The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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' ",t.. "' ,
. ,-,.4;

S .
L ; % .. ,1., ..- r "'*,

S- 4

Mew. h~ -r .L~A



t Swap

kaT.J -I s OnI"

a of f or peace$ and
0 g to convince then
F TgTd in germt
; |tpet-edFp r oT-C T
e%^H~R Hinklen: He *V 1iW IdK

i&_mt b brown at the wood-
an e ting table. His reply
as to whether
the had tried to "convert"
Jta,,a directly opoite to
.N o, no., he"id.
U Bt Roy M. Jones: He
AJjlF treatment improved or
tup tU10 talks.. "When there
bt In the peace nego-
our treatment tot
10, he said. "But when the
nqgt.Uetns picked up the Chli-
had 'buddy 'buddy' week
m.& .d Indoctrination was
completely last year.
MW In the Communists' pa-
fat the Communists had
a d at the truce talks to
B9j nation of their prison-
.a. he said. "After that they
stopped Indoctrination of us."'
of the 30 Americans
eedoday in the prisoner ef
av e change was given two
qStoS en his arrival at the
WitUn hospital at Seoul.
were entitled. "Welcome
w and "'What has happq-
1 t*ae TMV." They were part
rf a re-tndoctrinaton into toe
Ameav a aC-of HB&.

*W& bas Happened" gives
fti1 a thrbininqlcal list of
O*ld event glae the start di
SEmeanM war, and It has a
OWa1 momts for sports events

Comes To Saipan
e W bSl (>)..- Sipgs of the
1n The Udnited State. reported
t" o the td Nations today
It has buMf a m-bed
)I SloJo f dmfttrte hospital for na-
a,, the Ps fle Island of

emelo: Red Bo
' -. .
t m e gate Andrel Vis blsky happens
&M to .be Coundl chairman for April.
Sr 's governst hopes
IgmN tobil this timely fact to dis-
America before the world.
lt the same time to divert
Sion from ita own pro-Red



PANMUNJOM, K April 20 (UP) TlrtyAH
icqn soldiers who are-bIGi. the Oir' f sm4 ,g
first time in many monl IeoaKed forwrdO t y t4 "1
flight home.
They we re released this morning ins a nex gg .
prisoners witk the Communisitn ed wiN W- N fkl l
United State, by way of Japan, as fast as thel i''i
condition permits.
Thirty-five more Amwican prisoners wslth rv'hl
by tmh Communists tomorrow and qt gp onas
days until a total of 120 has been reeced. -

A-Globemaster transport plane
stood by at an airport near Seo
today to fly the first repatriated
prisoners to Japan.
A kitchen unit will provide theI
prisoners with hot asuU and hot
milk during the four to 4% hour
Col. Jesse K. Grace, of
sellville, Ark., wi be the t
i4whl ,W'B e three Amnw-

&,, t.e .-a" r S ne ire* a
talks fl emh m G tbp resmaid
here saturday .t a rece
dince lat October.
. Besides the -70,TO
other aMn4g -
Canadian, Um
South African, o
and South KoreaM ex-
ehaod today CwjAM NorthI
m ist troops.
They are fn A

Seoul. aTe* being
best of t while they
lng proenaoed for tke.
homewmd. .
Theme able to trav el
diately wll bp flown to

rb on US


ously, ute ma]&a
from the Organlft-
tral Amerim States
camne its four other
Wt to anti-
tremt. Altbheuh 0-
to meet Inia at6-
. the hbot wavernf

I I W-
* the

sto te

Wfor later transpqt to
U S .The otbrM wT
kqok In ba*Altalp at gemIL -;
.ftUMMtng includdespot
at, general phyowealeik
and screa for any sai0
elempts at lBdoctrmatiun '
Copnualst ideology during long;
homesick months oft eonftn. ..
a== ve taken effect.
er any of tthe a so
cbom tL astS


pdin treed today and ad-
.S w algamie mesage toAt
.I or o I-for-Preedom day
Ild ms-s a Lge. CoL 4)

Doors fep
Am"rift WM Airway am4
Bamat aAt SamIblary
Sd strike u base uhauhi Pan-

all Al lae ig TemrNaen, kewn
tan of Labor ( t, Bad
temd it over to a
enaman, etor Ma On-
eutn QBr of COTO,
Ogtifm I a mB*B-r f
co-lqadar of the
tn h ,t *party.
~ Wna Due0 t *orkM
In hbb gasp, rn, and
b e:ritjLaa bumines
I damatle

to a m

I Wa'k

* *4.

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.... .-
Ik '', "t, ..*" ,. -,


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~ 0--

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9 ^8


7. B


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k .J l"



S S H ST1all .* 0 *0; *34 0PA.MA I
COLON OPPFiCE, 2 170 CrN'Ra AVENUE *ETWEF I '-rN. N3 'I1 t ,Ias
341 MAniso'. Avg NEW YORK 1 .'?* N V
a IX MONNs IN ADVANCE --- so 84 00
ONl YA 'N ovancI- 00

Dulles Blooper

Showed Little


* 43V~.'.
.3**~ -~

With the smoke cleared, it Is t
possible now to apprals the
events surrounding the recent
published reports that the V1-
senhower administration would
accept a division of Xores at
the narrow waist of the penin-
Bula and might favor a UN
trusteeship for Formosa.
First of all, these were not
Irresponsible rum rs. They
came from a highly placed.
source (later identified as Sec-
retary of State Dulles), who
had talked to a number of
reporters in a background con-

There was no pePlblity
they had musanderstood'hlt,
since sa their accounts we
In eloee eeord.
Nor could the source have
been misinformed as to ad-
minlstratlon policy on Korex,
and Formosa. He was at the tbpA
The reporters were not at
fault in divulging the sabjeet
of their conference.
The rules on background
meet .prescribe that tVe
material may be used so lone
It is not attributed to the
;otuco who provided t. '
This leavs only two reason
able conclu;ons, Inasmuch a
the White House promptIy
knocked the story down.
One is that Dulls committed
something President l pehowf
er did not wlsh uncovere no
'The other lI that the admin
Istration was fidating a "trial
balloon," which the White
2(ous shot out o the sky as
soon as It saw the adverse
pnoMIon rbMOuati ls to the

If it te then a
*Es m t e...hed fa-
gainat the Wi Sr For
In either eas saeient
has deon th_ ~ station
no od, eihe, or at
Many RepublicaCl ..I Con-
-e have been tanBing- fo d
c '" almost ftio ,the start. n
I; m e blame m tfal pen n
l:it, for this later fracas, as n
n', ,. observers believe It must,
th.n he alwnost,.bertalnly has
mr le himself mer vulnerable
to attackL -
li .

*~I.~' *'~

cem nt

Wintry Blts

IWiatry .
*Wintry rain

IlWintry blasts

SPlug in a cask
W Noblemen
l Pastry
Noun suffix
| e (Scot.)

uiaulve of
VI Chattime

Seal suffix
mutive of
r vetch
formed on


I Pace
S Nymhph of the
3 Best of
4 Once existed

5 Dirk
6 Enervates
7 Mouth part
8 Runs away
9 Dyestuff
10 Large plant
12 Malayan
pewter coin
13 Foot part
18 Legal point
21 Peruser
2 Guides



25 Presently 38 Roads may
to 26 Noise become --
27 Qisencumbers- from wintry
29 New Guinea blasts.
port 40 Roof edge
32 More caustic 41 Greek war god
33 Speed 42 Caopass point
34 Light touch 43Depm.
35 Pantry 45 Gaelic
36 Arabian 47 Angew
princes 49 Sumw r CFr.)


