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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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.'T *-" .+. 'i "

~ -,- I

, Abraham .Linobi,

O -f -" "
,. ;* ;' **. : > .* o '..? ;

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/.i pF

-0 -

Retirig General

Says 8th Army

Ready To Stri

TOKYO, Feb. 11 (UP)--Ge. J~ sA.V eajp k ai
today the United Nations-couMd hun ch a of-
break the military deadlock in Korea. ,
Van Fleet commented on the wae t ,i r
flying from Korea to Japan. Earphei
command of the ith Army, whick letei asdldi-W
past 22 months.
After a 24-hour stop-over iWn AT
general will hefd fqr the United &W dt w
Reporters asked Van Fleet ite Army il
capable, in ternw f manpower id material, of
mg a major offensive that would kmmrk the presuemi.
t y deadlock.
"ANy offensive w osad break e- military dedi^
which is one of euid oMng cand et imposed t
my," he replied.

Taylor Starts 3

M-a -lwmaul

i t

I .
Arm, %B-i

o e Utor-
-iovt Of.e~l~l

- w se 'tha e

enot m ina ine-
i. er, fo~werd Mr

or g 4k --9 er t
i-(or 3an again .
L to. B "real error."
ni~jiB~tan lnter-
^"oalcfthat e

'. ii
.*p ,i

,I w7)


trt..'s kr
"' -k. 1 "K'' a.."

A90UL eb. 11 (UP) .
Gen.. uwa Taylor forrhsily
took comm"enl today of the
United fltlfuna 4th Army which
vu boged do.n .i. _e 6;
and along the 15rmlls Koreftn
front by rant, sow and heavy
A driving showato lahe
the 155-mile front befo awn
and' then turned Into 'C&=
drizzle of rain about 1 S.
Temperatures rose o above
freezing In some sectors.'
Up to noon there was (no air
action, a 5th Air Force
man, said. The bad weatl
grounded fighter-bomber, Sa-
bres, weather and reeo*nats-
sance planes.

One of the few planes to fly
was the Air Force ConstellatIon
that took Gen. James Van Fleet,
outgoing 9th Army commander,
to Tokyo on the first leg of his
journey home.
Taylor's first ofiflal act as
new 8th Army chief was t sign
a paper in which ed offieally
assumed command of the Kor-
ean war,
Despite the bad weather. thir-
teen. 8. 8 Superfort4 last eight
dropped 120-tons of bomb n
Communist' uply areas orth
of Samnju and near HBuehon.
to Red fightets at anti-air-
craft us opposed the Japan-
basedbombers. It was the first
time since August that U. N.
warplanes hit h Huichon tar-
. The fact tbht no Red fight-
ers appeared led one U. S.
officer to believe that Cnommun-
1t pilots fear the night-flying
American jets that coMvoy
bombers over North Korea.

Remon Vetoes

B'To Make

Tias Compulsory
President Jose A. Remon said
yesterday that he regrettedd It
very much" but he was forced to
veto the compulsory tipflam bil
,ncnt passed bv the NatiOmal
Assembly. because It was uncon-
The bill would have Itopol a
compulsory 10 per cent styleS
charge in all res hants, bars
and oda four -tats ftor w
Col. Remain sM BW 1 egretted
the veto. becftule r w 1re
-o swhoel servm he abm_
ponted out the AMWMS S

w'theb tlweM
;4Mfi~f 'MUZAWCOW.

"Do w this mean te.
athw at the U. N,5
m th AiAes could ch .a
Van rle said the usea
atomic wea for tactUea
In the field f "u eo i.
would save frlehdly vea nla
nmtate situation of any 'bat-.

Re also said a certed i.
tack by the 2,000 &M Ipt es '
Bteds are reported
achuria "would
r only temA
,WtUld recover quick
Wan eet also was
the Reda had shown any
of erreamusng prepm atlp
off or defense since e-
ber, ially in the
"Yet a continous buildup,.
said. -

Van Fleet said the North
rean asny has been retM
"butte ot able to reams4
Its ds nct in 1950 Sad
"Nor It a Makth for
Republic of Korea army 1f
day," hre added.

OtCr on h s

President Jose A. Remon -
terday blamed the laws wi
limit the aMount of bull to be
posted by law-breakers or the
curreat wave of robber inNPa-"-

Answering a guestonSat. ai
conference yesterday. CIoLR fte-
man said present laws teU 1o
favor "professional thIeves."
An adminIstration bill now
fore the National Aossebly ng
fix heavier balls for law-Wn
era, the Pr ent said. fl ,
premed hope that Ule bli
fas~edbefore the Assembly'
Is passed I am Um. ti
u e of robberies wi eal t
down oonsklerably," CoL Ru .
At present there arem Th- :
vala who have been caught
mitting robberies an as mam a
10 different *maesesAIR
have never been
are able to ot up be
free In every Iutanee th

who alo wasp sthts 1 .4
S0%d ewg agemR N llARR*

am I

7 I "- .'

S- -,
4, '.-. -,i .
b'k *. i-falif^

i.' -+

r a

U "*V -
* f 3*
4 t~fI~

1~ a

tA .w4
.c# "-'4

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' v-:^
-i .-..*?*,

I N !-
0004- 0ijii


r. e" "'t

' -

q -


Su essm ADMIS WNA ies. s Labor News
IT H SOt 0 o 114. PANAMA. R. OP P.
rTL0PHONI PANAMa NO 1-0740 69 LINEsI A ,
4n MaaoMnH Lv NI W VORK i v NlCo i lent
MO ITH. IN ADVANGe s 11 7.* *
Six MONTHS. IN oAvA nnmu- sO 13 V R I 00
> oI ,9,*Oarc eC4 I- ,* O *4 Ot By VICTOR REBEL
15 IS YOUR FORUM THE READERS -WN COLUMN A flying squad, with w"
Gen. Lisenhower is unfamiliar,
is ready to engage him -I- a
skirmish e' s moat anxious to
[I THE MAIL BOX avoid hereeat home whileW's
t,: watching the flying squadrons
a The Maill Bxs ean open forum to, readers of The Pname. Aim.- battle across the world.
SJ Lmn e. are received gretwfuly and are handled in a wheliv afi.- uried in a two-line Item on
I asmenuer. pale two of the newspaper pub
SIf ye contribute a letter don't be impatiolt if it doesn't appeal the lshed by CIOD'suto Unin L
j |t day. Lettes are published the orde, received cal 600 at the behemoth
; leese try to keep the lelten limited to ee e lfegth. Motor River u plant IS
Identity ef ltee winters hMeld M etrle t mme. first new o p tEM iUVt.
S This newspaper asames no respeasiblity 1 statement as opllwse of the famous "lying U qua
epresed iM letters fem readers which ran the early st-dl
-- strikes in turbulent 1937.
And they seem to have ;
RED JAGUARS deadline for action in thitil
Sir: wing, anti-Walter Repther
tion of the tiant auto union. For
The "Mail Box" is normally used to air problems of general the item, under a picture of the
4lterest to the community; seldom are they addressed to a spe- Squad leaders, seys;
lific person. Since "Safety First" (Mail Box, Feb. 9) saw fit to "The Flying qua4 will be an
tee this column for a defamatory attack on two individuals who integral part of any a th
are easily identified, we have no recourse but to answer this ex- takes place on Mar. ."
hibition of spite. Without knowing t
of all this, President %. r
First of all, since "Safety First" devoted so much of his letter has learned from somet
to the subject of Jaguar automobiles and the owners thereof, we'd tent advisers that e e
like to bring his information up to date. ly In the new adla lg th
White House faces a l
(Although for the life of us we can't see what bearing the of strike virus beaa henew
brand of car has on the subject of discourteous driving. Could it cost-of-living index and the
be the pangs of jealousy gnawing at Safety First's senile vitals?). junking of wage eottroM.
There are two red Jaguars identical in every respect here on o
the Pacifis side. Therefore, even if Safety First's charges were and to heattomfftse ii iks
fully justified, he did a grave injustice to the owner o one ofa the ablie I
the Jaguars. the p borli t
H. labor on te
And we might add there are a total of nine Jaguars, includ- athe s t
four sports models, on the road here at present. n the wk e-
Further, if Safety First was close enough to see a plaid cap, =i =tUne ttl&.sqme-
and accurately determine just what was happening, then he was T to th
certainly close enough to read the license number. L 1 r N i tt
If he felt sufficiently motivated to write such a letter to the
tall Box, certainly he could have taken the time to file a cornm. t r Wai
plalat with the police, which any normal person would have done. reo 1 Moeay-and 'a John
Could It be he'd rather publicly smear some one rather than ,UewlJ,
att npt to prove his charges in court? f 0 te tlk wth respect
for al Amerl an president for
: We do not wish to waste the space of this column arguing the the first time lnce he lost his
metits of hl charge; however we would like to point out that the Job by kll a mule with one
owners of sports cars are more interested in safe driving than the punch in some forgotten mine.
Average moto st:the sports car owner pays a premium for safe The donkey had rrted him.
Handling qualities, superior acceleration, good brakes, etc. Ike has had his aides contact
4-&. these labor leaders (and others
Neither of the owners of the red Jaguars recall engaging in including the CIO Steelworkers'
the disgraceful antics Safety First described, and itf such a charge David McDonald) to ask them to S
was true, then he as a citizen fell down in his duty to the com- serve on a special labor-msnage-
munity in not reporting the incident to the proper authorities& ment committee with such Indus- -
We will glye him credit for originality in one respect; this Is trialists as the impeccable John
abe first time the Jaguars have been accused of holding up traf- A. Stephe of U.S. Steel, the en-
ficl lal son of an ex-coaldlgger, Bar-
ry Moses, spokesman for Big f
If Safety First's personal jealousy or spite must find an out- Steel In the coal fields, and ex- m
let, why does he not tell it to 0as personally instead of cloaking FBI regional chief, Johnny Bu- 1
himself in anonymity and using this column to embarrass inno- gas, now head man at Ford. c
*ent people who are well known in the community? There will be others, of course.
As soon as agreement Is won
The Owners Of The Red Jaguars. rom these $aot, therllI eet onw
or aboiVFak. t*-intBsim to ad-V
vise the White House not on ly
La Boca, C. Z. chanu in the Taft-ary
'To whom it may concern: ,Law,, bt on 1Aw e e
I woad like to know why is it.the maldi; or I might say the itlA d y 0 t I
employes have to have chest X-Rays? TiU v muc to talk
I am not saying It is not good idea, but I think the employers about. n
should be X-Ray too for some of them is always sick with a ter- First, a predict here o e *
tible cough. First, as predte here so as
The maids may not have it but they can catch it from them* week M a r l they hae l
the iWhite H face theof
Mary. ploave.d ands for hundedsit of
____ millions o :r i wae In- ,
cr ew= hic i tO u
NAVY WEST BANK SHINDIGS tion it. w tlf#tIVI_ 0
there were 10o 0 con o b-
Open letter to Senator McCarthy: w r S Sr o
I just seen in this paper, The Panama American, an article ds wa n t top d puootloe-
on how you are Investigating some rotten personnel practice*. Furthermore, at least 2.,100 0
You fo4,nd where Stateside they pay off their federal em.ploy wage increase agreements be
their trminal leave then rehire them,temporary. You're loo=iS tween managemt and' labor
In the wrong places. Them people are amateurs. bad been modified or rejected
The champ is on the Navy West Bank. Not long ago when durian tft emergency period. al
the income tax was ready to come here he paid terminal, leave to C
two of his best friends before the year was up so they don't pay Thls means that at least 3li- el
t"x on it. Then he rehires them temporary. So far he's only 1" oeentaets, eeTseei at least di
lust as good as them Stateaders but listen to this. The Idea works that mamny Plaatu m s -
so good that he does the same for himself. Get It? He tops them of workers, will
by defrauding the government. 7uy1 111s.
S Tell them people they want lessons to come here, also you,
: the weather is warm andthere is lots of dirt to dig.i n addatioa, m.y oodofriend Jim
,ARkM uod th elabor W telat ls con-
Ditch Itlgper 60ltot of the Na &Oim 'In us-
.___ Conference 2o= U just
Answer toP rvlii 9 iup W th the nI that em- T,

