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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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,-t~..-...-,,- K -.


7" .- Ieitk 11' I
CAW, imople know the AM&t mid

wafe" Abraham Lincoln.

Now... YOrOWl

1 ,

Open Toumey'

h,%l~ii 'Here To ,Be

Jan. 3

sr. ths
of nei

m Jr.c '(-iP

s, the ,
over wifit o
w of thr u
smocratic *
on mostlks
- -- .;- 1


The ,e ,o arf-
wea bto a n R event.

on WTV member from
stacets director

I v-%.. h .

r f


ttle Of Rents
iil ,l "";Il.t.

te ew Rent Tabie

.., sPr eat



_, W ly

FOUR 7.31

'i tObnerste (PrW Bento
.IlU Frame' & m ,

" I "I "
I0s. rme & onpositet I .1"I

s11 Coempeslte JnmU
.617 frraee 9
2 ampCea p ( srte .1

CuMereete 1 .h *
,epsuo te 4 4 = *.
____ ttWdhherth w et.


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& 4.*0

& 5.75"

& S.25*


:Fr -Paysheck Lisfd
d.. O .- S


Labor.To Pus

Issue Of Tolls

In Congress

"We will continue to fight for a reduction in the
new rentals." Rufus Lot"kdy,national vice-president of
the American Federatovernment Employes com-
mented toda.after "the Pna.m6 Canal Cetom
pany annogmmd tie wet M us U.S. L- at quarters
which become effective tomordw.
Lovelady -id' the Zone labor gro will urge the
introduction hin Congress of legislation make.sA tolls
pay for all t*e depreciation, interest a gaeerM admin-
istration cost of the Panamm6 Canal, Ae'n he arrives in
Washington early next month.
"If section 412 (b) of Public Low .841 (which reftr
o the tolls) is m d t would m n that the p =at
rents would be uced,"' iveledy stane'dL "
MeAnwhile t ut the Caoal Zone w `i t
they bad fou t a nig bottle n the rent. ,
were determined to "fight the rts" a n. ,.


e 'no

nbegan wwlHno the
t f rilinDil a.tIh t -
toin R and b=a

-7 "'.
,Aith hbe an-

,-',, .'er' r. .lette wth

for NMIIn u
ben=. h wai ei de.
bKy d venie of
the s. nade__w.. _Men
on tle fBg shift h 6 omes
baek "mot day for payV
Chow. the leaowing an-
n was Issubc at Bal-
ats have been made
employa s tf e
Mtlod whe WI* tat

-dam on Wednsdays or
nLi Saecordmin to a cIrcu-
lar lsge Oy the Fisance Bu-
re u.
"Uevert r change In the

%*"-annefL stribu lon to
tW uba, tU T1,4011: Mors-
Tha faltawln ,.han-- in tIh1

U M1

at Par
w for

idame. and roue racr .uw rt
SMO atao, 9Decembe, W 9
w cheat.5 Ise-e. wIt re-
in Tt in no for rt
on the aychecks due January
u. and the frt deductins un-
rthe new schedule will be
made from the payeheeLk two
weeks later.
j ndividual notices of their
jhts are to be _gn to alloc-
anpant, of U. 8.-rate quarters.
Nte to emp: es wll be dit-
tlibuted Mond Janua. 5
while non-emPoes wi be
ntfied by mail on thq same
07. information concerning
M sei hauPs will also
Svalabeat the variousR HU-
-Offiees for the benefit of
employ who are plan-
to move W to request new
Effective dte for the new
iWU be the -apme for em-
and "a.t-emploI and
~iT c renlls will br e same
ot, aaltouh onn-em'-
plyes wiUl pay a surcharge to-
cover governmental costs In ac-
rdace with policies es tab-
by the Board pt Disectors
paymentss i -advane will
Entinued for n-eempoy eos
ZTh tducta In rrn't from
eo ules oonced for
October 2 varies dnsideably
Sthe I tI of oqs and

L .it 0m r the tcomplnte
tnatln of any.- ra for
baose "to be d edhtbod
ea year to mheases al-
mush as those originally
tI ihe oldef and les
tye oft quarters will
have the smallest rental In-
and those bUilt from
to 19 which aM
'toi. k aa peranaent quar-
rteS wL cadmost ever

B ui f the he
mm, ," Interest

vat. the bum-k,..;a.
assa iww r o e-
!3fe W,~ eft 4t6eprZ

h0 I o 7 ncreases
Sbe imad on rent for quar-
r to be deImolahed this year
Nd &:a reduCtion of -0% In the
roposed incMae will be made
r hous t be demolished
during the a years 1854-19M.
Further etl M on. on this ba
were made on -*amlly apart-
mwts. Tbkl Mbaswe rent for
this type o4 quarters will also
be applied to those houses In
Diablo6 lilats which now are
charged hiherrat.
4. s ty. Ehnd apart-
ments n th composite and
frame aor quarters (12-
family aMtment buildings) will
rent ugtly higher thank center
apartments. The "dtlpuabllity"
fator or. fily quarters will
be o appe within types of
houses d Slust ments in the
Sfdepreciation. The
factor will be
higher dQi th eary life of
bui wul abe reduced

(osIey ? ')Zuaband 55-year-old
Jamaian Ancon school bus 4riv-
er. died yesterday either from
electou or l riL natural
cauMed b tod to free a
papya tree which had fallen a-
electric wirel and usu near his
enr. Husb-nd had- decdedho t
cut doa -th tr th
caused It to a.e e
rubbed t e ead
electric wires and usually et off
.Me toTnelhbt be wAgo-

g i to Wiwe tro nced

uPnt osn Aiclh "=of theta
Cath t|et e ted.

The Small Sca Story

co .h t 7. -
hni x a cwtife *adgon
... onth pldl e a of A,



UMil"Ti orney wio. repreIewn-

(-47 To Check

Qike Dmge
In Costa Rica

An Air FdrceC-47 was sched-
uled to land Jose, Costa
Ric sometm this morning to
proceed to the stricken area ten
miles north of the Irasu volcano
which erupted Tuesday.
The reconnaissance mission
was requested .-through Carib-
bean Command at Quarry
Heights by the Costa Rican gov-
ernment yesterday, and the C-47
left Albrook Air Force Base at 7
this morning.
So far the death toll of Tues-
day's earthquake stood at 26, and
all roads leading to thestricken
area wore reported to be blocked
Aboard the Air Force plane
were two still photographers and
a movie cameraman as well as
portable development equipment
which will enable them to esti-
mate the extent of the damage.
At Man Jose. thp crew will be
briefed on the location of the
earthquake area which' lies be-
tween the Irazu volcano and the
town of Cartago.
Further relief-measures to the
victims will have to be arranged
through the American Red Cross.
military officials said today.
If reports from the C-47 which
is scheduled to return here to-
night Indicate considerable dam-
'r It is possible that another
plane may leave for the area
w" ti-i h ltnma _

Vpwyus low m10.
Meanwhile, the ordinary mai-
on-the street was furious with
the new rentals which he termed
a "mockery of the panel's fino-
One adamant citizen of Bal-
boa insisted that the rent are
still too much. and that the
Board of Directors did; not fol-
low the only reedtiendation of
the rent panel that "had nar
guts" to it.
(Although three of the.
panel's suggestions wre
adopted, the fourth alfltag for
the elimination of keCasot of
operation in am tI the
rents, was diseaed by the
Another indignant white-col-
lAr worker said this Is the only
place in federal employment
where the workers pay six per
cent directly towards their re-
tirement and 6.7 per cent In-
directly which Is charged
against them.
"Every place else the govern-
ment pays that 6.7 per cent," he
"Actually, we haven't ac-
complished a thing," Maid a
housewife, "look at my rent, it's
reduced 75 cents every pay per-
lod big deal."
An elderly gent remarked. "I
don't like it one bit. The firt
chance I get I am going back to
the States. It takes the bulk of
my pay to live here. and at this
rate we can't even dreamof own-
ing our own home back In the
U.S. With the higher cost o lv-
ing: there's just nothing left aft-
er our bills are paid."
"Seems to me." saidote Aneon
resident. "they still oave us Ben*
detsen's idea of a 'moderate' in-
crease In rental"

AI wo HM F ( g d afer

aRi when a gang of KkUys Maistrate's Court.
attempt raid their lonely Probable cause h P l a
far me in the Ny er district aga dionst ErnStato n e. .
l..t night and killed three and and ederic iaPad the
wounded a fourthbefore the rest case wasfoun over trial ee-
@*4. the District Ce a6,ll was sit
at my75 fr each n delMndnt.
rs. Doroth Rns- son, charged on two count Navbur-
a well-known African (UP) garyds at tae ater-
-Two whit e women seized their noon's ses i two aten who
Mrs.u when a gang of kuyus idw tare Court.on

attempt to. radio. e Prba blea ha
far home in the ei district .
at night and kled three and and Federc tocallet th0 two
wounded a fourth In before the rest Wo ha f md O or trial te
ed. teDiThey castrict Cain* was eft
Mrs. b the throat men to ehdee theant.
Mrsnd threW hey Raynes-S a chair after r S. Iay

their bir M tthe grader iend, t s e tw who
MM e selaed her re-widow. M
Velvet SMireod two shots aw to Hward
tiusat her with a tU. t
rpirn a boo Math *aa
khga-JP, *t beJr *if ILP^J^ GotL ti



7 .


~:, ,,~j

-rY.- I-.-

--l. L .

.-. -. .. -. <, ,. ** .





.', ;. .


*i, t*y tpteY S 0 o0 1134. PANAMA N O P
:aPHO Vw PANAma NO 1.0740 58 LINEI1
oCat oroate a 1e. CNmlaT AVENUE EiarMaEEN 12TH AND aTh STREET
84 MADaIMO Av. NEW YORK. t417 N V.

