The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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RI ian A-Inac.ivity

Stumps US perts

WAa*a w Aperil 11 (UP) ernment has announced, on the
--TUoo cliah are at a bass of secret reports, that the
oar iW the apparent 80- Russaans .have a reserve of
ie in te field of atomic bombs large enough to
a attack the prildipal ioustrial
'h has passed and metapoltan. enters of the
ale b have set off 1.8. witb one- or imo boinbs.
a Government offlialp give this
That the So- as the as fo totr opinion
U scrqt ex- that Ra In aort to build
.le out a stole of a isfficient
Sam halnfal- number bombs I the ahort-
ah S rec- eat-possible time, hs deded to
p. follow eoclusively on oU desagn
leo set off of the,.jUat three tut& and to
y tIn Octo- concentate Its efortst on nu-
rwported marleaiproduetlon ratber tan
tha te several on exprimentlng with new
a ofr 0 t sizes, Lypes.
eto ctA In 5mber
rtaz." b t' I- esl ter Sp

UIL m thi in-
eS. n atiUp of the I
I O 'I sAfelct- Ra- rFm *
entllao' Urwt minca the fre- Back Friom M
qu#Me a* the nature of expe.
rtzpeMt t aiwaya Atrue yard- plfl Al Newport
d"to jroe melentlt prog- \ A NI
laudlng the eaosalosm made WEWK)RTI R., April 11 (UP)
,d Woild War It, the Unit- --Iht .8. destroyers return-
edt h t oft a total of Ingf ro Kokean waters via Su-
3 f ot djfferabt tyl, arPo ed hero today to a tu-
eW9 4 -th' .were exdeo arultuoss welcome.
ye .- one. to t t .
,Ba, nd andd 'boras blared and
'rDbt oig tat tux an s2reb6at sho1t stream
tIf he r dC- of w-tb into 9" air, the de&
t anEi.tat. wau stro er, aeiry', g.,2700 fenL ad
j: OleS:'&S 'P W t sep ette Point sft-
Ito flQ6 cirrksnw ~ 900*0 Abr

Close Follower s

Of Stalin Aim

Of Newest Drive

0 -
NEW YORK, April 11 (NEA) The first pure of
the Moenkov government is under way in Rusu. .
It seems so far to be directed at followers!nd. p.t
cies of the late Joseph Stalin.d
Latest Stalinist to be reported to have "d1
is Alexander N. Poskrebyshev, who was tor's.
personal secretary.
It seems likely that he ha.s "cleansing" b ready certain
been purged, like Semyon 0. Ig- poll.e -n Js appeartIg.
natiev, the goat in the fantastic ,. Th ai y of
"plot of he, doctors." Irgna- U u wap terated- -l-
tiev, a faithful follower of mer Wmlas with -e *
Stall, chief of the Ministry of t k less revereai
Btsta Sec:ritt, is charged with ft there alimot p t-
concfcting fase charge agal mir t eato o ither Inae
Jewish doeto- to Inflame "na- nes to orta e.
,otioalsf nostiities." At aii Bea, eir Ref ddo
seat lice, Is .Mart# C A
I--wroute iediatelr f wg strna Mn --o. t
th th o fatalin that.we a? t ms*t "C m i-- P e ^rw
o to e 5rat wm osrg
O a a's rise Is a the
noS&f tj

Pas To RaI .

sTBLLWATst, Wit. A
(UP)-C-BVicts rioted I iMS


..... I e;-G =I" Wo -
.a. oareend tbe aoetors awho er
SsaUpr eedly plotting to kuil'lrtt
r ai .ls, d ; zii AMC, ,l 11 .P)- Itceat event" even pat a k
ThS va AT telei iton stls hO- show s- tien mark oq Stalif's death I
poeoe -gd McMNair. notnerP was $.. *h ttcfer to- some observe. Did Stah Lja
Sy becauMp of I-yesJ-old natural death or dM r erld bl
kAith =toan I : r e? met & ahd in his M uhss em
Ia~t ted h ChC o .her Fantastic? Notif you wt
doble-lnderhtl a htofy ed Rusdal. Th late
rL af f-i f r lie. MBroyn once charged thtt
Urm 1 o aBtalln, in his ruthless eknto
SME. Susie Rol s .k 1edower, actually poisoned me a-
bj H In an auto-tandk WStsIt DIr W Lenin. Trotky was asusl-
W Phoneton, O., lust ttlay. Wed- ed In MeAco at -S 's be.
nesday an attorneY t hf f t.
IOT M, Aprl 11 (UP) heal Van Os of telelslto- .tMera oP to have Wt t
r-eta Cip Hobby, saec- tion WLW-D her. that he wcM a Mfr on Irilv, who had c
~e In history to be a benefit AJKi the i urance fo t enPLormos, powr Ita -
offcer, was sworn in to- licy for $6.oo., wl(ch doule a rnder the unee oftln.
rt aSeEary of the new In case of accidental death. a chie of the s ,
ant of Health, Educa- st 8tat Seerity, wih
t Welfarte, duca- At first the h e m younq t c aly ot_ edt ti
elSowere, who ap- announcer, IW-0D program ata w
aEsenhower, who wa- y, Oftieif], he *v 1-
her, was the first per- director, "thorughf soeon waa rst "gor
M.tuste the new ca- tryLni to pu U n e." aWt '- l. effs Ofth ai
rA. brit .the conclu- plalnlngthat hat*l" ia& ,added a iUitw
ts. brief Loath-takldng lot in till -"'
r In tbe White Houes, Van lo e caller be
wer .handed Mrs. and then had check,
r. bomanIiaon of office. only to divo cS all was a
he told her, "our true. ,- n.e
t longer sanl Mrs. Robho;-Oa.Ww snce
a In reference to the 1948, was enaadby D-A_ I
tifore her elevation to ton electric f 6 was an a.
naL she had been par- enthusiastic Gn fta who
tIn cabinet meetings- never missed- mat show hae t
aldent's direction-as and frequently attded Etch-.
t old Federal Securi- e n in Cincnt i, ColuiMna sa
1aration. Chicago. .s. -





b Take

told me th%- '
dustry, Polticsa"t'p W -
Byi esahv the same wages asalnoat all the pattern machines Stalin Itipi. s eOd '
and other processes. and sot
Sa bW -econd factory, a n- The man who purgM tabf
Xl K out 25tons of Karuv reminded us that his ba Beia.
irue- d per day, almost aRl factory kept a workers mploym- ,-
rCa from top to bottom, were ed during a p atf.' moel re-
conversiont A in the "npteld I
isanovich ~rov,,dlre- States workers. a laid off" at
Sth6 Stalin auto work, such t~o. I hai.
kIetly like a successful I bided my Uipe fr the ques- I
aAcr in Amra, and tlon and inswr perled. We had '
gnwig and marmerism asked Im Na-abost bor, work
" aie-ipme told us that of week, etc. and I Mad:
' sO 'm ars in 'his fac- "We are aeanuOamed to the
r,- p e are girls and meth ia oi r gle plants of p l
bdr s telephou and a eO the work week
on his desk nd p b Ctiltlinn. Why lto iK
Ihe bona asitaken tor a Ut dem. In the YMSSAT" g ii
from howa). ia Soviet lAw set
Vwe griped s the awairke t ht
brunbrsburg" on oe hor =t j al d s r wk.l
Tpeahoa pressed, and 1t. He to explain tht iy
'W "at 9s a1 steel" en themr ws. emet between
etesri and worker" bt staem ata
girl wrth lon tog h te rasietn I judged tnhat le f b
K out f punch momh- e f the fulfillbh as uii*uiu|I*i M sel
t~li a. asbpe l ivot4 dbh a rset fors uW It
MWO. ballmm. 12 Wa Mortaf fetotIn OW n-eibt
Nwt, Was.

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btir a

ide ,the

Man m

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S :


tos Yugoslavs

. Retrie'


ve Humor,


BELGRADE, April 11 (NEA) Peasants in fur hats
and sandals turned up at the end like gondolas carry
squealing pigs down the main shopping section. They
pass diplomats' ladies rocked in the latest from Paris.
That's two items why this capital private property
of Marshal ("Don't Call Me Dictator") Tito is con'-
fusing enough to make the zaniest Hollywood screech:
"Cut! Too many characters on the set."

S It's my firs' visit he
STito convinced Waahin
no longer belonged to

ere since
igton he

Balkan Bush League.
He nas now changed the
Salute of the clenched Com-
munist fist into an itching
Spalm extended for the A-
maerican d'llr.a and guns.
S Thumbed Nose
Whether you like Tlto or no,
he did thumb his nose at the

Maybe Malenkov still hopqs
to hang Tlto'j wionde scalp olt
to dry. At least one of Tito's
Government pals thinks so. He
told me: %
"Sure. We re very nervous
about sples. You Americans
have an ocean between you
and the Russians we're next
There are scads of gray-
uniformed soldiers around
utr4fh e tar n ithir fatlHriu

K rem lin w ,m rea a on t.a.. .

SSWoashington Couldn't

SDigest Georgetown
o -
OQ '1N 1April 11. out of exittence, but wiped out
a wallowed the an- all its old isreet names.
niad dty of O e The law lwueA until Septem-
S' was made. timber 22, 1950, when-modern citl-
nn tion. but to V=M-ta of the old deep-water river
i r -baen able to dl- pr had the satisfaction of see-
."- '" it reppealee and Georgetown
A. '-establtned under its own
8i ImgSMail the name, even tnough it still re-
iIa geSa malned officially aLpart of fhe
i tr- District of Columbia.
thel W ilet The original street names -
ruled Bridge Street, Pshing Lane,
SPmander Wadk and the lik-
que enactment in 1895 are going back again on the
aet only legalhated Georgetown lamp post under the modern
Washin tn letUter and number
1, ,a A *-- -r 1-

Tbe P nac w tes ney, a

Very T George wn .himUe." noiV'
... r longer as deep s It use to be
Ln. -April H (UFi because o' sitng and lowering
A re no longer so of the water ta In he tWash-
e "shy and with- Ington area.
lIs a cause fr wor- Where square-rigged India-
men with .argoe of silk and
jewels from tae Orit used to
i^ hmited at the an- anchor in a deep bay, there is
- clOzfeten of the Ameri- now nly dry land traversed by
can Orthopaychlatric Asocia- a ahao creek
aon, ihowd that 4 men and The creek sa Rock Criek,
omen who had been In the k wow to m~lloa" as the pIQa-
"sy and withdrawn" category sant little stream meandeQtng
chbrendhad turned out pre through beautiful Rock Crpek
OL -U Park, a lonti ground next dow
r Donald P. Morris .o the to the Wih1 ton Zoo.
u tooi 8phool rortd Or hlearyqld wind scanlc
st at t.e. oniOne hot- Rook Creek'Ad Poma Pom ark-
'tfted. ways, used by thousands of.
motorists who commute to the
One has the impression," Dr. Pentao BulMlng in nearby
Sid, "that mort of the Virgia.
mit h whom we diagnosed Kinny story is based largely
t to be average normal on original research and conr
in most respects. The tains a wealth of little-known
i ont inues to be quiet facts about his subject, now a
strabl in their employ- favored residential msotits A-
amt. BKeurity on the Job la thority of the national Commia-
S my emp ed am on A l Of Fine Arts is needed for
Orr a1 04
lr. Morris pe"ea out i r iOa Mth gis tre Me1-
ie n in t 'he .glp -t o ts
nd "a more iSu.f part ifrR-1cle Is voted
Wmman became t. to Georgetown UnIvestl, od'-d
to hkactlvitIes."' IA et Catholic idlbOtuton of high-
o. er duattonL An the A -try, .
Tbe involved, In the idy 'rit .usbh po rth et Ma.
d tracer of I ity crtptya to .f-tlW Twain's Tom
.. tne ren.awer W Jc td Sberldan-.
'~db ita Jlt School tor and are triouMd
et iome-o piiona. .e; the university
ver-con-oea.ed about nay. ".

