The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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a ou PANMUNJOM, April 11 llP) United StttA
en1gi eri began work today r focHitioaw er the
WxchadI of sick and wOdled Allied war p

Two bHndozmrs Ivmad portion of the 1I-14

IS ceNitm and delivery poCU
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lft ew er.
w_.e Snow is w.,

#S u A for Cb U 4 d S or o r
*^^''weo V'tRAoM A a.k
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S THE PANAMA AMEKILAN JR- e iIe iTu. B rousurs
WN hD TuBLEPNED V P AT11 aANA A(Ma PS I eS 6Labor News --
7 "" W Sn 1 VA 0 max ......n...- ,AN ,. A
1 1~ lea ders have l

SEW O.pi It174 CINTRAAVNUP ETlwI Ih ANsD ISt STRE iET @0.lldl .
a4 MADIe N Av.- NEW YRM t.v. ee L me

1 THE MAIL BOX ag s.'ir

is... Lenese are received gritetlly mnd re h.a.dled In a whelgi seiN- on the Korean front, eea -
dell mh eu e that mll- onst of

if you erntribu.e a letter don't be impatleat i it ie"ega appapi lbs ainA o Of *u*en in literh aly
et dayall. AdLetter e pushd wn the ir r e. th theno bs

eE try to kp the eters limited one pge length. d- 4t edshifts oe o ut
idty of lettr w s i hd t tresuri it has taken lights in a
I o-- o on 0res' to build. "! ...
Thie Mewap per ies me eno rspum or csibide or Tatel aml Ar- pima o, Wh the prospect opart es
le lseers m rd eietefulynd re hded In a- on theI orean firnt, eo r

z what they believe may be.the 3 ..
FROM PARENTS TO COACHES fanal contracts of -ths emer- *
tency. In these palct they on
SMr: *mnir. "will seek tro anchor Job eu:-n ,
if you ntribu a letter don't be l eNtri t it M' IM ~~.~itnsy of -men in Igtra, l y

To whom it may be of interest now that the last of the vaeaUons, hi gher peounshs
bTtle League Baseball Park has been washed down our and a guaranteed annual
'(and we hope we aren't charged real estate value for this ero- nage. And In as many titles,
*lon!) and thne clouds are banking heaven high oved r the footthuill, ihe andutrialost plan to re-
we'd like to take a moment of the waning season to t dtheynight as two"knw

what will happen ts their de- outj
pThank to all of you Mr. Cicero and Mr. Heinselman. Mr. J e e l ha. hape n to ti de

Glud and Mr. Meade and sundry officials we do not know. And o the spectre of strikes stalks-
of course we mean the Umpires, too... although we faly e use hydrogen and atomic oomb gh in a -
hundred cities.

to be clobbered into saying we always agreed... to all of you we sllations, plants which make drt
d4o ay "thanks a million..." aets, turbines, turbo super *

And we realize that in all the wonderful doses of baseball systems, naval ordnance guid for
there was much besides and for that we're grateful, too. Sports- ed missiles, radar, auto pilots,
manship and teamwork; character building and agility of mind gught th, steel prd '
FROM PAR[NTS TO COACHES imnal oalotflats of-this emer-

ad body all went into the training received nd alough you r, copper and brah
will seek t9 anchor Job sm.u
rity, seniority rii&la, longer

Toed a bit or perhaps lonterest strands to the birds we do hope that m, auo, rado, rerigera
Stext Leagon will have you there! torn s anda television -receiver, to
So for the new friends wchared real estathoseva yelled within and e. And in wsfm tecoal iels
those wand the hollered at) -re banking heaven high over the otth lhe e ndstriasi plan tas one __
we'd hie an much, much more that waning season to say but bls t demands ntl they know
own to: Thank for your time; your interest your effort he country -nd even mo
Thanks to all of you Mr. Cicero and Mr. Helnselman. Mr. winters and almost

lud and M. Meade and sundry officials we dnotknow And 000000 the spectre of coal areas stalk
of course we mean the Umpires, too... although we flatly refuse hydrogen and atomic oomb in-

to be clobbered into saying we always agreed..r to Previous Puzzle tal unusons, plants which ond
do o "thaks a million..." j aets, turbines, turbo huper
r O I- c H e too h as the peace jnitter.
And we realize that n all the wonderful doses of bseba peace buslnes doesn't g You I
there ONTAL m uch besides and for that e' Ketucky and Central e yl in the middle seem kel w m hve re- or e
Shi an a ar acr building and agility o- minc g bad Igunssght ms, tanks,ig telling b suc wa you p
and body all went into the training received.. end although you W7

ed abit or perhaps lost stands to the birds we do hope that mebe the -odd vet who hove New York st arm ora

eThese campaigns, now being week and now's a good a tine sa any' to realign Auy
ured meats ill have you the! investigated by a Federal Grand the civilian hin about what return
mention just a vfew.l

o for the new friends, we made. (h ee te first labor ca veteran, wants. And doesn't want.
t wleh Thoro s sualitieof a "soft" eco y Wt w afor example, oim a one .ut.: "
This ae d much, much more that we'd ike t s b I b ld ahead What he doesn't wasnt i a lot f ere n a d
4 Muial nRose intr A oft other areas rd c and fre enterinentt ot if it be anti

instrument 9 Be ad'acer' $ A I T Had Lewis driven for this va- means he has to spend an extra 10 minUtes, on UgSeZhsd
000,000 tons of c .l Ara

SCoumed Answer to Pphe envious Pu e p unu sed above the ground a p he's o t
Food f Thogh 27tports 41 e p of Florida, this lat o the old We kept them pe p
gH17 Emetic equipment 42 Strike- giants who sprang fro s. the p here the er
H-is recent unionizing drives in, NEW YORIC.--If the peace budstrif'd.oer l g You D1

SR NTA, l Mislause 28 Shield breaker coal fields to lead American Ia- typIhal New TOrk m. wt h e uriy k
S unio 23 Prescribed 29 Try 43 Roman bar would have come across on e act. Sm eall I instH o.r w IL
portions 31 Trionometric garment another tuck ed-away riate ha- Arr t s comin' ba was you

5 Awaut b f n meUntclhd 20v th paloie 4<1a vin 1kweNlr have -eA rm Or r y
1 S.UPreeident of s4 35 ChiTle 4 Vca
SPoUlitleal rou h Czche- 40 Covets with 4ek, Remain at dnow' roaadbeks od tiUr eaany to r
4 Ckred meats month investigated by a FederalO' nd the civilian thlnldng-about what 9, retUrbing

SWager vakia hoarferost 50 Eg worn have been fs labor teado t want.
is aMts 7Thoroughfares sualities Of a "soft" economyi Whathewant,1dc&W, in out.In.