B S* I -
I.- g





N|W YORK. I vweat dq, s ..FJ1ia I
ee a lovely lady I know, who wi 4B e
dressed this time thail.when. 1 i
ame Is Andrea Doxori ajp 8Wi W W Iu:W
ew piece of marine costutn s id
The last time I saw.Annre. ia I a
little scruffy, and shf ha4d ,r. p3l "
1. bShe was less ta ha_,.h i.
That, was last fall inI Oez pa f
fnJ- ht, flit l ut r &t o Wf ki,

d Nowe ME* More Of inHow m more ef .thauntinsUh and notb i a alovneas that
kind f tlg he can take rflal contructilo shE wa iLft 1ha
and .staX n his feet is a. a lovely cor etl ha- haaS w ~ .- .lna
serious T --- 4. -. | lovely u tuaf has7 | lk ..".
And, o0.,re Is in

Andof compre, more p involv- i wole Ilf. b
foreign policy it thorou a in hmy whole rI'leKember
confusing to our f ri wch la t a
broad. The Frenoh, or instnc rd
still prefer to be l the l ish of them like n old lan 1p s1
dpal reports about MMU KR-' Coln ofea j a of them, I/w an old'mon. -X r
tl rei than the lateWhite- tin.tenerl about iap long-. ls .
Hngtei hto S i to teWhWy at se the e
Ho idanl hva s s-W a haky'W nrl. A ship dosqt n
If polii-mABn te *m5It's n3&l impossible to shni On t dovJ
some msy, then an tmhernt 41S0t u aSD. I -f.. .-tarfn.

vewWsm.hipwea of the W- A ship Is a monument, s -,. Uving .
intn lasu an ree that ,oc t ou to we bunl e
0,l? ht- w hoAy-....a.

- ns I than Just a brave, nwt
"_. '"_ that, owttn A nh.the wnto that ak .e.mnmet- Iieei
, o" back In lWi aOit because dy wer t I

ogto wO 9 sdl m r and their o IPate "er on m a
acauue theyI

dhd their~eirn on Op Tir R
DeFerhe' U
*'B !" 8y..te. Ed!
WASHIMOT~i(X 4H~b r (UP) Eds
Two Washingrtme Scient- '--
lmat lost nig i j cee- C
fwu development bitz- WA.. UK aN 4MA4). When the, 4Uo Ii
rate aompouuma buit-in dmlnt.ratimalm -1 m Military b I be.

rafetpro- the w--.r)t,
fey o t a next ye W toed atea T

Joseph F. fhmibbi t OfS the coil
di=clIsed tla nB tn the writ S Defend.wec- nrUlt
new lIon Bet' of Col- retary nowlttdi UW Pw t agon Th
umbia n SOty's monthly team haYJ t6ii .tl; b; t Umnpowe 1tqire- is t
~Jou'nam t mne naig re4wuttn wherever they Ret '

The illegal use of barbiturates
has been a growing menace in
the United= Statn for years. It
Is one of l Mat proe
.conatonlnad a" g
The article by Copanyl and
rueknu repoard at o of se-
perat with o ai-

Si.. .. 1 '0. -_' _-

Do ia


r '


T, ui I



or it's a
of mew

* jj~Ng

Us .'a- s e ..
1t'- *

S ,


could. o.. -,. i
Heat .WW UI tth t g~eS se budget for As a
the year nt be cus by at estani
least 10 W In th
AsaWlAtnt W. J. MOlW ll- for fti
an 3eX mP over on the job 4 bt
WAa by the newIn Jar



.." =1

A *.~ ~ *


5' :~-A
C .

.,*2 '
; 5,|A '-'

^ 1 r 1 i


<- ''

. e*



: I I Il



_1: PZ1.Y

, .d




2V m 'a ; -S ... ..W A .. .
.---- -.-. .... -; .- ,"-------


,,. ,:G:-_4)mat_,iOei := W ALLACE
Ms to iwegroca more d 4010 0ram 3 po t obe ddI n Tula, Ok-T
WEi t ea in to e.hona, May -2 williSTERLING

,,- 5 ,Iranione-&-o t otlwl for exblistors. 6 PIECE PLACE SETTING
I ditr lath oay )aMOdB, to the Worldwide o11 exhibit.
lo 0 1are uSout of nae has pen leased from the
Sjegolltor A"Ros Z- I E on ffp ci o I by 'raniff
toda the new.admin -ce for 0 hlatW I Informs- VIOLET
| I ~"wherever W (l~a 30 will be staffed I
Sr every steio- ROCby ispeakigb
bA R-ateftW fa ieM
I" toaW for Itself. Io d .0 eal-i
RSiai ;*didliot saylso-1 c faster (eng in Tiaj bahe been re- IKVING
r Ile ppa At pra wbtts lesto p- S0am;it' '.-Ate y h e RofficialsNG
b- "" r= -. r" ,o- arst, V Pilot; the --.,
garnp lmyb eeascounle. To certain of ac- KING CHRISTIAN
e I .h Com- Amlic n n er,. Braniff
Said Evey ov or rale huas in reserve i of rooms,
oS si- ra ,ed atrce to k r _. other ea Tax manager
4"t Sn /Sitjy i Bfi 'World ar rand W eiS fuh nfe tfby 4 00,00 InPans d todU. eOb $14.00
SAnd ar and tSe eu r newspa- firt a petrolta show to be
A vr .ate bn held in years. It Willnclude
cent an a l, respee- Ic ent d re of ehbits with
Bg t ,A to two cent an six can other 10p cntk m n cpantes part-
!V 0 Se *eflorNint Aprill .sw advanceaennt in.
s*am ftti Sn ee5k mome Sumt h a" the big- eo devices.- geophyical
fIt-i. sMr." ra o than Myea."It ."etobe two gat asteoi clas eq t and instruments for
S.i .son; Wal ter, en Itwhen mallo: theS detection of oi and ,as will
Wesoi00" I dMors..P r d On char NltGnl of Pltb' sa;be ranis.t r 1 .rc r ras.n r ber shown In 147 exploration ex-
be atma ? 8rd by the ten, alnaMU.rd ehibits.
ofeI of 5 I. e a btandht. B1n ftheJrr ., peS--sU and Amny person interested In any
F :'. .. .... --- L01 1 In Q attend the free exposition. All
Sen In marril ae by-'b h.r" Pilot; S.l 1. dat Chr lfanr. .S.aO a new "thofnew t.ods In drUi ing.!
Puhe r;e.hraafte ades itoto le O"" es1produotlon, wi be,.
sfaths, -the brd' e w.ore a gownwilt Luther el tes. Pn o enew t nd lln
lee wldle .0aidWo I UptO.t andn f P- usownandnew ,equipment ina
lea bod iestODh na otjeaL --gNerith so softbala. roduftior, will be
.meetbutohben, todryh w lw y phaseuof the oil ndustry will
be1o8W".and pfate!7 m;,swg iaae
r oo LersAa. a g Details of the two-week show ,
cv e ard' ~ eo. a"orst 7ok ---t-- AIaMr ._..- may be..obts ned from airline's
0 %1 0. n_ ; Mn. '*0 rs. loc al
or ie hs ,c rM. A#*=-f %f Of
04 -1..*oI w uer C byo 41Panama or at 10.113 on 10th
1&op..-; me .rolloe fw* I" Ofa.sadwaClub's C ...t. nd.street in 1Colo d
; s A.loaefhcsa8 .sT,.Veo mother of ll J e A a
.bride, k-Twhilte--embroJIder- i
red any oerchoon 1;lf Iare ST. Aints e
id At ~ lr a Junior Elks Plan
Ao'L. .. .e... Hi e. a.- CJleuntenorg 11hDebate; Gaomes
tl prel nted In O f 1dt &k t. .th '""
r .ni,,a. tO MArst ior , A.rmed a oroa Apr For Health Day
ta ice "r am onday, Apro1 2t:I7, PPlan have been completed for[ B'alboa 2-M3 :Mrs Harold Zr -
Ste Card party to be held by the ten, Ba b2-031;Em rs Fred
M PoMOr a J Canal Zone Collte Club at theIGerhardt, punaa 3-MWM or A dee nportan whthanater
nCsMIIw i ___-ta dor, on1 Ssnudh fro 2:- 15A8 M a.e5askedto brin will b hel b
the li&f ent ill s etnp the inn- dor, on Saturdy from 2:00 p.m.15.Pl ab.members of Aurora Herd No. !r
of,, 01 C1t0lfeCr QWl C M, 269 of the Atlaptic side and
sI&^s^^ '.nd -.. oftaheRpub licor rana M-.oOdlylpubsnNot wllsore padro 'ApsN. 6 and Jums-
S1 e '.f and of the ubU of ao into ties No. 17 Herds o tPacific
are cordially Invited. Genseal n whI at
Ift .d a don Is $1.00 p peron; t Side at. the La Boca Lateen on
S0 c" s or A Frida at 7:30p. m.
Of wion harge il be made -forNone xt Next unda Elks national
....apr oo nn e.u health day will be observed by
Sv nl. to th junior Elks from
Pdalm .1 .te .. rs h sIhave adhonFa tImnul .. j uniors from Eureka, Mount The wU-nwie d w DO
:itrWa e M 3eaeh-d F fm hOlymmpus and Justice at the
Mr. wihCP 'sudy In h ghIted Sta Paess gnaSum and ball called ai c
and Ael -,ml tdm of the Ti .la., park.
ch.ant ,,., I PRY. d for 20 (UP) Robert Wag- The competition will Inc iud.mmnfa ino aly
"""'l "aa I nZ. 4 .i 1 0 als hd no ,, eon ieatc Iri with a softball. bauketbell. ping pong m
0= Ltrf"es Terry Mooe, ulmsoat drown- weight-liftnR and dancing
fn 1, -11P I. John=on, (ae d S xda In the if-foa i
obamon), danal Zone arst Who Anclo river r when kied in the d L To "ainoh m
emb.or ZfD r I4membtomach ee a member ofOSthe
win" fstomachttfa othe te a eme Of AtsTo WponsoFthlWaie- .

