The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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FREEDOM VILLAGE, Kore, Apr# 2fl 6W -4.
ly every Americer solwrd freed fy Mte Co ma
the exchange of mailing, prisonw.s '
nutrition, -O xiniSa pyiin
"I would etilfolt ftlwqm
of the men whe tcmneth'
dietary deficienes," L.tI,
said. i -
Eadch of the 149 sick A
was examined in atootAfth 4561 .AW
hospital which HOMi" el S S 4 L.

ta A

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l T (UP) A
W. l.,merd e oid toe

unliM and pgot.

c Mor-
o ana soldier from In-
oled da conert Otter Sol-


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Captain Tels Of otr

Suspense A Red Pri
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FRJlip0M VILLAGB,' loc-, MUe was a to
April 27 (UP),-.An Air orce cm that grlMng
captain said today tha. Meo nl aggp e.
- tnm-massrlet --it n~~ -n ar tjuIS $k Ai MA

enemy -a

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Rancher Tries Muder I

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toani to- fa> mw law and -m u


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TH1 PAHAMA A% Wss of1r14
.n i n oo % N Not.A'*404 "l '" "* '"
SAo ft, f ,AS.,PVo. d.
C OFgPs li 9 i 7 CoNl et i Avrw. t Mar TwvJ- 12m.ANr v3o 2 11REWe, *R
penaOLO N eosae Rpdt~?ves JOa UA VOWIRS I NCm en
84 MAneson Ave New V6R I$o 'sWY V
Rg*1 MONT. INh p ANG11 a 0 5 a' 6Zt
0 ..,244%To.8. I Xv*..N= 46 oBy VICTOR IESEL
Want to make $50,000--clear,
Ju ste get yourself a few d
Friends to organize a committee. Alp de. g irp tp
.ave them hire a hall for a ,,
SS-stimonial banquet and' have I BaB at that th
one of them solicit, advertising e t
for a journal to be dumped on *
eath table along with the pe- 1. e4n I wa out'o to
tits fours, hearts of celery and !w0 oamo t..
mixeo1salted put!. On Rauh a 41! %
journal the profit can run up i" 's: ...
to $50,000, which can then be A.."I .
turned over to the guest of "
honor-ax free. it po .n
And it's all legal-as an in- 'b'd it not Seen for
creasing number of CIO and ,. .e .lh h.the .Pre..e ent of
AFL officials have learned, ..
much to the embarrassment j "h. """'"s;tat smiean son
and fury of their national lead- '. D dropped a c -
erg. -4- aU... .U," 'C." Vat
eIn the past three years, some -** a to aUd
15 union officials haye collect- -A.. ,.... .t b
S ed several hundreds of thou- 'It U ppwe r hiu
sands of dollars for their per-
sonal use-tax( free-through
the growing evil of regular tes-
timonial dinners and journals. t e
These champions of the g O
proletariat" modestly and
relectantly, of course have -. t .
accepted these "tOkens of es- aor. ld., about
teem" from union members'
"grateful" for their leader- ,bANGOUS HAIR-PULING
ship and from "eoolperatve"
employ who have l.gli< OR of thq most IIprtit I anearot we1ahs f th.-
tribtoed, totals ranging up e..sDe. t mpay 4 obot o The r lt of the ha ir
o:,.oo. pull ng. the Ma of OStAdarYd.
tSitK-Dm Our proletarian heroes have ,of001 1indfirwbwho fired Dr.
I aSys twQ i act S f silk, which will be usedIctinthmoe iona pocketed the money under & .Asn, drWtt o t a i ba Is 3iqued at Defense
regaliof sik, a ofueen Elizabeth wil e ed n te tax free gimmick which I'll ex- 1 "" A0 fnt t e 9 ft B ben referring work ur e
}foen eal otueen Elizabeth Ii. Five years ago Dora" IdunId plain Ina moment. They have, WC.._ shoul b4 d by paivaWe eu prlato.,
wanted 7000 mulberry seeds at St. Michael's Abbey l accepted in ,000 homes nt tc W a s bo dTey b p er$ e hw e
rough, Er.gland. LAst year. the trees prod ed enough leave atpte h erie s n e Depa Int, la thr o ied over
to' eedd the silkworms .Europe, hip priced cars and, ft that, some oftmst delicateoup
o f d the .worms, other luxuries in return for p lIfa, e 0a a AM artists prot ver s
S i breaking their manicured fine o aem 'f d 0
g ernall .p behalf of their' a l the Defenser Dparhtmeo boR t
SceeAto SAnswer to Previous Puttle ,rank-an-fle membership who l t------e Ter tasr.t byaSecreot WLarian to .e o-
;'.1Screen Actor part with $15 a ticket for these Wilson l a reh and mtelopmint Boar. This la the Dro
a wdin t oera. K t o h ; Aan &sai wich aa charge o new i nventions fourth Auau and
1It's a -dirty, expanding evil. I Bu AIm' NNavy,
IONTAL VERTI-CAL uo Tahe money could, go, to labor's Rep tar.n thoe prc- almt pteaot
McNally ,2Gro.p..of ietU ofo the City of Petenr EdM on'. "IThPla iny knit pr6 thca t e na no.
Hecba ll rhsie A o I r 10tonatcould go' tfor scholar- major dimtloa tl the national dene program. Iw dfaed,
8 He began his singshps forthildreofne- years wo needed for Its re-etabi lpm mt
acting career 3 Lampreys oN-a h oberm who lut can't oY their It so abps 'tbat'the u xro niey" tse, so enIl to gided
.in a 4Place (ab.) ,oway thil a college: or to pie WASHINGTON -l (gA l If Otu havebeen ed in the log.- 1x copies gsto the Work Author- misAle4. as evelo e in the resa of. tandards durin the
Sany sses -lo 6 War o ans 'of p zzledat all by the atis of ttlon ization Cotee which enters in logand files war ner Dr. Atn. the m~ now beg Iad.
dgnitary storehouse e ^ S 'i s aoi "t is bofl answer, bouict n. red t.e o' a o. -, : ,l with us? ho a loll had a oret deal to do wita n vcngrt oneraal htowir's mlotao
lee f..-5 --lade (comb. e 43 Right y O AF's It ida' hlhrc a4 ofthe pl- journey br, wewill now byp as five of s' position d -th latter stages of the I .
IB ek form) -p4Ite y t -^ -rms bc" "~r o"igaress b tIe Of ffc and 18 2 tepa gald go aniaeoly to the fice of the .
a river surviving 28 Be borne 45 Cognizant. ets-g @ the 'l~a ueg o He reviewstlrerm document thewoul)" aWi In thq eIs@
17 Trap issue tab.) 29 Handle 46 Nazi ship, are dlsgraping the movtnmet t The acqunt to tagEn froi chart prepared But he afgnm it (bully for him! nc a -la ,
SOrgan Doctrines 31 Epic poetry Gra ---- like the '..aeored"-g ,as Wo for Mssstant Secretar D. e~me -W. J. Mceeil, The Chief of the Procurement Planning ec- It
s'iell 10 South 32 Iritate 47 Sidelong look swayed up to the AD o and shown to 8en. Malgearet (lU oe 1ithe s san be- tion then reviews it some more and gives It to flown to w?1o oaw sge It
-0 Cooking American A (cll.) 4# 7 oNetes -- grinned af~flF-ik said: co tmittee investigating tnhe asmm shortage. It the Requirements Un .. was t b o
hile 35 Fortiation 52 Entrat ay is I des oe it. dlffice' In some of them It goes thro gh three Tho Pye Requirement Uni establishes te orete Nowahe man t
3 arsIrain t eoint: 36 Part-i be" 53 Nobleman Apparely- that' wa feel- fo like t e ad d 'imso b nred( nomen laturo ast ns ilell n ,iduers ro- fired he ia gm be ,
18 plot df oa totrines 31 Epc po e y G

25A Rodent 10GaeliJ 3Ponoun 54Promontory ug Pne IOn o-Ifyou l r n d lg g g t, St ilonwty,.. tablishes temn ar- po ints o f eino s

SEpme 21 ike 40 Horseback 5 Sheltered side Union. a o 'mbe hit ride, hop oc -the magle carpet of .ohicos pies of pa. ulat0 tOc~Otldedl
-0 -iDeclare mSiblicanl game co 8mPU i pltr w per wietohee du op e 1 o I
-I nf wy pronorm 542VPalde'bae c 2aJu8bled type t emea of a I @f co VI dert;.he- 8no u the
.,eidntil ,'cd or ; riue bofe Wo d' l c .etral e t lg whch ser lns deau cfor tbe.tori Ba r a l ^ '* ,
in EI ntr y ated ~tato' doer* date y the Reeatio a es cardt re rd. t les t ewo c t, and i- suff l l enti Unitat est anbh .I) otet
1 waRo pe br s ang ents have h ad uch banu ets h ase brequests reedr od it w o u cost mdr lo it i sihuia O station
40e -eWn' tendered them. operating acepunt ntbnber and o menaein6t
41 Ap reached o \Te buie qi ageat s6, p sg Th.i oisl of the prg moment lgets st op- fn num be rewstil o re O aldc ue t A uthe o n ltr n )The dinotndai galpen e Ws pbusaci th thiceir f m
4 a -rlowrin th, e fr- 'h ia tt jourmal? e se8reb r tosahotta anzer toa lc p taLe proetlaboro there of tran1mit.e. posrot Sti's rs, Patier fom pt a't been p t

17Tatraep oD a\ $rinesth y e n- i h, 3u EipicptheoditpoGtanffomapares assfueler2n Ap- It goasto db e ftoa i* su ,M ttodic, fo seyero i-ks epclstp frh a trh o nt inue tote.fv e m pfie B
4Side. e -- be frapn.. ,- j a. rn t ntetOats te p Ct the ent eie run tl w s re n t I tot
41 Ro nt He w uh h Soiont looeos he wpeei-e tuo aIO'Do n-y e an t o fe r ite c pro i e oee.l. .un bit in ta r a. d.o.e nise o tieg mpns rer t rent set.dy tLenin hto ir atld itRio w s bl
en ic ( Cb0oli e re. ct Seted d e fe w Ite se rt .s adoltyr es th oe iolt .d ot e rtan lh. t he prgr a It te th'oo tran.smit pho a 'ofthe eopidb ,I O4 1tovta's oti ,s' .
, C .oao.ringd rc Ite rah o.,,.mtte- D tib tn tetwI o t wo.

