The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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PeuNDa T Mm ONMN VUtL iN tos W u
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& C*0LI AoaWiP PANAMIWA t N. P*t4 j
WhlJggM a. I" I T7 CEWINT* IAvru VUTWm Iv w1 rp ,TH g r T Ip J I
IO~l N t l~tl H N'f a'rurl 10 &I#I 1A l IN P O W E R lS CT o ,
S4& M*AlhiVn A vf NEW YOern Kl N V "* 'V
h lUANi. IN ADVANCE .6 .. ..4 Tr is4 O.'-

When a new 4President. is tak-
ing office, lt helps to ut the
HE M AIL B0 slant of history upon .t early
0 *events of his tenare.
Usually a White House-new-
TbN Mail eas ti an open f*mm tis o ea d of The Paem* Amr. comer enjoys a "hdneymo'n" of
m. Lttnw are reweved grettfuly and re amdled in a whoely o edal' harmonious relationS wi n-
Nml meosr. gress, a period ofr.-he
N yve CMotrbute a lotte don't be imeiet if 0R sft appMth settles into his.
m day. Letan re published in theIoder Ni elved Franklin D.
Pu try to keep the letter lmted to one pge l egth. Hundred Dys" 1 ,.
Identity of l ete writs is Meld i s trtiete wnfid s lHarry 8. Trummans
TMhis newspaper asnun as meresipobility statements a epiniems similar immunity in ci o
emme in loote n fro reader' between nir sudden accemriont
-* let -r power and the Japanese a
render in 1945.
La Boca, Canal Zone event that Mr. Eisenhower, too;
Utor, The Mail Box, has his honeymoon. It weOM
Le Panam American, be foolish to imagin* that t
23 134, Panama, wi last for more thin a few
p. eanama. months at. best.
ar Mr. Editor: It never has, and the.uign
is that there are powerful fe.
tie ong~ standing policy on the part of the Panama Canal tors working agalast it, work.
mpany of leaving the welfare of the "Local Rate" workers at uIng for conflit betwem the
L.wercy of the lower strata of the officialdom of the organiza- President and Conress.
n. is a practice certafinly not founded in justice, and is de-
itely not conducive to the best Management-Labor relation- A lot of people ar 'sayin g
Ip that is so essential in such a strategically important agency Lhcsnc dal s that this conflict is
the U. S. Government. not Inevitable, that pongreu
It Is no secret that many of.these bureaucrats are outright- and the White House can get
pledged to the suppression of any and all improvementsjl- to n knitting and if taere ia
;ted to the "Local Rate" workers. toits knitting and if- there is
The fact that the lot of all workers is interdependent and b constant consultation between
erwoven that the suppression of one group of workers cannot Eisenhower a man of temen
I but to result in the eventual suppression of all workers, is a dous talent for bringing le
enomenon never given serious reflection by those who con- together, is. pictured a.s
ally whine about taxes, higher rents, etcetera. felow to introduce sweetne*a
Itlis high time that the direction of policies affecting the very feHow to introduce age-d rtne
lihood of humanity be taken out of the hands of demagogues tonahlal p
I bigots, and placed Instead In the hands of conscientious men Without belittling for an in-
oae concept of justice and fairplay are not bounded by selfish- ith te general's capacity for
i and greed. compromise one may tll sug-
Realiic. gest that conflict will not be a-
R se. ,oldEd Indef'nltely.

DEDUCTED FROM PANAMA CANAL PAYCHECKS or any other. day en i olliat'
Cristobal, C.Z.: ing at me admhii ,'
11 Edi:leavinoContes
SEditor: of all law, and hbe p
Here's a question.for the Can-I Company s accounting depart-, Icy.

I have just finlahed my income -ax repo l rnd fOrte life ot
iI can't figure out what percent you all ar O.
mebody please enlighten me? I Tsed tu be pretty i -
Ma, but you all have me stumped.
I make $207.20 base pay for two weeks, and you take out $6.24.
it percent is that?
Whatever it is, It isn't enough. Why don't you take out a flat
percent? Then .us little-shots won't have to pay at the end of
'tTr. .',
Disgusted Tax Payer.,. ,

New Mexico Way

A Capita l o sidelong
New Mexico 54 Cdik.beet1i
is Fe 5S. Made a
6 New Mexico's mistake
..d tI 5te thargic
Iower is the VERTICAL
y ua I Twirls
1 Plumes 2 Fervid
38 Biological 2Fervid
reproducti,. 3 Requirer
bodies 4 Beverage
14 Form a notion 5 Social insect
UI Father or 6 Health resort
mother 7 Rocky
3U Diminutive pinnacle
of Edgar 8 Rugged
17 Organ of mountain
hearing crests
1t a African fly 9 Tautens
(var.) 10 Natural fat
SOTo cut
2i Priority
W1 Equal
M Fondle
28 Aeriform fuel
r item state
21 unitedd
4 Personal (ab.)

Answer to' P~vious Pu*


LAE lM1mL l nL i .

113ZII r

12 Percolate
13 Scatters
18 Circle part
21 Birds of prey
23 Little ball
25 Ache
27 Harvest
29 Began
33 Conceder
34 Peruser

35 dourtesy (JtiUe
37 Enumerate
38 Drool
39 Bridal path
41 Eat
43 Watchful
48 Exist
49 Scatter, as hay
51 Fourth
Arabian caliph
SF LIkht'bro*n



sadia's trunk
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%* ,By atluoe addletl

IIib" .. every week .. e.,.li .da -

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'.kr. devi.ea, Congris
Wrouce & comprehe
AarmonIzed proa
It tends to f ap
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What energy o
This ha eMn to a
without WheitO-oas JM
because lawm"
by the w

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OnIa at the. .-of
lal, carters.
The Praeident. on
hanl. Is elected, by
cl hryi. And, he is
mre than as. r' M

even gh at do
Check on im.'
The Pound Father cm
him authority to make treas
to advise Congres onl poll
and to reto legislation.
Almost flom the first, A,.-
leas Preldeml -have a ud
pewer peositivy and
sively to omot
broad natia i
th6 iaw it. ig i.1
have fought Oore10.m,
to win tbeir, gols.
Today, with the Iepam1ta -
ments of. American soty
vocJ al d o powea ilea-
ondaely. and. politipaluI than
ever before, the dmnand for
strong White o13" .ud"eo is



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ThThe Kd kni o ant ta. They feel nizers, but,
If they coamp outMs s cod still of it ,
preserve their l or-the pOitaty. They have
an_ pre, i ntQ, It, na than
, *ient r tt hand innocent
Of the Commi d ti t nder the.
Ther know 1'. the to foment h
spread, It cnneo bl bt fan the other In and gryj
tribes, $t% .f o t it tribal That
groua h~a ho s o inBJi ol up, moment, a
ba the weapon in'

The Wilson A

Wi E .'- "m. .



o u o mocmrue
Sseas from which
the nation will now
ly are due for an
e President who
nor to the hilt is a tly a
there to stay,

-And so .. the e
.greni w ehi0ch 1v ,I

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..",'.' .s ',,^ !' *' *; *cl ',
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-* *.-. S*.
"^ ./ L ', .
. -r f ^^ L^ -J*J **r* *

W' ~
1 a
.5~' S..~4


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'| N <^ *, ....

.-I :- rpt. % 7
On) 6!
E^'EWf '.*



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Showi::L 44 6:S6, :0, p.m.- Slws: 7:0, 9:15 .-PrI s: .75, .40


(COLON) ,",



.- U.L.

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/imtfe I#N Mov

his-dflw qfsi 4 l(fMJTf F rsi/e
*,MiAvlA th A 4Ii 4t4f# t d Feli/t
add #tlArtli~tame lFrhytri~tm, Pmpi it;

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'P T. .
w. o .thepio t a Fo s AWol :s
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e'VrlTl -i r- ffi
No It f9le ItffloI lift. iro

For Smart Ladies !



from all over






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S. -, ,- -.-

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Cadro and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals and Departures
!^- --------------------- --- i '0

lawrWIOENa' OATLT Rv; S --'-*^^ ^*
r e a. .t .

S_ ,2 *,

.,ipping & Airline News
4-Shipping of Used Cars debarked at Cristobal and Ru-
juires Panama Certificate decindo Ortega. newly appointed
Persons who want to ship used Chilean Delegate to the UN and
erss from Panama must get a Juan Escitl. Chilean Consul in
r -exportation certificate from Philadelphila botL. bound for
tle General In.spector of Traf- New York.
The new decree was issued Inter-American Aviation News
ti o days ago. and signed by the Douglas DC-6Bs, most modern
President of Panama and the aircraft in the Pan American
sister o0 Finance. Certain World Atr'ays. fleet. are now
0 er requisities previously stip- serving PAA's blue ribbon route
uted must also be observed between Buenos Aires and New
w 'n apolving for the re-ship- Yqrk. with stops en route at
p ig permit Montevidpo. Rio de Janeiro and
t P- Port of Spain. The DC-6Bs re-
Canadian Yacht duce travel time between Bue-
LEqifor Guayaquil nos Aires and New York to 27
t 307-!uross ton yacht Mary hours. Boeing Stractocruisers!
J n arrived here over the formerly ised on this route have
wrek-end and 1h ft yesterday for been transferred to Pan Amer-
O layaquil after taking fuel and lcan's Atlantic and Pacific ser-
w ter. vices.
aster .nd owner of the-Ca-
b ian yacht is Ronald W. Mc- Negotiations are under way
a ns who hac] a crew of I for the purchase of 70 Gloster
"" e t. They sailed from Van- Meteor jt fighters and trainers
ver. Wilford-McKay are local by the Brazilian government for
ai tat. 5$15.000,000 If the deal for the
S--- British fighters is consummat-
G e Line Ship ed. Rolls Royce. Ltd.. is expected
Tated Yesterday to establish a Jet engine assem-
0e S. b. Santa Barbara ar- bly plant In Brazil
r ;ed In Cristobal yesterday en
rc ite to New York with a full In a move designed to stimu-
passenger list. Among some of late private plane traffic to Cu-
t* prominent' passengers a- ba the Cuban government has
*oard w, re Peter Allemano of waived miscellaneous charges
tle Insti' o f Inter Arneicanan ranging rom $15 to $25 formerly
Affairs in Santiago. Chile. who levied on all private aircraft en-
*-- -, terini the a'nint.rv "