for North VhaTvCAL gt tig to t
North Carol is n Bule call d the ell otoAIntollathei

p r' N

pr or k B (4

~K C


V t c4

By Frederick C. Qthman

WASHINQTON.--,You may have read where
len. Allen J. BUender (D., La.) takes a dim view
of private eyes on the public payroll.
The way he figures it, some of these Hawk.
haws spend most of. their waing hours gum.
hoeing around town looking for j39y subjects
or Congress to investigate. Then, said Va gentle.-
nan from Louisiana, these self-seeking leutis
nake the chairman of whichever Conglreonal
committee that hired them look it s (eat "Ma"
ood man. "
This a Ckus tui fobs for th i thng
rorktng Oon ecordng tW I. endr,
.nd robTbly alawy te geSOen t Oar-
est are .Inv i fso01y. agrtc
"lud1 g each otr. .
I'll not, rue with the t

kaow lot.: I. thw..
nore invAt1fgatloi odr wayu i
yes on me job than eyn befo s

lee an Invesigatlonin-u eef tbat nobody ex-,
:pt himself, hil oommttmmiw mad hW -detee-
ives know what's belnft -nY ted.

other bureaucrats tumb .
ltb = as at l Oeast. QSe. f.s ,.
a und ha ae U by. t
eommWl In pebentetion ow l '
(changed with oenS a
onn.1 about tUie l ,
lUeged scandal tnvo a Iram I
anada; it's also looking P ga.
ral sad how QAof t e* .bef-
Bl more, percentagewlae tl ool:

nmele pt e V i
agi -a

Other Senate committw ire wlMing late-spend.
lag by the ralltary,. CoN ltgna ovem1,
and WMgnts on ft der Iprl 0 he
III Xawkfhawe art d41eov"O whf
ha an.mzy = ow e --- ae, b
dThey're t out top p ,,.,, en ale~;.
kulge4e la the Dpart to Juisce uo.
d i the I rt s. :.4 > .


,(cmb. form

V* v table
S,7 Minister to
M Quake sad
I andces
Goddfets of
I hitt er vetch
Light touch
51 Small pastry
U Afftnrative
SiPalm leaf
f-)6i~ Iffer
I a~i

4 RefugesIM il
5 Rectify
6 Measures of
) type 26 War god of 37 Large oven
7 Scheme of Greece 40Cnsured
chance 27 Merit 4i Apple drink
8 Loves to 28 Versifier 42 A.iry
excess 29 On the 43 Incursion
9 Prayer ending sheltered side 44 Gaelle
10 Cleave 30'Light browns 45 Resp
11 Conclusions 35 Famous 47 Alms
19 Short barb English school 1 Algerian
21 Flower 36 Capital of seaport
S24 Pete North 40
25 Weiht Carolina 52 eminln
deduction is appeltlop

ihk flI Ib4I4


!' U. Bo 3W

' -




~ 1*-

_ _~___ I~

I I, :

_ _1 _~

* *' i


~ :"

*** ; ~4.4~ tC4-' ~2;*44pg3~j~~
- *s. 4~d.AMM,~.

: &%P'A

mn, iaiwuo S



Hamilton 0 he knows of no
motive for the dayl1 but Sher-
Iff Taylor WIklo ed Miler's
death a 'gang ride murder.0
the _pportance of that out
of ftedom and democracy.
OCiant, who resigned as.
president of Harvard Univer-
lsty to accept the key diplo-
matic pot fIn the Elsenhower
ad&lneatration, 1ad he ira "a-
ware of the ffelty as we
S the respnulbllt" that a-
.ait him In Wgt Germany.


i~nU *t'eon tbetrhet^
or toei
* woUl athat only eratfon to
t IM had thus and scrap
t 7ef e naA re-rH
:hhp Ma>^lm mme-ar an ji>J1





Sow offers f dCuxe
4-motor Draglas
- Skymsater service
direct from
1 I




BIANIFF ,tealo- Aimy.
PanUm: It 801 Ave. T T4 M41
OomBt lSb8 M N. W M12 TaL TM

imryboad4y Rads ssfe^d









. r I
" Cr '

4*I ,. *
" -a."" '


j* atill9s of these available WHITE OFF WHITE BAMBOO
WO BA.00 COLORS Regular $32.50 Coat
Long-Shor"--0 t- ulars... Sizes 34 50
with ,.T a, wit Nh2Rts O THCOL 0
$4. 2, NOW $24,35

,A GAAX,. Afeother Weight All guaranteed m perfect wear-
COliOR, ldeuo for wear with SIAX ing condition after one washing
H"Md.g ft THM# PRICE GROUPS Sizes 14-17 Reg. $675

NOWT S $.75- $9.75- $13.75 Now $3.95





AIOTF SME 3- Sl 2n-34... $475

. ___ __---- --


-... ..
;'. *' S ..

'I i


'" ,' -,

k4..J"SC; A



1 .r
r r

,BIOB the Teunay ,




A V ^






. ;1"CI '.-
L** l?^ *.'" '