woatods \areed sg33 Go l ttotal 50ae "Wh tan I say ?tAal I trac ke dtVMA in fullk1'0 se a1 16 wte .tha e 6 l ot,
C2 E;a a.n i pr-e'si dentn ofFr tfh on 5 ys Ira* l rd o ee m o rt eoit a.t. o1,t hoe. .e retwy alt thl.o o hret h..e .. cneanmeal ot beeni.. d.t u wB.,
23 l.-an d goer u ie !P td. ierei s how ? u i i rroou ..pene ca.d 0 i. coln p ands n-ft tntfn nh. 1an 1o, s Tourot r tro.
-5Coti- Atcomma of rienls a rrao gs liers.2Lg o n t: -6fcoh eme"a-d3s o liened h cthe Corpe jee w .Ine th*
toIs af.i i aedim" he/:$,Pit I andetsai-SoI T da te o e e* aee e n e t tert .e cu
2 9 Rope ers bI o st I c i I BertI' e hisvetons is thabe pplrogm boae teott t o n 149-aT. -len of is apfpEe ~ A
57 Bur wood J Iom e cn andin at the c m omeI roen logs na, prep re'. e fde .--., Aperovlmuth,.co, e f m.,, th caled w h w le e r atueedoerr.C g
-as Sprim -. wy "f e mo r r sh tax t B It IeII Tat t5 per e t. Oe t r ato.U g ea.c ltln. a wes. e e I0 er et Tr al -
un Pasir e a V. r1- Imanl livehsof npowre1 to- Pa ts sagm raof thico'Dnt. slopmoe n ties fomne so ? n 'th was .know
Thbe piloriednbyitheinanduliciorthor6: tl w aprop p t te. Amunit, ofCS re ord two dnsts e.ando iedth Ins_1_t dane atun wao 1Iksleano du by Meloto.tbe
ei i- ~ h.I Is an io.m, Tpe pahsidn t hal Pia. the e B rowelpefo diop.1o r sa.atpeopores aci -_iag es twek d sr l oam couecns.. vresma secetarat fl n teos C or etrhmt. ten ae u it-

port tice, -bo Issresqlplessitd sto lila comt rel este, f CentrIndlGoal Plaigs-ht dotaets.on
Roos oe he or -ptte d a ooe arteientais to aillotg In u-lte .a prp remens trealislmfnte arvrmen at e apo ted o h Hi Jlil sr l
40 Rat The Treasry d. e. a rh lgee of "the Coft aid to Ingu the udipet hf ceneain bm ftrsi ,' w1.the 1

ns .. .. IIo rldh e 's ho w I t'0 done ouit prep oae f -hCeQ rard. .coismand lte- or fnds on o the Aettar mf r es and Cani, soure Qf Stai.n' ls. fre#.e s
41in Ahpproached fthe 1p agisb'- b delaThtetlM41d A ummaMthotstnixcpr-gfund numbiJlltldeserpom l -a .re ne pr

43 Coted A lo e ofr n frie, ds ary lv r ead thI o lie qsummr tosar n t All Itthan o "ofhaaishitwtnofporttatal heir.,dsipi ed. e laacor Ma it reop
44 g'tokhe rean a it perels of oner Q'ofoWIn=,tjt Wrom, hltestS vt5 distemI t th
W"" I asm rdsO I, :

....ngf"5om 1oaisiefonpcuandr$,4eyd at the moreent ,ite nIaudintehdispositiono thneorea- o smeteoworopuIlatriaos the gov uet a Ie oet
p o themberasr of 2Nhe0 cJ .he ot atfe ny ay j odrate of orhrdee a eM ith WlWs eru ilth nw aree ate. Tfioi ,ea
Th u so th ionewio., wons o fes thle Ip e ..retita,.wh a copyor.e qt aoth e OI ee Br. n cs h.swie w elo d a t rorit doh)a, a10ns l di ne. Olm, M sn ele teh but wlelko to. theh
Yokm Branch.'g makes,00 a romiessih dono, is ay ns tof t oh e- But nwotonofatrlansmittharemae.nthatn ertlt. ef thowi me hsobn etuo mut-

in b 9huaa l on the boses TWud'sght y douold o ges stoelnstrl 'eenuChgrdhich sreens0 AhWrsenal for n ato oea li anpp
-. / Wi" h TWes L" UNion ring tot s yu r ,I res olpls ro a fod b D oaa ,in 19Ui. lo an elloerSlto at .t me 8r-' .oAe- to hic-t th e 0- 4) t he Inatad Oe great meot t M le alk ,'hol -
ty !ene, reat eto rk ner, iyo 'e t:ner yrAnn chd o r ft opfo th e CA of n6u nce, ardS e le ,ieao Sot. W e Sti o _p uUtoe

u.lcna cdthief at$iM0s lee s openttlto er itwor note gomntoghotsuoo aal
thepresident ofU Ireoa doort.ey ef cit umro lie oar er Al is n o bIodes m oa thellmu4tio6f ffthe-a otx-urE Y
55 2) fati narthign h1eeof htah e dmsp fm a

Th perm..i troealsuy keti a et eds tte t'I ("eoredtotaslsaeprog for hisntam en cu te TGE dfsngroaTio the
T he ta nath ramnk-d w lere O t ...,oe. t ouen t re "e ae ardaette,bcoleds ( anowAr. Thn s, r oluc pn y w a D r in a

ea n in.Cwho a deat re n r h wth chopy o the uotcondv ran. I,," Len '....i, o'it ne U o 'sv.idt a 'I s
hisunonprHoelit worhqdoes ith- ; .. ero lb*,1m J Io the.. n or.-hwce beet neoons.mlema.. ath1red crige itan '.ea

self.ifteC Th me journal the ,- rr yo.g.f- f

,ieesai --s T At .- -- 'T. .. .. .. mto p-".. .....taxt-- --- .. .w" at., en tinge a cs.rtsia's n ew Marmg mn1 ?

43 Eat ."ay, .e 11.8.TrowusiyfDe ptJ.rh as th o Ish 'the best )lose,.ecrta5, ..sta I fthe rrCelat i2

a sl, He '-.....*copiup of donattons of' less th -- per ei an, cop.rat ic e, excess Pnre- hav._e_ found buying from B0r111Ua. 0 dli e1rte l, ja4e .ee. evenly dividc4.-O4lyt nie T'. lwm -
-- eeadon..outf$3,000, from eachdo-or It and sn aics one of tg most P.rooing eel-. trying expe ..r .... lIn tae ran- who cm t o op t.
.....ed.H t .ee.. Th.t'srwh. itthat.tetr
,n~atax free under inter i Rove- 'he.M~d 5 lper cent jeduton In personal _p"Ot, f!r.t I 3Mw. tU Aoa '.0; Comm
,ue" for gIfts.' Ieve Is no t..the o stImpor..h n tn,,.for.iil the this. tuble,..
i. 3... ..-THERE S Sils
gfroecph herion, chs. r 1asitc ronWHy tax in Britain Is naw 4'at ceas profits .t rtn JnA noaryent wil pn
So a pert ndos rlauremsnthingpremark- "offsetsy oe aat rl
-'--y4tteobe under a toIhm u somet
udMare eIting to ordinary Britons s the pro-mo
mesaomwissionaTr p tO tm .the hated sales tax, called a .pur- Jus, a cmpa whh ptos into newN
bnn,"m Wuldnt-y a niN, thstgto a change sfatecond ut lowsArs eon a n t. .e MrhlDoot ex plantd __o_. ,
i nryDet rV4g691lin cas axinfBit#ai rong, DyAtlastV2 pr* ncei-nr. Yet,PIndusri n smtm 'l~ln. will e kt 1 the bfcent 1-m t

/ ,5 \ 5, to dedet IMt em his The significant cuts are In the corporate field, macInery,I ate .
I eeme tax oad aueot to ag- alnn they are designed to gIve Brlh-manafae- Britan's Rys hoWul that that
SMAT= N eept such lad idiMusl g f tureas the Incentive to produce more, to add to sturdy coattby wtw q npea ter Mais, U
wi thN paying aoas S em. plant pCaity, and thus to better Britain'a pot- must take ratios view at this sta.. or naa's
Sfa- w r -lim" 1 : This wdisaodcered.t the tIon I woM Nsd what th nnverntoua dome erett. pr oL- w B o t
got Treasury pmliS|m.o some going eutiut and prod ttvity (outpt per T, ihIt hast atatlcof o'e chiefs bylre *ha labor ntraiy.
$ 24.50 years ago.a y""" Ibue IY among Uee I Btotals ad the additions to th w
SPIt Brottar otMO.d orpr gtnee, WWI A.. _.. tfal"l d s, the lot hewe
s rig Pay Meaonthly Re9l mr that In b s o a J mateadl
~ _.~ n a 1. .24 months, one'official ltote C*BaI- S MW ."
000, another two tc haMs wilbihe t
S'~ *' worth P aio third I p

pract, ,'.b.e p fru,-wi ll-
lulevasion ofMts o Jaw
.TA .HITI "- HE .PNAA vU e.,M
S" ^amfWIt .a aP.I Now a .. ......umia

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wlS ,, toberu-t're nd 6to as gaTRADedTbAUIhIeAI
dhrnm a dand the nan sg lea RDTONAL ANN EUR SALE
i t L a k e Alea / a s h M C ftr e p o r te-s t helt e a t w i l l e .xpr i n bn a M arlo ar n e s t o h a s enoet a n e w a r tA
Rsi tate roo the o thel ral. o me td ad t t la aA est vot e ex Ane rston ol malla fo r Tuo now on iew eat the JW3-O I

country prpostl t dath e bi con ~aed wilr l andonhibtio of the sa oe i anig ein o ETR NUh
Anglet So AnBritin Codatil iie ite o uGaller yltndrabilltapradood os the area'
4^^ H BH^ GS o~ lanstoPther a& ad bil ae alUed i bthnpaam by bulW f.t NIp b
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a generl meetio and bttet -t t oat o l usa a ai a d e bhs atme has ultue and there eint io ve wtioh
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cawnleriii- writer r vo:e the b maill bil. T ilft aid Hill nd Anderson Palnmai. a V l M|.J i
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theeUnion l^u uThorsda oat 6W3 e nther,*r who r support f iludld the iOUR. Jan heAbruIh.Th

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Dali"ftheyTeNtr e oor adend tsdiu t
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supW.1 Tuesda eni ^atd^ mthe ciow thism u t< ehBaust ptheoWilot h r ,nd are 9 a.m. to v 0 p.m. daily. seve_' V

Sn oi ndatividnual and perona. f a nd |the te. / on e

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St.o Msn p o ra0 n 4D) US ipomt Tlp nsoK iEvRIGERATOR ge
Fo ba^~ Stavt 'a"i % -"-by s -^s sag PRi^ ^ .*" *ICE^S yi
-ay o t lyWssa w rn MrlAve O tomo rrt teoren to 10% irmra toa7 vi s"p l ne d nte wahel oape s deft o N TOWNte. or

or f. e ybold Clare Lu4 U8 Cs.i ilo51n ston^g- eno ay ^t^ ^ beaents a;reU1 l Cit A, Ot r AA JAll ccLes.a
at he BaSlar in "1= 9 daughter obrratQPt

'of Gol': Ert we hostl e noes dIa yo d. and aae n .yen d- A 50.b- dtow 0.t moi ethd
bpcaeeving atS.l aB ar da eeng as. lwu Wignhr abo t mu or 1tc i0c Yn-

