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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Canada's Pearson

Deplores Stories

Of 'Subvesives'

WIPT1R PAKt, Ia., Feb. 24
(UP -- The president of the
United Nations General Asem-
bly deplored yetar.ay the
Radlng of a faso.;u.,
.ecretau of ahe d. .
Is UUll of danmaros and na.h..

.. .

L. .

J L l
'"allf s,,*.4i

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S.4'- t
9fcoo kte

I* < -.^ b-d9* ~ .- .*'i '-..* 1i

a rFu p cture'and ta crea-
th" sprseadlnr-40. now,.
e to te ca'e nationl .eo.
rwi-or intemna oal co-opera-

.Peus on urged strmng faith in
.e character of the "uN. and
1Vitor tull eoapetlo n b all
ttgen r avoid *a w that
t "bI the end of e o all?'
si with oen. O ar N.
*W.P said here. aay
40M ogan that "we~ft
ll- Worid War I" l-tthe
Sd4neerous Idea in Amsrtca
ad that the danger
wh e all stand iso
O ld *c arelessWremou-
Mta talk which tlghtl
l. dthe e"mW


To Have

For Kor<

',. o l .
UNITED NATIONS, N.Y., Feb.24 fUP)--Th Ul
N9i600 General Assembmly Opeus b' 2 4 gjf qi
sotonth annual session today and a_ --, -"Z--
tamd the 1rig deadlock in the K-reft .... u MOW
There was an air of pessimism
tI*0-nation Assembly who had speu A4
ha* on the Korean question last fe
OOreso toward a solution.
A new team of United States g. "s ,p
i #we Assembly but no great ckanop- ,,19 A. cy
the Kammaissue-were expected.

Appear i

No Ida

Prialdent later IL Pearson of Ch111014001 1f#
was scheduled to call the W
lYg to d dter later thla aft- HwSot ta l k
si m o n .r r e l s p i l a g h e h a d b e a d &
10 a t.x e d 0treport ofl five d 'q "o-ut of
m"amw that Com-S
'ind Northe Kakfi
ge tr e u de twJ bom- h underlings hag .
I i -
*Swish fjq:Lt Z
e- P- ~ ttJ~


the-comm- a t ca n
W. 7 lwign
at. in andalac Por ttnt la U.N. bc 2greetedj t adeo
S* b* t t a en th.e t

m aa s i tpleeno r a
Mont"n tras ugh
s To Help a],'=r. = nterpre..
thee" A mre Qelen M y ya ter-on ai

hlli amSmoker rcde or the U~tit. 1a3OAtr dsm l
is btu su There uk .t ofI i n .,

at n the e g ~r o fof11pe 16Oi. I-mmeaL e
Sof the tf world." wouar ld unbed for mo than ah _w whenuhee _Pl
innocuqui entenoe or two.

,,, f n~g~ TIM o e t. delftation, under the-
CeInt Brie neane adekni p i o btrs" ove
I hr er. ILotdge Jr.,w alo wea ItosO '
IS To Help Diana mOMe careuly than an of ilJ
the American delegate ta t
iter Smoker Pn preceded It at the UV. s-an
d cdmsokerd n e Vihiak dchin lt of a new A r m .
PIv n A>< n AmerzBan resoltSoan Korea at
vM yesterday that you the 'WI opilni.
bribe a poleeman with 50 LodtiMuaad Suud y Russia an- ArmyWAC an two
parenay wvats to "continue the % s; a ^ 1Wre mos w
O 1*o alez6 l In the Cai- war In Korea" and that We i ht wher n the v eiclehl

K~~gSS~~fflWSW d""#111~iT ju~i n. A "<-.

no A. Vega, w drivMx a
ta truck ast ka M. m
cr"ahed Into a 1 NN e c
.CaytOn. Va suffered p
|f -tue ilwhile one

Ima bar anc arrested
dUe threw the elgaret
md offered to give the
50 cents because he
want to go to jaU." He
it was all he could offer,
that was all the money

Tha t wsotn him

S n'.

a the collective proper
ullf of medicine m ti
E e no inten- Ths
treatment In about
take the place I m era c
i mot satiu- cane ]

go for doubt can 3i
s a part of the mniv
that polat, It d
the i90le be the
Smlive but' ma a

slL a at K y*WEIS The WAC was sent to the
Solo Naval Hsptal where
tr trea e tor a d eDIv
*nO a to fr ltJamand On
ai on the f.aflML Bh
.u C ess the Amador ObftlrWHoNi
Colon. The panel truck
Sthey were ridini beloW-ed n
,* hbospiltL
autheritles have resolved instructions to According to police, prelhn.
gate te occurrence, ary Investigation was made
a have been a lot t stories In the press respqnsiility for the
what to ywr andient chronicler. which occurred at the Int
ay e madeao temnt for publia- tion of Holvar Highway a
It my der to be te center of a veron Road in Margasti, .
and it was or the purpose of avoid- not yet been esbablihed.
Sthe A o-Ameri- ere In serou
sad; ,. In war com~ by authorte
at"o Uy prepared poitns. The AC. who la a prtvhie
a on that tre will on tma iory duty with thr
a. r b amuqt have been Slit Amprican School at Pert 0W
Lit It how anyone k lk
Spnenoed to i f
Ire as '..'S ON' 5 ova no Godigl^
*.... '-'" .I -- I i lA V W
u~i-h-i~iiX^ r -H~ ,^b ,tm ,,AVNA c ,,,,.,,,- ^*^M



r- Abraliam Ucol'' l


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S S *
b 'S

"M '0

balt wol

i no saM
' My ane

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. .- l ,,^.,

I. .

.....R Lr
.R-. -

4b .

. 4

.;:. :.111%

S .

- 0 --


.... w
to.- ,fi
t^ S3

AN': !". *

...,t ;., I .. .

-.- r:'" .'
.. ..: .. ,
,. -..-----... -. ------ .
.' :, .- T -. .,. ; .. .*. '

tM rAuja A3tttICAN1FAN teill DAMif *!in

~aAqm ~mI,



7 1 STREETr P.. sxs IsL PANAMA.fOP.
S OL.O Oppic' 12.170 CENTRAL AVENUE sEfwEEN 12TH at 4 TH 7 1l9lr" s
ft* MONTH. IN ADVANCE 1.70 8 ..S
_____ ","__ 0.00o 5s.o
pen sIX MONTHS. IN AOVANGC a so as o


Agriculture Department May

Buy Beef For School Lunches

WASHINGTON, Feb. 24 (UP) set up a system to see that con-
-The Agriculture Department gressmen receive important de-
i considering a congressional apartment news at the same
proposal for an emergency beef moment it s made available to
purchase program for the school newspapers.
lunch program, chairman Clif- One aide said he thought
ford R. Hope of the House Agri- much of the furor over Benson's
culture Committee said today. controversial St. Paul speech
The Kansas Republican made could have been avoided i
the statement as John H. Davis, members of Congress could have
new chief of the Commodity read the text in advance. Th
Credit Corp., told senators be aide blamed much of the reac-
has not decided whether "ul- tion on "headlines."
terror" otives prompted the The beef purchase plan for
Agriculture Department to sell the school lunch program was
26,000,000 bushels of government part of a four-oint proam
corn ust before the November recommended last Friday
election. House agriculture subcommittee
Meantime, aides of Secretary to help strengthen cattle prices.
of Agriculture Ezra T. Benson Hope said the program was ap-
moved to ease some of the con- proved today by the full com-
gressicnal criticism that has mittee.
, arked Benson's first month in Other phases include step d-
office. up militia ee purchase, leg-
But they expected a new flur- stleon extending crdit to cat-
ry when Benson announces but- tlemen faced with forced sales
ter price support levels, prob- and regula on of imports of
ably later today. New Zeland and other foreign
Among other things, they have beef. f
Hope said funds are already
available for the school lunch
purchases. He conceded that on,
G vt Rele" Near ly comparativelyy aimall
amount" jof beef would be In-
k ll AM er i volved, but added that every-
He said there Is a difference
Ba b lJ, rM eof opinion among livestock grow,
fa idU Worke t era as to the need for federal
.credit but that he believes "It,
*ABM~GTON, Feb. 24 (UP) will be needed at some future
--A government referee yester- time." He did not el_.or -te.
d I i O0,o000O decision on- Davis testified beforethe en-
Zwether to n ta pay boost to ate agriculture committee which
1,30%W,0 tafroad workers, the is loing into ComoQdity Credit
that may set a pattern Corp,. lces regarding some
Sor 53 Fwage negotiations. 20,0,00 bushels of low-grade
e, a Unvesty of government-owned corn.
Paul Guthrle, a University of He noted that the department
North Carolina professor, Is already had announced the corn
expected to decide- within the would be sold to prevent spoil-
next few days on a "product- ae bit that the government
Ivity" payroll hike for the na- Wuud offer slmultlaneoualy to
tion's entire rail labor force. His buy new corn to avoid forcing
ruling will be final and binding down prices.
on both union and management. Sen. John J. Williams (R-Del.)
More than 20 railroad unions had asked earlier whether sale
are demanding an 18-cent-an- of 26,000,000 bushels of govern-
hour increase for their members iment corn last August, Sep-
the "operating" employes who member and Otober might have
MItan the ttains and the "non-i been designed to frighten arm-
Soperating, clerks, machinists ers into voting Democnatie. c
S William MacArthur, a*rfctr.