q *

"^ f






Sargo and Freight-Sh s and Planes- Arivals and Depart

dipping & AirLine News IN HOLLYWOOD
Brazil Cuts Air of an aircraft bound for Brazil -- .w
Travel Red Tape lo a fourth the time formerly HOLLYWOOD, (NEA) i e as she Is today .bi
Brazil is scrapping its detailed required. Pan American World cluslvelv Yours: Dick Haymu ke over as the youngrt
international aircraft documen- Airways traffic officials point and his Nora have decided that the rest of the piltore.
tation-the bane of airlines or out a separation may save their mr-
years-and is joining 29 other. It also makes possible ellmin- rage. Nora will go to uropse for t3- TANDOUT
Western Hemisphere countries in action of 31 pages of a manual 1Q- eight months with her two
reducing travel red tape by a-:structing traffic personnel on daughters and tarry a while n hylls Kirk on her Stt
dopting simplified forms approv- bow to fill out special Brazilian Rome so that papa Brrol Flya enaonal emoting s ts
ed by the International Civil A- aircraft immigration forms. can see the youngsters. fein from "mad
viation Organization ICAO. Under a decree recently signed ot Price In "The i
*The step. which went into ef- bv Brazilian President Getullo Dick, meanwhile. 's switching
feet recently cuts documentation Vargas, Brazil is doing away with to the strictly dramatc field and "o one has said. sia ft
Stwo forms which required spe- parking his nIn R voice In a this or that because
clal size typewriters at a flight's trunk marked, "Use OPly When i.' The scenes are
U ar e A origin and at en route stations. Necessary." everything else is the
J Spre meiC l These forms required a total haven't seen the.
of 1,932 Items of Information, for He tried it first some years a- someone who did said me:6
II example, for a fully loaded 62- o In "St. Benny the Dip." forgot amazing. That big flop hat
Upholds Convic l passenger Constellation. In con- about that old Stanislavski feel- were wearing came rigt out
t rast adoption of the ICAO-ap- ing for a while and is how back the theater.'
roved documents as cut t to his resolve to gain recognon I'm abo
oist to 122 Items. as a dramatic actor with non- w" om other things a nt
Altogether. 86 different docu- singing roles in TV and In mov- r'oet a nto the t
WASHINGTON. Feb. 11 ,UP' ments formerly required by va- lesa. rh out the
-The U.S. Supreme Court today rious Western Hemisphere coun- -
upheld the convictions of four Itries have been scrapped through "rIe been trying to make the JaneRussll and wrh ter rt
doomed North Carolina Negroes, acceptance of ICAO's standard change for the last five years" ortFana a mWh
ruling that tax lists are a proper documents. he told me on the set of "Crultn' tlans for a t. sr in
souce17bbe OfrL. -.. Katy Iudo's
source for selecting state juries This cut in red tape is helping Down the River" In whieh he onel aeil to
SIf the lists are not used for ra- airlines hold the line against ris- sing, he hope. ior the last ti up somea and T dates
cial discrimination. ing administrative coQts. In front fa- oItee camera. ts in ew Yorke. S mt "reech
SThe four men awaiting death Pan American, for example, a tough fihtfbtit It make it, It In w o in aDa "e
-two for rape and two for mur- has reduced its red tape staff will be healthyfor my -career. hlatweek ba Neworker
der-had challenged their con- from 34 to 15 at the Miami gate- What the heck. Fm not 2 year
Svictions n grounds of racial dis- way, and at stations throughout old any more." rdlsB" clum w I
I criminationtin selection of Juries. Latin America there is now an h dai- e us p asIn S2S -i
But the tribunal, in a 42-page average of one person instead of Zsa Zsa Gabor is getting fuas fte eArt mShu hlen
majority opinion written by Jus- three handling documentation. about picture roles. She turned ga mnt Ato her, has bef bhls
twice Stanley F. Reed, rejected down the lead in Sam Katzman's d at the ar f MAls wule
PT "Prisonerof Casbah." then O- first got her statr by Bealis w
this contention, saying there was io Passengers To Sail "Prisoner of Casbah." then G1o- Sa got her start, by Re'
no showing of racial discrlmin- Friday Aboard S.S. Ancon ria Grahame. who's twice as fua- ll s o
action In the jury selections. The congressman and Mrs. Harris sy. accepted it. You figure It out
Smajorityopinion said: Ellsworth, of Oregon, are among Author Phil Sn hs written
maori a n n rt Hut- Author Phil Stong has written
"Short of an annual census or the 10 passengers booked to sail Sophie Tucker and Betty Hut- sequel to ".tate ai?-"
required population registration Friday o the Panama liner An- ton have decided against the last turn to August"-whch takes lsts offer the most corn. con, according to, the advance of the Red Hot Mamas appearing the lives of the characters
prehensive source of available passenger list announced today. as herself in the final reel of ars later. FPohaf ca on
names. We do not think a use. The Ancon will sail at 10 a.m. "The Sophie Tucker Story." yers lter. hook c
Snon-discrimnatory as to race, of Friday and will make the first stead, Soph told me. the picture bu g the
the tax list violates" the Cons-ti stop northbound in Port-au- will open with a newsreel flash FlL RIGHT AT HOME
tuion. Prince, Haiti. since the new serve. of the Jubilee dinner that will be L RI A .T Ol
Forsyth County, weher one of ice was inaugurted b, the Pan- given for her Oct. 14 in New tars dirtors and writers are
the men was convcte, used such ama Line ships. It is scheduled York.oran e
a list to select a jury, Reed said to arrive early Sunday morning After the first glimpse of So- takin more than ust talent to
that previous discriminatory in Port-au-Prince and sail that al movie seo tak he days. Thee to
also mta kingwoosfrom hometo
practices in Forsyth were aban- same day, arrvin in New York Rupert Marecheau: Dr. and Mrs. t down
done in 1949-a year before one at 8 o'clock next Thursday morn- Frederick A. Morrison: Elmer J. And shoot" two movies at
of the Negroe was convicted. He ng one day later an the ar- Nordstrom: Mrs. Madana vda. the same i
held that the names of the Ju- rival time under the old ached- de Pezet; Maurice A.d Phelps' OttoPreminr, simultaneously
raer sae ds ia eMaurece A Phelps, Otto Preminer simueaneous
s ror s were taken indiscriminately N ole. Anthony Plcone; and Mr. ana directing the Englsh and Gerl-
rom te list of county taxpay- None of the passengers bookedMrs. Robert Poling. man versions of "The Moon is
i to sail on the Ancon Friday are Blue." with Bill Holdenm Maoie
icen scheduled to disembark in Haiti. Ro L. banker; Mr. and Mrs. McNamara David Nven an
ing for himself and Justice Will- The complete advance pas sen-
lam 0. Douglas. contended that ger list follows: J Schwaran; M. ta tie
and Mrs. William C. Slegrist ;n apartment set.
Sthe county's procedure still dis- Master Robert A. Aiken: Mr. Mrs. John H. Shaughnesy; M r. off to the s
criminatess but is better than It and Mrs. Martin Altdhan; Mr. brd Ms M. Willam C. Oto donated three ai
*had been. Douglas said proof of and Mrs. Isaac Becker; Mrs. Mr.:d Mr. ilamDudC. h aninonated threwae painting
less discrimination is not enough Louise Bedell; Mr. and Mrs. W. T rSmi;th: Dr. and Mrs. Ray- R A or .oh Herbert
to show that the jurors were se- Leslie Bendaler; Mrs. Aminta o F" S mith; Dr. and Mrs. RaY- u rt i .Huge Herter
lrted.artalSmith; Mr. and Mrs! b r t In the books for the
Lethred mpartall. Bernsee; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Anthony Star e vti and bookcase.
In three separate cases ap- Biereng6r; Howard W. Bsaney;
,e led from the Supreme Court Mr. and te M Mrs.F. L. Bdauhter: Mr and s. Louis And all the bric-a-brac came
of north rolina the hightrib- Mr. and Mrs. George .C. Camp Stein and son Mrs Mabel fro en's living room
Sunal upheld the convictions of: bell; Emerson Clymer; an oandsm nd e op ayf.l I fer.a.r .
IR W7N lntePlorpburgh aedN r. d
Bennie and Lloyd R. Danieis, Felicldad QrdecL. .. M'. ThSbAlfreh urban r; r la _
convicted of themrder 'of a Mr.bAlfre 'ThrT
te t e m O Mr nabu ; WardMr. and Mrs.. Samnuel 8. to decorate the set with our own
S taxi driver, William B. 0- Mr. and Mrs. RobertDolman; llkesRev. and M A. stuff. Niven asked what he
-Neal, near Greenville, N.C., Feb. Miss Fleurettp Du Monthel Rep- Wilisandi iM Iva M; WIlltTI oums ld aa nMgBfrogi u AmU. I
9 Rlei. et of resentative and Mrs, Harris w ft-% .. a SMaid, 'M e.' So f'Mt lub B
Raleigh Spllar, convicted of worth; Mss ephie lorin; br ht ay, thoh.
raJine Mrs. Aubrev Davis, 52, Clhrence Foreman; R iobert o -- -,
ne-r Wllliamstonr N.C.. In 1947. Gaunt; Mrs. Leontine Gebe;: Mr. Wter Abe on M lh
C'vde Brown. Winston-Salem and Mrs. Louis E. Glover; Jo- Walter Abel's son, .Michael. Is
Ne--ro convicted of raping teen- sepi b A. Qneco; Dr. Sd 1m., s In adhatenaGWplt'l
ap'd white hIh* school student, JqsephL Godman; Mr. Oa& S. t i aht la Wte eflie,
Be ";v Jane plifton. on June 16, Robert G. ammer : t t0i -and a
'1973. daughter. Mrs. Sonya Henry; :r anarmy air force colonel'in the A
Convictions of all four were Vincent Hinck; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne-Fellows peture, island
upheld by the State Supreme Frank Hirschman; M A uth P. the Sky." -"
Covrt and the cases were ap- Hopklins; and John M. Horlne. J Richard Ba'_obervatin: A
peq led to the V.S. Supreme Court. M8s Roxanze -]ammeftr ; Mr. Ricar *are'lotsofHolbsoe rv n" M
The dates of execution auto- andMra. Irvm Keln; Mrand Ilng to see w\ eaa ta the mo
nmatically will be set for the Mrs. Leo J. Krziza; Robert W. out of an evenhoiYgo.
third Friday following formal Lawyer; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph evening
Dating of the mandate by the Lehr: Mrs. Eva Lewis; Mrs. An- In f th ime nt. Br
N.C. Supreme Court. If dated na Lltven; Mrs. -Ella Long; Mr. Scondort interesting rt othe Beverly His jeuweB'le
this week the executions would and Mrs. Morris W. Longshore of soimfe, i a three
Sbe set for March 6. and two children; Mr. and Mrs. .. ie... rings and raceleo
CHRIS WEI KIN Planeteer Pleasure Not Mutual ;. SR 8.i WINHTw' nA

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*' -.A ,..L-aAi
i "ip '-.A h r ** "

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M ,,?4LD-7Sw le .S 8' it visoi s.
"awi1 a ga thmue a.. a a est t

*g Bbe see-o f lad 1 11. .1
," I, o ..... ,,. .. a *
f -ed tre y-ro it t, 4ta you certainly La looking for so n mmal
on s i .l an B e t k to expzps your friend ip ..
-a. bren of Be- A
DR, Vs .'- "N to Pa Poanqma Will Have
a d-one retly rom *- f
lord, -awhee he h. 5-Man Delegation
'. ". ~t A,,t Coronation from... $1.25
The Republie of Pi "ams will
have a five-man= d& ata White Summer Jewelry tool
s. Lndo ut i June .'
Bej D a And Mrs .ro Mea dU t dlesdeaI u ,t Scarves in all color





~Ij E

at banhoned SK Manm I
O s..w.g I


Seamless Nylon Hosiery... $1.25

of course# we have Bap, and
many, many other small
Gift Items to choose from

. Meetings I
otnReS o
--L A".Vf


the most sensational English cars of
the 1953 Five Star



l Central. l Awveu Thi Avenue

S -- --._ : ....,

IL -,L, AOL A.. w'l- ..d m A -- m .d Am .i.

the moment





Soon at our Showrooms
Juto Aroemena Ave. & 26 Street Tel. 24810

With a few dollars you cawmcompl etely furnish your
Swi..hi frpwa Iivin room to kitchen, if you belong to
T!e Ared Forces or if you have a steady job.

