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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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{ A flu epidemic has been hi'i Pa tpm-6o, t
the pa tw. weeks, it was revqO r tdo1. Y r. ,
YT epidemic reached its peek durlel
of the post week as hundreds of P I1s6
flocked to the dispessary at Santo Tol5s
to'priute clinics. *1
In Col the -pdemic huj severof kw i of'
is, comuerchtl eslahsiusem opentsfr
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Ithe aSt t be ordered.ed only q l4 ute&4 Itfound
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et of four chil- charges aRainstl
sMU Pof the rebatant
,, easese before the The court iel djourned to
B5'rie ve nvU t t ln determine thi Ma nce to be
i Btt hrlB htf .some raIosed upeo the 0-yar-old
a reserve office He e mX-
Cr hearing: IrO 9 Imum penalwY of 1 J Im-
to answer many aqe- prisonment ad a .URdSpW
wa cited for coMnteat discharge. I
read. However. a U. .
eals decision re- Voorbees heas served notiU in
vlctlon. advance that Ie would p
Srmed the flashy the case. on 'natitUoL" Opa
an. active. evil Reniu well as technical grounA.
Mafia." or black
t. and said he "it The two prilitPal chargM o
e principal criminals on which Voorhees was convict-
ttd States." ed were that bI:
nnumsee Senator said
investigation that Mar- 1. Violated an Army re9la-
bud sbued the privilege ton in not getti Army
In the United States shce before to a
S a criminal empire publisher the mi t of his
i.Zulslana." book "Korea Tle."
said .the racketeer.
have been mixed 2 S. "Wilfully l r-
m achLne, night clb lors' comm m. c not I ; -
itutlon rackets, was drawing h1*
"worth a couple of mU- rom the ma

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Panama Cty doctors are.othe
opinion that the incidence of the
em.aeUmc among children of
school age was cut dewn edak-
erab because shols had a-
d elsed down for summer
vacation when the eptdemic bI1
Its peak.

Ol Capitol, riddi b( ann a
deary, won the ker M -
cra today in t
before a crow aofd perm
The favorite Adra
and Spartan Valor, ncbh the
rate as ehausted al-o A
the spectacular f aand L
ter Iwallop W O1k il C 1*V
In 2:02 and fo-fifths, Ofm -
ute And four-fI s econdsoR
the track regrd. '
oil Capitos owner recaide
$03.0 for the victory'. t ,
wio came in s-econdr
$nod40oand Battlefield, who MA1
third, won o$10,04.
The three horses entered the
stretch together with Oil Capitolw
creasing the wire a
front of Alerted, who also esM
Baqtlefleld by a head.
Oil Capitol paid $1230, U.M
and $3.80. Alerted $1I70t
and 6.10. Battlefeld, w
Oil Capitol's awhlna rese to
$55,351 s a red of todty'
win and now ocuples the top
money-winnlaM spot anad thm
ho roses which Be atull sot.
Battlefild f o ly had s

and Spartan Valor.
honors won1 *
The other horses fentshe
th order bewin the atol
Crafoi thmire, ahdea In

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'**i 1: T -_

By Plane Sp On Foot

By Plane, Shiip, On Foot,



Young And Old -

They Reach The Free West
-o -


Thousands of men, women and children behind the Iron
* Curtain estimated as high as 250,000 each month are
trying to shake the dust of Communist-ruled countries from
their feet.
Though some are undoubtedly Red agents aiming to in-
filtrate the West the overwhe'ming majority, according to
U. S. and Western intelligence, are genuine anti-Commu-

They run grove risks and dangers in
for freedom from Red "parad ise."
The number of anti-Communist refugees has been
swollen in past weeks by East European and German Jews
fleeing the anti-Semitic terror raging in Russia and the
Kremlin-dominated countries.
For the second time in a generation Jewish survivors
of Hitler's gas chambers face wholesale extermination-
fkis time at the hands of the Reds working closely with
th °s of Nazism.
"Since 1945, nothing has been seen like this panic
flight from Soviet domination," says Ernst Reuter, cour-
ageous and Communist-hating mayor of West Berlin.
The number of East Germans seeking refuge in West
Berlin has reached "catastrophic proportions."

tually overtook him bleeding
badly from a bullet wound.
At that moment an Aus-
trian customs officer, at-
tracted by the firing,, ap-
The Czech Communists. a-
ware that they had, brazmaly
* violated Austria's frontier.
released their victim and
made off.
The Incident was hushed up
by the. Austrian authorities
-obviously to avoid new In-
ternational complications in
their already troubled coun-
try. ..
Only few 'of S1i daring ex-
capes are reported in the
Western press. This is mostly
due to the fear of the re-
fugees t emselves. H a v n r
been subjected to the Red
terror they 'remain in the
grip of fear even after they
reach a Western haven.
No refugee from behind the
Iron Curtain likes to reveal
his real name. He must pro-
tect relatives he left behind
in "paradise."
The Communists, like the
Nazis, subscribe to the theory
of "collective guilt."
"Even children who failed
to spy and report on their
parents are guilty of the
"crimes" committed by their
Gesa Revesz rode to free-
dom from Red Budapest to
Partk -undbrneath a car of
Orient Expressm
For three nights and two
days, cramped in the narrow
space above the lurching
wheels of the speeding train,
young Revez gambled with
When he reached Paris--
and safety covered from
head to foot with black
grease, he was half para-

Not all who attempt escape
from behind the Iron Curtain
reach safety In the free world.
Many are caught on the
satellite borders or shot
while escaping. Such casual-
ties age reportedd by refugees
to i Into the thousands.
S Reruled Bulpria.V o-
slovakia, Hungary, Umit a,
Poland, the oviet-occupied
altic states' and now East-
ern Germany have adopted
drastic measures to check
the flow.
Forty-year old Jan Chma-
rek, Poland's former export-
Import chief, just escaped
Srom his country by swim-
ming the treacherous river
He told me that every
"farmer" within 15 miles of
the border Is
a secret Soviet M.V.D. agent.
Not a single' Polish or Ger-
mnan civilian remains In the
entire area.
E "capes from behind t h e
Iron Curtain nevertheless
continue and are 'mounting
daily despite the grave risks
Bnd unimaginable dangers
Involved. Why?
"I could no longer endure
the terror regime imposed by
Moscow on Poland said
Sub-standard living condi-
tions and, above all, dread of
the midnight knock by the
secret police were the rea-
eons why three Lithuanian
fishermen risked their lives
In their break for freedom.
They sealed the Russian of-
flcers of their fishing boat
below deck and steered the
a~ip to Sweden where they
asked for political asylum.
Last year, 12 Polish seamen
stormed the bridge of their
tiny minesweeper, locked up
their officers and brought
their ship into the Swedish
port of Ystad where they ap-
plied for political asylum.
* They told pert officials that
their mutiny was inspired
by United States broadcasts
to seek freedom In Sweden
rom eeommanism
"We were tired of the ter-
S1 regime na Poland, siek of
Selfticeal Offlcers on board
and disgustd with the Uv-
S an enditeans in our eeua-
try," the Polish seamen said.
N ext day, four Poles set
m' down a bullet-marked home-
r built plane at a SWedish air-
field. They, too, asked asylum
because they could "no long- i condlUons In

atulava was steaming up
S the Danube.
,u 8ddenly a man dived from
e tugVW and started swim-
-t towards the Austrian

their desperate bid

lyzed. starved and bleeding.
But his dark. deep-set eye8
glowed from happiness.
What made 3s-year-eM Ge-
sa embark en this p elus
Odyssey If Rd propaganda
is to be believed, he had a
bright future in Cemmuniast
Far more than 30 years, the
RussIans have been saying
that In the "new world" they
are building labor will be lib-
erated from capitall" ex-
The Dictatorship of the
Proletariat, they claim, re.
presents the ultimate tri-
um h of the working man
Red standards, O eza
was a "true proleta-
-sL&aa the son of a prole-
S Bis father was a
h by trade and Gea
Went to work .in
railroad yard at the age of
Following Hitler's d e f e a t,
Geza Joined the youth orgap
nization of the Omunuhist
Party. As a "true proletar.
ian" he was welcomed into
the ranks.
With other young workers,
Geza helped Mattias Ra-
koski seize power In Hungary
-although the Communists
were an Insignificant minor-
He believed their promise of
a better deal -a better life.
But it did not take long
for young Reves to realise
that there was a wide gulf
between Communist words
and deeds. The Reds were
certainly building a "new
world" -but only for the
Poltburo and the new Red
Conditions reached a pew
low. "Where the capitalist
end the landed aristocrat
once managed, thp new Red
bosses now cracked the whip,"
Geza Revesz said.
The moment the Commu'-
nists consolidated their power
In Hungary, they Introduced
the "stakhanovlst method,"
oatterned on Russia's fero-
cious speed-up system In In-
dlustry and established a net-
work of forced labor camp I
Oeza Reveaz'a father was a

UNDER BAIL OF I" Wwt e to 0

skilled wWO am= ,n sand thUne oe-hnpmed re-
the 'caplaiit" Ht e l times. I murou the rea-
was able tI vdi a d s- awe ecaemlm iomeutlmS
voting for hiMs wV and two they m pvyctre oglaL
Now he found hiaIt 4riw- Fl(AR
en to desperation.
He worked hard, eld Reveag. But the vast majority eape
But because of te nhunman becauo fea because of
speed-up gqatea he could the Bethey cannot
never earn morse than000 or- loner endure
tot (about $2) a Month. TI .
wu the avege papy a.AI h har
plant. gaey
LOW WAGES demiatib mternal we
-a Seertw iei to be
WitBh ult of clothes priced arklag aV in e == 41!
at 1200 forint, bread 02 torit rs il M tut
a kilo, potato even a tranusehiems eMlmas,
pound of butter so frlnT his Pla .
wages wee not even Aufficlet rA--'ga'U
to keep body 'and iul t. reeam -
gother. tiwnal CNre 2 4e
Uniakon i x through 5u5-
"I watched my father gre de ~ td ,1ha t .els prt
Ing mor de ad k1 e of Me to y.
tevu tosaid lne. Weid "Apat rom a teW fansttqs
to fear tht hewWliSAR iabont.O th1 6 .0 resaogo
.searf.'I Wiuinlag,.t a*B

Then one da, In a nervous
fit, the oM lod mith ciedut
against the opp .u&reres
he once hopedwOtM bfhag
him l-beratlo.

.scrt koll r A-

That was the end of old
Reves=. He was s I Id the
same night aad sent to i 4 -
ed labor camp in libeia
where he soon did.
Several weeks later, Ges .
was drafted into thp A
the of an 'ea=ny the
working class" hw
ed ote dirtiest t i.
atI tgt his fu

He was sent to the TqeaW.
border near Seged i,
1950M the H aa dr
Russl~n so

bored Tuout *p ;,

- T

S. ..
Wl~a was V* et-
- ... r !

R e HINv O

frog Poland.
A pkIed rechAm1
the larres mat
plants in central
The plant wasm
aged during the XMA
tion, but was put
tkan agin in 194,S0
muns, natloaligMo
-I .
The frat
wothug of tt p
- %m were tofi te

When the
satistled with .

qm* s'
...,If 900
6&s 2

Three and cdeeas set out
'. tl 4fH1 ,kJ a din-
*Faad iA hbo asbore
a As tfe sMU. and even.

UNDZN'EATH ORIMT EXPRESS. ema oves a he -S-a
rima. risked almst l geriudeth 1rhM f dnrimPro&t".S-


- rI

L~LL~TyCI--lt-----I -~1I1 Ill-~L

>, '; t r^ "p;
.- F,



. .. .I L .
... .. .-

r. ~ -


'Wie ,

.i ..O. W.

,. Otb d.


