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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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i people


S- Abraham Lincoln.

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B .

McGranery Held

Pope's Message

On Rosenbergs

PALM BEACH, Fla., Feb. 14-
UP)-Fornmer attorney general
James MeOranery said today he
lI .not submit to then Presl-
ent Truman or any other high
uthorDity a massme from Pope
lus XII about condemned atom
ie Julius and'Ethel 'Uen
wMcGrwbe"he. an Imt
olc who how i nn knghted
Sthe Pope; id. the Pope did
eot specitleally ask for cle-
4 ranery said:
La st December the Apostolic
atUon diseuged with me the
that tha Holy Father had
ed numerous and urgent
.eqJls for intervention with
S e on-on behbI u of Juliu
Sl ~Rosenberg which, out
rt ies of charity proper to
Apotollc missions without be-
e to enter into the merits
e cases, His Holnes felt
Vp 9 prae to brlng to the'at-
on. of the United States
vil authorities."
SApostolic delegation and
the P ever submitted any.
thiga me in writing," Me-
Granery sad.
S The former attorney general
S '0ot said he tated at the time that
RU "I oul onq der only facts r-
Sto timer of. the cases
l wto reasimen-
AR w,4 mm",

mntrol het C
at the hih prf
iake on patent i
* f I.


hpo Of


\ -0 --

WASHINGTON, Feb. T4.-Thtm fte fO
bases in North Africa, Turkey, Itoly, .M
dep i d on the outcome of a crucial debea i d
behind closed doors of the Senate Armed Service
Though the press and public have been
here are the highlights as far as they can be
within the bounds-of security.
The controversy was touched off by Sens.
Morse of Oregon and Russell Long of Lo.usimsae
spected our round-the-world sting of ses a
up their findings in a secret but explmeive reput
In brief, the report charges: This would
1) "Unt milUos" have been lanes to hit
sent on s without any ar- reaction at once'
rangemet t6 defend them from the enemys air
"easy C-t.w." denbre mid.
2) The tAxpayers have been led He adset t.i
"unuuspectln into building amut 'abU-
PMoepc ttea nd sta- they if Mh
fiourths ane.
"". "
::, +

SW p dqniien'gts by rb-
taBlb the meritse Ma to'-imse each. other's facll-
en,. nyth R pelsewould u.
* .L en ftv extraneous." li' o gr s has not been con-
daltIpat direct comment s uM and T.8. intereqte not ful-
In ftiaon, of the Ju4- ly piected n negotiating for
ir*taen handling of defepe astes.
hitter a by attorneys INtea of the present elab-
a Roen orate'etwerk, the report pro-
em.he, he would be poses anplg "p"erp a do-
o.ta y ay investiga- sen bHpotant defee bases"
ald-.f ly by a court Itsm Ueh AnAmrie qpera-
S government. tions Eld be expau in case
of war..
These should be.-uarded and
.I.fef Lo maintained by our anMss, the re-
STL port add.s except for "small
rTwo JMe housekeeping units" to keep an
I eye on the supplies.
The report also suggwts that
HINGTON. Feb. 14 (UP) "mobility of American lwaerves
eme and North Korean is a better answer to the Cdmnmu-
unists have suffered a to- nlst threat than trying to station
1,820,809 battle and non- enough Americans at "sparsely
casualties In Korea since settled outposts to defend against
art of the war, the Army a major enemy assault "
ted today. Answering these criticisms,
Gen. Hoyt Vadenberg. Air Force
I compared with 129,819 chiet of sta ., pleaded behad
battle oaualties whose closed enate door thit It i es-
f in had been notified sentlal to xing the uoet Union
h st F Piay. The Unit- withbaes a keep them fully
Does a nit list non-bat- manned as a protection to the
Imltea whkl Idelude such United States
om. m ltand accidents. H medxlaa e m tha manyr bases
_u 05 A Lj ap are muedd tn penrt "tdih om-

or agt war?.-
He pointed but
had gone do
bases in
though he-a
Army engineers-
As an example
money is being.
charged that the
a scool for dep
in NApes at a
(Continued on

Adenouer C
OK's Rep'i
For Israel

Parl mentaryI
mesare. is due-.s
weeit4- -
T~ir tfrtrnrnrhn*^mifc

Uemmeweresuf- prtllon" attack on the Rus- the treaty Ma
b Ch Rse forces and ualS hertland in ease the when rereatat lo
by the North Koreans. Kr starts a war. Israel ae due t

ruFist Fights

s .o Op ration 'Scaldi

hey re Rec For Icy Kqr

and fight in the open regardlcm teotl against the weather and private were Ident
of the temperature of t t n. kao fozee as mercilesswhen they failed
weather. it'. hi a. selves aro I the
"They ar equipped with the Pta- ti hey arrivednd fe llito .ib ee
beat lJotain thai brates can homelem, and waters.
devise and moetyr ould buy. eq food was the .
What. lLia that autlouwam- The final autt
nherent fear of the cold that led ti ountain stoves. ed the aneuvm- w
causes men to htve Into a They ied oa ground that has b*t affair that
sheI and by a fie ben Mow-cvered since Octo- days and nights of
anand aIes ber In temperature that tacks by the heavl
am prime ar an at- to eigt below ser. greesor forces.
1. 0rMb .* to mak&e "go aldhW us The deander s
S T Is i tel r l and me 1.sasblef .was Lt. wrheming
It =hS taof ranintass.the a gr@olI*
aS now I t or ad,> stafl of K smn Pleak ovr b
r p-r j a oBf "toLoH fF tQ "m e- Iwhich tby had
p, near clay W Te.
and. h aLgLt gW. to ,., e
long IhUew tefw the 1 as- lacked te
ha It Main a
Um tjlat tet for'

-in 0

flf.rU i~hker t

*. 4 "
" *'
' .

.. .
. ,.;.,,,.
, ': ;'..-, +

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Y..;.? 71



Two TMa sMa"t.



De ve/opm e i

o --

mCaribbean Area

IRESIDENT'S PRECEDENT is the black hji i nt Eis-
enhower wore to his Inauguration. The ha -i approve
his attitude. .

fke's Homburg

Tops Toppers

EW YORK, Feb. 15--(NEA)
ore his stay in the White
lse is done, Dwight Eisen-
rer may do some noble
Lgs in the fields of domestic
Mirs and foreign relations.
lut, as far as the haLer-
hers of America are con-
Bed, Ike has already made
mark as a Great President.
itth one gesture, he's done
p to sell homburgs than
man since King Edward
SAnd His Royal Highness is
r who invented the
a. O, at least, command-
at it be invented.
tr since, it's been a rea-
uably popular style of
m4.warmer, but nobody
t got wealthy selling hom-

He added that the wom-
en seem to be egging the
men on-"they love it, be-
cause they think men look
dignified and fashionable in
King Edward VII was at a
Prussian watering place near
Homburg back around the
turn of the Century.
The derby was then the thing
to wear, but Edward thought
a derby too formal for water-
ing-type leisure.
Yet he felt the "gay Tyrolean
hat, favored by Prussian na-
tives, a touch too gay.
So he ordered the royal hab-
erdasher to whip up some-
thing half-way between the
derby and the Tyrolean hat.
Presto, the homburg.

:Eowever, because of his In-
Umton costume, homburgs It's probably a good idea he
now selling like hot cakes. didn't get his brainstorm a-
.n fact, some hot cake ,eo- round Oberammergau.
have been heard to mut-
"Boy, I wish hot cakes Even President Elsenhower
selling like homburgs." wouldn't be able to do much
"We've doubled the sale of popularizing a Black Oberam-
s," said one store manager. mergau.
meant black homburgs.
"The homburg business,"
a third manager, "is run-
gone-third higher than last

You get the picture. The
cable homburg, which
accounted for only about
e per cent of all hat sales
years and years, is current-
a hot hat.
0o hot, In fact, that some
are completely sold out.
was espeelally true in
n Just before the
ton, when dignita-
were suddenly caught
their silk hats showing.
dignified gentleman, who
a dignified men's
on dignified Fifth Ave-
put the whole thing in
ed language.
Might say," he said,
the homburg business
been stimulated. B'lt it's
a might say that hom-
are taking the place of .
Shats derbies. operas .
aks. -

Mhe President's choice has
plated all homburgs-mid-
tU blues as well as blacks,
the other colors, too. We
* seven colors, you' know.
M the problem is this -
It continue? I would ven-
to guess that there will
Iy be some silks sold for
Wr and the horse show and
operaa opening and June
a weddings,.
hJ there can be no doubt
I t. The homburg busi-
S been stimulated. I'm
about hombargs."
,the Hat Corporation of
which make Knox,
ad Cavanagh hats -
Sddn't know too much,

gets back to his

To Get Rice Fr
1 *- :' "A '" ,

.British Guiaa
0o- ,

LONDON, Feb. 14 (BIS)--N 'i 9 in a plan to
harness the waters of the Nit at Q~ lls in Ugaods,
in one of the largest hydro-elec(t scheM. th., or
bps seen, highlight the progreu r .Kli
world in under-developed regi 4. rI .'
Other schemes include th, lf a Rir Dam andl eh
minum smelter in the Gold C Ajlor project in
Rhodesia, British Guiape, Ke
Most of these develW aim the IM-
provement of agriculture, a .the living stnd-
ards of peasant farmers. ':
But industrial debelopm bulking in
the new plans for expan.iof
have been started or areh A in 17 of
the Commonwealth.
Largest is Uganda's W pp .. d the dam wl.
Dam at Owen Falls, juI 6. a
low the outlet of the a.
from Lake Victoria.. DU prde
This project, which wl1 t t main
cost around 4U8,000,N is lle- a
Ing financed jointly Aa='
tain, Egypt and UI
By the middle ro'
year there will be
led capacity of
watts, out of a
tal capacity of 150,W 'o lUt-
Three Countr f
Comoletion of
will affect the
ture of three o.lL .I...'".
To Uganda, it bi .' a
large supply of iBbir
tricity for der ff
cotton glnnerliah. s1u.RS Zd




iavm ter-m

* ~ ~1

i *t..' I
r and In-


r "r
1.-J't -

nan reads some telegrams as he
Kansas City desk.

