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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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- .. S.
.*' 1~i~ A.~

itltkry a efl"- Abrdiaasi ncobn.



IWMU1qlf^'MAl- MAU MURODEIR-Aceud of tahs prt I an meoit mu.era of 1Mnutiv
OltlL rt o Mau blMau tetrrorin s t ed tand Upra -di teof I inbu rdemw imrv
I i sttfn to ._lhi and _b-,i m .__---_ --ve..
| .+ ___-- -- _- -- ------_"-,-- .

PARIM. April 28 (UP) The
Western Im Three have 1reed
!to ett w ovie a to
in itt
Oeramr rasM protae
pu&WArmn ,It
e n among -the
uzid n itaisn and

A. h

Seret Poke

Have NwiBoss:

Jorge L. Mo
n% eP "No
effective May 1. tI was alnowa-
ad _day. .... -... -

hFreed An



* *



Frqm Tokyo

Sn Fan0

iUl ()-Thlr- ceasingr as they came out and
SAme&in soldiers, piled Into ambulances for the
iwanlIni soe ride thorough the streets of Tok-
ito ff ayo.
I hdmi t dc Ign the Their motorcade arrived at the
f the rizuyas "Op- airport at 2:30 pjm.
. ., The 27 able to walks.rambled
em wM an stretch- outjlS'whlg ind frI=cking, and
wur hezeward too4 1terfrom the blazing sun

ae st" life preservers they
ieNegro Oh banned his cam-
t a buddy.4 Jl crowded In
ren two major generals to
* bs picture taken.
h2 *anmiJs* uGa',tm Clan


Tell How 67


TOKYO, April 28 (UP) -
Survivors libeated by the Chi-
nese Com=anst told today how
an esut 6j U.S. Marines
suffocati when Chinese artil-
lery smuhed their bunkers on
Veaa a. sealitg.them under-
oud amid choking power
Died from lack of oxygen
and noeilus fumes. Survivors
were du4 out and captured by
Chinese who overran outpost
Vegas on the Western front
March 31. .
SS= vMm intcrviwe4d in hos-
pitals ibre were:
Nav.y odplZe4 Corpsman
iss Waddil, 30, Fort Worth,
" n 1e Cpl. JIimle Z. Lacey,
1, Ttarkana, Tax.
* Pie Richard L. Oven,
t M o, N.Y.
'. I said 41 men died in
is bukukr and six survived.
leWy cluded Laoey and Oven.
Oven said 26 men died and four
survived in.a nearby bunker.
Waddll said only fgee ma-
rdmes were mnLnti sand In
hast he called an "rnake pit"
after twohe blig stopped.
"I tried to wake up seoe of
the other fellows but they Were
he said. "We could hear
S iortng and I shook them
bu4hey 1ulnIt wake up. They
We" M0 all tap of Samh -other
.1 1', ..4


---- O



-- --
PANMUNJOM, Kor",aApril 28 (,WY-,- Tihe I
Notions told the Comnwnist truce team tody to 'r
talking business or face another rupture in *
negotiations. '. -w
Lt. Gen. William K. Harriso, senior U.S. dl
gave the warning to North Korean w nie denh j
Nam II at a fruitless 39-minute meeting herq1i
the resumed truce talks. .
The sticking g t a Wt artL n, refu to be
dispsition of the 500Y 0 Cn pessm Lo. IQ
munlst prisoners o r t "No o0 nan n
pl back to their red-ruled ho negotatB of ti d~
ends. two sides are satfar -ad to s
It was indicated garrison was any clear Indicattym t t Tg
trying 4o speed things up. Most ginnisgtoNar, o4 silj.
obervers believe the CDomu- ,
nists really want .as annste
01hr.Y8 at that the Reds Wed# W ft
flft masy nomiate India as a
neutral to take.e0b", of Corn- U'D E. i. K'
munist prisoners woo refuse to. ..-
go home. and ihat the Uw. will I.
agree. Then th expect t"e -- "
Oamuninmsta to aept'te .N. ,,
10% e f t tw s their future
idli~biiinp_ ..M.

'- -
They TV hL MM -
oUCAbt fi -I *. said, "Oen fired Ob rvers thtw' aw in that
c sf Sp0o rsAte tI" t of andt- a -the goaul
1 S aS t fiahe in as given the job oftr brp guns. i
aur2 i f Wdain the Departent oc ada nd eentthrb= propose a netral Mro" hope
e-r r t iddontodiUe," Choilceto take custy of prs- be n d rer
Aa1oist wetcaOther PVMiove~ment &p- ..' *lneaerried him ot diM oners unwilling to go home. ah
ILh01k=&"Oan Way In-dfaVeihim 'frst ld treatintet. M n quarters expected the rElo hk,? Lloyd a
nfe't'"tl -l the-': tl4 Ln oof cozkoul Ben.-laosy s aidt h e Chn" Red to name India Andtha
Sa1M pdi rmad turd. ul etteredver to beloved it possible Ls UIU ft
4f wsoweede oi S ASi, who o were nur who a alive and began would accept Indi, In ^w oef 1*".
S-t to M au of the were An for Red ae an n an
r. 'ofrimiw', "M~tlonai (o rj*I-hnwI !in, ne Ierlmam rnddajd cut o..n _th "X hd been shot in both leg" e roposal to p 4bnl anwL
+ =- "- ob rot orist. ,... dndrunk +drtnt r ot the Chvrollet was he SaMl water, when thed i- o mten Xorea undiervton min
*th y and charge toiilig up, and ievral Johi Winter Collihn. Ntly nese would n o'rate, 1-took of the neutral natmen, rather s o .n m bre i
oh ----said h askinieatbles polUce ofSwer and olulte a nuar. eiviltaa employee, who Iwas i- out four buUll myself with a stng thatem bodfy tor ta y hav, bee
Chou a his Sbup 4 Auwoativeuer of setors wee still tl~ k-hurt. His wiee, was pocket kile. the neutr country. 'ny .
the p the OhMacelie_ 3od Ade haUr To fte bor In tod Iabut that acldent treated for a acerat ,o- .t.. WaddUl ald ,he was given The Allies nominated Switaqr- In the 5ioe i
&r- MWh wr htnyd- 4. wkee aw a cut 1 p wder and bges, then land for the role but th
Run( and .0amm o toa p; M til dad Ir he a r p ger tei takenrfo a Chiese Inter- jted the nomination. The begin further to
.ito net ..iate O tca l eo Wh- y neaUts t"eeda foreeam. said tebtlm wa one of several knot- the Lr is elected e
Speaces -. A. .A ln dnt of acoldet t n treea, Driver of the ord was he- ed prt d rode for g up the truce talks after two ore
;r ag e e m e t o n L o a 9 no o 4 l i n n o t t o f i c se ddad o .fe eto. u r--
hia sre a l Ut of all, cood- who e W I r. ood t atmt One surface the ene ibo Tider
s Hwasodda 0tO 1Ah d
.ajmoril-H Ywtw ir u.s. { rai y Ve to tzi W, was when The front ends oft bth card 'e at. 'le Communists used conference seemed to b: dead-
for .Sncr eta.l -M t wSd nIna-h th head-on coon were s terile techniqueand had locked as firmly on v voluntary Weeay, April 2
l i eV goo who w ~ ged an com tey demolihed hile th ethinedoctors. Some of repatriation of prisoners as it ih
Sa We t Geo f the Ford W awomen- very smart was last tober when the talks; 8 a3: .

....4s L t mhthe loa uarth
++ and.l'd WP--with .. ... P + f,, ............
K a+ h sresh and s Sku;rs of MGEdni ff 8 .2nA MopsAirborne Brows At BrE sh Bay
,4 a. J .+ + \, + "; ^00when Barte's:. ... .
Se i ,
-ar- merfkan civilian The unit emblem ofthe par si Thurday they get on with
aprooabat team which arriv- the n trting.-.
SHenry iDixon tered to a rac Field yesterday was Wo breaching security, it
S iltyn wife Joyce. The Mlastn1tro Goldwyte -pani wh b^tJ Oy 1hoiad t htrko ver ta hea bed- brow. can authoritatively be stated
ir lultuy ato te atL ti Airlit ~ ted tad le alset. of tthe tlr ea-car There to little reason to be- that thi Will include frequent
tof will anr
Vu. '^ lgarMandpr-., WxartitatBodted Its Lpeve this. emblem wil be alter- and extenslve mopping-upoper-
itn Clo ha apreedt b11:15U ASa Yese tore l eihi 19 d today, or maybe for about a atloni-bof paratroop brows.
Is r nColombaad but due to ct pyo-0 a m Tbe traspPrtatlon of the near-
r the urred atn eC od, in- It was only a month ago that nhe th n
i. n the oau about 11 whore e- noin 1 totheir 41there ohto the t a In
ie e nwhtheretcei were doing 10. CT-br ntrs Is believed to be

At high ge tht. oisb- Themeaiffer.. of et believed o be
.t 115S W.iRi" don- ( -h o pa as t m o uoOt dw
rinn ra a r-onwh p a th Y equ o r
tea" P&ft.-e woru ~ai lr e yk near theast fthis eadh t r od ut,
on iCaarenter mbas d The Fod ir off the road Canadian border.
putt lae mndtby V ALe n aslJohetewiAabaer ohn ft b eterdayAbeTransportan dCertainly' these Ilan, capable
ie t er i. rC. did to a stshould terd r Traport of carrng 200 men on shorter
Sa pala~to~r sepro r h was got. .nd noObemastersp te-tlhn any
S lla of the 65th up-about 900 of them-at tFt incidei of France Field
BrggN.C., and in a e w Con wld-have expected to land on
'ut ""the sky Jumpers (or Of their runways..
Sl~hel rl f Thours) out ont the heat of

oa C, m which lef M-anle ldr "tph
t Caeu e r wak for the IeBut the Oiobemastcrs landed
ast t. be aed his "highe Tb climate was different.. without Incident, and today
wroAs It happen, tn e e wa bask-tateside for
AAn-Ithe1tbsan th team m eno r th t ir ghnt, 0b Tokyo or to
othe S0th Regiment. 82nd A "orn or e gust about any-
S9 borne Diviapon, did not bring Thq t around those
VM., r ,their ,as with ti-. which Glls- essi
n]u~Ou ucredits ,the gosodO icdents on yesterday's
IF =2 revlg among wie t that two of the
A. anr h aso ts, can- --had to' put down at
,., In k i and '-a"-. hi had I -ns "...ent trouble .
M-0 ft nringiaespwh" h\
re Wr tarr e foryeas.

~~- 4,

-- ~ A 'I'


~-'... S.


..* p




S.-" ~

* 1 ;'

Russia Re a

Peace Pact
-ws Isi -



.4 a









WNE1 4D U.IS. a TH. PANAMA AWICAN P INC. Labor .News. IEnd of the Line.

T U* Hs UA AMA. P P And
rILuA.4@is PaMir A No 20740 #3 LINae 6
3WE Si3ma C nm it C om'me
PeMsGe t 1M euINTATIVI iosNus a owfM. INC *,
34 MAi allp AVE. NEW vOe iVn N V. O* M I".
manm MONTH. IN ,.VIC. --- ------- 3170 AO1 "," 8
So..p si ...*tIs IN ADVA *B 0o i00 By VICTOR RIEEL .
o. *q3 rt rr. *, oanve Mf. _y O-, '* q*__so 3as 00. ,
TNIS IS YOUR SORUM THE READERS < COLUMN There was just such a week
_m__,,_ IS _back In 1935. It started on the .
floor of the AFL convention
when John Lewis slugged Big
Bill Hutcheson for calling him
InTHE MAIL 80 AX a dirty name. md ealn
\ That week made headlines
S- 0 for almost two decades. That
The Mail Box ik a epen forum for readers of The Panama Amor- week saw Lewis and a handful
en. Letters ae received greteuHlly and ore handled in a wholly confi- of men meet in a hotel room
deatisl manner. and start the CIO.
If yoe u.etrbute a letter don't be Impatient if it doesn't appear the Now we're at the beginning
S est day. Letters ere publiheId in the order received. of another headline m a k I n g
Please tob te keep the letters limited to one page length, week. Once again labor giants
Identity of letter writes ks held in strctest confidence. are meeting in hotel rooms.
This newaper assumes nM responsibility for statements as opinions Once again they're planning the
mpre sed i letters om aMer sstrategy which will hit the front
,, d in ltfn tram mn. pages with the dramatic im-
S-pact of far flung national
THE CRISTOBAL CRIER drives like those which startled
S ir: the country back in 1936 and
1937. But, this time, some of
: In the days of the past, several hundred years ago, news was the hotel conferences may result
; repeated by a town crier, a person going along the street yelling in the crippling of much of
4 news as they walked. Here in Cristobal, the people of the past CIO.
I have nothing on us. We have one, too. Any day, and until well
4 after dark she's out to find anything that can be turned into This week therefore marius
(gossip, and maybe a few lies just to add flavor. the end of the ers launched
In our preserve we have heard her gossiping about three dif- back in 1935 by the handful ".
'ferent families. Can it be that she has not enough housework to who started CIO. Of that
keep her busy and minding her own business? Or is the work of group only a few are alive.
*caring for her h usehold and children handed to a maid or some- And th. Important survivor
40 one else to give her more time to gossip. are far from CIO indeed, for .
S should there be any doubt as to who this person is, just look they are the indeper ten t
I out the window. And if this person is not spotted, please call the John Lewis and the AFL's
S qllce department and ask for a doctor, as there is something the David Dublnsky.
. mtter If she's not there. There are new men c' labor

preme Court Denies tiably curious yote
es' l either in Japan or Just about
y O d g: "n yu ow 1s an ready to return from the orient
kid b r after seeing the world on a bi-

