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C n.

'~. .L.

"~E the people kn h w

trlk and she.countryf p f '- Abraham Lincoln..



4' '.-

. ..., .. ..

Comes ,Undr


WASHING0ON, March 27. -
(UP) EdWard W. Barrett, a
former a 3 Bstant secretary of
state today attacked Sen. Jo-
seph R. McCarthy's subcommittee
which is investigating the 8tate
Department's information pro-
gram as "childish headline
hui ters."
h arrett smid a special joint
Congress onal watchdog con m-
mittee should oversee the "Voice
of America.-
Barrett. former assistant a e-
retary tState for public at-
fairs, told a Senate Forejig Re-
latons &abcommittee it could
serve as a nodel for "one respon-
hible, intensive, continuing in-
i estlpation" which Congress INEA Radio Telephoto)
should substitute for the four BATr'S TAG ui TWo UN m s in Korea begin the gris,
studies now being made of the ly Job of making out tags for dead Chl ese Communists whose
international Information pro- bodies were brought to the rear on Otters after their fierce at-
gram. tack 'oft Old Baldy. Standard Red gao are tennis shoes instead
^^ din Barrett saidthe jo b of win-
"K "ing the minds of men s of combat boots as seen on, the feet prtrdlding from the blankets.
not mean letting chidishl
headipe-buqter fightenu.. s *
Into suh shrill and strident .
the outset those We seas to ,
wil" over."
His statement was the secondO
"tion In two dys before the For-

San. J. WIl Pulbright (D- N].EW arch 2t P)- Dt-frrom this self-ervin
_f ar,. 8 = Z 04--!_-. i. *


0 -

CLU Head Says

98-Cent Ton Fee

Is PC Solution

WASHINGTON, March 27 (UP)-Howard E. Munro,
legislative representative of the central Labor Union
and Metal Trades Council of the Panam -Coanal Zone,
recommended to the Senate Appropriations Committee
today that the Canal toll rates be increased to 98 cents
per ton.
This eight cent increase, he said, would enable the
Canai Zone government to make up its deficit and pay
interest to the United States Treasury without curtail-
ing services to 'Zone employes.
He also asked the committee
Collins Seeks to review the situation regardf
the 25 percent differential
to United States citizens aad
Other Jud e In asked that ,it not be withdraw
Other Judge In from citizens who are empk
S In the Canal Zone.
ift jptH rif g, g "We believe an analysis..
prove that the 25 percent
'AR'06e John O. o esibly inadequate and that
has been cited to appear fn UI out a dfbt it should be
District tApril ohowall United States citizens.
,District .Court April show Ih" e said.
cause why erehoua at be dis- HSthat
barred or suspended from prac- cHgl .rdased leaLe
twice, iJed a fi.t.on earlyy this callda dued leave-

1 Vlsld 4 tokf t Q E

i~w^Bp. W ~vlr~lsllKJ' ririe fortune a' pecU' u z \ -
fr 'before t-nchk. Judto Valente paldk
y beRan be dias ed "to regn
SLar e t-moth house se- reality ta s of
a ten Impo weekr- ao p vantageo r a. e h,,
I n is put in7 WASHINGTON, March 27 (UP) cof r or law o a. lf-he ust face
e- ^r^ A^ TON M r 2d ( possession of a ndpItol ad a re- the ce69quees pt VJs wwilftl-
bt' today had It-U.. Attorney CharleMIre- volver at the time e hias arrest n1 "' '
eem be n-was in no urry today toa st. Aug. ,15. e oa Feb. 2. u wap convict-
rest Lady Nancy Astor for u pronouncng' sentence, two t outs of in-
ilv sources re- stlnf hatSen. Joe S. c- Jd VLaente said Jelke, dur- giq' add m o induce
tUons requIring owna thestua InR e one month he has been Into prostm .
dh s cate plainly r the in J following his conviction Jude Valento j enced him
S ogi aita- a ofcalm delibe for d aHe by d all-male jury, has adopt- today to a m three
fSw. Zoha has wo a tolmr ed an attitude of evasion, ra- yeams and a m um of six
to e would heto fmora before tionaltzation and untruthful- yeasi on each coot.: the sen-
nlaof Cua- leg cl on any ness.:" te_ to run concurrently.
John Chapple, editor f tlh' *u I I
icane reg- Ashiland, Wis., Daily lm. an- J ilS IW inO FOr
Ite its; metal grilv demanded vestetr thtt r
Iufiseat Coroi e Ly Asntr be Jafled.op charges
.PI ea series of'of "Incitement to comn 1n a fl-
. each is raeritmh lotee A foel Adulte y W ith smi 'sW ife
C-1 r mended the loaded dritk for
be renewed McCarthy during thejlW party .-- .
'owners must pan. and Mrs. Robrs a A. Taft
the veter- threw Wednesday fo fIssildent RAVENNA. Italy, larch 7, I toBr of Ado Mario-Ada
Scan re-- and Mrs. Eisenhower (UP--A young mAn who was a 'aeording to the munici-
,. McCarthy. it seemo,. ducked %oman up to two years age was te words of Castellina. his
qut of the reception be and sentenced to seven months pri- ii age-is no different
MINes lmDoishlv swiped a aip-o the son last night on charge .re.t a many similar stories
co:ktaiU glass of anll mauaint- of adultery with. the wife of atl here and there In the
several ance. As she watered -asumally. Italian miner emigrated to BD- 4 -.
la Pana- Lady Astor turned to a friend glum. .th. age 'of 24 Ada Maria
ngthy and said in a loud aside: "I wish rvaceous brunette who
It were poison." It was a puailpd court that the company and the
of the The uneasy Irelan said he considered the ca*e of Ado Ma- f the village Young men.
the found it confusing that Chap- rio Lulidi, a 27-year-old farm l. strange rumors began to
nd, ple rather than. MoCQlhvy un- hand, Whosea change of MUl~ of her peculiar beha-
Sdertook to file a comalainL not beeA recorded by the ft a Maria emigrated to
Bjut he said he would ask the cipal author% of CasteUllin to work a maid.
editor for more details and duti- his homp iage. her stay In the port city
fully try to figure gout it any fed- The odut fouct self en underwent seven operations
S eril law wa" violted. ed In a si ties oa elate ecme man.
McCarthy, alware under at- the pr be he (she) returned to her
tack from so quarter, di- red out ehd village to work as a farm-
ssed the Incident wt an ad Mario's p as. an wearing trousers this time
'- rlbe at his critic: 'Bome Ule, finally e ed and he aring a masculine name-
ow" fine little old lady." ocalved. togeth t,withi hs Anstead of Ada. He met and
"mmnr, the -n ths t1er!. ell in love with the wife of a
An attem of the miner'ms itiner. whom newspapers today
i-S+ BSteWr trto t oato Ado etcatelv identified with the
a t cd amplee ianloils "N.M."
31 DWOOD CIT Y, Cal., edlv born the "-
27 (UP) M3.L X". wh"1 Adoa io. KS-
Owaer 42 ^ *drep unless uadett
Surgical Canasta
bme wase r s 4 m A. PH I L March 27
Sand sundry i r s T (UPetoda dismissed
Sw e s" I ad; hA An A g nam b ftg cha es aN Ia"t nin a
5W,.Ak ACd women wlwe a e ta Same was
t ehe arl 1lK ta* M ). A'*r ar 1Wpo Aalt e com-
1A 046 alr6amk S1190 0 11=4 ek 4 (2V ) A plnat oa ha-hsi buandi

s~mhw s~TI~

I'. .* 3.'e~.~4y~ -

MI j
+ .. ^ ._. ,
^^ ^^ i '-*.^*

S aIM f Thna 0. Waters oesratlon0
at laI dated Mar. director of the Govern t -t ,
9, ln'whIc.ghZpige wowe stated: pioye Council, also tAtifl._
"I as' really "I1Oved and lhat the d fferertal sould not
in recqgnhton q the.rallties of be denied employes because of
human nature T pretqr that I the place of hire.
have thp recomniandati of the He said If It were withdrawn,
Canal ZPne Bar Associat lOR to many of the wives of cankl em-
What to. o in thIn matter their ployes now working would re-
than ti rely entirely upor my sign, and "their replacement
own ju nent." would not only be a costly re-
The Sotion further obserVes cruiting problem but also wald
that SeOion 28 of the Code v~ require % costly housing, scftoi
Civil Pfedure of the CanAl and hospital program" for p-*
Zone pr11des: "No judge or ma- ployes hired to replace them. ,,
Ristrate pkall lit or act as such _
in anly alton or proceeding: (-1
To which he is a party or in -Y Bey
which he Is interested." llt
I n an affidavit accompanying I
the motbih. Collins requests the
Judge to disqualify himself "in-
asmuch as he Is the complainant, hZ f fll
prosecu 'r. and a material wit-
nes," 1 dd Collins believes he ae M.
cannot Nve a fair and Impartial MdcaelJ. Mtte, a t. e ad -year.
trial. -- Old son or Ma]. adn Mrs. ,.2.
The rl s.av Collins 4ate, Is Motte of Albrook AFB. Is in a
made i -good faith, and not to serious condition at Ft. Clayton
delay or to impede the prog Hospital today following surgery
of the Ie dt. on his spleen, fractured when be
Collins request. in hiL motion tumbled down an embantmont
thit an Impartial judge hear the while riding his tricycle.
tion par ju Tuesday the youngster was
action. pedaling back and forth in the ,
driveway of a neighbor, Lt. C
Chinese Accident H. W. Ladd, when the f .'
started to drive out. Se I
Victim Critically chUdCo Ladd started % r
In il But the child, seeing the car
I iOSpital backing out but not real-ia I
that he had been obr.;rved, a
Th6e %inese gardener, who ed Dedaling rapidly
ran out in front of a moving au- looking where he was going and
tomoblie yesterday morning. was went over a 15 to 20-ft. embang-
stil on the critiallv ill list at ment.
GOrgai Hopital today suffering Col. Ladd took young Michael
from aSrzoous head injury, at once to the base dispensary
Canl Zone Police, who iden- where it was thought at first
titld Vthe Chinese as Benjamin that his injuries wer." too super-
Wong Sam, 41. have absolved ficlal to require hospitalimatiam.
Maurice 8. Kelleher. 26, the Later he began to show other
American driver of the car. of effects of the accident and was
all blame, ai.d stated the ac- sent to Ft. Clayton Hospital,
client was the fault of a "carq- where it was discovered that his
less pedeastran." spleen ',vd been fractured.

And Canned Beans

At their hearing today. Mag-
istrate John F. Daly asked the
ladies what. it was all about.
"Why WOe were O havoM a
friendly game of cahagt." mid
Mrs. Bellmre. She said club

Th"ed of ea' -a.G beans" members played every week In
club .t1 bpabsnd per- some member's home.
Spe up the '"Each girl puts u;.$ and if
eta r he losea $O. she sll can Dtay
e u today light." the hosted explalab.
eft S oi acis- Wedneday. bshe sd a spe-
ed f3 kitty" Io clal police aiding sqw -
out M&s ugame. ed ea her dew and MS a
a .wara e .

They counted the guests as
they entered, making sure there
were no stragglers.
Then they sprang Into acti ap
before anyone had a chance-to
get away.
Triumphantly the office rA.
seized the stakes ranging frao -;
50 cents from one woman to Sy
from a heavy winner.
The magistrate anraared wli
inx to forget the matter, but th
women didn't.
Told that the nald was e
ed off by one of their h o
who resented "cawaedeas
upPer, one womanad ":
fthd out who did it. C
beae. Indeed" o


.413 '


, 4' -

-*", 6 \ '". .' .



Toils 8

k ",:" .-'" ,-.


. .