wch tEach 'h cdynrKamite or machine gunsad What he doeidual. t lo o -r aL'

32 Uncivilized 2 I r1 just the garden variety to- You cannot riaiyi shlre a fe* be
SMoral r I dia' buck-shot Iron. For there,'and n nf aih-
M oHabitt plant ~ too, a union campaign be- ain't y our u 'h Spe 4' st1ll
SMatustbeintl R er showdown days and the mag- rett et, a nd free enta ment,. ot lif t be
iostrument 1Be C dipCher Had Lewi- driven for this va-'means he has to spend an extra 10 "UUt, ow umw.-t
I Comdimed s Cipher caton to New Orleans instera candy p he's 'wat ouhat t

3food t Sharp 27 Sps a r ant for milax t with bornt Wehat k yolp of them Opf tnp -tu:
Lunguor 17 Emetic equipment 42 Strike- giants who sprang from ghe port bare th de, m d ,e -

CHders Mslys 28 Shied b r coal fields to ledr American ech ty l kl 'e Y, rt
eup portion 1 Trionomeric rent F nothr four months now the and dd about. W
9ble 24 Story function 44 River in Asia bAr war. & .A .oeft J.. or V .Wil

41 ,lump of -T AFL Papermakers have been a
'ofticrl Mup CzeChoso- OCbVe with 48 Remain

butter trving to unionize two paper nel fever, or the ona
mills. And 50 incidents brought you see the enltoe Of Oialo. I -8
o *tles out a smail army of ataet Oft. DeW v Et h V tfae 4onho a*4 mealaWw'
em e- troopers as noth sides fought no ceremony I
l i to a standstill. What y ned Is a it
Chillsrrosand 50Homes have been shot at, a yearown chick Orif
fever tavern blown up, autos dyna. the chanc to go out ad cap 0g
SEh dynamite oan r machine guns or. watch o wn. Mo
32 ,Plize 2 ,ihn thrArmed guards, barbed wire- ,nbo -
34 Moral din' buek-sbho Iron. For there,'and Al-t

SHabitat plat deo, a n union t ampaime p- aI n.g t s t -l'
adjustment ----came a cuulty ofan those s You. do't l pd r.1 -pt a ut
Abstret of-twdon worker days nd brought in b- rett, ad free

Siet en tlas were a little les fa- candy company er
feartha at witiny Elizabeth, La. What
SPrepoiti gun-powder. such o

4 Smael lp of F Of cour, mnthis noi tIhe arend a
Small lump of nAFL Papermakers have been tradl- 13eb
r Irvng to unsonne -but a perneital fevetars or th
o mills. And this incident brougg htle is Yul (Se, O

I ~~sed betyput a smatic of te ueasins stat.

rest of.. the nation may argue chore. .
llM I. nsteadrs of shooting idest ougt, but the new
fIe g v vir Homes have been shot at, andtu yoar olbor and Iondustry ri wa ea
fever / tavern blown up, autos dyne

4Madly w-ll sted and machin the g coming t- t the.

Little fromElizabeth, La. ymp mat... C
t la too lArmed guards, bardecision featrng

dnk arcades and ng the csro- Hgh's t
l- lights protect the plants asoutBandbox
Llgaim of-town workers, brought In by

K V=I2ALand high wany, operate. the mi d-
fft lt ,. cr tTat tiny Elizabeth, La. itJM

KWhen CIO vice presidents 1 -
Sli herb nferred with Walter Reuthe r allie
w here feuds have ben tradio-u hee happened
Stinlk of a new Southern CIO ing fitted for a .
Sodi retor and a new Southern ed: "Youlr?"(
CI drvpto atl o the uneasinponted ty..."Hmm,"

w -en the vacant executive vice- you. But th
presidency went to John Riffe, At Howie's a .
d ". inside labouthern director. The of the vice case
landlords ud ,' *resouth is the new ation may ..."Wt' he
r e OeTB inte Reuther sees the South as the .:
A virtualhe only apl labce for theand I industry Neddw Yrk
'r stand pathe's being pressured by the stench of
Little Elizabeth, GI,.is ymp- mat...

Ht nam e the former head of man seated n ss
S. h Texkas CIO, Bob Oliver to flung it out the a,.
-rW -d/,I hunch a drive for new me-.bua...A wup omd tse ~ I
.-i:. .. Taeas CIO, 8ob Ollver, to flung it out UI PT, "

Eo IId.. l kel ^ ^ lead the forces below Mthe up and tosls .
son-Dixon line. nia is all
a m oW I Pushing for such a eampain never will be
is the CIO's tenacious Te:.e
Union chef, Emil Rieve, who Mea~* a
backed Reuther in the recent man, (the J
CIO convention election speol edited by a
.j S & MY ft C Y Y_ fically because he was cou t Ild"-dO I
., .* ., we d on the red-head to throwd C U iSN
full strength into a Soumthernr y csawO L
PANAMA AMERCAN caris MORE WANI ADS tetle mill unioniztion camp. s it h
9 t Aer d Noly Inm PON= obimd I rnace this drive really gpts (3Yv4AU')
under way this Pall, man y a Mt eha W
Southern governor may be caled
on to rush State Troops to keep revi
the Southern CIO and the
Southern mill owners aanrt.
SApparently it will ake tr
sonme time to reeniet from I'
"*peace.' inlers we all control
the -- tera

-1- S r.
' -

I, quick.
.or/a Tl


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asm Ho
Sto tue
at the
S aying

n.CdOUNr wed tbi

NPUIRM8IU& A5W&I .w4 -IW-:.
tr.the Pere Ma2aue0tet
y wh Ike. "
meeting MclCarthy --PrM -id
In and take out the taWg rofi
IEs war 6ft wA

Ml i t v to the aleigbotboW saoon
aM awr or picraeOf

ettg bkkhba had all the ersatz en-
t A, the P trivolU ..U uT
hat he eatl stan&.1B S&anam

1p thwtig and mIet OX
b~v M corner

a, a .. l... "' .'-.

i ad. s/a a big

-Ioa .- ll.
SMk tr trri Ml

aflki m, ana

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- *' ;-

, \ -: ;n .BM

. o .* *
1 ,. .-


;~D~~S~P I~:~lfS~S~1I1~
~CI..'~*~ '~'~ b~ltUc*l-~jl+i.qmu.l~il

. --

)Jrv -rrij-~hs

.-'~Af uwt.


i' ii
=~J~~~ ~ .; ~kC 91
I~~s~' e i

* 'W
a' l ,

thi ftneaoo,"btouta
I: bi ,ldat the 1 Bo-
mad Iter In the
a ud Jntemedlate
1I. to lave campfire
M ._', t 1: wold a
Sat*6:30 pi.

in a


I .. .

r tIom 2
.L. riD

Q will
ol Colk
arIl-ln m

w5S,,M4 = 14 persons a-
boad t Alreaft survived and
he .wM reur lou ured. me in
Lt. 'oL e a bL Lon-
don bmin s uled to be
o, of the ut uI ,.a- chmar of
ar3aiaeanl att Wetmainister
Abb for ti. coronatipA of

a-at e J JatIalca
'n uvIIO 'awi af to the aMr-
"T8a M 400 At orshed and
MW~k -iar to 'hor.. The plane
L__,,pfi_ *

14 ~t. f

tCa'@, Aultra-
Tumr wsa rim.
I" but
ft.. Slx ofthe
rad, t' Trwo

orNrt" ..