SMe@NYa iN AWaNION SNo o o 3 0
SMOs a 'o G
PO i ONE VR. M VANfX _______________


The Meg Bea a an open totem t e breeders l The Panuem Amer
ken. Letters we received gratefully end ae handled he I wholly nfl
deotlel Nemaer
Itf re emlAite a letter da' bhe impatient if it doesn't appeal ti4
sext day. Lefttoe are published a the order received
Pleose try to keep te letters Hmited to one page length.
idetity at lette w*rles is held strictest confidence.
This Mewpaper eassmes me responsibility for stateasents as opinion
expressed io letters raom readers

Cocoli, C. Z.
Dear Folks,.
The past year has been a somewhat hectic one and many of
the things that have happened hasn't helped our morale even a
little bit.
Quite to the contrary, we have spent a good deal of the yeai
venting complaints, gripes and what have you.
It may even be possible that some of us have almost forgotten

tion and our opportunity to serve the American people
well and in full measure, doing our best to further the
free and democratic institutions of our country.
We believe it is our duty to:
I Carry out loyally the will of the people as expressed
Sour laws.
Serve the public with fairness, courtesy. integrity, and
Help improve the efficiency, economy, and effective-
ness of our work and thus do our part In performing the
great services of the Government.
I pray God that the new year will be a happier one for all
of us. -- A Fellow Employe.

.' FLYING SAUCER" GROUNDED-A ripped and torn cardboard
obIlet containing miscellaneous wring and broken light bulbs
Is examined by Ralph Young, employee of a West Orange, N. J.,
quarry where the disk came to earth. Although it resembled the
popular coception of a flying saucer, the cone-shaped "space
machine" turned out to be a dance hall decoration. It was at'
first thought to have been dropped from an airplane.


I rench king 4 Entices
4 English 5 Above
nobleman 6 Colored again
SFormer 7 Pat gently
Russian ruler 8 Entertain
12 Girl's name 9 Thailand
13 Eye part 10 Recessof a
14 Mature church
15 Possessive 11 Soaks flax
pronoun 17 Nasal
18 Robin -- 19 Male singing
18 Affair of voice
chance 23 Thick
0 Harness parts 24 Reputation
21 Leal matters 25 Wing-shaped
ft Revise 26 Heating
24 R".al deity devices
2S Pardie 27 Parts
SSalt 28 Fish sauce
0Loulsa May
S novelist a
U That Is to say

f BMttervetch -
2t Created
SSpeed contest -
41 Morocco (sb. -
SComeforth -
!4UPo iemen
SSingingn voice -
t" Seam
Eladofnli U&
Whirlint --
$ lIndian weight


I Answer to Previous Puzzle


o n" ea s om no a

A9 7 Le A 0 0 A V L
mu es11 noso nouu
s__ a o7 ffI?75____
A KN A -A it as *
*OMS iNC H0u T
Elm 30"* TIMgg-
*~~~L JfS E ^ i*

29 Destroy cells 42 Bridge
by amino acid 43 Story
31 Salad fruit 44 German king
33 Subnormal 46 Pinochle card
person combination
38 Considered 47 Baked clay
40 Member of 48 Arabian
House of prince
Lords 50 Leached
41 Honorable solution

i--- ---
- ; | -::m

me.. t -


SYet no one stopped the pickets, I
nor interfered with their right to
tie up vital defense work until
the National Labor RelationsI
Board in due process asked the
District Court for an injunction, .
The unions do have the right
to picket and organize atomic
*and hvlltwenIw, lrlllith,.m. _..

Why Fretch Cabinets Gollapse So Readily

i6: -,

Me AwN ycuJLL

'D "b ~'A

Labor News



o By Victor Riesel
Inside each Washington age~-
cv is an informed band of men
to whom the news of tomorrow,
and even of next month, seeps in
swiftly over a peculiar grapevine
of their own.
In the past few days the whis-
pers revealed that the Korean
Swar will flare wide open and ex-
Spand in fiery new directions.
Not the least informed, though
* certainly the most tight-lipped,
are Gen. Eisenhower's incoming
Cabinet members. Among them
will be Martin Durkin. Labor Sec-
s retary. No second class cabinet
Certainly Durkin has heard all
the whispers across the global
stage. For through him labor has
been paid the honor due a pow-
erful bloc In American life, und
f he now has direct contact with
a the nation's policy makers
Yet he is being dishonored even
r in this eerie calm before the Ko-
rean storm.
As Durkin prepared to take
his place in the presidential
Cabinet, other labor men of the
special trades In which Durkin
has been active took their
places on picket lines around
the very weapons installations
in which we're producing the
most modern of atomic killers.
For more than a week, a hand-
ful of pickets paralyzed construc-
tion of the futuristic experimen-
tation depot in which our scien-
tists are perfecting the first at-
I omic submarine.
This fighting fish is our an-
swer to the huge Soviet undersea
flotillas of conventional subma-
rines. But did that matter to
these AFL pickets? Apparently
For the pickets were not fight-
ing any principled battle. They
sought neither money for their
families, nor more bearable con-
ditions in which to earn their
daily bread. They fought for pow-
er. They picketed for jurisdic-
They battled their own union
brothers. They desecrated the
ancient crusade of little Sam
Gompers-a crusade launched
with the belief that labor Is a
fraternity of men banded togeth-
er to fight for their rights and
their working conditions.
In their battle for power these
pickets seemed not to care what
,they paralyzed, as the nation-
and .a new president-faeed the
grimmest of New Year's. Here's
what happened:
Some time ago the submarine
construction companies moved
some tejbicians Into Schenec-
tady V.vno fs the insid f
the m f ato c mor
submarine. Theae were skiled
engineers and workmen from the I
Electric Boat Division of the
General Dynamics Corp. in Gro-
ton, Conn., which builds and
equips submarines.
Now mind you, Navy and At-,
omic Energy Commission scien-
tists and nautical engineers de-g
manded that the inside of this
hull near Schenectady be filled
in by the same men who will
eventually work on the finished
submarines. The companies fol-
lowed orders. The Groton work-
ers were moved to Schenectady.
These workers are AFL men. I
They pay their dues and belong
to unions affiliated with the AFLu
Metal Trades Dept.t
What happened when these
union brothers arrived and be-
an working? Other union
brothers in Schenectady refus-
ed to let them work. The Sche-
nctady men are members of
another AFL union. affiliated
with the AFL Construction
Trades Section-In which Mar- a
ty Durkin is a very prominent
member indeed.
Did it disturb the Schenectady
construction unionists that they
were defying the Navy, the At-
omic Energy Commission and the
timetable of international war?
Or that thex might leave the new
Secretary of Labor Durkin wide
open to public criticism? Not at

they would stop building the big
experimental ball (or hull) un-
less they also get the job of in-
stalling the equipment Inside the
sphere. The fact that the Navy
and Atomic. Energy Commission
specifically asked for the Groton
Workers for such delicate work I
didn't matter to the Schenectady I
The fact that this fracas
broke out at a super secret
stomle experimentation labor-
atory which should not be
thrown into intra-union fends
also seemed to matter little.
Pickets were placed. Work was
the nation's defenses, labor's
public relations, the construc-
tion and experimentation com-
panies, and, of course, the peo-

- N1j

rou know ur
e three of u could open a short-order reItaN T
';* :ire at$ l *f G a
'a bian tepM oG o M W uama
80r6 i j

Z ., b -

CAIRO. I had lunch with a co
dames today, which is as unusual a
are apt to run into. One of the giel
carried away and lost her head.
slightly footless. J
I have lunched with some sllgh
numbers before. But these were
deadest of the group.
They had been dead about 4,500
a long time even for Egypt. They
neatly a the

been able to tell who the
'On the day of our arrival in
Fakhrt's assistants had just found
tifying the tomb. The di h
wife of one King isea, a t
who passed along about 2500 B.C.'
There is some Indication that e
itrong-minded dame. Evidently
shuffled off she took over the govern t and.
was pretty successful in cancellg out me of
her old man's accomplishments and rehe aving
a history of her own. '
We stuck the photographer down a hole to take
ome color of the murals on the tomb of a Mr..
Pepi-Ankh, alias Sethu. These murals were very
fine and fresh, considering they had been resting
mder Sahara sands for about 4,500 years or
There was just about room in the vault for my
hage companion, Mr. BlacklKe Krft, and a
camera. We had to grease aele to get himun
down the hole, and grease hl gain to get him
I did not notice the two deo'dolls until about
halfway through lunch, since 4hty were not ex-
ictly in a chatterlox mood. They were evidently
t ouale of ladie-in-waiting from Pepl-Ankh's
One still haher hair, but was dreadful abhort
n neck. Mr. Kronfeld, a very irrevertnt ans,

remarked that he had oeen woM a-lookers wadg
'Rround Greenwich VlUpue a and tib lt
would take a mumnmy eVeryl ae ovr- b
S ar y tomatoes who wear- tea"

I the mo a t"
Otois In done by native. who in in

u-a MISl were Iunlil a wetiegj
beating the same dhd of
to It down agali.
It was a pecllar experience. VWe had sp
mast of the previous day with M
gulb, the new baoss man of W '
to the tomb of Pepl-Ankh a p
rather too curt and a calling of the ps ew 1.
time. '
Sitting on a stone block with
dent portrait carved on It, with
skulls at my feet two mIumth
feet away, and
miles an hour out I felt very
as I chewed on telsandwich aand onA t
ed the imperman ece of aMbi.
Dr. Fakhrl was telling Ma, b aOl
similar to modewa hre te po ver-
threw the and mand moed othe
palaces, while noble IRM theirch
and the lords lost Inst
The servant on aml streeM'T In
and drank bo es It all
little too modem fdr comftn'L
As we left to toh o,~ D he
8emiramis Hotel dn the Mile, Mr. K- t a
have edA ," he said, "that ',a B'S,
friend Is his mummy." A %
Th t is why the bones of M.roD Wll
dioveedh somed da md t b f A"Ok
wibeh Is whom we _uri d __ ., ,- .