Iw MAm
naatm ma






a .' .
j N MA A~Mlf.Aw A 1M n- t W "' ,.
I I M, I d

I THE PANAMA AMERICAN This"1 KALLY Be Fun---I GrenWd the Rhats,
U O:* Labor News
7 7 14 mar* a- .. 14N MA. R. O P And
34@ MAnIsCon Avg. NEW YORK (474 N Y. Cym men
PaR MONTh. IN ADVANCE S 1 70 S 2 N ...
TO: NO s"FRIN, AflVANCUes IS24 OilBy Victor Riesel t.
ries of acid machinegun llke
peaches to the cavernous Auto
I ,PA M Union convention here, care-
iri to A I L A ) \ fully screened because the FBI
still is searching for the Mafia
The Mail Box is an open forum for rz.ders of The Panama Amer- marksman who shotgunned
lean. Letters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly confi- him, Walter Reuther named his
dental manner.. own public enemy number one
If you contribute a letter don't be impatient it It doesn't appear the -American industry.
Bext day. Letters are published in the order received. Though obscured momentari-
Please try to keep the letters limited to one page length. ly by his surprise public criti-
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence. cism of the AFL "for tolerat-
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as opinions ing known racketeers", Reu-
expressed in letters from readers. their's action program was even
o0 more startling since he was
FISH FROM THECAALO LARY talking to his own people not
dent, but as the new chief of
Sir: CIO as well.
After blasting "Wall Street"
The first page of the Panama American dated March 21, 1953 as "reckless" and "essentially
carried a letter in The Mail Box column signed "Interested Spec- .nti-democratic", and' aft er
tator." It also carried under a two column head detailed informa- searing attacks on big business,
*otion to the effect that Governor Seybold would take issue with the t either called for a new politi-
remarks of William Newman of the General Accounting Office cal party.
before a subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee. c pry
Eoth pieces raise the issue of employee morale and the recom- Knowing that this wouldn't
mendation made that Panama Canal Company employes be placed be whipped up by any short
under the Sick and Annual Leave Act of 1951. They imply that order political cooks, either
Newman is trying to hoodwink the Congress in such issues as outlined what will probably
diterential; the necessity for recuperative leave; possible say- be the CIO's strategy for in-
Inge by converting the present accounting system; the lifespan fluencing the Democratic I I
ol Amployes in the tropics; the excessive cost of education of the Farty's presidential ticket in
children of employes and the effect of the loss of one of the three 195. It was in such fashion,
Ph.ama Line ships. quietly and little noticed'
It is about time that the spotlight of truth be focused on back in the winter of 1943,
these conditions not only as they affect Panama Canal Com- that Philip Murray, Sidney I I
puLny employes but as all U.S. government employes in the Ca- Hillman, Walter Reuther And
nal Zone are affected. other CIO leaders created the
Whenever any action is contemplated that affects em- controversial Political Action
ployes of the Panama Canal Company, loud w.llings and Committee.
gnashing of teeth are heard. However, actions taken by the
Panama Canal Company which affect other than Panami Ca- Time and again the slim ..
nal Company employes are taken with what amounts to a red-head, physldy ..... ....... ...
spirit of rejoicing. by the huge stage getting and _______ _________ _________
There is no reason why, for health, recuperative or other pur- vast array of delegates from -
poses, Panama Crnal employes require or should have a system this largest union in the world, -
n: leave different than that of Army, Navy or Air Force employes. unleashed plans which, in turn; A
The so-called additional cost of putting Paama Canal em- dwarfed even this mammoth fricUn IlcI l e n L
Ployes under the Sick and Annual Leave Act of 1951 is just so setting. Through his aeries of -
fuch hogwash. talks ran one theme-:-without
The excessive cost of education of children is not borne by political organization 1 a b o rOB UARK
employes of the Panama Canal, but by other U.S. citizen em- could not win the innovations
ployes and military personnel stationed in the Canal Zone. in the new day he.proposed. r
In the past, the Panama Line ships would rather run empty Without political power he NAIROBI, Kenya at Africa.-We are wind- Arriving in Nairobi dead at 4 a.m., after 24
than to carry Army, Navy or Air Force personnel In excess of the warned, the Auto ion v itsel i, tI tlnmg up now, arter some store and some hours of solid driving without uapn and multiple
spaces allotted; and at the present time these personnel must pay cduld not win a $20-a-month fun a i considerable tear. contusions of the land rnards, I woke
S full fare if they desire to use these ships. It is agreed that the $40 retirement pension; a cash set- H embarks on safari nit necessarily up a sleey clerk and asked'ere the Ruarks
S or 55 rate for passage was too low, but these were the rates paid tlement from any corporation be a,. aroaophl cal mn, because I never knew were livin
by Panama Canal employes too. At present these employes still which a worker decided t one to run anywre ok seheaule, or close to it He sa cottage so-andas and the armed
enjoy the privilege of riding these ships at those rates. In addi- leave; or full medical insurance aome of the less tyeoa-l apects of this one is night watchman went along to let me in. We
tion there are many other inequalities prevalent. e help to fvee for th an wor mpany for tat o one occasion-e laid for an entire unlocked the door. and the mast horrid screech
All V.S. personnel stralioned in Ihe Canal Zone help Ito fe for any worker who decides week a five-ton truck with 15 Africans perched I ever heard roused the neighborhood.
support the Pnama Caal Company not only its employes. Ito ...on it. It is hard to bee a five-ton truck, but They had switched rooms on me and I had
An equitable rate for travelling on the Panama Line ships i. could not win complete nothing is impossible for the Messrs. Harry Selby fallen over a crib containing a very vocal baby.
should be charged all U S. citizens. regardless of the Agency em- payment by An erian industry and John Button, my associates who have earn- Shaken, the aski ani I retreated. We were
playing them. The lifespan of personnel employed in the tropics for d ecl careof a ed the enduring title of Rover Boys. then forced to burglarize the Mau Mau-proof
. Is the same whether they work for Panama Canal Company toe renr ofthe company s right We were proceeding along to Uganda, on some cottage where I hoped I lived. The askart boost-
or some other Agency of the government. The necessity for re- o retreolder workersor a whim-or other, and had sent the old truck ahead ed me through a window and crawled in after
'unerative leave is the same for both; as Is also the necessity for guara need annual wage. of us. Going through Hyanza P'bvince, the anti- me. There was a female form asleep under the
the differential. to American industry.And Ma Mau polesnatched my truck driver Chege, mosquito netting.-
S The Panama Canal Company accounting system Is antiquated to Amerinan wndusthy. rnd ju's a Kikuyu, and took both him and the .truck "Is this your woman?" the askarl asked me.
And should be revamped. Progress should not be fought by the a rs a g were Reuther's chal- away to some paver-never land. "I don't knw," I said, "But if she ain't she's
S"brass" on the hill. .ges to al political leaders. We passed on, assuming the lorry to be well going to get an awful shock whp she sees
As long as the Panam Canal Compny continues to make He calle ..ahead, and never found It. Whereupon we had what's sleeping In that other bed tomorrow
n# It t ef oe employee an.d feo ot of another e-.- more power H c lf le arthe reali-. to backtrlek tt tehan ra800 inl0 eve tuallyt morning. O it.Or" t..,.
t his t enf f alWA. .Jcratched the. ment- Offbt"ce boeth par-- s-co ra d h r "' "
I -i ---- s IIeUS resnne- wl. u wmftr Na oeee ay
ere is still the hope that some day all U.S. personnel will. party whi w ofw be led by in jail- felt that Mr. John Stelbeak's vagrant trip, to the srvce our
be equal in the Canal Zone that they will have equality in men o l-- the CIO bus was a pitiful piker. Mau chopped .the head of my aop b
leave. n cost of transportation. In cost of education and in op- have t wl We finally collected our forces-after a slight yards from the hotel But one eomes u to
.porturtp v bus. that will not come until the PanamA Canal areas" the "t pro- atop in Mbarars or some such to perk an in- annoyances of that nature.
-Company change its present policies. g ress. I e the "paty fected tooth out of one boy's head-and achiev- There was a moment of fright when we broke
SP pny.r.. represent ., p.roietty, privi- ed our goal, which was the national park on down one of the hunting cars the mid of
-Just a Government Employe. lege and profits. Lake George. We had spent Lord knows how a herd of elephants, and I recoyuted fe old
0' It was the pclearesth .ap..e. much time and money to get there, purely for cow who'd cha ed us the day before. That was
S -- -- demands bye clearest, sharpe the purpose of taking picture. the day the carboy forgot to put the Jack in the
leaner foby ahnt" labor It never rains up there at that time of the car, causing some nervous difficulty in the
LIVE AND LET LIVE enater for what would be a year. It rained. It rained in sheets for a solid changing of a tire.
national frmerlabor party. week. Hapana piga picha. We Just sat in the The weathEr was wonderful. It rained on the
Sir e slashed a the Republ- tents, freezing, and cursed. northern frontier, where it's supposed to be dry.
..rcans as you ..wouldexpect. Then On the way back love craned Its neck, and Mr. and burnt out the Masal, whem it's supposed
T happened to be eating at one of the clubhouses here in the the new leader of CIO turned to Selby received word that his fiance was in Nal- to be wet.
Canal Zone and I heard somethln that utterly disgusts me to the Democratic Part. He called robin for two days only, and would shoot him if The Mau Mau interrupted ou peaceful pur-
say the least. It was on the subject of how our government can o/ the labor--atr I New he didn't low up. suits in various ways. .
save money. The neoole Involved were an alrforce officer nd Deal bloc not to surrenderr the I elected to lead the convoy bak. with brother Harry cracked u.. thbeLand -over one night
gentleman friend whom I presume was of the country club set Democratic Party of Roosevelt, Sutton, sending Harry and mama ahead by and concussloned the gunbearers' skull, whie
too. uman and Stev enson, its po1- lane. On this lovely little trek I managed to taking a sizable chunk dut of hll own head. The
First of all they thought it was about time they fired these ticle an machinery to the sloe that consarned truck again, for a couple tsetse flies wereactlve and the dust was awful.
civilians who were surplus here And who surely wouldn't be conservatives who, he said, more days. I never had more fun In my lfe.
missed. They agreed of course that it was a great way to save were in the minority.--- .. .. .._1
them money and the gov't. too. I second the motion to a cer- oParty irresponsibility a nd
o .c os rrupt Politic W altr W inh In nv Yor
SThe government can also save a great deal by not sending lned uP by syng at homeI
$o many officers down here for a paid vacation and using the on Election Day," ihisnPolitical
government facilities for a country club. These same fellows are action statement said. "Politics
4oIng no more to help the war effort than a man that drives a cIs what we make It. It can be t u Wil lI
truck and not even as much according to some of the salaries clean or corrupt.
'they are receiving. It seems that taxnayets have a right to know -
hat those things are happening here when they are firing "We must stress the fact that~REASURER'S REPORT TO MR. other items. .Th trtpportatton (as usual) was
aivillans who don't have to earn their monev by pretending they poltics is as much a bread and AND MRS. MBOW BUSNEISS contributed Cay but furnished by J. Paul
are doing something In the service when they know that they u-tematter as our wage ne- (And Mr. an Mrs. New Yorkl) Carey. Paul vided 5 busm and 2 standbys (lat
are not pulling their share of the load. gotit onsr. ,a t The "Salute to the Bravest & Finest" perform- Madison Sq. Garden) to transport the casts of
Yes they are a needed expense here, but not ten men doing Ider his guidance,. the U- ance at Madison aquare.Oarden on the night of entire shows.. .Bermuda Motor Car Co. serviced
the same tob. de ann utomobile Workers 14th March 16 (for widows and children of N.Y. Po- thb Con e, omae.dal st Honor h era for 3
And from what I have heard and personally observed It annual convention then adopt- lice and Firhmems bot t:action) grossed over days ald 31 night with 5 Cadiulaes. The last
eems that we are over stocked in bras here in the zone. No ed he following as official $65,000...Expenses (for Garden rental): $5,000; driver.nlstayed the Job untUl 1:45 a.m. Tuesdn.
wonder the golf courses are a favorite spot for our friends in the "We aE ..g ushers and other Oarden charges: 3,100; pledge He wcked pay. He is an *aiOI...Cadtd-
aervZce. Z We urge the National CIO to AGVA (for ito fund for ngdy show-folks): lacs were e available by Eddie Candlor
It all comes down to the remark that this officer happened to explore with other groups 1iooo; James Petrillo, President of MusicianS' ...Thanksa the Governors o. Ill..
to make, and that is to not wish someone to lose his livelihood the possibility of calling a na- Union, refused paymen. fqr the Mrchestra of 25. OhIo fad f.or making their National Guard
because of how. you might think, especially when you should ional conference of a b o r, ., planes avn
bide your own face when an honest day's work I1 mentioned. farm and other liberal forces The entertainers who appeared were: Don AI- -
I may be laid off in this economy drive but there are some in the spring of 195 -prlor bert & orchd Ser Lftoe The 8byrettos, Joni The r eetal., night clubs, etc.. which hoat-
,people who are lving off the fat of the land who If they were the conveningm of both party James, Skited HeBdsI oreb, Monica IAewis, ed the C iH al Medal of ,Honor men and
'ever investigated and hnd a true evaluation of their job taken conventions. More Amsterdam, Nat "King" Cole, Mary Bur- their ~f h all wallters refusing tips) in-
"'m sure they would be laid off too. .e_"The purpose of such a con- ton, Jacke Gleason, Jane Plokens, BambLinn & elude: The acabans (Jule Poaell) which
ference would be to analyze the Rod Alexander Lee Paul & Mary Ford, Arthur feted them Ig Inhts. The Latiz
-Manpower, overall economic and politiUcal Godfrey & McUl sisters, Milton Berle, John- Qurter 'Walters) n thdn- al at both
situation that then confronts nie Ray, Christine Jorgensen, Dagmar, Four Suaa erfo mes. Lindy's (whinO
_the American people and to Aces, Chandra Kaly dancers, *ry Como & Glee donated IHouse of Ch am Leone' (9
mobilize liberal. forces in an Club, Bid Caesar & Imoge.e coa, Conne Dos. Box, The Gold Key Club.
all-out effort to fight for liber. well, Pat O'Brien, George Pi. Joyce Bryant, ma a (The Btirt1 Olb. provide
.............. ITII pr inciples and policies in the Danny Thomas and the Copa rls Mike urao s. et., for o-er ft N
DISCRKIMINATING platforms of the political par- orch, Dolores lawl a, U Logr, Tyrone Pow- .a., Mr. oad Mrs. l rtTn w
I INATIN of th potical s er, Linda IIo wld&, Ufa Aif n, Bavm Ad) supplied orchiad
HOSTS obviously, what RBe u Iter h er nda se yrves ,..
rges the Natlenal CIO san Julia, KEae, mau e Sea LW.lhet'Vo- ..
SERVE be considered its strategy f r nics Lake, D O e a Br ,, ? ea o ofD te:e a
^R / ^ _~ lit|cal .. action inside t h e Robert Merrtill, a Wr Riyr Robin- (aara $ a l
,, D.emPeratle arty. He won't son, Joe Louis, ROs mad usiU "Has Fl- ) B nai k I.
^eslactly be sitting in on say show, Helen j l Jack ...The
eMcee when President Elsen- ner. Constance Car.en D. Gloria a) N.Y1. I

S b' hower tis renominated. Rooney, DAOreg ai.' r t ... O

Y.rty The Auto Union now will The o 100 ateo for1
call state conventions, "confer- Over 150 Monor man
DISTILLED AND BOTTLED ences of labor, farm and other teir fatIo.o.r. .e. House,
liberal forces for the purpose alEdisonM ,ilu ew .:r 1
IN Of evaluating the political St. 8 M,, J"1
tuation in the state and mapp- oM, w =
CANADAOW for state an c. ee
Under this action progr a.
co mmittees will be =aunhe S
"Innmedlately" to plan for anh b
'"_ ,Ign~~alosventIons to ..vo..
S. i op Independent political ll J_
schinwry in every Congre.
WAL i VIiLN CANADA slonal duisiftri
ISTASLISNAD 1858 Walter apthier hits
Am"I he aertdnly Is a


o .'t wont war, ft "

The adilor c ,iiaes th
policy on ftorign loans, iea ty f
Secretary of State us tnnt the
Republicans would puFsMthe 012311 the
same time he himself almost rened d
In a conversation with save Brazilian am .
reira Salles, the new secretary of state made Ta r une
diplomtaitemm rk: .. -
"Don't forgt,- Mr. Ambassador' Dufr a
lans ae in control tnow. We" wt DamogA ;1"I
"And Brazil's friendship," snapped the ambasdorl "seM
fpr sale." .." .. .. W ,
Earlier the ambassador had ma*wlt se of ruff
from Undersecretary of e s Treasury Rande p Kl ts wi
he called to discuss the oa n.
"My boga doesn't I-20 9y40. M l ar stated
bluntW, and went on' tAiUi p theL A Sana
whih retary of the TtalusauMjehg*y
2re had been n .. E -....s
n th r o f A laiof 0 11
it found that 'Bethlehe x gSoth ft i
Undersecretary Burgess, rm of the
a company which negotiated a s loa M,
in the t's, was one of the chlef oppnat 5 t
to Brazil. -
Finally he pro d that Brasil take mm .t
000-Instead 0f0000.N
S tultan l ittant Secrtary State nl r ectur
ed the Brazilians about not letting Anime ea oil col paies ep..
rate in Brazil.
"What does Brazil mean," he asked, My bleekiag oil expita
tion and then turh g rada and e portn-g o0000l worth.
of oa year You' never bo solvent,
a hen the result dr euse was ofau e ba'to
Brazil. It hit the front gwithaIf
WU. aU Abandon al" ffland ehea
Other papers talked Yankee Ipera t o'
return for a 'a 1.. I ;
It was at this point that the n o dw
Dulles. held an holr-s
i-no fit d Of thSe .wT3 M -a
Brazil h come Into tw B Waft te-
States w Argentina w we
potent a fI YDthe3
But the tIr.
can rob o AT u
the facts before C. A. J Inside the WIte Houae Bt1111k-
son got them to Uaeahower, *
Overnight, the President acted wherf ils secretaryoft ife
and secretary of the treasury bad delayed. The full loan to razl
INSxDE RUr SSM r *b*i
U. S. Diplomats and Intoelligencef wi'a aut
some theories op why the new
and bulldozing U. S.-British ln
has been evolved as to what e ashl a t
Probable reasoeas tiee Redt-
1) To create the imoregaton

tinfslW o a0
19M. Recently
ert Brownel. T
ri i I.. '

lIoIad-.- I

,01 jazedft IN
S C ?" tm ,' S "a __

s.USftrivil M>

= Agn t o

- .



I -


.. ,.. ,. -. -


* ~ I'->* ~9..* *

-e .9-.

w, .. NGTON, March 27 (UP.- Pa IM is RodI'

d frte l f n IMa iddoe tor -a er *ad todI f

.dl ff lj..c-tiaay,

Cok. V d Korea ThePtaId'Cfo demand for 7

V IW the ?irtt mbutadtes nearythe Ined here nd i under 91 E.ey J .ear-*.nS ii '_, fo tin ata tio vac hetiou but^1, -6 ae dnuaoo -s

bZ is 9e.nB n dd t r comn nted a si u ld t d a. y
r'mp a if Eater hat th theday and it
jpfSdfrh at ts.lm
N^lt 0 ltd Iam1 elIersd II gecunant- who, fled

loot*L"iWd as int m.U )
.L od. s el m aoi lf f ddd BsaZit d0r re
Kt hawsod

i, do 'ane Chad yet a dmandby -
pn l fo pelarga a r oMer w a beftrethe nifld a th octpaond .e t ance Dibuton w0l 1 I I
hel nos rs s yWei n mocupti- on s from a de dt i quM the uton of Wha o va-o
i .b.rt.*he I d,,. tt A- for ans e a.tuapity a on April and uer d-
"Vaestdean lk g ainsmd
ta i t of a l onto pr'A. There af been pec ulatlon e
S nnot r W e...i,n ..U _ea T ea -T, Mamtod R t aS m hold Ite
ccm,~W ,e ;,a f b. ; nt t-, r .-- h,

g bosa Nr y nth gr Aanstte tr tIo r W' i"
thei CM S daotieod Ws i o thhe 01.n. m r I

not- .bweyer t ...m-" fhe COeTTONSr -___
IM -rlen an$1,thsame r Ren e ul t No aded I td o "- d o

heretoday, a rei dWelr

Intr, tt te tre a rt e -re Bs Thdeaeb s.oenpeua ton.,-.
Itre-*wo ,o, Soldn or
otram aonto er onsanam

ooflIeaee of -oeogthi. COAT C N$ a
w opte ,Marcho2(the oyur cP)n Ate riM an ale..

SaWt v*heb.o day,,sai a. S I he a ed t o v St G ren
twill0be arrateO In

"00 0 A-mo Commthd aiN. w er -A retty anno d tale. NW
w.; b a the 1i a i i lt our cltt Divisionow wilm.
=, =planabsdI o w o ..U.pantshtiebffn
o. s dla 1Wg Caomgmt," atp d ite
;dad dry of h c t ens r a mi-ty cort- for u

lnO.ft t.s.,- .^. S L OO IaArland clor
fW .h o ftewadt ereI ... .lk th. t a o ON it. (P ll Cecarre d inte

NroI rh., ar M ndten told porIce
(Olbe suea1=1W rt eCoofiss chya0es.