&m s EduralioAn The fastest flight ever made
my's Educatiloni by. a Pan American World Air-
aays plai.e between two sched-
gram Enrolls tiled stops was recorded recently
gramill LIEnr s between St. Croix and St. Tho-
Students nias. Virgin Tslands. The time
S luas 10 n.inutes for the 46-mile'
1 0 Stuet flight. Schedule tune is 21 min-
jAppro:,imateiy I-'n military
sud dep-ndent students have An Instrument Landing Sys-,
alkeady Lompleted enrollment in temn and hjgh intensity lighting!
ttl eight -week session of group have been installed at Lima-
Mtudy classes now being con-,tambo Airport at Lima, Peru. at
dicted at Fort Clayton Educa- a cost of &]70,000. The only other
Center according to J. R. airport in Latin America enulp-
Cirk, education center advisor ped with ILS is..Ministro Pista-
Srtinl Airport at Buenos Aires.
knrollinent foi the coui es .
: lcoin-:le;.'dl-'t week wlth-Io' C#
s5&1t c'.i nu t0 litS rv person-
oel. Militair dependents attend ew Ta Chil
fre on space available basis W
Installations bEing represent- promises He Wont
Sq at the -essions include'Quar-
.*,lyHeightS Corozal: Fort Ama-' T2Yir C
i -U. Naal Station. Rod- Ha e m pTJapa r
j I i:. 15'-i Naval Distriet. Sum-
I*tl(Adi.adin 'I 'on Alhrocih Air WASHINGTON. Jan. 28 (UP,
S 0 'e Ba..' ..nd Fort Clayton T. Cole aan Andrews, noml-
ated for internal revenue
ach "- ioi local schools c)mminsimalot-r, t, L d senators,
and othe." qualhifed persons In- yesterday be-.ltends to end'
atructing fo' the courses are: the. "biolerule'" practice of
Spanish. Miks Mercedes Castro, "halASl" taxpayer w it h
Instructor at Balboa Junior High small khu. -
School: English, Miss Grace Andriw., a Richmimd, Va.,
Rider, also from. Balboa Junior accountant who wa -approved
High: mathematics Robert by the Senate 'lnance. Cm-
Mower. Balboa High School. mtuee. ye a. M" a e
Tx ninq Mrs. Nancy Gamble, C i ir
Cocolt El rentary School: 1A (R-COl
shorthand Mrs. Luis McDaniels; committee etit tiMe' in-
radio maintenance and repair., rested in the p of bar-
Fred Durl pp. electrical engineer rassing the taxpayer by put-
with the 0 S. Embassy: survey- tang piddling claims against
Ing Kenneth Martin. physics. him."
insiructoL. at Canal Zone Junior Millikin said must of these
College. claims were so small. It cost
more to fight them than pay
The classes are being held at them.
Fort Clayton Education Center, "I know that has happened,"
building 214. from 7 to 9 n.m. on said Ande es. "It is. an ,noler-
Monday and Thursday of each Ible practice. I intelid to end
. week. it."


I..J -L ... -, "

By Cpobrmiti

..r. -i

I bN ab. M I

"It's been a grand school year so far-I've had a date for
everything but the last meeting of the Science club!"


Great While Fleet

S.S. "FIADOR KNOT" .......................... Feb. 2
' '.S. "CHIRIQUI" ................................Feb. 8
S.S. "CLARE HUGO STINNES" .................Feb. 10
S.S. "BYFJORD" .... ............................ Feb. 16

*Hlanlint lrlluerSleu Lhlllr nld Utenera, La



Criatobmi .'-

S.S. "L. H. CARL" ................................ Feb. 2
S.S. "SAN JOSE" ............... ..............Fe. ,3
S.S. "MANAQUI" .......................... Feb.
S.S. "COMAYAGUA" .................. .... ....
S.S. "COPAN" ..................................Feb.

rrrqu-n! irelihi llaMm n inin 4 rIleb. aso
WI (soel lenlirs Ameriran mite

Passenger Salins to
New Orleans via Tela. Hosnarau
-: .


.. ,

" .", N "!," + %%4 ".

..-' iI

SWb.. ..
.. ............................... eb ,
S.S. "JAMAICA" ... ........................... eb. 24
.* A
," tecU, aaiuup m i ln hI lH mlv n Pi si niei si flt i 1ifdIt WMMB I I
Charleon L.e 4nel.. qgp rmi=.efl m S


CBiSTUBAI 2121 PANAMA 2-284 COti 4n to

M.i. tWLIN Planeteer

cffe mnAA .f .E o-

; Maee Bandit Checks In


T"NAT'I.I L. o s4Z 5

- .
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4 ,


, ', I -
,- lf" ".14w. ,van~g

.A. A


- 0


Ho dy, Blue.




Hurry *i L' '..
?, &.
1 4. j 4, ,-.. .

Sf, .,







lMechanical Age

I L--


* I


'--"'I ~' -'

0" I

. .. 'WJ : .


r$tbovetram the market' ame duria e.W mmd dPt
~w~b~tu~qdd93~---- -



Lt N
;I be

IsisM s. n
he 2 1
fssi t en t oun I

M] le Says:

who i lhshes off a box of cracker and a
l "Whor pound fet ibc betaf go-
F lao" M uo Hed.
as~~ a home me Enwirsdam vsstently

ROC ,LAND. Me. (UP)-There
wua no contest In this city's mu-
nicipal election, so only 128 vot-
era' went tathe Pool. It cost the
cIL g; average o f $7 for each
b& cit. *, ,

and will h -aying "'If that ain't just like a
'i hunt- woman" every time you do some-
ibiMders a iI the life of the patty when thing or express an opinion he
yowr wel- you are dead an your feet and thinks I uardasonable.
sure and dying to go home, and falls
I." sleep in his ebair when you,
when he want himi to beMipstaRy charm-
9 curtain ing to a ue.
'?" hYou are invited I
Sn ea you Look unhappy hen you ca oullre invit I
, but looks him a pet naa in pUlc,.how-
A that ever pleased be Jomkp.len you -to
call him the amn name hme.
t what I Oroans to you tha,. be thln k
."' but al- he is dl when he ia 111, but
Hu do with itar kdd about allent AS
the minute bhas a man caller. for
hn thing Can't understand why it exas-
> Is put a nerates yeu to hve him telln you
fixture. not to wgo"to any table" when Spaghetti Dra
at to top you're having x si for dinner.
1 because Told you all the time that he! All you can eat and d
and the waq courting you that you were
.what he different from other women end| ONLY 1.00 P
.dy. Dol then pen. the ret of his life'


20 TO 50%


Look charming, exotic, stunning in fabrics fronq.
ZIG ZAG and you will be smart, when you take
advantage.of this great offer.

- an about these nml-

i bb tested I nris
om powts

Sl (UP) a

11ar command report

Open Thru the Noon Hours



,~ a


-. .- .. '.


mo Ms VI
,' J i 4


i F.-,-'-
-.Flo. ..
7j S-^ '.*

f-C A L^L

". .'.-o 'r

lte .T

,7 -" .

t i i hWt fact, is i6 most
S.dve..d V.mngine eveW.v r .l -
fsi :ndardodiuegion A-grise bgKlleaBAsaamaa. mm
.Us niit s driVYIIg throu h
it g t f d st eun h Ve to a M fel" cities ad

,,w,.,s ,- ark it: Ralte d for
pe or t l i aor *i rilti._
.It I@ %I to l hr d-totpletae i ee
al u I ave these Goldea Anniversary
seTh~intS it Id5 w Slm-or oem thn newpowr,
ty r W Ml so r. uHe t Thjlls ems, too, a s MLbr rid&,
< !i~I~llay d s. .Mf" wudr' apw baking
im e ,& Amn rtVe.
Ebyt O W m inot. d wikw
imi fwag to the:
B1uks iW111iy great ye
V" o the .eAs we e*ate, w dd mome"
-M M -NW" able-obb da u-v
-Vwi .l 100 of "ma....e.h b
ttabY thi'wwvdg t u
Rfl~lkfji~tt4rs1 r --*jl-HSi vzi -i ~ -lrihl iaaai


' -- .... I




* '; P*

Y P~fhI~ILS. A

.P .. ,

-._: .7-- r .s
>, .1. .' .' .-*

A, .i,* .

I. L~

IiANCIe Sb IA oiQS .t ".
". ..., .?- .*, -i
.Irti |. P, -. ;. .^-


iMss A. *
-b ,.- .2 .' F ....




;~ '~..-

- d 'i *

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the--- *';


ft Beer Party ?
rink from 7 to 9 p.m.



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-'s' '~.

J lj I 1

W I '
.* ...

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------- -




-- ---- -- --'

r----- --------------r------ --- ---~~ ~...I__.

'~~--~ -~-~

I IIIill I I I




i. > .

- I



dy-T, Ou

option befl


You Sell 'em...When You Tell em thru A. Classifieds...

Leave yoar Ad with one of our AXeat. or wur offices in No. 57 "6" 1Sieel PanamI
njA f1974 t'ntral Ave. Col6u

Lewis Service
No 4 TIyvol Ave.-PhOO -2-31. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0443

SaL6a do Bele s Americano
No. 6 Weal 12t b ttet


100 eJod*F M.dh Avn. Phone 25M Ol

P ulnpmda, S.A.
Agencia Internacioal de PuMicacionae s .mat wuA tudiante k
No. a Lotiery Plaza Phone 32-310 P et I-4 and a-270"

ai or IZ.t wa .
McbadditiMo wrd.

, Hou~isebold
FOR SALE -Coldspot, 25 Cyl.
ft., good condition. $65.00
0582-C, Mindi St., Ancon, A
r Walker
FOR" SALE -Westinghouse refr
a or 25 cycle. Set mahogany
t bler, romen's dresser. Phon
SSALE -- Cldspot 25 c
Good mechanical condition, if
ac looking for a bargain. Ca
4404, after 6.
FOR' SALE: --25 cycle refrigg
'. rigidare'" oall porcelain in
condition. $65. Double bd,
r/t4ll between 4 and 8, 5454,
Sr.' F.' baoblo Heights.
FOR: SALE:-$85.00 Westingh
refrigerator. 25 cycle. All pc
lain. excellent condition. Phon
3308. 5454-J Endicott St., D
FOR SALE--25 cycle Westingh
Frost Free Shelvador refriger
8.5 cu. ft. 3 yrs. 3 month
antee. 0772-J, Williamson P
FOR SALE -1948 Westinghou
cu. ft. 25 cycle refrigerate
months guarantee $160.00.
cabinet $2.50. Kitchen table
chairs $13.00. Double bed
plete and wood frame $20.00,
tet $12.00. Table $8.00. 16'
$15.00. Bridge-lamp $10.00.
cuum cleaner $15.00. Sect
bookcase $20. Hide-a-bed,
new. 2 overstuffed platform
ers, Automan, slipcovers; 2
drapes 22' wide x 8' long;
12' Shogrug; above livingroom
$325.00 or individually. Ev
gowns, dresses, suit 12-14,
new. 146-A, 8th. St. New C
bal. phone 3-2169.
FO" SALE:-Fur coat for info
tion. Call Panama American.
S FOR SALE:-Living bamboo set
Sngroom set, other items. -
"Ampero," Apt. 26, 33 Ea
X. Cuba Avenue. Telephone 3-
I' Panarr .
S FOR SALE -9 cu. ft. Westing
S Refrigerator $65.00. Red
Coat, swogger style. (Apart
1483-A, Balboa, Teephon
40:31). .
lIDR S ,l Can same 4t 5
B. Plob, C. Z.
P c SALE:--Detroitifuel gas
00 ouse 117, 14th S
FOR ALE--Oouble bed, mn
Mahogwry wardrobe, modem,
radio. SaBeo. No. 77 Apt.
tudianteStmto- .t.

