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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Jq f.L" j' S'' ,' L
4 ^ a-. ..^,
*' -.. .*"f :,-,,- ~ .,.. .i
: "-. *.,. ^-s04

.sr ..;........:.
'Z "' ";,' sills


* I. |

r 6ayo,

S lt.
A third
ad as

t sheir huple
dly on the
mey from Not
ofwar muma
The 3 5
.hmanner c

-p. -
Red W"b Otr4 j

R another so-i
e.ain.. I I.uinh*

, I.

it pmonsored-
were farly oa
., but.,have al

U. dIs~I,

~'. 1r.~ ~


Musf Na me

Nation 7ToT c

f -
PANMUNJOM, Korea, AprN 30 (UP) Tt
Nations threatZfnd today to smulend anmis*G:l
tons until the COmmunists propose an accep-I
nation to take charge of Red prisoners wM.b
home. ..
The Reds i t told further that -
truce Nless they ree that te emini_-
kept in Korea I thaei future has
Lt. Gen. Wintlm K. Harrison, m slie t.
.gate, sorcostk I invited Comnneist Ne |
propose that 32 anti-Red Ko,~qi Mto.u hi m
^ 'in South Ki6d.
'" He pointed out that the Nerth Kior sm "ribM
,g0W0 South Kokeen prisoners sad thie imprian l*
into the Communist army. ,
"In view of the advan aes to .
all conczAed" Harrison "a I
proposal by your side ath
time to release In Smth 3a
=,.weno pri*tm:"fil b m ,

7gol7g ,arrop am: n
t"U didn't p-oe that to P
so..eo e that. We called their attention C
il ea imi to it and aungestd they couk
a. fid-ay ad o a great deal I they made
such a prepqual. ma
"I pisht add theytidnt seem in
Sy verjd b the sba xau" 1
.At'nnM tfii 11 .k OEM tam tbcu% u iii iilrft


~ 311k


A.. no b


F .
.4 .. -
K.- ~

wodld nomi)atean .alaiW-eNt
try as prisoner custodian. T
were expected to choom In
and the U.N. had been
to agree.
In another development, the
U.N. Called a meeting of siaaon
officers here tomorrow "to dia-
f problems eaneernfhW the x-
ge of s ek an wounded
prisonera." ,Ie g3,ou for the
.te Commu-
nuts also N tftw. re -- ,oA
t.the U.N.'a'lInaltence that an
anti-Red priais-a- be cept l
ea,. trl -n
1w their bimvw n ae&

v' .-''. L"e'
''s : -- .' a- ." "

. -,

.- .. .



i.;.-.,', >.
:*.^^.:. '!^



Panama will r an-
nual Labor Diay.. 1to-
morrow, as a.
All govern
offlcea, asd
shops will be elm.ei VO-
The Panama Aerige. w-
ever, will be ont as
A :mass gm
the ninO
dorew, Is ahedi ae

A special LaboD
Meanwhile e

Nei York party ere

.l, B 'h.- .
7A -,C'



uwl~' o

oam. ifuuwv\
or-1 overs, t

m bas aI
W.ON,- a

- I


k too'
:--. .

,. ... .,- *


Li1 ),
.^BW~ffw ',

*s .

4L 7




24 PANAMA AMritCAelN WE-l2 wsq U


l.e" s,, Leese a m alow
SCo.. H f. 1 t. 4. PANXMA. It. o rF.
,i m 5 Assaams. p hPM *.le4 ImIA
S .-- *- N MMWn1Tiv- JOSHUA 8 IMN,
,. As Ava vNw v Ht, alwt m v.

'. M *
_gig^S m ov-1--,, J .3



T 'I Meil *Ax b on open form for reodan of The Peame Am
.e ~. Lo we a e eilved rechMy and am handled kt a who* y s
ye" ee homle a let. don't be Imptipt 1 it dmes't appear
SMei 'day. Lame -t publN i the order roseleM".
P' tiee ehy o a keep she lwersN Iamited to ** ag Jei -
Idedwy t l ear w m its beheld i sti te deat l wd
This m pper em me eeipeasifilby for e sitatim s as pi
.=- 0 -
Ancon, C. Z.
Be the Canal needs four auditors. Some of these job ope
SSags may be replacement, but the word is that auditors and a
Seuntants have been stampeding off aips and pliAes at a fa
'ipp these recent months. Maybe they 'Will reptlaod~ine of t]
engineers and operational people the new Canal admlinatratic
lelt it could no longer afford.
There Is speculation in the foothills that the "era of the a
diter-aceountant" haa replaced the "era of the engineer" in Co
.ml operations
And why the sudden need for totters up and recorders?
The reason Is clear to keep the absentee members of tl
aJard of Directors supposedly informed as to what goes on
.t1te former junglesu.
This isn't the first time people have tried to run the Panan
.Canp by remote control, i.e. by a board which spends its tin
,elsewhere and comes down once or, twice a year to "observe."
In Theodore Roosevelt's day they tried it too. Roosevelt atoo
tOe results as long as he could. Then he Issued an Executive Or
dor saying the Isthmian Canal Commission would betake itself
'the Isthmus and stay there until the Canal was finished. It di
qd it wu.'
That experience was one reason why it wai decided to g i
ene man (the Goyernor) on the ground, the direct reaponslbul
. an operating procedure for the Canal was set up, around
Now, with the new Board of Directors, in the saddle, the op01
rating procedure swings full circle.
The Governor has. little authority to make decisions:; th
1oard ruma the show through "absentee ownership," never like
Aor. anything except Its ability to squeeze adoIlUr. maybe,
.'The auditor tetishshoed its head in the,trWldws too. Or
ywit Apoel that the olclal CkLAud1 would& & be the mu
eU the ships for sea -:lt bte felt that perhapatsome wou
os ilape without paying there tolls. (Uh,. hu)g.)
Lee.nd has It that Goethals put aL prompt end to that i4d
AWhlch might have required layovers up to a month).
"Bir" he la reported to have said to the Commission membi
Suggested it," our object in thisrventure to to put. hips froi
Ian Xt ocean, not to conduct audits."
Now the Comptroller spems a helluva nice fellow personal
SI'la sure hell run his minion efficiently. But how much 4
I this new checking. and re-enecking and inventorying and re
ventorying Is really necessary?
Anyway the circle closes.
Looker On
Panama, R. P.
ihe was blonde-and rather pretty, and &sh drove a eleek bit
Quite Toe. -
nt4nea ih 1 e Mdo and frltttand sonad eaterprli
ids ae' et up en the Trans-Ithlmlan Highway just befoi
get to Nationl Distulers caught her eye; It did not occur 1
to Slow down gradually and pull over to the curb if she wani
o stop. -
Instead she brought her a full halt, but suddenly, right
tle middle of thb right hand traffic lane, so she could back u
t the traffic t purchase her fruit.
Brake soereeched, and at least one accident was narrowly
he-looked calm though, end. iulte bored by the Irrita
hf the other drivers she had inconvenienced and endangered
It happened early this week, around 4 p.m.
Not Amused

Horsing Around

rhis goes In
the horse's
4 Game played.
oen horeback
SHorse's gait
12 Consumed
13 Eyptian
sacred wading
14 Ar (prefix)
harness parts
A8 Makes
o Pest
22 Elevator
24 Detest
24 Smudge
2" '.'witching
30 '.'ings to be

I Legal bench
2 Roman road
3 Intimate chat
4 Spotted horse
5 Instrument
6 Lithe (var.)
7 Full (suffix)
I Dutch dialects
an South
I Lease
10 Religious
11 Throw
17 Enticed
19 Deputy
23 Brass wind
24 One of two
equal parts

Answer to Previous Pualc -

S Iu U i

tl a U i
U1 ,U

25 Exchange
26 Hindu

40 Diving birds
41 North winds
pt France
42 Stain
43 Father
44 Butter .
48 Be overfond
47 Hormsshoe
48 Metropolis
50 War god

*. ^ ^.,-:., "..,- ". -'

WU w P R-a
^ .^.t r^ ^
s".r ^me^k#4


Labor News


" lIt.