Sta tf d b 10 C1tralA
Ftm tbecomesn41, hehasevery nowCh_____A]______eha fO-onnu&etdyer! _

it1 e mt ge t unpack g. -

4t' W"
.'i- '.i.- .-'

e* O .pli l !Wp '*

S; ] 0




" ''I2s ,l-


read tlos

if you're

Yeu W~ufim

Imonan Ad-ma4
U youoe ad 1*VWH

.o- LASST .-


Panamus s Mo ..lRou Mawgain Sale!
See for Ynesl ebda RdIns.
Fi Sikadirybi--Ma2dl7amn

78 RPM tecars, ErglEh .................. 0.95
78 RPM RecIr, Sp i ........ ........ 1.00
45 RPM Recerda, E4 ......... .. .95
45 RMI 3htibiSpk ........ .... 1.00
Pma i g Pb oo ............ 1.50
w po NritO ............... .00
Rec~r I a, Ilrnte .......... 6.50
EMERSON M 5 ... .... .... .28.80
S Recg"t Bnrmi, 45 ......... 1.00
$12" St1mg.Af Arrta h, ......... 1.50
.. LP Ahum 'L'Tiemu 4 I sie ..13.00
-kMtliII Bmlesm......17.85

rly Sale Price


ALL 78 WMAlhwru
ALL RP UPM __.... .i.fg AICtei 1%O DismmL
ASJSJAL WedRaiE||LVreAm'tm.wt...S10VAa Doen,

'.-W Mimi
". A ..; A. i ;
,%.. + ;.
T, i lD lr


I$. A, S.A.
R,,. ,, .A

Water Resistant Shockproof Automatic

$ 29.50

TL7 C r. elr9 : CO.(.0



J aslon



A. This is fashion news... d
flowers. We've gay straw
sailors, from $7.95
B. For finest foot flattery, g
rious 15-66 full fashi
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gloves in nylon and does
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E. Match your bag with black
ular and contour styles.
value, at only $1.00
F. Above all, add that femini



/ D

' I'

ainty hats that sprout
s, pert piques and now

gossamer sheer, luxu-
9ned hose in newest

this Easter... dra-
is. We've fashionable
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wrist and arm length
Kin. White, blue, pink,

ck patent belt in reg-
A wonderful special

ne, festive touch with

our gay, color drenched flowers romr 9 eis.
complemented by white summer Jewde from


21 Central Ave.

4 'wtht

* /~i.',

'' '-



-- .-ITT







.- 1. -' .



Sipping & Air Line News
efeller's Yacht t Owner of the yacht Is John
Up At Balboa Rockefeller. Jr., who plans to go
[-ton yacnt Mandalay which fb Tahiti via the Galapagos Is-
d in Cristobal March 12, lands.
transited the Canal recent-
tied up at the Balboa Three crew members, includ-
t Club. ing one woman, are aboard.

Written for NEA Service

V 10942
610643 6KQJ9875
VAKJ 8 VNone
* 107 *J2
4J42 46Q 1097
4 AK86
North-South vul.
East South West North
3 6 Double Pass 4 *
Pass 4 V Double Redbl.
Pass Pass Pass
Opening lead-*4 3

Every experienced bridge play-
er learns very early in his bridge
career that it is dangerous-to
lead a suit that dummy can ruff.
The reason this- sort of play is
dangerous .l that if declarer is
likewise Voidof the suit, he may
get a discard.
When this happens, the "ruff I
and sluff" usually gives declarer
a trick on a silver platter.
Once in a great while you get,
a hand in which you deliberate-
ly give declarer. a ruff and a
aluff without losing anything by
it. In today's hand my old friend
Richard L. Frey fQund it neces-
sary to give declarer two of these
ruff and sluff plays in order to
defeat the contract.
The bidding was a bit on the
hectic .side, but the final con-
tract was eminently reasonable.
Certainly, South would have
made his contract against any-
body but a bridge star of the
first magnitude.
Holding the West cards, Dick.
Frey opened the three of spades.
South took the first trick with!
the ace of spades and led, a low
trump towards dummy. first
Dick naturallyy to the first
trump trick with the jack and
looked around for a way to make
sure of four trump tricks. It was
obvious that ashlA to diamonds
or clubs wolAd lw South to
win and lead tnifre low trumps
towards dummy. Dick therefore
led a second spade, thus giving
declarer his first ruff and sluff.
As it happened, South didn't
reed any sluff. He ruffed the
second round of spades in his
Own .hand and led another
trump towards dummy.
West stepped up with the king
of hearts and led another spade,
thus giving declarer his second
ruff and sluff. It didn't matter
where declarer ruffed this time;
he was now unable to make the
If he led another trump, West


Grace Line Ship
Due In Cristobal Today
The Santa Barbara is due to
arrive in Cristobal today from
New York. Aboard the Grace
Line ship are the following
prominent passengers: A. G.
Sutton, a geologist of the Anglo-
Ecuadorian oilfields, Mar cus
Beer, manager of All-America
Cables in Lima and family, Mrs.
Clark de lunge, an official of
the Organization of American
States, Bruce Sanborn, promin-
ent attorney of St. Paul, Minn.,
iCommander Luis Soto, member
of the Chilean Naval Mission to
the United States and family and
Gen. Mariano Ospina, general of
the Colombian Army.
The ship is expected to sail to-
night for South America. Pana-
ma Agencies are the local agents.

could win and lead a fourth
spade to force out declarer's last
trump. If declarer failed to lead
trumps, West would be able to
ruff with his eight of hearts,
thus making the needed fourth
trump tricl9 to defeat the cofn-

.Scne people don't seem to un.-
dentond the difference between
being straightforward .and being
just forward. NiA

.KI, .N t

Distributen r


S. A.


(A imed Nm tber of Pmaseq r s i .)

TO EU Og : .- .
S.S. Aentan................................. A l

s.S. Rernere ................. .
M.S. W y! ............... ...................., ..
SA.5,RIle De Ptane.......... ......................

S.s. Antlla ................................... ... .

W*eky Ptt'Cars. ervke Betwem ceUMet e.m WWe Cewe'
S f io S. S, .C .a .
CEdt6eS. FRENCH LINE, P 0. BSe U:.--- Tl. 34STI A n.
Panua: UNDO Y MADUnO.,,,t.A ,. -it4 M "
Tel. Pammi 3-13 .-.1" .

- 3 -,

g* -' _

* A. FLY to near-by MCO lAooA 1-35. ,,, 25 .,,,

* B. TO MIAMI-via Costa Rica & cuba Only $93. $169.- ,,

tia)h all day tim flying and see more for your travel dkWen!

* C. TO MENCO $85. -$135, ... $

* D. TO 16 ANGELES $145 -.- -$252.35 "' ** '-


DAILY FLIGHTS 7 a.m. to Costa Rica


Apply teo

PAA Affiliate

el Pn. z-Is U Ave. Nxuel (A temeMle new)


" '- .r
', ., + ,. .' .



p--v.a-I -
4 -

.'. "* ; ,I

S .* .
i ..-' .. *
AA. '*i*.'*A** '*

s it a lw. in



caurtm Su .

"'- ..* "*

Now That He Mtentioned It

IUJtia k.; htt



It Gets a Man Down,
F .~ -.3

cI -

MAJU( 8OOPltatl OUR WAy.




ft C A

,~ *.:"
47f 'S

'3. > 'rt

.1 '

s; )w' mht Aifa.
In,:. ..,

Two Lives for'One

al-- II,LA IU*'

1 _




,0& '


I '71


- t

A -r.

-: 1


i i -* '


I *r

F- "

1 A' i

S LIVE ON.--.s.,Le,~evich of Dedhemin, M. had his hands full lamndag Georg t
~the~ 'of the.l^ drint lhesevenh annuel angler versus swimmer north AtianUc chelpe
Sat t NatiouaL p smn's Show inJi York. The unique battle luted moves an hour k
4. +-+ +
..+ .... : o ; +*+., .- +*+ ,.+ + : +' +: ++ ;.-.I
~. .. :-r I '+ ::. P+

TO TOUR U. S.r-Slint ar m
star Mary Pickford wil nmbark
. On a nation-wide tour of the
U. S. to promote the Bond-A-
.Monthm.S B trti 's
April. Just 'years ago.01
A"mrica's Sweetheart" toured
the nation to ptonoti, the sale,.
of U. S. Libey BOWA. il

W-i7R T. '9 DsRj

Sth aW. oIe
to ke II
I i40 32:pp!?r
r. Attopipeedlw
I the boat above
mution of actually

I StIk," aI
It capable
la-like out-
water and
/, .- .*,-

- -."

itgltec ,It bo
Item toia U wtb. of opf aon ver the to L'drean
ag.2u sEcUna-,

,. M. .


iyou eao ig be tool'
, 'a.., ; ,v.,:

-, .. I ,- ,

'' "" '"
L Ran

a.osl',afquintet -
mok SOpen selngI

EUr lI. n Y .

S JustReceWTd

Be#iful Assortment
of .
o0 diffbrnta ndesi"
* CHMBd chcks
in s6lids, str~ipe* and checks

S pqin and striped
and don't forget your favorite



F.ys No. 5


1., ", .? ---

S. ile f bilit ~g a

t : B, *. a to
ltapt teetheeagast, ).* ,Maing fl-- "

il~ei "*y* + > 'iypo~ jitfhit(~i


S Tel. 2.2701



. abllO

im a3)

21' ~

Crawfn Agencies
X& U. rW'j i
TIOL Samr i *i
STSU 3P-t6 1 .-,

oIUSfk So strArI .f AA U IISISt-tms. f's.ts\
* \ 9j'"'ei "0t1'_ $1.111 .AIbMA D f i Of- ifliSNI/Ar SIl. IMP)

'Ei ..-,-


A-" A. NEiL MOl""S
Fac*tryd d y ".... ..... $2191.36
akesauck,. J. ........... 227f.36 Whiteside


wall tires extr

. i th4 ,f l ladtonl of the Pontiac Idea-to bull
* e h.lhii U1 beet pqrformingn cr that can be
just pblv. the lowest.
No"I b b^,it iet with Its longer, 122-inch wheelbase.
Noet,. u6- ti Caticdve Dual-Streak beauty. Put it
paces. Comalder its unsurpassed
ab, aOd long-range economy.
19. ,Nstlac any way you like
*Ito friend a
qa"ina" ,and .rtr youmrsef.

J i IV A
u'^ .S:***^* *^ 'I y Ta

r VAAllf
LeaO I ,s.ame Whedabae
Bzelmuive dua-nlMp fower Traim* feo
umpmh Poersemameo
mon ldoml6 oemmo Luud nmi i ndlndb--1
4.eSndeeWma seemrLo em es oele n

makse am e Vaole
m m ameena, 'k Now
..*eo0Ppemee o0Oses of


PMries CeCadis IDeler
-. : Palamn -
..' ... .. .


I A' ^r



Beas Friend a Dollar Ever Had!

ir ew i0Ii


" --------- --- ------;-- ---- -;----

- ------ ---



-"; == = ~

ns =; i



, ,


. -


: <

.-.,+ A L. .

ptal SI

I I .1 .1 1 1 I I l I .- 1

You Sell 'em...When You Tell em thruP.A. ClassifiedsI R8
Leave you Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 St'reet PamAi HOG '840
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6 You Community Sta l
Lewis Service Sal6n de Belieza Amricaso CarlteSlore ':
No 4 Tivoli Ave.-PhonS 2-3291. and No. 55 West 12th 8tre lo 10,AN m Avie-phmons Go Who. 100 Pee M