.I.. st e.c the hand tI t 1 ofT reatment acOrded Comm.nist
e t ashi eealy er Cand --- p A2:roperly to make for me bo a d n t c m e
c oOftura outn &Euut spotisiomcn
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Satd~the^a ai ae ilot-tawfwTDcae o hnkok u Wairm~.- marsthon Bot Dcmcra .m R~unU1 ------ -----------^ isJ .----* r i
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mlagaw, Me J te dTeeach of .A n To 84 Dea the -IMht .asn, hasnt ofo r for d latena the au-. blt lte pta hast aRd
Dr. Jorge E. A ld.<* afoe a nterA a omenbs hane onlattwo heart iclsdand whah 0#00of ie e odl when thar tea a-
ofRh.e ur seo upe. the me es and pl f r ogrou ps ode ationr rtoe h-- them re1e
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geatt for, aeral ywes splienfli-of0Qua rry. drl Ora.t gp h e byatoe Chidmand M ee 1t1- the wa o 1 .V1 1..l
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na e ge t a teat nlehs Wath Mrs.w of naM Isothmltteee as no e t t f thr e
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thismi' r.eek tarn aWe n sday fort a a e w a t ee Panma Qs Mr IS e t n W r e t rse
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BeckmanY-,&l0t 0A h og eet -re al- f a stuedy- V ofs V 76tate f -irstt ent' aeord e d Co mmuInd ist~*

Boardmaf^lO Qi4J31 ()ovr n-~ th eae tnomoro for. Havanet a. terh o a sti ~r t)I boP t, Ad tibe .ro Curtai n ordilmaiccntm wntppe cui fet wovks 1.- 25^****Bt emi 60 cycs.
or..S.and, IaradbougteMEI lp peiwa, a p touthisadountrbeod el basket. cnet aeS examined
set a sia artoe thle- a tw I-nuoal H cv ee Aaldper atd personal pa a left In a- *. 4 .4
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uea on the rert ofo f M a diner.a mou"s ofc eIrespotsgf rom whic-

Wae*11 Litnehxeeftd^lq Bope6K g4ven aturday, eve a o e,
tes Rea r-d sLtr" home. Devias; IonI hnd s!
-i~l?. ~ oa, yet nd -- pro erl09to1ake aft3
Mrs. Chales LIt. add botk ofi ae j Xe lop- 7tract4aaitst th'so'ci oen-n -9
tiledStaesinthe nar.fu M doort cIcPrize1PO tocrrct *la 10stoiht dim y "peace tt n
atea frawen l o n hen enwn om *- h1O ... thme last nightan oi daughter r iive& us.t. Ewm' ceo e irst ccoA It -by B~othwemorate the
Satudayby rs.aoll O~i J~d he 0 11annveahyDeclrerba henknok ou BWNO' that
ro- t-hr h Prm -n enacVsa. orherAL ty4it )4t'th a Nofrth-nlSo withoVt -..'flinw 'espl h ~CtR opaind aous t hed e
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ci a han4m *0 PlugN.oC. Id. -ar
In .- Thse Callodngs included C-p eca re1, r If Eas2 t hsdiP OWan Te g ouputtdac thi~~a e mraveepwr l nt a e eic- -
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the, 'eh securitfsWa tios &n4 ne Arbitrailykft&
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rei f hiag' uiot ad.a eiwtter of QesSpncrryaO o bdaond s, but tdhen aded09byO Cha0irmanew ap ropr* ltra.thwithdrawal of n Wi ~
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Dr Frd te 3f. B ft :-oyd. -th lae-II.t orAIdw fr 'Hav ha, eolyt o hear topprIncluding which cut$8Outo0,000 off ad
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or J. rMs aiiie ulnCub ikteoj, wh r) n sot t" A number ctm p o e lts baav e t-cnet.ieeaie
Albnaab adegrnddauhterdP 3Peresonand hRdl~. ereftrpredution
Maria dloCarmenof -t i ,batl 0 14M$ ma,~w~ o t e- will be awarded.raheo,
mCr psa nd~ingt O roesiby tf 1. fland Br~sjiay be tele- Fyshk aqi e dealHusn cie lb
Holywod4618 t Me- or--a -lmd
For 5Ufl~a.the actul rfclited over thsinndr0th- 1xiiI 1 I
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s Jom C. Harrison of letra M ItallaD op- M LUNT Cole said he was "soamehat
Gmmbom, VpsbostesUfor IaTfa r an d v f ol p- alarmed at t to do jobtA it yeou found, as aw!
waebaa cot gi en at tenor, will presented 11n S''ERLING -Mthe face of "t t $ OnWant Ad yo.anawesed to
wel cffe ivenE %S?. ^ Mece."fltlj^ ^^ M. ^^- *- -t-,-~- --
Shome honor of Mrs. 1. M.m atim e_*at a t Aa ye aw o a
w wer, Mrs .W. Wemmertleno, reason to believe it'w r rds y i- s yen
and' ~ ~ ofW ^^ Dket C. Z. 4OHMI't We,
Iso v attheL i In boa. e lr -geLa, Western congressmen lol be ppn esuioent. wait 'a cies for a cre y Rquid d O a-en W Ul1rii ds e
theirr new secoam. t H ecomm ittee cutsInit. In T
^^^:*S&^ owitz, *fi ^^^ w' be J^."Pluutfe .p^for4.inht~ho Touch^. ^ vi ve*
a.pon. eMIn Skin CTm0,therPerfectalteaict.lConein I
r f a M si f love the Cheries of the lit consUlleNW ugst the pro.">I
Ma O Cl Cub"to"Ifor you..Pl4 hiye ou T mrMing a""d I
I o n a V M I .- i



MI Central Avemue
wilI be eledtaBI d&y tomorrow,
to prepare for its

trif Y1 h ASIIii..


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MISAT.apwgL MI.i

(Shipping & Air. Lne News DE LANCES
.. .. .-:


NBA Staff Correspondent

wood and Grapevine: Fox is wor*
fled about Marilyn Monroe's mi-
raline headaches and air of de-
onss Insiders blame it on
Coan rawford's n e w s p r int
tongue-lashing and sniping at
Marllyn from other directions.
But Faith Domerguc, the sul-
try brunette who got the super-
sex treatment just before Mari-
lyn came along, has a word of
advice for her.

Rita Lupino, Ida's sister r,
launched a new act in a Hous-
ton, Tex., nitery. She dances solo
in front of a three-piece band.
Type-casting note: Margaret
Barstow, who landed in the mid-:
dle of many a cafe brawl as a
cigaret girr at Ciro's, plays a
hostess who breaks up a fight
between Montgomery Clift and'
Ernest Borgnine in "From Here

"Marilyn shouldn't let club- to Eternity."
women or jealous movie queens --
get her down," Faith told me. Benay Venuta ssys she saw a
he shouldn't change or let,the 3-D movie Dull, Dreary and
tuadlo apologise for her. Nobody Deadening.
can hbart her. If she stays, as she
is, holding her ground, being Lex Barker vows that he hat
herself, she will be *ne of the three flickers to do In Eurone
great stars of all time." but that in spite of t)-s love for
Lana Turner, he won't try for an
*Faith admits she got the freeze 18-month tax exen(ition deal s
rom women, too; because of the is her plan. Doesn't wrp- t'-f"v
publicity campaigns on "Vendet- away from his two kiddies thai
I" and "When Danger Lives." long.
.ut I didn't let It depress me,"'
-i said, "Women may not ap- TU-I's Barbara 8Rivh and Fox's
trove ot an actress, but as long Jeffrey Hunter. who nrO Mr. and
They're curious, they'll come Mrs., have received thel studios'
see her films and bring their okay to co-star in a summer-
81 ieadnK, too." stock I. Turtle* at the Robin Hood theA-
i t b''"Strongarm." team- ter near Wllmtngton,-DeL
g Roberta Haynes. Brod Craw-
.rd and John Derek, Is a remake A battle is brewing between
Clifford Odet's "olden Boy," Errol Plynn and U-I over the ti-
hoe movie version of which made tie, "The Golden Blade." ErroPs
,:illiam Holden a state. announced It as the tag for his
first independent movie in Eu-
'Inside on Greer Garson's MGM rope and U-I is going ahead in
ontraet: Her $5000-a-week deal its plan to use the title for a PI-
inds in Juner 104, and a five- per Laurie-Rock Hudson flicker.
ear non-exclusive contract pay- -
.Cg her far less and Allowing her JOHNSON SAW IT FIRST
do outside pictures then be- The H Idegarde Neff-Oregory
a .. Peck blaWe is the talk of Paris
S* -- and their meetings are openly
Mary Lawford. Peter's commented on by French news-
SWi kk, akg another try papers. As first pointed out here,
S ta etbt_ eareer. MGM car- the romance started during film-
. ted her emoting when she was ing of "The Snows of Kilimanja-
e ateset to thl studio. ro."




,' |I.. ..
G a'tWNW ^

Panagra lMtredmees foods, and the possibility of be-
Nef Food Servies ing served something they don't
Something new in airborne like will be pracicaiiy elimina-
*tod has been introduced by ted.
Panagra (Pan American Grace According to Mike Clavarino.
-Airways aboard its El Interame- Panagra's superinwe n d e n t of
Ticano de-luxe service between commissary and a chef with In-
liaml and Buenos Aires. t&rnational fame in some of the
The airline has just announced finest hotels and restaurants in
that In order to break the monO- the world, Panagra believes that
tony of steak, filet mignon and a happy passenger is a well fed
roast turkey it will add -to its passenger and the airline is
Qoutrmet Galley such rare dell- proud of the fact that it satisfies
cacles as lobster newburgh, dack the appetites of more than 100,-
. inth a la orange, corvina a la Plo- 000 travelers all over South
rentinge, navarrin of veal, jumbo America each year.
shrimp curry, veal cutlet parmi- The airline employs approxi-,
.gana, filet of sole bonne femme, mately 100 people in its kitchens-
brsoled breast of chicken and at Lima, Santiago and Buenos
chicken pie. Aires and most of these employesI
* The new meals, which are have had more than 14 years of
served in casserole and thus service catering to the palates of
make It practically unnecessary Panagra passengers.
to use a knife. are so scheduled Another innovation by Pana-
aboard Panagra aircraft that it gra is the new buffet service at
is impossible for passengers to tea time which the airline has
suffer the misfortune of having just inaugurated aboard its Fies-
the same dish served to them no ta Lounge service.
Matter what consecutive flights On this luxury flight, which
they may take. recently was awarded the Frye
S Bseides as an extra preventive, Trophy for the fastest scheduled
there is a choice of several dish- flight by a U.S. airline, passen-
*e on each flight. Ohilean vintage gers are offered a wide variety of
'vices, cocktails before dinner food consisting of boiled ham,
and cordials after are another duck, roast beef, ham stuffed
Panagra treat. with pate, Italian champinnnons,
M- since the menu for each flight hearts of artichoke, sliced toma-;
tIll be announced to passengers to salad, avocado salad, small
before departure, travelers will Italian onions, cheese, aspara-
te asle to arrange their trip to gus salad and tiny French mus-
poincide with their favorite tard rolls.