ESOS EN EL EJERCfO: EfAts una oerta'.spedl para
W*"... Viultuos jue Mo esperamosi




CASA FASTLICH hs the glittering jewelry
she will love, f ethi lowest prices in Panama....
make your om Queen loveier with
a pair of m" a blom let or a necklace
at oar' A" ik PriceO now prmng at
CA"A FA1M l....
,o *., -, -

Io -... .65 cts

hen *.. .. .9 l


MGEBATORS fe yrw k
V S NS sIf v

S .' :,-.-, 4- .

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-. ...., .:
!* *-. ". ,, "- "*.* "'


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1 3-A 1___-____


"'- T '*
'.', *

''i : f- ..LI '.t >

..c V'iL. ..*

You Sell em... When You Tell 'em thru P.A. ClassifiedsI
keave your Ad with one of our Agents or our office in No. 57 "l" Street PanamA
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

ewis Service
o 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-231. and

orrison 's
fourth of Jutly Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Salon de Beriz American
No. U1 Wt 13th trket

Caiton DrIe .Ste
10. Mel6adenw Ave.- Phone 355 Celia

Prepagudl; S;A,
Agencia latercional de Publicacioes HPI-, rt meat ner Sbtudiant at
No. I Lottery iPMa Phone I-31M Phonu StI- rad 2-2798

