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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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''rl~;:I;P:" I.. ...7 ,iP

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........................................ '.

"*Let th wjt knto e ruA ah and.the country ia Abraham Lincoln.

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L .

m .upport!
a fwn- Jf

Seopth 0
fiose a

bees no-a
h .been,
aj now b<

e hal


: koosev

s Low

-,B.. A..,An I

P rt, Whil
ertm James C
wsn Thern hi
dp tn.etter."
i! at no rwbl

W. a,"



Ing to
e bunk

,n the last details of the
oculftent despite
Bth obections. They
p staled on the only
ain Important detal--the
g of a ceae-ire line.
Meanwhile American Infantry-
Sthe east-central front
for new Communist at-
Ika night as tko Reds in-
'ther artillery fire.
K ne~y m 9 1Meleling came
t after 19t Reg-
aff. a f eight
alt, by 2,0 Ch" ese. Some
alauntB wrf killed or
lin the action.,

' sanwhile, rin turned the
ak~lGfield ramd Otlpost Harry
ntar the Allies
rtwbed to'jtOre their fortifica-
ions agnsta p ainlh new at-
Farther east. South : Korean
trobps fought to a stalemate in
their efforts to rout -Chinese
from three positions taken ear-
uIer In fierce battlia.
' d weather limited air action,
*i!t U.S. Sabre bombers broke a
he in the clouds to plant 46,-
000 pounds of bombs on a Com-
munist airstrip at.Anak, west of
Sarwon in North Korea.
'The fresh force of 2,090 Chin-
ese had tried to"adjust the bat-
tlellne" by taking Outpost Harry
on the main Allied defense line.

i ete Commy Hours

O moat places, c -
S 0 ye--ome- ( emed to appreciate the
1 bIus- of doing teir shop-
4~~4F~-;Ii ltuatln mmk


," f aId1

".4., ,

Cao omimlaz7 wat re-
porel have done a brisk busi-
ness and people there seemed
especially pleased with the new
At Cristobal, where the busi-
ness was not so good last night
it was pointed out that a power
failure thaf kept the store dimly
lighted for about an hour might
have influenced the situation.
The number of customers at
the local rate commissaries was
reported to be large, equalling
what might be termed an aver-
ae business day.
The new hours in the Commlr-
sarki on Thursdays have been
Introduced on a trial basis d
J continued If sflct
of customer aval
tof the opportunity to
4 o0 m a then.
S stores pen at 1 p.m. on
Thursday and remain open un-
tilU p.m.


0.1 Hnshugver
A. Jury of sven men deliber-
at for 15 minutes last ight.
ollCowing a ten-hour trial, ad
ca ack with a verdtit of
sl against X4ain Ramos. a
Famaianla typesetter .who
kfod his wife In a fit of
ea on Now Year's Day
Prosecuting Attorney Carlos
A. Lope maintained that Ramos
was guilty of premeditated mur-
der. However, the Jury's vrdtet
was manslaughter.
Ramos stabbed his wife Gla-
dys Solano Ramos to death a*
round 2 a.m. on Jan. 1, I9M
ootskle of a local beer gard
terrace where sbe had been
He said she had promia-
to come home early, b twhen
bse failed to show up by k am.
he went In search of her, When
he found her, she re to
go home with him, clatalg
she .had gone to the da a.
loe and would leave aloth
Following an argument, Ima
mos pulled a knife he w oar-
ryig and tabbed her u aFI


Official Wants

Not-So- Fast End

To Segregation

WASHINGTON, June 12 (*l
Assistant defense secretary
John A. HIannah said today
racial segregation among civil-
Ian employes on military baser
should be eliminated by an
"evolutionary" process.
Hannah, the Defense Depart-
ment's manpower expert, em-
phasized that eventual inte-
gration of races is the goal of
all the armed services. But he
said no social reforms should be
taken at military bases which
might "Jeopardize" l'ssential
Hannah's statements, in an
interview, appeared to contra-
dict the belief of Rep. Adam C.
Powell Jr., (D-N.Y.) that the
Elsenhower administration will
take immediate steps to end
segregated facilities for civilian
workers at the Charleston, C.,
and Norfolk, Va., naval ship-
Powell reached this conclusion
on the basis of a letter from
President Eisenhower assuring
the Negro congressman that
Navy Secretary Robert B. An-
derson and other administration
officials are "pursuing the pur-
poe of, eliminating segregation"
In llI federally controlled Insti-
Hannah said It is "only mor-

At i ,r Undet r a ri I
Navy Departmeat receive,
separate facilities, such a
washrooms. restaurants and
drinking fountains, are main-
tained for Negro employes in
Navy bases in the South.


Trims 800,O Men

From Federal Ust
-The Eisenhower administra-
tion has trimmed about 80.000
workers from the Federal payroll
to date ad will probably cut out
about 1i0,000 government jobs by
the end bf the year.
Although the Civil Service
Commlssaon has officially esti-
mated that 240,000 government
workers would lose their jobs this
year, a survey Indicated the to-
tal would be less than half that
anment or about fou rper cent
of the 2,562.000 neple who were
working for the government
wheo the Republicans took over
last January.
Most of the cutbacks so far
ave been in the Defense De-
parment and in the economic
control agencies that have heen
ealinated, such as the Wire
tabtlMatton Bord and the Of-
fbe of Price Stabilftation.
Conrs has tentatively ap-
puudc. the administration
DUab~ilgete4, about 35,000 addi-
a 4uts, hbt this total would
J be tMlced to 30.000 when
flIa acted on. With the 80,000
cut far, this would add up to
about 110,000 cutbacks this year.

RP Ambassador

Maing Trip Home

Frm Washington

--Panamanian Ambassador Rob-
Oeto lHurtematte announced to-
day'that he will make a short
triphome to Panama upon sum-
'3p of his government.
called on Assistant Secre-
y of State John M. Cabot to
oduce Panamanian diplomat
iberto Amado. who will be
d'affaires during the am-
S or's absence.
(hmnam lann Fareign Minister
am6n fGisado told The
Amerlean today that
tte has asked for lave
waaseus of health sa that
wll remain n ehare of
Paaamaalan 3ambe 3i
during the Ambas

BEahoa Tide)

'-.. Im,
........... 16.3 w1
.-'Um U *

-0 -

-Move Follows

Study Of Canal'

Financial Setu

0 -
Officials of the Panam6 Canal Co. are hopeful
definite proposals on raising Canal tolls can be made
July 1, a member of the board of directors has rev
in New York.
The official, whose name was not given, told a
porter for the Journal of Commerce that intensive
during the past several months of certain issues a
ing the financial responsibility of the Company are Ti
pected to result in recommendations in the near futrW
which "will provide a basis for determining whether pre~*
ent tolls are adequate."

In reporting the Interview, the
Journal of Commerce said:
"What Is most needed Is the
determination of a proper basis
for depreciation and interest ac-
cruals as well as the amount of
provision that should be made by
the Canal company in. the form
and structure replacement.
"At the time o reorganization
In 10SI t L imman nt antnli ,m._

rll showed that tolls amountM
to 2737.931 were paid by
commercial vessels and a er
of $615,000 was received from
153 Government ships given

MI RAisng Pay

bn ctialdeit.o wThih .t o.. A ....... forIn1-p
eluded enxavation cats, treaty firemen and en
riht etcpased by the Semte will
"Whether an or part of this before a conference comm l
sum should be recovered through before it Is sent to Preddeni
tolls by amortization over a long senhower for signature.
period of years, is one of the fl- The House bill, H. R.
nanclal decisions which it is originally called for a 16 per
hoped may be shortly made. raise, but this was revised to
"Another factor is interest 12 percent increase by the I
rates on the debt. The Treasury ate.
reduced the interest rate from 3
to 2 pe- cent on the capital In- The bill calls for an or
vestment at the time of reogani- basic salary of $3,00 or
zatton, but has the power to in- men wth less than one ye
crease rates at any time. A sta- service, on the police force.
ble. long term rate is sought in other revised salaries would
order to more accurately ap- be:
praise operating costs. Chief of Police $12,
"The creation of adequate re- Deputy chiefs
serves for major repairs and Im- Inspectors 7,
provements is another factor re- Captains 6,
quirlng a policy decision. No such Lieutenants 6O
reserves presently exist, although Sergeants 5,
the time is drawing nearer when Policeman grade 5 &
new work must be expanded if 4 4
the Canal is to maintain its ef- 3 4
ficlencv. 2 4
"Until decisions are reached on These salaries do not tn
amount or about four per cent the additional differential.
A. Lopez maintained that Ramos In addition to the police
est and reserve liabilities, little basic salary, the bill proa
can be done about derlding the for an additional $390 whie
adequacy of present toll rates, It is assigned to duty as a mo
was Indicated. cycle officer, $1,30 while
"Officials are now hopeful that signed to duty as a deter
the lengthy study of these prob- sergeant, $500 while assgne
lems which has taken place will a precint detective, and '
result in definite proposals by while assigned as a ta
the start of the new fiscal year, clerk.
July 1. New basic Fire Departn
"In the meantime, shin traffic salaries are:
through the Canal is setting new Fire Chief $12.1
records. The number of ships District Commander 6,
Oven passage during the first Lieutenants 6.
ten months of the present fiscal Sergeants 51
vear was 6,150, comparing with Firemen, class 4 4,.
6,524 for the entire fiscal period 3 4
ended June0, 1952. 2 4,
"Reportg for the month of A- 1 3,




TIAT STEPS DOWN Sen. Robert A. Tatt of Ohib (
an l i crutches in the Senate Bilding in WVasha
fo the man who will take over his duties as flb
' fla leader, Sen. William Knowlsnd of Callior .
aeM newamen and Senators that his "serlta" hp cc
If him from his top-level job for the rest of I
J ._.. pr i U, Shr hn 1 h 00 1 poflg



n_,t, .Fore s
*s th
, L. L To. ro s
in n thter-



raaI K
Re of
4 ,


Isftrip~ill O

fil ilf: t

:I '



i~~-r~i~r~8 u,

I ~ICA ~:,

. ft,

- I

?rl L:_' ~. ~I


.^: *.; ... .'& .J _. ... O'.-


-w -




YI ~-~SP

PAGI TWO .. .. ... .. .. ... ............. TU tANAMA AMERICAN ANM P i,, M

*_ j;-. 7
i> "'-. -...... >. ." "". "

o 01:1.*11*.^^.THE PANAMAA C Labor News "Something Tells M We're Wasting Our Timn

7 N eorET 0 .134 PANAMas R op P
FL..PHO 1Pa..MAM No 0740 15 LINKE And
I MADISON AVe. Nw YORK 411 N V.Co m ent
r MONTH. IN AovANe .. s 7 S ~~ 4I
io ontYEAR IN NVANCI ....dont_- 1t i0 4 00 By Veter Ri as

When theo e hmpnelibarrage "tm a binet; Will to bomb Ak
lits-the propaganda bare111oil nssM w
laid down and it is no less an
effective military weapon than I bly

dentiesl omnn.c and its agents inside labor has to c t cdTout to th |
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as opinions Party and its Boviet labor /i 'os t .wo
expressed in etters from renrs federation.
a This latest propaganda drive. fOI e
The l oe is ai at soothing our nea t Whae o'n' e.
THANKFUL FOR THE M.P.'s es, Sort of mass psychiatric Taft on ev e lea t CI i
treatment. Th o e Noot ei. ay t
cit about to tell us not to worry t i
about a post-war depression-
This is an open letter to all Curundu residents from one who not to become neurotic over "3Of* io ''g
is sorry to say he is a resident (at times). possible peacetime unemploy- dopity
In reference to some articles that have been appearing in meant. The 're og to see to p
the "Mall Box" in regard to the Military Police who are assigned it that eve Ameianh work
the duties of policing Curundu. such as chasing speeders and er hasr two capitalistic chic-
this: They will say to us-forget
A person may be given a ticket for going two miles over the about making arms. Here's how -M
speed limit, but that extra two miles an hour could kill one of you can have peace-and jobs.
our children who spend most of their time out of school playing Through well placed agents in
in the streets, the same streets that the M.P.'s give tickets for scores of unions which they
speeding on. have only' recently ieonfiltrated
If-God forbid-one of our children were killed by a speeder steretly (they think) this line y
while playing in the street most anople would be the first to will be revealed at hundreds of r y t.
blame the M.P.'s for not enforcing the speed laws. union meetings. altr/ 'i ea g a
As to a dog bdking i n the nighttime around quarters---If "The Soviet Union is ready to .p t eai

some people Would take enough time out to look out a window place at least $i1e ,200,e0,
when a dog barks, they might find an M.P. checking the a uar- worth of orders in the o. 8.
ter. to see if everything was in order. A do will not bark at within the next three yean s..
nothing. It might be that instead f an M.P. bein outside plus the undoubted readiness oa I a-
checking. someone might be doing a good job of c laritl off a the People's Democracies in

this: They will say tou the fello whot
clothes line, or taking something from under the quarters. In Europe and the People's hFpub- dw a t L o I th
this cse, with just a little thine like a deow barking, a person lic of Chinay" the agents will J tm s.Wt, ml
could be caught doind that which he should not. And I'll bet say. ingThroughwellplaced n -tnL .
there would be an M.P. ready to take the person in custody, forsc From the official Communislt L
our sake. directive to ts people here one
discovers that the Soviet pro- I i* s*r a t l
Let's all of us think about the fellows who work all night pagandists will launch their Ibnl I

r -os f per t i Spe sificn the ue eel
Alo theeakingomethi muectioh of the Communist qarty My boy t, hy, that to play mat every -ae

issitevhe as been ld told to concentrate on Cap Qee in e book, a "-",brkingR.,-to. pitch a ofC.ina,-ell- "-the'agen
et ig aHil A ll* u ow the atexte, radio, televise, Caine Muny,' which the movies possibly he quee. You don't need "
therewould.n eobeay_ t h A p"0 An 0 uo shoe, furniture, household aCm make into something resembling as early gang- tight and the acting's goo d at mhlir a
...... ... overls thatthe Soviet e ..'

