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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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To Retl

More ft|

tt w-w.asi eno among i edcmSMes.
e Thi e4s saga me.asm
ea s "air wek-
wedm rto m-e "nre-at,
"Mwet __ Ce 'mMe" "

bythe Red ignoueent, and
ko s-ggMW t Clukum now
woupropoe that the exchange'
of l and wounded be mde a
S-cnug practice under te
,- he -0eCat. LaVb*.
,hie told of -.

Ham *mn
s A. 'e u- -
""P^ T.^ '^a 1* H* 'T Auw


Awaits Details,

Quite Obviously

Something Wrong
WASHINGTON, April 23 (UP) President Eiw
howr told a news conference today that quite obvialmu
iewo hd been something wrong in the treatment et
tkited Nations prisoners by North Koreans and Chioue
Commumts. .
He she said he wanted as many prisoners excW i
,, ,p oas possible.
At some time the President told reporters 1i-r
ibe ena direct reply or response from tie Soviet Umni.
t04M p-ce a"d dilsrmament proposals he pat .fut. a
Wek age teday .rris speech totI Aaeri*n Society of
NempapWr Editors.
The Presidaet took a highly guard view tow
the Korep situation, but sid he was heavy-.e. ,a.
he read bories of brutally and istreatment of
aked Wether he thog .

caused H the n .iseye w 7t
aU^^ .^fgej^-artyill~m ^

* .3

-r enare xu-

R dM&

S, ,O, cf m.aaio.He M It wouldme u imW nrtWe'fad of epkbmtee
ry s 'Wra. tMat swept through- pr isdi
laUCCOW l WW ^ AM the defense plogram
ittt of Reds ha 1o- b a containing n A Soeath Korean whose
Id ler returnean. f -g o the ability ofe peo- rtted away while
t the .no, was l each country to make a b s wae tied behind
Led l to were ,IN. w wasa u y hg
dj marth. h president was askfted how while his guards shee) k
d to the -.41 a bse felt about the prisoner ex- In his eouth and wq8
l p lwe prisoner chae and the Korean htua- eae who told his ster.
an ..North Xq- tion general in view of the Another South Korean saw
O t brutalty brought to 1,000 men die In one camp.
Slight by returning Allied prig- The first U.N. woman prison
-^ .atprier owners. repatriasted, a South Korean Or
Sa short of He said cautiously that he had my nurse, said Chinese
m U. not yet received a complete and beat hew on two successive
t on full report enabling him to with asteel stick after her a-
o Its separate atual general faetj .
a f isolated Instaa ce. WAT sr n of
a ~He added, h"wver, that n Army l t
Everything be had bea had gm A tthry ybt of C
mention made him happle rt tt Abe rifMlty.
a t s k and UN. forces were gettUig meiMe is hand to shew
rlonrp, prlsnes back. only b rammng. s
- .e said it mwas qute ob ous Norg .-captorsa t.his
,~Sk ftWf lkyt tioftre had been somethl oag haW b id hs ibb=
S.UiaJ n da with the Reds' treatment o t tle t for wes
i-l. -ete t ed any sweeping e= until way. T o At e
bot ethe NU s he received more fai fingr ad one thumb. he -d'4,
,v' Meanwhile la end nDr. (ContMbasd o e Qi. .)

' Briscoe Georgia-Bound

fr 30 Years Practice in RP

Mit. ] Mlxazlneeround.-
l treated every
la iTnce Beay-
$-. 15. adopted
/ ComEeUus DeWtt
MM M ts north,
- and mpa lfod mea-

ba so be emse
1 se. the Nerok
ot ow lluthe


ht knowl-
hThe h-e in-
byT a 4Tduring

Mae will 'leave Panama
deemtions. In 193,
er his invaluable
t Si;ng for thbitr
t3uadoresn Cov-
leupon him a

for outetandlug work. New a I#
hnted at he maybe pa
a Psnaa decorazto s
lkwtjifee he d ,j
a inietuinh aof w
College of Phreete
sbe ts a Governor. t

eDr. Ir&boel I

daughter. Margaret il .
grandson 8tots.
Back in the States he wM
his other two dsqhtwt, l s
who is marrtlE toT
net Davi, and eMi.t
cold =we lea
fpect to viaiMt
for the cO SataM, te I i
more of hrmt.
twu all doe to Msi^ NO
it fae, a. geret e.
la booneafor
"o o r forget h
,..w "b "or ge, .,a...d

-- ,,.t( d l 'iA

- ~f.A


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aim *

S. 9

--- --

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" J,

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.','*;- -;*

... J.


'' '~



PAGE TW .. ... .


S 7 M OUrGM P O oax 154. PAwAMA. fa. .P,41.
r.amIPHONE PANA4M. NO 2.0740 ( LINal
PoenioN NeIPXSifATnvlr IOS IilA U 6POWste. INC.
PW MONTH. IN D0At4CE -- 70 g
Pan *ig MONTHS. IN ADVA4CRes -
F- 1. V aR. IN "" DVANCL 1 o

-. --

4 00

PISTOL-PACKING PARENTS--indicative of the tense atmos-
phere In Kenya, East Africa. Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Kerr, w'th pistols
strapped to their waists, meet their daughter at school to escort
her home. The school is guarded from Mau Mau terrorists during
the day. Children stay there while their parents work.

Labor News






is only a short drive from
where we were meeting to hs
quiet Atlantic Coast town
which has unknowingly become
the home of one of the tough--
est, most disciplined men ever
to be named In Congressilnal
testimony as a successful So-
viet spymaster.
So we rode out along the
peninsula, past the acc used
spy's home, right on to the.
Barnegat Light, six miles a-
way -from which one could
see only white capa, or lacmt-
Ing ships, or submarines, or
whatever one watches for on a
rocky ledge jutting Into open
This then is the ihone of
Nathan Gregory Silvermaster,
about whom we shouted un-
heeded warnings for so nao
This then is the reward for
Silvermaster, a man who. e*l
ven today refuses to deny
that Soviet agents have vi-
sited him along this, lo 4
coast -peaceful da t re
dom, and even a going
Small wonder there Is bit;
terness against such as pregory
Bilvermaster among the group
confering only 40 miles away in.
Atlantic City. This group, the
Jewish Labor Committee (of
AFL and CIO members), han
before it ghastly evidence that
Gregory Silvermaster's spiritual
fatherland, the Soviet Union
Is still virulently antf-SenmIt
still running Nazi-like .Jewlh
slave camps, still the old
USSR despite the dcath of tne
master of all spy rings, Joe
In the Jewish Labor oam-
information sent through from
far behirld the Irotn Cutln,
are grizzly facts the entire
Western world should ponder
as it seeks to understand the
"new" Malenkov-Molotov-Beria
The world was startled when
Moscow's Praesldlum sudde n l y
released the six famous Jewish
But In the Labor Commiittee
reports there is the evidence
that this was m=v*b a
change of tactic, out a
change of heart t the
committee reveals tbs there
are at leat 9 etr proml-
Beat Jew 4bs S still in
jail worse. These Inaete
DIptors LuAre, Braus, Xahan,
Levkovsky, Iseuberg, hut*
fehman and 3 others oft
lev hoap ,-: ,
,, ,,

story of old earal- -th.e t
Bla,.or Mac' -W A
, bst 1 40 tiW.
ndr'. ae 28 1o
tag nbftr OR O-i

dwarfed by the 40-foot-high statue of the Madonna, as they put
finishing touches on the bronze replica of Rome's patron saint.
.The five-ton statue which occupied srulptor Arrigo Minerbi for
five years, stands atop Monte Mario and can be seen from any part
of the city.