Help Woted

WAHITEB- bxoor nurs
for be+. 2; 4z, 9 ;-= the.
refrencews. Good MWy to
person. TlI. .2.2856 or 3-0
FOR' SAL!-GaSm cook for
icn fomity. Apply 4
HousebNo., 2M.

WANTi CompWtely ftr
opartmenot for N h An
N 6 children. Call
2-4788 1ptwen

WA N, -- Wringfs type
ing machine. Used. Coll 8

S"L Street
I L"st

-, I .11 I -I

OAuts.t..A .S.L Ee e am Mha# S Wias-- sliam& antoCre
8 Wdoe AlelA eoa. / A m im, so a m Ibedrooms. refrigeration. i.
8 cu. FOR SALE:-1953 Plymouth Sedan, 2031 AvMe C. X RoekgAc rangers. S lboa 2-30eQ.
cash. Crankbrook, Cactus. Green. Not only A A No 33 E pt *wek-eads
A. E. paid. Equipped with radio, dire-- Eureka, S. A. Central Ave. No. 133
tional lights, Selex glass though Just around the corner ar ,J" St.. STA aof Hotel Pon Amerieane in sad
out, chroe wheel dis!'s, good buy. announces our new -ki Shade Cool Beautiful El Vaoile.
iger- Must sell at once. 15 602-B Co- Sarvice. We con now make.t order 14U BACH Sae Cla
n 4d coll, or call Balboa 2-1908. uny kind of lamr. shaVe or re-covr Also Cerro Campona. Shrapne's
S4- ALE:-BARGAIN! Willys Se-- your old one at low prices. Balboa 1389. S
S dan, very good condition. Tel. 2- INVITATION FOR PROR OSALS| TO amCh Snto Clan beaCh. S
ycles. 4624 CLEAR PASTURE LA NDiS i lec*
you ."-..- Sealed bids in triplicate will be re- t o d 'a rME o t I'lephbng Wl
II 2- FOR SALE:-1948 Studebaker Star- ceived in the office of the General s.e moderbrte 4-567 PTdrelIp k
light Coupe, excellent condition. Monoager, Commissary Division, Mt. o 4-56a Pedr
-r Call Cesar TerAn, Pqnama 2-0825. Hope, C. Z., not later than February
good iOR SALE:-51 Ford convertible. 4~ 19, 1953 at 3:00 to clear for hIlli Oceanside l toes Su Cg0
$,! Nash,$620,potor scooter,25Pasturage all or stlpuJioted portions Clara. 1 436 lieg Phot
$20. Nash, $620, motor scooter, $25. anura of or imP lyp0o0r n a 4 171.CtiS 3-16?? r
rApt. iies drneu with mirror. 0774 of an oreo of approwximofly 800 Pli .s l87se. it7 -67J.
G and 0775 G, Williamson Place. acres of land at Mindi, C. Z., be- .
phone Balboa 1533. .tween existing pastures and Gotun
louse 'Lake. Contracts to be executed on
orce- FOR SALE:-Studeba'.er 2 1-2 ton the basis of bids received will stipu- H len aM J
e 2- truck, duty paid. Excellent condi-| late the exact boundaries of each -
iablo tion. Cesar Teran, Panama 2-0325. acceptable bid and will provide for FOR RENT 2 bedroom house.
the removal of all trees, shrubs and completely furnished, for 2 1-2
ous. FOR SALE:-Hillman Sedan 1952; undergrowth, with the exception of months. No. 15, 48th Street.
rtor, Hillman Convertible 1951; Hillman such reserved timber and shade
uar- Sedan 1951; Morris Panel 1951; trees as may be indicated by the rOK K I
'lace. Morris Convertible 1951. In per- representative of the Panama Canal
S fact conditions and guaron'eed, easy Company. Bids may be on the basis Apltmffg flt
se 9 payments. Cll Mr. Eski'dsen, Co- of mechanical or hand removal of _
3r, 8 Ion Motors, Inc. Tel. 2-166t9. existing excess vegetatioh at the bid- ALNAMBIA APATMINTS
Dry -FOR LE 948 Buk 4 door se- ders' option. interested bidders may two end five room turnmthed and
m- 2 don, black. Good condition. Call arrange for inspection of the area urturnished oapartments: pnvoate a
com- Cear Terbn, Panama 2-0o involved by contacting the Manager, closed gCrdens. 861 10th Stres Sh
bufan Teran, Pn aindi Dairy Farm. telephone 3-1912. New Crisatobal. .iltwe Colon 1 psa
t fan FR SALE..x 4 door le e Windsor between the hours of ;00o A. m. 1986. A t
9Windsor nd 3:00 p. m.* Mondoys through
FOR SAnal Lux 41 door idr,. leather, Fridays h FOR RENT:-ln Bella Vista, furnish- F
like | dio, white'side wall tire. Call -- --- ----- ed two-bedroom mode apartment
ock- Ca r Teron, Panama 2o-0825. SPICL SSwIsI Call telephone 2-2995 and 3-38 2
irs FO .MorrFROM ANAM M IO after 7 p.m.
pa FOR SALE:-Morrs Minor, 4 Door on way S85. rnd tril $15o13 -
9 x Sedon, light blue, 1951 model, 8,- day-limit., $16 jDO. good one year; FCR RENT.-Apartment, one room
usnit 000 miles, duty paid. Excellent to LOS ANGELES one- way, $149 with kitchen, sanitary service. Ap-
ening condition. Call 83-6151 after 5 15. round trip $252 35. 90 day- ply to La Vida Drug Store at Ma-
s:tst p. m. limits. Panama Disptch Service op- riono Arosemena No. 39. Panpmi.
wgste Ancon bus stop. Tel. Panama
FOR SALE: 1951 Packard Po- 2.1655. K
rmo- tricion, 400 four door sedan, duty r
paid, radio, seat covers, ultrom- FOR SALE' 1
":din- tic, white side wall tires. Excellent FOR -- id r
condition. Call Cesar Ter, Pan- iFOR RENTd or ur
st S. 2 "M e an. A n nished, Bella Vito, No. 4,45
4 F SOR SALE:--3' m(inths old, male St.
4696, FO SALE: -- Buickl 1 4-door, Boxer pup. Red fawn, registered, FOR RENT.-Furnshed room. re DEAL
er. Goodcondition. Phone Reubort excellent blood lines. Call 85- dental section. No. 34 Peru A&
house er. Good condition. Phone Reurt, 4195.
n Navy Pacific. 23/7 after 3:30 0;- nue. Bella Vista.
rng 2266, during worl:ing .ha FOR SALE:-ZeM console radlo FOR RENT.-2 large roos, kitc
e 2- wltH vrlabl sF Record c bath and auaide screen,
FOR SALE: 1951 Chrypler New ere 60 cycle. P Pnaa ea d ..y Jni
-- Yorker 4 door door dn bla whra* J '
Refri- idawof tires, radio cOu AL
old.' U,'. clqhi d p B 4 .,
L45 -ad. 4.LIts sizes FOR R .
--F iSA : -- a cd 4 i c51 missor. Apply
wtv. W. rodilo, sled.s12- c7 tW-lter and defroster corner 1t h. ahd *nly -
rtn, n'Iaftoltin. Must epll, .Ill pc- for Cheweile blmost new. refri- trance Bolvor. lo. 1 123. Ttl.
c ,,st f, re Wing I,.hmus gerator poraelon in ond out, 25 233, Colon..
ar. y, b seen 15 24;C, Govilan cycle, tworj1f Irs, col.a'bl. ,
sm. Are, Balboa or cll 2-3269. House 148n DeTran St. Ti.-
5 -- ---,-- ohone 2.4,98 after 5:30 p. m. o uleiNoa %l.
Fr *ALE:-1950 0ldsmobily 2 Dr. OR SALE;nper sewing foot ma- -