Mcutive said, "There's a
tmterrt in hombum,"
the re or
to come in, so
ust Ia .i df-

s ble Wity
Swthe mal an d
a silk t
~ .el _, the Blan -
married. burled or WALKING MAI, ex-Presldent Barry '
the Blthaonlanu .- to his Independence home. The b rm
WtU a tearkt a

sBy MART KA1'VrwN '..
15 (NI M-Jke.i an 1
settling dbn at home
a long absence, Be u
is busy getting. her 14-
Victorian house Ic older. -a
That comes from the "-L
unpacker" -her husband. Xii
"Mrs. Truman'si-i
to the Job," Hars, !r
Mrs. Truman L icing
close to her ta of it
entng up the umn iua
dence and Isn't available to u-q
the story herself.
So I obtained the story
the irmer Preoident
when he took time off
unpacking at home to
intend the unpackingof
at his office tuite. In .
He received me in friend,'
Informal fashion and I g
this is his first private, inte..
view as a citizen sine leavt .
Eow d Beas Truman feil W'
Ao "b- ank im homeak po
W rih n idha 1 M.
saw: 10 am,
v hapyta hr own r
w hartelt ay he ii t t
implied t the M W
years in the White Hoge .
not ended ay top soon to esit
the former nrt Lady.
Many of the rooms In the
Truman house are still alt- ot
tered With wrapping and un-
opened shippg orates.. w
"Do y haTo to hap armuid e6
.* an boae still" he was
Ne malied: "That's just a-r
Pauiem-by get a gimps b
the gniu theJof
The ba yard is sta d t
with cra and neilhbos m w
a Mau


* -1 lz

P ons h be own personal ua--to *at or
,.-- wh atre siIL

o m

Of 4,4


. ^ ,~* 3


1 1




,.g '?. ,l



Ol. .' A-
ine a.



L': r'r,


. ,


,* : .*...l..

rof th z
BiW~ci~l' M~i~j-:tT

* 2.-P

* ', l

4n 4
i'.4 I"



'K, I;
'b.- Wir1



.4' ..I4

-51' 4


S ,,
t .:

.-,.. .

I~ h: '7.~

Ca.. i"r;

4-J 4.-

NX :'
-.4 A-:



~~rSrs ;t

~ :
-~ r 'C


=.~ ~
~P'~ ~

.e ."M about
,4... t ..

". '

- ~ ,'..% '-.'.

FI,;;~d :lj

}-", .-:. -4...
;s: ,. *

? ',I;* ; ... "


- 'j.


4. ~' 1- ''f






'* .':



...., ^^ :.^ ^ a <

-. .is.

._ ..I '. :"

LWH^^ u^ ^^ j~"-:^'"i\-^. /' .'.lc
"i "' ii

, V

A I.
J r, 2


. i F p .

1-*I r

~!ti :


. -. -


"ri i


. o .



ft bq
r *iL

t, ~i~ ?

Ind CotIAre 4rg o -

* Td-Aa ,-" --BTI *1^;.1 ^ '' ~a^"-"

u., N, A lf

NEA woman's Editor
-.. *.' NEW YORK -(NEAAi-LaC2
Soli. s moving fromrthe windows to
the walls of modern homes. It
Shas ceased to be acceptable in
fancy displays at the parlor
.T', festooned with blue
S satin bows.
SBecause of an entirely new
approach to lace, the possilbi-
lities for home decoration are
A problem wall for In4tance,
might get brand new spaTrkl
from the all-over application
of a coarse, stiff fishnet mae
up of rounded squares c nd. In-
tendeo for just such decoft-
Sti on. These fishnets come in
high fashion colors .;or the
home flame hot chocolatp,
S, lemon peel. mast y cherry
----red. gold and W Ih .
But the fishnet, al onad tk
;tor's Note: This is the gandie. double this time. to ac- a variety of other eaves,
in a series of four ar. Coniptn. an evening gown. 'starting wIthI a. i
on the new fashions be- Peter Russell's suits stressed, mesh that resembles"
shown in Paris and Lon- the same "softening" influence .ending up with very, coare
v pqHis jackets have nipped in weave. It Is available by he
'aists. soft .dropped shoulders yard and in. ready made ct f% r
A rOSETTE HARGROVE combined with kimono or rag- curtains as well. These ou~ -
Staff Correspondent lan sleeves. tains have woven-in- fops ftOF
Several models were in- quick, easy hanging. They aii low a
t NDON -iNEA -The eyes spired by the Tyrolean jer-come in many widthl ard letsd
-O tle fashion world are fo- kin, with fullness restrained omlenghts. r" mn widths.rd
Caused on the 12 top British by wide contrasting leather Lace curtains have beeh. -
h roug who are meeting the bolts. adapted to uit ever room b ht ot bUD hoL fi laee sia and I
Cl ing challenge of this Cr-, Coronation dresses ranged tpe. ron the rb r toht ---- ut ll n pode .
,.! .... .k suts are oftenor .u b i ra g n -
O* tion year with their cur- from a trim two-piece ensei- interior to' the 'contItpod" ankag Ch -atcs. .
!ept Spring showings ble in white Nittingham lace and border desirna in floral, The Moew othi have elam rt
Right from the start, it is -a slender chemise dress and geometric styld mot, in t o
pident they have purposely a-E a straight tafetta-lined coateo geometi sd sty ps, plz n Ileti style lIoW nd ps asty l i o a
folded historical reminiscenses. to ar swinging pleated chiffQn laand stripe, Plaint. etnto th and tr emel a e
void ed an intt hn tu lles top e rea sleevetess= .... extr---B---e- ely -
ere are no 13th Centurydress topped by a sleeveless To aid you being y ow modern decor with ee
i mples or 16th Century ruf- grosgrain redingote with deep decorator, these Diittri a -m hIn g
Ses. They have. however. bor- shawl collar, both in R1ssell's be had in fabric by th.e A.czatnt demand or p .-
ed ideas from the Mauve striking "New Geranium" red, panels, tatioreF pairs t s natural o aepandt
de- Gibson Girl boas, definitely intended for the U,"er...'u4 "
-shaded hats, floating dust- Royal Garden Party. tLace tablecelt have been roud c be
-button le gth gloves brought up to da1% toe,.d m in lac inn W then atthv s

"Ithe Spring style offensivewin the lbest"keeraket rtyle. -
whlach e thty'e angcludd in e t eain to e t wer, ta seepthedaywetilored look I Beaphed tp ie ar ,tfi t1
r "gala dresses" for all the Ing and regal, some in lace with a was, cotton ,in a
nd occasions which women sulong tight t sleeves and sweater
attend next'June. g bodice entirely re-embroideredi, "ae o e rih) I

ha of L a cbss e athe others with the briefestcod skin ad he a i
'.r.indl u specialist ope n- teamed up with yards of net

i-a lng a mnoit reolton Victor t ofebel's c rllecton

E:Virty-has given place toflannel, silk-e andb-alpaca mix- PARdy F0 16 (le .-
j launched the Tango Lineleans to the trim, tailored look P
'T forward Look, which snes.n suit. His acketsture, linen and urah. t like a

Shde nite break in with the tr-second skin and have amust witlwg '7 h953l IdU i
ition aspect om thel ngllsh collar and cpocatket details. The nch have hle t r

ltltels or no collars at all and strat gh nt, with dropped shoul- silhonitte .. : ,- /_
clanal suit ra la women the s and wity t armoe stc sreliss- Style r uteda theM
Wi.d over know It.e u The st resmsed a ned da- t o worsted
E:v-rity has given place to.flannel, silk-and-alpaca mix- PARLbM Fsl; 10R J
round ed lines. Jackets iture, linen and surah. lders ars oz o htrlol
ha-legpadded bAmesqric that dip Topoats were dividnted bel draythat y-ou c i o..a
at heerlar mohimd throughstween wredingotes withful *stif' with 16, r( wardoroet

Sigh ninessd In castle d silk is a ead skirt ut woitver p s outfit a
Vith Beau Brummel collars and coats, the latter I-aIiqt French h"6' T imu4ue@ their

p h no i ollrs at all and- straight ith dropped shoul- silhoutl fst wk with
S slo or triangular lasten Eders and g wid holes. Dre yle, a tu here, a flowe the
s rtsize .y 1ki ncheoor ra n eo stressed h i attened diat- pant volla, a brl d
ue, and have sle neckines rach French brocades to sioder. doz'tuay, theo' e is no one

heerkly cut-out in deep squares. satins an d aper-thn ta : There ars two mo a I n,
'1 or half-mooons, as wfell as-tic e" and tolle,-. ii o wohdty of I terest. Diet's "tulip&
e so fitness Is car reld fif heated skirts o ver~riok epsizes a ll hl h
Slarge aond flat or in tufe nu A litl ast work withnee

e lopir f ou dentrlie, der- venlngl tese were b-ma Oi l, ttuc here, a t loer others
Tsizcl by kimono or raglan of the ptTturesque portrait e and voila a brand new
seves, usually cut oed at symid- tipe, faahorned o a the hh b springtime "Pr look" f

sar. iUk suits a re opten sleev-' ma i ulous n ics rangingot the your best occasions
hesand have the neklines'r ch Fren ch brioca te wo erld to 4ctey, hey oen s t one

