lot- 4t'h ily ~ 61. Phcne 2-' upern' dentt of Strehou:.n a- a
3.00. 642 Carruille. Phone 2446 oa. Ior 3.072 net tons Ferrou Srap lNo. 3, tale LL
18. Po t 50 i.IMelc!s located at Sect,on 1," Bot-. o bedSa
E: 9 FOR 194. 1co9 u.e. Invi'lion No. 24 FOR Bttld ro one bedroo^
or 4c c o le t n. fdi to cot~ .'-ty be oa trained froa h in Rr i n n he
334C5S ona v ."- tlo4 up__ 31 TOL C.7. as from office rf Supe!nlen- n to
el C. Apartment K. R F 2 hem- c-I Of Sliorhouses, telephone 2- novy bae..sgn at entrance Joh-
planl SALE- 0e nr5.e99n. fn
Arhu:s : reod ff lastic L. R. a'l 6F1 re nth! CRSAILE -10 Venetion Cdr tfor.C 'iNT!- -C6mpletey furnis
S dining tle and 4 chairs, "Ias 5..m' wl Dup'ex. Telephone Balbyo 1696. cholet.rtwo bedrooms, maid serv.
Sgas r etor 4 burner crifce for $1,70. Nun- 126 FOR SALE: M re Scuzer rooim Independent. nce. F
O stove. d compete. 34th St. 15th Sttet Paitia Fran- Puppydagoe goi.KC Rcgast- normaton Nsk ,
2 bV22Apt._3. Cisco). Phone Panama 3-2931. ired. Cac( th Avenue Niio., Fvlancisct
FOR SALE:-9 ft. Westinghouse re- FOR SALE* rThi 0r -2 thronmit-
frigerator, good condition. Phone POSition Off red oter Dyniamc Mik e,- E HF Con- FC'R RE bedroom chalet
86-6Z1. Can be seen at ve. :r Folded Di l 10 Mtrs. 25 garage, room. For inform.
s" e 3044" Pr6fton cycle 19 0. i-2735 tionf,'e-n 3-5141, aftHe 5:00
FOR SALE "-piece .attan living- for energetic Engl .h so-ikii g a.ter R. M..*
roomset; 2 chests of awes; al- e.,. P.a. 3-062. F. .....
mq new da~bee Simmons Ir.ner- WANTDlZ;rifiice for am 1re rfre.h s I
spring mattress, spring, stand; furniture store. Must be experi- .RE l p NT
standing lamps; record cabinet; enced and have refe eic- Apply nFORI e 'E" A
valet; electric fan; mahogany love in person to Ho-elhod Ex:hangle, ed, Apr t-ptt ss P P
Spastic uphtbolstery; buautif Avenid-es iW No41, ph n dno tonr de sat crs ALHAMrI APARTMENTS c
ht -6en p nt; -b ostr at- 3-491 .. underccated $1.400.C4. Also 6. ETwo and four room nm
fqrate 0 i| portable el trils-A evil,, 101111- -no
0- N4 Crs ... 1Sm New. y Col

u n i t-u- odron ly wc&ls .hch em iS ts k i' g itor m& t 3 -N T .. .
rnte S E '- 5.- 0"&. Qt ol 3627.* FOR SALE e. not
A ok emr .pho ne 86rw n-on, afternoons, 3-