WASHINGTON, (NBA).-Boifrn m ill- 90;dypply on hMu
ary knuckles were rapped sarr l.tha t bons. ee
cent Pentagon press amo i n Korea at this
attempt was made to alibi the i rt- of y
age in Korea.
The conference was held by M ... Generals s es i
William 0. Reeder and. J. K. CMt han
the 0-4 Or supply se of
It was an obvious, attempt .wayt. teM..n td
wave of criticism over aM tg lkaong0 In W*its a day.
This discussion was kicked up S -- lMt
dent-elect lsenhoweV's trip 55 lS
statement following up
he mentioned that athee 'Ml,
of su to" In.
was to nrtumKmi faii.
i tortema
an hour.
reported accuratelIr t
It took thaetoit '. '-
have on handle Ube '*
n hub far ton mwnkh

I the theem
Bato CI 1e1

mueun Tn jmwJ.
When fefhmau s.

Samuel Smug!

In uv ws" b. to m" M be"*l
d wee" IW nowube

a uu, *ur ex-
le API Atomic
wol In an elte-
n over the vlt-

prs #10 Dick

w rpb





let it

S \I

I. 1

--- -- -- ---





. ..* .0 1

- hl .^ .




-A a ,
?' flJ

S- 4A.AD ~hwti f~lad3

gof New irtk,
on he u -
V was b hisa
M. sad Ma
)au of Lagrange-
I Sadr. rida on
to retuc^ to r

, g,,.,., ?**, 5
/. r. ad, i din 0 C..Mtc-
_i_ Tlam annc,- b h brlhE, or
8l -- their"first hM d ma ion, on Dec.
1Ss; -St the cton Pgotra *'1t
CStS1Cll1oio n fathr
tow Year Da.te was.. a
out wbi. 9"t-e He as the grandchild of Mtr.
0 rOf 8trs k nd&arii hrs. z. mmx nd of
San! kid and d Mr. and Mrs.
of .L. 1 Mollviane o0. Harkla,.
'-g 'r Mr a Mrs. Mcjlvalng l tins former
gy Mgw' BSandra Ma mmod.
u.. ar a .C. 0 ad. MA. Lg-4

IMyaid was furnimhod by the
r l i ^ r

-W : ,.,W
S. to yaoksty. T. r ,I .
-..S '.'. .-";. 3-... .,,
k..i -;..e.. '

Mat entertained with
ogete and buffet re
ments. last evening for
unemberus of the weddn l
fr',her dugMter, Miss ll
Helua Mata and Mr. *un
Samuel Rodriguez whose
din will take place this
A number of pre-nuptial
parttb have been given to hon-
or KIm Mats. Mias Irma Villa.
*aob"sntertained with a ary-
tal slower. at the Hotel Trro1L
T2e bridaamalds, Mises Ado

- a .,, "A.
,AMR *

*Pnul dotafl faur 1
lacer in pa for the b
alvermry MRation of the 0
nalraft Artillery Ore
rt l n on J. 15
rangqment. I ve om ade
til rty hakf1 Miu Oce

dollar shower for the bride
elect, at the IA.W. C. Club.
Mrs. Milea Ouaragn, Mrs.
Am'la Aonmena, Mr. Frank
Rudot, Mn. lfa Galan and
MRn 6&ella -.tlne w.ere S
hostaMe f a silver dollar
showur. -
Ahohae Bver dollar showed
wtas v M. Ernest, ,s.
Atatednwl Dtae Pnae
A' group of Atlantie Side
boules.. croed the Isthmus
S, tthed the Shrine dinee
Year's ve. Among tha
were:. Mr. and Mrs. w
Badder, Mr. and Mr i
Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs.
Wltman Garrett, Mr. and Mrs.
Hlm adarits, and Mr. and
.W ai4 n Hughes.
New Tear's -W Party
Mr. and iMrs. 0. Thoma.
of Oatun, entertained with a
dinner party at the$r realdance
New Year's Day.:
Their gut were: Mr. and
Mrs. Doyle 'ayder, Mr. a nd
^ Leot Mr.
Mg WS' 'Mr. an:
AMf. henry Shirk sad tkelr
euest, M. 1. e rtua m K 'l
of Reading, ., and umd and
Henry Shirk and Ginger Thom-
s.. '_...
iDalt Robertion had a
slumber part at the home of
her parents aG Oatun New
r Ir's rye.
LNor gue. were: Muses Ka-
.te.i.e A. ylvia Mann, Is-
t Reayne, Vllma Rodrigue.
loanBrn : Jean Janko,
Double Anflvs Dinner
Mr..and Mr.. J. Brennan

i~rWr rnWWAr3r

of that evening at Hotel il g aggS &Berlin Reds Seize
'-^'t orW nw t Berlin Reds Seize
party" that evening H IH By A Jewish Property
for 0teOt will. be attended i [ERLIN .,an. 3J UP -- The
by of the 65th Group anti-Communist "Committee of
an 7 eUtatves of the Pa- CA H I_ P .I Free Jurist." said today the Red
"W g.^W sRosah Gacon 1 IIU East Berlin City government hps
of ,' "elseo R. P. was seized 2.500 pieces of former
named ap Ocelot of 1953 dut- CURRITUCK, N. C.. Jan. 3- Je.ish real estate and declared
.ting s otgiven by Headquar- tUPi-The largest flock of siuow them p ople' Communist
ta_ 61Eth GOroup, on Fri- clse in North Carolina startled' propeit.
day, ter 20 aOter Banks game lovers by fly- It was ailc. a similar measure
Sng to their late wintering Is expected in the whole Soviet
-ll ?will be Introduced grounds at Currituck Sound sev- occupation zune. The property,
to tbl.tVAS -Room patrons eral days early. selzed by ., Nazis. had been un-
and be interviewed over About 12.000 of the flock of der Communist trusteeship"
*tlauo 'N_ by orchestra leader 16,000 at Pea Island game refuge since the wat.
Cans Hcrson. on Hatteras Island flew to Cur-
it. uck yesterday, xefup man-
The o, lal party will consist ager L. B. Turner reported. For
of Mi .dot, her as yet un- the paat three year the flock
Xnnoune resort, who, will belhas chosen Jan. 6. the dav after OUR POPULAR SUN]
chosen lti electionn by head- the Outer EPtinks' "Old Chr!:t-
.quarin. -ajtery, and. members ma.' as the date of the flight resumes again
of thUif Ptmma and Army press, to Currituck. resumes again
T.Kre are only about 30.000 THIS SUNDAY at 6:30 p.
All oqafr gusets are welcome snow geese In North America THIS SUNDAY at 6:30 p
at. attei -be party od a pay- and 24,000 winter at Pea Island
9-You" bdsi, according to and Currituck Sound. Each vear in the patio
Capti l A. Armstrong, in March they return to their!
mmanIng Officer of Head- summer home above the Arctic
quarters ttery. Circle:. Two orchestras for
The party will climax the day's MEMPHIS. Tenn. (UPi- B. dancing, 7 p.m. 1 a.m.
.observance by the 65th Oroup of J. Phillips, B. J. Massey. B. J.
athe sth a nlversary of its sec- Anderson -and B. J. McFarland
nd. activatidn are cashiers at the same plan.




I. I I--r

(Caja de Ahorros)



Wishes to inform its large clientele, the general public and, in par-
ticular, heads of families, that from the seventh day of this pre-
sent month of January we are re-starting our


which makes possible weekly deposits of $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 nd
$5.00 on each subscriber's card for a, period of forty-eight (48)

Panami, Janart1953

I -



... -r
-5'. -p..


0 offi Mi Know

-' --' .: j T .f

L 1 .', |' ,. .
-. ; .; .... ., .',, '. ,.. ,, .. ..,
"" ~~ lm 'o'fr ."'

And Takes Pleasure In Announcing The

Birth Of A New Product For The, Coming Year


4n .




4 )~4.

A Delightful Refreshment Made Of Coffee

And Bottled By The Same Company Who Gives

You The Famous

"Refrescos Tropical"


~. #~


-* i

* ., J




andnow FELCAFE

* a





- ,' ,


I us iL
,w 1%


.11 ...r

'L ~j
~.i ~;


* 'I.

S M.


-r I-..---1--- II r

rPAOT-el "

,. '

~i;'d~ 'i:

rf- **



* *.

-~~t% ia': ~

fiuhi ._i'AhAA AimaALAL6 AN I &i.a D ,

- T4.~; ~ -U

Yo and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals and Departures
---------L ;4 TO


lpping & Airline News'
-'0 -

The following Panamanians
and Aimericans participated:
Mary Ma. key. Betty Hibay, Shir-
ley Mackey, Mary Miller. Jose-
phine Land. Martha McGinnes.
Alileen M,-Ginnes, Charles Lan-
den, Micke, Linden. Connie Lin-
den, Nancy Gamble, Glenn B.
Gamble. Melvin Veatch. Dorthy
Henry. Claric Henry, May Hen-
ry. Claude Aycock, Jack Aycock,
Clifford Hauberg. Grace Brown,
Virginia O'leary. Alberto Arias,
Felix Ollpr, Arthur Miller.
The next trip is scheduled for
Jan. 25. Reservations may be
made by calling Jose Delgado,
tour commissioner at Colon 807o
or Fred Busch, tour director at
Balboa 4394

Grade A Swiss
Cheese To Have
Smaller Holes
There will be more cheese and
smaller holes in Swiss cheese un- i
der new standards issued by the
Agriculture Department today.
The department reduced the'
size of the "eye" in Grade A,
Swiss cheese from three-quarters,
of an inch in diameter to half
an inch, and made correspond-
ing reductions in "eyes" pf the
other four grades down to Grade
D. Grade J cheese is now "total-
ly blind."