.........curtsy g f ow1 a yb"sir ne Tye under the bosomai
darkly cut-out In deep squares, satin n41'Jiaper-than ta ipar t main

o Mic hael -mooos. s well as b and tule. P s of interest. or r oro o 's 'tuliy
hundredrsa fifty yards. oinu e maternity a kets and mull high
Iutens. In self fabric and fabrics wen into a brlarwse ,atinh ile

e terry l rge an d flat or in tule numbelk org a d e .e des.
made of stiff siks. Infder-i flo, thee ullw s were o-d y athe ltwo, st observers
siA w ool coaften re mpeated on matih a uneiep band ofi n thw cntr bt are something of i
the skirtaight, mannish cut gu easiest thing n feathers printed to mystery. They ofs. pleten start
is "bson boas tiesi ralk shoes to match the 8tabilistyle under the bosom,
Iichaelys iedoiigotes h a v e streamline amrt al or are forgotten completely in
1 stiffened skirts at- Conversation pieces included e maternity jaket and mid-B

Seleso br fsuiteand oa a short black organa dane blouse fdelsig. Or again,
ade of sti silks. nor-aiock, the full skirt trimme d e slightly length enedr e
With low contour beltsed ,,ths and
ool coats were Coro-stlskn tighth a deep band of tiny contour blts and exotic sethg of old
then straight mannish cut guichpea-owlr satin eathve ning coted Bodice pled d ward
realHis "Gity habson Girl" boas te-silk shoes to match the tah fur. ability was achieved on the and ever t

nt of the 1920s enler|. The most striking element of ide off rom the ek.
in navy and olive greeniday-time ensemble; small dia- cirtical matter of heml ines ('lgbt),n ths chambralo
exactly match ing the m Lond-embroidered ct hio te er- Fabrcs ht the news increas- Wood floors newly fin
"matchbox" coasilk suits and worn. Sumine gentlars; a dresi made oly, wthch with shellac should not bee,
court gloves and pock-graded cornflower petals with d ankle or full ngth for
Dteresgby Morton the Coro-skin ll tight bodices n darker aough f ew eenn to set. elfa- po

ias w leaf.c er fo rs ith shellac should not b e

Tabarn" gowten streof black black. All the In ons plashin flowugh or ied with rne the undarweave e-

"mtchboht"y shirred to the gre shown froma e to delete printed organdies and because thsl determines theshul o
huartere stbleees poc and c ie r t weaieto
ned-on bands and dashing coloabnOR as btw leather ax should not
sheer whimsy there s athe more subtle nd ffon s e the most popur towel's three or four weeks hae

Enormously full flounce. impractical of ,e idel prn~ t u erehweave holds the loops see a
irl" bo white orandevening coat of n-, rare for Prs there wa fu. sed. weter lght
cut in red bluch h as vy seemstdre' blak More autiulnd lhandhtdeer temre
tartan taffetas over determined tan re dries and thousands of a When buying towels, r
ba gon o blown. All the of flashing flowersak n vied t set the utha n f drweave cand hea
tightly shirred to the! re shown. fromi-,teni to delicate printed organdies and because this determines tlh 8e hMp.
where it billows out in caramel. And w se most 'ihffona as the most populSr towel's strength. A firm, close 1 At
enormously full loutine.i practical of A ,i widely ctrinime ws n. hreave holds the loops sec..Y
also showed asyb- featured for Ofw time Despite an overall wearaDility Hold towel fp to the 1ight-4 f11"M

"angeta of fpain s howed re- o in .even .
Such thGngs is G rlle's bl kf Mwe and lighter

ealing black chantlly e Clean an electrL. 30.str
for added seduction un with brush to o9
a black chiffon ho tess ard wit~ soap, cI
the outsideD NTer
Dog Tired Dave

S: "91 w a, rogw. -
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You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classifie .

Leae youa Ad wilh one of our Agents, or our offices in No. 57 "II" Street PananiA
Nou. 12,179 central Ave. Cal6.
1;. < ** a,.^^RKj^H-^

Lewis Service
No 4 Tili Ave -Phone 2-2201 and

Fourth of lulv Ave -Phone 2-0441

Salua de RBlieza Americano
No 53 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug Store
10.059 Meihdue Ave.-Phone 355 ColO

Pronaganda, S.A.
Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones .I ire urner itudiante s.
No 3 Lot,erv Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 2-2798

S Minumm for 12 wor I
3c. each additional word.

H ushol Automobiles Do you ha e .v dr .ah*Iei S y at Hotel Pan Americano in PROFESSIOtur
.. .Wire Alleehe alle AgessUis s beautiful El Vcl'el
FjP SALE --- 2: c,:re washing ma- WE PAY CASH for your used car and 203 Ace 2I Pilp-nidctt at
cI..e. c(c:i, c..c, electric for.' sell on terms or Agencias Cosmos. Philfips. Ocenside cottages, I s no more to project ie m
P LE rc o *j..hiner, porchl Auto-Row 29, telephone 2-4721. Alliycr shoes for. mn and women Clara, Box 435, Balboa. Phone
",.'.n i rEc ...n" "..rk, 6 VenE- 'Panama. a made to order. Casa Fenix, 155 Panama 3-1877, Cristobal 3-1673. ,,,ild b
ure l. v.rk, e a,. Central Avenue, Panorma. .W"mt la
ton b'na.. 4 Cor blnd. punCFORD PICK-UP 52, 12 ton, almost eeT. Willi Santa Ch c. ..
S 1. te.7c,2eo.6c k ,plants.geratl r.
hao.te.h .. :.,n cockr p.e an s. nw, a bargain. Call Panama 2- We require the services of qualified f ages. bedrooms refragerati o
Ho 4-* .n phcr.e 2-8 64 persons who are.desirous of enter- Rockgos rangers. Balboo 2-3050 )
O 13- B -Y PAERICAN FAM LY- SAL--- P a -949. ing the publicity field with great Except week-ends' tl
St r! SALr.' .. p S eoe- ck Sedan possibilities far advancement. Lomr-FOSTER'S Cottages. One mile beyond- dur More
C E rd. i'a .... y poBd rers -oe-u.kc Buick bordovega, Apartado 1045. Te!. Santa Clara. Completely furnlshede rtteo
C0 ..'.: v ,.. d~ and in per M u.l r new starter arm ature u71. r ,l u S" tCM 1
(e., ccr-.jl .60. Telephone for Bui--- in carton Rear Bum- .- .1. Pnam. Rock Gas Retrigerators and Stove. th
a,.,.a 8 ____ per. Pontioa practically new, 312 Gardens designed and constructed Bring your linens. Phone Dogmar's s -g
SScle refer H.P. Gasoline Engine. Phone 6- altered, renovated or maintained 2-0170. Imkh
cu. it. CIl I'rce r. In excellertl 287. shrubs, plants, seedlings and spe- Giomlich -- Santo Clarabieach- ilU %I
rr.r o Q crclin top tab SALE- Nov. 50 clly prepared soil from our own cottage Electric ice bowes. gas 6 -
,o r.ccoFCn top tb. R SALE:- Nov. 50 Ford Tudor nursery. Floriculture Naci'nl, S. Cottages
i2p..o A a'68.CO or wr excellent condition. Pleasure bcot ur F u atrives, moderate rates Tel ephone
cl Cun. A., Apto. 1845. Tel. 3-4987 5an M441 Gambo.. 4-567 Pedro Mi-
orIi ..p.pciL,' Cci4.3unr. Be;:ore T n| d motor, 15 ft., fully^ equied. Francisco de [a Caleta, .9th. St. No. 01
or a:er l. .- 37 -- 43 :,cle bench gr under, 5 n.w 600 1. gue
Oai b ply Fircrtone Tires. Lall -
.FC AL C ,o.. re.;AL : to -iJ FOR SALE FOR RENT Y i 4Ii ce ti
1:,ce -.-3. F.C. SALE- 191 O:'drm.ob.e h-q- Hous8e
FCI' SALE -\ ncron B .noa *.11 f.r I.0nCtr. 2-dcor Sedonette. Fho1 Miscellaneous H m.itr t t
.i Tven Ii h-:u. ,I, -S1'- G:runL 5-565 FOR RENT:-Furnished three bed- *
c .cenn '3 x SALE--SUNBEAM TAL01 eys Intell gent. younger $10.00 room huuse, swlmmng pool HERES
d2 2. I Si. D, ccn S:DAN 1950. The moar luxurous ah Zoo hotel El Panama available. for two mcptlh, in Golf .. m
I,:ch d36 Sb \V.:o-c c. ,:IIl car o. ,.h .- Poe Junge Jm 3-1h60, Pn- .Heights. Tel. 3-3069. Tel uni
Ip -- ara 'I' I 'I I us-$I-006- Phone Jung'e Jim 3-1660, Pan- Tent
Ip:o aane. I, I" 21 La0. |-la 83-5 1 t.on 4 to 6 or ama FOR RENT--Three Fedroom House. r
10' N I-o'.e -31 Lo a Pan. ,nc -.; t 22: '. Curundu Any- -- completely furnished. from March for
SNe nn ,Icu-n,, e o .An ,-, Dui Pad FO SALE 2 de I AprI I Telephone after' IfpIh* S S A. or
FC.. SALE --1947 Codi lac Conver. Foot Frgfaore $253,00. 19.30 p.m. 3-1428. Addre I th
FOR SALE -: Good lire:. Cocd conc. o0r .ttve 2, orns. Grpddle Chrome tfi. rto e.n..
F.:OR S E rco Duty paJd $120000. Cpl 5i300 06 Dotble Beauty rest box FOR RENT:- Furnihed Chalet, two We pack and orate or move lnstr
loloryc:es mes Brc Hcue 20 13.h S prngs & mattress $75.00. Youtn bedroom 5140.00. Tel. 3-4871. anything 'Phone 2-2461.
Son Franc-s c bed & inner spring mattress $30.2- .Pl.
FOR SALE.- 1950 Slu eboIker V -CRSAL -L1947 Ch, .ler Windsor o0 3 Cushion couch sli co overR T 2-2562. Pana l. rl
'"Stil.cht cou-e 1952 No.-o ; ed3n E'ceptonol 8 50.00. Rogm 50.0. Hagnouox Roio & Re- FOR RENT
Intern1 anal in.a..r1ycle tul 261 :clel Tisoli. Balboa 2111, cord player $150.00. Phone Al- Aa__ _
equipped, exias. lPhone 3-4ijL. --_ brook 6295. AparlUents eciti
.Panoaria.__. FOR SALE -FOR SALE:- Tropical Fish Red M *nL6M lARTl- HOUS O own
FORIA LS F SALEY.,ow Was 40c..o-Tuedo Va.,"ri
% J, ALS E' eiL 30c. ZTbro omos 2 5c. n lie aoom m h DEAtLRS IN NEW AND ciy,
i ,. H. .-H--- eal Estate Please bring ccn;ainer al:o U.nde- urlurnishe aoortments. op, fte on USEt FURIITURE o 1
G'ORGE D. BARS. J%. H. k.-Hu- -. SALE -uterrm ned Canary Bird. Hcuse 54- CDosed gardens. 801 IOttl rseeUbT .Ro.ik
m'.n ., .oirect.eSALE --C-,n:rct. houe ami 7l a e New Crobl elphonw Clon Ad allow W
ftral Ad ujtnen. 7" Co le E:su. r,..m ,c.:. G:iun:l Io 27 nles.. 186 .o 'at,.
cnte. Te:,phore 2-5.59 8. A lfm- Pcnaa. 22 m.les from Co. FCR SALE-- Montuno-Shirt andO .. WND SEL. ,
M. to 8 P M. By apoa ntr.e, t. 1- 53 000.00 6547-5 M2. trousers. Large Size-Authentic Ocu FOR RENT:- Furnished apartment, in i i
Telephone 5-487 Garun. $25.00. Telephone: Curundu 41- 2 Ledroons Living &dlnng rooms d 13t
S-81 after 4 o'clock. trs. 573-E porch, etc., Calle 45 No. 3a-A b"Leana will
S1R SALE --Homrge ,n S o Cla r 2 Curundu Hgts. Bell Vista. *ae
ltl K ^ ks 13rue b-doatorrs. 3 large closets un H_ -- j N merit
I etc BkI;rcre I. ngroom, d nctte & kit. FOR SALE-- Amateur transmitter. D aint
chen. car port. All tile f oors & 350 watts all band. phone or C.W. PositIOn Ofered at It's Bt
'.1'.Atreamn" the third volume both 260 ft frontage, fenced 25 or 60 cycle. Also Hallicrafter Dane
of a oni "Lincoln. tne Fea onobly priced Call Cristobal 5 x 71. Receiver in good cond- High-class English speaking, Pan- D
Idelt" by J. G. Rendall was one 3-1676 or see at No. 32 Calle tlon at a real bargain. 45th St rmgolan, North American or Eu- st iio
of the new books placed i1, cir- Chico. Sonia Clara. Burle. No. 3 Bella Vista 3-1285.' rollon salesman wanted Roet ,31 UIC4 ,
eulation by the Canal Zone Li- O R,-,SALE -:-_1__0_0___Motion
ary tturin' the past ne L FOR SALE:-100 Hectares improved FOR SALE: Unusual Qprturn ; 602. International Hoterl
The period in Lincoln s life cle ranch. Well watered & Complete set office Ictophone Mon for cre4t W rk, must be Rn-
wrlasci is covered In the new book sltcked with catfle brood mores & equipment in current use. Three amonian able to speak both Spai
is midway In his administration colts Excellent soil. lies well. dictating, one transcribing and one ;h and English; must write n
Fa Preslaent when many of the good bur'dings elevation 2.000 cylinder shaver machine with either language for ppo:ntment.. -- .-
ost important decisions of the feet On R R. near Son Andres floor stands and twenty-four new Aportodo 537, Ponawo, Rep. de
ardme President were mae., Ch.rqui Titled Pr.ce $25.000 cylinders. New value over 52.000. Ponaonro.. S-rid phaot with' letter:
~his was the period or the; Wh" stock Write W. Franklin. GO Will sacrifice for $480.00.
fmancipLtion Pioclamatlon. the Box 506. Baltoo. Cash or terms rHE TEXAS CO
tirst naPioll'l draLs. and a time FC.R -L--Colle i PANAMAI INC.
of important decision in inter- le l1s, rock as lore turn u re. FOR SALE.- Linen polleros, cross-
'The complete LUt of new books bargain. Call Estud-ant, No. -15
n.,d to We orry shees E p tiesn Ap. 2. Telephone 2-5159, Pon-
Ina the pa.-. week was announc- Bo;or.i, Co'o-nbo. 570.0o0 ~or crA.a P
ed rs ol.ows: I hme or 'tore. cloth or grocer es .
SPallocop.i': ThisI telle\e; the Parana City. or for castle farm cr'
1\..S plllosOphies of 100 co.;ce plcnlat.-n n lt.,r A lcr
in.l.;iitul men and w.onen in Agce.c.a THOMAS, 2 9 Cen;J "Day Of r
fl1 11..:"Aol Olife M1ui'row : and Aie Te.I ln- 2

