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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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sma mayor
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Cops Firie

BERLIN, Feb' 21 (UP) An estimated 1,000 -Est
Germans asked for political asylum today in West !.rlin
setting anew monthly record in the flood of refugees to
the West from the Soviet zone of Germany.
West Berlin refugee officials said today A iiuft
goes bhad e out .of the Russian zone to it.' Wet to'
lost midivght.
They said approximately 1,000 waited to gter to-,
day to fop the previous record set in Jany at 25,434.
Yesterday Communist police on the ErbW St ditH'
city border opened fire on refugees in aon m.mpt to tift
the. owing flight out of East Germany to the West. The
refu es were racing over the border in automobile conw-
voirand trucks.
were pour inrto West'
.^Jro rofodot .nd:W subway 1 MIh "
and elevated rall-ro "Approl-.4
mat* .1,600 refuiw crossed
1b C'ommlawom r d guardVs I-> 9wr .I
o tcSire to Tk along ..
Rei wly. in the a
aU s '.l -" "- '*- i T Uehr aw.'lM t r. ,

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M- la
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,' ~.La
* ~.

. ix wlUB@at

'co01 Palmer uwa Jazil lU
Awrll for conUmpt or 0o
E-wnhen h ru to obey co
U. 'iI. orders fo owing g-]es action
S his wife on a domestic dispute.
"a t could bve been settl4
at one If e he
CoronAr Dr. Haery y
S- -- tday. "He had no Intenton of
'0- FA2 1U P)- Polaglg." the Coloel' th
?M.cle or R voieeelt i& e or. dftr Palmer, told the -
that a wopoed conftttlonel Sror "ge only stayed In pr
amendment to because of his obstinacy."
Uniod Nations co tfed- .
era "'ws "a Admiqistration
Mrs. Rtoosevelt, saeaftnf be- My kirst Aid
fore the. Toledo United tTons -.-C hi..
Associaon last night. AMd the a
amendment proposed by Sen.
John W. Bricker (R-OM) is un- WJIO Fob. 21 f )
necessary. If aproelt would soureWs d ta
make It "L etai- tte la
sible" for the UMa ates to h Ue a a
funcUtic wthi the be said. ntr :res bl
,Toq fKrtu eon-9to eO. Cea om n.
stitutio anl amesi. that sa tbe.
clarico afn -t1e3 a of WU Such A eunpl If =aft
participatton il iso 1erlouaflA mgW P W3iI.

.(,r IsIl

f I

in either evt, ""pal'
,ro thl renu-aing
meh. four'is t ne
iOthem-to-he. Ele-or & DM
cbildrem's ppciolist, tells you whet to
aspect and hew to care for your bb y ding
the first 18 mths. De't mis these six
spcq wf rtica o U thea -d y wy ig UP




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97 H sT 0 0 sox 134. PAeAMA. OP P.
34. MArOONB Ave NEW YOenR 417 N Y
'p MONTH. IN AOVANC- 1.70 1
wMone w/Ag, 114 ovANCr *s l"r @.


o Mil oxil Beo it a open forum to, redd Tehe F at t Al
Is e(weu$ an reecolved gratefully and *e* hf id.Io am wholly
detlel r' .mon.. -
It ve -eahtibute a lottew dea't ba impatla i it de 'i *P(al
set .4a. L0tion isr *ubblkhed Hi the *order m ..,
tosees V to keep the letter limited to 1Me4th11
1 ity *t letter wrfrta ha eld in tridestM
Tcti newspaper assu* m at r espaibility I l"ee 1 0 asope
tpegeMd i. Iott*s l fomleaeders
Sditors .
Panama American
nami, Republic of Panama
Iegra Sirs:
I have just received copy of an exc t from. ydar, 1ims
January 17, 1953. under the caption "Tw' Panel Men. AfI I
filials Play PC Board." The article then Indlcatht.that I
"highly disappointed" wlih the interpretation of the WL
commendations by the Panama Canal Company. DB ofI
rectors. *
The above statement ascribed to me was made 4bi6out,
knowledge or authorization, and in vievrW f the fact t=t I
Panama Canal Company's latest rental figures were not gvas*
to sme at the time of this release, is without, foundation., Un
the circumstances, I will appreciate your courtesy-In issuing
corected statement to the effect that I was quoted with'
autlrty and that for the present I have no comment on t
ma~tertf the Canal Company's adjusted rital selfedule.
Very trtu yours,
-Herbert Ashton. D' ""I'
Transportation, Communlcations
and Utilities Division.
EDITOR'S NOTE: The-Panama. American'd story to
which Ashton refers quoted Howard Munror legislative rep.
resentative of the Central Labor Unif. apd Metal Tfade,,
Council, who also served the Canal Zone Joint LegWisative
and Finance Committee. Munro is now In Washington
and not available for comment.
From past performance it would appear the obstacles in t
oath of streamlining Canal operations are nearly insurmountab
due in large part to vested Empires that resist change for pr
aervatlon reasons. For example, the pilots even increased tlh
following a suggestion as to how it could be halved with
action in hours, and a similar boon should be expected for
t's Canal Seamen since the recent modernizing suggestion
respect. '
Care to see the workings of an Empire? Come join our cla
easy lessons in "How To Go In The Hole" a la Canal Empir
lesson dealing with the local coasters known as banana boa
ose of 65 feet pass through the Canal without pilots, ual
l d lines at the locks. Those over 65 feet, which most are, ta
ots but still use hand lines at the locks. There was a time wh
rentice pilots cut their teeth in bor t handling by being assig
to transit this type of craft, but as good union men must shi
share alike we now find senior pilots taking these joy rid
o. Such a pilot receives about $50 for the average 12 hours
Jaunt and the Canal pays for cars, motor boats, hotel mes
trans-Isthmus-return about $33 more; a total of $83. T
al receives an average of around $30 in tolls, thus going in t
le $53 per boat. End of Lesson.
Maybe we shouldn't remember that during the war Innume
e brave lads that got shoved into command of Army and Na
ary craft from shore jobs after six weeks' training, and w
u .ou .haCaa while paag t:x l th tAr .
Itoniifl eae hatid lin 1a .Wa Otit benEfit of
"myif#Ards, o*enlor.,_ Maye.. itab I 'n:t k.ol .r to a
ofi *iese banana boats of iulch ler I
ost o whom have served longer passing through the Canal th
her pilots, shouldn't be allowed to transit without pilots ar
ve the Canal this loss. Maybe the rent heist will make up son
df the loss, maybe some questions just shouldn't be asked, az
maybee I ought to.
,y Shut Ma Mouf
I.. ..- -

Cinemaa Actress

I Screen actress,58 Body of water
Barbara '5 Bamboolike
Knudson grasses
4 She was born 60Observe
Nevada I Nomad.
IShehad a 2Proboscis
-part in
., "irB Man" 3 Promontory
-12 .M aeg 4 Male sevants 206
13.T.n .. egg s Elude 27
14 u tie 6 Obtain 28
is Onagr 7 Greek god of 29
Is Tardler .war 30
17Correlative of 8Welts
neither ISlam 31
S18 Defeated l0 False god 33
20 She spoke II Ripped 36
-- word n19 Small pastry 37
Sher irt 21 BornI
picture 24 Rebels (coll.)
iConumed 25 Leave out
2 Hebrew letter

St a-oerat"s
4 IMl Gardner
3 Ivnlt -- -
3117 EX Vr

'a r --- ---
I slaon
SWalkl g -
,,41Whdlwld -
S4 Auricle
aiudsed -
I nFlying -l
S52 Drench
54 Drone bee
o fHostelry
N Penetrate



Answer to Prevoi Puzli

A I. .o
r-130L 0 E -A -


Assistant 39 Eternity
Donated 40 Proyvid food
Cereal grain 42 Faclitated
Mountain lake 43 Kim6no
Cry of sashes
Bacchanals 44 Window part
Dibbles 45 Volcano
Companion 46 Completed
Racer 48 Roman date
She played a 49 Flower
lead -- in 50 Gaelic
an operetta 53 Shoshonean
at 12 Indian

faltering Philip

p 's lifti to lled witb bruises
ed-wea etep lad rgs he ma e
Itn weeM leSe hs borne like new.
A ChasifJMea. JMt th rtidht eiue!

Sreightrs and three 10-to
fishing craft were repaired re.
cently by the Jape
Negotiating, for .uch work
are the NalIU Trading Cop and
the Hitach Shipbuldinga C
They can be checked. S can
the Dalichl Klsen KK apple.
They plan to put the Kalfuku
Maru, 3,955 tons, and the Kit-
aka Maru, 4.01Q tons, n uthe
Ried China route.
And there 'are our friends,
the Danes. They had an oil
tanker built for the Soviets-
the Aspheron. It can lug mill
lions ox gallons of aviation gas
each year to the enemy air
We warned the Danes not to
deliver the vessel, since we
supply economic and uilltary
aid to Denmark -and we be-
lieved It was slighty Ironic to
permit them to use ao : money
directly or indirectly sor such
crade. They rebuffed us. And
their Foreign Minslter, Ole
bjoern Krail, was even indig-
nant at our Interference.
But at least there are no
Danes dying anywhere in this
fight for democracy, which
shakes me a little, since I was
weaned on all the hoopla a-
S bout the "middle way" In
acandinavla. -
There are Frnehmen dying,
however, In Indochinese
Jungles. Yet we find the
French no more "falnrul
than any of 9 our other
friends, to the freedom etch-
ed into their tricolor In ear-
Her days.lI
The Parisians have a $10,000,
000 trade agreement with Bo-
vieLized China. In return for
wAtnout which thai pay kw
cheuld hardly exist, doubt,
the French are sendln there w
.ero, ,oteel, v o.e..
and other tetn which make
handy war material ow gay
can they Ret? '
Never let It be Oaid that tW
British haven't lost tder yen
for competing with the Freach,
They, too, have made t4e, a-
greements lid Eadprn Berlin
no less. with the Iroa Cur~in
crowd for shilpmebs to Red
At least .11_0,.000 worth ,of
chemicals and tetl have
been sent, or are on tbwr way
aver, to the enemy.
Now they're Wrking on a
deal to send the 1110
$28,000,000 worth of mahi0ery
and parts and equlpwent to
keep the mechanical stuff iD-
ing once It' set up n
roll. The SrMaf we
ancient dipUeaey.
are mnloder they ha .
a tip torase tndroupe l
Kong ad e Macao to
Chinese merchants wlili
were haggled.
Does no oi hear aM Mfi
fled Cries of wounds: f-
Korean In *iqa!V
wamps or IZndch X914