SW -

, .





e. ,, as- ..

d ever Wo
tla- M a. jiot s. Bitb ns, At*,
Im w M lm of tthlaw.. If w,
, &A-.' We alm tlo -Oa ll
:z -4 h ialhas.a

tip follow.u oup-

Ms-*r- rw'_sit o ad i

,ftb' life t ll .o; a

cu ord."f t.h- Ga.T ts

- i ,k ,,,. s:is. '

whisk we M e. Op ea Hby
matoe X. t f 4

[ a bbk- aaW.
PIlt SB ome i UMthar m faith
hall. 'in Christ sav as fm the, pen-
S* p.m alty of the lay,,taltal ammnnls
the l av ., '
t by But saint. i*tfme are both
to bound by theaMlelaw. Iaiimer
mr- in a sinaow lwt that
I.later law. The. .
Christ ca
peuaW ,i .

it.. I q..

thin slippery coataig
fnal pyramid, or it may
the early showed of .nexp.


up to d a couple to ho- o dpaW
have to face '=t a II, ten, sapip g their la weather has sueccesi
the one essentialt an as far oce of energy and will pow- stopped all comers with a' g-
unresolved ilaue-Wbher there, oro it may be a spine-chill- Ic ring of a few hundred feet
flesh of man a eqal to himuI tempperatu 0 degrees from the 39,002-fopt n
spirit for s.a s -r-eof-
fort to Abie.,*.ha3iSf""-
" Wrlp revou:. i OnlThr Germi
The orelou&to
have' solved down to finest
detail the matters of prepara- A
tion, equipment and jrt
The 195. groupwil vat%
f s te Would Like Monarchy
advantage of the l t ad-
vances In oUJent-d--0
vancel in g ot en .hwd Sent- BONN. Germany, eb. 11 or the monarchy's return, but
that doesn't counteract t (UP)- One of every hree no one has been able yet to
that doesn't cby te bint c Germans would like to ase thl Me out why.
some and heavy at high aI-r Hohenzollern monarchy re hapa it's the glitter 2
stored' a recent, plic opni urux~nded the old lmwcel
tudewhere theleast tlo a recent public opinion or at least
sap a man's energy. The question hasn't yet be- that dozens of pre ntda
The 11th attempt will be come a love political issue be- West German illustrated
made ftm the Nepal ide cause everyone still considers asines claim surrounded
gdaee Cemmunalst t eak f .h,;e-at and the West German paurt.
Thpt now prevents exgpe- governments provisional only. supporters ofthe monarchy'
Strm using tht um*t r the monnrchsts will make return spak, of courE, aft.
Shipton, a BritoF, who er move, It Germany is ever constitutional monarchy f
hal, een a member of uited and a new constitu- British type, and point to
tons to Everest. by e ttonal assembly is called, the Brith and Scand t
I route, reolomted II t is years since Kaiser crowns as proof that tb
the approach to the pek from Wilhelm abdicated and went tem Insures peace,
the southh side thr Nepal to Holland to Ive out his days and stable government,.
and found 'a way u te In Doom. Yet the public opin- The opponmat, ma y the
Xhua bu glacier, the first Ion survey, conducted by the Socialists, cite the case of
-expedition, falowing the Demoscopic nsgtitte of 38tutt- Greece to show that rMi
Sof Shipton, found a way gart, showed that 2 per cent tion of a monarchy once
the loeftll to t h of the West Germans would thrown over brings little but
Col and up Its compare Dprefer the return of the mon- trouble.
a saddle to the top. archy. Thirty-six per cent op- The monarehlt movennt
Sfltort and R a m A d poed, it, 2 per cent were un- Germany centers around Crowa,
LB the brave moan- decided. Prince Louis ird*lnand of the'
t Ie has conquered the Greatest support for the Hohenzollerna mnce erNplyM
vere. gdcap of the loss e( tonrhy came trom the eld- as a production .Mae mehanle'
ahl t from alpine frast- sr. people, from the least edu- and later as a smesman by
bite. ed the ascent up catel and from the poorest. Henry Ford, mat who recale4
this duw route. tule reason for this seems in his recent epk, "' he ame
tE oemad Swis expedition manifest: The old people are Prince," that Ap welcomed i;.
a tesh approach 'to the those who attained adulthood grandfather's bdication W
i by a detour around he when the onarchy was in cause he, Loul never wanted
glacier. This e ffor, full bloom, before te disaster to sit on the trone.
heweier, cost them the succem of the first world war, when Of course, the time of t,
of their attempt, but future Germany had Just enjoyed 4 abdicationl Louis Perdinbl.
exptfr will benefit by it. year of peace. The nation has was but 11 years old, an may,
vme and experience ma y been in turmoil ever since, and have changed his view soNe-
hai olev e ny. a veres the elderly people 'ttd to be- what now. .- ,t
problems th le. a lie that peace would reign Support for the Hohemol-:
mother of the world-- a if the Hohenzblierns re- lems still is demonstrted t
west is hoirh turned to Patesm only by the lustnrd w
I aIb teo motre w Pretty much the same goes les, but also b uts g-e r
predietable rad for theuneducated and for crowds that turn -ut e
Me t h the poor, who seem to recall time a member of the
tti 4t members to. S ,- mlYstht the IlMt is

..a' a t least me men can Uive at
1 hblUnteisut esrtb- AM, heed altitude,. Prank
so h dr furnih i urina the
dw tshe neSipme ad "td r a hr ,mb to
tmbndowu amount of -u- 8 et-.leptWfo3r 1 al hW 3
ow e ddaily. In lmga tebt pt hed at 27,400 feet.
Svime of this, VW ,ebeeffeeted within certain lim-

traini q and elppine e t Itself to the lesser a-
*e&i m alny whi o i t of oxygen at these al-
eWtuallp mway be able to Ut Wdes, but there are many el.
over the dfe4fe of the cb- *e*m, oft surprise even in this
Neither the South Koreans s 11". em frht te hy-
nor tNU 5apa6ee, thot sht eIe I' si, elak faped
wa much merit in the 4 S at32I laSit10U6h bt
tlon that J ea t r'op a Ightabove W.0 feet
should be W te0 Korea. Ma4uu re enoh reerve
Japanese ,wiS Opmniom" foe the l oeris,
strongly osw* reW mament and heartbrsaking
and the. iTmet ltsau -a the final pyramid
statement at oUt every *,
calming the f4ars of the p Sinal and moet;formei-
pe. ay th new security shield that protects Ev-
forces reAlly- 8n a m asrmy ,'
and troopa- ietW will be
President Ree Of
South ui, a Don't gu
SDon't gu

No. I8 VHeU Avenue m Phone 2-1121
Just unpacked. ..

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lovely styles!

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a..*1 *


wea t e r s

iM Wootem SUITS



'i : .... *

; t-y..-.



-a t .


,- ;-

orders Of Sdcience May H

F. TrY 'cScal. M. E *ei
)u, Iepa, Feb. erest is the mot unprpdictable belwo zero which seems te
wonfus orf sence of aH the weather. e xperi- freeze the marrow amin
Luta many of danced Everested rey there la send men pa dowsBw
wiMth nasuch thing as weather in a hurryilt may
.- inthe r only v r= weaesmI the Iddet ruM

sr-. -*.*,^-^a
f .- -*.--*^ **J
'it. i *> ,'-,1 :
^llnJH, -SHIif.::**". /*- m
'PM-''' ^K*e!'*'"t*S*


~rr; sri

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A. ,' '4.Ut LV .'

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.' .-'C- 1. f

Shrimp Souffle Salad Is T


irst of a Seej on

f lew.mot

', omen',s W

0, M .i .

Baby -Care /or ew ,. .4-... -

hr lew&:J lom




EDITOR'S NOTE: For new moth p-rs andnew mothefrt-
to-be nothing is more reassuring than the wiad61a oft ox.
perienced mothers. Here's the first of -" artiales of fust s uk
wisdom, written by a mother whose own moth* e*a w. i-
SOUFFLE SALAD ad with shrimp nd o s deal known child-ar specialist. The articles are eedfiedt
Whngton's birtaDelua idth shrimp and avocate days during ae "Parents' Magasine Book of Baby Care," a motbe* taf00
Washington's birthday luncheon or the meatless day during Lent the first six years by Eleanor S. Duncan with the estte of
Clara Savage Littledale. editor of Pareots' Magasin, publish-
BY GAYNOR MADDOX ed by McGraw-Hill Book 0o, Inc.
.NEA Food and Markets Editor
Looking for something new shrimp, 1 cup diced avocado, You have been champing at same time. Don't whke him up
in salads? Here it is-a combi 1 3 cup diced celery, i table- the bit, asking the doctor to for his bath or feeding or air-
nation of mayonnaise and gel- spoon finely chopped onion, please let you take yourself ing, we hasten to say, but car-
atin. The result is a souffle Note-Use 1 can (7 ounces and your baby home, and now ry out your program as ner
salad of countless variations, shrimp or cook and clean a- that the day is actually here, to the a nted hour as the
all of smooth, creamy, souffle- bout 1V2 pound fresh shrimp. you may be getting a little baby permits. Tht is the be-
like consistency. Dissolve gelatin In hot wa- stage fright. The baby is such ginning step toward reasonable
For your Washington's birth- ter. Add cold waLer, vinegar, a tiny thing, you've never had regularity In all things.
day supper, or for any mayonnaise, salt and pepper,. a baby bef ore, and what on
day supper, or for any other Blend well with rotary beater. earth does c do with a new- Not long ago, a group of ean-
meatless occasion during Lent, Pour into refrigerator freezg ant donen obtetri petha ntrew
the shrimp and avocado souf- tray orn infan i cians and po chlarts got to-
tie salad makes a delectable Quick-chill in freezing unit! Evervthinr is quite all right,' gether and discussed the reac-
entree. It combines fresh or without changing control) 15 thoug.l The baby is not near- tions of motherhood of'normal,
canned shrmp, avocados, real to 20 minutes, or until firm a- Iu as delicate as he seems well-balanced women, as they
mayonnaise an datseasonings bout 1 Inch from edge but soft and he won't break in two if had observed them
rnolded in lime gelatin. in center nI
in center,' 1et O touch him. Everything in
Shrim and Avocado Sofl Turn chilled gelatin mixture the world is new to him. an They agreed that certain
Shrip and Avocado So into bowl and whip with rotary experienced mother wi seem lears were harateristle
(to6servi:beater until fluffy. Fold Inall right to himbecause he first days home with a new Ywwr bretiI
(4 to 6 servings) shrimp, avocado, celery and s no one to compare her to baby. i grip at
One package lime flavored onion. Pour into 1-quart loaf, Make everything as easy for One common fear is that the
gelatin, 1 cup hot water, 112 pan. Chill until firm in re-yourself as possible and be baby will stop breathing. This is
cup cold water, 1 li2 table- frigerator (not freezing unit) confident that things will work due to the fact that new ba-
mpoons vinegar, 1!2 cup mayon- 30 to 60 minutes. Serve on out well. If your mother or bles breathe quite shallowly. r OCs
naise, 114 teaspoon salt, dash salad greens and garnish, with another relative cannot stay You may find yourself wan*-
of pepper, 314 cup diced cooked whole, shrimp. with you, you should have paid lng to steal In frequently and
.----_ help. Whoever'it is should plan hang over the drib, reassure
Fto be with you ior about two yourself that respiration c RUtte F
Liq id D r opsweeks or until you are truly going on. There is nothing '
ui o m e, ,l able to get along all right by wrong with that, but If yW m e
yourself. baby was pronourfeed fine and
Shave no real cause or worry.
Im irare u 'Dew -(Pud b she Many doctors nowadays al- Whenyour by gtafely in- -. -
Sw (Compiled by Pablisher s the baby to eat whenever to .thet el ld, evef.,dell In his UNITED NA1
BY ALICIA HART Weekly) h hungry and to sleep as small bod .s oranized to keep Laws of marrs
BY LIE A B a Rt Eitr~g -or #a little as 'he cares W#h 1, and property w
NEA Beauty Editor Fiction o. This has come to be known women and proper
as the "self-demand" method: A mead seemt alver- over mauch
i-" ITHE SILVER CHALICE and at first, the baby may be sal fear Is that tha baby May
.. Thomas B. Costain. ery Irregular, with 0eding pe- smother. ..
ss I an re .- ... nM
OKBT'SF W Iot *M ""MM Bn tr re Thee g ad
John Steinbeck. Unless you understand 4tiat Wfethe rft i &D i
this type of day doesn't don- mutheing' if. di
STEAMBOAT GOTHIC tinue indefinitely, you have ev- tain sensible pre The
Frances Parkinson Keyes. ery reason to be skeptical of tiny baby' does lend' to bur-
the self-demand method. No- row his head into
GIANT body wants a spoiled child who soft. That's wWhy we
Edna 4ferber. geo everything he wants when not to have a pillow or loose
r- hp wants it, without regard to padding or loose blani et in
A THE CAINE MUTINV. the convenience of other peo- the crib. for th'
S' Herman Wouk. 1 pie. But that is not the idea am, .
Non-Fiction of self-demand. Its purpose is Observe these rules icareful- WemI ,
to make the baby's adjustment ly: See that all blankets are M-uiat (
REVISED STANDADEID VER- to life easier, to help him securely anchored under, the, 'rNm th 'd,
SION OF THE 4IOLY BIBLE thrive and be happy much mattress. Have no 4ooe tis or, elkht 'at -m
^ ITALLULAH sooner. trying that can get a a am MW
Tallulah Bankhead. sbout the baby's threat. I't -' i g.
Do attend. to your baby's hesitate to go to him,.mnd 4n- SabM -3 q"
i f 1A MAN CALLED PETER wants, other than eating and vestigate If he crle. -
Catherlrne. Marshall. sleeping; witk as much regu- da
T la irity as y can. With a careful attentive one gXpasa
STHE POWER OF POSITIV n mother close' by, there. r I P Feders aon -
THINKING Give him his bath at the tioally no chance that the a
Norman Vincent Peale. same time each day mid- by will either amr r both men ;aud.
Morning is usual, but any strangle himself. (o tmenac av
Good lubricating cream need ABRAHAM LINCOLN convenient time is all right. .
not be greasy. Model is using Benjamin P. Thomas. Give him his airing at the (Next: The first thael* Another by the
.---~~~~~~~~ .&. -.__-I(et:TefrtI niinn