LE:.-Gorgtous 8-piece bomn- FOR SALE: Come and pici up-2 bedroom a
-tivingroor l pt including con. your telephone bl $7.50 co'h. m dini room, k .
Chair, #1us motchino'asl, trays, lt bedyorma. rt. EInglis Furkriure i t"e, 7th. St., In n Froncistoe
tb opprecat, Phone e payment, Thane Bolivar Avenue. 6075. Tel. 334, telephone
he Colon.BA
Help Wanted WANTEIDB ,an:at* ,w
il family want responsible house- Io nerso t$ Hi.OU' 43rd. St4reet-+d ,I3. .
ikpper. Must sleep in. Good salary. < D FC Et:- > eom mo'enu s .
|hone 3-4359. WANTED:-Byn Amer.coh Executive, awprtment. AI. Jrspectd. No.
A releasitOn;t:Of impression 4583 between-7.30 11.30 A.
S and A bot life I n Amerla M 2. 6:00 p. Alo _) anui errr.
Sn I Written by Americans who tr- nu errer.
w veled in the new nation between I FOR RENT:-Nicr-dri
rAl Kob 9 F P rn OpposlH ion ment o.n Ju, Ar9Av 7
of the W books placed in cit- As | rooms, garage, moii r soB
e rnt Ohildera, winner culatio -Wartg the past week at afpartmentNo. 5. -
.Medal of Honor the by the PZn a Canal Library. I FOR RENT t
on's hlghelt military dec- It is the first such anthology An A *. TApartm nt 3
.ton has arrived in the to be Published although a num- Fu h Uwater S aid l
Zone and asumed new ber of similar volumes y Euro- Fuwrn, d 's
with te 334 Infantry ean visit to t Am have $75
t' First Battaion at een avagble for a time. BUENOB ES, July I (Up) N .
The complete list of, bool The: a .shMp of the Con- N. .
co uous gallantry at thq brar follow: servative ocratic party ask-
-at o Apltd rktfi Ameri d 0. 0aent r .rrrA.A
Beyond vU of d ult I nut en S o n t oS 0.erl, i
Se t party president I ethre onu
Italy." the cn- eaio ro I t.
S1 beg1in1 lng practice manual, .
wi, Tas tired up e by the 4 aa nrd to Iaterior rFOR EN 2" tt l m i a Bl
... read the ine t; amateur pho- Miteren by a ''" B "
wanted bcth h bodit lto us man: ai on, rt? ow
He mved.bebind machine Ta's guide to har- sa ia "no raonto ele O A.
1.& l ed all oe- balasell e sperets of U an exceptional and 7 .
theea one.Hecon-" a to ttpve
Atowmard e en econ Tt ography and Hs-t -Ar-
thre ros nto itWhen ory he ceof the earth gentfl Ur
I two& eopAi of the net (o A ltt for those about to -
S 0 one r i. travel), Tomlinson, A mirror for he.n not iuMted out that
al leaderip, Americans life and manner "many of those derived of FOR NT
csmnus under fire in the United States, 1790-1870, freedom hpve served the naltionone er e Ua
oBU pleuou8 gallantry dis- as recorded by American tra- or its pro-ince from important n h r t
Swre an inspiration Ito ele, Tryon; Ralph J. Bunches, nositlons" Pd that the "rec- w .t mels
lighter for peace, Kugelmast titude f their conduct is well rome r
StWil la Cather, Brown. known. FOR RENT-
military career be- Fictin olden season S nished rooe^ .'7
e.his rtio So Amlr.o At- Their continued iiprisonitert,4wo
.l ad*. rown: without their having oommittWd or 2-1693. .

S tr h? T"* 3 S3?Twan Items never tlon of human beings and their ril lo. 34r .
rln"a Georgira ro"1,7

welOnt a bond txtie town), Jenirins: Showert
C _tehrnish o3es. a Jt0 SEE saa'. W .g
,w e b elb au, ry;alpth. nSarton;l

titde n THE 1N
the Iondut;Gelwld IFOR
ilIa hs i t lhoer ,or borty es I
trains, Cal: :

aeou yearardh The
lmmtdthe edMrfu loitem nee Lono tsmb~g n ler d'o 4

If ve. wsmtbeave N,
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i -w vi
U(Bt' ^""d: T
IIIA^-p 4^BI

. *,. T-' -*y ,,'.. l i-o

,1 .-

S ftyo f rchil's
F SIwN te PanJymo
N Dee July 15

.Mflfl*A^ C:- It IiT


3.. **** *"*

1 4-' 5 6- -

3---- -I^Bg"..stofo"..n tures

^^"~ *.lb
ISW C 1. ..*

H*-- "ui5ST
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- --

%I& WAn5
rtflM ^'. h-SWP ""


one om the 9" Pletum
ofAB Timr...!
say amzm

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_ : .'- .1 ,**' .-

in."lms,.. Or Blavti
+. y ,.on Quorneu!fI
-WAS A TnMF" *
oth -
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- On the amP: .-.;.

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L ,- .. -- ,

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U. "" -. : ,rSm...

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:'** -- ii*

Rhils Edge I-Dodgers
I* *+ -I tw ** ,t. i -. -.. -"A
*: .* .. : -. -. ,,*.i. T. .. ***.
i* ,.*: ,,: ... '.*.;. -* .;< ;* '**
*""' ... :. -- ',, ", .ri_.r.Ji'i ,i "l liiL"iiiii.ii 11. 11 iirt.f. i : .'"