Girls Stfet

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** .;i'. ir" ,*' .. t..-.
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ln4ea to operate It ea l
. bbeaa lisa state is ad- i
iger )rt a Board whose ttend-rl
be beatna to The American (3) A
uAidllay. The Board in
tar.w b-a comnmlttee whoe
entW represent the local
aof 0th Au arv and Canal She
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he9 sesslon will be flr
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* ispcial quallfieatona for
typp of puram. Prominent UniV4
and WeMen will ive special
uctle, e sals being plac- H
n ood ctry, county and
Sgoveman dat
rn' whi ittastrd Carlhibann Mr-ltoi

SraOti and iduliane in good
U but will actively am
ate In the running of their
'tte," electing their own
nty and state offiales.
i'W 'l be a citlzem of a
ftdhout'the session. Sbe
O~tanto one of th .atw o-

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Raokll usvald

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El, ;'

I eihlcs and the voLer --- ------- -. P J
outse. Isaled Fof ACn t
S :e: .lternatine current, S
S. .v ald ltis aaplicdon to Senl ors Flay On Feb. 20 at 7:30 p.m. people
oc, -.vcr hpn and The (o nued Irum Page Ia in" c. Lc..c, in 1104 ouuri~es a-.
oc.n ,icr ieCei c p in o:r..u, d the earth will gather foray
Apicd Science: Dscipln o .ihot the slaihtest autliloza- what hcs come to be kno\in as
.w-l -adjusted children Lan-'- [lon. '-The World Day of Prayer" serv-
don; A dictionary for account-, Both Morse and Long ad they Ice. erv-
ants Kohler; and The Funda- couldn't figure out what ,ll the
ents of top management Navy persohnel were doiig in Sponsored by the United
Travels Boraph HistoryNaples except adding. to the Church Woman of the National
Tardensl oftheAntilles Wat- confusion. Council of Churchea, this service
;Gardens of the Antilles Wat-.Long a Whn"
ls; Your holiday in Cuba Long attacked what he call- is planned by a Rro u women
Judson: Rumor and re election ed the littlee Aineean cities" who believe that Chritians have
Berenson; Lincoln. the presi- that are sprtigUp wp around a responsibility to further the In-
dent; v.3. Midtream Randall; the world a,.ot rIunin terdenominational' lotion pro-
The woman with the whip: Eva about SIgg M each. He gram by strength ln the un-
Peron Flores: Impressions ofl elaimed- tA~i 1iJ .S-0 per derstandlnR and W apwrt of mls-
Lincoln and the Civil War: a man to buildM et lWes and sions at home and'.abroad.
foreigner's account Cham- S2.000 per man ir permanent Each year the program stems
brun. I facilities, from a different country. Be-
Fiction: High bright buggy1 Long criticized the Air Force cause of dtffereneek llanguLgb
wheels Creighton: Shakedown for planning a headquarters at and custom that which Itnatr-
;-Kerr; The best thins that everI Rabat. North Africa, with Its own al in one land may see atrsge
happened Leslie: Death by as- communications system, despite to people of another. TO' -
solation Lockridge: The de- the fact that the Navy already late the contrbutlon wheh any
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toW. and Headland Troy. 'r vptev only a short distant needs to know its history, el
Sdded to th" Reference Collec- ,awa., and culture.
n: Dictionarv of psychology al rRealizdul this fact, the nativiM
ren. oLonalso raised the alrbase Christians, studehtl ad mtidlton-
rhlldren'a Fiction: Biiov. the nro-ram n Turky. where the arles of Africa have plpaned tbi
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ington: Mr. Plum and the little Manwhile, the Sen:te Armed and. suliering of
reen tree Gilbert: Orlando's Pervlces Committee is s* Ill welhl people.
bome life Hale: Far west sum- inq both sides of the airR'ment This year represent tyle
'mner Jacobs: Henry, the handibefore rnrrin rn, whit the cru- the Cr tehdral or St. ali
painted mouse Merrill: ard ris dP'1ron en the future of our Mieuel Union Chuh, '
Johnny Maple-Leaf --Tresselt. 'overseas bases. Union Church '


J" Major
is, WIIAm
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l? ,e *i


Turn Tables
$45 to $400

General Electrie
Plcker ng


$7.00 to $150 $34 to 5450


TROPICAL ELECTIt St. No. 3.. .,,.. .


^ r ;

t t.e year (o
U3J6U4"D Is

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: '' :-I -.;
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$45 to 5,10"

Srnqv im .. ..