a new flowing type that sinks -- -
Into skin immediately. Non -Chip Finishe

.. baib .kain looks and feels t
t. you could squeeze mois-, C I l al
S tur' from the little cheek.
LULNully jortne baby, :ha tana. LJ L ,
bt' Quilt
All 01 ui, not just babies, ,.
h',.e tkiese 'fountains of
5Icuih' beneath our skins,
flowing moisture onto the sur-
lace troni below, to keep it
i.'ii, mniouth and pliant But-
the fountain tends to run dry
,a we get oloer.
No way has ever been found
to restore the bubbling of the
fot4dtain. But certain cosmetic
oushave found ways to re-
rod a, anaaingly closely, the
mlAftte. Onte of thesa
Jtouis-Is now marketing a pro-'
'deertt claims took two years
Research to create. It's a
Sgaaseless, flowing cream that
'Rquirues o maaeage but is'
merely smoothed on.
The best method, say t he
malker, is to pour a dime-sized
In In your palm. ruo your
together to coat bo th
fd Singer Ups an d .X.
the cream over flneaft (above) are equally lu rodtase e.fJI room, dil rrome
vid an upward s ruuse Is metal tubing in black, Wtu= ,,
ua.sta.y comes in ece of 1acome inchoie. o. and
Yeip can wear this cream all inhemey-esolor wood with a aidlr g user w Ina -he.g'-, ard. sl
'day under make-up, the mak- Ie cart, pdrt of set, is very useful when ea
ers say, as well as at night- ------------------- ....
foi the good of this. or any
cream, does not last much BY ANNE E aEWETTnd
Longer than it worn. much NA tt WriterJWTT wi and her husband want won't chip.
longer thtas~n It isworn t ff& Staff Writer gooL design and taateful color the mS r s
For this reason, yod muskt' coooortion. the atrmutugm
keep using it regularly if hap-: NEW YORK (NEA, Meo l tubing tn b1Iac tOrw
py results are to be obtained. "Come out of the kitchen" can bro or golden sand tones is In
apply to the furniture as well the-sle structure of the ta- available
as to the housewife when es, airs and serve carts 18 colors
speaking of dining sets you In this group. The hard' p terns
can now have in decorator col- tic surfaces resist t Yu
ors and patterns. But they re- scratches, heat and Irpn. Colo
tain the practical qualities A- You ca have the t in a 4
miericans have become accus- iound or a curved-oblong at tore
tomed to in this type of me- and the chairs are h .- -
/ tal-and-plastic furniture, once backed or provincial ty .
confined to breakfast nooks, straight. They look, I gne
This kind of unbreakable as if their styling wem I na-
mar-proof furniture is very fluenced by New nla 5Sd Cop..a%
much wanted in lived in nial furniture. modified by tSh
homes where children make sleek ideas of the modem
Sr ayon marks, dogs and cats signers.
jump around, teen-agers put
their feet up, and friends and Chair seats are foaM

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jet 18 as the age of
for both see .
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"temee." whh bdps stdihmts at CrwaahMt.
SIphol in iomnM I Uld ,M IMkh., learn ab*M4 Oi
oaituu" by ghlreM. bas f two -ood e"sua
t: poof her 12th birthday. ine UMe LS
I a reached an e ble l W
yees of human, 1Me, and stiUlle (W ein &.
Sfeatr old,?T@f i p ifO

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.....B ~ .. .
~ 112 A

PANAMA, R. de P.


.1y order of the Board of Directors the stockholders of NATIONAL DISTILLERS,
.8. A. are hereby notified that the annual stockholders' meeting wit be hoid at the
main effloes of the Company, located in Avenida Bolivar, PanamA City, R. P., on
thq sixth day of March 1963, at 4r00 p.m., for the following purposes:
(a) To read the minutes of the previous meeting:
(b) To elect or. reelet Director:
(o) To examine and approve the balance sheet profit and loes statement and
the report submitted to then by the board of Direotera;
(d) To consider and'tct upon all the matters that the Board of Qireqfpr or
eao director InMidually or any stockholder submits to them.
Penami, February 21, 1963.


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thanks to the size of PALL MALL,


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.r rft & & .1.





d. : ,,
,% ,..'. '

You Sell 'em...When You T ell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds!
I, eae )ou) Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "IW' S et Panams
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6an .
Le% is Service Sal6n de Beliezm Americano Carltona I e
No 4 T~aJl Ave.-Phone 2-2201 and No 55 West 12 h Street 10.00" MelIQ ywe.-Phone 250 Col.

Morrison's Agencia nteracnal d Publicaciones ..a.. treet L tudiSte f.
(osurtb of Julv Ave-Phone 2-0441 No 3 Lottery Plau Phone 2-3199 Pons .. 4 nad -2701
,u6 4 ,. d 2-.79

I"-o -'- '
In tor 12
I additional a

S- Houselold Automobiles I ___ Wef5 *i f".sof'nb 4 a d .OFESSI
SL Ecrd. Eco a Do- FOR SALE -1941 Packaid CI'pper 0 Aes 3 51877. Cristoba 3- .
0t+.,'c ..i-.!r '&" Li Pr.c Spec-a', rerv good meo lanical con- --4 ,
11P"AREA." "the Route of stay owel Pon Amnericana in ceal
--'!".'" ri~ ." .~ ~ Ne~r.... ,n c, .,.a Fhcne PanOmh .3-3580. travell ,,a AREA. the ot fS cii_ ; *er o I
S, I Phone3-9,, N FOR SALE.-Pon'oc CUpe 2 the Good Neighbor." NO IN- tiful El Valle t ,C" ,
S -A FOR SALE.-Pon.oc C CREASE IN PRICES!..FREE MEM.S -r' Cs'an Clo Beach c.- .g..
F .LE6''' d, u... best by a Zcne. otonr prepared COCKTAILS! One-way to MlA- ta Be.I Ob