Morrison's Agencia Internacional de Publcaionus1i '11 111- 1v

4:15S-Siouth jtbe Brder
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-B441 No. 3 Lottery Plass Phone 3-3 PhoS a 4 and Jll d. :30--Murte for Twlday+
Ho o E A L8 .--What's outr Favorlte
Household Automobiles W SS hi a sh0. I- AS. ,,E eSSIONAL '*
FOR SALE:-60 cycle. 7 cu. ft. re- FOR SALE:-1950 Buick Special 4- 20Q1 A -C. -A LLal dm1 ved a tot li 6:,T0Hawa
frigertor. Four burner gas range. door Sedan, pet condition, a ENDEHAKEMedicoClinic :-L
Call Ft. Davis 8-7476 after 5 p. di, dynaflow. Seat covers., 5 god DR. WENDEHAKE.-Medicol Clinic. Mti6. Central FvPr KbStreey i" 6 p it.samgot1P: 0-'-Boee oa T (BCI_ JO-
FOR SALE--Phil refrigerator, 2 SMOOT y HUNNICUTT, S. A. Telephone 2-3479. Panamr. Wnm Sante Cla 7: SO-B E "SPO
FOR SALE :-Phico. refrigeratorb25 16th St. Control Ave. Colon, Tel. 800 JUNGLE JIM JAUNT TO DARIEN-- beI dm2 0. R5 0 LIFETIME A"hl. 7:4-am S eon
Ancon, on -4261 WE PAY CASH for used cars, & sell I sponsored by Hotel El Pe n-A l Iel igt :l- ThePer adAShow
FRoadAE oypheny on TERMS. Agencies Cosmos,3-4-5. Lost trip ef 1o Seeaso, (i t week- (VOA)
FOR SALE: Play pen, mahogany Auto-Row 29, Tel. 2-4721, Pan- due end of April). I.LPS Oceanside Cottage. The a d Sid41 8:15-rlld Wl d hi
baby drawer. 8170-A, Margarita am. 3 full days of interest,, funt Leaov nly court in Sante Clar with an PeUn a
Ave., Margarito. Friday April 3rd., 7:30 om. Return Oceonview from all cottlagp. Steps ast froof, Need I 8:30--rankt e Inter-
SMararita FOR SALE: Pontiac convertible, late Sunday, April 5th. Fishing to beach, Rock Gas, refrigeration, Ptt tan
Position Offered $150.00. House 1071 Lo Boca. through the Pearl Islands, visiting barbecue and shuffle board. Pan- K6l Beak 98:450-UNo.P e A)
Beautiful 1951 Chevrolet 2-der Se- with the primitive Choco Indians. em 3-1877. Margarita 3-L673 m r Grear 9:00--No e A)
WANTED:--Experienced beauty ope- dn, Styline Do Luxe, hardly used, spearing crocodiles, cruising up Som- Box No. 435 Balboa. eaty Ad d9:30-Mule of Howard Barlow T
rator for Gatun 5CluboursBe auty very good condition radio, seat bu river aboard El Pan s Pescado- OST Cotteyond INC. 10:00rron and his or-
Shop. Phone 5-41 1. Mrs. Ulla covers and good tires. ra. Bring old clothes, cofott SaIt Cla YO-e miueyond .INC- 0:00---CuNpipndhisse d r-,-0.......................
Hart-Prop. SMOOT y HUNNICUTT S.A shoes. and DON'T FORGET YOURM Santa Clar. Completely funishL,(whei parkin gi aXpleau) .chestra ....
SO yHNIT, AIock Gas Refrgerotor'aond Stoves. 7C Cntral A v.-Tl.-
WANTE: Active mbiti young 16th St. Central Ave. Colon, Tel. 00 CAMERA, 3 Glorious Days. Fore L se-trl ". e1T.r a. Tl 13 0110
Hat -P p v tionsPhoneTJungleJim._HOTELELyItNNIlC'US.10:A.0 : arl bandbo" kwe saTE tw-nti'ey ye rig.k
men'or lady for position as sales- FOR SALE:-1949 Plymouth Club PANAMA, Panami, 3-1660 or see mm==m m...______ 11:00-The Owl' Nest t .
man in electrical appliance store. Coupe, light blue, radio, under- your Travel Agen Midnightt-lan .Off.
Must speak English and Spanish coating, winter and summer air plAl I bmo FOR ARINIT **I*nu u *lstW. S A. n -- .
fluently. Write "Seleman" conditioner, seat covers, one Awn- R e finished bamboo furn-p Tomoirrw, S y, Mar h
134 Panama R. P. stating eU er in perfect condition, $1,200. ture.Front ofBalboaGourde,,8pps umonl s
experience, s.lory requirements, etc. Tel. 2-2990. House 533-B, Mindi J immy." We pak and rate or ld ov A ...'
Please enclose photographs. St. Ancon, after 4:00 p. m. SPECIAL EXCURSIONSt FOR RENT .sTwe. be ach W I id t or On dAClock
_-_I_ AaASanta Clara, fof.easter, or month- IyhIA g., 'A 2-2461s 6:0" 10g On and dA rm Cock ....
ednwhyaAMdo, $85 rou dtri*u Te l
PERSONALS BARGAIN. 1949 Buick Super 4-door on MPay 5 Orip15 15 Y. Tel.Balboa 2750,-rSchilin&. .22. plt 7:30-2Morni: BaWoleh
Sedn, with dynaflow, radi, seat day-limit), $169.00, goodone FOR RENT:-Fu...ished chalet n L 8:1 Varlti es
Would like to contact other mem- overs, excellent shape, easy py- to LOS ANGELES, one way 14 .15. Cre-- well orrnged. ,Telphone i. S.1or 5 MUSIC -
ber AMORC Panoama or Zone. mrnt. For UT A ound tri, $152..35. 0 j4Y11 0e1). Panana 2-1456.B
ew2hSteeae balltrroom2atioTy NNICUTon, Sel.. A, c00al a ATe .ENT-CTollet. Only to Amrw- 9:Pl ExeSI T0Got It(i-
New Teenage ballroom dance class FOR SALE:-1948 Buick convertible, Pen 2-1655. Icon couple. No. 4. guel L*5 EALE 1S Nr AND 10:-New
now startingMondy March 30 streett, oppsit Tilel F eAUSEo,
p sm BaiboMY $200 fo new paint and brakes, engine per- AMERICAN HOUSEWIYES:--Secure am ppait. Tile Ferwyg* USB 5-.URE tf a tse bore a
3-nths coure. Harnet & Dunn: fet. tres god, see at No. 35. best maids from "C-. P SER- R 1 (1:ctd) o-
fe t" s OR RENT Bw 11 ,:0-Of- he Rno r&Dn4d (cot d )OW 1-
Help___ an ted__ ,44thLSt. Call 3-0972.. VICES," apartment"D" BellaVis-0 F" R T 1:00-,o_.D O.the.Reco.d(ct.)t
Help Wanted E8 p, ]Pm R gave
FOR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet 4 door, FOR SAL EAparawu 1e:p-Luie on -
Switre- A-1 condition, new 6 ply tires. FOuR SALed ntt
Sekin cook-washwoman with re- FO L-, Chevrolet 4 dor, FoLr =3..
commendations. Work hours are Bargain, $1,100.00. Tel. Pename Four bachelors smk fihh Aeir MDN00-N s W a l l004 Oh U t VWit 4 af
reasonable, salary good. Please call 2-4944. Miscellaneous to share expenses of modern house LVN1G 1 arsoanaPtyPrade com o Ve Ot
at the Archbishop's Building, Of- PACTICALLY NEW. 1952 Buick THRILLS! Attend the 1st annual mo- beroSo ice. Col 3-321, "HEES" 1: -l-m dAbnaer Rhe ic l w 5 ndepnderacesa.hmbrpiol l vin. "HERE" 1: 5-urand Abner & 21 o
fice No. 1, Plaza de Independen- S r Riviera, vry low mileeae, torcycle races in the National o. 2:00-ThrBe-Quarter Time been a D I the m
cia (Cathedral Plaza) in the cityRSuper Ri:--ranvery l tlFOR 'RE- m No. to D nce
cia Cathedral Plaza, in the city two toe grey and blue wis dyne- Stadium in Panama, Saturday, FOR'RENT:-.Smul fumshed o .1 :-e11 2:F15-It'=llaDtoence eals WIt C esur- boatgPa S
of Panama, between the hours of flow, radio, seat covers. For sale at Mar. 8. 8 p. m. Sponsored by the ment, kithenette wih hot *20-n Melodles rent legslatld. in .B rC just
8:30 a. m. and 12:00 a. m. SMOOT y HUNNICUTT, S. A. Canal Zone Motorcycle Clubs and refrigerator., prlvatf etrance fer theBad DemooMl Rds. dwar4 ihai
(noon). 16th St. Central Ave. Cle", Tel. 800 "Philip Morris" cigarettes. buIeer. Three blol ek I Pano S1 CoiQlt Ha llnd t p
Hotel Apply "G" St. No. 3 -TShw o Mii re- a.
LESSO NCS s orexall 3-1933 appoi b f nt-. lo
________________ FO R SALE-- 1951 For, excellent cal"home delivery for Canal Zone, 'mnt 9 a. m. 19Z m. .i o r0 -2 moUt D 41 if
FOR R!Word shumed : r.
Modern Piano Instruction. Beginners condition, must sell immediately, Army & Navy, employes, pleased FQOR _T .r:N__F p e
and advanced students. Popular finance available. Coll 2-4,479 call Panom 3-0996 .for service. .- .ushed 2 beIdr l ff 'toi& Pou ortd A
and dvaned sudens..opulr.-.fter4:3 p. m.r t nr now Bella Vi 0+o
Classical Bennett's Piano Studio after 4:30 m. POR.SALE :-aobermn' Piahcr Pup- tr, with r te llephone.Cl 3-1 5:15-3-N H ONr A.- 1 W
Tel. 2-1282. GOOD TRANSPORATION. 1941 pies, Steer, 123 Vi Jorsi; Tlr e ... '; (Agenda Steer) r itUSilO a
Married couples Latin American Buick 2-door Sedan, good running phone Panama 3-0314. Come and FOR RENT:--Completely furnished 3 C IIR l5:20-What', lour Favorte cn t... e,
dance class now forming. Start condition. Easy-payment. For sale see them. bedroom apartment lit best rest- a. GRAIl ) 8 11 0l (cmntd.) 'h m e"
your own group notwles than six et dential sectlop, Bells Vista. Call (Palmer Graduate) 5: theTI or
c ouplesT1 at 70 SMOOT y HUNNICUTT, S. A. FO LE:-Notionol Co. and Cot- 3-3268 or 23438, Panama. I S. & ef 5: our Favorit e are hir
p. m. Bala,"Yo 3 months 16th St, Centrol Ave. Colon. Tel. 800 tn del ong dapd tht w FOR RENTvr-Unfumi iovwsd H N.'045 ( ) (
course for $25.00 per couple. Har- FOR SAIE:-To highest bidder 1949 3, Bello Vista, 2 bed-rooms, government inspect- 3S i nr
"ft CrrosqoiltL 642, .ron Frocnff .+ -, .
neJ Dunn. Jeep riot in running conduit on. FOR SLEr -Kodak cam o, 35 MsM M eC. uT e p4 2 Sn Fr0M -
be' seen at American .--Embassy. with range finder, liki new, mfase, .o.T. .W R I P
"ED _Bids accepted until April 8. flash holder, tripod, some oacces- F P. :- dO 7:00-Old 1tO% ( ) I'mnt not d1 ey
1950 Chevrolet 2-door Seden, excel- gories. $115.00 value, sell all for O .I.I -. 7: 3 L PORT
lent condition, S gbod tires. For $90.00 dr trade for old U. S. coins.
Miscellaneous sle it 1527-B, Almond St., (Govilon R OOm s H 7.:1-French in the Air (RD EYRC E n i Al>d o||
WANTM y HU ICUTT, S. A. A Balboa phone 2-178. iFOR REN':-Fumihed l1 8:00-Re t on 1
hitch. Prefer trailer used with 16th St. Cpntral Ave. Coee Tel. 800 FOR SALE:-25 cycle Coldspot Re- Street N. 14, Apt. 2. 80e:4--U N o 1 ,Ap .
Jeep; P. 6.' Gut'. box 557, Coca- frigerator. :odco nydition $3500 M2V 900.-.. e (VOA)
W To o FOR SALED-1950 Chevrole -dor om' dar k green Ror. cndition,$35..FORthHour
l.______FOR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet 4-door Womein's dark green over cost, 6n ivilege. No. 34, 45th treet. Is :30Y .THE II I *
WANTED TO BUY: Smooth tires, Sedan De Luxe. Call Cristobol 3- size 10 $23.00, never worn. Boy'Sz Telephone 3-4625 Poama. '.Lt C r I -
suitable for reconstruction or will 1726. brown cot and hat to match, size M.45I.d H n -ark e t
exchange for reconstructed tires, FOR SALE: Potiac convertible 3, $6.00. Baby's Cozy carriage FOR RENT:--Congrejo, nicely fur- Midnight-Ign Off
guaranteed. "Reconstructora Na- W. S. tires, all aEcessories. Tel suit yellow, size 6 months to I nFihed cool room, meals aailoble. L.
cionteed S. A." No. 7 PeruAvenuea- W.. tires, canll aessories. Tel- Yrs. $4.00. Never used. Brand "F.' Street No. 9, nxt "Maderas pf am Snr
Tel. 2-0406." No. 7 Peru Diablo. be seen Fire Stti new set American Educator En- Pino". Tel. 2.1693, 3-1789. Open from 8:00 a. t-Volee O eri.
1949 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan; styline an Wagas dtionry. Scrii FOR RENT to n2:ns Brodc5ting
FORSALE Luxe, beautiful running con- for $75.00. See at 5464-B, oDiab rom 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. -Riffton Frman e lse
ote. very good tires, e sy-pay- or 2-3115, anytime. Me a seeflaneouswt ke a. e '
Boats & Motors ments. For sale at FOR SALE:- We till have a few R RET:-Sillyte, to-keepn eye on
SSMOOT y HUNNICUTI, S. A. Garrorrd 3 speed automatic record offices, Spious, cool len lower Monday WhA Jhfrid
FOR SALE:-20 ft. motor boat, 7 ft. 16th St. Control Ave. Colon. Tel. 800 chongers for 25 cycle at $49.50 off coes. of building O cc 4th of Jl y OPEN
beam Universal Marine Motor. .FOR SALE :1947 Tudor 6 Cylinder each. Casa Sportn No. 223, Cen- Avenue No. 19, near us
FuBly equipped. Licensed for 7. Call Ford, radio, $650.00, original trial Avenue, Calidonia. volt Hotel. Rtoo-tW...
onrBalboa -21we. House 0581-B, Ancon.2- F OR OR SALE QA> 1--e c rLL DAY SATURD a n dr Amust c
'|1759, onytimb. Red wood slat Spanel A regisr'e co- SALE .. RmI t Baa '.".. J
NOBODYHOME screens for duplex. oSpl P mae uppy, girls moha ,ORA YTAAdEm ,.... +.. .
I gondresser and bonth. 15 gallon n m be fletanl e- j
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (UP) 1950 Mercury 2-door Seden, hardly quarum. Curundu, 2181-B. Motorycle. meetchange Wl s.
A reporter assigned to the used, very low mileage, with seat FOR SALE-.-o LBI' TRDE, nearly now m trcycle TO lgh msaid there I *
legislature in Raleigh returned covers 5 good tires, at 2" x 2" Slide projector, fully u- tde for late modeoutrd m ht wa to
expected to the Journal of- SMOOT y HUNNICUTT. S.A. tomtc Remote Controli holds tar 0 H.P. or more. Col Panama Try Our Dly Mefective w to
hone. "Are you tlne party cal- FOR SALE. -Chevrolet Sedan 2 Dr. slde Ir i on' r50 gla 3-4640 veni L SPECIAL LUcNseHoyemyE etn
lelgh?" the operator asked. N Ford Sedan 2 Dr. 1951, radio, as change, like new, with case and MO. -. ,
I am Miss Marjorie Hunter. "I new. $1. 150 00. extra 5" lens for lre audience Rl Esae DAS MERE *
just wanted to tell you that your Studebaker Commander 4 Dr, 1947. $80.00. George D. Rowe Houit al
room doesn't amwer," the oper- good condition, $750.T00 7, 17 19-D Cristobal C. Z. Tel dusnr-e-For clrsn TUEST AL! Irr's.DAYSa

OTICE 1952 Chevrolet Sedan 16 mm Movie camera fod,. frnihng. Telephone 3-507fr. ad Cred Aeef CatYS e
UNITED STATES OP AMERICA 1952 Plymouth Sed0n 3 I with rierp In El VaAl..doe.
CANAL ZONI 1949 Buick Super Dynoflow Conver- WANTED tl O h T tledh o 14o4- 'bo.-uk, ai*Ws
AA oe 1950 Buick Super Dynaflow Conver- & uomortenaATLSand.mathet.e
I. the iater Df e. Ad.eed tIble, radio, while s/w tires, duty CAR WANTED around 1941. Ford "oit unaton unat and tatheti.
winLIAM GRANT SMITH paid, $1,450 00. preferred Coupe or over situation but ruled to t thoI" y h..... eu--d
M Nd 19R48 Buick Super 4 Dr. Phone 2-6418. lowel' court whs Core i holder lnber cau ha re- ,-" a
,EDMUND RICHARD WIrH, 948 Packard Sedan 4 Dr. duty paid, mde 18 "Creole" late d,. ler
CITATION 1949 Ford 2 Dr. duty paid, radio, ,.ohanclasseb. ,e Mor whi c aCr
ASIDE ADOPTION 1947 Buick Convertible, radio, $75w0. -bl wa Us mrl d ( r I ) Jf -,.
You are UhrebMr reCuirl to appear he- 1942 Otdsmob e 4 Dr Hd r _.,
"'drD'ati "AS" dut pd good conl0os, 0-EAT HADDAM Conn. (UP)_, and abroad
of 3albe.. as and Coeortm threof, s 00.r
Ames.. Canal 2*me, ma the, lsdat et Belore buying a car vis,, ius on. Fths Fg s Nichols' ad RAeitft d Bamrtt ali the Vee ed

3fth aisho md there t uaew asee 'Li.U;., U un in 5 a d e
Spece mePr e, ...- --hve Much rii~biejs getting aelonim o
o 2b", da ." AS' k ew aSpT Summer PrAces, F-la., M arch aw ith tr M ime a tti., AMm tl an d .
M=n~l =k ,,kIICHARD G.RANtJT nonce Available O '"_ tAlM rh -h .. "o em ,-""
&om .e h t' RceTedT wlb the Your Dealer. W wUPI-The Alabama Supreme ampton, which afjor ti -
3Mhr peee UT r Deal Court ruled today that a seven- co immlty. Nichols' brothel
Sei l WILLIAM D- IBeid AUTOS heISENMANC.o Tel 2ng-496 .Year-old Mobile boy cannot at Milton W. Nichol, i lt
ofS mmiTH e d DUm g ND --RA T oid t e Coca-Cola Bait ling Co .) tona aL W hite school b c u e e m a of V t iA
AMIAa l EDM U NDO R D M I ..... .__ ..T
WgTNejs e HeaerF CUTHRIE F 1949 Ferd 2-dr Seden. good m. 1 Of '"reodle dekbca he thRaTie ;
CROWEg.= Uslated ga ss I- triet Mn aa n dilee goed tires,n ear o .....
Ceur hor the District of the Cal Zone, Ipayments. At In Mobile, the name Creole is
S&o f MuTc.hI/f" Jn SMOOT HUNNICUTT. S. A. appLed to any persons of French
Cmed itCL. 16th Slt. CameSl AAv. Celes. Tel. M .dl _ndndl anish and Indian,..
Cbrh .LaL n FOR SALE,-_5 C nanNelro orswam
(sLA)S. .r rlaIL. m FOR SALE:--1950 Chevrolt4, 4 ad N o"&
SLOUdsedin, beautiful condition, visor.&Ioo
" a m& dLL l 1 rad1Io, upholstery, like now. -$1.a II S the P
t an I 5Ca r S t. 425.00. Phone .2-2421, 1410,, dwauW4 ept.tom.
_... _Con +,st.. Ba ,boa.
4 f Cew..
0 ~b~Court f -ar
"d M 111110f11111ioOw 4-dee Sam.,
110 111111Lof of 60Of mUlndanes ofie gemthe .."
I T bisrd w Stefe Disat-ict CoewEt
allIII I of te Cowl zeus, DM- AiiblbC meselVIA.Co11.M toad W 1 daai~.. ''h~
P f .Mswamn M se-l walf e
T.hb eCamL8Jr.,O.. FOR SALE: 1950 Plymouth, Zd I
(a) r- MU ION% now, radio, extras, dty paid. '
Ma ; 295.00. Teblpho 3-064I, .1'70.
_+ .o._

-- -- I .. ab

+.*.- -..** .. .


I-.. I

.f-,. : .