for 12 word.
4"c* .'dWoiooaawod.L

ft%~r -.~
L~I~ essem -

Household f Automobiles to ew awgn w S clarn Beach --S.0 C a Bih oESSIORAL
.. Wrhe l ts~ae As.Ile / -tages. 2 bedrooms. refrigeration.
RSALE 25-ce esg- FOR ALE--1952 Buick Super R- Rock rangers. Blbo 2
house Refrgerator. New moto. All fera Dynaolow, radio. E-ZE ye" m A.rL3. Excpllt week-ends r0qMore tom protect
p_____$9 __oreo_ li_ t._ Ro e ran Cottger ;s.. aloa -05. OneIg mol e potc i
4 elho- oer ~-A Diablo 4 of may be seen at 716-0 Sago Just around the corner of "J St.. FOSTER'S Cottages. One mile beyond Id b ltify cOCetle
-4 :S "" r.l Cocol, I announces our new LO Ip hade Santa Clara. Completely furnished. blilagB
T ALE -3 o i .i.i .. sure -". Sevi- We can now make order Rck Gas Refrigerators and Stoves. buMi
Z F _SALE_: PC.r -I .g c ... cart now make fturrd
with l.D0 Le,..r,g ... two FOR SALE: 1950 Mercury Club any kind of lam; shade'r e.cever Bring your linens. Phone Dagmar's With
See- "'.1'r sac,'t.C' Hc.use 4-; Coupe Pertect cond.tion-. Best o vour old one ot. low price. 2-0170. SN 0 V C E
w, ". ro i.,i -i, PhOhr. fer 411 Porto Bello St Ancon. -
B. L. ror, ,t,7 ,Alligator shoes for men and women Gramlich Santa Clara beach.-
5-572. -.V'WE PPA CASH for our used car and trade to order. Casei Fnix. 155 cottage. Electric Ice boxes, gas Deeorative and durable
FOR SALE D:uble bed con'.pie I sell o,. lerms or Agencias Coamos Cericl Avenue. Panama. o yes, moderate roles. Telephone aterproof Coauns.
$L25 C'on 3-3082 Panama cr Aui,. Row 29, telephone 2-4721, -- -441 Gomboa 4-567 Pedro Mi. A tar dtacsrptlve folder
She *8. CbcAenue A 1.2 C A I. C ____________ *nd color cat
hou'e -8. b. AenueAc' FOR SALE uand olor chart
FOR SALE Eosv n, F.R ALE -- 1947 Cherolet Club ALilli. Oceanside cottages, Santo GEO NOVEY IN .
60a c I Recen hC o ,elh ,mled | 2,.LPe. radio. Exceptlonal. $650 1Clara., Box 435, Balboa. Phone C
0rks cle ee v70 00 C Roo 320. Hotel Tiol, Bl- Micellae Panama 3-1877, Cristobal 3-1673. 9T1 C -l A v,.
2or1 ie ej .. .. I'111 I .-......... --! Tel. 1-811.
aa 3-1 2 16 ---- -led bids, in triplicate, will be re- Swim and relax at Santa Clara beach.
FOR SALE -One loo' anr ce r R SALE --- 1952 Hillman Minx csed ,n the office of the En- For completely furnished houses
coffee table, one l ~t he neA duly free, Color a eneeing and Construchon Direc- call SHRAPNIL, Balboa 1389. MODERN
occasion char-F Cheap 14. .1 Irnc, 10th. St Colon. Tel fo' tr. Panama Canal Company, Bal- ViURNITURE
tOweo r booAp 1 ....... .... boa He;ghts. Canal Zone. until Visit Hotel Pan Americanao n cool yun oi mOWt.4n.a.
Owens. Balboa Ap: 10 00 0. m. Apr15. 3, and beautiful El Valle.
ORSALE -9-19`50 A 1950 Poani-: 4-doo 10 00 a. m. April 15. 1953, and -- __*t
FOR. f. .. 4 cCT ; ..-- I C oagoon. duty pd. Colo hn public opened, for furnish- FOR RENT
refragera or S CC... -- "o _1 ,n On ."..Colon.. Tel ga oil plant labor, materials and FOR RENT
Oan, end tables. L. l I ,, ,sn .. I equipment. except certain mater- ,
case $3.00 22 Col 0 ____ C--__--"vol t ,uoals furnished by the Panama C-o. HOUSesi s' .
p, $20 00 2 -B Pedro MALE:-1950ChevroletTud ral Company. and performing all FR ENT-F i t -
guel Phone 4 '06 De Luxe 23.000 miles work for Construction of 66 Mao- OR o ENT -Furshed thre ebedi- mmg
FOR... y excellent condton 2 soy-Tpe Quers Buildings available or two months, in Golf
or, Ued on ,r e tires, seol covers. Can be Telephone Exchange Building, on ,,Heights. Tel. 3-3069. Trria i lt s k .. s. A
.rter E6xcellerUt endo. $l-i i ionced $.400 00. House 77-A Electrical Substaoton and all Ut- -
0r ne Ecl Bt 41 -- New Cristobal. Phone 3-2791. i.nes, Pavements and Appurtenon-
oL n9e R8nu Sedan-R 1F RENT Shipping. movI1x. FrRE
F00. Phone ,er fur- FO SALE -950 Renault Sedan cs a Crdenas, Canpl Zone Oppin me er. .
FOR SALE dre be excellent conton, new pnt ob Forms of proposals. specficationsA We pack and orate move
nrre D'.CtreerCa od full pariculars aor be obh- ipalo'tmeis
hid te Dog rc c-cse duty paid. Colon Motors Inc.. 10th n ded fro the oic o the Con- LAM RA A M i anything. 'Ph 24451.
hi nd me. DoSr Cc ion. Tel4_Jtiefrl t9c.t 22Cn, P. t
OR SALtE G.:d .rrer b'.. l -d tract end Inspecton Division. 2- 2, Panm
FO p ch GO.le D.. ,. O FOR SALE -1947 Oldsmobile 8 t-. Ro.m 336. Balboa Heights (Tele- rwo ard five room fumis d d
otr porch. G vlo,' D.le. Duns lr,=..
5r-B Ch oba.-' d. door Sedan-radio, new seat covert phone 2-3739 or 2-26981. Speci- unfurnl'ed" iPri .
F-O a- o .---a Ir, good cond.-on. Cristabol 3- ficoronrs and drawings w,ll be is- cOased a. its. :tll / t _fte, ,
FOR SALE hgar b. e oer 400p m. ed3 on a deposit of $400 per New CriUI r. onaIoTel~ Cle n Hu0 H shMld Emr "l I
,nnersptng rn-,ere,. .:c. FOR SALE -Cherc.let Sport Coupe, set Depost w;l be freed if IlI
cheat draoern. beJe C- l 950. Excel er, cord en. Good '.eccotions and irowings oare not FOR RENT.-Furnished apartment. DEALERS INNEW AND
nt ph-one Pan,-. a 9.q te C b r aier opening of bd orkng hours.
Position Offered -,Pho ne 2-4s n oe P -n FOR RENT--Small furnished apart-i Te ill
s "on- O___ OsiAL-- -Lnen lras cross- ment, refrigerator, etc. American W Bai AmD MLL.
-igh-closs Ergih peckingng. Pa. FC. SALE -19-49 Packard 6 lac t arched Montuno shirts, Good neighbors. By Via Espala, Carras-
mnian, North Arr n E- dr sedan, lther upolser. bargain Calle Estudiante No75 qullo. 2nd Street, No. 48, $65.00.
amonan, Nor th Am,,erican a Eu- -4. 4 r sedan, leather upnolster .'Ap1. 2. Telephone 2-5159, Pon-
ropean s esmar wanted. Room E ceellent condition. Call M/Sgtr I 2. Te n 2-5159, Pan- -
602. Internatlnal Hotel I oez, 86-7253. 700 m. to -R R T AVE H R A FRENDSL
Excellent poSton ooloble or ex- .
perienced pri.c,le secretary .uso t ;-CR SALE --1947 Buick Super, ex. ed bids. ,n the ofriplicate, will be re- Roms
be skilled in shofthcnd cerd ri:-g. .llent cordirtion. See M/Sgt. De-! ceed in the office of the En-
i Kow,'ige se of Soan.i c reiabe' Forirs, Food Service School. Fort' g-er'n and Constru ction Direc- FOR R oo;um
arhough Spcr,.sh icOr c n.i eL- C.ul ck Blig 210 off out, or 40C. tfr. Panama Canal Co-pany, Bal- ith' a d- s t
hsehol. Apply P. 0. Bo 555 or on du_, boo Heights, Canal Zone, until J^hr.
Tehol.ho n 4913 .lyIP.0B F., SAL5 1- o 10.40 a. m., February 24. 1953, 57. ~ ."
Telephone 2.4913_.- FOR SALE- 1949 Packord Sedan. and then publicly opened, for fur- 57 T:. /- ,,,,.- .....
Lnan for credit work, must be Pan- $850 00. 1$150.00 down. House rhing all plant. tools, equipment. FOR RENT: Furnished room with
amenian oble to speak both Spmr- 100 No. 4. Gambo. labor, services, and materials lex- meals tp on. te tw. m$1"n DUls ntr-
ish and EngliNh. must wrile m r cept certain materials furnished onlyy. Ave. Jus t Adl JO C A.
ether language for arpo r.tintt by the Governmentl. and for per* 57. corner 34th It e
Aportodo 53 Panama. Rep. de orming all work for Pavement .
anoiaca. Send chcto .,h letter AulOtlobil' I 'Wdening and Alterations of a FR RENT -Eurn room. b malts.
I--- ........ -- --_-'!Portion of Thatcher Highway In CeoAreja. 2 d'Tl DoT Sroch"
FiP ,:ng C poany, has openng for ANTED:-Fod Coupe 1940-1941 the Canal Zone. Forms of propo- yellow house.
arb I cl. wrte rncn ber*eer 30 or 1942 rodel Call 6 to 8 P. M. sal. specificotins. and full par- who_
St.c ear. Combine ciaru t ab d ot-l Tel 25-3539 ticulors may be obtained from the FOR RENT: Furnished room with
tfce 01c.i. Mu .t be copot-le O-a --...... --
h.ndli.rg pe.:--.el and us, o sWpeoT. D ofce o the Contract and inspec- bath odlodning, private entrn. n
Spoar, ai d Eng,.sh and han e dr.v- U ton Divison. Room 336. Balboa Meals if desired. to gentlemah or
r' b l ne lnt.,d sandae dr140. M |A| Heights ITelephones 2-3739 o young lady, 540.00. Teleplhfte 2-
er's cpnes .ti-or sa arv 1e140t.- Miscellaneous 2-26981. Specifications and draw- 2845. Panama. ATENTA, Feb. 11 (UP)-
,h cl-..or',ces ,ra jJ.o~nrent........ ... ..... ings will be issued on a deposit otf. was estimated t a!- I
. References req.redj ApO in per-. VA-NTEC Home for small male $0.00 per set Deposit will be fully R RENT:-in sroom Vforita bcoutple. 2 1 ,00o000 dtlm flr 1 *I
son t0 Corgelac.:.ra F, :n-e..a A dog. 8 month: old. Vaccinated forfeited if specifications e fultc furnished room for couple.r fire tt dtroy
near the Club h.u, Bella V Cll Albrook 3290. driened secfictions an i chen privrleges.-Mexico Aven pta lar ire tht datYd
nea r- Cub C Belle V I C Albook 3290. drawings are not returned wth.n' 69 near 43rd St., phone 3-0553. blh-long railroad wae-
a 40 calendar days afler opening oft houlSE h ore Mondav nihtiW
r_ _- W e pbids'caused the detb a of an agsatiaintt
Help Wanted Panama Teachers ... .-ch FOR SALE e ee Ijur-
WANTED: E-er,,nced Engl .. FOR SALE -Airbone Cushman mo- rje in th e b a Ue h
speak.gT n',a,.l or gene.l house noih tor scooter, 4 h p.. 2 speed Irons- MIlac elluOut e ,tin the bIllze S t Wthll
speakingn-ai'frwgeneryhousIOeduTrai ning& WYre1ight '.
work oand core for 2 ch.ilren age,. l mission, good condition, $7000 y ib rrl I. Dean, 6, "a-
4 oid Must i' in Reference: u Aquarium, 15 gallons. $17.00.1 led b ds, in triplicate, will be r e' ri H. Dean 56. s
required *pDl ,n oeron ale, Al House 2181-8. Curuwdu or call crved in the office of the Engin'i t thief who died when a
6 00 o n Ho.s 78t(-C, Taoer-' WS e wsip 83-2282 W.IIam r)Gr1eine peering. ad Construction Director. Of the buUilding Cnr bl4*
nlla Si. E.b:. C I Fanom Conal Company, N100 0,- i Wasi h veer re a "
...._ Applications for fellowships In Sealed bids. In triplkt, will be re- Heights, Canal Zone, until 10:00 ypeate wth the fire depaitB. |
FOR SALE ter- tralnint in various re- cved in the office f the Engn- a. m. March 26. 1953 andtl hen Operators of the huge Ws
1 o, e United States os e o n i biclyh a ottorofurnishing allhouch was jointly
ORal lor be accepted until Feb. 20 at the; eering and ConstrUiton Dibrector l. al to labor Mr I B boU d and two 1,
be united States Informathon Cen Panama Canal Compaemy. Balboa p equIpme, lo m, Indicated the daIme |
FOR SALl -One 12 HP Outboard 'er, No. 20. Calle "I," Second Heights, Canal ZontI 10 0m0 vce, and m oteri xcet r y climb to 2,000000.
Motor ard Boor Troa er. 550 00 floorr of the Panama Trust Coinm- a. rm.. February 2 1953. and te Goverials ande fuor mld 'J downtown lire ,0 arld
1451 Oen Balboa. Apr B VanV. Alfred Leventon, U.. Em-' then publicly oplnr o furnish- traffic for hou and
bass Cultural Officer has an- g all plant, tools, eqipnt of Build' lt aqd Appur tl unds
bounced. labor services. and materials. ex- for Rao n i '- l d thomnds of
00cept certain matLate erials furnished e Ciat il .
Arthur C me Home An applicand utablect personal by Zonhe Government, and for pe- pos pess o 2-37
teacher trannONDON.rant ust beFeb. 11 UP ualrmng all work frl repairing and I culas may btained
Arthur e Mere Panamanian ctienn oodhon his lterations f Margarita and o- office of the Contract ad n-
fe and d Im not Thealth who possesses uaknowl-ifed Co venuestract intersection; Front son poit3 of n$3. Re t. Dpo Vsit i -
000 iahts Late edge of English and aood moral, and I1lth. Streets'in CrIstabol, Co- boa Heigts iTelephone 2-373a n g-
N h ,character anddsuitable personal nlpl Zone. Forms of Proposals, spe- or 2- Heigtscelsthcaone !anTa
L.(if)ON. Feb..11 iUP _Quall]Ies. "j cifications, and full particulars may drawingswit L Ic -ef and TtL
Arthur W rest telephoned his' be obtained fros *W 1 office of I at poteI X i ..
wife iW 1936 and said 'A.m not .The..rantee must be qualified Contract and Insplction Division, w fllbforfeite Deposit At i f
coming home tonight to teach in Panama and have at Room 336, Balboa Heihts (Tele- wil be forawted 'spfcifecation AWiIv t
Some 6.000 nights later-nlne least three continuous e ar of phone 2-3739 or 2-2581.i Spec- withd 0drow4nl are nat returnA aot4 0i
iayl ago-Arthur came home. successful full-time teacingex-1 fications and drawings will be is- within 40 y h
found that his wife. Evelyn. .Srience, and _-, be an -- sued on a deposit of $2,00 per opening of bi
11d received $19 628 In public ove.dn a professional poaltion*. set Deposit will be forfeited If FOR SALE:- t94t Nb h
assistance to maintain herself an educational agency. spec;f.cot.ons and drawings are net dor sedan. 2 A0Mr. J 07
ad two daughters in his ab- Candidate who eet the returned within 40 colander days Williamson PIpe Phone 2
pence. qualifications and are appointed after open ino .b .FOR --AE,,
Arthur ws hauled into court as grantees will receive per diem FOR SALE:-New Homphise ird day in glazed
eterda under a varancy act allowance for maIntenance dlur-I old chick from DoWInig IqtcHry. Repson be~- 715-4