.... tha risme n tductivity' --d d djm. -awn -
the terea0ed "t of workers gMovennea
due to techulos improvementst, twiae as to a tfirt half
greased o ecy and other of at year"U th iae laat..alf.
factors. / Davis then was saked If he
Railroad management has op- "ever determined that corn was
posed any increase and contends dumped for ulterior motives."
that an 18-cent hike would raise He replied "no." but later told
payroll costs by (500,000,000. reporters he merely meant that
Guthrle was appointed by for- I Commodity Credit had made no
mner President Truman under such determination one way or
terms of the national rail union the other.
Outhrie already has ruled "_"
that the national wage policy -
permits productivity rames, but -_
is decision, was made when S
wage controls were In force. One
Informed source said Guthrie
now may rule that there Is "no
wage policy" and that the issue
should be settled in new nego-1 */-- / '.
tiations due to start next August AiJ .,
throughout the Industry.
Should Guthrie order a pro-
ductivity pay hike. however, the
ruling may set off a series of I"
demands by other unions. It moy be inc ient, but the
The AFL already has served office ongoras seldom pickenth
notice that unions would fight mousy g
1 or 1953 pay boosts to com pen-| --..y-'-.
sate for a rise in output.

I n the Bible

An;wer to

I Book Of the 59 Dibbles
Testament I Tard
Biblical 2 Indlans
patriarch -
Is .f 3 Recognizes
.i. ..s 4 Penetrates O g
12 Solar d isk Penetrates
/SlFirdt woman S ;aal
(Bib.) 3 Eggs
14CMtur plant 7 Couch 28 Eat
U The Arlwas I RelIgious 27 Walthound
/hou In a sufferer 28 Low sand
SWi. ew bin
tlo 8sm 10 Wander 20 Redact
17 ant I I Retain 3lPeel
11 Hebrew I I Seine 34 Baton
asc Uc 20 Wise one 37 Consider
|MPerpitous 22 Dissolve attentively
31Unitof 23 Applaud 38 Sller
r- uctgnc 24 Erect SoStretch
32FM mouth 25 "Emerald Isle" 41 Toll
33 Wave top
IDisparage 'l l l
0 Hawaiian
32 Moses -
the Israelites
through the
Red Sea
3 Swiss river
38 l brd of
cuckoo family
N0 Make ready
9 Doctrine P

1kt bl orhne
411 gBmla s, -g||,


42 Wife of
43 Journey
44 Military
47 Fillip
48 Bugle call
50 College cheWer
51 Poem

Labor News



This is a 'very flip man In-
deed this man who refused to
tell a Senate committee the
other day that he would fight
for the U.S. against the Com-
munists in Korea. He's part of-
the clever-bund who wander
through town waiting for the
awe-struck to say he got off.
some mighty fine lines when
he told a biographer that one
of his hobbles "was getting
away from It all" and thP
his "favorite vacation spot"
was "bed."
This is te intellectual, "
Howard Fast by name, who is
adored by those who lampoon
patriotism as though it were
some unclean thing and who
just love his novels, as though
the books led the people to
the light. This Is the man for
whose rights to speak on col-
lege campuses, so many have
fought on those typewriters
with built-in sneers.
Of course, Fast woh't tilht
the Communists i area.e
has written letters to the 8-
vietized Chinesa govern en I
Peiping telling them they're
the hope of the world--and
he wrote them long after Pel-
ping's troops began laughter-
Ing south Korea and the
GIs sent In to save decency in
that first instalment of the
greater fighting .to eae.
These letters have been used
as inserts in the llly dis-
tributed Red C bhal- Monthly
Review, the Engish.; Iltion of
our enemy's Intelletual pro-
paganda bulletin. Aght his
friends? Never. Be las never
publicly protested Peiping's
use of his letterS.
He Is like his friend, oseph
Starobin, the Da1ly. Worker's
"correspondent" in Pe Ip I g.
now lending h is taento the
enemy government's efforts to
Indoctrinate Amerian prison-
era of war. and why not?
Every soldier won over is a
recruit ftr the international
Soviet, like they sing in that
It matters little to Howard
Fast, the novelist born on
the wrong side of the Iron
Curtain, that at sa emeIt
ear GIs wi awe at e rof
war are b tleg n ee ly
tortured lit.%swep Cm.
These kids the bys out of
your local h school and
univeralty, on whose campuses
the fashionable say Howard
Fast has a right to speak, are
being worked over by new spe-
cial squads. this I learn.ftom
th- s es
S be W, flI iA. Nov. IS,
the Politlca Dept. of the Chi-
nese Communis m Com.
MWMsiodessp Wtchd -

thff are called.
Illey were headed by Chang
toriou agitation -
aides of the i boigo -
the fist d OZed troops
h a ,g a
to Iindo
0i-s 1 t lMoe t the Ameri-
eaus and SoaS Koran in W-
oners of war to ri GpU.

snatches of olop under
brlgbt eleetrie sotrghts.
When this Is done, the GIs
and the spnky little South
SoreansaWidr be divided into
three sroued.
The ti will consist of
Oers? who are strongly an-
U-CbmmU1nia Med loyal to the
U, and th ReRabhl of South
anL Te segregatedtd
end pg art from

. a ave labor camps and ex-
hiblted.a g the way as a
t1 iSoVet priority over
Thee men Wll not be per-
itttem to corre d wlth
"-The second betr*h, will con-
sist of those who appear to
Chang Ko-chlan's 14 "special-
ists" t have no strong will to
eistM, rre and indoctrina-
w ll be quartered in



Supersonic Suds .

By Federick C. Othmn

WASHINGTON.-Looks like I'll have to resur- Thas is a Detroit firmly ic"l4 the busine
rect, from beneath the SoC in the bottom draw- manufacturing industrial c ng machine
er, my old supersonic dog wh for dish wash- tae grease off nut aad b& a remove
mg PrpM .ftrap stel plates. T b Ir work, even
This whittle, when blown hard, I supposed to hnery, and the experts here are turn
make sound of such high frMelU = that peo- over to som wave .
pie an'st hear i, only do gs. The)r p .toem oIdO to W. F. New
I tried it out on Emma, the b n poode, who ord making at
but she Ignored It. Whether maSlcates that ducer to 'tisin 1 o ulr aE
Em has a mind of her own; of the soundly waves. Only suiabe- m In the t
w hite is defective, I have no way of tellingu. eualts eitalL. 2 Mea da pinbc so,
All I do know is hat seso aeabo tto t woM fl jobs enfrim
burst upon u-s a ne '., .ld.r.v olu', I .bery' au -rlea. caCt.'iid t a
tlion. Ah over thi land the ae expert- trand- mad'
imeni ith n&A khbf -of U = ,rQt. t'nm1 .1. *m .thdu..d... 2.u.o.&

Ivq now our washlinm famacnufacturers
are watchugh InAlA l U w=Ureic
clothes water being msanlactu a Chicago.
I have not ye Men of of these wonder work-
era, but as iplnd to me, It is a small metal
boa with r~ ded eormen and 1 electrei cord.
Drop it in any old tub or buoot-of water, t
cigarette. .and
The vibrations in the water ,It the rate of
400,000 per minute are u to knock the
dirt from the fibers and elS=a clothes.-In a
matter of seconds. ,.. *
I cannot personally vouch for this. but those
who have observed the process claei it left them
goggl e-eyed' the Det
Then there'a the Detrez O0goratlon.


facts aWhut ummora
desire to erase index
Actually, the ree
responsible for the A

...He mldOhatuon
low even for a p1i
Acuna...He said won
the courts here-and
Ing the records' .11
urer's incredible s
tme.. The b .1
it ea true thW a
detail of r Way
will do to Oe-MB
We reupetftaly
testimony of joun
for example: "We
only on way to .
the matter o its
and that l by,
what I ging
a vice which doess


handle I9
at work
re does h Imm me wM th
thot t t the bottom
a .iia isho-.mIN b cbdin a sUce s. ,
enuc to sound iu*4bi m you can reMd t
The mltary, whih g he conduct

bkirnock Off
E .an here, girL I'm igoI to give youn
a .n=ha &A

."-m VWy 1 = a swauir mi. ca n Wm= mpe

peantr. off b
The re n for. h p
pea5 tt our fesign- po aic
East; ad second, to a tia 4 alg t,

has UZI a ee W T
get on with Pnthe uu dnse
*"*nna thiu m "amha

~,i, tIl



w -ar h



NMw Yqrk City is
ard morait

biWwere things too
Iring railroaded Id

blund at Ir
iB was
,ort every atnd
What some men

of sinft1

men and
corded In

ien to baa the
the Jelke OM
;:_ of irony, A|


A .

0 ~


P*-. **

'. : 11

rson S

In maan

*I "



. I .

. -. "- -


*I r'* *',- .
"' t .

S''1 *.