Ecelentt ccnd--e. a .... ee t 3564. 00.. GUAYAQUIL. 580.00. E.xcept week-enas W C1 N
I.Phone 85-41 FOr SALE or Frae 1950 Bu ck QUITO. $8600. Round trip Sto'sb du
LE-:-::_"-0n3-Sm.Tn.+ FprSng Specal -E-dTr Sedan. Hogani MIAMI. $12600 NEW YCRK rOSTER'S Cottages One mtie beyrii.i 'v
FOR. ALE:--"s fOn ue e I Phone 3 '78 New Cristcbal $214 00 .GUAYAQUIL $1d4.00 Santo Clara. Con oletell furmshed. a rn Ofet
nd mattress for dou ble be 33 f ..QUITO. $154.90. BOEING 4- Rock Gas Refrigerators ona Stoaves. *.oll
p0..Sable maesagoe tbl caEO 9 I engine planes For rrore details' see Bring your linens. Phone Dagmar 's ..1 t4ecor tr
style 2. beveled mirrc, 'or 1ull -R L IV E.l0 PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE. 2-0 i 70. -r
:. e.doors. Telephone Forama 0, e-, ,op a nd rres Excellen, 36 Aven.da Nocional. 'Automobile Gi.malsc Sonto ClarL bea h. -'NOVMY, NC
.T439. -cc.,d, or. Panama, phone 2-3919 Row., telephone 2-1655. cottag-. Elec9trc ,ace os. g ( A.
F (F" SALE:-Livingroom. d.ningroom FOR SALE -Brand new but parlt.l- DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic Mtoses moderail rates. TIelehone ;kl.
and office furniture, good c:ondi- 1, damaged H.Ilmao. Minx Saloon t-entfal A enue K Street corner. -441 Gombee. 4-567 Pedro M-*-
tion, seen 9:00 o r 1 o' be .:ld by public auction a Telephone 2-3'79. Panama guel.
a. rn. and 3:00 5:00 p m A.e- F,r 6 Cr.,lobol. Canal Zone at --- -FUINtOL
nida Per No. 79, dcwn.ii. I m on Thur.'day Feb. 2,th FOR RENT
.... D...p.rpd car no cu.lom. FOR SALE
FOP, SALE:--Old porcelo ..-f-n Je F Dui, Fdd car rSA.ltm FOR SALE F OR U --*
S rigSertor, excellent condtor, U:. .l ul. For further porticulor Houses ileV
Itght piano. 342-B New Crntobal call coon Motors Inc Tel. 492-J i.seilaneous F E dchah
I-ane 3-2916. CcIc.n -FOR RENT.- Residence with three HRS
phole. 3-291.6 ... .-. -- Ssaled bids. in triplicate, will be Fe- bedrooms. three both a katzhen, "HERES"
F oIlSALE:-Westinghouse refriger-. FCRn S L' -n -,.12 Packd.. g oue e',ed in ihe oftce of the Eng;neer- rooms. ling, dining rooms, porch, IT AAe i.
actor, all porceloin, 25 cyce. Cornt r 19 Ba :a or 2 I '.- ,ng and Construction Director. Pa- a pc.o, and hot water. Would -.. l 1t.411
cabinet. House 860-A. Margarit. o -'. -- ino1na Canal Company, Balboa prefer an Amer con foamly, if in.
id Street. Will be home ater' rC'1 .ALE Hud.on Commacore Six Heghl Canal Zone. until II 00 lerested please phone 2-2145 Pa- ',
'* 6:00. l5)4 leoher upholstery, good!j.m March 1953 and then ncm.
0cr- (.. I.on. lew muipage. First reo-,publicly otcned for furnishing all C-- i I' t E*th S A..
p* osrionU,.. rareOd e _l Sh l oe ppi frl novnd.-toei.
POSition Utered .orcbe ca*, ofter lakes it. Tele-'pknt. loo-l rqpment labor. ser- FOUR EN/
A Er c f p ho. e Balboa 3121. vices. and r aerialal, and for Der-
ANTED:--Good retoucher for per C LE- il Ford Tuor. Good. oall crk for Construcihn all Apartme ll We pack and orate or move
t bu tar 300C0 Car be Ra f Hoods for Quarters Buildng
moment job. Foto abu, or1.300.CQ. Car be finan-T Roofloo. Carl Zoner Forms o'FCR RENT : Apartment, furnished 'anything. 'hoe 2-2451,
ED competent typ t cr of c-ed Ccl 3-01 7-. prpoals, spe:,ifcot.cnos, and full pcr-I livngroo., drningroom, one bed- 22662. Pani"p .
Since work. Write to: Box e n7, Co- pOR SALE 1950 Mercury Club ticulaos i.'avy be cbtained from the room for one year. centrally lo-
Ion, R. P. stating experience,. r Cupo. Ferfeci condition Ea.y office of he Cooirac. and Ilnpecl.on cared. Telephone 2-4660. 1:00 I'
Iny, and giving r- erences. pay..l..t. Mur sell. 417 Porto D.v ocn. Rcom 336. Balboa Heights. .m. to 6 p. nm.
jV iANTED:--Employe wilh account Belo St, Anco Phone 2-3656. Canal Zone. iTelephones 2-3739 or FCR RENT.-Two bedroom apart- HOUsehold EXCdane
ing knowledge. W.ite to: Box 177.: FCR SALE -1948 Nash Club Coupe,.2-2698. Specifical.ons and draw- ment, completely furnished resi- ... N
Coln, R. P. giving full particulars u p. tao shape. $79.ns 'ill be issued cn a depcs.t of dental district. 52nd Street No. OEALcKS IN f!EWAAID
FOR SALE0. Call Panama 3-1466, ck-2000 per set. Deposit ill be for- 5. apartment I. USED FURNITURE
feoted if specifications and drow- ----Tw b- Au lil
FOR SALEi hours ng. are not rets med ,th n 40 c FOR RENT-Two bed n apartment 41 Antomebi pnw
Real Estate Help W nted le dys after opening of bids, completely furnished. two months Til. 3-4 LL
SRealEslate52nd street No. 8. Apt. I. WE U %BUT 11S1ML
AOR SLE -Concrete house, alu- -- -- NOTICE OF SALE
SRnum roof, in (etuncillo, 27 WANTED-5er-o-us maid for gen. The Pcnamo Canal Company will FOR RENT
r ies from Pana 'a 22. mile erol houseword and to accompany offer for sale at public auction aI FR[
S from Colon. $5,000. (6,547 M2 single lady. Must have rfefendes Pier 6. Cristobol. beginning olat 9 001 R tl
S land. Tel.G n 8 and I.te-in. ALMACEN ANILINI a m Tuesday, February 24, 1953 RooiS i room
lano. Tel. Gatun 4 Central Ave. No. 179. Panriati. approximately 440 items of refused, FOR RENT--Fumrnihed room with At It's OI
PANAMA CANAL COMPANY unclolmed. abandoned, and excess bath adorning, to single gentle-
O-IFFERS STRUCTURES FOR SALE WANTED freight and baggage. man. 40.Estudiane street No.
oled bids will be received unt.l Deloiled Ists of the items for sale 150 Apt "I". Etd teN
0:30 A. M Mrch 24, 1953, n lMiscellaneous have been posted Qn bulletin boards -s 5w
e offiee of Superintendent of Store- of Canal 2b1oe post offices and at BIbTSC&
uses. Bafboa. for seven quarters WANTED.-20 to 30 Gallon Aquar- the Locoalrefght Houses at Cristobal
uild.rgs. consisting of lv.e lots of rurn Phone 2-2389. and Panarm. a IIl At
f. e ard one lot of '%o buildings Io-'n
ted at Lo Boca. ard s.qbuarters WANTED:- North American mon Sealed bds, in triplicate. wilt be re .- A
Id_ consstn of on lot of desires contact Bi-lingual person coeived in the office of the Engineer-I
lonsis ting a ndonelot of on Atlantic side for conversation ig rand Construction Director, Panri- By 1
idi footled at Dabl. ', r Ca 'w i el Zone. until 10.40 am., mor.c M .
ibei we full w i l. Will ay r- li e 2. 1953, and then publicly opened, .S
be sae n reaer^a 2 Gieso W
SWrife Box 335 Margarita, Canal for furnishing all plant, fools, equip-CHICAGO Feb 21 (UP)
se and the Housing Monag er ment. labor. services, and materloJs The" apag.etti king of the CLVBLAND, 0. (UP) -. .
0Bolaao Heights WANTED -Unfurnished house. 3 or ,excedpb e a materials to be fur. world" says American womn- outstandift member of Deis
,, 4 bedrooms; call Institute Inuer-f i ol worf Exeiora en who are afraid 9f getting sortrorltv at Ialdwin-Wallace
"PERSONALS american Affairs 2-4567 from ormng oi wro ortEir Pnt- fat ,ought to eat more of College nearby BMrea ,i s
S. I7-30 toI30 p0m, or Mr. Immigration- Sition -,Buld n. favorite dish. logged are than a million
SD. AB, JR.,N H. .-Hu-, Cumm gs. Tivolh Hotel or Coarozal, Can Zone. Forms O .."A serving of Italian-mde miles of air travel nAd h
S~l AN, JR., 1H1. E.-Hu- _Cumin Tali. Hotel ___ proposals. specflc l.ins, and full! spaghetti contains fewer caln-imaintained a hOMe te .her
,'mor Engineering Corrective Struc- WANTED.- Vacation quarters o particulars may be obtained from t spaghett contains fewer c maintain d a hoe fo her
turel Adjustment. 75 Colie Estu furnshed apartment. Call 2-2896 office of the Contract and Inspection ries than a grapefruit," ac- hoband for a couple of de.
diante. Telephone 2-5159. 8 A or 2-3451. 1Divis.on. Room 336, Balboa Heghts cordng to Mar Bralbant of a
M. to 8 P. M. By appointment. ITelephones 2-3739 or 2-26981. M"He said Americans overcook she's Mrs. Arlene Darls. re-
.eih "ny AtSpecifications ard drawings will 6e,
tf in to rent houM with three hoedreem S.. e.spagnetti apd use too little ceDtly Initiated into the
ai ilI U.t. ll.! 1.11 end meid's room fgr two meft*s issued on a deposit of .20 00 per aler. olusewlvea are too hur- scty as a member in full
JIMIIU!9VaW uW l --frem mid-March until mid-May eN. Depott be forfeited if spe- r"led to take the time to make itandiW, not juat a an hon-
SCell. Tel. 2-0170. ciCtocns and drawings are not ret well, and they don't know orar7 member.
TO -.. turnedd wih n 40 calendarodayseanlen..of.enough to makeaa So.p decided togo to eel
WANTD TO T 40 calendar days ater af career that
itgBO o .I --orUtwonbed-cnamapartment lng o. bd.rrcomblination of dishes.n ln
EIG (UP chalet b North Amnerican c le Seled b.o', in trpliccte. will be e-' Bralbanti, who began a tour bewep marriae and
tjL-IngG a- N. C o 8 (UeP) -- h oup e ceived in the office of the Engneer-Uf he United States last "'
Ihng "sc (ntousoobe N ein ang dContruction Director, Pa-.sald the best section or h raclll a m lod[aing. She.lso
nggtotW. toH. lstephen.bees LOST & FOUND name Canal'Company. Balboa favored food is New York C i iwteal and uSWIMS.
t" W. bee LOST & FOUND HeightsCanal Zone, unti 10.00 BUt he added that one place. D t cennt p
at North Ca olina am., March 3. 1953, and then pub-.Chi2CRg served spaghett- -Ju- t urlllFgn -"e Was YI.
College. LOST.-In vic nity f Balboa Cm- opened for furnishing oil plant, like in Italy." I mi 0
S eissar. soone l eoes wrrstwatrch tools, equipment, materials, labor Brabanti became known as for U iaihS Committe

t o oe a ny, t h i nge s o e p e rp g. r n d r ic hr. .. tl _m ee "t^
I Lwey t inueto do anything n a cer- eration and dry storoge facilties in operated by him and his e chol *a innme nts un.
way they continue to do It IIIJ lV B, lie in Gorgas Hosptal at .Ancon, Canal,1r ,Gu seppe, produces 75Mr ,0 vlty hularemeilte asshe
nll a they- s-ame a the im.oration n iD~uv hu Zone. Copies of slecifications and!pOUCdi of the food a I day. t be pve"m'afunehane t oil 4
e thive. learn- "they loa io u drawings for conuclion may bebrothers also make he ,he 71voe e a fine omc ce toUV
.e thouh the hive, haael een gW i e S M obtained from the cifice of the Con- Complete line of necesar y f on h,
e though they start h oras" r-ain I N WI tract and Inmpection. Division, Room equipment and sell 70 P31 'W .- .'
I er for honey they cont.. HILADE PHIA, Feb 21 (UP) 336, Balboa Heights ITelephone 2-'cent of the world supply oW e s
to work lover in spite of A man of lent.s 8t.- 3739 or 2-26981. A-deposit of $20 trusion presses used to M a rn .,ut e "
fact that better source of art F. Louc1e= successful 000 i be required fr each set of spaghetti and macaroni, dre ht
r becomes available." Philadelphia businessman who specifcatons and drawings. The de- He noted that while. teli i r, d
.wrote the hit song "MblIfe.-posit will be forfeited if specifica- manufacturing methods .her me
I phen said by putting a notionss" tion) and drawings ate not returned were very good, he considerll 'a'.
e ammonium nitrate fer- Louchhelm, who directed within'40 calendar days after open- techniques in Italy. -
r in the smoker and puf- production of multiple-barreled nMg of bids them behind the adl v All
a little smoke and as firing controls for rocket guns ;echniques In Italy. .
into a hive, a bee-keep- Just recorded another sog FOR SALE -Pianou pright grand Bn t said dle
canI mak, MLs ees f, which Is termed p, "best bet"- sm-ll) ,ugaRange aoldsot e men could prevent _hip
thing they were doing by Variety -"You're After My f ,r b _a by C ...... b" pressure if they .. Iagtg
,and start life a." Phone 916. C rol on. w crw ta e
the bee-keeper can get Louchheim, whose firm now Phone 916,, .lon. p4lo that pahetW e
off to a fresh start In Is engaged in developing revolu- FOR SALE: Unusual Opportunity: produce the "middle-age bl
hive or with new sources tionary piece of test equipment Complete set office Dictaphone Bralbantl cited Sicily, o k i t
ectar. for the Navy, plans to turn equipment in current use. Three portly self. '
over 25 per cent of the royal- dictating, one transcribing and one "All Sicilians are sl, 'nVy .-
K e gas is so effective, said ties from his lI-test song to the cylinder shaver machine with sa.'. "And they eat na1 5 POtU '
en, that robber beeq have famed Philadelphia Orchestra. floor stands and twenty-four new but spaghetti."
known to forget '11 sh'n- As he wrote the orchestra's cylinders. New vulue over $2,000. -L i
and a.:ay in the hive prealdent, Orvle H. Billt t. 00. $380.00. Cash or terms. THE Judge
they came to rob. "the rIditiloua will help sup- TEXAS CO. IPANAMA) INC. im
J.ort the sublime." W-- --it L t RH -
IA k'l]of edn pianist, Louchheim FOR SALE 7 x 50 Btsch &Lomb Bi- t ap
1" ,pop, emislcon thatstrer-u- nocuars 5 x 40 Ar Gude glo- AIRMONT, W. Va. A SS
S meant. Butw hen he embraces G. E 1l" eototn fn 2 p JUdg P .y ,
h f love-the 'cello-he's c e. afle ho, k fees pr l
The bbusinetman, .n Pndent' cvit who came
leader of the Bible, says the tt- tor sentenelng after
Ute t of his latest song came FOR SALE -Brunswick Bark. Cen- Tity to interstate tjanigWi
.;~'oi I]fm.-omn that source and occurred tennol,. Combination Pocket and ation of a bad bdiek. ,
|1 to him while oan a golfing trip B"iiard Table. Ivoriene BoIls, 12 Jo Watkins decided
s.t Pineburst, N.C. He thought Cues with Rbck, Super Speed wt. -thte n met th;
cf the phrase from the Acts Cushions. Quarters '72.F, Curun- 'n s X. DavIt
Us iol the ApostUes, visualized a du Heiyhts. Phone 83-3109 ofter who 5enPt 12 1 In
'ing and wrote the words and 4 p im. gs prvicu
lyrics to it in le th n two FOR SALE:-Kodok amplifier model
ORA complete Tll _cessories, filers,
FORT WORTH' TeA. U-tjP| flcodlights. other Misc. photogre-Coah -
INITIALS Four golfers made s phic equipment, some. emultus. .
'if Cyde he Call 3-3268, Panama.
Olen Garde-s Cowntry Thi **
Iy' r vacation visit .:. /'ex.,pder mnade a" be- F.R SALE.-Kohler Automatic Gas.- 1h S





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on.A ea tater

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I'. 3-W- te Band

12: S0-A t" gorOtt
I:00-T9e Lt 1t' r

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iA-gngurtk i imto*.
2:00,BO- l.Ma 4 Y 'PP b *
S"M-Whe ATwUI Aseul.q
*:0@- 16-ugbt ,- U .
3O-lTbe C-r unetmtow lit
7.oe-its vam t or' fo.