#.-.. "&t _.376
*.. '.I is _, ._ : ._ 7

.r PeB wereon
S -a Innfoz ddinr
dy MW.Pipua Mt.f
,41 thui -o1me on
afrlit MindaT I

C* .b' ...
Sho. InSusdy,
,OW~ U~II Twep

N se r ateC h t Chrc
f W Wt~ of

,ftfl e candle ate will be
Ch e. By-Seo
S nPtsh Sunday,
sister Services
CO LN: M. M~ te*ihee prins
h^atMa church

tr pea Sooda ,
Sthe l da y will

h AnzoMio ieM.nt has xee made
th ofof o
be l t ibn tSU. e

of the'nowuiftat 'A M

thi &w the B er festival

S's celebration
.te a cho 3i.

sia t th lardal.

rstD of V
-, ie hm .. t
-e wth aunseslv

rLi "balldyf

mm' u L. auvm nHa
. ana, Mt. John Mn-
NI .Mnr. xnett Harper, Mrs.
t 'Fettr and M-. Ruth

aaMn naiM. Lrathstoek
Cs-msA nMdM., jbohn Fahn-
estock haww their res.
idence Franm Field to
House lBjo Clobod.
Mn. pahnutock amlsed tod"y
to spent the at vacaUtanm
with her on, Cadat John rahn-
estock l new TorL
PRA I Char, Changes
Dte OfCar Party
rtbe our. whkc W -
ft. ilx b Royma Pu
pe No. 2, Order of the
eetrn Star will be onA-
prt 18 instead of Apr les
to be held at the
sante Temple.
Lades aulnory H- Reur

Fleet Reerve Aoctta. Unit
59, held lt*L ar ting at

wre received t .cam Ji
3rnfthertc. Mrs. Iobel Ftham
B l.
It was reported that on March
13 Mrt. t Mri. Harriet Loe-

Mrs. a r. Dori
Vi ndVi .eles.
A hundred ,popd of race was
donated to. u&s ome ;or the

C, i. T x'I- ev.
R fiey.w~- w for the ec,.
Po Courtnep O. lark, s o

ond In t current series of a-
tomic tests.
The uver, "Desertock
V," waM_ d to demonstrate

Reart ea

BSchool neore entering the Arm
last May,

," laes" steald
Sr relieved

tI m; m"w, -TAM-It
m* **** i ** ih :


be. bttw Vtistn

.5, Leon Atetson, former,
guun yb g

Onen Ismas-

aa doctor the Pan-
them an oppoertut to t ene
friendshlpA on the smnus,

Every IMrme Days
Ra, A. r.0, 1fore

WAMMiNOON, Mareh 1T. -
(UP) The State Department '
sscu sdl~gtr told Mouse in-
ve s today that the de-
parent ha oen firing mo-
senusa frm its Yro t the
rate of one every ree days le
the ast two years.
Johln Word lso ave a
Houe Judticiary suboemmitt
Information h on -
me employee of thefa

IS former State Deprtm

1;y. etortl B In-
eld to ban ton t the
had r boe men paybed to the

toU.dN. the u l th
his teo-to centrd on m
Ism" to eWALL
ftoed n e al eoun f a
detai-. tfome t&ne in f
"aU's not Very nne uaeet
to talk about," he w a bt I
ohaiyno womle 5f0-10aiow
thaf weo the sopar ttee thrin
hnezuo e er thest*ay e

pertinent a will not In
ouea" to-Icts U. per o

Plans Sundy'Tour
r organ a ordins

pat 9:0. b of the moert
buts ar etde te Ithe Invits-
tion ad tGaed to bring their
e atsb- to. C rilcb repor

=It nos thav t allc ears be
p .ae a od f the hill.
hot y ~ tl d the

Bonte dthrethat
pamentb p bw.arll In Ind

opea Be attend there

fered on meon orf Minga

a ia fo tors

Itr It


fU4V '!',
F.', Ti '^'


* EWNAL ENEMY, ThE SEA-ThIa dramate shom the Navy ller ,1w C
' h.being the tuy e eeoats ~ -and winId to ofdt f Ohe al'eaf'eaiWr
'. .. K KErergs, hot show, ci theu M!p east coat,-

H.X. SpecW SemeIiq Ne..

Brought Iroe Diing Tables
and Chairm

1KCP 'Vf YABLE-24e aboye photo 6los okl e tfee ismenat t fle ta"om
i a t w a ofo membse at tbM Wed BlMn "Old Texas Cowboy Club." which
u tIo BM rseh atAr m a GhW metro o to recapture life the U. 8. tar west. The
by glaM ,as is the six shooter lying d the tabl. .
..' ,, --. ,

For Jadilm ,
AM U)W lx.t=,, M*h 27 I
ZUP)-Tfxas)xpoure"mney In- A
to a "freedomYfund W today for aSd
fellow TezLawnt S remained *
in a Musa u hiuett al for1
months rather than allow h&
daughter to b ought up out- t
aide the Lone 00 *otw
Contributors t the "CoB10y
Freedom WF b qverABlrbedt
the $5.000 goal by $560. Thet
money wil be ,ed t- fo fort
the release of Louis uobonley.
W3-year-old father I !aprm In
a Plymouth, MBlwkaa4 l lL
Conley was e4 j ot mo t
of court when .M fuad re-
turn his dauhte, iM t to
her mother fo 6w%1S MIaT.
ehuettB divorce. The "ae
kidnapped his daughter, now 8,
and left her In Taia. withtrpla-
SOcoas.onall Oonia
before I JudtV and, i 'be Is
reidy to obey thbWo it d turn
over his dauh iet.* moth-
er. Invariably he relthat he
had rather "rot" n jael ather

Jjo w:


"i* SI ee.
...... .....


..... ....

Mrmn*l' e "-o- Joseph Alexander
eontit -dtb tr= Dies, Funeral
A ,marillo New nd e Tomorrow At SDA
Hobe Times. Coltrlbutons havel
ranged itom 25 cet to 500. un al ce will be held
Among the contributors tmoow afternoo at 4 o'Clock
Ir,. M Conley, the ylaied f_ .J'oa hMAlamder, who died
,aan s mother, and th young yesterday follow g a short m-
laughter. Lynette, Who gave co dr da
105, said to be their Ifle say!. Services will be conducted at
fla ethe Seventh Day Adventit
Samuel P. ears, president of Church I Cabo Verde.
he Maasachusetts aNr AAsocta- MA.Aleander, a reared Army
Sdn, d hi i would lead the who can to Isthmus
;It. mnlage to the on-hec- heM 11MyConstruction Day,
rbutors, sea uaid, "I believe *a i of K Mn, Jamaica.
hat Coley should be returned I .umed by his wife, five
o Texg ad I hall do my bet two daughters and nine
o see that It is done." gfaehldren,

Rattan Living Roea Site (6 Sagrd) Al
Ierpring Cs hi es .................$3M.
Moder n Plywood Living
Rom Suites ...... 128.00 L
Rattan and Mahogany
Bar with Wall Mirror .,
aad Stools ....... 1 S.
^, Mahegaay Ding ROu sot 9LO
s e (Comlef)
)* fro*m. ............. 64.08
Single Bods (Complee)
I 1I................. 4Li0
Coil Spdstroi........ 25*4
Ioerpriang Matirmes fras W*
WE ALSO HAVE: China Closets, Wmarbes, Clf
and End Tables, and Wiay elbmr
Hem. All prices attractively low-

Complete Single Bed frms 2.00, Dnubes tm 32,
, Warobes .50, 5mg Tailes 14.0, MIes CibM. .
-20.00 Crbs 35.00, Yo th Beds 8*.,d
7.50, Dressers 8.00, Mahogany Setes n W kus
6.O, etc.

(The Only Sto of its Kind in Paai)
We Buy and Sell-
Ave. J. Fco. de la Ossa, No. 41 Tel.: 3-4911
(Aatomobile Row)
Open EWery Day from 8.0 to 12:00 and 2:00t 6 .00
ad Saturmay from &:00 to 6.40


Chef Harry Muller...

El Panama's Genius of the



Of course, we help Chef Muller a bit wIth miade by Lucho Alcerr 's
Conjunto, with the beautiful spot that is the Patio but we know
alone would not bring the crowd back without the crowning glory of Chef
Muller's Incredible table!
He's no mere lucky Aan with a ladle: his career is a distinguished one, fn-
cluding that of chief Chef of the 8. 8. Rotterdam, Longchamps restaurant,
and such hotels as the Roney Plaza and the Savoy Plaa.
Our chef is a past master at this business of making food so tempting and
so satisfying. His professional ability, combined with his artistry and pride
In his work, Is Panama's good fortune.


poore, SWaM tm, .Ji to
-.m. and f.inSm us

Music for dancing from
7 p.m. to 1 am.
saof: I.SM w "m
bb I ;n
1. ow =

|A mr mesl


soa"se :

.:e :w wu
.ouR wamyo

1W iMM



- .*-V '-- 41.. '. ..
-- ,. .*. J ^.-A ^ .. *.**" .. .J ,' 9':i-$ ..***


1---. -- ~- ----~---







A seeqe from "The Valiant" the Theater-Oaldm etJ an the
SSeoenb Ausl IsmiaW nnaPw_ t oinbe ldtt mad
tomorrow nht at ct
l free. eIr to right. Jim -n.t Seats, D and Stanley %Ma. -M

A ITravel Editor
IS I i I From ColiF. i
FBvI fiAd Off lEI E nnn.. u^ .1

The annual'Isthmlan Drama
Festival gets underway at 8 o'-
clock tonight in .the Cristobal
HN School auditoum.
he shLe aM d, Balboa
h ChoHigh hl rtobal h
School, Cristo-nI Little Theater
and The Inden Bients willopre-
sent one-act .play In compet-
tive against each other.
At the concljbo of all tho
ap.ys tomorroW, light. awards
wll be presented 'for the beat ae-
tor, best actre and the eat
play. A groun composed of three
Members sealed the particl-
Pating gropi wU award the
Tonight, Dajbp 'High School
wil present '"Tip Oooks And A
Lady" aodrm; Crttobal Hih
School w&UAtrgm' Cox and Box,"
S comedy; and"CriMtobal Little
Theatff, 'Ifte. uankey'A Paw." &

And there Is something else
that throws a damper on her
friendships. She really hates to
mee a friend enjoy any suc-
ceas or triumph.
So she Is forever taking her
friends down a notch. Because
bShe speaks In a soft voice and
hides her sarcasm In the form
of an innocent-sounding ques-
tion, friends are often slow to
realize that her tactless re-
marks are actually deliberate.
But when they do she has
lost another friend. So Mrs.
Brown Is forever making a
good Impression on those who
only know her slightly and1 at
the same time, losing friends
who have become we enough
acquainted with her to realize
that her charm Is entirely su-
There are quite a few Mrs.
Browns in the world. The only
way to get along with them is
to restrain yourself and not be-
come too close to them.
For while they are always
charming to strangers they
haven't the gift of friendship.
They lack the one necessary
quality called true kindness.
And without kindness, charm
never goes very deep or lasts
very long.

. $, *. : .. : -. -. I ', 1.. .
"' l "' "" : '' *
., ," ,'f ... .,i- .. ,



ENDORSEMENT Representatives of the American Legion, United States Armed Forces and
the F.B.I. gave their endorsement Monday to "My Son John," now showing at the Central
Theater. following a private showing attended bv Panama and Canal Zone officials. Shown
above fith Panama Governor Alberto Aleman (white hat) and Francisco Fabrega white suit,
hatless) are Legion representatives and other guests.

SNm I l the studio will attempt to bor-
row Betty Grable from Fox to
IN H L Y W O O D sstar in "The Ruth Etting Story."
BY ERSKINE JOHNSON La Grable is very willing.
NLA Staff Correspondent
o -- Lana Turner-and maybe Lex
HOLLYWOOD. N Orson Well wants k Barker-will light down in Por-
HOLLYWOOD. NEA) An Orson Welles wants back into t r Spain for a done of the
Oscar lor "The Greatest Show on the US. and he has a Hollywood toe before she begins harI
Earth" as the best movie was attorney paving the way. The MGM flicker "The Flesh and the F
this year's big surprise In the gimmick: An hour-long television Flame." It's 18 months abroad
Academy Derby. But It was no'show with the deal calling former Lana, who needs the money.I
surprise to readers of this pillar the network and the sponsors to __
I picked 'Show" as the winner.'pay Orson's back income taxes.
alone c with Gary Cooper and: --- John Archer and Marjorie Lord
hir ey Booth last month. Spicest new film of 1953 will be will ask the judge to cancel their
'"Change Partners," a farce about interlocutory divorce decree.
The wedding of Hollywood and two bored wives, who get dlvorc- Their kiddies drew them together
T aV fo the Oscar show, by the es and swap husbands. The film again.... Joan Crawford's sing-
vay. was a mllion-dollar shot will be producer Jerry Thomas' ing voice will be unveiled for the
in the arm for movietown. The next after completing' "Combat." first time in years when Dinah
best men-NBC's producer Bob One of the dolls is a French war Shore's new radio show hits the
Welch and Director Bill Benning-bride and Jerry is paging Corinne air.... Terry Moore and Nicky
ton-can take a bow. Calvet and husband John Brom- Hilton had a fight at a party
I field for the picture, tossed by Terry and Nicky storm-
It happened when those 24 for- --- ed out vowing that he was
mer Oscar winners were photo- Talking to Sam Goldwyn about! through.
rapbhed for the parade of stars a contract, zippy Peggy Maley
at the conclusion of the Acade- asked him what picture he had Decca's "Call Me Madam" al-'
my's TV program. Paul Muni In mind for her. Goldwyn men- bum will use voices from the,
chatted for some time with Janet toned. "The Great American sound track of the film, but
riGaynor and later asked a by- palstime." Vera-Ellen's name will be absent
wander "But you'ollwood. The EAL-LIFE THver be abRIE to rom the billing. Her songs were
ho bTellmewhat was the name make a picture out of that," dubbed by Carole Richards and
of thatbe plaun lady was talking flipped Peggy. t'script approlevawho will get the v-
les""Ohartmentstore shoe buyer. threats froum ont understand Haywcazing credit on therecords.
ts an old moie trickwhiblushed Sam.her "It's about be ase-lim book as a Spencer Tracy
hrislee thine Jorgenren's next leap ball." ever made the picture stardoer aMontaiban won't e-
will be to Hllywbood. The guy I REAL-LIFE THRILLER leaving MGM for at least eight
who became a dosince wilBaby star n a' Ida Lupin's In the middle of months. That's when his option
film biography for an independ-'a real-liuse of hrosuspense store of her s due.... Ernest Hemingway ister
ent movie production company. several own with threatening calls she's Ins complesting on a 3-Ding hired as thed:
Rickey, Jr In "I Love Lucy," been receiving since a pre-release screenplay writer or being given
will be played byix-nth- footligh at ofher new film. "Theo script approval say-so n the
There ntica l be twins Richard and Hitchhiker" She's notified police event that his "The Old Man and
Ronald Lee. sons of a Los Ange- of post-midnight tel e p h o n e the Sea" Is sold to Hollywood. Le-
the sartme rnt store shoe z Tay- threats from one man who Inam- land Hayward Is bidding on the
lt's an old moviene trick-whi out leformed her tht she would beslim book as a Spencer Tracy
one sleeps the other work s. tick- sorry she ever made the picturescrestaenre and Fox is making coun-
cute should be the b biggest milk yratin with the message tha ter bids.

long shots, filmed en India.e
uzzling star since Baby LeRy. Robert n retirement
Because of chronic asthma for George Montgomery, aft e r
TWO FO ON several years, will return to the completing a 3-D film. walled:
w footlights at the Old Vi in.Lon- "Who needs actors? No one
There will be two stars playing don as co-star with Richard Bur- pays any attention to 'em any
the same role now that Liz Tay- ton and Claire Bloom in "Ham- more. Only thing Hollywood Is
lor is in and Vivien Leigh 'is out let." worried about is what's going to,
of "Elephant Walk" after an a- The local grapevine at MGM Is leave the screen and come out
cute nervous breakdown. The gyrating with the message that Into the audience."
studio will use many of Vivien's
long shots filmed in India.

are breathtaking when the cam- -___________ _I O_ 9_
era turns on scenic views. The U WA A
reason for this conversation be- w ee
"What do you think of wide-
screen movies?" | |

"They're great If you're a'
Will Rogers, Jr's. second mov-:
to. "The Boy From Oklahoma."i
sounds like a youne Will Rogers
story but it's pure fiction. That's
the reason Will is asking the stu-
dio to change the title.
Marllvn Monroe personally has
taken all the blame for her "sex'
flaunting." But her only sin was'
not yelling "No" when the studio'
went overboard on the sex angle
in publicity, when studio design-
ers poured her into those skin-
tight gowns., and when she was
told. during filming of "Niagara"
-"Give us mbre of those wiggleI
hips. kid. That's what the public

Robert Stack's blood is at the
boiling point over Hollywood's
sneers and sour-grapes attitude;
about the first feature-length 3-
D movie. "Bwana Devil," which
started Hollywood's current wide-i
screen and three dimensional
Bob co-starred In the film with
Barbara Britton and admits "the
quality was far from good," but
he believes It should have a few
kind words because It started a
film-industry revolution.
"Our problems," he told me,
"were colossal. We shot U day
before we ever saw the first
day's rushes. Everything. we did
had never been done before. Now
the film is numkfng a fortune, but
everybody I Belywood paued
it after its premier and it's stall
being laughed about."
Bob's now starring In "War
Paint" for Producer Howard W.
Koch. It's a story of a lost pa-
trol and mutiny In the Army In
1270, with Joan Taylor playing a
fery Indian doll.
Bud Abbott and Lou Costelo
wo z0 to em y *thtt sumuef#H

^ as w aal
IM9low ---- _
A~o t o W n mh


Happy landlords and
tenants get together
thro'jgh our want-ads
every issue. Turn to
the want-ads. Check
them now I