Wrld ,m. .a r-ovld lM,.eUIKutinhg ,an 't i
ae mieimeud rltcs Iold at auction in

"'o .uo .-...;- "..-J

Balh. Helght *
sonATY, APrL U, IM 5
a.a.-BBLE .SCHOOL (Classes for all ages)

arm. 9
Re. WW. H. Be.. S.peakingl Rio Outlet-EOZO-7- Ke
| *- 1II

or er~P un

'a.,? ru...a, r
Y'~~~ sI~hTTil
** II
I~i. ;~CI -rrrH ~r i 'a

-. ..- .

Qlr t.CJ Lrc~. l*'' *, .Ii i' J
^""''jfiJ-c~~s' :ogu'fi"-- *n
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-: .. ,,- .. .. JI

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DAY0...Of 0i^!



y. ,_ -.* .. -*- '. .w

U A"
Lisi L AI

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- rL~

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'ubmo s1 arcu9 a


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.... .... .. ..... ,. .-
, .- *.. '.. .

4 ,." ^WA~ 'uI ,
A.Y. *

_ _~L~ _i_~Y_ __ _~__.4._


dipping & Air Lines
Sa- -
Norwegian Freighter rived in Crlstoba nH~1h iSrn
ted CanlI Miami.
Se!w 6,963-ton freighter Buf- Master of t1hW f.uii sto1
1q1 transited the Canal yester- vacht Is F. J. einMS.Th
d l d bouqd foir European ports. are three others in t.cre, .
One local passenger. Lady Gu- White 8tar Is bound for 1lt
nilla Beck-Frlis embarked in Diego. .
Balboa before the Norwegian *I -
ivensel transited yesterday. She Prizes
Is the mother of Mrs. Elvin Setl-! .B Pre. .
bert Sebert is First Secretary of
the.-U.S. Embassy here. T i e fl
prie and Company are local Tw ly u

i AIt Roel My WMe .
A aell yacht. White Star, ar- The Colon Crdatole 2
lyahtW_ tetaa ^Club entertained tba I"n
of the Cristob* f1gh eShool'ax
their special gue* at its regular
r Vesse La Thursday meetit held at the
Washington Ho6l.
Luis Ducruet. Consul of.Nica-
... Ca w1 ragua and president of the Con-
sular Association, eomplbnented
fall ll the Rotary Club for
ImlT4 "j1 A M the annual awards p ted
T lthe members-of.the e oa_$w
Although the number ofocean- outstanding aohesW .tor
golat commerctl rvesels which their research and
trianetedthe Panama Canal last tion of essays e o
month pet a new record, the.a- American. countries ey repro-
mounto tolls collected fell short sent.
of the all-tUme ~l at last Oc- Paul Beck, princi pl of .O
tober byiihtly over $25,000, gave a brief hi' of the 6b
The comparative figures on and dwelt on Its ifiV mat-
traisits and tolls, for the two ing closer reliaoBlP Ittween
reore breaking months are: the students and edhanmcng
Transits: October, 674; March their knowledge of the various
878. Tolls: October, $2,910,416.92; countries. He pointed out that
March $2,883,514.86. faculty advisor, Charles Wallace,
In addition to the tolls collect- a teacher of Spanish at C8 was
ed on commercial vessels of more the original founder of the club
than 300 tons, net, in March, tolls and the mainstay of its suebeas
on the 110 small craft amounted since it was first established as a
to $5,008.32, and tolls credit for school club in 1946.
Sthe U.8. government vessels to- Edward Stokes. chairman of
taled $43,067.62. the awards committee, presented
At the present rate, canal traf- the prizes to the following stu-
Sfic for this fiscal year will set dents: first prize went to James
new records in all categories. The Wilson for his essay on Mexico;
Number of commercial transits second prize. Alexis Vila, Para-
by large vessels for the first nine guay; and third prize, James
Months of this fiscal year is 5,- Taylor. Ouatemala.
522, as compared with 4,707 for President Dale Cockle of the
the first nine months of last year "21" Club introduced the mem-
which broke all records. Tolls hers present and naming the
Collected to date this fiscal year countries represented.
are approximately $4.000,000 over Next week the Cristobal Colon
f the first nine months of last Rotary Club will meet as the
year.. guests of the Ladles of the Red
SThe daily average number of Cross at their Colon headquar-
commercial transits this fiscal ters.
ear is about three ships aboveI The occasion will be the pre-
S last year's daily average. The sensation of a new commercial
daily average for March was 1.87, stove which the Rotarians are
slightly under the record of 22 donating to that charitable or-
Ships a day in February. ganization.

I fc L t .- 1

Fae AmMshTmU rSame" aRe.p
lier AND wmOWe AMD somU, PAcSC coAms
(A lhi"a imbor of Pos Smgmal
S.S. b rl ar .................... ..... ............... Apl 14
S.S. Cherbourg .................. .................. .... Apil I

M .S. Chili ........ ................................

April 14

S.S. Antill .................. .... ....................... May 14
S.S. e Doe dance ..................................... April 21
Weebly tJr Carglo e5le BetwMe Cr6bd, dalbe A Wet Coat
of U. S. & CoMd.
Criit6i: enrNCM LINE, P.O. Sex Mil TeL t-276 & tsi
tau4;s U QDO I MAIDULO, IA.A sO t 1
pe. suhs s-Iea S(l-

WLKIN. Phtaetew



Grat: Whhe Fleet


8.. M. .Al .-. .... .. .............

N*W 'IJ I ---V-
S8.8. '*l~BER .A ,-S ....................

S.2. -r l N .. ............. ........
.8.g I IAB A .... .. .. .. .... .........
SR~s. '.
.r -
V'rrirut trdnmI a from q etaI .to
SwAe ae."
Anwa swi

Pasmh Oreaas
vi* ara In o-wt*

..S.. .. ,. .. .....................
.S. .... ....................

Wely gaslas. ta 4i s ships to Now York,
aisme, NW Angel. SM Frandece ad fset

I -

4f ofo wl

I I .. r

LON U A. ,"

The Pcik Slteam Navl io Company

Royal ll L l Ltd.