Sa l a N A iance, maritime nd lon thore str fl. Once in a wh.e you wonl where they awe were grusing the other a g
O ,IZONTAL, r Weights otf e StA u a wtorkersi" are hiding their heads t the film rtdr. The legeit eople don't tret too Inbh d a e u ea r --.
West Virginia India | And it can be reported here Bogey plays them very well, and e 0se every actor' nmep. AMtor'a names, that Ils. -ast
has abundant VRTitCAL o se- v', t. oI with the most absolute e, often he can play their tough-sWeet. lke in "Al- teatura Cole Porters and Barroe u4 ---,00l
feisrmtlyneabelishedgviaeswthsemaa hardoime eveca ltorcreay te pa sto bost ablitroue fig a
-s man fa -o- .munt aPratus has n the pubie mind, and _,I can't lee him o- sw b Ing the s itanaam.ifi

n--bl 2. Music dramas s U co v quetl moving scores of its tnop the psychopath, weakl ag whm by the freak of Moast of bl lthiI
tbn 3 Fourth month U n at n lsoer op e om ewa o -J m .-a- -ig
Rw.-.... .ab.) I o tion of the court ry. .to.another, Tb koephe nayes, bnio thed teher h eag aydntus ..ries. '

An1 2 FenInrg sworn arp ai e p eI name on the em ment oiP with no yonat .e Ri no g" s h lat W N "am --L-- v-

SSwar Female saints 33 Reda t 47 hC e fabrics list Cnod waits. Jon pe r fw -h a w iyrZr beau w e n tot A
shbe.3uAppre. ic.h. e .........r isae of all thing anesm a* er, nd n canno t e tntl t ae qtaI 'e defer e t ft f-r e C r 1i *p-
m1 Per 17 Wand 35 Abounded 52 Exist IO nine monsim o thes e m hse peakof te J
1HOR.IZNThALnewedimertsa6obeimrt.atr aremrtimaeh.-relatretheyoas we werese't playarord '

2 German t cty agents .hae succeeded in infil lead role of Willie Keoth. I -s Just a lns t e t leb o t u
DevL itwt i nt ng important anti-Comt- dint ast Meic Mone In the thing ol- .- .
reaso u n/ /t / nletrca ofre arc /II mutn namedaeue Or .r.,- o "'__'_-ow. -^ ^^i.gjBC ~ll ni- -ve B IeS aH
o0 lignaht bow nh Iishoperative o ha been made In Mrcanet of the warn a, rta Iny- the be-st ac la e l thei AYou eWon Awa df .'
lb I IIPifields ranging from taxi drives turMte picture of life amolg reefometab h alis bs t
Sl I a I-a (so they could worm ther way una e d orss.. ._sa1o e

SFemle rabbit u Quse and a Maryk and a ieefor some.- Clfton Waeih psi' s a enan
pI"A&I! uthermoreethcunercPam- .in ,0nN11111
4tPhasmo .y d directors of thia maneuver have This beei ingae book, an'd StaeW ai":the-cadW e

2,Musicdramasatn ande or p te -. weak.i ngl e .h I bildint up herat" l er stak opflM sso ffst

2f .eee quietlyimo!avswee In ingishors "of tits mabpee_;eat ILt*< e ob
1Sni-vietipr up Fourthnmouthomooroprrattentironmandwoone.seItss a'-

tr tiere, although they relistedr .emrin e- d.ii.ear e tr .IN-W Y s" "
m la lo 1" I Ly1e which soondergor later. wInle1eriInW
SIe II I 2 ,*in ", Ilksa lgtlBut it should be reported that y., ""4.. -= a -..--
d12 eat lea tor medindwokesnment#union NeW Ywo f An TbaLKInG AMBallb e raasofferi
flatterhed into working with the Steiehe lat waata wleef h e r m .
is We"e stdmeion 4appnioareatus -- and vtheney should y AmA'tyer, Se a i re .u s
Iknow bettil2er ing. Or about to I, orlered just 2 shows Aa hth pus1isa oir.tand
....w' IOSo darig i- o this "Olpertof- man who mauk the pbS. Plag a f- The "
to 14. .. a......7Infiltration" that whole left enngc slwasionf m tsapphe co.eq Me.:De becfIaue IeE

21t giverpherr50tOffand omovieIsoemalag andMew ande Iso en A reeo hiegMe ftho
e.n. aTAC ing unions are under orders sta. i onthmany seako atnstpeetm f Rer a -uw.h---fl- -Iaatf o.rnoWI
-laGe r rangciy .aers nr the houeis i for e an Fledsh.i.eo H .nK. au P lhbgiug oc .orme i
seating pon Soit-lane iuno mN vInea ssamnrgh ofgew haur thoyoue
have appointrna- are the aswe to thsoe wse wipsh otnayao.r dr e-m p
er/MargAref secsrondw largest unit.ndcr In athletaindytlae om osumi-efo. wino
ampoyes' and otaxi drivers or- th e best u reorli tewmr On gr fo Sred .i.n.
30DSlightlbowIvyrs thavey slipped into. the i Iray te the oeabs w ond:ws wuhzf fa&e the wgN R&
Directiyton Cana Ze teamsers' uon an willo ei uorfdG eto ahn lge nruatg eems.
r1arnooted out shortly. ___ io.h a d-.
at largest jusmThi isha eninr a bo w t lere s2h snd that cwas' .2P CO a ndo Sil.yab .ir

industry and sondf electrical tures are praticaiy doomea,. "Ho Oe'"le
plants.. n. tfrom the "Me nm Juliot" eoor) Llke a Spi
14 IsOnce ub, and onf e active, the mreeo set to musc Peole Today m ge '" .

fatwieang uniontwich came in wash that man right out of your hir, throw youre e,..,
weekwi and apparently In head back so some sus splash a your derrere."
obsearch oe a respectable l haven, I don't know why but when you turn around l-
Franc le, jr k% [ wi argues or trade with Rus- always kills them to see your bottom wet."
go daring Isthis "Operationluau who mae a, for rehab ltataon of Sov.
" China and for on6n trade with .2s% ihW 0*8v- w .... -_ .w It

Communist ordes of the day Ing as a Semaer srpa*maiMlieN1110 .
direct Party meMbers to offer hahA delight ilhedML be SMMW ab hea"
themselvu for endless work in ...A bebok about glf amen. ... best Wh.
the CIO Poltial Action Com- sathor A
mjttee and IAbr's Lague for

They want to ous(a
WItA WI.MA U _p Demoqatic -n, -n One.
Metrate the Pon-om n
~.STYMIE CMS Laoowhieb M

precinctswhih sitakeoIt in
next elect h. Udlee
6"WWatch t"flmu flm ses

,'us d.u.ain. .
-F R4.



: ,. :

'i~?~'~': ~2 *. KIT A -;
L,~ ~**** ~! -

.S'. ...J, jI5353i N
'i .'e IuInII ^ r Soviet Govenmni

Iero' *Wj Need For Clinics l Ilen Agrees ToSwap
e SS, Aid Her:uin O U "iels Envoys W0 i Austria
S' ltr Jonathan The BSviet government, in a
S, .Danl r that the new "cost-le s' conciliatory
, -' e. .- l v i Kl xan gesture to the West, announced
t ime bet 'no Ia n gonarcIhists tani eU. change amb~*sadors
-th rra reiete lotayaA tdrt"n tI1ts-1 ii Audbasd ttria.
j io5 B thrtl use ,r Danitelt proc 6f the Ra- Soviet Deputy Foreign Min-
Sdoct r 'me 1 O -r k, said lnter Andrei Oromyko Informed
br*"or ml- no- .r DL,..6 th for politics" Austrian charge d'affairs Ger-
*avqh It7 to Is a m6.daiuu force than hard Moser in Moscow that
t ths furdew alonc They 1 .is "country toonlms" masked Ivan L lyilchev, wbo only last
*A~dA zBlSr ot 2ear the burden aln.Thg in 'bedahe1s."' Sunday was named Soviet cl-
Se ample means to. d ued a statement that n a reference to villan high commissioner to
ye-optr and EB train n Wurse, Pary indicated hisa IMen'cCarthy (R- Austra would be Russia's firt
ILI t t laure stl ita y to wote con be so r nu
e'-g toI'n dd t- t p i "... toda willing to llb1th : dpot-war ambassador to this
Po tW aessbtant surgeons and d .mWs h f giving the deo tor -aon wore con- country.
M doBS who will disseminate tr Laure 0101 ohm 80V11- l. tai t like a Austrlan Foreign Minister
Ia .. nd wide. Your C mofent'and onqfl at hirhe MaI la ie e wqule question Karl Cruber announced the
.u ofuula. ilie At t entic / t0.alow GOeorge C. Soviet offer In Vlenna and said
a Olt angd k u ee uf obtaiannn o these ras Fa aspd and the exchange "puts relations.

t soA fght alaist r Je-ts. on hbe hria a- tht 'Ian l any dolt betweerian Austria ando the Soviet 1 bellee tr t81e1 be anuoer esaide lwt f o Uans
o .t wel dn. polr f- ts to toa de 1 Mt. a = 3 e TD de. s he d aond anew, ieplnam-a
-PY aboutthe cause mission to study the' nd t e 'as h t toeranc in uian ambassador t os-
ou tr e tik e n a firm eo wo violates p l law w aia -. 0 .1 t le a l f o u universities Cruber dnothi n atg iond followed
o rd h U^sLt to tt h a bi1=tt. er. .h i America ttday" he said. "all of cow had not been decided.

stat o -ir fering o -her ns c l W e t he sa wtif u-d l tu e d a ng der n,,s a o
w rl i hae 'tt ni .red ronw sea o at ua .....wn y the u dange. The Soviet naming of an am
i ti_ se h o a nt"t- stat o enllh Ste nd. d e 3140tatf h- re e bass ador clnistration here and
are o sup c the onl if it Do Gaspe h im in.self ulsh tn.e I trial However man lk e most of the
'lr '.yen, -vu nd uc a Saeiton Win a bitter attack on th= Toft l l 0ance itf other gestures the Russians

star on ar1oof the hondi suf abiter h shdeatt CALLING ALL ZONnAN tder- nt- lalrr v
,._ ._--O f e t oftfl heit country IS wahl -e r he a ne ltThree meetann sd -e rut daa e yeas a

you.d h. tif by ta erie-toet Uy aes my u have ae ste dp lraWAtcHI, soAue
"o.It-be t st ee e ar'r FOR SALE OR RENTis f-t

-. vwin eann tlawtd we l wol Fed ui No where nan you iet a eais ethe d blled
* d n ..mod. 5'y ?. Mt ore tae wo frh be otter washe r. Intell. the nSa wtn.erte |s hti

etor th employment of blind I o a b fo C---
Sworait. n can truly be said that ofree-one year'w frn *er
sba taen and womZan otw o gnu :tW ON, -auune 12 (e)ar e years a
uj eber e o a soaty.- -. dehladre dt edm federal rent control n Gr anB vice. You namyour term lo es
"i tMa..-iy he ,o n to e aoet al wsti erIn l Wese opinon erer the

hoi t ms- rt Tm e three Ree tg er m uf tr i
boutS t otate me Thht Bar ou t'rhis their purpase seat ana

--t sheree aino dty eo waherinr o ey 1t
eator ae = ai h n ste ,"ae be I If I T.tbORiw ,e then Inm adwr thu inh saiu

p the b d and the d uty a st new detic iione of erastclPde-yt
t, r ~ sl wh t youa ow olt- tbth ho on e t.a to finflthence i t .

wn thsl hi, ife tn UtLERIAh CASA STr meetaRTOr "
Pn ano' aIdIS seat Ilketr tlgille.W illntt Ber muetra in ay -
ge Ut bat t e eb the __ 11 eas Sbou OR0

PACT iMnn f

Just arrived


for all 1953 models.

No. 38 Automobile Row
Phones 3-3190 3-3191

:v I
' 'A
T" :
..' *'' '
.1 '
.-^ .1

/ From Our Superb Selectieon
of Matching Wedding RIlgs

adding rings for bride and groom are of exollent,
ality, in good fashion and taste, and reasonable
priced. In 14 karat gold

from $4.50 to 59.75


. "I rejoice that te moat
S or t f all work forth bl
.As savin ef eyq0ght --, 1be-
brought to your attention. It
, J taa-ted th1t S per cent of
qmbdes could ave been
,,WfDtedO by Intelli t precau-
I pd proper mess-
SOur worst foes are Ignor-
qnojwerty and greed. A long
- rM wve taoo.qlered, there
* t' srtdy the dgaseMs and
e' 0ondrac that cause loks of sight

LAST W RAW?-A~ba a
touch eb "tin"r*"wh"*";;r=1
to the mnumer f- npletu 'L
'Scblpal' eomes up witb
ee bMlde(-otw ejeglsg
wmpiaflt sd w
W t, .' ,, ,. t
Jae biht S-------I


Wb e unpacking
Youthm bed detton
bedspro ............5.75
h.kd .... ....12.1
oiamn ..2.W and 4.50
eIs&c clothe 14
baet .9.59 and 14i5


Il3 .:,.

i: ,i -U -' j[l,
..~~~I s-".
I4 p, .

auewar arrival

-in the most beautiful atyles, at
the best pries, rom $5.,5

to kep 66u lovely while
your arie waltngl*


No. 102 C"~ta Avnue


* P. FLYtonarw-by.COSTA RICA-$351, -wW- $25."