And still one American sol-
dier, returning from the enemy's
prisoner of war camps, remains
silent. Still, he refuses to be
interviewed. But all his buddies
talk of the horrors-tell of sick
and dying OIs being carted into
a gruesome death valley.
er- Yet the silent one Is a "walk-
,11- Ing patient," apparently phy-
sically fit. And military Intel-
t ligence, as well another ob-
servers gently ministering to
the returnees, wonder whether
the one who "declines" to be in-
lie terviewed is silent for personal,
political or psychological rea-
The silent soldier Is the key
to one of the strangest stories
of the war -- story of far
greater Implcation than even
n- the brutality of the kle
c- Culture" behind the iamboo
st curtain. For this released GI
he. s Paul Schnur, Jr.- and he
on is the lead to an interwoven
network of Soviet devotes p-
u- rating in America evep while
a. the Soviet upplied the ene-
my with the material with
which to kill and. capture
he young Scbnur's buddies.
Schnur, Sr., who spends a con-
na siderable amount of his highly
me polilcalized time trying to free
two of Russla'a atomic spies
d from a death sentence in Sing
r- Sing, has written some strange
to letters.
d In some of these letters to
his parents, Schnur called his
ve buddies "reactionary". They
y distrusted their Sovletised .Chi-
nd nese captors. (This it as good a
place as any to report that the
' Chinese beat up our Ola WhO
tried to argue with those who
he went over to the enemy's Corn-
ed munist philosophy. f
As a return address on one
e of these apparently guided iris-
sives Schnur, Jr., gave' his re-
Id turn address as the "ChinesE
ld People' Committee for World
ea Peace, Peking, China."
How did SehnaurJr.. ret to
er the enemy capital+ Or if he U
Pr didn't and the Cbine.e forg- o
m ed ihis address, whb doesn't u
he denounce 'the trtek? 'the t
y, "Peoples' Committee for Wrold
of Peace" Is a Soviet propagan- ly
e- da front which has aueaued p
the U.S. of every vile crime n
its prolific and imaginative b
propagandists a on con e et, 4
including the germ- warfare
hoax. f
One of these letters f r 6 m t
Schnur, Jr., was. a M-nanMe. pe- p
u titio'. written along: the fami-
Uair*' pet9e" jopagandaL.
- Ichnur, S.r, turned It over
re Hary Bridges for good.
to Testimony on Page 163 of the
t 194T. Un-American Activities In I
California Report quotes a wit* c
ht ness as saying he was introduc- il
'P ed "to such leading Communists it
as Harry Bridgeis and Louis of
ly Goldblat..Paul Schnur, secre- t
I- tary of the Local 010 Comncil
d. (it has since been purge, by 4
the CIO)." w
Schnur, Sr., who was closely M
allied with the pro-Soviet Pro- A
pressive Party and who Is a
business, associate 6f that Par. b
try's presidential candidate, Vin- b
cent Hallinat (wha prepared
canned broadcasts for the-. So-
viet satellites), is now working p
with Harr, Bridge* on a new 1
project. s
They're'-planning to launch a ,3
new labor party which will at-
tempt to exploit the l at ast
"peace" line of the Soviets and
pui AFl and CIO unions Into *
seemingly innocent front.'
8thnur, Sr, is also an asso-
clate of one Hugh Bryson, a
rather effete maritime leader
who traveled .aross Europe and
Scandinavia some years back
urging waterfront worker to
dump our stuff Into the Atlan.
tic rather thai unload it,
Schnur, S8r., also i1 linked C
with leaders of other pro-ao-
viet line unions such as the U-.
nited Deqtrical Workers, which,
also pta.'shortly to start
shou for a new labor party. (
One of this union's members a
is a mid-~esternr named Louis w
A. Whettok Who .went to Pek
ing not s-olong ago and became j
a "deputy secretary general of fe
the Peace Lalen Committee of a
the Asian and Pacific Regions." D
This is the outfit which is con- ai
nected with, the "Chinese Peo- tr
pIes' Committee for Wo rl d D
Peace," which appeared on thefr
return address of ichnur Jr.'s
.* 5


7w '.. -,.

P. -.:., .

NEW YOR-ither
glier and diore infirm a
r else. there an more'
sed to be veWYbody I
in c oMr, M" It it'
r from. a beofjt, A

But iM- the tNOw
here has been a tIree
orioua botta, or cle
. weak an4d ofi
it n that m t

nths en in a
1 n1-ContaMlDwl

se: I ad 114
,ns a h..t
yl ears eIM
0 with-5ov

b in tan



A ntibii C.,aw
*^- i ,^

sals Im anad w

wer'~ mulreq1



a o'wuNa ty ,'
, m Ls Af 'rl

"'s m t.

1' '

d sour

= ind

ar *
ire") 1
Ibe i
ahl ai

v WoeNUMt da&e e
Vhsm U .P W

4- .. 7

- -I

* &


~~ ~r --~ I------- ---------- -'


i~. ~?

-' ~ ~ 1.

I.C 1




- ,, -. ,- .,. .' ,.

.f.,'. .4t

.* ('.

' 4

l l.. '



III ,AA ...

yWTowk itA 'dr*iSl

pimee no 14d sharalPaJ!f.
for your litime pride. A ofd sher
.we* anti ambaw.*

e* m

a. ha: h .n "

rp a


'- nn&

bqaokM inwb'libth two

he tdents had flocked out
tt iUitl t r in at 9:30 p.m.
ht sourSe eW t aout in an
ua pgnaft iveeand se airt

moie Iteater a Indured

amn Of aI Uft.
axte an ab d. ent

1L*.^ S ml, _.. .* l *


m tA.R
C ifc

J104 steloae.

"' 5' "


a smnu ****


Scar and said, 'at's go.'"
t Miss Betbese, the object of
ket many a wolf call, fo herself
de chasing a man.
S"All of us saw fellow at
tl once." she said. "The policeman
In jumped out. I was mD eaated I
jumped out. too."
The fugitive gS usp.
ice Miss Betbese ai ahe Jeft the
ir- Job of actually eo arib and
he frisking Devine to raokle ptrol-
man Alex DavidOwbA w ad
commandeered the car and ap-
parenUtly was so lateNt oas duty
that he failed to note who she
"The policeman took gun
away from him" f dmts etbae
said. "Then be brought him to
the car and he and the chap got
in the back seat."
She said she wasn't frighten-
ed because Devine "Iemeld ke
a nice sort of fellow" and "did-
n't seem like the Tiolent typ."
Missn Betbeze and LeVen.
newsreel news editor, drv te
captive to a police' station.
strong county In South Dakota
was voted out of euatetec last
fall and merged with a neigh-
boring county. Thus doing away
with the only county In the
United States which did not
have a single federal employee.

p ~or

1wr. riffmiatift.
., ... .....~ -. -"

hr na' S A
4. o AsX

seaterr slap


"'A -" "


Wat&c for our
weekend window -
display of beautiful
, u ., Ar, B WMR'M.
# .t'j v" L 'I I'

r'*. "i-.* -___________ ---- __ __ ^ M



And it Begins Saturday-May 2n

14. Am Somet of 3e SteAns o,, O(. S4On%.
-. P. 4t4. EDU ED PR. ESi .




I 1 I

-' I -

. t



-., '., :.
i-- ., _.., *.



.- O. BOX sas
'.e 0301Sf..

't.:~. ~
*9-~' V"~'

. 0ifr^s

- -~ ~ :~

Jul -. Id

I rjswf


m sm ja
i -* i.-

'*' 4 '* IT

. ". -*;-..
., : .-.,.^^

< *1 ?j

L I^,,-'

A -

:1 e .

- T'


.4, II

Ranam MOTThS Col6

Y -AT.
i ,,

1'. TI



***b'I Vw K' *






"~ 13 r

., t .


- .., I








.. .4

* ,


'i *

*' &

ME CHRiU?...

6ETI WAM i Eo '4

IT ^lT'r A a

- .J~.