rACES iO C LAv, 3as: Red siirsns; aevenT froa yesten
Tito' sanlor@ (eft) a ed s Nern (center), who m igle on Belgradne'
peasants, like the old et n (right wKf'.t r hat of unlfoo*
caps, a hangover from yester-
The troops are too poor
paid to buy a girl" hlivv -
the local Jly juie rugged e-
nougk to gag a crocod2e.
Strapping Types
rm glad they re on oqr aide,
for sney're nuge, strapping
types vwit shaved heads, jact
boots, and a oloody guerrill
lighting luaswry.
Perhaps hs partial payoff
for toe iree giul from Iletrot,
Tito has maoe eorain reforms.
A lad I kho beak when
Stalin's portrait shard waL-
space with Tto's said: "At the
Lniverstly we no longer have
to labor ons 0blo mw'ti1pn
and Marxis .m, a eomalbery
course, has been dropped.
There i; proXise or further
freedom in offidal Titaland's
new sense of rumor.
SIh A cartoon m "Porcupine"
utdatov wMh:
Pataens: speaking through
his nose: "Can you remove a
tooth, wnlle my mouth li
Lentist. "InpoMsible. Why-?" In Belgrade, where a modern. boi
Patient: "I opened it A o horne hauln a anelent wagoN
years ago and just got out of

w cut

born TgoulaMv faimerr i e-m
ed TkiWi as ftltiMal petaa,.
whieh tried to .dtmi thelr
er plow. te' beowtMr guy e-
nonth to admit this.
Prinitie d ij
Pretty prt fie folk, who
eo9ldn', rezFge l eleqio ra-
ors, .let luoaiblflke they
horse-ana.walo lat Bel-
gre at xi. with the wy'a
unaationr. eats.
Outdoor market traditions
allow samples, and farm wom-
ea wearing six or eight em-
broidered sttioats set up
thimbles o tree win and
slivers of cheese for prospec-
Uve celentj.
Another hint that handcuffs
are tb brighter clothes.
WhJle age iU average comrade
would oam b have a hang-
man's neose ateund his neck
*. th&. Now most favor clas-
sy eravat.
Women's Hats
.And a hapov woman told a
reporter: "A year back a hat
was ascistM' and no woman
would .lare to wear lipstick,
gall polsn, o01 jewelry. I had a
hat but kept it-in the closet.
"Now I have Ibres hats and
wear them."
Why n0t If Tito can take
tea with tLi .Que! of Eng-
land. Desa lc can
sport a catlit bonlnq.

, "

factse omptidithd'" id,
The reilts. of -40lk
olrar that g6odAliMthl.l
The. weaeehw.t'
specwmled as noP
t.h.mU the sense of
we and the jU

led them toi aoeett s u
$hat zlbneu aA a
oi povOPFrtOrL i9Al

(Nta Photo by Fred pArs)
Ld rl.e edbwi woho thIbew
dfaora a baeermund fo;
leaIded wit wood fitno town,

2 i

r-. (NEA Plt t by Rod plka.
MARK ISNT A M jiT~ 'Twp Yugostlv eo- frame the new
"Economl unieiity." there they're talHd fort tvesltAnt
work. KrealnU no longer a oOmPS D r eom ,.

Nylon In Kneecap Helps Arthritics
S. i, ..-o-- '-
CHICAGO Abril 11 (UP)-A American A idemy' of Ortl-
nylon membrne Inserted Into pliedlc Surgeos.
the kneecp has proved help- The nylon membrane 1s uA4
(ul in tm v k motion to line the ee Joint and
In ar.tri o- patonta, Iuccord- fastened to the 'too br w
ing to four urpon jsjodeavqel- stldnlss steel stall.- .e,
oper t t hnque. Ir on membrane isw'f0
ed, they lad, beOnS" It l
Drx. obnm 0. Kuhns,, Theo- not absorb water amd Is
dnre A. POttW, Robert B. 6r- ant to ehemiuals.
rnll] and Wtl m A. EUlaton of
the Robert L3 htl.ham oa The docto saaid tblwU V
tnl in n BewtO -llerlbd the usod the beratondi oa 'oW
operation_ n at a meeting of the tierts. .

L..b Gets
LONDON, Api.l .1 A) -
The word has gone around that
Scotland Yard u out to up
the "M'Meri y, em W lr4 '
before Coronan n. TeyiEthe
call-girls who operate out of
Lad X's luxurious apartMent.
They are, for the most part,
beautiful, elegantly-dreued wo-
men many of them well-
educated and with ia unerring
knowledge of vintage hham-
ey are all a& allable fr dates
with tired busineamen or tour-
ist at prices ranging from $0
to $15M a
some of them are married to
busineasmen, acept dates mre-
ir fWo asLk an mm-

Moral Scrubbor Coron

SUS; u and mie




* --I
IA6 biaii

ea as sdallby hard- lab colonel .reoo -c feii o u d o
Vrne& with ae. one of her cheats o dottlI
low rw9long ago to pay my hasband'si rit." -
tMt Lheat-treated Slum- OUV L/ e *
Sk ept It "e" It n"t" Lady X, heIself, Is th wife of
Ia lOikaat BriUsh pee. 8he isa -
bheed keeps the deep aso the mnada oi one of lan-
Sthe -M s deta thtrty-sev call-rlr syn. there wil be any national dame aniwa
e time Its heat- dicatea arrests, but insiders may that views new
S the time it is to This week. Lady I and her should lu Yard decie to "on
or" sisterss in t.uains are not talk- tear the ld oil L a's sex-for- v ftoj
the plant to ing on telephones to strangers, sale racket, It w ld make the
rua of identical and regular cutomenr are, re- New York .Jl *o tril look 1 -ti
a or millung a- quired to gitw elaborate paiss. ld la esn'm syndi
Sp a large words and counter-slgns. Some th tefe I swapping
a ady to be In view at the impending .acb srmnaUse has headquar- helping ac
Coionlon tio t as doubtful that teos ble 1 huap sa. 't Mi rs ular .I



~, I,.

wo ..e .I __ a .. .. t f



--- ~. -~rri-i -isR1-I~_ ~- r._------~--

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--; -_-- I


* -s ,

"Su ,tAUK'i. v. ...-,

mernment dxperta my the Arirlr Si "
e likes old shoes and belts,
or without buckles. He eats The New
Because be really does "A ui e -
a, t becan. tbmae ia

e, lizards, wild birds and

f rom

sulihtly better th"

A: "T I N
You a dpend on it


, i *

-- .--.- -- '--. kaiifi li


1 yews of

4- .. i M -

r ___ __ ~ _~_

from England the only Aushorised

The excellent per-
formance of th .
many adaptati o n 4
of "the WilUamson
Amplifier attest to
its basic qualities
for Ckgifid elity re-

None, however, was
authorized by the tlik
designer D. T. N. Wilailnso n,'nor" approved uas delvr.
ing the full per4inthno of .4

ponentsa mdb InO e in Engoand iaondwr ft etW a
supervisn. Eiaah of -tOwe applifiAT1 brws His _
nature. If you ae planning tv buy an ampIMer, we -
sugfest that you first visit the address below for.a
demeMntration of the Authoriazd Wi liamon design
illustrated, ,

Sold es vdely in Pasa
,nd &e Canl Zone by


No. 3 4th Street Bell Vista

Ift perse b

''-* Alftlek Air home Bas-

im in -
ja i" '- ?* -> -

siggillnuluing I i sI ip a I V N

T ": ;" ..
v '1,, ,



',,gLn f f I
*--f. *

In Insect6, his 4wtp uAfrom
co-! r .rH a w tU
.a"o. rt aho pioton Ivy
Mand the fruit of prickly pear.
While the experts agree the
coyote does much uamange t!
., .

t S.
i .Zin


Vu)anning your

,IlW )'-,

iL ,l ,!3f


Latest stylps in lovely Gabardine, unorushabh.
Lirrn, lightweight Wool all celors, past
shades tool

WAMsMWot April 11 -
T h is r at Cit of the
west dEftsl=*d V their
edr wer,b&t eCM in the
r.ot tthe _,me Cok t h Y
boe would, 3a.;s1 o
ge. Ntlona- oc S ocle-

t be t he In arBe e
Iat torie Lee o af fM@Ato

oe I o tWth feeatept

e JS rhw bwlal* Iorder
. .eo rwsph MUon I
io be the bsct pm&i=tlf

a .U t rM ; th e c e, n a mo e
Of Chain. th a~t

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:.cq-;. ...


". to uvnoc, or so mthe
he a ave liaCngrag coryl

AGeo-lio tm. 'ol, and. U
ffISnSSa-e srtrdivalt *whbe
W e .8Is t-otft ast, hoems
is a eh-b ktr s r way to
- faft.-Or the c uotrl.
MI th04 or yeanr bes lam
bW-P aor Anpre ladtrn
rtmron Xtlnen to. yorwab
hf t lltt proifttle ad
=ertouoroua. kn ow how to
"ke1p41ut o futo luht ranpa.
It *baiill to potof or trap

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t~n*~i ~ir

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la -

to kock yo
the beauay screts

,f HellIwd's
Lveliest Stars

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N See ed Heoar
Min MerlseBt irywo
sali H M- Fawer
Wm*ood Make-LUoi

SsMlx Factor lollyweed

Art Sc*eel of Make-Up

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SgE...AmAl a DeBMmtoBdl, fthe

mLEARN- .'l CnectColor Hermony Way se
Sr Yri Own Make-Uptl


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PagalC...we &ams wd. Asueding Thw* Chmel
..IL' -r pwtm wai- i *- CAW


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WR.ed lnu4 *ig


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It A.