* LTO ItAM-Vir.c.Viautska&C
Enjoy a6 ey ause flying M s

w'$94. .- wa $171.- -m--
P morw for your trwet doglarst

SC.TO MWco -$85" w S, -- w .$165, (e

o w $268.4 -4-aO

.'.- :' *my TO:

X74. i.

ea-MATI th1 I"W
'-, .'e aisdiln


FAS/ggo af TABLE LAMPS fHo mia4.

evass. ,awfl urWTarfwV-rn.s.
4"U O I RfMMffSRffeDARI* T. D -'*
elle *a G.eaals

1* *1

'S ~
. -. 5'

-- 7~

-- --- r

os"W. -






_- C '

, *, .

"* .'- ".. '." '*' '.' *. '.
",- ,.- ,.. 4 .a. ,<,;., ,.

- ** E,* ^ L..- & Q .s a r J r 5 4'~i
.. .... .. :.

PAG o. r O.U .... _... .. .. .. .-;.


'lnci the Scrree; .: ?1o\t oer, ouu
dollywocd cl ot heilore C---a mnov-
ie queen wvilo v,, ; !. cc in thil
newsprint wvood.hed for not
ircising to lthe tecth is out to
.azzle movictov nci. with a
knock-your-c', c-out wardrobe.

Lewi-. w\ho wanted out a year a-
go. \v.. be replP ecd as Marie Wil-
soa's sidekick in "My Friend Ir-
ma." ... Gordon MacRae and
if:y Sheila are talking to two'
networks about a husband-wife

Short story: One of our biggest

Bombastic Shell y Winters ha,. movie queens is running true to:
mothballed the slacks in favor of form In her current flicker. She
,Zowns with designer labels, yards buttered up the blonde actress;
)3 mink. hats v-ith that Paris who has the second lead, advised,
look and even long lovcs her on camera angles and even
Says Shelley: "I'm aching to helped with the make-up. Came
get back to work, but U-I doesn't the day for the young blonde's'
have anything ready for me. I big scene and the older star
begged them to let me play in a broke the bad news-it was now
film coming up They yelled that her big scene.
the girl get- killed on page 35. I 1
told them I didn't care.-For 35 What she didn't tell WAs thi
paees she takes bubble baths and she had demanded the chanrtI
looks sexy and that's what I want weeks before and had promised
after wearing maternity clothes the studio she would have the
and being shapeless for so long." younger emoter all softened up
by the time the scene was yanked
Kathleen Hughes. the shapely away from her.
It to the boys who see "It Came:
F-om Outer Spa.ce," ,cuarated Fay Wray's moppet. Bobby,
from her hubbv a month ago. beamed over his new Boy Scout,
She's been denying that she was uniform and bragged:
married. "Look at the short-sleeved,
Insiders say that Lill St. Cyr's,
huimps and grinds in Ston of
Sinbnd"-the reasRV whv the set Batter Up! I
has been closed'to the oress-
will never cet by the sensors. An- TERRYVILLE. Conn. (UP) -
other in the parade of Hollywood The Rev. Daniel Chesney asked
flickers that will defy the indus- members of his perish to co to
try's censorship code? :bat for him. The clergyman an-
pealed to them to get rid of bats
CONDITION DELICATE in the church belfry.

Patrier Wymore's condition hbs
Errol F'lnn apd Italian snevilI-
Ists worried T"ihe doctors rre
running dailv tests on Patrice.
who w, w.P'ated never to make a
date with I he stork department.
Snd she may be rushed to New
York by plan.

Fvir .Toh'nnn. who's never
P niok f t''-1 lm"'n o1lof 1f'e" "s-
tlm -i- i' 'r ctreqc' avs op
Pro(dwa.'"y has been hittin- the
TV inter-liew route to build up
hubby Von Johnsnn's theater.
Fct. .... "'TGT executi-s took a
peek- .t -' footae of. Patrice

rnd '- r, l'"- 1 p*' "-1p 1 ,
cri I- "- t" f r"IV, city !ot

(Col'.! of 'p ,"7. --- -"vC tpFtp;'
Pt"-'"e ,'d t'rrc.d thumbs dowr

y-t 'G 1 .. 'e --- Go.,p A, -',,

T'yI'n mblwpec' or. .. .Tool 1tm
de'les that it's hearts, with or
without flowers. between her and
her manager, Tony mAauaviva.
... Vic Damone is helnine Mona
Freeman keen Bino- Crosby off
- --ind w"'- 'e C-:opr," 's in
T- r e.


T 'TWOOTiON TV: 'IIv smooth goodness! Try
.-.." r.. r net" and Von Ret today.
"r Tife" aRt the nPtin'.s top AIm.-ry AVOSET Taoble Gr
TI -bo-- 'n tb" 1 tPSt, R. re-. for cfee, cereals, and frui
P-1 .... 'rilie Al'ert rd vmt-
4-- I ,arietv ho-v renlace Fire- .AVO'SE ,RUEd c
F-'d T"- -t,' f- he m ,risme erm...1
P "'t M n" ill star in a L
t "'f .. eie- "** Office of S' 'l -
-'" "'t-. ;ion ... Pt O'- 9*OTTLED CREAM THAT
r -" "-qs bo-e anne' ~"ed to KEEPS FOR MONTMS
r'-- lep-; in ) film se-le.
"-" -'front"--storv nf a tio'hnat
-antrin and his famrily... Cathy,


KEEPS 'EM IN STITCHES--Seaman Robert Simser, of
Toronto, Canada, uses his spare time while on sea duty to rnm-
broider a cushion cover. He's serving aboard the Canadian navy
ship Athabaskan, which is taking part in operations off the
coast of Korea.


I&LLxax uO


Patti. I~0a


I- -,
5! V. ~3. dAmd~
*? 0.

.r i .

'~. L : 4. : ,. ,, .



(. 1~ -.

4.., -

;q j*..

'4 .4 -

PTY 74-14

1, Lu T S

-~ 4-




Perfee Timing


fU' ~ W


sools -S
-BU (1
3 0 1 I b ? *



~ Arrive. ,.;

Mexico, D. F. 12:30 PM

One Way: $143.00
Round Trip: $257.40

r i


AM i wo.



c- .


I-ty iikI

-. i--





. I a

AI-W*W -4 wr~amt~inuu-p wiwuavb -

S^^Qf~iA"-Bij--- "l .n


Mal I2gAhhn U<-
IL AhhL 7
ard Abott.Min


aOW On. soluWW IV
Slow club-a grieau
turned out.

-rhol hh e Am1w ithi

tosa Unt of abt -
.f.qV beeVw se

ff WeatbhSd dmppeths q
C clubs under the ace, the con-
-d w win


.- W h Wflmob

jy pumim hef

-of the Pan-
of last week,

who with
U find their
ilmU choose
;rettem and

truu id
nd wMlhave
me coil-
aermal In-


COLON The Ven. Ed'
. Cooper, former recto
Church By-the*4po,
t| at present vitin 4 m
thus, will preach at a
ate to be bald at '1:30
-tuidav to commemorate
S anniversary of the C
I atlon of the OhCIurob.
Un the absence of the pro
rector, the Rev. Malnert J.
~on- the uervlbe wll be.
4pted thW jtpt.. w Al

cloek on Buasda. 't~s d
schedule wil also include Me
inw Prayer at nine a
semon by Henry A. B3 kS
candidate for Holy Orders.
Christ Church, which la
oldest Episcopal Cburgh in
Panama Diocese, was cns ec
ed on June 15,186 by the A
Rev. Alonzo Potter, late IM
of the Diocese of Pennsylva
It is said to have been his
offlolal act, as be died A
weeks* afterwards en routi
Father Cooper, served
parish for 34 years before
retirement in 191. 81pce
he has made hie home in A
gus, Guatemala, and has b
a frequent visitor to the I th


rom Lima
stin Amer-



extended M oM atlon to
rrmIr- actlEW wck h include
o rodutio, agrultural re-
s health education.
Hendh~ ~te1hat P e r u
matohbe Mes u iuar with six
of its O ,- although It is re-
quired tratUl obligation
to M t =o In a propor-
tiom of about three .o o.e. Ac-
eo rdUr to Handr' dispatch.
about 50 US. celti* are em-
ployed in the progfm, as a-
galiut omme 2600 Pwuvians.
bder the. food oduction
program. Hendrit ed, agri-
cultural eaH o sens have
been e fed throughout
Peru to a t aters with
demon tratm tt- advice on


Sunday Night
Social To Be
Featured At USO
There will be a u nght-
social with -ila theme
at the UV -JwiW Forces
Services Center iq, un-
day at 7 p.m.
Approprit'" dfLanouis, can-
dle lght a Ztso 4ee d refrah-
menta will add to wl n iesure
of the evening.. UBO-JWB hpt-
easea will be parent at thia
modern fterming practices.
AgrloUMIal rahmrch actrivty,
report MbJMr wrler, includes
the nah n experi-
mental .1 -a e r.
men,.Is la I for the tut-
Ing of aomoia 10 a.h of
wheat teo ; ult-reistatnt q4all-


45th St. A e. 3 Bela Vla

then1 .

St. Anthodi 0ast
T Be Observed
At St. Raphael's
The feast of St. Anthony will
be observed at St. laphael's Old
Catholic Church on Sunday at
7.30 a.m.
he sacrifice of'the eucharist
wll be offered for the inten-
tions of those who have taken
part In the exercises of the 13
sandays in hopor- of St. An-
thony. Bread and lles will be
blessed and datribated after the
Holy Eucharist.
Offerings of llie' mawy be tak-
en to the church between 5 and
7 p.m. Saturday evening.

i *".4 18 96Cornell Grad
iPedals 322 Miles
^T; To Alumni Reunion
t. Gaspar -do
4. Pmd u, I T. 1THACA. I.Y., June 12 (UP)-.

e; Fran ata -
"--m --.oto. .
-- ,) d t bo l of dat o
dnLow. a. I,,mmWmn ue ,fm i b r bovr.
a Hea ta
maw hloa 4A.e uI In p loa

t I le i ooe twat
IM lklibe

9"Tabs U ie
******** ***d** ** 1 .iwt

The on full- ength feature of the
Coronation qt QBMEN4*ZABTrrH .
Sooii at. tle iMXA VISTA. Theatre

6 A I' m,.:l .d

uI Central Ave.

TeL 2-415


OP)m =7TWEEN 8:00 AM. and 9:90 P. M.
20 Years Exzoience At Your Service I

" fwa. e _

w....................................... ........

.a .. w .. .
m,' .......... ....... ... ..-. JUY ly t

... r0m1 :C.iKa, A TO a. l Im
................. ............. ..;,. .atS. 2s 5h

uw a m O nmo V I
.... ..**ffyce~ M........ *>..... e t- b

Pmmmi:LID um Oo~5L-.U
=,19L .- ., $s-an.
W^W_ nmw k M ,,tC
" z'-amm: LrlasOT^^qt.8 L i


.-m W' -Me
I ,
Gveat infte Elert g
'' ., ,, .. .. *'. v
...*^ f ... > '
f' W B SV. ',, .B.


. .. .... ..:.: ..: : :... ....: :
- ....... ... ...............
...-. ....0..

.... .. ...........

.... ................... "..
iee a... ................. *... ,... a<,

a "" -'

;- H '.3B -...saK' ........ ..* .
-. -. .. ..* *

*,- .* i T : ,
*t l "* i ''

Yes, lady, you certainly rate an orchid... for, beingamart! Didn't take
you long to figure out that your time is worth lets more, so... you ditch-
ed the baok-blekipg Job of doing your laundry by hand and got your-
self a BENOIX WASHER, but FASTI Now you have more time and energy
for our home and family. You look better, feel hitter and 'have more
pIe't It t truth?



-"o;:: ,': -

-r in.

- -.-- ,-- _________
- m~u ~3E W~

AiTeiu UM
TeL i2

b. A.

Holiday Air-Sea Special

FLY TO JAMAICA ........ JUNE 28th
By 4-Engine TACA DeLuxe Aircraft
JULY 5th or NOV. 10th

(Basis Third Class on Ship)
(Sponsored by Isthmian Progressive Assn.)
CECIL ("Cess") WARNER, -Phone 3-2093, Panama,
Box 1408, Panama.
J. D. PHILLIPS, Central Ave., No. 190, PanamA.

Saucy straws.with a festive, dresey look... many
addi ed with blossoming flowers... others with
rhinestonueiprk klers and all are very, very newest
fash i how just one style fr6m our extensive
new ton priced from 56.95. .



Newest gleam in fashion's eye
is rich, black plastic patent...
dramatically sparkling every.
thing it costumes. Our roomy
satchel, tailored pouch, and
little box bags, shown at
right, are $6.95. Also jet
black and white capped patent
belts in all widths... $1.00 to



Our fresh new dresses are light bouffant and airy
in foling... ftom their sheer fabrics and bared
necklines to their romantically full skirts. We've a
huge selection in sizes 10 to 18 and 7 to 1S. AN
are a wonderful fashion investment at prices from
$8MJ to $19.95.


No. 21 Central Avenue

* No. 6 Tivoli Avenue

I .W .j a-
-Ji ~~ ~ '- -'..^a *' '*<" *<

to du
aee C

~ ---------I --- --- T- .'d


--- ------ ------ -- -- --- -- __ ....

'-AT .