1e 'sal .. t!.r of t n oe th
..;..." ...t.' ,DI~ /. 111.. m..J ,.n' irL ,r andpe. S-
"~&.' 195, alaa 3.;,qzo,,, als 378 ..aon. l.l.b Jordan, Boo-
,ar,', ,*...,-u.n JM bie aJ ru Letourna. Xae
4 _a.n d / a g g i e s b a c ey -d
PiTY sircases by ui iie Li lu soa.ut. tItorM
,!.T..' _.3.11 had .n luloybi .3r pa .t I ......f L h., x e,, of say, Rafael and Vilar,
a1 'l J+ i "" lll M~lll ;L F.,o2ll hadsan _l gla411r3p141r Art n e ..Y.. ..... .....a.... .... i .Aloerk_ v0 vern Lee Bhan.
Itor riray evwnig angLonte- IkW.. A... Iars I e
Th "49'd 1 a tWIimeN who sld. P1f@y Gast"e I B, ....., s. ob gesRdrg-
hqm th anl'J~id Mrs. Mrs. M. V. l h, w1 10e leav- -u, ). o b.- ,. a Bobby .anaopuwu, uody
eI or roh- l -a -l e -_A ....... ............... Ann Ma e.
M a. n re om roefe to brkley, r ,, ,,,...e
r" imAmy t .willA eide, eLiJ444911 WAIamson .ase sTlte who tnde
da f .... Junior Orch 0ot..ey Meetia ,I- : ant M Al.-
int-. -+--.' .... e, u a. u+.,., bert Rnai ,. _ob
.U ('A "0 o f 7401 A' E R en T n g. 6 11 w'e & eA .. Je jA" L M.a' C
"kle amki Fami, = .Lzut ColonelL. V eim. a. ....-.....,, .
',e, ,Initia- A A, MAs.lI&. 1kltoq.glp.m.. M
Sto sportat Ypag o- Mr. Koperdi Ayve s For A Girl Sout u 'oy Davi, M.Mr Pan
show' To the1 ge ua-byweiMr.-Edmund GZ, Moai'arl Sceaus:lous
.oian to hon- livea Monday n O a.'0 ...-. ..j Leignadier, r. Mutibum Urn
o :A *rvq1l and Maersk" for a It with his pr ue ton,~ we Caros COnmtrsrM, Mr1. A. 31.1
f Weskl eIng amy' 3Orun on brother and dter-in-law. Mr. ver Mrs. Mael Doneh
.......+__thetiJlme aW'dtiu n l d 1W """s ...-~ ll I"I .- e v ad M rs..',R: A. Kdp i ozak fPe ja. ,,=,m.r unmm .1
d. ." ..Lessepa, .' a W ,e .&1ULALuay tir &a- nuel A queZ. I 010115 Lope .
1t ROMeArk. Mr*. Have Mr. Xpeys"Oriy .e1 au aA amy
S.of a lifetime zesided-U the. past employed with jo tlabrpoEr Bob orrell and .
a a "dE1 retrnce. "4&%WaCate* Lnsee 0M robsderce a d Mrs. Ralph Jordan.
AkW iWfp return isai t Va.
dasr, Id. but no m m 'd
L ulb no member tThey il0l? a. 'dhey I b ee&4 ad bBac beek1 r '
W-Ah wil m a hae i n: t ie in I =Ange es .. u re
... .' "UI 'V ill i i,,. l mlw ax tors"l~
South Caro- Unitod Informal DDnaed ifoma
lH.L, sarryOn :U.i ..Mr. U e N est eusewara erpan And M. De nald An dinr paty
ngthe LouisianasHarry0 '-"1kWe 1r. and Mrs.. E gene Bllp- Uik, of Part IllWve was given by aP. and Mrs.
i00 0- -re r- m-b arewell ._ t- ey, of Margurt aranged a al their .bine m yto l. F. Roll at their G
r.-Bomb ed the no ho supper aa ior their dA daock Quarter
LWiver tra housewarmsAg ot and Mrs. an' her third annivers sing.
.AbuffMax Finley rda i at Mory.
dmnt e wwen la36 th 1W Ihsuir new horne in oon.Thir guests were: Ita
eveWnlg. "" he other rends rGarmes were played a and n Mrs. Robrt W. Cwa
UY r p: ... .ti pted were: Mt. *and grisesawWa ddthe winniers ndMs
-... Nat...alDe fta*.RGr".th, Mr. and Mrs. Fors of kets hat sad Tingler, Lieutenant
"re Macon Turner, and Mr. and w hitlis were ven the guest ugo and Leutet
"'A oaf h Mra. Bart Elch. "These Included: Zenla, at .0. t Jr."
hW.,a Oak- s"rveOfficers' wdl Party.F.
Engtgag m. pu-bda t ,w te~r Atlansl Ron,.1, No..... .].

SiM OM- N1o'n. ". 0. Wg. w heldb A roup of r from the
W06 s hed ate Natingl "ak. MrtrforM488 ote Wach..
un r Capti-L.4 j0a0 O Thursday night at the
-CoGo1b of Mr. and MM. John C.
A the o "Wp the, -*Muard In lMagerta. -
so ,ltrMildred herur.Ann
., .'and ATline im. GOver
",w. Adt atthe ItSoy of the h school set
.ma; Mr., Lusim, W AP A otyed an evn of dancing,
ma, Llan L;. Buatue VIC- geMWW and refreshments.
a7 d Mr Bonja- ealdinent ma all of Mresentedl the honoree
C., Ponsecs all of Nicaragua. atl re.ea heaa
toak I ..I present of a Guate-
.8pad or Howard Finnegan ge o e* kirt and matching
Ss. M Brad. aident-- of .detiftLOA 3i'am Wachtel sailed yes-
... R Atanti Colonel with her parents as the
ofa, ah ua V. HeIa: presdebht alkntline Maers" to make er
l* I- 3 ii ot is Mleft ~O(CBL' Mach J. T.- urns: home in New York.
s M Chub4s tv to afrn. .:06 to the lthmus by plane Buanday p sident Aantie ROA Lt.
-,e a-om, for the United .tate to re-, James Fernandesz C.Q. of 15-1 S --ety Exhibit
lbeen t .\hoaa rge Lewi tun to their home fodlwing LL. Commander J. T. GiafIo, t; will be an exhibit of
2~ Ca wRlt in Panama.
..teident of -
Tor a n 1 satea de Puer- CivpW eClub Meetlas Twdlks
i, ,r"o -TMe ouplesnClb o th ilUNIVERSITY OF PANAMA
boa Unio n Cana abw Stummer Course in Spanlasb or. Foreign rs
te dth1 ee glatg at 6:1wrTa
1*-nct, e: th.Chuth ,ParIM. baSEE'lU5 "
th-"lm+ ; Ij, l~ J~ M l-Irm m m a
the, ~ sd supber willprecede fthe05.60N -."s We W ve
c IngaandnDr. J .qtek ,,wi isthe,,A
,-.... .,and ,be te ....VAst..e I ,, h"h- ',n"ng -,A"- "

-Z .

*'A-Af'Yi. -:

+, ...o C$SW.0
.,, t o 1. ': b. *.
rn~atodbvW ',-


m,oa1 tluodi, rb

&'. & AU


'~.1-I. ~e ,

I "

S- '
AL1 ,, pI", ,



*-f~.*~* .,




I. ~.

..................................... a p1m .
....l.i................................... 1 .
" Af,;.].i............ .. ......... ......... PA

S--. p-a m ---- -r --- ge--

= Er



. v

I a..


I '* :':- + o --"

Si~re of Efverythl-Vexcep price e
*. '. '."-.' .... .
sw Nteae for alse, beauty and. Mr w pisww Ar M WMM ler,
iat and oNstli at cs. f 'g
: a2-ch whselh a+roo..y, 1

Now 5e.oupa" TWam*euw

Pa 6inO'5 oea 3.aI'&ge he we e.m.
N.. on-... Piwmatewiebl
sidua Use. WliowerA**<

meant dIt kcar og the
tchd Intuerfr.
mje power train* you let
y met 4..elth S dictlbct

fa Pentiac's rce tag.-jst a shade
Ito WOl r.llo woI deor 4- Spei l Nw ene-A l
and hijb r-ei vshe.
kJg~rI IwaNm that Pate edWes-fuch more
i~ui~pg- mm prices

fifg19iote Delivery Ijackensack, N.J. (No Soles Tax)
V- :.* i

fI.ect Shipment to Canol Zone

CIIVA .' -
.,r-f ... ta f l ''S -p : "

.. .W

* .4

wry. ~

-' ..

p inuuia 4L


~L -~-: '* ;- --F -I

~~s~ ~:.ct~a' ,: I ~' .