a on. .. 1.
Bring FOR SALE:-1952 Ford V-8 F edoFOLmREes oFR INT
Il Mainline, leaving Isthmus. Cdl Ft bi machine,horses. Is e 4.
39 Kabbe 3276, 7-. m. 4 p. m* b 2406, ll4-BBalbo. Rd. o rek .I
A FOR SALE -ord Coupe 1938. Fol A :--Re igr trHot
ee Tel. 2-11on 57G Hot plate. 2 burners. Upholstery
Tel. machalne. Tailor's machine. S Flat
FOR SALE:-1941 Chevrolet o T 9rumpe. Lg Boc. Hous 910,
ood condton, new radio. between Ap, i_.t -L4A]
arnd 8 p. m. 45th St. house No. 4_4L b o l e A.. 4 3l"
FOniRh.d SALE ,*; --- i- 0"16 y Tr i Nkw*y. FOR SALE:-2 miles from Arr
r In E:-1 99 Oldsmobile cs, 'FOR rt nway. ith
Roos, On tansprtetlon. Phone tables, 36" a houses, ech wth
9-12 185-A, after 5:00 p. m. t Mashines. Prop Plumbinggra w
LEs- Ce t 18' x 17",LO. Hue No. 100 fruit trees. Robinson 2-3151.
w-- Ile, 3 wees old. Never exceedd 164-A. Gnamo, C. 2, FOR SALE: Chalt. Apply 9124
g8-Y1 6P 40 m.p..h Phone Cristobal 3,1551.
h.. 40 m.p..h Phre Crstob -1 ,OR AdLE:--C610E tr Bolivar and 9th. St. Colon. h ermd '
FOR SALE: t950 Mercury etr, complete wi th plch OmlI. FOR SALE:-Duplex prtment hc
dark green, perfect ca ter, colls tuning unitsfor 2MC i Son Francisco near Via Pom bt
e tion, House 417 Porte elo ,, to 30 MC and spoare prt. Call 14th St.
-a c z KAnbbe 222 after p. m. Thomas Rul Estate A
FOR SALE:-1950 Buick Super FI SALE-Kodk magazine pro- 259 entral Avenue. Re111
vitrg Coupe. Radio and Heater, ietor 16 mm with ass. Inquire 3-1069. 7 @
Call owner. Albrook 5219. Almocen Kodak, No. 12, Tivoli F A
Avileble fe immediate delivery in FOR SALE l
4 dolereDoL xnS 1953 ChavrolW MA SALE:-Rever 50 moving pic. __ A _
4 de.r De Luxe Sedan, color light fure come and ow hide co ase.
S? blue. Smot y Pa;de. Hardly used. Sell for Its then half FOR SALE: Ketch Jolly MI f 4
SFOR SALB-H4M~rlmn Minro- n rt- retaill price. Call Albrook 2200. built for round the world cruise. t
f lo, let- thtlnan M v nr old Cn a Hull A-1 condition, good si
GoodCless t ion.Nstainless steel ring. S -Ili.
CmikW. God .d rion. Coll Ft -OUND j* "* -*wn. s-..
Clayton 4249 L James E. Bank, Cristobal Y .
lFOR SAyt 4I49 LOST--...ld earring SpphIre centre, Club or Box 436, Colmn, R. P
FOR E:. 951 Ch 2 Do r s ob Pt Offlee. Liberal re SALE
Wadn, Power Glide, perfect con- ward. Cri.stobol 2116.H.P. 25 cycle. House 509-M.
ditlon, 10,000 miles. Call 2-298. --- cle.H 09-.
See et 742-A, Enterprise St., u coli. Healt
FOR SALE: 1932 ModellB F-W Sl-
t CO Excllnt n-Ope's NHealth
Ut M&;r b--rW hearing m.wat
dirt tog. m. _. NC rma.

.m .. ~~~I E ~ Avatcan bufar. mnd&e

lhoor Show Set
For Thursday At
Clayton Club
A dmue and floor show soon.
Or Fort Qyton Servift
be held at Clayton
Omnannum tomorrow at 8 p4.
~hedul to present enter

3n. WM ll e I
lt and

ie Fraiy k Ccl of Fort CiLs
tM ipecal sIervtie& will
a "d"o.n"

Pope Mjug Xm WaMU G
&*OttoMlmwchO whehIn of9PiuX ns graa

weeks. oinms w
9W *r tr trip Is to can he forecast
erenuel mtters which require ryreove y,
odltnaton wth the offices in
he United tates. The persn-W T w ~7
Sif wS C Want ToGrow Bif

1 wh ta as stable Mdatehaty.
mmi traw bed

V~uN3 -isme Ncnpn tuI] are baffled.
1 11 bad Teir teats, they amid,
-4 m t oe ered cni m about ~ 1


i no more to protect
beautify -oncrete
withb -
rative and durable
Lerproof coatlnes.
or deacrlptive folder
nd color chart
I9 Oettral Av.

mmn mm-nn.M

kop or. movA.

.IS 80w224161.
1. P2n446.

Chairman and Joe Ltem MSImp

R Tells '
(tonuaLurO Irom Page 1)
thm -U Mj
they had O KM'
testimony, be. Ied to.te
owns ta Ol S o
whom Rice once worked a A
Iatead 6f 1ib g1traight *1
RMee m tetwo sen
the de tWUtop IW e
Pnu AAirlosn bulld IU
wher n and Davia
oat V ledibi-n r6Iong "three or
fourO baea-into the car. In an-
swer to I4aJaui oy Iara. IaU-
0tr, Ilr I"t Ima wbhat
Was ao m boxn% mad wean at aQ*
all curlo-.,to ttUa eontat.
Laterigg Bea tf 7 het- r
rited be ori lto'srnas whce *
the bar owawnsl(*iS :n t1 e

~4 I

m,, ltaoefasre

t of her Col

by a doctor V
d andd ONe1r
never had a ch
S-'huma blta


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0 S u to d rr, he
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Sl, Joie, i .nd. g. dr

*peN iN st orto t anI dto ge an Bt
a a ^lto the- T tinheg do t tcding a the byoaru tby

t(uA *A frm^ Sn -e pS dn ho e j o ard chool.e edion d o es't ac t *

to sav her a. k_ d. the gSi o physical l ererduae hoa ther
f Is ,hich b I S e e'thiib e. a 01dut o a ted, h_ el a sto a stoetalsco and P mar eAlet O

o at I e0w i. S.e aor e cla me in the ha en ou
th erIm id t e .,n e 2a thtc -

bi oub h wus a s 1a cludevo- ter on TurdaY nlg h

Sther e a s oold leteachersuperv, not to l."

' ,Bill To st Up ae^duSUof fIom h
.I hCrimie Cn ho6 l dance there.
o~[ue Adarom m and Km14early threat
)ggf^g ingis %ta), rmi p otre coal board ot education, he board of educ1 does d t ac t
..n..,odnl herhome saiibut orrells sold, "Aftr6ll, It

.a mu 'lOfher ctwo-,d a n c ingcsr.e
a Day High = I I atogdi club, which goes auditorium mid is rapidly grow-dnoIncludeball
I to be ou os for seven t ml likes in the tug. Some 150 boys and girls room dancing," he said. But

1b y I e lA

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'- ... ..Vol "Cor.a M y s.
,s-_o Eila.Becmanr..
of his pohmg "A lot of the bomhibe-


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OREA-DueaU. Gmiter. oT 4LgUB
Kame weather. Geis-er was asgnd
urtewrmater Corps, ad id that he
S&U be wore beneath the t was a pa

Our kitchen is now under

Home made s
Boiled Potato
Desert 85c.



Iech, CaL, loie
I the Uk of IbaMi i a19
was pemectly mgeuortabl4
ir of 0o. --

new mausgelmit 1N'

Fresh Salad
Coffee or Tea



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Iarly I, 2-29S
Make youar
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dee ? 17,9.4 Phoea Ba oa 3s521