There #s a goqileal of palaver Of .t.m h.
Interest eapt maybe to, nov 8e aet aiM a
congressman on the ,suj.ct of how, to ,
the brewers of bogus bd .- '
SAnd along W ame wlarW. Wootona at-
ing th, WiW e Insttute orf mica, w ratm h
boys c did wish Congres w a
new law, ayin what the .can and n
the manu ture of the gle W It

.. ..

now, thq beir n knoo Wthte
esftbilahhd wine-ce .Is filtered
After the 10a01Wn wa"oer ',,tm w
expert Wooton went Into afr more deal" for drUn" h bs
mS.' _'- ... .. zl Hta.
He said tate the .a1lrn wh, p .tto atf .. "t



Valente a"i.'
Vs itat of. .)...

of pveq
with eeW^ a^(la'^



Labor News

And .


oly Victor Ri"el
There are cynics who pickle
their bitterness In alcohol ind
pound at their typewriters so
icudly that they drown out the
noise of teen-age OX1 scream-
ing with pain after being torn
by shrapnel supplied to tilE An-
emy force by our friends the
i*t. Western allies.
MR- But some of the shouts set
through to the mlan In the
the White House, now gr lm4 y
thinking of an Amerlean
blockade of the Sovtetlied Chi-
nese coast. For he know that
deln our friends. Whose bredbasb
kets we have filled, overfltwed
our enemy's war depots and
food dumps with billions of
awciUar wui h of material in
S He knows, tod, that UNt of
this has been carried to tbe
of enemy by soein .: ship,
Of- chartered, repa own
am and serviced by tM e BrltniH.
re- the French, the Da.e, theU
Dl- A'inns, the 'Pananias
and, of, all people,. te "re-
,ty iabiliatee" Japanes.
the I-nre. can be ..n. doubt of
Ole thele figures. Sme ol them
tler were reieasei" V quit, r L-
t a deed by the ,uu, >iathons the
out other day -wi o report-
the ed that oul .rt f as have
bought over ..O 000OO .
wona of *siu .h from tae co-
'i'is gives, the Solviets. t he
dollars they Aeed to buy oth6r
material Vom whb-
such nations as r which
we saved In a'km and bitter
war against a oituled inva-
slon not so, )oN:
The mood of Pre ent El-
senhower was reflected the
other day whlen th .opn-cul-
iared white aeppe Harry
he Lundeberg, unin bted and
ile, not yet aiplomlUcaly broken,
re- left th :.White -leiee and said
eir we ouSI to' bl5W these hips
aa o ut 91 the -wster.
A. But Hnqiler Harry nor his
in friend, the o resident, knew at
chat moment that, mess the
ass ships are. blowa to bits, they'll
aes, be repaired in the' ship yards
Lts. of our friends abroad. Even
ng ,epcCd.
,ke Now we make It public here
en so that all shall, knoW of it, t
n- including Congress which has
ire before it Rep. Sterling's propo-
les sal that we tur, six U. 8. ,
on destroyers over to Nationalist
als China so the exiled Generalos- U
he simo can lunch the blockade
he himself.,
Let it no longer be a se- S
er- cret that the British hav,.
vy been chartering ships for the
ho London Shanghai Man-
Vr. churia run ever since last
pi- July 30. Let it bei knova
SthatI a lUll W
g.. f!relghe 'W-

S"r -. i



g a la

Sy. tied a pubk~,
I, ~

ma. ~

m m u

The two'

D DB. DauBi

;M ',O- 0)
' :"utt


-. "1*'


7 a
te -'


that 'h

the ma i
Nli t&

'A. IA
.~*' S



Varied. Vintages
R Frederick C Othuar

Spui u g hshrry,.a utt
S t beer? simuer. Wn _.rev.B

w i,
wipe i
B i



-.. I .?.- .,

* o.. p.
Draw- p- 4 PP..
vot 4SkMatiI
.t,. j ^e~p
SB tluKtide




, user



..... .


..... ,0

* / 7' J-~
j.. .* -:

S... ..'

F ~
I- F

-.' 1 jr .
- 1*4W

", S ..' ,

fl i* I?

* 'S

!. 1, !."

ii., I

9 P5. I

Ssw was a


Dlom -

- -.. d. r.
___ a~ II.aqf


,' _. ..- ...... '. ,h ..(.; r '* ** > 'i -'.. ,'' :s I_ E q n-\ i .... ^ w l r ,

las at,%;
.Now. 4.

aide, S a a
"." ', ...,_. '.. .-' i ^j^ i.--' ; "

T. Th-s iT.
mouth L do
.11a Geh "ereg
Sion6 Davi
'th--U a
or the 1sra wl
be a b d -4ioi
= .-=, "I %

an flgr p. I
t n h ti I
h all a
,^l|' gg C'd '- ur d tt o

w o r brou 111. um

*. th

7 Vaol~, O
Se h" am U E

,.' O ft t ed u & th

SdSchool bus D I er Praised

FFor Leading KidsTo Safety
1 U -

. -Ur-ywcl school in. da ,
hoa children to the

r= In owdri

. s" Afr E Sot "ad
soj^X ui& tD.*,i

a quarter .- mile
p-deep snow, Dolich
abled onto the farm
lere Carey. Carey
* the bus with Blish
* men led thei di-
I house.
meanwhile. ad -
Il when td bi, bil-
in mtoMri aW I




Pacific ide7 -
A report of ua examination
and t recommendation, "if such
is. indicated, are mailed to the
householder making a request
for an examination.

Eden WHl Tell US% .Leaders

Of Kremlin Crisis Danger

LONDON,- eb. 21 (UP)-For-
eign Secretary n tony EdL n
will take to Wahigton next
week the word st a crisis
seems .to be brewing inside the
Kremlin whlsh .4ld magnify
the dango of any abrupt
American move In the Far East,
a high British source said to-
e uncertain of theappar-
ent struggle In the top r s of
the Soviet regume raises the pos-
sibility of Its tppn the scale
toward full acale Co unist re-
patlon to any Westen move, the
source said.
The rumblings of trouble in
Moscow-poauibly a showdown
over the succesalon to Premier
Josef Stalin-requires the West
to tread Apftly In the next year
to avoid any Impreason of West-
ern thinking along the lines of
Inevitable war, he added.
That was given as the gist of
the message Eden will take to
President Eisenhower and Secre.
Eden and Chancellor of the
Exchequer R. A. Butler will leave
Thursday for the United States.
Eden and Butler, well aware
that British alarm owr U. S.
policy in the Far East has placed
a severe strain on Anglo-Amerl-
can relations, will try to reach
a better understanding with the
new administration in Washing-
ton, the source said.
The source said Britain real-
Jzed it was with sowmb "Imper-
j Mence" that fers were ex-
prested over U. 8.action in the
Sast, where the main bur-
dea rests on American shoulders.
t he insisted that the urge
to do something to end the Ko-
ren war must no lead to doing
anything "silly."
'He saw the possibility that the
Soviet regime within the next
year would be in a position for
all-out retaliation against any
Western 'move.
Britain is puazled about what
Is'i gag on behind the battle-
ments of the Moscow citadel, the
source ad.
IH sHuested that it could be
a strfggl for power between
lrmnt Burla, chief of the So-
viet secret police, and his rivals
Over the mantle of Stalin.

Natural History
Croup Will Not
Meet This Month
The Natural History Soclet
wishes to inform its members
there will be no meeting this
Notices of the March meeting
wS1 6 mailed to the members
i:..x'e sa, d i "... ,f. '.

shakos are being fashioned in Michael Silberston's clothing .actory.
in London's suburban Bethnal Green. They will be worn by thu
towering members of the Brigade of Guards as they march in
Coronation parade in June. Silberston. whose grandfather mad*
bearskin bats for the Imperial troops of the last Rusdla star, will
cut all of the skins himself. Employes, above, egn to. form t ,
hats on wood frames.


PLACE SETTING... $14.00 ,


No doubt about it...

I '''.1-. I.

o a.


I -
, "


.. .t yours! '
T" dutsiSS rattffled for e b16elft of
(f eke Pariah o P Wia NonO.


.1 Nt,

Vs ...rn. IT'---'--- *n"..
The .uIab
.. Preio*us*

k i

. Ifs



Scotch Whisky


S aZ .

^r' a" ~f

.'y.i. .I-.n o /
..... .:.p

:. .. ia .ir .^ .. > :, / : J *'- __ .

I t .


~es I i.T T


_ ._ I ____ ~L_ _i_


-- --- -- --- -- r

r .. i



*"*' *

it -

f i.





Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals and Departr


iJtalian Line Ship more striking: they show that
.i!,Due Here Sunda' tie volume of air transport now-
S'. There will be about 50n vLsit- adavs is 17 times greater than In
itnq tourists ir Colon Sundav 1937 when 2.500.000 passengers
afternoon when the Amerigo were transported.
' .-Veinuceil rrlves in Cristobpl The average number of pas-
, The ItAlian Lino :hlo I sched- aengers carried in each aircraft
S sile' to levir for valpralp.n enr- hlps likewise increased consider-
, M kfnnrlai, inrnlncr qShN "IBt P.hlv.

ril'lne f,-rn lrFuoe I Tn 1937 an average of 53 oas-
._I en-er. travelled In each air-
rte n rrol Reanrierdd I rra ft 10 years later this figure!
,' t Gl> lin 1 lVration ,hd rlsen to 16.6. and last year
SArcor,'i," to epti1et* b", 1cA.O it rose to 23 5 passengerT.
(The Tnternptiornl Civil Avin-
tinn OrqPnizatiorn thp number, | ,--I FIIe I Inijt
of neonlp who tr'pvellerd by air In
T195wv!tover5 non f"o 00orthan!TPr NC ementI
L In the nrpvini" r*,"-d rn mlo n l p' nu
The Pe,P j,., tr'. o n r' v', F P inhway
thp rlp c qprPrc w-k epnroxl-
a.ncltelv 55'n milP- An "tl-Tsthinlpn FIke "ponfah"
The agRregate dltance covered, -erprdir" donations of ement
' bY the comblnea fleet of all the tnwprd the oavi"" of th" Nation-
,,airlines was 1.050,000.000 I Hilhwsv. will he held tomnr-
.miles. which iE equivalent to 42,- ov' fter-non in the Panama Cl-
OOO flights round the earth. tv Flr crluh.
,. In comparison with 1947. there! District Deputv Mike Lazarus
iAre now more than twice as ma- "id all Elks units oneratinc In
ny air travellers In the world.I Pnama and the Canal 7one
since 21 million people made use have been asked to send a dele-
of air transport in that year. aption to the meeting which is
' The figures for 1937 are still scheduled to begin at 1 p.m.