. Decorative


_ __ m-- -

1meu AM 1. ,w. m
1* A A ..E* a uu*m a** ,.u

You Sell'em... When You -Telem *thru P. A. Cassifi !
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or dur offices in No. 57 "HI" Street PaamA
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n


Salon de Belleza Americano
No. 55 West 12th Street

Agencia Internacional de Publia ioels
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 23199

Carlton Drug Store
10.0598 Melndes Ave.--Phon 85 Colta

Propagmsda, S. A.
"' Stret eoneaw studlant St.
Phonu 2-2114 and W2-279n

Minimum for 12 webls.
Jc. each additioal word


Household Automobiles Is rs t, d a 'sbgp* Willia n' State Clara Beach cSteges -
Wles Amlds9e Ieeus S ee 2 bedrooms, refrigerator, Rockgos
FOR SALE: Beautiful diningroom FOR SALE: 1940 Chrysler Club 201' A.Mes 4 t. ranges. Balboa 2-3050. except
set; almost new. One pair Vene- Coupe. Best offer. Leaving for week-ends.
tian Blinds. 48th Street No. 23, States. Phone Albrook 5156, duty DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
Apt. No. 4, Tel. 3-3457. hours and Panama 3-5146 after Central'Avenue, K Street corner.:Gramlich --Santo Clara beach-cot-
O AE -- 3:30 p. m. G. L. Silverthorn. Telephone 2-3479, Panama. toam Electriiciceboxe s gastoaes,
FOR SALE:-Kenmore washing ma-- moderate rates. Telspt 6-441
chine, 60 cycle, Simmons double FOR SALE: Bargain 1951 Stude- RESTAURANT CONCESSION Gomboa; 4-567, Pedro MiguelS
bed with innerspring mattress, best broker Sedan, seat covers. $1,10Q. Bids will be received in the office of
offer takes Phone Albrook 7238. 00. 1465-C. Balboa Tel. 2-2893. the manager, Culrindu Post Rastau- Phillipe. Oceanside cottogas, Santa
__FO_____ -4 rant and soda fountain concession. Clara, Box 435, BaCboa. Phone
FOR SALE:-Or trade for what hve FOR SALE:-1951 Plymouth 4 door Bid will be received until 1300, July Panama 3-1877, Cristobal 3-1673.
you: 8 ft. porcelain 25 cycle sedan. Heater, upholstery, radio, 5th. 1953. Address bids to Restaurant
Commissary guarantee. Easily $1.300. Call Amason, Bolboa 2- Officer, Curundu Post Restitaurqnt. FOR RENT
Westinghouse refrigerator, with 333. Fresh Bird Seed, mounting, nesting
worth $100. Will consider any FOR SALE:-Packard 4 door sedan, song food, cuttle bone, bird tonic HOUse
reasonable offer. I 549-H Goviloan radio and heater, 1951 low mile- nesting hair, sun flower seed, love- _______
Rd. Phone 2-6371.- age. Priced for quick sale, Balboa bird seed, rabbits, neon tetras and FOR RENT: For 3 months, com-
FC? SALE:-De Luxe Spin Dry 60 2405. barbs. Acuario Tropical, Panama's pletely furnished house with ex-
cycle washer; Kenmore apartment. FOR SALE: Dodge Stoke Body only pet shop. 55 Via Espiiao, Tdl. tensive gardens. Call Panama 3.
size gas stove. One year old. 4- Truck, one ton. Perfect condition, 3-5411. 1821 mornings.
5. 7-8 p. m. 97 Justo Aroseme- new tires. Tel. 2-4902. SPECIAL EXCURSIONS via LACSA. FOR R T couple
no. Apt. .6 -- ,FOR SALE:-Must sell by Monday PANAMA-MEXICO one way $85 to shore house with Ameridons,
SALE-Prcelin 8' stin 1940 Chevrolet. B13st offer takes. round trip $135 (15 day limit) please call Paname 3-3754 ask
FOR SALE:-Porcelain 8 esting- Call 3-5069, Panama. $165. good one year; to LOS for Betty.
house Refrigerator, $60.00. Good ANGELES one way, $159.25 round
running order. 1465-C, Balboa, FOR SALE: 1950 Buick Super trip $268.64 (90 day limit). Pan-
Tel 2-2893. Dynaflow. Slow mileage, perfect ama Dispatch Service 36 Avenida FOR RENT
FO ALE -Westinghouse refriger- condition, new tires, radio. $1,585. Nacional (Automobile Row). Tel.
FORoSALE:-Westinghouomset, venetianger 00. Phone 2-4218. 716-A, Cocali. Panama 2-1655. 1.e\
blinds, porch screens, dishes, cof- FOR SALE OR TRADE '50 Ford To MIAMI & NEW YORK via AREA Apar t s.
fee and end tables, chairs, many Tudor Sedan, radio, seat covers. Boeng 4-engine planes. One-way ALHAMBRA APAKTMENTS
other items. House 715-A, Prado. Phone Rodman 3231. to Miami: $70.00 Round-Trip: Two and four room furnished and
Blboa. FOR SALE: 1948 Plymouth Club $126.00. One-way to New York: unfurnisled apartments; private en-
FOR SALE:-25 cycle Coldspot re- Coupe, A-I condition inside-out. $114.00 Round-trip $214.00. Se d garden 8061, loth Street,
frgerator. 9 cu. ft. Porceloi,, See at house $1-H Coco Solito. PANAMA DISPATCH- SERVICE, NeW Cristol. Telephone Colon
Very good condition. $60.00. Call FOR SALE -uitelephone 2-1655. 386.
Balboa 6386. House No. 0203-B, Sedan Super, excellent condition. Beautify your bust line with our pat- FOR RENT:-Furnished two bedroom
Herrick Rd Ancon. Fully equipped. May. be financed. ented French bust enlarger, no aprtm nt. For July and August
FOR SALE-A mahogany diningroom Coco Solito 43-F. more falsies. For free demonstra- only. At No. 34 44th St. Apart-
set, 6 choirs, table, China closet tion in your home coill 3-2217, meant 2.
and buffet. Phone 3-0351 or W ANTED Panama. FOR RENT--Independent apartment.
2-1902. FOR YOUR LOCAL LEAVE ITS Two rooms, bath, kitchen, private
---- Automobiles PANAMO T 0 IN N garden. Fortydollars. Semi-furnish-
FOR SALE-G. E. washing machinein Bqute the valley f te l ed. 8071 Eight Street, New Cris
6FORA0 E-, 9 .mothso m2- ANTED:--1948 to '50 Dodge orspring --pmr. of Chthui, te. 3,- tobal.
63 cycie, 9 months old. Diabo 2- Plymouth Sedan. Apply 8th Street goo ft, easily Mrcd byd Cee ---
-3757-_. t_____ __--- No. 18, Son Francisco de I Coleto f lght lrom Tumen to DeM 1I FOR-RENT:-Nice furnished apart-
FOR SALE:--One Frigidoire 25 cycles after 4 p. m. Phone 3-2438. hour, meeting service at *Irapt ment. Son Francisco de I& Caleta,
5 yrs. old. Perfect condition, $125. on request, alseo by metewear 6th Avenue'No. 15, Coco del Mar,
00. One G. E. refrigerator, good FOR A hhway. 3-2752.
condition $35.00. Phone 2-4218, FOR SALE Complete chgea eo f climate
716-A, Cocoli._______ ideal pa of exrcIefen FOR RENT:-3 bedroom apartment,
FOR"SALE:-Beautiful genuine Chi- e Etate First ceS er lee until Augus t 15. Has verything",
nese Dragon rug, in perfect con- FOR SALE:-Four bedroom furnish- Atmous I*ir-n"e Including hot water, children s
d,,.n. S x '10 a bargain. ,to ,ror, ed hou.e ,n Costa Rica RatesA r .a i Stde swings. Completely furnished home. c1.t sand, mahogany center pool. For more details write to in clde d f1r Call 3-4385 or come Ia house 117
table. mirror top. 37th i Dortman. Box 625. Ancon. C Z S daily 14th Street in Poatilla. Inquire Apt.
r No ups~ Tel 3-1 025. -5$50 weekly 3.
-. No '. up r T I0... FOR SALE-....Beautilul home in Las Rates without meals i annex fees FO- RENT:- Aprtment, three rooms
BAf.'AIN. Petr,gerator (O Ccle. Cumrbres. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. $2.50 daily. FOR RENT:-Apartment, three rooms
7 cu ft General Electr.c. and, ma.d's room, double garage. etc Family retes for le ger sty. tile floors. 82 Via Porres San
beautiful Chinese furn.tuie. No. b.| $14.000 down payment. $3.800 Wire reservations Francisco do e l Coleta. Phone 3-
J. East Streer ) balance can be financed. 12 Pcs Hotel Penemente. Bequete 2494.
FRSLE:-Wcker table and t wc ood pato furniture. $4000. AMERICAN HOUSEWIVES
FO LE-Wcker abe and wess steel battle cooler and best mds regisFOR RENT:-Furnied three bed-
-.r to match, also rn board ehld tem 60 cycle em nds registered, id room vacation q rs. July 3rd-
cO St .N o r,4household ,tern; 60 cycle room vacation qu1ters. July 3rd-
Or SE -- refrgeralor deep freeze Call ca2nd floor, references health certificate Oct. 3rd. Phone mboa 6-382.
room set .hr-Gen.e Chr. e .ng Amador2 5.8a 4 p. m. Bella Vista Theatre, phone 3-0881, FOR RENT:-Large up-to-date cool
Bargain. No. 219 Central Aernue Panama apartment. 49th Street, "Grecia
Apt. 8. Panoama FCR SALE -Home in Santa Clara on Embassy secretary desires furnished Building. Bella Vista. From 2 to
road to beach $5.800 completely chalet, 3 bedrooms. Telephone 6 p. m.
furrn.hed N E Hodstate, 25-2488
FOR SALE -6 cu. ft. Wesr.nghou:e, until 3 30 p. m. or 25-3295 Panama 3-0085
refrgeralor in good condition. S-iS m een.ngs FOR RENT
00. 418-C, Cocoli,. Canal Zone. l' O -R-F R EN
ORS-AE --Four- v-enet-b.n--d iFOR SALE -Three bedroom chalet FOR ALE
FOR SALE Four venetian b .ndi Oscncrere. small down ponsment and O
x 60" in perfect cond.rI' ee eeasy payments. Telephone Rieeano
Call telephone 3-3355. MCnama. I n--49 P payments. Telephone maMiCellaneou-
l lephonna 2349 Panama FOR RENT: Furnished room, In-
FO SALE.-Come in and see these, FOR SALE-Couple leaving Isthmus, dependent entrance; vicinity Atlas
Eargoans yourself, Double bed:, only I sells Peruvian Silver. Parque Lete- Gardi. Apply Central Avenue No.
$39 00. single $25 00, Chyrs $2 L O N S vre, calle Prmera No. 38, tel- 68. Tel. Panama 2-2814.
50, Rocking chr,.rc $5 50 Dres-i .. __ ______ phone: 3-4655.
sers $12 00; Table. $5 00. )pr-ngs Does s.he relax and grab vou around FORl ALE:-Two tires with tubes, FOR RENT:-Fumlshed cool room 6
from $12 50. So'as $2000 lons, the nec< when dancing) Suggest a 600 x 16 6 ply. Used one week. bee r only bokfat) to one
e2 0 Nei Crbs a t .0e Yu .a.s a Lee ears nud Balboa 2-4386. House 1427, Corr or t3e glnflemen. Justo Aroseme-
$28 00, New mottre.'es "15 00 in the Washington Salon of El St. no Avenue, No. 57, Tel. 3-2949.
Bamboo Bar $39.00. Buffets $18 Panoma. then take her to the
00. Gas Stoves $55 00, Electrar Bello Vista Room for an enjovoable FOR SALE. High chair, excellent
Sroves $25 00 and many other ev.enina Tel. Panorna 3- 1565 condition, reasonable. Call Pan- FOR RENT:-BeIIW Vista. Large two
bargains you should t ir. Liona Sears ama 2-5075. bedrolrVt, completely furnished
used, reconditioned and new turn,. -. --. -- -- arte. P FORSALE -25% end 50 % dis nama 3-
tueF DLVRO fr I OR AL. -25% and 50 % diU 0816, or 3-4187.
CASH OR CREDIT WE DELIVER Pou-tt on 33 1-3 and 78 RPM
- H Household Excha .ge IOS in Offrrered records. AGENCIAS DIAZ, 37th. FOR REl*-Atentn to & l L.'eJust
41 Automobile ROe WANTED r'En .h nd r No. 6-A.t .qdk tilk w.ter fur-
tNationol Ave speaking leI .. P ani' R SALE--Metal office desk, like ni _he .4 hr e eM room
Phone 3-49c t preferred Ap1 I l Pa oma new, $60.00; portable sewing ma- pternt. C1 -494.. Pan oma.
and Radio, Inc. Balboa, C. Z $15.00, electric water cooler, I
S$ --- ---- 35. Various new and used radio FQR RENT;-Fumlshed room, kitch-
rUK SALEi paris, baby stroller and high chair, en privlidges, bathroom privilege
BaF s MLolors Morton. House 770-1, Bomebey No. 27. Apt. 12.
tSt Balboa. .
grSay orne gas enge. a. goc FOR SAL -- Aquarium., all sizes, FOR RENT ; Uhidroam. Private
condition. Phone Mr. Linden 25-1 tropical fish, valves, air pump, 25 entrance. Kitchen and both priv-
3865 or 3461 Rodman cycle, air hose mated pair angels. Ilege. Close to bus stop. Phone
-oR- _-d I Lawn furniture, China Closet, book- Poanae 2-5075.
FOR SALE.-1-4 and I-6 HP. 25; cases and books, chiffonier, couch
Cycle motors. Bargain prices. In-1 with cover. 5457, cottage. Diablo.
ternationol Bus-ness Machines i
Callr Prromera, i5. Telephone 2.- FOR SALE.-Leaving, sell new Ad&
3444. I miral radio-phonograph combina- .
tion $65.00. Kenmore cabinet
FOR SALE--14 t RoEboat A.: sewing 'machine. $95.00. double ,
outboard motor. 2 H P Cost 300 -bed $50.00. Oak diningroom set,
leis than 6 months :.d WI i sell bedroom set. Call 3-5069.
$140 for both Tel Cj.-rudu 6,1h7e oo .. i FOR6 .
FOR SALE -Baby carriage. $5.00;
If Bath-nette, $5.00; Car bed $1.50
Is's-.Balboa 2946.
## A 4 FOR SALE:-Upright piano in very
S good condition; Singer electric sew-
T i rg machine; Encycolpedia 20
BATTERIESy tewrite table; native ma- hSir dmlgu re in
hogany dressing table without Vhir- ~gu,
ror, Mnton's Bone China. House ,
or^e z' oo5282 Morrison St., Dioblo, Canal ,
aOR SALE -Kenmore electric sew-.
Special made BEEPER'S A HONKER- fec, condo. $75. Bs.ttorboler and
Two-year-old Patricia KIttle of Zizzoger $10 extra. 16 mm
for the Tropics tom-de"'on er h'oIer the w.t, f 1.9, 1 inch Waollsa .
road ri hen she goes for a ride lens, f3 3. 3 inch telephoto Wol-

on her tricycle. Pat wanted a lensok and f3.5. 20 mm Kedak.
diniton are biazing. They 'had .- -'y who called Mr. Duncan fe ,

ducer, J. Barrett M3la a, to I 410
write aut cheeka for them t hen,
eEE yaeur Dealer ri .ved In townfroA--.

