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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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the cmtry~ t i" -- Araham Lincoln.



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As for the idea of. .omplet
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If much lMss caancet, a t& tp-
day toha there Is of France and
Oermany joining forced polt1c-
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ed and rdlal cl lJ ar eW "a-
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attend a rally in
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.1k jOI&I 1 I11d fiwman now do
theceb s.n2 fM ort of allowance
Wboy 00$ 03a-rcn ea\ l tCl' b' orms..
ir' t unto the t0to the i h k f or an $0 rae Pan a Canal con-
pr s trn w* S re vict l on 8 Itwa also leeel eemp
ue fh Munro. that a House Sub.- 1t uil iw they were re-e
an nfhe m Ite aprovea flat 10 percent quied to h n
,.not wadsbo equandy p f L e fo Colpn ole a h two ears. at let
boon also irom rdyearsworking Onthe Ca-
FIVm ii Zeter 1 uCfore they were entiled to
-' at IMI.Ue.ectr Any gratuity. House Bill 10
like aede- .,. '-A- t would decrease that requirement

W !.. _n"F ird A1. oA.Galas, tidi l 'n e would also gain by
viHicorsa, cOuntigrHlrah-Y S1 -W u1eBill 15 0 Previouslyi
I-B .mawl er tof the did not relde In the Canal
w Slns.,Bteaslhlp iA fo Iir with teirhusband who
.i .",,, L':- fo la r tonnd rme 1,1i!11 LIb f ._ IN"eg ad I construction
h tls told the strick- W, they would not receive his
Sq dds. .Today thev NEW YORK, Feb. 26 (UP)- Matut in the event of his
COLttUMBA, Fe.. 26-2- -their thanks to all The Ford ibundatlon has voted 1b. This new hll states that
?- Rep. B auck pre whoLve helped. to spend .15,000.00 t seek el or st h m r Manc h.
_he .- as of preserving American WS-s0 1 he_ omarch 31n
SCture ty cl be rti while the nation 14,".ard f where abere
offer a $1,000 faor rton Opn combats Its internal Communlst he would be enti to
otap i sauceres of the Foundatlao ttn t pt to prohibit discrim.
ud and e ythe pr- to the Fund for the ReP m, anc
nce of ce aotlike un- Morch 13 l c." an independent organi- COenafhe dt L. ea
nventional tOpa of aircraft, r tIon establlrhtd by the foun- ry.) withtheitroducio( oi
ominently d stg nated as for the gala nation last year to fight r-Senate Bill 8 t 92
ing sauer Which haveall to be held at tritons on dom of thought, ere are now ten state which
en snakinglt.. r over Hotel March 1 may tiry and esson. ae this type of e
e state the ton said. be clla t i oa 0. Hom an retire ork, New Jersey. C onneq t.
SpeakeD 8ol BtU said. he the annual.afir president, af the foundation. Maah tt n
mld "tef the 1aolution and chased from any has been elected chairman of Mexico, Oregon, Wisconsin, Rhode
Author" to the state hoepl- policeman.. t at the board ot directors of the land and Washington.
1. Police Station. fund.

N Awaits Vishinesky s eply s n ciu
B ffNews of the death of Lt. Col.
ACharles M. Kennedy.-rired. a
r Lodge's Korean Challenge former Panama Canal
PEI EiIaIayY ^ on Feb. 19 In Oakland. Caifor-
S. ,la. has been received mthe
UNIT N ATIOa I. T.. Ab f' t bl announced desire of the bat effectiveness of the enem sthmus. He was 4t year ol
(UP) IThe bilsd at E unlsts to continue the over the past year." A natiy of Fort Monroe. Vir-
Lited ufoar Uet Lodei said. 4) '"Th e Chinese Communists rlnnk Col. Kennedy spent much
ster Andren. told the political commit- who entered the fighting with of his early life on theIsthmus.
aswer aA-aKr S that o st, United SUtatesstands normal Ilht equipment are now His father. the late John Kenae.
disp ti*S RA 's tou*- the Bed-rejectdd Indian plan fight with heavy euipment. dy. was employed by the Canal
%I tsh Ith a Korean truce asd sees b the Goviet Union." for manyyears and Col. KAMn-
brean a l ., w point" In any new Mo I *A A-e number of naval dy attende'done schools a
Vm id the caaia-euup or washed as- was graduated from Balboa high
enel pdliftile v naky came up -with his, re "have been mines of Soviet school.
Pumap In at h I ~ 'bu~tp -w=rn proposal to laivite the d~utaftua e." 1e0Was employed as a ware-
ch b wors parto come to. the 6) UP in e opposing U. N. air-, ..SA Ilthe Comm.ssary
w UB. ateSdebate. mfBt over North Korea have aiviMon in October 19. He was
heb w8 voted down.'as usual, been Mi-16s and other Rus- trAed to t Mtoniati
so. -14 withM tbst nFtea n-made craft. (now f l aMaintenane' VIvsk a-
S thmen 7)' U. N. aces recently have bou to y te TM
a e. te. txper dm- Uiwas
heavy lo the to a Army duty In March
10111oKrean ed to 1941. mh e was a .a veteran of
R41M wn wTto a cment th f "Wortwar.
%auts4 41"O made and sup-J NMeLS 5.
VW elasi __= supplles replace- erine Emu6f of Okldand: end

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Would Curtail

Lobbying In US
If a new bill now before the Senate is passed, the
Central Labor Union-Metal Trades Council will immedi-
etely start action for legislation to send a delegateifrom
the Canal Zone to the House of Repreasstatives. *
According to CLU officials, BiN S (7, which was
recently introduced by Senator Francis Case (R.-South
Dakota) provides for a delegate from the District of Co-
lumbia to the House of Representatives.
Alaska and Hawaii now enjoy the privilege of having
their own delegates, who although they are inot titled
to a vote, can bring legislation directly befeorr Cngress.
Puerto Rico has a Resident Commissionet.
"If we could get representation else, it wopid cut the
need for oll this lobbying," the CLU spokeimu- contends.
The delegates are elected by men from the Duto t of Colum-
"he people of the area they rep- bia. This wqld al apply to the
resent. Canal Zose. Ti e g
Other legislation now before ypara to achTe tM p orde pfor
a0greM wouldpaed, benefit a etucon I2h1e aaneber of
Cal "Oenstrnction days" em- si a&e (lanftt af
DiacOs and their wives, postal three.
emnpl aea, retired workers, po- ee.
lihem*n and firemen and would I. Cml9Os .who
prohibit racial and religlois dLi- mtwoes* m
crltiIoiatot in emplemwat.
Acc t Y, I





."" ""i '^ WillSoonAsk
EagLEpHONE PfA.4 Ij P* 2.O07P40 0S LINE-4.)
Psa MONTH. IN AIVANCE- _,_0_ | o r "
wO 0SX MONTMs. IN ADVAIClE -, -3,- P Aa N A"t..P
PO R ".I VitAe. I 7N &OV ANvLm r-1 -__",'D3__._W io

EDITOR'S NOTE: We had expected to resume the re- President Eisenhower'* t \t
gular Robert C. Ruark column this month, but communl- press conference expresban o
have been unavailing. So we are publishing selections and American labor Woold
from his file of previously published releases, try to gouge after the e m ,
of price and wage contrpluIs
apparently be put to an ...
Insi de Stuff A"i N e ag

I S0 deP 'jtuffT labor before it co froma 3
Sf United Mine Worker leader '
Surged the President to remove
I went to jail recently not for anything personal, you .'age controls before he took
understand but tusi to lake a eiresher course in modern them off.
penology. The wa thirds ale going in the various crime purges.i This presages new wage de-
it is not a bad idea to learn what the inside oI a tough jug looks hands from these uhoit even
like. So many of our prominent citizens seem likely candidates though John L. Lewis won a
for the clink. $1.90 wage increase for hii
The state pen in Culumbus. Ohio. where I went, is supposed niflern Iat e e-
to be a tough jup. as coolers go. but it seems to me that it has Pru dent lter lieu. S
become a modern miracle over the jails I remember from my ther wants to reopen his t an
early pursuit of sociology. ted Auto Workers contract with d. \e
It as scrupulously clean as a hptal. and does not even General Motor even tho
smell like a jilouse. Thi is rather marvelous in itself, since it has several years to run. e
inet htandl-es cs tjlhous. inm rates. r And the Amerlan federation "
it handles close to 5.000 inmates, of Labor's executive cmmlttee.
Warden R. W. Alvis. a husky ex-lootballer and former state at Its recent midwinater meetl
trooper, walks unarmed and alone among his guests, fair testl- In Msaml, eannoune- a de .
mon to the fact that he runs a pretty square clink. He has not for general wage m trenaev "to

as yet been double-crossed by a trust" or a member of one of the prevent maior depresslo e
lhon.or camps" in the woods, where supervision is loose. a ou J and 19L5..

He allows talking at all times except when the men march coini year sl one of de
In formation a military. not a penal rule. mands for another r t, o
la Thus Isage icreso, Thi AFLm in-a:
He attempts to raun the place as militarily as possieb oI. cIden tareye.Will te i. de-
iancludes the uniforms of the inmates, which a cut ong mans on t e serUion that
Lines. productivity of olbor has gone
The food I aw looked considerably more palatable than the up faster than waae l
stuff I remember from naval eindocs irathrmural sports programlt. have the metrit of novelty.
ltad olaoc e.. nam honor of the late 0. Henry. nd differ f tA the old UseM,
who ounces students in thiordeng s, 'ILat thecutolyin as
WItis garonificant o hos er football tat thefemerat a h;oneut it rctmwintearmenwg

rivl academY, 3c-0 .l ely, usng OreoState varsity's pet plays. AS faor teie.lOve cot S__f__o_-'_"-
The other boys were using the Nodre Dam'nge ee J, e F taiehlU onf G m et
Many of theca horrors of oldtime Jailing seem to hanve boren J e l "lrprets that the
in e e r e rn tre tar a less vengeance n morthe ave got to o 0. The m unfortunately were.
mn mp. T _the d say Congreeremen comoronabll feyow taxpairs, da pn to e mone noo to epend an but
irrsonal canteen is as ood aormtores re no Brutal-worse tha t the rem o fo the y can work ard or One h ed nd cle mad c

iy ra technically forbidden and Is punishable It de- h not worke. thirty doar e for high- i l-Cr the he.w -for nw
ell is ever e ntpat t th no a la er can. re h ead while vel be nain
e aif, Inmate-crafted croS remOT m price and/or nking ee a al enough price to Ian e ntued
The murderehono r who su are permitted a really de luxe dorm, w may go But meuch
includes tel evis a proud and their own private kithe mur tne natural of th tal of Con housekeeping has
aftel prisoner not under discipline are al lowe e d ld buced he lawa e ds-wo oce udin forRr-whichla

S Bugsy Morano the old-time Chicago h tar ln, he believe ad- entatve the old and the new. patage of inat t-ininnt

Capone boys. is now an attendant in the psych amuralILprformed h overnhmet Interference The old ys jut that; roo wite-marble old- o ad Mu
prison. go back to 0dock-crdelnr edrnamedrinahonorsoftemhte19n to spend L0.Hny;adt, but.teodlinel
Their personal canteen Isnas good ar the average PX. Brutal-irh tth. remove. Of olivion they can work hara for 'it One.-humd' and ormad'

Itty bl i guard s i technicaly forbidden and s punishable If ge- ad nsot work b thirty doIar each for i ackd sWlOel. t h n
tscteairn ehrnt-c0a e thatel wuth onaghiolaSiaeorUnav.riret'stbaydw.Afleswivelohlvln bZe u i theo.

ao the ha, orr o rs .o oldn-ti j dailtr seem h o l"iiSid S3dea to Ini de"or. Its IItallt- r zecotr
The murd er raises the beautiful, inmate-crafted o removed, prc and/or tnkin e a enough price o
te theelectric chair y c een nuka a ld

heonomi tnity. mu ehlrece even moo area b com foper fhrta b le I nrprodouanamuch
l rs ec o dote.heig ormit h1oo wo e thie law WILl b p rie to do with thne two offee buldif for pro- weSeh lamtsO fv .