7:30-Orc w-ftil
*s ..Jh&7, k 9

***'4. The MPU



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ys ^ arad

* -,--- r


.... .. .

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S ...r .-... .'t .


AM'ir iOW Room at l .1:,. or'.., nd is com- es .-l ihne Electric Plant I 1-2 H. P. in t' ta IlaheIP l -/
a6"m No I'8'ms, M-rvin CO4,erl perfect condition. &'5 .:0. The '..-UU l
"-'-. arad .Sm'ley Roland -carded Texas Co. (Pwnoma)l Inc. Iel. 2- Ik l Td. Ma yuMn
2-3. respively. 0620. Ul m. ovaS

;A"' *" '7 .A
.,r., + o ,lwr- iO_.
,'- .. -.. .... .a

k&R RE X

1':-) ,~
I -i


~-- ~-~~~-- i~-Yt~-Y- -

I __ _

_ ________11_1~ ______ _

;.i ,

in. J,- -
p i'.


~28- ii


: .ay; .:**

~dj~YYt. rrr



? + ; :- .
Ml. n,..,.-,i, f -'.' -,. -. ,- ; .t.. ^ ^rW-+ ... .. ,


2 ~"U
* ''-i1 ,.'***'


* '. *

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* ~ -' 'r *t '

tGa~s; G ?iav abfrlsi

e In Tu


was )MJ


Canal &Ihite r-Jk

IABLO HTS. 2:30 6:15-`8 j VEDWRO 4lGUEL 700|
Jolm WAT35E e Nancy OEBON Mgueglta CHAPMAN ** Cameron MITCHX.t
Mrr*LWINtmAn CO Wow -A n-Mw "

AAir-Cgw2 .8
il^" hIL-1a



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: ,: P ,.t'-2 i~i-


. I. -

ti lnd
a. tfAmft

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L. 1-_*rL.~LZI.~' -I~L~I -lr~--.~L'-~lr- "~ ---rlr----------- 'r --


_ _

_I _




> k A

^ ;" .--f

JF" *-,, ,u

"- Terr'i Rad T Rali' At
No one1 the
Baloa T = R ra-
mount's oom
,lki to,

tremendou*1 ast WOmup arles
of "Road" p,, burst M MW,. the
globe trotting tr ibedburs
have made. 'To the atevusers'
way of thinking it anquwsion-
ably tops all alIts pidtews-
"Road To BI l" continues in
i .the madcap, u lnppodtbltb and
was.. irresistllle mood of the '3tale t-
ed trio's previous treks to each 3BMG C39831.s a Wmd porothy Laoar ease
colorful local us Sin3 g Pa 10Re d" to MAl ..i 21 4a mery mOM m uTuvan
l, ,Rio .Mal oroceo, Zasptm and e On laugIhuml R, BVh r Adt o 7l' lo,
r mythical Utopia. ~ts frpo etcal- at. thi alb. t=s_$e the trio _t g.os
e pgets l ost in they Mbia e of; to f o361
gags and giggles but biBcal- -
ly, it tells what happens when As we've -said befde, Read 0liam Morrow, has aP 1W fb
-a couple of hapmea-down To Mail" is a happy le young and old atlke-ft
4o song-and-dance men Bing Prodcer larry Tuageud a eking surdeae a. rre
and Bob find it advisable' dec tor "al Walkr made It and for just oenyome I
k i ld1to leave Australia In' a- hurry. strictly for laughs, abd it Isl ao a good latAujaLA no ,
.-1 M eav l e-- (Their girl friends' big brothers loaded with them. The acrc Indicte. that ne
e lrappear on the scene). *hich was wrhittng by rnk tc t WI going to be 0
St Butler, Hal Kanter and Wil- ful place during 1
Et Their resultant wanderings few weeks.
im il her sast 0 .a tobake them to a secluded 1toll
Ss."-Zia by her -- at nearby the celebrated Isle. Of
AR'Bn1 1' where they enacountr a
rnu ilnous 8outti *a inland ,.

S. e the bad man is a d
O "ebit of comedy o acttl-.-
.,...--...-S.. iqu Ta b-gT4| 1Q clad cousin, Do-tlr A "
f 'U trore h ae wsop On Transisthnmiaan B, ehd AOeN l OUT MS S0 tedb"
to tlelr troub e noks in.
Bo ... ;". .~,X 'study 1' yoa, you won't ]get diving for au ken treasure; ro- PHONES: eight 3-1MI DAY 3-5l."
gtm)o.I 'L .u n de 'M stIm a beginning sr dent, co s animals; and ..r m : 7:0M .3 ,
S'.I .. wt MCIhacsdnhels bUt it hs done wonder r for taiest of equally wack and
people e; e 1at everything and don't uf roiotusly funny mistven" ..
d.,a .s an.. t c. :--- DA Y"TO DAY
Ta.. .asg..s..... dAccording to Maily, m Bing ad Bob have. never -__......._

w pass practicing te difficult sitting To Bll"-topplng
Sdr g1eton o extremely a
o, '"O aIn Johnny urke and Jm~uy Va a isbqInl t ie..qd.. -tmg
6he lerna oal. 'In fact, on an adjoining its ln. Beig s L the first thed I .. we l ll ,
oHere1- get a soundatage we bumped into "i tted" pistu'es to be
.dead Mrl B hr ..,, o,, ....o esn

"soun iffl tht e appealing ou T t UG ,

balance, '
PAT"up don'M.. o ie_.f s x "ae l. y.

AbumA w Wme, gwrls, or..y u w i or
.,ene, aing or weeks to come. ho Wer aplo
,. ..tst.emm o rl or ... With qutw ibe aplomb
gulf In fac, on Dotty mag tobe
_IIF L,++ iou Cro wford I',,.o .- A, t- "' .,, .
.USUa o ste a .clad once more the thi o
.. 0r Fbr I53 nelm I eg years.s'ievw enW OUR SNACK BAR OPENS AT 500 P.M~.
Sre Lc daem y A ard o gtypet r aby espely Try o S Jumbo Hamburgers or Png

1ii m'oep' poa ~ raford, one of Hol- unts to otch stylt dth
n ,o1 8_ ,l r. tre ss, p.' a nie moh A, B - l th.e.en r set sh mi ak oth M ade-


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Vr .'I4h"

gy'w "1wo

"FIX .. ",,^,^,w
^"~ ~~~. ..' */


A 11e

oyal Alligator, 1om0


,4ack Champ Gives Away Today's -ishi4

10 Pounds In Mile Test Program

'{ the Stud Los Lagartos', track champion Royal AlIllate. will ., : I
S try to give five rivals from U to 30 posds over ,I Ittlle 1st Race H1" Native Si .. V
1142 "be $1,000 Class "A" feature race at the Juan Fraaeo ace iurse: $275.00 Pool eleasa m .U
: Wreek this afternoon. First Race of the DUea
The Alligator ran second last Sunday unker the same crush- I Avivato F. 112
lag impost of 126 pounds he will be toting today but was easily 2 Lonely Molly A. Redrl. 13 fishermen asmW
beaten by the highly rated Chilean newcomer Esplendor who ran j Filon J. Cad oan 114 hy are uslpg ve
with only 97 pounds. Royal Alligator gave a splendid account of l Resorte H. Wate ilax ai along the aCO-
..Jlduelf and lost no prestige in defeat. 5 Ploll 0. C UQ10 "fterb, running ron $,
This time he will be meeting a other highly publicized Chl- 6 Don Mario B. Aj tn I a- a. Q!trteral of the ata ft .
A1.eBracer Comodor. This recent arrival last week scored Im- 7 Con Valor II V. 109x ailanda. W Iblngi l
v4elTely in the $1,500 Carnival Classic for four-year-olds over height of the reef
W- ,4nlle-and-flve-sixteenths, completing the distance in 2:17 or so ts anybody's uou S amI
ednly four-fifths of a second off the track record. The Cococha 2nd Race "I" Natvw I Ig. d FIL nte news next week. omw
,.P Stable star gets into this race under the feature of 96 pounds and I urse: ,250.00 Pool elt1e1: 15 O borilts overrunning the bty I
,should prove a tough nut to crack. Second Race of tht 1lea a-
",. Another starter who is sure to get plenty of backing In the I Haraoienta J. Chtl Ix lu Panama has&d manal
Snmtnels is Booji, a former track championship aspirant who is 2 Bagdad R. Vaqug 110 ack from Peru. T"ey have all
*aweoming out of a bad slump and steadily rounding into tiph top 3 Lady Caren J. Av 118 and Mn. Lou Marron a topple'
bhae again. Last Sunday Booji finished a fast closing third be- 4 Duke Malon J. io. 11 charter a boat for July. Thbey
stlul Esplendor and Royal Alligator. "' did make a good eatch with a 32
Sr F Pavero is a possible upsetter in this six-cornered race. I- w caught while drift flisl 1ai
though his owner-trainer Luis H. "The Magiclan" Farrugia ex- Srd Race "A" Natve :4Jr was cauht while
,tit to put over one of his occasional stunning longshots, the ex- Purse: $ 375.& P P lfotS
erTts give Pavero a rather slim chance. Pavero wound up a poor ONE
4htlasUt week after setting the p"ce for half the distance. How- 1 Winaaba R.L u 110
.ever, his 96 pound impost may help. 2 Rina R9i Ol Ibdi. 113
The Bendeus-Chablis entry rounds out the field. 3 Redondla s. 14
4 Valaria) 124
S Humberto Lee's six-year-old One-T w o: (Piropo-Duque) Portal) 116 .
-Jamaican horse Paragon raced $13.60. 6.... Sixaola J. 1 u4x
Sto a 'thriling one length vic- FOURTHI RACE .
tory over Bedlam in the featur- 1-Arranquin $3, 2.60, 2.2 .
Class "t" race. The winner re- 3-Proton $2.20 Purs t $275.00 :
ceived an excellent ride from FIFTH RACE 'K 7. i gS" "
Freddie Rose. 1-Mook Goddess $3.20, 2.20 1 onan
' The bay son of Fair Tip-Mae- 2--Petite $2.80. 111 A. R. Iannon of Penna, topi
vid got off on top then was SiXTI' RACE ir I112 ber trip and to get t lat.ev
ratqd nicely in third position be- 1-Mon Etoile $10.2,4.80, 3.80 A 01x rom Casee
*htd 'pacesetting Bedlam and 2-Miss Fairfax $4, 2.60 lal0 (wish we could ha
p Bseemano the, first time past 3-Lujoso $3. 108Fei .. ston stopped to charter boat
the staids. restigio was last in SEVENTH RACE 7-O 113 friends.
sthe-ecr-horse field. I-Royal Claim 9.40, 5.60 8 M co ., 97x This, with' other big tim St
e horses continued in un- -Pinta 2.60 servationa to t ah an i .I 11
ehagige.posltions until the far Second Double: Meon Etolie- 5h RaceTWA hiu O 1 ile fiabig grond. b ti ar
end of the backstretch where Royal Claim) $107. Pire: P P: : wealth of fIphint kibdg'al
NuiMliro forged to the front EIGHTH RACE 1 "oyA AwiM rt oah .k d'
goh also made his bid. 1-Black Bull $3.60, 2.60, 2.20. 2 Comdor 9 The Pm Cal T1rpon
1 wasted command from 2-Full $2.40, 2.40 3a e.' Brobk~ to r thm th
Sp n he mile 3-I t e $.80 C. 9 rjles. i a
thap staved the repeated Quinlela: (Ilack Bull-Full) h As ocaas
Ss of Hurlecanio and $4.80, F A .' 'l '
who came up for. a last NINTH RACE 6tna Is '. .,
rush at the finish. 1-Leal Frolic $2.40, 2.2 T o. ee Thee "Who Cares" repjd .
Pajpgon went under the wire 2-Baby Rol $2.20 ofth Pr epapd c are" *
of run with Bedlam second One-Two: (Legal Frolle-Baby7 1 s f ather and was o 'for r.
a half length ahead of Hurle- -1Rol) $66 2 A. 7 A2 A"thAat i t wUa mar"S I
o. The time for the distance TENTH RACE 3 Ea J. 120
Sa good 1:57 1/5. Paragon I-Tap Lady $7.40. 3.80. 3.40 K. 112
$7.80 and $3.60. 2-Slrena $8.40, 6.60 u4c C R. V 110
a best win dividend was 3-Peggy $9. 6 b J. Ba '110 tl nd e.
'18 .. returned by Mon Etoile ELEVENTH RACE 7 Gto 1 110 and the CIan m9
aib hb, sace. Tne second 1I-Paragon $7.80, 3.60 8 Levauram A. 110 wh a m a t ys. v e i
,dMue combination of Mon E- 2-Bedlam $3.40 ...1.. .. ..
'on.ea1l Claim paid $107 ----------
' Wo e f 0r"t hte ay. P a1 p T he $*5P 7 th ad t S S everlit tKt r ow ,
0oc.a.,Y1 i' the, King Flore: Pay The 5 boat can b enter.
*no o. 'vo shared saddle.evertw'er
honors .$..twoO victorie.:,eafi.. 1 ACC,- IUP) --LeRof K. r., ea U m, of t..A
l61% eferk and freight au- 2 wn. l
-TBST RACE editor for the Rock Island Rail- ma. ro T. l
l-Mana $4.20, 3, 2.20 road, paid a $65 speeding fine 4 .7 .tre' 14 ji sh V br a
a2- l-en- D N 2.20 in a Chicago court recently, S VrtIOwerJ ,0
ga C5 out not without a fight. Roll 5noh r8 t5h .l
M AO RACE brought a six-page typewritten pIs BaceJ' i-la l g*.- another for 1tm6
l--f u -P. ^.60, 4.60 explanation and a three-fet.Pu: 0 3%." P" j' I : are simp MMu fishpt
FirsB 3-.20 diagram to court to show that -.. over S poidtwt.inL
F rt D : ,(Mandinga. DI. ne could not have been speed- 1 Cafionaz6 V. CoUw 116 sealw *' .''
la P.) ~.6.S Ing. The two arresting pollce- 2 Pincel B. Agulrre 117 y ontte ted in
THIRD RACE men stuck to their story, and 3 Fanaket A. Gonzales 97x receive compltA ditaills fom
1-Piropo $6.40, 2.80 the judge made it three a- 4 Quo Vadia J. Bravo 10 Phone P4Waa -30,. dJ9 M
2-Duque $2.40 ______nst one. 5 Sun Cheer R. Vasquez 120 C.0 li. W
6 Jepperin E. Dario 100 Tehel '" .
woos-,-- -. r., va u mil. i si uit h iA M