I 1


I ,

~~~' .~~

,Fnr Foro





IKaiser-Frazer Announce
Plastic-Body Sports Car
J, '7w u Great White Fleet
1 DETROIT, Feb. 24 tUPi of opening on hinges they slide
SKaiaer-'razer hiab announced it forward into the front fender NEW ORLEArAN SRVICE rivma
will begin production in July o0 wells. NEW ORLEANS SERVICE ____ Cristobal
a plastic-glass !poits car, the Their cut also is flashy. The
first to be mass-piuduced in the rear edge joins the rear fender S.STELDE ................................Feb. 25
automobile indusLtr. in a sweeping curve, while lead- S.S* MTALIA' .. ...................... *******
Called the DFa-161. It will ing edge follows the same curve. S STINN............................ Mah I
w :Veigh 1,500 pounds lesb than tme joining the deep sla'ht of the S.S. "CLARE HITGO STINNES .............. March 7
,hest America) convertible windshield posts. S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ............................March I
, ow built and is capable oi It has two "bucket" seats done
4 0ming from 10 to 70 miles an in grained leather. Door panels Handling Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo.
Sour in 15 seconds., and the padded dash also are
Sleek and low--only 36 inches leather covered. The convertible
'to the cowl -- K-F's bid in the top Is concealed under a deck Arh
-tudding American sports car lid when not in use. NEW YORK SERVICE Crist6 I
field will be the first car that! Or it can be carried in the
a major manufacturer has at- "half up" position, much like S.Sr "PARISMINA" ..............................Feb. 24
tempted to mass produce with a 1the old horse-drawn landau. 'S.S. "MARNA" ..................................Feb. .
plastic jody. S.S. "C. G. THULIN" .............................Feb.
There are som. plastlc-bod_ i S.S. "FRA BERLANGA" ........................Marh 3
cars now on the oad, but ineir S.S. "MABELLA" ..........................March 8
num ber is few. ..............................
Chevrolet plan to build about Fre uent frelght saUligs froa Crimwfl to
300 of its "Corvettes a plastir wIt coat Cenal AmwiaL por'.
Job that stopped the General
Motors' "Motoraina" in New
.York and Miami Other corn- JACOY ON BRIDGE
pansies are tinkering. I B Passenger Sailing to New Orleans Sailing at
K-F announced no prices nor, ; BY *WALD JACOBY via Santa Marta, Colombia 1:00 a.m.
did it reveal how many it Written for NEA Service
panned to make But Howard A K- S.S. "CHIRIQUr" ..............................March 10
rrin, who designed the DKF. S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ..............................Marh 4
161 for Kaiser. said the sport ............................
car trend "is just starting." NORTH 27 .eekly lln on Twelveuaeer SI to New-York. N .,
"Within three years." he said AK 8 8 5 2 ChaltMO, L Anglsmh, a Fracseao Stwk Mtle.
"we'll have thousands of Anmet 865210aand42
Itan-built sports cars on the K TELEPHONES
highways. After that the sk NoneTELEPHONES
the limit." WEST BAST (D)
Kaiser's plastic body is a com- 6 J 9 7 4 3 None CRISTOBAL 2121 PANAMA 2-2804 COLON 2U
bination of glass fibre and plas- 6 9 8 73
tic. It is stronger than shee *A 83 J 1052
.steel and much lighter. 4 AK42 6 10 98 53
It is easily repaired much SOUTI'
like you patch a tire tube Q 10 ni m
with resin and fiber glass. A K J
Non-rusting and impervious Q 4ThePac764eamNa
to winter driving, the body QJ INCORPOSATI BI ROTAL O ATs n
weighs only 300 pounds, just a North-South vl.
traction of the weight of a Royal Mall Lines L
equivalent steel body. th Wed t h 6 No
The DKF-161 be powered b.t 16 1Y 16 W
Kaiser's own 6-cylinder engi" Pass Pas Pass FAST FREIGHT AND PASSENGER, SERVICES.
which :s being "souped up" t Opening lead--- A BETWEEN EUROPE AND WEST COAST
over 100 horsepower with a hl,, E A WS CA
compression head and compres- OF SOUTH AMERICA
aion ration of 8 to 1.
The engine will mount three The most brilliant hand play- TO COLOMBIA, ECUADOR, PERU AND CHILE
carburetors, one for every two ed In the recent World Chain- M.V. "SALINAS" .........................Mash th
cylinders. A dual exhaust will pionship in New York, Is shown .MV"SALAMACA" .Marc.h
eliminate power loss from muf- M.V. "SALAMANCA ..........................March 13th
flies of the car are smooth r and shocking. The play TO UNITED KINGDOM VIA CARTAGENA, HAVANA,
and pe wwas full of art and craftiness.
and simple with no chrome South's vulnerable overcall of NASSAU, BERMUDA, CORUIRA AND LA PALLICE
trim except for a "gravel guard one heart on a three-card suit M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,0@ Tons)
strip along the base of the body. Is a big puzzling, but Is ap-
From the front it looks like parently part of the Swedish TO UNITED KINGDOM DIRECT
T r ae oe style of bidding. North's Jump to TO UNITED KINGDOM DIRECT
The doors are novel. Instead six hearts was dashing enough MV. "SANTANDER" ..........................March Ist
to suit anybody's taste. S.S. "CUECO" .............................. .March 31st
It was quite clear to West that
his partner had lhade a psychic ROYAL MAIL LINES LTD /HOLLAND AMERICA LINE
WasJrA opening bid. Nevertheless, he TO NRT PAIFI pRT
wuorm thought that the ace of clubs TO NORTH ACIFIC PORTS
was the "safest" opening lead. M.V. "DONGEDYK" .............................Feb. 28th
MA0 theAs a matter of fact, nothing S.S. "DURANGO" .............................March 12th
9 rTcould have been farther from
Sthe truth. TO UK/CONTINtTru h
nave set the contract twostr S OC AV ........................... l
and if West had opned t SS.L R i" ...... ..`#.u.. IM
of diamonds and then swIth M 0 DAD ......................Z....W t .
to spades he would still "". ,,,. ,at,
the contract one trick; All tSaMUing t0ab e* 0 to Cha e Withet Neileef
O i. re m- When West actually opened PACIFIC STBA NAI GATION o. Crltal T
the ace of clubs, Nils-Olof-lfe- PORD CO ING APAXAXA-A F. Prt *WTOL I.I i
S011ile runs bide redmt hook, playing the hand for awo ALBMOA.-Te f. Btfft l.. -im
den, ruffed in dummy and led
M1y rem it wft TAlevisio a small trump to the ace. He
then casually led the jack of woods. the first spade lead had book Ot hi au lai
clubs from his hand. to come from the dummy, so LlU- by du a du n e
SOTEI West could have defeated th lilehook led the jick of'hearts to led tlwe.' dt t 4 pe
contract by covering with tip dummy's queen and led a spade of sh lt i i up.
king of cubt but did not s' from dummy. asut quite proper- but it was too late.
what the effect of this pla y saw that he could not defeat Dummy ruffed and lid low
7th AVE. UUU yanu would be. He actually played a the contract by ruffing, so he spade for South to ruff. Soutti
at 50th St NEW TUNR low club, and declater discarded discarded a low club. Lilliehook now got back to dummy by rf-
ON TIME S UA A1 IfR CITY the king of diamonds from dum-. won with the queen of spades fing a diamond in time to d
my, holding the trick wih the and then led tip teo of spades, East's last trump. The pae
mkAi t.. .1 'aq Ss Us emeM jack of clubs. West properly covered with were all good it this point r
Declarer was not yet out of the the jack of spades, and Lillie- the rest o the tricks.

ALLEE 00 Tak


.tLrw ,<
T'IE ,MA .--'EF \0W


}& .6 -6h00 \ft I


ei Pa~



n a Chalmm'

. ,

-- ~ -

it MomtwtI

a .i. .

4.7* *LU



Mr. 7 Shoves Off



1 r


Ukw f~la~Iu.

. ... .- -.2 ,..


S 9 VRWRli
A foly mn Ecu


Quick Thinking


- -a Ara

< Sf~i;j~e I

fl,..~, AWg


. ~r aS~MMD j

* .",: ,'


* t,.

*as Wi .





|b gff
-.--. i:;I=111

- .-** ..


?I *


--" "*


~IJ~ I t~

l~gt (CIL



w Ali

#:ss ~I~?;#~j;


S. *. .
*. -, ',- .. I

A *

'up, A

,ilkS M .Yor N R6Sy: No. 3 of Series

.t -, t! A r-
-, i. .. ..M .. .
... PeAppetite"Grow a

SRampil t 3 to 6 Months Y
by i
Sof r
I most ofof
-6I After

toJ al fee a e.
3iib. llgh
2toos back
ot pa t r e home
e oll them
sthat the
Sas li urregular-

t ameOrtilon ora o

vits t m o the ah ard b
S? s t at es tthave to
e Iat a later
t uof tof We r. -ey abou
eeu Cl df nt iTll e h pi? the chooly
t Usr High and
L. .ltook hour-
uslge is..g i a hmn.t p arfedlpaten in the test their

pn- Wenstatelst ** memb a ar of bee Ih ftee boys sr t cuddg Atseutn tsHe ay t
i, tsam win e .w f a e e s ha t dife ot
SO1hL oebtm that
d I tst teener have thaot the *