Est I *ded

By- Cooe


Gorgeous SUITS

nte t ar In
iFs.ld =rl ma-e

I. L. kJ.


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Go"d use of Space provided In wall and bass test eMbinot at he
ilversly of Ilnnois home economic center uarse lagre-
me*t for home kitchens. Simple handmade metal rAets ite
Inside of doors to keep small articles safe and aeeeuib le, dwter
shelves are kilht Inches deep to secommodate larr be wt and
packages without overerowdinl. Note the pull-out h edM. vWr-. White Dallas dkifners plane t &ib enplu. i on'eaelthe r W
sized drawers for speefifc storage of utensils, psas, foUr anda NOar. outdoor living, they ao de-dremysepartes sad dreeo d
;Red bandana shlrt- eft) Is teaied with t cfor Ieket
and shorts in sun fashtons by Lemh of Dal Is
SBY KAY SHERWOOD repeated on Jaeket pokeot as trim. Marge Werh uses
N A Staff W writer 7 ...,....
0 i..10l t --
Afo matter how we doll up the rearrange pots and pans to bet-
face of the kitchen with paint, ter advantage. You can also re- BY GAILM DUGAS
pr and plastic, it's still es- vamp existing cabinets. NEA Woman's Eitor
tally a workshop. So any- Miss McCullough recommends
*Wi We can do to streamline storing utensils and nonrefri- DALLAS -(NEA)- In this
W In the shop the more we berated foods at the poin of riendly and open hearted
i*l -enjoy It. first use. This means that-cake southwestern city (the Texans
.. a barred veteran in the pans, muffin tins, cookie sheets like to call i t ig D"), fash -
t : of the bulging cupboard, as well as Ming spon, bowls, ion is first. On the streets of
1i know that inadequate and etc., should be stored near the Dallas, you see many 8nprily-
rloy planned storage is a ma- flour, cake mixes, sugar, spices, dressed women as well as the
r bugaboo. Some of my de- and so on. skillets, griddle, a tall, lean Texas men In their
t. are my own fault. A saucepan or two and the" Hds .western suits and broad-brim-
jurel-like tendency to bu y should be stored in or close by med hats.
lxcans when I can store only the stove. Sounds obvio aus,
:Sr, is one. Another, I found doesn't it? In the summer collectioUens of
the other day. is poor use Look around your own kit- Dallas designers, cotton IS ktng.
1 he space I've got. chen and see if your utensils It gets many treatments. Der-
... of the fault Iles are really handy. I wa) U- n or Utn may tbb trisi.-
.ith *e builder who tacks up a praised t find thaG by ao etw iO rattf )a or
mte. embineta and calls k Iwo ca pns and. a ok with black si4 braid. tt are
SAlso, most standard sheet from the Stove stbrae An stripe (soine worke dia- i-
eihiet design leaves a lot to drawer to a base cabinet rack W.DnAdy), ponshod = embrolo
idealred; and transferring pot lids fro lend b -stes an any prints,
Ddes this, for example, look rack to stove drawer, I save these chiefly In sundresses.
*dr? I mean a neat, deep about eight trips back and forth
l'cabinet with two shelves across the room every time I The sleeveless dres with lit-
t evenly spaced? This fix dinner. e jacket or stoleand the hal-
maai we stack canned goods To give wall cabinets xearterte. t (reUSolacn t h he al
in (aw, especially on the top flexibility, shelves should be sun drew) are important at
4Wt where there's more room. easily adjustable. In test .ca- nas all Dallas houses. The
Then you reach for the split pea binets, Mis McCullough ased hath with scooped neck or
which is the third can two metal shelving stripp at cmose-V nicksn, l strtght W.
bae behind mushroom a d each end of the cabinet. Shelves and down. It ha a lght rAa
tainato. If you're careful, skill- rest on supports and can be edge over the wide skirt, though Cshin a E i VS Il S[
,al maneuvering will free the moved up and down in a mo- many 6Of these fuller skirts aretJSe e-de h &
.can In a few minutes. If you're ment. This idea can be adapt- shown and RM
Ai a hurry, tomato scores a hit ed for our cabinets without too ad 8"401o awdo
|on your head. Besides, lUttle jars much trouble. Even the jackets worn over a-M OmSS. se,' 4 women
84 boxed~s of spleas get lost and Her test wall cabinets are 12 sheaths.are sleeveless" These a yr'e s dry a .U
ie oW a a deep shelf. inches deep. At the mixng- cen- for the most part, strain hse a
Th*1t'A to be done? Space spe- ter, interior shelves are shnved match-box types. For the print aKdt! D D
ty of Illinois home e- n:h and a half to three Inc hes Inblackcotton.
tOrics staff gave me some deep, are lined up the nide ,
pers. Miss McCullough, by of doors. This gives ea a-o of red enliven the a
way of Introduction, has been cevaibtlty and safe storage for a tes group. This red may g iar go ep
doing research on the problem small bottles, spices and k aear embroidered arrows,
of ce design for household ages in the racks. Larger -bote- ioot'pocket or collartrim. e
Or for several years. Her tles, cans and mixing bowls are In the dresyseparates, favorite *
r y published findings in a ,lined up single file on the clor combinaton Include W ON 4 1 in
bulletin for the University of shelves. A lew are n ed two white or natural, teamed with
Agriculture Experiment dpO black. BY ANN TTlE BWETT
a Is as absorbing as the bEDITOR'S NOTE: "M Mia Ir
e whodunit. en eCaullohM s boFok- Terry gets a big play in sun-' a
,T make storage easier and Design for HouseholdS tr|4p' clothes. One designer makes a NEW YORK -(NEA)- One
Sere convenient (assuming is Bulletin 7, VUn 'Of Ihe t -Uke, long-sleeved d res society wo_*n'0
that you make do with what n A bAlture Ixfz i- of I trims It in linen and belts placenH mcprce -
You h.e' you may be able -to ment StYaPrices- l .. calf. she. alo use it in scribeditsa Cuban
--- ---- -n se colors (hot pink, bright girl, MaX : rbid, decided to .
"tuui and mbnes it wih do some dif erent-- h e
linen in shell pink or fleece now makes her living under
I /blue. water. .
..--..._.,,10 CShe met her husband And
A straight sleeveless sheath business pArtner, Bronson Bart-
,^ [ .rtes in shl plnk linen has ley, five ."l -oago, when *he
^^^^^H Tells Wifet mf hng I own little jacket in hot pink was 19. As lftrt of his court-,
B^^I ^ '-"- ""t rUterry, lined in pale pink linen, ship, he t 'll81r down to al
^****"^^^ -- land s g i *& *, moatrl met tet under the
ED^^^ R Im s Only DefeedM Feeling oBermuda w Te Then he had ,

Is- OFHELPFUL HINTS msh--angelf .nd parrorw o o
KS a"-- to .*..-** hOgflsh, auinpS and man h y *
nne wrote me to comment on a recent column In whu h o I --- others. "
ise the successful man's wife who leans so much on his To say he md friends ith
b e, that she becomes dull and uninterestng herself. Protect the outside of a wood- them is no ratio. They
says: en salad bowl with a few thin w h cl lan
I happen to be the wife of a successful man. Am I dull? aoats of fresh white shellac, unusual oCe .t t at/l h
Imtrn probably considered dull. But why? For the simple ea- taking o btef- uder a -
4t I have been living the kind of life my successful husband -- ter to see sH aad ve.
mI i "me to. As a result, at the are of 45 I am a little son e w e ro getaUon '
a^HHat''A wafle iron grid mustn't' Bronson Has blIp taking r- M
*oell~s rder for my man to be successful. A had 'o remain at be acrubbedbut you can soap ple under water n the h
with the children, doing all the housework' ookin, wash- dwn the outsle and the edges f 11, when he 5th5i5 w
ki M pting, even the Jantor and yard work, because may h- An electric toaster must never d heleta frhi
Was always t bu t to do anything at home. be immered, butr shake out the his friends. h we si, --
I"bl wanted someone to come in and take care of the chdren crumbs and then soap down man hem sn skep
JHilnmsla o that I could so with my husband on Abusiness trip te outdde. Bleetlre roast 1n he knows oe wel-- are a
ll always said we coulflnt afford it even though I thought and broiling equipment can be g same fios w -Ths
taeuld. I ftt it was more Important for me to go with him q taken apart for sudsing. that t om we
usgnm,' wth lwy ot life .n or a to ple up m qney he ofers thes foodm "
^^P^L ButI alwa s. got alK bg *-o. -- musels, i d mmarks o0 J
ih allh thee years I have gne on bu ouone bastes trip with e sh
Sband Mdf heard him deliver only one speec a A good tri cke for Identi oou Wa .n
ilfd be certains beotoe you t a ^. y
pw~~a t t oe pc aItro hlc t b'almthbxt~~ ~Ztspitrass ~(l~~dub o a
iaab e ehlog t ih nh de Bcs ts lcs e dn or n t nm rpm a l

:g;c' ---

II* ~ ~C~iLrVli~bC?1IClr i
~s 1Ctt3s~

ron ^wr..tnw
if -.: ; '' '* > i -*<


1, *

A g if at.a .
e.. ,* p.l 'p ..- u-

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; '/ ^^'; M' ^ I
I;-.- ,". r LL L ;,."f '**'fl H


lo~~:~i~iod 2d.3

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~ A'141)

a snppe I am to blamf for tiefaCdthat t- tlae age f down towash la to m
oe ofthose duln wives who hasn't kept up wtlh her hu- one with a different
eo can thus avid .
-deb that aou are dull. For from theo und of your ~r ocf t"-"not i ow _a -
Sj rnU -. HBut Uym b. iPpw hueiM get it on which
Aft =11 a dictator.a ma t ae a duser
,It never too late for the worm to tamrn. And I eolr tead ar right
at"l You tarnins .et windows
y dinS
cMa b ending some mdney on aof. Ot M ,dft .
Mw aman Bee what tae beat astyt .
s do about your looks. If you ar overweight et year
m ough so that you c l -pO me way ,pS nam'
ot and make a place or yourself in yor own coumma- oid If t. Is
* l A t husb and know that your sty-st-home tr
dan edtht tyou intend, from nown, to afetI lee himb .t e.;h as
aesoer.n Rememberyn. puam,'t dlU. You'v]e I d R 1
Wdeted. Bat you da't nwd to so oa n laS
-r the ret ofyi. ___ ________ _______



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EZMlljJVj-M KBH~f^.n.

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Artiit Here


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up art


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'w r aewow'
aP gAe rTlr to
OB F pitr- e f

for Iht..1 ta
um m we.. hr tel the
F... f th* world ii
rFURS '.ar' nd fel u
iulw obligation ; WN ad oterskl
or it.. There be that vital


S re too. 7tlor.
M go.
- ma net stud- a or a l't
St ptnupgt think oft appearing Ia a mke-
te atr.- up that wasn't altdlt 1IM In
.-.o pa- p Its tup to the moaMalt styiah-
I tlon ne and. yo'a shouldaft either.
s a m T ske-up classes conduct-
parla ed by the trave a miak-up
artlt from tbi film capital wul
n ta this atart Monday. There Is no
S R Idabe chafse for admisibi to their,
H .16 bewww, I- .. ..
as ILaeM- Cade..

S toe Yole. Expedition
te Il. t-Sfudies Fiies
tladlectual -
f r Toly Off Peru Coast

Sthe qabol of ocean oraphc Labo atae
SastoYnk rae evrmty, w Ni .
tU b2, th .. a ent an espeditOh to
a Bru tie South atc a e Prcft
ga 0t4- coat )o asudy hlios or t


co- .

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aF Co1 solo t~emI -
wqtasro a
hht Pom- th

d- m: at
w Qtell of lone ai
days, a
bit b y- venutdat
fl *rl and. b"
w lank,

But they certainly dto aot
ti m at, tmkmt a t61 -
have an ecluti6 li ly t .6
tis. Tly'hele, "
that many H bon' .
at soul with an ir-
perfect knowledge *
et'utfkt will #a _
aYed by the race will
-of Jm.) But -s ...

Rebbab eblareassi IWi
portait if t

do sot Tnt iaoei. "

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In h'h ltroductl, Toi

chanUgq ace tir
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he ato of arn w bra

e-ee on I ulc a
an- 117 foot helaquarter
lab atory ship and two fhng




hi., ter yeaa bin lotea rst
Ifh 4 definitely to aMillan-
I oilght be taken an an hi
atl, .that n a worl4 of
lMmh# ftar and hatred chrs
blli dhe AIt becomes n-
Bule np dlioult even for the
.iMi to maintain toward hu-
uty an attitude of aloofness
-Paul Mocanyl.




MARCH 31, 1953

Cash and Due from Banks .
U.S. Government Obligons .
State and Municipal Securities .
Other Secuites. ....
*Mortgages .
Loans .. .. .
ccrued Interest Receivbl. .
Cultmers' Acrppumce Libility..
Banking House ...
Other Assets. .


\T I
,. .. *, -

Other, LIares 23,460; .
Acceptanues Out(rlin|g 344
Iess: I Portf 2,6a ,

tl $ 11 ,~',00.00 .r

Surld" .' 2194)00000.00

Profit .

. 47,723,097.55


P ftoLted fat therr Ubtrma, Oyuev nm
.Sete wrj pI d lr b SEwkmiIIcI *'
ethl O-.d for otti puamaq.s erflw *p3uw1 bj lu. '"

m W f ft a two a damwmea


I ,". -



f. we rW.:. psaed to ounce that the new Telepone Directory for 1953 SMW
Peady for d aj d W will Ustart deld;-ring is th o yer hoMe or o fficen -A 4
I l rae hA"ir 1958 Directory at hund in order to excange rthi for your new r4*Jo
ale 1953. .
leao .. .,

her begs
105; !

80 you e have not reeelved your new Direcory and your telephone W,
" piws cnal a the Fiers. y Lus Ofi.e 8Aiding on Ceantr A q
ISWt 1 "3" c ao s ou Branch Office. Smwel Lewis Street, -r Stbii t
to JVieowl del Corae6n dO Alaria, /or yoer eOpy o the 1953 Dl(lbty. -

1953 Telephonl Directory may be pwurhed tas


has been ad always will ba a get flr 5
the dev btop and p a Lpro 1o
/ '* .

iks o. the

La'- C-.a~

.4rr.5 -*

m4 A ,I,; -f We C' l b a
W 4 .' 7 ..1
an,'i ... ;,tiu-.' .