ugsay Moran. the old-time Chi cago h odd who be th llle, he belee a- h e adetatves, the old and the Jew.
apr e boys, is now an attendant In the psychiatric ware. oermnIces rfeloirence The old Is ust that: oos whtlte-l a old- of
rlative on t de wsidtn prls teventithed rapy .drIing hwhi ime talll et ,w ic hsy Bl-r eri e -C. Of c
90cl-dedsay releviinganditheiro privatiose haso prfou re d edoe h i n
guest learns-e.t as emecsT ofe ahme prWoe avod rl $. ex aodar 20 e ts b In theant tedt
prion.gobacketo e vanedyayaCong he senmenid ijt h toisraA Te Un
hseven-mal batrdf o the is threat St it e e o en l ce to rep lae tir folhl o e delpa e dec rb

n vieskreo osefe'net tne reonomcs on1'4 the rt d ree, I ca or. Clrhno eaoello .d -. e ..
dys tor raardvIstoier as r l a sfioeistse aneifo s s ga ;t .o itor nt. 1.A -

necesity He regretted it even more when Iane peered through d lle iar erod, outh a twnf
iron lattice randod coer hiso star halfback, in ha xpk (for fight, ea c la eOs ilite e0 etyer therepar s.d rle Ia
The murdere r ay cl wo uervisoeoneas on thae eatu, anced r e the a Ih or U n se ee. ny moeringe f them omd ruil i g tte

pgtult men in i0 oall kskelothe Oh o a l w teel ork_ acdental t r e ll ted b p Say .
owtl h a big, game ci mp 1 wrd 1 H -o a pr fo a, htfh. min up.
On the wan out I met a parroi t named BuddY oo who us a real i.dtwa al t maetalsor hto lt ei mw chair'I. behin_ d,

am ra p a ap Buod isoiet o t hat oel, h ebelie ue. Rd oht eAie thne oMl t

fotrae po arr m o rt echmy is perional eame on ates gene i ht ,e duceu~ntu entroinI cushions. te u .the t i ,.-SB [S iB tM 0 ,i
o p roneesiat mca turn aln ratone no Jaie In fun, eendb p o. hero n a gs yoo thil "yI
hh__cpolur l whele eor efhhdn So the gentdemen wlth he Jli1W roper reAr or a old-Ideld

rtWhoner yoI dlok v m tie acs thapen ourinok ai fetime ao onced two a f be tremeitained tht forhe refuse (to giveu e qi p
cres, alersu wayt. 1 oe pp esad o f s thimIn der larloi ds a ttre rolurei a busen, lc to relst 'ie t frh igeny, a

no fomeatuessd o d hysounensnc. WtYou see bdeetg land rehedn brt Ireset. S. Mhow Tih rleas e nmt4 w b> g te s cd8 I
tCe ll D w sellers ofhbordoeof o 'tt lhree"eroastk longw.hregey waogit, rl h e o a ) a _gitdd .
.rt.esmen r n pad Ahe. Wflome w stil didnt ha

iose al oT set a a l o nent diien'te nt ipmons ...*... way ,'e Lr ni fssa hi -u w ---$ -NOW
haVe readnamess ofr f about prisons shckerexpla ith hna weren't Who Inted$,7 t a pite t riiabyMw Jt ft
Ther, moces bit oel te t nt atwaner so esar tO 0wa ',y t ouI ve weh, el. harpe to eplae ht tha t P d t.. ...
me before is the reflect of economics of the circUlktanfes that tier od. o tho dpree, t car- pany more. whrse te
It is ust a touch horrifying to arwatch the slerl, faces of ton, rpnI tthe enaly ri many l nen Ways of My eans sub.ommtte. e o La4 r no4 w 5
men who ainhabit a Big House. and to re e that abodt golr-m.e~d i re o Thse .ar_..rassn. ,,.'

uent of the ae loae dtdi alnrr a lor of thelr laoly tr, luki i .n s i ntrodu a d ewd ulw eceo dt fo>er- wle l th

statioennes or evil. on with Indlapona fo rOP at. has ise aur ed re trict
Sd o no t mean, at a mll to give bepef t o that old and di re ove trois, Woe apehr hal ."o "
theory onf Lombroso concerning the cnrlimlnal sta t onaclunl a Cpreit'Is ue susesfl working ou
kissern Theretn'uh non sche denial. lo the w I

Tfoere are, of course, the usual exceptions. There l= the coun- would continue aLand h lch one l D -- .h o f
ty treasurer took the counts murderers own fine features, ana the or .- eer o w
sluhighest culturalady lvel of this academy seems to be the property hra oe es T
What I do mean is that when you look at a f.piew .thousand lrim" sod bwe maintaninel folr

no comeliness of countenance. What you are seeing is the br.ti I President.._eower Pay hBown aronJh Palm i l II J fe'^^*
trace of early poverty. early desperational cr envalBu of thmhen nlat oes or intend to ask lr est oratged i e oa
few necessities of ll that can turn aman nto a nl. tand-by aUth But he r e as
Our murde ers."m the wadeen says arc ouresnd the symptin om Is eho l ore t enct the w o i
l thDis jal. Theoy seem o have a higher moral sese. thn te dtens three r s month- way: k t
the murderers and there tehs pre thcla of the institution." t h e Cngto d annet aecom. wie, aushaired
When you look at the faces of the rank and file of convicted bodate the priest situation, prasch thing.S htel ma
criminals you see pimples and lop ears -nd sallow skins. mAlform he Will go right back to Con- "to my n. ,- e,.)' .o lb# lk e.

0chi1 and unhealthy hair. on At'tis JointtherPresde alkedtin
tle meannesu or evil. on with Indiana's IOP sena- tlem58 t ott displa y st.IG
You see theistheinouest of malnutrition the graver ton. Homer Ca)ehart. A l chair- ohum ayhdow. e'% 1-)Z
Smarkis of debased icvinr during back to childhood. s lum i s writ- man of the Senate Banking s.'-...oa
ten large on' the faces o nearly al -r slum, a factory town, a CtO"ittee, Senator Cahart I.. a ..nd--...o
d runken father, a sloven mother, a lac of education, a lack f has intr duced a new Fono- wi shook
Thtre are, of course, the usual exceptions. There is the coun- would continue sand-by price.

kisse' Thereain'tluchaniciant e s1951, which wus widely c-
Brink protectors for several thousand In an inspired stickup, and claimed for guaranteeing built.We fort
precious few to the cell. ly eomethIng. Admitting that
ighave spent some tmhe insleper colonies and the symptoms his .behavior may seem some- t
are the sae..Nobody ever caught leprosy on purpose. The t- hnat Paradoxical, ena to t t

bulk of people who reside in prisons today. They are almost all "ust as surely s cause dofthe
Involuntary victims of unhappy accident. fn oted for the Emersency res have ar '
SI know of a recent case of a man who stuck up a few filling Comtrol act of 14 after thei c'
Stations and netted a fast 300 for his work. Somebody got scrag- ,tapanese bombed Pearl Harbor ois a I uing
sed in a stickupand he drew 80 years. andM gain n 19 after Whe 4Ud Mea.
His plea was a hungry wife and baby. I believe it to be true, North Koreans cross d tte a afd.,r .. ....
but a hungry wife and baby are no defense for the dumb despera- 38th Parallel, just s surely fe" '
tion that 6 man to violence. Eghty years of jail is a rich shall w--much as w e detef A
ru to y on controlsover our onomic
I know of another lad whose skl with an airbrush t@ him -do thever s e i
among the first rank of commercial artists but I note Mht his again."w orn sam
bby to back in vile detainment pin. He jut likes to burgle It's impossible for ongr '
bhoues. Explain-him you cannot. He may draw like an angel but to pasm a good control law in
tie mark of early hunger is on his faew. less than three moRths an
for the government to g@1
Goodness knows I make no moral here. Unlem It's that few working in e0 s than sev i
nice folks to to jail. And the ream the people who go to jail eight months, say heHven or (
aN ni 1 el, g2mera01_ u we count alnICees, is that they never 'enator. Inflation Would" ,...
h ,much opportuAYtoe o the taerm, .y a--' in that time if.
, N eAman s oh and a ftim family, and them menew emergency ar"e, 1W
poor gys have had Hmall eprence with either. saysc r ,


seail =. 4h'W" "u'a"

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p. SIrup
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?kn ow ,.. ,




ar apw seeing area winl require a
ew mateA- mnnam of cleaning up al-
I mar ream- ter ,ple.
*0e W1u0"3f Iht your little fellow &a-
mm. aeel's W the ability to pull him-
x ,a rlM of se ip-expertly to tables .and
,sm other face, you enter -upon
ar M stage of existence. 1 his
I .s, occur until somehwere
m ar second year but so many
m4 r a&r babes are a menace to ash
ir f ays and such by the end o1
the Atay year that you had pec-
W E- erl prepare for t now.
aO a the There are two cnoola of
a .t tthQought as to the way to
-e 1 meet the new situation. Sole
,abd -k. Me- autho2ues a ay tha a yearling
k 4Coh I* aniot be taught o leave
- thing.alone and t )at the so-
R DUNGAN O ltiolI to put everything
S Oreak"tle beyond his reach for
,a year or more.
__2PIW SS^ Others contend that a !hld
ob big to pull moeh
s; alj eugh to learn
Lt Ike 4y W. may1Be not

~.u~mqr as -lesed
wLmI. -1it -o plmie, and
I dilhahbz,.r m uallau uo
a. Mpeeft z0a' tily pee-
he Should aeo have
s ,h ownn that he can
and Iounom' and punuhel
n ZontilrU'emnseat.
on' .iour baby lovely,
oUatle '.44W iS 'fIt; give a
ar del l'o a he can chew 1 an education-
a toy duo'= that be use
SI the O r I t was intend-
ed. Certtal. you can show
him the coml way, but if he
Hands a different method of
playing with it that is more
fascinating to him, let him
play as he-pleese. His books
should be mfad of cloth so that
they are nuatarable. and he
should have a few old maga-
(Next. t mon2.
BUFA I -. (UP) sA l
ler of ragp trt to dupe a Wet
Buffalo Jby t by tt
marap lead fon the rag ba.
= an J laugh He M-
S for the raqp.

?(B) -
.7." .0" ,.
'6 .... 4 '. ;"." -
^ K,.W9 -.. '
TJ. ,A I i .'it dkf *-* '

U. ?r 7 '1

o ave to ay r-euaxs It
m'T hem, atr he has

.k z

&t." &k
2- ,BD^but
!!)CF ler~tkto y vto

&W"ka nte
." flit,
l kI =g om


10-Year-OM ftb

FlaNg Whkfbw

Over The
WASHINGTObfei. 9a (UP)
-Ten-year-old Christine
aleskl of Conn., got
the flag* weintd
The -by-12 tw:ot htly
tattered an .mwkta fladed. Is
one that h bw over the
Rep. Albert P. Mranas (R-
Conn.# arranged for Mary to
have the flag, and popeteLd it
to her in his office. he had
written him that she was "very
much interested" In her country
and wanted a good blglag as a
Mary wore red ribbojU on her
pigtails, a blue jum r, and a
white blouse for her to Mo-
rano's office.


Shockproof tSaS a

q I


Hundreds of new, beautiful houses

Are being built in the Canal Zone

If you are among the Lucky persons to be assided

to one, don't fill It with old furniture.
With a few dollars you can completely furnish your new home from
living room to kitchen, If you belong to The Armed Forces or if you
have a steady job.

PORTORRMQUEOS EN EL EJERCITO: Esta es un ofato especi p .
SUstedes... Visitenos que los esperamos



STOVES and REFRIGERATORS for your kitchen

The Store Where You Will Find the Largest Assortment af G Is and Lielem.
"Leaders in the Furniture business sKce 1909" -
' |


Lm" Arrive
COWp -...*"**"*******:::::

... ...................

..... ................

I. ................. ....

MARCH 1, 1953



8.35 1.56 6.15 L3 .
8.30 1.50 0.10 1130 1L
8.18 1.3 5.58 11.18
.. .. ....... 5. 3 0 ..... r

7.44 104 54 10.6
7.27 1".47 "5.07 "160.3
7.19 ...... f.00 f10.19 M .
... .,, .. .... ... .. .,,5
7.15 1.35 .55 10.15 ......
.3 16.10 .
7.10 12 5 1 .1
2 4 8 8 3


:.- 1

PC~toi -sir




.- 4

L .. ..


i :


- --

".kobmmdw Ain Im

,. I

i: **, \.".*'^,'-:** &
./ .r .' ... r 1,.-
Ifta "o"i E tt" "

: : ~:

I~.. *.
..~-.. --'

.*,. t, :.'"