-AYCOCK MARRIAGE Forer Residents Return
compan ed by their daugnuer,
Miss Barbara Anne Curies, daughter of Captain and Mrs. Mss Rita rin, returned to Pa-
a Ilph Curies of Balboa, became the bride of Lieutenant David nama Sunday aboard the 8. 8.
I" L Aycock, USAl, son of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Aycock of Chiriqui" following an aosencer
Oristobal, at a morning service solemnized on Jan. lo, at the of several years during which
jIther Air Force Base Chapel in Sacramento, Calilo.nia. time they were residents of
SChaplain Albert C. M. Stefiens officiated at the ceremony. New Orleans, Lou.slana.
*_Mr. James BrieckiTan, or-1 Stanley Glenn To Attend Mrs. Thropp Arrives
t plk.ved Schubert's *Ave cno ii n u. o. From New Jersey
during mte ceremony ,ur. I .a,,y Glunn, son o Mr. and Mrs. hugene C. Lorm-
Sthe traditional wedding ,c. m ...... ~.1,1.. Gl.0 .eiAni oi bard of EBilboa heights have
ahes for the processional aioa, ae., ,i unlus via as thr h-nuse kuest Mvirs. Ooro-
recessional. Idanu LA, Aa on aacinda y thy Thropp of Tom's River,
alter of the chapel heldi,.ulvn,,,g 1u.L oe unhied States ,ew Jersey, who arr,,eu j,. ,l
arrangement of white Lx 1.o Lu "..1os6d, lexu, Isthnius Mwcay aboard the
santh. mums and bab 's S Panma rom New Yorkw th e
h. ,u.eau ',eL,, Institu e. for visit in PanaaomNwor
Iunthe n sence of her father, : ),ma ey Y s a Li ,u-term grad-fr vs I P"
e bride was given in mar- uae (1 LnP bal.uo .avn &cnool Bake Sale Valentine's Day
by lieutenant David J. o, tile L4.asSs o, 1h. 'in le,:..ue oe tur. ran
and was lovely in her, before oegl ,,,aung -bchooj he W om en o t Lhe Re .teemer Luth-
.g 9gown of wnite Chan-i, v,-vt wul ivr. and Mrs. tran Church will -ponsor a
lace and nylon over slip- -A tWrigi, and witn Mrs. bake sale to be held In their
itin, made with bourfa n 3,- gy l u 01 noustLon, Texas. service cee.ter on Saturday,
a-1, tngth skirt of ny--I February 14.
e fitted bodice with pe- Miss Alexanoer Htunored On Februar 14
n collar and three quar- 10lnday utn...ea..iy All Star Circle
ngth uffe ^sleve adiMisBe~at ^ leader was All Sta f0 c1111
edn ued sleesan iss Beatrna Alexander was To Meet February 4tr Ccle of Bal- HIGHWAY LEAPFROG-Impossible though it seems no one wa seriously hurt in tbl dedl
ed red of Chantieye lace o uer a:,t.r gven recently in boa All othr irel a looking pile-up near Waco, Tex. The Mercury upe on top of the pile coludd with a truck,
her elbow length vele of celerason o ner brnday monthly luncheon seeing o and leapfrogged onto what once was a Chrysler. Captain Robert S. Hammer, who was driving the
i llluon was attached to anniversarv by Miss Elizabetn Wednesday, February 4, at the Cryaler, escaped wlth only a broken foot. James C. Land, top man la the pie-up wa o ut
11a Juliet cap. She car- Ienneoy t ner none in the Scottish Rite Temple In Bal- and bruised.
nozegay of white roses Fifteemn .Naval District. boa. Rt T p i Bladbie
wit h white carnations -
led ty white ruffled net Panamnte Kobbe Service Club D n A n
-4showered with satin Guests At Hotel Panamnonte NbeSrieCu
oers d w a 'mhe mniosc recent guests to To Present Play "
s weBrenatner. ofSain rve at me m oe an e aon- oast of nineteen amateurDt
IcSE California,tformerly Le in boquere include Mr. and actors will be presented 14 theD
?anciscoC n fo yvrs. S. M 1amiltn of Cristo- Hart and Kaufman co ed y I
Garr o wan s wore m altro nt ofjal; M~r and Mrs. Leonard Play. "You Can't Take It With r
.1of lavender nylon netlriailser of Illinois; Mr. Harmo- YOU," at the Fort Kobbe Thea-.
matcrdng taffeta, madeial Arias. Jr. of Panama; Mr. ter on Saturday, February 14.
Pf. C Ce o arrbhCoq Eds In Call. Geil Racket
t a fit~ed bodiec and a ruf-' mcar'oo i-ince of Panama; Mr. Pc hze Kreisler is dlm
drape to give side effect uana ,,is Olmecio allaro and rector of the play in which CHICAGO, Jan. 28 (UP)-- In recent years the ring has, Malone said ls Wheeler
drape to give side rtad their daughter, Blanca, of Pan- the following actors take part: Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters at Minmea- and Miss Eliott establisabed a
e boin with a fusch a velvet a. CWO A. E. Davis, EUlizabeta St. agents struck today against a polis and Duluth, Minn., and imail order gift house whkth he
d with a fuschia vve Clair, Pat Devore, CWO Clyde big-tlme vice ring that recruit- some of the girls were procur- charged served u a front tor
i Her csume. wasl conetl Miss Has- a Elliot entertain- J. Surlne, Pvt. Joseph EPPS, ed college-girls and checked up ed from the University of Min- cail girl operations,
-d hi r a gel was of ed on Sunoay afternoon at the Joan Mitchell, Pvt. Louis Van on the financial ratings of Its nesota, the FBI soakl.
ana hner corsage was 01o-tel fanmonte In honor of Eperen, lot Lt. Philip Allen, customers. I Apparently one of the biggest 0. 8. Commlloner C. 8.
1 _-.... .Aycoc,'f..orm. r-Miss Ehzaoeth Terry, of Roa- Mary RogErs, 1st Lt. Earl Fos- In checking down on the proa- operatfoo of the ring was at Bentley Pike salit bond at $15,-
3ard Aycoc' formeo nowe, brginia, who is a niece ter, Betty McCrary, Pvt. Harry titutlon racket, FBI agents selz- Chia.go, where MiAles Wheeler 000 each tor the two wmCe.
hb, r thr. asno o Mrf and Mrs r'ollef Mon- Suplee, Pvt. Frank Dillon, Pfc. ed two little black books listing and Elliott were accused of re-
alri es niche of Finca Lerlda, Boquet. hawrence Conny, 1st i. Jo- $1,000 customers. Icrultin women from many
i s therseph St. Clair, 1st Lt. Wolcett Those arrested included 11'par's of the country to takero r m
bwinr the ceremony ae Te Parmy, Pvt. Ed Nowicki, Mija girls suspected of being prosti- care of "visiting firemen" in
b.ekfast was held atBride Tournament Winners Drake and Gene Sandidge. tutes and two alleged ring lead- the Windy City. I
0 Hte C on Aacramn nto. Winners of the regular -ers. Seve men customer also CJh int falo FBI ageno t e ohn F.
ainwkd d c rated nit a e Mnam D Reed Prdis His An alleged kingpin, John 8. legedal neprostitutes ldthehera Your Counity Stotion
rpfect- of carnations and Card Room ofe the Hotel Tivo- Gawron, 39, surreaderedto fed-' admitted working r the ringO-O
noecood y crelra ,ande .. LK ;2nd M aanM s F eral authorities in eapolis. at priea that ran p to- $100
egro o lored herdles. Kh 3d nd. 4thi edMrs. F. Bill wil.awronwas accused of ar- ancl.$ 150 a day. AM one
a bri wore. for her go-Brady; 3rd and Ath Paed, rsa. Ba white Fhbnto ranging with two Chicago wom- girl told him she earned $10,-
bloutased reataed whit Tho t a e Tnd Mrs S. Rowc ley Approved Feb iutohi hemal a nt o thaem r for tMhi 0 In the ls-tMfvieS S
blouse, red access so- ,nd M rs. b M cFarland; an dca lforad .ione that the' r in.hea ers
a corsage of American 5th, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Norris. WASHNGTON, an. (UP) Gawron is a partner in fohn's fomation that the ringleader M
roses. -or o te -Chairman Daniel A. Reed pre- Bar and Funhouse -it Minnea- each prostitute's earnings.
oi awek dI Neig hborhood Committee dicted today that his House polls, which authorities said
ancsco and Red .Buf, Ways R and MeansdCommittee woi was used as a cElo ring house S WenertM n
owing a wee-ndo e Ba b i t h approve hs tax redeon billt for girls procured by the'ring ist o bal Chapter d lDi n
KUS L ei c^r~ant and ors~i cborh Committe e whi ll meethda Feb. 10 and that the House wlol for Illicit traffic ing re nnotls. AL
k started a cross ounr Is e niat30In the Girl pass irt r pgtaway e Miresota, Wiscaonsin and South er Meet oa Capter o-s "
Sout Carlin whee 0t he r epuoiican leaders, Dakota.ToN Meet Comlorrw ss ii r
aIll pe ahis trai ningAmbassadorPezeth pa hoy ver were not o certain. U.. Atty.Ae x tDim d **
1 -are at present In M e re- Leaves For Quito The bil l would cut individual at M inneapo l* that 4~e o M a "" ':"; i
,TO=,Ivpresent Lt.Mem- Leavewly income taxes by an average 5% the girls were recrul from1 00-4
STlemv visiting t. Ay- The newly appoted Am, per cent this year and 11 per the UnIvetd .-y lo a n
relative bassaq wo r ocenn to re- nt thereafter there. s o Crl1b a 1:- EW
Aycock graduate wthor, Dr. Jose Pezet left the oue OP der charles FBI aents said they Were COl
& Class of 49 from the :sthmus Monday by plane for Halleck of Indiana said in a ra- nningtheusthey e rCo
o 1 n QuitoEcudortvde Jne h manning the customer n tsan r a a .
a l ~ h e h o a ~ n u l o E c u -d r .d 0 i n t er v ie w M o n d a y n ig h t t h a t o t h e r i n t h i 3 :a3 o e J n o o l g e e='J t t u # V &
hepubl ic an leaders have n ot w a12" 1a ;n. Sr
S 1. C ehde h i preseniftly em bMarsTaU Harris given Reed's bill a "green light." four-state prostitution racuket, tiv R We4lsh, who & ,0 .
ba the v DZois n oe Celebrates Third Birthdar Halleck said he Is not cloaRni and the vice ring recendy tleyl'u o.dw.- 171:,nvenl i n g
on the Zone dMaster Marshall Harr, son his mind to the possibity o covered In New York's cafe a- ]* th e receI tly, a te :-- S "
tenant Aycock graduated o f Mr. ar d Mrs. Gardner R. an early tax cut but the lead- ciety. l the drdtGs.,at-
the Crstobal High s school arrs of Pedro Miguel cele- ership's first concern in the new Pollce said that the black s in,

ten the='^ w tons the chaper' ,. ii...
i8 and front, theCanal brated the occasion of his third Congress Is to ballne the bud- books lis ed customers by lname .stor 1953.- t
SJun'or oUg with thelbirthoay anniversarybokB on Sun-get. OthmerbypublicanonReed's ue cotnh
fi nS1;0. He Mt-.nrle the Qay afternoon with a party giv ubim o R e 's., n193
of 95. H atenedtheenat ishomugred.esscon~iections, and Dun own ::,
er nwich committee privately agreed, and Bradstreet ratings. and in-,
Of 1950. He attended the en at his home, which over- President Eironhower's State eluded privately-coded notations rtevenson Speecn ] th Al, (M
prior to his enruLth.,eyplooks thd Pedro Miguel Locks. of the Union .message to Con-aon how much each could be 8 .
the Air Force. Marshall and hLs Dad share gress next Monday is expected excited to pay. IrersW *

^AndMr. emn h sam ilrESSICa L d. ^ eIete to?! pay. ;!^rt S Win 8: -4B 1
H Athe same tnrthday to put first emphasis on the The racket, described by fed- Q. )
t .ed Mr. Remon I na Tw i b o no thupied ne- e a bt era authorities as one of the 1 -itrar Awards s. D -,

,- '^// ... .... I' '"*^!aS C;l ll, A0n|,!S rI
Hon red At anquet the pl cswf h ic, o h e e Under the present law. indivi- nation's largest, was said t6 "7r r A a d
Excellency, the President Ireshment table which was dual Income takea would be re- haatedw in Illinots, Min- ..0
the Republic of Panama,'ceverly d corateu In a circus 'duced 11 -er cent next Deo. I1, and South YORK, Jan. 281 (UP)-- I-.g
i Antono Remon and Mrs.theme. Ice cream was served making the cut effective in 1954. Dakota, netso rin leaderS of AdlaIY K .28tvnP0
an wit be the guests of in forms b Af shapa flying the Reed's bill would advance the. $1 ,0 a yer u ipteth writers. w ,..
at a banquet to be giv-nAmerican Flag. effective date to June 30. giving. $100,000 ILyear. 0d w o awards tonpight, Bi h as ,an. 30B
h, e venbng t 8:0 bat the Young friends who helped t o yersa six months' break. Gn sr woo ed ado tw ognr twav4l egain the td- M -
C l u b b y t h e M e m b e r s o foM a r s h a l l c-el e b rat e a io n c I u d-ee ld o t r a a o d o o me e t i n he r e t o a r r e s t D e e M W h e a l a _r epm t ,t A l t o
Dplon atle c Corps accred- his new P rother, Joh n R ussell of h is a c lom m te e. o R meed t an-gn t d d '~ 0 1 hm a i
Panama and their La- Harris; Tommie and Eddie nounced he plans to report the 40, a pethe brownette, a.'
Frensley; Micky atndL Dennis bill out Feb. 10. He added, how- Frances Elliott, S1, a. iatuftequa bg frnon -
AndauMrs. RBledson Dennis ever, that he has not discuseedstawery blonde. They bool6Th11
And Mrs. Bledsoe Broslus; Davn d Orr" Diane and his Plans with the White Hou- charged with transporting W- Nodt MseC eloPeglt
ain dtEleanor Ytung; DaviBd and or House Republican leaders. women from St. Paul, Minn., oto oltPJerent
Commandant of the Faf- Beth Thomson; Tommy and Chicago for Immoral purposes. Sardor.10
Naval Dbstrlct, Rear Ad- Johnny McGuinness; and Nan- Misses Wheeler aond Ell1ott t19Pro7.9"
w'ere among 0 defendants
adfral Albert M. Bledsoe, U .Ncy Edwards. er name o n 1 defndacm nts r 5 .ItT
Mrn. Bledsoe were hosts Adulta present included Mr named in 11 indictmentsre
8 buffet supper given last and Mrs. Russell T. Harris, Mr turnEd by a federal rand Ju ry i nnnsin a_ t
evening at Quarters A, on the and Mrs.,2 K. Esler, Mr cri at O *st. Paul lass FridaY. 5t AOf
Naval Reservation. Mrs. Cliffs rd Thomson, Mr ad D L C O SThe FBI said five others were ap ]ret front

BrsuThnossM AnnerMrs bergsouhttina.
a~me H~iden Atchoo ad To VeraFox EMs.INoreAL e Am CAMBID- M how .. "
gradu~ated iherhe Clas ley MS.J.R 8rs M r s nsemv.r ~scmm ,z~hor~n es erl e tg itS Oader' Co"Tnan- ofHavad are tow '~I" .
byMrs.Ddavysha federal.0n dgjesurynal ho
T.chordrengedrCvd m ts ,; co.

kDbcom U.eo AiesArentna...m ..