Every month .every week every day-
than all other daily papers in Panami combined I


bome women depend too
much on making a charming
"first Impression'. It is ftne to
make others like you imnedi-
ately if you can. But 4 Is far
*hore important to hold friend-
bhipe than to make good first
impressions on everyone.
Mrs. Brown Is one of those
women who goes over big on
soort acquaintance. She is very
charming to those people she
has just met and many who
meet her for the first time
think: "There Is a woman 1
would like to know better."
But something happens to
Mrs. Brown's charm when ,n
acquaintance becomes a rind.
She doesn't feel she has to
ut herself out for a friend
f way she would for an ac-
quaintance. In a friendship she
expects to take, but doesn't
bother to give.

tis Poll Noyes, trvel editor
of the san Fran,.scok zonle,
I extpeted to arrt tnto at
Tocumen Airport from ueno
Aires for a short visit .to the
aM~ Noy, who alingan
via Braniff International Air-
ways is writing a ries of art
s on each countryy for. the
Chrogilicle's Sunday travel sec-
tion. ne of the lead g newpp-
pt sthe United States, e
Ul~4lcle is featuing travel to
Latin A ,mica er-ng the 1953
S t and Sufmse tourist sea-
Well known as Independent
travel writer, Phe bqaspublished
articles In mU.aatonal maga-
.nand,.writ 0.S. ad editored
f6r"oheXleAd*inewspapers, in-
W ft- NebYork. Tmes and
eork Trgige. During the
PUt.twoyea 4ahe has traveled
over M,.000 znle for. the Cront.
del including vound-the-world
ilUe on the Isthmus, Min
meyes wil stay at Hotel 1l Pana-
T e Mea
LMOOL, Nob. (DP) A
Judge adMercy after Mercy
Shere.- The Jude
fned Lew 'G. Mercy $10 for
umacking Richard Maul on the
"qein an argument. over a

DAY 3-15U HT 3-151

.: ..i &I *TO A'
rpm adventure's oldet s
com-s s .most exma talel
Brn H&awke, tie rNegi4de,
who 011Ishea tb oplrate'p12t
d Ma4aasmar.40 steal. the
peeti~olar adventure swee
S the A ea Coast to te
~'d1,pot't klM asgar in
ha 1a'if .waks-of the

I Tomorrow, The ol-dependeil
will, feat=e- "The FI ,t' A40
Last," a dram Oa n, Tbeat

l' A The.AumertM Theatrical At-
UNW, 0 u, uote ataui.
STheterM promot wM
SpevtE.AM to lS anc
Monyaofel owwho used to offer
his girl a penny for her though Isylelor"l-s-
woud now give her ten bucks to V1r t Tho "r. ud
A shut u, .-_ O walked away with :al of the
_-_ _._.honors.

con* *inuin
^Oft nftma




* "My MAR IN a t

L UX cI ,t
B THARI.,, .-
Starrn":"- --
W %".mat ,S

2U LVX T'atOr wll S" i U
Pa ,- ., l


Mbean e Van Hemit
beatnier Dean

I ,n: 4:U i, -lal :M, 6 :R3 .

P"' AN *LdAM 3BJxUA i
Ow a am ,
Th mat mu d m -&mtlb
tam ofm a tim...l

: IN C .cOlPO
Mlcheile "Va, M werT d

Tor~y Cuttl Piper
"NO o7 THE

BANK DWI& -6 $10.00
At t.:00 and :00 p.m.
M"UT rWv'
1A3K toW'

C A P IT'O l ."
Chapter I 8 'fr '
Luther r in '

Tony egtia',;.'

- .., ...

.: ^ ------ .. ^. L



and many other gift items.
'(All sales final)

Tivoli Avenue Store only.
Tivoli Avenue 8guru only.

0 A




,- n.* ." ',.
. .q .* "


ijl ft


Panama C anal &1 eatem -
*------- 1 *"


C;S & Ica LA

its a m T



,:r a s. SILVI

, casrosA$ Ts


-na 4



A' -
.9 -~ :1"-. -'









. .... --...
, ~~ 0: ,-

* ~~ :- -7

;. ........
l ,:. .." ,,-*
E --L-., ': .; ,. i: -?.* L ...... '.I. .. .


4 '"* -1 i*-* -;* >.--t.H
Q T],-rTY ; *

"m e~f busl'b -miMfif* lean

- '
S^ r .

.Vea- coV. 'i
tain An- by Mrs.
m Was the-

5ut myetar of th5

. 11

* "

to Loreto"1 "mpn, rlt
held at the the boea,
Seventh Street, Golf Heights,
her o$ paytnuaa. c ai

to- "The M t of Christ," one of
rfo aeries p phet on "Co
oie. sider'theBLTble." I
.houae -ther MFO-th
Mbarleu To Coadeek MNNtaB F
t The Rev. Father Mark Me-
Orath wlleonduot a MIlon for H
men and women at St. Mary's
Church in Balboa at 6:00 p.m.
um on Monday, Tuesday and Wed- .w
their nesday evenings of Holy Week. Sa
given r,

SA repeat showing of the film I
R "Holiday In TPanama" will be gr
shown Wednesday, April 1, at kc
8,- 8:00 p.n. .at the 8sO-JWB, Arm- dl
r" t--v ed Panres Service Center on La W9
SBoca Road, Balboa. In
artInz Added attractions will be the th
tf, left by 1952 World Series Baseb all
vid on a. n= d &I4@tulu
be spent at derd un ea tve-
in Cerro ogue of London to Tokyo. wE
.' The general public of Panama R.
and the Canal Zone Is invited to V
Fo Vl l attend. There will be no admis- MI

h ODhncing TaBlght y
'...; There VID be dancing this a
ening at 7:0 at the American
ok ietncabM 196, Vort"t AOadOlr
rea for members and their

d sh Fry en Ba Dane *
11ay Moore Tonight
d to the The Hamadan STuesday ad barndance ill held this
where they eninmg at the Summit Golf Club 1na
'u WTrali er- t ponma ip of the de
No visited in emmittee In tch which In- at
. ...... ohu ,.
Hunt, C. L. Gelawite, Clifford B
Se, E. C. Fish Norman
I, da %4 M W. mI. a.

efro Club will hold Ita

mata Nmk.T

the ZIth-
lay morn-
taw J rk

and In the
e United

!' WiU Club

* 10 y Reota or--
,at t e th
mRweree onl
S,'g i. s -
C. I .. r: Re-

Fae whi the club
t co

'N w Mith Me
tlsrda, ADTH 18, in



bla IM. M Uy 1it
duotee, begam reelvng hia ba-
sic traing as the U, A rmy
at Fort D lx, NJ., ewinmBg his
M=00n21Mt to y'Bmaay o,
Division. A t l the
National l the
sM of Mo Ic -lln of
1 AAmt. a.-
"^^~t '^. -

' o I T ,

br demoimies i~hkerb ee~so up as I
ayi a the Tulleries Garden, in Paris.
sobn be exchange for sun suits.

&a.: Lox
In the.

St. Christopher's
Rafly Tt-Ieature
Queen Contest
An old.,=o rally, featuring
square dne and other whole-
S mne entwtanent, will be held
"bthelt. Chriltopher Episcopal
of Ro Abajo on April 6
Thle main feature of the rally,
wii Q bWl ld on the church
un W be a contest to se-
t the urch Queen. The
draonAtlon queen will take

S.. .

inn; and
.. .-*-. .



Platter Fans...You'll Welcome Our


For as little as $ .O. .* Weekly

You can be the proud owner of the latest "hMis"....
or whatever type of music you enjop most!















CiaCyrmoi Cymos6ft1BMop
- No. I- Jo Feo. de las 0 No. 16 TIlve Ave.
j(TiToU cr4mo) (.eam. Inm IamEon ]Pbe d)



' a,3i

bWn ".^.

lo TA


p a


a3& *


, "" kir!-
L-. + .'< +'

.i ... I. r .'' ,]

ki V" -------- A
Soviet Union from a semimfeudal agrarian monarchy to the world's second most powerful state.
With map of Soviet Union in the background, above Newschart shows phenomenal growth in Ave
key fields of heavy industry from 1927 to 1952, along with the estimated goal for 1955. Data are
from best available sources.

ep*en J. Beaudry Is chairman.
hnem for the bal will be the .
fd bythee r1bMcCarthy Committee

amboa To Have Starts In On. Authors
firstt Easter E g ',. -
ir Ea. t g f WASHINC O,- March 7.- fusal to answer such ueitions
un Nex ee P former Red sym- normally taken bytisco
in tl,'er. de yesterday mintre eand the American pub-l
Gamuoa's first Easter g h. t were d" to find to mean that you are a member
which is scheduled for ,ne we their books n U.S. overseas 11- of the Communist party. '
altur4My morning, Is expected to braries. Hammett said henever en.
Ing' mo a laxge ro Two other authors. Including gaged in sabotage or esplonage
ubars "toasear foreT tera lDahlell Hammett, refused to against this country and
iundred oret aay.they are Communists. It would be Impracal to a
C hdren b '0anr h lod B T testimony brought Sen. dopt Russlan.communism in th
re o aeph R. McCarthy's invetiat- United states now.
ade three o the Gamboa grae in b r een
ool may joion the hunt In ad InK subcommittee to the point .
on to the. e th w le l h el Iol Rready to seek them
1111 for the hunters. Council- Statponsib talent official res-t d R
an'Capt.,J. M. Davis will hide poibl 0 1 p rti est SpeRed-tinged an ea
e eggs. booksIovetseaslraries. Plan Despedid ,
The Rev. R.A. Gray Is general McCarthy tpld the subcomlt
iaof the hunt. Mrs. M. M. tee counsel to ask State Depart- Bienvenida Party
bye. apd 5gt. Allen Abbott t en 1 seurltV chief Scott Mc-
I1 arrange for the eggs. Mrs. W. i e t ofc. A "despedlda" for departing
Ma lon and Mrs. R. angle The authors who said books amateur ado operators and a
e the prize committee and written hen they were Co benvenlda" to new arrivals wil
rs. Cas. J. Conner will award m t pathezers should not be the keynote of an lflorma]
-epriste. eo'luhrles are .Negrop get-together party for memberI
The hun t Is being sponsored lanpgtoh Suuhes anod E of the Canal zone Amateur Ra-
* the Gatobda Civic Council as ever, who, works Inelude dio*Club, at the home of Mr. and
rt of It4 cldIren's program. "Between the Hammer and the Mrs. 1'. H. Lerehen of Diablo on
1 of, e' -hren's Anv'L". April .11 at 7:30.
ServiC mmett s m y tiey Soda pop, beer, snacks and
un#er Se rvices Hamett'el know mystery olertv of ellos, goodbyes anc
I writer, a Mars. Helen Gold- small talk are scheduled.
Or Mrs, Sornabas frn of t rnwood, N.Y., author The sppnsors hope that al
0 rro. At 4 P M chtilren's books,-- members of the CZARA and CRC
m r4 fused t awer questions about who have arrived within the past
om rroW.A t communist activity. Both said few Ionhortwhoamontems
the answers might tend to In- plat Ik eving will attend the
The late Mrs.sarah Ann Bar- criminate them. arty eiher to say "hello" and
ibas wili be buried at Jardin iuommttee counsel Roy en the local ham fraternity or
Pas follo*IB funeral services Comn said U.8. information aen- to say "goodbye" and receive the
the Panama Weasley church at terms contain 300 copies of Ham- radio ham's traditional farewell
'm., tomorrow. w. at met's bos. 200 of Hughes', of 73 (best wishes) and "gud
Mtas. Barnabas, who dUd. at ofU m.. qzdfrank's. written un- luk."'
1nto ToaU.M piltal Wednes- Fter name of Helen Kay, and
y at .8 p.m.4 as born in the t o Seanr'a,
itdh TJoan, Antigua, B.W. creator of the "Thin CONTIST IEStILTS
S20, 1889 andcame to Pa-- Man refe to answer the
10,1909. same uesUion tht bought him DETROIT (UPy Some 11i
s *w;FX110 4M IM 4 w Io at th sentence for youths have studied at univer
Fell IM zMr. Hilda tept o urt In New York. sites and colleges on ichola-
-6 C *'i, He declpod to say whether ho ashi 'valued at more thai
U O, Wad aa trustee of .the C bond $ ,O00 for winning Fisher 3o
A. n.pons, a,.15 grand fund of the Civil Rights Con- dy Craftsmen's nigld'contest
aone great grand- ress which put up bond for Mince 1930. In addition, $500,00
S oa lhcted aunt leaders. -has been awarded to-runnern
McCarthy commented that re- up In the contests.
'o.,.nfmt. L ', -


? Right for Looks
Right for Comfort


..* **A.



If you belong to the Armed Forces or if you have a steady
.job come to our Store and you can choose your own terms
to buy on credit.

*f I. y etspedal aditec Nueutram grfaes facilidades les
syuiar a cei tera iaebles.




,,, : .*,.- -a Z. .

Sloll -imp"I il




"INS'IDE" OUTs IDE-atest in home construction is this one at Caracas, Vene uel .. 0me0li
a an outdoor basement. Its owner claims that r me a e
-has a omp etely shaded living room" all year rounmdm And heM also gets a &our-wIRC .at- -
.k on hot summ.rnights.


their on, Lo
fogn to h l
country home
p iIC'41',+ + ,

Os of the Club.

.and Mrs. 8. Sc
s Cresta return
,,s by plaee 01
Miami, lol0da,
been vL eonM

Conway Mapl
Mrs. Marguer
ra u ned t

Re pm or u

-~' ~r' '''' -" '~~~`-~ '-' ''~'-"

1952 '

__ ~ _~__

-- -


2* ----- -- -

*. -.,'


-A -* tt-- A l

J, I; '

- t .





1k. -

p19 A~


'C' Route Race

Features Juanf'tt

Juan Franco Graded Entries

P.P. Horre

Jockey Wgts. COMMENT


lst Race "H" Native 4/ Fgs. Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 12:45
First Race of the Double

1-Piola C. Gonzalez 97x-Nothing to recommend
2-Huascazo B. Aguirre 113 -Horse to beat
3-La Negra C. Iglesias 115 -Good third last effort
4-Danubio M. Guerrero 110 -In best foimn
5-Comandante J. Cado. 108 -Returns from layoff
6-Marfil F. Hidalgo 102x--Distance favorable
7-Kaisan H. Reyes 107x -Recent races poor
8-Recodo H. Ruiz 97x -Returns in nice spot


tod Race "F" Native 6% Fgs. Purse: $75.00 Pool closes: 1:15
Second Race of the Double

3-La Enea

G. Sanchez 108 -Last win a corker
H. Ruiz 102x -Could win at price
B. Aguirre 115 -Excluded from betting
V. Brown 107x -Suddenly off form
B. Pulido 118 -Dropped a class
J. Chuna 109x -Handicapped by rider
J. Alvarado 108 -Will force sizzling pace

Note: La Enae excluded from betting.