Great White Fleet

*S.S. "MAYA".............................Arl 2
y.Q. "OR .QUi" ...........:*.................M av 3
*S.S. "QUISQUEYA' ...................... May a
S.S.. LEON" ................. .May
S.S. "MABELLA" .......... .......... ........May 7
Handli B Refirlated, ChiUed md Gmemal Carso.

S.S. "JUNIOR" ..................... April 28
S.b. "COMAYAGUA" .................." ......
* S.k. "VINDEGGEN" ................ ....... ay' 7
S.8. "LIMON"; ................................... May 12'
.Mauent sf1il sallings from Crislobel to
S UaSo tCoawtCati al Amercan ports.

d Passenger 'Sailings to New Orleans Sailin at
via Santa Marta, Colombia. 8:00 am..
S.S. "CHIRIQUr' ............. ..............May 3
.a..........;...........:y.. ......;May is

Weekly Maias on Twelv-PMsenter Ship to New Tirk, New Orleans,
Mobile, Le Anaeles, San Franelseo mad Imls


os iM


*m lvse W'USti MrU Au

Proof Positive


Shell Fl"l Out

nmacsL AND amt. uaiip .



an a Hurry, Boys? V. AMUI

.00 AND 1 t That Gal

*X ctGAr MAklu

h1", ~. T S .4Pm


eour Jle Ist iing, Lady



I OI4a-'4I %4
"That new salesman always laughs at the boss' jokes
before he gets to the point--must be one of those fellows
who goes from job to job!"'

By Calbraith!7T-


_ .-........,......,

~ 'I






.. T.. u ue A O r UP .S rt.AT


s w n3sB

"-- b"m -'"---, .

"THE STORY OF WILL ROEWs" as the story .r o
great Amerncsa who left his mark on thn life und
thie of Amwriq ii the ghoriou period in whclhe



A T* *
*'' ;' ai e .

--'"9 cA a



'A Tk sa '. Vo w, -' 1

* (

1* d



IA I XX f Bor. I

"New oi.The Seae passi and mt tly a
Zttfc Un-hM (*grdtlrthe White House at the wo k fnd
CI a. bb to santl ofederalrent

Suranemplt9the Pan&=mcrltical defen arexa un
an. April 0. f19
r Jr. a-si w Ope m'h'.em"
2 mb r d Mr. a"seaIn
nasr wwMr. as A buffet -sppon" SaW m to nSthel d NoUN
Elm = V V Mr" md' o I a n us shower was given by teasue It by Tou e
8Ait residence Stray esent Zbeower was ex-
give ad mhome weddingto aMy, Mod.randy Ustmen -lateM sUsMass Teehaleeler Mj 5( STtli extension
Ibu trread: oadbi erg t to a n or f ratah ea mi," aa e me s g i pe lish A re treat i .s orpn---l--- -b EX" to cont--
n inragbyhe r Wa&oelAre dss atma n, 0 wedt ILltge
.ola pla lm r w pirhle of included thejwR ianim awa btsa Oi moth i -asaei rem Tahenbisco wolli

p frl she vu tle bride eai tse alr 1ac e of Ahteo h noree: Mrs& i iR o vl ..1 SUt ki Mln ae
in ge A-Wst Qur 3 r atK the ^ dy Mr. inn" M" a". ^0 idce ftmr ,The
JGre WOer Spctac V4bpensl wil l
law 9 walat I AS \ A silver 6 T -srin ker 1) C g trd general federal
rouffnbd lkish- D UaanL for101f cai showered flo*Weroverthe %Wt wOkb r) U41 VISTeJmW 3,t byhi rop oent to Aug. I In some
bodlies havinu S tsS f t buffet table, t t

t rm w red liace. mmraTas._ II-ras co rol.. ,_e.I- B ti e | |
.-tof ormS woream" After the gift. swere ed petiesov e

ofgS of et Ch-rurnchlarlw Br, Mrs- Yea dees le
a, shot sahou der white h a numbernofPhiladelphir,

length, dobli -va-l of White MC r Nrtma hwe n w ere played. r N D NJ., SanP
Sn*held In place cs was topped wih a Gests included 'the mothe Bat more,
111 46te o c a. larre r.A% o the honoree: s.m .a I sve Ify. St Louis, Minne- A

d.Wi bi ,Mrs.e r le Dayton, 0., Worce
Ar. Sot* Agustin ua ater in the day Mrad Mrs. m Paul ur, Mlea I .- sMRELEASE FIand Youn stown0.
thy, M M oeeligsancovered In

Mrsday by planor er ome.
Gr-eat S aae ednr- Wat" Sparcytle thisiet Provi sr Oa In

r oethe Medal Che federal rent curb
Mrs P.D thMrW April* 30, 1 for tMISS IThose

o feni cs atthdiae t N d f y under a new

MalThom" t n M r. D.Lr I rTrntio"nal ANNA A I cricl

be_ *rurea Mrsa-ronr 4sTiu =aCson.wlVPA
t ot3than CurPchik Jr, Mrs.taorl
erao nrsfered oLonat -- wMl ta mintr u at fr rFELI ts MADUO .2 A IN
of lA tr tom M.WWIa : "n the :a"n in *e O count of t high
meC1a en ibe MAie WAch, Mrs.J-EMveaae t

ifter thwOV onaan r filk m 1 Como
sh11 r ofa ct, cl l n onil T AY & Lat Tuneld half
Inew o th b benefit card party at Suthea rie ntrigueo... Headline ud-
40flent there was al- tunas onict week by plane friday ahe phosel 3er5ou1 wohe. .. t o

aqua-ens theBntha )i inhn Ros "Art40J T4EIff hand Mls Charl =of Ma- T- n K a IV
Sr btwho are leaving Frday THEATER

&a wed3 I WM -Sot .wil ears ar -RLAS FRIDAY o lt
es day by plan for her home.
To,^ bioilm It rawen-I fro x.1 *'n&W Resary-Altar 9ciety Meeti .|
TOM MI. tot pthe dauira on*- The,' maMy-Altar Society au
oo at sui tw l eveCh"Mi DNNOTMW I-l
Aprils sm a pLt levehA tAfter the Noven

(tw ssd Ofn wero ioers ter a m
in RMUTINur radtcoalolANUAL SALE'


Tf M AK!"-_...
Hees a anwie g made yp
- .N b...aiday, sm.-f
ueepwaIq =-



WM- Slmum i 1ImIEmmW
WffrN ol~uu Alit

cY I


i ___ t

HJ #tt

1:15, 3:10, 5:05, 7:06, 9:00


At 9 PL. -. On the Stage:
' In Person!
* Pier Angeli
* Debbie Reynolds
SCorenton Carpenter
- On the Screen: -

1:0 4 4 .t0 .
2:40. *% 9-3


-- TODAY!-
Show: 7:l 9: m.
-and -
in-- .
...HIS LAVOH 8zt

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LUretta Young
Jew Chadler, n
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Gilmert ask", i'
"Mwircl of Fti.e
-Plus: '




.J. --

. AT THE' ," i Ir ,


. 0



L U),

k ..

I ftA~ li '^o"ft-T


You Sell 'em... When You Tell'em thru P. A. Classifiedst

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panami '
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

Lewis Service
No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291, and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Sal6n de Belleza Americano
No. 55 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug Store
10.059 Mel6ndes Ave.-Phonq 255 Col6n

Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones Propagnda, S. A."
"H" Street corner' Estudlante St.
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-42214 and 2-2798

