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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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SAbraham Uaola



Au Ies, Koreans

Return Tomorrow

Carl 1r.
i t-heI

ecr) of

A" 42 (UP)- turned over by the United Na-
imI today tons.
iUNetlbed Na- Thirty five Americans and
l. ans, three Turks, freed Tuesday. In
ff f$lefszs and the second day's exchange, were
ts 1-a "free- folwn to Tokyo in a Olobemaster
TMp hospital plane for final proces-
res of as other aing.
R released in Twelve British Commonwealth
Sk !axwound- soldiers were flown to their base
were endingn at Kure, apan. in a Royal Aus-
home and had trallan Air Force plane.
mite of leaving Four of the Americans were
"atee In a "few seriously ill.
One, Pfc Joe T. Heath, of Mur-
's *exZtange of freesboro, Tenn., was breathing
-AM*kcans will oxygen from a mask when he
ered by the was taken from the Olobemater.
k agres.. He was rushed to an Army hos-
pital ahead of the others .
p4livolved in The Chinese and North Ko-
ta iroces. reans do not seem very happy
0 over their repatriation to the
!S u o "Communist utopia." But they.
1!W 100 South are cooperating heartily in stag-
Ini Red propagaBda acts atthe
p Jvolved exchange cetsIr.
Wve bee- WWhre Aaerlceas and other
Al _U JaU shout and Joke in
tf ew freedom, the
iComn Idler are glum.
he attRedadphotog-I
fnx-i Inin ...Mte .. UMa


---0- -

UN. Demands Reds

'Discuss Current


0 .
PANMUNJOM, April 22 (UP) The United
tions called on the Reds to sit down today in a confe
of liaison officers "to discuss matters in connection
the current repatriation operation."
The unexpected U.N. demand touched off im
diate speculation the. Communist may be asked to dv1
swer charges by returning Allied prisoners that the R"
are not living up to their agreement to return all Aih"
six and wounded war prisoners during the present ax-
High United Nations officials gave no hint of the
reason for calling the urgent meeting. Some sources
doubted the U.N. is yet ready to take official action oa
the statements of the prisoners.

It was possible, they said, that camp at Changaang, In north-
the meeting might have been wet Korea near tha Yalau
called to discuss the exploding of took more than a month.
a stray artillery shell near "free- Correspondents asker adb&
dom gate" bridge on the Pan- t execution of prisoner a
munjom road Just before a con- th Igruelling march
voy of ambulances Qarrying Red "I -just heard,
po to the exchange a s i i."hat MwAR.

ii ~tthat
sts gees l-



Jp Is


headquarters pokesma
-41he T"st patrol ahe -
U where mlBtary and civ-
landed men Mnd
plows--earest gt
*. ra d Invad light bo mbo-
off the strip to bomb and
Sestt ae communist coluMou
Sfor the expected b.
may hinge the ta
. A eonalmsance said ts i
Mommmmits. who have drive!
ai a- kingdom froa
east, were do
le toward the
of eooliest
from rebel-beld
themrn Vietnam
'' ',h r,-naAred im.- .a

rimeter with
WaI deep trex
m en exprea
a. would try

Wg Ih tO hI e natmeal the Al-
bd d' him.
omm N wvi men ran to
take t of box. U.N. pho-
tagtaphera ran to take pictures
ot-the tographera.
O o Reftds sang "The
=or of 'rll Sung" as they
KoreA. Ria -the No Korean
commander in chief.
Pelplif radio, oie of Com-
munist OAha z 4 the air
waves -th "aitehba" from
Red correpdadent describing
the f Red was "mu-
tilatf mactedwrecks from
bell W .. .thin ghosts of men
min legs. mHi arms, blind,
crf f m broken legs which
had xter bft%! BIL"
T Wy tol4 o "pot-bellied, cl-
gar-cbewlit American officers"

Aairt Net FIls

|, fnos Te Jail
l* T Apearicans whose cars
W _ilvohled in accidents, were
C..@ (A- $100 in the Balboa
We' Court yesterday for
Ml n to the fine, one of
u d Harold Eugene
Sa 365 year old enlisted
lama, received a five-dayI
ua-teaee which he is now
-ln i' the Balboa Jall.
Stwo drunk drivers
wB Kenneth Ray Miller.
,e 3Wd Infantry at Fort
.and. t/Sat. Jasper Homer
38. of the 9th Weather
S t lbrok Air Force Base.
's car was on Miraflores
imid'looper was driving
DIt Road. Both were In-
a minqr accidents.
U, wo stationed at the
M .R o Station, crashed
into a parked bus Se
Road. with considerable
i sulUng to both ve-
Pasngers were ust der
ftr the bus when the
a occurred. The defen-
Shopitalzed for a short
Sresult of injuries.
fined $25 for roekles
oh b 20 of this year.

wUS Marshal
l h I. Kincoid

i :.. -, o *
son U, .

whether thb s ell was Allied or
Communist nor whether it
landed inside the neutral corri-
dor leading to the truce village.
In WaIsin ., the adminis-
tration advise patiene as
tempers emoted with the
growing reports of atroeitles
and failure of the Reds to re-
* tue all slek and wemaded
yPtors .Offieab platdds out
that found evalua of the
rep rb Is mposible anti al
prisoners have been forumlay
Interviewed and their stolres
The pitiful few who returned
today told blood-chilling stories
of Communist inhumanity.
They told of the deaths of
more than 1,170 Allied war pris-
oners on 300 mile death marches
and from brutal neglect In Red
prison camps.
Pvt. William Moreland, At-
lanta, Ga., in telling his story,
said he was keeping a promise
made to his buddies.
Several hundred Americana
were among the victims.
The stories were told by men
who marched -e freon feut,
their battle We mds unteaded.
Some of the tlami wese club-
bed by their Co-mmunist
guards. OtherA lay dsnn to
sleep and simply did not a-
waken. Others died of wounds
or dysentery. eme died of
The storms of Red atrocities
were compiled from among A-
merican and other Unitqd Na-
tions prisoner who pass ed
through Panmunjom's '"freedom
hate" in the first three days of
he exchange of sick and wound-
ed war prisoners by the UN and
the Coknmunists.
Alfed screening officers have
not yet revealed their own com-
pilation of Communist victims.
It seemed certain, however,
there would be heavy duplica-
tion'of figures ia Ite survivors,'
A report in November, 1951,
by Col. James Haney,. Rth Army
judge advocate in Korea, said
that 2,500 American prisoners of
war were killed by Chinese Com-
munists and an additional 3,S00
01 prisoners murdered by North
Korean troops bore the Ch1-
nese entered the war.
A "clarfing" rprt by Gen.
Matthew B. Rldlway, at that
M k Ai the WM had pos-
i emor of the slaying
MoefteId. was aoe of five A-
sierm ..who told of death on
l *uutb or in pstom eamps.
Uryme -old Ind division
d *aw capture d In May.
t'",-w w> when we
9tMW cad$ told newsmen.
"Wht we T l-IedJcamp there
4MS dm M the death march

*74 1j* ri m-h

Cpl. DoaaM K. Legay, f
Leminlster, Mas., said
lean prisoners frequently eaw
ed the CommuAnts to b .
"Jumpy" and after a nfu
to deperate Chisese guiak
bayonetted the first two ;
three prisoners who walked .
out of a movie theater.
"They just Jabbed m with
byonet as they waled out',"
Ley told 40 Unlted Nations
reporters at a Tokyo hospital.
"The rest of us stayed indie
1bO an English-speakig in-
terprtrT walked out in front o
l9gay said he did not khin
whether the guards had b
orereod to bayonet the .
OWS or whether they 'wea
Jst doing it on their own."'
"It was almost a riot," he said.
He said a number of prisoners
were taken away to a "labor
camp" after they "made trou-
"We quit after they stared
that," he said.
Wearing a red bathrobe 4d
pajamas. Legay nervously
gered his broken left arm as
told newsmek f his o
Otherwise, Legy appeared to be
In fairly good shape.
Legay, who was captured Nov.
4, 1950. said many prisontrs
captured early In the war dted
before they reached Commumst
prison camps.
"A lot didn't make it on for d
marches to prison camps," 6e
said but added that he was
marched for only two or three
nights and then rode in a trock
for the remainder of the trip
Legay said the
prisoners sometimeneso "R-
etded we wouldn't eeai
with them. We'd refte ib o
out for roll call or rEAfM to
work or even eat'.
He said after Iwcideats
Communist would "pk
Instigator and pr=t = ai 8li
for sometime." He,aid w
of at least one AmeareaaI-.
oner who was batt beaar
refusal to coopenA
"The mse the .
like they towk *my,

to escape bat tbey got
back. If a pr aae was .IM-
confinem t. The wB ulv O
bed wire arOaw4 A he t
Pyaktocg but 06 auwit 6t

m-0- 9
IUlt04 *its^ ^

Thesdp, Apr l -


-a~~~-' J I



Si.*' *', N

* ~,.* -

x.; am

oedam an t
d*E and a


:1 11

.M. O *- ,'0 & .._
*)-' '.. / ,! C_. ..."-.


2'r PANAMA A1MDCAN AN e2"SnasNm arO! aWagwp

S 7 H Tmrat 0 FnOx J LEPHONE PANAMA NO 2 0740 '5 LiNS)l
S3461 MAnisam AVE NEW VORK (17i N Y