3..i^ro o ga. pdro d u lyelar h- at ,s! meat. h.m.. fedig. aso t ef O i olve that O ohert the a Lf ent ha a thnl f

0? thU aInal SlM,.. "_ _I.s BOlecteD -i.SS- 'Ima 3,* I oungea ewa th idea o e threemea lsa
.s~I ,ckS Scott,
odn SdssseHwever. thr Ion

A- tg o;I tMwPfa, m Na tiaiila n te-. yr'l awile be rese n e th r elaW l m eath oldI, it does n a

*aep creatures andtapsheiv t ttPi Lda gt the gyar.tes IIIe W the l wo a a!! cnat a tme when he's happy. fer
mos It" dt thoes oharm 1"toy af
Is oft& Irandee- tMest loneveith the Janlor High win-
Aonis tph osrenfo thisd ner. EDITOR'SENOTE. S r D new follow your own doctor's advice
are, to ea 6& VIZ Fldea Aaan wm mothers-adsw mshrs-to- about this.
Three tsoimeoe deserments will betilanlaygisnholdnt eaxpe y. mfee g
ld ord t OrafN. l orne of man power e mo e of i equivalent, and then after
ltug.sobhe United e'thte iUsCUM It hofu -lo been .ah .I "nrtlelet of #4t ach wls- a fewd weeks switched to the sup-
Scertain iadsm o~ tat the Universal L- the
o _t bI dlt -thto to fL sD ll well- D
oa the td ttte mief me o own isbe ma advise ve tables and
nd, tho h An o ras efficient apuia- n11111 b TeThe ris e olesn' h l dnsti l meat for the 2 p.m. eeding als o,
'',"...M.- a thenLrh en t ddle pillows father the addition owe a
no t4A fgB h- tto f oid-M welo mesnhis t iabndvia enthi su back b r uc I t

and non oBabyly Is Clready t asto 2tl eda. cownve, pheopre hes ees har
e t sd fotoe.eNo ho lt mo nt i fo ot shol n othe or a ldf The
tart ed l h p o fi rthwo. d rk d dh ad weorink gradually to-

way w seltehd t BalboaNap t oatWe at rnger.u
611111 .a11o0 Il b d ~ a ]e t warmth o oIdeao f threes ad deal
tetll be e i Murch ondale, editor I dalb s ar te m at out ths. la dt
'nm tVV teher t u"d blecurs ba t bf i pae.y bntt e ticaln0

J. SleutmorMof tho leveelale soeonlmful4lk.cons t an t, ong.t Hfiekore
e abe nth rld r e al the agatl1t-moni ohac boesnoharm to offer
...-tdour,.re .. BOT TLE n teYlwlea.2r cdis-f i saing lc e a kie e w t
Tdrodtiooyeasid emah_ "' -.f"Ohi group O.s.e ho C, nW ofAgain, weustoes tetpoint thdat
-1working of the Mi fo Ot est heent0n ana lD Atal of rgOu gro wth anduIn- to doh ertain thing ato yset

Airhanufsno w wharanyouwat cilmbnl troldyoucanbegin tolook
CUM*. ItSIncludes t hbaby, not ust a b l itpoul txelfollowingistalgeso kes
illbe aw ded r na le b irst dat u t h oertc the tagh olore-

rvi""do Sal tiheno y toods into the ba because be able to hold a situncing on Iton
ohoo BRa sohe won't hold still long when helis dropped up against

b'll-ip withgreiat stoh aT prb-i issue.

SdOrmaDe wsol-R:
-,You amx a im -bflptoM&upthingsanddrop
.l,,s toad fm MW lay Ip en
.a"than arleveltblespoonful 4.Rzce emt Io. He likes

eI- t M ed fam yuwl-":1tri'"octI

of,. TODAY

adn...- ,,O
tn s rveiof a


I ~ ~
- ~-


~---~ LI I __~~ ~_~~ _~_~~____~~_~

e:li i:1,

Weimsamy "OULDAY FroB @miw

On Translsthmnlan Road, Behind "Artes 7 OfleleS" behe
PHONES: Night 3-1521 DAT 3-153,
SHOWS: 7:M 9:15 P.M.

:-:- TODAY --*





ry our deflcious Jambo Eambwarges aor p bd hot HRtdOaO
Soon:-"FLAT TOP"


LAvous... 5omNl... WOMANCZ...

2 2:. 4:u5 ITM 9:N p.m



I :A 3=55 S:W5 7:1 15, _
A Masterplece
"THE hOUR OF 13"


Loun HATWARD Patricld MEDINA -'
ALSO: Red Hot Acion'




and BILL
' TH





N'S SAVAGE $100.00 at 6 and 9 p-m.
!URYAf Michael Rennle. in
URY" i u, M SERABLs "
WILLIAMS n -and-
ACE THAT James Cagey, in



jmm UemWd. in
qmght or M awl
jCAT Mm.E kfi


y^ -,. ,

~t~L~PIP;1:-~.C: ..- _.LI.. ~

A.; .

__~ I

_ __


__ _




,Tryigto roll over. May uc- will challenge Ig
I and then not do It again for he met. older.
Iy weeks.
Around six months, for too
Laughing aloud. stance, e will have wonderful
Making swimming motions Uie crmplIn colored d e,
n placed on the floor--some- playing with pasteboard boau
es actually moving quite a and cartons, experimenting with
dance by wriggles the posilbiilties of a pillow. Do
not give him a great many toy
ou can help the baby to de- at any one time, however. Keep
p Imagination and resource some in reserve, to bring e
providing him with a variety when he tires of the old stand*
materials to do things with. bye.
lely household things that (Next: Six to amsn mathw)


[Panamna Cana/ lAeaters -

B A L B 0 A I LUPINO Robert R
a..aIlnd.... "BEWARE, MY LOVELY"
V&;A a T!. Wed. A Thu,,. "MY WIr .h .
:1 .:.. A"CAPTIV CITY"

Thna ,r, wrooor of
G A M B 0 A (We..

n.afig r"UGrrve LAb".
MARGARITA ,, xa.a CARn Y A lsxl suI '
.a .. "Cove Of Outfaws"-Technicolor
*g W*edmeer "ONME MINETB TO g0

I *.* -.<,


S' '" I .' .
JL ..... u *. I'-, : -v ,
l.i PIB IPA -~..' .- *{.** -,.iL

You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru PA. Classifiedst.,

Leave you, Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "I'I Street Pana- m
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

Lewis Service
No 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2201. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Salon de Belieza Americano
No. 55 West 12th Street

Carlton Dr Store
10.000 Mel4uder &ATe-Phone2s8 ColW

,Propwgmda, S9A.
Agencia lternacional de Publicaciones ."- 8t s r studiaqt t,.
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Pboesm "$ and 32798

L~-; N

IZ woef,,
I"sa welt

Household Automobiles
FOR SALE:-Old porcelain-finish re- FOR SALE or Trade 1950 Buick
frigerotor, excellent condition. Up- Special 4-door Sedan. Hogan
right piano. 342-8 New Cristobal, Phone 3-2878 New Crisobal
phone 3-2916. 337-A.
F SALE:-Westinghouse refriger- FOR SALE: 1942 Packard, good
actor. all porcelain. 25 cycle. Corner condition, $225. Apt. E. House
cabinet. House 8060-A, Margarita 1549 Govilan Area, Balboa or 2-
3rd Street. Will be home after 1 505.
6:00. FOR SALE: 1950 Mercury Club
FOR SALE:-QM mahogany furni- Coupe. Perfect condition. Easy
ture: Tabes, chairs, linoleum rugs payments. Must sell. 417 Porto
(2) new. Reasonable. Phone Bol- Bello St., Ancon. Phone 2-3656.
boa 3191 or coll at Qtrs. 524-A. FOR SALE:-1948 Nash Club Coupe,
new town-site, Ancon, weekdays duty paid, radio, top shape, $795.
after six or al day Sat. & Sun. 00. Coll Panama 3-1466, work-
FOR SALE:--One Westinghouse re- ing hours.
frigqrotor, 8. 5 cu. ft. 25 cycle. FOR SALE:-1947 Chyrsler Sedan 6
$100.00 ,excellent condition excellent shape best offer leaving
5564-K, Tel. 2-3017. Zone Sunday. Room 261. Hotel Ti-
FOR SALE:- Brand new Westing- voi 2111.
house white enamel 2 Plate Elec- FOR SALE:-Highest bid over $850.
tric Stove-Table model. Call Pa- 00. 1947 Buick Super like new.
noam 3-4050. Phone 88-588 Sgt. DeFeritis. Fort'
FOR SALE:- Mahogany set: twin Gulick.
beds, 9 and 6 drawer chest,
vanity, 4 drawer wardrobe. Maple Id
dining table, buffet, serving table, Help W anted
6 chairs. 2 Hollywood beds. Plat-
form rockers, studio couches, cof- WANTED-Experienced maid, loun-
fee table, rattan choirs, lamps, end dry, housework, cooking. Six days
tables, mirrors, fish bowls, electric Call 742-A, Enterprise, Balboa.
grill, washing machine, typing
table and chair, Simmons twin
metal bedsteads, radio-phono- Position Offered
graph, records. Reasonable. Quar-
ters 549-A, Curundu Heights, 6 to WANTED:-Experienced male book-
9 P.M. keeper. Good salary to start. Apply
"OR SALE:-Hollywood Double Beds by writing to "Bookkeeper" Box
44.00. Twin Size 30.00 Youth 1619, Panama, R. P. giving full
beds complete.- 45.00, Dining particulars as to experience. Three
Choirs from 3.00 Dining Tables personal references required.
15.00, End Tables 3.00, Guar- English-Spanish stenographer, male
ahteed 4 Burner Gas Stoves 55.00, or female. Send full particulars,
Coil Springs 25.00, New Mattres- experience and photo to Box 2153
ses 1,5.00, Dressers 12.00, Ward- Panama.
robes from 22.50, China Closets WANTED:- Bi-lengual secretary,
20.00 AND MANY OTHER BAR- only experienced need apply. Dog-
GAINS IN NEW AND USED FUR- mar No. 6. Tivoli Avenue.
Cesh a Credit Terms
Household Exchange (HX) 41 Na- Burialf Tomorrow
cional Ave. (Auto Row) Tel. 3-4911 ..

Ot Mrs. Lindsay
At Corozal
The burial of Mrs. Mary Ann
Lindsay, an 89-year-old great-
great-grandmother who died
Sunday at the Oainboa home of
her daughter Mrs. Lucille A.
Joseph, will take plaee*tomorrow
afternoon at 1:30 in the Coroual
Mrs. Lindsay is survived by
four daughters, one son, 26
grand-children, n ine great-
grandchildren and one great-