Household Automobiles e, wsv M a. Ih l l * Williamo' Santa Clara Bech acd.
S.- ..Writ Altel A ym S. toes. 2 bedrooms, refrigeratlon.
FOR SALE: -- A mohogony bedroom FOR SALE: 1952 4-door DeSoto i Aes. C Z. Rockgo rangers. Balboa 2-3050.
suite and dresser, a wardrobe, ai Firecorne V-8, excellent condition, DR WENHAEi. M.dic.l RClini Ec Eept week-Indsl.
kitchen dinette a table and tour 8500 miles, with extras. U.S. tax DR. WENDEHAIE Medical Clinic, Except wek-ends.
choirsni a ivingroom suite, a Sin- paid. Call Cristobal 3-1740 after Centra! Avenue & K Street Corper, Phillips. Oceanside cottages, Santa
ger sewing machine. telephone 5 p.m. oall day Saturday and Telephone 2-3479, Panonam. Clara, Box 435, Baoa. Phone
table, and an Admiroi refrigerator, Sunday. Panama 3-1877, Cristobal 3-1673.
60 cycles, All in good condition O SALE-1947 Chevrolet sedan, FOR SALE Groamch Santa Clara eoch
FOR SALE:-1947 Chevrolet sedan,nto
For any information coll Panama $500.00. Con be seen, 4 p.m. to cscttnagee Eleic trk te baO s 0o
2-1051 between 5 ond 630 P.m.- 8 p.m., Qtrs. 540-B. Cocoli. Mikcellaneous to, mW e raf ot ei Tlphsme
FOR SALE: Refrigerator, washer FOR SALE:-Ford 1952, perfect con- FOR SALE:-Sealed bids will be open- 567 Pr
piano, bamboo suite, o1'-r house- edition with radio $1.650.00 or ed April 30 at 10:00 a.m. for com- guel.
hold furniture. Wm. V. Butler, make on offer. Tel. Balboa 2696. plete set of Dictaphone Equipment FORE
Phone 2-4440. and accessories in working condi- OR
F SALE 8cu-.Westinghous RSALE:-1951 Ford 4-door se-
wetighousel Excellent condition, $1400. tion (5 units). 200% refundable
refrigerator, 2 large Grass rug Cl 3 r e 6 deposit required with bid. TEXACO Houes
Phonet2-6313. lre rass ru i 6-32 or see House 169-A, (Ponm) across the street. from
Phone 6313. __Gamboa. C._Z.__ Coca Cola. FOR RENT: Modern 3-bedroom
FOR SALE:-Modern mahogany twin FOR SALE:-1947 Dodge 4-door se- FOR SALE:-Electric ironer, 25 cy- chalet, 2 baths. El lngehio $90
beds, foam rubber mattresses, cov- dan, good condition, new paint, new cle; steel filing cabinet and office 4895. tephon
ers, pads $75.00 each; green strip- tires. new battery, new seat covers. desk; Seth Thomas ship clock; cur-
ed bedsprecods $15,00; rec- Leoving Isthmus. Phone 3-2 trains; draperies; glassware; dishes; FOR RENT:-Two or three-bedroom
hree-spd $yer -D. Ne Cristnbl. y br kitchen equipment; English wool furnished chalet. Residentll sec-
S52.50. Tel. 3-0692, El Cargreio FCR SALE:-Jaguar Mark VII Saloon yarn; books, etc.; 2-hp. 60-cycle tion, Reasonable rent. Paitilla Air-
C. Street, No. 53. Apt I1 1952, 4 doors. Excellent condition, motor; slow speed 2-hp. 25-cycle port 121.
FO -LE- :-I-i-inroome, mo. g- Call Guardia y Cia., S.A., 3-0025. motor; 15-volt DC generator. 761 FOR RENT:-Chalet completely fure
FOR SALE:-iningroom set.'mahog------RRENT: alt completely fur
-any. S pieces $65.00; two be& i FOR-SALE: 1952 Ford two tone Balboa, 2-3630. nished- 2 bodroonfs and baths, hot
compee with springs and mattress- Custom, pra-tically new, radio, ex- FOR SALE: 1950 Cushman motor water, maid's room and gorge.
es S95.00. Cristobal 3-1863. i tras. Phone Navy Atlantic 588. scooter in excellent mechanical Will rent for 2 months. Phone 3-
ne condition. May be seen at Auto 3474.
F SALE-Frigidoire oir-condition- FR SALE: 1950 Mercury station Service, Inc. Owned by Panom In- FORRENT: 12-fmily rtmt
ing unit, one-half ton, excelen wagon. House 508, Curundu Hts. surance Company, Inc. Phone Pan- for three months Phone 22 .
conditic. Tel. 3-285.for three months. Phone22160
SALE: Citroen 8-cyl. sedan, 3-0136.icly furnished two-
CR SALE-:-Sacrifice: 2 fine carved guaranteed A-condition, sacrifice FOR SALE: -. BY CHICKS, one bedroom pment for one o two
Chinese arm chairs, 2 mahogany price. MOTORES NACIONALES. week old-New Hampshire Reds, couples without children, lsrgne
end tcs. 9076, 8th Street. Tel. S A., Automobile Row 21. Nicholls strain; five-week-old PUL- .orch and grounds. No. 82, Bellsa-
1 18-J, Coon. FOR SALE: 1952 Willys station LETS, New Hampshire Reds and old rio Porras Road.
FCR SALE -4-piece mahogany b:d- wagon. Con be financed. One Min- White Leghorn Pullets (R.O.P.).
roam set ot reasonable price. 763. ute washing machine, 25 cycles. Accepting 'orders now for hatch RENT
Co-o Soo ouse327-A. 622-C, Cocoli or call 2-1975. coming off May 15th. DOWNING'S F OtRNT
Co Soo ouse -- RANCH & HATCHERY, Trans-
FOR SALE:-Vorious household arti- FCR SALE-1952 M.G. Sport Road- Isthmian Highway nd Chiva ChivApartmets
S c s priced reasonably; linens ster perfect condition. Call Ama- Road. Call Balboa 3346. ALAMRA APARTMEN
lamps, couch covers, electric iron or 5248, after 5; Qtrs. 13-C,Am-FOR SALE:Beautiful blond Spinet an fA A AA
etc. No. 82 Belisro Porrs Rad dor.R SALE:Beautiful blond Spinet T and f f d a
FOR SALE Lincoln1948,four piano. May be seen at Rebecca unfurhed artments; private -
SALE: Lincoln, 1948, four Bldg., opposite Balboa Police Sta- closed gadns. 8061, 0th Strt,
SSAE: Bedrom rm ors in very goodndition. Apply tin, 2:30to6 p.m Monday t NwCritll, Tlee Cl
:ad dinongroom furniture and k.tch- to Carta Vicja Office, Jose Fco. de Friday. ..
en Utenrils, etc. Apply Oro-io, Jus- to Ossa No. 30 or call Panama 2- ----------16 "\
to Aroscmena Ave. 73-A /.3ay- 1028 'fcr in;ormotion. FOR SALE: Vanity and bureau, FOR RENT:-To couple wthutrichil-
rol Ap-rtmentr corner aof ti CR A- Pl 1941 Ford sedan. No. 18 Perejil or dren, furnished apo trt rt: I til-
Stret, Pnorr. FCRSAE:-- Plymouth, 1941; per- call Quarry Heights 4223, 8 a.m room, dninroom,. room, pon-
Sf.. ect condition, duty paid. See Aro- 4 p.m. try. Cuba Avenue Nd., 12, Apt; 16
FOR SALE: Cormolcte fixture for e--m-na, A-u Service Co. FOR SALE:-9x)2 green Chinese rug. (Lomela Building).
S '.-'s bedroom S17; cnfque doF- FOR SALE:-- 1949 Cadillac-62 se- Phone 2-2160. FOR RENT: Completly furnished
b',- bed with sorirns and mattrcs don. Duty paid. Recent complete .. f apartment One bm, garage.
$75; twin bds $C; miscel an- m ehanicalc Oerna new rl, FOR SALEt-Il venetian blt e For two monthly Colomia Stree
S bccs cand toys. Fort Claytor battery, etc. O driy. May iee b Telephone 2-0065.
5214. Qirs._516. seen El Panorni.J Garage mornings, 2 QM tahIqyt;6'chqis;!.-1 )QM day
evening. Cll Frank Milbed with bck; 2 Q beds, sprigs
R -SALE: Nine-oiece mohogary! 229, El Pancma or Abattoir Nacio- and mattress; 2 QM night tables;
dining:com ect S250, 60-c.c'c nal 3-4755. 12/o Penn reel and line; '37 BuicR
A- watching riach:ne $75. Otr:. ;-. ..good condition; '39 Oldsmobile, *R- obIm
521-B, Curundu Heights, Tel. 83- 00IR SALE:-1941 Pontiac two-door, excellent condition. House 0589-A.
.31.81. 6-cylinder; 5.good tires, new bot- Phone 2-4468, FOR RENT: Beautifully furnished
SOe SAL --'-T- -.--,----"--- t(ry, rcd!o. Duty paid. Price $300.- rooms for' couple; kitchen privil-
F OR SALE:-Twin be. droerss:n ta CO. Can be financed. Con be seen FOR SALE:-Hygienic paper factory, eges. Bella Vist, Mexico Ave. 69,
Sble, chiffonier, refrigerator, EIc':- ct Sec. I, 1-lboo; ask for Mr. Mac. paper towels, etc. Working with near 43rd St. Phone 3-0553. -
Stroux vacuum, carved c h e s t. -- good clientele, good price. "Q" St.
Christmas tree ornaments. Houe on No. 21, Tel. 2-2522.
8053-D Morgarita; Fhone 3-1316. n Offered ---.Composer To Pla
WA : C tent stenograph R Pro rams For TenorTonight
for English dictation. Must be Pan-1JRadio0 Programs For Tenor Tonight
WANTED omanian and hove at least threeC net
years' experience. Esso Standard At JW B Concert
_Miscellaneous 1 .Ol, end of Q Street, Ponom.
TED--Rtired Canal Zone cou- 1 a-HelU I4 U0 Panamanian composer Juan-
p, to Oct as caretakers cnd land H nelp Wanrea Puentes a profeasa t ta% n-
salesman at Coronado Beach. Sao-1 >-'--; '--.-- *---- -- ara National Co uat0 ,vu
cryfree house nd utilities. WANTED -Cco. No. 7. Ave. Fede- Your Community Statio play the acco anl lenton
.ourity. For appointment ccl rico Eoyd. References absolutely for an interpretation i h1 f/o
Si'equ:red. Apply 8-9 mornings. P e nt
Brlbon 3346. ______ __8-9 morningPresens carol" to be sung by ChlIR
WANTED:-Smooth tires, for recon-i W e 00,000 People mt tenor Luis Vergara at the U80-
struction. RECONSTRUCTORA NA-I Lie Warn Peace 0 0 P l Mt JWB Armed Servicep Center at
CIONAL. Peru Avenue No. 7, Tel- I n e D ep nd T' e -- Balboa.
phone 2-0406. n K r Today, Monday, April Vergara will appear, alonz with
In Today, Monday, Apr 7 Elettra Marconi, a Canal Zone
P.M. resident who received her nmul-
JaUnee thldren On Red Chinese 3:30-Music for Monday cal training at the Conservator
i tf--i .I....OI "U4:00-Music Without Words of Rome, in a coemart of.aong,
mo J UNITED NATIONS, N.Y., April 4:15--ingers on Parade from the works ofull. rd
iled en 27 (UP) Trygve Lie, former 4:30-What's Your Favorite Donisetti. Tosti and 0the0fwltl
li-B By duen IVIi secretary-general of the United 5:15-ENGLISH ON THE AIR Hans Janowits as accos pad lt.
S .. Nations, warned yesterday that (Agencia Steer) The concert will get kntf uyM
Wlc nic Efrul no peace cannot be achieve in Ko 5:20-What's Your rFavorite at 8:15 p.m. Admisiol,I $1 and
-. PM w i ,rea without recognizing Corn- (contd.) 50 cents for students. -M Y
l st China as a party to any 5 s 30- News personnel will be admltt free
KUMAMOTO. Kyushu, April 27 settlement. 5:35-What'e Your F a vorite of charge.
(UP)-Japan's largest and most! (.. ..d.,
tive voa erupted vioeentlyy "It is not possible to foresee a 6:00-Tales from the PaCific Is- St.
today and the government Korean settlement except n re- ds (BBC) St. Cristophers
the toll :o far as at least six per- lation to other Far East issues," 6:15-Musical interlude
sons killed and more than 100Lie said, "and there can be no :30-The Telephone Hour YPF resent
Lothe o njured by flying rocks~settlement unless the People's 6:45-LowellTomas
iRepublic of China isa arty t I ,7: 00-Take It From Here (BBC) Musicale
The death to may r'se as sev-it." 7:30-BLUE RIBBON8P ORTS
The death ti .may rse as sev- REVIEWI The St, Chrlstopherl-,Youth
era persons were stllreported ie who resigned because o :45-Special Legion Auxiliary Fell
missing from the slopes of Mt.Russian opposition, dd not c prom cale sunday t th Psfl Club-
SAso. n ment specifically on frequent 8:00-Evening Salon ehou et
Most of the casualties were viet proposals that admission of 8:45--UP. Commentary Listed to take part on t ro-
teen-aged school children visit- Communist China to the U.N. 9:00-Jack SmithShow (VOA) gram, entitled "A Mucal Week
ing the famous mountain on. would help pave the way "1 9:15-Elxcursons nScience Festival, art: ,C" taictla Bell,
er annual excursion. Mountpeace. 9lo -Plahous of Fvorrtels Maze Headley,' Ro, Capbell
their annual excursion. Mount 10:00-The World at Your Win- Allan Went aKennethoeph
'-Aso is one of Japan's "national A n enLie warned againstth seekingdo (Bep
Parks" and hundreds climb It "unconditional surrender" I n 11:00-The Owl's Nest and Wllbert MOrrils .
Daily. Today there were an es-. the cold war.r MIdnight-Blgn O ff The Y.i.t n lee Cub, under
timated 500.chool children fromOf the direction of Hugh Adams,
all parts of Japan, in addition to "You- cannot negotiate a' true Tomorrow, Tuesday Aprii will be heard in several rendi-
several hundred other sightseers. the settlement on thedonated to theory of un- :00-ign Clock tons. elections tobe heard of the
conditional surrender," he said. Clube the work Mendes