Labor .News



A Nw Coap on the Beat

M@ltOIH. IN ADVANC S 1.70 8a2 It0o
t :NoNCAR. 0 IN ADVANCE e .-ISO2400nIT."
OJust about the time Presl-
TIS IS YOUR ORUM THE READeS ON C N dent Eisenhower, was laying it
on the line in his televised put-
up-or-shut-up challenge to the
M new Russian government, CIO
president Waher Reuther was
to headingg East for a folksy tele-
Svision appearance on the Kgte 4
S The Mail Box is on open forum for readers of The Panama Amer- S ~ith Show, which gets itself
-en. Letters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly confi- almost as wide a network as a
ner. residentialappearance. t et
deeliel s. t I e id d kThere a e o lnks between these I' ] iowe
two telecasts which I'd like to, Kim
a t day. Lete oare published m the order received. trace e ore y step by l
i Please. t yo keep the letters limited to one page length. trace for, you, step by ytp, em"o
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence. sanince they lead to nat final
stories.which will-shake 'parsu
This newspopr assumes no responsibility for statements as opinions t0is country oo h sk s ua on
of this country soon enough.
0diles m e We start best, I believe, in a) plants. Van
closed con f e r e n c e room in might even
ANOTHER HORN IS BLEW Washingtop's Hotel Statler on
rMargarita, Canal Zone the mornihtg of April 7. there- Bot
Sir:Da in were gathered the men who H however,
Darn this bloke who calls himself the local George Jean Na- have recently taken over the planes
'than, anyhow. I didn't want to get into all this hullabaloo, but national' leadership of virtually lans at
:this "advocate of the verb" admits he chiseled the Little Theatre all the nation's unionists. n than
-out of a buck. So being an officer on the Board of the said Lit- They were there to talk a-
tle Theatre, and being dedicated to watching every penny, I must bout merging the AFL and
ut up a squawk to try and get this said buck. After all, a buck CIO into one giant political-"Ae nult
CIO into one giant political- b bilw
I' a buck, especially when they are as scarce as "hen's teeth," Industrial e altion of some b don't a b
like over at the Little Theatre. 13,000,000 members -- great Yo n t
I had to wrestle nearly an hour with a big dictionary, trying force which, if centrally dl- could do thi
to find out what this bird was attempting to say. I have always reacted, could not only take "
felt that I was entitled to some respect as a man of "letters," hav- over much of the Demo-
ing devoted more years than I like to acmit working in the "art! crat:c Party, but not incon- toksl s
preservative of all the arts printing," but the erudite tintina- ceivably deprive Mr. Else- St
bullation of this "scintillating slinger of sardonic synonyms" had shower of control of Conl ress fla
me stumped. Finally resolved that what he said only amounted in, 1954.
t confessing that he had sneaked into the Scout Shack, saw our But also of concern to such
4w for free, and then sneaked out again. So I says he owes us men in that room as Walter
a t'buck, and we want it. Reuther and George Meany was ve
SThis "prince of the prepositon" must be lower in principle, the harassing problem of the o W h
turtihe principal of the Little Theatre's last Treasurer's report. effect on their unions of the
inpge; sneaking into a show, sneaking out without paying the shift from a defense economy d, .
of admission, then-yelling to the high Heaven, "I was rob- to a peace time economy ., w e
L" This "Napoleon of the noun" has a mouth that is louder If there were to be cut backs e.
a some of the shirts he wears, which anyone will tell you are and unemployment, each of ou
strongest competitor the alarm clock ever had. these powerful leaders wanted d
1 don t care to enter into any long-winded discussion about some planning for "peacetime"
merits of "The Moon is Blue" with this "vicar of the verb" Jobs for the mllons who look .
use it would only be a waste of time. Those of us Who know, to them for leadersh1 e athey,
that the cast did a grand job. If this comediana of the met there with their coealy es t e
unction" is the guy I have in mind, he doesn't know the dif- to talk of bolstering each o r er
nce between "ham" and "Hamlet," so why argue. in the unbalanced period r which "Wl V
.io, come across with that buck, G.J.N., 'cause we know who seemed ahead., VowsepofafI
are. In conclusion, and just to let you know that we are wise There was, h wev er, one 80 RUARK am n
o ou are, will say, "Come on Jeff, don't be a mutt, and fork Mhatter which had to be wiped a andrnP U o
er off the record before they talk-M a N
SSigned, ed about their own lab pece.- .pr,
Roi-But Not Ferile AFL chief George Meanly riee NEW YORK. In a long, log ti of seeing But som og
the subject. crime a commodity, I cant remitn e m uch because ue'o .af -a II o n I
SINGLE AIRMAN FINDS LIFE DULL ON BASE He wanted to know why CIO violence senseless, stupid, sort- ~ -tyle themselves 'u" itaic a lspw .w "
president Walter Reutheor had violence as has been going on ltl = i thle around in. c ,-.' I *f s, i -
,:said publicly that the Unted tates. e anotr In -
I would like to know why it is that the Air Force doesn't would not join the AFL until Every new day, it seems as if a hOkbbd wal- that' w have *"1 u:'"ps" ar
Side a few more things to do for Its men on the base, especial- the rackdvers were driven out. lops a wife, or a wife kills the or some guessed,af st. =~011at4e4te rA uk
the single men. This tffnuated, that the- AFL child kills his parents, or like that 1,,younY1W f the times.
At the base I was at before being assigned here, the service was lead by mobsters, Leany man who belted four or five people s f- i'
J-b with the help of other units made every effort to see that claimed. sixe bucks. Ao, I aln aerly ~ be @e tha' a aom- a
W-men were entertained and made to feel at home at all times. Reuther said be had b e.en ty todt on' wloS a 8 ofr
1seqauently morale wo s very high. I'm sure morale is even mor.e misquoted by the newsmen. The There was even the profespr who tl he wits ad dlbt phony.
m, ortant at overseas stations. CIO chief insisted he had laid a failure, so b e knocked off List f W '
A well planned program of things such as good organized down no conditions for a merg-self. There was even an old friend
wel at 5 m ae C hef insta hea tad had e falresoh knd oeced ofW e. oh sh P.
daneet,An occ lonaL band concert, lectures on pol, subtcts, r w eA the AFL,. The other took a gun and collected wife, baby. .l .
craf ts'ealvania Stours sal I soon can makeI er jut t 16 o 49. point self wittte
] eas nto t hn with i fam ily here In Panama. fo the It.lsete ot e ie are eti
trorale ancency y ISon*JZ iat this 0l
S r his presence in the service ust time and money w ted. ,..- onfer e was, between t h e trivances we have surrounded ou
.he JWB and 'YMCA are two examples of how aproerly suer- AFL and CIO -not between the' a onte ned the other d
visad program of recreation can truly help us single fellows feel AFL and the Auto Workers, clap biht.Washigton, in an arly sUmmir oqual Ae
b have found a homp away from home. There's always a cherry Reuther agreed. that the switchboard Of tOhe nrm e woeR n t
hello and a feeling of friendliness existent there, more so that at Then, with character Ias t I c jammed wfth calls from people tla l WIO-wc h1 A
may club activities for airmen at this base. Why is this so when bluntness, Meany stated in ef- an atomic attaokt too hemumaod anaouy ae .e,11R
there's amplb opportunity tb do the same at our base? fect11
Maybe one expects to much here and the motto is just do "Okay, we start from Some o! the tension -.ta,4 teun,
4 your time soldier and don't gripe. Maybe with the new club and scratch, no conditions o n cations tension, Comrmuala, tAl y J u .
Things new being built there will be more going on and more ef-. either side. Let's do some- thy tension, flying-saucer teniof- soms to msadin general.
Sfort put into things just mentioned. .thing about the raiding of have forced its way into the 1k of us folkse, to
s A serviceman with a lot of spare time on his hands after duty' AFL and CIO unIons in each where we recoghlle nerves as.pI t of b ome 'heri, so me time, it look to s It f we
S ho-rs is more likely to spend that time doing things that get him other's territry. Let's get up routine, almost. are oing to leed o maerma, -1, t .bomb,
S into trouble than he would if he only had some cheerful place to committees to report pretty .Io n swift trawiad, mote lap-
ago where there was always a variety of entertainment for him. fast. Then we'll arrange a Somewhere so thling ha ha ped to baring Inthe MentalI economy. .W )ave bee
I1 don't think that Is asking to' much ard it surely will make a truce -and talk about In- slow-but-sure kee if i too fast, and have nearl outstripped or
Better soldier, which aft'r all is what te servicewants from us. tegration and merger of the as office boy, W k Ml .aullto G m e...'
Single Astmen--Long Time to Go AFL and CIO in June." boss' daughter,mand fs DWlyUllding u. Coca-Cola ipe0p have a god r -
The men on each side -hard dent of the firin a i-w hte bouse on a dd this pause that re As. A' lttli art psw t iMe,"
ORCHID SOCIETY DISCLAIMS REQUESTS practical men who lead the in a leafy town! It's hard t say who's would resulting a lot movrfrer1etr ."es --tt am
FOR TRANSPARENCIES working people in the very core sible for what has hAppened to us, or evn sand might be W the effort ba all go'
Ft Gulick, C. Z. of American industry -- all happened to1 nad and run,
Sir: Jumped In withp pledges Uof q"n -/.
It is the request of W J. Wilkinson. president of the Gold friendship. A subcommittee was.
i Coast Orchid Society, that the following be published appointed and the session
The Gold Coast Orchid Society disclaims a'ny knowledge of, wound up jovially.
;or responsibility for the item appearing in the Mail Box 17 April, The new found fraternalism
which demanded transparencies of orchid exhibit, sprang from the feeling that
Siticerely yours, they had at least established D
Gold Coast Orchid Society one thing -they would not, for -
.- -- 'a while have to fight off raids ,
Answer to Previous Puzzle by other unions In a confused STAIRWAY T" 6TT STARS Clark Gable was dlgcvered by wwhe
Pennsylvania Pause L. 5 A to peace wos~ld absorb their Fate &.. at eeptibly as time shaping the Ig Bras wete r
I ow energies, im ag nation and lives in smy subtle ways. Its power Is .trerl seIm In retrospe
ODIZONTAL VERTICAL TMa I N funds. tLible ethr li.t .-onstructs or demolishes. that Gable lacked .pId .so
HI O A That's the way it was for Some years =O sX',ag. layer In a Katha- Gable made MGM
State flower of I Boisterous a a mine days Then came the El- rine Cornel w w i=i by Philly's critics. -.
ennsylvania 2 Italian river A w senhower speech -though and Instead It* .to despair, the rebukes The confikl b1ors.
ios the 3 Distinct part disdainful of appeasement. aroused his bt naltliecd hle ambition. tists are cQnan 1Wi4e in :
mountain Rodent a i The Russian bear trap had He reh slll ed eventually chang- though creso"shIp'.
Y Pennsylvania 5 Summer (Fr.) been set, but the old golf shoes ing his 3I an the role. Ironically % he is&freq ofte
is a 6 Shelf were not being caught. It wasev caustic n "t the most fortunate imdal-asl
5Atlantic state umSprit obvious that there would be no event in t areer. He attracted mell- og de $te
wide cutbacks, no vital change lent re the drma opened in N. Y. endoren It
8imelse War god in mass production for defense The happy M tur nd out to be the spring- "Pldety." ..
ltDecree 9Doctor of 27Abashes 41 "Blue Grass This was the breather the na- board for stardom. Our hero's name: RIere'' another *ozeesorhbp
S lIt ls one of the Dental reverently State" (ab.) .ional labor leaders needed. Uregory P MMSB0huU~tt# isaged 'the
original 13 Surgery (ab.) 29 Low caste 42 Lamprey- All union chiefs with national o- st ructlOs lo" "rli eJt
States 10 Palm fruit Indian catcher balIwlcks then decided to plan Stardeomr t.g u~ ate of numerous man klclng girl," 'hew this was' a mathf ag
adhesive 12 Termini 30 Solar disk 44 Fish sauce strength in other fields so any Talent, o l h factor. But showing"
substance 19 E~e (Scot.) 31 Bird's home 45 Walking stick future cutback would not catch there are wiswo ,ever scale the
17Period 21Bestowed 33Diminutive of 47Entrance them with their members in heights. .m1 rt claretma .l o n 'he thins in ustryis cugntly
1S Driving approval Edward 48 Unaspirated any one industry. for yeaO.-Stty hvesmentr in The sieean'mdmptry wi currently e tu fla
comaand 22 Bullfighter 34 Pennsylvania 49 Brought up The most dramatic of these publicity "S ,- Others" s..m male t# ltolon. The g.fl 0M .
Won. 23 Male name a 51 Large cask projects appears to be the CIO's to sprout es pture the public's reprglenta its Mpi e bki to recaptu.e
ourded 24 Demons mountainous 52 Before a soon-to-be unveiled "Target Or- imaginat t...MI7 a clarity lostaa.e .ls am' oonts,$
I5Srne in 25 Moslem state 54 Age ganizing drive. t film n. _ed an be o is .astQeiary 'wi-
S Texas 26 Soviet river 40 Surrenders 55 Amount (ab.) Although the first tar get episode -.AR oesthe are are a g.:
$8 were to be selected at a high screen whBU* l r. 3 h tha cb m slt fj'""l "
2 "h~e afr I I CIO conference yesterday didn't haveb a-a III ..But tht

I a ex reme throw aroad 5,3 0,000 into temptaUo~.. -,," '
_N lar workers, ohemieal work- -.. .
I Net / ers, auto salesmen, reta il Much f --'
---- clerks, south plants or vagaries. '=" Stem The

legal court memorabg 'in k ta r
iMoccain In past years on "non-produc- try's gh- g1 o'
vision nity work and support of re- innovation 13te wr

7 4Priestly L- giyual councils. Now this money lam.. This Hil*B
vestment |j wa oone oatrsted directly tremendo11 ii ll
PuFSed uP on rganitang and. public rela- .'.
Conductor tions.l
T-e-rm Every non-usele Industry will ,
m at fur r serut.ulsed. l -sy menas 'of
e-[of natural getting to the pubeei wil' be
beaut areused. So we flnd leather on
s; s denmt la aeSst' pormt~n
SIto the h ous ,vesu in the oe-
lu~ig moments of -Project 'Tar- j..
ing georgmatels." watchitu n- A

J.pdip the nation, future aurity.

eaponT of war m tce
pr lants haw been
: ( .g.rtaryof.
oMants to oduc a thoa .

o'. role ,..

w, Vance ao lk 00 n.- -,
wve, the greatet ouro '

s that -we should no itor *iiU
at- aowd stter as'
Would make
i.paroduction by surprit M '."
&alaM it would be. c.'- "

St than to k oeeep-w1i

~thm to keep up
,85bs sVpews ^w 'AR u *
Be VMG. .e. il
.eJaen. Oenther, tea d

Amd-K: A" thenif....g-U..A

".' '.i.h .
- -. "., : 4, .1" "


P. m*-


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John N.
A CtmMD.