Ruther is about to meet with
A e Hiss New 'Trial Now, 18 yhen arsla. WaterI
his Auto Workers Unlor hit e poy Nusance
o WAamNOTON, April 28 (UP) The court also cleared the decisions affecting m the orentire A
S The Supreme Court yester- way for the trial of 10 pro-Tru- auto Industry -and therefore By BOB RUARK
Slay denied Alger Hiss' second man Democrats in Jackson, much of American business.
appeall for a new trial. Miss., on charges of conspiring He will then call the CIO -- --
Sr The court also disbarred the to sell government jobs. leaders into Washington to plan Ne W O k mn g ov r tar f f the r r aml
former 8ste, Department offi- It refused to examine their for a showdown drive n the t W YORKs.-I keep mullingover Secretary of of the prosperity animal were
b te Treasury George Humphrey's speech to the at war, or men preparing for
a fromn, practice before the appeal from an Appeals Court South as the first test of his editcn',, and shaking my head like a wistful old gency mon~v all the way.
f r ng wc reinstated the in- new "Target Organizing." Ned- mastiff. Secretary Humphrey was very grave Of 'this fal prosperity was
In a secxid case involving St. dictment against them. Charges less to say, no new leader can when he addressed the Associated Press editors spawned wit taxes cavorting
Louis "betting commissioner" were first brought in 1951. afford to fail in his first major at their annual membership luncheon the oth- the worth of money dwindling
amse J. Carl, the court hand- In the gambling case, the campaign. R e t h e r will hit r annual m ershp luncheon the oth t f oney dwind
d the government a rebuff in court ruled unanimously that er day. Since the d of the second
S to force gamblers to Carroll, orce the nation's biggest When CIO was launched back "There i no reason," he said, "to fear peace." merica,itspckets full of mon
matter nformt on about bet in comm ssonser be Whe n ewis "gave steel" What the gentleman was saying was that even ly own, ho a enjoyed the same
close more information about betting commtssioner, cn be there, John Lewis "gave steel" if such a unaccOuntable thing as peace did oc- nancial foolishness as a sail
eir betting ope-atlons tried in Kansas City on charges to Philip Murray, who took cur in our time, it wouldn't unsettle the econom- months' pay -in his pocket. H
Hiss, servn a fvie-year sen- of failing to report for tax pur- with him his handsome young it tummy of the world, which has beez forced though the money'll allbe gon
ene inthe wisburg, Pa., Fe- poses a summary of payments executive secretary, Dave Me- to feed on a diet of war to stay fat. The merchants, the manufs
al entnry for lying about of more than 600 to bettors and Donald. This slightly skeptical attitude of fear-of- ducers of heavy machinery,I
is Community connections, a s- agents. rt Phil is dead and now Me- peace has tinged the picture since the Russians geegaws all begin to wonder n
Sthe court for a new trial on But It upheld a lower court or- Donald meets with the steel came out from the whiskers with the equivalent to this false prosperity, it pea(
round that his 1950 perjury der dism rising a government at- union men whom John and of a smile and said let's talk it over some more. the rug from under all-out war
cton based on tr m er to make a detailed r Phil le -for McDonald too, as There not only has been the skepticism about takes up the slack?
T d his a rn r t on eah aIndividual rae- new president of the United the Russian motive, which on the track record As Secretary Humphrey says
.os t died his appeal In port on each individual the n ay- Steelworkers of America, must 1 certainly open to suspicion, but on the pervad- cause for worry, but not. tr so
Sbrief rdi without opinion. meant, including the name and prove his right to leadership. ing sense of apprehension which said, "Gosh, It would be logiqa, If prices
hI jsice T p i in 151 but whtll we do this t4ob 'it they ain't kidding taxes came down, t at wage s
e r stice Torn C. Hs, 4 was convicted in 1951 This week, In Atlantic City a idw t to bury the broadax for a ltt?" *. 'I t,oo and we d ot imaginE'th
r, w trney general of lying when he dened turn- the very town where the CIO It's understandable enough, I suppose. We' in ers and thelt. Aions will admit
t s a ing over secret t government do was born, Dave McDonald this country have had no prosperity that was ural that war.plant employ
Fel Frank-cument to Whittaker Chambers, must prove to the veteran not based on aftermath of war, prelude to war, down as well. But we do not wi
tera h nessesmr F. Reed who admitted former Communist a- Steel Union high command war itself, aftermath pf war, and war again and that.
ere harpr tnese for Hiss gent. The Supreme Court turned that he can plan new organ- threat of war since tile time I was born. So I imagine that we will co
,t his firtrial ,y"hlch ended in down his first appeal for a new ling drives and a new wage After the crash in the '20, the economy was ourselves at war, even if we
hung J'* ,7 trial on March 12, 1951. assault against big steel. And unable to stand up until we shot it in the arm must be strong and continue
win, of course. No new leader with a little Mars juice. pare for war, even if there is
e an fall in steel-and survive. everyone will be happy.
I ... Answer to Previous Puzzle The broad prosperity of the New Deal and the We will be prepared for wa
Fir In l me Blanks u And when CIO was b o r n Fair Deal was all a false one, erected'on- guns not. We will work at top em
L, 5 r- back there, John Lewis was and butter, instead of one or the other. There wages and prices will stay up
u bawled out by the only man was a feeling that everybody was rich, auto- the peace we will figure it is to
NO3RIONTAL VERTICAL N o who could do It-grizzled Dan mobiled, televisioned and gadgeted, because pro- and eventually do something t
I for tat 1 Wild or V Tobin, then the AFL Teamsters duction was leaping and employment was full. Yes, air, the Secretary was
4 "You may 2 i men and boss. The civilian prosperity was headed on top of never any reason to fear the p
4 when wooden ships" u.3 o And true It was. After steel the structure of war, however, and the real bones Jrobably be only a temporary
re ady, 3*- nd A I 0 was unionized, the Teumsters-
Gridley" tottering Union in Pittsburgh jumped
SGrdly" tottering o from a handful to one of the
fur .o fDreads nation's most powerful local-.
S2Ei~st ~'usy or So it went. powerful local
13 Paradise 7 h iec i aExcept in the No rthwest I
1 14 Wings 7 2 m rUection e where a young Teamsters Un-
15 Moses' b.) 25 Mimicker 41 Underworld Ion chief needed no help from -- o
Sickname 8 CAine teeth 20 Surgical 42 Unbleached anyone. In 11 states there, busi-
16 Dairy cattle 9 To'ard the threpd 43 The deck nessmen soon respected t h e SPOTLIGHTS AND FOOTLIGHTS stage door Johnnies and ev
S Camesin t e ~tered ride 27 Confinement of a ship business-like teamsters official friend of King Charles the Se
S 20 e Void I Utters 28 Individuals 44 "Essays of who himself was a successful When George Bernard Shaw's "Mrs. Warren's Charlie gave her the nod, she
2 Wom Try. 29 Spreads to dry .--." investor. He wanted strong un- Profession" opened at the Garrick Theatre in Charlie.
S2AWorm 17 Sowed and 31 Shade of red 46 French father Ions, but strong and profitable 1905,-the civic leaders (gals with too much mon- Moral: Never laugh at an onr
r 22 AeConfsd -- 33 Stair part 47 "God's Little businessmen too. He was -and ey and too few children) were in an uproar. They it doesn't rhyme with anything
24Confederate 19 (lrman city 38 Bed canopy --" is- Dave Beck, now president had condemned the play without even seeing it ---
stars and --23 andfalls .10 British author,48 Tidy of the Teamsters. because oft the racy title. Police Commissioner When "Uncle Tom's Cabin" c
27 nd dashp 24 Unorhramented H G. 50 Greek letter In a few days, shortly after William MqAdoo was in the front box, ready to Lional Theatre in New York
S2Eac-h a i i he revisits President Elsenhower leap on stage and close the play if one blue *ord Harriet Beecher Stowe, from w
32 Cal 7 i 1' i eck will unveil the most star- was uttered The specs had a field day, getting Aiken had adapted the play,
i4 c cdln tling union organizing technique as mulch as $60 for a balcony seat. miere and wept bitterly thrc
r -n- lnce the CIO sat down In Commissioner McAdoo made the front pages formanpe.
S t .. factories big. He was asleep at the end of the first act. Probably because she reme
d i Ready to meet in separate had forgotten to register the d
Uni of Utter conferences in Ch se"s Cone The great William Gillette once called critics the story and,could never col
D ys rad Hilton Hotel are Dave "hired assassins who should not be tolerated by any performance of her master
3-W Sep making Beck's colleagues and lieute- respect ? ble journalists." A
frame [ ( '- nants In the Teamsters Union May I wearily point out that a journalist is a Arnold Rosenthal said: "T
40 "-l. women _l leadership, reporter who never gets a byline, a rabbit who critics was the snake in the Oa
1and 01 L rl B eck is subdividing his vast never becomes a papa. 0ed *the first genuinely
"- and and complex union, which is n record."
e, chicma F" the most powerful one In the Cirea 15, Clement Scott. dean of the British Then there is George Jean N
2 2Fencia J i la-'', into 14 sections -each critics, threw the theatrical world into a tizzy bored to hiss.
sw wes I im^SIII with a high command of it when he stated in one of his articles: "It is not ---
4 Austere 1 own .. possible for a pure woman to succeed on the Instead of batting critics, so
4 AmAnaed I i S -- stage." could take lessons from the e3
t bow9 and _-- Each of these a e ie n Local editorials blasted because not one Ameri- (Hello, Sweetheart) Woods. Th
rSAiurbo v "coenfere" S-and tlhr r b .- _. can pfll a henerSal tem- nswere born.) Enemies"-and we don't mean
M a Id -" J r' caaros general Tiey a- a t-t-- equalizers. Al's Chicago mana
n-tup on nat nal lines. Fo s e Jamee Evershed Agate, one of the greatest thai, had scaled the premiere
,,aog e xa m ple one "IlerIeI .,.. critics of all time ie died in 1947-wrote four heard of price of $5.50 per -e
.tee will take ithe etI e da-y volumes. He was a true critic: 1,408 pages we learned of thi, he step on
e .livery industry, a no tt about himself. at the box office (after the pla
Pi a i- I -the baking .dustry, a third Like Geor e Jean Nathan, he despised films refund on each seat.
-pgratus ,the h I uge traks YOe see e.asa- and called hem: "A wishy-washy two-dlmen- .-
........ ... --,putin from s .ate to stat e. coprom'-e" A ean elty audleirthled&
iB Ti one e k ca the ta- sonal compromise. OperaHouse on Oct. 12, 191, d
M** 1 j t lonal er-The 30.. Co n Geore Bernsed Shaw, as a young critic, arriv- opening. The preem acts were
Is apubic orkrs e ata Lndo opeingin is ustoarypub Mori preevd i tacts La

,'F -p "-.'. ... ...e .... d at a London opening in his customary pub- orrit reced or th La
Tsiete ti a Pubtc workers ilclty attire-a checked Norfolk jacket (belt-in- been delayed by' fg and had
(sanitation, etc.) division; one the bask)' and old flannel pants. The audience Quarantine. He
for chauffers land taxi drivers; was in its usual formal attire and the shocked made a wild dash up aay
.garages; oil and fuel deliver- theatre manager ped Shaw to tell him that where actors eonMMWrtte. An
m ers; building material and con- he couldn't be sea in that coat. Shaw blithely qiet recruiting froh the audi
Structibn workers; bre we r s; removed his coat and saM: "Of course not, Sir. were great. Prank Tinney. Carta
S* S canners; fresh food, vegetable I'll be seated as usual--on the seat of my pants." ry Cooper. mma Camu. David
and produce workers' launder- He brushed by the stunned manager and took BinhAm and others. Bob Pta
em *asm- a Mow t Wr OW e ers, warehouse men -and an his awsle pew. -I "TM 'i Lmt w1
tri *nterestin "*newspaper ai nd -4p"5m tot better ioUs than the play. a d i og uls
N w w W no rrru piomagadne driven, handler -i or ces ian ete al tha e lae yt
eg O W ~ theatrical, ri.lo, television and l-tr.er_ e re: a leme forebaoad a
kM O u.nd truck ch-ufftus eon .,,rUth like an old gaS h." Gooke"o .3t 1 3uM
[p ^; erence. e -
i in these dt1lves Brek w I Nell Gwy atold o st the thbatre-no PoP- ...-ohiifiMt .Mf"Aa,
di as. That's good. F idnephew, Chale aft. n th way M he a
a 1"ow great power In ,4. created and became W menae-dramnaticn way
-(U -tons and this 1: "DO)l or h-rA ant. Ste d ilw Ieqough under "The lManU l g

I-V7 "T 7 "rY

the bones of men
war. It was emer-
our inflation spiral
, prices rising, and
ld I World War, A-
ey It didn't actual-
sort of joyous fi-
or loose with six
He feels rich, even
e in the morning.
acturers, the pro-
apsd the sellers of
ow: what happens
:e comes and pulls
production? at
,, there isn't much
ome of his reasons.
s came down and
would come down,
at the wage earn-
rre that. It is nat-)
ment would come
ant to think about
ntinue to thipk of
are not, and we
to build and pre-
no war. This way
r if war comes or
employment. Taxes,
. And all through
Ko good to be true,
o broach It.
right. There was
peace, because it'll
nuisance. '


eventually the gal
cond. When King
dropped Manager
%nge, even though
opened at the Na-
on July 18, 1853,
hose book George
attended the pre-
mughout the per-
mobered that she
ramatic rights to
llect a penny for
he first dramatic
irden of Eden. He
dramatic moment
Nathan, often too

*me of the lads
example set by Al
e cream of Chi-
of his "Friendly
the lads with the
ter, ;. J. Rosen-
at the then un-
eat. When Woods
itage between the
audience to stop
1) and get a $3.0

.the Manhattan
or Harry L er'
on when William
uder's boat had
lJst arrived at
iee escort and
to all the places
slatant did soe
ence. The fll-tM i
or de Haven BNar-
Warfield A i41a
Wimmens was t-
hen Lauder final-
to eade

the "^^

".'.. .. .. .. .i.

W PA i .
n ot ---- b ;k-
Drew Peono Says: Relations not happy bietwe Ike .'
Dules; State Department opposed me=toning .
armament in Ike's recent speech; Senator Ruuu4
not ready to break with Ike-yet.
WAN7 several signs point to the likelihood
tag f between the President and his Secretary
Some observers compare the situation with that which gEt .
uallA developed between Wobdrow Wilson and William Jensla '
Bryan, a man whb, like Dulles, had established a reputatlen f
his own before he became secretary of state and who partM
company with WUilson over Germany.
m lsehlower and Dulles have now had two disagreements,
of then rather unpleasant.
It's now leaked out that Ike told off his secretary of statJ
rather sharp language following his press bumble on pr06b1
Korean truce terms. Eisenhower was really sore. Afterward v.
Sherman Adams remarked tI a friend: "We had to send Du
north to cool off."
The other disagreement was not ,unpleasant but -probably
more important. When Elsenhower's recent speech proposing a
new peace offensive was sent to the State Department for ap-
proval, Dulles and advisers wanted to eliminate any referene t .o
This would have ruled out the most dramatic and popular
.appeal of all-namely, using money saved from arms to rebuild
the world. *
Reason for the State Department's opposition was the belilof
that you couldn't put the cart before the horse, that there could
be no disarmament until political problems were solved.
In other words, until Russia pulled out of the satellite na-
tions and -evacuated Austria, it would be impossible to reduce
armament; so any promise of disarmament, the State Depart-
ment argued, would only confuse our friends In Europe.
However, Emmett Hughes, formerly of Life magazine and the
man who chiefly wrote the speech, together with C. D. Jacksin,
former publisher of Fortune magazine, argued that Elsenhower
had to give people hope.
In order to lead the world, you had to give people hope of'
peace and hope of relief from the crushing burden of armament
They won out. '
Secretary Duies and advisers got their way, however, on one
important point. They knocked out of the speech a proposal that
the United States -call a council of foreign ministers to consider
the Elsenhower plan for peace and. reconstruction.
For isenhower to put this in, his speech, the 8ate Depart--
ment argued, wbulO put the burden of execution on the United
States. It was better to nut the next move up to the-Rusians.
Sen. Dick Russell of Georgia. most powerful backstage'Deme.
erat on Capitol Hifll, is a man of stern visage. H doesn'f-look as
itf he had a sense of humor. .
The other day, Republican Sepate leaders approached him
regarding a matter on which they wanted his support-Maj. Gen.
n Harry Vaughan. the ex-president's military aide. '
President Eisenhower had sent Vaughan's name to thp Sen-
ate for confirm tion as a permanent major general, whkch made
l some of Ike's felow Republicans fit-to-he- ted. They Immediately
conspired to block the promotion but figured they needed Demao
cratic helps
So they put the proposition up to Dick Russell who frequent-
ly followed an independent line during the days of Harry Tru-
I "I am -not ready." replied Russell with a perfectly straight,;
faoe, "to break with President Esenhower-yet." ,
A lot of people wondered why qulet unassuming Joe Dodge, ,
director of the budget, Issued that interoffee'mem orderinglhis;
employes, In effect, to spy on Vh other.
Dodge is not the kind of man to go'!tor interoffice esplo-
nage., bu there is the inside story 9f w opened:
It all too place largely because tila tor of the buduIs
was once a court reporter. t
At a recent cabinet meet g,- Attorney General Brownell ex-
pounded on his desire, to-pteve' -corjyptionand lnefficienev.L
unfolded a plan to hve Ifls report on .elh MO
other. He even read a 'bi*PE-iaosd Isin latgnr
Eager-beaver Joe If and report er, caretf
ly wrote dowr the order,. wentbck to his offles and put it into
The repercussiloas were bad. Washington newsPaers played
it up as Interoffice espionage Government workefl boiled. In I8ot,
the reaction was so bad that Attorney G ral Browhell auspeUp.
ed the idea. In other government bureaus the order never wa&
Embarrassed Joe Dodge, the ex-court reporter, findlf him-t.
self out on a limb, promptly climbed down. He dancelet the
Washington newsmen have a pew-name for the big Federal
Security building bossed by Oveta Culp Hobby-"Hobby Lobby."
Certain staff members of the Congressional com ittee oe
Atomic Energy plan to' ault. They figure the new adIn.on
will soon turn much of the atomic program over to private son-
*erns and they want to get in on the ground floor.
The British have trained mongrel dogs to detect buried 'intlels
on the Korean battlefield. The dogs were first taught to locate
tins of meat, then pines.
Ex-Secretary of Commerce Charle g awyer fItboildini mad at
the way his-aneuccessor Sinclair Weeks l destroying Commerce De-
partment morale. Sawyer is particularly sore at WeeIs for firing
Dr. Astin. head of the National Bureau of Standards.
Postmaster General Summerfleld joked to business editors -at
an off-the-record dinner that he'd warned the President all he
knew about the post office was what he had learned playing that
teen-age kissing game. Post office.
Last month's income ,taxes wined out thousands of t
deposits. causing the worst slum)o in deposits in several months,
Yet bank profits are actually higher than a year-ago-because of
higher interest rates on loans. ''" .
Government agents are Investigating a Jblack market in4at-
monium nitrate, used both for ammunition and fertilizer.
Interior Secretary McKay's ordoosal that the government
iult paying medical care for the Alaska Railroads emploes aoutadn
like real economy--at least on the surface. MeleKay suIgee that
the railroad foot the bill Instead. What the public doent rellet.
however, is that the Alaska Railroad is owned by the tQvei
The Chinese Communists are desperately exploting south-
west China for oil. Twenty-seven field teams, coached by the
Russians in oil orosoecting, have been sent out to dril*twells.
Ever since the Czech airliner made its recent dramatic flight
to freedom. Red fighter lanes have been practicinh at inter-
cepting alrlinperak, Several Red transport planes have flown up to '
the border, as if they were trying to escape, then, out of the blue,
Red flhters pounce on them in a practice interception.
Both transports and fighters, however, have been careful not
to cres the border into West Germany.

MHE Elis to



.Al l15SaIt| S CAI A AU ,


^ I _~ __


'J. _

TH PAxAMA AfaliTAN 4 INhtlbliET 54ft .-flAi .i:j


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MAY 2nd.