S1 .
.,*N J,4
%' ,',i-


r ,5.,
Io Ill -. r J. .-

LILtrp; JC1~*


Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes-,Ai a, D

M D--n
-" .'.' ""'" '- '

Yacht Pudlu In Balboa and Varadero Beach, fashionable
A beautiful, 160-foot yacht Cuban resort. .
Pudlu arrived here yesterday and .
docked at Pier 7 in Balboa. She General Alberto Salinas- Ca-
is owned by H. V. Hamilton and rranza, for several years Mexi-
Is en route to South Americancan military attache to the Unl-
ports from Gulfport, Mississippi, ted States and Canada,dha$ been
on a-pleasure cruise. Paul Sulli- appointed director general of ci-
van is the local agent. vil aviation in Mexico.
Inter-American Aviation News
Pan American World Airways'
DC-6B's established the most G
Impressive performance record T
in history over the Buenos Aires-!
W- VLr mitoibirnaTnur






Ohio. Ouing
_______''~ BB LH fH

I Port of entry
. in Ohio
7 Ohio site of i
13 Speaker
14 Printing
15 Temper, ac

a 2 Decorated
3 Iasi~aN
author -
,4 ffwg

-their first month of operation I 168-I G enus of park ar 1 SS1Ohio capital ? 3Cuif t ,
in Latin America. In 582 hours a beavers arm ele 4ttl oedrum 38 wateSui nr.I "
17ri Fathrbearing 24m S of prey 393S^ ^sI&I
aloft, they flew 148,272 miles, en- 1Fa8 Supports fhe r 7 Pai of eardsRtl ar disk IS OM .
,ounterinz only 19 hours in de-; 18 Supports 7a o cards glar disk MIX"
ays due to weather conditions,' % -S.I heads I
;round maintenance, air p o r t 1 20 Uncle 9 Ytairs (ob.) ,, 80priiht 42PA% ,' '
raffic and all other causes. 1 FRANCE M 21 Greek po9; 10Potatoesb l Oraard 442ra, (h4r.), gm
here was no mechanical inter- 'E 2 (coll.) 1 ecAreame0 ,e 45 Concl IeS 0 o_ 4O4".
ru p ti w asnon 23(cBil.33 A rea m e w c 4 5 CIs N a m!3 o
uption to any flight. t Lyon 24 Goddess of 11 Mexican 34 Covet 46 Lear4 ] p ..
Ex-President Miguel Aleman of vLIMOGES discoran d.Nodria hrh 4day 5lMealb
qexico is the new president of 2 5oGinea liende'" 1, day 1 )"%
keronaves de Mexico, Mexican |inalienable
domestic airline, possession 12 "
Brazil's leading airline, Panair 2P Aleutian
o Brasil. has placed an order island
or four Comet jet aircraft, with ILES 30 Giant king of a 8
he first to be delivered in 1954. Bashan 1 I
3anair also has an option to pur- 31 Exist 17
hase two additional Comets. 132 Cleveland's.
A direct radloteletype circuit above Newomap mark location is knpwn
stretching 4,800 miles-Rio de of three newly-discover ed ntion-wlde | -
anelro to New York-recently French uranium v e I n s. The :34 College official
vas opened by Pan American, richest of the three. is. at Li- 36 Ohio -
Vorld Airways. tieing Brazil in moges, with an 85 per cent metal Presidential
vIth PAA's world-wide automa- content, and is expected to be timber
Ic teletype network. The circuit.! one of the world's most produc- 29 Repast !".
transmission time on messages! live. The discovery is expected: 40Cubic (ab.) -"
between Rio and New York to 10 to boost France's uranium pro- 41 Soothsayer
alnutes. duction to 10,000 tons a year, -43Onager ..
Company Cubana de Aviacion and put her among the first ranic 44 Artists'fram
Cubana) recently inaugurated in vatmi poe pLct, 7 ueal
ally air service between Miami .0 --48 GIdants
53 Most ard -S 5& "m e iRff a
54 More weird i" IM -_ Sw %2jg' | y ^

deceased' (in equal shires) If 1m1 tim.
m 0r there is no Widow or dependent
Great White Fleet A .' fll "mt l husband d
S nhoud Fh ClamS (4) Dependent pant (I r-OOT N
or -q4 1l sares), if tter Is no
NEW ORLEANS SERVICEAi ______ Crist bal h-AV l 9 h holni *o' r
The WarClair n, Cominlaion lalinants who have not r
S.S. "MATARA" ......................Mrh 1 in Washlington, D.C., haa urged ready filed for coqpeflsation A irk" r '
SS. "CLARE HUGO STINNES ..............M.. rch all ll O oer.World-War Z.Arna.- reguestecd tW.,coMmunalotawt I *t41.ft^ tiff Wt
*S.s. "CHIRIQUI" ........................... ch can rtu .. te War iClaim#
SC. survivorsra who are elgIble to file Washington, D. ; )uefa
claims, under i the w.r um r tely. 'S'W
Handling Refrigerated, Chilled and General Cargo. claim Of a under. .
for benefits immedtely It they -ft:'
have not already done so.
NEW YORK SERVICE CrltbUt r the pr6vlalons of the 61
.OE E-i.. ~. roBa Act.,one'doIlar a CaY compensa- Wg&. 1 "
.4RA BER.ANGA ...... ...... ........ March 3 "OW'8 f ra L. Vr
S.S. "MABELLA"................................Marebh 9 gove lt ft l prof toide ...
which the plrlsoner was entited ...-'. .
Freut fri< ingb l fr.o o under the. terms of the Geneva i; .'*
Wt Coast Central Amerlcan ports. Cwwwwa ofJuly, -12, and-
C1.60 per day cdmpenaatlon Is '- iE L M
lowed for payment where the W W
enemy government violated the ....
Passenger Sailings to New Orleans Sailing at Convention or for Inhumane
via Santa Marts, Colombia 1:00 a.m. treatment Inflicted on the 4:,
-" -- '--------------- "prisoner of war. S.f M -*- ***-r .""' .; .
S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ............................. March 10 Claims shall be paid to the,
S.S. "CHIRIQUI .n ............................... March 24, ex-POW, his 1ka or natural I awn w
SM guardian if hbe has,one, or to toe'
WeeklySaillnin on Tel've-Psssenger Ships to New Tork.Mlle followingmpenrsatwhoa dreentitl
Crleson, Los Angeles, San Francisco nd battle compenatio depending
TELEPONS:on the particular circumstan- 'A
TELEPHONES: ':. (1) WIdow Or dependent hus-
band if there is no child or chil- b t- A4 d1 aH
dren of the deceased; at so OtI E
CRISTOBAL 2121 PANAMA 2-2804 COLON 20 (2) Widow or dependent M
husband and child or children: n 1 Wl l*
Slof the deceased, in equal shares; i 'B 1" ti t *plle
(3) Child or children of the,



SW .,, -..




't. I,





:- '*


iW Congressmen Te// Esenhower

it1TO Pr ove Stalin's Good Faith

SA' divorce, t
WASHINGb.(UP)Members of o-Killer Breaks From 21s Floor

*too i.f M er tokens of RvssiWjgod faith, preferably in Kore, e fore
w p ". '.', -. ...'" ... r sl'-AIt y undertaking any ce:-to-face meeting with Premier Josef wU.T'L S11p f00. jah
tpd* -=t owi 301. t arStalin
sswho once stoo Td with nStalin itop Len- G t
Suton e Red Square, electrified wordchand- dsatewidealarmtodayan thenennhe 4 1a
gft buVa Ca cries y tellin his news onfereie that for a convicted murderer who Albert &nE a r
e, wt 's&_." under cerM i c--itions he would go half way to a meet- dow oDde County's so-called n ishtdw an d ate the lw-
0' aissto Russieen fth ore.
ofth JseprStawoi
i- 1 =s ing with tse b.wi hf oef sdt tate. lin e a ie a. c- i er plan.
L9 6mo oi mple us fo wls the neis- Diplomnatic -mtoritles believed the next move was very tick-l.ensed glasses. ap- man. 25, a l evicted r
AWNS& W 6aes. maw-VWn.bedso aOP tced
Z so a ma ri 2 b oriae addei ore d both up to Stalin, and that it could be a warm come-on. The apparently climbed down a pltlc and Harry Johnson, 28, a grand
S and are ee. e cted thee ta- Russian premier just two months ago said he was "favor- water ose for three floors by larce upe, w ca tured.
remt It: an e veN 0 soprO00oo ably" disposed toward such a "big two" session. They must have otn their
m ". s al soe .vooe s pr peroei United TH l nerve when th.y looked out o
Se ri oStates and a l totl today of Britain and West luropn! The question of an lenhow- R NgMIL L I T Sa ... the window o the und 3

e a ete~ mith said that, h dealing mler Stalin althmg they did willingness last December to don't know what is wrong with ert couldn't see well eno to
-. --" _.,-- gent gi with divorce, the law i would be not place any =et hopes it meet with the chief executive. us as a couple, but something is. real s the danger."
WiMh bcome to pad I. the near Mr. Eisenhower was asked We have a few. n fact, very few
tFM A0818411its worst but se s future.n whether he thought thin close friends. But each The jailthe
S ho divorce aselaw- The President's gesture as could be accomplished at such a receive fewer and fewer Isenv-stedth
l-vr th,- "t i e II of the ye uncomfortable," tbe said. interpreted in European chan- meeting and whether he would tons. whlch is reported to be tho
i W Gall o Unit "AlWa we have to Wilk the celiories as a heartening .Indla- be willing to go out of the coun- tallest buldln south of elt-
pl.i-ented I" 4 srplAmn knife-e which separates the tion that the door was not try for such a conference. "This past New Year's bre. for more."Itis4onbUSYflglermtre-
it law on e ne hand from the closed on a settlement,-"som- After thinking a moment. he instance, we didn't receive a sin- within a block of he main down-
'Jg*f md 'an e ca nons of p professional ethics time, someplace," of the East- said he would Ro anywhere to gle Invitation. I know that a town shopping section.
b beMary Pen on -the other. We all know we West ..conict. meet anybody if there was and of our nehgbors went to parties. "If one of those hundreds of
Lode foWingD the uinei meet- would et into trouble If we The British cabinet sit this chance of furthering the cause Some of them even complalped tourists Jamming Flagler had
regular J 'IMagig the visitor, e okel truth In am Ise morning to give a final brief- of world freedom. and If such a because they couldn't go to all looked at the pretty moon
SJt0 word." to Foreign An- meting would be in keeping the places where they were in- Miami lt1 night. this eucap
W t6l' Idl ofm b rsw hrHe explained, for instance, thony Eden and Ch of with what the American people vited. What makes us differ- might never have happened.
a' a" e new member we that a divorce case would be the Exchequer R. A. dewho expect of their chief executive. ent?" an officer suggested.
m ge iar a pm ana wre~~d Into -the oran thrown ot of court, iU It sail f r the United States .early e went on to say that he Ochapman sentenced a few
Sba i anMrs 7ThW'were i and l RE were stated that both parties tomorrow for talks With the was not commit Mmse~ f That would be impossible t weeks ago Alon with to
pl of.W. erl8?< l t... '.srl smten l,-- te" tola up- the" separation. The *l'ahmin vm-'nte eot an s bithIe tell, Judging from one short'let- 99 years for the murder, lar
fkwoasan dMrs Cs law calls No.collusinPuthewouldcertalalybewill- ter. But from the tone of theyear ofDr. Clifton
Yetvrisit to. de mcop. aendh could be eed the eItIfIt coa .help the are making the mistake so many jailer Joseph jriedon on sth
aat woer Aonreay c a, the our bye oWi.o to th e t l e4itonl lonely people make. You are jaw with a piewe i- pipe.
allr ir " LMet tA.) h a wed han Ce1University eHoffer de declined to say specifically sitting around waiting for some- Fromkhn said he was daed
tau. Vire inia Btarte. .te. 1" 13a,^'"g~ aVa. im was given the ,a practicing attorney W uatoC hara gtreted wo n he oua e aon e feing lpente out buildenl and vanws ed.
Met. 1i fa, ir his g lslan to the 14 has haned the u- tas pth n agreements reached ting busy. pand making th ings prisoners watece. He fened -
m-l..Nos gec leares.a r of divorce ca to e "h .. .. "WBt until 194, h The President told his second he thought the only workable Take the matter of New Year's priasners placed hlu in a cell
White Hntsl 191 he news conference Si SSbc through interns-Xve for Itt an .W hy did You andleft.
Lf.t.. -, r Heads lawbon a worl thdroeadergto
r)d \ mt.auld Up__M f .t f a a tof a In. would, before with Stal: or y tyaties, which would re- wait for someone to get theIdes Frkn r g
Sw. h,"e f hat as th.e ear oneother world leader to further quie tht consent of the Senate. f inviting you ut? of t cell ad soud the alarm
th, 'w the s l*tht. That was the year the e el
Wlau mrs t. A eBth se of freedom. gut he tp politics, the Presal- 40 mintes a .
Mr .I a thought the oonly workable dehe might havp made ET UP YOUR PARTIES In the meantime, the, trio
bd rs. 4 o (A t ature of The on roach to such problems *Isme facetious remarks to went down one floor to the jai
a. .ea eee r nough treaties wi selrid not ruhnn fr Wh didn't you get busy a-s kitchen, where Albert picked u
a ofImyou hd ad n rselfThat would have as- He let hisef out a window
OIngaeyou-ofbeingl]s .ke te r se : bu, he asubet hard of t eand part of awand downse
eamnt a lletromte there should be a way to d s, eS sauic.- you oe n adowt fa r o th 9th r
17=8 -.a- .Ie n. NC U .TOhAST slow down g the oulsavee The with Bard ato om em -_ more sensible than st ne home whiheah- e he re-entered the
Maude. V wret L a l tine t h not bi lo dwn d save any ,As. oWner, ipalone, feeling left out buildingned.
Maude Mawrence, Meet .. t atfte me, a m cop soueec saidnsity the $*- 150 o leecaneat for long on Chapma and Johnson wars
.. ,.__ -___ ._ St.I': 4 ( T0the lines. hopef ullee- CaIpn tn ohenol
samf i 8 Smith advocates a divorce hints to ailese.t4lals b*tr To'lopNA WbehIncluddin the social flcers- arrid
4 cout, sinlar In operatonto athey Maight avee a 'sta U lfe that goes on around them, A ,corn of policemen With
;..,... o. d-u *n weere a t- tr Elsepawen' .m ig at tlthoue meeting d win th disap- earch-ed he
---- 7.4 talk out th4fr 1 Aged with Budget Direc- In the lon run others aren't 'and others sfrched svery ook,
thel at ~ "a'Judg efs I .lt 1 228 tor -aemt todf that it Will ie fy c ''to think ofj entrtainingXo th i t
"a sevee pror eed~ be lt t balance t eed; WAS TO. Feb. 28 (UP) the y oftener than they finding Albert
MI dd. .s ew e re m be It aa fc -Chairaet. Paul He og of think ofy etertaining others.' Thew ean w radi
e ,-ield. ,taeW qft pse aet 1. t ethe -1.rRd &Start ent rtS inng s 'all
de,, t aWyou arbeigeft n-. the xsateit
ller- ad kllsrfive
moreL y in return. Inches tall nd weighs 170
t dignity. tod yof aerat! ",ztitce "th It's really as nsmple as that. popnds.
Senodoctors ad. n gI ch Is -2
JaOfsr d t s Eo lookc- ring pm ents to the
lie (2 "Qc tQ asking sUito the- r of.lanc-
C hD m easpokesm aid.h awayradi a woman has tims between the states and Herzog said the NIRB, whch W IE THE PUNQUIN
PA. of the ra cult bacin lt. False ralgovernment. particul must eecute the law, is not tak-
0010r, and Mayr 326 'i" aare prd pide willhelp #69 her. Inthe ,,ais of taxo and socially po a-rstand on mostote pro
of b e M r Instead of "13ut in every divorce case I security. poSed changes. But he said tbhe
Al fqr us ever hande this I noticed- 3) Opod any suggestion nm an-Communist affidavit should I
or as:hd the final legal o that the pves t ting powers be dropped in favor or a "new _--
irr @itdpn De O always calls up of Congress be umsted. However, and more direct attack" on ..
.no are SD and am seit sue he urgedcc Commnstm -in labor unions.
-Quaff doog MInme*n don splendid 1ob is cleaning
we let our a In a of educa- hoa.,. themselves." Thos sus-
utte b g..tehersted no. Pecled of Communist infiltra-
aftr .:."Conmunist sera .at Colum-e appear to have evaded the
thehbs Unds when he was oaths anyway, he said.
bol S- president the Hrog was asked by Rep.
l e b .h. a im al"er s 4) Advised eto to Grao A. Barden (D-N.C.N Uf &rfI *...
4b M"e G. slow in "atriengthen his ra- hasn't done somethn .
aUd waltera CD b solution condemning Russian NLRB field employes -- r
0 1. ahtheir ban- Inter ttion of n Interns- businessmen in the ,a
10 3 :Saeat'4 tiona agreements that led to t
to '102- el enslavement of peoples. H o reled that field em i
isa n aw.He said thee ht be awk- s arethe "resonsibility" of
__ bu.dn dertl. ed States r etright ,m 4fice from the functions
appears r1 A Aohny iler was sl agrefmeats of board," Barden tnlted.
guagg,:May 85' agAAA Sl th a sered ifh e n di achge 5) Referred to the fighting 'y dd, dirin 197, r
, IIIIan *InIeI weol .wilg ive, who, Thrift, Mrs. J Irving and he did not thisik a univeria action maklld the gen- ** (g"D
alte s Conea, wpe J tofhee of the he wants UMT events to p.