N .O u _,
2the The Dors ee W aiteo gv of

i ,. ^^^^^^^^^^^^,^^^^^^^^^^r^ K Miue iNMiiNa ML ''crewmat rescued kin. "dered trevue. entitled "Ore WithA M., lNII
Sby e Boy Out of America

*a 7. A e "I-^S^ **1, J U.!I; 13 a to bed but ho h, UlSp et- thi year. Npt procedsTf th
nto' o aa- ahu wlr dan ated the t U T YaIIb
linooWquelt+ wih tatOf th'1ke 0 Lo, afim re wheic wihodwill
of *1 reocn tly. aaerJ ay u ih.
OWfr ewm a from exfootb r World Wr e[ memorial.
Ticket- A aslabl ordered fohmIss t-s

_______N, __U __- ntnwork's a 0

sinceitw bedoadedtotEeVE-ELECTRIC
o" wn~i catgpasks."tpoop REFRIGERATOR

9993 eGum 6 cubic feet' works in 25 ad6 yls
the Balboa ,a
M "s. "itas : 280.00 50.00 down- 20.0 monthly
Mss iA /h*lIt I

7:3 In Q.The Shine of
'e. "a wonderful
Shoe Polish

Ag- t R (18,) -- 1. ; -.,

-w. Shop Now and S ve!
Price Reduced 10% to 50% Discount
50K-To Dbcount

'k -I,, ... .





a -Et FOUR


NUA Staff Correspondent

HOLLYWOOD (NEA). Ex- way Producer Aaron Rosenberg
clusively Yours: Van Johnson and Director Jesse Hibbs, both
sl ribbing himself and Holly- ex-All-American from USC, plot-
wood in his return to singing ted the football scenes to give
and dancing in a night-club act them realism.
which he unveiled in Las Vegas.' "We used real plays," Tony
One of the smartest acts ever told me, "and Hibbs instructions
dreamed up by a movie star, to the other team were, "If you
Van's routines include a song catch Tony, tackle him hard.'
number, titled, "Here I Am, Back Brother, I'm still aching."
Where I Belong." Sample lyrics: -o0o-
"Here's to little June Allyson. Betty Hayden will get her in-
who made my life so delicious. terlocutory decree from Sterling
Hayden before the month is
But we were married so many over... Yvonne de Carlo denying
times, even Dick Powell got the love-in-bloom reports: "Car-
suspicious. los Thompson and I have always
been friends only. My heart be-
Ooodby to Dr. Gillespie, so long longs to no one at this point."
to G.I. Joe. -0o- I
Ta-ta to all the Men in White, There's a buzz from Europe
It's my last 30 seconds over !that Orson Welles and Charley
Tokyo. ChaplUa (?) are getting together
--o000- to write and star in a movie.
Steve Cochran and Warner Orson, it's said, has talked to
Bros. have called it a day... Jane Julie Wilson in London about
Powell's going on that personal- the feminine lead.
appearance tour without Geary ---- ----
Steffan and Hollywood's betting,
she'll write finis to the mar- RUTH MILLETT Says ....
riage before she returns. Yet
Geary has Just signed a fan'
magazine release okaying an- A harassed housewife wrote
othlero f ikls- "hAnn inarr e"i A narassedhou nousewife wrote;
other of hoe "happy- ia e a letter n whe se a sks
-0i,- Iofor an answer to the prblomni
Richard Jaeci-el, who was d ... concerning a neighbor who i.s
forced by his wife, Antoinette,!w "ys visiting her. If Oe ti
y," 'l.",, nelghb comes in to sit. If
ciliation with her. "I love my h cohes In r yard, ith
wife, my children and my home," es i n r
young ~lck told me on the set ofnelinZ1 r ssure to come over
"Sea of Lost Ships.,""I'm doing S*,,e says she can't e,7en tke t10
right.', ryixg to catch up with her.I
nn. What the wriLer v.ants is ai
POILS THE EFFECT "tactful" solution to the prob.-
Marilyn Monroe's warblin of There probably isn't anv tact-
"Diamonds Are a Girl's Best f solution. For tl-e I -'son who
Friend" in '*Gentlemen Prefer in't sensitive enough to realize
Blondes" is the year's lpplest that she is a nuz's-ce wouldn't
combination of hip flipping and take a tactful bin,.
vocalizing. It's no secret, though, So my answer i : If you want
that 'choreographer Jack Cole your privacy you'll have to bo
taught her every movement for;blunt about it.
the number and Hollywood's i
ho'.-;ing over Tommy Noona's lEST WAX IS TIE BLUNT
quip: WY
u 's kind of heart-breaking to ..
think she got all those move- Next time the neighbor stroll
ments from Jack Cole.' over to visit whti you sbril
Ethel Wtrhawte yonu arokaeq-de-: in llhje-;-
Ethel Waters has written work, say someth'- ]k this
to her romance with Teddy "I'm sorry Sue, but I t '.-
Br'ggs and the engagement'o talk foryeve, I:ve I l'ute,
eriniitely off. this morning. I've de'dcd tha. .
.. ...JI have got to eLt nly oV .
Remember the heroic Marine done in the moving befoi, I
whJ dragged Howard Hughes out ~an take any t .)e out "
Of the flaming wreckage of an That isn't tac ful But. is
air crash? He's running a barber, straightforward a d to th e
Shop in North Hollywood close pointt and ought to get the idea
to Republic studio, across that you ,. i.t to be left
-ON-.alone when you a:'e ik. .i
Donald O'Connor will rest his .aYou mayhah o :be t h a
ga'cing feet and pull himself to- blunt but if the n .shtcr ,
Ithcr emotlonaly this summer. rec ly geLting in ,or hi. -' .
| ais fia rt free period in twohad "better not worry about be-
0ears, _00-- bhng )L
Latest trouble between Ruthi You have a right to a bttlp
Roman and lortimer Hall could pe.-e an4 privacy in yc": owp
Be serious. Very wobby for April home. There's no sense in let-
any other month Paulette ting a neighbor become a nul-
*oddaird, cooking veal cutlets In sac simply becaua you can't
gypsy wagon for "Charge of find a tactful way of getting
ue dancers," ducked as she her out from underfoot.
tuiopue: "Our theme song;
should be Wagon Veals."