Slopes. "Real peace and freedom for 9:00-News St. Christoper Church.
Korea, as distinct from a truce. 9:15-Sacred Heart Program
may be a long time incoming..." 9:30--As I see It 6:00--iddles' Corber
E Iu ..c :H Lie's new bid for approaching 10:00-Newi 6:15-Musical ilnterlude
SEE THE INEt W ;,Red China was delivered in a 10:15,--Off the Record (contd.) 6:30-HawaliCalls
farewell address broadcast 11:400-News 6:45-Lowell Thoma
LEC TRO[ L LUX throughout the world by the 11:05-O.-Qff the Record contd.) 7:00-Pr-oner at the tra
V voice of America on the eighth ll:0--Meet the ag 7:30-BLUE IBON 8 P
T-- CLEANER YOU NEVER anniversary of the San Francisco 12:00-News REVIEW
R|AVE TO EMPTY Conference, at which the U.N. 12:06-Luncheon Music 7:45-Jam Seasion
SiilE w i- 'charter was written. After serv-I 12:0-Popular Music 8:00-Perry Comq Show (VOA)
... ing since the U.N.'s creation, Lie PI.M. 8:15-?P red Warslg and lit
S was succeeded this month by Dag 1:00-News P. 8ylantlns
r j ,. iHammarskjold of Sweden and 1:15-Personality Parade 8:0-ranie Masters Inter-
I will return to Norway shortly. 1:45-Lum and Abner tas *
< A spirit of compromise, he 2:00-A Call from Ies Paul 8:4--UP. Oomuen
Said, will also promote settlement 2:15-Date forDanc 9:oN--Twenty _uetw s. (VOA)
of the cold war in Germany and 2:3-Spirit of the col of .Barlow
SAustria and "all the other Ipues 2:45-Battle of the 10ad Is
Vaeuuma Clea Floor of the cold war that must in S:e--AU Star Concert Hall estra
Sshe time end either In mutual disas- 3:15-The Little Show 1i0:15-Mneal,
Bakiserates ter or be resolved byw negotiated A.M. 10:20-V (3BC)
# :settlements." 3:0--Music for Tuesday 11:00-'fl e'a ;sq
Crawford Agencies 4ettlemenyaa 12:00 c Of.
Lie spoke from his home in 4;-S-oouth of the Border 12: I
i s a '* suburban Forest Hills. scene of 4:30-What's Your Favorlte VOA er

Ml.Ms i a.12 words.

* *-. rf -".'-, .


AAlote 0 'Novey Now!
for I
SFarm & Gardme.

G6 K Nbv, In',
". A. ItI. I. "
AmI .

Shipn. mpvng. storage.
We pack nd crate or move
anything. Phoni 2.24*1,
'.2662, Pinamr.,
'. ir

Househod Exchange
41 Aletomebe Bow
TeL 3-4011

ATseDew NeL IF

AMR I^ l ;ssa

(Palmer Gradvute)
9 SL &t. MendAeia Ave.
i No. *4 *
Hours: 9 ajLm to 12 noo
- e3 p.m.toa p.m.
Monday to Friday. -
TeL !9 O1-oln, N. P.




1938 Ford, 2-door
1952 Chevrolet Coupe
1932 Bpick Special
1952 Ford, 8, 2-door
1951 Chevrolet, 4-door
1951 Ford 8, 2-door
1950 BuIck Super Sedan
1950 Studebaker Sedan
1950 Nash Sedan
1950 DeSoto Sedan
1950 Packard, 4-door
1950 Chevrolet Sedan
1950 Plymouth
Convertible Coupe
1949 Plymouth, 4-door
S Sedan
1949 Dodge Sedan
1949 Ford, 4-door Sedan
1949 Buick Super
1949 Pontiac, 4-door
1949 Nash, 2-door
1949 Studebaker Coupe
1948 Chevrolet
Convertible Coupe
1948 Chevrolet Reetlinl
1948 Kaiser a
1948 Dodge, 2-door'
1940 Studebaker Sedan
1947, Buck Sper Sedal
1947 Mercury Convertible
1947 HIudso Sedan
1947 Plymouth, 4-door
1947 Ford Coupe
1947 5Wlf statio ,
1946 Oldsmobile
Co vrtible Coupe
1941 O mobile, 4-de
Sedan .1

.5, ,, *

Open fro 8:00 a.m. COMEIANDt
to 12:15 .
from 2:00 to 6:00 p.M. TH CARS
Monday through Friday

from 11:t301
Served'at a
Potatoes. Salad,

1I* hUn

Oysters. Shrimp, CorbInA,
Lqbster L

W' e -- -., i. .-
ama va kawa ham



day because avemn "neweamers"
protested thae they block a ide--
w alk D
Tree VW A. Dietrih it
tcdee whether te es go or

and those who think the 70-
year-old- naples ae 'an obstruct
The trees, borderIg veride
Catholic Conveht ka a wany
suburbL here, were mar fr
destr ci two w.k* ago. Die-
lche ed that uevW.l nw
resldente- complained because
the ancient trunks took up too
much of the sidewalk.
The Riverside Garden Club
and the Bverndeo Aseociation, a
group of presidents protested.
Father oseph A. Gmnley, rAto
of the convent school, also join-
d In the protest. -
Under Connecticut law, no
tree along the municipal gt
of way can be cut down without
the tree 'wrden's permission
"Usuaily, we settle thee. things
before they get to a hearing,"
the warden added. "This time, it
seems to have stirred up quite
a bit of Interest.
"The people that have lived
here, for yearss seem to el
there's noaeed to exited a-
bout the treea.!
Dietrich said the. complaints
about th etrtes rst came in
mid-M A. He posted signs on
the maples two weeks ago saying
they would be destroyed. Under
the law the trees' supporters ad
five days to appeal. They did so,
emphatically, so he called the
hearing. .. -
Women Who Work
On Poppy Sale
Are Vol u'te'rs
Disabled 'veteran~ who make
the poppie are the only persons
Ior their ork in the Amer-
ican Legion Auxiiary'a oppy
program, according to Mrs-. a
e Mary title, local Auxiliary
The women who distribute the
poppies a" all unpaid .volu-
teers. Promotion work is .handled
by volunteer committees. and by
members of De nt and
Units of the ercan Legon
Auxillary 1n'Iqn

lent Will be made moderMn ad
In a major ,olicy-addfr -
fore the US. Chamber of Colb*
mo a p
ae Kye s aid a complyt
view" of the mobllluWtIt pro-
gram laid down by the T1um1S
administration as been mader-
taken and the days that le
ahead, many decisions will b
H* He stressed thee nUltial poito
In putting the Defense bhart-.
ment into position to handed the
obilisaton effort ecmonomnay
iand effectively:
1) "Definite weaknesses" will
be corrected In military procure-
ment. Not all the fault attadheS
to the mltary, he aid, because
"they are forced to contend ith
a omI x of laws arid reu-.
lations dating back to depres-
son day a with objectives
havig no relation to present.

planning" through "cle*r .lines
of authority and rsponsibility...
(and) most Important, .sound
and adequate management."
Despite Its rank as the largest
organization In the world, the
defensee Department "has only a
handful of men whose abilittes,
knowledge and experience ap-
proach the requirements of such
a task," Eyes said.
3) Without going into detail,
Kyes gave support to recent-pub-
lished reports that Defense Se-
cretary Charles E. Wllson vlaits
to narrow the "mobilization ban"
by concentrating more produttc-
tion in fewer plants.

bia Wants To Buy
im, Tons '

Of Russia Wheat
NW DELHI April 27 -n-
dia has offered to buy 1.000.000
tons of wheat annually from the
soviett Union for the next five
years at the price prevailg on
indian markets not theol
tional price, Food Mini tr aft
&hmed Iidwal sald tody.
In turn,. Russia w O'tt6 a"iy
goods she reoutres from Indit ,
.a.q aU)- India, price.

Womew's 7 bt eoh
To Visit Museum; '
Presidenci .#- ner a'atS
The' etulttual oinmittee of the wheat agriement said dia Nt
Inter-American Women's Club m6re money on her bter deal
will pay a visit to the National with Russia two years ago tha
Museum tomorrow on one of the she did on deals with the Unit-
group's periodic cultural tours, ed States and otir counitttes.
The-group will also visit the
idencia to examine same of a T e
he paintings of Panamanian ar-.B
tist Roberto Lewis. .
A spokesman for the up
said museum curator Albery-to Nio-t
Mendes has consented to several
reUs of htoriet importance on PALI DE A-
display for the members of the pr ()-Th mer-
group. ry-go-round in the un t r 7
Th gruwillmeet at the offers change
IAWC buldnp tomorrow morn- this yea
gto beln t tur at exactly deo" is the name they've
_. _* .______ given the new ride at alisades
. .' -\-- Amusement Park here.. Bkscal-
US Citizens Assn. ly it is the carrOusel, which
.?.. hasn't changed much through
Meets Tonight the aes,t there is sort o
egshoo& g c~ryattacdud.
'i "l t Officers "Inteaud of reah ou ftor
E V COierS the old-fashioned bras ng"
explained Irvn* losenthal
open meeting of the U. wner thepark. -
Iees A-- laton o. the Canal dren are armed-with tby ,ec:-
e wi be held at 7:30 tonil ; trc-eye pistols with which to
the O .pa civic Center t shoot at bandit figures in th
tAno e at s. t.e meer. enter of the carrousel. When .s-the meet a -hitis cored, a bell rings."
lag tonight y vote. The new ride ..was designed
S" and built by Norman Bartlett
5n 4ofI Buffalo, N. Y.. and Uletl,
MalnutMi 95%P0la. The .oly other ride of
(Continuel k1in kI 1) this type. at presentI is In-an
"A --e-f-- ""U 1) Ontario, Canada,. par
the exeess -umber 4061kcans. "The amusement ride bust-
The Allie. had pOpeed indef- ass began in America when
in"te extension' orte eIge. Michael Dentzel, a erman im-
Whether the e tal B miant, Importedthe first mer
notice wasu e.nly temporary or go-round to PtliladLrhl
meant a.Wjeetlon of the A il e 11," ,osentbal ws .l. sob,
proposal *was not made clear. A. Dentsel, bulM the .f1N
e r reatr1n domesit i meMy-go-rid
Commulst Lr5 ItIm I had M16. Merry-46-rounds
long way to go. The Allies were m-un from $50.,000 I prin a
return 500 a day unl the the ammOth merry-go-rou
more than 6000 were hande it our park can MTrr, some 400
back- Peop9e a0 a single ride.