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BJ 41H-Y-1.l STPA-%
e. f -, P "FFr -" .. '"

-- ,,ib ox To .; B F, rs
.6 W ;I V J II :d

'. ." .mm: n OLLY.OO-- Fe.b-,10-(.P).-.hree di- na' n

olplhebckdo l 0_- Mse yer
Fi AJoyudison Dhe pe plIr roductian .

....... .. A R.S.

xt~jr n lry' ~;r
'. a. 'au-er B-u"s,'- I..t tr.... .m-urFo" ..,dies'cla.m 800 theaters willbe,

1vb +h I, orite er n.-d o...a.r F'T o Bbe First

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an moo.-A ,

r t heHOLLYWoD, Feb."10hplre. Butlee imo n Dimareth
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rivalrMco alaln htron Ir nqUPoase .wo produced avni'sw llyg Novtwood todry, and industry Ilo Mse-0plop
three new lounr. in N "hloe there won't be a "flt" picture left In lmFaxOWD NossiNO
aher ,Mpl Wah Wh" an. a tor
-ALI &rold 4 b a c k i" rh bo r "uer -Die a y e ar .o d
MIN.A" .'Pe- Co hnd and Reuch h t "Mdt. ral a ral Vion o, "1
d a rarWah WWIh pro rnbla Bt. Won't1an-ivingHollywo od Warder
"b, ., f. T 'tt ."I 'epo *'. 'elete t may ds o ehaahs hotn H geo e, o
1 tjoy the phenomenal D.The gram In rushng 3-s movies into pro lumble '*Pert Tg
MON s'e t t Ntnturyox- studiesclaim Oft theaters bo
nnlue aned d85$5 esev pla00ni o-
'Sa" vr and over. for.. I asste om by -t. 1..
1 '.: .... .... dck ""ttos m l llnml fin lOoroahll ovat it~llt

... xtaeI other old-timer, but one
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.oI on. the bio a. Wtbo e lron l u;PPe d wither thrce -adoptl trhe Fi n proae s ,
I"d' nl 0Lc itre. VthllVFreteman, m-D announed lenfms moe t its
arelnt"'. IwArd 's ehn t-rplng.aoe ofstom- Yo ato c erat O p ro- e or s Iluin wO
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r Iu off t. atr. tDat ~ a b sl An J c'k'et 4 10 The change was o suddsen rllumbdn a rm"'"- "
10sar ,. :kdW V 1 the studio, wer e tughbt with a niverm_- II _,

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.. 241 Bich 11.1 flat movies can be hown on polaroid glasee Sol JesW i-
't another Th j the speelsal -D tog ept produc/nl It's I nO 3D, ad
6748:. Blue 8oolelit "olti may r YM -- M DAte

Regular phoin 7:0900pm
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W.16 o-' n94 0 CBetty Orable colu al .iCA U S
Mob"t 13 It In en- m~d othr ox#erm W~lLbe of "the o-be.&_7
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'k PLY by an~rrrb~y Chou

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3 Y ,.s.

Larnival Classic Tops Jua n ran
f -. i "":"'.*-T -" / .


Comodor, Phlox, Sir Boss

n Distance Running Duel

The highly rated Chilean newcomer Comodor will be a heavy
S favrite this afternoon to cop the winner's share of the 51,500-
i added purse and silver trophy in the one mile and five-sixteenths
Carnival Classic for four-year-olds at the Juan France Race
T" The Cococha Stable's reportedly expensive racer put up an
*,Impressive finish last week in his debut against a good Class "D"
S field although under a decidedly dubious ride by King Flores.
S This time lefty Guillermo SAnchez will handle Comodor's reins.
Phlox, A. W. Newman's classy Irish mare, is expected to give
SComodor his sternest competition in both the mutuels and the
Actual race. Phlox, a winner of eleven races and over $6,000 in
parses last year, has been unimpressive so far this year but she
I' sure to come to life in this race. Chilean ace Jose Bravo rides
S Sir Boss, who will have the benefit of the expert guidance of
Blas Aguirre. is a possible upsetter but the consensus of opinion
Sis that he will not be able to go the distance. The experts also
j think that he is not good enough to beat the likes of Comodor
and Phlox.
Petit Pols, who will be ridden by Emillo Dario, and Bedlam,
with Albino Ubidla assigned to ride him, round out the field.
They are considered rank outsiders.
Yesterday Esplendor, racing 2-Lady Caren $2.20
S .without blinkers this time, sud- First Double: (Mochito-Sou-
Sdenly regained winning form venir) $55.
and sped to an impressive three THIRD RACE
length victory over topweighted 1-Rosa B $5.80, 4.20, 2.40
Royal Alligator in the featured 2-Arranquin $3, 2.20
1,000 Class "A" seven furlong 3-Villarreal $2.40
sprint. One-Two- (Resa B-Arranquin)
The" five-year-old chestnut $15.40. ;***
son of Oregano-Infanta Paz FOURTH RACE
wound up a dismal last only a 1-Golden Pick $5.80, 4.80, 3.40
week ago in the lower Class "B" 2-Mandinga $3.60, 2.40
bracket. However, his previous 3-La Gringa $2.20
thme out the horse met inter- Quiniela: (Golden Pick-Man-
lerence and was fractioUs. dinga) $12.40.
S Tais time the Stud Los Miu- FIFTH RACE
ta Chilean horse was bust- 1-Full $10. 2.20
i .ias-like from the start of the 2--Quo Vadis $2.20
race. He got off second behind SIXTH RACE
-the speedy Royal Alligator and 1-Coynes Edgar $3.60 3.40, 2.20
fSll back to third when Pavero 2-Turf Lodge $7.40, 2.80
pushed through an opening on 3-Mingo $4.
e first turn and took cbm- SEVENTH RACE
S m,)and. 1--Esplendor $8.80, $4
,:Pavero set the pace to the far 2-Royal Alligator $4.40
; end of the backstretch where Second Double: (Coynes Ed-
': Broyal Alligator resumed the gar-Esplendor) $40.20.
lead. Jockey Emilio Dario. up on EIGHTH RACE
M. Nsplendor, made his move simul- 1-Mon Etoile $6.80 4.00, 3.40
taneously and Esplendor raced 2-Riding East $4, 2.40
past Pavero then gained rapid- 3-Curaca $5.40
.ly on Royal Alligator. ( Qulniela. (Mon Etolle-Riding.
Esplendor adl Royal Alligator East) $23.U.
Sraced head and head to the top NINTH RACE
p f the homestretch where Es- 1-La Chata $22, 5.80, 4.
vendor asserted himself and 2-Paques $3.80. 2.80
rew away to score full of run. 3-Mosqueton $2.80
asplendor'b light weights (96 One-Two: (La Chata-Paques)
unds) were undoubtedly the $109.40
ding factor. The Alligator TENTH RACE
t no prestige irn defeat. Booji 1-Delhia $4.80, 2.80
ned a big gap to wind up 2-Baby Rol 3.80
Ste di 1-LujoS ($4.20, 2.80
'" Cl:lendor turned the dis- 2-Levadra $3.
stancee in the goot time of 1:28
2/5 over the fast track. He re-
taE 1 50 Win aad 4 place tn Hall Star
1 yoyal Allgator $4.40 to place.
In the secondary feature, G Boy
Coynes 'dgar a recent impor- IS GrOWing oy
tee irom the United States -
caused the clockers to sit up and SOUTH ORANGE. N.J Feb.
Se notice when he galloped to 15- (NEA--Like Topsy, Wal-
tA easy victory 0o:his first local ter Dukes jes' grows and go.
!Itrt over a fair Class "D" field Now six-feet-ll, the eton
while turning the mile in 1:42 Hall basketball star might
2/5, the beot time rqgisteredl for reach seven feet before the
the distance in a loig time. season Is over.
; FIRST RACE Dukes was six seven when
'.--Mocnito 58.80, 5.20, 4.80 he graduated from high school.
--Taponazo $6.20. 4. He has grown an inch a year
l--Volador $3. since coming to Seton Hall.
SSE. ND RACE and now calls himself, "'x-
S1--Souvenir s6. 2.20 11 and something."


i--LI Mano Grih y Plata --Grit y Plots Grits y Plata
Grito y Plate La Negro El Mell El Malo
S2-La Enee La Ela -La Inee La Enes
Aviveto Resorts Ceran Avivato
I-Miranda Eloina -Primer Mironri
Primer Mirande a Eoi.. .... M
S4-Don T.mi .Bicy --D l' D' o t&i
3iscays Don Toal Ammsn BIsaeu
--Newminster Roadmeler -Cheriribin
Rathlin Light Cherrilbl ri Rosdmtr Raas
S -lelok Sambe Miss Fairfax -In Thas hi Tim
Rinty In Tmes MI ierfax Miss lPaels
T-Pores6n Prestigile e) -Hurlace* s Pearan
S., Hurlecano Pearag Peragm Hudealne
: Patit Pis PhlNO -Coimed Comed
Sir Bess Comodr Phlo 11Phlox
I ack 11 Coca Black al m
.3-1 Pepsi Cole Black l '- D, .
i --ie Rol Winsab*.r' VT ala "
Va' lria r) Valerie 41,
ONE BEST-Don Temi Roadmoster *f M Der Tl

- 11 Jit wI T lAll mirTillrml ia^






BEINNKO M .............. ........ Feb. 17
H ............... ..............Feb. 19
DELFT .... ..... ..... ........ .Mar. 12

BENNEKOM ................... Feb. 17
MIRA ...........................F.eb. 19
PLFT ................. ..1.... .... Mar. ,

BR DA ....... ................... r n
HECUA (not calling Chle) ........Feb. 8
HERsIJA (not calling Chile) .... M'. I