He offered to reimburse the In addition to provision of PanomS Cane
ovesmen Then the magis- Itranspotion and expenses to PERSONALS
repealed five years ugo Arthur o taneotf a xeenced rse-id wats eon- I enll
;---'S fre hp w additional authorized travel in the ployment. Call 2-3253, 5 aiba. tlie Jn 10- lbR^Hvigil,
Askedni e woula no J repay United ,tates which may be ne- il taline, in lO-dseviol. tinder,
te maney Arthur iala ron" ceusarv in connection with the GEORGE S. BARB. JR., N. E.-Hu- ed bids opening 10:30 A
e'u talk ambruu orescrlbed studies, a modest al- man Engineering Corrective Struc- March 25, 1953. Irwlraton No. 2 I
The couple agreed te rume lowance for books, and the pay- rural Adiustment. 75 Coalle Estu. is available or pffl ce of
their marriage where it. left ment of tuition and tees when diante Telephone 2-5159. 8 A. dent of Stormaltges, olba,
,m*. necessary. M. to 8 P. M. By appointment. phone 2.2777.
i .- -_________. .*^ ^ a.L *:



B:30- ew -
:38-WhaYs Tour Pavorlte
6:00-Musleal interlude
6:30-Parade of Hits
6.45-LOwl0 TAomas
7:00-Old "time Uliroom
Il I Alo RI

1WL's of.
Igh Ott.

6:16-Morflw *ietl

a:30-MeJ ithe irsnd
3:l5-Sa-ed R.rt rropam

l0:05 o or

2:00-N Pau
& 15-A ur-'f inn



:1, ..

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iwitch tr'%A)

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Compre Price

lCoompos Quality



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a" sothe a dN '

M irk:i". NSA Feed ad Markets eMea
aft a the E everyone tto Iet a valen- cream or others *MI Sfgs ta
Sa fo t a weet" and good idea and Wi m ato
d MR e AtlanUd etif* ooked in on your Valentines Day plans, tab.
f 0 0 m.1 Tl th e Whthe-- ",a -,ero Ceenut Chuee ataer ie,' Crut
todd eb. 14th Two aquares unawee thed
4W spgooend, ni of the ardlafty lmlttd to ktftnd. A ir n, colate, 2 t.lpobutts.
ki, lt V' 9 deotionl of 26 cents will. be to -Aw seleted te hot ?o or wow,
taken ffrot each family to eat adhere it l cu ifted u o r' U"-.
x 1 gMM | Oa Q .* defray expense. -sweet beaun fuL ar,I cupa cooonuta eut.
Ir tat.N w Me t .chocolate, and butter In
31 .Bd Ms. WaIN R, iS. M USoljurnersa Meeting Cpid's weeHt Heart ton of double boler stin up-
San d son, Wllee returned Otbban Chapter No. t ubended. Cand
,.-, day toni Watoal Bojourners will TWO muares unwot td sgar. Add m %Pt c al
S UN, wnt r ary zoO flestin, ", cho ate a tblespoor a. w e. d coconut. ad
In ortl Part Ok kOfflee Cmlub tablespoons hot milk or. S
i n *it@1k9 M& I'broary 17. Cockttl* will /24cup ltoid ii Of
4;at 6ll p.m. with u, % "up c a n-coated rlce se-
Ml eng 5 brother-In-aw. 1a a ':30 prea1 d RWd coconut, cut 28- O wm r otbh 3e
.- f c.J r,... 1 --L- d.ed n.
i thePac a w Melt chocolate and bulter In
: ,; willsA" tp owrfarg, s l Offliers Clu .
hg.1lht, Asekpot of 50.0S M
W ered with a wide ad on bottom and

4 V AgSMui antfted to = .
own 'tR t oe eisb tart from Dmn bj jro 1
I. oe wt ; w 4at ot5 M aromia asdt s
S'aya ogv of panlb 5 "to
bwa "f. 0n-bfmid a
SReItur to refrigerator until i t

A~ WjP ha e favork ,
mt.T gasi
Lbs rea toe
A'"' lo'm &mnt l

NOTHING, absolutely nothing-

CAN EQUAL the FUN of the exciting

The once-a-year colorful coronation of r
the beautfully-gowned queen and her
court tn exciting spectacle!
It can happen only in Panama the parade of
this beautiful national costume!.... prizes
giten for the best pollera and montuno.
The Queen of the 1i ion Club's Carnival will
visit El Panama's Queen tonight.
Coma in costume for more fun... anything
goes! See the wacky election of "MR. PANAMA."
Come in 4 group, dressed in similar costume.
A case of whisky goes to the best group. The fun
goes on until dawn when the "burial of the fish"
ceremony is held. Early breakfast to sustain
the energy.


We Urge You To Make Your
Reservations Early I
Can Fred, rel. 3-IO TODAY

lo i J nu, 4: i

'I75 raised our eyebrows the inat
tneb the engineers told us
*oeut it
A I Dylow DriveP Better thea
Ithe- that over a sailioe ad a thlbd
*@lWe are so hoem -withP
That's right, the eipee assured o.
A new Dynalow ah1t=1h smooth,
'1mtasimple to eperqte-but for fatter
mto qaieter on .t.way, and a agrit
dod mali eImslet.
Swe told oemelves, we have id
S. Aad we did.




are icker t- IN

We tried the neow Golden Anniversary
Buick with Twin-Turbine Dynaflow
Drive*- and mister, it's speetaoularl
As before, no gears ever shift in this
wonder drive.
As before, you have infinite smooth-
messa through every speed range-feel
wonderfully fresh and relaxed even
after a long day's drive.
But oe getaw@s Ya ean soar to cmUisin
dW in I Mena Aerllo muecouds -
tad with eWI* ut.
At way saMd rang& yea hae more fi-
esekt a#wer treusfer. Accelratlesieds
incressed 2X%, mm with fewer emoma
revelutieos--a wih means yes et
se- or Mreit uss anflM u4en, les

What work Otae wonders is a new
kind of engnaeds which places two

turbine inkeed of one in the Dynadow
transmission. At the same time, fewer
\part-four elements instead of five-
simplify the uant even more.
But there's more than just this sen9i
tional Twin-Turbise Dydalow to be
hpd in tw 1963Buikas.
There'e new power including the
word's moit advanced V8 Engine in
Sureas and RoAsueasuaa. There's a still
f hot Million Dollar Ride. There's
superb new comfort and handling
ease, and a host of other advances-87
in all.
Why not come in this week and try
one of the greatest Buioks in fifty
great years?
*Saundad on Roaduuser, opweul ma w esW
OS thv SFrieu.

a,, .... l~~ii
. '1

v1 Ot^W:^*

. ..

o'iL -*

,..__ e m


LAILS p LA S. i *. r

S.. '

: "r ij* .. *,.





- -


*.IF 3 Ll






" "


^ *

I ,- ',






*ml- ,, -

* I


. ..-

;i s-r Pn

i .-~-i r

** .: -. ; .. ..- e .'
y '*~F n '' F .


?Gavilan Favored 1o -Rein Ti-Wtl
i .
i' "'"'

9 ".4

-. -

SCuban Promises To 'Stop' Balboa Hi Defeats

Challenger Within Eight Junior College 3-1
.Do"n A h tr r ed a threehbit
: CHICAGO, Feb. 11 ,(UP). All that remains to be answeed Do Mro hul aM th
4 ,before tonight's welterweight title bout in Chicago is whether the 3nevictory defo the Bab nig
-rsehamplon canqoake the weight. nee C aggtey ated t Jio
,: Kid Gavilan and challenger Chock Davey havecomoileted College aggregation last night
S training and are waiting for the noon-time weigh-in. Gavn jis at Balboa Stadium. Fred Ale,
'. reported havinctroule getting down to the 147 -pound limit. if guas, College hurler, lost a hear-
Sk t m giving up only.three
ri' *,the Cuban Hawk fails, he Illinois Commission has announced it breaker, lI giv dng u the
Swill declare the title vacant. The 15-round bout would go on earlier Innings hurt him, how-
scheduled but it would be a non-title affair. ever, and thee miscues by his
The Gavilan camp laughs at king Ike Williams was able to mates at crucial times didn't
Stories of the champ having knock the Kid off his feet. help the cause any. the first
*eight trouble. Gavilan says he Davey has won 37 pro bouts Balboa drew blood the first
Is only one pound over the limit and his two others ended in a inning when Joe Cicero was
And will make 147-pounds with draw. The southpaw boxing forced in from third via the free
-* ease. However, last week Gavilan master was particularly impres- pass method. In the second It
S also commented "that last sive in beating Chico Vejar was the same story again, only
pound is always the toughest to twice, and Rocky Grazlano, Ike this Time Morton was forced in
get off., Williams and Fitaie Pruden once with the run.
Both fighters are confident. each. The Bulldogs scored their fin-f
Davey, the Michigan State gra- Davey will be only the third al run in the fifth frame when
duate from Lansing. says "I southpaw to win the welter- Ab Flynn opened with a re-
exepct to win on a decision. I'll weight title, if he gets by Ga- sounding triple and came home
outbox him. It seems hard vilan. Lou Brouillard turned the when Nick Gorham let Bill Mar-
punches don't bother Gavilan, trick in 1931 and Young Corbett tin's long fly dropout of his
so he'll probably last the dis- The Third won two years later. glove. This ended the scoring
tance." Gavilan is expected to earn a- for the High Schoolers even
Gavilan sees a quicker end to bout $80,000 for his work to- though they did collect two
SUmore hits in thne sa KT lth frame.
Jerry Halsall, Green Devils L
first sacker, was the big gun for
the night at the plate. He col-
lected three hits for three times
at bat. These were all the hits
his team got. His first blow was
smashingg double, and he f ol-
A slowed this with two strong sin-
Sgles in later innings.
The lone P, C. tally came In
pthe third frame when Dick Dill-
Sman scored on Hasell's second
-The victory puts the two high
lead, but this will be quickly
taken care of as the two teams
meet this Friday night at Bal-
boa Stadium. Game time will
be 7 p.m.e