I m affairs. But neither of A the Dits. ll- I
12 months uarntee e-Mrs. lyansreeved a P N- .- Ih pe-
-. "1 .,,4almla y due them. --~ ,


Automobile Row Another Novey New!
FOR for '^

Lot number 2 9" AC uab
now pe o P.' Pov, wnet, a L q .
SW Celh tb1 'tji 1t'o


50 of the '

used cars
specially priced


se them


oll Ars

- ._ ,i

S .

funKMt xi.,S: A.
-;* w n- iitomp.
*,, We pssk -M otat. or oiov.
anythl. 'Phone 24461.
2mM66M Panufi"

TeL 8-41U +


B* ftip

f..,,iS.f .- r

. umI

L-_Ml~t, wTO rodui
* .lk AWAW"*VPWWAI~l
1#0 **

your cd't
is -ood,


nothing but
the best


I l

for les
bomiml _


I've said it before
at these prices


you can't
afford to walk



SM. 0f& PARbES


o,,M io

^ _=i--



P. R


./ ,H P ""BBa ,<...

* B 5


- *'.

-- I

tiet that~w4W.ueqUdR

4'w't 2 T~ ~ ~J'

&e oL

?- "
Ite 43.
i.5. j
2?;11 .


. ~1

S. ,

,1 ,. --, .. ._ .

":-, ,


I tm A'

. u + a + u Jul .




Lewis Service
No. 4 Tlvull Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441


I 77, -, -



.,Fe leq


*a.: i. ~
..d~ ~-


dIn--u n i

+ "
,,. .I '
,.- rc


ed with a dinner
y evenwl at t
una for a group


a; ae
An io

after wa
at~eLrx m

man -of
p,_ s. N.,!

ekcwon .Wp
rehearsal the
Sb ome.of CombI
llithery at Na-
n or coelktalts,
pain .and Mrs.
Lolts for dinner

Ikr **

Ml. .. ..1, NOWI
oe Ann Karat, Lou-
Len, Pat Lennevals
Ann Maloney, Fern

ey Tibbetts,
Ps Werts.
jracle udine

We. Ratrt 3. Bu:


e. Bacsmard Ad 8 ade

- Mrs. qhar .Barnard and her
at, *0 'ived 'recently for a
S kwih I.t. Mr. and
son -

en en ro e l-
rr cw M Mr.'tanda

siizp n b

, F -i ,'; ^. ,... .,1^, t ,

* A* laenuditopond
.. .. *
*r Alt Guaranteed



* .

Y t i

i pto p t at
begin iPropty at

The oeamen Auxiliary of the
GambIa Union M CI will meet
WedawSd at 91 -.m. at the
church. The prsdet. Mrs J.
R. CimpbeUll nd an Invita-
tion ta all m ebers and other
friend. y .
osat Caub- e Duae
Th regular monthly free dl
ha.s a B
fair M la wt lub of -A
held a June 20. Members
are r eto br thb _
MGM for adhsuiron.

at, lmelcan
Club 'I the Fort Amador Area
for member and their fueta.
RIekai is Iudlb
IstmUhliU Caiul Bebekbld dge
No. 1 will amet at the Balboa
Union Church Sunday at 10:30
anm. to honor their deceased

ertn MutIer ptocllam-
Ing t Memrial Day of the Inde-
pendent Order of Odd Fellows.
AU Re kahs and Oddellows are

'Ats -JWs
A fuj t avelogue In col-
or "'AroXus6-1 Amerlea" and
a colored m short, "Fabulo
tnia nufl be ab at the
b-wer, Amed_= Sr ri"e
enter La o oead, a Baloa,
Thnuredsa, J 18 l7!300 p.
The fie ar*e shown through
th rte r Trravel
"Fabialous Fing" depicts thi
an Uruguay, the.-Clan
cda6t of Chile.
Mtary penonnel, their ft-
lie and toe publi'of the Repubt
lic of Pam and teCan
zone a1 O to m e

HELL. at (iP) The te,
perature here ls geeal jgh
e than that in ,Pl f i l
Meli -s the Lower Penisrla
.rI 0 upwer t ow
t]hePe nYmpp


* r

If wt' f tee as y.
we have |

4* YL .A

t' ^I3^ -'~ir


1 Thdriiy Count
i n Orietaf~Qeen
At~l e Contest Tonight
e mS r V u CSb h" ,1 A third Eunto otes n the
w f ishU mee "' "Ort ITre Que" emot wil be
at t b held tonight at 7:O p.m at the
rlmud a O mir..u1 Balboa Beer Louae.
Iopi from both sides oa count
sthm o wID h- -- eJfitel er 7"60 votes;
t to meet t old
uioce In votes: Hilma
t c ao aif tfm. Dre, I 4nW v o ae m Jean Rogers,
V land nlm ore stra 0 ._ V6440.
n t tlhtc.Tha t i be i .es, primes, re-
fiehments and other features
Method t Service dlU"I .p ,
+-. B_+ .~~..aLreh NightOf Fun

taken by ms. Pearl afrd..An-
day School will be at 3 and the
evening service at 7:15 will be
conducted by the Rev. Norman
At Xbenuer Church I tnbow
City the morninlr arvlce at I
will b taken by e. Pratt who
will administer the sacrament
of bommunita The evening
service at e :1 Wu be led by A.
C. Belgrave.
Rev. Pratt will conduct the 41
o'clock service at Cativa.

Dance Honoring
*Inductees To Be
Held At La Boca
A 4*aW U lU a loal ol-
uWsr to" u!ted o the IU. .
Army will be dd ext Thmns-
a lt LSe Ls Be late Clua6
RMioe be."m 'I.e by the
eberte Valentline Orhetra.

The Baerd Club will hold a
dance ad night of fun tomor-
row night at 7:30 at No. 3, 14th
t., Parque Leferre.
9. f"I

Frait Cup
Cleveland Banana Company is
located on Orange Avenue.

Fashion's Latest...

New ad OlamuoreM



a huge collectionI


lovely style, latet creations
in all size!

I. L. MADURO, Jr.,
Ia Central Aem.O

Platter Fans...Yoiil Welcome Our


t ii. a $1.* 2- we*y

rot e be te preo owner of the latut u"....
or htwow tYpe of music Vu enrel msiItt s p "os 0 Sheo
No. I I l Wh do Is ages -ie J(! AWe.
(t'SeU& bai) (Arbas a on hastyy>

I. V,..
A* f ..- .
*-a 9 ri<.". -

... "L

. 0

,f .4 -I

SAA 1~b

. -ELLA. .35 s 6s *

i O i. o. t 17

..... *S* ii...

.; .,,$' -. .
~;'~ ie~,F~ar~Tr*~~ilEJ s'
I~f~~L ~j lS
rs"=; f I



Tahiti's 6 Point Policy

Come, See the Beauties

from Panama's Interior

vie with their City Cousins in the


9 p.m. in El Panama's patio
music for dancing by Armando Boza's orchestra.

Latest fashions to be modelled by contestants, will be fe i by


Bazr Frances
Fefix B. Maduro

Modas Marcela

S .ISS PAN A, ~ who 6ill e elected In the final contest on June 2;' wI
represent the Republic at the interiational contest to select "Miss Universe.L
sponsored by Pan-A ercan World Airways, Universal-International Studios
and Catalina Swim Suits.

Xntange': $t SO peson
Ticuest n aBie at Hotl a Panami.
In Coldn at Smanaro Atiatice.
NOTR: If It Mra I by P.m. tdht
th um-flMtl wibn eI pSo em to unday, Jane 14

Sponsored Locally by:


A trq bkae~tl


~~.,,.. .;e ,+ .
. .

, k
.? '**^s 1-


Fgesh lemsA, fe teal Uing,

go9i0t- cookie!

Our own idea .. FFV pay this with a lovdy
imoa.y sual. Aad they lwave the h mng of
klmon on your amop. No wonder! The bamr's

Pacda k
And awm ca

rith a poe of Osh, aeesiped
kin anr hr miim fer eml edin

I moar l



,SF^ V cookies and cacM -
a r~aocraos
CiHI~~~~,(H~H, .P,,.U


-. ..,




;- I I

I ~'

-- --


_ -- ,L.




IdWo rr- f

I I I I I I'II II l I II '" "I T

' I .
*\ ;



* .


\ ;

,7 -



~.... .~,

A I*j


Radio Programs


You, Community Station
S Where 100.000 People Meet

Today, Friday, June 12
3. i3-The Little Show
3::ju--Music for Friday
4 UU-MLI-IC Without Words
4:15-Casa Loina 'Iile
4:31t-What s Your Favorite
'Agenzia Stfer'
5.20-What's Your Favorite
'corild 1
5:3 u-News
5:35-What's Your Favorite
(Drive-in Theater)
6:45-Commentary by Lowell
7:00--Cavalcade of America
7:30-Report from America
7:45-Report from America
8:00-Request Salon
-8:45-U.P. Commentary
9:00-Story, U.S.A. (VOA)
9:30-BBC Coronation Band
!0:00-Timne for Music (BBC)
0:30-Adventures of P. C. 49
11:00-The Owl's Nest
1:00 a.m.-Sign Off
Tomorrow, Saturday, June 13
6:00-Sign On The Alarm
Clock Club
7:30-Jazz Salon
8:15-Strictly Instrumental
8:30-Life in the Middle Ages
9:15-Songs from the English
Countryside (BBCi
9:30-As I See It
10:05-Off the Record
1:05-Off the Record (contd.)
1:30-Meet the Band
2:.--New Tune Time
12 -Popular Music

1 :'--News
1:15-The Personality Parade
1:45-The David Rose Show
2:00-Through the Sports Glass
2:15-A Date for Dancing
2:30-Afternoon Melodies
2:45-Battle of the Bands
3:00-American Band Concert
3:15-The Little Show
3:30-A Meeting of the Minds
3:45-Musical interlude
4:00-Music for Saturday

ently an unwilling queen, two-
year-old Jeanne Hunter of New
York reigns with tears after
her "coronation" at the Madison
ISquare Boy's Club. A replica of
SBritain's Imperial State Crown,
;Jeanne's royal headdress is
from the $1,000,000 Atlantic
City Pier collection.

4:30-What's Your Favorite
5:35-What's Your Favorite
(Drive-in Theater)
6:30--Opera and Concert Fa-
7:00-Paris Star Time (RDFI
7:30-Report from America
8:00-Ceremonial Way (BBC)
8:30-American Folk Music
8:45-U.P. Commentary
9:00-Your Hit Parade
9:30-Songs from the Shows
10:00--Armando Boza and his
10:30-Symphony Hall, USA -
11:00-The Owl's Nest
1:00 a.m.-Sign Off
Explanations of Symbols
BBC-British B r o a d c casting
RDF-Radlodlffusion Francalse

Pannam v'c na/ &heatersu--.

B A L B O A Gregory PECK Ann BLYTH
4:3. 6:35 8:40 Technicolor! SaL "SCANDAL AT SCOURIE"
6-s a 8..5 "BRONCO BUSTERS*
Technicolor! Saturday "THE DESERT RATS"
6:15 & suo "THE DESERT RATS"
Saturday "FACE TO FACE"
SSaturday "MY MAN AND I"
Technicolor' Saturday "THE BLACK CASTLE"
.s:15 &s:5 "SON OF ALI BABA"
Techrnlcolorl Saturday "THE HAPPY TIME"

6:15 & 8:00

Saturday "TITANIC"





Civil Engineers
To Have Dolan
As Guest Speake
William 0. Dolan, Canal
chief of civil defense. will. bi
guest speaker at the mon
meeting of the Panama se
of the American Society of
Engineers, scheduled to be
In the Fern Room of the I
Tivoll at 7:30 p.m. Mol
Dolan's subject, "Opera t
Doorstep." covers the re
and engineering features of
cent atom bomb tests In Nev
Movies taken during the
will be shown to illustrate

15th Naval Dist.
Donates $668.28
To Cancer Fund
The 15th Naval District
donated a total of $668.28 to
1953 Cancer Fund campaign
was revealed today. The sum
been turned over to O. O. Ke
executive chairman chairman
the Canal Zone Cancer C
Largest donor was the U.S.
val Station, Rodman, with $S
23, nearly half the total am
collected. Rodman was follow
by the Naval Station, Coco a
and the Industrial Manager's
fice at Headquarters, 15th Ne
Thirteen activities in the I
trict contributed to the cl

Happy Harvey

Rela Harvey. all Is well,

A Job you found, as we can tell
Our Want Ad you answered. t a
Soon you'll be president. wait 'n



The- Biggest Sensation
On the Sreen Today!