Thte oubW rn should be tae Koren fighoind
Ht .t. on d from na4 s a oeffectuoh u
ero dd aTe 8) Disclosed the armed fg ri
c-rowr whi were Wo try the p icians to e th

mfro mt tre onths of thi year

A d fOr the 8uares. Joseph Bond and Roland
...I Williams.


w *

. rN OS


S, ,CC -M
,' t ..A


/ Tedgr om b ready to m, so thw's es olabmsy -o
alpon wak. GeT s om todwl
-,TI' .s to .e& W lm --m

ftwoMR,. BM

i^^ ^JKR^ ^^fi -' *^At A 5iZI ^^~fS-?" *'y H fetn IIR M
ed oThey mings and iopi t with birth-
!.=Ag "ft- day cake aa NOcreas Cub
-.~~~~o 4" 'i NRrJ -rleI~
d'.. u eohutwl o___________bythe
S 1) A roup.



.' 1. ,

' ~ ~ ~ ... I n

I lr l iT l

You Sell 'em...When You T ell 'em thru.PA. Classifieds!

Leave youl Ad with one of our /.:':'Zn or our .;fire. in 'o. 57 *"H- Streel Panama
No. 12,179 central Ale. Col4, ,

Lewis Service
No 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2201 and

Sa!6n de Belieza Americano
No 5o Weat 12th ureet

Cait Drug Store
10.008 Aitend.c, Ave Phone 2501 Col6


Ir-agfdas, S.A.
Morrison's Agencia Intemnaional de Plblkarionel i i, t cu.) E t dInto L '
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 No 3 Lut.erv Plaza -. *oe a2-1- ... M EW 214 and 2-3M
____I________i__h..___*.- i T I .


Wiste Alolicft alt doiltl;r I Santo Clara. Cor.,pletely ftuirpshe
I,lo ---- ---

HrHout4ehold A-m mocGa t.e rTP n Stag".
FOR SALE,:-G ay O .k bed, springs FOR SALE-1952 Hudson Hornet 4- 20 A A L -2. N, Rock Gas Refrigerators on Ses.
mattress, Mr. & Mrs. chest $75. door sedan, color light blue, whiten your linens. Phone nw '
QM. Large Table & 4 chairs $15. sidewall tires, only 3,900 iiies, DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinli. 20O 70
library desk $10. 5 ventian this car is like new, must0le e eon Central Avenue K Street .hSoroe.
library Telephone 2-3479 Pa*Tnb, 4 i San t-- Santo', .7-5t ,
blinds 54 x 36 $10. Coll 2-6306 to appreciate, only $610.00 down Telephone 2- cttage.49, Electric49, i g
n1403-A Carr St. end drive it away. Your Friendly /* UARISTS: ew Tropical and ttOvel. Electric ice relies, n
or 403A arrStFord Dealer, ol Fishes, aquarium books, sup- 44 moderate 4.56 lop Mr
FOR SALE:-Red Wood Louvers for COLPAN MOTORS, INC. plies and Bulk Fish Food. Acuorlo i L 6
duplex Simmons studio couch, On Autoi.-;::i Po'*. Tropical, opp. Juan Franco Stables, -
makes into double bed, mahogany Tels: 2-1033 2-i,36 beside C.ive-.n. Phone 3-4132. Stay at Hotel Pan Americano In cool
pillow roll, 12 inches dial6 ft. FOR SALE:--Highest Ld o/.er $850. Travel via "AREA," "the Route of beautiful El.vlle*
long for Quollrterm ter, couch bed, (;0. 1947 Buick S per like new, the Good Neighibor." NO IN- Williams' Sants Clord Beach cot.I
one work bench with vice. One Phone 88-588 Sgt. iel-critis. Fort CREASE IN PRICES!..FREE MEALS toges. 2 bedrooms. refr.gerotsion
porcelain ch table, one porch Gulick. .COC;.TAILSI One-way to M(A. Rockgos rangers. Balboo 2. 050.
screen. 195-A, Gatun. Phone FOR SAL:-1951 d Custom 4- MI, $70.00 .NEW YORK, $114. Except week-ends (
336. door sedan V8. brand new point 00...GUAYAQUIL, $80.00.. '.. Phillips. Oceanside cottages, Santo (1
;OR SALE: New 3 months old, job, brand new seat covers, radio, QUITO, $86.00. Round trip tO Clara. Box 435, Balboo. Phone 2
gMIAMI, $126.00..NEW YORK
OR L nd tires, this cr s a steal only Pano...a 3-1877, Cristobal 3 U-1673,
bedroom,Bendix washer, 8 ft. Fri- $496.00 down nd it's yours. Your ..QU 54.. BOEING 4 urnihed houses ON CH at
bedroom lso vilir. Apartment, hot water, two COLPA Mi D .S, INC. engine plcnes. For more details see Santo Clara. Phone Balboa 1389
bedroom olso available. Apartment COLPAN M t, PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE, or see caret:aker. u
No. 22 Arboix Building, Front and On Automobile .,ow. 36 AvenAdA NcionAT. (AutomEbIle
Fifth Street. Colon. Tels: 2-1033 2-1036ow.36 Aven;dactlpone l,2-1655. utom R N
OR SALE:--One 7 ft. andone II FOR SALE-IDuty po;d 1951 Hill- Ri.o's Beauty Slon has t:e m-st ex-
fAIt. 25 cycle refrigerator, both man four door sedan, perfect con- Fio's Beauty Slon has te most e x-Houses a
ftedious7 25.ean _hir
S orcelain.$ e ach.r355edition two-toneepaint, radio, trd attracive o:eratorsto Rouses
r porcelain $75.00 satisfythetas f curmo s
c _eld Po 78Can be seen at 52, 50th. St. tidious cents. Permaints, hair- bedrooms, 3 both rooms, kitchen,
JOR SALE -Diningroom set, dresser Across from Bcturro's. Tel. 3- dyeirg, bobbing, focials, all at living, diningroom, porch, terrace.
and mirror Desk with chair. Tel. I 607 3-1240. very., cde'c'e p;*ce and the best hot water, big yard outside. If in-
Salboio 1964.FO SALt-hcarTr10l- u- -quol;,,' piocu-ts, ore alv:ays U'sd terested phone 2-2J45 Panoma.
a 1-- FOR SALE-1949 crd Club Coup* in ou. vork. Drop in w-:h or
-OR SALE:-Bamboo porch set. liv- V, new pint ois'., new seat covers, out cp':cintmenfs. Yo i will o.woys ". RENT: Beautiful residence,
., ingroom set mahogany, end tables good tires. Come in and ask for| be we'l attended. No. 4, J St., Tel. No. 8, Ecudor Avenue: 4 bed-
etc.Yhone 198 Colon. 8th. St. demonstration, only ',335.00 down! 2-3266. rooms, office, livingroom, dining-
9091. and it's yours. Yoar frc.idly ro room, porch, 2 bathrooms, pantry,
-9 -----d it's you. Your rly ro" ,' nucci. hoir Ltv'll:t is awcitlng your kitchen, garage, yard. Co...p'et ly
*FOR SALE: Mahogany table, 6 deler visit at ri:o's Beauty Solcn, No. 4 furri d. Flr lnfomtion tel-
.airs for living or dinlngroom. COLPAN MOTORS, INC. I Sthet. Telephone 2-.6.' phone 2-1902 or 3-0o51 Pon-
May be seen at Cowes or call 2- On Automobie imw. ,
3381, between 5 and 7. Tels: -U3, 2. 6 FOR SALE
FOR SALE:-Two Simmons youth FOR SALE:-1941 Oldomobil:, Hy- RRF.T
Feds, like new. Reasonabe. Just dramatic, 2 new tire, gocd bat- Mupce''2neouS
Arosemena Avenue No. 88, Vista tery, good transpc Fo in- Aparment
del Mar. formation call Panoma 3-0778, SAtr:-- Latherih, drill, p'-nes,
del Maranytime., i va;.cs dlcmcters.s "Tale:res Mar- .:OR SALE: New '3 months old,
FOR SALE: Furniture for living, SALE-1949 M 4do tirez" 20th street eact Bis Pana- mahogany livinartam, dintingroom,
dining and bedrooms. Refrigerator OR SALE 1949 ercuiy 4-door mri. m bedroom, Bendix washer, 8 ft.
and gas stove. Must go immedia- sedan, brand nw post job, se.i Frigidaire. Apartmenthotwater,
tely. II Manjel J. Hurtodo, Lo covers, good tires, only $43.0 t. SALE:-3 piece bedroom suite F Apartment, hot water,
Cresta. Even if not interested in down, this cari n a n exia:ltnt buy. with motc':ing box springs and in- two dioOim also ava;lobp. Apart-i
furniture, come on up. Floor show Your friendly Ford dealer, ner'rring mcitress, like new, $130. ment No. 22 ArLolx .iuildlng,
furniture come on up. r COLPAN MO1i.1S, INC. 00. Lvingroo.ii suite. divaq two Front and Fifth Street, Colon.
t 6 and e On Automobile Row. coii-; and 2 end teb'e:, $55.00. ,OR RENT:-.Furnisled arni unf r. l
FO-R SALE:-25 cycle refrigerator. Tels: 2-1033 2-1036 Ho 'e 168-C, Pedro Miguel. Tel. nished. Twi bedroom. tprtnm t.
$100.00. Maytag vashing ma- .4-429.2 t.
chine, $100.00. Both n good con- FOR SALE: 1951 Na:h P.Ramblei -.ease c 3
tion 41 Portobeo St. Ancon. Country Club r:-odel. Excellent : SALE:-Upright piano in coo, "OR RENT: ro 2um rnishi'*
on41 condition. Radio, overdrive. Quor- condition. Only $150.00. Tel. 2.- apartment with kitchen private.
FOR SALE:-8 piece bamboo living- ters 61, Albrook. Phone 86-S209. 1282. 4th. St. 7040, Cololn. -:,
room set.,8 tube Zenith radio 25 .....-.'
60 cycTes. New home portable FOR SALE:-1951 Ford*Victoiie Vg, FOR SALE:--irst class amateur ro- RENT:-Small apmrt_.n, t
sewing machine 25 and 60 cycle, light green body, black top, good dio station, Vikino transmitter and kv pingorm, to as. |-
stel desk, typewriter andtab i r es, thiscar inexcelle t ;mpleteu n sr .
14 b% fe -2 5 40 1111e, 400 day 9* '$55 9.00 dow n end itao y ars A:ft oic mcr rh9 e n aV 3tandtepalrl n l bnul$

FR SALE-Furniture. Lester spinet R SALE:-1952 Ford, 4 Door, 5 e 30
Sti Four 3 x 5 Chinsdesk e oneamp, 2-1243 2-23. D n wih ranscriber nd sh r. British ce fu on