-Dan Merie
S; Lonely, Molly
L y Caern
Duke Melon
-Valerie (e)
Rine Rol
Golden Pick
La Chete
Pa'it Pals
Ventre a Terne
-Quo Vadidl
Sun Cheer
NRoe Hip (*)
SONE It--uo Ve

Resort Aviveto
Pil6n Flen
Lady Corn Bagded
Bagdad Lady Caren
Rimo Roei Redoeiad
Valorie (e) Vlarlt (e)
Riomar Golden Pick
Golden Pick *ijaegul

Petit, Pal
$. Domino
Quo Vedis
Turf Ledge
Rose Hip ol)

Pik edh
die q o Vedis

Royal Alligator
Ridag last
Peoit Pals
Quo Devis
ReIo Hip (1e
Quo Vedb .

SReseo ts
De Marie
Lady Caren
Valeri (fe)
Rhne R*i
Golden Pick


Petit Pub
Quo Davis
i Hip 'le)
DianQue V
Quo Vedis




Regular service between

Do eral -Aeints. fwor
Telephone: 2-0670


,h R t u e lnllpori e A% ii e
Pursg: $600.00 Pooel elses: 5:15
1 Trafalgar J. -Bravo 112
2 Turf Lodge A. Vasques 11l
3 Charming Prince) F. Ro. 106
4 Rose Hip) J. PhMillps 114
5 Coragglo R. Vasquez 116
6 Piropo II 0. Chanis 114

10th Race "D" Native 7 Fis.
Purse: $300.00 Pool closes: 5:40
1 Miranda F. Ramos 116
2 Manolete J. Cadogen 121
3 Pregonero R. Vasquez I
4 Diana B.Agulrre 112
5 Eloina Flores 116

Atlantic Pony


The Standingb at end of .
First Half

Wen Lost
Buick 7 2
M.R.A. 8
C.P.O. a S
Motta L 1 7
Motta with John, Coffey On
the mound pulled tl Of
the sean when th uick
3 to I l ,aw-placd -m-.
Coffey hurled b a
up but three hit. irk-
land abo hurtled. iT i t
game bIt the bhr Sh a-
gainst hbn in t
woen Motta
runs which were e* wp.
Robinette was the
for Motta, getting
team's bits..Te ea hgter for
Buick was R, r who almo
la the league 1.. Uittelr.

Sano, 2b 0
Las lb s i
Basan Sb

Mercer, rf
,Trlmble, rf r '
Kirkland, p 5 *

-ILL ,.

wln xo up
So gaM up hM yacht
one of the oMi tit.
Marh 7th c nd. the th of

Bird, It
Garcr, c
Coffey. P


% "

~gr~ __


In back Of'
lalveral o.
g~l,,sawad at.IS

In tai
aked mas

ped over to see
when is the
for i Jly a
ai^ "-fi~

l lb
a ,,~ ^

EB land at


rt sbut i
st Kb ftK.

u ves teleted or APWlaIt

st ret etw<(
B ,. The .1b aat
db, loink.iu ~Odetbl


" 3 -l. i i '
"| ".NTRA&.

100 '- A 04
00016 Imp

L Ildhoted .


" 'V

V~I;I 7 :. d
U.. **S *.; I
.~ --
p -.

' :11 '

*.:l .- '-If
-. C"-
A ,


U ~

* .

A. *

.. #. .' I. .



. S v --

r .



,/ i

* C

.. 9::::- 4p~ U.




M". B
,*** ^ ^ ^ r ..
1,.-- .* --* A. ii^ ^.,

-' --AhI" >
.4 ,, .. oz. ; aR,
-. -- : :,., ",,,;...- :;./. -^

,, ..,A: 'ThA '-M? ." : r rK

* 1


- 1.

own C



*Mg' AR AI

'" *; ; 'f"- .-'" '.t' l : .*
, .''J -


"I "M.'

*ks 7 n o r

1 I IN

II "/11
|_;i.. 1' ys

72 73 214rc

Ro ,.;. ;- *



WVuW ltt if trli Wish teiem.
a~~wr apso faw aw p nobe me
pIo woweOWIM i'us mene lke new.
CL AI C h SU te Migh t elm.t

p a 7w

NEW DA,--Vera Stephens
Movlnt from it0 p ,to Chi-
cago IM. the Wt Box a
S cutch hilter and Infielder.

* up three
W, the Chi* a
L x. ta ent
S9 am

ad ierce lend.
*LY ;

i U |m I wu

Don't god ught with your Dunce-cap showing

dtnt kwr

be smrt get your older in MOW,

-fo a 1953 STUDEBAKER

- I

Fin I

* 9

SB Appointnmet
pGi Distillera
to the late King George

*^7QWR 44c

* V


s.', .

wr L


.1 -

,. '*
f ''* I

,* 2


"'I i

" ,S




* .

.. a. s

;~ ~___~-~1~~1psi Ow. ~ IV-- -L

....... Gaameas

t' 6W Too- Off Soui d Off Drtihg f
So I Af"erbach Saves It For
S. by Arnold (Red) Auerbach. the otber played
"i "Hel, write, lene..
1. fla f '" ed or has a ig S
w arkle^ ips l Listen to these pearls of ba as- rem.ndlag bl
W s ao --rs o ketl wisdom: or
d.^a. er" PMoI^ ip oa or shirt of the opponent." a good
WPu ofCheadain gtIo a ob for "BIftllttt.IW No cum- WritE Red, "can be very ag- m,
hi ea ., dmtete on toihy llii m I ralatin. Watch out for mn was I
s e'l t. 80o who grab your clothes or push Ir -
IV Ment bhy DOMNT LOAF -,
j sa B'B1 by t a OntinuIe Auerbach on ant- *
a al th of Aerbek ft -. other pa: Phloophlcaly, R m.D
ihr te laea ut I who eata "I have seen teams faking' hes:
r d o sd bod d 'ds ca in jl. That is highly "Dont loat t
N-lto maindI Mae tb ad tot be frownd thnk the co aia
Su A of Ys 3 anyown al m a 1", And don't crde a
o wntet a la of6Z hibut lie e a be bewfulhom man happeN
Va nThere.isIn WtheiOnlyth1$600The there' ho W
'a he S te boy i t e Dont' ever give the alamn coaches
aS i .controaed y on the brush-off", he vWrnalt "e- "The coach shoed-
a0tie.e cn, ttewl,.a d have he Aa member they a try- players that it is
t e f to whateS p' continuously they t

fWith Only $6.00 u
Sforwd w~ In IIIo get rred.

aam M oS DUL AN rCAsoI t Butor Ite (at S a Frauits die r Calet"a) he
EIthed tc WENY HOK OMEIN PLANET Pla.eU, the Coaib," "
c,, .. .... Con beyours'.
Sa t too a o- Thi cfe, to wit: be rafIledor the lhyea eMiLtk

a for the Churches of a Ihe Parlsk ab Po. N

Seated t Sa Francisco do k d
ne ,7J. crn.ed b men AUTOIBOILEin tt.e .
eto R nor tiat The ra&r will be op
SOEM-. aep.. .
______5___________________ For ni coPar ma $47.81
011. ? ,A M^ .*^ mW has

d I -t h .-CM .. 4 6 4 3 B E L T A N D'U "D "t "a n ".. ..

Carr* 4,. M..cnt ,ie Wb.. 1 -0

6r- In.., .. .- -T Oa Co-T hisBc h a e twt C. .. ... 'h eo,

..-. r

1LI- _L

. 16 '*.-

* :v" .W~ .7

t'. h

t/an tic

TwiL o

" ..'* y a.: ^ f..^I
*: i +;".' -;:' \
..i G~: ...*
",:." ,-A"