^~~~his Ecdge Dod ers W+N^

__ __ *._ 1 .." :" ....

Wetory Puts Philadelphia AAt .l

Only 3 Games Out Of 1st ;
EW YORK, July 1 (UP) Granny Hammer Tea. W L t.
ca al "catch fire" ball tame and Manager Steve NewYork 4 s21 17
O' of the Phite, who has seen many a thrilling hi 41 2
la ing raly, agreed today that the 10-9 tenth Boston 38 34 4. 2
i victory over Brooklyn last night "could start hiladehl pa 32 39 1
Us our way.' st.o S2746 .370
Detroit 20 49 .209
as. all hands agreed, their games. George Kell also homer- Der D20m I
atos Important triumph of the ed for Boston and Alle Re.- TODAY'S GAMB
vea The Phils, though still in Inolds went down to his fourth St. Louis at Chicago
ro place, three games back defeat. Andy Carey and Yogi Cleveland at Detrob
gal on all of the leaders. And Berra homered for the Yankees. Washington at Phila. (N)
th It the hard way on a Cleveland moved to within New York at Boston
t swOgle by rookie Ted Ka- five games of the pailcky -- I
ins a deft aoueeze bunt world champs with a labor- wET n 'R MEmSU
I B Ashburn. which netted saving, five inning 6-4 victory .ESTERDAY'S RESULTS
runs in the 10th t In a rain-halted ne st l..Washington 000 010 002-3 7 0
0Cl l againlpt a lost rally that produced two chall each hit two run homers Porterfield 9-7 and Fltsger-
ta a .a bases-loaded two-out for4 he victory margin as Art aid. Kellner (7-6) and Astroth.
ain G1i Hodges. Houatteman beat his ex-mates .. i i
Il3hbad another big ral- for his fourth victory. Detroit t.Louis 001 OO 200-4 1 1
I e seventh when pitcher scored on a homer by Jehnny Chicago 00- 00 000-2 6 3
zik biht a homer and Pesky just before te rains CainePe (3-3), rtuat and Court-
came through with a came. so. eand Wison" ,
round tripoer and they The White Sox came to the on and Wilson.
air margin -5 in the end of a seven-game winning (Called at and of Bthb-R)asIa)
eNe on winnh~t pitcher Jim streak when the r deet- Cleveland 022 02-6 8 0
Rbo singled in a rin. But- ed them 4-2 with a la-bit attack Detroit 100 08-4 8 2
W lrdi's hor r, Hodres' that included a homer by Jim Houtteman (4-7) and Gins-
t Carl Parillo's ascorin Dyck. berg. Garver (a-?) and Batta.
fly ip 7-7 for the Pookq BobP rfieldwa Mr. Victory
In i..rnth and the Phlls had all by htelf at Phladel New York 000 00 001-4 8 0 .
1 ^ out for victory in the o yat- Phil N!w O N 0 0 00
to go Ak out for victory in the when he pi ed his fourth Cut- Boston 010 101 002-5 13 0
10tI... lout, a six-htt 3-0 victory for Reynolds (6-4) and Berra DMShS- -.
w e eWashington In which he also de- MaeDermott, Hudson Barber croZ as i te t
lkeeseht-ame Iosin livered a home run. It was hisl and Kinder (5-4) and White /hittingba '1 6t i-- _0
e& .finally came to an end in ninth triumph. i Lam. ,4al*fIr bN,
nd game of a double bll The Cubs lit into the third- m foerks.a .arl .oi aftW .l
at CilSinnati when Eddie Mat- place Cardinals again for 18 bits tafl l AfllUm ehrlYol
w h\ ht his 22nd homer in the and handed them their third NUifWE h W *-
10. .th b a man on base for a straight loss, 10-3 as the Phils Teants W L Pet.
S4'vldtoy, after Cincy had tak- moved within half a game of the Brooklyn 42 26 .639 .0 m i,4g.i
e,.oBe .ener. 6-3 on nomera by St. Louisiana. Howie Poelet who Milwaukee 42 27 J. W
Seianick, Jim Oreengras gave up five hits before tiring in St. Louis 30 29 5
a d orkowski in the late the heat, won his third game Philadelphia 37 27 .57
e Clacey's victory was Its against his old mates as Ralph New York 34 3 8.507 an r A
ti. a row, but the M lwau- Kiner connected for his 16th Cincinnati 30 38 441 mU L J r
Seeded the streak and home run. He got three of the Chicago 23 48 .348 .
pt. the Braves within half a Chicago hits. Frank Baumholtz Pittsburgh 25 50 .333 ,
of the top-dog Dodgers. collected four.
S' le, Utill plagued the Yank- Murrv Dickson pitched alx-hit TODAY% GA,"
s bl.ew a 4-3 lead at BO.- ball and Cal Abrams started him Philadelphia, at Brookly(N) ...
two "out in the ninth off right with a first inning Pittsburgh at' Nw' -
Wp.,mmy White hit a two- homer as the Pirates topped the Milwaukee at Chicinnat Atlantise KaBald La Lb
rqi~ oner to give theRedS ox a OlGiants, 3-1. Chicago at St. Louis (N) THE STAiJDINO
4' l.torv and extend Newi __ I_. ,
k dr ngt srea3- to eight. yesterday's Star B b .W L. t.
-- -- --. terfield of Washington who /8TW B AA S.TS Naval Btatie w. 5 A .YU4
S_ pitched his fowth a at and Chicag 040 400 200-10 18 2 Univeral lPOrt a .
ninth victory and hit a two- St. Louis 110 010000 -3 5 2 Gibraltar L
't rum homer n a six-it 3-4 de- Pollett (3-3. Lown and Me- V. P.-4
Slj eisl ulloughu. MUBler (-.(3-4k, Clark, ,
Cha brs ui Br f andTd Yvaus%,
S Straight All-St1 eg A-- .., A.
Sdit Contest Stars Play-+ "9
Wa 11em01 00-3 6 a Naval station 11 103pa