*.. ." I' ,
-* if.. .*t
.t .-l.. ,,.?4,1 '


Fro-ttsuues "
Any wmaSnd wlhes m a -ettWc wa $rt
a pear a and Ralph M. Lapp who was AmistanI
g s plants Laboratot y Durtor of the fart-
ascreen ous Manhattan PIject. He coa-
Sthat ttld hbe worfter t ., war
favoring With 0o in watuees
effects cap for year sand
t bI now in private buwnm an an
A The c6mtplet t of new.

tor art school (O
at Phamssas
f t an4 trr Iie

inssL ] r t he &lWt oa
th effects
neO/i' eup.O .0- .
wh the rage ;
to Mho fdicult to



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'3t* tWeir
tin Gaiu.

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rd. J. C
rk. I. C.

- alspas-
Id sB am a
S, t o In-

, A I reIne
I. .a.

n *an a I
nw iri f


loan. emmn.ulmE, irldo
tea (Moidum t1U). ai

o it tlow.

0,. V.1
14 e oIJ


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F.* ; .w .w t .wi4. J I '.J
p i'l. I-V ..-
- : -N O. .
Own ,.: "

-- -- __


~`5~ ..' E: TA. L7

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rod war


.... .. -i .

o Sell 'em... When You Tell em thru P. A lassifds

I"ave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "IR" ,J. ,
-' n* No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n .

59 5. -U- --~~~
i~.-:. -~ut

niialts I

.ei$i Service

Salan de Belleza Americano

Eb. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2201, and No. 55 West 12th treet

orrio ul Ave -Phone -044
Fourth oj July Ave -Phone 2-0441

Agencia Internaciouade Pblkcacionies Prla A. .
NI. Lottery Per -- Phon 2tudl St.
No. 3 Lottery PlaEa Phone 2-3139 Phones 3-Wfd, M *. @ N ,I

L A MdA- ll A AklI"^lIt

Automobiles go "M --,
Household Aulomobie m e *arsMs
t AL l bed ".-matrressiFOR SALE -Ford, '46 model, 2-door 201 Anem. C 2.
. -, good cond..... $20. 2-43961 VS. good Shape, radio, best offer;
" .non .. 20. 2- '96 re odersh 8 S&Wd. 1303 Old DR. WENDEHAKE Medical Clinic,
tte.r 7 p.C. -~rlstobal room 123. Central' Avenue & K Street Corner,
F ALE--25-' cvcie Norge ash,,g.I -- Telephone 2-3479, Panama.
Whir E Ecer cOdC RCe- nhR FOR SALE --1947 Buick Super, ex-
Schine. overhoucIn. c 00 5c65- .ellent cond.t on. Qtrs. Locona 2.. SPECIAL ICURSIOSI
"n~tIy overho, le, 0-' ULJ 3544. MOM PANAMA "O MIXICO
-Hair St.-bo egh; Apt. B Tel. Roomon 3544. ROM PANAMA M ICO
1. Hains St. D.obio leght, g-R aone way $85, round trip 135 (15
E 'LEG --c- c Fr.g.dolre reIFOR SALE -1948 STUDEBAKER_ 4 day-lrnl, S169.00, good one ar;


Greihg.- Sente Ocara"Mo.
SIl. miE' octre i n te eM, aet
Id v. AJwdete mnt., ToleI Te
441 WaLns: 4561 Pkdro MW
our. ..:. -

Wili Cla r e -.h ct-'
tgm. 2 bedm. rerlgrAtipOn.
Rockgeo rangm.- albeo 2-9050. wfk-ando
Pipfe. Ocenside cottage Santo





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1: 'ntff

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, "f^

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' .cwl

;S th.oh ardap. .

ACREi. L 3
F V-,ovey, Inc,'l
"iv AO T-L -I

Lorst uaxter. S A.
gf tgl ovlng. storagr Ym
O&w.arnd crate or mwv t
!Wn. 'Phons 2-24C19
162. Panami.

msdhold Exchange
41' atmabile Row


Anol-Row No. li
Tel. 2.4U i

ie GanK repo -roW a-
Atement of o*drkBd .
stion todaY. ?
ont:r howetfI
0e emd o0 1,were subft
Shiher than a year a
arch' I .ere ,OUl
[rcth" *015 W,4
compared with 2.5111397,
u and $3.15M0,
h 1. 191.
;h t:h end

~lD t t o .
Ana ad PAt

irst amTth end oF~f

Mi ntf (ti

.h .,


pectvr, a eat randep

on thet a an5 te eel- a

t rsru.{Wa or the Federat

1,0005 ets Neither was Interet
* "est}. lUa~ cruclal time i4
6o Ven' latory, red
rbftidt B P .ltk .U
S asa- th ca
-e.t .., h
I*6 im remaining

.cr ti-- -
t MOMtJ., a at

.i.. .r e a I- '

.f th h
ca fo I. a t .din lL-

15i3~ .0

-r .

.+.. BE/

otor, 2'-ce electric ta door0rlo. Goodf ires to LOS ANgEIS, ,ne way, $I1$.14. ClWarI. ea 435, flboao. Ph
bthte ct.rce. Phone -3702 c cond ronr. 695.00, 1950 .drip, $252.5t 90 Podey-Iih). .- 187, ,Crtobel i-
9ab PONTIAC Convertible. RO a d 1a0 pnee sDiupit SwSC OnS r elde
i9 B. W-S-W trbo 51.30r1.U.0 194Y Nel (Autemebile inwl. T. FOSTR'S t 4nt" O 0be
SALE Rctran, su.t. stuo.o BUICK Super Lonvertible. New top. PeUme 2-155. Sptd Clra. Compl.tey furnishedi. t
s lamps double bed, gas refri- V-S-W t.res Good conation, $1,- .. Gas Refr Iitors and Ito .
ator and c.te er ,ems. Telephone 300.00U, 94I BUICK Super -i-door FIRST INTERNATIONAL Motor Show y k r Ga lri,. Phone Da gmatle -
774. Sedor. 'ery good mechanical con- Canal Zone Timing Assn. coming 2-0 70.
--- e n-o~u ..e ron, $;:,0.Lu; 1949 FORD Cus- soon. Owners of unusual trapor-_
ALE:-3-o.ece Iv ,ngroom suire O. t-door Sedan. Radio, $99.- station willing to show same, call FOR RENT
0.00; 3 rugS Critobol 3-324. Balboo 2-2926$ 0, two
:hairs $300 each. tob.e lamp c 141 BUICK 4-door Sedan Cristobal3-324.Balboa2-2926,
House ir 83-C Goab lamp do Goodmechanical condition. Na3590 or Albrook6._ HOU e
00._ CAus: 19W CHEVROLET ito- -I -ses
SALE:-RCA Cornole rcdo.;_ ,, or srlon. e* N ,tres, I,.,UO. I FOR SALE FOR RENT -Furirshed house for 3
as; Bendix %r.ling;. ee these cris nd many more or months. 3 bedroom, 3 baths. 9L
,Ch.nese red. 10x12: vacuum ALI i.O tIS NMAN Usec Car Lot, MiscellaDeous swimming Roal services included, Wi
tner. Phone 88-440 ne1i to IMe Coca-Co' .Plant, or ----- --- -- $30000. Phone 3-0538
...... ....r a-c -e e phcne 2-,,66, FOR SALE lape recorder. good FOR ly(l
LE:- -ears a.:hng oc.e _. "j -- condit on also modern mohogeny FOR RENT:-Two-bedroom concrete
cycle, 3 eors old, good cond- FOR SALE --1950 Foritud an, desk upholstered swivel chair. Tel. chalet. Highway.
$60.00 Morgarra 8IC6-4 excellent candiHton, rad Coco Solo, ,. _t__f r.. miles from Colon Spocious grounds.
Cs-- ---- --h'-' --- "* ______ Col_ FI Gijtick 884f!0.
SALE;--acuum cleaner refr ,-CR SALE:-4942 Ford 4-dor '- FOR SALE.-Pure bred black and tn Call F Gutck 884410.
Itor, clor.k deeD freeze unit. don. Good condition, S5A. Dobermon puppie d FOR REweeksT old.
25 cycles: \en-t.n blndl. Nd y 324:. _______ 2 123 Son Fronisco Road, Telephon FOR RENT
Went furn.rure. CrOarobal 3 OR SALE9 -512 Jcouar Mk Vi'3-i Panami 3-0314.
3_-- _-_ -- t- ,, C.uL30ba-ul u pa'd. 4W FOR SALE:--Golf clubs. 4lint flight,
;ALE:-Mohogont bufttt tlbra- ri-ce ',s4b00, wl set? or b3. corr.plete set of 4 matched woods FOR RENT: 2-bedroom apartment
desk, boo!.shelf. also QM tab'e Cir...dcr trade. Phone Albftk and 8 irons. 0586-0,. Ancbn. Tel. completely furnished on Peru Ave-
ios. dds Ct ends. Qtrs. 2138-0. cu __ 2-4498. nue No 79. For information tele-
undu. All day Sunday. --__ r0 SALE: Hlliman Minx, 800i FOR SALE -Hot water heater and phone 3-1520.
SALE:-7-pc. Heywood Woke- m es, very good mileage. 20 -W miscellaneous household art.cls. FOR ENT:-Fumrished apartment in
d "Ashcraft" Ilningroom furni- 5th. Curunou. Phone 3'-64 4 Tel. 3-3329, Panom,, 46th ., 8la Vista for 3 months after May i.
e, fishing tackle, G.E. radio to b.__ No 18. Apt. 3 r 5, $100 a month. Apply tr.lboo3
r,-o-rC m oer c ir cn. hecv cl-'t SALE:-Chevrolat sedan, 4-door FOR SALE La Belle" automatic 1065 or Ponamr 3-320
irore. m xer ,u IcS abrco. eluxe '95: m;cil bl-.O42; '4 2x2 slide prole:tor. fully automatic FOR RENT-Modem apartment fur-
22s obed., rI.. mp h p. --cyce G... motor 2 r' e crrote control hold. 75 ready nished. Family of 304. 11 St. Par-
-. .... ,.rs. ,..'-o. Albr,.o.., hone 42 0 rroir's or 50 glass slides rrovie que Lefevre and Via Espaia
ALE-f -cycle g o-r ..g. .-n. ,F, SA-LtE-r ord Coupe 1950. Good action hunter to eliminate wipe ef- FOR RENT:-Small apartment, com-
ic feet, good jorI' ig c; itmon condition, radio. Tel. 3-2445. I fect during change, like new, With portable to gentleman only. $20 00.
1. 5724-A. Dab'o 6 pmFOR LE.-G case and extra 5" lens for large Sen Froncsco. House 59, 12th St
LE :-Two- trad three- eater 1r5 .Aso a1 ntrac. Low audience $75 00. l eorge D. Rowe. From 5 to 6 p.m.
l -Oric, -.Alba p int sroy or,, motor H use 1"19 O C ,st C "T e.
.roou.m set 8all Poiean 3 .compressor & OgrL, $O00. Call durinl day. 3-1317. FOR RENT
nr4.m 'et- C al-FOR SALE --Natonol receiver NC173 R RE T
FOR .ALE -'51 Pontl door hy.- 1 .00: larp..QMs-oabL..
SALEr-5-plece bond mahogo- drmaic Was off, A 16.U0 15', Crib and mattress $s 0.R O.I
,b.droorn furniture. 1 Westing o trade-in; wiH aJ S 1450.00. 2105-W 5th. Curundu. Phor t q3- FOR RENT: C.i, well furnsltd C
uss Loundromat wash-er, urhol- Con be financed. 15-I Coctir, 6141, 4 to 6 p.m. room for fine, ti ,f grentari'.n o
,ed livingroom chor, mople cup' .-_. _____ FOR SALE--The most complete lady in.lBella Vista: Phone 3-2498.
d, hen table rckng FOR SALE.-1951Ford. Excellent election of Hi-Fdelty equipment in FOR RENT:-7o reponsible party,
r;, 2por chars. 2 bar ,tools, condition. 5117500. Phone 2, Panama, pick-up, speakers. tape nicely 'fmished. two larg, caolo r
I acr e and ir irtypeomb ned 44--79 fer 4 p.m.__ & wire recorders. 45th St. No. 3, cleon rooms. Private ebot and oil
ne 3'-1 848. Panam. FOR SALE -1951 Morris M Mior 2.- Bello aVista : modern cnvehceesh. Excllej
doer sedan. Good condition, Navy/FOR SAL -- New 'I de, lf n ighberh .b. Ps.T Avi. No.
253172 complete with ila Cllbr i i'
W~ANTED WA ... / '.mo ..8m.m.. o r,
WmTED term. mo vi coamerr O w Rth FOR RiT: i ii
WA / case $30.00, 1 -tube Consale Phil- pendent. Teliforie 0, P 1- -1
ANE .. co radio 25 or 60 cyce 540.00, 5- m. 'B" Stret NO. 1 Apt 1.
--u-.- AlObiie. / pc. English Sheffield teo servace--
p. a c .,.- ) .U~ ,,. i"" _.. $80 00, typing desk $20.00, 60-
ld Clm Zin, Wecou- WNTEDro u :A A .. cr cycleG .E. washing machine $40.00. O red
c as caretaker d i rs AptCo. 18.7. Call 87-3284 or 4297. ALES
t Coronado Beah. SmU ."I0. -......ALES AGENTS WANTED: 9. --- -