M. d g-ookm ca errors slp, cr otos 25 cle n 6 -
i c she's, tea bt, glassware, ss O .. h m kk t 1 4 d C ^ D tI

'i:Rdm d hS b F~nAL 0al FOR REN
.' tlures, knickknacks, House 0310 .Tel9. 1 00 c e '$IV0 owe to r the se
S Herrick Rdghts, Ancon. ,__ $.00-wn~' f l. 7-482 d Britih att o se a Tele- 0able0for

5. R AL E at 0o e nt r N olrol. apy pwAve-
-FOR SALE Furniture. Lester spinet FOR SALE:-1952 Fordl 4 Door, 56 l no- OR SALft "30.
piano, 2 lounge hairs upholst Puer whto Zone, radio, cheap. Hotrice T-OR SALE: -EleDictphone complete- machine, recycle
Pilon Call 1032- nese phone 2-1243 2238. Dn with transcriber ks w e i nd FOR REALNT Nic4 fu one
Payment accepted._ Legotlon 2-0911. bedroom apartment f.11year.
hooked rugs. Hassocks, kitchen a three blckfromGrdn.'
table, chairs, step ladder, stool. Q. FOR SALE-1950 Stueseka-oe ;hem.-OR SALF:.-All types of Refriger- Call 2-46WO.
FORM. diningSALE:-Chroom cha frswith slipot FORSA Cvert94ible Coup, color otOr, 2 cycle. r F e 6-3 D S t M4.
covers,'old reed settee, table, dress-, black, red leather upi~lstery, House 174, Gamboa. FOR RE
er with mirror, small metal table black top, hydroesatic tronfb rssion, FOR FSLes...--iRne lrges ardrc TR
Misc. items. Sprgainl House 0207 s digood ttme. This car I like trunk and 3 ft. locker trunk. Teled- RToA
Hernick Rd. Ancon. new. $520.00 dqwn and it',s s urs. phone 2-0439, Piz2anama.R b
H. Your friendly Ford dealer, S.a H -OR RE NT:-Furnished room to-o

St FOR SALE OnOR SALE:-1950 Mercury Club MSCy infection. phone 2-55onal

R e sTelatet e ia-r t d10 1ito. 2- E10 ......rl -noii ... 1
A s a e1 00 each F. B. New Orleans. i

s P 2nFor details tlephon d or3-ow at S0
FOR SALE-n i eald. Write. T. A- FOR SALE:-19475 Ford CSedanvr write x3221 ofe hours y p m l
000 g ns watertank at Puerto Zone Sunday Roo 261. Hotel Ti- electricc s wi on a m ot orcycle o
f---.grill, Cadillac vacuum cleaner, alu- Davidean. See at 8044-J ',ogrl.-
FOR SALE.-Choice beachfon otF1 "de Coupe, nminum venetian blinds, porch ta or callee-2914 after 4 P.M. 3
Gorgon Beach 261 meters at olor gro, black top, ydrm tic screens, medicine Vchest, bathroom tobal ih chool wl be
AN25 cts. meter. Call Balboa 1970. od scale, o nylon golf09bag, Specialshes, guests of the ooklle
r in Must sell this week, only evening dresses size J2,eMisA.
4w country, modern home on National $200.00 dewna"d it't sPours. items. Springoll House 0207, He Phi T t K
w Highway,leleven6miles from Ferry. YourPf leudly OFad dealeN, rick Road, Ancon, Her- a r o

T YO xpelr.ecedneelboal .66 COLPAN MOTORS. INC. WANTED: -aOld BendixEcao19t th eday, MTRe .IdC lo se
mar No. 6. Tivoli Avenue. O Automobile Row. shing mchne for prts ude SChl p Day" here.
I W anted Po nTelo: 2.1033 2-1036 W NuTdet892 BDoBe thl ,oet aker o

SWa nted OR SALE:-i-950 Mercury Club Miscellaneous The aropa, national hi
ed bos Coupe. Perfect condition. Easy W/ANTED by Arerion couple with- Canal Zo$, Junior Coll $0-
, with soul so dead who never to payAents. Must sell. 417 Porto out children c smol furnished flIor'ow at 9:0a.m.
4 himself has said oh for o secretary Bello St., Ancon. Phone 2-3656, house in Congrejo or Bella Vistae
with a sense of humor and a
'brain in her head, Write B. T. A- FOR SALE:-1951 Ford Convertible Phone 3-3221 office hours. The assembly program ia open
portodo 134, Panama. Conge.clew liIHgt green, black APARTMENT---NTE -Wil -. to all and all interested pOmon=
top. white sidewall WANTEDireswi, pay are Invited to attend. The mem-
$10.00 to Party finding 2 bed- ben of the National Honor Socle.
Poother1Oferd ,0 mPb ery. This car is in room a pOrtment for Americanb- tberoups ti botho Balb mnie
Offered exeilsen ieion $495.00 down couple. Preferably 1l3a Vista. Ca ll Cr stob In Hibh choo n 8 be
A ilengual secretary, Your frieNdy Feed delr, r special guestsaof the college for
,1 only experienced need apply. Dog- COLPAN MOTORS, INC WANTED Old Bendix -Ectnoma h, .eday. since , Isidp
mar No. 6. Tivoli Avenue. 0N Automobile Row. washing machine for parts Box l'Scholarship Day" here.
"-Tele: 21033 2-1036 1892 Balboa. T
.... -iW.antedThe nrorrarchyonnnwnomanof'godi11

WANTED:--Good. Catholic women
for cooking and cleaning part of
the house, must od-p at work,
bring references Phone 3-3307.

Decorating Problem?


A"W Be Gas O Te Halpt
Ira Fee Of Charge.

Rml a


CEosta9ORican young woman of good inI
FOR SALE:-1951 Oldsmobile Super, habits seeks employment with Ca- of
88, 4 Door Sedan. Excellent con. nol Zone family. Telephone 2- se
dition, low mileage. Best offer over 2371 "Pension Amb:ica," facing tiU
$1,750.00. Phone 83-528). the Cathedral. Panoma. gr
FOR SALE: 1950 Liucoln Clu CC
Coupe, elor dark gren nw seatC llin, All c
comes, Hydremoetic, good tire r nI I
a ,,,, Bet T.....het. i
he money, oly $55.00 down.' w i .,
Yo"ur "odly Foed doaer.,
COtPAN MOTORS, INC. All members of Beta Thieta P;
O. Autoeoblle Raw, Fraternity residing in Panem- aor
Teal: 2-103 -2-1036 the Canal Zone have been re-
Having money troubles? See us be- Tourtellotte fr the- murp- -ofk
fore dlsiosing of your used car, IPlanning n lriodic get a ithe= r s
We pay cash. Agencies Cosmos t
Auto-Roaw No. 29. Tel. 2-472, at Fort A-ador 4232 (11e m
Pana. tion Office),.during
-- and at his home
FOR SALE:--1950 Ford Club Coupe 61#5 a fer office ho iA
with radio. Call Panama 3-3912 4`1
'or 3-2445.
POR SAL-1950 Ford Custom Tu-"
d V9,. do re, "gren "
t covers, god tire. $420.00
AwN Oid delve it away.
Yowstafredly Ferd dealer.
OAN M RS, INC. for
Op AMPemoile Rowui
-Tel-"2t.III 2-1036 exclusivee a
FOR SALE:-1951 Dodge unbroken. iw"1-uI
^*-*11--* -f~~~~~i*:-,- riL*-~~ c-^t *U iSt -k* f***^********-

Room 313 IThe Lecture w I
the college building, wlin .
nt the official, formal
on of the ten students
trade averages since
llege have pt them I
er 10% of all student
rowe's address will i
lUatnop service. ,..

Midniniu for 12 wwa ,
Jc. each ddtional woulfi"
r A


Pay less and get more
:ey0oIs LIFETIME Ainmi.
eum Corrw'ated Rooftag
and Sidiang.
Rust Proof, Needs no Paint,
Permanent, Repels Hert,
ImbtoFe:l f"-* Gre-ter
Beauty and Rigidity.
where parking Is a pleasure)
79 Central Ave.- Tel. 3-0140

raMporlte 6Bster. S A.
Shipping, moving storagM0.
Ne pack and crat6 or move-
nything. 'Phone 2.2461,
-.252' Panamai,

Houshl.d Exchange
41 Automobile Kow
w ei!i* t M .l-


d rble | O IL.
The Canal, he added, h. e_
I lad to gv'ea e b .
-. to eve en.mY It2
,toe t t othe de'oJ
peust eW Atpm t e
been mde In me-eal and bu
tries fho retlre4@ lqc rate e

at ewr ltbnumoeo r n i 9t1S
play I n," P aI

Car bbea tln pa* U ate ligh ihe

upgg aa g

ed on tse -value of duttle B h e grl* atl0D ofered euCOlih
,It was it n d troCpleb. tI la renM Camnt-

thte s oi le "ia w i of te
terday's Ismne of t. I e ._ dis n'ith- o' e m

meorlea n on te- the' 1 is b -e4r-psw a"--
Caribbea Wai Bt al. e "t tio h iT rti' fbho u a il
rne e td t e bmnlom tM h I h t- .h
th a ewe r e a
with areton e lta r-' o n t-e t ot i may be deeiable i. _..f.

te tCat r0na ovation t o l I l'le s s
on e tlirqv ti le p of dutime l te ti tt o m e 3Se-
thera on i e rid t eninryarFtbw t-ad -, I-

e bas foowe: .n C h bl
0nt'one tLd relPeD t0s# wtZbd ,Nh
reiP del *do'.r ii0** "r n, ora
'enht- o- n 0110- 0 tothe union somndtce,
T$s as follows: a-nle e, nt WeA IE
110ea10-s"e WofW'" % Grade m mni weau

we e -I O ope-dered oprtictlgt va
"i-",, '' h to 'bi 'Icco' rate r "1;11. Wi att-ba rt BtauiIw ,ot l
.-"t* jb holt i'hn*meee fOWMI'M')v n5Ytn4 t gigfgt tvbhlW1O
OInce It ,m ,l o r-o n e tan even r ern l e t' w
areetv rfs tort'ron Ir %%" 110_%jk*f oowww I
ivyperp, f atiT o'sts In the pres- wAs h been mantl
mtp wFwnMme. "As hri been menmtOD
"17%- re*, f or the nclFimlp seven eoifernee andQ,
of wqtth 'e p e tl' nivr-we'enrreaoondenee with your
shq4,r',e np t rewerr- worker. for fl ition. tbewTrt
Tmntprlft" nto ewlnel- P''.a force of the Comr
fob pa thiv.hrprtres prd lipml, mernment to a
hevp~"' ciftri"" r 'lr T)^k~s~p, ~ith scoromBy
Ity. It I nq ot'o41f iv r- in,"i continue.
wltvi rffl'"ottrm~ r- "The eipatni.tlon, i st
'jlelprhk' t1,ho- whk' ilve. Ie- ereonnetl Ist 'd1,'fUlt py
"nulre t enet" tri m rl it creates. unaatsfort r
Ienoia. whet- hr 009 ) cement Fi
*oretfnui hevord the tu ono ms t
yr two fro- Ilkitit rl.A
fnods 4," mi .iilfer
r sn., t Ibpld elu '
'I'. Vwnt 'l, 14 rr

w. w-I .'" 5 -- .4 t tiu .to and-,

*etww Ir nt^.;,, r4 itw- ^^ t^ ggfe^^ gB
h-ni wtH'- ^rfoe t-ttnj- H",Ol"h, .l(t Jn
*^.th, thn.* ^~4 t steps to a^2
n rt. It t-te t^io i' o*
r4h.t Vvt4 I*r ',t W *M tlope it Its reut W 10T. A
p. 4 V 14* V I '"* mOnment. no lar. n sPrl 1
E< il fe e t % A 440 %*** 1t t h s nP 'tnr or qpte4lwiridte T
'enw lorr'"-in"emieft iI1r re- sible. haever. that atir t
nwriwn frn" f -i fir frte lry p*FonMP ,nd the oOo lp
'ere-nt wp-P ptm Iw^ the pp. I
qv, t b V of l **t ... .pot 9
ron ah* omed Stewaewiqq
ivimnbptq rr-"i' thna nr'me1i SW's .i 0 P
On thi. beh.elI' dee#s i a g '
On btirivn toh e' n. carl a. W f
"..-Gv v * ComtsuuW Pererewhi utelsltlaon. We eve

J l. s 'W O 'r
ad, Mml-rnnmrilb ;,hd. yanprqiag ear
sA. eeipkif tt n'1 u e ndS? p g 0
em"no"iw. IH",ew".-l ivBrtnd
nle wil bef WV, bW IVItf rea-
eolian" n ftr ad RinitMi A-
qu'e*d in itb. p orm't n.
'Mrr the P"tertASwF=. P Irwt.'
cut dtIfCoetin bil mode i- d:I
tweeh job Odttlm le W'A lLttA..
Ltimo thataWRMISj.wmw*l"wIII m* l *-- -W i


"ML ? "es

T "A
tf 'J^


1-Ta Little Show
.30-Music tuI i ueiday
:0--Bunny) Days
:1--iouut. of the Border

tY"uCwnt S"- i
00-Whae PertComou arlNI
:30-What's n our Fay a It

5:.0--You Bet Your Lif
t.4bt-L OwlJ "AboUM

.0- Nacme o u la

,'S AM

Eei., .