V. "8ARM NTO" ... ...... ............... April 14th
.8. "EKNUTA" ...........;.... ,............. .Apjril st

M.V. "REINA DEL XACIFICO" (1,' T s') ..' .M~t t

1SV. "SAN AMANCA" ... ..1..........."..... :d Apl

:M.. "Di.Mll ASd .......... I, i,.. I

.Vt. "DONGIDY ." ....... ......... ... ..
M ......... ... ........ ......* p

Aln i thas Stbjet Oiane W tio E i Ntie,.. r
= C oANA-,A.. at4 5. .l. 1-lW/
rpycoCT. BAiJBOjart..Jf. *MK. Tel. 3I.i

77 7-7

YeT Order What?

4 4' .
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- C I I I

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. ... .., !

st Im"I

.W=W. ft.RA t

#5iw7.4' 11
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C9 awKe1

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Iag wan With a Godl

For the Nerves

4. ... L



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.4 2

_ Ir_ _______~__ __


r ,


Tft van i To I'*


....April I


Sallm at*
1:@ a-m. 3

<.....Ma, ,
----- ^ *' ^ *-

'' Wa,

U!W' P'.
'** I K. *,~

-. ~ B
K 4.Yi -- -- -

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-w. v 7 ^ ".:;?nr
w-.t ;'-.:. r.-' :^.

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IWili Al .
C- *-T-1
v' '

at e .*we
410 *' -,

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bAL .200.







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16 Boulevard dne Italimns Paris (9e) Franoe

(p Jfwacr.-Francs 315O o,000o,000 in varh u foreign ourr cles
ts system embracing four oontingnts maintainJ oeer 1,200 brancks,
agencies and asociations in France, The Freunr Un n, the -Near
East, Africa, SwitzrtI.dtA Unitd Kingdon. Urgumy,
Mexico and the Far Eart.

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DITIO; O 1953

jlsre td o anno ume l the new Telephone Directory for 193S t nw
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Sieae not reeiWed ouBr new Diremory rand yer e
makw me, at the FUem rs Office BxMdi* a ll
4 i -"8"i atr B in ess^ me^
i. Coated^H Me copy ff3of
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We Offer


distilled by Joh. de Kuyper & Sons

Rotterdam (Holland)

Guaranteed First QswUty!

Bottled by


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moneoforour 3f V

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rpgad,''S. A. MIN '' -

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by: Ub.i

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rase guet"
,imay Dur&atet, in brt
sleoM Irs a pernentfxtre
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hbetdO show& put Jbuwl' a
COiWaD bl hln-fi hiine iiing
to a i "pert." Bample Du-
raat chatter:
.think Ill trow 'em out de
indowe and we'll all a ave
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pIorts of aerf ceihmitteei,
report of the budget committee
and plan for thea bai3* oPM
By uamebranhp fan the Ca al
Zone Council hae reeaea4 an al
time hilh with 91 .boy
ed In 4 Units. ol. i -saon .
There are 54 cb 5 eoIo l
cub atoks: 833 boy 6Ottd
plorers In 14 acout tUOreep a9VI
&nWAGUdr ni. he uff t

more boyla" ,oul* as.e U
mrce volunteer leaders eoMbe.

CTo at"ater
RuwIll M. Jones. director of
"Bl Voteae" camp for C.Z. Boy
Scotal of America. w la tema
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opportunles. faltesm ad staft
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Alo: A ShonenI Crime Story..
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dodgerss Dickering

With Cibs


rooklyn May Trade Cox, Babe Didrickson port

anca For Rush Or Hacker Seriously III; o Cardis o "

t United Pres Sports Writer Career At End t lass

NEW YORK, April 11-The Brooklyn Dodgers,
yr d heavily favored to win the National League BEAUMONT, Tex., April l1.
(UP) Babe Didrikson Zaha-
p mant, were reported dickering with the Chicago rs, lying ser ously in with a
Cbe today in the hopes of closing a deal for another malady which m end 1a
tfabuluas sports career, asked
either. everyone to "pray for me" o.
day as she awaited outcome At
E. J. (Buzzy) Bavasi, vice pres- The weatherman, meanwhile, extensive X-ray tests.
dnt of the Dodgers, and Wid stepped in to throw a damper on But "'m not seared," she
thews, director of player-per- managers' plans to place their told a aewsman by telephone
onel or the Cubs. colerred pitching rotations in final order from her Hotel (Hospital) DiMe
Fveral times by telephone yes- yesterday. No fewer than five of bed.
ltrday, it.was learned. It was be- the scheduled seven exhibition At the Babe's bedside were
meved that Mathews is seeking a games were cancelled because of more than se telegrams from
package deal and might be will- treacherous weather. friends and from persons she
lg to part with either of his two In th only two played, the Cin- never -met. Her husband,
iht-handed pitching aces-17- cinnati Reds beat the Detroit George, a wrestler, also was
lame winner Bob Rush or 15- Tigers, 7-4, and the New York with her.
lame winner Warren Hacker. JGants downed the Cleveland In- Yesterday, the 29-yeor-odM -
It was considered more likely, dians, 9-7. 'Mrs. Zaharias, probably tta h .
however, that Mathews would at- Herman Wehmeler went the greatest woman athlete of a l
temptto deal Johnny Klippstein, nine-inninr route for the Reds time, submitted to thiroug-E
I hard-throwing right-hander and limited the Tigers to four X-rays. It was a eoltl
h won only nine games last hits during the first seven In- effort by physician to alH- .
ItaOirt but who is considered a nings. He relaxed, thereafter, nose more of the llner which e
ine _pspect. but was never seriously threat- hospitalized Mrs. ,Zahar s.
T Dodgers, on the other ened. Thu day.
4a6* were believed ready to The Reds, scoring their second -oTo- d
tra*i utility Infielder Billy Cox straight victory over the Tigers,
.r pitchers Clem Labine and pounded out 12 hits, including BEAUMONT, Tex., April 11 -
.ak IBranea in an effort to homers by Ted Klussewski Jim (UP) Mrs. George Babe Di-
aceaure IBaker or Rush. The Greengrass and Wally Post in drickson Zaharlas, for may
teams discussed a trade last their debut before Cincinnati years the nation's tqp woman
winter and came close to elos- fans. golfer and athlete. ws reported ~;C- .
Iag a dial nltaving Klippstein The Giants, apparently corn- seriously ill here today anm her .g -l t Estrell
but it eventually fell through. pletely recovered from their va- doctors said it probably would c r -Prealdent
.Cox, 34. was considered the rious ailments of the last few mean the end other active ply- puwhich will be rnua a se one-
est defensive third baseman in weeks, defeated the Indians for inL career. nine-sit enths at the Juan rlt Mk April 19.
isblla last season but became the seventh time in eight games The Babe checked in'at Hotl wab an inpreselve winner of the added Francisco
pendable this spring when but required two victories over Dieu Hospital for X-rays and Plardes Classic his last time out ,a I considered a threat,
anger Chuck Dressen switch- the weekend at the Polo Grounds other tests today and Dr. W. 1. the big race. This flive-year-old ~)rn on of Vietrix-T
Si Jackle Robinson to third base to gain a 12-12 tie for the spring Tatum, her physician, told a bred in Ireland, hab won eleven of hits. local starts,
d Inserted rookie Junior Oil- series, newsman it would be from 4 to second twice, third five times ha asmlu out of the mml
atsecond. Such a move na- Catcher Ray Katt's three-run 72 hours Defore any report would only on four occasions. He has asSem $1t In hi two seuai
left Cox discouraged and homer off Lou Brisle in the be made. ., of racial here.
lbs believed the Dodgers now eighth inning provided the 01.
Id rather trade him, if a ants with their margin of victo- He told sports editor Bil Ba
t-line player were available, ry but Manager Leo Durocher (Tiny) S=urlock of the F I W
carry him for utility work. was disappointed in another month Journal that he believedI
Brnca, of course, has had fre- lack-luster performance by 18- Mrs. Zahara' golfing career s
uent run-ins with Dressen dur- ame winner 8al MhIae. Magle, "definitely" through for I* -- -
the last six months and has a strong candidate to draw the season, -mnd possibly for all tiae.
0toe unimpressive pitching this Giants' openi i day assignment. The 39-year-old Babe, who-dn- La Boca. C. Pacific Side cricket champion since 19 P a
ang. Labine, a fine freshman was banged for i hits and seven ly last uanday ~m the woman's Isthmlan titleaol r for the paUour yearl seen headed for I
lther in 1951, failed to pitch a runs in seven innings and has open gdli tournament name4lid sixth de ttonal championship la tte Pacific Merturlo Crickl
mplete game and had a disap- fielded 19 earned runs In 31 in- her honor here, returned fiom *.. .
iting 8-4 record last season. nings of pitching this spring. Fort Worth Wednesday night W^ith our game ? remaining t bplyed, the 0 g1' b
-- where she had undergone exam- a contfdrtable lead Over-Ancon C.. w. i i in I. battle wit
inaston. Red Tank, Sparton, and Olovell tr the runner-t spot.
ALealgue-secatsry RoyBBat l i oeaMdthq foUoqwlag sta
Poume., Ais pudia WhxdUp Dr. Tatum did not discuss the inglo
n&Uve tier. lll& Lart YouIFIC CRIKIIT LEAGUE
ourne, Anpudiia Wind UJ* Zeag s he# f hernia. cmcT i-a