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"ia =1,- a M i" 4-U i i up the
Srut Mnd of.padesi No, be-
cans hearts arte even more dan-
Serona, and West might think
. of al1 of alng to heart.
o"W=he ibOuld I win the first
Spade tdck?. The answer de-
anld otheM beat, way to play
U~en Now our aXpert concentrates
0e ~on the club suit as follows:
"With a normal 3-2 break, any
me tod of pIin the clubs will
l 22 (UP) porL I a any four clubs.
Nations of I l be unable to uce four
l ,club; tr I W U has four
a ter clu hoer., can. be
M .e- done
re- "Thre hope t's .shle-
m the aier I, that caae, I must
be4 1 by 'IdlAngd the ten. of
4n en1 1 Hense the expert win the
triek In hia own hand withjtIe
L.... ... ,of clu: ust

Ritmg -e e a I ew bbii
e fire, VM the asee and
aft in the, dummy behind
. South can esuly regain the
-to take -a cli. flaesse and
i brng in the rest of the

No Adva-e
- ~. Td br an InterMnl eveMue
. 9 aet that b ba _$10 etad
IttL., onel .araj
Il add he was flat bmue andak-
ed the agent for a $1 advance.
& ;I, ,* diMt ulet It.


it fool ounra itron nd
i! _ltll* l Ulotho tlntor upt forpt.not
rom c yourhemlii .

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i A r1"' o.

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a wreckier


Ams weeks -e '.
wmo Bei driver. Vi W

& *a ..4 wmt

And Wn

Dei: as costly. Our prompt ddliery series ad ar lie,
mi|t sto& of construction materials ae your guaraty of

pryaee -

will help to pave the Pan-American Highway.


i*A. JDItW &4 rd. #4it D# 1t lA.*. UitdMLW h ,lA






AVIANCA Aerovina Nalonamles de Colombia, S.A.
BOAC British Overseas Ai-ways Corporation
BRANIFF Braniff International Airways
COPA Cia. Panamefa de Aviaci6n, S.A.
LACSA Lineas Aereas Costarricenses, S.A.
LAV Linea Aeropostal Venezolana
PAA Pan American World Airways, Inc.
PAL Philippine Air Lines, Inc.
PANAGRA Pan American Grace Airways, Inc.
TACA Taca International Airlines.
TWA Trans World Airlines, Inc.




P t" '7 I' fStr~t No. 1 (N w the Lottery Offl
,:., TelpiM.: PanamnA 2-1661.

[lI -... "-VAYIW .WT PLAMT. O, -t .


v,,i .-,



I mn

L.e w Id ** *
i ._ QJ5

.~ W.d ivul.
pW iN.T. Pa
'. rf P* Pan

Your retributionn

_J__; __ __ _I_


t" '

',".(f Y.,"*

4: r.r p~j~h~l

.0 -


rt' !2ER1A AIMi A, ANp

& Air ine lISH)1 E GLANCES
Air Linefr N,

r i'

ici^ !;

!. ,


inAaneri-Ban Aviation News Maduro: Mr. and Mrs. Free
1 t'sro new expansions of its Maloaey; Mr. cnd Mrs. Anti
tr .Atlantic tourist service, P. Mann: Miss Greta Mann;
Pa .mcrican World Airways re- seph Molz' Mrs. Jane Mose
ce extended these low-fare Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. I
fUig to the Middle East and uhy; and Mrs. Adelaide H. N
Inu Ited service between hall.
Ph ItAphi: and Europe. PAA' Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. ]
pasenrfis now'can fly trom New son; Mr. and Mrs. Raymone
iol*.teBelrit and back for Rusche; Mr. and Mrs. Jame
$.,476.70 less than 'before. isussel Jr., and son: Mr. and
11 ht0oat flights out of Phila- George V. Sammet Jr.; and-
de~ aop at New York and. and Mrs. Jose Sanchiz
Bol :m bL-ore continuing to va-wo children; Mrs. Adel
riot 'pinta In.Europe. 5thackno; Miss Thelma &
S .. lamn: Edward Sholander; (
pinodern runWay, 35 meters s. Shugart: Miss Cell Sil
wide and 1,500 meters long, re- manl; Dr. and Mrs. Earl Sn
cedm was Inaugurated by the 'Mrs. Merlifn R. Smith: John ;
Cuba 'government at Trinidad, rub Mr. and Mrs. Carl St
cnp*k Cuba's oldest cities. With strom: and Mr. and Mrs. -
the completionon of the runway, Imot Wesley.
Copania Cubans de Aviaclon -- -____
(Cbana)'began providing daily .....
flights linking Trinidad with the RUTH MILLETT ,ays
rest of the island.
Jamaica is building a new air-
port at Bascobel, near Tower Isle So many women write
and reconstructing an old air- ask me if I can outline a fa
aTrip at Braco. on the north coast ly budget for them or tell tl
near Trelawney, as part of an here they can get hold o
overall program to encourage budget to live by, that I
tourism. writing my first and proba
.. iast- budget article.
A Pant American World Air- The only sane and sens
ways Convalr, piloted b Capt. budget for a family to live
LouisXT. Jack, recently establish- !s one that a husband and m
ed a&* s peed recot4doa a flight sitdownn and w o r k o u t
from ABa Juah, P# eo: Rico, to themselves.
Portnatt it the It' their ney o be spe
407-- ,m distant -In ai hour and their obligations to be met, o
38 MioWts; E d record wa.tlfer lives to be lived, sod
one ,u -and 43 minutes. I would know, better than t]
hew much of their mnan
PAUNWt... Saml -should go for one thing a.
Fi.ds*,t- I ,... how much for another?. ,
A t o.' names ar le -Making a fam ly ,ObUag
on th dV nce ames are listed shouldn't be too inuch o
the P ,omamliner oPanama whichpoblem for any couple. .T
Is scheduled to sail Friday fromI know what their income
Cristobal for New York. A large They know what their fixed
number of Canal employes and pens-e are.
their families are listed to sail; I I N LF AR
The complete advance passen- AIMS IN LIFE AE IM
ger list follows: .TNT, Too
Lee Blaber: Miss Marie Blaber; They know, or if they do
Raymond Brians and son; Pers should find out, what they. w
Brown; Col. and Mrs. Edgar J. most out of life. Whether tl
Burns; Mrs. Carmen Casanova;, want a home of their own,
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Congdon; college education for the
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Cooper; children, retirement at a ce
Mr. nd Mrs. Miguel Corco; Miss tain age, or a secure old i
Evelyn .Cramer: Mr. and Mrs. for themselves.
Prank R. Curtiss. The important thing- is th
Calude B. Davis: Mr. and Mrs.' making out a budget is mi
B. D. Eccleston: Robert W. Ful- than writing down a lot
ler: -Robert W. Garthwalte: Mr. figures and deciding to keep
and Mrs Edward Goodfnnriell- strict accounting onf where mo

or "My heels sink in this old swamp and I'm catching cold-
it'll be romantic enough for me if you just buy a bunch of
nt., violts In a flower shop!"
and -.. ------


r -Fast Freight Service to Colombian Ports
'Ie. Accepting General Cargo for

, a
i n-

Miss Shirley Gover; Rob'ert G. ey. goes. It is agreeing on a
Grace: Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Gras- way of living. Saying to ehli
lorf; Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Gorss; other: "We'll do this or have
Mr. and Mrs. James Grossman. that because it is important to'
Theodore W. Halsten: Mrs. Mil- us. We'll do without that be-
d1red 'Hall; Mr, and 4rs. Ralph cause it happens to be soe-
lianner: Mr. and Mrs. Raymond thing we can get along with-
0. Hanner: Miss Ruth Harksvy; out. We'l live this way now in
14. and Mrs. Wayne W. Hatting order to live another way later."
rId two.*ons: Mr. and Mrs. Troy A budget isn't just figures,
ta-c-z: Mr. ?nd Mrs. Leonides W. it's figuring. Figuring out what
Mearne; Mr. and Mrs. Christ W. you want to do with what you'
Hermann; Miss Miriam Herman; ve got.
Miss Irene Hewett; Mr. and Mrs., That is why no outsider can
Prank H. Irwin; and Mrs. Re- make out the right budget for
becca D. Ishoy. you. ,I,
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Jennison: The budget you decide ao
M-.s Marie A. Johnson: Mr. and will determine your way of life
Mrs. Murdock M. Johnson; Dr. land you can't expect anyone
and Mrs. Sidnev' A. Kay: Miss else to figure that out for you.
Victo-ia. 'Kerney; Mr. and Mrs. -.
(hrries R. Kroeer: Miss Caro- I ,
line T.. ri' ; Miss Jahe D. Lane; Foreign Corerspondeat
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Laronge:
Mrs. Mabel A. Lawrence: Miss SALTILLO, Miss. (UPY Hi-
Norma de Leon; Mr. and Mr. Lights, the student newspaper at
!Benry T. Leiy Pnd on: Mr. and Saltillo High School, boasts it tI
Mr. Herbert N. Libbey: Miss the only such publication with al
#ean A. Libbey: Mr. and Mrs. foreign correspondent. She is'
Albert Lindo: Mr. and Mrs. Si-' Virginia Ann Means, a 1952 grad-I
Snon Long; Mrs. Margaret A. Mc- uate who now resides -with her
|lhenney; Leo A. MrIntire; Mrs. parents, Lt. Col. and Mrs. Ralph
Margaret McLaughlin Jr., and'E. Me: ', in Sendal, Japan, and
0on. contributes a monthly column to
Mrs. Anita Maduro; Mrs. EFsle the paper.






*r rrTToTME-E

Tumaco, Buenaventira, Cartagena, Barranquilla
SAILINGS: Every fifteen days


Crli.tpbat C. Z.

- <-- na5o n maMrwon
(A ltam Nw Ne P W N COAMu

To P t.............
..***...................... April anh

TO C.LORI A, CiVApMl, BO& a c
P *...........A............. ..... April nd

................... ...............

&S. A nl es ....... .....................
PAssU e smVIes 9eNN NEW TOOLUe l
s. cadre.. ..........

Wekl MFast p Slvice etweem st6baw, Cmt .
Of U.s. & iamida.!
Crtobal: FRENCH LNE, P.O. ex Sel Tut 4 *
Paunan: UNDO I MADUO4 S. A. JA,
Tel,. Panam a-16D 3 3-465

Winter en Mercury

S CHIg L...



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a' /.-" .- *" ". *' s' P.C-P. '. "

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I;-4 i:
.1 ~
A, .' ...

Vic FLno'

heo's That?

Bmw Day

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-,;.:."I G II -;" .... -. r .. +. *' "
. ,. ;.,. i

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.,L *"\' .' .

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I3CBLA's For



. I I I ;

itf9U* 5uaj


T. M. Reg. U. 8. P&L ON. r.^W
W. Sp by t NL So fa, -60
Ca.IS jNA ao ha.


_ .., ------i-

TIP -., -

-- --------

.- "


Makes Sense


i ~il ~

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c'Q.,. ,, -, *-*' & t '4Y t*

ft "~jri~r' rr. IA-'~

--.-I-. -- I...,




... .. n .1 a Wise.
*B 1 i~la
: iiK^gRSLSBB~f
*o i ,, -^* ^^--^' ^^^w^^^^^^


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btqr nw.j 'r

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fsor the
4 t is Tleh
kBE Baill"

L, I2
R ....