Operaon GENAD Swedes To Study SIDE GLANCE

SlogCa nest Fresh-Water Life

6els CZResponse In Latin America Y'iN '"
Response to the Armed Forces STOCKHOLM. April 30 (UP)-i '
D*V Slogan Contest, conducted Three Swedish scientists and ex-i 1 .I '
by the VFW apd the VFW Aux- perts on limnology will leave ln| M..
11try has been the biggest irn its August for South America to I
three-year history, principals of carry out research work In Chile, ./ w
tlte three Canal Zone Junior Peru and Mexico and probably
High Schools reported today, also In Bolivia and Argentina. it j
Six slogans for "Operation ans learned today.
GENAD" (Generals and Admir- Limnology is the science of
als) will be selected from those living organisms to be found in
submitted by the school children fresh water
of the seventh and eighth grades The tour has been made pos-
of Balboa and Cristobal schools sible by grants from, among oth-
arid St. Mary's parochial schooL. er sources, the Swedish Academy .
Slogans., which are limited to of Science. I
tdose students who are U.S. citi-, Lecturer Lars Brundin of the '
zens. must be 15 words or less. 'Stockholm Limnological Labora- -..
Tne contest Aill close this Frl- story. Dr. Heinz Loeffler ari As- )/
dav and Judges. conasiingt ofsistant K. Thomasson plan to es-
seven members of the VPW gnd:tablish their baB at a Chilean
the Auxili'.ry. will announce the, lake and will for about six1 ./ '
winners on May 8. months make excursions to ; '.UB1.
On May 15, Maj. Gen. L. J.:neighborlng lakes. /, l ,' A '
Whitlock, commanding general' Brundln said he Is especially. E
USARCARIB. will present, the interested in "What may hide at CREATED
winners with a certificate of a depth of some 1,200 feet in the ,D /
their commission in his office at chlle*&hkesw' ." i I/
Ft. Amadot. The VFW Depart- From Chile the group is due to
ment commander will also pre- leave for Peru where they will
sent them with official caps with stay two month studying Titica-I
five stars on each symbolic of ca and other lakes. They may al- \
their rank. so go to Bolivia and Mexico. 1
'Followilr the commissioning The group is co-operating with '
ceremonies, members of the VFW a Chilean unlveralty. The Chil- d. u. e.P s. '
will escort the winners .to the ean government 'i reported to ...,..
Governors office where they will have offered a l Its help: "Well, well So you're going to try for anothlf tomato
pay their respects and then to I this y arl
Par Admiral A. M." Bledcoqs of se r v -.f
fice where they will be greeted servedfor the'.-tst-twoyearss" -- ..... ---s ,
by the comnniandant'of the 15th City Traffic Efigineer. He was HO LYO
val District. Lastly they will formerly employed in 8t. LouIs., -o
journey to AIbrook AF and the his home town, on the St. Louis ILW
of ice of rigk. Gen. Emil C. Kiel Express Way Project. alid has al-
commanding general Caribbean so served as lecturer for short Bt ERSKINE JOHNSON
jAr Command, courses in traffic control at the fA Staff Correspondent -
.At noon the various "officers" University of Missouri. A
c commands where to they will r HOLLYWOOD IN?1A) -- xclu- "During the local run of C ,-1
commands whfor dinnereat the enlisted sively Yours: Now it's time for erama, the Brown Derby restau-
mess halls. After the meal they te TV industry'tol~ h-movies rants will feature a Complete
will be taken on an inspection | may be lopping off the heads of preshow 'Cinerama Dinner,'"
tour of "thelr" commands. actors! Cinerama puts you on the
The day will end at approxi- sU-i's and Partmount's big, screen with the actorsm. The Clm.
lately 8:30pm. when the "Gen- curved s tenr have from 8 to 11 erama inner, I suppose. either
rals" and "Admirals" will re- per cent los' ofj.lvgt at the top will put you in the k aebB withI
nup at Radio station CFN. Ft. t1 and bottom when regular 2-D the chef or put your lap In thi
Cla where they will repat pictures, filmed for the average soup.
tbeir activities and also present screen, are projected on the a-
their winning slogans over the luminum-coated gauze expanse. Van Johnson's sound -reason-
ttr wtn slogans over te And actors whose heads hap- ing for hitting the road in a
Parents of the slogan winners opened to be near the top of e night-club act:
e vited toaccompan their screen are going to be beheaded, "I want to get back to people.
childfn throughout th ccompanday, r or scalped-just like In the early Working too long in-movies5a g g0T m
cbfld.n throughout the day. & l up& dd days of TV, Myrtle-as a result way from live audlence-tenids to
Sr of the celluloid loss. make movie stars lons petpec- .
Tr iffic Engineer i..yr..oms.wi.h TeIe "Why, we'v even got a lower tve."
crown for Percy KiUbride's derby .
Employed On CZ in 'MI and Pa Kettle Bit the Elliott Nugent, who'g being
Road Home,"' a U-1 publicity treated for a Vivien Le type
Employed On CZ ;, f I ?;'-e
Melvin Bierman has been e- man told me. *Net to mention of crackup at a private 1tra
kelvin Baierman has been em- ]tsian war bonnets made of ium in Connecticut, Is making i
oyd as a traffic enneer in shorter f a others in 'Brady's recovery that's astou in the
he Engineering and onstrue B fupch,'" he added. psychiatrists.... Look k es:
on Bureau nd arrived In the thAVt. Te bi T w aimed Lana Turner and Jenny arrest,
C a o da o to stop the for NEW YORKof m news the aogue Record warbl r with

In the singi tar with Gene the nole course e s th bo a I

Nelson" ard for me.' t Uf e, Lo
'He carne to theJJnheius rAH l Nea t wt ne, 'a tt e."
AJoseph, Missouri, where he C'O ANA C._A. er mtrO1_ hSh ro c Yr
There will met Gene a d- and wealth whoy leveled wh
vorce t hat financial troubles touched mone all a lo ri abo t en
andea ffMIAMI, One Way ...$70.00, wh shet-Jack Benny n his

in the UAAQiL; One Way.. 8.00 Round trip 144.40 A ngLansburywith Gene there s lofe course Is on6. an .bi a
Nsecon. ard foa alr me.' *. .
Janie's pals .are s &Wngr that
AEROVIAS ECUATORIANAS, C. A. her marriage hit the rocks
months before she met Gene and Vera-ZlbA1, who's leveled with
that financial troubles touched me all along aot ontie
MIAMI, One Way.......$70.00 Round trip $I 26.00 off the fuse. she's bees n sWft4
(JUAYAQUILi One Way.. 86.06 Round trip 144.40 Angela Lanabu-y will have her singMr ROUIp1" d n
second baby. due around the first an altar i ....
QUITO, One Way....... 86.00' Round trip '154.80 of May, by the painless, natural -;. '
method advocated by British Inhrrit
doctors. The baby will be born at someth tluj when
Cargo rates also reduced. Consult with our office home and no anesthetics will be his mother"wt d. -It
at Perd Avenue No. 15, Telephone 3-3283 or see your used- Barbara P Tni
travel agent. SPILLS LAP IN SOUP happ ..del
SPublicity release: by Bennetb A.' ook wa

ClRIS WELKIN. Planeteer Stick With It '
/R -4

-I- .,'

_ "N

en Comates Banaque

- ." I 1V~4 ,' ~~tCU'd

'4;, ,~7'J
'.~ ~


; .. .. .*..' ,



you. -4



The Leather (Chair) Pusher

A3 KreOUp



S*. ':.'.. ,
i ., .."l .

. -'--sw^.iau t .,*.Ki.;..^.... .*I,-,.,. *
.... .F" *" ; o.''4"-' ,; ..:^'" a -, "'
** .' .
.4 I'ta t. *^ i 'i-

I, .

-' .a

I-, ,... S -, '.

I "





* ~----~.L--
Lh -* C.t.'~ ~

,e aidto b e f.t td.Y
will be all o a the week
o0 the 4ance. -
A 01dal m- d-
mnled .ruoorm molee will
at ml tbe A
rw andwill

ture musC" and
his ore b oU
4t Ii lp aemom
Guesi at sae iwU be ask-
ed to w..c two ver-
of te~~e slub ong,
'orlinal ea, i Alonzo
Wilson and a, ent by
Victor McDol. -
ounce) Junior l 1 table-
)on chopMeg V dou
Ti* our water bate -o f s dou-
M b on r. a t
.ble boiler.4 non-
a~ *' fat dry milk yirpt and
A NOfPepper over t O fw er
.and: a= xMr ate ras
,,""w.Beat with rbtrs boater until
Sh ts oel ._ blended. Stir In hmged liver
hwalie e 4.meand paraley. Coo hotwa-
F- bX*ld ed ter, se tirrtn r e hot o er t out
9' eth ff .th e rstrinV .ll v lt until
frI.' fa p or hot boiled Plet.lti toddlers
made andr. ,and grown-ups:.
4 des:5 5. and

Ne5 .W dr .of p Aand dA InTro
id pnc-2' g 1
LOug Ai g ( mounth.- 41.5e

&Mler h .

ie- 'i l ed .
st .m da.,,a.
.2 The Red.Door
bowl; .hree.M
ed at mqed tables mn, Dialo Cio
d :1 ; later. lad fat dry M u.
f' "'d" duh o...qlvsw, e Individual Instruction in an
lip. accelerated 2 months course
li Tap, Acrobatle and Ballet
:. .. dancing, pupils 6- 12 years
of Age. Register 9 am. t6
2:40 p.m. trda. May

and cutup e "a e

All information w.bis e *t you witht ..
obligtion. Write to:
HL U vWikNis
I=0 y Tifuli M M I -.- C.-

M* a *, .,. vm -i Ma.


*. a. -

6 cubic feet, work

28R00.-50.00 do

sJa 25 aed 60 cycles.