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uIpping & Air Line News

iLouls Myers; Mrs. Reins de Now-
aIski; and Mrs. Mary L. Peter-
Mr. apd Mrs. Lear Reed; Mr.
and Mrs. Furman Richards; Miss
Frances Rotolo; Mrs. Dina 0, De
Rowinski; Mr. and Mrs. Francis
V. Ruether; Thomas W. Scott;
Mrs. Theresa Smith; Mrs. Kate
Tillman; go*, Tillman; Dr. and
4 Mrs, Henry P. Webb; Mrs. Dale
Winder; and Mrs. Evelyn Wuttke.

Scout News


S y/." '

* "W
..... rVUM I

Sale of Girl Scout
Equipment Begins
Calling all Girl Scouts,
Brownies, Leaders and parents
of Girl Scouts,
The Girl Scout Council is go-
Iftg to have a Sale of Girl
Saout equipment. Bro w nie
combs and cases, Brownie sev-i
CA Names Simpson Ing kits, Girl Scout purses, Girl
Ateney Manager Scout bracelets, Girl Scout bar-
Fir South Amerieg rettes, Girl Scout soap in the
TrACA International Airlines shape of a trefoil, steak roast-
hs announced the appointment ers, Girl Scout plastic banks
of Wendell P. Simpson of New camp toilet kits are among the ;
Orleans as agency interline man- many articles, Mrs. Saul Jacobs,
ajer for South America, in line office and staff chairman for;
with the company's recent ex- the Pacific District announced
tension of service to and from today. i-7
Panama. These articles are sli g h tl y
Simpson, a native New Orlean- damaged due to climatic con- v...u,.'. i
ian, has spent considerable time ditions but are useable a n d, car,. ibu2j,.
n South America, his father be- most could be polished up to "Corne on, Wilbur, skip your fiddle lesson! We'll tell your:
Ing president of Productos All- look as good as ever. Some ar- dad, pitcher lik yeou ca-maake $50,000,Inthe big:
menticlos Quaker, S.A. (Quaker tiles. are brand new but ar Iau*I|,, a.*. b' ;
Oats) at Sao Paulo, Brazil. slow moving merchandise tha'..
A graduate of Cornell Univer- the council would like to se: ,y announced by R. T. Risberg, and Sheldon A. Salisbury. Chris
sity, Simpson joined TACA in before they become we a their k'acific District organize action Devine has been appointed
September 1952 as sales repre- beaten. and extension chairman and A. skipper and Lowell R. Jones
tentative, based in New Orleans. Mrs. Charles Will, chairman of C. Sheppard, ship committee has been appointed mate.
'Prior to joining TACA. Simp- the Atlantic District office and chairman. Sea Explorers in Ship 8 are:
son, a veteran of 14 months serv- staff committee, will be I n A meeting of the ship com- Victor Carter, Alan Donaldson,
ice with the U.S. Air Forces in' charge of the Atlantic side sale mittee will be held tomorrow Paul Olasaburn, hlonald Johan-
the Alaskan theater during in the Margarita Clubhouse to- at 7:3 p.m. In the Scout Of- neon, Harold McCarrick Jr.,
World War II. spent a vear in morrow from 9 to 12 and from fice in Balboa. Items on, the a- James H. Selby and Tommy
Mobile, Ala.. associated with an 1 to 4. This equipment will a- genrda for this meeting are a Tettenburn.
automobile import firm. 'gain be offered to the Atlantic new meeting place for the ship
:. side Scouts'. on Saturday from and an annual training pro- Any young man, 14 years
:In the new position, he will9 to 11. After May 2 sale e- gram. of age or older, who is interest-
have headquarters at, Panama
ityhave touring all the countries ofPanama equipment may be ordered Members of the ship com- ed in nautical activities is in-
Cty. touri all the countreof through .Mrs. Will as .long as it mittee, An addition to Sheppard, vited to join by contacting any
South America in cohtlOinet lasts. are: W. 8. Andrews, Leo W. member of the shlp or the ship's
traffic promotion with Braniff The Pacific District sale' will Cagley, James McGulness Jr. committee.
international Airways. begin on Tuesday, May 5. The
teaonal a ways. I store-will be open i the Bal-
'The two companies offer con- (boa Dispensairy b u lid I n g oni t m a n
necting throtigh service at Pan-u ThePaciic team Navi oma
ra b e t w e e n Braniff-served4 andi 6 Saturday froh 9 top 11 INCORPORATED B WAL CHARTER P
Buth America and TACA-rerved am.
Central America, Mexico City ,- otl ti
td New Orleans. S'a, re' S Royal Mal Lines Live
aid New Oreans. "Barracuda" Reactivated
Aeon Sail Toda V The Sea Explorer Ship "Bar- FAST FREIGHT AND PASSENGiER SERVICES
allassenger List. Scouts df America has been re- BETWEEN EUROPE AND WEST COAST
iLess than 50 passengers are cently reactivated, it was joint- OF SOUTH AMERICA
scheduled to sail Tuesday .from
New York aboard the Panama ,-- TO COLOMBIA, ECUADOR, PERU AND CHILE
l! er Ancon for the Canal Zone, I s, .. ...........
S S ir Ht. This Is one of the light- WA S 0 S.S. "CUZCO" ..................................May 18th
a Line on a southbound saling HAVANA, NASSAU, BERMUDA, CORUA,
In addition.-Aothe -47 passen-
Iop listed f or Cristobal, five! M.V. "RWINA Dlf PACIFI.CO" 1It s .. Jwy Ut.
passengers will embark for Port- TO UNITED KINGDOM DIRCT
au-Prince The complete advance TO UNITED KINGDOM D CT.
phasenger list-for the Canal Zone M.V. "SARMIENTO" ............................mid May
r. and Mrs. Robert Beatty; 2000 selfless rms- ROYAL MAIL LINES LTD./HOLLAND AMERICA LINE
34r. hnd Mrs. Arba 'E. B ec; .. inIei TO NORTH PACIFIC PORTS
Qorge L. Cain; Miss Julia Fin- M. "b RDK" ...... .,................ Ma 2nd
ger; Mrs. Margaret V. Flan-, y'M.V. "b iWA DYKO ............................. May 2nd
eau; Mathew A. Fabric; Mrs.' MY S u M.V. TEIOT" .......'.............--......"May th
JWnfe Herbert:; Mr. and. .Mrs.T O U. .- t'..h
William F. Hickey; and Mrs. Elz- -t TO UK/CONTINENT .
að Hudgins and childrpo. ...................... .A l 29th

J ph H Kueei; Mr. and f
Mrs Wllam teffler; Mr. n ;
rs. Fred Lani.Jahr John F. 74th AW .,,. A
wis: Mr. and Mrs.' Jtaie J tOtW R
MeDade, Jr.; Moises Malca: Law- 0N TIMES SilE At tl6 mCITY
T$ep P Marron; MrandMr:' cable Adiuress A Lyr ,
David W. Metkle: Mr. and Mrs. T .

.. .-


I .I I Im ,_

jyiPy. ^TwOs Utleywil sym Wou.Ltnfi Ta-a
SA 14 a



b WEae


---MU 'I4teATeNED
SouLt*' LeT r --




%. ,

The King's Sons, Have pled

m~v AZIVED *

I /



tS g L, -w 7 wfs. 4 sg p o we *
M c.
% rr [ w L .Swit TA* I. VT. ).
L100 v fk3



1 wD N ringer

. .1

V. 'O.DRINA" .................................. ay 10th
All Sailins Uubjept t Change Without Notlce.
PACIiFC STIAM NAVIGATION CO., Cristobal Tel. 154/5
R IPANAMAt-Ave. Par *5. Tel. -.12a7/S
FORD CO INC. IBALBOA-Tetm BRid. Tel 2-1905

M m^ ^ ^ i i 1 i*- k ^ a ,

S It Has to beP xed


Vou ASANONE- *:7- r........ Oxyf6N RNf T

7 :':!M :A
: "Oi"



Too Late

4w 9( ROpM,rT CAN'T

The Miracle





,Ia BOARDING 80095



W' *': '"rErVAraT, AN 3 '
Vol< 1.^ S

I =r




by- N BAXL 0 I.


?Swr~rU' '

laoerom .' -FU

? .

_1 -

.----C--P;~. C_-CI-~-I :~ 1CI- --1--I-- -~~- ----

-wpJ~j~i~ f I

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il- -


, r

p,--. I-. .

.- -i -T.. r.*.n Ngre e in r orea t le dreter of Joeso
& &l b nord a The We- leH onorsraer Gd e r

a 4 I.I o W2. i so ea here a-don of aer husbapara-- IJrflon/ Izer' s elcino
.the- Lint. hoepL. bed on f th e n onst btelli- 9 ir it

wmoH442 7 recoBoth h eheaard mUita e Nay r- Mees 1 Puey "God0e Her
Thlte Women o L e,- a n S Fdi "h ed in tor. t he s a olc sdentScation of ea c.ll.t parn at- S *
St unde her oar ttendant d 1 soecre la thola. has beenI
** A pe. as an. f l taW te Thont fanrdM stnomerdis boon ase I1fS
,Io Ine' ou. la. t .eae natho s .pa

e P Uion ph vp ideul a rTde. awnd rigalionrones airy so yearr.
urch, th e Union e 11r -W ndlStlto ths. O nre te eomnitConof aher ois verl uath-r
a "h ru e ln Ko r he oacd andIlo's action of rte pa e
Une8ITo n Aru.S Tehe awfd cieatation pays trib-l ~r". A"an
M a R ntf Woh Servie wll n at ow this and be n the ics of th e U.S. Sec-t o Club was wounded in t *

thent, ao th n 8:4a.m a at whichAti 6e rt playe d f4a Nlew Yrk4 car- ret Deee a saluti wone, memie of tia e woUatin Long Even Ba er

oSvawof the -me felowlas nnraxyi tbe and Dele*htes, reports .m bp rppondent to n .iblo and prs. WTildee eclub pogides d lean
Cmlrttorht d. T e tr -m n Pr flro te *I Tonu4 "h* od l orce M sursgesr. alonal a s ontact tor D S

mr. Cais to oedoff, theformerk ie Lenar, ROM, will prwettehe and Ray- ww -dah flt.r h- ein- l m d- tls ne ofi women ritero. J
-. In LAW. Mild"ed L. ence ednUation an fever at-.

Mr boff ogro a r. Hug A. Ory of a dV wiit h tt tano Lt R Joned t' o Ns.e for young girl.
Mr wllbe iara r e d oo mU beaea No. 5T 3Ol Strort o Virta das Mar
i... -. S-t e rpiel dtoeus on gon atit lowu ~i~tee it hand I. dPin teIInce ol- the" U.S. icc- CluofoUbedCns19 fo f Ea

: tw tr ea Da w o-ep mom^e of the working n g
The Bu rintnddn witof ithes Mr.1 adM r a m. ro of rAn souiroee r rndIng atgirrl !n a nuteo r-

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Funer4 a g oodvce welo sesiT bw
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ttete pe tLaea Dob a rtie rebs erem Z SA ltg at the Mempo- own ."easl wil. aso reecteiv e or __ h _.. _P 3f ..... .T
t b*t Lou Wer as 0 gem at led trea olbert. l ec r o lWe t ch m ut P U it Ms f1to the hfhntdfm I hTieintrhae 1f1 L e d or
ast en .e. s at e"--- the3l ,e f ALa# Q4 4 om.poc tle w n tla -dis-easpl Te reeeseinstheput
o Re oandPthnuep-Pan-NP- a. anM tanh o oote scap0 or-O U. r ea we n tor e .. .
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fhom ooenl t .2 Sta t- etttt. lrnh m of tate a ma c Dme on egy,
t ons afs c S ed tatos i Til- et th W as afoer m or e
"o feenlesIre tha ruffaod caw 0 nmted mesrican, on- th ding45 W, ie Ysterday

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toLan: rm l ou n R oie rll ba tes ed# at o1.:a nt "e .n teheta uto er e wh o s ta-Clubptes gt .uNIn- -9Uo
1oteo-j""- .. perviYork t01- hOea VD se a uthu
thittIndays" a8:45 at .a tBwe, itcdUme 511- e naa c onst of tiearlif. ULonST g Eveningduad
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ao.hIot9s w ihoueJ n drne ,a o n f ot re r d 0o t, fw
a wilonFneaftwlltbetfor0aNewasemploe

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aind estate t T d. e nemam e r cLV.mrnds to W'I *ea M\

tame veravledn of C Tobe t f 0he5s1 "S C

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Cute E din total fou tru. or- m Me f l oo m(r thane tw yoy t'' a
ona Uu cr am. a of tMrs WG R ump lkd the-amadsamonds.toetheohospitala

SatB"e f" n thout h, aO apyeaoST ART INthatA
e mn te rd tith th vh Wx,3e t "
a M pa a. I e- vr, s eofc t frr manlw llbeel doferhun -at hoeLV

o. r,,,,. ,, -* ,,q um. ,a et. ,a'-m" a p.n. of the Funera s c for Mrr I A ^N-L AVENUE
To the hr at th hmel at Dry.eas n-soI ,t I

frorm j A e, slca w .B.e 8ea t IW.C %it; Io n C Canh desonreibe epb omdesdor, of th ac of
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the met =. Aan. theiria0l. at ,t 0t T wo eeen

rr 114 *p5 g- day and S ndayl nighte, to athen is tl-__t--Wo-TO
t X m, M. a a OBbm Au hy or;, and Mteda.t8hea ing hef d fYr-s ted.
tL, t tnito3the ta l rwu and mafe 'arerva- .
Them ofMrs.-anningrioattend Kegle r theortTherdende coare
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cansad -b ...... poinN ca The fa -- I.

Thec..e.emplo yoOf -the S moeatftK s at he itberb-. -- ng

canal w 0one dolag re sea

- nD'O ms u iw ON ALL


SaI Mu l t; weirk.s i.25 a cydcs..

SOOW -.00 down-20.0-monthly 7

b. r ZiG:ZA--:G

-, .




You Sell 'em... When You Tell'em thru P. A. Classifiedslj

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "IR" Street Panawi
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

- 4.
,_ *.'.-

New AdmeihW a.