Viion proM- er ng a 19-year-
O, m old vet with the.
I Italy, shout, '7" While tour-
sted In ing n offlcer poke
up froam ,"Please don't
come o W Wy" asked
a to the Audreyn ZbSiu.b' pushed the
e stork office got hurt playing vol-
3x Gott- le l
lets."... But the h owl came
.n lUmp- frma bMd OJ. with a movie,
-eted her fanb under his arm. II
in' My When offered to answer is ears as tUe
Sr X- questions about Hollywood, the .
y have asked:
foot.... "Tell me-s Doria Day
1U that moody?"
Califor- ON *1STINN MO ON
Reeomaeuded: Para mount's
Sfor La- "Sham n" w Alt Ladd, Jean
r Geo. Arthur and Heflin. A west-
for Ma ern at Wi compared to
Earilyn's "Stateeoaesh.
rectons, Carole eh Balater,
Lagglo Is on the master a stork date
cancellatIU0m. o k Gable I e
fired his' t afte belng 'rep-
resented by th cr enter for
23 yearu. D with his
e w- recent films tse reason given..
ut .e ..Name of the bi4 movie execu-
is tive who's overboard about gor-
ti-&30 geous Elalne Stewrt would aa-
fly tonlah you.
Lewis. Mona Pleeman's solidly set for
be back "The Son of SltOd RKO
1. B spokm asay, amd the studio
womid take a di view of it if
r roseneh n hm the Atlantie for a
e says foreign e a mareh to the
awoma tarI with MalrCn"y.
Arthur Numlcut, nominated
*Ais for an O IOIIIIW
.The lids-fan
Pauline, o to adopt a ba-
W by. There been marrIed 14
years an I are childless.. :. Paul-
ette Goddard ntled a $20.00-a-
I week aP sIrNr rltVegadfo- ad
tol. Bud Abbqtt Mu C_1teiM l



RMkW ?Por some It does, but not for the unidentified toddler. eft, who epwv
anal S phony Orchestra lays a special "Tiny Tots" concert in Washin tis.
e critic is little Jacqueline Wohl, 2%, standing fascinated amid string seom. *'t

1 A


a-*^ I
1 iminrfi i- a ^ T i' r-n~m-fi"


edsqourfvt Ia.,

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4* 1?^**3


' Nm0

the death;ef
3d Canal- -S

' heo the s w
lived for the ldI
two daughters. .M
lips, of t. Petesbaw

Funnel se@ing I
where be sand s
W31 lived the PSSAlt
j~ai --- *A--

oaY, me.,.

wife and
les Phfl.
ad Mrs.
1' bner.

Lrt> bh the

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u nhl ome n
nDubhUniv **

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; 1. t

1so f mte rru i A M.W ,V ad.I
g:o nlbht-clubblra oues A year--
on our anniversary-and even
then keep our fingers arowed."
i91 ----

Hem's US T-u'

Beat 't a baedsogh m-
... msal on ... .

swer treeba raa.w
D BaoklMe's. Bold a tas
"a uSu..swallow SwW.
r "1. bawuS
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the length of your



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your smoking

pleasure and




Reprqsenttives or commission agents for the following:

Watch Hands; Dile nrrowu; Cultivators; h amoean I; automobiles; projection am=
p olgraphle 4aa wAps; daylight igmal lamps. wize and tape recorders; R.n
Madio and tivdl; Donnan Spigber LAe; Tempten carbide Tippe4 dbs we
IbArieks, caet eIte ipU.; gautir f at ad ghlseg l fluhaing cigternm; elctsrbw
amet ,c pathi* a ml gla.., cu sl 1eveld glass mirrors; eldsrie

pnmpM pQ efabr.ted Fbuildings; Stdl &a
wb ruw Me ms drMloSf jM ia dnm ri cooking apparatus.

*. *. ".*

Ts. il. w pru of materials pl e apply to:
;. 'rur-r nut^-i AaMITIC U IErATIOnM


. .1 -

S.i .,4ritwIin g Fift I t l loor I IP m .
W~,,,.. kb p Fleer, PaMM.

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*- l -S'Ql" ij 1 '

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Look Th
' r',.i ,

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Ma ANSM, M ftlarM

'~~ -----''~~ -~ II


"'~"' --~ ---

SII Ied I"
-li~ mhi l* 1"^,^.Sim .

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..." \h~ Y .. TP.,
""^ r" = "-- '' '"J #. a "" ^ ^ ^ ^^ '| b r' _.r,
,.. '' -f-,_ -. '.. **J a

-flat NMA AII$RICAN ____

DU ~Ll wlf Iz .l .- ~r4-.

You Selem... When You Tell'em thru P.A. Classifieds!

i Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Patma Your Eir .i K
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

SLewisService Salon de Belleza Americano CarlteO Drug Store th ooco_ "
SNo. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and No. 55 West 12th Street 10.059 Melbndea Ave.-Phone 255 Col6n Today, WednesQay, Ag -
Agencia international de Publicaciones Propag m, S. 'A. .l
orrison's e "H" Street cornerltudl an St. f II' :1ite el
Fourth of July Ave.--Phone 2-0441 No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phoner -t214 as r 0 4:1 Pmar
5:1 a Ytr
SHousehold Automobles .be y e d e. a m PHILLIPS Ocebnslide Cottages. The .:30--- '
ORS .. ....... ......Wells AlseLe ~Am e. h only court in Slnta Clara with an : s our Fa or t
FOR SALE: Simmons steel bed FOR SALE -1951 blue Plymouth 4- sa1 A~e CZ Onvew f ro m all cottages. : (S Your Fvor
$50.00 with mattress; small bed door sedan" leather upholstery, ra- to allch, ock Gas, r.efngermtin, .-,Ma About cta s t (s11
$15.00; Pye radio $50.00; small dx o Amo-on 0775-G. Wiiamson DR. WENDEHAKE Medical Clinic, bo' ecu and shuffle board. Pan- A Rk.' N OVof 630--Patade o'f it W
English car 250.00 deposit. Call Place, Balboa. Central Avenue & K Street Corner, amo 3-187 7. Margarita 3-r6"7& A O 6:34-LSal Tha as
Paname 3-4024. C FOR SALE:-Two 1952 Jaguar's se- ephon 2-3479 Pna B No. 435 8 albo. UTI ONARY TJP 7:M Time'
FOR SALE: Six-strand Rattan set, don and Super Sport. On display, THE GANADERIA INDUSTRIAL of- Hou*es em -kc, Snta Clara. Equlpl LABOR ALO 7:0--S rl T IMi"
ScI 425.00; Venetian blinds. Auto Show, Balboa Stadium 22 fers home delivery service of pos- pHd for large parties. Phone Shop. 3 GALLON JRDYIW
Sdrawers.Albrook aft- urized "Estrella Azul" (Blue pd for large rties. Phone GALN VLLW
Chest drawers. 5543-, Diblo. April or Phone Albrook 6207 teurized tr Azu e lbo 1389 or see caretaker I the Air (R )
FOR SALE: A mhogny bedroom er p.m. Star) milk in Margarita, Fort Gu- there. B |AoURE SPRAYER r r r
FOR SALE- mahogany be-dro om lick and Fort Sherman. Write to t USommar: a onem It
S suite and dresser, a wardrobe, a FOR SALE: Pontiac 1949 sedan, Apartodo 52, or call Tel. 1204, Williams' Santa Clara rh o. .M for 8;:45-UP.'Oomns t
kitchen dinette (a table and four good condition, two-tone green. C 1 2 bedros, r tl 0 n. 8:o0- i I y ar ( )
chairs), a livingroom suite, a Sin- 0310 Cable Heights, Ancon. Own- Colon.k .gas r er r o tion, ;10-- 1,M )t l l"
S ger sewing machine, 1 telephone er leaving. FOR SALE Except week-e mal. P OE R- I (VO) t
table, and an Admiral refrigerator, BARGAIN:--1949 Nosh. Duty paid. r Gr le lch :WI 0- O
60 cycles. All in good condition. Excellent condition. Low mileage. Mis eltrlneous l- e ig .o. o. Noe- SHORTSh n U *
For any information coal Panam. Moving. Colegio Industrial, Pedre- ro TSt-zL_ _---.-.
2-1051 between 5 and 6:30p.m. gal. LAST OPPORTUNITY! 6-441 Gof anboe, 4-567 PedreA ,MIA U A.* rSwT aAr .-'-
t FOR SALE: Bedroom, livingroom, FOR SALE: 1952 Ford two-tone UST 6 HAVE YOUR OWN n r -I u Tl
diningroom sets, separately. Bar- HMEOW
diningroom sets, separately. r Custom, practically new, radio, ex- Beautiful 3-bedroom chalet in Sn Spe r wk 00--d 0 r
in.o. 18, 48th Street.' tras. Phone Navy Atlantic 588. Francisco de la Calea and car Spend your week end at Cusina-f.iants "-0e A t -
FOR SALE:-One square QM diSAe QM FOR SALE:--1952 Meftry Menter- First Prize. A lot of land and a car music by Casino Aces. '- Vretes .. Biooa ero
table with four chairs $20.00; six ry, 4-door, Merc-o-matic whltl -as the Second Prize and a car us FOR N oving tor re, :1--MtA -old oa wS
wood venetian blinds, 52" wide wall tires, 7,00r mile 5711-, Third Prize. Phenomenal Raffle on FOR RENT :- rry r I. 1School,1av
n co H E Soue s FOR SALE:- New Morris Minor 4-Nuevo's Church. Value of ticket o s ,I n t: -,e s cn. *W5t e I y 11 tn ..
SfR SALE:-Hollywood Double Bd door sedan. Apply ot 321-- Culre- $6.00. Call, during office hours, FOR RENT -- F u d ouse W 'Phone Ort o e rr-
complete with Coil Springs 7"7.00, br Road, opposite Ancon ost O- 0740. After 4:30 p.m., 2-2653. nWANTED: A house- 2 bedrooms, e Panaml9 :0--'*..., S. g af n B o.'*
SSize 58.00; Guaranteed 410:L ews |
wi size 5 ; Granteed 4 e FOR SALE:-13 blinds: 6 (alum.) unfurnished. Single American. l.
Pirner Gas Stoves 65.00; Guaran- F9eo boo 1727. 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Box 0:0&'-ff the Record "
eed 2-Burner Electr es FOR SALE-195 Ford Tuor,radio, venetian 50x62;'2 wood) vene-
S ed 2-Burner Electric Stoves 25.- tian 25x40; 3 split bamboo 48x62;' 213, Ancan..DA AATMNT P n -
00; D:ning Chairs 2.00; Dining To- sunvisor, W-S tires. Oneowner, 2 redwood 48x48. All for $75.00 FR Rd hu fr 3 E e Rel
bles 10.00; Wardrobes 7.50; Chino G. E. Cooper, Gamboo 6-206. 1 G.E. washing machine, liken "Altos del Go f. Phoine .- : A-0 Cll the' L.g a. (P
S Closets 25.00; Cribs, complete 35.- FOR SALE: 1951 Mercury 4-door, $75.00. No. 5608-D, Diablo. Tel. 3-2810n Ato. toS IN NE elo
00. Aboe Bargo;n While Tiey Mal r-o-mapltce. a$385.00. aJohn M 2-1441 MA
Loa, On:S HX--HOUSEHOLD EX- Barrett, Balboa 3376, noon till 8 FOR SALE--A-K--regstered cock-

mecha I nd o1.0-ear FORexpE Tese net..Not W EDke FOR SALE HoEos as'n Fma-ITURV 0:- FORMnI s weNT: 1 rmenill
S Kind n Pc. ma N, 41 Automobile1 91ogodon er puppies. male. $40.00. Phone o:gn0 -m.,e0-Newmonn)An* Wt ...oi6
CHonG3 IThe ni' Str 2ofF- se0-N s
Ro,.. TEI. .491 I. Easy Credit FOR SALE.--195 Ford. good cond Albrok 86-3233. Apartments t ar
.T1rn c om-0W a ll D2r4rqu9mafterel Bmc htIwael.r" U r d. "e'
tern $ 00, tidon.$:100p0 : 00. Call 2-4479 ofmer FOR SALE -Leather suitcase with al- ALNAMIRA APAITMIN6 beau.te

F- SALE. --Houn ehl d eButr d alboayh trey Ol SA LE .-U ed t e ad ub o O E c finished NUA d b e
SC) SALE -1 fl rhi s tumue both ma- TED: ligheator trim $25 00; record player. end f. d fmr nd ;
hcgnya ond quartermoser. refr;- FOR SALE.-199 Lajck 4-door sn- 3 speeds. 25 cycles, $20.00; ten- nishl eptent; pe lm A L