Today's Al Kubski, Wy UtAs

Program Makes Gipressio li CI

Ist. Race-"H" Nativels-? F. P
SPurse $275.00-Pool l 1 ve (Re4tM i Writer.)
I--Electron A. M~nsdhnt 00S1 011
e2--L N a A, (The following n Al Kuki wa
3-Grito F Plata 3J. 1 r iN forwarded to Gil M Cristobal Mottasl
4-El Mano J. Phillps 105.
5-Piropo V. drtaues 1 fme) by Doctor G. W. formerly of Bal-
6--Galon M. Gbuerrro O a bu Dispensary and i ebal team cop
7-Escalerilla G. GraellU 110
8-Danublo A. VAuea I sections Dec i.twin Otnew Veterau A*
S-couro c. Goensae ISf ministration $10 ailliep I in Iowa City .
2nd Race-"H" Natives--7 Pg. and he'll have plenty of Al in mn
Purse $275.00 Pool loses 1:15 eral a An ts ,i nr
2ND. RACE OF THE DOUBLE agera action fl on in n
I-Coran R. Guerra lS Cedar Rapid--Ed.'s Neta); The Abiqk i i
2-Con Valor II J. Telada 117 a to 1 tey
3-Resorte H. Waite 10 CEDAR RAPIDS, la. Cedar l thr league, last in '51, Troops td
4-Avivato A. Visques 1 Rapids baseball fana don't atd ed the Canaries to throw "
5-La Enea B. Aguile 112 quite know what to expect this ra .
6-Lonely Molly A. Ros. 120 year.
NOTE: La Enea runs eut o* the Their ball club has a new iAtlrtaali Statiuao. o
betting. source of players a&d a some-
what obscure young manager ?iopOlUoally, perha be
3rd Race -"" Natives-W l wth a lot of new Ieas and tftl e an- ide&itlr e ait
Purse $300.00 Poolcloses 1:4 a fine aorn for some of the ber. COe6r Raqi ecupDay e ot A
ONE TWO standard theories of baseba th Three-I leM as
1-Eloina J. Brave lt strategy. aun.
2-Miranda F. Ramos 114 Practically allpay itbcaine a man
3--Primor B. Aguirre 810 what is call td states beaule
4-Golden Fan B. YeToa 103x basebaUll- fo a omt tmt latre #g V
5-Pregonero B. Reyes 10x any given situation based on adU= t re1 trotepfr rep
the laws of probably as sup- brother of the. m or
4th Race"C" NativeS-4" Ffs posedly proved by facts, figures Idatrious Dsy, who was hana
Purse $325.0 Fool closes 2:20 and history. ness manager ter
QUINIELA But net Al Kublod, ho t tt lrtOr-ma
1-Manolete S. XLams lx leat has the most approprl- Al Moore, cather-mat er
2-Don Jaime B. A. Are l at nae n for a manager In t n mMaeasor because Pal
2-Tuira R Guerra 1ix the Chicago sstem ed to rn the bal cb
4-Dao Tm Tt~F "I figure this way," says Wel the front offlc. t
s-AmiaaJeav .s Al "If you play percentage '"That's the reason I trned ti 1i
6-Bey J. Brae 1 the other club nows what to dwn PauPs offerto man-
.5th faee sIM -7 ,something dierent. We'll w keep "Pal hl oer the
Purse loses 2: ,em guaesng eld mAnaieQont and the club
l--Cberl A es 115 ldat four .stmral L
2-Road Btat 3A rr 11 2 "
3-Rathlln i*Jht H ey~ a 117x Zi a.l bwl earned. t
4-Newmalster 0. Ca 111! ubski,q wh tat. SSn
RA-G hopbbd it-6 a ball team when he wo in o"The d n 'he b r
6th Race-.ted. is teens, I a redh4adsd, clean e4g do fs ," said AL
Purse $450A oo-- closes 3:35cut Polish bachelor from Bal.. "neycamn. to me and asked
FIRST RACE OF T DOUBLKitimpre. It was there as a if I W2 l( pleUe take iver.,
1-In Time J. Brave "1, teen-aer that he bossed a city wtaf raid we iiar
--Scotch Chum 0.- Chaw12 e0-age we rfr
3-M Fisirfax B. F auifrer ,11 atMon. I
4-Blatny ,H. i Itelt'x Ai h i u eto m dl and 4. w P0l6 I w td l .
5-Black Sambo A 1bi1i fellow who eat ad ms eif g 0A'If a
6-CIpSyo K. Flores Itn etAL anb. le- ha l0ate
,,a-h. 'protelusa 'e .. a :s held IO.opp
7th RSace.-"' Imported-. Mile grow up into a taf, t i ~
Purse _o50Wt_ Pool olses 45 slender man. m 'e a ta a ae ti
2ND. RACE OF THE DOUBLE oodo nath"t heA Mt In O e
1-Hurlecai o Bra"y 110 9 be* ad to mpg htis 4
2-.Parers Star) E. o ho lrI ag thte .. .t
5-Psotll gle ) Fl6ras 11-
VRoX V. Oiftega 1-. Kubski In a whrlwl& visit
golden Mine A. UhiaeM to almi every civic o In i
6-hParagn G. SAnches 14 Cedar Rapds ths we s, S- I out e t-
eat, wholesome fellow Wfho is le5Aana then went to Buranoe o
8th Race -4 yr. Old-- l5-14 M. devote d to bill for h a weIL he Zr
Purse 51.500.0 (added) talk it by the bo'.
Pool close' 4:40 His deotio was such that tm "Ont h.a
QUINIELA he quit high schol after his
"CARNIVAL CLASSIC" sophomore year so he -m t a bit sheetpl.
1-Phloz J. Bravo 128 concentrate on a profmyou him. aboait up
.--,-o Boss B'A.clrre 130 baseball career. b average 144 year.
3- etit Pols E. rio 102 s
4--Bedlam A. Ubidia 98 Spe;o by ..ab ..a'.
5-Conodor G. 8anchez 109 l "T wK .
Al I s he br r arl% S d L
Mth Race-'J' Imprted-4 Fgs. Ship of V A ,i -
Pnrse $15.0 Peool closes 5:15 lated with WaeE. Rp4 t bul P -
1O-eIdgONE TWO 1 the Cleveland ians u by m w
I-endire O Castillo 110 aeest. 240 to th co.,l iP S1a V ls Kubaki has yet to meet WId It the trl
-..Fepnkol V. Castle 113 Matthews, the big hes of the leag~ue. 4aA
4--lack Bull J. Chuna 103x Cubs, and had only all l
..Jepperln C. Goanicz 97x handshake w ythH' '
6-Pinel B. Aguirre 119 Wleckel, who does thWisW is
7-Callmsedear V. Rodrp. 108x dlng1 8farm director,:' a regr&y h.
8-Novelerm A. Rodriguez 120 At going the Chicarego .r0tor e a regrettably h .
9-Cocaleca G. Graell 112 Al old the Chicago gal- season because ts
tion last year. te n light -eha rMs
10th Race-'A' NativCb--~ Fgs. As one Ceda .jap~ts "l
Purse 5375.00 Fool closes 5:40 Phaxd Iad e
1-Redondita 3. Bravo 115 ot the nae, hdO go, tohing...
2-Valarla) K. Flores 123 Pt the reco said, 1 got to a
3-Portal ) A. VAsques 110 One season withy
4-Rina Rol V. Castillo 120 N. Y., of the Clanir t Inte .i
5-Sixaola G. aPes 110 1ternatonl league r
Al'a V An

.-Wlna.ha .b-l 1. ,

Pacific Twh ht

Loop Seciaffrtdf

Curundu. In the
La Atracclon will h with
place in the first halfM U ndla-
in Saturday game when tu
beat Gibraltar to 3.
On the mound for Oglbraltat.
wll prooable be their ace hurl
er, Webb Hearne. For Cundu,
ZLelinaki will probabdlh the
distance. In t second g
Hinz for La At aj IV
tavan l or 8Balho tied hbo
are the obabte starts.

fe aturdae t ame
7 a eiwq=tie mrtI_.I'

nIgr a

But L
idhwd Tih

, w"a vw .. ",.'^.,,
ibe h tl.'
(I bas ll .

W".. .
': JL -4 7"R
k1Uj 1'Y
C. r ;.=

m '


I ind
n- the a
s u

a inp wenec
'Albrook. at-
i1 and Herb
. hit home
fourth with
id att int

' i .' .

ted on
era, baut


ison y


- .'.
a 2

- j

5-3:10 1
.5 b -

j *. ti? r*

I.C .

EY":~ ~;;""~'-~l:r;.ii' ~,;lr.V

'' '
~P +

~-~1 ~k .t -~

_____m_ "0000

_ I_ _~_ ___


m L -p

_ __ ~__~


* .1 *I *
, ,.r



, rr..


I -P


~-~ :.~~:

. s. *

f Capers To Promo

' ,'


a -


-J *.

awke -"
ft* IC

-qJ t-M.

a--" .~2, -


e, a

ma. n

et you
let nuo

ftlla_. I.K At,

Armed Forces

Little fe

.. .:- ',.' .. -

Slruns. From then o. the Com-
I* ma ad added tallie not a
r. will, aitho Kobbe plaeId Is best
a gamflof t re ason.
y Kabbe had men leftI n tbae
e at the end of several. bp ,g
I but lahk of hts was their
fall. David Bean, B tae p.tEI
er for Fort Kobbe m"al lob
but Was relieved bbDe aals ,aI-
*- slil when his arm started r-

t 'The batteries feor Cbbea
Comand were ibon
tu. vid Bean nd Den-
EniK Clf t did the mound
shkors for Fort Ibbe 'with
SLete Douglas behlnt the plate.
S b.e line score:
Caribbean ConantA't 303 201-9
SMftt Kobbe Mi ot-2

|Ktamer Again cvf8
Sedgi nan's Margoin

OTo 'Sgle Match

Fishing Where

There's Fish

There ha beeWan a moderate delay but it ifpotu ke
ason Is with us at lpt. We all.hope that m sth f
odf be paying off with large catches of corLbna ahd red i
DAw that the trade winds have decided to blow.
S ab t the Pfeat Islands has been good the bwr
tf t w that hae tried this area.
IN n m e a tkee day trip on the mad a lat
S rel. that ld tandby this year, aMr ple
there a t d In large numbers all oe tS t !
SJoh .= of the Balboa Tat Coht t
imwatd by t ai o ptlon to represent them t f
committe efor the l Plnama Trophies.
The Panama Mrn Club has announced a dCy As-me t
Mn* hfor early NVa Ths contest is open to all An
lde~ u ua ucie.tfor tprtber information contact
of t rn Chub.k
Have a few questions which need answering.
Q..CHow large do eotina get in Panama?
A-45 pounds l thalargest our records show.
Q.-My friend clalts that the world record bla j
weighed 1125 pounds. I read a story that was A tpoe
telling of a black mardM wimghlng over 1500 points.
was caught by a Japanese osnewhenr near HawatL l By
correct or was the story?