,, th 8tat '.0e nak u

vy .ivM masi
with inadequate facmiltes that
no certain finished look and W
no Ruarant~ee-- when won can .bef~w
haw,, a prnfeqqional one eom. let Wn
nite efor nnly 17.50! it rt wiWae
1108 lonae, ald look better- li to I DW1 SIM

vt gag
ch 11Z
of the
and mmo
the 56
dral. thi

ness. smemston; worth
conducted in the aft
2 p.m. the meet a
apartment .ot
with the Rev. il
as chatrm wll bd
.m. theft 'ntauyout
lion wl convl e it I
church, La e ,.
J. Peterson, m..
Friday, Holy Co0
7:30 am., dPWtannt






. ;

These can

r-M-Twoat am Bfar Yof crawr-_
*^^P^-.rtSlft ,'
I*-tsithnweds and Mlikeso t MOW
bM- ammd keep him healthy. No
POWY wed this 1 Every ps s d |
LM- r edsa diew aid *nipecud r
BS tiNud "e,-d Me a p

be had

..-A .. ,.-. -.-. .,- ... .. .
'i V:(.. _,' '.3 _" ^ I ... ..-<. .


W-. r. L.



. i
I ans

".0 U
ann -i

...A 1 amnda-romma .,
_' _ci. "MAYTIME AT
In Technlcolor! -- An_~a
STARTNeagle Michael Wildlar




* *


At CristtoYC'
, A me l oian .of beginners
S nihcla will start at the
YMOA-USO on Tues.
day. These class afford an
opportunity to Engltah-ipeaking
pp to learn conversational
d the tutelage o
MI Dadro Geaales, preently
teaeht at the Inter-Amerlcan
Wom045 Club, hb aseopted the
appointment as teacher of con-
verattMoal Spanish at the Cria-
toial -Y."
COlam meet twice weekly and
are available to residents of the
civilian community as well as
B Deorannel. A nominal
ar of $3 per month Is re-
uirted of each registrant.
t n F'. Rushby asked $,5735
wr.injuries and losses suffered
when a mule and -his automo-
Sbile' collided. He charged the
:3Ul caused $O0 damage to his
e9-. The ttt was filed against
IMmnba Singler, the mule's own-
', t. The mule expired in the

.. .*.

. ---
"lH" h,

Brutal!. Exciting!. Sensational!...

Shows: 1:15 3:11 5:4 7:11 8:57 pDm. : f

It. the actionB'pckod
story of
Big Time GanslanAd,
today ..their

bran women...
how they got

L. PomeIN.
. nMNM



. 4

McCarthy Committee Delivap
.... .. ^ ". .. Im

.Legislative RebuffTo Ike
WASNGTON, Jan. 28 (UP) headed byoNelson A. Rockefeller proved off
maweaMNew ho*eghis t i e reOuUf A bill by Senate republican fteen Republcans
5 byad to water Iader Robert A. Taft of Ohio weaker measured
down p to Wrgan ot continue the existing law for hearing Dodge voce
atdthe g18 months was passed over b ous ob eltions
gl O.. .. -t gen led the the committee but may be Fortee Demorats
5. "n au0 9rre"tor e fred as a substitute later. Taft aEiTt the modiflcaton,
ia. 1 uitn said Mthe iqsue will not come up they wanted to give
.l. h. such wlfhd a make It In the Senate until after Mr. El- Eisenhower the same
"almost Im for Mr. 3- senhewer's State of the Union nower held by Mr
Sre t brqh his message I Monday. p We'rek consistent de
-j ,pg -. k M "Dvery d ter n deas for In contrast to the Senate House Dmoctic hi
111 06 M trea elinn tgoern oimt. group,i the House committee ap- McCorm ar
medoratelyc labed thacton ea

~t .I nd native of a, a break with
So r rPresident senhower U on T

Cl.:.-..t dwS S .. i...o..u.... .en n At t "fS3 bt ae*t A. Wieo controe finar.l
.... ugai WatWy SSV .tr Was eS *rDaowor tas ;hmiomh Mondel -e -res onsisentt ,-w as deri
foreeent fop n m I t by overumen setc corn-
o tsa it Impo rta t bill of bi ad-

.lp...tae g ,i-.. .Clare E. Hoffman (R-Mich.) C EN T R A i
.... ... .. .. I I 'L W. Mc orma ck (Al ) --a---- t
S"weaedmeut in inRome an, rurn- nt They approved bis tot-econ- Sh ,. d:n, 3:II, :s, 7:0n,
..:.'u -selu. c ble f0 5uen1 t l i 'ag lywooed e time for th e f big h title foe "Vei n tiie presidential powers to re-

Mile. U w0r en w ainfr&Aus b l t.b o a as- bl on pa by in mple maturity -"THE TURNING POINT"a
a r w fnse ateon es night club, but couldn't screen with Vic Damoe or Ou The ei ng law, maltnr which
trs. and .5.U, atp eded the ma,- tr new Whashgtonle et an okay from RKO...Mu- MichelldV playing the Vagabond former Presidentn Truman re-
Mr ,.. Inlldrenn celetrk or o as setted of re has called off mar* Loer of .early radio fame? vamped several agencies, re- LUX THEATRE BELLA VISTA-
Mrs.. ~j ,Dr SechretaryD of Stale hran p tat adorer who lives in It's Rudy's fondest wish to see quired a constitutional majority
SDue nhas seen .Hollywood tckle hs bloraphy 49 senators or 218 HoUSe Lvh and Romantic Release.t,:
C* Oas. toe hr an ROPhiu TV CONTiRACT roecht e told me erO g II lTia MAYFR" f .d
cef to 6f 1,0-FITis I aga ot demand for eandstory sl"1Dodge d.l. not elaborate on- fswally
",oil.,i. ..of dustyy~ Ih nton- by Lukae top witer to done why pot mine? Ive Mr Eisenhower' streamlining Michael Anna weeps the aerenI
Wt1 1 d Iai Co. e wlde n space of with d but so far there's more in- the view of the President" TECHNWICOLORI Ann ULIr
Werte Ulur As lm y eor t, ms twn name stao to se thrl u as h re lest WHE O LDI
." t. office reeefra a veo "Rcochetn for Bob tert than atn. I think it IiLnsistng on stronger reorgn- ANth m on
"nrT hdere thera but o ~t itAtreel sdue --- Ddgena "mande it elear the newp
his 7 t edo lloed rved' in ollyoo toa' -Clan s AnAet nol h iatn tom ea -
'the a eit Itecret, A sponkesman said for filmiang so ome star Portland Hotfa iT on the aen- Chief Executive believes he has"
r W1011" atron1te d wad. beig atdied to bi e crast the hero, ouorw-nRse nohysum list now that Fr antrepoleedto "TEeBWULapMrH-
o grlpil by Middle Esnr Ax-. Quiet talking, bs ctacled Allen's health graph h impro- rer eandate fremodel the peoplerto-t HIS ARnst
ert Luke livOes ein Aer It, o and ed.h oreor as reside ti goer-t o-VHooEN
.re trhad never seTn nd oen ment a tong "businesslike' lines
,of bo ,decreW deadlock followed rived L Hollywood to- t ,l I An agent polled the studios nd to tod mokerti olM

14 1 _w Joel MCrwet. re"e P who now itdest ato e w d uint auily nampd1 Nov. 30, is
a owOh, n mt a 9 Ito u eersof Cogrovin mwtlnr.vt Th e B. pin.

r elbdhGn1110n110r. "O etsid o 9 'lehb n' erilve'esat h- 0-uV oalle.i oe uyog ite se S p a n ish
S-l d, h e wW sh i t n tight an ky f m t a.i..tMtu-~ne o n p each wey end to teVagea bo dfGIPresident -rman eT-H VL
d r a nXonW a"d orecreta.ryofMats-Lue'svo ratorbitewholivesten it's:es.wishtosee), aoons. titudtigovernal mentyO
"ta Ofic reeled' Rcoc et. f r ob taret- t an acton I hik I Ath

f-; ./., ...-

-'C ~"'~

.... I. ,, t.-. 1" "J ..
.- "'.",r ; '.' ". .' 1 .... .. "' '' ''L *1'
i I '


-- U -


Fain Travels To Chicago;

Robinson To Philadelplia :,
o -SK.^

" The first baseman who won the American League battih title
for the last two years has been traded.
fine Philadelphia A's have sent Ferris Fain to the Chicago:
While 'ox 1n a Inve-pilayer deal. The A's also gave up utility an-
jtider Bobbs iilson in exchange for first baseman Eddie Robin-
qen., outfielder Ed Mr (hee and infielder Joe De Maestri.
& I ain %ion the 1.51 hitting title with a .344 average and re-
f ialed last season with a .3:! mark. However, this isn L the lrst
v Ume a player has been traded the year after he was batting.
koeamp. (hutk Klein of the Philadelphia Phils led the National
vLsague in !~3d1 and was nearing a Chicago Cub Uniform the
C" 0ontnc tseasofl.
hI.A Fain and Robinson %ere the key players of the trade. The'
30-Near-nld iaiii is ihe better fielder. He'b considered one of the
best first basenten in baseliall when it comes to handling bunts.
Last ear tain led the inmerican League b) hitting 43 doubles
rhile driving in .'8 runs.
'I. liobinsor, hit. !96 lasi %ear bit was more dangerous than Fain
the runs batted in department. Robinson sent 104 runs across
late to more than lain. Robinson also hit 22 home runs.
S'hie others involved. ligure to wind up utility.players ot
f-r-rmed out. Mli Ghee hit .'8' utilh Memphis of the Southern As-
sociation last vear. 1%ilson is a swiitch hitter who had a .269 aver-
age aith Indianapolhs of the American Association. De Maestri
batted .-2!b with the St. Louis Browns-before being traded to
hicneral Manager Art -.hlers of the A's says "No one out-
'iarted anyone. We're getting what we wanted. We were re-
c~aetant to give up Fain but we picked up a good R-B-1 man in
I hlers adds "I really believe both clubs helped themselves."
White Soex manager Paul Richards sa)s "I can count a half
l4oten games last year in which Fain beat us personally on his
fielding or hitting." White Sox General Manager Frank Lane
says "We now have the finest defensive infield in baseball. He
titan do anything."
4t Fain, at his home in Walnut Creek, California, says "I'm so
114urprised I don't know what to sa' give me a chance to have
A his thing sink in."
1t1 Fain admits he made a lot of friends with the A's but adds -
it'Chlcago has a good ball club and I know I'll like playing under
Sichards. I nnlv hope we can win the pennant."
u r -n --