S* Seeod Game
~, b l t Ml l,,5 SM IAilwau. 100 ooo0 o50 2-8 11
Si Cicn. 200 020Ton 0E0-4 7 .0 Wh, e Wth two
Blardo Chyba, hardworkin: N pW IvmIII Surkont, Johnson (7), (2-1) tta were i.t- afth
rim porter pitcher., hurled and Cooper. Collm (2-), King side, the rasfuSteW 6 tp
h woe d consecutive no-hit and Ludrith. BSn~k the Atlnti bal
ashbto and thus insured the The West Coast All-Stars will 10). continued to tighten as".
S EpoHiof at least a tie for the play their third game in the Brooklyn 0-10- 10 40 hal f -e
IRambow City tMa'or Softball Panama Area tonight at the Br00olyn 010 040 002 2- 0 1 dteid. od O t
Leslpe Chemplonshlp. This was Fort ClayLon symnaslum when Phla. 002 0 410 3-10 14 0 took cesiedtly OwA OeB o
Rierdo'l fourth win, the they go up against the Army BRoe, Hughes (1). Line (8) best r1ame tme haae *r1- 'b
leaW high, and hbls fifth All-Star at 8 o'clock. Black (10), Mqken (10i and for the eag- ,q -wa,
leges jobhi. iThe* 4 Stars last night de- Campanella. Ridik (6) Kon-
bla administered his latest feated Chesterfieldu l2t stanty (7) Hansen (10) Drews ]l,4e t inW l
maIuploce to the Coco Solito 72- 0t the Paaams Gym. and Lopata. f12 an
Brown Baggers who then were With victories over Chester- offt t g 0-i e
n e place tied with Poll- field and BAM to their credit, Pittsburgh 100 002 000-3 0 o ian th i
clatrhend Cl theease touring West Coasters wil New York 000 001 000-1 1 0 wr ad to1k
a aad a half off the pace. be eklat their third straight Dickson (7-8) and Atwell. edgew -n e .tG
T dropped tthe BaggLrs decialon.Featuring the sterlin Gomes (4-4), Xolo (9) and ports five. Jy
to place tie with Powell lay of George Yardley, voted Westrum. Jun GOuM i h a
G |t. ai the outstanding amateur play- ", the' dotn=n ,
Sad ftnao bave er in the United States for the l21 Mas
I thediraehedule *th pEA season, the visitors have B Nft
e s Solitt having had little trouble in winning
a .their contests. T l l WI
%two Other college and National I
a ft needs a spUt, ,AU All -Anericais featured
ta incethe a the team are Bob McKeon v-r Phla
O. Major uoftb of the University of C aliforn i oa. V rM
a Walker of the same
a I other players final s tournament with