FORLESALE-1949car. Goadfcano-oman $300.00; Magic che f love-I 10:0iand his o
venetian blnds, large gm r aor:, etc. 25-cycle FMg. dH re, perfect, $r 90.- FOR SA.Eb r W window m model Frigi- NowNcdel T umishekd .bef emt 'CalmJN
RALon --p. mpe ,ngrm ne$00.00; Magic Chef FOR RENT:--Nice' cool 25, moderna2-. .. ...:' "
set. 5611-,Hoges Place. Dab i n Specl .pr cedUe transfer. four-tburner gas stve $125.00.l f ustbedrEoo t n td opa rtm e ntl i Bel l o CI"

George Carr, Peadin20 sth: boardAnei3c.uron .
S __- George Corr. PAA. rocumen Both in excellent condition. Tel. 3 M ust buy 'furniture. Ca N 2-262n ,
AFOROR SALE -25-cycle ColdpLSALE-- good C 8 6:00 to 7:004:
echanicl condition, $35 00Tel- OR SALE. 1950 Hma on. 2885.
hone 2-1444. if intere~tef green. Not duty paid, like new. FOR SALE- Hortons washing ma- FOR RENT: apartment for 4 :, .
48h Street No Phone 3-3105. chine. 60 cycles; upright piano, ooo nt
FOR SALE -25-cycle Norge refrge- Ao made; complete beauty 3-7 I o .v r
Tor $60 00. photo enlarger, cam-r m ; cple auty t 1rO",
ete $25 00. porch glider $10 00WANTED hear, used zins; porcelain waOter FRR T,;rbut

take3thebleedht, drie healer; usd ocli ahFR
i elo. 013 le Heights ne Icea basins. For information call Pn- fully furid apartment in BI -AI

of. o m cor t n D oma 3-2162. V ista' best rSih0 ntiE$in:"2
C berrBim m i d WAN E u:-Retired Cone h .! F AIn bedroq., 2 thr '
-ai., d oA2 Chrese hooked of! -to %6 asIcuuetal- FOR A oLE.--rodid nhw NC-125 with room Z-There Aramo

p.for19.C 85'28c
ne table, two small ion ... toa.IO.. tte, t ceiver. an*4.M seenfrom1:0n
SALE-Hos-Balboa 34 FOR SALE-Used tres and tubes of FOR RENT; i. furnishd' 2 2-be l-!,pg, 5: M1U1Ik 1 ,
e. couch covers, waffle rons. I on- oi nall sizes. 15th East Street, oposte rom portmt, coot aNd quiet,
opoorr rtunty l.aFr -6 7.e h t. .N. ,
rrobd. .D.NwCrsobtPhoeoomapaurtmndryVluaT.14 lrpcan. othmorouh lea-ana au Mtt. 8 ,r 301, o-. ...."vie

re2 as l s oe caple.utao, a CstiR a ndLsun l oeres. y curi-FOR RENT:i ni fniho2e, !."
SALE d P.Oi-ti n tea ngh u se lemr n t .., N. 4 .
ePa..BIONAL. Peru Aenue No. 7, Tb- FOR SALE F" R -t d PIt
gEngalad- S tcriEh senograyer. ac- rTED. o" e ,Molormpetlel kiche ,sie 4 .reeot N .
m ri-.1404 6aErlshEspedkoedcrFOR SAt er2;emoneSIN dr 20I ndus
S8. 5N s a Caman oe er 00 or i Phone Albrook 620 wth board rn, EurOn
on3-er2916aw oocoingluking) to etloreuma (gnlyh Tel..lan.8o. ..
rE puS N0 .t moon u t Leadr mahe peign-h "aftner4pm. 23-fotocabimtowp livin-3.4 ... I4.. i'.
ehm o. e nthe3 up.hw Trd th i-rlaob eR00 boat, 2 cylindearsh marine onver- FOR RENT: -Nwwith s- l '".
n. Par w .l thnN$hTt3esoior Loh,3- smar. Licensed for 6. Fully equip- n e| O ,
tr u yoneR, Aop u (th w -you must see"r a and ride, $7oe00.00. "
e The public expects newsiapers to Albrook 3r29=3. 'ue sand,
ate~ ri political afnars and 0in etpoho n eearr
emfor Be tceesc o tak the lead inucerio drveso FOR
a of government caorruptiond Davhd ""..a-io, fo' ".d..
eaHsoaid nerald-ribbne, si F New Johnson 12-hp.T ee N
MonA ED erteda en a meeting ofur pa outmordmotor, 40% ount. Sell ...
iWAHI-OTON April 22 mr lbation up to h.000 atd thmnre Ameen- the eR.elr men.-an"o

r communications l ob ld the capablities of a sm a ll,:e-.
unt. "yBut always they should be "li ii :Nv
me5-arland Isted his employers heartenin- to us." he said, "for Qana'BelM
n'P.. RCA Communication, of the vital place given to news- siteofthe fith Co w of the -..".

contract for$2.-a-monthooRtwo meetings for small news- frmep.-octiws.,
Sfor "ftraved. office, steno- ANPA's 67th annual convention. During the five-day conven- ,;
es 0 hm one of the higher paid with circulations between 10,000 aE in Spsh and English in"
Ib lat registered under theaand 50.000, Ambert- rpendlove of the morning. The afternoons _

systerPn thion r coruna- dwn cst a hreeOand increase we for the visitor

on legislation to recommend w 2He said newspapermanae-iin 1941 under the arlnes of theCIL
9smallest inelfttcieneaidnbrligetogst r,6.Flq ry equeso 214
murittee on communca- YOaRste., A p ( ndthe.hotel industry f the 21

Spendlove was introduced bY LttaAme ica ntrl e
George C. Biggers of the Atlanta Objectives of the U asuolation
OBlast Observer Journal. ANPA vice president. are t promote riendship and
Biggers said newspapers an, of In
faced with new competition fro 1 i. I .=P7111 and the
Doln Will television but, "I am not one o rn Ion of ravel m U means
'qk At R tr ,,,r,,.Z:, !: ..a .
those who 'views with alarm' tht ,ward.
__oa_ / future of newspapers because ofLuisa Ara eral mana- TEN-TIE V.
television. Newspapers years agro of the I Hotel is 10th4.
W G. Dolan. Chief of Civil took radio In their stride and I p dent ftn Panama Hotel Mar W
nse, Canal Zone Govern- think they will do the same with ASoatCio HeMh r. unninS-
Swill be guest speaker at teW.. ham of Pa ma I rep- aatl's
luncheon of The Panama He said newspaDers must Im- "riln of,. the i -Ael- ad
Club tomorrow. proi their product while cutting can o __IL
rc l en costs to remain in business. s
t. Dolan reently returned unoIle.iw .=l .
A trip to the United States. C (UP-A
he witnessed an atom frinRAt MSON A ob n.t(urp)
test at L[s Vegas and at- AUTO SALESMAN Leonardo as _. es
the Staff Colimae for CIvilU eAUTOma arSALESMsAN hr e es
to wor n & eeon wn tthe fthl
See ar amin tow&. MaI
meeting will be held in 4 o l rn Os
zi meaniat 12: IS @a go 3
note~seaft 01

* .

~ *'*



in his itre, "Thi Clown," wiLh opens today a
the Bells
In ai evemn mathos-touehed rate than hb _ptSyal of
Harry R'Itt ..j Little Words," SkeM ena b a former
que love f. His love r..r ea B brinrs
him to g tJaBat vmeback and his life to a beartbreoaking
.ang-w te'Mrt as Skelton's divorced wife, eoahif to the
new M-G-g her comedy role Ye.oU For Me" and
" fher ew ) Prisoner of Zenadsa. T T yeas o tTim
re tws t the o ,t: an 4 s lieon
SMM 'Am e*
__Zx MAWS V"

- r f




wTA -
a 9 L I1 1 A
BAut8 8t=LIVAN

$1.10 P0. CARl!
$T.TO CA)og

Andrea Zlg. 1im.
"SOUTH SIDE 1-1000"
Kirby Gnat. is

-The ton a
stole On Mi!
aernuj wumel

S_ g n t_'o TpoM i --0

with GeOre Murp y Vk ,rniniauMo


- f

m. '

Escapltltler -

(Cals JalWWads

To Co(0o 'IM '
B, .Y, April 22
(UP) A --ytkr-old murderer
from Not W= brooded
over hi beer a Lo g Isla nd
tavern last nitM and a e up
the state prison ware ask
if he could come "home" free.
Cecil Lovedahl, who escaped
from a North Carolina prison a
week ago after smsing six years
of a life sentence for murder,
waived extradition today and
will be returned to Raleigh as
soon as one of the ward2tAn'
helpers arrives to pick him 1p.
Lovedahl called the prison
from here last alght, police said.
He had left the t!.ve"n when
local police got on the trail, but
they found him n t a nearby beer
parlor, still unhappy. He sur-
rendered without a struggle.
Lovedahl said he had walked .
off from a prison construction
project and hitch-hiked to New
He said he'd called the prison
to see if he could "make a deal"
to avoid solitary confinement or
other punishment for his es-

Scout News

More Appointments
For Camp El Volan
Lowell R. Jamr, mate of Sea
Explorer Ship 8, Diablo Heights,
will be handicraft counselor for
the 1953 season at Camp El Vol-
can, camp director RusseUll M.
Jones announced today.
A complete handicraft program
has been planned to Include bas-
ketry, wood carving, metal work,
Sleather-work and Indian lore,
the camp director said.
The newly appointed handl-
craft counselor is an Fagle Bcout.
He started his membership, In i
the Boy Scouts of America, as a
member of Cub Scout Pack 13,
In 1950 he was selected as a
member of the Canal Zone cen-
tingent to the second national
Jamboree which was heldst Val-
ley Forge, Penn.
Durin his four seasons at
Camp El Volcan he was elected
to membership in Chiriqui Lodge,
Order of the Arrow, a national
honor camping society.
Hana P. Pedersen, vice-pret-
dent of the Canal Zone Council,
Boy Scouts of America, will be In
charge of camp maintenance.
In addition to his maintenance
work, Pedersen will assist with.
advancement work.
Pedersen has been active In
Scouting for. many years. In ad-
dition to his duties as Cobuncil
Vice-President, he is also serving


show: s :1 -5:1-

You'll LAUGHI Youll CarYI YoV Wa ,a|I

As af

.1. W-I-frfwant willgot
U. IRlB to tas
fo rata or a
br a ate of I
p High hool
W hst
&M-. Pett ma Estenat
ift" TnMrlnrtr
unirF%* dom Lwas
The art Gulick N.C.O. WI
Glob held a wiener rout
1 as mfort SBM Lorensze, saturday
P and ternoon with their hupba,
W. D. and hIldren as their guest
md Mrs. Mtac was furnished by I
MarIo MamWro and his l
Mrm'. Merle Mounta,
rday Lloyd Ofgg and Mrs. RNl
otma r Blankenshp served as hostel

--i = I $
... i sgJ ta
"Ta0e-fulr"Bug l

As liNO d C-ill


Thse attending wilh theirI
children were: St.L and Mrs.
Adolph Trujlmo, Wgt. W1111a m

ra. .beted Dr.
In m Cautro'oe the AnmVAI
G uerrero HoMptal.
4, An honored guest for the oc-
I2 oajiton wiv be r verardo Du-
R, ne GOnerst Manager pt the
*h reZone.
UN 506




* him

LY -ii ii
SFat cmu has .,
^Te~i~h ws t hae b

lt tt h ye ,
,- .w.. '

8coutmaster, Troop 10, Gamboa.
In 1953 he was awarded a Boy
Stout Statuette for meritorious
service to Scouting in the Can
Zone Council. He has also earn
the scouters three-year Training
Award. This will be bhs second
season as camp m aitenance
chief at Camp El Vulcan.
Camp El Volcan. which will
open on Monday, July 13, is lo-
cated In the Provinee of Chirl-
qut, at the foot of El Baru Vol-
cano. The camp, approximately
4500 feet above sealiel, was first
opened in 1945. Scouts and ex-
plorers who are Interested in at-
tnding Camp El Volcan are in-
vited to contact Mr Jones at 2-
4360 or the Sout office., 2-3711.

vl~ v`

Show u: 1:1, :S, S:M :s, t-.9 S :

nf A.