.. ....

Press, Radiomen

SWax Enlhusaslc

Zone Over 'Moulin Rouge'
e the
nthly Panama radio and newamen
ctlon and members of their families
Civil formed an enthusiastic audience
held last night at a press preview of
Hotel the feature film "Moulin Rouge,"
nday. which will come to the Central
Son Theater in Panama City on Mon-
sults day for a one-day release.
f re-
'ada. The poignant life-story of
tests Count Henri de Toulouse-Lau-
the tree, a stunted child who became
one of the greatest of modern
artists, will be released to other
Isthmian theaters shortly.
Jose Ferrer in the title role
looks unbelievably like actual
photographs of Lautrec. For the
Dart, Ferrer not only grew a
beard but devised a special har- A VISIT BT OFFICII
ness by which his lower legs were yesterday to the Child
has tied to his thighs to shorten his re, Benny Sofka, Ch
the stature, who were appointed a
n. it
Shas Sensual Zsa Zsa Gabor In the the benefit of the ha
llar role of the famous dancer Jane Panama July i
Sfor Avril charmed the preview audi- activities of the Kn
'om- ence.
Color is used in the film almost
Na- as a painter uses it on canvas,
274.- marking a new milestone in col-
ont or photography.
)wed The famous Paris night club
lo "Moulin Rouge" is a convincing .
of- 19th cqnturv music hall whe
4Z females wearing an amazing
number of petticoats manage to
Dig- dance a sexy can-can when they
am- are In the mood and tangle in a PR EI
violent hair-puling when the R
tension boils over.








e s .
-40u15 loNE

bau Wa asbor hb-be
ltni !"

"lmLINetm.u f the ye


i :" "4




BELLA VISTA -1:00 -4:40- :4p@nm.
Clark GABLE Vivien LEIGH Leslie HOWARD
Olivia de HAVILLAND, in

Her lips had to be bought with a
Southland Kingdom... and-he hand-
ed it to her on the blade of his
Bowie Knife!...
with -
Alan LADD Virginia MAYO
Shows: LULX) 2:40 4:25 -
6:40 9:00 p.m.



l1:00 2:50 4:53 6:56 8:89 pj.mU


1:37, 3:37. 5:39, 7:41, 9:48 p.m. 6:55 9:12 p.m.

.-thJU DEMIE C-U .A 4i

Air Condlllioed
A Sensational Doublel
John Wayne
Maureen O'Hara
Barry Fitzgerald, in
"The FabuloRus Befiortita"


wi~rg mfeyj


...or your aNospy hrtsk ifr L

b- -

fr ri Jtl B *
1^^^ '.'V **

Chapters 12 U .
Also: -'
Broderick Crawford, 11
Clhario atsrtt, in
U ]M a .,?

-. =*; .. ....
.* '. v.

.. '

,a... =
... l .i. : .*, : o ,

....^- ^ ". .' .... .. ... .
.-r. *' ;'


bat la the U aUU w' Uy.W

F f"rr" ,. "
.. .rtr ,.O s .


*<^^litEA ta
^ES^&^ t^^^


' 'I

i -





At 5:00 and 9:00 p.m.

'"-1 **14-
'y .' !: '~



."... '" *
-* -"-0,A

.~,I. *~ .- -.
~""* 'Ct:,

- '..-1-' ~

...AT. I



,lifil m m"Wo ---

AS, of the Knights of Columbus w Ms -nadO
ren's Hospital, Santa Thomaa. Leftto right
wrles De Bella and B. F. Buytaert. members
r a committee to run a charity'da fo
ipital The dance will be held at tel
s Is another one of the maay u-hrltabl
lights of Columbus in Panama ths year.




.. i~s~ .s -;

T~~Le 5---


-.'- .,-4' -. '. ", **. : ", ". -
,. '" .' -. .. .
.r,95, : .. -. ,.:: L

... .... .
: r^ ;y '..y. '- IF -t .r .hw .,-Off
:i b?.." .. .- *' '.- _** ft ^ A' A* *V7 lkjly-jg

%la$CW6, .. tW-
of ffa Olob-todI
ding. left tbjight

, Departf

rt Motta,
.ot CoI.p
5' ?

L, 0o. Jose Maria Gonzales, Governor Of the Province or
Cotlb and MIN; Pastor Bamou, Chtef'r Polnce, Colon.
Ia ". .-- a --*- -
"A ea C fomad ceremony was held at the Coco Sole
adl t0 n at :4a a.m. Wednesday, at which time Cem-
I kddrId eis assumed the duties of Commanding
wfleb d'imh 1 and Head of the Fleet Air Detachment,
lelang Commander W. D. King who Is completing his tour
Sduty JI thi aracity.
; reception was held at the dinner at their home Tuesday
*o Solo Officers Club following evening to compliment Mr. an
Is ceremonlrs. At this time Mrs. Manuel Penlche, of Jack
emntander ahd Mrs. King in- son Heights, New York.
raueddt Commander and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Peniche arrived
tdgus to thobe who called. on the atlU byr plane to at
lhe guests included the mem- tend the 'We lig of their son
s6 s.he Consular Corps, offi- WllianI, to Miss Phyllis Albrit
I of the Republle and Canal ton. whloh-WiU take place Sun
'anl' the officer and their day.
s of the Station. The other dinner guests were
Captain 8. Borm,Corm- Mr. am M ett R. Albrit
tandin ,Officer ok Fleet Air ton, y SAlbrltonMr.
r11e l1 of Jacksonville. Fla., was 0. B lch and Mr. Wllanm
qwn for the-occasion. Peniche.
*---r- ~--t*--
li& Tydeman o Voyage I umber Party
emplfmented With Tea Ma e ArT was..hosts
Wsg Florence Lamron of the for a slaub party, at the home
SLe saep Area, entertined at of her parts r,a Mr. Em
a? residence, Wednesday to mett Argo, for Miss Rebecca We-
ohor Mrs. Burt G. Tydeman, son Who is leavg Sunday for
Satun, who Is leaving earr in her hom In Dicklnon, Ala
Sto reside In Pennsylvania. "Beedke" .ba. ent bhe _1
sink carnations and baby's school term with her aunt, Ms.
roath centered the tea table at Elizabeth Rowle, of Oatun.
h Mrs. Carl Ni and Mrs. The other girls at the party
low, Jr., presided. wer: a Man, Carol Flen
i44vted uesis lpuded:J k Of i ie Radel and Linda
1. o. .valev. 0 X. Cunnmnghanl. ,
.Mrs._. r .
SMrs, WL= n x 3S,;. ': The ioup 'enij6yed swimming
SMrs. Robert a supper party and moving plc-
,ly, ."Btr hure "k
i, t .P tewm M. SntPrw
Arnol ..Mrs. nOsal and Mrs. A. H
Morris, Mrs. Carl N, B. P M.B.5., 2are leaving
norea mthMr. Bs- '*' V._s te gbP"-angitata" for
owey. from the. PIfI MlauB Ther will spend five
Re lHeer Good- months in the British' Isles and
RaymondFerris, Mrs. on the CoOnthnt.
?rlts, Mrs. X. E. Plhl-
C1Ce"tbi thi Birthday
Party Hlon r Visito Carolvm iwley. daughter of
,and Mrs. O. W, Ran, of Mrs. Eli abeth Rowley Of a-

Itita, entertained with a tun, celebrated hMr eight
I'. .

a. &.

h birth-



...... D T^ ,,' "T.. l i.
." tT V". -.

jj3IL d




: Labor L er Says

;SovM Coklb Seek

World Dominllon
N IEW TORK, June 12 (UIIB)
Americn federal n of Labor
. prsldent Oeorge Meany said
r that the rulers of the Kremlin
cannot toilet the competi-
Stion eO even the eo-elstende
oft ree nations and free econ-
omies,." ;*
SMeany. spoke this week at the
convention of theUnited Hat-
tare, Cap and Millinery Workers.
He maid:
"Our oppoaitlon to edmsnum-
' iam Is based on ery. practical
corslderatlons. We know 'the
tulers of the Kremlin are aet
on one supreme gomlrdomina-
tion of the entire world."
Meany said that the brutal
I methd anid Inexorable cruelty
of Soviet Rulsia have become
"shockingly evident" to the free
e world and armed it against any
Sde pte taecs the eom-
Lt may adopt. He. warned
against any attempt to appease
communist aggreaslon.
Meany. mid that rtealdent
SEiea n shower "reassured the
(North) American people last
week when he announced that
our country wants no more
Munichs "he noted also that the
President had spQken forcefully
against any "go-it-alone" policy
for the United States.
Meany welcomed the prospect
of an end to the fighting in Ko-
rea. But, he aid, "we are re-
solved to support the strongest
possible national defense pro-
gram until Soviet RuMda calls
off the cold war.'

I' ~r'.


, -

' s
*TfW^WW 't

ika!l t..4'Jft, m
*t1, i

Dey by desy mw ad mor

to akheve the a imUae

YI a yNowar ."-,. t .

S' Up, day, at yoe sYee .
;i r"^si :datC


.,R Tr-- 'L ,* .
'. .

This silrer lav1ender--nique in its distinction-owes its subtlety and
"' s, mor oltos, precious musks and the cool blue fields of English l enderr

-r LtUC Wr
'- nWeT

lis IftluESs...














pnIaversarxyw f tt y at

vine and cfee i '
heart-shapedJoL was cut D
Bhooree, ,.
Gamers W Iy. .i
rires were fia y ue tarRlld
and Andra Lee F b. Ballpoa,
eandy baskets and vhistt s were
given a zayo W -' .
The twuts 4IaeGd: Roselyn
and arrl wn, Sue Bar-
fiel Andra led
lsoan r EMlizabeth
Pea rk; Bvervly
Gorman and Ginger ThQmas. ,
Shirley Keepers and Rebecca
Wilaon assisted with the games.
Son Voyage Party
At Elks Club
A bon voyage party will be giv-
en at the ElBe Club. Saturday. to
honor the alliedd 4Ruler. Mr.
Nathan Ashton, who Is leaving
on for.vacation..
red o~~lt the eeb-
*i's er il w11 V be a
dollar pe aouple. There will be
novelty program, mirn, danc-
itsa~ e dln tobring
Morning Coffe-ta Gatun
The WA.RD. Circle of the
Oat o Chbrch Auxiliary
met wU ay at tAe -home of
Mrs. o ot, in Oatun, for a
meeting and morning coffee.
Hostssoe were Mr. Leon Igolf,
Mrs. Hots and Mrs. Lee Hash.
Mrs. 4.. _B. Ward gelded at the
meeting ad the group Welcomed
her daughters, Mt. Jerry Car-
rington and ris. Pont Polla,.
wh6 are visiting their parents.
The other ladies present were:
MPn. i tha Wej A r. Fran-
bis Werlin, Mrs. Earl Beagrave,



I _

r I


.V ..



"` -- '. ;. .



MI L ~1

q .;-

Kinds Pre P1 icked Tor

,* '*ja ..:,.^ -o ,

Ilkl-ll7 0 J X tAt JL- JL .L Y V 3
U "...'. 1.- UC .... .. :.

-o.- m L.
J.. 4. : '