)wn 200 moth

I i I I I I 1

,'' -aft.,


* ~. -
( .--w.-
* ~.


4 e


; lqard about thie s.lart n' tonomae ,
. .v-.? IT'S TIME-a.tyvend a plew
^ *:- '-. -y u w s

At Marys Louisiana C*M4tillBnge.

SDriks expertly blended

S.. ': Delightfmitm ic

SInviting Atmosphere
, = ; ... i

!v ,*

L*,-r *'^
El^. '

a.,. 1ri~.~
.V ~
L '2

I; ~


Then you are cordiaOI invited to, cte FRIDAY, Iay
si, to 4a.m. Bring y a .'trm .
play one, Dfolores will join you at the pianet'

Open evenings 7.30 till...

Your hostess a P Mary Mc Der, .

44 .-

L d ~ .1


*'-1 ,
.i- '." "' ":

, : ., l Il





* I..

,. a


* I-
r-i+. -

' ~P1.


.. '* t

.,R. -

+;. ,,


k. ^'


lyoueI 'e -1m Wen You Tell 'em thri Pw, .


Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 -- Stt- 1
No. 12,179 Central Ave., Col6n

Lewis Service
No. 4,TivoU AWe.-Phone 2-2291. and

Fourth of July Av.-Phone 2-0441

Sala de Belleza Americano Caito Dhg Stre
No. West 12th Steet 10.0B Aldl A ,-PhaMs S i

AtmCia Iternacionl+ de Publicadonem. $.A kA
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 m



Household A
FOR SALE: Modern bedroom set., FOR HITTER USED CARS
liv,ngroom set "Princess"type S t r Parees
(Colombia), refrigerator. No. 30,
"H" Street after 4 p.m. BUICK end CHEVROLET
FOR SALE -Large wardrobe trunk,'FOR SALE: Lincoln. 1948,
12 haohgers, 4 drawers, good con- doors in very good condition.,
edition $50.00. Meli-dez Ave. 364- to Carto Vieja Office, Jos6 Fi
A. New Cristobal. a Osso No. 30 or call Ponar
FOR SALE:--Leaving country: din- 102a for information. _-
ingroom set, 6 chairs, extension to- FOR SALE: 1949 'Cadillac-6
ble, chino closet with mirror, Cold- don. Duty paid. Recent car
spot refrigerator, bureau, bed with mechanical overhaul, new
mattress. Telephone 2-2845 from battery, etc. Owner driven. M
9 to 5. seen El Ponomi Garage mor
FOR SALE:-3-piece sectional settee, evenings. Call Frank Miller,
overstuffed $180.00; 30x30 ma- 229, El Pan" o r AbattoirN
hogany modern table $35.00; Ken- not 3-4755.
more automatic washing machine, FR F R TU SE CAll
1950 mde $200.00, and miscel-
neous ite. Call Albrook 5111 Saeet Pa ad
for appointmetU to see. --BUICK v I IV
FOR SALE:-Norge washing machine
$45.00. San Francisco 16th St.. FO RSALE:-1951 Ford, o
House 29, Phone 3-3659. tion. Must sell $1,000. CallI
e25after 4:00 p.rp.
FOR SALE: -- Refrigerator. 25-cycle.
excellent condition $100.00; baby FOR SALE:- Plymouth Club
bed $10.00. 1417-D Carr St., Bal- 1949: radio, undercoat, see'
ba. ers, air conditioner, good tin
bo-. excellent shop $1,095. 5
FOR SALE:-Innerspring day bed. pil- Chogres St., Ahion. Tel. 2-21
lcws; odd bedspring; dishes; 4 bar
stools; table; twin mattresses; 6 FOR SALE:-Hillmean 1950. Ci
bed pillows; 2 long mirrors; vanity,, deson0, 48th Siemt No.3.
3 mirrors and bench; clothes ham- 3-3105.
per; dropping cloth; 60-cycle 1/4 hp. FOR' SALE:-1950 4-door Chi
motor. R-7A 'Rousseau or call 25- excellent condition. duty pai
3521. )ginal owner. Call PnamA 3

WANTED:-Retlred Canal Zone cou-
pIe to act as caretakers and land
solesman at Coronado Beach. Sol-
a.. r oy, free hojse and utilities. Good
S opportunity. For appointment call
: o 3346.TT USED CARS

I W4MBD:-Svnoth 'Uti, for raecon-
Peru Avenue ro, 7, Tel-
qphone 2-0406.
'* XANT TO PLACE: Excellent Jo-
..\rnmicaiq Vnaroel maid and cook.
W* odeirfu with chldWi, must live
Imn Call Noble at Navy 2371 days,
4 *4^h-t* '- .. .

"FOo m u$S CARS
Sete r Par-ed


WR SALE:- 1950 Nuh Statesman
;195; 1950 Harley- avidon
Hdrogli'de $750. D. W. Kefls, Cu-
rundu Fire Station. Phone 83-2212.
FOR SALE: 1941 Packard 5-pas-
enger convertible, new tp $250.-
00. 8215-A, 6th St.. Margarito.
Phone 3-2189, ask for Bucky Hall.
FOR SALE :-Model "A" Fotd, good
transportation fbt country. nFione
916, Colon.
FOR SAI E:--j94tl Pontiac onvenrti-
ble. Good condition. $41500.0
1071-X, Tripidod Street, I Boca.

Position Offered
.I A kILN '- 2r*=** e --


Welts Aisehalftek Auem i 5
2U0I ALtes. C. ..
Central! Avenue & K Street Crr,
Telephone 2-3479, Pan~a. .
Smeot 6 Pasede
Travel via "AREA." ath
Good Neighbor." NO INC"EASE
$70.00...NEW YORK, $114.00.
.. .GUAYAQUIL, $80.00... 1I
TO. $86 00. Round trip to MA-
MI, $126.00...NEW YV
$214.00...GUAYAQUIL $44
...QUITO, $154.80. ,QEING4-
engine planes. For more *htOl e*
Avenida Nocional (Au, W AIVM
Row), telephone 2-1655. .,+-_

one way $85, round trip 135 (IS
day-limit), $169.00, 4
to LOS ANGELS, We dp, ,.
round t 5i, 5. to
Naciorndl (Am Ti
Peneme 2-i : '
BABY ORCHID corna fv 0 i
Day and every doidod aiw -
where Unie M, Ctmel Zl
and Panomh. Tleew m
0771 end Crita 103 10.


FOR SALE:-Sealed bids will be
ed April 30 at 10:00 aoi. for
plete set of Dktephane Equip
and accessories in working ;
tion 5 units). 20% refun
deposit required with bid. TE)
(Panoma) across the street
Coca Cola.

FOR SALE. Beautiful blond Spinef
piano. May be seen at Reb=cc@
Bldg., opposite. fIlboo Police Ste.
tion, 2:30 to 6 p.m. Monday Io
'FOR SALE Jeep Tradler, 4 mass
stools, table and bench set, 2 ad-
justable drafting table, 30blneh
wide bed, 2 papqg9Jtt& 8185-B.
Marg7rlta. *

... C .-

&rdlont Miffteri& ToiL pipes sh and Engesh. Sw- details, Pan"- a"tu
y the best, Look out for that perience and smdil photo to ?Al- C
monoxide gas. maran," Boi 134, PanOmi City. B ICK uI C Ciav i
A i T oAC I WANTED:-Man to buy second hand Bids will be reclved In th .office of
U '5thaw Melendez. Colon (furniture. Apply Household Ex.- 'tniriA ,n Aj Chou, In ,
E ,+ IhongAvrNocio l,<,1 (Auto.
change, c 41 (Auto. ?ti for the opera Bull
,OR SALE mobile Row). of the Cndu ty Shop
O N- So feik in the r Cuipo w Cluhiouse,
Se sLESIMS INS f Frthre Clubha r an' e btne
R Ei-Modern chalet, two bed- L th Clubhous Monoaer Cu- AIdn
s. Can be financed. See it and The Ruoff Dance Studio announces
San offer. Tenth Street No. new classes in tap, ballet and acro- FOR SALE: 9 qubic-foot, 25-cycle T
fn Fancisco i e la Coletao botic. Recistrotion for both New Westinghouse refrigerator in per-
3-.051. Cristobal and Margarita classes fact working condition. Tel. 3-5459
SCA will be held at the Nursery School after 4:00 p.m.
FWMUK -on Colon Beach Friday, May Ist, FOR BETTEI USID
3:00 to 5:00 p.m. USED
S BoaIt & Motors MODERN PIANO INSTRUCTIONt4-. Smuet pael. .. ...
SFOR SALE:-25-hp. Johnson $275.- Classical or Popular. Zez Bennett's UICK End ClhYROUt
00; 18-ft. unabout $100.00. Call Piano Studio, No. 9, Juan B. s
6-495 after 6 p.m. Street. Tel. 2-1282. FOR SALE:-Scottis Terrier puppy
FOR OME-R USED 4iii 8r.2,,, ---- months old, AKC registered. On0
FOR TTER USD GARS BGINNERS SPANISH:-Pananmiorin jy one left. Nir phone 5-230.
professor, George Washington Unt- r sA 5 enlarger wh len
S S t & Paredm varsity graduate, wHil give classes FOR LE:--.x5 enlger with lens,
Sin Beginners' Spanish every Stur- pmfesional model. Cuba Ave. No.
BUICK end CHi EVOL day moving from 8:30 to 9:30 in 38 Apt. 6, Phone 3-4450, Paon- RE
R SALE: 26-ft. cabin cruiser U.S. Information Center ouditori- small
Whale boat hull. V-8 Corwersion, um, upstairs Banco Fiduciario, FOR IETTER USED CARS mtnkl
5 $750.00. Albrook 6203. starting May 2nd. Registration May
$. 750.00.___ _620. 2ndT O 3'.