Be on your guard

,. when you buy

Jamaica Rum

Only the island of Jamaica (British West
Indies) can produce the real and genuine
Jamaica Rum.
But anybody can label his wares as
Jamaica Rum.
.. For your protection, make sUe that
when you buy a bottle of Jamaica Rum it is
clearly labelled as a.PRODUCT OP JAMAICA.

^*Ws -r^.r; y. daT-" ff wn"sfyn t T eas^

Address amtv enquiriefabout ENUWI E JAMAICA MI se:

[he Pacific Seanm (Nhi lon Coulp y
Royl Mal .1 ms Ltd.

M.V. "'ALNAs- ..,..............:.. .... Mu.h .
M.V. "SALINAS" arek
M.v. "SALAMANCA .... .........". ........ March
M.V. "SANTANDER" .........,,,......... ..M. lo. t
s.S. "cuzco" ................ .. ., ..... t
M.V. "DONGEDYK" ...........................Fe .Feb.
8.8. "DURANUO" .............................March lIth
S.S. "LOCH AVON" ............................. 3th
S.S. "LOCH RYAN" .......................... a
M.V. "DAL IBDT ............. .....,
All CIaFI iMNbJet to Chgaae W1bM.ffs
ISALBoAI.ii."n. V'






Reguat avyik. etwee
Grntw Agenti for


- Iftaser


I .I

~ 6~ q 1

- r *

ghty Ma.

. i. E.
:' I I "' l -I e '-*"<* ;


L arND R lM mDA

Iao wet of

f scamn

I '

S*.. t: "

fi -A; .-. 11 ')







vIv vI*ft

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ftruecIb,.I.4w POw

Fint Thin Pirnt


- ,'



By BsUn

Ba ALv


^".- ^ i~, YY '^f

+f-^ .







R..-f-Wat ".i-tIMOL
At^IBW } I ... u- ruan*nft^Mf.



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~, ~*--* '.7

.. ;, ,. ]: .- "'* -- '< ." ;" k- "' "

'-" ..... i r'-

-, ... ... .
.' .... ", -I '
Y 07

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Friday, ebuary

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'ntd HOG-840

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manamanlan plap- Wwe 100.000 PuMie M
Iqua will be pre-
art on M Presents

A iii l Saturday, *rb VI
o li t jI*
e e -r -Bond of Aterica
l da -s:s-- ,a LitleShow
3. 0--.A MItny of t.he Minds
Sid h 3:45-M Interlude
.dl 4.0-4utifc for Saturday .
4:30-- 's your aY vorite
e 5:3W-Vhat your favorite
(Cded.t .
6- 600-TO le Announced
iff 30--To .B Announced
S7:00-ftars Time (RDF)
7 i SeJVon (VQA)
.I:B-Ma-terworks from Prate
Sridfte touament 8:36-Amerlcan Folk Music
Pnday at 7:00 8;45-Unaed Press Commentary
Ro of the E:00-BtO Hit Parade
OJUa-VOA Hit parade
Sl0~00-Clw Hrrison
*4 ""o 0;"-,: aphon IBaflnU.S.A,
B & '" 049S" _- 1 ....)
11:00--The sl'M Ne &
theme of 1:00 am.--im o,
will be .odft ,

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iD28F1 *is 3" AL AND M. MA"CH the 2m' ,A
Brtg B r-Gerai Frances A. Matrh, 3rd, Chief of Staff Denlinger and Cptain W. D.
USA Cab Ia lamM. Itarch were the eNso ed guests at a A erE, i .
6-despibtuttet supper given by ColenelbHenry F. Taylor, The March meeting .wet ie
eadCoallt S et of ae UBAR Carib School, and Mrs. Taylor, at held at Fort Davis, lt pesibme,
their home at FPrt William D. Davis.' otherwise at the BraMes ok
A large group of friends from and her mother, Mrs. E. W. Bit- Coutry Club en the
both sAdes of the Isthmus at- zer of Spring Lake, Michigan, Thrsday of Mar.
tended the Thursday night af- Mrs. Peter Sacares, Mrs. Fred- Meeting of Heroes eoft'1tfot
fair, to bid farewell to the po- erik Haseloif, Mrs. Herman lowed the Sojournr merassg.
ular couple, who are saliag Zonneveldki, Mrs. Peter Van Plans were made for a tvme
onday on the "Upshur" for Dam, Mrs. W. H. Goebertus, Mrs. to be held February = a
the States. Albert Motta, Mrs. Waker Hun- France Field, at .h:0 a.i.
nicutt, Mrs. Clifford Maduro,
Mrs. .Aqhton Honored With Mrs. Walter Peterson. Mrs. B. Mrs. Wi kran Leaves
Luasheea at & et4L.Wasgnagton Q Tlptpn, Mae. Frank Zelmetz,. For New York
The Isthmial Units of the Mrs. 'T. J. Butler, Sr., and Mrs. planer Franid mo u Wt
American Legion AuMllhary gave Lyle oa'dea.- pl ne Friday morneig dbUs
a luncheon at flte Hotel Wuh- Mrs. Mann has been spending receipt of thee ne0s o btth
ington; Thursday, 'to honor some time as a guest at theof her granddlugihter, I dy
their national president, Mrs. Hotel Wiasington, and sailed Johnson on February 13 in
Eve Ashton, who is visiting on today to return to her bome Brooklyn, N. Y.
the Isthmus. in New York City. and Mrs. Herbert W. Jifm a
The ladies who attended In. ondrM4.Hrb S. s
Clouded Miss Atkinson, secretary National Sojourners ohf 8ns4-on1 St., Brooklyn.
to Mrs. Ashton, Mrs. Holls Grl0 u Dinner Meeting Johnson, the former ea o
fon, Mrs. Clara Nelson, Mr Caribbean Ctapter No. 21, Wlkran, was reared on
Lydia Nadeau, Mr. Dorothy National Sojourners held their Isthmus.
Loehr, Mrs. Marie Eennett Mrs. February meeting at the Fort n pr d_
Jennie Redmond. Mrs. B. J. Oullck Officers Club with Pre- Dinner Party for ey
Chandler, Mrs. Frances GlIley, sident Paul B. Fitch, Lieut. Mr. and Mrh. Carries tde !o l-
Mrs. Louis Schuberg, Mrs. Er- tSC, USN, presiding. da had as their guesal fat dls
nest Slocum, Mrs. Walter Hun- Regional Representative, Lt. ner at the Hotel Wa
nicutt. Mrs. Lois Magner, Mrs. Colonel Wilbur D. Cunningham, Thursday evening, Mr .
Lucy Dewey, Mrs. Beth Smith, USAF Retd., from the Pacific oberotn and her sns,.
Mrs. Winifred McDermott, Mrs. Side was present. Robert and John Boydgtm
Eunice Lee, Mrs. Grace Gravatt, A number. of members were Informal Dinner at Cee pelb
Mrs. 0. E. Carroll, Mrs. E. W. reported in the hospital. These Lfrutenant Comman 5 nd
Coffey, Mrs. Oomez and Mrs. 1iqluded Colonel George D. MrL J. A. Pe had and
Roscoe Crump. Poole. Judge E. I. P. Tatelman, ral dinner at their or
Cu Dr .Surse J. Taylor, Jr., andDrdiJJro
_Mrs. Peabody Honors Lieutenant Scott. Welcomed Dr. and rs. J. J.
EOpueguests back were Mr. Walter Freudig-are leaving Monday for
,Mrs. J. W. Peabody, of Fort man and Harold Whittington. Commander and Mis. Davis
pavs., entertained with a morn- Major Victor P. Blair, member Hend n were also pr t.
coffee at the Fort Davis of Committee of 33, guest Henderson were also pre t.
.'= ers Club to compliment her speaker for the eveving, Impres- at Dia
tg out when she discovers the boey houseguests. The honorees were siVely outlined the purposes of Visiting a Leonard He
Kaufman's taut drama, "Sudden the hostess' mother, Mrs. Wil- National Sojourners, highlight- and son. Ernie, are the wiek-
are Jack Pa l),e elAe 5asi C. Hall, of Akron, Ohio, ing his remarks with the dual end guests of Mr. and Mrs.
01 in the RKO i ',*hS Sd her daughter, Mrs. William objectives open to Its members Harry Halverson of Diablo.
0I1 Miller directed". R. McKenzie ofet ronxville, N. from fraternal as well as ser-
Y., who have been visiting on vice connections, Indicating the Returning VtcatMiers' 4.
the Isthmus for the past two organtatlon's interest in corn- Mr Ray Carpenter, of Bais
6eks and plan to remain until munity and national welfare returned Tuesday from a two
March 7. advancement programs. months vacatlip spent in Wis-
Mlrt. Russell Perry and Mrs. New members initiated during consin. Upon his arrival he was
Ohbo Knox, of Fort Clayton, the overnight guest of Mr. and
were among the army wives Mrs. Leonav r Heltzke of Mar-
from Fott Davis and other At- O etMrs.
mantle 8ip posts who called 0od9e Meeting garita.
during the morning. A general meeting of Court Mr. David Brown also return-
lmneheon at- Hotel Washington Excelsior No. 10,104, will be held ed Tueaftday from a visit w*ith
iMrs. Daulton Mann, r and tonight at 7:30 in Crinthian rlatives in N York
Mrs. Charles Hardy were co- Temple on Central Avenue. -
hostesses fot" a beautifully ap-__
.' .pointed luncheon given at the
Hotel Washington.
Their guests were: Mrs. Rob- -ban&
A. ert Garat, of New York, Mrs. W.
Adams, Mrs. W. E. Raymond.
rs. William Middleman, Mrs.
3. D. Tate, Mrs. Daulton Mann,
Jr., Mrs. J. B. Dorow. Mrs.
Charles Maher, Mrs. P. S. Gibb

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C. -
' 3 .' 1 -:. ;^ i

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'ant long before the advent orf
Mussolini whom he steadfastly
reversed from the very begin-
_. was compelled to leave Ita-
ly In 1924 and seek refuge In
,P!nce, after being personally
.tacked by Fascist hoodlums
who stormed and looted his
houee here.
o ]h .was also well known as a
a I ent student of economics
OWhd as and his many works
fbth field and In politics were,
Io and appreciated through-
but t world.