einifinal Week Of Drills .W.e i1me r o *t

Chorrillos Melvi ours d a t dr at eAvnue "A" He adrvisd her to go to Mlnyarl rA....... -2 .5 2 0
olon's Rodolfo Ampul todCo H been eo Forth Worth or tw ..b..kup co.. 1 3 1 .f
found up their net to last week c irtni on r bdy attack ia .,d she analed an teator. Whippers. .... 0 1 .

f tra ing for their scheduled the hope of wearing the now to Phoeni, At. for a varatila
ntamweght champion a s h I vaCant 11-pound diadem. and more golf th week
ut April 19 at the Panama Melvin's co-handlers "Philipt-
no" Kid nd Leonard King are During her career as a golfer.
The hard-hitting Bourne ap- leaving nothing undone. for th the cheery native Texan has won
a to be in mu better shape big contbt. Bourne seem to be practically every feasible cham-
an he was for his last oung much father and more consistent pionsp, many of them repeat-
n he was roundly shallacked with is hitting during these edly
unbeaten Isidro Martnes in tuneup :rills.espite the hernia opera&nt
Although the accent s on last year, the Ba b bounced back
Plenty of hard sork and lengthy with her usual winter triumph
calsthenic sessions, with the aim capped with last sunday's vic-
i aof paring Melvin down to the tory here
nksC UDodgers, bantamweightlimit, the steadily d a
Improving Bourne surprisingly While at Fort Worth, she stay-
seems to be hitting as hard as ed wth Mr. and MrsR. Bow-
ever., en m. sboweMid Z.-aha-
ant Choices ..hi week's ris would never be able to play
ant Choicesring pracic., Melvin has w, r,,
played unusual power and has go' aga n.
.ID I C staggered his sparring mates
SiBur Irepeatedly. ir Bourne keeps up
:i Jy this kind of hitting he may sur-
prim the tough Ampudis by put-
Iting him on the deck.
Y-W ORK, April 11 (UPI --
League baseball writers Meanwhile, reports, from over
the New York Yankees Io Colon Indicate that Ampedia'e -
.win an unprecedented fifth handlers-T.ralner Victor LaSur
t American League pen- and manager Miguel Ssn A..A
and the Brooklyn Dodgers r1a have their boy aen Question: The better hits a
win a second consecutive Na- Ing on speed and a head ata towering fly to center field. The
agLeae title in the annual Santamaria and Lafleur ap- fielder get the ball in hands
seson United Press survey. parently are pointing their oy but dro it sa he starts to
the 117 writers from Big for a decision verdict. They have throw back to the infield.
uecities, 88 picked Manager given mnpudia plenty of road- ~- the batter ate? -Harold
Stengel's Yankeoe to be- work and lie will certainly be St j a
the first team ever to win ready to go the limit if necees- .u .i It i s legal eateh
consecutive flags and 82 aay. -- thot mt if the
the Dodgers to make it two &14Bl3o's workouts have. WM l tl-h was
a Trow. Bblat and he is nsr- -
fthe Cleveland Indiana rte lvi eIR.hIbaci of a kni
:only 19 first place t bu. tiOgm t o lOI' Q- .. iC-
picked to finshs e .t ha plight Cf Apr t h
American League whl e A semn alists a Ill
York Giants, receiving breo Optis, scheduled
t-place votes, were chosen to tie ten-rounds or less pafL 'i
aseond in the National. limit of 129 pounds, s- Di
Order of finishes as fore- prtedly rarin' to io At sh ll
| I the survey were: With one more w t .'
S aerlean League: Yankees, ping" ahead of them t l t L.
White Sex, Athletis, boys are sure to enter ts ,
ter, Red Sox, Browr and square in W top 2abMs_ ; s
Ottts Is ra *t an iroee m
I League: Dodger, over Bl because of i of g
Phillies, Cardinals, victories and Bill's lengthy in- a
Bravs, Reds, Pirates. activity. However, many experts and. 1 ttir The
writers were virtually think that Bill is much too ex- hamo"s g iia s
in predicting that the perienced for the up-and-co m- kM II
finish last in the Na- ing Otti. M
League, with no fewer A special six-rounder betwI n l -- "-"., ""
112 pctking them for the Victor Asprtln and sfBab l been
Soar writers forecast that at 11l pounds and a four-round- -
would finish seventh and er between Kid Jamlesoa and i
them to finish sixth. Chb& Anderson compOlethe UN -
-bralstof eight points for program. to aC
place vote, seven for a I
,i for a third. etc.. the *., Be. d m ,. o m, to '
received a total of i 8S 7 I L in 3 1
Sdditbm to their S gony Oi r tem zssi ed fir* 60
votes, the World: psi e hleagiue.In ad it L oim
received 19 for second, to te vC ts M for the Yankees slidf
hr third. No writer pick- Ind* nine writers predicted bs, bae
at low a fourth, the bAr.sM would filanh firat the
ers, althou h picked and o-Ped the Senators to t ,
Smia f ourth, ,win tb iAmrian League flag. wV "eie
03 Tapoints adding 28 The e ute only team
oms s 0 ORthird- which mSad m let one vote.
tol Ilbir -I" of 821 for eS k r he s l M ... ..