s Office ep Paren F ALE-Sheep wool for mattres
e AC r w K'TO + siWtable for cold climate; woolen
ho Of ash o Music Pros 6.First Street Pereji
4., downstairs.' AwlI
WASHINGTON, April fie O p rtntBy IR FOR SALE;r- 1952 Allstate motor .
id today It has cut fi By S soto. Albrbk 6143.
local post offices for Aprl, May FOR SALE -Tractor Allis Chalmers
and June because it is running Parents of elementary FHD-10,with "Carco"t single Codrum
crt of money in this fiscal children ninthe" l e,,' hin Perfect mechanical condi-
e.r.o y a .....i the Canal Zone are .tion. PiGed very low. Apply to Cs.
A department spokesman aidan beg nited to as mnd Madur, B Str*et Noo1,
o figures are available on the n the school' obserIvance iPonor City, Telephone 2-04 20
,total cut. He said the reduc- Inter-American Music Wee k. .
ons were ordered so he fr C nter at 1:15 .. ri- t tdi on Sunday, t e
rtment could stay within ,year emphasizes the slogan o"EnR- As t l e
S appropriation for the cu rich your life willh mbeic," hasombined ryer or peae.
Vent fiscal Year, which ends, been obsered annually in Zone

,-"-s a n u- aa eereIony. 1 mtas
SEETHE NEWpokesman said the de-, of the Rosary
3ptme t ha '"bud et troublee' Childrn of the Gatun schoolVra ii D ar
r every .cao year an Dwill holdwill be alernaing be- the C
hes percentage CIts n -local the Pteme at Pedro ti 'S d .ngish. o
*ost offices" funds so It won't: da y, y 7. Gam1bas puptis l ,uJ utoor., recftltion of t h e' mited

The cuts usull pply in the gymnaCIVICCenter at 8:0a.m. Tw HO Sta rmons in SpanLtih
STH C.Erpo NER Tof NdVER daymorrow. sA oag ceremonialpand .nghI public demo n-lowd byl
rig clerks And carriers he wi be featured at AnCoco n oMayBenedlration of faith, sponsoed e
Sday, May 8, at 8 :3 am30 la the morng. rthe Catholic Church, a mass ri
when the sing will be combined prayer 0fo pe a -e.
with a flag ceremony. D bl thedo
SEE THE NEW fteightsn daeiof the on hRosary
SOld customs of May Day willcowa a be2 r11 te, alternating be-
ELEC R be. th thme at Pedro M emlein 8aro and .n1gIS11,aL
E E CTRn Pian the gymnasium at 8:0 I L To o l r s i panishn
TO y cNg tyorNu N.v .omorrow. A flag ceremonial andnaglish u be followed o
gAVX TO wI il be held at Cocoli on May lenediction 1gythe Blessed o -
4. 5 at 8:30 in the mortitn rament .le
O~hbr all-school programs are Accordgto plan,cho0Ira
'schedu ead cr *av. Wednes-,from Co lon
,,1 the thedraL, 4 8t. Jose=
day, May I at 1:30 p.m. in the o mus e
be. theo Dar3fi, 1so


L to Parents for 1111111
f0= 8111gP JA 0 *i
B ~Swiss*

2 mb

Gramlich Santo ClamI
tages. Electric IceAoxea s 25
moderate rotes. Telepkone '6
Gambo,! 4-567. Pedre MI@4
elso in COOl. Cerro Cam
Mountain. Phone SHRAPNEL,
!bo 1389.


?'n2 OI

P. awz llthe
. huthe 1

1 How"e

FOR RENT: Beautiful
chalet near ocean, h
swimming pool, walks tle, trw
bedrooms, awo baths, poer, dil
i'ncpoie kitchen, '
e am" end both, twb-ear a,
beouti*ful furniture t tut,
Teims:. ene yer rene MW le
Rent $250.00 per month, pWbl
mix months In odvonc.; eptmlen t
S houae if desired. fWrite fr
j h Wmet WX 5043, An 9
t Oa1 Zone.
FOR RENT:-leoutlful made n'
erete chalet. 3 b$ eiw00 m, 2
qn outskirts $90.00. Phnel3-
between 7 end 9 p.m.

room. dmi
try. Cuba
ment i V

b ,
Pon and




* ..


all 3-




- ;-; ----




ondi- I

M -.

conci- 1


-- A -



a 6W41

! r

I I I il I I -




, I

*;'.. ". .^ '^ -r,.1-*;, *
,,, ,

- J. -- -- -^t~e -

S.t, ad tl.e

C.. I,..

0o A1hI~agoU
-o roucaof

c a ll cay t

xsS ta-ai

?Idv'rIni UbA

i~, ~





I, qON C.IE -I- My
w (w moMinS appears the
Ne .1 eandldate for appoint-.'
wtet m VU.L. Commludimer of
iducal tfo. The 42-y e r-old
educatorr Is den of the Junior.
CollP f the George Wash-
-. ,w*W D. C. ,-"I


Satwen tef atiw
homeeesteeders. J
and Sea Bratdy ag
red in BU:Z
Theater toie .

I 1:30 P.M. i

Cl.,, 7


MLr e

I!.. I.,' ..

aomsr mamrnam
hos: :4
1:00 3:S -64:39 0:0 8:0

1:35 4:00 6:30 Pm.
M-G-Ms Super-


Johmay Sheffeld, .r
The Bowery Boy#, a1


VX rtfEATRg-
Whmm an ape like Rukdel*
Mokeys around with
-nature that's

" parli.

*cT an&M

with -


J 1

nimlvlv tB of the GOLDMN COX, i
w tCrmli Wild Commeme .m
IA: Aug Q I S msam= OW GODI
%. oM mly VbtL- bUm

s ... 3 .x T
5ilS. lr iI ..SJ

iS: :

A .* -
aE.* ~

WW.Ai-O M .
Warrn in
*Alo: -
aggLwgt ggu mONANZW

16MM 3. the W|t

Joain Payn%.b

^LI | LI
r-or* a ..r
nuia- ,iw

.. 4.

k~- Ir .

.r .


S-t -" -

II1"' i W I'.,. "

F pCu.