is di Plea:e call Ro.'i. y at 5 p.m. Balbco Y'j. .. ALBnEd: n Foley oulyb.otr, roads, etc. at on-fourth standardU .J
avi. Jr., Embassy of :ee 'fr a rr mont. s couI. a lr. Brnd new. C.Z. only.Flt ,' costs; dlik- o0 utomaOrfcily rf-
Stares of America., Ile- cnces. Be populrL .-1 8.,. versible and Wgnr dtchier for
SDunn. 3 .R SALE.-Cocker spaniel t farming, drainage, road'bundiir,
'hd ho e,2 bed- t .' No I I, Parque Lefi ftarmin and irrigation uses. Cehn-
--.-urn'aed 2 bed-I gc .* a .. g I, I ___ t Ae Leil Ani1 and i
BelTa Vtal r Frcn- I -4U c tI U o F: "'ne- _-_0s, tral let icn and PWre niASAon
iT-l -0276- C :--Fny fun at P bced steel $0 tado 3242, Panami, er telephone
TE : i'Amern eertl ar SJnrlo. April 12rl Church of HO' u c., co P'y 50. P2ao4 2. ..
Visto del Mar or 1:Ila V urt' PMI- -- .--- n-1. 2-I or Bcl..pE2-190S. Own:. I DNPSCKII world's finest-office 1
rti.-May f..rst. TeLP J.a..~OI T --'-arer and keys Reward of-' lea~vrg country. dctoting machines. soale cindsenr. Lr
0 G.o F t Knred. Mr. Fateh Khn. AmdO FC -AL ices, agen lte *ted fr Cewtral
SGuerrero No. 12,177, Apr. 15, Co t -l.: Wh rot bu, merican countries. Wr it ESA,
sh sy e2,177 Apr. Co. The saest pe madee-P. Apartado 3242. Parnm, RP. ec
ed hphora 5 3-1805. ---.---------- Tr'6acer rft fdr cheap telephone Ponomi 2-4916.
NTE FOR m.---i--, -'t.-e F-R rA/l rai comrortable buliness or Fp I---'-- --.----------- --- I J
uesUY--h brby baose- FOR SALE i. t g'hC, Cap; _
i, is.b del TMar-or W14,i VI, i --34,21oC,,. wrL's sonal transportotion? Ten per c- r : ,
.uneroplefe Caol. Blbooa 15 .. t1 scou.rts on es ... A. n- l ..
eo e 1n olrcvels Apartado 3242 Ponom or O2e
LESSONS -1 F5OAL^ 1o-Ambascdr h Paama 416.11 Also
-- nw. 2105-W 5th1 Curun.du. :; Fl wanted. |
3.^ un ...,i -Co forta ble b

.. Sosa No 9. Tel 282 Irradiation r Io C Al.At rl s
couples loae Tuesday at 7.30 he Caribbean

nths ccurss. Learn Lat.i A^,T st- dir1ec rO oft h b so Mas C lomde
t e .ntme R. .th cmbied de-t ,iD Eietel,ho
^"a=?LS a"""-- ^ay soon be used to control, 1e diSttI

I -i ou Modern byp eatnn irdlucOg rn.. Brsf I- euardln tt.. t he ..

e omesdv of thr e at n Th ecnreho d r w te.a Td Imake tion an the e tS
un fo orm rsltyo' o h -h.. i Io. a. cla sor ldcu." B n s
r ben i e.. Sosoat No 9.c Tel Te 2-1282..- ra h io -.-

ied couplesclaet sTuesday Aat .- 7_on AU & G e as r
blawe nts' Association oft' SstP1 dlrlr ofth d'eota the Commil hiSad 6t Cub p
EtSan Vicen;e will meet v'ity'6 Prhoes p tro 4cit and Panama. Students Cubnat esg Oc
at 7:30 p.m to complete ;.rach Into pe~cetlm* .a the combined htea T Courne Stid and thece
a for a rfle ached- naomlc energy, said Ais du
naths ccur undaytne ae-ra ;i- aton wouIlce be o' Latin, AmerSc t wto1 rm- NI yrand AU'
A NNEARBOR, nos ,sle a0 P n...o. ti ,by

r ,et -a. mr.irly lpooon method tr on cm avt aJ f'or a twh c ol behalf -t

iC.tE!wd, radt-on n I .beig ,e,,- '
i 'tof old and new atu- iyrf eanlng p n] td r-octe td to mr turthe d l-on

-.ormd the The enre hog car ei o ature. 1h sorake r an -e
iiaTi, erityh Fe belt- rn-l,,ie *iwm, f aor ..nd.the'y F

fQr unlformjato t he 1b! exiord to atomic Irrad1l course Ofr ted Iubaa t- l Pm*utobsea
*IHol ... ce "c rpt;ro c in oeU-,,d d ig aeg l a tholeen aiaitl. '-.d e .ta.
eetTuesdayt sbedirevm. rn of beworld..."

l~i~nts As sociatonoh beann 8. ;f in d etb ak rt sU dited hfXStory a s Commandert d
nicee we meet-- S in r' wao e $ t1trl .... and na al I

N EtW S n n d at-- i-o F ot e i tob e ill t i IA C a ll thUe g riit a c N av itedn tat
prd of t. e -- 1 ocfre n e*'sI ror1 A awu c Ll'he Iho aatul l troshory ceremle tl
B -Ji fo'r m-s t h.ha r. s df i -t s .o imi to "- r eoio n t i c lu dedit II-
I t old .. .is: 'n e h tok* te 'r d.r e t P a_ e.tacl' .n -,derla r ^ t-I c .,il it a l fil,

an NFWsl *;a nP ]rr will t. bek offered, ih i .a -"
A g h = Untlem f inrutof ehlesatlona Ia

Io-t--el ...... I{ Ithm r i -e i d 'so the c l. e fm ot an ,l',

T e9'h' a hbenaru ga. e j e h m.erdl~I hto*r i b0lls, nr
ith wad ln," o r eedon lyn te b)1 -9-,the add, na i"
18o n 2r Ine urgl to s erllh- .- lt e psa y .
VCk La no. d ..Pturcen tne u t in VU *e Is u 'ent ded liml he United S
U 1,2--in 1. neEye1i e D4ogn.s 1.1W .,, i,,
IrNE1 wil i li tb ofrd.I"

-. .w-I1" I" !-" -.A en "'-. roreli. A leaw c ILe Idtho d&ut'.lwid thro ",P

iN_1,1- ,' ."' d nL : a. ,;1 .h J ,l, ",eroolw e-ntI

..1 .


pen from A&:Oaam. '
.0 I :l .

ondayl thri:oh Friday


onlL I

A His "I
beent IM
THE 81


sSm-u --, o?
a oance~r has hbe eWulevt
*ilbra sles. i*dalVit 8am
e0 others are now umder in
br p BMAerO vic- pwr
Bt of WetsUnghouae ElM

wm%..U S.r _,
i dA nt ed a
Bct aor tstmato.-,
Af Aff do

mi te lai. *tleme

+ '.Cus Who


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Curlte Dr. Stars .
10.M Mei~.Av. .ii i-Piihone .

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.....W *

Sf ~ '- Tj~ i M a ~ a a "* -- *- <** ;.-- r. -"' i-* '-j -<.. i .',u ". ..C".sa
. .... .r~mmPrrlmss~ 17r +. +.+@,% i'. ~L .

^ '*''*^*''a^ I'f.^ -''. '" -'"' "!.,,.."/* '** *. .-..,\-}- ;,*;- -,
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at MAO

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Leisute." They
rousing chee,
years later

b4S I~r~sqra

Arriving Soonl
The.Nw. ,,*'

l1 yearsuo
Prg". ro g I
GIon Motorst, r.'
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r. *. I

M AW -*
B i1 >. ."W -.:

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"THU4.SW. T ,5

I.'- '.i 7C /.tI Ai -. ,.
Har .~ W v 3 1w mM.T g e. !

. A slt'-C~ -.'-t~a g's S
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- *+ fr,,+-,, .. .* -.i.- .,. >..- TT
+ -;,:,f-., ; : *" "'-' 'J,"

.." -. . .

SPresident's Clas '- Ca

o- a

Siovonder, Coq Au Vin Get

Test In Class ID Sprint
Two highly rated newcomers, so well thought of
by their owners and handlers that they have been
entered for the $15,000 added President of Republic
Classic on April 19. are scheduled to make their local
debut in today's secondary attraction the seven
furlong $600 Class "D" tenth race.
Because of these two reported- I soon and Pnstinovich and Ar-
Iv classy thoioughbreds. the kansas battled head and head
main event on today's card for the lead all Ihe way to mile
the $750 Cla3 -B'- seven furlong post where Arkansas drew away.
dash will takt a back seat to Slow starling Visit came trom
the nightcap Adding color to far In the ruck to close an hft-
the debut of the two classic en- mense gap and wouhd up
tries will b- the impressive and strongly but did not seriously
promising Great Game. menace the winner in the run
Goyonder. a four-year-o I d down the stretch,
brown by Mrs. Loly do Lazzarin and will n 1:29 1/5. The performance
go In nn entry with classy was by far his most ilpre4 ve
Cones Edgqr if he gets into the since arPlving in Panama some
big race April 19. On this occa- ftur months ad.o Alledo Vsa-
slon Govonder J ill be ridden by quez rode the winner and g've
ace jockey JoMe Bravo. I him a perfect ride.
.Goyonder. a Kentucky bred Valsqu., Bclol Pulido and
'horse, was t.own from the Rolando Lopez Gil. who rode two
United StaMe. last week Wednes- winners each, snared top Jockey
day reportediv fit for the forth- honors ;or the day.
coming biR classic. Amazona. a s winner-In the
eighth, and TUIn THin, a $16.20
Coq Au Vin. a five-year-old, victor in the third, were the
-Fhestnut Argentine-bred son of day's only longshots.
Medlcli-Aciarada. will race un-
der the colors of the President of FIRST RACE
Nicragua (en. Anastaslo So- l-Daniel $2 20, 2.20
'moza. Coq Au V:n's dam Aclara- 2-8lnceridd $2.20 P
4da was also the mother of the SECOND BACE
--Samous Adroguc. probably the 1-Opei $4.60, 3.20. 2.0 1
best horse ever to race In Pan- 2-Marfil S 40, 120
ama. 3-Recodo $4.
Besides GOvonder and Coq Au First Double: (DaaleI-Opz)
.Vln; three nine; newcomers are ,5.60.
-slated to make their first local r A
Ug in this event. Thev are the THIRDI AS
-o"Wrtedly hiqh priced King's, -Thin '11 51621, 0,, 2, 2
-, an Irlsler dwho s appa- I -Piropo t2.0 2.20
greatly not ready yet: Nob s- 3--.Iena.I. 2.20
.rpo another irish horse, and One-'a*: (Tila Ti-Pi-Treo)
'Coa Eleta s Cuban prospect l 2
-oetazo. Toltazo has shown n
enty early speed during his FiOURTF ACE
AoT U1-Mla -i 5".60. LAO, I4.0
S2-Proton S3.0, 6.40
t 'hiree ecxellentlv performing 3_-Lollto a4 8 .
m1 orses rourl out the eight- Q,~utIeI: rFlon -Prot on)
i orse field. They are the impres- 516A.,
"alvil Great Game, promising
di gtoin Green and stretch -IT / RAC
tirhng Piropo I. These latter Cancelled because of aratahe.
three .can be counted upon to
t rdoyonder and Coq Au Vin SiaU RAC
real test. Great Game, off his i-The Bath Road $6, 6.40
I -t victory over Quo Vadls, 2-Rinty $8 .
-"4habee up s- the probable mu- Second Double: (Number-
uels choice. The Bath Readi 11.
-.. Ibour tenlv matched horses. EIGTHB RACE
ktfteiaadtel President's Classic i-Pull $7, 8". 3.60
4itanddate Comodot. are sched- 2-PstAe 11280, 9.60
tued to battle it out for the 3--l ,.I-12 I
.iare. uhare of the purse in the Quils: (fl-Paques) $4.
IEll M0f the day. Tnrt Lodge,. .7-1O"' u l ?CE. .
ihlIrd behind Sir Boss and Co- i-Corista 93.0 2,0, 2.20
:'odor last weex, will most likely 2-Englisn Mary 3.80, 2.20
%01t the oarly pace with Sir Bon 3-P30In l $2.20
:pilng. him. One-Two: Corihtang Ilsh
S lComodor and Petit Pots are M7 l L0. ..
pecked to come from behind T NTH RA ,
d join Turf Lodge and Sir I-Am-nza 8'1, SU
o in the stretch for a real 2-Pette .
Ahrller.It looks like a wide open LI-rkV NT S.AC
6n. paper. 1-Arkansas $9.00, L4, 3
SLul FaT rug's ArkanaaM yes- 2--Vsir $, 2.. 0 .
rday aced to an impressive 3-Pstlnovich ,450- 5
Slen fuong Class "r' feature
t at the local track. Visir
-seconI andl mutuels choice
ainovich thihd.
:Arkansas displayed unusual
ly speed this time and was
with the leaders on the firstI
Royal Claim, the early
setter, threw in the sponge