Arkansas, Beduino 1O Top Three months in the making e

Foes: A' Natives Clash The Racing Form lb For a
0- lub For Di
Carlos Alberto l)uque's highly publicized S o o
King's Prize is considered a "shoo in" for tomor- Oi..n g .u o o n
ro%' featured $650 Class "C" six-and-one-half fur-.~ -.
long sprint at the Juan Franco Race Track. E *
SA weekly racing form first a horse started each race, whe~e week King's Pri.e copped! The speedy son of Big Game- publication of its kind ever at- he was in the early rilnng, at
the Saturday afternoon feature Steady Aim will be just a step tempted in Panama will be =t halfway mark, enile0 the
bu it was a hard earned post-!aay from the top class if he on the streets next week. retch, and where he fil d
to-post victory nd no easy scores. A convincing triumph Publishers of the new tAbloid All positions and distance are
cakewalk as nad oeen predicted may cause Kng's Prize's owners weekly. The acing Form," an- double-checked and all finishes
by the experts On that oc- to enter him in the 52.000 added bounced today that the f t are compared with the off pcal
casion the Alberto Pereira train- one mile Fourth of July Clas- printing would be Thursday, photo-f inlsh camera. o
ed English bred four-year-old sic June 18.
bay horse outsprinted the op-1 Another interesting race on The Form, according to the The publication will carry, in d i .
position to the first bend, stayed morro s program the six- publishers, has been ovr three addition, the betting dchorses y .in t t ,
off early challenges by Mingo, ad-one-halr furlong sprint for months In the making. The went off at In each tarh ""
Newmlnster and C'oq Au Vln Class "A" Natives. Four well- publication will be complete ment on performances, ; cit
then held Grisu safe to score matched locally bred thtor bilingual. records, ineludin money ealn
driving by three-quarters of a beds Valaria. Redondta. It stresses all pertinent dat, for 1952 and 1u moand a
len th. ;Golden Bound and Golden Tap on the past performances of ~ 2tference rain for l
Although' King's Prize has will match strides In the horse running at the Juan rse at the track. hf oe t ln'-,;on .
moved up a class and should be: fifth race. Franco track, as well as the Other features of the Fw m t .
facing stiffer hompheti onteatdo The ouestion is w h e tch e r latest pictures, workouts,i and will be columns and stable ttk ll aue hnce.
experts figure that he isdseaedi- The question is w h e t h er track Information gleaned by a sip by well known local twraersii, rey revet t tb saure
S prone and should easily Golden Ta can get up in timestaff of Isthmian turf experts. gradd entries or eah t T
d pa d edo ont ri es fo r e a c h w e e k .s an se ew ith th e fe e t w i 4r a p a rt S T B h& U N T h- T
dispose of this group of com- r Gol n Bound alaP The Form will show. In con- end's programs, listing probable than in a trap close to the sreen. HOT UNDAY o T
paratively slow horses. and Redondta have practically cse, readily understandable odds, and selections by the bet Using a lon &r-ftwd eihT
The consistently performing Many are of the opinion that performed in his ast sx or The For will be made avall- on'e both times dliffert a
Arkansas. in-and-outer Beduino the Tap, probably the strongest even star t Besides notn abe at neW nd an -d will be a in practice te arc I l
and unpredictable Bendeguz are finisher among the natives, weight Jockey and class of on the streets by regular on a rel.ular fhotle
tie cm pintain Wlsh Fo, t hee sT eee d res ocoheg ulrrogrm re a is r a 6 J1ID.. X-
expected to give t ue Prize a lit- close the gap In time. competition It will depict how paq r boys.the sam clul
tie competition. Welsh Fox, the The rest of the program is ~m samee club.
.and wrc eigblem tce e'nclas 1 Is of- sol on thttetByr eg a
only other scheduled starter in made up of several wide open pin t bali o tff t to an to t agl
the race, does not seem to have races which should be real thril- ad o' nto e n ta ..
a chance because of the short lers with the winners paying i JS acd oeThe ball 18-c d mac th e tat I
distance. substantial dividen-dsuan Fra- o Graded Mt 1 frie st n theI ad. will also hame a tg on
Il I BCO- Graded Ei s line .
0 Most of these mll t abot-
Naval Station Gets 2nd W "in; AS
V lo etsP. os J ckey W ot. COMrNT ODDS e s e onelsat aem p".
thIt scored this week for .the ta .4 1W
oce laEt Natty&' 1e vdua apr 7n5 pta- SE
First ati e O the Double Iooi idu: a:ai ti eon rto,
Unisports Victors In D ebut alte e e1 r .e on Pr275,0 Po3ol e : 45 er Al o nm ear l l'
0- 2oProton Fet Mena. R. 102o-Needs beter rider 4.'ThereSISI0, fjaftT am. 'of'thenational cha m
1-White Fleet Mena R. 102x--Needs better rider 4- pivot and st of t the other han the
2-Proton A. Yaa 97x -Handicalpped by Jockey 8-1 lollpw.throuih. Gun Club anti Crlatib
3-Annie N Aguirre 110 --Serious effort now ven If the lI. nc t lea G, but Club handslrs hl fM
THaE STANDINGS Hatgi and Bobby Salter each 4-Risita F. Rose 110 -Impressiv race lat soeneht appl es I ey -b
Atlantic Ba sketball League had five. 5-Domino J. Gongora 102x -Bas good chance 3-1 mon. sepe ,* the se e L.f a, and are na tIi t
W L Pct. Twin-Bil at Margarita the 3-lub. d -e-1C one atron oopo 0 and ad a o itrl k e ll oth r
N aVRal S ta tig n 2 0 1.000 A g ain T onig ht th e c l..e m.. ',: very s"r"ng1 I1osit r m
VP-45 1 0 1.000 The Atlantic Cage loop sched- out and th" NativThe sbld ,ge .Mu0A T' n. eA
nVP-ersal 1 0 1.000 ules another twin-bill tonight at 2nd Race G 1 s P' ee $275. Pl elee: 1: Ot
the Marar tNati gy. 7e`1 PuR; the$25.40111 Pool -elow.:1t :4t n g em d S 4At.
Powells 0 1 .000 the Margarita gym. Both. G- SeconRace of the Deoble Tr 0ts nt. thrills atch, Soch i Rc o
Fasron o 2 .000 ing their first win as they meet 2-Ope Hidalgo -100- Nohng t iintdito c %n t tht y f l. ~ 4
in the first game which starts 3-Juan lIi. A. Enrlque t1 -In bes formnt 4-1 iw aw unam ., m up
Wednesday Night's Results at 7 p.m. -Malaya R. Gomen 118 --Posible upsetter at, h7 bc- t pAll esn
Naval Station 48, Fasron l44 Gibraltar sends Noel Gibson, -D M. o Brave 11 -iem h beat 3. bbal nd aolio thro ugh Z- OX O W
5-- D ie z d e M r. a vr o 1o 1 1 3 to -, n d ou ,tlfl l .Wllwte- '2 Ww-%" .
UnJversal Sports 45, Powells 33 high scorer of 1952, and top 6--Riomar a. Sanches 106 hogerous: eootaeder t 4-1 -oItptr-. ,.
Tonight's Games man on opening night when he 7-Tilin Tilin A. Mena 112 -Wll-be clan up 4-1 [e
Gibraltar vs Powells accounted for 23 of his tea!' 8--Taponao C. Mena 18 Ibve effort-lkut 10-1
VP-45 vs Universal Sports losing markers, to battle agalAst .G ffb.
the Powells five. ".W,-- --,-TA
iNaval Station seems headed l u
in the direction in search POwells will betexpectin mIore 3rd Race S'peeal Sprikt' 4%g F irL : o 1 4 Pe1M SeleoGl : 1:9 tP
'of their~ rICohd consecutive At- scoring action out of Tppe O are w
kntiCa League ti Bt df m Taln trad l 1- Buddy Bear R. Goms 108 -Appears outclassed here -.1, ,
Wednesday night's task of keep- both of whom failed in treat de. CK 1:r"seoy1
ng their early night' season record apartment last Wednesday night. 2-Camar6n B. Aguirre 112 -In better form now 4-
. ing their early an easy one. If these two eaCgera cap satch 3 arencito C. Kam 112x-Early speed only 10-1 t
'intact was far from an easy one. If these two ss oupaid with 4-Tabaco L. Tufon 96--Cheapest pos~sble brand 25-1 ~N l loE ll he d
With but 35 seconds left'to play fire on the nets, coupled with 5-Tabayoo L. Flores112-Bh sor..glp t.e. of.
knotted up at 44 when a quick Gibraltar's defense will need lthe GoldBopat and the Atlanic ChGrl rar
pair of two-pointers put the de- plenty of tightening to: hold side choice t6 cop the CerAece-
cision on ice for the defending down this quintet of youngsters. 4th Race "C" Native H Fgs. Purse: $800. Peel oleges: 2:2 ria NactonlI Panama Amateur eb 4-
ciasin p In tonight's night-cap either QUINILA Invitational at aamboa In July. Complete raet of elke. .and otherS. .P
Fiepons twas the largest Universal Sports- or VP-45 will Off the tee ion leo ts toos, heriJ .o f
Margin that Naval Station could topple from the list of unde- 1-Miranda J. Bravo 115 -Rates good chance 5-2 woods and long irons are a Joy 0 PLas a "
maintain at any time over Fas- heated teams. VP-45 winners 2-Diana G. Ramos 100x-Will force early pace 25-1 to behold. She holds the -t
ron, but they steadfastly held on opening night by a narrow mar- 3-Arranquin V. Castle. 112 -Lacks early speed 3-2 course record at Brazos thd g -L
to that edge right through the in over Fasron, while Unisport 4-Rosa B F. Hidalgo 100x -Light weight might help 6-1 ogmboa, war edelist Brazm s bAnd
tough battle until the middle s fresh from an easy victory 5-Pregonero 0. Graell 116 -Longshot pobility -1 Handa onshlp, Me-
Fasron moved up and tied the promises of plenty basketball J3'ualit.oMedalist and .Win- _An tn th
score. It was then that the Na- action n Club Ch on-
o al station quintet showed the 5th Race "A" Native 6H Fgs.PurFe: $37L0 Psel eloees: 2:55 shco, e Her Pra n's
stumade; ot real to the situn- A redo Aleman 1-Valaria K. Flores 118 -Has beaten better 3-5 ReCorld at Brazoe should tand 16 Tvoli Ave. TeL S-A the scores w
tion and put'dowI the late Fas- 2-Redondita A. Ubidla 108 -Back in form 3-2 for quit awhile. I
ron drive to scoreiteir second 3-Golden B. H. Ruzs 100x-Rates slim chance 8-1 .- '
victory of the season. Soib Team NIps 4--Golden Tap R. Yeaza 109x-Hus strongest finish 2-1
With Jerr Stelzer sitting this Jamiaoirh 1W1%V%
one out, Minor and Lott took W 1
over the scoring power and 6th Race "H" Imported 7 Fgs.Purse: 40.0 F Pool closes: 3:35
*over the scoring po 11 First- Rae of the aDnbled
shared honors with 12 and 11 .The visiting Jamaican girl First-Race of the Double
respectively. For the losers, softlAll players dropped i1-Sismo A. Mena 108 -Will force pace 10-1
Chief Sparks, playing manager, their second contest in three 2-Vain Darling Agulrre 118 -ee one to beat even-1
set the example with a high of local appearances 12-11 in 3-Wild Justice Cdhans 110 -arly ed onl0-
11 followed by ,Soderlin who an extra inning thriller at 4-Clpayo O. Csillo ride lst 4-1
scored 10 times. the Balboa Stadium before 5-Publico a11 -Nothlig recently 8-1
-nIn the nightcap event Powells a sellout crowd. 6-Escandalo Philli s 10 i- performance last 20-1
'and Universal SportT iade their -The tame was decided In --Black S. A. Ubldia 108 --To contender 3-1
'debut, and UNISPORT, winners the ninth Inning when Lay-
.of last December's tourney, at erne Connolly, who had .
Balboa, racked up their first taken over the mound 7th Race "I" Imported 7 Fgs. Purse: $275.0 Pool eles: 4:05
'win of the season, 45 to 33. Led eh'res for the Jamalcans In Second Race of the Double de..:.
;by Arnold Manning, who scored relief, made a bad throw -Newb hton R. Va. 8 -Dro another class
,14 points, Universal Sports over first base to allow the 2--Novelera Campbell 107 --could score cnluast 15-1 ,: ;
maintained a steady seven point winning run to sco ore. Campbell 107 -Cou score i upset 15-1
advantage up to half time, 2 The amaia girls re 3-Jepperin F. Hidalgo 96x--Light impost; chance 30-1
'to 17. In the third quarter they turn to the Mount Hope 5--Pl B. PuliBravdo 110 --JcRany should hein las 2-1
'.tarted to draw way from Pow- Stadium Saturday night for -PrLne H. R. mes 118 -Should beast thee ven
elLs, ,na. wound up the contest the third and deciding game -Prnce H. R. ome 118 ---hould beat the even
12 onts better, 45 to 33. Pow1 of their series with the .
ells scoring wras evenly distri- Atlantie All Stars. A beautli- 8th Race "I" Imported 7 Fs. Purm : $25.60 Pool loses: 4:4 ,.
.buted,,- with John Hayes wind- fIl cea will be awarded to
'Ing.up high man with si. John the winner of this game. QUINJLA
1-Wild Wire F. Hidal. 97x--Return. from long rest 10-1
-.. 2l-Pebetero O. Casti 115 -Races fractiously 15-1
M 3-Forzado F. Rose 105 --8howing improvement 8-1 .
A ere 4-Pulgarcito L. Tufion 103x -Will never win again 30-1
15e 5-"Inheritor C. Iglesias 110 -Perfect "lemon" 10-1
S to -1 un Cheer R. Vas. -118 --Has good workouts 8-1 '
Liput --Veranda Aguirre 110 -Ran well in last 5-2 t ,
L pu 9-A.storia J. Cadogan 112 -Dangerous contender 4-1
"Those are the odds againstt a r .
dety Coleman being the 9th Race "G" Imported 7 Fs.Purse: 40.6 Pes eleses: 5:15
JUVOENIA handicap euaWa-
ment at ;Bummit Gol fClub. 1-(Bolo Joan J. Bravo 116 -fImproving rapidly i-1 .-
Those 15 guys i n the Clam- 2- Lady Martha Darlo 112 -Not much class l--
pionshlp Fllaht i tah I o- 3-Apretador O. Castl. 118 -HIas good chance. 5- "" "'"
ing to be one bit chival- 4--Pepsi Cola A. Mena 110 -Rejuvenated horse 6-1
rous hen there are JU- 5--Pnt R. Guerra 10x--Nothing recently
VENIA watches to be won. ---Rina Rol O. Chants 103 -Not good enough "b.- ,I -
ALCTUAL Take this fellow Cobb. for "/--1.1 y f. Agulrre 118--DropI : two Jusel 5-. i ..
example: He could have let ey 3.Au-re18.Dopedto ass .
SI~g Nellie Whitney win, be- asmse cranl-lyd , S.-.' .. Peteee. .

wcauseeshe e inl o6ard 8h Rae "N"mported---.P 7 F -Puse: .... P*dos es: 5:0
well enough to win ordi- ",
nearly. But this is no ordi- 1-Cas- Buena Chanis 105 -Depends on handlers 5-1 ..
nary tournament and with .-Interlude G._8 108 -4Seems outclassed 15-1
a gold JUVENIA as the 3--NMtInsk J. dr[ 112 --Far change in mrud 4 -1
pri-e Cobb finally bested 4.-Legal.& I e116 -The one to beat ~-1
Nellie in a tirht 38 hole 5- un's MQA 112 -Could Uak It all 5-1
match. He may not be a Dethi. 10 -Poor ride last ti 8-1
gentleman but he knows 7-Curaca i. 10 --Closed fast last out 8-1
the value of a J'VENIA 8-True Blue & 110 -Last was good raes 6-1
.a- a--La C.ag2a -. -4- Danrous contsoder $4
11u IW"h -Ms swim""1% .pars: "iM. P" Oes
-- 'anm 0. --tkMWI& -Ptate outside ebl 1.