A -or-

p-; ;

- u Pm

"P `




.- q
d sauct
BO71. ell"
.wt C* !

st Natives In TOmrr


Black S.anbo, Sun's Moon

b In Virtual Match Race
. -o -
The best natives now in training at the local
met track are scheduled to race seven furlongs to-
- oow afternoon for the major share of the $375
e offered in the Panama Labor Day Handicap
(Handicap Dia del Trabajo) at Juan Franco.
.The special horse race pro- The high flying Irish colt
gram tomorrow will be on one Mirzatoats gets another test in
of the many activities held in this race when he goes against
commemoration of "Labor Day" the likes of Chablis, Piropo II,
la the Republic of Panama. Mingo. Beduino and Newminster.
*The featured handicap brings Three -debutantes" complete the
together native ohamplon Black field. They are Antonio Angul-
Sambo and challenger Sun's zola's Irish mare Agate the Stud
M4oon. They will be respectively La Union's expensive Irish horse
ridden by crackerjack Bias A- King's Prize and Mrs. Carmen
guirre, Panama's best native Mandujano's American bred Bo-
rider, and Chilean saddle ace'lo Joan.
Jase 'Paco' Bravo. --
The only previous meeting be- .
teen these two outstanding
native thoroughbreds ended in La oca Sen or
a rip-roaring thriller with Sun's,
Moon nosing out game little
Black Sambo n record breaking softball League
time ifor natives, for this same
distance 1:31 1/5.
On that occasion, Sun's Moon
tqted the feather of 96 pounds
against 126 for Black Sambo. To- First Half Standinp
sorrow Sun's Moon carries114 W L Pct.
ten pounds less than Black Optica Sosa 1 0 1.000
61mbo. Canada Dry 1 0 1.000
SThe Valaria-Portal entry and Special Troops 0 0 .000
Dalida P round out the five Spur Cola 0 0 .000
horse field. The entry is a slight Norge 0 0 .00
chance of scoring an upset but Albrook Flyers 0 1 .000
Dalida P. which gets in with on- West Bank 0 i .000
1P 96 pounds, is considered out- NEXT GAMES
elassed.I NETGM
The owner of the winner of Friday, 5 p.m.
this race will get an additional Spur Cola vs. Norge
$10. This extra prize is for thor- peonday, Troops v Canada Dry
oughbreds only. Dalida P's owner special Troops vs Canada Dry
would not be entitled to the ad- Tuesday, 5 p pr Col
aded m aey if she wins. Abrook k lyers vs Spur Cola
Th secondary attractions Canad Dry 11, Wt Bank 3
-mile race for Cla "" im- Canada Dry 11, West ank 3
ported horses. This contest an 11-3 victory over West Bank.
would ordinarily bc the feature Canada Dry debuted in the La
but this time the handicap takes Boca Senior Softball League with
top billing. Captain T. S. Cameron, USN,
top bll. ___ Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval
Station, threw out the inaugural
S pitch of the game which was a
scoreless battle for the first
three innings.
E. Tipton, starting hurler for
West Bank, held Canada Dry
hitless for the first three frames
but weekend in the fourth,
walking three and yielding three
hits which manufactured five
By MANS REARDON runs. He then relinquished to
24 Yeamr-in Ntional Legus Flamingan who gave up two
WiUen tor NBA Service markers in the sixth and made
way for Cawtrell in the seventh
Question: Winning run on when Canada Dry chased across
third bae, one out. aBtter at- four more tallies. Tipton was the
temptIng u squeeze runner in, losing pitcher.
touplm e iQ and It strikes home Harry I4hley went, the dia-
pla, i into the field.-Man tance for the victors with a four-
w0ores. Defensive team protests, hitter.
argue. 1at' bal was foul. The box score:
Rltm, .Wag Melceod. AB R H
AIa1 0t i s W* 1 I N a Welch, as 4 0 0
eM quelF W m0i Thomas, 3b 2 1 0
-s Mslh b b h" bem B. Williams, lb 3 2 1
elwer 0by the 40)t Arlain, rf 2 2 0
A 81Ai A NMNh "! Cox, cf 4 2 2
S ay rle., a fa fal blir Oriffith, 2b 2 1 0
bM hi n ie f hed Ome11thi-. Leslie, If 4 2 2
w lie hblflwWasvrfedl territory W. Raveneau, c 3 1 2
Q. size bat is most regu- H Lashley, 3 0 1
larlyj in the maJor leagues? e,3 0

M. Diorlo, as 1 1 1
Lake, 2b 3 1 1
Holbrook, 3b 4 1 1
Ware, Ib 3 0 0
Dooley, rf 3 0 0
Bates 1 0 0
Mihoceviel, If 1 0 0
Orecus. cf 3 0 1
Handling, c 0 0 0
Cox. c 0 0 0
Tipton, p 1 0' 0
Flamingan, p 0 0 0
Davies 1 0 0
Cawtrell, p 0 0 0
24 34
Score by Innings
Canada Dry 000 502 4-11
West Bank 000 030 0- 3

A. TIhe mnfity of malor leaguer
use 35-inc bet.*56 per cent to b
sewect. Another 26 per cent use a
34-iMlh stick, 12 per cent 36-inch
qud six per elnt 33-inch. The maxi-
H m length is 42 inches. The small-
Shpt known to the big leagues.
Z a-iMches, was used by Woo Willie
Australian Stamps
special postage stamps will be
iied by Australia In May to
mark the coronation. The
d stamps will be double the size of
the current standard 3k,-pence
Mlaue, and will be printed in 3s-
-oce, 72-pence and 2-shilling
Oenominations. All will carry a
oxdtralt of Queen Elizabeth ]I.



,'*? l" ?*'.. ". -A *'
,.i, .'1" "' "'""
,,U M'. -"' "
*aids-' .wi ak ef h
Sfoftain~lt aids weak left heand

Juan Franco Graded Entries

P.P. Hoene Jockey 'L' il.Mo KNT
lit Race "G"' Native 7 S.P1e": '35.60 Pool closes: 12:4
First Rce .of he Double
1-Escalerilla J. PhUlpal -A eara outclamed 20-1
2-Lolito 0. .anhhe) a g ood chance* -
3-Kontildki L. TuAen Ik--andlcaippedby rider /
4-Campesalno A. V Iau Ah-RoEt to beat
5-Piole 0. Ra0s IO ,edtoo tough
6-Villarreal B. Aguirye U --'pe mutuela choice

2nd Race "F" Native 7 S.Pnse: u $75. edol eloses: I
Second R*qbf the Double *
1-Manolete V. Brow I nx-t.Needg better rider 1I-t
2-Volador H. Reye 0fx-Racing well- 8
3-81rena A. Mena 1to -In godd from -1
4-Rilsta J. Bravo i2 -Hard to beat
5-Proton J. Chuna .Uk top form
6--pex B. Agulrre 11 --I tter than ever
7-T1in Tilin 0. Ramom e# -..& strong finish 1
8-Diez de Mayo A. Gon. I =Seems off form 10

3rd Race "G" Native w fuke: 275.0- Pool closes: 1U4

1-Mandingal F. Rone 11 ,-ilt e up always .wa
2-Whlte Fleet C. Ruiz 11 i nce .favorable .-1I
3-Lady Caren B. A 110 be close up -'
4-Muneco F. Hidalgo l double upsetter 5
&-Don Grau J. 3 ave 1 --Dtance may handicap 5-1

4th Race "H" Native $7: 5..M Pool closes: :.

1-La Gringa R. Gomes 113, -Good second last A,, en
2-Bljagual M. Ilup. o -Ban well last out .
3-Domino R. Vasques ,.-Ooldd win at price 4
4-Don Joaquin 0. Motan d too tough
5-Romantlco V. Ctdl. l .-Potfance unfavorable 304
6-Juan Huincho 0. Can. 105 -Fvorite to win ., 1-3..

Sib Race "Labor Day Hande: $375.0e Pool closes: :.&

1-Valaria) F. Ridal. 10 lt-Not in top form 4-.i
2-Portal) A. Meia 1& % -R;Z" well last --1
3-Dallia P 0. Ramos a ~-bo biness here 253
4-Black Zambo B. Agul. 3s -4 t .tb iah even
5-8un's Moon J. Bravo 114 -A. contener even

6th Race "H" Impeted 7 I :'4.M Pool closes: 3:35
Mrst Raeeet the Double
1-Pinta p. Main lD0f--Rider is handicap 10-1
2-Alabarda F. Role 112 -Bade in form 1-2
3-Paques A. UbhUa 105 --]a good chance 5-21
4--Tllama 0. Banhez 110 -Nothing to indicate 10-1
5-Goylto 0. Castillo 112 -Never was better 5-2
6-Nobbscrook C. Lino 118 -Question mark t 4-1

7th Race "H" Imported 7 g.Pnurse-: $40.W0 PeI el egs: 4:N
See IRns.lDab.- :. ,- *...
1-In Time B. Agdirre 110 -Ha ikto fig iA'
2-Montlellto 0. Castillo 110-Co
3---Colate J. aj, -Wo 334
--Apetoz A'K.. 10 f -
-MonPubfiO le .Jqu.J 1128 -2 i
$-Mon tlolle Ad Viques 118 ---ISrj3'


It is

* ietl
be hara



lb Miu

eaonoody .


uae ofI

I 4

6th Race "3-Year-Old Speel PWrhs eli
NoB Winners" 6% P. q Lp

1 -Lady Martha J. Bravo 11 -
2-NeW ig G, an.
3-True Blue R:-o t
4-Veranda H. Reys lO3x-- *t4
5-Newbridge B.Aguirre 115 --I
6-Valley River 0. Cha. 115

9th Race "D" Imporelted .1 MD ie
1-Mingo F. Hidalgo- ZOx.
2-Mirzatoata B. Agulne 11
3-Bolo Joan z. Darleo l
4-King's Prie R. Vau.
5-Agate) V. Orteg ,-6
6-Newminater) R. L. 1M --I
7-Beduino 0. Castlllo 11 -a
8-Piropo II J. Bravo 116
9--Chablis B. Puldo 112

10th Race 'G" Imported 1 lhi
l-Prestlgio E.'Corcho 113xi-_
2-Misa Fairfiak B. Agul. 118
3-Numbers R. Vaaques 110
4-Vampirms J., 3. a 104k
5-Scotch Chum J. Bravo 116
6-Plncelo OraeUll 110


. -; ..... .

d -.. -.
.' If. -

." 7.l^ J! r .1 -'
y,. ^ .,

.A ^
r; i .