Music Makers


*"D BOMIZONTAL 3 Percussion
1 Musical wind musiant
instrumel t 4 Unspoken
:'. (slang) 5Atop
4 Low-pitched 6 Bungle
Instrument 7 Amerieai
6 Wooden wind humoriast
instrument 8 Hppen
I 2Attempt 9 Lure
S3 F00o s s 10 Polidh river
..14 Scoundrels IIEsenil
15 Trouble bein
f Convincing 17 Sounds.
foCes musical or n
h 3Mning 19 Unwanted
20 Vulgar plants
2 lFondle 23 Those .
, Don opposed
S2.4 .urt 24 Poker stake
3 Arabian trees25 Coconut
27 Health resort fibre
30 Strip of
doughy paste
. 2 Tried
34 Glittering
35 Water-
endreled land
38 Bfore -
137 Srrowful cry
*3- tMIa *raps
40 0therwie
41 Witty saying
.4 Unaceco~-
45 Pairs- -
.49 Holds back
I I Anger -
'32 CoMlfotrt

64 bites 9
NLeve d Lmv god
W Obtain N
e CiAL
I Male deerwe
2 go2 Sewd cov1rintg N

Answer to Previous Puzzle

-I -e I M

26 Musical 40 Come in
instruments 41 One who
played by ponders
clappers 42 War god
ot27 Amazing 43 Jump
28 Confined 44 Greek
29 Augments mountain
31 More loyal 46 Preposition
(Scot.) 47 City in
33 Sailing vessel PennsylvaU.a
38 Rust fungi 48 Clan -
sorus 50 Winglike part

G y ads C ass~ (
I *' .

In iinsk, a long list
an doctors were Jailed
uary and are now deil` r
special concentration casl
Among them are Doctou 4
na Epstein, Cysha Nisnsewle]
Regina Block, Kantorwtch, Sla.
bodskava, Kabasch and Dora a
The Jewish Laborv Committee
reports to its leaders, some of f
whom have lust come In om
European survey trips, that
"As many as 600,6 Jews a
In slave-labor camps righth
now) In the Soviet Union. 1
other words, one third of the
entire Jewish population is, be- a
hind bars. bloat
"The most sensatiopnal flhe his g1
of Information is about the was I
conversion of Biro-Bidjan, the --
autonomous repu b li c'
" p hiuge concentration V
"T1here seems to be a con-
certm plan to consign Jewish
Isoners to the camps in Biro-
Jan. It is difficult to estl-
arte the exact number of MAr
camps in BIro-Bidjan, but suf- Tb
fice it to say that in one camp have
on the shores of Lake Biro, baeik
there are five to six sections a*
,Wth 200 to 300 Jewish slaves 8
In each."
"#And their are other prisons.
*The old 'barracks of former"
K. concentration camps are bU
being prepared for re-use," says
the committee.

The Ctmaunasts, like their
. eld comrades of the swastika,
issued on Jan. 3 a directive
announcing that all East
German "uua-aryans anil s-
sue childrena) of mixed mar-
riages must be placed under
special srvelliance." U n til
now this news had not Jeak-

* =i


reel I
the I

iaoger Dbunn,

OlBntg.' ,
.(Glmp forl'6a ) )
VL ehGe .

h...l Men.
Wonder t m VL

Lie w parms
L-le t o dab
B9e he'wl

ed out from under the Iron Th U
Curtain. The directive has Ike
net been withdrwn by Sta.
ia's successors. al
8o the leaders of the Jewish .tatt
Labor Committee work harder cto:
to smuggle their brethren out
of the satellite countries. usfg
The tricks of their under-. o "..
ground railroad cannot be re- oohlen
vealed here. But it can be dis- e
closed that one band of Jews a free
who used special techniques to Fired
flee Communist Poland, report- at les
ed. on Mar. 14, that: i lner
"The majority of those who swishln]
came out are sick. flome wqre Te
bright literally on strethers the eoS
-paxalynd. crippled. They do)
hot tnt to utter a word, they
beg that th bp asked no quee-
tios, s tra td p a
da adr ngerMal3
who hmll .-.d ..

fresh nla our mads. Am oug go
are a few the survlving b.-
iers (of t day)."
To that band t ewh 4- o
bor Cemantee aent wom tb a i.
the old reasue apparatus Ito-.
What th 'nk* Rb"Grea 0.
W1lvumae" LIMA

1w law is





* : .
. ..

. AtlI

a, -' ,c -.

..- .. .,


."" .-*

stick t
did no
Of bb'

*V'.Uu UU,1J
har ruokus
y of state
m1.Uailed .
, am manrl

*e A1


Kings on th.i ,Lam


A. I.-"|


NEW YORK.-Everybody sort of sneered when In *a0t na"es, the banished monarch fids
por old King Carm passed to his. dubious reward conuft oly in thle company o r b
the otner day, 0ause CaMl w a awful oaf monarchs, suh as in Portugal,
even as a pra tIg kin the best you could find a git *a on the ale: o.
sas.of him as that !;tad a Hapsburg lp., in to on r s daepu.
which was drapd a glasg. king eap r a e # d I
But a sorry fot & o ld boy, since t ec w gA e to 1.
he was the y knew at close daS, dt~ le
tance, and hNyw teCB, Seing a klng saw twl D
an ta U at best, because In 6
kin all you lack is



A ,I


A' .At

IS N40WS.o
IN ^.^ gyf. ..*- 5a



*1 .. l
p: -

;.Wnn I,

I- nj';'

* mu- maw B
troft iO

gie e JULt e

^ "mde

'..unced it wi l a ., r -n
s .. .- .. .. ': ,--

I'n the .nea futr

O Umid the t12aom "d td,
iversivh Activiths Cttil rd
uvganhzotionm to. ..,N a Cmi.-
.unced it will tka fldor uii
k the neat'futtm..- .
aid the 12 gmwp: an "dfreitld,
led by the Communiwt Party and
, 'for the purpose of giving aid
snunist Party."
Sfol-. The departinlt's latest move
V the came th & Communist
nt.nml In.., ,.amhf l ~. a entji ar'a-

-'.. -..1"

de- avoid detecup -WO eT ft
em- agents.
The rproca shortly aft-
le 12 er 11 leaders were
'" convicted in 1i4 of conspring
the to teach the violent overrow
Order, of the U. B. government.
ear The party bw I cedit YANK POW IED
t he pt l an01 the Chitese Commun st source purports 1j Nr
B Wu r swp e on o woman doctor examining an Americap prigM 'bt44
e Board to the Sup em Court l...n in or..
Sthe necess will re-
fuse to 4m7 h the board
Dt& Director J. ) H overr
a described hbe paity under-
f the ground actlvi res ntly In te-
Sthe timony before a Senate aii -
Inc.priatons subcom tL
ntic fThe reco rn now
A- destroy ye" h ald "do rty
S cards are lsued.,
d In "Thei r operating hae ben
that completely decentrnd. a d
be re- many of the ditret -
the de- ters have been abandoned
e An of the groups being broken tMp.
t an- groups of five or less, it
of. tpt and more difficult to
-with activities."
Con- As more and more .aseemd
string leaders were roud lp
r-over the Jut two years, tepa-
gen- ty went underground. Pras -
M ora aL- bly, FBI informants went unter-
ground with it. .---


L44-1* Ao




..,. to Cy. lf

iGa~oan co-fped
at a SR.Mlsudo there
:,rig:h, whose now aes
by G uMioqM .
u- ^ 1------