A.-Both the woilo record for black mart is It
Thi fish was caught on rod and reel ad
set up P the Internatimonl ame Fla
read about was caught on a flat line by a em ,
and could not be counted as a record. Maf t at
than the world record for rod and real, tn or coM-tei
Q,-A fisherman fro California was teulin& e o a new
they catch marUli with We bait. Hua this ever been trmed 1t
Pmaa ind itf s t" g results?
A -Th, inqI Ca oral wit ble bit
striped m ar' or rla ns o& of We tr I
can be seen from al distance. O ur t a.M I
of the water so the bait could not be pPtaeid to then m.
Their eadlition is similar to our sailUh When th weol
early In the year. They lay on top of t h wanted and oftn
cut bait. It i n BlW" that this woul wdtLk a nd
be tried on uifip fbfey have h d wonderful uu 1
al .- there .ay sptoe the CanAl Zone where Izdu
my yumg ch5ildS for vphln with a pam ople ad bl
mean the kind flke we hlack 4 Iowa wh y a
A- YG IGow bow to make loalb ttatu i o u
Iowa youat It The atun Lr e
boa la the planfor youo. Aln wre- the ba eta
blue X0ls, 4.a i Ik paer ch with ast a hbamb
and the ou t make the mistake I did when
the boys leas I el alsfl Sa ry, M.. .
Smi the fan. 4
-<-,~' ( .d-. -. .*.i- '"l -tf

' ,I'- .* ,

:4.ie7yp(drrt7 ..-~ -, "~;



J. ... .
.. !


F.I. V;:- ,$ T.4 t



-p -

lVER BEFORE ha any British car included

all the features which distinguh the new cas

Z YR-SIX and the "CONSUL" They can

ightfuy -be claimed to hasve stabld.wu an

entirely new clasification; they will bnag

"FIVE STAR" Motoring to the roads of 'the


r: "1. **'
. ,1 -. ."
.':. 1
r **M


1. ,a


.,".. '., .-': *.. ', '* ,. -- .... "^
;,- '- .. ,- -, -
',': ". ".. .' ,-P t
t uf't '. .

....'^^^-'<-; .BR
,:-. .."\ .l, w
,,y1 .
-:. ,.
-~4 ''


.- I-.







a-Q' .' '

. .a.--a-as -.


"p,*. .t'

9; iil

.-K -

* r'
, "' ..-'

,*, r'Z

S: I '

_ ., .L, .


I c

I+ k.

*,.' *.t. ~
,:.T '--\

Force .e.
^^"~~~~~~ m *T*^\^ *3 ^

.. +,...... ,j
.- ,; q
; r ?
*.L <-* ;,.^
"-r 'a

:.- ^EI

"Let the people


know the #ruth and the country i safe -


D id You Make $6Q0

Then File Thai
Iy ELMER C. WALZER Ithat amount from your income Ital s
before. alatina. the tax. an aet
NEW.YORK. ,Feb. 14 UP)- Formerly you have de- six nOnt
very man. womba and child In ducted only the pt
me United Stated who had at The next item i4 In the cited to 2
least $600 income in 1952 must capital si tax. Ifou
file an Income tax return be- This Is .-it b and ifbe appll
fore mWddlht March 16. you had Rains or or tal
T: law states you must file losses.,y al to thr.
if your income was $600 or more advi e. for five
-a mere $1L4 a week. II f cap- Therm
But If you earned less and m r
S ypur emrfMyer deducted taxes --
o your pay. you'll want to ;'
e a return to get a refund.
If a person d'.!s before filing e l
1952 return, those he leaves r
?e the responsibility of filing '
'. ,1 the case of a minor, the
parents or guardian must ae ft *T'q.1"
thaut turn Is made. .
I Thi are five important "-
abanes in the 1952 o WABSMGTON. Feb. 14 (UP) ture of 1
tax. bhe first Is the oine tht -Cogressiona1 experts said to- outlookt
h.rt--hlgber rates whlch e- day th con ,t W sa d in- Senave
SSaS effective Nov. 1. 19M. come tap~ dl enact- Ihave enat
:' The second is a. "bra k" f, dinto 1 w Uzcutof en.34
persona cla a ed as "the ~ hea dw adin O t aacgut of gren. I*
a, osehold." era nt t aboutfor mdtv
'They now will receive about $,00u a year, extail 1
El. a r ?flch benefit as a mar- corporaWl
I cUt pwo file a lloint re- The eqt would be nwe tor months.
trn,. A "doel tax table Is in- taxpayers in income baclrets fits tax ti
eluded te this new category. above $5,00, and less oi those 40.
S Ther% .qot1.r new Item that who $Ant ake tn te ee.
will aftWct lanyj people in these T ta
days atof cgtevAy. It applies to so I
those who have reached 65 g
7T poWt mar allowed to de- day ', '"
duct any medical and dental waysa
expeni. h be eff
Younger taxpayers cannot H h# tLsZhota it tihay .ctio 4WU
ben t 6 deduM seeh iems on the tbil desptela statct w
their emperses exceed ments from P reLd fa
S t e3 R W 10E6t1-' ConPrea.
Income for mAt people. Hous weaker-Joseht W. Wa-
SNtUmbgr four In the new Items "t Jr., said he would net Te n tax W
a.s a ride, n .the. lmg t of db- mit the measure to be conder- -
4otions .tpt can belken for 4d by the Hous, evUf if it i
nbStrbhut&s. Yon now n de- approved y the emetnZbt. u.I u An- iP
S t up 0 er cnt, agn tU Coonrees has a c- -Priz
s.. i y alry was $w1.- .. .I -- _

- ahrb
Id deduct a.. 9, .... a
COMW Fifr b rc
At Se6oul I
SEOUL. Korea. Feb. 14 (UP)
-A flash fire swept through w
right wing of a-.ou -
armv surgical hI* t
night and force J
clad patients to iGe r .- r
cuated to safety in th
cold outside. *
Hospital authorities sam j
were no casualties. -
But the patients,
them on stretchers j
tresses,,ha to lie on- "
waiting for attend
them into other bul
An American offliee h
made a last tour thr
converted school bulldi
It was completely env
flames allw aogltog g
were e

St. MAnaryl a
Annual rr.z.ra

r1's .

It's fiscal


you OadO1
ing smov.
Income, mad so qhri1iaj
mum of five 7yl-.

"O7 ,lM-M'.


w m "' -.'4"
anome ofBela let
pKie la itI imml
trmkv th~lt It mta

4 slide taken
i R. Farr,
PWoebe play-
b.Sp rge C. rA
onl y prize I
f Boats." f
2nd prize M
S his slide e
r, a co-
man 1st
xR photo-
entered in'
r Command
tuaLly in the 0


tt- I

's a trav ml!ome true -
as weent
curmes, tb& ood s t I
?* ^ m-,

MW ade in the Unitd-

4 .
ir '-S1a

i4~:~ :I

^J. I

The victim of it6~.
March t.. IOU. was,
Hankins. lbre Ua *lm
at her new -'"ArMIb
ti twowkss

itnd a val U
had n ee l


ie ''

.~ ,iked
.ga1. who

rI "-"

~'~ .-u~~f
; ..?-,~'h

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* ..

r 'A
- .i-. 5 ~** -,

/- .



jIsMu B.5:W. L

-i r ayr- r' .~:",, ~
~ J.
s ""' ':r:7i'

'- I,
i:..i i

~ ~ri'

...". !r~- r; ,
*. -.. ... -v .' ..". ,,- +, ,.^
-'c fr (
;\,~l:~ c~.'U, .

epaed to m w o amer wqrslw p turned ovy
to augment the Japante ceetal uaftty D ro,

S MaltIUTWI jos An M e s ia a maker and cMapor
J t tt. Or vice ve rst s utoke accurate, for nri
sh a f much to pla a game of cihckers as to get shoes
7ti0 checkers b named from oan Seyar.old Civil war v*tI
his title. Jimmy-$Ywu against 400 orQspondents (20 group* 4
sending his play on postcards. He till play oorreispondepn
w Pn s ca t to thi country from Italy, and his father t

i~w dshlker chwplmn Ia
lanteqmer coa sto hit
k ias& Pall he tlow

Jmnmy Ma ij i-p deer. Hie's t iung his gr

-( .;..

'!r d v,

-, N

~azj~3; .
F Zr

-~~7 CI: "" ~ 1;T ~''C`~ r J~P~T~I
'Ir ~ .t.S.~ .x'

i -! .I~=up

'*~P~PC( ~II~C~~-a
.... L...Ji .li;ft~

w #ram O my

I! *^' ., -'.A -
* ..r .. .? i. *
.s.t~4t' 4..

::~~ ~~ 1ri :~

-4, ~ U.