It S'W7
0 Le.ot
mania ._

m ha ve
ad a by fourth
should be 5ib2



al l.

tlll'n:te .a(ii or- s

"Tt o Wnr rno'
-nd alt.le. e
W- rtaB vot .
n,,i. 4.^-'
ll"Howevi. .
the natlonle'
4d Sta M 1* o1
fetor, the t
r' wa from -
I-ve fornlt

4 ,01
Ing~ ifM

, ILY~; .w-Y-- ~II-

g.i2 U-,'. r U IC ~ I
P*e MIgueL


1) ~
; '.1

.., '..

IL il

No t .


~ I I _~_ __;________; ~~_ _~__ ~~__..




1 ,






tire d
.- e U

lo ~j .hinr M. Mn ke atd-

odto to mfl r
Ne, 3W. L e uzo T Uon toInao bn am nassi.tant
Oft you"W 40 $06W 1 iUoMs begoidl Ite TMWor A D-T
0 -M 0 $rbut~. pa h dog u I I I

user oso Hauni'er, the Ero l. f er-
"+ ;' '." "tr. and.Mar .ly we..who .
? In "The I Cantor Cantor, broke uou t* star on
t Inch awayf ro their first me tm d
________________ co_______._ wedding boUs. Intemvlewn kids. e ak-
to c0 daed DaMr: W t do u do?"
L* tT mental? sonauoos of0arlan randoa
Jerry Lewis. I dance
I to Ta.y O~Gart ho "But yl a-
sa *x A I S tret to. rc Iway" "8e' e rrol t Wy-
,, O -- io*-of-.-a4a-.. ook I more. a booked sod tn th t-
SMIL out h"tc@an lears aotM. s a.e do
140 '. .. .com from How, ,a,. f at.

St eJI- tir a, do't oe l o ie an
S,. .1 r- .which, mw to --. h I--, In his Mt-33.

law 3s ot "
StAheN ewmno LADY" "tIo nu h.ea
HnU T IINL whnfRIr BSoe
SJ i d Wn's observ aton:
SMA0ARIA NTABb Romhyi 010-
| T _AMTWAINroRV A tA .at he o ty o li HollyI- -
Irg!1= != i n The w~wttkont trying to mak it "LIur Match,* the yamn
(*ISP B f PAWI "la better story." t
"LES MISEArLES" C J tTr Zu h for Bd
I|_ T, anf y ichards, the 11-y-fadty
___old emit whiz kid who A is "tie second bOmbing of
_ umade Ul. TV debutwithX=f t- ,ar. .
..... Lo n ker h as, O ed a
prtre-fflht rn White
C 10 CrM. -like to
if .flex his muscle...D 0O'Con-
nor. who looks n Sally
Cplmele t brought
r<1 : ^*y ~ fi_^^ ^ Ja three-minute ovation at the
nrieak preview. But Donald
S wl wa tunn at home. his wifte
W ifAi, TI-,

I.1.' 'I 1 I

. ; ... .- i ',, ,s .... -"


S7 , Avenue -- Tel. 2-1566, Pan.m
S. .- 700 ..W.Av..d... Tel. 148, 6n
*Tr O sark of The 8ngeor Manifactuuing Company.
1 ,

II "i ""


. i **

FRIDAY 10:30 P.M.



1I6DAY 8:15 P.M. .ONLY!

GROUP Presents


Under the direction of VICTOR HERR

- o --

430 6:20 8:45

Edmond O'SRIEN Yvonne deCARLO


r.fnwp m*, WqIR "wME" W wOON" THRYLL4!
--- O





I] E '

: S
00_ __ _W


1ala g


- V _
*-'.,; -... -/* ^..iirBim s^^i m~p71'B

M-G-M presesti

~vetybo4 Rea4. 0assi~esd



T1a Gcm.. .T GOUN.. .TrBEy MAD Oni
S -:-atarring--:
- U


A thur
8:5EN0DY, p
1:15, 3:45,,6:17
8:50 pim.



DISNET Charater" aam i eO the Screen at the


Di mnChmtw and Ra mi People a
ftn, aat Ow Sa T me Timoh-bwI.
n rmcmcow I


I.' :.. .'.. w -* : "U" ... .
IIdu1O ; :J0"t' CA t19A
_. 1e VI.nMs ... --'
.,..3 nlIAI m D.*,,M 41A,1 LINA

$115.00 AT 9 P.M.
KEenan Wynn, nt

mwa SIIAL. WP OD 1. s & 4A
w% W m A MaOM. UIK"
* edw~ -wo

$100 at b p.m. $10 at 9 pJl.
Dane Clark, "
"BACK ruur
Richard Oree, In

"4,UW -;B!!iW-WLP v -
-"Mm ^

_.... e

.-,. .J' .


I~ __ ___~ I _~I __ __L ~ ___



, i






PI Pro Football

Bell Says Unlimited Radio,

television Would Kill Gate

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 26 (UP)-The head of the National
Football League says the professional game would not be able
to'continue if it permitted unlimited televising of its games.
Commissioner Bert Bell made the prediction today in
Philadelphia as the league continued its defense against the
government's anti-trust buit. Bell says: "I don't think pro,
football could live w it h o u t restrictions on television and
Bell thinks ticket sales would drop and the drop at the
gate would mean cutting the salaries of players 40 per cent.
"Then," says Bell, "we wouldn't be able to get good play-
ers. Whatever attendance was left, would suffer still further."
The government claims the league's restricted television
program violates the anti-trust law.
I Bell defends the league's television blackout within a 75-
*' mile radius of where the game is being played. Bell says:
"Without that, the fans would wait until the day of the game
before making a decision. If it was a bad day, they'd stay
away in droves and watch it on television."



It is barely possible that at the time this particular committee
was set up there were other matters more worthy of the Attorney
General's anxious attention. Income tax frauds, Soviet infiltra-
tlon, grpft and corruption in governme'-t. "The Washington mess,"
in short.o
Yet nothing seemed to outrage the finer sensibilities of J.
IHoward McGrath or sharpen his fierce crusading spirit so much
as the fact that certain phases of sports had developed blemishes
and some of our people had become addicted to beating.
So with characteristic fearlessness and unswerving devotion
v to national interest he summoned nine men well known in sports,
deserlbed his profound shock and concern over a situation which
threate.ied ,the very foundation of the republic and requested
they recommend stern remedial measures, lest all be lost in shame
an degradation.
Unio rtunately Mr. McGrath's Inspired and noble action did
not receive the headlines it merited, due to the incomprehensible
I judgment of editors, who featured instead criminal prosecutions
of federal office holders, State Department intrigue and embar-
ra s'ng disclosures in McGrath's own office.
Now the thoughtful conclusions of the nine-man cleanup
saurl, having moved by reasons of political fortunes through Mr.
McGrath. his successor, James P. McGranery, and ultimately the
latter'S successor, Herbert Brownell Jr., are available for public
and legislative consideration.
Perhaps we should firs meet the committee: Francis Murray
of Penn, flana Bible of Texas, Everett S. Dean of Stanford, Ford
Fick baseball commissioner: Will Harridge, American League
president; Ned Irish, Madison Square Garden: Gene Tunney, re-
tired heavyweight chamulon: Bert Bell, pro football boss, and Algy
Vanderbilt, the rich racehorse man.

'Burn the Track Down.'
Brieflv, the purity crew called for a Congressional Investiga-
t.tick of gambling and bribery in amateur and pro sports, urged
1i6s. to cope with same, deplored evils in college football and
0',1e out unreservedly for more book learning for the young, no
*later What the consequences.
It was pointedly noted: "The report was not approved unani-
mo0i0ly. It was a composite of the view of all the members, some
of whomi did hot agree with all the recommendations."
This Is simple to understand. One of the recommendations
called for "retarding" transmissions of gambling information
across state lines. Just precisely what this means has to be a
guess. It is not easy to picture Mr. Vanderbilt, for all his racing
Idealism, indorsing any law which would discourage betting on
Breeding end racing are Mr. Vanderbilt's business and no-
body realizes better than he that if betting is stopped, or even
curtailed, he will soon be Out of business. There is much that is
fine and sporting about horse racing, but It wouldn't survive three
months without betting.
Until we are permitted to see the minutes, just precisely what
position the members took on various subjects cannot be known.
However. early in the proceedings, when Mr. Tunney was asked
hcw he'd go about solving the gambling problem, he suggested
thev "burn down all race tracks," an attitude which drew savage
criticism from racirl people, who p)linlv do not recognize realism
when they see it. Or appreciate the cautious,, studious approach.
Is This One Necessary?
It is also the composite view of the Ivory Soap varsity that
S. lews should be drawn to ounish the individual bettor as well as
the bookmaker, and if a more deferential bow to Ma Grundy has
been mnde in the 20th century it is not a matter of record. If
they catch you making a two-dollar bet in Sam's Ciuar Shoppe
you qet pinched.
The thought back of this is to protect "the little man" and
thus encourage thrift, industry, ambition and a greater sense of
monetary values. Byv some unfathomable process of iteasoning the
same bloke who bets his two dollars at the track apparently needs
no guidance in such commendable traits.
'The recommendations concerning college football are a dull
rehash of what' has been said a thousand times before, and it
would have been fascinating to listen in on Murray while this one
was being kicked around. At the moment Penn's director of ath-
letics happens to be the East's foremost exponent of big-time
A Congressional investigation is a ready, convenient panacea
for every ill and evil in American life. Perhaps this one Is neces-
s. ary. I don't know but I'll have to doubt It. Many of the states
have already enacted laws against bribery in sports, so any Con-
gressonal action here would be needless and expensive duplica-
Maybe the straight road to monastic morality lies In protect-
tng "the little man" from his own weakness, but hitting him with
a stiff fine or throwing him in Jail seems a barbarous way of
Elbowing him the treat white lll'ht. Of course, by the time the
plans came we'd find it much easier to get used to their way
of life. Nothing like being prepared.




W.vsI ttl CANADA
I :1 *UL "

L ^ L '^ *


Would Die


S 4. .



W L Pet.
Firemen's Insurance 14 1 .933
CAA 11 4 .733
Elks 6 9 .400
Baxter's 5 10 .333
Pan Liquido 2 14 .143

Monday's Result
CAA 19, Baxter's 2
Tuesday?' teslt
Firemen's Insurane 19, Elks 5
Pan Lqu dho o7, CAA
1odPy Game*
Baxtes .vs.
Monday the CAA nine, in a
strong effort to gain at leat a
tie for first place in the first
half, slaughtered Baxter's tran-
sporters to the tune of 19 to 2.
However, Don Bowen's Fire-
men's. Insurancemen, equally
intent on holding the top spot,
walloped the Elks 19 to Tues-
day afternoon, thereby gaining
the undisputed honors as first
half winners.
CAA, having to be satisfied
with second honors In the first
half, were defeated Wednesday
by the cellar team, Pan Liquido,
by a score of 7 to 6.
. Woody Woodruff, of the Bax-
ter's team, failed to connect
safely for the first time in thir-
teen games Monday when he
marked up one for two.
, The league now has many
contenders for home run honors
- Jimmy Pescod, Ted Jordan,
Lou Hulzinger, Red Salisbury,
GCordon Smith, Ed Rathbeger
and Pat Patterson all have three
Today's game Will decide the
third place winner for the first
half. Baxter's have a chance to
tie for the, third spot if they
can get the win over Fritz
Cheney of the Elks. Should
Baxter's win today, a playoff
will be required for third place.
Friday's game between Fire-
men's Insurance and CAA will
not have any bearing on the
first half standings except for
Individual batting averages.
Next week, Monday, the sec-
ond half begins with a game
between Pan Lquido and Bax-
It is understood that both
Glenn Lee of Pan Liquldo and
Nick Nichols of Baxter's are
scouting for mound talent in an
effort to give Firemen's In-
surance and CAA a run for their
money in the second half. The
Elks have the hitters and the
pitcher for much better games
than exhibited in the first half
and will constantly be a threat
in the second half.
After the conclusion of the
first half on Friday, it is hoped
that individual batting and
pitching records will be com-
pleted and published as soon as

Buckeyes Apples
Of Big Ten Eyes
Big Ten athletic teams do .B
right by Ohio dt4ge high schools
An examination of cone
rosters shows that Iowa has ir"
from the Buckeye state, Wisae
sin seven, and Purdue singt.
Illinois, which has usedM--
any Ohio material In the
now has two.
The best fresmdan vsps
higan s a lt ek .a
I blocking quarterback
-s q roa ....Akm.t .

Rocky Marcmno, Joe WaMi

Sign For Return Title Mai

Gibraltar Plays

B.H.S. Tonight

Gibraltar 2 0 1.000
La Atraccion 2 1 .667
Balboa High 1 1 .500
Brewers 1 1 .500
Chevies 1 2 .333
Gibralta; Life, the first place
team, will clash with the third
place Balboa High Schoolers to-
night at 7:00. If Balboa High
wfns, a three-way tie for first
place will be the result and there
will be a mad scramble in future
games to take the top spot.
Both teams have an even
chance to win this game and
there are no adds quoted by the
experts. Balboa High School
seems to be doing the same this
year as they did last year, be-
ginning slow in the first half
and gradually becoming red hot
in the second half.
Gibraltar Life Is no slouch
though and they seem to be get-
ting stronger also. For that mat-
ter, not one team in the league
is to be laughed at now. The
Brewers, for instance, seem to be
improving fast in their infield
and are beginning to hit the ball
La Atraccion now has a good
pitching staff and are also hit-
ting better. The Chevies, al-
though In last place are still a
team to watch, for their pitch,
ing is good and they have a good
set of infielders, not to mention
the outfield.
Tonight Don Morton will
probably face Webb Hearne for
Gibraltar. This game should be
worth seeing.