3rd Race "I"

2-Don Grau
3-Dofla Chila
4-Don Cuco

4th Race "I"


Native 3 Fgs. Purse: $250.00 Pool closes: 1:45

R. Gomez 115 -Seems best on form
J. Alva. 112 -Oltamaica-Balalaika
R. Desport 110 -Cuatro Ases-Cenicienta
E. Dario 112 -Sweeping T.-lron Chicle
B. Aguirre 112 -Supreme Sir-Fair Portia
H. Ruis 102x -Possible upsetter


Native Fgs.Purse: $250.00 Pool closes: 2:20

V. Brown 107x -Debut unimpressive
R. Ycaza 102x -Nothing to recommend
R. Tejada 102x -Slight Improvement
F. Hidal. 102x -Nothing bere yet
M. Gue. 110 -Tough contender
B. Aguirre 110 -Returns in better shape
A. Mena 110 -Position unfavorable


5th Race "D" Native 6% Fgs.Purse: $300.40 Pool closes: 2:55

3-Don Jaime

A. Vasquez 112
A. Mena 112
J. Alva. 105
C. Iglesias 108

-Consistent performer
-Hard to beat
-Could win this time
-In nice spot

0th Race "J" Imported 6 Fg-s.Purse: $375.00 Pool closes: 3:35
First Race of the Double

7th Race "I"'

A. Vasquez 120 -Racing consistently well
V. Rodri. 103ix -Only early speed
B. Pulido 115 -Hard to beat
0, Castillo 110 -Distanca unfavorable
0. Sanchez 112 -Returns in good form
C. Iglesias 114 -Slow beginner
H. Reyes 113x -Will force pace
J. Alvarado 108 -Could win at price


Imported 6 Fpg.Purse: 5375.00 Pool cleas 4:05
Second Race of the Double

1--rull A. Vasquez 118 -In good spot
2-Legal Frolic B. Agul. 116 -Poor breaker
3-Publco J. Baeza Jr. 116 -Always clore up
4-.Mrs. Crisina H. Walte 10x -In best form
5-mun Cheer J. Alva. 108 --Easy victory last
i.-The Dauber It. Gomez 118 -Will be ready soon


Mbth aes ""p Imported % Fgs. Purse: 375.00 Pool eloses: 4:40
1-Escindalo R. Rodrl. 118 -Ready for killing 5-2
2---glish Mary B. Agul. 118 -Dropped a class 3-2
3.--Pulgarcito H. Ruiz 112x -Next year maybe 30-1
4-Baby Ro O0. Chanis 118 -Back In form 2-1
5-Salcedo V. Castillo 116 -Dropped a clans 8-1
6-Chucunaque J. Alva. 115 --Still fractious 20-1
7-Rocky Point R. Gomez 115 -Not ready yet 20-1

0th Race "C" Imported 1% Mile Purse: 5650.00 Pool closes: 5:15

1-Rose Hip
6--Carmela II

R. Guerra 102x-Could surprise again
J. Alva. 104 -Dangerous contender
K. Flores 118 -Horse to beat
J. Bravo 112 -Seeks third straight
M. Arose. 100 --Seems outclassed
M. Hurley 110 -Distance unfavorable


'1th Race "E" Native 7 Fgs.Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 5:40
1-Taponazo C. Gonza. 102x -Longshot rpeclalist 10-1
2-Diez de Mayo J. Alva. 118 -Seems one to beat 3-2
3-Mochito B. Aguirre 110 -Refuses at times even
.4-Tap Lady J. Bravo 110 -Surprise win last 4-1
5-Manolete B. Pulldo 110 -Rounding into form 5-1
11th Race "H" i pwrtd 1 Mile Pure: $400.00 Pool closes: xxx
1-Scotch Cham F. Rose 118 -In favorite distance 4-1
2-Paquas J. Alvarado 108 -Convincing win last 3-1

Flambaro, Newminster,

Bendeguz Vie For $650
A well-matched Class "C" field is scheduled to
dispute a $650 purse tomorrow afternoon at the Juan
Franco Race Track in the featured one-mileand-one-
eighth ninth race.

Flambaro, under the expert
guidance of Chilean ace jockey
Jose "Paco" Bravo, was. an eaaW
winner his two previous times
out and is sure to be well back
ed again on this occasion. How-
ever, the increased distance ls
expected to be in Bendeguz' fa-
Bendeguz, down another class
following some dismal perform-
ances In Classes "A" and "B," Is
the probable mutuels choice be-
cause,of his known distance run-
ning ability and excellUnt work-
outs this week. King Flores, a
dependable journeyman rider,
will handle the reins.
Newminster, now back in top
form, wound up an impressive.
second to Turf Lodge in a seven-
furlong race his last time out
and Is considered a serious con-
tender. Newcomer Jorge Alvara-
do, reportedly a top jockey in
his native Chile, will he up on
this stout hearted Jamaican
Rose Hip, Mingo and Larmela
nIround out this good field of
performers. Of this trio. Rose
Hip stands th6 best,ehance of
an upset. He once won a classic
over one mile and five-six-
teenths and was full of run at
the finish. His previous time out,
Rose Hip was an easy winner in
a seven-furlong Class "D" gal-
Mingo and Caroela II seem
hopelessly outclassed ;over this
distance In this company of fast
Another interesting race on to-

morrow's program will be the
ird race for the lowly Class "I'"
native ponies. These apimals are
Slated to go three: furlongs in a
non-winners race. Amsong the
scheduled starters are three lo-
cally bred thoroughbreds.
These animals are Don Grau,
a son of Oltanalca Balalaika;
Don C u c o, a son of sweeping
Time-Iron jhicle, and Ricky. by
Supreme Sir-Fair Port). The
dams of Don Cuco and Ricky
were imported from the Unitbd
States in foal. Ricky hba been
the mostt Impressive during
Patronato Names

New Juan Franco

Racetrack Steward
The m, Ga-mblg Con-
twel Board (N'atroWate tis
mnehlag, At theIr regular
wftely moett. appointed U.
.00L Santel Still of Fort
a0)rm as one of the stewards
at the Juan France Race
Track. \
Col. Stre thpe eeOmd mem-
ber of the I.S. Armed re
to be named to an Importat
Juan Franes position recent-
ly. Absot a moeen ago, M
Sgt. Jose Matnes Wa
appointed to the poet of finish
Judge by President Jos6 A. Re-

-S** -,



7-MlRn Chaim

8-figlish Mary

10-Die, do Mayo
11-La Chaft



Merfil Husese*

Protom Compeaned
gIIeri-dd Risky
Don Grou Don Gre
Swnd'. Yeaodinge
Frames Heseplemnts
Weine Don Jaiml
Mirmade Mieuda
Healshs Vdars
Valerie h lutfud
Pubiles Lgrif FIs.
Sun Cheoer Pub le
Sakledo Bby Rol
lcondale I c4ndele
Newminster FlmPbar-
bedseus BeadIgs1

Dies de Mayo
Le Chets
Scotch Chum

MBlak Semu

Lmm 'Ner

L Vkm




Miss crimin.
Baby Rel

Dies do Mayo
Lae Coto
Bleak Somb.

One Bet-La Chess Sinceidd Frlamu SmWeldad
3-La Chata A. Mena 108 -ConsiStet good races 5-2
4-Black Sambo J. Bravo 112 -Jockey will helo -1
5-Sismo 0. Castillo 108 -Has done It before 1-1
6-Prince Hamlet E. SU. 115 -Recuperating slowly 20-1
7-Lujoso B. Pulido 112 -Dangetous factor 5-1
8-In Time M. Hurley 118 -In different hands 20-1
9-Mr. Foot J. Sama. 115 -Seeme outclassed 10-1

A -*IL_ QiI


adial n. e Skin, Divers Ei
CWoJVrgmasatlon has be mr-- on at tte bart An 14 1 4*
ryn n ort un way, Taboa Island.
terl r hre on it Mu small talands st the =m0%
for te past four nr-mb At tea qanal, We live
present our membership oeta, beaut l ioal rets a -iw
conasting of ten meminabE I ot In Crltobl,
complete. We began oa aot- where are the Zfla
tim. a early Dcemb er I thanA right arozid For m.a
eqlpped with five proang x dor. Our embers, equipped wt).
SaCd m otn gogges apd wt. '02 operpu nahave met and
Mu. Th eqipnnt s afd- llEd barracuda, mo .y0,
now every member of our. Rr jw and man
quIDpped with the most moder other apet of marine li
equipment avalapis. As ans example of one of our
We began by attempting to.hit lucky days, ta e Batutd,
anything, absolutely anything, March 21. Fishing around ft
with our hand apear. Bomre in- causeway had been poor due to
dividuals were successful in talc- the cloudy water along shore. b ho
In such "prizes" as blowfish, four of us headed out to the hour.
el lyah, and even. once in a Spar Buoy. This la large buoy and
whe amall apper. All of our approximately two miles out
members are now peat this from Ban Joea rock at It. Ama- ]
stage. However. none of us re- dor.. under waterfre er
great the leosons learned during Arrivlng there, a a eer as the sport of kin
those early days. the side revealed aseV l am pers. A pauper caa
Most of our fishing is carried shapes .lying at various .defl and feel like a khg


Fed, ow Sm.-.,.okth TtMO

flew light frW~Ijh~

Q1E lmjr

t i l l

" : '. : i

,*. .',-*

& -.5

r <*





9th Race
Purse: $650.00

"C" Importeds 11/s Mile
Pool Closes: 5:15 p.m.


1 ROSE HIP --.--------............ R. Cuerra 102x

2 NEWMINSTER-----........ J. Alvarado 104

3 BENDEGUZ .--............ K. Flores 118

4 FLAMBARO- .----.------.. J. Bravo 112

5 MINGO --..-.......... M. Arosemena 100

6 CARMELA II ............ M. Hurley 110

' F:

5t Rac I



a a g0

p e a... a a i-u 6e a

.e a.. t* a a.. .4
S6 .5




. .

ag o


.~ ~, ~

IstrZ,- 6th, 7th RACES

3rd ad 9tb RACES

For the convenience of
our patrons we are now
operating both at the


~ ..~.



' <


I `-

,* .1 -


~----~~' ''' -T --~-

TjflM-W qkS WW' ,W ; ,
VAR&= ,k

I'S~ T, ~

"~ All ~W3US~ ~$Et ~~UAP35

-v lll ',r > '*; -,-a

on the Ithmus sthi ason, and bat m toup-
as night' s wa tin
n. has c frd n novice
9dAm a ay agan,
hoppy White and Bob Conneely will lsha to Wy.$hem-
ases Closely to, the matters In hand, such 'as their throttles,
should they wish to avert mouthfuls of Staytoh's dt. The seven-
race meeting Is to ht fdser way at I A.m.. At teat 15 of the
lfasted riders on the Ishniuis are scheduled tq oeampete. This will
make it the biggest speedway meeting yet held in Panama.

Big aGnmboak ball

Tourrqamet Tomorrow

A whole day of championship firebrand competition ls- amur-
brandsoftball-and fun for the ed, with the tournament official
etre family la expected to draw ttink service against civil4ns
crowds from all corners of the an appether, and within an al-
atmu to oambas "omrrow mst certain result of Atlantic

limb tofb^ geruidbttbrthifvfilnam.
ght ; of' the leading teams Proan Cristobal comes reports
fron both saideaof thl Isthmus of the 70th from Ft. DaVis ina
have already posted their fran- warm-u fta D -prilor to the
chMse and have been xolnr tournament, Jt losing out 1-0
through dally workouts to be In against th Oolqu-Police in an
the deak of condition for tomor- 11-lnnin thrillw.' then return-
w'sJ activities. Ing to action the following night
Two of the top teams from the at Ft. Gullet to dumv the Old
3%hciflec Softbal LeaguI Fire- ColoernWane. also a tournament
mno's Insurance a&d Elks will entry 5 to 1.
tbe 4 to
1* two civilian and one service th tme tb inh r around.
tm Into tournament I n.adwill Con-
en against from the oafdf m.
aide three service teams o ave t Kjam t ael y hed-
bftn efntenid. An entire ay a Ued fpr 5 pm.

Preident's CI

&Iahia*4@~ I

on Antonio Anguisola'. classy
I- ahua for
Rd considered a sre starter
M bay son of Fairwsj-Buxmrbe
w ,finished rec- it
S Casion was
In PrAwsaa



: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 nli/d-- i -* *

j^. ^. g^i-iahn .

Be Battered Like Class D
."- i J *< 1 "


A7 -v.
F k .

-o -

Player TepM

B. .san, Btsdig .;
C'oI, BalJk. ;
: .* S .
1L DS, -
lc 'w. 0 V

fiHML MHE.b. ,.
MR~v 43ft.

. f
O? q* .
luck. .
!PO. ..
Buick. .

:S *

A8 R H 0 S3 HR B O
;M5 16 18 4 A
.40 N 193 4 9 '10
32 14 14 6 3 5 7
2 2 26 3 11 7
32 22 5 1 3 10 8
- 13 18 9 11 5
21 2 14 1
18 2 2 2 9
18i 4 5*

it. 4 4i
S- -1'
43 .1 2 1 1 7
2 2 14
6S 1 2 14
nis I- 1 7
5 11 1- 1 5 16
It 1 1 5

v1 V A 2 11
24 -'s- 114

4 1 3

a tp-; : : 64

ftf !rfL (.iL<>r~~d

... ..... k :.. ...

* ** ~*S .* S *.b ,. *.,










'p _


Day At Brazos Brook Club Sunday P.M.'


Hardest Hit
are. ,Fo's d'sh

Up To NowT -0
By ftUD DM?4I
VUled Press Speots Writer a Pet.G
---- J on .oe Pet.
*.. 6 1 .555
NEW YORKL March 27 A n. 2
deen star pitchers, counted on U .. .* 3 3 .-
to win 1 to 20 ale each. have aAU .. .. 4.. 5 4 .*
bemn battered Ikse Class D re- Maeaws. .. .. ... *.
cruits In Orapefruit League -
Rames this spring and would ex- N T OAM0 0
Wet to tand "pink slips" ain their OCELOTS vaW PALOMAS
pa checks any day if they were (Balbos, saturday)
Tookies fibghtn for jobs. -
The list includes Allie Reyn- Fastlileh League Conelos took
olds And Vic Rsachl. the world i heartbreaker from the*Ma-
Champion Yankees' key right-. eaw at Diablo yesterday when
handOrs: 20-game winners Bob mg squeezed in two runs in the
Lemon and Early Wynn of the IMn inning and blanked the
Indians: 'Bobby Shant.s, the A- Macaws In their half. The final
merican League's most valuable _&-. 6
player of 1952. and 15-game win- The Conejos opened the en-
ner Harry Byrd of the A's; Jim counter with a single run in the
Hearn and Larry Jansen of the tpof the first. Scott singled to
GiaUnts; lj-a winner Warred p stole second went to third
Hacker of O a Worm alaaumtI n oR.Be-
Spahn, the X ra, a' steaar s uth- ye single to bield. In the
paw; right-handed ace Saul Ro- third thd Conelos added one to
gVIU Of ti White 80X and Ken alr count when Scott again
Rattnbe er. who won i t on, this time on an error.
gU ute6e Reds In 1952. a lwqnd a dWwas warded
k" beetn thied for = t4 OB a 9tk end was knocked
a 'f at leaItfive run by ages shigle to loft field.
pV alo innlags In springao e. P the bottom of the same
hinU games. Lemon has the frame the Macaws went ahead
POWSI average. IS runs per whet ABsle connected for a
nar tsat . Spl n's er a home over
IsUoUJSand ReynoldZ rJ W& e third run came
=6awd Eaffebaberger each It when ati' Mead singled to
has average. l va d on nMOr
Jm tarsap is 8a. Byrd'sl o dMor-
7.2. Wi .0. Ihants's 5.8 and ri- apWne over second.
Jaanse d Racker each has a In the top of the fifth the Co-
5.0 ari. nejO went ahead again when
ReynOld was hammered for 10 Kirknand. Conejo twirler, dou-
runs ini Iinnings as the Yan- bled to left field. He advanced
kmos lost to the Cardinals 10-2. 4A #'a single and scored
yesterday and has permItted 18 2Ul e. a latter went to third on
Ia r= many inning, as.- Sk rrw. Scott in turn tgUW
chl, h-6 niAme winner last sea- om U theow-in of Magee's fly-t
son. ha a n basted for nine out to .
runs la I ine Innings and, to The Macaws took the lead
eCoMPlute things for Manager lek a I with four safeties In
Ca s Ien .d Lopat has yet teb 5 of the fifth.
to dMekbhspring dut. In t seventh Scott hit again
Lemo., a ,-game winUer In and XOvahed to second. He
196. haa lt41d twice this *tleUM ant d took advnte
Spring and nen tagged for 10 oYaa4'5slow wind-up A
run1 MWsi t Innings while Wynn bhome t the tying us.U
t ILa at. er, has yielded got a pa And advanod tore-
six = Innings, tIndl- ond saMd .ame in on Ra6n te-
catl that'the ndiana' highly- double to center ftid.
reVAV4bdetclf)tx ngstrengthian e
7 W 'c.Ba .treh to a ja aw hit sa l in the
loWir w from being ready for of the seventh bt wa
the p iant race. i at second when C0.
BhAS5bpa turned in ona flie- ampte4d dinbla ayi
Innhi -to t lob but has been tU 16 d ay. tw RSi
rock fr nin runs in a total 9n1'teome off uut M inext two
o 14 gs thin spring w W we e4 Inr a hurry
ar I iCexpicted -to be %ia m el to tthe
n" n er" of Jimnmv DyW U :t' ., d hit to center
been hit hard al- .t H l ^. rametd, An
has ielded sIn, aMk a ve ah
e "ft the line? iob