Inefficieincy From
/ r --

Sal6a de Beliza Americno
No. 55 West 12th Street

Lewis Service
No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291, and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Household Automobile
FOMSALE: BeCrCrm, ivar.grocm, FOR SALE: 1952 4-do
and dinngroom furniture and kitch- I Firedome V-8, excellent
aen uteniSl. etc Apply Osorio, Jus- 8500 miLs.s with extras.
to Ar:errena Ave 73-A (Mary- paid. Call Cristobol 3-1
sol Apartments corner of 37th 5 p.m. or all day SatL
Street. Ponorri. Sunday.
10R SALE :--8 cu -fr. Westnghouse FOR SALE;-Ford 1952, pe
"refrigeotor. 2 large grass rugs. edition with radio $1.6
Phone 2-631 :. make on offer. Tel. Bollb
fOR fSALE Complete Tixture for FOR SALE:-Joguar Mark
.girls bedroom $17 ontqu dou- 1952. 4 doors. Excellent
ble bed with springs and mattress Call Guordia y Cia., S.A.
$75; twin beds $10; miscellone- FOR SALE: 1952 Ford
o-js books and toys. Fort Clayton Custom, practically new,
5214, Qtrs. 516. tros. Phone Navy Atlantic
S SALE. Nine-piece mahogany FOR SALE:- 1952 Will
1diningroom set $250; 60-cycle wagon. Can be financed.
u Aoex washing machine $75. Qtrs. I te washing moahine, ;
4 521-B, Curundu Heights, Tel. 83- 622-C. Cocoli or call 2.
81 -- FOR SALE: Lincoln, 1
FOR SALE .-Twin beds, dressing ta- doors in very good condit
ble, chiffcnier. refrigerctor, Elec-1 to Carto Vieja Office, Jo
trolux vacuum, carved ches t,; l Osso No. 30 or coal F
Christmas tree ornaments. House 1028 for information.
-8053-D Margarito. Phore 3-1316. R SALE:- Pyouth 1
.. ,-FOR SALE:--Plymouth, I'
fORSALE:-One metal buffet $15.- fact condition, duty paid.
CO. Phone Balboa 3088. semena, Auto Service Co
^.'^ SALE: -2 double bedt, one with FOR SALE:--1949 Codillh
innerspring mattress; mahogany dan. Duty paid. Recent
4 diningroom set; china closet; bu- mechanical overhaul, r
reou; orrob Jeronmo de la Os- battery. etc. Owner driver
Sso No. 8 Arct -B seen El Ponama Gorage
FOR SALE -9 cu ft 25-cvcle West- enings. Panamll Frank M
in-house refrigerator $80 00 Will 229. El Panama or Abat
Stride fcr 60-cycle. 105-A. Jod. ,n nal 3-4755
Ave: Gamboo Phone 641 3. FOR SALE.-1941 Pontiac
FOR SALE Modern bedroom set. 6-cylinder; 5 good tires.
liv ngrocm set Frrncess" type tery. rodio. Duty paid. Pri
(Colombiai. refrigerator. No. 30, 00. Can be financed. C.a
"H" Street offer 4 p m. at Sec. I. Salboo; ask for
FOR SALE;-1 Pick-up Fa
.R Si ALE:-9-oot Klvinor, all- like nw. Tel. 2-1444.
porcelain refrigerator; I lorge sew-
*\ ing ropm table, 14 venetian type FO RSALE:-1951 Ford,
louvers; 2 9x9 carpets, matched; 5 t on. Must sell $1,000.
S window shades I dressing table, after 4:00 p.m.
dishes and other household effects.
1445-B Owens. 2-151d IFOR SALE-1952 M.G.SI
S ster, perfect condition. Ca
WANTED 5248 ofter 5. Qtrs. 13-C
S WAFOR SALE. -Mode "A" i
Miscellaneous transportation for county
........ phone 916. Colon
S lTANED:-Retired Canal Zone cou- FOR SALE.-1950 Buick C
ple to oct as caretakers and land Dynoflow $149500. 76
,itolesmon at Coronodo leach. Sol- 'yow S. 95 00. 76
rory, free house 'and utilities Good, _nebySl.. -lilboo.
I jportunitv For appointment call FOR SALE:-Plymouth 194
palboo 3346. condition. Radio and new
NTED-Smooth tires for recon- er Price 800.00. Pho
mooth ti, Ponoma
reltru-tion. RECONSTRUCTORA NA- --a .m_
~ 9NAL. Peru Avenue No. 7, Tel- FOR SALE:-1942 Ford I
ne 2-0406 don. Good condition.
ED:- Full time SALESMAN -Hodges St. Diablo, 2-31
popular money making line FOR SALE;-)19521 Ford. ,
t have neet appearance, will- 4 door sedan, only 2,1
sto work and speak English. Ex- $1.595. House 1402-4
1teflent opportunity for right per- Telephone 2-2438.
gnr. Apply Chamber of Commerce FOR -SALE --19 rCheo
d.. Ave Cuba. Office No. 4, be- tires, n e w carburetor
_4no 4 i-no .3 n3^ ,n, d ,r,
30 and 5 30 p m. heel discs. Excellent
S FOR SALE ,Cristobal 3.2977
R i Real Estate P
& SALE -Modern chalet. two bed-
"MDWSoms Con be financed. See it ond
jf k.e a n offer. Tenth Street No. O G -
ir3, Son Francisco de Ie Caleta
tephone 3-5051. H O
FOR SALE Your Community "
S Boats & Motprs Presens
SALE- 1953 BSA "Star Twin. oo
$150.00 down. $100.00 less than
S 0Aprice. Con be seen at Stude-
keor Agency Ask for G. R. Lee. Teday, Tuesday, AP
jhone 2-0825.
-. P.PJM.
(0mm---,:----=--:----- .""
IL... i 53:30-Muesic for Tuesdi
W *4:05-Suth of the Ba
P~ u RFC U en -:30---Ntw Your Fa'
S5:35 -What's Your F a
( contd.)
dS 00 6:00-Band of Americti
SiA81HINGTON, April 28 (UP)t :30--Hawai Calls
chairmanan Homer E. Capehart 6:45-Lowe Thorn
i today the Senate Bankin 700-The PrIo0ner
ttee has found "no evi- (NB
Ia le of undue influence" or 7:30-BLI' RI0ON 1
: proper action In 58 loans RE VIRW
*Wlch now resigned RFC ad- 7:45--Jm 6s1itda6
S c511strator harry Mc Donald 8:00-The Perry Comr
.-fmnted against the recoimmen- (VIOA)
i Stilon. of his review board. I: l--Fred Waring
Zrn making pubic the staff Ivann? s ar
*llort, the Indiana Republican 8:30''ankIe Master
io the committee "is Jut a s ta:P. Comment-s
* uch interested in protetn 8:l -U.P. ComntQuetior
o Sn honest government bffteial : r
I N In condetining and pruseout- : -Muaic of Howar
S ten. Burnet Maybank (D 10 a Harrison
5 S.C.' said he thought the study Orcetlra
| blowed that the RC w as 10::15-Murnalin terud
]-ctan a8 a hound'F tooth." r0 :- ^- L?*^=
mNy:bank said that since Co C:nn- -T Ow- I
sw put the RiC under a IMdnlght-'ign Ofrf

soldiers Killed 7:30-Momt=R 8alon
d 8: lg:01-Mornff VarieUd
Fam h Fniret o: Ou inr 1e:00_News Wameean

B stroys T ent- rh P.--M.: e eet t
Sft soldiers re kile early to- i 11:00-New S

at~nt at an ant:-aircraft e 15Morning V .
Kept in the Canarste -c- Ul:---Luncheon Music
of Brooklyn. I": ua udic
l se aid the four m :en. : Ameica
*^ in of the 69th Anti-Mr- : 5l|: ni.aoty Parn
s Flitron. were asleep when3 : -Cm and e' nIr
SH in the ca.'.cs; ;00-Tr: ee-Q0rrter I
re- N wooR'n frime. The tent :l05-IO' ft e to Dac
t up in flames within a few :;0-AfLternoon Meloc

in WK. I :S--attle of the Br
1of the fire was not de- :00---A Star Ooncert
led Ima"edSately. I 3:16-The Little Show

Caritoa Drg Store
10.059 Meldndem Ave.- Phone 265 Colid

Agencia Intersacioal de Pubicnciones Propagand, S. A. ,Js .r 2
"H" Street rner era tudlant s. MLm awdiWd W
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 2-2798

"o "ae **a 661ds6111 0dTo-
201 Ane. C. |
DR. WENDEHAKE Medical Clinic,-
Central Avenue & K Street Cornrer,
Telephone 2-3479, Panoma.
one way $85, round trip 135 (15
day-limit), $169.00, good 90eW '
to LOS ANGELES, ne way, $149.15.i
etndo t, $252.35. 90 "day-ld).
Neciesel (Aeeuomee tow)* Tel.
Peoes 2<-1655.
Travel via "AREA." "the Route of the
Good Neighbor." NO INCREASE
$70.00...NEW YORK, $114.00.
...GUAYAQUIL, $80.00...QUI-
TO, $86.00. Round trip to MIA-
MI, $126.00,.. NEW YORK.
$214.00....GUAYAQUIL $144.00
..-QUITO, $154.80. BOEING 4-
engine planes. For more details see
Avenida Nocionol (Automobile
Row), telephone 2-1655.
Classical or Popular. Zez Bennett's
Piano Studio, No. 9, Juan B. Ss
Street. Tel. 2-1282.


FOR SALE:-Sealed bids will be open-
ed April 30 at 10:00 o.m. for com-
plete set of Dictaphone Equipment
and accessories In working condi-
tion 45 units). 20% refundable.
deposit required with bd. TEXACO
IPonomai across the-street from
Coco Cola.
FOR SALE: 1950 Cushman motor
scooter in excellent mechanical
condition. May be seen at Auto
Service, Inc. Owned by Ponoma In-
surance Comppny, Inc. Phone Pan-
oim 3-0136.
FOR SALE:-Beautiful blond Spinet
piano. May be seen at Rebecc@
Bdg.,opposite Balboa Polite Sto-
tion. 230 to 6 p.m. Monday to
FOR SALE: Vanity and bureau.
1941 Ford sedan. No. 18 Perel or
coil Quarry Heights 4223, 8 o.m -
4 p.m.

FOR SALE:-9x12 green Chinese rug.
Phone 2-2160.

FOR SALE:-Hygienic paper factory,.
paper towels, etc. Working with
od clientele, good price. Q" St.
o. 21. Tel. 2-2522.

FOR SALE: Jeep Traioller, 4 mess'
stools, table and bench-set. 2 ad-
jusioble drafting tables, 30-inch
wide bed. 2 paper cutters. 8185-B,

nditign. Bids will be received in the office of
the Manager, Curundu Clubhouse, un-
til May 15th, 1953, for the opera'
lion of the Curundu Beauty Shop con-
Pl cession In the Curundu Clubhouse.
S Further information may be obtained
from the Clubhouse Manager, Cu-

FOR SALE:-New benches for school
at special prices $4.50 each. No.
23., Centl Avenue. Tel. 3-3021.
FOR SAL,--PIANO. $100.00. Houe
765. Apt. 20. drmneby St., Balboa.
Telepone 2-2569, cofi after 6.00
p.m. 0
FOR SALE: 9 cubic-foot, 25-cy.cle
WpNabghouse refrigerator in per-
fet working condition. Tel. 3-5459
after 4:00 p.m.
3:15-Music for Wednesday
4:00--usic Without Words
4:1 -S epia Parade
4:30-What's Your Favorite
te (Agenda Steer)
5:20-What's Your Favorite
) (contd.)
5:35-What's Your F a v orite
ari :00-More About Biffer (BBC)
6:15-Musical Interlude
T8 6:30-Parade of Hits
6:45-Lowell Thomas
7:00-To be announced
w 7:30-BLUE RIBBON 8 P 0 RT8
his 7:45-French In the Air (RDF)
8:00-Evening 8alon
W- 8:45-U.P. Commentary
9:00-The Haunting Hour
1w 11:00-The Owl's Nest
i Midnighlt-Sign Off
Explanation of Symbols
VOA-VolIe of America
BBC---Brltiah Broadcatin a0
RDIP-RadCdffusion !fS


M pALTo g roC


Grnmkh Snt, ,cl 11=1-
ttagagi, Electric l- h- got
6-441 GQu-s 4M567 Ptr*h Mi.

PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottage. The
only court in Smant Clare wih an
Oceanview from all cottag. StOps
to beac, Rock Ge, refri Don
boa.ibea and shuffle board. Pan-
ama 3-1877. Magarita J-1673
Box No. 435 Baboo.

HOUSES ON EACH ot Santa Cloma,
also in COOL Cerro Campotn
Mountain. Phone SHRAPNEL, 3l-
boa 1389.

Willlems' Santa Cloe B es ch .
I.M 2 b dam, refrinrmmon.
Rockgoe range. bALo 2-3050.
Except week-emds %


FOR RENT:-Two or three-bedoom
furnished chalet. Resintial se-
tion, Reasonable rent. Paltilla Air-
port 121.

FOR RENT: 12-family apartment
for three months. Phone 2-2160.
FOR RENT. Beautiful furnished
chaolet near ocean, high-fenced
swimming pool, walks tiled, three
bedromns, two baths, parlor, din-
inroom, kitchen, porch maid's
omrn and bath, two-car garage,
beautiful furniture throughout.
Terms: one year renewable lease.
Rent $250.00 per month, payable
six months in advance, option to
buy house if desired. Write for ap-
pointment B1x 5043, Ancon, Ca-
nal Zone.
FOR RENT: Small two bedroom
chalet all furnished. 45th St. No.
32 I downstairsi.

Apartmmtu s _
Two mid fie Mse fugbbed s
= tenww biels p*000s ate 'a
s m 80, 6
New Crisee-. TeePhe. CeeI

FOR RENT:-To couple without ."
drwm, furnished apen 1 I.
Iomm dininoroom, groom,Iboom, ,n
,t uba Avenue No. 12, Ap

For two months. Colombia Sfro,
Telephone 2-0065.
FOR RENT: Two-bedroom apart-
ment In Vista HermMse, 61 Ricard6
Mlr6 St. Please call 2-2346 or 3.

FOR RENT' -. Vacation quarters In
"."n from May 15th to Jaly 12th.
COl 5-401.


FOR RENT: lleoutifully furnished
room for couples; kitchen privil-
eges. ll Vista, Mexico Ave. 69,
never 43 -40j5@ 3-0553.
FOR REN T room to cou-
e. f t youngsters. No.
46, JIMih Bella Vista, up-
FOR RENt':--Ailahed big room 0 nd
smawl furnlmhed room, both and
meols to gentleman. Call afternoons
Tel. 3-2949, Ave. Just Aroseme-
na 57.

FOR RENT: To married couple, 12il
nicely furnished, large clean, cool Y
room; hot water and all modern
convenience, good neighborhood.
Peru Av. 6 No. 65, lower left.

The Ruoff Dnce Studio emnnounces
new clheeJ in top, ballet and acro-
batic. "el irwto fer both Ne4
Crisobel and Margarita closeal
will be held at the Nursery School
on Colon leach Friday, May I st,
3:00 to 5:00 p.m. .'

UNrrw 5- sTAIs FAM

Della Failde, Libelant vs. Inter
Tradia* Corp.,. ar**selitn l
under the laws of the uWtW 1
ri*. end the N.V. Arias, Asep
'In a eane of CetMls, Oi a
WEHREA., on tSh lst &e a
1iOS, Carl.l Icae.. A.. LX .
too. ructfors f R*e ilt
ill*ed a Libel Per InosM with C
Foreign Attmebmset. Iht e
ourt of the Uate4 States for
.Hrit f tre AMli toe a In"
or Vessel Aram. her bte tm
ar*el and falurniture, I als e
"at. Civil mad UMaitim;
AND W BMBAS, ]W vet Wm.
I due fcrm of M m, to Me l
.-arae* on the 1thb da of Me
I haveo lbedW sad 4k tshe
Arua-and have Ae l U s. cm-i

Amdortr Nevey New! 98
AM J AvmoG


Ar 1951

m OearW Avw f21&1951

. l%
Wfe lMfef orate or mM, IM
sy i1ng Phom -24 1

. ........ Emi

USE S 1U949
wA g

Si 949


SOPC 1948

P B1948
3 pto1948
06'. 1947


Wildl be closed Friday,
May ist

(Paoma's Labor Day)


To SmaIl

Ford, 8, 2-door
Chevrolet, 4-door
Ford 8, 2-door
Beuk Super Seda
Studeaker Seda
DoSeat Sedan
Packard, 4-door
Chevrolet Soda.

Cogvernible Coupe
Plymouth, 4-door
Dodge Sedan
Ford, 4-door Soda.
Buick Suer

Pon"iac, 4-door
NIauh, 2-door
Studebaker Coupe
Coavertille Coupe
bChevrolet Fleetline
Kaiser Sedas
Dodge, 2-door
Studebaker Sedan
Buick Super Seda
Mercury Co v ierie

1947 mumea Sed
1947 Plyaiath, 4-door
1947 Ford Coupe /
1947 Willys Statiom
1946 Olimehk

1941 coMw1h, 4.dw



N* N'

We No 4w

IWU 1".
L t- 4:.


lb M"
10 b =."4
SPUN miMn~aw

A majer oDjecuve
tfr ewam
and freer woM to.rad
Ohanuber Proddet
F. Le'ald tbe.Sw Ub
mlnlstration'i w is
petve free enerpr
the "ree e mt enerie
He 'said OOP effel
"respect for budaem bI
buzeU ability and for
like thinkn"

State Ownership Sen ors

Score Tidelands Of Wh

WASINGTON. Arl 3 ( ) >| 'a a. e uia
waszaxeox, Aur as mini 'nn We sesi -

~ OftficeSodotY..

.-MApnF sub

J' M W I-- -- | llm .,. '" -/ ..
dr I

.. ,/ ,
IN- ***-<* ; d S



a *T. J- .- m of r a
wu uI-to
p, tte d t a t eo",Cna-
oteeral at Pa
SJah B"Wf I i llf c l lti- .
age Kign
(1tfRKxiM4uktf -A ~ T aeij^









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R: I




<' ,> '

j~~c S0~*t~ *~~ ~, ~ ~44~ ~4.

ii. .
S *.

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.. ~. *"~,~*
ii U -* '.a'.~ui

a, slo U

ChWL rm -

ww" "

b-kotb&U mme b eet Jt JR
-ve.r. .

Champs if they wina he
'The %lgers.akhed id I
with ascore of 21. Ubalboaic

ben who ,artltpd ato hauul
The Citolni Iunlbt z
Department to cmpe thei pA d

batm uos, and td

off with BNstanding. ThfclWi hhhhU5UB

Tauf Drama Of Lsve,6v

Cornmg To Central
T 0
Tom, wW' 11 str





t- ,~v.'

ntre do 'it i

"whe n do

to came

4 -. no


* 4.
.9 .


:. B Ir v
1:25, se, lk



~ AT MIZACULOUS amAUCA mornJog coffee will bi
bat the N.C.O. Club W=d. Pat Nher u.w as'Ti, lighterr of Mrs. Bante Mendes, by the o.C.O. Wives u i
San- f st 4 o aa Mr. t oMerWil lia Moe, ofe mm w are, .
-at, t aBr ow s .at M me, a24 *
"o the ~ f trdy, April is extended all eIgble-
dpaqirt ..,A SIat
W 'athuwere us i~K Mi ss Valle Is a graduate of o
S e n wattrforme d 8. Mary's Academy in the Cl a mhe
I 6 ..... w t e r. of l1j.1. She has been employ- pn ea MrWt

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Decwar4 dlgn-.qdt, o,& lN tw md_ apre .a; in le. ia dtheu e te. enl, am lo 8od Mle. s in ,
nMisr.and Mrs. o M. Moyer i s an electrical r toei do, Mar land
i st, played ts e er. aednge r employed by the- Pa- r s .