"We kosw whee hg b OWN#
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Americans for U-I's "All-Amer-"se tomato- e..j. orrine
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b=. k*- 7r 400, Wrec

S., April20 (UP) Newy 1 0 sool-
u Wr Aui dl haed debris here tody for more
rmot auicti u.s tornadoes that p sided across
g 1" M as ,rie y three ngethet s iersns, en-

fi I-e to' died on rain-uept,, ice-cooted
bad t a u g h t t o winjrCh a for thSk h;f9 nia and Ohio daring aphing storm
ob u 2 as part of Ia b sWeaters and Clothiong fth nation from the Rock sto th1l Ptern

JudyS Butler,'0s t be.- a old Fshot pelted the central states nd
tu m B8'. e d. by Mrs. i '"l u it* Florida.
dwlk, ee Chairman. d C a y cews, boms," M. Hee .
-r badge, s I AXy hotfte ab un volunteers Arkanmis, only a 11 more than
Wadgn Mgarita TW n est wil taoled fil the men taoar after 116 frt had
-i-sltt nlhe Owen Unit Margarita t meru a year Sedby a tw Jud
ro.. W A4erloaR Legion Auxi- d It great tohe le-bya ad onia, Ar
liary mt the Legion Hal Church at-7:30o Tuesday. Go.o Wals
In aWt4h with Mr. Tha ostesses'for ing will GO injury. The storms hbop and skip-
Xvr:nln ; .Meidlsal. be Mrs. 3. C. Cotton ad Mrs. rhe aa on most ped southeast OWnS central
St n i r were al- H. P. Bevlngton of the areas, which Alabama, dlplng down on elgt
I i il. aM welcomed into te re 1 with wreckage counties before wirling nto
.olloiAngeliary, s B wllo at Fotrt rvtl. from ^atJ' d trees, Georgia.
Illowing the buainas meet-o Brno wdl b W at the F rokert n a anda Tom loyd. chbef observer at
e a dr nl d ngor the dopreDav ffls Weo n acattt~Bd I et ot home furn- the Cqlumbm weatber bureau,
pri of Chnee linen sai. All topar- ad he did not tbjnk the storm
h was ld, with Mrs. Jo- Ipate are mmitd. Columbus SM neighboring that struck here as a real tor-
'mith's oebAla., Just acros nado.
thet -. border,th
were-t twisters He mid there po h.rling

i h ,utemmu. But Thomas A. w Jr.,
T'SSH W ME TONI Two bna d in Columbus, said he air eellds
Column In dent ...boiling in fromp the nitheast
Phena CY two mWlson- and southwest and when they
BALBOA I.p vo, nd m aWamden- met. my ears aWIn ."
,,, com! _. _THE PRESIDE o.bur, Ar] Police QIpt. Ed Mone add-
ailslofty"Y~ou0d that he never hdsontrees
*"THoEr "roTURrrc S.._... a at

PD RO MIGUEL The Red Crss saM 408 homes
"THE DEVIL MAKIS THREE" were wre~e t Ar tmas' "or-
MUM, ..nado alley." Wh Wes titR ti. *
GATUN me..- .-..peAu t o misery
TU.-and suffering of hundreds of
owl-, man IT.OPENS

... ,,*dbeon*.ae -,e's WEDNESDAY!
1-.. 00.,00". M@ON. .0,.
worn, giv irst eartYourl! p
tas a la
whesta ro.Th .s .
Ao *.b idwo abgb es&&
te ast bleaoPkera wbe O

Bad Trdhoea ,% A.
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Reupital here. 'TheyS jt kept o t
coming Ise oft" ns "

Son homes wee to
ormtheir rooft and ***s*ee O ******o*-i
,ware. one. las k. L
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k 1000 Homes


Fabulous adventure-Romance a new high in suspensel

filmed in Guae appenedtemalal
Cornal Wilde Conatance
In Technicolor I

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Abbott and Ctello
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la Just look at it-two brand-new cas Im eIt Yea, uaigea
custom sedan-dramatically styled by Pinin Farina-4be
comes a ruged, heavy-duty carryall at the drop ofta soa.
It' t newest, most exciting, me tactical iar er blid t
Se it now with its new, low omiil l heod mad Ao-
toalair op.. mEw "pieteheamiluir...m pOa
-e Hyr -Matic Drive and Akiri m id liag Sal
See aDllt de new Rarmbkle-S4 a Wai ea Cematibtes
aDd the "CoIuntry Cub" hardiaaedop a dl.m dIi
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You Sell'em... When You Tell'em thru.P. A. Classifieds1

L ase our Asi wills one of our Agents or our offices in No.57 "IF' Street PanamA

H40 'CIrsd o

The nificers started firing. W. Coyne, Att r afor e m
The wounded suspect was tak- Council of n tfs Or-
en to the Mt. Sinal hospital. lT;i n ,
:hezre he identified himself to President'of b O#bin ow oa ncd
lh(e as John Domanskl. The America, and E. A. Col, member nk to l .
other Pave his name as William of the board of directors of Al-
Vacuum e-aers. Floor '~ncld. 42. He was jailed on a lied States AlOciatlt,O .0 Moti on ,
Po'ishers tr:hnical charge pending out- Pieture Bzhlttor. .
Refrigeratoers c me of the Investigation. "The motlWn 9pilcte ladus .y
I Most of the other guests in the sic ek-s.o dUl tli
od Agencies ,tcI 'et through the gun bat- it relief from ra per
At' A lecel employee said "somelcent admieAon tax is 0bt l-
Ssa j Street 'h.our h t it was a ear backfiring." mediately f h v
2 B IM He -'ed that "it all happened existence of the (be
fast they didn't get a chance Jime- ---
to conic down and nsee." a -,-asI

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F .

S Your Commpl t Station
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n -0-
P A 1.iH Py JfS WwA5SsIGTO A o Ap20 (UP) a
Le.. is Service .Salon de Belleza Americano "Cart0 s IDru re whr I Mt _--
No. 4 Tioll Ae Pr' .c 2-2il Jil.! No. 55 West 12th Street 10.0-,W e. ZAye.-Phone 265 Cto1B' i o r A. 0 "caled 1

Morrison's Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones .....A. for 12 .ai'2Se 't1 1.A-. ipel' i
s ".tudlntea 4:00-Mus i WlU i-W td e
Fourth o il.-. A'. l-one 2-04 No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 1 nYor:te -n. eroSddOl 3 : on PeaI '-