2 Cricket News

The Midland Pye C. C. Team
L journeyed to Gatun Sunday to
e play their second match for the
8 season. Skipper W. Kirton of
SFenwicks won the toss and on
SbatIsman's wicket the home
team made 143 runs.
Top scorers were N. King 27,
King 23, A. Kin 21, J. Git-
6 tens 21 each, A. iiexl 19, and
Smooth 18. Midlandh P 's ca
Sg a re tain h, racquie took ofor
eTheeoMidland Pye nu1te.
80erudIoonly.Too scorers were:
Z. .CXA9WMw ,and S. Hewitt.2;
wickets for 10 runs ad J.
2 for n S0.
To h o 8 ohAt Camp Bierd, -Cmy
S r G ha ee .... o hom ... Excelsior. tExcelsiormde 150
op ndnl e he soickets and declared.*
thebout. The Kid promiss --"I night. Davey gets about half srers were A. HaMbi
,will stop huim, abn, m ,inthe that amount. If Dave wins hes esto individual Grffith 5
adevnth or eighth rounds." must defend alialW Gavtlan outIe" "1
a... within 90-day. Each would re- For Surrey Carrnton t
av remains a solid (5- cetve 30 per cent of 1the net rin ForSean H. Arinto
Sto-I) favorite to win before any return bout. 3 for 47 aned H. Mgnott 3 for h3.
San expected crowd of 17,000. h Surrey managed to play out
It- will be Gsahe fifth do- n time and force a draw.
oene mof thecrownC he took Card nals/o Lead The i 1nwwokc. c. is, now
from Johnny Bratton in .May the come ,'wit
h aten hoob d a r e e lcnt Excetw or in the second Place.
,of 191. Since then, Gavn m wrll Nhinhnth e place.
Turn eor hand pDks anot 'h aundaythe following
,shat beaten Bobby DykestandW nayo b h no. l T h is %sundey over heewge
Gil Tner and Billy Graham games n heames are scheduled: Surrey vs.
twicde. Luames5OnoMorland t camp Bierd and
e t e CINCINNATI, Feb. 11 (Up.)- Fenwick vs. silver City Gatun.
S The champion has won 89 pro The St. Louis ,Cadinals.a m g
Scouts, lost It and fought four will lead the way in the m te ut ains n
draws. Gavian has never been of home night' games t"ne seald n In
topped and only ex-lightweight son. ic s Vi
,.h-- Natonalo roope.In ckestV ctory
'A d Fore sl Te sCincinnati says the Cards wllove
InPIA ofthetr 77 home games rJc K m
Sthe Cards "home" opener a- BOSTON, Feb. 11 (UP) -
num mvenst Chicago on .ArFl 16. The rank Sedgman Of Australia set
........... o.. s league gets undr"ae on A ill w recordlast night for his

toveesixwhen he spent but 34 minutes
other teams oe the foo winning his 14th professional
The 1053 Armed Forces Ten- day. victory, 6-1, 6A, over the U. S.
31 Toumrnaetit moved nto o the The Pladelphlia Phls are tennis king before 6,62 fan at
t r-final rund Wednesdaysecond in night home games the Garden.
with 42. Pittsburgh has 29, night The match score between the
So r with only of thne minor dates at ForbesField. Cincinnati two rivals for -th professional
m a first kg th o fn h and Bosto each have scheduled court crown stood at 1412 In
," twofdAlys.("eoutergeecafh 28.mBrooklyn Will play 24 night Sewlgman's favor In their tour of
P ney, former Southern Calif- game3 at home and thee c .cities.
York Giants have 16 on tap. The Ecuador's Pantho Segura re-
r Junior sChampion now Chicago Cubs have no lights at sumed his mastery over odg-
tutioned at Wetbank, in the Wrigley Field and therefore will man's colleague, Ken McGregor,

r*1 y Lelutenant dfae~h ..

n-of the 504th 6-1, 6-0. C a.-r....l to 5.ed
iAunding out the final eight Commissary chalked the first
Mike Wolchick of the nth, run a home run by Weston
defeated Hank Brienden-. DeSousa.
doef e al e -0, 6-0 ande In the top of the second frame
una of the 33d, w6 o aCommissary piled four more and
over d Lee of the 45th'6- the game seemed to be the Com-
miasary's but the school played
springs for Thursda morn- brilliantly to score there, ondh*
quarterfinal mates find the second stanza ,st .
faetig Lalche.cBarnes a- PRODIY.riny Carol He ifthe School added one I the
EsbMnk, Brail opposing 12, n junior women's -ifth and one in the wM h 4
k and Russ going -. figure skating champion from fall short m e ra.
Tochterman. All matches New York, is taking aim on th Feb. th e first half of
underway at eight o'clock I world's senior title at Davos, will be completed butt
tte Fort Amadu courts. Switsrland, Feb. 8.15. (N cheduleof
-a-- ''*r lot all uA^

Clevelaf ans art

Of All mes W1

SA' '

Moday's College Basket MIDWST
S : Results _*'5_"
e' ', '* ato81, Minn 711
EAST tt 60. Iowa 48
.tate 74, Iowa State 64
Bates 91. New Ham np1h 9 .S Wisconsin 48
St. John's (N.Y.) 79,C.C.N.Y.'4 WS 4S, Michigan 62
DqIvanla) 31 .*. | I|Be 79, St. John's (Minn) 61
Duquesne 53. Newminster .t vus-Adolphus 90, St.
(Pennsylvania) 31 Thomas 61
Lebanon Val. 86, Muhlenberg 77 Drake 74, Marquette 67
St. Michael': (Ver.) 63, Norw. 587 Colorado 86, Nebraska 78
Adelphia 88, Upsala 81 HBllsdale 57, Olivet 54
Sampson AFB 80, Hobart 6L Omaha 89, Doane 40
SOUTH Rfo Grande (Ohio) 104, Cedar-
Roanoke 75 Wash. & Lee 69 ville 48.
Richmond ., Maryland 46
Western Kentucky 92, Loyola SOUTHWEST
(Louisiana) 67 Ri -70, Arkansas 45
Duke 83,. W.8ashigt-0o Tti. Christ. 68. Abl. Christ. 49
Tennessee 83, Davdson 73 Wiley Col. 67, Alcorn A&M 65
No. Caro.Oolf. 68, Howard U. 48 Soutbwot Tex. 82, Stephen F.
.Louls. Tech'70, Nor., Louis. 06 Austin 67
High Point 92, West Caro. 79 Howard Payne 96, Texas A&I 61
Lenoir-Rhyne (North Caro.) 72,
Atlantic Christian,62 WEST
Miss. Southern vs. Centenary, Montana 78, New Mexico 70
-- neallod na ft-- 10,I- n a. V-i F I

Ifath omtae o, uolo. Col. 57
-- Montana. Mines 61, Easthern
S Montana 50.

Fight Dope
(By U. P.)

Light Heavyweight Champion
Archie Moore arrived in San
Francisco last night for his
Monday bout with Leonard Du-
can. Moore expects to weigh a-
bout 175-pounds for the fight...
A heavyweight who defeate*4
Jack Dempsey before the Ma-
nasa Mauie & became champion
is dead. Sisty-three-year-old&
Willie Meehan died Monday
in San Francisco of a stomach

Basetf of P
h3 alenge


., .-- .

(By U..)

e h~ascm Veeae k a th '
Cleveland as levelan d the

eroad games. The th i
for ave cut 0 Louti t.
Veeck has refused thew
Cleveland andy be t
the right tolelei le
read games. The thred=h o in
turn have cut St. LouIndians t
home night- gamIe schOdueOW'
Veeck says "New York ad
Cleveland may be tyinn to
create the impressN thias ea
are banning broadcaAting, but
It's actually they who mrS balk.-
The Gleveland Indians alo
announ4t they h*ve banned tft
broadcasting of all 22 games
withl the Browns this season.
The. Indians made the decision
because of Veeck's demand for
a share of radio receipts.

The manager of the Boston
Braves say a dal for Pitts-
burgh hooe run slugger Ralph
Kiner has aen through.
Charge rGrinm ays Pirate
General Manar Branch Rickey
wants aoo miuAh cash and too
manyp l Irs' Kiner. Grimm
says Rickey 4 asking for first
basemno E'1 Torgeson and
outfieldes : Gordon in addi-
tion to.$100,000 ina cash.

GiMfaw l


Flsmen'g II.