ry, Lions


For Tiff 711

'he Panama Rotary Club soft-
I team will tangle with the
uama Lions Club this morning
a new location the Little
kgue Park on Avenida Balboa
1 31st Street.
the game was originally "et
the Colomas Infantlles field
the Trans-Isthmian Highway
Sthe weil-conditioned "a-
ste#" decided on the LittW
Iue pa k :or three repom;:
'a closer to home and they
it have to iet up so early
t the usual Saturday night;
has smaler and nearer to re-
MIlnent 6jtabllhmeta:; lsi
WMd In and the outfielder'
Ilby won't -ct loat.
Ime time !T 9:30... for all
0 make it.

nm aC -J. Tii joe t
obtained from the rui J
the .MWlwiukee raves mN.-
the MKwiric< b i-T Lbe
cwmtlkbo. ftrt bm.f A
r.ightih a tbump.'ja e ia |

euipm J"an Huimsh Yeolponeo Yipo
r01 Yosipean Juen HrmrclM Juan HerinmI

oiwes Ralad Irtlee it nu
im m bim Ur .e wCmb
aM*6 J Muley. -Jaso 1o

@sBo.. 1eml Joh* % Ab
P" 1k Pls Cmael i-




IBtnlesl Nwminlol r
Phlox Ming,
Resereg N
Vai. Drlis Reesme
PabUc* Wimd Ju-Ie
WHd Jsusie

p -*o 11 r ii
"onde V.'-. J.a"
; -\ ..,. ..



al Anelation.of AB. ati lsets
det,, :.' ':.Id M
ed out for the eleepw awl
above included: Roe L .
Karamanltl, P. Lua r. Parc
Towne, J. Tully. L. VsHt, -. ,W& ,wm1

Juan Franco Graded

.P. Herse
at Race "H"

". .,' -
4 ,

NaMfi t Rr .Pnrse S75. Peel eloms: 1.
First rae'eaf tke Doabl

1-Avlvato R Gomes 114 --rratc performer 10-
2-Yoaimogo B. Agulrre U1o --orw to bent evi
3-Duque V. Brown lO -J-key won't help 20-
4-Collrio M. G errerd 105 -- iC d surprise SW
5--Bijagual C. Rull 11i -Reportedly ready 2-
6---Jqan HuInco J.Bravo.1 ---J.4 er will help 2-

2nd Race "'* Natie 4% rt. Pr: S-UI Poee selmn: 'l;
,eead Ri dt-LeDokMe
1-Risita A. MWaa t a beauty .
2-Volador R. Ooerrt.l12Z--j suitable spot 4.
3-Domino P. Ordofles 112 -Daerous contender t-:
4-Mandinga A. Vasquei 114 -CO I-get up hee 4-
5-Vllarreal I. SBvera 118 -Last Was fair' I-
6-Mufleco K. Flore 118 -T'op eonterder 3-:
7-Resorte B. AAltre 115 -Usually tractih 8-;


3rd Race "2-year-eldM Ipe1 Prsu: ilM.:-'ra eloMe:' 14
1-Tilma 0. Sancher m1 --Ru1nf- ldl p shap -1
2-Paris Midi R. L. Oil 106 -Will wAn sooim -1
3-Tom Collins O. Cam 108 -- to e lO-1

th kae "D" Imported 7,Pa : $80. #s eliMi Xt

1-Riomar D. MariaR On-Jock! firt mor t 2,t
--Don3 Jamt R.,VyIquI e -J In op .
--Prgoiero 0. OrVell U -spte 4-Tutra I. oGaLr. 1 59xizod, help 5-2
s--Tap Lady R. L 011 l -4 l ght do0p -
-Mataya B. Puldo 10 --Could t at pes5e -1

th Rpee "B' ImporatW 7 Pg. PliPro: 5I rP1 elatesm Sk

th Race "C" Imported 6 FgLPurge: S1 Peel l8 ., M.
st Race of the D=lr4
1-Itbe Hip R. Gomes 108 ,-Pulled uplrt time J.1
t go R. Ouerra l00x-4tout pirtoier
3. t J.. Bravo 114 -eems ready n
4-NlMinanster .L..EGi 108 -bing wt ,. ... .
5-Benlegus A. Vaaques 118 --Ditamne u avorab 4.;-1

IL. ae"J" Imported 4 FlS.Pur see SlI. i l pei: ,i:
.e.OulRa l ol8 a f O ., ,
1-Nehilinco .0, Castinl 118 -Drop 4-
2-Vanl Darling R..L Oil 110 -S .
S-Rookjr Point R. 0ome 115 --mprovtn .il 10-1
4--e=a E. Dario 105 -No.mi. p
no R. Vasques 110 -WI flMl 0ti I-
--ranaket C. Oonzalez 102x -Early apeed 1- l3
1--each Sun E. Camp. 106x--Nothing Mdr II &
--Rosacrea B. Aguirre 115 -Rounding lu.3.. -1
.. :' '
lrfee "3* portedd *4 Prus.e: 54U lm 4
l -. .r US diiFp '"M-o
4-Appetdr f It ol 11 -Po-lible
5-Publico J e i Jr. 11 -- I bet-
d-Vampirea n Jr, llStBeggln S S
7T-istbMo Pulldo I1 --Coud ti
l-Pimpero a Ie. Wa. 1x I-Nes eds 1

Lh Rae. W lmpei i g is f re: e3154

4-Palindalo A. ri. iS -S f r ..onn.S p
-Astoria B. pldo 110 --HBard to beat
O-Alto Alege 0. Cato 120-at, dy xl -I-
Aft. .WAN.-." ,
... a- ". ir ..a.a Mqi. a----jM .... M
1R~lemtr 0. ^.Ct' -gJim'ggpj' iBpijgg; i

* n
~i ~.;
2" ~i:

I D* r .-



4 ` 'I ;


ba', Vj

Ei ..~

SpIcauvr. wyA
In m i

-1 4 1
" -7r a


Mit. IJ.
gon. L. a

*1- -- C

i-a 2.

.. .. -c i "r .;:

" f -V.

5, l.,

Ir ,
*~ ~ '* ^ **
* -:- '--^




,. .
'* i: .

*' S +. .5.. *a,,

,~ A.ui.

I .





c' 6.'- _
~------- -3'


* IF


~P~F~q~P~dli~ F~'r"i~f~



--4 -

-, B 1

S .

u .'* *1,

S., .
r.,. 4, I:w r"


i;iIY *L

ii '' I

the tl sRlt has kn] w'


I MI' *~L


-fB osww

BrSm v vCar&d
wc g

. ..-, .'I
t .* .


eS -. ~ -rI ei, _, Bae b__ ___ -IsT a Gis g

Mke A L1ok A ieBl Is Team Ganie In Indonesiai -

iMr Lot To I1
\ A 't-'

tag dieam.
jp, < iU-op eati :A A
ii r U couple .aa the. Dodger

S -"o "t I p hlioct
1 M5 P. propetI
o.'.. f 'h f- h m Bk, o "e

Sl::Vt h ,W I sked.

i '.'" "TII asie. + + -.

i t i o t

! .o r l :^ i ,' ."
MaitMan AF 1 ,00 .:,

." -

K "


Si MTS .49 I. ,?

.. ......

- A..

It f!gure4
aId&r I

seal ew
Id I


,:,: L ,. L., ,, .A .* .-l ..M.-
wlL~~u ~ ar

Lmri To Hit So EveryoIM

dau"d it we ,' have a card NEW YORK April -F
o tp kiMd. li. d: the fmrst time n 0l lo
UnBLoi n 19, high and vtolent history
S Cad ude aver- "play ball" it rin
A. A, iW hitter. out Indonesia.
d ped. nt:. Wha' lIven'though th1 arM Lt to
i Iboy lafl In ability he from rivaling soccer as-n a
makes up In aglielvenes. ad tractiOn there, it has, at lewl
huhtle. 'Is brother ia Roc ky tox"4i lt ht the 4o
Ma "I ".. see baseball pid In I
-- rawest form, you have to com
Dulte the dulfts.t of base- to smy country," testified Gad
kPou utbhl Lou Atb A antoso, an X IIneei
S l i sports writer. "We ve on
SThe onaecoach in a ti. B
Se to m ae e
watchedha pjy the in- b handbo and semnd &
bat -ni a 'or.league tu to newsreels to wab
rtt~ tLi. MAmerican players."
ieo Tm wbh directs What the Indonpalan lai
minor -league n o n facte, t mallm. up W
t f.. nti A edy a
"he csitbhr, hai speed, lear t6 r the umpl
Shis t is quptionable, w" ftrr. "iaa tl
WOe r _" la a t Ro

w ,t! +o nor akk o pit. i

14u I a caibn-ef 'ra :Idiesla." expla ns
II, p~~ b~t ~ I~. "~ ii t mm shine .i
Cip it

The Reek thiatLoutm upat iar witIn Inhe team I,

hL 'ir"ll l, i N' fo o r*.
1.9 A blows ne, the injur

tm ujTa!. rAad a Rboks P, Ian t d
janiZ m the graan like

StorY iSer beenAt e
4 I a chishea- ar ee oen Ionesa," explained 0
Broctea Block Bu I "the sun shines six mont
k uIobd on he ibftetar otb ro.
Sl., Hi gh oalfd s wp1thr p Apa get 91

The Rouk thlats Lou,'now t- Indonesia. The team is t
tending Thayr Academy, a 8n Babe RUMh and Joe I
school a4 Bintr v Hnever been hae
n. 'ryDe knows abo
ou has his heart set -" perks Oadio.
Sft iional iUaebl, willH O argue about t
tng se-pr ba" t race od to I
e ,until he hfbhW rWe do In Drookl]
sehoel. w have been knm
-'I8 like to box," a L p their passengers -b
"but you es 't beat team sentiment differed
8wmetimes -I. par witth
pwredt the Po f e~etah et-at
%in ne whM, 'an& enulpment -they i
euandt i ho r flipnerm adia- Oad
aTlawt w No brme." 1er l tain braebaUll boxe
*Thart waat me.1' ,:-erle irtrodaced to I

Knows About The Yanka.
Th Yan!.


homeland and Its future will
depend on the merits of t e
game itself.
"But it would help to speed
the growth if a group of your
big league players toured my
country putting on exhibitions
and aging clinics," stresses
Sdio Is doing his part help-
ing ldonesians develop a gen-
uine enthusiasm for baseball.
Under the sponsorship of the
State Department's Exchange of
Plons, Program, he Is on a
four-month tour of the United
States studying our sports.
The Suabfaf Java, journa-
.Vt W Zhi- 0ople are awed
by Ameci a athletes. He cites
the 19I0 Olmple Ocames,
"All down the Nrt of tlnprs
we read, TI'U A, IA.' That Is
why 1 am here- to see how
you do it," he sayl
The St- tott doesn't
belie" feotu w .ll ever -catch
on at ,





your football," he expb .
"It It a ver rolh
Boxing is popular
fact there are no
We are a small
welterweight as the
fighter we he."
Oadlo. Is smawd that
A-ericana do not know
Indonesia Is.. .'
"They say in me, 'O
Indo-Cl&na,'" he grins.
blush when I tell 'em
China is for hours awiy
pane/', ,
ladkb Atmo Santoajde
blushes when he
41idt know who Joe
or Babe Ruth were. .....
,- '
Block That JeMr
There may be political
canoe in Jersey No. 45
Midhitan State football
The last two wearer. -.
t Gerre and John7y Wilpowr
prqiBdppqe S. t..- a
S... ,r -. 4 i..