Jtout News
t Eagle
l outst Brian M. Cox and
P. Whitaker, both of
(, New CristobaL. wl be
Ied the coveted Eagle Scout
at a court of h6nor today
. Solo.
the son of Mr. and -Mis.
ard Cox of Cristobal, first
red boy scouting as a cub in
Pack 8 of New Cristoballin Mar.
1948. In February 1950O he grad-
Vated into Troop 6 where he has
been art active member of the
Troop ever since. He has attend-
ed Camp El Volcan, the Canal
.one Council summer camp and
r 1952 he was Rgiven a citation
by Ihe American Leglon Auxilla-
ry or work on the department
rblo program. Brian will be
mdinuted into Expleoer Post-6
of w Cristobal.
Witaker la the Up 4 .S.
tlMg1 an
ake nof'a en
taotd scout a t ot in
TOlIng inaaHel-
so has atte Solcan.

bt elsdcamnclvWoyt onitter
behpid In conjnG8 on vith the
4Ord anniverMay e to
_p opld a "tI cyt pct week-

...... m ,I.. eu .
start litinhg! I

Don't worry about that
first gray strand! Let it be
"blessing in disguise" a
signal to you to take action
and do something about ob-
taining lovelier. natural *
looking new haircolor! So
relax and let Roux take
over' For Roux Oil Sham-. '
poo Tint treatments conceal NO HEAT
every visible strand of dull N
or gray hair. gr l, ling N
highlights and h'itre, adds NO.BL C NG
subtle. .uirl-leeIary color
thats changes yot~orry Mto


Caution: use only as directed
on label. uam. *' *wVi s only3 'Q ene psorwa 7mmi Tia in vow eight mrek :611
MWd the COMI2016wi. waves of mipI.meaI .h.t
JULIO VOS I sriht.i
depbf*, t4-'r 2'- namd LontayBe ty
FgiME.AC,, 1 Central Avenue No. 1

FNAMr nESnts



r t'- a chaci e .@get your order i O

9.'- .7 v ~

r o01

A, s

DonlO sU

si L.JdI



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;- *>




-- ..-4(52t;ak4gII
I aAa~lmn in~snma&~a2


You Sell em...When'at Tell 'em thru 'PA. Classifida

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 'U" Street Panai
No. 12,479 Central Ave. C*e6m

Lewis Service
Io. 4 Tlvlo Ave.-Phone 2-221l. and

fourth of July Ave.-Phose 2-0441

Sal de Belma Americau
No. 5 Witt 12th Wtret

Carltoa Drg Store
10.0 Mt16ndes Ave.--Phone MS Gol

Propagada, LA.
Agenda l ncimeal de Publicado l ..g. r ustudimnte a
No. I Lottrilmtan Phone 3-31" Phon 3-3U14 and 3-27IH

bsIh.. for 12 wwds.
ke.&ch miadedit nwet

Househohll Automobiles ** Mw OS i ll Grdamwlch Sant cUaM r seh
.o.... ama e wlee talA w cttaRgs. Electric lce banse Iar
FOR SALE -Bend.x E:o,,orat Dial- FOR SALE -1947 Chrysle; Windsor 2031 Amoai C. stowe, moderate rte Tel-ph
eOnatic wather 60 tcle. Price SIedan Exceptional 5850 00. Room 41441 Gomboa, 4-567 Pod -
$'5 00 Pone .-_92 Neh Cris 261 Hotel T.voal. Balboa 2111. Dr.CWENDEHAKE.Medicalt CaClinic o l .e
Central Avenue "K" Street Corner. __ 6_ 4_5_ ___
tabol 4-* i-OR SALE --Ford 1946. 2 Door Se- Telephone 2-3479 Panomi. Stay or Hotel Pan American in cool
ALE -- e r d-d AutoCatIc do, Good condition. Hou 168-C beautiful El V6lle.
FOR ALE. le. Ore .ear ol Ped;o Miguel. Tel. 4429. Travel via "AREA.." the Route of beautiful El Valle.
washe. on AL e Ithe Good Neighbor." NO IN- PIrILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The
Excellent cond.i.or. IAL e I FOR SALE -1941 Packard Clipper CREASE IN PRICES!. .FREE MEALS 'only court in Santa Clra with an
appreciate Pror.e 8- I______ Very good mechanical con .COCKTAILS! One-woa to MIA- Oceonviw from all cottage. Steps
FOR SALE On S ri don Phone Panam 3-3580. 7000. NW .YORK. $114. to beach. Rock Gas, refrigeration
and maltres or doubre bed FOR SALE.-Pontac Coupe $225 00... .tUAYAQUIL. $80.00.. .. barbecue and shuffle board. Pan-
portable massage table. suit case best buy on Zone. Motor repaired QUITO, $86.00. Round trip to ama 3-1877. Margarita 3-1673
stvle 2 beveled rr.,,or fora hll New brakes. New Tires. Call 2- MIAMI, $126.00..NEW YORK Box No. 435 Balboa.
side doors. Telephone Panama 2- 3584 $21400.GUAYA IL $144.00. Spend your weekin
049-.QUITO,$15 Spend your weekend at Caino Santa
049 ------------ ..QUITO OEING Clara, cobin B.4.00 e couple.
FOR SALE Westinghouse retrager- FOR SALE 1942 Wllys,. 4 doors. I nine planes. F r more details see Dance music by Casino Ac l.
ato, 9 tt. 5 cycle bed room sue.1 serv good condition. also com- PANAMA DIP ATCH m SERVICE, llim Sn Ca h
conss of double d e wt' baO m ender pick-up, bargain. Tel. 36 Avenida Naional, lAutomabeWilliams' Sont C h ot-
onRo 4 telephone 2-1655. t 2 bedrooms, relolmll.
spring and inner sprirg mattress 124624
2 pillow;.chei adraei5 and -ronga Laj-300.
. 2,pr.l ,: FOR SALE or Tr ade I;AVAlL E:- Experlefd r
vnt Lng Room Sute, OerFOR SALE Trade 1950 Buick chorganst. Pastr's friend. Nol Except week-ends
stutled, includes d.,an, 2 chdir, Special 4-door Sedan. ogaBoxn C 641, Pedro Mr-,FOST i 'S Cat es. One mile
and 2 end tb 'Chr di n j Phone 3-2878 New Cristobal exceptions. Box 641. Pedro M iFOSTIR'S Cottages One mile blijond
and 2 enUd abler Chlo3,A dgr en re lai. guel Santo Clara. Completely fuinilhed.
Sute Upholstered .i green pla-c -- Rock Gas Refrigerafpr and Stoves.
tricycle Su.toole for 4 r. old 'FOR SALE.-1951 M. G $1,350. BUSINESS.- e wouldd ke to con- Bring your linens. Phone. Dogmr's
Good prices houe 168c Pedro Mi- 00. New top and tires. Excellent otact person interested in radio-, 2-0170.
guel Tel 4 42, condition. Panama, phone 2-3919 announcing business. ombardom
u Tl ..... .-- Vega. Tel 3-0471, Apartodb 1045'
FOR SALE Complete set of red,FOR SALE.-Brand new but partial- Panama- FOR ENT
wood shades to lit Goilon t)pe Iv damaged HillImon Min Saloon FO SaL RN
duplex. Call Balboa 2-4419. to be sold by public auction at OR SALEC OUs '
FOR A -. ... Pmar 6 Cristaolba Canal Zone at Miscellameous FOR RENT:- Residenci thr r
5--'SALE--9-cu ft. Coldspot,2.., 4 15 pr. on urs 1 M ela on FOR REdn t
cycle, excellent cond ton. Gurn- Duty id cr no customs Sealed b,. in triplicate, will be re- brooms, ithrin baith. michn
teed 1954 Call Balbo 14 dific For further particularsceived in the office of the Engineer- rousing, dinid m ,, Wopatch.d
FOR SALE -Bedroom turniure, b, call Colon Motors Inc.. Tel. 49-Jn and Construction Director. Pan- a patio, and hot water. Would
set or pieces street No. 6 Cololn l ama Canal Company, Balboa Heights, tereferd pln. American family, 2-2145 Pin-
Apt 28. Telephone 2-135 3 2- FOR SALE 1942 Packard, good Canal Zone. until 11:20 a.m teretedplea phone 2-2145 Pa-
3056 conditicn. $225. Apt. E. House'March 2, 1953, and then publicly -mn-.
15749 Balboa or 2-1505. opened, for furnishing oil plant, tools,
FOR SALE.-2 end atbl[e dresser '--equipment, labor, services, and ma- F RENT
top table. cotee table,. bamboo Help W ontedf I teriols lexcpt Canal Com- FOR RENT
straight cna.r. House 210-B, An-t Upar furnished materials), and for
con, phone 2-3787. i ANTED. rous maid for gen- performing all work for Exterior Apa dT e--
-JSALE -Liv ingroom, dinrigroom' eral huseword and to accompany briefly as fieows: ed-sw
fu. n i... .nr,.Ir nr dn d r -i l- single lad). M ust have re rerences I Zone listed. .. e.. en s, bet sad seld w
-frncs -ow.ho-ft,.N*-"a"M wo



ft cse o more to Pak ,ct
humtly counte

With -
DeeratIVe and durabl
urtemroof ComHm"
At ftr deesultiuftve f
.and aotor dun




llu. S.AL

Shipping movinci, jrtoc.
We pack and oatt or move
anything. 'PhomL 2 .4a1,
2-2562, Pauam