W. Mike (L). 4
O.Jackmanl (IT). *
J. AUIeye (C). 6 2
V. Platoe C). *. 4
L. Roberta (LB. ..
O. Rollex ) .
A Denals ( ....... .
W. rathwat (8). ... '
A. Wathe (). 1
Aw. paMe (81. .. .
C. To e (A). -. .. .. .
8. CaptpbellW4 ,o-. 8
LLaMotte, t. .
V. MeLCOd (L),. .* 4
z. Belgrave (LiB). ,.... 6
C. Idwardg (BT). .. 0'
S" T'nv LY d; R RUla;
NO- Thalot-dt.


g ,o 0

mu MMW IPLf t w.I-1 .
porUtma~ far was the on- ,
r wy to gle the Brewue.
ads eto pera the elib,

Powqti 't
H iP raa pne o th

Sai e of the
Sltb a 08 or the -

A0.=$La .<-


br if, 3.1
AM. mona.


S .,

*I -1

113 3
44 1
41 I 1
40 19
187 116 1
129 53 1
63 -37 4
153 6 '1
28 29 0
179 86 0
28 28 0
174 35 1
68 34 0
44 3 .
10 51 1
83 so0 2
HS Highest Score;
M5 0

Maidens Ram. Wteig
E. elgr ). 3 2 38
A. Luke (L.. .. 17 0 .85 1
J. Alleyn ... 27 5
A. W ). ... a0 2 1S 22
W. Forde. 31 4
L. Fr 6 0 -30 4-
G. B.r ".' b-. 4 6 138 14
8. Campl ... 47 10 16
V. Pinto.( ~ .. 3 9


. -- 4-;

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fr .. s..L .. .

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;^^ '. -^* S-'



a pbi total of

ut-Us eearn

$'r --a*;.:

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- L I -L--- Y ~-I F L.I I- IL.~..~J

rM I

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*."*". sy
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W ians Defeat

':. .. ,+ ,' ,. -
"h andiln
_--- Oln / ,f"'ak Trt
'h hsertarafta gbaiu. Aut In

Um. no..

g ilimur!out. t

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:, -

morow At AL 1.
S-.J .. ,. ,-- ."- ~..'. >

"Coco Sol o, Atantic A t

TiUt lcwBelefit Tit To
W006e I o fth nd. ae o- F e L
e Dble. ae (an i is
Pan Jud, smlmdisa 02lY A) to be =&Ul- low YMri fegs N
t a d* to Waer WinheNll, C Trveteran blt the r
ar e Twilght ampalmaer and leader of the to t no r
l eDamesn munyon fund. ase Cae lM 1.
.a. in addition the lAsatle Tiw- ija wn lb ght L n
'lr4 Sph Les willt m pay tribute to rs ad oLdst s i nl l
se "of the" toelcl nM leader and "Walter Wil pb e c 4
w&himsfo ol frnum
in a-. Gem, oW r ett tf
U~MNsi 5a).-s the Npe.,S

% a BULL f FIF
who to-s .
S5l3a ea, malted.

,.form.ti va'" u o a- 4 U
ric N eth e p~eetip to

*e W : Tight0'fr 4: 30 prn iss .FeSo
Nu~ye= ha1b welt--

ia di" I b b r h p.o ,* a aa Twhe Ace laa Alrwil
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ic 8,as a t ..

Sa, p, b The it follow (Men),

do5 ?to ,.gsht e e s Ai t" a A afOF MUSIC WILL PEI FORM
Sa Irpc h I P ES I y ril th e a Da T tP t^1a
.Kam4 tug I rmm

s a I. T. 3-to a, Itr 4 e p

forn the. wit + ?. 1u .' 1. "Auun verury" PRICES SHADY SIDE PRfI E; BLEACHERS JI
earn tor n 4 BtRn .Yr BULLS 4 $on .

g SS: 4. -JUMAM MINX l t .ow ........4.0 It ..........
erd thefjt 10_, KI I _21 o 2nd and 3r rows.. 3. s 2a ad4 3,ik row I.50 '
ied to h .ht l i.t4f Av lUHI W .LL PERF
roMO JIr Is 7- 0'-.% 1r"P ThaCourageus se call al cawn
:)lice 2 8. 4, 1 0 ,, I

Ladlh hitter er .y l 1 n -3 nn,
tk at1 IA 1 B uj3i 9ny fCu I a dual
,bi o sr Is adnd meers a il- PRICES FR-HDY SPISELE

aThe Flyears od w 3 t d I

erBo^ 1 -Wp 4 wh9 tobot is Certain l *
n'ns 4 22n0 re 0 r1

---d a 1 a" 1 a o
*4, t ht pte r of 4m.s is bo aL Od A BAWKTA MUSU WILL PERFORM
the A"tIL (0j f" Arrw" SoonI

?go ,

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flEW 2,

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*.-.r j2

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From mw until the end of tIh moithl.

This c the chance of ye WeW!