O no nlingnmaeh ande othe t g stanr dnea. h
"Mot YerAm afc tlw Pot oim r w aen Honored With

tHenry Aamt nd Mr. ~~Sb owner and Lqnceos Ane on and 4.and A.
TheIng" and an ered Twenty ladies eneof C the mo EarlMott,
fWdhite gladioli and 1a1 9 0o hSn h oe os c t home Ter. D anfhnr -ld a ne t
"0 apa mebdrlarge thus were used OigrS

"' T h e lE bo th ,si.bec h ecked. ,r c h le _f., ,
e0. ,e a e Mr. dadd snar Ar gsoeusTerdDo ,or
1ocal cu ihomeoonAunodeaOnd-aaotmEuaorhomeeonrAvenidaie

dMicB thr C r oan was a b oris fEnih. the -a
Dfe lf!<._m- adLe" ot snt.The o- wore a drter who one llopw effetdmto
t n h oi o.ath L d d Mm*t n the near future to 're- n ith ohnono ln

W ftr to Itheor n or a nd Mrs .e od braeisoIntwhory
i pre- adie'teStates.withwith aae abo du bylhi
oa t w lAoifte a lnrt Th, et and s o eh
MrT orn ethe r concluded the mem-' ri their home
ti. be tdt Wt hror- t ohea endo of and .lo the r Tesday Club, of I a
awhechs ltehonoreeoIn a member.
ra--e In Mr. @M 3thoLyA Khelmatrn ou hM Jnr i Niwil The children enOyed a s4t M

aft Ate a ha n her houaegnine aI nd-r hunt followed by l b

e gr,** .riuriM R imulaneous Pre-Release!
Ms=111ea-a" nMa lw ofLrge-snohermedee e te ATATE -
a Henry Sin&sand r.e

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'wnyla s r The l ae were a eeoyed t arsott
S 9l uhe upn th nride-ente rledrupon' to er A
LX i arl- of Mand d Ie and anafternooneofoo dr. Danny D QDlst. 2
is l4 narmofhe r MrAusnr -,h woner',tr
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Cl N lub l ,lMrs.. Charles L F r : 0-
ThI o.BHigh blue neot ov matchinta-

Of o.I irs oae fet. Fwa beet man sor Mr. Maso 1e wasw ] ...e.. ..
thI m bman finishedewitha SHOWS: a:8-t P.M.
o d the 4tUW the1 nt wShe worea aDut heha of,
S.eti~g' flit 20t406A 22M P net and carried a bo At of I
rir. took a look! at-On buge bronze ho\Thenas anad pinke c frnatm

-.i DKI 01 liia* O wfthe tied w ci onth blu re ribbons.
u* a Del-< s tdnt s S pl W ca1&wora a dreus of Yellow NAt to
StirAn- sated In the "0 GM an ^ of honor

the buss 11alTct the. matr o M Aos for
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Navy caused so 'HO'bh* f11 yellow gladioli.
OThe toer bride's so

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carnations. They also wore
hats to match the other at -____________

Rola do O g and the ring TODAY -,-, .
carried iy Catharn Ann Oegg, AT THE -

F 9:01 =00,r H *oAa-, Alberto Herre- AND DRIVE IN*

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ankees Seem Headed For r S0 Yankees Off To Best Start A

ifth Straight Pennant Ciae Tsey Took Over in W49
By STEVE SNDEAERCALBY CARL LUNDQUIST2' year's Dodgers and Stengel's' games were decided On rall Mea
SBy STEVE SNIDER AMERICAN LEAGUE etna. r thadt netted three or more ru ,m i- '
United Press Sports Writer Teams W L Pet. NE Y Anl 2 (UP) Henc e Uggeaestio tht late in th g. nintbA tioo*
SCleveland 7 2 .77 The World c amplon Yankees, he PMte" ,gt Natloi i nning home Mi e Mt- ko4u
Ti New York 9 3 .750 facing their first bi tet n the league, or the Yankees or Ia- tie and Gene Wood C
NEW YORK, April 28 East meet West this Chicago 7 .636West' are oil to their beat start dianw it the American are set Cleveland, wche'ds the
k for the first time in the 1953 major league St.Louis 6 5 54 since Casey Sters year o make runaway s dedd- league In Percentage with a -2rou
Padelpha 6 5 .545 as manager In 149, a check re- ly premature. al u aganthNew York's 9- F3e-^
seball season and after looking at what the East Boston 4 .400eaed today. r, in e de- Th e
to offer the pennant races shape up this way: Washington 3 8 .273 But that fast getaway means Yet the brilliant showing ofB gaine wir.nin streMon t In .ihe1 t^-.
sDetroit 2 11 .154 nothing, the records also reveal- three clubs can't be shrug none of the start ing Ile" wt ba ,
On; y the We s can pieventrcan Pitchers Bobby Shantz, Alex ed. off. The Yanees, who on five neeedd relief. Bob Lemon wo evident .w- a
on'l the Wet c YankeesKent ncran Pitcd Harry Byrd are TODAY'S GAMES Since 1949 the teams which in a row before dropping their two games, and .J s~'t r ial f'
a champion Yankeir es Kelnc enough New York at St. Louis (N) were in the lead in both major Stadium finale to the emnatrs, ] Y Wynn, and DOb PW
mght Ancki:an League pen- Boston Red Sox Lou Bou- Washington at Chicago leagues at the end of the first 5 to 4, on Sunday, have en picked up a victoWy Opiee. Per*
t. dreau sa3s his collection of kids! Boston at Detroit two weeks, generally did not go Wting superlatve pitching plusp morei tat than theafir
Only a mircle (an keep the caln wh on the road as few re- Philadelphia at Cleveland (N) onrto win the pennats. There ai late Inning clu rto I pltchn.g is that Clevelhadt
t from retaining: the Natiun- cclit led Sockers could with a: were onl two exceptions a thw ngstrek thereof te m h-mlgned del he as t A1 i Witrain
League Ilaz. ball Out) tailored to fit Boston't Open date. Iour games. 074
Washington-present no second baseman Billy Goodman., Teams W L Pct. grown-up Phelly Whl l a-t a e
to Cleveland. the While real pios and MiltBoiling is a Chicago 4 2 0.67 the hl;=efn. .h
c and perhaps. -the Browns to hllck shortstop. Brooklyn 6 M5 iten a L
oWema up ithe West. But the Wa2hington Senators notSt. Louis 4fO ~U per the robpit on e a a iodg th. h
Louis Cardinals. best Nation- mucn chang.i here but outlleld- Milwaukee 4 4 .500 Robin Roberts w throbio5the t of' e a* O'1
Leaguebet in the West. will er Clyde Voilmer. obtained from New York 4 7 .364 -- 1 streak Karl Drew and Curt d cul fin
moving into a nes-t of hornets the Red Sox, can add long-ball: Cincinnati 2 4 .333 s i mmens etwo MI, aBd J6 Bi t ut
hen they come east to engage punch. The hitters. including Pittsburgh 3 8 .273 Thiel Beats Mitten in PAA day, and Tony should have be t-Ronstanty one, and in aly one rdy" 1
e Dodgers. Giants and super- Jackie Jensen. haven't fully un- -- at Gamboes en Johnny. e bad him, d eame did the started re re
hlared Philies tracked but they'll be better. TODAY'S GAMES down coming in to eighteen, but fef. i eS to
Here's what the West uill be And here what the West Milwaukee at New York (N) Navy Chief Thlel, playing golf the beat Tony copld do was If Steve O'~Nill CM t il n to-i lt4
weing this 'ee"k- ,ti /'nd in the eastern Va- Cincinnati at Brooklyn ItN like he never played before, ex- bogey and Johnny halved the at that kind of Int fl 9 talnl t ,tho M1
New York Yankecs-the same tonal League. St. Louis at Philadelphia (N ploded-the biggest bomb hell of match, and won on nineteen. ong distance ah a
4dtough pitching with Johnny Brooklyn Dodgers Improved Chicago at Pittsburgh (N) the PAA tourney at Oamboa Johnny and Jim Riley Will Toet netted at leaXt4 0e hMetf for c ti natl Perto sI aUid R
ain in excellent form for good: pitch potential with several when he walloped Medallst Herb this week. Johnny wi .be out to e Phllies.i ag of the Lesie Thohmo are aiol
easure, an improved Mickey excellent youngsters. Joe Black Open date. Mitten on the 19th hole. hold the crown. e wAo last year pa 10 iames, th are bound al-put In thel trainig-
ntle, a not-so-good but still in the bullpen where he belongs, Herb consistently outdrove when he sbot the altling Un- o be at or nr tp al-the toiorder to A-con
rific Phil Rizzuto and the Duke Sniaer playing almost as Thiel from 50 to 75 yards, but der par n the .playoff agast way. Another factor ono their -
l collelon owell-cond-well as he did in the world J when Thiel got around the his brother Charll e the.y a solvl te i Th, tW i cners
ned, thinking anletes who'.l] ries, but the Infield not quite as greens It was just a chi and a Palraig j Pzthflnal round ed. their scnd b1aer probe Pe o; -pa n w.
et ou if you make a single smooth yet. with Jackie Roomin- putt, some times no pu right Vetran oi e Ort -
Piotake. son on third oase." ,a Ip athPn l-rinl Mitten birdied the 18th to tie R. M. Thiel vs W. M. DrIggins oi t thers, a kid and Is
Philadelphia Athletics im- Philadelphia Phillies-playing I I the match, and when his drive Johnole t eMuray va Jim RIley bit .3o to l ,|Mo 1 Haov r 1e'tfla"es
proved hitting with Gus Zernial much as they did in tne late zoomRed down tyhe middle of 19, .eeo.d li a aaltthe .
nd Eddie Robinson dangerous stages last year which means 280 yard, it looked ke he had ohetedler Rley. te .
o ngball clouters, Dave Philleygreat. Robin Roberts and Curt .a l it in the bag, but Thiel took an C. Goodine vs Al asrrinan 'St,4 let the followasUa e7
a hot seak, EddIe Joost ~imons are in orm, .... easy par, and Herb missed a 6 Ti d Ii-.ght front-rmunners get '1.
welding shortstop as ew men hitting is improved .and Ear. NEW YORK, April 28 (UP) footer for the matc Bbb.ol v Pr tc, t
er a Torgeson at first adds another' They'll have to move over to th e mat... .. ea-en wovsfP PreeAntllI.'kLe oe, Lto of," u ii AN u
home run threat. Make room for Brooklyn. oLulu the has ow beaten two of Pe,.. athm e, e .L. t"hte e t "h
New II York Giants-not yet as Pere, winner of 18 straight V..e Le r olfra and Mitte It Arm.ata. B n ittwonC -tit o i
Ig \ lth ood as expected. The lufield is fights,. among the,top contenders ot io hnunl serve oi tce a onthe Tom Craf va. v T iomf a 3e ," wM
SuIIL JSof Ull i unsettled because of injuries in the featherweight division which should servate i aiftte the -m TlH. on a t
and experiments including rook- The promising youngster, who -": e Cl, .Isthman title. e_ will eet ill ol iwel vs o
ie Daryl Spepcer. Monte Irvin's just turned 20 years old last Sat- zrlmggin a comparative new- C.oL Taylor vsl V J l id v
bat hasn't spoken with much urday, scored the big eat victory r to the Isathmus, this week- C Sataho V e:0Rt 3
LeagUe authority yet, but on the bright- of his career last night when he .oe to. th. Keiitht mas i Ithis wee- t1 ,
er side alline Larry Jansen is in battered Corky Gonzales of Den- shot a 73 Iv-""n the q4uall- Bob ei"M a .. Lowry :
shape and Sal Maglie Is getting ver. Colo., to the floor three Driggins. hot a73Ind Thie l will ob Me thft e .. .L .
tyIng rounds, and Thlel will have .it
-- sharp times to win a lop-sized 10-round to have all of his trlck working Nell Clarl v h 1
i EMEN'S INSURANCE ICES Pittsburgh Pirates-they'll win decision at Brooklyn's eastern to hae all o his.D0aW tricks at N Sl 04
FIRST PLACE-ELKS SECOND a few, often when least expect- Parkway Arena. tohnn get by M. acMurra hd toS en O der_ at
IN PACIFIC SOFTBALL LOOP ed. Youngsters like Danny 0'. Gonzales who had won four hursp TyJa Dagoe or at 7
SECOND HALF ,Connell are giving the Bucs straight, had gone into the ring n holes to d matchpose of Tony J an-o J. 4r4a t -MI a
*EAM STANDINGS-2ND HALF.some extra long-ball punch to ranked as the No. 6 feather- kus in the st match of the oo. NoT va .j. oug a er
Team Won Lost Pet., accompany the Ralph Kiner weight contender by the Nation- Otbb dropp a rto lr
Firemen's Ins. ... 14 1 .933 threat. Good pitching can beat al Boxing Association. He also ea O rI thu d0 1n faiot SM as
lks ............ 9 4 .892 them but You can't throw weak was a slight favorite at 7-5 and |a I aae ffl let U he i t I r Ma
..... 5 8 .385 .sisters at them every day. had a slight weight advantage ia l r. up frs t at t-4
..... ..,... 4 I t .267 at 129 pounds to Perez' 126-1j. BIt tB se alts Is tt o to t eas.".b If --ha tee_

.ER R 'Tks.214 Toronto Club La Boca Senior So, Also, Are The Bal Players "' "" ""
U eiremen's Insurance6., Elk. 4].
TODAY'S GAME AR- 7R.441- 1. ysm.- 1,.
. CAA vsPan Liquido oi wner Tr Ain Softh all League '
Don Bowen's Firemen's Insur-, 11 lly 3oIIDaII L @yUo warn, oniy a so-rn a
tacemen a oiled Bob Coffey's LOUISVI (NA) PAL RICHARDL WA .ea V t 'S S
lclka In the s to te ndhalfor firyester- t S-Joe Bedenk po utthat 13 BOy Wonder of Wif ... -"-___
hlace in the se ond half yester- i uy B irowns First Hal SStandings members of iPennsylvania TX. Harry Dorish lives at ON ... 19- tl
i wht end of a six tohe Elks were l on the W L t. State c llege baseba squad mas aBle, Pa. E 'trwil.
ot end o s fde Optica Sosa 1 0 1.000 t culatedi from sall towns, an Iun, but gro w .th ) ...
e Firemen's took a three run TOBONTO, April 28 (UP) Weesa Trk oop 0 0 alue hest outof w populateon x t otTho a -tLK 1 eraSro,.V a
d nthe rst and m elde it The president of the .Toronto Norge 0 0 000 "If ornaied bbaall,. as some PA. Wit i the Mooss Me"t" ...
hot the game e ve Maple Leaf baseball club dis- Canada ry 0 0 000 alarmi wall, is at the cross- Mbo~p -.. Theb
Sthe Elks threatened closed today that for three I Spur Cola 0 0 000 roads In its struggle for .survi* maps wven Billy Hite ack of lto b i
S in the bottom of the months he has been discussing I Albrook Flyers 0 1 000 val," Coach Bedenk "o, theiaei said be resided 10
i tvnih when they chalked up[ with the St. Loals Browns the Ialo, are the ball plye. "e A |. o "
rns on orehase of that American NEXT GA'MES That hap always blen the sto-I oth e
d base. ae team. Wednesday: 5 p.m. ry. They row 'em bigger end Johnnyl ofthe Red
k's errors in the seventh Leafs President Jack Kent Wlest Bank v Canada D better in the country. A sky- t l '
to heal the wounds caus-, Cooke said he could buy the .Friday: scraper background is not con- 1111Nis1. s-peaksot
by mirs-plays on the part of Browns' franchise if he wins pu Cola vducive Norge throwing and getting around the tin u i ale s dwl. Weo We
Elks in the first frame. With his fight to increase the seat- Monday: throwing and getting aro0, I.t r.t -Id .---o.
man on as a result of a base ing apality at Maple Leaf Special Troops vs Canada Dry bases. lend th t I
slappedea hotrsliner to Dick Cooke aid he has been talk- AlTrook Flyers vs Spur Cola bulging be In lea e oa "-.are t i
b e t w e e n f i r s t a n d s e c o n d .Ming w i t h B r o w n s V iJc e P r es -om i n essa ioem erse ,e n.tala tgCo
k knocked the ball down and ident Bill Dewitt, but he de- Optica Se 7, Albrook Flyers 7 Allme o ame out o tee
to seconred bto cut iead off the lrow-ead thined to reveal the detalli of Optica Sosa. defending chain- Bethan Okla. .Johany Mie is form ata O
Ss eond to cut off the lead the n- decision over and olDs
he chose to outrun Hllzinger Cooke has beeu attempting r a 7- de on over and o1 Dealst. Gw., bar. Ia Mekol .li
tbut to ebo k Flyers in the opener Of ren Babe ,*10 aM o
first for the .eoond out b thave the Toronto Hror the 1953 season of the La Boca lure as the Yapkees' third ba-
Peond. p Leaf Stadhim. increase An overflow crowd of 1500 ,meat) s n1Oilmem nT. -
Jones c t nthr ugh with t he number of seats. ReenUy cheered when Rear Admiral A- h .be
endo said he has been attempt- bert Bledsoe, USN. Commandant n GrySalef the r4n .mr "' .
or at second and Jimmy Pes-i nlug to buy the stadium iron of the 15th Naval District, throw WmeA
doubled with a bounder ovr the on as the "only out the inaugural pitch. er Vinegar Mnd, Ala. Stanley .
shortstop's head to scorethe way" to increase the capacity. Sidney Tudor, last ye a r' s Musal is the ,r t thing inah t, br i" ".
an infield fly which both 3rd d president says he champion hurler, twirled a neat baseball way t ever camsLe7a.0 1o .le ,i
man Dedeaux and rhortstoo Commission, but Commilioner to Fitz Roberts who reeled off a o-! Door, a,. iio slkt- '
t watched drop to mark upf George A. Wilson said Cooke trio ct sensational catches in Red Bird's new outfieler, ragle illn
Third tally. Stock flew ot to "has never made a confirmed centerfield to stifle dangerous ters from Sauk Rapidl ,, ." ... And
to end the raloe in the offer of any kind and we'll sit rallies by the FlyerI. ."
d. one inrthe xtho e and foh back and uait until he does." Eddie Puesey, homerun king, BROKiN 3OW, OELA., t" r- '"..
othe seventh h a yielded hie scepter for a tower- out a durable one in -
Ea g four-master to right field. cheen. The Browns' ll"n t
eseeT. the l ayoff AlongT Sidney Tudor aided his own ney took his firt briih
Monday. May 4. between the ---- cause with a roundtripper. Summit, La; PUDZU
s and CAA UI be played GAMBOA GOLF CLUB contested than the score would V k ,ougto
e Ma. 5. I DI Y Dlnbctate. The hustling Albrook Hunte?.
The box score The Gamboa Golf Club and _I-, a host of fans with Ash Ijpt, Ark., hardly pen I
Ftremen's InsuranBe HR on.oAr an 18 hole blind bogey Preacher Roe.
AB H R Golh Tournament for lady mem- FLYUS found Carl Ftarill St
cy. rmuf -s 2 3 ri *0 bers of the Gambos Club on' A u n Creek Miljs, P TesarkjtlD
euet a nesda-, 6th May. 1953. prizes' Reynard, ef 3 0 0 turned ever o Mat wU. I
nge,. p .. 4 1 1 ~'wil 10e awarded on Sunday, 10th Cain rf-p E 0 0 Adcock was born at
es. cf- .......4 1 May. 1953. final day of play in Willet, 1b 2 0 1 Va. Andy Paiko was
d, 2 ........... 4 2 1 the PA.A. ilsthmian Amateur. Taucherman, It 4 0 0 er home when the
nk" 2bli..... .. I 0 0 play 3 or 4 ball matches, official Vogenreter_. a 0 d0 1 da W y k
--0 0 leap allowance. U B.G.A. Rules as Emock, p-rf 2 0 1 Elkader, Ia. Nob P "- .i
---- amended for local play to apply., .orris, 1 0. Iowa Farm 3oy of bAIL
ta, Elk 8 8 6 Score cards to be signed and at-. Dale Mitchell t ruek
Bn Ite hg and Low handicapers "lrakses cattle. around