U04 aLearunore2
st a~nainyain g AB BS PO A
8ot6 y has soxredl0 ****. .1 4 0 0 2 1
d4 Ubffease has b 3bk. m 4 4 3 4 S
Stmr 13 In ,.. .. .. 3 1 1 0 0
Tbe% D sdems p swr R.f fw l- b ..4 0 2 $ 1
13th -'1i m be at.c...... 4 0 1 2 2
1-7. qton. af .. S 3 0 0 1 0
4t 141.14160rreulmaroeutw' e Ln ri. .3 0 1 3 1
fldgor 4k. first awe wbe in, Reg.. lb 3 0 0 1 2
ege *S A higtesgted in- kland p.. 3 1 1 0 0
left teg alongside Dalne----.
e and Carl Farille. Shauba .. .. .. .. 31 6 921210
had es lta three trlp aad -
Ssaid his lt fine." ACAWS- A HANfO A
lquad CotCntlenUd as the N sOM .. .. 4 I 3 1 2
Reds sold a der Ed Peilagrini Ur, b .. .. 4 1 1 0
o B And -the A's farmed Bruhn. If .... 3 0 1 0 0,
aIt Tom Tyson ad Paul Durtn, 3b.. .... 1 0 0 2 3
Bimpo. 30Both the Glants and B elgle f.. .. .. 3 1 2 1 1
kaes wee Jolted-the Gahts Cody. c. .. .. .. 2 1 1 7 1
W2enrwAeMrwtaher ad Yvars L,.3 0* 2 1 1 1 2
nrfrn .al~etleft ankle W rf.- 3..2 0 0 0 0
hi three Stoddarti.. .. 1 0 0. 0 0
Ph'Rteswhen on- 31ad,..b.. .. 1 0 0 1 1
0t for their Ttl
0anh.e Kals ..... ..5 09r2110
Cbi kthuS adion was -- -- -- -
ee.- dians 8, White B& 4; Browns 6,
tW tor Rd ox 4. Ben- O Le8a gnd Pitabuh A 13.
A t M.ts :- -d on Pea8;e"BI

-P ony Leag ue

It will be Dr. Byrd'r Day at ailo, me for the back nine and Doe's friends from the PaNWO
the Brasos Brook Country Club ea, for the 18 holes, side, where he spent some of hi
this Sunday. March 2 whe s The winning aggregation will happiest days, wil be eb had
ew flag friends fr e a .r the be the guests of the losing team to say "au revoke" but not "ged-
Isthmus are Invi to be en for a lunch of barbecued pigc, bye" because Dee says he dusak
hand at 8:3 am. to partetpate toast turkey, etc. the Chagres water many years
1 a game d golfollrwed by a It is hoped that a number of ago and he'll be baek.
farewell lanobheaw to o of the
elId stalwarts who Is retiring
from t PanaalA C"" 01Cmi
ye"ar. Armed 0orces liffle League
Jese Byrd was the first Open o -
Champion of PanamA way baek
in the twentes N tWf. a Blank Robison pitched a bril- scored saven runs, featured by
pridesU himself t e a ltn taio ant one-hitter for the Carib- an automatic Ihome run by the
of being the oily left-hander to bean Command Little Leaguers hard hitting Jarrell with two
wef the crown. as they romped over Coach Steve men on. Fisher's single and sev-
Valda's Albrook tpam n10 to 3 eral had throws did much to aid

He also won the Amateur at Russell Field. Naval Reserva-
Champolenship some 25 years tion, at Fort Amador, yesterday.
back and despite hib advance i.
yeas, he reached the stfitnals Robison had a no-hitter going
of the 1952 Amateur Ctbampon- Into the fifth, when Johnny
ship when he took the eventual pesloge slugged a long home run
wlpnner. Jim iley, five extra over the left fielder's head, also
holes before three-putting him- scoring Bob Connelly.
sef out of the tournament.
This Sunday morning "Doc' Albrook lost an early lead In
Byrd will flip a coin on No. 1 tee the second when the Navy Ju-
and George Engelke, another niors lashed ahead on a single
eld-timer, will call It to decide by James Fisher. Russ Buckley
who gets first choked frot all and Darrell Hauer scored. The
those present and the matches Cribbean eager Little Leaguers
will be under way t best-ball went wild in the third when they
foursomes: one point for the out .

-he cause.

Desloge came In to pitch f6r
Albrook and effectively put out
the fire for ine rest of the game.
With this being the next to
the last game of the season, the
Commanders hope to w in the
last which will put them in x tie
for the lead with Curundu.
The line score:
Albrook 0 1 0 0 2 0- S
Carib. Command 0 3 7 0 0 x-10

wherever you




amerWia sawww
fabri ,rfaekim...



exdwievt in

one and only


am hh i n Aminn.
O.uak" t tes pse bls
,ai- w -to e- -j6-



-M'i$$ l!^^~'' 1 *- -. ; 4 '; *- '-- .


Loomed 4l40 DuPOea's Ohk-k and hMR myeys yen





_~ _______I __~_I___ ~1______


Sewer By 1fd
Conejos 1 1.0 9 1
Ma=aws 0 0 0 S 6-o I
u Batted In-.t 2. Re-
yea 2. Earned n ios 2.
Macaws 3. Two Base MBts.-Kirk-
land. Reyev. dy.
Stle Bel-
le to
Mead to0ords : L. Reyes
to R. Rayes: Rter to s. Left
on Bae-Co 5, Its 4.
Winnlng i Pn Iand.
Losing Pitdh M Bases
96 Balls off-.Mead rkland
L. Struckout by-Mttid 4. Kirk-
land 1. Umpires-liobl d Ne-
ville. Time of Oame-l-1.

Renewed IntuetM
SW LONDOX, conn. (UP) -
Marshall Glather, a leader in a
drive for construction of off-
street pArki facllttes, #s work-
In* overtime on the campaign
after receivn 15 ticket s for



4L -. -

, .

whatever you



..-? -:. 1,~; iE~ :

,' :.

I. ;










a tm Amric

"Let the people know thI truth and the country is sale" Abraham Lincoln.


Chinese Reds Switch



To U. S. Marine-Held Sector

SEOUL, Korea, March 27 (UP)
-U.S. Marines recaptured Vegas
Hill on the western front last
night after eight bitter hours
of uphill fighting on the rocky
Recapture of the hill came lit-
tle more than 24 hours after
3,500 Chinese Communists touch-
ed off an assault on 10 Marine
positions 25 miles southeast oz
Old Baldy, their second major
drive this week.
The Reds took two Marine
outposts, Veggs and Reno hills,
but the Leathernecks staged a
counterattack only against Ve-
The commander of the 5th
Marine Regiment said his troops
gained firm control of Vegas in
a desperately-fought inch-by-
inch fight up the steep slopes.
Col. L. W. Walt. of Nprthamo-
ton, Mass.. said the hill has been
A 1st Marine Division brief-
ing officer reported the Marines
captured the uppermost trench-
es on shell-scarred Vegas eight
hours after they launched their
"This means that the Chinese
forces are disorganized, batter-
ed and no longer effective as
0in efficient fighting unit," the
briefing officer said.
When the Marines gained pos-
aession of the, hill. they radioed
for supplies to dig in for keeps.
Two Marine task forces from
the 2nd and 3rd Battalion of
the 5th Marine Regiment stag-
ed today's counterattack.
The first group was "shot to
hell" by a pierce rain of enemy
mortar and artillery fire and
had to withdraw.
Howe-ver, the second doggedly
made its way up until it reach-
ed the top trenches.
There the Leathernecks en-
gaged the Chinese in savage, no-
quarter hand-to-hand fighting
on the hill for about one and.
ore-half hours.
Enemy artillery and mortar
fire .dwindled as the battle-
weary Marines secured their
Front line reports said few of
the Marines on Reno and Vegas
hills were able to escape when
the Chinese launched their "hu-
man sea" assaults last night.
It appears that they are either
dead. prisoners or hiding out on
the hill.
Regimental officers estimated
tentatively that 500 Chinese
were killed in battles around the
hills and that 31.380 enemy mor-
tar rind artillery rounds were
rained on Marino positions dur-
ing the 24 hours ending at 6 p.m.



Yes, cleverly proportioned to fit the most
fastidious ... you will find your size qnd length
in Kayser's Proportioned Hosiery. No slipping,
no twisting of seams-for only Kayser has the
painted "Strait-On" heeL Many soft, fashionable shades.

0 si T VgL 0 V 1 LI, N I I I

Anesthetized Atomists 2 rilkallyHurl
SIn Calmva As
Given Security Guards Bus Has Blowout
0- Ten persons were injured, two
NEW YORK, March 27 (UP) -I sure he did not reveal secrets of them critically yesterday when
Atomic scientists pose a problem when delirious, a bus loaded with passengers
to the government which must! The Atomic Energy Commis- blew out a tire and crashed into
guard them when they go to the sion identified the scientist as a bank at the side of the road in
dentist, undergo surgery or be- William C. Twitchell, 36, who Cativa, Colon.
come delirious on their death "probably knew as much about 'One passenger', Mrs. Daisy
beds, an authoritative source re- atomic energy as any ohe man." Barton, 59. Jamaican and the
vealed today. The commission said Twitchell driver, Juan Espada, Panaman-
was placed under 24-hour secur- ian, 38, are in the Amador Cue-
This authority outlined the ex- ity guard in the Army's Letter- rrero Hospital In a critical con- BRITAIN IN BL
treme lengths to which the gov- man Hospital after a brain tumor dition. Two others who were bad- ry ride slowly
ernment goes to keep atomic caused him to talk incoherently. ly hurt, Tomas Hoy, 52. Colom- from their stan
scientists from disclosing vital Twitchell, head of the mech- bian and James Carth, 35, Nicar- through houta
information while in an irrespon- anical equipment department at aguan, also are in the hospital. throughout
sible state. the University of California's The other six were given first
atomic laboratory, died Monday. aid treatment at the nearby U.S.
He said in one instance the The high source here said Naval Hospital and taken to the
government spent approximate- that such security measures Colon hospital in a Naval Sta-
ly $100,000 constructing a secur- were "not in the least unusual." tion ambulance. They were im-
ity-sealed hospital ward for a He cited the case of a young mediately released.
mental patient to safeguard se- naval officer who was treated for The right front tire of the bus,
crets he held. denientia praecox in a ward built which ws taking passengers from
especially for him within the Colop to Puerto Limdn, blew out
These details w e r e disclosed confines of the atomic installa- Just after the vehicle had started
shortly after it was learned that tion at Oak Ridge, Tenn. off again after leaving a pas-
a brilliant atomic scientist died The source indicated the gov- singer at Cativa.,
in San Francisco with security eminent is so concerned about -
guards at his deathbed to make possible leaks of atomic secrets
_t takes special precautions in SO S
sonie cases when persons having O r
Th such knowledge have teeth pul-M
She ed or undergo surgery. pV-
jHe said security measures are WASHINGTON, March 27 (UP)
Judges Bench aken t prevent them from giv- Capt. warner Ryerson Edsail,
Judge's Bench In Information while insane skipper of the battleship Mis-1
knesthetized or under Influence sourf, died yesterday while tak-,
f dentist'sa gas.' 1g the ship into Sasebo -taval
Two Panamani women were "Such measures are necessary base, the Navy Announced.
Two Panamaniaty this orn were to see that no one unauthorizsed Death was attributed to "car-
Balbo Magilstrate's Cour on a i around to hear What the Pa- diac failure."
Charge o vagrte'sy ourt on a tient says." the source said. "This
charge 01 vagrncy, Is a serious problem which has Ralm T e "
One of the defendants, Dorothy had to be faced ever since the WOMEN OFr
Grant, alias Doris Grant, alias atomic project was undertaken." Saturday, March 28 mother, Queen.
Mary Scott. 29 was sentenced to Of all these cases of security High Low in Londou. Wi
serve 10 days in jail. She has precaution the source said, the 2:40 a.m.............. 8:57 a.m. ot Elizabeth IL
had four previous vagrancy con- 'navl officer at Oak Ridge was 2:49 p.m..............9:18 p.m. mother
victions. "Verhabs the most expensive pa-
tient the government ever had ".
Wilhelmina Skipper, 19 the He said the officer, had such
second defendant. was given a valuable knowledge of atomic re- -
suspended sentence and placed searchh that the expenditure of T o G o
on one yea: probation. "perhaps $100,000" on his se-
cret-proot quarters. which "could
Evenilo de la Cruz Mufioz a have accommodated 10 to 12 pa- LONDON, March 27 (UP) curity meMI _.
43-year-oid Panamanian was tients." was worth it. Steady rain which fell through- by racetrack Ol
fined $10 for driving his truck out England, after a drought of of the stables adj
on Fourth of July Avenue with- Fathr M G th 34 days, raised the hopes of own- being closely gui
out a driver's license. For failing r c r ers and trainers of the 40 thor- men and radC
to have a valid certificate of To oughbreds scheduled to contest who checked enl
inspection for his truck. Munfoz T Conduct the 4Va mile Grand National even well-knoWn
was placed on one year proba- Steeplechase on the Aintree, Liv- owners.
tion. MiSSIOn in Balboa erpool, track at 10:30 a.m. (Pan-.
There will be a Retreat con- ama time) Saturday. Meanwhile, the
e will be a Retreat con- odds at the Vict
ducted in St. Mary's Mission Trainers are hoping that the quarters of the b
Church on Mondav, Tuesday,. and rain will be sufficient to take the out the country,
< Wednesday of Holy Week bv Jar out of the bone-hard turf, of the placings
-' Reverend Mark 0. McGrath, C. thus eliminating the additional horses, the ir
," ,S.C. as a preparation. for those danger of broken fetlocks in this Early Mist apd
who wish to attend, for a fuller hazardous race. dropping fro6m fi
Darticilation in the Mysteries of The change in the weather has ing in the bettlIn
Good Friday and Easter. resulted in a number of owners Little Yid was
The Retreat will be for all revising their decisions not to at 9 to I with 01
English speaking adults both risk their horses. Among these 8. Early Mist SD
men and women of the Zone is Old Kentucky, who placed were joint third
or PanamA who may wish to at- seventh in a 214 mile race over to 7.
tend. Services will consist of 8 part of the Aintree track on Bookies explain
o'clock Mass on Monday, Tues- Thursday. shuffled odds w
day, and Wednesday followed by Gerald Balding, trainer of the fact that Little
an instruction. At 6 In the even- horse, which is owned by the Fire had beeo h4
Ings of the same days there will United States turfman, J. H. fans with th"e.
be Rosary. Sermon, and Benedic- Whitney, said today that Old ner, 8allir Likl
tion of the Blessed Sacrament. Kentucky is a definite starter, lar spring'b tu
Confessions will be heard during and his jockey will be J. A. Con- Lincoln and MM
the Mass and after the Evening nolly. In place of Glen Kelly. words, the boeki
service On the eve of the big race se- cut their loin,

Jenny Hecht, 9, Is Star

Of Boiling Broadway F.

NEW YORK, March 27 (UP)- were scarce, but it was the W t-ors Equit r,' .
A simmering professional feud t e rcst theatrical feud to hit membl t
between grown-up actors and the Broadway in years.. ."charg"
nine-year-old daughter of writer Hecht, co-author with Charles J
Ben Hecht boiled over on Broad- MacArthur of the play "The ored
way today. Front Page" and veterm isefl "e ild7
Hecht exploded with fatherly and stage writer, mid he newere b at 4
Ire against some members of the wanted Jenny to be an aetras e tdw
cast of the show "Midsummer." but she wafted jo badly to do usAt %. '
is daughter. Jenny, bad been it." r
suspended from the play, and The fragile. bm, de child War.- "Mrs.
Hecht charged she was the vic- ed a hit as tha preoclu up- toa"
tim factors' "hatred and Seal- ter of a h ,l teachV o
ousav." trying to become"a .
The little actress, who played's weikse won
the part of a child prodigy. w rea fra
at her home in Nyack, N. T.. The fljt :'6.
Hecht said, crying her heart oat msoethif
and "thinking she's a mmneur." mot
for slander. h
actors Foultw Assodation M id
it had acte4 throughout in U.. WeR1
cordance with it5 by-laws.
Details e what sta' Mae ow


Wrtttr tren s rhis b at
borough Hotae in London.
The uke, M reported Dow
had lived ti ltnlandae-a.m
he gau is ts lhh th.o,

(NRA Radlo Telephoto)
6ACK Horsemen of the Royal HKousehold Caval-
along the Mall in London, a black ribbon flying
idard. This was a symbol of the deep mourning
great Britain for the Grandmother Queen Mary.


.~. ,~t.

Maotthor 1eg, arrive atMto
th. few .mox remaftk m .e
tQueewlrldw died ins her tol pat
Queen Iairy o dted in her sleep at


Randd Natilo
were' lgl thted either of these two* f. in
as, the area ning the Ora tn.t
oining tlitack The at of Odg ona en-
aired-by police- tried wre:
trk employes 100 to Tremblt
try permits of 0 to pering 8teel'Car-
trainers and dinal Error.
22 to 1 Witty.
25to lpWrasol I.
Scall over of the 'I to -1 Knuckledust Ord-
oria Chb, head- nance. .
bookfes thrOMu- 3 to' Quite Naturd .
saw a reatuffle. 40 .t Ycle Barn i
Iof the favored IFn, Ie, Wait And A -
lai cbvalUers crest .ba.
d Lucky Doe o to 1 Oershldow, ..Iz-
rstto thi* dpc- ard, .
gust .le to 1 *moiwd t,
a f~m favorite punchestown
en Fire:at 100 to No rices ww'erite.'rthe
d Lusky Dome re l entr
tfvorlu at 100 over w be 2o SkR
ned that the-re-.
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