AmeOam PAAmmEmftCAMS, Il
* l" ,- .. .,- P a-n -,a*

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Z. ,



ceremony were te prinl t h e local AlEM aubsicrbes to
members of the taL this principle of equal trea-"
staff ment, Lovelady aid. "Howeer,
NIdw At the time of his retire- the solution to the question i .e
maiU. Moore had complete not mi taking away from em-

WoM than 32 years o wwvl S.f
W10d the C an Ib al... ..t R W-tQM
F jM~ A gWe bas ae ant on TbeO-rdedstber. Wf.,
[j J osrm. He attdnded eemd. Mu mti l1& t he bi
and highl hool in the Opw -W wlo mM
mone and retuned hbg A103 I trU* ran*
as a Canal emploae after htr a tothe .1a pniated
adnicaiL from 3en asamsr lea e AIt oif IILN,5N
faCeutt e ad snatV MiSI
Sweden. -tftle Warr IW ants of leave that Is
a b een Wb 'Moore was employed in the esarded those ia e anmmntil
r all "nolh ter- Ofe, Engine e inE D Dii Uln ited Ui ',.i.-
E f. the rpkl*i,4 was had of ta lt itr To -cr.P, ervic Qmmbmr:
Newnap. I eral year before his transfer to stated Hle arukaatni an.
mime orts the*M -Ipiurcaw u te pr 3ttrt:
t Y4nn the uppo aB BureSau )* im n trael
Tybagg which Asdatt Chist it. -he ____re
8 awSe In tON Be becamaEedreater of ano
9E law
:= lw


eneif Game At
"' ".'

..... .. ":u aIl V
4 .+

P-., I. r' to m .

-1O : T NA.OT I e
"Let the people know die truth and the country is saMe" AbrainlirniE I. llwr OIS: an r- o
W .for Dwl Y iran, t w t
TWENTY-EIGHTHI YEAR PANAMA, R. P., SATURDAY. APRIL 11, 1953 I iVR C. I n fc fSir"t lteAr ct
ot s sta enrity, reported
A* I 1 0 9 rr amelear toeAtsat
.. ..b.. he wa uls r

Ammunition Shortage Solved'

s. in e TA

In Korea- rmy Secre ary m t A .r
llira\rwaiCgU used biiiy g ci- 1 *"."11-"
WASHINGTON, April 11 (UP) shortages beset him during his Wake Isle"* an7 rence between He was advised In the summer a t pe plans
Army Secretary Robert T. 22 months in Korea. Mr. Trumn nJ MacArthur. of 9151 of "a selout product n b edd r -plt Of
ltevens said yesterday Korean The Army secretary said The con, was held be- lag." Pace aad, and the next rlri ean
ammunition shortages have been there 'were shortages' at times fore the Chinese Communists ig was tol "ta failure f ofl-te Comnale made a Bi e l
"completely solved" but that but "so far as the combat sol- entered tne fighting in October, Trtduction to meet the enor-f ai d the.field and dIts t .
th effort may have reduced dier is concerned be was able 1950, and began what MacArthur ieualy increased requirement, h ver the east e iC 9 the harthi
stocks in this country below the to fire as much as necessary described as a whole new War. of Koreaw had created '" s lub- t t0 feet over ldIa ill s .
safety level. Sen. John sherman Cooper Pacp said the reports Van stantial reserve shortage." ... Ia ne
." told a Senate armed (R-Ky.) said that point was Fleet claimed to have Msat A aiddl -Bmed womt S l I.
serves subcommittee, how- "severely questioned' by Van "dally" on the aanuaMbn 'But he said he also was tld 1the1 wom t s't I lbuun
ryd, that the Army plans to Fleet. shortages never were called to the 8th Army bad enough a said i- n a voe aifble nK buqurf S
rash shell production, nclud- Following yesterday's hearings his attention. But he said soh munition !'to cary u Sne s .n i n Onof
It a six-month speed-up In the subcommittee recessed until reports would not "normally" sn" and that a sell bort ihe "Petebs an,- ee
eaeletlto of three factories Monday when It plans to ques- go the Army secretary's des. d not cane lanny pl fo uur i t Se ai w '
foar' mHkil critical 155-mUll- tlon ordnance and other Army Pace Insisted the "hard, cold offensive. ,tI 're tUni last lhse .. almte r of t e
miter ammuuntion. officials directly responsible for facts" are that those. responsible --- --------
Stevens, who toured Korea late ammunition supplies, for planning shell production e.iehr them? IS Les l L Sth
last month said there now is Stevens baid Army officials would have had to envision as *3iB them. IT* ,e* tes in r Vgal."
mom than a 90-day supply of have "broken a lot of bottle- early as January, 1951. that the I s u tr 'he S peaer .-deadribed I
SoIfves critical anmunl- necks" In the ammunition plc- fighting was l to last three WTh bther womrn ase
tior types. The other two will ture-. years. .,v U ak'W s-W.
be up to the 90-day level b the He said the three new facto- Questioned about the red
d oft this month, he added. rie for producin 155-mllimeter tape Lovett described In Armny ~ re Y sure? I though tat Another Ut added
se said he was "pleased' to shell wil come nto production ammunition procurement, Pace sreinyt sy ad. o- t .i
eport that alter the heavy fir- six months ahbad of schedule. said the "nIanagIeent msetu S tht t usi thao.lot near
ia at Old Baldy, scene of recent Former Army Secretary is "as good as any comparable KLANGOENFUR.T Austria, Apr. W NSn rele: aul Schoolfowrovernight k
bitter finine, "there were more Frank Pace Jr. testified earlier business" but does have "en- (uP)--ritish flier Tom sy- l y husbntp -- any mr.
shell at t-. gun emplacements that he did not. push ammunl- crusted" defieneles, how was believed today to e. e everybody (e tit
tan there were before" the tion production in the early He said industry was "over cra In the mS ered ll eroue k M e ltion becau It s
alootingK stage of the Korean war be- optimistic" about what It could on the Yu1gos4iv-ltah board all youhave to .do tenouh informationiatit t
' e said Gen. Mark W. Clark, cause Gen. Douglas cArthur produce, and that it was a "lack after pilotin his dgle-englt Ad tw6 toetber.not have gotten int the has
S:. Fma Eastern commander, and other military experts be- of capacity" not a "lack of de- plane past 709 ft recounted swiftly vh of es. fd.),
had been "at times quite con- leved the fitghtl would be sire" to place orders that led to DPbrat~ch mountain yesterday ~ t had surmsld ft re. -' speakerr t
earned" about ammunition but over In six months. the shortage. ghtof en off duty t.i t lr- I stalls, of t ,le :
"at the present leels very corn- Pace said it wasn't until De- Byrd gaked Pace if MacArthur n ht. Co Diong equient haten t'
notablee about it." cember, 1950, alter MacArthur made the. flat statement that The Austrian meteofospl.ic n1e4 in the nnbt "t In e t
had driven to the Yalu River and the war would end In December, station n Mt. Dobratecli S ~ b e the treat S ble e
Sn. ~arry F. Byrd (D-Va.) had been repulsed, that he told 1950. othe-tapneli .had been d
F.'"yrd.. ..ported today that It hel 'awtheardpera ao
S plyi b the Korean bat- the Army "the lid is off" on "I don't recall that he did" plane pas by about 4 p.r mye. wth espee peed into ed t h
tshlt had Laused "serious making ammunition contracts. Pace replied, but he added, "I lrdav during rt rain a rm. granite. outfit.
depletlon" of stocks in this Injection of MacArthur's name got that ImprIsalon from the No visual a.nU was 0m d Th T woman now; the-
conta and asked Stevens: in testimony raised the possibl- statements as to the situation but strce m otherD l t anw i.oN a*. ow
aou rea not testifying that lity that the former Far East- made" by MacArthur. sdheduted to ben e l ,
there adequate stocks in ern commander might be call- Pace said there were "enor- was assumed to be the s i I .
this onty'" ed tn the torrid munitions In- mous stocks" ot ammunition on engine Auster Aiglet a : "A w & e a tise the -
Deftitey 1 am not," Stv- qury. hand when the Ko war sineoran ywar yesterday on rlt .ht- alr-loidn .the -
-- anp d Boemer DeamHns Secretary Started. Munhab to BelgradeD. Yugslavia. bt pYlnev al ml.ias with in.
Byrd 0en askdc if the rush to Robr. LA. Lwt d0W1b-ldm --'--i-
M eno su plles to Korea of Van Fleett o atiKefii In
m&7s hale reduced supplies "be- testimony We4noesia and said -
SCivil Service Comm' artoMr
16W the saeitY lcvel at Iom t Army "as a whole" was to ',
teens thought tha was blme. for the shortages that ,. '.
&possble." He was about to did occurS. e mi
uly the aq.tement when Pace, giving Ihe Army's side I I' u ."- '
"iot asking for any details." part of tie ground covered in
fe's 'gy.M io .^S^^^I HOn Leave, Promot4^ E'nddserd i
Stevens spea tored diee the MacArthur hearings after "e
W H men. ._mes A. van lect, the general was fired by former The Canal Zone District of the traveled. ... two C .~e k
retlrd 8th Army commander, Prsdent 'ruman. Ameriean Federation of Govern- pmi
who charged that serious and "It was the general thinking ment Employes will be ased at the met.
amti e ammunition in October and November 1950 the next meeting of tle Lodges
ioetime .in all areas ,n Washington and to endorse several recommends- in ,-"..
the Far East, that the war would tons made by the United States mendatl dPay pr3a5,
RL* y PMlW U 1alisl be over by December," Pace said. Civil Bervice CommimXlo In Lts "At tpiest the r rp P Act .x
He said he also gained that 69th Annual Report for the fiscal ovrses. m td t e ader
"general impression" at the year ended June 30, 1952, accord- St attt between Lelad stated
ia p A In o R. M. Lovelady, Natlo &s' t the o.30
PO vice president of the AFOE, to- interim m o"Noowo tzat the Civ
.Le s B. Moore has r.o i
Jim Riley led the f Led Lovelady said that among the o&uv.rsi ttheto l
Sirs -t amboa ol o Kooa tCommissionrecommendat .1 na o leri o of I "Tbe
folt day. of the PdA. Amateur which he will ask the local AF tE the Unitedstates peri Over- primarily rn the mjoritoS te early pronl at
with o 4nl over Par 7 he ld 1) Repalof the PaWhitten A- lth. i--ilp ition s pos itions r- s more j