3 0 ,iil have an equal chance.The OP CA ,s o It goe, out 11 t6
H. cf 4 1 0 manner of scoring will be secret AB. uncut, *kwhe, @ --,lt
lb 2 0 0 until completion of play. Magdalena, b-d 2 0 0 ens and kids gr
P. lb............ I I HI s s arquar.nn. rf1 I S0
...l ...........U3lb1,1..
.. .. '2 O 0' H s N a m e I s R avue au. lb 2 1 1 1 oA d lfl..a.AV.
,rt .............3 Poe c 2 1 1I .
S ............. Not Cricket Pnne. .I 1 o 00 othe.
t, ............ 2 0 2 d o o .
P.............1 0 0 FIJI ISLANDS. April 28 (NEAi Joseph, 3b-c 2 1010stan.BMe
..............10 0 -There s a cricket player in the Rober, C e 3 1 2 V TilOen,
Islands who'd better change hi Gill "0. ft 3 1 1.!
S r.... .. ... 3 4na me. if wants to play in Tudor, 1 3 1 2_
out for Cheneynin match competition.
Tennis umpires. Who handleI 's oo
cricket, say his last handle Isn't." sh owed
LSCEK KBy INNINGS His name: Joe Talebulain, iloc .O lend t .
IM 300 100 2- kenamainavalen lvakabulaim- Albok r 000 001 0-1
001 001 2-4 akulalakebaoptc 00


SI .-'' .

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,*-. ... ,- ;; .,*'
, .-. .^ o --.. ,

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o-w ,-... .
.-_. ^:*t.-_ ,_.

''4'~ T'~

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;'ay T- &".r ?* ^" -.
K -#~~RPM


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. .* .

No Horseo..ns

SSwifter Tan

S^^j-S i..o |n ne Ut
n N O .. .
crI I oi B ue Gras

LeagSe '11 LOUISVL', .Apr1 28,-- ut
av plly 111 133 1 7 380

Sret Ardap 145 14I 14M when they la Ntehtlte Dasce8

dll re* e g t aely buat-ni as a super colt s
fuh t t Laway the Kent ky
Sugiame of tU. uw Ford With Udl rrc a 2
srice 149 1 1 20 432 h

ie a l7 145 148 5Q Guerin l written guarantee that

rq lall 1 145 146 14 UT ao
press !avs w.i lta wh Buhir belt,

Aree e w Cart0 Vi 0
t r13 In at aw .t.the fa en U

n08. Ic':~a pnS 1n 6I1 16 1k 4 sus a O ata runt
thres m ai slo a ktrse 148 13 180 427 la I ohna frO
miere oo t ler e B T 145h 157 113 3 o B rn ne
poran c Bin dn 139 ss 13 at l ou n te orshe r nt

rotise9. 97 97entaesa n haeh w l h
to Ptake., "Evey 1 0an a 11 S1o1 Ili 38 1n and with tore ___h_ to th e bead oe
Bug Toe atals ams l SU J IM 'a -

trre l atthe p tn O ea,,.. t Ad tho wt o, ..

highlight of c Alfredo an Jr 4 1 Ome' G T irtl awof frlt0 eaadd favorites in the Derby.
the sai C 14 146 Ins 443e Oa v Ia d Rot. ,7 0

,r VCie 2 3 N'aiv the s ,spi;at an bu r
o ni Ewlr l0 1 100 t4I M 4t f a.h d nu be. ahets
n.oWn Q o 1T m i 1d 15 .a..r.- 10' 43 I for e

n abi~bM akd H Timr so o re-d Sa Fr ant oe h
lI this3 180 l aue 17 a 1 9 135 4 a7 o 0 aeM 11 proeabl f ie d q t@ .
1ers 201, 1iao milee L3a g 160 1 8 1 41 rae -at. l W
cr itheniwi ,bo- -. *._,i.-. Handicap 97s io iou r Bu .,t TIr il ld Pay 7 At IFo m, hd

ageL for the Wm- wa ih Ttheal. g a thaaM oanPtr u Wo la t G .
i n tiiias %W v8 s m W., 46_. 4, 1.00. 1.1, 1J4, 3 DADY G' IoN

Carta Via, with on 7 eepneadtrack reogo fr aOT a o C.. -
r ae .a th, NEW YO ,ore chicka hadn't botee to

t hreeail tfro a o Ma.o u ntu. 11 .. .- 7 Bto Native Dusit' w tmucurc il more l-
the r2t no teh t0s .t,.
e bh aa .oet 1 theret5a d f- T
dividol uug .i," u wt 1i 11 5 WS5n s. wp. mm wr

2.ER5 55teen fentdl totbe cae outre th
nr colt_.' ...... -11~-o-to" umb e o e pat

S5 .. e .m. .i al o iuen li ra-

bMd Iaud = k a frola
taure. annr r._ 13 c9 139t he L1B woaLr r cr apsm hera. fied. af pai. tie .ie Hel hnA a been,
cmin l o a i colt" o*bR T me bt th shon o e bo2a rd.f

s .i-.m marld N'Te i et to, a igtn F

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forithe A14 Hw a 10e 0 01 awfo"O Ner dty.s rw iwet Stf Pbetna
Igilong? We17 It wa.s tama o t Bw T.e 1
Kunke!, tha O' 8 ,4 46" 5 t y GRAYSON-"p
lVt 11-1 omet mar tha 9, n -0' b
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,th t oL.,er-t ,- ... 1. tha 4. 13 .tv D' -. a CDo,'r
3.vo2red traiLght Face, wnl er oit e a t e doh
Ie = Fami' bW .- s a e te t a l .j'. eI ,.
indviua A -- i.t 333 D at or- d m e..bTI
g eW 1 s.. o2 4 a1 rM 2.k C aow n ad a w.
w ., AmZ't o1 -. fm
fin 635Th mo.-d". Rs nc Heayn taal n stmp Ia t--* Tu.rf p'aid a. ....

formIss t., 1r Tota ls SOot 3H *
MCI*^u? X n v A V ted rbecpdWMauoters
front .I. I-. s.... ... O N :t I. ) rt-a t t In., .saeld hMe wougl haiv
1l 1Bai ti t be am le asad, an lc .' nat
toAt khn Man ",s-,- byeho tod "im. ac Nn"e" .,... 'N O T I

su il trai ht Faceh Os no excuNetlie f. l i an Phalanx we
Kuna'Mr.1.V. e *.. the' respond he sL *y races. weo ut -Y wc wait'
htudelok'r 1 = 161 fred an esrilet U." 4t Keene- whet ofe m-a0 t If e
High &. nai, 2 3 1Am-90 t Mt approzimat- Y otnora ur

Ara ch m 2 Sm _o.u tha tire Dancer d Donwth ahn o hade been beate In thea
el .. lu to came frS u and after bi rng nn th p Derby, um
anreted Couta a mile, as givw atu a raii idea. brd
long?~, W 4 it was O' -w o dS A "
S.w as ttatio s 66 ecep'
LAAe P t. '- -rbj u enough td,, Laoe

t 1W1 M 1 .00 the Ihrnto4 by uw an a
*9p tile. daito. se a, aao

A. V I I W D
L m,.o R .
TaLn, htO, ..a. 0 t4e t' -

id teomne Ilasr i w sow Xu
ti a Af all al ,- to M2Toinsur
_.-, 2 1Oer4 M A .ondt nadli. -thrtr. e
Iab Ill atd5tnce
AcM.:s. V161,6 00*d.fmweuit isr a4OG
IVitIItt11 5 wthi ut foramule anhey
,ij 3A11'T3hK Bull.NOT11
Corl rerpodm 90 ., R1lattVf and. Canada Drr
Copn bd am ays tagt advanced





Justo Arosemena Ave. & 26th St.

Tel.: Panama 2-0810




4. 4




Day, May 1st (Panama's Labor

Plants will remain closed.

delivery, orders for beer and

y Products should be placed

,I' Ini eld 4a b nd t*dright. 5. ".
Onet hf ant of ww mo___y._-I______

.... ..... ..... ....
dayP-, p .. -
: ~ *Lr I

* g --" :-


I lVn ,t IAU'I'AI J I I




A.- T'-AL -I NG., .

S, .-- %

iii, eiii


,t" .


Toron to



To -'

0 1

S ,* .". ,

i b. .
:'^.i i"*'


Sinclair Weeks:

Peace Will Bring

'Some Downturns'

- Commerce Secretary Sinclair
Weeks told businessmen today
that It peace comes they can ex-
pect "some downturns in certain
business lines but "no old-fash-
'aaI ina '~f "

Addressing the U.S. Cham-
ber of Commerce, Weeks said
"we must not lower our guard"
while exploring Soviet peace
feelers. But he added that re-
cent Russian gestures "seem to
hint that Moscow may react
more favorably to President
Eisenhower's practical pro-
gram for permanent peace."

alf p, r h

P an

"Let the people know t e truth and the country is safe" Airaam Lincoln.
| il I | li ~ llI I I I i "]rawi avI w


PANAMA. R. P.. TUESDAY. APmI 38, 1953 < <

Communists Overrun Ouposts

Guarding Capital Of Laos

The secretary gave this esti-
there should be peace: (UP) Communist-led Viet-
"Stock market fluctuations rminh armies have o v e r r u n
of course. French positions northeast of
"Adjustments during transi- Luang Prabang and today push-
tions following later reductions ed spearheads within 12 miles
in defense spending sure. of the Laos royal capital.
"Some downturns in business A French command spokes-
activity in specific lines after man said today the battle for
over-stimulation ends yes. Luang Prabang might start
"But no old-fashioned depres- "within two days if not earli-
Weeks promised that the ad- Yesterday advance elements of
ministration "will not sit twirl-I the two Communist columns
Ing its thumbs if at some faroff marching on Luang Prabang
date it should be confronted by were at Sop VI, 30 miles to the
a sizeable economic emergency." west.
But he told businessmen they Today Communist spearheads
have "no grounds for assumption were spotted around the outer
of a post-Korean economic defense perimeter of the capital,
slump." 12 miles away.
Especially Is this true, he said, The rebel Vietminh Radio
if businessmen lay plans now to proclaimed a new Communist
expand old markets and develop government for the kingdom of
new ones in anticipation of de- Laos yesterday.
lense spending cutbacks. The Communists who have
Weeks said "one of the overran half the kingdom -
grea t stimulants" to future about twice the size of Penn-
production in event of peace sylvania-in two weeks named
weuld be "a new war on world Souphanon Vong as "lres-
S nerty" as proposed by Pres- ident." He is a former nation-
tiOsenhower in his recent list dissident who fled to
"total peace" speech to the Communist territory in 1950.
American Society of News- The Communist invaders, fol-
paper Editors. lowing the routes used by the
Weeks said the only economic Japanese in World War II.
"troubles" that might arise from moved down small tributaries of
peace would stem from an "un- the Mekong River toward Luang
necessary fear psychology in the Prabang.
spending public" or from bust- Prince Savang. son of aged,
ness efforts to prevent cuts in gout-crippled King Sisavang
the federal budget." Vong. called urgently today for
__U_______ united States material aid for
Cia. Martinz his state.
"We are not asking for armed
Gets Canal Zone assistance troops,' but we as
for the means to defend our-
Topsoil Contract selves," he said.
"It Is from this point on that

A contract to furnish 25,200
s cubic yards of topsoil for new
S housing construction areas has
been awarded to Compaiia Mar-
tinz, S. A.. of Panama, Col. Craig
Smyser. Engineering and Cons-
truction director, contracting
officer for the Canal, announced
| The contract provides for the
delivery of 23,000 cubic yards of
topsoil to the Corozal townsite
now under development, and
2,200 cubic yards to the Morgan
Avenue constructionstruction area in
S Balboa.
Bids for this contract were
opened at Balboa Heights last
week and Martinz entered a low
bid of $26.908. It was one of three
,bids received.
The contract calls for the
S hauling of the topsoil to the new
construction areas from a low-
lying area near Summit.


She's pretty enough-but offen-
sive underarm odour makes
her popularity rating zero.' She
should realize that everyone-
every man and woman-per.
spires ... and that stale perspi.
ration gives off an unpleasant.
tell-tale odour she doesn't
notice, but others will! Fur.
thermore, it soils and spoils
your clothes.
A daily bath isn't enough.
Talcum powder isn't enough.
Perfume isn't enough. Smart
women now use ODO-RO-NO.
the safe deodorant nd anti-
perspirant that insures com-
plete underarm protection for
-a fl 24 hours.
Make ODO-RO-NO your
" aice daily habit! N
*frf'- t-

D "

ferred with Gen. Raoul Salan, had reviewed his troops on the lporked French s rm said
French Far East commander-in- fighting front.- th self-aty l W he
chief. Souphanou Vong set up his leader Au a smat rp oftnti-
The Vietminh Radio said the rebel "free" government in 1950 French nationalist un
"resistance 'government of Laos" and then fled with it to north- til he fled into Vetmsnph.ter-
was the "sole legal government" ern Vietnam.' Little was heard ritory .
of the invaded Indochina state of it until yesterday's Com- o p Ia bb i *ad *'ad-
and that the new "president" miunist broadcast. 0W0 Ie" no doubt aboUt his
6 alliknee with the Com-
0 munlets. -

'A Major Invasion' -- Adlal

CALCUTTA, April 28 (UP). Democrati leader Adlal'
Stevenson said today that the situation In invaded Laos "Is
obviously a fresh Commuhist threat to the peace ot South-
east Asia."
"It is a major invasion of an independent country,"
Stevenson said on his arrival from Brwm for a 17-,4y tear
of India.
He described the situation in Korea as better ead said
"an armistice may be signed but I do not know whoe,".