Elks vs.Iifemanui Iaswmiauu f
-Mb JOhn HPitro, aDtbe Bimal
or tb* .vL As ,nink
yesidu t
ad I

(1-3) tNS tne of m
feath do's
(1-3) t", 16of
tWo iW
Plstro was *uepgMwibla
ly Wu as Bt ,
pomW atiaua mud *1nrit
Carle was ebaikd wlttr
Mfth and'for forW K'
ONt tLthftemttrike to
d. Jonu atcber O
led- -ht msap t bat t

ward to Its diffM^~
touram.nt ett Ss w
tomorrow *Bu S:timiTb< j
0one ealls ftx af *w te husnr
tablo for tuinM wt
Wlnyed rWtlgty fa to lhe4
Wilnners wiD be dnfi~d. be

... s ^ .'' tL '

,M lf '"' '*. gA ;- 8' ; ,.

.- .. ;* .'. *

Toa 1 .. ,


Ons~ tlIe~~

rl~L, I nnrnthn~


Hike -olB adds
th w v1erT
wv lif thfmS wanr1<4

ons Niiw v j zseawweight wil
! pie =t of n p l,_torm .' ,and di _vld .e. .1, a ts 9!l Uno ., ,
m cular coormo d ing ; e ted -to meet .
i feetatMadionSqreOr- Ian Mtt hortiy after his dis- '. a.t
d The LVe. a. chage Baett will return to g
S n tondomn t pole America today by plans. '
vaultingiel. ( )--".A


k., m WsV 1 iM

4 .5

, ,



--- ~ ~~__


. 1 ,


v- i

: > *;'<

I | |lI I l lI/I Il

~&ivy7vII ~ *

- I' .- -

'A .1
*v-m*'' ** k.' r


SWr~ sUM

blrd twi
ib Batte

86 AL

4(Paa a Canal

0Ta0l*uI fa


Ba Atbe Schpol pturesM nets

l I. i ; SO -" ". --
* B-' h tt Krlr


-w. at.

, .' l

L. nj
k !2St

>J '&'!W 6

The to 9465 bey,*D owt I
* agd ,. i
*....** .. "
tDIm.1 ,. 131 .5

et.... 16
*.s ** 16 3

tows "
o. 0 9
7 I f. 0
4I 0- 4 0

Myen r
SLa Does
Ian 11:30 a&

, of n.


. Ai 'M

cusI toA

- --

BMW" r'

p. -

-- ----MH


~, 9

-I -

i.* ;-*. ."," *.,
:, *.. -.. Yr,.- .-
N.-.. .
4- gi-n

I U IDIrtiiikt


1 &


'ff r "'f
f** >



Po ed e past behind

f V -.- ,. -I .. .e ,..,,'-. ,, -


t fl ~R#..



power steering
mmw ofe .. wmdf -olo
laes te mad mor f mw

amd wheeled dek m asmi
wy o -suf *Wt -91k


1.. ,. -
' I FO

mia-. (2);
,10s- of .s
lew- r b
1^ ^owbr-s
LAf -

w" W-'C--Y/ L7-.

st. 4h,W. .

*eit: 9. and C4 sfcrneazwi in
ma fisowr n the occasntib e..
SFiPord Mocr 's 504 Aut*e6
;E. N at, y. '..

-. S ". -.. r-
.. .. .. "1 ; *

c, -- 's' &

N Wi nea",mii a "se ,

W e I to


,r.*:. *ff ,


* .' l
^ ^1 J*. .^ 'r

L 0- i
", "- '*.* -*



9i r-_
U a i*n

S .7
, : *


---- --- --------

* ,



: U i l


* rl


? N "'3
~ ,,Jl




41 (NEA Telephoto)
I LOOD GAP Flood workers In King's Lynn. England, haul
Sandbags to a huge gap in the seawall. These men are members
Sof a 12,000 disaster duty force who are standing ready as a 50-
'nile-an-hour gale again threatens Britain's 300-mile danger zone.

Ilizzards Hit England;

Flood Areas In Danger
,h ^

-NDON, Feb. 11 IUP-- rqads over the Penine Hills. cut
filik blizzards todav paralyzed off villages and towns. buried
tof northern England and cars and trucks and delayed
Ktieas with snowdrifts 10 feet many bus and train services.
1W as the fury of winter The tall end of the storm con-
ied from the flood-batter- tinued to pile uD snow.
*i.prth Sea coast.
Sat there weary workmen In Uw r uAat,,u
. second week of embattled nHarry Wooduff
*Aome against the sea that
M ed 250,000 acres and took al
Vi0-8' lives, braced themselves bSA A! hUftl
for more gales and high tides. E Woodruff
Today's weather forecasts said Harry E. Woodruff, of CocolL
@now and sleet whirled bv winds well known resident of the
now and sleet whirles and hourIsthmus for the nast 35 years,
ueering 50 milesth area oudied Tuesday afternoon at Gor-
urther rass the blizzards were Hospital. He was 58 years old.
Yesterday's blizzards were A native of Staten Island, New
driven by winds clocked at 99 York, Mr. Woodruff first came to
miles an hour in the southwest the Isthmus in 1917 while.he was
county of Devonshire. employed as a Chief Engineer-of
.Grey Channel waters lashed at floatyin equipment for the Army.
seawalls aloig noralany seclud- He had been employed by the Ar-
Sd Devonshire harbors. my for about seven years before
r Exmouth cyclists were hise emplOyment on the Idthmus.
oewn off their bicycles. An elid He joined the Canal service In
lrty man was killed by a falling May 1927 when he was employed
taL at South Allington. as First Assistant Engineer on
In the north, snow blocked all the tug Favorite. He was trans-
I- terred to the Police Division in
AA ma 1931 and was a member of the
A nI Pollee force for four years. He
,- ( returned to the Marine Division
dL tf a J In July 1935 as Chief Towboat
p ri el U Engineer, which position he held
F from then until his retirement
0 ss Pickfrom Canal Zone service in June
n Of Fo 1942.
dli Oen Lewis A. Pick, a Mr. Woodruff had been In Ill
member of the Panama Canal health for some time .and had
Co., Board of Directors was been a patient at Gorgas Hospi-
mentioned as having been "ad- tal slude January 1.
mejnisahA" by former Army See- He is survived by his wife, Mrs.
etasy Frank C. Pace. Jr., in the Julia Woodruff, a teacher at Fort
rent issue. of Architectural Kobbe school; three daughters,
n issue of Ar tec Mrs. J. Prokov and Mrs. Herbert
Theitm which appeared in H. Garrison. both of Ventura, Ca-
The itt whchappaed In ifornia and Sister Mary Mar-
t.e section marked "People In tha, of Charleston, South Caro-
e News" stae Frank C na; two sons. Philip H. Wood-
%rmy Secretniary Frahednk three ruff and Marion Woodruff. a
Jr., "admonished" three member of the Canal Zone police
Corps officers who force; two grandchildren: and
e severely criticized last two sisters who reside in the
ner by the Senate Armed United States.
preparedness subcommit- Funeral services will be an-
Sfor their roles In North bounced later.
an alrbase construction. _
three were former Engineer
f TA. ftn TLei. A DI. lam CA A UIJL Ui.dL

reced last November) and
two colonels in charge of the
General Pick was alleged to
have permitted the US air
bases constructed in Nor h Afri-
Sduring 1950-51 to cost the
government an excessive
even in view of their emer-
geccy character. It was also
ged that poor admihistra-
resulted in faulty construc-
of the airfields.

orardo Duque
Named To Manage
.. 'on Free Zone
O businessman Mantlel
ardo Duque was appointed
ay to serve out the rest
term of Mario de Diego
," manager of the Colon Free
uqdo Lanuza, well known
Ser baseball player and
City accountant, was
ted as assistant manager.
Diego was appointed last
as manager of the new
a Developmtnt Instl-

rurmer nign npzis
Seek Release

From German Jail
BONN, Feb. -11 (UP)-Five of
se ven former high-ranking
Nazis arrested by British au-
thorities Jan. 14 on suspicion of
plotting to overthrow the West
German government have filed
habeas corpus applications for
their release from Werl war
crimes jail, the British high
commission announced here to-
The announcement was made
as German police were expected
to make more arrests in a crack-
down of their own on neo-Nazi
and Communist groups.
Four leaders of the neo-Nazi
"German Free Corps" were ar-
rested yesterday in Hamburg
and Bremen after the homes of
35 of the movement's bosses had
been searched.
Federal police also are inter-
rogating 22 members of several.
Communist-front organizations
arrested last week for anti-gov-
ernment activities.

*v .;*;.; "
," =." .



* Ar

"Le t e pfop the truth and


, PANAMA, R. P., W

Army -WId 'A

In (

Ft. MEAD. Md.
-New York Publa
Simon asserted two
is "acting very 1
pressing a court X
Col. Melvin B. Tog
of a controversial, b
Korea war.
Simon, senior p0
firm of Simon: .*
which'published K
the statement to 1 I
waited to testify a0
of Voorhees' militai
Voorhees defied
priety" atandards.I
of his book on the
because. t was br<
day. he feared j
them would-mean 'i
the manuscript."

^ ..' ^;-
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Voorhees' decision to challe
the Army's grounds for refuse
to clear his book, "Korean Tl
was disclosed In evidencea at
court martial trial.
The officer,' former chlet
sor with the 8th Army in Kc
and one-time editor of the"
coma. Wash.. Times, is char
with violating Army resulaU
and disobeying a superior's ca
The prosecution intrddui
letters from Voorhees to'hbs p
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