Sthat were in the 70s. t the end of March, a "The vil Service Commisson 'a"Becau he distances Ice Thi tan or- ( or o
J5hr MacMurrah's course cepted a position as Construe. n Il ent in accord with the objecti thvn vandthaecanowhich a r aWrfrom the Uidn
iom nr o se lat ar should tilont Engineer onen Jobn nel on, pl rticelarly point of eet an". rvlng e ompettql pileapsd and e- t vea Mi
mrdaent restrietil eertain them of Oi.d ln.n amleang1309d am-
,V -rup until 4 p. Mt.
s.oet twes Hear unl rdorn oe rehabilin at Itosr h-dm ent. Hw- stte i of and. I ay eoxpet1 i hmltd i os ndot e se I n 3 f .ob
Sscondea and ca oers etht tJ Lewis B. Moore, who retired The Commiseon had the fol- hardship t ntrie to does inot Irt
SBmth and Workman r with 7 as Supply and Service Dlrecto lowing to say about this amend- their py~lSan men thl plyea f a
were the only ones in the field o the Panama Canal Company met: heal th. .dtlsntn awa' e it a 'bu
of a1 that were'- n the 7. at the end of March, ha a- "The Civil Service Commission "Bc : ai f dances in-ice This t tlll-
Jehnnle MacMurray's course cepted a position as Construc. 1 In accord with the objectives volved, the lt of tuvel ro -unie m alnd plOeLbabt sailed to tb01'
record of 68 set last year should ton t Engineer on an extenve an& s general policy expressed ini overseas thee 'Unted conaequ- Ik ane ,"d
st od up this year some rehabilitation program bdg111- the Whitten amendment. How- States he S udk may h, a erm
f the low handicappers get hot tlantd in Sout Korea.' ever, thequity and opera esng efficiency of the pioi ast If te roeu The res .-
e the trick o amboa Course. Moore will be emcploed by a uforesa po gter that:
J F Taylor hd hole- privately firm o conutl r en- hbeen found difficult to apply, who a re
Soe on the par o gneer which will h te d have created serious admin- mediate U~ t ibraet "a ntYh
S__ rehabilitation program under tratve problem and inquiti. der l n the greed
Na ndoMs. beoleva that In the itrests of meotha. .1q ware of.tho truth
Mr. and Mrs. Moor plan to equit and operating efficiency o the st the or.
leave the mIsthmus Mondty n. t id economy, the purpors or f ent s qI, L. "d
arid will go first to Naw.Nperk iithe amendment should be a- sad' ,-
consult on the work to be ratlve action rather tha by oamirieser
undertake. They wUll lt# rig leInrtltv oanatrol." -
to San Francisco anrd ftre rd3)r tbon- enough "
G there he wll igO to Koremal-e ihe ol r edmraloy. Is othe leave no I.
he will.have his herk t I
Mrs. Moore plans to hBa The cht Servle Comisslon .-- ..
In the Fa Cast a-t later had the followi'lg to report in
date. thls c onnetion:
Moore was honored at a fare- d= lnave to the United
well ceremony Friday afternoon ,'tatr. a vec .ry rterunit-e
UA.L I in Governor Seybald's efr ena t i nt iacetive, serves to reorient
and a personal letter *05 the employee
Governor expressing apgrecis- health and morale. In the inter- -.
with t l benefits should be available to -
lttnn ervictearI w it t; all groups o: Federal employes." ".

*.-;.'- --, .., :. -*
J- *:'^
- L -
;*: .+ *'*.a# B
. *..: .

_ ..I-
:. c--. +

-- ~-- :1 -

S .



- A
-. ~-TJ -