Pacific Softball

camera. mtudy offlMikWe in aation..
Jbwas all alo I ufovig up and,
-1r"-.ry Handicap Steeplechase.
piiglffnd. (NiBA)







Scantlebury Hurls Panama
To Second Series Vietor W
To +'.
CARIBBEAN ERIE e moved to th ecantle
Tms Final Standings droe o
Puerto 6 0 1.000 d and M*Innn ,
Cuba 3 3 .00 a also tt
Panama 2 4 .33. leq. mound m
Venezuela 1 5 .167 to onle

Yesterday's Rmults .. r '
SPanama 3, Venee ,Tea .1.. e M
Puerto Rico, 7 Cu0ba 1 11 nil
Pat Scantiebury yesterday VenegoOla l 0 ,' 2S.
turned in a brilliant mound per Hager-r, cantiebury (1-1) (2) tt
formance to give Panama her and Byron, Kellman. Bracho (0- w
second victory in the fifth C- 1 and1 O
ribbean Series as the IsP an ,-rto c '"
representatives turned erto co wunt up th
Venezuela 3-2. schedule In the
Scantlebury relieved Ro e by agat la
Hagler In the second innin J favorite- b'h t
pitched great ball, after giving Rice trhImphed 7-1 In a e Ia
up an unearned run in the featured by er
inning, for the rest of the g e. Usher, 3It O W a
Venezuela scored first bni Brown udirt Riask sli' i
they got a run off Hagler in the four Usher And.
second Inning before Sca e- piy for vana. .
bury relieved him. Panama tied P ows weas voted tU- t the
up the score in the top of the valuable player of the $Wie l
third on Nathaniel Peeples' (*o- the basls of his four homeld
run homer. 13 runs driven in.
The game remained a score- Roberto Vargas, who pitch
less tie until the upper seventh the first eight Ininwgs wo t
when Roberto Pernandez TIaa- winning pitcher, while Jocko
nes reached first on Chico Ca- Thompson was the loser.
rrasquel's error. David Robert The Unescore:
sacrificed Tapanes to seoLd0. IBCo 003 000 013-7 15 -
Leon Kellman then bounce S CuIba 001 000 020-3 9 0
drive off Venezuelan ptw 1 Vargs (1-0), IL. Oomen (9) I
Carrao Bracho's leg.s Keloan amd Traboux. Thompson (0-.I),
was out at first when Bracho Pare (6), Martlnez (7) atd
recovered and got him but Tai Fleltas .

hia. The new ehamo is cautal
making ma predietions abqn
he April fMht. Marclano say
"After t1e terrifi last boa
his should be another trille
Maretano mys be it eady
ght tomorrow. Rocky eihs
pounds, only me over hat 1
expects to scale at ring-time.

hily T". eaI..

tWa'd Of A.FLL
With only three days of ph
omp ieten :the second rout
f Athe .-P, Forces Basfe
league, the number of tean
vith undeatd records durlz
m.roun hai dwindled to.t
Ibrookf and tbank gaIn
r e tirr wini yesterday aft
OOp, but nal and Coio

h& m'AI tMIlCW lman thnaw

I "fU

sales, S. 3b 4 0 0 2 2
A. 3. 1 0 4
S1 0
SA r 3b- 0 2 1 0
l w.6t t I V o i d 0

1 o 0

4 t'3i

g ,



~1 4
a I4~h
~ .5.-,-..


*lc* 1
-9 ic

1 Ab1lw and t.
the win eoluman frw
hs in this round
i defeated the S
to 1. D ers h
"ry re 6 the
to hits. Te
1d off his pitching
Bob Nchol
four hits In

two e= s
fll h m4ftbs

w. U.

PACIFIC UitTLE EAG catch on the right fAid d
Second Half line. *
'rE STANDINGS The box score:
Team Won AFOR
Sears 1 Jamne g r h
Lincoln Lie I, Brandon, etf 0 a
AFGE 14 1 r Ebereas, rf 0 0 1
ELKS 1414 0 Morris SB, p 4 0 1
Police 0 1as, b 0 li
Firemen 0 4 ,ece, If -0
Wallace, b,as 1
ste Srday'se Gas -. I It
Toylb G 6me
Elks vs.U lnolunLife, 9. ll, Q' ;0U0
The Firmen, behind the og- U ';1. ."|- .
bined oneqnhlt pitching of AP
Kline and Jonny Chaser
ped a 3-1 decision to the KOM. Nun a'
S yesterday.
ond on o*m tUlf"
theagg j.

Bazos Brook

ecord For
Bi rt. Cle *1
Nlh aM a-..


. > -* *1. .201



I w I

1 i. o0

-) -I.; .

ishp! I

-9' V

.;- ,,, ,, W4

r'w~w^ sa-'

I x f' OW -o Iano th t ted ae he
s AwS ba i mye I=

". : ;. -., .. ...-'-. .+.. .' tb, e, r o t fault me.
Bh $haks A4hfSi7. Til ha aQPl4I
S- ota fied p lons a id firnt

** '" sau&h

de .OaK, re.t 28 .h e l< a-olye e uted.
ofetse M tfZ tn doublr0e plays po ofM.
a r at a storel hu t e y
w epie hn alQ other I deart

N to o, but "" eventhe
rutmAeri o t take an extra

~ke~ ~l~kbe, ma o only one more ntha e C -

keys ,... onl oce more that t cam-

5 t
i, f




up as I am of my
Lague nbating
lad three oA
SIn wtning per.
= 0i5tres and 5

i a that T Ia a

art r al 111,r a r
toi bu to


wio u ould have

m oh-

S formerly
Iad arm.

-I =-k suonI

Now Faes For Booan Survi a
NUA 8 al Correspondent
-0 -
STRACUBE, N.Y., eb. 26 la the smaller olleu,"
Durable"41' aler to '7'PII.Sy ls=
the NtAI AI- ketbull thrivee on tw face.
Uoa's current boom.with the Mauy fine players ae paed up
rM athe pro- because no one sees the." know ml ihes ,out at today's
^lho n 10)ag it can high e thinks the offen
Ist. can be T de-emphads
-.ThO Yrluse "Wme gm -oieentAon
W more p work sad better de-
A ho .,. N two th'n esaere neglect.
.H.Wo. 'eonPm, l a 5 we they are taught m-
^I ly In mt. shL.
rO1s. u .oi, .
M M M tot- Cervt 6s 5galistttlete (R ti..
Al C Seri dividuald 'd 40 G*c .
S. h fie ld ahu "It it be goa tfor hbox
toe teoro fmc. tfetl Isn't the
be t thICSo team play," re-
S..mars. .t m ruse str. "It
D If .VaI SIO lthe rest 'i the payers a
P&MOMtK Divisional hsfct ftperyme In

Softall League a coaca, t is nota
unlike cif others who lean
_igiop a driogptoka.
tt Ap M ~inne Juim ns
W-o. 1L Pet BUon,~,
Army .5 2 714 eorgeU of
Florshe eetrica.s 63 center; Prt ayne's y
Ideal Bread 4 2" .. NOWd W T6's a
C.LO. 4 2 -M =Mil6i, 3tbn
Army Signal mw 5 C5' 0 firs$ the A
Army Ordnance 4 JM ul triple.. sM boring cMq-
Navatl 1"ta 4 41 j4 bin., the laMet pair an the tn*s
Army TraiIotAtion 4 4. B edefecsive om and Playmalt.
NayyOrd 2 3 .4 .400 to gie lubh a team perfect
Army Laury 6 Sa 2 bain lMc.
Oomsy Tomt qqpini 6 .33 a -

. .

leo. I 1
J. 10 .

R MClea
A3 aa. 10 :

Hav OrdliaI.

Sunday: lavy Ornce vs.
ay: OOihs V&. Amy


"DH WE.- ItN".
W IA ir E N




- I

1 .

Pabst, B.boa

Beer To Tangle

At unt Hope

Atlantis Twilight Leag
Won LaOt P!t
Dodge ............ 3 1 .7
Pabot ............. 0 MS
Powell ...........
SBalboa Beer ...... 4 00,

Reminiscent of the 192 Atlan-
tic Twilight League second half
pennant chase, this year's r ce
for the bunting has narrwed
down to thee cluh with Pabel
Dodge and Powells alt huddled
up around first place In a wide
open race for the second half
Pabst already has the first
half safely tucked away and Is
seeking to make a den sweep
of the '53 season, eliminating any
possible chance of their losing
out In a play-off as a the cae
In 1952.
After losing their first two out-
came charging back in a drive
that has sweptthrough three
oscuisve wins and moved
em nto te for second lace
ithPowells, only half tgae e-
bind the Dodge nine. And
addition of Bob Sulaman to the
aladv strong mound staff has
Tlsemmd their chances of taking
Pae second half.
AU but eliminated from any
ehlumee of the '53 ecwnJ Baboa
e tonight will face Pabest In
an attempt to stop their terrfc
drive. At press time Bueky a
w decided whom he
en to .the hill to try for

Noe Olbson chalked up win No.
7 on the season last Monday
night and will not be ready to re-
turn to atoi tonight. Jack Pee-
cod will probably draw the start-
Ing aignment. If he Is side-
traled, sulaman, who cams up
wih a winner to his first a-
au e last sunday against t
Dod nine, wl be out to et his
seobd win of the seon.
The addition of BuIsman to the
Pabst mw" not only helped
their mOuN staff, but ave theO I
Iano Ihfr ilder to fill the gap
whenevaer Pesoo Is called UponI

be ready to we the mound a-
alhl" htM l lbwi

three games.


The Balboa Omu Club Ia spon-
swring a small-bore match on
as a i t ipra Range.
Sbe % af individual
I h, teetn te skil of all
aoers. The sourmu o fire Is de-
Mto make it ough on the
ei ; therefore, anyone can
booting Is scheduled to
start at9:00 a.m.
The course of fire will be
tweny (20) shots prome ad
(20) shots standing. Any
.22 rlafre rifle, cham-
for .22 short, long, or long-
lmay be used, On-
slihts, not eonitain-
may be used. Spotting
be used.
a wilbe fired at tif-
meters, usif the NRA
one-aighter, four-rec-
liyea target. This target
b h 7 to 10 ring blacked to
f t 1 sighting bull. Positions
eform to A or military
a rsM wil A Small-bore Rifle
UwU6 71govern.
e match Is open to senior or
members of any Canal
S Rifle or Gun Club; to ae-
members of the Armed
S and to members of Ca-
law-enforcing agencies.
entry fee will be One Dollar
,) per Individual; no re-en-
Prizes will be in proportion
t number of shooters. Mer-
stated there would also be a
forthirteenth 13th) place
lor twenty-fifth 25th) place.
ratona by Merln:-ob-
Srer was see last Sunday
cgng for t he above latch.-
ath her. Mqndenhall who
plaed ninth out of a for-
tive In the last matbe was
see filng an Xring at L50 -
ten dangerous mi, Watoh
htm! Archie Turner daeoN all;
ays he never used a adl-Let
IKrlin was seen to Utqney3-
brow and observed t:at ot Ar-
te must have tak% l e0 a
teni Minerva--goddeatAhltd
son was heaMd to s at be dM
not mind loaning hIi
but when he Is ourIRAV ts
to, too much. This e aea z


Baleerg ets New Kelihg
Bud Balcer of the Sears team
In the classic Bowling" League,
leading the leaue in individual
average with s, Friday nlrt
Mtaied a new singles bon -
Ing records for the Isthmus
when he bowled Individual
aes f 357, 260 and 212 for a
S series of 729, breaking the
former record of 726 held by
Al elf and Wilber Norrs.
Baloer's feat was established
o alleys 1 and 2 at the Diablo
Heights Clubhouse alleys. Th
S game consated of a strike,
a spare, and alx consecutive
strikes, a spare and a stWikl and
spare out; whle the. second
eonsuted of eiht more ose-
cutive strikes with spares out.
In the linal game, he was un-
able to line up a row ot strikes,
but spared and struck equally
throughout the game.
The new Isthmdlan ro wA
set in a match between the
Sears team ad the Seymour
gc r team, In which Bear
e Oleidi dual games of Me
10 0e af10 for a Aeries totae
o which wa good enough
r it' pointe. Billy Cofe nd
Ted Melann bowled 5 7 and
gh series score. For Seymour,
WJamlson had a good 612, but
the rest of the team was unable
to score sufficiently to offset the
high Sears scores
In the other match of the
evening, Nash-Willym took three
is from PA.A by taking the
Fis and third f ames ande in-
M2, P.AA. took the second 987
to A8l, and Nash came back to
tak the third 1014 to 873. For
MsR. Hod Jenner had a fine 612,
f BoWmed by Malee with 566,
while for PAA., Pope Damlan
had 561 followed by Wilber and
Marelon ith 544 and S42 respec-

The Standings:
Team We Lost
Sears 60 28
MNash-WIllys 157 31
Beymour Agnecy 33 56
PAL. 26 62
The leading averages of the
legue after the play:
Wame Average
Balcer, Sears 203-47
Males, Nash 19M-37
Metanson, Sears 191-27
C ,lbert ea 192- 4
Coffey, Seas 191-66
The dKres of Friday nxIght'a

Melabson 176 205 215 595
Coffey 188 189 241 5M8
Coibert 157 221 183 541
Norris 182 204 177 562
Balcer 257 260 212 729
95 9 105 9 100 3026
Seymeour Agency
Stephens 133 171 190 503
JamiSOn 193 225 194 612
Bates 189 103 171 533
Bady 15 1 136 1M 453
Borup 167 200 140 507

Morton 16 1 1 o41
Damian 13 f 19
Muto 1442 a m
ldrews 11 10S 1 1i
882 my73 m Sn

Marabella 1832 2X3 5SI
aylom 17- 1IM N 112- -4
Jenner t10 208 3-01 t1
Best 147 171 214 8 r-
Male" 1M 1 313 a66
1 .1,1.18 ..-ll *11


Balbo Defeat Diab U to 14
uantago Canclo's second o
home run of the ane In the
bottom of the hstitA be .
bases loaded gave the Balb
a 15 to 14. win 0 ger "I4
blo lapt Wednesday. It waifn-
I tourtn homer )a. bil-s'

0.delaOvarda of ua JLnE~
ia, Lagasse and Mudo "
bio hammertng out rnadirip-
J. Bradley was the w l
pitcher and now has areeori
of ope win and tbr' M-M,
Bradley set 12 MASte' 4twn -
,,trkes .while p i *'
ponset Cruz.Mt~
on strikes.
Canclo wa the leading batter
with 4 for 4 fuord aqPr-
CA With 2 for a and MunGW with
2-4, were th leading attesM .
for Diablo.
nU at tee gaame were treated
to some oie heet i eadi fr
a group of irls from Diabo ise
journeyed to Balboa tosupporl
their teams.