... ..- .- ,, (A g enclas S tee r) ei
Ilousehohld Automobiles Do yetr i e h da e akl.g IP H ILLIPS Oceansilde Cottag. The 5R -ESSI L What's Your avorlt_ I
Writer Aklcohli.s Aemee ly court in SantaClara with on (td.) ngo
FOR SALE r, ,,: I i fC'f: ^L -t19-19 Chevrolet 2-door o31 Ane. C. "Or tir from all corttope l. Sf 6:00--Talesfrom the Pacific Is- a
.011-nn,11rc.r b- :k. Priced foroq sule ic R fck Gas, refrio l ge ration catug (d )
,- ., ,- coron House 1515-C. DR. WENDEHAKE Medicol CIIni A eandNshuffle Nboard.Pan.its-nd erl) ttS e
r o Ce7 g en Anue K Stre etCorne T d fe ter v New! 6:15-MusCaterlude I
.E. .. bu .Telephone2-3 479, Pan om.ile.-1877. Margarita 3-1673 A 6:30-The Telephonle Hour continue hisa agk u.b
P,'. 'F,. SALE -9 l blue Plymouth 4- No. 435 Balboa. _______ VLUTIONARY Thft 6:45--LowellThomas Hehas prop t o
FOR A i.rJ F..:n ,iwc edon eitherr upholstery, ra- Travel via AREA." "the Route of0. t Santo COva toch. AND LABOR SAVIN 7:00--Take It From Here (BBC7 a pres ril.al49
e :...:. -" ,. ,= .' L dt ,a o C77-G, Wdlliamson Good Ne,ghbo NO INCRAS
.e:. .: ..'.... .,.: 775-G. W-.: m.o IN PRICES:..o .FREE MEALS. tagEeC Electric cboxesg 3 GALLON 7:30-BLU IBBON8 PORTS study legal i
..,. PRCS ... FRE MEAL ... Telelpho ri the t bi.ll--'.
C la0 .OCKTAILS! One-way to MIAMI, ~ modlrtte. rIPRESSURE SPRAYER :- me e Lu thae bill .
O, L ,,'Er b:dr..i FCR SaLE 1 I0 Hillman sedan. $7000... NEW YORK. $114.00. -41. ibm 4-567 Per omeLoio Taft was set to ks I 1
,u p lio a l f$0Qdur ke p8i, like new GUAYAQUIL $80.00..QUI uL forveg alon ate in eon a a
:"..., ,rlth Sfrcel NO. 3, Phone 3- TO. $8600 Round trip to MIA- Houses beach. Santa Clara. Equip. Farm & Garden. 8:-UP. OommSnr until 11 iM.ei

Sc-. On telephone 2-1655 tcko9: r-Jngeakr. Bboo 23050. A Smith show ( ) hpe to n ve
'' T Balboj Stadium 22 o 00 r...NEW YORK. idE e parties. Phone -. At AuINLEust, a, week.
ge l m Pi.a.', ':r". SLE14 Ford panel truck, ....GAYAQUIL 44. 1389 or s care COMPLETELY CO:30-Plho f avorte He warned those "Psi 1bu

a,- ,n -, r t Dodge P'.T tkup truck.p all 2- s IT, $154 80. BOEING 4 O. 0 lou than ..l
',. ,9. engine plar..esl For more datelt. 10:00-The World at Your Winingmov against the bl that

.... .. : .-.CAble H_,,ts. Ancon.O.n- F C F NT. Co.pd(ete furnhe dihtk *ond ra tOr move To el us r
Fm c.. I l. PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE, 16ii Santa ClaraBehFNove0. dow wC) might force CongrsemintoI
FORSAL -SALE 952 Jaguar's se- enida Nacianal IAutomobil .hL 2- bedrooms ndbh hig. hon. Ceal Av.I- I--larmonf e till hobert H. In rey i

SSALE-19a F0rd convertible. rade or sola-bed or divan that a ds roon nd aa lO 9:00- w tnn.), Herbert H.
S" _. ,0Fhoe0AI %r I' J ) Au. Balboa Stadium 22 F- EXCut week-ends __At Augusta, Ga.. where .l0et

,.l -slt.:. I e R, goEN c~eonT rado. lt- Nx, 5-. -. inO Phona 3-374, 8 tohower. Taft said the 4ia 9:30-As
,, L t F,'-. ---onhac o1949 sedan. L iseellau eo lus C-d. e has"de e oa, n- e ay edelaa
Or. W ..'u I.:. ... a, .. -m.! ,dr.. .' O:.. cOrd.idn -o e geen '... Q- .I : 1r.:0- N e si .
%,.I gld ::.:. .3tiI 'J 0 Cable Hcig-,ts, Ancon. Own- FOR SALE:-Scotch Terrier .- 4 mg 8:10---tOlet$scom o edi nar iuste adi

FORSAE l"_i KMENT. Cmpltel f.rnisycti hi.n. FO1. REN Sr Hes -u

ne"- 7 "~ amrt.U e, I~vAtsg mo--thslle. leavKno. Coloegio lndustal. l Al-AMBRA APARTMENTS 4J ; Anterttm r may. 12:06--LuncheonrMusc The e qee already .t. h pard
F u r -r ., play-peno, maple bedroom eht. ww huLe: 2 bedrooms and b ate lhs, tUing. 'Phomoieert Ho. aH ti -
j ..30 Ms.. r 114h2,1 Cl.PanamL :15-Pl i (Plnn.), r Herbert H. i
"i r upholstery. mechan- opens int double or 2 si .~.beds I Wi=lrent from May 7th to July .9:1--oredHeart Program eN.Y.) and Paul Douglas (IL) asa
c a god condition, radio. $1.- Nx. phone 5-230. Phone 3-3474, 8 to 12 and9:0--- ee It the' lea rs.

Ou r c ALI F.: .. -. ,, (,0. 9 Ford 2-d7oor, clean l obEo 336 ------- 6 to 8 -p.m. _:00- Star Co t Ba a di
r. '" t hI,'- 47 Ponti or i FOR SALE. Fish. several colors. fD Hiped iy 8:15-Ne L TT e o wa of a it 1
6o. c.c1 .. J. Pon. tiacE .... ....r-cond ..o-10:1d-4 ff the Reoor8(contd.) ab.0um phrey areedela tontM
wI .aI c r 77.5e ... -. Ihp00, 191n dwVery cheap No 6, 52nd Street,1100-Ne s
SI re 1 4 i C c,. rcadO, good condli- Apt. 6. Telephone 3.-1904. :--otf the Record contd) u tere m lonlr

h e :~~'r'. 2Calle 'Q"r No. 27. FOR SALE CPi olumn $3 DEALERS mN NE 11i30--Meet the Band

RejiorisdI To E3 ;N[D ^^is 1r ho. Invades Belegueed I P ws <
dr, o 3:. 0 J ., -con t e @ pam en 0P A CTOR S. t:',m r than we .
IMfgEy e Ll J9 .T2 932Ford rodmaster nhwas 9ho'clok mo h. 3.
HNEW WO April 20 .. set, dining n fa.r condton s ibeentu.nAthi MAutv- St MED FURN T 12:0-ews. e" he said.
The ie :r a u engine. Phone 62- SAIGONg. ndochina, April 20 age wh e lo reSnem No. 1257:-Luncheoas

a co,:;c .. *e (UPI.- A third Communist col-tiatons ha been held and lar: to 1 noon.
Won ANI I's Pedregal. 4TWaUh giMea, uGFrnishedanOa- ,V 1M:30-Poplar Music a imlar meare.It-
C.o .u !;Lester Piano, studio uprig ua' ll nd departments; prltivate slLS. P.M.Pter ua ilarmaure.aO -

T*a deadtshur8061.noncloed tah tstr" freh anyt-AM
Ie"ti" ? 0.o" a s Rob ';,;'"""r/,-;,' -' b0or n c l|t. 8e.. d r-

vm PfrcmactOAcaaMP les 2.0prl n-A Call from Laes p aul

t I i.h n ed th r ng o2 u$tpos25. n Te rI e s
i in t o i re o ronado Beach I FOR RENT:-Nice, cool, -mod:0--A CalrsoomLe Paul Rey ond To'MC'
1 Ci, 'Pft;'red sale F-on at Sol-ronOR BeALE a- "^ nl -otnt.- 2:15-Date, for Dane-In

a.r. .lv ? h final ca-.ered band utit tes. Good to2beat p itac storming waves o t oere,
chapter will be published Ma Cpotuniis Fov rpas officerst cgen Molrmedele nfantry- their breakt.Ry a te n

S tr!?d to smash open the but a new onslaught was ex f surly
The nwspaner ad h' rt safe SALE:- 102Ambau 2 :cted soon. M y t l F0-- Star Concert Hn
t tc soul : 'deLer Thte other units of te mmnt The Red p es wee pt I'
CO 000-000 men rnc I,- c o ahrew his Open under a stack oed cc Cossed t h $38500.Nam Ho ambulance wi, wearl

joed te rs of te r ousnt chaepnable to 25 cycses or n $285 00 or ? Phone houa ad 620 Ameran aerd brougou for l
"" '- to e K V A 25 to 60-cycle coar terd launched attacks against French to th tr ad A3:30-Muic Tu
The most conservative fi from the rief but furiou pre- and loyal position Dathe Hatt barbed w
If FtIe a~r-cc-,-.r oncd Iunit. or I -1Red ColIIIII7 IF 4mi4:1 .ou1h af the]B order
1aree-taNIn 000 u Pl r-n.bOtt? the unit. Call 4-674 o dnC nment for Couple. Phone 3-0m471. L.A-Wh.ts AYour av