.L~, .kL~'

niy servants, set the
naval gun factor aher tly
after noon for asix-hour, cruise
down the Potomac lver, bear-
tng 44 serviceman irnlocal
military hospital.
They were treated to movies
a fried chicken box lunch d
an afternoon of lauxurous loaf-
ing, including an inqpecton of
the quarters wh Mr. Traian
entertained such Eeire air then
British Prime Minist Cement
Attlee and an ArnI general
te Korean war veterans,
many of them on q got a
smart salute from & &r. Julian
Burke of the WllanMbur as
they went aboard and battle
=ech by Cadr. d I.
,, President- ONwer's
naval aide.
Beach said the Prmient was
sorry he could not go along, and
told the OIs, "Thi s an expres-
uion of the county's gratitude
for what you have deoe and all
you have suffered."
One of the OIs, CpL George
Ammerman of Lockhaven, pa.,:

7 has ba i,

B- 1L. for themi with cOlR
gramie leaders.
Mr. Elsembohwer a&t the. teM
exposed concern over thrWY
Se aof keeping up the W1-
built as a pdubt
yacht to "1i and fitted out a
convoy gunboat In World War 1
untit it was reconverted a
_oUoa"1 fleoatln ig
x, 6 1m95. ,

w taken out of arvie be-
caeft wu a "aWmbdl of need.
ThW e House add it WORd
be lent t.-ho-eptmabled varn

In storage
nThe ReI os plann about two
cruiselm a week,
Today's trip eluded 23 sa-
tients ts the- Wtep r
Army M tal, 1a l tM
Bethlat, ,d Na I MOOeI
Center and seven from t IF.
Belvoir, Va., Army I mpIaL

- ---- -----

is a Diamond

Ring ....

DIAMONDS the oftly 100%
fuly polished Diatiorbo on the

iet dhi6mSed m an*
14K goe tt1 l, j,

i- I *



: ..-





.'A- ....* ;+.

S, .

o ,,..+, ., ,- .1. ,



. .



-7 5-



V 1 *. i

r3? i.."q"""' *.. "
"It woe't hurt your training for the track team If you
s, etop long enough to tell me if the coach will let you
take me to that danpe!"

commissioner Of Education

-Protests Funds Cut, Quit
SWASHINGTJON, April 23 (UP) ginal proposals for vp6ational
.-Earl J. McGrath resigned sud- training, $3,350,000 for payments
denly as U.S. commissioner of ed- to school districts and cut $324,-
ucation yesterday with a sharp 000 in salaries and expenses by
protest against his agency's re- eliminating 50 jobs.
duced budget. The Office of Education got
McGrath personally distributed $279,013,261 from Congress last
copies of his letter of resignation year. President Truman proposed
to- wire service and newspaper to give it $94,424,761 for the com-
offices instead of appearing on Ing fiscal year starting July 1.
Capitol Hill where he was to tes- oath wrote Mr. Elsephow-
tify before a Senate appropria- er lr was sympatheticc tY the
tions subcommittee. need t. economize in government
Normally, the White House! spendlaz and to blanoE the
announces such resignations aft-' budget. .
er they have been accepted by "But itdoes not aeem to me,
r-tte PresOident.I d i Mr President, wise public policy
icGrath's Office of Education to reduce the quality of the edu-
has been placed under the new- cation of American children aa
ly-created cabinet Department has been done at a saving-of
of Health, Education anq CWelf are sue schemJ sunws wiIle we. conti-
headed by Mrs. Oveta CulpWHob- nuehas A. to pn billions
bywwho is removing policy mat Afor t O he said. l
hiofficals held over from the r t .Pes
Domt catio administration. .
2ht W ltrfh iaid 'In resign-
t*1_1i,.d riid hot vttsh to create i*-* *, rr<^i **

it od o it necea p
. w ,bh ci_Me I~ the ad- ..
4eo,'.d jin the' pat, M-
the. budget cuts "in-
ble" and, said they have
pdly damaged the morale"
2ree of the appropriations 2IU W tlsems-
nmlttee showed the ,Office .. r .1 e
ication.was U ted for 8h,-
O'I.i the revised E.senhow- I- 11..l
dget, 48,4I 391 le than 7Y AV I" tWI1 .
it ,y forme~ President "
-s and $193.636,891 less Ml n
I received in last year's ap-
budget cut was elimina-
if $195,000,000 for school l
uction. Both Mr. Truman 7k4h A NE WiNE
11- as President Eisenhower at*OthSt. NW
Ated that item. Il TiIt t1 I *i i
atedN sMf a im e ol"l ll

S.S. "MATAURA" ............................... ri
S.S. "SZEFIELD" .................................Aril
S.S. "MAYA" ................... ............
*S.S. "CHIRIQUI" .................................M*y y
"S.S. "QUISQUEYA" ................. ........ .. .. y 5
S.S. "LEON" .....................................M a ,y ,
Handlius Rtrigrated, Chille mWd .,' Cane.

S.S. "MARNA" ............... ..........i.. i... Ail
S.S. "JUNIOR" ..................................Aprit 2i
S.S. "COMAYAGUA" ..............................May
Frequeti ftelht milias from rletlbel to
West t t Cintral Ammilea pMtos.

Passenger Salling to New Orleanm Saling at
via Santa Marts, Colombia. .:0 a.m,
S.S." IRI ............................... May 3
S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ................................May 17

Weekly salllps on Twelve-rPasmleer Shis4 to No4w Tdrk. New Orlseams
Mobile, lM Angels. San Frrmelm bad Seattle.



1 3 ,
2.. )


Fast Freight Service to Colombian Ports
Accepting General Car'go for
Tumaco, Buenaventura, Cartagena, Barranquilla

SAILINGS: Every fifteen days'
. : Crlat6bel, C. Z.
CiaB MTOBAL2: awM8 1o00 $53


MIAMI, One Way ..... $70.0 Round trip $12,00
GUAYAQUIL, One Way.. 80.00 Rouid trip 144.40
QUITO, One Way....... 86M.lW M trp-r 154.8
Cargo rates also reduced, Consult witt our, offloi
at Perd Avenue No. 15 T0elp|o 3-398*gr se y
travel agent.

dUOI ANuD ffif 3 aip ..
,* *. ,


*r% -' ) ^ ^ .At .

I WSM.IN Planeteer

Kent Still at It

- *~ 1I~Pfllfl~5AM




*( e



v i .. ,s

,4'1' ~-'~

Reasonable iaesimil


-* I





G "it ,hiite Fleet

,- .

,p *~4~ ~,

,-^.' *.^


,'. "-2

O V .. ,,.


I -~ ,



'-^ eT-+



pen tLanX

( ^.'

, .Y.*

j. *

t- i ;
w.f-I i.~i1



imM .f" '
served i
ihB oh e

S Wr. .
ador Aai
It gUeth .

-. An. n-e O
baly 'atoda
wf kth-i e fr

I r plane to-
E I** fo~r Id da.
S visit with
agMsiigrps to*her

.AL. ,- I

XV Wby
m.: w1 .. ~-

the aer.

ltit tt

ert 7byfm we ,V-
Sppaorand director
Coven w Ure laid r

she a AML An
,have ready deyllped
veninst deafneqW for=

petr t d
py, A, atr iJ iw f'

it. I. e ,t l t ,

. lbe nature inthe m il
Elo^m^fn^uila, l"n

igto t
2. Senate
.,Ave me q ew of the
of the.pertV, fell out
be- wi Quiuw i bt years aqo
use e.M.m for Prest-

ve!" there L. Atu, former Speaker
r"on' t h1 of thi Ofot Representatives
R ti5 Hhave At be Is -a ember of
-, per- h* State, the na-
sungI ck- W advisory body,
a-M e e of largest
"we me ue 14ho 1g Phippines.