.I N. 0.0 I




-' th I ie U.N. capital's most colorful 5: ew BBC-BritshBradoastpg(
rdiplomatic social gatherinegs in W T t -
. *................__Jrecnt yeaM,^_,^ ,^^lB.^g~il ^
-- -- j *-M




slimN I



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f~a. F

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-'~' .*
ii 4 Il*4?;~ .46.
-...~ ~

U~f ~y~!
4~ I I

~T a
a ~-
r- (~ -
-. &' ,.~LAE

3 Wrr~

ild Baile
k. Avg"y (UPI

d u "I'
ofa ,L


T-. &JOa Jut*lor Stbay
Leaurua wtplts Into asto teday

, : J...- .l ,^ ..,,,.

k Apt


,i ". ... ...... ....
%-.'i ..... .. .., .. 9 "

.................Il. a
.... ... B... .. iS l 9' .
~ i go .EC.. ...B. ....*..

toi w" ,' ,, i
(1 4 MOT

t :g,
,ma. ,I" 1

(3- th -r,. '

.fndia ttk' j-. Ia
h ,TlUf r |it-^* 1i t fail

|A Cluk ln.lso

,a-t.. ..6 (16 a .

,, ,L7 4 .

Berm A 6, ,
No games acdiduled. p il

PlOree (2-1), _n .es,
and and iba.

S( 1) d '

,et ln 'M- l

\ rtsn)

As na 4 2

-l*sw N>rajk

JR sa^ iy0

mm u

-* TO fse 2"
k, .. ,, :
n ric aWTe to wi
S"Tnit Mpatil in
.^; br.

" -. M-

sor Pr h
toW be a other, d th
, lab ma have. l

l ba ha.

w -

6 1 8e 6t .- \ -"
F-2 Op- ueUoa Banes have loaded
i OuL all hit to s

but v.aerl the bag. Rel
lw btb r-rnn is o.Ni B-
ie a tm, meiwg m the ru eae
i o. the beg, mke are-
Ufn tlas to nd the
pd i te plate.. Is t0s foe
AW* pia ? Was the iom risove
O0 tO the the batter-mer was
rWO- sut at M*t base? Do 4he rns
i1OI tha. ty rAd heo wla trd

Inw"th Dm4ar1 t'
Ii a- e

Jose Alvarez Ardiva

Wi Work Out In.

I again mst call your aI- firt pro bout
tentlon to the necemlty of tal- The first
LOUU ingu eery precaution to guard frour re
against gambling and associa- Zefne 1.i.%-
tion with cambler. ctalon
TeaStandta 2nd Halt "I want call your attention Zeftae,
Wam, WL Pot to the evil of 0t"4, card BabyJI
Is' I 1urance1 13 1.99 a amamesar W r whbrhter buT
r i 3 .7 he sta keu ar gressive rt
rtitor ~4 11 7 '

Ck a 7. 11 .214 A i To.

assured them-o
. "e@A they
PA(r SOIl @ mo the9
theMwKEnthe L be

a baoe to. tie for first
that the

aswsyso trannto n hree l-yC. PUT Mri3a
ii al rance I PAR ..____
ioftrlte otta rtB~nln ame. I __i. t i
!'sa _. "
Al h V o i0nofl tory _Fr Iay kOkIs- k" ..ON
%%iowI fl ba hits and 1 --- I"

erh lrmAded for CAA T ANY OTM MM '
ba After ldoa eup u aftoe | CG, dlr
&t. ft"l s e sp was re- | asanT-T'^

. m t -a s cak e d ut aet I I c t .. 'd
sew ts s o_ bhIn favor ofd ".
loIny !#rftcNo whq was re- ,
MUbte * t n gly two runs on i ---5. o
tw bl annd two bases on .
McLW l mmsd for the aIks.
in te mt i wtir riht field- yesmm twres. yr
er Miletr fiudd the battle e and demad the uima

aowM it to to dp right CAAd apewfam nd AvB oWb
ais to t hleate t Goody an "oe bia

.h tiSTW Clx loe ta ll ad tnsf to. bue- y?......
Sm -fdWdBVI e amofALn=aa",i A0e.. ',^ 'f
Unused fag -t 9 .Mb

M assA. .. .. b

(---Mf s ,"v- .. ....

'"V.. .. .f t ... ,'


* .
a'- -. .

,.. ..



The peu f la w cos-

hintd atCL
ninr a prof al t s
:' .t% <
kn.hited .it tiat Utyof ila

Loren Babe

To Athletics

i l r ,tt'ir "--k- fr ',

h m b. eelus teg.l
Im a." _. ___


I ~
.~ F-~ *** -

.-& -





'. .'; ,'*

:,, .. I A ..., ,*.
** ;' r i .-I ** .


I 'NNeglige ce

1INTeIM .;;Wa hW ua e T.-ela-

Ngisnel ewhok ,at beiamy 1-.
.. .... i. eU-
'' i lt i ,aa_ *i -
ITgg r}a t inM oa. 2"5

h- :i s mi. Ei -e ir

tet and apy tl Cer l wr f-
fianed s ean b aBut

Ti, es d r, the l-
ThMta'.D^*a ) f aelab 0Wf CUm 1 d-

mimi." .. .... .
1-, 3 k0a' Q' ._rit in
Ss, a Muqo...e ,1 r
-r l h w b th he artm

(a S i~$io 3eMn m en~ wme T ie tel e n-
it.. 1 -3i 0, 2 .2 0i .s aN WA- 4n t, o sa.

*^i ff'J Ck t ,eleAt *aws- for M t wt.l
STBe Ptcher am -a b e* hlf t

R-OfY ." i,>if us irir. ee *r wtar e diaC t

bAttere slri her W a
lbr = 111 a thhe ComI.

20 W..h....oP a sob dr~lm .
,.the h rrlhiimf thm ai
wh mpbom Ce 1g emIbheuMeM

ma w er. et .A

.-tSh 5IMi.f e.L. *fghLi.o
Phwasii so =tthebl dl
uM beISM111 aa afte hemu

M~f We te N tYo a r wie tel
S-P0Ubtam #4. 2.20 h y ."

To- Be Ptcher K- C th ca

bad- fe the N W Eerf ln4th

Urt HI thuni theu w om Ote. ~

T.oBePitcher Pacif Sftball

trl ath Coln Arena tIn
Spre at for hi s hedul
ten-round but against Pan-
IMa'i ei_ Mummer Sunday
ni llt tArena.
S arrived an the Ilth-
e last n ogOt. He was met at
the Tocumen Alsport by pro-
Irotei laue Martin and ae-
eompaled to the fbiht held
at tim Panam Alva. rez waas
e to the eubn at the
After the prmentatkon, t was
dlcloed that Alvare no-wi wora
Qut *v ataeg at thieColon
Areas c Thuday. On that
day ill or e ever to Pan-
ama e e Pacific e ftan a
look at hiM form.
The Mexican bha fought all
the god Iollshweight& and most
t the, top atherwelhts in his
homeld. T -year-old box
er drop aspt deacon to
thtyabr In. San Ant onio, T ms.
Whie au the reporters are t-
t as much informant. a
possible about Alre Plurnar
haf been steadily whipping him-
self into top ,Sddtl~ol1. PdeLCo
Is aiming or another knockout
victory to make his record as a
Itwelght two JE's in two
Plummer scored a lean knock-
out over Trasito Zid in four
rounds in his first start as a 135-
.pounde two months ago. iRe
ltt harder than ever his
prpoblemWtcal aJ'seems to be as
go as new.
ThI Uay program, which te
Ichedled to begin at 8 p-m.. will
il. feature a ten-rounder be-
tween Pedrb Teals and Leslie
Thomplol at a weight limit of
126 pounds.
Teals andThompon hopto
sle an old score. Tesih sB.

^an T the
iba am Ape. was

time of i ld a

IBTOR MI April 27 (UP' -
Baseball Commissioner Ford C.
Fril.hdlciatei, today.ti am-
bling In coIn eetlot with bse-
ball ganes Is bMecoiUli more
prevalent and warned both
leag to take every precaution
against such an evil
The Co isine statement
was continue 14 letter posed
on the bm eum b%4 |tLn tee
Bst kdM BIox clI 4=nqe I d
wlPie a to, Presidenit Wi
ar e of the- A.C.losan
Leaue and Warren Oms of the
Naonal League.
The letter addressed to man-
agers, read:


Jese t"epe" Alvarge
Ihis rubber vtia shui
clear up alldoubts ae d r
all, as which bay imtlaibeter
of the two. Thai~u i iI .t
ter boxerut T
for wallop. .
Two lour-round prellmbuafte
wi complete this str- ,

limit and ttlng .f
Kid Cameron In amotr 1n
pound contest.
General admission will. B-

Francis KO's

i. oW' f--

Julio 111 x ,o_
dt elbedf h'i2 d

lOly In the -it _moudi 1
the:mch Obl tr r un.eb
second he could not .
Ialnd the avala ._ _
rained on him from- IlUI
Farah was down _t..vW .
anal -knockdown = b MW
helpless a. rollMni aony
the canw -..
The semlfinM between TanMi-
to Kid, 190%. abd. jw*.jee: F
lace, i. was the_..:lBwi
the evening while .la L ,
lace and the Wd -ll0_11 i
tLo-to-toe for d.wt
each landing some terrilf i
Ia the fourth, Wealoa-ded
four consecMN veU mms-aes- 1
the law and Tranulto wentwn3 .
for a ine count. Wh le got
Sup he ran Into a ta ,stream
ed his (ace Into a? blo qHm.
Refe ree Vivian tet wie
ly stopped the sauehter at 59
second of the fourth u ..
Melanlo Pas 16o, 11, a o.
ed a unanimous fo-r-raundA_.
clilon over Y3unGa oitmsn, I .
Inl inuthi ition-Dnaidot. "@r

r ^

SB son

,[ .- V yN '..Y s




Flimsy Defense '