Beck, as
Herrera, If
Orr, lb
OCanco, e
Hunter, el
'Cro, of
Blrd, rf
Wilson, rf
Lpbeana, 2b


3 1 *
2 3 1 .
4 12
4 2
0 0
1 00
0 2
1 0
I .

OGarda, 2b 3
Stabler, ctf 2 2 ""
Blades, 3b 5 1 1
Mundo, as 4 2
McNabb, c 1 2 1.
Baker, lb 3 0
Lagassle, If 4 1 1
Manzares. rf 3 1 1
Cru p 4 2 ,.

TALLAHA88EE, la.. (NSA) -."
Seven of lorida State's 13-ma.a"
varsity basketball team are frn'1
Indiana. -



.' ~*1a.

." .-.' I

0 a food him

with amazing new CNLOROPHTLLIN
that ES m !

Now-feed your dog Ken-L-Ration, the dog
food that gives him complete nourishment
plus the main benefits of chlorophyllin, Natur'e'
own purifier.
Ken-L-Ration is the famous dog Spodae1e1d with
lean red meet... choice cuts eofU. 8. overnmest
Inspected horse meat. It's the canned dog fed h W
ends dog edors-fast-now that Ken-L.RationMa .
tains chlorophyllin. And the wonderful part of it i
is that Ken-L-Ration brings you this tremendelm.
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is the time to change to appetizing, nutriticne Ze-
L-ation. It's the esy, economical way to Wv o w
pet healthy nodshment and at thee ee t m sI
hi of doggy breath and body odors forwe
Buy KeiaL-Ration with chlorophyii au l.l
Start your dog on it and make him a bhalthhb
betnr cmpude thn m everw-in every wayl

*oodo~n,,. o, *^".Ln._,. t _e




U~i II~ i __ _~_~~_)_~ I___

J --^ 1 1- 1 |*M ^ T^-^-- .11

---- ^--

J = ---1=



my y l. I
hclm,' 9. l..


f ,

, r



.- It.




STwi igh V ue

Bullring Pless d

Tickets for the .
fights at La Macarena ,B rig .
nm San Francisco went or sale
yesterday afternoon following
the blessing of the ring (left)
,before a large crowd yesterday
Father Marin of the "eSan Let t" pee kege the sru d tme 'IBRYh,"W
Francisco de la Caleta Church,
accompanied by two "P sr !,A, &NM I. TE3 13
,..V LMr. and Mrs. Sebastian a n TWNT1-GTH T PANAMA, "L P. TB RAT
Oarcia, the bullring's godparant.
S(far left)and two men car-
ing a picture of the Virgin of
Macarena, walked around the
ring (below) sprinkling holy
water and repeating the bless-
ing over and over while the
large crowd looked on silently.
Sunday's inaugural bullfights
will be dedicated to President
wihieband Cost More As Price C
and Mr& Jose A. Plemon and
will feature six fights three
with native bulls and three
with imported bulls. NEW YORK. Fb 26 (UP)- The Dun & BrOadtreet index $12,000,000,060, including I .-
morted bllPrice increases on some brands fr P. 24-which is based on 000,000 spent for grocerIes iha
Following the blessing ester- of cigarettes, copper and gaso- the tot price per pound of 31 cigaiettes.
day, Sanchez Garcia broke a line today follow ig in the make common 1ooIn, liml to $1 .he ga e at
bottle of champagne on the of the government's dewest cntCOmpa with $6.3 Can deeOmtal tlei e
doors through which the h l.round of price decontrol mess- week. bel i ers
Somfighters will enter the ring. An u o 1e- hrever.= '
informal buffet followed. The admialuratlon ester- in Washion. Sax. Homer.
day announced the end = of I Capeha (R-Ind.), chairman
One Spanish and two Mexi- cilina on s alumi=n som the Senate BanMangCommit-
can bullfighters will make their seel produce, t, ntrdced b to give
Morenito de Valencia, Jose "IEl Wit In eood c oic
Soldado" Castro and Juan Es- conee and beer. eibgms law rthpres A pri0 -e u,
trada will fight two bulls each., Two major cigarette companies bill Was asubtitu f I more coee m be 01
-American and R. S. ReOnolda elaborate stasdby ontrols bill market aket ite under laul-
announced price increases in Capehart introduced earlier. In.
cigarettes amounting to a cent Mr. Elenhower has said he hese ,wll be ain-fee
a pack. in a ontaeo rec- do no w ad
uron to the lifting of price con- but would refer to ask gre- a t atoA

eerican Tobacco Co. an- ofnd. d .
nounced that its new prices for adoe
Lucky Strike will be per 100M. Two ef he .astion's major der contrqL
less trade discounts, or- a net eseted al* 4
increase of 38 cents per 1,000. y81 neMi e"r
e and Pall M will be $0.10 lea Kennecott Copper Corp., lar- products s p
discounts or an increase Of 43 geo t in the country, imposed an foll and Ao .
-.cents. Imnlediate increase of three cents ueh u nsh-
The new price on Laelies. a pound on domestic copper- ante! springs,
Tareytons, and Pall Malb will ritig it to 27%r cents a pound. nuts, ve l
mean a one cent" a pk in- Phelps Dodge Corp, second deco
crease at the retail l l. Iroit producer '4ised the yes
R. J. Reynolds TobacOo Co. p'ooftI
makers of Camels and Cavaliers. mtotoc28%.e ofnts a -a b.4Mti.a
said their prices will ump todal The ceiling had beep 24 I mnta
but they will disclose Actua lcents. mi ts
price rises later. Pice Chief lose* 'm bl m bout38
Philip Morris & Co.. Ltd. Inc., p ted that rb w1 .9 a-w
makers of Philip Morrfis 'Marl- 1 .eV I a ph a 9 IN
boro Dunhill. Spud, tglbi ceeki -@, ask a
Ovais, Players and Craven A. ee al '. ls .-Z
said: "We are studying the r ie ag mbA nAo
situation and will take no action have er Is ythe
for a while." Spokesmen said h wl
they will stand pat, observe er a.fcts
conditions and "see l1ow the a n abo
I d situation develops on the 4
_I._ggett & Myers Tobacco Co,
makers of Chesterfield and IA-
tima, said that "n'ot beingt..
yC h leader in the cigarette Iniusur.y
our attitude will ILtve to be
a Hwait-and-see." Spokesmen sa
R da NTI the company does not contm- *C rt 1.

P. Lorillard Co., maMOf 1ewigtby
Old Gold, Embassy, Kent.and old.
Possibility Of Red AMurads, said the lifting of price Mr.
controls left the compa "ny t 8Se1
PARIS, Feb. 26 aUP) Gen. Ridgway met with reporters Rldgway's statement came af-. in a position to do anyth ." fi
M. B. Ridgway said here to- after a two-hour session with ter the disclosure yesterday that Price increases on the rtail21 yeats
day "we always nave in mind" the, civilian North Atlantic plans are under way to train all and wholesale markets are "any- May
the possibility of a Russian a- Treaty Organization council on allied troops in Europe in atom- body's guess" and so far there Is AA
tomic attack. He warned that major problems confronting the lc defense and that strategy no development within the I
World War II tactics are out- Western alliance. Is being studied to -defend the firm et w .
dated. Asked by reporters about cur- continent against any Russian The Socony-Vacuum Oil Co. t**A Itl 4t
As the Allied supreme corn- rent defenses against atomic at- atomic attack. at New York Joined West Cost W r
mander in Europe held a press tack, Ridgway said: oil companies in taking advaWnt-
c conference thatwasedisclsed by Ridgway is one of the key age of last week's decoetool of. -
reliable sources that American "That is something we always American officers selected to re-gasoline prices. de ,o oI sm'
experts in atomic defense are have in mind. We certainly do ceive restricted atomic informa- The increa, effective
now attached to his staff, not want criticism thrown at us tion, which is forbidden to the in New York State and sejirdtm Ent-- i a .'
that we are thinking in terms of Allies by American law. England, amounted to d Cmas .2i
n the late unpleasantness"-World At 'the council meeting the cent a gallon. B.uhken k w aini"bt
War II, in the European phase permanent delegates of the 14, Prices on the West MCos .d Lae AIme
of which no atomic weapons NATO countries discussed de-- more than two cents fee+, hb ,
ewere used. fense plans and supply problems Although the ce.o Wi
Sol ror Kobbe with Ridgway, Gen. Afred M. candy and almost all ri heh's j
CarnivalParty will be hOd The Gruenther, his chief of staff, items were lifted yes. ,' h _..,,j*
saturday at Hangar No. 1 a Ft. I ome officers talked about would be quick p-ic
Kobbe, which will be open to the" the whole field of unconven- The price oT brass an r ,. .
public. People from Panama are Judge's Bencn tl weapons"-msuch as atom- ingots also were boo,
welcome. Ic bombs and atomic artillery. cent to 2".- cents yester
Sponsored by the Kobbe NCO .
Wived Club. the carnival will be uan mentt over paying, for Ine h

r o .... ....... during this morning's session of N ew Turnh N
of the features. t ten a a Magistrate'sCourt. o
Specialsn ga.ame to aduttrac it h sa o
Dancinh h w will begind ht 7:3. defendant was found guilty of a trr .h
p Proceed of the "tibdisturbing the peace by using in- PDe LPhi AbFebon e 2'doa le

pay for the use of it, he began til further notice." make a little fmore tiu..- .
yelling and cursing. He has two This means, he warned, that withdraw from them .. "

previous disorderly conduct con- the toll road faces "curse and further note. -WL
victions. disaster." "If I bless anone
The self-proclaimed messiah thing it is withdrawn
For being found in bed 13 of struck back at the turnpike af- and curse and disaster
Camp 905E in La Boca, without ter paying a total of $60 in them." ,.r. '
permission to be there, a 29-year- fines for chauffeurs in a four- Chief of police T -
old Salvadorean was fined $10. car caravan who were pinched rello of MountIL
The defendant, Rufino Guerre- for speeding near Moorestown, ship, NJ., said tl
ro, has two similar convictions. N.J. taking Father Divtie
Melciades Garcia, 23, Panama- Father Divine, who ',as a group of an Is r
nian, was sentenced to serve five passenger in one limousine, be- to Phielpa was
days in jail for vagrancy in La l ieves the fines were "illegal state troopers last
S Boca. and unjust." The fu divers
StudentA spokesman at Father Di- ed with doing ',I
SStudent Gets vine's headquarters here said per-hour ane.
BHSSGets turnpike officers subjected the Panarelle saiod the'
*Sic hi father to "rude nd disour-were oine chaLob
Mus Scholaors ip teous treatment and a com-d ,paying $ .,
plete lack of recognition." each immediately
Michael Cody, a Balboa High Not only that, he said, but $30 bond sap l ce toi
School graduate, has been the drivers were accused of court at a
S awarded a music scholarship doing 70 miles per hour when Father
for the second semester of the they really were doing 65. that the f wM s We
current bhool year at St Mar- A strike against the turnpike unler "stea
tin's College in Olympia, Wash- was proclaimed in Father Di- he told the O ll
r-A Ington. vine's publication "The New going to tao e be-
SThe 21-year-old son of Mr. and Day." In a front-page declara- the turnpjke.
Mrs Harry F. Cody of Balboa aIs tion he told his followers: "ir," PanarellI
speclalIsig in gleeclub work. "You will cease to spend your "that is yoMr