1:3, 3:0, a51,. 7rM: 90B pm.
"I-G-M's heart-warrnmt story
I of tuater' and a younpterI!

S Red



The story of a man who
stole a million dollars!


100% Puts COFFE


s Its s5.Iwot CUPSm
o pa seoask orkw ar To a*al

S 4mMo *A- tl-Mi-o


mot Tayr la i
"Aibove and Beond"
Also: -
"Everything I Have
I sYours"

BankI ay $0le reel
and -
Tarni wer ~


TO Kw -

40t1 ,a te, in
*m.4 Em*un




aafe Clary.
) lRome- '
Zone Poie. Fund:..
,rp EnrichedBy 1$21: i
ITh "e Cana Zaae polio i
h been enriched $201 ,
. in mrent, aof th B. ,perfaln



or --.


. *9flA

S, ..,.'



Curt Simmons


In 1952 the Dodgers were veri- night game, Chuck Stobbs hurled
tably murder against lefties and the Senators to a 5-1 five-hit tri-
few clubs even dared to start a!umph over the Athletics. Stobbs,
southpaw against them. During who had the misfortune to serve
the entire season, the only lefty' up the longest home run ball on
to start and go the route-with a record to Mickey Mantle Friday,
victory over Brooklyn was Harry was a mystery to the A's. He
Perkowski of the Reds. The oth- pitched no-hit ball for five-and-
ers were pretty badly mangled. two-thirds innings until Dave
But last night Simmons mas- Philley, hottest of the spring hit-
tered the Brooks with a five-hit ters with the A's, spoiled it with
7-1 victory in which he cashed in a double.
on a homer by Del Ennis and al --
barrage of other ,early inning There's an old, familiar face at
safe blows. At the same time, the top of the American League
Simmons struck out Roy Cam- standings.
panella three times and Duke; The New York Yanks-World
Snider twice., i Champs for the last four seasons
The supposedly hapless Pi-' -have tied for first with the St.
rates surprised the Giants by Louis Browns. The Yanks moved
edging them 5-4 behind good up with a 1-0 win over the Bos-
clutch hurling by Bob Friend who ton Red Sox. A homer by Joe Col-
scattered seveh hits. Cal Abrams, lins was the only score.
not noted as a long ball hitter, Cleveland helped out the
poled a homer in the fifth when Yanks' bid for a fifth straight
Pittsburgh went in front to stay. [pennant by edging the Browns,
The Bucs made 13 hits off four 4-3. Chicago, tied for third with
Giant pitchers, including starter the Indians, downed Detroit, 7-5,
Sal Maglie, who previously had in the only other afternoon game
defeated them 13 times in a row. played in the majors.
He now has a lifetime record of Allie Reynolds, a 20-game win-
16-4 against them. ner last year for the first time,
The Reds won a home run bat- picked up his second of the sea-
tle from the Cardinals 5-4 at St. son for the Yankees. That makes
Louis as a pair of homers in the Reynolds two weeks ahead of his
fifth by Bobby Adams and Wally '52 schedule.
Post with a runner on base more Bob Lemon, another 20-game
than offset similar blasts by winner last season, won his see-
rookie Ray Jablonski with two ond as Cleveland edged the
,on and by Peanuts Lowrey with Browns. Cleveland, weak on de-
the bases empty. The Reds also! fense last season, played its first
scored front running tallies in errorless game of the season.
which a long fly by Ted Klus- Minnie Mifioso got three hits in
S ewski and a double by Jim Chicago's win over Detroit. Har-
Greengrass set up the scoring. vey Keunn got three for the Ti-
In the only American League gers.

Resumption Of DCM Rifle

Matches Slated Sunday

Hank Ross, Rifle Manager of BELISLE UPSETS
the Balboa Gun Club announces TEACHER, BENNER
a rifle match over the DCM
course for Sunday, April 26th at Maurice Beliale, A&iY F.t
Far Fan. Shooting will start at Sergeant at Kobbe, who has been
9 a.m. There will be individual developing into a fine pistol shot
prizes, either merchandise or with -the encouragement of
medals, and there will be a set teammate and champion "Joe"
of team medals if there are e- Benner, turned on his teacher
enough competitors to warrant Sunday in the Balboa Gun Club's
them. pistol match, and nipped him by
The DCM course is the civilian three points.
200 yard course designed for Although the Stateside dis-
both M-1 and bolt action 30-06 patches were not widely publiciz-
military type rifla. The ,govern- ed in the Zone, Belisle recently
ment 30-06 military cartridge was top man among the Marks-
must be used, and the shooters man Class handgunners in the
are restricted to metallic mill- Midwinter Championship re-
tary type sights. The match con- cently fired in Florida. Sunday
sists of 4 shots slow fire in each he fired 277 out of 300 in the 30
of three positions, followed by shot, 50 yar dslow fire match.
three strings of rapid fire of 9 The match was fired in a young
shots each. cyclone, and the hard, gusty
winds made life tough.for every-
.Iho 'In" +J~.v1111UUlhmd~ reLt. n"

which has previously been used
for rapid fire will no longer be
used, as it is not believed that
this is difficult enough for the
present class of big bore shooters
we have here. The entire course
will be fired on the "A" target
with its 12 inch 5 rings. This
should knock average scores
down at least three points.
M/Sgt. Jim Bailey of Special
Troops has been Mr. Big Bore
In these parts this year, and
must be considered the man to
beat. He has been practicing re-
gularly, and his performance in
Sthe last Empire tournament was
eXcellent. Jim is aiming for the
Nationals at Camp Perry, and Is
good enough to make his mark
up there.

Benner and Belisle were the
solo occupants of the Master
Class. Fred Wells managed to
rack up a.neat 271 to top the
Experts, while Wayne "Dude"
Lucas was leading the Sharp-
shooters with 248. The Old Maes-
tro, Lew Ryan was high Marks-
man with 231.
.Consideting the wind, the
scores were remarkably good, 11
shooters averaging over 80, re-
flecting the amount of practice
shooting that has been going on.
The scores follow:




He will have plenty of com- Wells
petition in local matches. Canal Wolchick
Zone .30 caliber shooters play Frear
rough, and there are a dozen F. H. Smith
who can make Bailey try hard. Turner
It Bill Jaffray, last year's Canal Ross
Zone champion, can show a re- Cook
turn to last year's from, he give
Bailey a run for the marbles. Al SHARPSHOOTER
Joyce and Hank Ross are two
shooters who were close behind W. Lucas
Bailey at Empire, and they can McIlvaine
be trusted to rack up consistent Jaffray
high scores. P. Anderson
Add Archie Turner, Paul An- Smiley
derson, Dude Lucas, Fred Wells, MARKSMAN
' Lester Miller, John Lepley, John r/Jan
SByrd and others, and a dropped F. Anderson
point can be fatal. Lute uu



St. Louis


4 3
3 2
3 2



Reds Edge Cards; Bucs

Nip Giants In Nighters
United Press Sports Writer

NEW YORK, April 22.- Crafty Curt Simmons
of the Phils exploited a weakness today which could
prove fatal to the Dodgers they may run into
trouble this year against left handers.


Night Game
Brooklyn 100 000 000-1 5 1
Phila. 300 040 00x-7 7 0
Meyer (1-1), Wade, Labine and
Simmons (2-0) and Burgess.
Night Game
New York 000 020 002-4 7 1
Pittsburgh 020 120 00x-5 13 0
Maglie (1-1), Wilhelm, Lanier,
Hiller and Westrum, Calderon.
Friend (1-0) and Garagiola.
Night Game
Cincinnati 101 030 000-5 10 0
St. Louis 000 003 100-4 9 0
Perkowski (1-0), Smith and
Haddix (1-1), Clarke, Collum
and Rice.
Only games scheduled.

Teams W L Pet.
New York 5 2 .714
St. Louis 5 2 .714
Cleveland 3 2 .600
Chicago 3 2 .600
Boston 3 3 .500
Philadelphia 3 4 .429
Washington 2 4 .383
Detroit 1 6 .143
Chicago at Detroit
Philadelphia at Wash. (N)
Boston at New York
No other games scheduled.

St. Louis 100 000 011-3 9 2
Cleveland 201 100 00x-4. 7 0
Brecheen (0-2), Littlefield,
Blyzka, White and Courtney.
Lemon (2-0) and Hegan.
&bIeago 04, 004I .--47 11 .1
Detroi 000 -400 100-5 11 3
Pierce (2-0), Dorish and Lol-
Herbert (0-2), Marlowe, Madi-
son, Foytack, Houtteman and
Boston 00 000 000-0 6 0
New York 000 010 09x-1 5 0
Orisson (0-1), Werle and
Reynolds (2-0) and White.
Night Game
Phila. 000 000 100-1 5 1
Wash. 100 110 02x-5 9 1
Bishop (1-1), Newsom and As-
Stobbs (1-1) and Grasso.

Blue League Opener

At Balboa 'Y Tonight
Tonight the Blue League of
the 1953 Warm-Up Basketball
League of the Balboa Armed
Services YMCA-USO will swing
into action.
The first game is scheduled
for 7V00 p.m. 26th Air Rescue vs
15th Naval District followed by
C Air C vs. U.S. Navy Rodman.
The attendance for these
games is open to both military
and civilian. There is no admis-
sion charge. Officials for to-
night's games will be Roger Wil-
liams and L. Hilzinger.

Execs, Rotary Club

Softball Series

Continues Tomorrow
The "Executives" from the
Balboa Heights Administration
Building tomorrow afternoon
will meet the Rotary Club
softball team in the fifth
game of their scheduled seven-
game series.
The weekly Thursday game
will get underway at 4:3# p.m.
at the Ancon Laundry dia-

N.B.A. Qq


as the two girls check on
Fred Cotton. The two giria wIsA
at the Balboa Relays, and 3r4 1b
in his pet event, the shoob 'ut,
Friday 8l

Ja .dy McCoy to PAw uiim
Manh SwbeI
veaas.g ou
to win one of t6e
tl H ,will be run thla

QUEEN t0 e
to the
tadiof Kay Is Jud
is Pat t ee Kirls will ird
*mate winners Frida

186 tBalets Eat eed

S8 OR f "0

ary wc
have m
this .
7 or 7,
In o"
7: 10M

id ghty-f large
m rienc
Lhi. t
|yt(&M' fa A Ef

Ae is th
Monuw for ewd .
elwt a wiel me .l
me Bdttey Yb.
MutH ad OB Tuii*,Vr.
HOf ek rT Week -
In theC tih-beavywi.g

don't me&.. muh Fer
e. Jomm Crter tis
wei thathple ad
Arau the checintuq
T~t CoImumtl a eek a*.
the tie Friday miht

HbtSpringp Farms
Out Negro Playets
Of "'Cwtroversy'

prI a () -
Aokani deb
nthe two eAtro
on. the roster

,.^1I' h6-

nmt te N aomnal O m

e ye w w as-.

la wu

the d tohei I
ml round by e
tdrolt Red Wi
w ppar,,d str
Sut to each I
idh third in
skey League's
Season. C

11-. ,

close t
all be 1
title. 'I


- '@W~'~~ -r .






10 flights w

eultyour Travel A or Pn
Afmcisy Co..- Cal "Ls N 3 Tel, 20M.20557
--" P~gmo I. P.


'hicago 1 1 .50
*incinnati 2 2 .50
illwaukee 2 3 .40
'Ittsburgh 2 3 .40
rew York 2 4 .33
Brooklyn at Philadelphia (N)
New York at Pittsburgh (N)
Cincinnati at St. Louis (N)
Milwaukee at Chicago.

ZB t .1





- -- ----





I_~~- -_ __


b Abl mi *- 0 e .ut*, .

f... If z joM


"k amsp wle baedhi o n tIe &ip aiIu alght la
Jaeary.of Or msee him e Cadr *n-Ily, oM=m, embi
t amom, asmulag the deast-.lal siatu O ehieg btim
ehtdgf back aefly t ..m-sh and esomtle whmh ha
fclated himt and forced bt- m, u eaat valt olMaty e

.. ..