I 5Il

Seen 9 00 a. m. I T i00| and live-in. ALMACIN ANMLINI S.e.l.. P-edo Mig.ueslnd Vir o C le rmd. Sfle d W. .
r,.ad 3 00 5:00 p. rn Ae-. Central Ave. No. 179. PanamA. Gm_ Hou ig ric Schdul
nid Peru N 79. downs. C.- Cristobql Housing District. FOR RENT:- 'Fuimllsid t opmntne-
5- SALE -Betsy Ross Spinet Pio- WANTED Forms of proposals, ispeificatidn,. an Calle Eslwknf No. s MIS
no, wsth bench. 2 livingroom AT E,, and full particulars may be obtained Sr. Tel, 2-732. P
chairs, upholstered with plastic. 4 from the office of the Cntract and FOR RENT Two b e A S
3 5 wool hool-.ed gs 9 x 13 isc aneo Inspection Division, Room 336, Bal- REamn hf,-Tw .Cran me
fiber rug. two 6 'i 9 fiber rugs WANTED:-20 to 30 Gallon Aquar- boo Heights (Telephone 2-3739 or date 2/wImoll fa Flies. F a-
two 8 x 10 cation rugs Fi.e '9 x ium Phone 2-23B9. 2-2698). Specificatigns and drow- ,M/ns y 3
7,. green porch..tnds. three 8 x Angs will bl issued on a Oq f 41.4..
Redood rh screeWANTED:- North American man $20.00 per set. Dqbpsit will be -
Rhersood porh c nrs. DEletrio desires contact ii.lingual person feted if specifications and drawings FOR N C
Sorable Atlantic side" for convrsati oare not returned within 40 calendar two bedroom apa'pnt. Ni
cabinet Mriflg i T, poable and instruction in Spanish; two days after opening of bids, ne to
radio, mne umweny coffee table. Two hours, two or three nights per wi 2..,Call. R;" fle
6 x 4 aluminum venehan blind week. Will pay reasMnqblM feto. Sealed bid. in triplicate, will be re- p
one 3 x 5 aluminum venetian Write Box 335 Marg tp Cana ceived in the office of the Engineer-
blind. Springall House 0207, Her- Zone ng nd Construction Director, Po-
rWck Rd. Ancon ..--- o nase Canal Company, Bal I b o a FOR RENT: Aar nt, n
WANTED:-.Unfurnished house. 3 or Heights, Canal, Zone, until 1 1:00 llvingltooqi, diningroeis, one
4 bedrooms; call Institute Inter- a.m.. March 2, 1953. and then room for o o year, centrcly 'Ie-
Position Offered americn Affa irs 2-4667 fro publicly opened for furnishing all cited. Telephone 2-4660. 1:00
.--------,- ,7-30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., or Mr. plont, tools, equipment, labor, ser- p. m, tq o1 p. I n.
WANTED:-Good retouchir for per- Cummngs, Tivoli Hotel, ices, and materials, and for per- FOR RENT'-Twe hbedroo mr p
monent job. Fe to Sosa. forming all work for Construction of ent, ltlw fumohe 'e- gW
WANTED:-Compt.nt typist for of- Roof Hoods for Quarters Buildings dential district. 52nd Street No "..s
fice work. Write to: Bo177.C-1 ruNao a i.Fo rsof 5. apairtm I
.WRK._ Pr. outingg expen,- if LOST- In v. of Bb proposals, specifications, and full par-;. ....."
n, R. P. stating experiences LOST-In vlc;,nty of Balb Corn- tlticulars may be obtained from the FOR RENT-Two bedroom
any. and giving references. mnssary, one ladie's wrilt watch. office of the Conract and Inspection completely fumished, two rlW:od.' IW
WANTED:-Employe. with account Hamilton" yellow gold. RI'Rerd Division, Room 336, Balboa Heights. 52nd street Ito. 8, Aip, 1.' t l.
ing knowledge. Write to: Box 177, to finder Phone Balto6' 2-5279. Canal Zone, ITelephones 2-3739 or -n "-- '
Colon, R. P. giving full particulars LOST.-A Bible containing important 2-2698). Specifications and draw- .' 1
letters, keep the book and return ling will be Issued on a deposit of FOR RENT :r
lC I AI C lertters cash reward. No questions[20.00 per set. Deposit will be for .
rUR SAL osked. L. Brassel, Hotel Rome- feited if specifications and draw- o pm.
evelt E. wings are not returned within 40 co- IaM" or' W
Real Estate. -- -- --- lender days after opening of bids. FOR RENT.- Fumrnihed res0m'. i f
FOR SALE Real Bargain. Selling NOTICE OISALE P board (or only brakfostl I-- t
Hotel Pn-Americana El Vlle. See FOR SALE The Panama Canal Company will or tw o getlem Ave. usie am ,
W. T. Lum. 4 of July Ave. No 61 offer bor sale at public auction at .....'. meno N. "N. a -oU5-
oals & Molor Pier 6. Cr,istobol. begmning at 9 00 I-OR RENT:-Fumiahed nroom. w
FOR SALE:-Concrete house, alu- ---------- a.m Tuesdac, February 24, 1953 bath adjoining, to single 5ble- roof, in Gatuncillo, 27 FOR SALE:-Yacht "La Cisne" No. appromalely 440 items of refused, man. $40. Estudiartte sreso No. f will
mies from Panomoa, 22 miles 612 Cash or terms Mr. Luddy. unclaimed, abandbned, and excess 150, Apt. "l'. *. -.
from Colon. $5,000. 16,547 M2 Call 83-7219. freight and baggage. In 1lAp-
land, Tel. Gatun 5487. Detailed Ilsts of the items for sale FOR RENTs. In L
PANAMA CANAL COMPANY Bledsoe Dep rts hoae been posted on bulletin boards rnshed "o--r'for.S.,a i t
O RS TRUCTURB POR SALE rt of Canal Zone post offices and oa privileges. Mexico A-nr q 9
Seed bids will be received until A tend th Local Freight Houses at Criobal 43rd St.
10.30 A. M, March 24, 1953, in T1 Ate Funeral- and Panam.
the office of Superintendent of Store- I Sealed bids in triplicate: will be r-
hcuses, Baolboa. for seven quarters Mother In US ceived in the office of the Engineer- gR S '. l

one, celot ofSu two 4ndoe lot of e furnishing all plant, tools, equip I Eb Alto SaxLFrBb iPet
three build ings located at Diobl neral services of hi notherent labor. services, and ma.teralsl try machine. La ,

Herihts. Form of proposal with full Mrs. Nettle R.Bledsoe, in Cle-. xe.ceptncertain materials to be furDI D.
particulars may be secured in the bourne, Tex. Imna shed by The'Go..err.ment and Pier-1 IS-'an.i Pe4t.
houses, and the Housing Manager The admiral received word of boring all work for tn terior Paintg
at Balboo Heights'. her sudden death last night. ing o rnt onZ n Son Francisco. ai Bui
proposals. specificothosn, and full FOR SALE 7 x
Particulars may be obtained -from thel noculars. 5 x 40 Aide'
L gal Notice Legal Notice office of the Contract" andr ""- n se.. G. E. 1.
UitiJ Sen es of Used Stata. of America Division, Room 334., oUls e ts cycle. Weffe A.b T
I -urNe TA I, Telephones 2-3789 orr 2. t i. 21s -Power1 -"
TH UTN OrI T I o M Tn F ORM SST RICTOF Ilpecuicatons'anddr- be DiablE oMo..Phamw
CANAL 0NE CANAL ZONI nsued on a deposit olf nn .w per-
asibas o .1 tet. iviasia a- e a"Sel. ..D .f l ,FOR SALE:-ts i
ARTIR= 3. DOhST. KARL MAXWELiL GATWO. siest. Deposit will be fa&W .s l Steannil, c"nt
SI ..... oPlaintif.i r 0 r Billiard W r
VIRGrNIA MAE DORST. VIR.INIA ROSE GATEWOOD opening of bIdes Cus with Roc .
Defendant Defendant Cushlanfl

Ye'a r h .rAbr r tuirW t* aApri Y l ri- i.ed p Hrat, tenno riCeoe, 'GiMM ^ I. l er
CAi oiwr t I r ceived in the off' l3S 4ahn .....
C ivil tieled i i Ity o tid tLin iin nng and Con=trJd I l:
To theasbee--aamasd emlt: I Ta theabove-name dafeadut. nm. Canal
You are hereby required te topeae oi OU sc I h bY Muiired Li. pmear Herghs, Canal
died asuwer the sp1a1' dw;0inthe d Shhl1w hI& the reomalnin filed in ihe .m., MV4rd 3 0'53e
Aalr raetttedio lii a ltnitiv i Itn t day.1Ie ho.e.enttlled action within n'.ei da)s March 3
after the first publicatin. ariter Daie of ftrt pubusalui.s. lcly opened U
Is ease. of oear failure to so appear I (aset of your ilura l. so app r tools, eqi. prngo m
d .were jiudmeUt will be taker, and a siwfr. jad4ment will be taken and services. f4
t rfo fb ldele fr the r eu t agaln .-3 hr Idfauls for the ailiie work* g
ded in the e mplaint. I dnwn-ld Irin 111 r.imp'nL. w
WVrMES& te Waouerable Guthrie P WITSSi ,he Hoenoiable r GuthlFri gyration and Or i
*4wM, Judee, united States Crow*. J i, [Tnited Slare. lisrcit Gorges Hospi a
&an ta-r the Dish-lt of the Canal Court r rbe Dntrlet of the" CaMIZone. g pis
.this Jasusg 14., 19l. Zone, ths n.Jr .ary 29. i .3
C. T. atmCerah, Jr. C. T. McCormich, Jr. = i 'n1f 1
4- ~ ~~~~~~~~~ cr .. ^ *sM B fK ^ ^ ^ ^^

ureege an patL-W.Poaicl

Defen Week

Statement "Miur Robert B. Al-
derson, Sfhetwar of the Navy.
in support of national Defense
S"It Rgives m ret pleasure to
commend the amebers of, the
Reserve Offleet. location In
their promotion of equate na-
'tnal seur a their yearly
ob6ervance ofat lnal Detnee


S"Yo'u 'mram w' amure d of my
full support arAL c ou in
the e= or' o t e chaptes
of the AM troupe pub-
lie coielau i' e need for
apee -va the vital
role ph citizen sol-
dier, r,. aa tlman in such
pl i -l i. dtredt weU
g'im eZ*a s6 Week, 12-2S
Pebq I 3" -has my best

Annual ks Lodge


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A St

SH. H. .Lee, Jr. Of Laeu K
D- eputy CkL DejCt n B .
A s a ie M Dorst r e Virii,,. R.-r :a.ewood.
i I I eumemn i s served The foreair.S -mn Ia t -
Ois.iolt.J to Ias*& e hajibliese e mpugsl"
the.a ofte.7tMheeder a he. Get.
atC eret far the tries 'of the Cana?
4Sea.* dated Jamnary I2, 152. and en-
Noit t eov thu ted ensd flied i$ tkle action in the
(| atfatIke ef its rk of sa id lni'Led
S teI Thirriet wourt fir the Divisun
P kSAmes, n Januaryp li9a. .I a
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an te, wu pala"t Dancer DBambi Lin was aked th Ameria ni
W rdi mnt S. He t d- p andeeene to carry pry