Ike Orders Tough New Check

On All Government Employs

-President Eisenhower yester-
day set up a tough, new loyalty-
security program designed to rid
the government of homosexuals,
alcoholics and "blabbermouths"
as well as employes deemed sub-
versive and disloyal.
He signed an executive order,
effective within 30 days, which a-
bolished the Truman administra-
tion loyalty program and ordered
new security checks for all gov-
errnment workers.

the need for an Increase In ma- It will oust any employee who
trial and arms aid makes itself might "act contrary to the best
felt." interests of national security."
Prince Savang met with the Like the old program, the new
press here shortly after he con- one is aimed primarily at remov-
ing disloyal persons. But it also
g ives the government broad
US Citizen uroup powers to dismiss employes judg-
ed "Dot reliable or trustworthy"
Sets Up Slate eveniothough their loyalty is not
The new order was made pub-
For May 30 VA 01 lc after Atty. Gen. Herbert
a 3 0 V ote 'Brownell Jr. discussed It with
Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R-
Wis.) and other members of Con-
The United States Citizens As- gress who have been interested
sociation, Canal Zone voted last especially In government loyalty.I
night to,hold a special meeting The administration set forth

by May 30 to elect its Board or
The bylaws of the Association
provide that the election of di-
rectors shall be held on Tuesday
following the first Monday of
each year. However, because of
the short time between now and
November. the Association voted
that one-half of those elected
next month will serve until No-
vember 1954 with the other one-
half holding office until Novem-
ber 1955 when the regular an-
nual elections will commence.
Each U S -rate town in the Ca-
nal Zone is entitled to elect one
director for each 150 residents in
that town. All employes of the
Canal Zone Government and
Panama Canal Company and
their dependents over 18 years of
age residing with them are eligi-
ble to vote In the election of the
Board of Directors and to be a
candidate for election to the

Chairman Loveladv nominated
Sam Roe. Jr. as Chairman'of the
Election Committee to formulate
procedures for holding the elec-
tion Townsite chairmen named
at last night's meeting were:
Sam Roe Jr. for Ancon and Bal-
boa Heights: Mrs Betty Malone.
Gamboa; J. P Boukalls, Balboa;
Charles Hammond and R. F.
Hesch. Pedro Miguel; and George
Marcum for Gatun Chairmen
for Diablo. Old and New Cristo-
bal and Margarlta will be nom-
inated later this week,
Anyone who wishes to nomin-
ate officers may contact Sam
Roe. Jr. at Balboa 1406.

The reason we never hear of
self-mode women is that women
seldom take the blame for any-
hfing. 0*U1"

Maple Trees Win

Slay Of Execution

In Town Duslup
OREENWHICH, Conn., April 28
(UP) Tree Warden Joseph A.
Dietrich ordered today that the
woodman touch not a single
bough of two stately maple trees
which were found Innocent last
night of being safety hazards.
The 70-year-old sugar maples
got a new lease on life after a
formal trial in the Greenwhich
town hall. Citizens who thought
the trees should be chopped
down to clear a sidewalk lost
their case. *
Dietrich, who sat as judge and
jury at the trial held under an
old Connecticut law, ruled that
the trees did not constitute "an
Immediate danger or hazard."
But he pointed out the trees
might have to be removed any-
way if they are found to be in
the path of a new super high-
way to be built soon through

Edward Pierson
Dies In Florida;
Retired PC In '39

several factors to be considered
in determining Whether a.&l em--
ploye is a loyalty or security risk.
In addition to association with
subversive groups and other dis-
loyal activities, or associations
which tend to show that the in-
dividual sla not reliable or trust-
"Any deliberate misrepresenta-
tions, faelifcations, omission
of material facts.
"Any criminal, infamous, dis-
honest, or notoriously disgrace-
ful conduct, habitual use of In-
toxicants to excess, drug addic-
tion, or sexual perversion.
"An adjudication of insanity,
or treatment for serious mental
or. neurologiMal disorder without
satisfactory evidence of cure.
"Any facts which furnish rea-
son to believe the individual may
be subjected to coercion, Infle-
ence or pressure which may
cause him to act contrary to the
bet interest interest of the national e-
The President ordered the
head of each VBA. agency to use
those standards In setting upAe-
curity programs for his depart-
Unlike the old program vhkch
applied only to "sensitive" a en-
ies, the new one covers all fed-
eral employes.
It also abolished the present
Loyalty review Board after It
cleans un pending case.
Hereafter persons accused of
disloyalty or security breaches
can appeal only to the head of
the agency In which they work.

CZ Officials
'Have No Plans'
Today, about 14 hMur after
President Niwmntwer~
of the new olt
der was Pbg
PanamA a
100 "a 06 -
ploye-staff n n '
ero to meetthe n

action. hs nat
chaps until te
ed from ,
no more Vt
appeared In
A mu.tary
was the

Edward Pierson, who retired RVIm
from Canal service In 1939. died
Mondiv afternoon In St. Peters-
burg. Fla.. according to informa-
tlon received on the Isthmus. He -
was 76 years old.
He was employed for 25 years
In the Canal organization a U
planing mUil bAnd In the Me4v
anical Division.
He was born In Conshobocken,
Penn., and worked in PhUladel-
Dhia and Baltimore before coM.-
ing to the Isthmus in Marbch 1014
Mr. Pierson is survived by
wife, of St. Peter tWW-
daughters. Mrs. Bird W.
son of Cristobal, and Mn.
liam E. Hughes of art1, W
daughter-in-law, Mrs. enes
Pierson cf Balboa. ne son. Ue.
cell. of St. Petersbturg, two b
ers and a sister in Pennsylv
and six grandchtldrea.

"We have the support and
sympathy of the peopls of the
uar democracies, he said,
W of progreasve and pacilist
peo the whole world over."
T proclamation appeared
largely a propanda
that followedearler
of the communistts' dtern
tion to "liberate" Lao =at
neighboring Irdochina state of
Canal Ace ph .

School BaIdhIn
The bidof 133900 entered by
General Contractors O ,. a*.; for
the construction of an eluen-
tary shoo at bintowI C' will
be accept e it was naunce
today a the office of Cl. Crag
Smyser, engineering and con-
struction director, the contract
Ing officer.
The bid of General ontract-
ors was low among the ae lump
sum bids entered for .te: Wrtk.
The bids were e mad l Mtl-
day at tal Te e. .f .
The new Rainbow .0Ity school
will consist of two masonry
buildings dJcut t the Occu-
pational Hi$har w l.. Both will
Sone-stora sttUt Iof6 the
L e general dJtm tan i "e'ool
bluildin w n un conauc-
tlion atPralso and Mf rta.
The two new Ishool buildings
will be conneoted b, a coer
school T. n *be1o
I .fou0h12 aof the 'blb

Only Certain

In France*- P yleI"
In .P. *

PARIS, April 28 (UP) Polltl .'" Th
cal. observers agreed today the Oharle
French municipal elections help- Dp's A a
ed little to clarify the nation's bentt a
political ieture and that the n-
stability Which plagues the na-
tion will continue.
. Although almost complete seer
suit. of ,unday's first round of
voting will not be known until "pM
tonight the dominating factor of fraa' "
the vote Is that it aggravate the effo
divisions of the p tla in r
three clans of equal WrMg' -
left, center and right. of
As always, most )Mrtl6 today ty l
jlasues communiques claiming te
victory. e1
The Cosiunist Party an- deswl
nounced a two-point "n i o
program for Its eleto to th boi
e alliances with their TI e a
Shades during the run-oft ovet
May 3. InVole

|rmmf Bain'
La PooMv

Ply Ai Pimm

Beogih tomorrow nrd
mao Bona and I lpi

leas orchestra w pla
etel pum Panaa. onayL
through SafnrdiM tk wi ,
woni e onSundayr ne in t
p a t he iCo, fp pe
omus for the sunday uffet
ort's orchestra, .nwe I &

fecta's" engage It wll be'
a Ia ws eru"a Pereaat waa
peptly seleed the "Orchestra

he Year." .e Panu's ai-
tMwr ill remember ce ad

orhestrava ee althy y
niagly in thr hotel from Jte
until Sepe'a oro rp-
b c Harhon's Pop, Con-
cert presentedI the wal fou
was the featIed tphb p-
lots% and he -o ducted
te, 21 piate orchestra JA aome
fimngton nmnheqr
. non of a museian M, plays
many InStruESt6 but'b_ In-
orte Is the saxpWnse. 'U XV
fectels" engageet wwtM.brfo
a 13 week e ,a a

0the UAL air=*f

btune ==adse the deth 11
members 0 othe c'*W.
The VAL naval bu" .thort-
Ionm., Aboard the -W.
er juxed in the
yejnr~y hie-the flttoo


ara tbrt
to' o* the :,+moeaU.t

ft dslflet 43.d WTa
ofnI it wlhi tUilMT' Olu.
H IdtM.. wheree the col-
IM wora, bt
slMUmeswet olaw aote
Oa" t 4n cocnplieaie~dM

it 4mle otfblttemteMr. I
.I ;din a c .Omni

t .- ,u, .. of te. 1rt
n u tle .'. ,

ml and Me X. li

ala tog u alii



4". to
A "hlsl


!~ L. ~

neCCSU WJUB it areuverEL Iwuiw I D 1 uviuuia r nw i nunu. muow -
sae 'w .h vd u"" m O and. Pueto matbe tr
rect tady but gaP m bea the

IIk Seen" Ik' r

p& 0 n-~ or :..:e

TWPeati McCarran Ini gi .,: 00.f

^ ; .- I., -

It -.
ItJ has
9* 5
a-'.' *

< '.*. <
. .' *

"'""f'~'~`~ '~~` -~--~~-~-~-' ~~-~-- ~ r --






lOftY t



I M.



sFF Iw

Full Text
W CarJl JCo,
&. 17, >&tlo* PL** &ha 3521
Volunteer worker of the Dia-
blo district of the Summer Re-
creation Program will meet
Wednesday morning at 0:00 in
the Diablo Girl Scout House.
their bridal party, at their recent wedding reception in the Fern
Room of the Hotel Tivoll held following a ceremony in the
, Chapel at Fort Amador. Left to right are, Mr. William Le Brun,
Mr. Frank Cain, Mrs. Weldoff, the former Ruthe Lenore Ross,
Mr. Weidoff, Miss Margaret Anne Cosgrove and Mr. Hugh
Maloney, Jr.
The Ambassador of the United States to Panama, Johi
Cooper Wiley and Mrs. Wiley wire basts for a tea giren yes-
terday afternoon at the Embassy residence on La Cresta in
honor of .Tisitlng Metro-Gotdwyn-Mayer stars, Pier Angel,
Debbie Reynolds and Carleton Carpenter, whs arriTed Sunday
from South America on the MGM-Branift Star Tonr.
Retirement Party Honors
MR. E. R. Japs
The Superintendent of Store-
houses, .K. R. Japs and Mrs.
Japs wet-e the guests of honor
at a buffet supper dance given
Mr. and Mrs. Kegler Lost*
For New York
Mr. and Mrs. George Kegler
of New York, who have been
visiting on the Isthmus for the
past five days as guests at the
recently by trie- employes of Hotel El Panania, left by plane
the Storehouse Division and Oil I for Miami, Florida.
Handling Plants at the Arrny-l -
Navy Club at Fort Amador.; College Club Tea And
Approximately one hundred Rasiness Meeting
and fifty co-workers and other
friends attended.
As a gift from those attend
The Canal Zone College Club
will hold a tea and business
meeting at the USO-JWB on
lng Mri Japs was presented Monday, May 4, at, 4:00 p.m.
personalised Hamilton
with a .
pocket watch and Mrs. Japs
with a Royal Doulton figurine,
Mr. Japs retires from the
Panama Canal Company service
on. April 30, and he *nd Mrs.
Japs plan to sail May 1 ahoard
States, after having lived on the
Isthmus for thirty six years.
They will tour the States for
several months visiting friends
and relatives before making
The annual election of officers
will be held at this meeting.
Lieutenant W. D. Dolan, Chief
of Civil Defense, will be the guest
Couales Club' Meeting
The Couples Club of the Bal-
boa Union Church will hold its
the S.S. Cristobal for the United regular monthly pot luck sup-
per meeting this evening at 6:30
in the Church Parlors. Special
guests will be Lieutenant W. D.
Dolan, Chief of Civil Defense,
the guest speaker; and the Ca-
Written fot NfcA lie. vice
Bingo At Clayton N.C.O. Club
Te Fort Clayton N.C.O. Wives
Club will sponsor a Clubhouse
bingo at the N.C.O. Club on
Wenesday at 8:00 p.m. Cash
prizes will be awarded and the
public U cordially invited to
Panama Federation To Meet
At Pedro Miguel
The semi-annual meeting of
the Panama Federation for
Christian Service will be held
on Thursday at Pedro Miguel,
with the Pedro Miguel Union
Church, the Gamboa Union
Church and the Curundu Prot-
estant Church serving as co-
hosts to approximately one
hundred Protestant Church-
women Delegates from all parts
of the Isthmus.
The session will open with
coffee from :8i5 to 8:40. The
Worship- Service will begin at
4 J 10 6 3
.1 8 3
A "
a/.Q 0 5 J
* ;:--.-
4> 10 5-1.2
v.; if i
? <-:..
A S fi .
SOUTH (*)-
* AK.7 4
+ QJ3
Both sides vul.
West North
Pass SN.T.
Past 4 4)
Pats 5*
Pass Pas
Opening lead* 2
Press Club Honors
Prominent Women
The American Nurss In Korea1
will be honored as "The Wom-
an of the Year" by the Women's
National Press Club here on.
May 2.
On behalf of all nurses serv-
She Is fAe author o/ "A Man
Calle dPeter," -Mr. Jones,
Meet Your Master," "God in
Love," and edited a collection
of her husband's sermons.
The first-named book has
"How should this hand be
8i4? a^m. at which time Officersj played/' asks a New York cor-| retary ot Defense as a salutji women members of the working
~ll U.S. Army, Navy, and **** i
lng in Korea, Lieut. Mildred L.'been on the nation's "test-sell-
Rush will accept the award. Aner" list for nearly two years.
Army nurse anaestshetiat, Lt.| Mrs. WiWer's award is in rec-j
Rush was selected to receive thcognition of her discovery during!
citation because of her outstand-,lhe past year of the cause of a
lng record with the United Na-,widespread eye disease. Her
tkms Forces in Korea. She vol-1 identification of a minute para-|
unteered for 15 months duty!site called toxoplasma has been
with mobile surgical hospitals,called one of the most stgnill-!
serving units close to the lront cant discoveries in the field of
lines. ocular diseases in the past 50
The award citation pays trlb-1 years,
ute to the American nurse for! Chief of the ophthalmic path-
"her devotion to the sick and ology section of the U. 8. Armed
wounded, with attendant long Forces Institute of Pathology,
hours, grave responsibilities, andiMrs. Wilder is recognized as an:
tor her unselfish acceptance of outstanding pathologist al-
discomfort and rigorous living;though she has no formal sci-i
conditions." ence education and never at-
I tended colleae
tntthW.aLZe.nUtal^ h,Upl%ced L6 Women's National Press'
2r e fflnS* tk* US S,ect' Club was funded In 1919 for
retarv o Detente as a talut- i,".-------a_ _- ., ".."
to a

lllotker's CDc
Service men will find the
largest selection of
te Cairel Theatre
Air Fore nurses.
A native of New Hampshire,
press. The club provides proles-'
sional and social contact for'!
women writers.
and Delegates reports will be respondent.
heard. The Program Committee! -i won the opening club lead
will present the Reverend Ray-with dummy's king, and imme-
mond A. Gray of Gamboa as diately-drew two rounds of .. -- ~-h~-
soloist; Mrs. John M. Brown of trump with the ace and king. I K"8" iSSedutne,Armv NuIse, Uflll r i
Margarita will be Chairman for When I discovered the bad^orP ln-"SO.Herr il ^ W| Ijam Fullman
the panel discussion on "Cltl-! trump break, I decided that It?*tl(Lw" Fort a& Hous-, HIHMII I Ul.ll.dll,
zenship Our Christian Concern."
Panel members will be the Rev-
erend Charles O. Butler of Pan-
ama City; Dr. Dorothy Moody
of Ancon; Mrs. R. G. Rennle
of Balboa; and Mrs. Charles
Whltaker of Colon. Budget Com-
mittee reports and the election
and installation of officers for
the coming year will complete
the session.
Lunch will be served at 11:30
Mrs. Plurner To Entertain
Mrs. Albert Plumer, 511-C
Shonts Street, Diablo will be
needed a good break in
monds to make the contract.
"Acting on this assumption, I
led the ace of diamonds. West
dia-fn'Jexa8-8he was assigned to ..
iM? SCommand ln sep Ex-Panama Canal
Four other outstanding Amer- e
lESaS Succumbs
of spades and naturally made'^h r rrs? tsss Club!
his queen of spades later on. ijgEL ph ^ Treaaurer
was therefore set one trick. |riited fifi.,-
"I feel sure that the hand can .n'l,( ,S^!'( J?'5? Ma,d *"" "^"v 01 tne isinmua lor more
be made somehow or other, but;^'"' JgfLrlnted 1Americ.a ,in- lh,?n 45 years, died yesterday
I cannot see either the method'!Ma?haii a?S -L wathelue afternon at Gorgas Hospital. He
or the reasoning which would M^Lf **? He- was 80 years old.
discover such a method. Would rZ?}?le}.'..Wo^ef scientist. Mr. Fullman, a native of Eng-
Ivy: William Fullman, retired Pan-
trick, i PKL 5SSSh- Ti? 1?r. ^Jft' 2. C.anal emPly* and a resl-
land can i.Lt,ed.?tat*8'. Mls? Maria Tall-dent of the isthmus for more
New Arrivals
Long Evening and Ballerina
for young girls!
5, 39th Street Vista M Mar
an expert know bow?"