------ :---_-- ---- I I 4. u -- L -
% ~~ ~c al~~

I1. '
, '*' .. r- *
* .. ^ .:. .'

r '7
~r i~d~

r. rr (~

;~ i




-2 / .

iir -


k '.'


rig Ground Of Native Da
w,.-g Gw Dm'

V.~gp~- ~l, ~i J. ~


I t ". 1. ^

A. m



'.- tt h-

. .0 A .

Liao" !
? %h~

.. -I., i
*The on flllength featute of th .
r ro of su -zm t

1 'i .

S -: ,+, ,'+'^--.-i ; .. ....


IW ,*1.

--,JWo MIlox oUKr
ihjrPetr Pan at a
Soars borne which ire
pped to the Derby 01
s have pped th.e el-
T =ma IV t- .
ennwi Po Whaft-,rt

., I tain t ar s hnot M n
C Dancer.
TIsumotble was cling
*t---dde- P am. i- I
i w beaten a head. He

.up t f hit.r El

mary oam-frpt
formal^ .iq
thorn m
iks~~a w


iied n a

nouh, glivi9l up 1
I but- U
bl It ae aWpp
d the "ame In the
they, put touhbQr :
s aM4Pr t
e~~L B~d~l~,u

race. T he

ad a

1 T6 .









FROM $99



A- EN~~

i'p ." .
rai1 '^'
ll'i *-
V-' f j~


Choose from our enormous stock
of shoes, a E les and colors...
save mroniM





.6.4. ""rs and Tailors to Men of Good Tase".


S, ,' + *6
14, '

'1 5' ,
' .+ .. -, -
a^ .f.'^. *fc *. M ON-n<

w tu% J, .

Opposite Railroad Station



-I r


"* -+ --

test Tat EodR

^ ,TeamsW L ct. Teams W L V
New York 37 11 .771 Milwaukee. U 1
Cleveland 30 17 .638 Brooklyn 34 17
Boston 29 24 .647 Philadelphia 28 18
Washington 28 24 .538 St. Louis 2 2
SChico 27 25 .519 New York 24 8
Philadelphia 23 29 .442 Cincinnati 18 2
t, Louis 1 34 .358 Pittsburgh 17 5
e Detroit 11 40 .216 Chicago 14 33
atNew York at ,leveland (N) Milwaukee at Pitts. (-T-N)
9 t. o f Washington at Detroit (Ni Chicago at Brooklyn (N)
Philadelphia at St. Louis (N, St. Louis at New Yori; Q(f.:
.i t L ay, Boston at Chicago (N) Cincinnati at Philadelphd (N)
Un 13 YETERDA'RESULTS Milwaukee 000 000 100-1 7
a own Washington 000 000 200-2 7 0 New York 000 201 a-3
m Cleveland 100 000 000.1 3 2 Wilson (2-4), Johnson
Masterson (4-6) and Pitager- Crandall. Jansen (6-5) and N o
ald Gronlek (1-1), Hooper and be.
&" n- dFoltk Hegan.
S S t. Louis 200 030 000-5 4 7f
b. D eNew York 011 100 00- 13 2 Plttsburgh 000 0 100-
t, %-lB Daner" IN Detroit 000 S 000 210-3 9 0 Miller (2-2) White
ow tkMcDonald (2-2), Reynolds and Rice. Lindell (2-8) and a
r. b it woe mI -- -- T .'- (lE Berra. Houtteman (2-6), HArrist lock.
1), o those tie it and Ginsberg. -..
SOfIe". Cincirmatl 210 10 200-4 7
.0*Phila. 000 201 201-6 8 0 Brooklyn 020 000 16x-9 1IJ
Chicago 000 00q 12W3 9 0 Podbiolan (4-5), SMIth
.. h 5 h n Babop, Martin (3-4) and As- Landrlh. t. Pod d
a A na troth. Dobson, rlornilels Kee- Hughes. Lbine (2-1)., b*'2
SC A .. gan, Dorish (4-2) and Wilson. Campanella.
anlte-s A F o Samudl5o CUATR0 Junlo 12 Only games whod i,.
Am-ainstInd-ians At Cleveland add _
'ien Night Game
3u league hit, a single that d. Bt Lousto 000200 000-0" 4
Thaq OpdIa anomer tay ~I Phf tlxrn (2-1) lnd White. Trucll ,
toTh5 e 7OR k Z- W15f__c Gi ph i'a trlmph over the White (5-4), Lanrer and Courtney.'A
pyer-ead ntWA1 B1 Wsatrn a~Xls N-- sN ialm r Im a ox. But It took Eddie Robin-
wir today t i son'sa ninth inning homer to win
td. feak an pOpyotulty Larry Jall pitched seven- the game. Zernial now has 15
ae t to make a .o of the hit ball for sixth victory, homes to stay a top the Amer-
_r Lwm American Le Aiee in -lour- tldingl the sl Braves to lean League I that depart-
i ~T ce game I weOW W W thed outs Jst t ao hitr air the fourth ment.
ndfladn. U, ,lag. Mdate Nenry Willard NiKon of the Red 8ox
STi And, on the .16t 1i014, anl 1 hurled a four-hitter to beat the
two-m een hit hopst for d. d Biownw. He retired the first 17
u Wh am o bdedf em Do__- ]FOr hleagueib 'sa pitcher Virgil Trucks broke thn
ant a1 r Waand ellwith a sixth-inning double.
hl V be m 100tm run was the Box's eighth win In
t ,The Cardit by r0okli, the last 10 games on their cur-
4 a I0do drove in rent road trip.
took advantage walks Yestewdaz 8tar-, Cais
Iknuckle.ltllli Jq9umy Lin- Mihaels ao the Athletics
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Rosenbergs Ask i

Stay Of May 18

Execution Date

WASHINGTON, June 12 (UP) Let h the ople k now A bui i. SI i I'"'- iA um n UuC.
Defense counsel Emanuel Bloch
takes the case of convicted atom TWENTY-EIGHlH TYEAR. PANAMA, P. P., 1193 :
spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
to the U.S. Supreme Court today
for the fourth and perhaps fi-
Bloch planned to ask the na-ill o s
tion's highest court for a stay
of execution that would save
the Rosenbergs from death in
the electric chair next Thurs-
day night. He has failed re-
peatedly in lower courts to ob-For Torno o Victims
tain a delay in the execution -
The U.S. Court of Appeals in WORCESTER, Mass., June 12 talized today and many were in
New York yesterday upheld the (UP) A search for the missing critical condition. D
S decision of Federal Judge Irving continued today in the wreckage Estimating that 2,657 families
p nR. Kaufman denying a new trial left by Massachusetts' $75,000,- were homeless or suffered loss. t
for the Rosenbergs on the basis 000 tornado as Worcester set a- the Red Cross also increased it
l of "newly discovered evidence." side tomorrow for a day of morn- allotment of relief funds from 2
The three-judge Court of Ap- ing. $100,000 to $250,000. t
peals also refused to grant a stay The Red Cross set the death President Eisenhower declared
of execution pending an appeal toll at 93 early today, bringing the region eligible for $50,000, a
to the U.S. Supreme Court. to 247 the total deaths in the 000 in federal aid.
Bloch said he would ask the Massachusetts twister last Tues-
Supreme Court for a stay of exe- day and Monday's midweesternlid r lrl
caution while he prepares appeals tornadoes. o i d
of yesterday's ruling and other Ten p e r s o n s were reported F
lower court decisions in recent missing and feared lost in the l s wo H rides
weeks which have upheld theruins of homes and other build- Clears TwoH
conviction and sentence of the incs torn apart by the whirling
condemned couple. colum of debris-littered air. But Faces Two Mor
IThe Red Cross said some 350
The Rosenbergs. convicted of storm victims remained hospi-
giving U.S. atomic secrets to WASHINGTON, June 12 (UP)
Russian agents during World .... .-- -President Eisenhower's $5,400,-
War II, are scheduled to be 000,000 foreign aid program to- .
electrocuted next Thursday at day has cleared its first two leg- BLOCK
Sing Sing prison. islative hurdles without the rubble after furious Thornded Mass., city block Is re o
Bloch has indicated he will whopping cuts that some Repub- M hubble aater fue ous tornado es knifed their e way though c nt
make a new appeal to President licans expected. Massachussett and southern l w as a pe hr. The .g s ent
Eisenhower for executive clem- But the aid program, smallest autos, buildings, cow mid piai hUrti g through i=r.
ency in the case if his long bat- in recent years, still faces the
tle in the courts falls to win a threat of further economy re-
new trial or a reduction in sen- ductions on the House and Sen-
tence for the Rosenbergs. ate floors.
The House Foreign. Affairs
committee late yesterday approv-
Mc ar y ed Ied a $4,998,732,500 bill, cutting
$476,000,000 from the President's
T Sud'Demorac request for fiscal 1954 beginning
To Study 'Deo cracyJuly 1.
Without Witch Hunts IFa tough "put up or shut up" pro-
WW H vision on military aid for Eu-
LONDON, June 12 (UP) --
Member of Parliament P e t e r The Senate Foreign Relations
Baker says he has invited Sen. committee had previously ap-
Joseph R. McCarthy (R-Wis.) to P' roved a bill cutting $166,000,000
come to Britain ard see how a from the President's request.
democracy works "without witch Some Republicans in both the
hunts."y work House and Senate had demanded
Baker, a relatively unknown cuts of up to $2,000,000,000.
member of Prime Minister Sir The House comMittee made its a
Winston Churchill's Conservative biggest slice, $150,000,000, from
Party, defended Laborite leader Mr. Eisenhower's request of $250,- b
Clement R. Attlee against Mc- 000,C00 for special non-atomic
Carthy's charge that the Briton .. ... weapons for U.S. Allies.
Is "a Communist and a traitor." .. ,A
"I 'think Senator McCarthy The House group aao cut
ought to stop talking about Brit- $100,000.00 each from military TORNADO TAKES A FA"OcYr- Thaw o
amu and subversive activity," he aid for Europe, military aid for New.England wrecked this DiW $ lll
said. "I would like to have him the Near East and Africa and in Worcester, Mass. As the twister tofu thr~oIl4h.
over here to meet the people in economic aid for Europe. ped more than half of the root off and S l ed'
my constituency. He m I g h t It also eliminated the entire parked around the building. Ii the p 1 t r$ fl
$ change his views." $25,000,000 asked for encourag- New England began the ggdly Job of equni
ing overseas development of
Parguay General strategic materials.
It cut $1.000000 from funds for
Endayin shipping costs in canno-
Ends Local Visit tion with relief supplies of pri- -a --
Maj. Gen. Alfredo Stroessner, vate organizations.
commander in chief of the Para- NEW YOK, June 12 (UP) -- upheldb O co ft* .i
guayal Amy, departed early to- IT'S A-PEELING Even the LaS Cumbres Town A ew ork d ebutante e, cedL to
day for the United States ater a lowly hot dog has been tin- with m85,000a riner choie between a e ey 'w O o
week long visit with the USAR- proved by slcenee. On view in Meeting M ndayd m iV, Jr
e CAEMeaB.y age to her nonJewish sweet- Mid Whowad re-
Newg York isth:atstihea-ae o e
During his stay here, troess- N ew York is the latest zipova- heart was involved in a courtto .
nes Vited Fort Amador, Fort tion-a frankfurter with a zip- Atown meeting for residents dispute today over the ashes o f='d
Robbe. Fort Clayton, Fort oulick per. Those who prefer a skin- of the Las Cumbres area has her father. the t
and inspected the Miraflores less hot dog just pull the zipper been called for 7:30 p.m. Mon- Manhattan supreme eb urt lr
Locks. The general's visit was that cleaves the casing for easy day at the Town Hall. ords disclosed that Jean LincolrY
climaxed by an air view of the peeling o. Officials of the suburban Tanburn, 21, pad her mother,
Pacific and Atlantic areas of the community organization said Ruth have tried to block at. be .8t
Canal Zone. today they hoped to be able to temIe by other family memb ws ,,
present ri favorable report on to~ bury the ashes of the .
the matter of street re.pair and 81phen A. Tanburn in the iam-
lso the question of garbage ily Inousoleum.
The other relatives claim the
Plans for the 4th of July cel- mother and daughter should
ebraton will be dscused. have no voice in deciding th
Residents will also hear news place of burial because the moth-
I which most of them already er was estranged from Tanburn
known, namely that necessary and the daughter refused to have
equipment which has delayed 'filial and social relations' with ,
;nstnllation of telephone serv- him. A S
ice Is expected to reach the Miss Tanburn is heiress to a ment wa
*.*r ithmus soon. Some of it was $685,000 trust fund and a $10,-
2 lst in New York en route from 000 cash bequest W ch,
.I Sweden. terms of the will of r
S i. ,.= Beer and soda will be avall- father, must be forefeited i -
---i .'" ab'., and a surprise movie will marries outside the Jewash w
-......i.. : be shown. -Isi, The provision in the will wsOat-


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Jleprsentative: UNIVERSAL PORT COPr.
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with a
ment was

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dndf, ripping through the are a t1 f~l I-I
hem t Ocritical Conditien. This U hihtw. 0i
an and Ohio to leave a death w eW.- .
.'. "

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) wr arrived last nil
f W Morris cigret.. Th
wt r-uhbsmrptOace*tby
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