S Sa Blas Trip
T fen By 24
K i'he first combined plane and
launch trip to the San Bias Is-
lands thln season sponsored by
the Colon Chamber of Commerce
lest Sunf'av included 24 passen-
gers on the special chartered

Auxiliary To Take

Communion Sunday

At. St. Peter's
Making their monthly corpo-
rate communion, members of the
Woman's Auxiliary of St. Peter's
church. TLa Boca, will commune
in a body at the choral eucharist
at 7 a.m. tomorrow, Sunday.
This service, with Rev. John S.
IMcDuffieas celebrant and,
preacher, will be followed by
morning prayer at 10 a.m. and
reorganization of the Church
School for the new year.
At evensong, 7:30 p.m., the fol-
lowing layreaders will receive
from Father McDuffie licenses
renewed another year by Bishop
Reginald H. Gooden: Charles
Eastmnan, Herbert L. Moore, Vic-
tor T. Smith, Karl L. Harris, Ce-
cil W. Oldfeild and Ivan E. Hay-
The church committee con-
venes 5:30 p.m., and after even-
aong there will be a special
meeting of the canvassers.
Parishioners are invited to
participate in observance of the
east of the Epiphany on Tues-
day by attending Holy Commu-
ilon at 7 a.m. and vespers with
a procession at 7:30 p.m.

Freshman Senator

Gets One-Day Jump

,. Over His Colleagues
One freshman senator began his
tesm yesterday, getting one day's
jump in raniority over colleagues.
who will begin their Senate ser-
vice today.
I Repubbehcan Thomas Kuchel of
Cplifornia, appointed to fill the
eaWt of Vice PresideIt-elect
Richard M. Nixon, went on the
BSeatt payroll at 132:01 am. to-
day, aebate officials said. Under
S the lawbts entry on the payroll

s sue ough bu Iis Ceer ain
uch matters as committee as-
Kuchel, former California state
tonmptroller, was appointed by
@ov. Earl Warren to succeed
Nixon. Nixon's resignation was
effective yesterday and he ceas-
ed to be a senator at midnight.

Not Downhearted / "

Xrnest J. Gendreau, 38, a veteran
whose legs are paralyzed from a
*ar wound, has built up a thriv-
hIn business selling insurance
from his wheel chair.

ihe Pacifi Stem Naviplti Commany
Royal Mall Lines Lid.
M V. "SANTANDER" ..........................Jam. 17th
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" .................Jan 2t20
S.S. "CUZ( O ... ......... .....................Jam 31t
MN.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (11.9W Tons ... Feb tUl
S.S. "KENUTA" ........................... ...... Jan. 7th
S.S. "LOCH RYAN" .............................Jan. th
S.S. "LOCH AVON" ............................ an 1h
MV. "DALERDYK" .......................... Jan Ittl
S.S. "BERBICE" ... .. ......................Jan. 30th
M V. 'tDONGEDYK" ........................... Jan. 5th
S.8. "DIEMERDYK" ............................Jan. 20th
M.V. "DRINA" ................................. an. 20th
All atilinR Sableet to Uhaone Witbhet Notice
RJPANAMA-Ave. Pert 55. Tel. 3-1217/4



Job for Barrie


T- E oLASR "
THE n= m 7.:

-^^^-*- --u m s




FJ 1I 10M1W' p~YW
IJ em. ~ mq M4~PINW D~
mew air ewee

'A C4ttW AWMAWt ,oa' CM
L ; CNm I O "00
\ i$14INU MIU _


. tampede

L' "l


Who Baid ThtT

Good NIgt, Doq

Me StIck, J .


row to Ski Sittla Dow

sgL lr.


/:. .. .. .,

.1 961.


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1.. T '..
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^*^^^*^--^itw~a^ ^^..-,.^..


&a See Unitria ,-* a> M of t hmeWas n thec a. Zas.e t-d the rmal
BfG Grep Who. MoCitiesofPeni Unitariln Am p nd Colo. Repblic of Panma. ex tend weakened.
Paroof on Own ft on ea m end women of the armed swie. WW atAnd Slles
us GroupNIT ma ougbleestriendssand .emallep.
_2 As. pubhi serviaen the The Pane. Ameroa n iMs below. by
10 0a.m* daeanmiatitest. Neiates of homes worship and other regale. eliviH. FORT AMAJO
*S9 IJ*1gg Coigua T^ y, 5pNqda^ J l 3 JW Armed U|| ^Modt-d Dram thee to l im po.sense. h utlem hemline r rSundae*i
l, RiCthui 3 a aSS S A e bas' Naa sday. Jan. a N l""
are la ed to ... service **- ** ge 3wI evg erotee s eea* adW W W0th. s ChUr hes AOd ihrol w Ovi Mo B
3Ranogers ^oa. aSe* SMen'lpm "A spe a UA*ti e l W" ish ad t** AeatCv 1m at Army pae. i a .
0 .;r1 :the MindSs U.; CApA Farmebases and H aoel iastatios1 .a ..
8:46-Mugleal Interlude Margarita Gym Miaiduers, ahures sesmeeaide and chlipleis swe asked te toierm ng WOral.......
WonVu aviation the mine do. bhi Wedaymove nso mf the Wlest of ems ni nugm fet
g o ludblu 4M: SaturdPayoeto Ubeial the aemag @ i 'aps ahetch peg..
lay' 441, ". pr4p inOthbe lCathe- .33 1 d p can al sn "ih

Sa 814 ontat.- euml. sr 4u

amU .1 A Inm 1 o .e n *Pr
Is iym dm e of Ufa. T.. O fat .m sM 1106010 d^ 011 21101 110m spiseoEat .Rev.It..eber::::*:::**: 1
-tW W -->m X d raga glJ o ff^ ^ f g J l B h 3. u k eU aeeri O t p l Th eta 7: ~fl g i VQr .T h u w u .*1 f SuiiI Clli p T EI S R Oy id T r ri f n M-- .. k
K-- o. Meas 8play-all y u.. thelea to"sa "m on Peov HaseA Sev% DTrBishOp
d*. 00-141183^- OW Was 40 litlead nal.oal^ AR8""-CA
L a u a d b .,. --No n a m I V Ig I, i a M c.o n a l W o rsInitdWpe... .

A: an8:ubicJas: I Wlok lom nw the N O01 24GM MSrNDnPAYS radSra O@am OTDYI
wow Samoans W bob aLL pWb b.1Wei .Holy Com munion ........ 0h.m .
Fe"6:4as s Commentary o0me 0 SO lt v&tura Alta urn Sb Tue sd Adt D e 'N a....*.
@1A aCarn 1e:00- S I CMriade......... tuft So

towt oir n sunrd lPay. rher and te*am0
Oft IvaaU. su .. n.. 5;uo.S t10p. 8:00l a.....n...r .4. g .Ff Mo m** .j. ..... M
41. 0-oWk L43161 6 HolyC rridayer ndWb.irm*.

0:3 5W Ra N ..h W gE se n a M ....-141. ........... :............
SA IG .0 ... SB U ha ..H. ..

04"-Dow w eJn 5 -Igum saao at_ a eCa. Mit ndae 7A 0 0. .
liSPS.a MA LSWSUQ hJ -r*i B:tM 00-Ig OnBie wM. he -r Muli Iner A'iiMiuj iaBBBBBSnB i Church- School S:Npio -*i ro.r NaVpAL I N.iI
MWTolEWy C andmu HolyinfDs"

V[ eqOwl% Nes t oIn, pm. = Holy aUo H Pray ......... .I MaS day Ha ......... *

Usilg 0. vtvew Issu-a. :30:':^ !! "anasL sswa% -sv_ GAL 11141. U

a thtJ76S 1 or Mine3ll .4le Vc1e ties U-Ao^U, wa ....... ien o. s I le .a
-yy^ An ^ ^ ^^i^ -ff--anaues.- :tiau' s se^wo uao -a^A Servce SB 55? 0.5 f^
r Cd athe1,00O ffA n
G.& Small. Ma th isonm&.1n
,. T.9.!'aa and1o "00an1
And 41Spba etu CtoMae P al ess Ja
orS M S.SWA .a11141Y Joeonn-Va Ii St. G,'u Nav

~a 6ig U' thiCCOIgPsWas IM
I Arast saOl pontolmise 46 sde in ev. lsosamA
-Un. cuas W on RWs a MH Cujnion

aI u juiea-" a o .Church andr;w US N S taio. .Bch". 9

r o jIS*se Ha i^amwuea 11 ii. eSm ATLARYC u
-' w .. m e4t eie s unweenuous9K..s ... .eai
at4"Nos- 1n, amp,;; Morning l Prayer, n Sermon10 L O D
atat'h6- r ountr o r 1 aoVari ties h.I.VIraSundaytoUthe ssails. P t W.

OwauIta tb DUT.enIm MtyDy a.Yn ... Shrly Arhdaon uO L)NVlS
W W. a nd.rsWSo bb, f a I

OWN ~ to 8111111111ify aI& CLHackett and s M r. ianmOd2 1dI5. pm6 Folin ay. Meetlag ma my.IE J. "
of "1111 Be- .104on L U Shirley. ArooeaconmF T. 'T ft
Suer uryil.A tmouni of..ay.itorallaDm.eadwHm. ....
S40ay ehol.... pm. atIaMIA C
-4jSCub om YO Curch of 111.6:3 mm.
fair beo H019 o3 pnm. 12a ly
WEa Club Sunum Setawond l 9:30n.... .....S: *. am
AxwesdaMs. t eo ToldJvsu1tULe Sunday p IdInL r4a Sunday L f mua
nop"smin Dv1107:0-veAftsuie 30........asm meap-hIARM q-U&JSWomen. A... ~tZ.L..
5~~Aa~rn~n~bumsa Mrs.J. K ... !~lieeavioo m
Ift W. A. L V*L 5 an.L. B br.Acdao
at am A) Cquenslone.S aa a & :5P. :0si- m v mdy oam ery
ThoG y 1: teery r ho n mn wdnaa v m .1. -S Lt.Fida.)i 1 55 !
N'Aah43t2 yp ony a lhu ...pil*~le. reAn
pDm. Tuaday; Yin'14.310
Um I M MM4LSaturdu c kf9. Ie0laahm
Cedelasun geasr. jQ6 SAL Van. LILShreAcdao 01 lea. a6* AL fma I iil
atMA 117K all.
biir01d o ndL4an -d1Hin1eimPAUAJAgW
s o n M 9 : 0m4 0
At Ife Rev. Ri 11magAley

emmy -Holy

In3 pa.Told IwumoagarmAP&rLAJ SwLVN

*t. .... .......A. a m
ns &411 1 m.1 W~ &in.
allt e 4 o.m. J Grl nisoftinto la.~ Clm..
7~adl n 1.3 .OWglea Mdttsa u .