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1 up the ting of sflm a wl evening the prca In France on dempfle career disappoint- dreed doll to P walk thBL
'S&u tricE, aMLk tghouUll re- and how the scientists first ex- mente in striving for 5uccess s strint seen and had oner
In.atued a ow$ emIUl* plued the device to him In a prote lnal dancer?" stanr comment: t.
-moa.radelaer r alple, M. ours. It's an_ .i T Sti w *us 4 : 0 MadN H OL WOD ...
a-e retue 'Tht'

1 lo ,dummy W on with Greet to d New I -evoto." Dinll Ballance of l claims Mad r omslke e th Car:lh
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turned a lsta t* studio once objectd to the Comic mJack Krkwood says he
SJ'taw.' *S At thalf SointBoh went a- A Holywood stallet, about to trplet loaeblrot movie In pro- went to a Hollywood party that
This spadewo w m K h 9 ray. Wa eit* be sent on a personal-apper- dton, claiming there would was A riEy even the arba
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S.:::: a. hew p.m hatm so wait for your NEW STUDEBAKER.
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SPuerto Rico, Cuba Win Brewery BuysA-

Opening Game To Lead Cardinals For For L.a B a S

The Standings $ 3,t70 0 wwk do
Teams The Won Lost Pet.
Cuba 1 0 1.000 T. LUIS. Feb. 21 (UP) :--The A
Puerto Rico 1 0 1.000 St. Louis Cardinals had a new 6, Hone Dx l 0
Panama 0 1 .000 and untried owner today but the m, t .
Steady hand of a baseball reser- ad at of ra rt
Venezuela 0 1 .000 an was at the helm. gae f
_________August A. Busch, Jr., head of b 9 T.E At*l, ".r
SGAME (:30 p. in.) the Anheuser-Busch, Inc., brew- eder e da X
Ste Y' SGAMES (6:30 er whicn h bought the club from N eon are ..... ol wtle al
,odRio vs.Venezeld he would be The All deteudw- LeamueWON
oo Rico vs. Venezuela reldent of the National Lea D ing chaoI sa e ,m NL 2A'g
Panama vs. Cuba team but made it clear that ,il- eed by Roy D ,e o Dodge V- I 1 1
l',am Walisngham. Jr., would be of e by P I Ro 1.. ed
pet YESTERDAY'S RESULTS n ta re activ tiies.ol RHYTHMIC SIDESTEP Morenito de Valencia gracefully pl to bee MoA A 1 2 i 3 a
Puerto Rico 15, Panami 6. (Seven Innings) Walaingham, acareerbaseball with a bull while getting ready for the "kill" during an appe In Samuel Ca boBer 4 000
SCuba 1, aVenezuela 6 (SEight Innings) man who started a a a ticketaell- ance at the Madrid Bullring. He I scheduled to appear at Lord, Yacca Ro .000
SCuba 10, Venezuela 7 Eight Innings) er at Sportsman's Park when his local La Macarena Bullring on the day of its inauguration. ~
uncle,the late Sam Breeden, heer ke, the Pae Th lays R ts,
., Lefthander Pat Scantlebury. Formental and Hand had per- owned the Red Birds, took over roau r-ooteClrs are assured an a eath 3 whle t
ho attained an 8 4 feet nights at the plate with the job with a. solid backlog of dl ve score. sunday's Gaell
:record with the Spur four hits in four times at bat. front office experience. nam a rlrn I n sDodge oV-vs. Pabst.
Cola Brownies during the Pana- Formental had a double and a P n mOver on .the lntCle
Ina League season. will oppose triple among his hits while Rand He is a vice-president, a job thenthe e reorganized lage wit Altho.dthit to 5ky
S Cuba's Mario Picone in an ex- ot a double. Amoros also had he has held since 1947 when he Norman Brod prea its tBalboa ueteAint e o&ti
pected mound duel in the see- a double and a tre plus sever- took over as operating head of etarc conceded mo than an en apital
ond game tonight in the Carib- al fielding gems n centerfield. the baseball organization which o ane the title from came-
bean Series at Habana. Picone is Lenny Yochim, the starting includes nine a e clubs. o 0 the t ni* c Sides. couutr s
a New York Giant rookie. He will hurler for Cerveceria Caracas, Saigh, whotd servain nI a The Panama Marlin Club Fish- e Pde. No released fir.h will be on. tl .th 9gan has w itiI I
be the second straight Giant was the loser. Pascual was the 15-month federal sentence ina Tournament will be Fisheld sidered for any prishe soundig. n fLU Griffith, fas l
S *okie to oppose Panama. winner. This game went only on May 4 for evasion, March 7 and March 8. The sug- h. The tournament committee NormJ2an S au wl, and SOn Bdt l- e
er e probable starting pitch- eight innings. sold the Cardin out- tested rendezvous area is Tabo- will act as Board of Judges for himIfel haa an outfit that t,
r for the first game will be The lineore: right to Buch ra Island. The fishin contest all catches made during this does not show a epattthg tailed. t. t his op-
kDck Starr for Venezuela and Venemuela 103 3 00-0 7 8 1 750,000 turningR .de4 higher area will be Panama Bay. tournament and any decions The Paf trundr are Yac- a
Bob Holloman for Puerto Rico. Cuba 303 220 00--10 12 2 offer from a Milwaukee brewer, Fihing from the bank and made by them will be final. ca Rdbert. Samuel Campbell, Dy Dok al W
Heavy hitting featured yes- Yochitn (0-1). Bracho (3), so that the club would remain in docks will be permitted. Tournament committee mm bert Agustus Dennis, ni.fica ce l i-
docks will be permitted. f Tournament committee mee 11 erA _$MA.W Ate, AO Strs MGn-dhi am .foeanlo 111 1101
erday's opening games which t Heard (5) and Vent. Mo- St. Lours. The entrance fee for each per- bers are listed below: and IWlia. The out- Vince Ridgs baf. ith mm
e attended by naugur22.000 fan. re- (5) A(1-0lex ander (), Pand ual son will be $5 and must be paid Luis Morales, Phone Panama S dig Isr from the Gold and lro
ing the inclaugudedral cere- () (-0) and Rand. by 7 a.m. Saturday. Mar. 7. This 3-1590, 3-1176 and Balboa, 4290. Coast atr Ohnny Clausel, C. fine rriaaed i wlala h *A.M ;
I ; which included a parsee -..... ..fee will cover pries and all ex- Ted Schmidt, Phone Balboa Orov s r Defoua, and tered uvenlIilta and was
a four teams and high lpenses. After expenses are de- 3019 Ken odat
an Baseball Federation r i1ns I pn e ducted, the praise money will be SFC. C. O. Perkins, Phone Ft. The mMa" n -the all-star frame,
Is, George Trautman ted Picked allotted. Clayton 3117. squads ~lw
of the minor leagues -- D cor ; _1 arted a, ...
fsout the first ball. YIf' ^ ^ ^ I n t Prizes for the tournament will i All Stars hill. for the laws and W as .
e first game was limited to h e g I 0,O U be trophies or fishing ear. lWWW Lther Capt., Weston fctive
I- innings because of the An invitation to parcipate in De8oig. .apt.,neth on. a iange stivtaMI ttve i
wIas won. by Puerto Rico over, n Arsn4.! | rh THE STANDINGS all sport fishermen 'in Panama a* ead Charles ohany stage lbi
Panama 15-6. i altll A it a D b and the Canal Zone. Che se. Sam I eo Ogh tO I
ctor Pellot o1 Puerto Rico's wSecond Half The tournament will begin at vmC. Groves Smll, VW .
.ant rce club put his ,team outnTeamwon Lost 7:30 a.m. SaturdayMar. 17 and i Me n pen ..n ...c ,nwO-
Ina Irot with a homer in the ARCADIA, Calif., Feb. 21 (UP) Sears 1 0 end at 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Mar. 8. All It wa th
flktInning. Panama tied the -Decorated, one of the bargain Elks 1414 0 1 Prize distribution: M'ICO. CT.I FA"br Roy este ,S It w ah- the, Iatfi
seeridnd but Puerto Rico went a- buysof thoroughbred ranks, goes AyO 14 0 0 Largest silver corbina.17%. T rTYhAmerican rol0 have Vice 0, Mik W hi. brea. a wlmat.m
bhed in the second with a four- after the bl iest ure of hp s Polce 0 0 of allotted hu Pnaent. pV Two North Americn Lfr Ir h y ,r MR- breakig .
,run rally and remained there. brief career oday as the favor- Firemen 0 0 Largest yellow corbina 1.7 %i rtd e u r Clam del ib
KiLsel Patrick was the losing ite to win the $131.600 Santla An- Lincoln Life 0 0 of allotted prise mooe l ad
lcber He was chased in the tt Dery. Largest na ro MIthat
hird when Humberto Robinson ky ltl son of ]- lotted-prime- ........ alp fO)-JQi m1,. wm JI R 14m,, a
e t e -,^, n wh ch,
arrx on but he also failed to ladder. purchased. AS a dealing er Largetioprwif alt- Cnada,
put out the fire. Ronnie Hagler. by owner Andrew r. Crevolin for Sear 4, Elks 3 plotted prie mone .Ce,
o entered the fray in the $4.200 was expected to be al- Tueay' Game Largest mackerel of allo -
fifi' blanked the Puerto Riicns most an even money favorite to Police vs. Lincoln Life ted priae money.
in -....- enth incapture the mile-and-an-eighth Largest pompano 5 % of allo Al Broch Gar n n ew
nilr.-c; The Panpra team con*- race for three-year-olds and take The Sears Catalog Boys first ted prie m o' ey.
'1t4d five errorsa two each down the winner's share of $84,- half winners started right out Lpi~.zemo
Gladstone. The race drew a field of 11 colts where they left off last week by prize mnon y.
Oladltone. T erace drew sfa winning their first game in the Largest ack 5 1of.
!Bob Thurman led the Puerto who will be carrying such famed second half. The Elks 1414, how- prize m ney. "
le while Panam's Fr ank Austin Alfred Vanderbilt anC Louis ever, made them go all out to Larg t apasl i..t_
nd Clyde Parr s each hnd two B. Mayer. But despite th repu- win before dropping the game fish) 5 % o allotted prize me- ."
t Its In three trios. Austin drove stations of the stables represent- the flneturn-
etd .oDeDcoatd rmie he cot Tommy McKeown scored his Prize for the largi fstih turn Ar s
In for of hs team's runs. to beat. sixth triumph of the season, ed in by a lady participant wll rn d
T. hlinescore: giving up three runs on seven be asurprise ackagecontributed the
S10 102 2- 6 7 Arrayed against him will be hits, striking out eight and by Luis Morales.
Iprt 143 430 0-1s 14 0 Chanla. the Calumet contender walking only one batter. Johnny Largest other species 5 % of ofth fr roa...
Patrick _-. Robinson.1. who has eaten Decorated's dust Lewis suffered his third loss, allotted prize money.
S.... .i and Kellman. B3ronl in their last two starts: Vand giving up four runs on six hits Tournament rules In general: Lt.
.(3. Ruben Gomez (1-01 and bilt's stretch-running Social o.- while walking one batter and a. Tackle: All fish must be
ontalvo, Valrry, Thomas. cast: De Anza, best of the Call- running his strikeout total to 65 caught on rod and reel, lit.e iM- .
fornia-breds in the race: stakes- by getting eleven Sears batters it 80 test, red limit 16os t(-. ,,'
eat relief pitching by Pat n.- winning Invigorator and a half- on strikes b. A Anll fish to be registered ar
by Pedro Formental, Edmundo The others In the race are sacker, was the leading hitter officialtournament sa tIthese Ug L-4,-. e.
'Amoros and Dick Rand gave the Merryman, Bo Whoo, Corres-. with a single and a "double in scales will be located as, ll : Court a D
Havana. Cubans a 10-7 victory pondent. Book Circle, Swell and three trips while Roy Watson Yacht clu. epr. Satu 33d In nt Re.l
over Venezuela in t olugest. Black Rasoal. collected a double and Jesse 1500 t o 1700 and Sqn ,am "p at the-M
Crawford a triple in three trips 0900 to 1000 and from tdot (lfCourse Wed
to lead the winners at the plate. l w._ ruar~ s e.
The second game of the sec- Taboga Island, h r Lt. Curtis defeated 8g
ond half of play will be on Tues- from 1600 to 1900 r .nd
day with the Police meeting Lin- c. All fiash tobe g lllolo' y
coin Life with Bobby Kie hofer ry must be at the nh h
toeing the rubber for the Cop.- ier by 17pe0 rsond s, g ti t1e pioy
pers and Bobby Sander on the d. All p ersos h on
hill for the Lifers, with tournament -. C he itr
The box score; must be entered in' In tfirt I
T bxcement, The only ae ithe -Tak Coo
Name ab r h po a derdthueagb2 wag..
M'aKeown.p 3 1 04 e. All fhb ill be j PoUe I W n2g',
R. Watson2 8s R 21o o ,
Schwarzroc, 3b 3 0 10R 0e
Durfee, cf, c 3 6 1 1 watered by ,00 WI&36U
J. Watson,.2b 0 0o0 3 195..'Grad
Crawford, cf, rf 3 0 1 0 0
Bailey, lb 3 0 0 5 0
Conklw If p0 0 0 0 2S. u k .
Elliot, If 1 0 0 0 0 t e
.Cad el i fI0... ,
E1LKS 1414O r-3 -- ,"