Tenement Fire
Takes 8 Lives
HALIFAX, N. ., Feb. 24 (UP)
-A "nightmare" fire swept a
tenement house in thb. teeming
North End today, killing eight
persons including i mother and
er five children.
At least another 50 persons
stumbled to safety through
choking smoke and lancing
flames. Six hours after the fire
started, firmen believed they
had accounted for ill of them.

FOR SALE:- Lester spinet piano,
lounge chairs upholstered in plas-
tic four 3 x 5 Chinese hooked rugs.
Electric sewing machine fiber rugs,
wooden dresser kitchen and dining
room chairs. Misc. items. Springall
House 0207 Herrick Rd. Ancon.
FOR SALE:-Elegant living room set
2 comfortable armchairs, T sofa, 1
glass table, I dining room table, 6
chairs, 2 table lamps, 2 beds with
mattresses, 2 white tables, Bella
Vista, 45 Street No. 4.
FOR SALE:-Gray oak bed, springs
mattress, Mr. & Mrs. chest $75.
QM. Large Table & 4 chairs $15.
& library desk $10. 5 ventian
blinds 54 x 36 $10. Call 2-6306
or 1403-A Carr St.
FOR SALE:- 2 Rattan armchairs.
Good condition cheap. 119X-A
Real Estate
FOR SALE:- Real bargain. Family
house with plenty of land & 15.-
000 gallons watertank at Puerto
Pilon. Call 1032-1 Colon.
FOR SALE:--Choice beach front lot
Gorgona Beach 2161 meters at
25 cts. meter. Call Balboa 1920.


in cooperation with


Proudly presents in .Panama

the famous

"FA I r"





D hae" e* a *dleklm *pem
Wdie Alsekellb AaemeM. lee
a0 Aice, C. Z.
DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
Central Avenue K Street corner.
Telephone 2-3479, Panama.

AQUARISTS: New Tropical and
Gold Fishes, aquarium books, sup-
plies and Bulk Fish Food. Acuario
Tropical, opp. Juan France Stables,
beside Drive-in. Phone 3-4132.
AVAILABLE: Experienced rhoalo
church organist. Pastor's friend. No
exceptions. Box 641, Pedro Mi,

FOR SALE:- Kodak amplifier model
A complete all occessorles, filters,
floodlights, other Misc. photogra-
phic equipment, some furniture
Call 3-3268, Pariamao.
FOR SALE:-Girls' Roodmaster bike.
18", good condition, $20.00 girl's
green wool coat, size 12, $8.00.
83-3208. .
FOft SALE:-Console. Radio, Phono-
graph, 3 speed rehord changer.
large collection records 1443-B
Owens St. Balboa.
FOR SALE:- Lathes, drills, planes,
various diometers.s "Talleres Mor!
tinez" 20th street east Bis Pana-

FOR SALE:-Two used electric fans
30" diameter 7 ft., pedestal,
suitable for show rooms. Lavonde-
ria Tip-Top, No., 20 east 29th
street Panama.
FOR SALE:- Portable radio, toast-
master, waffle iron and grill com-
bination, Fishing tackle, carpenter
tools aluminum venition blinds
Porch screens, medicine chest
dishes, drapes, nurses uniforms
washable evening dresses size 12.,
Misc. items. Springall House 0207"
Herrick Rood Ancon.

Dance, Floor Show

S1l For Clayton

A dance and.floor show will be
hbled at-Fort Clayto. Rmna"lum
Thursday, tram 8 to 11 p.m.
Polito Gallndea. famous Puer-
to Rican singer, wil be feature
attraction at the show.
Other performers for the show
Include Russ erinda and his
guitar; Vic Gilbert; Al Pinchot
and his accordion; Bob Polon;
Zonia, Spanish dancer; and Zo-
mera, miniature mambo dancer.
Junior hostesses from the Pan-
ama area will attend the dance.

Cocoli Youth
Excels In Academy
In: t. Petersburg
Cadet James 8. Powell, son of
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Powell,
CocOl, Canal Zone, has been a-
warded a silver riband with silver
star for academic excellence and
a deportment ribbon the past
month at Admiral Farragut
Academy, St. Petersburg, Florida,
where he is attendflg schooL


Williarm Santa Clara Buch t.
Za2 tiedroom*s rehttl n
Mo "os rangers. wo` 3
Exeopt week-ends
PhU111ps. Oceanside cottages. Santo
Clara, Box 435, Balboa. Phone
Ponama 3-1877, Crastobal 3-1673.
O5tER'S Cottages. One mile beyond
Sonta Clara. Completely fumiqhed.
Rock Gas Retrigerators and Stovs.
Bring your linens Phone Dogmor's
2-01 70.
Gramnich Santo Clarh ex-
cottageL Electric lc* baes, gas
stovus, moderate rte.r Tepk
6.-441 Gamboa. 4.567 Pdro MI-
Stoi at Hotel Pan Americano in cool
beautiful El Valle.
FOR RENT.--Chalet at Golf Heights,
2 bedrooms, livingroom, dining-
room, garage. kitchen, .maid's
room, large garden,- Refrigerator
and some furniture. Telephone 3-
1293 Panama. 2 to 4 p. m.
FOR SALE:- Furnished houses ON
BEACH at Santa Claro. Phone,Bal-
boo 1389 or see caretaker.

FOR RENT:-Two bedroom apart-
ment, completely, furnished resi-
dential district. 52nd Street No.
5, apartment T.
FOR RENT:- Small apartment, fur-
nished, for two months. Coll
3-1265. PonamA from 5 to 7 p.m.

FOR RENT:- Furnished room for
Americon couple without children.
Central Avenue No. 24.
FOR SALE:-.f 74-HOV. Harley
Davidson. See at 8044-J MoArari-
ta or'toll 3-2914 ofter 4 P..

Radio Programs

Vu Commu ity Stetsio

Whee 00000ee


Tuesday. Febary 2 .
3:30-Musia for Thursday hd ift
4:0U-Oreat Artists earsram
4:156-BobBberiy thJ*
4:3--Whabta Your. Favorite
5:3&-,What'S Your Fav or t1.( S
6:00-.-thseal Interlude g4
6:30-Bloil's Record Shop sedan
6: --LoweUl Thomas C
7:00--rlt, Rehearsal (BBC) .
40--mFrROm PaRBuMT 4
(Petro=Alo a 'Tiom s8e0 The i
8:00-ort Story Tleat r bashha
(VOA) fender
8:3o-Musi. ot the gPer 9eo N
8:45-Us. OoPim* pAa "

9 V15-ee).ks. *- "
A .(] 9:30-Th o!i DoQa -M
10:00--CaU 1! ,
10:30-Mood -

9:00-TNewsI .1
6e:-Imla On and Alarni O
7:30-Request SUlm;
8:30-Your A 34rtean Muts
9:00-mNewr .

12:00--M#w ., e

12:00--NI W

}0. prsti~vA4 f*.* kV

WOito are to prot*t


wdoo)r chart.


.t. S. & Noel Ca

Shplnwg. moving Storae. ODbaIn
Wiek ^nd oraite or mov nesday,
anYjf.*P Phono 2.2461. Rq p1
2-2 amar. wh2o
-_ / _. lumanftni

( 'I



.9 at a' a J.

At lt'I B

AR* aan

ar. .est
ld ye
.ta *lsu

*n; f
Un .


'r ',wUs born
itIeat locil
Wealr ( o a

; 7 ;: -_ .. ,
1I' .. .. .1

in avu

<.~"~*: j':

Y'4~rhn ~

Sted man. w i's.
lne bis
a thebi
>n drit


calculating machines

from Swedea

See them on display in 2amap's wutnost

TheUAvtnue No. 6
Z- ;*

re tR SIX

. '< .5,* ,' '


S .'Private Live' Y

.i." 70,

77lundiales, S.L

- '.'






7 T


I r

- --

~C- r.--r,,~C~C~WI~S *Y~' ~p;~:T~~?~Cr~4y~T~a~~

*.,, .;' .-H. n



I -1 -~a Yn. r~r--.'.


'Af ,
z. o, '

Bd~ge 9-6

SAt*Mni Twi

2 S"* I .
SiNGSfl 4eaou

,3_-.. .w ,
W,, wit

hee 4' 1! ft he bat
'" S 3 'iho
'-4 ""-5I.

.. -. s .

t Portuguez

! Recovery


i League

wu -ell sprea
0 entire team. !
L 'nA& fhminan

lag /the two-time
me for tonight's con-
m set at 7 p.m. and
wd is expected to be
&Ubaneai cham-

of PraJsi

landau,.: o' "*' *
ehSl ,. *r. J U, i


COMINGVO PinAAMA Humberto Morn, above, famous parish
bullfighter m ev has agreed to come to Panam for two
appearances at La Macarena BullrIng, on March 8 and 15. The
loca burng will be blamed tomorrow evening and il put on
Its first program Sunday afternoon. Tickets wml go on sale
Immediately after tomorrow's ceremQn.

La Atraccion Whitewashes

Brewers 8-0 Behind Campos

La i



traccior "n3

a '.

Bebjbd the pithlng ,,.
h ,an no runs, La
nine took tW Brewers -0.
aow PoS owas :strongly supaOpt

Bye oegatMte by oth.
Bob beftare O t State
V ktow what oth outfiti
.-efl o rthewa of In.
its a amt easil

toile fJ


- founder of
iMea says
S'b .inmt;

aimreetor Mida-41i
Iflfl the~h iBaHliE

After getting these runs of
Porcelli, who pitched a nohlt-
ter on Thursday night. La A-
truadon did not scon any more
ad only got two more hits off
im. Campos wa had t bit u
. strubkeut seven m n mad
walked oM4 two, -t w
rne hits wre scatered.
Both pithers went the whole
w, with Campos getting tl

The'box score:

orl 23b 3-1. 0 1 1 0
ls b 3b '1 1 0
X 2'.2 7 0
i2 2 1 X 1
1l 3 0 0 0
A-rf 4 0 1 1 0
amos 2 0 1 0 4 0
Tetaes It 9 1
,. ..*ahL.sA .
x s. 2 0 2 0
%cut 3b 3 '0 1 3 1
,. lb 1 0.0 0
>J. 0. 1 g 6e
C ,B. c, lb 0 2 0 0
Mecde, C. 2b 3 0 0-2 4 1
Denhan II 3 0 2 0 1
Fraser rf 3 0 4 0 0
Porcelll p 3 0 1 0 0 0 0
Totals me a XIt 3
conm r by InniyNg
La Atrac. ON0000 -4 8 1
Brewers 000 0 0--0 3 3
.Umplres: Luer and Morton.
Tins ot game: 1:49.

Harvey Robinson Is New

Head Coach At Tennessee
~M7nfF le Sports Writer

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., F7g. 4 "I do not have a feeling of
(UP) -- Harvoe was elation upon being select t
named head fot oaeh at succeed general Neyland as
the University at Xneamee to- head coach oa U. T." Robinmon
day as the athltc board ap- said,