LIED UP-Oe.. Dwight D.
itwnhwer is the mot det
glfer eve elerted U tef
the United State. (NBA

! iA jor Legaters Falling Playground Sports

S o Lie PRESS) (The Standings)
''i iRB UNITED PRESS) (The Standings)


hn mmner'" Ring Future

I- Balanre in Transitb. &

S&,,-, & e L
_BB k J' W^n ihfuno'aitom 4^

TEAM-- Won Lost 1 P t
0GOne 16v one the major league former Cincinnati scout Cal Optica ous .. ...... 2 0 .. -- -.. .
iWavei. are falling into line. Abrams warns the Pittsburgh Pi- YA'CA .. .. .. .. .. l 0__
,1U.The Cincinnati Reds have re- rates he intends being a regular Gauboa .. ..... 0 o
4sived signed contracts from outfielder in 1953. Abrams says: LaBoca .... .. .. .. 1
ltehers Andy Seminick and'- hope to help the club start up Panfama. ..... 0 1 rBnd 6. 5;
ni-Poliles and pitchers Clyde the. ladder this year and even- 76fth try."D"...... 0 Brewers Beat- (iurn u & 5;
King. Johnny Schmitz and Ivan. tually become a pennant con- '
Ubannes. The White Sox say tender."
shortstop Chico Carrasquel has Schedule For Thursda" La iraUccionL BITFS Tonight
signed a "provisional" contract. "r 7:00 pjm.-YMrA vs. La JI JL LiiIl
toarrasquel will receive his 19521 8:15 D.m.-- tt Btry. "D" .v's.
tlar.v-and perhaps more- If he Opticsa Sou.
rta In shape and proves "of --9:1- 5 p.m.-Panama va. Gam- Last nilht another canmt crowd 1 hh bax ce
lue to the team. IG boa en excelled

StCarrasquel was t he American EW YORK the Jan round (UPbra Ranbow Ct Junior tRwh boys take their first gi of the sea- .0 00
bgue's all-star shortstop in Iddewh t Joy amb r of .resulted, victorious In the final s3Mona_ 1 0 0
11 but s rnumped to a 248 bat- Buffalo, New Y ork. has hooked hbasebal ,game of a ee- a ne .. 4
rd thaverae lconst year. He is and uppercutted his wayrned three his teammates aleld. Gade broer of& ltMe isott.
"playing-Inthe-Venezuelan Winter .nanilmous decision over Dannyiebrletvesrhagore of unor flh.TheBrwers eedwin thlM_ 9.b,.. 0oo 0g0
Lag Iue And White plenyx coach tiWomber of Chicago n New York.tunch- out a dounet too ro. 3 a e r anda
lman Harris reports: 'nChico is wThe rangy Gambra staggeree Ed- As a result of this ame. the dtt 8 0 e 0 1h
Se dieWomber twice an knocked hm Patrick Quinan. Rainbow ity Junor h Broy In held down Curund 2 2 u1

e Garcia to come to terms n are all prepared to take on the exploded sa locked 3 1
briiantly and honored the s ropes in the fifthround. a bri scheduled lianto r Feb. 7. buthe could noth tg 0 0 d
hditt ov He had Womber bleeding from ae, w ,ith B o n.tey asc ethe e la Ma.. **; 0 0 -
"" thl e nose after the third round Tthe rceving felix ModestofIs--.--..O-t-o- -----I-I.-."--
ttOeseral Manager Hank Green- c Womber hurt Gambra In the Chagres Junior High pi tched The t k we'e &ea r of Tota ls .. 5 -4 10 4
-btrg of the Cleveland Indlan, has et.enth wih ELa hard left hook. I farlv good ball. being handicap- walk, three heit and a long *
The three, whroblem on his hands re- Glambra was rough at close pe Inby the poor support Elemen tary barull. n thl _ihanlSMt. a

bang Inem lns yr a re- h Kkb:r ^Touramn rdydAB
garding three contracts. He ad- quarters and was warned three his teammate afield. of
Sit will take plenty of con- times about spinning and ounch- out a double, too.',lb 4 1
n talk before ettin bach- while holding b referee Ed- As a e result of this game, the.
Early Wynn. Bob Lemon and die Joseph. Rainbow City Junior h igh boys In the sixth Inninor ih e 2 2 6 1-
e Grca to come to terms are allp prepared to take on the exploded Mn knocked. Mi 3 1 ,2 1 2.1
u an wieshond h Air Force amateur James Nel-winner of the Pacific side, whichloutof the boxiJanst e WeC.,. b 3 1 1 1. .11
andianwriters honored heon of Denverdied inaSa An- Ischeduled forFeb. 7. buthecould not ho them..
.bree Monday night as "the men ternlo hospital yesterday from In- o too ovrtefr fr ican e hlo0r trt, 0 0
S the year In Cleveland base- urles suffered in a boxing bout' three hits of
ball '" Greenberjaokes: "I could last Sa turday nizht. The 20-year- Girls' Champion.shp Kipekball double by Serb Newbous.hse, m 1 0 1- 0 0 'A"
4hen In a minute If I aave old Nelson lost on a first round Team% --- _---
rem what they wanted." technical knockout. Doctors say, luni tthe IsdTotals 26 10
The three, who won 67 games a blood clot on the br'aln caused Klc the anura m entary ld toot h e e o s. 6 0 I B
hmong them last year. are re- reath.KnBd
A Lubbock Texas newspapw other Elementary Schools of the when J 4k 0ad0 J
tTne Eienlne Journalb reports pacific side. ,Ing sinle. =In--wl
Elsewhere in baseball Art former Oklahoma Quarterbackinnint but the last WO*Me
Qutteman of the Detroit Tigers Eddie Crowder may skit nrnfes-, Members of the team are: Bu- surely gone foras; hoMe r9

amed manager of Binghamton a willontine studying forand Rosemary Rus. In chance In te utand
the Eastern League. Page is a his degree at the Texas schooL ans cn took over as visitors for, ,:t
the boys after bestinrd Balboa by sends Cuw'nda. down wia'
a large margin in the f tinal- ngame. w r Tonight -t' o.ll g l -Lane

rest PH OenaSFeenratedbthe4Ne Y4 .. .. l meet -e f la
dmanaer orPH fBhamtnalo ilon,,,.will proib .l

in cases of s

PHOSFERINE is a wonderful ,.t I
tonic for the weak and ailing, AN /i""'
the iminvaleseenr anti rh .. ""*.

Zust how vWmval e Pbte
Jaw r at t n .
Plea.BU. # 3iA
fee itf it can tad
right hand O0 -the vl
Iapro~ftd Ei Md. .
ome f" ago Pl

and .na

the Mm R the ached

In the' fet around Transto
planted a rit lh of Plum-
mar's law J 6-,him for an
eight 4ott. '",tO y." was In a
bad way a 0MW, bell. However,
Trtanslw mV hik W ab e. when
he got t0caiw .
Te ahtng outn-
ued in Va Wet Use
left off ine.6lqrof Plum-
some to body
and Aldta the -aetion-
MANIti knockaR out

Tran ,io waited five iong

Sunday lThe' now experi-
enced Pliplayed krls Imh
Mproe t by administering a
whlppim toaylvaster Wallace In
his f local but in four years
last mlr and dropped a
cle dgBob to red hot Pedro

than T t end o their

I -- -

,mM. ,


= :..-

r~m. :.' V *' .f'.-. *.:-
/f.i,- *'* J .^ ..l~v',

LU '"1 '

I "' l' -.'. ."" -. .
' -, .; ,. 'S :;
'S : V ,' B-""K

I LA run-d%%u
down. 4
1 __ 1, 1'i


-I-, 4

cases of

Faugue of the nervous system, caused
by overwork, difficuluei or worrv -
is a sign you need PhOSFERINE.

in cases of

PHOSFERINE restores the appetite,
streogthens the nerves, puts hack the
vitality you,so badly need

in cases of
POSPiCERNE helps you to quake
the rin and difficulties of life.

P AnsilhP in Liquid or Tablet fo
19 dW qual a Tablets.

1X0 fN~l TNC JA



16*... ,~
* ,e .~
** ** *
I ~.

the Co
were t
er. AM
a t.hi

'.!,ii *

in C


A *


,,f 1^~t

: ~. -
t*j.. .,


, ^ **,'
Hffi ****-;- '

I t. "

. I

A ._


A. ,,
.. -

'-'- ^


"-" "r
"_ "7 -. :.. -l. 1..


J6 kl
'. .. :
'' /.;' _' r- :. .' ,- ..,.. ..

.... -'
.~- A.

.., ,,, .. .... -
^- .- c :*.... .^ ;. +" -,"'" "" *',, .

rf' *-,. .;,.+, .-,^ '.' -,S M K

, I fi



LBeA t mhree were math-
ellminited from first
.ol t e half of the Mar-
League last
at the M rta
9. The three team
in the tDilo with only
nihts ,rea are the
I. and theo Gun
the latter s haing only an
Wj 0 shanev due the Aces
.--I aam#'"wo more points to all-

. *ns. i

(11 7 or i lm m
Player a K a=-. il
3. allker 1000) .. ..
Stawart (Elk). ..
E. Be (iB) .. ..
C. Louis (Ws) ......
D. Anderson (Amee) .. ..
R. Bartram (COC) .. .**
E. Spinney (Amc) .... i
J. Larrabee (COO) .. ..