HANOI, Indochina. April 27 "'let lI P o0
(UP) French military leaders
ftt up an airlift today to fly men TWENTy-EIOGH' SlAR.
maW equipment Into Luang Pra-
bang as Invading Communist ar-
ales closed in on the ancient
ewtal of1Lao".
Only a handful of volunteers c n I
manning earthen fortifications '
stood between the Reds and
theciW orlty.
The French command failed to
part of tightened security pre- W arid
cautions, but the Communist ar-
my was believed lea than 40
miles from Luang Prabang after
overrunning the last major de- LAS VEGAS, Nev., April
fense outposts. (UP) Scientists busied then
The population of the almost selves today preparing to fl
defenseless capital formed vol- the first live atomic artillel
unteer brigades to work day shell.
and night diggingA tehes and The test, expected to take pli
leveling emergency airfields May 21, will be the windup<
for supplies being flown In the 1953 spring nuclear blaet a
from the French base at Hano, ries. One of the Army's new 81
miles to the northeast. ton, 11-inch atomic cannons w
The Laos Ministry of Defense be used for the test.
'announced today it has recalled It will be the 10th and la
from France all Laotian officers blast of the serieS,
training there to participate in The atomic cannon will b
the defense of their country. fired by remote control froa
'the Association of Laotian the side of a mountain south ol
Women announced it would pro- the test site.
vide food parcels for the defend- GI engineers are already a
era of the Plaine des Jarres work preparing the entrench
where an estimated 10,000 French ment for the huge artllery
and Laotian soldiers have dug in piece.
-for an all out attack by two Although the new atomic
Vietminh divisions, howitzer has a range of 20 mile
its target will only be seven mile
Laotian Premier Souvanna away.
Phouna told the press his The target itself is the tfn-
country, one of the three Asso- cleat group of steel structures
elated States of Indochina, is and forests ever assembled foe
determined to "fight to the a military test.
last" against the Cbmmunist These Include three typical
sivaders sad that the govern- steel bridges built on concrete
bt#earusted. fully the French piers on the, floor.of the desert
ad's ability to stop the Also in the target areas are nu
abi ty to *top merous fuel ta t : qk n
structed of bot steeland- co
Plans have been made for the create. Some tanks have been bug
evacuation of Luang Prabang led and some erected above th
and the court of King Sisavang ground
Vontg if necessary, but Phouna Workers have ara be
said .that Viellane, the adminls- filling the tanks to ,vritId level
ratlive capital of the kingdom, with diesel ,11 a g e-
will not be evacuated for the see what MEfi ''O
'Ume being." burst wil bWe.
SMore tha 100 pine trees
have been wst in concrete In
&l the amrea so t plannerS
DumllA an atomic weapon explodes a-
bovea wooded area.
The tress, some of them 90 fee
tall, were chopped, down wit
WHful folage on nearby Mt
Charldston and hauled ti
$SULT STE; MARIE. Ont., A- Frenchman Flat.
prl 27 (UP) Grief-stricken Various types of military for.
parent prepare today to bury tifleations will also be subjected
esght children who were burned to the blast, as will half-a-doenr
to death when & flash fire and low concrete, cell-like buildings
el vion riped through a frame heavily reinforced with steel
home on the outskirts of Sault Most of t i structures have win-
OteoMarie. dows dQora,,but nOhe have
.A? e;n ty dwelling of Mr. and So far,. Defense Depart-
M .=flul p Derry caused the fire ment has not announced wheth-
shortly after dawn yesterday,. er troops will take part in this
The victims were the Derry's five final and most elaborate atomic
children and :the three children blast.
of Mr. wad Mrs. Arthur Trudel.
The Tkudel children, Wilma, A
rae, ndDianne, 9, Polce Arest 3
were belng cared for by the Der-
1yl, They were slee ing in the eadr 0t Utrie
sferm& s,, er leaders Of SIrike
drmn, Dorothy, 27, Reginald, 5, V
Clffd. 4. Eleanor, 3 and a one- O D au k Pl
*ar-Old baby. John. inii K lR Hi rult ll
Derry started a fire in the PARIS. April 27 (UP) Police
weed stove early yesterday. An today arrested three leaders of
bo r later a wooden shield be- the Communist-led C.O.T, union
hind the stove caught fire, and a of the Renault automobile facto-
spontaneous combustion explo- ry who engineered last Friday's
sfti cut off the parents front the invasion of the strike-bound
back room where the children plant by workers who had been
were sleeping. laid off.
The Derrys raced to the back Agents of the Surete Nationale
of the building and broke a win- arrested Mairus Apostolo, Jean
dow in an attempt to rescue the Lacaze and Charles Houe after
children. But the heat and the factory management had
flames drove them back and they lodged a complaint with a Paris
were hospitalized with severe court against the invasion.
Sbasm. The three union leaders were
accused of leading a group of 500
angry workers who stormed the
Factory and paralyzed Its produc-
: tion by occupying the assembly-
WhOn Ex-POW lines hall.
Representatives of the Com-
munist, Socialist, Catholic and
independent unions of the 40,-
000-employe plant met this
morning to decide on further ac-
BLACK RIVER FALLS, Wis., tion in their efforts to obtain a
pril 27 (UP) Miss Odana 25 per cent wage increase,
i said today "it'll be no"
okyo with a proposal F ever w eps

n arrivedd to someone elsengland CaUSing

irst "x months in a Coin- B WOn ig TiravY1
prison tockade, told
lq Tokyo that he was LONDON, April 27 (UP)- The
'place a telephone call to most nlrious epidemic of swine
l ^today and ask Mis fever in England since the war
Itea nto mar him. caused the Ministry of Agricul-
B goina to get married," he ture today to impose a ban on
h. *- the movement of ptgs in 10
MbIsf N1 n Stenrmon was counties of England.
an we ould be yes, The ban covers the counties
*5 mk 5I*U d not." of Norfolk, Suffolk, ~Eex, Btaf-
JsS.^ I S love with ford, Shropie. Warwick, Wor-
maotea man. Sh declined to est* nd the East and West
MutIW l other suitor but aidM dlts of Yorshwe..
Sto marry him." The S outbreaks of swine
told Tokyo corres- fever reported this year to date
pWgdmt that he was not en- already exceed the total for the
WI: g Itterson but We of at. year. Tb closure
f a~ ne ~ he would tbe ousayknto w eience the
5m-fsVuL .store trade to a stan l and

. BI w hbe egot uIe rioudy Inoonvenience breedersJ
femr high 1Mschob who speckillur in the sae oif
'young p


mini ^

p ,B *

pie &no* elw trh 019,06de country 1 isqfe -

PANAMA, R. 1., l MONDAY, APRIL 27, 1953


sts Get Ready To Fire

s First Atomic Shell

wc LTrpc nt, a
tngthe atari
(rot shownt).

US Working On Plan

t To Curb Unemployment
d WASHINGTON, April-l (WP) committee o n the economic
i President *isenhoWdr's ad -ort I is. t getting some ea
s ministration is working on a Vi stUe or stabilization p
. program to "see to it mat. the underway W." r1. isenhower,
- stu idity of-

- The' I 13 The. .
- letter from Mr. 3.lqnhowerto Idet wro
c1r0 President Walter P, *ther mtOl p0
nothing that high level e nply- can t to
meant s "a matter vryuch mss nem
our thinking." meont 'n again visit
Mr. EisenhoWer's klette r was in lend. I, ite ribe to
answer to proposal by Reuther prinpl that la...
that, in vew'othe "recent ..,
change" In .OMnMunisat oiVcy. .Reuther' wvrItten the P
The President ca1~ "broadly re- ilea it Awl noting that
prnsentative jinib at' the ,mOW,,4 -economist ,

wotem d ,, Won nile
eashrl it date o dra.t a work- e pr a retunf
it aid he, was worried ,4 "r 0 r

thatleDCof delanrenn that he ofaie PlOntedP to W r
would )d iVr so nd The u union letht. r. owerthe
of ff ee tion must preare to p uc94

offet treds toward unemploy- Howeis P"r plan wI
shumed Thbe' tac odut now. notemloyved '
rfcounc of econ ipo a'oiA tcon-' lth e Pred

e letterReuther. vise ffi
The present 'reported that he of thbe C1Q p.atod.aut WOrt

was coug ely useful the or neceary
of the employment act of 1946he l to meet
offsetlumb Universityord to them y and nemlm .
ment. That act provides for a vetogerucbe
council ofhe d economic hadvisecuredto
develop policies to marntsin ic thtpi
maximum production, employ-Pmsotina t es
ment, and purchasing power. ministration.... Luto oppc
The President pointed out he rsanabnd a poractlcalaiel
has "undertaken to rebu1l4 (the the gwoernnei necessary
council) Intoa genuinely useful tih e n tfete cassto meet
ointment of Arthur F. Bus of nd unemployment.
council, he said be had secured
the services "o0 our country's
leading economist In the field of
business cycles." Baptist R
"I am Informed that the joint

Joi Cnte(mnW OKs Strar
~ii COXPORDI, JMC., April 27 (
MO Fo A pastor who, has no db
-1tion to. stapless evening gi
yesterday replaced the p
i e Homer Nichols at the West(
ford Baptist Church after a
AApril 27(UP) ter dispute over the "Immodi
President and trend ofwonm n's fashliam.
Republican cogreasnal lead- The Rev. 3. 0. ary said t
ar agres d s tt up asi t "o long as people are drme
coattee to oregn trade sc I ee n tely on
and eo o. wbhat ..ywear in church.

i lked id

a, composer, their c toant, an .
9 Graner, their accompfitst and W-

On, Comms Entry
LONDON April 27 (UP) Sir
Winston was greeted
with ur ar today on
his first a e since his
of o-


n in


le in


and Qhon lye
benchese w il anpme SelalIt,
but not manl. Joied in. "
Ch d Iand tn a
and strite
handkrcb p "raped ralhl
from his co pocket,
the scene ee hi spectacesad
beamed a chrbic smile befoi .
he sat do t
Socialit Leader Clement Atthe
extended a dnIfed e ratula-
(on but the U wa soopa tI
an uproar of la' hter when
dryly uked:
"Can the rime ntergive
the house n turoar ot
on the slippery slope to another
Hughes' words were drowned
In laughter but It was presumed
he was referring to the oune
of Lords.
"Provide~1 e term was used In
a strictly parliamentary sense,"
Churchill replied, when he could
make hlmse heard, "I can give
him the assurance required."

dJ L,,


.h^..~~~ bah tutb h^;~
tUdrh .
a f

and a oa n. Ta Coaley
from MaWits.


To WO sM B*Oy
NEW-O April 7 .(UP)
-A medl adeaMti. disclosed
here that he hasra t
W hands of an unborn g ea
to a woman to replae her own
glands whebh had beeStremoved
ep aurgery. "
Dr. Edward Kremen. Of
the .Tuiane.Unvert medial
school sad he is now waiting to
see whether animal.tleue for the
fiat time in history wt "take"
and thrive In a human body.
Heretofore no one has-beun a-
ble to transplant nonail taspe
from one Individual-to aztoabr
even of the same species but DLa
Krement d said experohaea alf e
shown embryonic tsu to have
a dramatic survival power.
He said his patient Is now t e-
inn "evaluated" to see if the vu
thyrid, glands had gro ...lthq
wom5'u body and wldk
enough hormones to-r. pae
fully the work of her own. .ai
which had been-reao th d


When a waraon hao hi:hw
I out of tw he-, ,_
i~~~ ~~ *Kt^ne~ry*Wa h

astor Resighs When

less Evening Gowns
UP) "He seems to feel that all the the city ch i
4ec- advertising done with half-maude oilcI si _
m women is responsible -for the wo by he
tev. downfall of civilization or sM- hve
Ox, thing like that," the 19-7ur-ld s haYv ls
bit- blonde said. flnahed at a
ast" When she refused his request,
Nichols called for a vote from
hat the onreatioon n .e Isse to late to
aed knd aid would resn if thew.
n to gowns w pere permitted. _m.
Der U1 said today that ely a shqMsrt waa I

Mcm=.Rto dUlam Wr
wAnatso g>yem ag-
years. *


P .
Ip -gap

Reds Close In

On Capital's




E-bbA' A. .;

;;' ,

7 7. -' .; :. 7-., -. ... ..... -...-y^ .
,^- ,,^ ****- .'* ^--A A ., ,.- -
k .- .: -


L.7 .


I I .

_ ~ L_

*:-. a, .



I1 .


I .




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