... ... :.- .- ,,

s Ask i

&s^ ^fe^^


rt~ltV i"l CAN .>. \~ ..
* aragusus -es1 .-


Ia U


7I it

4'.- '
. 'S S

7I .a .. .
;^ ., L.- t*


- ..U
*uI .
'A. '~

* ^wl

w .r ,


Une4uwlld BARGAINS -:


irw M: until the end Df the moa~twr

Tt is the chance oef.' yr We! .;


r .Cr. ",. -
mmumm an a. maggiL-apon a as ^ril *l g*l III ^ *- '


r *

.Boox v sen a.


k,. M- I ..'


"~U r JOic~


I- t a l L

--- --

". ..

va -



o ~c~s;

c :

' w: .


P` .

Orc '^

.. .


~k&P.: ~FI

. I



R 40


i I /:

~i. p

Country School Teachers

ell How They Find Life .
*.. to Korea
a ASHINGTON. April 11 iUP inci scotch som.? of the "ter- discuss Comninunism or sociallals dev la af
he National Education Asso- rur popularly believed to be with their 1,uplla.' A
Stion reported today that rural heir lot. The survey also turned* p r on
ool teachers. alwa s under- The association asked each of these facts about rural school '*a S kt
earn three times as much 4.000 teachers this question: teachers: lad diaclas.,t
as thev did 15 years ago. "Are most rural teachers re-,'
I he association said a recent- quired to remain In the comrn- The highest annual wages ath.Newir
ly completed survey showed munity over weekends, to re- were paid In the Far W t, a eld in 1.,
al teacb-rs earn an average train from dates, to abstain where a ty cal elementary 00- o a of Imper-
ary of $2.484 a year from smoking and attending scholmarm collected 3.,1e0. The UanMe s Oasepr.
ut the rising cost of living dances?" lowest edarles, averaging (303, U* a `Jted o thtte In the
o the past decade and la half The teacher% answered with a were paid in the southea,. oWsta. W said. "They
tebk most of the "real wage"resounding "no." More than three-fourthb haEv wouldn't m In o th A
gain away. But the survey found that been to college two years an4 .M o.-y imnal recod."
The survey concentrated on rural tticher* must be careful least 22 per cent have degrees e pai tiat fall he ws
the rural teacher's personal and of what they say-that their Only one in eight li a man-. laed, from @ to prison 'at
irofesslonal life and its find- freedom to discuss "certain areas Married women outnumber t&fM N. T, after servlin a
poein of knowledge" is "abridged.' gle teachers three to one. fW- r frburglary
lnae ommiftle school teachers did not feel free ties In living conditions. pl to p1 a pes s soldier.
nae Commiee to discuss sex in their classes," Some teachers said. they lived b said hd'en el New York
the report said. In trailers. One trailer in a- a T-P. Rlchard Werer, New
lAs To Permil "Criticism of prominent busl- habitant said he taught ae ool Yark, who w1 a nt without
i, ) Ie To Per i, ness leaders was considered on a ranch which had only one leave aoIne Mareh- 193. Wolf-
dangerous in one third of the pupil. rath i-id he tuadd Werner's I
l classrooms. In one fifth of the "It is customary." the teacher background and actions, memor-. f
tent Incr e communities criticism of,prom- ald, "for the schoolmaster to ed his serial number and blood t
inent political leaders was live In the bunkhouse wih the and "borrowed" his dogt
WASHINGTON, April 11 (UP' though unwise." cowboys But they didn't bathe '
-The Senate Banking Commit- About one out of every 10 frequently enough to suit In.. I he turned h-inf
tee voted today to permit auto- teachers did not feel free to live alone in a trailer." self th l In New
matic rent increases of up to: ak -u 7 P's S
8.3 per cent for some 5,600,000 p to t. D09.
families still covered by federal. orkr
rent controls. r M AP \ SW IS fiot
The committee took the ac- l I Senate Aid Clams at efor
tion in a last-minute amend- rema bered whtf
ment to a "standby" emergency dl looked ike and Wolt-
.bntrols bill extending federal W CU ty Com mittI
rent curbs through Sept& 30. The
measure also gives President
Eisenhower power to freeze o
*wages and prices in event of a WASHINGTON, April 11 (UP) tons as to their opnuons., as-
grave emergency. -A former side aide to two Sen- soclations and friendships nd a .
After voting for the rent boost, ate committees refused to say by Irresponsible aocusatlonsof
Committee formally approv- yesterday whether he was once direputable witnesses who m
the bill 12 to 3. Chairman part of a Communist spy ring t a lucrative profession to bear a
Homer E. Capehart (R-Ind., in governmQnt, or whether he false witness against others,'" f
said hb will send it to the Sen- kncw Whittaker Chambers or Morris laid avowed ex-Com-,
ate tomorrow and hopes to get Alger Hiss. munist Nathanial Weyl te'stifld .LUMBU r
debate started next week. Henry H. Collins Jr., Bronx- last year that Collins was a COLUMBUSm A, ADri 1- A
,The rent control extension ville, N. Y., told the Senate In- member of the Ware cell. (UP)-A mil mannered man
ad wage-price freeze face stout tern~l Security Committee his He also said Chamiers, avow- triped light up td Mrs. R. '.
position on the E.nate floor, rephes to these and other ques- ed ex-Communist spy course. RoDiawon's. e and Blipped
Ilt Capehart predicted it would tions might tend to incriminate named Collins uas treasurer.., o t envelope under the d
tr approved. Chances for ap- him. the Ware "apppratus." Chalm- Wran the bell and hurd
ftIoval are slimmer in the House He also acusd the senators bers said other members In- ay. ,
where the t-nking committee of harassing him and other clutf-d Hiss, Lee Presman ad
fhs held hearings ohly on rent .men of integrity." John Abt.
q(ptrol. But he a4ded in a statement, Abt and Presa a.' both wete A f
'Prevent wage-price-rent curbs "At no tilm have I knowingly Abt nd Pressmas t w
S~ire April 30. Under the Sen- engaged In any activity against Aqrlculture Departfnent e- stranger'
~e bill, rent controls would be the interests of my country." loyee In the early days of e ask if .
i ntlnued for five months, as Subcommittee counsel Robert Now Deal. PressmaA later v.- vlope. enth
Bsldent Eisenhower requested. Morris said Collins was Identi- came general counsel of the Cl. 19i3 he 38_
Water that thiy would be main- fled by previous witnesses as a a post he resigned a few yer rod lat br .Iw b
tained only In "critical defense onetime member of the so-call- ago $n a policy disagreement, that he wanted
areas" until April 3M, 1954. ed "ilarold Ware cell" of the Morria read from Chambers' evs *
The preIint law authorizes Communist party in the Agri- book "Witness." in which he de R~irsoMsnP'si i l
federal rent ceilings up to 120 culture Department-of which scribed Collins as his personal road worker. d1&.
er cent of 1047 levels. Th. Sen- convicted perjurer Alger Hiss friend. Mrs. o@bu a i tal
Morris also read from Hiss' refuse4 u WOb 'Ohm
ate cnnmittee voted to increase also allegedly was a member. Morris also rad from Hwss'l reusd
tat to 130 per cent, an in- Collins. son of a Philadelphia testimony in 1948 In whicthe
tmase of 8.3 per cent over pre- paper manufacturer, smid he former State Department .o1-
sent levels, worked for the government first cal, said he had known Colloiln VoleiW
The increase would apply to in the National Recovery Ad- since. they were pops pt mip insin
the families in local communi- ministration, then in the Agri- together. the Lord ill
ties which have voted to con- culture Department and next Collins refused to siy *ether ",1& al
inue federal rent curbs and to the Labor Department's wage he knew Chambers. lf Abt or of*
o vln in emergency "crl- and hour division. Pressman. _ile.
IaMl as." He said he was "loaned" by
Thrth.ue 'votes against the the latter agency in .1938 to a
Se cast by Republican special House committee in in-
e. John W. Bricker O. Wal- terstate migration of destitute
eCe 'Bennett Utah and Barry citizens, and "Icined" again In
Goldwater Ariz. They plan 1941 to become staff director ofU n id
lead the fight against the the Senate Small Business Con-
on the Senate floor. mltt.e under Sen.. James E. Mur- '
'u ; rav (D-Mont.l.
Collins said he next became
executive secretary of the Sen-
1t. mllIstry affairs subcom-
mittee on technological mobil-
ization, under Sen. Harley M
S K lgore (D-W.V. Later he sad The United States Citizens As- oeetlon '
soclation, Canal Zone, formerly rectorA to
She was conimssioned as an Army the Canal Zone Emergency Leg- to rs toh
i mlllAry government officer, the Canal one Emergency Leg- towns
giving Killore and former In- slatlve Finance Committee, has the number-
Sterior Secretar Oscar L. Cap- released the following text of its in each '
te as rereyOscarL.hap- by-laws approved at a recent Each.

ma as rerenceshe Canal Zone Emergency ll
J refused to answer man of meeting. One oFinance Committee m elet
the subcommittee's e shtn all be p aragraphs have been omitted tor

FOR SALE states aqnssi nasoclation, ca- see 41
Sanal one .al Zon Emergency shall h e
S '-lative Finance Committee member,-
F SLshall be renamed "The United tors. s
nal Zone." ed-shaeltleI
11y Artlel 11 two years
SFURPO~ E of their
The purpose of this association Section
p M.PUBUL 4 ABUCTION shall be to promote- the major board of
SS. "NARUTA" OIL TANKiER interests and ocmi welfare of by a duly
SS.S. "NARUTA" OIL TANKER United States idtpemployes of ever such
Reputed Particulars (without prejudice) the Panama Cm ow rly Ca- voice a
Lxsui. nal Zone O ansC their olthe ele
Length, 525f. 58i1. ibem, moulded deplth families and depeenta. Section I:.
pproximalely 50fl., 12 oil tank. each about 650 Artlel m tors shall
tolo eaparily, engine ft, believed to Ilare ibe.e METHOD OF OFER ATON time to Uime
built by and fur tie Japanese Navy. Section 1: The aEclatiQon aMo pr
SThe ship is now lying aloam in Rabeuml Harbour shall strive to promote the wal. he event
To Inpeti nowlyn flo rm fare of its membersP byi aSi meetingS be
and will be aille for inpeon m aout lawful means at it em
lt May, 193. 8eetien 2: The. iiMaO@i l ties $:
S.... shall concern itself dl' with tots shall
problems of major iet pat-d a
fecting the overall io s ant and s
I ( & membership, and w1pl rewognse d
the rights and praerga lIes of wutlona-
other organistions.. '

I'TI hll hu. been dumped by bombh In the Bection 1: Me] aath
vtInlty of the enne oem aft but is reported to consist of United
he otherwise in fair eedition ge.urally. The Coy y any-Canal lnS
vwsed will be offered for Sale b, Public Auction meant, their famiilg a d'
at la bll byi pendants of over 18 yea i
Mrsn. CROYDON A VIGGEBS. Rkaul, leotgon 2: A member to tbi 2
t e Saturday, 16th May, 1953. '1 vesel will he good tending shall have
oBered for Sale on the eenditid "as is where annall dues as aet b y e
at t.he atime of Aua.le., of directors.
1S@ Vender consider the ship L capable of being BOARD OF D
^ aired for service i a ruaber of eapaities. Sectlea 1: The board
]Fqsther Informallon can be -oaled from the tors shall oonsllt Ot
J<*M Agents for the Vedoer (AndeMewe Parifc this association ,b
htfai Co. LId. Rabid). dent members in _



$1 t3

F;' -I -, C

-. JF*~

ana the Rd

W. wampolh
euri ae

9 W"re s puetas

m hisa way a
m an important
or contact
" -lonaely brids

t'rnm rents a
raining, we

JIfta.eB to
4 It dth tbh'
fhen are iI'
rad everyone OSP
ao ntemale works,
S. .".