4 :.' ,-. AMU, '" J "" "- ':





as Rea
Let the people know tho truth and the country is safe" Abraham l.incoln. -Pttent Eisenhower's inau-i
g. Wau reported motly In
11 H TEAR. PANAMA, R. P., SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1952 TEN C iNT J e. It was the "best," My
._f "st," lthe "most excttl.
i-lo Bforth.
nTrai fdmaybe true-s.far'

epon~in sl s Truck Gardens ::.:

p krff r
park British -Argentine Tiff
-$ i i urfl
LONDON. Feb. 21 iUPi-The of the Germany of IKiiser Wil- suddenly flaring up and bbcom- eral resources, possibly includ- Itbbrok
press today gave front helin Ing important. The Antarctic ing uranium, and it may not root frao
pe p eadlines to Britain's dis- "Disagreements of thisJkind looks so grim and inhospitable always be impossible to work at
W -l0tith Argentina over an have a way of settling them- as to be hardly worth 4uarrel- them. If the question of who t
Argentine settlement on Decep- selves, and it is very tempting ing about; if President Peron owns what is not settled by of tb@ 13"-
tion Island. iust to let them do so," the wants such a fraoen asset, one them, we may find ourselves But, lt
There was little editorial corn- Telegraph said. might say, let him have it. Involved in the coldest war of the, mirst
meant on the latest exchange of "But they also have a way of, "But the Antarctic has min- all." BMe' Im"
notes, however, and much of it q* t T
Bwas in Ca light *l
The liberal Manchester! pod
Guardian said Britain and Ar- _gc ';r e
gentina. bad been conducting a ga ne- Sponsored Beauty Clinics ovation f
tempered quarrel" for many. "In Alt
years over the Falkland Islands. *. town, in
with Chile as -a third and I B a b Grace, In
somewhat less vocal partner."-' tr, in
"Fortunatel t' r deeds have I lam e barbers and et a these place
i ot matched the pugnacity of e lined
the words that have sometimes WINNSBORO, La. Feb. 21.- and were back on'the job to- "But.. we've had 100 to 150 vf t
been used." the "Guardian said. iUP Franklin Parish farm day. extra women observing." she' choel
and continued: women, whose magazine-spon- In Philadelphia, Robert Reed. said. "All of them have been mto ha
sord beauty jamboree mas editor of Country Gentleman, having a wonderful. time:" mt. Tra
"It is true that Argentina -raided" by irate barbers and expressed "shock" at the arrest ohem to
has, established at least six beauticians, shifted emphasis In of his staff members. Mrs. Hanchey said Dr.. Hollis ... m
bases in these disputed re- their personal improvement They were In Loulslana. he Rogers of the WinlasbaO Young a o
g ns, all but one of them program today from coiffure to said "to help beautiful women Men's Business Club eame by ri
without British permission, curves., look even more attractivee" He today's session and "comaend- Ians
"On' one of these bases, that Home demonstration agent said he was particularly sur- ed" the magazine staffers for 6rn.
on Deception Island, the Argen- Mrs. Ada Hanchey, who persuad- prised at the action in Louisiana "coming down here to help." "At Si
tites appear to have felt un- ed Country Gentl3man maga- because "no state in our land Marion T. Hawk Lipp, who sittee fro
aisually secure, for a r.'port from gine to send its beauty staff is more renewed for the beauty publishes the Franklin Sun her,, .in
tBuezoi Aires last week an- here to sponsor the event, said, of its women than the Creole was Indignant. t, whl
moutnced that navah transport "We showed a film on good State." .
'had unlcaded ten tons of fer- figures and tried to t..ach the "These folkJ from. M=,r
tile sofl there so that the Argen- women to tie th. right meas- Mrs. Hanchey said the barb- La' came ever hera dW; g
tine qgarrison might attempt to urements to make their gar- era and the rep tatlves tot d the .wole
gro6wegetables. ments fit." *-.. the ouisiana of A." "It
credited CoNato "hatea' t
S 'Possession has often been Later In the day she.A$ld, thi aren oud tod bay"M t l ina
- nine-tenths of the law in women learned "to make up that dilp't Y to
matter of Antarctic jurisdic- their own faces-working on way vtbt v wer goJ .. ..' ,'
tles,.and the conduct of set- themselves. have uca .
.'tleeT on Deception may have The four-day clinic ended tonal p ?r." .hy, oah of tiaoe leau
be. too ossessive. with today's afternoon session. She said about 40 women from operator women referred to the
"AM nwhie the protests of Angry barbers nearly disrupt- parlsh county home demonstra, women attending the clinic as 0
Argentina and Chile cannot be ed the beauty clinic Thurday tilon clubs and eight 4-H Club 'a bthch of old crows.'
taken to The Hague Court, for when they had three of the girls were officially attending "They ought to knw," LlIp > la
tey rtve both declined to have magazine's staff members ar- the jamboree to take their ifew- said "that i'these women'come i
recttrse to It. But the British rested on charges of permitting ly acquired knowledge back to in and get interested In their Inal
government will surely try to or particulating in the cutting other members of their groups. personal appearance to won't e
I ensure that in spite of this of hair without health board long uitUA iel be glng to
t l I step the dispute returns facilities in a place where food beauty h
to s usual state of suspended was served. I IIp. .
n iiafl on." The magazine- staffers, beaut o' ... Bw Ao 8e-,
1Tth conservative Daily Tele- editor Ruth R d, teen- were
graph said the' dispute was re- editor Harrie'& NAtele, p r l fSm. H lotaY w aV Tn
dolent of thi. "gaiety-and-han- grapher Ralph 'eyle were s le l peit *
som erk" and the sabre-rattling released under 3 00 bond *ach ops clinics. *
lo Sacrifice rops
"If the laws that we haY bi 4
r- DES MOINES. Ia., Feb. 21.- actilviy ofe to um a14
I dreamed of a bra (UP)-- ecr.try of Agriculture s
Ezra T. Benson said today "I laws. Perha the cot m
with firm s ft... believe in price supports," and ilte have talked us IntVo 1If r IA
rrged farmers to make use of them too much anrnd, '
A I them rather than sell their .; U.ri.
J / crops "at a sacrifice."
I 14'( m~// "But he emphasized that "price Balboa Tide t
Sfsupports ar.? not in themselves W. l-0 d
adequate to keep agriculture Hih ,that e an
strong" and that he is aiming 10:32 a.m. 4: "Olj0 fi
Chansonette... at a farm program that wil11ll:02 p. ............ 4; 4 .m,' W -
Sgive farmers a "minimum need"' ...
for federal price guarantees.
Benson also indicated he .
favors a system of ftIxible sup- .-..
"' ports rather than mandatory
high propose now required on
Sbasic farm cro s in a speech
prepared for de very before the'
16th annual National Farm In-
i* The new GOP Farm Secretary
gave his firm endorsement to
ST price propping in a speech be-
fore the a16th annual Farm In-
atitute here. It wmas an an-
swer in a way to the heavy bar-
rage of congressional criticism
i R ITYw that followed his address in St.
S9. o Paul, Minn., last week when he
T II0 ST said supports 'should only pro-
STvide "insurance against disas-
.FLIG H "1 believe in price supports
Sand am under oath to give
S. sound administration to all'
Non-stop in price support laws which Con-
gress In its wisdom places upon
4 1/2 hourh. our stature books," UBenson said
"This administration is un-
qualifiedly committed to price
: uper- fast DI'(*'. T \ CPointing out that price sup-
,- ports now cover 25 commodities,
"he said "farmers aboul make i1
full use of these price supports.
Ilneed"iate connection a.n For exannule. farmei need not
sell corn at a saerfkne.waupport, .
f loans anpn be f late rs May e:
", 31 at 90 Der cent a t y." _
But he said, "I ay In
Low Tourist Fares: a gree wsincerith me,-and I p
$93-00 one way and Circular stitching rounds those 'uporll agree with me.-.e

wontoa rellyarln
e$te1i nfor yeil l o10 S Y
-*n pGenuine Maldenfor s Bradi. t w on two t
?"....4w-[ VA Seres are madepuly in the Inited they caugt their hard
d", States of America.aRnn amy froma -'

N There isa / Connor topped several t ume,
'. l 9410 -- to' fire eggs at patr0llen1 WI.
for evesy type figure. liam Hulop and ]rnmt Ma!1
.... ..... .... wo- he e. '' '

rablic excitement a-
*in some caMes to mmas
- our latter-day Pres-
II have a long way to
e they can match the
pandemonium that e-3ae
ir George Washlngton's
te loose all al ong his
SMount Vernn to to the
iton In New York Cl
the provisional cap
.year-old.United Statat.
t a historian describe
SPrelident's jAtMMY
w Btefan Lqrant telO
be Presidency." f om
se illustrations are re-

.N ''~''~
Si. t~'s -.



. r ','.

I *'~


'-.- --"' ". *-- (

.--NN M..'.. w '
*'f. '-_ i'* .-'-.... ,. ^ ..
^ 4>7. -
.^4~cetY-- k'

, ," .'
*- ** ,'A

F .43
~jL a,


I; i=-

I,, -~

~2 ~

,i.~ .1.

- in



, a 3,

s t
**e ip -S

11 7-

C ?

45 ,. Km. ,, p .
40t No. .

I, Is. ***.. as. a."
i toda|aweto ga

ptfl, aD the .Ip A
bgst', make

-. ~ rJ S

mR.&LA MUN., '

VW n *. "(l
an nMP t ugg Rn

ad bow wea l ol hauM to
Th Me me -am

tM isapn
inSWANr tow*

Figr 9it out
ro Jiafs' m
ZiS qscla.: Shib
To 4WstA d ?s'..
*. so- e ad yoe w
wwmbaps^ fot .r Iuplt

a, srom.

Im M M417

9.74 j ane Ota
O~~~~~rl -fL r jf i *^^^^ *" -

.Mr Kitt, la a phrase
owalma ama

po" to epk
uk~kj w~

CtviW'NINB 7'g^^^~ ,"

DMvtrtcaJmsaLF UEUCOr3tEK
S* i t 'm t "

Swest toh

/'. A~

A..', n..3i ,

t a ;"'. : -..
6, 1 n

is to I


I# Hot Wart
jv. w, li w"= a eat as.
oe Ow aas btgee u ft" JS M
M Wti tinto wI ,
-gie. C pu.i n l-m.ay -
a. a ver a sothed atone j
Joe. qapl ,i that. the aten
ywo" mO woashr hiM to er .
sq* cWxyk& to pool It.
A s 6a tat water n-UtHe I
ahm. -m tt Wo why tdW iaru
atol tt taieS d of weta
your lU ?e 7I. alt etmor.
'tt. 8@! t" jOrlt 8 UNP M
lbo Wete In th ae" Ir"upt the
WA^ "Mhey oft both eoo vmnn
0ta 111: 1" .Id0 thu pagl of
waoe to ev*m Wmara fbehoe I
tWok It afrom the hoa brought "
, u.ltl ored
M* Uto haim Waqtg M tn o
muo uui. W he jo uSd?

Npo Mer00' hs bettbn ow *a*., 0i0em.
oo wetem. mA a had b eeMisjas tikeWw
. quhley y ea get -om wetS femme ab
"wkss aW assess

W ---: lIWe*lietPWs.
S-...-d: o&niwslto

.- *ON.,. I-.a.- ,t .

w-w,, -Io l rm.. 0te .,

-r4 iMb.,~m A p-wm, tt
,o A.4 5 o m

~ I aNNeas 4ma wv

77n r


., 4A



rri, 1 -
,.' *- .i
Y -.t;

a*4 obaiwfl 6I wa"b eel

weupim ains. .

the "N&
SBt lgW *Mtr

a.Sb^ LJ

qw- (U' o w -t ..
doe tsoi. at your mat pwmr.
Heundi maer of paple to ae
of the apectators. Ask him or hr
to plae am odd amsher Is -
beAt. and a esut mibw n Ite
other (sb i t hoia t
at toat we c Yao. Tu a
plain thatr asihmpa tauki
you *1 brtn ll i U e o i
talus the even utmw te .
and Wtich the oad numbe
Ask the mpotft* to BBUgy
the muher I taim da Pftl hfl
mh odd am rt antd he mwalr
biu lft bad by w fm
and tb us you the p o-t
Ummte. ta result It a0w
uauM the po erbw c cIso"
in to taht sad: tf tt iso iS.
the ee mauter oaIn the M.L



r Protean Words
= TBtwo seab hs eno tb
brew emi la weeds that m we
S h ell with the oSlOttm:
Slf]L) 1 es b o we the
I SWi HMt Mtoul diskhs i th te fare
Sowegs of the----
h booketthe &. Ms aturtday tho -
tok Us elaMeof boy to a mOw.
teatm It'e to atd --
.a H e0e i .- was that he
d) it; It had ben do
cried as ---.
SAt the eoaductor's appnme
the water was ta -- that
her i culd not ride fer
alM M -
L apply of -- wu
whe ftt oMbd he bought UMs a
S. As resed the
she narrowly sosew baleg M.
down I V ant& i

k!~ -- -.


,A lAi
^ ,,. ^ ^ ^


C; .~

*9*.~j~ -

. -

I,- j~



W !K'.t .




Cbro~wd~ ;


~ 1~-.-.~

, \. .. -'' *'*


Var r
on. r

4 AS.~I'4at.

IF : ". ... S ,'3. ,.-u
-- ,, r, ; .-* I



A *WSINJESS is transacted on the tailgab bf two covered wagons at El Mrage, .Arts.
ie replicas in the unusual post office are rotatez er Clayton F. Glaser and his wife.