Scounted tm s ll or less IS
J7 -'g due oG-.: i' election
difference. .
WAltb PitAsnot nLi rexy;
S. 1iflg, neither .

andin ry and TOWt Toanm April 23 (UP)-
bl g h lnc eJ since. Te 4 at the Bank
Presidet io Is of President
K 'Tib- smost 'boell observers Ot loan, then
u for y: to upe Liberal d made off
HIs probably herded the
, Is will be or close in the vault
the friend, a aysIay. before mak his getaway, but
national Mapay Quirino's w a WIn an attempt
Mr. detease.' was a to., B
o' member Party. Io&dbl 6ckW ere set up on all
e He qqU up for highways near this northwest
S-the N nomina- Tenneee. tdaim of about 1,000o.
an o. ^ -^ Trd to dI Juatg 21 miles
Su- AMages ly sup- south ol Eantucky state
as ported W fm Laurel, line.
of the sFwom of Qu;- Shortly atr the a bank open-
"ifno w as President ed, a middle-agd man of me-
r t-rty of the l gauring the di bd4. Wvket a and asked
-1, *Tapaerry abbut *a polble loan.
Laurbl d as "Okay," p8m4 a4". "Come on
8a POEMti~ but ob- back to my flf.'
se rver&- On' 1a-W -o nt e oiflete, o the
deal ilman poled 'h&io. held out a
notsa ck gad s "Now, give me
your cAsh."
aesmaround r 3ersh am tell Robert
little A rn INeir J.L Moffett
teller's wtnd0s aMa dumped It
S, S uccessIn the bag, .
0o pi4t'e. on per "Now, everbody go in the
nom ne the rec- vault, :' thb. i, Iald, "I want
a n r 0 nominees the nlthe.
it doe alrR bpharges fn the vault, he picked
and beinq up mbr eh andZ added. "I
dm aw fall an don't want change".
d knows on the The bandit closed the vault
y eore ,7 i one r In door on the employes but was
children w hi i .Ien tal unable to s~a thelock. He
on- cdda'ill impur- warned them not to come out
m around tant-t leAp -. Liberal for several minutes.
t te Mrs. O. 0. Berry, assistant
a~ nDO cashier, Val Sbaadliwa. laat
Serve tan see headed wards Ul6n City.
t ata as Tenn., In an auto *ith no rear
I'. hia t license plate.
ers e The Thrd-i'National Ban of
ar Baon-dimat and he- to
t t bank e so it co1l4con-

JUNcTIOa CIT, Kan. (UP).
The Native Sons of Kansas
eleete4 I. M. Platt or nationn
Olty treasurer. They were
Sobliged, to fire Platt a few
t Inelud ident he was bo in
AyA M PLrnanhpmsbraM

o, ..h -J

WAS, rIV net
**_i .,. > i -I~ k
UnOB *^*"s:1'' i1"i i -



F g

l.- 6


,,V; A

1P3I4O4R8.A~ccrding to t heuuaiu u.i. M
Ipctu w ken prisMr by Vietminih retWi belag mariVW* a
the lines in Indo-China. .




Woadlrfdly tAin np and juicy!
Comns cA4M'dt p. ready for the
si et. The aing ou etofthis wid ..
d time's no weaodi oavnerl ou pay


only for what you et. lhat's why i b
such a big mrga!t Bia b Eye Chicba i
perfetor .aD a ,waysl.Vm,
for muppmr togh


V~LzI q



Yes Mom, Si;, Dadta:iBrother all go for deliiou
Campbell's Chickmn. Soup! And no wonder -
just wait till you erve this popular soup in your lae
Only plump, tender chickens are chosa thengetF
simmered to yield a bright, golden broth ,
through and through *ith tasty cick en goMa.
Butter-ytlow egg.noodles... and plenty of hici gp ,
meat ae adde4 to aleCampbellb Chicmkn 1 ;i
Soup a tremt your family will ask for ai

EI*"' xQAl
r *U9MiRWkM6uK

aue p, t
*the lat
a.ttf C


4Lt ^^ a ;r i B-

w V T '
^^'i^^Ss^- Fm





You Sell 'em... When You Tell 'em thru P. A dasifieds!

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "' Street Panami ur
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

Lewis Service Sala de Beleza Americano Cari.on Drug Store w e. o.
No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291, and No. 11 West 12th Street 10.0 Mel6ndes Ave.-Phone 255 Col6a Today, T usldy, Ap '"

Morris 's Agencia laternacional de Publicaciones Prpagada, S. A. Mi, for 12 ow
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k; must bring referencesL trim $25.00; reserd player. FO
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pie to act as caretaklec al daire, ona-half ton air-conditioning 'o. ."
:-Refrigeration serviceman, salesman at Corado Sol machine, $300; Magic Chefton
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Kave Panama and Canal Zone opportunity. For appointmlwgt call Both in excellent condition. Tel. 3- FOR RENT: h Furnild.Fom withi NoT!4
cial driver's license. ELGA. -Balboa 3346 2885. meals or kitchen vil No. 34
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struction. RECONSTRUCTORA NA- ch ne 60 upright piano, FOR RENT:- Nicely fuish..d Grada .
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"= p~mpaephone; electric hot water i .9
Motorcycles WANTED -Fuerzm y Luz shares at heater; used zincs; porcelain wash Street. -llm or .O
SALE---Panther motorcycle, 600 reasonable price. Write to Box 519, 1basl3 For information call Pan- FOR R .y.q ur le Pr -
Slow mileage, excellent condi- -w-." "'
n. Terms to reliable party. Call FOR SALE:-Used tires and tubes of t I
-4479 or House 0774-J,,, after OST N all sizes. 15th East Street, opposite vent a
4:00 p.m. Villanueva y Tejefro. Tel. 2-1444 65. 1' r
r Association bus go;ng to Panami Friday momn- almost new, with outoma-
e 'Mr ing. Reward. Navy 3301. tic heater; one SINGER Industrial --
es 'Meager ewin mache ith motor. Call C hi
3-4904, Panami.
Senator Hiked pOR SALE:-Alorium cement, love- ":
H OTaONam anri 2 (UfP)A bird and sunflower seeds. Acuario
oHINGTON.l, Via Espa23oa, Phone ita's ar
spokesman for the American ld, 55 Via EspAa, Phone
y to hike the "meager'pay FOR SALE: We still have a few-n
ators and representative Garrmrd 3 spued automatic record co a t h-
0,000 a year. chlaners for 25 cycle at $49.50 writer was just 0 $.w

leslation which would (USIS--r. Clemente Ca ba "
congressmen's pay to !Po,- if Lima Pertl, editor of Relsta FOR SALE:-Complete set of elec-
yeak. M6dlca Peruana and member of tronic ,nstrunents for all types of "he. M .t a
people realize that sen the surgical staff of the ISO radie. electeoni, and TV servicing; '
and representatives cannot Juan de Dios Hospital, was the 5-inch RCA (new) scope; precision keep
such a salary as they now first of more than a score of Lat- ES-500 Inew! scope. Simpson R.F.
ga!d in order to 'make ends in American delegates, including inewI audio and TV generators;
,' they must either have an Dr. Daniel ChanLa and Dr. Ella.. Hitchcock VTVM with large test
ent income from othua M. C6rdova, of PanamA, to regis- bench, also M.G. set for 6. 12 and bY and
or must accept speaking ter here for the first Western 24 volts Leaving for States. First 'atres tg"
enta or find other means Hemisphere conference of the $300 takes all the equipment in bage' an
mplementng this meager World Medical Association. very good condition. Phone Balboa scab on agIgS
nt salary," Mitchell Dr. Zilas M. Ctlrdova Jr., Ia a 3770, may be inspected at House try'."