Ndame. B aseb op bas: L s ..-

Wineyni p. -Tcher Maieo: ''.-

Three basehit: rs E afo. Lef,
Wnpires: Engelke and MPtui Sppr.
.4nbe:8as4, 9 r-__

To make sure of a triumphal tour
go by AUSTIN you can depend on it!


? : .0 ^ Set 1

*mmd* hmui

'1- 4 3.


FA*'. ulomII


, ,,,

N* ^^:^ .-^
r i ..' ? i ,*
* ^*" f, -. ^

. :: ,i

*, "


I ~I.u


Widener Han.cteap Tod

:_ -- -- --- im6elf !7- ,, .- '.- 1-1


kler ai ........ iB ,8 4-3., -
..i As ....".. .... 3- 7 18 11 3 0

5 S .... ... 2 3 is 2

.iIhe......I. I S 3-- fs: 1
l a. A ... ...: :. 1 1 i 1 2
-ei o,.......... 4 '1 1 7 M 1 I
S ........... T 15 10 8 0 3
B ,1....1 9 14.. I. -1, 1 0 2
if: s is.15.. S -1 10 2 0 2
U .:. 7 5 0 6 6 0 2
... .. -. 1.1 ..1 v 0 1
I f l 'IJI*,,; .'.' "11 0. O1
i1 j."... -! 18 18 I b W 0
,,, .. o 11 10 2 8 0 1
i. ..... 6 10 3 4 0 0 0

atSpWar-a P

aleru for A's N
a went& ea to e

Crty A a m ,s
das ehfnwedn wi
er. he te ad be
as a g fatle uf oh

uear-old of last in",
@pod a fael -a"
ut e without

Uftgae of the ,therl
ead e the otbous
hentoeae be Me of
sut te obvious

.4i .~r- .. 4

p P .

IN FQWNMf..i-l mi.seles strained i an* ahis :w e t, L. KennoSth
Weimer Is a Mtau of perfect coordination m sisl the hbar to I
set a new world Indoor high jump seord of sx aeet, nine and a
chF a charities met in Phiadelphia S i
d% i|M te OrStyew ^ u-ayHMLSS>|

"p'" Y



A man is ost without a car

FIND yourself with a STUDEBAKER


ai is *14 owT

1401 I

w. -
I'.PT 'I ."" 7'... '

:,i" +,- U':,+ ,.+ -

U .,

CE .

A WVrrUas PICTUrI- l fer
*te .eaM PB fmau
m4Wfts as M 9 mInn 0e




Dowid 1 '


.. w. JMDo moam,

.-. ah n eme Cas ie
-a 2:

momean a




IIrTS SHOWTIME TODAY! anama anal eaterss -
, '. ; __ ,

IABLO HTS. '6:15 8:15 lDRO" MIGOIL-"IG JIM' N"
Cliton WEBB M Debra PAGET 7:0 | muaoy o O P i
-0 "-^OM WI' 1 -i "A"iVE AMf UMW'

7 ..... 7FVW' -M 3.. ----

.r J'"4":25 6: 20
: + T~P~r'L -'"



c!ISTOWAL ia.commroem

:15s a:35

ilAm e-

u.~, ~ I

frall I

;aior F d 0,z4 Lgu -EA
,. __ .,, ... .... "-" .'' Arvi
League I bowt.- AS

0 at f.- result of o-l as" '-" ,

to of t 4 f .
'so ot bat LeB. A*1 0?
S0, The l 0 0 Don
uw Timm I 0
ste m m, tXM the f onto! 9 .' o o Puf A
the m t outo Putnit
, the. t e s um -ti a no p
S i e. drive.
id W er. p Lttea a thet
the hn winners :1i i, walking -ab r.h pe a
1t, ws four and allow fle hits. On- Oadt 2b 3 1 1 1 2
iWtlia- _nine batted mn the 4b 0 0
m, billed fIr three se in but things p- 3 1. 0 30
padm' am- want a Ie aw]t &d in the eKntdesa 2 8 .1 11 3
ft thtee- fourth when the Macaws col- Hofs c 2 1 3 3 ,
n ldeVel- elected their three counters. In Hatchett If 1 1 2 0
to be the fifth two qen ot on base, 0 ri 0 1 0 0 0 0
=o=, as fo; Roo t- i I q
ne Count, Nut 0 td Tm- On :. -' .2-* 0 0
the tthet B7y Hot4 was too fast for him ______
staged at an# put the ball nh before Totals 110 5II 9
ek on the he could-t ,_ .-.
adet De- Four a, a e, and a MacAws 000 5 2 -
pla e of hit by pitcher combined with an palolas 330 46-10 5 1
Sparfta error gave the Palomas three Summary: Runs batted In:
. gitEM a runs In the first. Three walks, Campaagnant, R. Ad Alas,
king thal two inaglearand a double by Me- Anitadt, Martin. Mendez
he swath- lendwes, the 00 i tter,. gave Hot 2 Reece, Curdt5. Barned
for hand- them three more in the second. runsm Maoawa ; PagPitsM 7. Left
No acpre In the third. ew walks, on-bases: Mackws 5: Palomas 8
and their a homer and a single count- Two bau hits: Meleadem. Hoe.
,-apid-a- ed 'for four in the ourth. rumns: HtL. Stolet,.aW At:
it --stadt, MartinU 3, Meedes
Sin wa something new to the passed ball:.- Med 3. Struck
>, 10 to II thmian riders for a start, but out: By MSrtin., b.y BftIt .0,
Ten=,. they are right on top of the by Campagnantl 1' Baes e
n garle a now. getting fater every balls: off Mrtin 4, otff 1SBe.e 1;
jas ff o Cam sa I r. Brros: R.
Ten riders are entered for the Mead 2, Meendez. Losing itch-.
ke tomorrow's Main events, which er: Martin. Umpire: Luser and
Ik will comprise six races In all. Schnieder. Time of game: 1:35.
I~ race for the small 125 cc ma-
he twk wlaloso bye te Heio CENTRA L
Crlstal roadhouse, six miles a.
long t National Highwa put TUESDAY 24
the lath- AZ NPut .
list wm be Riders and-their machines en- Pre-Release Engagement!
tal speed- tered for tomorrow's maiu events
Mon. are: Eddle Arqlstead. INA, 500 ,
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Joe Adonis If