Moore I20 11l i
Wlkingstad. 117 171T
L~assi 2168
banker 12 17M
Bartram ISO 170
Total.. .927 W2

lompad awaftrd th oe A"
iriv IMaur =a4 A 19Al- -
.. '
-.. ., ,W W .;." ? '. .A: ,"

.. '. ,
^tAI )a win tiU0 a firmer hoi on frtat

I WrHia&P bpzabox jooe:

S 1 ,c I l 0 10 0
14 I 1 0 1 3 0
.2 4 H 0 1 0 0

.flum, 2 &- 0
S r. 22 2 515 l 3
o C r fr-om oto
pl _-a t i over ti$he to tiEARS

^M^ >* AS R *-".,A
J. 1 3 0 1 1
3 1 1,1 I1
e3.1 2 1 J.,
2 1 1 '
2 0 0 11 11
,: 0 1 ,.

I. .. "

,,..., 8
pKWB~ ~ ~~ 12*. tfc;j'^**


Charlie Prear. the platol man-
ager, announces a handicap
match for sunday pewhar
flt to be flW over the
bonal Match oI e. There will
be A mamnal entry fee. ath
ahootser ms bla own lWadl-
cap. aid alter sIghting In, all
scope. wUr be bred tom the
riM, Shooters lhe bh a
bgran .,p. ww
OB awsui-

in.' Im

., BB,
II I,, Ii4

i.e tast-A een t le Jaffrt
an it eamatch over
th fe _X- with the
Ma W0.t maUe yThe match will
tOe. btr edunday. rI ANy l th.
BahrtaeLa at :4. a. and alof the
to nipeta teams wilah apetin last
Si Ie 1 a Sunday match at nar e
b prtitaa Ited. -Tae wi
fire at u later. It will be desdi to
ShoWA. m take the place of the Q0 A
may be taei. watch usually scheduled for
Sna handicaps this time of year. and will be
Now, who haerun under the same rules.

I.. .
_. .. "1


u ... z. ,. a
1* j'1' 'i.;'' "--' : B

of ooutss.'tu
4* ~ .- ~Iw

while d i one. It as a me-
aw eh a the Way with the
tcome of all Uame decided In
the last frame.
Cafe Kiech and Lucky Strike
had a fairly close matoh n l-
leas five and six as the Cafe
mech team woe the last two
aldM4total taP to take
0t Paonatiefor .be to eight.
Paul 8tewart bed up alley
seen and jlat b Elks porh.
ed H on the Ofe team for
thTe 'poluta. Pail turned Ia a
iG Meseriles for the e ,M
which set a new msem hi I.
le mark for the ela -A" bowl.
ers. aMt rtramn had held the
previous high with a 03.
IO wsrles for the night for
the three clases were:
Clam -P. e ......BO

K .. .2. 10
dai B-E. ..... 210
C C-W. Jtlpshon... 182

Cl. W i .t- ..

.. 1 41
*fe, e *........ 0, 42
.mh..W.. .... 2I 46%

v. .
NAVY -Ip d
Blair .... 176 1M s
Cftle l... .17 -
Clen .. .20
Staffer 17
=raoe ... ..1 1W g4

IH 1%
Handicap. 3. 1 at.i


3n1i. .. 1,1 1. ,

handleas. in I48l P
Totals.. U113 887 I6I

SlavSey. 141 11 ,
Adenon 115 300 1,l
Toward 100 In 1a8
ood 1 17 ils
Totals. .58 8523M *W
Been 148 ... 148-
C. VrViht. .. 127 .. -..
Jhston 181 M 3-J

----- --*- .9

CAPR ua aN i<{

P -"OP01
Grier. .45 I M 1 ,
Watn... 114 1M 146..
LOB .. I M 188 Ul
Bn.l .. 11 17T 13
M. Brown.. 164 153 16M
Handicap. 94 94 4.
Totatle. ... 540 654 *MB .3
L l "". 164 17 1 :,
SUtleon 175 155
gown l e 1 01 IM 19 .
.ewa r 202 204 M
arir 1'0 17 1 ,10
Tota. 0.
\ *

Here Comes

e ,

Tla ml s
renes a


-A New "Rocket"
. -

.; ,,.'

SIy!i Th; s N +w' fMmance That's ke1
Peh~ ir' S I Classic 'W'

... / Ali I

S.... ...,

'-... .~t
*j.h ..~.
~.' .-~i





I i


.r^ r ^-* ,*: ,^ -." .
.. '. ', '. -:. .., .. ..
.'* ^ .. :, ..;.,'," ."

^ ^SA. ... i ".-.: C,+ '/ T,


We' I "

- = i

-:i $

1.' :




, /

1 ajors

** 5~W$~~~4
?.~'' A'
*,~-, r0~ r

Con trfc

~ -
~1' *
~i 1;.-. .~-.%

-. .' '- "
' ,
... ,, ,,',. : .`.-7

- house Defense


laders Battle nit

-Iromotion Cuts aUl

WASHINGTON. Jan. 28 SUP "Let the Pople know the truth and i#
use inilitaiv leade's went ,
bat .'Sterday against an TWENTY-BIGH-Ip YEAR. PANAMA, R. P., WEDN
dment putting Light re-
ons on military promo-
Including those for battle-
officers in Korea. K
&s anowo o t1Koreon Bafme
Sof the House Armed Ser -Ke n Battle
i t Committee said the re-
ons-writte n into the De-
oDepartment appropriaons'
y the last Congress-are T
e. harmful' effect ony M
Ordered immedlte hear-
on a proposal to repeal the
dment, sponsored bv Rep.
i R. David (R-Wis.). Short
Id the committee will
efforts to pin such riders
g propriations bills.
mittee clerk Robert Smart
ithe ,amendment will eo in-
fect April 1, unless repealed
ce, and that it will hit the
Sharpest of all the services. i
said promotions of about
junior grade lieutenants
lieutenant will be block-,
ad about 2,000 full lieu-
ts will have to be de-
to lieutenant junior -

or the Air Force, he nald
it allows enough junior
rs for an air arm of about
W in g s, whereas present
gth is about 100 wings and
elan is to boost this to 143.
Army is not particularly VAN FLEET'S SUCCESSOR President Dwight Eisenhower con-
fers with Lt. Gen. Matthew D. Taylor, who has been named to
irt commanded Davis' In- succeed Gen. James Van Fleet as 8th Army Commander in Korea.
tns but said the amend- Gen. Taylor has been serving as the Army's Deputy Chief of Staff
t didn't work out the way for Operations and Administration since August, 1951.
t planned.
1 P was shooting at the top
_I instead," Short said. r ''-. .
Bean: Church US's .
Sost Segregated.
lajor Institution
tOLUMBUS, o 0., Jan. 28 (UP)
'* The death of the Yale Divin-
.- School said here today that .
* church "is the. most segre-
lted mamr,,institution in A-
tfsy .o mioiygo
Addressing the annual con-
entlon of the Ohio pastors, Dr.
"must achieve reconciliation in .. w "
Vs own life before it oan at- .
AMt'oto heal society very effec-
,RIt racial segregation were '.
Aftlawed in all the church si- D .
mltaneouslv" it would result in
Profound difference in the
tchologlcal and religious at-
e sphere o0 the churches in tne
Hbtudes of minority groups .
toward them fl
-hUint Potter SURRENDER In Korea's "no man's land," a group of Chines
Republic of Korea soldiers (not shown) with ha nds In the air a
TO Be Feature The Reds slipped under the barbed wire marking gthe UN side of
Td h Mselves up.rn ____ __
At'Rotory Meeting ---- --
Myron W Fi Dules: Ike' ill M ake
mehama G eEanager of the Gen
Panzameazttrrw't11 W arring Reds Seek Peace
dw developments in paints,
pThe meeting will be held at
the "El Panama" Hotel at 1215 -
P.m. WASHINGTON, Jan. 28 (UP)- sue for peace In Korea and Indo-
Secretary of State Johri FlatR ebina.
mre .!so will be a report on Dulles assured the nation 1' 1 tn The new secretary did not spell
,rlub's probable participation first foreign policy addreau L but the strategy thet lmlaltra-
Soclal Soft Ball League President Eisenhower will fli tion Is developing but he hinted
.&Sma.ways "to make" the CommunstsIt would be aimed at making war
will be forced to give tv their
Today these wars go on be-
oause the enemy thinks he's get-
an advantage by continuing
the W o oDulles said.
"I Vele e that General Eisen-
hower wLfin the wdayes to make

; b 42Sm L

e Communist troops appi
s a sign of voluntary suri
f the battle line to give

Youth Hange

As. Londoners

Rush Jail
LONDON, Jan. 28 (UP)
hundred screaming
ors hurled coins at
rushed the prison
when Derek William
was hanged foa a murder
ly committed by one
The crowd smashed
frame outside Wan
on on which a warder
notice that Bep-Wjle
eIecuted for them
constAbl dney MS
Two men ere
numbered police who
rcfntorcementi to delt
mob of screaming
men who baned of
door, utMa. "L's
rth senteno
ad et MaW. a. -

her cries. Dine
M York curt. T
SIia material
:NI -.
i ..-. '-


.5 ;... r;i.


V ..


Sto cmpM
.ii dw

e ounty s sae" e
AY, JANUARY 2 1953 .

Disobeiene een

public In Defail
SEOUL. Jan. 28 (UP) -.. The eat deterrent, and many times It
Army today disclosed the events t effort on the part of
of battle leading to the convic- an ndivdual as to his reactions
tioa of 93 U.S. Am men eqn- wtgnrea
Ticed of disobed _. before thar e o tr .
ommunists I t firmt mass t m
Maj. Gen. Georgo mythe, t10a5- go ME,&
commander of the U. 3rd Dvi. hP r at
sian, parent unit of the PueTtoh habIt of
thn t eIm, am i "appue to now t81a
65th Regiment .n thewestern dly to the regiment as
front in October and November a le
"did not apply to the regiment The first Incdents occurred in .. '"
as a whole." lat October. W after corn- -
mowd of, the Bt ment amed *'
The unit since has gone back &m Cal. Juan 0orda Col.
into action and qeWmed well. Chester do Qiyre, Alexandria, $NN
Two battalions wepulled out Va. the pre mmader
of the battle line for "addition- men ot "" company had
al training." _stoutl held outostnear
Maj. Walton McMullen, 3rd Dl- Ja'M HeSihts, contin-
vision spokesman. gave a ul shelling d back
detailedcacount of theuincide two te t ancd. bwask
at a press conferwe'eghere tod ordered to reUm e .
and played a cordingt p to an. 38" m
comments by Ba the poeitsi A w hor flre.
"It is Im to know Oee there, M Melated*
bat," the ge ald. play had h
'Tear is. of 'wre, the trnreed a aid. I ." The. .
any w eorsD to w-
dr V

.I. i +
Irwa the 4m

-. .,y

* a




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