* *j,,~I~' .~.-'. -.

I ~



5th Race Best Natives 7 Fgs.
Purse: $375.00 Pool Closes: 2:55 p.m.


1. (VALARIA--------.......... F. Hidalgo (1) 103x

2. (PORTAL ------............. A. Mena (4) 108

2. DALIDA P. ------- G. Romos (2) %x

4. BLACK SAMBO'..... B. Aguirre (3) 124

5. SUM4 MOON ........ J. Bravo (5) 1,

+ s. T -

~ I

1 ,.


'9th Re'd
-, J.

'* .'.1

1 .


Ist, 2nd 6th, 7th RACES

3rd and 9th RACES

For the convenience of
our patrons we are now
operating both at the

S I '"


'I' '' '

I __ PI I_ _____ __~_ ~C _


- I,




1: 4. .1

'-,, .. 'i. ^

.--~:- ; Iv


I' fiji


~ -a

S.., *& 1'~ **~

. et o


I ~1 (



. I.
f.^ kd see
U-0 .1., :.ow "@
?-l l i/s^- L *. '- '

,...._". !,.. t W ^ *'*- ". -' i
l~a~,i ^^ll.c -,-Sig. .W- -,.
-..'za ,+' "-*.. +" ; ",i .

N-d4 n-6 dP


~, s4~


'. i

KUN- I.h ci l I

with akw L. w. C N I

ow-Med dr xK-L-Ration, the
p ftlofachlsrat WOtf.

**- iia- fc-" p'*?:
oeM w 1,. d* cuts of U. 3L w 1tim
Ximsp ie L It's the cam6d do Amh *.
Sods -now that oAh I s*arm
t And the wonwupLpt of6ftl
is0 bria you this tmumad

. _F bo .. ..-c ,
k 11".S

F. I
7 A



Y, fS~

.5- 5,

I ','.'







d"s e"r +'

1 Pacoific Softbat1ea!p

Il Team Stanings 21d
aaY Team WLa&l a
..t ; ..':. s .t., E.. L. to

.I Firemen's lsurance 14 2 *15 on.
ANks 10 4 .714.Mir'
CAA 6 8 .429
The P Wtr'a 4 11 .267
ion tea l e f Liquido 3 12 ..200glesu4vei
oaw Testerday's Result the
Atnxs hapep- sOlely Elks 7. FTre.en's Insurance 3 3 g-
atey, tht ol tud" Teay Game in o Ind La
Dut to IW be I d the Pan Lgqq o vs(MAA second ramA.
evenmlg, The iolralp n'
With the crcial games of the satmles and am. .
T p season i n the background, Don l aMl5n to@ crm e
In 4 he fi 'B- ow= a decided to pit his rellef IOi ree ilpil. ,
uled 1 the -hurler my Pelcod, against Tie box sore: :
tthey W bu tIN lm'a-iat meet- Prits 1in yesterday's game, Le "
Ing 72ompnta 48 Tels with the .
andG eat him1am ltp h- : After the game was over Pes- Taht, as
andet kl i thid -. Halew H. I
round. S. .Bo oyster, Sb, If .3
8mala Orbber N O a6S.1 4OP.Ilb
mateb" Lane,
f.,o. un. .1 "4a"i i ,
sy ISO- ha? 3,Rollrto, W21
.1 *. u Fad Whlabruh p cey2b
'at o_ ofitAt o h A. r,.hs GIii
great wlnlag Chezey, p -
Themasen b oTer he laxte ?eta2 L
Of the two but lthe "NatD impressedd '
o meh. _Ii bb Loyls villa crowd yester Uy r N1WhsNM1 W..
ane w. d._l- Wjoriing the mile In one mnutei Dul
Swa ks masu soOLoo t and t Jree-t fth second. Ite- McArtur If T ,'
This brea al ae ik I an ports from Churchill Downs pre- An r, Mi s :
worth o prWOi to d ie two Derby candliats M-:tK1b
_. exel elht _m "Bodal Outcast" and "Ace Des- Zone;, t f
D5 re m trayer" will be sratchad if it Plke6d, p
~i rom the r The hoit 19 4160- "ranSaturday as predicted. Dan, 2.3
.tck in Iett r the Itbed de pPN A e- .atwould leave 10 ip the rage. Stock, 3b 4
C t-0 rtuclW Y '". emgsl n a as Native Dancer looked every Lacy, rf a .
A"bU 9 W.h ftIthe heavy (1-4f-2 ) Derbyfeuni
_hasn I" ahy gdas N. ftorite In an aftprpoon work-
Im7 at.7rdes and -tWIR Ula M i o4t. N1erclse boy Bernile Everson Totald S '
ut. "ry hu adant Native Daneer over th6 mile -
S. greater height and tSt ad. one-minute, 39 and three- seer by
-vantage. seconds. NAtive Dance
o .. Two four-rena p imlii d ax lengthsu behind Socilal lIremen's Ins.
will rn@4nttthe fbair-b$i-' a Letand lthit the wire
Pam. These C_ t tm.01Obetq a -together-,That's finish owner
m Wu gOltgr four Prfmiml 1 sVqm rbM ordredbefore the
7!-AM$Arearo, winner of five
smuel Slanl 13 tile. 1e. Here is the record et ThOlUP- DwIas, watched Native Dancer
Sn.:,.M;- sad-"itke that gray horsq
ofe uI ,1 W T. ,raToo T. D, o f of there and I won't have
e,. A.pu t.Draw 4. trouble Saturday." Arcaro,
WinP F.Anpndla De 9* will ride Corrospondent, ad-
b t MarshallsO "aybeativeDancer
...yre Cumberbatebh j n't be eat, but we'll see."

.I 'N a,. Lop. Ath esGet
W1Blook l L.
W Q "t&5Re*dy For May 30
.,. : ... ... .. Isgr4 Martines East E.O. 4.

,Memoriall Dy Meet

IN ,. TMEATRE0.o!t .

wll.t4 b er 3. lobers A.

'?uttle (Orlaotbal) and O un
fanm4.he brook Airmen.
iIn the female departmeIt, DO-
,insW. At -I&

lor-e .Worell l. alsotbe to
win. On the Pacift side asr
lBaker, Oarlota Gooden'and Olo-
will IV a good. account
king of the marathon,
anthe Albro o irmen
IntJohe" feOma ld a roed of ,-o
natino l te ape a ad I. ""
.. .. .. ntkn, O lot, I"de'wMO o
will gi.vide ag"d"CountI

L This event will begin at 3:001pn. Ii
bepa, (XLA,

~p. ;Z








mi M ei
gat' .
In ow

' T~ '

- Dill


r ~*.C'T.",
-4 .-.'.- .
J p
t~. .\4~

~V%"~ 4M~ ~".

,'j, t

,..___1----i.-,-.-" .

Hollywood Fails ..