...........iaeiiy ..

all IfienSalvam GnAL my0=

Bell. 0 two"'t'Febre1o4a
MorpmaI:eeting, BIN pim
.3w' ~~L -bL=. GeO .3-t4Si
A .4 .'4ij, walls wedse Ave.emi. R.ldo

A age as sates sea.LApaso" HCmsga
Ow 4F m" fud on alk"n

as ___ anua mi.

man T. 6

ii te 14thaa0 Crrr C.
Osmo a Cmea
Ow ase&L Cinglea

__ I I _


ou Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds!
ve ve your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panamif Position In 8 3A
-,-, ,
S'No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n -
SLewis Service Sal de Beleza Americano Carlton Drug tore WASHINGTON, Jan. 3 (Up)- to Rep
No 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-291. and N 55 West 12E reet 10.059 Melndes Ave.-Phone 255 Col6n yesterday unanimously elected S.. t rt A. T
No their floor leadIer in the new r C e and tHiW
Propaganda, S.A. Minimum for 12 words overwhelmingly rejected a propoasq i d t cracking
Morrison's Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones H Street corner Estudiante St. chb ft a n words down on Soutmhen fifibstrs. ...s tr
Fourt of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 No 3 Loterv Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phone 2-214 and 2-278 W Meeting in party, GOP Seno dipped
mostly into the ranks of "conservative Replicons to N rdte
find Taft's chief ides and the mori who, wi) -be Iarged at hi
FOR SALE FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS RESORTS COMMERCIAL &. wih steering Prsidnt-elect Eisnhower's Ite iv. pro ,reee
Houihold Aninnm. have a drinking problem? PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The PROFESSIONAL gram through Cgress. tic sde
Write Akeholi. Anonymowu. Bes only court in Santa Clara with an Sen. Lyndon B Johnson of aen. uget, D. MiUin of Mr. arnard
'FOR SALE: G. E. Wringer type FOR SALE:-Imported tires oil sizes 2031 AcB.o. C. .s Oceanview from all cottages. Steps "- as was elected una| 11 amoi Colorado Wa g ned ed as an ad,..dl i ',
2031 o d C. Z.IP O l.otg h _. '. _l yr.
washing machine, 4 months old. removed from wrecked utos we PECL EXCURSIONS' o beach. Rock Gas, refrigeratin. It COStS d more to protect u ..ader of Senate DeOraU, of the- Reblca onl, than5 ear
36 Automobile Row Apt. 3. specialize in hard to get sizes F PANAM TO MEXICO barbecue and shufle board. Pan. and b tii vno we find liemselves m thi composed of all GOP.ue.atosW. mentin May 1941.
h t.infrntofVi-aue- FROM PANAMA TO MEXICO barbecue and shuffle board. Pan- )n== "Man.
SS .-6cycle x 5Tejeira St. n front of Villanue y85.roundtrip $135 115 ama 3-1877, Margarita 3-1673 and beutif concrete roe or mmority party for the Ben. William P'. KMowland ofI Mr. Barnard was w t
atcR SALE-shing60 cycle Benortrde FrTeera. o Ft. North Panama oe .a 85 round trip Box No. 435 Balboa. bIildingS first ume in iour years wh California w elected chairmasv Icotland and a n -St
5 matyc) 4sh-ng mac ie, oar Freight House. Tel. 2-1444. day. Im., $ .165 good one year', ne new CoSgre8 C8 V convey Of othe Bnt; OOP oc f h nitedB was
8)Bamboo Screens Cruiser, 4 Dr. Sedan, overdrive, it Panama Dispatch Servicer op- Stoves.der ate rates. telephone SN CEM pubcan d in
f or S a L s et 3( 8M r a d i o w h i t e s i d e w a l l s lo w m i le a g e p ,sv e A n c o n b u s s t o p T e l P a n a m a 6 4 4 1 G o m b o 5 P e d r opM. D eJ oae pe a d d rwb ee rr. ., 05a on
for "Flats" house, $37.00.2Q. M trs. 81 Albrook or phone 86- P2.65 e bus op4 6 Gomb 4-567 Pedro Mi. Decoxratve and durable manum ri., o A aisaucmael as tonstall f Mi.2,bhUeAtta. a nal organsllaro W o
SCyl.Dining Table, small $7.00. 25 3142 Major Miles waterproof coatlnrs. speaker and name ep. Charles strong "Elsenhower moa." was until tie atmnt. HIS.wrly
B Carr St. Tel. 2-1851. FOR SALE-1947 Studebaker Ch:ononm- e F RALE -Ru R NT and color chart can .oor eaaler. o (. In this pos ltlo he real .
pion. 4 door sedn, condition ex- e. or Hope (R-Kan.) t poton he techall will He was t err to the
aieno hoe ione. one I tage wllral Aveu ring opuae er bamrS Ray- eHu h Butler of Nebraska as th the Port Captain's Office-

pR SALE: Eby crib, screened $85 0H, FAITH Fn5TER HILLTOP FORRENT:-ACholet for a couple e. OV I eemunwiem. o., bmmTtee. lks C

washing mRaci All 25f^^ ^^ c-#! 1 CR 1iLE-L--e Tlepoto FO
SA Heh ous. Mo 1FE eagle ler for Argus C-3 bedroom chalet. 2r baths,5e.nclosed9 Te-. B te... o. oa e am y. e Ho u _n te e vai d.te, T .
WAchen utensils. 1951 Ford, 4 in excellent FOR SALE -NPaonal cash regster ALHAMRA APARTutOma wshinShppngg machinmovin. e, freez- MODERNe Rp canon'lArun p-akes Metor a7:3p.,tfi

o d condition, new tires seIt covers el o dr s. E.lect. U t a vern We pack d Creu atte comm tte e ki tee an
tktci e u te s 1 4 eavnF. Phone Coco Solo L Fe8 shle. C common So T welehoe u$9 0 c ash Bp anything. .Phone 2-2451 aus- sey.d cows..from te n ot e of cp e o ss wLP be tir Frsdrun.. "
doors. Second St. CHouse 202. FOR SALE:-Leaving ls and transformers. Vila e ri ate r hoot- rnI question i Ourn id he e to
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.Curundu, Canaone4-B, Carr St. 3 l. m FOR RENT -Apartmen t in Sn Frn s. C. Z. sport Sothra De Me Houe Dem fne f e o

U ^ ALE D E oteorinb, FcWieL do o b FAITH FSTE-RSe HILTO -c -- __o unfurnshedO13 St.Cal2. i* E a r a t O IP D il IM Fore lg I arD
DsTdes $ shand c artment Bslboa 2457 o__ __ Co 6 EN L584 op FOR RENT-Comforthalet fportap DEALERS IN NEW AND temu w se. Hoe ly Cbmmitt. Bt.

or American couple, near El Pan- FOR SALE:-Leving Isthmus. 1951 Bel-Air 1 bedroom, completely furmsh- JSED FURNITURE The grou7 keekng to plac
er $2.00. 8036-C, 2nd St. Mar-LFOR SALE-1951 Chevrolet BeI-Air 2 Chisa Chii.. Farad without children. Call from to "HERS" benate nepublicana adamant- The .-eublicana also Picked
ga for 6 months12. Phone Mr. Ford Tudor. Custom. Fully equip- Phone H toy F errer ready fo Be ve Apply to e2 iul.e Row some further limit on debarptopos la, s nor-M

Botes, 402 El Panam. ped. Fordomatic. First $1,500.00. .. Apartmentos Lordo, No. 12, 's9 led by Sens. Herbert H. Leman '"'t
TED: Used cr, must be son Plce Balboo. FOR RENT:-torehouse, s tes rel and ck reuy (D-Mi au DL). Another mem- e at r
boo livingroom set, including FOR SALE: Lette of credit for concearlete, Followre Trans- a lhmianrCFO R T E, n her ien i wo ,d"a thon t pSe p ry of oa. He wi o nTo-
chaise lounge $1 70. C$130.00 on new Chevrol 8et or ig$130 s0iaroain g f n. FO Ro d y" nd h .a of rew o rule ,Rhould formal election by eo t heP J i El saov ,l or

229Hel Wanted $'650Buick. Sell for $90.00. Phone Bma l- turn ets to gate 72d. Complete ROOr Atsot adtehto ae a f~ir oP oe 6393. grooming 'and boarding' fa oliies A .nartmeptsTrasporttes Baxter, .A. be adopted to place a limit nWalter F. George of Ge a.ll meet t-e

ANTD:-Expernced nursemaid aeAL~~e. S Fenate and odse REN-Fmocrltionshed room with A a
;WANTED FOR SALE:-1947 Ford in excellent FOR SALE -National cash register ALHE APARiMNT Shipping, ing.t e Republa eoner ene leaden proved toSst
condition, new tires, seat covers, electric 2 drawers. Electric cutter. Two and five room furn hed and We pack Sid crate or move is a coninuing body t atd care- pubdir n the tp on's t ate 7

leaigrien d Pmhioner Ced Solo mfrih am prvt an- two I chtiui. buytlhdcar- ap- nlthanchildrom.m rdi Ao ptfo
etc. Leaving. Phone Coco Solo for tng cloth in series Maho- uurnh artment; prite n- anything. 'Phone 2-2451 ul steered away from he andnot to ppose OP
ANED-wo or three bedroom 84 gn ngle bed modern. Twothe rden 8061. 10th Stre
houseDorarthrent. droml -- electric tra ns "American Flyer,' o..erPNer omrenSCrlstoarf..0N1stobol. Telephone Colon 2-2562. PanamLh litically explosive filibuster to be "anti-Republlcan."