Panam. has continued practlc- complete. Elmoc transmitter. Car-
ures mT Beic in his olinic. her giemotor. Morrow converter, MUi'a" '
en At Pueblo edr in the me~j ro Shure mike, Whip ontenmi Owr 80m

vo Mosque I, omo i ca, ibe othAEs ,w

n ow s an==. P =rto l a b, Boats & Motors gard Of
.m. at the mosque on 4th la, Peru, and ArgentL are abo FOR SAlpt. o_ .... P..b.l.t._-

attending-1TOO cabi 2 lid
r~er wil be Abduallah hmaratnlstecltr~e boat, 2 cylindelrs, marine Onver- ,0WJ
ts will be Abdulah Mar- At the scientific, ioelal and sion. Licensed for 6. Fully equip-
Ai Ahmid Iman=. business sessions of the tfY ped. Many extra. To apreciapate
,conference here rl- ni 6 u .You must rsde 700.00.
-ployres of a RlaicAilqd Phaf~llk- Albroalk 3293.
AUTO SALESMAN h lmand o rasthe aI ab
no" W" OW sawn tier between the -- Mrs. Blackwood Decorat I
oerk @3 ne355 e110 cam phjyticians and w iW r their
eM In town. American colleagues. 4.
611 earngo"_ To BePund
se I am. to I M.
S4-, =.. Solons Ask Bill Tomorrow At 4 PM
Salons Ask Bill .

~flfQ~g~To Stop Violation i. me.

-- uael- Of- Fireworks Laws .W uO w
Tsar WASIWEOTON, April t il
NO wh"t Y% -A House JUdiceftry i
be" too wa: t ods to dig
Arm nmi a bil to mkMau Itb a
ri tobotleg" fbv r Slaw su "Mel to 1.#
where thyale pro~bUNl Wgil.
bg ftre la-
*Ms. ..., dd
f.. 4'Tt


* .. ,.--


4' : ,'


* : .

S.;-. ,I -
asml anami Zadnari

I au~ m.1w


I a l



AM.q .. *

r' u. i4

r sow= =W ft'S

Otira an example of the
BIn third,*Uat
'S gltt iealsoto be a fourth
e A i, most Ingenious of
at # will be some years in
l ifk t7We before it will be per-

me.j Ofih ftrLreel,'the well-
Ilusion remembetd "Audloscopiks" was
Ssci- released MOM, the next in
1 lo- 1, P< i1n 1941. The
threwaere actual.
motion Distribu-
n o t on was e t home and
abroad. *.en glass-
gp on es usm M &poalatm base.
he au-
Arch tip'.".wiana Devil."
ber of now at t. tAtaL.. heater, is
of the t o i-nation of 25
itrctm u eaa. of 4*tikI research in

le for the
glapses are
picture on.

S-DE ~=




flu'WiA 00 = I I liw D il 20r-
tha whom aI2. l

The r o arr innovation
de Ounzburg.
In with Friend
Baker. I eleduotural vision 3-
D. Tha n olar production, co-
starflg ib itaci mand Barbara
Britton, Is,t JimBt film ever
made. In the XciUng new me-

De Lgislatlen
1 a lin many of

ornqrers. -
T 0 44o H I

Pfrid "r9sW or Pa NOOn"




son, Bill -Haye, Joan -Walker,
Ray Wlastuf aad Joaa Mc-
The schedule calls for the
show to ope April 20 at the
Hanna Theatr -in Cleveland,
three weeks In Daton begin-
ning May 5 and a Broadway
opening on May 28.
Arthur Nhwartz, whose last
theater work Wa the score for
"A Tree Grow In Brookln,"
and Alan Jay Lorner, who did
the book and lyrks for "Paint
Your Wagon" last season, have
teamed fdr production of a
musical comedy to be based on
Al Capp's "LIT' Abner" comic
Besides writing -the show, the
two men will produce It. They're
hoping to get it on next season.
"Pal Joey" Is endlag .Its
Broadway run on April 18 after
535 performances to embark on
A lengthy tour. The rnOnl pro-
duction of this musical In I0-
41 lasted only 374 performances.
The touring plan Is to work to
ward Chicago for what .s aOpes
will be a run startif' om-
time in the summer.
The writers of "Haael Vlsgr"
didn't stop work the night the
musical opened on Broadway.
They felt another pd song
number wouldn't be amiss, and
sat down and concocted "Make
The People Cry," satirical
number which is sung by Benay
The original cast album of
this show has just been made
available by RCA Victor. Decca
is bringing out the ditto of that
other new musical hit, "Won-
derful Town," which stars Ros-
alind Russell.

l1-*"1^- M18

* 4

CHINESE WOMEN IN KOREA-This photo, ifn j
East Berlin source, purports to asow two meMberpA
Communist women's brigade manning an ia tl4='
- -Kore



. ,t Mes""JAYi
wuin "M el

.. Dw .W aml Dl I 'mal
I iLESi ..KAR..OS.ftAbow ERN W,
Abemb ; ag


* I


""M -CI
fa d

*- SUACf
TVA t the only ingoemrs of
TVsets get on their rdiao is dust.

^i TNEAri*

-1 NIA



IT'S A. REfAt Or 37b... I ,

4- '~
a- ~
I -
- I.
'.4 4~4
*4**. ~
IF' ~"
* %. S -S

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EgeWl Mat
Brer am*a
at hbr etA
In faravw
male hula '.'
deformed M
his hiti a*

-For obfM6i
ten feed eaqo
or In-thf I

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tlly Aun JAmimo

.- ru.-w Cse *

WS*iMe asuw I



I:N. 3:10 3 :1;. 9:=, CEl,
M-G.M's heart-warming story
of a funater ad a younperl .


in -




-- *oiy( *




WAHOO! At 9:00 p.m.
111NMn ha lIes!

son M --. In
A. : "
a mu am ,-

"MT wE
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-a 'f

* "4
* 4? y

"; *n ,P
.,471.. *a *, ..
11"- *

. .
- J





L -thi


V *I i

Sr.".UE FliH1

Drews Hurls Phils

To 2mn



Athletics Thump Senators

74 Behind Harry Byrd

United Press Sports Writer

NEW YORK, April 23 The Philapelphia Phil-
lies made it two victories in a row over the Brook-
lyn Dodgers with a well earned 5-4 triumph last
night as they manhandled Billy Loes, the right hand-
ed pitcher who had subjected them to all sorts of
indignities in 1952.
Loes shut out the Phillies three seven and scattered seven hits
times last season and had a in the Cardinal victory as Enos
string of 351/2 consecutive score- Slaughter hit a two-run triple
less innings against them when and doubles by Solly Hemus, Red
he took the mound. But the Phils Schoendienst, and Ray Jablonski
very promptly began to tattoo were instrumental blows.
him with base hits and knocked
him out of the box with a three- Bob Hofman, filling in for In-
run rally in the fourth climaxed jured second baseman Davey
by Willie Jones' two-run homer. Williams, gave the Giants good
The Phils made 13 hits, Gran- cause to celebrate when he hit
ny Hamner collecting three to two homers, a double and single,
set the pace as Karl Drews, who driving in three runs and scor-
1s generally effective against ing three in Jim Hearn's four-
] .Brooklyn, gained his first win oi hitter.
the year. He yielded four of
rooklyn's seven hits in the sev- Ed Mathews was the big bats-
nth, but rebounded brilliantly man for the Braves, driving in
? the eighth to strike out Jackie five runs with two homers and
* obinson, Roy Campanella and a double in a long-ball hitting
Carl Furillo in succession. spree in which Jack Dittmer al-
so hit a Milwaukee homer with
The Cardinals moved into a two aboard, while Preston Ward
first place tie with the Phillies and Hank Sauer homered for
by defeating the Reds, 8 to 3, at Chicago. Max Surkont breezed
St. Louis, while the Giants top- to his second victory.
ped the Pirates, 6-2, and the
Milwaukee Braves pounded the Johnny Mike sparked a four-
Cubs, 15 to 6. run eighth inning rally with a
In the American League, the pinch single in which Loren
Yankees made it six wins in Babe, rookie third baseman. also
their last seven starts by defeat- hit a two-run single as the Yan-
Ing the Red Sox, 6 to 2, while kees again beat the Red Sox. Vic
,* Chicago handed Detroit its fifth Raschi pitched a seven-hitter
a.. straight defeat, 9 to 7, and Phil- for his first win. Babe earlier
,,delphia topped the Senators, 7 hit his first big league homer.
.A to 4. 8herman Lollar, the White Box
^ Vinegar Bend Mitell struck out light-hitting catcher, starred as
Chicago edged Detroit, 9-7. Matt
Batts homered for Detroit as
I B c W m F Lollar collected four for four in-
L oca Om n cluding a two-run homer, for
Chicago in a slugfest in which
SDetrbit made 14 hits In defeat.
S I" Harry Byrd lost his shutout
o ba League when Washgton scored four
WK; times in the ninth inning, get-
ting two runs on a homer by
Jac I Jensen* But thi e 10