LOWATT of the 4
D4UITE a year ago, 17-year-old (hariT M rrowt of Bessemer, Ala., had too few I I
itp1s.and too little space for a homr wo or~hopon the Morrow farm. Today, after c interru
Pt 150 tons of dirt from underneath his home with pick axnd shovel and a -i r
tiarkes has a modern, cement floored w vrihop.which i thedenvy of Jeflr.
-iitiative and accomplishment on.this doen-m.of other projects won top.hepaobrn
Westinghouse 4-H Farm and Home Electaerprogram for the teen-age farrawr 4fl club
T and high school athlete. One of the six fir iers, '"Chuck" received a $300.O ftbr


-wires t

looking for niw i es for elctrfcity, "On
iY^ -.W TC.~ **~. **** -- U |- --|

g- gAIge -

uMe oi

buk ji

4 a


-w -..s

PN 4j
, +. .. r rl ,..
: '-5. .


r e ,v' +.
V.* -' ',..ill


"5 ~



,AS .

Into a little po trouble last Nr
it came from.m place as mat
troubles have come from.
Ike, who does not have to
years, does not want to ct
somehow or other the
good businesslike docu _
professional businessmen m|i
But in the House of all
Sorts of Republicans who ha te f it Itb-
in two years, and an e wond the word
Is for what these re right mow,
that word Is electioneng. old,
This li not to t they are doing something pn.. of W
worthy of them, because it so happens the average the talk
American voti has often known what's best for nm. of
The average AmerieanrVoter, in fact, is not suea r only on
witless boob as the average AmeArcan politician woeldq
at times appear to give him debit for.
And the fact is that the proepeetive tazxlashers in d of<,
the House well know that the average American voter
will take a dimnmish view of the expiraton ofr the ex-
eess profits tax on July 1, with no compensating tax
reduction for the individual.
Put another way, are the big businessmen of America k s'fP
more important than the small citizens? .
Chances are that the average American vote, tlk 'f.
not. Chances are also that the.iIouse tax.
dead right when they ask that,eir consttuel4Wt
have to pay the landlord and t4 grocer and l ..
tOr in the business of providing a decent Amerla '
home for their wife and kids, be gven'at least as
much consideration as a few Joint tk 6mpaniee.
There is not, as yet, complete aoceptaneof the tenet
of Secretary of Defense Charles U. Wflso that "what the
is good for General Motors is good for the nation." 1 *
and wPB1
In the international field, the Blsenhower adrpinis
tration was getting a better run, possible because It Th
was playing a more skillful gapae.
three f
Ike has been getting round to Informing leading OfA
legislators of both parties exactly. what the present.
world score Is, and who holds w4&t cards in the cold .lt.W.
One such legislator emerged glumly Mom a White. "t
House conference during the week to declare: "Were.
In a hell of a fix."
Ike surely knows how to cope with that sort of salt -
nation, however green he may be in domestic affala. c w
Ike has been in all sorts of "hell of a fixes" before,
and has thought his way out of them.
The initial blowup of Western f4eae when Ike withw.-P.
drew the Seventh Flqet from the Straits of fonsrmc
proved premature and ill founded.
Ikt has since declared le has 1to intention of blob-
ading the coast of China (come to think of t, le lha
authority ever said Ike did have aby ke of -BE
this), and so the fears of how Chia*ed tMlag IgM
react In this event proved a waste of. tOme.
If there is anything Ike Is a 1ong-tI e expert In, it is
the businessof dealing the Internatioal cards., h be
The Korean war went on much'iva,
there wqs another episode ot l bombing
positions 'ust behind the front ,fo "w -
Well, these things happen. Aways, havye a4. -
have been killed by their own artillery too.'d A
own machineguns. It's the combination of war j l
.. human fallibility. ,
But seems some brass in Korea Is no fallible In .
knowledge of mankind that it doesn't adnmit to. ,
.. exstence.of human fallibility. .,
_ : So no details have been release(" of the lte ZW
.dental bombing, n which something likely
were killed. At least, no details about who did If t ietwaw
whether a bombing of a,Red popt generally kdil o ore toms gula
than or fewbr than three of the enemy. governhM
Three sounds a let of 01's, but it doesn't sound ve i curreds ,
an ny Reds for a' bombing aB e. .
However, this test episode served to recall a'pr.. ,hbe
vious one, in wblerh Panther jets adspected of beln.. Stae...
from the Marine Corps Air Wing '(the Marines wem
the only outfit flying Panthers in that area),
Sdentally workd over U.S. Army artillery WoA
.d the front lies.
So the Marine Corps In Korea was askrig
was done about this business,. now some -to -
F A Marine spokesman, no doubt- tetchy v i A
thing so lowly as a civillap prpa to lmq t
the actietirn on AIttaz-pyer..ui
Inf.armd the _Ihlref that, the InqV In the m...
dent is still cattinuing. .
No more was -nbunced.
That should b 0 sort of a slap in the fae to
any mere a ivlllaso mptein as to

p othr" guys he stope ah
buthe' LRs.

..raw r ,1 r Hi n r t. '5.

.3...- ,,.._ .

4, -. -~
~I* ~

'. n ru-




'^i~a^'-1' ,.
" **- ? t **; .
, .-_.i ... a ,.--.. 'i.o

l'k. -

'-tiA tr.y 39-taly
2-RWebrew In the
" wight RomAn
3-emninte. calendars
*a3el 4S-Rued
4-War es tate
dety 41-Frrind pf
5-Mak an Pythiasu
e, dguga 44--ehgrala
6--aav* the 4a--Openaing
S-alaSn in the skin
7-T.ting #4-Play

8-*tveq ~ chief
--e nagrs-
( trate in

)-" 51-tIntga-
13-sreq torm
'06 52-Dut
rakr st uarbteed


of Great
76-Part of
the eye
78- French
BO-Look sullea
82-Wadte in
84-One who
geta on
86-Beetle -
87-Those who
of India
9 --Htmnan

9 --Town in
98-Doetrine -

102-Place where
thetcki rs
05--Piece of

i6-mot I

L'j'li,' ..' "

I~Ite lJyiaaiifHT i-i 111 -i ~. r> -
:2..'J' %^ *

* t.

~ I
-- *..u~t~pi~ '(a




9~ F

I !,- a


4e MhAmoN Atv. Nrh yme ) N o ub -m ..
Mn MONTH. In ADVANM8 .... 1 i' t
MII o N vs s IN as VA f m 1 r m *"


About successful men;
Let writers rave, in volumes brave,
With fond and fluent pen;
We've had enough heroic stuff,
To make our pulses throb,
8D, I'll speak a word, for the man unheard,
Who was also on the Job.
The Old West Indies Qoon.
Of Goethals, Oorgas and the rest, we've heard for many years;
Of peerless chief executive and high brow engineers;
But all those birds with their wealth of words, could never
(turn the trick;
Without the man that shoveled dirt-the man that
S(swung the pick.
He's not a thing of beauty and he's not a Ioy trever,
He never makes a grandstand play at being bold or cldver.
But many a man of high repute; encumbering the earth, .
Could profitably emulate his sturdy, honest worth.
Right valiantly he did his part "In old construction days,"
And every sympathetic heart must grant his meed of praise.
He still ren Din upon the ame-e; with hih ambition filled,
To help conduct the big al, he labored hard to build.
His only brilliant features are his black and polished skin,
And the gleaming row of teeth that show, behind his
(cheerful grin.
OH boasts no giant Intellect, the nations to impress, .
But he holds his place in the world's wide space; we
(need hm noethelest .

t ie mang the sledge dt the tigaag fg.,
He(hns the hea the pic k
e e baulds our prl O 'oldor;,
His slnewyjrae, un.nbwa. W Fame,
Cou tdpoteablld of eaec noisome whbld,
Of vi e heavy laden sidpy. s."
In optimltic povertgc he lars for l thad, '.-. ,
For the ay n lottery riches Just ahead;
In billrhl eoatOnphamon, s 4ak; eewl beam,
For he p ls ute t"whe nmb'-he "saw it In drem
If "Lady Luck" should fatl In this, bc-J p he's not.skM -
One fateful. privilege remains, awbup fu to N
AI pnod ef silken sash and posh. of t oMw bndd h.-

Bc pas is p t iully small, his recompense s sUimr,
But minor details such as these can not discourage hl;
His progeny is counted as the sands upon the shore,
And his pkaninnies number from a;dosme teo aem*.
Descrip1sa of his dialect Is far beyDg my hen;
Eisabethan Bnglsh loatlMnUy iate th
Into the accents, musical, of Coanemara CeMs.
Oh comrade black, whate'er you lafk.
Of ornamnental guise,
TYpur state grace ad b=romly face,
We never cad despise;
Your fteh queer, n yar to year,
Pr orce e must ,-ondoae
But your hsky frame, trogh prae or bae,
IH needed on ',he Zone,"
Oood Old West Indlie Coon.


" -*ii.


J4 111i. ,I.
mew i aud .ols to ssdry crw.. P.. .
l, No. .pu.lshe. today.



^*-*-'*K, ** *T<-

3 3.~ -
t 7*~

,- C-

?.v '.

I,- &

Ai t rt: "R Umt 1 M or

M.A. ,a


M R ; ...
i mmacm n3.a eo um M. I
.^p~c3 a-

Pouter the

iw mf'er taught

ia f av me atrip

S,'Oi' .t t iA0 maad aH rnez-

i ad tio grond w r-
Iat hlQrealu .o a wo oal unate
' uc GMt at 'tie and Rd wraW o-
B8 0a.MUM ISOXsta, reastwt N
eaj of thlb b 'i-ood
.arks e hee en twhbpred,

a f the vltd the
Id storyosf a peinidhwAftr-

wkr wouldn't it y7ou betas o tried

i ~t mb d bMm -b
7 and m Gees. WBa "Did
r e6pture ther i?" haqwthe anzxiu
IMe," a the reply, "but the pMaa o pris-
M, never aMBd tht," iy dr4toed LTAcnab
an make a doom genesala In ahowr, but \
M est WM aptoemel asNwa

*a.W. u'rMM. Iee Mat
ff. a e.tG con-P
a beof >t hIa started

**'*lhA~eAtafif^hullh^Rlr we* tff

~ P~

Is -i^^^

4 and

There ob
maybe it1f,
local offibl


- haas theW rf -
Pflrfbap fla *o WhAs llw, ba
courtoo s way he tilps s hsat to because the arrival of the poIqeIP b 1
miles of the Gatua Lake is *eta.oUiy
Whatever the reason, thtls 1. I
ky Gringo, who incidentally 6s "
Canal Zone policeman,, kdeWS
more public relation Workt iau
strict policing of the lake tan
which 's his domain. IHe's iB y ..d .-;:
ed godfather to a.-re t. d, a "lte.-
dozen niativeJables' otn ?
ried urgent messages fro a- 7
name to relatives on thea
and once.even helped a woman n
giye birth to *t huaky boy -,
named, (ywo guessed; it) after.tb
Casey. b

Occasionally, Poliemau.H4
has helped, sawv the. lites:.'
farmers bitten by sn k
otherwise hurt in acedent s
cently, after he rtashed a y
native to Gorgas, doctors
ed they could give better tret- of the lal
ment if they knew the spfle aa. lr t. a
of snake which bit him, Wltl and vegetable
Instructions from the farer, is extremely t
who killed the .*ake, the
motor boat opeeald* 1I
back, and returned triumhan owB
ly,--in record time, with r 0ot
Officially, CP e' job it- poe.t~a
check the coaWdttle of l, : .
docks, watch for new or ua eighUt
thorized cleaning seft t3aF
wA t' poperttmh at. i. 7!.e
t. ch of6 aieatjuanoa There' even
(ocicalonally pome Uav B ,' old -girl who tr
efl School W a

bul actu l, the launch IN arrived a P.r
Stb6m incpal 'ltnk wftihuc sa- Wa woulGLj
k t thene nato e a -t #q ed
pletley I L everid M
they .e g lppn p fthp i eg ea
SauineWt ,.~t.the reps.
the e e atWe
M a are-opeue
rush tf waters, which t Casey ba enty
when rains thrte ny to meq te
oftrlw A pllway, ^t seg te
mnn life or death to nat
Swho live ef: the land. If tWhegt a
advance n U, they ca .
their Ittle fish g boats,hI ..,.'
Sk up any produce they ta
ave on te.a i r"f 3 l
"ecat ae .3l& of his

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