S nI G Cae o3 o Ae4to Bcao .g PERSONALS exel en c 1 qeio n 'tself. = s aid he ex to a
Gately 3 1984. ord convertible, excellent condi- nova No. I i 5 C ubaAvenue, Pan- ia s But the oc tteffeas ofsItsn deu i W n 1 f f-
*ANTED TO BUY: --One 3-4dor lion. Cal Pnama 3-4655. a FOR RENT-Apartment in Son Fran- co lti J W WN.sth. McCdrrsm swuntW1u tt ref' t i L i-
1-2 H.P. 60 cycle motor single FOR SALE: Dodge convertible. FOR -SALE '-Transmitter power sup- 1464 Ancon. ut,13 St. Call 2- the r riaht el unly ais 4 D democratic lea der l" the lmaI t Wor
Tel. 6-287 (home). W ith radio, duty paid, $1,100. ply 160 ,2 VDC 25 cycle, complete deb te a we n agalst Ho se, "y .eui a 00u io *O uilo i
WANTED:. B-Furnished apartment _alb_-_oa 2457._ Phone Coco Solo 8584. FOR RENT-Comfortable aportmepr. DEALERS IN NEW AND eivel righ tSH
for Americn couplenear El Pan- FOR SALE-Laving Isthmus 191 one bedroom completely furnish- USED FURNITURE Te grou e to i
ama, for 6 months. Phone Mr. Ford Tudor. Custom. Fully equip- FOR RENT ed. Beautiful view. Apply to UEeIsegrur seking|to da11
ed. Fordomatic. First $15s "Apartamentos Laredo," NO. 12, s41 neiome further lmit ,debate-is
Tkes it. 078 Apt. K, William- Fane Cuba. Avenue, Apt. No. 9. f 34911 legd by enos. Herl et H. Lehman
Used car, must be sAlWE AND SELL (D-2.Y.). a ndHubert H. How-
TED O UseDE.2 son Place. Balboa. FOR RENT:--Storehouse, steel and IletsR p bl&nah.d I
Saso~iable. 1574 Gaovilon Road. s L S a n ede sain T.crn F o RENT n1 phrey (D-Mi lpnn.). A other -. me.
m .ao a 11,000rt o 00 s F Ives of New York who triad o- on. -
i w e 0 ,-,it rihman highway, beside "Indus- E NEW successfully to sway 'l eotp
I Helo Wanted $1,650. Phone Panamar 3-4169. tros Unidas" storehouse. Telephone Room A T Nco lleagues. o
,______nusemaid OK AaLE2 -1830. 8 to 12 noon and 2 6 FOR RENT-Furnished room with fiThigroup met ieL Lehm e
Th ut C p on nrn rpolle.s r today'sopening i
MColl Panama 3-0905. 2-5 p m ReaI E .tate Position O ff re 3-4625. F1rnished roo. fore 3J 1 A I IM R w ....
RrA FO RENT:tFurprise roaoa Iemsd to YO .hR N e Lt
Ricardo Arias y Colie 1 ADpo 8 FOR SALE:-$900,00 cash plus for- Experienced salesgirl for farge estAb- gentleman or married couple mPendon Io thmantm., ,
d md whi ynthmortgage will buy two- ihmnt. Mustof ta reid o
Se 0t. e e wrie and references. For in- No. 24 and 45th Street No. 46., f to

hre,. wta P.m.Boxa ..'" -
..-pirienced. withi 3-Panama.

L-L und.of the o7rp2i $4 the conservative
at 74-A BalbonPERSONALS gentleman or young lady, 40.00
a per month, advance. Tel. Panama toerhoton L te r etion
ollr Tr winner wiTheh guardNorth er wt to re-
learning t he popular ballroom onale ul
a5cal. Msoiation rlht he boa T O, Miss. (U)- oe
S0LE OR TRADE.--One 3 I-2 $20.00 For 3 months course L. Angle stIl wear a pocket d 'mn o er1
Fi airabonks and Morse -so- rt Dnwatch he bought In 1897., Rep, nanueloaer.(D-1n9r.)

DRIVE IN THEATeREe-lotkmuro n

combsienationwthshailsande mranaotlheokaidrb t
rdtth n18 wohei1,hnod d eBdem o
d 2 5 07d t .e D coil

nTrtie$35.l0h8-J, W"Oilliaom- ahorrvoe Rodeon on no -the l | -
Tbvbeoegato o on nsie -lothe, lyl

othcoedaadorrise r

.inpereTinghywupersoc the Wisconsnfootbalonplayerts.."- ...

toe pierectesonicg baruer.o tWonNew Yeobais D ayes i
,e~~~~~. o,. ooi +. ,:
1 let cinitsaedt h outisoeroknlPsa !le'

h- i fore
for him'vn


SAmerican firm seeks qualifiedI
Junior Accountant.--
Send letter stating qualifications and re. -"".
ferences with photo to Apartado 1412, SOw
SPimnama, R.P. Marlene DITRC.
"T HE G IL.""
"" C -_. --a. ";-'

. .: -- -

* 1




enior Bow

BHS Keeps Title Wings F

Hopes Alive By At Sund

Beaing JC 4540 -


0 Ro Stove added asi to the
George r, Crlstobql aped In the second heat rigor pT Cotton, made the mets sing*
merchant, lngl asa kitgo tUe cune from behind"..w for five markers.
outboard racing fraternity to- laps, swept by Ratph g. Thee was never at mar-
dlay, tasi to. a sweeping the the leader, and came hbons gin between the two tswith i -
Class 3 heats and with a comfortable margin. s1 x poInts being the largest ap -
all fthw aenf at the Pan Can- However, hisf combledU time for at any one time, and thVi wd n m
al Ytadt club, Old Criatobal, the two heals wa- Mre lthWa the first quarter. From then on BY A LENGTH Apprentice
New Year's Day. ,e t' and h t d to' be con- It. was nip and tuck, with the crowned hbamplon in Coral C
While thousand lned the tent with o qond tor the after- odos.always managing to Joe O lmone. The new title
shore to watch the thrill-pack- noon.L their" s light edge in the Tropital Park. He had p*ev
ed first meet of the. new year, George Hudgnia won his f irst Point column.^., ..
Ceorge was pushed to tl_ limit .t: ..-.,..l wg, .tuhe for the tat time whea en-
b'- U b their, ick, aid, Janck li to take ,Class C h@." edth=efoqiuth arterwlhiBts i !O e r
uib a rzie teM !i W y TM Vnke PaPnta. W eoritahytmh V BeamUs
powwed riga The B claw waS wile i Lloyd Kent. ptned by a0-a. Jim May changed t WPacgi JSof tha
splb with abee 'fydro and two a temperamenal motal aft- 33-30 for the Hih Schoolt within
utility runablt speeding to- emoon, finished third. Just a few seconds, and they were
"pa Bed.. e hke up* rW aleman a- V. never headed after that. Ca
ftd tevFnt F t eR. E I :JuaOdgesu, Curtis George Co di d iPul Un to withi 1 5 3 S on J
acond and Hill Haigan andm Purvis; timer, Fred pont on a couple of charity
* oi*E caipt tpWSS9" lUhbat4 fl napan and sa ter!. ,but the ildog sowers,
st1 the runabiut /as, i 5J. Bolmu&es: M S. Winm Davidm .Om Trant The Pacific Stb Wa Leas
ha... .h4, g---r., ,' cogy, 4 aM .o.. ..
by .'WOE} -12..-W. ;Iln yo,,,+o,:n, then some K tobhsgame new diamondapnr the Lit
:dwha avg hIs bo* a Mad t )f out tof the Bfire for thefirst league League Park on SaLMird Hig
.o + day, japCasA nabo ..i t bad A OW victory.for_ DeU1dons this year.
at view, OwlC A lAcr .bot1e w -ra ed-t
~thte classi hi -Sj% te Fhmen Morday between year's wl
M. .."...defeate the Fresgtmen ers. Fmen r m-uance, a
.. .. ....-a d I s o. t h. Civil a t

a *M a3 t O ar Hh a hal* one lice. rmed
S.;e, E. ..& dttf, edha T ,anportes Baxster)yn Tucea
P 38.l1t t s^0Ie^Sail

g d 0 Ip' 's"w^ i i a iy h Y ,
a U go Scores Ia b
._giy U. P.)
Isestil0 lo-hp mu._=T:
yoi tmh VC illDues
5 t bati.l, To at .amb, l .O-L- BASEETBALL Vi -trt i .ft af^'
"'--- U. ,6 _
a 54 indray, t eonteSt C
PI ana ma /3 C $e a. 'in^ (Is.)41 UBarvard 42 tween frsmeni fl urau e
| P'am6~t ,tc2J c^llrs ---g # B^, et s

BA -1 a wDavid i Ub 61, MAZ Ten- onell theft one In
Ss..---' .M. ath. J the arun
SAir-C Itwd 2.00 4:10,- 6:20 8:35 an to oer
S.* r b,)m... n ty o. m f .'Optica SosA' Team 4lfo o was held sorely
S- 'o i or J_ A asod two runs n single t

0Boca tomorrow ."Yf

' V


- .