proved a yea'leve of absence "I know that I se eeod- .
for Gen. Bb Neyland. l the setest oech in
Neyland will remain as athle- American football. It I& a m-
te director, and Robtason will bring exprime and me that
continue as eaeitant athletic I approach with a deep See-
director. e it of hwml iy.
Neyland who has been "My staff and I will work to
r U. T. and Its man ahlnl and
eed oaiti, friends tdhesm ype of ft
Splay a v taball of which they have been
's sports a re- proud in the pasLt
rns. Uhder Neyland. Tenemee won
S171 ges. lot 27 ad d
.ary in hi 21 years of ac;;lv c
f. W. D hety, offensive coach under N d
M-Mei t ti Idplayed quarterback for

service in the Navy, '" w"

a1 Percy Ba tkO's

^si French

% Champ n136.
out ... an ... -.*.Larrnftvin


.1~ 4


NEW YORK, Feb. 24 (UP) -
Referee Jim Freeman said today
that "Just one second" meant
the difference between defeat
and victory for Johnny Brattan
last night In his flght with T
Portugues at Brooklyn's Broad-
way Arena.
Ex-Welterweight Champion
Bratton of Chicago achieved a
knockout over middleweight
Portugues of Costa Rlea t 2:46
of the fifth round; but Bratton
had to come back amazingly
from the brink of a kayo in the
fourth to turn the trick.
Portuguez, out-weighing John-
ny 161 pounds to 152-%, stunned
Bratton with a series of wild
head hooks after two minutes
of the fourth round. He batter-
ed the helpless Bratton across
the ring and rained punches on
the staggering Chlcagoa In an
effort to stop the ft. .
"If Bratton hand respond-
ed, I would have stopped i"
said Negro Freeman I was
all set to stop it, when ratton
suddenly let with a right that
had power and showed he was
okay. Then he threw a couple
more punches. And pretty soon
the bell rang."
Meanwhile, Portuguez mak-
ing his first New York start in
two years psed up all his
energy in the fourth round try-
Inc to belt out the on-fragle
Jo nny. It was a very ed Tuxo
who came out for the ffth.
Button hit Tuso so hard on
the ehig with a right in the
fifth, nUd a corner that Tuwo
bound from one rope into an-
other tr and then fell forward.
on hi e He roed over and
tried to get up, but couldn't
make It and was counted out%

Reynolds, Mantle

Sign Contracts

Vie Raschl, who won 16 game ,
t t and appears tobe
Ihe toug- to sign now that
Re had threatened to
pull out of camp because he
coulint come to terms with the
Yankees. His original demand
was reportedly $00D0 a year for
two years. He took the 38,000
Reydolds actually had a plane
ticket fa Oklahoma City. But
e could not take off yesterday
Mant he planned because
diceeoed oa menchanic-
al trouble. That forced him to
renmaAl In camp another 24
I Dglng that time Hamey ar-
rtd en camp. Reynolds had
S' oubl to come to terms
,rh. h. manaMier George
WeaL9 apparently was talked
now wdeal by Weis'
6 Lopat was offered a con-
raticalontract which would
Le Khim to make sa much as
last year It be pro-
due It was learned. But he
toned it down.
Maatl technically was not a
VlM to, since the Yanks have
t otted spring training for
Ilmers and catchers only. But
Shoad been ttempting to get
out of the club, He

Fasflich League

Patlomas Top Pumas In
Holiday Game
The flu, taking Its ton of Fast-
fh Leaguers, halted the play-
of the Conejo-Macaw geme.
However, both teams with the
assistance of some Pool. p!aye
with the Conejos coppingte
practice contest 6-3.
Lem Kirkland, diminutive Co-
mejos hurler, went the full route
fr the Conejes while FMd
Bruhn worked the five Iningn
for the Macaws.
In the second gaP.e, the ftas
ot another fine game. when the
Palms took the measure of the
Pmas. After a bad ft Inin,
the Pumas ttled SW w=
usual steady SUp ame B te -




Atlantic, Pacific Cricket

All-Stars Play To Draw


I -

Fall of Wickets: 1 for 44; 2 fW
44; 3 for 9; 4 for 131; 5 for W9L
6 for 17I; 7 for 185; 8 for 13;
9 for 215.

Leon Roberts 4 wMebta fr 44
run. Willbert Bratutalte 1 We
ket for 23 ra
nKs, 2 wickets efor t-rim CiM
ter Mitke, 1 wicket la m.
Oscar Hoo 1 wS
E. Belgrave, wlkets Str 1I
rum. S. Campbe wit Jar
28 runs.

3. Lord lbw bowled Small
S. Campbell bowled GrifME
B. Belgrave bowled MaW
Edwards bowled C. Deon a
L. Robers lbw bowled romve
W. B. ct., bowled C. Dehlea
0. Rolla ct., bowled C. Oros
C. Mike run out
W. Mike bowled L. Morga
R. Best not out
A. Dennis not out

The two-day cricket match be-
tween the Atlantic Bide All
Stars and the Pacific All Stars
ended in a thrilling draw on the
La Boca Ball Park, yesterday.
In reply to the formidable to-
al of 22 runs chalked up by
the Atlantic iders o Sunday,
the Pacific batsm doedly
ran up the respectabletotal of
208 runs for the on of 9 wickets.
The batting here of the Pa-
effi team wa ZIbert Belgrave
who, with beautiful car-
pet strokes, scored SO ru to
win the Agenda Sears cricket
bat for the highest Individual
score of the game.
'Sam Hewitt's 65 for the Atlan-
tic Bide and Smuel Campbel's
59 for the Pacific Side were
other highlights of the Interest-
ing game that has heralded the
comeback of cricket as a major
sport on the Canal Zone.
The bowler with the best aver-
age was Luther Morgan who
captured two crickets for 16 runs
and won the trophy donated by
Local 900, 0. C. E. 0. C.-CIO for
the outm g bowlers.
amne Campbae and James
Lord won the prizes donated by
the Pacific Cricket Council for
the partnership that made the
best stand at the wicket The
Campbell Lord partnership
yielded 79 runs to top the 51
runs made by the Hewitt-Grif-
fith alliance of the Atlantic Side.
ThO Leroy Fergus champion-
hp ship eld will be held Jointly
by the councils of both cricket
league. The Panam City Army
and Navy prize for the victorious
captain was awarded by Roy
Best, Pacific Side captain, to
Luther Morgan, skipper of the
Atlantic Siders.
The results:
C. Smith, bowled, Dennis 25
S. Hewitt bqwled Roberta 65
J. auzel bowled Dennis 0
K. 0. stpd., bowled C. Mike 27
J. King bowled Rollox 22
N. King ct., bowled Roberta 17
C. Groves, run out 20
C. DeBouza ct., bowled Roberts 4
L. M. ct, bowled Brathwalte 9
Deo bowled Robert 18
0. Small, not out 9
Extras .16
Total 232




Pall of wickets: 1 for T3 ; 2
117; 3 for 57; 4 for 1M; j
159: 6 for 183; 7 for 20
1200; 9 for 203.
C. Groves, 2 wickets for 1
runs. L. Morgan, 2 wifetoe AV 14
runs. Small, 1 wiket im n
W. DeSousa 2 wicketf tfoa
runM K. Griffth, 1 we Wt "r I
muna N. King, 0 vimt for 11T
runs J. King, 0 t ftr

erltiS IFWff MW,


- ashmmmw




Your most fragile posessions
packed and crated by our ex-
perts for rely SAFE movMing

or storage.

For dependable service call


F. S. Rudesheim
Telephones: 2-2451 2-2562

m ni m innm m

I ma S mp k ni

or party fta or faly for-parterdy ed for riMdy-
try tomato and dhrimp sandwidMs.
Whoa g oes iho whole wheat brood iaes and Omalo keb.
S i- heat wig Krmft Maysuhlw TOP 06 W 0 1 I0
ooaked inp wco gllko s d p e of Vl-M-kL
Flae l hp iModerate een (350 ) or under md-at bl l.
Mt w goideno camy Volve**ta Is meod. Samven dOMp

g 1spe1fm b iedremMly imprtWent u6t you se Wl h9
S raltel cotd tin prparinl Ihs sandwkk. And eonce yW
S ,ted Vve youme what ie m mo Vovetet's ra dd
SI y diM A co'rdream, lo
r i"w "... aag U AW.hMy ... mproaA hdtor.
em m mi ur si me -- ea em a.wn''um

.-~h ..~.

o. W .

- W i vw:WM




--- -I- .~ -- .... ~....~~L~.I.~

--~-- ---I------

-- ------ --

* 1




Total fr wickets



m^3 31 1 11 1
'0 0 20 0 0
e 0 0 0

-. ..,.. .... ~
. ..K.1:.. ... ..2.

Pt ; ; ,


b -Al



Fin ally

Refugees "

Stampede an an

To Berlin
"Let the people knoe the truth and the country is safie*- Abraham Lincoln. ,
BERLIN, Feb. 24 (U-).-The
westward stampede of refugees TWENTsyEI6HTD YAR. PANAMA, B. ., T, FEBRUARY 24, 1953
from Communism to beat the .. i
prospective closing of the last
Ein.rao:.:Cu: tomic Deection St ions
Soaring above the oldrecordI .
of 2,600 on Feb. 2, the total of
East Germans asking asylum in
West Berlin raised the figure
.m^adi Reactivating All Across "US
for t,,he month to 29i88. i%

Refugee officials said the
numbers showed" panicd was
sweeping the Soviet zone be- LAS VEGAS, Nev., Feb. 24 (UP) Seth Woodruff, Atomic Energy The AEC and the Defense De- Spokesnienf rte unlonos-
quse of fear the Reds would -A network of radiation-meas- Commission mnkgar,.said that a partmcnt have announced ta a that strike was i by
close tit East-West border at during stations across the United threatened strti e b security series of atomic blastawill b-set bulldint Ktrades ca after