eerte pihcr, tho lantua rio Pnlls at the Pai
y aGoin. leo a ei o lympic tenl c enurt.,
SMr. Chyb rich. Stanford Universty; Bob Ater he t At ae wn h
1 3 t c l estles Inisoe Yardlry, Universty of Colorado; ti h he bare l na thbe avn
I; walk-ed 1I and allow- Jim Dean, Univerata of Califor v c i turned out to be one-
F f | ll hta. On the crest of nao; and Pal Holm. UniversRity ed t UP to the pot
i -lMted pitcher, the t Banta Clara. where the ore ws 4-4, I was o
S have sImd rht into Jat It, dseln Buoth ceach of a good match, well Pelad and
the Army team, has announced very evn After He won heis
t .Chyb svicter have hi started o They are Mrvce in a long ninth smme in
Ifip th enelmiores of Harry Vmith of the 370th EAR which each player had advan-

I gI thee i si runs atCo Other Armyter post, flankedr sre t membered thatst year while
u ." a tem -rk-iO ea ofdri the andconte st. o ntaat w
a bee. In acdei M eon of the after tralong grue0-3 llin the o

JHHfirstr1! p i Stankewich, Harold Redand Al sete apiece and Helm leading ln
al in the third er of tme 3d Inantry. Roger the fifth set 6-5, Phnuls also
-- thing e be- Muy of tle 5th Ps: Man- threw the math while Nate
-.- ., ..'i. ,.., o zi. suh A se fo tma to ila Who
S t -- a Group; John J of the rused to retu the selre. .....
.i..a,.day at .a..iat h.e~hek .

Fourth OfJ*ly

Dog Tired Dave cage Tourmonient
S., aa nUn. .N TS
Al .., ..d Imi
-..--: Th
L 6.


-p ; ? T ... ;.
* V -, I --


S .-..
". *'* A"


'--" -

a : .
.4-., rf -. "'"t- _'."

, .- -- !

g .- .-. -

r ~

f t

a 1:"


A* i~rpT^- .-1
". ; ,.. ," ,.,* "* |1 -.-1*

Llp at the Portland,
b Jn IM44, Be'
1 e i. How wsait
'mmlb trot a

wes Oit* tuaing point,
we teed off at 10

r .
'.Iqw es
Bqn 2
a ff~

Mtio fter, p-p-h- got to keep I. Wfij
MIla by a mile. tWe -nuanntant anm
y tiUpe in .hla ie in anwt
big b "
is boya cal H ogan 'Go ahei'd
1t was mine, too. nods at BPn.
.' __ h bI n up arAum .-.a. In. d
i I wake .3Hoan' so
9W aMr tthis the buck right I tin
1' I thought rats He gets excited
t ovf t e place. get. him right away. The,
)k -:ydf t Hogan lying still in the snow, a
IBM teetht, sAya, "Aw, let .eat ftiut..
ow ab ar? Thi cold imt
IiB It-R -t time in the blood
I MA," I told t Oti cihow ht S
n.. 'r. out f the w
oalle H0i6n Blue 86 *-lto alll
ad-I have hunted his tit deer. ,
S' eea rera, .
futerE MeN NWT: Neary naetf
a.I 1ver D tetf.

- L-4.- .. ii"'[m



*L "--
?L -.. *

SJ'?IrS .w o -.

L..- "V ,'--" W

* s ,. I I : .


,.. i-..
.s*. .~*.
~ e...

4.fin *** ** *J" \
r-9^ .. ..... .,. .. ;
t ..i"_ -' '; ..'.- *.

"%DW I"S : "
IF gil MI ,, .-
^ Gt *
l,- ;, ,,("*l'~ :.m '> .":" .'-*- .*
ff. iaE... S ..
.. ,. ,,.-;

.L '



~Q Pm
*.sA I
1. takitig

* The Greatest of llvTeus
- PHSFERINE is i a sly
tomic for the wbek aol

enjoy your f it bagletKoMU


-, ~*lIt 'a It
!'-& A M .
^^1 e*e, yMFCrieint|
^^" il V=yu chc ni U


?'.:T.- L-"
'4 ... **




jbw9lr ~a


", ..: w sh.., Aa.

!4ha OWf #Ja^ad Opponent

-0 -

f lt U' M 4itctly the Pho-
w than Hogan, driving
lJbfrth Worth home, bhaO
B, w.gI fatal accident Just
S f -dof3. .'Pso, when his car
R54.0on waitha 7bus.