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.".4 -.
- .._ -.e .." -
,1. :~*-a r. -C.~fl~gY~ I*

? ;2
f'. t r *



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..... "'.

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^^, 'j

^ -^ ..S *''-

w. r





-, ,.-. .

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i, .



I tIn K ureawn W W w. ; .
Tm's Tr aar n t
the d e ,
appear to b~awe to. .
Th i t tht VWe I-never am hae cowDb t .i
=a# wa4 wiAth e ,tO Armyas uat vesintio -
attt.lldV A t al hd t d could .do wa-, tert ; :.
the temte along the fron.
There Is a whole ot ofdiffereUne breaklt
a stalemate and win ing a waru sad ~
dier Van Fleet seemed a mnite .au
alonal polltllan on Optol Bal bfI I ie
dance of being aware of tis simple dt
RM the end of tihe teek it seemed' ae b' i
sorted out that th4e most Van Fleet if
on behalf of the command he bad
that it could breakor p aron
ent Red line-maybe- with the d at
placed atomle she frfom t he
gun-and so get the war rolling at l 4
The heart of the United Nai M
mnats the United Sttes Army.. a Pt S : i-.
from the tiditlgial 01 to the coaStUr at
mbnt-ts geared to-a war oI movatm
the~aore reveralmnto the style tha '
trenches 1314"-18." .-
UsMa la tthe event of the war gttg rNOhla
Van reet does not hope. or more bta xt w !
the wasat of e, abe yona t
would rea Lshorter front to defend
cb inalln y decide tht a static, te wati'b:.
what the present ond of the Cold ar l general
calls for. '

Van Fleet knows something a
nists-ae chased a swarm of
wh~ l bAck, In a sort of uanoffk
&elf stermt ding, -
She a been beatx-Oot betoi
' A. Va 4, heat th, nmrinis1
, ren e theyfrm 1a aus, b
wht the stars
I fronwutod profeaii mI sold

The Easenhower admiuatrtlon
on Its campaign proaile o'ee
United States from the corola
smen fit to bearan".u .as tfsc an
Prtee conte were y&ed offt
gasoline, and aB but bout 17 pi
which have ben euartndled nane
Korean war r ahoMtb thereater
A low i4 r-ohUdl Wau the

iw Wo7 *WKouR s;mee .
p#, ethel aMtu~mft o dCpi -T i
abl n5ach tntalgo d- Vamn leetv g9a
dlcupof Bi'adfly. *
wM Wua1, they ivited Van Fleet ploufvi
fore one of the i*rad. sp pat mm I
amuM tn hbmeltvd m n -h.-f.qua.
electot mpakela. -
am of thue c Smte u

.. fl/~zi
.... I~.... ~
i ..?. ~:-F

gm ;



.r ,r ts


. -1.


: t;tS
** H -lt
:^1r"' iet


.. f $ --"--ko uo


^a ;.. ...-*. .. .i .--% *

we"-" "P .
. n~, ~."-N ot-l
ii-N po l

-------p- 1.00--.f.w ted

w.- '. 'Rt .u r

31 7c

.m.i .. maet

t,. .' :. '
*ffj. 115-

MaL- aw ,

18^ -"*' '
ts<-- nD--sr;a

It 1A-Dfl

''. __

I.1 ,.
f ;fi


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''"* '"C.

* .5.'$

, -.




ahea'Wheimim~ or a maan

Me Sao m VI
MRe.r owit Yuu A66=e1S 06u J =1t


He needs no bob .o iq 0 o
Remake no ia bold
He minds his o nd .
And what mortal man oW. L
Butie Cnk-.hqi thejob.
Wbseves #rq In jtiu t manind m or
He OtnetrMes to ev lyaM e- u nih
As mueh at home in to"gl. wftoeu. u .) Pa d i
But t bChmt Um thes o.
It you'O opbMeri'e xtptlnD p B,. in paramam b ,G .
Sust watch a ChIo erehaxi walAtt q v tu s tert.
ach upa A dftlremt *4o0 bat CJnlo kmnuwi a inff;
Are do t flu MW uw s amagic IM-mv
But the C(ftak- he' tbe lob. W^
1tW wkthd, in an few m amem ANIMAS

fest he r aie,- hes a t r me.
w~e Zr vwatcdhe- her to them ii,
AEer I ze t ,frng fPs f ;-%nak,
A "pan, atr -f a .

'*Y%11E sjisrs *: I hu U7 tMm oi,

I qIit-not Sebp tp M
Fat epang. an avrdinar'a
Mad to kep tab an WoW RL
T by oanvermat Iwnt n

Oh, could I trade a miltn ofo
ftr the Chink's eetivA,
utbeMChnk nh- hAs'a a Um be.
bI aTinda" fi "Canthaa," 0r hi an y
The ualy thinth. ChIinr gat hedti 4 o
Iuahe baektoods otf .Oil. hq et lB M t
On exclusive entraJ ja H& ae ailMt bm MW SM
The Cnk-n O the Jb.
Ahl ."Ah Iand holi ,
*But thous i are U"nb
BM pa p, res

Or themusk of an ortrdtewra &=iH

do. Butt Wa.eo3 .
Herwt 3.4 ubaJem Sod H^ VMwg p^

2 a' I Bs H4BH.

Z -4


ablif illlal" s,
.' I t

Ri, i


-1a s ioa s w a
;Pgl^-^^ 1 IIlc ~I P~~~~""9~"~- ~ ~ ~ Lr

^^^^*^*Ksl^ r
^^^^^^^^^^^B^^jy0I^Hl .-
B^^^MI^BB^^^HB BHHE^^^^^^^fc^^ ^* ^
S^H^^B^^^^^B^^^B^^^BB~l^^^^^MB^^^^^^^^KllB^^^yliM^ji^^flffiiS *;aa *ji'
^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^B^^^^^^S-Ea^^^gi ysS^f^ Sj-^BY **f *^ *
^^^^^^^^ *^ ^^^ ';
^^^^^^^^^^*^^- ^-


By O.

C* urlosity bo t in
of 8eabrook'ir. vdooooo.
tons in he.Mate
and sttlbt by g 13
play btt aon e1
S Tousaint Overture Lant f
to btook a week's
P9 Prt-a-Prince whe n a
from New York on the- iSS
SCrstnobal for Panama.
Olt-secrets of the Haltians
S od nld not, I knuw, be open
,t a passing toalgft. But I
ben told by t? b mat _
Wirkus, ex-MlrW who
been crowned tkn of t bW ;
lmabia in the oulf e al
that there was much t
Most of all i wantkjE t
isit one of the great l n ,
. enter of the W

SenL -Cristophe, and his 8IIn'
aci Palace near Cap O ltIH
S.MAgh I missed one
to Haiti and almost a second, a voodoo .templsr
St*Bht. net even an' alrvw
of the massive and awesome
: ace whe.e Cristophe Oved
out the drmas O'Ne used
as a pattern for "Emperor
Jonesuw" Highways ant s :'a *
fields were oht ue b t, -
SWs there. .. ..,.
What I did n
was an endantlng

e;.that went li
S ndc Ith te ta Jo I be,
Ae PBArl Harbor.
The fiidt between the
ad- t.the aemocrac s.- .-
',rdy on In every ,. A
merlin. capital 'MIs X, i i,
on paper. before T Lr
yebu. thl. I

1a-4Bn 4 X hP. 90
sa lgp. t the d r ruems
A.laaV voodoo to v

"s d MeiiL;., _iuboi .
'rin rmp .Conbusae ais
oinly three iont is: a
ftrl, sec looc in in-theA .i-'8 .

ount.aie i. Byrh P te tl-.. t q
.-ae, pmel, lUie eCt'a.
live ie isi
saqaething like crushed
golds, and mesquite, M4

growing ra m.p a&t on t I%-r
ship slowed down ii the, a
bor next morning I was aO
Custopned to it.'',
'Wjit I was not accustoae
to was having salesmen Sirm
two hotels clamber up the lad -
oer.wiltb the ooarding a to
vie, for the privile t* t
mp a week's bed alf
S -n -ti) en

higer Go aem

Vr. tho w
ula With
the bei
,~ r~ Walt,

IbStin !
pbl nthme
half lW



It .,

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'I~'-j~ 1"*.* *.'-.*' '*'**


-- ek,.. OevW.oo

.r I
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*--. ~ yhQ~J I ,

t>' ** t


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1 -

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A -j

r~:~ f
cg ~:'

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~- 1.

^ .- r C' ". "~' :

* -. w '. --
'*^-^^a-r ***--- ^ .. ** .. .w .- r- ^~



;5; ri;l ~7i d
1 -F
r ;i.

'~; ;-$

"'` ~8~a
1 +d
Li~*r ~'
?1: .-Y


*5 .,7 tI~

", C-

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Li -1;7
: : ia;X
rrg: ~;


~ .;~--..

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s- .. ,.- "- ,. .
" r ..*-. .

,.4 : ^ *: -: -, :.'

-k .i. .

'-I- : -

eIame! A


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. 4'* .31
~ ^" y*.' *

-. -
S I C l

W,*. *.

r1;~ **
o i~ll J7

t- I
tatis V^

o. i' '

- A:;;Ep

*:': .*.

'''- -b; 1~3
-. r
*.^a. *^tS /^ -e ^ ^ *^ *;.* ...** ^ ^ :
y ^ .' y '' '"* .---f -r .,. ., :,aolr .,''q ,.? o "*>'' '-'t -" ; *- *** *' *. t *. \ .11;** *- ..

.... ^ o ,rl.., ,1 ." .. ., ..*.* .., .,..... ^ --' ,',' ..,, :- .r l ) W ,. -

' ....., '- a "

*'^-,., ,*.



r ~;'rl


"**I., 4- ,- ;*'-. "

I'- *. -r

- w ..; <

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'P-,W4 cor ko

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