I 1

*IM:. V:O V 1:M p.m.


= M111 ,


, .T


or Freedom' Balloon Atlantic Twilight I

iy Softball Twinbill Schedule For '53 Sea
A "Wings for Freedom" bal- FIRST HALF
loon with messages will be re-
leased at the Btilbo Satilum Date Home Team Visiting T am
games when the Crusade for Jan. 4 Powells HI-School DodgeV-
Freedom softball doubleheader 5 Balboa Beer Pabst
between tuens representing 6 Powwels Balboa Beer
thei Panaa and Canal Zone 8 Pabst HI-chool Dodge V
poee and firien takes place. 11 Powells Pabst
The baloon Is the helium- Balboa Beer Hi-chool Dodg V-41
filled kind used behind the 12 HI-School Dodge V-8 Balboa Ber
"Iron Curtain" to distribute 13 Balboa Beer Powells
amphlets. It was sent to the 15 Hi-School Dodge V-8 Pabst
ScaI Crusade for Freedom 19 Pabst Powells
headquarters from Radio Eu- 20 Balboa Beer Pabet
rope. 22 Powells HI-School Dodge V S
The balloon will be another 25 Pabst Hi-School Dodge V-
of the added attractions for 26 Powell Balboa Beer
tomorrow's long awaited dou- 27 Hi-School Dodge V-8 Powells
blebll. 29 Balboa Beer Pabst
Panama President Jose Re-
mon will throw out the first Feb 1 Hi-School Dodge V-8 Balboa Beer
ball for the first game in 2 Pabst Powells
whleh the CZ and Panama
pollee teams will battle. The SECOND HALF
second game between the
Panama "Bomberos" and the Date Home Team Visiting Team
Canal Zont Firemen will get Feb. 8 Powells Hi-School Dodge V-l
underway after Gov. John Say- 9 Balboa Beer Pabst
bold tosses out the first ball. 10 Powells Balboa Beer
The first ame is scheduled 12 Pabst Hi-School Dodge V- -I
lH tO lain at 2,p.m. Admission Is 15 Pabst Powells .
free butdonations will be ac- 16 Hi-School Dodge V-8 Balboa Beer
cepted. 19 Balboa Beer Powells
22 ERi-School Dodge V-8 Pabst
S23 PabSt Powells '
S Clayton CO Presents 26 Balboa Beer Pabst
(NEA T hoto) r Mar. 2 Hi-School Dodge V-8 Pabst
hockey Anth Depirsto (eft) rizes Fr en-A e 3 l Balboa Beer
tables, la.. b omer record-retter 5 HI-School Dodge V-8 Powells
e-holder rode his 300th winner at hb I-k f T8lu l" Hi-School Dodge V-6 -w-
ously been ruled off the tracks twice uIU I OUUcly 10 t olDPabst e Balboa eer B
poor rider. Hi-Sool Dodge V-8 Balboa r
le OWinners of the Fort Claytenm al D e-, HiPowells -* .....
Teen-Age Golf Club Tournament 15 Balboa Beer Hi-School Dodge V-i^ N
Iere presented awards this week NOTE:-- All night games will start at 7:00 pm.
League Opens ceremonies conducted at theA.'
i League Open Fort o ClaytoncoI Colrnl header games, which start at 1:30 p.m., the second
Sn k of ort Cla yon, presented start 15 mInutes following the first game. Tle first
IM J Ithe prizes. preen toned teams of a double header will play the first ganma.
t NeW UlamOnd Kenneth Rosier was present-
O- ed a Ronson combination cig-
rue BOX SCORE (TUESDAY) arette lighter and case. Rosaer
the CAAwas victor over Ken Ross, s and
SA H R 2, In the hampionshim p flighth TO WHOM IT MAY. CONCERN-.
h- Malene, 3b.. ....4 3 4 of the contest. Runner-up Ross
e0 Patterson, 2b 3 0 3 received a cigarette lighter. I am no longer responsible tor any debts that a .
In- Jordan, p .... 5 3 3.... o "one rsoaubie (or any debtsUthat m.
d Polomki if 1 1 Jane House, who won the be incurred by my wife, Sarah Shwbridge, wh.
ic Co .. 5 0irs' champion ip flight was has left y home.
d4- xo1re .. .. 2 awarded a Speldel watch band.
;noba, lb.... 3 23 4 H House eat Judy Bake, .(S ) CALVIN F. SiW RIDO .
b.y Baker 'r i i and 2 in winning the cham- S ALVIN -
Ay. NMicho, rt'.. 1 1 1 plonship. TThe gir'a second
.g Jones, t f .. 2 2 place winner receivedd a con-
%e Tarflinger, 3b... .2 2 2 Pact. -*.
ld W aneers of the other flights
Blg Totals.. 39. 19 232 in nthe boys' tournament recelv-
S ed silver bracelets while the
e BAlXTB'S flight runners-up were award-
oly AB H R ed silver golf, tie pins.
P Correa, 2b. .. 3 1 2 First flight winner of the
a- Woodruff,a .. 2 1 tournament was Ted Carter
SNewhouse, f.. .. 4 3 1 who beat Robert Correll one- -AMA G A
he Lvee 3b .. ... 4 1 1 up in 10 holes. Horace Mat-
Lawyer, I lf.. ... : 2 1 th e beat Rihard B pelt, 3
le-Anderson,lb .... 3 1 and 2, to win the third flightI. .T AT E
l Nicholse c.. .. .. 2 1 1 title.
SCox, rf .. 3 *" 3 Closest game of the tourna-
SMednger, p 3 1 1 meant was played between Fred
ed -- thrader and Diteban Colon for
e Totals ...... 33 13 11 the second flight finals. BSdra-
i *Pinch hit for Nichols in 7th. der won one-up at the end of CENTRAL -
ge -- 11 holes. Events on the final
SBOX SCORB (WEDNESDAY) green decided the flight when Linda DARNELL Tab EUNTE
FIREMEN'S INSURANCE Schrader two-putted and Co- -
S' Aa H g lon three-putted.
e Compton, If .. The ehanploashp match wIas "THE ISLAND OF DESIRE"
W e.Anemuller, f 4 i 1 the NPI fulI-round of the con- IN TB CmcOLOw I
w mit, 2, lb 2 0 rOund other matches were
SJones, L., cf .. 4 2 0 Suel holes in duration.10

e Conover, .rf.. 3 0 0 played n December 29. Final A 6,000 mile trail of terror
tSe- wloreer. held on December 30. and tropic menace!
Totals........31 10 3
P LIQCOM U DO ATletic Club Vs. U eral

h Mnda, JUQ. UI JiIdo ITd _(iC IU J "BIG JIM re.=
tu A H8 R
SJ"acik sy, :b :k. College five At McLAIN"
S...tanley, i tGyel I Tonighto

Tea, If .. .. .. o1 4 1 a 0,d l
orco, rf .. .. .. 4 1 0e JO N WAYNE

b teher, oefi d4. 1t le i 5 et e B boa A thleti e s
-athgaber. c.. Cl w CanalZone iJ unior ts
Ml. ler on the Balboa floor at OLSON ARNE

Totea' ls... r..ot. ,Mrulend tBh L LA TV B T A. TROIOR CALL OSTAL LO
-. Elks. fanrstga ao. In tjlae fina l teODUCONaips

Wedumen'a dima Ja lte6 d the Coe.W t the-sta.rErbehnayo

n leapt hand and a are
Pan ULgAO.'dofl by well-known T4Sai-* "o
to~atJu 1 reW9Q aPanS- mateh the saq nis. ENCANTO CAPITOLIO
ttlo the onollh
eCo ?, OsJn aOned a 'am stwrt WAHT PRICE'

qs..nd by.Trau-T.A fl "BELLE STAr

*NI. V n.I a 1 I i
III Ia Is i i i

--WI* NW F.S -

I aiOAMt W-R

AMI Fia. -Jan. I (N&A)-
d Atki hasn't any ob-
etlem t-o his young san beconi-
S I dou i ift will ever
g% buseft s the grat

Mdthe Barbia in
"Toe hi Van Calleser"-
va -~vss

7 I ,. I Fi u a
and -

4D AL = Kiork gl%.In, i'" c
.... .. I --.^^~ clll*^^ i lJj .sm^ iH -^.

._j h1'- ;:

__~_ __~___

J ; i.:'; ." .,
-. L'



'-Albrook Review'

"Will Honor

RP President

President of Panama Jose An-
tpnlo Remon will be honored
with a military review on Satur-
day, Jan. 17,_tendered by Lt.

-.~ I




.Ls. .'r

.,*..~ '.