Yes, an expert would make
S2S2 ? Jr.^Tr. e thi'tnis contract without any trou-
SLTitir.e^^^b^'!I JO" haven't already decided'
Woman's Club at her home on
Wednesday morning at 10:00.
belia honT/^J^' t/s/J*8'!land."was a naturaltoed citizen
verauaa^na VhJL?.?art-in 'of tne Vniu* 8tates- He came to
ber o AmlriL r0es nvm' the Isthmus during the early Ca-
rZoritopeto theZ?t na" i' .instruction period, behig
i the past na- \ employed as a plumber in 1905
tional elections.
less than two months after the
h you naven i aireaay aeciaea mini.itir' / _u u ,eas lnan lwo montns alter the
how to play this hand, try it be- came interJ^stpd n T k" : Unlted at&tes government began
fore reading on. The correct play ^se from S25ne^.SSilcf' le'the Canal wor^-
.at the second trick is a lufi. ffl ^As^sS Kman^of
.1(^he1" iS ^f "S ft ?" in' the NtioTa? RepubUcan rnmf He waa employed throughout
either hand, or in both hands, mlttee ami head of fu women^ m08t of the Canal construction
your best course is U count win-,division. women sl work and until his retirement in
nff o^,?id .f I08*.?** Ln **lial Miss Tallchlef Is a memh*r nf Octol>er 13- Most of hUservice,
their permanM
nH"Florida. *
git home in Mi- nftl Zone flarbershop Quartet.
Morning Guild Meeting
Friday ^^
The Morning Guild of the
Cathedral of gt. Luke, Ancon
'Ig hold its. reguiar mon44iy
Visit Veraguas Province
His Excellency, the President
of the Republic of Panama, Jose
Antonio Jjenjen-^nd Mrs. Re-
mon aeoittpaniH by members meeting Friday morning at 9:30
Si fte OAtoSt and ot&r high I at the home of Mrs. W. F. Rob-
Government officials and their|toson 5182-A Parsons Street,
wives left Sunday morning for,Diablo. An election of officers
Veraguas Province to make a will be held,
short official^ | ^^ ^ ^ ^
Visitors At Saa Bias Istandn 'S,nai'ge10i ^e discussion "The
Rear Admiral Albert M. Bled-,Beginning of the Chureh."
so? S N Commandant of TransportaUon will be avail-
the fifteenth Naval District, able from the Bishop Morris
and Mrs. Bledsoe and their ail at 9.15, a.m.
daughter, Susan, were visitors -
on the San Bias Islands daring, San Bias Islands Excursion
the week end. 4 r e Inter-American Women's
______ ;pub will sponsor an excursion
Ramdeen-Irving Marriage < 'heSan Bias Islands on
Solemnised Sunday i*'uIdV. May f Those mem-
The marriage- Miss Selma.ben planning to attend will
Teresa Ramdeen. daughter of leave Tocwnen airport by Copa
Mr and Mrs. F. A. Ramdeen of P'ane at 7:00 a.m. and return
Panama City, and Mrs. Stuart to Panama that evening. Only
G Irving, son of Mr. and Mrs.,thirty may make te trip and
Andrew O. Irving of Ontario, I reservations must be made as
Canada, was solemnized on Sun-;soon as possible. The fare is
day morning at 7:30 in the teen dollars per person.
Cristo Rey Church in Vista del
The bride was attended by
Miss Olida Nuea, Mies Irma VI-
Meetlng Of Balboa
Rebekah Club
The Balboa Rebekah Club will
Funeral Services
Tomorrow For Late ners instes
M-ir in I case. South counts the
ilford Beecher ">?.wln four top cL^^ns a^i^n^wtth^i"^^^P^S-
4 ort^ dHm0ndS,rand tW^, ^P'New York City Center ballet for1 He had been U for a long time
Funeral services will be con- hearts He there^tore needs a the past 12 yeaTshe has? won and was a Patlent in Gorgas Hos-
ducted tomorrow afternoon at;ta oI'our trump^ tricks in or- many plaudits for r wrt to pltal for more than two years.!
Christ Church by-the-Sea for!der lo make sure of his contract, the recent upsurge of Interna-; H had made his home on Ama-
che late Mllford H. Beecher, who ..^.."fS^o-^h m,r^tr lo"al Interest In American 5- dA Road ln Balboa Prior to his
died suddenly in his garden at'P ,rlc,|[^f?^L_mus^Ui^i 1^t. 8h.e received widespread .admission to the hospital.
IsSuth ooksonlv for a^av toTet .'^ *T EuroP*an eriu",t. e is survived by a n .
" r, S. Oatun last week Friday. |jh ^ J^'fy {or awav to Hit'i" T EurPean critics st He is survived bf a nephew,
The services, to begin at 1 *S^^
p.m will be conducted by the; convenlentway tc^^n^"K W author honored by the ^? d'lKtorie Branch
ReM-eche',PremEwUl be'asS^uT^- V.^U^ c?. >.>. of the ill U.!of the Maintenance Division,
cremated at the Gorgas Memo-own hand,
rial Laboratory. He is survived by
ill be conducted,
wei_Marshall. Chaplain of the! Funeral services for Mr. Full-
t, She was selected for man wUl be held at 4;30 Thurs-
ilterary achievement and day afternoon at the Ancon Ma-
,..m,.nrM.u..iUi .. ... ..- i,.r#.#or. '.'" irrary acnievement and i day afternoon at
sons, Robert ia teacher ati- /; .'"," j"a "1CK' "jereiore, her contr butlon to the fiiH Af onto Tmni.
k:.x daupr,and WtM^^iJK aar ^- ^SS^i^SSki
Dry Season Visits
To PC Observatory
Ending Friday
The Canal Zone observatory at
Miraflores will be open to the
his own hand.
South next contjglhes by cash-
ing the top spades and leading
his last trump. West caa take
the queen of spades but must
then lead to the dummy.
Dummy can easily lead the
jack of spades and the two top
hearts, on each of which South
public for the "last time "this dry;can discard a diamond. Don't
season next Friday night. l19^- that South has already
The observatory has been!ruifed orice and therefore hasi
opened two nights a week, Frl-1 ?ne trump less than dummy. It
day and Sunday nights, through- then easy to get dummy's ace
of clubs out of the way and lead
diamond to Ihe South hand
for the rest of the tricks.
*"\t*p *?
by Canal Zone Lodge A.F.&A.M.

in cotton, silks too!
Dressy and everyday
wear, soma by "Susan
Thomae." Hundred
sty lea to choose from!
/. L. MADURO Jr..
out this dry season since early in
January. It is estimated that a-
bout 1,000 visitors have attended
the lectures and made observa-
The actual declarer Could
riarob^MUsGlorU Rothei7!E
Miss Carmen Yauguez, M.iis Memorial on Balboa Road sedations will be made of the
tlons through the telescope this,h*nBmfSiu%, *r c,ouia
ear "^ r have made the. slam contract
Farl n Dallev of he Wectri- even Sfter beginning the hand
c.f D vUlon d Clarenel badIy" The correct play ,g' how'
Kit, "oper^raisai' ^onaViclL ,0W M ^
staff, act as lecturers at the ob-\MCOna *
servatory. Both are well known!__________-.
locally as amateur astronomers
and for many years now they
have devoted much of the time
to work at the observatory.
They take turns at the observ-
atory on visitors' nights and True
Gloria Moras, MUs Blanca Gue-
rlnl, Miss Rita Delgado and
Miss Tiraah Quintere.
Ushers Jncluded Mr. Gabriel
Cornello, Mr. Asael Villalobos,
Mr.Aristtdea Campagnanl, Mr.
jse aen, Mr. Mario Delgado,
Mr. Cirilo Sampson, Mr. Alberto
Pas and Mr. Louis Campbell.
Miss Sherry Rogers sang "Ave
^ e^nant W. V. Dolan, chlef
Civilian Defense, will be the
guest speaker. He will discuss
the Atom Bomb." All Rebekah
and Oddfellows are invited.
M*m clrcle To Meet Thursday
The Miriam Circle of the
women s Auxiliary of the Bal-
boa Union Church will meet at
Maria' accompamed by Mr. T. the home of Mrs. Gerrlt Jous-
Baker. organist. X'fv?.805 Plank strt, Balboa,
' ______ on Thursoay, May 7, at :00 a
Birth Announcement |m*u F- 8- "erce will be
Mr. and Mrs. Kdgar Undo of ^-hostess Mrs. W. H. Lundy
Panama City, announce the
birth of a son Rodrigo Lindo on
April 25, at the San Fernando
will lead the devotlonals.
Meetings For Summer
Recreational Workers
Volunteer workers of the
Dr. Hanberg Leaves For U.S.f^mer Recreation Program a,
Dr. Clifford Hanberg of North- n Ancon will meet in the An-!ais0 discuss the Importance of
field, Minnesota, left the Isth- con Girl Scput House Thursday the nurses associations in civil-
mus by plane during the week," l.00 p.m. Ladles of the Ca-1ian defense,
end for the United States to nal Zone and of Panama City The members of the IN.A
planets, Jupiter and Saturn, the
moon after it rises and some of
the major stars.
Isthmian Nurses
To Meet May 6
The Isthmian Nvrs* Associa-
tion will hold their regular
monthlv meeting May ft. 1953 at
8 p.m. ln the narlor of the Mar-
garita Union Church.
Lt. Wm. G. Dolan, chief of ci-
vil defense In the Canal organ-
ization, will be the guest speak-
er. Dolan was an official observer
at the recent detonation of th
Atom Bomb ln Nevada. He will
describe his impressions of this, i
return to his home following
several months spent on the
Canal \Zone doing research
work en the economic history
of Panama.
Mr. and Mrs. Persons Return
To California ,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Per-
sons, former residents of Pan-
ama axld now of Los Angeles,
California, sailed Saturday, a-
board the "Huida Maersk" for
the United States following a
visit of several months with
their son-in-law and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Smith
of El Cangrejo.
who pledged their support are
asked to attend.
Qwtodt a mal
are Inviting all nurses to attend |
the meeting.
High Blood Prtssur.
If Hlh Blood Pruura make
you dlny. amv* aln around
jirt, bcadachta, short breath, In-
fjla-eitlon. palpitation, and iwollcn
YiklM. you cn get almost Instant
relief from thess dan*rous symp-
toms with HYNOX. Ask vour
clismlst for HYNOX today and fMl
raara younaar la a '* an
Don't miss this great opportunity
6 cubic feet, works in 25 and 60 cycles.
280.00-50.00 down-20.00 monthly
20 ?<
to 50^
on all FA BRICS!

PHONE 2-3418

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Shipping & Air Line News
Louis Myers; Mrs. Reins de Now-
alski. and Mrs. Mary L. Peter-
Mr. and Mrs. Lear Reed; Mr.
and Mra. Furman Richards; Miss
Frances Rotlo; Mrs. Dina O. De
Rowinski; Mr. and Mrs. Francis
V. Ruether; Thomas W. Scott;
Mrs. Theresa Smith; Mrs. Kate
Tillman; Tillan: Dr. andj
Mrs. Henry P. Webb; Mrs. Dale
Winder; and Mrs. Evelyn Wuttke.
Scout News
I Sale of Girl Scout
Equipment Begins
Calling all Olrl Scouts,
II Brownie*. Leaders and parents
I of Girl Scouts.
The Girl Scout Council is po-
ing to have a Sale of Girl
1 Suoul equipment. Brownie
'cumbs and casas, Brownie se*-i
TACA Names Simpson ii.g kits. Girl Scout purses, Girl
Atency Manager Scout bracelets. Girl Scout bar-
Far South America rettes. Girl Scout soap in the
TACA International Airlines shape of a trefoil, steak roast-
has announced the appointmentiers. Girl Scout plastic banks
of Wendell P. Simpson of New|camp toilet kits are among the
Orleans as agency interline man-imany articles, Mrs. Saul Jacobs,
anei for South America, in line office and staff chairman for!
with the company's recent ex- the Pacific District announced
tension of service to and irom, today.
These articles are sli g h 11 y
the Alaskan theater during n the Margarita Clubhouse to-
World War II. spent, a vear In morrow from 9 to 12 and from
Mobile. Ala., associated with an i to 4. This equipment will a-
automobiie import firm. gain be offered to the Atlantic
... .. side Scouts on Saturday from
;in the new position, he will 0 tQ n After M 2 sale
have headquarters at Panama lnt be ordered
City, touring all the countries of I throu8h j^ wm iJong as u
0mth America in connection -
wlth TACAs cooneratlve Interline ..,-.,.,...,,
traffic promotion with Branlff The Pacific Distnct sale will
lAternattnnal Alrwav.s begin on Tuesday, May 5. The
International ah ways, store will be open in .the Bal-
The two companies offer eon-,boa Dispensary building on
nectln? through service at Pw-JuMday ****J*'
nina between Brantff-served|4 a on Saturday from S to 11
South America and TACA-served a m-
Central America. Mexico City
Simpson, a native New Orlean- damaged due to climatic con-
ian has spent considerable time dltions but are useable and
in South America, his father be-.most could be polished up to
ine president of Productos All- look as good as ever. Some ar-
menticlos Quaker. S.A. I Quaker; tides are brand new but arr
Oats i at Sao Paulo. Brazil. slow moving merchandise tha'
A graduate of Cornell Univer- the council would like to se: lV announced by R. T. Rlsberg,;and Sheldon A. Salisbury. Chris
iiv. Simpson joined TACA in before they become w e a t h e : Pacific District organlz a 11 o n Devine has been appointed
September 1952 as sales repre- beaten. 'and extension chairman and A.skipper and Lowell R. Jones
tentative, based in New Orleans.i Mrs. Charles Will, chairman of,C. Sheppard, ship committee has been appointed mate.
.Prior to joining TACA. Simp- the Atlantic District office and | chairman,
son. a veteran of 14 months serv- staff committee, will be In A meeting of the ship com
Ice with the U.S. Air Forces in charge of the Atlantic side sale mittee will be held tomorrow
at 7:3 p.m. In the Scout Of-
fice in Balboa. Items on the a-
genda for this meeting are a
new meeting place for the ship
and an annual training pro-
Members of the ship com-
mittee, in addition to Sheppard,
are: W. S. Andrews, Leo W.
Cagley, James McGuiness Jr.
Any young man, 14 years
of age or older, who is interest-
ed in nautical activities is in-
vited to join by contacting any
member or the ship or the ship's
and New Orleans.
Sea. Explorer Ship
"Barracuda" Reactivated
The Sea Explorer 8hip "Bar-
racuda" (Ship No. 8t of the Boy
Scouts df America has been re-
in addition to'the 47 passen-j
.era listed for Cristobal, five;
passengers will embark for Port-1
u-Prlnce. The complete advance
passenger list for the Canal Zone
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beatty:
Mr snd Mrs Arba E Beck;
0c.'e L. Cain: Miss Julia Fin-
ger, Mrs Margaret V. Flan-
dreau; Mathew A. Gabrlc; Mrs.
Jennie Herbert; Mr. andMis.,
WUliam F. Hickey; and Mrs. Eliz-
abeth Hud'ilns and 2 children. ,
Joseph H. Kueter; Mr. and
Mrs William Leffler;" Mr'.' and '
Mr Fred Langjahr; John F.
Lewis; Mr and Mrs Jame* J: "
MrDade, Jr.; Moiss Malea: Law-
rence p Marrn; Mr-, and Mrs r
David W. Meikle: Mr. and Mrs.
Anrnn Saih Todar
From New York With
'SSLSTfi' "Kiengers reentry reactivated, It was joint-
Scheduled to sail Tuesday .from
New York aboard the Panama
Iper Ancon for the Canal Zone,
cording to the advance passen-
tt* ust. This Is one of the light-
eat passenger loads of the Pana-
ma Line on a southbound sailing
Idr several moaths.
most famous
2000 *r*Ms raemi-
Ssn.lWt rotes include roete
Wojny rooms wiffi Two vision
7th AVC.
at 50th St.'
tiblr Addrcsi: iWrtAFT
The Pacific Steam Navigation Company
Royal Mall Lines Lid.
M.V. "SALAVERRY".............................May th
8.S. "CUZCO" ........,..........................May 18th
MV reina DEI, PACIFICO'' US.ttt Tons^ ....May Mtto
"SARMIENTO".............................mid May
M.v. Dai.erdyk".............................May 2nd
M.V. "TBVIOT" ...........6.....................May Sth
M.Y. "PARRO" ......,.,.........;.,..:..:.... May 13th
S.S. "DRANGO" .....,...;...;..,...,............April th
MT. "DRINA" ........ ........................May 10th
Rough Job
New Dancer