CANNES, Fiance. April30 (UP) "Let the pople know truth a &t he counlry is safA" -0 A0b'a Lincoln.
-Screen celebrities sipped cham- l
pagne ancl danced hrom rnmidniglt TWENTY-EIGJHI 1 yEAR. PANAMA, X. P., ThURSDAY, AFMD 30, 153 .
to dawn today in the windup ga- a
la of the sixth international hilm
festival of Cannes that followed
the awnrding of the festival's two
grand prix to French produc-
tionske Expected To Announc
The French sweep with dire- --
I& Peur"(Wages of Fearand- n n Fm ""
the short subjectCrnBlanc 00 000 Eco o s
(White Mane' marked the first
that France walked off with a
top award. VWASHINGTON, April 30 (UP) man for the year beginUing 1 The sie of the defem bad-- l1y that ne
President Eisenhower has or- *st. get and how to cut it' h been ~ d uctions c
Previous grand prix awards d e r e d economy cuts totaling Coupled with the ,a- -MBa of the foremost WS Meui e is at i
were taken by Orson Welles' about $6,000,000.000 in defense 000 which the a t t h facila the new Repubflu d- saT time,
"Othello," Italy's "Miracle of and foreign aid budgets for the and Congress hba. minitration in Its Idrle teu t cto cut '/ Mo
Milan" and "Two wtlh Hope," coming 1954 fiscal year, Inform- trimmed from Tmsa centt federal pending and eveu Ja pt ce tce ext
Sweden's "Mademoiselle JuUe" ed sources said today. proposals for ethar e' .J reduce taxes. f, t .
and Britain's "The Third Man" Mr. Elsenhower scheduled a this would bt 4. ~- presidential Press t Ied o
Hollywood's Shirley Booth won news conference at 3 p.m. to out- wings close to $T7So James C. Hagerty said iody- a .. ..T --lter
the best actress award for her line the national security pro- A White House Balid announcement will include only ..agrty
role in "Come Back. Little She- e.m. yesterday the program, I in- a broad outline of the.naw ap. -'At his brtert a i
ba" and Charles Vanel took the Prior to this public announce- volve Important "savings" .o the proach and probably will not go ember o. MA ..rg
best actor award for his part in meant, he called in Republican government. to detail *t.l said the pi| at
"Salaire de la Peur." Corgressional leaders and the This official said the PrUtdent In his budget submittedibefore takit8 office sa^ fe
Besides the two grand prix the National Security Council this will announce an overall, figure leaving office in January, former tine on detefesis.r efor
29-man jury awarded seven in- morning for private previews for defense and foreign aid but President Truman aaked Con- .*tan on any a.. fee
ternational prix, two to the Unit- of his long-awaited spending probably will noo give a detailed gress for 45,400,000,000in new One of the ,rageo, gn
ed States, and a special honor- plans. breakdown. spending authority for 06e arm- a. shad thiMs to- thf th
able mentionto Walt Disnev for The President himself threw It was explained that this pr- ed forces In the new fiscal year orthconng s.ata cal
his contribution to filmdoni. out a broad hint of sharp spend- cedure would give Congrea the 1954 which starts July 1. "The President te ra d of
.. ............ Ing cuts when he told the annual greatest possible leeway. incoa- Mr. Elsenhower and his top campaign and l hon ls af
banquet of the U.S. Chamber of sidering the program. Congressional leaders have said th. main problem f d the
MINI l M a nilA Commerce last night that he is -e country Is .
ink Coal dScandal determined to give the country Odm a m_ I deeaFaor es.f d.-C
security "at the lowest possible i lA t erity of- .
ll lr Draws cost" to clear the way for tax kla homa ocrat Foresees wn the burden
lef ri a ws relief. ., ..-sh ( pL program to M'
But he emphasized that de- yer.
Monhs For Lying foe spending woul Tideand Haunting Coneveress
Informants said the GOP ad- o hiI beti of hl E irg lCrb
WASHINGTON, April 30 (UP) ministration had slashed more constant consultant n, -
- Merl Young, key figure in than ,000000,000 from the De- A d
i coat scandals in the Re- fOnse Department budget and WASHINGTON, April '30 A similar claim for west Flor-Po an d -ove i .W
ei go ructlon Finance Corp. in- about $1,800,000,000 from the for- (UP)- Sen. A. S. Mike Moo- Ida Is based on the Constitu-_to_ _..... _
iUon, was sentenced today eign aid budget proposed to Con- roney said yesterday the claims Uon approved when the state
to sbrve a prison term of four gress by former President Tru- of Florida and Texas to off- was re-admitted to the Union "
months to two years f or lying to shore lands beyond the three- after the Civil War. NY
months to two years fr lying to mile limit "will rise to haunt Sen. Paul H. Douglas (D9
Senate Investigators. Surplus Launch, Congress" unless they are de- ",) s&1 recognition o l the
Federal Judge Matthew F. Ma- n ed. Florida claim would give the .l= ,- -..B a
ed d er The Oklahoma Democrat has states a "bonus tor Aeion"
ma iimn reed ia Towe.iuhxers submitted an amendment to Monr asy predicted it w
oig wasto oanictlmedataCantht pending tidelands bill to clausemd hr Cow "
ponth afour counts of perjury Offered By Canal -ak the thremllit -halt P "> giv I to
betee a federal grand jury and pyrevenue from outode that '
- Senate Banking Subeammittee Three lots oft'.-surplus eqiQp- y to revenue from n outside that
V1hich investigated the RFC. the ment ire being offered uay to reduction of thee fte r aAWftu
atoenament's huge leading a- sale by the Panama Canal Com- The Senate heard debate. on filb r abalt t the bill 1.
e f oided on ,the materialswill amendments yesterday but un- lw pdBe at
as fou had guilty of be ed May 4, and der an agreement will not vote t T J "p cted
e ad th- firstlot to be sold, on on any until later today. vote will adourn in J
ite h nthe Ir ing of which bias will be accepted up on the controversial measure the lost time.
p0. Lustran Corp., to May',.' Incl udes trucks, itself wil come at 2 p.m. nextJuly4 hasm I tti be ni
pt wuhtd ~ prefabricated uotorcYcles, one launch, towers, Tuesday. menJed a l : le ad
bouht era and A-fri e, and a steam ster- As it the admin ourn t a
Migur said he believed the The natermia to be sold on istration-backed bill reognis bablY llfl-

os llf or c a tou ion, pypeuotained moromsingI thexsase claimsrto1of esolnd c lete b dt th at Ind o|
Intest of Justice would be aerv- M ofay ncludeslaundry equip anda b
y C i s eesumbna e uicpat- outo their historic bouidarles dnce ttd timon lrdnt
e f fl serves his mum mes t; an air compressor is three miles except off ienhower' tl
tee four ot s ea: one life boat; an adding Texas and the Gulf coast of of "m atlo
:"e-same sentence was irn- machine; e le c t r i c motors; Florida. completed befor th i end of
posed, on all four counts, to run grinding, pipecuLtIng, mortsing, Texas clams 10 1-2 ro ies onFu le
conculrrentl. Young could have sawing, machine t r e a d n g, the basis of the agreement un- The Ohio nat Acred
received sentences of two to 10 forging and other machines; a der which it entered the union. D nis-bm rys e e-
Aon count. power lawn mower; concrete i Mo e '
x n u r.Maguire for mixers and other equipment Witness Haeal that
t he is trial was conducted The items on which bIds will newedhit t241 theI ln- o
Swas fer." be opened May8 consist primari- telor=
Sly of restaurant, laundry and. iu d eAl ae- lvlu

.p^ent T Pi cIdent Donoh uhc berno vs state
alboa Tidei plumbing equipment., V18' whonow rn a morleh ste
Invitation forms lstngs the nent a
dfaidy, May I Items to be sold and their o- The case of an American fa- lines .
Low cation may be obtained from there and so4 who are suing the Ru2tv In
Sa.m...........11:15 am.the office of the Superintendent U.S. government for $10,t68 was fHU i to wr
6:09 p.m...........11:;7 p.m. of Storehouses in Balboa. still being argued in the U.S.Dis- b6s4
trictCourt at Ancon up until e
Noontime todayafter a total of i ark tht.-
%nine witneses had been calledvtonwillriseW 0 .16 Von
f ,I. n beh suithdeveloedafteranacd e
cident in which Robert Donohuoe, aimthi
,. kI 18, who was riding a motorcycleha n
Crashed into an Army weapons -
Scarrier and trailer in Curu ndu
last May 15.r c 'v".M. n
It was filed Jointly by Robert
and his father, William A. Dono-
TA, In court this morning Charles
nployr of the OPerations Division ItI
in behalf of the government.
e I b wOthrovernmnt witnesses who

cato e Othe opderatonse en-
R. aoderlton, tae ACman d re
eulao oruela. ftheI ceI thea .

mruereas ovdaea, mi.d se a Or. anle r do
depay beforely mi-tha.No speetr for the Army betterand r
Pepsode psomdea To t ms Th hnokye L dngre erectu

TV Jangnand
.*.* rug dt .The occasia was the.monthlfyettlem

dinnme venby the out-
's solu o f 9 te United teB
SNtions council for hbie s"e
fellow I& e
Ru*sf*d delegate Vimb

hwaaaoh.tat tchn
Waldawd-M ISpl, gu"e sat 1. i

.uAlly .. *= ; s=


11 4., -- *pI ,4.

eiaoD wasoas ous
-. .' i C toi
F. George Raol
vittee er-4n-c
rst atep" sh
ped up om, *
n of It dep&M
d for BU

fase ddteaf
ten ,
Secrtor .would
g*tta@u tw mM
ommaUnint Ada n
DO**M mbrtaa

*" tf

, '' i *' ,q



~V r