Sp rt in Ru t r a e hir ore ha ie a t's Your C g avort

Mirror sid. b-machne gun n h shoul-Vo Nguyen ap has or GIPOWsdered later. C itout e
b a odlr into Laos in two weeks in a d he *Communist 1 a friend P e .Ta
::,n rco,-upl-e.e 3.3-2917 Cnrn InS n ePftAItT0t :Ww

Sa ed .\irT,' l andD t 932 Fore od oamoster ba the French am da a "one
u",e.,on'e.t rnw be in good Exchange headquarters hiad 04 w
NEW "7'01K. April 20 i UP- ,,, Tn, Lodv ,n fair condition been set upi n this mud-hut vii- t SIL & MeMmdes Ave. 7:

'The inr a 'd the Al- ,cut engine. Phone 62- SAIGON Indochi0 age where the long truce nega Nt to
ldU Pe- A ts bemhmi d tr 42nd ad collns Avenue we It was brds the colm tiations ha v been held .d r: to Is nt S
iiipe ed with bullet hole. invaded Las today aptus wlh wr- officers ad i

eder a ler th bl and a v- thect Fench. Unionset up their re- Rup t e
ll ,f Co bd hai..n ousl bagnnd El mi io s oii ta d Wat ".n- ,.0
A-9 !r
iin" i i t.A e Ir o." .rthe B ront c -ern artof the beleaguered to welcome the free dr a aA n
Cut .A le No. 2J. The French command an- t.r sat ra Mugs",,, ft i -

The dsrah, w ro id tha t: 4-i.ehatCA the fDresh et-oecause Pm om 1 n:men

H rtdrs.L ao m reif' T d ek. 'W Dthat-themesoi e- ecase uo K-1. o gauh (Br ob a
F r s Z aid the, armor t eImond rebel force crossed into zone Cinde the Communist ln .
rHOMEWORK T hoMadden Spokesmen t h moe I ne ihboring Thai I Am ..*n t rain, br ine r I ah i ,f
.and co 200 pr g to atch an early t duryv of Vietnam near the the first 500 Sob mmunists ha 10: -lheIdhrie
Hmre iN liev n in t.U.e Td n wn he fo reneh-held fortress of Muong arrived at 9muan at 4:58 ,n. 10 se tra
rel'%c:is --hr n Jewtshl.i 0 Khoa. :-ui~int 'iude

sportsmen charged ith hunti o a and the priaonerl were ivon a h:d._Vrl,,K BOa ndox .(BBC)
arBelac 1v VE Muong oua Is 110 miles breaktao f ice' barley..Bnd x 'e = M arket

Without licenses ot a Jes i bandits rabbed him and mediate .eu from the 20 per Minister t Pro M
court. rre ordered to a three into the ma ast of the Laos capital of A meitand.ficansh. -11: Ol a

write reviews of t he state's game of e~e t* 1 tUnless movie thpte are today as
tlaws Juder r:d. iey ra- Two oers in a Louano Brabang. A light rain drummed on the ofom h ini o
th'team alo teacher. ro e r decided omethn was eviThe announcement said Muongr erhange site here, at dawn but VOA-Voe of
rege from b Ias they drove b the hoteFlaApril 20theaters, and a series of adloin- It stopped and the sky bright- O-.ptlb roa.ocasti-mwa
toln d in 'etaI li a cor..1 i -h I it .e Throug thoearrm i a
S saw what was in place from orced outposts were under strong ene ompee. o1
*.r:-.s of cxclt i .vo r-t l'e- the lohby of a fashionable ocen-ipressure from Communist forces. In last gesture of defiance, 50 Otmim fropt8:am..camffU1OP rDul Igi i

nnn SEE THE NEW the hotel hereoday asnd red nThe Muong houa garrison diehards amo i the Red p- .o
ar-'re v Th na.,, ed banto r dio for reinforcementsts tried to beat ac e storming waves of oners on theg -lre tOu eat dto 1.t10 or

ELECTROLUX The hotel was surrounded quick-Committee n
hpte will be published y t hTh past officers green-uniformmitted rebel infantry- their breakfast. t
10. I P. Ije inte-rupted the gunmen men after a long pitched battle, a bad one. But teym-wers orderly, hfr .2:00 to 6:00 p.m. N E at t

THE CLEANER YOU NEVER Come to smash on out or we wi start a number of proposllaught was to ex- est riva
ecie .itic soul .c.;' e:. :1 teI' "t.d-eK'.mmer The other bandit Other units of the Communist The Red prisoners were put In ".
13.000.000 men nd '.0-'i lhadI threw his run under a stack of column crossed the Nam HouSambulanlce amid bUos., wearif"A
Joined the rAnks of the religious office .upnlies and surrendered. River near Muong Khoua and American unuormns-and broug
unierg"ou-d, I When the gunsmoke cleared launched attacks against French to this cutr o huts, tentsand ,WL W3SAW DA

AV most conservative fie from the brief but furious pre- and m position p In theHatt barbed wlIe vn I l s "P "t 'UA
as more tha 60.0. e ,ual-dawn battle, the fleeing bandit region. At 8:X5 a. he aCommuniat DALA Tex., April F0oiW
persons enrc-lled i, til Com-i -rrelt .ith aromhotun wound in The new Red column Is the s tha rtedl e ri lalar r.. '
SALES SRICE oe or the pair ranlug from potheird force that Vietminh Gen. convo *l ive minutes
Mirror said. t he machine gun In his shoul- Vo Nguyen Giap has ordered later. TRYt 4t5c. ICli I a. dq_ without a Ie Sefe
It said leaders for the u d.r into Laos in two weeks In a The'ofsa friend, -e
ground wea-e ben tre here The walls and the ceiling of bid to "iiberate'7 the French anmb M .eN BIad "_ ___InTown today. ,'.. Od 00 a ,OMP
the Atlantic Towers Hotel, at Union state. gray.t .t I nt...elemeIts I
*land In other parts of the free 49nd and Collins Avenue, were It was believed the Commun- They "Widy berviste'm- Vri ii 5l;lentL. J lU_ kter
world before going behind thepeehjmi.k bomhin__fesvsca rng u____i_______!
Or;icers found the night desk part of the Laos territory so ing whc,. h ign=blae"
Hundreds of lay leaders are clerk, the bell captain and a viS- the Reds can set up their re- Ru Uipa W 6 up at We" ens the irnase
beinf trained to take over ad- itor from the Bronx. N.Y.. tied cently-created .puppet regime the do eo tat h Dl;W.
eseatrathve posts on Ruhe ia in ur with electric wire In the small the "free Laws government." Wabofficr Portean dl111. 1 hehl-
can the power of the Kremlinoffice behind the main hotel signn doons tobeas ndhI.s

of thi

pACE sRx

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the federal g* v


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The ra w.. wortb $,53
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4(0tM Game-Plre.
t 40. .40
$3.20, 240