B-- ]

a It
t of

at ooinS-4ad otl
Jeeft Out $ lat'dov
Alne : he a hM

t. Is


O rqyeJdF 4

'56' Ga.mes

e a V t boleto adjearn-
a de i a.siceid three-d.sLO.
by Ioal 'tna of Melbourne,
AM4ra0a, so site of the 19N 0-
lyple Games.
Mayer said the Comnmtee
e anot agt on Red China and

o sartr ptt! eB _
Ger y because of 'leek
of' lma ssconmeermalg their
LO. Ii Avery Bnad-
age delegate Ca-
t mle ur wto "aid he.
eomaltte.e sim'eearing data an
thmsrep itile snembers a-

in sitaArt degam pta
p aga
ly retreated on their eJ -
of a propeal by the Bara
Guell o a t. makeSpis
the third4I.fl Olympic lan-
Mayoerild that Spa ish
at "technically was not vote an
t. official language, but we
, rule that ear tttes and o-

-s Comply e f'a busi-
a ness thmre days,
S delegatee .a
crn, W dEle n X-
of Cuba *X a. -
autive C t emear EIL
Is Peter Sh4ree oHlani
t 2. Sled that bMis for the loc-
ation of the 19M Olymple Gamnes
e mwt be pregqtei at the 1if
t A k6 l Paris
g .ede=l the est ive-
= eet next yeaostr it

- quoft by the Idtiag^U Bte-'
Sal *ratlp forw pie -
~ ~~ .i^T ---- --- *

aL.W .


Feller Up To Win" W

Without ing To Trick Pch

.- a
MBA Sports Editor

.. !M7 N
9 a n e T
a. Eddle Lopi
king of qe*
when the1'oir
l harder tnt


tmi thru

will be

Sicock. M. A. RoOnqc CUIoIU
DBolt, Preston a reet*
XKiastmond and ftt Trott-

The prospective members of
the board of direotorn will meet
at the A M d tallong t ablteblh-
SThis i mont, Thursday, 30, at 6
9 4C.and Whippe a got
Sat the L4 Boca '3m1 May
& 5, it 6 P.M.*
Along The Fairways

It. There Of 'be Vert f ,
S ta e eknt ot be
.I The element .ot-.i
s etrqng in this
meant. fr the
Amador Golf
N wllS have wp
r ti- R

is over the Owngi
be the lucka U. (or

baseman whose early care
reads hk a timetable, IUp
really mastered the science t
Robert Wuilim Andrew Fel
admits e no longer can .1
ahigh b ard one jump upu
a &ttr's chin the way he

Young's 5 and W, lterO
Johnson's 414 .
That would hae -b n as
tonishing feat for a ptcher i
these days. Orvver i.evela
Alexander acciune r 127L .,
Feller's fine omad -a
him frur of Ihgg w
you see, perla-
tories or more. w i't
27 atd 25 th'
fore Joining a.
of Johnson
stage in gme t
outs against 2s5

sU~k ,


It is a pe J-o an u ce
that plans -a*"Ml eon d
for the Canal State Shoot
to be held at tbe amba Gun
Club Baturday, Aphr 25, and
Sunday, April 8. O 1ficials qf the
Gamboa Gun Club have excelled
themselves in thelr- clforts to
prepare the range for the two
days' shooting.
In accordance .with all the
State Shoota held in the States,
the program will determine In-
dividual Canal Zone champion-
ships in the 16-yard event, the,
handicap, the- doubles and the
all-round. The 7 30 1-yard event
will take place on Saturday with
the 100-bird handicap race and
100 doubles scheduled for Sun-
day. The total high score in all
three events will decide the all-
round champions hp.
Sterling silver Amateur Trap-
shooting Association trophies
will be awarded to the winner of
each championship There will
be seventeen prizes chased by
the Canal Zone Trapshooting
Association with money contri-
buted by the Balboa Gun Club,
the Gamboa Gun Club and the
Cristobal Gun Club. In addition,
Mr. Andrew Wrlg will present
a Winchester .410 skeet gun with
competition to. be o an added
target basis. The consolation
prize will be given by the Tas-
sins to the shooter with the'low-
est score.
The shoot will be conducted
according to ATA rules. "Char-
lie" Disharoon, trap manager,
has Just received a fresh supply
of ammunition and targets or
the shooters. Moreover, he has
the traps set In perfect condi-
tion for the smoothest opera-
tion possible. Shooters are wel-
come to use their own ammuni-
tion with the understanding
that they will be allowed only
one misfire due to shell defects
per event. Additional misfires of
this type per event will be
counted as lost birds.
Optionals will be offered for
those who wish to play them.
Full details are given in the pro-
$ram which will be available on
the grounds.
"Charlie" Disharoon is already
smacking his lips in anticipa-
lion of the barbecue he has en-
gineered so that the shooters
will not go hungry. Liqaid re-
freshmens wll also be on hand.
We would like to mention that
In order for a shooter to com-.
Wete for ATA trophies and CZTA
ties, he must ham lived la the
Canal Zone for six months pre-
edin the date of the shoot and
Must .A tedlt with the ATA
and the CZT. ATA and CZTA

MWEd especially In-
Ied not ai. to tch the
n but is to play cards.
herm6re, tre will be prizes
for the winners. Ladies, please
bring your Own cards and scorer
SWe thank the Iathmlan Gun:
tub fbr. their aid In making
the fortbhming 1988 State
Snoot one of the most Interest-
ng to be held in the Canal Zone
and sure their embers of a
ordial welcome. hobting will
stahParomPUt at I clock both
tr d Sunday mornings
at he Oamboa Gun Club. The
ATA trophy and the Isthmian
Gun Clu prints wIll be on dis-
tly at the raa. S uday morn-
ns to serve on
Bt Auim, Eddle Francis,
P. A Jr. and Joe
IRtUE 7s be P. M.
dyh L &r., and C. 8. San-
d. reere are Howard
Jackson, and Lee
arfv tUand hustlers
Sorll and died
'gh no scorer will be R.
AQ SJtof the trophies and
mm ld in conjunc-
f fthLGJZTA meeting im-
fo6lwng the comple-
W lshloopt.
N want an extra big smile
te bAshler please bring
elta.e with your twent-
g*u. a Dont forget the
.W ge and let', go--P-L-L!

Armed Forces little League

Field Day Closes ?53 Season

The Armed Forces Little League place the bass ruondag se-
Field Day at the Cocoli Little test b circling the four m a
League Park Sunday aL.::-'-on in an even 12 seconds. This was
was climaxed by the presenta- one of the fastest times ews
tion of the General's Trophy to posted by a local Little. Leagu.
Tony Piala. manager of the George Barbler of We-Obk
championship winning Curundu took rdnner-up honors. Jsha
team by Major General L. J. Desloge of Albrdok threw three
Whitlock, Commanding General, perfect pegs from the outftle
USARCARIB. to home plate to beat out Jams
The presentation ceremony Fisher of Carib Cammandt In Id
followed the completion of the outfield throw contest and Wb-
competitive events held for the ert Beals posted the highmt ttiW
Little Leaguers and the an- in the catcher's peg to second
nouncement of the All-Star contest, with Frank Robison of
team. Commander Russell Buck- Carib Command placing ascend.
ley was master of ceremonies for Prizes were awarded to all win-
the afternoon, ners and runnera-up. The relay
Fourthen players were named race was won by Westbonk.
to the All-Star team selected by Twq Carib Command hitter
the six managers of Little were awarded the top prices for
League teams in the league. The batting as Jimmy SnIder re-
boys chosen were Timmy Days, ceived a 21-Jewel wrist watch,
Westbank, first base; Roberto donated by Walter Watson, as he
Vallajera, Carib Command, sec- led the league during the season
ond base; Norman Pederson, with a .477 mark. His teammate,
Westbank, third base; Jimmy Frank Roblaon, was runner-up
Snider, Carib Command, short- in that category with a .441
stop; Frank Robison, Carib Com- average.
mand, Vincent Vasll and Victor The top ten hitters for the
Colon of Clayton. and Dennis 1953 Armed Forces Little League
Dehne. Kobbe. outfielders; Butch season were:
Fransloni of Curundu and Rob- J. Snider, Carib Command .471
era Beales of Westbank, catch- F. Robison, Carib Command .418
ers; Stanley Chassin; Curundu, G. Barbler, Westbank .441
utility infielder; and pitchers R. Vallajera, Carib Com. .412
George Barbier, Westbank, Jim- J. Desloge, Albrook .426
my Walling, Curundu, and John A. Frangioni, Curundu .430
Desloge, Albrook. V. Sanders, Kobbe J.
Doug Chassin of Curundu V. Vasil, Clayton .M
proved to be the fastest man in V. Colon, Clayton .3
te league as he captured first T. Pitman, Carib Command, .377

Chadwick, Palia Medalists

In Brazos Brook Tournament
Marvln Chadwik and Jimmy ly two guys who didn't qualify
PlaIa. employee and boss, respec- in. the whole.tournament.
lively of the Texas Company of- Players are cautioned to sink
lice in Cristobal, shared medal- all their putts and play out each
1st honors in the 36-hole quail- hole during the first round of
fylng round of the President's match play as a doaen balls rido
Tournament completed last Sun- in each flight to the person
day at the Brazos Brook Coun- turning in the low net scored.
try Club. Both turned In medal First round matches must be
totals of 150. Plala putting to- colnpleted by sundown next
gether two 75's and Chadwick Sunday.
adding a 73 to his opening Here are the pairing tor the
round of 77. first round:
Chadwick, if he loses in the FIRST FLIGHT
playoff to Plala, will take down Marvin Chadwick vs. Lyle Ko-
the low net prize with a net of eple.
141: otherwise, the low net will Mike Kulikowsli vs. Paul
go to George Engelke who scor- Richmond.
cd a gross of 151 and a net of Bob Alexander vs. Don Math-
142. Pala, however, wlU be un- leson.
able to contint1e in the tourna- J J. J. Scibelbr vs. Vern Prier,
ment as he has been called Goyeo f 'k vSa Rl, FuP
Smedallt honors Antbai al do vs. Frank Day.
were won by Dave Henderz n Frank williams vs. Ted Appel-
who scored 75-82 pr 17. Fred- qulat.
dy Huldtqulst was low net in the Joe Kenwa vs. Oil Morland.'
second flight, taking 17 handl- SZCOND FLIGHT
cW -strokes from his ross of 16 Dave Henderson vs. Ray Lar-
for a net of 148. Henry Parks rabee.
took the medalist prize for the Bob Hurdle vs. Dick Brown.
third flight with a gross score Roger Orvis vs. Howard FPaU
o f166 on rounds of 84 and 82 ne an.
and low net honors were shared Jimmy Raymond vs. Joe NOB-
by Mark White and Duke Clark nan.
who both had net totals of 147. Fred Huldtquist vs. Vestal
When the Brazos Brook pro, Morris.
Bob Fretland, gets in his current Tom Drohan vs. Clyde troop.
shipment of Penfold balls, the Jack Hardy vs. J. M. Ryan.
donated by Capt. C. B. Charles Louis vs. Joe Harring-
Fnto nwill be divided as fol- ton.
lows: one ball to each entry who THIRD FLIGHT
completed the thirty-six hole Henry Parks vs. Bob Chandler.
qualifying round, one dozen to Cliff Maduro vsv. Bob Fife.
each of the low net winners, one Al Pacheco vs. Reggle Arm-
dozen to the player in each flight Itr ioo
scoring the low net in the first R lbledano vs.Bye.
round of match play, one dozen Nark White vs. Mike LaCrolx.
to George Engelke as a special J. N eA vs. Richard Cullen.
prize for his 73 scored before Jim Burns vs. Earl Brantley.
the qualifying round was ex- Virgil Reed vs. Duke Clark.
tended to thirty-six holes and a
half dozen etch to Charley Wood
and Seotty MacDonald as con-Pac ii
solution prizes for being the on- UPac VN tonI

'Y' HoopLeae Softball Ltemue

Season Underway
The opening games of the
Armed Forces YMCA Basketball
League were played last night,
April 21 with the Air Police of
Albrook AFB defeating Summit
Radio 35 to 22 in the opening
game. Sharp was high man for
the APs' with 10 points while
Burbridge led Summit Radio
with 8.
The second game was a see
saw battle with the Corozal
Team downing 5700 Maintenance
Sq. of Albrook 33 to 31 in a game
that went right down to the
wire. Bliss l I Corozal with 11
points and Ulhafer the big gun
for Maintenance with 13.
The opening games of the Blue
League has 26th Air Rescue of
Albrook meeting the 15th Naval
District at 7 o'clock and C Air
C of Albrook playing U.B. Navy
Rodman at 8:30.