SWan.Lost Pet.
). 5Hredo Aleman, Jr 3 2 .600
j 'l Cola ........ 2 2 .500
SSchool ...... 2 3 .400
Ansi Cola 11, High School 3
7"P Arsi Cola banged out an 11-3
A, over High School before
o er capacity rowdy.
edba Or Joce Anderson
went all the way for the mound
W tpry. Janet Moore was tagged
...! thte defeat '

S ,W ns to the first, repeated in
e third, came up with a lone
ially In the fourth and signed
.; eoff with six runs in the fifth.
'"ll the High School runs by
clouting a homer in the third
S -. with two mates aboard. The
"-leading hitters were Joyce An-
'- drson. 2-4; and Aurelia Kaizer,
AB H Pet.
A. Williams (AA) ... 13 10 .769
Layne (AA) .11..7...636
SStewart (HS) .11.....M545
.gam20ms (AA) .15..8...533
..t..e (AC) ....4...5S
| ,Kalxer (AC) .11..5...456

IB.Z IORE, April 23 (UP)-
and Orlando Zulueta
wal 'ed a long time for
. sat the lightweight title
ate st performances
put them any close to
@_ New Orleans and Zu-
of Havana were rated Just
e a for their boat last
at 06e Baltimore Coliseum
fourht It that way.
no with a e1-round
weighed 13S pounds
peout system is not used
j d boxing and the vote
W*4gde. des not swing the
n T'avor of owe fighter
ke other two officials vote a

rookie-of-the-year still gained
his first victory.
Cleveland and St. Louis had
an open date.
menor. ifleldser for t1e Glm.s,
:, to 10 61s6aewr

Atlantic Local-Rate

Little Leoague ,
The Rainbow City Robins
downed the Camp Coiner outfit
7-3 behind two-hit pitching by
Donald Escalona. Little Escalona
seemed to be on his way to a no-
hit .no-run game, but in the
fourth frame the Coiner's con-
nected two vicious drives to the
fence which netted them three
Milton Richards of Rainbow
City Robins continued his heavy
slugging by having a perfect day
with three for three. Other bat-
ting stars for the victors were
George Ashby and Earl Agnele
with two for three each.
Batteries (Robins) D. Esca-
lona, Milton Richards, and Earl
Agnohl. (Camp Coiner)-A. Arch-
er, F. McDonald and I. Newball.
Won Lost
Rainbow City Heights 2 1
Rainbow City Robins 2 1
Camp Coiner ........ 1 2
Chagres ...............O 1

HOLYOKE, Mass. (UP) In
1903. earning $2.50 for a 54-hour
six-dav week. Miss Florence
Boettcher started work at the
National Blank Book Co. She
still works there. The firm hon-
ored her as the onlv woman ever
to have completed 50 years'
service with the 110-year-old




op IN

yS A4rgentine .

SGrappling 6.50

SW L Pet.
Phla phis 4 2 .667
St. LouIs 4 2 .867
Brooklyn 4 3 .71
Milwaukee 3 .500
New York 3 4 A29
Cinnnati 2 3 .400
Chlao 1 .333
Pittsburgh 24 .331
New York at Pittsburgh
Brooklyn at Philadelphia (N)
Milwaukee at Chicago
No other game scheduled.

Milwaukee 106 411 020-15-17 2
Chicago 400 000 020- 6 9 2
Surkont 12-0i and St. Claire.
Rush il-li, Klippstein, Kelly,
Willis and Atwell.
Night Game
Brooklyn 000 100 300-4 7 0
Phila. 020 300 OOx-5 13 2
Loes (1-11. Hughes. Milliken,
Black and Campanella.
Drews (1-0) and Burgess.


Not too
story state
Side eoac
ter Tomm
lished a n
for the I1
Despite th
tance tun
short, the
Canal Zoo
and I thou
to be the
all previous
maticall I
slble way o
ure the di
For stalt
politely ari
Balboan a
sailed by
latter lid
the .t*ale

Night Game his lews.
New York 101 000 020-4 6 0 here nor
Pittsburgh 000 000 011-2 5 1 Rughes of
Hearn (1-1', Wilheln and Y- turned t
vars. y a
LaPalme (0-1), Face and thM IS
Sandlock, Garagiola. in the reco
-15.4 to pro
Night Game it takes e
Cincinnati 000 000 021-3 7 1 do it tWie
St. Louis 002 130 02x-8 12 3 seems .th
Podbielan (0-2), Martin and mqiuring
Mizell (1-0), Brazle and Rice. toe'coach4
---- -helthmf
Teams W L Pet. riti
New York 6 2 .750
St. Louis 5 2 .714 TI_.Is
Chicago 4 2 .667 vs 1t-k
Cleveland 3 2 .M600t
Philadelphia 4 4 8C
Boston 3 4 .4J
Washington 2 5 .23 th
Detroit 1 7 S.1a 9
Chicago at Detroit ow i t
Philadelphia at Washington that lk.ho'
No other games scheduled. IThJ A
/ -- ?'

Chicago 030 001 203-9 15 change in
Detroit 001 000 015--7 14 0 n ng a
Dobsou (1-1). Bearden, Pbr-
ieles, Aloma, Dorlah and Lollar.
Jordah (0-1), ricksFon, oy- "as
tack and Batts. It ever t r
Itr evw res
Boston 000 000 110-2: 7 0 lic intrest
New York 000 010 14x-68 1 who the w
Brown' (0-1), Kennedy and kma h Uth
White. boa High
Raschi (1-1), Gorman and

Night Game pletely oe
Phla. 012 211 000-7 11 1 enrollment
Washington 000 000 004-4 4 3 have to a
Byrd (1-1), Schelb and Mur- and break
ray. i ttheSI
Dixon (0-1), Pearce, Moreno to '=I k
and Orasso.
No other games scheduled tt 2SI5

Twin Ciy Rookies anobl
of the
Cop Islhmian Uttle |..
Tuttle. M
Loop Championship manyrae
yard dash ,
Championship Series mile eum
tooL ti
W L Pet. thele
Twin City Rookies 3 2 .600 meet
Fergus La Bocans 2 3 .400 Bulldo a

First Half Winner:
Fergus La Bocans
Second Half Winner:
Twin City Rookies
Twin City Rookies