KhgibM h 7.0 rn Ohe DiWy-
"IVlIA th 'e t hom a, and

H S got x 1 Ck out of that.
160, 1..' i d i t f e re r .t
S *- :r t0 adaament 18 uop

. ,.

a .s t rbAMAid-'

o I I _I p- i on f.le ^-

alteBd< wtth Ialbew c
uc j *^' -. --^**h- ii*-j ^k .



*. -

g ? ;'. .- ,, :.;-'.. ,.:,r .- ..,.. .:.

*A *?*^ %

.' ." .
ft. M, -

__ __ I



*r ^ym
- .. !. :** *. .:. .*,,* .*. ,w,,,
,, "- "-' '', ,*; ,-

,.- .,

td j

4 '1ti
as^ -




- V: 'i
t4-* I



I. "


: '^- -- **-

o1i\ -U Dr. A. G. Orih tI ofthe ot
o Qtflce In Alabama checjot'4srt9of a.
SOammin. l6bulin aerum wmb m am-d)p i
S.. tr a growling pU o side J ieasr 0,00
Son ry aare berflrda the U u.
Vinanity-wide use of i e ] r am. '


*. Ala., July 1

sterdayl6 be-
as- ce ve

s 1 erum.
wa uie Daniel

b.aty are

m *tber* the crip-
web tAtokt i per-
SthWtibs ayear.
r-e attept to ieat

M.tit i
iflOes thbefore it
pa rofwe to her*
rit b ag noty not
staWe and
SbeiN the
aredasec t per cent
mnowf there wUl be.
land mobre children
0e1.o- to receive
id ,Iw-day night-
rkjmi Iolved in the
e expect to have

L!':an fuqkmr as

alateca, children of Air Force .L.
Col. Holli Taa, filed through
togeher. y wereta Sof
al or .

Paul 4. lyA

At eaanJauonceuer. a recZ
ord cltrk took the children's
name as they entered. .
The -weMf adspandt dhe
pW e w .4 *, a mai
roolB where two ow three doctors
and as Sany nura- .worked
With jylnitn mefla
The youflterq were.placed on
er- tab nd their
ips won* r!fabre .hle' bnie.
tons. Then came m alcohol ap-
plIetion oat, the aaorq spot
ifts t handle the mammoth
eM ,w000 worth r nof sm"
rloballs used in the Montgomery
County Inoauulatlons came' lage-
ly frobm the Red CroW,
An official at the National
Foundation for Infantuil araly-
la Is supervlulna he operation
here. -
ThI* Injeetions are expected to
Immuneie maMt of the children
for four ojft wek-unti tbe
worst anul sum-

-a :orr.ian to

d$F, thea

J~*to ImOCU-
mt cared at
M 4LWas



tecretay o.aS

for. i. r t IM
He added, hoWeMtn I

CIIICAOO, July 1' (tlti-W -
than 20 peno iwfLa .
dead' toa lasbWS g
Mid ele.trouyne, t
teacherouft l d w qh, a

thfn o fat.
M.tnwhst, Uwhich
thirds of t dcoqsatry ntters
to humid et w n t
no reawefx orthe Jul
day. O u l t.-
ftrecastralao warned that P
mUlabn 44nirnme that have
:bledt hdr o
mt'weit tit amt an &end In
ThDies e Vomi;tid at L
least 238 wethetaused deftths

Mlehlw a.wahich hu bsins-
slammed & two disatrbus tor- ig
nadowe in tha latai weeks, w was
laohed he same violent wid
storms tha trUckWc Weonsin
WB* 010 to krAlla an hourmr
Mt btrc the quall e
lIne blw Itelf lntot Ohio a&d
Kentunky early today:

2-Yeor-Old Baby


Two-year-oad Panam 1 sn
daughter o r. atd Mrs. Port-
rio Banc i. oeuwt of a80d
Sthe lease, died hbed last Might
patat- t 9:t0 after t eate4i ei-
flaq- terday for tbee.
S"nches told Cnal e pp.
ap eal lee he tootk hisdut MW-
r for rim Lenora,6 t6o th
(Xiced ~Dspenmary AMAr she
r with vomiting. He iM
b Mr. vmitig d
aocrata she had tak
eral An autopsn5 eq

tKc| Queen, Princr.s-
ktW ITrave BJ
n*"frtc.I EAC Ifl-.Iilwilat


"* vs
. t
* -,*>

t- a- *

*4 ft
,s..- v "*.
* .-'t, .
, mmfIB

it S*-*H


' 30"000
a -

- ..


~'~' _*-LYYIL _


t '