Berln. hat would complete the States has been re-activated In guards "probaWy. d not" at- off during the maneuvers Involv- chse oC f the gu ar
sealing off qf East Germany preparation for a series of atom 'fect scheduled rn tests at ing nearly 20,000 soldiers, sailors tal "tused o te
from the W t.. tests to be held here next month, Nevada's atomic grounds. Marines and airmen, tIationB."
Tbl day'b rush swamped the the Atomic Energy Commission AEC officials mnd l rpresenta- There were unconfirmed re- The guards are not eftmOled
city's registration office and said today. tives of 45 tecarity guards In- ports that atomic artillery shells directly by the ABC but ar e- pu-
overflo*ed-th. 74 refUgee camps The radiation monitoringg and volved in the dOip1te over dis- would be fired during the opera ed by the Federal Services Co-
in West,.Berlin. warning ytem will collect data missal of a guard conferred at tion at simulated towns antd y. a guard service which -
The camps, many of them on normal radiation, both in Ne- Camp Mercury, g8 miles north- camps being erected for the olds a contract wltt the AEC. mint"
wardamage4 factories, were vada and throughout the nation, west of here. tests. The man over whose job the
packed like sardines. before the tests begin. March 3. Woodrmff disolesed that the The security guards are repre- trike threat arose was ecuroty Co
The so-wled "refugee airlift" RIaOth n moaltorini will guards agreed. o sian kev se- sented by the AFL Teamsters Inspector John Hunter The
to the West was expanded to continue darinr and after the curity positlens even If a strike Union and the APL Buildng unfi said Hunter was elected
deal with the record flow. Some tests to protect residents with- is called. Trades Council here. askesmanfor e other guards
700 refugees were flown out of in a 3-lile radius of the to confesar with f pt. Steve Dud-,
Berlin. r proving grounds and to detect lty, head of.t.hevWe Dudityuar
The number was scheduled to any ee n radiation levels ea of.t curity guards

Th e operation by Wstern Al- .Arined forces units will con- Th
led & ommercal air lInea, was duct tadiological rveys both t to
eand* in keping with a frolh air and,ground in the im- the eae.le ea
b. of tl West Gernk goy- mediate area of the explosion of the law and
ent to acco odate 3,1)0 iinedately following an atomic unfair latber w aoeties.w and

Another Johnny Reb Dies;

a ptured After Vicksburg

.OLA, La; Feb.. 24 (IP)LLast Modern 'Wars will observe me-
ummr, two faded warriors iorlal services for the ancient
ro another century looked veteran at Baton Rdue .
over the scarred bluffs of Vicks- In a statement on t passing
burg.'.and whispered. to each of Louisiana's last Confederate
other: "See you again next year, veteran, Oov. Robert F. Kennon
buddy." said "the same principles for
Todayboth were dead and the which be and other brave
outh can never again look for- Southerners fought, the rights
ward to reunon of its. Confeder- of the: Mates as guaranteed in
ate veterans. the Constitution, is still a living
T"he dath.of "Genera" W. D en, Towrfed always stated
Towsen& Sunday night at he theBssuiei ofithe Cli War more
age Ibft s only four o' the a l. e said that "Old Abe
Reel eehttnarians still alive. Lincoln had paid the South for
Those four were too feeble a its slaves the war might hav
ye a to join Townend anid been "avoided.
n Waliaim J. Bush of Georgia
at- the reunion in MississippI. And like all the old battlers
Bush died-last November. who lived beyond the century
funeral services for Town- mark, Towsend believed that the
send, an Illiterate smon ySouth could have won If it had
Louisiana settlers, will be held fought on a little longer.
at the, OJa, Baptst church to- ey was getting ready to
day; stack arms and we beat 'anmto it
He wll be- buried In the Con- by five minutes," he said. ,
federated soldiers plot in Green- Townsend fought as a buck pri-
wood4CemeY In Shreveport. ate at Pinevlle, La., and was
Thbe Lolsatnao battle- captured after the sige ofI
flags. and. ^ minentals of the Vicksburg. ,
Clvll War wl be brought out to The only fotir Johnny Rebsa
Dav .n tribute still left are John Sailing, 106,
Th unutted Daughters of the of Slant, Va Walter W. WU-1
Confederacy and Veterans of llama of Franklin,. TeX., Thomas
E. Riddle of Austin, Tex., and
SWilliam A. Lundy 105, of Laurel
HUI, Fla.
SOnly two Yankees survive.
SThey are James A. Hard, t,of
Rochester, N. Y., and Albert
SWoolson, 106, of Duluth, MInn..

Sh's nUy enugh-hiod
Uvbeferid arm odour ma
*id real.e that vryom
amy amop sod wmm-i
bnto saves off ta uspleedi
*Il-t~ o~ddf sle 4does
I w^cebt otimes will! F
eraore, is soils and sp
i #*Uh ibe etou
powder isa'r ou
f e d'd orut &Wh. S4
, 9 *'d0 -ofta f^*
MHt^that sepresm al

e ODO-RO.NO ye
daffy habit

--~.~: ..;
~ -L'.


1 smaImrI Dam.


'. .,', -. ._ **
uA 1954, ditate M soari.t4. R w
ID Kansas City. Mo. -It was repprtedthat W male W I
the rghts- for -the Truman memoirs for "more than a
:W -.__:"lwl_ dP.e .. .. .. "t


Chinese Nationalts- cmi
S. -
Rusinr Friendshp 'Tr e

TAIP omos, Feb. 24- that the -t0 sb
fl..)- The Chinese Nationalit They wmonm b ""
P0rlame nt imously a- POregl.n
dopteai a resolution today ab urged p "a e w
rogat ing the 1946 treaty of .treaty o.itun .a i
friendship and -alliance b e voted.
teen Russia ad Nationalist ferred to i f r.

The resolution was adopted territorial Integrity
after a heated debate that intervelilop in enac .01
lasted several hours. The con- titerlna. ef fair".
flot arose when. the lawmakers The treaty was id Ii
nldsted on "abrogating" t h e Moscow' Aug. 14 1. l k thi
treaty rather tian nullifyingg" ct uo o rfWo rid'-W= ,.
It. itphimed dM
The Nati0onalist cabinet a- work rOr he defat
adopted areoltion Feb. 11 de- and e
clearing the-treaty null and rights Ign I iIn"'
void because -of Russa's "pro- The Na$ aM ,

S Uo5DOM= ,r g O rSWesslo n China" result
S--ndirect help to the Chinese tire s
Communists. became
A 34-year-old Panamanian, When the resolution w a s The
Ricardo Roberto Duncanwas brought before parliament to- simon
charged with petit larceny this day, 193 legislators In s t e d vernme
morning in the Balboa Magis- cajnehoi
trate's Court and the case was e L ied the
continued until this afternoon. n secret
According to police, Dulcan peoret
was seen carrying a T-shirt un- peod
Sn. der his arm near house 5664 In Yeh
ies Diablo. When approached by a Demnds Uon a
Sei policeman. he threw the shirt F e khyfL. was In
me- underneath ole rags which heForf me YIchyl se
uses to wash ears. The shirt, yl e
pO" which is worth 65 cents, was me-s
,PV Identified as belonging to Nico- LYONS, France, Feb. 24 (UP) He
s Ua las Medina who lives in the -The prosecution demanded to- under
a't building. day a death and a hard labor that C
r-. sentence for two former Vichy case a
oils A total of $40 was imposed as militiamen facing tri al on Un
a fine on Virgilio Jacinto Vuel- charges of murdering Jean Zay, Natt
gh. vas, 22. Panamanian who was prW-war French minister of edu- contan
. found guilty of having marijua- cation. w. w f
r na in his possession and for pull- t i
q0. Ing out his bus on Gaillard High- After summing up his qase A
wav. before first' determining against the two defendants, Col.
1d- whether It Was safe. The second Jean Perrier, the military pro- en bm
gn- charge carried a $15 fine. A mi- sector asked that Charles De-
for nor accident occurred as a result velle, 36, be sentenced to death
of his carel)msness. for pumping five bullets Int4
iaur Por driving a sideseater in Bal- Zay, one of the most brilliant
boa without a driver's license, Jo- youthful politicians ,lJ the pre-
se Augustine Lewis, 35, Panama- war cabinets. Devele pleaded
nian, was fined $10. guilty.
On a charge of intoxication a
35-year-old Salvadorean, Tomas The prosecutor afd t
Adan Portillo, was fined $10. court to sentence Deve e'a a
complice Rene Der_, ao
years at hard labor for
rf efal Fund he played in the June ,
stayin of the tw.
JACKSON, Miss. (UP) Am
Sr.,' st fund established in 1917 by; Three other eni
the late R. V. Powers, a wealthy gang of milltiam6W.
f V. lvi, War veteran. has financed Zay-flrkt n a of W.
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