Twin' City 20, Fergus La Bocans 4
Twin City Rookies captured
the championship of the Isth-
mian Little League by trampling
Fergus La Bocans, 20 to 4, in the
deciding game of the apion-
ship series.
The midgets fr Red Tank
and Paralso bange out 16 hits
off Winston Fordethe ace hurl-
er of the La ns. 0. Goode
held the losers to eight safe-

The box score:
C. Sullivan, rf
R. Samuels, Sb
A. Reyes, 2b
V. Forde, c
0. Moreno, u
R. Williams, If
SGoode, p

5 2



long ,ago I wrote a
nI that the Paietf
Ch had requested a
ent of the distance atf
y Hughes had utab-
ew high school record
10 yard high hurdles.
he fact that th dis-
ed out to be feet
Sact Itself wa un-
d in the history of
me High School sports
ught that if this was
rule in the future,
s records would auto-
become nUll and void
as there was no pos-
stanm covered.
nog aes views I was
ticiz by at least on*


rd t be-of
ive t bs' has
von wh. "he th
tI tory an
of so distance mu
of a furor between
a iIr i each side of
ow the dstnc pUaptbe-

I wat to

ated too much ps
to know ain adval
inner. wiU be; nd
onnu to bel
p th ee. Um that
and as lng maa sb
ls eontiue to em
erjbadow the C o04
, Balboa High w
Lu flat o m. their f a
about a down l
e to vwn com e e

5.. QT 3 I

Reese, m '
Snider, et f

Thomp t "
Low.u,p -

b-Ssub 'a
BlacK p
c-Watse -


New York ankes a)

she week
mdIn te
l r.flla

ore" 'ha

B Oll S

P Eu

no v

ar a O
I Faraj,
for t*f
4 4will

541 noet eral. e. R
f j game there f
aount of boys that
the playing field or co
ang time. The other ,
particularly Cristobal, haM 1
ait tb hold there own In
~i. making a clean
n ketball and winning
toe in baseball. Oe of the I
boa Officials Friday a
thought that It might be i
1oa to run tra on an
.IdW1i *hats Mai. ohaw I



Us ,nd I U
-hduMtgmo-tounm Emit. I.
I he asd. i as la '


p-f in thi one.
I tw IM t
^JUU~jkU .man.^.. as1-

'w a

= WM a 'i
'oj i




.. 4.:_

: a am p .
I; C -ld

mit for ro

y;L .

< ^
('L <
^*.'. :
. ^ -i
'*- ** ",


-.AI t.A
14 r 4*AkL

rPhug~t.g vOi


.' .

u ~

...... 2Ihi

_ __ ___ ______





..:'.." :,v ., : .,
r 4 fp.\


.do" *
on_ r

boR. 1d46 night. w1ift

-- a- -

~- T .4,J
----_____________* ;'a .

9;: M


e f. the Dodger~and Yutks 0o defense oo thi major Il
a great degree on veteran aborttops. Pw Wee Reese, t and Philw.

Viaduct Over Railroad, Rivetr Can Wait;

Milwaukee Has Major League Baseblll

I* olUM

,,-" dere i,

,0 of |T
toEbe eld"
U 'm f *as M at"-

1. t


riot to -I
fth .


ILWAUZw." .- Some Of Outstanding AtNhletu
(UP) It saya right ein the
paper that what Milw a kee
naeed moa a van, th*e rte110- In Balboa Relays Field Events
ever wrote that shou I
and wash his mou~h~ -* --
saWhpat th. i city needed m The field events In Friday and Higgins of Albrook he
w t back into big ague night Balboa Relays will have up there, and so w l
was to get back into bag 14 some of outstanding athletes arson of CH8, and SadI
The viaduct can wai the meet entered. e pole vault, Str of the AC lt
'Mei aductcan s I T hi e *er i 1 at 6:"5, will have such to rte select circlei-but baa
Scitizens can swim t oe river the e tpe ced boys as Clarence been away from it fr a
they feel the urge to gotVtheBette court of Albrook, Allen Ume. Riglit now lallm tWONa
other side. They can take theif 4Mh] end Sheldon Klmmeiman bed, Robersi nezt, anti
ownolchance swihth te tr hi nd n welm be t, ram newtt and d e s

b ee'e t onh heTrying hr ~m S k al winer o here tel n Ath lelM re Cbs

a n to be appr e ated. te during the acve care- h ut
Bfinat- S 4Tq&m-n fry insprouting Out like. If 6o

M E07 aeie 06e ofa i flowers In brand new toa m, and promise 0toP i donea wtlt fa lt te
h me wJDh emb l a d WthS !Brae' lII.- we be n ehelt ow for the torfe O thtam 1

r shirts***mblazoned wtdoeeroi agitop .i c l b a winr whe the R I e y

8quan l^ ^i^aSRSrde 3 At, lwant o lmhar plakla fther i t wod ho r bad t th e at oriM 1*
e cthe i ts h sto particularly when am M bnd an.. MuM l

gh Cco anL dO @O for tersa th utare oM thasoeeos tfr asonre evlts d e i t 1al-r
imaene n ourw wi wl l rhr e or with a th e o ir s e ei y oe i. oifen th thee td ow n bi -
Sa n dit a n mln d ha anivyeoa e- oftheryithatat
ake hn" arae In e o luon h ler wbi80 a dte iosrc h rer

Wir teto t wIk w n ti thrtin ot h th ey in-i th 4 ,
t -og c'iMn ja nb4ao ^t tI 'olur,, V *u de k q11 po e abiit a

the agmdwn IenrWe n gsteln s aArholdarewbthhte apaboflbe U N
1ft9noew-a o n e u rs, T J.j b

* MIIan. Mso Bas.t Tomyllsihes, aa baa b fln t sihe aowth cU,
ra ~, icin~g themg it aCIEnt

.......h^H1 ew ta T ninps et a. odo J hIe.a idc ssen an fln-

.er ,.l o ', "S.wgt hed t ac utoe n. Thed olpg4 ,At hit i 0 b e
thofirstth ige pl Pliae n t ree.v

;-oveweanoho ohobd have
iAi i1w outinraofatiothee amev
com to his bt ca. The o10ewe w-, evert,

thevd ii te wheWewasfcomi*g
he, 4h) f eth've Mths a &o a

an A" ht,,M h layer gthe ewoon-1

] that* Van t hero. the -
th41e dnw byh asbtehearaves'

myta ain h cae ree. reny r of avrete
1'de n "Ce va would have

h rahr m wtha wi oAput ot at*0.of > a-! ahabM.Gis on -of
r.Mwho drepted In-

fnrao a sothe sbpe ld haeing an
8' nsummarys b rst -

ut, please.
A & that"g,, fotue a it (o Wtheir' C

the.ubother t o bgfedmmszurdfar
h 0 Theontecaheeve ,nt.tov der" sad ,
ON"-INheutI dIwt ir s tteeo

to mn cravh

*- 1. t ,, .


L '

".: ,

or no, :
when a

* *.

rawlla d. a sm.

LV .'

T ~r

LI -.~---

* it

* fi*A

,- -"1..



~-~-- I.'

S. -a-.


stewardess Beverly Nelson of
Ban Jose. Cal, still covered
with oil, sits in an ambulance
St Alameda Naval Air Station
near Oakland. Cal., after she
wa pulled out of San Francis-
co .Say. Her plane, carrying
10 persons, crashed after an
explosion. At least eight are
reported dead.