Champleship sries
W L Pot.
Army Ordnance 4 1 AO6
C.L.O. 3 2 AM
Army QM 2 M
Ideal Bread 1 .18
Friday: Army Ord. va g
Sunday: 9.30 a.m., CJO. VS.
Army QM
Army Ordnance sla but a sUp
removed from the champliash lp
of the Pacifi Divisional mofiba
Lague. The hustlers of Georgp
Tomlin tangle with A qM,
Friday In their final oung of
the season.
A win for Army QM over Ord-
nance will place C.L.O., Amy
QM, and Army Ordnance l a
favorable position to eOp the
championship and will bri a-
bout a tie for the pennant

A-K abkma-^ .-r ede e-- -s.lisp

-. bm


.r ..

Reduction 100/o Redicton

Until the end of t a oath. Do't vaS ".

i**i^~- D h** i- -- -

;A a :

nbership Request ni
.. ____*,_ __. __________"t_


. :i'-r

* .'*

* ~

eq da

.. I
Peler a
comao -4
ack 'o a
.J In h

*i.- .1g.



A-. 7. -t:
.e *- '- ,. .*.*
''l *,-. m -: .
+ ~. ...

vmw 1


S 10--- "



The U.S. Communist Party
has revamped its whole organ-
natlon in order to protect its
own internal security and avoid
The process began long before
the Subversive Activities Con-
trol Board handed down its rul-
ing early this week t h a t the
garty is a Moscow controlled
fifth column that must register
its membership with the Justice
SA Ao rt fight over the ruling
probably will hold up enforce-
ment of the order for at least a
year. Meanwhile, authoritative
sources said, the party is already
burrowing deep underground:
A radical change in the arty's
"apparatus" began to take ef-
fect shortly after 11 top Com-
munist leaders were convicted
in New Tdrk In 1949 of conspir-
ing to teach violent overthrow of
the government.
Party laden were alarmed be-
cause the trial disclosed that FBe
undercover agents had InfiltratJ
ed the party frea top to boST

Rafi is
l"\~ W ,J.,,By
"r r

* I




"' .;

'optlP nopr t~P truth and the country is safe" AbralmamtVncolsn.


fe Offers Novel Reas.on

Judge Upholds

Housing Project


WASHINGTON. April 22 ,UP s"Leti theP '
-Federal Judge Alexander Holt-
zof today upheld racial .segrega- TWENT-EIGHIH YEAR.
tion in a Savannah. Ga. public-
housing project constr uc t e d,
parly %ith government money. E
holding that equal though sep- 4
arate facilities are available to I I* iu rIsd
Negroes there. ,,Im Iml
He dismissed a suit brought
by the National Association for
the Advancement of Colored I
People with the observation
that the public housing corn- F[ r 1
missioner has discretionary
__,L-_-!. in .Aetem in iherth-

, 7*

: l

Test Fridany

In 13 States
------ \
C1ICAGO, Aprl 22 -(UF)-
Cv defense workers from the
Rockies to the Great Lakes wl1
partleipate Ftiday In an. ight-
our exercise to tat wlr
prowess against enemy air and
sabotage attacks.
The maneuver will Include
all of civil defense region 5,

Indllana Iowa, Minntri, and

The extent.of the civil e-
fense test will vary from tate
to state.
r example, Illinols is
e using the maneuver as a ta l
e scale exrelse to teahcbivil de-
- fense workers -their roles. in
e ce obf, actual attacks.
A Utisbngh the populace. w
not be aware of te imaeAuer
e in most instances, rescue rewsn
will cope with, theoretical mate
ic "air brtant over St. Louli
and ,Chicago in addition td
suoe conventional air tat

laid-Molune-Davenort areas..
Meanwhile, it will be adiaed
that New York City 19 under
heavy attack by enemy guided
By comparison, Indiana and -
Iowa will use the maneuver on-
ly as a test of ground ob- I
a er corps alertness. S

63 s aI "a

f Saurdnay's

LAS VaEGA, Nev. AprSl 22 -
) The. i Rt Utmb ,
soan n r to a n mtrblltmUin i1 h


probably June 6 during T'helwitnesses wee lUe the
ion week. eaSt 'eharacterm Of a.4 tfsh
British law the prosecu- at novel.
, reveal its case at these Charley Brown, a 'eIro heavy
iry hearings and al- weight boxer with b4tteed dnos
ie defense does not pro- ael'daul flower .ao hi
nesses It has the right owda tbhe ho&e at ., it RUl
examination. Unlgto'Ptiina HLe r 't hav
e, in a cheap blue pin- the ah re
uit, sat in the dock or 1dMil er
Enclosure alternately esfprd re
thought or scribblhig bodies d tbaltno
to his attorney. Chrils O ,-
e no. ltlie and his b I wtW the and
e stiff coUar was sever- J aw.- b of y'
)o large for his scrawny body,, le -. re-
a4U I ..,, .-

an nu oriiv ty to u ,,, .......
er segregation is desirable and LONDON. April 22 (UP) to the line the defense will take
practical. John Christie. a thin and be- when he asked a witness whether
NAACP brought the suit last' spectacled clerk who claims he Christie had ever complained of
all in behalf of 13 Negro a- killed women only when they not feeling well.
lies cleared out of a slum section tried to force him into sex re- It was believed that Curtis
in the Old Fort section of the city i nations, was given a hearing inm Bennett, who defended atom spy
to make way for a new project in magistrate's court today and it Dr. Klaus Fuchs. may use Chris-
hich the government invested appeared his defense may be tie's own confession-introduced
$2,293,000.i1i the rarity and enormity of his by the prosecution-and scienti-
"There are several projects crime. fic evidence of the nature'of the
that have been. or are being. Only three times before in prisoner's acts to try to prove not
constructed in the city of Savan- British criminal history has a ted such crimes.
nah-limited to white residents,man been accused of the bizarre The hearing today was tode-
others to colored," Holtzoff said. murders alleged against Christie Therine hearing thereoday was tode-
"A greater number has been who otherwise wouldd pass any- termine whether there is evi-
set aside for colored. In other here for exactly what he seem- ence enoughhristie for to warrant old-
words, we have no situation here 'ed to be-a 55-year-old, near- mg Christie for trial at Old
where colored people are being'sighted. eight pounds ($22.40) al -
deprived of opportunities or ac- week clerk.
commodations furnished by the The Crown, through the pub-
federal government that are be-1 lic prosecutor, J. F. Claxton, i..-
Ing accorded to people of the said in its opening statement I
white race." that It would produce evidence
The doctrine of "separate but to show that the man accused
equal facilities" as enuncia- as the dreaded "strangler of
ted by the Supreme Court in Notting Hill" killed at least
several key segregation cases- four women and indicated "
Is applicable to the Savannah that in three cases there were
case, Holtzoff said. unusual sex aspects.
NAACP had asked for a court Derek Curtis Bennett, one of
order forbidding use of the fed- Britain's most brilliant criminal
eral money In the Savannah lawyers, gave an apparent clue .
project on grounds that exclu-
sion of Negroes violated civil
rights of the 13 families IJohn Foster Dulles
NAACP claimed priority for theUll
13 because they were uprooted to1
make way for the project It said Has 'A Few Ideas'
they also qualified as low-income 1 ) M A F as
International For NATO Ministers
PARIS. April 22 -(UP)-US.
Ua&_-. I,-m r. Secretary of State John Foster

UiULor UVimply Dulles arrived here today and
said he had "a few ideas" to
STt For Tonight submit to the North Atlantic
et ForT ng t ministers conference opening
The first International Motor Dulles, treasury sc r e tar y
Show on the Isthmus will get George M. Humphrey, mutual
underway tonight at 7 at the security agency administrator
Balboa Stadium. Harold E. Stassen, and a group
Sponsored by the Canal Zone of experts landed at Orly air-
Timing Association, the show field at 9:45 a.m.
will feature over a hundred new "We have a great faith In
models of American and foreign- NATO," Dulles told reporters af-
made cars, racing motorcycle ter shaking hands with top
and boats. French and U.S. officials who
Admission Is 50 cents for adults met his special plane.
en'd 25 cents for children or stu- He refused to answer report-
dents. ers' questions whether the U.S.
The show is bei n g g Iv en delegation carried specific pro-
through courtesy of automobile posals for the 14-Nation NATO
dealers in Panama. session but said:
"Perhaps we have a few new
,-ideas on how to make an even
greater success of the meeting
which we will discuss with our

Ambassador Luce
Arrives In Italy

. and everyone will admire
S yoea! Cutex Nail Polish enhances
the natural loveliness of your
nails, invites the 'weetest flat.
tery! Outshines, outwearb een
costlier polishes because
C ut ercontains the miracle-wear

NAPLES. Italy. April 22 (UP)
Clare Boothe Luce, new U. S.
Ambassador, arrived in sunny
Naples today and surprised a
huge throng awaiting her by
making her first speech here in
the Italian language.
Mrs. Luce, first woman ambas-
sador ever accredited to Italy,
arrived aboard the Italian luxury
liner Andrea Doria. accompanied
by her husband Henry R. Luce.
editor of "Time," "Life" and
"Fortune" magazines.
After she was formally greet-
ed by American and Italian of-
1 ficlals. Mrs. Luce received the
.ress and photographers ship-
board "for a press conference
that photographers almost turn-
Sed into a scrimmage for position
But Mrs. Luce. smartly dressed
with a black straw cap over
her blonde hair. and wearing a
hele coat and grey jersey dregs.
mlled throughout and even ad-
monished the press on one oc-
casion with an Impromptu re-
mark in Italian.
PC rCivil rifane

ingrediens-Enamelon! The
miraculous "Spillprurf feature Chief Sneaks
prevents damage to clothes and At HieL Schools
furniture ... allows ample time At High Schools
to right tipped.over boule be. A ser'.s of talks on civil de-
fore any harm is done! Choose fense is being given to students
from a complete range of smart in the Canal Zone senior and
junior high school by W. 0. Do-
ftishiestrlht shades! Ian, Chief of Civil Defense In
,.srl the Canal organization.
4 e n- l Dolan spoke yesterday to the
students at Rainbow City where
much Interest in civil defense
activities was shown. He gave a
00 talk in the morning to the se-
*, nior hfvh schon] students and
to puolls of Rainbow City Jun-
ior high school in the after-
T7'.? Civil Defense Chief s-oke
thai morning to Balboa Jun-
Sor high school students.
SThe series of talks vas arran-
ged to acquaint students with
, .. ............ various phases of civil defense
both at school and at home.

0oD. A6. I '1
i4a Is tIlu'ej 3
attle lr 0 edil.
p pr"
a $b

.. a. a-,q

O -tRI
,,. ;' .

;A. *. -. I

. 1;.. -,
AGING AGGIE SHOOTER-Knuckling aow Ip London. 80-year-old "POp" Manar p. taln of
the Tinsley "Tigers" marble-playing tvd .lvdw U S. Navy women" Madalene Bvaglttlet, of
Pasadenh. Calif. and Olga Kapusta. of Clveland a demonstration of bi mibs prowas.



i outwr


S j

t -

Bailey, i
tlon must
hough th
duce witr
of cross-e
striped su
oat in:
He war
shiny blu
al sizes to

F- U0-%9 WAl q

a loyalty-
but the
of fat
still they
As mowm
string lea
over the
Sent u
abjy, FBIN

in test
said his
with tqk
- 'Their oO
manw of to u.
temr late


.1 -





* i

zarre Sex

.~ vise

other as the monthly change
Nazi prison are kept. Regard
Officers have been shaking handit
-' .---- _

U.S. Communists P

Has Gone Und m

- 1


... .'



.. 't ;. "