Slated For right Sale

Deportation 51PIRU -ta Set- Tesday.t
"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Atrwam Lincoln. g of do
WASHINGTON, Feb. 21 (UP) --- '---_ .--- 1
abler TJoe Adon iE..EIGHIB toAd. PANAMA .P. SATyDA rUA'Y 1, 11"Sa'
Department's list of u n de r- u r
world figures slated for dena- I
turalisation or deportation. -A .
ACongressmen Feud W.h #ke"4.A
migration Service has issued
a deportation warrant against o 1
Adonis, for years one of the
key figures in the nation's r hous e
He said that the warrant:o Jrp. I n mn m p.f la y f 'p otr ifl t
would be served on Adonis in 1 ver Income T ax Reduct i fse
the New Jersey state peniten- Tve material hm nowR
tiary, where he is serving a 2- WASHINGTON, Feb. 21 (UP) worked out by Mr. E .ow 200,000 faiiners, doctors, law-M r al t oeri al la C !
to 3 year sentence for conspir- -President EAsenhov.i's re- er and Congressional eenaers at years, ministers, government ..3and ranmbents hayve
ig to operate a gambli g quest for extension of old age a White House conference Feb. employes, and other workers. C.andand itoilablforh 19
house. insurance coverage appeared 9. The minimum payable, to a .. o buyers *'
Adonis, whose real name is today to be a casualty in the Reed's committee is in a retired person Is $25 a mon S- -_. .l -
Joseph Doto, has claimed he controversy over early tax re- strategic position in its feud and' the maximum payment t ju E
was born in Passaic, N. J., in auction. with the PresIdent. The House an eligble family Is $168.75. ,, The pier w 1901. Chairman Daniel A. Reed must originate all revenue le- Curtis said his subc6lmmittw public from m8 a'-until 4p.m.
But the Justice Department (R.-N.Y.) of the House Ways gislation. This mea any trade expects "to work closely wit both unday and Monday wic
contends he actually was born and Means Committee and Rep. or social security measures President Eisenihowbr's admihs. is a ho Ii tn th CtanaMl oe, 9
in Italy in 1903 and came to Carl T. Curtis (R-Neb.) must come out of Reed's cor- tration and with the Senate." and la tron the
this country the same year Both- expressed doubt that mittee. --MMt-A .M W S I. D id WllB in attendance .
with his mother and three the subcommittee could make Committee members pre- ;i h*rL h bjarcrS both days to Answer ntqulrte.
brothers. the "detailed study" they con- viously haye Intimated tthe y uVWwu fvet i Pr builis oe mas a *,e
The deportation order side ncesar in time for may hold up action on Mr. Ca0V HI charged specifically that congressional action this year. Eisenhower's e" request _Atr na Gmbo B i since dmpleft ..ts have W
Adonis did not have the proper Some members of the Ways to extend the pprocAl Trade jW cuble 00- ,t _bnM_ s on te balthea.
immigration documents when 'nd Means committee thought Act and revise ois regula- board al
he e-entered this country after Reed was influenced in his de- tons because the White n r Post i t
M4&ort visit to Cuba in the win- vision to delay the social so- House coolness tax clut. TranferOflhiIt was not, W oMbt Out In Freigs htousanthe
Sof eby the stand The social ty system
ilenthose facing dena- Mur.Eisenhowere as taken on nowueoversnabout 7 per cent WSeaIno Fl 31 (UP) ea ew ane d Wh h s bthe e rolled
,=,"bu t proceedings were tax reduction. cf the nation's working force Iom i ntony tors sought to .ea newtt But it wasfe .. _in men;ch
Costello, jailed king- Still left o it lre about 1 to- Sundayy who hera $150,0- rlk ard th t" o the m enamBe
Stilllesureotareaboupu t12,- them&=01m-i
of New York gamblers; The President told a n ews- 00 fund switch from ane govr- Work for .4 at W ner, oif e6 ril I
E m (Three Finger conference this week that he enet a c to hIr d ll be' t s ctioelr.
Brws) Luchese, his reputed could not approve a tax cut oIeeId political pressure." have been *4 thwhi
esor, and Albert Anas until a balanced bdget inte a The pocket-to-pocet trans- Wire were their
tasia, alleged "lord high ex- sight n i for took place during the Tru- rralrad connectios. tht
-outiner'"of the notorious Reedis t e sponsor of a bill Rmaaims F aen Prowh'e f tfi e ane AIn
"Murder, Inc." to cut individualpIromed "xesAeores lYyteAlie over tohe moaney eie ardos#&A mil
Separtme surce srabout 10 percent ow r July IdTherwas E shrtCmmon.eysi"asrisea@e2Ald=9n.hdin.W
sti oeeWays and Metan ds committee a1p r our d ul n T oi h has made iin dalt of I a hit
QuL his sentence and satisfy o enday 21 to 4 l. money handlin enemy rov ,7ds the a aat tecondMO

any other "debt to society" be- One RublicanL e ror IeI, ity lland, eb. 21 ties, is reque l law l a
fore the deportation order is the committee, who as that (UP Eght members of a over profits to the Claims Cmi
ot into effect anfd he is ousted his name be foSaid he ra l'seou$ed legation in Mosa ed Mission., .

from the court felt sure that teed d emb put arrived here saely by train to- But members dof the
more steam behind a UPeiMsee day on their way home to Istl Judiciary Committee ch ,

S nrtmeAre te d Alb ia lL b Idf .hel M C.I
Litew red Aay Died May the S amuel Un iaon iy teI d rftK *
"Ton to hahtanf hadweficeever hauhytet
D^en Itsl .o would feapprom ved. uit correctly" by rsoe tr e morithsh Atha d- rW a m
Extension of old age a n d since the Kremlin rn -
survivors insurance to co ver with Israel last week.gatin iiqunarten
Spy Trial Game rou not now covered wsEliashiv said: "We were able to *IrsbPh
Sonem Point in an 11 u point pre ar e our departure in a nor-. g ...
LONDON, Feb. 21,-(UP) i "must" legislative program al way.
The trial of eight spies "in The Israel group was accompa-b saa
the service of British, Yugo- meied to f the i bordieFr an
21i:io pe nT i gUPWel M iranda minister PedP Ouc liea tne.n

o thoto o treentn ee Miad official ar d heg tisu of theIse usand BeaOns aeu ofllthe- au "-1"1
pewi agency reported today. the Soviet Union were recalledR :..P

OeW a Pro hsas c tf s la t of Thbreak in rela- CAIO, Feb. -: .(UP)
"The spies were caught by the tion Brti.ah Ambassador Sir Ralb i
Albanian security police after E an i ezar Thirty-nine members on the Stevenson and Premier 6
having been infiltrated into Al former Soviet legaton in Israel hammed Nagb met an e *
bania," the agency said. embarked for home at Haifa last hour today but did p t a
MONTEVIDEO. Uruguay. Feb. night without goodbyes. .ate for negotiations to begi
21 (UP-Miguel Moiranda, 61,The group headed by Rusian on BrItish evacuation oe
one-time Argentine economicnda minister Pavel I. Yershov sailed Suez Cnal Zone. P
czar, died today n aboard the Turkish vessel Kedesh Stevenson aid aftg t* eX
Ouated from the cabinet for the port of Odessa on the meeting they had 41"pedW
Orustd from th e abinet of Black Sea. They will travel by questions of geII *C .. a

raed that he was about to so home t no a ment b e of 'arDardanelles.Mhall P
to head a new Peronist econo- Bad Check Artist bewhen ne on -, .,

itwamro thePlatad n phi On 'Most Wanted' e f n th e tl .. ethe lt ar
M nvierst .aro s the P at a chief of protocol was the only eva.uaton .of the al W&.,.

VIA GUATEMALA official Theodore Richad Bys the Russians Fata
But in recent weeks Mirandaqdh ip.adera g br .inmr chL
tical and econo cooperation notorious bad heck artist obeen r eacrulon wao 4t .gn "...

direct flights toLOSAN- te war.n wenoe toarltodv when hw sI re (UP -f ,.U^W
ELES. nonstop from highest prices from a hun .y se s B dre 'tor J. Edgar au y etna o
visits to therld for Argentine meat, gra n Hoover announced, Uhn ou n treporal He .
Mirand ea discussed withc APeronA i om t e spoted Rl
Ae boothe country'seconomi p re osPicked-Up w th- Batla.-,JA

r* Peron wth nnow chan ed hitht United onutWASHINGTONFuble arb. 21 (UP) r fla g 1 'at
VIA GUATEMALA an official visit, discussing pld- -Theodore Ricthat redByrd beJr. In Fataln, tl-erhin ,tt
itical and economic cooperation notorious bad checkofts artinba est onder u cilatioas
Miranda becatm known as the the FBIrs list of 10 mostocir culartlr fincd'th ud .aH
PAA offers you the ol Argentine economic. czar after wanted criminals, s ee

Scanning, with factories which gently. troyd i
c f t t LO preserved fruits and vetegables ," .A
clods. in the luxury of a thad large p terestan in Uru- City office spotted M Robinson. .
ai neain e Argentina's prices or starve cafe and notified El Rena orhot Thuear in O

4Ca lree Love Plans him u. B'ambrff

r wi-Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy re- made availableto He
fused yesterday to let Ba pretty he d he washingt
I The cashing of pay checks brunette tell a family "TV au- ly last June 11 from *
Caifor U h8ey pr ised sm dien ab1ut1 and 1952.eHd ehort the ronchd
f ta etna los s wa n by her State D Ipartment toa n h sear v brond
amnsh erI mlaestato enl sta her In a free love the wse toas be
prese fus v ete ,aeura forefutad her dis ..a
fusayeserty oeeta "atprtude" was
Biameh pthe Adc Nancy Lenkeeth, a m-year-old ase Jund when
T0 Ing mu th_ TrMasauiy b writer for the department', is hold vs broa


p ~1


- I..

. <, ,qt'.
, IN .;. .. .
.--" ,

B' ".. ..

'^ '*l

r n _' f. the Iaign of em- mcounter-propagandI &M the m4 thew. ,
pIa heeks only on Voice of America, ori .t lalre. e- a tn2a
jpaydays.P lated her experience te MoC:jeCr-oott
SwP Ie wasWle anseee yes- thy's Senate invetigatieoug-' Wesaddlhe
IRMO C UY a"bat" he alhig of em- mittee behind closed door& 'r "ro
solem sharig at see Crls. Wn the question arose at a 1 whII chr
o i f Trea purer public session yesterday, how- aIWO njgt
v 4A 'rnRIA "-" ... i.-entire- ever, tbhe Wiconsdn Republcn "M -
fV ARtf CAt lyly. Owest, pay edips is- quickly halted Mis IaLnkelth's be Wsr
~A A S ssulowrate des k em. It-timony on .grod the bear-e
i Li, seM to > beng vnen w being carried Into I.
--2 946 0 A fuy g about 3 te38 iuiom stations.
*.m rr g Inbemeige. IaomthilftIM-
as showigA. .. om tratid 09

., r -.
- .1~ '*' ~


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