'. ,f14

Pacific Softball League
Team Standing. U&d Half Elkada realied a long coveted
Team W L Pet. ambi when they defeated
Firemen's Insurance 7 3 .700 Don wea's roemes's IS-
CAA 5 6 .456 sluraaP 1y a saft score ofet
Pan Liquido 3 9 .250 seven thre
Baxter's 3 10 .331
Isthmubliuf enof the Iem gt
his father aAEW sE tan e
Leading Bottos S*easonal ^ ^j j~* b
tWem at bat) the Cm-afo
Nam Team AB N A YE. 1=9 Gh O f t IX
Name & Team ab h ,tu e.
Woodruff. (BLxter) 75 4 1i 0
MeArhur, (1) .l12 P"ia Cheneyhum" a
Hiluiner, (F4) 4 30 .375 am e nS.erBlS
Medinger, (Baxter's) 731 o70 and was seh "ae rt
Pe'ode, Fle ) 71 c,6 4 W"i3E537II BM
Muller, (Klir) 70 24 .243 I.oI fu w"
Malene. (CAA) 106 34 .A40 with bis sc male flrm
DeLaMafer. (FIS) 8 128 2M l a Vd was tebd 1W
Ooodwin, (PL) 76 8 216 five bly e hlts but tve u
Jones. L., (Fr 77 24 .312 walku
Rathgeber, Ed, (PL) 125 3 te .
Angeruler. (71) 9 0 .3 Pete Hale chalked pLa nd
Lernuller, ( 93) W& N
PolomiSl. ,(C.A) 72 slam homer In the third.
Patterson, (CAA) 15 Rosale Angermuileor No
SCox. (CA) B5 X 4 mates at bat with tw l-r
Softer, (Elk) 23T but had a little
Coonver, (Flk 855 18 .2 inup his position ats
oe ah re re maesr on l_ 'r
Maleme, (CA&), Ed -l3thbe tnhd ea tied flamel d1Oe-
each. ably will be played m.d
each. for same wi li abe
IZADING 3ffN1 later.
Lou ElhierWw, (V1) Wen 24 --
Lost 2.

yadrl" aftrsooon Bob Cori e
's le2 sec""



*1 Y1



F~ I"




BHS Cops Interieholastic

Track And Field Meet
Balboa High won its fifth The bi differene in the leWr
*onaeeulve Interscholaste teachk cams tol la the first, but I
and field championship last fact tli for eatery first plaB tiO
Friday night at Balboa Stadium Tigers ot, the Bulldos plled f
when they defeated Cristobal with seconds and thirds, Oad
and Junior Collge handily with once or twice with a fourth. P1001
Points. The Tigers were a also.
distant second with 52.a points, For Balbot it was essentloal
aMd the tiny J.C. squad was well a team victory, as their ma
ot the' pace with b points. squad had good balanee, sueiM
This meet served as the final in every' event, and .
tune up for the three schools! great strength in the -
rior to the. gigantic Balboa Re- jump, pole vault, and high Ji.
Slated for this Friday at: In the former two they
SStadium. Both high the first 3 places agala
schools will be well represented best the opposition had to off,
la the relays, while J. C. will and ln the high Jump, pilhed
Mave aoput half a dozen track- off the first 2 spots and & Ie
jters entered, for the third.
Balboa's resounding team vi- With this group of ali
tory was actually ove.,'shadowed primed for the Relays, a.a
by the great preformance of the track and field men from the
Crlatobal's Tommy Hughes. All armed force all set to go, the
Hughes did was to better two Balboa relays should produce fu e
lited aInteracholastic records. maximum number of thrills. The
The first one that- he got woa Relays will complete the trabh
thW shot put. Here he heaved season or the school*, and Is
the irom pellet a record breaking the boys will the giving their AR
Q St. 11 in. This was a foot and to excel. previous marks.
Sanches beer the present record Resits:
held by another Cristobalte, Bill Bih ndules:
Blakb Uar. Tred Cotton of Bal- 1. ugbes CBR 2. Ostra
boa had earlier this year tossed (BOfS, Orifo (BBB), 4. Petty-
one 48 A 4Vs inches, but this novich aW Time: ISA (bet-
marked had never been submit- ters forbernresord of 11.5).
ted for approval. Is:
I fhia only other event, 1. Tuttlie (C I), 2. Norris
ifghes knocked one tenth of a (CH8), 3. Von Chong BH), '.
second off the existing high Grace (CBS). Time: 10.1.
barrier event was the most thril- She Put:
No Mrace of the evening, as 1. Huubes (CBS), 2. Cottona
jhea and BHS's Rudy Ostrea (Bs. 2. Uundqust (BBB), 4.
drove down the track stride for Roberson' (CHS Ditance: 48
ride. In the long run It was ft. 11 In. (betters former record
STetebmy's abtUity to come off 'the of 45 ft. 2 in.
rdle faster that netted him a Mile: 1. Cruz (JC), 2. ArIa
breath victory and a time (CH), 3., Oressang (BBS), 4.
15.4. The former mark held Tribe- (BHBi Time: 5:08.1..
at by Ostrea, and Wally 440:
f J.C, was 15.5 Tuttle ( ),
_'le only other rival to Hughes .(31B), 3. Delegado 1 4.
f he v tstan4ing preformer In Raybourne (BW). 'T e: ,.
t* meet. was another Cristobal (betters former record of 58.7).
It, sprinter Carl Tuttle. Tuttle 440 ReI:
a very nice 1.1 century. and 1. 1B (May, Zumabado, Vn
rmn. came back to run the quar- Chong, NorrIs), 2. (CH11). T1me:
to mile in 52.6 which was one 46.0.
tenth of a second under the 180 U;:
present record held by Fred Ray- 1. OLvls.(BSB). 2. latgl (M )l
bournq of Balboa. S. Orad (lB), 4 Ponder (OW.
There were only two races that Time: 21.0. '
might be called upsets and those :
were the mle whereHenry Cru 1. Grace (CBS). 2 N1icge
scored all the J.C; points with a (=BB 5. GOrit (BBB),,4. PHy-
See victory over Anaselmo Arias noth(CHOB). TIMe: 1:11.. '
of Cristabal. Cruz's time was a .Pel.i :.
credible 5:03.1. Arias had-defeat- 1. Corn (BUB), tied for S2. 1
ed Crut tbe week before, and ( B) smad Jeffres (b HB). i:
was a slight favorite to weat 10-ftl n.
agiln. mlg..
The lo hurdes might es be l1 Net M>).. NS
*1luaedW In t P .Ai "P.o-p. f&nme,
rI woa by a d rto .
heet &his rivAlT nm e gold iln EL v.
Oc t John tsL. i March BH (Delgado, a rbeou
H ttk had defeated Orvis in a Orvls, Jl3kns), 2. (CHB). TZiW :
#imldr rWce, and most fans felt 3:0.1,
he was able of winning over High lsa
SruCnir irv nwl time l Tied May (DS) an
Y of 21 necond flat. is the fastest (BHS), 3 a (COHBS) and 0l
the race has been run locally (BHS) tied height: 5ft. 8 -
by a smboo lr, ad unles it I Dises:
bettered In the Relays he will 1. Roberson (CMH), 2. JI
get credit for th .Intericholastlc (BHS), 3. Nicklsher (=BHB) 4.
record. This s th first pear the FutRA ( I8). Distance: 130 !
180 yard hurdle race has'been 1 In.
run. DBrd eJami:
In the matter- of first places 1.May tBB_), 2. Ostrea (B ).
the Bulldogs picked off 8 bue 3. Orvls (1B9), 4. Hatgl (W ).
ribbons, Cristobal 6, and J. C. i. Distance: oft. 54 in.

r +r,

an *e

b'ii i..a'

pu~ain -r





. Y"" "



:# q~ego~

Sr. .
.aP *1 w a *


$20, dt




P a 4

iA v .. .. .... ......