I .

In leasO a

, .
.," '" -'.
,; 'E -..''*

-; *F tf

ess at' 1
KMw fu far..

U. Il
be gi


Oad of
"na n t

mso t f a at
Sunwti a
p. Ne n-
1 meeting -
to 'r ,

a OP N
I of the at


' I *



in each UJ. rate
Flrmers & Graziers' Co-Op. Cri In.urance Seetion 2: Thketo
&~ Agency Co. [Ad &yIft"In these by lawtl
& Agency Co. IAd. bhy community oi W
ihjlin. E. Reed, 145s. aGe. syi, dmwe. citizens; com
s"Wireed." Sydner (ewey's Cad). asoi thn
Phome BU 1966 neaet townahi
'-~ ~ bLL, ,

" ."



I I ~Ln ~ 1111

. -'* .'t"


- i-

"J" *_ .. .

a9~ iai
H5~ ~i
~ 'I

mass, IN I l w WUM1
every ,'an
traman,,f uat be ae
b **B ibe In taor
7dn -47""
S lletti rM bMleui~

I I'

+.- ;- ,
7 "'+,
.: .
*' ^.-- d
_v L+,

"' '
~c~.e: ~

I- "' 0$6
Su or
r. I -. p D i
% of the fA
iImam hours
what tawd UtUs Je
ILSau. foun
bt7~ wao so g
poka over and 40
the girrs.
a qeq n"out t

attention o,
..d hair o
S"It l maa

hWb a. Tin
Idlm e iltole
10 ptthefd the
Jd ha had
osd4ltted he
had ltea id
Sd otototte Ia

m." he told
tonto canl
60 ow p-ft

i ropped wut
r.D toudh the
ioJoe' al"an-

Re pet blw a6di wloy as po
1 ,-

Cou. i Out th

-- .. ... ,. ?--
..i ^.X-...; .t ,l ,a a '. .:tu .
e.-",.i '1 i i *,wn '<*

2F =1
:r. i
SI~kaer the wat IW

'C A S.

4 prot bel th ao^-!S.- ***
w popular rmeato oa pm o .te
wmmIw dwtm o *- mttw- ',
.I- y It Its so because thlr'a

"ba e at ortapts, aWe "to
uliaBd u lysi, themy me a
*6 "swf'. of Oclking eryptal Aflls J
a .Otb aa merely a matter 0r.k .

p A**A pi-mand trht every aentaMe M
r gow trb two, yaaW off to a good i to
&ebr qtn qpt uMab as th lMUPl0:

mUmtL oeqoAuh3 UIoDMRcwj.

I -


A '

hMaMiaitwe a shltute for aome other letter- -
iky t.M Ie'lrttar. lNoB,. q.w,X o. X, a 0
P4 .m e eMlw L I thIs iead thesuiMes given m m
POOR ea.0I*um Wt d&noSUM in working I
oftf~blO f-ril of ftyd Bmift to the dunning

eMaw nwjaem~ je Ze.K '.M WAS predicted by hi high better than his spelling and hsa
Saol art teacher that lan lettered In names of spacial out-

wetWbi g fir No ing? O8phere would rei to great ott r .He has" a
l Mwllmrmll hom we'll el A, 3, C, D, h, heights Combin lg artwork w1 quested to Include-time required
PI Mll a sMIah luaohwn pataia of an inatnust In rockets, he's done for the completion of each jour-
awtlIIM NwLI AI there dafly, B wry e- Ovena weter than expected. CrtiUc ney.
ad lk ^ mand as ao to 0. Who eats have hailed Ise latest asater- Spposing the trips were to be
piece, O. above, s practically made at an average peed of
Thw tratmt o r, noting their set halta In out of t world. 3.500 miles per hour, can you
this J t teNM'C o' the seven that'he would Ian was eommlmaoed to draw lure out approximately how
giVe ai lla-U & o Mthe a~y ay reute this wock by a tourist agency long each trip would take and
O 4at tlm atb-.ey, of core, were Interestd Iton ttle In on the where you'd be when you lot
to 'tli*- accordance with their ground faor, when and If Inter. there?
Ig planetary tavel blosoma. It'a Simple arithmete will reveal
A th:i agmde like a very generous pro- meant to serve cover of a the time Involved; rearrangnent
pL. the e nono recalled how long It would tWavel folder describing a aelec- of letter, the destinadtone
be bdlthoey majs the fee meal. an you u* Ution of economical one-way vacs- U a u
it outt tl"n jaunts. pl v-G1 nwin= .--
. *1 tn ,t Unfortunately. Ian's artistry is --sMaw s aas
wT a I w0 ."^a ___. It's Your Move to Win

G aGdBir a Bdaiing8You t o "* '
I "E d*4*% .U to .m....
.."" Black It an ready' *
S, _l531 "M atll It eai to swing a one-
m A noBare a nanumbrr of other t
L.rk But ea you ad them when two punh that
v there mneraed in a se at will in the de-
wQto ,d anw 0 of the t.olndp olaloa. But
7e: : .nte, e booals th, name of a Whi te,, mc.
S et l w lO a It takes you upboard, sM ors
to estchthn m. rt wid wlne tp
L i.4 boys terror wa so sm* four moveL. R l
g rat be 'mspe ch i e. Can you plan a
.; W.... 9, tS.a.s 65 te., ate -8,a.. Wh-, ,b e a |
adeeito take a trip. gyT I J -*ilE

,' .





4. L2ag who knew preferred
theo ahpw chese.
#. ThM mieR an was melted.
uoky wiMn the uIncam out,
L.A ImaL Croup of men
amble quickly down the ga-
plank a soon a the ublp had

3 W-f; -sss~ T, ^as

^*l For Pk'J Sske
a -hug aheetb of paper
SA. W la 8 u ohes wide by Dla
"W" C printer Pete wlabea
SThe magicqe mb a maximum nater to
1 ibh yote. Tr- am seven La chea wide
S"W b eg it tat be utV
m, .,es at'" -tw an be cut
I-we 'L- f.1n -oqu a e
*up& M -f,,i., maw;=. ,


* i** ." .; -Q

, ,
,i ... ,-,
raT~ .t

Br --<

' : ea '-+.
t.a -


I book i the

am (1 ram.
- tkl. 11)

A COPRDIG to the etory tot oe with t
poser, fagmenta of a page at parament found
in an Old W=ld library at nrat prw*e a mystery
When pieced tasther they forlned the ooga na.
tion of Ulnea a m above. The ehedea e were
still without nmr la until one of the l Ub y staff
solved them by the simple procem of addag t ane
Unes whkch oomprted the letters to spel two words.
What ae the werda?
A'ivIN 'ITWJIn aLe Sp.a oa~ Sq mglIa|l

on which Moaee 's
the Ten Comm.
rom God ( .
i Rachel I' e c-
i her chlldren t.
rr' te lck.

EACH of the following words
ha certain letter risnl g a
ldicated by the dot. DAentlom
at the right are clues to mnae
you to flu tn the miasing ttsame
For example: the defnltiom
country ba as Its answer IRo
LAN.D )Nw. continue from there
and il In all te mignig lttera.
I .... Country
.1B Andiron
S. u .. Anclent galley
... lUE Departed
... ..IAak
... a Kind o fire
. IE hoped
S. IE Most honest
. IB .. Somber
O1 .... Without anger
eway Inf i),o ,
'sagm; dlanuI pea

Ml juridiction.
Sthe scale

.4- ?

. I .y : ,, ..
'. .. ,
_,.~ ~ ~ ~ ~~r '+.. -+r ... .

* ..

. .'.
'.. ,+: ,-. .-:
+- ;-i

S ~I 'L-
.' "
,' + "/ + I -'


..i.' k



i C-'




1 .



- ,. ,' t


.. < ..


*l~ii? 5

iC -~

e :":~



,OU CAN'T START too young, in this dog-trainng bN
youngest trainer, 4-year-old Angela Cherritt. S a
ti Ed s a brace of boxers (right) for a winn4i g;pTerW

CANYON seems an
orado river fliWe i1

A -
~u~il~rc* ? ui.,jur
d~jem I__ bi.

- ~ a

I .-

'. -.,*.-

Tw.*'i '

*i5: b~ -.'C)



ii- L~17
X~2Xd. ';*


: -

"** ,''

~ ./ ^
i '

^ *' : '."


*. .*; -' *^l

;- '

,. ::t
; *
:'y -'.

-.. :. 'n-
S -.'lt
*** ^ .**<
:*- i
*,;, -- ;*^f
^ .*- ^ -**.
*.; \ .-..'. ^ ..^

'*>* *. ; 1 '


i. ,: ..;^-

*y-' ; .*^V
;' *.' ,'^C

: ; .

,, ; ;,..;A
I^ **'3

.-~p; ~,

~L1' 1. ~_ ~Q.
~ d
..?:,. x "a~7- k


91 -

4':m '4



~5;: ~1

& :

-I -

- ..


SMdo wu ti

- r i

rards. Po-

ltee #t'ew r WR..~Se M eferwme now mhe
chiM met her d4a4~ -
7 -o -
The fPanmun Canal Co. announced that revised
water rMat wip go lIto effect for non-gpjvernntf
agSenci th tb 'Canal Zone on May 1. New .
government egpcles will become effectively J
coincide wltf~h blnning of the flaoal
The revislOe, wh fixes the rates atji. :
higher pe 1 DOWe lUe feet. w0 I
it the suburban ar of t Paskm
those of the cities ofa
An elderly West In
covered that himgrads
her's home ~ 0dawo o
himl, .fnar. 4 d
hadl been ~ugt by -


of hi- da e Gladys. s Ramei he .fQutdd4W
kitfte ap i pr voe Wu tha$
slayer, af i to ee,, .- o.
Ramo w~ fbbed l. wif taf ll t IOw i t
Day 1962 o l a damp halH wo hveam.y b hdt
critically lnjure.
..- 0 H
Two gala events were scheduled to cote off last :t
night, a big Anti-Communist evest latedo to be held
at the Union Club, and the annual Canal Zone .At .s
League's Ball which this year wav uUing a et 11ts W
theme. -f
Proceeds for the tltt event Vwil be nad t to ombaW
Communism, .whlIe they artlP Intake will help a -tal-
ented young person further hs trt career. '
eo O..-.
*The Canal Zohe Ajtric eiy: ato te wa" ti. O
the throes of InDsltIng frh013gWd #Mo t of ster ti



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S- lNaturI .-pra aduwke
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DbkMaal flMage of the wVage of Time.
AMdo Mksa a otaWIMasle.I, ealin lmat bo At..
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Srgllertes and to exultantm

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The prnset omu m is made up of tbre

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f Labor Martin P. maid f Secretary Ben-
on wanted it, heo haea It.
Whereupon LLenhower observed.
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A:ith orat re~freUaf n bhe had heard aince
e a to WLt ere were two cabinet
-tbeas. and L ae seededd interested In
Utr1M. to build an empire.
N "i1 Defmse Adimistration and Atamnle n-
aOmnhei l didn't get along any too
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