-'.. 0 "

; --* __


!Pau nnaw Anu"rkanon
"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.



oen. H. L. McBride, commander
in chief, Caribbean Command. AStorm s M ay
,This reJview, to be held at Al- f D
p oeO p-m, w At Ianh ic Stor ms ay DC
rook Air Force Base starting at'

pbicson td tope aiplnte
nhd dismounted troops, airplanes
'id military vehicles, including/ mEn
Xopelled guns. ABOARD THE QUEEN MARY, time in getting down to busi- year-old Churchill except for
SOn the program for the review Jan. 3 (UP) Prime Minister ness after he reaches the U- New Year's eve when he drank
will be a mass formation of Ar- Winston Churchill's scheduled united States. champagne and greeted the New
my, Navy, Air Force and Marine Monday morning arrival in New But to date no definite sched- Year with a pledge to work for
.,troops and full military honors York for an historic series of ule for his talks with Eisenhow- closer British-American under-
for President Remon. conferences with U. S. President- er or for his visit to Washington standing. *
elect Eisenhower may be delayed for a farewell call on outgoing The guest list for tonight's
Following the playing of the as much as 12 hours by Atlantic President Truman has been an- party includes a number Of titled
Panamanian and United States storms. nounced. personages aboard as well as sav'
National Anthems, Remon and A new course was charted to- Churchill has devoted much eral British and U. S. naval of-
McBride will inspect the troops day to skirt a severe storm re- time aboard ship studying the ficers personally selected by
and equipment. ported developing, official papers he is bringing ChurchilL
with him and dictating the last



.s I ., .
VEHICLE HITS POST The driver of this stht'l6n wagoIL a ph '1
while coming d War West 16th St behind t

The climax we'll come when Churchill was unaffected by volume of his war memoirs. The Prime Minister has always ad over a lamp post. The vehicle was badly dA mag" but no one a J a-a
te troops and mobile equip- rough weather which already This evening he and Mrs. retained, his early love for the
SIent 4ass in review in front of has made a number of pas- Churchill will be hosts at a cock- sea and for the men of the Navy '
the reviewing stand, and air- sengers iea-sick. tail party in their suite, which he commanded as First T ra
planes fly over the review field. But he remained in his 10- It will be the first social func- Lord of the Admiralty during '
-___ ___________ room suite last night, working tion of the voyage for the 78- World War I.
~-~~~~~ ~with his secretaries.________ ____________
h74 C ^Heavy storm shutters were
C-47 Crashes clamped into place on the for- 1 ,
ward portions of the Queen MaryArmy Starts March f es; To Less Than Four
Near Raleioh early today as warnings were D e
ceived of an angry mid-Atlant icTo Less Than.Fo
RALEIGH. S.C.. Jan. 3 (UP)- blow which was piling up high5 Aided Va. ..,
An Air Forcer.--7transport. try- seas on the liner's intended D n n en CA Ja ., )- would dea .
la for an emergemiy landing, cou There was no indications. Iday traffle deaths climbea past was an on
clashed in rain and dense fog in T2here was no ndication ,la 200 today but were running emr, which preuto*
Qrabtree Creek state park near whether the Vhanz`%in arrival -00 thany rate thi o P
arlelgh-Durhamn airport I a s t time in New York would delay for- o le than the average hourly rate the volume .
ihtkilling three of four men the first meeting between the The United States Army Ca- me 'have either been or are o lltlt Pres tabu Prime Minister and Elsenihow- ribbean's 19f3 "March of Dimes" In the process of being named. on owed th at least f 18
I o er, whom he knows as an old Campaign in the Panama area Half of the total collected In
hefourth crewman stagger- friend from World War II. starts today and lasts through- the annual "March of Dimes" personal wee killed lint raffl ac-
dazed and bleeding into Ra- Itforiginally has been expected out the month of January. goes to the National Founda- 'PI kOdhe S 't .m.Wekr
h-Durham airport about 1 that the two would get together Leading lady for the National tion's New York City office for foPt e i..erfLw o r
n. to report the crash. to discuss such monumental is- Foundation for Infantile Paral- such purpose as research, main- a tot lr, .*.a
sues as the Korean war, ex- ysis' fund-raising drive is 5- tenance of the .Warm Sprin, amd t i pa
ahe wreckage and two bodies change of atomic knowledge and year old Sharon Ann Gelina, Georgia, sardtorium, and for' d- ThIf brought, the coniblned
re found by ground parties closer Anglo-American relations who handed the familiar Iron- rect assistance to polio victims. ..-tlk total t r %t fot!day
a bloodhounds six hours lat- on Tuesday.' lung shaped receptacle to Ma- The other half of the money KING C Q LS 8T .,, ritmosmholadll fd ''th.e *-
The third .odv was thrown Sources .close to Churchill jor General L. J. Whitlock, Con. collected is retained, by the local aae r. P r. e h
of the ., Indicatode lose no mandi'g Genral, United States community, administered by a tTof, ear
Army Caribbean, for the first local commute, and is expended n b o1 a 1 eth al
dime donation of the campaign. to treat rnd assist local poliofTee ad ro c otel
Sharon Ato n isthe daughter of victim andI their dependents, h mpna .P iI r .e liwa. ,t, .i, i ur,
First Lie,, -.ant and Mrs. How- i including dependents of service patle che pare oba ad agtbfn9'.
Incng ddS nde c vi c eareo d ,o cl paredwoud W 0 b9 b6h000
ard M. Gelina, 7461st Signal Unit, personnel.
Fort Clayton, who was stricken r JE. tioyalW8a
with polio two years ago and was During ttc. year Jbst ended, w Dqldtfn.. .tionalWSat CII sta0ls
PrM-lOd p SaE sC aa tei that to S deaths- -In 10 .
helped by funds collected in the four dependent of service per- .-e sr- of toltwodbe e w i e i 1
SUnder Colonel Paul R. M. Mil- ploye of this- command receia- too old, tl is act p The New Tear's to el wq as
ler, Special Services Officer, ed direct assistance from the wearing Ias, ab been trailln f behind te l d-
United States Army Caribbean, local "March of Dimhes" fund given the type of haircut, smashing h
who has been designated chair- to cover such expenses as fees and a croc p nose. At bottom the Christmas hLa
man of the Isthmus-wide drive, for special nurses, physiothe- Is 1 photQe of King Batt- when 588 persOns .
appropriate- means have been rapy treatments, braces, etc. douin as actually looks. hour. 1
set up for accepting voluntary In 5s cotmty.chapters polio pa- C o--u--o ilredm t4.
contributions from both military tient recordss throughout, the MongS et eroni tm as "`U
and civilian personnel in the United States in 1952, figures oig Chin se thes
area. showed 1,099. servicemen's de- Reds R
The National Foundatinfor pendents were aided without D hold down thdl *
Infantile Paralysis, Inc., is the cost to their families, at a total n t eButhe pinte p Wa a
organization whose mission is to cost of $111,230,70, an average Econoa P ct schedule It
lead, direct and support every per case of $459.63.el et
phase of the fight on infantile cas or the annual TOKYO.' "an. a () Pci- va te of 410 for t
phase Receptacles for theannualping radio sald today the, Chin- rfou days, a. rate. of" abpt f C)*
paralysis or polio. The county drive nave been provided d1 eseCommunit and Mongolian an br. W o,
and city chapters, numbering various. post and unit installs- govtmnmentsaratiffed an ecOno- 'M"bp we nm '. lVe ,
MTHP 3.095 today, are the operating tions, such as officer nd cultural re ent on togoelow o
rd. units of the Foundation. clubs, service clubs, theaters, or said. t b
No set quotas have been dayrooms, post exchanges,libra- o n dabornMl A t"l
established for military -unitp ries, mess-halls, etc. Contribu- a ent" signed n in on New IsC'e
..9 here, and the drive is on a tions by checks or money order ex gad. n- m t rou.t
completely Voluntary basic. payable to the March of Dimes ob'e'ital of-Mongola, PcI- Way."
M-O-O-RE THAN SHE EXPECTED "Mama" Holstein, o Post, unit anf section chair- Foundatio a be 'e
'Merced, Calif., is understandably proud of her four calves. Quad- Prnd Anothermfactor
ruplet births in the bovine world are extremely rare, and it is
-seldOm tUt all four calves Survive, as did the quartet, above., 19 5 3 uO ffe rs T rie~t P l it A5EI r .. "' <' 1 '

93 Off m --t & ,.

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j prove CUTICURA


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BY ERNEST SAKLER award most of Venezia 80 wwas given greater
Glula to the Yigoslavs, leaving vo le mInta r enent
TRIESTE, Jan s3 (UP) -The only the western fringe to Italy. A ather wit tht U..
prospects for Trieste In 1953 are: Trieste and the area to theB bU.a r. d uero 3
A political deadlock, west of the French line was to a 'B ain a compromise a-
An economic deadlock, become a free territory with a gain.
A defense deadlock. U. 8.-apointed governor. )drshal Tito In turn t htqn..
Politically, the Trieste problem This solution was included in a d5s grip over Zo B. r
is not now nearer a solution the treaty. But bickering eastern deadmk still stands.
than it was one or seven and weterns delegates at the U.
years ago. Several attempts have N. Security Council failed to a- bere i no les of deadlock
been made at -it in dif- ree on a governor and the in t 4eco field. Txetl Is
ferent ways, but all of them fall- free territory never materialized. the urp territory w
ed. U. S. and British troops re- gOt % affltper apita ube
Marshal Tito's Yugolav troops mained in Zone A of the terd- Of0 U. q.a 0, toor s
Occupied ,he whole of Venezia tor yand Yugoslav troops In Zone 0U tIabitantasnie tie
Giulta, Italy's easternmost re- B. Yugoslav Communist laws Marshall Pla arted InI
ron, at the end of World War were intrcdUced In Zone B and It is amttnrbu"in =
In1945. the stage t for. a gradual an- TrG6 Lrea yearc m
Tito wanted to Incorporate te the nexato to Yugos ia aas bud
whole region, including Trieste, InhMae, l m o the eve of aMuteTene o ma Italian

sio w o n1
Into Ygosav to-a raived Italye TH nrsealgenea lleatn,
Was comalo th .bow to an am ntinve to 1dius W tttbe-
Allied ultinisatum and withdraw tween dgnlMaX and commin- T V
cupatlion. France announced there reeed- .Tnies e any U
At the Italian peace confer- new to. r th e enfre f re d som .,
ence in 1946-47, the U. 8,wanted terrttory of ThIte to Italian m Ttrs,
toFrance proposed to ive It rule. ho solution failed whenrtown
Giula, including Trieste. This aRus h refused to considerM t
suggestion was dropped under idea. Ut
Ruaian prless e. Then Mar"ha Tto broke a'
Britainwated to give Italy way from and
about halt of the area. This Pro- the Wetr invited A~la gtodbs sWaU k
posal was aso abandoned be- am'rdetgO N wfth Wm In
cause of RuMsa'ioppoltion. dirct nhgofta a. The four-. d
Ruia nW ted to give ugs.- 'year- log etishin
lavia. the ent am .reT. is2- r-ale

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