"Let the people know ter t


May Lead i


LONDON, April 20 -(UP)-
Prime Minister Winston Chur-
chill today said he hopes Rus-
ala's recent "peace" overtures
may lead to big po*er talks
"at the highest levels."
Churchillmade the statement
to the British House of Corn-
mon in a declaration of Brit-
Ish solidarity with the propose als
made by President Dwight D.
Eisenhower In his speech last
Churchill said that nothing
be said against the Soviets at
this time which might "check
or chill" their overtures.
"In my opinion no Wone can
measure the extent of the
change that has become ap-
parent in the Soviet mood or
intheir policy." he told the
Commons In' answer to a special
question by acting Labor Party
leader Herbert Morrison.
"I trust that nothing will be
said here, or elsewhere, which
will check or chill the processes
of goodwill.
"We hope that it might lead
to conversations at the highest
levels, even if informal or
private, between some of the
powers concerned."
Churchill's s ho r t statement
echoed the praise of Mr. Ei-
senhower's speech which the
Prime Minister expressed in
Glasgow at a party meeting
Friday night.-
Be called It "a bold and in-
piring initiative by the Pres-
i ent of the United States of 8
"He seeks to find means of te p* *
enuinandMAba1 Midc ity Saide Leaps 5 S 'tones
nan d i e bni lent [rp, g w s t j r '
er Majesty's government,. and
M all the countries of the
orl wwill be glad to' as- The top of Finance Minister his .pghet it a o-er a arrived at"a-th b To-
oclate themselves with his -.Alfredo -Alemas automobile noterardtatpde.osliea ~o-
sinr e ildo of those 1- was badly damaged today to (my) huner," an Death was a u to,) -
dea and as to which we allwhen a 30-year-old Panama- top Of the i s auto ple skud fracture
subscribe," Churchill said. nian dived to- his death from In front of the I Areet an- No motives for AMlro'as .l-
subscribe dethe fifth floor of the Savings trAnce to the building. The cIgle leap has be
mkuu, Bank building on Central Ave- vehicle's top was badl dented
nue and I Street. and the rear whiow were M er, it s
A MC gas Amador More who police ,btteed ft
Ssamid had a piece of paper in de ed s

Al P Law school Washington 'Blabbermouths'
A s C eJustice William 0.
Douglas of e United States Buying Themselves Touble
Supreme Court will make hise
last pubic address tonight at 8
at the new Law School Audito- 0 -
rium of the Natiorial University WASHINGTON, April 20 (UP) Brownell gave some details of A witoj
of Panama where he will discuss -Government "blabbermouths" the new program in his D.layAabe
"Recent Trends in American who like to wow Washington at the weekend before the iT1
Constitutional Law." cocktail parties by telling how ican Society of Newspaper Edi- 1
The visiting jurist spent a much they know are headed for toms.
busy weekend attending the in- trouble under the administra-
maguration of the new a4veduct tion's forthcoming new serity .He emphasized that they new w"le
at Chitre on Saturday as guest order. program will be keyed to secur-4 N
of President Reron. Yesterdaytyrather than "loyalty." He
the world traveler took a boat go v do s the resent loyalty progr
excursionn to better acquaint not like them and Intends to as -completely unsuccessfuL"
h imelf ith the Isthmus. shut them up under the new or- "It endeavored to set up a non- to
This afternoon at one pmn der. According to Atty. Gen. Her- workable standard for employ-
justice Douglas will make a bert Brownell Jr, it will be is- meIs t," he said, "because it
extemporaneous address at o- sued "In the next few da sought to probe the employee's .9
.Adal lPanama beforedthe Ca- The executive order cover mind to.estblish Subjectively a jaiA
2Wa Zone Bar Association. all government employes and narrow test of the employee's loy-
T'onight's address in english wi~l replace the present loyalty alty."
at the Law School to w ich. the program started byformer Pres-
general public is cordially in- den Truman in 1947. He said the new program will
v ited end the five-day visit The new program stl will be be basem the presumption that 15
S Justice Douglas to Panama. aimed at government employes a government employes should
Translations of the text of the with Communist or other sub- be "reliable, trustworthy, of good
e will be available at the versive connections. conduct and character and of
in Spanish for those who But it also will be designed to complete and unswerving loyal-
desire them., hit at employes of unquestioned ty to the United States."
The Law School Is the new- loyalty who are nevertheless poor
S et building on one of the lower security risks:.,RoH
vels on the new campus of the Justice Department officials
national University on the right have explained that this latter
S hand side of the TraIns-lath- group would include homosex-
maan lighway for motorists uals. alcoholics, "blabbermouths,
driving from Panama City. and others with personalityB
Jtce Douglas will depart for quirks which make them careless
Washington, D. C., tomorrow about protecting government se-A
morning at 2:20. crets.Al

Ambassador Bohlen Presents toay in Securing hp for
tuna boat which was in distress
of Puerto Viejo. about 35 miles
Mis Credentials In Moscow Ri
ceived word from another ham
MOSCOW, April 20 in Costa Rica that the 2 4-ten
MOSCOW, April 20 (UP'- tons requiring adjustment b k ,ankee Clipper Was
American rambasador Charles E. tv.een our two governments ma, and in mediate aie
.-. ohlen presented his credentials be -eiled amicably. immediate d --
14Iay to Marshal Klementi Voro- "I shall actively work for saing upt10 Pi._o
*110k, presAit of the Soviet acli.--vement of these aims and I h
1ion. ho.iu that my efforts will meet Navy, -..iinaen- -
ohien told Voroshbilov that mih the collaboration of the of- hip ang to
the guiding principle of Amer- ficials oi the Soviet govhrn-fior tse v D to
ican foreign policy is peace. ment.govern- o
"An u s Aooeilgn oohicv the gov- "As amhissador of the United -o-,-
r .awmt of the United States is States I will endeavor faithfullyca

woId, enhance r. 'vect for pile who entertain feeling .of I .off the Tand hank
lsonal obligations and sincere friendshi. of the peopls of the apd iain,'*N
freindly relations be- of the U.S.S.R." peope The catin, -p
all countries," Boblen After the presentation Voro-ported the. w. Be
...shiloy and Bohen ret..ed to a pe abloea
s1cere hope do as friendly and col
1,-ay government tiat all que- dial.

it he last in tio n fthr9e19
ke two men, heboffld --? du
n Drt ed, W= keda with t1s
amiry talk ad hmtetd re-
angri nlhas n 4Mz
i fact, the dictator had been up the
riously cool towuo his ert- or of n
no confidant ever ance thee ous h b
returned from a uto pan
wsthortly after Mat Evas weeb,
th last October. NOTE Juan Duarte
arte had gole abroadosten- fourth among Peron' ar t Of
to contract toq CO0 conrmer cloe collaboratoto
otion of an el a *muso- suddenly in the past ye
in which Dofia n iS .
Should rest. The others were 1)
But runmorswere t. Dodero m, millional i
a Aires at the ma te whobe
rt tht G Oaucho's ea r".Y
I we _. mpan.. am then
4 Ad when. Peron forced
ste l his vessels to the ta....
eate I marine mono ; 2)
pthermore, it'. that er
pensive b p- police; S) l
dniePamo .ds czar of tgh'
y valued at te economy.
heir flfties. Darte
ateh 34th birthday
~mw~i .141 ha~*- It k. -

ami nU and HM
3c e substtte

BItook .lMAi
^S~- tour uses ...
-^ fti~ 1fl
niti t~fAtok M'' **

T~s Sl~n tm ---* UI'X
!d~iB~te <9I nwH

ati er-, ,,
Tr DR-EW r-in-lw resaiBA B
WAHINGTOA, HT been tdeSr
rrit and the country i s af4 AIam Uncol .aden death ofr lll ud had. I
-wand former 014 to
Om-o ty uan Duarte. dozen f or
' 14A, R. P., MONDAY, APRIL 20. ^ FIVE cmCE owr 1up one of fe ren mw

7 Ps For pdPnntheer pM t the ur
UmdeldeW y II ** note wus **i*O, m-office re-por loft kudilolit
Se.Newsmen wag ie- J toned during 4a ,m n
look only at typpwpittD uci", d d.,
According to this tW the note
ron In thei s r' IF-
Ic terms long familiar r arln
ro Big Power Talks
.o P a*1 wNheless, t oi *

; ",,L ..,.

U_ _



i.. .- -*',,"[! '


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