UN Wants Chiang

Forces In Burma

To Lay Down Arms
23 (UPP The United Nations
General Assembly, on the verge
of recessing, demanded today In
a virtually-unanimous vote that
Chinese Nationalist irregulars in
Burma lay down their arms. The
tally was 59 to 0 with Nation-
aalist .Ciina abstaining.
The General Assembly also
named a five-nation commis-
slan today to conduct an on-
the-scene inquiry into Soviet
germ-war charges, but Soviet
1 boc opposition doomed the
The General Assembly ratified
the plan, previously approved in
the Political Commitcee, by a
Vbte of 51 to 5 i the Soviet bloc)
with 4 abstentions tBurma, In-
dia, Indonesia and Saudi Ara-
The resolution provide that,
after both sides in the Korean
war agree to allow a first-hand
marvey, a commission composed
t Brazil, Egypt, Pakistan, Swed-
o land Uruguay would proceed
to the war zone.
But no one expects the Reds
to go along.
SThe vote came after a brief
flurry of debate, in which the
United States and Russia ex-
changed charges they have made
repeatedly in more than a year
of U.N. tussling on the germ-war
Amierlcan delegate Ernest A.
Said the."utterly iniquitous
that American and U.N.
Woopw have employed bacterial
weapons "Intensifies the fears
and suspicious of decent world

Mexican Generals
Arrested For
SPayroll Padding
MEXICO CITY, April 23 (UPi
Two generals were under ar-
rest today on charges of pad-
dtng their military payrolls.
.The Army said that although
thr e was a shortage of person-
10 in the commands of Gen-
S Drals Pedro C. Cotta and Vicen-
te.-Lumus Rios, payroll vouchers
raiworted Tul strength.
Officials said they believed
' :generals neeted more than
1al, daily though the padding.

' ,
* 4



Regular brushing witn 'epsoM
dent Tooth Pasec helps stop
formation of enamel-.eing
acid ... removes dullU sins
that collect in film...and
germs that cause bad bteath.
No other toodiqu ano dupilq
cate Pepsodenas ilm-remove
ing formula-no other cona
trains Irium*.
Use Pepsodeat; keep teeth
Sfree of fil and keep a bright
smile... the Pepodent Smilel

leoS -eook donl Is Avid

C. ~

. ."6

VTr-~--- ----~.-a

; C'.


"Let the people know tie truth and dtle country is rsale" Abral aH Lincoln.

'~ ~ **.


Ike Warns Against

Communist Peace


PARIS, April 23 (UP) Pres- "It is still the foremost task e stressed that the West
dent Elsenhower told the open- of free government to develeo niust "remain steadfast -In
ing session of the NATO council sufficient economic. .deteende purpose and united In satleop"
of ministers here today that it and moral strength to make if i i to combat whatever
Should be "foolhardy" to take certain that our elvcllsatft is new strategems the Cdm-
the current Soviet peace often- spared the horror and. deus- pnialst world may devise to
sive at face value and he urged station of another world -wr." vide the West or test Its
the allies of the U.S. to remain The President, who in his fier.
united and steadfast. speech last week answering' the
The U.S. chief executive broke current Kremlin ca aig n, And he ended his 400 word
all precedent by sending a per- called for more concrete .g&cqns message by quoting from A-
sonal message to the eleventh on the part of the Soviets and brahum Lincoln that: "We have
NATO council session which underlined that "all honest meb towards none. We have
opened here today. know that NATO has no inten- charity for all peoples. But we
The message stressed the tion of aggression." wl remain firmly determined to
importance Mr. Eisenhower Mr. Eisenhower until ten do the right as God gives us' to
attached to the need for the months ago was the supreme see the right."I
West not to waver before the allied commander in Europe of
Kremlin's peaceful gestures, the NATO forges. Secretary of State John foster
"We deplore the fact that
at this stage of human history
to devote so large a portion ofillion
their energies and resources to
the purpose of military defense,"
the Eisenhower message to the
councils.Fo European Jet Figters
"I have already expressed my
hope that it will be possible in
the foreseeable future to devote o -
part of these resources and PARIS, April 23 (UP) The ish and French Jet fighters be-
purposes. ('30 pool today to build modern ropea natiopl.
I know this can be accom- jet fighters in Europe and ease BraWn, B uelgiw, The Nether-"
erat sincerely n creating the er. ercan rwil p
necessary conditions for luating United 8tates-defense secretary f lor-1
peace. But until the conditions Charles E. Wilson and Lord Is- duct iOf8 ao
for genuine peace have been may, secretary general of the weather fihte there it or
firmly established it would be North, Atlantic Treaty Oru -negotation t
foolhardy for us to delude our- tion, predicted further similar
selves about the dangers con- pooling arra-gement that will
fronting us. cut costs even more. M
"This- would be far more effl- .'
il i ns Chief clent and far less costly than the 3 i i. t "
past efforts of individual nations
Wto achieve complete elf- gffi- ,
ciency in all branches of arms .l
Wagis US Ruadinoss ag miiiia IUf D U^S
al military supply," Wilson .
ernl M l alI c oThe United States will contrib- RA1~', April il8 (UPi -
l y ute $281,540,000 In the pro tram n U W
Civil Defense Administrator Val sem- M. the t a l -
Peterson said last night that IV 3331 GUf e
P e t e r s o n s ai d1 0 0f a r 6n
the nation must have a sternlyy All. W I IU fu l igh t lt .t
realistic" home front defense to l backs A. l A rotliese pOh r arrived eM .
deter any potential attacker. thy reports of her arrival yhter-
"If we want peace and secur- MI n y day in Naples and her Wie
Ity, we must be prepared to pay W LI I- qI I attomlobile ride t- .
the price." Peterson said. "Civil WOri Ifl fiiiO R.omfe HinL n lgw- t.
defense is not expensive. It is influeCt YplinUlal newspaIr
war that is expensive." MEXICO CITY, April 23 (UP) It Ol 0 ra a three-column edi-
Peterson called for a "down- -More than 10,000 Guatemalan trial he4jllUed, "Greittf1g t6
to-earth home front defense to migratory farm workers are an Am ..ador' ,.
bounce back fighting from any- working illegally in Chiapas With the exception f both
thing the enemy can throw at Stat nte coffee plantations, a Mexl the egt t
us." ican senator charged today, papers expew MAnr e
He said the chief danger ot Be Rodolfo SuArez Coello of slam for te new abaador.
an atomic attack would be from Chiapas said the Guatemalan whose iva yesterday
fires that would result. setbackss" were paid five pesos marked bypei ta-
He would not be happy, Peter- day (55 centa U.S.) and n the Ilan by tho d.ight
son added, until every home three months they have been of Italiann twa a at a p
was equipped to fight fire with- en Mexico have sent an etsimat. board press dafgrence.
.out depending on outside aid. ed $500OO00 back to their coun. GOlobo told tht
try. $ Ilans would l um- aa-%I
He said the Guatemalans hr- "In the e of A{tt
would probably recross the bor- seconding.your work, wi Wi
der at the end of May when be followed With attetiop,
the coffee crop has been har- symnthy aqd mal '.best
vested. wish __."_..



yaterday the Unittaf' BtM
wd make no "packa ce
with Ra, amuan
S source said.
me souare nmalDilauh de-
a al eold war .p 6
ieobqtid a mi
7tat Vrwud a of

The U.a. secretary otjf tte

recA iaroi f. masuen.-
Dulles explUtied the UA'i
of the cumo nt .Soviet po
moGves in o talw with
ritle lad rch foreD a
' oRtheUamestpaltwat
doettlon 6 what Presldent

'~ I.

- ..


* ..

7& 4J
arer sa
a .M A

Experts Seekk : in W


AtlanticeCoust LU
at onai, B.C.
Ra dwh^

* S


~i *'*dA~

3i C,

S .


F~ 4

I i



~ _C_ __ __ I_


; Is

I: '~


I ..

^*, :t-

PAWr =i.W
^^?-"* ffl~y|